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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1991 7:30 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 243

As we move from subject to subject there are so many unto whom to give honor and/or petition assistance. This Journal represents the "counterattack", as you might refer to it, wherein we speak of things you MUST begin to do and accept, then confirm and act upon, if you are to save your nation in wholeness and regain, your freedom. YOU HAVE NO FREEDOM.

You are TOLD that you have freedom; you do not! The gun is held to your head if you do not pay the extortion fees of your "voluntary----by your Constitutional law", men are imprisoned and medically incapacitated or outrightly slain as example to terrify the populace into submission; your home will be taken and sold by the conspirators if you fail to pay your taxes and every use of your property is governed and it can be raided and confiscated at any moment by the police force set up to extract the extortion.

We call this book OPERATION SHANSTORM because in the Cosmos your little planet is called Shan. The rest represents the tongue-in-cheek silliness of the war games of death and destruction of which we are going to share with you, and the counterattack actions and modes of operations which will regain your freedom. We are in the process of telling you exactly who is your enemy and who is the "Anti-Christ" which you await. Dangerous? Indeed, indeed. But united behind the "feathered curtain" of God's Lighted Truth, brothers, you not only can prevail--YOU WILL PREVAIL. If brother stands with brother, you-the-people will prevail for you make up 97 percent of the population of your world----the adversary rules by deceit, false teachings which you now follow as truth, and controls your very life breath----through only 3 percent of your nation's numbers. Read CAREFULLY a couple of times the INTRODUCTION which follows: Proof is on your place and examples of your adversary's work is evident in the men who stand against them--who survive, that is.

Your President of the United States told you EXACTLY how it is--you are NOW a DEMOCRACY, not a Republic--and you are totally ruled by the few who can outvote the multitudes for the enemy has taken the houses of law-setting. Your vote means nothing--therefore your voice must rise above the sound barriers and join with the multitudes and demand hearing. You do not do it through violence for in violence you give them opportunity to legally slay you. You do it through standing on Truth and become unbending in the Laws of your Constitution (your land) and within Truth and honorable existence as men and women in dignity--together, under God, one nation indivisible with regained freedom and justice. So be it.

I bow unto one of your countrymen and those of his family and brothers who did all they could in his behalf and still he paid full price, for the man is only an empty shell resulting from that which the beast has done unto him and continues to do. I ask that the document sent to us by Richard Masuyama be reproduced herein. Actually I ask that Dharma type it for I wish her to experience this story for often the workers in behalf of Truth feel alone and desolate as they are attacked and their very lives are at stake. The document went out as a newsletter called ON TARGET by Nord Davis and the person in point and to whom I dedicate this volume is:


and furthermore, it is a black day against the honor of you ones who continue to allow this kind of injustice as perpetrated against one after another of your patriots who literally give of their physical lives to protect your Constitution.


The sensational exposé known as THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS quickly targeted Bill Benson as an enemy of the IRS and the totalitarian socialists in both Washington and your home town. The IRS is the socialist's Enforcer. As with Gordon Kahl, they get the FBI or the Federal Marshals to carry out their dirty work. As with Jablonski, and you will see with Benson, they get the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to carry out their cruel and unusual punishments.

Benson is no fool. He understands the Socialist IRS and deliberately risked the consequences that might follow so that America would know truth about the unlawful Internal Revenue Service, Inc., a private corporation linked with the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve. Oh, your minister never told you this major "affair of state" during your church meetings? Of course not! He is a socialist just like you are! In the Preface to this law book, his friend and mine, "Red" Beckman of Montana writes:

"Liberty" is not free but it is a bargain compared to the cost of slavery. In the United States of America today, we pay for our slavery with tax audits, assessments, levies and seizures, with imprisonment and with fear. Mankind has been tormented and plundered by tyrants throughout his tenure on this planet. These tyrants have made proclamations, issued decrees and written statutes in order to bleed the people of their productive and creative powers.... The Internal Revenue Service uses the tool of fear to control and rob the people. If we do not pay the price of liberty on a voluntary basis, the price of slavery is mandatory... The productivity of this nation is being plundered by tyrants employing a perversion of true law...Truth is an antidote for the perversion of the true law..."

After several years of "investigation", and three different attempts to get a Federal Grand Jury to indict Bill Benson on something, your socialist Justice Department finally brought three tax-related charges against him. One of these was a felony. Curiously, they covered only the years prior to the publication of his now famous law book. During the discovery process, the IRS and the Justice Department admitted that they did not indict him for actions after the book was published, because they did not want such damaging evidence in the official court records. How about that!

Not wanting the publicity of the trial of such a powerful author, the government offered him a "plea bargain" if he would recant. Patriots never take "plea bargains" for they are both immoral and unlawful. It is immoral to admit to a lesser crime you did not commit so as to not run the risk of being convicted of a greater crime you also did not commit. It is unlawful for any prosecutor to alter the indictment of a Grand Jury which found "probable cause" on one crime, and then substitute it for a lesser crime. Such a proposal is a conspiracy to commit perjury, that is, to swear under oath that you are guilty of a crime which you did not commit. Yes, I know that all over socialist America this conspiracy to commit perjury is now common and accepted practice of criminal law, and encouraged by both socialist defense lawyers and socialist prosecutors. As Murphy, the sage author of Murphy's Law once observed, "Nothing is illegal if a hundred lawyers decide to do it". (HATONN: And, brothers, by far the majority of your lawmakers and judicial system participants are LAWYERS!)

Bill Benson did not take the "plea bargain" bribe and he did not recant. Of course he was convicted. His jurors were typical Judeo-Christian socialists (not knowing any better). They found him guilty last December. There is usually a waiting period between conviction and sentencing so that the government can make its recommendations as to where and how long the prison time is to be. He was sentenced to report to the federal prison medical facility in Rochester, Minnesota on May 29th. Here is the key; pay attention! A bond pending his appeal was denied. Yet, Benson was not convicted of any violent crime. He did not commit rape, murder, or the peddling of drugs, for which bonds, though usually very high, are regularly approved. Yet Benson had been out on bond during this whole trial period from arraignment, through pre-trial hearings, and the entire trial. He was out on bond up until the very day he walked into the Rochester Federal Prison and surrendered as scheduled. There is no legal evidence that he would not surrender if his appeal proved unsuccessful. No, the IRS fully intended to inflict their cruel and unusual punishment before his appeal might overturn his conviction. DO YOU GET IT, FELLOW AMERICAN?

Apparently, according to the IRS and Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, Bill Benson, and those who watch what happens to men like him and write books exposing the IRS' unlawful activities, need to be taught a lesson! Patriots need to have terror and fear instilled in their subconscious minds. Bill's wife, Lorraine, went with him as he surrendered. We know the anguish in her heart, not only for her husband but for her country. She wrote to all of her patriotic friends, giving us his prison number and prison address. She wrote:

"I sat through Bill's surrender with a heavy heart, fighting to maintain my composure, but filled with a sense of pride, thanks to Bill. He conducted himself with dignity, was friendly and talkative to the guard who checked him in, and walked into the prison with his shoulders back and his head held high."

Lorraine Benson, PO Box 550

South Holland, Illinois 60473


Once behind those doors, the pent-up wrath of the Internal Revenue Service, was lowered like a boom on Patriot Bill Benson. A man who was prompt in arriving, conducted himself with dignity, and who was friendly with the guards, and walked erect into the prison facility, was ordered to be incarcerated in the prison's "intensive care section". There that man was subjected to injections of drugs that were intended to reduce him to the status of a psychological vegetable! We do not know ALL the "cruel and unusual punishment" or all the horrors of the next two weeks that happened to him, because patriot Bill Benson is no longer capable of talking intelligently. However, our investigation indicates that he was given some "new drug" which was causing "unacceptable side effects". Why? For what medical purpose? We do know that the side effects were so terrible that a certain tranquillizer was administered at twice the dosage! His personal family doctor, Michael DeNicola, reviewing the drugs given, warned that some of the medications, in the combinations administered by the prison facility, could cause fatal liver disease. What were YOU doing for your country during the two weeks from May 29th to Father's Day of last year June 16th? Father's Day? That is the next time Bill's daughter, Barbie, would see her dad.


I think you had better stop reading here, go outside for a few minutes and breathe some fresh air, smell a flower or two, and look into the innocent eyes of your children or grandchildren for however long it takes to repent of your damnable indifference to the affairs of your country and your conspiratorial part in sucking on the breast of socialism. Then, come back and read on.


To inflict the most psychological damage on Lorraine, the prison authorities asked the daughter, Barbie, to go with them to get her father. The astonished young lady pushed her father out to see his wife in a wheel chair! According to court records, in a special appeal by his attorney, Bill Benson had skin that was ashen, greenish-grey. His eyes were glazed. His feet were grossly swollen and stuffed into large house slippers. When he spoke, it was like listening to a drunken child, his speech extremely slurred and thick-tongued. He had the child-like problem of just pronouncing words, and extreme difficulty in getting out what he wanted to say. Bill told his wife that he sees two of everything and that he shakes all the time. Because of his vision, shakes and complete loss of memory, he cannot remember his own phone number. An inmate has to help him take a shower and shave him. According to an affidavit of Lorraine, submitted as part of the Court Record:

"When we sat down I took a close look at his arms. He had a very red, raw spot on the inside of his left arm where the elbow bends....The skin was all gone and the vein looked dark purple and ugly. I checked out both arms and told him that he looked like a junkie with track marks. There were needle marks all over both arms."

His lawyer's motion to the court for his immediate release, after only 20 days at the hands of your government prison physicians stated, "Benson's condition has deteriorated to the point that he bears no resemblance to his former self...IN JUST 20 DAYS THE BOP HAS REDUCED BENSON FROM AN INDEPENDENT, FREETHINKING INTELLIGENT HUMAN BEING TO A HELPLESS, SUFFERING DRUGGED-UP LUMP OF CLAY...HOW MANY MORE OF THESE SYMPTOMS MUST BENSON SUFFER BEFORE CORRECTIVE ACTION IS TAKEN?" Your socialist Judge Paul Plunkett, DENIED the motion, and ordered Bill Benson back for more. NORTHPOINT TEAMS has learned that the physician in charge of Benson's IRS and Court-ordered and approved "treatment" is Richard Kvam, MD. The federal prosecutors responsible for Brother Benson's conviction, and subsequent treatment, are these two people"

Joan B. Stafford, Assistant U.S. Attorney

Jeff Stone, Assistant U.S. Attorney

219 South Dearborn, 15th Floor

Chicago, Illinois 60602



On August 27, 1990, I (Nord Davis) talked to U.S. Attorney Jeff Stone. He indicated no concern whatever for the physical condition of Mr. Benson, stating that his confinement was on order of the Judge after being duly convicted by a jury. On this date I talked to two others who are watching the case on a daily basis and Mr. Benson's condition is getting steadily worse. There has been no improvement. I would hope that Mr. Stone and his associates would do whatever they can to insure that Mr. Benson does not die while in confinement.

(HATONN: This was a year ago, friends, how think ye is Mr. Benson today? Well, now the IRS is after Mr. Nord Davis--HOW LONG WILL YOU "FREE" AMERICANS TOLERATE THIS MADNESS? Where are all of you while LaRouche rots in prison because he had the audacity to run for president of the U.S. on the basis of your Constitutional rights? Freedom of speech--BILL BENSON WROTE A BOOK, FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! WHERE IS "60 MINUTES"? WHERE ARE YOU, AMERICA?

Why do you still have United States citizens locked up in POW camps while the Government refuses to allow them to come home (because they will tell the truth unto you-the-people)--so they will rot and perish in those holes of horror. YOU STILL HAVE SOME OF YOUR OWN MEN WHO ARE YET PRISONERS OF WAR HELD IN THE SOVIET UNION, FROM THE KOREAN WAR! WHERE ARE YOU, AMERICA? YELLOW RIBBONS AND AFFIRMATIONS TO BUSH AND FLAG WAVING WILL NOT DO IT--YOU MUST STAND AND ACT OR YOU ARE, AS A NATION AND AS A PEOPLE--DOOMED!)

Some of you, who are Americans and not totalitarian socialists, may want to contact these two people and express your concern for William Benson and his Gulagstyle treatment. My fellow Americans, this is only the beginning. Last March, George Bush's U.S. Bureau of Prisons Director Quinlan, and other Federal Prison officials went to the Soviet Union to inspect the socialist prison system there. Apparently our socialist officials want to see how well the Soviet socialists maintain control of their people under threats, fear and terror. Do not be deceived, socialism-communism is not mellowing out into even a "democracy" as most Americans think of it. George Orwell's nightmare is NOW UPON US. And remember, George Orwell was one of the leading socialists of his day. Seeing what was coming, he wrote the famous book, 1984. We are only five or six years behind the schedule. Gordon Kahl, Ted Jablonski and Bill Benson are the political prisoners of today, just as other outspoken Christians were during the days of the Spanish Inquisition, the purges under socialist Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, the death camps of Nazi Socialist Germany, and the socialist torture-murder of out-spoken anti-communists in Nicaragua's 17th century El Chipote Prison. Each of these persons who suffered and died, tried to tell you something. It is about time you listen!


There seems little left to say. WHAT WILL YOU DO AMERICA?




I ask that somewhere on the front cover there be added: Two of the most important documents you shall ever read are the Dedication and the Introduction. WHAT WILL YOU DO, AMERICA?

To you of my crew, thank you. There are no words to express my appreciation for your daring willingness to confront these same obstacles to continue in service unto God. How can this be happening? Because the Anti-Christ is at hand to claim the prize. How can you stop it? God is also on hand to reclaim HIS own.

Go, Dharma--you and Oberli get away from this place as soon as possible for the damage will intensify as our team gains strength and Dharma is under far too intense stress. I couldn't give her a break yester-afternoon because time was too precious and too important. Thank you for being gracious hosts to Commander Gritz and Monette. I trust Sandy will see that opportunity which is being presented. It is time to gather the group of patriots and sweep this nation. CAN YOU DO IT? THE QUESTION OFFENDS ME! CAN A HEALTHY DUCK SWIM?




MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1991 7:36 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 242




Which were you on April 15th, patriot or traitor? Do you continue to pour food unto the beast to bring down the destruction of America or did you act as a patriot and stop feeding the madness upon your country's doorstep?

If you succumbed to panic and terror tactics without good reason OTHER THAN THE THREATS FROM THE IRS/BUREAUCRATS, then I must list you as "traitor". Trying to overthrow the Government of the United States? NO, TRYING TO SAVE THE GOVERNMENT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NOT SERVICE THE POLICE FORCE OF THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM SET UP TO CAUSE YOU TO DIE OF HEMORRHAGING. That beast was birthed and nurtured by the very ones who would own the world AND YOU!

If you were brave and did not send in your form signed under coercion, threat and duress to the plunderers and criminals, and yet still do not know that which to do-- allow us to follow on with help. What do you do now? You sit in your easy-chair, rock a bit, sip some soothing drink, eat without indigestion and know that you now have millions of brothers (two legged) on your side. Then tomorrow--get up off your duff and SAVE YOUR CONSTITUTION FOR THAT IS DESTINED TO FALL AT THE HANDS OF THE SAME CRIMINALS--IMMEDIATELY. As long as your Constitution stands you are acting lawfully--even if they claim illegality. Ah, but you say, they also put people in prison for these things, legal or not! Wouldst you rather DIE within a few months or heal yourselves NOW? I remind you that there are only about 3% of your population who are of the Elite--the other of your brothers are just as uninformed as are you--or, if you are reading this--more misinformed.


STOP IT RIGHT THIS INSTANT: The Elite are in service to the Anti-Christ who is in final intent to completely control and have your world enslaved by year 2000 and all involved will continually tell you over the airwaves, etc., that they "are right on schedule".

Who is "running" the Elite? I have told you in a dozen ways in a dozen Journals--The Khazar Elite who have infiltrated under pretense, secrecy and deceit, into the very fiber of the planet.


In this book in hand we begin, through history, to PROVE unto you that the true ancestors of Western "Jewry" were not Semites, but rather the warrior empire of the Khazars, a mighty power that converted to Judaism in the Dark Ages, and whose subsequent exodus gave birth to the mainstream of the so-called "Jewish" people as they now exist.

How did you expect the Anti-Christ to appear? Did you think him to be your current enemy in some manner described by you? Why did you not THINK? It is obvious that the best way to fool all the people all the time is to come forth CLAIMING to be the very ones CHOSEN OF GOD--or, have you forgotten that you are dealing with the very Prince of Deceit?

These deceivers marched across Europe after being pushed out by the Mongols and now have stolen Palestine through infiltration into and within the ruling bodies of your nations and have now gained control of the body of the Government in the United States after gaining control of the ruling body of Great Britain and the Soviet Union.


I receive question upon question regarding ones wandering around upon your place giving information--some true and some false--ALL terribly misinformed in one manner or another at the hands of the evil brotherhood--claiming to function within the "White Brotherhood". Chelas (students of life truth), if you must ask me about these ones--then they are NOT who they claim to be and you are in the knowing of it! If you ask me, then you are trying to prove them or me. Is this alright? Of course, but it is time-wasting when your nation and life blood are flowing out of your being.

I get buried in inquiries about returning Avatars, Northern Shambala, Hargas, Seahar, Maitreya, Emerald Tablets, Order of the Emerald Cross, and group after group after group. If you must ask Hatonn, then know that there is something not quite right about them or YOU have not done your homework to find out about them. To do that you must find out whether or not those "groups" function TOTALLY within the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION--no if's and's or but's. Do not go forth and try to prove the group in this place--FOR THERE IS NO GROUP IN THIS PLACE, JUST INDIVIDUALS WORKING TOGETHER TO TRY AND BRING CHANGE IN A MOST EARTHLY MANNER WHILE THERE IS YET TIME. An individual's "Salvation" is between that ONE and GOD.

Our scribes bring the Truth; they also bring the LAWS so that you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt what are those LAWS. Do not tell me about returning Avatars who will come AFTER "IT'S OVER". GOD COMES INTO YOUR PRESENCE TO GIVE YOU STRENGTH AND TRUTH WHILE YOU NEED IT! YOU NEED NO MORE FALSE KINGS TO COME RULE OVER YOU "AFTER IT'S OVER". However, if you don't get it changed and changed most quickly, it won't matter in the physical dimension for you will be enslaved as a people and reduced to that which is intended by the Anti-Christ Elite.


I have in my heart and hands a letter written from the bottom of a heart unto me, regarding the information coming forth about the so-called Jews. This being is of that ancestry of the Judeans and I am anguished by the cries of pain as the Truth is recognized and yet, the cry is that "but my father, etc., was not like that!" Of course not, precious ones, the manipulators are so few and have fooled you. There would be no problem if they had not been able to fool you through the lies. Evil cannot stand in Truth just as there is no shred of darkness within Light. That IS the great deceit--to claim to be that which is the opposing of self so that you follow after the wrong lampbearer who blocks your thriving, limits your intake, i.e., the church who pronounces works such as the Journals to be of Satan, evil and "do not read them". God says, "READ IT ALL SO THAT YE CAN JUDGE IN WISDOM!" So be it.

This book and a couple more will likely strike some of you as boring and inane--sorry about that, but if you know not history--and you don't, then you are destined to repeat the errors--which you ARE!

We are going to give you the history of the Khazars so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that which is your adversary and how it came to be your enemy in this day, 1991, while you were not looking. To do so I am going to quote some things which were given forth years ago. I give appreciation to one who has utilized this information in his own works, Dr. N.A. (Doc) Scott, because the interview which I will share with you is succinct, factual and openly boasted some 15 years past--and you can rely on the fact that you have only walked into the deeper mire wearing the cement booties.

What I will give herein will be a DIRECT, public interview by one Harold W. Rosenthal, who was administrative assistant for then-U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits of New York. Rosenthal was an affirmed "Jew", "Zionist" and "Elite" worker, just as was Javits. In August of 1976, you may recall a sky-jacking of an Israeli jetliner in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey, wherein several people were killed by random bullets but Rosenthal was the point of the incident and he was EXECUTED--deliberately. I won't go into that incident for it is not the topic at hand. It is the information presented in boastful format to an American audience before the incident which is in point.


"We (Self-styled, so-called 'Jews')...continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands... naive Americans... we have TAUGHT them to SUBMIT to our every demand...Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man. We...have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we PROMOTE BOTH SIDES of the issue as confusion reigns.

"With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is BEHIND EVERY scene. We... toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse. The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of WORLD VICTORY...The naive politicians in WASHINGTON are gullible. Most of them are not too bright...the powerful...lobbyists influenced... years ago (federal funds to aid Israel) and there is no one strong enough to stop it... Some of that money is returned to the United States and spent on Zionist propaganda... through B'nai B'rith... Conference of Jewish Organizations... World Jewish Congress... tax free so long as we are smart enough to get away with it...

"ANTI-SEMITISM DOES NOT SIGNIFY OPPOSITION TO SEMITISM. THERE IS NO SUCH THING! It is an expression we... use effectively as a SMEARWORD...used to brand...anyone who brings criticism against (us)... We use it against HATE-mongers... (we are) the most intelligent people in the world... If it benefits (us) to change names (we) do so. That's all there is to it.

"...I'd say more than 90% (of us) know what is really happening to our people. We have COMMUNICATION unequalled anywhere...It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government...the Police, State Police, Army officers and their families and relatives...In Russia, there are TWO distinct GOVERNMENTS - one visible and the other invisible... The INVISIBLE rulers of the communist countries have a world CONTROL over the propaganda and the governments in free countries. The cultural and intellectual influence of Judaism is felt throughout the entire world...MONEY is more important than morality.

"We can accomplish anything with money...Israel can now win in any encounter...It will also be the base for World Government Headquarters. We CONTROL EVERY MEDIA of expression...newspapers, magazines, radio, television...even your music! We CENSOR...before long we will have COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR THINKING..."

"The richest plum... (we) took over the publication of ALL SCHOOL MATERIALS... could MOLD public opinion to suit OUR PURPOSES. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them...truth or lies. There is no...silent majority...only thing that exists is an UNTHINKING MAJORITY and unthinking they will remain...their ESCAPE from our rigorous service is the opiate of our ENTERTAINMENT industry. We have castrated society through FEAR AND INTIMIDATION. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine…appearance...being so neutered, the populace has become DOCILE AND EASILY RULED...their thoughts...only with the present toil and the next meal...You have become addicted to our MEDICINE through which we have become your absolute masters.

"We pretty much CONTROL THE U.N...There will be a forced class warfare here in the United States and many will be liquidated...I'm not boasting...I'm giving you the facts! It is TOO LATE for your Christian followers to put up a DEFENSE ...Long, long ago we HAD to become the AGGRESSORS...that is undoubtedly one of our great PURPOSES in life...A belief in life beyond this terrestrial existence is foreign to us...our life is of this world only.

"Religion... our CONTROL of the textbook industry... news media... able to hold ourselves up as AUTHORITIES...our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christians' stupidity...Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every Christian Church in America. Through our propaganda the church has become our most avid supporter...their believing in the lie that we are the 'chosen people' and they, the gentiles." (Comment: Semitic Hebrews and the Church are "chosen", with key qualifications in Bibles.) "These deluded children of the church defend us to the point of DESTROYING their own culture... The ignorant Christians... attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families... Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in WARS against themselves, which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest...

"Through religion we have gained complete CONTROL of society, government and economics. The gullible clergy---instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people... These PULPIT PARROTS extol our goodness for loaning them the MONEY to build their temples, never realizing that their own holy book condemns all USURY...pay our exorbitant INTEREST...they have led society into our CONTROL through the same practice.

"Politically, they hail the blessings of DEMOCRACY and never understand that through DEMOCRACY we have gained CONTROL ... DEMOCRACY IS MOBRULE WHICH WE CONTROL through their CHURCHES, OUR NEWS MEDIA AND ECONOMIC INSTITUTIONS... These RELIGIOUS PUPPETS' stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily..."


In this instance he spoke total truths which are proven to be fact and he is all too right as far as worldly things go, BUT HE WAS FAR TOO LOOSE-MOUTHED AND IT COST HIM HIS LIFE. Oh yes, you say, well you infer that he was killed by his own people. Exactly! The prime thrust is deceit and secret shadow dealings through which you do not see that which is coming. Ego got in his way and it cost him his life to shut him up.

Now for as good news: American LAW mandates that these Washington D.C. Clubship members' Anti-American "hate", "gun control", "income tax", "AIDS", human "quotas", "civil rights", "child care", "U.N." and other such "exclusive Legislation" of Article 1;8;17-18 with 4;3;2 can only apply to FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROPERTIES, NOT AMERICA'S. Now, chelas, please go back to YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON, a Phoenix Journal, and find out what I just said. You had better get your Constitution settled into cement--NOW, before they snatch it from you in total through the Constitutional Convention who will consist of a few carefully and hand-picked delegates (not legislators) from each State to "AMEND" your invaluable American Law. The facts are that through "actual action" the workings of the Government and the entire Judicial system is on the basis, currently, of the Constitution ALREADY HAVING BEEN CHANGED. YOU ARE OUT OF TIME, AMERICA, AND THE WORLD AWAITS YOUR DECISIONS FOR YOU ARE THE LAST AND WHEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FALLS, SO FALLS THE WORLD INTO THE VIPER'S PIT.

Ponder these things for your very destiny hangs as the time-bomb above thine heads awaiting the detonation. When you ask God, with right intent, the answers/ confirmations are given.






We will only handle a dozen or so falsely used terms so as not to overload and will add to the dictionary as we move along and find it necessary.


CM: A building or organization used by Christians (predominantly, so as not be confused with synagogue or temple) to meet together regularly to sing, pray and worship according to denominational doctrines.

TM: The English word "Church," the Scottish work "Kirk" and the German word "Kirche" all originate from the Greek word "KURIOKOS" which means pertaining to the THE LORD.

The "Judeo-Christian" (oh pain and agony on us all) use of this word carries with it an enigma that defies all logic and reason. The English Bible translators substituted the word "church" KURIOKOS for the Greek word "ECCLESIA".


A Christian ECCLESIA is "A CALLED (convoked) CIVIL BODY": a local Christian assembly of elders (Christian Civil Government). The word "church" should not even appear in the English New Testament. It is a mistranslation. "KUROIOKOS" is not "ECCLESIA"! The words are totally different; the institutions are different. No where in the Bible do you find a kuriokos. There is only "the called-out (elect)" ecclesia which unfortunately was mistranslated into "church", transforming it (in English ) from Christian government to superstitious and ritualistic Baal Worship.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition (1989):

"In the New Testament, ecclesia, signifying 'convocation', is the only single word used (translated) for 'church'. It was the name given to the governmental assembly of the citizens of ATHENS (NOW GREECE), duly convoked (called out) by proper officers, and possessing all political power, including even juridical functions."

Let us discuss each of these terms in context of examples, please. Jesus the Christ NEVER established a church on earth. Neither did he in "latter" days nor in "former" days. "Churches are man-made organizations that are, in most cases, creations of the "State" laws of incorporation or non-taxable organizations. There are no exceptions I can think of off hand. By following the State rules the President or minister or whoever falls under the official laws of the State and ceases to follow the total instructions of Jesus Christ or God Divine.

During Jesus' mortal experience he directed his Apostles to establish ecclesias, not churches, among the Israelite people (israel: a people chosen by God and this does not mean even Judean nor Palestinian. It is a description, not the name of a state). He commissioned them to preach the good news of the Reign (influence) of Christ (ideal type of humanity through right actions, thoughts and deeds). That does not say Jesus or Yeahoo--it says: preach the good news of the influence of the teacher giving forth the ideal type of instructions to humanity! Neither does it say to go forth and give your opinion as to what you desire to believe but project that which was given forth by the Christed teacher (messiah) messenger. ANY TRUE PROPHET OF GOD--knows this and would not sway the meaning nor mistranslate the words chosen for the "modern" translations of truth--GOD DOES NOT MAKE ERRORS IN PROJECTIONS OF DIRECT PROPHETIC DIALOGUE. ESPECIALLY WHEN GIVING FORTH "ORIGINAL" PROJECTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS--A GOOD CLUE AS TO WHERE "YOUR" FAVORITE PREACHER OR PROPHET MIGHT BE CATEGORIZED.


CM: The Arch-Fallen Angel. An evil being so powerful as to rival God himself. Originally he was "perfect" in every way, but his pride led him to organize a heavenly insurrection among the angels in which one-third of "the heavenly host" revolted against God. God managed to retain his throne, and the rebels were banned from heaven and sent to earth. Earth, a lesser dominion than Heaven, became the kingdom of Satan--"the god of this world". He is the cause of all evil upon the earth, leads men astray and causes them to sin against God.

TM: ANY adversary or opponent! God was a "satan" (adversary) to King David at one point (compare second Sam. 24:1 and first Chron. 21:1). If the English translators had been consistent, Bible readers would have known that an angel of the Lord was "a satan" (adversary) to Balaam (Nu. 22:22). In first Sam. 29:4, Philistines called a Hebrew a "satan" (adversary). The sons of Zeruiah were "satans" (adversaries) to David in second Sam 19:22. David wrote about other "satans" in first Kings 5:4,11:14, 23 & 25; Ps 38:20, 71:13, 109:4, 20, 29. In these scriptures, "adversary" is the same Hebrew word that is translated "Satan" in other passages.

The super "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is an impossible myth. This "evil god" exists only in the minds of victims of religious brainwashing. Human "satans" and "devils" walk the earth today, just as in the time of King David. Fear and preoccupation with spooks make people unable to see their real enemies.

This "Hebrew" word was never translated into its English equivalent as it should properly have been. The only change the rapists made was to capitalize the first letter, thus attempting to turn it into a name and not a definitive "active verb" word. Any true prophet of God would not place such a word as Satan in one of the original documents for God would not make such a direct error. Further, if the translators had been accurate the word would never appear anywhere in any Bible of any denomination.

The so-called super "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is an impossible myth. This evil "god" exists only in the minds of people that have fallen victim to religious ideologies. Now, I too, have utilized the term from many references for you have conjured up something which does exist in your "REALITY" and therefore, it DOES EXIST. It did not, however, exist and was NOT A PORTION OF ANY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTED INSTRUCTION OF GOD. If the word appears--it has been given new meaning from that originally intended and is a true "EARTH" given word.

Had that very descriptive word "satan" been correctly translated, the English word "adversary" or "opponent" would have been used in all the places where the word "satan" appears in the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Talmud and all inclusive of all "so-called" Holy Books of instruction. I am forced to use the terms you utilize in my outlaying of the truth from the lies for you have no other background against which to find relativity and definition.


CM: Here is a dandy one: Synonymous with "Satan". The supernatural arch-demon who fell from heaven and now, with his legions of demons, reigns over the earth. God's arch-enemy who spoils God's plans for mankind and destroys people by his power over them.

It is assumed that Man does not have the ability to resist "The Devil". Therefore, you are somehow helpless against his nasty old power--except when God chooses, periodically, to help you fight him. Mankind is generally under the control of this supernatural "spirit-being" who is immortal, omnipresent, and apparently a rival to God Himself.

Let us look at the BIBLICAL MEANING: In the Old Testament this word is found four times--only in the plural (devils). Twice from the Hebrew word "shade", and twice from "saweer".

1. SHADE: One who rises up against you (with insolence).

2. SAWEER: A he-goat (related to mythological "satyr"--half man, half goat).

Neither of these definitions from the Old Testament indicate anything supernatural or angelic. "Shade" simply means someone (anyone) who wants to hurt you. "Saweer" is a reference to a goat-type idol of the pagans.

The New Testament Greek "devil" is "DIABOLOS": One who "thrusts through" (as with a sword)--no indication of supernatural power.

(DIA--through, and BOLOS--to thrust.) A "diabolos" (a devil) is something, or someone, who intends to hurt or destroy you. A "devil" can be a person, a group, or an organization that seeks your demise. To find a supernatural "devil" in the Scriptures, he must be read in by prejudice and presupposition on the part of translators and readers.

Therefore, the words "devil" and "Lucifer" are two words the "church" uses falsely and synonymously with "Satan". Neither of the Hebrew words translated devils indicate anything supernatural or angelic.

In the New Testament the Greek word "diabolos" was translated "devil". Diabolos simply means one who thrusts through (as with a sword). No indication here that you have a supernatural spirit-being. Here again, beloved ones, no true prophet of God would misuse the word "devil" in the way it's used in the Holy Bibles or any "directly given Scriptures" from God on High. I care not what the "church" or "denomination" calls itself. Certainly all are incorrect but translated from the Judeo-Christian in the King James Bible was totally wrong as we shall see in a minute because Judeo-Christian has no meaning as such--these are two mutually exclusive terms and NEVER the twain can meet for they are in opposition one to the other.

The word "Lucifer" as a proper name is simply not found in the Hebrew or Greek Bibles. That probably shocks a lot of you nice people, since everyone assumes it is, but the fact remains it's not. The Hebrew word translated "Lucifer" in the King James Bible is "heylel" which means "brightness".

The New World translation uses "shining one", another translation uses "shining star and the Revised Version uses "day star" for the Hebrew word "heylel". I further suggest that probably in Lakota Sioux the term heyoka (a sacred clown) would also fit in there somewhere.

Lucifer, meaning "light-bringer" is a name given to the planet Venus when it appears above the eastern horizon before sunrise. Venus being now a quite "dead" and ungracious-to-life planet is possibly quite suitably dubbed Lucifer. It is also a term stolen by the dark brotherhood of energy projections that Lucifer and Satan refer to themselves as the Prince of Light--and befitting their vow to lie, cheat, steal and corrupt--it sounds better than the Prince of Darkness which is the correct term for the energy forms inhabiting the humans bearing these energies. Next, let us look into:



CM: The religion of Jesus which branched out of Judaism at the time of the early church. Both Christianity and Judaism have the same origins and the same God. (Oh, God forbid!)

TM: A religion created for the purpose of destroying Christianity by watering down Christian ideals and neutralizing Christians. Also, designed to promote and protect Jews and Judaism in the Zionist sense of the definition of those misused and created terms.

Note: "Judeo-Christianity" is an oxymoron: (a moron dumb as an ox?) No--a word combination of two directly opposite things or ideas which are mutually exclusive as I just stated, thus defying all reason and logic). Thus you can be sure anyone, any evangelist, any preacher, any monk, Saraswatti or other ill-informed human being using the term as a true term--is not projecting God but rather, ignorance at best, intended deceit at worst, upon your tender ears and/or eyes.


MYTHOLOGICAL DEFINITION: A literal place somewhere in outer space where good people go to live when they are dead. The location where Jesus lives until He can return to Earth and rapture a select few people to take back to heaven from somewhere on fluffy clouds. A city is there which has gates literally made of huge one-piece pearls, streets of transparent gold and walls of sapphires, emeralds, topaz, jasper and other precious stones. The devil came from there, got kicked out (which he did), but he cannot go back (which he can't)--nor can anyone in the service thereof.

CORRECT DEFINITION: Usually plural ("heavens") in the Greek, meaning "high places"--in terms of: 1. Elevation, or 2. Power and authority (jurisdiction). In the Biblical sense it is usually "God's government" (the highest authority); government under Jesus whose purity and righteousness is symbolized by pure and precious stones.

This term is so tossed around by all the denominations of self-appointed "churches" as to nauseate quite thoroughly. It designates a physical place somewhere "out there" in the outer limits. This is such a false teaching as to even go beyond nausea and into anger. The word "heaven" actually means "high level" as in power and authority (jurisdiction). In that good old King James version of the Bible, the word "heaven" usually refers to God's position of power: His government. In other words, the highest place of rule. No place in the King James Bible does it refer to "heaven" as a physical place the good people ascend to or inhabit after they die.


CM: A person or personage of God; either a third person in the Trinity or a third god in a council or godhead. This person is separate from the Father and the Son and has separate and different functions to perform in a believer. In some cases this "third person" can "possess" an individual so that he or she supposedly has no control over actions or words. Sometimes referred to as the "Holy Ghost".

This one gets us into all sorts of trouble for now even we of Cosmic brotherhood have to explain our use of the triangle points (vortices and interconnectors) of the triangle which we refer to as the "triune" of total connection enclosing the infinite circle of sacred beingness--without beginning and without ending but inclusive of all that IS! In our Command our symbol includes the Phoenix for it is representative of the infinite beginning again (rebirthing) from that of the old ashes of that which WAS. Further it represents the connection of the "winged" or Cosmic brotherhood coming (or sent) forth at this time of renewal and transition in preparation for the coming of the "Greater".

TM: Holy Spirit is not a separate person or separate "god". The English word "spirit" is translated from the Hebrew Old Testament word "RUWACH" (roo'akh) and from the Greek New Scriptures, the word is "PNEUMA" (panyew'mah). In both cases the words literally mean "AIR IN MOTION" (and in this wondrous day and age--usually "hot air" in a lot of forced motions from between the lips in the lower hole in the face.) Spirit is a desire; a feeling or disposition which compels us to move or act. Holy Spirit is God's wondrous and beautiful motivation in your/our lives and experiences to do "His Will" and obey "Him" according to His laws and those of The Creation. The word "ghost" (Holy Ghost as often used instead of Holy Spirit) comes from the German word "geist", and means a disembodied spirit of a dead person (another myth). It has no appropriate application or association in any manner whatsoever to Scripture.

This term represents a power; motivation--not some person or singular third party in a triune triangle. It is, however, common for the term to be mistranslated from the Hebrew and Greek words for "Spirit" as Ghost. But most of the time it was translated correctly as "spirit". The word "ghost" comes from "geist" as I said: an old German word- - - -etc.


CM: Anyone who is not a Jew, and thus a potential "anti-Semite".

TM: From the Latin word "gentilis", meaning "of the same gens, clan or race". In the Bible, the word "gentile" is a mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew word "goy", and the Greek New Testament words "ethnos"--both meaning "NATION OR PEOPLE" (ANY nation or people) and should have been translated as such. It does not mean "non-Jewish!" BUT--YOU BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE IN THE "PROTOCOLS OF THE ZIONIST ELDERS OF WISDOM--IT MEANS ANYONE NOT A "ZIONIST 'JEW'". A modern version and mistranslation to be sure--but a deadly definition, at any rate.

You can, however, always tell a FALSE prophet by his/her use of this term. This term would not have been in any of the books for it is a mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew word "goy". In the New Testament, it comes from the Greek word "ethnos". Both of these words as I said, mean "nation" or "people", (any nation or people) and should have been translated as such--any way you cut it, it DID NOT COME DOWN AS A WORD DIRECTLY FROM GOD ON HIGH--IN THE HEAVENS! It does NOT mean "non-Jewish" as we have to utilize the word for clarity but most churches misuse the term and never realize they have incorrectly spread false teachings. This is a new "media" word to further disinform you. It was planted in the Bible to get a very specific response in this day, my friends.


CM: Non-essential beliefs, personal eccentricities and inflexible tenets which create differences between churches and destroy fellowship and unity.

TM: Doctrine is a teaching; a principle; a studied conclusion or position. Sometimes called "dogma" (German for "doctrine"). II Timothy 3:16 says that Scripture is doctrine. Isaiah 29:24 says that the people who are in error will be able to understand the truth when they learn "doctrine".

There are NO "non-essential" truths! NONE are expendable! None can be discarded or ignored! Truth stated as a principle is doctrine.

Without doctrine it is impossible to teach or arrive at an opinion. Discernment, judgment and correction would be impossible.

"Judeo-Christians" sometimes display an "anti-doctrine" attitude: a symptom of ignorance and total confusion. Some claim to have a position "against" doctrine (which is doctrine in itself), or one of neutrality concerning it. This is utter nonsense! Such a position, itself, as I just stated, is a most "absolute" form of projecting "doctrine". An anti-doctrine position exposes an ulterior antipathy for learning and wisdom.

When a person learns true doctrine and then considers it non-essential and chooses to set it aside, he contracts chronic spiritual blindness of the worst kind. (Try 2 Thess. 2:10-12).

Unfortunately by misuse of the words, the word "soul" and "immortal soul" get lumped into the chaos of the lies. As used mostly, "immortal soul" is pure heresy. The Hebrew and Greek words translated "soul" in many places in the English Bibles, were correctly translated "life" in many other places. Not too many years ago, friends (in your counting), it was not uncommon to say or read that "so many 'souls' were lost at sea", naturally, meaning so many "lives" were lost. Therefore, you assume that the soul is always IMMORTAL AND NEVER CAN NOR WILL DIE! WRONG AGAIN! There is a portion of each manifestation which is "soul"; it is the portion of God-self within and therefore will be immortal--UNLESS--the entity remains in a state of intentional "sin" and then, dear ones, that good old Book tells you that "...the soul that sinneth, it shall die". Ez 18:4. Oops! a bit hard to swallow???

The point of this dissertation is to allow you ones to look squarely at the truth of it--there is no magic blood-sipping in memory, of or does not commemorate memory of anything a Christed teacher said or did--for Jesus, as you called him--BROKE BREAD AT THE TABLE AND SAID: EAT THIS IN COMMEMORATION OF ME AND POURED WINE AND SAID, DRINK THIS IN COMMEMORATION OF ME. HE NEVER SAID DRINK MY BLOOD AND EAT MY FLESH IN COMMEMORATION OF ANYTHING--THAT IS AN EVIL, "SATANIC" PRACTICE TO CAUSE YOU TO ACT IN BEHALF OF THE ADVERSARY.

I further tell you that ANY person going through any place of teaching in preparation to minister unto "God's lambs" SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS--THEREFORE, THE OBVIOUS FACTS ARE THAT IT IS INTENDED THAT NONE OF YOU COME INTO THE TRUTH OF THESE FACTS.

10. JEW


INTENT: To bribe and prejudice Bible-ignorant "JUDEO-CHRISTIANS" into passively granting the Jews a carte-blanche to do anything they please with total impunity--and to get you to hop in there and help them.

TM: The word "Jew" did not appear in actual use until over 1000 years after the crucifixion of one called Jesus. It means someone who adheres to the religion of Judaism (modern Pharisaism according to the Talmud), or in some way considers himself (self-claimed, so-called) a part of "Jewish culture". For the modern "Jew" it has ABSOLUTELY NO RACIAL SIGNIFICANCE. "Jews" are some of the most racially mixed people on earth due to their multinational history, their practice of interracial marriages, as well as their contemporary international bias. Down through the ages, they have moved from nation to nation as they were rejected (due to their immoral religion) by every land they have inhabited. Over 90% of "Jews" today are descended from the ancient Khazars--a racially non-Semitic bunch of anti-Semites in the true sense of definition as I have pointed out to you as regarded the passage of Canaan, etc. These non-Semitic people were from East Europe. It is estimated by your own historian's counting that, of those who claim to be "Jews", less than 5 percent have even the slightest claim to the blood line of Abraham.

In your English translations of the Bible, the word "Jew" was incorrectly used to REPLACE:

1. "JUDAHITE" in the Old Scriptures, which referred to someone from the tribe of Judah, or a citizen of the land of Judah, and

2. "JUDEAN" in the New Scriptures which meant a resident of Judea, or a follower of the corrupted Babylonian religion of that area.

Since, then, there were NO "Jews" nor "Jewish religion" at the time of the writing of the Scriptures, these names should never have appeared in the English translations, nor in the Books of any Doctrine of any "church". The word "Jew" or "Jewish" did not exist as words nor appear in actual use until over 1000 years AFTER THE RESURRECTION of JESUS. In ALL cases the word "Jew" was incorrectly used in your English translations of ALL of the Bibles to replace the true word "Judahite" in the Old Scriptures and "Judean" in the New Scriptures. No true Prophet of God would even accidently utilize these terms for any text DIRECTLY GIVEN FROM GOD. The terms are most ignorantly utilized and in ALL instances of use indicate either false writings or changes at the hands of "translators". There can be no other "divine" reason. This goes for any "church" anywhere.

Now you might begin to see just why "YOUR PREACHER" of your typical "DOCTRINED CHURCH" who tells you what to do and what is right or wrong and decides your fate for you--JUST MIGHT NOT WISH YOU TO READ THE PHOENIX JOURNALS OR EXPRESSES WHERE YOU MIGHT FIND OUT THE TRUTH IN WHAT I HAVE JUST OUTLAID TO YOU. One more, Dharma, and we shall take a break, please.


CM: A disparaging or antagonistic attitude, or hostile act toward a Jewish person, Jewish organization or the religion of Judaism.

COVERT INTENT: Used to disarm, intimidate and confuse Christians and others into submission to Jews at the expense and eventual destruction of Christianity and all other belief systems based on anything other than the Zionist Talmud.

ACTUAL MEANING: Opposition toward people of Semitic (Shemitic) origin-- WHICH BY FACT INDICATES ANTAGONISM AND HOSTILITY ON THE PART OF THE "JEWS" TOWARD THE GOD-REVERING PEOPLE. Note: Most people who call themselves Jews are NOT Semitic in origin (Descendents of Shem), but are in fact, come from the lineage of Cain and birthed through the Curse of Canaan moving forward as Phoenicians, Venusians, Pharisees and Khazars into imitation "Jews". Shemitism (Semitism) has nothing to do with Jews, Jewish organization or Judaism-- JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION.


TM: The dispersion of the "Jews" among the Gentiles after the Babylonian captivity. (From Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk dictionary.)


Revolutionaries in government have created economic chaos, shortages in food and fuel, confiscatory taxation, a crisis in education, the threat of war, and other diversions to condition Americans for "The New World Order."

The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelian principle of bringing about change in a three-step process: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis (yes, I just recently gave you long writings about these things).

Here again:

1.Thesis is to create a problem. The second step, 2. antithesis is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria), and, 3. synthesis is to offer the predetermined solution to the problem created in step one--change which would have been impossible to impose on the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two [This might well be a number two definition of the circle of infinity].

Applying the Hegelian principle, and irresistible financial influence, concealed mattoids seek to dismantle social and political structures by which free men govern themselves--ancient landmarks erected at great cost in blood and treasure.

Their objective is to emasculate sovereign states, merge nations under universal government, centralize economic powers, and control the world's people and resources.

14. HUMBUG (as in bah-humbug) n.: 1. something designed to deceive and mislead 2. an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception.

Humbug v: DECEIVE, HOAX vi: to engage in a hoax or deception.


Demand that people who confront you, give you their definition of words, terms and phrases. If you carelessly acquiesce to meaning "changes" in the war of words scattered at you from the "Bible" then you will remain a totally "thought-controlled" person and people.

People are continually controlled by introduced "thoughts". Since words are what conjure meaning and bear definitions, in physical form, they become manipulative tools for controlling thoughts in massive manner and thereby change the way people think about certain things. To accomplish this, the controller need only to change the MEANINGS of important words to fit their particular religious and/or political view, and invent NEW EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED TERMS to keep you confused and ignorant.

Eventually, all important words said by anyone will automatically convey the controllers' biased political/religious view and he will not even know difference. At this point it will become increasingly difficult for the opposition to construct an effective opposing argument because the words being used have been so effectively changed, defused, and/or made unpopular.

I can only urge you to bear these things in mind as we move along here for it is the foundation upon which the lie is based and there can be no truth found in the confusion of the lie--and when the confusion becomes too great for response--you are told to "accept it on faith". BS! DO NOT TAKE SUCH STUPID ADVICE--THIS IS YOUR SOUL DESTINY AT STAKE HEREIN AND IT IS TIME YOU TAKE YOUR DESTINY BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS FOR YOU ARE BEING SOLD A BILL OF GOODS AT THE END OF A PRIMROSE PATH.

Salu, thank you for your service and for your attention.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.

United Federation Fleet

Inter-Galactic Federation Command



SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 1991 7:49 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 227


I am the Life, I am the Word, I am Truth--thus sayeth the Lord. "Lord" is word of many meanings but the one you must hold foremost in your thoughts: "keeper", "learned", "master of wisdom" "bread keeper". As in "Lord" as a title, I would caution you to know that which you are saying. Are you giving worship to a Man or do you speak with honor to a "teacher"? "THE LORD" needs bear with it reverence and respect-- not WORSHIP. If you honor Esu Jesus, Michael, Aton, Hatonn, etc. by such title-- make sure you do not do so in "insult". Yes, I said "insult" for what we bring for your sharing is not given in order to have worship but, rather, to share "knowledge and wisdom". We come to reveal Truth and bring into the openness of light that which is done in the dark corridors of conspiracy against the children of God. On this Easter Day, do you honor the wisdom and truth of immortality or do you "worship" a risen "Man"? It is most important indeed--which! From your TV espousements of this morning, according to CNN--you certainly do neither as I would share from "Headline News" and "Prime News".

There were shown some Passover celebrations, then some Easter egg scrambling, then a parade (of sorts) with hats and fine clothes, then the Pope in Rome was giving blessings and asking that the poor be remembered (he also said he was against war). Then there was mention of "services" being held at Sunrise here and there in the "Christian" "faith" and then to Baghdad where a few were gathered "...for Christian services as usual" and then to somewhere within the military of the U.S. where they said (and keep in mind that you still have, reported, over 400 thousand troops) "...about 150 soldiers joined in Christian Easter services in the Middle-East".

The BIG news? An effort to force the allowance of TV cameras into the execution chambers at the execution of criminals from death row. Have you not reached the time of concern in your experience when you celebrate the death in any heinous manner possible and speak not of immortality? And whose pictures are shown on the TV pushing Khazar? Solarz and Lugar.

I believe we should stop right here and discuss the two incidents in point with Solarz and Lugar. The item about Stephen Solarz (Rep. D-N.Y.) and head of the "Israel First" committee of the ADL refers to a "weapons charge dropped". The article reads: "Federal prosecutors have quietly decided NOT to press charges against two bodyguards for Rep. Stephen Solarz who were arrested Jan. 15 IN A U.S. HOUSE OFFICE BUILDING. The men were carrying UNREGISTERED HANDGUNS, as well as brass knuckles and a blackjack. Supposedly they were protecting Solarz against alleged threats he had received as a result of his cheerleading in Congress in favor of giving George Bush the right to go to war with Iraq." Can you just imagine what would happen to YOU if you were caught IN a Federal building with any one of the above items?

How about Lugar? Well, he was just mouthing off on the wondrous benefits of "freetrade" with everyone in the world. You know, that free-trade pact(s) which will immediately put millions of Americans out of work (if there are any left with jobs).

I am going to give THE SPOTLIGHT the spotlight this day and I am going to plagiarize bunches of stuff because my intent is to cause you ones to get confirmation for those things which we bring to you and you WILL NOT GET IT from the controlled media--anywhere! YOU MUST know these things or you cannot do anything about that which is thrust upon you by these Khazar leaders who now control your government, military, press and media.

Oh, you still don't believe there is any such thing as "Khazar"? Funny thing about that little bit of hidden information--it is not as hidden as you might think IF you get into the "swim" of knowledge. On Friday (day before yesterday) an irate male person called America West on the telephone in a blind fury, saying, among other things: "....and I AM A KHAZAR and I resent and object to the information being released by your outfit about the Khazars!" Know that these calls do not just "imply" threats against the business and the people, but in your wondrous day of violence blessed, they come with direct threat of total violence and silencing. YOU be the judge--and then, before making final judgment of the truth--find out about the subject and see if your judgment of our work is a bit different in conclusive evidence.

At any rate, let us present this SECRET PLAN TO DESTROY U.S. INDUSTRY: Hatonn's comments will be shown in brackets ([]).

(QUOTE) THE SPOTLIGHT, April 1, 1991:

A secret plan to "sacrifice the key industries of textiles, autos and steel" in order to get free trade treaties with Mexico and the globalist General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) has been revealed by Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.). [Well, what could this man know? He objected to your tax funds going for art exhibits of anal intercourse and urination into the mouth of another gay, in homosexual ART on public display from tax-supported artists and tax-supported galleries.]

Helms's dramatic disclosure came at a crowded Senate hearing on Capitol Hill. [How many of you saw the debates?] The Bush administration is lobbying Congress to allow the administration to bring about sweeping free trade pacts with Mexico and the Geneva-based GATT.

At stake are millions of America's most productive jobs and the future of vital industries as well as scores of U.S. communities.

The secret plan was reportedly drawn up as far back as December, 1984, by Geza Feketekuty, then chief economist of the U.S. trade representative's office in the White House. Feketekuty is now "on loan" to the International Trade Commission, a federal agency greasing the skids for global free trade and an end to U.S. sovereignty. [Literally! This is actually, and so-stated, a move to bring sovereignty from all nations individual, to and within the sovereignty of the New World Order Government controlled by Khazar Elite communist/socialists. No, dear ones, I jest not and neither am I bigoted--GO READ THE NEW WORLD ORDER PROTOCOLS, "PLANKS" you call them in political circles!]

TURN U.S. INTO WASTELAND. The economist laid the ground-work for the long-range scheme to turn the United States from an industrial power into an "S&B" (service and banking) wasteland.

Feketekuty's plan picked up where Soviet Agent Harry Dexter White left off when he created the Bretton Woods Agreement that spawned the GATT, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. [Feeling a bit sick?]

All three of these international agencies have spent many billions of U.S. tax dollars to finance and build industries all over the world that have put thousands of American factories out of business.

Curiously, Feketekuty's plan has been embraced by some of the Senate's most conservative members. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) [Elitist by any label you wish to call him.] and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) were seen nodding and speaking in agreement with such liberals as Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) and Paul Simon (D-Ill.) at the March 14 hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on Western Hemisphere and Peace Corps affairs.

Hatch said the Mexican-U.S. Free Trade Treaty "will do more to bind our two countries together than almost anything else we can do." He added that it will "help them (Mexicans) to have the quality of life we have enjoyed for 75 years" and that U.S. job losses "will be in our unskilled and low-skilled jobs".

Lugar, formerly Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, called the current trade negotiations with Mexico "a historic moment that should not be missed." The Indiana senator admitted that "I start with a bias in favor of this agreement."

Dodd said "a common market for the Americas" is, in effect, the only way to go, and Simon echoed this theme. However, the two Democrats at least expressed the Senate's ritual "concern" for the jobs Americans are about to lose. Hatch and Lugar were obviously more concerned with doing President George Bush's bidding to speed the Mexican treaty and to pave the way for the Western Hemisphere free trade treaty scheduled to follow. [It gets worse; read on, please.]

OUTPOURING OF PROTEST NEEDED. Observers believe both the Mexican treaty and the GATT Pact will be essentially sealed by May 15 UNLESS THERE IS AN OUTPOURING OF CONSTITUENT PROTEST TO CONGRESS!

Organized labor is leading the opposition, but labor's clout on Capitol Hill is a pale shadow of what it was in the reign of the late AFL-CIO president, George Meany.

Nonetheless, Don Stillman of the United Autoworkers and Evelyn Dubrow of the Garment Workers Union delivered telling testimony against the Mexican pact at the Senate hearing.

Stillman made the point that "despite Mexico's huge population of more than 88 million people, only about 8 million have incomes sufficient to purchase U.S. goods."

Moreover, he said, by the International Trade Commission's own "definitions, about 73 percent of all U.S. workers would suffer a decline in real income" if the Mexican treaty goes through.

General Motors, with 36,000 workers in "maquiladora" border plants, is already the largest private employer in Mexico and both Ford and Chrysler have assembly plants there. All of the "Big Three" automakers shut down U.S. plants and permanently laid off thousands of Americans to locate facilities south of the border, where wage scales are as low as 60 to 70 cents an hour, as compared to $15 to $16 an hour for U.S. auto workers. [Do I dislike Mexico? No, I love Mexico and this is a good thing FOR MEXICO! The point is that THESE ARE CONGRESSMEN WHO ARE COMMITTING TREASON AGAINST YOU--UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-- AND YOU ALLOW IT! THESE ARE MEN ELECTED BY YOU TO PROTECT YOUR NATION UNDER GOD WITH FREEDOM FOR ALL, JOBS AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL, AND THEY GIVE IT AWAY AT THE HANDS AND PUSH OF OTHER "FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS" I.E. ISRAEL (KHAZAR). IT IS A DIRECT THRUST TO RENDER YOU-THE-PEOPLE WEAK AND HELPLESS TO RESIST THE TAKEOVER OF THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT AND PUPPET MASTERS.]

Overall, nearly 2,000 U.S.-owned plants are now located in Mexico. They currently employ some 500,000 Mexicans. Employment in maquiladora (border) plants, which was 120,000 in 1980, is expected to soar to at least a million by the end of the 1990's. Virtually all of those jobs will be created at the expense of American workers.

IT'S DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN. Helms reminded the hearing: "We are being told that an extension of these fast-track procedures for the Uruguay Round (of the GATT) and Mexico free trade will lead to prosperity for the American people. We have heard that before. The same argument was made after the Tokyo Round in 1979 and, instead of prosperity, the United States developed a larger and larger trade deficit".

Helms showed a chart for the 1980's on which "the trade deficit went off the chart." (Cumulatively, it was $1 TRILLION for the decade.)

"These dry statistics have a human side," Helms said. "They represent thousands of plant closings and millions of personal financial tragedies--people who could not pay their mortgages, send their children to college, or otherwise participate in the American dream."

Julius Katz, the deputy U.S. trade representative who is the lead negotiator at the GATT, displayed the traditional arrogance of the federal government's huge trade bureaucracy during his testimony. [By the way, yes, Mr. Katz is a Khazar and high ranking in the ADL.]

"Congress cannot preclude negotiations as a legal matter," Katz warned the senators. However, he conceded, without an affirmative vote by Congress the "impediments" to a new GATT treaty would be "insurmountable".

David Mulford, the British-educated under secretary of the treasury for international affairs, unintentionally disclosed the most powerful force behind both the GATT and Mexican trade treaties.

Without a treaty, Mulford implied, Mexico could not service its huge--near $100 BILLION--foreign debt, owed mostly to Wall Street banks. Mexico has been in de facto default on its debt for a decade and the big banks believe the U.S. must give up its own industries and jobs and hand them over to Mexico and the rest of the Third World so they can stay current on their interest payments to Wall Street.

Millions of American workers have already been victimized by this ongoing plan. Millions more will soon be sacrificed if the Mexican and GATT treaties pass Congress this year. (END OF QUOTING)

I don't believe the foregoing needs any further comment--it is far more serious, however, than indicated in this reprint and we have been speaking about it for a long time but perhaps it is harder to accept from Space observations.

Another subject to which I have continual objections is that I tell you the Mossad (Khazar's terrorist forces) are at full-blown action in Kuwait and Iraq. Now I wish Dharma to copy another article from the same SPOTLIGHT.




A patriotic salute awaits American fighting forces homeward bound from Operation Desert Storm. But in the ravaged lands they leave behind the United States faces not victory but what even Establishment publications like Newsweek now call "an unwinnable situation": raging turmoil, bloodshed, subversion, hunger and chaos.

The SPOTLIGHT has been the only medium in America to point out since Bush began to deploy troops that there was no way that America could win the war he began. [This is an overstatement for there have been many "undercover" newsletters and writers giving forth the "no win" situation. They are the largest publication to be daring enough, right under the "Washington" noses, to speak out so allow us to give humble and appreciative credit.]

Privately White House sources say that despite official forecasts of a rapid withdrawal from the gulf, a "significant U.S. military presence"-- probably 250 THOUSAND troops--will have to stay in the region "for the foreseeable future."

The reason: Even "liberated" Kuwait is plunging toward civil war, a group of visiting U.S. senators discovered in mid-March. "We saw so much savage violence in the streets that our first visit to Ed Gnehm (the newly arrived American ambassador) turned into a protest meeting," recounted Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz 'one of Keating Five').

The lawmakers were shocked by the sight of innocent civilians beaten and hounded in Kuwait City simply because they WERE PALESTINIANS. "Something like 100,000 lifelong Palestinian residents ARE BEING rounded up into deportation camps by the Kuwaiti militia arriving in the wake of U.S. troops," recounted a Senate aide, who asked to remain anonymous. "And those may be the lucky ones. We saw a number of them pistol-whipped, made to kneel, and shot right there in public."

WHO'S BEHIND THE VIOLENCE? But when U.S. diplomats complain about the mass atrocities suffered by Palestinians and others suspected of pro-Iraqi sentiments, the invariable answer of Kuwaiti officials--most of whom have newly returned from posh exile abroad--is that "alien agents" are instigating the violence in order to "LEBANIZE" the oil-rich gulf nations. [I cannot even comment on this, it is so painful--and YOU sent your loved ones to put these ones back into power in Kuwait and now remain there to insure the allowance of this incredible government action.]

"By 'alien agents' they mean OPERATIVES OF THE MOSSAD (Israel's (Khazar's) Secret Service), who seem to have penetrated Kuwait in large numbers since the crisis began last August," related Maj. Arve Olivercrona, a Swedish UN observer who was interviewed in New York City on March 19, a day after his return from Kuwait.

Some Kuwaiti resistance leaders do not deny that their underground forces were infiltrated by the Mossad, but blame the Bush administration for it. [May God have mercy for you CANNOT know that which ye allow!]

Militia commander Abdullah Nabiri told SPOTLIGHT special correspondent Derek Perkinson in Kuwait City on March 14: "When the Iraqi army invaded and occupied us in August, we asked our American allies for help. Washington finally sent us some undercover 'advisers'.

"They knew how to organize assassination and sabotage strikes. They spoke Arabic and knew who to melt into an Islamic crowd. Unfortunately we recently DISCOVERED MAT THEY WERE NOT CIA: THEY WERE ISRAELIS."


"The Israelis know this turf; the first major joint covert operation financed by the United States and run by the Mossad was targeted at Iraq in the early 1970's," recounted Christopher Stock, a former policy analyst with the Rand Corp., who is writing a book about the gulf war.

"In those days, Henry Kissinger held the reins both as secretary of state and as White House national security adviser under President Richard Nixon. To tighten his grip on the gulf, he masterminded a secret war against Iraq."

Kissinger funneled "hundreds of millions of dollars to the Mossad" to finance a secret army of Kurdish guerrillas who began raiding Iraq from bases in Iran, this expert source related.

"The uprising was a thorn in the side of the Iraqi government, and eventually it grew into a serious threat," explained Dr. Stock. "In 1974, Iraq made a deal. It granted Iran exclusive possession of the Shatt al Arab waterway, a long-disputed territory between these two gulf nations. Iran's ruler, the shah, expressed his gratitude by granting Kissinger's patrons, THE CHASE MANHATTAN CONSORTIUM HEADED BY DAVID ROCKEFELLER, the FRANCHISE OF LEAD BANKER TO THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT--A CONCESSION WORTH BILLIONS.

"Everyone won something on that deal, except for the Kurds who did the fighting," recounted Stock. "The Kurds were sold out as coldly as a trainload of cattle. When Kissinger and the Mossad yanked the rug from under them without warning, thousands were killed: tens of thousands ended up in Iraqi prisoner-of-war camps."

But in recent weeks, Kurdish rebels have returned to the attack against the weakened and embattled government of Saddam Hussein. They are once again being EQUIPPED AND PARTLY FINANCED BY THE MOSSAD, knowledgeable Middle-Eastern sources say.

"During the second week of March, the leaders of major factions opposed to the regime of Saddam Hussein gathered in Beirut for a strategy conference--the first such meeting ever held," says Jacques Khouri, a veteran Lebanese journalist based in New York. "They had talks with Syrian and Saudi representatives, and then they met secretly with Col. Aharen Merider, a deputy director of the Mossad for paramilitary operations.

"The topic: how to stir up enough rebellion, infighting, ethnic clashes and general discontent to turn Iraq into a second Lebanon."

Iran, where the corrupt monarchy has been replaced by a fundamentalist Islamic government, is once again becoming involved in a secret war on the same side as the ministate Israel (Khazar).

"It is a perverse twist of history," explained Stock, "That while Israel is working to subvert Iraq from the north, the Iranians are apparently giving more than just moral support to Shiite zealots who are fanning the flames of rebellion in the south."

But while they were divided about the meaning of this strange, secret alliance, most experts interviewed by The SPOTLIGHT made similar forecasts about the probable outcome of the battle for Iraq.

"Just look at Lebanon," recalled Olivecrona. "It was a prosperous nation--Beirut was known as the 'Paris of the Middle East'--until it became a target for a Mossad destabilization campaign in 1977. After that, it turned into a pitiless killing zone, where warlords, ethnic militias and militants fought endless, fratricidal battles. Who won? Not any of the warring Lebanese factions.

"The only winner from this turmoil was Israel, which occupied part of southern Lebanon and played covert politics with the rest."

There are, however, fundamental differences between targeting tiny Lebanon and Iraq, a major petroleum-producing nation. "If it manages to destabilize Iraq, the ministate will have planted its flag in the middle of the gulf," warned Stock. "The Mossad will become a major player in the high-stakes game where the future of this vital region is decided." (END QUOTING)

Dharma, allow us to copy one more item from this same paper and then we will take a break, please.



POLICE BRUTALITY IN PERSPECTIVE: The nation and the world were shocked as television screens recently were filled with the video-taped images of Los Angeles policemen mercilessly beating an unarmed, unresisting man who had been stopped for a traffic violation. This absolutely inexcusable act of brutality was shown not just in this country but all over the globe. Thanks to the quick thinking of a bystander with a video camera and the willingness of the media to broadcast it, at least we know about the incident.

One of the great things about our country is the freedom of the press to criticize the government, to show it in a bad light, to point out injustices and cruelties. [Well, I hope you don't get too carried away with that foolish statement.]

But in all the national TV and press coverage, and in all the editorials written on the subject, we note a singular hypocrisy that becomes more evident as the coverage continues. That is the lack of a comparable sense of outrage over even worse atrocities being perpetrated daily by foreign nations against their own citizens and subject peoples. For instance, where is the outcry over the ruthless and barbaric treatment of the Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza, where the treatment meted out to protesters consists of savage beatings, the breaking of limbs, the demolition of homes, the 24-hour-a-day detention of an entire population?

The brutal mistreatment of Palestinians, although not seen on your television, has been going on for 45 years. But the press, including the New York Time, instead of telling the terrible truth about Palestine to the people, conspires to keep it just as secret as they kept Josef Stalin's starvation and genocide of the Soviet people in the 1930's.

Similarly, where is the outrage of the Establishment media in regard to the treatment of the courageous people of the Baltic nations, whose peaceful moves toward independence from the Soviet Union are met with tanks, guns and clubs? And where is the outrage in response to the terrible plight of the Albanians, many of whom have fled the violence in their country to Italy, only to be turned back? Nearly the entire continent of Africa is the scene of unspeakable carnage and ruthless repression, yet the situation, apparently because it is chronic, is


by the established media.

This is not to belittle the suffering undergone by the victim of the Los Angeles police beating. The officers responsible should be punished. But the incident itself makes us wonder whether this is all that uncommon. The SPOTLIGHT has documented numerous cases of police savagery directed against citizens, usually those identified as "tax protesters," such as Gordon Kahl, or otherwise labeled subversive and a threat to the status quo.

Jack McLamb, a retired police officer, leading a group of active and retired police officers, looked into the apparent Kahl murder (in which a sheriff was also slain) and other instances of police brutality in the United States. At Liberty Lobby's 35th anniversary convention last year, he gave a speech--reprinted in the October 1, 1990 issue of The SPOTLIGHT--in which he detailed the shift in law enforcement goals from protection of the public TO CONTROL OF THE PUBLIC AT THE BEHEST OF PRESIDENT BUSH'S NEW WORLD ORDER.

According to McLamb: "I've heard young officers being told during training: 'You are no longer citizens of the United States. You are an entity of the U.S. government, and you have been elevated above the citizens so that you can be more effective in their supervision for their own good'." [Sick yet?]

The Los Angeles beating is just one reported incident of a pattern of police brutality, not merely in the United States, but more particularly overseas. Is this what President Bush has in mind for his New World Order? Are the police to be the enforcers not just of the laws against criminal activity, but of political orthodoxy? And will the media continue to focus attention on the occasional incident, but ignore the larger picture--the patterns of brutality around the world that are also part and parcel of the New World Order?

In many ways this appears to be the situation already. It will require vigilance and hard work to defend the freedoms that remain to us. And it will take the effort of principled police officers such as Jack McLamb to combat the trend in local and federal police departments to shift away from protection of the public into the role of controllers of the public. (END OF QUOTING)

SALU. Hatonn to take a break, please.



MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1991 9:34 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 229


Have we not been fools for long enough? Might we now render time unto coming into wisdom? I see that the can we opened seems to have contained stinging worms for the immediate response of the adversary has been to lash out unceasingly. So be it, for if I must, I shall replay the entire of the Khazar history unto you. For as we come into conclusions herein, you will find that as a species and civilization you have a long way to go before being scooped off and into the halls of the Central God of all Universes. You had better begin, if you have not already done so, right now to realize that in the physical third dimension you are but babes in the universe of all Truth and all Knowledge and YOU WILL SAVE OF SELVES. GOD SENDS HOSTS AND ADVISERS, SPEAKERS AND BRETHREN TO ASSIST YOU INTO CLARITY AND THEN, TOGETHER WITH THOSE OF HIGHER WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE WILL HELP YOU--NO MORE AND CERTAINLY NO LESS.

The most recent Journal is off to the printer today. It is called COUNTERFEIT BLESSINGS. A lot of the information has already made its way to you via the Expresses but I cannot urge you strongly enough to learn ALL YOU CAN. You are in the time of Revelation and just because the "answers" to the "puzzles" come in unexpected ways and you find the Anti-Christ, for instance, to be ones you didn't expect--so be it for if it were as you have perceived, you wouldn't be in the pickle barrel fermenting, would you? Allow the unfoldment, find your own confirmation and KNOW that God will allow "time" to have realization--IF YOU MOVE RIGHT ALONG, LITTLE ONES. DAWDLE AND YOU SHALL BE "CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN IN THE BEDROOM OF YOUR DEADLY ENEMY". At any rate I would guess the Journal will be ready in about three or so weeks at the most and I further assume the ordering information remains the same. If you follow the Journals, which I most sincerely hope you are, if you get behind, the catching up is traumatic and it is hard to find time for careful study.

Please do not make a liar of Hatonn for I continue to tell Dharma that if she can just continue to write--YOU will continue to read. I assure you that she is becoming one pooped preacher and would welcome a respite. Who knows, however, just one day too late can allow passage of laws and regulations, bring more wars and devastation which cannot be undone so we move on, and on as quickly as human endurance can allow.

The Journal PHOENIX OPERATOR/OWNER MANUAL is a bit delayed as Dru finishes the portions on the rules and regulations as coming from God. It is important that they be easily understood and conceptually correct to the last detail. She was interrupted by events but is nearing finalizing and then, as the writings are integrated into the local computer system, the Journal will go to the printers for all else is in format and ready to mail. T

hen, as our formatting human finishes documents coming from our beloved "Joy", you will be given documents which will allow you better insight as to how to come into balance with self. It is of little value to know Truth if you cannot come into balance and reason with it.

Then, that for which you all patiently wait--THE SACRED HILL WITHIN, by Little Crow will be available within a few months. It was purposely set into security for it was determined that the masses were simply not ready for the simplicity of the ancient teachings--so, we have a bit more "homework" to do and understanding to reach. We are asking that the material be published (printed) elsewhere but obtainable through America West to honor the redman brotherhood who must be the ones to put this message to print and to distance all objections from you as readers who wish to consider our publisher a bit more than mortal human. Know that God has it under very good control.

May I say unto all of you who have contacted Little Crow that the support and love is accepted in the brotherhood in which given and, now, he spends much time in purification that he not be tainting of any work of Great Spirit by human ego--bless ye ones who can honor God by putting self into absence and relinquish opinions within the direct work of higher source. Few accomplish the task of so-doing but when it is achieved, even the mention of it becomes an embarrassment.

Dharma says, "That is not true, I simply do not want any blame for your outrageous deliveries, Hatonn." So be it.

If you have continued this journey in evil works, I can suggest that you take a long, hard look at self. The journey is not from "evil" into the oneness with God for all the steps of learning and coming into perfection MUST be included within the journey. You do NOT move from sanctions of murdering unborn babies into the creation of universes and if ye believe as much--ye are indeed, the April's fool! Stop listening to the lies and acting as if they were your ticket into perfection--they are that which you must rise above and beyond to even be considered for higher experience--come into the wisdom offered unto you from God Creator and as we reason together, allow the light of Truth to shine around about your being that you be given insight to understand and cease the "dreams of mysticism" and foolish prattling of fleshly "do it if it feels good" for I promise you: there will come the moment that you will sorely regret the foolish play-games. Each serves as lessons and experience but it is Man who utilizes WISDOM who will complete the graduation exercises in this coming transition--or back through the lower grades until the lessons are mastered.

Since this portion of writing is a conclusion of a current Express, we shall focus on the more immediate matters of life impacts.


Be cautious here on in, with your currency "notes" (money). The adversary has more ways to keep tabs on money and who has it than a chicken has feathers. As of this day, the presses have finished printing the new "dollar" bills with identification (anticounterfeiting) threads. Is this to stop counterfeiting? No! It is to be able to identify all ones turning in great numbers of the notes and begin to isolate those who continue over a long period of time to use them. As soon as they come onto the market for simultaneous use, begin to rapidly turn any you have stored, into the new currency regardless of HOW the exchange is structured. Diversify turn-in locations, i.e. if you purchase a lot of things at the wholesale place in one town--go to another town at first opportunity and purchase your items there. Scatter it around so that there is no really good opportunity to quickly get you into the identification system. They will probably start with the one dollar denomination because the public would not be alert to the game behind the scenes. Bothersome? Indeed! Go to many banks--at random-- especially as you travel into other cities and suburban areas--best yet go wander about Nevada exchanging at every bank you fmd. If you are on the east coast--act accordingly--big cities are the best from which to work, especially if you have already set a "pattern" of behavior in your home village or precinct.

How can you tell you are near to exchange? Look at the money you get from the banks and in change. It is hard to find NEW bills and the ones now given you are quite tattered and would ordinarily have been already removed from circulation. They only cease printing new exchange notes when they are ready to do a "biggie". You who have any dealings with the governmental system in Social Security, Retirement income, disability income, any type of what might be welfare or supplemental assistance--be extremely careful for this is a way to nail ALL errors in reporting.

The facts are such that you will likely be quite safe and secure if you go "the extra mile" and tend your assets carefully as the changes come--for the vast, vast majority of the citizens will not do so. Again, you MUST utilize the built-in protections of the Elite if you wish to survive this boondoggle intact.


As you near tax time again, you barrage me with inquiries as to what to do about taxes. I cannot tell you what to do! I would never tell you what to do for I would simply render my scribe into prison so please be intelligent about your requests. I CAN give you new information having come into my reference pile and you can see if it is useable to you in your actions and thinking processes.

The first is found from a writing of a highly respected friend, Martin Larson, and I will share it with you. The other is shared by one being "audited" and how he has handled it. Either will, at the least, purchase you a bit of time and there is always hope beating in the breast of Man and perhaps you can "buy enough time" to get the movement going in the other direction. At worst, you will need to pay back taxes, with penalties--if you truly are acting out of intent of taxes being wrong and unconstitutional and not simply to beat the system or avoid taxation. REMEMBER--THE MAN WITH THE GUN SETS THE RULE AND ENFORCES IT--LEGAL OR NOT.

I will simply ask Dharma to copy the information from Dr. Larson exactly as printed. I will keep my comments to minimum unless I see wherein I can make a stronger point. You must know that as laws are made and enforced in this day and age--you are stuck with babbling for "rights" and will not necessarily attain them. The only SURE WAY TO WIN THIS GAME OF ROBBERY AND THEFT IS TO GET YOUR CONSTITUTION BACK INTO OPERATION--NOW, FOR IT IS NOT LONG GOING TO BE EVEN AN ARGUABLE POINT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

(QUOTE) By Martin A. Larson:


For once, I would admit, Congress did something beneficial for the people at large. It took action to curb the insatiable desire of the bureaucracy for information from American citizens.

However, this turned out to be far more helpful for the public than Congress could have ever envisioned.

In 1980 it passed the Paperwork Reduction Act, the purpose of which is to reduce the onerous requests for information and the necessity for keeping records piled on our people by federal agencies and to rein in the government's unnecessary spending of money.

The act set up the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) which acts as a watchdog over all other agencies. Congress felt that various bureaucracies were to blame in this matter and that the citizens were subjected to an amount of paperwork that was costing us something like $100 billion a year. In order to ease this burden, they set up the OMB to regulate the regulators.


For the first time in American history, one agency was given the authority and responsibility of overseeing others--at least to some degree. The law prevents any department from issuing demands for information or record-keeping without first clearing such requests through the OMB which is now mandated to evaluate such requests and to determine which demands are necessary or superfluous.

When approval is given for any such request an OMB number is assigned for it, which must be printed in the upper right-hand corner of the form making such request or demand.

The law is quite clear and declares in part:

"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person shall be subject to any penalty for failing to provide information to any agency if the information-collection request involved was made after December 31, 1981, and does not display the current control number assigned by the director, or fails to state that such request is not subject to this chapter."


The Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs explained:

"The purpose of this section is to protect the public from the burden of collections of information which have not been subjected to the clearance process described in Section 3507. Information collection requests which do not display a current control number, or, if not, indicated why not, are to be considered bootleg requests and may be ignored by the public".

Former Sen. Lawton Chiles, who sponsored the Paperwork Reduction Act, declared:

"The fundamental purpose of the Paperwork Reduction Act is that every person.... is entitled to an assurance that the government has checked for need and efficiency before they are asked to provide and maintain information. If the paperwork request does not display a control number, then we may say it is a bootleg request, and it is in violation of the assurance that the Paperwork Reduction Act was intended to provide for all citizens, and it is legally unenforceable."

The OMB requirement and restrictions apply to the regulations as well as to the instruction manuals associated with requests for information or the keeping of records. In other words, by law, not only must each form presented to the public bear an OMB number, but that number must also be assigned to the corresponding regulation that authorizes the government to demand information from you.


THE 1040 FORM CARRIES AN OMB NUMBER, AND BECAUSE OF THIS MANY PEOPLE ASSUME THAT OTHER FORMS DO THE SAME. HOWEVER, THIS MAY NOT BE THE CASE. [Hatonn: Now keep in mind that we are simply talking about filing or not filing on the basis of OMB numbering. There are all sorts of reasons NOT to file a 1040 form but herein we are talking solely about OMB NUMBERS.]

In any event, I am certain at least of this: If you receive any request for information about anything whatever from any government department or agency and the form does not carry an OMB number in the upper right-hand corner, you can safely ignore the demand and write a short note in reply that since it is a bootleg request, you are under no obligation whatsoever to comply.

And here is something even more important:

The section of the internal revenue statute, or internal revenue code as it is called, that is usually cited as proving that American citizens have to pay income tax is Section 6012. This section in turn refers you to Section 1 of Subtitle A. The regulation corresponding to Section 1 of Subtitle A is 26 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1.1-1.

However, a very interesting section of the CFR is 26 CFR 602.101, which contains a list explaining what regulation corresponds with what IRS form, both having the same OMB number. Looking at this list to see what form corresponds with 26 CFR 1.1-1, whose OMB number is 1545-0067, we find the form is numbered 2555.


NOW, ONE WOULD HAVE THOUHT THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE 1040 FORM, BUT NO. FORM 1040 (correction: 2555) HAS OMB NUMBER 1545-0067. WHAT THEN IS FORM 2555? SIGNIFICANTLY, IT IS ENTITLED "DEDUCTION FROM OR EXCLUSION OF INCOME EARNED ABROAD". Thus the law that is cited as making it mandatory for us to pay income tax applies only to Americans with foreign-earned income? So it would appear.

We owe this momentous discovery to Robert Erchak of the Save-A-Patriot fellowship in Westminster, Maryland. (It seems that the notorious 1040 in fact is merely a supplemental form that one could attach to one's Form 2555, if one were filing a 2555.)

Let us all give thanks to Congress for passing a law--the Paperwork Reduction Act--that forced the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to reveal this amazing, liberating fact. This must be tremendously embarrassing to the IRS. And let us all, whenever possible, take full advantage of any right which no bureaucrat can deny.


Are these seeming errors, actually errors? Doubtful indeed. Remember that the Elite must have rules which can make themselves exceptions to the rules. The intent is purely and simply that you-the-people NEVER COME INTO THIS KNOWLEDGE--AND FEW INDEED, DO SO--AND EVEN FEWER STILL, UTILIZE THE INFORMATION ONCE GAINED. YOU WILL EITHER WAKE UP AND BEGIN TO ACT OR YOU WILL SURELY FALL.

Dharma, I must ask you to stop here and locate the paperwork so graciously sent to Oberli regarding handling IRS audits, etc. We must give you more frequent rest periods at any rate to allow healing of your wrists. I would, however, like to finish this portion today. Thank you. Hatonn moving to stand-by.



MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1991 4:24 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 229


In allowance for these following documents to later be set up as individual printings, I shall abstain from great dissertation. I believe that you will be able to discern for what purpose they have been written and utilized. They have been successfully utilized by ones, obviously, in the State of Missouri--however, the format would be standard for all states in the union.

* * * * * *


TAKE NOTICE THAT I, ____________________ due to FRAUD/CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD by the Internal Revenue Service, hereby revoke NUNC PRO TUNC all of the U.S. Individual Income tax Returns, forms 1040's and attachments, forms 1099's and attachments and forms 1096's and attachments, and forms 4427's and attachments and all other forms including letters and documents which I have ever filed, or were filed in my name with the Internal Revenue Service, or with any other such agency; and

TAKE NOTICE THAT I, ____________________ due to FRAUD/CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD by the IRS, hereby cancel and revoke NUNC PRO TUNC my Signature on all Individual Income Tax Returns, forms 1040's and attachments, 1099's with attachments and 1096's with attachments, and forms 4427"s and all other forms and attachments including letters which I have ever filed, or were filed in my name with the Internal Revenue Service, or any other such agency.

Signature _____________________TDC

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, Proper Person, Special

Then the foregoing must be notarized properly. Following is example to affix to bottom of above letter:

____________ County, State of ______________

Missouri state )

____________ County )

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public, on this day, personally appeared ________________________, to me well known to be a credible person of lawful age and qualified in all respects to make this Notice of Revocation, who, being first duly affirmed, says that he/she has read the foregoing Notice of Revocation and that said Notice of Revocation is for the express purpose of revoking his U.S. individual Income Tax Returns 1040's, 1096's, 1099's, 4427's including all letters and attachments ever filed with the Internal Revenue Service and for cancelling NUNC PRO TUNC his signature thereon, and for that purpose only.

SUBSCRIBED and affirmed before me on this ______ day of __________, 19__, for identification only.

___________________Notary Public


* * * * *


Anthony Gasaway, and Richard A. Witkowski (or appropriate)

District Counsel IRS Midwest Region


St. Louis, MO 63188

Please take NOTICE of the attached NOTICE OF REVOCATION, CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE, ASSERTION OF FOURTH ARTICLE LIMITATIONS BY AFFIDAVIT, AND AFFIDAVIT enclosed. These documents effectively revoke my signature on any and all previously signed TAX FORMS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, 1040's, 1096's, 1099's, W-9' s, W4's, 4427's and all other IRS letters, forms and documents, also State of Missouri Department of Revenue Income Tax Forms and also all other various State Tax Forms. I have REVOKED my signature and these documents NUNC PRO TUNC, due to the FRAUD and/or CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD by the Internal Revenue Service and any agency following IRS rules, due to the lack of proper JURISDICTION/AUTHORITY/POWER.

As I am alleging FRAUD/CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD on the above stated Contracts and/or documents and Forms, this revocation voids the above from the beginning.

You have (20) twenty days, exclusive of the day of receipt by fax/certified mail to countermand, deny, refute, and set forth the proper set of facts in a "Court of Article III JUDICIAL POWER" to establish the validity of your records, forms, or claims, or else FOREVER BE SILENT AND ESTOPPELLED FROM ANY ACTION IN THIS MATTER.

Respectfully Presented on this ___ day of _____________ in the year of our Lord 19__.

Signed TDC

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, Proper Person, Special


_________________, Missouri

With the element of "FRAUD" being a fact in the above, mentioned are the following: "Fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters." NUDD v Burrows 91 U.S. 426

"Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments." U.S. v Thockmorton 98 U.S. 61

"Fraud vitiates everything." Boyce v. Grundy 3 Peter 210

* * * * * * * *




To Service List Attached, with Two Witnesses of Mailing and This:

I, _________________, do Lawfully Affirm as follows this date:

1. I am a White natural Born Free Adult Male inhabitant in the Republic of Missouri: and in the Republic of California by birth: thankfully endowed by our Creator with Unalienable Rights enumerated in America's founding organic documents, which I have never with knowingly intelligent acts waived; and I freely choose to obey all American Law and pay all Lawful taxes in jurisdictions applicable to me for the common good. I stand in Proper Person with Assistance, Special. The foregoing, including my STATUS and Unalienable Rights, are not negotiable.

2. Recent diligent studies have convinced me of the above, and that as such I am NOT "subject to" the territorially-limited "exclusive Legislation" and its foreign jurisdiction mandated for Washington, D.C. etc. in our u.s. constitution's Article 1:8;17-18, including its "internal" government organizations therein or by contract adhesioned thereto across America. And neither are millions of other such free inhabitants, unless they have provided "WAIVERS of constitutional rights" with "knowingly intelligent acts" (contracts with such government[s]) "with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences"; as ruled by the 1970 U.S. Supreme Court (Brady v. US, 397US742 at 748). I have given NO "waivers"!

3. These studies also prove that a shrewd and criminal CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD has been slipped over America by government under counterfeit "color of law", through apparent entrapments of "certain ACTIVITIES (monopoly occupations) and PRIVILEGES" (other benefits) allowed by Statutory Acts or present Criminal Element in (and behind) Government, hereinafter referred to as the "CEG", should be brought to Justice in an Article III Constitutional Court for aiding and abetting this FRAUD as willing Accomplices. It is for such a Court with a 12-member Jury of Peers to decide who is and isn't Guilty among personnel of government, media, schools, lawyers, accountants, clergy, and other pushers of misinformation mind-set propaganda in this and related regards.

4. Due to such shrewd entrapments, over the years I unwittingly signed many of the related documents or contracts, some even under the satanic "perjury" jurat as was supposedly-required. With American Law on this Free inhabitants' side, I hereby REVOKE ALL SUCH SIGNATURES Nunc Pro Tunc, on all IRS FORMS AND DOCUMENTS SUCH AS BUT NOT LIMITED TO FORMS 1040, 1099, 1096, W-4, ETC., DUE TO THE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD INVOLVED ON THE PART OF THE GOVERNMENT, RENDERING THEM NULL AND VOID, except for those that I choose to have measured as being under "TDC" (threat, duress and/or coercion), past and now. This is also my Lawful Notice that ALL such signatures of mine in the future, with such governmental and commercial adhesions are only done under "TDC" whether appearing therewith or otherwise, with a suggestion that Lawful alternatives be made available.

5. With this proven accurate knowledge I Lawfully and squarely challenge the fraudulent and usurping JURISDICTION/AUTHORITY cited in paragraph two above that is not applicable to me, and with guidelines such as 1970's Hagans v. Lavine, 415 US 528 at 533 known as well as America's "supreme Law of the land" at Article 6:1:2 on this Citizen's side. As in other cites and in Title 5 USC 556(d) such jurisdiction if any has to be proven first before any government actions can follow, I haven't broken any American Laws, and yet federal "IRS" agents acting in what I believe is a conspiracy among themselves had the audacity to send me a letter threatening me with criminal proceedings in violation of the Law and without Lawful Jurisdiction, at which I have challenged, and I hereby demand them to cease and desist respectively and total. It is CONTROL over we the people, and not taxes, that is the issue. You are hereby NOTIFIED that if you do not cease and desist immediately you may be Lawfully subpoenaed as possible accomplices and charged personally as citizens under Title 18 USC 241, 242, 1001, etc., for aiding and abetting that will become WILLFUL TRESPASS among other realities. In my studies I have also found that IRS agents have no written personal Delegation of Authority from the Treasury Secretary filed in the Federal Register as is required by 2 CFR 1.6001.-1, and 1.6012-1 etc.; also 44 USC, Section 1501 et seq. It can be seen from the above that agents/officials who have taken an oath to the u.s. constitution and to protect We the people are in violation of their authority and using their positions to lie, steal, plunder and to take from the people their liberties and in fact it would seem many of the real criminals in this nation are those sworn to protect it and its people. I am requesting that an investigation of these unscrupulous agents/officials be commenced and dealt with accordingly before an Article III Court for their crimes. With all of the above in mind, it appears that this private natural born free PREAMBLE Citizen is by Law as "Foreign" and a "Non- Resident Alien" to the Article 1:8:17-18's D.C.-Club as to France; and thus shall feel free to use its related forms if needed under "TDC" [W-8 with banks' under "Certificate of Foreign Status"; 1040 NR for "U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return" Refunds etc.; and IRS Code Section 3402(n) to cancel "Withholding"].



Signed at ________________ WITH TWO WITNESSES OF MY SIGNATURE.

______________, Missouri ______________________Dated

WITHOUT PREJUDICE ______________________Dated

* * * * * * * * * * *

Now, dear ones, be prepared and assured that it will likely not go without notice by the IRS. So, be prepared and you can expect a letter something like this example:


Internal Revenue Service

Midwest Region

P.O. Box 1146, H.W. Wheeler Station

St. Louis Missouri 63188

(phone numbers)

January 22, 1991



Mr. ________________________


St. Joseph, Missouri xxxxx

In re: ______________________________________________________________

Dear Mr. _________________________:

You are advised that this office has received a referral from the Criminal Investigation Division recommending that you be prosecuted for the following: Willfully subscribing to false income tax returns for the years 1988 and 1989 in violation of I.R.C. sub. 7206(1); willfully subscribing to a false Form 1096 "Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns:, for the years 1988 and 1989 under the provisions of I.R.C. sub. 7206(1); making or using a false writing or document knowing the same to contain false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements regarding twenty-one (21) Forms 1099-MISC you caused to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service in violation of 18 U.S.C. sub. 1001; attempting to interfere with Internal Revenue laws by making and/or causing to be mailed frivolous documents to persons associated with the investigation of your 1986 and 1987 tax liability in an effort to obstruct and impede the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.C. sub. 7212); for making a false, fictitious or fraudulent claim against 18 U.S.C. sub. 287; and conspiracy for both filing false documents with the Internal Revenue Service and interfering with Internal Revenue laws (18 U.S.C. sub. 371).

This is to advise you that a conference will be granted you and/or your authorized representative if you desire the opportunity of presenting any information in your defense. You are entitled to be accompanied by your representative at the conference, or if you prefer, for your representative to appear on your behalf without your being present at the conference.

If you are to be represented at the conference, Treasury Department procedures require that your representative file a Power of Attorney (Form 2848) covering the matter and years in question. We are enclosing three copies of Form 2848 for your convenience.

If you are to be represented by an enrolled agent, other than an attorney or certified public accountant, that representative must exhibit at the conference (in addition to the Power of Attorney) his or her card authorizing him or her to practice before the Treasury Department.

We have tentatively scheduled a conference in our office at Chouteau Center, 133 South 11th Street, Third Floor, St. Louis, Missouri 63102, for Wednesday, January 30, 1991, at 2:30 p.m. Please contact us within seven days from the date of this letter to advise us whether you desire a conference, and if so, to confirm the scheduled date and time for the conference. Should it be necessary to schedule the conference for an alternative date, such alternative date must be no later than February 12, 1991.

Note that plea bargaining, civil settlement, negotiation and/or compromise of tax liability will not be considered or discussed at the conference. Please address your correspondence in this matter to Attorney Anthony S. Gasaway, who may be reached by telephone at (314) 425-4747.

Sincerely yours,


District Counsel

By: ________________________



* * * * * * *




Anthony Gasaway, and Richard A. Witkowski



ST. LOUIS, MO. 63188

Dear Mr. Gasaway and Mr. Witkowski;

Reference is made with respect to your letter of Jan. 22, 1991 which (copy) is herewith ENCLOSED for your convenience.

Reference is also made to my "AFFIDAVIT" of 25 January, 1991, with attached Service list, Notice of Revocation, AFFIDAVIT of Law, and ESTOPPEL. These documents establish my proper status in this matter. I have Squarely and in Proper Person, Special, challenged Jurisdiction/Power and IRS actions in the past and spent hundreds of hours of research and study in the past also. I have not understood the magnitude of the FRAUD and ENTRAPMENT of the IRS until now. I now understand that IF the IRS has ever had any Lawful JURISDICTION/Power over myself/property is was due to FRAUD and/or CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD by the IRS, as I am not a person as described in the IR Code i.e. sub.7206, sub.7212.

Now I also realize that your proposed conference to discuss the matter described in the letter, my attendance and my participation at such a 'Tribunal' (see the u.s. constitution at 1:8:9 with 1:8:17-18) would be an ignorant granting of the very JURISDICTION/POWER THAT YOU OTHERWISE DO NOT HAVE. Of course I respectfully refuse to grant such, and you are Noticed to prove yours, per 5 USC 556(d).

I also object to your setting a date for a conference with you. Sir, you have not shown that you have Jurisdiction over this White Free Born Inhabitant which means you have broken the law that you have sworn to uphold, and these papers I am sending are not giving you ANY JURISDICTION/POWER, but squarely challenging such presumption of power, and to try to keep you from injuring yourself. You are NOTICED to cancel any such meeting and demand is made upon you to cease any further action immediately or you shall be Lawfully and personally held liable for WILLFUL TRESPASS or otherwise as provided by American Law for that criminal act on your parts against the White Natural Born Free Adult Male inhabitant.

Furthermore, if you proceed in any way as threatened in your 1/22/1991 letter to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate this private White Natural Born Free Inhabitant, you shall be Lawfully and personally held for WILLFUL TRESPASS or otherwise as provided by American Law with Sections 241, 242 and 1001 of Title 18's U.S. Criminal Code applicable among other charges. YOU HAVE BEEN CONSTRUCTIVELY NOTICED.


Without Prejudice, Proper Person, Special

_________________________, Missouri

Republic of Missouri, County of ________________, subscribed and affirmed before me on this (29th) day of (January), (1991), the undersigned Notary Public in and for said State, for identification only.

(Notary and seal)

* * * * * * * *

You were given one affidavit; here is another for your choice. The first was actually utilized and thus the blanking of names. This is the form from which you work.



To Service List On Reverse Side, with Two Witnesses of mailing and This:

I, (type/print name clearly) , do Lawfully Affirm as follows this date:

  1. *I am a NATURAL BORN FREE adult Citizen* of the State of _____________________by birth, thus of America, and an inhabitant of the State of _____________________; thankfully endowed by our Creator God with Unalienable Rights enumerated in America's founding organic documents, which I have never with knowingly intelligent acts waived; and I freely choose to obey all American Law and pay all Lawful taxes in jurisdictions applicable to me for the common good. I stand in Proper Person with Assistance, Special. The foregoing, including my STATUS and Unalienable Rights, are not negotiable.

  1. Recent diligent studies have convinced me of the above, and that as such I am not "subject to" the territorially-limited "exclusive Legislation" and its foreign jurisdiction mandated for Washington, D.C. etc. in our U.S. Constitution's Article 1:8:17-18, including its "internal" government organizations therein or by contract adhesioned thereto across America. And neither are millions of other such Citizens, unless they have provided "WAIVERS of Constitutional Rights" with "knowingly intelligent acts" (contracts with such government[s]) "with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences"; as ruled by the 1970 U.S. Supreme Court (Brady v. US, 397 US 742 at 748). I've given no such "waivers".

  1. These studies also prove that a shrewd and criminal Constructive Fraud has been slipped over America by government under counterfeit "color of law", through apparent entrapments of "certain ACTIVITIES (monopoly occupations) and PRIVILEGES" (other benefits) allowed by Statutory Acts or otherwise. By neverrepealed American Law, such sources of past and present Criminal Element in [and behind] Government, hereinafter referred to as the "CEG", should be brought to Justice in a Constitutional Court for aiding and abetting this Fraud as willing Accomplices. It is for such Court with a 12-member Jury of Peers to decide who is and isn't Guilty among personnel of government, media, schools, lawyers, accountants, clergy and other pushers of misinformation mind-set propaganda in this and related regards, thank God.

  1. Due to such shrewd entrapments, over the years I unwittingly signed many of the related documents or contracts, some even under the satanic "perjury" jurat as was supposedly-required. With American Law on this Citizen's side, I hereby REVOKE all such signatures and render them null and void except for those that I choose to have measured as being under "TDC" (THREAT, DURESS AND/OR COERCION), past and now. This is also my Lawful Notice that all such signatures of mine in the future, with such governmental or otherwise-adhesioned sources, are to be considered as under "TDC", whether appearing therewith or otherwise and including banks etc. So be it, respectfully demanding that my Constitutional "Privileges and Immunities" (Article 4:2) are apart from 1:8:17-18's D.C.-Club's and shall not by Law be violated ever. *My Status, in accord, is stated for all in 2:1:5, 1:2:3, 4:2:3, 4:2:1 and 3:2:1* of the Constitution.

  1. With this accurate knowledge, I Lawfully "squarely challenge" the fraudulent usurping-octopuslike JURISDICTION/AUTHORITY cited in item #2 that doesn't apply to me (ref: 1974's Hagans v. Lavine, 415 US 528 at 533), with "the supreme Law of the Land" (our Constitution's 6:2) again on this Citizen's side. It is therefore now mandatory for any personnel of Article 1:8:17-18's so-called "IRS", for example, to first prove its "jurisdiction" if any over me before any further procedures can take place in my regard [Title 5, U.S. Code, 556(d)]; or else its personnel and accomplices willfully violating this can and shall be personally charged as citizens under Title 18 U.S. Criminal Codes 241, 242, 1001 and/or otherwise. In fairness it can be added that IRS' agents have "no" written Lawful "Delegation of Authority" to my knowledge, and that their so-called "Form 1040" appears to be a bogus document.

  1. With all of the above in mind, it appears that this private Citizen is by Law as "Foreign" and a "Non-Resident Alien" to the Article 1:8:17-18's D.C.-Club as to France; and thus shall feel free to use its interestingly-related Forms as needed [W-8 with Banks' "Certificate of FOREIGN STATUS"; 1040NR for "U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return" Refunds etc.; and IRS Code Section 3402(n) to cancel "Withholding"].

FURTHER THE AFFIANT SAITH NOT, on this Date of ___________________.


signature /TDC






* * * * * * * *

Now comes a very important matter. You must list "service" to the following persons and MAIL them. This is absolutely necessary.


* * * * * * * *

This is valid, workable information and methodology if you act carefully and with knowledge. You can get by--perhaps--with just this much given information. But I wouldn't handle my life that way, if I were you.

GET THE INFORMATION AND GET IT NOW, BEFORE GETTING INTO DEEP WATER BEFORE THE SWIMMING LESSONS. YOU WILL HAVE TIME IF YOU JUST DON'T FILE YOUR TAX FORM. IT WON'T BE LONG UNTIL "THEY" FOLLOW UP AND BY THEN YOU WILL BE "READY". RIGHT NOW, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING--INCLUDING READING THIS. GO ORDER THE MANUAL, HOW TO BE FREE AT LAST - FROM THE IRS (USING AND NEVER ABUSING AMERICAN LAW) by Dr. N.A. (Doc) Scott. The book is $39.95 plus 3.00 S&H ($43). There are quantity discounts but I ask that you please clear that with Dr. Scott. America West can give you ordering information if you lose this notice. But send ALL ORDERS TO: Dr. N.A. (Doc) Scott, 2649 Vista Way #8-137, Oceanside, Calif. 92054/(TDC). (Dr. Scott says, "P.O. Money Order or Cash via Registered Mail--no fed' system checks." By the way, if you order the book please note that you were referred by Authorized Dealer: 00305 and the one bringing this information will be recognized without giving away his security and yet offering appreciation for sharing this VALUABLE INFORMATION. I recommend this document as highly as I recommend the CORPORATIONS MANUAL, NEVADA which you can get by calling America West who will in turn refer you to Mr. Ekker for information and help. If you are to turn this thing about--you must begin to act in brotherhood and sharing of all information of value which allows privacy and some measure of shelter and security. I can only bring these things to your attention, I cannot twist of thine arms behind thine backsides--I am allowed to occasionally kick of thine back-sides ever so nudgingly. So be it.


Dharma received, this day, three precious gifts and she, nor the givers understand that which they have done. I would like to share for all of you. Firstly, Audrey has given a token of amber--this is a symbol of earth and coming up from the earth to be one with the "above earth" brothers. You have rendered the gift in the form of an endless loop which connects the receiver and the giver into one with infinity. Now, the beauteous Ron, Laurie, Josh and Gillian have given her a bear carved of sacred pipestone quarried from the place of the sacred stones. It is good that you gave not a replica of a pipe for this is indeed a sacred symbol to the Indians, especially of the Sioux of the Lakota-Dakota. The arrowhead attached to the bear means strength, courage and honor--the bear is a brother and the son of Wakan--the Great Chief Tanka is called the Bear who Stands--i.e. "Standing Bear". The replica of the eagle in the card/mobile needs no explanation. For you will all be drawn to that symbol for as ye grow and mature, you will again rise up unto the heavens as on wings of the eagle--and rejoice for they shall be wings of silver and gold as you of the tribes can again join with your brothers as we complete our mission. May we revel and rejoice as we come into knowledge of those things which pull our hands and hearts into unity without full understanding of WHY we do--or give--a certain thing for there are no accidents! Salu

For you who have sent gifts and knew not that which to send, the gifts have been collected and a symbol of great beauty has been acquired--a bronze Eagle which fills the room with glory as it lands upon a branch from full flight. As we can do so, I request that a photograph be taken so that all can enjoy the knowledge that it sits as a symbol unto our tribe for it is as the glory beyond the Eagle that the Phoenix rises. The group gave another at the Christmas celebration which is likewise beautiful but it shall be the one just acquired which shall adorn our village as we grow and build. And when it is put to pedestal, it shall be dedicated to PAUL who passed your way and left a Mother's heart empty and yet filled to overflow. We must never forget those who give all that the brotherhood can find life.

I will close this now and Dharma, it is nearing time for rest. God blesses and keeps you ones and may you always stay within the shadow of His wings that He can watch over thee. Good evening.

By the way, chela, I ask that you witness "news" if you can find any on your box. You are going to find that today there was effort to launch another missile from Edwards Field. It was an even worse disaster as it exploded on the launch pad. It is SERIOUS indeed, that which is pushed in spite of the warnings given. Your government defies all measures of reason. No, we (Space Command) did NOT blow it up--it was blown up by a Cosmosphere with full intention and full warning. So be it.

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn, Cmdr.




TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 1991 7:14 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 229

TODAY, APRIL 2, 1991

As far as "TODAY" I shall only bring one thing to your attention. Note that you have a "military/defense" payload shuttle on the launch pad. There was also a "military/defense" payload Titan blown up at Edwards Air Force Base yesterday afternoon. These were to be segments of the same operation. Keep careful eye on the shuttle now for they are also rolling out the second shuttle to "its" launch pad for "intended launch end of April"--no, it is to facilitate a lot of shuttle shuffling to TRY to fool ALL the people for some of the time--at least long enough to get ONE off the ground and payload into orbit. Your Elite are still trying to start Nuclear War One!

With all the flack I am receiving about the Khazars, I believe we will have to integrate a bit more Khazarian history melded with what is happening in "Khazar" along with the "New World Order" of Mr. Bush's pronouncement. This may require several Journals but I see great curiosity and also great denial. We will continue with relative daily happenings for you must now be aware that ALL ACTIONS ARE AIMED AT THE NEW WORLD ORDER AS QUICKLY AS IT CAN BE PUSHED AND PULLED FROM YOU-THE-PEOPLE.


I believe we should begin where we were priorly speaking of disarmament and gun control--of the American people.


Khazar-communist-socialists (New One World Order), socialist-bureaucrats, and criminals have no desire to be shot, as I have previously stated. They prefer to deal only with an unarmed citizenry. What is equally important is that both the communists and the criminal element have long proven that they can and will obtain firearms, no matter what the government restrictions to the contrary might be--further, they can literally count on being INGENIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY SUPPLIED WITH SAME.

The "communists" have taken over nation after nation when the number of communists in that particular nation numbered less than three percent (about the number of Khazar Elite in the United States) of the population. How can this happen? Because they are the ONES WITH THE GUNS. It has happened all around your globe and now right at home under your noses.

Most Americans are still somehow not able to understand that the communists (Elitist socialist Khazarians), abroad and at home, aided and abetted by liberals and criminal treasonists (calling themselves your representatives in Congress), and socialist politicians are working around the clock to get the American people disarmed. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE--PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE AND IF THEY HAVE NOT GUNS THEY WILL KILL WITH OTHER ITEMS IF DEATH BE INTENT. THE GOVERNMENT POLICE INTEND TO HAVE THE ABILITY OF FORCE BY DEATH WEAPONS--BIGGER AND STRONGER AND DEADLIER THAN ANY YOU-THE-PEOPLE CAN HAVE. IT IS MANDATORY FOR THE "ONE WORLD ORDER" TO KEEP YOU PUPPETS IN LINE.

Let us refresh memories of Americans--it has already happened to myriads of other nations and America is in the midst of downfall and makes an exceptionally good current viewing example of how civilizations fall.

A couple of years ago, the gun-control movement coined the emotionally negative phrase "Saturday Night Special" to launch a campaign against handgun ownership (e.g., .357 magnums, .38 specials, .45 automatics, etc). They were only partially successful in certain states and cities thanks to the efforts of several large pro-gun citizens' groups. Now, the anti-gun political left (led by Handgun Control, Inc. and the National Coalition to Ban Handguns) has coined a NEW emotional propaganda phrase with which to incite anti-gun hysteria--"the assault rifle".

In the immediate wake of the Stockton, California murder of five school children by a pre-set maniac with an AK-47 (yes, I mean EXACTLY that which I say; you have no idea the kind of mental weapons which are in use against you), the political left across America began to scream in well-orchestrated unison--"assault rifles are evil and barbaric" and must be banned. After a week's national media blitz on this theme, they began to substitute for the phrase "assault rifles", the phrase "semi-automatic weapons"--which includes most of the rifles and over half of the handguns and shotguns in America. So the second phase was to launch a cry for the banning of ALL semi-automatic firearms.

NOTE: The only hunters' rifles which are not semi-automatic are the older bolt action, lever action, and pump action models--a tiny minority of all U.S. rifles and revolvers. Even the popular World War II .45 automatic is a semi-automatic pistol. (Even bolt action rifles and most shotguns are included in the new anti-gun legislation.) According to the U.S. Defense Department, "assault rifles" are by definition "fully automatic". None of the foreign-made rifles banned by the Administration are fully automatic (these have been illegal since the 1930's and did you know that?), nor are they "assault rifles". This as a total scare/propaganda phrase fabricated by the leftist gun-control groups and latched onto by the media and the Bush Administration.


In March 1989, the Administration moved to ban the importation of certain foreignmade semi-automatic rifles (such as the Uzi, AK-47, etc.) and in early April widened the ban on importation to ALL foreign-made semi-automatic rifles, including .22 calibre. They pressured Colt Industries, which has large military contracts with the government, to cancel production of the AR-15 (and it did so) and are now pressuring other U.S. manufacturers to do the same. The BATF has even been sent into gun stores across America since mid-1989 to photocopy Form 4473 records of anyone who has bought a semi-automatic weapon. (This is called the BATF Advanced Tracing Program.) Oh yes, you need to know that BATF is the "gestapo" of gun control, which is made up of rabidly anti-gun bureaucrats who have, for years, trounced on the rights of gun owners, hunters, gun dealers, etc. They are being trained by the Mossad KGB/CIA to be Bush's primary "enforcers." The anti-import law is totally meaningless and there is a steady supply of UZI's flowing into the country--in parts, to be assembled and sold as a domestic product.

Meanwhile, the highly emotional anti-gun propaganda onslaught is accelerating all across the country, orchestrated by the political left. Stringent gun-control legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate, in about thirty states, and dozens of cities: legislation ranging from registration of all handguns, rifles, and shotguns, confiscation of handguns and rifles, outlawing of the manufacture of firearms and ammunition, etc. Remember, dear ones, that it always begins through some innocuous operation to "register" or "monitor criminals" and thus and so, to deceive you about the REAL purpose of gradual strangulation to the populace. It has nothing to do with gun security or less crime--it has everything to do with disarming an innocent public so that there is NO DEFENSE when the madmen come to call at your door to steal your very lives.

Note that this entire anti-gun onslaught is too well orchestrated, and moving far too rapidly via hundreds of leftist groups, the press, congressional liberals, and almost identical legislation popping up all across America at one time, to be spontaneous. (In many ways, this onslaught closely resembles the highly emotional, brilliantly orchestrated leftist drive for South African sanctions.) The political left is making its great final drive to disarm America and that, at the direct demand of your administration and your would be Khazar Elite rulers of the One World Order.

How can I say this? Because the drug business is a business controlled by your ADMINISTRATION, set up and orchestrated by ones now in your Government or who are direct ADVISERS to the President himself. The Bush Administration, as we have shown you through proof, prior to this writing--are up to their ears, eyes, nose and throat into the drug and money business. It IS the business, in conjunction with oil control. The so-called "drug war" has been a nice presentable excuse for the government to massively invade America's financial privacy, under the guise that ALL Americans are "potential money launderers". Now the drug war is being used as an excuse for confiscating Americans' firearms under the pretext that drug runners use guns, so if we want to stop the drug war, we must disarm the American people. This, of course, is total nonsense, since the drug runners and criminals will never be disarmed. Furthermore, they use fully automatic weapons which are already illegal.


Prime pushers for gun control are, of course, the Brady bunch, Mr. Brady being shot through the head at the same time an attempt was made on Reagan. BS! I remind you that you have a ruling government of "doubles"--"robotoids". Reagan was already a replica at the time of the shooting and was, in fact, slain (again) and replaced. Brady was killed in order to allow replacement of his old body by a programmed, purposeful double. These are the VERY KIND OF STAGED INCIDENTS which allow ease of integration, whereby the nation is in such shock that you notice NOTHING! Look carefully at who shot these ones and the family from which the young shooter came and the results of his "handling" afterwards--DON'T BE FOOLS!


According to the American Federation of POLICE:

"There are many Americans who fear for their lives. They know that at some point, they will have to protect themselves, their own families, and their own property. Should these people be disarmed? No, we don't need to disarm our loyal citizens, our friends, and our neighbors."



Crime in America (including murder, rape, robbery, and drug running) is at an all-time high today. According to one of your most respected criminologists, Gary Kleck of Florida State University, in a very scholarly article in the February 1988 issue of Social Problems: "Personal defense with firearms in America occurs more than two thousand times per day." He estimates that "...there are six hundred forty-five thousand defensive uses of handguns against criminals per year (excluding police and military uses)." Kleck concludes that "civilian ownership and use of guns has a deterrent and social control effect on violent crimes and burglary."

A high-ranking official in the Houston, Texas Police Department stated several years ago:

"The police cannot prevent most crimes. They cannot be everywhere at once, nor can they anticipate where a criminal will strike next. They can only pick up the pieces, or bodies, after the fact. Armed citizens have to protect themselves. We cannot. It is the law of the jungle and our cities, nation and world have truly become a jungle."

If strict gun-control laws are enacted, criminals will continue to get all the guns they can possibly want without interference of you-the-people in competition for the selection of preference, while the citizens will be left unarmed and defenseless or in opposition to the law--with simultaneous probability of prosecution as a criminal--just for having possession of a gun.

Prison inmates are quick to tell you that when mugging, or breaking into a home, their main worry is that they may well be facing a person who is armed and this acts as a major deterrent to the crime.

A second danger, and this one is far larger than you can possibly imagine unless you are current with our writings about your border military installations, is the giant horde of illegal immigrants (some 10 to 20 million to date) who continue to pour across your borders annually. There is an above average criminal element in these immigrant groups--both for individual criminals and for planned infiltration into your society of these criminal elements to set the stage for takeover as the time is properly set up. In addition, you in America are wide open to invasion by the "communists" from Central America through Mexico over the next decade--you will have no border security as soon as the "free trade" is operational. A disarmed American citizenry invites criminal actions of all kinds.

You must look at the anti-South Africa, anti-apartheid movement, for the antigun political left is extremely well-organized, coordinated, and financed. The present onslaught has been planned for many years. Key elements of their strategy include:

Rely on emotionalism and ignorance. Capitalize on morbid events like the California schoolyard killing by keeping it stirring on regular occasions even if news precludes same. Or, focus on an isolated act of violence or murder such as a vicious double murder in Denver, and then emotionally manipulate a vulnerable public with disinformation, semantic deception, and distortion to create an overnight anti-gun bandwagon. Emphasize the idea that "guns kill people", instead of the truth that "people kill people": with knives, strangulation, hammers, hatchets, axes, weed trimmers, lawn mower blades, chain saws, poison, cars--AND guns. Your old killer, Ted Bundy, didn't seem to need a gun to viciously slaughter fifty to a hundred pretty young women.

Utilize the Hegelian Principle. This is a three-step process authored by Hegel and perfected by the Marxist/Leninists: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The first step (thesis) is to create (or fabricate, preferably) a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created in step one-- change which would have been impossible to impose on the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

The propaganda onslaught. Having created the problem (i.e., "guns kill people, and therefore, are evil"), step two is to create fear, panic, and hysteria. Since early 1989, you have seen the most concentrated, orchestrated media blitz against guns since the media and political left cranked up for the INF Treaty and for South African sanctions. Thousands of articles in newspapers and magazines have appeared with titles such as: "Buyers Hoarding AK-47's", "There's No Right to Bear Semi-Automatics"; "Assault Weapons: Death and Taxes" (an article claiming that the medical cost of treating gunshot wounds in America is a BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR price-tag for taxpayers); "Pushers Best Friends, The NRA"; "Playing with Guns", etc. Nationwide polls (mostly fabrications, but with questions such as, "Do you think we should end bloodshed and massacres with assault rifles?") claim eighty percent of the public is for banning these "killing machines". Well, I should hope that all people everywhere would be against killing by any means whatsoever. In short, the media is creating the appearance of a "great groundswell" of support (just as they did for pro-war in the Middle East, through lies and fabrication and selected interviews) for a gun ban, just, again, as they did previously with South African sanctions. It is also tying the guns directly to the emotional issue of drugs, intimating that if you get rid of one, you'll get rid of the other. Now, again, WHO OWNS AND OPERATES THE MEDIA? AH YES, THE KHAZAR ELITE WOULD-BE ONE WORLD RULERS! THEIR STOLEN HOME NATION IS THE BIGGEST GUN AND WEAPONS DEALER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

Attacking the pro-gun groups. The political left and the media have launched a massive propaganda campaign against the 2.8 million-member National Rifle Association, gun dealers, gun magazines, and owners by depicting these progunners as blood-thirsty, heartless, trigger-happy, sleazeballs. The New York Times article "Pushers Best Friend, The NRA" by Ted Kennedy (who has dozens of automatic-armed body guards) talked about how "..the unholy alliance between the NRA and the drug dealers is slowly turning some urban neighborhoods into killing fields and transforming Washington and other cities into free fire zones."

Extending the bans to handguns and ammunition. It is noteworthy that the campaign to ban assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons is being spearheaded by Handgun Control Inc. and the National Coalition to Ban Handguns. The attack on semi-automatics is a backdoor attack on banning handguns--their top priority. This is seen in a lot of the new legislation popping up in various states. Legislation has been introduced to ban the manufacture, transfer, and importation of .25 calibre and .32 calibre bullets, saying: "Without ammunition, a handgun is useless." Much more legislation on other calibres of ammunition will follow.

Link guns to drugs and the drug war. In a classic use of guilt by association, the left are equating guns with the drug war arguing that with a gun ban, the drug war would evaporate. Senator James McClure (RID) has countered that the gun ban "..has almost nothing to do with any real assault on drug trafficking and drugs in this county....Can anyone believe that someone smuggling illegal drugs into this country will have any trouble smuggling illegal guns?"

Split the gun owners off from the law enforcement community. There are hundreds of liberal police chiefs (appointed by liberal mayors) around the country who have joined the political left in supporting gun-control, and some of those are getting high media visibility. However, the great majority of law enforcement officers agree with the National Sheriffs Association, which has said: "There's no valid evidence whatsoever to indicate that depriving law abiding American citizens of the right to own firearms would in any way lessen crime or criminal activity.... The National Sheriffs Association unequivocally opposes any legislation that has as its intent the confiscation of firearms....or the taking away from law-abiding American citizens their right to purchase, own, and keep arms."


Dharma, enough for this morning. We will resume with a discussion regarding legislation, etc., on the subject of gun-control. As soon as the Administration can accomplish the disarming of the public--all the other plans will take over and you will be "had". So be it. You CAN CHANGE IT if you want to.

Hatonn to stand-by, please.



WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1991 8:04 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 230

TODAY, APRIL 3, 1991

Dharma: As I sit to write and prepare the computer with the necessary data, I have a most important thing happening which probably would be interesting, if nothing more, to bring to your attention as readers. I realize that I am most privileged to be allowed this portion of service for 1 can somehow exist in both worlds and touch that which reaches out through this communication. But I often wonder if you would also feel more closely in touch if I shared some of the things which are "proof" and "confirmation" for these "hands"?

You see, I need no higher "code" or "words" to tell me that which to attend closely these hours and days. Each day it may be quite different in approach but messages come in most remarkable manners and I would like to share the one from this very sitting.

Day before yesterday evening, I wrote quite late and had no opportunity to check out any of the comments given regarding the news. After writing the first thing I was sent to do was monitor the "news" regarding the explosion of the rocket at Edwards. Oberli and I watched through CNN Headline News two or three times and found nothing (the explosion apparently had just happened, quite late in the day--or at least release of the event came quite late). We were a bit distressed to find nothing for I have yet to have Hatonn NOT be correct and, typical human--I WAIT for the discrediting the same as all others do. Finally on the LATE local news there it was in all its fireworks glory--a mammoth explosion which actually we could well have seen the smoke plume from our own location.

Now--since--he said to watch the shuttle situation; that that which would happen with the shuttle launches is of great importance, etc. I promptly, like everyone else, put it aside to monitor. I have no more insight into the writings, for the most part, than does anyone else. BUT, this morning as I sat to prepare the computer, I had a bit of difficulty finding the preceding writing for updating of the heading--suddenly the paragraph regarding the shuttle, etc., came up on the screen--highlighted within the document. I was annoyed for I can hardly operate the machinery at best and didn't know what to do about it. Then, I removed the whole file from the screen and determined that for ME, and my lack of knowledge, I had best start over. Three times that highlighted paragraph came to the screen and three times it came in "highlights". I have not seen nor heard any type of newscast since yesterday morning but I can assure you--THERE IS SOMETHING INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT REGARDING THESE NEXT SHUTTLE LAUNCHES WHETHER OR NOT WE EVER FIND OUT WHAT IT IS. THERE WILL, HOWEVER, BE CLUES IF WE ALL PAY ATTENTION.

Sometimes I find strange writings on the screen which are messages--I might add, Hatonn is a much better typist than am I but it comes rarely and usually when I am distracted and not paying attention to something important. I don't understand the connection any better than anyone else; I have simply learned by the two-by-four across the head, to pay attention. For instance, a redtail hawk (Little Crow's) "traveling" symbol comes to our patio and calls as he crosses the door and we know it is time to speak or visit Little Crow--right NOW! A few days ago we were out in the car only to be urged to drive up one of the local canyon roads where we found a Golden Eagle hovering above. We followed it hither and yon as he went to a location and circled back again--over and over so we just went where he went. Finally, below where he set up his circling was a young man and woman stuck at the bottom of a hill with a roadway too slippery with snow to get out. Getting them out was not the problem for we had a four-wheel drive vehicle and after finding a rope the task of driving out was nothing. BUT, we had to go search for a rope giving us time to become acquainted--this is one of the most important contacts we have made to date for participation of ones related to them, their mode of business, etc. It became very clear EXACTLY what we were to do--we find that there aren't even "tiny" coincidences or accidents any more, in our lives, and we are learning to watch for the clues without the two-by-four. The Eagle stayed right around us until we finished what we were to share, dipped his wings and vanished. Signs? Clues? It comes to the point we have to assume so for there are no other explanations.

For instance, some of the most insightful inquiries come from ones of you who are simply "urged to write" and very often the words in the letter are: "I really don't know why I am writing--but I feel I must --." Perhaps this is what "awakening" means as much as paying attention to politics--or moreso. I do know that it is the insight in relationship to God which is of the importance; the other information is only to get us into action so that we ALSO have a stage upon which to produce our "play". We must somehow first "see" and comprehend that which is our experience in order to realize the relationship with God. I know that we who are gifted with this communion (I, no more than any who reads it) are blessed beyond all expectation in this journey. It brings no "entertainment" to the stage, nor anything but sleepless nights and long hours of "work" (if you could remotely speak of association with the brotherhood of advanced intelligence and wisdom within the circle of God Himself, as work).

I cannot wipe away the knowledge coming forth from my fingers as any sort of "reality" for I cannot comprehend the allowance of ME to get to participate. The information is shocking and sometimes totally debilitating to me for as it is read to me in the editing process, it is as if I have no attachment to the documents at all. I know that in my consciousness I DO NOT KNOW THESE THINGS WHICH I AM GIVEN TO WRITE. FURTHER, I HAVE NOT, SINCE SIPAPU ODYSSEY, BEEN GIVEN ALLOWANCE TO WRITE ANYTHING EVEN CONNECTED WITH "FANTASY" OR "NOVEL FICTION"--ONLY TO FIND THAT SIPAPU WAS NOT, EITHER.

For you who do not know me, I only began to serve about three years ago and to that point had been most unkind about the concept of "higher beings", etc. I believed in God and very little else touted as "religion", including New Age and "Channels "--and let me be the one to stress again, THIS IS NOT CHANNELING AS THE PROCLAIMERS OF "RECEIVING" DESCRIBE IT OR DANCE ABOUT THE STAGES IN ENTERTAINMENT AND SELF-STYLED GLORY. This receiving is as a boss to a secretary although I am not sure HOW I know to translate the signals coming in--but they ARE signals, purely and simply, and the one on the "line" identifies and we go to work. When they wish to speak, it is a little different as I still "translate" but somehow they are able to utilize ME. I don't understand that mechanism either but I am given into instant understanding that I am a "student" at the sessions just as anyone else in the room. I further know that this is only a PORTION of mj intended purpose and work and I, too, have to wait for unfolding--in impatience. I, too, am waiting to know that which IS my purpose—for I feel this secretarial job is probably not my ultimate "job" but I know that I shall be informed in proper time.

A lot of people ask me if I am not afraid? I don't know, for when the house is attempted at bombing with laser pulses, shattering my windows, and when I am actually HIT and awakening from unconsciousness--I am terrified--but both the terror and fear are then instantly removed, somehow, and I am given to be totally CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF THE PRESENCE AND PROTECTION OF HATONN (IN PERSON), SANANDA ESU (IN PERSON) ATON (IN PERSON)--BEING RIGHT THERE SETTING EVERYTHING TO FUNCTION AGAIN AND I HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO EXPERIENCE A JOURNEY HOME. I am always asked if I am ready to return to my physical mission and I know beyond all doubt that it would be fine if I declined to continue with this work. I suppose at the time I am given to know why I choose to try it again under those circumstances but after I "wake up" I think I'm a total idiot.

I can only share with you that which I DO KNOW--God has returned and He is right here--with the Christed, by whatever you want to call him, an entire fleet of craft from the Cosmos in total glory to behold with beings in every level of projection from human physical to etheric light--and further--they are more REAL than anything on the ground and it is the return to the physical dimension which becomes the illusion. I don't claim to understand the mechanism from the side of the experience of consciousness but the "reality" is not on this dimensional level of experience. I also know, however, that the physical dimension must be set to straight in the physical sense before we are given to pass higher and, therefore, it surely becomes worthwhile to acquire the "academy award" for acting--in this place--even if you don't like the play, and even if it is your own play. I suppose this will sound confusing to you, but I even get to the point where I envy the group who gets to experience the Commander's personal sessions for that which I experience is quite obviously different from what the "audience" experiences. I am given, on the other hand, to experience the energy intent and the sheer joy of the "presence". So, I suppose we are given rewards for service in many differing ways. My greatest gift of all is when ones refer to HIM and read the Journals by HIM as if I, Dharma, have no existence whatsoever--for that is the truth of my service--that there be no part of myself within the writings except as at this time of expression of self.

Please, may you all know--the "writing" is a portion of my day and a very "different" portion of my every day. The "writings" are my life and yet the focus of living is as everyone else--"how do we get our job done, the word out, fix dinner, wash the clothes, etc., etc., etc. I can't even relate to dodging bullets which I certainly have valid reason to know are aimed at me. I find it incredible that anyone would target ME, for I don't feel I do anything. It IS remarkably "interesting". I find it "interesting" right now that Hatonn is nudging me and telling me that I have taken long enough; it is time to go to work. The discipline comes with such love that you are not offended--but you know you are in discipline and therefore, thank you for allowing me hearing--I must go to work.

* * * * *

Hatonn present, and yes, I gave her an inch and she took pages. We do allow her to play at being human also for she, too, has the learning to be accomplished. Each of you will truly find that no job in service unto Creator/Creation is greater in totality than another--only different and only in importance of "sequence". As knowledge is gained in various facets of experience—you may "prevail" in given circumstances because of knowledge--it is not appointed hierarchy "greater position". In the higher experiences the physical ego is not present to demand stroking and, therefore, as you progress, the "pecking order" ceases to present itself. It is simply hard to understand for the MISunderstanding is that you move from the third dimensional physical into one with knowledge and Godness. No, you progress and grow into that wondrous position of ONENESS.

There are, however, wondrous insights as you move along the journey into Truth and Oneness. At the "termination" of one experience--say death of a "body", there is always the wondrous moment of understanding, total knowledge and "judgment" of the journey "so-far". Ones who experience the "death process" and return to tell you of their experience will all tell the same basic tale--of a moment of total "knowingness". This is most important for in that moment of Truth you KNOW what the lessons are which are learned and which remain unlearned--what missions were accomplished and which remain to be finished. Each interim transition allows knowledge of status and growth level and an opportunity to get off the binding wheel or a need to remain longer at that particular level of experience--having not learned that which moves you ever higher toward the ONENESS and TOTAL ALLNESS.

As you grow higher in understanding and experience, the transitions become experiences of great anticipation for as the entity grows in Truth so are the experiences more profound and glorious. As the entity of individual substance, let us call it personality for lack of better definition, becomes of higher dimension and knowledge it then becomes the teachers and guides who are the "guardians" of the less-knowing beings so the responsibilities become that of guiding another aspect into the higher path.

Then in the overall experience of cycles, there are given the opportunities of experiencing in such manifested circumstances as planets and civilizations find themselves bogged in dense perception of forgetfulness. Then, as now, some have the privilege to participate in the "remembering" or "awakening" as we refer to it here. Each with a different function--all with the same "goal" or the "opposite goal". Existence of an immortal energy is in the experiencing--not in the existing. It is the "experience" which is the God-given free choice of life itself. Whatever you think your "choices to be" the one you are experiencing at the moment is the ONE you chose! Ponder it. At this instance in Dharma's experience, she has CHOSEN to scribe for Hatonn--no matter how she complains or rejoices--it is solely her choice. It becomes my privilege to have a scribe upon whom I can always depend for service--but it is totally, 100% her choice to write or not write.

This very point is where man bogs down--he wants no human responsibility for his own choices. For instance, if you wish to change of the direction of your travels--or return your nation to greatness--YOU must take responsibility as if you were the only one and as you take your place and stand in total responsibility--others shall do likewise. How quickly we make the change or the difference is determined by how strongly we respond to our responsible place of leadership and direction--teaching or writing, or, or, or. Our responsibility in this place, for instance, is to lay out circumstances as they are. We are not the first to do so nor shall we be the last-- however, it matters who and how the banner is taken up by the receivers as to whether or not the score shall be made by a touchdown in the ball-game. Dharma can do her job to perfection but if the printer puts it not to print and the distributor distributes it not and you receive of it not--nothing but exercise is gained. And even that, in itself, is experience in learned information. Let not any single moment escape the noting of the lesson involved and the gift offered if you will but accept it. A gift unto another does not change possession of ownership until the receiver accepts and takes possession of the gift. WITHOUT THE READERS OF THIS INFORMATION, THE INFORMATION IS VALUELESS AND THEREFORE, THE READER BECOMES THE PIVOTAL POINT OF IMPORTANCE--NOT THE WRITER.

Do not think this point is lost on the Would-Be Elite Controllers--for they first try to stop the scribe, then the distribution of the Truth by any means possible--then they will slap rules upon you the readers and stop you from receiving the information and/or discounting it--FOR IT IS YOU OF WE-THE-PEOPLE WHO ARE IMPORTANT-- NOT HATONN, NOT DHARMA, NOT AMERICA WEST---YOU! You however, can judge the value of the writing by how hard they effort to stop it from reaching YOU, and it has been an incredible effort exerted to stop our contact and information flow from mental barrage to physical violence. Funny thing about attacks, however, you will find the attacked simply grow stronger and the attackers become confused and irrational and make more blunders. That is why it is never wise to react in fear and panic--respond in calm wisdom and you will always win the round.

Something to ponder: You believe you have not experienced any miracles? You were birthed, were you not? Now, think about this--have you ever experienced death of the body? No? How about every time the heart finishes a beat? If you have not the next beat you just died! You experience at least 40 to 200 miracles a minute of existence-- and you still ask for "proof". How often do you thank God for those 60 some-odd miracles--or do you simply complain about your lack of "comfort" and that which you perceive you have not? Think carefully about those things for it will be that for which you are grateful which shall ultimately enter as "circumstantial evidence" at your judgment hearing.


I shall respond to a question from a reader and then we will leave this document and move on to the Journal in progress. We have been asked about the seeming contradiction of usage of the term Israel and "Jew" in the book AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL and the recent information regarding those terms not being valid in the time of the Judeans. We have also told you that if the terms are used directly in a circumstance of original writing--such as a "Bible", "Talmud" etc., say the Book of Mormon, Oahspe, etc. which "claim" DIRECT writing of original material--the terms would not be used which do not relate to the given time in history.

We claim no "original" new information. Dharma, for instance, in the penning of the above named Journal claimed no direct instructional input--nor did the speakers. The information was a directly TRANSLATED WRITING. The writing was written in Arabic and was not a "first" writing as was claimed, say, by Joseph Smith in receiving the book of Mormon. I comment not upon that work except to say that the terms show up frequently without explanation of "clarity" in writing. Dharma was only given a translation from that Arabic/German into English as to current translation of language as acceptable for understanding.

The fact that the terms did not exist at the time of the original writing is not as important in current translation as to when and how the meanings of same were CHANGED OR BECAME VALIDLY ACCEPTED AND WHY. If the term JEW, for instance, remained a shortened version of Judean and had the original meaning as Judean--fine; it is the taking or creation of the work with deceitful definition which is the work of intent herein.

Another reason we would allow the words to be used is to allow understanding to come in proper sequence. Had we given you all the information in the last Journal, without the information from the prior writings--you would throw the work away and denounce it, just as have many. You have to be allowed to absorb that which is given according to growth with ability to go and find confirmation as it is outlaid unto you. You do not feed an infant a slab of beef and expect him to cut it and eat it for he will choke to death. You give him milk until his teeth come and then you still must cut his meat with a knife and fork until he can use the tools for self. He doesn't even have to know the name of nor the function of the knife and fork--he only has to come into the trust that you will properly cut his meat for him. We must first build trust of our presence in bits which can be confirmed and chewed and as you grow and our Truth remains intact--you can trust more and then you can cut and chew and select your food and recognize that which is good from that which is poison--God would never treat you lesser than you would treat your most precious child. He will, like you to your child, give us that which we are capable of handling and then hold us while we learn to walk--always giving us the knowledge through teachings and lessons--the correct path to follow to come home again.

It is not so much the terms which are of import--it is the intent of the usage which you must remain ever alert and when you see a word misused--be careful as to interpretation. Know who and what lurks behind the term and that IS JUDGED BY ACTIONS AND NOT BY WORDS.

Thank you for being alert enough to inquire. As you read more and more of the documents, you will find the answers given but some things are so bothersome to the searching mind that they need attention before all the information can be accumulated, digested and sorted. If, however, we tend all the inquiries of ones who have not apprised themselves of that which is already given, we shall never get enough of our mission accomplished to make any difference--we shall simply be stagnant in the pool of repetition. This is what we refer to as "homework" and research. Further, if you have read and have not found answers, then by all means ask and if it is not forthcoming on its own, ask again. We must work with those things most urgent to your welfare and frankly, right now, your very freedom and human ability to function is in jeopardy of severe crisis so we must pour on the "physically human" enemies so we can get on to the place where we can give the IMPORTANT soul growth input. Again, we are limited by the physical and that which is perceived at the moment--and we are sitting where we can see around the bend in the road and it is serious circumstance indeed!

It is very much like the child behind the three foot wall--he cannot see the bomb ready to explode immediately upon crossing the wall--but the six-foot tall father can see it hidden there awaiting the blowing up of the child. Would the father be right to deny the child the guidance and information? Well, we cannot force you to avoid crossing the wall which hides the pitfalls as you can literally force your child to stay in security--but we can certainly tell you where the bomb is located and who put it there so that you can recognize your enemy. What is more, we intend to continue to give you more and more and more information as long as Dharma's fingers can type and others are willing to risk and serve and act.

And I will repeat what was said to ones in this group by a man thinking himself funny- -but there was great "meaning" in his statement which he realized not--as he moved away from service unto God. He said, "Well, I intend to do God's work but, by God, I intend to do it my way!" No, my friends--THAT is NOT doing GOD'S WORK--guess whose work you are REALLY doing? WE WILL DO GOD'S WORK AND, BY GOD, WE SHALL HUMBLY DO IT GOD'S WAY! SO BE IT AND MAY THE LIGHT SHINE ALWAYS ABOUT YOU THAT YOU MIGHT SEE AND KNOW THE WONDROUSNESS OF THINE JOURNEY.

I am but your brother and I am humble in appreciation for being allowed service in your company. We each do not have to walk alone--for in brotherhood and understanding there can never be "alone"--only "oneness with ALL". Salu.



THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1991 8:04 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 231

TODAY, APRIL 4, 1991

Good morning, Hatonn present to further confuse your day, Dharma. However, we gave her, yesterday, her annual opportunity to complain and if she used it not for that purpose, we have 12 months to get away with overload. Bless you who have written to her for it makes MY job far easier as she then understands that the box she is in has windows. As to "Suzy Q", the suit you sent is beautifully done and fits perfectly--she will not, however, wear it as she is trying to extricate the applique "picture" from the shirt. She claims it is too beautiful for anyone "just to wear" and will figure some way in which to hang it on the wall for all to share. The hours that go into such loving work are precious indeed--just as are the pictures from the young "space cadets" who send me their perceptions in the form of drawings. I treasure them as I treasure my children fortunate to find placement in a home with parents who will allow them growth into their appointed (and accepted) missions. The children coming forth into enlightened families are blessed indeed and there is no greater service an adult can give unto God than to allow those special children freedom of truth and growth.

Do not expect perfection as YOU believe they should be, for they are restless and bound into tiny bodies which are restricting and just the "waiting for growth" is about all they can put up with. Effort at patience, allow them "contact" and we will help you in keeping their path a bit cleared and give unto them the support to be patient in their growth and into their tasks. Please do not underestimate our capabilities if asked and/or "allowed" participation and we never like to override a parent's input--but are allowed to do so if the parent teaches things against the Truth and Laws of God and Creation. Often the lessons are so much more difficult in that sense as they must then be experienced and that often brings great problems. Blessed indeed is the parent who respects and honors the child for, in turn, the child can openly respect and revere the parent. Ah, but I am off on a side trip wherein my own heart dwells and I must be given into the things of other focus.

Please know that we are most grateful for your communications no matter how large or small for there is not time too great to be taken in the reading of loving communion, or even that which criticizes for it gives opportunity to confront all possibilities and correct that which may need attention--ours is only intent to serve without tainting of any "opinion" by human "druthers". Short of God, nothing is of total perfection--only the striving thereto.

Ah, you ask for more on income tax while postponing gun-control for another writing since you come upon deadlines. What do I immediately suggest? Well, I cannot put it in exactly that format--we are not attorneys or accountants and do not practice as such; however, it would certainly seem that to simply not send in the form with your signature affixed might be a good idea on short notice--or, simply get an extension for filing until you can become better informed and make decisions as to action. If you have already filed your paperwork according to the illegal requirements pushed upon you--find out what can be done to recover and act properly and with wisdom or get prepared to act in the future--with even more wisdom. If you manage to allow your Constitution to fall (as is very, very possible at present) it is all a moot issue for the man with the gun gets the gold one way or another and "lawful" means nothing--they can make every action by the police and government "legal" by rule of the gun.


America didn't realize several things about the IRS--that they are a private corporation simply funded by the government by contract TO ENFORCE TAX COLLECTIONS and they are allowed to let into legal operations actions which are Constitutionally unlawful. I have written at great length on this subject in the Journal YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON, I believe--I must ask someone to please check this for it gets hard to keep track now that our output is so great. (He is correct.) It is important enough to repeat for you ones who are truly interested in cutting off some of the "blood" "food" to the unlawful thieves in this game. The only way to change the "beast" is to stop feeding him that which he must have to survive--your support through mindless actions. If you cut off the endless flow of Money to the Congress--I promise you that you will clean out Washington, D.C. in no more than three payperiods. If the tree stops feeding the parasitic leech vines then the leeches die. If the flow of "sap" is not stopped then the parasitic growths multiply and multiply and kill the tree. In this case, the parasites are killing the entire nation and populace. It appears that welfare SAVES--no, it destroys both the recipient and certainly the one from which the funding is seized by the gun. "Charity" is an altogether different subject so we will not go into it herein.

Americans have been far, far too gentle with the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, whose authority/JURISDICTION by Law is restricted to tiny federal areas and those people who have volunteered, most often by trickery. I wrote pages and pages on the subject of volunteering to file and pay funds to the federal government of, not the Republic, but the legislative dupers. Chances are indeed overwhelmingly large that you are such a volunteer, and your STATUS is that of a secondary legislative "statutory" or "U.S. citizen" under the fraudulently-ratified 14th 'Amendment'. With easy, but powerful, American Law in an honest court (and there are few left ) you can do something about the situation. You see, you ARE as FREE as when you were born in one of your fifty States--you have simply not continued to realize it through the morass of propaganda and disinformation causing you to function "as if" it were Constitutional that you do certain things--no, once you develop the proper background for action and get knowledgeable--you can throw off the parasites.

You-the-people shout to the world that you will not dea1 with criminals and yet you do--over and over every day. A nation cannot survive with such parasites feasting upon your life blood. You must learn how to counter the attacks and stop the asinine blood sucking. It is absolutely necessary for the very survival of your Nation and your posterity. You will learn to call the criminals, criminals without softening the wording. In this case with income taxes you can make the mis-taught "IRS" bullies back off or themselves end up in deep yogurt. Those predators will remain totally "out of control", as the Congress says, until they are squarely challenged with Amencan Law under the Constitution, and this is amazingly easy to do. But will it be successful? It depends on whether or not YOU do it properly.

Can it work? Of course, every time when it's done correctly, even in cases where Citizens have been conned into the criminals' so-called "U.S. Tax Court", which by Law is not America's and it is not a Court. Modern law schools teach little if any of the true laws, or of great American Law, as lawyers will readily admit. So this is a DO IT YOURSELF project, without the attorney fees (which also makes it frowned upon by the attorney clubs). Remember, too, that the American Bar Association is now an active, working member of the Khazar Elite New World Order.


The Constitution FOR AMERICA requires a very restricted National Government, but another portion allows "exclusive Legislation" powers without limit FOR THE FEDERAL AREAS. So citizens must learn to see the reigning "WASHINGTON DCCLUB" and its IRS-CEG (Criminal Element in Government) shrivel back to their LAWFUL SIZE. How do you require that something shrink? You cut off its water and fuel. You-the-people can severely mummify the bloated federal government's overfunding, using and never abusing your American Law. Then and only then dear ones, will it learn to live within ITS OWN LIMITS.


The first thing you have to do is recognize and regain your Born-Free citizenship status, and then RETAIN it for the Common Good. As a side benefit you can then ELIMINATE Federal Income Tax and Withholdings. Washington has more than adequate means to LAWFULLY fund the tasks assigned to it by You-the-people, but not the incentive to simply do it through obeying American Law. Why should it? It can easily steal from you by fraud and trickery and force which you allow in everincreasing severity.

You, as a "good" citizen and always ready to honor "authority", probably volunteered for a Social Security number when asked, and filed your IRS forms regularly. But there was a hidden reason why no one said that these moves automatically switched your "natural born-free Citizen" status downward to "statutory". To fool you into thinking you were getting "breaks" instead of mesmerization, the federal and State agents, for instance, in 1967 brought doubleaudits by federal and State agents--who authorized double-refunds. 1979's Congress promoted its "Invest in America" TAX SHELTERS, so you pooled savings and put a whopping number of federal reserve notes into alternative energy, adding more quite modestly in mining and oil by 1982 and, with long-term ideas of financial independence, you bit on the bait as if it were mandatory that you pay the income tax in the first place.


The Constitution provides methods of balancing budgets (which rules are TOTALLY IGNORED BY CONGRESS), giving back State sovereignty. This is why everything is hidden from you--so that you blindly follow the bureaucratic rules enforced by a mafia-type hit squad which you also pay for. This is why there is a push for a Constitutional Convention--in order to COMPLETELY REWRITE YOUR CONSTITUTION TO COVER ALL THE LAWS THEY HAVE SECRETLY WRITTEN INTO EXISTENCE--AGAINST YOU-THE-PEOPLE! They even lie to you about what your income taxes go for--THEY GO ONLY TO PAY "CREDIT" AGAINST THE DEBT. YOU HAVE NO SYSTEM OF CURRENCY--YOU HAVE A FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE SYSTEM OF "CREDIT"--ALSO A "PRIVATE" ENTERPRISE WHICH YOU-THE-PEOPLE FUND WHILE THEY STEAL FROM YOU, THEREBY "GETTING-YOU" FROM EVERY DIRECTION AND MANNER KNOWN TO MAN.

I must give warning that time to set this to right is upon you. If things continue as they are--you are doomed. Even the war must be continued ad nauseam with heinous actions by your nation and administration--to INSURE ABILITY TO CONTINUE "EMERGENCY" REGULATIONS AND FORCE UPON YOU.

Dear ones, it is NOW time for all you LOYAL CITIZENS to move into UNITY--on the offensive, with magnificent American Law for Freedom and Truth. When accomplished, no more will criminals imprison your People who stand firmly with God-given "UNALIENABLE RIGHTS" previously "SWITCHED FRAUDULENTLY" for "civil" nonsense. If you take action and refuse to longer allow this fraud, then You-the-people may well have another chance to live with LAWFUL GOVERNMENT IN A FREE AMERICA. If not--you are headed directly into the prison of slavery which is already your mode of operation.

What should you do? Get informed. I cannot urge you strongly enough to get protection--get the Journals, PRIVACY IN THE FISHBOWL and YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON. I also urge you to get material which can be copied word-for-word as we showed you in the recent Express--but you need more--please get and, if necessary, share--N.A. Scott's book, FREE AT LAST - FROM THE IRS. (Ordering info. already made available.) We can only give you information--we CANNOT force you to utilize any of it. I would note, however, that if you do not take a stand soon--kiss your freedom and your "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL"--Goodbye forever. The noose is securely tied about your necks and the lever to the trap door under your feet is in movement--brothers, you are right at the "end of your rope"! (Pun with serious intent fully intended.)


Benjamin Franklin said to You-the-people, "You have a REPUBLIC, if you can keep it." You did not keep it so, today, through fraud and theft, today's lawyers say that you are "A DEMOCRACY", meaning none other than mob-rule, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT AND THEIR ADVISERS.

Just yesterday I received a letter from a precious friend who stated that "...they would like to do more for your project but we are even having to borrow money to pay our taxes"! STOP IT AND STOP IT--NOW! It has nothing to do with helping or not helping our projects--but I promise you better and more reward from serving God than serving George Bush and Henry Kissinger and contributing to the enslavement of the nations of your world. If you must borrow money for something--borrow it to get the information outlaid for you here, keep the funds you would use for taxes and demand that you move back into freedom. Get the manual and DIGEST it. Follow the step by step "how-to" and DO IT. Then, if terror grips too hard--get a loan of less than a thousand dollars and get a Nevada Corporation and get everything except social security payments, etc., OUT OF YOUR NAME AND INTO YOUR CORPORATION--WHO IS A SEPARATE INDIVIDUAL ONLY "CONTROLLED" BY YOU--AND MOREOVER--THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOESN'T KNOW YOU OWN IT. STOP BEING INTIMIDATED BY THE THUGS WHO GIVE YOU FALSE INFORMATION AND START USING THE GUIDES SET UP TO SAVE YOUR ASS-ETS. UNLESS YOU GO OFF-SHORE, WHICH IS FOR BIGGER "HIGH-ROLLERS" FOR THE MOST PART, NEVADA IS THE ONLY REMAINING STATE IN THE NATION WHICH ALLOWS PRIVACY AND ONEOPERATOR CORPORATIONS. WE CAN EVEN HELP YOU SET YOURS UP WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOW ON THE RECORDS AS OFFICER-DIRECTORS AND STILL MANAGE THE ENTIRE OPERATION AS ONE PERSON TOTAL CONTROL. DON'T BE FOOLISH--UTILIZE THE LAWS AND BREAKS THE HOODLUMS MAKE LEGAL FOR THEMSELVES. USE INTEGRITY AND INTELLIGENCE AND YOU, TOO, CAN WIN-WIN. The important issue, however, is to regain control of your Government--thus, your nation and your freedom.

Just as following the Laws of God and The Creation is the uppermost issue with spiritual aspect of self --so is gaining and holding your freedom and "Republic" laws your physical priority. YOU CANNOT COME INTO HARMONY AND BALANCE WITHIN THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION WITHOUT FREEDOM AND YOUR FREEDOM AS A WORLD IS ALL BUT GONE!


I, further, see no reason to incorporate a church at all--unless, of course, you want to do so as a Nevada Corporation for privacy purposes. But I want to present something to you. Natural Born FREE Citizens' Churches do not NEED incorporation if you adhere to the Constitutional laws of the Republic. This, despite what mistaught lawyers have counseled--after all, they want to make MONEY! They will also poopoo Hatonn's information and scare you all to inaction if possible--as will the accountants. Will some good and daring lawyers and accountants please step forward and identify yourselves and we will give you more business than you ever dreamed of earning--and save your taxes in addition. Very, very gradually (so you wouldn't notice) the Washington D.C.-Club has given disinformation and propagandized the phony grandeur of this entrapment, when a simple inexpensive AMERICAN COMMON LAW TRUST, among other avenues of action, could have kept both the members and their respective churches "Free" without government dictates and there are cited cases to prove the point. Or you can establish the "church" as a corporation in Nevada with little "visiting" groups in other places (states). In fact, if you are State Incorporated anywhere other than Nevada and or the Panamanian outer-limits, you might well want to consider dis-incorporation. You will find all this information of how-to in Dr. Scott's material.

Please take note--the total price for the book is some $43.00 to Dr. N.A. (Doc) Scott, Economist and Theologian, 2649 Vista Way #8-137, Oceanside, Calif. 92054. HOWEVER; TAKE CAREFUL NOTE THAT HE WILL ONLY ACCEPT FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES OR POSTAL MONEY ORDERS. NO PRIVATE CHECKS AND NO CREDIT CARDS. For information you might just TRY area code 619:555-1212 and tell him Hatonn of the Phoenix Journals/Express sent you. I hesitate to give out that number for it is usually kept secure, but YOU are out of time for this annual "robbery day". To get the other Journal information and place orders, the phone number is on the document--America West does take checks and credit cards for you who do not sufficiently value your privacy to still have either or both.


Allow us a rest please, Dharma.



THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1991 10:52 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 231


I, Hatonn, do not bring other than information as to obtaining help in handling this matter in point. We can go on and on about the subject but I can only urge you with all possible intent to hasten and get backup information so that you do everything in properness. I can assure you that the worst that will happen if you hold up sending in your form is a possible "penalty". The "best" is that you will learn your rights and proper actions and keep your funds for your own deciding as to how and who will receive benefit of them.

I have a second book to suggest you obtain if you find not enough support emotionally from that which I have already shared with you in prior writings and herein. It is called IRS HUMBUG, IRS WEAPONS OF ENSLAVEMENT, by Frank Kowalik. This is published by Universalistic Publishers, P.O. Box 70486, Oakland Park, Florida 33307- 0486 and is listed as: ISBN 0-9626552-0-1 at $29.95 (on book cover).


Oberli, I ask that you obtain these two books in point for my reference for John needs his own copies which he has generously shared for our ordering use.

There are two terms which need to be identified herein before we discuss this book in point:

Humbug (as in bah-humbug) n.: 1. something designed to deceive and mislead 2. an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception.

Humbug v: DECEIVE, HOAX vi: to engage in a hoax or deception.

Kickback n: (as used herein); a return of a part of a sum received often because of confidential agreement OR COERCION.


I honor this author and ask that we reprint the preface of the book for it is very well done.


The liberty of a circus elephant is restrained to a confined area by a chain that binds him. Though this chain is but a thread compared to his massive bulk it provides control because the elephant falsely believes the chain cannot be broken. This false belief is ingrained into the elephant's mind by the trainers at infancy by chaining the elephant to a stake when the chain was strong enough to bind him. Once this hoax is established it is all that is needed to control the adult elephant to act the way the trainer wants it to act. The elephant is controlled by the trainer's humbug.

Likewise, WE, THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, are controlled by the taxing authorities humbug, particularly the Internal Revenue Service employees have acted as trainers. We have been trained to falsely believe that we are subject to their humbug by their established false belief. That false belief is that you are required to pay federal income taxes. This is a false belief since when you file a "U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" you are not paying federal income taxes, you are participating in a kickback scheme that is either legal or illegal depending upon whose property is involved.

The requirement to make a "return of income" does not exist when the scheme is an illegal kickback. The false belief is based upon the misunderstanding that a "U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" is to be delivered to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by April 15th of each year. This misunderstanding was and continues to be enforced by stories in the newspapers, magazines, in the radio and television media, and the movie industry. By their misled cooperation in establishing the false belief they have become trainers for employees of the IRS. They aided in bringing us to the Federal Government employees control over our life, liberty, and property (which includes labor). In doing so they unwittingly created control over themselves and their family as well.

The initial link in the chain is the phrase return of income is required by law. If the enforcement of this requirement is limited to the return of U.S. Government income in the possession of specific persons then the IRS is performing a lawful function. But, by opinions of U.S judges in the cases before them, this vague phrase was extended to mean that a "U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" is required to be delivered to the IRS. The purpose was to impose a hoax upon us. These opinions have become another link in the chain that binds us to the IRS.

Requiring the making and delivery of a "U.S. Individual Income Tax Return" is a legal impossibility since it becomes a debt instrument upon which collection is enforced. This goes to controlling your labor against your will, which is violative of the Thirteenth Amendment and specific laws of our country. IRS employees justify their false belief control program by the label voluntary compliance--self assessment. But, the lawful fact is that there is no such condition as a voluntary slave.

This book is intending to provide the knowledge upon which you can break the Federal Government employee's chains that bind you to their control. You are controlled by false belief when you believe you are a "taxpayer" under the Internal Revenue Code. You are also controlled by false belief when you believe that the IRS employees have authority to control you and your income. Their authority extends only to the return of the U.S. Government income in the possession of persons who are effectively connected with it. Only a "transferee" under the Internal Revenue Code can have U.S. Government income in his possession that is subject to being returned or kicked back.

To maintain personal control over your affairs you need to know your legal status. Reading this book will provide you with information needed to determine whether you are a "transferee" under the Internal Revenue Code or not. With knowledge you can have control over your personal income.



Continuation of Quotation:

The title of the book says it all. The Federal Government agency called the Internal Revenue Service (hereafter IRS) has used humbug in implementing what is called "income tax" for generations.

Humbug is one of the very few English words that has a singular meaning, (as we have already given you).

For decades many generations have been deceived and misled about what is commonly known as "individual income taxation." Such deception is possible because of vagueness of the laws in the Internal Revenue Code (hereafter I.R.Code). As an example, did you know that in all of the I.R.Code there is no definition of the term "income tax"? This makes possible the false belief that it means a tax on all income a person receives when it is not a tax at all, but a kickback arrangement that was first implemented in the year 1862 between the United States Government (hereafter U.S.Government) and the people it employs. So the need to define income tax is not required, but it takes more than 1,000 pages to conceal the fact that it is a kickback arrangement.

Humbug was used to create the false belief, and humbug is used to perpetuate it. This book reveals how and why both a legal kickback and an illegal kickback exist today, and how U.S. judges aid Federal Government employees of other branches of government in fulfillment of illegal conduct that result in a form of involuntary servitude called peonage. Also explained is why tax evasion is not possible when the program is a kickback.

Once the limitation of power placed upon our public servants is understood by a suffficient number of people then WE, THE PEOPLE can keep them within those limits. Until then each person MUST EXERT THEIR OWN PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY to protect their life, liberty and property from abuses.

Though some suggestions of what is needed in order to establish sovereignty over our personal property and exercise control over our own destiny are provided, it can only be accomplished by understanding what is humbug and what is legal administration of the law with regard to U.S. Government income (the only subject and matter concerning the IRS). This book provides information that surrendering control over one's personal wealth is being done because of false belief, the basis for IRS humbug.

The foundation for the information in this book is extensive personal study, but the experience of being harassed and maliciously prosecuted and imprisoned is what really enables me (Frank Kowalik) to see how deception (humbug), not law, controls the lives and property of people. Though I am sure it was unintentional, Federal Government employees taught me a great deal.

The truth between these covers (of the book) can be the ammunition you need to defend your life, liberty and property against enforcement of a false belief. Though I cannot promise you a utopia I can share what I have learned and my experience with you. Only with truth and understanding can the fear and frustration everyone seems to have with regard to the IRS and "individual income taxation" be overcome, and personal outrage eliminated. For peace to be ever present in the world, we must experience peace on a personal basis. May it be initiated with the study of IRS HUMBUG.


I can only ask that you support these brothers who have dared to speak out and have undergone harassment, imprisonment and all manner of efforting to stop the information prior to reaching You-the-people. When enough of you stand on the laws of your nation, then, and only then, will you move back into freedom under your Constitution as a Republic. I repeat--under the Constitution--through sovereignty of the States of which YOU are a citizen (not the legislative Washington D.C.-Club) there is built in complete authority for funding of all governmental "services" under direct governing of you-the-people in a Republic--not a mob-rule by majority voting "rulers"--Democracy. That is one set of definitions you had better never forget for one gives freedom and the other slavery.

Allow us a break for lunch and then, before moving back to the subject of national disarming and weapons control, I will respond as briefly as possible to inquiries stacking up regarding robotoids. Please understand that I will not jeopardize the safety of ones in service by giving other than general terminology or concept. You, the readers, must become comfortable, however, with the knowledge that this is a pretty well-perfected technology. I am not deliberately evasive about the subject; it is that we take things out of sequence and context and then we have myriads of scattered fragments which often cause more concern than giving solutions to acute problems and malfunctions. For instance, it is better to act and start shutting off the fuel supply to whichever is in POWER OVER YOU AND YOUR NATION than to fully understand the details of the beings themselves. These beings in charge, these days, feed on power, control and the fuel for their actions is supplied at YOUR permission and contribution.

I particularly wish to share with you a letter which came this hour to my attention. This person has gone far beyond that which we could hope and I want to respond to him. This man has taken all save two of the Journals and all of the Expresses and has computerized subject matter for reference purposes. We will reprint his letter and then I will effort to give a little more intelligent response. Thank you all for your patience.



THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1991 2:56 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 231


Dharma, it is well worth the time to duplicate that which was sent to us by R.S. of S. CA. (for his own identification). I shall always protect our contacts for we will all need to be very much "alive" if we are to reverse the tide sweeping you away. We also need to be united in understanding and goal intent; therefore, we will simply have to share and re-share information until we all come into comfort and it will be through the sharing of "proof" confirmation as it flows unto individuals which shall unify the nucleus sent forth for specific purpose and allow the unseeing to gain insight. Do not spend time in great concern for the blindness of children, friends, etc. As God makes his Truth the unvarying foundation of our work--so shall ones simply come to see.

I am in receipt of a letter this very day, from one who not only withdrew from me but called me many, many quite unsavory names and pulled several away, temporarily, fortunately, as he went in anger and confusion. Today he comes to say, again in brotherhood, "thank" you that although learning "silence" is hard, he is so doing and is working diligently to be worthy of coming again within the fold as student rather than as "know-it-all"-better than God. We rejoice as the lambs come home. It is GREATNESS in the human who finds errors, recognizes errors and rectifies same--for I care not for name-calling (I have at least five feet of very resilient shoulders--with great bounce-back capability). Dharma is a bit more fragile and often thinks she must protect ME--she is quickly learning that I have plenty of room for her beneath my wings for the whole of us, and she often trusts me enough these days to come on in out of the storm. I have plenty of room aboard for all of you and us too.

Now for R.S.'s correspondence:


Dear Commander Hatonn: (March 20, 1991)

First of all let me say that I welcome and accept everything you have written. I have received and read all of the Phoenix Expresses, but am 2 books behind on your Phoenix Journals--but trying to catch up. I find the material alternates between intriguing, engrossing, absorbing, shocking, and discouraging as I read with squeamish fascination. I make extensive notes on each page of both Expresses and Journals and put my notes on my computer so I can search and seek out information on any particular subject. [Hatonn: Thank you, that IS what we mean by "proving" truth and testing us. The more you "test" in this manner the better for us for in the sharing comes the confirmation to your brothers as well.]

Of all the subjects you have covered I believe I can say the most astonishing is in regards to robotoids. I note that when a question comes to you on this subject you indicate that the answer can be found by reviewing the existing Expresses and Journals which have covered this subject. With that in mind I have gathered all the material I could find and placed it on the enclosed 9 pages which I am sending along containing verbatim all the references and explanations. [This is such a mind-boggling subject and the hardest for ALL of you to receive and accept that I have almost dreaded the day we would sit to write a dissertation on the subject in full. I believe you can all understand the very grave jeopardy in which this one subject, carelessly handled, can place, even destroy, our entire mission; so, please, I ask indulgence when I say that I simply may not give you step-by-step methods to create a "duplicate". I will, however, effort to give you a bit more fundamental "HOW" it is done, how you can rapidly create an "adult" or "any stage of growth" body development, etc.]

No where in these 9 pages can I find a precise statement of how the robotoids are created. However, I have noted your explanation below which appeared on page 93 of "Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal" which seems to be as close as I could come:

"These 'genetic/holographic' DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity.

"There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses--robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison. They are comprised totally of physical "matter" manifested into what you perceive as physical coalition of these physical matter particles coalesced according to the DNA/RNA holographic blueprint whereby the re-creation will be a projection of that which is being copied at the time of replication."

I believe I can speak for the common man of the street, since I am a common man of the street, when I say that the underlined and bold-faced sentences in the above two paragraphs leave us with a very blank stare. This may be why you are getting so many questions on this subject as you have indicated. It might have some meaning to the laboratory scientist but to us men in the street it is just gobboldy-gook.

Please don't mis-understand, we are not looking for a step by step how-to-do-ityourself kind of description; we would merely like a couple of sentences explaining how a full sized replica can be produced from one cell or fragment, and where does the matter come from which is multiplied to produce a full-sized man or woman? Also what is done with the bodies of robotoids which are being replaced? How are they able to get this holographic image of those who may have been destroyed before the holographic fragment or cell was obtained?

"There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses."

Are you at liberty to reveal what some of these advances are which you indicated by the statement above? If I had to guess I would suspect some might be midgets, dwarfs and/or giants with grotesque features which would be pawned off as space aliens by the Elite when they try to pull off the mock attack by space aliens which you have mentioned from time to time.

It goes without saying that your expresses and journals are my primary reading. I only wish my 40 year old son was not such a skeptic and would take an interest. Thanks for being our window on the world and giving us this marvelously comprehensive and fascinating (and sometimes disheartening) view of our life here on earth. Respectfully, R.S.


My observation is that there will be many readers who still have no idea what we are talking about and will object if I do not give fill-in and therefore, though it be tedious-- R.S. has done our real work for us, and that is in pulling out that which we have already covered. Then it becomes easy to fill in some blanks for you. If this is repetition for most of you, I still ask that you study it carefully for it is, as I have said-- the very hardest concept to accept and yet, you shall see that it is one of the easiest, if understood, to accomplish.




As Referenced In The Phoenix Expresses and Journals

Phoenix Express Vol. V, No. 11 & 12 Pg. 7 (The Robotoid Mind)

I would like to say, prior to the reader's intake that we shall be writing in depth regarding what are known as genetic doubles and robotoids as referred to lately. These are new entities and we shall be speaking of such in this upcoming writing but I would prefer to delay further description until later for we are so stacked up with urgent material.

The robotoid mind has no ability to comprehend danger from the larger perspective. It can comprehend its own possible demise, but there is no "Soul" connection to God. Survival is a most elementary emotional connection to God and in times of great stress (i.e. "all men in a foxhole wholly believe in God") this is through the Soul. Since the robotoids do not have this connection, they simply intensify what ever activity they are focused upon, unless concerned fort their own bodily survival.

Thus we have men in high places who are "soulless" and beyond the reach of normal reasoning process. We speak Truth unto them as to what the consequences are of continuing this insane push and it does not penetrate, for the focus is only intensified. So, the maneuvering goes on in attempts to strike what they believe to be our vulnerable point, the crystal and our ground crews. It behooves all ones of this group to stay close within the area and to stay in constant focus of maintenance of your shields. 'Tis not the time to question the validity of what is going on about you as to reality, but to come into understanding that it is real and that you do play a most crucial and critical role in the sequential playing of God's hand in the game being played out.

Though we have all manner of scanners and do track and monitor key players, even then we are also somewhat surprised at the audacity of Satan's challenging us directly at this stage, but we must all remember that man's plunge into evil has carried him far beyond even that which Satan sanctions. However, neither is he going to put a stop to one of his humans that would carry his plan forward with the creativity that he, Satan, lacks. Neither will he make any effort to protect or salvage these ones. They are way out there on a limb of their own projection; if robotoid, it is a distortion within the original human being that is being followed into manifestation.

The discussion is so that you ones may perhaps grasp the degree of danger that not only you as focused group for God face, but humanity as a whole, for few grasp, accept or even have an inkling of what they are facing when it comes to the layers of evil planning as well as the presence of those Soulless ones that cannot be reached by God for there is no connection. God does not sanction war or death for it is destructive to the Soul to participate in such, however for those that are soulless there is the dilemma of man as to what to do when one such as this becomes focused upon the destruction of God's real children. How indeed do men of God handle such a situation? How does man know when indeed one such "being" is confronting him face-to-face? One such test is the challenge, "If you are not of Holy God, I command that you stop this instant." A Soul-connected being will hesitate, even if only for a split second. If you identify yourself with Holy God, then you had better be prepared to defend self, for a robotoid is programmed to destroy that which is of God. It is part of the process. They have not the connection with God that human has with which to identify each other, so they cannot be sure until you declare yourself, unless you are already known to them. That does not mean that you, if you are walking within the shield of God, are left defenseless in a moment such as this. The Presence shall be right at your shoulder and you will be given to know that which you are to do--if you are not in such fear and panic that you cannot instinctively know. Here you could hear words, but the reaction time would not serve you, instead there is a survival instinctual connection that allows for instant perfect action. Thus we encourage you to constantly acknowledge and recognize the Presence within you and without you. It is within this Presence of Spirit that you live, move and have your entire experience. I can assure you if, in a moment of confrontation, your mind takes you back to a Rocky or a Clint Eastwood scenario, instead of connection to your own instinctive God connection that you have cultivated and prepared by holding self in the present moment, your body is either a write-off or you will have lots of incarceration time to ponder your error in not being prepared as you are being given direction to do.


Phoenix Express Vol. VI, No. 4, Pg. 4 (We Are Ruled By A Robotoid Army)


I am not, herein, going to outlay who is who and what is what--watch, and you will be able to discern. Is Bill Cooper with his 9 foot alien picture real or false? Would he know if he were not? Likely not!

The "Big Boys" are getting ready to SHOW YOU a whole bunch of very "Earthly" spaceships and little and tall aliens. They are going to even bomb some of your cities to bring you into terror of our presence--for they know that with our presence--GOES THEIR DOMINANCE! Through causing the mass of mankind to fear God's hosts, you bring further confusion and destruction upon selves.




Phoenix Express Vol. VII. No. 6 & 7. Pg. 1 (Bush Is In His 28th Cycle of Robotoid)

Herein you will simply have to believe me when I tell you that there are replacement ones for your top leaders--and hundreds of "not so top" personages. The 28th George Bush was put into the picture on the 12th of January at Camp David. He was tested and "smoothed" on the 13th and presented again to you on the 14th. He did NOT go walk alone this morning (15th) to reflect and commune with God--he went to be alone so the messages from his puppet-masters--right out of Moscow--would not be monitored. I ask that, for the moment, you accept this which I tell you and then we can discuss how this can be true for, of course, many men have died because they brought this information. But information, none-the-less, has been given to you-the-public as far back as 20 years past--regarding genetic/holographic robotoids which bear identical memory patterns but are subsequently "programmed". I have written of it in one of the more recent Journals but will repeat the information as I have time. Suffice it for now, please accept that which I tell you is not only possible but is, in fact, utilized in myriads of instances--right now!

There are several places of top security where these transferences are made and replica holographic information is garnered for necessary multiples. Camp David has been the prime location for it is used as the Presidential Retreat and often social gatherings, such a birthday celebrations, top-level meetings with diplomats, etc., are carried out. This technology has been perfected in the Soviet Union and thus you have the reason that your government seems so indisposed to do anything other than cozy up to Russia.


Phoenix Express vol. VII, 8 & 9, Pg. 15 (Genetic Duplicates, holographic/cellular duplication, the programming mechanism.)

Perhaps later today (1-21-91) we shall have time to discuss a bit of information regarding genetic duplicates and holographic/cellular manifestation of new bodies and the mechanism of programming. The concept is so simple that I am almost embarrassed to discuss it for, as with all things scientific in "nature", you will find total simplicity. [Sorry about that--we obviously did not find extra time that day.]


Phoenix Express Vol. VII, No. 11, Pg. 3 (Programmed robotoid humanoids)

You cannot, as Americans, understand that which is happening and you stand strong for that which you have been "told", afraid to speak out and appear bigoted or "against" anything regardless of how heinous the actions. Why? Because you are at the point of open warfare in the form of Psychopolitical actions called "brainwashing" and the citizens of a government run by robotoid humanoids programmed to do exactly that which they are doing. Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 4 & 5, Pg. 9 (The world's leaders are Replicas, Ronald Reagan was slain.)

You say, "...but there was to be one 'slain' only to rise again and call himself God and THEN we would know by the sign." There is no way to slay the leaders, dear ones, they are replicas of the originals and there are dozens to take their places and you will never know. You killed Ronald Reagan and yet, you know not that he was dead! All the signs were there, including the running of your important and critical government by astrologers and still, you missed of it.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg 12 Robotoids: The world is inhabited with reproductions of programmed evil.

The world is inhabited by reproductions of programmed evil with density of darkness and no lighted souls to traverse the heavens for they are birthed of the whore of Babylon who rests her feet upon the heads of God's precious creation/creations and laughs at the blindness of the lambs. Man realizes not that he walks and serves that which bears no soul essence within the breasts--he follows reproductions of genetic fabrications in blindness. He realizes not that simply through Truth and confrontation with that Truth shall the evil replicas fall to the wayside.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, NO. 6 & 7, Pg. 13 (Robotoids)

The lies become so blatant that it astounds that even the dense of dense cannot see--but in many ways the entire masses have been mesmerized by the hypnotic repetition of the robotoids who have been placed in your command to control you.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 14 Robotoids:

Your top military leaders go forth to the "front"? They basically go nowhere. How is it that your military hierarchy are still in Washington in the war room? They cannot get very far from Camp David is "WHY". Look at the evil cover-up--even calling the Camp of Evil replication, "DAVID". ____________________

Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 6 & 7, Pg. 14 (Bush is now in his 30th replica)

(Note: Also appears on Pg. 92-93 of "Shrouds Of The Seventh Seal") [Thank goodness the items "match"--I probably owe a portion of this to Oberli who keeps me on my tippy-toes.]

Even a robotoid who comes within the lighted places of God Truth, shall be given soul by that Grace abounding. An awakened humanity can SEE the robotic replicas as produced by Satanic instruction. For instance--compare the one Cheney and that one, Powell--as they meet with their brother, the 30th replica of Bush on the morrow. All have been wined, dined and exchanged at Camp David whilst you believe them to be "studying the military situation" in Saudi Arabia. The flaws in the replicas are so obvious that you do not even have to look carefully. These ones are programmed to tell you exactly that which will pull you into the beast's claws as deadahead as a machine can move.


Phoenix Express Vol. VIII, No. 8 & 9, Pg. 2, (Robotoids - Puppet Masters)

Robotoids and genetic doubles, I REPEAT, have been around and steadily being perfected for four decades of public use right before your eyes. They are a product of the Soviet Zionists and have been your puppet masters for a long, long time--a new twist of sick humor perhaps--"the puppet pulling the human's strings!"


Let us take a short break.



THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1991 5:06 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 231



Pg. 192 Robotoids:

When I get opportunity to remind you about Russian Robotoids, you will perhaps stop calling us kooks and "your enemies"--we outlined, in the 1970's, the entire picture and availability of Russian Robotoids and duplicates. [Ah ha, you caught me! Yes, we had some receivers as far back as that and one of the best, which I shall still leave unnamed a bit longer--was killed for his efforts.] If your leaders are of Russian control, dear hearts--you will come under the control of Russia, no more and no less--and, you already have placed in your councils--controlled substitutes. These ones are further programmed by pulsed beams and will function according to the overall Global Plan 2000. [I ask that someone in the group send R.S. copies of the tapes of our meeting when W.H. was with us for I believe it was at that session I discussed Yeltsin/Gorbachev. One reason that there is so much confusion in the Soviet Union this day is because Gorbachev is a many times replaced robotoid and Yeltsin is NOT. This infuriates the Khazar Elite and they will destroy the world along with Russia if that is what is required to gain control. I shall not go into this further for it is like a death contract on my people. I would hope that you ones can figure some manner in which we can make available some of our sessions such as the ones when "visitors" are in our midst. The load is simply too great for me to insist so please bear with us for our staff is at the breaking point and I am vastly increasing output, as you can see. I must leave it to the publisher to decide what to do about the problem of such quantities of material. Dharma and I plan to continue as fast as we can pour it out upon you.]



Pg. 83 Genetic Replicas of Humans:

In the late part of the 1970's the existence of man-made genetic replicas of human beings was made public. The revealers were locked away instantly and the key tossed. It was disbelieved although motion pictures were made as sci-fi and the subject buried under threat of penalty of death to disclosers. They, however, did (and do) exist and were pressed into service right before your eyes. You didn't even blink at them--no sir, you just gobbled up the lie, chewed it and swallowed it in total.

When first revealed to you they were referred to as "Synthetics" and in honor of the daring Truth-Bringers we shall continue to label them as such. I request that herein you not ask me for details of the replicas for they are not the point of my story and they will be covered at a more appropriate writing--just know that they DO exist and currently they are used continually to cover the shadow/parallel governments of your nations. Suffice it here to simply state that they do exist and were utilized in the April launch. One reason the preparation time of early astronauts was so lengthy for public consumption was to facilitate perfecting duplication of all segments, including the astronauts. Actually, the duplicates need not be perfect for plans are well laid. In case of discovery an alteration can be instantly orchestrated if necessary. People cannot describe a suspect if at the scene of a murder, on oath--you certainly are not paying attention to anything that would cause you to suspect illusion if it remotely resembles the real thing.

"Little Gray Aliens" in underground secret bases? Oh, my friends, you have no conceivable idea what wondrous secrets are in your underground secret bases. Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called "Synthetics" of the then late astronauts, Young and Crippen, were readied at White Sands. They were programmed to take a computerized ride on the training shuttle "Enterprise". The Young and Crippen entities boarded the Enterprise which was mounted on top of the launched 747. After rocket fuel was loaded for the shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding commercial air traffic. The launched 747 headed out over the Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles. Then it turned back east toward the California coast. On television you were told that the non-existent Columbia was re-entering from orbit.



Pg. 212 Humanoid Robotoids/RNA, DNA Doubles (Genetic)

George asks me to comment a bit more on this subject for his group meeting in Florida. I have already written sufficiently--most recently, regarding how the doubles are created from holographic projection and DNA cellular reproduction. Please do not ask Dharma to spend time in repetition. With some 14 of you reading this material daily, surely at least one of you can locate the writing bearing this information--if not, sic sic!

I will, however, tell you when the Bolshevik use of these "doubles" became mandatory and proliferation blossomed. Now, in addition, you always desire speaking of the "little gray aliens"--OK, get ready, for this is wherefrom came the technology for reproduction of the robotoids. It is NOT like the projections the UFO "crowd" pronounce nor are the secret Majestic 12 uncoverings truthful (the documents are total fabrication).

When I tell you that the problem of "little gray aliens" on your place is not coming this day from the cosmos--believe it. It is the evil on your own placement--now locked into your Earth density, which is your problem. Your immediate perpetrators and expressionists are the Zionists in dispersement throughout the governments and financial communities, along with, of course, the scientific.

Any more recently "transported" "little gray aliens" which are seen regularly and reported by ones who see them and cannot be denied, are mostly reproductions. You are watching the very duplicates made functional by Satan himself come to, what appears, life. It is not the same kind of "life" given through Creator in soul manifested, physical matter. Therefore, KNOW that he can reproduce replicas ad nauseum from genetic blueprints and programming but he still only has robotoids and robotoids continually give him a great deal of trouble for they are easily identified once people realize there is such a thing. It is the ignorance of the fact of it that keeps the secret secure. You witness, say, Mr. Bush acting in a such and such manner and looking particularly young--then over the weekend he is changed and appears either more youthful or older--but definitely "different". You simply mark it up to "a bad night's sleep or too much to think about or responsibility" or any number of excuses for the change. Even your magazines and newspapers note the changes and simply comment on the incredible duplicity of the man. No, you are now encountering your 29th replica of George Bush. And with him must come a new Barbara Bush lest the show be spoiled. These duplicates become weak in strain and, under stress, are incapacitated quite rapidly as would be a "growing organism" placed in a stressed environment.

Henry Kissinger is another one to watch closely--he is changed-out frequently, also, for he bears the responsibility of orchestrating the Plan for New World Order. So, if Kissinger is a biggie and is also robotoid, WHO is the PUPPET-MASTER? You guessed it! The prince of deceivers, himself. You were told that--in the ending--Satan would be given total rule over the planet and you now have a very real entity deceiving you as a mass populace of the planet.

"Well, why don't you do something about it--you who claim to be of the Light?" We are--we are bringing you Truth just as fast as you will accept it--for when you know and accept Truth--you will also be given to know how to counter that which is imitation of life. You who are creations of God Source are not "imitations of life" but experiencing fragments of the Creator's Self. Satan's army is now land-locked; unfortunately, it is on the same land upon which God's Creations are also experiencing. So be it for it is the schoolroom of soul progression. You are simply living out the prophecies as you perceive them to be.

You see, even the prophecies of one Nostradamus are coming into focus--the Mongol in the blue turban, let us say--this represents the Khazar element of the anti-Christ with the flag colors of blue represented by the "turban" (which was the color, or flag, of identification in the ages past). The Soviet Union appeared to have been killed and is now to rise again more deadly than ever. Even the Pope of Rome is a duplicate playing the role of deceiver.

Ah, but WHEN did it become necessary to begin to bring doubles into public perfection? With the death of David Rockefeller.


SHROUDS OF THE SEVENTH SEAL, JOURNAL: (The Anti-Christ Whore of Babylon)

Pg. 93 Doubles, Robotoids and Replicas:


How is it that you find this difficult to accept? These "genetic/holographic" DNA/RNA replicas have been in the perfecting for well over four decades. All that is required is a holographic fragment (literally, one cell) and a replica can be reproduced. Then all that is required is down-loading of the memory data and programming of the manufactured entity. I have spoken of this procedure prior to this and will not take precious time to repeat and repeat for those who simply do not wish to go back and effort at gaining the information. You see, I, Hatonn, care not in the least whether or not you believe me nor if you understand the mechanism by which it works. You are "willing victims" of the lie and YOU will awaken or sleep on--it is up to you. Our commission is to outlay the Truth unto you--YOURS IS TO CONFIRM AND ACKNOWLEDGE--OR NOT, AS YOU WISH. There are technical advances upon your planet, already in use by the Elite, which would boggle your senses-- robotoids are simplistic in relative comparison - - - [and the rest of the document is repetition.]


Thank you, friend, you have done a lot of work and, also, have saved me work in reconstruction. One problem is that, somehow, some of my prior information IS still missing and therefore, I can only assume it to be in one or two of your missing Journals. It is not sufficient to stop me from responding for I have not yet told you HOW you grow so fast, at any rate.

Know that you will read my discussion (or it got omitted which I think not probable) that there are already working duplicates of, for instance, cattle. There are also the projects in research to clone "body parts" for identical transplantation of heart, limbs, etc., without rejection of the attachment for it will bear identical genetic structure and the body will not recognize the difference. Now to a bit of specific technology to consider.

There are two kinds of cells in the body--the germ (the sperm cells and the egg cells, which produce the next generation) and the soma (the cells of the blood, brain, muscles, and everything else).

Each somatic cell has two sets of chromosomes in its nucleus. When it divides into two cells, all the chromosomes double, and each daughter cell receives a complete double set. But when the eggs and sperm are formed, by a process called meiosis, the two sets of chromosomes are broken up, and only one set goes to each of the daughter cells. Each egg cell and each sperm cell carry a random mix of half an individual's traits; the only time they have a complete set of chromosomes is when their nuclei come together during fertilization. At the moment of fertilization, life begins anew with an individual that is identical to neither its mother nor its father but rather is a 50- 50 combination of both.

Starting out as a single cell, the embryo grows rapidly, not in size but in number of cells--first two cells then. ...The growth begins when the nuclei come together during fertilization. The point then, of replication is to introduce two identical nuclei from the same entity. Upon integration they will multiply identically as above stated for it represents fertilization--the cell recognizes no difference. And thus begins replication of an identical clone.

As the cells multiply the embryo is a mulberrylike cluster of cells called a morula, scarcely bigger than the fertilized egg. As division continues, the morula turns into a hollow mass called a blastula (blastocyst in mammals), which is first hundreds, then thousands of cells strong.

In the event of "artificial cloning" it is much like a test-tube embryo except that it is completed in a medium which allows the nutrients of life to be utilized. While this is happening--there is a holographic image available for alteration as necessary for duplication of the finished entity.

In the early division, all the cells of the embryo are indistinguishable from one another. But later some of the cells begin to specialize, and the process of differentiation begins. As development proceeds and the embryo takes on shape and form, more and more cells become committed to a particular pathway, changing in form and function. The blood cells make hemoglobin, the muscle cells make a muscle protein, and so on. The facts are, and research now shows--every single cell in a body contains all the necessary things to reproduce a replica.

It must be noted that adult differentiated cells and egg cells, are on two very different time tables for division. The egg is on the fast track, ready to spring into action about an hour after fertilization if left absolutely alone, while the far slower differentiated cell is programmed to divide every two days or longer. So when the nucleus of an adult cell is placed in a recipient egg, it is forced to divide before it is ready. Chromosomes get left behind or are torn apart. The result is that some of the clones have chromosomal abnormalities and may be genetic "monsters".

Now it gets more technical and tedious. Several things must take place to reproduce a "well-rounded" duplicate. As the cells are growing there must be introduced something which will accelerate growth and reproduction. You have in each body a functioning gland called the pituitary (I think is your label) which regulates growth. If something happens, say a tumor, in an adult wherein the pituitary gland becomes hyperfunctional, a disease, which I believe you call something like "acromegaly" which is chronic hyperpituitarism marked by progressive enlargement of hands, feet, and face--occurs and within very short periods of time the body will simply outgrow itself--become huge and because the bone structure cannot house it the monstrously rapid growth can simply kill itself from overgrowth. So, if the pituitren from the gland is introduced in increased amounts during the early formation and duplication of cells--the growth rate is incredibly rapid. As the body reaches proper proportion and the cells mature into proper function in the proper placement--the hormone is decreased and additional amounts stopped completely. Understand that this is oversimplification of a rather complex mechanism--however, once the duplication process has been accomplished once or twice, the amount of additives is pretty well decided and the duplication becomes indeed rote.

I believe you can understand that as these reproductions are created they become less stable and much less sturdy although they will replicate even to the age category depending on giving additional hormones or witholding same. Then what is not perfected by "natural" growth and aging can be surgically altered.

So, what have you? You have a body functioning as a machine and a pretty empty mind of a womb-infant. It becomes very easy to down-load information from one brain to another--especially if there is no preconceived ideas or thoughts in the recipient brain. It becomes simple to place the outgoing replica or "person" into a state of imaging and the images in response to questions and input guidelines are extremely rapidly "read off" just like a rapid-fire computer system. Don't be fooled by that which you are not told much about--but there are cameras which can now photograph thoughts--down-loading a mind is nothing and can be completed in only a few brief hours. During this same period of time programming for current and future functioning is integrated. "Flaws" in personality will most often be continually exaggerated and this is that which becomes the problem--that of keeping the entity under control.

What happens to the original? It goes where all first creations go--the soul departs and goes to its proper placement for progressive experience. The clones, when no longer useful, are simply "dumped". If the expression within the essence is recovered and given again the gift of soul entrance through Grace (and there is no other way, beloved ones) then the "clone" becomes a functioning "whole" and separate entity but will bear the mental rememberings of the original and will pretty much continue the original's experiences. Hence comes the term of terms--"walk-in". Now I remind you ones who like to consider yourselves "walk-ins" for God--forget the concept. Clones are of evil beginnings by any measure of the term. Replacement of energy from into an existing body is indeed of evil. God needs no such fabrications. If God needs a body, He creates one--remember, "Satan" as you call him, cannot create--he must utilize that which is already created--havoc is all that evil one can create.

So you see, it is not even longer speculative among the scientific community. By combining the techniques of nuclear transfer with those of in-vitro fertilization, the technology for cloning human embryos is now on-line. Using the same basic technique of serial transfer, scientists can duplicate the same embryo over and over again thereby cloning not just embryos but human adults.

Scientists have long been able to trick adult body cells, normally differentiated to perform specific tasks, into going backward in time to an early embryonic stage when all the genes were fully turned on and all things were possible. The researchers reached the power to turn back the clock, so to speak, making an adult cell young or duplicating a being at any age level through manipulation.

You must understand that in the beginning of this idea it was set forth as wondrous to be able to have a second set of organ's, etc., if ever needed for individuals. Well, of course one secret thing led to another until they were taking a cell from an individual, transferring it into an enucleated egg, growing the embryo in culture for a few days, and then putting it into a surrogate uterus. After about six weeks into the embryonic development, the collection of primitive cells called the telencephalon, the forerunner to the higher brain, would be removed and frozen. In this way the body clone "would never develop a brain capable of anything more than secreting hormones and commanding the most basic vegetal bodily functions. It would never perceive pain or love. Without any portion of the higher brain, the body clone would be less human than the fish that graces your dinner table.

Once the body clone would be grown to the appropriate size by intravenous feeding and hormone injections, it could serve as the equivalent of a brain-dead organ donor, only in this case there would be no rejection of a transplant. Since the clone would have exactly the same genetic makeup as the person from whom it was derived, all its parts--from the facial features to vital organs--could be replaced as though they were the person 's own--which they would be. If now, the desirability is of having a functioning higher brain, then the additional steps would need to be taken to re-establish the telencephalon.

The problem that many scientists face in cloning is that in the reproducing much of the "personality" which makes a human sexual is lost and also it gets rid of all the very characteristics that are enjoyed about a human. As a matter of fact, as dangerous as the actual cloning of beings is what is happening already on a massive scale--the brain control which causes everyone to act in various controlled manners. How is it that a hundred million Americans watch the Super Bowl, or millions of people buy little plastic disks with scratches on them? Basically this is worse for the perfectly good and functional gifted mind is wasted. The potential for abuse is incredible and so it has become a fact.

The fact that contents of a brain can be transferred only requires knowledge of the psychochemical way in which memory is stored--and you have known how memory is stored in a computer. With the proper psychochemical balance it is merely a matter of transfer as from one computer disc onto another. With cloned brains and memory transfer, the individual is raised to the nth power--but without the capacity of moral conscience as given unto man in the form of soul. You see, the purpose is not to just serially immortalize but to produce parallel infinity.

Please allow this to be sufficient for this sitting as I have a very weary scribe who is wishing I would just clone her a little bit more time and a few more fingers.

I thank you for your inquiry and I hope I have been complete enough to satisfy without overburden. I am sorry to leave out any of your questions but I simply may not jeopardize my beloved counterparts by speaking of the other advanced technical achievements at this time. Too much information makes you targets and I refuse to allow that as my scribe, for instance, is marked like a neon sign already and therefore I give her nothing more than any of you have in access for if there is nothing to gain from her, she is left alone and our adversaries know that she is given nothing for they glean exactly that which I give her--right as she writes it on this apparatus.

Our sole mission is to "awaken" mankind--not invent new or re-invent old technologies and man's problem, already, is that his technology is far advanced of his ability to socially survive. Know that as things are acceptable, proper ones will be given into knowing the information in proper sequence. God does pretty well at planning--and remember--HE WINS! THAT, BROTHERS, MEANS WE WIN!

Close this out, Dharma. I want to share the other information and confirmation received from A.B. regarding Egypt, etc., but we are too fatigued for this day. Thank you, chela, for relentless service and know, dear one, that when we pull this off--then you can go clean your cupboards. In great love beyond your knowing, I humbly bend in appreciation to you precious ones who struggle along with us in this journey acting as alarm clocks--the rewards shall be grand indeed for the promises of God are always met although you rarely have perceived them properly. Even so--they are always more wondrous than you can imagine.

In brotherhood and friendship I take leave this evening.

Hatonn to clear, please.



FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1991 7:23 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 232

TODAY, APRIL 5, 1991

Good morning and may this be a wondrous day of awakening. Thank you for honoring me with your presence.

The world is in an uproar with bombings and hostages, Gates on leave in L.A. and a "perfect" shuttle launch. Which do you watch? Doesn't matter! All of it is to keep the cauldrons boiling and churning. The point is to keep the shell game moving so you don't know where the pea is.

What do they tell you was aboard the shuttle? Who is aboard as crew? Ah ha, caught most of you off-guard? Well, that doesn't matter much either for the shroud of charade matters very little. THEY tell you that this shuttle will launch a gamma-sensor satellite for "defense/military" purposes. Funny thing about that--that is what they told you they launched last time--only it was some other "blank--ray" sensor. These are supposedly billion dollar instruments for measuring "heat"--now, it gets more interesting, does it not? Further, they tell you that it is for measuring particles in space- -no, when and if they ever get such a thing into space it is to measure instant registering of atomic explosion. Moreover, if they launched it last time; how is it they are launching it AGAIN? What was blown up at Edwards Air Force Base? What do they tell you will be on the next shuttle toward the ending of this month? IS THERE ANY WAY YOU CAN REALLY GET ANY INFORMATION AT ALL? WELL, YOU CAN ALWAYS KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT YOU ARE NOT TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT IT! SO BE IT AND STAY ALERT!


I ask that Dharma reprint herein a letter from a most important self-appointed "expert and authority" on, of all things, UFO's. Most of you will recognize the name and since that is his whole intent I shall honor him with further sharing. The man is Frank A. Wiener II, Researcher/Analyst of WIENER INDUSTRIES, Research Institute & Think Tank, Suite 615 Investment Bldg., Pittsburgh, PA 15222. The letterhead on which the letter is written reads: PENNSYLVANIA CENTER FOR UFO RESEARCH, Dr. Paul Johnson, Director, 721 Old Greensburg Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15137.


Rick Martin (This is basically, however, to George Green)

American West Distributors

P.O. Box 986

(Tehachoi), CA 93581

RE: True nature of UFO's

Dear Mr. Martin: Below is researched information concerning the true nature of UFO's and related deceptions. It is my hope that you will stop publishing DRIVEL leading the way to the 'truth' of the matter instead of being part of the deception-manipulation.

Current research indicates that our government is engaged in mind control and mutilations where abduction scenarios are implanted memories (UFO's appear to be a separate unrelated phenomena) and/or there are good and evil entities in the universe acting at all levels; for what ultimate purpose or end only GOD really knows.

I believe that publication priority should be given to Billy Meier-Pleiadian English translation by WENDELL STEVENS, the sixty page transliteral English with all the information, or a complete new translation from the original German with all information which are being suppressed and therefore, must be the truth.

Sincerely, Frank A. Wiener II


Firstly, we are here to tell you, Mr. Wiener II, that we will not stop publishing this "drivel" of which you know absolutely nothing at all and intend to know nothing at all. If you are into the group you claim herein--YOU are the one in the deception/ manipulation game over your head and KNOW IT!

Yes, your government is engaged in mind-control and has done a very good job of accomplishing that which they set out to do and have all but enslaved the entire populace--except, of course--possibly--you learned, self-appointed professors of expert research stature. Why don't you find out and release a bit more information about abductions and implants if you contain so much valid information regarding same--I, Cmdr. Hatonn of Pleiades, find nothing thus far to be of any truth whatsoever. If brotherhood of cosmic status have made it to your planet--I can assure you there is not such need for such stupid, lower than Earth research and technology, methods of contact. We most certainly would not be breeding "down" under any circumstances into lower intelligence and technology--I believe that would simply come under "intelligence" and "reason". There ARE good and there ARE evil entities in the universe acting at all levels--as you state--BUT, EVERYONE EXCEPT YOU (NOT JUST GOD) KNOWS THE PURPOSE. You might also learn the purpose if you simply come from out your ivory tower of super-authority.

You speak publicly of your own level of research and intelligence gathering if you give priority to material translated by Wendell Stevens. Even Billy Meier asked that the material not be released. The document contains such idiotic disinformation as to be embarrassing to the original contact to the extent that current contacts are either hidden or stopped altogether. The contacts of original nature as well as currently--are from my command and I object to the heinous misuse of truth for your games of "expert assessment" while your nations and planet are falling into total destruction-- FROM ONES ON YOUR PLACEMENT--NOT FROM COSMIC BROTHERHOOD. SOME OF THE CRAFT, FOR INSTANCE, AS SHOWN IN THE SO-CALLED "CONTACT WITH PLEIADES" BOOKS ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE ENTIRE BROTHERHOOD. YOU DO NOT HAVE INTERSTELLAR CRAFT WHICH LOOK LIKE WEDDING CAKES AND THAT IS OF TOTAL FABRICATION AND EARTH MANUFACTURE--BY ONES OF YOUR OWN CIRCLE OF MISINFORMATION PROJECTIONS.

Since you are all part and parcel of the plot against the people and sent forth to give misinformation and disinformation and then prevent people from having Truth--I suggest you have now come to the wrong resource for your pronouncement of "drivel". At best (or worst) no self-respecting "cosmic researcher" would need to mutilate cattle and sheep--that too, is Earthbound satanic lie! I do not speak behind your back nor do I ask readers to deny the reading of your literature--because the literature you produce is so blatantly foolish as to discount itself. I might also suggest that you study carefully ALL of ours!




I find it difficult to even consider bending my knee unto such "expert authority" but do so, for you have continued to give "proof" unto the citizens who see through the massive disinformation ploy to terrorize the population of the planet regarding the brotherhood of the cosmos. You do so through such foolish projections as to give credence to discounting--not Truth.

I also bow to your wisdom of the great value to mankind of utilizing the Stevens "translation" (he really had NOTHING to do with the "translation" except for the personal additions to personalize the material for self-suiting purposes) for it would give "truth" almost instantly to the "thinking" populace if the government has left any of the "populace" with the ability to "think". It requires "intelligent" beings of higher form and technology to traverse the universe/cosmos--sir, I find no such intelligent life-forms on your planet at this time. If you consider sucking blood from abducted humans and mutilation of God's creatures to be "intelligent life-forms" then I suggest they certainly do not come from any place which I recognize capable of traversing intergalacticly, or intragalacticly--for that matter.

Why do you ones continue to avoid confrontation with Hatonn? What is it you fear? Truth? Rock-throwing and name-calling is not even gracious, sir. George Green is a publisher--why would you suggest he stop publishing material? He publishes many things--and distributes Col. Steven's books along with many other titles. Why would you wish him to give up his business? I suggest that before you ones go forth on more seek-and-demolish programs against Hatonn and the Pleiades Command that you become better informed, for you are all sitting with caked egg on the face at the least. Why do you believe the government Elite are working so hard to discredit our presence? I thought you might begin to understand! WE ARE NOT GOING TO JUST GO AWAY, MR. WIENER--AND I FURTHER SUGGEST YOU CHECK OUT YOUR OWN ROOTS! SO BE IT!

"Proof" of our presentation is all about you ones--where is yours? WHERE IS YOUR PROOF? I have nothing to "prove" for you ones of Earth place splatter truth around like a shroud of shrink-wrap. I find no evidence of that which you ones project in the least iota (minus--zilch).

God granted Man freedom to choose through reason. This sets Man apart from his relations--no more and no less. As Man again begins to use thinking reason--knowledge of Truth will "kick in" and a lot of heyokas (sacred clowns [fools]) will be "kicked out". I suggest several of you ones in the "UFO Circles" begin to carefully check out your "kicking sites" for Man is growing a bit irritated with the clowns running his very existence through idiocy, disinformation, no information and illogical genocide.

Am I insulting? I would guess you might accept my statements as such--IF THE SHOE OF TRUTH FITS THINE FEET WHICH I FIND LOCATED SQUARELY IN THINE SPEAKING ORIFICE. I often find that it is far the greater part of WISDOM TO OPEN THE EYES AND EARS AND SHUT OF THE MOUTH. BUT THEN, I AM ONLY A HOST OF GOD FROM THE COSMOS ATENDING THE CHANGING CYCLES OF A PLANET IN GREAT TROUBLE AND A PEOPLE READY TO ANNIHILATE THE GOODLY COMPANY AS WELL AS ALL LIFEFORMS ON THE ORB. Undoubtedly it is more profitable to you ones to play games and dangle humanity over the abyss of destruction and deceit. I find it both appalling and incredible.

I most sincerely hope that all your seminars go well for in your disinformation you do more to prove our truth than anyone on your planet. And for that, sir, I am totally indebted and bow in honor of your service unto Truth. I hope, for your sake, God is as gracious. Salu.

Relax, Dharma, these are but gnats upon thine eyes--feasting on the unfortunate ignorance of their fellow-men. The intent is not even worthy of the distraction from our work. Chela, I cannot even adequately express my appreciation for these foolish ones and I do not jest for I have great compassion for those who are simply misled and indebted to those who plan disinformation for they show Truth in an ever more brilliant light of intelligence as it is unfolded. Lies and liars always bear the "sign" and the signs are written in bold italics in everything they project. It is not for me to judge nor either condemn or condone--what a man does is between himself and God and none of Hatonn's business except as it falls upon my brethren--their foolish "expert" opinions can only HELP MY MISSION AND CAUSE, and thus--yours.


Last evening I promised to reprint a letter of confirmation received yesterday. It is often better to hear these things from Earth experiences in first person so I ask that you simply copy the letter and I give humble appreciation to our friend who took the precious time to write. I give only initials for expression of privacy. But for recognition of those who know--A.B. of T., AZ. Please print the message from inside the card first, from THE PROPHET (Kahlil Gibran):


* * *

You give but little when you give of your


It is when you give of yourself that you

truly give.

There are those who give little of the

much which they have-and they give

it for recognition and their hidden

desire makes their gifts unwholesome.

And there are those who have little and

give it all.

These are the believers in life and the

bounty of life, and their coffer

is never empty.

There are those who give with joy, and

that joy is their reward.

And there are those who give with pain,

and that pain is their baptism.

And there are those who give and know

not pain in giving, nor do they seek

joy, nor give with mindfulness of


They give as in yonder valley the myrtle

breathes its fragrance into space.

Through the hands of such as these God

speaks, and from behind their eyes

He smiles upon the earth.

* * *

Dearest Dharma and Hatonn, (March 28, 1991)

My beloved sister and brother! There are no words, in this commerce based language of ours, to adequately express my eternal thanks for all you have done and all you are doing! Even though our three dimensional life appears to place more and more boxes around us and our lives, I am the freest I have ever been. TRUTH DOES SET YOU FREE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for contributing to my freedom!!!!! [Hatonn: Do you who share this reading, think not this is as great a gift as we can possibly receive? Does it not make every step worth the effort? This IS that for which we serve and to touch but ONE is all that is required and needed! Ponder it, for in the ONENESS, which seems eventually out there somewhere--ye find it already present if ye but look within and take thine brother's hand.]

Pardon me, the phone is ringing. I'm back. Well, I was just told that within two days we are going to be invaded--by "guys from the skys" (not you). This information came via Sedona to Tucson. How hysterical and how insidious!!! My friend G. and I placed liquid white light on Sedona.

Confirmation, for me, is not a necessity; however, what a joyful blessing when you are in receipt of some. Therefore, I wish to share a "tid bit" of confirmation of something, if I remember correctly, Hatonn has said or has asked us to watch.

From September 26, 1990 to January 28, 1991 (with 3 weeks home due to the passing of my mother), I lived in Luxor, Egypt. What a generous, loving, warm, friendly group the Egyptian people are! Even when they have no income, they share the bounty of their hearts and their tables.

When the U.S. forgave Egypt its $7 billion debt, the man-in-the-street of Luxor--when he found out you were American and even if they couldn't speak English--put a "thumb up" and said Bush, a "thumb up" for America. Then as "war loomed closer, the man-in-the-street thought it wonderful that Bush/America was going to go in and kick Saddam Hussein's derriere. (When people could speak English, they asked what I thought about the above referenced issues. They had difficulty understanding that I did not like Bush and that I didn't want to own Egypt).

Week before last, I spoke to a dear friend in Luxor and he told me that already, the Egyptian man-in-the-street hated Americans. I was not surprised; however, I was surprised at how quickly this had happened. I was, personally, briefly saddened. The Egyptian people, in my limited experience, are the most modern/liberal (if those are the correct terms) of all Arabs.

In one of the Expresses, Hatonn made a comment about would we be welcome (as Americans) in the homes of those of other countries. For today (it may change on the morrow), I, personally, would be welcome in TWO homes in Luxor (one Coptic Christian, one moslem). I don't really know for sure, but it may be in part due to the fact that I spoke my mind and let it be known that "my" government didn't represent ME. There, also, would be several homes in a small town in Austria where I would be welcome.

A curiosity point I wish to share regarding weather. While in Luxor, in November, 1990, it rained. That may sound strange, but I had been told that it never, ever rains in Luxor. It may sprinkle very briefly; but it does not rain like in the states. This particular morning (3:00 am) it sprinkled, stopped and then rained for approximately 3 hours--not a heavy rain but enough to make everything, including the streets, wet.

This small amount can be very serious because many, many people in Egypt do not have roofs on their houses and their floors are dirt--the homes very often are not even covered with straw. Also, a lot of the streets are dirt.

Again, on December 31, 1990, starting around 11:00 pm (while I was flying over the Atlantic), I was told it poured for hours. This was heavy rain. When I arrived back in Luxor (via Austria which had no snow) a week later, the dirt streets were still wet and muddy. Now, I am told by my friend in Luxor on March 22, 1991 it poured for 10 HOURS. Then the last 3 days have been very hot. (Not "normal" for this time of year.)

Manipulation and/or changes of the weather??? everywhere?

Yesterday, while watching the "boob tube", I picked up some comments of interest that I would like to share with you. I watched the interview with David Frost and "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf on PBS. The following are items, stated by Schwarzkopf, that I thought you might find interesting. This interview confirmed, also, how the controlled media takes things out of context.

1. Schwarzkopf stated that they had been working on the plan (military strategy in the gulf) FOR ONE AND A HALF YEARS.

2. The "rough" plan for this campaign was called "Hail Mary"--how abhorrent!

3. David Frost called Schwarzkopf a military man with a conscience. Frost brought up how religious a man he was and how he didn't want any of his troops to die. Schwarzkopf concurred and stated how important his men's lives were to him--can we swallow this one???

4. Frost brought up one particular situation (because I was writing, I didn't catch it all) and asked if we had dressed as Bedouins. Schwarzkopf said "NOT IN THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION"--implying that we did in others?

5. On this show, Schwarzkopf said that we only lost 150 people. However, earlier that same day on his program, Geraldo Rivera stated that we had lost 350. I'd like Schwarzkopf to tell me where the other 200 are. This next one caused me a great deal of mirth:

6. David Frost asked Schwarzkopf if God was on this side and Schwarzkopf replied, "He had to be!"

7. Schwarzkopf was asked to quote his favorite Bible passage. He said that it wasn't from the Bible, but possibly from St. Francis--"Dear Lord make me an instrument of thy peace."

The next one is regarding the "broo ha ha" that seemed to run rampant in the media, about Schwarzkopf saying that he had recommended that the war NOT STOP. This was taken from this PBS interview and it was taken out of context. Regardless of what we know about Bush or anybody else efforting to run the world show, this was so blatant an attempt to pit Schwarzkopf against Bush and all you had to do was watch the PBS program to get the straight "poop." This is what happens to one and all. I find it hysterical that the controlled media is doing it to those efforting control. Just now on "Prime Time Live", Sam Donaldson, speaking about this incident, while laughing, says there are 2 things you never do--you never disgrace the President and you NEVER share the limelight. So, according to Sam, Schwarzkopf is still in "trouble."

The last one I am going to mention in connection with this PBS program is the ages of those killed. At the end of the show, they ran a list of the names and ages of all killed in the gulf. It was interesting to see that all but very few were in the age range of 20 to 29. There were, I believe, 3 that were 19, 2 that were 44 and several in the mid 30's.

A special thank you, Dharma and Hatonn, for the effort at publishing these letters. My friend and I had been sharing them prior to my sojourn to Egypt. Due to these letters (that's what G. and I call them), I was able to view Egyptian English language news and truly know what was happening. (Also, the Egyptians are not as sophisticated as we are at editing. They televised the entire Bush/Mubaric press conference.) I even watched the Egyptian news in Arabic and could tell, basically, what was going on. COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU GUYS!!!!!

An interesting item. March 17th was the first time in a long time that a tour guide friend of mine in Luxor had worked and his group was soldiers returning from the gulf--they were from North Carolina.

REJOICE! Here ends my "tid bits".

Hatonn and shipmates and all, please know you are loved and very much appreciated. There are ones here who know your frustration from personal experience. Sometimes, I don't know how "y'all" have been able to hang in there with us all these "years, centuries".

To all of my brothers and sisters from all over this universe and others, I love you all. I appreciate more than words can ever say your undying efforts to assist us and "lift us up to where we belong." (God talks to me through 1 liners from songs. What can I say.) Your unconditional love is a treasure beyond measure!!!!!

There are no words, Dharma, for your unstinting devotion. Please know that there are ones out here who love you and thank you. We send you love and light. If it were possible I would share your load, clean your house, place flowers in your windows and hug you lots!!! Hang in there! It is worth it!!!!

God Bless You All ten million times over!!! If you ever need me, I am here.

Love, AB


You ones are our reward! We need no other and NEVER would ye be left in time of need and neither shall any be given that which is not within capability of bearing. It is the sharing of thoughts and dreams--and confirmations--which shall make this journey glorious. This is that which makes "life", and "living" IS the experience--death is but "existence". Man will come into recognition for he is the very breath of God and therefore it can come to no other end, can it?

Please KNOW that you can give me no greater honor and blessing than to call me "brother" and "friend" and, when ye have sent love and caring unto my scribe, so have ye sent it unto God for each is measured and in the accounting as no lesser and no greater but as ONE. So be it and the blessings of His perfection rests upon His children and I am honored to serve in your company. I have one last thing in this portion, please. I have been given presentation of another document which sums most accurately and succinctly--WHAT DOES THE NEW WORLD ORDER REALLY MEAN? I think it worthy of simply reproducing, Dharma, for it gives food for the thinking people.

QUOTE (from NEW WORLD ORDER Means Death and Destruction, by Phoebe Courtney published by The Independent American, P.O. Box 636, Littleton, Colorado 80160):

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has taken over the policy-making positions of our government, and in the Bush Administration, the Presidency itself.

Now they are trying to take over the people of this country via the New World Order.

On January 29, 1991, in his State of the Union address, President Bush stood before Congress and spoke of the New World Order which could bring, as he put it, "peace and security."

Yet on February 5--only a week later--the President on national TV reported that "one plane every minute, 24 hours a day" was taking off to bomb Iraq. "Military targets," he claimed.

However, photographs shown on CNN, graphically depicting the results of such saturation bombing by U.S. planes, prove otherwise. By February 7, massive damage in Baghdad and other cities had been caused to the property of civilians, as well as loss of lives.

Thus the use of devastating military force is an integral part of the New World Order.


Students of contemporary history know that the phrase "a new world order" has long been used by idealists and conspirators to describe a world government able to enforce peace, but also able to enforce tyranny.

World government cannot fail to lead to tyranny. The principles which made America great--a constitutional republic that limits government power combined with a belief in God and the dignity of the individual could not coexist with any socialistic world government.

Should America become a part of the New World Order, urged by President Bush in every address to the nation he makes, the United States as we know it would cease to exist. We would have to scrap our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and merge our system of government with dictatorships worldwide. The end result would he the complete destruction of freedoms that we now enjoy as Americans.

What is the motive behind the New World Order? Why have the world's richest and most powerful men spent millions of dollars and decades of time to promote such an alien concept?

What is at stake is control of the world's manufacturing, trade, transportation, money system, and natural resources such as oil.

There are two certain consequences of a New World Order.

1) Rather than improving the standard of living for other nations, the New World Order would mean a forced redistribution of all wealth and a sharp reduction in the standard of living for Americans.

2) The New World Order would include: a world tax system (with Americans bearing the biggest burden), a world court, a world central bank, control of education, abolition of private firearms, and a world military force.

The New World Order pushed by President Bush would also mean the eventual abolition of the United States as a sovereign nation. There is no way to have both.

In his syndicated column Charley Reese declared:

"I don't know about you, but I am an American. My allegiance is to the Constitution and to the United States of America, not to any international organization, and I will not shift that allegiance.

"I have to say plainly that if someone attempts, as many would like to do, to sacrifice the independence of the United States for the sake of a New World Order, then I will rebel.

"I will not consent to the loss of American independence for which over one million of my countrymen have given their lives."

Syndicated columnist Patrick Buchanan put it this way:

"The Trilateralist-CFR, Wall Street-Big Business elite, the neoConservative intellectuals who dominate the think tanks and op-ed pages; the Old Left, with its one-world, collective-security. UN uber alles dream: All have come together behind the New World Order.

"Everyone is on board, or so it seems. But out there, trying to break through, is the old, authentic voice of American patriotism, of nationalism, of America FIRST!"


One service of the book is a listing of members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Funny thing, you will recognize so many names, such as Jesse Jackson, Stephen Solarz and Richard Helms (not Jesse--isn't that interesting?) To whom have you entrusted your very existence as a populace and a nation? Further, do NOT BE SURPRISED at who is NOT LISTED. For many of the top criminals are in higher controlling organizations such as the Trilateral Commission which is exclusive indeed, and Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones and such.


Thank you for your attention and you, Dharma, for your service. Hatonn to stand-by.

Good day.



SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1991 8:17 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 233

TODAY, APRIL 6, 1991

Hatonn present and all fragments accounted for. I won't take time away from our work to go down a list of "nonsense for today". I will, however, respond regarding the "explosion" or "boom" of two days ago in the early evening. It was neither an earth movement nor a "sonic boom" from aircraft. It was an "airquake" produced over Edwards Air Force Base by the stationed cosmospheres. It was truly a follow-up of the rocket destruction the prior day and a warning regarding the intended shuttle launch. Do not be fooled by the tube of man-made visions which will project space walks, etc. The shuttle would only go into sub-orbit at best and all the pictures you will see are fabrications and "old pre-filmed" experiences either conjured or taken prior to now. The astronaut crew will come home from Australia just like they always do, if they come home at all.

Isn't my scribe in the area of danger? Yes, but so am I and I am much bigger and have much more functional and dependable toys with which to play! So be it.


I cannot take time to properly respond to your communique, Mark. I will, however, take opportunity right now to thank you for hearing your call, son. It is time to begin pulling participants and technicians and it will be those who come forth--in truth of intent, asking directions in selfless intent, who are being summoned. It is extremely important that the talents and purpose match the need and at this time it is also extremely important that human entities assume responsibility of choosing and discerning in correct and directed manner. I ask that your information along with this notation be forwarded by fax to our beloved W.G. I further request that a copy of this notation along with contact information for W.G. be given to MCB. I believe that it would be appropriate to send References and Portfolio, son, and begin your association directly.

It is obvious from your communication that you are well-studied and experienced and have come to recognize some of the "real" artists in your time of communion. I suggest that you maintain an open mind and be prepared for disappointments in finding some of your perceptions are not who they first appear to be--it does not mean that they will not COME TO BE, at some point, great contributors in truth and not ego projections of self-centered spouting of assumed greatness.

W.G. has received Academy recognition for his work and photographic expertise. I ask that you particularly attend to holographic photography and reproduction of same onto film. I further ask that you be sent a set of "Clearing" tapes and the 2 tape set of "Problem solving meditation". Know, Mark, that these are not "professional" tapes but are made for personal use of/by my scribe. Come into using them for I need to speak with you and I need a meeting "ground". Don't, please, perceive that I will come blasting through like a loud-speaker in Central Park. But you will be given to know that which is given in a few sessions of communion.

Indeed, as to your inquiry, the command has great cause to "track your activities" and have done so--God is a great and mysterious (not mystical) force of intent. Please, however, don't become so scattered that you always prevail in attendance to the "Collective Unconscious" for it is through that perception that ones are first misled down the "Primrose Path''. Cause every energy to identify and always, in EVERY ENCOUNTER, from your soul, demand that any energy in the service of God's adversaries depart your "space". Allow only identified beings into your contact for through careless identification--you will ALWAYS pick up the dark energies FIRST, and then it always follows that the urging of those energies to NOT allow our presence within is usually honored by the human. It is through that lack of care that Man separates himself from God Himself. More beings are trapped into the abyss of human ego through this manner, and lost to the service and oneness with God, than through any other method. Believe me, the dark brotherhood KNOWS the appointed and accepted workers before the individual in point. Therefore, efforts to sidetrack the worker are set up from birth through finding of purpose. It must, however, be this way for only the sturdy shall prevail and lesser will simply "not cut the mustard" in this time of chaos and passage and species/planet transition. It is a responsibility of tremendous and incredible commitment which claims all of self with consuming and unrelenting intent for selfless accomplishment. It so happens as with ONLY GOD, that through that very intent and giving--comes the backlash of wondrous return of that very thing you had freely given back into the hands of God--the WILL OF SELF.


Does this mean that on Academy Award night when all honors for work is tossed about--mostly to ones within the "OK to receive" listings, that when you receive your recognition, you should shun it? No, for this is what will give you MORE opportunity to have more work available in which to portray God's reflection. But make sure that you honor the TRUE SELF WITHIN as the wondrous creation you are--and not the frivolous EGO of HUMANNESS which will only destroy all that is of immortality attached to the physical plane. Easy? Not at first, but I might use Dharma as example. As we write and speak and share, sometimes it is hard for her to release my own energy unto working with another--if she is in awareness for she feels great responsibility that somehow SHE is not misleading or assuming personal load which is not hers in actuality. The best way to get her to release, as in this correspondence, is to overload her burden to the point wherein she cannot longer carry all the secretarial duties of letter writing and phone calls, etc. This does two things--it causes her to release ME and causes ones to hear and comprehend from me "directly". If the perceptions are coming through incorrectly, I can always sit and pen a reminder or corrective input in this same manner.

It is such that after long communion the integration of "spirit" is so finely "tuned" that there is no "conscious" separation and yet instant identification. I demand, however, that there never be contact without identification--it is the first lesson if you are to work within this "Command". YOU must clear your space--I can do it but I WILL NOT DO SO UNLESS YOU ARE BLUNDERING IN A MANNER WHICH IMPACTS THE VERY PROJECTED PURPOSE OF OUR MISSION. YOU MUST DO IT--A THOUSAND TIMES A DAY IF NECESSARY--UNTIL IT IS INSTANT HABIT FOR IT WILL BE IN THE EARLY DAYS THAT THE ADVERSARY WILL EFFORT THE HARDEST TO FOOL YOU. STAY ALERT, FOR IT WILL ALWAYS BE WHEN YOU LEAST THINK IT POSSIBLE. HE IS A RELENTLESS ANNOYANCE AND A VERY "SORE" LOSER; KEEP IT EVER UPPERMOST IN THE MIND CONSCIOUS AND TRAIN THE SUBCONSCIOUS TO ACCEPT NO OTHER THAN GOD'S LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD AND THEY, TOO, MUST IDENTIFY.

Well, how can I tell whether or not I am receiving correctly? If it contradicts and counters that which you are innately born with, the capability of discernment, as to true laws of God and/or The Creation--it is NOT OF GOD. If there is a tiny urge on the part of the energy present to guide you into even the tiny portion of allowance of evil intent--IT IS NOT OF GOD. And yes, "they" are allowed to lie, deceive and falsely identify--that is the name of their game, brothers. Does this mean in the human form you will cease to err? Of course not--we are herein talking about the teachers and guides who are in energy form responding to your call. Man lies about "not knowing" right from wrong--and that is all it is--a lie for you are CREATED (if created by GOD and not a replica of fabrication as in "Robotoid" conjured by Man) KNOWING INNATELY AND WITHOUT ERROR THAT WHICH IS RIGHT AND TOWARD GOD AND BALANCE AND THAT WHICH IS AWAY FROM GOD. EVIL IS THAT WHICH CAUSES DEVIATION OF THE SPIRIT--IN EVEN THE SLIGHTEST MEASURE--AWAY FROM GOD OF TRUTH AND LIGHT. AND REMEMBER, GOD KNOWS THAT ALL SHORT OF BEINGNESS WITHIN GOD IS LESS THAN PERFECTION FOR THAT IS THE POINT OF THE JOURNEY AND EXPERIENCE--THE COMING FINALLY INTO THE ONENESS WITH PERFECTION.

Man, and evil cause in the hands of Man--votes in rules and regulations, acceptance of that which is against God, etc. GOD'S TRUTH NEVER VARIES IN THE LEAST IOTA! NEVER! FURTHER, NEVER, NEVER CONSIDER THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATTON TO EVEN RESEMBLE THE LAWS AS SET FORTH AND VOTED-IN BY THE HUMAN SPECIES--THOSE ARE SET UP TO PULL YOU ENTIRELY AWAY FROM GOD. There are two parts to the human creature--that which is physical and that which is spiritual and, actually, never the twain shall meet as one. It is not intended so and EGO is of the conscious mental function of the body physical--the testing mechanism of soul spirit to determine the level of growth in the dimensions of immortality of spirit.

I had not intended a Journal on the subject this morning; it is only that as ones who come into perception of "call to service" also understand it is as important that laws of God are understood as well as the call "heard". Does this mean that none will serve until they are somehow "purified" and "perfected"? Of course not, but it does mean that ones who will bear, and have accepted, great responsibility fully appreciate that responsibility. The knowledge is there already--it is only hidden by the veil as with all, and the remembering purpose and intent must again come into consciousness. Some are simply not "ready" at a given "time" and need more "remembering time". The responsibility of birthing a new planet into higher existence and the tending of the "old" along with the changing attitudes and misperceptions of a species of Man--is a heavy responsibility indeed. Does this mean you become less human? Yes and no. You will become less attached to the human--and no, the bombardment of existence within the human environment will not only not lessen but will increase in many ways. I must be quick to assure you, however, the rewards for the experiences are grand indeed and the peace which all men seek blossoms like the lotus and fills the cup to overflow as purpose is recognized and accepted. So be it.

Thank you for giving me opportunity to share these moments for please accept my own petition for understanding--THIS is the driving need within my own being--to bring you home and I become frustrated with my NECESSARY JOB of speaking of wars and crimes of man and governments, when my only real purpose is to bring you, my brethren, home. Growing is hard, both as a human and as a spirit--but wondrous indeed.

Hatonn to step aside for a short break.


SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1991 11:12 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 233


I believe this is more "back to the subject" of the Journal than at first it might seem. If we cannot come into "communication" in meaningful understanding then we are never going to understand one another enough to function as a unit in intent. This is obviously the intended thrust of our adversaries, be they dupes of, or full participants with the anti-Divine God of Holy Spirit. Herein is good example of needing TOTAL definition of a "term". It matters not that which the term IS nor what it means--AS LONG AS ALL IN COMMUNICATION UNDERSTAND EXPLICITLY THE MEANING AS WE USE IT. This is the thrust of the anti-Lighted Spirit--to cause themselves to have one explicit definition for "their" use, of a given term--while all others are moving along under another and usually opposite definitive use of the same term. For instance, when we refer, say, to the Great Spirit--we will be referring to God, Lighted God, Holy God, Truth, Wakan Tanka, Great White (lighted) Spirit, etc. If we refer to "Sananda", we are referring to a label of achieved perfection which allows experiences as/within God from Christed experience, i.e. Pale Prophet, Esu, Isa, Iisa, Standing Bear, Jesus, the Nazarean etc., etc., and allows us to stop repeating so much to come into intended communication.

We MUST cease ever working from "IMPLICIT" and always utilize "EXPLICITNESS".

IMPLICIT: implied; assumption; capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed; to involve or indicate by inference, association rather than to express DIRECTLY.

EXPLICIT: free from all vagueness and ambiguity; fully developed or formulated; unreserved and unambiguous in expression; opposite of implicit.



Communication must begin with something mutually understood. The shared universe of tangible realities is something apparently perceived by all living organisms. Inborn value judgments, that sort out and give meaning to the tangible realities, well up in each individual. In combination, the tangible realities and the inborn value judgments constitute the universal language of Nature and/or whatever comprehensive creative intelligence may coexist with, or be an inseparable part of, Nature.

Humans create word languages. In the Western World, word languages often distinguish between body and soul, and people speak of "Nature and Nature's God". Among peoples of both East and West there is also a widespread thought pattern, called pantheism, which views Nature and Nature's God as one. Using phrases from both thought patterns indiscriminately, without addressing the difference between them, we must learn to focus on something that goes beyond usual thought patterns lest we never achieve discernment of manipulation of these patterns to deceive and mislead.

All word languages that have been created, or can be created, by humans are crude, confusing substitutes for the language of Nature or Nature's God. Any assertion that Nature's God ever used crude, confusing human words to speak to humans could only come from someone who wanted to brainwash others, or someone who had been brainwashed.

Even between humans, no communication in words can be accepted as complete and final. No perceptive person can accept any social agreement which fails to recognize that there may be occasions when word communications are not adequate, when the language of Nature or Nature's God (involving value judgments, force and will) must be chosen.

Humans speak the language of Nature and Nature's God when they modify tangible realities and when they create cultures. This must, in our understanding of misled multitudes as with assumed labeling of the Khazar (as example), focus on "cultures" to great extent to bring understanding of the processes involved.

"Cultures" are will-actions that selectively influence which organic things are encouraged to survive, or allowed to survive. The culture of corn involves making conditions favorable for the growth of corn and destroying other organic things that interfere with the growth. Human will has created cultures of corn, beans, tulips, pigs, goats, sheep, milk cows, beef cows, work horses, race horses and so on. Cultures are a major factor in human history.

However, there are two cultures that historians usually avoid pointing out and discussing either through lack of understanding or deliberately avoiding for one purpose or another. Both are human cultures of humans. These two human cultures of humans are the basic subject of this writing. P


The first, or most primitive, human culture of humans had already begun when people were still in the hunting and food gathering stage. This primitive culture is still actively promoted. It vitally concerns you because it OPPOSES the manifest long range direction of Nature and Nature's God. Nature's long range direction, extending from single cells to humans, selects the most perceptive and most competent for survival. The primitive culture does the reverse. Falsely used human words are its implements!

This first human culture of humans began when those who were too incompetent to be leaders by demonstrating their competence stumbled upon the idea that they could invent an imaginary leader and manipulate people by claiming to be spokesmen for the imaginary leader.

It was all one culture but the imaginary leader was presented in various guises. The "ghost" of a dead leader, who had been widely respected, may have been the first invention. At the time of first recorded history a stone "god" or an invisible "god", purportedly supplying the human words that the spokesmen wanted for manipulating the people, was the invention most common in the Western World.

When a "spokesman" had built up a group of those who were easy to confuse and deceive, he used the manipulated group to destroy individuals who perceived and opposed the falsity he had built with words. By manipulating group force he could destroy individuals who were more perceptive, more honest, and more competent than himself. Assistants, called "priests", who would carry on the falsity built by words, were selected to help develop and preserve clever methods for promoting this culture.

The object was to breed great masses of people who were easy to manipulate. As purported spokesmen for the imaginary leader, the priests "authorized" sexual relations among those who were servile and stupid enough to accept their word-created falsity. They used the manipulated group to kill of the strong, proud, competent, perceptive individuals who rejected what, in a word invented by the manipulators, was called "authority". They sought to prevent "unauthorized" sexual relations by those who rejected the "authority" they had arrogated to themselves.

At the time of the first events word historians have recorded, a substantial portion of the human species had obviously been bred by this culture that opposed Nature. Most humans had already degenerated into manipulated masses.

Word historians do not usually say "degenerated into manipulated masses". To designate this condition they use some such praise-giving phrase as "humans had created civilizations". Like the priests, many "historians" use words that cloud perception of tangible realities.

The only dependable history is that whose words are tangible realities. It is clear, precise, emphatic, easy to read AND EXPLICIT. Humans would do well to read the comment it makes regarding living organisms that oppose the evolutionary direction set by Nature, as humans do who continue this primitive culture.

Looking at this language, you find that lemmings, sheep, and some other mammals develop conspicuous groupings. However, no other mammals have gone as far toward evolving into mass organisms as have humans. Humans have now reached a stage that makes survival of individuals detached from a mass virtually impossible. Manipulated masses claim every square foot of living space on earth and demand that every individual identify with one of the manipulated masses.

Although no other mammals have gone as far as humans, some insects--ants, termites, and some species of bees--have followed this direction taken by humans, and have gone still further, they have reached the point of no return. Will you do the same?

These insects have opposed Nature's long range direction. They have regressed from autonomous sexual entities to the functional role of single cells in an asexual group organism. The group organism is all that continues to function as an entity having will. These insects have done with sex odors what most humans at first recorded history had come very close to doing with words--and what the entire human species, whose evolutionary regression is actively promoted by mass manipulators, is now dangerously close to "accomplishing".

Dharma allow a lunch break please, for this added to the prior writing is sufficiently long. Then we shall look at the corrective culture and better perceive that which must be carefully considered at this point in history of experience. Thank you. I shall just stand aside.

Hatonn to clear.



SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1991 2:33 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 233


Despite massive efforts to destroy it, there is still a record (severely mutilated and tattered) that at the time of the first recorded history, one people had recognized what was happening within the human species and had done something about it. Realizing that the condition had gone too far to simply re-educate those who had been selectively bred for lack of perception, the perceptive people segregated themselves from the others.

These people, the Northern Europeans, who defended their segregation by maintaining a no-man's land around themselves, established a culture that was diametrically opposed to the long-standing primitive one.

A highly significant point is that these perceptive people recognized that a culture cannot be fought with mere words; they recognized that a culture must be opposed by a culture. Ah ha, now we begin to begin to see a flicker of what happened a very long time ago to get you to where you are NOW and by whom you were manipulated.

Nature's God does not speak the crude language of humans. However humans can speak the language of Nature's God. Culture is a statement made in that language. Culture deals selectively in birth and death. When unscrupulous manipulators created their human culture of humans, they chose to oppose the direction set by Nature's God in the language of Nature. The corrective culture was a deliberate, clear, positive, unequivocal, explicit opposition to the primitive anti-Nature culture. The two cultures are eternally incompatible.

The corrective human culture of humans was based upon agreements between a group of perceptive individuals that would curtail the manipulative breeding in of the unperceptive and would breed out manipulators. It seemed good enough at that point.

The new culture of the segregated northern Europeans dealt with both factors that make an effective culture--birth and death. The basic ideas and actions of the corrective culture were two very simple ones.

Giving birth was an individual decision. A perceptive woman could be expected to choose her sexual mate with perception and give birth to perceptive children. Therefore, opposing the breeding methods of mass manipulators--of manipulators who arrogated to themselves the role of "authorizing" sexual relations and forbidding sexual relations they had not "authorized"--the Northern Europeans agreed that a woman's choice of a man by whom she would bear children would be exclusively hers--as an individual. The agreement was that no man could have sexual relations with her by force or coercion, and she need defer to no individual or group approval when choosing her children's father. The perceptive people reasoned that no one should have any word-invented "authority" over the intangible portion of Nature and Nature's God within an individual, because an individual's value judgments are made by the God within. The social agreement, that would not allow interference with the highly important value judgment of each individual woman regarding who should be the father of her children, effectively meant that the people looked upon each woman as a goddess.

Dealing with death was also an individual decision. Curtailing the use of manipulated masses against individuals was the cultural action that fell to men. Unscrupulous demagogs were bred out by making formal, socially approved one-to-one "fair fight" combat the prerogative of every individual. There was full social approval of formal individual combat and full social rejection of all groups that tried to impose "group will" on individuals. There was concerted group action against individuals only within the limited range to which each individual had agreed. Outside that austerely limited range every individual could demand one-to-one single combat and full social approval would uphold the demand.

This culture, speaking Nature's language of birth and death, effectively reversed the primitive culture that had bred for unperceptive zombi-like humans, and bred for the unscrupulous demagogs who manipulated zombis with words (oops, where are you now?) The new culture, that consciously and effectively again proclaimed all individuals equally sovereign, as Nature had always done before the primitive culture, actually accelerated the direction of Nature's selection.

At the beginning of recorded history, the new culture had already bred the segregated Northern Europeans into a people significantly distinct from those around them. They cherished that difference. Any manipulated mass, that tried to breach their protective no-man's land and re-absorb them, was recognized as a potential mass organism. The evolving group entity was called a "dragon". The feats of great heroes who became dragon-slayers were memorialized in story and song. But here you can see where the term "dragon" and "dragon beast" came into importance.


Let us refer to these two opposing human cultures of humans by the descriptive terms: The culture of manipulated masses and the culture of individual sovereignty.

Backing away from both for a look no more long-ranged than "What kind of people do I want to associate with?" the choice focuses on the individuals who are products of the two cultures: 1) The culture of manipulated masses breeds for lack of perception and/or deliberate falsity, coupled with a strong instinctual affinity for the kind of deception that makes a clever manipulator, and 2) The culture of individual sovereignty breeds in perception and integrity, and breeds out manipulators.

Ultimately the two man-made cultures will be measured by Nature's three billion year old criteria--which it would be reasonable to call "the morality of Nature and Nature's God (Great Spirit of Light, Holy God and The Creation).

When manipulated masses take on irreversible dominance over individuals the masses become the only organisms that continue to have effective will. These masses function as asexual organisms; individuals function as their component cells; evolution is thereby turned back six hundred million years or more. Nature's selective survival is transferred from the component individuals to the new mass organisms. ETERNAL MASS WARFARE BETWEEN THE NEW ORGANISMS IS THE INEVITABLE RESULT.

When individuals remain sovereign, Nature's focus remains on individuals. Nature's selective survival continues to apply to human individuals and there is no regression. The field is open for further development. Looking at the long range direction manifest by Nature, the human species remains in the forefront of all organic evolution as it was prior to the first primitive human culture. Social approval of individual sovereignty is social approval of nature's morality.

Looking at Nature's criteria, the choice becomes: Shall the human accept Nature's long range direction or oppose it? And herein is an opportunity to pause and consider the response to this question as you see it in perspective of our writings and the unfoldment of "secrets" kept from you.


Leaving generalized descriptions and turning to the actual conflict between the advocates of these two cultures, we recognize that the mass manipulators now have control of most governments, of the media and of the school systems. They overwhelm everyone with their confusing version of history. However, enough mutilated historical fragments still exist so that the significant story can be somewhat pieced together--even without my scanners.

The significant battle between the people of the two cultures has taken place, and continues to take place, in Europe, in the Mediterranean area, and in the Western hemisphere--where there has been total infiltration and integration within the organisms.

The people of the Orient have been affected by the dominant culture of manipulated masses as it now exists in the Western World, but they have never been involved in the conflict between the two cultures as have other people, although it is coming into manifestation currently. Speaking of the Oriental people in general, they are not even aware that it now exists or ever did exist although the seepage is showing up more and more. Certainly they can see little evidence that any culture now exists in the West other than the culture of manipulated masses.

There is the same non-awareness of the cultural conflict by the people of Russia although some astute people are sticking their heads up and beginning to smell the coffee burning. Russia is an area of biologically mixed people that stands between the East and West. The area has been heavily impacted by the Khazarian shroud of word twisters and as a government, the USSR conspicuously implements the culture of manipulated masses. The precise form of the current Russian culture came from the same source, and constitutes the same virulent danger to the human species as that which forms one side of the current battle in the West. This especially virulent form came to the Russian people in two waves, the first beginning about the tenth century and the second early in the twentieth century. There had never been a substantial culture of individual sovereignty in the area, so neither wave met any effective native resistance.

Both the Orientals and the Russians continue to feel the impulse toward individual sovereignty within them, but they have no conscious memories of individual sovereignty--as a culture. Since the Western Americans have experienced individual sovereignty it is hard to have realization that you no longer have it. This is because the word manipulators have pulled some heinous tricks on you and you live under a shroud of "their" deception and illusion.

The battle between the advocates of the two cultures has existed exclusively in the Western World. It was in the Western World that the culture of individual sovereignty came into being. It is here that some conscious advocates of it now remain. It is in the Western World that a decisive battle between the advocates of the two cultures is now being fought.

The Western World still has a high percentage of people bred for individual sovereignty. However, it is on those who remain conscious advocates of the culture that bred them that now rests the only visible hope that the whole human species will not go the way of the regressive insects. And, unfortunate as it is for the only visible hope, many who were bred for individual sovereignty have now been so confused by words that they fail to see that the conflict is between the advocates of the two cultures. When they say that they will "just wait to see what will happen" before they decide to act, they fail to recognize that they are not "just leaving things to Nature". Human cultures have been injected into natural selection. The conflict is taking place by human will. They are leaving everything to their human enemies. A veil of human words now clouds the perception of many bred for perception.


A confused subject called "human progress" serves to obscure the significant conflict between the advocates of the two cultures. It detracts attention from human beings by focusing on manufactured gadgets. Also its spokesmen falsify human history. They use manufactured gadgets as the measure of civilization and teach American school children that two thousand years ago the Northern Europeans were "barbarians".

On the contrary, archeological excavations indicate that Europe was the area where the world's earliest finely manufactured articles were developed. You can only imagine at the exact historical reasons causing the Northern Europeans to abandon man-made things and return to natural things as their criteria of value and we will not hang up on that point herein for it is a distraction for the focus point. The verbal history, or "mythology", that would tell the story on your placement has been systematically destroyed or totally twisted. You only know that about 60 B.C., when Julius Caesar was writing about the Northern Europeans, the described culture of individual sovereignty had existed among them for untold centuries. The cultural core that selectively bred for individual sovereignty was effectively protected by the no-man's land that Caesar was trying to penetrate. It allowed only one-way passage. The Northern Europeans could go out but they allowed no one to come in. They were protecting their segregated culture. They recognized that, as individuals consciously upholding the sovereignty of individuals, they were fighting potential mass organisms that they called "dragons". However, the people outside viewed the conflict as merely the usual mass warfare, which is an essential part of their culture.

The earliest records you will be able to find regarding the conflict between two peoples who recognized opposing cultures as the basis of the conflict was that which showed up between the early Babylonians and the people occupying the Iranian plateau. Only a "color" of their conflict remains in recorded history, and you cannot be sure whether or not the division between the peoples existed because individual sovereignty people were spreading from a Northern European cultural core, or whether Iran versus Babylonia was the original area of division. To more fully comprehend this circumstance we must look more deeply into the Khazars by whatever name they called themselves, and we will do so as we get a bit more foundation herein with which to work.

To get a clear view of the two cultures you have to look for a discernible division between peoples advocating the opposing cultures. Otherwise you look at cultural garbage. The two diametrically opposed cultures cannot be mixed among one people. There are only two directions that a human culture of humans can go--with Nature's overall direction or against it.

It appears ricidulous to make the obvious statement that nothing can at the same time go in two opposing directions. Such a statement now becomes necessary with regard to cultures because there are many who call the present enforced mixings of peoples trying to go in opposing direction, "the richness achieved by mixing cultures". That sort of misuse of words prepares for manipulation by promoting confusion--and who is the master of confusion? Fragments of civilization, that have been broken by mixing peoples from opposing cultures, may have facets that dazzle, like fragments of broken glass in a kaleidoscope. But when a culture is viewed as a culture, it is an injection of human will into natural selection. Natural selection deals only in birth and death. Cultures created by human will are dealing in birth and death. The flesh and blood people that human will has selected for survival are the "richness (or pollution) achieved" by injecting cultures into natural selection. Conscious mass manipulators willfully promote the confusion that obscures perception of this. We seek to penetrate the obscuring cloud.

We know of areas where, in historical times, there have been mixings of people bred for individual sovereignty and those bred for mass manipulation. However the resultant conflict arising from the opposing cultural directions has not been perceptively analyzed in widely promoted histories. Spengler, who may well be the most competent of widely known historians, even applies the term "culture" to the mixings. Honor ones who passed Earth's way and projected some intelligent reasoning and understanding into historical data.

Facts indicate that people bred for individual sovereignty moved into India where they were greatly outnumbered by those long bred by the primitive culture. They were overwhelmed by sheer numbers. They could not establish their own culture. They could not act. They talked. This began before recorded history. They are still talking. The conflict between cultures cannot be settled by words.

Another mixing of peoples bred by the opposing cultures came when those from the cultural core of individual sovereignty moved in on the opposingly bred people of Greece. An attempted division between the peoples continued for several centuries by arbitrarily dividing them into "citizens" and "slaves". Obviously that attempted division, when the people were thoroughly mixed in daily contact, could not work. It did not. The attempts to create a "scientific state", where the two cultural thought patterns could be "rationally" combined, ended in the destruction of what is called the "golden age of Greece". Rashly building an empire that would teach "the science of government" to the people around the Mediterranean, who had been bred for mass manipulation, the Greeks created a tangible civilization, born of mixed cultures that was like a fruit ripe for picking. Some of the more stalwart and dominant energies (teachers) of the Greek era have continued in many forms to bring understanding, wisdom and insight into the mechanism--some of you continue in frustration and repeated attempts to awaken the masses at this very day in time.

The Romans, who had fully accepted the culture of mass manipulation, and who had sufficient military power to take over a people confused by a mixture of two opposing cultures, took over the Greek people and the Greek empire. Most historians shed copious tears over this fact but show little perception of what was actually happening.

Histories, that are written by those "educated" for the culture of manipulated masses, present mass warfare (an activity of no living things but humans and regressive insects) as a natural phenomenon. Their histories are nothing but studies of mass manipulators and the battle leaders acting under the "authority" of mass manipulators. Their histories imply that no culture other than the culture of manipulated masses ever existed or ever could exist. Accepting this primitive culture as "human nature", they remove the word "culture" from its application to the human species. They twist the WORD to mean "development or improvement by ' education', or refinement resulting from such development". They ignore the conflicting directions set by human cultures.

Human cultures, a specialized use of human will, are no more visible than the wind but, like the wind, their effects are visible. Most of your historians describe only the effects; they fail to point out or even perceive the opposing cultures during the time that the Greek and Roman Empires dominated the Mediterranean area. Careful examination of this time and place, that identifies the beginning of the current cultural conflict, is vitally important to the fate of the whole human species--a fate that will be determined by which of the two cultures eventually dominates. Mostly these two diabolically opposed cultures are either missed or totally ignored. Those of you in the third perspective can see how it is but are basically at a loss as how to proceed to bring about massive change.

These two cultural directions might well be like the meeting of two winds--as winds of opposing directions meet to form a devastating storm. Well, then came along one-- again--as a Christed being (the one you called Jesus at the given sequence of time progression) and he became significantly placed in the "eye of the storm". IT IS, HOWEVER, THE WHOLE (ENTIRE) STORM WHICH VITALLY CONCERNS YOU AS A HUMAN SPECIES.



SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1991 5:45 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 233


From known history, the significant fragments must be sifted out and put into a meaningful order, if we are to make sense of what is now happening to the human species. The cultural storm system cannot be viewed as a whole without giving attention to "the eye of the storm". I make no comment regarding rationale or differences in spiritual aspects regarding this particular "being" but do give undivided attention to the circumstance and that which ensued. You have had historians who acknowledge and summarize the most common attitudes toward "the eye of the storm" in your current area of mixed cultures.

In one way it was stated that "Whether for good or ill, whether fact or fiction, the story of Jesus has had an effect--perhaps an enormous effect--in determining human destiny. In the United States there are two conspicuous views of the story. One is held by those who believe that Jesus was a "supernatural" being, that all people in the world have "sinned", and that Jesus was crucified as a sacrifice for their "sins". The other is held by those who look upon the first group as a bunch of "born-again boobs", and wish the whole story had never gotten started. Well, I'm sure that Emmanuel of "Jesus" fame wishes his presence had not been taken and made into deceit and delusion of a whole civilization--for whether or not you believe--the mere mythology becomes a focus.

From time to time, obscure and perceptive writers--and even a few who are not so obscure, have presented a third viewpoint. They have taken the view that the story of Jesus IS significant and it is most significant when told absolutely straight.

The next statement will be news to most of you--Thomas Jefferson presented one "straight" version in his comments bound with the American Christian Bible. One historian in point is Erik Holden who carried on the work of sifting out significant fragments as started by John Harland. Holden contrasts the significance of the straight story with that of the one accepted by many institutional religions.

The extracts from the Bible that were put together by Jefferson left out the writings of Paul (I hope herein you will refer back to AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL to find out the FACTS regarding Paul. As a matter of fact, we greatly honor Paul in this current time for he is making every effort to rectify his misinformation) and the totally reversed twist to the story that was adopted by the Council of Nice in 325 A.D. The so-called Jefferson Bible has been generally suppressed as is all truth; the editions that were previously available were couched in comments that came close to being apologies to Khazars (Jews) and to so-called Judaeo-Christians for what Jefferson left out. Holden looks at the story very much as Jefferson did. Inasmuch as Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence and was also a man who rejected institutional Christianity, while asserting that he was a real Christian, Holden has chosen a highly significant starting point.

The American Christian Bible is of vital significance for the American people at the present time. The current conflict between the culture of individual sovereignty and, for that matter, individual national sovereignty, and the culture of manipulated masses is the same that has been going on for two thousand years. The imposition into Northern Europe of what the Catholic church called Christianity was the original focal point of the conflict.

The segregated Northern Europeans, who were so careful to preserve their no-man's land, were not conquered by the armed force of any manipulated masses from outside. Their enemies slyly injected the culture of manipulated masses into Northern Europe, and then used manipulated masses of Northern Europeans to force the culture which destroyed their own culture, and millions of people bred by that culture, on other Northern Europeans.

Incredible as it seems, two thousand years later the same tactics are still just as effective. The two greatest wars the world has ever known were between people bred by the culture of individual sovereignty fighting others of the same breeding. What manipulators call "the richness achieved by mixing cultures" is a synthesized drug; that drug destroys all perception; it renders people responsive to suggestions for insane action.


The culture slyly injected into Northern Europe centuries ago remains the focal point of the current conflict. Many, who think it was religion that was injected, may tend to dismiss that statement by saying "religion no longer carries significant weight in practical matters". But to them we must say: Hear us out. We are not talking about what some falsely categorize as religion. We are talking about culture.

The mass manipulative culture of the medieval Catholic Church was implemented by wholesale slaughter, torture racks, and public burnings, as one facet of cultural action. The other was church "authorized" marriage, church christenings, and church schools for the children of those allowed to leave progeny. The path of that foreign culture of mass manipulation, as it selectively killed some people and encouraged the breeding of others, marked the sharp line of conflict with the culture that had bred the Northern Europeans.

Theretofore the foreign culture, in its usual dragon form, had been recognized and successfully opposed. Now it was not recognized because individuals merely carried its seeds. To get across the no-man's land these individual saboteurs had to have a passport. Harland describes the passport, which gave passage to the foreign culture's advocates, as being like a two-sided coin. The teachings of Jesus were on one side; the teachings of the Nomadic Khazar (so-called Jewish) Nation were on the other. The priests who gained passage were the ones skilled in deftly flipping the coin from side to side to make it fit the occasion.

Currently the same trick is performed--all day every day, in the U.S.--by those who have unconstitutional control of radio and television stations. In current use the twosided coin is the hyphenated word: Judaeo-Christianity.

We need to most carefully examine the two-sided passport that has played such havoc with the culture of individual sovereignty.

Before Jesus, the Nomadic Khazar Nation was only a minor nuisance to the Roman Empire. The Nomadic Khazar Nation became a factor of worldwide significance only because it was the weather front for one culture when the two opposing cultures met with Jesus, "the eye of the storm". The whole storm system falls within our subject.


Benefiting by a view that now stretches over two thousand years, you can recognize that the opposing cultural winds did not meet at the focal point where Jesus was born among the Judeans "just by accident". Although the Khazars were only a minor nuisance to the Roman Empire, they were the world's most pronounced weather front for the culture of manipulated masses. The Khazarian people exemplified the products of the manipulated mass culture more clearly than any people on earth. Also they advocated the culture, itself, more conspicuously than any people on earth. They had rationally and deliberately formalized the significant direction of the primitive culture by inventing a "god" who opposed Nature.

Most current Khazars (now labeling themselves as so-called Jews) no longer believe any such "god" exists but, nonetheless, their well-known objective of "victory over nature" and their anti-Nature "morality", which they either claim was decreed by the "god" they invented or follows logically from their atheistic communism, remains the focal point of the tradition that coordinates their actions. According to the spokesmen for their "god" they are a people chosen by their "god" for the role of the world's manipulators. They are repulsed by any need for contact with Nature. Their spokesmen tell them that their "god" promises them that they need have no contact with Nature, that they can live off the milk and honey produced by other peoples. Their culture has bred them for such complete lack of respect for, and perception of, Nature that they remain totally blind to the fact that their objective of "victory over nature" would accomplish precisely what the regressive insects have "accomplished". It would push regression of the entire human species to the point of no return. When the cultural storm system developed, the core of the culture diametrically opposing the one the Khazars had formalized was isolated in Northern Europe. The Greeks, although biological products of that culture, had compromised it while trying to rule over peoples bred for mass manipulation. However, they had thirteen cities designed as samples of Greek civilization located around the area where Jesus was born. Although diluted and confused, some color, or breath of wind, suggesting the existence of an alternative to the culture of manipulated masses had permeated the area.

A much keener perception than that usually found among the so-called Jews (Khazarians) was needed to sense the color, or feel the faint breeze, and to visualize what would happen if the culture indicated by the faint breeze came in full force. The culture had been weakened by the Greeks' compromises but, from the same direction as the breath of wind that hinted at an alternative culture's existence, could be sensed the movement that was the whole of Nature. The faint cultural breath told that the culture both supported Nature and was backed by nature. The suggestion, however faint, that such a widely different culture did exist would be enormously significant to anyone with perception who was caught in a squeeze play between the advocates of two cultures fighting for dominance--when both the cultures were just different forms of mass manipulation.

The Romans had power over the Khazars. The Khazars bent to Roman rule in the open and fought it in secret. Born among the Judeans, Jesus was under the usual Judean pressure to side with the Khazarians against the Romans, but he recognized that they both moved in the same cultural direction and therefore, HE WAS OPPOSED TO BOTH!

What mass manipulators have interpreted as the "non-violence" teachings of Jesus was something utterly different. Jesus advocated and practiced a policy of not taking sides between two systems that both had the same direction of mass manipulation--this held true much later with the group of Essenes who asked for his sanction and participation within their specific group--at which point he rapidly took total and complete leave of them while at the same time announcing to his people that they would CLAIM HIM TO BE ONE OF THEM. You must further understand that at that time the term or label "Jesus" was not attached to the entity at all. He was called Emmanuel, Esu etc. not Jesus. Paul later conjured and labeled the master teacher by that handle after traveling in Greece. If you know nothing of history and fact--how can you even know that which you worship?--for it is often false.


This is the very reason God gives you a first commandment of "have no other Gods before ME". He is the very essence of life itself which lives and remains within each from the beginning of experience unto the ending and beyond into infinity--by whatever name you choose. If you WORSHIP none other, then there aren't apt to be errors in judgment by the WORD MANIPULATORS.

Esu advocated giving no active physical help, which necessarily meant giving no active physical opposition, to either side. When talking about the cultures, Esu concerned himself primarily with that of the Judeans because the Khazar/Judeans had formalized the culture of manipulated masses and stated its Nature-opposing "morality" in WORDS. The formalized verbal statement of the culture was something that Esu could oppose in human words. He did so for about three years.

The Khazars had the clearest statement of a culture that took action against Nature; they had actually said that the imaginary "god" they invented had created the world and then "repented" his own creation. To one who had felt the faint breeze of an opposing cultural wind, and could recognize that the total flow of Nature moved in the direction of that breeze, it was clear that the direction advocated by "the law and the prophets", who proclaimed an anti-Nature "god", would lead all advocates of that culture to inevitable damnation.

The primitive Nature-opposing culture had not only been formalized, it had also been stated in great detail by the intricate laws of the Khazars, by their verbose prophets, and by the numerous examples of action in their proudly preserved history of clever treachery. Esu chose the contrast of speaking against it in the simplest possible words.


He talked of Nature and of the God who clothed the lilies of the fields and valued the smallest sparrow. He denounced the law and the prophets and, ignoring the imaginary Khazar "god" who was presented as being external to his creations, Esu talked of a different God who was within and Father to His creations. The message of Esu was that perceptive people would realize they were of the Father. He said, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me." He told people they could go against the law and that was not important, they could go against what they called "god" and that was not important, but if they did not heed the Holy Spirit that was WITHIN them, they would be eternally damned.

In simple, bare, inexact human words, there has never been a clearer statement of individual sovereignty. But Esu was placed at the weather front of masses looking for a messiah--looking for a leader of manipulated masses, a new spokesman for the imaginary "god" they had invented. They thought only of fighting the Roman culture of manipulated masses with their own, even more extreme, culture of manipulated masses. Human words were inadequate for something as important as Esu wanted to say.

When He had said all that could be said by using inexact human words, He had to accept the bitter cup that words alone do not establish a culture. With courageous resignation He faced the fact that, even though the people around Him would not accept a culture opposite to the one that was leading them to damnation, He could still make a full statement to the whole world regarding that which came from the Holy Spirit, or Father, within Him in the language of the REAL GOD--in the language of Nature's God.

He told his disciples that His time was approaching but that their time was yet to come. He planned to precipitate a battle in which they could take sides. He said to them, "Sell your coat and buy a sword."

Then in the language of Nature and Nature's God, He spoke. As one who had violated no specific law of the mass manipulators--but as one who had denounced their total culture--He openly confronted the mass manipulators with full knowledge of what would happen. Having publicly proclaimed the sovereignty of an individual, He placed himself so that as an individual He conspicuously stood against the most clearly defined culture of manipulated masses that existed anywhere in the world, a culture that will tolerate no one who rejects the law and the prophets, a culture that will tolerate no one who obeys only the Holy Spirit within.

Esu deliberately walked into a situation where He foresaw that his crucifixion would clearly show the mortal opposition which exists--unreconcilably--between the two cultures. In the language of Nature and Nature's God, His crucifixion proclaimed to all the world that the opposition between the two cultures is mortal and eternal, that compromise cannot be made, that one of the diametrically opposing directions must be chosen.

And herein I might state that this Journal could well be labeled Vol II of THE PLEIADES CONNECTION for these are the teachings of truth without manipulation of either culture. These ARE the teachings of the brotherhood from afar--and furthermore it must, by now, make sense why it is so important for the manipulators to silence the Truth-Bringers. Especially at this time is this information highly dangerous to the manipulators for you are foundationed upon the basis of individual sovereignty as a nation of individual people. The manipulators have not yet accomplished all necessary constraints to enslave you but are well on their way to so-doing. You as individuals with ability to function as sovereign people are all but finished and the coming into being of the One World Order with central government by those who manipulate is all but written into history as accomplished. Ah but remember--it is never too late if Man awakens even unto the eleventh hour. He does, however, have to basically understand his circumstance.

Crude, inexact human words do not pass the boundaries of different peoples and are seldom fully understood. In the universal language of Nature and Nature's God, Esu made the most significant and most eloquent statement ever made to the whole human species.

The Khazars tried to ignore that statement. When they discovered that they could not simply ignore it, they tried to kill off everyone who tried to point out the significance of it. The Romans saw its significance and gave the Khazarian gangs license to exterminate Christians--no more and no less.

Then one of the Khazarian butchers, Saul of Tarsus, came up with the idea of twisting the story backwards and actually making it support the Khazarian culture of mass manipulation (sorry Paul, but know son, ye bring that which is needed this day to the table that we might bring these things unto the masses of current human experience. Hold steady for all manners of opposition in all forms of manifestations are sent and continue to bind you but you shall be given to prevail and bring other fragments into peace as well as you bend not to the rigors and vicissitudes of human bombardment. Each now takes active roles in setting to straight the historical errors of experience and some will fail--again; but ones of Godly intent shall surely succeed).

The imaginary primitive "god" which the Khazars had invented purportedly demanded bloody sacrifices of the first born and finest before he would forgive their "sins". Everyone had heard Esu say, "I am in the Father, and the Father in me." Many had said that Esu was claiming to be a god. Saul conceived the idea that people could be made to accept Esu as the son of the imaginary "god" the Khazars had invented, and accept his crucifixion as a sacrifice that the imaginary god's law demanded for the salvation of all who had not obeyed that law.

A ROSE---?

Now I hope you ones have noted that I continue to utilize the word Khazar--but that is not actually the label appropriate. At the time of Esu the Khazars (by that label) were still in the confines of Europe. Therefore you must now look to that which "KHAZAR" means--"gaz" or "to wander", in other words, "nomads", and the first factual references which you will find to this group as "Khazars" came in a Syrian chronicle by "Zacharia Rhector", dating from the middle of the sixth century. So what can I possibly mean? I mean that this "culture" of people were already present and functioned as the anti-Christ even before the presence of the one you accepted or touted as "Christ". So what were they called? Well, some called them Canaanites-- descendents of Cain the cursed. But this interrupts my chain of thought which I wish to project, please--without distraction to another topic. You ones must realize that this group also is represented in your church lessons as Pharisees. We shall come back to this discussion at another time--just explicitly know that when I refer to Khazars, I speak of those who are now self-styled, so-called "Jews".

The mob had demanded that the body of Esu be crucified. Saul conceived the idea of crucifying the spirit. Nietzsche, describing Paul's action in The Anti-Christ, wrote: "Once more the priestly instinct of the Jew perpetuated the same old master crime against history--he simply struck out the yesterday and day before yesterday of Christianity and invented his own history of Christian beginnings. What indeed, has not this evangelist (Paul, Saul of Tarsus) sacrificed to hatred! Above all the Savior, he nailed him (back) on his own cross". In spirit, Esu continues to hang there. Such conspicuous persons as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell (who said, "I am proud to say I am a Zionist!" [KHAZAR /ELITIST]) encourage today's manipulated masses to drive more nails.

Despite the fact that the "converted" Paul set up a chain of churches in Greece to promote the version of "Jesus" he had invented, many Greeks recognized and valued the clear and superb eloquence of the statement Esu had made. They saw it as far exceeding that made by Socrates; it was greater in both dramatic impact and clarity of meaning. Among the Greeks, people began making new commitments to the individual sovereignty that had bred them. The seed of their own culture had been resown.

Inevitably there was conflict between the two stories. Arguments, attempts to derogate the opposition and attempts to reconcile the unreconcilable, gave rise to an enormous amount of verbal garbage. A hundred years after the crucifixion of Esu "Jesus" there were already over a hundred sects that called themselves Christian.

Verbal garbage is a preparation of the ground for dogma. Acceptance of dogma is acceptance of the culture of mass manipulation. The Roman Emperor Constantine recognized the potential of mass manipulation in the garbage of conflicting ideas about "Jesus". (I would interrupt herein to ask my historian, Nora--how am I doing? I, Hatonn, am greatly indebted to ones who pay attention so that I don't err greatly in sequence of events. I find your history tedious and mostly unpleasant but I do effort at being accurate.)

In 314 A.D. the Emperor convened a council of the various "Christian" sects to study their teachings. At a subsequent council in 325 A.D. he selected the followers of certain doctrines for official approval--with the understanding that they would either absorb or destroy the others.


Basically it was the false, totally reversed twist given the story of Jesus by the anti-Christ butcher that was made "official Christianity" by an Emperor wanting docile, dogma-controlled subjects. However, the most eloquent statement ever made regarding the mortal opposition between the two human cultures of humans was not easily crushed. The significant and eloquent statement Esu had made in the language of Nature and Nature's God persisted.

Knowing how that statement had appealed to the Greeks, the priests of "official Christianity" used it as a passport of entrance to the guarded areas of individual sovereignty in Northern Europe. To the Northern Europeans, that dramatic statement, upholding their own culture and condemning the culture they condemned, made by some heroic individual in a foreign land was doubly acceptable. Its eloquence was coupled with individual heroism, and individual heroism had their respect no matter where seen.

The straight story served as a passport for the Roman priests whose purported message was the teachings of the hero, who weaponless had defied the dragon (or serpent as Esu had called the underhanded Khazarian nation) so as to show the whole world the serpent-dragon's mortal opposition to the bare existence of a sovereign individual. Having gained passage, the priests gradually replaced the Christianity based on the straight story of Esu (Jesus) with the confusing garbage of Paul's anti-Christ "Christianity". Into this, bit by bit, was injected the Khazarian formalized dogma for promoting the primitive culture of mass manipulation.

The manipulated killing--by their own kind--of millions upon millions of the people who had been deliberately bred by, and for, the culture of individual sovereignty began when something called "JUDAEO-CHRISTIANITY was made the "coin of the realm".

The manipulated battle, between the confused people, soon developed so many facets that it was virtually impossible to distinguish friend from foe.

The same battle is still going on throughout the Western World at this moment. The trigger that precipitates the destruction of those bred for individual sovereignty by others of the same breeding is still the same two-sided coin. The mass manipulators keep the confusion and destruction going as actively as their fullest efforts can promote it.

Martin Luther challenged the head manipulators in Rome over the confusing garbage being passed out for forced feeding. While observing the widespread attempt to vomit up the incompatible foreign stuff that had been cunningly pushed upon the Northern Europeans, Luther became intensely disturbed that it was not only the formalized primitive dogma of the so-called, self-styled Jews that caused the problem; the flipside of the Christian coin was also serving as a passport for the Khazarians (so-called Jews) themselves.

While enviously admiring the clever new forms of deception practiced by the Catholic Church, the so-called Jews were intensely aware that it was their own system of mass manipulation that the Church was using to bring down those of the opposing culture. They felt jealously possessive of the anti-Nature "god" they had created in their own image; they wanted to move in and take over the power the Catholic Church had acquired over the proud, competent, Nature-loving Northern Europeans by making them bow their heads before the Khazarian "god". The Khazarian so-called Jews were like jackals moving in to feast on a lion's kill. Luther's violent words against their methods and against the very existence of the so-called Jews as a people are fully understandable.

Now what happens? It depends upon how many individualists desiring sovereignty of person and nation there are left. The manipulators have and continue to join forces and gang up on you--fortunately for you, they can't relinquish desire to be head manipulator and this gains you some time for action and changes.

Dharma, I apologize for such a very long day but this is such incredibly important information. Thank you, chela, for I know that you are weary. Have a good rest and we shall continue on the morrow. Good night, friends, and keep heart for we ARE MAKING GREAT PROGRESS--AS LONG AS MAN CAN REGAIN HIS "REASON" HE CAN PREVAIL AGAINST ALL ODDS. IT IS ONLY THAT INDIVIDUAL MAN HAS LOST HIS WAY. SO BE IT.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn to clear.




SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1991 7:56 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 234


Remember this day to keep it Holy. In other words, let us be ever mindful of God's presence and Nature's God and revere and respect that which dwells within EACH and allows this journey into infinity. I would ask you to send energy and love to the ones in Peru for they have had devastating earthquakes along with unseasonable rains. Peru is a country which has suffered greatly at the tentacles of the Khazars through your nation. Sovereignty is a precious gem and the moment it is left unguarded the evil thieves come forth and steal it. At any rate, within the past three days Peru's coastal "rim" fault has been badly hurt by quakes of "great" and "major" magnitude. The adverse weather hampers the evacuation and your brothers suffer greatly. Ones can only struggle so long against the tyrants and then fall to the manipulators. There go ye, America.

Don't worry about that which we write that you know not, Dharma. It is not of your special duty nor privilege to know all regarding the world. It IS your duty and that of each and every entity to know that which goes on, however, and witness the twisting, silence, shortness of announcements, hidden meanings and what the manipulators are doing and saying to mesmerize you as a dying culture of individual sovereigns. It is IMPORTANT to witness HOW the dragon devours its prey and in the massive greed and manipulation destroys all in its path until it, too cannot survive its own evil.

There are constant bombardments of energy pulses against the "rim" faults for they separate that which was a portion of Lemuria from that which has stood through the just prior cycle of earth land (above water) mass. Portions of those fragments will move downward by the rift and suction as Lemuria rises again, at any rate, as old continents are rebirthed and new continents reclaimed. Be alert for you are into the time of these great changes and yet you must sense the "overall" for you will mostly not be made aware in correctness as things occur. Worse, the "adversary dragon" will always make it appear that "God did it!" in order to terrify the populace and better control them.

I honor a Professor of Biology, University of California, Garrett Hardin: "It doesn't much matter whether you think man was created out of dust six thousand years ago or came from apes a million years earlier. ...Believe what you will of evolution in the past: but you had jolly well better believe it will take place in the future if you hope to make political decisions that will give your descendants a reasonable chance to exist."

As you must be noting in the world today, there is apparently a movement in what you called the Eastern Bloc nations to break from the bindings. Are they really? No, they are only warring factions of the very same culture and it is important that you recognize as much. It is simple manipulation of the manipulated. Strong men stand and draw support and then the hapless hordes of "me" people move like the schools of fish in the sea. They are not seeking true sovereignty of self--but only "ME-ness". Habits from the enslavement have rendered them helpless. This is why the thrust for TRUTH is being focused in America--you have had a short history from freedom into slavery and some of you will remember when freedom meant something.

There are other nations who would join you in a moment if you can square your own nation around and bring it back into that which it WAS. In fact, the whole world would follow, in time, for man can see that that which he has and has had, does not work but he needs strong leaders to show the way. If America would stand against the Dragon, so would the world. So be it.


The opposition triggered by Luther broke the stranglehold of the Catholic Church on Northern Europe, but it was not until America was being settled that there was adequate segregation to do something effective. The people coming to America had been bred for individual sovereignty but in a world of manipulated masses segregation is a prerequisite for effective efforts to establish individual sovereignty as a culture. The people have to get away from the synthesized drug that induces insanity; the people have to get away from "the richness achieved by mixing cultures".

Governments are the formal implements of peoples' cultures. Theocracy was the government that manipulated masses imposed on all Northern Europeans. The definition of theocracy given by Funk and Wagnall's Standard College Dictionary is: "1. A state, polity, or group of people that claims a deity as its ruler, as ancient Israel after the Exodus. (Ye gads, see--even in the dictionary "Israel" is again and again misused.) 2. Government of a state by a god, or by a priesthood claiming divine authority, as in the Papacy."

The synthesized drug works by blurring the distinction between theocracy and religion. For a thousand years the people bred for individual sovereignty had been publicly executed, stuffed in dungeons, or killed on torture racks if they did not at least give lip service to theocracy. Of course, the priests did not call it "theocracy", they called it "religion". Bare lip service, when constantly repeated, is enough to crowd out clear thought. Even though the people coming to America now had the opportunity to make choices, they had no government other than theocracy within the field of their conscious thoughts. The new colonies became mostly theocracies, differing only in whether the "authoritative" spokesman, setting forth "laws" for government, made those "laws" by his own interpretations from the handbook for mass manipulation or took them from a higher "authority" overseas.

In America, Roger Williams set the first milestone toward a re-established culture of individual sovereignty by establishing a working distinction between theocracy and religion. He said that people should be able to assemble and choose anyone they wanted to conduct their religious services. He publicly proclaimed that no "authority" higher than their choice as individuals was required for such action. On penalty of death, Williams was forbidden to re-enter the colonies where he had made such "blasphemous" statements. However, America had a lot of uninhabited space. A fully segregated colony that Williams set up prospered and grew.

The people of America had another hundred years of living intimately close to Nature before someone could recover enough perception to write the significant words that Thomas Jefferson put into the Declaration of Independence. Those words were the next milestone that marked the re-emergence of individual sovereignty. The Declaration began by reciting that Nature and Nature's God recognized that one people were always entitled to separate themselves from those moving in another direction. Continuing, it proclaimed that just governments are agreements between individuals who are equally sovereign. In the context of the times, that was an unequivocal abolishment of all theocracies, along with all kings who claimed to rule "by the grace of god". Having openly declared their position, the signers of this document individually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in support of concerted action. Then, leaving human words behind, they went on to say what they had to say in the language of Nature and Nature's God.

The Constitution of the United States effectively implements the segregated culture of individual sovereignty for which the people fought. That Constitution remains the greatest hope of your culture's advocates. It has not yet been destroyed, but it is most certainly trampled into shreds and tatters as your nation has become a functioning dragon outside the Constitution while calling it "legal" and writing unlawful "laws" and enforcing same.

A thousand years under a foreign culture, which proclaimed that the underhanded practices characteristic of mass manipulation were virtues, created confusion in the minds of people. The result was failure to take action against practices that would never be tolerated under a fully functioning culture of individual sovereignty. Tolerance for pork barrel politics, and for individual gains by manipulators elected to preserve public welfare, brought discredit on the U.S. Constitution. Many began to say that it was not an effective step taken toward the restoration of individual sovereignty. That was a discredit of the Constitution that was undeserved. What was happening was individual tolerance for unscrupulous individual action. The Constitution was still functioning as an implement for the culture of individual sovereignty.

The Constitution was sound but there was still some distance to go before full recovery. Although the U.S. Constitution formally upheld individual sovereignty, no state, exercising the power reserved to the states, fully re-established the original culture that had bred the people. With no fully functioning example to show what can be accomplished by weeding out mass manipulators, tolerance of the unscrupulous continued to allow their development. Also a growing number of people, who were bred for mass manipulation and who--surreptitiously, but actively--promoted the culture opposed to that implemented by the Constitution, migrated to, and falsely swore allegiance to, the United States. These saboteurs welded the unscrupulous and confused within the Government into a conspiratorial force.

In 1913 the whole U.S. Government and the U.S. people were betrayed and fell into the hands of unseen manipulators.

On December 23, 1913 an action was taken in Congress which showed that the conspiracy had gained effective power. On that date Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. This was a violation of Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which gives Congress the prerogative and obligation to determine the value of U.S. money. Article 1, Section 8 is obviously based on the assumption that Congress will determine the value of money by laws that the people can examine. The Federal Reserve Act made it possible for the Federal Reserve Board--not Congress--to determine the value of money by a method that is virtually invisible. P

LEASE PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION AND NOTE THE FOLLOWING: In a world of open commerce, money is a major instrument of a government's power. The power is divided into specified units by a piece of paper that can be used by an anonymous bearer. In this form a government's power can be transferred to criminal conspirators or to foreign enemies. The transfer to foreign enemies can be done either by actual transfer of money, or by manipulating the value of the government's money (government's power) in relation to the value of money that is the power of other governments. By passing the Federal Reserve Act, the Congress blindfolded the U.S. people insofar as the value of their own money is concerned, and gave the power to determine the value of U.S. money into the hands of anonymous international bankers. The blindfold has remained tightly in place so that you could not see the stealing of your nation and the treasonists involved.

The control of this very great weapon of U.S. power was delivered into the hands of the conspiracy by duly elected officials within the Government. It was the action that delivered this weapon of the United States to the conspiracy that was unconstitutional. Duly elected officials exceeded the power delegated to them by the U.S. people.

Whether coined gold, coined silver, a square foot of living space, a daily ration of food as established for the armed services, a bushel of wheat, or something else is used to determine the value of money is not the issue. It is the constitutional obligation of Congress to determine the effective value U.S. money by legislation that is known to the people. The people can then see what is happening and do what needs to be done. If, for example, oil, or certain minerals that are more abundant in other places than in the United States, were made the unit of value for U.S. money by Congress, it would be immediately apparent to the U.S. people that Congress, as a body, had committed an act of treason. Then the people would doubtless arrest Congress as a body and try each individual member for treason. The present condition exists only because the people have been blinded to what is happening.

The determination of the value of U.S. money in relation to the monies of other nations is a highly significant part of national defense. That determination may even be a more effective weapon than atomic bombs. That determination is now made by conspirators acting in secret. Everyone whose allegiance to the United States is sincere--whose purported allegiance is not the false front of a saboteur--will demand that Congress and only Congress determine the value of money by written laws that can be openly examined. Note please, that the Federal Reserve has NEVER EVEN BEEN AUDITED!

Any current Congress that lets the existing condition continue can only be viewed as a Congress controlled by manipulators foreign to, and enemies of, the United States. Any congressman who consents to allow the condition to continue is consenting to an act of treason.

The 1913 date when the conspiracy first conspicuously revealed the power it had gained over the Constitutional Government is highly significant in view of what has happened since that date.

There is abundant evidence that elected officials of the United States, cooperating with a worldwide conspiracy, maneuvered the American people to take up arms against their Northern European kinsmen in World War I and World War II. But the individual officials who cooperated with the conspiracy are now dead, and condemning the dead is a total waste of all effort. You must be concerned with elected officials who TODAY allow unconstitutional "laws" passed by their predecessors to stand and be used every day by mortal enemies of everything the Constitution of the United States stands for!

Since 1913 enough unconstitutional "laws" have been passed by congressmen elected with the conspiracy's help to fill whole libraries. They set up unlawful income taxes and then set up unlawful law enforcement agencies to enforce them. They have taken all sovereignty from the individual states and from you-thepeople. One or two of them, if not brought into correction will pull your nation down if nothing else at all transpired.


Every television program that has ever gone on the air in the United States has always been, and continues to be, unconstitutional. Shocked? Correction of this condition is more difficult now than when obscure "laws" resulted in the Department of Commerce licensing a few small radio stations in the early 1920's. But if the individual sovereignty culture, that the U.S. set out to revitalize, is not to be totally destroyed, the basic operation of radio and television stations must be made constitutional. Actions taken by Congress made the operation of all television and radio stations unconstitutional.

The constitutional provision that "congress shall make no law---abridging the freedom of speech or of the press" specifically limited the power of Congress. When that limit on the power of Congress was made law there was no radio and television. The invention of radio and television obligated Congress to submit for ratification an updated constitutional wording that took cognizance of the new inventions. Such an amendment was required to carry forward the original constitutional purpose as already set forth. Instead of doing this, Congress created unconstitutional bureaus with unconstitutional power to decide what broadcast stations to license, and to withhold license from everyone else! Congress thereby made laws abridging the freedom of speech and of the press. THESE "UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS" GAVE THE CONSPIRACY ENOUGH CENSORSHIP POWER TO CONTROL THE CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.


Congressmen elected by the conspiracy controlling the media are under the control of that conspiracy. They do what the conspiracy demands. Constitutional law is bypassed by putting on record unconstitutional "laws". The unconstitutional "laws" are made faster than their constitutionality can be tested. And testing them is made prohibitively expensive. Money--the surreptitious weapon--has been brought into play. The unconstitutional "laws" are enforced by manipulating bureaucracies that give and withhold money taken from the people. The blatant purpose of all this is to buy the most votes for the conspirators. And the power of the conspirators is increased by anyone who buys a few seconds of broadcast time to oppose the conspirators; opposition supports the thing opposed.

The United States has thus become the scene of the most ludicrous--and most frightening--mass-manipulation game in all history; individuals have become nothing but animated counter-chips for staged elections; unperceptive individuals are manipulated to increase the power of the controlling conspiracy that calls itself "our democratic government", and the corruption now begins as soon as a child can be laid in front of the television screen.

...and yet - -

You, the people of the United States, now have the last and greatest chance that exists anywhere on earth to win the history-old battle against the primitive culture of manipulated masses. If the battle is lost in the United States, and there is nothing left but atomic war, it will probably be much too late to effectively support the culture of individual sovereignty. Too many people have already been bred by, and for, the manipulated masses.

If the battle is lost in the United States, bare individual survival may then depend on everyone playing the primitive game of mass manipulation--and that is exactly what was just proven in this Middle Eastern War. YOU PROVED, AMERICA, BEYOND ALL SHADOW OF DOUBT THAT YOU WILL SUPPORT ANY HEINOUS BEING AND ACTION OF THE CONSPIRACY AND WAVE YOUR FLAG AND RIBBONS AND SOMEHOW BELIEVE YOU ACT IN THE NAME OF GOODNESS AND GOD. MURDER BY ANY NAME IS NOT OF GOD! Any who now see the issue and do nothing while there is yet chance of change--that may not come again for thousands of years if at all--may find the memory of this lost opportunity a heavy burden to drag through all that radio-active rubble.




But, wow, is there ever a difficulty!

Without bloody revolution there is only one way to restore your constitutional Government. CONGRESS--NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT--MUST PASS A BILL SEPARATING THE MOUNTAIN OF UNCONISTITUTIONAL "LAWS", THAT ARE TOO NUMEROUS TO BE TESTED IN BOGGED DOWN COURTS, FROM THE REAL LAWS THE CONGRESS HAD THE CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY TO ENACT. Without upsetting the day to day function of the bureaus that now exist in mind-numbing profusion, until they can be considered individually, this can be done with one vote on one bill. The precise action required is spelled out in detail, with proposed workings, in Man's Relation to Government bound with The Six Disciplines of Man's Being by Melvin Gorham, in Word Controlled Humans by John Harland, and in How to Deal with the Force Underlying Mass Warfare, which is the openly published strategy of the Individual Sovereignty Society for restoring Constitutional Government.

The difficulty is that the enemy who controls the value of U.S. money also controls the media. And the media intimidates--and virtually controls--Congress.

Despite the fact that there is no alternative other than bloody revolution, Congress will not act unless a mandate comes from the people. Ah ha, and it goes both directions--as mandates come from You-the-People that further your enslavement rather than reduce the bindings.

Since money is the fuel that supplies the dragon with energy and control, you-thepeople must simply stop supplying fuel and then the system of control and manipulation will have to show its treacherous face for that which it is. You do not function on "money", you function on "credit" through the beast itself. Stop feeding Congress with your tax robbings and refuse to cooperate in anything unlawful through your Constitution and they will depart Washington like the swarm of bees when the honey and pollen is removed.

If, however, you wait until you have demanded they disarm you--it is over, for that is the only thing which slows them at all--your ability to rise against them. Remove your ability to defend selves and kiss freedom good-by and enjoy the tyranny of the Khazar Conspirators for you will have only the time of the death march to ponder it.

Those who have unconstitutional control of the media, will, of course, resist the restoration of your Constitutional Government with all the tricks they have learned over the last sixty years. They already outshout, actively derogate, and impose full censorship on all who oppose them. The conspiracy of mass manipulators imposes full censorship on every United States citizen, on the U.S. Congress, and on the President of the United States. Don't expect the lawyers and judges to be on your side, either--for they have had generations of training at the hands of the conspirators. Even with the legal case involving my scribe, the lawyers suggest settling ON THE TERMS OF THE RTC AND THE S & L JUST TO STOP THE ACTIONS. Well, my people are weary and battered and it is hard to go on. One honorable judge has stepped down from the bench because he is biased in favor of my people--I honor him for the effort is to bring JUSTICE BACK WITHIN THE COURT. How will it turn out? It depends upon how much you ones are willing to back truth and justice!

The President is the only individual who has the constitutional power for effective action to correct this condition, and I beg you to look at your President and check out his actions--he tells you right off that HE IS OUT TO PRODUCE A NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER THE CONSPIRATOR'S CONTROL IF HE HAS TO KILL OFF THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU CITIZENS. In order to fulfill his oath to defend the Constitution (which Bush stated right on the tampered Bible in front of the television cameras), the President is obligated to take immediate emergency control over radio and TV until an amendment, restoring freedom of speech, abolishes the unconstitutional censorship now blatantly practiced by the conspiracy of mass manipulators. Well, Mr. Bush took emergency control and look what happened. YOU BEGIN TO GET ONLY MORE HIGHLY CENSORED VIEWING WHILE THE WAR OF NERVES AND TV WERE PLAYED AT DEADLY LEVELS. I'M SORRY AMERICA, YOU HAD BETTER GET BEHIND GONZALES OF TEXAS AND IMPEACH THE TRAITOR YOU PUT INTO OFFICE BEFORE THE PRISON IS SET AND YOUR DESTRUCTION A THING OF MEMORIES.


If not stopped, the conspirators will soon have enough power to replace your present Constitution with one of their own which is already printed and ready--we have presented it to you along with all background regarding redistribution of the states, etc. The conspiracy's constitution will implement FULL DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY. The stranglehold has existed with increasing force by leaps and bounds until, at present, you no longer function as under the true Constitution at all. Time for breaking this movement is fast running out.


Do not underestimate your enemy. If you are to change this thing you must act appropriately--banner waving will not do it.

The present day media--already under full control of the enemy--is the most effective tool for manipulating masses that ever existed. Within the U.S., the media now makes a shameful farce of truth. THE ENEMY CANNOT BE DEFEATED BY VOTING.





The conspiracy cannot be confronted because it is hidden. But the conspiracy-controlled Congress can be confronted. You must not delay action while hugging some dream of voting for better congressmen. You must deal with the existing Congress. There are 100 members of the Senate and 435 members of the House of Representatives. All are well-known by name and appearance. It is these 535 well-known flesh and blood persons who allow the unconstitutional "laws" passed by previous Congresses to remain of record and be enforced by confused law enforcement agents. You, the people, need to deal ONLY with these 535 wellknown flesh and blood individuals.

A few of these ARE ACTUAL ENEMIES OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND WILL, IN FACT, STAND SQUARELY ON THE FOUNDATION OF SUCH THINGS AS "ISRAEL FIRST"--THIS IDENTIFIES THE ENEMY. THERE ARE OTHER IDENTIFICATION MEASURES BUT THAT ONE IS A GOOD START FOR IT IS THE KHAZAR ELITE CONSPIRATORS WHO ARE BEHIND THE FULL ACTION. However, a substantial majority will doubtless show themselves to be good Americans when the chips are down for they, too, are "we-the-people" and they have been worse manipulated than have you. They do nothing now because they are knowledgeable, pragmatic politicians. They were elected with media help and they know the power of the media. They know it would be useless to oppose--by unsupported individual action--the enemy that has the media under tight control. They know they would face a media smear as individuals, be removed from office, and possibly be replaced by someone who was an actual enemy of the present Constitution.


If you as a nation and people act immediately, they are not ready to face the flesh and blood reality--quite yet. Don't be fooled--there are plenty of you who want action and to stop this thing--it only APPEARS you are outnumbered--there are well less than 3% of your population who are the controllers. They make sure, constantly, that you know not otherwise.

Friends, there are millions of students of high schools and college campuses who don't like what they see happening in the U.S. and they ARE your future. There are millions of "blue collar" workers who don't like what they see happening in the U.S. There are millions in all fields who have been watching Jerry Falwell-type shows who publicly announce they are neither for Nature's God nor for you-the-people--they announce openly over and over that they are "proud to say they are 'ZIONISTS'" with full meaning of first support to the so-called Israel and New World Order. They say it right to you on the controlled media and you bow and hallelujah, shout "praise the Lord" (not realizing it is THE lord of darkness), send your cards, letters and millions in contribution dollars--and await "their" projected RAPTURE! YOU EVEN MISS THE TWO-BY-FOUR ACROSS THE HEAD, YOU ARE SO DEEPLY ANESTHETIZED.

This type of "preaching" and misguidance is called "Judaeo-Christianity", two totally and mutually exclusive, diabolically opposing terms. All are not misled by the BS and blatant lies and don't like what they see happening in the U.S. There are millions of REAL Christ-oriented people of ALL FAITHS AND NON-FAITHS, SO-CALLED PAGANS OF NATURE'S GOD FORCES AND SO ON, WHO DO NOT LIKE WHAT THEY SEE HAPPENING TO THEMSELVES AND THE UNITED STATES.

Some groups, that stand watching the enemy constantly extending its beachhead without opposition, are already preparing for the time when the enemy feels strong enough to violate the second amendment and TAKE AWAY THE RIGHT OF AMERICANS TO DEFEND THEIR LAST REMAINING VESTIGE OF FREEDOM. SELF-DEFENSE IS ALWAYS JUSTIFIED, BUT IT IS FOOLISH TO WAIT FOR THE ENEMY TO CHOOSE THE TIME AND PLACE FOR BATTLE.

The strategy of the Individual Sovereignty Society (ISS) is to ACT NOW--while peaceful action is still in any way possible. The existing Constitution proclaims "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances". The single, all encompassing, petition of the ISS has already been published. All that is left is for the flesh and blood petitioners, and all who agree with them, to assemble and demand that the stated action be taken by 535 flesh and blood members of Congress. The ISS is just one of the larger groups united to DO SOMETHING. It is presently sponsored most effectively by a group recognized as the Valorian Society, the American Christian Church, and the PERCEPTIVE Baptist Church. It is rapidly increasing in membership and getting additional sponsors. It is readying a peaceable assembly--again--of flesh and blood people for a face to face meeting with the 535 flesh and blood people who are in a position to take effective actions.

The group would, under the Constitution, be a group of non-manipulated mass. They would be acting as sovereign individuals who know exactly what they want, why they want it, how badly they want it, and how to get it. But they must be supported and energy of presence poured in. The intent of the conspiracy is to strip you of funds, ability to travel and congregate, and divide and keep you conquered.

How many of you realize that there is a present thrust to do away with all private aircraft? There is already a cessation of all manufacture of new private small craft. Why do you think there is this new thing of crashing planes with notables aboard? They will soon shut down all flights of private aircraft of non-Elite to PROVE they are dangerous and the government is "protecting" you-the-people. If you are isolated from one another and the media is completely controlled and the phones continue to terminate in tapped computers as is Dharma's--you are trapped into segments unable to reach out to one another. It is all but finished, brothers--not just a distant "dream" of some sort.

Well, how do you get in touch with this ISS? Through a press called "SOVEREIGN PRESS" located, if not changed, at 326 Harris Rd., Rochester, Washington 98579. And then, there is the Liberty Lobby as already given unto you--these places can give you information as to who and where to make contact. Don't try to re-invent the wheel--join with those already using the wheel effectively.

This group in my joint service, through America West are in the process of beginning to join with other seminar groups and patriots and also set up group meetings about the country. A seminar organizer of great talent moved to this area day before yesterday and until settled I shall refrain from sharing information further than that. But know that our people are moving into action--and brothers, when God decides to move into action--watch the feathers begin to fly from the the buzzards and chickens who have cornered the coops. The Eagle and the Phoenix take back seat to NO ONE OR NO THING! The THUNDERBIRD TRIBES, alone, could pull it off if they would but pull as a unit--but so much better if you join hands and form a solid wall of strength and stand tall and unbending. You do not have to "fight", all you must do is stand unified for TRUTH and you cannot be stopped. But you must form the "army" in service to Holy God lest ye only replace the vile with that which is even more vile. Do not settle for war between ones in the same manipulative culture--DEMAND A RETURN TO THE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS UNDER GOD-CULTURE. YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS THROUGH OPEN TRUTH AND NOT THROUGH DECEIT. YOU UNCOVER THE DECEIT OF THE ADVERSARIES AND GREED AND CRIMINAL ACTIONS OF YOUR ELECTED LEADERS AND YOU COMMAND AND DEMAND RETURN UNTO YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!


I await your reply,

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn, Cmdr.

United Federation Fleet

Inter-Galactic Fleet Command




MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1991 8:48 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 235


As I effort to decide what time it is to label the document I find my self quandering whether or not there is ANYTHING with which you ones don't tamper--you even lie to yourselves about what time it is, change it by an hour twice annually to make "longer" days!?!? Interesting concept! Why don't you do something reasonable like adding, say, six hours? I note that you also change your holidays so you have "three" day weekends which by any definition is "one" day which was already changed to "two". Is it truly any wonder that the Khazars slipped a bit of misinformation into your thought patterns? I'm sure that if you call a dog a cat long enough, it will become known as a cat of the canine species.

This time situation should point out something else that might well also be in error--"God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh?" How in HIS name would you know? Your "MODERN" Man doesn't even seem to understand that the counting calendars of validity--RAN OUT IN AUG. 1987 AND YOU ARE INTO DAY 235 OF YEAR 4. YOU ARE RULED AND ENSLAVED TO AND BY MANIPULATORS AND MIND-CONTROLLERS AND WORSE, IT DOESN'T SEEM TO EVEN ANNOY YOU. AS WITH TAXES, YOU JUST GO RIGHT ON PAYING YOUR MONEY TO THE PRISON WARDENS--"WELL, SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY THE GOVERNMENT TO TAKE CARE OF US." SO BE IT!


I shall dispense with "Today's Watch" of idiotic parachuting of supplies to the Kurds-- right after you led them to believe that if they rose up against Hussein--YOU WOULD MILITARILY FINISH THE DICTATOR--(Just like Hungary perhaps?). Now you rush in there when they are all but starved to death and do a big splash of spending millions and millions of dollars in supplies and dropping it all over the landscape--costing enough additional funds in parachutes and equipment to double the food supplies.

And your little charade of "space walking" is more than a "space cadet" can endure. You are in REAL trouble, America. Listen to them! The "mission is going so well that they do a space maneuver a day early!" Yes, I think just adding six hours a day and rearranging your "hours on the clock" is equally as sensible. It is that there has to be "proof" to fool you ones because the adversary of your particular Elite are planning to blow your cover! What a refreshing bit of blackmail--ah, but your administration will capitulate--they always do! So, back to defense and no-defense for the populace of peaceful/free American citizens.

There are numerous current anti-gun legislative initiatives--so many in fact, that we shall only look at a few. They run the scale of registration and criminal check (the criminals already have plenty of guns and simply "make" more for they know how-- YOU don't) to total illegality of some varieties (that the Elite use).

One piece of legislative brilliance, for example, has been introduced which would ban nationally the sale of all new semi-automatic rifles and pistols capable of holding a ten-shot magazine, which is almost ALL of them, and shotguns and .22 rifles with tubular magazines holding more than six rounds. Every person who presently owns one of these "assault weapons" would have to register it with the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) within thirty days (i.e., fingerprints and the same kind of information now needed to get a "machine gun" license--including permission of the local police). All magazines holding ten rounds or more and fitting a semiautomatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun become illegal to possess. So--you won't find any clips holding more than 7 rounds--but attach one to the other so you can have as many attachable clips as you can lift off the ground--good, clear thinking.

Another bill specifically names AR-15's, Ruger Mini-14's, and eight others, but says the Attorney General and Treasury Secretary can ban all others. A person who fails to register his .22 rifle (or other semi-automatic) or turn in his ten-round magazines is subject to a five-year jail sentence as a criminal felon. This bill calls for confiscation within thirty days after enactment into law with no compensation.

In California, bills have passed both legislative houses (on April 17, 1989) making it a felony to posses, sell, or manufacture an "assault weapon" or semi-automatic rifle or pistol. Failure to register these firearms in California will carry prison terms of up to eight years. Is this Constitutional, you might inquire? Of course not--but it is now LEGAL.

"Well", you say, "we have to get the guns off the streets!" Do you? Will this disarming of you-the-people get the guns away from the criminals? How many guns do you think have been registered? The ONLY ones coming forth are you nice citizens--no criminally-oriented persons have come forth at all--regardless of that which they tell you. The reason the public is honest? They say it is because "...the American people are so basically 'good'!" I don't believe I would call the definition of the people as "good", although I do have some other adjectives I could apply but I fear would offend.

Similar legislation is under way in Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, Wisconsin, and about a dozen other states; as well as local legislation in Cleveland, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York City, Denver, etc. (Gosh, I thought Los Angeles was a part of California!) One bill introduced in the Colorado legislature even calls for the police and highway patrol to set up roadblocks to stop cars and check them for firearms. ARE YOU TRULY FREE--AMERICA?

Still other legislation in the U.S. Congress calls for the following gun-control measures (which will apply to gun stores, at gun shows, and in all private gun transactions):

  1. The legislation gives the Secretary of the Treasury (strange "authority" since "Treasury Dept., I assumed, dealt with money, taxes, etc.) power to outlaw the possession, sale, or gift of any semi-automatic rifle HE deems not to be suitable for sports (and this office is not even an elected official). Well, it will be good for God's other creatures who walk, fly and crawl--but it bodes pretty sad for you two-legged, "thought-gifted" people. You can tell they write the rules most carefully and intelligently--would not "possession" include "sale or gift" at some time or other?

The NEW Constitution is written in language which also gives open-ended enforcement rights to the government and NO rights to you at all--if it deviates one iota from that which they "decide" is illegal--WITHOUT RECOURSE!

The above bill will ban specific semi-automatic firearms and within a short period of time all other semi-automatics will be included. The most dangerous aspect of the bill is that it gives a government bureaucrat the authority as to which guns he can arbitrarily ban.

  1. This legislation allows the Secretary of the Treasury to decide what reason is good enough to own a firearm. HE could unilaterally, at any time, be free to rule that only hunting (or no hunting as the case might be) is a suitable reason, and as a practical matter, the BATF has already so ruled.

NOTE: There is a quiet move on among environmentalist and liberal government bureaucrats to ban most public lands (national forests, wilderness, BLM property) from hunting. That would be rather nice for God's creatures in protection from the "mighty hunters" of your species. So, if gun ownership is restricted to hunting, and hunting is banned in most areas, then the gun controllers will argue that guns are no longer needed.

Does Hatonn suggest that guns are wonderful? No, but I guarantee you that as soon as you no longer have them--YOU WILL HAVE NO FREEDOM REMAINING!

Listen to what the administration tells you about national arms and "defense weapons and stockpiles--"…if we get behind in military capability and nuclear/missile/weapons buildup and reserves, we have no means of strength from which to keep secure!" IF YOU ONES DON’T BEGIN TO LISTEN TO AND WATCH FOR THAT WHICH "THEY"DO FOR SELVES AND ACT IN LIKE MANNER FOR SELF FOR PROTECTION, YOU CANNOT SURVIVE AS A NATION. THE INTENT IS TO HAVE ONE BIG GLOBAL NATION (CALLED "WORLD") AND YOU WILL NOT BE THE RULERS OF THAT WORLD.

  1. This legislation requires that before a rifle can be transferred by sale or gift, the recipient must undergo a comprehensive background check (which will take a month or more) which includes a portrait (mug shot), fingerprints, and an interview with the local police--and therefore a nice long file on record with at least five branches of law enforcement and government--instantly (they have no waiting period for entering you into their surveillance system).

The local police chief has to sign off on the approval, and if he is a nice "liberal" (as is the case in most of America's large cities today where the police chiefs are appointed by liberal mayors, he will probably refuse to approve the transfer. In most of the larger cities in the United States it is already virtually impossible to get a gun permit from the police. Oh yes, they have thought of just about everything.

  1. This legislation outlaws possession, sale, or gift of magazines with a capacity of more than seven rounds of ammunition--oh, by the way, a LOT of ammunition is also banned!

  1. This legislation will criminalize the possession of firearm springs, pins, screws, etc., because the bill's wording says any part or combination of parts used in a restricted firearm is restricted as well. Then it will go on from there, as with drugs--if "parts" are found on your premises no matter who might have left them there or how long past--the entire property will be up for confiscation! Ridiculous? Not on your belly-button! This is exactly what they plan and how they plan to get rid of all opposition--by raiding (and/or planting evidence) in or around private property which then allows incarceration and/or confiscation of all property! Scared? Shocked? I certainly do hope so!

  1. This legislation bans the manufacture of any firearm capable of receiving a bayonet without alteration of the gun. Since a bayonet fits over virtually all gun barrels, virtually all guns are covered by this provision. So, back to arrows (well, not exactly for it is fully planned to ban crossbows)--so, how about back to stone spears on birch branches to defend your Hogan and life from the criminals who have the machine guns and splatter bullets, lasers and atomic bombs?

Failure to register firearms or adhere to all new gun transference procedures will render the gun owner a felon and render it illegal for him to ever again own a firearm.

The bottom line is that rifles, shotguns, and pistols will be covered by the above legislation. There are 200 million privately owned firearms in the U.S. today, owned by about 70 million Americans (or about half of American households). There are 20 million handgun owners in the U.S. The lion's share of these owners are very emotional and possessive about their firearms--and see them as a way to protect their families. They will not take kindly to the government confiscating $25 billion to $50 billion worth of their firearms. Bloodshed and even a revolution would undoubtedly follow prior to killing enough citizens to bring it under control.

The political "left" has decided to declare war on 70 million American families. This war is not against assault weapons, but against honest, law abiding citizens----you-- YOU!. To take the guns out of the hands of American citizens at a time when criminal rage in America is exploding is insane, unconstitutional, and, in itself, criminal. Your judges and courts are still coddling and releasing dangerous felons (e.g. the Stockton murderer had been in jail and released by liberal judges seven times). Ah, but you have to have room to incarcerate the ones who do not pay the prescribed amount of taxes. The U.S. cities like New York and Washington, which have stringent gun control bans, have the highest crime rates (including murder) in America AND the highest incidence of the use of handguns in the perpetration of crimes against unarmed victims. (THE CRIMINAL CAN ALWAYS GET A GUN!).

Switzerland, on the other hand, insists that every male of military age must keep a powerful, fully automatic assault rifle in his home--every home must be armed--by law-- and some even keep mortars. There is one beautiful little town in the U.S. where it is mandatory for all citizens to own a gun! You won't hear much "good" about that on CNN--and certainly not two days in a row. THEY DON'T HAVE ANY CRIME! AND, FURTHERMORE THEY LIKE IT THAT WAY! Switzerland has one of the most law abiding citizenry, the lowest crime rate, and least violence of any country in the free world. They also have a magnificent underground shelter system for the population as a whole. It has remained free for over a thousand years. Compare it to New York and Washington where handguns are completely banned. In fact, in Washington, black Chief of Police Maurice Turner recently said that the District of Columbia gun-ban law had completely failed, and he has called for an armed citizens Police Auxiliary to help restore order.

Hard statistics have proven that armed citizens are far less likely to be crime victims than unarmed. Citizens acting in self-defense kill about three times more assailants and robbers than do police. But don't guns kill people? Yes they do--but in 1985, 45,901 Americans died in auto accidents; 12,001 died from falls; 4,938 died in fires; 4,407 drowned; 3,612 died from drugs or medication (legal); 1,663 died by choking to death while eating; and 1,649 died from gunshot wounds. Undoubtedly all of these deaths were tragic, but should you now eliminate autos, all "high" places, all fire, all water, all drugs/medication, and all food--as well as all guns?

I am not sure how this next bit of wisdom slipped through and into the Wall Street Journal but it is worthy of reprinting. They summed up the potential disaster if the anti-gunners from Bush to Kennedy, from Bill Bennett to Jane Fonda (since she is marrying Ted Turner, owner of CNN--how much unbiased information do you think you will get from CNN on the matter?), from Metzenbaum to Dan Rather get their way:

"What will happen if severe restrictions on semi-automatic rifles pass Congress or the state legislatures today? Millions of citizens who still believe in the Constitution will not forfeit or register their firearms; squads of federal and state agents will snoop; massive no-knock warrants will be issued; and both citizens and police will die in raids. While previously law abiding citizens (now felons) and police battle each other, the drug lords will continue their nefarious trafficking. Adding firearms prohibition to drug prohibition means war on the innocent (and perhaps a police state), and by diverting police resources, will give armed pushers even more free reign."

Thus perhaps the most dangerous of all the socialist attacks on America in the 1990's is the onslaught to register and confiscate America's firearms. America cannot be subjugated to communism or a socialist dictatorship until Americans are first disarmed. Poland has strict gun control; so does Cambodia, the Soviet Union, and Red China. Over 100 million people were brutally slaughtered in those countries, but first they were disarmed. The danger to people when they can't own guns is far greater than any danger gun ownership can ever create.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote in his Nobel Prize winning book, GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, after eleven years in communist (Khazar socialist) concentration camps:

"...At what exact point, then should one resist the communists?...How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: what would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

"Or if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand...The Organs (police) would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers... and notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt."

Please don't think the increasing violence in the police departments is accidentally increasing. As the restraints and unconstitutional acts against citizens increase--only those willing to use violence against neighbors, brothers and family will become policemen--you are even training your military to kill, kill and destroy hundreds of thousands and then turn about and celebrate as heroes from the hunt. Further, a lot of attention was given to "peaceful" working in coalition with Soviet officers from their forces. Don't be stupid, America--you are training your police forces in direct management by KGB/Mossad agents! These are the most brutal terrorists on the globe.



The key words in the Bill of Rights protection against government harassment of individuals are "freedom from unreasonable search and seizure". The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says:

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."

At this point many of you are saying, "Well, damn it, I don't have anything to hide--I don't drink and drive, I don't use drugs and I don't carry a gun--so let them stop me!" Ah so, it reminds me of one of your own stories:

"Two men were sitting in a living room visiting--in front of a very large window.

"Outside the police came and starting shooting through the window--(oops, wrong house).

"First man shouts to his friend to 'get down' as Second man gets up and goes to the window to look out.



In June of 1990, the U.S. Supreme Court (that same group of nine persons who ruled that flag burning is legal) ruled six to three that police checkpoints to apprehend drunks are legal. Police roadblocks to stop cars and interrogate drivers, give sobriety tests, and search the car if the police choose to do so seem far more in line with the East bloc police state tactics than the good old Free America.

Roadblocks, auto searches, and the running of sobriety checks on all drivers (ninetynine percent of whom are not drinking) has a current parallel in the government's monitoring all of your bank accounts (of course they do), your deposits and withdrawals, to find that nasty old occasional big deal money-launderer or drug dealer--so they say! It is done to keep TOTAL SURVEILLANCE ON ALL OF YOU. In all instances honest, law-abiding citizens are assumed guilty until they can prove themselves innocent--and they are now removing all manners to prove innocence. Just suppose, for a minute, that you have five thousand dollars cash on your person and you are stopped. If you cannot PROVE innocence of reason for carrying such a sum of cash--you may well be incarcerated and, at the least, the cash WILL BE CONFISCATED--YES, RIGHT IN THE GOOD OLD U.S.A.

Then what happens next? A few years hence, after you have all gotten used to roadblocks, sobriety interrogations, and searches (just as you have learned and demand airport searches for granted), what if Big Brother decides he wants to search your cars and your homes for possible "illegal" firearms, or for cash, or "for some yet to be declared illegal suspicious activity, like group meetings", or "wants to check your papers", as they do freely at East bloc checkpoints. The Constitution says there first has to be reasonable cause before you are pulled over and searched. A soviet-style police state will give you no such protection and neither will your present Supreme Court. DOESN'T THIS TELL YOU THAT THE CONSTITUTION IS ALREADY CAST ASIDE BY THE CONTROLLERS OF YOUR DESTINY?


I owe this example to another speaker--I am not sure WHO, however, so I just give blanket "thanks".

Big Brother and his agents are harassing more and more U.S. citizens and businesses, churches, etc., using gestapo-type tactics of intimidation, interrogation, formerly illegal search and seizure techniques, and imprisonment. A case in point is Franklin Sanders, a Christian, a coin dealer, a newsletter writer (ouch) (he writes The Money Changer), and a patriot who has long warned his clients, readers, and friends about the growing abuse of government power, especially by the IRS.

In January, Sander's home was raided at dawn by ten IRS revenue agents and seven SWAT team members carrying automatic weapons, who proceeded to hold him and his pregnant wife and seven children captive for eight hours while the agents waited for a search warrant. The interview which follows between Sanders and former Congressman Ron Paul is terrifying--it might come right out of Orwell's 1984 or East Germany, Russia, or Red China. But it happened right in America in 1990, and you can begin to plan on it happening to you if you don't get up and stand with your brothers risking everything to regain and maintain FREEDOM:

Q. Why were you abused?

A. In 1985, I was the first person to publish an interview with an IRS whistle-blower showing that the IRS intended to have a computer dossier on everybody in the country. The dossier would include everything you did with your money. About two weeks later, the IRS's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) told me I was the subject of a criminal investigation. I wrote a letter to the agent, who claimed he was a Christian, and rebuked him on scriptural grounds. That is one of the overt acts I am charged with. They say it was a threatening letter. Well, if one Christian can't tell another when he is violating Scripture, then put me in jail.

Q. What else are you charged with?

A. They said I am operating a secret banking business. In 1984 my partner and I started a gold and silver "bank", a warehouse exchange system. I have written about the dangers of our shaky banking system for ten years. I sent thousands of announcements to people and went up and down the country making speeches promoting the bank. That's hardly secret. Also, the indictment cites as overt acts the fact that customers of mine closed their regular bank accounts. The government must now consider it a crime to close your bank account.

Q. The IRS has also harassed your wife?

A. Yes, in May 1986, while I was out of town, a Vietnam vet, a man I barely knew, sent a threatening letter to the agent. The IRS-CID followed my wife around with two carloads of armed men. She had three children with her and was two months pregnant at the time, and I wasn't in town to protect her. When I got back, they hauled me into court. They arranged with the Tennessee Revenue Department to raid my office. They sent two armed men and held me hostage for four hours. They went through my files and took records.

Q. And they have harassed members of your church?

A. I'm a member of the Presbyterian Church of America. In April 1989 they subpoenaed nine members of my congregation to appear before a grand jury and asked them all sorts of crazy questions, such as: Do you have a paramilitary group ready to overthrow the U.S. government? Did anybody in your church teach or preach that you should not file tax returns? Did anybody preach that you can avoid filing tax returns? Well, my pastor has never preached about taxes, except to once say property tax is ungodly.

Q. But so what if he did?

A. Exactly. The IRS wanted the church to turn over all its records. The church has a two thousand-year-old history of not doing that. The General Assembly of the PCA stuck by us even though they indicted eleven members of the church, four of them women. [Hatonn: I can promise you that MOST of the current churches would not stand ten minutes behind you.]

Q. What was the January assault?

A. They arrested us in the middle of the night on January 9, and to do so sent seven SWAT team members and ten revenue agents. They were wearing black ninja suits and carried automatic weapons. My seven children were in the house. These men were cowboys. They only had a search warrant for me and my wife, and yet they kept the children captive. They stole my computer and all my records. They have my bond set at $100,000.

Q. How are you holding up?

A. The biggest problem is financial. I have been reduced to charity. As you know, justice in the United States is for the rich. Lawyers want $25,000 to $100,000 to begin to defend my case. But it is either that or get a Soviet-style court-appointed attorney who is paid a pittance by the government. And even if I'm exonerated, I won't get any reimbursement.

NOTE: Thousands of U.S. citizens are similarly being harassed, persecuted, and jailed today by various agencies of the U.S. government in what is rapidly becoming the United Socialist States of America. New government regulations and old ones which carried civil penalties are BEING CRIMINALIZED, with stiffer prison terms handed out than for murder, rape, burglary, and drug dealing. It is being done to intimidate the masses into compliance. Violators of new gun registration laws will become next group to come under attack.

We must have a rest break but I am going to have to speak of a subject which might seem distant to that which we have covered so far in this Journal--the relationship, and Communizing/Socializing of South Africa and the involvement of America. The dragon has too many heads to ignore even one of the tiny, tiny ones--worse, for every head he has a thousand arms--further, he simply "slips" his tail when stepped upon and grows two new ones immediately. My God in the Heavens, I wish I could offer you lambs a Rapture for I see such discouragement. Let us not wallow in the discouragement--let us come together in the shelter of God and stand strong. This dragon cannot stand and survive in the presence of God of Truth. So be it.

Hatonn to stand-by. Thank you for your attention.



MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1991 1:55 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 235


My heart is filled as I move through your inquiries and support letters. We do have a long way to journey, friends (and please know that among our brotherhood there is not greater emotion or attachment than that of "friend"), but as ones awaken one after another and begin to swing the ship around--it will pick up steam. Then as brother works with brother in Truth instead of blindness, the speed of change can increase and then nation can join with nation and then you can achieve that which is the opposite type of "one world unity" than that which the conspirators plan for you. I wish I could cause you to remember how wondrous it is to live in a world of true freedom within God's just laws--in absence of evil. You who have taken up the "cross" in this journey do remember in the recesses of your mind-banks or you would not be serving at this time of evolution.

I have a particularly heartfelt letter from my beloved friend in New Zealand--and oh, if you all could but see it unfolding. EVERYTHING is being sold off by the government in New Zealand and there seems no way to get the full impact of such a statement across to the readers in general. Thank you who write, for it gives us knowledge that ones are hearing and understanding--for the questions are so much more advanced in wisdom as we all grow one with another. I am hard-pressed not to use every letter as an entire Express for the questions are of great thought and sincerity. Also, ones are sending so many points of confirmation but it would take a daily press to share them all--oh would it not be wondrous to have a daily press? Dharma says emphatically-- NO! It would not be such a change, chela, for it is as with lifting the small calf each day--you grow with the load and soon you can lift the cow. At any rate, I have many letters to answer so please bear with us and we shall get to response. Perhaps tomorrow we shall take up a few of them but this afternoon I wish to finish what is already begun. Dharma claims I skip about too much and she can't keep up for she forgets that I just ask her to write--not try to keep up with the subject material.


Why would I choose Africa? Because nowere is America's plunge toward the political "left" and socialism more evident than in its efforts to overthrow the pro-Western government of South Africa and establish in its place a communist government under the ANC and its Marxist/Leninist revolutionary leader, Nelson Mandela. I'm sorry, friends, I mean exactly that which I say. Mandela is not who you have been led to believe he is and what he represents. Perhaps this is only important in its own category of discussion for I am hard-put not to talk first about Brazil for Brazil is next on the "New World Order" hit list, and yet that requires an entire three days of writing. The plans of the conspirators are to make an example, just like Iraq, of Brazil's Amazon. And worse programs are being forced upon the citizens of Brazil as vicious as those of the Chinese Communists--perhaps even more so. There is a deliberate depopulation policy taking place in that besieged country which rends the heart.

Meanwhile, however, back in Africa, where the "other" war is going on via holocaust. This war zone is even bigger in terms of the number of hapless victims.

First come the epidemics. AIDS spreads unchecked throughout Africa, and now you have the reappearance of diseases like cholera in many countries; Zambia and Uganda are very hard hit. A U.S. statistical study gives minimal estimates projecting some 70 million people in Africa will be infected and actively experiencing AIDS by the end of another decade. Already in Tanzania, 40% of the adults are infected with HIV; in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, 30% are infected. In the hospitals of Zambia, almost 80% of all patients are infected. Remember that this disease compounds itself continually.

In parts of the Ivory Coast whose total population is around 12 million, over 700,000 KNOWN persons are infected with active AIDS; in the capital, Abidjan, it's every 10th person. AIDS is already the number-one cause of death overall, and number two for women in the capital. Twelve percent of pregnant women are infected with AIDS. In other Ivory Coast cities the infected percent is around 7.5%; in the villages, almost 5%. Hospitals are filled to overflowing and do not have the equipment to help people. If there is medicine, it is only to help against pain, diarrhea, and itching. In the Rakai district of Uganda, a rural area with about 330,000 people, some 40,000 children have lost their parents to AIDS; 250,000 African children are orphans for this reason. By the year 2015 even your own projectors predict over 16 million AIDS orphans.


Twenty to 30 million Africans will face famine this year--are already into famine circumstances with no relief in sight in the growing areas. Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambique, Angola, and Liberia are especially threatened. The German aid organization Caritas has warned that this will be the year of famine in the Sahel. Especially in the West African nations, a decline in rainfall in 1990 has led to 20-80% crop deficits. In Burkina Faso alone, the drought affects nearly 2.5 million people--and the World Bank is pulling power blackmail on these people for supplies and loans. Can you comprehend that 2.5 million people is half of the whole population?

All aid relief from the U.S. to Sudan was cut because of its pro-Iraqi position. Yemen is in the same position for the same fate as the U.S. goes forward to break the backs of these nations who opposed the Iraqi war. I tell you this is selective genocide and can be called nothing short of that.

Let me share with you a circumstance shared by America and you-the-people don't even know it.


Under the headline "Nothing Is Unthinkable", the Lancet, Britain's leading medical publication (and very prestigious in the U.S.) recently supported a physician's suggestion that sick Third World babies should not be treated, but be allowed to die. The article, by one Dr. Maurice King of Leeds University School of Public Health, says,"This statement should jolt many people into thinking very carefully about the explosion in human numbers."

Robert S. McNamara (yes, your old McNamara), the former president of the World Bank, had outlined a Blueprint for Africa, published in January in the official magazine of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, People. IPPF and McNamara propose nearly a 50% reduction in the total fertility rate of Africans by 2025. People reads: "Populations in sub-Saharan Africa are the fastest growing in the world, fueled by declining death rates and weakening traditional patterns of child spacing. Doubling times of 22 years are not likely to be radically changed by the AIDS epidemic."

McNamara and IPPF regret that the AIDS epidemic is not going to decimate the African population as fast as they thought when the disease was introduced. They discuss the costs to provide African couples with contraceptives, calling for $650 million a year by the end of the century and for a doubling of funding for environmental action plans.

The following comment from the Hindustan Times reflects growing resistance to this genocidal policy: "Dr. King's and Lancet's proposal is barbaric. When Hitler called for the killing of the disabled and mentally sick, people everywhere were outraged. What should one now think of civilized Englishmen, calling for the killing of infants? Is it not possible that there has always been a rat or two in the rafters and you-the-people of the world were sorely lied to? Does this not give rise to thoughts of racism, Third World babies being mostly brown or black? Dear ones, it is only a tiny piece of the picture of global arrangements, depopulation and control.

For well over a decade the U.S. has held a gun to the head of the South African government, blackmailing and intimidating the South Africans to surrender their government to the communist ANC (African National Congress).

That the African National Congress (ANC) is a Soviet-backed terrorist organization, armed, trained, and financed by the KGB since the 1950's, is well known to your George Bush (former head of the CIA), your State Department, your intelligence services, and your Congress. That the South African Communist Party (a surrogate of the Soviet Union headed by a white Lithuanian communist and colonel in the KGB, Joe Slovo), totally dominates the ANC is well-known to your American leaders!

That the ANC has brutally butchered thousands of moderate, non-communist, Christian South African blacks via the "necklace" treatment and other horrific methods of slaughter, is also known to American leaders. That Nelson Mandela and his murderous wife, Winnie, are hardcore communist revolutionaries who have paid one hundred percent allegiance to the Soviet Union, and to communist revolution in South Africa for the past forty years is well-known to Bush, your congressional leaders, and your intelligence services.

That Mandela has promised a communist-style confiscation of virtually all private property when he comes to power, that he consistently gives the communist clenched-fist salute in public, that he constantly marches and speaks before the Soviet flag, all in plain sight before the television and newspaper reporters of America and the West, is also well-known to your leaders.

That U.S. economic sanctions against South Africa, far more draconian than any ever directed at any communist dictatorship in the world, have pushed millions of moderate South African blacks out of work, impoverishing them and preparing them for conquest by the "necklace"/AK-47 wielding ANC comrades, is well-known to the Administration, the State Department, congressional leaders, and your intelligence services. That Mandela pledged his comradeship, loyalty, and allegiance to his allies, Fidel Castro, Colonel Kadafi and Arafat and Communism--on television before millions of American viewers during his American tour in June 1990 is wellknown to the American people and the liberal leadership of America. And all you did was "hail Mandela".

Mandela, dear ones, and his murderous ANC terrorists have been in bed with, armed by, and allied to the Cubans, Libyans, and PLO (America's sworn enemies)--BUT, funny thing is that the terrorists are trained primarily by the KGB/Khazarian Mossad. Now, isn't that interesting? These ones have been sworn enemies for decades and this is all well-known by your socialist leadership in America, as is Mandela's televised statement that the enemies of Castro, Kadafi, and Arafat are Mandela's enemies as well. Mandela publicly offered to return to America after his visit in the summer of 1990 and help stir up a revolution among American Indians on behalf of the far-left American Indian Movement (AIM)--as if they weren't already in plenty of misery. This is well-known to the Administration, the congressional leaders and your liberal media--and BEWARE; IT EVEN MADE IT TO THE PUBLIC TELEVISION PICTURE TUBES. THAT MEANS SOMETHING REALLY NASTY IS IN THE WORKS.

The facade begins to slip however, for the American leadership wants you to believe that you are totally dependent on the vast treasure chest of strategic minerals found in South Africa that are absolutely essential to the running of your defense, auto, space, and heavy manufacturing industries; and that if these minerals were to fall into the hands of a hostile, pro-Soviet, Marxist/Leninist government, America would be brought to its economic knees almost overnight. We have been over this before so I won't bore you a second time--you DO NOT need the minerals of South Africa!

So, you must wonder why Mandela received a ticker tape parade in New York, which cost millions of dollars, normally reserved for great American heroes? Why was Mandela wined and dined in your White House by your President and his State Department? Why was he allowed to speak before a joint session of the U.S. Congress, an honor only accorded to three civilians in U.S. history? Why was he given the greatest television and newspaper coverage of any foreign leadership, including Churchill, deGaulle, and Gorbachev, in U.S. history?

The answer becomes obvious--America's political leaders have plunged totally into becoming a socialist and "one-world oriented body" which accepts evil as good. You can accept your enemies as friends if they be politically useful, and you can accept the false as truth. Lenin once said, and it bears repeating:

"We will spit in their face (i.e., the faces of the Western capitalist leaders) and they will call it dew."

Surely Mandela was spitting in the faces of your congressional leaders and more surely in the faces of the American people as he publicly pledged his allegiance and friendship to your deadliest enemies and the communist revolution. Your leaders smiled in joy and said, literally: "It doesn't get any better than this," right on the floor of Congress.

Can't you see the seriousness of your plight? If the liberal political and media leadership of America can sell Mikhail Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela (two of history's bloodiest Marxist/Leninist revolutionaries, avowed atheists, and evil men) to the American people as great leaders and men of peace, then selling socialism, the environmental crisis, gun-control, world government, or even the Anti-Christ to the American people should be an easy task indeed--and the Anti-Christ is already sold to you hook, line and Khazarian Elite New World Order.

The American people have been gradually poisoned and prepared for socialism and world government by your leaders, your educational system, and the media for decade following decade. The 1990's is the decade of destiny--the decade in which the forces of evil plan to converge and establish their global government. Whether it be the New World Order, the New Age Movement, the massive Soviet military juggernaut, or a combination of all three, a socialist dictatorship is to be imposed on the people of America and the West before year 2000.

But first, America, the last great bastion of freedom and capitalism must be socialized, and made into a second-class power, and its people turned into passive, nonaggressive, intimidated, obedient serfs and docile "me" oriented "wimps", as you define weak-do-nothings. How can such a transformation of a formerly great, great nation and people take place? Socialize, centralize, and mediocratize the country, its people and its institutions. Right along the rules of the Communist Manifesto and the Protocols of the Zionist Men of Wisdom--go back and check them out closely.

With all the uprising and confusion in South Africa--read the death note on the wall. This is exactly that which happened in South Africa, as well as many other places--but more recently for your reflection, and the majority of their people are now passively awaiting their government's handover of power to the communist/socialist one world rulers.

The process of socializing America has been lost to most Americans. You haven't even noticed the transition. A few new freedoms removed every few weeks or months, a few new controls or restrictions added "for your own good", and over a period of a few hard-rock noise-filled decades, the freedom is gone---GONE--GONE! Now that the globalists have their target in sight, however, they are beginning to accelerate the process on every front, every law and in every segment of your lives.

Environmentalism will be one of the primary vehicles for accelerating the socialization of America and Europe, hence the Clean Air Act and a host of other environmentalist absurdities which will cause the industries "to have to move" to other nations in order to meet legal "pollution levels"--so "for your own good" your industrial capacity will drop to zilch. People control, especially of dissidents or reactionaries who will not accept the new system, is essential and detention facilities are already set in place and ready to receive occupants. Hence, the Hate Crimes bill, gun-control and confiscation, new search-and-seizure powers, elimination of financial privacy and computerization of people's lives and financial affairs, arrest and imprisonment of tax protestors, conservatives, anti-abortion protestors, and other maverick patriots who will not adapt to, or who may potentially lead opposition to the new system.


Weakening America is essential to merging America into a one-world socialist system where a dominant superpower would just not fit. That weakening has come and is coming via massive disarmament; undermining America's financial strength via massive debt financing; diluting American business with massive imports produced with cheap Third World, or communist bloc slave, labor; selling off your national assets to foreigners made possible by a weak and declining dollar; transferring your high technology, your food surpluses, and your industrial strength to communist bloc countries; squeezing the American free enterprise system to death with an avalanche of socialistic regulations, red tape, taxes, and bureaucratic controls, and opening the flood gates of pornography, abortion, and pro-homosexual initiatives.

The three watershed events that will signal that the end of a free America is near and that a socialist America has arrived have been projected by some and are worthy of listing:

  1. The collapse of South Africa into a communist revolution--prosperous industrial America DOES NOT WISH TO LOSE THOSE STRATEGIC MINERALS.

  1. Gun control and confiscation in America--a socialist dictatorship will be imposed immediately after the American people are disarmed and the New Constitution will take the place of the old without even a Convention.

  1. The merger of America with a united Europe--it will be called the Atlantic Community or something equally as cute.

Further, to really understand all of this, you must know more about the historical evolution of the Khazars and thus we will close this portion and get some needed rest prior to starting again on such a massive subject. I am sorry, chelas, there is no longer way to separate these subjects--they are so interrelated that we will just move along in bits and pieces until we fit in some of the more urgent information. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your love and caring which is flowing back to us each and every day--THAT, dear ones, is the fuel for the engines that keep us running. As we come into brotherhood in unity of cause of God-ness, our strength builds and each step of the hard journey becomes worthy of the taking. One reason for the urgent need to disperse this information so rapidly is to offer protection and bring back into protection those daring ones who walked ahead and now MUST HAVE BACKUP BY THE "FREE" BRETHREN FOR SOME ARE ALREADY INCARCERATED AND CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES. WE MUST ATTEND OUR BROTHERS WITHIN THE HELL OF PRISONS AT THE HANDS OF THE EVIL CONSPIRATORS. WE CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO PAY THE FULL PRICE WHILE WE RIDE UPON THEIR SHIRT-TAILS OR SIMPLY ALLOW FAILURE. TIME IS SO SHORT, BELOVED ONES, BUT WE CAN DO IT IF WE WANT TO BADLY ENOUGH.

You do not walk alone! You have called upon the Lord and He has sent his Hosts. So be it, and salu.

Hatonn to clear.



TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 1991 8:44 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 236


As we move back into the subject of Khazars, I must offer my appreciation to the many who have poured love and information upon us. You must understand, dear ones, that as we ask participation and confirmation from Earth-side, we shall gather more and more unto the flocks of God. We of the Command and we of the higher frequencies have no wish to be considered as anything other than wayshowers. Do not bow unto us as something mystical nor "above" you. We bow equally unto you who risk in that physical dimension, the pain and traumas of changing the mind-set of a brain-washed planet.

I should probably tell you what Dharma says about status and the "Bird Tribes"--she says, "Yes, you tell us we are eagles and sparrows, doves and turkeys--but I know that I am just a parrot and the rest are pigeons--what you don't seem to understand, Hatonn, is that we are all just 'chickens' and the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" Beloved one--just get the world moving properly and I shall tend the sky!

Before going further regarding historical foundations stemming from the Khazars, I must honor one who has shared Truth through the very words of a Judean regarding these self-appointed, self-styled, "Zionist Jews" (Khazar Elite). I honor Len Martin who puts to paper the stories of various ones fighting against the very group they once thought were their own. This particular quotation is from the Epilogue of a booklet written by Len Martin as told to him by HAVIV SCHIEBER, HOLY LAND BETRAYED. These men now give their lives to the undoing of this insanity and curse which has come upon the World.



ISRAEL CANNOT CONTINUE TO EXIST nor SHOULD IT EXIST--for the sake of all Jews (Judeans). [Hatonn: we are quoting and we use the term Jew because it is used in the work--however, we shall enter the word Khazar at every appropriate entry. I also ask that the "Terminology" list be affixed in the forefront of Chapter One of this book. You must be explicit about that which is projected and received.]

The above statement may seem strange to those Americans (Gentile and Jew [Judean]) who have been brain-washed by the Zionist controlled news-media about the status of Israel.

The reality that Americans, especially the Jews (Judeans), MUST realize is this:

After almost 40 years of existence of the State of Israel (Khazar), it should be abundantly clear to all open-minded people that the Marxist/Zionist (Elite) experiment has failed. The result has been terror, murder, bankruptcy, rampant inflation--and wars with no real peace in sight (nor intended).

Israel (Khazar) is an armed camp whose policies are blatantly racist, and rightly condemned by the United Nations. Israel's (Khazar's) armies of occupation brutally oppress the people of the Arab lands, and because of United States blind support of Israel (Khazar), the U.S. has lost credibility and friends in the Middle East. It has also lost billions of dollars of business contracts. Add to this loss, the billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars that have been poured into Israel (Khazar).

There are ten questions that need serious consideration if there is to be any hope of peace in the Middle East, and if America is to once again be recognized as a champion of human rights.

1. How long can we demand that Palestine be a Jewish (Khazarian) state when most Jews (Judeans) do not want to go there and thousands who emigrated there have already left or wish to leave?

2. How long can we refer to Israel (Khazar) as a democracy when for 38 years it has remained a police state without a written constitution?

3. How long can we attack Communism (Socialism Police State) and Soviet Russia and at the same time support an orthodox Marxist state of communes (kibbutzim) and Histadrut (labor organizations and Socialist enterprises)?

4. How long can we cry out and condemn German and other Gentile atrocities while closing our eyes and even applauding atrocities by Israel (Khazar) against Semite Arabs? [Ah ha--finally got it!]

5. How long can we dream of a permanent existence for a state called Israel when Israel (Khazar) cannot survive a single lost battle and the Arabs can survive thousands?

6. How long can we demand from humanity sympathy and support for a "homeland" we Jews (Judeans) abandoned 2,000 years ago and in the same breath ask civilized men to reject the pleas of recently routed Palestinians?

7. How long can we continue to deceive the Western World that Israel (Khazar) is the only bastion of anti-Communism in the Middle East when in reality: (a) Communist Czechoslovakian arms helped establish Israel (Khazar), (b) Soviet Russia voted for partition of Palestine and was one of the first nations to recognize the State, (c) Soviet Russia opened her gates and the gates of her Communist satellites for emigration of Jews (Khazars) to Israel (Palestine) and thus provide much needed military manpower?

8. How long can we lure innocent and sentimental Jews (Judeans) with slogans of security and a full Jewish (Judean) life into the great atheistic unsecured ghetto called Israel, where in truth, every principle of Judaism is violated?

9. How can we claim Zionism (Elitism)" solved" the Jewish (Judean) refugee problem by relocation in Israel (Palestine) when, in fact, it is the refugees who rejected Zionist (Khazarian Elite) temptations and who now live in security and prosperity in other lands and who support their impoverished relatives still trapped in Israel (Palestine)?

10. How can we delude ourselves that Israel (Khazar) can continue to exist without permanent peace and accommodation with the subjugated Palestinians?

Only by sacrificing exclusive labels like "Israel" and "Palestine" and drawing together in a free, non-sectarian "Holy Land State" can both these peoples find life, liberty and happiness.

It should be obvious to any unbiased person (Gentile or Jew [Judean]) that Israel (Khazar) cannot continue to exist nor should it exist. I say this not only for the sake of the oppressed Arab people and for the sake of American Gentiles, but more importantly for the sake of us Jews (Judeans), for when enough Gentile Americans finally awaken to the truth about Marxist Israel (Khazar), all Jews (Judeans) will suffer.

Continued occupation of the Holy Land by Marxist/Zionist Israel (Elite Khazars) will, with certainty, be the germ of wars in the Middle East and continued political, financial and moral degradation. Further, the danger of Israel (Khazar) provoking a global war is too great to be ignored.

Only in the spirit of God and the founding fathers of this civilization--Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, can peace and happiness in the Holy Land be achieved.

--Haviv Schieber--


[Yes, readers, this is the second time you have seen this. The message is important enough to bear repeating.]

You can obtain this booklet in point for $5.00 each from: Pro-American Press, P.O. Box 41, Gering, NE 69341.

You next inquire, "Why do 'they' continue to use the incorrect identification if 'they' are actually speaking of "Elite", "Khazars", etc.?" BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW THE HISTORY, EITHER! How many of you who have not read the Journals, know that the Jonestown massacre was a military mass murder operation involving these very people and that Jim Jones was actually taken to Israel (Khazar)? By the way, he has since been murdered, also--EVERYONE is expendable to this dragon. I gave you a blow by blow scenario of exactly what happened at Jonestown, Guyana and yet, it has been published elsewhere as well and all the surveillance Elite know it, in fact, planned and orchestrated the whole maneuver.

How many good Americans know that Pearl Harbor was an intentional massacre of your own people?

Ah so--then do not expect the very ones who thought they were finding the glory land to think otherwise for they know no difference--their media is even more controlled than is yours! The grandest thing you can do for your Judean brother is give him Truth for he can see it is NOT that which has been PROMISED--but he neither knows WHY!


A ninth-century Arab historian, Yakubi, traces the origin of the Khazars back to Japheth (and thus back to Cain), third son of Noah. The Japheth motive recurs frequently in the literature, while other legends connect them with Abraham or Alexander the Great.

One of the earliest factual references to the Khazars which you will find, occurs in a Syriac chronicle by "Zacharia Rhetor" (It was actually penned by an anonymous compiler and named after an earlier Greek historian), dating from the middle of the sixth century. When the student is ready the truth and the teacher appear--remember? It mentions the Khazars in a list of people who inhabit the region of the Caucasus. Other sources indicate that they were already much in evidence a century earlier, and intimately connected with the Huns. In AD 448, the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II sent an embassy to Attila which included a famed rhetorician by the name of Priscus. He kept a minute account not only of the diplomatic negotiations, but also of the court intrigues and goings-on in Attila's sumptuous banqueting hall--he was, in fact, the perfect gossip columnist, and is still one of the main sources of information about Hun customs and habits. But Priscus also has anecdotes to tell about the people subject to the Huns whom he calls "Akatzirs"--that is, "Khazars--Ak-Khazars", or "White" Khazars (and please remember what I said about historical verbiage of "White" and "Black" for it has nothing to do with "color" (as distinct from the "Black" Kara- Khazars). The "Akatzirs" were also known as a nation of warriors. This is accepted by modern authorities--and it is further recognized that the pronunciation and spelling actually follows the Armenian and Georgian: Khazir. The Byzantine Emperor tried to win this warrior race over to his side, but the greedy Khazar chieftain, named Karidach, considered the bribe offered to him inadequate (sound familiar?), and sided with the Huns. Attila defeated Karidach's rival chieftains, installed him as the sole ruler of the Akatzirs, and invited him to visit his court. Karidach thanked him profusely for the invitation, and went on to say that "it would be too hard on a mortal man to look into the face of a god. For, as one cannot stare into the sun's disc, even less could one look into the face of the greatest god without suffering injury". (Also sound familiar?) Attila was pleased, at least, for he confirmed Karidach in his rule. Khazars appeared on the European scene about the middle of the fifth century as a people under Hunnish sovereignty, and are basically regarded, together with the Magyars and other tribes, as a later offspring of Attila's horde.


The collapse of the Hun Empire after Attila's death left a power-vacuum in Eastern Europe, through which once more, wave after wave of nomadic hordes swept from east to west, prominent among them the Uigurs and Avars. The Khazars during most of this period seemed to be pretty happily occupied with raiding the rich trans- Caucasian regions of Georgia and Armenia, and collecting precious plunder. During the second half of the sixth century they became the dominant force among the tribes north of the Caucasus. A number of these tribes--the Sabirs, Saragurs, Samandars, Balanjars, etc.--are from this date onward no longer mentioned by name: they had been subjugated or absorbed by the Khazars. The toughest resistance, apparently, was offered by the powerful Bulgars. But they, too, were crushingly defeated (circa 641), and as a result the nation split into two: some of them migrated westward to the Danube, into the region of modern Bulgaria, others north-eastward to the middle Volga, the latter remaining under Khazar suzerainty (sic, sic, Dharma) Suzerainty: the dominion of a suzerain: OVERLORDSHIP. It is alright, I have to give her a bit of "proof" from time to time so that she can understand that I am writing and it is quite fine if she is not familiar with words. As we go along we shall frequently encounter both Danube Bulgars and Volga Bulgars.

But before becoming a sovereign state, the Khazars still had to serve their apprenticeship under another short-lived power, the so-called West Turkish Empire, or Turkut kingdom. It was a confederation of tribes, held together by a ruler: the Kagan or Khagan (or Chagan)--a title which the Khazar rulers too were subsequently to adopt. Know that the orientals have strong idiosyncrasies about spelling but Kagan is the least offensive to "Western" eyes. I suggest you ones of the so-called Mormon "faith" take note that the term Mormon is not even allowed usage in the oriental countries such as Japan, etc. Mormon in their language--MEANS EVIL SATAN-- DEVIL. Catches in your throat doesn't it? How many discoveries have you to make? Zillions! Truth becomes almost too painful at times, to endure--and that is exactly that upon which the evil brotherhood depend. They have taken everything sacred and caused it to be defiled.

The first Turkish State--if one might call it that--lasted for a century (circa 550-650) and then fell apart, leaving hardly any trace (as is always the methods of the Khazars). However, it was only after the establishment of this kingdom that the name "Turk" was used to apply to a specific nation, as distinct from other Turkic-speaking peoples like the Khazars and Bulgars. This did not prevent the name "Turk" from being applied indiscriminately to any nomadic tribe of the steppes as a euphemism of Barbarian, or a synonym for "Hun". It led to much confusion in the interpretation of ancient sources but again, it is typical of the workings of your adversary to God.

The Khazars had been under Hun tutelage, then under Turkish tutelage. After the eclipse of the Turks in the middle of the seventh century it was their turn to rule the "Kingdom of the North", as the Persians and Byzantines came to call it. According to one tradition, the great Persian King Khursraw (Chosroes) Anushirwan (the Blessed) had three golden guest-thrones in his palace, reserved for the Emperors of Byzantium, China and of the Khazars. No state visits from these potentates materialized, and the golden thrones served a purely symbolic purpose.


During the first few decades of the seventh century, just before the Muslim hurricane was unleashed from Arabia, the Middle East was dominated by a triangle of powers: Byzantium, Persia, and the West Turkish Empire. The first two of these had been waging intermittent war against each other for a century and both seemed on the verge of collapse; in the sequel, Byzantium recovered, but the Persian kingdom was soon to meet its doom, and the Khazars were actually in on the kill.

They were still nominally under the suzerainty of the West Turkish kingdom, within which they represented the strongest effective force, and to which they were soon to succeed; accordingly, in 627, the Roman Emperor Heraclius concluded a military alliance with the Khazars--the first of several to follow--in preparing his decisive campaign against Persia. There are several versions of the role played by the Khazars in the campaign--which seems to have been somewhat inglorious--but the principal facts are well established. The Khazars provided Heraclius with 40,000 horsemen under a chieftain named Ziebel, who participated in the advance into Persia, but then-- presumably fed up with the cautious strategy of the Greeks--turned back to lay siege on Tiflis; this was unsuccessful, but the next year they again joined forces with Heraclius, took the Georgian capital, and returned with rich plunder. Gibbon has given a colourful description (based on Thophanes) of the first meeting between the Roman Emperor and the Khazar chieftain and I think you will find it interesting.

"...To the hostile league of Chosroes with the Avars, the Roman emperor opposed the useful and honourable alliance of the Turks (Khazars). At his liberal invitation, the horde of Chozars transported their tent from the plains of the Volga to the mountains of Georgia; Heraclius received them in the neighbourhood of Tiflis, and the khan with his nobles dismounted from their horses, if we may credit the Greeks, and fell prostrate on the ground, to adore the purple of the Caesar. Such voluntary homage and important aid were entitled to the warmest acknowledgements; and the emperor, taking off his own diadem, placed it on the head of the Turkish prince, whom he saluted with a tender embrace and the appellation of son. After a sumptuous banquet, he presented Ziebel with the plate and ornaments, the gold, the gems, and the silk, which had been used at the Imperial table, and, with his own hand, distributed rich jewels and earrings to his new allies. In a secret interview, he produced the portrait of his daughter Eudocia, condescended to flatter the barbarian with a promise of a fair and august bride, and obtained an immediate succor of forty thousand horse..."

Eudocia (Epiphania) was the only daughter of Heraclius by his first wife. The promise to give her in marriage to the "Turk" indicates once more the high value set by the Byzantine Court on the Khazar alliance. However, the marriage came to naught because Ziebel died while Eudocia and her suite were on their way to him. There is also another twist which you might find interesting: Ziebel "presented his son, a beardless boy" to the Emperor--as quid pro quo.



The Persian state never recovered from the crushing defeat inflicted on it by Emperor Heraclius in 627. There was a revolution; the King was slain by his own son who, in his turn, died a few months later; a child was elevated to the throne, and after a decade of anarchy and chaos the first Arab armies to erupt on the scene delivered the coup de grace to the Sasanide Empire. At about the same time, the West Turkish confederation dissolved into its tribal components. A new triangle of powers replaced the previous one: the Islamic Caliphate--Christian Byzantium--and the newly emerged Khazar Kingdom of the North. It fell to the latter to bear the brunt of the Arab attack in its initial stages, and to protect the plains of Eastern Europe from the invaders.

In the first twenty years of the Hegira--Mohammed's flight to Medina in 622, with which the Arab calendar starts--the Muslims had conquered Persia, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and surrounded the Byzantine heartland (present-day Turkey) in a deadly semi-circle, which extended from the Mediterranean to the Caucasus and the southern shores of the Caspian. The Caucasus was a formidable natural obstacle, but no more forbidding than the Pyrenees; and it could be negotiated by the pass of Dariel (now called the Kasbek pass) [go look up these things, chelas, and get your proof of this truth] or bypassed through the defile of Darband, along the Caspian shore.

This fortified defile, called by the Arabs Bab al Abwab, the Gate of Gates, was a kind of historic turnstile through which the Khazars and other marauding tribes had from time immemorial attacked the countries of the south and retreated again. Now it was the turn of the Arabs. Between 642 and 652 they repeatedly broke through the Darband Gate and advanced deep into Khazaria, attempting to capture Balanjar, the nearest town, and thus secure a foothold on the European side of the Caucasus. They were beaten back on every occasion in this first phase of the Arab-Khazar war; the last time in 652, in a great battle in which both sides used artillery (catapults and ballistae). Four thousand Arabs were killed, including their commander, Abdal-Rahman ibn- Rabiah; the rest fled in disorder across the mountains.

For the next thirty or forty years the Arabs did not attempt any further incursions into the Khazar stronghold. Their main attacks were now aimed at Byzantium. On several occasions they laid siege to Constantinople (Istanbul) by land and by sea; had they been able to outflank the capital across the Caucasus and round the Black Sea, the fate of the Roman Empire would probably have been sealed. The Khazars, in the meantime, having subjugated the Bulgars and Magyars, completed their western expansion into the Ukraine and the Crimea. But these were no longer haphazard raids to amass booty and prisoners; they were wars of conquest, incorporating the conquered people into an empire with a stable administration, ruled by the mighty Kagan (and guess who the Kagan is in America?), who appointed his provincial governors to administer and levy taxes in the conquered territories. At the beginning of the eighth century their state was sufficiently consolidated for the Khazars to take the offensive against the Arabs. (Anybody getting a bad case of "hives" yet? How about bird mites?)

From the distance of more than a thousand years (they don't care about "time" or how long a thing takes if they go after it), the period of intermittent warfare that followed (the so-called "Second Arab war", 722-37) looks like a series of tedious episodes on a local scale, following the same, repetitive pattern: the Khazar cavalry in their heavy armour of stolen weaponry breaking through the pass of Dariel or the Gate of Darband into the Caliph's domains to the south; followed by Arab counter-thrusts through the same pass or the defile, towards the Volga and back again. Looking thus through the wrong end of the telescope, one would be reminded of the old jingle about the noble Duke of York who had ten thousand men; "He marched them up to the top of the hill. And he marched them down again." In fact, the Arab sources (though they often exaggerate) speak still, of armies of 100,000, even of 300,000 men engaged on either side-- probably outnumbering the armies which decided the fate of the Western world at the battle of Tours about the same time.

The death-defying fanaticism which characterized these wars is illustrated by episodes such as the suicide by fire of a whole Khazar town as an alternative to surrender; the poisoning of the water supply of Bab al Abwab by an Arab general; or by the traditional exhortation which would halt the rout of a defeated Arab army and make it fight to the last man: "To the Garden, Muslims, not the Fire"--the joys of Paradise being assured to every Muslim soldier killed in the Holy War. (Do you still wonder WHO planned the Iraqi War? Do you still quander as to WHO continues to run it?)

At one stage during these fifteen years of fighting the Khazars overran Georgia and Armenia, inflicted a total defeat on the Arab army in the battle of Ardabil (AD 730) and advanced as far as Mosul (ouch, that name again just as TODAY) and Dyarbakir, more than half-way to Damascus, capital of the Caliphate. But a freshly raised Muslim army stemmed the tide, and the Khazars retreated homewards across the mountains. The next year Maslamah ibn-Abd-al-Malik, most famed Arab general of his time, who had formerly commanded the siege of Constantinople, took Balanjar and even got as far as Samandar, another large Khazar town further north. But once more the invaders were unable to establish a permanent garrison, and once more they were forced to retreat across the Caucasus. The sigh of relief experienced in the Roman Empire assumed a tangible form through another dynastic alliance, when the heir to the throne was married to a Khazar princess, whose son was to rule Byzantium as Leo the Khazar.

If you are not beginning to get the picture, I sincerely pity that which will come upon you for you are repeating and repeating and repeating. The beast dragon has you in his clutches and you are supplying all the weapons, resources and financing to assure that this dragon devours the world--BUT--the dragon still has enemies, dear ones--and he who is in the cage with the dragon shall also be slain--must I remind you? So be it and may the grace of understanding rest upon you.

Hatonn to clear.



WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1991 8:59 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 237



Dharma has asked to start and end today's watch with a little item from the Associated Press and since it says so much more than I can, we shall reprint it and move on back into history.

The point that makes it even more interesting is that Dharma and Oberli have an aviary of some 50-75 birds, some of which if you fail to have "permit" papers, are apt to be confiscated and/or charges brought. One WAS a pair of California quail (with papers)- -although they feed a covey of some 200 wild California Quail on the edge (outside) of the aviary. At any rate they are again safe because Daddy quail died this winter and another male came courting this week. Being that proper legal mourning time was over, Dharma turned little Ms. Quail out to elope with her new beau--however, without blood testing for AIDS. Now a problem arises as to whether or not we need file a death certificate for the male quail and/or "escape" and "unlawful disincarceration" permits for Ms. The worst is yet to come because in the flock, Ms. just looks exactly like all the rest and will not come forward with her identification--so perhaps we shall simply list her as missing.

Now, there are also well over 250 rare band-tailed "pigeons" who eat my people out of some 6-8 feed sacks (50#) a week. The early non-environmentalists shot so many of these beautiful birds that they became all but extinct and so, if anyone is caught catching or harming one of the these babies it is a "life" sentence in the federal pen. The "fine" for being caught "alive" with a "dead" one is minimum $125. But what about the hawk that eats a minimum of one-two a day, along with a dozen little finches and waxwings? It is a worse fine to get rid of the predator! It reminds me of the reasonable approach you have to the eagle--let it kill and eat a whole flock of lambs but death to anyone who gets rid of the eagle. Where is your sanity, people?

Well, Dharma's and Oberli's problem gets worse--they actually had a parakeet who dared to have six little chicks and they had no (never heard of them, in fact) bands with federal numbers affixed for the chick's legs. Now these are wondrous little thoroughlybreds (every color of the rainbow--one every chick [mongrels of the bird shows]) and when Dharma let Ms. Quail out, two UN-BANDED and one Cockatiel escaped the prison. We are confident the "feds" will show up momentarily and, in view of the fact Oberli put an empty fuel tank on their back lot (at which point a loving neighbor called seven "agencies"), they are really undone about the vicious birds running around and we can only hope they fly the neighborhood without great attention. I am informed that the two parakeets are, this morning--back in incarceration herein and "whew", safe except for the Cockatiel which will now have to be accounted for as a non-naturalized species.

The "feds" haven't sent them banding numbers for the next bunch whose feet have already grown too large to go through the loop so, brothers, pray the neighbors don't turn in these birds for if confiscated, the beauteous little feathered friends of purple, blue, green, pastel everything, yellow, etc., are executed by lethal gasses.


And now the Associated Press notice:

"...If you still don't realize we have a fascist dictatorship now in U.S.A., 7-year old B.J. Sniff has felt its iron boot, even if he doesn't understand its philosophy. Associated Press has reported that little B.J. of rural Verona, Wisconsin, gathered feathers dropped in flight over his backyard. Over time he had amassed a proud collection of 14, including such rarities as crow, cardinal, blue jay, goldfinch (maybe), and mourning dove. Then the feds moved in, claiming B.J. was in violation of migratory bird protection laws. A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agent ordered the "criminal" child to surrender his collection to the University of Wisconsin zoological museum. Tearful, B.J. complied. Let bird fanciers note that some of those listed are NOT migratory fowl." Should B.J. challenge the bureaucratic violation of their own regulations? Not unless he has somewhere between $100,000 to $200,000 dollars with wingmarkings of scavengers--attorneys perhaps?


A term already used and which will be utilized more as we move along, is "Hegelian" and I get inquiries for definition--so please, add this to the "Terminology" list.

THE HEGELIAN PRINCIPLE: Revolutionaries in government have created economic chaos, shortages in food and fuel, confiscatory taxation, a crisis in education, the threat of war, and other diversions to condition Americans for "The New World Order."

The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelian principle of bringing about change in a three-step process: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis (yes, I just recently gave you long writings about these these things.)

Here again: 1. Thesis is to create a problem. The second step, 2. antithesis is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria), and, 3. synthesis is to offer the predetermined solution to the problem created in step one--change which would have been impossible to impose on the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two [This might well be a number two definition of the circle of infinity].

Applying the Hegelian principle, and irresistible financial influence, concealed mattoids seek to dismantle social and political structures by which free men govern themselves--ancient landmarks erected at great cost in blood and treasure.

Their objective is to emasculate sovereign states, merge nations under universal government, centralize economic powers, and control the world's people and resources.


I am going to repeat a summary of great importance herein to allow you to succinctly see what has happened to you. I thank The Upright Ostrich, April, 1991.

At the turn of the century an ambitious and morally degenerate group of financiers and industrialists in America fixed upon a long-range plan which would ultimately deliver control of the world's people and resources into their hands.

The basic objective was to dismantle the Constitution of the United States and erect in its place a world government covenant which the Financial-Industrial (F/I) cartel would command.

The F/I cabala, to achieve this objective, adopted an operational procedure of Infiltration, Subversion, and Rebellion aimed at the religious, economic, and social disciplines of the existing order. By massing their wealth and influence secretly to sponsor nihilistic doctrine, it was thought that they might capture the intellectual leadership of church and college. Domination of pulpit and professional chair, they reasoned, would lead to mastery of the entire spiritual-educational process, the corruption of mass-communication media, and the creation of a fractured, rudderless society which would serve their purposes.

Achieving political authority was an obvious prerequisite to success. The cartel therefore, in 1912, forced a major penetration of the United States political structure by elevating Woodrow Wilson to the Presidency. Quick to capitalize on this advantage, the cabala, in the closing days of the 1913 Congress effected passage of three legislative acts which emasculated the Constitution and established a political power base for their operations. These acts were:

  1. The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

  2. The Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution.

  3. The Federal Reserve Act

At one blow the cabala thus attained:

  1. Unlimited financing via unlimited taxation,

  2. Control of the Congress by eliminating State supervision of legislation, and

  3. Transfer of coinage from the Congress to their private bank, The Federal Reserve System.

Upon this irresistible and unchallengeable base of power the cartel, in 1914, established a "brain trust" which was to be shaped into an instrumentality for global conquest. The organization was named The Inquiry and was formed around a nucleus of members drawn from The Intercollegiate Society, a socialist-oriented group of American intellectuals.

The Inquiry, visible structure of a covert operation, immediately began recruiting and training an "intellectual elite" who, under the guidance of their hidden sponsors, prepared the Covenant of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was, of course, the long-sought world government covenant.

When the United States Senate refused to ratify the League of Nations plan for a world government The Inquiry was, in 1919, renamed THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CF). CF headquarters remained in New York City, financial center of the world. Twenty-six years were to elapse before the F/I cabal, through its instrument, The Council on Foreign Relations, would reach its longrange goal of world government.

The propaganda climate generated during World War II provided the opportunity and, on July 28, 1945, a refurbished League of Nations Covenant with new title--THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER--was ratified by a subverted U.S. Senate (subverted by Khazar Elite Socialists calling themselves Liberals and/or "Zionists"), and the Constitution of the United States passed instantly into HISTORY.

In time, an interlocking, international apparatus--an invisible government of the world--was devised. Today these affiliated bodies include the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England (which was founded concurrently with the Council on Foreign Relations during a dinner meeting in Paris in 1919), The Institute des Relations Internationales in Belgium, The Danish Foreign Policy Society, The Indian Council of World Affairs, and similar organizations in France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Turkey.

Though the world government apparatus comprises holding company after holding company and proliferating agencies throughout the world, the prime corporate structure in America, and the seat of power both public and private, is The Council on Foreign Relations bolstered by vast funds in tax-exempt foundations. Within this membership are found the directors and principal agents of the financial/industrial cartel who now exercise control over the executive, legislative, and judicial agencies of the U.S. government, and who manipulate the United Nations world government covenant to enforce their command over the world's people and resources.

Having dissolved the United States of America as a sovereign nation, the principals and heirs of the original cabala have embarked on a campaign to coerce her citizens into a Soviet animal farm. Unless the cabala is challenged residents of the North American continent will soon be subjected to the dictates of alien courts (and that is NOT little gray aliens from out there somewhere), will be recruited to serve in a United Nations Army, will be directly taxed by the United Nations to support one world government, will become pawns in a serf-society which shall be paid for its labors at rates determined by a self-elected "Elite" of the world, will be emigrated anywhere in the world on demand of this "Elite", and will surrender all property rights to the new aristocracy of finance and industry. **Bulletin of The Committee to Restore the Constitution, Box 986, Ft. Collins, CO 80522. (Good time to start, if you aren't already, getting your confirmation running on "old" Hatonn!)


Forget "spacemen" with scanners and digestive upsetting information. You don't need "spacemen" to give you information--but you do need to pull the information into focus and GET IT. I have told you of intended detention (concentration camps) all lined up for you who don't like the new game--let us share information now coming through in confirmable documentation--for you see, some of the people who thought themselves "Elite" now find they are not, and are a bit more interested in anonymous "telling". Anonymous, for they are forced into compliance of secrecy by the gun!

There are now first-hand accounts of the doings in very isolated parts of national forest land in Oregon and Idaho and the same type of destruction is taking place elsewhere. Destruction is the proper term as 50-acre plus areas of forest are being totally denuded by the forest service, some of it by private CONTRACT. This land is being screened of all twigs, rocks and any stones more than one inch in diameter over the whole surface and two-feet deep under it. Then eight-foot cyclone fences, which also extend about four feet underground, are being erected around the perimeters. So what do you now have inside that fence? According to the forest service, it is an area for "possibly" seedling plantings!?!? (They aren't informed, in other words.)

There might be rationale to this "study" in preservation but burying of a fence under the ground should be disturbing even unto the gullible environmentalists. In light of the KNOWN plan of the Bush administration to incarcerate those too much opposed to his banker's war....another use for the compounds becomes far more realistic! Now here is where this "space cadet's" scanners come in very handy for you ones-- INCARCERATION CAMPS ARE EXACTLY THAT WHICH ARE BEING SET UP--RIGHT NOW AND IN MASSIVE NUMBERS ALL OVER YOUR NATION, AND OFF-SHORE FOR THE REAL TROUBLE-MAKERS.

No longer do various federal agents conceal their in-place plans to suspend your Constitution on the pretext of some emergency, such as the war, etc. Your FEMA has been fleshed out and made ready to enforce the coming military type dictatorship which will supersede your representative government.

There will be a percentage of Americans who will not cower to the governmental terrorism designed to instill total submission of the people. If simply murdering these people at point of contact is deemed counter-productive the proven tactic of rounding them up into concentration camps for whatever means of disposal will be used. Barbaric treatment drifting back to the general populace from such places usually keeps it more docile than blood in the streets.

The inaccessibility of these new compounds plus the forest service's obvious need for the public not to be aware of them tends to weigh heavily toward the proof of concentration camps in your public lands--and remember, the old prisoner-of-war camps and the camps for, say, "the Japanese/Americans"--are ALL in final stages of RECLAMATION!



We left off yesterday with Leo the Khazar and there is where we shall pick up the narrative.

The last Arab campaign was led by the future Caliph Marwan II, and ended in a Pyrrhic victory. Marwan made an offer of alliance to the Khazar Kagan, then attacked by surprise through both passes (pass of Draiel [Kasbek pass] and defile of Darband along the Caspian shore [Bab al Abway, Gate of Gates]). The Khazar army, unable to recover from the initial shock, retreated as far as the Volga. The Kagan was forced to ask for terms; Marwan, in accordance with the routine followed in other conquered countries, requested the Kagan's conversion to the True Faith. The Kagan complied, but his conversion to Islam must have been an act of lip-service for no more is heard of the episode in the Arab or Byzantine sources--in contrast to the lasting effects of the establishment of Judaism as the state religion which took place a few years later (around AD 740). Content with the results achieved, Marwan bid farewell to Khazaria and marched his army back to Transcaucasia--without leaving any garrison, governor or administrative apparatus behind. On the contrary, a short time later he requested terms for another alliance with the Khazars against the rebellious tribes of the south.

It had been a narrow escape. The reasons which prompted Marwan's apparent magnanimity are a matter of conjecture--as is so much else in this bizarre chapter of history. Perhaps the Arabs realized that, unlike the relatively civilized Persians, Armenians or Georgians, these ferocious Barbarians of the North could not be ruled by a Muslim puppet prince and small garrison. Yet Marwan needed every man of his army to quell major rebellions in Syria and other parts of the Omayad Caliphate, which was in the process of breaking up. M