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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SJPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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TODAY, MARCH 28, 1991




















SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1991 7:23 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 226

If you encounter a fowl species which weighs some 18 pounds, has a flat and rather large bill (not beak), waddles when it walks, has webbed feet and has been spray-painted blue, can you not safely say this is probably a duck or a goose? Ah, but now, it "quacks" exactly like a duck--not a goose and you see that the feather shaft is indeed white and the forensic studies of the blood and feathers pronounce the species a DUCK--can you not PROBABLY work from the standpoint that it is likely a duck and not the bluebird of happiness which you are TOLD TO ACCEPT AS IDENTIFICATION?

I ask that the "TERMINOLOGY" list be placed in front of the first chapter of this book.


How does a professor of Disease Control make diagnosis of disease? Does he not take all the symptoms of the illness and carefully analyze each and every one? Then does he not begin to rule out all causative organisms which do not produce like symptoms of the illness at point? Then does he not begin to effort to isolate all present organizisms within the sick host? Next, if he has not found anything "outside and visible" in the blood/cellular system--does he not then go "within" the cells (as with the HIV virus) and isolate the PROBABLE beast and continue to study characteristics until he isolates the disease cause beyond all shadows of doubt? Can you not then begin to analyze this organism under the various slide stains and various organisms of identical nature garnered from historical data and various locations of identical disease and symptoms? Would the professor not soon learn that the VIRUS is NOT a COCCI or BACILLUS? Can he not then, beyond a shadow of a doubt, say the organism is a virus EVEN IF OTHERS PRONOUNCED IT PREVIOUSLY TO BE A BACILLUS? What would you call this error in identification? Either an error in identification--OR A LIE BY DECEPTION, whichever is appropriate; but, you would STOP TREATING THE DISEASE AS IF IT WERE CAUSED BY A BACILLUS!!!


If you have a group of warriors of Mongol, Russian and Nordic bloodline who march across the nations like a bad case of deadly plague, stealing religions, territories and falsifying everything they touch through change by deceit, and their name is "KHAZAR", is it not possible that you would keep a steady and constant lookout for Khazars any time you have a similar problem within the nations? You must understand that by changing names of the duck by calling it a bluebird changes not the duck. Neither does changing the name of KHAZAR to any other label or religion (to corrupted Judean) change the Khazarian. To clarify Dharma, we must reprint an old lesson on the rise of the Khazars so there is understanding--beyond the shadow of a doubt!

Quoting primarily from THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE by Arthur Koestler:

About the time when Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the West, the eastern confines of Europe between the Caucasus and the Volga were ruled by a state known as the Khazar Empire. At the peak of its power, from the seventh to the tenth centuries, AD, it played a significant part in shaping the destinies of medieval, and consequently of modern, Europe. Now, if they were at the peak of their power during this time, is it not logical and reasonable that they were around before that time? (quack, quack) The Byzantine Emperor and historian, Constantine Porphyrogenitus (913-959), was well aware of this when he recorded in his treatise on court protocol that letters addressed to the Pope in Rome, and similarly those to the Emperor of the West, had a gold seal worth two solidi attached to them, whereas messages to the King of the Khazars displayed a seal worth three solidi. This was not flattery, but Realpolitik. In the period with which we are concerned, the Khan of the Khazars was of little less importance in view of the imperial foreign policy than Charles the Great and his successors.

The country of the Khazars, a people of Turkish stock, occupied a strategic key position in the vital gateway between the Black Sea and the Caspian, where the great eastern powers of the period confronted each other. It acted as a buffer protecting Byzantium against invasions by the lusty barbarian tribesmen of the northern steppes--Bulgars, Magyars, Pechenegs, etc. --and, later, the Vikings and the Russians. But equally, or even more important both from the point of view of Byzantine diplomacy and of European history, is the fact that the Khazar armies effectively blocked the Arab avalanche in its most devastating early stages, and thus prevented the Muslim conquest of Eastern Europe.


The Khazar country...lay across the natural line of advance of the Arabs. Within a few years of the death of Muhammad (AD 632) the armies of the Caliphate, sweeping northward through the wreckage of two empires and carrying all before them, reached the great mountain barrier of the Caucuses. This barrier once passed, the road lay open to the land of eastern Europe. As it was, on the line of the Caucuses the Arabs met the forces of an organized military power which effectively prevented them from extending their conquests in this direction. The wars of the Arabs and the Khazars, which lasted more than a hundred years, though little known, have thus considerable historical importance. The Franks of Charles Martel on the field of Tours turned the tide of Arab invasion. At about the same time the threat to Europe in the east was hardly less acute... The victorious Muslims were met and held by the forces of the Khazar Kingdom...It can...scarcely be doubted that but for the existence of the Khazars in the region north of the Caucasus, Byzantium, the bulwark of European civilization in the east, would have found itself outflanked by the Arabs, and the history of Christendom and Islam might well have been very different from what is known. (Professor Dunlop, D.M. (1954), pp. ix-x., Professor and Historian, Columbia University--leading authority on the history of the KHAZARS.)

It should not be surprising, therefore, given these circumstances, that in 732--after a resounding Khazar victory over the Arabs--the future Emperor Constantine V married a Khazar princess. In due time their son became the Emperor Leo IV, known as Leo the Khazar.

Ironically, the last battle in the war, AD 737, ended in a Khazar defeat. But by the time the impetus of the Muslim Holy War was spent, the Caliphate was rocked by internal dissensions, and the Arab invaders retraced their steps across the Caucuses without having gained a permanent foothold in the north, whereas the Khazars became more powerful than they had been previously.

A few years later, around AD 740, the King, his court and the military ruling class embraced the faith which they then labeled "JEWISH", and their DISTORTED version of JUDAISM became the State religion of the Khazars! Their contemporaries were astounded just as you are, dear ones, as the proof is found in the historical evidence in the Arab, Byzantine, Russian and Hebrew sources. One of the most recent comments is to be found in the work by an honored Hungarian Marxist historian, Dr. Antal Bartha. His book on the THE MAGYAR SOCIETY IN THE EIGHTH AND NINTH CENTURIES has several chapters on the Khazars and perhaps you should dig it up and study it: Bartha, A (1968), p. 35.. During most of that period of history the Hungarians were ruled by them. If, however, you get and study this book you will find that their conversion to Judaism IS DISCUSSED IN A SINGLE PARAGRAPH!

With obvious embarrassment it reads:

"Our investigations cannot go into problems pertaining to the history of ideas, but we must call the reader's attention to the matter of the Khazar kingdom's state religion. It was the Jewish faith which became the official religion of the ruling strata of society. Needless to say, the acceptance of the Jewish faith as the state religion of an ethnically non-Jewish people could be the subject of interesting speculations. We shall, however, confine ourselves to the remark that this official conversion--in defiance of Christian proselytizing by Byzantium, the Muslim influence from the East, and in spite of the political pressure of these two powers--to a religion which had no support from any political power, but was persecuted by nearly all--has come as a surprise to all historians concerned with the Khazars, and cannot be considered as accidental, but must be regarded as a sign of the independent policy pursued by that kingdom."

Ah, but errors upon errors--the term "JEW" was not created until the 1770's A.D. the 18th century).

You may be bewildered but the facts are beyond dispute.

What comes into question and bears greatly on history, of course, is the fate of these Khazars with their corrupted Judaism after the eventual destruction of their empire in the 12th or 13th century--for along about the time therein they began changing names and painting different colors on themselves but never really changing "spots". (quack, quack--remember?) (Neither does painting spots on a Poodle make it a Dalmatian.) Sprinkled throughout the history books which were not deliberately destroyed or tampered with, it is found that Khazar settlements are found in the Crimea, in the Ukraine, in Hungary, Poland and Lithuania. (Do any of these places strike "current" strings on your banjo?) The general picture that emerges from these fragmentary pieces of information is that of the migration of Khazar tribes and communities into those regions of Eastern Europe--mainly Russia and Poland--where, at the dawn of the Modern Age, the greatest concentrations of those who would become known as "JEWS" were found. (You will note that none of this so far has any connection to that which is called Judean--not heritage, race--nor actually even religion, for the Khazars promptly re-wrote the Judean religious to suit their own intents and purposes. The next is extremely IMPORTANT so please pay close attention:)

Historians are now forced to recognize that the majority of "eastern so-called "Jews"--are actually Khazars and have NO roots whatsoever in Semitic origin. The fear struck home to the historians, however, as the truth unfolded and many folded with it. The subject of Khazars could not, in all instances, be completely deleted from historical documents but most certainly were completely tampered with, i.e. (Dunlop):

The Turkish-speaking "Karaites" (a fundamentalist Jewish sect) (oops, and more errors, for there is that "Jewish" again, incorrectly utilized as description) of the Crimea, Poland, and elsewhere have affirmed a connection with the Khazars, which is perhaps confirmed by evidence from folklore and anthropology as well as language. There seems to be a considerable amount of evidence attesting to the continued presence in Europe of descendants of the Khazars.

How important then, in quantitive terms, is that "presence" of the Caucasian sons of Japheth in the tents of SHEM? (Sheiiiites--"Semites")

Let us look closely at a radical propounder of the hypothesis concerning the Khazar origins of Jewry, Professor of Medieval Jewish History at Tel Aviv University, A.N. Poliak. His book KHAZARIA (in Hebrew) was published in 1944 in Tel Aviv, and a second edition in 1951. In his introduction he writes:

...a new approach, both to the problem of the relations between the Khazar "Jewry" and other "Jewish" communities, and to the question of how far we can go in regarding this Khazar "Jewry" as the nucleus of the large "Jewish" settlement in Eastern Europe.... The descendants of this settlement--those who stayed where they were, those who emigrated to the United States and to other countries, and those who went to "Israel"--constitute now the large majority of world "Jewry". (Hatonn added the quotations.)

Now a strange thing happens. There later comes what is now known as the "holocaust", BUT, there is FACT that almost ALL OF THE SURVIVING "JEWS" OF THAT HOLOCAUST--COME FROM THE KHAZARS OF EASTERN EUROPE! Are not “facts” interesting in changing perceptions? This can only mean that these so-called "JEWS" are Khazars in origin and that their ancestry is from the Volga (Mongol, Russia, Nordic) and NOT FROM JORDAN! This further causes you to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had to come from the Volga region and not from that area which was labeled Canaan, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race, and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar (Gog and Magog) tribes than to any seed of Abraham, Isaac and/or Jacob. THEREFORE, THE TERM AS USED THIS DAY OF "ANTI-SEMITISM" IS TOTALLY VOID OF ALL MEANING.


You are entangled in this hoax of hoaxes and completely befuddled in the lies as directly perpetrated against you as a planet overflowing with a species out to destroy itself.

"Attila was, after all, merely the king of a kingdom of tents. His state passed away--whereas the despised city of Constantinople (now hidden by a "changed label", Istanbul) remained a power. The tents vanished, the towns remained. The Hun state was a whirlwind...."

Thus said Cassel, a nineteenth-century orientalist, implying that the Khazars met the same demise--simply changing names and infiltrating elsewhere. Yet the Hun presence on the European scene lasted a mere eighty years, from circa 372, when the Huns first started to move westward from the steppes north of the Caspian, to the death of Attila in 453, whereas the kingdom of the Khazars held its own for the best part of FOUR CENTURIES, And YOU never heard of them--how could that be? Could it be by directed INTENTION TO HIDE IT FROM YOU? AH SO--AND THE EVIL BEGINS TO SHOW THROUGH THE TATTERS OF THE ROBE, DOES IT NOT?

The Khazars, too, lived chiefly in tents, but they also had large urban settlements, and were in the process of transformation from a tribe of nomadic warriors into a nation of farmers, cattle-breeders, fishermen, vine-growers, traders and skilled craftsmen. Does this sound like a familiar replay of a plot begun in stolen Palestine of self-proclaimed, newly labeled "Jews" in a place newly labeled "Israel" by self-proclaimed, self-styled "chosen of God 'israelites'"? Soviet archaeologists have unearthed unequivocal evidence of a relatively advanced civilization which was altogether different from the "Hun whirlwind". They found proof of villages extending over several miles, with houses connected by galleries to huge cattlesheds, sheep-pens and stables. They found an outlay of plans and artifacts which were identical in nature to the plans of this newly self-named "Israel". There were evidences that there were outlying communal centers which would now be labeled Kibbutz. There is total evidence of the transition of a people from tents into houses as the foundations are circular in shape, sunk into the ground as the transition to "permanent" housing of rectangular shape came into being. This facilitated tenting for the upper shelter but a foundation which would remain through many comings and goings.

The excavations of these centers showed that the kingdom was, during its later period, surrounded by an elaborate chain of fortifications, dating from the eighth and ninth centuries, which protected its northern frontiers facing the open steppes. These fortresses formed a rough semi-circular arc from the Crimea (which the Khazars ruled for a time) across the lower reaches of the Donetz and the Don to the Volga; while towards the south they were protected by the Caucuses, to the west by the Black Sea, and to the east by the "Khazar Sea", the Caspian (ah ha!). However, the northern chain of fortifications marked merely an inner ring, protecting the stable core of the Khazar country; the actual boundaries of their rule over the tribes of the north fluctuated according to the fortunes of war.

At the peak of their power they controlled or exacted tribute from some thirty different nations and tribes inhabiting the vast territories between the Caucuses, the Aral Sea, the Ural Mountains, the town of Kiev and the Ukrainian steppes. And, you haven't even heard of such a thing as Khazar (sic, sic). The people under Khazar sovereignty included the Bulgars, Burtas, Ghuzz, Magyars (Hungarians), the Gothic and Greek colonies of the Crimea, and the Slavonic tribes in the north-western woodlands. Beyond these extended dominions, Khazar armies also raided Georgia and Armenia and penetrated into the Arab Calphate as far as Mosul (under attack this day, March 30, 1991).

Do you truly question the hate held in such wide-spread nations and peoples as is today held against the Khazars--these self-labeled, so-called "JEWS", usurpers of all they touch? These are THE ones now calling themselves "Jews", "Zionists" "Chosen of God Elite" and have stolen land (at your demand and support) from the people of Palestine and re-labeled it “Israel”--in order to FOOL THE WORLD. They have only "fooled" AMERICA AND PEOPLE THEREOF--FOR THEY HAVE GAINED CONTROL OF YOUR GOVERNMENT AND RELABEL IT "NEW WORLD ORDER"!

Until the ninth century, the Khazars had no rivals to their supremacy in the regions north of the Black Sea and the adjoining steppe and forest regions of the Dnieper. The Khazars were the supreme masters of the southern half of Eastern Europe for a century and a half, and presented a mighty bulwark, blocking the Ural-Caspian gateway from Asia into Europe. During this whole period, they held back the onslaught of the nomadic tribes from the East.

If you take an Eagle's eye view of the history of the great nomadic empires of the East, the Khazar kingdom occupies an intermediary position in time, size, and degree of civilization between the Hun and Avar Empires which preceded, and the Mongol Empire that succeeded it. Isn't diagnosing the causative organism most interesting indeed?

I shall share a "scribe's" insight. Dharma chuckles for she was an "A" student and yet all but failed at "history" and "geography" which seemed beyond all grasp and she pronounced to the narrow child's world: "I will never need it anyway"! So be it.


Who were these remarkable people--remarkable as much by their power and achievements as by their conversion to a religion of outcasts? The descriptions that have been spread around to you originate in hostile sources, and must not be taken as truth for the deliberate deceit began long before you can count.

An Arab chronicler makes an interesting statement:

"As to the Khazars, they are to the north of the inhabited earth towards the 7th clime, having over their heads the constellation of the Plough. Their land is cold and wet. Accordingly their complexions are white, their eyes blue, their hair flowing and predominantly reddish, their bodies large and their natures cold. Their general aspect is wild."

It is obvious that after a century of warfare, this Arab writer had no great sympathy for the Khazars. Nor had the Georgian or Armenian scribes, whose countries, of a much older culture, had been repeatedly devastated by Khazar horsemen. A Georgian chronicle, echoing an ancient tradition, (PAY ATTENTION!) WITH THE HOSTS OF GOG AND MAGOG--"WILD MEN WITH HIDEOUS FACES AND THE MANNERS OF WILD BEASTS, EATERS OF BLOOD". An Armenian writer refers to "..the horrible multitude of Khazars with insolent, broad, lashless faces and long falling hair, like women". Lastly, the Arab geographer Istakhri, one of the main Arab sources, has this to say: "The Khazars do not resemble the Turks. They are black-haired, and are of two kinds, one called the Kara-Khazars, (Black Khazars) who are swarthy verging on deep, black as if they were a kind of Indian, and a white kind (Ak-Khazars) (Ashkanazi), who are strikingly handsome." (Movie stars and politicians, perhaps?)

The latter is more flattering, but ONLY adds to the confusion. For it was customary among Turkish peoples to refer to the ruling classes or clans as "white", to the lower strata as "black", and thus you can see how "terminology" is of tremendous importance in deciphering truth. Thus there is no reason to believe that the "White Bulgars: where "whiter" in color than the "Black Bulgars", or the "White Huns" (the Ephtalites) who invaded India and Persia in the fifth and sixth centuries were of fairer skin than the other Hun tribes which invaded Europe. Istakhri's black-skinned Khazars--as much else in his and his colleagues' writings--were based on hearsay and legend, and you are none the wiser regarding the Khazars' physical appearance, or their ethnic origins.

The last question can only be answered in a most vague fashion from historical documentations. But it is equally frustrating to those who inquire into the origins of the Huns, Alms, Avars, Bulgars, Magyars, Bashkirs, Burtas, Sabirs, Uigurs, Saragurs, Onogurs, Utigurs, Kutrigurs, Tarniaks, Kotragars, Khabars, Zabenders, Pechenegs, Ghuzz, Kumans, Kipchaks, and dozens of other tribes of people who at one time or another in the lifetime of the Khazar Kingdom passed through the turnstiles of those migratory playgrounds. Even the Huns, of whom you know much more, are of uncertain origin; their name is derived from the Chinese Hiung-nu, which designates warlike nomads in general, while other nations applied the name Hun in a similarly indiscriminate way to nomadic hordes of all kinds, including the "White Huns" mentioned above, the Sabirs, Magyars and KHAZARS.

Note that while the British at the time of World War I used the term "Hun" in the same pejorative sense, in Hungary schoolchildren were taught to look up to "our glorious Hun forefathers" with patriotic pride. Attila is still a popular first name in that area and a very exclusive "rowing club" in Budapest was called "Hunnia".

In the first century AD, the Chinese drove these disagreeable Hun neighbors westward, and thus started one of those periodic avalanches which swept for many centuries from Asia towards the West. From the fifth century onward, many of these westward-bound tribes were called by the generic name of "Turks". The term is also supposed to be of Chinese origin (apparently derived from the name of a hill) and was subsequently used to refer to all tribes who spoke languages with certain common characteristics--the "Turkic" language group. Thus the term Turk, in the sense in which it was used by medieval writers--and often also by modern ethnologists--refers primarily to language and not to race. In this sense the Huns and Khazars were "Turkic" people (but not the Magyars, whose language belongs to the Finno-Ugrian language group).

The Khazar language was supposedly a Chuvash dialect of Turkish, which still survives in the Autonomous Chuvash Soviet Republic, between the Volga and the Sura. The Chuvash people are actually believed to be descendants of the Bulgars, who spoke a dialect similar to the Khazars. From this original language integrated into the more recently accepted Arab/Hebrew dialect--came "YIDDISH". Do you feel the trail getting hotter and hotter?

The origin of the original name "Khazar", and the modern derivations to which it gave rise, came from the Turkish root gaz, "to wander", and simply means "nomad". And now, hold your breath: the really interesting derivations from it are the Russian Cossack and the Hungarian Hussar--both signifying martial horsemen; and also the German KETZER--"HERETIC, I.E.: JEW!”

I would herein say that this information has GREAT IMPACT on what is going on in your world this day!


We are going to set definitions to correct whether or not it is liked and/or denounced. Those who called themselves "Jews" and/or "Zionists" and have stolen a land illegally, which they labeled "Israel" are not who YOU think them to be. They are Khazar Elitists and the place MUST be Khazar instead of Israel. It is located in Palestine, stolen illegally Palestine the heritage implications stolen from Judeans by ones of Mongol, Russian, Nordic direct lineage, who follow a book called the "Talmud" originating from the "Book of Satanic Origin" and based on the "PROTOCOLS OF THE ZIONIST MEN OF WISDOM".

I shall give a more current integration of the above knowledge in the Epilogue of this Journal. As we move through the document you will find as we approach the ending chapters, we cease to refer to these Khazars by any of their assumed names and call them who they are--KHAZARS. You cannot cure the disease without recognizing, in truth, that from which you are in terminal illness.


I am Gyeorgos (Yeorgos, George) Ceres Hatonn. Commander, United Federation Fleet, Inter-Galactic Federation Command, Status: Admiral of the ship, PHOENIX--in the higher command and within the service of that which can be recognized on Earth (Shan) place as the "Hosts", now present in your Earth sector to set records to straight and correct in preparation for that which you call a "Second Coming" of "God". To recognize the God/Christ being you must first recognize the Earth-bound enemy called the Anti-Christ and that particular tribe which is in attempt to gain total control of all nations of the Shan globe.

I come in dimensional form easily recognized and understood by you of third dimensional compression and form--I serve as a Commander from Constellation Pleiades having taken more compressed stature than that of ATON of my higher recognition. I care not that which OTHERS have told you, nor NEW AGE BLATHERINGS, I am exactly who I say that I AM!






We will only handle a dozen or so falsely used terms so as not to overload and will add to the dictionary as we move along and find it necessary.


CM: A building or organization used by Christians (predominantly, so as not be confused with synagogue or temple) to meet together regularly to sing, pray and worship according to denominational doctrines.

TM: The English word "Church," the Scottish work "Kirk" and the German word "Kirche" all originate from the Greek word "KURIOKOS" which means pertaining to the THE LORD.

The "Judeo-Christian" (oh pain and agony on us all) use of this word carries with it an enigma that defies all logic and reason. The English Bible translators substituted the word "church" KURIOKOS for the Greek word "ECCLESIA".


A Christian ECCLESIA is "A CALLED (convoked) CIVIL BODY": a local Christian assembly of elders (Christian Civil Government). The word "church" should not even appear in the English New Testament. It is a mistranslation. "KUROIOKOS" is not "ECCLESIA"! The words are totally different; the institutions are different. No where in the Bible do you find a kuriokos. There is only "the called-out elect" ecclesia which unfortunately was mistranslated into "church", transforming it (in English ) from Christian government to superstitious and ritualistic Baal Worship.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition (1989):

"In the New Testament, ecclesia, signifying 'convocation', is the only single word used (translated) for 'church'. It was the name given to the governmental assembly of the citizens of ATHENS (NOW GREECE), duly convoked (called out) by proper officers, and possessing all political power, including even juridical functions. "

Let us discuss each of these terms in context of examples, please. Jesus the Christ NEVER established a church on earth. Neither did he in "latter" days nor in "former" days. "Churches are man-made organizations that are, in most cases, creations of the "State" laws of incorporation or non-taxable organizations. There are no exceptions I can think of off hand. By following the State rules the President or minister or whoever falls under the official laws of the State and ceases to follow the total instructions of Jesus Christ or God Divine.

During Jesus' mortal experience he directed his Apostles to establish ecclesias, not churches, among the Israelite people (israel: a people chosen by God and this does not mean even Judean nor Palestinian. It is a description, not the name of a state.) He commissioned them to preach the good news of the Reign (influence) of Christ (ideal type of humanity through right actions, thoughts and deeds). That does not say Jesus or Yeahoo--it says: preach the good news of the influence of the teacher giving forth the ideal type of instructions to humanity! Neither does it say to go forth and give your opinion as to what you desire to believe but project that which was given forth by the Christed and (messiah) messenger. ANY TRUE PROPHET OF GOD--knows this and would not sway the meaning nor mistranslate the words chosen for the "modern" translations of truth--GOD DOES NOT MAKE ERRORS IN PROJECTIONS OF DIRECT PROPHETIC DIALOGUE. ESPECIALLY WHEN GIVING FORTH "ORIGINAL" PROJECTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS--A GOOD CLUE AS TO WHERE "YOUR" FAVORITE PREACHER OR PROPHET MIGHT BE CATEGORIZED.


CM: The Arch-Fallen Angel. An evil being so powerful as to rival God himself. Originally he was "perfect" in every way, but his pride led him to organize a heavenly insurrection among the angels in which one-third of "the heavenly host" revolted against God. God managed to retain his throne, and the rebels were banned from heaven and sent to earth. Earth, a lesser dominion than Heaven, became the kingdom of Satan--"the god of this world". He is the cause of all evil upon the earth, leads men astray and causes them to sin against God.

TM: ANY adversary or opponent! God was a "satan" (adversary) to King

David at one point (compare second Sam. 24:1 and first Chron. 21:1). If the English translators had been consistent, Bible readers would have known that an angel of the Lord was "a satan" (adversary) to Balaam (Nu. 22:22). In first Sam. 29:4, Philistines called a Hebrew a "satan" (adversary). The sons of Zeruiah were "satans" (adversaries) to David in second Sam 19:22. David wrote about other "satans" in first Kings 5:4, 11:14, 23 & 25; Ps 38:20, 71:13, 109:4, 20, 29. In these scriptures, "adversary" is the same Hebrew word that is translated "Satan" in other passages.

The super "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is an impossible myth. This "evil god" exists only in the minds of victims of religious brainwashing. Human "satans" and "devils" walk the earth today, just as in the time of King David. Fear and preoccupation with spooks make people unable to see their real enemies.

This "Hebrew" word was never translated into its English equivalent as it should properly have been. The only change the rapists made was to capitalize the first letter, thus attempting to turn it into a name and not a definitive "active verb" word. Any true prophet of God would not place such a word as Satan in one of the original documents for God would not make such a direct error. Further, if the translators had been accurate the word would never appear anywhere in any Bible of any denomination.

The so-called sneer "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is an impossible myth. This evil "god" exists only in the minds of people that have fallen victim, to religious ideologies. Now, I too, have utilized the term from many references for you have conjured up something which does exist in your "REALITY" and therefore, it DOES EXIST. It did not, however, exist and was NOT A PORTION OF ANY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTED INSTRUCTION OF GOD. If the word appears--it has been given new meaning from that originally intended and is a true "EARTH" given word.

Had that very descriptive word "satan" been correctly translated, the English word "adversary" or "opponent" would have been used in all the places where the word "satan" appears in the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Talmud and all inclusive of all "so-called" Holy Books of instruction. I am forced to use the terms you utilize in my outlaying of the truth from the lies for you have no other background against which to find relativity and definition.


CM: Here is a dandy one: Synonymous with "Satan". The supernatural arch-demon who fell from heaven and now, with his legions of demons, reigns over the earth. God's arch-enemy who spoils God's plans for mankind and destroys people by his power over them.

It is assumed that Man does not have the ability to resist "The Devil". Therefore, you are somehow helpless against his nasty old power--except when God chooses, periodically, to help you fight him. Mankind is generally under the control of this supernatural "spirit-being" who is immortal, omnipresent, and apparently a rival to God Himself.

Let us look at the BIBLICAL MEANING:

In the Old Testament this word is found four times--only in the plural (devils). Twice from the Hebrew word "shade", and twice from "saweer".

1. SHADE: One who rises up against you (with insolence).

2. SAWEER: A he-goat (related to mythological "satyr"--half man, half goat).

Neither of these definitions from the Old Testament indicate anything supernatural or angelic. “Shade” simply means someone (anyone) who wants to hurt you. “Saweer” is a reference to a goat-type idol of the pagans.

The New Testament Greek “devil” is “DIABOLOS”: One who “thrusts through” (as with a sword)--no indication of supernatural power.

(DIA--through, and BOLOS--to thrust.)

A “diabolos” (a devil) is something, or someone, who intends to hurt or destroy you. A “devil” can be a person, a group, or an organization that seeks your demise. To find a supernatural “devil” in the Scriptures, he must be read in by prejudice and presupposition on the part of translators and readers.

Therefore, the words "devil" and "Lucifer" are two words the "church" uses falsely and synonymously with "Satan". Neither of the Hebrew words translated devils indicate anything supernatural or angelic.

In the New Testament the Greek word "diabolos" was translated "devil". Diabolos simply means one who thrusts through (as with a sword). No indication here that you have a supernatural spirit-being. Here again, beloved ones, no true prophet of God would misuse the word "devil" in the way it's used in the Holy Bibles or any "directly given Scriptures" from God on High. I care not what the "church" or "denomination" calls itself. Certainly all are incorrect but translated from the Judeo-Christian in the King James Bible was totally wrong as we shall see in a minute because Judeo-Christian has no meaning as such--these are two mutually exclusive terms and NEVER the twain can meet for they are in opposition one to the other.

The word "Lucifer" as a proper name is simply not found in the Hebrew or Greek Bibles. That probably shocks a lot of you nice people, since everyone assumes it is, but the fact remains it's not. The Hebrew word, translated "Lucifer" in the King James Bible is "heylel" which means "brightness".

The New World translation uses "shining one", another translation uses "shining star and the Revised Version uses "day star" for the Hebrew word "heylel". I further suggest that probably in Lakota Sioux the term heyoka (a sacred clown) would also fit in there somewhere.

Lucifer, meaning "light-bringer is a name given to the planet Venus when it appears above the eastern horizon before sunrise. Venus being now a quite "dead" and ungracious-to-life planet is possibly quite suitably dubbed Lucifer. It is also a term stolen by the dark brotherhood of energy projections that Lucifer and Satan refer to themselves as the Prince of Light--and befitting their vow to lie, cheat, steal and corrupt--it sounds better than the Prince of Darkness which is the correct term for the energy forms inhabiting the humans bearing these energies.

Next, let us look into:



CM: The religion of Jesus which branched out of Judaism at the time of the early church. Both Christianity and Judaism have the same origins and the same God. (Oh, God forbid!)

TM: A religion created for the purpose of destroying Christianity by watering down Christian ideals and neutralizing Christians. Also, designed to promote and protect Jews and Judaism in the Zionist sense of the definition of those misused and created terms.

Note: "Judeo-Christianity" is an oxymoron: (a moron dumb as an ox?) No--a

word combination of two directly opposite things or ideas which are mutually exclusive as I just stated, thus defying all reason and logic.) Thus you can be sure anyone, any evangelist, any preacher, any monk, Saraswatti or other ill-informed human being using the term as a true term--is not projecting God but rather, ignorance at best, intended deceit at worst, upon your tender ears and/or eyes.


MYTHOLOGICAL DEFINITION: A literal place somewhere in outer space where good people go to live when they are dead. The location where Jesus lives until He can return to Earth and rapture a select few people to take back to heaven from somewhere on fluffy clouds. A city is there which has gates literally made of huge one-piece pearls, streets of transparent gold and walls of sapphires, emeralds, topaz, jasper and other precious stones. The devil came from there, got kicked out (which he did), but he cannot go back (which he can't)--nor can anyone in the service thereof.

CORRECT DEFINITION: Usually plural ("heavens") in the Greek, meaning "high places"--in terms of: 1. Elevation, or 2. Power and authority (jurisdiction). In the Biblical sense it is usually "God's government" (the highest authority); government under Jesus whose purity and righteousness is symbolized by pure and precious stones.

This term is so tossed around by all the denominations of self-appointed "churches" as to nauseate quite thoroughly. It designates a physical place somewhere "out there" in the outer limits. This is such a false teaching as to even go beyond nausea and into anger. The word “heaven” actually means "high level" as in power and authority (jurisdiction). In that good old King James version of the Bible, the word "heaven" usually refers to God's position of power: His government. In other words, the highest place of rule. No place in the King James Bible does it refer to "heaven" as a physical place the good people ascend to or inhabit after they die.


CM: A person or personage of God; either a third person in the Trinity or a third god in a council or godhead. This person is separate from the Father and the Son and has separate and different functions to perform in a believer. In some cases this "third person" can "possess" an individual so that he or she supposedly has no control over actions or words. Sometimes referred to as the "Holy Ghost".

This one gets us into all sorts of trouble for now even we of Cosmic brotherhood have to explain our use of the triangle points (vortices and interconnectors) of the triangle which we refer to as the "triune" of total connection enclosing the infinite circle of sacred beingness--without beginning and without ending but inclusive of all that IS! In our Command our symbol includes the Phoenix for it is representative of the infinite beginning again (rebirthing) from that of the old ashes of that which WAS. Further it represents the connection of the "winged" or Cosmic brotherhood coming (or sent) forth at this time of renewal and transition in preparation for the coming of the "Greater".

TM: Holy Spirit is not a separate person or separate "god". The English word "spirit" is translated from the Hebrew Old Testament word "RUWACH" (roo'akh) and from the Greek New Scriptures, the word is "PNEUMA" (panyew'mah). In both cases the words literally mean "AIR IN MOTION" (and in this wondrous day and age--usually "hot air" in a lot of forced motions from between the lips in the lower hole in the face.) Spirit is a desire; a feeling or disposition which compels us to move or act. Holy Spirit is God's wondrous and beautiful motivation in your/our lives and experiences to do "His Will" and obey "Him" according to His laws and those of The Creation. The word "ghost" (Holy Ghost as often used instead of Holy Spirit) comes from the German word "geist", and means a disembodied spirit of a dead person (another myth). It has no appropriate application or association in any manner whatsoever to Scripture.

This term represents a power motivation--not some person or singular third party in a triune triangle. It is, however, common for the term to be mistranslated from the Hebrew and Greek words for "Spirit" as Ghost. But most of the time it was translated correctly as "spirit". The word "ghost" comes from "geist" as I said: an old German word- - - -etc.


CM: Anyone who is not a Jew, and thus a potential "anti-Semite".

TM: From the Latin word "gentilis", meaning "of the same gens, clan or race". In the Bible, the word "gentile" is a mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew word "goy", and the Greek New Testament words "ethnos"--both meaning "NATION OR PEOPLE" (ANY nation or people) and should have been translated as such. It does not mean "non-Jewish!" BUT--YOU BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE IN THE "PROTOCOLS OF THE ZIONIST ELDERS OF WISDOM--IT MEANS ANYONE NOT A "ZIONIST 'JEW". A modern version and mistranslation to be sure--but a deadly definition, at any rate.

You can, however, always tell a FALSE prophet by his/her use of this term. This term would not have been in any of the books for it is a mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew word "goy". In the New Testament, it comes from the Greek word "ethnos". Both of these words as I said, mean "nation" or "people", (a nation or people) and should have been translated as such-any way you cut it, it DID NOT COME DOWN AS A WORD DIRECTLY FROM GOD ON HIGH--IN THE HEAVENS! It does NOT mean "non-Jewish" as we have to utilize the word for clarity but most churches misuse the term and never realize they have incorrectly spread false teachings. This is a new "media" word to further disinform you. It was planted in the Bible to get a very specific response in this day, my friends.


CM: Non-essential beliefs, personal eccentricities and inflexible create differences between churches and destroy fellowship and unity.

TM: Doctrine is a teaching; a principle; a studied conclusion or position. Sometimes called "dogma" (German for "doctrine”). II Timothy 3:16 says that Scripture is doctrine. Isaiah 29:24 says that the people who are in error will be able to understand the truth when they learn "doctrine".

There are NO "non-essential" truths! NONE are expendable! None can be discarded or ignored! Truth stated as a principle is doctrine.

Without doctrine it is impossible to teach or arrive at an opinion. Discernment, judgment and correction would be impossible.

"Judeo-Christians" sometimes display an "anti-doctrine" attitude: a symptom of ignorance and total confusion. Some claim to have a position "against" doctrine (which is doctrine in itself), or one of neutrality concerning it. This is utter nonsense! Such a position, itself, as I just stated, is a most "absolute" form of projecting "doctrine". An anti-doctrine position exposes an ulterior antipathy for learning and wisdom.

When a person learns true doctrine and then considers it non-essential and chooses to set it aside, he contracts spiritual blindness of the worst kind. (Try 2 Thess. 2:10-12).

Unfortunately by misuse of the words, the word "soul" and "immortal soul" get lumped into the chaos of the lies. As used mostly, "immortal soul" is pure heresy. The Hebrew and Greek words translated "soul" in many places in the English Bibles, were correctly translated "life" in many other places. Not too many years ago, friends (in your counting), it was not uncommon to say or read that "so many 'souls' were lost at sea", naturally, meaning so many "lives" were lost. Therefore, you assume that the soul is always IMMORTAL AND NEVER CAN NOR WILL DIE! WRONG AGAIN! There is a portion of each manifestation which is "soul"; it is the portion of God-self within and therefore will be immortal--UNLESS--the entity remains in a state of intentional "sin" and then, dear ones, that good old Book tells you that "...the soul that sinneth, it shall die". Ez 18:4. Oops! a bit hard to swallow???

The point of this dissertation is to allow you ones to look squarely at the truth of it--there is no magic blood-sipping in memory, of or flesh-eating in memory of--for it does not commemorate memory of anything a Christed teacher said or did--for Jesus, as you called him--BROKE BREAD AT THE TABLE AND SAID: EAT THIS IN COMMEMORATION OF ME AND POURED WINE AND SAID, DRINK THIS IN COMMEMORATION OF ME. HE NEVER SAID DRINK MY BLOOD EAT MY FLESH IN COMMEMORATION OF ANYTHING--THAT IS AN EVIL, "SATANIC" PRACTICE TO CAUSE YOU TO ACT IN BEHALF OF THE ADVERSARY.

I further tell you that ANY person going through any place of teaching in preparation to minister unto "God's lambs" SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS--THEREFORE, THE OBVIOUS FACTS ARE THAT IT IS INTENDED THAT NONE OF YOU COME INTO THE TRUTH OF THESE FACTS.

10. JEW


INTENT: To bribe and prejudice Bible-ignorant "JUDEO-CHRISTIANS" into passively granting the Jews a carte-blanche to do anything they please with total impunity--and to get you to hop in there and help them.

TM: The word "Jew" did not appear in actual use until over 1000 years after the crucifixion of one called Jesus. It means someone who adheres to the religion of Judaism (modern Pharisaism according to the Talmud), or in some way considers himself (self-claimed so-called) a part of "Jewish culture". For the modern it has ABSOLUTELY NO RACIAL SIGNIFICANCE. "Jews" are some of the most racially mixed people on earth due to their multi-national history, their practice of interracial marriages, as well as their contemporary international bias. Down through the ages, they have moved from nation to nation as they were rejected (due to their immoral religion) by every land they have inhabited. Over 90% of "Jews" today are descended from the ancient Khazars--a racially non-Semitic bunch of anti-Semites in the true sense of definition as I have pointed out to you as regarded the passage of Canaan, etc. These non-Semitic people were from East Europe. It is estimated by your own historian's counting that, of those who claim to be "Jews", less than 5 percent have even the slightest claim to the blood line of Abraham.

In your English translations of the Bible, the word "Jew" was incorrectly used to REPLACE:

1. "JUDAHITE" in the Old Scriptures, which referred to someone from the tribe of Judah, or a citizen of the land of Judah, and

2. "JUDEAN" in the New Scriptures which meant a resident of Judea, or a follower of the corrupted Babylonian religion of that area.

Since then, there were NO "Jews" nor "Jewish religion" at the time of the writing of the Scriptures, these names should never have appeared in the English translations nor in the Books of any Doctrine of any "church". The word "Jew" or "Jewish" did not exist as words nor appear in actual use until over 1000 years AFTER THE RESURRECTION of JESUS. In ALL cases the word "Jew" was incorrectly used in your English translations of ALL of the Bibles to replace the true word "Judahite" in the Old Scriptures and "Judean" in the New Scriptures. No true Prophet of God would even accidently utilize these terms for any text DIRECTLY GIVEN FROM GOD. The terms are most ignorantly utilized and in ALL instances of use indicate either false writings or changes at the hands of "translators". There can be no other "divine" reason. This goes for any "church" anywhere.

Now you might begin to see just why "YOUR PREACHER" of your typical "DOCTRINED CHURCH" who tells you what to do and what is right or wrong and decides your fate for you--JUST MIGHT NOT WISH YOU TO READ THE PHOENIX JOURNALS OR EXPRESSES WHERE YOU MIGHT FIND OUT THE TRUTH IN WHAT I HAVE JUST OUTLAID TO YOU.


CM: A disparaging or antagonistic attitude, or hostile act toward a Jewish person, Jewish organization or the religion of Judaism.

COVERT INTENT: Used to disarm, intimidate and confuse Christians and others into submission to Jews at the expense and eventual destruction of Christianity and all other belief systems based on anything other than the Zionist Talmud.

ACTUAL MEANING: Opposition toward people of Semitic1Shemitic) origin- -MUCH BY FACT INDICATES ANTAGONISM AND HOSTILITY ON THE PART OF THE "JEWS" TOWARD THE GOD-REVERING PEOPLE. Note: Most people who call themselves Jews are NOT Semitic in origin (Descendents of Shem), but are come from the lineage Cain and birthed through the Curse of Canaan moving forward as Phoenicians, Venusians, Pharisees and Khazars into imitation “Jews”. Shemitism (Semitism) has nothing to do with Jews, Jewish organization of Judaism--JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION.


TM: The dispersion of the "Jews" among the Gentiles after the Babylonian captivity. (From Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk dictionary.)


Demand that people who confront you, give you their definition of words, terms and phrases. If you carelessly acquiesce to meaning “changes” in the war of words scattered at you from the "Bible" then you will remain a totally "thought-controlled" person and people.

People are continually controlled by introduced “thoughts”. Since words are what conjure meaning and bear definitions, in physical form, they become manipulative tools for controlling thoughts in massive manner and thereby change the way people think about certain things. To accomplish this, the controller need only to change the MEANINGS of important words to fit their particular religious and/or political view, and invent NEW EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED TERMS to keep you confused and ignorant.

Eventually, all important words said by anyone will automatically convey the controllers’ biased political/religious view and he will not even know difference. At this point it will become increasingly difficult for the opposition to construct an effective opposing argument because the words being used have been so effectively changed, defused, and/or made unpopular.

I can only urge you to bear these things in mind as we move along here for it is the foundation upon which the lie is based and there can be no truth found in the confusion of the lie--and when the confusion becomes too great for response--you are told to “accept it on faith”. BS! DO NOT TAKE SUCH STUPID ADVICE--THIS IS YOUR SOUL DESTINY AT STAKE HEREIN AND ITS TIME YOU TAKE YOUR DESTINY BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS FOR YOU ARE BEING SOLD A BILL OF GOODS AT THE END OF A PRIMROSE PATH.

Salu, thank you for your service and for your attention.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.

United Federation Fleet

Inter-Galactic Federation Command



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1991 9:07 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 202


In the pickle pot, in a dilemma, in a mess, in confusion and muddling through the first skirmish of the "Mother of all Wars"! You are in a deflationary depression regardless of what your Earth brother broker will tell you. No? Oh I see, your "inflationary" EXPERTS say it has to be inflationary? Why? Undoubtedly the prices of some things will continue to climb for a while--but you must look to the banking/Federal Reserve system for your clues.

The Fed must initially make reserves available to the banking system. The Fed does this mostly by buying government paper assets--treasury bills, notes, and bonds from the banking system and crediting their accounts accordingly. Then, in your fractional reserve system, the banks can make new loans and create new deposits for their customers up to several times their new reserves. It is, in reality, a legalized confidence game (scam). As long as the banks are willing to make loans, the Fed can expand deposits and currency and, hence, debt, and also the purchasing (spending) rate. The Fed has nightmares, however; what if the banks run out of "credit-worthy" borrowers and refuse to use the reserves that the Fed makes available to them to make new loans?

The Fed is locked into this continuing credit expansion. It cannot stop. If ever bank lending slows, then the game is over and a scramble for liquidity begins. Banks and thrifts and other creditors will rush to salvage what they can from their nonperforming loan portfolios. Remember, if debts are not repaid by the borrowers, the creditors will rush to salvage what they can from their nonperforming loan portfolios.

This is debunked by the "inflationists" by saying that the Fed can always create more and more and more money--and I have told you that they can do this, as well as telling you that there is ONLY credit--no MONEY. So far, then, the argument holds up--BUT they somehow fail to understand the essential second step in the credit expansion process, namely that the banks must use the reserves created by the Fed to make new loans. If they don't, then the Fed is merely pushing on a string--a wet one at that--and is helpless to continue the expansion. The Fed found itself in this precise mess in the 1930's. Banks had huge excess reserves but refused to use them to make loans. The banks were scared to death to make new loans. After all, you lost some 40%--some 10,000 of your 25,000 banks! This was between 1930 and the "bank closings" under Roosevelt in 1933. The banks were petrified they were so scared. The economic climate of the 1930's was highly uncertain. You still had some 9 million people out of work by 1939 and your population ratio had a much more pronounced percentage of unemployed--that was about 17-18 percent of the work force. Therefore, it required over a decade to pull you out of the depression and required a war, in addition. World War II saved the "bacon" by allowing banks to have enough confidence to make loans related to war materiel. These, further, were secured by government spending--it is a spiral that eventually gets totally out of control.


You must remember, as we discuss this situation of then vs. now, that the BIG difference was the demise of the gold standard. The main constraint on credit expansion in today's circumstance is high interest rates. You are going to see the credit expansion stretched to the outer limits of this interest constraint and, as with a rubber-band, it will reach its capacity to stretch and snap.

Don't be misled by the prattling or the little perturbations and ups and downs as things fluctuate. Remember that all existing commercial loans and now over 50% of home mortgages have VARIABLE interest rates. As rates rise, many companies and individuals will simply not be able to meet the increases because their profits and salaries will not keep pace with the rising burden. This, in turn is referred to as a liquidity squeeze.

Two items should be watched with the microscope and be prepared to move rapidly. One is called Total Fed Credit and the other is Total Reserves.

Total Fed Credit is essentially the Fed's total assets on paper. These are mostly securities purchased by the Fed and are an accurate measure of Fed Credit Expansion. The total now is somewhere around $263 Billion. That is a mammoth number. The Fed is locked into creating even MORE reserves for the banking system.

Are the banks using these reserves to make new loans? Well now, you have to turn and look at the total reserves, which are liabilities of the Fed. Total reserves are mostly deposits at the Fed that banks are required to keep against their standing loan levels. If total reserves are rising, then bank loans are expanding. There was a sharp rise in total reserves beginning back in February of 1985, for instance, just at the point where the dollar turned WEAK AND GOLD BEGAN TO RISE. Then in 1987, total reserves leveled off at around $60 Billion and have remained at about that level since. This is evidence, friends, that bank loans are NO LONGER EXPANDING, AND THE CREDIT EXPANSION PROCESS HAS PEAKED.


Pretty nearly--but as with all things--there are flaws and holes. The Fed can control its assets but not its liabilities. It can buy all the government securities it wants, to create reserves for the banks, but it can not control either the demand for currency in circulation or bank loans. People decide on how many reserve bank notes they want to carry around, and banks themselves decide on whether or not to make new loans. So when you hear people say "the government will never permit another deflationary depression", they simply don't recognize the facts nor how important those constraints are on the power of the Fed. In short, without other intervention of some kind from the Powers that Be, the Fed would be powerless to stop a deflationary collapse once it starts the snowball course.

Once a "run on the dollar" begins, people of the world over will scramble to get rid of dollars and return to their own currency. You know that foreigners hold hundreds of billions of dollar assets in the U.S. A drop in the stock, bond, or real estate markets would easily trigger a flight from these assets--AND IT NOW UNDER WAY!!


While you have been distracted by contracted manipulations in Desert Shield/Storm, flag waving and killing, another storm with greater "lone-term" consequence rages out of control within our own borders--unspoken of on the controlled media and the hype goes on a nauseam.

Money funds are Pulling out of CD's and dumping bank commercial paper. Foreign investors are letting their U.S. CD's expire. Depositors with multiple accounts of $100,000 fear they will soon be limited to a total of $100,000 in insurance at best. So they are beginning to pull their money out.

The mass withdrawals from the Bank of New England, the largest in recent memory, left the authorities so shocked that they decided to do something they had hoped would NEVER BE NEEDED AGAIN--PAY OFF ALL UNINSURED DEPOSITORS IN FULL--you see, they had some "very important" investors. Further, this was supposed to inspire confidence in the banking system--but it has continued its slump anyhow and, like a landslide, it will zip downward.

What you may not realize however, is that when they say that the recession will be over by mid-year, they may very well mean it--again, to suck you in for they can print enough new money to stall this thing until the Elite are safely into gold--(OUT OF THE NATION). Surprise: the reason the Bush son is set up in Bahrain is to receive and stash gold bought without going through the banking system and keep the dealings out of the U.S. as far as public “eye” is concerned. This is a rigged deal set up and orchestrated with private contracts between George Bush and the "Royal" Sabahs of Kuwait.

Now are you really surprised to learn that the agreements were drawn, orchestrated and the outcome set prior to this little fiasco in the Middle East? Sic, Sic. Even I told you over and over again. Moreover, look at the oil wells burning--isn't that just a real sight? Don't you just drool in horror at all that black smoke and pollution? They tell you "5-6 years to get those oil fires out!" That is the biggest lie thus far--they set at least half those fires and, yes, Saddam's group set the rest. However, just as they started them with napalm--they can as quickly extinguish them with one air/fuel explosion at each site--through "smart weapons". You see, it requires oxygen to allow burning. Fuel/air explosives use all the oxygen and when the explosion is over so would be the fire.


Well if you are a personal friend of the Sabah's or George Bush, I would suggest you put your millions into "underground", unreported gold and get it into something of security placement in Bahrain. If you don't know them or don't have enough assets to do such--then you need to be awfully careful. If you horde gold in bullion or extensive stashes in banks it will simply be confiscated--and the foreigners know it. However, "...you scratch my back, George, and I'll set you up, friend"--says Mr. Sabah.

I can only give you information about that which IS and that which is planned--and they plan to get all the assets; that is the plan for world domination, my brothers. There is a big brick wall at the end of every maze tunnel.

Then you say, "I'll just get a lot of cash, then and bury it!" Good idea, except it will be worthless--that, too, is well planned.

They may or may not pull $50's and $100's prior to exchange of currency--but it looks more and more like probably NOT. Why? Because the ones they have set up to pretend to trap are now predominantly utilizing $20's and $10's. You can be prepared within the week for Mr. Bush to again turn his attention to the major drug problem and increase in crime and murders--and make a play for the guns. All the while he will have his henchmen arranging for his assets to be turned into gold and moved out of the country--along with all those other Elite Cartel "advisors" and "buddies".

The next few serious moves along those lines will have to be subtle indeed, for Clifford Clark's and the Arab's bank, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, is now found to be the world's major money laundering facility and is in direct working relationship, with Clark's bank, First American....etc. That will hit the public eye so maneuvers must be very, very subtle here for a while while banks are being absorbed into other banks and then into the Central Bank--where none of the Elite want their assets to be captured. This is a REAL game of charades where the "little guy" is "had".

Let me give you a hint, if you think you can stash a little gold privately--get circulated coins and pay the premium--not that this is necessarily a great way to go--BUT IT IS THE WAY THE MAJOR FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD MEMBERS ARE DOING IT!! Of course, they have inside pull in the ability to cash them in LATER. The other way they are covering assets is to use gold as collateral and take money which they then put into private projects, etc, hoping the collateral will Hold Safe. And with "them" using the tool, it will last as long or longer than any other approach.

Depending on how much you have to lose or invest--get adequate corporations set up in Nevada and get diversified and the money, gold and everything OUT of your personal name.

You ones want the magic of perfection so you win, win and make money. Well, this way there is the possibility. Setting firmly atop your stack of money either in paper or notes will surely cost you the assets. You either move with the security of the paths the Elite take or your assets will fall to them for this plan has been laid against this day for eons.

To get your verification just look at the banks and what they are doing; let me spell out a bit of it for you. Let us move on from Bank of New England and the Harlem Bank where they DID NOT bail it out as with the Bank of New England, and look at another situation or two for relative evaluation.

You know now about bank holidays, etc., as in Rhode Island. The banking collapse in New Hampshire is underway and the large majority of the money-center banks, including Chase, Chemical and even Morgan Guaranty, have less than five percent (5%) in capital per dollar of assets. Another decline of 1 percentage point in this key indicator will cause them to fall below the bare bones capital levels needed to survive a more severe recession--and that is exactly the way it is planned--so that all assets of property and credit eventually end up in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT--ONE WORLD CURRENCY/BANKING CARTEL. These major banks are all working together to make sure this happens--it is not an accident, brothers.

But watch the events of the great front page item, the most shocking of all to depositors and regulators alike--the crisis at Citicorp. Although Citicorp is not necessarily the weakest of the New York banks, it is certainly the largest among those which are in grave danger of total disaster. Citicorp is laying off a big bunch of employees and depositors are starting to tremble.

Citibank is Citicorp's main subsidiary and it has significantly more capital, as a percent of assets, than Bank of New England had in its final months: some 4.8% vs. 0.8%. It is NOT enough to survive more than a very slight recession. Citicorp is already buried in spoiled, worthless real estate loans.

Here is where you get your clue as to the intent vs. the "accidentally being caught" picture. Once it became obvious that real estate values were collapsing, you would think Citicorp would have cut back sharply, especially in the high-risk areas. Instead, in 1990, the bank lent over $12 billion to developers for commercial real estate projects--more than six times the amount loaned in 1980--and the highest for the past decade. Rotten apples somewhere in the barrel, perhaps?

The vacancy rates zoomed upward, loan payments to Citicorp became indeed sparse. Property values dropped, sinking below the amount that the holding company, as well as other banks, lent to developers.

However, the pain and agony does not stop there. Citicorp carries a delinquency rate on residential mortgages five times as high as the national average. They have other problems, too, as other customer loan delinquencies are also HUGE. Until recently, Citicorp management--from Wriston to Reed--thought that it could protect the bank from the ravages of big loan defaults by leaning heavily toward the consumer loan business. "Safety in numbers" was their motto, based on the assumption that large numbers of small consumers would not default. They were WRONG. Their loan defaults are mind-blowing and surging. There is no way to stop the thing--there is only knowing that it IS coming and gauge your activities accordingly.

Look at that which you have in just this ONE bank: There is no other bank large enough to buy Citibank; the resources for a government bailout, which were abundantly available in the mid-1980's, are now gone; the economy, rather than enjoying a prolonged boom, is now plunging, and, most important, even if money could be created on the "printing presses", the resulting bulge in the federal deficits would torpedo the bond market, dragging down the government itself right along with it.

Some think the FDIC can pull a trick off--forget it. Others believe the Treasury Department will come on the white horse. That is what happened in December when the Bank of New England went under and it was decided to cover all losses. At that time the Treasury made a $1 BILLION cash injection directly but it was simply a gamble that has proven to have failed. The extra $1 BILLION didn't stop the run. It did not prevent the failure. All it did was increase the size of the federal deficit (for you-the-people). If the Treasury tried to do the same for all large banks in trouble, the surging federal deficit would sink the bond markets.

That leaves only one group to pay for the big losses at the banks--the depositors! No matter how shocking this may be, it is an event that is dead ahead. It is going to be a total financial shock. Brothers, check it out and if your deposits are in a sick bank that cannot be restored to financial health, you will lose: Direct access to your funds before and after a bank holiday; all or most of the interest income over the next several years and, at minimum, as much as 50% of your principal at the very best.

Remember that Rhode Island "bank holiday" the Governor ordered? The order closed the state-charted banks and credit unions--on January 2. There were over 300,000 accounts involved. BUT, BUT, BUT--with all but 14 institutions open again for business, there are still 300,000 accounts frozen! What happened was that the original estimate was grossly understated--as with all bad news as it hits you the public--slow poison so you don't know right off that you are dead.

Two months later--these depositors are still locked out of their money. Under the current "proposal" from the governor's office, the best they can hope for is non-interest bearing script which will mature in four years.

What if you are one of the ones stuck in such a situation--in any state, for it is coming to ALL--with all this "funny" non-money. All you can do is do without or hope you can find someone who will take it off your hands and a good estimate of exchange value would be a HIGH of 15-20 cents per dollar.

Hold your breath now, for you are going to be able to evaluate how bad it might be for you in similar circumstances if you do not reside in Rhode Island. The private Rhode Island insurance fund had MORE BACKING PER $100 OF INSURED DEPOSITS THAN THE FDIC! And, it is true that the FDIC has the backing of the Treasury--however, the Treasury Department itself will run out of funds because of the declining investors. The Treasury's only option will come to be to abandon the banks and abort any on-going rescue operations. There is nothing I can do for you, friends, except lay it before you and possibly urge you, again, to find out about both investments using gold as collateral and utilize corporations properly. I do not have time to go through this again and again--if you have interest in sonic measure of protection--see if you can get help through America West. I simply have no "human" means to tend each of your investments nor plan of salvation.


The Fort Worth branch of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has been printing up a storm. They printed up all the exchange currency for the Soviets and are now working around the clock on "anti-counterfeiting" notes with all this microprinting, etc. Be prepared, for when they "introduce" this mess of confusion upon you it can go in a myriad directions but you can be sure you will lose in the deal.

It will be sudden and, just as with the Soviets, there will be LOW--HIGH-LIMITS. There will probably be a 10 for one ratio in exchange. You will have piles of papers to fill out and if you try to exchange too much cash beyond that which you would have from, say, three pay periods--you will forfeit a bunch. If you have big bills you will be held responsible and if "THEY" decide you might have garnered the funds illicitly--they will confiscate it. You will definitely be asked to come up with documentation of WHY you hold cash in large amounts--and yet, if you fail to exchange it, the old will be like the confederate money--WORTHLESS. IT IS ALREADY WORTHLESS FOR A BILL REPRESENTS ONLY A CREDIT NOTE AND NOT MONEY AT ALL.

You think it can't happen? Yugoslavia is having a 10,000 to one currency devaluation effective 1991. France will replace the 20 franc note (about $4 U.S.) with a new coin in 1992. The British Royal Mint has been minting Iraq's circulating coins for several years, including 1990.

And watch out because the IRS has acknowledged that electronically transmitted returns are NOT PROCESSED THROUGH IRS'S NORMAL PROCESSING PIPELINE, WHICH INCLUDES GRADING AND SCORING FOR AUDIT POTENTIAL--INSTANTLY. In fact, you only have nine states where you can file electronically with returns that have "balances due" this year. All taxpayers that are due a refund, however, can file electronically, regardless of his/her state. Good luck!


I am going to leave this subject as such and turn to "THE ORDER". You just experienced how the "ORDER" creates war and revolution. Now it is important that you listen to me for this is important to your confirmation of fact.

President George Bush is a high-ranking member of the Skull and Bones ("The Order"). The Cheney family (Richard Cheney, Sec. Def.) is also prominent in Skull & Bones and involved, all through and about, is Danny Quayle's family. Cheney's family were active in "The Order" even before the first Bush member, Prescott).

As the attack on Iraq happened so did the shoe drop in the Soviet Union. The Leninists moved one step back and glasnost and perestroika were brought to an instant halt as the troops moved on the Baltic States. Gorbachev claimed "no knowledge", etc., but we all know it was not so.

However, perhaps you missed the fact that of the ONE BILLION dollar credits granted to the Soviet Union by your Congress and the Administration (and then supposedly held up because of the nasty behavior of the Soviet troops)--"9""0"-- 90 (NINETY) PERCENT had already been drawn down!--the cargo holds were already fully loaded with your grain before the police move was made.

Now, in the madness and distraction--after the troops began to move out and now that you had all "that help" from the Soviets with Iraq--the Soviets now get an additional credit line which YOU THINK was the original $1 billion amount. Ah, the hand is surely quicker than the eye when the eyes are wrapped in rose colored paper and the visions--shown as with a movie scenario--exactly that which they want to show you.

You still think this was a little war? Ask the families of the over 100,000 (70,000 of which were but children) slain Iraqis in Baghdad. Ask about the additional 30,000 to 50,000 slain persons on the roads back to Iraq. Ask the families of the over 2 million slain Iraqis who were bombed in their homes all over Iraq--civilians! It was a total bloodbath and as your own pilots giggled and strutted and told you, regarding the roadway massacre--"...it was just like shooting fish in a barrel!"


This was not the start of that touted great battle of battles at Armageddon--but the beginning of the set-up for same. The handwriting is there on the wall, brothers--in pure and simple English--you just don't know the definitions of the words.

Where all of your seer-projectioneers are off, is that they still sit twiddling while believing that "Israel" is that new place in Palestine--when God comes for HIS PEOPLE, He is coming for His "i"sraelites. His chosen. The big ANTI-CHRIST has moved in and occupies that little portion called Israel as self-proclaimed by some men in the United Nations in concert with the Khazar Zionists who are so-called, self-styled "Jews"--the term "Jew", remember, only appeared FOR THE FIRST TIME IN RELATIONSHIP TO THESE NON-JUDEANS, IN THE 1700's.

What will happen then? Oh, there will be a period of euphoria and a great "go for peace". A total pseudopeace. The world will be whooop-dee-doo and willing to submit to a new kind of world federation. BUT THIS WILL BE EXPLODED IN THE FUTURE WHEN THE COMBINED ARAB ARMIES UNITE AGAIN--AND GO FOR ISRAEL'S THROAT. Now, the leopard will show his spots and the Soviets will end up joined with the Arabs and THAT will be the big beginning of that wondrous battle called Armageddon. Check carefully to see who signs treaty agreements guaranteeing Israel's security.

America is referred to as Israel West already, so guess which losing side you are going to be on, America! After that dandy treaty is signed in Arab blood and the Bushes and accomplices get their assets into offshore gold, etc., there should be some 3 and 1/2 years to square around your choices and see if you can get this reversal off its dime--because you are then on the path to that great war. That next "beginning of Armageddon" war will itself (if not stopped) last another approximately 3 and 1/2 years, WITH RUSSIA ALLIED WITH THE ARAB NATIONS AGAINST ISRAEL, THE WESTERN FEDERATION AND GUESS WHO--CHINA!


So what are you going to do? It does NOT have to go according to "their" plan but it you do not as a nation and a world, wake up to the probabilities as laid forth. The plan is to have your world in total Rule by the Global One World Government and operable by year 2,000. You don't have much time do you? YOU CAN CHANGE IT IF YOU WANT TO! It is totally up to you. Ours is to bring Truth--assist in any way we can, those who ask and allow and move into the Godly path of Light. When God comes for HIS people, I remind you--there will be no evil brought within the places of the God places. At this point in historical evolution--YOU HAVE DELIVERED YOURSELVES INTO THE HANDS OF THE ADVERSARY OF GOD. IT WAS A MOST REGRETTABLE CHOICE INDEED. ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU WERE THE TARGET OF THE MOST CLEVER TRICKSTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND AS VICTIMS OF A CONTROLLED MIND-CONTROL SYSTEM OF VISION AND LIES--YOU KNOW NOT ELSE.

Some say, "Well, I don't want to know because what I don't know can't hurt me...!" WRONG! IT WILL ENSLAVE YOU! FURTHER THE PRISON IS NOT GOING TO BE EITHER GENTLE NOR COMFORTABLE.

Let us close this, please. If there is additional room on this document--please give forth information for obtaining more detailed information regarding the Kuwait/Sabah/Bush, etc., material and any other that we have to assist our brothers. Dear ones, you have reached the time where "perfection" and "cleaning-up" as they say in the economist's circles is probably not going to happen. The best we can hope for is some measure of safety and ability to hold on to some of your assets while it is turned into projects which can grow and give you return--it is a tight-rope walk at best. You are very far behind in countering the game so well planned by your adversaries. I stand ready to help for it is all I can offer--knowledge and Truth; but it IS enough! Salu.



THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1991 8:26 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 203


Instead of bantering about with the non-news this day, we are going to get down to nitty-gritty discussion regarding the Middle East War/Kuwait/Sabah-Family/Bush connection, etc. Chelas, this is hard medicine to swallow but you MUST come into acknowledgement that I am not simply feeding you "far-side" information. You can go check this out from documentation from many sources but I suggest you begin proving-up in easy-to-understand sequence.

I am going to ask Dharma to print herein, a brief summary of the secret underground regarding things like the Global Regime of Interdependence--the REAL name for Bush's New World Order. Then, I suggest you get the "White Papers" which will be given reference from KC&associates, 13510-A Aurora Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98133.

This will deal with "why Bush had to have a war" and I am most grateful to one who has put it succinctly into focus. You will find nothing new from that which I have given you but I find that if you glean information as backup from Earth source--you tend to come into believing. I honor Craig B. Hulet of KC&associates for this valuable research and presentation. What I will give you is not comprehensive for it is taken from a radio interview of limited time allowance--so please, follow up. America West is getting information so that if you call them, they can either supply you with the "papers" or tell you where to obtain them--should you prefer to contact A.W. Thank you.

Dharma, just roughly transcribe the tape, please. I will monitor and make comments, if deemed necessary, but mostly I simply want you citizens to hear it from "ground 0". I also request that our "Editors" not try too hard to turn the conversational English into perfect prose.


Craig B. Hulet:

This is a brief discussion of the orchestration of the entire event (Iraq/Kuwait/U.S. war) for political reasons that have been completely unknown to the American people. They were laid out long before August 2nd (1990) as a political objective.

The objectives we were given throughout the period between August 2nd and somewhere around the first of January (1991) where COMPLETE MYTHS WITH NO BASIS WHATSOEVER--things like Saddam Hussein's military strength being a "million-man" army was a complete fabrication for he only had 475 thousand well-trained troops, 7,500 Reservists and the remainder are a "People's Army"--some as young as 11-years and as old as 80-years--so can hardly be considered as part of his military.

In each stage of the war after August second, George Bush gave us a different political objective upon which to focus, like "defending Saudi Arabia", when the facts were that Hussein never had the industrial capacity nor the offensive capability of going any further than Kuwait, and everybody in the Pentagon and the White House knew that. However, they had to convince the American people of some reason to send the initial 200,000 troops over there and so they told us it was to defend Saudi Arabia.

We were also told that Hussein was about to take over and control 20-50% of all of the oil in the region, which was and is an utter myth. He couldn't have controlled the oil and he couldn't even have threatened control of the oil during the month of August because the nations that were aligned against him on August 2nd, the Arab states, were Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, and of course, Iran on the East and Turkey on the North, so it is totally absurd to believe that one little country such as Iraq could have dictated, through military power, to the combined forces in the Middle East, including Egypt, which outnumbered him at least 10 to 1 in every single category of military capability. (Hatonn: Now take this information as absolute minimum for Craig is giving you that which was "known" and documented where he and his researchers could ferret out the information. It is understated, brothers--for Soviets (and you) had supplied Saddam with heinous weapons--but YOU had the same weapons with the exception of Bull's cannons, etc. Please wait until you have read all of this before you stop and start comparisons to disprove one or the other of us. Please stop the nit-picking for you are in serious circumstances if you could remove even nine-tenths of the facts.)

Saddam simply would not determine that he could be successful in going further than Kuwait in offensive. He did not ever intend nor feel capable of controlling the oil supply of the Middle East--that would be a totally fabricated lie served to we-the-people.

This war was NEVER about oil--it was simply never about any of those things given to you. When George Bush told you that it was "NAKED AGGRESSION", he lied again because if it was seriously about "naked aggression" and we weren't using some selective moral indignation over Saddam Hussein's actions, would we have hardly been aligned with Assad of Syria, who killed thirty thousand of his own people, annexed Northern Lebanon and installed a puppet regime which was responsible for killing a hundred and seventy thousand Lebanese? Yet, we are supposed to believe that, in this instance, naked aggression so offended the U.S. administration that we would send half a million, or more, troops to stop it. That is another of the "great" myths--being a total lie. (Hatonn: You must understand the definition of "myth"--a myth is not necessarily "false" but Craig is using the word as representing "lie".) This is really what I see as the kind of problems that are of such a magnitude that you can safely say that the American government is so out-of-hand that THEY TELL THE TRUTH ALMOST NEVER!--TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. In one instance, where George Bush did tell the truth--nobody even understood what he really MEANT. That is when he said, "The U.N. Security Council would be used to enhance the New World Order"--that IS THE ONLY STATEMENT OF TRUTH GEORGE BUSH HAS SAID SINCE AUGUST 2ND--BUT NOBODY UNDERSTOOD HIM.

Question from Interviewer: "One of the questions that I had is why Hussein allowed the U.S. military forces to build up to the capacity that it has--to a level where he could, apparently, no longer crush it through his military?

Saddam Hussein had no choice, really, but to sit back and watch the build-up because Saddam's military does not have an offensive capability to make a move of that magnitude. He is a "counter-puncher" and he has powerful "defensive" capability. He defeated the country of Iran in the last four months of the war, where he could not defeat Iran offensively throughout the seven and a half years of that war. But when he suckered and brought Iran into Iraqi territory and brought their troops to him, he fought defensively, which is completely and entirely a different tactic. That is where he excels and that is where his greatest ability stands.

The real question, rather than, "Why did Hussein allow our troops to build-up, where I don't believe he had a choice but to sit back, because at that point after August 2nd, he knew that he had been "suckered" into Kuwait. Let me explain what I mean by "suckered-in".

Prior to August 2nd--one week prior--the American Government, the Administration and National Security Council, the CIA--the entire intelligence apparatus, had been informing President Bush and Baker that an invasion was imminent, into Kuwait. Up to seven days prior to August 2nd, the invasion was so imminent that there were serious "red alert" type memos and memoranda. Yet during that exact period of time, April Glaspie, our Ambassador to Iraq, told Saddam Hussein that we did not get involved in "Arab to Arab issues over border disputes". Now, she was attacked for having said that because it gave the green light to Hussein, to his way of thinking, to go into Kuwait. Baker chastised her publicly and said it was a "blunder". But in fact, Baker lied. Undersecretary of State John Kelly told the Senate Subcommittee EXACTLY THE SAME THING A WEEK BEFORE THE INVASION and he went even further as he said, "...we would do NOTHING to defend Kuwait because we have no defense treaty with Kuwait and this is an Arab to Arab issue." Under questioning then, Margaret Tutwiller, a spokeswoman for James Baker's State Department, held a Press Conference and she said exactly the same thing as Undersecretary Kelly--"...we have no defense treaty and it is an Arab to Arab issue". So it was entirely corroborated that the Administration's position on Iraq taking Kuwait was a "green light" for Iraq to take Kuwait. Hussein believed he had the sanction and the approval of our Administration, or at least the auspices that gave what he believed was the right to go in and take Kuwait.

Now then, on August 2nd George Bush screamed that he was surprised and shocked by this activity and called Hussein a "Hitler" and accused him of "Naked Aggression". Of course, that was totally feigned surprise and "naked aggression" was a total myth. BUSH KNEW HUSSEIN WAS "GOING IN". The question is--why would George Bush want Saddam Hussein to take Kuwait?

Question: Wasn't Iraq already in Kuwait, working in the area around the sea?

Well, Saddam Hussein has a perfectly legitimate claim to the Ramalian Oil fields region where the Sabah family has been slant drilling and stealing oil from him. And the Bubyian and Warbyian Islands, which is the area you ask about, is where Saddam Hussein wants a deep-water port. The fact is, that for the past two years he has already been dredging that area and the Kuwaitis have even helped finance the dredging of the area so Iraq could develop that deep-water port. Therefore, it is implied, in Kuwaiti activity, that the area was already considered Iraqi territory. Those are the only two things that he asked to be remaining in his possession--and he agreed to totally pull out of Kuwait as long as those things were left to him--which were already his. Every nation in the world said they would go with that agreement and it was acceptable. The only people who found it unacceptable was President Bush and James Baker.

Question: And why would they find it unacceptable?

Because they have a "political agenda"--a political objective--that goes all the way back to April of 1990, and fully six months prior to that, during a study group session on the Middle East. The original political objective was much, much different than what we have been told. In April of 1990 there was a conference, an internationally led conference, at the White House--George Bush chaired it. Fitzgerald, the former Prime Minister of Ireland, authored the "white paper", the task force report, on the subject of the Middle East that came out of that April, 1990, conference. The political philosophy and the International Community's view of the Middle East was forever changed at that point in history. They thought that, because the Soviet Union was no longer a player in the Middle East, the Western Powers--Germany, England, France, Japan, Canada and the United States (the International Community of Western Powers), thought it was then time for them to move in and politically influence the Middle East in a greater degree than ever before. The first thing on the Agenda, they felt that they should control the region because of its natural resources and would stabilize the region by eliminating the military components of Iraq, Syria and, eventually, even Israel and Libya--eliminating them and totally disarming them militarily--unilaterally, if necessary. That they would use the United Nations Security Council as the means, if necessary, was called for in April of 1990.

This political objective, that was stated in April of 1990, was corroborated again by a different source and that was Terik Aziz in his press conference after the Baker/Aziz meeting. Aziz stated that Bob Dole, and three or four other senators, paid Hussein a visit in April of 1990 and gave him an ultimatum of a disarmament scenario where Hussein would disarm chemical, biological, conventional weapons and ballistic missiles. To do so he would receive credits and be allowed to be a player in the New World Order.


(Hatonn: Now this is on record that Hussein refused to go along with this New World Order.)

Of course Hussein said emphatically, "No--at least NOT UNTIL ISRAEL RE-MOVES THEIR CHEMICAL-BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS AND THEIR NUCLEAR WARHEADS FROM THE REGION." So the forced unilateral diplomatic approach failed and they had to resort to the United Nations Security Council as the means to disarm Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. That is, and always was, the political objective. That explains "why" it was needed for Saddam Hussein to go into Kuwait and take it forcefully, as the provocation necessary to draw the UN Security Council and the U.S. forces into attacking Saddam Hussein.

I have been saying, for over five months in interviews throughout the country, "This isn't about Kuwait--this is about taking out Baghdad and destroying the industrial-military complex of Baghdad." Nobody believed me for five months--everybody said, "No, this is about Kuwait because Hussein invaded Kuwait." Wrong! As soon as the bombing started, where did Bush send the fliers? Straight to Baghdad!

QUESTION: What about the resources, the phosphates and sulfates, that Iraq has? How might that play into any of this scenario?

Well, on August 20, 1988, the London Economist reported that James Baker, in what is known as the "Baker Initiative for the Middle East", paid a visit to Hussein. This was prior to the above mentioned conference of April, 1990. He suggested to Hussein that he would receive "no further credits from the West, from Saudi Arabia or Kuwait"--they had already made that clear--"unless he was prepared" (and he needed these credits to service his debt from the Iran/Iraq War. He had borrowed a tremendous amount of money, including 26 billion dollars from Western banks--Chase, J.P. Morgan--all the six big ones) "he would receive no further credits to service that debt unless he gave up his sulfur, phosphates--his oil and other raw materials--in perpetuity--as collateral." Of course Saddam Hussein is extremely "nationalistic"--he is an Arab Socialist--and he strongly believes in Iraq as a nation-state. He said, "Absolutely no," he wouldn't even consider such a thing. He knew it was giving up his national sovereignty--his people's sovereignty and so he absolutely refused to do such a thing. (Hatonn: Please refer back to the Cartel Plans and HOW they managed to suck all the third-world nations into the banking system through this perpetual resource for collateral sleight-of-hand.) That was the first beginnings of the Middle East being drawn into this so-called New World Order concept, because it is an economic regime and it is about "raw materials and monetary policy". It is being demanded of ALL THIRD-WORLD AND LESSER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES THAT THEY GIVE UP THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES IN MANY DIFFERING WAYS: DEBT TO EQUITY SWAP, ETC. BUT TO PUT IT BLUNTLY, THE WEST, THE INDUSTRIALIZED POWERS, OUR MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS WHICH ARE, AT LEAST A HUNDRED OR SO OF THEM, ARE DEFENSE CONTRACTORS, AND THE "CORPORATE STATE CORPORATIONS" OF THE SOVIET UNION (POLAND, WEST GERMANY--THEY ARE STATE CORPORATIONS BUT THEY ARE STILL MULTI-NATIONAL) INCLUDING THE KUWAITI REGIME. THE KUWAITI GOVERNMENT IS SIMPLY ONE BIG MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS) OWNED BY THE ROYAL FAMILY OF SABAH. Those countries and companies that "play ball" get to play in the "Global arena". If they don't, they are targeted for elimination.


QUESTION: Now, the Sabah family has a great many holdings in the United States and so does Saudi Arabia, do they not?

That was the key that guaranteed the International Community would line up behind George Bush, and it is a total lie that "he lined up the U.N. votes so quickly because of his tremendous 'ability' on the telephone". "Telephone Diplomacy" we were fed by the press. That is a complete myth (lie), they already knew what the political objective was for Iraq and Kuwait back in April of 1990 at the conference at the White House. They already knew that Iraq was being targeted to be disarmed and if Hussein didn't cooperate diplomatically, he would be dealt with forcibly through the UN Security Council. So when the orchestration took place all the world leaders of the Western countries at the UN Security Council level all already knew exactly what was going on--it was a simple task to line up the votes and get resolutions against Hussein. The "fix" was already in place, to put it bluntly.

The key, however, that made it all "work" and why, when Libya took Chad recently in a sponsored coup in Chad--when Syria took Lebanon and installed their regime--when the Soviets moved into the Baffles and used force, or into Afghanistan, etc., or the Vietnamese went into Cambodia--none of those countries mattered in the least. Nobody gave aid to these people and we certainly didn't send troops to stop the "Naked Aggression" against those legitimate regimes. This was due to one thing and one thing only: the guarantee that the UN and the U.S. and everybody would get in line and we would actually "have this war" to put Sabah back in his "pink palace" in Kuwait--that is the simple fact; that the Sabah family took the petro-dollars profit and invested in U.S. multi-national corporations--hundreds of billions of dollars off-shore and in our banking system with Chase, Morgan Guarantee, Morgan Brothers--$52 BILLION in T-Bills and Bonds (U.S. Gov't) and the interlock is so intense and so incestuous that the Sabah family has actually had a wholly owned corporation in the U.S.--still own it--Kuwait Petroleum owns Sante Fe International out of Los Angeles. They have had on the BOARD of Santa Fe International--of this Kuwaiti owned corporation--FORMER PRESIDENT GERALD FORD, who put George Bush in power as CIA Director, BRENT SCOWCROFT, who was an aide to Gerald Ford and is now the National Security Advisor to President Bush, AND RODERICK HILL, CARLA HILL'S HUSBAND--she is now the Trade Representative of the Bush Administration and she was HUD Secretary under Gerald Ford. So you will note that the Sabah family has used their tremendous petro-dollars to PURCHASE POLITICAL INFLUENCE WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION AND GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE NIXON AND FORD ADMINISTRATIONS. THAT IS THE KIND OF POLITICAL CLOUT THAT GUARANTEED THAT THE UN COALITION WOULD BACK THE USE OF ANY KIND OF FORCE AGAINST HUSSEIN AFTER HE WAS BROUGHT INTO KUWAIT TO BEGIN WITH.

OUESTION: Would you talk briefly about how Kuwait is so closely tied to the American companies?

The Kuwaiti regime is unique in that it is very much like the Saudi regime, and that's why the Saudis and the Sabah family are working so closely, and always have. Being a Royal Monarchy, they do not operate the way Hussein or Qudafi, Assad or Mubarik, operate in their countries. When they sell oil on the global market--they don't "consume" their own production--they allow the Eastern Europeans to consume and they buy into things, i.e., they own a whole chain of gas stations, they own five percent of Texaco, they own a chain of gas stations in Europe but, more than that, fifty percent of everything that is taken in on those sales goes directly to the Sabah Royal family. The only one that can sign the checks--is Sabah, himself. Fifty percent of the profits goes to the Kuwait government which is also Sabah but is used, in addition, to disburse funds elsewhere and help control the population of Kuwait. The population is only about 600,000 actual citizens and the rest of the population is not made up of "citizens" and they are not allowed to "vote". The first 50% of profits, however, goes directly to Sabah! Kuwait is a total feudalistic, non-militaristic despotic State--according to our own State Department. They have simply been able to wisely invest their money in the West, particularly in the U.S.--because they do have a fear of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Soviet Union.

When you buy this much U.S. Corporate power, for instance, when you own 3, 4, and 5 percent of a Corporation such as General Electric and defense contractors and the people on the Boards of those defense contractors you have real clout. The Board members of those "defense contractors" are also Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense and boy, you have bought considerable political clout and THEY KNOW IT!. It is purely and simply a protection racket, in a sense, but more than that, it makes them a key player in the new GLOBAL REGIME that George Bush keeps talking about.

QUESTION: Do they not also own some 5% in McDonalds, Penneys, etc.?

Oh yes, there is a long list of holdings that all of the citizens would easily recognize. The ones I focus on, such as IBM, Dow Chemical, Westinghouse, G.E., Atlantic Richfield, General Motors--those are all listed on the one hundred top (dollar amount) defense contractors in the U.S. You could say that they have purchased some stock in almost ALL of our major U.S. corporations. They never buy more than 5% of the class-A voting stock because if they did so it would force disclosure to the S.E.C. as to "who" is buying up America.


They purchase government T-bills and bonds and what they have done is purchase a "deficit"-- a "growing" deficit--of the United States. That gives them very close linkage to the banking industry and the Federal Reserve System which is basically a "private banker's" bank which loans us our medium of exchange called the "federal reserve notes". That is a very powerful thing to purchase if you are looking for strong political clout and influence within the U.S. Government.

Ben Rosenthal of New York found out all of this described and found it extremely disturbing--between 1979 and through 1983. He filed suit to stop the ownership of Santa Fe International by the Kuwaiti Government. However, after his death it fell to the wayside and no one, to this day, has dared to bring it up again because people get dead over such issues. He had also filed a House Bill which would force the disclosure of foreign nationals' holdings in U.S. multi-national corporations and in the banking industry because he felt that they would be buying political influence and could, therefore, influence more affairs of the U.S. Government by having this kind of wealth. That act did pass (The Financial Disclosure Act) in 1982, but pressure was brought to bear through Charles Percy, a senator and whose daughter married into the Rockefeller family, on President Reagan and also Vice President Bush, at the time, to veto that financial disclosure act. The threat was, at that time in 1982, as documented by Ben Rosenthal (and now you might know why Rosenthal died) was that if they were to disclose financial holdings of the Saudi regime and the Sabah family along with Kuwaiti holdings in the U.S. Banking industry--they would shift their assets to Euro-dollars, Yen, Marks, etc. This would cause an immediate banking crisis in New York which would include ALL of the Six Major Banks. The threat held strong and the Financial Disclosure Act was vetoed by President Reagan and to this day it is illegal for the U.S. Government to tell the American people how much financial influence Sabah has in the U.S.

There is a new kind of "disclosure act" in the Senate but it is presupposed that Bush will certainly veto it. The reason Bush is concerned is that Bush is a "global operator". Bush sits on the Boards of Texas Gulf, Eli Lilly, Purolator--and a whole host of other multi-national corporations; but most importantly, the Interstate Bank of London, Dallas and Houston--an international banking family. There is no question that Kuwait has major dollars in that bank. George Bush is a large-scale Global Player. Bush has actually taken a perceived "step down" in his political career by becoming President of the U.S. His real political career had been as a Global Globe-trotter, if you will. It has been entirely a net-work of multi-national corporations who have widespread Global interests. In fact, take Texas Gulf, it is not even a U.S. Corporation and it does not operate in Texas or in the Gulf states--it is a French "holding company" and it mines phosphate and sulfur (coincidentally, Iraq's raw materials that were requested) and turns it into fertilizers. George Bush is definitely a big player in the Global Regime.

This is why he continues to bring up and push the subject of the New World Order, over and over again. That really is the political objective of George Bush by being President. He doesn't care whether or not he is re-elected if this war would go bad--he has stated as much openly and publicly--even in the Los Angeles Times.

You see, all these holdings of Bush can be covered by placing the holdings in a "Blind Trust" and when he became President he did this for the first time in his career. He never did that prior to this--not even when he was CIA Director. He refused to place any of his financial holdings in a "Blind Trust". He has, to some degree, done so now. His blind trust is somewhere around a million dollars which doesn't even represent a drop in the bucket to his assets as of the day he took office as President. All the other holdings are in multi-national, international, etc., corporations where he is covered in secrecy. He does continue to receive what is called deferred compensation from the Zapata Oil which is a completely Bush-owned oil operation for off-shore drilling, where coincidentally, the first oil rig set up offshore--WAS IN KUWAIT! He also sits on the board and still receives "deferred compensation" from this. Deferred com-pensation is where the check is written but it goes into the "Trust Fund" and he can't spend it until after he is no longer President.

There are a lot of ways to get around that "Conflict of Interest", especially when you are the President. You don't have to get rid of your stock--you just temporarily cease to sit on the active Board of those corporations.

One of the most interesting companies on which he sits, actually he is a Limited Partner, with JAMES A. BAKER, III, in a corporation called Hollywood LPG II. It is a Houston, Texas, based company. The reason that it is so interesting is that in George Bush's "State of the Union" address, he suggested that because of this problem with Kuwait and Iraq with crude oil, that we must start looking, as a nation, to other means and other resources--specifically liquid petroleum gas. (That is what "LPG" stands for--i.e., Hollywood LPG II, is a Liquid Petroleum Gas tanker fleet.)


Bush sits on the board, and owns stock in, Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly is a MAJOR world producer of fertilizers and herbicides. The New World Order, to which "they" refer, isn't something that will enhance the opulence of Third World nations, in fact it will reduce countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Jordan, and Libya back to pre-1979 forms of feudalism and poverty. At the same time, you don't want to reduce a population such as those to complete poverty for they need to be fed in some manner--and that means feeding the tremendous numbers of poor in the Third World countries. Just to accomplish this gigantic task will REQUIRE A LOT OF FERTILIZER! George Bush is heavily invested in Texas Gulf which mines sulfur and phosphates which, without them, you cannot make fertilizer. Eli Lilly, which makes fertilizer--and of course, when you are going to constantly fertilize the ground to grow crops like soy beans, you will have problems with the soil--and you have to seek other places and that is where herbicides--also produced by this company--come in.

The interesting thing about this connection of Bush to Eli Lilly is that there was planned--for the Latin America Drug War--a shooting war in Latin America. That is, in part, what took place when we invaded Panama--with setting up an anti-drug force for Latin America to invade Latin American companies. (Hatonn: Yes, indeed, I have told you all this--but you to hear it again so please, just keep reading.) Bolivia and Peru were definitely targeted. Part of the scenario for invading those countries in this so-called Drug War, was to use massive amounts of herbicides on the Coca crops and it was experimented on and the major portion of the experiments just ended in March of 1989-1990. At that point the product was approved for use to destroy the hundreds of thousands of hectares of Coca crops in Latin America. That product is called "Spike" and it comes from a Division of Elanco--a corporation of Eli Lilly. (Hatonn: This herbicide is deadly--remember a while back when it was used on the "Hemp" (marijuana) crops in Mexico, etc., and just happened to kill a bunch of workers and users? Brothers, I remind you--the drug trade is controlled right out of the Bush Administration! We are not talking of New World Order--we are talking about World (Global) total domination!)

I remind you again, that Bush is on the Board of Eli Lilly and owns stock in that company.


The New World Order is a term that is considered totally passe' by all the Elite and Elite Think-Tanks--and I haven't used the word myself in over a decade in any of my analytical work or research papers, even when I was with the Institute. THE PROPER TERMINOLOGY IS: "THE GLOBAL REGIME OF INTERDEPENDENCE" but if George Bush had used THAT terminology, people would have begun to understand right off that it was "economic" New World Order. It was absolutely necessary that the American people believe that the New World Order, when mentioned, would somehow have only to do with “Peace and Security" throughout the world through the use of the United Nations--or some nebulous attachment to moral rightness. THIS IS A TOTAL LIE IN ITS MOST CONTEMPTIBLE PRESENTATION AND USURPATION OF YOUR TRUST AND FAITH. THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAS NEVER BEEN ANYTHING ABOUT PEACE AND SECURITY--IT HAS BEEN ABOUT ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY--IT IS A GLOBAL REGIME. A REGIME WHICH ALREADY EXISTS AND WE ARE IN THE TRANSITION STAGES OF IT--OF INTERDEPENDENCE. INTERDE-PENDENCE ISN'T SOMETHING THAT COME ABOUT THROUGH EVOLUTION OF FREE-TRADE LIKE SO MANY LIGHT-WEIGHT UNI-VERSITY PROFESSORS--WHO PROJECT IT AS SOMETHING OF A UTOPIAN VISION THAT ALL THE WORLD BEGINS TRADING WITH EACH OTHER AND SOMEHOW ALL WAR WILL CEASE AND PEACE WILL JUST WASH OVER THE GLOBE. It simply is not even a PART OF THE STRATEGY.

Inter-dependence IS A STRATEGY. It was outlined in 1961 by Vincent Rock, a defense analyst of over 20 years, for the beginnings of it. He published a book called THE STRATEGY OF INTERDEPENDENCE which was initially used by the Kennedy Administration, and McNamara in the Johnson Administration. The strategy has been adopted ever since.

The strategy works in every field of endeavor, for instance, South Africa. We are wholly dependent on South Africa for the "platinum group" metals, chromium and commercial grade gold. It is for "strategic" war materials. This is well published and well known--that we are dependent on South Africa; therefore, the Globalist thinkers of the world future society, who are utopian, would say, "See, there is the interdependence," so we can have a lot of influence with South Africa and South Africa will work with us and we can bring about changes. The fact is that we have enough chromite, chromium and platinum-group metals, in the LARGEST DEPOSITS KNOWN ON EARTH. IN THE STILLWATER COMPLEX BETWEEN THE BORDER OF MONTANA AND THE BORDER OF WYOMING. It is a tremendously large complex and there is an almost unlimited supply of these strategic raw materials. Based on the analysis of 1961, however, done by Vincent Rock, the strategy of interdependence is as follows: We shut down the mills and operation of the Stillwaters facilities and since 1963 it hasn't been mined. THEY WANT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND THE AMERICAN CORPORATIONS WILL GO ALONG WITH THIS, BECAUSE THEY PASS THE COSTS ON TO US ANYWAY, IN THEIR PRODUCTION FACILITIES--BUT THEY WANT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO "BELIEVE" THAT WE ARE DEPENDENT UPON SOUTH AFRICA (interdependent or mutually-dependent).


This is EXACTLY that which is going on in the Middle East right now. They are going to create the PERCEPTION that without Kuwait's oil production and a free Kuwait under the Sabah family, there will be an insurmountable oil crisis. That is WHY we have to go to war and get this awful regime back into Government. We have now been taught, erroneously, to believe that we are totally dependent on Kuwait for oil--a total lie.



THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1991 3:48 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 203



QUESTION: Who were some of the players in this Global Regime of Interdependence?

What we are talking about comes in two layers and when you talk about the U.S. multi-national corporations you can refer to a study done through the 1976 Senate, under Lee Metcalf. He is now, too, strangely deceased and became deceased before the study was completed. They produced a study called Interlocking Directorate Among Major U.S. Multi-National Corporations. It is demonstrated that there were no more than 3,500, mostly white-male Americans--Anglo-Saxon-- and they sat on boards of ALL the multi-national corporations and the major banks and foundations and a separate study, which was produced on the Federal Reserve System, showed that the same thing existed within the Federal Reserve System and ALL interlocking with the corporations, whereby one man such as William Webster (now head of the CIA and was with the FBI) sat on the Boards of as many as TWENTY MAJOR U.S. MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS, DEFENSE CONTRACTORS, BANKS--AND WHEN YOU CROSS-DIRECTORSHIP, ONE MAN SITTING ON THE BOARD OF, FOR INSTANCE, CHASE, WILL THEN ALSO SIT ON THE BOARD OF EXXON AND WILL BE SITTING NEXT TO A BOARD MEMBER OF CHASE ALSO, WHO SITS ON THE BOARD. SAY, OF MOBIL. THAT IS HOW THEY “BEAT” THE F.T.C. RULES DEALING WITH THE "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" AND "FREE-TRADE".

They ALL sit on each other's Boards and there are at most 3,500 or less people involved. One man, alone, may own as many as 50-80 hats and interests in corporations, foundations, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, The Council on Foreign Relations--a complete network which is extremely small when you consider what they are doing. This was considered by the deceased Lee Metcalf as a threat to our very way of life if we believe in "free-trade". He felt it would cause the kind of political influence, and he was right, that it ultimately has caused--such as in the case of George Shultz who now sits on the Board of Boeing--after eight years in the State Department where he was the single most influential man in the State Department. He opened up trade with Red China and now the trade is wide-open to Red China, which is a major, major victory to Shultz who, as Secretary of State, moved to increase trade with Red China to the point where Boeing Corporation now has RECORD SALES HERE IN SEATTLE AND THROUGHOUT THE U.S. NORTHWEST. OF COURSE GEORGE SHULTZ IS NOW REAPING THE REWARDS OF HIS ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE STATE DEPARTMENT--HE IS ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS WITH BOEING CORPORATION.

What about Great Britain? What about Germany? What about all those others who are now petitioned and have agreed to give the U.S. money?

Every single one of the countries, including Japan, are represented in exactly the same scenario as just described. They are all players and they have institutionalized their ideology into groups that the far right and the far left tried to consider them some sort of Global Conspiracy--such as is the Trilateral Commission. The make-up of the Trilateral Commission, which is no more than 300 individuals at any given time, is a make-up of Europeans, West Germans, British, Japanese, Canadians and Americans. The same thing holds true and that's why when they refer to the Global Regime, they aren't thinking in terms of Imperialism the way the far-left used to think the U.S. was operating--that kind-of neocolonialism--it is far beyond that. That implies a nation-State trying to reach out and control the globe and still retain its nation-State status. These men dont even consider the United States as a nation-State, they consider the nation-State as Exxon, Chase, IBM, ITT, etc. That is who they believe are now the "nation-State" and that is where they put all the cards.

Being the President of the United States is a grand vehicle through which to accomplish the dynamics of the "New World Order", or, "Global Regime of Interdependence". That is why I have said it is a step down for George Bush but a most important step.

The ones who will be in charge of the New World Order or "Regime" are the same men who are in charge right now. They make up the cabinet, multi-national corporations, defense contractors, the leading bankers for they also sit on the boards of IBM, ATT, etc. They already are in charge and they have agreed to agree on that first premise. It isn't a regime such as the "Christian Fundamentalist" "thing" with a world dictator, etc., it is too well planned to ever have the appearance of such. It is a kind of feudalistic cooperation between the "princes" of the "district". Those “princes” being the C.E.O.s and Directors--the districts being the interlocking or intertwined regions where the multi-national corporation crosses over all country borders.

They no longer see nation-States. They operate in every country and they truly believe, and here I have a book called PEACE AND AFFLUENCE THROUGH MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS by Herbert Mertz, which goes so far as to say that the Regime is already in place and it is just a matter of making average layman aware of it. They go so far as to think that we should vote for our political rights no longer through Congress and nation-State Governmental apparatuses but through the multi-national political apparatus. Mertz is a Director of The World's Ecocracy.

One thing I learned while I was with the multi-national corporations as a consultant, is that one thing totally devoid in the thinking is the welfare of the people, themselves. I have had it stated to me very clearly that "as they create the Regime and move-in and eliminate regions and first employ people and then throw them out of work and move an operation to a foreign place--however they transmit it--wherever there is disruption and the people are hurt by it, their attitude is simplistically stated and the words are: "When the sheep are fleeced--they bleat".


The Regime is clearly a feudalistic operation. I know well, some of the gentlemen who run some of those major corporations and they are, indeed, feudalistic in their thinking. I would go so far as to say that they are behavioral-social-Darwinists with a nasty stripe of Nietzsche.


There are many similarities, in fact, years ago I spoke with a newspaper reporter on that very topic. There is a loose merger between the radical right and the lunatic left and that is because they have a lot of the same enemies--for instance, Henry Kissinger. The John Birch society did a lot of research into the multi-national corporations and they are interpreted to mean that David Rockefeller was therefore, a Communist, because he was also working with the Soviet Union. The far left always looks at it as a kind of monopoly capitol with a Marxist flavor in trying to install a kind of capitalist Regime throughout the world. Forget free-anything however, for that is the very LAST thing on the minds of these men in point.

G.E., for instance, is a feudalist-State that has more in common with a socialist dictator such as Noreiga or the Saudi regime than they will ever have with the "free-market".

You must think back a bit to what the Sabah's threat was and then the Saudis' threat if there was any disclosure of financial holdings in 1982. The threat was that they would go to yen or marks, or whatever it would take to cause a banking crisis. In 1982 we were under a recession and there were tremendous bank failures and the large banks were also in trouble due to the Latin American debt along with the Third World debt. That threat was very REAL and so, think about the threat today if we didn't put Sabah back into his "Pink Palace" with his 70+ wives. What would Sabah do?


It is about making an example of Hussein and totally DESTROYING his military-industrial complex if possible by actually bombing him back into the stone age. Then they look to Assad of Syria and it is clear that the message is that "...now you will disarm--right?"

As we move along here we find that is only the first major piece to the overall puzzle. This is a new dynamic and the reason it came about so quickly is because Soviet influence left the Middle East as a major "front". Because the Soviet Union appeared to no longer be a major influential player in that area, the Western Powers of the Global Regime could rush in and fill the void and create the dynamic which in the first instance is Iraq falling as a military power. (Hatonn: Here is where the information is now comprehensive enough to validly understand that the Soviets ARE STILL THE MAJOR MILITARY AND TECHNOLOGY-CAPABLE FORERUNNER. This is something that simply no-one has been allowed to know outside of the tiny handful of key players such as Kissinger, etc. It IS through the Soviets that the war was brought to a handy and abrupt halt with Hussein's toys intact and both sides were required to make a cease and desist peace "deal"--"or else!")

Using Iraq as an example they could go on until Syria and Libya and the rest of the countries would disarm unilaterally or the same fate would befall them. For instance, Baker recently went to Jordan and put out the "Olive Branch of Peace" to King Hussein and said "...we want you to be a part of the New World Order". The press was told that that was what was offered, however, what was told to King Hussein was considerably different for there was a strong implied threat that "...when we are through with Saddam--you guys are next!" They are taking the entire Middle East back to pre-1979 when there was a Shah of Iran, no military conflict between Iran and Iraq, Libya and Syria were not a military power to be reckoned with--they want to go back to where there were non-military despots running those Middle Eastern countries with a SECRET POLICE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO KEEP THE PEOPLE, THAT ARE IN POVERTY, AT BAY AND CONTROL THEM SO THEY DON'T GET OUT OF LINE NOR CAUSE ANY RIFFLES IN THE WATERS TO ANNOY ISRAEL. Then, too, all of the natural resources of the Middle East will simply be exported through the corporate network into those regions where they want to industrialize like Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. It is a constant pattern of controlling one's resources and who gets it and who sends it to which companies and who gets the proceeds from it. How it works best, according to their thinking, is with feudalistic regimes such as the Saudi and Kuwaiti Regimes.

Countries like Iraq and Syria that claim national identity and have a strong military defense to back it up have to be removed from power. That's because their, concern with Peace in the Middle East or protecting Israel from the Arabs--it is only a front to major extent, especially the "Peace" reasoning. Israel is an entirely different matter and is totally absorbed into the Global Elite system. It is boiled down, unfortunately, because the Exxon/Chase--the cabinet that makes up those very same Boards--can't then go to Syria and dictate economic policy. If you try to do so, they get their back up, like Hussein, and basically tell the West to "go to hell".

There are some real flaws remaining with ones, for instance, like Libya. The problem is that the West will push the thing until they very well might pull off the Global plan but there is always the probability that these objectors will get together and get their backs up and have some kind of terrible confrontation. The Arabs know what is under planning and they are split as far as leaders--but the Arab people are united.

The facts are that no matter how the war turns out--Hussein has won a tremendous victory in a political reference for it only has presented the obvious--that a tremendously powerful nation like the U.S. can and will simply move over and pulverize any lesser power who crosses its path in disagreement. The Arabs are totally united in two things--their total hatred of Israel and their total hatred of the United States of America.


Thank you Dharma, we will just close this off at this point for we are out of space. However, I just want to request that you ones obtain the "White Papers" and get informed. We have spoken at length on this subject and fleshed out that which these authors have not seen and the "whole" is a massive picture, indeed. You readers get your bearings, confirm to selves the truth--and then ponder what might be done to reverse this plague upon the world.

Remember what I told you yesterday--there will be a coalition of all Arab nations joined by the Soviet Union and then, brothers, the fur will fly and a bunch of chickens are going to get thoroughly plucked. I believe you can see why it is not as simple, either, as simply bringing "the boys" home--the Middle East is a boiling cauldron right now and will remain so--you have just made enemies under the surface with almost every nation in the world. So be it.

Thank you for your service and thank you for your attention. the only portion we did not cover is nuclear capability and we have already covered that quite thoroughly so I choose not to run over on this document.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.




FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1991 7:59 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 204

Hopeless? Dharma, (sic, sic), that is exactly the response expected and worked for--to make you who are working around the clock to bring light--stop and give up, We cannot do that, chelas. God has no intentions of forfeiting the world Earth.

You ones should be asking at this point, "What is wrong with Dharma--what is the big occasion of distress?" Just bunches and bunches of little things for, when you come into Truth, you see all that is NOT given unto you and you glean truth from the lies and then the circuits of compassion and distress over-wash the Human emotions. She is exhausted and yet, we need to write 10 times a day and still cannot cover it all. You have been in the dark so very long, beloved ones. And no, Thomas, JOY, and Dru cannot help for theirs is a different penning task--to set the messages of the Christed presence to paper--those messages which bring again unto you the TRUE, JUST AND CORRECT directions for life, balance, the laws, etc. Dru has now put to paper the commandments almost in entirety in brief explanation, and will now put to print "the deadly ‘sins. You have to know, ultimately, how to pull your "whole" selves out of the muck into which you have been pushed.

What would be in the news this day that would distress? You would guess that there is only wondrous good-news with soldiers coming home and the frenzy at peak--no, look behind that which is hardly mentioned. At any rate, I must give her some time for I have made the load too great day after day after day. I will attempt to keep this to a minimum of time this morning.


Homecoming! Rejoice and then, let us face the truth again. Welcome the children and loved ones but don't turn your eyes away in thinking the monster is gone--he has just had his feast of blood and will go, momentarily, for a rest. Don't expect those returning ones to know as much as you do, for they have been in a desert with even more restricted input of knowledge. They will, however, have heard of the numbers of suicides from your own beloved ones who became too distressed in that place. You appear to have a strong group returning and in many ways--you do; but in the ending they are only stronger in the fact that they are part of a "machine" from which they cannot extract themselves.


How is it that there are OVER FORTY news people "going to be released" in Baghdad? You were told of only three from one network and two, last week, from CNN! I can promise you-the-people that they will be silenced and that which comes out will be censored in its entirety--"for National Security". If you ones can ever break the press away from their shackles you will win this "secret" war against the people of the world.


While the world is in shock over an incident of the beating in Los Angeles by the Police Department of a black suspect being taken into custody. This is what has really pulled Dharma down, for one of her own children, now dead of "suicide", was treated to a dose of the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. He was just a sixteen year-old who had just gotten off work, on Halloween night, and on his way home was dragged from his parent's automobile--through the window, by his hair, beaten and cuffed so tightly that it took six weeks to regain full use of his right hand. When objections were entered, the "forms" (for you have to ask the County Supervisors for permission to bring charges) reached the Board of Supervisors--8 hours too late to be filed. How many of you know these rules?

Dharma was employed at Children's Hospital of L.A. for some 10 years. The battered children, especially blacks from the ghetto areas, were brought in EVERY NIGHT to emergency. At one point, one child lost an eye at the Police's hands and it was simply too much for the young doctors on service. They brought charges---GUESS WHO LOST THEIR JOBS?

Now, they will tell you that this incident--captured by a witness from his apartment balcony--on film, is isolated and "just never happens". Phooey, it happens regularly and is the "rule" and not the exception to the rule. THEY ARE IN TRAINING TO BRING YOU-THE-PEOPLE INTO TOTAL POLICE CONTROL FOR THE REGIME COMING DOWN ON YOU--PLANNED AND UNDER WAY! The hospital incident above is only one of a hundred just she could give and she was nowhere near Emergency Room--and worse for the situation--it was 15 years past--how think ye it is this day??


Have any of you readers witnessed the hundreds of Kuwaiti citizens crossing the border and now WALKING to Kuwait City? They are angry and hungry after first being disallowed entry to their own country and totally ignored. They scream "war" (NOW THAT IT IS TOO LATE) against the Sabahs for” ...no government should treat its own people like this--like dogs and worse--we are starving and they do nothing…..!" There are hundreds upon hundreds at the border and the Kuwaitis won't let them re-enter their own country!


Now the big flash is that "...the Arab nations are putting up a big reward for removing their 'fellow Arab' Hussein from power, by death if necessary!" And, of course, that is the way it will have to be, NO! The "Arab Conspirators" who are in the loop of the One World Regime are trying to take him out before the people can rise up against them. America and World: KNOW that the plans are too well laid to allow survival of anyone who can fight back. You see, your world is controlled totally by those original 13 to 14 families with a few old line ball-players allowed to play for awhile, while it is convenient to utilize them and their resources. YOU HAVE NOT LIBERATED KUWAIT--YOU HAVE REINSTALLED THE DESPOT OF DESPOTS BACK INTO HIS IVORY AND PINK PALACE. YOU ARE IN GRAVE TROUBLE, WORLD--INDEED, VERY, VERY GRAVE AND YOU CONTINUE TO WHOOP AND BOW TO WONDROUS BUSH WHO LAUGHS AT YOU AND DROOLS OVER THE CARCASS OF THAT WHICH HE HAS PULLED INTO DESTRUCTION. HE IS ONE OF THE HEAD MACHINISTS AT THE TOOL SHOP. BE WARNED: FOR HE IS ONLY A ROBOTOID REPLICA-- THE BIG BOY IS STILL OUT THERE PULLING HIS STRINGS WHILE YOU WATCH AND APPLAUD THE PUPPET SHOW. BY FAR, THE WORST IS YET TO COME.


No matter what we give unto you, you are stunned and put it aside thinking "this one" might be incorrect--so we will keep right on keeping on.

Let us go back to an interesting old story from your "Good Book" that might be well worth looking at again this day. Let me just outlay a very impressive message from the "FOREWORD" of a booklet entitled, THE GREAT CONSPIRACY on the subject of WHO'S STOMPING ON CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION? This is compiled by Brig. Gen. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, C.P.D.L.

Isaiah 22:25--"There is a conspiracy of her prophets (leaders) in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof."

In Psalm 2:2-4, you can read these words: "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against His Anointed, saying, 'Let us break their band asunder, and cast away their cords from us, He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision." (Or contempt.)

Off and on you will hear about the "Conspiratorial Theory of History." This is certainly in line with the words spoken by the Psalmist and they echo those spoken by President F.D. Roosevelt when he said: "Nothing in politics happens by accident; it was all planned somewhere, in some smoke-filled room."

But if you mention a conspiracy today--a conspiracy to control the world and make men and women slaves--the Elite of the world, the sophisticated, the educated, laugh knowingly, tap their heads and declare you to be a "looney kook" of some kind.

Yet many Americans know that there was a conspiracy to kill President John Kennedy. They know it was not the work of one slightly demented man. Even when the Warren Commission said one man did it, intelligent Americans said: "Why then, did you seal your findings for decades? Who are you protecting?"

Now consider today--March 8, 1991--the ones in charge of the Book Depository from which the "so-called" assassin fired his death bullet has decreed that Oliver Stone may film a motion picture from the site--BUT NOT USE THE SIXTH FLOOR THEREOF!! Of course not, for it would be uncovered before all the world THAT IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE WAY IT WAS GIVEN FORTH TO ALL OF YOU!

When something unusual happens, which does not appear to be by accident, people have the right to ask: "Who did it? Why did they do it? Were there more than one of them? Who financed them? Who benefitted by the death of President John Kennedy? Did the man who replaced him have any debts which he paid off?" Is it not even more proper, in fact, to DEMAND these answers?

Where are you, children? Even your Bible--which you continually tout to me in your anger at my bringing Truth--tells you beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is a long-range conspiracy against God and His people of all faiths. Herein are references from THAT BOOK that can confirm this conspiracy, three of which are in Psalm 2. In Isaiah 14, you can read about a very powerful arch angel named LUCIFER, who tried to arrange a conspiracy in heaven, TO KICK GOD OFF HIS THRONE AND USURP THE THRONE. It went so far that he seduced 1/3rd of the angelic hosts to join with him in the conspiracy. And, if you study the Bible a bit more carefully, you will see that this great conspiracy HAS BEEN IN OPERATION SINCE THE DAY THAT GOD PLACED YOUR FOREFATHER "AU-DAUM" (Auld Dum-deDumb Dumb) in the beauteous "Garden of Eden".

To identify a conspiracy, you MUST KNOW WHO is being conspired against. The Bible tells you that this great conspiracy is against God and His People. Not the people you call "Jews" today, who are the very ones your Teacher in Rev. 2:9 referred to when He spoke about: "Those who say they a Jews (JUDEANS) and are NOT; BUT ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN." We are speaking here, about God's TRUE "israel" people, who we know are not those who call themselves "chosen people" from Palestine (Israel). I am going to take a bit of an exception to some of the material in this booklet for I refuse emphatically to give you information which will pit you against brother. For terms are used which would tend to isolate the "chosen" of God into nationalities and lineages which can not be completely accurate. Most especially, through the evolvement of "time", I shall most certainly not allow my readers to slip into bigoted, race-isolated stance. The "REFLECTION OF GOD'S IM-AGE" bears no color nor race as such--only the energy (spirit) of God which is (LIGHT) and is all comprehensive from all "colors" and therefore could broadly be considered "white". It is factual that ones of this generation have come forth from mixtures of those who originally came from ancestry of various "colored" beings as to skin, etc. But the color of the skin had nothing to do with the actions of the evil perpetrators who worked against God. As a matter of fact--those beings might well be the very ones who will now set the record to straight for YOU ARE NOT GIVEN TO KNOW THAT WHICH GOD ALLOWS TO COME FULL FLOWER. IT IS NOT MYSTIC, IT IS SIMPLY NOT YET REVEALED FROM THE MYSTERY”.

We are going to utilize some exceptionally good information--for the most part--which came out publicly in about year 1988. It is about the Great Conspiracy. I am going to utilize this time period for it brings into focus, within your time perceptions of recognition and memory, that which was well under way. We have to make these connections again and again for few will retain much "total" recall from prior writings. Sometimes parables must be presented in several ways to meld the point and focus the point.


As we speak of this in a setting of the late 1980's you must, up front, realize that most information and background came from 30-50, or more, years prior to that. We have to go back, again, to the Illuminati of the Elite One Worlders. You will again see how it all connects, frankly, all the way back to the beginning of your human experience on your planet.

These One-Worlders, known as the Illuminati, fully planned and are now ready to take over your world. You, as a world, are coming apart and you deserve to know WHY AND HOW! WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THAT INFORMATION IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU-THE-PEOPLE. I REPEAT--MINE IS GIVE YOU THE TRUTH; I CANNOT "DO IT" FOR YOU!

These writings herein are about a Great Conspiracy; in fact, an ages-old conspiracy to enslave ALL peoples of the world under a one-world system controlled by a totalitarian dictatorship. This is defined by your dictionary as: "A combination of men for an evil purpose; and agreement between two or more persons, to commit some crime in concert, particularly, a combination to commit treason or incite sedition or insurrection against the government of a state."

Because this conspiracy has been a "Jewish" (Refer to the "DEFINITIONS" which I have given you prior to this writing for I MUST utilize accepted terms as presented to you for you no longer have the proper terminology suitable to make clarity. Thank you.) plot from the very beginning, the media has been very careful to poke fun at anyone who believes in what they call "The Conspiratorial Theory of History". They will admit to many other conspiracies in the 6,000 years of "written" world history, but say they do not believe one is going on now. I am going to prove to you, little ones, beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt, that there is and has been such a conspiracy underway to enslave you and destroy Godly civilization everywhere on your globe.

This plot remains generally unknown to the majority of your people and when ones speak out about it, they are apt to be received with worse than scorn, contempt, and most often even hatred and abhorrent violence. There can be no doubt that we are labeled as "anti-Semites" but that is getting to be quite "passe" so check your "definitions". I cannot help it if the ones who have set this thing into operation now call themselves "Jews" and I am very sorry, indeed, for the Judeans who have allowed that to take place. The reason for this plot not being generally recognized is because the plotters have total control of the media of the land. They control the newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the Motion Picture outlets (anything that might promote their ideas and shush yours). This is proven and "they" are quite egotistic and proud of having accomplished this against you-the-people. It is not secret any longer--they boast about it constantly and you STILL hang on their presentations like addicts to the poison drugs.

In recent decades, television and the movies have been in the forefront of this "brainwashing" process. These are almost totally controlled by International Jewish interests. This control has been so exaggerated and misused that it has your political and religious leaders, as well as your major educators, to the point where they believe they have the right to tell the people what they want them to hear, rather than what is truth.

Your National leaders tout that they have received this power from their "positions in government", although your Constitution Republic was set unto be the "servant of the people, rather than its master". Today your leaders, while ostensibly in power, are controlled by shadow figures who lurk in the background, ever becoming more and more open, pulling the strings of government, no matter what political party "is in power". This is why you see little change in economics or foreign policy when there is a change of administration. But with this last change to George Bush, you have married into the big league of puppet-masters. You have not had an “American Government in Washington" in three quarters of a century--and then, it wasn't worth speaking of as non-manipulated. You have been infected and pushed around by the alien figures of the International Zionist Bankers, who now control our total economy and thus the country.

The idea of those ruling Elite is to so change the thinking of you good, patriotic Americans so that you can be peacefully merged with the nations of the Third-world and Communist states.

During the Korean War, 1950-53 (and surely you dear ones must realize that you still have military personnel in Korea and American POW's in Russia), when your armed forces came under United Nations control for the first time, you saw your boys murdered by the tens of thousands in a war your leaders never intended to win, while your national wealth went into the pockets of the International gangsters who were totally responsible for it. This was all part and parcel of the plan to weaken and divide America. You saw its horrible aftermath in Vietnam. BOTH of these "no win--no plan to win" wars were part of the world-wide conspiracy which has already destroyed much of your world. In every instance, although Americans have been brainwashed into believing your government was anti-Communist, it was your tax dollars and aid which kept this enemy of mankind alive and well and killing YOU. "Communism" is just a convenient "word"--don't get yourselves hung-up on it for it doesn't mean anything--it will now shift to something like the New World Order or some other meaningless term.

It is vitally important for you mothers and fathers, whose loved ones died in those wars, to know the truth about this betrayal for it continues on and on and gets worse and worse all over your planet. You in America see that which IS in places like Panama, South America, Central America and the Saudi desert--but you don't get much on South Africa as it really is, nor other places like China where you get a distorted picture which, in fact, could not be buried because of its size--and Satan must always wear a bloodstained clue of the players actually involved, i.e. Bush, Scowcroft, Kissinger, etc.--never interrupting "business" with Red China and glad to have the trouble-makers out of the way at any cost--including death by tank-squashing.

It is more important still for you to understand that, standing behind the traitors in government, there is a comparatively SMALL group of men, whose SOLE PURPOSE IN LIFE IS THE ENSLAVEMENT OF THE WORLD AND TO ENRICH THOSE WHO PROCLAIM THEMSELVES AS THE ONLY ONES CAPABLE OF RULING YOUR COMPLEX WORLD.

In order to get a more clearly visible view of this evil plot, it is necessary to go back to a time in Europe, to its modern beginning. "Modern" is the chosen word because the underlying plot was hatched too many centuries ago to cover herein, long before the time of the Teacher called Jesus the Christed, in the dusty streets and innards of Babylon.

I am going to tell you about the man that resurrected this ancient plot in 1776 and who was the architect of the modern conspiracy that you erroneously call "communism". Then I will bring you again to the more recent times and show you how the conspiracy remained and grew in operation. Many of you, if you are not familiar with the prior Phoenix material--or similar information--will be shocked and you will first deny and refuse belief. This is Truth and the facts are now down in your own ability to read them and garner proof if you but take the time to look for them.

You continue to use terms which are totally without meaning other than accepted and conjured erroneously so we will need more definitions as we move along. One term which must be defined before we move on is what is meant when one is referred to as a "LIBERAL". Webster's Dictionary defines liberal as: 1. of a free heart; munificent; bountiful; generous. a liberal donor. 2. generous, as a 'liberal donation'; 3. not selfish, narrow or contracted; embracing interests other than ones own; 4. embracing literature and sciences generally, as a liberal education; 5. open; candid, as 'liberal communication of thoughts; 6. large; profuse, as a liberal discharge of matter; 7. Free; 8. not mean, low in birth or mind; 9. licentious; free to excess.

So you can see, this commonly used word covers a very large range of thoughts from the good to the despotic. But the world conspirators seized on this word and used it as a pivot on which to build their activities. In itself, if sounds innocent and humanitarian (another mark of the beast). But you must use exceeding care, for the term "liberal" is also used to describe someone or their activities, who are actually subversive in nature. Most of the agents of the world conspiracy, come from the ranks of those who consider and call themselves, “liberals”.

The satanic plot to control all of mankind was launched in the 1760's under the organized name of the ILLUMINATI. This subversive organization was organized by a Zionist named Adam Weishaupt, who had been converted to Catholicism, became a Jesuit priest and then became an agent for the Jewish house of Rothschild.

It was the Rothschild wealth that financed this venture. They also planned and financed every major war and revolution beginning with the French Revolution. They worked under various “guises” and names, but it was for the same purpose and backed by the same men.

Dharma, let us leave this writing. I ask that you get out of this location as quickly as conveniently possible. The others are behind, at best, and I need you out of here for a while, please. There is much on this subject and we will keep at it so allow us respite.

Hatonn to stand-by, thank you.



SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1991 9:38 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 205


I shall bring up only one matter as far as that of TODAY'S WATCH. It deals with that which we write in every manner possible for we come in the service of higher intelligence and, therefore, everything you have experienced and been taught comes from that which you call Bibles, Talmuds, etc.

For the whole of this month and last, a great denial and revelation seems to be sweeping your religious halls. It is quite amusing to witness the ways in which people are reacting to the news that everything said in the Bible credited to the one, Jesus--was not said by Jesus.

Your researchers and scholars as well as archaeologists have unearthed scrolls and artifacts which are disproving that which some churches demand you testify to believe in absolute verbatim pronouncement--of that book. Perhaps AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL will not much longer be so denied. Rejoice that light can be shed upon the fact that instructions and teachings have been sorely altered and adulterated to suit the needs of those who would control you.

KNOW that in efforts to interpret the Bible, even the Revelations of John and the circumstances of "Cain" have been adjusted to produce an end result whereby evil controllers would be able to control through the WORD. We have come to set the WORD to straight.

With the very subject under discussion in the present Journal, the assumption, from the analyzing of the portions just given unto you yesterday and through the lineage of "Cain", it would appear that the "good guys" are--of necessity and deduction--Anglo-Saxon "white guys". Surely enough, Cain, through Cush, etc., cavorted about with some women and people of "color"--so what? You have "some" historical data which can give ancestry and some lines of integration--BUT YOU OF EARTH ACTUALLY KNOW SO LITTLE THAT IT IS STARTLING, AND WORSE, AS TRUTH IS UNFOLDED UNTO YOU, YOU DENY IT AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN.

How do you think all those marriages and bad habits of sexual intermingling could happen if there was only Adam and Eve? Would it not be most incestuous, in deductions with logic, that you cannot have four if there were only two? Unless you stop the silly mysticism and unto death defending of that which is totally absurd, you will never bring your world to right direction.

By the way, I note that much of the "proof" of Jesus' words being said or not said are exampled from a movie called The Last Temptation of Christ, or something equally as stupid. I ask any of you men, even those of you who pronounce yourselves to be totally macho--do you ACTUALLY think that if you were hanging on a cross with your life blood flowing out, nails in hands, wrists and feet--with all the weight of a tall man's body hanging--that you would be pondering a roll in the hayloft with an ex-prostitute? Blasphemous? Heretic? Don't be absurd, why would you "picket" and "protest" such incredible garbage? You lessen the stupidity of the picture as well as degrade the Master Teacher by giving one iota of mention or attention to such trash. Why do you ones not LIVE ACCORDING TO HIS TEACHINGS INSTEAD OF TROMPING AROUND WITH PLACARDS TRYING TO GET THE PICTURE-MAKERS TO SHUT DOWN? YOU JUST CAUSE ALL OF THE CHEAP-MINDED PEOPLE TO GO WITNESS THE PICTURE--OF COURSE, "JUST TO SEE HOW BAD IT IS AND JUDGE IT." No, it is a hype and it gets exactly the reaction planned and you, again, like sheep to the pasture--one after--another rise up in righteous anger and allow your babies to be sent to kill and be killed in the Middle East. So be it! Until YOU (YOU) come into Truth and alignment with the Laws of God and The Creation--YOU are the one at cause of the downfall of your planet--each of the YOUS get yourselves into control, the matter of evil and destruction would be indeed moot.

The evil false teachers and scribes (how do you think they got to be called Scribes and Pharisees?) gave you a bill of goods to keep control in the hands of the Elite and subjugate you-the-people of all generations and sequence upon your globe. The entire scenario from the first words of Genesis is orchestrated to cause you to lose control of self. But you don't WANT THE TRUTH AND, THUS, YOU SIMPLY PROCEED TO KILL THE MESSENGERS. WELL, I SUGGEST THE WORLD DID NOT BEGIN WITH A "BIG BANG" BUT I CAN ALMOST PROMISE YOU THAT IT WILL END WITH ONE.


I have bad news for you who wait for nonsense and mystical ghosts to gather you up--it is NOT going to come off! Furthermore, our commission, as the Hosts come to bring the Truth, only allows us to present the Truth--we force nothing and, therefore, it appears on any good "war day" that there will be very few we have to worry about hosting on the trip home. We literally witness ones grinning and joking and hoping they die in bed with a "good sex partner".

Well, I hope you enjoy elicit experience for a very long, long duration for that which you attend now is that which will be carried with you--except the "partners" of neither sex will go with you! It is going to be a long time of learning those lessons of proper human actions--UNTIL YOU LEARN THEM. YOU WHO THINK THIS IS "IT" AND "SO WHAT" ARE WRONG--THERE IS INFINITY LEFT TO LEARN THOSE LESSONS OF GOD, FRIENDS--INFINITY. AND YOU WILL LEARN THEM. So be it. Allow us to turn to our work, please.


Now, Dharma, allow us to get on with some REAL Truth which will give you background so that you CAN KNOW your enemy and change your plight. History writers have betrayed you, in most part, to allow the deceiving without confrontation--so, you had better attend the Truth we are compiling and displaying for your information. It is available now, and can be documented and many have done so--get off your duffs, open your eyes and minds and find out what you are about and what has happened to you--STOP BEING PURELY PUPPETS TRYING TO GET BY THIS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE WITHOUT BEING "ALIVE". STOP BEING DEAD, BROTHERS--LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE, PEACE AND BALANCE AWAIT YOU SIMPLY FOR THE TAKING OF IT AS GIFTED UNTO YOU. AND YOU AND YOU--IT IS NOT THERE FOR THE EVIL CONTROLLERS AND WOULD-BE FEUDAL-MASTERS--PULL THE CONFOUNDED SHROUD FROM OFF THINE HEADS!

Oh, I startle you with harsh language? Does it startle you when Swarzkopf says, "Let's kick ass?". I am a Commander of the largest fleet you will ever imagine if you live to be 2,000-years--and I SAY IT IS TIME TO "KICK ASS!" Does it shock you when your President Bush says he is going to “kick Husseins ass? Does it startle you when he sends off your loved ones to slaughter like "fish in a barrel" God's other children? Well, it angers me to fever heat--and I think it is time you wake up and do a bit of reverse kicking! You do it by knowing Truth and simply snipping your puppet, strings and standing on your own knowledge. Ignorance and deceit are the ONLY REAL BINDINGS THAT YOUR ENEMY HAS--YOU GIVE HIM ALL THE REST OF THE TOOLS TO CONTROL YOU.


I also used the word "guises", because when the Illuminati became too notorious, the Rothschilds and other international Jewish bankers began to operate under different names--this always covers in confusion (just as several good Nevada Corporations cover your privacy). In the United States, immediately following World War I, the conspirators set up an organization which today goes under the name of the COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR). Yes, I certainly do realize that I am repeating from information in some of the very first Journals--but most of you have not read the first Journals and, therefore, it must be briefly covered again and brought into connection. The CFR is actually the modern branch of the Illuminati, furthering Illuminati goals in the Twentieth Century. Its hierarchy, the Master-Minds in control of the CFR, are in a very real sense the descendants of the original Illuminati conspiracy.

To conceal this fact, most of them have changed their original Jewish (Hebrew/Judean--then Yiddish) names to more commonly accepted so-called "American-sounding" names. For example, the family name of Clarence Dillon, once Secretary of the Treasury and very high on the totem pole of the conspiracy, was LAPOUSKI. There are many others and I will mention them as we move along.

In England, we find an establishment similar to the CFR which goes under the name of the British Institute of International Affairs. For all intents and purposes it is for the same purpose as the CFR. There are similar secret organizations in every major country, including the Communist nations, all operating under different names, but all tied to the central conspiracy.

While they operate under different names, all these international organizations, including the CFR, continuously set up subsidiaries--front organizations, if you will--which are infiltrated into every phase of national affairs.

At all times, these operations are controlled by the international bankers, who are in turn controlled by the House of Rothschild. The means by which they set up these various organizations are too numerous to go into in this particular message.

It would be well for us at this point to go back to the original purpose of the founders of the Illuminati. One branch of the Rothschild family financed Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars, while the other branch financed Britain, France and Germany and others opposed to Napoleon's internationalist aims. Immediately following the Napoleonic Wars, the Illuminati assumed that all the nations of Europe, who had been involved, were so destitute and worn out from the long fighting, so heavily in debt, that they would do anything and grab at any solution which would lead them out of their dilemma.

So the Rothschild stooges set up what they called the CONGRESS OF VIENNA and at that meeting tried to create the first League of Nations. This was their first open attempt at a one-world government and was attempted on the theory that, since all the crowned heads of Europe were so deeply indebted to them--the International Jewish bankers--they would either willingly, or unwillingly, serve as their prostitutes.

Unfortunately for them, the Czar of Russia saw right through their scheme and completely blasted it. This so enraged Nathan Rothschild, then head of the family, that he vowed that some day, either he or one of his descendants would wipe out the entire family of the Czar. His descendants finally accomplished that in 1917, when the Czar and his entire family were brutally murdered by Jewish assassins. (Don't ever underestimate that enduring hatred and I warn you that there is no one group who can hold hatred and gain revenge--if it takes all of many generations--than the Zionist Israeli self-proclaimed, self-styled and so-called "Jews" become "Yiddish". They would happily blast an entire nation with all people thereof into oblivion and not blink an eye in remorse. Further, they fully intend to do so and this is WHY you and Russia will be at war, good American friends.

Keep in mind that the Illuminati was not set up as a "short range" operation. Normal conspiracies are set up on the basis of achieving their aims during the lifetime of the conspirators. But that of the Illuminati, which went back to 500 B.C., was based on the infinite patience of men who meant to be successful, no matter how many ages it took to accomplish their purpose. Strangely enough, this is the same thinking that permeates world Zionism. The reason being, they are one and the same conspiracy.

Here is where we might again take note of the so-called Holy Books such as the Bible, Talmud, etc. These books do not actually give the sequence of God's intent--but rather give magnificent proof of the historical sequence of history as it actually was. If you call it the "Word of Lighted God of Truth" you sucker-in all the beautiful, loving people who know nothing other than that which they are taught by Earth teachers and demanded through laws set forth by the Conspirators.

As a result of the above thinking, the descendants of the Illuminati are dedicated to keeping the plot in operation until one day they believe they will be successful and, in the words of the Jewish Talmud, "Every Jew will have 2,000 'goyim' slaves." The Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, a Rabbi Reichorn, stated this when he said: "Wars are the Jews' harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet." This was before the Civil War and the two great World Wars. Many other Jewish writers confirm this Jewish thinking.


Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, was quoted in October, 1981 as saying: "We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them."

On page 155 of his book, YOU GENTILES, Jewish author Maurice Samuels writes: "We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own." (And ALL of it under their control.)

On Feb. 17, 1950, the Jewish banker, Paul Warburg, testifying before the U.S. Senate, contemptuously stated: "We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only' question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent."

That this idea is still in existence can be seen from this letter which was sent to an Identity pastor by a Jew from Spokane, Washington (1988). He wrote: "Your people are so paranoid, it is obvious we can no longer permit you to exist. We cannot allow you to spread your filthy, immoral, Christian beliefs to the rest of the world. Naturally, you oppose World Government, unless it is under your Fascist-Christian control. Who are you to proclaim that your Christian-American way is the best? It is obvious you have never been exposed to the communist system.

"When nationalism is finally smashed in America, I will personally be there to fire-bomb your church, burn your Bibles, confiscate your firearms and take your children away. We will send them to Eastern Bloc schools and re-educate them to become the future leaders of One-World Government, and to run our Socialist Republic of America. We're taking over the world and there is nothing you can do to stop us. (UNQ.)" This from one of those people who is constantly screaming that Christians spread "hatred and anti-Semitism."

Well, WE have gotten some dandy "deadly missiles", too, and a few of them against my scribe have been right out of the end of a rifle, along with poison pen letters from the very loving "Christian" community within our own lovely little village. I warn you, chelas, you are in dire circumstances for your adversaries do not bend--THEY KNOW WHERE THEY WANT TO GO AND TRUST THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE GOALS TO INTERFERE; CERTAINLY NEVER GOALS OF GODLINESS.

This, my friends, is the spirit of Zionist-Communism, which has been promulgated by the Illuminati plot.

Going back to the beginning of the modern plot, you find the Jew, Weishaupt, who was trained in Canon Law by the Jesuits at Englestadt University which was the basis of his Luciferean theories. It was in 1770 that the Rothschilds set out to revise this "age old" plan of Jewish conquest.

This plot was designed to give "the synagogue of Satan", so designated by one of those erroneous statements in Revelation 2:9, 3:9 (you know because there is a capital letter S which designates a person's name and satan only means 'adversary'''. See how wondrous it is to have some proper definitions to use for proper discernment? It suffices, however, as information regarding the point in discussion.), complete control of the world and impose its Luciferean philosophy on the entire human race who were fortunate enough to survive the social cataclysm they would bring to pass. As in "...and a new religion would sweep across the lands..."

Weishaupt completed his plans on May 1, 1776. (Now you know why May Day is so important in communist countries.) It was on this day that the Illuminati was officially organized and put their plan for world control into operation.

This diabolical plan called for the destruction of all known forms of government and religions, with their special target, Christianity, among other Godly religious groupings who teach Godly actions.

This plan was to become successful, as the masses of mankind, whom Weishaupt called "Goyim", (a Yiddish word which literally means to the Jew, "non-Jew animal") were to be divided into opposing camps, on social, political, economic and religious issues.

These are the exact situations which are continuing to tear your world apart. The opposing sides--were to be armed and incidents created, which would lead to violent confrontations. One of the best examples comes to mind in the present and continuing trouble in Northern Ireland. It has been pictured by the media as mainly a Protestant vs. Catholic problem, but it is not. It is a deliberate attempt, by the conspirators, to set one religious group against another, with the purpose of ultimately weakening them, and the United Kingdom, to an extent whereby they can be absolutely controlled.

This was the essence of the preaching of the Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a few years back, when he led his people and white liberals in so-called "peaceful" Civil Rights demonstrations. His theory was, and often verbally expressed by him, that when Blacks marched peacefully in an all-white area, it would cause confrontation with some whites who would be radical and thus ensure government intervention and bring about civil Rights laws which would benefit the Blacks. He was right. His masters knew exactly what would happen. Unfortunately, too often the Neo-Nazi types and the KKK played right into his hands, they being even more damaging than the initial perpetrators.

Radical demonstrations of any type can very well end up in terrible violence. This is why it will only be through truthful KNOWLEDGE of how it actually IS that you can prevail--for otherwise you are considered trouble-makers and silenced. This is why the WORD OF TRUTH IS SO POWERFUL--THE PEN IS TRULY MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD IF YOU CAN GET THE PEOPLE TO SEE AND HEAR. This is why the press and media are totally controlled and the publication of books is censored and material such as these Journals, literally removed from shelves, hidden and destroyed. You who hold these Journals hold the Truth of the world in your hands and because of the functioning of the "system of the conspiracy" it will be you who will have to see to their distribution. It has ever been thus--remember the sign of the "fish" drawn in the sands?

You witnessed this same plan as above come into operation again during the Vietnam War when war protestors, paid for by the conspiracy, fought with police and caused all sorts of civil disturbances. The plan then, as now, was to so weaken and divide America that they would eventually destroy the Republic.

They have been so successful that, within the lifetime of many of you, you have seen the United States go from a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Democracy, and you are actually standing at totalitarian Communist dictatorship. Sorry about that but it is the way it is.

If you look closely at the actions within all the nations, but predominantly in the U.S. for this message, you can see the enemies' efforts to discount and destroy the influences of Christianity and other Godly belief systems, and you will find the activities will be financed by the select few and are Zionist-led--right to the war in Iraq against the Islamic people. You see, Islam is a cross between Christ teachings and Moslem faith. This is also why the Native Indians are pronounced and labeled "PAGAN" so that it distracts and discounts their total belief in God Creator/Creation and Balance of Mother Earth from which all spring.

It should be of interest to you to note that the program of the Illuminati, follows step by step, the blueprint for world conquest laid down in the PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, which was first unearthed about 1898 as we have given you in print on at least three or four instances. I realize that both Jewish leaders and their Christian "stooges" have proclaimed these to be counterfeit. But I call to your attention the fact that, in order to have a counterfeit, you must first have an original. The counterfeit follows the original. THE IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE IS THAT THE CONSPIRATORS ARE FOLLOWING THE PROTOCOLS EXACTLY AS THEY WOULD A BLUEPRINT.


Now here is real irony personified. It is interesting to note that Adolf Hitler, the man the Jews say they hate most, next to Jesus Christ, was financed in his rise to power, and during World War II, by the Rothschild's, the Kennedy's and the Warburg's and the Zionists stated in Article II, Par. 5 of their "counterfeit Protocols", "We have the gold of the world in our hands, not withstanding we had to gather it out of the oceans of blood and tears. But it has paid us, even though we have sacrificed thousands of our own people." ANY NICE AMERICAN WHO HAS LABELED HIMSELF A JEW WHO READS THIS MUST TAKE NOTE--FOR YOU ARE THE FIRST TO BE TARGETED FOR SACRIFICE FOR THIS NEW WORLD ORDER.

International Zionism has never hesitated for a moment to slaughter hundreds of thousands of their "lesser brethren" if it would aid their plan for world conquest. You can see this in Russia this day, as the persecution against Jews is carried out UNDER JEWISH LEADERSHIP!

Dharma, might we break this chapter off at this point and we will pick up the subject of Russian/Zionist persecution as we sit to write on the next occasion. Thank you. I shall move to stand-by until we are ready to resume our work.



SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 1991 9:36 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 206

No, Dharma, as I come into recognition of your thoughts--HE was not superhuman, just as you ones are not super-human. The very act of manifestation in the physical form requires that you not be super-human. You may be able, under certain circumstances, to do that which is perceived as "super-human"--it is NOT. It is within the capability of the human through whatever resources utilized, to function in any capacity. This is the TRUTH of physical manifestation in your density/compression of manifested experience. If your experience deviates from that which is required within your experiencing manifestation--you are instantly within another experience for all circumstances are likewise changed. Just as, let us say, you are on a journey headed in the direction of direct North. You change your mind, reverse your direction, turn about and go to the direct South--YOU ARE NO LONGER GOING NORTH!

You must always look forward to another experience in another dimension-- BUT your purpose and accepted task of experience is to perfect and function within that dimension in which manifest in the current moment. Stop the dallying with the changing of dimensions for that comes instantly and, of necessity, the moment you stop functioning within the one of present experience. Come into communion and integrity with God--and you need not waste this experience dallying with the PERCEIVED NEXT.


I have only one comment regarding the world today. Pay attention to that which they are giving forth about chemical weapons Saddam is using on his people to bring them into line. Whether or not it is true, is of one point--it is not for the reason you might perceive, that they TELL you of it. At this point the only "chemical" utilized is "tear gas" and I believe your police find that quite acceptable a manner in which to torture dissenters. Saddam Hussein and his henchmen are simply not very nice people, dear ones--that was a point which was never in contention.

What this big newsworthy spread of propaganda at this time is doing, however, is setting you up for the NEED to keep troops, etc., in the Middle East indefinitely to "protect" something or other. And, still giving forth in perception of integrity and need to do the heinous things which your people perpetrated against the Iraqis. A "worse" evil does not make the "lesser" evil somehow better. You ones bombed hundreds of thousands into oblivion and all the "chemicals" used afterward does not make that right in the eyes of God. So be it.

The situation in Kuwait is so vile that I do not even wish to comment on it--if you can't see it for itself and the political mish-mash of "women's votes" (totally against their Constitution) and/or this or that is total rot--Baker is simply into the "next phase" of global control--ON HIS WAY TO ISRAEL TO GET NEW ORDERS AND GIVE AWAY SOME MORE OF YOUR NATION AND MONEY. YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SUCKERED-IN AGAIN AMIDST THE FANFARE OF HOMECOMING.

Let us return to our subject in point, Dharma.


In 1983, when Mr. Andropov was head of the Soviet Union, 21 of the 23 men making up the Comintern (the Soviet ruling body) were "Jews". Every one of the top military and police commanders in the Soviet Union were Jews. This meant that, in spite of all the stories coming out of the USSR concerning Jewish persecution, it was being carried out with the permission of Jewish authorities for their own ulterior motives. You see, that is what was intended--destroy that which you have usurped and of which you have taken the place--stolen identity! The point is that it becomes a necessity to get rid of the rightful people so as not to uncover the lie and cause the thieves to become accountable for their dastardly deeds. The persecution, of course, generates a tremendous amount of sympathy for "Jews" in the Christian world and adds to the wealth flowing into Jewish coffers. Whenever persecution of Jews slacks off, the money flow becomes a trickle, so Jews invite persecution to keep their people in line and line their pockets with gentile gold. You ones might well be feeling quite foolish by this time in your insight-gaining.

The conspirators chose the word "ILLUMINATI" for their satanic plot, because it means "holder of the light". Weishaupt's idea was to pick men of great mental ability and wealth to govern the world and prevent future wars. Using the slogan "Peace on earth!" The same slogan the conspirators used to get you involved in World War I and II. You must remember, World War I was the "war to end all wars!" World War II, the "War to make the world safe for democracy". Your presidents in both wars, both Democrats, assured the people that their sons would never be sent to fight on foreign soil. While Woodrow Wilson was parroting this Illuminati phrase, he and Churchill were drawing up the plan for the sinking of the liner Lusitania, to get America involved in World War I. Many of you surely can remember F.D.R. and his fireside chats before World War II when he said: "I say again, and again, and again, I will nevah send American boys to fight on fawn soil. Nevah! Nevah! Nevah!" Yet while he was making these remarks, a plan was being drawn up in your State Department, which was to pressure Japan into attacking you, and thus Pearl Harbor. When it came, your leaders deliberately withheld information from your Pacific fleet, until it was too late. World War II was never fought for the safety and benefit of the Western World, but once again, for the world Jewry to make sure they would reap a homeland, Israel, out of Palestine.

So Weishaupt's idea was to enroll the most intelligent people of the world and he used the masonic lodges of Europe and America, Lodges of the Grand Orient, as recruiting headquarters. Of course 99.9 percent of all Masons never dreamed of such a thing--before, during or after. During all this, he was acting under orders from the Rothschilds.

The Rothschild plan called for the Illuminati to accomplish the following points:

1. Use monetary and sex bribery to control men already in high places in various levels of government. Once these men fell to temptation, they were to be kept in perpetual bondage to the Illuminati through threat of exposure and outright threats of violence against them and their families. Those who refused to "play ball" were often eliminated. There is much proof that this was true with Sen. McCarthy, Rep. Larry McDonald, Sen. Taft and many others who died most mysteriously and who government agencies refused to give any investigation.

There is ample hard evidence available now that the drug traffic which is raising so much hell among your youth could be reduced to a trickle but for the fact that powerful men, high in your national government, are protecting, subsidizing and profiting from it. Yet, when men of courage offer substantiating evidence to prove this, they are either harassed by government or mysteriously die. (For those of you who would like more evidence of this--look into the sojourn of one Col. "Bo" Gritz.)

2. The Illuminati, through the faculties of colleges and universities, have cultivated students of exceptional mental ability, who are recommended for scholarships in Illuminati centers of learning. Foremost among these are the Rhodes Scholarships, which trained such liberals as the ultra-liberal Senator from Arkansas, William J. Fullbright.

The main idea is to indoctrinate these young men and women with the idea that only a one-world government can stop the world from being destroyed by a nuclear holocaust.

This was essentially the argument which was used to erect the spy center called the United Nations, on American soil. It is subsidized primarily by American dollars and you can keep absolute tabs on that which is done through that organization.

The Illuminati rationale seems to be that only the very intelligent elite of the world are capable of ruling the world and that the rest of you poor, ignorant suckers don't know what is best for you--from your money investment habits and retirement programs to your sexual behaviors. Of course this idea always results in great profit and control for the Elite.

In addition to the Rhodes Scholarships, the Illuminati operate three known schools: one in Gordontown, Scotland, another in Salem, Germany and the third in Greece.

While Karl Marx was busy writing the Communist Manifesto, under the careful guidance of one group of Illuminists, a Professor Karl Ritter from Frankfort, Germany was writing the antithesis under the direction of another group. The idea was that those who direct the conspiracy would use differences to enable them to divide and conquer. They would divide the human races into conflicting camps and brainwash them into fighting and destroying each other, all political parties, and all religions, especially Christianity.

The work Ritter started was continued after his death and was completed by a German Jew named Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche, the founder of Nietzscheism. This idea was later developed into the philosophy of Fascism, then Naziism and was used to foment World War II.

In 1844, the Italian revolutionary leader Mazzini was selected by the Illuminati to direct the world revolutionary program. He served in this capacity until his death in 1872. During this time, Mazzini met a Confederate General named Albert Pike and found him to be a willing student of Illuminism.

Pike was fascinated by the idea of a one-world government and in time became the head of this conspiracy. Between 1861 and 1871 he worked out a blueprint for three world wars, which he felt would be necessary for the world takeover and for various revolutions which would condition the people to accept Illuminist control within the Twentieth Century.

Pike did most of his work from his home in Little Rock, Arkansas. A few years later, when the Illuminist Lodges of the masonic Grand Orient became suspect because of revolutionary activity, Pike organized what he called the NEW REFORMED PALLADIUM RITES. He set up three supreme councils, one in Charleston, S.C., one in Rome, Italy and the third in Berlin. It was about this time that he began work on a mammoth literary work called DOGMA AND DOCTRINE, which was to become the "Bible" of Masonry.

He established 23 subordinate councils in strategic locations throughout the world. These have been the secret headquarters for world revolution ever since.

The First World War was to be fought to allow the Rothschild's to destroy the Czar of Russia and to transfer Russia from a Christian country into the stronghold of world atheism and Zionist Communism.

Political differences stirred up by agents provocateur were to be used to foment this war. After the war, communism was to be used to destroy other governments and weaken and ultimately destroy Christianity. One of its leaders boasted: "We will sweep God from the skies". Now this is a pleasant thought, I am sure, for you who feel your nation is built on one nation--under God!


World War II would become necessary if the conspirators could not take over world control at the end of WW-I. This war would be brought about by a controversy between Fascism and political Zionism. Here we note again that Hitler was financed before and during the war by the Jewish Krupp family, the Warburg's, Rothschild's and other International Jewish banking groups. The supposed slaughter of six million Jews, which any intelligent, thinking person can see, was an impossibility, did not bother the International Jews in the slightest, since they have always been willing to sacrifice their own people if it would help them gain political control.

The "myth of the holocaust" was necessary to create worldwide hatred for the German people and thus bring about a war against them. The conspirators knew that in order to be successful, three great Christian nations would have to be destroyed, Russia and Germany on the European continent, and the United States in North America. It should be of interest to note that World Zionism had already built up a war chest of some $2-billion to be used against Germany, as early as 1902.

During World War II, International Communism was to be built up to where they would be equal in strength with United Christendom. Of course, this became possible, as traitors in both the British and American governments gave, or sold, your atomic secrets to the enemy. During this period, the men in the CFR did everything possible to build up the strength of the Soviets, while hindering the military strength of the U.S. and Britain. Men in your government such as Dean Rusk, Gen. George Marshall, Dean Acheson, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and many others, all members of the CFR, were acting in the category of traitors against the United States, while Britain had their own in of full operation also.

When Communism reached a par with Christendom in military strength, then political Zionism was to step in and contain them until the time they were needed for the final thrust which would bring about world control.

Any honest student of history can see how Stalin and President F.D.R. worked "hand in glove" to bring all of Eastern Europe into the Communist Camp and how this treachery was aided and abetted by the Zionist Eisenhower. This resulted in the murder of one of your top generals, George Patton, who unfortunately saw through the plot and made an effort to stop it.

Eisenhower was paid off by the conspirators with the Presidency of the United States when his major competitor, Sen. Taft of Ohio, was literally eliminated before the election. Eisenhower refused to allow Patton to move his troops to the eastern border of Germany, and Patton was forced by Eisenhower's orders to hold them on the border of Western Germany until the Communist forces came in and took control of the area.

Earlier in the war, both General Patton and British General Montgomery wanted to invade Europe through the soft underbelly of Italy. This would have shortened the war by at least two years and would have saved millions of lives and billions of dollars. But Churchill, F.D.R. and Stalin held out for a later landing in Normandy and, while this was going on, the Soviet forces moved into Eastern Europe and took over complete control of the area. When Patton, in frustration, brashly announced that he intended to blow the whistle on Churchill, F.D.R. and Eisenhower when he returned to the states, he signed his death warrant for he was too much of a threat to them to be left alive.

Every President since F.D.R. has followed the treasonous policy of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy". Even the great conservative "showman", Ronald Reagan, while pontificating against the Soviet "evil empire" had signed legislation which was indeed most beneficial to them directly.

For years, the American people have been told by their government that it was the United States who was holding back the tides of Communism when the truth, as any fool can plainly see, is that whenever this enemy of mankind has been on the verge of economic bankruptcy, it has been your government, using your tax money, which has kept them on their feet and the operations only pick up in regularity and amounts.


World War III was to be held in abeyance until needed and would be finally fomented between political Zionism and its prostitute (the U.S.) and the Arab world which was anti-Communist and once your staunch friends. Under American foreign policy since the first World War it has become very dangerous to be your friends for you have always "stabbed them in the back" while aiding and abetting your enemies. This of course, was part of the conspirator's scenario. With a little honest insight, you can see them at work in Washington at fever pitch at the present moment.

Their plan, of course, is to so weaken and fractionalize you that your people will sue for "peace at any price", even that of Zionist-Communist slavery. By the time the world has fought itself into exhaustion, the conspirators believe they will be able to step in and take control.

Can any intelligent person look at that which is happening in the Middle East, the Far East, South Africa, Central America, and right there in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and back to Canada, and believe these things are taking place by accident? Certainly the things you see being done by the Zionist and Communist world are not for the purpose of peace, no matter how many Summit talks you see between the leaders of America and the Soviet Union. These meetings do not come as a plan to "stop war", but to simply hasten your surrender to Zionist designs.

3. The students who received special training, plus other agents, were to be placed in special branches of governments as experts and specialists so that they would advise top executives to adopt policies that would, in the long run, serve the conspiratorial plans and bring about the ultimate destruction of government and religion.


In 1933, a group of 47 American university students were sent to Moscow to study at the Lenin School of Psychological Warfare, University of Moscow. 45 of these students were young Jews. They were to be taught the essentials which caused the campus riots you saw during the Vietnam War. They were addressed on arrival by Laventria Beria, then head of the KGB. Among other things he said to them: "Use the courts, use the judges, use the Constitution of the country, use its medical societies and its laws to further our ends. Do not stint in your labor in this direction. And when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now effect your own legislation at will and you can, by careful organization, by constant campaigns about the terrors of society, by pretense as to your effectiveness, make your capitalist himself, by his own appropriations, finance a large portion of the quiet Communist conquest of that nation." (p. 8, COMMUNIST TEXTBOOK ON PSYCHOPOLITICS. See prior Journal.)

Your news media was filled with accounts about a few men, fourteen I believe, all of them poor financially, who were accused of sedition, plotting to overthrow the government of the United States. They were all found innocent in a court of law. But while the media made "much ado about nothing", they completely neglected to tell the American people about the large number of Communist agents who the FBI admitted they knew were in the U.S. Of course, some of you understand that this is what media control is all about--hide and seek--cover and run.

Look at some of the CFR conspirators who have operated in your government: Dean Rusk, as Secretary of State; Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense; Gen. George Marshall, the man who sold China into the hands of the Communists; Hubert Humphrey, the one-world senator from Minnesota; in Cranston, the CFR traitor from California--convicted of indiscretions in the S&L debacle, Henry Kissinger, the top Jewish double agent from World War II, who has consistently sold out American interests to those of the Zionists and Communists; Zbigniew Brzezinski, a university professor who has been heavily into the conspiracy. Then came George Schultz, your Communist-Zionist-leaning Secretary of State and a CFR member and of course, Vice President and now, President, George, Bush, who from a teenager has been trained by the conspirators. Then, let's see, there is Frank Carlucci, who was your Secretary of Defense, James Bales, Secretary of the Treasury and over 80 other appointed men in Ronald Reagan's "conservative" government. There were at that time some 38 U.S. Senators and Reps. who were active members of the CFR; 12 in the Federal Reserve; 12 in the U.S. Treasury Dept.; 16 in the State Dept. and 40 who were U.S. Ambassadors. I don't think you even want to know how many there are at this present moment for with the change of Administrations it was "open swearing-in time!" Even good old "Brother" Jesse Jackson bit the bullet.

In your banking system, at the time, Chase-Manhattan had 19 board members who were outstanding members of the CFR; Bankers Trust has 9; Morgan Guaranty 14. In the media, CBS has 12; NBC 11: ABC 6; Associated Press 4; New York Times 24; Times, Inc., 7; Newsweek/Washington Post 22: Dow Jones 6 and the U.S. military is riddled with them until every top commander, in every branch of your military service, is a member of the CFR. Try CNN now, who fell with Ted Turner and guess what, Gen. Powell and on and on and on and on.

At the top, as Chairman of the North American branch, and very near the top of the world Illuminist hierarchy, you find David Rockefeller!

Dharma, the computer is in trouble--close this now and we will consider the problems at hand. I would have you leave the area if at all possible for the dwelling is targeted. Don't panic, just quietly leave for a while so that we might counter some of the pulses. Thank you, chela, I know it gets hard to be under constant attack and have our work ruined but we shall prevail--and it is known that we shall prevail--it is annoying and we must not give in to the bombardment. Go in Peace and enjoy a respite. Salu.

We will pick up at No. 4 when we write again.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.




MONDAY, MARCH 11, 1991 8:16 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 207


Now, I believe, you ones can see that which was planned in the igniting of the fires in all the oil wells. Listen to that which is NOT said along with that which IS. Firstly, with great shock they announce that it "...appeared as if the demolition and ignition material was planned ' months' in advance rather than at the last minute." I personally told you months and months ago that it was thoroughly "planned" and set up--and your "coalition" watched and waited while the Iraqis did it. Then the wells that were not detonated by Iraq were ignited by your planes with the use of napalm.

This was all done with full knowledge of Kuwait. Why? Because the other oil producing nations could increase their output, raise the price and a goodly deal was made with Kuwait while her wells were burning. This allows some other nations to make some money while the production appears to be needed---WATCH THE OPEC CONFERENCE AND LISTEN!

How many of you got your confirmation squared away with 60 MINUTES last evening? Assad, as I told you, wiped out thousands and thousands of Lebanese AFTER the agreement with the U.S. & Coalition over Iraq. In addition, added onto the 800,000 million dollars to Assad personally, there is an additional $3 BILLION going to Assad and Syria.

Next, did you hear Baker and his spokesmen? The announcement is: "...it appears we will have long term occupation of the area because of the heinous use of force by Hussein on his own country." I told you yesterday that the stories coming forth are a cover for you ones "being forced to not allow your troops to come home".


Confirmation of another fact, please: I told you that there are groups of your men in Iraq and Kuwait who are missing and many more of your people killed than you can possibly know. You had to admit the deaths as your own "friendly fire" slew them--but it is now "being denied" that a whole group of Green Beret forces are not accounted for after they went into Kuwait and some into Iraq. You must stay alert or you will miss bunches of very important information.

I warn you--Saddam is being sabotaged and some very criminal and inhuman things are being done by terrorists to make it appear Saddam is perpetrating them--to cause continued civil war in the region--you are witnessing evil in full flower! A lot of those "sweet and innocent" Kurds come right out of the original bloodlines of the Khazars and you have many who were brought out into Europe and into the U.S. under the auspicies of Israel. Iraq is totally infiltrated with Mossad terrorists and you are witnessing "retaliation" in most heinous form. So be it, for in this time of chaos, it will be filled with unrest and brother against brother. So be it.

Dharma, allow us to please continue with our Journal subject. I believe we have straightened out your computer but I would appreciate it if you would check your options, etc. now, before we begin. Thank you--for you see they have tampered with the programming so that the saving mechanism is non-functional. I believe we are fine now.

We will begin with No. 4 of Accomplishment Plans of the Rothschilds and Illuminati.

No. 4

At the time of Weishaupt, one of the most critical issues was to take control of the press, since this was the only means of communication at this time. Now we have the added burden of books, magazines, the radio and of course, TV. You don't have to be extremely brilliant to see how these elements can be used in brainwashing a people. It is through the elements of the media that people are convinced that only through one-world government can you expect to escape the horrors of a nuclear war and the problems associated with food, poverty and disease.

I'm sure that many of you who will read this information know who controls the press in America. For those of you who do not, here are some facts for you to recognize. Almost a thousand (1,000) major newspapers, with a daily readership of over 47-million--are Jewish owned and/or controlled completely; over 48 top weekly magazines with a weekly readership of over 79-million are Jewish owned and/or controlled; magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Readers Digest, U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, Time and TV News.

For a while T. Turner had kept CNN pretty clean and separate and then, he too, succumbed and in return became THE channel which would be allowed to cover the world of the Middle East and feed disinformation to you and to Saddam during this conflict. How do you know "when" he became such a top banana? Remember Gorbachev's visit to obtain your wheat and make a "friendly tourist trip about the U.S."? Well, next, do you remember who joined the Gorbachev's and Bush's at a White House dinner and were dining "mates"? Ah so--yes indeed, your old dissident friend who had been all but banned, Jane Fonda and her lover, Ted Turner! Watch constantly or you miss the fun clues. Turner broadcasting has made millions and millions off this little "war deal". First, you are sucked in to get any kind of "news" and then when the world is tuned in to CNN--you get the BS by the buckets full. This is brainwashing and training at its easiest.

All the major TV networks are Jewish Zionist controlled as are all the major movie studios with the possible exception of maybe one or two who are not allowed to deviate much from the programming prescribed lest they go-under.

With such a control, you can see why government leaders believe they have the right to lie to "you-the-people", and why you are among the worst brainwashed peoples in the world, the Soviet Union not withstanding.

It has finally reached the point where your CFR controlled government can lie with impunity to the American people and they will be believed by the majority, even when it has been proven over and over again that they are liars! They even tell you that they are lying to you--for a purpose--and you believe that which they tell you is the lie. They told you on CNN, for instance, that this was a war of emotional misinformation "...to throw off Hussein", and what do you do--thrive on the 24 hours-a-day disinformation as if they hadn't even told you that was exactly that which they were doing. They made those announcements at station breaks, etc., so that in the Middle East no-one would know. It was an exceptional way to keep your troops totally misinformed also. IT WORKED!

Now, look at the wondrous parties and overdone frenzy for your returning troops from Saudi. No-one even notes the return of bunches of troops from Liberia and yet the world goes mad as ones come back from Saudi Arabia. It is almost pathetic for as some of the soldiers put it--"...we waited around for months and only got to 'work' less than one day and it was kind'a disappointing." You have no idea how many of your precious loved ones perished, some at their own hands of suicide, during those months of waiting and then in action of which you were denied information. The general assumption is that if you are scattered about the country and an announcement is made that a hundred men are killed, your loved one would be assumed to be one of the hundred. The only time you got a fairly accurate count was when many came from the same base and had to be acknowledged for their loss would be noted. Also, please note that some were given as dead--with obituaries--and were alive; that would tell you that the military was PREPARED with the proper disinformation stats.

And what of those ones in pain from their return from Vietnam. In your efforts to not repeat the homecoming fiasco--you have distorted this homecoming and the big boys have had you again--there are hardly any who would not now go right back to "defend" and "patrol" for they are now heroes for killing off hundreds of thousands of innocent people. You move like the swarms of birds or schools of fish at the orchestration of your dictators.

Do I discount the value of each returning life? By Grace, no--I cherish each one who makes it through the veil of darkness in any measure of "intact" but am appalled at what will happen to those returning ones within the month when they effort to relocate and adjust and now face the problems of making up for lost income, lost associations, etc. Believe me, the government has tremendous war plans in front of you and you ARE the Coalition.

A lot of newspaper men know this is true and some of them have great twinges of conscience because of it. There were some, beginning back in World War I, who when asked for a toast before the New York Press Club on occasions of public gatherings have said, in the words of one specific spokesman, "There is no such thing at this date as an independent press. You know it and I know it! There is not one of you who dares to write his honest opinions, and if you did, you know before hand that it would never appear in print. I am paid a good salary for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you would be foolish to write honest opinions, since you would be out on the street, looking for another job...if I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of this journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outrightly; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and sell his country and-his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it!...We are the tools of the rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks...they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents and our lives are all the property of other men...we are intellectual prostitutes." (This, the sad comments of an honest journalist on retirement before the New York Press Club, John Swinton, and one of the most recognized press men during that period of time.


Let us take another look back to the first days of the Illuminati. Because Britain and France were the greatest nations in the world at this time, in the latter years of the 18th Century, Weishaupt was ordered to foment colonial wars, including your own Revolutionary War. Their purpose was to weaken France and England. The French Revolution was scheduled to start in 1789, but in 1784 an act of God upset the timetable of the conspirators. This act proved to the Bavarian Government that there was indeed a conspiracy and that the Illuminati were at the head of it. The evidence they received could have spared France and saved that nation from its bloody revolution, but the French leaders refused to believe the evidence, much as most of the American people refuse to believe it today.

(Dharma, check the options for they have just removed your "autosave" command. Thank you.)

In 1774, when Weishaupt issued his orders, which were in manuscript form, a copy was sent to Bospierre, who was to head the French Revolution. The courier who was carrying this manuscript was struck by lightning as he rode through a heavy thunderstorm somewhere between Frankfurt, Germany and Paris (or so the story went). The Bavarian police found the manuscript, which was immediately turned over to the Bavarian officials. These promptly ordered raids on the newly organized Lodges of the Masonic Grand Orient and the homes of Weishaupt and his most influential associates. Enough additional evidence was found in these raids that the authorities were convinced of the authenticity of the manuscript.

In 1785, the Bavarian Government outlawed the Illuminati and they were forced to go underground: all lodges of the grand Orient in Bavaria were closed. Then in 1786, the Bavarian Government published details of the plot. If this had happened in 1988, they would have probably sealed this information for at least fifty years, much as they did evidence on the assassinations of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Copies of this conspiratorial document were sent to the heads of all European countries, but such was the power of the Illuminati in these governments--and of course this refers to the power of the Jewish Rothschild's, that it was universally ignored and the French Revolution took place as scheduled in 1789.

At this time, 1786, Weishaupt ordered his agents to infilter the lodges and form secret societies inside secret societies. Only Masons who were Internationalists, or those who were especially approved by the Illuminati were allowed to join these new organizations. One of the qualifications was that they must renounce God and accept the leadership of Lucifer (pain and agony indeed). While they carried out their subversive activities, they carefully camouflaged them under humanitarian and philanthropic acts, which concealed their revolutionary and subversive intents.

In order to infilter the Masonic Lodges (Dharma, autosave is gone again--please write the document. We will check out the computer at break.) of Britain, Weishaupt invited a man named John Robinson to Europe. Robinson was a very high ranking Mason in the Scottish rites. He was a professor of Natural History at the University of Edinborough. Robinson did not fall for the trickery of the Illuminati, to form what they called a "benevolent dictatorship". But he kept his reactions to himself so well that he was entrusted with a copy of Weishaupt's Constitution.

Because the heads of both church and State ignored the warnings given them by Robinson, the French Revolution was soon in full swing, drenching that country in the blood of innocent Frenchmen.

In order to alert other governments which might be affected, Robinson published a book in 1798 titled PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY ALL GOVERNMENTS AND RELIGIONS. Once again, his warning fell on deaf ears, exactly as you see happening this very day in America.

While many Americans are most touchy about believing this, there is ample proof that your own Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were avid students of Weishaupt. Jefferson became one of Weishaupt's staunchest defenders in the New World and it was Jefferson who introduced the Illuminati to the newly organized Masonic Lodges of the Scottish rites in America, over the protest of Gen. George Washington.

It was men like 'Thomas Paine and St. Germain who tried to bring these things to your attention and you rebuffed them. They summed it up as being such as to "SPIT AGAINST THE WIND".

In 1789, Robinson warned all Masonic leaders in America that the Illuminati had infiltered their lodges and on July 19, 1789, the President of Harvard University, himself a high ranking Mason, issued the same warning to the graduating class, lecturing them on the influences the Illuminati had on American religion and politics. To top this all off, John Quincy Adams, who had helped organize the New England Masonic Lodges, issued a similar warning. He wrote three letters to top American Masonic leaders in which he outlined how Jefferson was using his influence in the Lodges for the benefit of the Illuminati. Those three letters are now in the Whittenberg Library in Philadelphia. In short, whether or not you wish to accept it, Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democratic Party, was a member of the Illuminati. This, of course, had influence in establishing a "liberal" image.

Realizing that they could not seduce the Russian Czar, the Rothschilds began a new attack against the money systems of the European nations and the United States. They used a very tricky method to gain control of the English Banking System. During the Battle of Waterloo, in 1815, the Rothschilds were able to falsify a report of the battle, so that the English people believed that Napoleon had won. (Shades of Iraq? Who did really win the Kuwait/Iraq conflict, chelas? How do you know??) The British Stock Market plummeted and shares fell to rock bottom. Who was there to buy them up at a few cents on the dollar? You guessed it--Mr. Rothschild's agents--and who do you think is there to establish millions from the oil debacle this day?? You guessed it! When the true news came that Napoleon had been defeated, the stocks went sky high and the Rothschilds cleared millions of pounds in profits and ended by controlling the economy of both England and the Continent. (Care to give a full dissertation on the facts of this Middle East conflict? Funny thing--Saddam Hussein also "claimed victory". Would "lips" Bush ever lie to you?? Are you just a bit uncomfortable? I certainly do hope so!! Where did all those nice Republican Guards go? Where are all those really lethal and dastardly weapons of Saddam's? What exactly, are you-the-people given to back up anything they tell you? I suggest you be very selective in that which you believe to be shown "before your very eyes"!)

Rothschild forced Britain to set up a new bank of England, which he totally controlled. This was similar to a later criminal activity, when a group of International gangsters led by Jacob Schiff had the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913. (Schiff? Oh, yes, the same--pharmaceutical magnate! Try reading MURDER BY INJECTION and RAPE OF JUSTICE, both by Eustace Mullins. I prefer to not require Dharma do all that extra work of re-giving you facts when it is so beautifully available and researched superbly. Contact America West for I have asked that they carry these books for your confirmation. I greatly honor Eustace Mullins, among others who have braved the enemy and continued to serve their fellow-men.)

At this point, I think it might be good for us to look at the activity of the Illuminati in the United States.


In 1826, one Capt. William Morgan, a high ranking Mason, decided it was his duty to inform all American Masons how their lodges had been infiltered by the Illuminati.

The Illuminati, through the Masonic Lodge, tried Morgan in "absentia", and sentenced him to death. Morgan was warned and fled to Canada. But the executioner, an English Mason named Richard Howard, caught up with him near Niagara Falls and killed him. This was verified in court through sworn statements and by a thorough police investigation--at a time when such could still be considered somewhat valid. The testimony of the trial is on record in the New York City archives if you wish to peruse them and can get someone to allow you to examine them.

Very few members of the Masonic Lodge or the general public know any of this, nor that the public disapproval of this act was so general that it closed down over half of the Masonic Lodges in the Northern Jurisdiction of North America.

In the early 1850's, the illuminati held a secret meeting in New York which was addressed by a British Illuminist named Wright. Those in attendance were told that the Illuminists were organizing Nihilists, atheists and other subversive groups into an International organization which was to become known as "Communism". It was intended to be the supreme weapon of terror which would eventually control the world.


Communism was to be used to foment wars and revolutions. Quentin Roosevelt, an ancestor of F.D.R., Horace Greeley, a well-known newspaper publisher, and Charles Daner were appointed to head a commission to raise funds for this new venture. Of course, most of these funds came from the Rothschild's. It was this fund that financed Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, when they wrote "DAS KAPITAL", and "THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO".

Commu (Dharma, STOP! The computer is going to shu



TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1991 8:04 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 208


Hold up for just a minute, Dharma--let me finish checking out this equipment for it has really been worked over in order to destroy our work. Thank you.

Check your options, please. You see, all your "save" orders are wiped out so we shall have to be most careful and check frequently.

I have a stack of correspondence needing response and there are many subjects of great current value to allow you to see that which I have been expounding upon for these last days, but I must have this scribe elsewhere for a portion of this morning, therefore, I shall stick to the Journal subject for the most part and later we will put together a special Express in order to unfold response to these inquiries as each is of great importance--especially the one on cloning and robotoid duplicates.

I also have a barrage of inquiries regarding a new release by Donald S. McAlvany. I honor Mr. McAlvany for his insightful work--however, I take exception to his conclusions in many instances. He is absolutely correct regarding the "threat" to the U.S. from the Soviets. However, he is incorrect in his perception of the Anti-Christ and the role of Zionists ("Jews") of the current day in relationship to "Israel" (the nation which was Palestine). I would like to enlarge upon that greatly and this is an excellent Journal to handle the subject. Please bear with me and we will discuss these things as he presents them to you, and have discussion regarding current status.

I herein need to make a correction to an Express which has gone forth from here for I believe it does not express my attitude and further, I ask that anything added to Expresses or Journals by another of human input state as much for we are finding that what HATONN IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE SAID DOES NOT IN ALL INSTANCES EXPRESS THE INTENT OF HATONN.

There was a recent statement expressing the fact that in the events as they stand in the Middle East, that there is a possible window open for participation in some kind of investment against gold. I further expressed that our friends herein, are willing and able to assist but I was projected as saying the window is quickly "closing". If I left that impression or misspoke, I greatly apologize. I feel it is merely misinterpretations of the group who put the messages to final print. The window may very well be slamming shut at this very second--but the way the expression comes across is that we somehow are soliciting and we are NOT. Remember please, that I have to also work with "probabilities" and although I can see in many instances "exactly" that which is, from planning boards and meetings, etc., I cannot and do not interfere with free-will choice nor interject definitive time limits which can easily be changed by events and impacted by alternative possibilities.

The time IS SHORT for availability of changing out investments but I request that no further limits be placed on my instructions by any of my people. If there appears to be some limitations placed, please inquire of me prior to any printing or additions. We make available, if we can, that which is needed and offers possibilities with some measure of safety. We are in NO business of metals nor any other substance other than the written WORD. America West, however, is in the publishing business and presents many publications other than the Journals, etc., as I have said in prior writings--some of which I take great exception. However, it is HIS business and none of mine--except where my work is involved.

He is an astute business man and works with ones who are totally reputable and able to institute our suggestions--nothing more and nothing less. If you are dealing with ones who sell investments in the market, or metals on the market--they have primary interest in their investment business therefore, we go to ones who check out in total integrity and have no vested interest what-so-ever.

I, too, believe the window of "investment against gold" to be very short-lived, but on the other hand, if things do not go as the conspirators desire, there may be a bit more time.

We are not mystical "fortune tellers", we are working with probabilities through a much more sophisticated projection system and we know the intended plans and the intended outcome of the plans. This gives us vision of both ends of the road but the journey to the distant end is covered with perturbations. If your intent is to do that which is of pure intent in the service unto God--ye shall not be given to blunder. If ye act for selfish reasons to somehow, "clean up" in a miserable world situation--please, take your business somewhere else. We are pleased to be of service and all should do very well, but I remind you--our business is to get through this period of time in as much wholeness as is possible in a world of total chaos. I can guarantee you of but one thing--THE INTENT OFTHE ELITE IS TO GARNER ALL OF YOUR ASSETS IN ONE MANNER OR ANOTHER--THE METHODS ARE IN PLACE AND AWAITING PROPER MOMENT TO INSTIGATE SAME--WITH TOTAL SURPRISE IN THAT THE HONEST MAN HAS NO TIME TO COVER HIS ASSETS NOR SECURITY CACHES AND/OR INVENTORY. THE PLAN IS TO TAKE ALL CASH AND RENDER THAT WHICH YOU HAVE, WORTHLESS AS SOON AS FEASIBLE. PROBABLY, ALSO, GOLD IN SAFE-DEPOSIT BOXES AND KNOWN STORES WILL BE CONFISCATED JUST AS IN 1932/33. As I study the probabilities, I still come up with the best mode of operation is to get collateral bought against notes with your assets. Note that even the foreign investors are PULLING OUT OF T-BILL's, CD's etc. YOU HAVE A MULTI-BILLION, MOVING ON TO A TRILLION DOLLAR, WAR TO PAY FOR AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN BEGUN THE REAL WAR--YOU HAVE ONLY PLAYED AROUND IN THE DESERT MAKING A PLATFORM FROM WHICH THE ELITE CONSPIRATORS FOR GLOBAL DOMINATION CAN PERFORM.


Thank you for inquiring: A motion picture complex of the most advanced holographic filming equipment (unknown yet to full service of man), in a domed complex which will withstand winds of minimum 150 mph without sustaining damage. The motion picture complex will be complimented with domes housing international television broadcasting facilities. Motion pictures and Television productions will be advanced in interest and TRUTH--the first film is almost ready to begin shooting--SIPAPU ODYSSEY.

Then we have a...plant for creating and perfecting machinery for compressed earth (ShanStone) building material. We have a particle cement (molded housing of cement) facility.

We have organic, hydroponic and aerobic gardening in underground or earth- compressed material for High-yield food production and reclamation of water and nutrients. We have a biomass operation planned, along with solar capability installations and “free energy production" as we can safely give it unto you.

And of course, the WORD shall continue to flow in print as well as put to audio tapes to facilitate convenience for those who either have no time, inclination or lack reading capability (blind, etc.)--there is a whole variety of life-sustaining (with comfort and beauty) projects ready for the groundbreaking--some already well underway.

We have no "commune" facilities and actually have not even a "group" for there is full intent to NEVER GIVE OUR ENEMY ADVANTAGE BY LOOPING US INTO SOME "CULT" SITUATION TO BE BROUGHT DOWN BY SAME. We do have a "little" gathering which we call the Holy Light Network for the benefit of gathering and discussing actions and possibilities and where I can commune personally. Mostly we work in exactly this manner--presenting the Truth to print with anticipation of full physical integration as it becomes safe for you and for our teams.

As for ones outside our very limited number of "placed" receivers--I have no comment. Ones believe themselves to be valid when actually they are set-up to later discredit the work from this place. IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE SELECTED--YOU WOULD NEVER WRITE TO MY SCRIBE OR THE PUBLISHER ASKING CLEARANCE. That usually indicates that you are writing something that YOU WISH PUBLISHED and it may or may not be from the Lighted Brotherhood--usually not, unless you are well-learned in clearing of space and recognizing "speakers"--there is no need for questioning if your speakers are VALID IN GOD'S SERVICE. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE OUESTION IF THE MESSAGES ARE COMING FROM GOD'S ADVERSARY. This does not mean that there won't be "doubts" if you write for God Almighty Creator--it is just that you will know how to identify and require identification and there will be no "hedging". Further, you continue to ask my input--I have no right to interpret nor interfere with another's scribes--good or ill-intended.

Much exceptional information comes from ones who simply study very well the Journals and/or other valid information and I have no right to deny ones any right--and do, in fact, plead with you ones to extend the reach of Truth as freely as possible--Truth should be copied, reprinted and shared to the fullest possible extent. We are so pressed for time in the human format that I cannot ask insight on every piece of material written. I evaluate that which is known to me as valid and consider any sent unto me for consideration, but we receive piles of writings asking verification as to validity in everything from "time justification" to astrological numerology. My scribe simply does not have time for human life and I cannot ask her for more until we get our basic information unto you-the-people.

If you are writing now, and have cleared your space--demanding withdrawal of all dark energies in THE NAME OF HOLY GOD OF LIGHTED CREATION with full intent of meaning of that statement in love and service unto God--then keep writing and it will evolve properly--please don't simply hop on a good-looking bandwagon for time is too short in your counting of "remaining time" to play games. Become discerning and glean that which is Truth of God from writings and learn that which is NOT and cast it aside--you shall learn to be most discerning and TRUTH WILL STAND ALL TESTING, PROVING AND INTEGRITY.

Dharma, take care--the save mechanism is gone again and the machine just cut off this instant for it is set by our adversary to wipe out the program when you hit the "write/save" cue. We have saved it each time but be alert for we will lose a lot of work if we are not most cautious.

Let us just turn from this discussion and see if we can get a bit of our original subject to print. If the equipment is in too bad a state of tampering, we shall simply have to give it up for today.

We were speaking of the start-up of Communism, so let us begin herein at that point where we left off yesterday's discussion.


Communism was not to be an ideology, but a secret weapon, a "boogie-man word", to serve the ulterior purposes of the Illuminati. "World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine. Zionist and Nazi leaders collaborated on Jewish immigration from Russia to Palestine and the United States. Testifying at the trial of Ernst Zundel, an anti-Zionist "Jew" who was an outstanding personality of the time in point, testified in Toronto, Canada in March 1988, "Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a Zionist State. Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a world war. Wall Street and Jewish large bankers aided the war effort on both sides.

"Zionists are also to blame for provoking growing hatred for Jews in 1988." (Taken from THE TORONTO STAR, March 31, 1988).

Weishaupt died in 1830, but prior to his death, he prepared a revised version of the age-old conspiracy which, under various facades, was to control all the international subversive organizations, by working their agents into executive positions at the top of governments.

In the United States you have seen such men as President Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter, and other high-ranking officials such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George Schultz, Gen. George Marshall, Owen Lattimore, Vice/President George Bush, and many more, who were stooges of the conspiracy. Now you can add dozens to the listing as you move into deeper involvement in war and gun controls, dissolving of your Constitution, etc. They will represent direct participants, not stooges "for".

World War II was to finally be fomented between political Zionism and their "yes" man, the United States and your one-time staunch anti-Communist friends, the Arab states. The conspiratorial agents are even now hard at work setting up more outreaching war and it has reached the explosion point in the Near East as well. Even as we write, the United States is still exchanging gunfire with the Iraqi Moslem state and heinous terrorist attacks are under way in that area which are called the responsibility of Saddam's government while the unrest and attacks are staged and orchestrated literally, by the Israeli Mossad who is totally infiltrated within Iraq and all the Middle East nations.

The final great war is planned to so weaken the nations of the Free World that they will become fractionalized and will be ready for "peace at any price, even that of slavery", while the Elite continue to grow stronger and stronger. The conspirators believe the nations who fight this war will have fought themselves into a state of complete exhaustion and economic bankruptcy, so that they can step in and pick up the pieces and thus achieve world control. How many millions of people die is totally immaterial to them.

Can any intelligent person see what has happened in the Near East, Middle East and Central America and parts of South America and continue to be so naive as to actually believe it has happened by accident?

It is so bad, and I shall cover this probably tomorrow, that Israel has been and continues to sell American high-tech defense secrets to everyone--anywhere. Your government set up "laws" preventing your own companies from doing business with certain ones--so, Israel takes up the vacant places, works out deals and goes full-bore ahead while your little companies, now deprived of their livelihood, collapse. The big business cycles around and comes right back to roost in the laps of the big boy Elitists.

Even the information regarding these transactions makes it back into the U.S. through very devious and around-about measures--usually through blundering of press and media who let the truth slip through occasionally. For instance, between 1984, when Israel struck a secret deal with China for the sale of over $3 BILLION worth of high-tech tank equipment, and the end of 1989, the mini-state supplied the giant communist nations with a very broad sampling of sophisticated weapons systems and advanced defense designs right off the U.S. drawing boards and some in totally fabricated form. How can this happen? Easily--right through the sanctions and with the blessings of the government of Corazon Aquino in the Philippines.

Using the Philippines as a secret base and transshipment point, Israel sold the Chinese: missile technology, anti-tank and naval weapons, armor-piercing sabot shells, laser targeting instruments, sophisticated avionics, electronic surveillance and command systems, hypervelocity artillery and numerous other products of the most advanced American military technology. Then, as a secret maneuver, as the Saudis came to the U.S. and Britain to buy long-range missiles--the U.S. refused to sell, the British sold some but most limited at the demands of Israel, and so, the Saudis went to China and China very cooperatively dismantled and re-setup the missiles in Saudi Arabia. Thus, the full circle was completed to the point there is no way to tell one missile from another, one tank from another, etc. It is impossible not to "kill by friendly fire"--everything looks like, and is like, everything else.

Please note again--at the first confrontation on the ground in this present war--the tanks which were plentiful were of the worst calibre possible and so were the fighting troops of Iraq--it was intended that the tanks not operate well and the troops be captured. It was a total testing of your abilities with the least possible loss to the Iraqis. The tanks were CHINESE and ones which the Chinese do no longer use. Your army NEVER encountered the Elite Republican Guard nor the advanced divisions of Soviet armor. This should make you so nervous that the old stomach ulcers are intensely painful at this point of whatever they are doing in the Middle East for it is NOT THAT WHICH THEY ARE TELLING YOU' If It

(Computer locked up.)



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1991 7:32 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 209


How can you not see? God, please grant me words with which to reach the hearts and minds for the acceleration of the evil Conspiracy sweeps across the lands like uncontrolled fires. Friends, please be patient while I speak with my scribe and ones in this vicinity of service. But I wish you all to see and hear for the way is filled with turbulence and hazards.

Charles, yes, the helicopter which blasted the leaves from the trees in the front of this dwelling is the CIA's and came in from Edwards. The reason it came is that, on the night prior, the electronic equipment of the surveillance group was set to blow out the entire computer system and Dharma along with it. Much of the work is, of necessity, set up at the pole-line terminals. We warned them not to do it; they continued as ordered. We sent shuttle craft, encountered them--they still refused to remove the signals and we simply took out all their pole-line electronics signal system. I believe you shan't have much problem with the computer system this day. What was already programmed into the computers for annoyance, of course, remained and is for the most part, tampered with through wireless remote controlled signals. It will obviously become an endless, ever-increasing problem and one serious to them as they are obviously intent enough to be witnessed in action.

It is our uncovering of the current things in the Middle East which brings the discomfort for if we can show you what happens in such a manner that you can see the unfolding, then they are in gross trouble--for the information we bring at this time, regarding the lineage of the Illuminati, ties into current activities hand-in-glove.

Be prepared for instant response to command--but do not panic. If you feel need for great quantities of water or cessation of food intake--respond immediately, please, as an effort is under way to again match Dharma's frequency in order to blow it out. We, further, expect another attempt to take out the dwelling. We are in constant presence but I ask that you ones be most aware and remain cognizant of our presence that we do not slip up in communications. Dharma will be more "blah" than usual--allow her freedom to "withdraw" for we are receiving much interference and it boggles the "thinking" portion of the mind to some extent--mostly due to distraction from other physical discomforts. Abide with us and it will be fine, keep your eyes open for strangers in the vicinity and note them. Yesterday's helicopter intrusion below tree and house altitude was a scare tactic instigated to "call our hand". It did and I believe we have an understanding; however, understanding seems to only run one direction in your present world. So be it--walk peacefully, chela, for you sit in the palm of God's hand and He shall not take lightly, this bombardment.

I do not believe that under any set of Earth circumstances, you will find that we come from a place of pious wimps or nerds as you refer to those you do not like. Many, many are simply going to find themselves experiencing in other dimensions--fully intact and somewhat uncomfortable--"It is not nice to try and Fool Mother Nature!" I believe is one of your advertising terms for misbehavior. There are always the ones who will effort to override higher command in an circumstance, regardless of who is the higher command.


Alright, quiz time. How many of you noted that James Baker attended a burial memorial for some women killed in Israel--wherein he laid flowers? HOW MANY OF YOU NOTED HE WAS WEARING THE HEAD-DRESS (CAF) OF THE ZIONIST? Brothers, any way you look at "Judeaism" or Jewism, that which is represented by that particular head-gear indicates a disbelief in that or you called Christ. YOUR SECRETARY OF STATE JUST STATED BY ACTIONS THAT YOUR NATION IS A PART AND PARCEL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST MOVEMENT. You might say, "...well, he was just honoring and respecting their tradition!" NO, he was not. Would you walk into a "Satanic" service and murder in black robes and burnt offerings to "honor tradition"? YOUR PRESIDENT BUSH HAS ALSO BEEN SEEN ADORNED IN THE SAME HEAD-GEAR. It is not honoring anything; it is showing alliance as a brotherhood of Global control. George Bush and James Baker both belong to five notable anti-Christ/God organizations and if you ones don't come into balance of knowledge regarding these organizations, there is little hope of saving your freedom as a nation.

This is what is incorrect about McAlvaney's book of which you inquired recently. You will find he protects the Israelis and discounts any who speak out against the Zionists. Not blatantly is it done, but with most subtle notations regarding other groups. He "thinks" he is serving the Jesus Christos in born again magnificence through evangelism. He nails the Communist lie quite nicely but refuses to even mention the Zionists as such. Well, you cannot have one without the other--for AS I WROTE ONLY YESTERDAY, COMMUNISM WAS STRUCTURED WITH NO "MEANING" TO THE TERM AT ALL FOR IT IS TOTAL GOVERNMENT DICTATORSHIP (NOT COMMUNISM) AND IT WAS CREATED BY A BRITISH ILLUMINIST NAMED WRIGHT. At the meeting where it was presented those in attendance were told that the Illuminists were organizing Nihilists, atheists and other subversive groups into an international organization which was to become known as "Communism". It was intended to be the supreme weapon of terror, which would eventually control the world. Communism was to be used to foment wars and revolutions and would be infiltrated by the group of so-called self-styled "Jews" (which term was conjured up in the 18th Century to fool the world). Remember that the "Jews” of self-appointed Talmud writers--were the Khazars of Russian, Nordic and Mongol lineage. They, further, were self-proclaimed "ANTI-CHRISTIANS" AND "ANTI-MOSLEM (ISLAMIC”. We are speaking here, about diametrically opposed factions of mankind. When your leaders join the self-proclaimed "ANTI-CHRIST", "ANTI-GOD" faction--what does that make you as a nation to be? Ponder it carefully for that is where you find yourselves today.


The United States of America stated that it was founded as "One Nation Under God"--that did not say, "One Nation Under Jesus"--It did, however, by fact, assume that it would be "One Nation Under Christ-ness" (which is ultimately Godliness). Many "religions" fall into that category. Unfortunately, the ones who proclaim themselves to be solely under Christ (Christianity) are truly “anti-Christ" in behavior while they pull away from all Godly teachings and proclaim that which is evil to be correct behavior. But herein, I do not wish to preach spiritual lessons that you can discount as kooky fanaticism--we will speak of very worldly, physical things. Let us look at the decline of your American society--and this holds true for every nation in your world so do not giggle and say you are left out!

You no longer have respect of young toward elders.

You have blatant treason in high places with no notice.

You have created a welfare state of dependency on State.

A physician or lawyer asks not what is your problem but rather, do you have insurance or a hefty bank-account?

You KNOW that almost all you read in your controlled press is filled with misinformation and you can trust none of it.

The courts no longer protect society nor is a man innocent until PROVEN guilty--a man must PROVE himself somehow innocent and that, without any assistance.

"Charity" has become the biggest one business around, over $30 BILLION a year to the organizers of various organizations--as only a portion ever reaches the needy.

Your "money" is based on nothing--"Sound as a dollar" passed with the gold standard.

Long ago you gave up churches where you could find a preacher who really believed in the divinity of Christ and preached from truth instead of according to doctrines set for a "MODERN" SOCIETY. We shall look at that "modern society" in a minute.

You used to have "prayers" in schools--now you offer pornography and how to have safe sex and teach that homosexuality is the "way to go". It is simply not even a reasonable approach to the continuation of life forms. I don't care how gay a man may be, he cannot bear children and extend his creation through only the use of the sexual act.

Problems in school used to be from lack of completed homework, spit-balls and talking in class. Now it is gun-carrying students and knife-wielding children who stab, shoot and murder. You have children running in mad gangs shooting at random--anyone!

You offer nothing for your children to emmulate--you feed them on violence of Miami Vice and pornographic jokes on Saturday Night Live, Playboy Channel and Rambo--then you wonder what has happened to the children of today!


I like the description which has been given to this subject. The rise and fall of an civilization ALWAYS revolves as follows: From bondage comes spiritual faith, and from spiritual faith comes courage. From courage comes liberty, and from liberty comes abundance. ....From abundance comes complacency, and from complacency comes apathy. From apathy comes dependency, and from dependency comes bondage.... Where does this leave YOU?

You in the United States, for instance (and this is the nation of which we are speaking--some other nations are farther ahead and few are "behind" in the cycle. If you are behind, you are catching up right fast as you follow Western ways), you are LATE IN THE CYCLE. You fall somewhere in the apathy/dependency--already moved out of the "abundance" stage, thanks to your government--and are rapidly descending down a secular humanistic, socialistic path full-bore ahead. As you demand more government controls in all aspects of your lives, and as you decline in all different areas of perception and action, you can and probably will lose most, if not all, of your freedoms before the decade of the 1990's passes mid-way.


You will note that this cycle as described has taken somewhere around two hundred, or so, years. The United States is in severe decline as is Canada, as she floats between England and the U.S. impact of "America". This decline is seen: politically, financially, socially, morally, and spiritually. A useful illustration can be likened to a triangle. Let us make the left side of the triangle to be the "monetary/economic" decline of the Western world. This decline is basically a result of all things which focus on the false premise that you can create wealth out of nothing. For decades your government has continually printed paper "notes" which you call money, and created debts beyond the counting as well as continuing inflation. Don't, however, feel alone, America--all other nations have done this as well. America's debt pyramid quadrupled from some $3 TRILLION in 1980 TO OVER $14 TRILLION IN 1990 AND RISING.

With this new little war to include--it is likened to a new atomic-powered skyrocket! This pyramid is based upon Quicksand and is beginning to swallow the pyramid and there can only be one of two choices, a major recession or a total devastating depression. The latter appears to already be in place. You are already into massive decline.

Now, the right side of this triangle represents the "political/social" decline--which is somehow based on a false premise that "all men are created equal" or something similar in projection. This will "give equality" if it kills everyone or you steal from one at gun-point to give to another. The idea is to redistribute wealth and control the "greedy businessmen" whom, you are told, cannot be trusted.

In the past some three decades you have had full-steam ahead accelerating socialism. "Communism" (as described above) has seized well over 40 percent of the world's land mass and population and killed more than 130 million people outright! You are swinging right ahead into that Global Government called, innocently enough, New World Order. Well, hold your breath for when we first began to write, I am constantly reminded that I said it will be associated with the "New Age" groups that downfall shall come. Ah so--and so it is. Once again, terms have been used incorrectly to the extent that "New Age" does not mean, any longer, the New Age of God--it indicates mysticism, beingness, do your own thing, live any way that grabs you and "...let us check out the star- signs".

Unfortunately, the "New Agers" have succumbed to the United Nations perception of function--idealistically and blindly without realizing the impact. They promise you, also, a global government of utopian dreams by 2000 A.D. The Communists (as described above--Zionists/socialists) also plan global domination of the world by this "Zionism/communism"--by year 2000. This includes the banking cartel, etc.

Now, the base of the triangle in point, and the problem which has actually created all the other problems--is the spiritual and moral decline. The United States has moved AWAY FROM GOD. It no longer has a Christ-centered foundation. Your country's beginnings were based on the principles of a majority of Christ's teachings as principles of living. You have completely moved away from that type of society. Even your "religious'' organizations are no longer based on the principles of God's laws--but rather, have been rewritten to include "it's alright to do" anything at all--against the Laws of God AND MAN--and call it "modernization". YOU CANNOT "MODERNIZE" GOD'S LAWS--"GOD'S LAWS" AND "MODERNIZED GOD'S LAWS" ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE TERMS AND MODERNIZATION ONLY IS IN OPPOSITION OF GODS LAW AND CHANGES NOT ONE IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF THE LAWS IN ORIGINAL FORM. I did not say "Biblical presentation" of the Laws for that has already been rewritten to suit the Elite. You have a lot of people returning to the "churches" seeking truth but you have no depth in your spiritual foundation and people are now merely at-tending "clubs" touting "do nothing for your own responsible selves--but rather, believe Jesus did it all for you. In this way you will be whisked off to some glorious haven in the clouds, etc., etc., etc." NO, NO, NO--YOU WILL ANSWER TO SELF AND GOD FOR EVERYTHING YE DO AGAINST GOD AND FELLOW-MAN--WHICH INCLUDES FIRST ON THE LIST, SELF. Acts against the Laws of "rightness" are acts of heinous nature against SELF and it will be SELF who falls into the abyss of despair and slavery unto the puppet masters.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was asked, "Why did the Russian people lose their freedom?" He replied, "BECAUSE WE FORGOT GOD!" This has now happened in the United States and almost all other nations on your globe. God blessed America incredibly. You have been given uninterrupted prosperity and you have become sedated and lazy. You have no ability to function if the times really get tough--and they will. You can't even cope with interruptions in your Television transmission during soap opera pornography or the Monday night football. You are angered even if a "Special Report" interrupts for brief segments to keep you updated on who is killing who in the war. You hang a few more yellow ribbons, bow your head and hope for no annihilation of the stadium during half-time and go on in your incredible blindness--ever tightening the blinders so as to protect your tunnel vision. You dear ones have become soft marshmallows who are overfed on poison junk, alcohol and drugs--to great extent. (I do not intend discredit or dishonor to those of you who are working around the clock "as THE clock--ringing your alarms".) You do not go to gyms to gain health but a physical prowess even to the extent of damage to the body in the process. You are obsessed with it--when painting your house or scrubbing your floors and walls would give the same exercise--FREE! Furthermore--you must have the proper designer-shoes and leotards to show off those beauteous bank accounts and muscles. You are driven in your search for inner peace and loving quiet and you find it not until the apogee and crescendo bash you about until your ears ring and you robotically keep running--running-running, faster and faster--away from the goal of peace and more quickly into the cycle of chaos--away from God.

Dear ones, in the United States you now hold titles in being the most: you are leader in homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, drug use, alcoholism, and violent crime. This moral decline is a direct result of your spiritual decline, and the spiritual decline, in turn, has contributed to total political and social decline as well as destruction of your economic stability. Your children simply do not know which way to turn or that which to believe--for the parents do not know and this is due to the total moral decline of family.


The decline of morals is locked together inseparably with spiritual decline which is the basis for ALL the other areas of function. You have forgotten your spiritual, I DID NOT SAY RELIGIOUS, foundations from where you originated. The moral decline in your country in such a short period of time is totally amazing. The U.S. is the per capita leader in the Western world for drug consumption--intended and deliberately inflicted upon you. You now produce as much or more drug substance as is shipped in from elsewhere.

You are also the leader in the Western world in teenage pregnancies, although Russia is the leader in abortions which we will speak of later. Russia is not a "Western" nation, at any rate. Your teenage suicide and divorce rates top the lists of all. Your divorce rate is incredible. America publishes more pornography than any other country in the world. In the past, pornography was shipped into the U.S. mostly from the "free-love" places of Scandinavia. Now, in places as remote as New Zealand, South Africa, etc., pornographic movies made and published in America top the list of best-sellers--this includes horrible child-sex abuse and snuff films.

You have witnessed and experienced the breakup of the family and increasing problems for teenagers run out of control. The family is tuned out and turned away in all social aspects. You teach "safe sex" in your kindergarten when a child hardly realizes there is sex difference. Sex education is taught in schools and youngsters and teenagers are taught how to have safe sex so they won't contract AIDS--when your leaders know that there is no such thing as "safe-sex" on any account, especially prevention of AIDS and other diseases. Your motion pictures and television programs are thoroughly saturated with sex and anti-family, anti-traditional values. Violence and sex in television is increasing and that which was unacceptable a decade ago, for adults on late viewing of "X" (by the way, that is the Satanic symbol) rated material is now shown at dinner-time prime-time WHERE IT IS KNOWN THE CHILDREN WILL BE VIEWING. There are NO ACCIDENTS IN PROGRAMMING!

Much of the rock music promotes total violence and certainly, rebellion, depression, suicide, sex and drugs if nothing else.

Oh yes, your culture is almost to the pits in decline. Anyone over forty years of age can look back with the visions fresh in your mind and cringe at the view. According to your own records of a recent in-depth study about Satanism as a "named" cult, it was found that over 25% of teenagers in high schools in Denver, Colorado, are said by officials to be involved in "Satanism".

America's decline and plunge head-long toward slavery continues to proliferate at compounding speed. Your children have great confusion as to moral behavior and participate in activities destined to, at the least, give them fatal disease and emotional confusion. Across America it is found that over 70 percent of teenagers said that premarital sex is fine, 56% said they approve of "living together in trial marriages", 9 percent of these children have had at least one abortion and most of these, more than one; 15 % of the men knew that at least "one of their sexual partners" had had an abortion--thanks to them; 51 percent said they approved of abortion as a means of contraception; over half of the students reported having had more than one sex partner, and some 24 percent had had five or more partners with no checking for disease possibility; and half said they have sex at random and 26 percent participate regularly. Now, brothers, if this is not breaking the Commandments of God--then perhaps you will tell me that which does! And YOU have taught your babies that this behavior is not only acceptable but the "way to go".

When Lenin came to power in the Soviet Union one of the first things he (and later, Stalin) determined to do was to destroy and restructure the family. Easy. no-fault-type, divorce was instituted, sexual immorality was encouraged and abortion became totally acceptable. THE FAMILY BROKE DOWN AND SO DID THE ENTIRE RUSSIAN SOCIETY. ALERT!

It isn't just your children trying on these sports for entertainment, your government houses are hotbeds of total evil activities. The illicit heterosexual escapades of all the Kennedy "boys" is giggled about and emmulated and all will remember the Wilbur Mills, John Tower, Lyndon Johnson, Gary Hart and myriads of others, who romped about and cavorted with everything from secretaries to prostitutes. Your own evangelical movement has fallen into the pits due to this illicit behavior of your very "teachers of God's truth??". One representative from Ohio was recently convicted of having sex with a child--again.

And what about homosexuals in your houses of leadership? Sexual preference? Dear ones, what in the world are you talking about? I don't care what you think about it--homosexual behavior is amongst the most immoral and deviate behavior, and the government is a critical aspect of the nation's health.

Publicly announced (so you have no idea of the depth or extent of this behavior) most recently, have been three prominent homosexual Washingtonians who have contracted and died of AIDS from homosexual contacts. Terry Dolan, head of the National Conservative Political Action Committee; Dan J. Bradley, head of the leftist Legal Services Corp.; and Rep. Stuart McKinney (R-CT). McKinney had two gay lovers who died of AIDS and lived with a third for five years on Capitol Hill. A former congressman from Maryland, a gay who was forced from office in the early '80s when caught "cruising" for teenage boys, says that at that time there were at least a dozen closet, and active, gays in the Congress and somehow this was supposed to make his behavior acceptable. Since then, a congressman was ruined by a gay scandal involving murder; another was caught having sex in a Capitol Hill men's room; and another has been caught with his male lover running a call boy/call girl ring from his apartment.

This last representative, Barney Frank (D-MA), a long-time homosexual, answered an ad in Washington's Gay Blade newspaper in 1985. The male prostitute who placed the ad, and who was convicted in 1975 of cocaine distribution, and in 1982 on four counts of production of obscene items involving a juvenile, possession of obscene materials, oral sodomy (for you innocents--mouth to anus copulation), possession, sale and use of cocaine--moved in with Congressman Frank. For some two years, Representative Frank had him on his payroll at $20,000 per year (thank you, taxpayers), while the prostitute used the representative's apartment as a homosexual/heterosexual sex-for-hire whorehouse.


After this story became public, liberal politicians have risen to the aid and defense of Barney Frank. Some of them are literally calling this despot "one of America's top congressmen", "...a great American leader", etc. The Congressional Ethics Committee gave him a very minor tap on the wrist for his behavior and getting caught, and he has continued as a powerful liberal leader in Congress. What does upset you citizens?

Meanwhile, this man's homosexual call-boy-lover is beginning to talk about other Congressmen and Senators who have been his customers for both male and female prostitutes at this Capitol Hill "best little whorehouse in Washington".

Gay activist leaders in Washington estimate that there are at least thirty homosexual congressmen who are active participants. And you-the-people have given ample tax-money aid to obscene art displays. Even though the most contagious method of the spread of AIDS is through saliva, on July 11, 1990, the U.S. Senate voted to force restaurant owners to hire AIDS-infected homosexuals as food-handlers.

Please keep in mind that AIDS is deadly, incurable and most uncomfortable. Would it not appear that the top leaders who set up the downfall and the global plan--do not give any attention to AIDS? Why would that be? Because they planned it this way and they abhor the deviate behavior of the puppets and plan to annihilate them through this means of murder. There is cure/antidote for AIDS, plus the fact that these top leader Elite participate in no activities which would incur the disease. They are immoral--not stupid. They also have available, the antidote--which by the way, was created prior to the intentional infestation of the world population.


The Federal Government is now pushing churches to "...adjust their teaching on homosexuality". A very recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services states: Religion presents another risk factor...Many traditional fundamentalist faiths still portray homosexuality as morally wrong. Religion needs to re-assess homosexuality in a positive context within their belief systems.

And, indeed, government and private legal action is now being taken against churches and businesses for "alleged" discrimination against homosexuals. In New York, former Mayor Ed Koch issued an Executive Order granting "bereavement leave rights" to homosexuals whose "domestic partners" die. As local, state, and federal governments have come to accept and push as well as protect, the homosexual sodomite movement, the public is forced by law and the gun at the head, to also accept this form of behavior as acceptable among the populace. Again, I must repeat myself: there is preference of company of another human and there is "illicit behavior" integrated within the relationship--IT IS THE "BEHAVIOR" WHICH IS ABHORRENT, NOT THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN TWO INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS. You can object all you wish, people--but this behavior and attitude is against the Laws of God AND The Creation and all the rewriting of the rules and passing of human laws WILL NOT CHANGE ONE IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF IT. IT IS WRONG!!! IT IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD OF LIGHTED CREATION! IT IS TOTALLY WITHIN THE WRITTEN LAWS OF THE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD! YOU CHECK IT OUT FOR IT IS ALL DOCUMENTED AND AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION.


One last comment here and we shall close this segment and take a respite.

The moral decline including the "homosexual revolution" is evident on your art gallery walls. The good U.S. taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts reflects the moral plunge in Washington and the influence of homosexuality and other liberal moral standards. Now, for you who have also accused us of being unpatriotic, etc., I would note to you that homosexuality is NOT acceptable in the military services and great problems have been caused as it is efforted to make it so. You cannot have it BOTH ways, friends. In the summer of 1990 a most despicable showing of art works were passed about your country. The objections for expenditures for this "art" was overruled and remains in place--thanks to your wondrously "moral" congress.

One of the works displayed was Robert Mapplethorpe's "celebration of homosexuality", an exhibition which portrayed such poignant sights as a man urinating into another's mouth and the artist, himself, posing with the "long end" of a bullwhip dangling from a well-known, well-labeled body cavity, pronounced "Booo-sh" in Arabic.

Another display was a "work" entitled "Piss Christ", a large photograph of a crucifix immersed in the artist's most recent "medium", his own urine.

When asked by the press, since he worked with urine, what his next medium would be, Serrano replied: "Semen". The Mapplethorpe and Seranno works both got money from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts and one Senator, Jesse Helms, efforted to see that it didn't get repeated but here he stood alone--he was simply laughed at, called a religious bigot, and accused of "violating our First Amendment right of free expression:. Even President Bush has refused to condemn THE FEDERALLY FUNDED "PROGRESSIVE ART" AND HAS NOW CALLED FOR ADDITIONAL TAXPAYER FUNDING--WHICH WILL CONTINUE.

You might be happy to note that business is not far behind--Seattle First National Bank, whose parent bank is Bank of America, has agreed to offer a "gay affinity" MasterCard for homosexuals throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. The card is intended and designed to help raise funds for gay and lesbian groups throughout the Pacific Northwest as a trial and then extended outward.

Congressman Dannemeyer of California gives the following information in a recently released publication, "Homosexuals are now insisting that young people be taught how to perform homosexual acts as well as heterosexual acts. They demand that such instruction be mandatory in our public schools and that the courses also teach that homosexuality is a normal and desirable appetite.

Many schools have instituted such sex education.


The communists recognize that a country in moral decline is an easy, easy target. In 1960 they told their cadres in America:

"Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them ' censorship' and violation of 'free speech' and 'free press'. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, and healthy"

Dear ones, even the tampered Bible pronounces that of all human behavior besides that of murder, homosexuality is the most severely condemned behavior of human. It further states that no society can survive the widespread practices and acceptance of homosexuality. Likewise in opposition, the Talmud and other Manifestos urge their participants to institute decline and weakening of the nations and people through the deviate behaviors by pronouncing them acceptable and pushing therefore, the behaviors.

There is, also, the promise that the nations, people and planets of those who fall into the practices of such behaviors and actions will reap the reward of perishing and the people shall be separated away from God--in their own free-will of choosing! So be it and Amen. Allow us a rest, please. Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1991 1:50 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 209


Let us shift back now, to the subject of Illuminati and intent toward Global control. The preceding chapter fits in integration far better than you might, at first glance, realize. It all boils down to a single "Christ-ness" and a single "Anti-Christ-ness". This is whether you like of it or do not. Background will help you understand the NOW.

Every revolutionary effort since the French Revolution has been financed by the International Jewish bankers, who have profited by backing both sides and they love to boast about it. As far back as 1928 they were boasting about it. In that year in Century Magazine, Jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage wrote: "We Jews are at the bottom of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian, but of every other revolution in your history... we did it solely with the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas and propaganda." Now dear ones, you can cast stones at our words if you so choose--the preceding was out of the mouth and pen of a self-proclaimed "Jew".

The Jewish writer, Oscar Levy, in the preface to his book THE WORLD SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, wrote: "There is scarcely an event in modern history that cannot be traced to the Jews. We Jews today, are nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries."

You are supposed to believe, today, that the International Pharisees, like the Pharisees of Christ's time, are only tools or agents of the Great Conspiracy, when they are the "heart and soul" of the conspiracy itself. Whether or not you wish to accept this, whether or not your Pastor is honest enough to accept it--does not matter a whit. When you back "them", you are backing the enemies of God, His Son, your Lord His Hosts, and His "church". They hate for anyone to expose them and will do most anything to silence the speaker. That is why many of your pastors are scared into silence, even though the truth is known.

Why do you suppose the average American has been brainwashed into believing that communism is a movement of the working class, when it is controlled by the International Zionist Bankers? The movement to control the world is not a movement of workers, striving to better themselves, but of the International Elite who, led by Zionist money and power, are seeking world control at any cost. The Jewish bankers control the world's economy and thus its people. Like the "money changers" of Christ's time, who received His most violent denunciations, they are the power behind the move to destroy Christianity and Godly civilization. The Bible tells you: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!” (2 Corinthians 3:17). The conspirators know this truth, so they seek to stamp it out and that is their major target.

The headquarters for this world conspiracy in the late 1700's was Frankfurt, Germany, where the House of Rothschild's (known as the Red Shield) was formed by a Jewish banker who adopted the name Rothschild and linked up with other international Jewish bankers who had quite literally "sold their souls to the devil". Remember that the 1700s is labeled the 18th Century. This all occurred as the term "Jew" was originated to designate this grouping of Elite out of the Khazars.

After the Bavarian government's exposure in 1786, the conspirators moved their headquarters to Switzerland, then London, and finally only after World War II, to New York City, where it is located today.

The Rockefellers, original proteges of Jacob Schiff, have taken over the manipulation of the North American area and David Rockefeller, dead or robotoid, acts as head of the clan--this entity remains one of the most influential men in the world this day.

In its final stages, the world conspiracy calls for a king/dictator, a United Nations and a few subordinate organizations such as the CFR, a few billionaires, such as the late Armand Hammer and some top scientists, economists and educators who have proven their loyalty to the conspiracy. The rest of the world is to become a mixed-up mass of mongrelized humanity, who for all intents and purposes will be slaves of the world system. This is quite literally taught in the Jewish religious book, the Babylonian TALMUD, where it states that in the Jewish World Government, "Every Jew will have 2,000 goyim slaves".

At this point, we should look at how the American government and its people have been literally tricked by this one-world plot. Always keep in mind that the United Nations, which is found on American soil in New York City, was created to be the housing for the conspiracy.


The REAL foundation of the plot to take over America was laid during the Civil War, by Rothschild agents who had been planted in the United States as far back as the Revolutionary War. They have been preparing this country for ultimate takeover ever since.

Your first President, George Washington, was more than a match for the Illuminist agents and on several occasions he wrote letters to leading Masonic leaders, warning them of the attempt to infiltrate the Masonic Lodges of America--furthermore, evidence proves that, although Washington was himself a member of the Masonic lodge, he was rather inactive and seldom attended their meetings. Again showing you that most members of such lodges have no idea of that which is the foundation of the organization. Most members and initiates think the rituals amusing and a "bit of a lark"--certainly NOT to be taken seriously.

It was not, however, until the time of the Civil War that the conspirators launched their first concrete effort to control your economy. You can know from history that the chief advisor to President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy was a Jew named Judah Benjamin, a noted Illuminist. You can also know that the Lincoln Administration was riddled with Rothschild agents, much as they control your present government through the CFR. These agents attempted to steer President Lincoln into a financial deal with the International Jewish bankers. But old "Honest Abe" saw enough "light" through their schemes and bluntly rejected them, thereby incurring their wrath, just as the Czar of Russia did a bit later when he torpedoed the first League of Nations. Sic, Sic--and you thought Lincoln was slain for freeing slaves.

For insults, both real and imagined, both the Czar and your Abraham Lincoln paid with their lives. Investigation into the assassination of Lincoln shows that the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was not a Southern sympathizer as your history books aver, but was a member of a secret conspiratorial group which was controlled by the Illuminati. THE NAME OF THIS GROUP HAS NOT BEEN REVEALED AND THE EVIDENCE WAS IMMEDIATELY COVERED FOR MANY YEARS, JUST AS THE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN HIDDEN MOST DILIGENTLY IN THE LATER ASSASSINATION OF JACK KENNEDY!

The ending of the Civil War temporarily destroyed chances for the House of Rothschild to gain control of your money. They already controlled the economy of Britain, France, and most of the European countries. This was only a temporary set-back for them. But in the United States they had to start from the beginning. Shortly after the Civil War, a young Jewish immigrant from Germany, named Jacob Schiff, arrived in the United States. His mission was to gain control of the American money system for his master--the Rothschilds.

Schiff was the son of a Rabbi and had been especially trained for his mission in Frankfurt, Germany.

It is not necessary for us to go deeply into Schiff's background for we have done so previously, but it suffices to say that Rothschild recognized in him, not only a potential "money worker", but more important, recognized in him the ideal agent for the conspiracy. He saw the latent Machevillian qualities which would turn Schiff into one of the most important agents in the world conspiracy.


Schiff became the primary cog in the plan to control the American money system. He came to New York with orders to buy into a banking house which would be the "springboard" into acquiring ultimate control of your economy. He had several primary assignments:

1. The most important was to acquire control of the American economy,

2. He was to find men in important government and business positions in your country who would be willing to serve as "front men" for the conspiracy,

3. He was to create minority group strife, particularly between Blacks and Whites, and,

4. He was to create a movement which would eventually destroy Christianity in America.

Let us trace the trail of Schiff's actions as he set out to accomplish challenge #1, control of the American Money System.

His first step was to buy into a banking house, using Rothchild money. It had to be a house over which he would have complete control. After carefully scouting around, Schiff bought a partnership in a New York firm called Kuehn and Loeb. Like Schiff, both Kuehn and Loeb were German Jews who had immigrated to the U.S. in the 1840's from the ghettoes of Germany. Both of them started their business careers as itinerant peddlers. In the mid 1840's, they pooled their interests and purchased a merchandising store in Lafayette, Indiana under the name of Kuehn-Loeb. They serviced covered wagons heading west. In a few years, they had a string of stores in Cincinnati and St. Louis. Then they added "pawn brokering" to their pursuits. By the time Schiff arrived on the scene, Kuehn and Loeb were well-known bankers in the U.S.

Shortly after Jacob bought into the firm, he married Loeb's daughter, Theresa. Then he bought out Kuehn's interest and the firm, headquartered in New York City became known as Kuehn, Loeb and Company, International Bankers. By this time, Schiff was in complete control of the firm.

From the very beginning this agent of an adversarial conspiracy posed as a great philanthropist and a man of great religious holiness. But under his pious exterior, he carried out the satanic policies of his masters with nothing short of brilliance.

To achieve control of the U.S. Money System, Schiff had to get cooperation from the Big Banking elements in your country. In those days, Wall Street was the heart of the American Money Mart. J.P. Morgan was its unchallenged dictator. Next in line were Biddle and Drexel, two great banks from Philadelphia. All the money interests in America danced to the beat these three banks played, with Morgan always in the drummer's lead.

At first, these banks treated the little bewhiskered Jew from Germany with contempt. But Jacob knew how to overcome that. He threw them a few Rothschild bones consisting of the distribution of European stocks and bonds which master Rothschild controlled.

But he had an even more potent weapon available. Following the Civil War, American industries had a phenomenal growth. The world had never seen anything like it. You had great railroad systems to build; oil was discovered; your mines were producing untold wealth; steel and textile industries were bursting out of the seams. All this called for vast financing and of course, most of this financing came from abroad, where it was controlled by the Rothschild interests. Schiff, playing a crafty game, became the "patron saint" of such men as John D. Rockefeller, Edward Harriman and Andrew Carnegie. He financed Standard Oil for "Rocky"; the railroad empire for Harriman and the steel industry for Carnegie. Now wouldn't you all like a nice "sugar daddy" like that one?

Next, he opened the money doors of the Rothschild's to Morgan, Biddle and Drexel, as he arranged for them to set up branches of their banks in major European cities. Cleverly arranged, these banks were always in a partnership with the Rothschild interests and subordinate to them. Each partner was expected to "pay his pound of flesh" to the Rothschilds. It was clear to the "Big Three" from the beginning that Schiff was the boss and they simply swallowed their pride and accepted it. After all, "business comes first!".

By the turn of the century, Schiff had tight control over the banking fraternity of America. This included the Lehman Brothers; Goldman Sachs and other International banks, plus the "Big three of Morgan, Biddle and Drexel".

With full control of the American Banking System in his pocket, Schiff was now ready for the giant step which would gain full control of America's money system. Under your Constitutional system, all control of your money was to remain under the control of Congress (does anyone remember?). So Schiff's task was to seduce Congress into betraying the Constitutional edict by surrendering that control to the hierarchy of the Illuminati. In order to legalize this surrender, it would be necessary for Congress to enact special legislation. To accomplish this, Schiff had to infiltrate Rothschild stooges into both houses of Congress and even more important, he would have to have a Rothschild stooge in the PRESIDENCY, a man without moral scruples or integrity, who would obey every order that came to him from the Rothschild's and sign this legislation into law. To accomplish this, he had to gain control over one of the major political parties with intent to control all political parties as the plan would move along. I believe you can see that that has been magnificently accomplished.

The Democratic Party seemed to be the more vulnerable at the time, since it was the hungrier of the two. With the exception of Grover Cleveland, they had been unable to place their man in the White House since before the Civil War. There were two major reasons for this. First, the Democrat party was a poor party and secondly, there were considerably more Republican voters than there were Democrats. This obviously had to be changed.


The poverty matter was not of great concern, since Schiff had access to the Rothschild wealth. The voter problem was a bit of a different story. Remember now, we are dealing with an extremely clever operator in Jacob Schiff. Here is how he went about solving the voter problem. The solution shows how the Jewish leaders care very little for their own people and will sacrifice the "little 'Jews'" if it will bring them into power.

About 1890, there were a series of "pogroms" (an organized massacre of a group of people) in Russia and Central Europe against the Jews, in which thousands of men, women and children were ruthlessly slaughtered. These "pogroms" were masterminded by those nice Rothschild agents, working on the dislike for Jews, which had been built up in these countries over the years because of unscrupulous "Jewish" business practices. Their plan was to force hundreds of thousands of Jews to flee Russia and Central Europe and find homes in either Palestine or the United States. Palestine was not a very good choice in those days, so the vast majority flocked into the United States.

These immigrants were aided by self-styled humanitarian organizations, using Rothschild money, which were set up by Schiff. While the vast majority of Jews arriving in the United States settled in New York City, many were shipped to other large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia. Within thirty years, these people had become citizens and had been taught to vote a straight Democrat ticket, no matter what!

This Jewish minority was then joined by Blacks, who had also been recruited by Schiff's efforts for Civil Rights. This became a major voting bloc for the Democratic party. By 1910, these minority voters had become a vital factor in the political life of America. This was the plan Schiff used to plant such men as Senator Nelson Aldrich in the Senate and Woodrow Wilson in the White House.

At this point let's digress for a bit and go back and look at another important point in Schiff's scheme to control America. I am now referring to his plot to destroy the unity of the American people by creating minority groups and engendering racial strife. By forcing Jews to leave their homeland in Russia, Schiff had a ready made minority group who would do his bidding. But the Jewish people themselves, frightened by the violence they had seen in Russia, could not be counted on to produce the violence necessary for Schiff's plan. So he turned to a sleeping minority in America which was much more numerous than the Jews. I am speaking about the Blacks, and such men as Martin Luther King, Jr., Stokley Carmichael and others, who carried out their so-called peaceful demonstrations under the guise of Civil Rights and always under the firm di-rection of Rothschild agents. I'm sorry, chelas, in political stakes as high as these, God is rarely actually invited into participation and it is one reason that ones of great impact must be eliminated when they become troublesome and while they can still be utilized as "martyrs". Next, all that was necessary to bring about rioting, looting, rape and murder, was to arouse the baser members of the Black race, who were always looking for some excuse to get even for the evil the white people had brought against them.

Working together, under Schiff's control, these two minority groups, the Ashkenazi Jews and the American Blacks, began to produce the rioting which would tear America asunder.

You will find that while Schiff was laying his plans for the takeover of the money system, he was also working on the plans for the chaos they hoped would destroy the unity of the American people.

While this racial holocaust has never been fully realized, the enemy agents are still working on it and you can see the terrible potential which was seen in the race riots which destroyed vast areas of your great cities a few years ago. It is still boiling under the surface, waiting for the proper spark to set it off. Your streets are rampant with unrest and drugs, assault weapons, disease and hatred. This explosive situation will erupt one of the clays into the worst tragedy that has ever hit your continent. There will be police force slaughter of the kids in the gangs as gun control and confiscation is brought into law--the children of the gangs will simply be shot. Worse for the masses of warm, goodly human beings--because the military consists of so many blacks and minorities--the enforcement will fall to the brothers of the same group being exterminated. THE SAME PEOPLE WHO PUSHED THIS IN THE PAST ARE PUSHING IT TODAY.

This potential for racial violence has grown with the vast immigration of legal and illegal Asiatics and Hispanics into your country in the past half century. Almost without fail the immigration laws were changed by the liberals in Congress to pave the road for this very holocaust and, almost without fail, they came from the Democratic party. Don't get bent-out-of-shape about immigration of aliens into your country--there are proper ways to handle immigration in a humane and fair manner with brotherhood--not this hatred fostered by your foolish laws.

At present there is evidence that in Los Angeles alone there are over 100,000 armed gang members who are constantly fighting among themselves and the slaughter is evident every week-end. This would be bad enough, except that now they are spilling over with their warfare into the suburban areas which are not on "home turf". In frequent recent attempts to control this situation as many as 1,000 combat-geared policemen have efforted to bring these gangs into control--without success. The problem worsens daily. The price of this crime has risen into the hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

The liberal policy has been expounded to the point where anti-American radicals, both professors and students, have been given a haven of refuge on your college campuses. In 1985, for instance, F.B.I. sources stated that there were estimated to be a minimum of 45,000 Marxist Professors teaching in your institutions of higher learning--and the number rising annually by leaps and bounds. On many of these once conservative campuses, conservative speakers are shouted into silence by a few radicals, who are among the most vociferous when demanding their own right to "freedom of speech"--then the demands are backed up by police intervention.

I do not make the rules nor the story--but you will find that in every radical group there will be a leader claiming to be "Jewish" and coming from the most wealthy of the Jewish families. In the recent past these few radicals all but ran the colleges and universities and the administrators were helplessly afraid of them.

The same Zionist Jewish control can easily be seen by anyone who will look at the problem openly without shouting or hiding from "anti-Semitism" nonsense. Look at EVERY issue which is being used to destroy America, and behind it, financing it and often actually outright and publicly controlling it, will be a self-acclaimed Jewish racist. I do not mean "racist against Jews"--I said "Jewish racist". The Jews are the most racist of all groups of persons.

Look carefully at every effort to take Christian principles out of the public schools and Christ out of Christmas--and Christian symbols out of the schools, parks and now, the Christian churches. Oh no, this is true and it is NOT amusing. You will find a "Jewish ' movement' and person behind it with non-bending intent accomplishment of the task at hand. Look carefully at every effort to knock the stand which is being taken by Christian Patriots and you will find the Jewish A.D.L. (Anti-Defamation League) and W.Z.O. (World Zionist Organization) at the lead against whatever it might be.

As you further study this conspiracy, you will find that it took infinite planning and patience to be successful. So let us take a few minutes and look at documentary proof as to how they set about to destroy God/Christ America.

Dharma, allow us a break, please, and we will then take up the methods for destruction of the U.S. as planned and orchestrated against you-the-people. We have already spoken of destruction of the family and because I used the term "communist", forget any difference for there is NONE. These terms of "Jews", "Zionists" and "Communists" were originated to bring into power the Globalist Elite Conspirators.

I will move to stand-by and go over this computer while you have a rest--please leave the room as we need to always take caution. As we wrote, I believe you heard the efforts to access the circuits--but I believe we have it pretty well under control today. Thank you. I shall stand aside. Gyeorgos



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1991 3:56 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 209


First it is necessary for "them" to create the leadership and organizations necessary to brainwash millions of dupes, both Jewish AND Christian--or whichever group is under attack. Blacks and other minorities received prime attention for they would be the most advantageous "tools" in the game of charades. These were the ones who would do the rioting and suffer the casualties, while the Zionist overlords ran the show top sheltered places. In 1909, Schiff set up and organized the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE. Now wouldn't that frost you--wouldn't you have thought this organization would have been started by a "colored" person or group? The Presidents and directors from its inception have been JEWISH. Jews appointed by Schiff while he was still alive and later by his successors who ran these organizations. In 1914, a real doozie came forth, birthed in total intent of take-over. Schiff came up with the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, of the Jewish Masonic Lodge, B'nai B'rith--you can't get more direct than that, chelas. It was to serve as a Jewish KGB, keeping its own people in line and harassing anyone who dared to tell the truth about International Jewry/Zionism. It is the largest and most complete private intelligence gathering apparatus and lie instigator known to human. It is actually an AGENT of a FOREIGN COUNTRY, operating illegally, without a license on American soil--yet such is the power of the Zionist Lobby in Washington, it has for all intents and purposes become an advisory branch of the United States Justice Department--with freedom from taxes for all.

Some non-Jews look on the ADL as primarily a "spy outfit", skilled in tapping telephones, infiltrating patriotic groups and meetings, tapping into computers and phone lines of my scribes and attacking anyone who does not follow the straight Zionist line. It is all that and ever so much more!

It is also a "sleazy, money-raising" operation which pressures Jews to give and when money does not come in fast enough, it will create problems for Jews, which they say they are fighting against. For instance, the leader of the neo-Nazi group which invaded Skokie, Illinois a few of your years back and caused a great furor, was a "Jew" from the Chicago ADL and so stated. This incident scared the dickens out of Chicago Jews and they shelled out much money for the ADL coffers.

The operating head of the ADL at this time is one Arnold Forster, a veteran troublemaker and a skillful money-raiser. He says the ADL is merely a Jewish Defense Group and Political Action Committee, which spends its time and money "fighting racial bigotry", as it pursues its goal of "democracy", and "world brotherhood". If you believe this, my friends, you need to go to Palestine and ask the Arabs who are being murdered there about Jewish Democracy. By the way, do you remember after the so-called, (but isn't) cease fire--the Israelis said they lifted the curfew on the Palestinians? They haven't--for all purposes and intent the Palestinians are still under Martial Law controls and total curfews--even as Baker dons his beanie this day. Well, yesterday it was--for today he is wining and dining and making proposals and payoffs to your old buddy--Assad in Syria. You have really developed some endearing friends, America--the chief terrorist trainers and the chief terrorists of the world.

When there is no anti-Semitism available, Forster and his cronies create some and this enables him to blackmail Jewish merchants for the alleged purpose of "saving them from goyim persecution". This scam has worked for years and Forster is paid a huge salary for doing it. He has been in this game for more than thirty years and has used smear and blackmail tactics, and even created "nazi" groups in New York to deface Jewish tombstones and paint swastikas on the walls of Jewish synagogues. The scare stories he managed to raise in New York called for a Congressional investigation. Of course the ADL was NEVER investigated, only those old "bad" other people--EVEN AFTER THE PROOF OF INCIDENT AND PERPETRATORS WERE EXPOSED AND CONFIRMED BY THE SYNAGOGUES THEMSELVES AND THE ADL OWNED UP TO THE LITTLE "CHARADE".

In 1986, the National Council of Churches in America, seeking information on the Christian Identity Movement in America, went to a Jew, Leonard Zeskind (strange resource), of the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL, an extremely "left-wing" organization. They made no attempt to go to any Identity leader for information, but instead went to this atheist, Christ-hating Jewish center. He wrote a "scurrilous" account of the Christian Patriotic movement which has been swallowed completely by the National Council of Churches leadership. Out of this, however, came some incredible dossiers on innocent people living "normal" American lives.

This sinister Zionist KGB maintains over 2,000 agencies across your nation. They advise and control every action of the NAACP, the URBAN LEAGUE, and many other so-called Black political activist organization, including Jesse Jackson's SOUTHERN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE--which becomes indeed interesting now that Mr. Jackson has become a member of the CFR and is in with the really "Big Boys" of politics. They controlled Black leaders such as Martin Luther King, Stokley Carmichael, Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond and the man I just mentioned, Jesse Jackson.

In addition, the ADL acquired absolute control over the advertising budgets of many nationally known department stores, hotel chains and key radio and TV sponsors, also the advertising agencies which serviced them--along with public relations corporations who do such in-depth work as for the Emir Sabah of Kuwait and produce such documents as the false testifying before Congressional Subcommittees with horrendous pictures of atrocities and phoney participants weeping and working in total safety far from the streets of Kuwait. And you, as a nation, bought it. By these means, for all intents and purposes, the mass media of the United States of America is totally under Zionist control and woe be unto the politician or reporter who fails to remember this. There have been several Senators in the past who tried to buck the Zionist Lobby in Washington and were out on their ear in the very next election, i.e. Percy of Illinois, Full-bright of Arkansas, Rep. Finley of Illinois, etc.


This means fully that all of the major news that America hears is slanted or falsified in the direction of the Zionist overlords, as they desire it to be presented. Your own beloved Walter Cronkite stated: "Our task is not to tell the truth; we are opinion molders".

One of their major purposes is to sway sympathy for Black rioters and criminals, no matter where they are or what they do. This can be vividly illustrated by many incidents but one especially is clear. This incident took place in the nation's capitol a few months ago. Now, before you read this I wish you to know that I believe the Klu Klux Klan to be a totally evil organization as indicated by the secrecy and hood-wearing anonymous offenders--but that has nothing to do with the story--for you have "freedoms", do you not? The KKK had received permission from the Washington police for a peaceful march in your capitol. But the Blacks, agitated by agents provocateur from within, tried to disturb this "lawful parade" (as was certainly planned and anticipated) and were stopped by the Washington police, as they should have been. But the Blacks went on a rampage, burning cars, breaking store windows and looting stores--just as instructed and paid-off to do. The next day, a white correspon-dent with the Washington Post gave this explanation for the riot: "The Blacks rioted because their civil rights to confront the KKK purveyors of hate had been denied". NOW WHO DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE WERE THE PURVEYORS OF HATE? ACTUALLY--NEITHER GROUP BUT RATHER, BOTH GROUPS WERE USED TO ACCOMPLISH THE AIMS OF THE THIRD AND MOST POWERFUL GROUP.


A prime mode of operation which gets the innocent "Jew" of Judean descent into horrendous circumstances is that he is always set up as one of the radical participants. For instance, in 1910, a Jewish playwright wrote a play titled THE MELTING POT. It was sheer communist propaganda designed to incite BOTH Blacks and Jews. The play was supposed to visualize how the American Whites were discriminating against both Jews and Blacks. At that time, no one seemed to care that this was propaganda because it seemed quite possible of truth. It was cleverly written and the propaganda was wrapped very well in the entertainment offered by the play--it became a big Broadway hit.

In those days, the famous Diamond Jim Brady would often hold fabulous banquets at the famous Delmonico's restaurant in New York, after the opening of a successful Broadway play. The author, plus cast and selected political and Broadway celebrities, were invited.

Myron Fagan, a well-known Hollywood playwright, who actually initiated some of this very information given you now, was invited to attend that party. There he met the English socialist George Bernard Shaw and a Jewish writer named Israel Cohen. Both Shaw and Cohen had worked together in London, with a Jew named Karl Mordecai Marx. Remember, at this time Marxism and Communism were just emerging and very few people paid any attention to what they were trying to do. No one suspected the propaganda which permeated the writings of either Shaw or Cohen. At that banquet, Cohen told Fagan that he was engaged in writing a book, which would be titled A RADICAL PROGRAM FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.

Fagan at that time knew nothing at all about Communism or its connection with World Zionism; he was totally wrapped up in his work as a Hollywood writer--just as all of you are wrapped up in everything else except that which is destroying your very nation and people. But he was shocked when he received a clipping from the Washington Evening Star, several years later in May of 1957. It was a verbatim excerpt from Cohen's book: "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them into the program of the Communist Party. In America, we aim for several victories. While inflaming the Negro minorities against the whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt-complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Blacks to rise to prominence in every walk of life and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to inter-marry with the whites and will begin the process which will deliver America to our cause!" I have given this excerpt prior to this but it bore the repeating BECAUSE IT WAS ENTERED INTO "THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD" OF JUNE 7, 1957, BY REP. THOMAS ABERNATHY.

At that time, of course Fagan could only wonder if the official policy of the Communist Party was simply the same as that of Cohen, or was this merely the thinking of one man? But in an official pamphlet, published by the New York Communist Party in 1935, titled "THE NEGRO IN A SOVIET AMERICA", he found that it urged Blacks to rise up and form a separate Black nation in the South and apply for admission to the Soviet Union. A firm pledge was made by the communist leaders that, if this happened, the Blacks would receive firm backing from communists everywhere, including the might of the Soviet Union. On p. 48 of this pamphlet was this pledge to the Blacks, "Any act of discrimination or prejudice against the Negro, by a white, will become a crime under revolutionary law."

I guess you need a little proof, at this point, that the Communist regimes, both in Europe and on the American Continent, are under the full control of the Rothschild agents, which means The Illuminati?


The communist end of this world conspiracy was created by the "master minds" who were "capitalists". You should also note that both the Rothschild's, the Schiff's and the Warburgs planned and financed the Russian Revolution, after they had murdered the Czar and his family. We have written of this but for you who come newly into the writings, it bears repetition. Jacob Schiff alone, gave $20-million (and that was a lot of money in the very early years of the 1900's) to a man named Trotsky, who was on his way to Russia with 247 of the dregs of the Jewish East Side of New York City, the kind of Jews the Jews themselves call "kikes". They were stopped in Newfoundland by Canadian Customs and then released under pressure from the U.S. State Department, with the money that made the Revolution a success.

The Jewish/Zionist involvement is easily proven from statements made by Jewish leaders at that time. The Jewish Chronicle, the largest Jewish Newspaper in New York, in its April 4, 1918 issue stated: "...there is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself. In the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists. In the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant (in agreement) with the finest ideals of Judaism."

In 1918, Count Mensdorf, the Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London was quoted as saying: "Israel won the war (WWI); we made it; we thrived on it; we

profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity." Notice that it is Jews who are making these statements!

There is absolutely no doubt that Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin took their marching orders directly from that little American Zionist, Jacob Schiff of New York City--so how does that make you citizens feel about the probability that your nation and banking industry are completely controlled also?


Can you begin to understand why your Congress, your Supreme Court, and your Justice System was beaten into issuing the infamous Civil Rights Act of 1954 and subsequent unconstitutional legislation which has dis-enfranchised White people whose ancestors built your country--BUT ALSO BROUGHT THE BLACKS AND MINORITIES INTO TOTAL AGITATION AND UNREST. It is not that there should not be equality of opportunity and no man has rights to have superior position to another because of any race or color--but to bring the confusion of enforcement into the already churning peoples can wily bring more hatred and contempt--which, of course, is the total intent.

Perhaps you can better understand why your Supreme Court, under pressure

from the Zionists, and sometimes with Zionists sitting in the august group, have banned prayer in public schools, Bible reading in schools, anything to do with the Christian/God celebration of Christmas? Can you understand why, in almost every case, it has been a Jew who has brought suit against school boards and municipalities.

These are totally outspoken atheists. The Jewish-run ACLU which has pushed for the destruction of these Christian symbols also fits within this grouping. Today, they are laying the ground work for the removal of all town and city names which have a religious connotation: St. Paul, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Corpus Christi and thus and so....ridiculous? Well, none-the-less that is that which is under way! The head of the ACLU has openly gone on record in the boasting that "by the end of 1992, there will be no more Christian symbolism in any public place!"

Perhaps now, in view of this information and control--it might be a bit easier for you to understand why your President Eisenhower, in direct violation of your Constitution, ordered Federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas a few years back to enforce Federal integration laws?

Can you understand why President Johnson and 66 U.S. Senators, in spite of protests from 90% of the American public, voted for the pro-Communist Counsilar Treaty which opened the U.S. wide to Communist agents and saboteurs, even when your FBI publicly acknowledged that they KNEW there were thousands of them already in your country? Can you understand better why many of these same traitors in Washington, voted at a later date to give away your Canal in Panama to a Communist dictator, even though they knew it was dangerous to the very defense of your country? Funny thing about how that worked out, isn't it? You have agreements and contracts for drugs and money laundering and by golly, he was going to "nationalize" the Bush family resort property--so, the Panama invasion to suppress Noriega--an old ally and friendly criminal brother.

These acts, dear ones, and the thousands more, can be named only as TREASON, according to your Constitution of the United States, Article III, Section 3. This section, written in words any school child can understand, defined treason as: "Treason shall consist only of, levying war against them (the U.S.) adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort". Notice nothing was said about it being necessary to be at war with a country--but your blessed government, military and administration has done that, too. Yet they turn about and call the precious few who speak out--the treasonists and non-patriotic, effort to kill them and bring ruin unto them while the nation is distracted by the lies. Well, that which goes forth shall come back in kind, a hundred-fold--it is the Cosmic Law of universal cycles of "that which ye plant--so shall ye reap in kind".

My scribe and others who scribe directly for the Master Teacher and we of the Hosts sent directly from God, are accused of being Satanic--well, in the true sense of the definition of "satan", I certainly hope so--for they are very definitely "adversaries" of evil. But it is amusing, none-the-less that they who are in direct communication are the ones accused of the falseness, and not the total bigots who threaten their very lives in the name of the "Christian community" (oh pain and agony upon all).

Why have not the American people risen up in indignation to demand that the traitors in Washington, D.C. and in your State Houses be accused, tried, convicted, and tended as traitors which they are? Why instead, do you see them being elected into office term after term after term with known indiscretions to their credit as in the case, say, of Alan Cranston of California who has cost you taxpayers BILLIONS of your dollars through illegal and criminal practices? Perhaps it could be that the statement of a well-known historian was true when he said: "TREASON prospers, what's the reason. For when TREASON prospers--NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON!" Have you regressed so far from the "faith of your fathers", which raised your country to international prominence, that you no longer care when traitors run rampant in the halls of government and trample on your Constitution and practice all manners of vile, immoral acts?

The time has come, Americans, when you must insist that an immediate, in-depth investigation and revelation be made of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Zionist-Americans in Washington who seek to run your country. These MUST be brought to account along with the alien FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, which has robbed America for over 75 years. You must insist that all priding be made public and that the conspirators be brought before the American people they have so woefully wronged and receive the just punishment for their treason. The time has come when you MUST take up the scalpel of truth and remove the cancer apathy has allowed to grow on your body politic and within your religious halls and places of teaching. You can no longer sit idly by and allow corrupt government to further sell you out. For you see, your freedom will not be lost on that day when a man with a red star on his helmet and an assault weapon in his arms hauls you off to the "concentration camps", or the "liquidation centers". Your freedom is lost when you see things happen in local government, in your town, in your local churches, you know are wrong, and you sit back before your TV sets and say: "I'm just one individual you know, everyone knows you can't buck city hall." Is that day already here? You have all but killed your own beloved America. You will haul her to the burial place, bury her, and over her grave erect a headstone with this epitaph, perhaps: "AMERICA DIED, BECAUSE THE GOOD PEOPLE OF AMERICA DIDN'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED!"


If you ever get up your "guts" enough to take this necessary step to stop this cancer, then there will surely be a of "witch hunts" and "a return to McCarthyism" and "anti-Semites" and other colorful and despicable accusations. This will come from the liberals who takedown your money in massive amounts and from the so-called "Judeo-Christian" (oh, nausea) so-called "churches". But you MUST realize that the founders of your Republic and the writers of your Constitution, even if imperfect, recognized historical fact. They knew that when a government turns from being the servant of the people, to try and master them, then it became right of the people, THEIR DUTY, to change that form of government and so preserve their God-given inalienable rights!

Every unconstitutional act of your leaders in modern times, whether by Presidents Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, or Bush, were in line with the plans of the International Conspirators. Every unconstitutional decision which has been issued by your

Supreme Court, whether under the liberal Earl Warren, or at this present time, has furthered this alien control over your America. Every traitorous decision by your elected Congress since 1913 has been to further the strangle-hold these aliens have on the American people--and I do NOT refer to little gray aliens from somewhere out there!

You had best remember this: traitorous acts by your leaders, whether it be President, Congress, the Supreme Court, or whatever, never happen by any form of ACCIDENT. They have all been planned by the over-all blueprint for your destruction as a free people.

You can bet anything you wish that the 70-plus Senators who "vote the straight Zionist ticket" (over two-thirds of your Congress) are under direct orders from the Conspiracy. They are, whether or not they will admit it to you-the-people. They have been bought and paid for and the blackmail comes down heavy indeed.

Haven't you ever pondered just HOW a man can go into the U.S. Congress (when the Constitution gives the most power to the State representatives) and then come out in a few years as a multi-millionaire? Why do these men spend eight to ten million dollars to get elected to a job that pays a rather (proclaimed by the participants) meager salary? It might look good to you Joe, Tom, Dick or Harry but to those men who had to have a big raise--it must be small indeed.

It really doesn't add up, does it? Especially, when they show by their actions and their voting records that they are not all that much interested in the welfare of the people who just put them into office. Do you think they spend all that money just for the prestige it brings them? Don't be stupid, America! There are very few men in your government today who are free from the "taint of treason and therefore keep silent".

This is a good place to close this segment. We shall take up how Jacob Schiff entrapped the American people and the effect it has had on your "American Way of Life", which at one time was the shining light unto the entire world. I feel you need a bit more background prior to dealing with all that is under way this day. I am efforting to pull it together into a bit of a bundle whereby you can look at it a bit more closely and perhaps better understand why the thrust must be NOW if you are to reverse this monster which is consuming you as a nation and a people.

May God rest His hand upon your beings that you might be given into the seeing of that which is upon you. Salu.

Hatonn to clear, please.



THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1991 7:02 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 210


Great blessings rest upon you ones who share with us, for it is the way we can KNOW that which is concerning your conscious mind. I feel that this is a good opportunity to respond to a few notes of REAL VALUE to ALL of you. I have one from J.M. which I wish to take item by item but it fills two pages and I have attempted to respond to his questions in the aggregate of our writing or in prose, as we have moved along. Yes, Dharma, I like to give you symbols you do not use for it keeps you alert, chela. And remember, most blessed are ye who stay alert! Readers, the egg comes on the Cosmic face, however, when I misuse a quite traditional term. All of you must keep in mind that my language is of the Universal and I, too, have to learn your languages. I believe I have a pretty good vocabulary according to my scribe's proficiency--grammar as to punctuation and spelling are quite another matter and you ones please forgive our errors. I ask that editors not tamper and please know, you in the public, that much of which I do and say annoys them greatly. I KNOW most of your "rules" but some of them are totally absurd and "remove" meaning from a sentence--which, of course, is why the ridiculous placement of punctuation. It matters greatly whether or not Esu might have said to the hanging man to his right--"Today I say, you shall be with me in Paradise". or "Today, I say, you will be with me in Paradise", or "Today: I say you will be with me in Paradise". Please understand that we are NOT writing books for Journalistic excellence--WE ARE BRINGING THE TRUTH UNTO YOU AS FAST AND AS SIMPLY AS WE KNOW HOW TO DO SO.

We expect to win no awards from Pulitzer nor the Nobel Peace Prize--for you must be a member of the Elite or a tool thereof and useful in some manner to the Elite--to get such awards. Besides, I feel we would fall into higher company than we could stand--for one of the Zionist Senators has come forth to nominate George Bush for the Peace prize right after he ordered the murder by bombing of some 130,000 Iraqis. This, by the way, introduces the first piece of correspondence. This is given in such love and trust that I wish you to accept it as it is given for it is such a great example.

I ask that you read it first as, say, an American and/or "Coalition" person--then, read it as an Iraqi who has lost everything, including home, family, business and all in his life--caught in hell with no place to turn for escape.

Dharma, leave out the business portion for that is private; begin with the second paragraph please.

"March 8, 1991

“…..While I have your ear, I'd like to say I'm puzzled by the lack of an explanation in the Expresses for what is a very different Allied war outcome than was projected by Hatonn. There should be no blaming of Hatonn for being "wrong"..he saw what was coming and simply reported it. What does need to be addressed is that SOMETHING changed that projection and we need to acknowledge the tremendous difference an outpouring of prayer and Love can have on a negative situation. We have just witnessed a miracle of sorts and there is no mention of it! Instead of hundreds of thousands of our troops dead, they are coming home.

"Negativity can be reversed in thought and your readers need to understand this most powerful Truth. Understanding this, they will have something positive with which to work. I think some of the messages can be so overwhelming in import that they have had an adverse effect on some readers who become fearful and hopeless thinking there is nothing they can do. It's my opinion that the import of the messages need to be balanced with what readers can do to change these projections with their mind energies. They need to understand the unlimited power of Thought which is backed by Love.

"There are many more snakes in the woodpile. It would be wonderful to have an informed readership actively reversing in thought, with the power of Love, all the insidious plans and activities of those who would enslave mankind. That would truly be an example of God in action and make your newsletter not only an important source of information, but a most worthy tool for accomplishing the mission of saving this planet not only for a remnant but for a real harvest!

"Thank you for listening. And may the arms of the Infinite surround and protect us All forever and eternally. (L.F.)"

Thank you Linda. I believe with the more recent writings I have given you insight into what happened in the Iraqi massacre. Pure and simply--the Russians shut the holocaust down to save for yet another day.

Since this goes along with our Journal material I shall take time out for discussion of this point. It is not JUST military power supremacy--it is real confrontation time in the Soviet Union. Gorbachev has led his people into the entrapment of the Elite One Global Government headed by the Zionist Khazars who call themselves anything convenient to deceive the world. Gorbachev was given orders to stop the war for nuclear bombs were perched and aimed at each other, by both Iraq and Israel. The AGREEMENT was to have no NUCLEAR WAR before 1992--in the Middle East.

I care not what the media tells you--over 2 MILLION Iraqis perished in your bombing raids. Some of the most wondrous churches which have stood nine times longer than the United States has been a nation, were destroyed. You were told it was at the hands of Saddam--no; it was from the bombs directly targeted upon those ancient and sacred structures. The evidence is not public so you can get your hands on it for it has been gathered and buried as quickly as it is released. However, I ask now that information be written herein which will give you cause to "remember" that which was told to you--BEFORE THE STORY REVERSED.

On or about February 4 you were told that a church--some 1,900 years old and claimed by many to be the oldest church in existence--was heavily damaged in air raids.

The story was ignored by the Establishment media and only came forth from underground papers and word of mouth. The media was ordered to hold the story. But you see, these things are precious within the Arab world and the news was a shock to the Arabs and it made the news of the day. Headlines in Jordan screamed objection that St. Toma (Thomas) Cathedral in the ancient city of Nineveh was destroyed. Nineveh was a remarkable city associated with the walking of the one you called Christ--and prior.

The story has now been confirmed by the Vatican. The church was some nine times older than the United States and there is much anguish for now there are pictures and the destruction is awesome. Vatican spokesmen stated: "Iraq's oldest Christian church was severely damaged by an allied bombing raid in late January. St. Thomas Church near the northern city of Mosul (across the Tigris River from the ancient city of Nineveh) was practically destroyed by bombing." You can check it for yourself, the spokesman was Joaquin Navarro-Valls of the Vatican reporting to the Catholic News Service.

The U.S. Pentagon remained mum as reports streamed back about St. Thomas Church, along with Islamic (Christian/Moslem) shrines in other Iraqi cities, being destroyed or badly damaged in targeted raids.

Navarro-Valls said the Vatican was able to confirm through its own channels that the church was bombed. He said the roof was blown away and massive destruction was throughout the structure which remained standing.

This one church in focus herein is located in ancient Nineveh, the ruins of an ancient capital of Assyria, about 120 miles north of Baghdad (about 140 miles north of ancient Babylon). The site is near Mosul, a major trading center and birthplace of Iraq's Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Raphael I. Bidawid.

Your California State Senator, Wadie P. Deddeh, a Chaldean Iraqi-American, told a local Catholic newspaper, "We don't know how many people are being maimed, injured and killed in the bombings. I pray to God that someone with Christian compassion will start to speak out as they (the Iraqi people) begin to bury their dead ones. But I don't see any compassion."

The most "telling" portion of this story is that which was given unto you-the public. You were told that Saddam had ordered the bombing himself. You were told a whole bunch of garbage and I become irate at the acceptance of such as if you had one-track vision. It was the bombing of the Holy places which caused the Iraqis to hold the really destructive weapons. It was felt that it would become evident that they were NOT sending all the Scuds which were being fired--but alas, the media is more powerful than the truth.

In "holding off retaliation" Israel demanded the bombing of certain sites--those of the shrines and churches. I warn you ones again--the Anti-Christ will wipe every sign of Christian belief from the planet if possible--and by any means possible. Are these the precious Judeans of God? Of course not--they have no blood connection to anyone remotely referred to as Judean.

There is no such thing as "right" in war but to blow away an ancient nation and the civilians therein is heinous beyond anything I can imagine. Saddam Hussein is ONE man--no more and no less, and to slaughter men, women and children under the guise of "getting Saddam" half a world away from you and no threat unto America in any manner what-so-ever is beyond heinous; you simply have no words for the truth of it.

Precious Linda, do you see, dearest one--that it is hard for me to respond to your "miracle" through Love and Prayer? Do you see where God is placed by man? Who shall die and who shall live? Your sons or theirs? Is it a "miracle" of "Godness" to the grieving and still dying nation of Iraq? THERE ARE NO WINNERS IN WAR--WAR IS EVIL AND THERE IS NEVER JUST CAUSE FOR WAR--DEFENSE IN FACE OF DEATH IS HONORABLE--ALL WAR IS EVIL.

The Soviets stopped the war (in response to your inquiry) and you had to agree for you have not the military power of the Soviets, who, like you, have only continued massive increase in weaponry and space power. You could not even get your shuttle off the ground--remember? But yes, there is nothing more powerful than Prayer through honorable and selfless intent, through Love. It will be that which salvages your planet--through confrontation and recognition of TRUTH of how it IS. If you do not come up from out of the lies, you have no notion for that which you petition unto God.

My being is laden down with pain as I bring these messages unto you, my brothers and sisters. We write until Dharma's heart is bursting and the keyboard wet from our sorrow--but it is our commitment and our mission for it is ordained by God that you shall be brought into knowing. I, too, often plead to have this cup lifted from me I see that which lies ahead and man awakens so slowly and often--when awake--cares not in the least.

As for your troops coming home, hold up your rejoicing for the ribbons and flags will be tattered and torn before these sons and daughters of your America all come home again. SOME of your loved ones are coming home. You knew not how many were sent--over a million when you were told half as many. How many have returned? You see, you know not for in the great distraction and reveling there is no notice.

Where is Saddam? Is he really? Where are the weapons? You know that Baker has just been dealing and giving away more of your property and making concessions to Israel and now Assad in Syria. They are now pulling the most powerful terrorists together in order to control you who will object when you open your eyes, into forceful surrender.

As is coming in the Arab nations--there comes a time when the poverty and very lives in the living become so negative in oppression that death is preferred. That is when the world shall quake in her tracks for the people will ultimately rise against the offender and oppressor--remember: "From bondage comes spirituality, etc." You are in the Reign of Evil upon your planet. It was written thus and yes, you must act and act with intelligence--but you cannot act if you know not what against nor who is your enemy and refuse to accept same.

Yes, I am aware that our messages are of such magnificent and overwhelming import that they have an adverse effect on some readers--through fear and hope-lessness. However, I must continue to give forth unto dim strong and allow the weak to gain strength in their own time for the moment is at hand for the unveiling and so shall it come to be that Truth be laid bare and the beast revealed for he has all but devoured your civilization and destroyed the wondrous Mother Planet as well in his greed and need for blood and destruction. I shall not back away in order to offend no one--I shall continue to pour forth Truth until the cup of lies is emptied.

My brother, whom you have called Pale Prophet, Jesus, Esu, etc., (the Christos now Sananda), travels in my presence upon the craft of the golden wings of the Phoenix craft and he is giving forth explanation of the commandments as origi-nally presented in truth, as well as setting the words to right which have been changed by the deceivers. That will come forth to you as it is readied for the printing. It shall come from another scribe so that you ones can better find bal-ance of acceptance and Dharma cannot bear this burden alone--the load is too heavy in your trap of "time".

As to your "business", Linda. Do not think that anything has changed greatly in the "business" world. They plan to take it all from you-the-people and I cannot project that which will be by July nor would I make projection if I could. The shackles are tightening daily behind the distractions. You are getting ready to be dumped on again--an additional $30 BILLION was just poured into the S&L RTC. Your banks are being shifted to central banking under the claws of the "Big One"--the entire thrust is to structure the entire world (and it is under way from Employee/Pension benefits to Health Insurance) under one form of operation. The plan is to move out of the U.S. in massive evacuation to places where labor is cheap and no problem, leaving America to pay the price and be reduced to willingness to come under the PLAN. This is all set to be in place and operational by year 2000. So you see time is running on the clock and windows of opportunity are likely to be brief at best. You must each take that which we can share with you and then go with that which seems right in action--I can do no more and certainly my human counterparts who take this additional load unto themselves in service unto you readers, can do no more than offer and serve.

May I, herein, take opportunity to give a humble "thank-you" to one who has gifted our publisher with funds to send volumes of information unto some 170 legislators in the state of North Carolina. He has asked for silence as to resource but we of the brotherhood of Hosts, thank you most gratefully. I ask that California State Senator, Wadie P. Deddeh get as much information personally, as you can send to him--immediately! George, will you see to it, son? You ones tend to forget that the Iraqis, too, are your brothers and fellow-citizens and the pain is beyond belief for these brothers for they have not been pulled away so completely from family and tradition as have the generations of Americans under constant attack and deceiving.

How can it be that the most wondrous nation in the world has come to be the most feared and abhorred? The rest of the nations can see that which has come to be and hold only love for you-the-people and feel great sorrow for you for the veil has not been drawn so tightly as to blind others as has been done unto you.

Be aware of that which is coming in getting you prepared--every day now, they are telling you NOT to expect the rest of all your loved ones home for this or that reason, in Iraq. They are telling you openly that it will be a long time before you can have your loved ones back--LISTEN TO THAT WHICH THEY SAY TO YOU!


Think you that all the mysterious crashes and petro/chemical company explosions are accidental acts of nature? Come, come, beloved ones--do not tie the yellow ribbons into blindfolds--you are under attack in a most insidious manner and the facts are instantly covered to insure no panic while the "Elite" come to understanding. You are getting some follow-up lessons of hand-slapping for launching a Vandenberg missile and an Arian French rocket with your military satellite aboard last week. The government knew EXACTLY where the retaliation would be to the place and minute. The enemy you do not yet perceive has incredible abilities at command.

Now, Dharma, print the second letter please, the one asking anonymity within the press, from Dr. C.J.M.

"March 10, '91

"Dear Hatonn,

"I want to confirm your allegation that the news media is completely controlled. I was "shocked" when this happened on commercial TV, but it just confirms what you said and if there are deletions and manipulations of facts on this one incident, then I can imagine what goes on on a large scale. A few weeks ago, right after the ground war started, there was a plane crash at Los Angeles International Airport. RIGHT AWAY WITHIN MINUTES, ON THE SPOT, reporters were there talking to witnesses, live in person and witnesses over the phone. At least five witnesses said that they heard a "POP", an explosion and there were large flames engulfing the tail section 10 - 20 miles away from the airport from where people were watching from their apartments. Later on--on the "regular" news hour and the days following, nothing was ever mentioned about this and it was blamed totally on airport controllers and the congested traffic. Sincerely, CJM."

I believe this speaks clearly for truth in reporting. I can give you more personal information. On the following day from that "crash" my scribe was in L.A. and "happened" to bump into a young reporter from one of the L.A. TV channels, who is a friend of Scribe's son. He had been on "duty" all night from the moment of the crash and never left the site until 20 minutes before the encounter. He said that all information was censored and "no-one" could "or would" say what happened but it appeared the smaller plane underneath was NOT in the flight path but actually off to the side of the runway--so something was badly amiss and reporters were simply not being given information. I believe we all know what happened! Dear ones, if you allow yourselves to be sedated--then I hope you sleep well for you are in the midst of it--you are losing your nation and your freedom. So be it.

I need my Scribe elsewhere so we shall bring this to a close. When we write again, we will pick up with the Journal, Dharma, but I needed to respond publicly to these two writers. Thank you.

I wish to acknowledge some incredibly interesting information which continues to flow from a group who has done great research into these adversary groups of which we are writing, and in addition, are unearthing great control having been inserted from the Vatican/Papal source. Indeed, dear ones, we will get there also, for do you not see? It is all of the same. Evil has usurped every place of Godness and is now bringing into final unification, the Elite Plan. Dear ones, cannot speak strongly enough--you are in grave circumstance and I plead with you to see and hear for the time is at hand for that which you have been expecting for lo, these generations. The time has come for the revelations.

Salu, Gyeorgos Hatonn



THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 1991 9:12 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 210

Dharma, who told you the road would to easy and the rose without thorns? Precious, the thrust of spears and arrows can only confirm that our work is Truth. Would we quit when the gossip pains? How else can we give Truth without repeating that which is already told in Truth? Are we evil for using the dates on a calendar? Please, can you not see of the humor is this latest tattle telling? Yesterday you were in pain for they denounced us as "anti-Semitic" and now, today, from Florida comes the news that we are considered "Jews" and untrustworthy? Don't you understand that one does not kick the dead dog--Truth is reaching its mark and we have a job to do. Ours is to bring the word and build that which we can in the time given us through, Grace. Ours is to serve God of Holy Light, Mother/Father Creator and what humans--who believe themselves to somehow be Judge and Jury, having not even read our work--think and say shall not cause us to stumble.

If we offer the "way" to better manage in this time of chaos and usurpation of your Constitutional freedoms and offer ways of protecting selves--then we are greatly serving according to the needs of God's people. We petition hearing, we force nothing on anyone and we offer all that we have unto anyone who will partake--beyond that we solicit nothing and therefore, chela, you must rise above the prattling. I further suggest that if the person in Florida is having great difficulty in deciding that which to do with her funds of great size--hold them if she wishes and, further, I suggest that you decline to take them for whatever reason.

You ones who would offer services as requested must realize that ones who search and ask of every man his/her opinion is self-unfulfilled and at great confusion about Truth. Do you not see that ones would prefer to play at games with magical tokens than deal with the dreary truth of God's actual coming again upon your wondrous place? It remains far easier, still, for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for the rich man to find his way into God's kingdom wherein riches are not of empty Federal Reserve Notes. And YOU must remember that that which you did not ask nor accept--is not a gift nor a bonding. Therefore, what is the problem? Those who offer and then take back and hold and play games are not acting in truth but in indecision and false projections. GOD DOES NOT TEASE WITH HIS GIFTS, GRACE, TRUTH OR LOVE and lesser from a fellow being, Dharma, is not a gift worth the holding for the price of the "free" gift is far too expensive. Bless these ones who cast the spears for theirs is simply an inability to see clearly through the muddle of Circumstance.

We bless ones for their original generosity of spirit and then we go about our work. A person who befriends and acclaims you on one side and then denounces you in secret behind thine backside--is not a friend, chela. It does not mean that we deny the honor and respect of that which they accomplish in worthy work to fellow-man. All are precious in our Father's eyes and the intent was meant well in the beginning but that which was not even solicited, but rather, offered and then withheld is nothing from onset--do you see? You are simply weary and the blows are a bit heavier but I ask that you release it unto me for I have very broad shoulders and I can carry the both of us without huff or puff--so be it.

I ask that George relax, one BC has been at his work and you are only having a replay of "slimy pukes", "Zionists unmentionables", "they are in collusion with the little gray aliens," of which they know there are NONE, and, "GG is with the CIA", etc., etc. It is simply a rerun--nothing more. TRUTH WILL STAND ALL TESTS AND ALL TIME WITHOUT DEFENSE OR QUARREL.

The quarrel with ME is not of using another's material--in all cases thus far (both) are in a state of fury because I denounced both as presenting false information. Both in point claimed others had stolen their material long before I came upon their little program. It is the "gray men" who are the problem to you ones--not little gray aliens from out there somewhere--the evil is already well settled in upon your place and in full control and moving full-steam ahead. The other information which has fallen to question was presented to bring the ones into the open--there are no great secret anythings ("orders", etc.) in God's Holy places and no select ONE to speak for God.

Now, if you turn from your commitment unto God and cast back his gift unto you of the receiving of his Word--are you not worse than thine enemy who calls you false? Let us think on these things together--later, for now we must move on with our work. Thank you.

We honor without hesitation those who have given unto their fellow-man that which they have to offer in truth and I bow in appreciation. We are not playing games of tiddle-de-winks, beloved children--you are in the final days of decision. It simply is the way it is and all the bantering and objections shall not change an iota of the fact. Further, we shall wait upon God until HE says the time is correct and not one moment before. Salu!


No one likes their lies uncovered, chela, and in that position now sits Mr. Cheney who expounded on the information of the bombing of the sacred places by Saddam's own orders. We were rushed this morning and there is a bit more I need to add to that dissertation.

Along with "proving" the self-bombing of the sacred places came simultaneous "proof" of this fact by showing you planes which Saddam had "parked" by the ancient pyramid at Ur. Now, let's look at the truth of the situation--now presented by an archaeology professor who was asked as an "expert witness" on Mesopotamia in a National Public Radio interview on Feb. 14. He exposed the lies of U.S. Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney on the ancient ziggurat (pyramid) at Ur. He reported that the aircraft allegedly placed at the site of the pyramid by Saddam Hussein to prevent the U.S. from bombing them were actually located on an airbase which has been there for 30 years. built by the British Royal Air Force.

As to Mr. Cheney's claim that the ziggurat had been continually occupied for thousands of years, he noted that the site had been abandoned by humans since before the birth of Christ.

Cheney's description of the ziggurat, an archaeological treasure dating from about 2200 B.C., as a model for the Egyptian pyramids of the First Kingdom, presents a slight problem, since the Egyptian pyramids were constructed 4,500 years before the Mesopotamian ziggurat.

He also said that if any first-year archaeological student ever turned in a paper containing this nonsense, it would have been passed around the department for laughs and the student would have "flunked".

Let us turn to work on the Journal for a while this evening for the historical data must be put forth before we can handle today's muddle very well. I shall not fail you, chela, and it shall all be made clear in its proper time. Blessings, too, unto our precious little sister who pens for the Master Teacher and unto our brother who serves Him also, for the journey is hard, too, for them but God shall see unto the rewards and you ones stand worthy in His sight and, therefore, none else can touch of you.


Jacob Schiff had been chosen by the Rothschild interests to come to America with several objectives, the major one of which was to control your Money System. The Rothschilds knew the importance of this and at one time, Meyer Rothschild, the head of the clan, was reported to have said: "Give me control of the money of a country and I care not who makes the laws."

In 1908, Schiff decided that the time was ripe to take charge of America's economy. His chief agent for this seizure was a man named Colonel Edward Mandel House who was a close friend of Woodrow Wilson and who would later become his Presidential advisor. House had spent his entire adult life as an agent and courier of the Schiff enterprises and had worked closely with Bernard Baruch and Herbert Lehman, two more of the most influential of the conspirators. In the fall of 1908, these conspirators met at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club, located on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and owned by J. P. Morgan. This was to be a "top secret" meeting in which they would lay the final plans for the money takeover.

Among those present were J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Col. House, Senator Nelson Aldrich, Jacob Schiff, the heads of the New York City International Banks, Eugene Meyers, Herbert Lehman and Paul Warburg--in short, all the important International Bankers in the United States all of whom were also in the Illuminati hierarchy. So secret was this meeting that the regular employees of the Hunt Club were dismissed during the meeting, and cooks, waiters, butlers, security personnel, in fact all help, were people who were trusted by the conspirators.

After a week of business and revelry, they emerged with a plan which they called THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Senator Aldrich had the honor of being picked as the "stooge" who would "railroad" the Act through Congress. They held up on putting this plan into immediate action for one reason. First, they had to plant one of their men in the White House. He had to be a man who would be completely subservient to their desires. This was necessary so that he could sign the Federal Reserve Act into law. They knew that even if the Congress passed it, the President would have to sign it and that if the President were to veto it, there was too much chance of their plans for money control being revealed.

They found their man in a 67 year-old Democrat from the State of Virginia. Woodrow Wilson became President in 1912 and immediately after his inauguration; Senator Aldrich began the process which would make the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT into law. Wilson waited impatiently in the wings to do the bidding of his masters and sign the bill. On December 23, 1913, when most of the Congress were home for the holidays (sound familiar?), the few remaining, mostly those who had been "hand picked" for the purpose, passed this treasonous bill which has become the "greatest money scam in the world's history".

To give you an idea of how heinous this act really was you must understand that your Founding Fathers realized the power of money. They knew that whoever held this power would control the country so they were extremely careful when writing the Constitution to set forth in writing that only the elected representatives of the people would have the power to coin the nations money.

The Constitutional language was brief and concise. It was plain enough so that the average citizen could understand it without the interpretation of some lawyer. In Article II, Sec. 8, par. 5, you can read--and this defines the power of Congress: "to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and standards of weights and measures".

On that tragic day in December, 1913, a Day of Infamy much greater than anything the Japanese could do to Pearl Harbor, the men you sent to Washington to protect the Constitution from all enemies, without and within, delivered the economic destiny of America into the hands of International aliens (gray men) who hate you and everything you as Americans stand for.

Today, almost 80 years after this act of treason, most Americans believe that THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is part of the American Government. They have no idea that it is governed by Federal Banks, whose heads are aliens, who are members of the International Illuminati conspiracy.

Who are these bankers? According to sources who are quite reliable, in Switzerland, the following banks hold the controlling interest in THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. They are all Jewish owned and/or controlled. In their order of importance they are:

1. Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin.

2. Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris.

3. Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy.

4. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam and Hamburg.

5. Lehman Brothers of New York City.

6. Kuehn-Loeb Bank of New York City.

7. Chase-Manhattan Bank of New York City (David Rockefeller)

8. Goldman, Sachs Bank of New York City.


Approximately 300 people who are closely associated, many by marriage, own and control this system by holding stock or shares in the system. They control and interlocking, international banking cartel of wealth beyond most of which has been stolen from the working man of America through their Federal Reserve System.


First, the U.S. needs, say, a billion dollars to pay bills. Secondly, it notifies the U.S. Bureau of engraving to print one billion dollars in U.S. Bonds; Thirdly, the U.S. Government delivers the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank as Promissory Notes. The U.S. Government promises to pay for these, its own Bonds, when they mature; Fourthly, the Federal Reserve Bank deposits these bonds for which they paid nothing, with the Comptroller of Currency; and then, the Federal Reserve then receives one billion dollars in Federal Reserve “money”. THEN, NOTE HOW YOU GET "HAD":

The Federal Reserve Bank retains ownership of the one billion dollars in bonds, which it received free of charge.

The Federal Reserve notes are now distributed to member banks, so they have money available to pay the bills of government, cash government checks, cash checks citizens have received, make loans to citizens, etc. (Please note that under present banking laws, member banks can loan out some twenty times the amount they have on deposit--over and over and over and over - - -.)

Then the Federal Reserve Bank receives interest on its bonds, for which they paid nothing, note now how they laid it on you good people!

First the Federal Reserve got a billion dollars for nothing. In the meantime they get interest on the bonds they got for nothing and when they eventually cash them they get the money again. Now we are speaking of a mere "billion"--your government now deals in "trillions". For example, you borrow tremendous amounts each year so that you can give it away in foreign loans--mostly to nations that despise you.

It has been said before, most wisely: "It will only be as decent people in America, who are concerned for the well-being of our nation and our offspring, and wake up from this 'near fatal sleep', into which the conspirators have hypnotized us. Can these powerful conspirator's be smashed? It will only come through the HELP of Almighty God, and the repentance of His people, so that He will, once again show mercy to us " Thank you, Jack.

If you believe these conspirators are content with the control of your money, you are miserably in error, and you are in for additional shock after shock after shock.

Here is where the real rub comes into play. While the Federal Reserve could control America's money, there was no way it could touch the earnings of the American worker, because your Constitution expressly forbids it---BUT--SNAKES IN THE WOODPILE!--you simply got stabbed with a plank out of the communist Manifesto--IT WAS CALLED THE GRADUATED PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX". This would lead eventually to the complete confiscation of all private property in the nation and the complete control of each individual’s earning power. However, such a tax could not be brought about without an amendment to the Constitution.

BUT, as they had done with the Federal Reserve Act, these same traitors, with the same President, arranged for the 16th Amendment to become the law of the land and they "hoodwinked" the American people into accepting this absolute control over their earning power.

A little research will show you that most of the Congressmen who voted for the 16th Amendment knew very little about it because only two had even bothered to read it before they voted it into law.


The main effects of this Amendment--which was never supposed to rise above 2%, or so the American people were told--went into effect during World War II, when President F.D.R. applied a 20% withholding tax on all small wage earners, and up to 90% tax on higher earners. Of course, the conspirators had planned for this and were protected in their Tax Free Foundations. F.D.R. promised faithfully (read his lips) that the tax would be lifted when the war ended, but his promise had no truth behind it any more than the promise he made that he would "...never send American boys to die on foreign soil ".

It gets worse, so don't go away. The 16th Amendment never touched the earnings of the immensely rich. This is why a few years back you saw Nelson Rockefeller, with yearly earnings of somewhere around $26-million, pay an annual tax of $216.00.

The conspirators protect their wealth, while they rob you of yours. These foundations, which were supposed to have been set up of humanitarian purposes, became the "hot beds" of sedition and radical communist activity. The disobedience of the Vietnam War era was funded by the Foundations who gave "aid and comfort" to those who were trying to tear apart your Republic. This was all a part of the Master PLAN.

These Foundations funded civil disobedience, the rights to spread pornography; the rights of doctors to murder millions of unborn babies; the rights of homosexuals and promiscuous persons to spread deadly diseases--and the list is too long to list herein and we would simply again be called bigots.

A good example of Foundation funding is the Ford Foundation which finances the CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS in Santa Barbara, California. This is commonly referred to as "Moscow West". They have organized the "New States" and the "New Constitution".

Those are the Foundations--but what happens to the billions of dollars (credit) which are confiscated from the pockets of you hard working Americans? The major bottomless pit is your Foreign Aid, which now goes directly to your proclaimed enemy as well as the other old stand-by "friends". The largest lump goes to finance Israel. Where does it come from? Your government "borrows" annually multi-billions of dollars from the foreign banks, paying a high rate of interest, so that they can turn around and give it away to nations who do not even like you nice people.


Do you realize that you nice American taxpayers footed the bill when your military left Vietnam and left the naval base at Camhran Bay INTACT? Over $2-BILLION worth of your most sophisticated military equipment was left behind for the communists. Do you think this sort of thing happened by accident--without even disabling it? Your fighter pilots had to watch their buddies shot down by your own weapons and technology which YOU had GIVEN to the Soviets. Further, they were ORDERED to dump their bombs in a rice paddy, when they were given ORDERS NOT TO HIT AN ENEMY SUPPLY DUMP.

There is simply rotten and sordid play afoot, dear ones.

These are things that must be considered if you are to understand the decline of your nation. As you watch family decline it moves from one facet into the next with hardly a notice. Look at that which has happened to your judicial system. Justice? You no longer have anything that resembles a "Justice" system. You have Admiralty law with little recourse, run almost entirely by Zionist lawyers and Judges. Again, I can only suggest you re-read the Zionist Protocols. I suppose I should ask the staff to reprint the Protocols for it is so difficult to comprehend that which has come down on you. As America, and the world, has plunged ever deeper into moral decay and moved further from the TRUTH of GOD and away from HIS laws, it has become common to see the legal system used for legal plunder, whereby millions of Americans sue millions of other Americans over some small perceived legal technicality or imagined offense, simply in order to plunder the financial wealth of the lawsuit's target.

Tens of thousands of laws on the books and a myriad of legal interpretations have made this legal plunder by greedy individuals and lawyers, one of America's top economic realities. Virtually all economic, social and human endeavors in America are predicated on "what is the potential for a lawsuit". Every doctor, lawyer, accountant, businessman and person of any financial means must live with the constant fear of a lawsuit that will decimate his finances. It is part of your socialist, something-for-nothing mentality in your nation today, that someone, anyone, must protect you from all physical and financial harm. So, suing people has become your top growth industry, and hundreds of thousands of lawyers exist primarily to encourage, exacerbate and facilitate this process.

A bit of comparison might give you cause to ponder: America graduates one hundred times more lawyers than does Japan, and Japan graduates one hundred times more engineers than America--which country is doing better at the "drawing boards"?

Decades ago, liberals, secular humanists and communists/zionists began to move into your nation's law schools in order to socialize and move the country to the political "left". Today, most law school graduates are liberal and it is all but impossible to find a conservative law school, lawyer, or judge in America. The thrust of these judges and the vast majority of your politicians have one primary goal--to pass more laws and change the face and character of America and move it into the PLAN.

The result of this liberalization is a completely broken-down criminal justice system and one which encourages crime and harasses businessmen, conservatives, Christians and the producers of your country. This thrust has resulted in tens of thousands of man-drafted laws being placed on the books which harass and restrict the average American, curtail his freedoms on an accelerating basis and have become the foundation of a government bureaucracy which wants to control and dictate every aspect of your lives--and does so to great, great extent.

Dharma, it is well past midnight--please let us close this segment and we shall take up with more on the legal system when next we write. Thank you, chela, for your long hours and I am humbly appreciative of all of you ones who get this work on to your brethren. If we walk in love and giving, we shall complete our journey together in wholeness, Let us not be bent by the attackers for if we hold our truth and unto one another the shield shall not be pierced! In the shelter of. HIS ALMIGHTY WINGS SHALL WE DWELL FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN.

Hatonn to clear, please. Walk in peace and KNOW that we are knowing of the "way" and so shall it be that we shall find the way cleared as we have need thereof.



FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1991 8:48 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 211


Hatonn in communion on this blessed day given us in which to work at our task. Let us turn from that which is ugly and hurtful and unto the beauty which is Gods gift of precious gems beyond all price. Look upon the wondrous shield of snow about the trees and fields and see the budding flowers thirsting for drink Talley have long been without water.

Enjoy the parent birds and fledglings as they feast upon the seeds Oberli has spread about for as you serve unto the least of "...mine, shall ye have served unto me". Listen to the sound of the shovel upon the walk that ones might come and go in safety--all of these things, dear ones, which seem so trite and small ARE THE THINGS OF GOD'S PERFECTION. Bless thine eyes given that you might see and the ears given that ye might hear--do not miss the fragrance of the rose as ye are paused to see its beauty. And then, turn to the wondrous perfection of MAN and let us reach out together to hold the hands and heal the minds that Man again function in that original perfection--for he knows not that which he does.


I honor one, Eustace Mullins, for in the tattlings come the need to pause and confront that which we say and do. If we are not called to look within then we become lax and perhaps sloppy from the frustration of the slings and arrows. Always know that which can be considered ''criticism", be it true or false--is the greatest of blessings for it brings us to attention and if we accept it with Grace and seeking of Truth, we have been given a gift beyond measure. Walk easy, friend, for the Hosts of God are not easily dissuaded nor turned aside and quite readily see beyond that which is spattered about by frivolous words. Do not, either, bend in your accepted task for the masses do not yet understand their plight and it requires all of us scribbling and shouting and then the few who see and hear shall turn into the many. You would not be doing your elected job in truth if there were not those who would silence you!

Take attention, EM, for you are the targeted prize of ones who might well not be in your planning. Hold to your own wise counsel and tread gently for quicksand appears as any of sand--only softer and finer.


Next I would attend T.D., my friend from so long past that I would shock the readers--and still we disagree on some intents and purposes. Do not be so blind as to believe that the higher beings who come and go are devoid of passion or thought nor holding of ALL answers--for those must ultimately come from within self. T.D. and I have debated the question of the Akashic records since times long forgotten. I do intend to "pull rank" for as ones upon your placement know, I am given into the Cosmic task of overseeing the "records". The records in point are the prana data recordings of EVERY energy within the Universe. After moving into density of such compression as is Earth, for instance, the perceptions become but tunnel vision and yet, knowing that you know but unable to grasp the whole, the being finds frustration. For you who dabble in this subject material, you will better recognize the subject by "Akashia" or Akashic Records.

T.D., you debate in that "one of greater importance than you" had your record removed from the Akashic records. Please do not continue with this delusion. You might well have been removed from the accessible records for universal access--but NONE--NO-THING--is removed from the records of life streams--except at one time in the cycles of universal sequence--in the Seventh period of Life Creation--the resting of the cycle. This "twilight sleep" of the creation LASTS THROUGH SEVEN PERIODS/GREATTIMES (See THE PLEIADES CONNECTION). This period last about 311,040,000,000,000 years as you of the Earth human would count the annual rotations. In the twilight state of CREATION all life and the whole universe simply cease for this moment in "time". You can equate it to the simple deletion of both time and space--a brief void of total rest. It is a time of no-thing, as all simply lies sleeping within the infinite bosom of the CREATION and null-time. While no creating thought exists there is no force, no time, and no space--there is only duration in a nameless state of total rest.

From this sleep comes the awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation AS CREATION, during the oncoming seven periods. Then the creating of living forms, the Creating of new Spirit in improvement of the CREATION, the Creating of great Spirit within the CREATION and then the true "life" AS spirit in self-creating, etc. Then finally, again, the great separation but highest improvement of and during the seventh period.

Many have been called again into service for various reasons, from this state of rest to serve again in various capacities at the time of great transitions for moving into this "Greattime" is when the spirit is gained perfection and the records are begun anew.

Please do not consider that you have ACTUALLY been removed from the records of Universal All--for that would indeed be ignoble and a most heinously unacceptable act if it were at any time, possible. It is a matter of fact that ones for various reasons, of God's choosing, can and are removed from that which referred to as God's Book of Life. That, too, is a most terrible circumstance.

I know that you know these things for you debate in secrecy. You do not pronounce WHO tells you this thing and only state that "you know, Hatonn". Do I? Why would I? There are billions upon billions of spirit forms about the Universe. Next, you continuously ask my opinion of things, persons and writings--If you were comfortable with the total Truth as given unto you--would you inquire of me? What think I of this or that "channel" who speaks and writes for Enoch? If it be Truth, I commend it--if it be false, I do not. I found the information you sent mostly accurate and I shall take it a bit further at another writing, for it is totally without understanding as it is stated for it is only intended that specific ones understand such grid systems. Now, to place within the equation, the frequency resonance at proper arcs, etc., you have a major puzzle piece to fit within your tapestry--but do not push the river for it is all but flowing too fast at present and technology has outrun the masses who must survive within the chaos. I do not mind "..coming down from my soapbox", but I do have passion and I do enjoy a good debate--I did not say argument--I SAID DEBATE. You, elder brother, ARE quite special--why would you take offense? So be it.


I shall now turn to Wally Gentleman, a beloved friend and tireless worker in great negative circumstance of health. He has sent more of Sipapu Odyssey in draft and we are exhuberant over the production as it unfolds. Equally are we warmed as contacts and wondrous friends are brought forth to share talents and beauty. He brings to our attention Barbara Harris who has done tremendous work in Near Death Experiences. This is a most worthy responsibility to undertake for through the lessening of the terror of the transition will come the allowance of the beauty of growth and immortality. This work is indeed blessed.

Then he shares with us his visit with Mel Bucholtz, a psychotherapist of excellent repute--as a trans-induction mind therapist. This is where it is AT, beloved ones. Within the mind lies the wonders and miracles of the Universe--all there for your taking, the gift of gifts.

Wally sends a copy of a message of truth penned by this beloved and gifted person. We shall share it with all of you in just a moment. First I wish to tell Wally, that ones will be at work in acquiring the material you need and listed for you must have credible resources for our production must bear that which reaches, with reality through mental acceptability, into and becomes one within, the beings of each who witness the visual experience. The presentation WILL be accepted as a Divine solace for the searching and restless spirit of man, and as it is written and presented in such Love and Brotherhood of Godness and Truth--shall the fantasy become reality. God rests His hand upon thine work, friend.

Dharma, please print the beautiful and thoughtful sharing of the spirit of Mel Bucholtz that our brothers might pause and take respite from the dregs of that which we MUST present for there is such GREAT TRUTH within these passages:


The body is the landscape of the mind;

where the dramas of our early life

are still happening

or have become a kind of

rich preparatory engendering compost--

the vastnesses remembered

as the fruitful fields, valleys, marshes,

and desert of wisdom

standing behind us as we are here now

present in this way

in the moment of our lives.

It is a land

where the placid and awesome features

of the yet undiscovered wilderness

are wildly flowering from within themselves

for our unexpected future explorations.

And as we grow

out of our more infantile and fearful selves,

we wander into these unknown landscapes,

transformed into those sleek, feathered, scaly and wooly animals

we really are,

the ones we are both able and needed to be

to live in those wilder, more ancient,

unknown future parts of that farther

uncharted dancing, tingling, glowing,

purple thunderous, gentle

and softly rivered terrain of ourselves.


* * *

Oh, would that things were in perfection that I could take nothing from the troublesome of experiences and personalities and share one with another, only the wondrous appreciation and joy gleaned from our brotherhood. I would rejoice if I were given time to speak of no-thing negative or painful--but only of the joys ahead and the glory awaiting--but alas, that is not given unto me at this sequence for I am given task to alert you to how it IS. I do take respite to give unto all of you who commune and communicate with us--my humble appreciation and gratitude. You cannot know how precious is the thoughtful piece of art of a heart and two doves sent quietly and without label, to Dharma and the personal silent sharing when most often they are sent and there is no way to respond. The handstitched notebook is cherished and I shall tell of her secret for you deserve to know, ye who share with her. As things are painful she gathers the precious things and sits for a while with them in presence with the lovely flowers given and renews again into balance. No-thing great or tiny is passed lightly by--the rainbow pin, the flag with its bit of yellow ribbon--these are the stitches in time that save the robe from falling apart.

There is no way suitable to give appreciation to you who send confirming information, books and observations--along with very dangerous material, such as a most daring young man just sent unto this place--the inner working manual of the Masonic Order. This to give confirmation that that which we project is Truth and can be found in great confirmation--it is difficult for a scribe, for they work in the silence of ignorance just as do you readers.

It is not easy for a young and beautiful child to write of the Commandments of God, when her cup is as filled with sorrow and dismay as is all of your cups. There is no magic to receiving such information--for these ones would rather play in the ignorance of that which is abundant income, beautiful "things", luxury and participate in that which is touted to be so much "fun". The human rebels at Truth for it represents limits and depravation of that which is touted to be so grand. But you will find spirits at peace and abundance of soul that reaches beyond all understanding of Earth limitations. When God has shared His Love and energy within thine being--there is NO GREATER--NOTHING WHICH YOU CAN KNOW THAT CAN TOUCH IT--NO-THING, NO EXPERIENCE. If you linger with God for long enough to share of is total giving and Love--ye shall never again turn about--IF YE BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER! Ah, brothers, it IS the time of REMEMBERING HOW IT TRULY IS! AS THE TRUTH SHINES FORTH AND THE DECEITFUL BROUGHT FORTH INTO THAT LIGHT--SO SHALL THE EVIL AND DECEIT MELT WITHIN THAT LIGHT--UNCOVERED AND UNABLE TO SUSTAIN ITSELF. AS THE DARK CORNERS ARE ILLUMINATED BY LIGHT SO SHALL THEY DIMINISH UNTIL THEY ARE NO MORE--THE BEAST SHALL SIMPLY DEVOUR ITSELF. WHEREIN THERE IS BUT ONE TINY SPARK OF LIGHT--THERE IS NO LONGER DARKNESS! NEITHER CAN ONE WHO COMES INTO KNOWLEDGE MOVE BACK INTO IGNORANCE. HE CAN TURN DELIBERATELY AWAY--BUT HE CAN NEVER MOVE AGAIN INTO INNOCENT IGNORANCE. SO BE IT AND SO SHALL LIGHT COME FORTH UPON THE LANDS THAT MAN MIGH MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS FOR SO IS IT PROMISED THAT IT SHALL BE THUS.

Most of your lives are about proving something, either to yourselves or to someone else. Perhaps, if you cease so hard at the efforts of "proof" and allow the unfolding of Truth, it will come to pass in ease through the "allowing". Dear ones, that which you are trying so hard to avoid will NOT go away until you confront it and always, with God you are stronger than anything which can confront you.

You have this moment--THIS MOMENT! IF YOU SPEND YOUR PRECIOUS MOMENTS IN WORRY ABOUT WHAT MIGHT COME TO BE AND WONDER WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN--YOU WILL IGNORE THAT WHICH IS. But, again, I must bring facts into your confrontation--Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you are locked up and recognize who has locked you therein. A most funny thing happens as you become aware and conscious of that which IS--if you acknowledge you are unconscious, you are no longer unconscious. Ponder it.

And for you who persist in sticking your head in the sand-pot, one thing is for sure--you will get your rear kicked! You see, if you don't know what direction to take and continue in the sand-pot, you have not acknowledged where you are. AND MOST IMPORTANT: THERE ARE NO VICTIMS, ONLY VOLUNTEERS!

As a nation and as a people--if you are constantly being deceived and mistreated--then know, you are cooperating with the treatment. Ponder this greatly and see if you are cooperating with the adversary!

Dharma, I do not wish to take further writing on this morning. You have duty elsewhere and I would rest the souls a bit for the battering has been great. There are many very positive avenues of action in this time of confusion and force upon you--stop and regroup, re-read the possibilities of action, seek the avenues of privacy we have offered and the possibilities of actions within the system which can work in your behalf--we need stable, durable stanchions and that comes from a solid foundation of knowledge--if you know that something is wrong but ye know not "what"--how can it be corrected?

Blessed be this day given unto us for our work.


Hatonn to clear, please. May the peace of God abide within, that we might serve with "out".



SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 1991 9:13 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 212


No, Dharma, we shall not just write another nice message today. However, we will respond to some inquiries which seem to fit with all and who present the questions asked by many.

So often the inquiry comes to me as to "How" do you quiet yourself and "How" do you cause yourself to “remember”? Then comes the inquiries of, "How do I explain to my children?" "How do I speak to other people about this wondrous new information and point out the errors of the society as is?" is constant unto me. First, and this will at first sound contradictory to that which I nag you about on a daily basis, you wait upon the Lord! You must understand that the Journals and Expresses are written for over 6 1/2 billion individuals, but with a thrust from this location, to the Americans who can make the largest impact on the planet society and governments by bringing their own back within control. If the United States can regain control then they will remain the strongest nation for it is from the United States that the greatest assault on "freedom" is being thrust.

If you, as Norma Z. who writes in great pleading for help, are pushed, seemingly beyond reasonable expectations, then you most likely have a specific task awaiting its unfoldment. That will come into your recognition as you remain ready and continue your input of information. Everyone begins with self--there is no other way. One must come into mastery of self before being qualified to teach another.

You ones must come off and ease up as you desire to "convince" others of your information for, unless they have been introduced quite slowly, they will rebel and you will have only lost ground.

To "silence your thoughts" at first seems impossible, but like all else--that which you focus on becomes that which is achieved and if you work to "empty" your mind it shall only become more filled with the mere thought of becoming empty. In this instance, I shall ask that a "quieting and receiving" tape be sent to you for you are working far too hard at "meditation" and the tendency is to follow all of the so-called "channeling teachers", etc. Stop it. The point is to totally relax and "allow" and while you relax allow the thoughts to flow as they will without stopping to ponder them. Put the thought up front which you wish to ponder and, whether or not you realize it, the mind will accept the input if you repeat the intent many times. You will not realize, always, just what the response IS. Be patient, for it will rarely come as YOU expect; this allows WISDOM to temper and organize and allow vision of “the best way” to achieve your goal.

Aside, for all of you readers, please, may I ask your input? In the America West catalogue you will find a set of "Self Esteem/Weight Loss Program" (Dimensional Life Programs) available. That set was done by Dharma in 1985/86 for a most specific assignment. I sat with her after the loss, to suicide, of her son for whom the set was being completed for his teaching use--and I have no interest in the weight loss portion of the set, other than for those of you who struggle with weight control and wish to utilize it for same. The set was made years prior to Dharma's realization that we were in participation, or that there was a higher purpose for her training. The value of the tapes is in the thorough covering of the subject of hypnosis, how to get into a state of relaxation, etc. That set of tapes is not the point in focus herein, however.

My inquiry deals with whether or not you as the readers would wish the same introductory tape so that you have information about WHAT YOU ARE EFFORTING TO ACHIEVE, and some relaxation tapes as follow-on. I cannot ask America West to carry one more load as the expenses are tremendous as is, but if you ones would desire such material we can keep cost to absolute minimum, delete the pretty packaging, etc., and give you ones some basic personal material with which to work. I CAN SHOW YOU HOW AND, WITH DHARMA, WALK YOU THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE--I DO NOT FIND THAT TELLING YOU HOW ON PAPER DOES VERY MUCH. WOULD YOU ONES WHO WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN SUCH A LITTLE PROGRAM, LET DHARMA KNOW AND WE WOULD ARRANGE TO PUT ONE TOGETHER FOR YOU. WE ALREADY HAVE THE BASIC TAPES MADE FOR WE MADE TAPES IN ORDER TO ALLOW DHARMA TO COME INTO THE "QUIET" COMMUNION PRIOR TO OUR DIRECT CONTACT AND STILL, WHEN SHE IS "DOWN" OR HARRASSED GREATLY--SHE GOES INTO THE QUIET WITH US FOR A HALF HOUR OR SO. The ones structured for her own use would not be "as professional" as one professionally made--but I promise you they do the job.

Also, she made a tape several years back to help her restless grandchildren fall to sleep. Some were going through traumatic experiences and insecurity. The tape is simply a wondrous journey into the wonderland of a space-ship journey allowing a child to fall to sleep with the wonders of the cosmos and renew his own wondrous dreams. She called it the "Fairy Grandmother" tape because it stresses and re-stresses that the child is LOVED--ABOVE ALL, THE CHILD IS LOVED. She also put together another tape to quiet the children and allow them to come into rest in the daytime with the thrust to building the desire to better do school activities and integrate more easily with others. These have never been available except as simply sharing. These two, of course, are for the young child--except the space-craft journey and that one is a joy for every age, but geared to the little child. I would ask Oberli and George to look into these possibilities of availability if enough of you wish. Dharma was a gifted therapist and it is a loss to keep her to the computer constantly for healing comes through the mind--JUST AS DOES NEGATIVE BRAINWASHING. AS A MATTER OF FACT, IT IS ONLY THROUGH REPLACING THOSE NEGATIVE DATA BANKS THAT YOU CAN TRULY CHANGE YOUR IDEAS AND HEREIN LIES THE GREAT BARRIER FOR HUMANITY--THE EVIL INPUTTERS HAVE BURIED YOU AND YOU HAVE NO SEEMING RECOURSE. YOU DO, OF COURSE, BUT YOU ARE ALSO TAUGHT THAT THE METHODS ARE EVIL. DO YOU NOW SEE HOW YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED? "THEY" HAVE USED ALL THE WONDROUS TOOLS FROM GOD TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE. WE HAVE A WONDROUS SAYING REGARDING MOVING INTO AND WITHIN THE MIND THROUGH RELAXATION AND GUIDANCE--"UNLOCK YOUR MIND AND BE FREE!"

Each problem or thought has a counter thought--each and every word and thought provokes reaction and thought-conditioned response. If I say "red, white and blue" what is your first thought? Well, it won't be the U.S. Flag--in South Africa.

Norma Z. asks for information and a separate document with instructions for children so that they can be brought into understanding--believe me, they will come into understanding instantly--far faster than we "old folk"! They are sent for specific reasons of bringing you ones home. So simply guide by giving them PERMISSION to not accept the limitations of bigoted religions, let them know that YOU KNOW THEY SEE THROUGH THE DRIVEL and encourage them to dream of positive things and come into brotherhood. They KNOW we are out here and they know they are there--for some purpose beyond the lies they see each day of their lives--but, they also must live through it in reasonable compliance UNTIL THE ADULTS DO SOMETHING To RECLAIM THAT WHICH YOU WERE SENT TO DO--CARETAKERS FOR THE PLANET AND CARETAKERS OF THE "LAWS".

The "Journals" are new--less than two years for these first loads of bombs and information--give time for digestion and as clarity comes as to the facts of that which IS--then shall come the opportunity to begin to regain control. You must begin to understand, know and live Truth--then actions will follow as surely night follows day. YOU must become a KINDER/GENTLER individual and then the light shall be quite contagious. As you stop efforting to measure up to all the ridiculous projections thrust upon you, from sexual habits of performance to any other response to the lies--YOU WILL COME INTO BALANCE AND SELF-STRENGTH. AS ONE TURNS WITHIN AND INTO BALANCE WITH THE TRUTH AND WITHIN THE TRUTH OF THE COMMANDMENTS (SIMPLE-REASONABLE LAWS OF GOD AND BALANCE OF THE CREATION'S LAWS OF NATURE), others will find their way. If "other" demands YOU break the laws in any area of experience--then YOU MUST STAND STRONG--not in argument nor thrusting nor blaming--just stand within Truth for no man, woman or child has right to pull another into that which is incorrect and against God. If you deliberately thrust against the laws of God--knowingly, the one who has pulled you down will be in worse condition for he will know your capitulation and despise you for it.

Will you err? Constantly! God does not demand perfection--He demands that you constantly effort toward perfection as the created perfection of that which you ARE. God created you in HIS image--that, dear ones, is PERFECTION! Further, He is within and there is no strength in the Universe which can stand against the power of god of Light. You hold this magnificent power in shackles when you fail to recognize that wondrous self within--when you are faint and weary--HE CAN CARRY YOU TO THE COSMOS WITHOUT EFFORT--AND THAT IS THE TRUTH WHICH MUST BE REMEMBERED. Stop trying to remember everything; when you come into the remembering of your wondrous connection with God--all the rest shall be added unto you. I didn't say go down to the local church, by any label, and be "born again", whatever is meant by that. Usually it means to go to the club-house and pronounce something or other according to whatever doctrine is dumped upon your searching beings and through that HUMAN "authority" you do something else, like sip symbolic blood and eat symbolic flesh and/or dip your head in water. IT IS THE SOUL WITHIN WHICH MUST BE REBORN IN RECOGNITION OF CREATOR/CREATION, FATHER/MOTHER.


As your children see the contradictions of actions, i.e., that evil lies are projected from the church pulpits and false fundamental truths are lived for only an hour once a week--they are laden with fear of transgression, etc. A parent must be strong and tell the children that it is "wrong", that adults make errors. A child is punished and told not to "lie" and yet, everything in his life is a "lie" and the child will invariably "follow the example", not the word. Precious ones, you do not have an easy path to set things to right again and bring balance again with soul and physical being. God never promised you it would be easy--it is MAN WHO DECEIVES AND SAYS YOU CAN DUMP IT ALL ON THE BACK AND BLOOD OF ONE MAN LONG BEFORE YOUR BEING. NO, EACH WILL CONFRONT SELF AND GOD AND YE WILL JUDGE SELF FOR GOD IS JUST AND JUDGES NOT IN THE SENSE WHICH YOU EXPECT.

Allow the children to SEE the contradictions and all you can do is tell them to be patient and together we can bring balance back into this place. The things of the "moment", such as their savings, etc., and massive social affairs are beyond their understanding so you must just guide and it is wondrous for a parent to say to the child, "Precious, I love you dearly, but Mommy/Daddy just don't yet know either, but together we will find out the truth of it.” A child can deal with his feelings of total inadequacy if he can see that his significant "parent figures" are capable of erring and "not knowing" either--and oh, it becomes ever so much easier for the parents. As parents--forgive yourselves first and then you can forgive your children for the reflection which they ARE--of you! Then move within and love and give honor to self, forgive self, encourage self--and it will wash over the children like waters upon the thirsty shores.

Dear ones, the first intent to gain control of the world by the Elite was to pull the family units asunder and corrupt the relationships. It has been accomplished so it will not be easy to set it to right--but the reversal again into Truth, love and unity must be accomplished, as tedious and painful as it may seem--you are experiencing in a time of total chaos and "tough love" is all that will see you through this journey. Force will do nothing except cause more rebellion so you are in difficult circumstances, but a child demands discipline and limitations given within loving/sharing and then he deserves that his roots be deep but his wings unfolded that he my dream and fly.

How do you tell children about spacemen? You tell them that the Loving God the Father always sends ones before Him to prepare the way. Tell them that Earth Man is afraid of the unknown and especially the unknown power of ones unseen. Tell them that there are billions (beyond the counting) of places in the great heavens where other beings live and LET THEM DREAM. Tell them that the foolish stories from outer space are foolish tales to frighten and scare them. Tell them that there are different people "out there" just as there are "different" people which they see every day. Then, dear ones, insist that they watch that TV every time "Star Trek" is on and they are available. There will be great errors in Star Trek, too, but the original information from which the story was based was piped into military computers from "transmissions" from "out here"! The original series was based on costuming, craft-functioning, appearances, etc., from data which was assembled exactly as they simultaneously tape every word in this dwelling, every word as it is typed into the computer, etc.

All that we write here at this moment is flowing into computer terminals at the CIA, the military base near-by, and other surveillance groups. WE have come into a pretty workable relationship with the surveillance teams. The "Elite" know we are here and we meet with them and remind them of limits beyond which we will be allowed intervention, etc.

As for the major question asked by Norma Z. regarding speaking of reincarnation. Why speak of it at all? You ones go to funerals and listen to the mouths blather about "a better place", "...they are now in Heaven with a 'better Father' ..." Use REASON--if that be Truth, then does it not stand to simple reason that there is MORE than this physical body? And if there is MORE, then allow them to simply realize that God is ALL--without limitations and therefore, ALL is possible. If the moment is lived in Truth--the future shall evolve very nicely on its own behalf. The Catholic Church is responsible for removing the portions of the scriptures which spoke of reincarnation and immortality, for that very FACT OF TRUTH REMOVES ALL POWER AND CONTROL FROM THOSE SELF-APPOINTED GODS OF YOUR LIFE. IF YOU REMOVE "FEAR" OF DEATH YOU HAVE REMOVED FEAR FROM EVERYTHING--AND LIKEWISE POWER OF ANOTHER OVER YOUR BEING!

Mainly, with children--tell them Truth. Tell them they don't have to "perform" as adults, let them hold to their innocence--and TELL THEM THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE SEX. DEAR ONES, THERE IS NOT! This is the most abused, misused, and dastardly tool ever perpetrated upon the masses. Expectations from the act itself cannot be fulfilled and it is known to be so to cause further confusion and breakdown of moral interchange. I'm sorry, but these things given unto you and thrust upon you are lies and against the laws of God and nothing will change of it. The proof is all about you. The proof this very day is the Mayor of New York City marching in a St. Patrick's Day parade with the homosexual Gays instead of his proper place at the head of the parade. At any rate, the Mayor is black--that means he is NOT IRISH, in the first place and his actions sanction homosexual BEHAVIOR which is immoral. Why would he not wear a placard and march with the HETEROSEXUALS? Could it be that Satanic practices have saturated to the point that that which is against the Godly laws are the things to be practiced? Does it not indicate that your political leaders are less than that which they spout from twixt their teeth? They have succumbed to the lie itself for personal security and gain--and you as a nation, allow it, sanction it, bless it and continue to bring the lie upon your children. THESE THINGS AGAINST GOD ARE NOT ALRIGHT!

I can tell you now, that AIDS will destroy your people on the planet if this thing is not stopped; it is the curse of Man upon himself--set forth, created, infections started with full intent of depopulizing the globe and only the Elite who are intended to rule have the antidote. The ANTIDOTE to AIDS was created before the virus was loosed. It was introduced into the very communities intended for destruction and "if a few million innocent people perish--so be it" is the full intent. The Elite fully plan to get rid of the undesirable elements which burden their society as planned and homosexuality is not an acceptable life-style to the would-be kings. They are as the drug-lord. Most ones who grow, produce and market drugs at the highest cartel level DO NOT USE DRUGS!

This concept is one which would take a full Journal just in the discussion. It is up to you parents to tell your children TRUTH. AIDS is spread primarily through blood contamination--then hold your breath--through saliva and airborne spittle, etc., contaminating, say, a scratch or abrasion--it is not intercourse per se that gives infection; it is the type of excretion moving through tears and wounds to the private parts in an area (as with the homosexual male of sodomy--anal intercourse) where infected semen or blood is introduced into those abrasions.

As we carefully outlaid in AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE, the virus was introduced so as to have no cure and you would be set up so that the disease would move rampantly through the populations. You would be totally astounded if you knew the numbers of your physicians now infected. It matters not, any longer, what group is the beginning risk group, for as it spread out it takes all in its path. Just as with an avalanche of snow--first, it will likely take the skiers in the path on the slopes, but as it breaks loose in massive assault it will bury the ski village half-way down the mountain and on to the bottom of the mountain and take everything out within the radius of the path. THERE IS NO SUCH THING SAFE SEX. THE CONDOMS ARE WORTHLESS AS FAR AS THE H-IV-VIRUS IS CONCERNED FOR THE VERY PORES IN THE RUBBER MATERIAL ARE LARGE ENOUGH JUST IN MANUFACTURING, TO ALLOW EASY PASSAGE OF THE VIRUS RIGHT THROUGH THE MATERIAL. THIS IS TRUE, YOU SEE--FOR SURGEONS RUBBER HAND GLOVES AS WELL. THIS FACT PUTS SURGEONS, DENTISTS, ETC., AT EVEN GREATER RISK THAN ANY OTHER ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE. THE VIRUS MOVES "BOTH DIRECTIONS". THERE NO LONGER IS SUCH A THING AS "SAFE", EVEN IN THE MARRIAGE BED--ALTHOUGH MUCH LESS LIKELY OF CONTAMINATION--ESPECIALLY HANDLED WITH CARE AND MORE ACCEPTABLE ACTIVITIES. I HEREIN WARN YOU ONES--THIS I SAY HAS NAUGHT TO DO WITH "PREFERENCE" NOR PRUDISHNESS--SODOMY IS DEADLY FOR THE ACT ITSELF UTILIZES THE MOST CONTAMINATED PART OF THE HUMAN BODY AS A RECEPTACLE FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE AND OPEN-FOR-INFECTION PORTION OF THE HUMAN BODY--ON EITHER END. BEFORE THIS DISEASE IS PUT TO REST MAN WILL AGONIZE OVER HIS FAILURE TO SIMPLY HONOR THE LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS AS GIVEN FORTH FOR YOUR GUIDELINES OF BEHAVIOR.


Norma Z. also asks about "Jesus" vs. "Sananda" and what do you tell your chil-dren? Tell them that Jesus represents that which is called "Christ"--which is not a NAME but a state of accomplishment--just like a child goes through the grades and finally gets a diploma from, say, high school. Then when he graduates from College, he gets another award and then he becomes a Master, a PhD., etc., and is called "Doctor", or whatever. "Sananda" represents an ancient "label/name" meaning achievement and growth--into that which is the perfection of "ONE AS/WITH GOD". If the child is familiar with "Jesus", leave it be and allow him to understand the higher title. God knows to whom the heart speaks and names are not necessary. With a child you can explain it much as you speak reverently as in "Mrs./Mr. Jones"--i.e. Sananda Jesus or Jesus Sananda for in traditional "Christian" circles "Jesus" has long been the recognized title for that particular Master Teacher of human experience. For Hindus it is different; for Buddhists it is different; for Mohammadans it is Mohammad; for the Native American Indians it is Wakan Tanka, Pale Prophet, etc. ALL refer to that "Christed" beingness of Godness of Light and Truth of perfection--the Sacred Circle of Infinity.

Do not confuse the child with great dissertations, simply explain that God, too, has or labels just as do people in other languages use other words for things, i.e. "pollo" in Spanish is "chicken" in English. "Aton" is "God" in another language.

Wakan Tanka is God in native Sioux.


Norma asks how she might become one who radiates that which she sees some-times in others--a sense that some people are just "very good inside". KNOW, NUMBER ONE, THAT THEY HAVE THEIR BAD TIMES TOO! Further, YOU CANNOT PERCEIVE that which others see in YOU. As one gains into the being of goodness it just happens--further, I can promise you, precious one, that you radiate that light and love. Even if I could not see it--I can know it is there, for you care enough to write me pages of loving, searching questions in truth of desire to "find", not to just present me with a boggling bunch of time-consuming testings of MY knowledge or stature.

And lastly, now, and then Norma, we shall move on--DO NOT STRUGGLE TO RID YOURSELF OF 39 YEARS OF CATHOLIC TEACHINGS. As you recognize the Truth against the lie, you will know that which is valid as to the goodness of God as taught, but you will be free of the limitations pronounced upon you for with God's Truth as your shield--you simply become free and you see that which IS--as it is and cease to believe it simply because some "authority" told you thus or so.


A petition in Truth is instant--instant everything: forgiveness, love, acceptance, allowance--everything. For if a petition is given in Truth--then the being WILL CHANGE, if not, then naught will happen for the petition was false. If the heart, in Truth, pleads unto God, it is instant!



Dharma, allow us to close this for we have written far more than intended but we must respond as we can for the awakening is sometimes difficult indeed. Blessings are upon you precious ones and together, we shall do it, brothers and sisters--for this "thing" is not over until "GOD WINS"! HOLD THAT EVERMOST IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS--THE REST SHALL TAKE ITS PROPER WAY. GOD WINS, CHELAS! SO BE IT.

Gyeorgos, in friendship and brotherhood, to clear. Saalome'



SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 1991 7:51 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 213


As the time of "Ramadam" quiets the boiling cauldron--on the surface, while men of evil work in dark places, let us turn to our own moment in "time". Dharma cries out from the burden and pleads for answers--"How can we do it all?" The answer is simply: "We cannot nor shall we effort for same."

We have petitions, accusations, personal inquiries, demand for more, demand for less and frankly, we shall leave it unto God to make decision as to that which He shall give unto his lambs who have lost their way. If there is but one path home and it is blocked--then we shall simply remove the barriers for the alternatives to become clear and tell you the truth of your predicament and then you can stall-out or move right through the roadblocks.

I am constantly reminded of the story of the man and his donkey, actually two stories about asses which bear repeating. One, is the man who set off to market with his produce and products for the sales. He loaded his donkey, climbed on also, and began his journey. First he met people upon the road who demanded he unburden his ass. So, he got off and walked--wherein he met others who demanded the ass was still too loaded, so he removed the burden and put it on his own back. Then, he met persons who demanded that the ass do his job and therefore, he placed some of the burden back on the ass; then he met persons who noted the ass was lame and demanded the man stop his journey--whereupon he finally discarded his items for market and picked up the donkey and carried him.

At this point he had tied the burden back upon the beast so that he could carry all that remained and the load was very top heavy so the man chose to set up his place of sales right there in the road--but people came and produced the laws which disallowed selling anywhere other than the market already established; whereon he re-loaded his donkey, again picked up the ass and off he stumbled on to come upon a narrow bridge crossing a wide gorge. In the path came a caravan of camel drivers who demanded he make room on the bridge for their passage--whereupon the man, donkey and goods all fell into the abyss and all was lost. You cannot please all of the people all of the time--nor should you try to do so.

Next story: There was a man who had an ass which was the talk of the village. As others complained about the cost of hay for their own beasts of burden, this man simply proclaimed that he had found the perfect beast--every week he was able to feed it less and less and save great sums of money. Then one day the man came to town bearing his own produce and his friends asked with shock, "Where is your ass?" and the man looked around, shook his head and remarked, "Son of a gun, I finally trained that ass not to eat anything and he up and died on me!!" Where are YOU America? Where are YOU, World? Is it possible that the "ass is on the wrong foot"?


How strange that the scientific community in Salt Lake City cannot repeat the cold fusion process. It most surely will work, beloved ones, for all it actually requires is, cosmic quay of which you are over flooded each and every moment of your existence.

Oberli, ask GM to find those men of research who first did the project and begin a relationship--we do not need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Thank you, for we can instantly find out if they do, in fact, have a proper approach to energy production.

When a whole community of "experts" come out of the halls of great authority and pronounce doom upon a project--be quite sure that the project has great portent for success. This is known as the "theory of Expert stupidity!" It is proof that the intent is to have NO FREE ENERGY RUNNING AROUND FOR YOU PEASANTS TO ENJOY--WITHOUT PURCHASING IT FROM THE ELITE.

If you ones are locked into carbon-based fuels which are destroying you, your freedoms, and your world's balance, then must we go to the cave or shall we walk the middle of the roadway right through them? I prefer the roadway rather than the abyss.


Oh, you say, "We will just get an organization to stand up and fight for 'our rights'!" Will you? Who will you get? Let us look at one or two of those which run about hither and yon, protecting the "rights" of you-the-people.

The National Lawyers Guild: This is a legal communist front and for many decades has been a defender of communist causes in America. It is headed by Elite Zionists and has been as basic in the destruction of the judicial system as any group could possibly be.

The Legal Services Corp.: This is a government/taxpayer-funded legal organization used by the political "left" to push leftist social causes in America, and

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): This is the number one legal purveyor and defender of leftist causes in America and has counterparts in every nation in the world.

Let us look at what one of your more outstanding lawyers, Jack Schroeder, says about the ACLU. What, indeed, does the ACLU stand for and has pushed for over thirty years in your legal system!?

Legalization of drugs.

Abolition of the death penalty.

Fines as a preferred form of criminal penalty.

Abolition of tax benefits for churches and other religious groups.

(So far it sounds pretty good?)

Abolition of all laws restraining obscenity, indecency, and pornography; including child pornography.

Abolition of all restraints and discrimination against homosexuals; and, legalization of gay marriages, all rights and benefits of heterosexual couples--including child custody and adoption rights.

Legalization of prostitution and elimination of all legal restraints on homosexual activities--e.g., abolition of all state sodomy laws.

Elimination of "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Removal of "in God we trust" from all U.S. coinage.

Registration and confiscation of all guns by abolition of American gun ownership.

At first glance it all seems quite proper and suitable because man-made laws seem to only restrict and cause more criminality than to be without them. They would be of total non-necessity if man would simply follow the laws of God and The Creation--but alas--"man surely knows more than out-of-date God!"

Let us look at a few selected targets of this group for those, too, are so filled with corruption that somebody could possibly target them and bring some positive changes. The brunt of their activities include businesses, conservative and Christian individuals, leaders, and groups. Examples of such leftist legal attacks are legion and often are quite positive in their results. However, anything taken to extremes is destructive and causes the entire donkey to fall into the abyss. In October of 1989, a Georgia judge sentenced anti-abortion activist and Operation Rescue leader Randall Terry to two years in jail for criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly related to a sit-in in front of an abortion clinic. The very same week in Atlanta, a drug dealer convicted of killing another drug dealer (by shooting him some fifty-eight times and thoroughly killing him quite dead) received a one-year jail sentence with time off for "time already spent awaiting trial".

Is this not a bit incredible? The American legal system has facilitated and sanctioned the murder of over 25 MILLION babies, and yet if ones speak out or "sit-in" in objection against the slaughter and carnage--they can be jailed and fined more severely than drug dealers, murderers, rapists, extortionists, and burglars? Can this be a "justice" system?

Let's read on a bit and see how ridiculous this can get. On October 10, 1989, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a federal anti-racketeering law (RICO--the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), originally passed to help the government fight organized crime, can now be used against anti-abortion protestors. Twenty-six Philadelphia anti-abortion protestors were convicted under the RICO racketeering law and fined $108,000. A RICO conviction allows triple damages to the plaintiff if they can prove "a pattern of illegal activities."

So now, you have formed an unholy alliance of abortion clinics and liberal Admiralty Court Zionist/Socialist judges who have combined to label any "anti" demonstrators as "criminal racketeers". Similar RICO lawsuits have been filed against pro-life activists by abortionists in Pittsburgh, Chicago, and various other cities. And so, what would the women's groups have to say about these indiscretions? Plenty: Molly Yard in her delicate soft-spoken voice that you can hear all the way to you-know-where and has reached the age of the hills to which she might well return for she does no child-bearing-aged woman favors, screeched that, "Militant anti-abortion protestors are in the same league with gangsters and racketeers, so 'we' shall treat them that way."

I ask you: Since when did your lack of any type of responsibility in the sexual participation--which results in pregnancy--give you the right to murder? Why does man and woman continue to compound their sins? There is no misunderstanding of the laws of God, chelas--this is deliberate evil and the consequences are great indeed. "Those who participate only in the things of the flesh shall surely die by things of the flesh and there shall be found no peace within the being of that one." Thus has said the Lord thy God.

Even if these activities and practices did not include the subject of "murder" they most certainly violate the Americans' First Amendment rights of free speech. I remind you that in San Francisco, the "rotten egg gas" was NOT dropped on the pro-war demonstrators but rather, on the ones who demanded a stop to the insanity of a Middle East war. Moreover, do not the rights of 25 million unborn babies carry any legal or moral right in this world today? It becomes quite obvious to God that the answer is a resounding "NO"!


Russia set the stage and wrote the book on family destruction--beginning and flourishing with "abortion". Russia leads the world in abortions which are offered free and are utilized as contraceptives in order to not interfere with the lust of men. Women are given no respect in the predominant society structure.

But how do the "laws" compare? In the U.S.S.R. there is a nice "catch-all" law against "hooliganism" which justifies the Soviet authorities arresting, convicting and jailing Soviet citizens for virtually anything. The RICO statutes in the U.S. are being used in the same way more and more to curtail the "undesirable" activities of citizens who cannot be convicted on any other existing statutes.

Remember what the target goal of the Zionist/Communist (both inaccurate in definition) IS! "Destroy the family, and the society WILL COLLAPSE." (Lenin)

So, forget murder--let's look to holidays for this particular nation "under God". It matters not that which I think about Christian vs. any other kind of holiday--it is the traditional values attached to same which are under the death penalty. There is a concerted, planned, blueprinted-for-action, layout of attack by these named groups that the target, through the courts, will be to attack religious holidays--such as Christmas, Easter, etc. A coalition of leftist religious and educational groups, including the National Education Association, the National Council of Churches, etc., is targeting the holiday and other Christmas activities (e.g., pageants, creches, songs, decorations and so forth) in schools, the work place, government facilities, and you name it--. Multitudes of lawsuits are planned in order to make it not worth-while to argue about the matter.

This becomes a "legal" attack against Christianity, brothers, and your "One nation under God" for you will become a neutered populace of zombie-like existors.


I speak herein about "Christians" in an all inclusive sense--not the so-called Christian churches or people. I speak of those who believe in goodly truth, honesty and integrity desiring freedom through your rightful constitutional process. If you have not read Eustace Mullins' book on RAPE OF JUSTICE, I suggest you do so. Dharma, you will get your chance when we finish our own work for I weary of attacks of "plagiarism" regarding "truth". You have, at best, experienced first-hand the most despicable form of this "injustice" system with your own property at the hands of evil conspiracy--but we fully intend to WIN. There are some still surviving within the system which was once good and as they get a bit more brave and/or incensed at the rot being brought down, they will take as worthy stand--until the last breath is drawn, there is hope.

The AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION HAS DECLARED WAR ON CHRISTIANITY. The Judicial system is based upon the Kabalistic/Talmudic instructions of the Protocols. You have long since ceased having a "justice" system, if in fact, you ever had a worthy one. The American Bar Association has literally declared war on Christianity--they even call it by that very name stating that the "Christians" have defiled the populace in their "quest to rule".

On May 4-5, 1989, the ABA hosted a seminar in San Francisco on how the legal profession can effectively sue Christians and Christian organizations (using tort law) because of religious fraud and the detrimental impact, emotional, financial, and civil rights-wise, of religion and religious beliefs on American society. Dear ones, this is the American Bar Association--not even the ACLU!

Topics and specific lectures of the seminar included: "Expanding Use of Tort Law Against Religions"; "Tort Law As An Ideological Weapon"; "Tort Law As Essential Restraint On Religious Abuses"; "Liability of Clergy and Spiritual Counselors"; "Tort Liability For Fraud, Emotional Distress, and Harm to Reputation Arising From Religiously Motivated Conduct"; "Tort Liability for Brainwashing'; "Liability Arising Out Of the Employment Relationship"; Institutional Liability For Negligent Hiring/Retention"; "Piercing the Corporate Veil--Liabilities of Religious Bodies and Affiliated Organizations"; and many, many more as much, or more ridiculous.

Oh, you ask, "What in the world is a 'tort'"? Well it is not a multilayer cake of chocolate goodies. A tort is a private or civil wrong or injury, independent of contract. Suits involving personal injuries, wrongful death, or defamation are tort suits. A tort claim usually has three elements:

1. A legal duty to others.

2. A breach of that duty.

3. Damages as a result of that breach of duty.

An excellent example is the cease and desist order (with threat of major lawsuit for "damages") from the Sister Thedra group, ASSK, against America West and Dharma for mention of their name, "defaming" Sr. Thedra, use of "Sananda, Sanat Kumara and/or Hatonn". But, I ask you readers: Who might be the ones with the proper lawsuit in this instance? Who and which might be on the side of truth according to God and who might be acting in a most worldly, greedy and evil manner as balanced action relative to God's laws and the "do unto others" law of The Creation? WHO MIGHT BE EFFORTING DILIGENTLY TO KEEP YOU-THE-PEOPLE IGNORANT AND BLIND? Years and years of service mean NOTHING, save perhaps the service is unto the clever master of deceit. Me, Hatonn, angry? FURY would be the better term--for I abhor and despise the adversary who would USE A PRECIOUS BEING AND SEND EVIL ONES TO SURROUND AND CAPTURE A DEVOTED SERVANT UNTO STRANGLING DESTRUCTION OF THAT ONE WHOM MANY FOLLOWED IN BLINDNESS. I LOATHE THE EVIL DECEIVERS WHO HAVE DUPED THAT ONE FROM THE BEGINNING FOR SHE HAS WORKED LO, THESE MORE THAN 40 YEARS IN THE SERVICE OF ONE SHE THOUGHT TO BE HOLY GOD OF LIGHT. DO I DESPISE THAT TINY BEING? NAY, I ADORE AND REVERE THAT TINY LADY--BUT IT DOES NOT MAKE THE CIRCUMSTANCE "RIGHT" NOR DOES IT CHANGE AN IOTA OF THE TRUTH OF IT. THE REAPER SHALL SEE TO THE HARVEST OF THE USERS WHO HAVE LED THAT ONE INTO THE MORASS OF CONFUSION AND HELD HER IN BONDAGE THROUGH THESE MANY CYCLES OF THE CALENDAR, FOR GOD IS, AND HE IS OPEN AND FOR EACH AND ALL IS HIS TRUTH AND LIGHT.

Liberal judges in recent decades have been creating new duties based on what they perceive to be societal norms. Thus, as society becomes more antagonistic to Christianity, the courts will create new duties and become more receptive to litigation against Christians and Christian organizations. Did James Bakker deserve payment of his debts gained through his misbehavior? Oh indeed--but does he deserve 50 years of prison--while the criminals who have robbed you ones of trillions of dollars, murdered and plundered millions of you--go forth with at the most, a spanking and a vacation in "Club Fed"? As in some cases I can name, like Silverado, you can bet the Bush boys won't even end up with the slap to the fingers. Both are incorrect but your system has lost all balance and integrity.

The ABA seminar (and by the way, another of these seminars on the same "updated" subject was held again in 1990) holds dire implications for Americans. For example, there can be tort liability for brainwashing, coercive persuasion, or mind control--whether or not any of the accusations are, or are not, true in the slightest degree--for anyone can sue anyone for anything, did you not know that? In the end the one who bribes and has the largest bank account will prevail. Justice enters not the equation.

In California, the Supreme Court has already ruled that there is a compelling state interest in preventing its citizens from unknowingly being subjected by religious organizations to coercive persuasion, brainwashing, or mind control. The court wrote that "where a person is subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent," the state has a duty to intervene and entertain corrective litigation.

Psychiatrists now describe coercive persuasion as involving guilt manipulation, indoctrination, fear inducement, and peer pressure. By the way, for you who have light-bulbs for brains--Dharma has ABSOLUTELY NO ASSETS, NO VEILS TO BE PIERCED AND CARES NOT WHO READS OR THROWS OUT THESE JOURNALS--SO WE RATHER WELCOME LAWSUITS FOR LAWSUITS ONLY DENOUNCE ONE WHO BRING THEM AGAINST BROTHER AND PULL THE WORMS FROM THE CARCASS AND ROTING FOUNDATIONS. The courts go further, voluntary exposure to the persuasion by the listener/victim in no way alleviates the guilt of the perpetrator. By this definition, Billy Graham and every other evangelistic crusader in America, and a large portion of the teachings of American fundamental/evangelical religious denominations and churches, can be construed to be in total violation of tort law. So be it.

Psychiatric testimony, according to one outstanding lawyer, Barry Fisher, in his presentation, "Tort Law As An Ideological Weapon", (note, he did not say defense or justice or - - he said "weapon) is now the most powerful and persuasive force in the courtroom on the issues of acceptable behavior. Thus, a genuine Christian conversion/salvation or whatever you might call (a perceived return unto Christ teachings) experience is now being redefined by America's legal left as the result of guilt manipulation, indoctrination, fear inducement, and peer pressure. The evangelist, pastor, para-church organization responsible for such brainwashing or manipulation will be construed to be guilty of committing a tort.

A second implication is that the making of "allegedly" false statements is considered fraud. Now, you have something of which almost every "church" in the world is guilty--not to even mention politics, social leaders and such. "Unprovable" religious doctrines such as eternal security and concepts of Heaven and Hell can be considered to be fraud. Stanley Leak, a personal injury lawyer, maintained in his lecture that when a religious organization fails to disclose accurately its identity and what it teaches BEFORE a person attends any of its functions, fraud has already occurred. For those "annual Easter Christians" this is a bit more difficult, I would guess.

Under this concept, liability is predicated on what is NOT said as opposed to making false statements. Before you say that this would never stand up in court, the ruling should be noted regarding a Maryland real estate promoter, who simply omitted "black" from his advertisement and was found guilty of discrimination based on what he "didn't" say.


A third implication is that intentional infliction of emotional stress, as per a ruling by the California Supreme Court, is legally construed to be a tort. The elements of this emotional distress are: outrageous conduct or intention to cause emotional distress or suffering. An anti-Christian legal system will surely find a Sunday school teacher giving a lesson to young children on Jesus' teachings on Hell and eternal separation to be guilty of causing emotional distress. People who hear the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and/or go to the Indian "Balance of Nature" lessons often do come under emotional stress--I certainly do hope so! Therefore, this concept, like brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind-control, and fraud, can be used to strike at the core of orthodox Christianity.

By the same, but opposite approach, it is perfectly alright for the IRS to intimidate and the police to harass--all against the laws of the Constitution--but it is NOT alright for a preacher to tell Truth unto the voluntary ears of those who might become distressed over Truth. Can you not see the evil at work?


There is also a serious concern about the liability of clergy as spiritual counselors. (Well, I have trouble with this one for it is so obviously the blind leading the blind that it becomes quite absurd--none-the-less, there is Constitutional freedom granted thereto which is the point in focus.)

Listen-up, you devoted counselors: the California Supreme Court ruled against John Mac Arthur's Grace Community Church (not just John Mac Arthur), which gave spiritual counseling to a man who later committed suicide. The spiritual counseling was deemed to be the cause of the suicide and held to be inferior to secular counseling. The Supreme Court held that by counseling the man on the biblical doctrine of eternal security, (failed to note the same counseling of unacceptability of suicide), that the church contributed to his suicide "by committing outrageous conduct", which led to a tort. The ruling was later reversed by a higher court, but it shows the direction the U.S. legal system is moving ever and ever more madly--by the way, the costs incurred by these court cases is absolutely astronomical. Dharma and Oberli have now paid somewhere around $150,000 to defend property wherein a "no public sale" has actually been proven--and still the case is starting again in original sequence. We shall need to write an entire Journal covering this one case in point for it is the epitome of that which has come upon you people at the hands of the conspirators. I have, however, preferred to keep my scribe ALIVE a bit longer for I can assure you that every effort to "discredit" these ones has been presented, taunted and thrust at them. Every effort has been made to run them out of funds, give up and in to the constant barrage of insults and inability to live as on a permanent basis--threats, secret plottings and actual attacks of "dirty tricks", etc., and cause them to simply "give up". Well, brothers, God just doesn't "give up”.

I can only warn you that this concept will lead to the courts controlling the spiritual/biblical content of counseling, just as other concepts advocated by the ABA will control the content of what pastors and evangelists can say from their platforms or pulpits.


Along these lines of discussion let us look at China. Red China now claims to have "religious freedom"; however, it is illegal to mention the biblical doctrines of sin or the second advent in religious services. NOW TELL ME, HOW DOES THIS NEWEST U.S. LEGAL ATTACK AGAINST CHRISTIANITY DIFFER FROM THEIR SIMILAR RELIGIOUS CENSORSHIP IN COMMUNIST/ZIONIST COUNTRIES?

Additionally, the ABA seminars argue that when there is sexual misconduct by a member of the clergy, the entire church organization, or denomination, is guilty of a tort. Funny thing, it is all but accepted that a professional Psychiatrist can be intimate or actually rape a "patient" with impunity. Courts are now beginning to rule this way, friends, with giganti; potential financial liabilities for church/para-church organizations. Throughout the seminars, speakers kept referring to going for the "deep pockets" in litigation involving religious organizations (e.g., after the parent organization, or denomination with larger financial assets than the individual accused. This is why there is absolutely no connection between these Journals and the activities of others who practice business. America West is a book publisher, for instance, and further, they publish some books by some authors which are totally incorrect in content--but they publish books; they are not the moral nor ethical conscience of you-the-people-although they represent total integrity in that which they effort to share with you. If they are given lies then the problem is with the one who lies or deceives and the publisher cannot be "blamed" for another's indiscretion. By the way, America West has no assets to plunder either. Not only have they utilized business assets for the publication of these Journals but their owner's private funds as well. In any event, as things become of different circumstance they also listen to advice the same as we share with you ones--for protection to the best of physical ability within the laws given. You, too, can do it if you want to. Even ASSK stated that it would be "stupid" to go through a long lawsuit for there are no assets to plunder. Rejoice over these incidents which at first seem quite negative--for they tell you that you have credible information pouring forth which is both workable and within the laws written for the protection of the Elite themselves.

Trial lawyers are urged to examine the assets of the individual who has committed the wrong conduct, then look at the assets of the organization, and finally, look at the assets of individuals who are responsible for the organization (e.g., directors, elders, deacons, officers, etc.) in order to obtain the largest possible monetary settlements. Another wrinkle advocated by the ABA seminars is the extension of liability beyond an individual to a group that is associated with the group to which the individual belongs. California courts have already ruled that major denominations (i.e., the United Methodist Church) are legally liable for the actions of a pastor or employee way down the line in a local church. In one case this was ruled due to the firing of a homosexual employee in a local church.

Why do I so often use California as example? Because this is where my scribe resides and confirmation and back-up material is readily available (for security).

Let us summarize a bit and then draw this session to a close. There is a rapidly accelerating attack, war actually, by the liberal left-dominated legal system in America on conservative and Christian individuals of any creed and on organizations. Like the pro-abortion, disarmament, nuclear freeze, antiapartheid movements, this onslaught is not spontaneous nor accidental in nature. It is well orchestrated and organized by the political left. The legal system in America, with its leftist law schools, hundreds of thousands of parasitic lawyers, thousands of liberal lenient judges, a panoply of people-controlling laws, rules and regulations, and millions of lawsuits is like a cancer eating away at America's financial/religious and total rights under your Constitution.

You, America, along with the myriads of world nations, are now taking that giant step toward a Soviet-type, Zionist-controlled, Talmudic-based, legal system which is designed to stifle political and religious dissent and generally remove all freedoms of action from you-the-people. It is all a beautifully and intentionally orchestrated plan to bring you into bondage unto the masters who pull your strings. Patriotic Americans and complacent, apathetic Christians must awaken and realize the noose is all but closed to lethal loop. You are reacting like the frog placed into the soothing tepid water but has now been brought to the lethal boiling temperature--and you are just noticing that the water is hot. Have you also noted--in any measure whatsoever--that the pot also has a tight fitting lid with clamps atop it?

The present thrust of the legal system in America to attack and neutralize the religious aspects and churches is the most dangerous signal to you people--for your nation, you claimed, was founded for the basic right of every individual to worship in freedom, his choice thereof.

Today tort law is "civil". But there is a trend in the U.S. legal system to criminalize civil violations. So count on it--before the 1990's are over, many religious freedoms and activities which you take for granted in America and around the "New World" (for all will be brought under Global Law) will become illegal and subject to severe civil or criminal penalties. It is full intent to stop all Godly/Christ-ness activities just as has been done to the Christians of Red China and the Soviet Union this day.

Please note, chelas, that NO NEW LAWS NEED TO BE PASSED TO IMPLEMENT THIS ABA/LEGAL BROADSIDE AGAINST CHRISTIANITY. There is an army of liberal lawyers and judges set and waiting to go on the attack. The existing laws all bear "interpretation". The attack has already begun!

The moral decline can also be observed in the patriotic decline. Waving flags and wearing ribbons is NOT patriotism--that is organized control of the people left with nothing else to do, by your government.

You are also witnessing a massively irreversible decline in your educational system values. Only some 7 percent of American seventeen-year-olds are ready for college math--and considering college "beginning math"--that is terrifying. Twenty-one percent of adult Americans believe the sun goes around the earth; 17 percent think the earth orbits around the sun in one day; 78 percent cannot name a single member of Bush's Cabinet; only 10 percent of Americans know that the U.S. Secretary of State is James Baker (and that, with his presence daily before the cameras); 40 percent of U.S. college students cannot locate Japan on a map; only 1,300 out of 70,000 U.S. high schools have a global education component in their curriculum; by far the majority of all Americans--DID NOT KNOW WHERE OR WHAT WAS IRAQ, MUCH LESS KUWAIT!!!--EVEN AFTER BEING SENT TO THE SAUDI DESERT! Most service personnel could not tell the Mojave Desert from that of the Saudi Desert!

Additionally, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, and your government and people have acquiesced, that 25 million or more babies could be murdered in their mother's wombs, that prayer in school is illegal, but that pornography in school, in the galleries and on television in your living rooms or anywhere else, is legal and part of "your free speech". They recently even ruled that prayers before high school sports events are now illegal. But, on the other hand, in 1988 (far worse today but figures are valid for '88), one out of every four households in America was the target of a violent crime or theft--but in the Western U.S. it was 30.3 percent. This occurs as judges release more and more criminals, or hand out minimal sentences while more and more "freedoms" are taken from you-the-people.

The prosperous, complacent, apathetic, well-entertained people (including most Christians) barely take notice that their way of life, their traditions, and their freedoms are eroding out from under them so fast that before the '90's are history, they will be slaves and will have lost it all.

It has happened in every major empire in history. They begin humble, poor, but strong in character and spiritual faith; they become prosperous; they forget their principles, values, AND GOD; they lose their morality and vision; and they descend right back into slavery. This is where you find your world today.

So be it.

Let us close this segment. Thank you for your attention and for your kind service. God watches and waits--what will your decision be, people of the world?


Hatonn to clear, please.



MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1991 8:50 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 214


There is so little time for the sharing of the hearts in this struggle to give the hidden dangers ready to devour you, as a civilization, that our own exchanges of love, queries, nurturing and simple gracious manners--must, of necessity, be put to the side. For a while we met every few days and then daily and then--almost never, only some three times since your Thanksgiving, except when personal conference was necessary. You deserve explanation, and then I shall respond to Wally Gentleman's latest correspondence along with a few other personal items if we have the time.


Firstly, Dharma is weary, her home in total confusion of clutter and inattention which brings the level of stress to overflow. All who work within our group are likewise worked to overload--at the store and in the office. We keep pushing through the documents for there is nothing which can put your world to right until Truth flows in magnitude large enough that you ones have that which you need to form the picture of that which IS. If we await the cleaned corners and tidy bed covers, you shall lose of your Constitutional freedoms--IT IS THAT SERIOUS AND IMMINENT!

One day, perhaps there can be help for doing of those things, such as the washing of walls, windows and floors--today we must write, write and write some more and the funds available must be measured diligently and there is not plenty for those little measures of comfort and assistance.

Now--as to the dwelling itself--it has been under almost constant attack from electronic pulse systems to literally bombing by laser pulses--bunches of you were present when the first major assault came. We simply cannot have regularly "planned" gatherings at this location for the adversary makes his plans to coincide with those times when the most damage can be inflicted. This is why, even the meetings held elsewhere have been sudden and with no advance notice nor location announced until time of the meeting. You ones still do not comprehend the dangers even though you experience them.

And all of you MUST remember--messages, inquiries and other communication to me--COMING TO ME THROUGH DHARMA MUST BE ANSWERED IN LIKE MANNER. YOU DO NOT HEAR MY RESPONSE FOR IF YOU INQUIRE THROUGH HER YOU ARE EXPECTING A WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM (THROUGH) HER OR YOU WOULD COME TO ME DIRECTLY. We are honored in either event--but we must ask indulgence in timed responses for there is work of which none save Dharma and Oberli are aware and they are surviving with almost no rest. The ones who help them are blessed indeed for our appreciation is without measure and our gratitude is abundant. So, you might ask, "...then where are those other scribes you speak about'?" Working as diligently but on different material for other speakers--and in training--for it takes a long, long time to come into balance with speakers and set self aside. There is no magic elixir which allows clarity in receiving and eliminates personal input into documents--AND YOU ONES NEED NO MORE TAMPERED, HUMAN-DEFINED DOCUMENTS WHICH YOU CALL "GOD'S" DIRECT PRONOUNCEMENTS--YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THOSE OPINIONATED DOCUMENTS TO BURY TRUTH. There is truth in all but you have not yet become discerning enough to determine the fact from the personal human fiction. How do I know? Because, I can look around, and see the problems which flourish in your societal structures, political nightmares and WAR--which is not of God in any measure what-so-ever--NEVER! Who WINS a war is only important to marginal degree for it is the WAR WHICH IS EVIL--ALWAYS! Further, in this present time sequence, the wars are to further "global control/enslavement" and yet, we see the masses rushing to push selves into destruction. Acceleration of these actions shall be rushing upon you like a tidal wave for the plan is to be operational by year 2000 and as your President Bush has told you over and over again--they are "right on schedule".

Dharma says, "...but Hatonn, I shall be seventy years of age and the dust shall be very deep indeed!" So be it, and what else would thee complain of this day? I promise you that if we do not our work--you do not have to concern about dust upon your precious "things", nor will there be brethren to take note of it, if indeed it remains. No, Dharma, we shall continue in our work--FIRST--until and as long as it is required and we are sustained in ability to produce same.


Now, I have wondrous news for you ones who desire definitive writings and ex-planations regarding God's Commandments and those of THE CREATION. They were given in AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL and yet most have missed them. They differ not from the genuine writings of your teachings but your teachings have been so altered that you no longer feel need to attend them. YES, YOU DO! THE ONLY WAY BACK HOME WITHIN GOD'S RADIANCE IS THROUGH THE PATH OF CHRISTED RIGHTNESS. You were given LAWS through the practice of which would allow you to remain in total balance upon your planet, thrive, experience in abundance and honor fellow-beings. You have abandoned THEM ALL.

But the teachings within the places wherein the laws should be given forth have been pulled down by the desires and egos of man. Therefore, God is giving them forth again in succinct layout along with explanation and examples. Dru is finishing the information at the present time and she and God, Aton, are just about ready to hand it into your hands, after which, Dru will continue writing as directed by God, until there is no misunderstanding regarding the LAWS OF GOD AND/OR THE CREATION.



To Joy, who would give more and accept more, I must remind her to wait upon the Lord. It is only your perception, dear one, that you do not serve well and would choose to receive as does Dharma or Dru or, or, or. It is only perception for if in building the elephant, all worked only on the tail, where would be the value of the elephant? Do not concern about "implants", etc. Who informed you, for instance, that you have none? Do not effort to measure your value or contribution by that of another lest you miss the wondrous fulfillment of thine own contribution. Do not slight God's wisdom for giving unto each that which each has given commitment in desire for service. If it appears that your contribution short--then you must consider upon what you base your judgment! IF a man is told to go within and find his instructions--how shall he do this? His mind has been filled with impractical, mystical and magical nonsense and he can never find balance within without help.


Some of you work at great distance from this particular location--that puts you no farther from God and perhaps, dear ones, even closer for you will be tended even more diligently because of the seeming detriment of distance. There is no time or space in the higher KINGDOMS.

Some of you work without support of significant others who care not, believe not, and/or all manner of other "disadvantages". Well, you chose those hamperings and/or continue to cling unto them and, therefore, you have "made your own pallet upon which to lie". I do not intend harshness, I do expect discernment of own, actions and inactions--for God will allow all that you will heap upon self and LOVE YOU FOR IT. Stop efforting so hard to cause another to believe your opinion--for no amount of for can cause another to really change--he/she must move into understanding through self cause. Example the best teacher and if the TRUTH BE MADE AVAILABLE, then you must release that other and bless them if they choose to turn away for you have done that which is asked of God that you do. Most often the lesson is intended for YOU (the self) in that you must allow another his journey--be it positive or negative in your perception. However, if you turn away from Truth--to please that other, you have erred in the greater measure for you have lied and negated God and allowed the other to cause deeper wounds in his own burden of debt. IT IS YOUR DUTY TO GOD TO EVALUATE THAT WHICH YOU DO AS REGARDS THAT ONE WHO WOULD TURN YOU AWAY FROM TRUTH. IF, SAY, A HUSBAND DEMANDS YOU TURN FROM GOD'S COMMANDMENTS TO PLEASE AND GRATIFY HIS PERSONAL EGOTISTICAL DEMANDS AND YOU DO SO IN ORDER TO "HOLD HIM"--WHO HAS ERRED THE GREATER? YOU HAD BETTER THINK MOST CAREFULLY UPON THAT POINT FOR THIS IS THE PREDOMINANT CONFRONTATION IN INDIVIDUAL LIVES AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY. THE, PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE IS BUT A PASSING MOMENT OF EXPERIENCE--THE TRUTH OF SOUL JOURNEY IS LONG INDEED UNTO INFINITY. PONDER IT MOST CAREFULLY AND RE-READ THE COMMANDMENTS AS THE PROPER DEFINITIONS OF TERMINOLOGY IS GIVEN UNTO YOU FOR BETTER DISCERNMENT.

I now ask that the information of the laws as put to paper be now put to Journal--AS QUICKLY AS CAN BE DONE. I care not how many pages for we MUST have that information available in print for our thrust will turn more and more to the direction of MAN as a being and he must have the guidelines lest he continue to claim IGNORANCE.



Dharma, to adequately make sense of my response to Wally, I must ask that you copy his letter to me, of yesterday evening. And moreover, as Wally, and others, read the letter and my response, I wish you to ponder a bit--who do you feel is responding at this writing?--this one under Dharma's fingers. Is it Hatonn or is it one D.J.E., whom we address as Dharma, for identification of service? You see, those who know D.J.E. NEVER have a problem discerning which is which. D.J.E. never so much as enters into the equation. This is WHY she is given a name for receiving so that she can separate self from the level of her secretarial service. This is why the years of training so as to allow for separation from that human consciousness into that superconscious receiving mechanism which impacts not the writing.

Let us just print the letter and then the explanation will have meaning. This in no way means that Wally had any such interpretation as I shall probably cause you readers to perceive; THIS IS SIMPLY A METHOD AVAILABLE FOR A MOST IMPORTANT LESSON IN DISCERNMENT--WALLY HAS LONG BEEN A MOST THOUGHTFUL CONTRIBUTOR TO LAYING BASES FOR LESSONS WHICH ARE MANDATORY FOR UNDERSTANDING. Often he will say, "I have no idea why I am compelled to put this to writing but none-the-less somehow I feel that I must do so." Son, it is because we have spoken of these things and you have been ASKED to put them to paper that your brothers might have the benefit of our communion. Man is swimming (or sinking, as the case may well be) in a sea of confusion and questions--for that is the purpose of physical journey/experience--reason, choices, freedom of both and growth--always growth through learning. Man makes errors (sins) and chooses again, and again, and again--and one moment in "time", he chooses correctly and still, he may return to error--to test, to play, to experience. THIS IS THE VERY GIFT OF LIFE EXPERIENCE--HONOR IT, CONSUME IT--AND LEARN FROM IT THAT YOU MIGHT GROW THROUGH GRACE INTO THE WONDROUS RADIANCE OF ONENESS WITH ALL.

Wally is grand example of contribution to the positive steps of MAN. If he left your dimension this moment, he would have given gifts unto the species beyond which none can measure--through his thoughtful sharing and stand of self for Truth when, in fact, he could have (and has been baited to do) turned away from "right" and made fortunes in his craft for which he would have ended his journey in this dimension with blood upon his soul. Few can withstand the pull of the physical and the pressure of the adversary when his whole place of production is filled with corruption and evil--for therein is the medium for the visual control of MAN--the media of pictured visions.


From Wally Gentleman. March 17th, 1991.

I am exceedingly grateful for the message that I am sure Commander Hatonn suggested be Faxed to me two nights ago. I know that none of you have time to spare for an individual's questions. I have had many for a long time, but have not yielded, overmuch, for guidance. The (Phoenix Journal Express) of March 1991, Volume IX, Number 9, promoted in me, as usual, great gratitude to all concerned in its production. In it I find some generous reference made to me in connection with Paramananda Saraswatti, an old acquaintance, Penny Torres-Rubin otherwise known as Mafu. Earlier, I had received the news of her manmade election to office when contacting friends within her fraternity at Ashland, Oregon. It left me disturbed.

The purpose of my call was to seek the dispatch of a videotape of the film I was taken to Peru to direct. I directed two sequences only. I attended the indoor and outdoor lectures, given at indiscriminate times of the day and night. I advised on film matters as requested.

Why was I there? I know not! My own curiosity for sure. To see Macchu Picchu for sure. To delight in the sincerity of the addresses, revel in the information rendered, the foreign sights and sounds of people, animals, flora and fauna, to find pleasure and illumination in the venerability of the Head of all Australian Aborigines, the Grandma Katcheena of the Hopis and the Headman of Lake Titicaca Indians, among whom Space Beings customarily walk and defer to the unseen spirits of the Celestial Beings who live at the Lake. But I filmed nothing. Directed little. Happy to be there but unfulfilled as to purpose.

The sequence I took care to select was the direction of Mafu, completed and never used. It was a beautiful visual of Mafu's obeisance to the Sun as addressed to God. If he was a maverick then he was a most devout one. It was an address to the Light of God. It was a compelling recognition of God. Filmed at the Hitching Post of the Sun, a vantage point of the heights, it was a gloriously informative shot.

At another impassioned address, choked with emotion, Mafu earlier offered his great desire, to "bring the people home to God". Equally remarkable was the vision I had while briefly reposing on what was, reputedly, a "sacrificial stone". This Mafu refuted in stating that it was, in fact, a bridal celebration couch for newly-weds. I could happily accept that definition as being open to a star-filled sky.

I believe I have recorded by comments on Mafu's dialogues to have filled some of the holes in the tapestry of life I have constantly sought. Hatonn has, and mercifully continues to fill much more. Much more fully, in unmistakeable, highly credible dialogues of great sincerity. In commendably clear English.

His written communiques, prodigious and clearly composed, are not clothed in vague obscurities of Mafu's complex colloquialisms of by-gone age. They are direct. They are to be validated by time-consuming research, given to few of the human race beset as they are with the exigencies of daily survival to attempt to resolve. I refer to much truth as is published. I specifically refer to articles such as TERMINOLOGY: MIND CONTROL/FACTUAL DEFINITIONS--Controlled Meaning as against true meaning. The very magnitude of information is highly impressive. I am not gullible by nature. I wish to remain open-minded. I do not seek persuasion, commendation or approval for being as natural a person as God made me.

My concern I have previously mentioned. As a person of Shakespeare's "common touch" I set myself above no-thing in God's creation. I am indeed, a fragment of God, seeking to learn more to know, in great humility, for such revelation as I can share with those of my species in as complete an understanding as may be possible for us to discern.

I distrust Mafu accepting a commendation of the Hindu fraternity. That he should accept a man-made license of approval is highly suspect. I prefer to recall Mafu's acceptance of a God he remembers and reveres in the name of Mafu. After the same fashion Shakespeare with his "me thinks he doth protest too much" is applicable to the admonitions we frequently receive from Hatonn and the Space Brotherhood.

To the brainwashed mind set of established religions that I deplore as devious manipulations of Mans' insidious control of Man the all too frequent preaching contained in the Journals appear to be the very same. I say, appear to be the same because I know they are not. The sincerity overcomes the preaching, but not to the masses we hope to inform who have had similar perverted brainwashing down through the ages. Explanations such as "TERMINOLOGY" are infinitely more persuasive to the catalogued definitions of the mind of Man.

The stark simplicity of a God of Love lacks the complexity of a God of Fear. We need the appeal of reason wrapped in the emotion of abiding love for the caring and sharing in life. Warnings we have great need of. True enlightenment for the Golden Age to be deserved and laboured for and merited.

I have previously asked whether, indeed, the centuries old and eminently successful forces of evil are related to the ancient conflicts between Jehovah, Gog and Id. Is it still going on on Earth? Are we the remnants of celestial forces still in opposition? This is a type of Truth, if indeed it is, which will unite the increasingly sensitized people of earth to the better actions so sorely needed in coming home to God's noble, so badly neglected purpose the Space Brotherhood attend so well.

Thank you for the provision of your letter, and to Hatonn my deepest gratitude for his help to me and the human race.



Thank you, my friend. Tired and ancient old Space Cadets get very weary, also, and sometimes our choices of methods are also tempered with frustration of that which seems totally insurmountable, and then on bended knee, I bow unto wiser discernments, be they from whatever dimension. Mostly, I just bend my knees unto the higher wisdom of one, Aton, who is as close as my essence and sometimes as distant from me as He must seem to be from thee. For God so loved His children that He would experience in that dimension which would see you through this time of confusion and chaos as you meet the adversary of all goodness and light through which the soul must pass to find its journey fulfilled and returned within the radiance of wholeness.

If I can experience the human agony of decision, denial and confirmation of the human experience, then together we can walk the path and ye would not be asked to make of that journey alone.

Those who have passed on, await this journey, brothers, so that completion of their own journey might come to find termination of onward passage. This is that which is meant by the message that the dead would rise from their graves, to great extent. For those precious beings of fragments await release as the whole of your experience is completed and melds again into "oneness". It also means that the death of ignorance shall be cast aside and arising into the knowledge shall happen. The trauma of the awakening is indeed painful--but it must come to pass lest the being be lost to the darkness of the lie--compounded into infinity and the bondage be terminal.

I writhe in my own pain that I must be the one to tell you the circumstance of thine plight. I, too, wish to bring unto you fairy tales of great joy and physical pleasure and allow you to romp through your lessons as a child after a butterfly--equally as important in existence as is the child. But my children have been taught to incarcerate the butterfly or smash it and crush its wondrous wings--and in so-doing destroy the miracle of its own existence as creator and not that of destroyer.

You ones must understand something most important, herein. Note that it is not important whether I be Hatonn, Aton, Christ, Rays of God, and/or---! It IS IMPORTANT that you recognize your attachment unto these higher and elder brothers and the oneness of the attachment with Holy God. It is equally important that you sever the attachment of perception that these ones are more attached to D.J.E. than to self. THIS IS THE WAY IN WHICH GOD MAKES HIS RETURN UNTO HIS CREATIONS--THROUGH COMMUNICATION OF DETACHMENT--THAT ALL MIGHT UNDERSTAND THAT HIS "PHYSICAL" PRESENCE IS NOT WALKING AMONG YOU. IF ONE CLAIMS TO BE GOD AND HE IS WALKING IN PHYSICAL FORMAT, LIVING AS MAN, AT THIS TIME OF SEQUENCE--HE IS FALSE. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE BEINGS WON'T COME IN RECOGNIZABLE FORMAT--BUT THIS IS THE MANNER GIVEN SO THAT YOU WILL KNOW THE PRESENCE WHEN IT IS MADE MANIFEST.

Receivers are given no greater insight than are all the rest of the perceived creations. They wait, they plead for sight and touch and "proof" for theirs is such a great responsibility and the adversary is at them constantly, to pull them down and discount our very Truth.

Do not ever confuse me with Dharma. We are one and yet we are as different as the wind from the stillness--for each of God's fragments are as unique and individual as each sunrise--always appearing the same and never the same.

Wally, it was against this very day and experience that you experienced the trip to the southern places with one called Mafu. Do you see, son, it matters not whether or not Mafu is speaking through one Penny Torres-Rubin or John Doe, if the truth be God. It matters not, even if the energy thrust be a lie, if the statement bears truth--IF--YE CAN DISCERN WHEN THE STATEMENT BECOMES THE LIE.

You must understand, as with Mafu, that I make no judgment nor statement about the persons. I must point out the emotional belief and response of actions. Firstly, you referred to a "man-made election to office" and in that very statement you placed the facts before the world. "MAN-MADE ELECTIONS TO OFFICE" ARE EXACTLY THAT--MAN-MADE AND MAN-GIVEN; THEREFORE, "MAN-RECEIVED", ACCEPTED OR REJECTED. If Mafu be a higher energy of the Cosmic or Universal realms--then MAFU HAS NAUGHT TO DO WITH THE "MAN-MADE ELECTION TO OFFICE". Penny Torres-Rubin has been given, accepted and now wears a man-made crown of some type or other. Do not confuse the two. Is Penny "bad"? Of course not--unless this is deliberately done to deceive man and bring them into the abyss of darkness. She has simply bowed and moved into the entrapment of man/evil who would destroy that pure work already presented. It in no way can diminish whatever truth came forth--but it will bury, in controversy, that which will be presented unto the world. Penny Torres-Rubin is exactly that and bears that label; Mafu is either a farce or is who he says he is and bears that label--the two are not the same.

Herein, we laugh a lot as to who around here is management. Ultimately as to the actual typing or speaking, Dharma (DJE) is for all she has to do is stop typing or speaking and it silences me until I locate another outlet. If she has come to me in service with commitment to put to paper or tape my witness--then I am management and she relinquishes all tampering. Dharma has more tendency to agree with Hatonn's management--DJE often disagrees with both Dharma's and Hatonn's management. You ones must learn to recognize the most wondrous aspects of that which you call "self". You precious beings know so very, very little about that miracle called "self". What joy we have as teachers when we see a spark flash forth in recognition of that wondrous miracle as Truth comes into consciousness.

Now we come to the importance of this communion. Wally, you have accepted the responsibility of a task beyond all tasks upon your placement. Be not so humble that you fail to take not of that which is given into your care. You shall begin and hopefully, continue to present "visions" through which humanity can make his journey back into wondrous experience and turn from the incestuous destruction of the path presented into his viewing and mental training.


Too heavy a load, Wally? Nay, son--it is your purpose of the journey. Perhaps we shall have to give unto Margaret a most special award and a "free ticket" home for abiding with the two of us for these years for it is not easy to live and love ones with intent and longing for perfection in their task at hand. Our vision often becomes, blinded and tunneled until we cannot see that which is happening around our circles. Blessed are they who tolerate and support our intent for unto them we grant the credit for our own abilty to reach some measure of achievement. Even as with Dharma; unto her I wrap my cherishment for without her willing removal of self and use of her hands, I could not reach through in the manner necessary. For as man is manifest and as the physical is his manifestation--so must come the experience and communion and realization. You are human and ye shall function as human. Do not seek escape from the experience for it is the most wondrously teaching of all experiences and thusly, is why you are there in the moment.

You have wondered about the connections of the ancient conflicts of man and higher beings--(or lower beings, as the case may be) and if they are still present-ah, like the skin of thine body. There is a bit of difference as this cycle closes, which might be considered. The celestial forces are still in opposition but the sequence is such that they are moved in and onto your own manifested places. They have moved into your own confinement and have been mostly removed from expression upon you from the outer spaces and dimensions so that the openings of traversing the veil becomes more easily attainable--and the Hosts of God are there with extended hand and revelation of the Truth of the simplicity of God and self. The shroud is rent by the laser of light in the focus of knowledge of that which IS. As the shroud is stripped away there remains nothing save the fact that because I AM SO CAN YOU BE--AND BECAUSE I AM, SO SHALL YE BE. BECAUSE CREATION/CREATOR IS, THEN KNOW THAT YE SHALL ALSO BE--AND ULTIMATELY AS WE FLOW INTO THE WHOLE OF IS-NESS DO WE OF NECESSITY FLOW INTO THE "ONE". Aho. May the light sent ever brighten and illumine your path that you see the way as in this moment of love, brotherhood and truth. Amen.

Hatonn to clear, please. Walk easy, brothers, for we are given into the gentle nurturing and support of His wondrous being--we shall find the way.




WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1991 10:20 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 216


As we look at this day's activities, I think that I shall simply join you in gratitude for moisture on the Western Coastal areas of the U.S.--for even though damages are incurred--you of Earth cannot live without water and the levels of reserves are critical. At the onset of Spring I can promise you a bountiful and most beauteous wildflower bouquet to remind you of God's rainbow of love and desire that you experience beauty through your journey.

We are a bit behind in our writing on this Journal due to necessary interruptions in finishing, for the printer, the most important one document ye shall ever hold in your hearts and hands. It will be recognized as a Journal entitled: PHOENIX OPERATOR-OWNER MANUAL. I suggest as you take it for first perusal that you read my, Hatonn's, Postscript at the end. Allow your input to be tempered with a bit of humor but do not think the offering is given in light-hearted bantering. I believe the document can be available within about three weeks for it will be to the printer by the end of this week or early next.

If you read the manual (Journal) and feel "...this cannot be!", I suggest you ponder it most carefully as to content, re-read and consider and study alternatives most carefully before discarding. Look carefully around you at what the breaking of the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION have brought unto you and your planet and then perhaps ye shall wish to make a few alterations in attitudes and actions. I sincerely hope so, for I and my brothers cherish every energy form on your globe. May you walk in understanding.


There are a few "confirmations" of our writings which might not be available to all readers and I am requested to enter them herein. I am most happy to do so because we of the farther vision apparatus understand your human need for human confirmation and resource to balance communications.


In the weeks since I pronounced that Russia would stop the war, I have had a barrage of objections, rantings, discountings, etc. Dharma, simply let us comment on a lead article in one of your worthy news-press editions. These ones are in constant attempts to be shut-down so I shall decline definition of "who". I apologize to you readers, but you who already know source, it matters not--and those who do not cannot bring further harm.

The report comes from the "intelligence community" and sources within that community say that, "The end to the fighting was brought about by President George Bush's order for a unilateral cease-fire as U.S. and coalition troops were poised for the final victory over Iraq's shattered army.

"Just the day before Bush proclaimed the cease-fire, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev referred to the Mideast conflict as a 'powder keg that can blow up the entire world.'

"But as far back as last October Gen. Mikhail Moiseyev, commander-in-chief of the Soviet army, warned that a ground war the Persian Gulf region would lead to a new world war.

"Moreover, on Dec. 5, at the headquarters of the Kontemeroff Armored Guard Division outside Moscow, Marshall Dmitri Yazov, the USSR's minister of defense, presided over a two-day planning conference which culminated in placing the armed forces of the Soviet Union on a virtual war footing."

THIS IS IMPORTANT: For the first time, and this is confirmed absolutely by the intelligence officers, the troops of the KGB, and the MVD and other previously autonomous military elements, such as the so-called "railroad troops", were merged under the single command of the Red Army.

At that meeting Nikolai Shlyaga, the chief political commissar of the Soviet army and fleet, stated to the assembly of top military commanders that they were responsible for the territorial integrity of the Soviet Union and the associated interests of the Soviet Union if the imperialism of the U.S./Coalition moved in the Mideast. He also stated that measures had been taken by political/diplomatic authorities to insure no misunderstanding by the U.S. and no violation would be tolerated.


Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of American and coalition forces (and a man I highly respect and revere for capability as well as for humanitarian concern over his command), told newsmen the day after the president declared the cease-fire that there was "nothing to stop his armored columns from driving all the way to Baghdad when the White House ordered him to halt them from going further into Iraq."

The Bush order came with total surprise to the country and the world. However, barely 24 hours before the President went on national television to signal the end of hostilities, Gorbachev was telling factory workers in Minsk that relations between Moscow and Washington had reached a most precarious stage and the outcome would be dependent on "reasoning" backed up with "examples".

On that very same day Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Belonogov said, "It is clear to us that it would respond to the interests of all countries to stop the hostilities at once."

MORE IMPORTANT: The Nezavisimaya Gazeta, a Russian paper, just that same morning reported that Saddam Hussein had been waiting for the right moment so he could play the Soviet card, to avoid defeat and stay in power. Soviet advisers in Iraq had been calling the shots for Saddam since the start of the gulf crisis last August.


It is now noted through high-level diplomats and intelligence analysts that the Soviets actually ordered the invasion of Kuwait. However, they were at a loss to explain why the U.S. Secretary of State, James Baker, had simultaneously issued an open invitation to Saddam Hussein to take Kuwait through the explicit message he sent the Iraqi dictator when Ambassador April Glaspie went to see him in Baghdad several days before the invasion.

Here is a bit more proof for you ones who are just now catching up--not only did Ms. Glaspie give the green light from your State Department to Saddam--BUT, AFTER THE INVASION SHE STATED: "WE WERE ALL SURPRISED WHEN HE TOOK ALL OF KUWAIT." Come now, readers, what does such a statement indicate to you? It can only mean that your government knew and expected Saddam to take a portion of Kuwait and had your blessings and permission to do so, but were caught off-guard when he moved into ALL of Kuwait.

The point is that its dual action poses the fact that the Soviets and Americans cooperated behind the scenes to touch off the Mideast war in order to create the "New World Order" that Bush has proclaimed and Gorbachev must have to survive politically in the long-haul.

The U.S. fell into yet another Soviet trap and was saved by the "skin of their teeth" by the lightning "hundred-hour" ground assault that drove the vaunted Iraqi Army from Kuwait and southern Iraq.

Now for you who shout "We are number one" and "We smashed Saddam", etc., etc., and tied ribbons and waved flags, I am caused to herein remind you of a major point: SADDAM HUSSEIN NEVER CAME INTO THE BATTLE. YOU SHOUT VICTORY OVER SOMETHING THAT NEVER "CAME-OFF". Let us suggest that you are going to battle Tyson in the boxing ring and Tyson never enters the ring--are you truly "victorious"? No! And you had better be finding out why Tyson (Saddam) never showed for the match!

I can promise you that the only REAL salvation of this encounter came when the Russians (yes, exactly what I mean) stopped your shuttle launch of the

"defense/military payload". Further, your cooperation has allowed the Russian beam-ships to allow proper pressures to allow your Western Coast to receive moisture.

You ones had better quit "modernizing your Commandments to suit your preference in human games" and modernize your knowledge about the technical growth of your nations, specifically Russia who is way out front of you and has compounded military buildup and capability without pause.

THIS WAS THE FIRST CONFRONTATION IN WORLD WAR III. Further, it allows your government to continue emergency regulations on you people of the U.S. because you can now move right into a non-finalizing maneuver of the encounter itself--as well as pull you down economically and introduce emergency economic regulations and restrictions.

THE "PEOPLE" did not vote confidence for Gorbachev; the elections are a sham and this places the world in incredible instability for the alternative Government of Russia is of far differing opinions of who shall exist and how. They will happily see Israel wiped from the map! Since Israeli Zionists control your government, the U.S. will be targeted for destruction also, for there is no longer diplomatic separation of the two.

You will further note that immediately upon the cease-fire, Foreign Minister Alexander Bessmertnykh was forcefully inserting major Soviet participation in the new regional security apparatus that will be set up in the Mideast under the so-called United Nations auspices. As a matter of fact, while YOU OF THE U.S. were proclaiming victory--guess what! IT WAS BEING ANNOUNCED LOUDLY IN THE USSR's LEGISLATURE THAT THE CEASE-FIRE WAS "A GREAT VICTORY FOR THE FOREIGN POLICY INITIATIVE OF OUR PRESIDENT GORBACHEV!. " Good luck, World!

I have been denounced as maniacal since our publication of AIDS, etc. So just copy the next blurb please, Dharma.


"The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta is going to have to fund a study after Dr. Donald Jewett, professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of California at San Francisco, conducted a study showing that aerosols containing HIV-infected blood were produced during orthopedic surgery when bone-cutting tools were used. He found that these particles were small enough to penetrate a surgical mask and unpunctured surgical gloves. The finding would also implicate high-speed dental drills, apparently. Previously, the CDC said it was impossible for AIDS to spread through the air."

And along the lines of the subject material of our current Journal, the following:


"The Federal Election Commission has admitted it found on February 6, 1990, that there was cause to show that the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Committee had illegally paid for a smear campaign in 1986 against presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche." No, this did NOT come from the New Federalist publication--this has now been made public in "establishment" papers. Mr. LaRouche has remained in prison for all these years--where are your freedoms, America? There is also proof now available that all charges were fabricated and the courts in the case were "fixed". So much for your "free" elections; you must take careful note of the things for reclaiming your Constitutional freedoms is at stake here.

Last for the items for current discussion. I have said I would keep you current on items which can affect your investments, living concerns, etc. Therefore, I shall herein print a listing of banks which are determined "WILL FAIL" and I can only assume you will take heed and act in wisdom.

A major Florida firm has recently analyzed the fiscal policies and soundness of the 100 largest banks in the U.S., employing three standard accounting practices. The firm totaled the stockholders' equity in each bank, comparing it to the bank's total assets. Then the bank's liquidity ratio was measured by analyzing the cash holdings, treasury bills and other readily convertible assets on hand as a percentage of total deposits and other short-term liabilities.

Lastly, the auditors figured the ratio of bad loans on each bank's books. This was done by taking the total amount of bad loans held by each bank and comparing it to the stockholders' equity.

Using these measures, the auditing firm developed a safety index, with four categories. These are: banks that are strong and safe; banks that are safe; banks straddling the line between safe and unsafe and banks that are unsafe.

When all the computations were completed, not even ONE of the 100 largest banks in the United States received the highest, “strong and safe”, rating. More distressingly, only ONE of the top 100 banks received second-highest rating of "safe". That bank was the State Street Bank and Trust Co. of Boston.

Among the rest, 49 were rated as borderline--teetering on the edge between "safe and unsafe". The other 50 were rated at the bottom of the scale as totally "unsafe".

Since the ratings were issued, one bank listed in the group was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. with you taxpayers being forced to pay as much as $12.5 billion (and growing) to bail out the financial giant. The others may not be in much better shape, but through tricky financial accounting procedures, usually described as "smoke and mirrors", they have managed to stay in operation:

American Express Centurion in Delaware

American Security Bank in Washington

Bancohio National Bank in Ohio

Bank of America in California

Bank of California

Bank of New England in Boston

Bank of New York

Chase Lincoln First Bank in Rochester

Chase Manhattan Bank in New York

Citibank in New York

Citizens and Southern National Bank in Atlanta

Citizens Fidelity Bank in Louisville

Connecticut National Bank

Continental Bank in Chicago

Crestar Bank in Virginia

Dollar Dry Dock Bank in New York

Fidelity Bank in Pennsylvania

First Bank NA in Minnesota

First Interstate Bank in California

First Interstate Bank in Texas

First National Bank of Boston

First National Bank of Chicago

First Pennsylvania Bank

Fleet National Bank in Rhode Island

Florida National Bank

Goldome Savings Bank in Buffalo

Harris Trust in Chicago

Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans

Irving Trust Company in New York

Manufacturers Hanover Trust in New York

Marine Midland Bank in New York

Maryland National Bank

Mellon Bank in Pennsylvania

Midatlantic Bank in New Jersey

North Carolina National Bank

National City Bank in Ohio

Northwest Bank in Minneapolis

Peoples Bank in Connecticut

Pittsburgh National Bank

Provident National Bank in Pennsylvania

Sanwa Bank in California

Seattle First National Bank

Security Pacific Bank of Washington

Security Pacific National Bank in California

Southeast Bank in Florida

Sovran Bank in Virginia

Texas Commerce Bank

Union Bank in California

Valley National Bank of Arizona

Wells Fargo Bank in California

Please note that these are taken only from the 100 largest banks in the U.S.. The Savings and Loan collapse now is positively going to cost taxpayers in excess of more than $1 TRILLION AND RISING. You had better be taking great stock now in the banks for it is going to be incredibly more expensive and losses are going to be without ability to count. These things are clues to "timing" and possibilities. Do not postpone actions of proper tending of assets for the banks listed above, unless bailed out by miracles, will fail--that means that hundreds upon hundreds of the smaller banks are destined to total collapse.

I present this documentation so that you can make decisions in some manner of wisdom. Dear ones, there are simply no methods of total insurance against some measure of loss for the Conspirators have nailed shut the exits and alternate routes through the maze. I can only offer information as timely as possible for your assistance. AHO.

Dharma, allow us a rest before we move again into the subject matter of the Journal in writing for this turned out to be a bit more lengthy than anticipated and it is past lunch time. Thank you. In gratitude and appreciation to you ones of my crew, I step aside.




THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 1991 7:50 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 217


In the wondrous beauty of this new day it causes one to wish there were magical phrases and potions to cause all ugliness and pain to vanish. Suffice it to KNOW that "within" there can be such peace and release that you can have compassion and yet feast upon the beauty--all at once. God disdains the long and sorrowful face in the midst of HIS wonders; and so, too, is the ridiculous face of false piety even more distasteful--be yourself, reflect that which is REALLY mirrored from your soul and appreciate each emotion as a series of acceptance, allowance and release.

Even unto this particular place, and I must use Dharma and Oberli for example, for this is where I am focused at the moment. The world is blanketed in snow. Each branch and twig heaped high with beauty--feast thine souls and eyes and then turn unto tasks for as the snow is wondrous, so have the baby birds in the nests grown hungry through the cold night and the food is buried under the ice and many shall perish. Of the ones you train lo eat from your storehouse, you must tend of them--for YOU have taught them to depend upon you and thereby give joy one unto the other. For the bird who runs upon the mirrored window pane, bless it and move on--for if you turn to withering over each that fall and become ensnared in grief and stop thy work--the whole of the flock might well perish before the thaw of Spring.

The lessons are great from EACH and EVERY incident upon your path. Look unto the government and see that which they have done unto the people of lesser income and education, and now, through the depression and loss of jobs. The government has treated you like the flock of birds--trained you to eat at "their" feed cups and depend upon "them" to give you shelter and clothing. Of course they paid not for it, but stole it from your own brother who is becoming now into equal need--but the storehouse has been emptied--given unto the Elite and shipped away from your own shores. Who will now feed the people who know not how to survive in the garden and fields? Do you not see how you have become one within a "socialist" state?

Do you not see that which they do with the police departments and the brutality? They are conditioning the police and the populace against the day when enforcement of the Elite's demands are instigated. What can you do if you have no weapon and there are 21 police beating upon YOU? Isolated cases? No, the training is now deeply ingrained so that at orders from the Elite, ones can go forth and kill two million innocent people and consider themselves heroes and victors. Over what? God weeps, brothers, and yet, shall He simply abandon his children and turn into grief and let you die beneath the snow-covered shroud? No, he sends forth is Hosts who can see beneath the shroud, locate the ones upon your place who have KNOWN and SEEN beneath the shroud and project truth that you can stop of the madness and rise up and recover your gar-dens, fields and storehouses.

You had best look beyond the pretty faces who tell you this day that it will be wondrous, the increased exports to "free-trade" nations such as Mexico. What is planned is to take your industry into the cheap labor places and exploit the laborers in that place as well as put you the masses out of work. They have now trained you to BEG FOR CRUMBS AT THEIR FEED-POTS WHICH THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM YOU. They have sent spokespeople to paint beauteous pictures which, in fact, will destroy the very fiber of your nation. They program and train these ones to lie like the silvery reptiles they are.

What were you told last evening after April Glaspie gave a bit of lying testimony? "She charmed the listeners...." and "the truth of what she had said and done had been changed by the press - - - -", come now--facts speak for themselves, she had been under GAG ORDERS since mid-August. Worse, you think you are getting proper news from Iraq this day concerning the civil uprisings. STOP IT! How is it that the U.S. is so infiltrated into Iraq that they can shoot down an Iraqi plane in Northern Iraq? Why are you allowing the oil fires to burn in Kuwait and infect the people when the fires could be extinguished in moments with fuel/air detonations? Why do you sanction the Sabahs who have to have their replacement of GOLD faucet fixtures in place NOW--while the nation has no water, no power and oil fires killing them?

How can "they" show you a Kurdish babe with no visible signs of burns and tell you the child is sick unto death from "NAPALM"? Do any of you remember what "napalm" is? Also, it is claimed that Saddam has dropped Sulfuric Acid on the people--if he has every other heinous kind of "effective" gas and microbe--why would he do such a non-effective and stupid thing as that? THIS is why you must become informed--the lies mean nothing if you KNOW NOTHING.


To T.D., thank you for your inquiry and information regarding alien craft supposedly purchased by the U.S. from Russia and used in the Iraq war.

There were several "space craft" in the area but they were neither manned by Russians nor Americans. Russia does have some aliens as does the U.S., however, we had monitors in the area of Iraq to STOP actions which would cause chain reactions which would cause destruction of your planet, The things of which the scientist, Dr. Wolff, would be speaking--are Russian Cosmospheres of which you of the U.S. or any from the "Coalition" would not have any defense what-so-ever. THE RUSSIANS DID NOT SELL ANY OF SAME TO THE U.S. AT ANY PRICE, MUCH LESS 650 BILLION DOLLARS. It is through the display of this kind of technology that the war came to an instant cease-fire.

This is why, however, Gorbachev is in such bad straits with the opposition of the Soviet Union for one more breath and mile by the U.S. forces and the Soviet arsenal in Iraq would have been unleashed and I warn you again--Israel would have been totally obliterated--that is what the full intent was, as you were pulled into the web.

You think you had a "handful" of lost soldiers? We have more than that aboard our craft, chelas, who asked to be removed and we responded. You still have groups of those you label, Green Berets, in captivity--and/or were killed. How is your government going to account for them to you-the-people? By all sorts of clandestine ways such as telling the families of the missing that their "person" is on a secret mission of some sort and quietly announcing sorrow over his death--at a much later date. Later, a lot of losses will be accounted for through "terrorist incidents", etc.


The U.S. government and Pentagon will never willingly allow those ones home because the truth will be told and they won't allow that to happen. Armatage (yes, the same man who was sent by your government into the Middle East, Jordan, etc. a few weeks back) heads your government's involvement with the DRUG TRADE in Southeast Asia and places surrounding it. IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP SOON--YOU MAY AS WELL STAY IN YOUR STATE OF STUPOR AND HOPE THE SUFFERING WON'T LAST TOO LONG. WHAT YOU DO NOT SEEM TO REALIZE IS THAT IN CHANGING DIMENSIONS, YOU TAKE UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF AND IT COULD BE A LONG-JOURNEY INDEED.

About the UFO article--look at the story as it unfolds and you can tell the values therein. It is a matter of having to make some announcement to account for and cover the stories as will be coming back with your troops. But they give themselves away with this statement: "Of course, it doesn't matter who's flying the UFO as long as they support the goals of the Allied forces. This craft is literally the ultimate weapon. There's no airplane on Earth, not even America's Stealth bomber, that compares to it." Your Stealth bomber compares badly to almost everything in the air.


Ah, a barrage of inquiries about the predictions made by your Geologic Survey teams announcing probable earthquakes along the San Andreas fault in California. Why would you ask me? I would say this, however, I would look to see that which your government is up to relative to the Soviet Union and see if in fact, a Great quake would enhance the Soviet position,. They have allowed the moisture to move onshore and now that the crevasses are pretty slippery, it would be a most propitious next move to give you a little shaking. I tell you, people of the world--there is evil and power on your globe beyond anything you can sit and imagine. Your government Elite have protected you from this bad news! Oh, now you confront me with, "But Hatonn, you said it was the Zionists and now you say it is the Soviet nasties - -!" And so I have--I suggest you go back and read EVERY word I have written on the subject. These Zionist Khazars came right out of Russia! Israel is only an isolated focus and most of the leaders are now in America. It is called, among other things, "New World Order".


I see we are back to calling Hatonn a "bigot" and "anti-Semite". My, my, sometimes it takes longer, doesn't it?

Dharma, a nice "Jew" sent a most comprehensive article to us along with one who sent many documents involving the Vatican (Holy Church of Rome's Home). I won't get into the Vatican connection YET, because I am showing you the connection of Zionism and so-called, but mislabeled, Communism--as is bringing down the American house of cards. I have a tendency to pour it over you all at once and none of you can absorb it that quickly--so please stay tuned.

I will, however, ask Dharma to reprint a bit of that which involved the "Jews" for it is the ones of Judean heritage who are first targets for destruction, as usual.



This was the placard at the front of the hall in a meeting of "Jews" who are doing all in their power to alert their people to the lies. Just Quote from the "Epilogue", please.




The above statement may seem strange to those Americans (Gentile and Jew) who have been brain-washed by the Zionist controlled news-media about the status of Israel.

The reality that Americans, especially the Jews, must realize is this:

After almost 40 years of existence of the State of Israel, it should be abundantly clear to all open-mined people that the Marxist/Zionist experiment has failed. The result has been terror, murder, bankruptcy, rampant inflation--and wars with no real peace in sight.

Israel is an armed camp whose policies are blatantly racist and rightly condemned by the United Nations. Israel's armies of occupation brutally oppress the people of the Arab lands, and because of United States blind support of Israel, the U.S. has lost credibility and friends in the Middle East. It has also lost billions of dollars of business contracts. Add to this loss, the billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars that have been poured into Israel.

There are ten questions that need serious consideration if the is to be any hope of Peace in the Middle East, and if America is to once again he recognized as a champion of human rights;

  1. How long can we demand that Palestine be a Jewish state when most Jews do not want to go there and thousands who emigrated there have already left or wish to leave?

  2. How long can we refer to Israel as a democracy when for 38 years it has remained a police state without a written constitution?

  3. How long can we attack Communism and Soviet Russia and at the same time support an orthodox Marxist state of communes (kibbutzim) and Histadrut (labor organizations and Socialist enterprises)?

  4. How long can we cry out and condemn German and other Gentile atrocities while closing our eyes and even applauding atrocities by Israel against Semite Arabs?

  5. How long can we dream of a permanent existence for a state called Israel when Israel cannot survive a single lost battle and the Arabs can survive thousands?

  6. How long can we demand from humanity sympathy and support for a "homeland" we Jews abandoned 2,000 years ago and in the same breath ask civilized men to reject the pleas of recently routed Palestinians?

  7. How long can we continue to deceive the Western World that Israel is the only bastion of anti-Communism in the Middle East when in reality: (a) Communist Czechoslovakian arms helped establish Israel, (b) Soviet Russia voted for partition of Palestine and was one of the first nations to recognize the State, (c) Soviet Russia opened her gates and the gates of her Communist satellites for emigration of Jews to Israel and thus provide much needed military manpower?

  8. How long can we lure innocent and sentimental Jews with slogans of security and a full Jewish life into the great atheistic unsecured ghetto called Israel, where in truth, every principle of Judaism is violated?

  9. How can we claim Zionism "solved" the Jewish refugee problem by relocation in Israel when, in fact, it is the refugees who rejected Zionist temptation and who now live in security and prosperity in other lands and who support their impoverished relatives still trapped in Israel?

  10. How can we delude ourselves that Israel can continue to exist without permanent peace and accommodation with the subjugated Palestinians?

Only by sacrificing exclusive labels like "Israel" and "Palestine" and drawing together in a free, non-sectarian "Holy Land State" can both these peoples find life, liberty and happiness.

It should be obvious to any unbiased person (Gentile or Jew) that Israel cannot continue to exist nor should it exist. I say this not only for the sake of American Gentiles, but more importantly for the sake of us Jews, for when enough Gentile Americans finally awaken to the truth about Marxist Israel, ALL JEWS may suffer.

Only in the spirit of God and the founding fathers of this civilization--Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, can peace and happiness in the Holy Land be achieved.



God blesses this man and those daring ones who stand with him. May the truth begin to shine forth.

I must continue to integrate the decline of the American nation and people within the new concept of United Nations, New World Order, Zionism, etc., for it is all so related, and the highest stakes for reclaiming a Godly world rests therein. At this point, the majority of our readers are Americans and it is in America that we can have greatest impact in setting this thing about.


We were speaking, prior to this, about the hypothetical triangle and we shall continue. The right side of the "perspective triangle" represents the social-political decline of Western civilization, and certainly America. As the moral and spiritual under-pinnings of society grow more and more liberal and farther and farther away from biblical "Christianity", one can expect the social and political realm to move as well--for one follows the other.

"Theological liberalism" defines those who have left affirmation of scriptural authority, as flawed as it might have been, and allowed their belief systems to be open to any and every-thing. The political counterpart of the term "liberalism" invariably accompanies this change.

A political sickness dominates America today. You can call it whatever you like for labels are constructed to deceive you, but whatever label you place on it, it is sapping your strength, your morality, our standard of living, and your freedoms.

Every single plank in the Norman Thomas' Socialist Party platform of 1932 had been adopted in the U.S. some two decades ago, and today the liberals who dominate both political parties, the Administration, the Congress, the gargantuan government bureaucracy, the judiciary, academia, and the media are pushing America into the socialist quagmire described by George Orwell in his novels 1984 and ANIMAL FARM.

It has long been said that the communist system would move toward capitalism and democracy, while the capitalist, democratic countries of the West would move toward socialism and communism--with East and West meeting somewhere in the middle. Perhaps you can see the intent in meaning of "..merging the common interests of America and the Soviet Union". Funny thing happened years ago as officials in the British Labor Party and also the British Communist Party announced: "You cannot move directly from capitalism to communism. Socialism is a necessary stepping stone to communism and hence all communists should work for socialism."

Mikhail Gorbachev refers to communism as "scientific socialism" and to himself as a socialist, while the old communists of Eastern Europe now call themselves socialists and have renamed their communist parties "Democratic Socialists", "Social Democrats" and thus and so, absolutely giving no meaning to the titles what-so-ever.

The U.S. government and power structure has been moving the country to the political "left" so gradually and for so long that most Americans don't even remember what America was like when it was truly free. Most Americans believe in free enterprise, not socialism, but your politicians are in piecemeal fashion, imposing socialism on you. Most Americans are traditionalists, who are interested in their families, their country, their businesses, their jobs, and their neighborhoods. In Washington, however, both Democrats and Republicans are fundamentally internationalists who view your traditional nationalism as old-fashioned, outdated, unsophisticated, and even reactionary.

These "great" leaders tell you that you must be taxed more, sacrifice more for the good of all, and your defenses cut because of your huge deficits, and yet they spend ever-increasing billions of your so-called money (credit) for foreign aid, for the World Bank, for twenty-five percent of the funding of the United Nations and for dozens of other international boondoggles. The majority of Americans are simply hardworking citizens who don't approve of liberal wealth redistribution schemes whereby they are taxed to pay subsidies to those who don't want to work or to the impoverished Third World masses who never receive the aid at any rate.

But if you look carefully, America, you can begin to see that which is coming as surely as night follows day--there is no way to handle all this debt, is there? What happens when debt can no longer be handled? I thought you might begin to catch the glimmer!


What had you yesterday? Mr. Bush unilaterally 'forgave" seventy percent (70%) of Poland's debt--right across the board and offered 'free-trade" adventures and "President" Waleasa said "God bless you, Mr. President". Why the sudden or not-so-sudden, gifting of Poland? Ah so--now we are going to find the worms in the woodpile again, are we not? Where does the POPE of ROME (VATICAN) come from? Why was THAT POPE chosen in the first place rather than the traditional Italians? Oh, chelas, if you don’t get those eyes opened soon, you have a rude awakening in store for you.


Most Americans are law-abiding citizens who don't approve of handing your neighborhoods and cities and housing projects over to criminals, while social workers, lawyers, and judges debate the finer points of the criminal's rights and disadvantaged background. While your streets, your property, and even your schools are unsafe and insecure, your liberal government's response is not to punish the criminals, but to nurture them, to deny the victims any means of self-defense (especially via firearms), and to then send you the bill. In many instances, the criminal is treated better, given more rights, and pampered more than the victim.

Most Americans believe firmly in the principles of fairness and of equal opportunity, but Congress, the executive branch, and the federal judiciary have turned racist and are fanatically promoting quotas and reverse discrimination in favor of racial minorities, gays, womens libbers, AIDS "victims", the poor and so on. It is all orchestrated to bring total chaos and confusion and turn us against another and in division of the population--strength will flow to the police legislation is being passed that allegedly protects minorities, but in reality discriminates against the great majority of middle class Americans of all races and colors. Most Americans are certainly heterosexual, without argument, and yet the government, the TV networks, the American political left, and your educational system, in their obsession with homosexuality, are pushing homosexuality and the gay lifestyle down the Americans' throats while at best, the activities and concept are deviant in nature as nature presents associations in a natural state, of those which allow procreation and continuation of the species.

Dharma, leave this room for a few minutes as we have some electronic tampering which must be tended immediately. Go lie down, come within the shield for you will soon be rendered unconscious. Act now! Go!



FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1991 4:05 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 218


KILL: To deprive of life; slay; slaughter; assassinate; execute; dispatch, sacrifice; destroy; put to death; put an end to; exterminate; liquidate; do away with; take out; commit murder upon; cancel; annul; nullify; turn off; turn out; shut off; stop; halt; erase; veto; cancel; lethalize; remove life from; obliterate; silence; cease operation;--and at least 57 more terms meaning ultimately the same!



Hopeless? I know not! I do know that the human psyche will allow only so much and then calls a halt and Dharma, brothers, is about to that limit. What does man want of us? This game of hide-and-seek is growing pitifully old in the playing.

We would like to point out that some of the newsletters that we were to have "plagiarized" are finally mentioning information we gave you weeks ago--try the PHOENIX LETTER of Dr. Sutton, try the LYKE REPORT, SPOTLIGHT, NEW FEDERALIST, RON PAUL, E.I.R.--and whatever else you ones write us about--WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US? Is your planet worth the attention? Do you of the planet give a damn? Who do you think is going "to do" it for you?

Well, Oberli, we will have to have another TV for I cannot allow you ones to be without the non-news from time to time.

We are appalled at the total lack of mass "caring" and the total absence of much interest in your world. I am humbly grateful to you who take time to share with us as you come into information for it is like working here in a black shroud--in fear of your life. Dharma is only in receiving of some two or three bits of information from outside each day. We know you readers are caring and we know that you contact America West--but Dharma lives in a veritable "box".

We are accused of garnering great wealth from this work--where do such stories get begun'? Dharma has written, what now?, 28-30 books in the last 18 months and has yet to glean one cent from the labor. She is tied up in home litigation and receives food stamps. There have been some quiet gifts which are cherished and treasured. What does mankind want of his brothers?

We are expecting the other shoe to fall from "brothers in the cause"? Again we are "charged" with plagiarism? Man tries God sorely!

How many of you are up on current events? How many of you know your geography, religions, sciences, science fiction, social and political formats, just to list a few? How many of you know that this very day, Russians are in the United States acquiring YOUR money to upgrade their oil production? Further question No.2: How many of you know that Russia is the LARGEST OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD?

How many of you realize there is near panic on the Japanese stock exchange and in their higher economic circles due to expected drop in exports BECAUSE OF THE DISASTROUS DEPRESSION EXPECTED WITHIN MONTHS, IN THE UNITED STATES? SO BE IT!


I am here with hundreds of petitions for personal information. I am a Commander of a craft--I give you thousands of pages of information against which you can become discerning. I strike not out at you for inquiring for it gives measure of receiving, but I must ask patience for my scribe is debilitated from the load.

For instance, I have many inquiries regarding the factual merit of many, many writings--two stand out; THE KEYS OF ENOCH, and ONE very large volume, some 1200 pages or so, called OAHSPE. These are supposed to be DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS FROM GOD AND SUPPLANT THE OLD BIBLE. THESE WERE TO HAVE BEEN DIRECTLY CHANNELED IN THESE LATTER DAYS--HOW DO YOU JUDGE THEM? NO. 1: IF THEY CONTAIN THE WORD "JEW" PRESUMABLY SPOKEN BY GOD--FORGET IT! “JEW” WAS CONJURED BY THE KHAZAR ZIONISTS TO FIT A NEED FOR THEM AS THEY MADE A FINAL MOVE FOR TAKING YOUR GLOBE---IN THE 18TH CENTURY A.D. Therefore God would not have utilized the term in any manner prior to that time and would certainly not have utilized it even for your better understanding in the ancient time of a new world. My blunt suggestion is that you get with following the LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION as handed down in total simplicity and stop the haggling about who begat who and where, how, when and why. Someone begat you and you are in trouble.

The word "oahspe" means the all", the sum--spirit, earth and sky as defined. Seems to leave out a great deal to me and in the projection of information in those thousand pages plus many pages of extra index--you might well define the word to be pronounced and accepted as "chaos". Is there valid information within those pages? Indeed as with all things--there is always much truth but the discerning becomes almost instant. How is the word "satan" utilized? Do they, and if so, how do they utilize the term Jew? What about the term "Yiddish"? Look to terminology and usage of terms which were only created within the past two centuries at best. For instance, when Lucifer was tossed out of "Heaven" on his ear by Lord Michael, he was called "adversary"--meaning satanic in "mis"-behavior. This was a term applied to the whole band of hooligans.


Now, I believe it is "wet noodle" time and postponement of solo flight trial for you birds of this tribe.

Let us assume that there were only 1000 planets in our galaxy which "might" have life forms----look at the Milky Way and laugh at that stupidity; none-the-less, let us consider for the example, only 1000. Let us say that each planet has 1000 persons so now we are up to 1,000,000. In addition, within the ethereal places, let us assume another 1,000,000 (there are actually billions upon billions) and now I ask you--do you know Gyeorgos Saint Thomeras? Funny thing--you expect me to--right out of the blue sky, you expect me to know that which is in the mind of every energy--anywhere, age, b'date, phone number and economic circumstance!

As in the note in front of me at this moment: "The guy from Ontario will be here Fri. 4:00". What guy? Which Ontario? 4:00 A.M./P.M.? Here? Where? With the whole of the CIA and Pentagon out to kill Dharma, this is all the information I am given? I am a fleet Commander and this is unacceptable.

I must ask for a whole dossier on EVERYONE entering or passing through-- right to the mother's maiden name. If the bank can require it, might I ask as much? What do you know of this person? Any person? Who sent word to this dwelling? What is expected? What is requested? Does anyone know--or care? Am I, Hatonn, supposed to do something about this unknown person, Oberli, Dharma? Is this the same person we prepared for over a week past? I have a feeling this person is not nearly as secretive as are my associates?

Everyone on your place, with the exception of a mere piddling handful, has at least two names. Some have eight or ten. Would you, if you knew you might be slain on sight, hop on over and visit with "Joe"? How about "Jane"?

You ones must pay attention. Our very thrust is privacy and security and yet, you ones tell all and expect naught in return--I doubt it is only that you like the sound of your own opinion so greatly. Oh, I see, but some get to write and some don't and some this and some that. Yes, rightly so. However, I shall at this time mention some unmentionables--Thomas writes for Thomas is in training to write of Thomas/Esu at a future time--if we make it that far. Dru writes for her counterpart has to go on public stages and present God's words and Commandments and writing them insures knowledge thereof beyond that which can be garnered by that already written and merely studied. We can neither handle the additional load of material in this group nor is it time in sequence to load more on our readers--they are not keeping up as is. It is simply not suitable for ones who carry great responsibility in the publishing company to turn away and spend time simply writing more volumes of information which will be out of sequence.

Always respond to the "call" but do not turn from your accepted responsibility to do that which is out of sequence. As with Dru, if you take that which is given and break it down in perception, write it and study it, then you become proficient and worthy of sharing in knowledge and truth--not just opinion of a quick run-through. Those on whom forth onto the stages for presentation must have backup and time to study and become knowledgeable and that requires time of which, as with Dru, the Masters had to ask her to sit and write, for the time of study is so limited. An ignorant mouth is our greatest enemy.


A few mistakes will destroy the very foundation which we have laid forth for assistance to our people. A flapping mouth gives away the security and privacy which is the ultimate key to shelter. You are under surveillance at all times and all must be kept in perfection and remember that Oberli has two hundred things going on--AND HE CANNOT MAKE ERRORS.

Today, no matter what business you are in, even if it be voluntary services as with Oberli, there are at least two or three federal agencies such as OSHA, EPA, SEC, IRS, BATF, AND A DOZEN MORE at state, federal and local levels--at you and upon you and spying--just waiting one error and it is hanging time.

The cost in extra paperwork, extra employees, time, money, and total aggravation of adhering to this myriad of regulations is driving tens of thousands of small to medium-sized U.S. businesses out of business. Why would anyone in their right mind volunteer their time for this kind of harassment? For God, and not anyone lesser I can well assure you--and for God means for brothers, and the job is eating all of us alive. The predators lurk like vultures in the wings just waiting for the perfect "shot".

It is set up so that only the Elite companies can afford enough accountants and lawyers for survival in the bureaucratic onslaught.

Furthermore, your government is now criminalizing everything, giving out heavy fines and jail sentences to you-the-public for they want to destroy you. This means that offenses which were once mere civil problems are now criminal offenses. For example, if an employee of a bank, a stock brokerage firm, or a coin dealer simply gives any information to a client that can be "construed" as helping the investor to "avoid" the IRS reporting requirements emanating from the Bank Secrecy Act of 1986, the criminal penalty for that employee is ten years in jail and a $500, 000 fine PER VIOLATION! THE PENALTY IS FAR LESS FOR BANK ROBBERY, MURDER, RAPE, OR DRUG DEALING.

Violations of the Clean Air Act can result in a four-hundred fifty-year jail sentence (no, don't ask me to explain--I certainly didn't make the new rules); S&L or bank fraud can result in a one hundred year jail term (except for those who committed the crimes prior to now and are already "in processing of delinquent management"); and failure to register currently owned semiautomatic firearms can result in a one to eight year prison term with full intent of control and confiscation (turning in) all handguns, etc. Perhaps this would give you a notion as to just why the Administration wants to double U.S. prison capacity? It is not for traditional criminals such as murderers, drug dealers, bank robbers, and rapists, but for middle-class Americans who fall victim to the new rash of socialist laws and regulations.

Crises of one sort or another (real or manufactured) are a great excuse for quantum jumps in socialistic legislation and government controls. Those planning the New World Order speak continually of crises--the population crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, drug crisis, banking crisis, economic crisis, constitutional crisis and on and on. CRISES PROVIDE THE RATIONALE FOR CRISIS MANAGEMENT AND EMERGENCY REGULATIONS OUTSIDE THE LIMITS OF THE CONSTITUTION. The primary issue with which the socialists are planning to socialize America in the 1990's and move you into a world government is number one: THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS; THE GREENING OF AMERICA AND THE WORLD. This thrust is because billions of dollars can be made by the Elite while the masses move along in a stupor "saving your environment". This is why the oil fires are not extinguished in Kuwait--wasting billions and billions of dollars, when a few fuel/air detonations would snuff them out and allow simultaneous clearing of the air. The air particulate would simply incinerate and lack of oxygen would snuff the flames.


Boy, you have a dastardly group of bandwagoneers. In January of 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev addressed the "Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival" (oh barf!) in Moscow. The distinguished "Nobel Peace Prize winner" told the visiting delegates:

"We are in a world, and as a world we have an ecological imperative. We are approaching a point of no return in the environment. We are a human society and we are rational, and we will not let an ecological disaster happen. There is an environmental consciousness that now pervades Europe. In the past it was the nuclear threat. In the nineties it will be the environmental crisis."

Then "Gorby" proposed a symbol for the world-wide environmental crusade--a GREEN CROSS, green ribbons, etc., and let's see, the supporters of Chief Gates in L.A. police brutality case are wearing blue ribbons and the war supporters are wearing yellow--what will you wear for God, brothers?

OK, let's look at this "beast system of Revelation 13, globalism". Let's see what your Don Bell wrote in late 1989:

"Regardless of all other attempts and plans, including military conquest, if the new World Order and its world government are to succeed with the necessary approval of the people of the world, there had to be created a great cause of global dimensions; a cause great enough to overshadow all racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, economic, and monetary differences. There had to be created 'a religious revival to protest Mother Earth.' There had to be problems that could be expanded to crisis proportions, problems that individual nations couldn't resolve, problems that involved not the protection of the United States or of Mother Russia, but of Mother Earth. Therefore, the architects of the New World Order created three major dangers, not to any nation, or nations in particular, but to Mother Earth which they call 'the planet that is the homeland to us all, regardless of race, creed, or national origin.' Interestingly enough, this 'Mother Earth' worship appears in ancient Bible times. Many of the nations that the 'children of Israel' were to utterly annihilate in the Promised Land (after the exodus) had as part of their religious practices various forms of earth worship. Jehovah God found this so detestable He wanted it completely obliterated to avoid contamination of His people.

"'Those dangers upon which the global environmental crisis is based are: 1) the greenhouse effect; 2) the ozone hole; and 3) toxic pollution. The media and the political left have taken these three global environmental crises, presented them as a permanent crisis and a threat to the global village', which can only be remedied by 'global cooperation.' Therefore, global authority with the power to overrule national governments must be established. 'A New World Order for a new age of cooperation is needed', the globalists say."

Numbers one and two are non-existent and number three has been deliberately perpetrated just as at least half the oil-well fires were set with napalm canisters, by the U.S. in Kuwait--with full cooperation of the Coalition partners.

So you now push forth substituting green for red--that is, you now push socialism labeled as environmentalism as the new priority to gain total control of the population and lands into the Elite's control.

Then it gets more ridiculous: Time magazine nominated earth as the Planet of the Year (1988). Fortune magazine declared 1988 as "The year the earth spoke back". Then Gorbachev made a blather before the U.N. to top them all:

"Let us also think about setting up within the framework of the United Nations a center for emergency environmental assistance."

Then not to be outdone, in March of 1988, twenty-four nations met at the World Court at the Hague and called for a:

"supernatural agency within the framework of the U.N. that could impose sanctions against any country negatively impacting the environment."

Who actually believes it would be a SUPERNATURAL agency who would handle the sanctions?


An agreement flowed forth from these nations to accept the binding jurisdiction of the World Court (Supernatural?) under "a large number of international treaties". The U.S. State Department and the Administration enthusiastically signed on and signed away a large measure of (non-Supernatural) U.S. sovereignty!

Meanwhile the "Greens" are organizing and increasing their power all over Europe in addition to the good old U.S.A. and parts West. In 1989, the Ecologist Party (Greens) won over eighteen hundred city council seats across Europe. Similar Green parties virtually dominated the domestic political scene in West Germany and Sweden. Over 2 million voters opted for the Green Party in England in 1989. Does the world need cleaning up? Of Course! However, do you actually think the very ones who destroyed it will do much in the cleaning up thereof?

Now here we go: The environmental parties are pushing dissolution of NATO, the support for immediate and unconditional nuclear disarmament, the abolishment of private banking (environmental?), the establishment of government control of the amount of goods people can buy, the imposition of heavy taxes for air and road travel, the revamping of educational curriculum to indoctrinate students with these Green issues. THE PROMOTION OF HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS, and the support of "feminist" issues. Oh yes, indeed, these are "planks" in the party structure.

These nice socialist issues are going great guns in America now, many under the guise of environmentalism. Even your Elite Zbigniew Brezinski, has publicly stated in Foreign Affairs (1990-91) that the environmental crisis is DESIGNED AS A COVER FOR THE GRAND MERGER OF EAST AND WEST, OF THE WARSAW PACT NATIONS AND THE NATIONS OF EUROPE.

He wrote:

"The Council of Europe and the European Community could also make an important contribution by offering to assist in the creation of a central European program for ecological salvation."

The environmental crisis is the vehicle upon which the New Age movement, the New World Order, and the communists plan to socialize Europe and America, and to move the world to global government before, the close of this decade. The environmental crisis is a cover for the grand merger of East and West, of the Soviet bloc, Western Europe, and America.

The Administration, congressional liberals, and radical environmentalists have pushed the most horrendous environmentalist bills ever through both houses of Congress. The current cost of the 1970 and 1977 Clean Air laws is over $31 billion dollars per year, which is at least three times higher than anywhere else in the world, and the Bush Clean Air Act will cost American business between $50 billion and $100 billion dollars per year which will amount to over a TRILLION dollars for the decade--and that is just for minimums. It will drive millions of jobs to other countries where conditions and costs are more sensible--ENHANCING THE NEED FOR THOSE NICE NEW "FREE-TRADE" AGREEMENTS. IT IS THE FORMULA FOR THE DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE U.S. ECONOMY, WHICH IS ALREADY REELING DUE TO LACK OF WORLD COMPETITIVENESS CAUSED BY HIGH TAXES AND OVER-REGULATION.

The Clean Air Act requires as many as one hundred fifty thousand American businesses, from heavy manufacturing to small print shops, to secure specific EPA permits for every one of more than one hundred ninety-one "air pollutants" if they emit more than two and a half to seven pounds per hour. Who will monitor and measure these emissions--the business, the EPA bureaucrats? In addition, every time a company changes any part of its process affecting any one of the permitted substances, even if that modification produces less toxicity, new permits are required. Every new product would have to pass through EPA filters. Penalties would include up to four hundred-fifty-years in prison and unlimited fines at $25, 000 per day, with company informants and competitors offered up to $10, 000 in bounties for reporting suspected violators to the EPA. (Remember, your nice Big Brother is now criminalizing what were formerly mere civil violations of governmental regulations.) Is it any wonder Dharma wants to just go hide under the bed--surely these ones don't want to start the projects we must have in order to make this passage.

The act requires production of vehicles using alternative fuels (ethanol or electricity--which the government and Elite will never allow to happen) and drastically limits hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions, greatly increasing production costs (which will never happen, either). The highly flammable fuel will turn minor car wrecks into flaming torches, if nothing else. Methanol, another mandated fuel, is highly toxic and can be expected to be a contributing factor in anywhere from hundreds to thousands of poisoning deaths a year, while doing absolutely nothing for emissions on later model cars. Well, this will only cost you driving Americans about $20 billion more a year for the privilege.

The Clean Air Act sets about phasing out chlorofluorocarbons used in refrigeration, air-conditioning, foam insulation, solvents, fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, and in the cleaning of electronic equipment. These little CFC's are used by at least five thousand companies, in equipment worth around $135 Billion, to produce $28 billion in goods or services annually. American business and industry will lose tens of billions of dollars annually from the phase-out of chlorofluorocarbons and many companies will simply be forced to close. At least you as a nation have a nice quiet, clean and regulated place to starve to death--if you aren't shot first for this tale gets far more miserable.

Under this act, alone, tens of billions of dollars will be spent each year to cure acid rain, in spite of the fact that an official federal government study on acid rain by the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program reported that relatively few U.S. lakes and streams were acidified and damage to crops, forests, and human health were negligible. Do I believe the report? No, but then I don't believe anything "they" tell you. The study, however, did say that $700,000 worth of annual timing of a handful of lakes would completely eliminate the problem--I do believe that little tid-bit.

Now for the "greenhouse effect"--that is total bunk and a real 'nother one of the "great and empty crises" cited by the environmentalists. The Earth, good buddies, is actually in a cooling situation. This Clean Air Act will cost you tens of billions to lower atmospheric carbon dioxide levels which they claim are the cause of global warming, in spite of the fact that industrially generated carbon dioxide is a very, very minor part of total global CO/2 levels (i.e. 18 billion tons out of 759 billion tons of C0/2 entering the atmosphere each year).

This "environmental crisis" is a very dangerous and false crisis manufactured by the socialists to socialize America under another label. Is the pollution problem serious? Oh indeed, indeed--perilous--but not in the areas given you as the critical points for the Masters of Destruction will continue right on with the real destruction and make trillions of dollars off you people in this new adventure.

You are going to literally close places like Toledo, St.Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. What "they" have given you as a charade to solve the problems will actually strangle the U.S. on the altar of ecological environmental madness at a time when depression will wipe you away at best. It will, however, create a whole bunch of new jobs and industry for Western Europe and points north and south of the U.S.--because there are already these plans laid to transfer the operations and industrial centers and this is just another excuse to do it with your blessings.


Dharma, daylight is coming now so let us have a break. I must insist that you vacate this place today--at least you and Oberli. I cannot stress enough--it is very serious indeed, that which is being thrust against you and we have no ability to neutralize it all without cooperation on your parts. Or, we can put you to bed and into sleep but we have to clear these electronic assaults.

I am greatly distressed that you ones fail to consider this journey and task as serious in circumstance. You treat this like another "New Age Groupie Lark". I remind you--we are bringing Truth and the adversary wants it STOPPED! I object to having to repeat myself regarding this matter. I CANNOT have personal meetings until we bring this dangerous course you ones travel, under control. There is too much chatter, picking, and tending of each other's business. No one would intentionally effort to destroy anyone or the work--or would they? YOU HAVE NO WAY TO KNOW, DO YOU? WELL, I DO AND I DO NOT LIKE THAT WHICH IS GOING ON. I must ask that things be handled in a far more diligent "business" manner. The only way given to the public to reach me, through Dharma, is through America West and therefore, I need names, places, communications, etc. I have not the time nor inclination to continually be at the fragments, i.e. trying to respond to nameless inquiries and statements that say, "You know my situation, what can I do?" I know not your situation for it is none of my business and I have no right to ask that you do anything so, please, as you inquire, we are ever humbly grateful but WE MUST KNOW THAT WHICH YOU CAN DO AND ARE WILLING TO DO. NEVER WOULD I INTERFERE WITH THAT WHICH IS ONLY YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE.


Hatonn to clear. When we sit to pen again, we shall (hopefully) take up with a discussion of your "HATE CRIME BILL". Ah, could you just pass a bill requiring LOVE. Salu.



SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1991 7:09 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 219


Hatonn present and I believe that we have checked out everything which might "blow up" on you. For you readers, there is no "private joke" but everything Dharma "turns on" or "plugs in" has a very nasty habit of "blowing out" circuits. Actually, our generous adversaries set up electronic thrusters through the computers, the TV's and appliances such as answering machines, etc. So when Dharma sits to work, etc., the systems surge and often we have to counter the beams and "blow out" the machinery. It is always most difficult to come forth in the morning and begin work. Others leave us to our work in the morning and there have been times we have spent quite a lot of time in unconscious communion efforting to get the heart started after a pulse beam has arrested it. It is a most frightening experience and it can be two or three hours before another "human" discovers that there is a problem.

The attacks have been regular and constant since the incident with some 30 people, following your Thanksgiving time. It is quite unnerving to have CIA helicopters in the living room window and have your television "blow out" as you turn it on at 4:00 in the morning. Brothers, be careful for there is incredibly sophisticated surveillance and "take out" technology available to your enemies. It is feasible for your adversary to kill you dead in mere split seconds and the result is cardiac arrest and no visible evidence of foul-play. Keep your shields up and secure. We have to keep Dharma in an electronic plasmic shield all the time now, and still she is often incapacitated. There is constant tampering and replacing of the equipment at the wire poles and electronic beams refocused constantly. Persons visiting the dwelling location usually are conscious of a whole symphony of changing tones as we monitor and counter. Do not be fooled by the idiots who occasionally appear publicly, as members of the CIA, etc., and have done some stupid things like break into Watergate. The teams for the most part are inter-trained with and by the Mossad and the KGB and are expert and incredibly good at that which they do. There are some pulse systems that cannot be neutralized except through higher frequency light beams out of your range of hearing or visualizing, so don't play with the enemy on your own.

If you think you are so sophisticated that you need no higher help in protection--think again! If you do not ask for protection, then I promise you unequivocally--you are not under attack for take-out. That, in turn, means that you are no threat to their "cause" and you are a "better tool for their work" than for that of "Truth". Ponder it most carefully. The big "UFO MOUTHS" are still alive because they give disinformation and confusion. You can, in fact, often tell the focus and truth of presentations by whether or not a speaker remains in good health with no impact from "Big Brothers". You can also tell the MINUTE they hit upon Truth and become dangerous, but by that time, many of the valid ones who have come into whole knowledge will have also learned to seek protection from HIGHER SOURCE.

There is nothing MYSTICAL NOR MAGICAL about the protection system--it is a pulse frequency which interrupts the bombarding frequencies focused on a given individual. They are easy to monitor from great distances. It usually requires a "build-up" of thrust, much like radiation which builds to a certain "level" before becoming lethal. This can be in instant overdose or over a period of time. With pulse systems, however, when the frequency is interrupted, there is usually rapid recovery. These beamed pulses are most frequently extremely low in frequency and if you have an isolated target--ARE SET SPECIFICALLY FOR THE INTENDED TARGET. This is what makes them so deadly for an individual for the "thruster" can be carried in a chip called a microdot and will usually not interfere with other than the target. This makes them dastardly to isolate but by the same token, they are rather short-lived at this time.

I am telling you readers this for two reasons, I am reminding Dharma and ones nearby--to give attention and do not act in foolishness--and, giving direct notice to the surveillance personnel who monitor this computer and; I thank you for your acknowledgment.


Mark it down as it comes forth, America. General Powell has now made "a first public statement" that "our troops will have to be present in the Middle East indefinitely--at least for many months". It is called the "gradual poisoning process" whereby you give the dose in small amounts until the lethal limit is reached--or, the old "boiled frog from the warm kettle" method. Sleep on, America, while they kill you dead.


I have a letter here which is duly worthy of response and I will utilize it to make a more worthy point than to simply answer the inquiry.

Please keep in mind that we have massive, massive task at hand and that I am a Fleet Commander. I am limited in my functions and am terribly restricted by the time limitations of the humans who do the physical functioning. Dharma simply cannot respond to the myriads of queries. These people in point, have written a most interesting letter of inquiry and DEMAND response--or, the inference is that they "will not believe in this truth". You are told to question, and demand truth "THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT DHARMA MUST RESPOND! I, further, ask right up front that you not be offended by my blunt response for I shall answer the questions but the facts are that they have been thoroughly answered and repeated one to three times in the Journals and in the Expresses. Please do not ask questions which are already answered in such great depth for the barrage of letters asking for LESS REPETITION is greater, indeed. There is so much material to cover that I have to ask that those things which are actually moot issues be held for a bit in order that we cover them in the intended material not yet offered, and/or, already covered--the world is in critical circumstance and whether Immanuel is spelled Jmmanuel, Emmanuel, Eimanual or Esu, is of no merit--the Master Christos will answer to any label--IF THE ADDRESS IS MADE TO HIS BEING IN SOUL INTENT FOR REACHING THE MASTER. GOD HONORS SOUL EXPRESSION AND VERY LITTLE MUTE WORKINGS.

Dharma, I apologize but I must ask you to copy the letter lest my response make no sense what-so-ever to the readers.

From R & P P.

Approx: 3/20/91

Dear George & Desiree',

Please direct the following questions to Hatonn for me. I have been reading the Expresses, and shared reading a few of the books you also publish. Both my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge and wisdom received through your publications. We feel entirely blessed to be receiving such a gift, and have begun the preparations for the future as suggested within.

My first question refers to your (their) use of the word "Universes". Since "uni" means one, how can there be more than one Universe: more than one totality of creation?

My second question is very heartfelt and important. I have been taught to look for the deception, and been impressed with "make me (Heavenly Spirit, Yahshua, Yahueh) prove it to you". In my research, I found there were no J's in any language until after the passing on of Yahsua, whom the world calls Jesus. I have been taught that the father's name is Yahweh (Yah=I come in my Father's name & shua=meaning savior). Haleluyah = Praise be to Yahweh=God= Our Father. I learned through earlier studies that the J=(J) followed the "i", and it does look like i except for it's tail (j), which connotes deception. Why then have you never used the true Hebrew names Yahweh & Yahsua since there were no J's and Jesus is an impossible rendering of his name? I accept Esu, and Sananda as earlier, and present names, as a Hebrew born with this name Yahsua; nor have you used Yahweh, the Hebrew name of "Our Father". After all, Yahsua was a Jew--why not use his Hebrew name? What is Jmmanuel?

As an avid seeker of the truth of our Universe, planet and people here upon request a response to the questions given.

I humbly await your reply, and loving response.

* * *

Firstly, dealing with "Universes"--we have only your representations of "language" with which to work and if you mislabel a "thing", we have to work with the terminology. We are presenting our work in English and have no intent of comparing every language on your planet lest we never make it past the first word. You as people of Earth are only aware of ONE "thing" you call universe. There are actually universes above universes, below and alone side into infinity. Even God is not as you anticipate and the one of the Creative realms which may serve as "God of Earth", for instance may well not be THE majestic ONENESS of THE CREATION overall. As knowledge is inflowing, you will find that you are allowing selves to be limited by perceptions given unto you by those even more limited persons before you. I have covered this most thoroughly in THE PLEIADES CONNECTION VOL. I and if we can ever make it back to Vol II, we will work with it again in depth, for it deals with light and frequencies, no space-no time continuum. You see, if all be illusion (which it is then there are only perceptions and God-thought at best and interpretation at least.

As for "Jesus". I have also covered the "no J's" most carefully in prior writings and will spare the readership repetition; however, I will repeat that "Jesus" was not Emmanuel's name nor was "Jahsua". Jesus was a label picked up in Greece by Apostle Paul long after Emmanuel moved from the region. Jahsua is simply a repronounciation of Jesus and is also erroneous in total context. Never would I refer to "Yahweh" for it is also a rendition of a term which has been given "Jew" connotations of a most negative aspect of Father God. I have given long explanation of why we refer to the labels which we do utilize and I ask that you ones stop looking for curly-cues on script and look for overall truth of content of message. You will learn quickly enough to pick up the clues as must be presented by the adversary but if you fail to come into the content of truth in concept, you won't need the lesser lessons.

If you are keeping up with recent writings you will realize that the very word "JEW" was not a part of reference in any manner nor in any written language until the 18th Century (A.D.) and therefore, KNOW--JESUS BY ANY LABEL WAS NOT A "JEW"! This person under point was of JUDEAN birth. ISRAEL was not a "place"--"israel" meant "chosen of God".

IMMANUEL is Pleiadian spelling and pronunciation of Immanuel (and get ready--most of Earth Man comes from Pleiades ancestry so it becomes most important that you begin to latch onto the similarities of "human" brotherhood). Again, the "J" is non-existent but is pronounced softly as you would utilize the "J" in Spanish "Juan". We are caused to utilize that which gives "meaning" to a statement and there are not always words in all languages which express specific ideas and sounds.

We utilize the term for the One God, ATON, the "Central Sun", the "All", etc., because this is the first RECOGNIZED label in the civilization after the passing of Lemuria and Atlantis, Pan, etc. It was Egyptian and many of you are serving again, who served at the time of presentation again, of the concept of ONE GOD. Much has been historically written and some is excellent. I cannot take time to write the ancient history of your planet lest your present structure not endure long enough to have need of it. Let us return the planet Shan (Earth) into balance and harmony and then we shall have great and wondrous brotherhood as we share the knowledge of the Universes and the planet Earth. Right now, you of Shan are ready to annihilate the very planet itself with all life forms thereon. That is unacceptable to the brotherhood in the cosmos and unto the One God of Faith's creation.

My task, and that of my brothers and receivers upon your Shan place, is to bring Truth and unfoldment for your people that you can see and know that which IS. That is the promise of God and my focus is not on convincing any to believe that which we bring, even though that gives us great and wondrous joy, but our mission is to set Truth forth that you might change of your destiny if you so choose. What you choose to call "God", be it Wakan Tanka, Standing Buffalo, Yahwah, Aton or Phooey is none of my business. If you honor Phooey in thine heart as the Holy of God-ness, HE SHALL RESPOND AS GOD WITH AND WITHIN THE CREATION.

Please, you who wrote this letter and others who have written with IDENTICAL inquiries, do not feel either embarrassed nor intimidated if my response appears abrupt for it is not given in such manner. I am most grateful to you who write and share for it is a great help to ALL. Just please understand our limitations and the mammoth task at hand and be patient with our inabilities to repeat and repeat that which has already been given forth. We realize the expense involved in gathering all of the Journals, not to even mention the time required for careful study of each, or for that matter, the simple "reading" of all. Therefore, I do urge you to demand that your local libraries get the material in several copies thereof, for the Journals will be becoming more and more in demand with each passing day. Places that do carry the Journals and Expresses for "lending" are constantly without copies available. If you CAN afford to purchase them and/or additional copies--thank you for assisting the Publisher and writers for they are expending some 20 to 50,000 dollars every month to get this information out and the burden is incredible.

That is, however, not the thrust and we beg copying, sharing--any way to get the news about and among the people in great haste--we can pick up the inquiries as to detail out there somewhere. If, however, the people do not come into the overall truth of your plight--you are basically an endangered species headed for extinction on Planet Earth. Already, to regain freedom in America, much less the "world", is all but beyond the regaining. We can speak of nitty-gritty in the slowness of a winter afternoon after you return to "freedom" but there won't be the possibility if you do not take some action for there will be no freedom of speech or the written word.


I thank you most humbly for your correspondence which we can cover better as we move along with the Journals, for the Expresses are too limited in subject and space (already we are publishing a quarter's worth in quantity in less than a third of that time, and it is too much for adequate study and/or expenditure). We don't, however, know what else to do for the material must continue to reach you timely and it covers such a myriad of subject matter that we simply do not know what else to do about it. By and large we keep the publishing to the limit of Dharma's ability to write for if ONE person can write the material, then we feel the people as individuals can find time to read that same quantity and cover it pretty well. That means, however, that we have to ask ones who start late in the recognition of the Journals to do homework and pick up the back issues for there is an incredible amount of information on a lot of varying subjects and I know of no way to digest it for you--for we have already digested it and still it renders you buried under a deluge of information. We shall simply continue as best we can. Thank you.


THE HATE CRIMES BILL: The U.S. Congress has passed and President Bush signed a "Hate Crimes Bill" which requires the Justice Department to collect and publish data on crimes motivated by prejudice against a race, religion, ethnic group, or sexual orientation. Pushed through by the powerful gay/homosexual lobby, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, this law authorizes federal and state authorities to collect data on so-called hate crimes and to formulate laws or regulations to prosecute perpetrators of same. "Hate crimes" is then defined as an assault, intimidation, or harassment against a minority or homosexual group--in other words, unkind words or even thoughts toward these groups can be construed as a "hate crime".

Your Senator Helms argued against such a "bill" for you cannot legislate morality or kindness nor lovingness. Laws then, can become bindings which can be interpreted and reinterpreted and finally, hang an entire nation on the basis of a "thing" never included in the original "law" and negate in point the very "thing" originally set out to correct.

As Jesse Helms entered into the Congressional Record (Feb. 8, 1990):

"Let the Senate understand that this bill is the flagship of the homosexual, lesbian legislative agenda. Apparently there is a great deal of political clout in the homosexual community. With this legislation, the radical elements of the homosexual community have hoodwinked a lot of people into believing that this is not a homosexual right's bill….The bill actually attempts to shift our focus away from criminal behavior and toward motivation behind the behavior."

The point being, brothers, is that any CRIME against ANYONE is what should be focused herein for it matters not whether the recipient of a bullet or a beating is heterosexual or homosexual--it is the bullet or the beating which is the point. You see, the law itself could be interpreted in one of your "Injustice" courts to be that if a "homosexual" beats a "heterosexual" then it is perfectly alright--legally and, somehow, morally. It is somehow now criminal to cast opinion against, say, a Black man but it is perfectly fine for the same Black man to castigate a White man.

As it was pointed out, a person will be guilty of a "hate crime" for simply speaking out publicly, or having negative thoughts against, say, a "Jew", a Black, A Mexican, a lesbian, a homosexual or sodomite, or their political movements. Helms went on to say:

"We are now considering legislation based on statistics that include name calling at public rallies as crimes. Are we going onto the school yards of this country and when two kids get angry with each other and call each other names--what are we going to do, cart them over to the reformatory or add them to the list of 'hate crimes' perpetrators? This is ridiculous!"

Helms went on to point out the hypocrisy of liberals who defend flag burning and pornographic art as 'free speech" but want to jail someone for exercising their "free speech" by verbally expressing their disapproval of a gay, a black, or some other so-called and self-appointed minority group or organization. If this is a fact then, I would most surely pronounce that Dharma and those writing for the Space Command are a minority group and the ones who object to our literature should be hanged or, at the least suffer, incarceration in prison for the remainder of their natural lives. Since we now establish unilaterally that Dharma is a "minority", then we request that William Cooper be fined and incarcerated and pay damage by cause of defamation and insulting "bashing" by referring to her as a slimy puke and threats (which certainly bashed her sensitivity) to throw "every fucking legal thing in the books at you!" Why? Because she writes Truth which disagrees with his presentations. But is this not "bashing"? Or, is it only those who speak out in behalf of Truth, freedom, the Constitution and rights of citizens who are allowed to "be bashed"? Is it not "minority" "bashing" to literally shoot rifles with nice live bullets--at Dharma? She certainly seems to constitute a "minority" by definition. Or would you consider that the laws of the land are actually quite sufficient for protection--IF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM ACTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS THEREOF? That allows Mr. Cooper to say anything he wishes about Dharma and it is none of her business and, at any circumstance known to citizens, to be shot at is illegal and unlawful as well.

Herein and along the same lines, supposing that a citizen looked at the facts presented in literature and announced a conclusion that, say, "The National Organization for Women is made up of leftists, lesbians, and men-haters "--that person (citizen) would literally be guilty of a "hate crime".

Mr. Helms concluded:

"There is no doubt in my mind where the passage of this legislation will lead us. It will be the first time that sexual orientation--and that means homosexuality--will be marked out for protected status. The radical homosexuals know this, and this legislation is simply one step in their radical revolution. They make no bones about their ultimate goal in getting this Hate Crimes Act enacted. Mr. David Wertheimer of the Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, commenting on the need for this legislation, said: 'Our final goal should be nothing less than the expansion of the Civil Rights Act to include lesbians and gay men."

Other supporters of this Hate Crimes Act are rather interesting: Anti Defamation League and World Zionist Organization, World "Jewish" League, American Bar Association (could it mean just tons and tons of new business?), National Council of Churches (oh pain and agony), National Education Association (who also teach the techniques of proper homosexual sex acts to the school children), League of Women Voters, National Organization of Women, National Lawyers Guild, Presbyterian Church U.S.A., United Church of Christ, United Methodist Church, Unitarian Church, and all of the gay/lesbian organizations.

Now, homosexual inclusion in the Civil Rights Act means employers, churches, clubs, etc., will have to accept or employ gays in the same ratio as they claim to be in the population (just as with other minority groups, they claim some ten percent) whether they have AIDS or not. Would you have ten percent of all employee pools infected with deadly smallpox? Remember, that "bashing" or not, AIDS is Lethal and is now PROVEN to be spread through airborne transmission just like a nice little cold in the nose. Well, it matters not that which you think about it if it is included as intended--for discrimination against the groups would become a criminal offence.

However, the broader implications of this Hate Crimes Act are really ominous. Free speech in your nation is already in grave, grave danger. This legislation will be used against conservatives and Christians over the next few years as they speak out against groups who threaten the very way of life and freedoms of your nation, and will be used to sentence, jail, or otherwise destroy the opponents of any social deviation in the country--without recourse. Subsequent legislation will undoubtedly criminalize such "hate crimes" so that, one day in the very near future, a conservative or simply one who "disagrees" could be jailed for speaking out against the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the State Department, or various leftist groups--all are minority groups and after all, "minorities are in need of your protection at all costs, including your very existence".

You may not have to worry about little bills and "acts" like the above, however, for the full intent is to remove your existing Constitution and replace it with the New Constitution under the One World Government and all will become moot as to freedoms, etc.

Let us take a bit of an example. Let us say, you are "Mr. Doe" and you live a bit of a stressed-out lifestyle and you simply do not wish to run the risk of acquiring AIDS virus. Let us say you even like the homosexual concept--well, sir, it won't matter what you "prefer" or do not prefer--you will work beside the homosexual--who may well have AIDS. Now, however, does this give equal rights to the heterosexual who has AIDS--no, it singles out for special privilege--the homosexual!

Well, you say, no-one MEANS "THAT" and "how could they enforce such a thing?" Easy--they plan to remove all your weapons for protection of self. They are now training your police with use of Soviet KGB and Mossad special forces to ENFORCE THESE LAWS AS THEY COME ABOUT--AND--TAKE AWAY YOUR DEFENSE WEAPONS. YOU WILL HAVE NO RECOURSE BUT TO OBEY OR PERISH.


Let us hear from LENIN:

"One of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming the workers and the disarming of the bourgeois (the middle class)."

and, from Noah Webster, An Examination Into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787:

"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The Supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on and pretense, raised in the United States." (SO FAR! IT IS NOW TWO CENTURIES LATER!)

How about James Madison, The Federalist Papers:

"Americans need never fear their government because of the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation."

And how about the words, in 1990, to a female student from Beijing, Red China, describing her parent's last words to her--:

"Tell the American people never to lose their guns. As long as they keep their guns in their hands, whatever happened here will NEVER HAPPEN THERE!"



So you see, the disarming of Americans is essential to converting the U.S. to a socialist America and merging it into a global government. Every communist leader from Lenin to Gorbachev to Gus Hall, chairman of the Communist Party, U.S.A., has reiterated that an important part of communist strategy is:

1) Arming the right people (i.e., the criminals, the terrorists, the revolutionaries, the communists).

2) Disarming the revolutionaries or nationalists who might meet violence with violence in any attempted communist takeover.

Communists, socialists, bureaucrats, and criminals have no desire to be shot--they prefer to deal with an unarmed citizenry which is helpless to resist any and all whims of the Elite. What is equally important is that both the communists and the criminal element have long proven that they can and will obtain firearms, no matter what the government restrictions to the contrary may be. So the theory of taking arms away from criminals is laughable at best.

The communists have taken over nation after nation when the number of communists in that country numbered less than three percent of the population. How could this happen? Because they were the ones with the guns. It happened in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, China, the Balkans and so many other countries I shall not list them. More recently, this happened in Cuba, Central America, and Africa. It is happening today in the Natal Province and black townships of South Africa--where the revolutionary "comrades" have the guns, made in the Soviet Union, and those of the non-Elite Christian and anti-communist blacks remain unarmed by edict of South Africa's white liberal government. This is why word comes out of slashings and stabbings--they have no other weapons with which to defend themselves. This same scenario is being played out in the Philippines, in the mountains of Peru, and in El Salvador where the communist revolutionaries have the guns and the people do not. It is now happening in a United Europe as thousands of well-armed Spetsnaz commandos and KGB with Mossad forces are pouring into Western Europe at this very minute.

Most of you loving and sleeping Americans are still not capable of understanding that the communists abroad and at home, aided and abetted by liberals, Zionists, socialist politicians and the controlled media are working overtime to disarm the American people. Through media disinformation, they have confused the people and the issues. Many people still think that gun ownership has primarily to do with target shooting, squirrel hunting, match competition, going after game, or collecting. These are recreational uses, and are relatively unimportant.

Since we have already had the computer eat a portion of this writing, Dharma, and it grows too lengthy in segment, let us close it here and we will take up with this same subject as sit again to write. Thank you.

Hatonn to stand-by, please. Salu.



MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1991 7:55 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 221




I ask to have reproduced herein the message written by Chief Seattle to President Franklin Pierce, 1855. You ones of the world wish to put aside that which has happened historically unto your brothers by blinding your eyes to facts and assuming superior status by "....but, that could never happen to me!" Couldn't it? You who call yourselves Americans pushed out of their places the ones who were the Native Americans--the REAL Americans and you took their lands and traditions, put them on reservations and forced them into "your" ways, etc., etc. You binded the Eagle and the Buffalo hunter and now the bindings shall break thine own backs that which you gave as the bitter cup unto your brothers shall now strangle you as you fall into the same reservations, now called detention camps for subversives and rabble rousers--dissenters. Just as it was required to lay down the spears and huddle in helpless masses, so shall the weapons of defense be taken from you and you shall huddle in helpless masses--for that which was given forth was but a vision, a destiny projected, of that which would come upon you in the cycles of evolution in the perfection of the sacred hoop of life.

Chief Seattle responded to a demand "to purchase" Indian land:

The Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. How can you buy or sell the sky--the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. Yet we do not own the freshness of the air or the sparkle of the water. How can you buy them from us? Every part of this earth is sacred to my people.

We know that white man does not understand our ways. One portion of the land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The earth is not his brother but his enemy, and when he has conquered it he moves on. He leaves his fathers' graves and his children's birthright is forgotten.

There is no quiet place in the white man's cities. No place to hear the leaves of spring or the rustle of insects wings. But perhaps because I am savage and do not understand--the clatter only seems to insult the ears. And what is there to Life if a man cannot hear the lovely cry of the whippoorwill or the argument of the frogs around the pond at night?

The whites, too, shall pass--perhaps sooner than other tribes. Continue to contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste. When the buffalo are all slaughtered, the wild horses are tamed, the secret corners of the forest heavy with the scent of many men, and the view of the ripe hills blotted by talking wires. Where is the thickets? Gone. Where is the eagle? Gone. And what is it to say goodbye to the swift and the hunt, the end of living and the beginning of survival.

These brothers welcomed you ones to the shores of America and shared with you, GOD'S LANDS but that is never enough for human creatures of greed and lust for power and control. So you gradually and methodically simply TOOK THAT WHICH YOU WANTED. NOW IT HAS COME UPON YOU WHILE YOU WERE PROMISED MORE FREEDOM AND RIGHTS--YOU WERE EATEN ALIVE BY THE SERPENT OF THOSE WHO WOULD ENSLAVE YOU.

How can it happen? In myriads of ways. You are told that which is desired for you to hear and words turned into lies by the inflections and focus of points, i.e., this day they tell you, "Saddam Hussein is wealthy in his personal bank accounts and businesses--"...AND, "he 'skimmed' at least 5% of the oil revenues for self" the commentators continue. They tell you that, "...we will find his assets and force him to pay for all the damages he wrought upon the nations and his own people--but first, the nation of Kuwait, etc." What of Kuwait? The Sabah took 100% of all the profits from Kuwait! Fifty percent went directly into the Sabah bank accounts and 50% into the Sabah accounts which were set aside for upkeep of Kuwait, etc., but TOTALLY UNDER THE CONTROL AND CHECKS WERE SIGNED ONLY BY THE HEAD SABAH! How many of you are fooled by this totally incredible lack of honesty? Almost ALL of you--for you wish to HIDE BEHIND THE SHAM OF UNKNOWING. YOU WISH TO HIDE YOUR OWN EMBARRASSMENT AND SHAME OF THAT WHICH YOU ALLOW--WHICH IS WRONG--BEHIND YELLOW RIBBONS AND GREAT SHOUTING OF "PATRIOTISM". Patriotism is that which gives honor and service unto the nation--and the nation IS THE PEOPLE. You did not give "patriotism" by sending your beautiful children off to fight and die for freedom--you went to save a 100% rip-off criminal Sabah family and return all spoils unto THEM. Then you climb behind your yellow ribbons--and I assure you, to the rest of the planet Earth—the Americans now are represented by the YELLOW ribbons of cowardice and criminality. You are only SHOWN AND TOLD THAT WHICH THE ELITE MANIPULATORS SAY IN PRAISE FROM ONE SIDE OF THEIR FOULED MOUTHS WHILE LAUGHING UNTIL THE TEARS FLOW WITH THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ORFICE--AND YOU ROLL AND LICK AT THE FEET OF THE VERY PUPPET MASTERS, WHILEST BEGGING FOR A BIT MORE SCRATCHING AND A FEW MORE CRUMBS.

In America it is now announced that the "Welfare" rolls are bursting as millions now apply for assistance during this recessionary period, and blah, blah, blah. Yes, and so it is--for if you must depend on the Master for crumbs to survive, soon you cannot survive without him and he can require anything he wants from you in exchange for the crumbs. "But how could we be suckered into such a mess?" you ask. Easily, and I shall just example ONE method of cancer become terminal in lethal control of the "body" of America. This is true for the entire world, my friends, but specifics often are the best teacher--by example.

Little Crow and Dharma sat for some hours yesterday as hearts and pain became one and the spirits cried out for understanding of this "thing" they had committed unto God, to do--to bring Truth and then, in turn, walk within that Truth. It requires ALL--not the changing of Truth to suit the desires of the journey or the travelers--but to change the travelers into the Truth and take up the actions of that which God gives forth and requires of his speakers. No wondrous palaces of luxury and champagne baths, no stables of thoroughbreds, no parfumes and orgies of the flesh--but rather, being targeted by the bigots, sleepless nights and pain at the mammoth task ahead and in the moment. Ah, yes, and they are but two--for it is required of all who walk in the light of Truth that the brother can see and find his own way.

At some point in the journey it ceases to become an "example" but a discipline set for self because it is TRUTH--and TRUTH IS THE BETTER WAY. THE SORROW COMES FROM THE BLINDNESS OF THE BROTHERS WHO CANNOT SEE THAT THE WAY OF GOD IS TRULY BETTER! All (and this includes all who are attached or those who are, the "Crowlets" and the "Dharmlets", the Allets, the Chucklets, the Oberlets, Yeorglets, etc.) who expe-rience in the human consistency of flesh of human physical--are faced with the journey into "adulthood"--through the maze of that which is fleshly "desire", "fatigue", "misunderstanding of that which is taught as Truth but condemns the spirit to unrest" and all things Earthly. Then, as knowledge flows in fullness--theorization, too, must back away lest the "reader" or "listener" latch onto "their" opinion and fail to hear and see God speaking. Ones desire "their" pronouncement of values upon which to base their own decisions of validity--NO-each must come into understanding of and for, SELF! Ones come to Dharma and ask her opinion of Little Crow's teachings and then go unto Little Crow to ask validity of the Phoenix material. Do you not see that they MAY NOT HAVE AN OPINION--FOR YOU? THEY MUST TELL YOU TO READ IT ALL AND DISCERNMENT WILL COME IN THE ABSOLUTE SAMENESS OF TRUTH--NO MATTER IN WHAT FORM OR EXPERIENCE IT IS PRESENTED.

Ones stream into the "Indian Gathering" in greater numbers of faces of white or other tinted pigments than of the red-man to hopefully find the magic ritual, color, smoke aroma or whatever, only to effort to have truth somehow "rub off" by the wearing of an Indian artifact or "sacred" stone or feather. The truth is borne in the GODNESS of concept, of CREATOR/CREATION and all the smoke and dancing of Little Crow can do NOTHING for you who wait and observe and do nothing save seek opinions of the smoke-maker. Self, naked with God Creator in balance with that which brings Harmony and Balance unto The God Creation in balance with that which brings Harmony and Balance unto the Creation is where it's at! Self, in responsibility of actions and discipline of self in the laws of God and The Creation is the only passage point--but there are many paths leading unto that point--actually ALL paths eventually end at that very point of ONENESS OF DESTINATION--you simply have not yet learned as much.

Dharma cries out in inquiry unto me--"Why would you bring the ship unto Little Crow while I cry out to touch and see and feel and hear--the REAL thing?" And my response? For the same reason the son of Tanka was placed before YOU, to see and touch, for YE WILL NOT TEACH OF GOD'S PEOPLE THINE OPINIONS OF A THING--YE WHO ARE SENT TO BRING THE TRUTH FROM GOD ARE NOT ASKED TO "HAVE OPINIONS" BUT TO EXPRESS THAT WHICH GOD EXPRESSES, ESPECIALLY IF IT DIFFERS FROM THAT WHICH YOU HAVE SO EGOTISTICALLY ASSUMED TO BE TRUE. You must KNOW that a "feather" from the Tanka's robe and/or the "crystal" from a "space craft" are not GOD--NOR HIS WINGS; THEY ARE A FEATHER AND A CRYSTAL!

You must know that the things you ones label "Supernatural" are not so! The Spirit may allow man to do some things which appear “supernatural” for the dimension of a particular experience--they are not. Know that in all things--a thing appearing to be "Super" is only the "natural" in a given, platform of ex-perience. This is why there is great and wonderful longing of the unraveling of MYSTERIES--but there is NOTHING of MYSTICISM about it. If you would serve well, you take the things which appear mystical and reduce them to reality of "possibility" and in so-doing you remove the mysticism by solving of the mystery.

"Oh, but..", you say, "...there must be magic in the smoke of the pipe of the ancients." No, the smoke of the pipe is a "focus of energy" that if the heart releases the negativity of the inner energy into the smoke it can be a means of cleansing--not the smoke but the spirit. This is WHY it is considered "SACRED" and why it is "WRONG" to toy with that which is sacred.

There was evidence to be enjoyed on the yesterday experience of the meeting in a restaurant of the little group, for in the same room came 40 people freshly re-leased from the "so-called Christian Crystal Cathedral" to have a celebration brunch. They were dressed in their most "modern" finery while the Pleiadians and the Pagans were dressed like "people". They espoused great and wondrous "Church" experiences as to where "who" sat and the view and the music, etc.

They very discreetly sat with their attention turned, but always conscious in glances and snobbery, to the Pleiadian and the Pagan. Who was closest to God? Neither--for it is the SPIRIT which one with God and not the man.

"Come into my way and ye shall be given to rise up as on wines of Eagles!"

Where is the Eagle gone? I suggest you all be finding out the answer to that query!

Further, how think you that you will somehow now "WIN" for God by separating your total beings away from "THINE ENEMY"? If you would "WIN" for and with God, ye shall do as thine enemy--live among his people and KNOW that which he is for he has captured you from WITHIN and only by moving back "without" shall ye overcome and it requires you work right within the system for ye shall not be given to sit atop the clouds somewhere and wave magic wands--YOU WILL TURN INTO THE ACTIONS OF TRUTH FOR IT IS THROUGH A MAN'S ACTIONS THAT HE IS JUDGED. YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE LEARNED, DEARLY, THAT “LIPS” DECEIVE--'TIS THE ACTIONS WHICH TELL TRUTH.


All is related to all and you err if you perceive that that which I just gave unto you is somehow not relative to this which I shall now share with you. You must come into seeing HOW a “thing” or circumstance comes into being. If you are to catch a bird, let us say, you must first learn his "habits", where he eats, when he comes for food, where he sleeps and what he does in each of these situations. How did he train the "seedgod" to put his morsels out at the proper time to appease his hunger, etc. This is how you enslave a species--you meet the needs of their habits then ultimately they become habitual to your "seeding" times. The more gradual the change and the more demanding the impact, say, winter when birds cannot feed elsewhere, the more powerful the chains. Ponder it.

I am going to take information herein from a "white paper" presented by the publication services of SPOTLIGHT. It is information presented in August, 1981 (almost a decade past). I utilize this as a tool so that you can better see how this has worked its way from a fledgling power to an all-powerfull resource of the adversarial preceptors of freedom.



In 1981 most Americans had never heard of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). In 1991 most Americans still have not heard of it and if they have, have absolutely no interest in it and have no idea what it is or does. Many of those who have heard of it, including some of its own more naive supporters, regard it as nothing more than another in the vast herd of organizations that claim to be promoting brotherhood. Only those who have paid attention to what the ADL is actually doing have a real conception of its nature.

The ADL was founded in 1913 by the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant), a Jewish fraternal organization dating back to 1843. Now, I offer the dates so that you have no need to accept what we tell you at face value--GO LOOK UP THESE FACTS FOR THEY ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU-THE-PEOPLE IN SUBSTANTIATED FORM AND DOCUMENTATION. The B'nai B'rith has always publicly represented its own activities as essentially charitable. It is TAX-EXEMPT and contributions are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Its creature, the ADL, was allegedly intended to act as a counterforce to anti-Jewish sentiment in the United States. Originally, it appeared that the ADL was to be nothing more than a publicity organ of the B'nai B'rith whose purpose was to combat religious prejudice against, and unflattering stereotyping of, the growing number of Jewish immigrants in the United States.

It quickly became clear that the ADL had taken to itself a more ambitious role. It would have not only a positive propaganda function, it would also have a "monitoring" or espionage function, along with a suppressive, censoring function whose goal was to prevent anything being heard, read, or seen which was opposed by those who control the ADL.

Additionally, the scope of the ADL's protection of the Jews against defamation was defined to include the encouragement of political and social programs and attitudes which would help the Jews (most of whom were arriving from Eastern Europe and were perceived as people of distinctly alien race, tongue, beliefs, and customs) gain more and more power, status, prosperity, and influence. Because the Jews on the whole were "outsiders" working their way up--as were other immigrants--the ADL took a stance that was harshly opposed to people who already "belonged", as well as to their opinions, religions, traditions, heroes, institutions, clubs, jokes, scientific theories, and everything else which tended to bind together and stabilize the already-established Americans into a relatively homogeneous cultural and social whole.


There was an effort to make the ADL's efforts appear more altruistic, and to disguise their true thrust, by creating the appearance of working on behalf of all minorities, for brotherhood in general. A proof in 1981 that such a scheme was consciously contrived by the ADL is found in a secret report entitled "The Pro-posed B'nai B'rith-Anti-Defamation League Operation in Latin America", written in 1965 by Arnold Forster, who for many years was general counsel of the ADL. Depicting Latin America as a kind of new frontier for development by the ADL, and lamenting only that Latin American Jews are not more unified and more aware of the threat of anti-Semitism, Forster writes on page 46:

"(Many elements in the Jewish community are convinced 'things are good'. These people have closed their eyes for many years to existing anti-Semitism, hoping that by doing so it will go away. This group is fearful that public action designed to counter anti-Jewish hostility will 'stir things up'. They are reluctant to 'make waves', attracting attention to themselves. The only way these Jews will be persuaded to join defense efforts is to 'dress up' programs with the problems of other ethnic groups, camouflaging the fight for the Jewish minority in an across-the-board fight for all minorities.)"

You can obtain a full copy of this amazing blueprint for expansion into South America by exploiting and intensifying social problems which, as you can now see ten years later, was effective indeed--through Liberty Lobby, White Paper on the ADL, 300 Independence Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003.

If resentment arose among the established Americans (most of whom were of Northern European descent), then it would be ascribed to selfishness and preju-dice; a strong sense of guilt must be inculcated in those who felt the natural re-sponses of pride and self-defense even as the ADL and other Jewish groups worked to increase Jewish pride. If anybody criticized the ADL or the aims and people it supported, then he was an "Anti-Semite" and a danger to democracy. If anybody opposed legislation that would take money, power, or privileges away from the established Americans and give them to unestablished Americans, he was somebody to be shunned and humiliated on account of his greed and bigotry. Even those who manifested simple patriotism and pride of heritage were ridiculed as "nativists" or attacked as dangerous fanatics. "Nationalism" became a dirty word in the ADL dictionary because of its connotation of white cohesion. Meanwhile the ADL always dealt sympthetically with any ideology--socialism, communism, internationalism--which promised to break down the existing leadership of society.

That was during the first half of this century. And then came political Zionism--no longer just a dream of returning all Jews to a single nation of their own, but instead an active process by which Palestine was to be seized by Jews from its Arab owners and turned into a super-nationalistic state with an official religion, to be populated by Jews from all over the world and supported patriotically and financially by those who did not actually go there.

What was bad in America was fine in Israel, as far as the ADL was concerned. America needed a "pluralistic" (that is, accomodating every race, religion, and culture) society, while Israel had a monolithic society. America needed a total separation of church and state (no displays of Christmas trees or crosses on public grounds, and no prayers in public schools, etc.), while Israel was inseparable from Judaism as the usurpation of the local areas of the Middle East were completed and the population merged into the new Zionism.

The ADL became the instrument of a foreign power following the Zionist policy of terrorism and aggression in Palestine which resulted in the foundation of Israel. ADL leaders are constantly traveling to and from Israel and have frequent communications with Israeli diplomatic personnel in the United States. ADL publications, such as the "ADL Bulletin" and "Facts", are largely devoted to Is-raeli and Zionist matters. The energy of the ADL is largely focused on stifling criticism of Israel in the U.S. by labeling such criticism "anti-Semitism" and seeking the ruin of any politician or private citizen who dares to say anything against Zionism or Israeli interests.


Here we must again mention the USS Liberty (ship) for it is such an important point. After Israel's planes knowingly attacked the American ship, "USS Liberty", and killed 34 American sailors and wounded dozens more, the ADL boasted about its success in covering up and distorting the truth about the atrocity. When Liberty Lobby's daily radio program, "This is Liberty Lobby", reported on Israeli military attacks on the Arabs, the ADL called the program anti-Semitic and bigoted and undertook a long and vicious campaign of lies, threats, and economic intimidation to get the program off the air.

As all members of Congress know, more than one man of politics has been con-signed to private life because he was less than adoring of Israel, or even because he admitted that there is such a thing as a Zionist lobby or a Zionist influence on the American press--an influence which, less than incidentally, is felt mainly through the ADL.

More ominously still, it now appears that Zionist influence in the U.S. is spear-headed by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, and that the ADL and the openly terroristic Jewish Defense League (JDL) are orchestrated by the Mossad. The ADL maintains a pose of opposition to violence, while the JDL, openly flying the Israeli flag within your country, screams for blood and makes physical assaults on its victims. The same man who loses his job or is denied an office because of the ADL is liable to be beaten up or shot by the JDL. The ADL and the JDL are two horns of the same beast.


According to Joseph P. Kamp, Arnold Forster, the long-time general counsel of the ADL, was arrested many years ago for painting swastikas on a synagogue. Much more recently, the Associated Press reported that Irving Rubin, West Coast leader of the JDL, was booked for investigation of using an explosive device in the bombing of the Beth Sar Shaloom Religious Center in North Hollywood. In 1990 there were several incidents which were ultimately proven to be perpetrated by "Jews" themselves in an effort to cause major racial disturbances.

This apparently incongruous behavior points up the important fact that the ADL (and the JDL) must have anti-Semitism in order to exist, and they will create the appearance of it if they cannot find it growing in the wild. Zionism is, in fact, founded on the Zionist's acceptance of anti-Semitism as a natural and unavoidable phenomenon which can be ended only by the movement of Jews to their own homeland. (Herzl, "The Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question", 1943, pp. 19-20; Hertzberg, ed., "The Zionist Idea", 1966, p. 49.) As long as most Jews show no inclination to migrate to Israel, the fear of anti-Semitism whipped up by the ADL serves the second useful purpose of garnering tremendous financial and political support for Israel among Jews in America and elsewhere.

The scope of the ADL's propaganda efforts would be impossible to detail in a short space. The ADL line is planted in everything from comic books to text-books, "true confessions". The television series, "Holocaust", was basically an ADL creation and was accompanied by a great outpouring of ADL-orchestrated publicity and a barrage of study guides for use in schools and churches. The same is true, to a lesser extent, of the series "Masada". Without even going into the historical inaccuracies of the two films, their messages can be summed up easily: 1) The Israelites were (are) nicer than all other humans. 2) Jews always are persecuted by unappreciative "gentiles". 3) Israel is Jewish property and 4) Israel is the only hope for Jewish survival.


Before taking a break from writing I want you to take note of several things.

One, it is the time of the celebration of several "Holy" holidays--Passover, Easter, Ramadan, etc. Now, in the U.S., what have been the predominant signs of the celebration? Christian symbols, etc.? Well, in the past few years, what has taken place in your television viewing? Ah so--predominantly "Old Testament" stories and a major thrust to the "Poor-Jew" holocaust playing and replaying and thus and so. Now, look at the news on the yesterday--the Zionist thrust enters into EVERY scenario without your even being aware.

There was mention of a holiday time of several religions--but, the following three segments of visual attention flowed to the Jewish celebration and here is one you had better look at closely for it bears more information than can be imagined: it showed the hundreds and hundreds of boxes of Jewish foods being distributed in great and massive quantities (this being "their" description)- -"TO THE NEW SOVIET JEWS RESETTLING IN THE THE U.S.". Oops, wasn't the $400 million dollars you just gave Israel for the purpose of resettling all those Soviet Jews into Israel? Then came the commentary that, "We are trying to get away from the one-track narrow thrust of the Easter holiday, by integrating all creeds, blah, blah and blah!" Now, keep in mind that one of the most severe denouncements of Dharma's presentation at one point was that "Easter" was mentioned as a pre-crucifixion "Holiday". The rocks flew like machine-gun bullets--so, what have we here? So, to all you Christians--Easter is the time of Christ? Right? Wrong! It has now turned into the celebration of the Zionists in great suffering at the hands of the Christians--according to your controlled media and you Christians are the first to pack the boxes of traditional items for their enforced celebration. It was also stated that, "...most of the people receiving the traditional foods of the Jewish faith, had never been exposed to them prior to now--having been so persecuted in the Soviet Union as to have been deprived deliberately of partaking of their traditional accoutrements and feasting foods." Further, it was stated that, "..therefore, in order to fully appreciate their newly found 'freedom' a pamphlet accompanied the food packages giving the traditional stories for proper understanding of the 'ancient traditions". Sounds to me as if there are some "new traditions" being thrust around quite deliberately and have naught to do with "ancient" anything.

Now secondly, the "U.S. is going to ' allow' Assad and King Hussein of Jordan a meeting--since there is concern of these two nations in range of missiles from Israel--and the newly placed U.S. Patriot missiles in Israel, to come to comfort regarding security."

AND, what about the new episodes of "stabbings" of Israelis? To solve the problem they are going to bar all Palestinian single, young, males from even working in Israel and will deport many who are already in Israel. No, chelas, THIS "STUFF" CAME FROM YOUR OWN CNN!

Following all this BS, above, there was a long dissertation on the horror of slashings and fire-bombing and could the knife now be taking the place in "terror" of the rock throwing? Why no mention of guns? BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO DEFEND SELVES IN THOSE "AREAS" EXCEPT WITH PRIMITIVE WEAPONS OF STICKS, ROCKS AND HEWN KNIVES--THEY WERE DISARMED TOTALLY BY THE ONES IN POWER! TAKE HEED AMERICA AND WORLD--YOUR DISARMING IS AT HAND!

Let us take. a respite, please. I have not forgotten our last segment and "gun controls" but you may as well integrate this information a bit as we move along and you can see the measure of your journey.

Hatonn to clear, please.



TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1991 8:10 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 222


* * *


First a personal word to our readers, please. There has apparently been a bit of duplication in the Express recently. Please bear with our workers who become very distressed over imperfection of service. However, some ten persons carry the work load of twenty-five; and, as the computers are continually tampered with and programs lost and circuits "blown" there results confusion of continuity.

Please also know that there is no intrinsic connection with America West and the "written Journals and Expresses, as do most of you perceive. We must take time herein to clear understandings. This will be more understandable to you as to operation after clarification.

Please, I remind you, that America West is a "Publisher" and "Distributor"--of books. Our arrangement with them is different than is other publication materials, i.e. Dolores Cannon, Bruce Cathie, etc. They handle many, many publications--some of which we of the Hosts give accolades and many which we do not give full credence. Do not err, readers, in assuming that one automatically "assumes" that because America West does a "thing" that it will always be in behalf of Phoenix. This is why there is consternation among the readers that this place is somehow a "group" or "cult" or, or, or.

We do work together and everything published under the heading of "Phoenix" is thoroughly "cleared"; further, the written texts for the books, etc., are sent to the printer DIRECTLY to exclude all possibility of accused "tampering" with the content thereof. At this point of publishing there is a non-written agreement between us and the owners of America West, George and Desiree' Green, that we assist in publication costs as there is ability to do so and no remuneration is received by Dharma and/or Oberli--until assets exceed costs. Know that there are increasing volumes of sales of materials but incredible expenses are incurred through such massive publishing and materiel costs.

The Phoenix Institute for Research and Education is separate in total. George sits on the Board of Directors but there is NO connection between America West and the Institute. There is connection to the extent that if directed by individuals to make a thrust to publication of material that it is honored immediately. The Institute is available to serve you who would participate in the building of the infrastructure which will be both excellent investment and foundation for growth and survival in a deteriorating world. We KNOW that communal experience is the weakest focus of society and yet, community must be the strongest. It is a tedious tight-rope upon which to balance but it is only through the separation of entities and removal of personal gain as is practiced in your "religious institutions" and "democratic" process that allow total integrity in the working relationships and removal of all temptations of fleshly gain. God is abundance but Man often wishes more "equality" than another and therefore the gate is left ajar to allow the thrusting of slings and arrows upon ones only efforting to serve.

I am caused to explain this situation for we get very nasty correspondence and discounting in others' newsletters and publications, stating that the "Dharma group" or the "America West group" or "George Green this or that", etc. George Green owns America West, Desiree' owns America West Distributing. Dharma and Oberli have only a verbal agreement of "fairness to our cause and work" with them. The only other connection is one of a great respect and friendship which has grown within the past year and a half since they first came into meeting on this plane.

Greens are dedicated at all costs to bring truth, understanding and personal experience unto you ones--George has witnessed space craft and has spent untold amounts of money following up disclosures of same. He has spent much time with Billy Meier and does, in fact, hold Billy's most precious handwritten notes awaiting proper translation as Billy requests. We shall give you the missing portions as suitable for Truth does not change. Others, however, have come forth in spite of Billy's request to not do so and published material on Pleiades contacts which are embellished to the point of falsifying the value of the entire volume presented and discredits Billy's intent of honesty. I care not that which they do so do not misunderstand my statement for objection.

Truth will stand through infinity and the number of objections to our material and the assaults on the very lives of our people tell you that Truth is ""hurting" the false teachers and political Elite. Further, ours is to force nothing, tamper with no-one--but only to bring the WORD As commissioned to do and assist in the building of material structures and life-styles to allow those of Truth who would wish to participate or share in the information to do so. God does not “just help the secret handful"; HE allows rain on the just and the unjust--the difference is that the "just" will learn to come into the shelter, out of the rain, beneath His wings of instructions and guidance--which WE OF THE HOSTS are sent forth to outlay for you.


You ones will finding George and Desiree' more and more on the podiums of group seminars and conferences. It is because they monitor and know the Truth of the Journals and give greatly to the ability of the masses to receive that Truth. Desiree' is becoming a gifted and insightful writer of conceptual understanding of that which is being given forth and is gaining in great ability of discernment and giving of perception regarding spiritual information as put forward. George is a business man having worked and been accepted into the circles, at one time, of the most Elite of the Elite--where better to come into balanced understanding of the Elite plan for world domination, than when you have lost millions of dollars overnight for "not playing their ball game!" Believe me, there are constant and ongoing painful experiences once you cross the "Big Boys".

Ones who know the above then inquire of me, "...why would you then choose someone already under surveillance and a background of surveillance connections and political/Elite associations? Why not? Who better can see the truth of that which we outlay for you? Did George simply come within our "task of God" for the protection we can give? No, for he didn't understand fully in the beginning--but I state herein that at some point in this journey for you of Earth, you will either come into our protection or you are on hazardous foundation, indeed.

Do we have participation meetings? Yes we do but they are now most infrequent. The point is not to have Gurus but to glean Truth from that which is given. It is a wondrous experience to share in a personal manner--but God's Word must be understood and the ability to function and find the foundation of Truth must be in clarity enough that it needs no instructor of two-legged variety. You need to travel nowhere nor be in the presence of anyone save God to function 100%. We are grateful to all who ask to serve with us and offer their help and even unto moving--and at some time if our building can be accomplished, there will be a variety of functioning "slots" for capabilities. The major need at this immediate time is simply to keep passing the Word of Truth and coming into personal example of that Truth. You must also know that you do not force of another but you must come fully into your own foundation of Truth and then the journey is NOT one of hunt and seek but of KNOWING and then, you are able to share with your brother.

Groups formed to discuss and share strength are wondrous indeed--but it needs not be in Dharma's living-room. We keep her pretty isolated for security reasons and, further, our wish is to give no particular sanction or denial to any group wherein she might wish to physically participate. It is a most lonely journey for she is called "satanic" by the "Christian Community" because they are told that "all beings coming from UFO's and space are satanic", by the Christian Churches. The "Satanic churches" certainly don't want her because "she brings the Truth of God" She is certainly not popular with the politicians, the judicial system, the military and on, and on. And yet, yes, we DO have some gatherings because I NEED TO MAKE PERSONAL CONTACT WITH YOU ONES AND SHE IS MY TONGUE WHICH GIVES FORTH AUDIBLE TRANSLATION OF MY PULSE-TONE LANGUAGE. You can just imagine how she is not looking forward to our next writings on "Heaven and Hell" as we bash all the existing ideas and deceptions.

For each transitioning spirit there is a placement--ACCORDING TO THE GROWTH INTO TRUTH AND BALANCED ACTIONS OF THE BEING--INDIVIDUAL. There is no magic in the "death of the body" process whereby you release self to go to and with God--and you better put that one aside right this minute. You will transition to the level of your understanding of GOD/CREATION. If your world focus is on demons and you experience this journey (in whatever dimension) and come not into the realization and one with Godness, ye shall journey on into an equally appropriate experience for you cannot go into Godness without understanding of the Truth of Godness.

Remember all those Places? Remember those 175 billion planets in your galaxy alone? Some are brimming over with nuclear explosions within their capsules of energy containment--some are progressively better in a spiritual form than is Earth, some are actually very near to perfection in order of Godness and balance and some are at "cave-man" level and some are in the dark ages of relearning. If mankind does not learn from his historical errors he is destined to repeat and repeat the lessons until he functions differently and, brothers, sometimes that takes one heck of a lot of grades of repetition. Reincarnation? I don't care a whit what you call it--call it progression of school grades. "Immortality" means IMMORTAL--you WILL experience somewhere according to the level of your experience and knowledge of Universal Truth.

Then why are the changes coming upon the planet and thus and so? Because the planet is a living breathing being and you have all but destroyed her very ability to recover. Man as a creation, through his experience and growth, passes through a physical "Phase" of destructiveness and all base experience wherein he turns totally away from the God of Lighted Wisdom and he destroys his own habitat. There comes a time when the planet, itself, is given clearance of the human species to allow for the recovery and rebirthing, cleansing and renewal. If it is not at the time of the Great-Time of rest within the Universe--then the experience of soul individual simply moves on in experience in alternate location. Planet Shan (Earth) is in a time of sorting for next locations if there is not a rapid reversal of intent upon your place. If the Truth is denied and man of God takes no action, then the prophecies as predicted will come to take place, or, if you can reverse the track then ye shall continue to live, but in renewal processing. YOU ARE BEING GIVEN THE SIGNS AND ACTIONS WHICH CAN GIVE YOU INSIGHT INTO THE TRIBULATIONS AND INTENTS OF THE ELITE ADVERSARIES OF GOD'S CHOSEN "GRADUATES" (FROM KINDERGARTEN). THOSE WHO SEE THE TRUTH OF IT AND PETITION TO COME WITHIN THE LIGHT AND SECURITY OF GOD--AT THE INTENT OF "HEART" AND NOT NOT THOSE SILLY "LIPS", THEN YE SHALL BE LIFTED INTO SECURITY TO CONTINUE EXPERIENCE ACCORDING TO GROWTH AND REMAIN QUITE PHYSICAL IN ORDER TO SERVE IN THE SORTING, NURTURING, ETC., OF THE CONFUSED.

The ones who continue in their actions of adversarial behavior shall be left to do that which they have chosen and in the most part will simply lose the body as presently recognized and make transition either back into the level of growth attained, upon the same orb (but it will likely be cave-man level of evolution) or move to another placement suitable for their knowledge, or ignorance, as the case may be described.

Those who truly desire more insight and movement into the light but come lately to the party--will be given ample opportunity for finding that knowledge in a setting wherein a difference can be accomplished. Perhaps it will be on the very same orb if you can begin to turn this massive steam-roller about.

Do I, Hatonn, know how it will turn out Yes--exactly like it is supposed to! Further, beware of any GURU who tells you otherwise--it is between you and God and there aren't any Gurus who are going to make a whit of difference.


If any one of you can tell me what you had for lunch on a random selection of 12 days in the year--then, if you are not autistic or in the food sampling as a business--I shall turn to your memory ability and perception memory as pretty valid. If you can recite every word CORRECTLY in the entire Constitution of the U.S. and/or every word in the "Holy Books" of every separate "religion", then I really bow to your capabilities of memory--that still does not mean that your "opinion" of the material is valid! The fact of the matter in point is that the ones closest to source, have the least opinions. Dharma prefers to have no-one even ask her opinion of Hatonn's projections for they are not necessarily in concert with mine and she wishes to mislead no-one. She does have better perception of how a thing is given from the speaker for she has the added value of the experience, intonation and "mood", if you will, of that speaker. She can have better perception than can come from the WORD as written, but still it is only her opinion.


By the same token, can you not say that that which is brought is Hatonn's OPINION?


I also get queries frequently about giving forth the teachings of the Ancients (the Indians, etc.). "Why don't you just write the books and be done with it?" Why would I do that? There are ones within each group to do those things--AND IT IS UP TO YOU TO TAKE THAT INFORMATION AND FIND THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH--BEYOND RITUALS, BEYOND WORDS OF THE HUMAN MOUTH, BEYOND PHYSICAL PROJECTIONS OF CREED, COLOR, RACE, SEX, ETC. THOSE ARE TOTALLY PHYSICAL ASPECTS AND HAVE NO REALITY IN HIGHER DIMENSIONS.

Dharma, the computer is under invasion so let us clear the disc please. We will then simply turn unto the subject of the current Journal, i.e. a discussion of influences and operations within your nation. It actually flows in tandem with our above subject material--it is presentation unto the human which causes the plight your world now faces. We actually work here with enough urgent topics to fill a dozen Expresses TODAY alone. For instance, we must go on with the Zionist organization exposure which controls your nation; you must also have a current up-date on "gun control" and confiscation in intent to set you up fully disarmed, etc.; you must also be given the "inside" of the conspiracy to hide the participation of the Israelis in the Iraqi situation (your media was the largest tool in the conspiracy which, in fact, set up and operated a fully functional flight path to and from Iraq by Israeli planes). Israel's warplanes were given the secret U.S. Air Force "friend or foe" identifying codes, necessary for pilots to fly unmolested past allied jet fighters. Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad provided the Israelis with an air corridor west of the Golan Heights, via As Suwayda, Zalat and along the Syrian-Jordanian and Syrian-Iraqi borders--and you-the-people put up the money to buy HIM; you need to know how the bankers set the stage for that war and of the Chase Manhattan involvement and the Rockefeller profit insurance--it is a mammoth outlay of information. It is now time that the planning is underway for the annual June meeting of the Bilderberg group wherein in conjunction with the Trilateral Commission--the plans for the world are made. It is a mammoth job and America West needs your input desperately--how do we get all this quantity of information out to you? We understand the shortage of funds for "daily" Expresses and there is no way in which AW can carry the burden of that kind of expense and yet, most plead not to wait for the Journals to be published before giving the information--please give these publishers some help in this massive decision-making problem. George has total commitment to that which is asked--he immediately takes everything we write and puts it out regardless of expenses involved. This is a valid use of Phoenix Institution funds and are thereby utilized to some extent--but there are other directions for building projects that MUST utilize those limited funds.

I will accept all input except that which limits the amount of output. I also get letters asking for less--no, you will determine that which you will utilize but my task is to put Truth to print and I shall do my job to the full extent. What you get is not even worthy of mention in the overall material which you SHOULD have but there is no physical way to accomplish that task so we must continue as best we can--but the publisher is limited by resources and input from you ones as to that which you desire. Please, if you will, take time to pen him a card with your suggestions and petitions for his purpose is to "serve" but is limited to same limitations of all beings as to resources. Know, please, that every contact is treasured and considered whether it be considered negative or positive--YOUR RESPONSE AND INPUT IS THE ONLY "SALARY" THESE ONES HAVE--THE KNOWLEDGE THAT, IN THE PHRASE OF HOLMES: "THE MIND ONCE EXPANDED TO THE DIMENSIONS OF A LARGER IDEA NEVER RETURNS TO ITS ORIGINAL SIZE". You cannot know the joy of these ones in this service, received by even the smallest card which says "you make a difference". And for Dharma, who can only receive for the most part, through the publisher, has only the tid-bits which flow through that resource for we dare not give forth that information of dwelling at random although it is not particularly unknown. The confirming information is priceless to the comfort of these ones who share the same limited belief structures and shock realization as do all others.

We are continually asked about "networking", etc. There are, at this time, no facilities nor ability to set up networks. The ones at America West are willing to do as much but they are terribly overworked and there are simply not funds available for additional help. Such a thing could be set up through the Institute but at this time the same facts hold true--there is not funding to carry the additional burden for there is no "group" as those which are constantly referred to in correspondence. There is a little quiet Holy Light Network "church" set up for those who do wish to be allowed contribution and also have legal credit, etc., as well as the Phoenix Institute which is also a resource. The problem for this group is that we are not here to set up new RELIGIONS but only to return Truth to your attention and set the erroneous presentations to right, It causes us to have to give historical data which allows you to realize our reality of presence and come into awakening unto that which is destroying you--your societal disease infection, if you will. Ours is not become entangled in your Earthly participation but to assist in any way we might as you ask of us and share with us.

You who petition in great pain, "How can I make my brother see?" Well, beloved ones--I have been asking that same heartrending question for centuries--how can I cause them to hear me? We wait upon the perfection of God! If we do our work and the information before the masses on the feast table then we have to allow the feasters to eat that which they choose and our recipe becomes known as the one which fills the soul and the belly--the dish will be chosen. Do not ever mistake the "cook" who presents the dish with the "creator of the ingredients" within the plate. Yours is to discern as to whether or not the "cook" is reliable and gives wholesome content or poisons the dish to his own betterment--no more and no less--the Truth shall stand through the infinity of forever. The dish which contains the poison shall slowly sicken and kill its addicts and or the cook shall be cast aside and the poison excluded from the recipe. The "PROOF" is in the individual partaker--for instance, do you actually think Hatonn could "Prove" to George Bush that Broccoli is delicious? Know that some will stick with the poisoned dish and it is without your ability to force otherwise (computer malfunction--balance of message lost)



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1991 8:11 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 223


For you readers to whom this statement will not have meaning, please bear with us--we have just had an entire writing consumed by this machinery. It was one of the most personal sharings of focus that we have had and Dharma is completely distressed over its loss. We have an emergency situation within the unit here wherein an injury to a son is infected and most serious indeed. We had great difficulty in releasing to be able to write in the first place and then after writing pages and pages of text, it is all lost--that too is a lesson in discipline--whoever told you life would be without barbs and thorns? We will not repeat the work at this time for perhaps the Computer Genie can find the document hidden away on a saved file or something. If not, then when we find extra time available, we shall repeat of the message--FOR ALL OF YOU MUST REALIZE THE WONDROUSLY POSITIVE ASPECTS OF ALL CIRCUMSTANCE--IF YOU BUT SEE THEM AND GRASP THEM. SO BE IT.

We are now missing of "time" and therefore we shall continue on with our Journal subject and pick up other fragments as we can.

We were greatly blessed with the communion in person of a dear, dear friend of mine--from long past, even in your counting on the yesterday so we are needing a bit of extra writing to not slight you readers for the time spent in personal community. Some of those personal sessions are more valuable than are the writings and perhaps George can calculate some way in which the tapes can be shared for those interested in having them. I realize it would mean duplicating equipment, etc., but we could often cut in half the time consumed in the writing. Especially would this be an effective manner in which to respond to correspondence wherein we could cover great quantities of information in brief segments of time. Let us ponder such a possibility and allow the chicken to hatch from the seed of the egg. I tend to get a bit passionate and earthy on the tapes from time to time but perhaps our readers would not be offended by my enthusiasm. Perhaps, even, it would give us good "excuse" for a more regular communion wherein we could call it "business" instead of "cult ritual session"; let us please give thought to desires concerning the matter. Perhaps we could call it "Badgering of the Phoenix" hour. However it might be worked out in this early period it would have to be most impromptu for we will give our adversaries no quarter--and as they know our "schedules", they miss no opportunity for attack. So be it for it will unfold in properness.

We will now simply turn immediately to the subject and leave today's stupidity to foment while we continue to look into the groundwork which has gotten your nation to the point of crisis. Back to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and branches thereof. If the writings are a bit disjointed, please know that you are missing very little in content, but the dialogues have portions devoured by the machinery. The mere human aspect should do wonders to keep us quite humble in the presence of the perfection of God.


To purvey its propaganda the ADL has machined a special set of verbal tools for its unique purposes, just as did the communists, for whom "democracy" means communism and "liquidate" means murder. The ADL vocabulary is designed to make the ADL and its clients look wonderful while making its victims and enemies seem abhorrent. The process begins with the creation of two contrasting images--one of innocence, kindliness, intelligence, and tolerance, and another of absolute evil. The latter image is represented as an amalgam of disease, neurosis, insanity, wild-eyed religious fanaticism, mindless hatred, torture, and mass murder, most typically in the form of pogroms medieval and modern.

You have all seen the movies, the novels, the comics, the plays, the "musicals", the comedians, the well-tutored teachers, and the endless torrent of television programs which create those ADL-desired images.


The lines are drawn as clearly as at any Saturday-night professional wrestling match, where the handsome, clean-cut athlete in the white cowboy hat confronts the grotesque, slavering mount of blubber that will attempt to annihilate him. The crowds go wild with love and hate of the images even before the battle of good and evil begins, and once it is established who deserves to be obliterated, the same brutal cheating that draws boos when originated by the monster brings screams of delight when used by the good guy.

The ADL places itself and those it represents in the angelic realm of Good. Those who oppose it or displease it are consigned to the demonic kingdom of Evil. The military invasions of the Good are righteous wars of self-defense. Everybody else's wars are wars of aggression. The tortures and prison-murders of the Good are interrogations and accidents. The napalming of civilians and endless blasting of everything in sight along with the wiping out of entire villages are "retaliations" and justified at the least and "inspiring military victories" at best if carried out by the "Good", and deed of infamy to be memorialized ad naueum if inflicted by the "Evil", i.e. for Saddam Hussein to glean 5% profits from Iraqi oil is unforgivable and worthy of destruction of all of Iraq--while the Sabahs of Kuwait glean 100% of the oil profits and every other product of Kuwait and it is somehow worthy of wiping out an entire nation to replace the "Good and Displaced Master to his Monarch's Throne"--with gold faucets in place. The masses seem to see nothing of the imbalance even as uncovered for the horror it is.

When the ADL spreads lies about somebody it is "sharing information about the true nature" of its victim. If the lies are about an employee, the employer is cautioned about "the effect on the community good-will" of your keeping such an individual on your payroll after you have been made aware of his "true nature". A politician or businessman who is threatened with blackmail if he doesn't fall in line is being "sensitized to Jewish concerns".

The expression of views disliked by the ADL is a "spewing forth of bigotry and hate". Such views are "filth", "garbage", "obscene", a "threat to American democracy", and constitute "pollution of the airwaves". Such views "are not legitimate fare", and "have no place on the log of a reputable broadcaster". Certain opinions (i.e., those opposed by the ADL) are not within the constitutional protection of freedom of speech.


The most favored and most devastating terms of the ADL's arsenal are "anti-Semitism" and its variants. There is, of course, nothing worse than anti-Semitism. It is the greatest evil in the history of the world, and it always "lurks just below the surface of Western civilization ready to burst forth in a new orgy of horror". Just why it should lurk there--or even what it is--is rarely discussed, but all good folk must be "ever watchful for its slightest manifestation", and put before all else their efforts to stuff it back under the topsoil when it tries to break out. It is a "deadly virus" which must, along with its carriers, be dealt with like an uncontrolled outbreak of deadly typhoid.

Likewise vague, and purposely so, is what constitutes anti-Semitism. It is a wide net that catches many fish. Even a Jew who says the wrong thing (especially a Judean)--such as Saul Joftes, for many years an officer of the B'nai B'rith, who said that Israel was controlling the ADL and the B'nai B'rith--is called an anti-Semite. He is also a "sick individual" who has deteriorated as a result of "severe emotional problems".

In order to make criticism of Zionism ineradicably disreputable, the ADL says that anybody other than a Zionist who uses the word "Zionist" is really using a code-word for Jew. Therefore any criticism of Zionism (including Israel, of course) is irrational and obscene and demonic, not to mention anti-Semitic. Furthermore, any criticism of Israel or the ADL is invariably reported by the ADL as "an attack on Israel (or the ADL) and on all Jews", even though there has been no reference directly or indirectly to Jews.

No discussion of ADL vocabulary would be complete without mention of that word for all seasons--"canard". A canard is a false or unfounded story, and any allegation or report which the ADL does not like simply dubbed a "canard" and thus disposed of for all time without the need for analysis or discussion.

It can be seen that to the ADL language is not so much a means of communication as a means of obfuscation, and that words are used to mislead, to put the truth out of focus, and to avoid confronting real issues.


From the earliest years of its history, the ADL has revealed itself to be a self-anointed censor of what should reach the public consciousness in America. One of its main fields of activity is the suppression of views it does not want heard and, as such, it is the avowed enemy of freedom of speech.

The favored method, where it is feasible, is called "quarantine". It simply means that a person or group subject to quarantine is never heard of and never heard from. What he says and does is not reported (except to the ADL) and what he writes is not published. If he is engaged to speak by a club or college or broadcasting station, the ADL sees to it that the speech never takes place. The sponsoring entity is subjected to telephone calls, threatening letters, and visits by delegations of local ADL and B'nai B'rith supporters. Our colleagues are quite familiar with all these forms of terror.

If quarantine works, then its victim is rendered, for all practical purposes, voiceless and unable to exert influence except in the most restricted sphere. He is not even attacked. He is a non-person, and this is what they attempt to accomplish with us and our group and since they have not accomplished that which they intend, we can know that the attacks will worsen. This is WHY Truth must be placed in the hands of you-the-people for there will be giving forth of "truth" through the regular media channels--NONE! You, therefore, feel overwhelmed and out-numbered. No, there are only some 3% of the population of "them", but growing like weed seeds in the tilled soil, for they control that which reaches out and into the masses of the populations of the nation and the world.

The concept of quarantine is quite openly discussed in ADL circles as an alternative to active slandering of its enemies. The Washington "Star" of February 10, 1965 reported that Herman Edelsberg, director of the ADL's Washington office, said that members of the "radical right" who could not be persuaded to change their views to conform with the ADL's dogmas should be dealt with by "keeping them in quarantine, until, from tedium, they drop out".

Are we going to allow this to happen in our instance? And further, if Dharma is rendered helpless to continue to write, will the efforts simply die and be buried? I have to keep her in all-but isolation to prevent total "quarantine" by the adversary. These things have to be looked at and properly perceived as to intent. What you readers did or did not do prior to the reading of this truthful information is one thing--to fail to respond in reason and action once being informed is quite, another. You have been "told and taught" that you are helpless and "can't fight city hall”. BS! How else are you going to regain that which is your very birthright? "They" are terrified of you in mass and you can know as much by the very code-words they utilize. Can we not coin our own "cute code names and go for it"? How about Phoenix Storm, or "Citizen Cloudburst" or, or? How about "Constitutional Steamroller" or simply "ONE NATION UNDER TRUTH (which IS God)" or "UNITY THROUGH THE CONSTITUTION", or even "BRICKWALL OF TRUTH". REGAIN YOUR CONSTITUTION AND YOUR HEAVENLY BANNER AND YOU NEED NO CODE NAMES--NO HIDDEN LAMPS BENEATH THE BUSHEL. RETURNING UNTO GOD A NATION UNDER A JUST CONSTITUTION NEEDS NO FOOLISH CODE NAMES ONCE PURPOSE IS ATTAINED. THE ENEMY HAS CHOSEN TO STRIKE THINE VULNERABLE PARTS--YOU WILL SHORE UP YOUR SHIELDS AND STAND STRONG AGAINST HIM FOR HE CAN ONLY "REFLECT" THAT WHICH HE DISCERNS AS WEAKNESS WITHIN YOU-THE-PEOPLE. SURPRISE HIM AND HE WILL BE RENDERED HELPLESS.


An organization that has been closely linked to the ADL in purpose and in fundraising, the American Jewish Committee, (AJC), concluded in January, 1960, after a five-year study (36 years ahead of you) by Dr. Andhil Fineberg, that an opponent's statements should not be debated because debate would strengthen the opponent's ability to get attention. Those who know him should "privately expose him to opinion molders". Presumably one is exposed if he is called a hatemonger and an anti-Semite in the right private quarters. It may be, however, that some genuine dirt can be dug up, in which case a wider audience is desirable: "...publicity can be effective where a bigot is concealing facts about himself". (Quoted in Joseph P. Kamp, "The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree", 1960.)

A member of the audience at a so-called "Rumor Clinic" presented by Hyman Haves of the ADL's southern California office on February 1, 1950 in Santa Ana, California, reported some of the speaker's remarks in this manner:

"Explaining the tactics of the League (ADL), Haves related instances wherein ADL representatives called on editors and radio station owners in cities where opponents were scheduled to speak. He told how the editors and radio station operators were "enlightened and convinced" to give no publicity to the speakers. He described this as the "quarantine or silent treatment" and said it was greatly reducing the audiences of the enemies of the league.

"He said boastfully that many ADL opponents "have been cut down" by finding some embarrassing or unpleasant happening in their past and using it against them. Haves said the league found the income of one particular enemy who paid income tax on only $11,000, to be actually $32,000, and said the ADL simply gathered the information and turned it over to the federal government.

"'You can call these tactics anything you want to', Haves commented. 'You can even say smear. We prefer to say education."

Let me assure you here and now that it is a brave broadcaster who will allow George Green on the airwaves and this is why the subject is usually listed as something to do with UFO's and adventures thereof for "silence Green" documents have regularly been sent to all networks and all major talk and interview forums. If the journalists ever see "light" and the power they actually have by banding together and "daring" to speak out the whole thing can be unfolded overnight but even the "60 MINUTES" team and Andy Rooney capitulated to the attackers. Doesn't it soak into the heads of the other networks that CNN got all the gravy, frosting and income from this nice little staged massacre in Iraq? Patriotism? IT IS TREASON AGAINST AMERICA!


A striking instance of the silent treatment technology is found in a letter, dated December 13, 1933, written beneath the letterhead of the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, Chicago, Illinois, by Richard E. Gutstadt, director.. the letter begins, "To the Publishers of Anglo-Jewish Periodicals",


Scribner & Sons have just published a book by Madison Grant entitled The Conquest of a Continent. It is extremely antagonistic to Jewish interests. Emphasized throughout is the 'Nordic superiority' theory, and the utter negation of any 'melting pot' philosophy with regard to America.

"We are interested in stifling the sale of this book. We believe that this can be best accomplished by refusing to be stampeded into giving it publicity. Every review of public criticism of a book of this character brings it to the attention of many who would otherwise know nothing of it. This results in added sales. The less discussion there is concerning it, the more sales resistance will be created.

"We therefore appeal to you to refrain from comment on this book, which will undoubtedly be brought to your attention sooner or later. It is our conviction that a general compliance with this request will sound the warning to other publishing houses against engaging in this type of venture."


How did such a book as BY WAY OF DECEPTION dealing with the Mossad, ever become distributed? At first it didn't for there was not a brave enough publisher--then it did find its way to print. After being already into print, never underestimate possibilities. There was major consternation and then actual pushing of the book's distribution just long enough to allow presentation and not long enough to get many ongoing upset readers. Further, the adversary utilized the "lemon" to make lemon-drops, lemon pie, cake and ade. They allowed the "Mossad" to be even bigger than life and in essence said, "..to Hell with you, we are so powerful, clever and infiltrated that there is nothing you had better do to interfere!" and they have continued to prove it to you on a daily basis.


In 1955 ADL National Chairman Henry Schultz wrote on ADL stationery to Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, complaining that the distinguished general had written a letter endorsing John O. Beathy's book, IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA", "and recommending it to Americans in general". Schultz then went on to educate Gen. Stratemeyer about the book's author:

"Professor Beaty is no newcomer to the field of anti-Jewish propaganda. As long ago as 1948 he was delivering anti-Semitic lectures in the Southwest."

Until the publication of IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA, Beaty was "irritating only in a local sense". Now he was nationally known, and something had to be done about it. (Exactly what Prof. Beaty had said that was so objectionable was not revealed, of course, and the ADL did not "propose to burden" the general "at this point with our detailed analysis of the book...") Not unlike either William Cooper's attack against Dharma nor that of ASSK?

The ADL's muscle man then put on the twist in typical heavyhanded, oblique fashion:

"...in view of the foregoing, it is our feeling that you may want to consider the advisability of some public action which can assure the American people, who hold you in such high regard, that you repudiate religious hatred, as we know you do, and the use of your name by Professor Beaty..."

The renowned Air Force general responded, "I forcefully resent what you have said or implied," and stated, "I do not consider that book anti-Jewish in any sense of the word." It continued:

"When the United States of America reaches the point where a citizen cannot read what he desires to read and to recommend such reading to others then we will have reached the status that exists in Soviet Russia...As I interpret your letter, your organization would have the people read only what you think should be read and recommended to others. This I resent as a free American citizen.

"I do not understand what you mean by your statement 'we do not propose to burden you at this point, etc." Is this a veiled threat to my free expression and thoughts? If so, this I also resent.

"Your letter is the most outrageous communication I have ever received in my life and I intend to give it the widest possible publicity, including my many Jewish friends.

A somewhat similar incident occured in 1959, when Gen. Ulysses S. Grant III caused an article called "Abraham Lincoln and the Rothschilds" to be distributed to members of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Herman Edelsberg of the Washington, D.C. office of the ADL wrote an insulting letter to Gen. Grant on June 19, 1959, claiming that he had lent his name "to a vile anti-semitic canard" and "the fabrication of a warped mind". (Not, again, greatly unlike the attack of Bob Girard against Dharma and the Journals...incredible ravings of an insane mind!") Edelberg dwelt in an uncomplimentary manner upon the alleged history of the article and its distributors, of course, rather than upon the factual content of the piece, which had to do with the role of international bankers in the American Civil War. Edelsberg ordered the general to "speedily and fully repudiate" the publication. Gen. Grant replied indignantly with a defense of the historical accuracy of the article, and pointed out that it was only Edelsberg and the ADL who had given it "the anti-Jewish twist".

"What 'the international bankers' in Europe did a century ago to help the Confederacy cannot by any reasonable person be considered a reflection on many, many good Americans who are Jews, and your effort to make it seem so is difficult to understand."

The ADL pressure continued, with great play in the newspapers--which tended, as is usually the case with newspapers, to adopt the ADL's language as their own and to describe the article flatly as "anti-Semitic". There was much debate over whether the general had "apologized", but the apology was also an ADL fantasy and the general never abandoned his guns.

As with the case of Gates in Los Angeles and the "brutality cases" sweeping publicity in the U.S., the acts of the police are only a tiny, tiny pin-point of what is REALLY going on here. Look at reasonable facts (and forget for a minute, one D. Gates). Gates is "Chief", HOWEVER, Gates only carries out the directions of the Council who sets the directives. Therefore, the point cannot be actually over Gates nor the regulations and guidelines. So what might it be? It is an all out attempt to get the proper persons controlled by the Elite into office and stir up such hatred and violence within and among the races that the nation is totally distracted while "they" disarm you. Believe me, chelas, if this thing is not “checked" it will erupt into the biggest and most violently bloody race war ever upon you globe. You gain nothing by locking the barn door after all the horses are scattered to the winds save to disallow re-entry into the barn for those who would not shape up their modus operandi. You simply cannot comprehend the massive fog upon your lands.


Congressman John G. Schmitz of California received the same kind of treatment in the summer of 1972, after he had written an introduction and endorsement to NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen. Mr. Allen, like the author of Gen. Grant's article, had spoken of "international bankers". Harvey Schechter of the ADL sent a letter to Congressman Schmitz.

"We were distressed to read your introduction to and endorsement of "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" by Gary Allen, and we hereby call upon you to withdraw your endorsement and repudiate this anti-Semitic propaganda book."

Do any of you readers see the incredible similarity in the attacks of ASSK refuting all association with the Phoenix material? Sister was sent forth to STOP Dharma from ever writing in behalf of the Hosts and she failed, therefore she comes under attack with insistence that she discredit source of the thorns in the ointment. Well, she can't do it! They could have, had they honored their contract to publish the material as originally set forth but they blew it through ego and now the demands are silly and foolish even unto the undiscerning.

And what of Dharma? Brave? No, she has had to learn to release it to US. I do not mean to be flippant but it is too late, the "fat is in the fire" and the only

hope of safety is to remain in our care and shielding for the enemy cannot stand against GOD!

Further, you who were bored with all the personal encounters and sharing within the public forum of the Express, may now understand that it is the only forum through which to silence the silencers.

Congressman Schmitz published the ADL letter along with his own reply in the "Congressional Record" of June 19, 1972. He wrote to Schechter that Schechter's attack on him because of "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" was "one of the most remarkable confirmations of the book's thesis that I have seen", in that Gary Allen had stated that the ADL was used "as an instrument to try to convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds or their allies is an attack on all Jews."

Quoting from the book, Congressman Schmitz continued:

'Any individual or book exploring the subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL committees all over the country. The ADL has never let truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs. When no evidence is apparent, the ADL, which staunchly opposed so-called 'McCarthyism', accuses people of being 'latent anti-Semites' ".

"There is not a word in Gary Allen's book which could possibly be construed by any reasonable man as an attack on any religious faith."


Among its other efforts on behalf of American democracy, the ADL attempted to get the Federal Communications Commission to prevent telephone companies from permitting the purveyors of certain ideas from using their recorded message services. The group the ADL had specifically in mind had denounced the Peace Corps and (according to the ADL) called up "lurid visions of a communist conspiracy' lurking behind" various groups, including (surprise now!!) the ADL. (Washington "Post", Sept. 9, 1965.) A few years later the Supreme Court eventually thwarted a prolonged ADL effort to make the FCC take away the license of a radio station which had broadcast an "appeal to prejudice". The ADL had refused a proffered opportunity to broadcast a reply:

"A reply, said attorneys for the Jewish service organization, only focuses more attention upon a racial or religious slur, lending it more dignity."



Now "why" and "who" do you suppose is behind first the availability of obscene material and sexual explicit 900 phone numbers? Then who do you think continues to advertise them through the controversy and the media? Ah so, perhaps you will yet get your graduation diploma. And next, who keeps it stirring until you-the-public shut down any service of such manner which serves for daily prayer, updates on the Constitution, etc.? You-the-people walk gently and demandingly right into the traps and thumb your nose at your brothers while your neck is broken. YOU put the bars on your own windows--literally! You allow the treasonists and criminals to go further in controlling you while you apply the prison bars to your own doors and windows--worse, you allow ones like the beaten black man and the beaten children to be your cause to incarcerate your populace. THOSE INCIDENTS ARE STRUCTURED TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING AND IT ISN'T TO SIMPLY BEAT UP ON A BLACK MAN BECAUSE IT IS A WEEK-NIGHT--THE INTENT IS SO DEEP AND SO HIGH THAT THE "MOUNTAIN" STOPS YOU FROM SEEING THE FACTS WHICH LAY OPEN BEFORE YOU.


Let us please have a break for we have been at this since daylight without break and it is now mid-day. I am sorry for the lost documents but it is only a perturbation of no consequence for that which they remove, we shall simply replace. Annoying and frustrating but of no consequence for God does not become unbalanced. Salu.

Hatonn to stand-by please. Dharma, please chela, we need to write again this day for we have much to cover beyond this subject material. I will allow you time off to do thine other tasks on the morrow, if pressures are a bit lessened. If we write more this day it allows more freedom on the morrow. Thank you.



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1991 4:15 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 223


The campaigns against anyone who speaks out against the ADL and any other Zionist lobby organization is immediately targeted for destruction.

It is well known now that LaRouche was set-up and "railroaded" into prison to silence his organization. He was telling truth on his programs as he ran for President. The organization of adversaries to your free governmental system didn't stop with LaRouche but managed to get young people in the organization sent away to prison, one for some 86 years and another for over half a century--do you realize, America, that these are "life" sentences? What for? Well, it is now come forth that it was a financed job of bribery of the judicial system--however, the people are still incarcerated. THE ADL ADMITS TO THE CHARGES AND STILL THE PEOPLE ARE INCARCERATED--YOU SEE THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. IS ELECTED LONG BEFORE ANY MENTION OF AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN OR ELECTION DAY. IT WAS DECIDED YEARS AGO THAT IT WOULD BE GEORGE BUSH WHO WOULD TEND THIS "NEW WORLD ORDER" DEADLINE.

Probably the most intense campaign waged by the ADL as of 1981 was to discredit and shut down the Liberty Lobby and "This is Liberty Lobby" radio program. The ADL's enmity to Liberty Lobby stemmed originally from its general enmity to all nationalist, "rightist" elements in America. In other words, anything that represented the United States as a sovereign nation under God, Liberty and the Constitution. The ever-increasing importance of Israel in the ADL program, running up against Liberty Lobby's outspoken advocacy of United States neutrality in the Middle East, as elsewhere abroad, precipitated the ADL "counteraction", as the instigators euphemistically called it. You see, they could not deny the integration and while they worked to shut down freedoms for Americans, they launched a "counteraction" campaign which stood up in court at every turn. It was incredible and confusing even a decade ago.

The entire matter is thoroughly documented by materials, such as internal ADL letters and memoranda, uncovered during a subsequent lawsuit brought by Liberty Lobby. The whole effort was carefully planned, organized, and coordinated at the ADL's national headquarters in New York. Inquiries by Israeli officials in the United States played an important, and perhaps the leading role, in getting the counteraction underway. Not surprisingly, some of the Israeli-ADL correspondence is missing from the materials the ADL was forced to produce during the Liberty Lobby lawsuit, and the one letter that got through was reproduced so poorly that most of it is illegible. It is from the ADL, Boston, to the Israeli Consulate in Boston, and is dated December 24, 1973. The letter begins:

"I appreciate your calling my attention to the Liberty Lobby broadcast on (and the station call-letters were blotted out), Boston". The letter continues for two more paragraphs, almost entirely illegible, beginning with the words, "I believe that you are aware of the fact that Liberty Lobby is...." The words "editorial" and "bumper stickers" appear, giving clues of the general trend of the discussion. Copies of the letter were sent to at least eight individuals, most or all of them ADL professional staff.


It was then very shortly that radio stations began receiving phone calls and letters of complaint from local people, most of whom (the radio station personnel reported) had apparently never heard the Liberty Lobby program. The letters were almost always parrot renditions of language from ADL "kits" mailed out from New York to regional offices.

Packets of "information" about Liberty Lobby were sent to radio stations, and there was an attempt to create the impression that numerous spontaneous complaints were being received about the program by the ADL offices. Advertisers susceptible to ADL and B'nai B'rith influence threatened to withdraw their business from stations which would not cancel the Liberty Lobby broadcasts.

Meanwhile, as is easily proved by a review of the scripts that were used, there was nothing even remotely "anti-Semitic" or similarly objectional in the "This Is Liberty Lobby" broadcasts, although there were occasionally comments on Israel. In a letter of December 3, 1973, the chairman of a western broadcasting company wrote to Sheldon Steinhauser of ADL's Denver office referring to complaints about the Liberty Lobby program:

"I must, however, in all candor say that upon listening to these programs I have never heard anything which could be classified as an attack upon the Jewish faith or our citizens of that national origin.

"It is a rather abrasive attack upon foreign policy in the Near East. It is not, in my opinion, at all different from any other highly controversial opinion, hence we have no intention of censoring it."

I'm sorry, brothers, this should absolutely scare the living daylights out of you--look again--this was in 1973 and it was already in full-blast operation for takeover.


There have been a few courageous speakers along the way but one by one they fall and/or are silenced or caused to recant anything spoken against this horrendous movement for World Control. I remind you that an entire radio broadcast was "bought" and pre-arranged just to discredit the Journals and the lies were so blatant that any fool could see through them, i.e. "50 pages copied from my work" said one who organized the opposition, and there were only 26 pages in his entire writing!! I tell you who think we are not accomplishing anything with our endless, and seemingly non-impacting work--WE ARE? WE HAVE THE ADVERSARY SCARED STIFF AND LASHING OUT AT SHADOWS, BECAUSE THEY REALIZE THAT IF THE PEOPLE WAKE UP, , SO WILL THE MORE DARING BROADCASTERS--EVEN IF NEW STATIONS MUST OPEN UNDERGROUND, AND THE DAY THEY MUST RESORT TO DOING THAT THE WORLD WILL SEE WHAT HAS BEEN BROUGHT AGAINST YOU THE PEOPLE. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT CONTROL AND LEGAL CHANGE OF YOUR CONSTITUTION--SO THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE RECOURSE EVEN IF YOU DO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON ABOUT YOU. IT IS DEADLINE TIME, AMERICA!

On January 16, 1975, an attorney from the Washington, D.C. law firm of Koteen & Burt, representing station WVOX, New Rochelle, New York, wrote to one Donald Flamm, who passed the letter on to the ADL.


Particularly over the course of the last year or so, a great deal of pressure has been brought to bear upon WVOX...by various people and organizations in an attempt to force it to drop "Liberty Lobby. "...During the course of various inquiries about this program, I have reviewed numerous scripts to determine, among other things, whether it is being used as a vehicle for attacking various people and groups and whether, therefore, various requirements of the Federal Communications Commission's Fairness Doctrine come into play. In no instance that has come to my attention have I found anything which is even superficially anti-Semitic.

The attorney went on to say that a New York "Times" reporter who had done a story on the program had found nothing anti-Semitic in it, and that the station president, Bill O'Shaughnessy, "has become satisfied that those who actually bother to listen to the program have not found it to be anti-Semitic." The lawyer stated that the American Civil Liberties Union believed that attempts to remove the program from the air "represent a classic example of attempts to suppress freedom of speech".

All broadcasters were not as courageous as O'Shaughnessy, who refused to buckle even though he was favored with menacing letters from ADL general counsel Arnold Forster personally. According to an ADL memorandum, Howard Warshaw, president of Universal Broadcasting Company, New York, after having met with ADL staff and having been warned by them that "This Is Liberty Lobby" was "anti-Semitic", ordered the general manager of WTHE (Mineola, Long Island) to listen to all Liberty Lobby programs in advance and to discuss any "questionable" material with him. If any tape contained "the kind of anti-Semitic material contained in the specimens we reviewed" (i.e. criticisms of Israel and of potential U.S. involvement in a Middle East war) they would be pre-empted, or an older tape played.

The memo, from Mel Cooperman to Harry Rosenkranz, January 10, 1974, concluded:

"By the way, WTHE has carried, and will continue to carry, every ADL "Report from Israel" program we send them, as they have for six years."

On April 23, 1974, the ADL's Monroe Schlactus wrote to ADL's "director of domestic fact-finding", Irwin Stull, that he had been told that Howard Warshaw of Long Island "has begun to be most cooperative in killing the tapes even before we express concern." It happened that Warshaw also owned station KUXL in Schlactus' Minnesota territory:

"I would imagine that through Mel's contact with Warshaw, we may be able to preview all the Liberty Lobby tapes before their airing."

A memorandum from Isadore Zack to Herman Brown, with copies to various ADL higher-ups, spread the following good news:

"I understand from Sherm Keller of WRYT-Boston that his boss, Ken Carter, plans to audition the Liberty Lobby tapes before putting them on the air and will not use any program that mentions Israel in a derogatory way. I am alerting our monitors to check this out."


The massive ADL "counteraction" (fully documented in official documents procured through legal process) did result by 1975 in the loss of many stations and the cancelation by the Mutual Network of its contract with Liberty Lobby to carry the program. This reduced the total number of stations to 106. However, in spite of continuing ADL pressure the program continued to be carried on many stations, most of them as a free public service. The program's point of view remained identical to what it was in 1975, which should say something about the increased public acceptance of a pro-American outlook. You can do it if you stick with it. But don't be complacent about it for you will find it has not gone all that well as time progressed. Today, however, you still have "Radio Free America" which is presented by about the same group but called by different labels. It is supported by Spotlight and it should be stated herein that an all-out attempt was and is still underway to silence Spotlight. For instance, I remind you that it is confiscated from all mailings to overseas troops--at least in the Korean sector. In Saudi Arabia ones coming into ability to get their hands on the Phoenix Journals and/or Expresses--hide them and pass them underground for they are taken by higher command if found on any soldier. Freedom of speech for those sons you sent to WAR for the Monarch of Kuwait? You actually sent them to war to make sure there will be a "New World Order" whereby you will have a world government which will literally enslave your population, kill them off through various means, and then they come home to be a police force which insures the orders are followed.


This is typical even in this small village where the publisher ran some of the Ex-presses--paid for as advertising for the local paper refused to even run letters from anybody associated with the Journals. So, the Expresses were devoured by the readers who came into possession of the free advertising tabloid. You see, EVERYTHING in the paper is advertising, etc. People called the printer in secret to acclaim his good work but some of the advertisers threatened to quit advertising in the paper and some actually withdrew their ads--and all we were talking about was God. It is a frightening world down there, brothers. People even stated that they were afraid to speak out as supporters of the material--they said they knew it was truth but they were "...afraid of the Christian community" and the politicians. I fear, rightfully so, as one poison-pen letter threatened to "kill everyone involved and said the 'Christian community' would be contacting America West". Then one letter said to "feel terror every time you turn on your ignition because we are going to get you!" How do you think our people feel every time they turn on their car ignition? Brethren--please support these daring publishers for it is a daily wonderment to simply be alive in the morning.

In Liberty Lobby's files there is also documentary evidence that ADL agents have contacted advertisers in order to prevent them from placing ads in the Liberty Lobby publications and/or Spotlight. These are REAL threats which are carried out if capitulation is not forthcoming. If the paper does not capitulate, then the authors of articles have sudden heart attacks, etc. These ones don't usually have a Hatonn and/or Sananda, Aton or Grandfather to get the heart going again. Some who now recognize our presence are asking protection and surviving the attacks--pray for them. The ADL goes even farther--they seek out "contributors" to Liberty Lobby and pay visits to their homes and even advertising "agencies" are "put on the griddle".

"For the record, I have received information that there is an advertising agency in Los Angeles which is handling the placing of Liberty Lobby's radio program on radio stations nationally...I have asked Harvey Schechter to undertake an investigation of this agency." (Memorandum from Irwin Suall (director of ADL's "Domestic Fact-finding Department") to Justin Finger, February 14, 1974.)

"Talent" is not immune from persecution, either: The same Harvey Schechter (of the ADL's Los Angeles regional office) who was to investigate Liberty Lobby's advertising agency was also hot on the trail of the famous announcer who introduced Liberty Lobby's radio programs; Schechter wrote to Maxwell Greenberg on July 30, 1974:

"I for one, am distressed at the fact that Liberty Lobby broadcasts begin with an opening comment by Harry vonZell....In view of his key position with Home Savings and Loan and the gutter anti-Semitism of the Liberty Lobby. I would like to suggest that a letter from you to him about this might further stimulate him to take action to deny Liberty Lobby the use of his voice."

In an unrelated incident, a radio announcer named Allan E. Augustine was fired by WOKY, Milwaukee, after the ADL complained that Augustine had acted irresponsibly in interviewing two Nazis on his talk show.

I think most of you know about the incident and the "firing" of Bill Jenkins from ABC. Bill was known as "Mr. Talk Radio" and had some very interesting people on his show who knew facts and stated them and had new information on technology and shared it--Bill was destined to be taken out and he now has problems of many sorts including lack of position.


A final example of the ADL's tactics shows them at their most vile. On April 3, 1978, Irwin Suall wrote to the management of Trans World Airlines (TWA):

"I'm writing at the suggestion of Arnold Forster, who happens to be abroad at present, concerning Mr.--, a TWA pilot who has managed to antagonize a large number of people in New Jersey.

The letter went on to accuse the TWA pilot of writing letters-to-the-editor which were critical of "Jews, Zionism and Israel". (In actual fact, the pilot had never critized Jews. He had, however, gone so far as to put an ad in a newspaper in which he placed, according to Suall, "the blame for the deaths in the March 11th PLO raid on the Israelis".)

"It so happens that a number of people apparently know that --- is a TWA pilot... ---'s propaganda activities are apparently linked in their minds with TWA.

"Mr. Forster felt that you would want to be informed about this matter and asked me, just before he left, to share the information with you and to convey to you his most cordial regards. I would be pleased to hear from you. "

The labor union and the Railroad Labor Act was the ONLY reason he was not fired on the spot. Most of the time the people are dismissed and it is never made public for there is NO FORUM FOR A HEARING. Dharma and Oberli have lost everything over this insulting situation but have gained tremendously in knowledge and management. They have nothing and no "jobs" so they can't be threatened in that area of life. I will tell you readers this much, this whole bunch associated with Phoenix Journals is a real nasty enigma for our adversaries. Every effort to discount the material and run the publisher out of funds for publishing are instigated and still you people keep on keeping on with your support. Funds are promised and then under threat are cancelled; property somehow "does not find a buyer" and so on. Well, chelas, God sends back that which is given into his work and so shall it be again for you-the-people will see and line up along side and behind these ones and the sheer numbers will overcome the evil anti-Christ.


This thousand-legged beast with ten heads and ten horns who bears the markings of the "beast" and who has gained control over America is in direct and undisputed, nor denied, service totally unto the artificial nation of Israel. The welfare of Israel is put above all else, certainly including the United States. Visits to the United States by Israeli generals and politicians are given front-page coverage in such reverential tones as are reserved by Catholic papers for visits of the Pope of Rome. The pronouncements of Israeli leaders are published with obligations of adulation--except for a couple of times when Prime Minister Menachem Begin went so far in his cheerleading for Jewish influence in the U.S., and in his open calls for the Jewish lobby to get what Israel wanted, that the ADL feared people would realize that he was proving what the "anti-Semites" had been saying all along. The Judeans also began to speak out when it was made public that money paid to and through the U.S. to Begin personally was ending up in massive bank accounts of incredible size--in the U.S.

The ADL tries to put the best appearance on everything Israel does and if you can't see that maneuver in this Middle East fiasco then you are too blind to be helped. The same goes for other countries: The Soviet Union was enormously popular with Zionists until it appeared to interfere with emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel--the whole thing being a publicity move to garner support and distraction from facts--THE ZIONISTS ARE SOVIETS--THE KHAZARS ARE MONGOL, RUSSIAN AND NORDIC--IN NO RELATIONSHIP WHAT-SO-EVER TO JUDEANS OR MIDDLE EASTERN ARABS. This is why it is so hard to understand why you-the-people absorb the lies like a sponge in water.

As the facade grew out of proportion, the show began for the rest of the world and you-the-people. The U.S. was asked to "ice" its detente with the Soviets and prune its foreign policy accordingly--also it was expected to increase immigration into the U.S. of Soviet Jews. The most glaring example of distortion of American policy for Israel's benefit a decade ago appeared in the costly hostility of the U.S. toward the Arab countries--a policy totally opposed to America's true interests and then existed entirely because of Israel's long-lasting war with its neighbors.

I do not josh with you readers, the Israeli Air Force was the most active participant in the Iraq raids, being given flight security and an open route to and from Israel through Syrian corridors. Now this is FACT! I fail to understand how a nation can continue waving shredded yellow ribbons, send billions of dollars of your life work, send your children away to war and indefinite absence and continue to defend this beast that is eating you alive. THE FOLLOWING TOWNS WERE BOMBED AND SOME COMPLETELY DESTROYED BY THE ISRAELIS: Ubaila, Rutbah, Birar Rab, Abar Al-Jidd, Chayia, Muhainir, Mukhayb and Bir Al-Habbariyeh. Among the larger towns nearer to Baghdad also all but destroyed were al-Hasan, al-Fathah, Baydi, Tikrit (Saddam' s home) and ad-Dowr. Although other nations are reporting openly, the participation and factual evidence of the Israeli participation and actual documentation of the raids on these particular places, you have yet to have admission that the Israelis were doing anything except suffering terrible distress and destruction (costing you billions more in dollars for their suffering) and being so patient in non-retaliation as to be sickening for the truth-knowers who were not laughing themselves silly at you Americans.

Dharma puts it very nicely, I believe, when she cries out to God--"WHY DO YOU CARE?", "WHY DO WE CONTINUE FOR IT IS SO HOPELESS"--we continue because God has promised to bring Truth to his people and then, that they do with it is up to them.

It has been a very long day of work and I suggest we leave this for digestion at this point for this day. Thank you for your attention. Hatonn



THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1991 7:36 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 224

TODAY, MARCH 28, 1991

May...we be given into insight and understanding that we might move as brothers within a brotherhood of LIFE so that our directions shall be seen and our actions have no intent other than as service unto God and our fellow-creations. Hatonn.

As we meet this morning I am filled to overflow with the barrage of anger and helplessness. First we confront the anger and make sure we convert it into positive construction and never into destruction against any creation--be he perceived friend or foe. The only difference in "friend" or "foe" is attitude and perception. I give unto Creator grateful thanks and appreciation that He has allowed me to discern enemy from true friend for my journey has been gifted abundantly by both--for they are but reflections of various stages of self-growth. Be ever thankful as you look into the world as a mirror that you finally begin to SEE. For the world stage is but a reflection of self and as you can recognize that which is incorrect and negative--you can cast aside that aspect of “self” and move ever nearer to perfection. I am ever grateful to those who give reflections which allow my passage ever higher into understanding. Savor the moment of realization but do not "wallow" in it lest ye miss of the next opportunity for advantage in the game.

Helpless? Oh no, remember that we are growing into perfection and our adversaries are growing ever more shackled by the physical aspects of evil and by being completely blinded to Truth as "reality", they will blunder more and we shall blunder less,


You who have compassion are astounded and bewildered by that which took place around the food boxes in Iraq. The Americans were allowed only to hand out food unto the women and children, whilst the men had to stand at gunpoint and have their belly's cramped. Then the Saudis brought in food and threw it to the people as if they were swine in the pens and pandemonium and mayhem ensued. What cause did the Americans give you for starving the men? "To cause Iraq to meet its responsibility to its people!" No, you want the Iraqis to rise up and have more riots and murder and unrest--you have no intention of rebuilding but rather in further destruction and your government has sent your sensitive children forth to do the dirty and heinous work while they pull strings from the golf courses and jogging trails. I warn you again, there is no emotional compassion left in your highest courts of government--NONE! If ones come forth in objection to that which is going on, they are removed one way or another.

Then you now see the REAL controversy arise over your commanding General who THOUGHT he was "doing a mission" only to find that the game was already laid forth, plans made prior to the war as to how it would go and allowing the Israelis to do their heinous work in security and secret; and brothers, this could give forth a lot of information of truth if they don't quickly shut Swarzkopfs mouth. It is already set up, you will note--as the lips now spout "...early retirement (by early summer) for this fine General". Keep your wits sharp and you will be on the cutting edge of truth as it uncovers itself.

The administration is caught in the tangle of their own deceit. They dare not keep your soldiers in the field too long for the troops are seeing the outrageous contradictions of that which they were told and that which IS. Then, once uncovered in the disgrace upon America, they are not dared to be allowed home without further brainwashing for they will tell the truth to America. So, the confusion and encounter must be continued with the men in ignorance as can be sustained and get a lot more killed, especially the ones who see and speak out. There will come the hour when it is blatantly obvious that Saddam Hussein has nothing to do with that which is taking place.

Meanwhile, what is going on in the Soviet Union? The laws are coming down hard against the people--and yes, you have your nose in this, also. And I ask you--how would you feel if the Soviets stuck their noses into your nation's elections and gatherings? Well, you won't do much more than have "lips" suggest softly that the Soviets not be too hard on the assembly of people in this election coming up. Why? Because if this goes the wrong direction, little brothers, you can count the days to your demise. At any rate, the Soviets can annihilate you nice Americans and will do so, if you act in foolishness.

What of Sudan? Oh, you didn't hear about Sudan? Because the Sudanese government objected to the aggression of you-the-Americans, all relief supplies and personnel were removed from Sudan while thousands starve. Now, Sudan was coerced into sending token troops into Saudi Arabia to keep up this incredible "front" and so you nice compassionate people are going to, if you can work it out, send a bit of relief--IF, Sudan meets the requirements of the New World Order and the World Bank. THIS IS DEMOCRACY at work, brothers--democracy, you see, is rule by the majority--of votes of those in control. So by majority of the Elite--thousands upon thousands are sentenced to death by slow and bloated, thirsty torture until dead. Anti-Semitic? No, not by the slightest chance for I AM A SEMITE (Shemite). Remember the terminology and definitions? I come from the tribes of Judea and the lineage of Shem from right off Pleiades and that, for now, is far enough back to give you an idea of my political views. The contradiction comes from the usurpation of everything truthful in your history and twisting it into opposition--that IS THE MARK of the Anti-Christ, beloved ones. THAT IS the clue they wear for all to see and because it is so obvious, you all miss of it.

One last tid-bit of confusion to note before we return to our subject of the "KHAZARS" and "KHAZARIANS" who have taken on labels to deceive the world. What of this new tact of SUPPORTING SADDAM HUSSEIN IN HIS MILITARY ADVENTURES TO QUIET IRAQ?? SURPRISED?? Harken up! It will hit your news in flabby ways, so let me tell you that for which to look. Orders from "Lips" have come forth to not shoot down any more of Saddam's planes but to assist him in his attempts to bring the nation into control. Then "Lips" says, "We believe that after all is settled down again, the Iraqis will take him out anyway."

First you tell him to invade Kuwait and foot the bill for his military buildup. Then you cover and assist Israel in bombing into oblivion two million or so Iraqis. You assist in allowing the Israelis to raze cities and holy sites in the name of "human rights" and restoration of an obscene monarch to a THRONE with pink palace and gold bathroom fixtures attached to marble tubs and gold plated bidets for his 70 wives. Then you all but wipe out a nation to "get" Hussein--now you are back to SUPPORTING HIM, in order to not lose the nation to fighting factions who might just rise up against you now that they know what has happened REALLY--so that you can assassinate the man? Ella, ella (come, come) America!!--


This will nicely get us off the hook and if I, Hatonn, blunder and "slip"--you catch me and change the word if I err. Henceforth and hopefully, forevermore--we do what "they" do--we change the names to protect the innocent and label the obscene.

"Jews" is OUT. All "Jews" by their definition will henceforth be called who they are--"Khazarians" and/or Judeans.

"Israel" will be referred to by the name of Khazar!" Now, take note of this little twist. Since the "Semites" (as in "anti-Semite") are actually the children of Holy God from Judea and the lineage of Shem--then you will note by the "Khazarians" shouting "anti-Semite" in accusations against you of "israel (chosen of God--people, not a 'place')" what do you have in conclusion? When you are shouted down, accused of being anti-Semitic--you are ACTUALLY KNOWN TO BE AGAINST THE ANTI-CHRIST!. HOLD IT IN YOUR HEART AND SEE IF YOU DON'T FEEL A BIT BETTER THE NEXT TIME SOMEONE ACCUSES YOU OF BEING ANTI-SEMITIC. It has nothing to do with the Judean race.

It is harder to take right now for you are so brainwashed that you cannot longer see the stain from the rest of the garment. Your government is totally intimidated and thusly controlled by "SOCIALISTIC ONE WORLD CONTROLLERS CALLED KHAZARS"! Stop honoring those bastards of LIFE, deceivers and deviates by calling them "Jews". They stole the religion, they stole and they have taken your world. They are a mixture of Mongol, Russian (Gog and Magog) and Nordic. They have absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Judeans nor the Judean religion. They announced themselves "Jews", wrote their own religion in opposition to the Judean laws in the Protocols, announced themselves Zionists and began to take your world while killing you with YOUR OWN COMPASSION AND DECENCY.



And so, Dharma, back to the subject at hand:


There is ONE and only. One issue as far as the ADL is concerned--Khazaria. If Khazaria tries to sink a ship of the United States Navy, called the "USS Liberty", and murders 34 Americans in the process, the ADL prides itself on covering up the facts and explaining them away, while on the other hand anybody who ever killed a Khazarian (even though his country is at war with Khazar) is a despicable terrorist and a bloodthirsty outlaw. A careful distinction is made between those who are able to kill large numbers of civilians from airplanes (American supplied and painted aircraft) and those who can afford only to kill smaller numbers on foot.

The ADL never tires of telling you, and having told you, that because the population of the Khazarian state (in Palestine) is made up of an exceptional people unceasingly persecuted due to some ineradicable flaw in all non-Khazars, the Khazarians are exempt from the rules of human behavior and have a special license to steal other people's real estate, to kidnap anywhere in the world, to torture, to kill, to lie, to falsely accuse, and to interfere at will in the politics and social development of other countries.

To justify and further the programs and aims of Khazar is the primary mission of the ADL. The organization is, of course, at one with the B'nai B'rith, with its large and highly manageable and influential system of professional lodges. Especially significant are those lodges made up of highly placed people in the advertising, publishing, entertainment, and news fields. It works in alliance with other groups that comprise the Khazarian lobby--such as the American "Jewish" Committee whose Washington representative, Hyman Bookbinder (in 1981), boasted in a public speech of the speed with which he had been able to assemble on the Capitol steps a display of American congressmen and senators in support of an "Israeli" (Khazarian) government demand.


In this new light of understanding that you can call a skunk a rose--but its stripes and smell will tell you that it is certainly NOT A ROSE.--and neither are Khazarians, Judeans. They are MRN's (MONGOLS, RUSSIANS, NORDICS). No offense intended unto any of those lovely people. The Khazars were warriors and came and took that which they wanted and destroyed its integrity through rape, pillage, plunder--murder and deceit. They are from the line of ANTI-GOD himself and if I were at present, going about telling of any identifications with that Khazar group; I would certainly stop advertising it so blatantly--for the skunk still stinks if he spreads his musk about. So be it. I hope I have given cause for you ones to "see" and "understand" that which which WE REALLY DEAL so that we can move on and get some things turned about and back into control of you-the-people and away from your deadly enemy--the Khazars.


Something to think about: suppose you are an American caucasion of pale features that you call "typical American" and you speak no language other than, say, southern Texan. Now you go to the village of Hi Peng in central China and announce that you are here to form a nation and that you are Chinese--yes, I'm sure you know that which would happen! Isn't it time you stopped the nitwit game of the deceived and enter into the world of truth? I honor you for perception in clarity. As contrasted to the "Jewish (Khazar) Defense League" (JDL) which uses physical intimidation and overt violence while literally parading the Israeli flag within your country the ADL deals primarily in propaganda and moral, political, and financial intimidation. It instigates, coordinates, places, and often writes, on behalf of Is - (oops) Khazar the avalanche of slanted news stories, editorials, magazine articles, television programs, cartoons, politicians' speeches, entries in the "Congressional Record", letters, and even motion pictures and novels, which--particularly at the time of some Khazarian crisis or extensive Khazarian demand on American leaders and taxpayers--smothers the United States.

Once a rock has been started rolling downhill, one does not have to keep prodding it or the others it picks up along the way: People know what is expected of them. If they do not, they will be "sensitized", or even "tenderized". Even the standup comic knows that to defy the party line would be professional suicide. Toward the end of the 1960's the ADL and its cohorts accused Poland of "anti-Semitic" acts (see, for example, entry by the ADL's congressman, Joshua Eilberg, in the July 16, 1968 "Congressional Record".) and lo, within days the insulting "Polish joke" was birthed, pounding home month after month the alleged stupidity of the Polish people who up to then had been treated as heroic defenders of freedom. In such ways American attitudes are molded to the benefit of Khazar and to the detriment of any group on Khazar's hit list.

The inconvenient fact that what helps Khazar usually hurts the United States is handled by the ADL and similar organizations by the technique, proof of the intent of which is available in numerous publicly distributed recordings of their meetings, of trying to make Khazar interests appear identical to the interests of the United States and attractive to the American people. "We are a minority too small to have our desired effect without the help of many others," is stated the reasoning by the Khazarians who stole the heritage of Judea. Do you see, it is exactly the same as labeling Judas about the identity of the man who betrayed the one called by you, Jesus. By careful misinformation, the one who betrayed Esu was identified for history as Judas Iscarioth when actually the guilty party was one, Juda Iharioth, the son of a Pharisee (and you all know about the Pharisees) in Jerusalem. Later the translators gave further intentional confusion (for they knew "Judas Iscarioth" was incorrect and therefore came up with "Judas Iscariot", thereby totally changing the truth of history.(Balance of message lost to "computer tampering)



THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1991 10:02 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 224


You ones need to be aware that the prior document was all but lost to the electronic attack upon my scribe and the equipment. I am going to make this addition and then I ask that my scribe be gotten out of the vicinity so that we can do a bit of "housecleaning". I remind you precious ones that when "the beast" is cornered uncovered for the world to see--he fights in the only ways allowed to him--through impact on the material and the beings involved. Truth is very painful to the criminal and now God has given you the Truth which changes the entire scenario of perception of you of the planet. The information is as old as the beginning and as new as the unwrapping of the deceit. However, you now have the tools with which to render the beast impotent. You call him by his Earth label, Khazar. You separate him into his heritage of stolen bloodline for there is nothing of Judean about the evil demon. All you have to do as a people to begin to regain your freedom and nation and then, world, is to call this beast by his name and set the record to straight and you reduce all his shams, deceit--his very platform of action--from his arsenal.

Doesn't it become far easier to understand the REAL situation when I say to you: "The Khazars from Khazar, in the camouflaged planes taken from the U.S. under deceitful cover of the worst terrorists in the world, were allowed to bomb into oblivion, the towns and people of Iraq--while you stood guard and ran the get-away car?" Ah, but 'twas not you, was it? It was the functioning mechanism of the Khazars which had already taken your government and military, media and mind-set. You are NOT anti-Judean--you may (I hope) be anti-Khazarian (against the very anti-Christ). You are the S(h)emite so therefore, you who speak out CANNOT BE ANTI-S(H)EMITIC!

I want you to revel in that which I can witness and you have not yet the ability to see. The pulses against my scribe and this place are incredible and the more poured in the more we must "counter" and neutralize so that the air is nothing but noise and chaos. Every line from the surveillance offices are in use--TELLING THE WONDERFUL NEWS! THE KHAZARS HAVE BEEN UNCOVERED! This does not sit well with those who are the Khazars working in disguise and yet, the lid is off the bottle. Rejoice--not for that which you thought to be Easter Resurrection--for what is resurrected herein this Easter--is TRUTH and revelation of the anti-Christ and his mongrel tribes! You who considered yourselves to be one of the group calling yourselves by the conjured label of "Jew" as set forth to ensnare you in the late 1700's A.D., I suggest you take a second look at that which you serve within the lie and take careful consideration to your intended fate and demise. And you, of Judean lineage--wake up, for your annihilation is planned by these Khazarians who have stolen from Palestine, annihilated your brothers in Germany and now fully plan to sacrifice you on the altar of riot and bigotry in order to keep the nations in unrest. TRUTH WILL SET YOU INTO FREEDOM IF YOU WILL BUT RECEIVE OF IT!

Well, how will you know how it goes if in fact, all is controlled by those Khazars? Because if you are anti-Khazar you cannot very well be anti-"Jew" can you? IF, THEN, YOU ARE REFUSED HEARING OR PUBLICATION AT THE HANDS OF THE CONTROLLERS--THEN THEY HAVE JUST TOLD YOU THE TRUTH OF IT--THEY HAVE REVEALED AND CONFIRMED THAT WHICH I HAVE LAID BARE FOR YOUR REVIEW! TO CLAIM ABUSE AND BIGOTRY AGAINST YOU THEY HAVE TO REVEAL THE TRUTH OF THEIR BEINGNESS AS KHAZARS--IT IS A FINE LITTLE GAME OF THEIR OWN MAKING. How could you possibly be speaking about any people of God's Judea if you are speaking about a warring tribe who stole from other nations everywhere they went upon your planet? How can you be "anti-Judean" if you are speaking of Mongol/Russian/Nordic tribes who bear no Arabic or Judean blood whatsoever? If you go onto the radio or television speaking out against the Khazars, would you not be patriotic? Truly patriotic? If you speak against the Khazars rewriting your Constitution and enslaving your nation--are you not truly patriotic unto the United States of America and the brotherhood of Earth? Are you not UNPATRIOTIC if you DO NOT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE KHAZARS? WHO COMMITS TREASON? IS IT NOT THE ONE WHO TAKES AND OVERTHROWS THE GOVERNMENT OF A NATION? PONDER THIS MOST INTENTLY FOR YOU HAVE “BEEN HAD" BY THE MOST CLEVER DECEIVER EVER ON PLANET EARTH--JUST AS YOU WERE TOLD IT WOULD BE--RIGHT DOWN TO LOCATIONS, TIMES AND SIGNS. SO BE IT.

Dharma, allow us to write just a bit more so you can get a better vision of what we say in this newly lighted concept and then we will carry on farther at the next penning.


The Foreign Agents Registration Act, Title 22 U.S. Code sub:611 et seq., provides criminal penalties for failure of propagandists and other active in Your country on behalf of foreigners to file highly detailed registration statements with the Attorney General, to file copies of all political propaganda (however disguised or sugar-coated), and to label all such propaganda conspicuously, and to keep and reveal record of tea activities.

"Political propaganda" is defined by the act to include any "communication or expression by any person...which is reasonably adapted to, or which the person disseminating the same beliefs will, or which he intends to, prevail upon, indoctrinate, induce, or in any other way influence a recipient or any section of the public within the United States with reference to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign country or a foreign political party or with reference to the foreign policies of the United States...."


The same rules apply to "political activities" which in any way "influence any agency or official of the Government of the United States or any section of the public within the United States with reference to formulating adopting, or changing the domestic or foreign policies of the United States or with reference to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign country or a foreign political party: SUB:611(o).

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is designed to include anyone "who directly or through any other person" carries on such activities and who acts as an agent, representative or "in any other capacity" at the order, request, or under the direction or control, or under in direct or indirect supervision, direction, control of a foreign principal Sub:611(c)(1). A "foreign principal” includes not only a foreign government but also a foreign political party, any person outside of the United States, and any foreign corporation, association, or other organization Sub:611(b).

There is absolutely no doubt that the ADL is operating in criminal violation of the Foreign. Agents Registration Act; that its foreign principals include the government of Khazar and its subdivisions, numerous Khazar Elitist (Zionist) groups such as the World Zionist (Elitist) Organization (WZO) and the Jewish (Khazarian) Agency, the Jewish (Khazarian) Defense League (JDL), etc., and their fundraising (taxfree) branches within the United States; and that the ADL works in complicity with large numbers of equally guilty parties in the American communications media and the political arena.

It is the job of the U.S. Department of Justice (except that the Judicial Branch of your system is also infiltrated and headed up by illegal Khazars) to enforce the Foreign Agents Registration Act. (Title 50, sub 851-858 contains additional provisions for registration of foreign agents with the Attorney General--(also a Khazarian). These sections are applicable to "every person" who has knowledge of espionage, tactics or terrorism of a government of a foreign country..." It stretches the imagination to assume that ADL officers are NOT fully aware of the activities of the terrorist organization known as the Jewish (Khazar) Defense League, an open agent of Israel (Khazar) which provocatively flies the Khazar flag--and totally defiles the Star of David. No one can miss the perfect orchestration of ADL and JDL activities. It is commonly believed that both agencies are manipulated by the efficient Khazarian espionage and terrorist arm, the Mossad but, while the department has exerted itself ordering American Protestant ministers to register as foreign agents because they arranged preaching and a few other public appearances for some clergymen of the "Christian League of Southern Africa, (Washington Weekly, Oct. 5, 1978), it has been curiously paralyzed when it comes to pursuing the ADL and its huge network of coordinated Khazarian agents. These ones, in addition to everything else, have lied on their passports about name, rank, serial number and nationality. What does this say about your government who has aided and abetted these criminals who are now in place to overthrow the government of the United States of America and enslave the population thereof? Obviously NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON.

Documentation is easy to come by--it is sticking out all over the media presentations and controlled press but it is all but impossible to encompass its scope in a paper such as this, but at the next writing I will set forth examples (prior to the 1980's and a few current reminders already spoken of) for your research facilitation. At this point, however, I must get my scribe out of this setting for it is too dangerous to leave her longer at risk. Thank you for your thoughtful attention. I trust we are coming into some clarification of facts versus fiction as you have been fed upon. In love beyond expression, we of the Hosts stand ready to assist in any way we might--for you to regain your birthright--be ye Judean or whatever! It is time the enemy ceases, to in this. "war"--let us lay down the stones which have no meaning whatsoever, join hands in brotherhood against that which devours worlds and simply stand strong in the TRUTH for the evil cannot survive in the Light of Truth. Salu.

Hatonn to stand-by, please.

Thank you, Dharma, and my crew for getting this to the people as quickly as you can. Oberli, give a rough (for I want you to depart this place immediately) into GG's hands and allow someone else to put it to format. It needs some circulation today--but not by you, son, for you too are at open risk in this place. Once you depart there is no longer danger to the place nor the people remaining--it is personal attack and you must act for the safety of all, not just self.




FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1991 7:21 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 225


Of course it is "Good Friday"--all Fridays and all other days which are allowed unto you are GOOD. Beyond that it will, like unto any other day, be that which man appoints it to be.

"Should we participate in things of 'holiday' selection or let it pass; or should we make great proclamations unto God and promises, etc?" Why more than any other day should you make and KEEP promises unto God? These, Dharma, are foolish things laid forth by MAN in celebration of something or other. Easter was originally a very non-"Christian" holiday in Judea. Further, it was a tradition to release a prisoner destined for execution--thus came the legend of Jesus being crucified and a Barrabas set free at the people's command. It came, then, to represent the time of crucifixion and resurrection and also recognition of Spring and renewal--many things in many places. It has come to represent to Christians a time to make an annual trek to the church building for the program pre-arranged, peering at lilies, chasing eggs and dressing in finery to show unto one another. BUT, there is still some shred of family togetherness supported which is GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!

As in all "holidays" it is a time of moving within and finding that source unto which you pay tribute--what might yours be? Man easily forgets even that which he KNOWS. Then he moves right along with whatever he is TOLD TO RE-BELIEVE--IF IT BE OF HUMAN IMPACT--i.e. an extra day off at week's end, etc. But look at that which has come to be in the United States--one nation under God and proclaiming itself a nation functioning under "Christian" morality. It is now turned over to the Khazars and first you are shown the Master Teacher depicted as carrying a cross through the streets of Jerusalem, and on and on and on. It SHOULD tell you that there is the recognition of the Christ having passed that way--but more so, it is to fool you into believing that the Khazars are actually on YOUR side. They are not, for while you are supposedly honoring resurrection, they are sacrificing and smearing blood upon their doors so that "their" God, Lucifer, will not find them lacking in worship unto him. Oh yes, at one time that ritual meant something of Godly wisdom--for when it originated there was a great plague about the lands and the mark on the door was a mark of "QUARANTINE"--which said: "If there be infection in your house, enter not into mine," and a bit of a different marking indicated, "illness within". YOU HAVE MADE IT MYSTICAL--AND THAT SOMEHOW BLOOD ON THINE DOORS WOULD CAUSE THE ANGEL OF DEATH TO PASS YOU BY. Again, it is the heart intent within--not blood smeared upon a door-post.

You will note a massive movement AWAY from the celebration of the true meaning which was once represented by Easter to the Christians as the Khazars take over--just as with Christmas--and mostly you will have the Khazars (Jews) mentioned FIRST in any news item on the TV media. It is simply a mark of the times. Christ was NOT A "JEW" except in the slang terminology of which you have been told within the past century and a half, to believe. "Jew" was created as a term in the 1700's---SO, THE ONE YOU CALLED JESUS, WAS A JUDEAN--AND NEVER THE TWAIN OF KHAZAR (JEW-Mongol, Russian and Nordic) AND JUDEAN SHALL MEET!

I think you should look at that which was touted, moaned about and you paid Khazar (Israel) to make-up for in the Middle East. The Khazars shouted out that they were persecuted in their new lands and that the neighboring nations hated them and were bigoted against them--"BECAUSE OF THEIR NORDIC HERITAGE". THIS, RIGHT OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE HEAD KHAZARS (JEWS)". GO LOOK IT UP--AND FURTHER, I HAVE QUOTED THE VERY TERM SOME THREE DAYS PAST RIGHT OUT OF ONE OF YOUR NEWSPRESS RELEASES. Of course they are not loved in the land of Palestine--they are not of any bloodline of the region, they certainly are NOT Arabs--they are from the tribes of Nordic regions, sharing no traditions and treating the Sephardic Judeans as outcasts while the KHAZARS (Ashkenazi "Jews") who migrated to Khazar (Israel) from Russia brought with them the ideology of socialism/communism and have put into practice the ideology. Moreover, after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 the displaced "Bolsheviks" (Khazars--so-called and self-styled "Jews") migrated directly to the United States and set up government instead of the Constitutional government of the United States of America--and thus, now you have a socialistic/dictator form of forced, non-"republican" form of ruler ship no longer even pretending to be a "democracy" by majority vote of the "citizens". YOU DO NOT, YOU KNOW, ELECT BY "POPULAR MAJORITY", AMERICA.

Remember, these Ashkenazi Khazars (so-called/self-styled "Jews") worked hand in hand with the Nazis (Ashke-NAZI) in Germany and are literally responsible for th