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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.




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THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1991 9:38 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 273

THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1991

I come as a brother, Dharma--but most of all, I come as a FRIEND for there can be no higher brotherhood. I shall keep your confidence; I will hold your hand whilst you "choose" and I will love you--I will NOT interfere NOR intervene without ultimate petition and then permission, and I will do nothing FOR you unless it be to carry you when you are too weary to go farther for this, in turn, is that which the Father does for ME! He has given unto us wonders beyond description and the ability to "create" from that which appears not to be--then He commands that WE act and choose accordingly. I am Hatonn sent to clear the path and bear one of the lamps for safe passage.

I ask that this writing serve as "Introduction" to the JOURNAL in conclusion currently. There remains such misperceptions of which ones long to have clarity and, yet, without a foundation of knowledge of how it IS, there can be no understanding.

The recent writings and the JOURNAL in conclusion deal with some pretty difficult subjects to coalesce into oneness for the fragments need further amalgamation and merging.


As most of you read this you will ask, "Why haven't you told us THIS before?" Because we are not playing metaphysical games nor star tiddle-de-winks. There is a manifested physical dimension in which you are existing and functioning. You do not know (or remember as the case is) the universal laws for you don't even know the real laws on your place. But it is time to speak of some things which will be difficult for some of you for many take the words coming forth in Truth, from whatever source, and do very well--until you plaster YOUR name on the documents and project some steadfast names and dates. The training of a receiver is a long and tedious process and I offer no negative to you who are receiving great and wondrous things--I only ask you to remember guidelines and beware--for the one who is evil will be the first to contact and contract with you. If you present a document to all the brethren such as I have received from several and name the association to be of God--be most careful for you are often simply being used and will greatly damage ones who do not know otherwise and become the laughing point of ones who do KNOW OTHERWISE.


I have one who has sent one of the most beauteous documents I have ever read and I feel the growth within the being and the truthful thrust of intent to serve. Most ones simply do not know HOW to disconnect from self and, yet, what is wrong with utilizing your own wondrous gift of understanding and accept responsibility for that which is your own God within? I do not know how to respond without appearing to be offending and my intent is anything but that for I have a "live" and willing participant and I frankly do not wish to lose him to the egotistical path of Earth. Neither can I allow, with my own sanctions, something to go forth which bears errors and are supposedly spoken by "God".

There are things to watch for in writing and receiving and guidelines laid forth for any "speaker"--so beware ones who call themselves God, Aton, Maitreya, Christos, Wakan Tanka, Grandfather, etc. For these ones bear great energy and They don't really care for errors in pronouncements of Their intent. Anything that limits God or places sanctions or specifics is usually not of God source. I say "usually" for the "testing" might well be laid forth in full intent to trap the receiver and/or Hatonn for allowing passage of that which is not fully understood or laid forth. If it comes not into my attention it is not of my responsibility but this has come directly to me for comment.

So, P.P., you have presented a choice of 1. CHANGE YOUR WAYS; 2. GET OFF THE PLANET. I need go no further--for there are a myriad of choices which include neither of these two.

You write that God "prefers" non-intervention--nay, son, HE DOES NOT INTERVENE unless on an individual basis with petition from the individual.

God, as such, did NOT give the documents you name (The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights), even though they were inspired. Ask the native Indians if THEY feel the documents were from God! Ask the enslaved "blacks" who were considered a "half"-a-man unit. They were guided and corrections made but still they carried forth errors even into your Bill of Rights. They are, however, the only thing left which can guide and secure freedom while you clean up your act and get back into some Grace with Creator. God participated to the extent MAN would allow of it. Man is allowed to do that which he will--but, he is also informed that he shall most certainly reap the reward of the harvest from the crop he plants.

Then, you have made a most simple error which would mean naught except to your enemy who redefined the term "israel". You have spelled that word with a capital "I" which in the mere grammatical sense indicates "a place" and not a description. You have gone on to clarify the term but your adversary would not overlook the error for you pronounce it of God and God has proclaimed that the israelites of his people, are not the Zionists--"Jews" (who are not Jews nor of Zion) who have stolen a land from Palestine. Next, you refer to the documents in point as "sacred". This is a strong term and might well be acceptable for human evaluation--God DOES NOT consider them sacred in any form. He considers the Laws of Himself (God/as Creator) and of The Creation to be sacred--those things UNTAMPERED BY MAN. You must understand--MAN NEEDED NO OTHER LAWS THAN THOSE OF GOD AND CREATION!

I wish to pick no further except for one more detail. God does not even give the moment of decision nor appearance unto crew nor to the Son who leads the pack. When it is said that "I (God) say that if you don't cease negating life on this land or know, that as of July 4, 1991, that those who choose to continue displeasing your landlord will find them being evicted without further notice or recourse". I must speak out. Why do I know that that is not true? Because we counsel constantly and it is not given forth as to specific times for that is exactly that which pulls man away from God's speakers. This a clue above all clues--if a specific moment, day, etc., is given-- for with God there is NO TIME AND NO SPACE. He only projects generalities and possibilities for at the moment He would give specifics more than "at this moment - -" the brotherhood of evil would meet and for that very day there would be NOTHING evil take place--so as to discount the word of God. Neither do you ones need a thousand speakers (FOR) a being--He only needs one, actually--and then He needs many to spread the Truth.


Now, please understand why I cannot allow the document you have sent to send forth unto all our people--as representative of our word, to go forth. No, we are most careful, at this point, not to allow the spacecraft logo of the Phoenix to be given. It varies from the PHOENIX JOURNAL'S logo of which we claim no particular copyright for the Phoenix belongs to all. Neither can it be sent forth in AWP envelopes unless George wishes to handle it as publication along with some other books and things of which I do not approve. America West Publishers is a "publisher" of books of which a portion of printing is our material--no more and no less. Actually, this is not truthful--we get "more" by a great abundance but certainly those ones do not proclaim to speak (AS) only (in behalf of) as they "perceive and understand"--personal opinion. We always ask that any comment be thrust forth with that statement always made: "In my opinion, I think..." My receiver/scribe DOES NOT SPEAK "FOR" ME--I SPEAK FOR ME! DO I ERR? YES, FOR I TOO, AM INDEED HUMAN AND SERVE A DIRECTED PURPOSE. I DO NOT SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE WELL AND OFTEN MISCHOOSE WORDS AND THEN, THERE ARE OFTEN NO WORDS TO SUIT MY REAL NEEDS. THAT IS WHY ONE MUST BE SO CAREFUL TO NOT MISUSE THE TERM "GOD" EXCEPT AS PERTAINING TO SELF.

Please, P.P., accept this as intended--in love and total appreciation for you take action and, unless ones take action, we cannot change the plight facing the Earth being nor serve our mission well. I have to now hold Dharma's hand for she would like off the meat-hook and from under the spy-glass and take the load, and no, it can't be so for we each have a task and so be it. Does this mean we "hog the show"? I surely hope not for Truth is Truth is Truth--and if it varies it can be only through mechanical error to be acceptable--the CONCEPT MUST NEVER ERR! So, what makes me correct and you possibly incorrect? That is for readers to choose--but if nothing happens on July 4th, which causes great transition and "eviction"--guess who is going to be "perceived" as correct? So be it. Part of the whole thrust is to come into balance with accepted ones so that the scattering of input is narrowed into a source of accountability. At first it will be that we appear to be correct more often, and then as things unfold--always! That, friends, is the truth of the prophet--ALWAYS correct, not just half the time or a third the time.


I have told you that the star signs have great meaning but not for "fortune-telling". How can ones, let us say, who are a particular star sign according to the charts--be so similar or have dominate traits. For many reasons, but it is not usually due to something being in "a house" or another . I did not say that it cannot somehow be a tool but I can assure you that we do not utilize the stars for that purpose of fortunetelling but even the clues of the "signs" can give you information. Let us take a "Scorpio": this is a symbol which can represent the highest or the lowest--the soaring eagle or the crawling lizard--perhaps indicating the opposites of "God/Evil", so you will have personalities who seem to serve one or the other with great passion being birthed into that cycle--but the planning goes on at a greater level than you are aware. This is simply example for I certainly do not wish to get into astrological forecasts-- which by the way, are very often correct--especially if the person giving the reading is perceptive. However, the tool itself is one to conclude "control" and great leaders are said to use the methods--TO CAUSE YOU TO ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE CONTROLLED BY THE METHOD, i.e., it was alright for Ronald Reagan--so it must be OK. Then you unsuspecting little people go forth to find your seer and find that the trap has been laid and you are trapped. YOU WILL COME INTO KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WILL FIND NOTHING YOU SEEK EXCEPT WITHIN SELF--ONLY YOU WILL DECIDE HOW A THING WILL BE AS RELATES TO YOU.


Each of you are doing of your own sorting at this very moment. You are offered a platter of truth, lies, and half-truths. You are offered Godness, raptures, satanic experience, little gray aliens, God's hosts and on and on--which do you choose? God will not give your manifestation "PROOF" for you are already given His wondrous gift of "reason" and "choice" and therefore--YOU WILL DECIDE--IF YOU DECIDE THAT YOU AWAIT A "RAPTURE" TO THE CLOUDS--SO BE IT. I will not drag you aboard my craft and if you make it to the clouds—fine, but the Law of -- Creation/Nature/Physics cuts in here somewhere--and the mere act of rising to fluffy clouds defies that law--but you are free to take that route if that is what you wish to believe. You continue to deal with that which is PHYSICAL.


No, in this transition we must also deal with the changing of the physical format into spiritual "transition", so we certainly must deal with a human physical body--but as you choose Truth of the oneness fragment within God you automatically become more spiritually oriented--for the physical desires are of the flesh environment. However, many will be in the "transition" of understanding and the physical being shall be handled accordingly so that you can continue your service. The facts are that ones working with us, for instance, cease--somewhere along the line, to be concerned with the physical. I do not mean that they cease to enjoy that of the physical plane but the intent is no longer focused on that aspect.

Does Dharma KNOW the procedure? Yes, at some level of understanding--but no better than any one of you reading who has accepted the Truth of the presentations. She accepts that she shall be tended as promised and that becomes sufficient. She knows that at some point she will have full instructions and if she needs to bring a computer so be it--but she knows that we have larger and better so why would she?

Those who tell you to pack an overnight bag--why? Do you think us not capable of finding you a change of clothing if you get on board without clothes for some reason? I shall be happy to loan you my toothbrush if you haven't yours--we don't use such archaic items at any rate. As long as you dwell mentally within the totally physical you are unable to grasp the wondrous magnitude of that which is offered unto you. Evil adversary will bind you to the narrow perception and things of naught but physical for he knows you will only look to the "proof" of physical perception--yet he truly offers you nothing more than empty promises.

Oh, you like it the way it is? Fine. Will it stay the way it is that you find so great? How long? How old are you? Do you have control over every aspect of your physical life? How much freedom do you have--really? You make a bundle of money today? Can you be assured you will have the same tomorrow? How long is a physical life-span on average? How much more time do you have? How many have you witnessed "NOT GOING"? How many have you witnessed "TAKING IT ALL WITH THEM"? And you tell me that "I" have something to PROVE? Wow, I think that if I were you, I would think carefully about this! THE THINGS THAT ONES OF EARTH TELL YOU WILL HAPPEN, SUCH AS THE "RAPTURE", AS DESCRIBED "TO THE CLOUDS", IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF THE CREATION/ NATURE/PHYSICS! Can God override the "laws of nature"? Certainly, but I wish just one person would give me reasonable response as to WHY HE WOULD? Have you ones been so "good" that He would do that? Oh, you crucified and slew His Son and spilled His blood upon the Earth--SO THAT WOULD PLEASE HIM ENOUGH TO DEFY THE LAWS OF CREATION/NATURE/PHYSICS? Oh, now I see--it is that you bow down to ones who write Earth laws and vote them in and you bow down to those MEN and so you are now "worthy" for God to defy the Laws of Creation? Then what DO YOU MEAN? Oh, you tithed your money? TO GOD OR TO A CHURCH WITH A PREACHER MAN/WOMAN OR FOR THE BUILDING FUND? WHAT DID YOU ACTUALLY GIVE UNTO GOD? Did you give it to share thine love with God and His people, or did you do it to please MEN with great temples, etc. YOU are God's temple! God is spiritual and neither needs nor wants any of thine foolish "things"--He will only use them if they be returned in appreciation for His own gifting. Does He not want your contributions so that His Kingdom on Earth might flourish? Indeed--but a "gift" means something "given" and anything otherwise is not a gift. Likewise, God will only "give", "offer" and the "thing" or "gift" is NOT, unless accepted. Neither can He accept your gift unto Him if it bears strings which bind it to self for it is not a gift, is it?

What of spacemen, Hosts and adversaries.? If there is one there is the other for if you were already perfection you would not need any of this experience.

Well where are the lighted spacemen? All around! Why don't you see our ships? I don't know, not looking I suppose--or perhaps your government covers up the information.

Are there any lighted brotherhood craft inside the "SECRET" bases? Of course. "Then why don't you stop that which goes on in evil portent"? Why would we? It is not our business--it is YOUR business. Your adversary is given nothing which will allow MAN into the outer cosmos with his evil tricks--Earth is one of the planets whereon Satan was placed and you have allowed almost 100% corruption. I don't need your place and if you are of God--neither do you. Shan has evolved and the places secured and wondrously beautiful--could it be you all expect the wrong things? Is your world of human species worthy of mass "rapture" into placement of radiance? No, I do not judge any individual--however, I do perceive dark ignorance and refusal to turn away from that which is totally physically-oriented unto flesh sensitivities. I know that God says there will be no evil allowed within the perfections of HIS places--and there you have it. That does not mean there is not placement in safety for continuing journey-- but it DOES MEAN THAT EVIL SHALL BE LEFT TO THE PHYSICAL PLANE OR LOWER PLANE OF EXPERIENCE. I CARE NOT THAT WHICH YOU CHOOSE EXCEPT THAT I LOVE YOU AS A PART OF MYSELF AND I WOULD HAVE YOU IN JOY--BUT I HONOR YOUR CHOICES JUST AS DOES CREATOR FOR IT IS NOT MINE TO DO OTHERWISE.

We are there constantly in meeting and reasoning with leaders of your place. They certainly do not tell you of those visits for they plan to terrify you with "presence" of "aliens". If you knew not about IranGate why think you that they would tell you God is calling? THE LAST THING THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW IS THAT GOD IS CALLING. Do some of the craft that come and go from, say, Nellis Field in Area 51 come from our Command? Yes, and further, your Elite bullies know they cannot do a thing about it--but you see, they also know we will not interfere for our commission is to bring Truth--THE WORD. Well, they too, are being given the word first hand with demonstrations and they still plan to fulfill PLAN 2000 according to their own structuring. Oh yes, at some point it will come to a head--and probabilities are that there will be a "very big bang". However, that must not be your prime nor urgent concern--you simply need recognize that God is waiting and the Host's are about our work and in your "space" and if YOU do YOUR work in open awareness, you shall be able to reverse this evil steamroller. If not, the children who continue to serve God-- shall be brought into safety--it is that simple, for we have been sent to show you the way and bring you home. I care not to have anyone aboard my craft who would rather be elsewhere. This is simply the last segment of "time" for choosing.

I believe that I shall close this portion at this point for I wish to discuss this latter subject in depth and I have not time segment herein.

KNOW that God does not move away from His fragments--YOU pull away from God. If you choose to sever the cord with God, you are making gross error but that, too, is your choice. Man can perform in incredible Godness within his physical manifestations if he but will. We are here to assist but we will not do it FOR THEE! So be it. The Creation shall continue into infinity as will God--your journey is up to you. I do, however, suggest you start considering the fact that God will NOT interfere with the journey nor the Laws of Creation/Nature/ Physics. He needs not do so to accomplish that which He is about and you had best be thinking very diligently on these things for you are out of time! Salu.

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn, Cmdr.
United Federation
Fleet Inter-Galactic Federation Command



SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 1991 9:11 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 254


I am Hatonn; I come in the service of Holy God of Truth--in service also with the Hosts, unto Man who would partake of God's insight into this time of chaos and confusion.

Always come the truthbringers just as always are the truthbringers persecuted--but so too, are the truthbringers given protection according to the highest cause. So too, are the ones of evil at work and their service is unto that which is of physical with that which is denial of higher experience. Blessed is the Man, who, in confusion can say "I don't know" and allow insight to come. Evil thrusts efforts to keep Truth from Man at all costs and God only needs a few who come into total insight in order to cause massive change in a world filled with chaos.

Again, as we have stated before, you must have historical information in order to understand that which is happening around you at this time--stop of the MYSTICAL nonsense and understand the very REAL intent and subversion of a species.

For you who reside in the area of my scribe I ask that you not be frightened of that which is going on in your air spaces with the beam impacts and airquakes-- it is just a little exchange of "understanding" on a bit higher level.


The thrust is changing for it gets more difficult to fool all you people all the time and therefore the actions must be changed in order to keep even a partial shroud about the undercover activities. From now on there will always be efforts to launch the REAL weapons from rockets at simultaneous launch times with the shuttle for it is harder and harder to explain total failure of the missions. You are told that the missions are successful except for "flawed equipment" but the insiders within the astronomer communities know something is terribly wrong. This is a “for instance” and yet, more and more the missions are totally geared to deceit and the missions are not even geared for "outer" space orbit, etc. They are never set for more than sub-orbit with full intent to bring the crew home from Australia if there is need for destruction or abortion of the mission.

What is hoped for is a launching of higher orbit mechanisms from the suborbiting craft wherein rockets arc not large enough to carry necessary payloads. The point is to continue to deceive the public so that you continue to finance the projects for the "Big Boy Cartel". Therefore, they tell the world (during your war) that you would put up a -- satellite to monitor Saddam's weapons, etc. No, that was never the intent but neither did the public balk but rather got more money put into the program.

Around places such as Edwards Air Force Base, Lancaster, Palmdale and Pasadena (JPL), people think absolutely nothing of strange phenomenon. If the "things" are sighted they are explained away as "aborted rockets", new type aircraft, etc. In other words, you are sensitized and no longer pay any attention to anything in the skies past momentary interest with self-explanation of, "I guess it was just another rocket test."

But, the sonic "booms" of the past few days are not either of the above events. The smaller blasts that rattle your nerves are us shoring up the energy shielding around you and the navigation facility (crystal) and the one yesterday proved that the shielding was not only in place, but shored-up and truly effective. We did not cause the airquake--the point is to render the communications/navigation facility around the area of the center to be incapacitated in order to shut down ability to track properly. You see, what they plan to launch borders on capability of total destruction of your planet and we are allowed to neutralize it--the point, of course, is to keep us from knowing. In addition, there are some instances wherein the blast from a cosmosphere can detonate the device which starts the very chain reaction which ends the game. Therefore, know that it is extremely serious when efforts are made to take out our systems because the toys are incredibly destructive in scope.

That, however, is not our subject for the day but, like all things, you must be aware of that which IS and then come into knowledge of that which is behind all that IS. Then with Truth as your shield and buckler, you can change that which IS and move onward. You have been deceived from the beginning and the deceiving continues both through total intent and also ignorance. In any event the disinformation/misinformation "tools" and spokespeople, whether of guided intent or simply human input, will come back within the Laws of God or they will be as earthbound as the fully fledged disinformation-bringers. The only way off your declining planet is through the Truth of God for it is only going to be through the ability to function in higher dimensional physical frequencies that will allow transition. Just as a human cannot breathe his oxygen from water with lungs accustomed to only air, neither can human exist in a higher attuned atmosphere of frequency, atmospheric content changes, etc. It is not mystical, it is physics*****ly within total reason.

How do you do this? YOU don't actually do it, friends. It is through the asking for change that the response and instructions are given. Frankly, the lighted brotherhood will not allow you to bring your evil outside the physical realm and therefore your "rapture" is totally without reason for the information given you is WRONG. Will there be migration or evacuation? Probably--if you don't get on with changing the cycles. That only, however, means that the ones in knowledge of the workings will be eligible for lift-off. Not necessarily because of intent but through the purely "physical" aspect involved. You must know--at that time--to come within the light and most will run from the light as fast as their paddles will pedal them. Then comes the need to raise, instantly, the being's vibration to mesh more nearly that frequency of the light-beam itself. That beam frequency will be lowered as much as possible to still facilitate lift-off but it will be too fine in frequency to allow all to survive in physical dimension if the receiving craft is too distant from the "ground". For random pickups it is easy to have ground level or near ground level facilitation--in a time of clearance in a time frame of "your" fifteen minutes--we will not be able to get enough craft into your immediate location to get everyone for moving into your areas to facilitate lift-off of human forms--we too, must be in manifested physical dimension. This is not mystical nor magic--it is pure PHYSICS.

Let us use a few facts to explain and then we will move on to more difficult and frightening aspects of the UFO phenomenon wherein we will explain the unexplained. Let us say that it comes to pickup time and you are going to come aboard--here is where an understanding of the secrets of "light" would be most useful but hardly anyone on your place has been able to utilize the information given. A few have done so but they are mostly given to not "believing" the rest of the story in Truth. Please, friends, KNOW that the major thrust is to keep you from finding Truth and if things come forth untimely, they are taken from you so that you CANNOT come into Truth and use of the things of eternal life--i.e. "free" energy, whole life health, etc. The Cartel of evil controls the wealth gleaned from your lack of free energy, ill-health, etc. Don't be so foolish in your discernments. Man knows right from wrong--he is NOT INNATELY GOOD IN THE SENSE YOU MOST OFTEN UTILIZE FOR DEFINITION. MAN CREATED IS INNATELY GOOD--MAN READJUSTED IS INNATELY EVIL. AND BROTHERS, IN HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BEINGS NOW ON YOUR PLACE--GOD IS NOT A PART OF THEIR DEVELOPMENT--NOTE: I DID NOT SAY "CREATION".

Back to the point of lift-off: if "visibility" of craft, or anything else, occurs at 169443 harmonic frequency, then it only stands to reason that to safely integrate within the craft you must reach somewhere near the same frequency or the body will be blown apart. So, first, let us look at the ship characteristics which must be present--for arc, temperature, atmospheric content and other things must be considered as are "doorways" created from passage between the physical and non-physical. Again, it is mathematical and physical--not mystical. Let me example. Further, it will explain why there are functional craft in your own atmosphere for the principle is not mystical. Thought projection is different and, therefore, I can reassure you that you are dealing ON YOUR PLACE with earthbound "aliens" in conjunction with the would-be Slavemasters of your planet.


If the geometric construction of the space-craft is compared with that of the earth (The Harmonic Geometrics of the Earth which I won't go into now), then a general idea of the geometric, electromagnetic field reactions can be visualized. According to theory, the numerical harmonic value of the unified field remains constant at 26974635 in free space, where the speed of light has a maximum of 144,000 minutes of arc a grid second (relative). During the creation of, and in order to sustain, the physical existence of a planetary body, this light value diminishes as the wave-forms spiral in towards the center of the energy system. The harmonic numerical value of the unified field is therefore diminished in direct proportion, so that the surface of the spherical mass of the harmonic has a constant value of 2693645 to the maximum of 26974635. It will be seen from this that any altitude above a planetary surface which falls between these two mathematical boundaries will have a unified field harmonic coincident with that level. Any change in altitude, to a theoretical height of 882.25 nautical miles, be it fractional or otherwise, would instantly alter the harmonic of the unified field.

It follows from this that any fractional change in the unified fields surrounding the vehicle would automatically position it, in a vertical sense, at a level above the earth where the equilibrium of the fields would be restored. The horizontal movement would be accomplished tangentially to the earth's surface by the manipulation of the three interlocking harmonic fields tuned to 1694443. Calculation has shown that the reciprocal of the 2693645 harmonic (371244169) has a link with that of 1694443 when associated with the tangent of a spherical surface.

As shown by the calculations (and if they don't make sense to you--KNOW that this explanation is given for your confirmation of Truth and for specific receivers awaiting the information for their own confirmation--in other words--ALL is not for ALL), the reciprocal harmonic values of the unified field are built into the vehicle to create a reaction with the physical environment. By manipulation of the fields surrounding the ship harmonic imbalances can be caused which will automatically shift the vehicle in space-time to a position of equilibrium.

An interesting fact shown in the analysis is the overall dimensions of the cabin ensure that the electromagnetic fields surrounding this portion of the vehicle maintain a constant physical environment for the occupants. The harmonic 2693645 is a positive resonant factor that would keep the central spherical field of the ship stable during transition from one space-time reference frame to another. Harken up, George, for I am going to give you response to the inquiry of the "bubble" craft. On the basis of that which I just gave you, you will have to understand WHY that craft is one of earth's manufacture. It is simply a rather crude rendition of a prototype (not from Pleiades, no matter what was told to Billy Meier or anyone else) which was built and needed the extra spherical surface to come up with proper frequencies to even get off the ground. All of that nonsense came at a time after Meier was all but rendered useless to Pleiades command by your own compression and take-over by the "enemy". Billy was taken out by the adversary, replaced by the adversary, and other contacts conjured--for the Pleiadian Command ceased all contact in that sector. Commander Quetzal made contact later and the validity of the contact was assured lost and it was proven that confusion had been programmed within the system--intentionally. Therefore, the contacts with Pleiadians were stopped instantly and the adversary took over with mock-ups, arrangements to discredit all valid contacts, replicated models introduced and you know the rest. Each and ALL of you will have to understand that this is the method by which I can get specific information to awaiting receivers and you will simply have to bear with that which makes no sense to others except the intended receiver. We welcome you into and within the circle of information exchange but all must understand that information may only be intended for ONE FRAGMENT. I will not even jeopardize my scribe by giving, usually, the intended receiver for she is unknowing of both the information and the receiver intended.

Each of you have purpose--and hers is to pen information--not to either decipher, understand nor interpret. This is major information of integration with the field theory itself and I give it in honor of her son, unto her--she does not need understanding. I do ask that this information be sent "blindly" to one Dr. Andrew J. Galambos. If there is follow-up on his part--fine, if not, allow it to pass. At any rate whatsoever, it would and/or will be, a very painful interchange as it now stands.

After completing the analysis of the spacecraft one must concentrate on the position of the placements wherein arc is established--as on your own placement it would be "proven" in areas where craft have been sighted. Herein I will take an example from California. An easy place in which to prove my statements could be the position at Mount Palomar and the desert area where sightings have occurred. Then a check of the area as to whether or not there are points on the earth's surface in the vicinity which are mathematically significant and useful. In this case we will consider Desert Center along the rough track into the foothills to some 10.2 miles. You will find a measurement on the survey map will verify that the end of the mountain range is opposite a specific point on the road to the northwest. As a large ship has appeared from behind the first outcrop in the range adjacent to the highway you can concentrate on the latitude and longitude coordinates in the small area. It won't take long for a proficient mathematician and researcher to discover that directly behind the range in a small cove, at the base of the outcrop, the mathematical coordinates are of startling significance. To others in the given area--Gabriel--this should have great significance to you personally, for I know who Captains that very craft and so, too, do you, brother.

The latitude is 33 degrees 53' 19.869" north.

Which equals: 33.88886 degrees. If you divide the latitude by 2, you will have: 16.94443 (1694443 harmonic).

SO, the latitude occurs at twice the harmonic of 1694443.

The significance of the longitude value might seem a bit obscure, but you must apply the evidence that indicates that which you refer to as the Greenwich meridian for it is not an arbitrary longitudinal base-line, but a positive zero marker on the earth's surface--there is a major connection with the 2693645 harmonic. Therefore the calculated longitude passing through the cove is: 115 degrees 20' 56.2" or 115.348944 degrees west.

It is necessary to calculate the displacement of the position in question, east or west, of the longitudes which are at 90 degree intervals from Greenwich. The computer will prove that in that particular case the 180 degree meridian was the prime base-line. The displacement along a great circle track, at latitude 33.88886 degrees, between longitude 115.348944 degrees west and 180 degrees is: 3162.2775 minutes of arc.

You must understand that this value has a property which is quite unique in itself. It has a reciprocal which is a mirror image of itself. If you divide one by this number you get: 0.0003162277 (a doorway between the physical and non-physical)

But to allow you adventurous brains to have a little fun with your confirmation we will give you something to probe a bit further:

3162.277 minutes of arc is equal to: 52.7046166 degrees.

The square root: 7.25979

The square root: 2.6944

The harmonic 26944, which would occur at altitude, and 1694443 are undoubtedly present at the position where the ship can materialize and did, in fact, materialize as one example which can be verified.

The reason we use this as example is that it can be easily proven against that which I give you. The position of significance on the southern slopes of Mount Palomar is 33.308333 degrees north latitude/116.929444 degrees west longitude. The calculated great circle track distance from this point to the 180 degree position is: 3099.317166 minutes of arc (plus or minus 100 geo/feet). And to the contact site in the desert: 86.31453 minutes of arc (plus or minus 100 geo/feet).

If you give careful consideration to these two coordinates as radii, then the spheres of influence encompassed by them would have a certain volume, as follows: 3099.317166 minutes of arc equals: 185959.03 seconds if arc, The volume of a sphere with this radius equals: 2.693645 to the 16th cubic seconds, 2693645 harmonic. The volume of a sphere with a radius of 86.31453 minutes of arc equals: 2693645 cubic minutes, 2693645 harmonic.

Dear ones, we have deliberately left behind a set of precise mathematical clues for you to follow. We cover the area with clear sets of mathematical fingerprints, knowing full well that, in time, you will come to decipher them as the time sequence is appropriate.

You ones who have figured it out have promised me lunches, drinks to wisdom and conquest and all manners of wondrous things but that which you do, instead, is simply discount the Truth as BS and deride my scribe and publisher as dupes. What a wondrously strange world of people you are. In addition, you fall into "selling" and rendering worthless your own truthful investigations by your squandering of the blessed information into the hands of the deceivers and greedy money-changers. So be it, for the time is at hand to sort of the deceivers from the truthbringers.

As we move along in proving some of the instances of what you call your Biblical references--which COULD NOT BE SIMPLY ERASED FOR THEY WERE TOO OBVIOUSLY EVIDENT--such as took place in the legendary journey of the Judaites from Egypt to Sinai via the Red (also "Reed") Sea where the clues were evident at all points along the way. The mathematical facts are there and they are there in such basic fact that it would appear to me to be impossible to miss. There is enough proof of God's presence, in that place alone, that it astounds our brotherhood that all "religious" groups have not bound together. It may surprise you to know that the Vatican is placed deliberately on a geometric position which has direct mathematical relationships with the harmonic unified equations already presented unto you ones.

Many "religious" manifestations have occurred in places around your world, during very recent historical times and there is also reason why--by the harmonics present in the locations. The fact, as Einstein told you, "The Creator does not play dice with the Universe...nothing would be left to chance". The things of God, dear ones, became corrupted upon your placement and throughout the journey the keys to Truth were presented--only lost--deliberately or divinely--until such time as Man would come into understanding of his Journey.

The Bible, as it is left untampered gives you the clues you need to decipher Truth from it--for the ones tampering were not given to understand the true meaning in such instances and they knew not enough to tamper. They simply turned it into MYSTICAL NONSENSE and you did the rest of the self-deceiving.

For instance, your Bible gives narration of a story about that Pharaoh who finally let those people go--God led the people around by way of the wilderness towards the Red Sea, Exodus 13:17;18. The Lord, it was told, went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the way; and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night; the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night did not depart from before the people. Exodus 13:21;22.

These people were deliberately led to the Red Sea which would, by all sane adventures of man, be a most foolish thing to do because, with the Egyptian army coming up from behind, the Hebrews were literally caught between the Pharaoh and the deep blue sea. Your Bible tells you that Pharaoh thought the people were entangled in the land; the wilderness had shut them in. Pharaoh and his army moved in for the kill with the pillar seemingly having proved a poor guide; that is, unless the future events were known to the intelligence controlling the object in the sky. Now, do you think all the people following along knew what was "up there"? Don't continue to be foolish in your demand for "proof" unless you wish to be left twiddling your thumbs while the boat leaves. The safety net will not be presented until the need arises--you will be in the decision-making before the gift of the safety-net lest you try at "fudging" your intent!

The Bible text would suggest that some sort of celestial object totally under its own control in some manner, led those people out of Egypt to the Red Sea and then, as Pharaoh's army closed in, the object moved from the front to the rear of the army of Judeans and kept the two camps separated during the night.

Phase one of the operation involved leading the people to the sea; phase two required the object to keep the camps separated until darkness would fall. Now comes phase three; "Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided".

Check out the route of these Judeans on one of your maps and see how totally absurd from a physical standpoint. First they headed south, south east from Raamses to Succoth, then for some unaccountable reason they turned back and headed north to the crossing point at the Red, or "Reed" Sea. With Pharaoh's army in hot pursuit, doesn't it seem, at the least, that the Lord should lead the people into a possible trap of such nature when a free route could have been taken to the southeast over the land which would eventually have led down to the eastern side of the Gulf of Suez? This route would also have been much shorter, unless of course it was known ahead of time what would happen at the Red Sea. DEAR ONES, A GEOGRAPHIC POSITION CONFORMING WITH NATURAL LAW HAD TO BE SELECTED SO THAT ALL THE NECESSARY HARMONIC COORDINATES WERE AVAILABLE.

Ok, let us look at the harmonic coordinates available at that specific "crossing point".

Latitude 30 degrees 52' 46.7099" north / Longitude 32 degrees 11' 22.68" east. The Vatican focal point is: Latitude 41 degrees 54' 22.68" north / Longitude 12 degrees 27' 08" east.

The direct great circle distance between the two points is equal to: 1156.147 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. Which is equal to: 19.26769315 degrees. The square of this number: 371.244. The reciprocal: 2693645 Harmonic. The great circle distance between the two longitudes at the latitude of the Red Sea crossing is equal to: 1015.4968 minutes of arc, or nautical miles--which is equal to: 6092.98072 seconds of arc. The square of this number: 37124415.9. The reciprocal; 2693645 Harmonic. (Getting warm?)

The displacement in latitude between the two points: 661.599 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. The area of a circle with this harmonic diameter would be 343774677 square minutes. This number is harmonically equal to the radius of the earth in nautical miles, or minutes of arc relative to the earth's surface.

SO--The latitude of the Vatican creates the following harmonic:

Latitude displacement from the North Pole =2885.622 minutes of arc.

Latitude displacement from the Equator =2514.378 minutes of arc.

Difference = 371.244 minutes of arc.

The reciprocal of this number 2693645 HARMONIC.

The latitude of the Red Sea crossing creates the following harmonic:

Latitude displacement from the North Pole =3547.221 minutes of arc.

Latitude displacement from the Equator =1852.778 minutes of arc.

Difference (Ah Ha!) 1694.443 HARMONIC!

Dharma, this is a very good place to end this portion and we will talk of some of the other "miracles" along that Journey at our next session. I intend to get a little more mind-blowing as we go along so I desire that you ones begin to get some self-proof. We are losing a few readers for the information I have been giving regarding robotics and synthetics--"finally did it--it can't be true"! Well, go if you like, but the story gets a lot more interesting and I suggest you simply stick with us a bit longer for we fully intend to give you some "mind-expanding" input within total "REASON" as to that which has been brought onto your lands. We are going to talk about gene splicing, providing a whole group of Elite synthetics and altered beings--how they managed it, how they pulled it off, how many generations and what kind of brain-tampering has, and must be, done to enslave a whole species of Man. I am also going to tell you why they don't HAVE TO WIN and YOU WILL DO THE REST OR THEY WILL WIN! SIMPLE ENOUGH? SO BE IT.

Dharma, I do not know at this point if there will be additional writing this day for I am extremely preoccupied with my own duties but behold the time is at hand for some pretty "wild" revelations and confirmations. This will mean you MUST stay shielded so don't play games with me--go about with that which you need to do, also, but no big surprises, please. Thank you. Hatonn to sign off on this segment. Blessing upon you ones who can see and receive the Truth in this time of chaos for God walks with thee. Salu.



SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 1991 8:22 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 255


Hatonn present, please forgive the delay. Dharma, I am most busy this morning so perhaps we could get right into our subject for we must more rapidly bring you ones up to speed lest you get injured on this "freeway" of chaos.

I do wish to honor Drew because she has crossed a great chasm in her journey--that of sharing those things which are personal and painful within. One cannot serve without impact until one is ready to release those things binding unto the soul and the children harbored within beingness. If all would sit to pen in the silence with God, those things which pain or rejoice the within TRUE beingness--the release would be phenomenal— unexpressable unto the fragment perceiving itself alone and somehow "different".

The term "inner child" is being tossed about a lot these days and I honor the person who put that information to print. We were working with a group as those publications came forth--wherein we were dealing with those little inner beings trapped in time/space agony. In fact, we made a series of tapes to walk people through and I contemplate the allowance of those to go out even though they were done for our own little group wherein all could be "guided". My impression from the results is that the regression sessions are exceptionally good and if ones would experience them, follow the instructions, pen those things which become apparent and then release them--(to me if you choose), we could get on with our work with healed and balanced workers. I shall give thought unto that action--if--we can get Dharma freed up a bit.

I know one part that I would do--and that is accept all willing writer's stories and we could do a volume of "sharing" for it is easier to share with the world of so-called strangers than to bare the painful subjects with loved ones for the person within has usually been betrayed by a "loved one" and the fear of another betrayal is that which is blocking the blossom as it is. Could we bring the masses into balance through this ONE route? Indeed, indeed--if we could but get audience for Mankind is starving to be heard and cast out the pain.

At any rate, I want to pat my chela on the head and tell her "well done" for in the trusting of thine siblings, ye also allow the best to flower within them. I shall utilize your story, precious, for you are going to find that YOUR story matches MILLIONS! It is a curse placed upon Mankind and constantly nurtured in the fleshly journey for ones do not know HOW TO THRUST IT FROM THEM. Abandonment, addictions, abuse (ah, sometimes actual physical abuse is the very least of it), and lack of emotional nourishment is the curse of evil. The person in point of the perpetuation of the damage is only searching for stability and seeking love and their own fulfillment and they cannot draw away from the continuing patterns. The evil brotherhood gives the mental patterns and attaches to the very souls of Mankind pulling you along as if leashed by unbreakable chains. Only through Truth, confrontation of the "demon" perception and allowing release into the hands of God Truth and wisdom can freedom be complete. I too, am pained for these are the very things that my soul longs to share with you, my brethren. But alas, there is a whole world at execution and the things we confront are the things that represent the inner child of an individual, within the breast and being of a planet and species within society.

We must look within, find the cancer and draw it forth and release it and/or treat it so that the host organism can be healed. Just as with sickness--medicine sometimes helps but the entity with the disease must do the "cure" and thus is the same with society-- society must heal itself from the disease upon and within itself. All is related to all and you cannot separate the one individual from the whole. As long as a fragment of the whole is angry, filled with hate, confusion, desperation and illness--so is the "whole" made imperfect. Therefore we must heal the individual fragments that they may then in turn heal of the whole. But for perfect healing we must take steps to bring the disease within workable boundaries with "time" allowed--hopefully while in "remission", to let the entity come into balance. Until, for instance, the "individuals" are brought above the desire to kill--society will kill.

I would example another situation--someone has graciously sent to me an article from Magical Blend which I believe is a Journal of some type within the New Age circles. The book in discussion is one of Ken Carey's latest which I consider insightful and gifted as one man's perception while attuned outside the conscious selfness. But the illustration to accompany the writing is a total blur of agonizing misery and evil input which is now the image which will be carried in the minds of all readers of the book who read that article first. Please do not write to me and tell me what you perceive that drawing to represent--I know what is said that the drawing represents and I tell you that its basic thrust is one of agony and loss of an encapsulated soul bound into darkness--which I will guarantee is the perception of the artist efforting to picture his/her own attempt at release and finding self still bounded in incredible measure.


We speak of the "inner child" and yet, it is most often the "inner infant" and very often the "adult aged" being who falls into frustration as it leaves the cocoon of shelter of its primary care center and hits the wall of the world in malfunction.

I promise you that the healing of the world as individuals shall come only through that which you loosely call "hypnotism" wherein the self can go within and confront that subconscious perception existing in error. It is the way you have been brainwashed and the only true cleansing will be through the same level of perceptive confrontation and recognition which always places the "beast" at disadvantage for the "confronting being" is grown higher than that "suffering being" within and can see from different perception. This is why the churches and evil brotherhood discount that which is most natural--the very part of your wondrous being which touches your soul and allows insight. This, in turn, causes MEN to lose power and control over your being and this they will fight as long as they can endure--to keep you sick and helpless. Just as cortisone may mask and clear hives--the cause of the hives is not touched, only the reaction is somewhat altered temporarily by the application of the ointment. To heal, the disease MUST BE ISOLATED, CONFRONTED AND A DESIRE FOR HEALING MUST BE PRESENT. SURPRISE!!! MOST PEOPLE HAVE BECOME GREAT FRIENDS WITH THEIR DISEASE FOR ALL SORTS OF REASONS AND WILL GO TO THEIR DEATH BEFORE GIVING UP THE ILLNESS.

Will all ones change who see the disease demon within? No, for some will place the blinders very tight, turn away and/or create another to take its place--but those do become more conscious in choices. Note one who has a symptom of some kind--then note what happens as that symptom is alleviated (if the inner problem is not healed)-- he/she will simply create another negative symptom--usually quite different in presentation so as to more fully fool the treating physician. What often comes in the ending, however, is crippling or development of a disease to fit the symptoms--either to gain power and control of another being or to punish self for perceived "sins" or both. Tyranny takes many faces, dear ones--usually behind a masquerade which hides most effectively from self. These ones will sit through "exercises" wherein everyone else in the room has incredible experiences and they doze to avoid confrontation with anything--it is an excellent sorting tool for both the God of Light and the Evil of Darkness--not to even consider the Mugwump too lazy or frightened to get off the fence. However, KNOW that by refusing to remove self from the fence--says it all--the choice is already made!

Ones who are gaining insight always find that that which is hardest for them to reach out and act upon--is most often that which is required to bring the freedom they claim to desire. Ponder it. God is always getting a story similar to this example: "I have property I am trying to sell and all I get above the price invested--I will share it 50/50 with you, God" and/or "I thought I was going to have to pay additional income taxes but I find I will get a refund possibly, instead--if I do, I will share it with you, God". Now, what would you say if God responded: "Well, since I am so unimportant as to only furnish you with a buyer or somehow cause you to get a refund, I cannot be very important to you--for if you loved me for myself, you would give unto me and then KNOW that the reward would follow." Ah, you ones bargain constantly with God and realize not that you do so--at some point you will realize that God does not need what is left over--He needs your willingness to share back with Him that which you have received--even if it be negative--He will always help you bear the heavy burdens as well--always.


If you believe God not to be capable--go forth as it is Spring and find the most tiny, miniscule blossom--get two of an "apparent" kind and then get a magnifying glass-- and look within at the perfection--the total separation from other species, the perfection of colors and the total wonder of the miracle itself and then remember--God CREATES. Often in these recent days, Man can duplicate appearance and hybrid things, from plants TO MAN HIMSELF, but he cannot create that first perfection. God has counted the number of petals due on a blossom in natural state--just as the number of hairs upon thine heads are numbered--do not limit the abilities of such perfection as comes from God and from the Greater, Creation--God-Father/Mother-Creation. You might say (if flowers only give you allergies), "How can that botanist stand peering at plants all day and get excited about a newly found species?" He would say to you that you "are surely blind as a mole; can you not see the perfection in a blossom less than an eighth of inch in diameter--one which has eight petals, perfect blending of identical colors, perfection of stamen and so tiny the eye can hardly see"? and "...can you not see that at 1/16th of an inch for each, which form a cluster of some 8 to 10 to form an eighth of a cluster to present the appearance of a single flower and therefore billions of those tiny blossoms to fill a field which appears to be a blanket--can you not see"? Oh, chelas--how much of the physical beauty and wonders within nature of the physical plane you miss in your chaotic search for fleshly indulgence and efforts to remain blinded--what you actually miss--IS GOD!

You feel you cannot change? You feel unworthy? Oh, precious beings--how can you deny God and declare Him lesser--for you are the glory of His perfection and creation and you have forgotten. May you again be given into taking His hand and walking through the garden of miracles of co-creation and ye shall never again be callous unto thine brothers and relations for you will see that to deliberately crush the life from even a flower is lessening self--especially if ye can simply step over the life beneath thine feet and/or check and see if the step is necessary or another path be sufficient. Do not miss the guidelines of God who gives you signs and clues at every moment, every action of your journey--if you but pay attention.

Ah, some of you say, "It is fine to simply go sit or lie among the flowers with my glass and nothing more". No, that is NOT what I said. What I do say is that God gave you creation and the gift of reason in infinite measure--if you are to grow in perfection-- you will utilize that gift as nearly in perfection in all possible directions of Goodness to allow HIM to live and experience through your eyes and hands, taste and smell--for you are HIS nose, fingers, sight and ears--touch and taste. If you had a plugged ear or nose would you not get it cleared if possible? Then why do ye plug God's?


Through the ages enough information makes it through unto you ones of this day and age to see the clues, work out thine proof and see God. As we spoke on the yesterday about the crossing of the Judeans through the Sea--locations are marked for you-- moreover, as ones pass on the journey, other coordinates are marked for you and patterns are formed which show actions of higher beings along specific grid lines and vortices. Do you think these to be accidental? God gives you what you need to decipher the codes at the proper time in your evolution so that you can master the puzzle and mystery of the experience and see that God and Creation are greater than anything upon your bounded, limited domain of physical experience. The clues are left as generations come and pass so that you can see the overall and greater plan is magnificent and never ending--infinite.

As you stop to consider the one passage of Biblical record--the crossing of the Red Sea, you can see that the position of the crossing was a very well chosen one because of the geometries involved, and that it was meant to be recorded in the history books SO THAT YOU OF THE FUTURE GENERATIONS COULD ANALYZE THE MATHEMATICAL IMPORTANCE behind the manipulation of the natural forces involved. Given time, you would be able to duplicate the miracle, if the clues left for you to decipher are followed.

This very point is present in all things--this is WHY Man can now duplicate a workable replica of man and, further, he can program a human brain within that replica--but he cannot give the breath of life which only comes from Creator. Until the creature houses an immortal soul--it is but a replica.

Let us look unto that one incident however, to see some other remarkable actions. Following the crossing of the Red Sea, and the gruesome demise of the Pharaoh's army, the Judeans heaved a great sigh of relief and readied themselves for their continuing trek southwards again towards what is called Sinai. During that part of the journey there were other "miracles" recorded. Remember, they were human and had to have food and they were in a barren desert. In the third month after their departure from Egypt they arrived at the lower slopes of mount Sinai where the Lord purportedly commanded Moses, the leader of the Judeans, to pass on his instructions to the gathered multitudes.

"And be ready against the third day; for the third day the Lord will come down in the sight of all the people upon Mount Sinai. And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying, take heed to yourselves, that you not go up into the Mount or touch the border of it; whatsoever toucheth the Mount shall be surely put to death. There shall not a hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live; when the trumpet soundeth long, they shall come up to the Mount. And it came to pass on the third day in the morning and there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the Mount, and the voice of the trumpet was exceedingly loud, so that all the people that were in the camp trembled. And the Lord came down upon Mount Sinai, on the top of the Mount; And the Lord called Moses up to the top of the Mount, and Moses went up, and the Lord said unto Moses, go down, charge the people lest they break through unto the Lord to gaze, and many of them perish.

This, friends, is the message as taught right in the book of Exodus.

The Lord had descended from heaven and came amongst His people. He had come to show the people the power of the Lord, and send them warnings lest they went too close to gaze upon Him. If so, they would perish: He came so that He might leave a message with the people, telling them that He was to be obeyed, and that they were to lead a righteous life. Do you think it more impractical that God would be aboard a craft today? Would it not be even MORE LIKELY?


Check back some 1400 years ago and you will find that the Emperor Justinian (yes, the same one we have been writing about regarding the Khazars), in the sixth century, ordered the construction of one of the world's first monasteries. The fortress-like building, called St. Catherine's, lies at the foot of Mount Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula, and was meant to serve as an outpost of Byzantine Orthodoxy. Christians from all parts of the known world at the time could make a pilgrimage to this Monastery in order to worship at the place where Moses spoke to God. The walls of the original building stand to this day. There were, at the site, some very important coordinates which indicate that there are at least two major mathematically interlocked points for consideration.

Here is where history is extremely important and you will be glad you now have a smattering. To unravel the above puzzle you must know who were the Byzantines and did they have special secret knowledge in ability to construct the monastery--you will find that they certainly did!

During the second half of the third century the collapse of the Roman Empire was imminent, scarcely 300 years after it was founded by Augustus. This was brought about by a combination of factors given in the historical writings as misuse of authority, bureaucratic bumbling, a foundering economy, civil wars, barbarian raids, and private scheming of ambitious men and all tangled in with those lovely Khazars. About AD 235 the military held sway in the land and during the following fifty years a long line of twenty or so legitimate Emperors and ursurpers took over sections of the Empire.

After those years of turmoil a strong willed Dalmatian soldier by the name of Diocletian appeared on the scene. He forced the concept of autocratic power and the divine right of the Emperor, and then went about restoring order to the disintegrating Empire. This indirectly set things up for the rise of Byzantium. By the act of saving the Empire Diocletian brought new life into it and bolstered up the importance of the territories in the east. The resulting Roman state eventually became the foundation for the Byzantium Empire. In the year 305 Diocletian abdicated the throne and the Empire was once more subject to inner turmoil. By 311 there was a power struggle between four different heads of state, each claiming the title of Emperor. The dominating personality, Constantine, was the ruler of the western districts and was born in the Roman province of Moesia. His father, Constantius, was one of the western governors, and his mother was Helena (later St. Helena) who was said to have discovered, and unearthed, the true cross of Christ in Palestine (or so the myth is written)--this is just to set the scene for you as your own stories go.

After Diocletian removed himself from office, Constantine, who was then a general in the Roman army, became his father's successor and was pronounced Augustus by his followers after his father's death in 306. Six years later Constantine embarked on a series of military battles in order to wrest power from his rival eastern and western Emperors, and by the year 323 he was left the sole Emperor of Rome. During one of his early battles he was said to have seen a vision and to have declared his preference for Christianity.


For the safety of the Empire, Constantine decided to move the Capital from Rome. He considered that the provincial Capitals to the north and west were far too remote and uncivilized to serve as places in which to centralize the power of the state, so he looked towards the eastern provinces which were more settled and civilized in their ways. He considered, amongst other places, the cities of Jerusalem, Naissus, Nicomedia, Sophia and Thessalonica for his new Imperial City, but ultimately rejected them all.

Eventually he chose Troy, the ancient site of the battle between the Greeks and the Trojans, as the best location but while construction work was in progress it is said that God appeared to him and commanded that he move to a more suitable place to establish the new Rome. Ah ha! It pays to listen to God when he speaks to you-- therefore, it is good to clean thine ears so that you can hear.

The final choice which was acceptable to the Lord was a small town named Byzantium on a tract of land adjacent to the Sea of Marmara. What developed from that point in history was the establishment of the first Christian nation. Thence commenced a long period in history where the Byzantines remained faithful to their Christian heritage and it was a good time for those people. Constantine could have been considered the "first Pope", I suppose--except that it is a rather seedy term--for all Popes since have been more powerful than Godly, so let us just refer to him as the founder of the Holy Church. They established a senate and based their system of law and order on the old Roman ideals and at the same time gave support to many monasteries and asked the political advice of mystics.

From there let us move on to the sixth century when the Emperor Justinian appears on the scene. He could be called the lawmaker. It was he who appointed a commission of ten men, in AD 528, to classify the constitutions handed down by the Roman Emperors into a single code of 4,652 laws. Seem like a lot? Check how many you have! This code was so explicit that most of the emerging nations of Europe used it as a model for their own legal systems. Justinian was the last of the great Roman Emperors and it was during his reign that the Byzantine Empire became a distinct entity of its own, in contrast to that of Rome. This new and dynamic empire lasted for a period of some 1,123 years, from AD 330--1453, and its far boundaries were in a state of constant flux. During the time of Justinian the borders extended from Spain in the west, to Mesopotamia in the east; and from the Black Sea in the north, to the coastal areas of Africa in the south.

The history of the Byzantines is an exciting and intriguing period in the emergence of the modern world as we have already presented to you but it is far more important than simply as "history"--for the placement of some of the landmarks are indeed crucial if you are to truly decipher the puzzles of which we shall speak.


Mysterious forces were always apparent whenever it is necessary to establish places connected with the religious and political affairs of the Empire. Visions are given forth which sway the decisions made by heads of state, or God was said to have made his presence known by descending from the sky and somehow forcing His will upon the people. Well, then as now--God never FORCED anything, he simply states how it IS and you are left to make your own decisions regarding response.

It is good, then, to look first at the Red Sea where God had given demonstration of His awe-inspiring powers, then turn to Mount Sinai where God, again, supposedly commanded His people; from there to Byzantium, the site of the new capital of Rome, founded by Constantine because of visions and commandments apparently from God. From there the Empire had expanded--it seemed with the guidance and consultation of MYSTICS and/or religious ORDERS. Always the overlords were present in the background to mold and direct the proceedings to suit themselves.

The remarkable point, however, is that above and beyond all there was a directing and guiding intelligence behind all the activity that knew far in advance of anything ever imagined to exist in those early times. The concept of the unified equation and the unity of all things was known and many places of major importance could be mathematically related to the harmonics of the light fields.

In relation to the ancient sites of Byzantium (now Istanbul), the descent point on Mount Sinai, and St. Catherine's Monastery on the slopes of Mount Sinai you can prove the same harmonic conclusions.

Then take a good look at Bethlehem, the birth-place of Esu Emmanuel, Mecca, the birth-place of the one called Mohammed, and several positions around the world where religious manifestations have occurred; Lourdes, in France; Fatima and Oporto in Portugal; El Zietun in Egypt; Campbells Creek in Australia and the most startling of them all, San Sebastian de Garabandal, in Spain.

If you look at all of this and then consider the placement of the new center of government at Byzantium you will find incredible geometric relationships with that new religious headquarters at Rome. Intelligence from outside was guiding the proceedings and logic and reason which could later be proven through mathematical calculations was set up to insure the information and "proof" would be forthcoming to a population and species of Man in the critical time of cycle changes--set for the awakening of mankind who would have been fallen into the trap of the adversary as had been already established to be his pattern of physical actions.

So let us look at some mathematical "results" of careful calculations. You would be able to check through computers which would indicate that the selection of the new capital had not been mere chance or mystical palm readings. So what do we have if we focus in on a focal position near the center of the city?

Latitude 41 degrees 01' 09.7309" north/longitude 28 degrees 56' 55" east. The great circle track between this point and Vatican City in Rome is found to be: 742.48833 minutes of arc, or nautical miles long. If you divide this distance by 2 you have: 371.244169 which happens to be the reciprocal of: 2693645 harmonic.

It is obvious that the two main religious sites have a geometric, harmonic relationship with each other. So, let us check out the positions of Mount Sinai, where the Lord had supposedly descended in order to pass on instructions to his people, and St. Catherine's Monastery where the angel of the Lord spoke to Moses.

By the way, people who are descendant from the early Bedouin servants, in the time of Justinian, still help the monks in the monastery of St. Catherine. Manuscripts that were presented to the monastery centuries ago are now accessible to some modern scholars but thousands were taken and destroyed. Coded messages will surface to prove these points but at this time they are intentionally obscured and/or have been physically destroyed. But let us look at another "coincident" action--St. Catherine's is "accidentally" built on the TRADITIONAL ACCEPTED SITE OF THE BURNING BUSH AS REFERRED TO IN EXODUS 3:2-5. Let us look at that:

Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law, the priest of Midian; and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb (Mt. Sinai). And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. And Moses said, "I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt". And when the Lord saw that he turned aside, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, "Moses, Moses". And he said, "Here I am". And He said, "Draw not nigh hither; put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is Holy Ground".

So now, let us look to the position near the summit of Mount Sinai (Gebal Musa as it is now called), where the Lord supposedly descended in order to command the people. At that established position it is found to be Latitude 28 degrees 32' 55.6476" north/Longitude 33 degrees 58' 51" east. The focal point falls just east of St. Catherine's Monastery and the latitude produces a most interesting harmonic. If the circumference of the parallel of latitude is calculated in minutes of arc, or nautical miles, relative to the equator you will have a value of: 18973.66596 minutes of arc, or nautical miles, which is equal to: 316.227766 degrees, relative. This also happens to be the only number which has its own mirror image reciprocal and creates a harmonic doorway to other dimensions.

Now you can check the relative position of the landing point with the religious centers of the Vatican, in Rome, and the ancient city of Byzantium. The great circle distances are found to be: 1318.551 minutes of arc = distance Sinai to Vatican/ 787.8735 minutes of arc = distance Sinai to Byzantium; 748.2347 minutes of arc = latitude displacement--Sinai to Byzantium. So, if the distance to the Vatican is doubled, then squared, you have: (1318.551 x 2) = 2637.102--squared: 6954307 which is the harmonic reciprocal of the speed of light at the earth's surface. (143795.77 minutes of arc per grid second).

If the distance to Byzantium is multiplied progressively by 60, then: 787.8735 x 60 x 60 x 60 = 17018068 = the harmonic of mass at the earth's surface. If the latitude displacement between Sinai and Byzantium is multiplied progressively by 60, you have (Garabandal/Vatican/Bethlehem) 748.2347 x 60 x 60 = 269364.5 = unified harmonic. The great circle displacement in longitude, calculated at the latitude of the Sinai landing, is found to be: 265.2582367 minutes of arc. Now, if a circle is constructed through the points using this diameter, then the circumference measures: 138.888 minutes of arc, relative. The half circle would measure: 69.444 minutes of arc, relative. This being the speed of light reciprocal in free space.

You are going to find in reconstructing the calculations that the numbers are accurate enough to allow for "area of confidence" or visualization doorways.


Now why would it be unwise to approach any of these "landings"? Well, some craft give off light radiation which is so high in frequency as to simply burn human flesh and, at the least, damage greatly, the eyes. Radioactive radiation in those instances would not be a factor for the higher dimension craft do not operate on radioactive (nuclear) material as you recognize it to be. There would be a tremendous electromagnetic effect associated with that type of descent in physical manifestation onto the mountain top which would produce radiation harmful enough to kill any living thing instantly if it were to approach the area. I can promise you, however, the people were scared out of their wits--as will you be even with this advanced time of knowledge when such a thing "lands".

The focal point upon which the descent was carried out created a very strong harmonic relationship with the position of St. Catherine's Monastery. The Latitude is at about 28 degrees 33' north/33 degrees 58' east. So let us see what we have with that old calculator in hand and, doing just a tad of zeroing in on a focus within the Monastery walls, you will find: Latitude 28 degrees 32' 59.78" north/33 degrees 58' 00.045" east. The direct great circle distance between the two points turns out to be: 0.74910827 minutes of arc, which is equal to: 44.9464962 seconds of arc. If a circle of this radius was produced with the center at the Sinai descent point, then the circumference would equal: 282.4071645 seconds of arc, relative. This is a direct harmonic of gravity acceleration: 28.24071645 geodetic feet per grid second/second. And one-sixth of the mass harmonic: 1694443 ("Oh, my gossshh", I hear?). The angle of displacement of St. Catherine's from the Sinai focal point is then calculated to be: 84.72215 degrees-- WHICH IS A HALF HARMONIC OF GUESS WHAT?!--169.4443! COULD YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMEHOW ISOLATED THE MOST IMPORTANT PULSE OF THE UNIVERSE, OR AT LEAST A PORTION THEREOF--?

Well, you will have to wait for the next chapter to find out--unless of course you are the one or know and have studied the ones who have already pretty well figured out these things. In this instance, and for their security, I shall keep this confidential for their harrassment is already great enough. But, by the time we give you outlay of facts you will find that you already have all you need save the punch line to see the "joke" or solve the puzzle if that sounds better than the whole thing being a big "joke". It certainly is in no way MYSTICAL, dear ones--only an unrecognized mystery coming to unfoldment. So be it.

Dharma--go forth with thine eye-glass and peer at some flowers and perhaps even smell a few for we give you little time off for such things. Ah, but chela, the rewards will be the fragrance of life at the end of a job well done. As for all our crew who feels your portion is not very important--I remind you, there are NO unimportant tasks-- only different. The flower is not perfection if it misses a single petal--ponder it, ye who await higher purpose; make sure you are doing that which is necessary where you are and it is wondrous. If all of the flower were petals, there would be no life force to sustain the re-creation so do not quickly "judge" that which appears to be absent from your contribution--sometimes it is only the picture, or the card or the clipping which sustains the mechanism--thine contribution is never too small, dear ones. I bow in humble gratitude to be allowed service with you at this time of times upon your plane of experience and I too, long for your homecoming for you are sorely missed in our houses and we welcome you aboard. Salu.

Hatonn to clear.



MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1991 9:26 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 256

MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1991

Hatonn present in service unto Holy God and unto HIS people. May you come into renewal that you might see! Ah, chelas, 'tis a sad world you have hidden behind the facade of "God's natural disasters". Do not disappoint me by asking about possibilities of the natural occurrences being no accidents. It is purely "tit-for-tat" but at some point it will be the destruction of millions of beings. Do not longer sit in your stupors thinking it "simply not possible"--it IS possible and totally controlled right from your government henchmen--on both sides of the oceans. It would seem that tornados in Kansas, USA, and strong earthquakes in Georgia/Armenia, USSR are not possible? You have made Russia weak economically in matters non-military but not in military capability and space technology. They have weakened you by spreading your troops all over the globe and the warnings keep coming and your government keeps playing roulette with your lives. All of these major upheavals come as you continue to effort to launch your toys in space and remember--we are not allowed to longer stabilize the fault zones--since March of '88, except in very special circumstances. We must get back to history so that you can see how this game unfolded to this point and understand the lies.


How can you still swallow the garbage that is fed unto you through your media? Even I am appalled and become irritated with your ability to accept ANYTHING. You are told that this massive relief effort to house and feed the Kurds is somehow because Saddam will not--well, YOU pushed them into the mountains through your idiocy and Saddam Hussein couldn't care less. You got them into the mess--now YOU get them out of it. These are basically tribal nomads who inhabit great portions of the area of northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, southeastern Turkey and southern Armenia and Azerbaijan--(do you see what I say? I repeat, southern Armenia/bits of Georgia!!!)

You keep hearing that the U.S. remains involved in relief to protect the Kurds from the Iraqis--that is the most absurd thing you have swallowed to date--why would Saddam object to you ones paying for and building shelters for those people? It is nothing but a big fat problem to him at any rate you cut the pie. He is not about to allow his troops to interfere with your efforts for it means he doesn't have to! Please, people--use your God-gifted minds. The U.S. has to have some excuse to remain on duty in the area-- nothing more. Further, if you think the Iraqi people now HATE Hussein--think again-- those were not "staged" demonstrations in honor of his birthday yesterday. His people love him for he intends to keep their nation a "SOVEREIGN" nation just as long as he can stand against the cartel of Bankers and Global One Worlders. Please "think" and you won't have to ask me about the daily news.



As I speak, I am left without the proper word in your language to describe what I actually mean--counterfeit would be a better choice of words than is artificial. But even that is not totally correct. It is that man cannot make a totally artificial life-form but rather tampers and rearranges "life-patterns" to start the combination of replicas into reproduction and "nature" does the rest, for the most part.

It is known that it requires approximately three generations to change a group of people into different concepts of beliefs--it also requires, in some instances, the discarding of about a third of the population (especially the leadership) of a nation to enslave same. You have had both things occur in most parts of your world--now it is your turn.

To start over-taking a planet, or just the population of a nation, you must first bring the lesser strong people under control--that would represent the Third World nations in this instance--render them economically devastated and disease-ridden along with devastation of natural patterns which cause the very life-systems to depend on the strong for survival in any case. The thrust for experimentation towards research can then be carried on in mass numbers without anyone suspecting for a long period of time, i.e. introduce AIDS into Africa through a cover of inoculation against small-pox. This worked extremely well for there were Brazilians and other nationalities present in Africa at the time, which insured carriers to the Western Hemisphere. Then introduction within the less desirable populations who were known in advance would spread the disease through common activities bred and then brainwashed into the society--i.e. homosexual community and drug-addicted "users" or both. It was KNOWN that the disease would spread according to the patterns introduced into the behavior patterns of the given society.

First, however, the plan has to be in operation for a long period of years for, to gain control, the family life must be broken down and ultimately destroyed, then addictions must be introduced with availability of substance to allow for use enough to gain addictions (with substances which will act and addict quickly) then slowly the powerful chemical firms who press "medicines" off on the public must be brought into the fold for dealing total dependency on substances for healing and or - - -. Then the judicial system must be corrupted so that the mavericks who see what is happening cannot act and are, in fact, incarcerated and removed from among the people--but how do you do all this?

It is done through massive planning for centuries of never losing the goal of domination and I remind you that the adversary of God never for one moment loses his direction nor his goal of total domination of the physical plane of experience.


I hope you harken back to the beginning of these writings when we were blasted by ones for plagiarism and then pulled the rug out of the truth of the conclusions they drew. The stories were simply outrageous with bits of truth, incorrect conclusions drawn from findings of research and deliberate governmental cover-ups and disinformation. If you think that I am now, in this writing, going to take each "landing" or "crash" or, or, or and give you sordid details--forget it, for I have neither the inclination nor the time to do so. As incidents come into timely unfoldment I shall use some as examples, but just as example--some Koldasians spend research and study time (mostly in Africa) in an interplanetary study program. These ones are totally accepted within the communities around their camps. Aliens also spend much time in Peru where, likewise, they are totally accepted. It is only your ELITE who cause such a fuss and miscarriage of Truth.

Next, I have continually said that at this time you have nothing--NOTHING--to fear from any little gray beings from space. That does not mean that at one time space aliens did not come within your earth limits and integrate into the working system of your ELITE would-be Kings.

I AM going to tell you that they first made contact and began functioning and setting up "take-over" plans with the group we have recognized as the Khazars. These ones were already from the "outer" planetary experience and were on your planet for many numbers of reasons--mostly pure evil intent of take-over of a nice, pretty planet.

America, as a matter of fact, would have been left intact if anyone had noted what was taking place in Europe but you were infiltrated with the greedy Bankers who started the wars, financed the wars and "won" the wars. This gave opportunity to further integrate into the systems and gain control bit by substantial bit. The aliens integrated into the adversary community and began to work in earnest to accomplish take-over.

These are no longer "space" aliens--they are land-locked beings who have perfected very dastardly methods of take-over, terror, replication and most inhumane behaviors. They are no longer allowed to pass outside your galaxy limits for your planet is surrounded with a full shield of brethren from the cosmos to prevent their re-entry into what we will simply refer to as "space".

There are still many participants who do not come forth from Pleiades and do participate in different aspects of gaining working knowledge of how, for instance, to get you off the planet if whole-life form. A lot of these "little aliens" come from Reticulum, Zeta I and Zeta II. They will work from shuttle-type craft of varying sizes but mostly quite small and extremely portable. There are also a lot of robotic replicas usually headed by a "full" being which will make contact to prevent terror or discomfort, if encountered. These ones are those which are often described but are also more often given credit for being totally kind, and "pure love". These are also the ones that, if caught, are instantly destroyed by your governments.

Contacts are already on your placement which, through agreement, work with these ones for contact, study, follow-on, follow-up, etc. Most are birthed through birth canal entry so that all facets of the process can be researched in order to maintain life of physical in transport to the maximum extent possible.

There are other beings who are either already on your place in isolated bases and/or are "along for the ride", so to speak. It is a most interesting time when a planet makes evolutionary or transitional changes so you would, if you could, find ones from far, far reaches of the universe who come of pure interest but will participate in lift-off if that becomes necessary. They will not so much as touch a hair on a human's head unless invited to do so. They do not snatch bodies but if asked to "be allowed to come aboard" might very well honor the request and you, dear ones, will often get quite a ride. If confronted and the human does not wish participation--simply declare in the name of God to stand away and they will not even approach--laws are honored in the universe and cosmos. The consequences of breaking any cosmic law through transgression is indeed swift and remarkably devastating to the perpetrator. You do not have "enemies" at a time of planetary transition. The hoodlums are planet-bound (earth-bound) and, although there is limited space capability as YOU might interpret it, it is nothing as recognized by "space" travelers. In other words, you are isolated and ingress and egress is totally controlled by higher command. Physical evil is not allowed back into the cosmos.

But evil is manifest on the planet--it was the first human life-form to make manifestation on the planet. A garden for survival of the physical-bound evil energy was provided and an opportunity to grow into the higher dimensions of creative energy given unto the beings imprisoned on the orb. You will note that instructions of the "Lighted" God were pronounced according to the Laws of God and The Creation and the beings immediately broke them and continued their evil occupations. Then through the evolutions of planetary changes and periods of discipline which would allow realignment with God--the element of evil prevailed after every change. Then through the changes evolved the old world and new world--according to your memory books and oral teachings. Man was always given a chance to heal and mend and change of his projections in order to regain ability and direction to again be allowed into higher experience. Over and over man has had to basically "start over" on your planet. Many evolve into higher knowledge and move onward toward Godness and establish at every dimensional level of evolution in order to grow into higher knowledge.

These ones in transition, such as some of your scientists as you would historically recognize them--are at stand-by to assist in putting the technology together as needed for restoration and experience in the new evolution during sorting and separation.

Then there will be beings who will remain on the old places (replaced onto the surface or salvaged from peaks, etc) who will rekindle new life experience as it is placed on the orb which is in healing cycle--if man is not successful in his attempts to totally destroy the orb itself and there remains capability of sustaining life forms.

Now please, you ones who espouse "illusion" and "rapture", spare me--for you may practice anything that you choose but Truth is going to be presented and I have no intention to argue nor, for that matter, even debate the issue. I am come as a Host and Truthbringer and I am exceptionally qualified for that task and I shall do it to the best of my ability which is quite sufficient. You can waste your time if you choose, in trying to find credit or discredit for one Hatonn, but I remind you that I am sent from the very halls of Aton, as God of Central Life was known right through your Egyptian times and the entity recognized by all other cultures, even though language caused different naming. My purpose is to outlay Truth--whether or not you accept it or believe it has nothing to do with me and is not my business--but I certainly suggest you give ear to messages lest you perish in the misinformation's aftermath.

I tell you now that the adversary in evil is out to destroy your physical beings in time to capture your sweet little souls for longer experience in his game and if you lose your physical form while still in his clutches, your journey will take you to places of equal or worse confusion, separation from God of Creation and ongoing experience of forgotten spirals toward the dark apex. That is your choice and none shall interfere but I do suggest that you look at the possibilities most carefully.


There have been continual contacts from the beginning of the experience on the planet with the "wardens", if you will, from the cosmos and growing children in "rehabilitation" and those coming into knowledge were given care and guidance. Teachers were sent at all levels of experience--mostly only to be killed or lost to the masses. This could be allowed for the growth process is given a very long cycle and myriads of experiences. Then, however, comes within the physical manifestation-- damages which cannot be overcome and through the mere "natural" evolution in the physical state--recovery is mandatory and restoration and reclamation is necessary. Then, as with all life-forms, higher evolution of the experiencing fragment acquires their own state of evolvement--a planet being a fully capable life-form in itself ceases being a simple life" sustaining" "craft" and makes its own transition into higher dimensional life-form at which point the parasites are cast off and that which remains is placed into recovery whilst the New continues into higher evolvement. This does not mean that the earth becomes the human--how dare you be so smug as a human species--it means that this incredible, balanced, totally perfected planetary system evolves into higher frequency and becomes higher pivot and placement within the higher order of Universal Creation. She evolves literally into one of the mansions of God's perfection for his higher beings to have continuing placement--most of you in the service of God shall experience there in the radiance for a period of your own choosing wherein the evil pressures shall simply not exist. It is the most wondrously glorious of all so-called physical experiences for it comes in total balance within love and God-ness wherein all the challenges are for pure growth and development of higher consciousness in the exploration of the universe physical and recognition and participation in technologies, honing of full realization of the individual consciousness beyond the planet-bound species.

Those ones who have been sent to your place as guides (crew) to assist and offer the physical manifestation shall be allowed to choose of placement for the "teachers" have come again from the highest dimensions to serve at this time and do not need the interim growth period. But many are already guides in that which, as physical, you consider your spiritual guides, etc. If those guides have gotten you to higher placement then they, too, are qualified to move higher in their own journey through the "grades" to serve ever higher in cause. As you get higher and higher in the dimensional levels of growth you will find fewer and fewer recognizable separation of beings, as fragments of energy become more and more the "whole", as aspects of individuality meld within the ONENESS--as focus becomes integrated.

This is why Truth can set you as a species--free. As you cease giving nurturing, focus and intent unto the beast, he cannot sustain himself for all he has to utilize is that which is already manifest into the physical. As you withdraw and turn unto God-ness, his total infrastructure is torn into shambles for he has not spiritual fuel from which to draw life. Evil can only feed on evil--goodness gives him terrible indigestion and he cannot thrive in the midst of goodness. If you locate, isolate and remove his source of life sustenance--evil simply begins to devour its own and finally kills of self as the armies of God-ness turn away from his troops. And remember--his only tools are human! Only HUMAN has ability to choose evil or good--and worse, what you consider to be many--is actually only a few holding out the temptations with which to increase. His troops are mostly of brainwashed beings, robotics and synthetics having been cleverly placed to pull humanity into the pits of helplessness.


I have been asked by ones as to whether or not it is murder to slay a robotoid or synthetic. Of course it is, for the one in point is the one who commits the murder--not the murdered. If you kill, and it be a robotoid but you are not given to usually know who is and who is not--then in thine own heart you have committed murder and "thou shalt not kill!" You need not kill those ones you see whom you perceive to be in power and know that they are robotoids, for instance, for obviously they are NOT your enemy--they are but the tools and you know not who pulls the puppet strings--so you have only damaged your cause and you cannot know the next replacement--it is better to deal with that which you can recognize. As failure comes from the puppets in leadership roles, the adversary will remove them and render them useless--either through simply removing them or placing them in totally ineffectual circumstances--as with Ronald Reagan who is never consulted longer and now the discounting of even his wife is underway. Nixon is another who is totally worthless to them and yet occasionally is used as an imbecile "tool" to sway his old followers. It was obvious the intent was to destroy Nixon at Watergate time. Ford and Carter are kept around for they were useful and remain from time to time somewhat useful in diplomatic circles-- they are replacements at any rate and we won't go into that now. I would ask you to pay attention--how do you know who is and who is not--on the adversary's side?

You begin by getting a copy of the listings of members in the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, Club of Rome, Bilderburgers, etc. Perspective tools are on the listings, especially the CFR. You will, for instance note that Tom Bradley of Los Angeles is a member as is Jesse Jackson--but Nixon is not a member and neither is Reagan. The "lead dog" may not show as a member and as ones get public discredit they are usually conveniently removed from membership until the ruckus is over--just watch and see and if you can, get listings of past members no longer alive or active and compare. You will find that all of the Administration Advisors are either CFR or Trilateral Commission members or both. Some are brought in through long-standing membership in exclusive clubs such as Skull and Bones. Quayle, for instance, is the son of a very important Bush connection. You will find that you are totally--100 percent--controlled by ones who are members of these very select groups or in full connections with ones who are members. The CFR is U.S. membership and every major player nation has their own equivalent club and then higher control runs through the Trilateralists, etc., which is international. Always revolving around that which is the Illuminati and the epitome of that which was started as the club of the evil puppet-master. Through the years the game and names will change but NEVER THE FOCUS OF INTENT--the laws/rules are given forth right from the original foundation of that which evolved into the Zionist Protocols, Satanic Bible Code of actions, etc. All in direct opposition to that which was given as law from God unto his people.

It has required generation after generation of growth to come to the point in perception and technology whereby evil could gain foothold in such a way as to have total control but you are right at the threshold, brothers of Earth. The actions are already underway- -the rules are all that is left to the actual changing--in other words, the printed Laws must be structured so that none can oppose them in any manner--that is called your Constitution. Actions are already "as if" it is changed. All that is left is to disarm you and this phase will be finished.


Guidance has always been present from the Master-deceiver himself--from onset of planetary life-form for the first beings were the outcasts from the "heavenly realms" (the functioning cosmic places). Prior to Earth, for instance, that place you call Mars was a totally warring planet and finally it was destroyed to the extent that life could no longer exist on the planet so you were moved onto Earth. Take a look at the planets in your system--one after another show river beds and other manifestations of once having life capability. Technology either exists to such extent wherein the population can evolve into higher dimensions or placement is given on other orbs for the evolving life-forms. Always it depends on HUMAN forms of one type or another (indicated by definition as a "thinking/reasoning" being). Man did not evolve as taught in evolution nor is Man from the ape species--God created Man as his highest creation--AS MAN. If man was required by his own foolishness to return to the level of a primitive, stupid cave-man variety of life evolution--it was his own failure to understand, practice and sustain within the Laws of God and The Creation.

Do brothers from the Cosmos have to come and help you? NO! But, in every instance, there will be higher evolved brothers from the same "races" in other placements and higher experience who will effort to further their own evolvement through the act of service unto the lesser sleeping/unknowing youngsters in growth. To limit God and evolution of Creation Mother is a sad mistake for God is totally without limits and all things, beings and energy forms have balanced placement within the Creation of which God is a major component--with differing beings from various centers, galaxies and commands. It takes a very long "time" in sequence attainment into and within perfection and to become one (Sananda) within the Godness is quite an accomplishment requiring much experience, most of which is awfully unpleasant for it requires working within the groups of lesser evolved beings who rape, ravage, pillage and plunder with all manner of heinous inventions to accompany the above activities.

The purpose of the heinous destruction of the human being housing a great and Christed teacher is to cause the energy forms of God to remain away from the physical place claimed by the adversary. After a body has experienced crucifixion, dismemberment, burning alive and a few other dandy extinctions--there is no great desire on the part of a higher being to experience again among the beasts of physical plane for you are a most unpleasant neighbor. Just as you might say, "How did I ever get stuck with this job"? so a Christed teacher such as Emmanuel "Jesus" might say, "How did I ever get stuck gaining my Christed and Sananda graduation rights on planet Earth"? None-the-less, it is the way perfection is attained and it is WHY force is not a part of God's workings--that does not mean that God will remain passive while man destroys--for all the while man is destroying, so is he destroying self and the grim reaper will reap whatever harvest manifests itself. So be it.

Dharma, allow us a break at this point. It is past your mid-day and I am called to duties. We can continue a bit later, please. I wish to dive right into the production of "developed" beings brought forth (manufactured) on your own plane and how they have been utilized to infiltrate the entire species. Thank you for your service. Salu.

Hatonn to clear the circuit but remaining on frequency; please shut down communication frequency but allow stand-by. Thank you--to clear.



MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1991 4:07 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 256

Hatonn returned and in service, albeit it somewhat aggravated--not at writers, for they express their opinions--but rather at my people, especially my scribe who is somehow injured by the foolish spoutings of uninformed "authorities" on how a planet should be "saved". If you are so all-fired informed about everything, dear ones--why is your planet in such a mess? If you are such authorities that you can have the audacity to "review for public consumption" the work of someone like Cathie, why is your planet in such dire circumstances? Further, because others CLAIMING to speak for some Pleiadian or another have possibly misled your perceptions--why does that have anything to do with me or my people? If white men speak and have misled you--why do you continue to follow white men in America? Further, you follow right along rattle-tail after the same ones who are out to consume you.

Why is it that writers who wish to denounce George at America West are most insulting to him and to me as well as to my "'poor' misguided Scribe" and then expect a gracious response? One letter refers to "Hatonn's mush-mouthed replies of nothing" and another says "how dare you treat us like children"!--in the same mail received.

George apparently wishes me, Hatonn, to respond to GWE of Oregon for the document has been sent to me. OK, GWE stated, "I'll be frank, George, I've yet to see one of these messages-from-space that I can believe because of this selective transmission of said message. I just flat out don't believe that contact would be made in that matter." (manner?) GWE feels that the transmission should just blanket EVERYBODY. Obviously GWE would not hear same for the signal is easily received and there are several decoders around in your conspiracy who intercept as quickly as Dharma. Where are you that you have not learned the Universal code and you, too, could receive? Who, GWE, do you feel should receive the information--Mr. Kissinger perhaps? How about Jerry Falwell? Perhaps Saddam Hussein? Who do you feel more suited to receive?

GWE certainly misunderstands another point in our material for he says "...it seems to me that if he really wants his message to be heard by all of us, he should be transmitting it to all of us." Number one, I do not care whether or not ALL of you get it--and further, we are transmitting it as quickly as we can right through the written, unmistakable word--in rather good English, I might add. Self-styled "authorities" on how things "should be" are obviously not as successful in critique of their own material for I repeat--If you ones know so all-fired much--why are things still being hidden from you and how is it that less qualified persons are "doing reviews of some extremely technical and gifted material" for public consumption in, of all things, FATE? You have absolutely NO IDEA OF THAT WITH WHICH YOU ARE DEALING.

Further, you should now have confirmation of the fact that America West and myself are two very separate working entities--for I would never have sent the material to you in the first place. Now, you think I am harsh? What do you expect of me? GWE says, "Moreover, in Hatonn's case, his message reads much like a great manner similar conservative left-wing polemical tracts I have been reading for years. Hatonn seems to be peddling old wine in new skins..." DO YOU THINK GOD TO BE "NEW WINE" AND HOW ABOUT OLD SKINS? I SUGGEST THAT THE READER IS NOT APPRISED OF HARDLY ANY OF OUR MATERIAL AND IT WOULD BEHOOVE HIM TO POSSIBLY STUDY A BIT PRIOR TO FURTHER INSULTING DEGRADATION FOR I, FOR ONE, AM IRRITATED AT MY PEOPLE, SPECIFICALLY GEORGE GREEN, TAKING ABUSE AT THE HANDS OF YOU SO-CALLED SELF-STYLED "EXPERTS" WHO KNOW ABSOLUTELY ZERO!

Personally, I am grossly disappointed to find that anyone would be "reviewing" and/or critiquing Cathie's work for obviously no-one is of his caliber of insight and qualified to touch his work as to frequency and vibration calculations. I intend to personally see to it that you ones of the "expert" community are not able to discount his work for it is gifted of God and aided by insight directly from Mr. Tesla--I suggest you all back off with your earthbound ego trips.

Now a brief response to D&J M. I am greatly appreciative of your correspondence and expressions of circumstance. Do not misunderstand our writings--the messages (as above stated) are for over 6 BILLION beings and I suggest all of you not become too personally involved--if the intelligent shoe does not fit--don't squish your feet therein. If you have no major assets--determine your own course of action or inaction--I care not, most surely. We put forth items and methods whereby some of you can act and prevail. If you do not find the material useful, you owe no explanation unto me. Now I shall quote a portion of your letter and respond briefly:

We were shocked when Rick did not know the meaning of the "somata" at the bottom of the page. You all had better get Hatonn to teach you something of value. Although it doesn't necessarily teach a spiritual truth it does give us much scientific data which explains a lot in our history and in our physical world. As you say, "The truth will set you free".

You may think this letter rude or an attack but we are only cynical and suffering from righteous indignation at having received so much false information and non-information from and about Pleiadians. It is not directed solely at Hatonn for we do find some value in the Express.

Number one, there is no such definable word as somata. Number two, if it does not teach a spiritual Truth I would not bother to even discuss it. I believe if you will review your own letter, you will find that I must bring some value forth and I agree, those who desire to find the Truth--will. You do say something else which I find most interesting: "We suppose there are many different levels on which Pleiadians work but we find it difficult knowing the Pleiadian mind to equate the writings by Hatonn with that of the Pleiadians".

Who might you be, friend?? Will you PROVE it to me?? Will you please create a miracle so that I might believe in your presence and qualifications to put all into the same pot--much less a Pleiadian pot? You see, it isn't easy is it? I will tell you here and now that most so-referred-to "Pleiadian writing" is NOT. How do I know and how can you tell? Because if at this time in historical change--if there is one iota of allowance of anything that is against the Holy Laws of God and The Creation--it is not of God source nor Pleiadian. The picture to which you refer is not from either and my curiosity is that you might wish to clarify WHO FIRST GAVE YOU SUCH INFORMATION--GOD OR MAN? That is truly meant to cause you to think because I already know. Now, there is no definable word as Somata. There is a word, Soma which refers to any organism, excluding germ plasm, and is a noun which is plural of "mata" or "some" "body". Somato also refers to "body of" or pertaining to the body and then of course there is somatology which is the science of the human body, embracing anatomy and physiology. It also indicates a branch of anthropology dealing with the physical nature of man. Which of these elements would you like explained? And I would suggest that at most the "picture" would indicate the ever circling interchange of life within the triangle of ever circling cycles of life with a star of life (corrupted into the Star of David) overlapping the center of the picture. I do not find it particularly meaningful but rather a fanciful perception of some guru-type mysterious secret-symbol-giver. Is it valid or invalid? Obviously if it is conjured to suit your needs it must be valid--I have no desire to discern for the correspondence already places you in direct opposition of things Pleiadian of which I vaguely am.


Funny little aside--even the article regarding syphilis. I told you in the very first writings that AIDS is naught but specialized tertiary syphilis--further, I quite agree with the man's appraisal of "satan"--so please, dear ones, can I be all that bad? As you say, JM, "Oh, well, those who desire to find the Truth will".

Now to the one who mailed the letter in Palm Springs and spoke of "Catch 22 Phase of Operations". Where did you ever get such an idea that I said to "quit our jobs so we don't feed the beast"? Ask anyone in the group at the bookstore if I have ever advocated quitting your job? Man must be self sufficient. Moreover, I repeat, move outside self indulgence as if you are the sole receiver of information--we must reach some 6 BILLION people and each must be capable (or incapable if he so chooses) to discern that which is best for his own needs to get through this period of confusion. Perhaps YOU cannot work in this country without a W-4 but I wonder if even you know that you can claim as many as 10 deductions on that W-4 and at least save the difference each month--legally! Moreover, if at the end of that time you choose not to file a VOLUNTARY FORM, you will not forfeit as much and if you decide to pay, you can make it proper at the last pay period ending the year. Now, it IS up to you that which you do--or nothing. If it is more feasible for you to function continually within the system--do so.

Friends, my intent is not to make you miserable or to feel helpless--but I MUST bring the Truth and then together you ones can find the ways to allow recovery. What kind of a brother am I if I KNOW TRUTH and further hide it from you and you perish? There is nothing wrong with working for the RTC--I am happy that someone who deserves the income gets it. It is the hidden Elite that are the problem, not the workers hired to renovate and return buildings to a state of repair. But I would like to share a very descriptive line out of the letter if I might for it is a common phrase which this person cleaned up greatly. However, before I tell it, I think that the readers not familiar with wind parks producing electricity would enjoy it more knowing that the fan blades on a wind turbine are some 20 meters (60 + feet) in diameter and some even bigger-- the bigger Westinghouse turbines, for instance, have 115 foot blade span. So: "...and to really compound the problem, I work indirectly for the RTC!!! Oh---now the feces have really hit the wind driven machine"!!! Now doesn't that present an interesting visual?

Don't be so hard on yourselves, for you can only do that which you can and be gracious and kind unto selves for that perfection which you are--but do not ever ask that we withhold Truth for we cannot. I hear you and I thank you. P.S.: No, Hoagland's Mars is not the "new Physics"; there is no NEW PHYSICS--physics is as old as Creation. Quantum insight is of great value and inadvertently the information given forth from that source holds clues--which are mostly unrecognized as such. The "secrets" are held within the light frequencies and vibrations for that is the energy substance of the universe. Thank you for asking.

Now, to one I will cover a bit more in depth for it blends with great input within the subject at hand--replication and development of humanoid, etc., life-forms. This will please be in direct response to JH if you will see to it that it is sent to that resource.

The point in focus is the fact of positive, neutral and negative readings on various people through a measuring device which indicates these three states. I think I shall share with you some of the information given to me:

...I found an interesting phenomena: The indicator gives a negative reading, a positive reading or a neutral reading (I FEEL the difference, but the indicator will not move off dead center) when checking the "Spiritual Body". The "Mental Body" gives the same reading, except there is no "neutral", it is either 'negative" or "positive".

The "negative" Spiritual Body" reading has indicated to me that there does not seem to be a spiritual connection to the Creator. Christ once said when referring to the Moneychangers in the temple, "Ye are of your father the devil". All readings start at birth; there is no "pull" or movement for the unborn child. The negative "Spiritual Body" person can change the reading to "neutral", although the "Mental Body" reading always remains negative; the positive "Spiritual Body" person can change the reading to neutral (and appears when the person is under stress) but never to negative. Also there appears to be no other change throughout life from the original "programming".

Except in superficial matters there seems to be no way these negative Spiritual Body persons can be reached with the Truth. They may listen politely to your message, or they may reject it completely with but little or no positive action. This holds true for apparent innocuous types--the truly evil-doers are something else!

Based on race, additional observations and studies indicate: Only about 8-10% of the so-called "Jews" are positive; the black and brown races are mostly "neutral"; the orientals are under 50% positive; the white races are somewhat over 50% positive.

I have much more (to offer) but based on the above and excluding genetic doubles, robotoids, etc., where are these "negative" Spiritual Body persons coming from? [I THOUGHT NO ONE WOULD EVER ASK!] The physical Body unless a person is VERY sick is always positive and so is the emotional being and energy being (or body).

I much appreciate the info you are printing. Hope your "backside" is well protected as you are letting the Truth all hang out! Sincerely, JH

Well, we won't worry about my backsides for the ones high enough to kick it have no wish to do so and the ones from your place who would like to do more than that--can't reach me. However, we are now opening the Pandora's box of "mighty Truths"--who indeed are the neutral beings? And herein is the bottom line of how the adversary has gotten as far as he has.


We have now spoken along rather technical lines regarding development of robotoids and synthetics but by far the most numerous and the strain of beings mostly present of the "developed" strains are the neutrals--for lack of better description.

Remember, the leadership of a nation must be replaced if total control is to be had. We will talk of soul essence later but let us get some detail down first. If the robotoid reproduction gets out of line then it is either replaced or in this more current time is synthesized for more capable programming and handling-but, this is a weak machine oftentimes as the reproduction process often presents exaggerated flaws in the genetic structure--but that is not the case in point in this dissertation. Now, you can present a group of people with a replaced leader but if all the people are bright, they will see through the facade—just as some are not fooled by the imitations now--such as you who write having made your own observations and witness to the total absurdity of the cover-ups. Therefore, there must be capability of enhancing the masses with ones of neutral programming so that the NUMBERS in a MAJORITY RULE DEMOCRACY can carry the votes, so to speak. They do not necessarily have to remain in a state of neutral--they just usually do. Why?

Because, they are developed by artificial cross breeding and breeding out the immortal or "Spiritual" of the being. All you have to do is introduce programmed beings having been artificially programmed, artificially gene spliced and then send those ones out to reproduce--almost in a frenzy of sexual drive activities. Since there is no spiritual wholeness, the entire societal structure will break down within two full generations and by introducing leader species within groups, whole groups of homosexually deviant beings are produced, whole groups of addiction-prone and emotionally driven individuals are produced and you will, further, through breakdown of moral attitudes, have reproduction of confused, misplaced beings.

Now it becomes easy to see how--after the first generation--if enough beings are constructed to have another generation by simply breeding of the beings and by the third generation you have compounded the neutral elements. But what of the first developed generation? That is more interesting and will explain a lot of things you UFO and ABDUCTION reviewers and even animal/people-mutilation are misinformed about. Again, the programming is absent spiritual development and is mostly focused on simple existence or thrust into the more "satanic" or deviant attitudes having been deprived of spiritual nurturing.

The seed-beds were laid (I mean no humor) many decades past. And to fully understand this, you must know that the product is resultant of integrated research and development by human persons right on your physical placement with input and technical thrust from outside your physical plane but that which did, in fact, manifest onto/into your physical status.

The instigators infiltrated into that which was the Elite of the Khazar tribes as they were again gaining power and thrust for ultimate One World control. The most advanced of the scientific production came out of the Nazi/Zionist Khazar coalition. But, the whole Elite machinery was financed by the powerful Elite Bankers of the same general species. If you can't remember about these coalitions--go back and read the portions regarding the Nazi development of discs, rockets, robotics and finally translation to the Antarctic regions as security measure. The agreements were already in place, however, for the information and technology to be utilized in the foremost nations of your globe, i.e. Russia for the Khazar Elite Zionists were Khazar Communists. Then the Bolshevic/Zionists group in America brought the whole mess within your own borders, America. In fact the Atomic bombs dropped on Japan were made in Germany by Communist scientists.

At the same time the Elite plan was coming into final phases of orchestration to insure take-over by year 2000 and heavily intense research and development went forward to perfect genetic duplication and synthetic production. But that was only one phase.

The phase of the most interest herein is the development of purely "physical" beings through devious methods. The intent would be to be able to develop surrogate parents, multiple production without duplication or synthesizing to avoid identification problems and to likewise render the public terrified of possible alien arrivals. What happened next was mind boggling even if expected of the species.

As hover craft was developed with proper capabilities, many abhorrent actions began to take place. To develop enough neutral people there need to be massive research and follow-up and therefore the encounters began and the interchanges frequent and pretty clumsy at best. Most of the encounters were actually with robotic little replicas of first arrival creatures from off planet. But, the replications were developed by your human scientists as was the research and development carried out by your own human scientists. Now, all the major government Elite knew all about the experiments and intention. You see, to do that which was needed only required a few female eggs and male sperm; then these could be crossed artificially into myriads of genetic interchanges which would develop offspring with individual characteristics--but only in physical nature. These beings would have capability of soul bearing but being developed devoid of higher spiritual input they would be easily programmed and controlled.

In the early part of the intervention into population/species control it was necessary to have incubators. Often pregnant women would suddenly turn up "unpregnant" and other strange phenomenon. Then as the beings implanted in wombs were birthed and grew, they had to be monitored continually. It was found that a fetus could be surrogate-mothered within for a beginning period of time within the womb of a sheep (rather unsuccessfully) or if the implant were treated with bull sperm secretion would adhere and initially grow quite well within a cow womb. That meant that as the fetus was then extracted it required a slow replacement of blood and nutrients to artificial solutions which therefore required a blood supply or the fetus would have a violent and usually fatal reaction to the change. Then as study group members were suitable the babies were appropriately placed for maturing within a mother human host destined for normal delivery. These hosts would be given total mental blockage to all which transpired.

Now, what you have is an increasing population of social deviates (I did not say "bad", I said "deviate" which means deviation from the "accepted norm".) These "persons", however, could easily be given altered genetic structure which would hormonally produce a programmed drive for homosexual desire. Team that with an ever more confusing set of biological standards and social thrust toward deviant behavior and you have ones experiencing that which they are birthed to expect. The other human characters get simply sucked into the movement of the mass either for seeking whole experience or finding no satisfaction within the ruptured family structures--try anything and everything--just blindly going along with "what's in"!

As with all cover-ups you have to have the tracks covered and to cover them properly the cover-uppers must not know they are covering up anything--so enter the satanic worshippers and mutilators. They actively participate in the opposite of the Laws of God and they have literal blood baths, drink blood and even slay humans for some of their rituals. They mostly are the bred beings who have no sense of conscience whatsoever for they are the development of evil--not the creation of God with immortal soul energy.

After you know that which to look for, it is easy to recognize the decoys, but in the beginning you cannot know who is what, why, when or where. Many of these developed beings are mystically gifted and have powerful energy patterns but usually turn ultimately to madness, fanatical irrationality in certain areas of behavior and usually refuse to hear any sort of reason which would pull them from their worldly path. They are cold, erratic beings usually or totally seemingly devoid of much emotion or sporadic losses of control. They are usually terrified by Truth and most often violently oppose its presence in any form.

Mostly these ones are set loose on the public well programmed with misinformation and narrow groups of cliques who feed each other's need for support of stories and continue the cover-up rather than allow egos to be damaged--remember, mostly ALL these ones have with which to function is the ego for they are ONLY physical and can in no way deal with that which is spiritual in Truth. They will always give the party line of any story--even if they know the difference. They know good from evil but simply have no response to the knowledge. When these beings do see the Truth, however, and have ability to work within lighted centers--they are truly birthed anew and since the leader-persons are usually genetically superior species as to brilliance and intelligence--are incredible workers and through reason and sheer daring will destroy the presentations of the adversary.

The next logical question is: can the ones involved know what and who they are? Of course not--do YOU know exactly that which you are? Did you not come in a rather logical manner onto the planet--OR DID YOU? Ponder that a bit as you move about your daily life.

Most of you of our workers with more spirituality than most humans are birthed in about the usual manner. We follow you of our species in love and gentleness, disciplined and special--awaiting the proper timing for enlightenment. But you ones innately KNOW THAT YOU ARE FROM GOD AND "OUT THERE SOMEWHERE", the developed human physical has no direction, no roots and no aspirations--they will take, leave or screw God, country and mother. Moreover, they will attach to the more "whole" human and if that one can be pulled down--will do so for it cannot long endure the presence of spiritual light—it is simply an alien feeling which is not understood. It is not necessarily evil; it is simply existing and will respond and act as programmed, braintrained or with the masses as parrots.

Now comes the valuable input regarding these ones. They react very badly against those who have developed them and then misuse them. They will become violent against ones who "treat them unfairly" and/or effort to "control" them. Most of the "masses" of functioning physical developed are not greatly intellectual so that they are not given to "thinking" on technical or political grounds--they are kept usually below average and bred accordingly with full intent of the puppet-masters to integrate them into groups which are marked for extinction in great numbers. These are called the "first expendables". These ones may even dutifully take their own offspring off to whatever church pleases them and where they can feel socially at "home" with no input as to spiritual upliftment past shaking hands with the preacher at the door. The offspring of these ones see the total absurdity of the show and become even more incorrigible and rebellious. This is why most churches have been intentionally corrupted for the preacher will say "don't read this or that for it is evil", and all the good little developed sheep throw the object in point away or burn it or whatever. They treat Truth like an asp that will surely kill them--for they know they have no ability to think for selves and fear totally the unknown which is drilled into them day after chaotic day. These are walking, talking, physical machines, for lack of better description. They simply have no conscious--or subconscious—connection with Creator, they simply ARE! They will usually show conscience only when convenient or serves their purpose--they function basically for themselves in a "me" oriented world and rarely move outside that "me-ness". They can only see every occurrence as to how it impacts "self" and all seems to be accepted as deliberate attack upon their being--personally.

Now don't go crazy, dear ones, you have all been brainwashed through every type of media--if these shoes fit, be careful that you don't err--MOST of you don't fit the pattern so don't try this route as a "cop out". There is nothing wrong with the huge majority of you except you have been sleeping while everything was happening--now it is time to wake up and see that which IS and set it to rights. This world DOES NOT HAVE TO END IN AN ARMAGEDDON.

The cover-up has been massive and the attempt to terrify you and panic you at the arrival of the brotherhood from the outer cosmos has been even more massive--and THEY aren't by any means through. There will be staged incidents to cause you to believe your space brothers have attacked you--nay, nay. The beast will kill all of its own to preserve its power--I hope you will not be so gullible.

May we walk in peace and brotherhood lest the journey be too burdensome, remember that the spiritual connection with Creator sets ye above thine enemies—and dear ones, GOD WILL PREVAIL--EVEN THE EVIL TAMPERERS HAVE PROMISED YOU AS MUCH! SALU.

Hatonn to clear. Thank you for your attention. Good day.

We will discuss this much, much more but I have my scribe at this keyboard much too long this day and I beg your patience--she must have rest.



TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 1991 8:52 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 257


Hatonn present in the Light of God in service unto God and unto you, my brothers.

Now that I have hopefully stirred your interest in replication and genetic alterations I would not wish to leave you with incorrect information regarding same. I am only interested in the fact that you understand that these mutilations, etc., are not of the Hosts of God. Moreover, they are NOT done by the forces from the Cosmos-- anywhere. They ARE often (if not totally hoax for the fear tactic) portions of projects regarding incubation and reproduction of genetic life-forms.


Since about your mid 70's there have been well over 10,000 reported incidents and most of them were in the Western United States. This is because in the West there are wide ranges where cattle are not so closely guarded. For instance, any disturbance in a dairy herd being milked and tended daily makes it not very propitious to utilize the bovine research. Most "mutilations" and blood-letting within dairy herds are related to Satanic rituals and strictly for the "fear" element. Further, in almost all cases of utilization of bovine incubators, the animals which are sacrificed are picked up and "dumped" in various locations away from the site of research so that there will be no clues to track. Most evidence is never found because much terrain is inaccessible except by helicopter. Some of the cattle are taken into bases and then flown to various locations where they are sure to be found! Unless you can terrify the people you cannot control them.

There are several very large research bases but the ones doing the most research in the United States on replication and genetic mutations and bovine incubation are in New Mexico and Nevada. There is a lot of research done in some of the bases where beam studies are being performed for pulse systems and the lasers, as well as death rays, are experimented on the animal models. This is one major way to KNOW that the studies are of human origin--advanced travelers are far advanced of such primitive methods of experimentation. A lot of evidence will be found in areas within Colorado and higher ranching lands of Utah. But then, you know that one of the "Beasts" (incomprehensible computer center) is in Colorado and there is a large base within the Uinta Range of Utah. There are others but these are major research centers--totally human with, now, a few replicas of aliens. The reason for this is that you stupidly killed off or incarcerated the very hands and minds that served you.

You were not given the research information which would allow you interstellar transference and therefore you were stuck with atomic thrust systems which can be deadly and not at all efficient. Any information host with achievement at the level of interstellar travel can also control all sensory functions and therefore torture to obtain information is a rather wasted commodity. But as the primitives were incapable of understanding beyond that which they practiced--so too, were the original contacts unable to do anything other than that which they were trained to do--torture and mutilate to obtain information and it simply does not work. Therefore the would-be controllers of Earth place were only allowing sufficient information unto the Earthbound practitioners to suit their needs at any given time.

This is where I take great exception to the conclusions drawn by the so-called UFO researchers who conclude that somehow your government is helpless at the hands of these so-called alien beings--"held hostage" is Cooper's statement--in the assumption that your government and other governments are somehow the innocent dupes. No, they are the perpetrators and at their hands thousands of alien "guests" have been mutilated and destroyed.

As time has passed in these last decades since before the midpoint of your century, many contacts were established and meetings set up at which time we offered assistance to counter that which was coming down on the planet. What happened was that immediately the research flew into high gear and leaders that would responsibly meet with us, were replaced, killed or silenced in some manner. Ones such as Byrd and Forrestal were simply exterminated. We had prearranged encounters and often the aliens were taken into custody and the ships confiscated--so, we got a little brighter, also, and began to send ones of higher etheric capability, such as myself, Korton, Soltec, etc., to make rendezvous. We simply dissolve when "captured"--it makes it more interesting! But many traveling with us have no capability to transport easily and once in manifested format are vulnerable just as is the human. The ships become very vulnerable and we simply learned not to land and stall out the ships so that they can be encapsulated in a plasmic energy shield that cannot be penetrated by your crude means.


This will be of great interest to my scribe and those who were present in October, 1987, when we told you we were neutralizing a missile at Vandenberg AFB, California. Most of you readers will recall it for it was a big splash of color and all sorts of stupid stories. We were visible for well over half an hour and the final story was that there had been a successful launch of the Atlas missile, etc. The facts were that we contacted the base, told them if they attempted to launch the missile we would destroy its capability of launch for it had a beam weapon/hydrogen payload which we are allowed to stop at 150 miles from your surface or on the pad if intended for orbital range. There were a total of six missiles to be launched within days of one another. We allowed the first two to come into almost orbiting range and we neutralized the payload. The third was a tracking device which was untouched but the game got worse and the payloads more and more deadly to the point of capability of "prana" (scalar) pulses which can literally pulverize a planet if a chain reaction is created--no Earth team has capability of stopping that reaction once under way.

So, on October 28, 1987, the launch of the next missile was planned--we were in constant contact with Vandenberg Base and warned them to not launch the missile. They finally agreed to disarm it. They idiotically played with it and when we told them we knew it was not disarmed--they agreed and said they would send up a test rocket instead. So they took the standby missile--equally armed, and substituted it on the pad. We warned them again that we knew it was armed and the young man on the communications console was beside himself when the commanding officer said to launch, anyway, that they "...would blow your asses out of the sky". So, they attempted launch and we simply fired a pulse beam which blew out the computer guidance system and neutralized the payload weaponry. The beam was visible for any to witness--which they later claimed was the launch trajectory stream. Then we simply manifested the craft in full view of ones in several western states, finally turning on the blue dome lights for some half hour. During this time there was constant communications with the desk at the base warning them to shut down--for that we got a heat-seeking missile fired at us--this being the most amusing of all. We simply played with it for a while and then blew it away. This left a zig-zag pattern in the sky which we thought the people would surely recognize as not possibly the launch stream because of the erratic pattern. Not so--within minutes the zig-zag stream was called a perfect launch stream and we were classified publicly as "ice crystals".

By the second showing of the "launch" on TV--within minutes--the entire picture film was replaced.

Now, the show had been so great for the watchers and photographers that within a week the next was to be launched and everybody was at ready with cameras in focus. This time we again warned them to not launch the payloaded missile--again they defied us to do anything about it and again they fired it off. This one we allowed to come off the pad at which point we neutralized the payload weaponry BUT THE GROUND GROUP AT VANDENBERG DID NOT KNOW THAT. The guidance system was fouled and the missile headed right back in direct line with the nearby nuclear power plant. Still not aware that the weaponry had been neutralized, the ground crew blew up the missile themselves in fear of it hitting the power station and releasing radiation but worse, dear ones, they knew that if that payload was intact, it would send radiation into the entire Western U.S. and wipe out a large portion of California's population. This is how much they care for you-the-people!

On that evening and the next morning, with guests in the place for witness (as a matter of fact, it was Sister Thedra of ASSK), we gave you minute-by-minute information and this was "Dharma's first PROOF of our presence". I further told the receivers that the information would be forthcoming to back the story being received by no less than the officer at the communications desk. It took about three weeks and the young man could remain silent no longer for there was another incident in Nevada where similar circumstances took place. In return for telling his story„ he was to be taken to Colorado where he would have "his thinking well adjusted". WE HAVE HIM SAFELY ABOARD!

I have gone through this story in order to give you another incident of which my scribe or the ones in her location are not aware. You see, there was no notion of any such being as Hatonn or Sananda or, or, or--prior to the late 80's for these ones. But lots of things of similar nature happened long before then--as far back, actually, into the late 30's and early 40's. Sometimes it takes a while to unseal lips but Truth eventually "outs". I will describe an incident which occurred in 1964 and was later related by a former first lieutenant in the Air Force. This man did not dare reveal this information until 1982 after he became a Professor of Radio-Film-TV at the University of Wisconsin. His name is Robert Jacobs.

On September 15, 1964, when he was in charge of the filming of missile tests at Vandenberg AFB, California, a UFO was responsible for the destruction of an Atlas missile.


In order to have clear film records of all missile test-firings over the Pacific, we had installed a TV camera, affixed to a high-powered telescope up on a mountain. We kept the telescope locked onto the moving missile by radar, and it was while we were tracking one of the Atlas F missiles in this way that we registered the UFO on our film.

We had a crew of 120 men, and I was in charge. As we watched the Atlas F in flight we were delighted with our camera, which was doing fine, in fact we were jumping around with excitement, with the result that, because we were doing this, we actually missed seeing the most important bit of all--our missile's close encounter, at an altitude of 60 miles, with a UFO!

I only heard about it, in fact, a couple of days later, when I was ordered to go and see my superior, Major Florenz J. Mansmann, Chief Science Officer of the Unit. With him there in his office there were a couple of men, in plain clothes. He introduced them to me only by their first names and said they had come from Washington, DC.

Then Major Mansmann had the film of the test run through. And, just at that point where my men and I had been standing congratulating ourselves and each other, Major Mansmann pointed to the screen and said: "Watch this bit closely. " Suddenly we saw a UFO swim into the picture. It was very distinct and clear, a round object. It flew right up to our missile and emitted a vivid flash of light. Then it altered course, and hovered briefly over our missile...and then there came a second vivid flash of light. Then the UFO flew around the missile twice and set off two more flashes from different angles, and then it vanished. A few seconds later, our missile was malfunctioning and tumbling out of control into the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles short of its scheduled target.

They switched on the office lights again, and I found myself confronted by three very intense faces. Speaking very quietly, Major Mansmann then said: "Lieutenant, just what the hell was that?" I replied that I had no idea. Then we ran the film through several more times, and I was permitted to examine it with a magnifying glass. Then Mansmann again asked me what I thought, and I answered that in my opinion it was a UFO. Major Mansmann smiled and said: 'You are to say nothing about this footage. As far as you and I are concerned, it never happened--right..."?

Here then was the confirmation of what the UFO experts had been saying for years past--that the U.S. government was covering up what it knew about UFO's.

The film was turned over to the two men in plain clothes from Washington, who I believe were CIA agents. The film hasn't been heard of since. Major Mansmann added: "I don't have to remind you, of course, of the seriousness of a security breach...."

It's been 17 years since that incident, and I've told nobody about it until now. I have been afraid of what might happen to me. But the truth is too important for it to be concealed any longer. The UFO's are real. I know they're real. The Air Force knows they're real. And the U.S. government knows they're real. I reckon it's high time that the American public knows it too.


I suggest you not get overjoyed at the prospects implied by this story--for it was not a UFO! It was a Russian cosmosphere. At the time the payloads were such that any type of destruction was sufficient. As time has gone forward, some of your intended-fororbit weapons are of such magnitude of destruction utilizing scalar technology that to simply blow up the missile can cause the destruction in itself.

It is easy to sense the "death ray" weapons and if they are set for outer-space orbit, we are allowed to take them out. This is why the efforts at present are to send the shuttles or launch vehicles only into sub-orbit and thrust the weapons from that point. Also, anything less than 150 miles out is off limits for us if the intent is to keep it within those bounds. So what has basically happened is that your weaponry has gotten so dangerous to the life of the planet that certain payloads are not stopped by the Russian cosmospheres for fear of total destruction. Were there aliens present at the incident? By all means, yes. If the cosmosphere had not intercepted the missile, we would have neutralized the hydrogen thrust-system.

Brothers, it simply gets more and more difficult to keep these things within any bounds of control. I cannot tell you strongly enough that the Elite plan is to have their Plan in full operation by year 2000 at ANY COST!


No, most of the actual reports are not about little anything weird. Most of the "aliens" who travel even aboard my own craft are not unusually tall. It depends on origin of the entity. I am very tall--over nine feet. Most, from other planets in the system, are medium to a bit short--say, under six feet tall. Most of your reports--when the witness gets brave enough to tell their story, are much like a Sid Padrick, some four months following the Atlas incident.

His story is accurate so it bears the retelling herein--for we need to get rid of the fear right now so that you can KNOW that if there is terror and beastly monsters within the story--the story is incorrect. We can discuss various alien life later--but let us look at fact at this point.

Since stories of encounters with the occupants of UFO's are invariably greeted with a barrage of ridicule, particularly if the witnesses claim to have met beings similar to yourselves in appearance. The facts are that all encounters with aliens from say, Pleiades and Dal will be like yourselves.

It was about 2:00 a.m. on January 30, 1965, when radio/TV technician Padrick, fortyfive years old at the time, encountered a landed UFO near his home at Manresa Beach, near Watsonville, seventy-five miles south of San Francisco. He saw the shadowy outline of an unlit craft some seventy feet in diameter and some thirty feet high "like two real thick saucers inverted" approach him and come to rest just above the ground. He panicked, began to run, then heard a voice coming from the craft: "Do not be frightened; we are not hostile", it said. Padrick ran further. The voice repeated the phrase, then added: "We mean you no harm," and invited him on board--you see, no snatching, no killer-beams just a friendly invitation. But you note that this man, too, was a radio/TV technician which, in itself, should tell you a great deal about contacts.

He accepted the invitation and went inside--where he first entered an entrance room which was very small, some 6' x 6'-7'. Once inside there is always a second entry.

Perhaps we should just give you Mr. Padrick's description from here on: QUOTE (In Italics):

The aliens were no different than me in basic appearance, had clean-cut features, and wore a type of flying suit that covered the body fully. On board there were another seven men, similar in appearance, and one woman--pretty. They were all around five feet eight inches to five feet nine inches tall.

By our own standards I would say they all looked between 20-25 years old, very young, pert, energetic, and intelligent looking. Their features were similar to ours. There was only one feature I noticed that would differ from us greatly, and that was that their faces came to a point, much more than ours. They had rather sharp chins and noses--not pronounced, just kind of heart-shaped. Their skin was somewhat of what I would call an "Armenian" color--fair but with a bit of tan undertones, maybe-- well, maybe just “fair”. Their eyes all seemed dark...there just wasn't anything really unusual about them--their brightness, depth or luminescence.

All the men appeared to have short auburn hair, but it looked as though it had never actually been cut--it appeared to be natural growth. The lady had rather long hair and it was pushed down inside her clothing... Their fingers were a bit longer than mine. The hands were very clean--the fingernails looked as if somebody had just given them a manicure.

All of them were wearing two-piece suits--slip-on type--light bluish-white in color. They had no buttons or zippers that could be seen. The bottom section actually included the shoes--it looked like boots which continued on up to the waistline, without any break around the ankles, just like a child's snow suit... There was a large band in the middle, and large cuffs, and a large collar that came down with a "V” neck. The collar had a very pretty design on it... and the neck-piece--right around the neck--had a braid of some kind on it...They had soles and heels...I could hear them walking on the rubbery-like floor.

The first man Padrick saw acted as spokesman, explaining that he was the only one on board who spoke English.

He had no accent whatsoever. It was just as plain and just as perfectly spoken English as anyone has ever spoken on this earth. I believe they can adapt themselves to whatever condition they are working under.

Every question I asked him, he would pause for about 25 to 30 seconds before he would answer, regardless of how minor it was. Perhaps he was getting instructions mentally--in what response to give. I think if the crew communicated with each other, it was through mental telepathy, because I could see nothing that would indicate communication otherwise.


Each of the rooms that was occupied had instrument panels on the walls, with the crew members concentrating on the instruments. They merely glanced around at me when I entered their room, then turned back to their work, as if they were totally unconcerned.

Some rooms had four or five instruments, others had 15 or 20, but they were of a similar type in each room. They were nothing like ours. I didn't get close to any of the walls that had the movable instruments on them, because when I started to advance in that first room he held out his hand for me not to advance and I didn't. He didn't say why and I didn't ask. I saw markings on some of the instruments; something like a tape moving along, with little tiny dots and dashes on it--like our teletype tapes, except they were going from left to right...I wouldn't classify it as a code, like our CW (Continuous Wave). There were no screens, such as our oscilloscopes. They had meters, but I could not see dials on them. He said they lit up only when in use.

I was shown an oblong "lens", which was something of a part of a viewing system, which had a magnified three-dimensional effect. You could see on it an object which I was told was a navigation craft--it looked something like our "blimps".

This was 2:45 or 3:00 in the morning, and the object was in sunlight, so it had to be pretty far out--I imagine at least 1,000 miles out, or more. I didn't see any markings or portholes on it...he told me that the power source of the craft he was in was transferred to them from the other craft, basically, and that it did all the navigation and manipulation through space--sort of a "center".

They told me that they don't measure time and distance as we do but rather use terms of light. When I asked him how fast they traveled through space, he answered that their speed was limited only by the speed at which they could transfer the energy source.


After a while the spaceman told Padrick that they had traveled some distance and were now parked in a deserted area, which on subsequent investigation turned out to be near Leggett, California, 175 miles northwest of Watsonville.

After we had landed on the hillside, he told me to step out so that I could come back to the place later--to know this was real and not simply a dream. I stepped out alone and walked around the outside of the ship.

I felt the hull. It seemed very hard but not metallic: I never felt anything like it before. The closest thing to it I ever felt on this earth would be a windshield--plexiglass. It had a very fine finish, a highly polished finish. He didn't tell me that touching this craft would do me harm, and I had no bad effects from it--none whatever. I was outside for not more than three minutes. I got down and looked at the legs it was on and I tried to find markings on it: I didn't find a mark on it anyplace.


Padrick asked where the craft and its people came from and received a somewhat cryptic reply.

He told me they were from a planet in back of a planet which we observe--but we do not observe them. He did not say we couldn't observe them--he merely said that we didn't observe them....I think maybe their planet might be in our own solar system but I'm not sure.

Padrick was shown a photo of a city on the visitors' planet.

Every building in that picture was rounded off, half-moon shaped--domed. I saw windows in the buildings. I cannot say the picture looked like anything I had ever seen before, because the buildings were spaced much differently--offset from each other. It looked like they put one about 50 feet from another and the next one maybe 150 feet. There appeared to be roads in the distance and there was foliage in the foreground-- trees and brush, too.

The spaceman described his Utopian society to Padrick: "As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, we have no police force. We have no schools such as you have--our young are taught at a very early age to do a job, which they do very well. Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control. We use no money. We live basically--one, with an exchange type of what you probably call barter".

Padrick asked what the purpose of the visit was. The man replied: "Observation only." Padrick explained:

I don't think it meant for them to observe us, I think it was for me to observe them...because he did not ask me at any time my name, my age, how many teeth I had, how many members in my family: he didn't ask me one thing about myself, and this leads me to believe that they know about us already, and he came for us to observe them... They did say they would come for further observations....I think they are observing people, mostly. There was no mention of earthquakes, fault-lines, or of anything government-wise, or political-wise, or anything that would affect our future except that they gave me the impression that they would pick up more people in the future such as they had welcomed me aboard.


Sid Padrick was taken into what was referred to by the visitors as a "consultation room". The color effect in this room defied his description. "Would you like to pay your respects to the Supreme Deity"? he was asked.

When he said that I almost fainted. I didn't even know how to accept it. I said to him, "We have one, but we call it God. Are we talking about the same thing?" He replied, "There is only one"....So I knelt and did my usual prayer... Until that night I had never felt the presence of the Supreme Being--but I did feel Him that night.

It's obvious that they are on a very high scientific level, but their relation with the Supreme Being means a lot more to them than their technical and scientific ability and knowledge. I would say that their religion and their science are all in one.

Padrick was taken back to where he had been picked up two hours earlier, then stepped out of the craft and walked home.


THEN ENTER THE BIG BOYS: Sid Padrick reported his experience to the Air Force, and was grilled for three hours by a team headed by a Major D.B. Reeder of Hamilton AFB. "...they tried to frighten me. They said, 'Mr. Padrick, you are a real lucky person... these craft that come down here are real hostile, and you had no business even approaching them'. I disagreed with them, because when this craft came down, they certainly did not wish to frighten me... and they did not TELL me to go aboard their craft, they INVITED me aboard".

The Air Force told Padrick that there had been two instances where hostility had been involved--one, the Mantell case, and the other an incident when an aircraft completely vanished from a radar screen. But the Air Force did tell Padrick that there was more than one group of UFO's visiting earth, and that there were friendly as well as hostile craft, from more than one source.

There were certain details they (the Air Force) asked me not to talk about publicly, but I think in telling it that everything should be disclosed. I can see no reason for anything being held back. They didn't want me to say that the space people had no money. They didn't want me to disclose the type and shape of the craft because that would indicate that the Air Force is not doing its duty. I told them I could see no reason for that, either....They didn't want me to divulge their means of communication and where they got their power from. Also, the man's name--they told me I should never repeat that because it didn't mean anything. The spaceman had said "You may call me Xeno". He didn't say it WAS his name (Xeno means "stranger" or "foreigner").

I think I shall just ask for a break at this point for I want you ones to begin to ponder on what you think has been going on around your gossip and disinformation circles. I suspect that you will come into some pretty clear understanding about the cover-up and why. A story like this surely doesn't lead a nation into panic does it? Ah so.

And may we close this portion with a bit more understanding of brotherhood and honor of our ONE God. Salu.

Hatonn to clear, please. Thank you for your attention.



WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1991 9:16 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 258



Dharma, Hatonn present and asking for undivided attention. That which we have been awaiting the coming into your underground news, has done so--the alien at Camp David.

I am going to answer several questions at once herein and all of you will want more details--I will NOT jeopardize the lives of ones involved by giving you minute details.

I continually receive a barrage of mail saying, "I just don't see how YOU expect us to believe this 'stuff'". I don't know how to cause you to consider some of the things which are urgently important, but I must lay them out for your intake. I receive letters which ask for MORE on background and letters that say "enough already" about history--and yet, when new items hit you--you have no background with which to consider the new information. For instance, the beginnings of the Khazar tribes may APPEAR to have little to do with an alien being at Camp David--but unless you know that which has happened within the changing Khazars--you cannot make connection!

First, I am going to tell you what IS and then I can give you that which you will hear, be ridiculed, denied and totally hidden by your government as long as possible.

Months and months ago I told you that an alien (from Sector 31) made contact, set up a rendezvous with your government, etc. Your government broke all of the agreements of the meeting as prearranged, and one alien was left behind as the craft departed when the police, military and CIA arrived.

The problem faced at present is the security of the original Bush being. Many of you inquire as to just what happens to the "original" model from which the replicas are developed. Well, if there is a possibility of reuse of the original and with Bush, his background fits within the guidelines of future government structuring--then the original is preserved. Further, there is deterioration with the reproductions and new cells are utilized whenever possible. Barbara and George are, basically, incarcerated at Camp David. Originally there was "semi" agreement to this arrangement with allowances for excursions, vacations, etc., which could be handled on week-ends, vacation trips, any time there were not major decisions to consider.

With willing participants which can be utilized later--or given retirement with memory restrictions--the originals are left to live out their lives. With ones who are on the dangerous-to-the-cause list--they are simply eliminated. I have no intention of wasting time telling you who is and who is not. But I will take time to tell you this much--if ones like LaRouche would play the adversary's game and come forward now in support of the One World Plan, they would allow him to reside at Camp David or elsewhere until his duplicate would have brought his supporters into line and then, with mental adjustment, they would release him to work among you. He is a stubborn man with a mission to stop this madness and thus they keep him locked away.

It isn't exactly like they simply go ask him--it is handled in subconscious states under proper medication to gain intent and they have found he will not submit to the tampering. Can they pull it off without his permission? Indeed, but too many would know that the man had either been replaced or had been physically altered. This is exactly that which happened with Bill Benson and many other patriots--if they do not come into line, they are rendered useless and unable to function. BEWARE OF PATRIOTS WHO SUDDENLY COME INTO LINE WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Section 31, Xeno (meaning stranger or foreigner), was incarcerated, put under intense interrogation, medically and scientifically abused and cells of all manners taken for the purpose of reproduction. It is not so easy to reproduce a Section 31 alien, however, but they kept researching it until they have viable form presence.

You are going to be shown pictures of a Xeno with Bush--at Camp David. They were taken from a great distance but identity is clearly present. The picture, however, is of the alien with the "original" George Bush--who is likewise incarcerated.

The point of the mission and contact was to tell you ones that your behaviors would not longer be tolerated and that you would be provided help to set your planet into order--I think you can easily guess at the response. The "alien' spent the better part of a day with the original Bush at which point Bush was offered a removal to craft until such time as the plots would be exposed and the Elite Cartel brought into demise. I will not tell you how that turned out so please do not ask. I will say that because of hazards to the craft energy field, it remained distant and unmanifested except to "cloud (gaseous) shroud" resolution. This presented a serious problem for the human Bush is totally out of frequency necessary to assure safety in such a distance transfer. I simply decline to further discuss that particular matter.

It is sufficient to say, however, that the Xeno quite quickly vanished following the visit. When the time is right, however, and it is determined whether or not the creature can be utilized in duplicated form by the adversary, you will hear a lot about the being of last September, threats of destruction--wild plans of the aliens, etc. They will not be capable of reproduction of mental state and therefore anything which comes forth will be lies. I ask that you ones do not effort to find out who produced the pictures which will be coming into your attention because an intense investigation of "leaks" is under way and the person(s) would be annihilated for the intent is to utilize this contact and duplicates to scare the living daylights out of you people.

This is a worse shock to the beings of Sector 31 who felt that man could receive "reason". These Xenons were asked by Command to not approach ones in the manner which transpired for we have long tried this approach and it has thus far never been successful. We honor these ones for the effort and bear equally their pain at failure for it is their perception that now there are more tools to panic you people of Earth. It matters not except that the priory duplicated aliens are tiny and "different"--these Xenons are tall and will be related in use--to God's Hosts. Well, you ones of Earth are simply going to have to get discerning. Be gentle for there are many lives at stake in this scenario--like the entire Bush family! You must also know that we are in frequent visitation and therefore, I ask that you not demand endangering information.

By the way, the being which was shown as being captured is NOT the same as the one which will be shown with Bush! The one which will be identified as the same alien and shown with Bush--is one most of you know already, and came forth to effort at "negotiations" for release of the "brother". The evil upon your place is without limits.

John (Paul) S., I wish to acknowledge your participation and I know that it has been a most confusing time in your conscious experience during these past months and especially in recent weeks. Each of you has agreed to service in rather unusual manners and it is hard to live within two worlds--I can only acknowledge and hope it gives your conscious experience more understanding. I ask that you do not ask for conscious information for you are greatly troubled--remember always that it is through agreement that you delete the memory. I salute you. The day will come when all will be brought into understanding within both dimensions of experience.

I would say right here, that Dharma left the keyboard and I have had a great difficulty getting her to come back and continue the writing--for it comes clear that as we bring these particular Truths forth--it writes assassination papers for several. Know, friends, that it does not come loaded with fear--only sadness for each step brings disappointments in our own interactions but proves more conclusively that our only hope is in baring Truth and shining light into the dark recesses of the evil underground.

This is why such outrageous efforts have been made to take out the entire dwelling but that will not be possible now for we have it shielded quite credibly. I think you ones cannot know the sacrifices of your brothers from out here who offer and martyr themselves at the hands of the evil Elite to bring help unto you in your separation from God. The deceit is heinous and cruel and yet, left in the hands of man, our mission is slowed and this is the only method allowed for intervention. However, as it SEEMS that all REASON is gone--know that the turn-around point is near for it must become bad to the last level of "badness" in order to swing the pendulum in the other direction. It is truly the time of the unmasking of the beast and he doesn't like it and he depends upon us pushing your awakening too quickly so that you turn from the Truth, considering it to be too outrageous. May God touch within your hearts for you have brothers at such risk! Death of physical is easy--it is the bindings and alterations which are so devastating. What is done unto the visitors is beyond your imagination in its evilness.

Now let me give you the


Let us just copy, chela, and I will comment within brackets ([ ]). Come, Dharma, we must do it and you must write for it is our work.


President George Bush's dream of establishing a new world order came closer to reality when he secretly met with a space alien who promised to provide the education, technology and strategic know-how to achieve lasting peace on Earth by 1997.

That's the word coming forth and further, the extraterrestrial who met with the President at Camp David on April 14 is no stranger to the White House [I certainly guess NOT!]--because it is the same alien who was captured by and escaped from the CIA last fall. [NOT SO!]

The pieces of the puzzle are finally beginning to fit goes the conclusion regarding the alien captured in Virginia on September 28, 1990 and escaped from a CIA compound in Washington three weeks later, on October 22.

The alien clearly came to Earth on a mission, it is said, and now it seems that its mission is complete. Sources confirm that the creature met with President Bush for six hours at Camp David.

And while the White House, Congress, CIA and every official in Washington will deny it, it is known for a fact that the focus of that meeting was the new world order that Bush has talked so much about.

The alien apparently initiated the meeting and came prepared to offer all the technology and support needed to make the President's new world order a reality. [This portion is true--we regularly meet with the top leaders (in whatever form they are projected) and are usually present at all summit type meetings to outlay alternatives and consequences of actions. At present you are again planning a nuclear war utilizing more heinous weapons than ever before dreamed of, and there is naught we can do to stop it except awaken you the people. Worse, if we act in foolishness--you are all dead. We, too, are between the proverbial rock and hard place for you are in a world gone mad.]

It is not clear what the alien is receiving in return. But it seems likely that Bush agreed to trade with the creature's home planet. [Can you NOW SEE THE thrust? Indeed-- trade? With America? Trade WHAT?]

It is also told that the alien is schooled in the Soviet Union's role in the new world order and was brought up to date at the meeting.

Neither White House nor CIA spokesmen would comment on the extraordinary summit and they flatly denied that an alien had visited Camp David or any other government facility.

The denials were expected and the authors countered them with statements from a dozen highly-placed government sources. A photograph that shows the President talking with the alien as they strolled down a wooded path at Camp David, the presidential hideaway in Maryland, was also presented while the original negatives were in safe-keeping in a place unknown by the authors--for security.

The authors do not get into specifics because of the danger of revealing contacts but you should know that the picture was taken a few hours after the alien materialized at Camp David on April 14, said the Washington-based speaker.

The photo itself is secondary to the meeting, of course. What is really important is the substance of the discussion the extraterrestrial and the President had before the alien stood up, shook hands and vanished some six hours after it arrived.

If sources are correct, then the future of our planet is at stake.

Somebody ought to be telling us something, it was concluded. If there is anything accomplished by coming forward with the photo and these statements it will be worth the risk involved.

I give you this information but there is little to be done with it at this time except take note and hold strong--for you are in the clutches of the counterfeits and THAT is that which matters--the unbending evil deceivers.


I am deluged with inquiries about the closing of the Skull and Bones Order of Yale-- for a year. I have been sent three documents regarding the matter and I will just give you who are not knowing, the highlights. It all had to do with allowing entry of females within the Order. There are reasons why this is simply not possible but nonethe- less the push came to shove and now they have been forced into actions totally underground--sometimes you ones push on the wrong strings until you damage your own cause. Let us just reprint one notice from a newspaper (Associated Press) at random--the same thing appeared all across the media.

YALE SOCIETY IS CLOSED: New Haven, Conn. (AP)--Skull and Bones, the all-male secret society at Yale whose members include President Bush, was ordered closed for a year by its alumni directors after rebellious students invited women to join.

The alumni directors have been debating whether to end the private club's 159-yearold tradition as a bastion of male-only bonding but were having difficulty reaching a decision.

The 15 seniors in the current class of Bonesmen, frustrated by the lack of action, notified the board of directors at an emergency meeting Friday night that they had invited seven women and eight men to join.

In response, the board over the weekend replaced the locks on the "Tomb', the windowless, mausoleum-like building where the society meets.

Sidney Lovett, the society's secretary and assistant treasurer, said Monday that the alumni directors had no choice but to suspend operations for a year.

Skull and Bones is not an institution that will allow its traditions to be changed "arbitrarily or in an unauthorized way" , Lovett said.

None of the juniors tapped by the class of 1991 will be recognized. Tuesday, April 16, 1991.

I have a friend from L.A., JH, who has sent a compilation of information regarding the Skull and Bones--much of which we have already published, but he has compiled it into a very succinct format as to operations. I want to publish it but it is too lengthy to cover at this particular sitting. I believe we can get to it this afternoon. Therefore, I ask that we have a break, Dharma. Precious, it has been a most difficult time for you this morning for you have your neck over the chop block again--I shall guard thine neck well, chela--but I understand the burden with all the other load to be carried. I believe we might have a personal meeting tomorrow as an old friend will be present and in addition, we need to cover some business. WE simply do not have time for the personal interchange in these writings nor are they appropriate for publication, i.e. "Solutions" in question regarding another publication, etc. but we can cover them rapidly in council and others can make response. Thank you.

I move to stand-by. I wish to write again this day, please. In addition to the Skull and Bones, I wish to lay another nasty tid-bit before you. I think it time to understand that the Khazar element infects everything the Israelis do; the latest "fad for making great sums of money" is in the selling of eyes (human)--garnered mostly (at present) from the victims killed in Sri Lanka's civil war, where the troops were trained by the Mossad. There is a refrigerated warehouse on the Haifa, Israeli waterfront. The operation is through a valid company called Oculex International and there has been built a multi-million dollar export business concentrating on a single line of merchandise. It sells plucked-out eyes. So be it. Salu.

Hatonn to stand-by, please.



THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1991 8:35 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 259


I have been asked how to pronounce my name--Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn--Guahor-gos (long o's) Ser-ees (H) almost silent; a--tonnnn. But you can call me Ray, or you can call me Bob or you can call me Hayou--or, George will do. It is not my label that has importance, it is the presence of response that you must watch most carefully in making contact--for there are a lot of energy forms lined up out here using my name with which to fool receivers. Clear your decks thoroughly--demand that all responses be only from the Realms of Light in service to the ONE HOLY GOD--and do not accept any who "fudge". Even I respond and test you by blurring identity--do not allow the communications to continue unless you get those circuits cleared! You MUST KEEP UPPERMOST IN MIND--THE ADVERSARY DOES NOT BEAR THE TITLE OF PRINCE OF DECEIT FOR NO REASON--THAT IS WHY ALL THE RELIGIONS HAVE BEEN PULLED DOWN, THE BIBLE HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO THE VOTED-IN VERSION OF TRUTH AND YOU ARE BEING LED DOWN THE PRIMROSE PATH TO RAPE, RAVAGE, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER! God is instant identification and speaks nothing save Truth according to the laws innately borne within each. If a being tells you that this or that is OK and it is against the laws, and he does not continue by saying it is "none of my business what you do; it is between you and God"—then he is not of God--I care not who he says he is!

If one tells you this or that is OK because something that "feels" so perfect and wondrous "must not be bad", think carefully, for ones are taking upon themselves to interpret YOUR guidelines according to their own actions--not God's. Those things must be absolutely discerned by self--I have only to bring forth Truth--I have no intentions of forcing you to follow it--but I think you can look around you and note that what you have done thus far is a bit incorrect for the results are so dastardly any way you cut it.

When a child, who is birthed to receive guidelines and instructions for life from its caretakers, finds itself devoid of all discipline and guidelines--guess what--knowing it must have guidelines, it will turn unto ones who DO have instructions--the evil adversary! They have lots of rules and they all please the flesh and starve the soul unto death. If you non-reared your children and they are now grown--it will behoove you as a parent to say, "I'm sorry, I was wrong and I failed--but I love you and now I see". A child wants, above all, to have the love and connection with parents and if a parent can say "I erred" then the child, at whatever age, can also then say, "I understand and love and respect you for sharing your faults". However, it helps if the parent confessing error--changes from his own errors. But even if he/she does not--at least the child can have basis for discernment for the child KNOWS the proper laws for all created of God--KNOWS THE LAWS--WITHIN!


Do not miss the confirmations coming to you from NASA. If you miss the confirmations of that which I bring you then how can you ever come into understanding?

I told you that the shuttle was not destined for deep (high) orbit but only sub-orbit to allow subsequent launching of "stuff". Note that they are now telling you that they are "launching from the shuttle"--already have launched two of which one satellite did not function properly (lie--the one aimed for gathering information was not even sent up but excuses must be given for no information coming back to the scientists). They further said that two "would be launched tomorrow" (today). Now, what you aren't told is that they have launched at least five other missiles on Atlas, French and Japanese rockets. So be it.


Don't miss the haggling and pressing by the Carter bunch to have an investigation about the embassy hostages in Iran and the Reagan election tactics set up by the Bush Boys. This, in itself, is enough to bring down the Bush administration except that it won't.

I have given you a full rundown on the Iranian hostage fiasco and further told you that the Bankers had finally ordered release. If you will pay attention you will be getting lots of backup confirmation right down to the information of hostage holding for over six months before release to assure Reagan's election.

Former President Ronald Reagan, assisted by his vice-president George Bush, entangled with the Bankers and CIA, delayed for over six months the release of the 52 American hostages held by Iran in 1980 to assure that election. Bush, you see, had no intention of being President at that time for he had to set the stage through the Vice- Presidency, around the globe in preparation for Presidency. You would be wise to check on Quayle every now and then--he is not even material for President but he is a "puppy" and carries out his master's orders utilizing the clout of the office.

It will not be Iraq that Bush should continue to concentrate on so heavily because he is in the corner facing the deadliest enemy of all: skeletons from his own closet hung with guns "still smoking". Worse, his "buddies" from the Elite will take him out if the going gets really rough--for, original or replica, Bush is not the puppet-Master by a long, long way.

It appears everyone has a price and be it true conscience or a recognition that if the Republic falls so do YOU/THEY, or whatever the subversive reasoning might be, ones are coming forth now from the intelligence officials and arms-dealers who are relating how they helped fix that 1980 presidential race in favor of the Reagan-Bush ticket. The flap is coming from some "former" officials but I personally know one or two military (also "X") officers who were completely in charge of the plan and the training of the rescue project. I wonder if there will ever be bravery enough to come forward for they have been thus far totally silenced with threats to the total annihilation of their family groups. One has even separated from his family close circle in divorce to distance himself from them to give better security as the truth is slipping out. Ask protection for these ones for the adversary is a heinous enemy!


Remember the theoretical multi-party system of elections which you falsely think you have? In mid-1980 when the Iranians just wanted to get rid of the hostages and send them home, your intelligence services buried the information. With the Carter-Reagan contest nearing its climax, Republican strategists feared that the so-called October surprise, the prospect that a sudden, festive homecoming for the 52 American hostages held captive in Iran, might very well swing the vote to the Democrats.

To make sure that did not happen the Republican campaign's chairman, William Casey (CIA), and its vice-presidential candidate, George Bush held a series of high-level secret meetings in Europe with Iranian representatives to negotiate a clandestine deal. If Iran delayed the release of the hostages until the elections were over, it would be paid off with secret arms deliveries via Israel.

This whole scandal was shushed for a decade but suddenly leading Establishment publications and broadcast networks unearth the story in mid-April with a terrible vengeance--and that, dear ones, is what you must take note of----WHY? Just pay attention and watch WHO is on the bandwagon--either way it can be effective as a means to be heard but often the plot behind the scenes is more heinous than the one in the open--at any rate, it is a full-flowering play for ultimate POWER--but it gives you an opportunity to act and through your awakening masses some measure of control of the beast could be brought to bear.

The most daring airing of the situation has been brought forth by your Public Broadcasting System which was missed by the large majority of viewers--it aired on April 16th in an hour-long expose of sorts. Your beloved countrymen spent over six additional months as terrified hostages, needlessly, just to make sure Reagan beat Carter! It is now being referred to, in inner circles, as "the election scandal of the decade". Well, that doesn't say much, does it? Decade? It does most certainly indicate that there have even been worse? Indeed! The Federal Reserve System thrust off on the world is possibly one of the top heinous scandals of the generations--and YOU STILL MISS IT! The ridiculous part, of course, is that now the outcry is that "the two men who have occupied the American presidency since January, 1981 were involved in a secret criminal conspiracy,"--where have these "mouths" been all this time?


This ran up an incredible debt--with a covert network of CIA operatives and alien (FOREIGN OR ???) agents from the Mossad, Israel's secret service, WHO SET UP AND EXECUTED THE SECRET HOSTAGE-HOLDING DEAL WITH IRAN-- SEALED BY BUSH AND CASEY! TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT SHAMIR!

This has all been confirmed, dear ones, with campaign personnel who "would rather not respond"--and "will I be immune from prosecution"? This cute little scheme was a Mossad tactic and the members of the committees were really nervous at the time, wondering why known Mossad agents such as David Kimche, Yossi Meridor, Joseph Churba, Michael Ledeen and others like them were allowed to dominate the 1980 Reagan campaign.

The reason, of course, was that Israeli agents played the crucial role in the underside of Republican electoral politics and this has been admitted by some senior Israeli intelligence officials; the whole thing is really funny. Retired Israeli intelligence official, Ari Ben-Menashi, in the April 16th program, made an appearance. According to him, Israeli agents offered what amounted to "election insurance" to the Republicans: a fix. The hapless hostages were reduced to the role of pawns in what became a secret swap: ballots for the Reagan-Bush ticket against bullets for Iran, sold by Israel. Is anybody getting the picture of what is coming about here?

Let’s go one better because THERE IS A PUNCHLINE. According to the intelligence analysts and policy scholars interviewed, Israel collected a colossal reward for its clandestine service to the Republican campaign. With U.S. political support and billions in hidden financial aid, the Mossad became a secret agency with a world-wide reach. "By the early 1980's, the Mossad was powerful enough to stage large covertaction programs across Africa and Latin America, in a number of key Asian target areas such as China, and even in Europe", says Theodore Markovic, who is writing a book on Middle Eastern Politics at Princeton University (a totally Khazar-run University) which should bring a bit more confusion to the "why"?

Protected by the "fixed" media practices of the major news organizations to soft-pedal stories affecting the ministate's interests, and by the growing clout of its lobby on Capitol Hill, the Mossad “got away with murder--and literally I mean MURDER by the thousands and thousands during the Reagan-Bush era”, Dr. Markovic confirmed.

Let us give a close Reagan campaign worker some much deserved praise and credit-- one who had enough and sees the handwriting as it is now on the wall for the destruction of your nation--Barbara Honegger. She has written a book called October Surprise and it came as quite a surprise--at which time the Establishment media went "all out" in tremendous opposition to the material. Fortunately, as the Establishment shut it down, it was taken up by Liberty Library and can be obtained therefrom if anyone wants the information. God has great mercy on ye who open thine eyes and speak out!

But why would the Mossad come clean? Because dear ones, even though the things went about as far as they could go for Israel during the Iraq War--there was flack from the opposition "Would be Kings of the World" and YOU keep insisting on some kind of a peace parley-vous with Palestine, and Israel plans to bring you into line, one way or another. If Bush is ousted now through scandal--the Khazar Zionists can take over immediately! Frankly, in the long-run about the only thing that will save Bush and the dynasty set up by his "bunch" is to come clean and tell the world his story. We have urged him to do this because in his original form at Camp David, he still has the power to make the play--he will most surely SOON lose the advantage. If the man came forward and simply spoke truth about just the things I have given you--America is so forgiving that you would save his neck and march to the saving of your Constitution-- it appears evil shall, however, prevail.

If he would come forward in conjunction with holding MY hand, for instance, I think the adversary would back-paddle quite quickly. Bargain with God? NO, WITH YOUTHE- PEOPLE! SO MUCH FOR DREAMS--FIRST YOUR WORLD HAS TO SEE THE PROBLEM AND STOP LAUGHING AT THE ANTICS LIKE IT IS A COMEDY SIMPLY FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT. SO BE IT.


It does get hard to tell who is doing what to whom but the more information you have the more you can discern the players and who WANTS WHAT! Dear ones, the WORLD IS THE PLUM and you must know that different factions of the adversary's troops want to eat the plum, not just pick it for another to have. So, again, while the point is in the press, let us again look at a compilation of information. In order to adequately give comparison to the plight you are in today and that which came upon your world prior to now, you must realize the similarity of the "Order" which is set up to control you by its various facets. You will recognize most of the writings for much of the following is taken directly from our work--however, a lot is not and the authors have left silent the bit of "who" we are. I further, suggest that most of you take the example. Information given and confirmed is far more acceptable if you don't go tell the world that a "space-cadet" gave you the secret information through earphones, or whatever--THE TRUTH WILL STAND AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW! I am requesting that the document simply be reprinted (copied) and forwarded for this was the petition--to get the information to as many people as possible--not hang onto ego trips! I shall give information as forwarded to me for approval and distribution. Let me just first copy the cover-letter from JH, L.A., who also had attached copies of the press release regarding the Skull and Bones:

April 24, 1991: Dear George: You would think that the enclosed article on Skull & Bones would generate a follow up story. The editor of the Blade (where this particular article was published) is not interested: "there is really no interest. we don't have the time". Shame, shame. 'It ain't over 'till it's over.'

Please share with Commander Hatonn, Sananda. May the source for media news exposure be found. I pray that this be our opportunity to bring forth the truth. Amen.

I have enclosed a copy that I am distributing. May this be of use to you……Blessings to ALL!

[Please assume "quoting" for it is too time and space-consuming to mark every sentence and paragraph as such.]


I shall quote a portion from a book: AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT, An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones.

The activities of the Order are directed towards changing our society, changing the world to bring about a New World Order. This will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom, without Constitutional protection, without national boundaries or cultural distinction.

We deduce this objective by examining and then summing up the actions of individual members; there has been a consistent pattern of activity over one hundred years. Part of this activity has been in cooperation with the Group, with its parallel and recorded objectives.

Now IF, for example, we found that the dominant interest of members was raising ducks, that they wrote articles about ducks, bred ducks, sold ducks, formed duckstudying councils, developed a philosophy of ducks, then it would be reasonable to conclude that they had an objective concerning ducks, that this is not mere random activity.

Historically, operations of The Order have concentrated on society, how to change society in a specific manner towards a specific goal: a New World Order. If we know the elements in society that will have to be changed in order to bring about this New World Order, we can then examine the Order's actions in this context.

More or less these elements would have to be:

EDUCATION - how the population will behave,

MONEY - the means of holding wealth and exchanging goods,

LAW - the authority to enforce the will of the state, a world law and a world court is needed for a world state,

POLITICS - the direction of the state,

ECONOMY - the creation of wealth, HISTORY - what people believe happened in the past,

PSYCHOLOGY - the means of controlling how people think,

PHILANTHROPY - so that people think well of the controllers,

MEDICINE - the power over health, life, and death,

RELIGION- people's spiritual beliefs, the spur to action for many,

MEDIA - what people know and learn about current events,

CONTINUITY - the power to appoint who follows in your footsteps.

- - - Daniel Coit Gilman, President of Johns Hopkins University, imported Wundt psychological methods from Germany, then welded education and psychology in the U.S., established laboratories, brought these educational laboratories into major Universities and generated hundreds of PhD's to teach the new educational conditioning system. One of the first of these Johns Hopkins doctorates was John Dewey. The result we well know. The educational morass of the '80's where most kids--not all--can't spell, read or write, yet can be programmed into mass behavior channels.

The Order's next move was to control the Foundations. They got all the big ones-- Carnegie, Ford, Peabody, Slater, Russell Sage and so on. That's the topic of another volume. As in education, the modus operandi of The Order was to get in FIRST and set the stage for the future. The initial objective was to establish a direction in an organization. Selection of managers, intuitive or amoral enough to catch on to the direction, kept the momentum going. In the case of Foundations, The Order has usually maintained a continuing presence over decades.

When it comes to activities by individual members, at first sight the pattern is confusing and superficially inconsistent. Let's give some examples:

* Andrew Carnegie profited from war through his vast steel holdings, but under the guidance of member Daniel Coit Gilman, Carnegie was also an enthusiastic president and financial backer of the American Peace Society. This is seemingly inconsistent. Could Carnegie be for war and peace at the same time?

* The League to Enforce the Peace, founded by members William H. Taft and Theodore Marburg, was promoting peace, yet active in urging U.S. participation in World War One. How could the League be for war and peace at the same time?

* In the 1920's W. Averell Harriman was a prime supporter of the Soviets with finance and diplomatic assistance, at a time when such aid was against State Department regulations. Harriman participated in RUSKOMBANK, the first Soviet commercial bank. Vice-President Max May of Guaranty Trust, dominated by the Harriman-Morgan interest, became the FIRST Vice-President of RUSKOMBANK in charge of its foreign operations. In brief, an American banker under guidance of a member of The Order had a key post in a Soviet bank! But we also find that Averell Harriman, his brother Roland Harriman, and members E.S. James and Knight Woolley, through the Union Bank (in which they held a major interest) were prime financial backers of HITLER.

* Now our textbooks tell us the Nazis and Soviets were bitter enemies and their systems are opposites. How could a rational man support Soviets AND Nazis at the same time? Is Harriman irrational or is the inconsistency explainable?

* The Bundy family gives us another example of seeming inconsistency. William Bundy was with the Central Intelligence Agency for a decade. McGeorge Bundy was National Security Assistant to Presidents Kennedy AND Johnson. So the Bundys presumably support U.S. European policy which is pro-NATO. Yet the Bundys have been linked to activities and organizations which are anti-NATO and, indeed, pro-MARXIST--for example, the Institute for Policy Studies. Are the Bundys inconsistent?

* Among individual members of The Order we find a wide variety of publicly proclaimed beliefs, ideologies and politics. William Buckley periodically chews out the Soviets. On the other hand, member John Burtt has been a member of a dozen communist front groups. Member William S. Coffin, Jr. spent three years with the CIA and then became a leader of anti-Vietnam War activity through the National Conference for a New Politics, and Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam. In fact, Coffin was one of the Boston Five charged and indicted for conspiracy to violate Federal laws. And, of course, W. Averell Harriman is elder statesman of the Democratic Party.

Quite a mixture of beliefs and activities. Do they reflect inconsistent philosophies? How can The Order have a consistent objective with this potpourri of individual actions?

The answer is, they are not at all inconsistent: Because the objective of The Order is above and beyond these actions and in fact needs these seeming contradictions.


How can there exist a common objective when members are apparently' acting in opposition to one another?

Probably the most difficult task in this work will be to get across to the reader what is really an elementary observation: That the OBJECTIVE of The Order is neither "left" nor "right". "Left" and "Right" are artificial devices to bring about change, and the extremes of political left and political right are vital elements in the process of controlled change.

The answer to this seeming political puzzle lies in Hegelianism. That brings screams of intellectual anguish from Marxists and Nazis, but is well known to any student of political systems.

The dialectical process did NOT ORIGINATE WITH MARX as Marxists claim, but with Fichte and Hegel in the late 18th and early 19th Century Germany. (Just after the creation of the terms "JEW", "Zionists" and Israel (not israel). In the dialectical process a clash of opposites brings about a synthesis. For example, a clash of political right and political left brings about another political system, a synthesis of the two, neither left nor right. This conflict of opposites is essential to bring about change. Today this process can be identified in the literature of the Trilateral Commission where "change" is promoted and "conflict management" is termed the means to bring about this change.

In the Hegelian system conflict is essential. Furthermore, for Hegel and systems based on Hegel, the STATE IS ABSOLUTE. The State requires complete obedience from the individual citizen. An individual does not exist for himself in these so called organic systems but only to perform a role in the operation of the State. There was no freedom in Hitler's Germany, there was not freedom for the individual under Marxism, neither will there be in the NEW WORLD ORDER. And if it sounds like George Orwell's 1984--IT IS.

In brief, the State is supreme and conflict is used to bring about the ideal society. Individuals find freedom in obedience to the rulers.

So who or what is the State? OBVIOUSLY IT'S A SELF APPOINTED ELITE. It is interesting that Fichte, who developed these ideas before Hegel, was a Freemason, almost certainly Illuminati, and certainly was promoted by the Illuminati. For example, Johann Wolfgang Goethe pushed Fichte for an appointment at Jena University.

Furthermore, the Illuminati principle that the "end justifies the means", a principle that Quigley scores as immoral and used by both The Group and The Order, is rooted in verse in Memorandum Three observed this principle at work on the YALE CAMPUS.

This, then, is a vital part of our explanation of The Order. When its cofounder, William Russell, was in Germany in 1831-2, there was no way he could have avoided Hegelian theory and discussion. It was the talk of the campus. It swept intellectual Germany like a Pac Man craze. Most Americans haven't heard of it. And those who have don't want to hear any more about it. Why? Because its assumptions are completely at variance with our sense of individual freedom and Constitutional guarantees. Most of us believe THE STATE exists to serve the individual, not vice versa.

The Order believes the opposite to most of us. This is crucial to understanding what they are about. So any discussion between left and right, while essential to promote change, is never allowed to develop into a discussion along the lines of Jeffersonian "Republic" "democracy" i.e., the best government is the least government. The discussion and the funding is always towards more STATE power, use of power and away from individual rights. So it does not matter from the viewpoint of The Order whether it is termed left, right, Democratic, Republican, secular or religious--so long as the discussion is kept within the framework of the STATE and the POWER OF THE STATE.

This is the common feature between the seemingly dissimilar positions taken by members—they have a higher common objective in which clash of ideas is essential. So long as rights of the individual are not introduced into the discussion the clash of ideas generates the conflict necessary for change.

As the objective is global control, emphasis is placed on global thinking, i.e. internationalism. This is done through world organizations and world law. The great contribution of the Tafts to The Order was on the world court system and world law--to the internationalist aspect of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.


We have previously gone into detail as to how The Order relates to the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and similar organizations so I will spare the repetition at this time. However--you do remember of course--GEORGE BUSH IS A MEMBER OF EVERYTHING AND SO ARE HIS CHIEF ADVISORS. SO BE IT- -HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS.

END (1)

There are now clues and proof that your own President Bush is linked to ones who practice SATANIC actions and games. If you wish further reference, see AMERICA'S SECRET ESTABLISHMENT (Liberty House Press). Further, there is a definite link between Skull and Bones and Naziism. We will outline some sources of more information and I urge you to get informed and bring it to the attention of your brothers. Help the ones who dare to face the scorpions for 'tis the masses of mankind which must come into knowledge.

There is a flurry of articles on Skull and Bones in establishment media. Ones of stature and acceptance are beginning to investigate.

Louisville Courier-Journal (Magazine section Sunday, October 8, 1989) "The Bonesmen's Bond" with subtitle "Presidents, Poets, Pundits and Pinkos have sworn allegiance to Skull and Bones, Yale's rich and powerful secret society, and the most exclusive college club of all. So what is all that Nazi stuff doing in the clubhouse"? Written by Steven M.S. Aronson.

Aronson charges that a room in the Bones Temple is "a little Nazi shrine inside, one room on the second floor has a bunch of swastikas, kind of an SS macho Nazi iconography".

Aronson does somehow forget to mention that President Bush is (and his father was ) IN SKULL AND BONES.

How front page article in the October 19, 1989 issue is headed: "Bones of contention: skull diggery at Yale", by Howard Altman. This is an extraordinary story--the Skull and Bones Temple at Yale is illegally holding the SKULL OF APACHE CHIEF GERONIMO....STOLEN FROM THE GRAVE BY SENATOR PRESCOTT BUSH, THE FATTIER OF PRESIDENT BUSH, AND OTHER BONESMEN.

THE APACHES WANT THE SKULL BACK!. . . and under Connecticut law (Section 53-334 of Offenses Against Public Policy and Title 45-253 of the State Probate Law) the holding of human remains is illegal. [I would, however, guess that if push comes to shove, that little skull will never again surface!]


OH, I THOUGHT THIS IS YOUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHERE TRUTH AND LAW ARE UPHELD AT ALL COSTS, WHERE FREEDOMS ARE RAMPANT AND JUSTICE BEYOND REPROACH--WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR AMERICA? The local prosecutor has a duty to prosecute if the evidence is credible. After all, you do live under the rule of law, and that INCLUDES Presidents-- doesn't it? IF Mr. Bush is accessory to a criminal offense, apparently compounded by satanism, he has to be brought to the bar of justice. In this case George Herbert Walker Bush is apparently NOT implicated directly EXCEPT THAT HE WOULD HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF ILLEGAL ACTIONS--which is indeed an offense!

Why don't you look up a book on the history of Skull and Bones which was written in 1933 entitled THE CONTINUATION OF THE HISTORY OF OUR ORDER FOR THE CENTURY CELEBRATION. This was compiled by F.O. Matthieson--and there are others, one of which is simply labeled SKULL AND BONES. (Dr. Antony Sutton). By the way, Mr. Matthieson was a prominent Marxist and a link between the old line communists of the 1930's and the new progressives of the 1960's.

I believe you were told that Satanism is alive and thriving in your U.S. of A.--right at the top of the heap!

Let me repeat a few of Mr. Bush's policy initiatives which would seem to speak for themselves and give some perspective on direction of your Administration (and America).

'The Bush Administration' has: (just a few excerpts)

1. Given America gun control by executive order (e.g. the banning of semiautomatic weapon imports) and helped precipitate the accelerating leftist anti- gun onslaught. It has increased production and sales of non-imported weapons and other weaponry--however--he is ready now to sign into law stringent gun-control legislation (i.e., registration and eventually, confiscation).

2. Betrayed the anti-communist Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters by joining the liberal Democrats in Congress in a final ban of arms to the Contras, as well as the disbanding of that resistance. Compromise and conciliation with the Sandinista communists is the new policy.

3. Gutted the Star Wars program by joining the liberal Congress of funding cuts and has no plans for deployment of SDI (which for all practical purposes is dead!) Dear ones, The purpose has been served--they now have your prison surrounded by the beast and the banking world system of spying and control is in place. There was never any intention of having a defense system. Oh, why didn't someone tell you that? They did--over and over and over again and YOU slept on!

4. Greatly expanded U.S. aid and trade to the People's Republic of China-- even in the wake of the June Tiananmen Square massacre and the ongoing bloody purge and executions. Bush and Baker have opposed congressional sanctions against the PRC and are pushing for GATT membership, expanded World Bank loans, sale of commercial and military aircraft. and other weapons systems, etc. The Bush team resumed business as usual within 60 days of the massacre--actually they never ceased business as usual.

5. Been negotiating a disarmament treaty with the Soviets which will ultimately reduce America's strategic forces by up to 50%--based on Soviet "promises" to do the same. Russia's strategic forces currently outnumber America's by 3 to 1, and the gap keeps growing, as you disarm, and they arm.

6. Committed America to helping the Gorbachev reforms succeed by massive economic aid, loans, and high technology. This commitment in the face of the worst debt and failure of foreign governments in the history of mankind--a perfect plan, well-orchestrated and the ultimate fulfillment of the "grey men" to control the world. See SPIRAL TO ECONOMIC DISASTER and PRIVACY IN THE FISHBOWL. (PHOENIX JOURNALS) You have been most carefully "set up and now comes the big knock-out".

7. Sold most of America's stockpiled butter surpluses (i.e., over 75,000 tons, or 110 million pounds to Russia). Well, who needs all that butter? Well, further, dear friends, what do you pay for a pound of your own butter? Ah so--Mr. Bush is giving it to the Russians at 73.3 cents a pound! The U.S. Government bought the butter at $1.32 per pound and is giving Gorbachev 59 cents per pound U.S. taxpayer funded subsidy to "help get Russian consumers off his back". It would be paid for anyway so no big deal, I suppose. What of wheat and technology? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE--EXCEPT THAT HE IS GIVING THAT AWAY, TOO!

8. Moved to pump massive U.S. economic aid into Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia and, and, and . . . to prop up their failing economies, bail out the big U.S. Banks who are owed billions (e.g., total Polish foreign debt is already over $39 BILLIONS), and take the Soviets off the economic hook for their support.

9. Greatly increased high tech sales to the Soviet Union and its allies--including computers (PC's and large main frames); super precise machine tools, and milling machines with aerospace applications; optical fiber cable side scan sonars used in new anti-submarine systems; anti-friction bearings used in inertial navigation systems for missiles of many kinds; and a host of other super high tech items. [CRAY COMPUTER TO IRAQ!-- AFTER THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR!]


11. Proposed the sharing of U.S./Soviet intelligence data--especially related to terrorism and "greater cooperation between the KGB and CIA"--who are already integrated along with the Mossad.

12. Openly states that "it seeks the integration of the Soviet Union into the community of nations", into the "NEW WORLD ORDER", and calls the Soviet Union "America's new PARTNER in peacekeeping". I remind you that I told you long ago, that you have been allies with Russia for a long, long, long time. Only YOU citizens did not know!

13. Has begun to give U.S. military assistance to at least three pro-Soviet Marxist regimes--Uganda, Tanzania, and the Seychelles. (This of course does include such terrorists as Syria, etc.)

14. Yielded to Congressional pressure to cut the U.S. Trident missile submarine force and Stealth Bomber strategic arms treaty. The Stealth Bomber program will have most, if not all, of its planes cancelled. Their purpose, too, is over.

15. A "damage control plan" to minimize the public outcry in America when the inevitable Gorbachev crackdown against dissent in the Soviet Republics commences (similar to what they did after the Red Chinese Tiananmen Square Massacre).

16. Proposed (secretly) a mass program of discounting and discrediting Alien visitors and mount a tremendous fear-campaign among the people regarding alien presence. [The thrust presently is to cover that which will soon be made public, into some sort of hocus-pocus game to mislead you as to intent. This portion has now moved into full swing in all Elite locations.]

17. Complete a totally new monetary system on very short notice under the guise of drug-war tactics.

18. Well, this could go on for pages and pages so let me just summarize a few tidbits:

The economic, domestic, and foreign policies of the Bush Administration are accelerating; America's plunge to the left becomes more visible and obvious. Courtesy of the Bush team, gun-control is coming; a near total elimination of citizen's rights to financial privacy is in the works; foreign bank accounts will be closely scrutinized and probably outlawed for individuals (not corporations); and hundreds of controls over virtually every aspect of your lives--are now being established. A truly SOCIALIST AMERICA will emerge under the Bush reign between now and the mid-90's--IF--YOU DON'T GET IT SHUT DOWN SOON!

None of the above includes the horrendous lack of assistance to your own country in disasters of natural causes, etc.--the above refers only to policies already under way and being pushed in every way possible. The rest will come--count on it.

END (2)

Thank you, Dharma, and thank you, JH. I am sorry to cause you to have to retype all this information--but you, too, needed to squarely confront the beast--again. If any of you recognize any of this information--THANK YOU!

I hope you will be stirred into at least obtaining SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET & CRY OF THE PHOENIX. Check with America West Publishers, P.O. Box 986, Tehachapi, CA 93581; 805/822-9655.

KNOW that every passing day the noose tightens and tightens and slowly you will not be able to react. If you are still breathing--please consider some action. GET THAT CONSTITUTION INTO SECURITY FOR THAT IS THE ATTACK IN POINT FOR WITHOUT IT, YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE!

Let us take rest, please.

Hatonn to clear, thank you. Good morning.



SATURDAY, MAY 4, 1991 8:30 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 261


The soul is willing, the physical rebels. Hatonn present in God's service and seemingly to bury you in mind-stretching information which is totally swamping you readers. My first response to complaints, since I AM the complaint department (see OWNER'S MANUAL), is that it is better, for my office, if you be swamped than that we not do our work to our fullest capability--but I leave that to the publisher and frankly the publisher has not known what to do with all the information.

Let us look at it with some humor--you claim to be a Democracy and each gets a vote. Now here is where democracy, as such, is for the pits; suppose we all vote--99 to one to break YOUR neck--how do you feel about that? I thought so. So, the voting is running at least 80 to one to keep pouring on the information--I have even been asked to up the publishing to 3 JOURNALS (in addition to the EXPRESSES) per week! I do not know how to help you readers--I do understand the load and perhaps our "editors" (of which we actually have none) could be more selective regarding that which goes within the Expresses--but often there is no way to discern which comes first; it is as if the world needs it ALL at once for ALL IS RELATED TO ALL ELSE. If it gives you readers more balance, Dharma missed writing yesterday because of a meeting I required and the pile of work is bottomless without considering any news or JOURNALS in any way at all. Moreover--we are going to begin inserting all of Sananda's teachings amongst mine--for your soul needs the Truth of personal spiritualness more than you need to save your assets. We will also, as we did with MANUAL, REPRINT HIS TEACHINGS SEPARATELY INTO JOURNALS FOR THIS IS THE PATHWAY UNTO GOD.

We are so grateful for your letters and backup information--my heart wants to share it all for the answers to so many questions come forth in correspondence and confirmations of others within the group--man is starved unto death for Truth and information and, yet, your world is swamping you in accelerated activities in order to prevent your having "time" to consume it. This is FULL INTENT--to consume you before you can consume information which pulls you away from the pit planned for you. As I read, and one letter in particular to George touches me with both humor and gratification for it is from a dear and devoted friend who can't seem to not read it ALL and yet is running so far behind that he needs to give "full time" and do nothing else except read. Well, now, you need the information for action and yet, if you are reading all the time it leaves little time for action--or survival needs. I understand the plight--I just don't have answers for you. Better you have the information at your elbow than for us ALL to stand before God and say we failed to do our job. Every time George and/or Desiree goes forth to speak I am filled with compassion for I know of their load of trying to sort enough to share priority information for if you begin at the punch-line, the joke has to be forfeited for you are usually given some 15 seconds to 3 minutes to perhaps a whole 20 minutes to tell the entire story of the Cosmos, Universe, God and Space Brotherhood.

So please, as you peer at your pile of writings, not even considering the confirmation material I dump on you--take a deep breath--hug it good and hope it seeps out and through and then say a prayer for George and the ones handling all this material for you would be astounded to find so few doing such an incredible job, and without everyone pitching in on mailings it could not be done--I simply have no words to express my appreciation--for these ones have to sit through lengthy sessions with me in addition and then monitor audio tapes in addition. We used to have a meeting every day and now it dwindles according to need, but that leaves them with anywhere front three to six hours of additional material to handle. By the way, those tapes are not "secret", it is just that there is little time to handle them--furthermore, it is when I do my best soapbox work, Ed. Just yesterday, Sandy and Rick asked if I would confront, in public, ones such as Larry King--well, Dharma gets faint of heart for she knows me well and I, indeed, would find great pleasure in such a meeting but she has been the target of the bullies. But yes, it rarely takes more than 30 seconds to come to realization that I am a masculine energy, a Commander and she, a translator into English. But you see, the insults always go to the speaker. Sometimes I am amazed that the public thinks nothing of receiving a phone call or a radio program and there is NO QUESTION WHATSOEVER AS TO WHO IS ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE! Man's sense of "reason" eludes me.

Now, to the point--we are aware there is much "REDUNDANT" (as you ones tell me) between the EXPRESSES and the JOURNALS and, for you who are reading both, it is messy, irritating and unnecessary perhaps--but brothers, ALL do not read both. Further, most miss some information and others simply do not understand nor retain that which they have just read for you have grown accustomed to fragmented serials such as "Dallas" in picture format and no need to recall. If you don't get the sequence of events from upstart of your mess through solutions--I don't know how in the world you are going to make it--for the enemy never rests and yet no one complains that his story never changes and is repeated over and over in a thousand repetitions in almost every thing you see and do. When will God get equal time for this political battle of Truth? Your enemy now spouts his incredible anti-God information and voted-in doctrine from your very pulpits which tout to be of God. Where is God's forum?

Please know that we receive, we understand and we don't know what to do about it, EITHER! There are as many opinions regarding the JOURNALS and EXPRESSES as there are people who receive them--this is WHY, HOWEVER, I KNOW WHEN DENOUNCEMENTS COME THAT THE MATERIAL HAS NOT BEEN READ, MUCH LESS STUDIED, for ones efforting to not miss a word--do and are forced to do so by time limitations. But do you see, if we do of our job--the rest will fall into order? Frankly, there simply are not enough here at source to sort repetitions from the printing and "who" can decide that which is perfection for "another"? One Man's discards may be the very life-saving treasure for another! It is indeed a problem which we will effort to become more effective at solving. Above all, we treasure input and honor the time it takes to pen letters to us in order to increase our service for if you fail to share your own perceptions--we have no basis upon which to either change or continue.


This, for instance, would seem to be nothing of importance but in view of the fact that Lyndon LaRouche is in prison because he dared run for President, hundreds are DEAD because they have bucked the "system" and ones such as Benson are being braindeadened for failure to file income tax forms--I feel this is important:


Washington (AP): President Bush's son Neil drew a salary of $160,000 as a partner in his SECOND money-losing oil company, in which he invested less than $3,000, an internal report by a House Committee shows.

The report by the staff of the House Small Business Committee examines the relationship between Neil Bush's SECOND oil business, Apex Energy Co. of Denver, and two venture capital firms that financed it.

A copy of the report, which concluded there is no evidence of illegal or improper conduct in Apex Energy's financing, was obtained Thursday by the Associated Press.

The venture capital firms invested $2.3 MILLION in Apex Energy in May 1989. At the time, they were controlled by Louis Marx, Jr., an investor who is a big Republican contributor and a longtime friend of President Bush.

The firms, Wood River Capital Corp. and a subsidiary, Bridger Capital Corp., were able to draw on federally guaranteed money.

Rep. Pat Schroeder, D-Colo., called the investment "a $2.3 million embarrassment".

Schroeder said in a statement that the report, which she had requested in December, indicates "a shameful abuse of a small business assistance program".

Because of the two companies' serious financial difficulties, the Small Business Administration recently asked Wood River and Bridger to sell all their assets, including their stakes in Apex Energy, within 30 months. The proceeds will be used to pay back the agency for the loan guarantees.

The report said it is unknown at this time whether Wood River and Bridger will able to sell all their holdings and repay the SBA the $24 MILLION AND $5.5 MILLION, RESPECTIVELY, THAT THEY OWE.


Now you tell me, brothers, how this can be when a man (Bill Bensen) who has no tangible assets in the first place can end up in prison with injections oozing his very life from him, for not filing "UNLAWFUL" income tax forms; and this sort of mass deception and actual money theft from you-the-people be found "OK" by your own CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES--THAT, SIRS, IS YOUR GOVERNMENT AND CONGRESSMEN! Further, I can guarantee you that at least 98% of all Americans missed the above report for it was denied more than a couple of mere mentions on TV and the above copy was way back within the small articles within the paper.

Now, I am going to do you in a bit further in reading and if you are not irate and burning with contempt for this system of enslavement--I am disappointed. This too, may be considered too lengthy but I honor the person who has confided in me and cried out for HELP. This person took his life and allowed it to be destroyed to speak out--all the way to the US Supreme Court--and was denied recourse and others who also came forward with Truth have been killed, discharged, harassed and silenced. Where else is there to go except unto God? And God turns it over to me to allow hearing for it is the time of Truth!

I shall delete pertinent information regarding this person in point as to his current location and status when within the military services. He had a high and confidential position within the record keeping facilities. He circulated through some places of high research and I honor this person and those who served and "gave" with this man of integrity who has had to witness hundreds of thousands pay the price of Agent Orange and its deadly destruction. I AM going to name other names for if the deceivers and corrupted are not brought into public view--how else shall ye stop them?

I think I shall just have the letter copied, then I ask that the correspondence be given into third party hands to be kept in separate placement in security--immediately; today!


29 April 1991

Dear Brother George Hatonn;

Thank you for your kindness & thoughtfulness.

I was employed as an xxxxxx for the United States Air Force, xxxxxxx Agency AFAA in February 1967 until August 1983 plus 2 years service connected as an inductee in the Army. Those years were Aug. 1953 to Aug. 1955.

Sometime in the late 1970's, I became acquainted with the nation's foremost toxicologists, Albert Gwinn from the chemical laboratory at Hill AFB, Utah (Maintenance Directorate) and a friend named Robert G. Heidlebaugh, from education function of Maintenance. Robert said that he turned in to the Chem Lab a sample of what appeared to him to be contaminated solvents, used to degrease wheels and brakes from the aircraft, F-4's, etc. Albert identified traces of DIOXANE in the solvents. Because of this determination, Robert was fired and later employed by a contractor from PMEL (Precision Maintenance Evaluation Lab). In the course of events, the solvents were heated to accelerate the degreasing process. This vaporization of the solvents converted the DIOXANE from a TYPE B TOXANE TO TYPE A, WHICH IS THE ULTIMATE WORST--THIS IS DEADLY TO HUMAN IN 5- 10 PARTS PER BILLION. Specifically, according to Robert, Ortho D chloro Benzene, when heated, gives off D Chloro D oxane and solvents were heated to speed up production. One day, 15 employees were overcome by fumes and were hauled out of there.

I was xxxxxxx in the area of education, and precious metals/hazardous substances, such as SILVER-CYANIDE used for plating--this product was neither coded hazardous or precious and yet, was both. This was when I became informed that Dioxane was becoming a problem. I also was xxxxxxx Base Civil Engineers and discovered that there was a plan to bury contaminated AGENT ORANGE (DIOXANE CONTAMINATE FROM PETROLEUM BASE PRODUCTS) at Hill Range at Lakeside between Hill AFB and Wendover, Nevada. They drilled 3 wells 100ft deep and 1 400 ft deep and buried the defoliant about 3 ft deep and then planned to monitor this project to determine whether dioxan would show up in the water table. Agent Orange was eventually shipped to Johnson's Island in the Pacific where it was incinerated--or so they said.

About this time, the Veterans were showing up with Agent Orange in their system along with radiation contamination. I volunteered to have them check me because of the radiation exposure that I had sustained while at White Sands & Abnagardo, New Mexico. Because of my concerns and interest in how the Government was mishandling such matters, Roger Lowell Stapleton, Resident xxxxx, Hill AFB was sent in to do a number on me and was later assisted by Maj. James Tamekazu to get me fired.

Albert Gwinn was killed and Robert H. had his house in West Layton burned to destroy all of his records. I was fired in xxxxx 1983 and THAT IS HOW THEY CORRECTED THE PROBLEMS, AND THEN SIMPLY DENIED IT HAD EVER EXISTED.

James Stolerow was the Auditor General at the time, Bernard Gardetto who was second in command and Roger Lowell Stapleton was promoted to third in command for the fine way that he covered-up and handled this corruption for the Air Force.

Dioxane appeared to be relatively easy to come by, a family of maybe 70 various types of contaminates, a by-product of petroleum refining and is reported to be difficult to get rid of. This is the same product that showed up in LOVE Canal in Missouri, I think.

Since being fired in 1983, some firemen at Hill AFB were convicted for theft on Base while the Security Police covered for them; then there was a drug bust, and then theft of Air Craft Engines--3 F-16 engines. I concluded that management at Hill could cover anything and everything at the same time the AFAA, Office of Special Investigation, Inspector General all turned their heads the other way. I accused my supervisor, Glenn Howe, of fraudulently misrepresenting his time cards, while he took his daughter, Sally (I think) to the dentist to have her face repaired. This was over 20 visits during working hours. The I.G., OSI and R.L. Stapleton all refused to even investigate--along with the "whistle blowing group".

I appealed my case all the way to the so-called self-styled Supreme Court of the U.S. At each significant effort, I was attacked physically and psychically--every night. I was monitored and again attacked as I commenced this letter to you. NO doubt you know what I am talking about. Is it psionic warfare? Or, what is it? The computer room at Utah State Capitol must be into people control warfare games, also. These attacks can easily trigger suicide--they are very severe.

Back to Dioxane, it is a perfect weapon because of the Aircraft Exhaust and Catalytic converters on automobiles. Easily hidden.

……I need protection and help. If you delve into this scabby effort, you will have to use extreme caution, or I could end up like…… in the CIA who was going to testify about sale of arms to the enemy for Nelson Rockefeller--BOTH had holes in their head.


I end the quoting for the remainder of the letter is incredibly sensitive, pointed and ammunition for destruction. Needless to say the person was denied all retirement benefits and is under attack constantly by harassment as well as other physical manners.

As we moved along in the letter there is evidence of bombardment to the mental processing and he finally has to close, apologizing for the spelling, etc. Oh, son, you need not apologize for ANYTHING and know, that as we move along there will be more and more daring ones to step forward and bring this heinous assault against the human species to a stop. The weapons are indeed sophisticated and all but impossible to track and the devastation even without additional trauma, is absolutely beyond ability to fathom unless you have been targeted. Pull in the Light Shield, brother, and keep it in place--for it is the only protection against the assault of the pulse waves to the human form--for they are tuned to destruct.

I realize that you have asked for no security, as such, but it is considered and will be attended. Having gone the route of the courts is, in itself, the most debilitating of all-- to learn there is NO JUSTICE SYSTEM! I salute you, sir, and honor you for one more step to inform your fellow-men.

By the way, where the Dioxane contaminate was placed now shows high levels of contamination--not just from the monitor spot but from full depth of burial and in everextending diameter around the burial sites (all). This will NEVER be either contained nor neutralized and is leaking into the air in constant toxic amounts. God blesses you, son, and we are grateful for the opportunity to communicate--we MUST NOT FAIL in our mission! So be it.


I have had several requests as to where to obtain "THE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BIBLE" IT IS ACTUALLY THE JEFFERSON BIBLE and many have found it in bookstores about the country. One version just brought into my attention is a publication of Beacon Press, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108. This particular book has been published in English, French, Greek and Latin.

I am also absolutely deluged with tons of inquiries asking about this church or that one and "where are the lost ten tribes" etc. I have trouble with these questions for I believe if you will go within and think upon the information we have "dumped" upon you in far too instant a measure, you will come into clarity without my giving specifics. However, allow me to remind you in your discerning process--START WITH THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION! Any doctrine that deviates in teaching from those laws is in error--either intentionally or in ignorance, but definitely in error.


I am continually asked if there be any "church" left untouched and truly of God. Just one--within thine breast! All things brought forth in Man's rules and doctrines and functional regulations required for "membership" including "membership itself" represents "exclusivity". God denies NO ONE! What of tithing? God only tells you within your heart to return unto him a portion of that which he has shared with you. GOD NEVER SAID TO GIVE 10% NOR ANY OTHER AMOUNT TO THE BUILDING FUND OR CHURCH COFFERS RUN BY MEN. TITHING CAN AS EASILY, AND SHOULD MORE ABUNDANTLY BE, BY A GIVING OF A HAND TO A FRIEND WHO IS IN NEED--OR AN EAR TO A PERSON WHO LONGS TO BE HEARD--AND A PORTION OF LOVE, ESPECIALLY UNTO ONE WHO PERCEIVES HE RECEIVES NONE--AND ALWAYS IT IS KEPT SOLELY BETWEEN SELF AND GOD. 'TIS MAN WHO DENIES ENTRY INTO THE SECRET TEMPLES AND SPECIAL PLACES IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR DUES-- PONDER IT. AND, IF IT IS OF MAN—IT IS MOST SURELY NOT OF GOD! AH, AND THE WAYS OF DECEPTION ARE CLEVER INDEED!

This one letter from which I chose the above topics, has over 25 very thoughtful and oft-asked questions but I cannot answer them all herein for I wish to take a couple from another intensely seeking reader:

Quote: Abortion was called "murder" in the EXPRESSES, and JOURNALS. This question concerning abortion has been put to many "channels of various spirit entities", and ALL of them say it is NOT "murder', because the soul that decides on reincarnation knows ahead of time what is likely to occur to the "vehicle" (newborn). If it still goes ahead with reincarnation, then for whatever reason, it needs this experience of abortion for karmic reasons. The spirits state that if a soul does not attach itself shortly after being born, the newborn dies, or it is born stillborn.

If there is anything in error of what these spirit channels say, then would you please mention what the error is?

INDEED I SHALL, AND THANK YOU. AND JUST WHO DO THESE "CHANNELS" CLAIM TO BE AND CHANNEL FOR WHOM? God has told you that killing is WRONG! By that which you have just outlaid I project without hesitation that the "Channel" and/or "Spirit Energy" is NOT OF GOD! How can I state such an emphatic thing? Because God says that thou shall NOT murder. How does the one causing the abortion know of the soul need of the entity being aborted? Therefore, it matters not in the given instance whether there is consideration of the newly birthed or aborted fetus/soul. WHAT OF THE SOUL INTENT OF THE ONES DOING THE KILLING—WITH OR WITHOUT SOUL RESIDENCY--AND WHO BUT GOD CAN SAY WHEN THE FETUS BECOMES A VIABLE SOUL? I TELL YOU THAT LIFE BEGINS WITH THE CONCEPTION--AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED COMES PRIOR TO THE SELFISH HUMAN PHYSICAL INTERACTION THROUGH CONTROL AND ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY--NOT THE MURDERING TO COVER IRRESPONSIBILITY!


2) Concerning abortion, is it better to force someone against their freewill to have kids they can not afford to support decently, or just don't want? There are lots of stories going on today of child abuse and neglect, because they were unwanted. This abuse eventually leads to severe mental, or physical problems, and perhaps criminal behavior in the child. In turn this creates a terrific burden to society.

Setting aside "rape" as cause for pregnancy for that will be too lengthy herein--and right off; it is also against God's laws to physically cause abortion even in that instance for it still requires that the Mother and those advising her--to commit murder--not the child--the Mother. It all, therefore, boils down to irresponsibility and illicit behavior which caused the pregnancy in the first place--why should an innocent fragment of God be slain (murdered) by the very people who conceived it and gave it life? Why is it less murder to murder a helpless life-form in its very purity than to murder a child of one or two or 90? YOU are not given to know the contract nor the viability of any other—NONE and most especially a "channel" from some nebulous, oft-named "Cosmic Conglomerate" has any ability to pronouncement of giving sanction and OK to murder or breakage of any other laws of God and/or Creation. This is why I tell you ones, that I have over and over again offered to meet with those "so-called SPOUTS" right through their interpreter "channels" and they run like they are on fire--away from me, denouncing me all the way--but refusing to confront the Truth, in fact.

Let me give you a bit of insight right here and perhaps it will clarify things for your thinking. There is child abuse, heinous abuse--and yes, just the irresponsible use of the sexual act for all things EXCEPT THE INTENT OF ITS USE--WHICH IS PROCREATION--WILL DESTROY YOUR WORLD. MURDER WILL NOT SAVE IT FROM THAT END. This is EXACTLY that which is being given unto you by the Evil Adversary to bring you to destruction of your very souls. He teaches that these actions are "fine" and "good" and pours on violence into your senses until EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING is acceptable.

Just as with a child, let us relate this to the entire of society and planet structure. This abuse and misuse has led society into total abuse of selves, species and planet itself. What is the ultimate plan of solution of the Elite Satan? MURDER! MURDER OF YOU EXPENDABLES AND HE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT IN GREAT AND MASSIVE NUMBERS UNTO SELVES! IT IS NOT ONLY A "BURDEN" ON SOCIETY BUT THE VERY DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY--WHICH IS THE INTENT, DEAR ONES. "RIGHT OF CHOICE"? ON INDEED--GOD ALWAYS GIVES YOU FREEDOM OF CHOICE, BE YE MALE OR FEMALE AND IF YE CHOOSE MURDER--TAKE IT UP WITH HIM BUT DON'T TRY TO CONVINCE HIM THAT IT IS GOOD!

I request that Sananda's writing through Drew be placed herein for careful consideration for you have forgotten that which IS responsible behavior. Responsibility comes before the fact of the intentional error and herein is where the sins of the fathers and the mothers rest upon the backs of the generations--failure to teach Truth and encourage responsible behavior brings you to seven BILLION people on a planet created for 500 MILLION. But Man became flesh and, guided by the King of Flesh (Physical) brought you to destruction--do not turn now, and blame God--FOR YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAWS OF GOD WHO SEES AFTER YOUR IMMORTAL BEINGS FOR YOU SHALL NOT LAST IN THE FLESH STATE SAVE A FEW BITS OF TIME. WHY WOULDST YE MURDER THE CHILD FOR THE SINS OF THE TWO INDULGENT AND IRRESPONSIBLE PARTICIPANTS? WOULD IT BE RIGHT TO INCARCERATE ,SAY, A SIX YEAR OLD CHILD OR EXECUTE HIM IF HE IS INNOCENT OF ALL KNOWLEDGE AND YET HIS MOTHER AND FATHER GO FORTH AND KILL, SAY, EVEN A DOZEN CITIZENS, WHILE PATTING THEM ON THE HEAD AND SAYING," WELL, YOU SAVE SOCIETY FROM THE BOTHER OF ANNIHILATING THEM LATER"? WAS THE CHILD NOT INNOCENT--CAN HIS DEATH ABSOLVE THE GUILTY? AH, BUT 'TIS THE SAME THAT THIS SAME SOCIETY DID UNTO CHRIST? AND NOW IT IS WORSE, FOR HE MUST BEAR THE SINS OF THE ENTIRE PLANET FOR WHICH HE DID NAUGHT BUT BRING THEE LIGHT.

ABORTION OF LIFE--IS MURDER, ANY WAY YOU CUT IT, SPELL IT OR PRONOUNCE IT--OR, VOTE-IT-IN! THE PENALTIES FOR THAT BREAKING OF THE GOD/CREATION LAWS IS BETWEEN THE BREAKER OF THE LAW AND GOD/CREATION--BUT IT IS IN NO-WISE-RIGHT! I go back to my example--YOU are in a room, sitting in a corner--asleep; there are 99 other people in the room and they look at you and decide that they don't want you for there is one too many in the room. So, they unanimously VOTE to slay you, but you woke up just in time to object and even vote. Ah, but too late and they shoot you through the head--or slowly dismember you--first your arms, then your legs then your head, etc. Is this not considered murder? At least by YOU? So be it, pondering is a wondrous thing as regards the laws of God and Creation.

Will the actions merit thee a stay in "Hell"? Well, I don't know what "Hell" is in your connotation--but I can promise you that if you come not back within the Laws of God and Creation, you shall spend time in separation from God in getting thine thought processes into correct attention!

Let us close this Dharma, thank you for your service and, precious, we will continue to write as quickly and as much as we can for it is our task--how it is handled will have to reside within others--for THIS IS OUR TASK AND GOD HOLDS NOTHING FROM HIS PEOPLE--NOTHING! MY PAIN IS THAT WE CANNOT GIVE IT ALL-- DIRECTLY WITHIN THINE BEINGS. THAT, TOO, CAN BE DONE BY GOD BUT WE ARE NOT GIVEN TO GIVE GOD HIS GUIDELINES BUT ONLY TO FULFILL OUR COMMISSION TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY. SALU. Yes, dear, that means you DO NOT GET A VACATION AFTER ALL! You, see, readers-- Dharma likes the request for "less" and so be it.

To you who keep asking "who is Oberli"? He is attached to Dharma, tends all the writing, notes all the messages, and generally gets no more than 5 to 6 hours a day, sleep--ever--for the pain of it. It is the same with all members of the crew herein--the work is unlimited and I cannot express my appreciation for that which is given in love and care is beyond any measure. Perfection? No, for all are trying to exist in the human state and the bodies become weary and the heart discouraged at the mammoth task at hand--but we shall do it, chelas--WE SHALL DO IT!

Hatonn to stand-by, allow us a rest. Good morning.



SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1991 9:11 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 262

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1991

Hatonn present in the Light of Holy God. We shall cover some most urgent matters this morning and then I want you out of this location--push is coming to shove as we ready to REALLY go public. I think what I am going to say herein will be well worth the surveillance teams' attention. You who think you work for freedom and security must come into the realization that you ARE NOT among the Elite who will have placement in the security of the New World Order. And you ones reading these documents and complaining about that which we include--remember something most important--we are bringing your high level "Police Force" officers and men into comfort about that which we give unto you. They are in far more danger personally than are you for the ones who do not move along in heinous police terror will be expended.


I told you long ago to beware and watch for the day when they would bring forth the replacement for the Challenger which blew up in 1986. This one is equipped to interwork with the new terror/enforcement weaponry being put into sub-orbit now! The Elite have come up with the systems for tracking, detonating and controlling from electronic means FROM HIGHER SPACE ORBIT, THAT WHICH IS SET UP WITHIN YOUR ATMOSPHERE AND ON THE GROUND. FOR REASONS WHICH SHOULD TERRIFY THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF YOU--THE RUSSIANS ARE CHOOSING NOT TO TAKE OUT THE WHOLE MESS--FOR YOU HAVE CAPABILITY OF, AND WILL DO SO, START AND EMBROIL YOUR PLANET INSTANTLY IN A NUCLEAR WAR THE LIKES OF WHICH YOU HAVE NEVER DREAMED.

"But everything is going well with us and Russia," you will say to me--I want you to consider what is REALLY happening with Gorbachev and Yeltsin, just as a for instance. The Elite Councils of the world are working diligently behind the scenes to keep Gorbachev in power and you believe that that which is happening is honestly given unto you--No.


How was this diplomat treated? Stay on the line, please, for the manner in which this President of Russia was received (or not received) shocks the rest of the "INFORMED" world--and yet Elitism is so entrenched within the noose that no one could do a thing about this situation--Mitterand is now within the Elite re-population and feeling his security within the Cartel. The incident at point went like this (and this was NOT REPORTED IN ANY MANNER IN YOUR ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA-- EITHER ELECTRONIC OR PRESS).

On April 15, Russian leader Boris Yeltsin, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev's chief political rival, was invited to address the EP, and was to be introduced by Pierre Cot, leader of the Socialist Party. Cot surprised the members, and astounded Yeltsin, by saying the following ("...as if programmed by a computer..."): "Yeltsin, we do NOT want you here, you should leave. Walk right out the door", at which time he pointed to the door to stress his point, "...Gorbachev's the one we want to talk to and you are not welcome". Well, the hall erupted in catcalls and objections to Cot but Yeltsin, insulted to the bare bones, left.

Then, in Paris (where a lot of "stuff" is claimed to not take place), Yeltsin was further completely embarrassed when President Francois Mitterrand kept him waiting half a day--disallowed from leaving his hotel room--until he sent his secretary to see him. Well, let us see now--The "National Front" profited from this political blunder, having received an invitation from Yeltsin to visit him in Russia--but what you better note is that the clout of the Elite is now coming to the point of no longer even efforting to hide many of the things that are done--THEY KNOW YOU IN AMERICA ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN SHUT THIS CANCER DOWN AND THEY KNOW YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN THE INFORMATION (NEWS). And how can you know this is true? BECAUSE YOUR OWN MEDIA NETWORKS ARE TELLING YOU AS MUCH AND CUTTING BACK ON ALL NEWS STAFFING!



But you might say, "Hatonn this is fantasy-ville and if you are real, you are certainly nuts--not many were actually killed in Iraq and no one could cover hundreds of thousands of deaths." No? Your Establishment media told you that HUNDREDS were killed in Baghdad--the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS reveals, now, that there are established deaths well over 350 THOUSAND Iraqi CIVILIAN CASUALTIES in Baghdad alone. Additionally there are another minimum of 200,000 known military casualties. Altogether, according to the Red Cross--"there are more than half a million Iraqis killed during the war, according to actual body counts in only isolated areas". So be it.




Remember that nasty old bully? Remember the uprising about getting him dead? Well, President George Bush is in the middle of cutting a TOP SECRET DEAL with this nasty old bully. Bush offers him safe passage out of the country into TEMPORARY safe exile if he will just step down while the "government is put into order". Ah, but what are they trying to do? Seems obvious enough to me!

Now, what do you get in return for all that "oil control"? Well, you Americans are going to get a minimum tax on gas of at least 10 cents per barrel of oil imported from the "Gulf". How do you know? Because the Trilateral Commission decided it would be so.


Now watch this sleight of hand to begin to remove the robotoid David Rockefeller from the limelight: The Trilateral Commission (TC), which had its annual meeting held at the Okura Hotel in Tokyo April 20-22, issued marching orders for its highpowered members to pump MORE MONEY INTO THE UNITED NATIONS and prepare THAT BODY TO FULLY FUNCTION AS A WORLD GOVERNMENT!!!!!!*****!!!!!

This would be accomplished by imposing the surcharge of 10 cents. Now this couldn't be directly taxed to the population, nor do they want to forfeit other nations' contributions, so it will be placed per barrel on ALL OIL COMING FROM THE PERSIAN GULF REGION. AH, AND HERE IT COMES TO SUCKER YOU: "IT WOULD BE NOMINAL AT FIRST--TO PROVIDE HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE TO THE REFUGEES FROM GEORGE BUSH'S PERSIAN GULF WAR!" AND--FOR OTHER RELIEF TO ONES SUFFERING IN "GREAT DISASTERS"--WHICH THEY SET UP, ORCHESTRATED AND PULLED OFF-- FROM ARMENIA TO BANGLADESH TO SOUTHERN U.S.

But let us continue with the meeting. The surcharge, which would be effective immediately (if not before--for gas prices are rising right now, if you hadn't noticed), would "be no burden at all to Big Oil" it was noted, which is completely represented at the annual closed-door top secret meetings.

Funny thing--re-read the list of Trilateral members--the Washington Post, The New York Times, the entire Establishment media is thoroughly represented and the moguls in top participation slots--the story was universally suppressed in the United States. The moguls had actually taken part under an agreement to publish nothing unless approved by the TC.


Volcker, like Rockefeller and Kissinger, are among the "elite of the Elite" who will meet with the SENIOR CABAL, THE BILDERBERG GROUP, at BADEN-BADEN, GERMANY ON JUNE 7-9.

The Bilderberg meeting is higher-ranked and more top-secret. While the Trilateralists conduct the public's business behind closed doors, they at least acknowledge their own existence--THE BILDERBERG DENIES ITS EXISTENCE.

Another DIFFERENCE is that the Bilderberg group consists of Elitists from Europe and North America only, while the Trilateralists include Japanese elitists.

The Bilderbergers will meet at a remote but very posh resort outside Baden-Baden with armed guards keeping the "unwashed multitudes" OUT.

Rockefeller and his "puppet-master", Henry Kissinger, had a secret meeting with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who was ending his trip to Tokyo as the Trilateral meeting began. They pressured Gorbachev into refusing to discuss the return of the northern Japanese islands seized by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II.



Handling Japan was the REASON for the secret meeting between Rockefeller, Kissinger and Gorbachev (and worry now, brothers--for all three are replicas working totally at the hands of the puppet-masters!) Yes, we are going to get to Bush again when I finish this dissertation and it will all make a lot more sense to you. Remember, Gorbachev was paying the first state visit to Japan from his country in a whole century (100 years--how convenient that it coincided with a Trilateral meeting!)

The TC was afraid that reapprochement in full, between the two countries would result in Japan increasing trade and investments in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The American and European financiers want to exploit the cheap labor and new markets there without competition from the Japanese. Gorbachev was made fully aware that assistance would be forthcoming from the Elite International sources and fully understood the position that returning the Japanese islands, or even seriously discussing it, would cause him potentially fatal political problems at home.

Most Soviet citizens don't even know that they still have the Japanese islands. They have long ago accepted the loss of dominance over the East European nations as shown on paper facades. Many of the Soviet republics are declaring their own independence from the Soviet Union--another facade.

So, to play the TC game to the max, as they spoke of trade, etc., Gorbachev refused to budge on return of the islands. And the Japanese leader responded as the shadow government intended.



TO GIVE "NEED" FOR THE 10 CENT SURTAX! The Trilateralists are taking home to their respective governments this argument in imposing the new UN tax.

The speech goes, “The beneficiaries of the successful prosecution of the war to an important extent are oil consumers around the world. It seems logical that you would extract from the renewed free flow of the resource some tiny share that would be used to finance the aftermath of the crisis”.

Once the United Nations has imposed a surcharge on all Persian Gulf oil--about 40 percent of the world's whole supply--(but note, NOT AMERICA'S BIG DOMESTIC OIL OR GREAT BRITAIN'S!) (And why do you think the Queen is coming to Florida?)--it will be easy to make the levy universal at some time and/or increase it without limits in the years ahead as you come more into the box trap set for you-- already you can't do a damned thing about the United Nations.

So, the world got a Super Bowl of an international war nicely offered and served by Bush (remember the Bush "original" is at Camp David) and a reason to do anything else the UN chooses to do--rather, the Bilderbergs and Trilateralists behind the (transparent) skirts of the UN. Things are going to come down on you faster and faster!

The Gulf War was celebrated by the Trilateralists as a full demonstration of the UN's ability to enforce its will in the "New World Order".

Fred Bergsten, head of the Washington-based Institute for International Economics, sounded the first call for the 10-cent tax to assist "the Kurdish and Shiite Moslems" and the global tax was then supported by the UN's high commissioner for refugees, Sadako Ogata. She told the Trilateralists that the world body needs $283.5 million (now) to cover these three current months of aid to the refugees. Another minimum of $38 million is needed for displaced people inside Iraq. Miss Ogata is the first (surprise!) Japanese to head a major UN agency--how convenient.


Despite the apparent "treachery" of the entity chairman Rockefeller, the three chairmen of the TC issued a statement calling for more participation by Japan in global affairs. The chairmen are David Rockefeller (on the way out) for North America, Isamu Yamashita for Japan and Georges Berthoin of France (ah ha-- Yeltsin) for Europe.

"We have the feeling Japan is on the threshold of acquiring a new role in the world", Berthoin spouted off. There is a “very deep and growing interest among the European Community and Japan for stronger ties”. He also expressed deep hope for more formal links between the European Community and Japan by the end of this year. Rockefeller called for Japan to become a permanent, sixth member of the UN SECURITY COUNCIL. It would mean a "revision" to the UN Charter but it is proclaimed that it would be accomplished.

Now watch the hand: Rockefeller, "I realize there are serious problems with achieving this objective, particularly as it would mean opening up the UN Charter to revision". But the second-best alternative, Rockefeller continued, is for the United States, France and Britain--ALL PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL--to form a consultative group with Japan to give it an "equal" voice. (THE OTHER TWO PERMANENT MEMBERS ARE THE SOVIET UNION AND RED CHINA--FREE CHINA HAVING BEEN OUSTED).

WATCH ALSO, THIS LISTING I WILL SHARE WITH YOU: Among luminaries participating in the TC meeting were Gareth Evans, Australian foreign minister; Simone Veil, former president of the European Parliament and former French Cabinet member, and Joseph Nye, director of Harvard University's Center for International Affairs. PRESIDENT VEIL WAS SUPPOSEDLY GASSED TO DEATH IN A GERMAN—CONCENTRATION CAMP IN WORLD WAR II BUT IS CLEARLY VERY MUCH ALIVE, KICKING AND SETTNG UP NEW AND MORE DEVIOUS GAMES FOR YOU-THE-SLAVES!



But this comes as a big blow for the "Planners" right now for things are shaky for this entity and it will be necessary to either adjust this being or take him out. Thus you are getting prepared--a heart rhythm failure? Stupid, stupid cover-up which holds no merit whatsoever but the bindings are tight. We aliens have been now photographed with "a" President Bush at Camp David. Then all this hoopla takes place this ending week at Camp David--I WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT CAMP DAVID IS THE BUSIEST PLACE ON YOUR PLANET THIS WEEKEND. EVEN BUSH WAS EMBARRASSED BY THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS DUPLICATE ON FRIDAY.


I would like to put some other items to rest. In the Iraq War the "coalition" (not Saddam Hussein) destroyed artifacts of a 7,000-year-old culture--demanded and orchestrated by the Khazar Elite who hate all things dealing with Christed God-belief. Worse, agents went in and took--and removed from the country--artifacts of priceless value, from mosques, etc., which would be utilized "in the new temple in Jerusalem". Now how could you get out with contraband of that magnitude? Well, easy--for one thing, if it is pre-arranged, you have all the help you need. Further, as with priceless relics and artifacts from any ancient culture there is full black-market trade going on all the time. How? Again, easy--ask Wendelle Stevens of UFO fame and Lee and Britt Elders of Billy Meier touting-fame! It happens all the time!




I suggest you look further into that which you do and that with which you "bargain". "I will help God if----" No, sorry about that, beloved ones, and I suggest that in retrospect when you sit to ponder what happened--that you DO NOT BLAME GOD FOR NOT GIVING YOU THE "HOW TO" AND YOU IGNORED IT! WHEN THE SORTING IS DONE, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THE GAME IS OVER FOR THOSE WHO CHOSE CARELESSLY.


Dharma, I desire you to depart this place as soon as possible--we have revealed some real rats in the rafters and the hornets are swarming. You are in protection but the blast to this dwelling will be a real trial this day. I am overhead with attention undivided--do nothing foolish. I salute all of you--and those of you readers who withdrew from the writings because you couldn't believe the messages--I suggest your friends tell you to perk up and pay attention, for you are only beginning to get the unraveling and it is quite definitely HARD TO BELIEVE! I am in constant attendance to you, my people. Salu.

Hatonn to clear, please.



WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 1991 8:09 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 265


Dharma, Hatonn present in the Light of Holy God and, precious, within that Light our mission cannot fail. We shall endure and there will be breaks for recovery--so be it. We have not any need to "save the world nor the people in it"--they must tend of selves--ours is but to bring the Truth of the way it IS.

You ask to be relieved of the witness to the Sipapu screenplay--NO! If anything goes, it will be this work for the birth of the baby is not all there is to the rearing of a child-- Sipapu must be attended. I, too, am touched and warmed by the brilliance of perception and beauty Wally has performed--it shall be a wondrous unfoldment--a guided and gifted work brought into life from a printed page of symbols--we are indeed grateful. There will be nothing changed except the labeled ones who have spoken in darkness against God and the Brotherhood and the names of the books enclosed in the ending portion. You, Dharma (Dorushka Maerd--Dharma's Beloved Dream [vision]) are Truth and stored with all its memories and pain within the pages and it is your life, chela, and so it shall be tended with great care.

Wally has given tribute to Paul (Nick, in the writing) and I thank him for so-doing for those who are out of their timing and precipitate others into action--pay the greatest price of all. Let us move briskly along with finishing the printing of the Screenplay so that funding can be finished. If this story will not fill an actor's heart with light and tenderness--nothing can. Ones will recall our contact.

The reason for changing of the books listed as in the "original"--because those were the only books of which you, the "author", had any knowledge. You had no way to know that YOU were not writing the text and, therefore, could only accept that which was visible to your eyes. We could only witness in sorrow to watch those you felt in Truth to only find them egotistically "false". There are many, many more to confront but we not do that this day. Were ALL these ones brought, false? Oh no, do you not remember--almost all the dark brothers tell you is truth so that you further accept the falseness as it also flows. Everything told unto you was Truth for the story was already written but the work of the JOURNALS was intended to be STOPPED by the very ones who had given such encouragement--for you trusted them and their input and when it changed to negative battering you were torn as to your own purpose--THAT, dear, is your confirmation of WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE ABOUT. We certainly come to start no religions--we have NO connection with "New Age"--we are only Hosts come before God to bring announcement, spread of the good news of His return and remind you of Truth--and so shall it be.

Just as with all "attacks" of the dark brotherhood who would take of your souls and have tampered with all things precious as guidance for man--they do not touch it ALL, for you would see through their disguise if they so did. So the Bible is laced through with that which IS OF GOD so that you will also accept that which is not. It is each individual's responsibility to discern for self--that can only be done if Truth is brought into remembering--the LAWS according to God and The Creation--not as "voted-in" by a group of Men.

Matt. 10:26: Therefore, do not fear them, for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed and hidden that will not be known. Amen.


We receive pained inquiries from ones who are finding the Truth, truth but painful and them being given into confusion and searching as the facts are unfolded. You who think it boring to have to sit through Khazar history--remember your brothers who believe in the Christ path and God and believe themselves to be "Jews". What of their identity? What of those ones who find their background is not that which they perceived but also see the absolute Truth of the outlay of history and heritage? YOU ARE GOD'S CHILDREN--YOU NEED NO PAIN, BUT RATHER--JOY! YOUR PARENTS WALKED A HARDER PATH AND NOW YOU ALSO WALK THAT PATH AND--IN THE IGNORANCE SPREAD ABOUT YOUR GLOBE--YOU ARE THE FIRST TARGETS OF THE EVIL CARTEL. FEAR NOT, FOR WITH KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHT INTO TRUTH--THE POWER IS DISSOLVED. GOD CARES NOT THAT WHICH YOU WERE NOR YOUR PARENTAGE--NOR SHALL HE ALLOW EXCUSE OF OR GIVE LITTLE ACCOUNT TO--THAT WHICH WAS--ONLY THAT WHICH IS. SO BE IT AND BLESSINGS UPON THE KNOWLEDGE FOR IT WILL BRING YOU WITHIN AND YOU SHALL CEASE THE ISOLATION IN PERCEIVED CONTRADICTION.



I herein remind you of "Babylon"; and WHO IS BABYLON--WHAT IS BABYLON? Nothing save a "clue"--it ceases to be a place in Iraq which sat near Baghdad. It is a "meaning" of that which would tear the world apart and then enslave it.

The largest, most powerful criminal organization in the world is not the Mafia or Cosa Nostra, it is not the drug cartel, it is not the Red government of Russia or China or Cuba, it isn't even the IRS (which most of you would dispute--but given the Constitution, you can handle the IRS). These bits and pieces are only a few of the thousands of parts which comprise Mystery Babylon the Great, and which make her so mysterious to the world over which she reigns. To describe any part of Babylon, such as NEW YORK CITY. WASHINGTON, ETC , as ALL of Babylon, is not to see her at all. It is like the blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. Each one described it according to the part lie touched; a tree trunk, a snake, a wall, a flexible door, etc.

The brain, or control center of the Babylonian World System is comprised of the hidden, cabalistic crew of International Bankers who own and control the Federal Reserve and the other central banks of the world, but they, in turn, are made up of the Elite Zionist Cartel. They are the Anti-God/Christ Banksters, or let us give them a nice, cute Governmental label of identification of AB's. The very lifeblood of this harlot is the wealth of the world stolen through the operation of their central and commercial banks, and the taxation in unlawful manner, enforced by the security services of the IRS, KGB, CIA and MOSSAD.


If you allow yourselves to be totally distracted by that which is upon you today in the non-news, you will miss of the urgent and important (ancient) Truth of that which is actually happening. For instance, look at this day--a major thrust is within your news to pass the Brady Gun Control Bill. The criminal elements already are armed up the gazoo--but you push to disarm selves so that there is not even any defense. Then, Bush defends Quayle against the attackers and jesters--how?--by saying, "HE HAS DONE A VERY EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT JOB FOR ME IN PLACES LIKE LATIN AND SOUTH AMERICA AND I INTEND TO KEEP HIM ON MY TICKET--HE IS EXCEPTIONALLY EFFECTIVE AND SERVES ME WELL". Nothing about America, nothing about liberty and Constitution--"....he serves me well". And heart upset--due to thyroid? Chelas--watch, how is it that Barbara ALSO had thyroid dysfunction and had surgery at onset of First Lady career. Also listen to what Barbara says about George: "This is not due to stress or those kinds of things-- this is due to other things". What other things? THE CLUES ARE THERE!

And what of the continued denial in adamant, outrageous manner of being in Paris in 1980 when THERE IS PROOF ALL OVER THE PLACE? Well, Boni Sadr is here and aids of Carter are come forth--which will you lambs accept? IF you wait until after Gun Control--it won't matter at all.

And now a tornado through Bangladesh? My, let us assume the extra "eyes" are not wasted by Oculex of Tel Aviv, and I assure you, they will not be!

"A cry of defiance and not of fear,...For, borne on the night-wind of the Past, Through all our history, to the last, In the hour of darkness and peril and need--The people will waken and listen to hear--the hurrying hoof-beats of that steed, And the midnight message of Paul Revere." Henry W. Longfellow, 1860. Which hoofbeats will America and the Free Citizens of the world heed? The beat of the drums of Paul Revere or the hoofbeats of the Horses of the Apocalypse? The latter approaches in thundering drumbeat upon you.


During the last weeks and months momentous events have been taking place on the world stage--central events, side-distracters and hidden horror--the intent to confuse and divide that the Elite can capture and conquer. For over a century now the intent has been to destroy the unity of family and create chaos from which you would do anything to bring peace--but what you plan will not bring peace but rather, destruction and enslavement.

A tremendously powerful and concerted move is now well under way and in full action, to bring in the New World Order--by the year 2000.

In the midst of the confusion, ones also tell you that Maitreya and Christ and Jesus/God walk your plane. They do not. What means one by these "New Age" linguistics which cause confusion and misunderstanding? MAITREYA means simply, "MASTER"--a description of status just as "CHRIST" means MASTER TEACHER OF TRUTH AND THE WORD. JESUS IS A MAN-GIVEN LABEL TO IDENTIFY A "PERSON". THE ONE YOU CALL JESUS WAS EMMANUEL ESU OF THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH/DAVID. "JESUS" was later appended to the entity (after the moving on of the Man, Emmanuel) by Saul of Tarsus (Paul the Apostle) while traveling in Greece. We honor the name "Jesus" as you ones use it for it works fine for identification of a specific referred-to being. So CHRIST MAITREYA JESUS--THE SANANDA--is the entity in point: GOD SENT TEACHER/MASTER "JESUS" ESU, THE ONE WITH GOD is not in physical form upon your place, although He does come in holographic appearance at particular points of contact to set up HIS purpose. But if a MAN tells you He is there or here or over yon, in physical form (for instance, running around London)--harken up--for even your tampered versions of the Bible tell you otherwise. Remember, "Maitreya" is a "state of beingness", NOT a name such as Joe, or Ray, or Tom, Dick or Harry--nor Jesus! All I tell you is to take caution and not be distracted from that which is necessary to prevail at this time of chaos. Read and study all the material ye can garner--and the Truth shall shine forth within thine ability to discern whether or not it comes from an unspecified energy form or a Man's mouth as interpreter. Do I suggest you cast out the teachings of the myriad blatherings, some of which may be correct and True? No, for Truth will stand--always!

I can set a few things to straight for you. I have told you that in all summits of current times there is participation of the Hosts and recently, only etheric-capable beings. This is to prevent the inevitable attempt to incarcerate the visitors. You will get stories such as the following as things come forth in the press and uncovered incidents make their way to your attention: "Last December (1989) world attention was riveted on the Malta Summit, allegedly a series of one-on-one meetings between President Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev. Since that time the world has witnessed unprecedented moves towards the ' democratization' of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries in Europe. We have also seen the ouster of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. We are being told that communism has failed, that the communist nations have 'seen the light' and are now working feverishly to reform and get in line with their former enemies in the West".

"Although any move away from communism by the various countries in the Eastern Bloc is to be applauded, we shouldn't let our short-term thankfulness blur our longterm understanding of what is really taking place. As is so often true in world politics, what you see (short term) is not necessarily what you get long term. Reality is much more important than perception".

"And so it was with the Malta Summit. Although many hundreds of the top television and radio reporters and commentators were on the scene and allegedly covered the summit from every conceivable angle, information now leaking out indicates that these self-appointed defenders of the 'public's right to know' conveniently FORGOT to report the biggest and most significant story of all from the summit, and one which did find outlet in many documents in the European press. (There was a third party participant in the conference").

"From several sources including one British and one American, there is knowledge that the Malta Summit was, in fact, a THREE-WAY SUMMIT. Who was the third participant? None other than Lord Maitreya, leader and self-proclaimed 'messiah' of the New Age Movement".



Witnesses state that the trio had lengthy meetings and that, just prior to the conclusion of the summit, ten other unidentified men arrived on the scene. These individuals immediately went into a tightly guarded conference with Bush, Gorbachev and 'Maitreya'. When they emerged forty-five minutes later the Summit was over”.

"Security was TOTAL. All cameramen and photographers were ordered not to use their equipment except to take pictures of Bush and Gorbachev. If pictures were taken, their cameras were confiscated and they would be forcibly removed from the ship. Maitreya was dressed in standard Arab garb AND WORE A RING UPON WHICH WAS ENGRAVED THE JEWISH HIGH SIGN"! Do you still think it was God?

The next is true: "All reporters present were commended to eliminate all mention of Lord Maitreya and the unidentified latecomers from their communiques".

"Who were the unidentified ten? Nothing is known for sure, but it is probable that the mysterious group were representatives of the ten regions into which the world has been divided by the Elitist Club of Rome (1973) and those who advocate the creation of a One World Government….!"

We had best just go back and look at facts for the Earth-bound Elite are well under way to fulfilling their desired objective--and God was not in that room except in the form of us, his messengers.


The political and economic systems of the nations, whether "democracies" (the same as dictatorships) or dictatorships, are not controlled by-the-people and for-the-people but rather by the AB's and for the AB's. The principle by which this power is acquired and maintained was set forth by the founder of the Rothschild dynasty of AB's, Mayer Amschel Rothschild (doesn't even sound like "god"), 200 years ago when he said: "Permit me to issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who makes its laws".

What this translates to is simply that you now have the best CONGRESS THAT MONEY CAN BUY! THE SIMPLE, BUT BRILLIANT SCHEME TO ENSLAVE WHOLE NATIONS BY CONTROLLING THEIR MONEY SYSTEMS WAS FACILITATED BY KEEPING THE PEOPLE IGNORANT ABOUT MONEY--THE MOST IMPORTANT THING PEOPLE MUST UNDERSTAND IN ORDER TO BE FREE. Your American, John Adams, stated it very well in 1787: "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation".

This is exactly the situation which exists today in America and throughout the world for, in addition to ignorance of the basic operation, names are appended and pronounced "by law" and you have no ability to know difference. Remember further, "If you cannot remember the past, you are condemned to repeat it". Of course, you cannot be expected to remember the past if you did not KNOW the past. Therefore, the first objective toward an informed public is to LEARN THE PAST. You must know the objectives of the AB's who gained control of your educational system first of all, and this was accomplished simply by obtaining controlling interest in the companies that publish your high school and college textbooks on history and economics and working down through the grades.

As a consequence, the knowledge necessary for you to be economically and politically free was gobbled up by the AB's. This situation was prophesied by your beloved Thomas Jefferson (although he, too, was narrow in view, assuming the Native Americans would be dealt with according to treaty), who authored the Declaration of Independence, when he said: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered". You see, he did acknowledge that you "CONQUERED" those who were already present and the line of terror and confusion was under way. Putting carved faces of your considered "mighty" and "great" changes nothing save the wondrous beauty of the Indian Sacred Mountains of the Black Hills--a despicable affront to all natural Sacredness for no man has right to deface that which is GOD'S/CREATOR/ CREATION'S VERY PHYSICAL FEATURES. THE AREA WILL BE STAINED FOREVER WITH THE BLOT OF EVIL.


Jefferson, along with Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, adamantly opposed the plans of the New York AB's agent, Alexander Hamilton, to establish a private central bank for the U.S., like the Bank of England. However, after Franklin's death in 1790, Hamilton succeeded in bribing enough Congressmen to have Congress grant a charter to the AB's in 1791 for "The First Bank of the United States" for a period of twenty years. Having lost his battle against the AB's, Jefferson said: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power of money should be taken from the banks, and restored to Congress and to the people, to whom it belongs".

And there you have it--bribery from the upstart and the plot has only worsened and the mire become total entrapment. When the charter expired in 1811, a wiser or more honest Congress refused to renew it. What followed, dear ones, was the War of 1812, in an effort to re-establish the rule of the Bank of England over you, as was the case prior to your War of Independence.


Repetition? Yes, because the majority of you still say it "can't be" and you still deny these "shocking" claims, but they only SEEM incredible because these details about the real causes of historical events were most carefully and fully omitted from your history books--if you never heard it, it does not exist. But it does, you simply did not hear of it. Further, I do not know how to reach through without repetition and re-explanation to some extent for it is indeed complicated in the orchestration but most simple in concept, and if you can defraud three generations you have gained your goal!

There is far more to the story than just deletion from history books, and much worse, but to gain a comprehensive overall understanding of how this criminal system developed requires again looking at an overview of history which, even though greatly condensed, is lengthy--moreso than you, or I, desire--BUT YOU ARE REPEATING HISTORY TO EVERY HEINOUS DETAIL, FRIENDS, WHICH INDICATES THAT YOU STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

Let us look again at the set-up of how this criminal system developed and worked--the mechanics of how the criminal scam called "fractional reserve banking" works to enslave the people caught in its insidious trap. How can I know that you do not yet understand? Because one of my very, very close working crewmembers who has access to my writings daily and my own meetings--PROVED that she did NOT understand--on the day before yesterday and it cost us pain and agonizing loss of a day's work unto you, our readers. You MUST stop throwing stones at the Truthbringers, whoever they might be, and SEE THE PROBLEM CONFRONTING YOU--THE SYSTEM, AS IT IS, IS DESTROYING YOU INCH BY AGONIZING INCH! IF YOU TRUST THE SYSTEM MORE THAN YOUR BROTHER--THEN STAY IN THE SYSTEM BUT DO NOT BLAST US FOR YOUR FAILURE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY!

I give you ways to help protect selves only to have you come later and slash my scribe? No, I shall not allow it--I tell you what might help you and YOU decide whether to trust the liars and proven thieves or slay my scribe with abuse and accusations. There will be no "perfection" of "Protection" in this ending time--but you better isolate who you CAN trust and get with it because the game will not wait for your choices and rechoices and changes and rechanging--I can only suggest you "get responsible" for that which you do--whatever it is, and stop dumping your load of venom upon your neighbor who efforts to give you a hand out of the mire with some of your possessions intact. You are down to the "fish or cut bait" stage and you who continue to hold out for "better gleanings" are likely to sit cutting bait while the trapnet is sprung on you. You have few options which will offer any measure at all, of possible security--THEY INTEND TO PULL THE HOUSE DOWN AND THE CURRENT CURRENCY SYSTEM AND PRIVATE PROPERTY WITH IT. YOU DO WHAT YOU WILL, I WOULD BE REMISS IN MY WORK IF I FAIL TO POINT IT OUT AND GIVE YOU SUGGESTIONS WHERE I FIND THEM WHICH MIGHT HELP YOU--NO MORE AND NO LESS.

In the first place, most Americans STILL believe that your government creates your money in accordance with Article I, Section I of the Constitution which states: "The Congress shall have Power....To coin money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin,...." This most important power of government was again surrendered by Congress, in 1913, to a PRIVATE CORPORATION CALLED "THE FEDERAL RESERVE". It is no more "FEDERAL" than Federal Express, Inc. or Federal Thrift Shop of Hospital for the Sick, or Donald Trump. Neither is the Internal Revenue Service, Inc.--which is PRIVATE ENFORCEMENT AGENCY FOR THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, INC. IT IS NO MORE A "RESERVE" THAN A BUCKET WITHOUT A BOTTOM. Yet, more than 9 out of 10 Americans, and all foreigners who don't work within the same system, ignorantly believe that it is a government agency. I'll remind you a bit later who OWNS THE "FED".

The process by which the AB's conquer nations economically is simply unbelievable because it is unbelievably simple. Here is now it works:

First, they seduce the political authority to grant them monopoly power to issue the nation's money as debt at interest (usury). Second, they create the money OTA (out of thin air) as a book or computer entry when they loan this bank-credit to the government and corporations in exchange for interest-bearing bonds, and to individuals in exchange for title to their property. Third, when there is no unencumbered property remaining to collateralize more loans and there is insufficient money to repay the loans, the victims are foreclosed.


The reason that the above sequence is inevitable is the best kept economic secret in the world. Here it is. When the AB's and their associates (your friendly local banker) create the money as a bookkeeping entry to make a loan, say $1,000 for one year, the interest (usury) on that loan, say 10%, or $100 is NOT created and, therefore, cannot be paid!

When the bank credit is put into circulation, it increases the money supply and generates increased economic activity throughout the society. When the principal is repaid, the bank credit is eliminated and economic activity is reduced accordingly. If it stopped there, we could have an honest and potentially stable money system.

But then comes the rub. Since the interest amount was not created, it remains in the economy as a bank claim on someone's property. Why? Because in order to pay the $100 interest (which was NOT created) on the first loan, someone had to borrow it into circulation. Thus, an unending cycle of debt is instituted with the inevitable eventual result being that title to all real wealth in the nation is owned by the AB's. This is the reason why your farms, homes and factories are being foreclosed by the thousands every week! It is also the real reason for inflation, which has reduced the "dollar" to about 10% of its value 50 years ago.


ALL of your money, except for your coins and the few remaining U.S. Notes, has been borrowed (OTA) (Out of thin air) into circulation as debt. About 95% of this debt exists as bank deposits (checkbook money) and about 5% exists as those Federal Reserve Notes that you call, bills (and see, that also tells the story [bills]). There is not enough money in circulation (called M1) to pay the $3 trillion plus National Debt, let alone the $7 trillion plus private debt! Talk about balancing the Federal Budget is just that--stupid talk. If the Federal Government, under this criminal Babylonian money system (first structured by the Khazars), did not continually borrow more Federal Reserve bank credit into circulation, you would have no medium of exchange. This is also why there is a portion of your Constitution that REQUIRES ANNUAL BALANCING OF THE BUDGET THROUGH APPORTIONMENT BY THE STATES, cannot be utilized--because there is no actual MONEY!

Furthermore, this debt exceeds the value of all the real estate in America, which is pledged to pay it. Therefore, you are now legally bankrupt!

One last thought in this portion and then I ask for a rest break, please. In the words of Robert Hemphill, for many years credit manager of the Federal Reserve Bank:

"If all bank loans were paid, no one would have a bank deposit, and there would not be a dollar of currency in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp upon the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible--but there it is. It (the money problem) is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it is widely understood and the defects remedied very soon".

Thank you for your attention. Hatonn to clear, please.



THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1991 9:11 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 266


Hatonn present in God's service. In the coming of each day, no matter what might be thine circumstance, the human is most often found to be bewildered or filled with selfrelated ego ponderings. If you would but pull away from that attitude and first look unto the Cosmos and unto the lands--you can ALWAYS find something of beauty or of the miracle of life to ponder upon to find that which is seemingly greater than self-- THIS brings balance and possibilities unto self. If you do not do this you will become totally entrapped within the muck of the endless treadmill of sameness and at some point the chains are set and rusted into inability to open and cast off.

I am going to interrupt my summary of the Banksters--the Anti-Christ/God who pulls the puppet strings in this massive game of deception--to return to the Cosmic frequency grids and some higher connections with your Cosmic brethren. I do this for George is faced with presentations coming immediately and I wish him to have information with which to share.

My intent is never to do-in any person's work if it be in Truth and not ill intent nor tools of dark deceit. I DO find, invariably, that a man/woman touched by any kind of addiction--or addictive behaviors related to egotistical self--are already tools of the dark brotherhood, often without realizing same.


Number one--it is NOT a "research" community. The groups are made up of those repeating and writing and gleaning assets and self-importance through re-haggling that which is old, filled with disinformation produced by your government to further deceive you. Among the speakers will often be ones who are genuinely seeking truth and understanding from experiences of self and/or others--these are few indeed, except for the "sensational" hype. Some have honestly delved and discovered all that they can to establish reasonable conclusions--and many have reached erroneous conclusions. Now, would you not think that if you have studied and realize (and state from the rooftops for fee admission lectures) that there are space persons abounding on your place--THAT YOU JUST MIGHT MAKE EFFORT TO INVESTIGATE ONE WHO WRITES AND OFFERS CONSULTATION? IS IT GOOD RESEARCH TO SIMPLY CALL THEM SLIMY PUKES AND DENOUNCE THE "POSSIBILITY"? IT TELLS A GREAT STORY, DOES IT NOT? IF THE INTENT IS TO CLING TO OPINION RATHER THAN ISOLATE TRUTH--WHAT HOPE IS THERE IF YOUR FINDINGS ARE IN ERROR? YOU MUST ASSUME, THEN, THAT THE ACTION IS INTENTIONALLY SET TO MISINFORM THE PUBLIC OR THE SELF-EGO IS SO ENTRENCHED THAT IT IS UNWILLING TO EVEN CONTACT TRUTH. Serendipitous and circumstantial evidence shows that that which is touted in those circles are more pointedly to government set-up and disinformation than to actual desire to find and pronounce truth. Actions speak louder than words.


Sometimes all you have is circumstantial evidence regarding a "thing" or "happening"- -but one must always look beyond and into that which may be hidden to acquire information with which to balance opinion. For instance, something that looks one way may actually be in total opposition, and herein I can give you example. The SPOTLIGHT has had to decline the running of any more America West advertising. The information is so filled with truth that, in the midst of the attack on Liberty Lobby by the Elite--they are about to shut down the publication itself--through pure power and infiltration within the management staffing. When you have ones who dare to defy the government in uncovering incidents of possible government indiscretion but do not dare to even continue advertising because of threats, etc., you can assume something is afoot behind the scenes and there must be something powerful in the information within the "refused" documents. To find your answers, then, look a bit further in your daily T.V. viewing of non-news--see who is blathering and about what--then get your listing of CFR and Trilateral members and check it out-- you will find that most "notable" spokespersons are on that list. Watch to see WHO stands with Bush in the pictures and you will find them ALL on the membership listings, etc. You do not need to look unto another for evidence nor do you need be a sleuth--it is revealed in the very things they effort to hide--and THAT is the cleverness of the adversary!

For instance, all duplicates and doubles aside--is it clever or stupid for Bush to deny presence in Paris in 1980--even with PROOF of his presence there? It is indeed most clever for at this moment he rides a false wave of popularity and a health problem while they set him up to be withdrawn if things cannot be brought into control over the matter. You may well see him die and come to life again as in the prophecies of one or another of your seers. Most ones will simply say that "...he wouldn't be stupid enough to deny presence in Paris if he was actually there!" No, he is simply clever enough to know that that is exactly what could be expected to be said regarding the matter. Then the CIA, etc., goes to work to take out the witnesses (who will be found dead all over the globe) to total discrediting of the author of the revelation, etc. You are not in a game of checkers or tiddledee-winks, brothers--YOU ARE IN A LIFE/DEATH/ENSLAVEMENT INTENT AND STRUGGLE FOR A PLANET! YOU ARE IN THE DAYS OF THE REVELATION AND PROPHECIES.

Would it appear truly too much to pick up the phone and check out to see if Hatonn be real or false? Would not your UFO touters of all-knowledge have at least fulfilled their partial responsibility to you the listeners--TO CHECK? I have yet to have ones come within my energy field and not recognize "something" is valid in this being beyond the mouth I utilize. A few of the very UFO COMMUNITY have come to visit and we have had most gracious and open discourse. I have no wish to prove another wrong--I have every wish to prove another correct in the things of research which ARE correct. If a Man be fearful of meeting and sharing--WHAT HAS HE TO HIDE? IF HIS MESSAGE BE TRUTH--IT WILL STAND ALL INTERVIEW AND ALL UNCOVERING PROOF AS UNFOLDED--IF A MAN BE AFRAID TO HAVE HIS WORK EXAMINED--HE IS PRESENTING FALSE INFORMATION FOR THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN A TRUE SCIENTIST/RESEARCHER--(TO INVESTIGATE ALL POSSIBLE FACETS OF TRUTH), AND ONE WHO PROJECTS TO GLEAN A PARTICULAR RESPONSE FROM THE AUDIENCE OF HAPLESS PEOPLE. IF A MAN CANNOT SAY, "I GUESS I WAS INCORRECT IN MY ASSUMPTION", HE IS NO TRUE SCIENTIST--HE IS A FALSE EGOCONTROLLED PHONY. The prior terms may appear mutually exclusive and contradictory--they are not. Either he is false or he pretends falseness to further mislead you-the-people.


We have previously discussed that grid frequencies and placements of which are considered Biblical placements and "Happenings". Why would clues be left in this manner? Because any myth/legend which endures through the centuries--even if false, will be the ones considered at some point as points and pieces of possible puzzle solution. Places of security for use at a given point of action is not allowed to blossom into the pages of myth or, if important enough, as in places some of you recognize-- even the guardians of the "secret" are smart enough to pull attention AWAY from the place to assure protection.

You have plenty of evidence from that which is before you to gain insight of possibilities and then confirm them by investigation and calculation in another setting. What do I mean herein? Well, if, as it has been pointed out--the birthplaces and Biblical happenings of the one you call Jesus the Christ and early Judaism are found to be linked--would it not then be reasonable to check on other possibilities--say, such as Buddhism, Mohammedism, etc.? I speak now specifically of incidents which would cause ones to think in possibility of visiting aircraft of some sort. Would you not go to the next case-study wherein there is more evidence of visitation? But let us not even leave the area of the Middle East so we can cling to the similarities more closely and continue the line of thought patterns. Let us look at the Islamic religions. Could we look at some of the results of such investigation? Since the two so-called "religions" are based on so-called "Christianity", would it not be worthy to investigate possible mutual linkage of physical points? Further, might it not show "community" which is unsuspected and give rise to better understanding of why enemies or diverse religious beliefs (Judaism/Islamic/Christianity) hold to their separation? There IS NO SUCH THING AS JUDAEO/CHRISTIAN—THE TERMS ARE TOTALLY IN OPPOSITION ONE TO THE OTHER!

The point is that, in looking, one often finds mutually similar structuring of "religious" sharing which, in fact, can join groups which appear in separation into great community of merging. THIS IS WHAT THE ENEMY FEARS WILL HAPPEN FOR AS MAN SEES THAT HE IS IDENTICAL TO HIS BROTHER--HE AGAIN FALLS INTO LOVE WITH HIS BROTHER AND THIS GIVES STRENGTH AGAINST WHICH THE ADVERSARY CANNOT PREVAIL. The people of Islamic belief accepted Jesus as a prophet--just as they do Mahommet (Mohammed); the two faiths could actually be joined into one all-embracing religious body with almost no change in belief from either side.

The Holy Well, Zamzam, at Mecca, was regarded as a most important religious center long before the birth of the Prophet. That city was a strong center of Arab worship and from the tribe of Koleish, who held the most power in the area, came the family of Mahommet. I use this spelling because it is the regional accepted spelling and pronunciation.

Mahommet was born in A.D. 570 and His name in its original form means: "The Praised". Not God, not Messiah, not Christ--"The Praised". He spent some of his early life as a shepherd and at the age of 25 he took charge of a trading caravan belonging to a wealthy Koreishite widow named Khadijah. Although the widow was fifteen years older than Mahommet they eventually married and lived happily together. They had two sons, who died at a young age, and four daughters, the most famous of whom was Fatima.

It is said that, "Mahommet was possessed by an ideal of truth and righteousness and a stern reprobation of evil, injustice, and lying, and their certain punishment; together with visions of his own people as designated by providence to overthrow evil and to preserve true worship at Mecca".

Round about his fortieth year he frequently went into valleys near Mecca to meditate and one of his favorite places was a cave at the foot of Mount Hira, just north of Mecca. It was here, one night, when he was engaged in his pious exercises, that the Angel Gabriel came to him as he slept and held a silken scroll before him and compelled him to recite what was written on it. Another time while he was resting the Angel Gabriel again appeared to him and said: "Oh thou that art covered, arise and preach and magnify thy Lord; and purify thy garments, and depart from uncleanliness; and grant not favor to gain increase; and wait for the Lord". Sure sounds like the same old friend, Gabriel, to me. That same one who reflects the red ray of infinity and perhaps bears the banner for the red road of life recognized by the natives? Could it be that all of you have the truly same God before thee?

Mahommet then frequently began to receive revelations. He began to be disturbed by the visitations and at one time was contemplating suicide, and it is said he was "suddenly arrested by a voice from Heaven, and saw the Angel on a throne between the heavens and the earth, who said, "Oh Mahommet, thou art in truth the Prophet of Allah, and I am Gabriel". My goodness--could it actually be?

Many of the revelations given to Mahommet were completely confirmed by the Jewish scriptures--eeh-gads, surely that could not be! He repeatedly referred to his own revelation as confirming and attesting the Book of Moses--oh no, surely we are not going to have to look at Truth! Thank goodness your preacher warned you about looking at anything other than his own preaching--for you might actually find TRUTH! Not only did these confirmations attest to the Book of Moses, or the Judean scriptures as originally set forth, but also claimed that "the learned men of the children of Judea recognized this". The Judeans were expecting another Prophet and it is a fact that many of them identified Mahommet as this "awaited" Man.

Chelas, there is such similarity between the two so-called religions that you would not be able to separate them if they were not labeled for you. So, let us look at the unarguable physical facts of geometric tie-up. If we have a "theory of possibility", then it must be in ability to be repeated in summation a second and subsequent number of times--is this not how ones prove "theorems"?

The position of Mecca is: Latitude 21 degrees 26' north/Longitude 39 degrees 49' east. The computer indicates a focal point within the city area of: Latitude 21 degrees 23' 38.32458" north/39 degrees 49' 37" east. The latitude of the focal point was therefore equal to: 1283.638743 minutes of arc north. The displacement from the North Pole, in minutes of arc, was therefore: 4116.361257 minutes of arc. THE SQUARE OF THIS NUMBER? YOU GUESSED IT: 1694443 HARMONIC!

Would this not somehow indicate that Mahommadism had a sound religious base and was parallel in some way with the so-called Christian faith? Even allowing for all the minor errors which might be present, the overall mathematical evidence indicates that the Heavenly Hosts were and are communicating to mankind by the use of the natural laws of the Universe, and that by the study of these laws you could eventually understand the meaning behind it all. Dear ones, you are being given factual clue following clue which will guide you towards your final destiny. HOW DO YOU THINK I COMMUNICATE THROUGH THIS SCRIBE? AND JESUS SANANDA THROUGH HER AND DRUTHEA AND THOMAS AND---? WHY HERE? BECAUSE IT IS A VORTEX ON THE GRID WHERE COMMUNICATIONS ARE NOT ONLY POSSIBLE BUT HARD TO IGNORE!

Are there other places? Of course--but mostly they become meccas of games, liars, misinformers, disinformers and networks of false speakers. This is exactly WHY we have kept our location in isolation and without recognition. We can override any frequency but why should we when we have such good contact and communications systems?

Let us look elsewhere--keeping within recognized pro-"Christ" proclaimed, locations such as Oporto, Fatima, and Lourdes since you all can recognize those places of "visions" most readily.


The year: 1917. Most of you are familiar with the oft-told story of Fatima. There is a natural depression in the hills called Cova da Iria. Three children, ten-year-old Lucia dos Santos and her two cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto, were making a stone playhouse while tending to the sheep.

Suddenly from a totally cloudless sky a brilliant shaft of light lit up the area. Frightened, they decided to return home and were on the way down the hill with the sheep when another shaft of light filled the air. They were now really scared as there was no apparent reason for the phenomena. Then, to their amazement they beheld a beautiful Lady standing above a small Oak tree. Lucia described the Lady: "It was a lady dressed all in white, more brilliant than the sun; shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal glass filled with the most sparkling water, pierced by the burning rays of the sun".

"Do not be afraid," the Lady said, "I will not harm you".

"Where are you from?" asked Lucia.

"I am from Heaven," she replied. (Heaven: the expanse of space that seems to cover the earth like a dome; firmament.)

"What do you wish of me?" asked Lucia.

"I come to ask you to meet me here six months in succession at this same hour, on the thirteenth of each month. In October I will tell you who I am and what I want".

There were more questions and answers and then the Lady began to slowly ascend in the direction of the east until she disappeared. Every month the Lady returned as she had promised and the children suffered much persecution because of the visitations. Lucia's mother was sure she was simply lying and the civil administrator of the area arrested the children and kept them in jail which caused them to miss the meeting arranged for August 13. During that month the Lady appeared on the 19th--we're flexible if there is good reason!

During the visitation of July 13 between four to five thousand people were present as word of the apparitions were beginning to circulate and they observed that the Sun became dimmer and that a small cloud hovered over the Oak tree.

During one of the visitations Lucia asked the Lady to perform a miracle, "So that everyone will believe that you really appear to us".

"Continue to come here every month. In October I will tell you who I am and what I desire, and I shall perform a miracle so that everyone will have to believe you", was the answer. Just as I tell you ones--in proper sequence and proper time--PERHAPS YOU ONES HAVE MORE TO PROVE UNTO ME THAN I UNTO YOU?

A great deal of information was given to the children in those following months and the promise of a miracle was repeated in August and September. News of the coming event spread rapidly throughout Portugal and many ridiculed the idea and were sure that the whole thing was some elaborate hoax. Others were extremely excited about the possible miracle and eagerly awaited the day of October 13. As the day approached thousands of people made their way towards Fatima causing chaos and overcrowding on the roads. The 13th turned out to be a cold, miserable and rainy day but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the pilgrims. They spent the time saying prayers and singing hymns.

By 11:30 over 70,000 (a miracle in itself, I'd vouch) were gathered at the Cova and at two o'clock sun time there was a flash of light, and Lucia shouted out, "Silence", silence, our Lady is coming". The vision again approached from the east and remained suspended in the sky above the oak tree.

Lucia asked, "Who are you madam, and what do you want of me"?

"I am the Lady of the Rosary, and I desire a Chapel built in my honour in this place".

"People must continue to say the Rosary every day. The war will end soon and the soldiers will return to their homes".

"I have so many things to ask you", said Lucy.

"I will grant some of them, the others, no. Men must offend our Lord no more, and they must ask pardon for their sins, for He is already much offended".

At the end of the visitation the Lady stretched out her hands and light projected from her palms. She pointed towards the sun, then she slowly disappeared in the brilliant radiance.

Lucia continued to see a series of visions of the Lord and the Holy Family. These were not seen by the greater masses of the pilgrims although witnessed by great numbers-- but something spectacular did occur.

Lucia cried, "Look at the Sun".

The clouds had suddenly parted and the Sun appeared as a phosphorescent disc. Everyone was able to look at it without harm to the eyes. The sun then appeared to spin, throwing off rays of light like a gigantic pinwheel. The light rays changed successively to yellow, red, green, blue and violet, then the disc suddenly left its place in the sky and plunged towards the earth.

The masses of people were then terrified and dropped to their knees in fervent prayer. When it seemed that all would be destroyed, the sun stopped its downward plunge and returned to its normal position in the heavens.

The Cova at Fatima is now a place of religious devotion and thousands of people travel there every year for healing, and to offer up a prayer to their Lady.

Now, let us look at possibilities. The Lady was said to slowly ascend in the direction of the east at the end of the visitation as was the phosphorescent disc. So allow us to consider specific locations. Fatima is: Latitude 39 degrees 37' north/Longitude 8 degrees 39' west.

Well, surprise--we now have to turn to the Moslems for confirmation. Let us consider that for centuries Portugal as well as almost all of Iberia, was occupied by the Moors and this left its mark. The southern portion of Portugal is more reminiscent of Morocco across the Strait of Cadiz. The people there are very similar to those of Morocco in their facial characteristics as well. The survival of many Moorish influences after centuries of freedom shows why the Mahommedan religion may be the most difficult to convert to so-called "Christianity". But, what difference could this make? Beginning on April 2, 1968, and continuing in 1969 Our Lady appeared as the Virgin of Light near one of the cornier domes of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Zeitoun, near Cairo. The many reported apparitions of Our Lady at that church have been officially pronounced "authentic" by the Coptic Orthodox Church and recognized as such by the Catholic community in Egypt (so it must be so). In addition, however, over seven hundred thousand people saw these apparitions, including spokesmen for all the Protestant Churches in Egypt. What might be even more important to you, however, many proven miracles occurred while the apparitions of Our Lady were reportedly in progress--possibly giving some measure of proof that Our Lady was indeed appearing to Her Arab children.

Could it be that God sent these hosts and messengers to begin the healing of the divisions that exist between the orthodox, and unite Christians, and between the Moslems and the Christians--at least in Egypt? If it can happen in Egypt--can it not happen in the United States of America? Australia? New Zealand? How about Russia? How about South Dakota? Well, surely not REALLY California or Texas!

OK, now with this "possibility" of relationship in hand, let us do some mathematics: the calculated focal point near Fatima is Latitude 39 degrees 37' 54.45" north/Longitude 8 degrees 36' 40.5" west.

This position would be a bit easterly from the center of the town where the apparitions were seen and where it is thought the Lady ascended.

The direct great circle distance from Mecca is calculated to be: 2693.645 minutes of arc (nautical miles).

Don't you think this is interesting for the result is the unified equation immediately associated here in harmonic form, 2693645. This creates a slight dilemma, however, at first for the Fatima apparitions have been recognized by the Catholic Church, but the fact that they occurred in a Moslem dominated area does suggest that the message was directed to both faiths, and thus, to the world. Let us continue: The great circle displacement in longitude, measured at the latitude of Mecca, is found to be: 2694.617 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. The displacement in latitude between the two points equaled: 65656.12668 seconds of arc. A circle of this diameter would have a circumference of: 206264.8052 seconds of arc, relative. This value doubled equals: 412529.6104. This value now squared; 17018068 = the harmonic of mass at the earth's surface. Fatima (the considered daughter of Mahommet), the appearance of Our Lady at the Zeitoun Coptic Church in Egypt also indicates geometric associations with Mecca which can be measured mathematically for some dandy results:

El Zeitun is: Latitude 30 degrees 06' north/Longitude 31 degrees 18' east. The computed focal point in the small areas equaled: Latitude 30 degrees 05' 27.52" north/Longitude 31 degrees 18' 20.3" east. The direct great circle distance between the focal point and Mecca is: 695.4307 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. This value is the reciprocal harmonic of the speed of light at the earth's surface. The displacement in latitude is equal to: 31309.1958 seconds of arc. This value multiplied by 60 equals: 1878551.748 harmonic. So let us study a theoretical circle with this same diameter and we find it would have a circumference of: 5901644.371 units. AH SO: WHICH IS THE RECIPROCAL HARMONIC OF: 1.694443. SO BE IT.


February 11, 1858: This was a quite momentous day for a little fourteen-year old French girl, Bernadette Soubirous. While out gathering wood with her sister and friend on the outskirts of the town of Lourdes, she had an experience that changed her life and caught the attention of the world--and not because little gray aliens abducted her and drank her blood.

This child had suffered from continuous ill health and she found it difficult to keep up with the other two children that day so they raced on ahead of her. She was about to cross a small stream when she was startled by a loud roaring noise like a strong wind. There was a grotto on the other side of the stream and from within this she saw a golden cloud emerge, then a beautiful woman appeared.

She looked at Bernadette and smiled, and beckoned her to move forward. The child was completely unafraid and later said, I seemed to know no longer where I was. I rubbed my eyes; I shut them; I opened them. But the Lady was still there, continuing to smile at me and making me understand that I was not mistaken. Without thinking of what I was doing I took my Rosary in my hands and went to my knees, the Lady was so Holy in presence. The Lady made a sign of approval with her head and took into her hands what appeared to be her own Rosary, which hung on her right arm. Bernadette recited the Rosary and the lady joined her in reciting the Gloria at the end of each "mystery".

The Lady and the golden cloud then returned to the grotto and vanished. Eighteen more appearances were to follow this initial manifestation and large crowds were attracted to the grotto as news of the occurrences spread around the district. The vision was only visible to Bernadette, but the majority of the people believed in the visitations as they watched the child talking ecstatically to her "Lady".

On her ninth appearance the Lady revealed a spring of water which is, of course, world famous now because of the miraculous cures which take place there. Three churches and a hospital for the sick have been built on that site and millions of pilgrims travel to the shrine today.

Bernadette's story was thoroughly investigated by a commission set up by the Bishop of Tarbes and on January 18, 1862, he gave his approval for the site to be used as a devotion center (so this must be also true). Bernadette spent most of her life in a convent where she died on April 16, 1879, and was canonized on Dec. 8, 1933--and I wish I could report that her treatment in the convent was worthy of her. It, of course, was both abusive and heinous, in fact.

Let us just cut through the details mathematically, quickly for 'tis only the results you desire, I'm sure.

The Position of Lourdes is: Latitude 43 degrees 06' north/Longitude 00 degrees 02' west. The calculated focal point (grotto) is Latitude 43 degrees 05' 53.952" north/Longitude 00 degrees 01' 57.1" west. The direct great circle distance from the Vatican equals 556.34456 minutes of arc, or nautical miles. This value divided by 8 equals: 69.54307 which is equal to the harmonic of the speed of light reciprocal at the earth's surface. The latitude of Lourdes focal point equals: 43.09832 degrees. This value divided by 16 equals: 2.693645 unified harmonic--and you can finish out the story.

Well, how is it that the utilized numbers are variations of "8" in some manner or another? Because 8 is the universal number representing infinity! Ponder it.

Now let us look at Oporto and then we shall have a break, please.


November 28, 1975: A 17-year-old girl, Maria Rosalina Vieira, in the Portuguese city of Oporto, had a visitation from one she thought to be the Christ whom she called Jesus. This child went into fasting and continued this for years. To the bafflement of medical experts who have given her thorough medical examinations, she has not had any food or drink since that day. If she attempts to eat any food she immediately becomes very ill. I make no further comment on the incident but it has been qualified so we can use it for thousands of pilgrims travel to see her and a Vatican spokesman said there have been other similar mysterious cases (so, it must be true). Besides, Dharma and crew can identify with this--Dharma was on a very strict fast for some 40 days and then placed on vitamins and 6-8 ozs of protein per day until some 53 days passed--and she maintained with no more than minimal weight loss and minimal side effects--without hunger. We doubled the writing load and did, in fact, have daily personal sessions for groups of some 15-20 people in her home wherein she also acted as hostess during the period of time in point, as well as speaker for me. You ones simply have no idea of that which you are capable, dear ones.

Back to this Oporto point: The position is: Latitude 41 degrees 09' north/Longitude 8 degrees 37" west. In relation to the Vatican the computed focal point is: latitude 41 degrees 09" 49.005" north/Longitude 8 degrees 36' 05.5" west. (Now, this is case number one--so let us look at Mecca):

In relationship to Mecca the focal point is: Latitude 41 degrees 09' 49.005" north/Longitude 8 degrees 38' 45.8" west. (case number two).

The latitude of both cases would be equal to: 41.16361257 degrees. The square of which equals: 1694.443 harmonic.

The great circle distance from the Vatican (case one): 944.2631 minutes of arc. This value divided by 16 equals: 59.1644375. The reciprocal of which is: 0.01694443 harmonic.

The great circle distance from Mecca (case two): 2711.1088 minutes of arc. This value divided by 16 equals: 169.4443 harmonic.

Again giving reference to the use of 8 and multiples thereof: This not only represents the sign of infinity but also the harmonic octaves in wave-form. Examples are given utilizing known points of sightings, etc., so that you can relate to the incidents for it can be demonstrated that certain values can be derived when calculating between specific points on the earth's surface wherein definite visualizations have been validated. This, further, indicates that there is no accidental placement of these places of historic value.

Now, am I going to just give you a whole bunch of points and a calculator? Not on your life. I honor ones who have discerned this information and broken the code of the grid system and confirm evidence of visualization (materialization) and at what frequency that is accomplished wherein light forms into visible manifestation. I must ask for a break at this time for it has been much too long a session without break. Thank you.

Hatonn to clear, please.



THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1991 4:22 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 266


Hatonn present to resume writing, please. Thank you.

All "parts" make up the "whole" and even if it appears I ramble off in diverse directions, please understand that without some smattering of information in many diverse subjects you have not enough background to discern anything. If you are only exposed to the tail end of the elephant and can only touch the tail itself, and ye be blindfolded to the rest of the apparatus--what could you discern of the whole? I would suggest that in the least situation, you might well find that you have misinterpreted and underestimated the sheer size of the beast and are on the wrong end to continue in indefinite security.

I could go on and on regarding vibrations, frequencies and harmonics and all we would do is bore you. But now, let us look at some magnificent reasoning as presented by some people. "Well I don't believe you because I have asked to be in contact and no one has spoken to me!" and, "Why don't you come to ones already in the „know"? By the way, the one who asked the first question followed up by announcing himself too busy to waste time on that drivel at any rate. So, I suppose you have your answer if you questioned why, indeed. So then, why would some researchers have many sightings and others--absolutely none. Is one more valid than the other? Perhaps, but more so, it might well be purpose of mission. And most important--if you expect to sight craft of your brothers and not of earth manufacture, specifically, you need to know that for which to look and "where".

There is something that you might as well face right now--I personally do not care whether or not you believe in UFO's or in one called Hatonn or Fiddledee-do. My purpose is not to convince you that there are Unidentified Flying Objects because the term means almost zilch. Anything in the air is a UFO if you can't identify it--from mosquito to the sun. More than that, you can even identify something which buzzes as an insect but as to specific origin of the insect, you cannot tell from distant observation. But, if it buzzes and whines, lands and dines--on your blood--you can guess it may be a mosquito of some species or other. I tell you, herein, that you are going to be at a greater loss in identifying the unidentified as pertains to craft which are recognized as discs and possible outer-space origin. This is because there are so confounded many of your own with humanoid replications to scare you into slavery that you are going to be left at a loss. Therefore, you must consider purpose and overall intent.

Has your government proven to be sufficient to your nurturing needs and always held to be in truth of activities--or anything, for that matter? Well, why would you expect them to level about something which could be utilized to totally and ultimately control the power of your globe?

Funny thing about my particular presence and that of the "Hosts"--we are here to tend our Father's flocks and bring you of God home, etc. Our specific first purpose is to outlay Truth so that the deceivers cannot longer entrap you without your willing participation. Beyond that I have no intention of any kind of intervention--BUT, YOU EFFORT TO BLOW AWAY NOT ONLY THE PLANET BUT CAUSE HAVOC WITHIN THE COSMIC PLACES AND ORDER AS WELL. This irritates the Brotherhood of Cosmic Life. There is a very sick joke which goes about your place in jest: "Incest is OK as long as you keep it in the family". Well, what you do may not be correct nor according to my wishes or life-style but God has given you free-will choice to do it and I shall therefore, defend your right to do it--or at the least, not interfere. When you tread outside "the family" with your incest however, that becomes rape, ravage, pillage and plunder and I will not allow you to serve the beast at MY TABLE. And just what is "my table"? Anything that claims and asks of God of Light to be a part thereof. I am sent forth to locate those who seek and ask and make preparation for their security and if they are pre-transitioned at the hands of the evil brotherhood--to escort them safely to proper placement until this Earth matter is settled. I am further present with Command and "coalition" forces to insure that the evil which has infiltrated your place to the very core--is not allowed back into the Cosmic spaces to further disrupt Universal Order. This is why I can promise and guarantee that you have nothing to concern about from ones in space at the present time in your perception. Your enemies are bound to the orb just as surely as are you with the same length tethers. What do they "look like"? You! Or, perhaps conjured and replicated ones who have previously traveled unto your place.

Moreover--when the smart experts ask me for proof--or you for your proof or whatever--why should I prove anything--with all the mouthings--THEY HAVE PRODUCED NOTHING! NOT EVEN ONE LITTLE ALIEN OR REPTILIAN EXCEPT AS FABRICATED BY YOUR SECRET GOVERNMENTS. THE PROOF OF THAT WHICH I GIVE YOU IS SPREAD ALL OVER YOU LIKE A CLOAK OF SKIN. Well, brothers, I can tell you again--what the government that has always caused you to laugh at its antics has in mind for you is not in the least bit amusing. How long will you hide from it?

Confirmation? Where are you--and have you not read the JOURNALS? I thought not for, if you had, you would KNOW that you have a major clue in front of you this very day--as PROOF. Why do you think Webster has resigned as head of the CIA? Do you realize, in addition, that Gates was put up for the head job before now and flunked? Now he heads the list, dear ones, and I told you months and months ago--that is serious--if that man takes over the reigns of the CIA. Confirmations are not flowing one or two a year or month--you are getting whapped with anywhere from 2 to 10 per day! That gun bill passed without a whimper! Well, again I remind you when you repeat to me, "...it just can't hurt anyone to wait a week to get a gun"! Doesn't it? I care not about the gun--you will, when you sign up for the gun, have given away every last shred of security and privacy and they will place you under instant--INSTANT-- surveillance. The criminals already have guns and would not be stupid enough to go sign up for them!! Just you innocent duped citizens will get on the "big brother" list-- that is the "black" list, dear ones. Besides, it is funny to us that you call it the Brady Bill. Brady was murdered at the same time as Reagan's duplicate was taken-out and replaced. You have just responded to a confounded replica of an original man who has made transition long, long ago! My goodness, sleepyheads, the man was shot through the head and the entire brain was shattered. What you are shown is a replica having undergone very specific brain alteration with, I might add, very poor cosmetic restructuring of entry wounds. And Hinckley? The assassin? Yes indeed, from a family who is extremely close to the Bush family. Doesn't that strike you as a bit too coincidental? Just watch closely the next few weeks and how Bush is handled for you have some very large discrepancies in that entity's behaviors and speech-making. You have now witnessed such a contradiction of proven fact as to be stupid--not just foolish.

Surely the Paris incident of presence even surpasses Carter's claim to have been attacked on a camping trip by a "killer rabbit". I jest not--you had best go check the records!!!


If the UFO speakers such as Friedman (who claims himself to be the foremost authority) know so much--why do they continue in 1940-50 material? The Majestic 12 cover-up is so blatantly filled with disinformation and lies that it speaks soundly for its own cover-up. Come on, surely SOMETHING has happened since the 1950's--even if there were little gray aliens. Surely they will have done something more reckless than abduct unsuspecting attention-getters off back-roads for some kind of race-saving, species improvement on "home planet" and/or been sighted doing some of that bashing, bloodletting and animal carving. I can promise you that if you have aliens with capability of interstellar travel and they need to IMPROVE their species and race by UTILIZING HUMAN OF EARTH IN ORDER TO BRING ABOUT A BETTER SOCIETY--THIS OLD UNIVERSE IS IN PRETTY BAD SHAPE, FRIENDS--I DOUBT GOD WOULD SANCTION SUCH BEHAVIOR!


I have been asked time and again about the connections and if, in fact, there are connections regarding the 666 symbol and bar-codes, etc.

I can assure you of one thing, the number 666 does not randomly appear any more often than does 222, 444, or say, 333. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that WHERE the numbers appear is very definitely of great importance. The numbers 666 are rapidly becoming man's favorite number and keep popping up in strange places--even though a recognized symbol of pure Satanic code--it is appearing more frequently than any other "number" in the so-called Christian and other religious placements. It is worthy of the time to speak of this matter for I think you must become aware that this code is being placed on all of you. I think it worth the time to give a listing of some instances of use of this number which none of you should miss in noting:

  • World Bank code number is "666".

  • New credit cards in U.S. are now being assigned the prefix 666.

  • Australia's NATIONAL bank cards have the code 666.

  • Central computers for Sears, Belks, Penneys and Montgomery Wards around the world have all their transactions prefixed with 666.

  • Shoes made in European Common Market Countries have stamped on inside label 666.

  • Computers made by Lear Siegler have a seal on the side on which is stamped the number 666.

  • IRS Instructions for NON-PROFIT Corporation Employee 1979, W-2 Form requires the prefix 666.

  • IRS began to require the prefix of 666 on some forms; for example, W2P, disability is 666.3; death is 666.4, etc. as early as 1977.

  • Tanks built by Chrysler Corporation...have on their sides 666.

  • South Central Bell's new Telco Credit Union Cards require the prefix 666, then the person's social security number.

  • Metric rulers distributed in 1979 throughout the U.S. have in the center, the number 666.

  • ID tags on 1979 GM cars produced in Flint, Michigan contain the number 666.

  • United States Selective Service Cards have on them 666.

  • Overseas telephone operator number from Israel is 666.

  • Arab-owned vehicles IN JERUSALEM have license plates prefixed with 666.

  • Record album released by the rock group, Black Sabbath is named 666.

  • The films, Omen I and II concern themselves with a world dictator and the number 666.

  • Some IBM Supermarket equipment is prefixed with the number 3.666.

  • JC Penney began prefixing account numbers in August, 1980, with 666.

  • Master Card began using on their August, 1980, statements--66.

  • Formula for NCR Model 304 Supermarket Computer System is 6 60 6,666

  • Ronald Reagan's "retirement" home had a street number of 666.

  • The United Nations resolution #666 came during the Iraq War.

Precious ones, there are contests even, called "666". What is happening by total intent is to condition the world to accept the coding of 666 without question or note. There is coming a day when a world governmental system will demand that everyone in the world take a mark and the number 666 in order to work, buy or sell. This fact is clearly set forth and being followed diligently. If you think you can avoid the mark of the beast--think again--YOU ALREADY BEAR THE MARK; DON'T BE STUPID AND SET YOURSELF UP TO DENY SAME. YOU ARE ALREADY MARKED AND THE INSTRUCTIONS TO REFUSE THE MARK AT ALL COSTS IS NOT OF GOD'S GIVING. YOU STEP FORTH AND REFUSE WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY WITHIN THE SYSTEM AND YOU ARE DEAD OR INCARCERATED AND USELESS UNTO GOD'S WORK. IT IS A SEPARATION ENTRAPMENT SET FORTH BY THE BEAST TO CATCH THE LIGHTED PEOPLE. YOU CAN STAY OUT OF THE SYSTEM TO THE FULL LIMIT ALLOWED BY THE LAW BUT YOU DO NO ONE A FAVOR BY GETTING YOURSELF KILLED--IT MEANS ONE LESS WORKER FOR GOD.


Let us look at that which is projected unto you and might be well worthy of note. The number with which all the world will be commanded to work, buy and sell during the Great Tribulation is the number of man--and you find it on all bar-codes and Elite products. Number 6 as has been distorted for identification and easy reference has been taken as the number of imperfection: the human-given human number; the number of MAN as destitute of God--without God/Christ. At any rate, it is certain that man was created on the sixth day goes the accepted WORD, and thus he would be established under the number six--which would identify him and then, it goes on with several other non-coincidental accidents in numbering. For instance, six days were appointed to man for his labor so it went, while one day is associated in sovereignty with the Lord God--as His day of rest. Then the infinite symbol of 8 represents infinity or immortality which is also of God. The serpent also was created somehow on the sixth day, or so the Good Book says--obviously God was most busy and yet totally restricted on the sixth day of His masterful creation. The Sixth Commandment relates to the worst sin--murder. The Sixth clause of the Lord's prayer treats of sin. Six is the number stamped on all that is connected with human labor. You will see it stamped upon his measures which he uses in his labour and on the time during which he labors. And you see this from the very beginning.

Six, the number of man, is one less than seven, the number which represents God and two less than The Creation. This indicates that man was created somehow in the likeness of God, but is not God, because God is perfect and sinless and one within and with Creation. The Sixth Commandment came as a result of Cain's sin of killing his brother, and the man who will ultimately claim the number 666 will be the greatest murderer the world has ever known. God put a mark upon Cain after the murder of Abel. Although Cain's mark was for the purpose of protecting him from those who would kill him, it also signified that before God, he was condemned. God forbade the children of Judea to mark their bodies--or did he? For the translations always read "Israel". The quoting then always continues with this looking forward to the time when the "Jews", as well as the rest of the world, would be called upon to take the mark of the Anti-christ. Well, will the "Jews" take the mark? I guess so--they created it!

But let us look a bit further into the book of Revelation. The Apocalypse: The 'mark' itself is at once a number and a name. The Apostle tells you what it is. As he gives it, it is made up of two Greek characters which stand for the name of Christ, with a third, the figure of a crooked serpent, put between them... This horrid sign must every one receive on one of the most conspicuous parts of the body, cut, stamped or branded in, there to abide indelibly. No one may either buy or sell without this mark, and all who do receive it take upon their bodies the token and seal of their damnation!

Do you really believe you have not already been branded? Let us consider that, for years--well over two decades--the laser beam has been branding steers and horses-- and even salmon while they remain in the stream, swimming. It is instant and painless. The laser simply destroys skin pigment. In some thirty-BILLIONTHS of a second a technician can stitch a brand--or initials, or symbol. This type of branding of animals for ownership or research purposes has become common practice. Do you not think it probable that everyone of you have been branded while standing, say, in a line to vote or register your car or, or, or—certainly if you have any kind of medical examination, dental care or hospitalization--especially immunizations.


This is the final laugh at the world citizenry. This is one of the world's greatest conspiracies and it is being quietly conducted in the most sacred halls of secular secrecy, brothers. While its thrust is Economic, its reach is without limit. No System will escape its mastery, be it in Politics or Religions, Social or otherwise. I told you long ago, dear ones, that the SDI program was not for defense but rather to place into space satellites which unite the entire world banking system--the beast to all other parts in instant connection--with ALL citizens registered, identified and located. You are all simply already within the system. The point is to protect yourself from the system as much as possible and the only way to do so is to utilize the laws and rules utilized by your adversary for as long as you can do so.

The Prime Mover here is the most powerful Consortium of financial institutions, capitalists, and scientists ever leagued together. Their common purpose is to bring every person, place and thing under their total control and it is all but in place and already operational.

The applied strategy is by way of instant IDENTIFICATION. This means of identification is by way of assignment of MARKS (or bars) for NUMBERS read by machines. (Numbers people can read, Marks they can't--the name of this game is SECRECY.)

Phase 1 began in 1970 with a conscientious effort to "IDENTIFY EVERY ITEM" at the manufacturer's level with a NUMBER "MARKED" on it. A group of Numbers designated by Marks, lines or bars, is called a Bar Code. The Universal Product Code, (Code 39, etc.), and giant computer manufacturers are central to the phase.

Phase II began in 1973 with an effort to IDENTIFY each PERSON with a Number. The Social Security Numbers when blended with the Universal Numbering System will be converted to "Bars". Initially, the NUMBER will be "marked" on a Card; (a World-Wide Money-ID-Card). Subsequently, according to the old Bible Prophecy written and directed by the very ones who would put it into place, it will be stamped upon the person it identifies. As the MARK OF IDENTITY on an ITEM is a Bar Code, so the MARK OF IDENTITY on a Card and later on a person, will be a Bar Code facsimile. The Government, Banks, and Card Companies are central to this phase.

Phase III is an effort to identify everything in the world, whether mobile or stationary; if mobile, then how to instantaneously locate it, as a piece of luggage, an expensive race horse, a family car, or a pet or person. Central to this is the Federal Government which has spent ten years in research on "Electronic Identification" at Los Alamos, the Airlines, and private inventors.

If stationary, as a house, farm, or apartment, the United States Census Department is central to the phase.

The symbol of 666 is absolutely instrumental to the Bar Code system. You are already in it, so let us be most careful how you handle it. Your best defense against it is to know truth about it--stop deluding yourself that you can somehow avoid the mark lest you get a special mark which sets you apart as a total troublemaker and you will be among the first incarcerated or removed by other means.

I ask, George, that you please see to it that Col. J.B.G. receives this document. He inquired of me regarding this matter toward the end of our meeting and it simply was not the time to go into lengthy consideration for 11:30 and past would have overtaken us for sure. This IS one of my better subjects and I gave great cautions and lectures through others regarding the heinous system coming down on you since the 1950's-- long before my present scribe ever "heard" of me. This coding is among the most important clues as to time of evolvement, structure of the infrastructure of the adversary and imminent timing of the Anti-God Elite Adversary's PLAN FOR TAKEOVER AND DISSOLUTION OF YOUR CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--THE LAST BASTION OF FREEDOM IN THE WORLD. SO BE IT--MAY ENOUGH TURN TO WALK AGAIN WITH GOD OF HOLY REALMS.



FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1991 7:44 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 267

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 1991

Hatonn present in Holy Light of God. Dharma, come into communion with me, chela, for you know this IS the day which allows no return. You confront--again, the measure of willingness to serve God, Brother, Country and Planet. The ending days are at hand and the time for strength and leadership is upon us. We can join the legions of faint-ofheart or we march to the trumpet of Gabriel and the drumbeat of Wakan Tanka GOD! Our mission is to lock step, join hands, cover the rear, all sides and go before--for the final curtain, for your nation, is set in place and it is time to stand forth. This is NOT just decision for you, but I shall remind you that the "EXECUTIVE ORDER" IS TO TAKE YOU OUT. Are you, Dharma, singled out? Oh no, there are TWO of you--Col. James "Bo" Gritz and Hatonn's mouthpiece! "AT ANY COST--SHUT THEM UP!"

I want this message to go to members of the families and the immediate group-- immediately--then on to the readers instantly. I write this brief message this morning for George will go forth to speak on this weekend, to groups which can now find easy sorting. I ask that he and Desiree never leave My "cover" for an instant but I expect that which I will now give, to be brought forth in full. Am I giving forth information which is unknown? Absolutely NOT. But you will find from the total silence of the socalled UFOC (PRONOUNCE IT ANY WAY IT SOUNDS) (UNEXPLAINED FLYING OBJECTS CLUB) that the continued disinformation spouters are already in lock-step for distraction, diversion and total stupidity. The information has been pouring out in, full for months and months yet so few listen--Gritz has been telling the story, giving you clues as to timing and most of you ignore them--even (especially) those ones claiming to be within his focus group. Is this intentional or accidental? I suppose we might just NOW FIND OUT WHICH IT IS!

We will get follow-up information to you as quickly as Dharma can put it to paper, but this writing will be seed for action and can be confirmed for the actions in the government are now under way by which you can set your "timing" apparatus.

Webster's resignation from head of the CIA was a BIGGIE. I said yesterday that Gates is head of the list for effort to re-establish him in the slot--but that is COVER. What IS planned is to move Scowcroft into the slot to head the CIA and bring Richard Armitage (functioning public head of the Heroin Drug Operation of your government in the Golden Triangle of Asia) into the slot of "Advisor" to the President. This will not require Congressional approval, as such, for the Advisory position. Only outrage by and from you-the-people can stop it. This massive steam-roller is ready to run you down and smash you into oblivion.

George, you must confront loudly, these ones who claim to be on the side of you-thepeople in the uncovering racket and rip-off. They have not only claimed to be in the uncovering business but they also have swamped Gritz with attention, etc. while they have worked diligently to discredit, and keep the information silent.


You want to fight the war on drugs which is intended to take out ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE BILL OF RIGHTS? Well, you won't do it through this Administration's "War on Drugs". The drugs are flown in, under government protection, right into your United States of America Air Bases. Further, PROOF IS WALKING AROUND ON TWO LEGS IF ONLY THE PEOPLE WILL LISTEN AND ACT! PROOF--WITH PICTURES, DIALOGUE AND CONFIRMATION. My God as witness--you have sons, husbands and friends still in Prisoner-of-War camps who are disallowed from returning home because the government knows the game is over when they come home and speak.

Do you think it accidental that even the paper, SPOTLIGHT, declines our material? They also now decline Gritz' material so it is up to you-the-people if you wish to save the nation. I have asked for nothing save support and sharing, until you could become comfortable with Truth. I can wait no longer, for the edict has been issued to shut these ones up at any cost, and that was just issued. I will hover over all involved like the proverbial skin on your backs--by their own admission, they cannot touch US. We have reasoned, we even offered to save Bush's neck and he refused to change--we can do no more at this time, regarding that entity. We were photographed with him at Camp David, and that will be used as fodder to further terrify you.


Noriega is a henchman of Bush and well covered by an "alternate" which will also not be convicted but shushed-up under the National Security Information Act. He has been paid-off at rates far greater than your own Presidential salary, not to even begin to consider the additional bonus of drug rip-offs. The Panama area is forfeit with no intention to reclaim the Canal--and that has been structured and under way for decades. It is COSTA RICA where the action IS! Why do you think Quayle is on tap? Why do you think the earthquake? Why do you think the rocket launches from that area? BECAUSE THE OPERATION "NEW CANAL" IS NOW FULL UNDER WAY AND YOU MUST KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THAT MEANS--BEFORE THE MEETING OF THE BILDERBERGERS IN JUNE.

Then, I want Patricia, for instance, to make sure ones such as Donna, who believe themselves to be coming to play with space-cadets, etc. and ones whose personal lives I give response, to understand why we must pull a measure of deeper silence around this work and source. NONE OF YOU COMPREHEND THIS MAMMOTH DANGER--NONE OF YOU! Your actions PROVE IT! You titter and twattle and act shocked, and then continue right on in your "personal" cells of distraction and prattling. You risk everything we have structured by your foolishness. The kitchen is on fire and if you cannot bear heat--go from the kitchen.


Our thrust is now moving into total relentlessness. I have only asked you to spread the word--I am now going to solicit your deeper participation--if you can contribute funds to the Institute to assist with mailings and seminars, NOW BEGINS THE TIME TO DO SO, FOR GOD ASKS NOTHING FOR WHICH THERE IS NOT MEASURE OF RETURN--BUT WE MUST SUPPORT GRITZ, "THE CENTER FOR ACTION" AND MAINTAIN CONTROL OF THAT CONSTITUTION--WHICH IS ON ITS WAY TO THE DEATH-TRAP.

Now, for Costa Rica. If nothing else is heard--HEAR ME NOW! The Panama Canal is obsolete, long past. Large vessels cannot get through the canal and Japan needs routing along with military ship capability of your government. Japan is a major part of the overall project. NOW, IF YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE THIS NEWS OF YEARS PAST--FROM COL. GRITZ-LISTEN UP. IT IS INTENDED, AND UNDERWAY. TO SET ATOMIC "BOMBS" ACROSS COSTA RICA--THROUGH THE INLAND SEA, DETONATE THE CHARGES SIMULTANEOUSLY (ALL AT ONCE). HUNDREDS OF MEGA-TONS BLAST EQUIVALENT AND INSTANTLY OPEN A CANAL. They are ready to detonate as soon as the Power Structure is stable in your Government. This location is on the "Ring of Fire" and you can expect the San Andreas to go at the same time. The troops are now in place to stop interference. By the way, some of your troops are in the area and still think themselves to be in the Middle East. Incredible? Of course. Will it work? Absolutely--it already has. YOU HAVE ONE ALLY--GOD. HE HAS SENT US, THE HOSTS--BUT WE CANNOT ACT UNLESS YOU ACT. WE ARE THE ONLY STRENGTH WHICH CAN TECHNICALLY STOP THEM--BUT, IF YOU CARE NOT ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR OWN STATUS--WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED FURTHER PARTICIPATION. WE WILL SIMPLY STAND AT READY.

For you weak-of-knees and faint-of-heart--congratulations, you are alive and well. Now, let us get up off those assets and haul assets! Do all the Elite know? Of course NOT, for there is no ability to keep the ego and addicted mouths shut--they have simply destroyed your Congress the same way in which they have destroyed you-thepeople. So--the enemy is few in number--mammoth in POWER; I come, however, to tell you: GOD IS ALL-POWERFUL AND IN THE ENDING--GOD WINS! THAT, DEAR ONES, MEANS YOU OF GOD WIN!!!


This is not a war of bullets, or war as you know it. It is a time of standing together in total solidarity--it must be a battle with ballots and can only be done by YOU-THEPEOPLE-- FOR WHOM THIS WONDROUS COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED--IN FREEDOM, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. IT WILL REQUIRE YOU ALL! You will put aside the bigotry and hate and join with brother--you will reach out your hand and lift up your native population and join hands--this is an opportunity for the greatest performance of your life stream.

I will be writing in detail--direct from the top leader's mouth, who was there, and who knows the truth of this message. One who risks his life every minute of his life. Who will join us? Or, do we do it alone? Well, it doesn't work that way any longer--either YOU move with us or YOU go down. The door is shut on the cell and the key is in the lock. Will you stop the turning of the key or will you demand it be turned? It is up to you! It now goes beyond your imagination as to damage you are ready to unleash. Even if there is no massive war begun by such a Costa Rican detonation--the massive radiation and violent geophysical response will be incredible--AND IT IS KNOWN AS MUCH! WELL, WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE LIKE CARL SAGAN TELL YOU? BECAUSE CARL SAGAN IS ON THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS AND ONE OF THE ELITE BIG BOYS! HE CONFIRMS THEIR LIES FOR THEM. SO BE IT--IT IS NOW TIME FOR ACTION OR GET OUT. IT IS TIME FOR THE FISHING AND STOP THE TOYING WITH THE BAIT--IT IS TIME TO -- OR GET OFF THE --! IT IS TIME TO TEND YOUR ASSETS AND YOUR OTHER ASSETS WILL TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES--FOR THE GOVERNMENT PLANS TO TAKE BOTH!



Oberli, draw this to a rapid faxing to George prior to his departure--I waited until the last minute to insure security. The babe is in security so Grandma can relax. Get a duplicator this day, for video tapes. We must make a major all-out effort to get the information out, in every way possible. Original presentations can be duplicated or purchased from source. After copying the information (tape) make sure the assemblers get ordering information ready for use, but hold up on sources until we can better discern mode of operation--for it may well be easier to funnel from many sources, including America West. These things can be worked out but it is time to burst that confounded disinformation bubble coming out of the supposed "uncovering" groupie. Just blow them out, George--starting at the self-appointed top--Friedman, and work down through the whole bunch--YOUR NATION AND YOUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE! YOU WILL BE GIVEN PROTECTION--KEEP GOD'S "MOUTHPIECE" WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, SON--YOU WILL BE BRILLIANT BEYOND THAT WHICH YOU RECOGNIZE! GO WITH GOD. SANDY, THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING, YOU ARE INDEED PRECIOUS UNTO THE WORD. YOU STUDENTS HAVE EARNED YOUR WINGS, PHOENIX CHILDREN--IT IS TIME TO FLY. I SHALL SHORE YOU UP AS THE WIND BENEATH YOUR WINGS-- BUT YOU MUST FIRST PUT OUT THINE WINGS, LEST YOU CRASH. THE TIME FOR PETTINESS AND HUMAN FRAILTY IS PAST--YOU WILL FLY OR FALL, IT IS UP TO YOU; I HAVE GIVEN YOU TRAINING AND IT IS TIME FOR GRADUATION AND SELF-SUSTAINMENT. SALU, SALU, SALU--IN THE TOTALITY OF THE INFINITE TRIANGLE OF LIFE AND THE WHOLENESS OF THE INFINITE CIRCLE OF GOD-TRUTH--I AM YOUR BROTHER AND I WILL SEE YOU HOME.




SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1991 10:05 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 268

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1991

Hatonn present in the Light of Holy God, may we be given to serve well. May we also be given to serve in beauty that the ugliness and darkness does not pull us down into discouragement.

First, I must respond to Patricia regarding the device she refers to as the "Rife" machine. Number one--it is NOT! Moreover, it carries not enough voltage, etc., to be of any value that I can determine, whatsoever. However, if you can get enough voltage to the apparatus--you will kill anyone with a pace-maker. Do not touch Eleanor with that thing. I find no value in it whatsoever and it can cause disruption to the pacemaker. That, brothers, is the intent--you can only produce low frequency pulses from low voltage, low amp instruments which end up more damaging than anything you can do to a body. Even Bedini, who had the right idea, produced far too low a frequency-- THAT requires a sequence of voltage which no one is comfortable with which to work. In the meanwhile, the dark brotherhood would love nothing more than to have us kill some of our own people with these foolish devices--YOU NEED NO DEVICES TO HEAL SELF! NONE! Even my beloved Padre' is still punishing himself with that hand for some perceived aggression or another--put it away, brother- -for penance is not of God as you ones perceive it to be. When you come into true "belief" (and it can work nicely with Ed because there is no physical reason that the hand continues to give such pain) that God can stop the deterioration, and then command that the limb be healed--so shall it be--God is only waiting and all those devices simply keep avoiding the issue at hand (pun intended).

When ones come into the balance of ceasing to "REGRET" that which is past and perceiving there is not time to finally walk and produce to full extent--the perceptions of loss melt away and the void is filled. I can only ask of you ones that you set a reasonably short penance period on selves for your perceived transgressions so that you can pay quickly, satisfy self and live in peace and beauty in the perfection of God.

Can you understand that nothing much changes in the perception at time of transition save a momentary lapse in that which is created about you on your current plane of experience? How do I know? One, I have been there! Two, I see it before me right now and Three, the mind will continue its journey hardly interrupted from that which was present at the death of the body. You have been so lied to regarding transition that you long ago ceased the understanding of continuing journey of soul. NOTHING outside self will do it! "Things" can only contribute to the assurance into the mind of assistance and/or cure--but the subconscious knows immediately the difference in Truth and facade and until you can convince the subconscious mind of a "thing"--you will change nothing except, perhaps, the symptoms.

Now, let us analyze, with reason, putting aside all preconceived notions. We speak not of that which came before nor that which will come later--but what is present right now in, say, Eleanor and Ed specifically. Ed's hand can heal to perfection for physical injury was temporary but healing slower due to many factors of physical maturing. Often, with enslavement of a body part which allows no motion due to whatever reason, as the body itself matures and changes, healing changes--slows and often misuses its fuel elements which allows for bone spur formation, etc. However, until the physical is changed and altered--the healing can be perfection and return to wholeness.

Now, let us take in point, Eleanor. She has had long-standing problems with actual deterioration of the body due to outside means as well as favoring due to pain. This has caused actual physical change along with the surgeons who have replaced two joints--even though the body would be capable of actually rebuilding itself--the mind KNOWS that that body has artificial parts and WILL NOT regenerate itself--for what would you do with four hips? The mind knows it would be producing a worse situation for the being at hand and the mind will ALWAYS MOVE AWAY FROM PAIN WHICH IT PERCEIVES AS PAIN--IF THE PAIN SUPPLANTS A NEED--IT WILL THEN CLING TO THE PAIN FOR IT HAS BECOME A FRIEND AND A TOOL FOR PROTECTION OF THE PSYCHE. The continuing introduction of one foolish "thing" after another only reinforces the knowledge of the mind that it WON'T WORK and even if you brought something which would work, the mind is predisposed to allow nothing of the kind.

Therefore, a warm and loving regular visitation and sharing would do far more than some piece of man-made contraption. So, the "frequency change" comes within the mind--negative and painful input are the low frequency range and Love moving into God-Love produces the frequencies of the high range which re-balance in perfection and healing. It is all indeed complicated but man will not trust of "self" and simply offer of self in love and friendship and, therefore, clings to "things" and "devices" and keeps "trying" to "help"--it just doesn't produce lasting healing but rather, often causes the body to respond negatively in order to not lose the comradery of the one with the device.

Therefore, if the use of a device brings some measure of comfort--use it, but if the body has been tampered with in such manner as to be disrupted by electrical/electronic impulse--don't risk it. I suggest leaving the device at the door and taking your heart, in love, in for a nice sharing of friendship meeting and far more will be accomplished-- for both (all, in fact) parties involved.

Patricia, I am indebted, precious, for your inquiry. It is sad that we continue to have to learn over and over--WE CANNOT DO "IT" FOR ANOTHER--ONLY STAND BY AND OFFER OUR LOVE, UNDERSTANDING AND GENTLENESS--IT PAYS NOT TO BE THE GREAT PSYCHIATRIST, EITHER, FOR USUALLY THE "PHYSICIAN AND GREAT ADVICE-GIVER" IS SICKER THAN THE ONE HE TREATS. YOUR OWN MEDICAL CIRCLES HAVE A GREAT JEST (TRUTH): "A PSYCHIATRIST IS A HALF-SANE PERSON TREATING A HALF-CRAZY ONE". SO BE IT. Man becomes invalid (get the word "invalid"; lack of validity) for two reasons: loneliness and self disrespect, and tyranny through which to control another. As children utilize negative behavior and tantrums and naughty actions, so too, do socalled adults--they become sick and throw more subtle tantrums and even if attention is negative in nature--it DOES WORK TO SOME EXTENT. The conscious mind can do nothing about it once it becomes a habit and the subconscious WILL NOT until the stimulation is replaced by different actions. The supra-conscious can but will not until such time as the being is whole enough to handle the change--so goes the endless loop of illness, pain and/or healing. When the body becomes weary of the game and sees through the subterfuge--the person will change IF the person faces and confronts the truth of action.

How can I say this? Look around and you will see persons who have no arms, no legs, disfigurement, cancers--all manners of imperfections and yet they are not crippled, hardly even handicapped. You will keep unto you as much pain as is convenient--and then you will discard even that.

Does this mean that ones intentionally suffer? Yes. Does it mean they intentionally continue the path? Yes. Do they realize that which they do? Sometimes--usually NOT and certainly will not consciously admit it--especially to the ones they are somehow controlling or summoning. And yet, it is far more difficult to accept loving kindness and gifts of self-sharing than it is to be outcast, for the mind is somehow punishing the body for misperceived violations of some sort or another--usually having become total habit.

Usually one who is trained to be tended--cannot perceive being qualified or capable of tending self--when the hurdle of sufficiency is crossed the persons become quite content in their newly found FREEDOM.

God will always WAIT to see which it will be--self-enslavement or freedom-- funny about that character, God. So be it.

Dharma, we are into the middle of four massive subjects, are we not? And, a dozen waiting so where do we go? Right along as if they are all the same--for they are! We just keep unfolding it and if one writing is disconnected from the one just prior-- readers will have to back up a section or so. Confirmations are flowing through so quickly that I hope to get on to being able just to funnel the confirmations right on through with our bulldozer. What we have received within the last day regarding The USS Liberty, the Russian business interchange and rip-off and the failing insurance companies is enough to last us to shutdown of the planet--so, we will just do that which we can and give support to the speakers in every manner possible.

I am most pleased to tell you that by the middle of June we will have backup help for you who wish to or already have formed Nevada Corporations, etc. It has been difficult but we have one in training who can be of assistance. I hope that you ones will see the merit of this type of business for it really gives the adversary a headache trying to getcha' when his own laws protect you. I cannot speculate as to how long that door shall remain open but we surely walk through open doors as long as we can; then, when a door shuts we usually can locate another which opens. It is the ONLY WAY WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TEDIOUS TIME OF TIGHTROPE WALKING.

I do note that some are writing and telling me "wonderful" news--you can get incorporated in Delaware so much cheaper--NO YOU CANNOT! THE DELAWARE LAWS ARE SUCH THAT YOU HAVE STATE TAXES WHICH PUTS YOU RIGHT ONTO THE FEDERAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM. NEVADA IS THE ONLY STATE WHICH IS NOT RECIPROCAL AND AFFORDS TOTAL OWNERSHIP PRIVACY. Can you get incorporated in Nevada for less than through the ones we can hook you up with? Probably--but they offer you no buffer or inbetween privacy for officers lists, etc., and if they do, it will be more expensive by great measure. Further, you must know how to follow-on and most do not have the ability to gain that information without much study and very expensive trips to training seminars. Our desire is to be able to give you that kind of assistance and corporate veil protection for some kind of nominal fee which allows us to function in a "small", invisible manner with brother helping brother in network of possibilities--the point is to keep all profits moving and in use from the eyes of the trailers--for your protection, for a half-done job is usually worse than no job at all. However, if set up properly, you will be covered and with proper "corporation" paperwork--you are safe and they are unable to pierce that veil and you can learn and integrate possibilities at leisure.

I have stopped urging ones to go directly to Nevada unless you are already totally sophisticated and unless you live in Nevada where all information is easily attained-- because you need more and to get more from Nevada is basically some $200 to $400 per hour for consultation, if you go that route. If you only dig "the hole" you are probably going to fall in, be pushed in or, or, or. Keep a sturdy plank across that hole which will not break under observation. We have simply been so swamped with the myriads of tasks that even our own ones within the family are not being properly tutored. They are safe but the knowledge level is so shallow at present that the perception is one of frantic "Oh dod, oh dod, what I do now?" Our intent is to get a wholly operational business and information center going for you just as quickly as possible and one is coming directly from a bit of a training period and with some intensive input we shall be able to build a qualified staff in reasonable time. We have some attorneys willing to learn the ropes and an accountant or two ALMOST willing to stick their neck out. When they find it totally secure and shielded--we will garner that which is needed--God is funny that way, also.

The point is to get the sugar under the shed roof before it melts and/or turns to rock, and then it can be placed in proper shelving in dehumidified rooms at leisure. I do feel remiss that I have not done more follow-on on the total value of even individual corporations--for as set up in Nevada under the full laws of the state and nation--the benefits are incredible. Will they always be that way? Probably not but maybe so--the "big boys" have to have somewhere to run with their loot and their estates--remember, people die and everything "left" after the state gets through is usually tied up in probate until the "rest" is gone--old corporations never die; they just get a new president and the bank account is not even noted. Advantages of such action are almost limitless if handled smartly and timely. And remember, you ones who will be starting a corporation for your crochet and/or pet center, or "consultation" service (to your own kids, perhaps?)--KEEP YOUR NAMES OFF THE LABEL. IN FACT, IF YOU HAVE A STRONG ENEMY--PUT HIS NAME ON THE BUILDING AND PAPERWORK--THE GOVERNMENT WILL THEN GO AFTER HIM AND YOU ARE SAFELY TUCKED AWAY. THE POINT IS TO BECOME NON-EGO FINDABLE. DO YOU WANT SAFETY, SECURITY AND YOUR MONEY--OR DO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW YOUR NAME? IF IT BE THE LATTER--FORGET THE CONTACT WITH US FOR WE ARE NOT INTO EGOTRAINING, EXCEPT TO SEPARATE IT FROM THE TRUTH OF YOURSELF. DONALD TRUMP BLEW IT BY PUTTING HIS NAME ON EVERYTHING-- HOWEVER, YOU CAN'T EVEN START TO KNOW HOW MUCH THAT CLEVER MAN HAS THAT THE PUBLIC DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT--AND THE GOVERNMENT AND HIS ENEMIES CAN'T DISCOVER AND IF THEY DO--IT CAN'T BE CONFISCATED. If we do not become as clever and intelligent as the enemy, we must expect to lose. The intent has been to totally train the public into attitudes of profound ignorance so as to know everything and anything about you and use it against you and it has worked.

If you lose your Constitution, it is over no matter what efforts you have made--for you already bear the beast mark and you are identified--so, your only hope, already, is to cleverly utilize that which the adversary sets up for self. Can you shelter everything? No--nor should you even try for 'tis better to allow a bit of information while the rest remains in security. That which already is open--such as social security, etc., leave alone, even if there is tax, for the point is to cover all other assets and reduce self to only the income known. It simply requires intelligence and discernment and ABSOLUTELY NO BREAKING OF ANY LAWS--NONE! This only works because it CAN work within the laws--very nicely and very securely--if you are willing to do the required tending of the new baby. But then, why are we here? What is the intent? TO BRING ONES BACK INTO RESPONSIBILITY FOR SELF AND SELFACTION AND GET THE LEECHES OFF YOUR BACKS. IN THIS WORLD--IF YOU KILL OFF THE PARASITES (WHICH WILL HAPPEN IF YOU STOP THEIR FUEL INTAKE) THEN YOU CAN RETURN YOUR PLACE TO BALANCE. NO MORE AND NO LESS--IT HAS TO WORK FOR IT IS THE UNIVERSAL LAW-- THAT THAT WHICH IS TRULY INTENDED IS THAT WHICH IS REAPED. THE LAW OF THE BUREAUROCRACY IS: THAT WHICH IS STATED IN INTENT PRODUCES THE EXACT OPPOSITE. AND THAT, SIRS, IS HOW YOU RECOGNIZE THAT ALL THEY TELL YOU IS, AT BEST, PARTIAL TRUTH IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Their intent is to enslave you so all thrusts of the mouth must be in attempt to allow you to "think" FREEDOM--while they act to bring you into bondage. It is no longer a point of theory--it is THE "LAW OF THE BUREAUCRACY".

Dharma, since I have already rambled at some length, I think we shall just move ahead with the summary I was doing on the Banksters for it goes along a bit with business and waking up to both insult and possibilities. I think we were last, some days past, speaking of the good old Federal Reserve and the power thereof. We will just pick up at that point at any rate.


Every effort possible has been utilized by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its powers, but the truth is...the Fed has usurped the government. It controls everything in Congress and it controls all your foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will. So it behooves you all, if you have even what appears to be meager assets--to protect them if possible. They have attempted to make you into a totally helpless welfare state whereby it does not pay you to protect selves--well, as I say, we can only offer possibilities of action--we do not twist arms nor cram anything down throats-- people must take responsibility. I do, however, expect that, if you come within our working circles, you come in with intent to serve God and not further rip-off anyone, nor threaten investigations, etc., for privacy is the name of the game and if you foolishly wrap yourselves into selfishness--you will negate the purpose. All is totally legal to the finest detail but troublemakers and "seekers" of games and foment are asked to turn the other way, for we have neither time nor inclination to play games nor have a business set up for selfish, self-centered participants. The latter can easily be accomplished through this very route and through these ones who serve you--but it is ungracious to absorb their time when you can do it through established routes. Look at intent--self-shelter is worthy, but pulling your brother down in your selfish processing is unacceptable for ours is to have "business with total integrity, within the laws of the land AND WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD"--IT CAN BE DONE!!

Hopefully, you have the picture and understand the mechanics of how the Fed works in this criminal money-system scam. However, in case we still have misunderstanding and lack of comprehension, let's have one more objective lesson--especially for you new readers who don't know where to go "back" and pick up the information. I find that most of our regular readers still do not grasp it in full and can use the summary.


Almost everyone is familiar with the game of Monopoly, which has a very appropriate name. However, its rules are those of a make-believe world. But with just a few simple rule changes you can make it resemble the real economic world far better than you would wish from a parlor game:

First, count all the money available (let us example for this scenario--say, $8,000). Second, loan, not give, an equal amount ($2,000) to each of four players. Third, instead of each player collecting $200 FROM the bank every time he passes GO, he PAYS $200 in interest to the bank!

Now you should know who will win every game. If not, play it according to these rules and find out! But then, perhaps you, along with the thousands of other Americans every week, have already lost the real life game and know who the winner is-- ALWAYS!


If you learn nothing else from this dissertation, learn this: If you are in debt, you are not free, you are a bond slave. Even if you have no personal debt, as a U.S. citizen, your share of the National Debt is over $20,000 and whatever property you think you own is pledged to pay that debt. And, the government can and will come and confiscate everything you thought you owned to pay it. As your own proclaimed Bible tells you in Proverbs 22:7, "The borrower is servant to the lender".

The manner in which bondslaves were to be controlled was put forth in "The Bankers Manifest" of 1934 (don't laugh, here it is):

Capital must protect itself in every way, through combination and through legislation. Debts must be collected and loans and mortgages foreclosed as soon as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law, applied by the central power of wealth, under control of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capital to govern the world. By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd.

Feel nervous and hot around the neckband? I hope so! Did you really get the above message? All other issues take a back seat and are secondary to the question of money! You have been divided into a thousand different camps ranging from anti-Communist to anti-racists and neutralized by waiting for the rapture, or boozing with the boobtube. What is your favorite diversion? That is, if you have any time left after working more than six months every year for the Anti-God Banksters (AB's) and THEIR "government". It is a very safe bet that you don't study history, or money, which, to requote that nice Robert Hemphill:

...is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may well collapse unless it is widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.


In order to understand how the AB's acquired their absolute power over the nations, it is necessary to understand some history which has been omitted from your history textbooks dealing with this matter--for your history books are so devoid of history that we have a myriad of subjects which are left out and buried under the shroud of deceit and lies. Nonetheless, let us consider this subject at hand. This knowledge is also necessary so that you do not repeat it--if you ever get the opportunity of control-- AGAIN!

In the beginning, there was no money and there was no civilization. Every man obtained his own necessities of life--food, shelter and clothing, through his own efforts in some manner or another. This was probably the only period in history short of that ill-perceived "Eden" that man was truly free and independent--and that, too, is a dream, isn't it? However, this was a very difficult, dangerous and insecure lifestyle at best, what with tantalizing apples and deceitful ladies of the night and serpents in all the trees and nothing but fig leaves to cover thine assets, and so forth. Fig leaves are most uncomfortable in the middle of a windy blizzard or especially--sandstorm.

Eventually, there developed a system of exchange of goods and services which we can call barter. In that economic system every man benefitted because he would only trade something he had for something that was of greater value in some manner to himself. For instance, if Jim had ten potatoes and Bill had ten fish, they could trade five potatoes for five fish and each would have a complete meal for his family. So there was "light".

It was soon realized that, by specializing, a man could produce a given commodity much more efficiently and trade his surplus with other specialists to obtain all of his needs. Thus everyone who efficiently produced something which many people needed or wanted could make a very comfortable living with "markers" for a variety of items in exchange for his own production.

The value that each man placed on his own produce was primarily a function of the time he spent to produce it, what he spent for raw materials and tools--AND MARKET DEMAND FOR HIS PRODUCT.


It was soon realized, however, that barter was a very inconvenient system and, fun though it might be, consumed much time in bargaining over the value of commodities. After all, every man values everything differently from every other man and at different times, places and circumstances.

Eventually, the use of certain durable commodities, such as gold and silver, became popular as a medium of exchange and greatly facilitated trade. Civilization began to develop as more men became specialists and an increasing variety of goods was produced for both production (tools) and consumption. The use of gold and silver bullion as media of exchange, although far superior to trading cows and corn, was still somewhat difficult, because their weight and purity had to be determined. Weighing them was relatively easy with balance scales but determining purity and quality was quite difficult. These problems were overcome with the introduction of "coins", which were certified by the issuing authority to be of the weight and purity represented by the denomination and purity stamped upon them.


As wealth increased, one of the trades that developed was that of making gold jewelry, or goldsmithing. Because goldsmiths dealt in large quantities of gold, it was necessary for them to have secure vaults, or safes, in which to store their valuable commodity for protection from theft.

Other people who acquired significant amounts of metallic money, especially merchants and craftsmen, also required security for their money. It soon became common practice for them to "deposit" their money with the goldsmiths for a small fee. In return, the goldsmith would give the depositor a receipt for the amount of the deposit. A depositor could then give his warehouse receipt to a supplier in payment for goods, rather than transferring the metal itself. This method of payment was so convenient and simple that it soon became common practice. On paper an amount was simply transferred onto the books of another. Thus was born the business of banking. So good so far.


The shrewd Babylonian Elite goldsmiths soon realized that, of all the gold deposited with them, only a small percentage was reclaimed each month with the warehouse receipts they had issued. As wealthy men, they were often asked for loans. As shrewd men, they were soon lending out as much as 90% of the gold placed on deposit with them, typically requiring that four talents of gold be returned to them in one year for every three they loaned, an interest rate of 33 1/3%!

Since there was a limited amount of gold in circulation, they soon "cornered" the market on gold and became the richest men in Babylon. Their descendants still are and are referred to in Revelation 18:23: "For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmicia = drugs) were all nations deceived". People who are drugged (poisoned) with alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, medicine, sugar, chlorine, fluoride, TV, government, "education", and "religion", have short-circuited brains and simply cannot think logically. If you are having difficulty understanding this, hopefully you now understand WHY! I am sure we left out a thing or two which has poisoned you as a society.


Ah, rears the head of the deadly poison serpent. With virtually all of the gold in their possession, the goldsmiths could loan out their "warehouse receipts" for amounts totalling more than ten times the amount of gold actually in their vaults and charge interest (usury) on something which had cost them virtually nothing (clay tablets were very cheap at the time for labor was so thrifty).

When this debt money was created and circulated in the society, it caused a temporary increase in trade and the production of real wealth until the loan was repaid. However, when the money was created, the amount of the interest was NOT CREATED and the ultimate result was a net reduction of money in circulation, causing depression and foreclosure, unless, of course, more money was loaned into circulation.

Thus was born "fractional reserve banking" and the system of usury which today rules the world. This is the lifeblood of the system identified in Revelation 18 as "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT".


Occasionally, the people holding these "gold certificates" would get wise to the fact that the goldsmith did not actually have enough gold on deposit with which to redeem his certificates. This would result in a "run on the bank" and his sudden demise, unless he had previously escaped with his hoard of gold.

Being shrewd, the goldsmiths recognized this as an unhealthy situation. Therefore, after very little thought, they decided to bring the king in as a "partner". After all, the king was always in need of gold to support his concubines and palace guard. Thus the king was only too happy to provide government sanction and protection for this racket in exchange for greatly discounted interest rates, even lower than the prime rate. But the shrewd goldsmiths thought that government protection might not be sufficient. After all, the police couldn't protect them 24 hours a day.

Since the king was also god in the combined state religion of Baalism, the AB's decided that it would be safest for them to practice their black art under cover of religion. After all, there might be many who would revolt against slavery and risk imprisonment or death; what's the difference? But few religionists, even though enslaved, will challenge "authority" and risk eternal torment by being "excommunicated". Thus, many AB's became BAAL Priests and practiced their banking scam in the temples with complete safety--even picking up as much as 10% tithing, free, for being there.

Thus was joined the unholy Babylonian trinity of; Government, Religion, and Banking (GRAB) which rules your world this day as a Great Mystery to the deceived "goyim", especially Christians, who are their prime target. Great pains and cares were also taken to REWRITE portions of the rule books for these goyim to fit with the Baal religion and keep the good little contributors happy and feeling "saved" at the same time.


The beginning and rise to world dominion of this Babylonian system is detailed in your own Book of Daniel. The gold standard was established by King Nebuchadnezzar when he erected a monument of gold on the Plain of Dura and commanded that everyone bow down and worship it. This was about 500 BC when the Judaists from the southern Kingdom of Judah were in Babylon as captives of the good old Khazar by whatever name they used that particular year. Apparently, all but four of them complied with the King's orders--Daniel, Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego.

This is not too surprising, since those Khazar/Judaists had previously shown a strong proclivity for gold at the very foundation of their nation. While encamped at the foot of Mt. Sinai after being led out of Egyptian slavery, Moses went up on the mountain to receive the Law from God--and when he returned, the foolish masses were worshipping a golden calf--so be it.

Isn't this fun? Dharma, we need a break and then we'll move right on with Daniel's vision so we pick up a bit of historical value. These are the connections which caused the Elite to separate Church and State, just in case anyone desired to check out either, or both. Salu.

Hatonn to stand-by, please.



SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1991 3:41 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 268

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1991

Hatonn returned. Let us get right to work.


By the way, chelas, you who might have forgotten--Daniel was the prophet who deserved the very most attention and so this is not just an exercise in games and fun--it is filled with timely and timing information regarding the Revelation and time of culmination of cycles. Even tampered with, there is incredible truth and warning of things to come through Daniel's writings--for no one could really decipher them throughout the generations.

Daniel was given a vision of the Babylonian succession of world powers. The vision was an image of a man with a head of gold, representing Babylon itself, arms of silver representing Medo-Persia, body of brass, representing Greece, and legs of iron, representing Rome. The feet were of mixed iron and clay. A stone "cut out without hands" was to come out of heaven and destroy this system by striking it in the feet, "at the time of the end" after it secretly gained control of the world, therefore becoming "MYSTERY, Babylon the Great, the whore that sitteth upon many waters (NATIONS) committing fornication with the Kings of the earth". I guess we are together so far?

Archeological searches have uncovered, dear ones, much evidence of Babylon's social and economic systems there in Iraq near Baghdad, which were very similar to yours today--during the time that the Khazarian Elite ran the world. For instance, the Igibi Bank was found with thousands of clay tablet "notes" and "interest"(usury) (see how important that Khazar history now becomes and we must get back to more of it) bearing contracts, which served as their money.

Babylon loaned much money at interest (usury) to Persia (Iran) which, of course, Persia could not repay. Therefore, Persia conquered Babylon to eliminate its debt AND ACQUIRE BABYLON'S GOLD. (Is this beginning to make you nervous?)

Persia adopted the Babylonian usury system and loaned Greece much money at interest (usury). Greece, of course, could not repay the debt and conquered Persia to eliminate its debt AND ACQUIRE THE GOLD IN PERSIA.

Greece adopted the Babylonian usury system and loaned Rome much money at interest (usury). Rome of course, could not repay the debt and conquered Greece to eliminate its debt AND ACQUIRE THE GOLD IN GREECE.

After the fall of Imperial Rome, the various nations of Europe were kept in bondage and poverty by the AB's for many centuries, known as the "Dark Ages"! Where do you think you might be headed, world?

When the Babylonian civilization collapsed, 3% of the people owned all the wealth. When old Persia went down to destruction, 2% of the people owned all the wealth. When ancient Greece went down to ruin 0.5% of the people owned all the wealth. When the Roman Empire fell by the wayside, 2,000 people owned the wealth of the civilized world.... It is said, dear ones, that at this time less than 2% of the people control 90% of the wealth of America.

Now that you know some history (His Story) DO YOU DETECT A PATTERN IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN AND NATIONS? Do you begin to understand that wars are created by the AB's, who Christ called Pharisees and accused them of shedding all the innocent blood from the time Cain killed Abel? Now you might understand why Christ was crucified only three days after He threw the money-changers out of the Temple. BETTER YET--NOW YOU MIGHT RECOGNIZE WHY "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL".


Was there ever a time when men were free of the usurers' yoke of bondage? Yes, and it was a glorious period that lasted for nearly six centuries and provided nearly "utopian" conditions for the working people in England, and for shorter periods in the other European nations. This period is known as the Renaissance, but the reason for it is a carefully kept secret. Why? Because the revelation of this knowledge would again result in the banishment of the AB's and a flowering of debt-free freedom.

In 1100 A.D. Henry I became King of England and found the treasury empty. The supply of gold and silver coin had mostly gone with the Crusaders to Palestine (oh woe is me) and a medium of exchange was urgently required. Rather than seeking loans from AB's, Henry issued into circulation for payment of government debt, or as receipts for goods and services rendered, marked pieces of wood called tallies.

These sticks varied in size from about four inches long up to some 8 1/2 feet long. The longest represented 50,000 pounds. Notches were cut into the side, the width of the notch representing the value in pounds sterling, and the amount written on two sides. (A pound sterling was originally an actual pound of silver.) The sticks were then split and one-half paid into circulation, debt free. They were readily used by the people in trade, because they derived their value from the fact that they were receivable in payment of taxes. When the tally was presented for payment of taxes, it had to exactly match, that is tally, with the half retained in the treasury, called a foil. Forgery was nearly impossible. Silver coins continued to circulate also.

Usury (interest), being strictly prohibited by Scripture, was also prohibited by both the Christian church and government. However, there were those who continued the evil practice until they were banished from England in 1290 A.D.--and would you care to guess where they went? That's right! With an honest and convenient money system, an English working man could supply his family's needs for a year by working only 14 weeks! This left a great deal of leisure time available for intellectual, religious and charitable pursuits. This is the reason that the incredible cathedrals of England and Europe were built completely with volunteer labor. Do you think that is amazing? What is really amazing is how this information, essential to your freedom, has been so successfully kept concealed from you!

This tally money system continued to operate in England until 1783, when it was abolished by statute. Nevertheless, tallies continued to be used in rural areas until 1826.


The death knell of the tally system was sounded in 1694, when the King, William of Orange, granted a charter to. William Paterson and his AB associates to establish the Bank of England as a fractional reserve central bank with monopoly power to issue bank notes at interest (usury). This date, 1694, is the most important date in American history, for the Bank of England has had a direct bearing on every major event in America since before your War of Independence.


When the Pilgrims came to America, they did so with an abundance of faith and determination, but a dearth of knowledge concerning economics and human nature. They initially instituted a system of common ownership or "communism". As a result, over half of them died of starvation and disease. Quickly learning their lesson, every man was allotted his own parcel of land on which to grow his own food and build his own home.

With little money available, the primary means of exchange was barter. Gradually, some foreign coinage came into the colony and facilitated trade. However, as the economy of Massachusetts quickly grew, due to its hardworking people, natural resources and free enterprise, the need for a medium of exchange became acute.

Knowing about England's tally system, Massachusetts issued debt-free paper scrip into circulation in 1690. Despite problems that developed with this invention, due to there being no standard of value, the economy flourished with full employment. Other colonies adopted this system in varying degree and prospered also.

During this period there was no official banking system. A few "Loaning Offices" were maintained by the Colonies, but less than thirty private lending institutions existed in all 13 colonies! Today, they are more numerous than churches, by far.


There have been many reasons put forth for the American colonies separating from England, their mother country, and the most powerful nation on Earth. Most of these were listed, in generalities, by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. The first two of these read as follows:

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend them.

What were these "most wholesome and necessary" laws that were of "immediate and pressing importance"? Again, a knowledge of TRUE history is necessary to understanding. If you've guessed by now that the AB's were involved, you are absolutely correct. The root of your War of Independence was the issuance of their own paper money by the colonies, beginning with 7000 pounds issued by Massachusetts in 1690, and culminating with the issue of "Colonials" by the Continental Congress.

In 1763, a century after The Bank of England was established, Benjamin Franklin was in England. He was asked to explain why the colonies were so prosperous while England was suffering. He replied:

That is simple. It is only because in the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called "Colonial Scrip"--and we issue it in the proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry.

The Bank of England soon learned of this situation and forced Parliament to pass a Bill prohibiting the Colonies from issuing their own money. Franklin said, "Within one year from that date the streets of the Colonies were filled with the unemployed".

Later, Franklin said that this was the original cause of the War of Independence. In his own words:

The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.

Yes, the laws referred to by Jefferson were primarily ones to provide for relief of the economic chaos then existing because of The Bank of England's usury money system that had been imposed on the Colonies.

Rothschild supplied some of the financing for the War through his agent Haym Solomon who operated through Robert Morris. This may seem contradictory to the uninformed, but it is a basic strategy for the AB's to instigate war and finance both sides, especially if it involves Christians killing Christians! The Rothschild fortune began when Mayer Amschel Rothschild provided the Hessian mercenaries for King George to kill American patriots.

All of the loans that the Continental Congress obtained were insufficient to totally finance the war. Furthermore, under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had no authority to impose taxes or issue money. Nevertheless, since desperate situations require desperate measures to correct, Congress began to issue the debt-free money known as "Continentals".

Knowing, long before Lenin expressed it that, "The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency", the English proceeded to bring in shiploads of counterfeit Continentals which, combined with Congress' inability to tax them out of circulation, caused them to depreciate to practically nothing by the end of the war. But they had served their purpose and were the means by which you were able to obtain your liberty. Rather than being denigrated, they should be revered as much as your Declaration of Independence.


This now brings you to the post-war period which was already somewhat noted. Having fought and won a bloody war against overwhelming odds, the politicians then surrendered your hard-won freedom to the same cabal of AB's who had brought on the war, by granting them a charter for the First Bank of the United States. You were free from their control for a mere 15 years. The AB's agent through whom your slavery was reestablished, Alexander Hamilton, was an Englishman from the West Indies whose real name was Levine (ouch!). He took the name of this step-father after his mother divorced and re-married. However, he claimed to be the illegitimate son of Hamilton, which was much more socially acceptable at the time than being a Khazarian Jew.


The Coinage Act of 1792 defined a "dollar" as 371.25 grains of .999 (fine) silver and 24.75 grains of pure gold, establishing a bi-metallic standard at a ratio of 15 parts of silver equal to one part of gold.

The Mintage Act of 1837 again defined the dollar as 371.25 grains of fine silver but reduced the dollar of gold to 23.22 grains of pure gold, a new ratio of 16 parts silver equal to one part gold.

In 1873, a "trade dollar" was established of 378 grains while a dollar in gold was retained at 23.22 grains, changing the ratio to 16.28 to one. But a defacto gold standard was established.

In 1878 the Band-Allison Act restored the fine silver content of the dollar to 371.25 grains and the silver/gold ratio of 16 to one.

The Gold-Standard Act of 1900 placed you completely at the mercy of the AB's who control the worlds gold. (They "fix" its price every day in London at the offices of N.M. Rothschild and Sons). While retaining silver as legal tender, it eliminated the bimetallic standard which had precluded the AB's from completely controlling your currency.


Now let us again look back at the War of 1812. After winning the war the U.S. was in bad economic condition. But Congress again turned your victory into defeat by chartering the Second Bank of the United States, which was virtually a clone of the First Bank of the United States and The Bank of England, set up on the Khazarian Elite rules of the Protocols as far back as Babylon.

When Andrew Jackson became President in 1829, he declared war on the AB's. He told them in scathing words, "You are a den of vipers and thieves and I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out". [They just don't make 'em like they used to!] He vetoed renewing the Bank's charter and in his message to Congress said:

The bold efforts that the present bank has made to control the government, the distress it has wantonly caused, are but premonitions of the fate which awaits the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it.... if the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system there would be a revolution before morning.

Jackson removed U.S. funds from the Second Bank of the U.S. and placed them in state banks. He also eliminated the national debt. It is a sheer miracle that he was not assassinated. An attempt to kill him was made on Jan. 30, 1835, by one Richard Lawrence with two pistols. BOTH misfired. How quaint! But, Lawrence was tried and found innocent after he was traced back into the inner circle of the AB's. He got off by pleading insanity. However, he later boasted of his contact with European bankers who had promised to protect him if he were caught.

The AB's continued their nefarious efforts to establish another central bank without success. Nevertheless, they were able to create confusion and chaos in your money system through the state-chartered banks. However, they despaired of again establishing a central bank through which they could control the entire U.S.--until they could find a way to cause it to appear as something other than a central bank.


This is how the plot was hatched to conquer by dividing the U.S. into two nations. The AB's decided to instigate a war between the North and the South over the slavery issue. The London branch of the Rothschilds financed the North (in part) through their agent, August Belmont (Schoenberg) and the Paris branch financed the South through their agents, Judah P. Benjamin and John Slidell. Have you heard these names before? I most certainly do hope so, chelas, lest we have wasted hours and hours for naught.

However, the AB's, thinking that they had Lincoln at their mercy, overstepped themselves. When the Union requested loans from the private banks to conduct the war, the AB's demanded 28% interest. This angered Lincoln and he proceeded to have Congress authorize, in three issues, a total of $450,000,000 worth of U.S. Notes, called "Lincoln greenbacks", which were paid directly for goods and services required for the war. These issues of debt-free money not only saved the Union but would have destroyed the power of the AB's. The London Times, an AB's paper, editorialized:

If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in the North American Republic, shall become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.

Lincoln said of the AB's:

The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.

I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe.

In July 1862, the infamous Hazard circular was circulated among American bankers by the London AB's:

Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital (AB's) shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt (national) that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the war bonds must be used as a banking basis. We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress.

I honestly do not see how you as a nation are not in the wretching stage of pure sickness and vomiting at this very minute. What does it require to make you look at this beast? It has eaten you all the way up to your necks.


Salmon P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, and Congress succumbed to the pressure of the AB's--it never seems to fail. The National Bank Act of 1863 was the result. The AB's again gained the power to create your money as debt, but not exclusively so at that time.

Later, Chase repented of his action, saying:

My agency, in promoting the passage of the National Bank Act, was the greatest financial mistake of my life. It has built up a monopoly which affects every interest in the country. It should be repealed, but before that can be accomplished, the people will be arrayed on one side and the bank on the other, in a contest such as we have never before seen in this country.

In a letter to the London branch of the Rothschild AB's, Congressman John Sherman of Ohio said:

The few who can understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests. [Well, so much for that, eh? That is exactly what they thought and think of you-the-people]!

In 1872, Horace Greely said about the National Bank Act:

We have stricken the shackles from four million human beings and brought all laborers to a common level, not so much by the elevation of the former slaves as by practically reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds we are careful to conceal the ugly fact that by our iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.

In order to protect their money monopoly and prevent the expansion of the honest, debt-free money system instituted by Lincoln, he had to be eliminated. And so he was. JOHN WILKES BOOTH WAS A MEMBER OF "THE KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE", A SECRET SOCIETY WHICH WAS CONTROLLED BY THE AB's, AS ARE VIRTUALLY ALL SECRET SOCIETIES TODAY! They can be identified by their promotion of the AB's deceptive religious philosophy: "The Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God". This subject will be covered in future writings for once again the heinous has usurped the perfection in intent to defraud, distract and deceive you. Do you EVER wonder WHY GOD SHOULD WANT TO SAVE YOUR ASSETS? SO BE IT.


Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany, made the following statement regarding the death of Lincoln:

The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. There was no man in the United States great enough to wear his boots, and the bankers went anew to grab the riches of the world. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America, and use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. They will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become their inheritance.


With their increased power, the AB's managed to implement their ancient scheme of establishing a "gold standard" in the U.S., as well as in several European nations at about the same time. This was accomplished by bribing Congress to pass the Coinage Act of 1873 which became known as "The Crime of '73". This Act, while providing for the mintage of a new silver "trade dollar" of 420 grains of standard silver, was only made "legal tender" for payments not greater than five dollars, thus effectively demonetizing silver and destroying the Constitutional bi-metallic standard.

The ensuing monetary crisis forced Congress to pass the Band-Allison Silver Act of 1878 over the veto of President Hayes. This act re-monetized the dollar of 412.5 grains of standard (.90) silver by repealing its legal tender limitation of five dollars. The mint was ordered to coin between two million and four million dollars per month and to exchange them for silver certificates on demand. The infusion of this debt-free money into circulation caused the economy to flourish.


The AB's could not tolerate this situation since it reduced the demand for their bank credit and enabled the people to pay the otherwise unpayable interest on their mortgages. Thus, the AB's inaugurated a propaganda campaign promoting the "gold standard" during the rest of the century, culminating in the heated Presidential campaigns between McKinley and Bryan in 1896 and 1900. Bryan, who made the famous statement, "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns--you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold"! lost both elections due to the frantic efforts of the AB's--and so has it continued to be.


The Gold Standard Act of 1900 was passed by Congress on March 14, stating: "That the dollar consisting of twenty-five and eight-tenths grains of gold nine-tenths fine... shall be the standard unit of value". Thus was enshrined the AB's "Golden Rule", "He who owns the gold, RULES"! THE "MASTER PLAN" OF THE AB's FOR ESTABLISHING THEIR RULE OVER THE WORLD CONTAINS THIS STATEMENT:

YOU ARE AWARE THAT THE GOLD STANDARD HAS BEEN THE RUIN OF STATES WHICH ADOPTED IT, FOR IT HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO SATISFY THE DEMANDS FOR MONEY, THE MORE SO THAT WE HAVE REMOVED GOLD FROM CIRCULATION AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. [And so you can see WHY it can't work and WHY you have no gold in reserve in Ft. Knox or elsewhere--the Khazar Elite AB's have removed it from your nation and into their banks in foreign lands].

The MASTER-PLAN will get more attention but I want to continue with the Central Bank PLOT.


With the Gold Standard firmly in place, the AB's took aim on their greatest prize; a Central Bank. In order to generate popular support for banking reform, the AB's created the panic of 1907. Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. said, "The money trust caused the 1907 panic and thereby forced Congress to create a National Monetary Commission".

The National Monetary Commission was established by Congress following the Panic of 1907 for the purpose of finding the faults in our economy and proposing corrective legislation. Senator Nelson Aldrich was named as chairman, thus assigning the fox to guard the hen house. After two years of high living in Europe at taxpayers' expense, "studying" the European banking system, the commissioners returned to the U.S.


Another member of this commission was Jacob Schiff of Kuhn-Loeb and Co. who had helped to finance the bloody Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to the tune of over $20,000,000 in days when that, dear ones, was a LOT of cash. Schiff was born in the house which his family shared with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt, Germany. Now aren't you sorry you didn't pay better attention to history?

Immediately after the commission returned from Europe, Aldrich called a secret meeting of Rothschild agents. Those men met on November 22, 1910 at the Hoboken, N.J. railway station and boarded Aldrich's private parlor car with shades drawn. Their destination? The private hunting club of J.P. Morgan and associates at Jekyll Island, Ga. Their mission? To draft the document that would undermine the Constitution of the U.S. and enable the AB's to become the absolute masters of America. Yes, by golly--I certainly have told you all this before--why didn't you remember it? I am weary of repeating myself.

The chief architect of this plan was Paul Warburg of Kuhn-Loeb and Co. who was sent from Frankfurt, Germany to accomplish this task, as a Rothschild agent. His salary was $500,000 per year and that, too, was a whole bunch in those "good ol' days"!


The Federal Reserve Act has been well covered in our JOURNALS and elsewhere so we won't bury you in more tiny detail. The Act has been amended more than 200 times. It suffices to say that Congress had NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER TO TURN ITS POWER TO ISSUE YOUR MONEY OVER TO A PRIVATE CORPORATION, ESPECIALLY ONE WHOSE CLASS-A STOCK IS OWNED PRIMARILY BY ALIEN AB's. Those aren't space aliens, dear ones. Nevertheless, they did so, with large majorities of those voting in both houses violating their oaths of office--JUST AS TODAY!

The Federal Reserve was established by the Owen-Glass Bill when it was passed by the Senate (43 to 25) on December 22, 1913 and the House of Representatives (209 to 60) [do you suppose they were trying to go home for the holidays?] on December 23, 1913. It was IMMEDIATELY signed into Law by President Woodrow Wilson. It has since been called The Federal Reserve Act and the private central bank which it established is called, simply, "The Fed". When the bill passed, Congressman Charles Lindbergh, Sr. said:

This Federal Reserve Act established the most gigantic trust on Earth. When the President signs this bill the invisible government of the Monetary Power will be legalized.

The lengths to which the AB's went to insure passage of their Treason Act knew no bounds. For instance, to insure that their agent Woodrow Wilson would become President, they financed Teddy Roosevelt and his "Bull Moose" Party to split the Republican Party and defeat Taft.

Twenty years later, Congressman McFadden said, "The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history".

Indeed, indeed!

Let us have a rest and then, yes, I AM! I am going to tell you AGAIN ABOUT MCFADDEN AND HIS SPEECH--I WISH I COULD REQUIRE YOU ALL TO COMMIT IT TO MEMORY!!

Hatonn to clear, please.



SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1991 8:49 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 269

SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1991


Hatonn present in Lighted service. Ah, might I share that which just went through Dharma's mind? She ponders for she faces the following--for the fourth year in a row-- no celebration--just a keyboard and old Hatonn. Then she sighed and thought; I haven't been such a good Mother for I neglect my children in accepted categories of shopping and tending and here is another Holiday in which I appreciate them more for allowing me to do my work without guilt of being ungracious to visitors. Ah, but chela, the next was that which is honorable--she thought, "I am so humbly grateful that nine beings would choose me for a mother and step-mother and THAT must be what Mother's Day should be about". A child should honor the parents, if they must--on their own birthdays for the gift of birth--and the parents should thank the children on Mother's and Father's Days for the blessings of "choice". So be it. And for you who feel your (our) work is going wanting--at this weekend meeting (Ed. Note: A grand UFO convention in Los Angeles, California) there will be more response to our portion than all others placed together--moreover, the word is flowing out faster than the sign-up for books can be written.

The WORLD is your child, Mothers and Fathers--and as you come into balance, so shall the child and as the child comes into balance--oh precious ones, so shall the grandchildren! Last year and the year before, I brought much pain when I asked, "Have you been a responsible Mother"? Then I asked ones to check the criteria under which they responded. The guilt flowed like syrup and the whole response was so sticky that we lost a lot of readers. WHATEVER YOU DID AND DO WAS THE BEST YOU COULD AT THE TIME--YOU COULD NOT KNOW OTHERWISE AS TO FUNCTION FOR YOU WERE BEING TAUGHT ALL THINGS AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD AS PROPER FUNCTION. NO, you did as you did--no more and no less--so let us see that which is wrong, rise above the guilt trip and punishment for that which was or "might have been --if--". It only WAS. Let us all come into understanding now so that we can bring about the oneness of God that this journey may have been served in goodness. 'Tis far better to serve food and nurturing in Truth unto the masses of starving children than to feed one tiny hungry child and leave the others to starve--for it, too, shall only finally be left to the starvation if you must depart from it. Man may exist by bread alone--he cannot LIVE by bread alone. We must correct the errors in judgments which have allowed a world to flounder and then fall into despair, by seeing the errors and the cause of the disease--then we can bring it again into wholeness.

Dharma, as a "mother", ye are honored this day, child--indeed, indeed and one day the world shall know the truth of it. We shall give you the "Secretary of the Week" award for we are giving unto the world a different drumbeat to which to march and it shall pull thine own from out of the darkness as well. So be it for 'tis surely so--THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, SHALL RULE THE WORLD. IT IS SO SAD THAT SO MANY CRADLE ROCKERS TAUGHT THAT WORLDLY GAIN AND POWER WOULD SOLVE MAN'S PROBLEMS. MOTHER LOVE HAS CAREFULLY BEEN EXCISED AS SURELY AS WITH A SURGEON'S SCALPEL, AND SLOPPILY AT THAT, SO THAT THE VERY MOTHER BLEEDS TO DEATH. OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE GALLANTLY IS KNOCKING UPON OUR DOORS--PLEASE, MAY WE ANSWER IN ACTION AND HONOR FOR TODAY COMES THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A "GREAT CHANGE ABOUT". DO YOU "MOTHERS" NOT UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE THE MOTHERS OF GOD? PONDER IT CAREFULLY.


Can you wondrous masses of Man win the war? Of course, for think upon it for a bit. The Anti-God/Christ Banksters (AB's) have cast God out of all operations. They are not any ONE group or race or nationality--even though they be headed by an original "group"--they were motley then and they are motley now. SO, HE WHO COMES INTO TRUTH WHICH IS GOD—COMES INTO THE UNION WITH GOD. NOW COME, CHELAS--IF GOD IS ALLOWED TO STAND AGAINST THE BEAST-- WHO WINS? EVEN THE BEAST KNOWS HE IS BEATEN AND THE POINT IS TO KEEP YOU ONES FROM FINDING OUT AS MUCH!


Congressman McFadden, as chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee for over ten years, was the foremost Congressional authority on the Fed and fearlessly exposed their criminal activities. But his efforts to destroy the Fed could not overcome the power of the AB's. However, his warnings are even more pertinent and important today than when he spoke in the 1930's. Speaking to Congress he said:

Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost this Country enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain international propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime.

These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia and thus drove a wedge between the Allies in the World War. They financed Trotsky's passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky's disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun the breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children.

Mr. Chairman, there should be no partisanship in matters concerning banking and currency affairs in' this Country, and I do not speak with any.

In 1912 the national Monetary Association, under the chairmanship of the late Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, made a report and presented a vicious bill called the National Reserve Association bill. This bill is usually spoken of as the Aldrich bill. Senator Aldrich did not write the Aldrich bill. He was the tool, if not the accomplice, of the European bankers who for nearly twenty years had been scheming to set up a central bank in this Country and who in 1912 had spent and were continuing to spend vast sums of money to accomplish their purpose.

We were opposed to the Aldrich plan for a central bank. The men who rule the Democratic Party then promised the people that if they were returned to power there would be no central bank established here while they held the reins of government. Thirteen months later that promise was broken, and the Wilson administration, under the tutelage of those sinister Wall Street figures who stood behind Colonel House, established here in our free Country the worm-eaten monarchical institution of the "King's Bank" to control us from the top downward, and to shackle us from the cradle to the grave.

After McFadden was disposed of--for he HAD TO BE DISPOSED OF--the AB's continued their program of mass murder by instigating World War II, Korea and Viet Nam, bleeding America both literally and financially. Hundreds of books have been written by expert authorities detailing the treasonous activities of AB agents in the White House and Congress. Virtually all of these books have been suppressed. Occasionally, by miracle or accident, a true expose will reach your library shelves, only to be quickly removed. So be it--we shall simply keep placing them there--from now on in it will get harder and harder to silence Truth for God is sending the Truth. And God gives honor without limit unto those brave pioneers who have set the stage to allow for the WORD TO GO FORTH! I can't even begin to honor them all properly but we shall do so as soon as we get the information unto you for at some point you must start "action" with intent and stop searching for one more piece of confirmation. You have it, you KNOW it; so let us haul assets and get the darkness out of the temples. I don't care what "religious creed" you claim or the color of your skin--are you a creation called "human" or not? If you are, you are in trouble and it is to YOU I speak, for God has no favorites--that recognition is a conjured up thing of evil and the Elite Anti-God Banksters--the epitome of the god of evil who dwells only in the things and functions of the "physical manifestation".


Well, how can God take a Man who was a pattern for the killing machine of a Rambo? GOD CARES NOT THAT WHICH A MAN "WAS"--GOD ONLY SEES WITHIN AT THAT WHICH A MAN "IS"!

I have written so much detail about this subject that I make no attempt to elaborate on the matter. I am efforting to bring it into some type of "summary" whereby you can look at it more conveniently without interruption and as a "refresher" to the ones who have been following along constantly. WE know that it is all but impossible to live and make it through the equivalent of 35 books of over 200 pages each and all the Expresses as well as gain any confirmation from other suggested information. So you who think repetition is unnecessary, please KNOW THAT IT IS!

It is important to you new watchers, for instance, to know right off of involvements-- such as how the AB's set the stage and orchestrated wars--i.e., World War II. The roots of the war go back to the end of World War I and the Versaille "Peace" Treaty. And you "old" readers need the refresher for you have been bombed with information and you MUST hear and see it again.


One of the most favored examples of "fiat" money or "printing press inflation" which the "gold bugs" or "sound money" advocates use to condemn government issued money is the inflation of the German mark after WW-I. They do so as either ignorant dupes or deceiving agents of the AB's.

The true story of this crime against the German people has been beautifully detailed elsewhere so I shall skim over it quickly.

The World War ended in 1918. As of March 31, 1919, just before the "Peace" Conference was called and the Versailles Treaty signed, the price levels of Germany were only 117% higher than they were before the World War began. This was a smaller price rise than had actually taken place in the United States. The public debt of Germany from the beginning of the World War until March 31, 1919, had increased one hundred thirty billion Marks. In terms of dollars that would be, roughly, thirty billion dollars. The United States had increased its own public debt to a similar amount.

The German financial structure was not in any condition whatever to warrant the destruction of the currency, if that had not been the planned intention of the international money-lenders.

Under the terms of the Versailles Treaty, practically all of Germany's gold was taken away from her, together with 75% of her iron ore deposits and mines. All of her colonies were taken away and about 25% of her other physical property. The terms of this Treaty were diabolical. They were directed to destroy the real German people. From the time of the signing of the Treaty in June 1919 until the beginning of 1922, the international money powers who were in control of the Reichsbank and the German Government were manipulating to gain control of actual physical property in Germany. They went so far as to get the banking laws of Germany drastically changed, so that they could borrow unlimited amounts from the Reichsbank and purchase physical property with the knowledge that the loans could later be repaid with worthless currency.

To give one some idea of the volume of currency that was turned out in Germany, one has only to note what happened to the price levels. Remember that during the war the German price levels had not increased as much as they had in the United States. In 1920 the price level in Germany increased 1500% over the pre-war level; in 1921 it reached 3500% over the pre-war level, and by October 23rd, when the currency became worthless, it was 709 BILLION PERCENT over the pre-war level. In other words, predatory internationalists had printed private marks and forced them into the money stream with the avowed purpose of destroying the money system of Germany. That meant the destruction of all insurance policies and mortgages owned by the real German people.

The international bankers had prepared themselves. They had obtained control of the physical properties and could later pay loans, many of which had been manipulated through the privately owned Reichsbank, with worthless money.

The inflation in Germany was misnamed. It was not a German inflation. It was a private money issue inflation, perpetrated by international schemers.

The inflation was not a government money inflation. It was an inflation of private Reichsbank notes. The officers of the Reichsbank--a privately owned institution-- were responsible for issuing money in sufficient volume to destroy the entire banking structure and make all of the money of Germany worthless. And if you can't see that which is coming down on America with the endless outflow of TRILLIONS of unbacked phony money into everything from welfare to the welfare programs of every other nation in the world, to support and financing of endless wars and defense--of other nations, not yours, then you are blind, chelas!

If you are wondering why the Germans accepted such devastating terms, it might have had something to do with the fact that, among the dozens of AB's agents at the conference, Paul Warburg (one of the biggest bankers in your own nation), Vice- Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was advising the American delegation, while his brother, Max Warburg, who had been chief of the German secret service, sat across the table advising the German delegation.

The Germans, not being exactly stupid, knew to whom they had sold their homes, farms and business for what quickly became bags of worthless Marks. Consequently, when the little corporal appeared pointing a finger in the right direction, he became quite popular (for they recognized the ones now labeled, by themselves, self-styled "JEWS"; NOT JUDEANS--SELF-MADE, SELF-STYLED "JEWS". AH, BUT THE SELF-STYLED ELITE MADE SURE THE HOSTILITY CAME AGAINST THE INNOCENT JUDEANS OF JUDEAN HERITAGE. AND WORSE, THEY STILL THRUST THE LIE UPON YOU AND YOU BELIEVE IT!).

Seeking to control Hitler, the AB's initially financed his rise to power. However, after achieving power Hitler doubled-crossed the AB's and instituted a debt-free money system. This enabled Germany to go from being an impoverished nation to becoming the most powerful military nation on Earth in less than five years. Hitler had to be destroyed. And so he was. But in order to do so, it was necessary to involve the U.S. in the war before the Nazis (National Socialists) in Germany could destroy the Communists (International Socialists) in Russia. If your leaders had been acting in your best interests you would have let the socialists destroy each other and then picked up the pieces.

Most Americans now know or suspect that the Japanese were instigated into attacking you at Pearl Harbor, but do nothing. You KNOW by now that the Japanese responded to Roosevelt's "back door" method of involving you in the war, which most Americans opposed. As planned, Russia was the real victor of WW-II. England supposedly declared war on Germany because of Hitler's invasion of Poland. But Roosevelt and Churchill treasonously connived with Stalin to turn, not only Poland, but all of the Eastern Europe as well as east Germany over to communist Russia.

Lest the uninformed reader take offense at the charges repeated here against F.D.R., perhaps two statements of his own will create some enlightenment. In a personal communique to Stalin of Feb. 6, 1945, FDR said: "I hope I do not have to assure you that the United States will NEVER LEND ITS SUPPORT IN ANY WAY TO ANY PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT IN POLAND THAT WOULD BE INIMICAL TO YOUR INTERESTS". AND THEN WE ALLOW CREDIT FOR HE SUMMED IT UP: “IN POLITICS. NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT. IF IT HAPPENS, IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY”.

You, and these captive nations have paid dearly ever since in ever increasing amounts. The only difference in them and you in America is that, for the most part, you do not yet realize that you, too, are a captive nation. However, this realization is happening, and suddenly with the next AB's harvest, which will make the Great Depression appear to have been a Sunday School picnic by any comparison. It has begun and what have you done about it?

Have you brought any sums into any measure of shelter? We have made suggestions according to your requests and yet you look at the stock-market every day and revert to thinking all is fine and filled with good-news. How can it be? Because they are giving you exactly the opposite of that which is expected--rising or at the least, hovering stock prices and low gold (relatively for this sequence) prices. We care not about the price of gold but the relative value of gold--if an ounce of gold at $400 buys a suit of clothes, then in depression an ounce of gold at $35 will buy a suit of clothes. You must rise above the expectation of reaping great "quantity" of "dollars" in bad times--for the dollar is intended to be "gone", "gone", "gone". The gold backing has long, long since been removed from your reserves and taken to Europe in the accounts of the AB's--LONG AGO. All you have with which to work is that which can be obtained as buffering through reliable resources--which obviously, is limited. Further, the intent is to bring down regulations by which the remaining "stores of you-the-people will be confiscated" just as was done before. Hard times? Bad news? Yes--but do you think it better to just let the bricks hit you? Forget it--for the bricks might just not KILL you and you will be at greater disadvantage to get through this time totally crippled. THE AB's THROUGH THE POLICE FORCE OF THE NEW "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT" HEADED BY THE SOVIET UNION (AND THE SOVIET POLICE ARE MAKING THE ROUNDS OF THE U.S. CITIES RIGHT NOW, IN PREPARATION) INTEND TO TAKE IT ALL AND ENSLAVE YOU. I KNOW OF NO WAY TO STRESS IT FIRMLY ENOUGH--IT IS ALL BUT DONE! What would I do? I would take my assets and run, RUN, to the Phoenix Institute, as example, and get that reserve funding you think you have safely tucked away against the rain and get it working against the collateral of gold--the last thing they will do is confiscate their own collateral--but they will do that also--but, you will have some projects in building which CAN give you some foundation for continuation. Will the AB's finally get that too? It depends solely upon that which you-the-people do. How long will you be able to utilize this method of investment? Until "they" realize it-- except that they are getting their blood, also, and until source runs out--they are happy to have you work "with" them, within their own laws. GOD FULLY INTENDS TO UTILIZE THEIR OWN CHAINS WITH WHICH TO BIND THEM! HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS!


The power of the AB's is now so great and their control so complete that they regularly expose themselves and their plans to a deluded and befuddled public. But only as fiction through their publishing and entertainment empires in New York and Hollywood.

One such example is "Captains and Kings" by Taylor Caldwell, a well-informed, patriotic Christian author. This story is a thinly-veiled account of the Kennedy clan but deals with the real power behind the public puppets. The AB's were so impressed with this excellent, fictionalized revelation of their power that they made a major TV miniseries out of it. Ah, 'twill be the EGO which rings the curtain down.

The AB's derive a great deal of pleasure from slapping you in the face with the truth, KNOWING THAT YOUR IGNORANCE, GULLIBILITY AND PENCHANT FOR DENIAL WILL PREVENT YOU FROM SEEING THE TRUTH. Their thoughtcontrol over the minds of Americans via the media is now so great that you respond to their "crisis management" like a pack of Pavlov's dogs salivating at the sound of a bell.

Regularly, you are tested to check the status of their work, i.e. a nice little Gulf War where YOU are the aggressor and still, you wave your yellow ribbons, go absolutely mad while the blood drips from your hands--and proclaim GOD IS WITH YOU! YOU ARE IN THE SERVICE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST/GOD AND YOU WORSHIP IT IN MASS HYSTERIA AT THE FEET OF THE PUPPETS MURDERING YOU AND YOUR BELOVED NATION/WORLD.

Let us look at a bit of Taylor Caldwell's writing:

This book is dedicated to the young people of America, who are rebelling because they know something is very wrong in their country, but do not know just what it is. I hope this book will help to enlighten them.

President John F. Kennedy knew what he was talking about when he spoke of "the Gnomes of Zurich". Perhaps he knew too much! Coups d'état are an old story, but they are now growing too numerous. This is probably the last hour for mankind as a rational species, before it becomes the slave of a "planned society". A bibliography ends this book and I hope many of my readers will avail themselves of the facts. That is all the hope I have".

I, Hatonn, can emphasize the last sentence to be truth. The bibliography is the most important segment in her book!


The AB's did everything possible to conceal their identities as owners of the Fed, primarily through the use of interlocking directorates. One man, Eustace Mullins, who had been victimized by "the system", undertook the selfless task of researching the entire subject. Mullins is a man to whom I give great, great honor and have done so since the beginning of our writing. He has given his life to the intent of informing youthe- people at total risk to self. He is under our protection also--for HE HAS ASKED OF GOD TO ALLOW HIM TO REMAIN IN SERVICE. WE HAVE LITERALLY BLINDED THE EYES OF THE FBI AGENTS FOLLOWING HIM TO ALLOW HIM TO PASS AN INTERSECTION WHERE HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ASSASSINATED. WILL GOD TEND OF YOU? INDEED, IF YE ASK IN TRUTH OF INTENT AND PURPOSE. THESE ONES WHO "SERVE" DO NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE "GODLY" NOR "RELIGIOUS"--THEY STAND FOR TRUTH AND NATION UNDER GOD. YOU-THE-PEOPLE HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT THAT MEANS!

If you want further confirmation after reading the JOURNAL dealing with the subject, get SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE by Eustace Mullins' (if you can find it). Because it is removed over and over again from the shelves, I personally utilized other authors (who had utilized Mullins' work so that you could have confirmation of that which I bring you). I honor the authors for I have no intent of giving you anything which is "NEW"--EVIL WAS THE FIRST ONTO YOUR PLANET AND THEREIN WAS TRUTH FIRST SENT FORTH CHANGED INTO THE LIE. MY "BATTLE" IS AGAINST THE FORCES OF EVIL FOR I COME AS A HOST OF GOD OF LIGHT--YOU GET YOUR OWN CONFIRMATION, IF NECESSARY ABOUT THE FACT THAT I KNOW MY ENEMY AND YOU HAD BEST GET ACQUAINTED WITH HIM, TOO--FOR YOU ARE THE PAWNS IN THE GAME.

The major owners of the Fed are given in several places but let us just consider the top ten families (inclusive unto this very day): Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Schroder, Schiff, Morgan, Lehman, Lazard, Harriman, Gould. These families are closely associated with one another through banking and marriage, but all are dominated by or are agents for the Rothschilds. Likewise, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York dominates and has controlling influence over the entire Federal Reserve System.


With the wealth of the world in their hands, what more could the AB's possibly want? Not surprisingly, they want nothing less than a world dictatorship, which is frequently referred to as a NEW WORLD ORDER.

The drive to such a goal is a common theme in fiction and history and its realization is prophesied in Scripture. Detailed plans to actually bring this about have come to light in the past two centuries. Most of these have been ignored as fanciful fairytales or the ravings of lunatics. Dharma's "work" has been referred to by one Bob Girard of Arcturas Press as the "ravings of an insane mind"! Now just guess who your REAL FRIENDS ARE! Deception after deception has been fed into your path to distract you into mysticism of the "New Age", corruption of your evangelical community and voted-in acceptance of evil as it is entrenched into and within the teaching from your pulpits of your great "churches", MOST ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES "CHRISTIAN" CHURCHES. NOTHING OF YOUR SOCIETY HAS BEEN LEFT UNTAMPERED WHILE THEY LAID THE TRAP FOR YOU-- ESPECIALLY ANYTHING SACRED AND OF GOD.

I have written at length on the ILLUMINATI which was founded on MAY 1, 1776 (feel faint yet?). The plans of the Illuminati were too well detailed and their activities too well traced to be a figment of the imagination--look on your Fed notes, dollar bills, etc. The pyramid with the eye atop it, IS THE VERY SYMBOL OF THE ILLUMINATI (ANTI-GOD). NOW, PAY ATTENTION--SINCE THE FIRST PRIORITY OF A CONSPIRACY IS TO KEEP ITSELF SECRET. THEY WERE FORCED UNDERGROUND AND HAVE OPERATED UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES EVER SINCE.

Nevertheless, you can know them by their fruits. In 1848 Karl Marx published "The Communist Manifesto" under contract to "The League of the Just" which put forth a basic, ten-plank program to "SOCIALIZE " the advanced nations of the world. A comparison of his program with that which exists as law in America today reveals that you are now over 90% Marxist and the overwhelming majority of Americans are blind-but-practicing Communists (socialists)! "Nonsense", you say? Then take the test for yourself--again: The Marxist platform is summarized herein along with your Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. YOU DECIDE WHETHER YOU ARE AMERICAN, CHRISTIAN OR COMMUNIST (SOCIALIST). We will insert it in the ending of this dissertation.

Dharma, allow us a break. May God in His infinite mercy allow Man to be given into SEEING. Hatonn, to stand by. Blessings, chelas, upon you of my most precious people. I salute you for that which you do for your brethren. You all work hard and long with seemingly small reward other than that which is most difficult--discounting, discrediting and destructive. Yea, but it has ever been so with the servants of God--it shall not happen again as it has in the past, hold it in your hearts! The Day of Radiance is at hand! And, I come with the King of Truth who shall bring ye home. I am most humbly grateful to you at this wondrous time--it is the most wondrous time of allowed manifestation of physical form upon a Universal planet. Thank you for your hands that we might together, serve. God is ABUNDANCE and so shall be given into that which we need to perfect our work. So be it.

I am but thine brother, Gyeorgos.



SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1991 1:34 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 269


Thank you, Ranos, for inquiring. Hatonn returned to continue. You must pay close attention to things which seem too unbelievable to believe--those are the most effective maneuvers. Now WHY, indeed, would Bangladesh be the focus of massive typhoons, then tornados and then topped off with an earthquake??? LOOK WHERE IT IS! Look and then consider: the tornados, for instance, were hitting from a storm system which was coming across LAND from East to West--not off the Bay of Bengal and, further, why would that particular series of events not be centered in Burma or India? It is to allow military (U.N. headed by Soviet Control through the U.S.) to set up indefinite "relief" bases next door to CHINA! There is nothing in the area which would give cause for a war or military operation of any sort--so you take the next alternative of such devastation against life that the U.N. is caused to step in for all manners of aid which, so far, has not scratched the surface of the need--and the entire area becomes in jeopardy of infection from the death unburied. Great landing strips for aircraft and heavy earthmoving equipment, farming and water purification equipment along with roads, etc., can be set in place for use--within mere months--ALL UNDER THE GUISE OF SAVING LITTLE BANGLADESH--FOR THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW THE EXTENT OF THAT WHICH WILL BE BROUGHT INTO THAT AREA. THIS, IN FACT, IS WORSE NEWS FOR THE WORLD THAN WAS THE ACTUAL WAR IN THE SAUDI/IRAQ AREA. IF THERE IS NO NATURAL ENTRY--YOU MAKE ONE. SO BE IT. THANK YOU FOR INQUIRING.


This world dictatorship of which we are speaking, already exists defacto. It only remains to be established de jure. In order to do this a world monetary system must be established, but first, the current national monetary systems must be destroyed. Economic chaos MUST be created so that the people, suffering from extreme privation, will demand that the government "DO SOMETHING". Naturally, it will.

The solution that will be presented, sooner or later, will be an "international currency" which is already printed and introduced in some parts of the world--the first swing at it came in the Soviet Union--right off German presses located in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A. How can you know that it IS attached? Because the Soviets are babbling about going on the "gold standard" and that, brothers, is the full intent of presentation unto you-the-people: a return to a "gold standard" of which THEY have all the gold! This is going to make that bitter poison pill easier to swallow by the naturally patriotic but mesmerized and economically illiterate Americans, who have been sold a bill of spoiled goods by the "economists".


"The evidence is compelling that reconsideration of the world monetary system is overdue. Therefore, national economies need monetary coordination mechanisms and that is why an integrated world economy needs a common monetary standard, which is the best neutral inflationary coordinating device. But no national currency will do--only a world currency will work."

Yes indeed, in the original form, robotoid or otherwise, Ronald Reagan is an AB's agent, just as like almost every President since Woodrow Wilson has been. Even more so is George Bush, a member of Rockefellers' Tri-Lateral Commission, as was "bornagain" Jimmy Carter.

The numerous AB's front organizations, such as the Tri-Lateral Commission. the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, 1313, and hundreds of lesser recognized organizations, all of which are financed primarily through the AB's tax-free foundations, are virtually never mentioned by the news media, and corporations, whose presidents or chairmen belong to one or more of these semi-secret to secrecy-at-the-threat-of-death organizations.

A monetary collapse is INEVITABLE, AND IT IS VERY NEAR. Without the knowledge provided herein, Americans in general and Christians in particular will become prey like sitting ducks for the AB's. But all is not lost--YET. LET US LOOK AT ONE PLAN PUT FORTH THAT COULD BEGIN REVERSAL; IF IMPLEMENTED, COULD ALLOW FOR TRADE OUTSIDE THE "MARK" OF THE BEAST.


The very first mandatory step in solving a problem is to analyze it. Every problem is a result, or effect, of a cause. The reason for analyzing a problem is to determine its cause. When the cause of a problem is clearly understood, the solution usually becomes obvious.

Strangely, however, according to your monetary authorities and "experts" (has-been, drips under pressure), bankers, economists, investment brokers, politicians, etc., the subject of money is too mysterious for mere mortals to understand. Such things as the "business cycle", "inflation" and depressions" are blamed on everything from consumer, producer and worker "greed" to the astrological (no relation to logical) position of the stars--and ALWAYS ON YOU-THE-PEOPLE AS CAUSE OF WHATEVER FAILURE APPEARS.

Of all the incredible facts presented herein, perhaps the most incredible of all is that Americans, who take great pride in their technological achievements, swallow these bald-faced lies completely and swallow even the hook baited with poison. The fact of the matter is that money is a relatively SIMPLE SUBJECT and that business cycles are deliberately and scientifically created by and for the benefit of those who control your money. Nonetheless--in the manipulation, historical evidence of the cycles are there for the viewing--as we have discussed many times prior to this. The cycles have "cycled" enough times now to see the symptoms before the disease blossoms in fullness.

Inflation, depression and business cycles are symptoms, or effects, of a cause. What is the cause? The cause is an unstable supply of money with respect to the production of wealth! (A debt money system is inherently unstable.) Therefore, the solution is to provide an amount of money in circulation that is proportional to the production of wealth. This is relatively simple (if you do it before all production flees the nation) but there are several factors to be considered carefully. First, is the proper definition of some frequently misused words so that we have EXPLICIT DEFINITIONS REGARDING THAT WHICH WE SAY ACCORDING TO THAT WHICH YOU UNDERSTAND!

Let us define "MONEY" as a medium of exchange and a measure of value, regardless of the form which it may take. There are two major forms of money: commodity money (gold, silver, etc.) and created or fiat money. A commodity money system is actually a barter system of trading one commodity with a certain market value for another commodity or service with a certain market value.

Incidentally, no commodity has "intrinsic" value, which only humans have. All commodity prices in a free market result from the law of "supply and demand". The price of gold, which is probably the most worthless of all metals for human use, is artificially established by the "gnomes" of London and Zurich, by which they control the economic health of every nation.

Created money is the only thing man can create. It is created out of nothing but paper and ink or computer bytes, but represents, or is a claim on, wealth. Created money is not wealth. Wealth is that which men produce for human use through the intelligent application of energy to natural resources. Fiat is a French word which means "So be it", and in operation applies to an order or edict by authority. ALL paper money is "fiat" money. However, as part of the AB's' semantic subversion to control your thinking, "fiat" is used as a term of approbation, applied to government issued, debt-free money (U.S. Notes) to obscure and protect their criminal racket of Fed and bankissued fiat debt money (Fed Notes).


Money is the life-blood of society and performs the same function as blood does in your body, carrying food and oxygen to every cell and carrying away the waste products to sustain life. The blood system is actually a transportation system. Money may also be compared to a transportation system, as did Henry Ford:

The function of money is not to make money but to move goods. Money is only one part of our transportation system. It moves goods from man to man. A dollar bill is like a postage stamp: it is no good unless it will move commodities between persons. If a postage stamp will not carry a letter, or money will not move goods, it is just the same as an engine that will not run. Someone will have to get out and fix it.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the rest of the world for you have a sound Constitution) your "engine" was deliberately designed with a fatal flaw which causes it to self-destruct and it can NOT be "fixed". It must be replaced with another engine of proven design but with a modern control system that will enable it to have cruisecontrol that will enable it to "automatically" adjust to changing power requirements (money volume) in order to maintain a constant speed (money value). If you pursue this analogy further, the steps necessary to implement an honest and stable money system become obvious:

First, the un-Constitutional and criminal Federal Reserve System must be abolished and its primary function, money creation, taken back by the Congress to whom it belongs, both logically and legally (Art. I, Sec. 8, U.S. Const.).

Second, the new engine, of proven design, must be a debt-free money system similar to the tally system of England, the scrip issued by the colonies and the U.S. Notes which enabled Lincoln to preserve the Union and which have saved American taxpayers over 100 BILLION dollars in usury which would have been stolen by the AB's.

Third, a STANDARD OF VALUE for money must be established as a reference so that any deviation from it may be quickly detected and corrected. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A STANDARD OF VALUE ESTABLISHED FOR MONEY IN THE HISTORY OF MAN!

At this point many will object, thinking, "The Coinage Act of 1791 established a standard of value," or "The Gold Standard Act of 1900 established one." No. What these and the other monetary acts of Congress did was to establish a temporary standard of weight and purity of gold or silver coins called a "dollar".

Their "value" was determined in the market-place by vendors and buyers who bartered them for other commodities. In a relatively static, agricultural economy, they served quite well as money. That is, until the AB's cornered the market on gold, forced it upon the people as the "standard of money" and then, "removed gold from circulation, as far as possible".

The myth that gold or a gold-based money system is the only way to provide stable money should have forever been put to rest when your nation suffered the worst financial panics and depression you ever endured between 1900 and 1934 when you were on a "gold standard". However, suffice it to say that the IDEA behind the premise was good--but the actual manipulation destroyed the validity. Those who continue to promote this alternative today simply do so as either shrewd agents or ignorant (without knowledge) dupes of the AB's. For one thing, as I said before, the gold upon which you once could base a currency is, at any rate, GONE INTO FOREIGN DEPOSIT. YOU IN AMERICA DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH GOLD UPON WHICH TO BASE ANYTHING EXCEPT TO KEEP THE DECEPTION GOING A BIT LONGER--HENCE SOME OF YOU WHO LISTEN AND ACT CAN GET SOME MEASURE OF PROTECTION IF FOR NOTHING ELSE-- COLLATERAL EXCHANGE.

Incidentally, the Pavlovian conditioning of the American sheeple became obvious in 1933 when they turned in their gold under orders from the AB's agent, F.D. Roosevelt. (It will be interesting to see if the sleeping sheeple's grand-lambs will turn in their guns in such manner when so ordered--soon now, so check it out; certainly begins to look like they will so you sheeple trained the grandlambs very well indeed--to get totally fleeced!)

One reason that a Standard of Value was never established is that it was considered impossible to do so. Well, we are possibility-thinkers and operators--WE LOVE THAT WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR, WITH GOD, ALL IS POSSIBLE! After all, every man values every thing differently from every other man and also differently at other times and places. Therefore, the first thing necessary to establish a "Standard of Value" is to determine what the general requirements for ALL "standards" are:

First, a standard must have similitude. That is, it must be similar to that which it measures. A standard of weight must have weight, a standard of length must have length, etc.

Second, a standard must have stability. That is, its value must remain constant under all conditions throughout the system which it serves. An inch is exactly the same length whenever and wherever it is used. But watch the bureaucrats--for a true story came out of New York where the legislature wanted to round off the value of "pi" because the fractions were an inconvenience.

Third, a standard must have commonality. That is, everyone in the system must understand and have, or have easy access to, the standard unit. Most everyone in America knows what an inch is and has, or can easily obtain a rule (standard) with which to exactly measure it.


If you compare any commodity, and most especially gold, against these criteria for a monetary standard with which to measure wealth, you find them to be woefully inadequate.

With respect to the first criterion, similitude, there is no relationship whatsoever. The value of gold is determined by its weight and purity. While the price of many commodities (coal, wheat, meat, fruit and---) is determined by weight, the price of manufactured goods bears little, if any, relationship to their weight, the major cost factor being that of "labor".

With respect to the second criterion, stability, you find that gold is only chemically stable, that is, durable. (Is it possible that this word might derive from the Plain of Dura, where the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, first established the Gold Standard?) As a commodity in a free market its price would vary in accordance with the law of "supply and demand". As a controlled commodity, its price has been less stable than that of the stock market, and for the very same reasons.

With respect to the third criterion, commonality, while many people have gold wedding rings and some have gold fillings, very few have any gold coins which could be used as money.

Furthermore, the vast majority of the worlds' gold is owned or controlled by the AB's. THINK ABOUT THAT CAREFULLY.

Thus, it is obvious that of these three criteria for ALL standards of measurement, gold and silver meet none of them as a monetary standard.

Incidentally, the "gold bugs" insist that money, in addition to serving as a medium of exchange and measure of value, must also be a store of value, which most of them erroneously refer to as "intrinsic" value. But these are contradictory requirements. Money, in order to serve its function as a medium of exchange, must be kept in circulation and the faster it circulates (called "V" for "velocity") the better it serves that function. If it is "saved" or hoarded, it cannot function as a medium of exchange. This is the reason for the need to continually mint large quantities of pennies, because many people fill jars or "piggy banks" with them as a form of saving, often using them as convenient door stops as the jar fills. A better store of value would be gold. But the best are, in order of priority; storage food, water, fuel, seeds, tools and silver coins.


Since no commodity has all of the criteria to serve as a monetary Standard of Value, what in the world does? A clue to what this might be is given in Revelation 18:12, 13, which lists the treasures of end-time Babylon in descending order of value. The first are "cargoes of gold and silver" and the last are "slaves and human lives". Yes, the lives of men are the least valuable thing in Babylon. Does this not prove that you live under Babylonian rule today, when you send your finest young men to fight, suffer and die in the AB's' no-win wars and, even worse, permit helpless, unborn babies to be murdered by the millions?

If the Babylonian system is to be overthrown, then its value system must be reversed. Instead of everything being measured by gold or silver, the proper standard should be the lives of men. And how are the lives of men measured? By "TIME"! Yes, there comes to the forefront the FACT that the only REAL MEASURE of value is somehow established based upon the time of men's lives, or man-hours of work, etc.

The price of all things can be, and frequently is, based upon the man-hours of labor required to make them and market them. The price of something is often quoted in terms of the average man-hours of labor required to purchase it, especially in comparisons between different nations or time periods. In fact, this is the conscious or unconscious means by which everyone determines the value of anything to himself; how much of his life "time" must he exchange for it? Most everyone is already aware of the fact that "Time IS MONEY". Certainly would clear out the garbage and non-producers right away, also--the politicians who spend no time in production of positive goods, for instance, would be quite poor indeed. The ones who could work but refuse, would be soon quite hungry or go into production.


You could arbitrarily establish your monetary standard as one average man-hour of labor, which would be equivalent to setting the cruise-control at, say, 60 mph. This new standard of monetary value should also have a name, so let us call it a "Manny" and its 1% division a "Minn", for obvious reasons. No, this is NOT original with Hatonn and I am not sure to whom I owe these clever terms but we can give up-side credit (or blame) to one Carl Gorton and work backwards from there.

How well does a Manny meet the requirements for a standard? Let us compare them and see. First, similitude. Labor time is the primary factor in determining the price of everything and also the value of everything to each person, as already mentioned. Second, stability. There is nothing more stable than time, which remains fixed through all generations and nations. Third, commonality. Nothing is more common among men than time, which is distributed to all men equally; 24 hours a day and you can't take it with you when you leave.

Everyone understands time and virtually everyone has its standard of measurement on his wrist or kitchen wall. You measure and regulate your lives by "time". It is, in attachment to "space", the only separation of the species within the third dimension, so it seems logical to measure progress through that third dimension by your primary commodity--"perceived time". For many things in your dimension, there is no other means of measurement. This REVELATOR, for example. There is no dollar value which you can place on the work required herein to produce this document which is about ten times longer than the scribe had allowed for today's writing, nor on the experience, discipline, communications, etc., required to study, research, analyze, understand, and solve the problem. The only cost that can be placed on the effort is the TIME involved to accomplish the finished product. Thus, you find that the Manny not only meets all of the requirements for standards in general, but uniquely serves as a monetary Standard of Value.

To you who think I just referred to Dharma and Myself--nope, sorry--only in portion which will have to be adjusted to Manny Minn worth--THE REVELATOR is a fine publication from Cape Canaveral, Florida. In particular, for this article I honor one Carl Gorton. Look, chelas, it cannot be more difficult to figure out how to tend the increments of value than to carry eight-foot tally sticks. In fact, with calculators and computers, it should be simple indeed.


By the way, this is totally uni-sex, dual sex, equal sex. Manny only refers to "persons" called generically "Man". However, we could call them "Pernnys" for "Persons" if you prefer. Minns refer to minutes so you can have PernnyMinns--whatever grabs you to get away from the "GRAB" (Government, Religion And Banking). In honor of Mr. Gorton I shall continue to refer to the medium of exchange as "Manny".

The Manny system may be instituted by any taxing authority anywhere in the world and trade could be conducted with any other Manny-based economy at par, since all Mannys would be issued against the same standard.

The taxing and money-issuing authority would print, with a one year expiration date, as many Mannys as necessary to meet its authorized expenditures. These would be paid into circulation as wages to government employees and to contractors for goods and services. The average wage paid would be maintained at the rate of 1 Manny/hr.

How? Very simply. For government employees, the actual average wage paid is determined by dividing the total wages earned by all employees by the total hours worked by all employees. If the result is more or less than one, the pay rate would be adjusted accordingly. (I would surely suggest monitoring truth in working, however.) For instance, if there are 1,000,000 man-hours in one week and their wages totalled 39,604,000, then each employee's actual pay would be increased 1% to maintain the standard of 1 Manny/hr. Actual individual wages might vary from base assessment of determined input. Now, "government" worklessers and recipients can't be figured accurately due to lack of production during many measured time slots, for the value of most government (especially ones in very high-ranking jobs) worklessers is indeed toward the negative side of the production scale and therefore should be considered for Manny demerit subtractions until such time as the worklessers get jobs in the production areas.

The direct adjustment in pay would be fine, however, for the 1,000,000 government employees, as example for this dissertation, but what about the 90 million who are employed by business and the 9 million professional and self-employed people? The earnings of entrepreneurs and professionals would not enter into the balance equation. The average wage of the 100 million employees would be obtained from every employer doing business in the nation and the overall average wage easily calculated. If this figure varied from the standard, the government would increase or decrease its spending to maintain the standard--according to the laws of the Constitution and the State management to insure balanced budgets and maintain total freedom from debts.

With the Manny system, taxation to PAY FOR GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURES WOULD NOT BE NECESSARY, since the government would print all the money necessary--according to the Constitution. However, money must be removed from circulation at a rate equivalent to its being spent into circulation or its volume would continue to increase until it became worthless (inflation).

With the Manny system the removal, or taxation, could be the ultimate in equity and simplicity. As previously stated, the Mannys would be printed with a one-year expiration date, after which they would become worthless. However, they could be turned in to the tax-collector within thirty days after they expired for new Mannys which would be good for another year. However, the new Mannys issued would only be 90%, or other percentage determined by the taxing authority, of those turned in. The ideal situation would be to get caught with no Mannys whereby products could instead be stored.

Practically all of the expired Mannys would be exchanged by businesses in relatively large volumes rather than by individuals, who would spend their about-to-expire Mannys, thus enhancing trade. Hence, most taxes would be paid by business in proportion to their profits and no income tax computations or payments would be required from anyone. Mannys which were lost or destroyed would accrue to the benefit of everyone since they would not be redeemed by the tax collector for new Mannys. Who can reclaim the precious commodity of a day or even an hour lost? Anyone convicted of tampering with the Manny--Pernny-Minn system, whether government employee, business employee or counterfeiter, should then be sentenced to a life working for the community with all other felons.

Adoption of the Pernny-Manny-Minn system would produce numerous benefits, not all of which can be listed (or at least, were listed) here:

1. A stable money system based on a Standard of Value which everyone understands.

2. Elimination of the present legalized system of organized crime, theft and slavery through usury.

3. Reduction of the tax burden by eliminating the income tax and the IRS.

4. No involuntary unemployment since ample money would be available to pay for labor that is available to do any needed job.


The only thing the AB's fear is that God's People will wake up to the fact that God's Law is still alive and that He meant what He said in Deuteronomy 23:19:

Thou shalt not lend upon usury (interest) to thy brother.

and Leviticus 25:36, 37:

Take thou no usury (interest) of him, or increase; but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase.


If you are a patriotic American, you received a priceless heritage which it is your duty to pass on to your children. If you are a Christian, your first duty is to obey God. He ordered you to "Come out of her (Babylon) my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues" (Rev. 18:4).

Now, before I go on with the AB's Master Plan, I am going to respond to one who inquired of me regarding a debt and usury from Father to Son. He being the Son having borrowed from the Father with interest and, now, inability to pay the usury.


Dharma, I know that you are weary for the day has been endless, it seems, and you have laid forfeit another special day--but the children have called and come and rejoice in their care. I had to keep you, chela, for the deposition in Santa Barbara in the morning (tomorrow) causes us to lose a full day of writing. Let your heart be filled for the service is worthy.

We shall write only a bit more and call it finished for this segment for we need to wrap it up and tie the ribbon upon the package. How do I perceive the above money system can work? Easy, for it is the identical plan the AB's plan for you after they possess the world through the operation of their thieving system of usury, in order to keep you "cattle" well-fed, docile and sleeping--just chewing thine cud in the pasture while producing contented milk for the Elite. So be it.


Not surprisingly, the AB's, who understand money better than anyone, intend to implement a similar system as just described.

Since it encapsulates all that has been said herein we will simply quote at length from Pro. #20 of the "MASTER PLAN". Get your shuddering and queasiness out of the way up-front here--take your break or whatever; and then let us move along with this:

Today we shall touch upon the financial program, which I put off to the end of my report as being the most difficult, the crowning and the decisive point of our plans. Before entering upon it I will remind you that I have already spoken before by way of a hint when I said that the sum total of our actions is settled by the questions of figures (money).

When we come into our kingdom our autocratic government will avoid, from a principle of self-preservation, sensibly burdening the masses of the people with taxes, remembering that it plays the part of father and protector.

The tax upon the poor man is a seed of revolution and works to the detriment of the State which in hunting after the trifling is missing the big. Quite apart from this, a tax on capitalists diminishes the growth of wealth in private hands in which we have in these days concentrated it as a counterpoise to the government strength of the goyim--their State finances.

A tax increasing in a percentage ratio to capital will give a much larger revenue than the present individual or property tax, which is useful to us now for the sole reason that it excites trouble and discontent among the goyim.

On no account should so much as a single unit above the definite and freely estimated sums be retained in the State treasuries, for money exists to be circulated and any kind of stagnation of money acts ruinously on the running of the State machinery, for which it is the lubricant; a stagnation of the lubricant may stop the regular working of their mechanism.

The substitution of interest-bearing paper for a part of the token of exchange has produced exactly this stagnation. The consequences of this circumstance are already sufficiently noticeable.

Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals have stagnated, withdrawing money from States, which were constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burdened the finances of the State with the payment of interest and made them the bond slaves of these capitals.

The present issue of money in general does not correspond with the requirements per head, and cannot therefore satisfy all the needs of the workers. The issue of money ought to correspond with the growth of the population and thereby children also must absolutely be reckoned as consumers of currency from the day of their birth. The revision of issue is a material question for the whole world.

You are aware that the gold standard has been the ruin of the States which adopted it, for it has not been able to satisfy the demands for money, the more so that we have removed gold from circulation as far as possible.

With us the standard that must be introduced is the cost of working-man power, whether it be reckoned in paper or in wood (tallies). We shall make the issue of money in accordance with the normal requirements of each subject, adding to the quantity with every birth and subtracting with every death.

Every kind of loan proves infirmity in the State and a want of understanding of the rights of the State. Loans hang like a sword of Damocles over the heads of rulers, who, instead of taking from their subjects by a temporary tax, come begging with outstretched palm of our bankers. Foreign loans are leeches which there is no possibility of removing from the body of the State until they fall off of themselves or the State flings them off. But the goy States do not tear them off; they go on in persisting in putting more on to themselves so that they must inevitably perish, drained by voluntary blood-letting.

You understand perfectly that economic arrangements of this kind, which have been suggest to the goyim by us, cannot be carried on by us.

But it is a proof of the genius of our chosen mind that we have contrived to present the matter of loans to them in such a light that they have even seen in them an advantage for themselves.

Our accounts, which we shall present when the time comes, in the light of centuries of experience gained by experiments made by us on the goy States, will be distinguished by clearness and definite and will show at a glance to all men the advantage of our innovations. They will put an end to those abuses to which we owe our mastery over the goyim, but which cannot be allowed in our kingdom.

You know to what they have been brought by this carelessness, to what a pitch of financial disorder they have arrived, notwithstanding the astonishing industry of their peoples.

This is not new to you readers unless you just tuned in but it bears reading and rereading until it sinks into your minds. The "MASTER PLAN" was revealed in Russia nearly a century ago, although parts of it had come to light long before, especially in the plans of the Illuminati which was organized by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. Their symbol, declared to be the reverse side of the Great Seal of the U.S., appears on the back of your one dollar bill and bears the inscription "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM"--A NEW WORLD ORDER!

And now for the little test I promised:



1. No Gods other than THE ONE GOD OF LIGHTED TRUTH.
2. No graven images to worship.
3. No use of God's name in vain.
4. Keep the Sabbath day holy, which is EVERY DAY.
5. Honor your father and mother.
6. You shall not commit murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, servants or anything that belongs to him.


1. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly.
2. Freedom to keep and bear arms.
3. No forced quartering of troops.
4. No unreasonable search/seizure.
5. No forced confession; due process; just compensation for property taken by government.
6. Speedy and public trial.
7. Trial by jury.
8. No excessive bail.
9. No denial of unwritten rights.
10. All powers not granted to the Feds reserved to states/people.


1. Abolition of private property by whatever means to the end.
2. Heavy progressive income tax.
3. Abolition of inheritance--all inheritance reverts to the State.
4. Confiscate rebels' property, presumed criminal acquisitions and anything deemed necessary or appropriate by the State.
6. Government owns communication and transportation systems.
7. Government owns factories and farms.
8. Government controls labor.
9. Collective farms, regional planning, government control on all business and agriculture.
10. Government education for all children with chosen texts, subjects and hours.

Which more nearly fits your present structure as well as tomorrow's? I won't even ask about the presence of God in the Manifesto for we all know that it is intentionally ABSENT!

I leave these things with you to ponder. I pray that you will do so for your time is running short, beloved brothers.

Thank you, Dharma, for a long day and I shall now take leave that you might have the remainder of your time to prepare for the legal procedures tomorrow. Good-evening.

Hatonn to clear. Salu.



TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1991 11:02 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 271

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1991

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn present in service unto God, the Intergalactic Federation and unto the ground crew already in placement. I come this morning wearing a rather formal hat for it is time to speak to some within my command who fail to "get the point", even with the alarm clock ringing and the trumpets bellowing.

I have even given special dedication unto certain people, in various JOURNALS, and it is obvious that even those are not read--much less the information within. You who think selves so all-fired filled with brilliant information of some secret sort or another and pronounce it "Truth" unto the world--HOW DO YOU THINK IT "YOU" THAT COMES BY THE OPPORTUNITIES TO GLEAN SUCH? OH, FROM YOUR RESEARCH? I SUGGEST YOU PERISH THE THOUGHT AND SETTLE DOWN TO THINE PROJECTED INTENT UNTO GOD AND COUNTRY.

Especially those of you who have witnessed craft of alien design and now unfold gifted truth of information--if you do not cease and desist your specialized ego rituals-- information and discrediting are destined to come upon you and your work, for God gives forth Truth at this time to be shared and to be utilized for the betterment of a species. If you dwell within thine own burrows declaring "I shall sue" and "I shall this or that if you say one more word that matches my projections, etc....I will, or else.." you had best think again--for God's Truth is coming forth and it shall come forth whether or not you individual participants believe it to be sacrosanct by a Man-made bunch of nothing.

I am going to print Bruce Cathie's letter to George (who, by the way, publishes Cathie's books and/or distributes them). I am going to do this for I would hope that Bruce Cathie will look up and smell the coffee burning.


May 7, 1991

Dear George and Desiree,

First of all thank you for the return of the Photos and data I sent over for the book. Much appreciated. The photos cannot be replaced.

But now something that I am very angry about.

I do not know who the person is that is supposed to be receiving messages from "Hatonn" but there will be some trouble if whoever it is does not stop using material which is almost word for word from my books. In other words "Plagiarism".

Check my books and you will see that the material is almost an exact copy.

Something that the person is not obviously aware of is that there are a few minor errors in this earlier material that have been corrected in my later research. The errors have been copied as well which indicates just how bright "Hatonn" is.

I do not know who is trying to kid who but this material is definitely illegal and I intend to discuss this with my solicitor if it occurs again.

It would be appropriate if "Hatonn" wrote a follow-up and indicated clearly that the material was referring to information in my books.

Yours sincerely, Bruce.


First of all, I, HATONN, AM A COMMANDER OF ONE OF THE LARGEST SHIPS YOU HAVE IMAGINED TO EXIST AND HAVE BEEN, FURTHER, WITNESSED BY YOU PERSONALLY. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander Fleet Operation, Pleiades Sector, Shan Quadrant, United Federation Fleet, Intergalactic Fleet Command. I have made every effort to contact you through as many resources as possible--now, just who might you be, Mr. Cathie, that holds yourself forth as being so incredibly brilliant as to withhold your "light" from your brothers at this time of transition? The world is ready to self-destruct and you are going to quibble about whose frequencies are whose?

I have given great, great honor unto you for sensing and understanding your purpose and mission--but you have failed in your commission to recognize the truth of contact. Who and what do you think is running around in your atmosphere--you are surely not going to tell me "Little Grey Aliens" who hold hostage your pure and wondrously Godly politicians.

I would suggest that it matters not who is my secretary/translator--that one detests working with numbers and figures and most especially--THAT WHICH YOU CONSIDER YOURS! She would not read your material if it were the last information available to her--it is of no interest to her and further, she is far too busy to consider your tirades as they pertain to ME.

Now you suggest that my "brightness" is somehow in question. Well, I am bright enough to not only recognize the "few minor errors" and, further, tell you now that there are still gross errors which have not been corrected in any of your material. I am, however, bright enough to NOT change your errors for I have no intent whatsoever to repeat work which another has accepted commission to do. As a Commander of this operation, I am quite annoyed at attitudes I uncover within the ranks of the very ones who claim gifted insight and scientific prowess. I further welcome all contact by any and all "solicitors", although I have urged time upon time for ones in the scientific community to avail themselves of your works--still they do not do so. You have no corner on Truth and neither will it be allowed to die with your projections of "ONLY MINE"--if Truth is Truth--it is NOT YOURS! If you have intentionally projected errors or lies you have done your brothers a great disservice and, in that event, I would suggest George cease any relationship with your work so that we can get on with the job at hand.

Now, sir, you can step down from your ivory pedestal and humbly petition insight and you shall be given the portions which are in error so that they can find correction-- there are others in the scientific community awaiting frequencies and directions which were allotted to you to produce so that they can get on with their work. If you have no intentions of other than legal foolishness--we will by-pass you. If you do not wish your information utilized then I suggest you move from New Zealand right into the underground at the South Pole wherein you will walk into a community who will not only utilize your material, but will keep it from the world and destroy both you and your work.


Over and over and over again, I have given Bruce Cathie THE honor of being the only one thus far with credible understanding in deciphering the universal code and field frequencies as applicable to your planet grid-system. I have efforted every way at my service except for the two-by-four on your own head to get your attention. I am finally glad to have succeeded. Consider this a "follow-up" and indication that clearly states that much of the material referring to frequency information is from Bruce Cathie. Now, Bruce, the next portion of the instruction is go turn profusely red and drag about in embarrassment--for it obviously IS ONLY YOU who have not read the honors which have been attributed you by my Command, Co-command and Me. The readers are having a field day in entertainment for they have already taken note--and some, even from New Zealand, have efforted to contact you, write you, etc., and have received nothing from you, brother. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE PURPOSES OF GOD, son.


Now, my scribe is really annoyed for she is worked into tatters and wishes not to give you another minute of our precious time. However, "Hatonn is bright enough" to know that you have great contribution to render and, further, I am also bright enough to know that when a true servant of God and Brother is approached, he will hear. You, sir, can respond any way you care to for it is of your choosing--but, if we have to introduce the truth of information (with corrections), we will do so for it is not YOURS. Further, I will not make correction on this apparatus for it is monitored by the Edwards Air Force Base, the CIA and the government Federal surveillance services--along with the KGB and Mossad--it would NOT be very bright of Hatonn to give them the final keys of operational information--would it?

I shall dictate to you, Dharma, a dissertation regarding Bruce Cathie and then I shall make further comment. What I will use, for you other reference readers is from a book, let me see here, ah yes: ABOVE TOP SECRET. THE WORLDWIDE UFO COVERUP, by Timothy Good; Quill, William Morrow, New York. What do I think of this book? I don't!


NEW ZEALAND, 1965-68

The DIA apparently showed great interest in the controversial theories of Captain Bruce Cathie, the New Zealand airline pilot who claims to have discovered evidence for a worldwide grid system used by UFO's. Cathie's meetings with US Defense Attache's in Wellington are documented, as well as his correspondence with them, in the released DIA documents.

Cathie first approached the US Embassy in Washington in the mid-1960's, since which time the DIA kept a file on him. The earliest documented memo is from Colonel John Burnett, Air attache, to the Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB, dated 26 August 1965, from which I quote the following extract:

Captain Cathie visited with me for about one half hour. I observed this New Zealander to be not only rational but intelligent and convinced that certain UFO's he and others have seen are from outer space--probably Venus. He hesitated in expressing his beliefs re the Venus origin, explaining that it usually tended to convince people that he was a bit of a crackpot.

[Hatonn: and rightfully so--for that is a most misleading conclusion. At best the craft could only come from the sector of Venus as you ones destroyed Venus, as to life-forms, some eons past. But the general idea is within reason so let us go on.]

The Foreign Technology Division responded by sending Colonel Burnett a brochure outlining the findings of the Air Force on UFO's, adding: "Since no evidence exists that these objects represent interstellar travel there is no basis for Captain Cathie's beliefs". Despite the FTD's apparent skepticism, Colonel Burnett continued to send them details of Cathie's findings and calculations for at least another year.

Bruce Cathie told me that it was Colonel Burnett who revealed that intensive UFO research was carried out at Wright-Patterson AFB, referred to in Cathie's second book:

The scientific laboratory there, set up for the purpose, was described as a complex of buildings covering a large area and staffed by many of the world's top scientists. Experimental work was carried out twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. At one stage the official (Colonel Burnett) asked me if I would consider a trip to America to visit the base. Naturally I said I would--any time they care to put out an invitation. Perhaps the idea was vetoed in the States, for I heard no more of this.

It is difficult to prove such a sensational allegation, but I have no reason to doubt Captain Cathie's integrity. Naturally, there is no reference to this in any of the DIA documents on him.

By 1967 Colonel Burnett had been replaced by Colonel Lewis Walker, who seems to have been less impressed with Cathie's ideas than his predecessor. But this did not prevent Walker from forwarding Cathie's material to the DIA at the Pentagon. An Intelligence Information Report dated 8 February 1968 states:

Captain Cathie is still employed as an aircraft F-27 Friendship pilot by National Airways Corporation....His superiors know of his interest and activity in UFO's and his forthcoming book 'Harmonic 33". He has been checked for security reasons and no adverse reports are known.... He admits that many people consider him some kind of nut but he persists in his theory. In January 1968 he came to my office and reported that four UFO's had been detected by the Auckland Air Traffic Control radarscope on ( ) January 1968 at 2335 hours local time....Three objects were 15 miles apart in line, with the fourth object in line 30 miles behind the three. Relative speed was extremely high. In addition, two UFO's--disc-shaped--appeared east of Auckland Airport on the same track as the first four. Captain Cathie was asked if official reports were submitted on these sightings, and he said no, that Civil Aviation personnel had been warned not to report any more of these observations. Captain Cathie was advised to submit any additional information he might have...

Captain Cathie is a lean, wiry New Zealander, with an apparently above average knowledge of mathematics... He is intensely sincere in his efforts...he is spending an enormous amount of time and effort trying to prove his theory that an overall master plan exists by an alien race--purpose not defined.

[Hatonn: Did you ones actually believe alien beings, in service for the one you call "Satan" or the "Anti-God/Christ", would actually be stupid enough to bring alienappearing races among you?--first you have to deceive the people and terrify them. You do this by projecting expectation of horror and deceit in the place of Truth in given circumstances--but the rule is to then infiltrate within your society and into all facets of your social infrastructure--beings who are just like you--Shamir is the first one made public who resembles the original race of aliens. You ones continue to go to the groups and organizations of infiltration to effort to find Truth--and they are READY FOR YOU. Perhaps it is not Hatonn "WHO IS NOT TOO "BRIGHT".]

By May 1968, however, Colonel Walker seems to have become fed up with Cathie. A report to the DIA dated 1May indicates that although Cathie was not considered a "nut", on the last three occasions that he called at the Defense Attachés office to discuss his latest findings, "These conversations were ignored". Cathie had complained that he had been put under surveillance and that in April he had been accosted by three Americans in Invercargill, who had asked him to accompany them, which he refused to do. Cathie believed that these men came from a US Navy vessel, but according to Colonel Walker the only US ship that was south of Auckland at the time was the USS Eltanin, which was in the Antarctic, however. The report concludes:

Capt. Cathie said that he had been cleared by the NZ government to pursue his research and that he had a letter to this effect signed by the Prime Minister. He stated that the Member of Parliament from his area, Dr. Findley, had interceded for him and obtained government approval for his work. He then asked the DATT (Defense Attaché) to "Call your agents off. I have official approval to continue my work. I don't want them tailing me".

PI sent copies of these documents to Captain Cathie in 1986, and asked him for a comment. “He (Colonel Walker) is only saying that in his opinion I am obsessed with my research”, he replied, "and that there is no way they can talk me out of it. Which is fairly correct, except for the word obsessed. My research is my hobby and I find it most interesting. The evidence which I now have on hand will prove without doubt that my unified equations are correct".


I see no need to play further word games, Captain. The craft mostly encountered are directly from the Antarctic bases and are not allowed into space at any rate. There are bases well-established all about your planet awaiting the full take-over of the Elite Command which is now referred to as "New World Order"/"One World Government"- -who did you expect the Anti-Christ of the Revelation to be? He was already kicked out of "heaven" (defined: the space perceived as a dome surrounding your atmosphere in which the stars and galaxies are contained). These ones are now limited to physical aspects and fully intend to enslave your planet of humanoids. Since the species of humans are the Creation of one you might refer to as God and established within The Creation which is in cleansing of her property--guess who the rest of us are! Ah so, the ones sent to clean it up and reclaim property and get the ones of you who have served and will serve through the transition, either into Truth or off the orb or whatever is appropriate--we touch no one who declines and force no one into anything whatsoever. We do, however, become totally annoyed when ones with commitment to Truth refuse to see Truth. Further, we shall withdraw and if this be your choice, Mr. Cathie--so be it.

Now for you people who still say, "But who is this man and why do you waste your time with him"? I would give the following: He is 61 years of age with about enough Earth mileage on him to have gathered some intelligence of Earth operation. He was birthed on Earth in Auckland, New Zealand and can also say "Gooday, mate" as well as Paul Hogan of Australia--except that he doesn't. He served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and trained as a pilot after training in engineering. Around the mid- 50's he joined New Zealand's National Airways Corporation. He began his writings after prolonged witness of UFO activity around Mangere, Auckland.

He has published some four books regarding the criss-crossed electromagnetic grid system of Earth based on theory and discovery and proof of some points through mathematical projections. He has presented mathematical evidence which indicates that the grid system was known to your scientists and was and is being used for secret experimentation, particularly by the nations involved in atomic bomb testing, etc. Ah yes, his earlier books are out of print--surprise, surprise! Truth is taken from the shelves as quickly as possible and so is the author if at all possible to accomplish. It is not easy to keep Captain Cathie in one piece, alive and well--and I reject the intent which would destroy him but I honor my own crew who are placed in responsibility to keep him alive. The enemy knows where to find this man but I am "also bright enough" to not give names, dates, locations and where to "shoot to kill". Further, I am truly bright enough to NOT GIVE THE ENEMY THE ADVANTAGE OF FULL KNOWLEDGE OF WORKABLE EQUATIONS--THEY ALREADY UTILIZE THE SYSTEM TO NEAR PERFECTION--AGAINST YOU-THE-PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

I, Hatonn, have no intent to bog down the work in prolonged awaiting for ones within the mission to come to attention if it requires too much "time"--for you of God, are out of "time". To find all the things of "wrong" about the planet and do nothing only allows for perishment within the lie--while some of you knew the truth of it. I suggest all of you who bear Truth STOP--CEASE--DESIST from the quarrels and efforting to PROVE a point and then lashing out at your perceived personal enemy. If you have no enemies--you are no threat to evil and therefore none will bother.


Herein I speak directly to William Cooper. Son, is it not about time to come down from thine mountain and allow Truth within? You have done more to PROVE OF HATONN'S PRESENCE than almost any other--so what do you get? Denouncement and total assault in response to your continued counter-assaults against the mis-disinformers. Most of the disinformation people don't know a confounded thing about almost everything--why do you allow yourself to be sucked in? Because you cannot come from ego-trip to experience the Truth and realize it is not the assault which wins the battle, but rather, only discredits that which IS TRUTH.

And Mr. Goodman, you seem to recognize Truth and the severity of the plight of your own nation, not to even move outside your own nation--why do you not look as truthfully into possibilities--the God you claim and the Christ you claim might just have representatives upon whom YOU HAVE CALLED! Try communication--you might find you rather like it.

I have never picked Cooper's "work" apart--I take exception to his irrational behavior as if attacked, somehow. I am not interested in his material but I shall effort to correct his conclusions and honor him with that which is correct.

Now, ones will say--but how was it you said Lazar was pretty much correct about area 51? Because Bob Lazar, whether put forth in misinformation or disinformation, had nailed some pretty interested points--for instance, let us clear up some "mysterious" "stuff". Area 51 is simply the area which encompasses a portion of Nevada just outside Las Vegas and includes Nellis Air Force Base--whereat some rather remarkable research has been carried on BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT AND INVOLVING SPACE PERSONS AND CRAFT--SOME OF WHICH ARE PLACED THERE DELIBERATELY BY OUR OWN COMMAND. THEY HAVE AT LEAST FIVE BEINGS IN VARIOUS STATES OF DEATH AND PERCEIVED "LIFE" WHICH WERE SENT THERE VIA EDWARDS AFB IN AUGUST/SEPTEMBER OF 1987 FOLLOWING DELIBERATE "CRASHING" AND A FEW DEMONSTRATIONS OF ENERGY-SHIELDS ON THE PART OF SPACE COMMAND--OURS.


Now, there are not any "Royal Highnesses called Krill", etc., unless you ones have conjured them. You have been totally infiltrated and operational in service to Earthbound energies such as Bush, etc. The little aliens do not hold anyone hostage-- the evil bastards and whores are already on your place, earthbound and ready to take your world--it is called the Elite One World Government, headed by the Elite Khazarian Races calling themselves Zionists and Israelis. They are NOT chosen of God--they are the ANTI-GOD, and they intend to enslave the planet, if it means total destruction of the orb and all life-forms. The next step is laid and the beast is pulling in the armloads of fragments of acquisition from nations to governments, physically and spiritually--into the pit of lies and certain destruction. I suggest that name-calling of the perceived adversary such as "Sticky Dicky" and Mr. "Pecker" is both a waste of time and causes discredit for it is perceived that a Man of God would have better and more rational control of self.

There is nothing strange nor mysterious about my presence nor of my communications through a translator and/or secretary--I am not stupid enough to come into the den of lions as shred your own being and, quite frankly, I do not look forward greatly to having to serve with some who claim to be my friends. I do have a mission and I do have higher information; I have personally met with every head of every nation in your planet called Shan (Earth). I have been seen, efforted at incarceration, given last opportunities of change into Godly service (if the being is remaining as "original" creation)--most, you know, are not; they are replicas and genetic reproductions and/or synthetics manipulated by the head puppet-masters.

The head, however, of the Drug business (as perceived by ones on your placement, such as Col. Gritz), thought to be the one who is known as Armitage, is really George Bush, Henry Kissinger and the immediate shadows around that Government placement. This is only a small part of the plan which already has moved so far that reverse is almost impossible--BUT, WITH GOD ALL IS POSSIBLE AND SO SHALL IT COME TO BE--IF YOU ONES RAISE YOUR HEADS, STOP YOUR SILLY BICKERING AND PICTURE-HUGGING AND LET US WORK TOGETHER TO BRING TRUTH--I COME TO PROVE NOTHING AND SHALL NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO PROVE ANYTHING--THE PROOF IS IN SHAMBLES ALL AROUND YOU AND YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!

Now all you troops who claim to speak for Truth and Constitution, etc., had better stop the foolishness and let us pull together. I have no intentions of intervention--but I have information and capability beyond your imaginings and if your intent is to REALLY SERVE AND BRING RETURN OF CONSTITUTIONAL TRUTH AND LAW UNTO YOUR NATION AND THE WORLD--THEN I SUGGEST WE GET ON WITH IT! I, however, am weary of extending the invitation of discourse and it is most certainly up to you as individuals that which you do. But, if you continue in the blatherings and calling it good intent--I can promise the work shall be discredited by your personal enemies.

The UFO Journal over which you twiddle and dicker is a foolish display of absolute garbage--why would anyone bother to have ongoing relations with them--UNLESS, your intent, also, is to kill time and destroy that which could change your national path? God waits only so long for His ones committed to service, to see Light and Truth of commission, and then those who fail to see are simply passed over and their work lost unto Mankind's service. It is the personal choice of all beings to make those own individual choices.

Addictions are thrust upon the servants of God to pull you down and cause irrational behaviors and functioning with as sure a path to destruction of credibility as any one thing on your planet. Ponder it and if shoes fit the feet--then be uncomfortable in them and when you understand the way it IS, we will adjust the shoes. So be it.

Perhaps I should speak in the same language used against my own serving persons. Some of you have acted as "slimy pukes" yourselves and I can promise you that my scribe wishes to have NOTHING FURTHER TO DO WITH YOU OR YOUR WORK. I continue to await your intentions for I am dedicated to give "my ass", if required, to help get yours out of the pothole. Why do I continue to stick with individual ones who have a portion of this magnificent puzzle? Because you have a piece of the magnificent puzzle and a contribution to make unto Mankind--if you can pull of self together and see the path laid forth. I have no personal involvement whatsoever regarding your journey as individuals--I DO HAVE A MISSION WHICH I INTEND TO FULFILL IN PERFECTION AND BRING YOU POW'S HOME. Ones who wish to stay in prison are most welcome to do so but you will not be allowed to hold jobs which must be brought to conclusion for the remainder of the POW's wishing rescue. I AM A COMMANDER AND I AM ON A MISSION WHICH WILL BE BROUGHT TO CONCLUSION AND I CARE NOT ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL OPINIONS REGARDING THE MATTER, FOR I REPEAT--I HAVE NOT ONE THING TO PROVE TO ANY OF YOU FOR I AM NOT A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER FOR ONES OLD ENOUGH TO BE GRADUATING EXCEPT FOR YOUR OWN ILLUSION OF EGO IMPORTANCE.


If I find portions of your work that are valid I will use them and so state it. If I find it incorrect and inconclusive, I shall also state it. You may sue--I find it amusing as to JUST "WHO" WILL YOU SUE? If you sue against use of TRUTH, then you pronounce your own output--LIE. It would appear to me that the better part of intelligence might be to check it out and perchance you might find me to be who I say I am. I wish no publicity and I would never reveal my scribe--as you so foolishly did, Mr. Cooper. I would far prefer you ones clean up your own garbage pits and utilize your own earth God-given talents and research--for I do not even like your species nor your planet--save that it is a wondrous Creation of our own Creator and you, whether I wish claim to the fact or not, are my brothers and sisters on special services assignment--of which most of you became more dense between the ears than the compression within which you function.

I am grateful for the opportunity to respond to correspondence and I ask that George please copy this document to several specific persons: Bill Cooper, Billy Goodman, James Gritz, etc.--I think he will have his own listings. Why do I work with George Green? Ah, wouldn't you ones just love to JUDGE that circumstance?!? By the way, Bill--ones of your "worshippers", i.e. "Fritz" passes out erroneous information as do you--Dharma is accused of being married to George Green--I have at least one husband and one wife who would disagree with that assessment.

Further, if you can't get it straight as to whether George is a member of the CIA, KGB or Mossad--please stop fostering the information. Now, surprise! I don't give a flip what or who George Green was nor might still be--ESPECIALLY any of your silly surveillance teams of misinformation tossers. God only cares about that which a MAN IS! AND FURTHER, HE LOVES HIS ONES IN THE CIA WITH EQUAL LOVE AS THOSE WHO ARE NOT--YOU INCLUDED.

Why would God not want participation of ones well-trained in the services? What is the purpose of training in the first place? Do you suppose Bo Gritz would have the impact which he now places on his audience if he had not had the VERY experiences which have filled his path until now? Any who can rise above the egomaniac "trip", recognize worth instead of false insecurity, shall be welcomed aboard with joyous celebrations of a job well-done and a person brought into maturity of realization of "WHERE IT'S REALLY AT AND THAT WHICH YOU REALLY ARE"! May God give unto all ones the ability to understand and see within.

Dharma, I will let you off the hook now and I thank you for your service. If all jobs were those we feel wondrously soothing and pleasant to our senses, we would have no space within which to grow. There is so much foolish (stupid) misinterpretation upon your place that it defies the imagination of how Man could actually perceive it to bear any Truth whatsoever--nonetheless, it is so, for the adversary has done a near perfect job of deception and training. So be it. We can move it about if we join hands and work together--else, it shall fall into that which is laid forth by and for the adversary. God already has his special places prepared--so it is absolutely up to you ones that which you do.

I shall move to stand-by. The piles of work are infinite but we must have a break. I can only suggest that the ones in point get busy and catch up for they are far, far behind in their important reading and study--while they run hither and yon looking for God and Truth, they miss the lifeboat. So be it. I salute you.

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn



TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1991 3:37 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 271


Please see that this copy of the fax sent to George at the bookstore, this morning is included in our proceeding document. It is from the Office of Foreign Relations, Washington. I purposely kept this from Dharma's attention until she had finished her morning writing, but I wish this included in the mailing to the ones named prior to this. I will keep both the time of the incident in point and give no disclosure to the party involved. If you will quietly locate the source of the original fax, George, please send a copy of this morning's writing to the sender. Thank you.

Again, I have nothing to prove, yet you ones want proof; so be it. KNOW (and this is to anyone wishing to share confirmation with our team wherever they are), YOU SHALL BE PROTECTED AND YOUR INFORMATION KEPT IN TOTAL CONFIDENCE AS TO IDENTITY AND LOCATION. I like to share confirmations when possible but, again, I have nothing to prove. This is also true for anyone who wishes incorporation or Institute information or participation. If you KNOW SOME OF THE ONES WHO ARE INVOLVED IN VARIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES-- HONOR THEM AND YOURSELVES ENOUGH TO GUARD THEM. If we are asked to identify and/or are given permission to print--fine, we are happy to share but when ones are so strategically at risk and ask protection, so be it and we will not play into the vicious curiosity of ones who would destroy a brother.

The following is typical; you will note it is regarding an area of which I spoke only this morning--which is WHY I spoke of the location this day. This is to ease my scribe a bit for information I bring is most often totally unknown to her. In fact, we often meet and information is sometimes found coming back from outside locations prior to her coming into conscious knowledge of the circumstance in point. That angers me and jeopardizes our security. We have recently had to abandon projects under way because of loose tongues within the workers who simply do not realize that which they do. It does, however, prove a great deal to higher cause when this happens as it has in these past two weeks. It shows that some ones who claim otherwise, are still PLAYING IN THE METAPHYSICAL "NEW AGE" GARBAGE OF MYSTICAL FANTASIES AND HAVE NO IDEA OF THAT WHICH THEY ARE ABOUT.

I have no input as to another's beliefs or to that at which they wish to play. I do, however, expect ones who hold positions of trust and inclusion within our workers, take note and pay attention for the time of little games is over and if the child has not graduated--so be it--for ones may not be allowed to continue disruption and destruction of another. For instance, Mr. Cooper was badly misled and actually disinformed by ones in Sedona regarding the PHOENIX JOURNALS. This was over a year past but he responded in almost irrational manner without any knowledge whatsoever. He shouted over the airwaves, lies (oh yes, Bill: i.e., "...have plagiarized 50 pages of my work". No, the document of Mr. Cooper's, at best, was some 26 pages of rough manuscript so mathematics were erroneous, if nothing else). My scribe was not privy to the circumstances or the resource. I gave him credit for some rather reasonable research and took exception to many of his inclusions including all of his conclusions. So, in response, he claimed an entire call-in program on which George was guest and was incredibly foolish--playing right into the hands of his own enemies. He had many of his most vindictive current enemies calling in to denounce George and the JOURNALS. He spread names and addresses and total denouncement. I care not about opinion but it would seem that ones of the caliber he wishes to project as himself would have researched a bit more comprehensively prior to doing something so rash.

You see, now, ones call in to use against him that which was accusation against others by Cooper in which, in his uncontrolled behavior, he actually threatened death to his adversary. This is NEVER LOST TO THE ADVERSARY AS A TOOL TO REAP DESTRUCTION UPON THE ONE OUT OF CONTROL. Cooper also threatened my scribe through George--"....to take out these ---- receivers...." I took it as an intention of probability and responded accordingly. We do not need irrational hot-heads in any operation, much less in the bringing forth of God's work--passionate participants, yes-- irrational and uncontrolled behavior subject to more severe changes through any type of substances use. I can only tell you that no one can make a fool of another for the other has to agree to the being the fool. Further, ones CAN NOT DISCREDIT TRUTH --ONLY ALLOW THE PROJECTOR TO DESTROY HIS OWN CREDIBILITY-- AND, FURTHER, I, HATONN, HAVE NO INTENT TO DISCERN FOR ANY OF YOU WHICH IS WHICH.

Nonetheless, for you readers, here is a bit of sharing--old enough to be secure and recent enough to be current. This has nothing to do with the persons in prior point. Is it possible someone has sent me something which is a facade, sting, etc? Who cares--for I know what is at Area 51 in Nevada and I know how special services operate and so, at worst, it is certainly valid enough. At best, it gives you information which is equally valid.

The person in point is valid and the subject in point is a result of an effort to find out about craft coming and going from the area of "51" and other strange things occurring which were causing great concern and confusion to many, many citizens. Several people went forth to effort at finding out information--photographs were taken and followed up from several separate instances, finally approaching authorities and asking for information and explanation. I can assure you that the intent of the "authorities" was and is to put a stop to not only investigation, but also to any mention thereof.

I want you to take careful note of several things in the letter to follow: one, "elite", and, "best left to professionals", "refrain from further visits to the region in question", "...focus is quite unwarranted", "panel of scientists, politicians and educators is very much on top of this situation", etc.

Now, why don't some of you ask again, "...why doesn't somebody bring this to the public" and "...why don't you just appear to our leaders?" and "...make your presence known and we will all know" and, and, and---YOU ARE IN THE MIDST OF THE GREATEST COVER-UP AND DECEITFUL PLAN IN ALL HISTORY--THE ULTIMATE PLAN, ACTUALLY. SO READ CAREFULLY THE DOCUMENT IN POINT AND THEN PONDER CAREFULLY.


Letterhead: WWT

Inc. U.S. Government Data Correlation Office

Office of Foreign Relations

Frances Perkins Bldg.

200 Constitution Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20210

[Hatonn: please NOTE, this is another one of those "non-Government" agencies--i.e. "Inc." This indicates a totally PRIVATE CORPORATION WORKING UNDER THE GUISE OF GOVERNMENT AND TOTALLY FUNDED AND POLICE-SECURED BY THE GOVERNMENT].

Date. (left out with intent.)

To: (name and address left out with intent)

Dear Mr. ( ):

According to our representatives, you have expressed an interest of late in a particular geographical region. We understand fully the concerns of ordinary citizens such as yourself, but rest assured, Mr. ( ), your focus is quite unwarranted under the circumstances. It may put your mind at ease to know that our elite panel of scientists, politicians and educators is very much on top of this situation. At the same time, however, it's the consensus of these top flight personnel that your ongoing visits to the Southern Nevada region can serve no useful purpose, and may in fact subvert the common goal by disrupting the delicate matters at hand.

Therefore, we must ask you kindly to please refrain from making further visits to the region in question. Most assuredly, we are doing everything possible to support the general welfare and achieve the interests of the community-at-large. Your continued presence will only complicate matters and possibly sabotage the productive inroads made so far. In any case, Mr. ( ), we feel--and we're sure this is something with which you'd agree--that this matter is something clearly best left to professionals. With the cooperation of loyal citizens, we feel confident that the United States can stay the course.


Wilson F. Hines III


I dont believe I need add anything further to the subject. May your eyes and insight be opened. Salu.

Hatonn to clear, please.



WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1991 8:54 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 272


In the beauty of this gifted day for service, I, Hatonn, come in the service unto Creator who has given us opportunity to serve and grow. Dharma, God is ORDER and The Creation is automatic ORDER. 'Tis Man that manufactures disorder and chaos. Therefore, we work within the orderly priorities of need and it shall be fine. For you readers, we are receiving hundreds of pieces of mail with inquiries, confirmations and statements of "proof'. We feel indebted and humble to receive these warm, and sometimes negative, responses from you precious friends. We feel desire to share and respond to EVERY one and, yes, each topic is critical and urgent and merits entire JOURNALS devoted to the various subjects. Please be patient with us for we are filling every waking moment of your day "time" at this work and it is impossible to do all the work.

Please note that I effort to respond to inquiries which are very topical within the JOURNALS or EXPRESSES for I find no other manner in which to respond to ALL. KNOW that every word, every confirmation, every clipping is precious to us, studied carefully and accepted with appreciation.

This day I, too, am torn because I have two topics so important that I cannot choose which is more important. One being gun/search/seizure enforcement and the other the New Economics established by the Pope within the "Rerum Novarum" (translation: OF NEW THINGS) first placed into annual observance a century ago by Pope Leo XIII in 1891. This year bodes BAD NEWS for your world and shows with “proof” of the full intent toward Evil One World Government and the chosen Pope in place to pull it off--AGAINST YOU CATHOLICS!


I must consider that which will cause you to get up and act in participation for, as truth spreads across the nations, Man WILL act for he longs agonizingly for God and brother. So I shall speak of things regarding gun control and how it has long been established to accomplish the disarming process of you-the-people.

Why do I not simply tell you where you can get the bits and pieces of the puzzle and spare all the readers all repetition and ourselves weeks of work? Because Man will not move to the libraries or books and references--you are not even finding time to read the JOURNALS. God has promised to make available information as He deems it necessary and our job is to follow through with whatever it requires to do so. What one person needs for awakening is perhaps a turnoff to another but it ALL must be shared.

It was interesting to note ones that came to the lecture at the "UFO" conference on this past weekend and swarmed about the place. Some wore purple hair, copper pyramids on their heads, crystals on their necks and fingers; some sat lotus position to receive and many listened in awe at the declarations of misinformation regarding cattle mutilations and Reptilian beings--and yet got up and walked from the room when George spoke of genetic replications. Where are you, people? You even go to the motion picture houses and devour movies such as BLADE RUNNER with Harrison Ford and when truth washes all over you like second skin--you walk out and refuse to hear. So be it. God has time--you do NOT!

When we speak of replicas it would seem to me far easier to understand their presence than to admit that you have been so completely deceived by a handful of men.

I also find it interesting that ones refuse to listen and pronounce rejection and make astounding edicts about given works while they, in turn, KNOW NOTHING WHATSOEVER ABOUT THE SUBJECT IN POINT. Further, you believe and act accordingly to something a man in a black robe tells you from a pulpit lit with candles and a cross hanging behind--especially if he tells you something like ones from space being evil and the JOURNALS being evil. What you will find is that great portions of the JOURNALS are written DIRECTLY BY GOD AND THE ONE YOU CALL JESUS AS WELL AS THE ONE CALLED "GRANDFATHER" OR "GREAT SPIRIT", BY THE INDIANS. HOW, PEOPLE-OF-THE-WORLD, ARE YOU GOING TO RECOGNIZE GOD WHEN HE COMES? You had better carefully ponder that point because you don't have much longer to wait for that event and at this point--in my perception--a lot of you are going to turn away and hide your face and plug your ears. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN THE WAY YOU ARE TOLD BY THE ELITE DECEIVERS--EVEN IF THEY BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE TELLING TRUTH. WOULDN'T IT BE WISE TO CONSIDER SOME ALTERNATIVE INSTRUCTIONS AND THEN MAKE DECISIONS? SO BE IT, TO EACH HIS OWN.


You have just witnessed the House passing of the Brady Bill. Most say, "...well, for gosh sakes, who and how could it hurt to wait a week"? It is not the waiting in point--it is the registration preceding the wait and the paper-work at time of picking up the gun- -keeping in mind all the while that the criminals ALREADY HAVE GUNS AND THEY CERTAINLY ARE NOT REGISTERED NOR WILL THEY EVER BE. BUT YOU SIGN UP AND YOU FOREVER HAVE A RECORD AGAINST YOU AND THE CIA-, KGB-, MOSSAD-RUN POLICE OF THE UNITED NATIONS WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO GO AND YOU WILL PRODUCE THAT WEAPON--ON DEMAND!


Let us interrupt herein to briefly discuss your Bill of Rights. Most of you don't realize it and couldn't care less, but it is the bicentennial year of those Bill of Rights of your Constitution. Walter E. Williams of "Human Events" 4/27/91, has summarized some things for your attention on "HOW BILL OF RIGHTS HAS GRADUALLY BEEN ERODED":

Passed in 1791, this year we celebrate the Bill of Rights Bicentennial. My question is: Shouldn't it be a requiem instead? Let's see how some of the rights of the original ten amendments have been surreptitiously repealed.

The 10th Amendment guarantees: "Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people".

That's pretty plain language. So you tell me how the federal government can constitutionally mandate speed limits, control public schools and wastedisposal sites, and make hundreds of other edicts. Better yet, try to think of something you or your state can do free from federal mandates.

The 9th Amendment provides: "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people".

Hamilton asked, "Why declare that things shall not be done [by the federal government] which there is no power to do"? That makes sense.

Hamilton was simply asking why should we have a measure saying that the government cannot restrict the press when it has no authorization to do so in the first place. Hamilton's concern was since it is impossible to enumerate all liberties, such as economic liberty, politicians and judges would rule that they were not protected rights. The courts have made a mockery of the 9th Amendment.

We retain a few protections of the 5th Amendment, but they are disappearing. Among its protection is: A person cannot be "compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself".

Try this. Ask your Internal Revenue Service agent whether the information on your tax form can be used against you in criminal proceedings. Then ask whether you are constitutionally required to give that information.

[Hatonn: Try defending yourself for a traffic ticket and see if they don't demand' that you state your case--oh, you think that cannot apply here? Oh yes, brother, for the fact that you have a ticket--the only jurisdiction under which you can be tried--IS "CRIMINAL" AND WILL BE TRIED UNDER ADMIRALTY LAW- -NOT CONSTITUTIONAL COMMON LAW].

Fifth Amendment provisions explain why we have the charade of "voluntary tax compliance". That way, when you appear in tax court and ask that your tax form be inadmissible as evidence under the 5th Amendment, the judge will say, "Sorry, you voluntarily gave the information".

The 5th Amendment also provides: "Nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation". Not only has the court made a mockery of that provision, it permits, as in a Hawaii case, taking of private property for private use. It denies some owners of private property the right to raze it and build another building. It denies landowners the right to chop down trees on their own land.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees "the right of the people to keep and bear arms". The 2nd Amendment is not a deer-hunting or duck-hunting amendment. It affords us some protection against wanna-be tyrants.

The people leading the attack on the 2nd Amendment are the very people who want to control greater portions of our lives and restrict our freedoms. Therefore, part of their agenda is to first disarm us. I don't know about you, but whenever you hear that the government has taken Williams' weapons, you'll know that Williams is dead.

Any bicentennial celebration of our Bill of Rights is almost a hoax. Almost, because we still have freedoms envied by most of the world; but they are under siege. The only rally I'll attend is one that has a stated agenda like "Rally for Full Restoration of Our Bill of Rights".

I suggest that if you feel this a bit snippy that you consider what Bush is saying to the Press in honor of one, Queen Elizabeth of England. Does anyone remember that you fought a War of Independence at great, great cost to America to establish an Independent Nation? Did you hear your own elected President honor Britain as still producing your BANKING, LAW AND COMMERCE SYSTEMS? Did you not hear him drooling over the coalition for this "New World Order"? Do you not realize that Queen Elizabeth is the wealthiest woman in your WORLD? Did you not remember that Great Britain owns more property and business in America than any other nation in the world--directly? The next two owners, in order, are Canada and Australia--both British. The lady makes no bones about it--she is over in America right this minute to meet with leaders to bind this One World Government, make commitments of coalition and check on her property--which is indeed tremendous in quantity!

I think the best way to proceed here is to allow some information already printed but having almost no distribution and NONE in any of the Establishment media and/or press.

From: ON TARGET, Sept. 1, 1963:

"The report reproduced below was sent by one of our regional coordinators to the National Headquarters. It has been verified completely as a bold new plan for the ultimate confiscation of all privately owned guns. It would seem fantastic except for documented detail and photographic proof which we will present in this and subsequent issues of ON TARGET.

This report is about the International Arms Control Symposium that was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from Dec. 17 through 29, 1962. One of our men attended this Symposium, and informed me that one part of it pertained to the control of private arms owned by civilians. This man states that this group has drawn up plans to confiscate all private firearms by the end of 1965. I do not know all of the details. However. I understand that this will start in the Northwest section of the United States, and five states will be blocked off by troops and no one will be permitted to travel out of these states while these private arms are being confiscated. After this area has been cleaned, another five states will be cut off from the rest of the states, and the procedure continued”.

"With utmost secrecy and nearly complete news-blackout a massive new program has been launched to disarm all American civilians, including state and local police, as a first step toward control of the general population by a Communist-Socialist dictatorship.

This new scheme includes such ambitious treachery--and the support of such influential people--that it is always most incredible. For this reason we have spent over nine months in documenting every detail of this new threat before publishing the facts".

Now try this one by John Englund:

"Still another disarmament plan--of which many are totally unaware--involves our right to bear arms. The Institute for Arms Control and Peace held an international arms control symposium in December of 1962. at the University of Michigan. One of the planned projects called for the systematic house-to-house search of the entire United States for arms of any kind. The search is to be made by the Army by blocking off five states at a time, beginning in the western part of the country. All privately-owned firearms are to be seized under this plan; and the entire civilian population completely disarmed to make easier the policing of the United States by the United Nations International Police Force". Life-Line, Washington D.C., May 12, 1964, No. 33.

Questions and Answers: "Own a Gun - Go to Prison" Bulletin, 1991.

Q: Can authorities search my home without a warrant?

A: Probably YES, it depends on each particular case. If the police come to your home based on reasonable cause [Hatonn: Which is ANYTHING THEY CALL REASONABLE CAUSE] believe a felony is in progress, i.e illegal possession of an unregistered assault weapon, they are not required to have a warrant to stop that felony.

Q: Can the police seize any other firearms I own?

A: YES, generally. This Depends on the circumstances, arrest is for possible felony and police are generally within the law when making a felony arrest involving firearms if they also seize any other firearms of the defendant.



"President Kennedy, in his speech to the opening session of the United Nations on September 25, 1961, proposed a plan for the general and complete disarmament of the United States. A few days later, State Department Document 7277 was made public, setting forth a three-stage disarmament plan by which all offensive weapons and atomic missiles would be transferred to the UNITED NATIONS AND ALL DEFENSIVE WEAPONS AND MISSILES WOULD BE ABANDONED. This proposal was entitled: FREEDOM FROM WAR: THE UNITED STATES PROGRAM FOR GENERAL AND COMPLETE DISARMAMENT 1N A PEACEFUL WORLD.

"As Senator John Tower of Texas pointed out, we are by no means living at present in „a peaceful world. The proponents of the proposal, however, insisted that disarmament was the fixed purpose of Congress--else why had they passed Public Law 87-297 creating the Arms Control and Disarmament AGENCY only ONE DAY AFTER KENNEDY'S DISARMAMENT SPEECH BEFORE THE UNITED NATIONS?

"According to the enabling provisions of the Act, all American weapons can be placed by the President under the complete control of the DIRECTOR OF THE DISARMAMENT AGENCY. This accounts for the abandonment of some of our most promising defense missiles, and the planned destruction of our bomber fleet.

"WE ARE BEING DISARMED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IN PROGRESSIVE STEPS: AND FEW AMERICANS REALIZE TO WHAT AN ALARMING EXTENT OUR DEFENSES HAVE BEEN REDUCED. The communications media--newspapers, magazines, radio and television--are controlled by the “Invisible Government”, mainly by the Rockefellers and their stooges. And the military men who could and would tell us the truth have been muzzled by the Government.

"At the same time there has been a very active upsurge of the "peace at any price" movements such as the World Federalists, and particularly the World Peace Through World Law organization, plus several new ones, all with the same purpose: namely, the abolishment of the United States as a Nation.

"The following is a synthesis of an article in The Herald of Freedom, November 22, 1963:

"There is no question about it--both the United States and the U.S.S.R. have agreed already, and the United Nations has made it official, that there shall be an International Disarmament Organization and that it shall have 'unrestricted access'. So advanced is the plan for our complete disarmament, which even contemplates house to house search and confiscation of private arms of citizens, that suggested Zonal Maps are already produced which show United Nations International Disarmament Force Zonal Inspection Bases. [Hatonn: still want to quarrel over why the Russians might be working within your police departments this very day? Remember: the United Nations police force and military WILL BE HEADED BY A SOVIET--IT IS IN THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER!]

"In order to have a World Government as it is planned by the United Nations, it is first absolutely necessary to have disarmament. Each country which has been taken over by the Communist Conspiracy has had some form of disarming, principally of the private citizens through the registration--and then seizure--of their arms. Since not many private citizens were armed in the first place, this was an easy task. But in the United States, with its frontier tradition, its National Rifle and Gun Clubs and Sportsman's Organizations, it is a different matter. It requires a cautious approach and a well-thought-out plan.

"We can get a fairly clear understanding of the plan by analyzing the proposals of the International Arms Control Symposium held in Ann Arbor. Michigan, December 17 to 20. 1962. The University of Michigan seems to be outstanding in the number of egg-head intellectuals bent on seeing their country completely disarmed.

"The meetings were held in SECRECY and--although members of the press were present--with no fanfare of publicity either before or after. Officials were present from the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (an ironic term); several liberal Senators and Congressmen: Walter Reuther: a representative from the Russian Embassy; professors from many universities; members of left-wing "peace groups" and communist-front organization: and of course several REPRESENTATIVES OF THE U.S. ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT AGENCY; as well as several groups representing the Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish League.


"This Arms Control and Disarmament Agency works in close cooperation with the Department of State and the United Nations. The Administration is now (November, 1963) moving at a rapid pace toward United Nations control of our country. Secret letters and messages are exchanged between Washington and Communist heads of state, funds and food are supplied to support communist governments and keep them from collapsing until the world merger of the United States and U.S.S.R. can take place--for this is what World Government will be.

It is this International Arms Control Symposium which has pointed out most clearly the necessity to disarm all American civilians including state and local police as a necessary first step before imposing a communist-socialist dictatorship".

Thank you, readers, for this information came to me from five different sources including the original. I would, however, like to commend and thank one Bernadine Smith for staying right on top of this. If you wish to save your nation, get with it, America. Bernadine Smith can be reached at P.O. Box 1776, Hanford, CA 93232 or go through the Wisconsin Report, att: Meaves, 18310 Benington Drive, Brookfield, WI 53045 for a lot of Bernadine Smith's material is published therein, also. Or, get in touch with America West for further suggestions and directions.

How long is it now since 1960, 61-63? Three decades? How much time do you believe you have left? Every day is so precious that I cannot stress it enough.

Now let me outlay a typical syndicated article from the Washington Post, George Will, 5/3/91:


Two staggering facts about today's America are the carnage that is a consequence of virtually uncontrolled private ownership of guns, and Americans' toleration of that carnage.

Class, not racial, bias explains toleration of scandals such as this: More teenage males die from gunfire than from all natural causes combined, and a black male teenager is 11 times more likely than a white counterpart to be killed by a bullet. If sons of the confident, assertive, articulate middle class, regardless of race, were dying in such epidemic numbers, gun control would be considered a national imperative.

But another reason Americans live with a gun policy that is demonstrably disastrous is that the subject was constitutionalized 200 years ago this year in the Second Amendment: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".

Many gun control advocates argue that the unique 13-word preamble stipulates the Amendment's purpose in a way that severely narrows constitutional protection of gun ownership. They say the Amendment obviously provides no protection of individuals' gun ownership for private purposes. They say it only provides an anachronistic protection of states' rights to maintain militias.

However, Sanford Levinson of the University of Texas Law Schools says that is far from obvious. In a Yale Law Journal article, "The Embarrassing Second Amendment", he makes an argument that is dismaying to those like me, who favor both strict gun control and strict construction of the Constitution. He begins with some historical philology showing that the 18th century meaning of "militia" makes even the amendment's preamble problematic. [Hatonn: Did anybody catch this? Yale Law Review? Levinson? 18th Century definition of "militia"? That is the same time that ones with sur-names such as Levinson from the Khazarian Elite also established "JEW", Israel instead of israel, Zionist and other cute ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT TERMS UNDER THE TALMUDIC PROTOCOLS.]

He (Levinson) notes that if the Founders wanted only to protect states' rights to maintain militias, they could have said simply, "Congress shall have no power to prohibit state militias".

The Second Amendment is second only to the First Amendment's protections of free speech, religion and assembly because, Levinson argues, the Second Amendment is integral to America's anti-statist theory of republican government. That theory says that free individuals must be independent from coercion, and such independence depends in part on freedom from the menace of standing armies and government monopoly of the means of force.

In the most important Supreme Court case concerning Congress' right to regulate private gun ownership, the court, upholding the conviction of a man who failed to register his sawed-off shotgun, stressed the irrelevance of that weapon to a well-regulated militia. Gun control advocates argue that this lends no support to a constitutional right to ownership for private purposes.

But Levinson notes that the court's ruling, far from weakening the Second Amendment as a control on Congress, can be read as supporting extreme anti-gun control arguments defending the right to own weapons, such as assault rifles, that are relevant to modern warfare and police control.

The foremost Founder, Madison, stressed (in Federalist Paper 46) "...the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation".

The subject of gun control reveals a role reversal between liberals and conservatives that makes both sides seem tendentious. Liberals, who usually argue that constitutional rights (of criminal defendants, for example) must be respected regardless of inconvenient social consequences, say the Second Amendment right is too costly to honor. Conservatives who frequently favor applying cost-benefit analyses to constitutional construction (of defendants rights, for example) advocate an absolutist construction of the Second Amendment.

The Bill of Rights should be modified only with extreme reluctance but America has an extreme crisis of gut fire. And impatience to deal with it can cause less than scrupulous reading of the Constitution.

WHATEVER RIGHT THE SECOND AMENDMENT PROTECTS IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS IT WAS 200 YEARS AGO, when the defense and foodgathering made gun ownership almost universal. But whatever the right is, there it is.


I would like to further point out that the same ones (groups) as listed above have formed Educational organizations and population control groups to help solve the problem of teenage pregnancies, etc. NOW I JEST NOT, HERE IS ONE OF THE MAJOR ONES IN POINT: NATIONAL ORGANIZATION ON ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY AND PARENTING, INC. "STERILIZE 13YEAR-OLD BOYS AFTER DEPOSITING SPERM. Symposiums have now been held in almost all states since 1985. Perhaps you should check into this within your own state and find out what has been introduced into your own state legislatures to implement the concepts from this symposium! Where can you get information regarding this subject? Obtain the past 5 or 6 issues of the Wisconsin Report (address already given).

I can't help you, brothers, if you continue to live in your tubes of darkness and hide from Truth. I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of our task at hand, also. But the first order of action is to prevent any further tampering with the Constitution, allow no Constitutional Convention to change anything for they LIE TO YOU--THEY WILL REMOVE THE TOTAL CONSTITUTION AND ENTER YOU TOTALLY UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER--HOOK, LINE AND SINKER--AND I MEAN "SUNK". We can do it if we work together and want to--can it be done? Yes. Will it be done???? It won't be if all we receive back is what one just wrote: "I refuse to read another word of the stuff you write for I don't believe you were one of the groups who first contacted Billy Meiers from Pleiades and they made me feel good while you make me feel filled with unrest--cancel my subscription and keep my name secret for my protection and security". But this beloved person put his address boldly on the envelope!

Well, some of the ones who first contacted Billy Meier, i.e. Asket, etc., are from DAL- -not Pleiades; secondly, Semjase is in my Command and I certainly had no need to contact Billy Meier--my job is to do THIS. Foolish games are going to cost you dearly, friends, dearly indeed.

Dharma, you must have a break, please. I need you out of this location for a while this day. Thank you, chela. And for my team--THANK YOU FOR A FINE JOB ON THE WEEK-END--WE SHALL "GET THERE" YET. IN LOVE AND RESPECT, I SALUTE YOU.

Hatonn to clear. Thank you.



SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1991 7:20 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 275

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1991


As the Creator has given us time to do yet one more task, let us give thanks. Let us give love and appreciation and ask for peace and blessings for and among all our relations (Mitakuye Oyasin). May balance come again unto the precious Mother who has nurtured you and given us all a schoolroom in which to learn of all Truth through experience. I am humble in my gift of service. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn--"Ceres" representing my nurturing/earth "growing" as in "crops", and I suppose you call it "feminine mothering" aspect, as deemed appropriate by my older relations who heard my petition to be allowed service that I might have opportunity to understand and balance with my own impatience.

I watch and serve and find it difficult to see that Man has been gifted with the abundance of everything he needs and could desire to become perfection and Creator. Yet he sleeps and whines and turns away in fear and deliberate cowardice unto the evil of physical journey.

I, too, must release unto the sacred way it IS in knowledge that infinity brings all to perfection and I cannot do of it for another. My expression is only that you may understand that it can be done. Mine is to show you that you can have wings instead of shackles--freedom instead of bondage--order instead of chaos. God is order; The Creation is balance, harmony and order. If we can help our brothers to see, then we will have served well and lifestreams will be the better for us having passed this way.

It is ordained that we do this job together--I as older, having been gifted by great teachers who show me the ways of wisdom that I might guide. You who are willing hands and physical beings that you might "do" of it. It is not that I might do it for you of physical Shan plane, but that YOU do it through guidance of the way it IS that you might grow into the wisdom and then higher unto source. Proof of presence can only come from and into the "within" and then, all within must be brought without that the journey can become one of directed and wise choices--away from that which locks you to a brief span of perceived "time" upon an elusive "place".


God, the Creator, is all there is; all that EXISTS. God's creating universe of matter in motion appears to exist. To your senses it sequentially disappears, to reappear. It has no actual reality. It but simulates reality through the illusion of two-way projected lights in motion.

God, the Creator, is the One Being, the One Person, the One Mind, the One Thinker, the One Self, the One Life, the One Soul, the One Power, the One Reality, the Great Mystery, the One Great Spirit.

God's Creation is the imaged patterned form of God's imagining, built in His image. It is the body of God, the record of His thinking, created by Him for expressing the Oneness of Life, Love, Mind, Soul and Power which is in Him alone.


God is Light. God is Universal Mind. Mind is Light. Mind KNOWS.

Mind thinks what it knows. Mind thinks in two opposed lights simultaneously projected from their centering white Light Source and sequentially repeated in cycles.

God's thinking and imagining are qualities of God's knowing. God's knowing Mind is timeless and still. So also is God's thinking and imagining timeless and still. So, likewise, man's thinking and imagining are as timeless and still as is his knowing.

Stillness never can be motion, or become motion, but it can appear to be. Motion merely seems, but stillness always is. The universal equilibrium can never be other than its own balance but it can seem to be. The illusion which is motion springs from stillness and returns to stillness. This is a universe of rest. There is naught but rest in the universe.

Mind knows it’s One Idea of Creation as One Whole.

Mind thinks it’s One Whole idea into seeming parts. Hence the illusion of motion which we call Creation, and the illusion of substance which we call matter. Therefore, comes the next logical concept of "matter"--"anti-matter" and "no-matter"! The "what's-the-matter" is that which builds up to the understanding of the other three. The universal equilibrium can never be other than its own balance but it can seem to be. The illusion which is motion springs from stillness and returns to stillness. This is a universe of rest. There is naught but rest in the universe. Therefore, you can gauge your journey by the amount of non-rest and chaos, lack of order and hyper-motion you perceive and reflect from the passing lights playing throughout the wondrous illusion. I like to call it the delusion of the illusion.

Matter, motion, time, change, dimension and substance have no existence. The Light of knowing Mind alone exists..

There is but One Mind and One Thinker.

The One Light of knowing Mind is Self of God. It is the Universal Self which centers all omnipresent self-creating bodies of God-Selves. This self-creating universe is the Mind imagined body of God, and record of God's thinking.

We can know God. We cannot know HIS body but we can see it. Likewise we can know man. We cannot know the body of Man but we can see it. What God is-- man is. God and Man are one.


We seemingly live in two universes: the still cosmic Mind universe of knowing and the moving thought-of-Mind rhythmic wave universe of sensing.

We cannot sense the cosmic universe of God's knowing nor can we know the thoughtwave universe of God's thinking.

The cosmic Mind universe of the One Light of all-knowing is all that is.

The vibrating thought-wave universe of sensing merely "seems".


The one still Light of God is the cosmic Light which watches over all creating things at countless points locatable by man, but invisible to man.

Man's senses have misled him into believing in a force called magnetism which attracts compass needles and lifts tons of steel. These phenomena of motion are due to electricity, and not to magnetism--frequencies and pulses, if you will, of invisible circuitry of all that IS. The cosmic Light is absolutely still. It neither attracts nor repels.

You must comprehend the nature and purpose of the "magnetic poles" of suns, planets and all other moving extensions of the One Light. Likewise, you need to know the nature and purpose of the two electric workers which interweave this light mirage of seeming motion and dissolve it sequentially for rebuilding. This will give a foundation of knowledge to Man which will enable him to see behind the illusions which deceive your senses.

The time has come in the history of man's journey from his material jungle to his spiritual mountain top when it is imperative that he must live more and more in the cosmic Light universe of "knowing", and less in the electric wave universe of "sensing".

Man must know that his power lies in the stillness of his centering Self and not in the motion by means of which he manifests that stillness. He must come to KNOW that his Self is God within. Also, he must know gradually the dawning awareness of the cosmic Light of God in him, for with it comes an awareness of his purposefulness in manifesting the Light and the power to manifest it.

Man must now know the universe of God for what it is instead of what his senses have made him believe it to be.

Also he must know that this forever creating universe which seems so real to him is but a cosmic cinema, conceived by the master Playwright. It is but an electrically projected, spectrum-colored light and sound-wave motion picture play of CAUSE AND EFFECT thrown on the black screen of imaged space and time. The CAUSE is real. The EFFECT is but a simulation of the reality.

The Self of Man is cause. His self-creating body is effect.

God's universe of magnetic Light is static.

God's perpetually creating electric wave universe of two moving lights is dynamic. It forever moves. The two moving lights are projected through each other from the static One to create the illusion of the idea they but manifest. The illusion which manifests the idea of Creation through seeming motion is not the idea which it seemingly manifests.

Creation is the product of Mind-knowing expressed in form by Mind-Thinking.

The product of Mind is not the idea which it simulates. No idea of Mind is ever created. It is but simulated by form and motion. Idea is eternal and belongs to God's still universe of KNOWING.

Form of idea in matter is transient but is eternally repeated as transient form of idea.


The foundation of the spiritual universe is stillness; the balanced stillness of the One magnetic Light of God. Balanced stillness is the POSITIVE PRINCIPLE of stability and unity. In it there are no negations.


The foundation of the physical universe is motion; the ever-changing motions arising out of pairs of unbalanced conditions which must forever move to seek the balanced stillness of unity from which they sprang as multiple pairs of units.

Unbalanced motion is the Negative Principle of instability, multiplicity and separateness which is this physical universe of electric octave waves of opposed lights.

In the Negative Principle there is no positive. It is composed entirely of pairs of negations which are forever voiding each other, cancelling each other's action and reaction, thus negating each other by never allowing either one to exceed its fixed zero of universal stillness.


The still magnetic Light universe of God's knowing is an invisible, unchanging, unconditioned and immeasurable quality from which visible, changing, conditioned and measurable quantities spring to simulate those qualities through two-way wave motion.

There is no one word in any language to express that quality so you must use many words, all having the same meaning but different connotations.

These words are mind, consciousness, love, life, truth, desire, knowledge, power, balance, harmony and law (orderly, natural law).

The God-quality of the One Light is seemingly transformed into quantities by being divided into pairs of oppositely conditioned light pressures of this electric universe. These divided pairs are then multiplied into countless octave wave units of light pressures and set in opposite directional motion to create the illusion of sequence, change, dimension, condition and time in a universe where none of these effects of motion exist.

The calm sea, for example, is an unchanging, immeasurable quality of oneness, of sameness and stillness. Upon its calm surface there is no change, nothing to count or to measure.

The moment that quantities of waves spring from that quality of calm, those quantities can be measured. Likewise, they are forever changing. Nor are there two points in them which are similarly conditioned.

This creating electric universe is composed of moving light waves which spring from a calm sea of the One still Light.

It is a universe of moving pairs of quantities which simulate the quality of stillness from which those quantities sprang. The quantities of divided and conditioned pairs of opposite lights which thus simulate the One are not the One they simulate.

The Creator is One Mind indivisible. Creation is One Whole Idea of mind, through motion. The simulation of Idea thus expressed is not the idea that it expresses.

Parts of the One Whole Idea are only seeming. There are no two separate or separable things in the universe. There is but One Whole Simulation of the One Whole Idea.

Everything that is is of everything else that is. All things are indissolubly united.-- Mitakuye Oyasin--All that is in relationship to all that IS so that all becomes "for all my relations" which is all that is.

Every happening anywhere happens everywhere. The milkweed fluff floating lazily in the summer sky affects the balance of the whole universe of suns and galaxies. Every part of the universe moves in interdependent unison as the wheels of a watch move in unison. The clock wheels are geared together mechanically. The rhythmic wave universe is geared together electrically.

The entire universe is one and must be kept in balance as one. Changes of condition in any one part are simultaneously reflected in every other part, and are sequentially repeated in it.

I first gave these words unto Man and he did not understand them--I give them again and at intervals to FIND IF MAN IS LEARNING SO THAT WE CAN MAKE OUR PASSAGE.

Say thou, Dharma--again, in words of man's knowing, for, verily I say, I am within all things, without all things, and involved in all things, for I am everywhere--who am I? Am I Hatonn or some seemingly vaporized Oneness with a higher KNOWLEDGE? So be it.

All things are omnipresent, for all things extend from Mind of "Me", and I am omnipresent.

All omnipresent things are omniscient, for I am within them, and I am omniscient. When Man's consciousness tells him of My presence within and without him he will then KNOW all things, for I know all things, and I am He.

All thinking things manifesteth all power when consciousness within them recognizeth their omnipotence. Until then, things are naught but things, manifesting Me not, being but blank slates upon which to write My mighty thoughts for blind eyes.

For I am omnipotent. I give all power to him who asketh but no one may ask of Me who is not aware of Me. See thou to it that many well knoweth that, and manifest thou thyself that principle of power in thine own works.

For I say to all the imaged forms of My imagining, that power lieth in them to manifest the balanced Light which centereth them, by making the One Light appear as two unbalanced lights which interchange sequentially but equally.

And again I say that all things which man senseth are but waves of dual light which record My electric thinking in the imagined forms of My imagining. And also I say that the imagined forms of My imagining have no Being, for I alone have BEING.

Walk gently, chelas, in the wonders of your awakening for the glory of the KNOWING shall be indeed wondrous. You shall be able te break the bonds which bind you to the illusion—but first, you must confront that which you have projected on the screen called “physical life” for you have forgotten that which is “LIFE”. Hold my hand and I shall bring you home. Salu.






We will only handle a dozen or so falsely used terms so as not to overload and will add to the dictionary as we move along and find it necessary.


CM: A building or organization used by Christians (predominantly, so as not be confused with synagogue or temple) to meet together regularly to sing, pray and worship according to denominational doctrines.

TM: The English word "Church," the Scottish work "Kirk" and the German word "Kirche" all originate from the Greek word "KURIOKOS" which means pertaining to the THE LORD.

The "Judeo-Christian" (oh pain and agony on us all) use of this word carries with it an enigma that defies all logic and reason. The English Bible translators substituted the word "church" KURIOKOS for the Greek word "ECCLESIA".


A Christian ECCLESIA is "A CALLED (convoked) CIVIL BODY": a local Christian assembly of elders (Christian Civil Government). The word "church" should not even appear in the English New Testament. It is a mistranslation. "KUROIOKOS" is not "ECCLESIA"! The words are totally different; the institutions are different. No where in the Bible do you find a kuriokos. There is only "the called-out (elect)" ecclesia which unfortunately was mistranslated into "church", transforming it (in English ) from Christian government to superstitious and ritualistic Baal Worship.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition (1989):

"In the New Testament, ecclesia, signifying 'convocation', is the only single word used (translated) for 'church'. It was the name given to the governmental assembly of the citizens of ATHENS (NOW GREECE), duly convoked (called out) by proper officers, and possessing all political power, including even juridical functions".

Let us discuss each of these terms in context of examples, please. Jesus the Christ NEVER established a church on earth. Neither did he in "latter" days nor in "former" days. "Churches are man-made organizations that are, in most cases, creations of the "State" laws of incorporation or non-taxable organizations. There are no exceptions I can think of offhand. By following the State rules the President or minister or whoever falls under the official laws of the State and ceases to follow the total instructions of Jesus Christ or God Divine.

During Jesus' mortal experience he directed his Apostles to establish ecclesias, not churches, among the Israelite people (israel: a people chosen by God and this does not mean even Judean nor Palestinian. It is a description, not the name of a state). He commissioned them to preach the good news of the Reign (influence) of Christ (ideal type of humanity through right actions, thoughts and deeds). That does not say Jesus or Yeahoo--it says: preach the good news of the influence of the teacher giving forth the ideal type of instructions to humanity! Neither does it say to go forth and give your opinion as to what you desire to believe but project that which was given forth by the Christed teacher (messiah) messenger. ANY TRUE PROPHET OF GOD--knows this and would not sway the meaning nor mistranslate the words chosen for the "modern" translations of truth--GOD DOES NOT MAKE ERRORS IN PROJECTIONS OF DIRECT PROPHETIC DIALOGUE. ESPECIALLY WHEN GIVING FORTH "ORIGINAL" PROJECTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS--A GOOD CLUE AS TO WHERE "YOUR" FAVORITE PREACHER OR PROPHET MIGHT BE CATEGORIZED.


CM: The Arch-Fallen Angel. An evil being so powerful as to rival God himself. Originally he was "perfect" in every way, but his pride led him to organize a heavenly insurrection among the angels in which one-third of "the heavenly host" revolted against God. God managed to retain his throne, and the rebels were banned from heaven and sent to earth. Earth, a lesser dominion than Heaven, became the kingdom of Satan--"the god of this world". He is the cause of all evil upon the earth, leads men astray and causes them to sin against God.

TM: ANY adversary or opponent! God was a "satan" (adversary) to King David at one point (compare second Sam. 24:1 and first Chron. 21:1). If the English translators had been consistent, Bible readers would have known that an angel of the Lord was "a satan" (adversary) to Balaam (Nu. 22:22). In first Sam. 29:4, Philistines called a Hebrew a "satan" (adversary). The sons of Zeruiah were "satans" (adversaries) to David in second Sam 19:22. David wrote about other "satans" in first Kings 5:4,11:14, 23 & 25; Ps 38:20, 71:13, 109:4, 20, 29. In these scriptures, "adversary" is the same Hebrew word that is translated "Satan" in other passages.

The super "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is an impossible myth. This "evil god" exists only in the minds of victims of religious brainwashing. Human "satans" and "devils" walk the earth today, just as in the time of King David. Fear and preoccupation with spooks make people unable to see their real enemies.

This "Hebrew" word was never translated into its English equivalent as it should properly have been. The only change the rapists made was to capitalize the first letter, thus attempting to turn it into a name and not a definitive "active verb" word. Any true prophet of God would not place such a word as Satan in one of the original documents for God would not make such a direct error. Further, if the translators had been accurate the word would never appear anywhere in any Bible of any denomination.

The so-called super "fallen angel" (Satan) of the churches is an impossible myth. This evil "god" exists only in the minds of people that have fallen victim to religious ideologies. Now, I too, have utilized the term from many references for you have conjured up something which does exist in your ,"REALITY" and therefore, it DOES EXIST. It did not, however, exist and was NOT A PORTION OF ANY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTED INSTRUCTION OF GOD. If the word appears--it has been given new meaning from that originally intended and is a true "EARTH" given word.

Had that very descriptive word "satan" been correctly translated, the English word "adversary" or "opponent" would have been used in all the places where the word "satan" appears in the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Talmud and all inclusive of all "so-called" Holy Books of instruction. I am forced to use the terms you utilize in my outlaying of the truth from the lies for you have no other background against which to find relativity and definition.


CM: Here is a dandy one: Synonymous with "Satan". The supernatural arch-demon who fell from heaven and now, with his legions of demons, reigns over the earth. God's arch-enemy who spoils God's plans for mankind and destroys people by his power over them.

It is assumed that Man does not have the ability to resist "The Devil". Therefore, you are somehow helpless against his nasty old power--except when God chooses, periodically, to help you fight him. Mankind is generally under the control of this supernatural "spirit-being" who is immortal, omnipresent, and apparently a rival to God Himself.

Let us look at the BIBLICAL MEANING:

In the Old Testament this word is found four times--only in the plural (devils). Twice from the Hebrew word "shade", and twice from "saweer".

1. SHADE: One who rises up against you (with insolence).
2. SAWEER: A he-goat (related to mythological "satyr"--half man, half goat).

Neither of these definitions from the Old Testament indicate anything 'supernatural or angelic. "Shade" simply means someone (anyone) who wants to hurt you. "Saweer" is a reference to a goat-type idol of the pagans.

The New Testament Greek "devil" is "DIABOLOS": One who "thrusts through" (as with a sword)--no indication of supernatural power.

(DIA--through, and BOLOS--to thrust.)

A "diabolos" (a devil) is something, or someone, who intends to hurt or destroy you. A "devil" can be a person, a group, or an organization that seeks your demise. To find a supernatural "devil" in the Scriptures, he must be read in by prejudice and presupposition on the part of translators and readers.

Therefore, the words "devil" and "Lucifer" are two words the "church" uses falsely and synonymously with "Satan". Neither of the Hebrew words translated devils indicate anything supernatural or angelic.

In the New Testament the Greek word "diabolos" was translated "devil". Diabolos simply means one who thrusts through (as with a sword). No indication here that you have a supernatural spirit-being. Here again, beloved ones, no true prophet of God would misuse the word "devil" in the way it's used in the Holy Bibles or any "directly given Scriptures" from God on High. I care not what the "church" or "denomination" calls itself. Certainly all are incorrect but translated from the Judeo-Christian in the King James Bible was totally wrong as we shall see in a minute because Judeo-Christian has no meaning as such--these are two mutually exclusive terms and NEVER the twain can meet for they are in opposition one to the other.

The word "Lucifer" as a proper name is simply not found in the Hebrew or Greek Bibles. That probably shocks a lot of you nice people, since everyone assumes it is, but the fact remains it's not. The Hebrew word translated "Lucifer" in the King James Bible is "heylel" which means "brightness".

The New World translation uses "shining one", another translation uses "shining star and the Revised Version uses "day star" for the Hebrew word "heylel". I further suggest that probably in Lakota Sioux the term heyoka (a sacred clown) would also fit in there somewhere.

Lucifer, meaning "light-bringer" is a name given to the planet Venus when it appears above the eastern horizon before sunrise. Venus being now a quite "dead" and ungracious-to-life planet is possibly quite suitably dubbed Lucifer. It is also a term stolen by the dark brotherhood of energy projections that Lucifer and Satan refer to themselves as the Prince of Light--and befitting their vow to lie, cheat, steal and corrupt--it sounds better than the Prince of Darkness which is the correct term for the energy forms inhabiting the humans bearing these energies.

Next, let us look into:



CM: The religion of Jesus which branched out of Judaism at the time of the early church. Both Christianity and Judaism have the same origins and the same God. (Oh, God forbid!)

TM: A religion created for the purpose of destroying Christianity by watering down Christian ideals and neutralizing Christians. Also, designed to promote and protect Jews and Judaism in the Zionist sense of the definition of those misused and created terms.

Note: "Judeo-Christianity" is an oxymoron: (a moron dumb as an ox)? No--a word combination of two directly opposite things or ideas which are mutually exclusive as I just stated, thus defying all reason and logic). Thus you can be sure anyone, any evangelist, any preacher, any monk, Saraswatti or other informed human being using the term as a true term--is not projecting God but rather, ignorance at best, intended deceit at worst, upon your tender ears and/or eyes.


MYTHOLOGICAL DEFINITION: A literal place somewhere in outer space where good people go to live when they are dead. The location where Jesus lives until He can return to Earth and rapture a select few people to take back to heaven from somewhere on fluffy clouds. A city is there which has gates literally made of huge one-piece pearls, streets of transparent gold and walls of sapphires, emeralds, topaz, jasper and other precious stones. The devil came from there, got kicked out (which he did), but he cannot go back (which he ' can't)--nor can anyone in the service thereof.

CORRECT DEFINITION: Usually plural ("heavens") in the Greek, meaning "high places"--in terms of: 1. Elevation, or 2. Power and authority (jurisdiction). In the Biblical sense it is usually "God's government" (the highest authority); government under Jesus whose purity and righteousness is symbolized by pure and precious stones.

This term is so tossed around by all the denominations of self-appointed 'churches" as to nauseate quite thoroughly. It designates a physical place somewhere "out there" in the outer limits. This is such a false teaching as to even go beyond nausea and into anger. The word "heaven" actually means "high level" as in power and authority (jurisdiction). In that good old King James version of the Bible, the word "heaven" usually refers to God's position of power: His government. In other words, the highest place of rule. No place in the King James Bible does it refer to "heaven" as a physical place the good people ascend to or inhabit after they die.


CM: A person or personage of God; either a third person in the Trinity or a third god in a council or godhead. This person is separate from the Father and the Son and has separate and different functions to perform in a believer. In ; some cases this "third person" can "possess" an individual so that he or she supposedly has no control over actions or words. Sometimes referred to as the "Holy Ghost".

This one gets us into all sorts of trouble for now even we of Cosmic brotherhood have to explain our use of the triangle points (vortices and interconnectors) of the triangle which we refer to as the "triune" of total connection enclosing the infinite circle of sacred beingness--without beginning and without ending but inclusive of all that IS! In our Command our symbol includes the Phoenix for it is representative of the infinite beginning again (rebirthing) from that of the old ashes of that which WAS. Further it represents the connection of the "winged" or Cosmic brotherhood coming (or sent) forth at this time of renewal and transition in preparation for the coming of the "Greater".

TM: Holy Spirit is not a separate person or separate "god". The English word 'spirit" is translated from the Hebrew Old Testament word "RUWACH" (roo'akh) and from the Greek New Scriptures, the word is "PNEUMA" (panyew'mah). In both cases the words literally mean "AIR IN MOTION" (and in this wondrous day and age--usually "hot air" in a lot of forced motions from between the lips in the lower hole in the face). Spirit is a desire; a feeling or disposition which compels us to move or act. Holy Spirit is God's wondrous and beautiful motivation in your/our lives and experiences to do "His Will" and obey "Him" according to His laws and those of The Creation. The word "ghost" (Holy Ghost as often used instead of Holy Spirit) comes from the German word "geist", and means a disembodied spirit of a dead person (another myth). It has no appropriate application or association in any manner whatsoever to Scripture.

This term represents a power; motivation--not some person or singular third party in a triune triangle. It is, however, common for the term to be mistranslated from the Hebrew and Greek words for "Spirit" as Ghost. But most of the time it was translated correctly as "spirit". The word "ghost" comes from "geist" as I said: an old German word- - - -etc.


CM: Anyone who is not a Jew, and thus a potential "anti-Semite".

TM: From the Latin word "gentilis", meaning "of the same gens, clan or race". In the Bible, the word "gentile" is a mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew word "goy", and the Greek New Testament words "ethnos"--both meaning "NATION OR PEOPLE" (ANY nation or people) and should have been translated as such. It does not mean "non-Jewish!" BUT--YOU BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE IN THE "PROTOCOLS OF THE ZIONIST ELDERS OF WISDOM--IT MEANS ANYONE NOT A "ZIONIST JEW". A modern version and mistranslation to be sure--but a deadly definition, at any rate.

You can, however, always tell a FALSE prophet by his/her use of this term. This term would not have been in any of the books for it is a mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew word "goy". In the New Testament, it comes from the Greek word "ethnos". Both of these words as I said, mean "nation" or "people", (any nation or people) and should have been translated as such--any way you cut it, it DID NOT COME DOWN AS A WORD DIRECTLY FROM GOD ON HIGH--IN THE HEAVENS! It does NOT mean "non-Jewish" as we have to utilize the word for clarity but most churches misuse the term and never realize they have incorrectly spread false teachings. This is a new "media" word to further disinform you. It was planted in the Bible to get a very specific response in this day, my friends.


CM: Non-essential beliefs, personal eccentricities and inflexible tenets which create differences between churches and destroy fellowship and unity.

TM: Doctrine is a teaching; a principle; a studied conclusion or position. Sometimes called "dogma" (German for "doctrine").

II Timothy 3:16 says that Scripture is doctrine. Isaiah 29:24 says that the people who are in error will be able to understand the truth when they learn "doctrine".

There are NO "non-essential" truths! NONE are expendable! None can be discarded or ignored! Truth stated as a principle is doctrine.

Without doctrine it is impossible to teach or arrive at an opinion. Discernment, judgment and correction would be impossible.

"Judeo-Christians" sometimes display an "anti-doctrine" attitude: a symptom of ignorance and total confusion. Some claim to have a position "against" doctrine (which is doctrine in itself), or one of neutrality concerning it. This is utter nonsense! Such a position, itself, as I just stated, is a most "absolute" form of projecting "doctrine". An anti-doctrine position exposes an ulterior antipathy for learning and wisdom.

When a person learns true doctrine and then considers it non-essential and chooses to set it aside, he contracts chronic spiritual blindness of the worst kind. (Try 2 Thess. 2:10-12).

Unfortunately by misuse of the words, the word "soul" and "immortal soul" get lumped into the chaos of the lies. As used mostly, "immortal soul" is pure heresy. The Hebrew and Greek words translated "soul" in many places in the English Bibles, were correctly translated "life" in many other places. Not too many years ago, friends (in your counting), it was not uncommon to say or read that "so many 'souls' were lost at sea", naturally, meaning so many "lives" were lost. Therefore, you assume that the soul is always IMMORTAL AND NEVER CAN NOR WILL DIE! WRONG AGAIN! There is a portion of each manifestation which is "soul"; it is the portion of God-self within and therefore will be immortal--UNLESS--the entity remains in a state of intentional "sin" and then, dear ones, that good old Book tells you that "...the soul that sinneth, it shall die". Ez 18:4. Oops! a bit hard to swallow???

The point of this dissertation is to allow you ones to look squarely at the truth of it-- there is no magic blood-sipping in memory, of or flesh-eating in memory of--for it does not commemorate memory of anything a Christed teacher said or did--for Jesus, as you called him--BROKE BREAD AT THE TABLE AND SAID: EAT THIS IN COMMEMORATION OF ME AND POURED WINE AND SAID, DRINK THIS IN COMMEMORATION OF ME. HE NEVER SAID DRINK MY BLOOD AND EAT MY FLESH IN COMMEMORATION OF ANYTHING--THAT IS AN EVIL, "SATANIC" PRACTICE TO CAUSE YOU TO ACT IN BEHALF OF THE ADVERSARY.

I further tell you that ANY person going through any place of teaching in preparation to minister unto "God's lambs" SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS--THEREFORE, THE OBVIOUS FACTS ARE THAT IT IS INTENDED THAT NONE OF YOU COME INTO THE TRUTH OF THESE FACTS.

10. JEW


INTENT: To bribe and prejudice Bible-ignorant "JUDEO-CHRISTIANS" into passively granting the Jews a carte-blanche to do anything they please with total impunity--and to get you to hop in there and help them.

TM: The word "Jew" did not appear in actual use until over 1000 years after the crucifixion of one called Jesus. It means someone who adheres to the religion of Judaism (modern Pharisaism according to the Talmud), or in some way considers himself (self-claimed, so-called) a part of "Jewish culture". For the modern "Jew" it has ABSOLUTELY NO RACIAL SIGNIFICANCE. "Jews" are some of the most racially mixed people on earth due to their multinational history, their practice of interracial marriages, as well as their contemporary international bias. Down through the ages, they have moved from nation to nation as they were rejected (due to their immoral religion) by every land they have inhabited. Over 90% of "Jews" today are descended from the ancient Khazars--a racially non-Semitic bunch of anti-Semites in the true sense of definition as I have pointed out to you as regarded the passage of Canaan, etc. These non-Semitic people were from East Europe. It is estimated by your own historian's counting that, of those who claim to be "Jews", less than 5 percent have even the slightest claim to the blood line of Abraham.

In your English translations of the Bible, the word "Jew" was incorrectly used to REPLACE:

1. "JUDAHITE" in the Old Scriptures, which referred to someone from the tribe of Judah, or a citizen of the land of Judah, and

2. "JUDEAN" in the New Scriptures which meant a resident of Judea, or a follower of the corrupted Babylonian religion of that area.

Since, then, there were NO "Jews" nor "Jewish religion" at the time of the writing of the Scriptures, these names should never have appeared in the English translations, nor in the Books of any Doctrine of any "church". The word "Jew" or "Jewish" did not exist as words nor appear in actual use until over 1000 years AFTER THE RESURRECTION of JESUS. In ALL cases the word "Jew" was incorrectly used in your English translations of ALL of the Bibles to replace the true word "Judahite" in the Old Scriptures and "Judean" in the New Scriptures. No true Prophet of God would even accidently utilize these terms for any text DIRECTLY GIVEN FROM GOD. The terms are most ignorantly utilized and in ALL instances of use indicate either false writings or changes at the hands of "translators". There can be no other "divine" reason. This goes for any "church" anywhere.

Now you might begin to see just why "YOUR PREACHER" of your typical "DOCTRINED CHURCH" who tells you what to do and what is right or wrong and decides your fate for you--JUST MIGHT NOT WISH YOU TO READ THE PHOENIX JOURNALS OR EXPRESSES WHERE YOU MIGHT FIND OUT THE TRUTH IN WHAT I HAVE JUST OUTLAID TO YOU.

One more, Dharma, and we shall take a break, please.


CM: A disparaging or antagonistic attitude, or hostile act toward a Jewish person, Jewish organization or the religion of Judaism.

COVERT INTENT: Used to disarm, intimidate and confuse Christians and others into submission to Jews at the expense and eventual destruction of Christianity and all other belief systems based on anything other than the Zionist Talmud.

ACTUAL MEANING: Opposition toward people of Semitic (Shemitic) origin--WHICH BY FACT INDICATES ANTAGONISM AND HOSTILITY ON THE PART OF THE "JEWS" TOWARD THE GOD-REVERING PEOPLE. Note: Most people who call themselves Jews are NOT Semitic in origin (Descendents of Shem), but are in fact, come from the lineage of Cain and birthed through the Curse of Canaan moving forward as Phoenicians, Venusians, Pharisees and Khazars into imitation "Jews". Shemitism (Semitism) has nothing to do with Jews, Jewish organization or Judaism-- JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION.


TM: The dispersion of the "Jews" among the Gentiles after the Babylonian captivity. (From Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk dictionary).


Revolutionaries in government have created economic chaos, shortages in food and fuel, confiscatory taxation, a crisis in education, the threat of war, and other diversions to condition Americans for "The New World Order".

The technique is as old as politics itself. It is the Hegelian principle of bringing about change in a three-step process: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis (yes, I just recently gave you long writings about these things).

Here again:

1. Thesis is to create a problem. The second step, 2. antithesis is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic, hysteria), and, 3. synthesis is to offer the predetermined solution to the problem created in step one--change which would have been impossible to impose on the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two [This might well be a number two definition of the circle of infinity].

Applying the Hegelian principle, and irresistible financial influence, concealed mattoids seek to dismantle social and political structures by which free men govern themselves--ancient landmarks erected at great cost in blood and treasure.

Their objective is to emasculate sovereign states, merge nations under universal government, centralize economic powers, and control the world's people and resources.

14. Humbug (as in bah-humbug) n.: 1. something designed to deceive and mislead
2. an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception.

Humbug v: DECEIVE, HOAX vi: to engage in a hoax or deception.


Demand that people who confront you, give you their definition of words, terms and phrases. If you carelessly acquiesce to meaning "changes" in the war of words scattered at you from the "Bible" then you will remain a totally "thought-controlled" person and people.

People are continually controlled by introduced "thoughts". Since words are what conjure meaning and bear definitions, in physical form, they become manipulative tools for controlling thoughts in massive manner and thereby change the way people think about certain things. To accomplish this, the controller need only to change the MEANINGS of important words to fit their particular religious and/or political view, and invent NEW EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED TERMS to keep you confused and ignorant.

Eventually, all important words said by anyone will automatically convey the controllers' biased political/religious view and he will not even know difference. At this point it will become increasingly difficult for the opposition to construct an effective opposing argument because the words being used have been so effectively changed, defused, and/or made unpopular.

I can only urge you to bear these things in mind as we move along here for it is the foundation upon which the lie is based and there can be no truth found in the confusion of the lie--and when the confusion becomes too great for response--you are told to "accept it on faith". BS! DO NOT TAKE SUCH STUPID ADVICE--THIS IS YOUR SOUL DESTINY AT STAKE HEREIN AND IT IS TIME YOU TAKE YOUR DESTINY BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS FOR YOU ARE BEING SOLD A BILL OF GOODS AT THE END OF A PRIMROSE PATH.

Salu, thank you for your service and for your attention.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.

United Federation Fleet

Inter-Galactic Federation Command

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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