2010-04-28: Financial Support

Zero Financial Support

Zero Financial Support

We set up a “Chip In” campaign over 50 days ago, looking for donations of $300.  As of the date of this writing, exactly $0.00 has been contributed.  It’s hard to believe there is so little financial support to maintain this website but so be it, if that is how it is to be.

We are sitting on an invoice for the FreeFind search engine in the amount of $228 to cover the next year of that service.  If the funds are not forthcoming, the search engine will be canceled.  There are other bills for hosting and domain registration coming due in June and there are no resources to cover those expenses, either — which puts the very existence of this site in jeopardy despite a substantial number of users.  It seems a shame but no doubt, things are unfolding exactly as they should be.

To and for all who have, have been, are and will continue providing support other than financial — in the form of substantial contributions of life energy and prayerful support — THANK YOU for your generous contributions!

– PSD Staff

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