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MONDAY, JULY 15, 1991 7:56 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 333

MONDAY, JULY 15, 1991

Esu (Jesus) present in Radiance of Creator, blessed that you might find blessings and abundance. Why does Man remain mired in the mud of the rut when the highway of Life has been paved for his journey? Because that which would retain him in the mire has hidden the path of Truth from him. Why does Man discount that very one (and ones) for whom he has waited, lo, the many aeons? He believes this day that which was projected in a time so long past there are no witnesses unto the tales. The witnesses thereof are sent again to unravel the morass of tamperings and he turns away for Man is trained to live either in the past of his gone experiences or toward that which will never come--there is only NOW and yet Man fails to acknowledge for he wants NOT that of the NOW.

Only in the “experiencing” shall Man come into vision of that which he presents. It behooves you all to look about you for there are those who say, These, the prophets, manifest unto us; these, the liberators, give us their blessings; those who lie without the pale of conscientious things recognize them not, neither know them at all; thus are we favored by the princely ones, the watchers of eternities, the composed in spirit, the God of omnipotence, and ever cast upward; it is extraordinary to follow in their footsteps and participate in their increase, even for commendation for labors done honorably with noble and honorable principles. God is abundance and from Him springs all goodness and it is ethical and honorable to receive of the rewards for Man must learn to “receive” that which is from God just as he must learn to Give and Regive”.

Would it not be greater, however, to say, “The poor in spirit have dwelt among us and removed the covers from their lights; we have seen that Light burn greatly, behold it burns, it can not be extinguished.”

It is the lamp of a true gift of benefaction which comes unto all men everywhere, but the lowly have lighted it, in that they were lowly in pride and defiled not the Doctrine with the vomit of loud ravings and attestings of their own valor and heroism, knowing not of their own valor until it was manifest. Therefore, I speak to you.

He who goes out by a door of lecherous and immoral performance or declaration unto his brother and his brother’s life, lives not in elation and joy but lives in pain and sadness; he raises no joyousness unto those who have blundered, who know not the pathway, who perceive not the Light of radiance. Those with a great gift for preaching unto the multitude often acclaim that Man in his humbler state has the greater glory attesting to him.

I say that except we do marvel at the greatness of severe poverty to cure the wicked heart, to overcome the doctrines of the lecherous, to make a fair smoke of all transgressions and burn them on the altars of atonement, we know not the law that upsets the conflict and brings the peace that enchants the spirit. We must be given into recognition of that which is “cured” but not of the point that it is in poverty. To simply have poverty for expression of attention to “look how hard I try, as I have given all” is not necessarily a measure of purity but in fact, is only to gob on the facade to greater thickness to delude fellow-man--it shall NEVER delude God nor will it ever delude self.

I speak to you as those who have knowledge of intangible presentation, as those who have confusion in application of the mighty principle of Love Everlasting, performing unto redundancy.

Go not out of the door of false reckonings, of usurious performances, of dull perceptions and unworthy arrogance, into the Garden of Majestic Spirit, but move out most quietly, leaving no Man the wiser that escape has come unto you. Let is always be the TRUTH and not the TRUTHBRINGER which is left to the meditation and KNOWING. MANY ARE STARVED AND THIRST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS BUT DO NOT KNOW THE VESSEL BY WHICH IT IS SATISFIED. TRUTH WILL STAND INTO ETERNITY AND NEVER SHOULD THE WORK BE CLOUDED BY THE SPEAKER THEREOF. If a Man speaks--it is usually with HIS OWN OPINION REGARDING THE SUBJECT IN POINT.

How do you speak unto another? Softly! Show them, beloved, hand them the cup, give them the dipper, open the stopper-stone of the vessel that surmounts the well and hold their cups beneath the fountain. But you cannot drink of the contents in their stead.

It is all part of Wisdom that sees a majesty in little reckonings, in tiny accountings, spirit unto spirit, matter unto matter.

Wheresoever a soul has need of fulfillment, see to it that you give it, pursuing no whoredoms of false pretendings, making no cessation in strivings toward wisdom, pouring out plentifully upon that searching one that which can ennoble him and cure his afflictions--but you do not smother him nor oppress with your prattlings.

So it is Written, that promise comes unto you and a goodly bed whereon to sleep the slumbers of your return for something done or given.

The world goes on to mighty acclaimings; the time of a vast judgment is under way. We who have labored to bring Man his victory perceive him as a creation seeking his reborning but ignorant in his direction.

Ever have I gone before you, showing you the way. Ever have I spoken with the lips of that wisdom given unto me. Ever have I come unto you, in that you have needed me. I have brought unto you Truth--I have given unto you the best of that which IS.

Many men sit in high places, provoking the wits of humankind, telling of the “doctrine”. I say they have imagined conceits that were their own; they have taken a chalice and filled it with their cramping and oppressing lack of resources of all manner, including Truth. They have told humankind in various and sundry ways that the winepress of God gives forth a very bitter vintage. Then they offer you drink so that you find the sourness is mighty to show unto you your potion. Nay, God allows, and forgives--picks you up in Love and Compassion. He allows the stumbling but stands with the hand to lift you up and out of the ignorance. Vinegar soured comes unto the lips of him who says: “THE LORD HAS APPOINTED ME TO SPEAK HIS UNKNOWN WISDOM!” GOD GIVES FORTH HIS WISDOM AND EXPECTS NO MAN TO BE IN THE INTERPRETATION THEREOF. MAN MAY SPEAK “IN MY OPINION I DISCERN” BUT WHEN MAN PRONOUNCES “IT IS THIS WAY FOR ‘I’ SAY IT TO BE THIS WAY HE ERRS BEYOND HIS IMAGININGS FOR GOD’S TRUTH NEEDS NO MAN’S INTERPRETATION--INTERPRETATION AND RECOGNITION--LEARNING AND KNOWING, CAN ONLY COME FROM MEDITATION AND CONFRONTATION WITHIN.

When I tell you that I am given to speak His Unknown Wisdom – I speak from the dimension of etheric presence in His company simply to relay that which is in my own KNOWING for I have traveled the road from every direction from the ethers and within the manifestation of experience. I am but a projection of HIMSELF who pronounces that the time is at hand for the word to again be brought forth in clarity that Man can come into KNOWING and recognize misperception. Even then, I only bring that which I am instructed to bring forth. I have borne attestment unto my Father’s house and it has within it chambers which receive the tortured spirit, to heal it and raise it and to give unto it a glory.

These are my attestments, uttered for your knowledge. These are that which I AM--but that which I lay before you is that which IS. We sent ahead with the seeds, must plant well for that which we plant will be the contents of the harvest. In the cycle of the returning unto God is the reward of that which is sown and I have spoken of a time of vast glory which will arrive unto Man; for if his lamp is bright so shall radiance overcome him; he shall dwell in mansions not made with human hands.

As I have been given TRUTH to give unto Man--so I have given it forth. What matters it to me that evil and penurious men have taken my attestments and made them as a harp which plays on in discords? Are those discords mine? Is it I who has unstrung the harp? This is all that one can do--give forth in Truth and that which is done with it rests upon the conscience of that one who betrays his brother. At a time of most embarrassment will those who defile stand naked in their mantles of lies. A very great blast shall surely scorch them. The Truth shall be known, for the Truth is that potion which man drinks into luxury and beauty, not to defilement, nor to a drunkenness.

My works have come unto many as sweet results of their toil. They have torn asunder and perplexed, they have strengthened and ennobled; what comes now but the glories of reward for having grown into KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING.

I have told you fables by which you could have perceptions of meaning and definitions within explicitness. I give unto you the chart and pointed the way for the passage.

I come again unto the places of God’s Creations who have failed to understand and are ignorant of Truth in the Father’s promise to give and/or restore unto Man full knowledge of his birthright.

I came not unto the universe to give it a fantasy, to embroil it in controversy, to say, “This is how it is WITH HOSTS GONE BEFORE YOU.”

Rather have I come to the world to point out its blessing, to give it its warrant under the Higher Understanding, to give forth the teachings that have blessed balance and loveliness for essence, to show Man that through experience in Truth comes eternal benefaction.

The wayward have not heard me--nor will some hear me now. It is the way of the experience. My mission is my presence; my joy is my reward. I have labored and I have tilled in the garden--where the fruits have grown from the good seeds I have a wondrously sweet garden. The Host has been with me, handing me my implements. You have been with me, performing as my brothers. I have come with you, chosen you, beloved, in that your faithfulness has been many times proven even if your memories fail you now. Now we embark into the long journey and the short Path, the dark hours and the Bright Dawning; we see the sons of men approaching their wrought destiny.

We have labored to acquaint them with our majesty of purpose; they have wanted a doctrine that washes the hands, that cleans the fingers, that combs the beard and makes the tongue to utter set precepts--they desire a soft cloud upon which to rest without responsibility. I have shown them the Radiance and if they turn away and unto that which is the adversary--so shall their perception of journey be longer and most difficult until the lessons are experienced and become the KNOWING.

Precious ones who serve WITH me, our mission shall be performed nobly, so are called the Chosen of God--not the self-appointed self-projected deceivers. Leaderships are honors unto them who have sought the blistering ways in courage and they recognize not the brave strength of continuing to walk such a path in service. I have given such my presence; I have let them see the Radiance. I say you ARE myself in that you manifest unto me nightly and within me as we walk this journey, sent forth upon the path to map the way.

You often mix the teachings into a pot of confusion. That which is distressing is that which is manifest upon your place through ignorance and stupid foolishness. That which is the Truth of the Way and the functioning of the universe, Creation and God is wondrous in its fullness and wisdom, balance and glory. Dwell not on that which is dowdy but know that it is only a portion which must be overcome and then turn heavily into the Truth of the projections of the workings as given by your brothers that you KNOW WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT, WHEN TO DO IT, ETC. We bring with us the HOPE that Man can receive the promise. I have given you my contract, sealed by my enforcements. The day dawns when a mighty retching attacks the bowels of them who stride falsely; they arise in their might and rave as a tornado--but the tornado laughs at them; whenever could they lay seizure to it? The evil thought, the evil hour, the evil striding, verily the evil encroachment and the encompassment, these have their swinging as the pendulum that makes music, ticking off the seconds of Man’s actions.

But always the pendulum arrives at its breach in space, it then starts its returning, it ever swings again to the point from which it started--and you must come to understand the mechanism--the physics. As Man knows his evil, he swings back to goodness for except through the expression can he KNOW. Perhaps if you could ponder this a moment: That which is evil has its little hour. That which is opposite of evil has its fond moment. The evil man waxes strong, the strong man waxes evil--these two are but goodness seen by their opposites. So ever be it, to those who see cleanly. So shall the Bright Ones look upon endeavor, made of the Host that life has its balance.

I AM your Teacher, received of the stars. I AM that which can define your journey. I have shown you my presence, I have attested my credentials. I have come unto the Man-race many cycles in past seasons. I have pointed out the Radiance, I have bidden Man partake of it. Such has been my mission, uttered in eternity.

Can I say unto the “little” Man, Speak sweetly of my majesty?” How can he know majesty unless he has majesty dwelling within himself?...but, can he be “little” if he has majesty dwelling within? Can I speak unto the blind, bidding them look heavenward...how see they the stars if even their fingers are naught and their hands are vague before them?

I say, beloved one, we still have a mighty work to do, and we do it unto the glory of the Creator. I say we have a breach to heal, and we heal it sweetly by performing in excellence that which we have been sent and come willingly to do.

We come and go mightily upon the stairways of Cosmos, looking neither to the right nor to the left, but always directly as our mission has called to us. Thus have the Speakings come to you, to avow our origin, to give you attestment that God does His wonders regardless of an age or the witcheries of an instant. Think not in poverty, dear ones, raise your humble (not foolishly self-discounting) heads for WE ARE MIGHTY MEN, MARCHING DOWN THE STAIRS CONNECTING THE VERY STARS. We have our ways set for us. There are none to transcend us. We go and come that our purposes be manifest.

What have I said to you that has not reason in it? You have known a pure intent, you have heard a clear song, you have risen up from your beds of ignorance, knowing not yourselves, and greeted the morning and brought forth revealment. Do such things come by chance? Do they happen of whimsy? Has the Father simple impulse in His planning? Are not all things ordered?

Thus the Mighty Men go forward, they swing a very bright armor, and the morning sun dances that their stride is a story and their sequence a pre-announcement. You have a calling that is prone to be spoken; you have a high mission that entices the spirit; you go and come among the hosts of baffling circumstances, looking hither and yon for sustenance and finding it in variance if you beseech the Higher Source for your increase that fails not.

I say, chelas, that I will sustain you though thousands league against you; I say that I bring you a mighty cup when those who would dismiss you from their counselings presently rise up and whine for your vintage, to fill them with some elixir that has a strong potency when you pass out to the highroad and desert them to their bickerings--for so shall it be if we will fulfill that which we have been sent to accomplish.

The righteous have their increase. There comes no lowly son of toil who performs a gesture of nobility in service without an importance that lifts him to splendor. Should I repeat my words? Must I tell you providently that the battle rages hourly and the horse goes forward, that the legions and compatriots move up with a swiftness? Or will you have it that the earth is a pestilence and all men a stench, in that they move blindly without shepherds to guide them?

This is my beloved word to you: Awake and persevere! Arise and make unpretentious recognition of great reasoning disclosed in little happenings which presently are great! Shake off your trembling of a deference to Mammon! KNOW YOUR LORD REIGNS AND HIS ERRANDS ARE MERCIFUL UNTO THOSE WHO DO MERCY. For in the days that are upon you it shall be made manifest unto you that the security of Hope is as a rope giving handholds for lifting yourselves from all impoverishments. You shall be given to see the Great Light and it shall ennoble you; you shall make a vast confederation and it shall command ME. So be it.

You have a great gift to receive, a pledge to fill, a lamp to keep lighted, a destiny to transact in terms of redemptions. Let them be made clear to you with a heart that has no faltering, with a grave at the end which has NO POWER to sting you, with a song in the transaction that taints no wondrous anthem. For thus is it written, that you should survive and perish not, nor do obeisance unto Mammon and know his payment nor cast your bread on many waters without its returning in loaves that overwhelm you. And so, have I spoken--BE ABOUT YOUR FATHER’S BUSINESS!

For thus an accounting is rendered to you, that inasmuch as you do it, you have a vast increase; inasmuch as you persist in that which has summoned you, a call comes unto you to rise above vast waters when floods come on humankind and the earth knows whirling and retching.

I have spoken before and I again speak, repeating my wisdom as given unto me--I SAY YOU SHALL HEAR IT AS I COME IN MY PERSON.

Go and wash, all of you, in the pool of clean waters of uncovetous desires. Soak in it your raiment. Pollute not your hands with vanquishing of treacheries, but lift them in service through sharing and answering of the summonings of your appointed mission.

Thus have I said, and in again saying, I bless you. Teach my sheep to go in the right path, the path of absolute JUSTICE, each Man as it falls unto him to perceive whereof he would have it measured unto him, and all shall be well with you and world whereof you do a service. My voice shall remain in your hearts as a fountain, gushing forth to refresh you unto everlasting excellence. Please take my hand and come with me--for I am also about my Father’s business.


To bring blessings upon yourself, bless your neighbor. To enrich yourself, enrich your neighbor. Honor your neighbor and the world will honor you. To sorely hurt yourself, hurt your neighbor.

He who seeks love will find it by giving it.

The measure of a Man’s wealth is the measure of wealth he has given. To enrich yourself with many friends, enrich your friends with yourself.

That which you take away from any man, the world will take away from you.

When you take the first step to give yourself to that which you want, it will also take its first step to give itself to you.

Peace and happiness do not come to you from your horizon; they spread from you out to infinity beyond your horizon. The whole universe is a mirror which reflects back to you that which you reflect into it.

Love is like unto the ascent of a mountain. It comes ever nearer to you as you ever nearer to it.


Let us consider that the purpose of life is to reach the topmost pinnacle of human unfoldment. That topmost pinnacle--beyond which no man can go--is the illumination into Cosmic Consciousness and the Consciousness of Christ. We, therefore, are going to help every seeker by efforting to illumine the path to that supreme goal, so that he can become aware of his own immortal divine SELF. It is not enough to explain the working of the universe, the flow of electricity and God-through manifestation. You must be given insight as to HOW to touch and use that which is within that you can find your own TRUTH.

The divine spark of that Light lies dormant in every human being. As long as that Light does lie dormant, one is aware only of one’s mortal body which lives and dies and has physical desires one is forever satisfying. That awareness of physical existence lasts for many centuries after primitive man emerges from the jungle and before the dawn of his Consciousness begins to awaken a slight awareness of the Light of his divine power.

During that period, he is dominated by his body desires to such an extent that he thinks and believes that his body IS his Self. Out of millions of sensually-dominated humans, however, comes one who awakens that unquenchable divine spark which all inherit from God, and becomes somewhat extraordinary during his human experience for he is given to bear extraordinary knowledge and power. Let us just refer to these extraordinary personages as “geniuses” or “prodigy”. This is the first step away from the purely physical human toward the spiritual-Mind goal. Every genius prodigy has begun to develop God-awareness within and knows that he is MIND and not body.

All body-dominated human beings think outwardly through their senses. They can hear sounds with the ears of their bodies.

They can see objects with physical eyes and record the memories of such sensations upon their brains.

Every genius thinks INWARDLY toward his Mind instead of outwardly toward his senses. The genius can hear sounds coming out of the silence with his inner ears. He can vision nonexistent forms with his inner eyes and he can feel the rhythms of God’s thinking and His knowing--which are a blank slate to the man who believes that he IS his body. When a human rises to the exalted state of genius, he becomes a co-Creator with God. The beginning of creative expression in man is the first evidence of the unfolding Light of his genius, for no man who is purely sense-controlled can create. He can remember and repeat the records which he has imprinted upon his physical brain, but his brain has no knowledge. Therefore, he cannot create. Man can create only with his MIND--and the brain is NOT the mind. The brain is merely the seat of sensation and the electric recorder of sensation.

Yes, this information has been given forth before through your connections with your Cosmic brothers who have come into knowing and would assist you in your lessons if you will but allow them to share. The Hosts have been sent to insure that you are afforded the opportunity of having Truth from which to discern your destiny and divinity. It is important, dear ones, and bears repetition if you are to understand through all the misperceptions given forth to date. You are coming down to a cycle “finish line” and it is the time of becoming enlightened unto how things “really” function and operate and cast aside the lies and misperceptions lest your decisions be indeed costly to your journey. Human experiences are in segments of very tiny time frames which must be understood.

Humans must think outwardly through the senses in order to live and function in a sense-objective universe, but the genius--who thinks inwardly toward the Light of his Self--can vision or imagine that which spiritually exists and can then think outwardly through his senses and cause his mentally-visioned image to exist physically. That is what Creation is--and what the genius-creator does.


So, what is our first task if we are to accomplish enlightenment? It is to teach you HOW to transform your thinking so that the wondrous genius within you will appear and intensify to that high state which transforms and transmutes you into the next stage of spiritual unfoldment.

A few great geniuses have given the world its culture in all of the arts, and the great immortals among them are the few whose works will endure as long as there is history. There have been, however, many geniuses whose works have raised the standard of world culture even though they do not stand out as being supreme in the Light of their own immortality. Ah, the journey of LIFE is indeed long--and one must come to know that it requires many experiences and manifestations to arrive at the destination in the Light of all-knowing. Each life, however, is another step toward that goal, and each day of each life can be a greater step than the one before. Each experience is vastly important--far beyond that which registers on the consciousness at any one moment. When you arise from each period of sleep with a wholly regenerated body, the seed of all that has transpired in all your lives unfolds within the new cycle of life to bring you still closer to the door of the Immortal Light.

Each step upward toward that Light is a glorious one, for it becomes ever nearer and is worth the effort of its attainment-- while each step the other way toward the dark is ignominious and fraught with cosmic frustration which may take many experiences to overcome. Hence it is that you MUST go forward to attain that glory, and these lessons are for the purpose of giving you the knowledge which will make it possible for you to go forward toward the Light to any extent that you desire without limitation--FOR MAN’S LIMITATIONS ARE SET BY HIMSELF.

Cosmic knowledge can be shared with others who desire to attain it but only those who have attained can “give” it unto another. Of course, the other”, must accept the gift lest it be worthless. God has given that rarest of all gifts to some of you for the purpose of regenerating this decadent age by bringing the Cosmic Age into existence through those higher beings of earth who are ready to receive such knowledge. To all who reach toward the Light, the gift is offered. The knowledge of God’s ways are brought forth, likewise the processes and laws governing the construction of matter and electric motion so that other men may, likewise, know how God builds His universe and destroys it in eternally repeated life-death cycles--and also knowledge of how the Creator divides His light-waves of thinking into balanced male-female pairs of sexed opposites to continue the building of His sexed-electric universe.

But this one portion of knowledge is not enough to bridge the chasm which Man has presented as blockage between himself and God. Therefore, you must look at a balanced living philosophy which conforms with God’s ways, processes and laws. If you have the WHOLE you will be able to grasp the peace, happiness and prosperity which conformity with God’s Laws can alone bring to warring fear-ridden man who unknowingly defies God’s Laws--or blatantly knowingly defies those Laws.

Man has not yet realized in the building of his individual or collective destiny that God will work WITH him in the unfolding of his destiny, but He most certainly will not work FOR him. You must KNOWINGLY create yourself and your destiny WITH Him and in accordance with His law of balanced interchange in all transactions. To work WITH GOD KNOWINGLY, you must KNOW God and His ways. YOU CAN KNOW GOD ONLY BY KNOWING YOURSELF AS MIND INSTEAD OF THINKING OF YOURSELF AS SENSED BODY.

The transition from sensed-body awareness to God-Mind awareness comes to the human race very slowly. We wish to bring these lessons unto you so that you can come to KNOW God as the ONE reality and His universe as a simulation of reality. Man can think only what he knows in his Mind, or senses through his body. Likewise, the same principle applies to nations. Men and nations become what they think, and you witness this happening before your eyes--the point is, however, that the perception is being placed there by others to manipulate for very human physical reasons. Standards are determined by what people and nations come to think. High standards are attained through Mind-determined controlled thinking, and low standards are attained through sensed thinking.

The standards of individual and national thinking have been steadily, and dangerously, lowering since world wars began to destroy world culture by using the wealth of the nations for destroying themselves and man--instead of conserving it for the building up of Man.

The PHYSICAL world of Man could easily disappear into another period of dark centuries (whether on this planet or another)--for half the world is already in the dark ages of understanding while mired in the dark ignorance. But MAN’S SPIRITUAL WORLD CANNOT DISAPPEAR--THE DIVINE LIGHT IN MAN CANNOT BE QUENCHED!

CIVILIZATION WILL SURVIVE AND GROW TOWARD THE LIGHT ONLY IN THE MEASURE IN WHICH MANKIND KNOWS THE LIGHT--that means a lot of tedious lessons to be learned and practiced. So, we are come to increase the measure of your knowing in order that you may become consciously aware of your Source to such an extent that you can knowingly say, “I and my Father are ONE,“ and have full comprehension of its profound meaning. If you have already gleaned FULL COMPREHENSION OF TRUTH FROM THE JOURNAL ON “LIGHT” THEN YOU MAY FIND THIS BORING--I SUGGEST, HOWEVER, THAT IF YOU PERCEIVE IT SUCH--YOU HAVE NOT NEARLY LEARNED YOUR LESSONS!

So much foolishness has been tossed about in mystical aspect that even I hesitate to utilize some of the terms of the so-called “modern new-age” concept. The oldest communion known between God and Man is through meditation” and yet, you have all but destroyed the beauty of the meaning of the communion through your misuse and implicit toying and game playing. That is always the thrust of the adversary to draw you from your Lighted Path via disappointment and lack of success in communion. If you fail, you will discount the next who comes and offers information by the same label. So be it--all we can do is offer the cup unto you and if you drink not, so be it.

The connection to God is INSTANT--the perception of the connection is elusive. We shall ponder together and see if we can open some of those short-circuited communication lines. You work so hard at that which you think you need do to make contact--that you actually miss the contact. First, you must KNOW that which you are efforting to accomplish--not simply play a game at “location”, dress”, food intake”, etc., for all of these things are of the physical senses and have naught to do with the Mind-thought of God. There are physical sensual methods to assist in “focus” of energy--but that is the only connection of ritual--only as a focus of thought-energy.

I ask for rest now for my scribe. May you be in the putting aside of your preconceived notions and allow us to walk through these instructions. If you know them already, you are ahead--if you know them not and they discount that which you “thought” was the way--check to see WHY you are still looking for the way”! So be it. God grants that which is petitioned for in sincere Truth--THE CALL COMPELS THE ANSWER.

In infinite love and compassion I take leave of this focus that we might find overall balance within the WHOLE.

I place the blessings of the authority given within and through my humble being that we might walk as brothers and find the TRUTH OF OUR JOURNEY.






TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1991 7:47 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 334

TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1991

We are Sananda, Germain, Michael and Aton. Chela, you will know which writes as we begin but we want to make a point which comes into contention regarding our little precious one, Dru. It has been asked--how can you entertain three or more speakers and yet identify? Easy--for in the ending there is only ONE. That ONE is the source of thought-projection which allows us to separate and become individual. Therefore, you will find that transmissions only take individuality as various “tones” are perceived--in the “clearing”, there is only LIGHT and we are inseparable. As we focus, then and only then, can you personalize the ray” by the color and sound tone which, again, is only perceived in recognition--WITHIN. Mystical? No--for this communication is not through physical mental-sensing. It is coming through in a physical perception of motion” and is described as electrical pulses but we are not perceived by any receiver--in the PHYSICAL at this time. If one tells you, for instance, that “I see” Germain “standing right here”, it is error. We come not in physical format at this time to disallow any confusion to ones receiving the messages and/or reading the messages. Presence in the physical will come soon enough. We will NOT confuse nor add to chaos by hype, sensationalism and speculation.

If each reader will take a moment at onset of reading to clear of space, demand that dark energies depart his presence and ask the presence of the author and/or personal “guides”--for assistance in understanding--so shall it be.

As what you perceive as “time” moves along here, I shall project, into the physical, ones you need to assist you--until then, you must meet MY requirements to move into MY frequency of two-way communication, then the ONENESS of communication that you will have ability to “physically” revert intact to and from the higher frequencies where Light becomes manifest sensing physical”. In the transmutation processes, ALL do not need have this capability but many of you MUST for on rapture”, or lift-off” there need to be ones on board destination vessels as well as disciplined directors on surface.

The reason you will be receiving information of great importance on more than one occasion and by various Masters is because you MUST come into comprehension even if not “understanding” (the words do not have the identical meaning). If you are worried about Harry Truman’s daughter Margaret instead of doing your job at lift-off, many souls will remain in stasis because you tried to isolate individuals and the POINT is to bring--into oneness with the Light--all fragments for a secure transmutation.

By the ending of the studies, some will understand the very tiny details of the mechanism of the workings of which we speak--the majority will NOT--but they WILL recognize and inwardly “comprehend” the overall and leave the details to God.

If a tiny baby kangaroo falls from its pouch, it will perish unless returned WITHIN that womb (pouch). Although it need not change form in any manner--it must be gotten back within the pouch and Mother cannot pick it up for she has no flexible fingers. The babe, if to survive, must crawl and wiggle its way back within the womb. If it knows not where it is going nor its path it will simply perish in its presented form. There must be communication of some nature between the parent and the tiny creature, call it what you choose.

We must form those lines of communication, then give you instructions and then--only then--can we move into a massive “salvation” run. Do not make something of this transition that is not Truth. It may appear to be a miracle to you who are but infants--to the higher intelligences, it is but another day’s work.

If you separate into little finite groups you will miss the boat-- that I CAN promise. If you say, “Well, I will only go with Jesus”; since Jesus” name is Esu Sananda--you may very well stand for a long time at the edge of the LIGHT sent to bring you aboard your perceived little white fluffy cloud. Some of you will actually await a violet flame-shaped LIGHT which you perceive as Germain’s. Some will say, “Well, I am going with Hatonn because I work with him!”--you will also likely be standing earthbound, wondering what happened. THERE IS ONLY ONE--AND I AM IT! I, ATON--FROM ME ALL ELSE COMES FORTH AND YOU WILL NOT BE ULTIMATELY ALLOWED TO DUMP YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES ON ANY OTHER PROJECTION OF MY IDENTITY-- NOT JESUS, ESU, GERMAIN, HATONN, MICHAEL, GABRIEL, PALE PROPHET, BUDDHA, ETC. YOU MUST COME INTO “KNOWING” THAT YOU WILL RETURN TO THE “ONE” OR YOU WILL WAIT A VERY LONG TIME IN YOUR PERCEPTION--UNTIL YOU LEARN THAT PARTICULAR LESSON, AT THE LEAST. DEAR ONES, A RAPTURE LIFT-OFF” IS A VERY DETAILED GRAND GAME IN ITS OWN RIGHT AND IT WILL BE DONE IN PERFECTION FOR YOU ONES HAVE TRAINED AND PLAYED AT IT FOR INFINITE TIME. IT IS WHAT THE “SEPARATION” IS ALL ABOUT. We will speak of these things in proper sequence for first we must learn communication without all the flowers and rituals which usually precede reception of communication. You have no time to sit in a purple medicine wheel and pray your way aboard--you must come into instant communication. You ones have stopped your communications systems at repetition of affirmations, repeated prayers, visualization, etc. You must realize that communication IS and you must get the “lines” clear and less individual” which means literally indivisible duality”--or: ONE!

Germain will take up this lesson because of several most important reasons--location, connection with scribe, prior instructions, etc. Those are HIS requirements--and we will meet all details-- not just “yours”. The point of the experience is the game and the “roles” assumed and THAT, DEAR ONES, IS THE END OF THE PERCEIVED SEPARATION.

When you experience someone that you feel you cannot abide in presence and “...don’t want him in your hereafter at any rate!” Think again--for if he is in your hereafter and you are perfection--SO SHALL HE BE PERFECTION OR HE WONT BE THERE--HE WILL STILL BE EXPERIENCING HIS LESSONS ELSEWHERE. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST LOVE ALL OTHER FRAGMENTS FOR YOUR PLAY IS NOT TO BE FINISHED UNTIL ALL FRAGMENTS AGAIN MAKE UP THE WHOLE! THEN, AND ONLY THEN, WILL THE UNIVERSAL CYCLES REST, RENEW AND BEGIN AGAIN THE PLAY.

What you ones will also have to come into realizing is that fragments of much elder brotherhood are working their way through “school” and, for instance, until Germain can perform in the Christ perfection, beyond the ability and perfection of ascending. Each representative has a job” to perform and until his job is perfection--he is not permitted to progress. With each “graduation” comes glory and rejoicing--these are NOT JUST EARTH HUMAN LESSONS, LITTLE ONES. SOME OF YOU ARE BACK FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO SEE TO IT THAT GERMAIN HAS FULL OPPORTUNITY AND ASSISTANCE IN HIS OWN PROGRESSION AND ALL OF THE HOSTS SENT AGAIN ARE TO SUPPORT ESU THE “CHRIST” IN HIS GRADUATION. YOU ARE EACH IMPORTANT--BUT YOU ARE NOT THE FOCUS OF THIS LITTLE EXERCISE. Let us refer to it as “passing shepherding school”.

What right do I have to make the rules? It is MY game and you have to learn to play by MY RULES which are totally balanced with those of the Creation. If YOU prefer it be another way-- then you get in MY position and you make your own rules. I will, however, tell you now--they will be in total balance with that of Creation or you won’t get MY JOB! FURTHERMORE, TO GET MY JOB, YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF ME AND THAT, DEAR ONES, IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! THREATS? NO--TRUTH OF FACT--I CREATED YOU AND TO GET RID OF ME YOU HAVE TO UNCREATE SELF AND THAT DOES NOT FIT THE NATURAL LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE! YOU CANNOT UNCREATE SELF--ONLY "I" CAN UNCREATE YOU. DICTATORSHIP? WELL, YES, AS A MATTER OF FACT. SO BE IT.

Ponder for a moment before you move on with this reading: If you think you have a nasty job--meditate a bit upon the job of the Christ, the Masters, etc., efforting to make this separation, evacuation, transition, transmutation and bring the unruly flock within goodness! Ah yes, what a glorious game and yes, I do enjoy it most fully. Do you feel tiny and helpless? Ah so, indeed! Good, for “bigness” and “control” comes only with absolute capability to create and govern, in absolute JUSTICE, that which you project. You are now experiencing in a placement of total unbalance--that is what IS the human format. How you handle and grow within this present experience determines where and who you will be in your NEXT! PONDER IT! YOU CAN REMAIN IN THE EVIL PROJECTION AS MANY AEONS AS YOU WOULD LIKE BUT EACH ONE WILL BECOME MORE MASSIVELY UNCOMFORTABLE!!! SO BE IT. I ABDICATE THE LECTERN SO THAT GERMAIN MAY CONTINUE HIS INSTRUCTIONS.

Oh, you ask, why are all these teachers MEN. This for you ladies of earth flesh. They are NOT; I choose to send masculine and feminine aspects of MYSELF where and when I choose--the ASCENDED MASTERS are “aspects” of MAN--not sexual forms of masculine as you of physical describe them.


Thank you, Father, as always, You make my task ever so much the easier. Germain present to serve--I am humble in Your presence and I am humble to my workers and more humble unto my readers--for they ultimately are my testing.


I wish to begin this series of lessons by explicit discussion of terms. Such terms as “electricity” and magnetism” which will be used throughout this course” are used because they are the accepted terminology of your world--today. It must be understood, however, that they are used for your better understanding ONLY. The terminologies for the proper presentation are NOT available for your use and their use would only confuse the student at this stage of development--and give room for the “discounting” and depreciation” of the adversary of the work presented.

By the way, for you who sicken yourself with “worry” regarding who will go and who will stay, etc. Leave that in God’s hands. Do of your own mission and allow others to do of theirs--even if it be to remain in the unknowing. My job, for instance, is not to get every soul into the Light--at this time--although my ultimate graduation requires that I get the ones whom God has chosen--into His House. My task is to bring the word as messenger--as is many of yours. I am not come to SAVE anything or anyone as you imagine it to be. I have no right nor intent to step into another’s right to choose his own salvation. Part of my own testing is to see to it that I DO NOT DO SUCH A THING. MY LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND TRANSMUTATION CAPABILITY COMES FROM MIND TO MIND REASONING AND APPLIED INFORMATION OF MANIFESTATION. I FIND IT BOTH A JOY AND A CHALLENGE.


Now we will take up “meditation” for that which it REALLY is.

Meditation is the MOST IMPORTANT of all the functions of human life which advance human progress. So little is known of it even by the greatest of the world’s geniuses who constantly practice it in a “knowing” state--but cannot explain it--that it now seems necessary to define and explain that divine function. With sufficient explanation, everyone can KNOWINGLY practice meditation and thus knowingly command his achievements to be masterly. The concept is universal and works toward both goodness and evil so the use thereof rests solely in the individual personality utilizing the information. The joy of this, however, is that the evil beings are so busy discounting the work brought herein that they are not likely to fully utilize the techniques--for the books themselves give them GROSS INDIGESTION AND A HOTFOOT.

YOU CAN LEARN TO COMMAND ACHIEVEMENTS, COMMAND THE BODY INTO PERFECTION, OR YOUR LIFE TO BE FULL TO OVERFLOWING--FOR THROUGH MEDITATION EVERY MAN CAN BECOME WHATEVER HE WISHES TO BECOME. But, of course, I speak of TRUE meditation and not the games of gurus and “new-age groupies” who do not fully understand a thing they are practicing.

Many, however, do understand and are simply awaiting the spreading of this knowledge so they can fully function according to that which they were shown in other locations and by other messengers--it will all flow into understanding as you become more unified.

Meditation is communing with GOD for the purpose of working knowingly with GOD. This is the definition with which we will exclusively work herein. If you do not practice in perfection, you will most likely commune with the evil resources and never make it to communion with the GOD OF LIGHT! The physical representatives of your “senses” of the physical manifestation will ALWAYS show up first and lie, lie and lie to you--furthermore, it is up to you to cause and demand they remove themselves for they are permitted to remain and deceive until YOU DEMAND THEY DEPART AND YOU ASK IN THE LIGHT AND ONLY THE LIGHT OF GOD BROTHERHOOD.

Meditation means to think inwardly toward the Mind-Soul rather than outwardly through the senses.

You will recall the one you still call “Jesus” (and it is fine if you call him Jesus” for it is now the accepted label for that manifestation of the Christed one”. But, if you are following the doctrines of the one “Paul”, you are a bit in error in some categories of your perception of which I must caution you! In respect for both you and others who accept this perception I shall refer to this one as Christ Esu Jesus [the Sacred Circle], and we will know of whom we speak. It is erroneous for there are other Christed Beings before and after--but since we are “playing” to an audience of humans who democratically vote-in by majority” things and beings, we shall use the terminology recognized by the most. In fact, I herein change my energy thrust and for simplification of MY writing--we shall refer to him simply as “Christ”. This will lessen no ones perception of the Christed Being recognized personally). At any rate, you recall that Christ” told Man (I shall also, henceforth, not capitalize “man” for it is only a term of reference for a species and in deference to the ladies I have been capitalizing Man” to indicate same--the facts are that you are a species of MAN, no more and no less, and I herein cease to play your silly and idiotic games to such extent as priorly seemed appropriate--it is time you GROW) to seek the “kingdom of heaven” (editors: this is not to be capitalized, either, unless I so indicate), WITHIN HIMSELF, NOT OUTSIDE OF HIMSELF. By that He meant that God dwelt within man, and that God-awareness will come to any man who communes with God through inner thinking.

There are but two kinds of thinkers in the world--those who think outwardly through the brain and those who think inwardly toward the Soul. Outward thinking develops the physical qualities and desires of men, while inward thinking unfolds the spiritual qualities which await unfoldment for long ages of Man’s slow journey to the Light of his own divinity.


You all know that is the way you both work and, because of it, you have been able to do ten times the amount of work you otherwise would have done, and all of it in a masterly manner. When we KNOW that God’s Mind and ours are one, and we are consciously aware of His presence every working moment, our work could not be other than masterly. For instance, Dharma KNOWS AT THIS MOMENT--HER WORK IS MASTERLY--NO PUN INTENDED. To work knowingly with God constantly, never ceasing, is to be inspired constantly with the ecstasy of His nature. She also KNOWS that instant when her work is NOT MASTERLY and again is only outward through the “senses”. All who are projected as human in the physical will function through those senses” for it IS of the human to so do. It requires training and desire to come into the KNOWING OF FUNCTIONING WITHIN THE MIND-SOUL.

To work knowingly with God constantly, never ceasing, is to be inspired constantly with the ecstasy of His nature, as I just stated. God is your teacher in actuality and you need no other. He is always with you, as Soul, and lifts us all to great heights.

Some have walked and talked and worked KNOWINGLY with God throughout your human experience--but it is rare indeed that you did so in TRUTH for usually the evil deceiver gets there first and pulls the human into the worldliness of “things” and fleshly desires” and God is pushed aside. There have, however, been the blessed ones who have not been pulled into the trap, or once out of the trap, are not again ensnared. You will find these ones neither foolishly pious in presentation nor “simply BEING”. They are very human in presentation, often functioning within the human aspect WITHOUT and through those human senses” and always busy”--not just being”. For it is through your actions that you are judged--not your sitting on your assets “being” nothing. For if you are doing nothing”-- you have made your decision as to whose side you are on, already, and you but fool of self--the biggest fool of all!

Interestingly enough, you are experiencing at a level of perception and projection wherein you cannot function without the others in the dimensional projection. If there were only Dharma, for instance--what good would be the work? If there were only George, who would write the work and receive His pronouncements? This is your opportunity in experience to realize that you are a unit--a whole--and if you have not the other aspects and projections--you are NOT ANYTHING!


Before we move into the steps of How and What, etc., let us visit a bit about ego self. This IS the manifestation of greatest sensing in the human being. It IS that which causes the separation and to simply “override” that ego is totally an incapability for it IS your humanness! You will never override it--you will train it to willingly give access to higher influence--you will mold it to set aside of itself to allow and welcome God within. It is the ego which stands at the door of the soul and allows or disallows passage within.

There are methods of causing that ego to step aside--that human consciousness to bow to higher input--to negate self unto higher knowledge--but it requires knowing the “how-to”. But a hint-- this is WHY the orthodox doctrines of religions will deny use and pronounce hypnosis as EVIL. It is the ONLY route to accomplish the setting aside of that ego through YOUR OWN POWER. Again, man has ruined the very term and caused something which is THE TOOL of God to be pronounced evil and to be avoided at all costs--again, so that the “would-be rulers of your destiny” can remain in total control of your physical aspect and likewise keep your soul entrapped in the lie. If MAN can keep you from communion with GOD, he can control you! If you are ever to find God and be WITH GOD--YOU MUST COME INTO COMMUNION WITH GOD--AND BYPASS THE INPUT OF MAN. Since your time as man is short indeed and your time with God is long indeed--infinite, would it not be worthy to learn to talk with God and get His instructions for passage and cease and desist listening to the misguided and misguiding ones from the pulpits and thrones of “authority” and expert blatherings”? If they be MAN--THEY DO NOT KNOW! THEY ONLY PRESENT THAT WHICH IS ALREADY THRUST UPON THEM AND YOU--BY MAN! I AM NOT MAN IN FLESH--AND DHARMA IS NOT ME. YOU SEEM TO BE ABLE TO BELIEVE THAT WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY, SAY, ABRAHAM--DID HE PROJECT WHAT HE HEARD FROM GOD OR DID HE CLAIM TO BE GOD? IT IS IMPORTANT ABOVE ALL, THAT YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. DHARMA CLAIMS TO BE NOTHING SAVE A SPEAKER AND A TYPIST. IT IS THE CONTENT OF THE MESSAGE WHICH IS TRUTH OR FALSE AND YOU WILL DISCERN THAT FOR SELF--NOT ACCORDING TO WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR TELLS YOU--FOR THAT IS ONLY WHAT YOUR NEIGHBOR PROJECTS.

Moreover, you who read the word--KNOW IT! Also, if you are touched after reading, say, one JOURNAL and an EXPRESS or two--you also KNOW that if you read and study the others as already presented--YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS WHICH YOU ARE ASKING! It is the questions asked AFTER READING ALL WHICH HAS BEEN PRESENTED TO YOU--THAT YOU HAVE VALID CAUSE TO INQUIRE OF THE TYPIST OR AUTHOR. IF YOU WERE “TOUCHED” BY THE TRUTH OF THE ONE VOLUME--THEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWER YOU SEEK IN ONE OF THE OTHER VOLUMES--OR, IT WILL BE FORTHCOMING--FOR THAT IS THE ONLY WAY IN WHICH GOD WOULD SEND HIS INFORMATION. This is not to cause you who write in with bunches of inquiries to feel embarrassed or foolish. For the questions need to be voiced and projected--but do understand when your response is “read the JOURNALS” it has already been covered! When the funds spent on the JOURNAL is more important than the new shirt or extra bread at lunch--then we will be “getting there”. The INFORMATION IS TOTALLY FREE” BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT IS BEING PRESENTED THROUGH HUMAN, PHYSICAL FORMAT AND IT IS THE PUBLISHING OF THE INFORMATION IN MASS COVERAGE WHICH IS COSTLY BY YOUR OWN TERMS OF PHYSICAL PROJECTION. IF ALL WERE TRAINED TO HEAR WITHIN--THERE WOULD BE NO NEED, WHATSOEVER, FOR THIS MODE OF TRANSMISSION.

When ones ask Hatonn: “...why don’t you speak to me rather than Dharma, I am waiting too!” No, you are NOT--you want to play with space-men and their service is unto GOD whose rules YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO PRACTICE! YOU ONLY WANT GOD TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT OR THINK YOU WANT--NOT THAT WHICH IS CORRECT OR GODLY! GOD WILL ALLOW YOU TO FALL INTO EVIL--HE DOES NOT PUSH YOU EVER INTO EVIL. WHY WOULD HE GIVE RESPONSE WHICH ONLY WORSENS YOUR PREDICAMENT?


How long will God continue to communicate in this manner? That is for God to decide. How long will Dharma continue her work? Until she can no longer function in the physical format. The pace and work-load is backbreaking, the assaults terrifying, the human insult upon these people all but unbearable and at this point God would bless these servants with “well-done” and release them. But that is not YOUR problem--that is THEIR contract. Yours is that which is between you and God as your contract.

Some days, as today, Dharma and Oberli must go to a gathered group and Oberli will work at recording and indexing and Dharma will serve as mouth speaker for Hatonn all afternoon--after some four hours at the keyboard and correcting of spelling in a second run of the message. It is much to ask of them for, though the spirit is willing, the human limitations become incredible. They are NEVER released from role as “students” either--just as you. They, including the publishers as well as the speaker--are not given Truth nor instructions by osmosis”--they have to STUDY the WORD in addition to maintaining life functioning in addition to this “side” job of moonlighting”.

This is why it becomes incredibly unjustifiable for ones to come and take the hours, even days and weeks, of these workers for their personal situations--and then move away and discount the entire experience. It is excellent lessons for the involved ones, but unjust to the readers who await the next set of instructions. I can promise you, however, that Hatonn, for instance, will always allow you to personally learn your lesson in “value”. From each incident comes value beyond ability to ever “purchase” in the form of gained knowledge and information.


At any measure you choose--all things of the physical are of worthlessness the moment you take departure from the physical--AND ALL GO THROUGH THAT EVENTUAL CYCLE! You are in the very middle of separation and sorting at this very “time”--each test is being evaluated--NOW! Your time of “Ill do something Godly next month or next Sunday is being judged NOW! TODAY is all you have--this instant, do you wish to be judged for eternal placement on that which you project RIGHT NOW? Are you asking for your gold BACK, more gold, safety of your “possessions”--or are you in total service--giving and regiving? Do you “GIVE” expecting rewards of greater physical substance? What are your values? The ASSUMPTION is that you will be rewarded in like kind--as the seed is sown. If you give to God, that which you give (even if it be actual gold) will be returned many times over--UNLESS, YOU GAVE IT ORIGINALLY WITH LIMITATIONS AND EXPECTATION OF “LOSS"--FOR YOU WILL RECEIVE EXACTLY THAT WHICH YOU PROJECTED AND IN THE MANNER GIVEN! IF YOU EXPECTED TO LOSE IT--YOU WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU DO SO, IT HAS NAUGHT TO DO WITH GOD!

If you give to God, do you actually expect George Green to see to your repayment? If you give to George Green in a business arrangement wherein HE promises return of funds plus or minus usury--that is different. If you expect George Green to give you reward for that which you “said” you gave unto God--who is to blame if you experience loss?


Many, at this time of chaos, are searching for methods of perfection to hoard their assets. It is alright to do so and God responds with insight and methods of protection for those who ask--but you have to trust HIM in order to utilize the method--is that not interesting to realize? Those who trust that which God has instructed you to do--will flourish--those who do not will lose to the worldly horde come upon you to rule you and enslave you. These human evil controllers have covered all their bases very, very well. The only way out of the “maze” is through the route of God, my friends--THE ONLY WAY! NOW WHO WOULD MAKE SUCH A MAZE FOR YOUR TESTING? PERHAPS THAT IS FOR YOUR OWN CONCLUSION!

God is not mystical, weird, pious, foolish nor preposterous. He is a very practical resource and it is best that you separate all the drivel from the focus, the piles of chaff from that handful of grain--and look upon God as the reality of representation which is represented here. You need not any of that religious indoctrination for that only holds you in prison—you had best cast aside all the nonsense and get on with that which is REAL for your illusion is killing you! Now, KNOW, that I, Germain, do not HAVE TO SAVE OR DO ANYTHING TO ANY ONE OF YOU--I do have a mission and commitment to fulfill and I shall do so but it will be for no church leader, sect preacher or indoctrined groupie. I will bring the instructions and TRUTH to the best of my ability as messenger unto you who are not given to the higher insight--no less and absolutely NO MORE. You can argue over whether or not there is a “Germain” and it will make not one iota of difference for TRUTH IS TRUTH IS TRUTH AND THAT TRUTH WILL STAND STRONG AND UNBENDED THROUGHOUT ETERNAL INFINITY! TIS WITH WISDOM YOU HAD BEST LOOK AT THESE MESSAGES AND NOT AT SOME ENTITY OF YOUR PERCEPTION--AND WE CERTAINLY DO NOT CARE WHO YOU EXPECTED TO PRODUCE THE WORD FOR THE WORLD OF MAN WOULDN’T KNOW THE VOICE OF GOD FROM THE VULTURE’S CRY! IT IS NOT THE MESSENGER OF IMPORTANCE--IT IS THE MESSAGE!

I find that it is time to break this portion and give you, scribe, a bit of respite prior to the meeting. Thank you for your service and all of you for your attention. We embark on the most wondrous journey of all existence--WHO WILL COME WITH US?




TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1991 7:16 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 334


Obviously the first step to communication with God is to somehow “forget” your body and stop thinking about anything. In other words, move into zero stillness. You need to turn off your senses and become a vacuum insofar as your senses are concerned. Next, you desire mentally to reach the Light. If you could express this desire in words--stop and let that expression have a meaning, but without words. Let it become a realization.

Easy for you, Germain,” I hear all of you saying and yes, we may have a go at it and probably will need to produce a tape to use in conjunction with early practice sessions--we will consider that as we move along here. The second step is to STOP WORKING AT THIS! At this point it should be even more obvious that I want you to be able to read--not cut out on me.

You will, especially at first, find it hard to stop thinking. The harder you try to stop thinking, the more actively you will think! Therefore, just relax and “allow” the thoughts to drift on through--DO NOT HANG ONTO THEM--WE ARE EFFORTING TO CLEAR THE MIND, NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS OR FOCUS ON PROBLEMS.

Get comfortable and let go--relaxing as much as possible--make this your time. Allow your mind to give “orders” as to that which you desire, i.e., I want to relax, then become alert enough to read with clarity and understanding. Take a nice deep breath and hold it (to a count of about six) and slowly exhale while repeating to yourself—“I am still”. Do this about three times and then just rest a moment while instructing your inner mind to remain relaxed, remain receptive and that with each easy breath you take you are becoming more and more receptive and relaxed.

As you move along you will probably want the simple tape we made with Dharma for it allows you to have assistance in clearing of self, dark energies, and then allows you to write or read while remaining quite relaxed. A lot of you already have it. At the worst, you will go to sleep and get some rest if nothing more. The main thing is that this is NOT the time to solve your financial problems, the kid’s problems, the world’s problems or tend your cares. You need to use these early sessions as if all the world were already in perfection and you have nothing to do but relax and play this game.

First you will feel nothing more than a bit of inner relaxation along with the body relaxation. Desire to contact the thought of God and remember--HE is on top of everything and therefore is perpetual universal joy--you must desire to reach that same frequency of pattern and you cannot do it while you dwell on the new tax affixed to “munchies” in California. Release the pounding anger over toxic wastes for a minute and put aside atomic bombs and starving children. You cannot change those things until you can approach them from Creator point of view and that can only be done by viewing from that standpoint. You will note that during this period of relaxation that you find some peace and stillness then the state of inner joyousness will gradually become an immediate response and the more you practice in segments the more permanent characteristic of your nature will this inner peace become. What you are efforting to attain is the acceptance of the negative impacts without bringing on reactions of fear, anger, discouragement, inferiority, envy or jealousy. Just see things for that which they are in objective manner--for you must function with reason and controlled intent--not in reactions based on fear, etc. God is total passion and energy--He is NOT in fear, anger, depression, etc.

Even if for only this brief respite, your ailments and afflictions will move away from you for they cease to be the “focus” of your attention. If things ARE and you cannot change of them--you must release them for that which they are and deal as if everything and everyone in the world had identical afflictions--this makes you one of the crowd rather than alone in perception--for actually, if a brother is afflicted you may not realize it--but you too have the affliction. As you begin to focus on God within--the physical inconveniences or perceived unfairness becomes unfocused and you will find that a crippling circumstance is only a bit of a handicap, i.e., if you cannot walk--then God always has need of hands and brains! God accepts NO EXCUSES! AS YOU MOVE MORE DEEPLY IN BALANCE WITH GOD AND THE MENTAL ASPECT OF WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT--THE OTHER THINGS OF FLESH DESIRES DO BECOME LESSENED IN IMPACT. YOU WILL ACTUALLY FIND, IF YOU GIVE IT ACTUALIZATION, THAT IT IS ONLY THE MIND CONNECTION TO SOURCE WHICH HAS MEANING AND THE THINGS OF THE BODY TAKE A LONG BACK-SEAT. YOU MUST ACCEPT SELF AS IS--EXACTLY AS IS, WITHOUT “IFS” FOR YOU ARE WHAT IS!

The point herein, however, is get into that state of relaxation which allows this peace. The utter relaxation from all mental and physical strains which comes from simply stopping the madness in your mind and stopping your active focused thinking and replacing it with desire for just one thing--inner joyousness-- which will immediately begin the cure of any bodily ailment of mental distress. After you get pretty good at this procedure you can begin to add some problem solving into the storyline. At on set just hold in your mind that you desire to “talk with God about things”. In other words, give form to your desire--for that is real prayer. Furthermore, if you ask in behalf of another, placing self at the end of the request, except as how you can better serve--you will note instant response and disattachment from ego self-centered “me”.

Just reading these words will not do it--you are going to need to practice but it most certainly DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU GIVE ALL YOUR TIME TO IT. We will get to some very substantial physical conscious methods of dealing with problems--through confronting them. You hold the problem and therefore, you hold the answer, all you need do is locate it and in objectively looking and listing all aspects of the thing you stop the “worrying” at it and get on with solutions. To worry is to prevent solution.


Meditation is the desire of man to know God in him and to manifest his God-awareness by extending his knowing--through his thinking--to the production of material bodies created by him in the image of his inspired conceiving.

Let us put it more simply by saying that MEDITATION IS A DESIRE TO BE ALONE WITH GOD TO TALK WITH HIM. MEDITATION IS REALLY A CONFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR SOUL AND THE UNIVERSAL SOUL. To be One with God means to desire His knowledge and power. God’s Mind is your Mind; hence you have all knowledge and power that God has to the extent of your awareness of God in you and the measure of your comprehension of your unity with Him. If God’s knowledge is asleep in you, it must be awakened in order that you may be aware of it. When you are aware of it, you can use it in the measure of your ability to comprehend it. The entirety of Universal Law works with you at your command.

Some of the things I say here in the beginning may not make much sense and seem even trite. Please abide with me long enough to give it fair trial. You are actually afraid that you are going to get all relaxed and give away your perceived shortcomings --GOD ALREADY KNOWS THEM SO PERHAPS IT IS TIME YOU FACE THEM! The facts are, however, that what you fear will not happen if you release the fear--it is the fear of a given thing which draws it directly unto you. The point herein is to communicate with God--not wash dirty laundry.

To the extent of your awareness and understanding, and to that extent only, you may use universal power to think your knowing into material forms. Your KNOWING is your Mind-Self. Your Mind-Self is you, the eternal Being. Your Self is not your body, nor is your knowing in your brain, but your knowing controls your body and your brain as their absolute master. Do not confuse your Mind and brain as being the same. Your Mind thinks through your brain and with it, as a lever works upon its fulcrum--remember the JOURNAL describing this working mechanism. Your brain is but the instrument for fulfilling the commands extended to it by Consciousness, which Mind is. Your brain records memories, experiences and information electrically, just as phonographs likewise do, but it is the will of your Mind which orders your body to obey through electric messages from your brain, just as it likewise orders your automobile to obey. The nerves of your body are the “wires” of the electric machine which your body is. The brain is but a nerve recorder and distributor.

The measure of your cosmic knowing is the measure of your God-awareness. It is the measure of your ability to dwell in the Light of all-knowing and to command the thought universe of Creation with God. You are then a co-Creator with God. Thinking what you KNOW into imagined forms is expressing your eternal Self in the invisible universe of Mind.

Giving formed bodies to imagined thought-forms, by following up your thoughts with actions, is expressing your eternal Self in the visible universe of matter.

That, beloved ones, is all that God does, for He controls His electric body as its absolute master. He keeps all of its interactions and interchangings in absolute balance, for God is eternally creating His body in the image of His desiring.

You can do likewise, if you desire to, by working knowingly with God. You can be master of your body in the measure of your awareness of God’s power in you. You must remain in balance instead of continually unbalancing your thoughts and body actions in diverse ways from morn until night and from night until morn. Tensions and strains, fears and worryings, and various emotions destroy your body by the accumulation of toxins. You will continually pay the price of your wrong actions until you ultimately learn that whatever you know, you think--and what you think, you become.


This brings us to a point where much confusion exists regarding Mind and matter. We must make this relationship so clear that the confusion will dissolve in your understanding.

Mind Is spiritual and constitutes the INVISIBLE universe of CAUSE.

Matter is physical and constitutes the VISIBLE universe of EFFECT.



God expresses His desire dynamically by thinking and imagining.

God is the Universal Soul. God’s thinking and imagining create a body to manifest His Soul. THAT BODY IS THE LIGHT-WAVE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE.

It is God’s one Idea divided by His thinking and imagining into countless millions of units of ideas, each having a differently formed body but all manifesting the ONE by being extensions of each other.

There is naught else in all of this vast universe but moving bodies extending from the stillness of the cosmic Light of Soul which centers thinking--Mind of God and man. All formed bodies are made in the image of God and man, and extended from mind-imaginings to manifest God and man.

How simple it really is when you think of it that way--Creator and Creation being just mind-imagined forms dynamically extended into light-spectrum-formed bodies fashioned in the images of their imaginers. How much more simple it is to think of all the universe as one mind, one Soul and one Body, seemingly divided into many Minds, many Souls and many bodies.

You must really learn to think of God and God’s body that way before you can fully understand the ONENESS of all things. When you do learn to think of it that way, you will then know that there are not two separate or separable things in the universe. Likewise, you will fully understand that you are the center of the universe, for all things in it extend from you and all things are extensions of each other and of the ONE. Therefore, all things center all things, and each is the center of the entire universe.

How glorious and wonderful is the realization that Mind of man and Mind of God can know their oneness in meditation in order that the creations of man can have the balanced rhythms, the symmetry and the stability of God’s creations! All that God does is to think thought-forms of ideas and give them formed bodies from His Body and Soul of His Soul. God thinks man and the body of man appears in the image of God’s imagining. In the same manner, the bodies of roses and oaks of the forest, ants and lizards, elephants and horses, planets, suns and oceans with all their living hosts of swimming things, and countless other formed bodies appear as separate ideas all extended from the One, and all from each other. Some of God’s favorite and special thoughts are of flight and freedom and perfection of the winged creatures who ride the electrical waves of the pulsing atmosphere. Those winged creatures are your very connections with the stars for it is the principle of flight which ultimately gives you freedom.

Now guess what! This is also ALL THAT MAN DOES! He also thinks thought-forms of ideas and gives them formed bodies from Universal Body, and Soul from the Universal Soul. The engineer conceives the image of a bridge and the formed body of the bridge appears in the image of the engineer’s imaging. Then by taking bits and pieces of that which exists, he BUILDS by fitting the appropriate pieces together and, if needs be, he places a mechanical lever system within the mass which will raise and lower the bridge. You call it manufacturing!

A writer places abundance of organized alphabet letters on a paper and then compiles the paper and “creates” a story--an expression of idea.

Likewise, the musician thinks music in the silence of his imagining and, behold, the formed body of the music appears in sound as notes are reflected from his scratchings--but the sound must extend from the original silence of the idea. And so, too, are you--and all men--thinking imaged forms of multiple things and giving them formed bodies in the image of your imaginings.


Whatever the greatest genius in the world can do, you can also do. You have the same inheritance that he has. The only reason you have not given evidence of it is because you have not yet been aware of it. In other words, you have not yet discovered your Self. That divine spark of genius which is aflame in him is dim in you. You can illumine yourself by inspiration and deep meditation--or you can go forth and create something else which appeals to you more. The greatest miracle that can happen to you is that wonderful discovery of your Self, the divine power which lies within your Self, and the awakening of unlimited knowledge which you unknowingly now have. And you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to discover that wondrous Self. Its been there all the time--YOU HAVE SIMPLY BEEN RUNNING AWAY TO HIDE FROM IT WHILE TOUTING THAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR IT! MOST OF YOU ARE TERRIFIED AT THE POSSIBILITY OF FINDING SELF. There is great security in the forever “searching” and insuring that you DO NOT "find". It becomes an ongoing EXCUSE for irresponsibility.

One of the reasons you have not yet made that marvelous discovery of your own genius is because meditation is still new to the Western races. Worse, as it is discovered it is tainted by the foolishness of those who desire control and wealth from that which you seek. But in spite of all that the adversary does, there is coming a more constant beat of that “Inner Voice of the Spirit” which is forever calling within the Souls of all men. When you are too busy with material things to have time to listen to that Voice, you become chained to emotions of your body and to the demands of material things. You are enslaved by them. The moment you begin to listen to your Inner Voice, that moment you become freed from slavery to the body. The high heavens of God’s omnipotent and omniscient universe then become your dwelling place.

Meditation began when thinking began at the Dawn of Consciousness in the human race. Man was in communion with God and thought nothing of it--it was a present part of his being-ness. Until the “Dawn of Consciousness” men were ruled by their senses and their instincts. As soon as humans began to “think” and know”, they began to suspect a superior Being. Worship then began; sun worship, idol worship and, finally, the Inner Voice of thinking-man led him to the spiritual idea of many gods--then to ONE God.

Through the centuries of meditation or communion between the physical senses of men and their spiritual inspiration, the genius of some unfolded beyond others. This gradual unfolding has been taking place during several ages of man until now a new stage of the human race is unfolding which is the dawn of the “Cosmic” Age. The great masses of mankind are not yet ready for cosmic knowing but many thousands are ready for this new knowledge of the invisible universe of thinking-Mind. It may be that there are even a few millions who are ready to become the seed of the new race of cosmic man. What a lovely and intelligent time it will be.

The test for ascertaining the average number of those who are ready for this higher step upward in the unfolding of the man-idea is not a religious one. It is a cultural one. Let us example a city of some 8,000,000 people--a city like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. Of that number of people there are about 25,000 people who seek the higher inspirational rhythmic creations of the world’s great geniuses who interpret the heartbeat of Nature for the Souls of men. These will shun noisy crowds if possible, shudder at hard-rock noise and find distress in the musicless loud pounding upon the ears and Soul and seek aloneness in the forests or ocean’s shores if they can find solitude, where they can hear nature’s silent whisperings and rhythmic sounds within their very Souls. To the rest of the 8,000,000, the silent whisperings of Nature have no meaning whatsoever other than boredom. If these be found at ocean’s shores, it will be where boardwalks and blatant noises vibrate the senses of their bodies pleasantly for the excitement of their senses only. These still live sensed existences with body-awareness controlling their lives and as boredom increases so does the violence which is utilized to hype the senses. The Dawn of Consciousness has not yet illumined them with the Light which still awaits their Soul’s awakening.


Those illumined ones who are now ready to open the doors of their Souls far wider for the Light to illumine them further will uplift the whole human race to higher standards. Out of that whole, there will always come an average few until the Cosmic Age will be strong with growing numbers of the more and more illumined--and believe me, I speak NOT OF NEW AGE! THESE ARE THE ONES, THESE ILLUMINED, WHO FOREVER UNFOLD THE SPIRITUAL NATURE OF THE HUMAN RACE. They will not present as pious, dictatorial nor controllers. They will present as that which you call “normal” or regular” good” people--for they are all of these things.


Creation is an IDEA of God. Love is the one whole Idea. That one whole Idea constitutes what God knows. God thinks the one Idea into countless parts of countless forms. Thus God’s thinking takes God’s knowing apart into seemingly separate ideas, each of which is given its separate form. That is exactly what you do. You may have all of God’s knowing if you become fully illumined, but in each communion with God you get a little more each time your Soul touches the Universal Soul. You then take it apart and think it into objective form. That is what constitutes God’s Creation--or yours.

You ALWAYS get that which you ask for if you ask for it with your Soul instead of your senses. If you ask in words alone, you will not receive what you ask for, because you have not asked God for it--you have but asked your senses for it. When, however, you have actually written your desire into your heartbeat, as some have automatically done all their lives, from moment to moment, you unfailingly acquire the knowledge you ask for. It comes to you in a timeless flash in the rhythmic language of Light which God uses to talk to His children.

Having thus acquired that part of the one whole Idea which you have asked for in your heart, you then think it into the form of a concept by imagining it into a form. The conceptual form may be misty or nebulous at first. Do not act upon it while it is still nebulous. Decentrate to the zero of the Light, over and over again--then concentrate. Each time you concentrate, you more clearly see the image of it in your inspired imaginings. While it is still in embryo, do not give it birth into the objective universe of form and motion. Dwell on it until it becomes clear to your outer vision. If it is an invention, meditate upon it until you clearly see it. Do not waste time experimenting at this stage. See the embryo of it completed mentally before you spend precious time on it physically; otherwise it will be immature just as a child’s body is immature if born in embryo. If it is a sale, assemble all of the elements of the sale together until you can vision its consummation clearly before approaching your client. If it is a motive for a symphony, hear it in the silence of your Soul before you give it a body. No matter what your desire is, take it to God for a spiritual form before you give it a physical one. Create it INVISIBLY before you create it VISIBLY. Get into the fixed habit of seeking that zero of stillness in the Light before starting to think or act. When you finally act to give your concept a physical form, keep your Soul attuned to the Universal Soul. Hold fast to that inner realization and joyousness which comes from working knowingly with God. Your creation will be finished in much less time and you will know no fatigue. Let this paragraph become a part of you by meditating upon it endlessly. Talk to God constantly in His wordless rhythmic language of Light. The moment you find yourself working alone with your own ego, stop working, for the emotions of your sensed body are making you aware of it and your work will not be enduring without the Light of your Soul in it. Physical emotions immediately smother spiritual inspirations.


You can know an idea timelessly, all of it, but to think it into objective form is to take it apart for extension into the three-dimensional universe of time and space. To thus think it, you divide and multiply it into many conditioned material forms and set them in motion to become a part of this physical universe of multi-conditioned moving forms. This creative process requires a technique--but knowledge and inspiration require NO TECHNIQUE.

Always remember that God is creating His universe by giving body forms to Mind-imagined forms. Likewise, you are creating your universe by giving objective body forms to your imagined forms. YOU MUST, HOWEVER, CONCEIVE THE IDEA FOR THOSE FORMS BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO BUILD THEM INTO YOUR IMAGININGS. Then you must imagine them fully before giving birth to them objectively. When your imagined idea is sufficiently clear, then start creating it whether you know its technique or not. Learn the technique of it in the DOING OF IT. A technique is something that your body acquires, and anyone can acquire any technique; but knowledge and inspiration you do not acquire. You already have that. All you need do is to awaken it. And to awaken it, all you need is DESIRE to awaken it. The moment you have the desire and let God know of it, you will then begin to know that glorious language of the Light which you, yourself, are. Inspiration will then come to you, and in that inspiration your desire is being fulfilled with the knowing which that inspiration is. The language of Light is wordless, but in it is the essence of Intelligence. You, yourself, can put Intelligence into words, for words are but a technique.

Likewise, whatever form you wish to give it, you, yourself, can translate the essence of that divine language of Light into form through any medium by acquiring the technique of that medium. That is something which your body does by acting solely with your will. Through your will, you command your body to express your desire. Your body is but an automatic machine which must be manipulated by your will. It must be trained by your will to fulfill every technique of expression, and it may take years to so train your body to automatically obey your will.

That is why it takes years of practice for a body to become a perfect musical instrument, or an instrument which paints, writes or sculpts with tools which are but extensions of the body.


Your conception of an idea has the same relations to that idea as the seed of an oak has to the full grown oak. Your imagining is recorded in your very Soul, and from the stillness of your Soul the idea extends into form, just as the form of the oak extends from the stillness of its formless seed.

The inner joyousness of conceiving an idea and imagining its form and purpose is as uplifting as the “created” extensions of it are, and it is purposeful even if it but uplifts you alone. To be purposeful for the world, however, you must give your inspired imaginings of formed body which responds to the senses of man. It is through this action-reaction of giving your creation a material body that you make it a masterpiece. Extending your Soul into it by moment-to-moment communion with God is the way you give love to your creation. If you do not extend love from your Soul to your creation, you do not give it life. Not having life or love given to it, it cannot regive life or love to inspire others. It is already dead and soon will be buried in the trash basket of dead things.

A masterpiece of any product whatsoever is that to which the life and love of the Creator’s Soul have been extended to it through your Soul for re-extension to other men by re-inspiring them with your immortality.

Above all, remember, moment by moment, that your body is an extension of YOU. If you give it love, it will regive love. If you make of it a surly, grievous unbalanced thing, it will extend to others what you extend to it. Stop right here and give some deep thought to this idea. Then come back to it often and give more and more thought to it until you become meticulously careful as to what thoughts you are going to allow to pass through your body, lest you make your body ill and drive others away from you by your repellent thoughts and repellent body.


There is an indescribable glory all along the road which leads from your active thinking to the stillness of deep meditation. If you cannot actually go to the forest or sea, the better to commune with God, go there in your imagination. If some problem demands your thoughts, let the imagined tones of the sea drown them out. If you imagine the sea and hear the rhythms of its waves pounding upon the shores as echoes of the heartbeat of the universe resounding within you, or if you hear the breezes whispering in the pines with your inner ears, the glory of the ecstasy will soon drown out dross thoughts of Earth.

Meditation transports you from the world of sensing the motion of things materially to imagining them cosmically. It transports you from the world of blatant sounds which sear the senses to the world of rhythmic silences which is without body--to the world of the soul and the seed of things unborn which await their birth through you. The world of your imaginings is your escape from emotions, with its tensions and nervous strains, to the ecstasy of your Soul’s high heavens. It is the cosmic way of restoring balance.

Earth music is melodic and chains you to Earth. The “music” of the “spheres” which you hear with inner ears is deeply tonal, not melodic. The rhythms and tones of Nature’s music which sing its octaves in the language of Light have always within them the pulsing rhythms of the universal heartbeat, always the one-two one-two pulsing of the Father-Mother heartbeat of borning-reborning forms of things which manifest the Father-Mother pulsing rhythms of the Soul’s high heavens. Always in your deep meditation, the music of the silences from which sounds of Earth spring is like unto the aftermath of the great symphonies by cosmic masters which have refolded from sounds of Earth that your ears have heard into your very Soul which still hears them in the pulsebeat of your imagining. In the beginning it is most advantageous to take unfamiliar but beauteous harmonics to accompany audially your meditation for it drowns out the undertones which keep the mind from its imagining. Plus, if there is a pulsing heartbeat you will find your imaginings coming within the same wondrous rhythms.

Never will you hear the one-two-three of waltz rhythm in the Soul’s high heavens, for that syncopation brings you quickly back to Earth and to awareness of your body EMOTIONS and its SENSES. That one-two-three rhythm makes you want to physically dance, and that is good for it gives physical happiness. But, it distracts greatly from original creative thought. To those whose desires are so deeply rooted to the senses of Earth that their deep appeal is the deeper syncopation of jazz, the silences of the high heavens are but a deep void and as though they did not exist. Jazz music, you see, splits the rhythms of nature into such unbalanced rhythms that he who listens severs his Soul from the Universal Soul. That is something to be appreciated or unappreciated by the physical and does not meld with the thought-producing Soul creation. It becomes a total distraction into the physical which is exactly that which you are efforting to avoid.

I certainly am NOT suggesting to you that you should not listen to the music which excites body emotions, for they are good when properly divided between the rhythms of Earth and the rhythms of heaven, such as the one-two-three of rhythmic waltz. You need to live gloriously on Earth as well as in the high heavens, but to live the rhythms of Earth alone is to be but clay of Earth, chained to Earth as slave of Earth, never soaring into the high heavens of the Light of immortality. Mortality is a prison cell from which you can escape only upon the wings of your immortality. Herein we are discussing contact with that wondrous immortal Self so do not confuse the two subjects.

Dharma, tomorrow is a day in court and the hour late. Therefore, allow us to close this portion. I ask that Oberli take rest and not work at this writing on this evening--he must consider his hours of rest more diligently. You know me, Germain--I would have all ones in bed and soundly asleep by no later than 10:00 p.m. if you would hear me for we have so much to do and so little “time” in which to accomplish it all. However, I bow to the request of Hatonn and will not press all--I do press you, Dharma, for I need you fresh and available both day and night and somewhere in the interim “spare time” you must balance and process the physical data. Let us be wise in our choices, little friends, for we have much to be done and we have agreed to do it.

Salu. I AM



THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1991 10:55 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 336

THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1991.

I, Hatonn, present first this morning to bring calm unto the scribe. It has been a long morning of confusion, personal harassment of every imaginable assortment and yet, we cannot leave the writing to go another day for yesterday was lost to the court battle. We have some very fatigued people here and all need rest. George is returned only to prepare for departure so we must attend the physical and emotional needs of you “beings”. Overload and burnout do not help our work--they close down smooth function and remove joy from the work.

It is of PRIMARY AND UTMOST IMPORTANCE that as these lessons of “communion” and communication” come forth that ALL OF YOU PRACTICE. We MUST begin to be able to contact individuals in clarity. We do not need a lot of “bosses” or “rearrangers” but we MUST have each and all of you with ability to show another THE way (not your pre-ascribed opinion of the way) and be both knowledgeable and rested”. If you gain nothing more from the experience of meditation than the rest and clearing, setting aside of problems and releasing those problems over to your “solving” mind--then we have gained half our journeys worth in total value. You cannot expect to have God and Mind-Self work out your solutions to your inquiries and actions if you do not take time to commune and communicate them unto those resources. The point is to NOT ALLOW THE TREADMILL TO CONTROL YOU BUT THAT YOU BRING UNDER CONTROL THE TREADMILL. THIS CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED IF YOU KEEP PRIORITIES UPPERMOST!

Now, for the concerned of this location as to the “blasts” this morning. There is abundant beam flashing and subsequent chase” craft searching to locate source. We are also shoring up the shielding for every impact pounds upon the frequency shields. It is far better that you NOT KNOW that which is taking place. Please accept that.

It matters not what you THOUGHT happened at the G-7 meeting; I warn you, it only went well on the surface. Do you see that the lack of demanding great money for Russia is a most deadly change of events? You are all but in war this day.

And where is the missile you fired off Monterey, California, yesterday? That is one of the most important things that has ever happened to you as a nation--the vanishing of that missile with those particular “things” aboard! Note that missile was FIRED FROM AN AIRCRAFT--WHY? CAN YOU BELIEVE A THING THEY TELL YOU ABOUT ANYTHING? WHY ALL THESE AIRQUAKES AND SONIC “BOOMS” TODAY AND YESTERDAY? HARKEN UP, AMERICA, IT IS SERIOUS TIME!

I want you ones to know that I am present and following these things. We shall keep exceptional and constant monitoring on this apparatus and if I tell you to depart the room, Dharma, do so--instantly! The games are most deadly today. I have all of you running about hither and yon and only a couple of you have paused long enough to request shielding and some of you go even closer physically, to the impact area. I am a bit annoyed--yes indeedy! If I have to put gremlins in the machinery to get your attention--I will do so. As pressures mount--you ones forget us and the need for coverage, on the spot, and YOU MAY NOT “ASSUME” ANYTHING! I have been most hard on Dharma this morning and discipline is not focused on only ONE. If I cannot depend on my crew to follow the most IMPORTANT OF ALL INSTRUCTIONS--then we are in serious bindings, friends, and I get nothing but closed or static-filled circuits from almost all of you this day. Neither do I want to hear “but I can’t....!” You CAN or you would not be in the job you are in. If you learn and know without thought, the priorities--then, and only then, are we working as a polished piece of machinery. This is not “punishment”, this is discipline for I have no intention of allowing misappropriation to reach the point of needing such a foolish thing as punishment. Please allow us to be beyond that nonsense.

Thank you for your attention and I suggest you leave this in the volume for ALL ones must think carefully about that which they are “about”--not just a handful of crew members. Check on your priorities and that which you are willing to do in service unto God, Brother, Nation and World! The How-To is not going to rub off on you like garlic from the stew-pot. If you are going to change this old troubled planet--you are going to have to attend the lessons and learn the “trade”--you would never pass muster in building a commercial skyscraper by simply reading a do-it-yourself” Time-Life do-it book of only volume A.

I bow to my compatriot and Brother--Germain, and I move to stand-by. Thank you for your attention. Hatonn to clear.

Germain ready to continue. I, too, accept that which Gyeorgos has brought for us to ponder upon and share in disciplined consideration. There is so much of incredulous impact on your globe this day that it is all but impossible for us to remain focused on this task at hand, of teaching. WE have very busy crews and backup work so we will move through this as orderly as possible but I must ask indulgence in detail, please.


There is much confusion regarding the relation of an inspired idea to the technique of its expression. Thousands of times one hears people say, “I could never be an artist for I could not even draw a straight line.” For this reason, we would like to expand what was said in our first lesson regarding this relationship.

We have told you that anyone can acquire the technique of giving a material body to any idea. But so can an automatic machine or a tape recorder. A technique can be photographed or electrically repeated, and such a recording of a rendition by a master may even be immeasurably better than the technique of a human for the automatic recorder may record much of the Soul of the master’s technique while the human may have acquired a perfect technique with his senses but be lacking in Soul.

Just as an inspired conception is the result of a conference between your Soul and the Universal Soul to produce a thought-body, so must your rendition into a material body continue that Soul-to-Soul conference. Every technical rendition of a painting, symphony, or any other creation conceived by the Soul of a master, is an extension of the Soul of the master. Every brush stroke or tone of symphony must conform to the nature of God reflected in the nature of the master.


The nature of God is to give out His love for regiving. The nature of the master must be to give out love to inspire others to regive love.

I don’t want you to focus on the Earth’s accepted “meaning” of love with its trite, even tacky, way of association of love” with that which is actually irresponsible self pleasure. We MUST understand that herein we speak of GOD LOVE and that which is all encompassing and you of Earth have forgotten what that means. If you are “turned-off” by our use of the term herein--I suggest you make it an instant priority to stop and conclude WHY you respond thusly. You see, you have no other term to suit the need for communication and THAT, DEAR ONES, IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ADVERSARY DEPENDS UPON.

As you move along in communion, you will hear things and see things which others do not--in the same area. Dharma, for instance, often sees ones at “meetings” which none, or few, see in presence. She often hears things--musical scales being exercised and tones being practiced and she no longer takes note of them. This has simply become a part of her experience and she will most likely not even mention them to anyone--just as all of you accept that your heart is beating. You only note your heartbeat when it is unusual in some manner.

I suggest that we stop utilizing the word “LOVE” except in this context and put other words such as intercourse”, affection”, romance”, etc., where they belong and cease the stupid practice of mislabeling everything “else” and spoiling the only word you have for higher association. At any rate I have to use the term and we will have explicit understanding right here early on. If you think this is just another Love-in”, I suggest you forget it right now. We are not “flower-children” being”--we are efforting to bring instructions and information unto you to save your assets and get you off this planet or get this planet changed into ability to house life-forms and “LOVE” is the highest form of frequency energy/electricity. You ARE NOT going to make it if you don’t come into that understanding RIGHT NOW! It is NOT poems and roses, violets nor sugar is sweet and so are you! I speak of the energy set into motion by God-thought which is LOVE PROJECTION. IT IS THE ENERGY FLOWING FROM GOD TO YOU AND, IF YOU DESIRE TO ATTAIN AGAIN THE PRESENCE OF GOD, YOU MUST CAUSE THAT SAME LOVE TO BE REGIVEN AND RETURNED UNTO GOD. OTHER EMOTIONS AND THRUSTS ARE NOT UNDER DISCUSSION AT THIS POINT SO THERE IS NO NEED TO DRAG THEM IN FOR CONFUSION. Right here is where the know-it-all self-appointed experts and authorities start the labor of “distraction” to suit their own perceived notions about how it SHOULD be! No--if a thing deviates from the Laws of God and the Natural Laws of Nature (Natural Creation), then they are incorrect and you better hang-in a while longer with us. If you don’t pay better attention, there will not even be 144,000 on board and I promise you, all the others won’t be in “rapture” either!

Let us look at masterliness. Masterliness in anything is the fruit of love. The Soul alone can give out love. The body can render a perfect technical reproduction but if the love nature of God is not in it, it is not art, for the art of anything is not in the skill of rendering a visible or audible thing but in the beauty and love which only the stillness of the Light of your Soul can give to it. And therein lies the difference between the genius of the master and Soulless mediocrity.

That is why your constant communion with God is necessary for every moment of life and every stage of your creation. God must sit with you on your piano stool, at your canvas and brush or at your work-bench. Your hands must be His hands. Your thinking must be His thinking. Love must be interwoven in every stitch of whatever pattern you are weaving, every word you are writing, and every interchange between yourself and your fellowmen. So, you get angry when someone abuses another? So? Do you not think God also gets angry at the abuse of one of you to another? I do not speak of pious pretense--I speak of the presence of God in that which you do. If you must do something in the dark or do not wish your actions seen--then you must check WHY? God is there at any rate--but YOU are hiding.

Look at those things which you do--to fill your time--be it love to Poker; work to fishing. Why do you insist upon doing those things? Because you have nothing better with which to interest self. When your interest is in the things of God, then you will gradually lose the desire for the performance of other distractions. That does NOT mean that you run down and preach on every street corner and make a fool of yourself and cause the worthiness of God to appear even more foolish. You treat God’s business with at least the same reverence and respect as you would the most important work on Earth--be it banking or brokering, building or cleaning.

Love is rhythmically repeated in its givings and regivings to synchronize with the givings of your outward breath to the heavens and their regivings to you. Balanced rhythmic interchange between your heartbeat pulsings and all other electric extensions from the stillness of your Soul is LAW--the basic fundamental LAW of all creating things in all this dynamic universe. Your own masterpiece is the measure of how divinely you have conceived it and how worthily you have rendered it in balance with Universal Law. In the measure that you can extend the beauty of your imagined rhythms to material bodies, built in the images of your spiritual conceptions, those rhythms will be the measure of your ability to create masterpieces. The very measure of the quality of your material interpretation lies in your ability to translate imagined forms and rhythms of the universal heartheat into bodily forms and rhythms which can reinspire others with the ecstasy of your inspiration.

When you inspire others, you are manifesting the love nature of God and the fulfillment of His law by giving love. Those whom you reinspire are, likewise, manifesting the nature of God and fulfilling His law by regiving love. You cannot reinspire others, however, if you leave God out of your technical rendition. That is why meditation is necessarily continuous. That is why great masters never go into their concert hall, or to their easels or work benches, without an interval of time to forget materiality. They first seek the zero of the still Light which centers their consciousness before extending their thought-images out from that stillness into the three-dimensional universe of moving electric waves, which Creation is. Not only every day should be started by seeking that zero of stillness, but every moment from the beginning of anything to its fulfillment. Never start your day’s work by yourself alone. Be sure that you feel God’s Presence within you. If some disturbing telephone call or other distraction severs your inner-Self from the Universal Self, open your door and let your sensed-self out and let God in; otherwise your work will not be masterful.

This is exactly that which transpired right at this computer board this morning. Dharma could not work and I will outlay briefly what transpired.

Daylene had done a great deal of organization of the dwelling on the yesterday while Dharma was in court. So, Dharma arose early and decided to appoint the early time to more organization and ordering of the confusion still abundant in every room of her dwelling. But that is not what happened; immediately one of the baby birds was “missing” and it took half an hour to find it (caught helplessly behind a potted plant), then at least a dozen inquiries of every description of what color clothes will you be washing” to can you help me find a tape George needs?” and on and on until the hours passed, no other work was accomplished, nerves were frazzled and no writing done either--only to find the house full of passers-by and distracted confusion. The morning was lost and when the child sat to do her appointed work, there was no clearing to be found--only desperation and fatigue. You ones MUST find your priorities and demand that they be met--FIRST. If you are about God’s focused work (in the manner of scribe, for instance), then that comes first, middle and last--ALL ELSE IS OF NO RELATIVE VALUE WHATSOEVER. If Dharma does not write--the immediate impact moves into the universe for it stops we of the authors and those of the distributors and publishers--not to even mention you of the readers. To empty the dishwasher, I fear, takes no priority at all in the summation--well, she didn’t get that done either, she reminds me! And yet, she cannot be responsible for all for all.


I am interrupted in this diatribe, by Hatonn, who asks me to relay the message that the Cosmospheres have started a storm system which is intended to cause trouble in the desert areas and wooded mountains of southern California within about 48 hours. Efforts are being made to disperse same but it will be clouding over rapidly and you should pay attention. It is intended to be an electrical system which would start fires all over and rainfall will be efforted at minimum to disallow the extinguishing of the fires. If, however, it doesn’t go all that well, as planned, then you may also get a great deluge which also will present damage. We have a bit of “reasoning” taking place and, frankly, it is easier to deal with the Russians than it is your government. At any rate, your Mr. Bush has his hands full in Greece this day. There are some grave political errors being made right now which can produce grave consequence. You are asked to simply remain alert. You dear ones have a very tedious 48 to 72 hours ahead of you.

Back to our subject, please. You cannot do anything of yourself alone. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have to acquire God-power even to lift your finger. Your are automatically controlled in your every action. Why not be controlled by working KNOWINGLY with God at all times, and being fully aware that God and His law are working with you. Continuous meditation means continuous God-awareness, not sitting cross-legged in a lotus position. That continuity of awareness is forever leading you higher and higher into the high heavens of your own mountain top and insulating your body from physical ills. That, and that alone, is the great glory of life and of living. That awareness, and that alone, leads you to masterliness of achievement, peace, prosperity, happiness and the love of all mankind which is forever enduring. That is the only thing worthy of the striving.


The basic reason for meditation is that you want to ask something from God. There is no other reason for it. And you do not begin to ask God for anything until you begin to realize your oneness with Him. You then ask God because you realize that you cannot fulfill your Soul’s desire without Him. When you finally do ask Him, you naturally ask how you may fulfill your Soul’s desire. You wordlessly say in your heart, “O, God, show me the way. Illumine my path with Thy Light.” Your Soul asks this in the silences of the Universal Soul. Naturally your inner ears cannot hear the answer except in the silences of the Light of inspiration. Naturally, also, you cannot comprehend the wordless answer from the silences of rest in His Light unless your Soul is so attuned to the Universal Soul that your inner ears can hear that answer in the universal language of Light. That is the language in which God talks to inspired man who knows God in him and is thus illumined.

Naturally you seek aloneness with God in the quiet of your chamber or work shop, or in the forests of Nature where the nature of God is being made manifest in the forms and whisperings of rhythms which echo within your own heartbeat as one. That very desire puts you in the “mood” for meditation, and the more you thus become companion with God, the more readily you comprehend His language of Light and can put words and forms to it.

When you have formed the habit of constant communion with God, you will then not have to make any conscious effort, or seek the quiet of nature’s environment, to induce it. It will become a working habit--a fixed habit of working knowingly with God--under any circumstances. A cosmic thinker can instantly decentrate to the zero of the Light of all-knowing whether he is in a subway or in a forest.

Let us analyze what is meant by “Soul’s desire”. What is the greatest thing in the world you can ask for or become? There is only one answer, and that is to be like unto God and manifest His nature. Until that IS the answer you have missed the intent of the journey. In its simplest form, just what, exactly, does that mean? In its simplest form, how can you be like God and manifest His nature? The simplest answer to that, in turn, is to acknowledge that God is love, life, and the Truth which lies in the Light of all knowledge and power. That is what God IS. Love is the nature of God, the Universal Mind or Soul. Now, as to what God does, the answer is just as simple. GOD EXTENDS HIS KNOWLEDGE AND POWER FROM THE STILL LIGHT OF HIS MIND, THROUGH THE PULSATIONS OF HIS THINKING, TO WAVES OF MOVING, DIVIDED LIGHT TO CREATE ONE PULSING BODY TO MANIFEST THE LOVE, LIFE AND TRUTH OF HIS KNOWING. WHICH CONSTITUTE HIS NATURE.

And that is exactly what you do to the extent of your knowledge and ability. You extend your knowledge and your power from the still Light of your Mind, through the pulsations of your thinking, to create your universe in forms which reflect your nature. Whatever you create is the image of you. You call it your individuality or personality. Whatever it is, it is YOUR IMAGE projected into forms imagined by you to manifest your nature. You create a manifestation of your immortal Self by thinking your knowing into form. If you know but little, and think but little, you will create a little person. IF YOU THINK OUT OF BALANCE, YOU WILL CREATE AN UNBALANCED INDIVIDUAL WITH AN UNBALANCED BODY. Where do you fit? If you are a hypochondriac, you have made yourself into one instead of into a genial, cheerful, happy and healthy leader of men.

WHATEVER YOU WISH TO BECOME, YOU MAY BECOME FOR YOU MUST, BY NOW, REALIZE THAT YOU CAN BECOME ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE. If you create your own personality alone, by yourself, it will have all of the weaknesses of the senses. The more you ask God to help you make your Self into His image, the more power of His Mind you will have to fashion your Self into a powerful individual. When His nature and yours are one, you will then be a person of cosmic power and your creations will manifest your nature and God’s nature as one.



Your genius does not depend upon your ability to translate your Soul-imagined patterns into material ones, for your genius unfolds for your own exaltation even if you never express it through a technique which gives it a body. To awaken it in your Soul exalts you to your own high heavens, but does not exalt your neighbor to his high heavens until you have expressed it as a Soul-to-Soul message by giving it a formed body.

When the genius of your Soul sends out a visual or audible message which awakens the genius in another Soul and reinspires him with your inspiration, you have then extended your immortality to another. He then recognizes his own genius in the measure of your awakening of the knowledge of his immortality in him.

It is not necessary to another whom you may inspire that he should have the technical mastery of any instrument or medium you employ to lift him up into your ecstatic heaven, for the moment you inspire him with your genius he has genius in himself to the extent of the intensity of his inspiration. He cannot bring his heavenly inspirations to Earth, as you can, unless he acquires the technique that you have acquired to be enabled to bring them to Earth. It has, however, uplifted his cultural standard and, in so doing, has uplifted the cultural standard of all mankind, even as one drop of water uplifts the whole ocean by that measure.

Your transcendent genius is the result of your communion with God. But through your masterly interpretation of the rhythmic heartbeat of His thinking, you have caused others to commune with you and God. Your meditation and theirs are one. You have made them forget their sensed-bodies and dwell in the Mind-kingdom of your high heavens with you and all illumined Souls who dwell in God’s kingdom of Light. That is the way that culture gradually awakens in unfolding man. Those who have come to know that kingdom through meditation tell it to others in the inspired language of Light--and that language has no words, no sounds, no form and no technique.

It is purely a radiant state of knowing, without meaning. When meaning does begin to come into that radiance of your meditation, it comes in rhythms of octave thought-waves of “light”, and those rhythms are always the rhythms of the Universal heartheat and your heartbeat. That is what is meant by being “in tune with the Infinite.”

When your radiance is a state of knowing, without meaning, that is the state of meditation. When, however, IDEA enters your meditation with meaning, your meditation is also a “communion” with God. That is what is meant by talking with God. That is also what is meant by inspired revelations from God.

The language of Light is from Light to Light, or Soul to Soul, and there need be no words, nor sounds, nor forms. The Soul understands that rhythmic language whenever expressed by Soul. The body-senses, centered at the seat of sensation in the brain, can never understand it, even though they hear its expression in words and sound and see it expressed in form.


The seat of Consciousness, which is the Light in man, centers the seat of sensation from which the electric action-reaction sequences of thinking extend. In meditation, you are partially or wholly severing the extending sensations of your thinking in order to find the stillness of the Light, which your Consciousness is. You thus lose your manifestation of life--which your body is--to find the eternal life--which your Soul is. Let us again define meditation in other words:

Meditation is a communion with God for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and power to manifest God as co-Creator of His universe. In different words, it is to enable Mind to control matter. That acquisition gives you the power to create your individual universe in the image of your individual Self, as God creates His universe in His image. Through meditation, you free your body from slavery and acquire mastery over it. The human race has been a slave to its body all down the ages. You and every other man are slaves to your bodily senses until knowledge gives your Mind mastery over them.

Since different words about the same thing have connotations which lead to better understandings, let us again define meditation with different words:

Meditation is the basis for intercommunication between your immortal mind and the electric senses of your mortal body.

Meditation is a conference between your immortal Mind-Self which knows and your thinking which builds images of your knowing--also your body which acts in obedience to the will of your Mind.

Meditation is an expression of desire for knowledge of perfect CAUSE for the purpose of producing perfect EFFECT.

In communion with God, you acquire God-awareness, which means Cosmic Consciousness, by forgetting body awareness, which means material sensing. God-awareness in you brings realization of the Light of Cosmic Consciousness in you. When your realization of your cosmic unity with God is strong enough, your cosmic power is the measure of your intensity of that realization. The only way you can multiply your strength to think, or to create, or to command matter to your obedience such as commanding your body to health, or commanding masterly achievement by control over your body, Is to multiply God-awareness in you.

Your Mind is God’s Mind. Your thinking is God’s thinking. Your creative processes are God’s creative processes. When God concentrates His thinking, body-forms appear in the image of His desiring. When God decentrates His thinking, those body-forms expand into disappearance to reappear when God reconcentrates His thinking. You do likewise, for there is but one KNOWER, one THINKER and one CRFATOR In the universe.

God is all that IS. YOU are all that IS. In meditative communion with God, you become aware of that. To be alone with God is to know the wonder of that awareness. Meditation is for the purpose of recollecting your immortality.

God creates His universal body by extending the electric pulsations of His thinking from the stillness of the Light of His knowing. Idea of God’s knowing is projected by light-waves through the motion of His thinking to mirrored image waveforms of idea which we call matter.

All matter is but electric wave-pulsations of His thinking, recording the idea of His thinking in forms which appear, disappear and reappear to synchronize with the cyclic sequences of His concentrative-decentrative and reconcentrative thinking which characterize the entirety of effect in this dynamic universe of His creating.

God’s eternally-creating universe is the result of His eternally-continuous meditation and desire to manifest idea.

You create your universe in the same manner and by the same processes and method under control of the same law. There is no other manner, nor process, nor method, nor law. Your universe is your Mind-idea of what you are. It is your Soul’s desire manifested into the material image of your thinking. It is the fruit of your meditation.

The most wonderful thing about it is that God will give you whatever you ask, fulfill your desire no matter what you desire. You can make yourself into the kind of person you desire to be, whether bishop, poet or thief, for the whole universe will work with you to fulfill your desire if you work with its law. If you work against the law, it will avail you nothing, even if you fulfill your desire. Balance your desires, therefore, and their fulfillment will, likewise, be balanced.

Communion with God in meditation will not only mold your desires in harmony with Divine Law but will give you knowledge of the nature of God--which will become your nature. To the extent that you reflect God’s nature, your desires will also reflect God’s nature. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR CONSTANT ENDEAVOR FOR ITS SUPREME ATTAINMENT IS YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL.

Please allow us a break at this point and then we will return and continue this subject explained as: GOD IS LIGHT.




THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1991 8:20 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 336



God’s communion within His own Being is a sequential transition from the still, unconditioned Light of His knowing and the moving, conditioned lights of His thinking.

The Light of His knowing is undivided. It is a balanced equilibrium. The two lights of His thinking are divided. They are the electric pulsations of two-way motion which build thought-forms for recording His knowing.

God’s light-wave universe is the invisible still Light of Mind- knowing. God’s electric universe is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by the visible, pulsing lights of His dynamic thinking.


We cannot say more to you than that, for God’s communion with His Self is identical in principle and practice with your communion with your Self-Oneness as God. The eternal Light of eternal Life is the balanced Light of the Soul-Mind universe.

Your electric body is the product of your knowing, expressed by your thinking--as God’s universal body is the product of God’s knowing, expressed by His thinking. If you can but fully realize this vitally important fact, you will be farther ahead than you could possibly be by reading all the books in the Congressional Library.

When you commune with full understanding, you become aware of your oneness with God. You become more and more aware of the fact that God’s Mind is your Mind, that His knowledge and power are your knowledge and power. When God becomes your teacher (and little doves, you of this brood have God as your personal teacher, I hope you understand that gift), you need no earthly teachers. I watch you in this crew and know that you don’t yet understand that which I say to you for, already, you cannot separate that which came to you as a “brother” from that same entity which is now your Father/Creator”--how blessed you are to come into KNOWING through this wondrous route of brotherhood so that you were able to grow into the comfort of His Mighty Presence. You have learned the reverence without losing the wondrous humor and comfort of His sharing toil. You who labor so hard in a “Commander’s” service will find that to be the reward of rewards for your selfless service.

To the extent that you become aware of God as the still Light which centers you as Soul of you, you are God. As you become more and more enabled to forget your body-awareness and find yourself alone in that stillness of cosmic Light, you form inspired conceptions of ideas which come to you in timeless flashes of that Light which you do not see but KNOW because of its illumining presence. You feel the ecstasy of it in the Light of your Soul and in the inspiration which accompanies your celebration.

All geniuses conceive their ideas with that accompanying joy and exaltation of inner thinking. They then think those ideas into form. After the mental image is clear, they give a material body to each idea by outward thinking through their senses for others to interpret in the measure of their knowing. To sum up this as a formula, we might say that meditation is a sequential journey from the zero of Mind-knowing--through the action of Mind-thinking--to the rest point which centers two-way thinking--and back again to that zero of Mind-knowing. The more intensely you can comprehend this definition, the more simple you will find all things in life, for we do not depart from the above formula in any decision or action of life, or the solution of any problem of life. Nor do we depart from it during this entire course of lessons. It is most basic, as you will discover as we proceed. We urge you, therefore, to give deep thought to it and recognize its prototype in principle in all things, even unto life, death and rebirth as being the same effect as inbreathing, outhreathing and repeated inbreathing.

Desire in God to manifest His Being by producing imaged forms by projection in light-waves of motion from the stillness of His Light of knowing is the energy of the universe which He is eternally creating. Desire in you is, likewise, the energy which enables you to create your universe. We will talk much, later on, about your energy and God’s energy in relation to the motive power extended to you from God, and your use of it.

Constant communion with your Source of energy will give you both knowledge and power to use it by giving form to your inspired conceptions under your cosmic control instead of under your sensed control. Communion with God in meditation means talking with God in Mind silence.


In the last lesson, we took you one step nearer to the simplicity which underlies your interchange between knowing and thinking. We will now take another step in that direction by having you understand the love nature of the universe and how that love principle parallels the simple formula given to you.

Communion with God exalts you to the joy of the universal love principle of God and Nature. Here we must use the word ecstasy which is also a badly misused term. It is, however, the only suitable word for it is the one undivided emotion--the balanced full joy “ecstasy” of love for which there ARE NO OPPOSITES.

The reaction to the giving of love is love regiven. When your meditation gives to you the love nature of God, you will then know that there is no evil, nor sin, nor bad in God or in Nature. There is naught but GOOD in God’s universe. This does NOT mean that the presence of evil is absent from the world but only that--in communion WITH GOD--there is nothing save Goodness because ALL is then perceived with the objective of total Love.

In communing with God directly, or through those moods of Nature which lead you to God, you become aware that His nature is your nature. In your deep communion, you feel only the universal love nature of God extending through you to all the universe. You then love all things for there is naught but love extending through you and from you. Your own ecstasy tells you that.

Imagine yourself communing with God indirectly, such as listening to the heavenly rhythms of God’s heartbeat in a masterful symphony. While thus enraptured by the divine rhythms reaching your very Soul, can you possibly imagine yourself thinking evil, or thinking sinfully by planning to cheat, or lie, or steal? No--of course you cannot. The reason you cannot is because you are reflecting the love nature of the universe in your spiritual Self, and there is no sin in that love nature to reflect. That is why you should seek God in meditation immediately if you indulge in angry or unkind thoughts. You must restore the balance of the universal love principle, else the toxins of unbalanced thinking will upset the balanced normalcy of your body rhythms, which all illnesses are.

Form the constant HABIT of meditation. Make it a moment-to-moment private continuous attitude of your Mind in order to keep in tune with the universal rhythms of God’s balanced thinking. Be in tune with them always. Never stray far enough from God-awareness to allow the slightest imperfection in your work, your health, your friendships, your business plans or any achievement whatsoever. The more you become fully aware that you cannot do anything of yourself alone, and desire partnership with the whole universe, the more you will find that you can say, in the deep depths of your communion, “I am the universe. I am all that is, for the Light of my Father is all that is, and I am that Light. I and my Father are ONE.” That is cosmic meditation, for that is the thinking of the new race of cosmic man now in the borning. In those deep depths you can desire what you will, and “behold, it standeth before you.”

It is recorded that every man who has known the illumination into Cosmic Consciousness has first lost all awareness of sin or evil. He finds himself in a universe of love in which there is no evil. You are quite a ways from that state of beingness--of necessity, for you must bring back into balance a very unbalanced world where evil has run amok. We must first bring love and balance into the world in such a measure as to begin the swing back into balance from this tremendously unbalanced circumstance.

Could it be done through ONE MAN? Yes, but you had best look at that one man in point--if he clings in any manner to that which is deviant from any of the laws of God and Creation then he has not the full capability of desire to change the whole. I mean ANY DEVIATION!

This God communication leads you into the REALITY of love and away from the unreality of evil. When one is wholly Mind, he can know no evil for there is no evil in his presence. God and His universe are founded upon love. Love is all there is.


The entirety of Creation is the manifestation of love. Every effect of motion in Nature is a manifestation of the nature of God, for Nature gives of its all in every action and regives equally in every reaction. If that were not so, the movements of the planets would not be predictable. The electric heartbeat of nature expresses love in both halves of each cycle of the universal heartbeat. Nature never takes--for God never takes. Nature always gives equally--for God always gives equally. God’s equally balanced giving for regiving is never violated in Nature. It could not be violated for Nature is an extension of God’s nature. For this reason, the balance of Nature can never be upset.

When you commune with God, do not have desire written upon your heart for that which is to be given to you. Ask, rather, to be inspired as to what you can give, and how, in order to be worthy of that which will surely be given you if you first give. UNLESS YOU FIRST GIVE, YOU WILL NOT BE REGIVEN.

Let your thinking be energized to express love by first giving love in order that its inviolate reaction will regive love. To give possessions is not giving love. Love can only be given from your Self to another Self, and love given without Self is like unto sounds of music given without Soul. To extend love is to multiply the Light of it a thousandfold. To the extent that you are illumined with the Light of Love, which comes only from communion with the Source of love, to that extent you will be enabled to manifest your genius in masterly creations of your own. The very purpose of meditation is to enable you to give body-forms to ideas conceived by your Mind.

Unless the Light of love which illumines you is extended into your creations, they are but dead things which cannot endure.

The one point we wish to accentuate is that what we are now telling you is Universal Law, inescapable and inevitable law, which cannot be violated. Just to tell you this is not enough. Talk it over with God in your heart and you will really know that if you defy the law to the slightest extent it will hurt you equally, while if you work with that law it will work with you to the fulfillment of your every desire.


A musician asks how meditation helps a musician to compose a symphony. He claims that teachers are necessary because of technique. Teachers can never teach you to be a poet, musician, artist, inventor, or creator of anything. They can only teach you techniques which they themselves have attained at the very best. God is the only one who can teach you to create. A teacher can tell you how to give a material body to your concept, but only God can give you your inspired concept. In other words, a teacher can give you a technique for expressing your idea, but he cannot become your Soul from which your concept extends. If the teacher can reinspire you with his inspiration, that inspiration of his, reflected in you, awakens the sleeping genius which is within you, but no one can teach you that. If you have been inspired by listening to a Paderewski, he has not taught you anything. He has enabled you to recognize the Light within your Self by his re-illumining.

The beauty of music is not in its technique; it is in the Soul of its creator. That is why the same “tune” does not express the same Soul essence as different persons present it. One may be a genius--the other a player of recorded music. A copy of a great masters art may be quite identical but one is the original with its Soul and the other remains a copy”. Music is neither the sound vibrations of music; it is in the silence of the Light from which the sound sprang--a series of tones” does not make music. You can KNOW music and THINK it without having acquired the technique of expressing it, or without producing sounds to give it a body. Your inner ears can hear the music in the silence of God’s eternal rhythms and you can interpret your moods into the rhythms of the universal heartheat, as Beethoven interpreted the mood of the moonlight into the rhythms of it without having any teacher but his God-Self.

Consider the life of any great musical genius. What he finally produces in a written composition first begins in his Soul. He must first find aloneness with Self by getting away from all other people--even from his own body-awareness. He must suppress all outer influences to seek that stillness from within from which the inner ears of his Soul can hear the rhythms of the universal heartbeat of God’s creative thinking. This is why, for instance, Dharma must have silence and quiet about her and aloneness when we write for otherwise her consciousness is distracted into fragments and she cannot hear that which we bring forth, or send forth, as the case may be. I know that ones who live and work with her assume she just sits and types--no, she is as any other writer--she must hear the message. God is the author of any worthy writing. All GREAT writings are of God for those of the adversary DO NOT ENDURE.

To find that stillness in the Light of knowing, he must stop thinking in order that he can conceive idea from the Light of all-knowing. From the ecstasy of that stillness, the inspiration is born in his very Soul. The motive for his symphony gradually takes form through the heartbeat of his thinking, which he extends from the stillness of his Soul.

He then ceases to extend it, again to find the stillness of the Light which is gradually giving him his motive through inner inspiration.

This is the mood of all creative geniuses during the inspiring and ecstatic hours during which they commune with God. By such communion, you awaken and unfold your own genius. There is no other way to become a cosmic being. There is no other way to acquire inspired knowledge to uplift you from earth into the high heavens of the kingdom of the Soul where cosmic man dwells.

Not until the creator of a cosmic idea wishes to give it a material body can a teacher be of any help.

Giving an inspired concept a material body means to extend the conception from the consciousness of Mind, through thinking, to the sounds of a musical instrument, or the symbols of a written manuscript. That is purely a question of technique. A teacher is helpful in the acquirement of a technique and all of its mechanics. Does Dharma have this practice and technique when she writes? Not exactly--as with this material she presents for us--however, the technique of getting in clear touch and reception of the work required great discipline and giving, not to even include inspiration. The technique is most human--the gift, divine. Do you see the difference? For through the technique, she ALLOWS us to write that which we need to share with you without inserting her OPINION.

In giving your conception a material body, many years of technical and scientific practice are needed. The science of the octave spectrum of color or tone is needed for expressing each of the arts, for from those octave-wave rhythms the poet, painter, architect, sculptor or musician gives rhythmic bodies to his inspired conceptions.

The architect must first go to the Source of all inspiration for his conception. He does not need to be an engineer or mathematician for that, but when he builds the cathedral of his inspired imaginings he must know the technique of the engineer and mathematician in order to give a material body to his imaged one. Likewise, the painter, sculptor, poet or musician needs to be informed, either by books, teachers, experimentation or experience, regarding the techniques of giving bodies to his spiritually-conceived ideas.

Remember, however, that technical information is not knowledge. You can be informed through the senses but you can acquire knowledge only through desire of the Soul for illumining with the Light of all-knowing. Knowledge is of the Soul and the Soul is not concerned with techniques. To the Soul they have no existence for your consciousness can conceive a greater symphony, poem, monument, painting or temple than you could ever give to a material body, no matter how perfect your technique is. So too, as you ask about these JOURNALS: Dharma writes on a keyboard through an earth technique that which God and we of his Hosts, present as the Soul unto the work. Without the KNOWING and the addition of input of Soul direction--we would simply have compiled more piles of print without direction or motivation save to present piles of print. Dharma herself, would, further, have preferred to write other types of material--or at least in beginning that was preference. She did not, nor does she yet, perceive herself a writer--shhh: she is still awaiting her “purpose”! She agrees to do this “favor” until she recognizes her purpose! Who are we to bend her from her seeking? For you who are new into the work here--she only started writing for us in July of 1989. God gets right with it when His time sequence is attended. There weren’t any more startled to find themselves doing this work than perhaps George and Desiree’ Green. George had made a commitment years ago to the Pleiades Command and Hatonn simply wrote a few little JOURNALS and reminders of commitment--it can be quite shocking when God comes knocking with his reminders of commitment. There have been some most interesting stories unfold herein which would be fun some day to relay to all so you can share your knock-knock’s, as in “Knock, knock!”; “Who’s there?” God--where have you been?”

The Soul’s greatest masterpieces are never produced on Earth Shan. They never descend from their high heavens of the Mind universe. No musical master can produce in sound the music which he hears in his Soul while in communion with God. Physical sounds can be heard by anyone but the silences from which they spring can be heard only by a cosmic God-conscious being while his Soul is in communion with the Universal Soul. How well that music is received and appreciated by his listeners after he then records the remembered strains is that which gives life and Soul unto the projected works. At best, it is but a recording of God’s thought projected through physical perception.

Speaking, again, of techniques, an electric machine can remember information recorded upon it electrically, and it can repeat it countless times with accuracy. The electric machine is sensed (wired) for that purpose. It is a body without a Soul. It obeys the will of an intelligence which presses a button.

Man humans are but electric machines which remember and repeat information recorded upon their senses. People say of such persons that their technique is perfect but soulless. That means that God-awareness in them has not yet been awakened. That is what we mean by saying that teachers can give you techniques but God can awaken the Light of cosmic inspiration in you.

Many unawakened humans forever repeat the ideas of others, such as those who stand in assembly lines, each one electrically sensed to do his unthinking, unknowing part like an electrically-driven automaton. But many there are who also stand in assembly lines who perform work automatically with their bodies while their Souls are in communion with God in His high heavens. These are the cosmic ones among men who are seeking to find the kingdom of the Soul’s high heavens They gradually break away from the treadmill of life through communing with God.

John Doe of the assembly line can escape from John Doe and be Rachmaninoff, or Shakespeare, or whoever else at will. Through meditation, John Doe can roam the universe and be alone with God in the deep woods hearing the rippling fall of waters or the breezes in the pines above the crash of factory wheels or gears.

No matter how heavy the burden of the treadmill of life may be, or how bitterly your body may be chained to Earth, you may escape from it and be exalted among men by hearing the still small Voice within you whispering inspired words in God’s language of Light.

Let us bring this section to a close because I wish to discuss “how to meditate” a bit at the next sitting and the hour grows too late to complete the thought pattern. We shall sit again in the morrow, please. Thank you for attending me and thank you for your service.

I bid you precious friends peace within the wondrous Presence.




FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1991 9:56 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 337

FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1991

Vio present to continue with our JOURNAL:


This is a subject of so much controversy and as many answers as there are persons who experience; so, if you have a method that works--why fix something which is not broken?

Meditation is the key that will open the door to your inner-Self wherein lies all the true power for material manifestation, for, as sound springs from silence, so does positive action come from inner KNOWING.

It has been said that one must lose one’s life to find it. Applied to meditation, it means that one must forget one’s mortal body in order to become aware of one’s immortality. That is exactly what happens when we seek the Light of Self-illumination in our eternal Selves. The great glory of existence is reached only by Mind-awareness. You can only reach supreme heights that way. In that ecstatic existence is the seed and Source of all-power and all-knowledge, which is yours by desiring it.

It is not easy to acquire the meditative state all at once, even as carefully as these writings will tell you how to acquire it. It is perhaps too simple and ones are seeking too much of a “change” of beingness. What you are actually doing is moving into a personal state of hypnosis wherein you are setting aside your sense awareness/ consciousness. Almost ALL misunderstand that which is “hypnosis” and, therefore, I am going to have to share a dissertation of what hypnosis IS! Dharma, I ask that we take the explanation tape from your set and herein reproduce the lecture regarding “hypnosis”. We will make decisions regarding inclusion of the audio tape later. I do not want, however, to include a thing in tapes which is not duplicated in printed form--of this nature. I would suggest, however, to the Publisher, that to accompany this volume with a couple of pre-planned tapes would bring incredible results. People simply work too hard at a thing which is as simple as relaxation and you cannot attain it by written instructions. May we please conference regarding this matter, soon?

Acquiring “contact” comes a bit slowly if you are working without benefit of support from an audio source which can allow your mind to simply follow” and your desire to commune MUST be present. First comes desire for change and only then can change be accomplished. There is no other way! You must either desire to live in the sensed body of Earth or in the Light of the Mind-kingdom of heaven. That is the answer to those who say they try to meditate but find that they cannot stop thinking to “get into that state of Mind.” To those who are thus troubled in making the transition, we would say that if you desired to talk to the President of the U.S., your Mind would be centered on the reason why you desired to talk to him.

Exactly the same procedure takes place when you wish to talk with God. Your Mind is centered on your desire. You could not possibly think of other things, nor could your thinking wander aimlessly. Concentrate hard upon your desire if you wish to, or just breathe your desire softly, or just write it upon your heart wordlessly. Perhaps your desire has no definite objective other than to find the peace of heavenly companionship by dwelling in the love nature of your Self and God.

It makes no difference what your desire might be, or whether your approach is in deep concentration upon some specific thing, or in dreamy decentration upon some nebulous idea--or upon nothing at all. You cannot concentrate long in any case, not more than five to ten minutes, before the reaction of decentration replaces it. Gradually the inspiration you ask for will come to you. Before you can realize it, you will find yourself sort of “stepping in and out of the body”, so to speak, in that alternation which always takes place while losing your sensed-awareness. Gradually you will completely forget your body and have full awareness of the Light of knowing, which MIND IS.

What I am asking Dharma to place herein is an explanation regarding hypnosis. To do this work we trained her by a Master Teacher of the subject and she is brilliantly qualified in hypnotherapy. I can only urge you to read most carefully this explanation of hypnosis and walk with her through the relaxation techniques and into ability at self-hypnosis--for this is a most private within Mind experience--to be shared only if desired. There is nothing more personal than your communion with God--NOTHING!

Learning is not enough, however--you must then follow-on, after several practice sessions with the self-hypnosis training tape, into the tape prepared for her use in “clearing”, asking in the higher Presence and giving permission to the sub-conscious to function physically by enabling you to remain in a state of relaxation but giving you ability to write as response flows. It is an excellent tape to utilize as you retire and allow that sub-conscious worker-bee to sort out the problems overnight. At first your responses will likely appear most silly to you--write what comes at any rate--often the higher energies will be testing to see IF YOU WILL ACCEPT THE MESSAGE--REGARDLESS OF CONTENT. You must learn to receive as given--not as YOU EXPECT OR THINK IT SHOULD BE IN RESPONSE. If, however, you get dark input--demand instant removal of all dark energies who are NOT IN DIRECT SERVICE OF DIVINE GOD SOURCE AND THE LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD. DO NOT ALLOW FAILURE OF IDENTIFICATION IN THIS MATTER--IF YOU PICK UP GAMES ABOUT IT-IT IS NOT OF LIGHT! GOD’S WORKERS IDENTIFY WITH GOD INSTANTLY! BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK, FOR THE ADVERSARY WILL LIE TO YOU EVERY TIME AND HE IS ALLOWED TO FOOL YOU IF HE CAN--YOU MUST TAKE CONTROL!



There are so many misconceptions regarding hypnosis that we will herein correct any misinformation regarding this wondrous tool. We will allow you to see how and why the method works.

In order to fully benefit from use of the tapes it is extremely important that you understand exactly what it is you wish to accomplish and how the goal can best be accomplished.

It is most important that you understand what is meant explicitly, by the term “hypnosis”, and to also have understanding of how the Mind functions.

Ones attempt to change bodily functions and replace negative habits over and over to only end in failure. Perhaps you are efforting to build better self-image and esteem and/or be a better spouse or parent and simply cannot reach through that barrier of the conscious mind. Ones work hard at being a better public speaker and/or better relate to the opposite sex or generally with all others. We most often seek greater self-worth--the list seems to be infinite in length. You spend millions upon millions of dollars, each and every year, on self-improvement programs and countless diet plans, seminars and even seek psychiatric assistance to hopefully fulfill the dream of a magical result.

How many times do we decline to GROW within our careers or participate in social situations because of our own feelings of self-dislike and feelings of personal unworthiness? Failure then becomes our subconscious goal instead of a goal of success, riches, good health, social poise and confidence. We continue on and on forever reinforcing the feelings of failure until surely enough, failure results.

You no longer need to move toward failure for we can show you how to move only toward success in your life. The miracles follow and success must result for you will confront the problems and bring forth the solutions at a level of mind-control wherein the problem is recorded. You can now have the method THAT WORKS.

There are several parts to the human mind, two of which I am going to speak of in this discussion, and we will deal with them in order to achieve the use of the tool available to you. One is the “conscious” and the other is the subconscious”.

The conscious mind is that portion of the mind of which you are fully aware. It is the “me” when you think of yourself. Now it appears that this is the portion of the mind that makes all of your decisions and directs your activities. This, however, is NOT TRUE. The other and larger part of your mind is the subconscious.

The subconscious is the REAL YOU. In actuality the conscious mind is ruled and directed by that subconscious mind. We all have “free-will” to do anything which we desire and our decisions are based on the strength of those desires.

The subconscious desires ALWAYS dominate the ones which are conscious. Let us use an example; A man may consciously wish to stop drinking if he is an alcoholic. He consciously regrets having the loss of love and respect of his family, which usually happens. He may also be watching his career being destroyed due to his drinking. Yet he will continue to drink to excess in spite of his “conscious” desires. The subconscious mind will continue to direct the person to drink in excess until such time as the idea within the subconscious mind is changed or replaced by a different idea.

Although our conscious mind has the ability to reason and decide upon a course of action which would be far more advantageous to us, it cannot put that decision into action until such time as the subconscious mind agrees--and then must direct its energy toward the implementation of that decision. Our source of energy stems from the subconscious mind and no amount of WILL-POWER exerted by the conscious mind can override it. This is the reason “will-power” in the long-run will almost always only make a temporary dent in any surface physical problem. Habits will continue to dominate until the subconscious mind is changed.

The subconscious mind works exactly as a computer works in that it will respond only as it has been programmed. Much of this programming took place long before we were old enough to choose between ideas helpful or hurtful to our very own welfare.

The subconscious accepts only what the conscious mind believes at the time a suggestion is offered. If that suggestion becomes embedded in the subconscious and the conscious mind changes its opinion, the subconscious will CONTINUE to respond as originally programmed until such time as it is reprogrammed. After a NEW IDEA is PROGRAMMED and accepted within the subconscious, however, it then becomes accepted and is the idea upon which the individual will henceforth function. It now becomes apparent that if we wish to attain self-mastery in any situation, we must program and/or reprogram (as the case may be), our subconscious mind. Once this is accomplished we then CONSCIOUSLY direct our activity toward any goal desired--be it toward good health, happiness, financial success or success in any endeavor chosen.

Since the subconscious mind is our driving force we always do what IT believes and wishes us to do. Since it will believe anything it is told to believe we can reprogram it if we only bypass the conscious mind--set it aside--and then we must replace the old program with new and constructively positive ideas instead of the existing negative ones.

These new ideas then must be continually reinforced until they are totally entrenched habits of thinking and acting. It becomes obvious, therefore, that we must temporarily set aside that conscious critical mind, so that reasoning from a “false premise” can be stopped, thus allowing us to substitute a correct premise for the false one that we have stored within the subconsciousness.

This is accomplished most efficiently and rapidly through hypnosis.

As part of the beginning to make changes within your subconscious mind it is necessary to understand its nature and its function. The subconscious is designed to be YOUR SERVANT and act upon orders given to it by your conscious mind. Since it was designed to serve, it makes a very poor master, indeed. And yet most of us allow it to continually control our entire lives. It consists of your desires, whims and emotions and the energy that drives you to satisfy them. What your subconscious believes, is the difference between good health and sickness, happiness and unhappiness, success and failure.

The subconscious mind has several vital functions. It regulates and controls involuntary functions within the body such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion and elimination. Stress and tension inhibit these processes and are therefore responsible for ALL phychosomatic illness symptoms. The subconscious mind is the seat of the imagination.

Many people will say they have no imagination. But of course they do, although they may have effectively suppressed it. Even against their own well-being and best interest they can always seem to create a negative response.

The subconscious mind is a memory bank very much like a computer. Everything we have ever done, seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt or experienced in any way, is permanently stored in a maze of memory patterns which feed back the information to the conscious mind, when activated. Nothing is ever erased from the mind--except through injury or removal of a portion of the brain itself.

The subconscious mind is the foundation of our emotions. This accounts for its domination of the conscious mind. Since emotions govern the strength of our desires and since our desires govern our behavior, we are actually at the mercy of our subconscious mind--UNLESS WE LEARN TO CONTROL IT. The subconscious is incapable of discrimination and will believe anything it is told. It carries out our habitual conduct, it manages and controls the activities we have reduced to habit; such as dressing oneself, eating, walking and so on.

It is the generator that directs our energy. It is the energy that drives us toward our life goals. It, automatically and constantly, uses this energy to proceed toward a goal; therefore, unless you set a goal for it to achieve, it will either choose its own goal, or proceed toward a goal someone else has suggested. Without your direction and demand it might very well strive directly and unerringly toward negative and self-destructive goals. As I said before, it has no capability of choosing a proper goal.

The subconscious mind is not supposed to “think”, but rather, only to react to the thoughts you feed it and then to carry out your direct orders. It was intended that YOU be the boss and it be the servant and it is time you started giving the orders to push you on to success and happiness and bring you into communion with your higher beingness.

Any person who succeeds in his business or in his personal life, and anyone who is making large sums of money, has simply chosen success for a goal and given that direct order to his subconscious mind. This can be by conscious choice or by having had the idea implanted within his mind at some point in his past experience.

The subconscious WANTS to receive guidance from your conscious mind for that is the way Nature intended it to be. It will do exactly what it is told because this is its Natural function. You can direct it toward anything you wish and it will achieve it for you even though you consciously may even forget what it was you requested. Once an idea becomes fixed in the subconscious it feeds back into your daily behavior and causes you to be that which you are. So it is up to you to direct it to work for you instead of against you. Through the use of hypnosis or self-hypnosis you can easily learn to control your future by channeling your energy constructively.

We must clear up some misconceptions regarding hypnotism. The average preconceived ideas about hypnotism are so far from the actual truth as to be totally absurd and ridiculous. There is NOTHING MAGICAL OR MYSTICAL about hypnotism. There has NEVER BEEN A DOCUMENTED CASE OF HARM COMING TO ANYONE AS A RESULT OF ITS THERAPEUTIC USE.

Although its benefits are well established, it remains a much misunderstood and oftentimes frightening subject in the minds of the general public. This stems from the natural fear of a powerful force that is not understood.

This force, however, stems entirely from your own subconscious mind--and if you don’t bring it under your control it will most surely control you. It has that option. The greater danger is in not understanding the source of this power. Almost all physical and emotional ailments result from this uncontrolled force working against us when we should be using it to our best advantage.

Fear of hypnotism is, thank goodness, being gradually replaced by acceptance of its use. Even in medicine, doctors are finally accepting it as a viable and valuable treatment of emotionally caused diseases. Psychiatrists are beginning to supplement psychotherapy with hypnotherapy which dramatically reduces the time need (and also indicates why it is not more readily utilized--time is money for the physician and hypnosis is FAST, effective and inexpensive) for the therapy process. Dentists, too, are using hypnosis in order to relax patients and in that process are finding they are needing far less anesthetic or none at all, for painless drilling or tooth extractions.

There is a question which is always asked—“How does it feel to be hypnotized?” And this is a most important point. You will feel the same while hypnotized whether by a professional hypnotist assisting you or your doing it yourself--provided you have some audio assistance for otherwise you have no relative comparison.

Every muscle in your body becomes pleasantly relaxed and all tensions disappear. Every muscle in the body becomes relaxed as every nerve becomes calm. This happens in various degrees from one hypnotic experience to another until it becomes an established habit pattern, after which you are able to completely relax within just a few seconds. After the nerves and muscles relax the mind also lets go and--although you can and will remain “aware” of the noises and activities around you--they simply do not disturb your tranquility. You are able to think if you desire to do so, but only an emergency will trigger such a desire. You simply prefer to continue enjoying the pleasant relaxed feeling of complete security and contentment. It feels almost like being awake while sleeping. Perhaps a better description might be like watching yourself sleep in “mind’s eye”.

Any and every person goes into and out of hypnosis many, many times each and every day. It’s the abstract state you are in when day-dreaming and you become unaware of your surroundings. Or, when you are driving and drift off into thoughts so that when you look around, you realize you have reached your destination without realizing it. You will not pass out nor will you EVER become unconscious. In fact, the general reaction by most people after coming out of a hypnotic trance is that they don’t believe they have been hypnotized. They say they enjoyed the experience immensely but they had expected something much different.

You may remain conscious of where you are and what you are doing but you simply feel too relaxed and comfortable to give it thought. You can, however, return to complete awareness at any time that you choose to do so--it is especially so when in a self-induced trance for you still have the total control of the suggestions. NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN UNABLE TO COME OUT OF A HYPNOTIC TRANCE and the sensational stories you may have heard regarding hypnosis are simply untrue and are propagated by stage presentations which are intended to produce exactly such an illusion.


During a trance both your body and mind become revitalized and you will return to your full awareness feeling physically refreshed and emotionally calm and serene. Your energy will be renewed and your tensions will have dissolved. You will look forward with eagerness to your next experience because it is a very pleasant experience.

One reason people may have difficulty at first, in learning self- hypnosis, is that they don’t know when they are hypnotized. Because they EXPECT something much different they believe they have failed when actually they have succeeded very nicely.

There are various “depths” of trance which can be achieved and as you practice you will find yourself at various stages during different sessions until you become conditioned to the point where you can choose the depth.

While in trance you will probably experience a floating or a detached feeling--like your limbs are detached from your body; or perhaps your entire body may feel as if it is floating. It is an extremely pleasant sensation. With practice you can go into any depth of trance at any time you desire, in a matter of only a few seconds.

The light trance is the easiest level to achieve in self-hypnosis and is more than adequate for reaching and planting suggestions into the subconscious.

The medium trance is a level necessary for anesthesia and age regression.

The deep trance is the deepest level and appears to be, but is not, deep slumber. Hypnosis is a “type” of slumber but is not sleep” as experienced when asleep” at night. Anytime the term sleep” is used in my tapes or instructions it is only a directive to the conscious mind to turn loose in order to bypass directly to the subconscious mind.

Now that you understand the power of your subconscious mind and the role of hypnotism in reaching it and influencing it--the next step is to learn to hypnotize yourself. The tools you will use are suggestion, concentration and imagination. If you have a good imagination you will find it extremely easy to learn self- hypnosis. Even if you don’t, it is not difficult. It is, however, of utmost importance that you DO NOT “TRY” TOO HARD. Because if you try” too hard, you will become tense and this is the opposite of that which you are attempting to accomplish.

If you take a skeptical “prove-it to me” attitude, you will also impede your progress and that is not what we are about at any rate. Just cooperate and you will get your proof” soon enough.

You must absolutely avoid an analytical attitude--analyzing will only keep your conscious mind alert and the whole object of hypnotism is to relax that conscious mind. Analyzing also breeds doubt as to the effectiveness of each step. Since hypnosis is a conviction phenomenon, doubt will surely slow your progress. We are assuming that you desire to hypnotize yourself or you wouldn’t be making all this effort.

(Editor’s Note: Please be reminded that this is a literal transcription of the first audio tape in a set of seven.)

You CANNOT go into hypnosis against your will so you can’t do it unless you follow the instructions. You must avoid over- anxiety and skepticism and simply cooperate with the ideas suggested. If you follow those ideas, relax and just let it happen, it will. You are going to have to, however, practice. You are given herein a “Learning Self-hypnosis” tape on the reverse side of this discussion. Use it alone for five to seven days. This will enable you to instantly respond to the subsequent inductions on follow-on tapes for programming or meditation. You MUST be able to rapidly and successfully get yourself into hypnosis prior to moving on to programming tapes in any of our sets.

A programming tape must then be played from 21 to 25 times to thoroughly entrench a new idea. Don’t switch to different programming tapes on different days at random. Continue with only one program for several consecutive days and with the sets for appropriate problem solving, you will be given instructions for multiple use of the program at point. This is so that you don’t confuse or overload your subconscious mind as to exactly what goals you are attempting to achieve. Don’t TRY to concentrate on listening to the tape(s), just simply relax your mind and allow it to drift as you listen. Your subconscious mind will absorb the taped message. Don’t try to analyze the contents or verbiage of the tape and quit asking yourself questions while you are in a state of hypnosis--prepare those questions prior to beginning and feed them in with instructions to attend them.

You will find that a few of you will experience positive results beginning within a day or so--perhaps one time through the session. The largest numbers of people experience success beginning around the third or fourth week with the planned programs. Ten to twelve percent will show results only after 45 to 60 days with self-hypnosis for some set up unintentional barriers which are not present in therapist assisted sessions. Don’t be discouraged. Less than 5% report only minimal changes and, without exception, those who experienced only minimal results--FAILED TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROPERLY. WE HAVE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO ONE REPORT A TOTAL LACK OF POSITIVE RESULTS--EVEN IF IT IS ONLY TO GET A WONDERFUL SLEEP SESSION.

Since in this context you will only be working with meditation tapes it is suggested that you only practice in a state of rest and NOT when doing another task. Programming tapes can be played while doing other things but--especially for beginners-- serious accidents can occur should you drift off to sleep, etc. Never use the “learning” tape except when lying or sitting comfortably with intent on utilizing the instructions.

Don’t excuse lack of trying this method of relaxation because of ANY past experience. If you wish to have success--begin right now and forget that which went before--we are not interested in that which did not work--AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU BE.

Each and every one of us must change mental programming if we intend to change our life style or reach any goal. You can begin immediately to changing those failure patterns into success blueprints. Success and happiness is your RIGHT, you are a perfect creation and you deserve the things you desire and the ONLY ONE STANDING IN YOUR WAY OF SUCCESS IS YOU, YOURSELF!

From this time forward the term “failure” can be removed totally from your vocabulary--forever, as well as from the domination of your life in this physical experience.

Those who reported the most rapid changes and success, played their tapes several times a day--so be patient, but in order to move along toward better results faster, I urge you to use the tapes as many times a day as you can make the time to do so.

Comment: The remainder of the taped message is specifically for the self-esteem tape set and is not applicable to this volume. However, it is really a boost to use that learning tape several times until you are proficient and then move on to other resource tapes.

The most successful time for listening to and experiencing the tapes is at bedtime when retiring because you are already anticipating relaxation and rest and this leaves the remainder of the night to allow the subconscious to sort and absorb the input.

Don’t be concerned if you feel as if you have drifted off to sleep, even with the programming tapes--if you rouse up to the click of the player or become aware that the player is silent--YOU HAVE BEEN SUBCONSCIOUSLY TUNED IN TO THE MESSAGE AND YOU WILL HAVE HEARD IT.

If you wish to return to sleep after playing any tape simply give youself instructions to do so, rouse yourself enough to turn off the equipment and return to bed and you will return to sleep almost instantly. If you get up to go about your activities, give youself input that you are refreshed and feeling wonderful in every way, count to five and say that your eyes will be open, you will be alert and feeling good in every way, and do so.

You can create your own miracles and change your image in the total privacy of your own mind! Thank you.


Germain to return. Thank you for sharing and we will work out accessibility to the tapes in some manner best left to the publisher. It is the information regarding hypnosis which I particularly wished you to have.


Mostly, the question is, “How can I decentrate into that stillness of the meditative mood? The more I try to stop thinking, the more things I keep thinking of.”

First: Desire to be in the Light. Say to youself wordlessly, “I want to be alone with God.” If you want to be alone with God, there is a reason for it. That reason is that you NEED GOD. You have a desire you want fulfilled--a problem to solve--illness--misfortune--financial loss or need--an idea for invention--a conception for a work of art. No matter what it is you need, whether knowledge, power or inspiration, no matter what it is, DESIRE IT IN YOUR HEART WORDLESSLY. Do not talk to God in words. Talk to Him in essence. Know Him. Do not Think of Him and thus make Him objective and apart from you. Be Him. Let your Soul touch His Soul. Seek His ecstasy of Mind. When you find that ecstasy, you will know that He is One with you.

Second: Your desire is written upon your heart. It is registered in your Soul. It is no longer your body’s desire; it is your Soul’s desire. You are in communion with God about it--not in words but in Light. You have an increasing sense of joyousness. Your desire is written into the universal heartbeat rhythmically. You are responding to it rhythmically. You are no longer just body--you are Soul--slightly aware of body--slightly aware of Earth and the heavens above, and of creating things. You are not thinking of extraneous things. You cannot think of objective things of Earth while you are in the Spirit.

Third: You are in a contemplative mood. There is an indescribable peace in its rest. Your Soul sees the beauty of the flower you are passing. It is not your eyes which see that beauty, nor your ears which hear the silences from which the sounds of Earth spring. You are in the rhythmic world of imagining--the world of inspiration--the world of the high heavens--the formless, indescribable world of the high heavens. You become less and less aware of your body as you become more wholly Mind. You “dream” rather than sense.

Fourth: You are in communion with God. You are ONE with all things. All things are ONE. You KNOW all things as ONE. You KNOW the Light which all things are. You KNOW the love nature of God and of all things. You Know God as love. You KNOW yourself AS LOVE. You KNOW the ecstasy of love. You know your Self. The mortal YOU has become the eternal YOU.

Fifth: That which you desired to know, you do know. That which you desired to have, you now have. You have always known--and always have had that which you have but now desire. You have always known it in spirit for you are the Light of all-knowing, which spirit is. God does not give you knowledge of power. He gives you an awareness that you already have all-knowledge and all-power that He has, for He makes you comprehend your oneness with Him. When you actually KNOW that, you can then say, “My Father and I are one.”

Neither does God give you material things without your equal regiving, for that is the inviolate law regarding all material things. He gives you the seed but you must unfold the seed. He gives you His body to fashion into the form of your desire, but you must give equally of your body to fashion it. God gives you the tools you need, but you must use them. God manifests the spirit of His nature in His own body by creating His body in the image of His Self. You must manifest the spirit of your nature in your own body by creating your body in the image of your Self. God will forever work with you, but you must work with Him.

Sixth: In meditation, you have stepped out of the material into the spiritual You. You have stepped out of the body of yourself into the Mind of your Self--out of the manifestation of reality into reality. You have stepped out of the conditioned universe of divided and unbalanced things into the unconditioned and undivided universe of balance which controls unbalanced things. You have done this because you had desire in you which must be fulfilled.

Your desire has been fulfilled. God has illumined you with the knowledge you desired. You have become inspired. Conception of idea in spiritual form is now in you--but can you now come back into the physical world and transform your conceived image into a material one? You now know CAUSE. You have acquired that knowledge from the stillness of Mind-knowing. Can you translate it into effect by making a body for your conception? God has given you what you have desired--but now comes the important question as to what you are going to do about it. How shall you use it? Have you the moral courage to use it or are you still a weakling, preferring to suffer the effects of your ills rather than remove their cause? Will you work with God and arise, or against God and fall?

Your body manifests your Mind. It will do what you command it to do. Is it ill? If so, it is out of balance. Restore its balance by balanced thinking. Balance is in the eternal YOU--now extend balance to the mortal you. Whatever your problem was, it has been solved in the spirit of you. Can you now manifest it? Can you now give it a body? Can you now extend your spiritual balance to your unbalanced physical body to stop the wreckage of your business--or heal your body--or regain a lost friendship?

Dharma--Dharma, respond to me, please. The computer is going to destroy our work. We must close it out. Did you not see that which it did? I must ask you to remain a bit more alert for it was just now hit with a strong blast and I must have you pay more attention. Please let us leave this room. We can finish the subject at another sitting. I believe you need to check on the meeting probabilities, also. Thank you, chela, for a long session. I will stand aside.




SUNDAY, JULY21, 1991 11:08 A.M. YEAR4, DAY339

SUNDAY, JULY21, 1991

Germain present in the glorious violet ray of the I AM PRESENCE. May we be given into understanding and communion.

As I sit with the brother and witness the penning of information which is so painfully oppressive to your senses and agony unto the spiritual Being, I am only drawn to more rapidly and diligently be about our work, for ours is the methodology of coming into communion and understanding in that transmutation can be achieved and you can possess the power and control of Creation which allows perfection. One cannot be achieved without the other. The steps are simple but mandatory for the path is explicitly drawn and knowledge of the transportation is necessary--you do not bungle and bumble your way into the perfection of the halls of God. The point is to NOT remain in illusion and delusion through ignorance. But worse, is to require self to remain in ignorance through refusal to see and hear the TRUTH of it. What a wondrously beauteous challenge given into our hands and what honor to be granted the Presence to present this gift to all who will accept of it. Therefore, we will be diligent and comprehensive in our work so that man has opportunity to come into the fullness of understanding and then, he is responsible for his own journey but we shall have given perfection unto our own that his feet are not misguided.

As with instructions unto you world physicians—"first do not harm". Well, as ones ponder and accept or denounce our suggestions and word—ones of the readers and practitioners must see first that "there is nothing to HARM". What have ye to lose for study and revelation of the WORD and then, what have ye to find harm in respite within self to touch with God?

He who chooses not to touch with God, so be it, at the least you will have had a few moments of peace and rest of body. As it would turn out IF all we bring would be but lies and more lies--what would it be to harm you to awaken and then when awake and “thinking” take time from thine schedules to relax and rest? There is only positive response from that which we bring for God sends instructions for regaining order” from the chaotic madness about you. You have lived long with the promises made by the adversary of goodness--you have corrupted your world and you find no peace but rather, continuing chaos. Would you not now TRY God? Certainly there can be no HARM to come into COMMUNION WITH GOD. The worst that could happen would be that you throw off the shackles and move into freedom and that would distress those who have you in bondage for they would lose their ability to parasitize you. This is WHY you are continually misled and restricted under fear of tribulation if you DARE to LOOK at another’s projection. If it be false, you will not accept it--and if it be Truth, what have you had in damage? The adversary KNOWS that when you find Truth you will accept it and see that which has been done unto you--and, therefore, he works constantly through his tools to see to it that you do not partake of knowledge. To keep you isolated into the narrow discourse projected upon you is the only way to keep you in chains--through ignorance. So be it, for ignorance is something you can choose to release or retain. But through ignorance you will never attain KNOWING and only through KNOWING WILL YOU FIND GOD AND BALANCE.



I wish to supplement everything I have told you about meditation--or communion with God--and talk to you about “prayer”, which is the desire basis of meditation and out of which meditation grew.

Prayer is the mightiest of Man’s powers, for through prayer--if understood and rightly used, and accompanied by action--man may have anything he desires, attain the loftiest heights, or extend his powers to others for their exaltation. Rightly and knowingly used, prayer can transform one’s own condition or that of the whole world. If prayer is not rightly and knowingly used, the time consumed is wasted, for it will be of no avail.


Desire what you will and, behold, it stands before you. Throughout the aeons it has been yours without your knowing, even though you have but to ask for it. Sit not and ask, acting not, for unless you reach out for your desire it shall not walk your way unaided by your strong hands and arms.

This means that God will fulfill your every desire if you work with God to fulfill it. The whole power of the universe will work WITH you for its fulfilling, but it will not work FOR your while you do nothing about it.

In this promise is the key to why prayers are or are not answered. God tells you very plainly that He will give you whatever you desire, BUT YOU MUST REGIVE EQUALLY BY THE ACTION OF SERVICE TO GOD THROUGH NATURE OF YOUR FELLOWMAN.

Think that over. Recall the many prayers you have uttered and how disappointed you were because they were not answered. Most prayers are just selfish ones, continually asking for something to be given without even the intention of giving something in exchange.

Think of the thousands of entreaties which are sent up to God with the hope that what is asked for by people will just fall into their laps. You ask God for money. God says, “Yes, I will give you money, all you want of it, but what are you, yourself, giving for it? What is the price you are paying for it?” Again we quote God’s message in the Word:

He who desires riches of earth alone, denying Me in him, shall dwell in outer darkness of his own making, until he shall desire Me strongly.

Even to him will I give all he asks without stinting; yea, and even more; but he, having more than all he sought will have nothing but worthless “stuff" in his earth desire.

Things of earth which man desires are but things of earth to be returned to earth with bones of him. But things of earth, heaven blessed by Me, are as eternal in the immortality of his Self-recording Soul as Light of Me IS ETERNAL. You ask God for peace, happiness and prosperity to be given to you, but you take peace, happiness and prosperity away from another by malicious gossiping about your neighbor or treating your servant unjustly, thus taking happiness away from him or her, or by misrepresenting the product you are selling.

Until you balance your desire for peace by giving peace, or happiness by giving happiness, or prosperity by giving prosperity, your prayer will be voided by you, yourself. The only way you can have happiness given to you by the Light of love, which God is, is for you to give love to others. You cannot take happiness or love. You can only give it. If you give love, it will as surely be given to you as light shone into a mirror will reflect light back from the mirror.

Witness the nations which have tried to become powerful, prosperous, peaceful and happy by plundering other nations. Empires who have thus taken by force, without giving equally in exchange, are heavily in debt and on rations, and for every man killed in taking wealth and happiness away from others for themselves, ten have paid the price in blood and a thousand in tears. Witness, also, the great fortunes which have been built upon that principle. No man has ever yet been able to purchase happiness, prosperity, peace or love with any other coin than happiness, peace and love.


You ask God to heal your body from its ills which you, yourself, created by overeating, by giving vent to violent anger, or by diverse acts which destroy normalcy of balance given you by God. It seems never to occur to you that you must regive that which you ask for by eating properly, by substituting love for anger, or by cessation of the abuses which have caused your disorders. Such unbalanced conditions as anger or overeating, addictions, or worry and excessive grief--yes, and even loneliness and introspection--will cause grave disorders.

That which we wish to impress upon you is the one fact that any disturbance of balance in the body is immediately recorded in the body by some malady or maladjustment, which you think of as sickness. Also, that any sickness of any kind is self-made, whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

God’s laws are never set aside by prayer or otherwise. The CAUSE of your illness is in your defiance of the law. You are suffering from its effect and ask God to eliminate the EFFECT while you continue to repeat the CAUSE.


Consider the many prayers for cessation of wars. “0, Lord, we beseech Thee to stop this cruel war,” you say, forgetful of the fact that you make your wars yourselves by the free will to act as you choose. You certainly fail to realize that the way TO STOP WARS IS TO STOP CAUSING THEM. War is just as much an effect of a cause which man created by his selfishness as a business failure is the effect of a cause created by man.

You not only pray to God to let you defy His law without suffering from its effects but you blame God for your own actions in breaking His law. How often we hear people say, “How can a loving God in heaven permit such cruel wars? It is hard to believe there is a God, else He would not permit such wars.”


God gives you free will to do as you choose in the making of yourselves to your own image, and He gives you all the power in His universe to help you break His law if you so choose, but the nature of the free will you exercise will become your nature. Again, let us hear God’s pronouncement:

Verily has man free will to control his actions. That my Father-Mother has given to man as his inheritance. But the control of the reactions to those actions man has never had.

This my Father-Mother holds inviolate. These cannot become man’s except through modifying his actions until the reactions are their exact equal and opposite in equilibrium.



It is generally believed among men that one who prays often, and with many words loudly and piously uttered, is holy among men and much favored of God. But we say that he who finds ecstasy of happiness in his Soul from the giving of his love to touch the Soul of a despairing neighbor is a hundredfold more holy in God’s sight. To him the “kingdom of heaven” is as though he dwells in the house of the Lord, while the holy man of piety and words sits afar outside its garden wall.

When you pray to God, saying, “O, God, pity us for we are as dust beneath Thy feet,” God’s silent Voice whispers within you: “Know you the Light which I AM. You are man, exalted in Me. What I AM, you are. You are light.” He may also very well tell you to get up and stop groveling and request respect and reverence rather than pity--for pity indicates helplessness of the other and usually is only self-indulgent refusal to accept responsibility. For instance, “Oh pity me, Father, for I cannot serve for my head pains greatly.” He might very well give you a worse headache until you see the point of that which you are avoiding.

For long ages, God’s silent Voice whispers within your unhearing ears. God, therefore, gives you your desire to be what you wish to be in the building of your Self. As long as you believe yourself to be dust beneath the feet of the almighty God, you are that dust which you have built in the image of YOUR imagining.

When you pray to God, saying, “God have mercy upon me, a miserable sinner”, you have not prayed to the one God of Love, Creator of His universe of love, Creator of you to manifest His love, for you do not know HIM. YOU HAVE BUT PRAYED TO A GOD OF WRATH AND FEAR OF YOUR OWN MAKING WHOM YOU HAVE BUILT IN YOUR OWN IMAGE.

He who builds gods in his own image builds idols for his worshipping and for his own purposes in a sensed world. He whose idol is fear and wrath cannot know the God of Love. Until you know love, you are what your idol is, a miserable sinner to whom mercy must be shown by your idol whom you, yourself, are. And you will be punished for your imagined self-made sins by you, yourself, for the idol you worship will show you no mercy until you are freed from him by knowing love.

When you pray to God resignedly, as though patiently accepting the punishment of grief at the death of a loved one, and you say, “Thy will be done, 0 Lord. The Lord gives and He takes away,” you have not yet known the God of Love, for God GIVES ONLY. GOD NEVER TAKES THAT WHICH HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN. What God gives to you, you REGIVE TO HIM for HIS REGIVING.

You rejoice when God gives birth to life, yet you deeply grieve when you give rebirth to new life--for that is what death IS.

Mass-man is unable to comprehend this idea which is commonplace thinking to cosmic man, but you, in whom the seed of cosmic thinking is being sown, will go to your neighbor and sow it in his Consciousness and he, in turn, will do likewise until man-in-the-mass will be transformed from barbaric man, who still crucifies love, to cosmic man, who IS love.


Let us unite in prayer.” How familiar these words are on every religious occasion and, upon hearing them, the congregation automatically bows its head, bends its knees, and words come from the pulpit in earnest tones which may be superficially heard by some and hardly heard at all by others, while the very few who hear in their hearts are deeply stirred by the ardor of the supplication to God for forgiveness, or mercy, or blessings upon the congregation and various other human interests.

Prayer is just meaningless words if not felt in the heart; just as music is no more than sound if it does not reach the Soul. Prayer to God is a realization that the Soul of man is ONE with the Universal Soul. It is not an appeal by man to God. It is a communion between the divine man to the divine God of man. As such, it is the mightiest of Man’s powers, but when prayer is but WORDS, not coming from the Soul, it is no more effectual than the hundreds of prayers written and distributed throughout the streets in Asia or prayers written into a disc and whirled to repeat themselves by turning the prayer wheel swiftly.

Worded and formal prayers, issued periodically like morning and evening prayers, prayers of thanks at mealtimes, and prayers on arising and retiring, become habits which people obey automatically. There may be great earnestness in them or there may be none. The habit of praying periodically, and with a sense of duty, tends to automatic prayer rather than devotional. A silent prayer at mealtime brings more realization of God than wordy prayers half listened to.

Those who thus pray might just as well not pray, for prayer is a union of Soul of man to Soul of God, and words alone cannot make that union.

Automatic, formal and habitual praying from the lips alone, whether in one’s chamber or in groups, is of no avail. Prayer based upon desire and uttered within the Soul of man wordlessly, or by silent thought, will always command the whole universe to fulfill the desire, but words alone are not prayer any more than paint is the art in a picture.

When you pray to God asking for all the things you want, enumerating them carefully--even to timing their arrival as your desire possessions--yea, even informing God as to what His method should be in giving them to you--detailing your business and family needs--never giving thought as to your worthiness to receive them, or whether it is wise to have them, or what you shall GIVE to deserve them--you are but making yourself into your own selfish image and not in the image of God’s spirit in you. You are thus telling God how He will serve you without thought of how you will be worthy of that service.

When your child prays for a long list of birthday or Christmas presents, ending with “God bless Papa--God bless Mama”, you tell the neighbors how CUTE that prayer is and then buy everything the child wants, to uphold its belief in prayer.

IT IS NOT CUTE IT IS TRAGIC. It is helping the child build its own selfish image. It is also helping the whole world to build its own selfish, greedy image. It is helping to perpetuate this barbaric age of greed, selfishness, and fear of neighbor against neighbor.

When will parents teach their children that they must give love for love given them? Not until THEY first know that they, themselves, must not ask to be given anything without a deep desire in their hearts for REGIVING LOVE EQUALLY FOR LOVE GIVEN. Parents who know that will say to the child:

God will give you all you desire because He loves to give, but what are you planning to regive in love to God? You want God to show His love to you by giving you the things you want, but God wants love from you. The way you can show your love to God is to love all things which God puts on earth. When you ask God to bless Papa and Mama, you can help God bless them by giving love and doing loving things for them which gives them pleasure, help or assistance, i.e., bring Papa’s slippers and/or help Mama dry the dishes, etc. That is the way you can be WORTHY of receiving all the things you ask for.”

When a mother prays to God to extend His loving protection to her son and keep him from harm in transit on stormy seas, she, herself, must extend her love equally to all other sons of all mothers of earth, and to all things of God’s creating. It most certainly requires more than hanging a yellow ribbon bow on a tree--it requires the changing of a situation which takes the children away and places them in danger through the passage of life. Her devout prayer CAN ALONE BE ANSWERED THAT WAY.

When she prays devoutly, no matter how deep her sincerity in asking love from her mother’s heart, then turns angrily or impatiently upon her friend or neighbor, or a servant in her house, she, herself, VOIDS her own prayer as though it had never been uttered.

When you ask God to bless your business and make it prosper, God will answer your prayer when you go out into your plant and bless all in it and make them prosper. When you regive to your helpers the love given you by God, it is God’s love given to them by God through you. That is what is meant by manifesting God on earth.

When you pray for God to show His love for you by giving your field good crops, you must yourself give your love to your fields to regive His giving. Your love given to them is God’s love given to you for REGIVING. Your love and God’s love are ONE. Its manifestation is TWO in giving and regiving but that TWO is the ONE HEARTBEAT of God’s body, even as the swinging of the pendulum is the TWO of the ONE source of their manifestation.

If the farmer would but stand in the midst of his fields and pray, saying unto them, “I love you, my green fields. I love every part of you, every grass blade, every root and herb and ear of ripening corn. I love every tree of you, each leaf of you which gives love in oxygen for nitrogen given you in love. I love the fruit of each tree of you--and the red-gold you regive to me in your luscious fruit for the love I have given to your roots.”

If the farmer would but pray that way--deeply and in his heart-- he would prosper as his fields prospered with him. For if he surely and sincerely gave unselfishly of his love he would nurture and tend to the very best of his ability to show that love and it would be returned in a thousandfold. He would know no fatigue, for love given is not work--and there would be a light in his eyes and inner joyousness in his heart, which nothing but the manifestation of love given on Earth as it is in heaven can ever give to man.


He who can say in his heart, “I and my Father are one,” and feel the ecstasy of that unity, is continually IN PRAYER, even as he is continually IN LIFE and continually breathing. His prayer is like unto his inward-outward breath which is forever with him, forever vitalizing him. Every life should be a continuous Mind-communion with God.

He who knows the Light of love in him does not beseech the Father-Mother of the universe for his next breath, nor for his next heartbeat, for he fully knows that his heartbeat is one with the universal pulse, and that for which he would needlessly ask is already his.

Therefore, we say to you when you ask of us, “How shall I pray and when?”, we say to you, As you live and breathe continually, and as you are in life and love continually, so shall you be in prayer continuously.”

And as the air you breathe surrounds you abundantly, awaiting your need of it, so is that which you would ask for awaiting you in abundant supply; yea, even to overflowing fulness.

And as there is not a time when God does not center you, nor an interval in which He does not control your balanced heartbeat to synchronize with His, so is there not a time when you should pray to Him and another time when you should not.

And, likewise, as there is not a time when the air you breathe is denied you while you manifest your Father-Mother on this earth, so, likewise, there shall never come a time when that which you need to manifest Him worthily shall be denied you for, we again say, you already have that for which you ask, even as you have love and life for which you have not asked.

If there are times when you would like to put words to your desires to give them form, let not your words be from your lips, nor give voice to them. You cannot deceive God with empty words as you deceive man. Say in your heart when sorely perplexed, “Be Thou Thee in me, my Father,” and know Him as your very Self.

Your problem may be great and your wisdom may be in doubt to your Self. If then you would say, “Father, stand by--I deeply need You”, it might mean more in assurance to you--but to your Father it weighs not one whit more than saying it in your heart-so pray to Him that way if it comforts YOU to commune thus.

If sleep will not come to you for heaviness regarding your dealings with business or a friend, write your questioning upon your heart with desire that love shall guide you, then sleep in peace and know that the answer will be written in balanced rhythms where the question has been erased. Then let not the morrow pass without extending love to your friend.

And if your handiwork goes not to your liking, having too much of your earth-self in it--sensing instead of knowing--liking and not loving--diverted by sounds of earth from hearing the silences of heaven which borns them on earth--then, we say, open wide the doors of your Soul and let God in to work with you. Rejoice then in your renewed ecstasy as you again think your work knowingly with God, creating with His hands and yours as one.

If a friend approaches you with a grievance, send love to open the door for him to you, and say within your heart, “Father, let my words be Your words to him, not mine alone.” Then weigh his grievance on the scales of love and not let him depart unillumined by the Light. Void his grievance with your love. In so doing, a great happiness will descend upon you.

If you find your business slowly ebbing because you have, perchance, founded it afar from where you should have founded it, and you grieve because you have not the means to transfer it to that far State where you now know it would thrive, we say to you, do not grieve but rejoice that God has illumined you with the Light of knowing what to do to balance your unbalanced beginning. In your rejoicing is your power to take the first step of that far journey which will be followed by another, and still another one--even as one breath forever follows another--until that far State is beneath your feet in answer to your prayer.

Know, however, that all the prayers in all the world would have been as soft blown winds on desert sands had you not regiven to your Father even as He has given to you by working with Him, step by step and breath by breath, to balance that given to you by Him to manifest you on earth with that which you give to manifest Him in heaven.

He who would become a music master and grieves because he has not the means to meet the years ahead to so become already has the means to play his first note. And when that first note is played, he has the means to play the second one. Therefore, we say, he who takes his first gift from God and regives to Him will find that first gift to be a trickling stream, a running brook or a mighty cataract of power ever ready to be given in the measure of any Man’s ability to regive equally.

Again we say, God will work WITH you but not FOR you. No one ever became a concert pianist by prayer without action, for that is wishful thinking, and by faith-and-belief without knowledge manifested.

If you are low in spirits because of some fancied hurt, or have been too much alone and would balance your Self-awareness with God-awareness, let your prayer be a desire for realization of your high place in God’s universe. Say within your pulsebeat, wordlessly--for God has such good hearing that you need not speak it:

I, My Father, am not alone “I”. You, my Father, are “I”. You are in me and I am in you. I am favored of You, my Creator. I AM of the inner Mind. I KNOW your joy and I am exalted in You.

I have all knowledge and all power. That which I desire to know, or to have, or to give is mine to know, to have, or to give. My dwelling place is in Your high heavens. Be in me that I may be You--knowingly.

I AM in Your Light, 0 my Father. Enfold me ever in Your Light that I may not again feel the heaviness of the dark upon my heart. Dissolve my separateness and make me ONE with You that I, too, can ever be in the giving.

Dharma, we will end this chapter with the following discussion of misconception of prayer and then we will close this segment.


Realize, therefore, that prayer is not for the purpose of asking for something you wish to have. It is for the purpose of realizing that you already have that for which you have asked. All power exists in the universe and is yours when you do your part in bringing it to you.

You have health--and a perfect body. It is eternal in you. What have you done to drive it away so that you now think you do not have it?

What have you, or your ancestors, or loved ones, done to destroy the perfection of your body--or the seed of your body?

Why do you now ask for health and a perfect body as though it is not already yours? What you did to destroy your health or your perfection, you must undo to attain the normalcy which is already yours and always has been. Whom are you blaming? If you have lost anything, have you not gained its equivalent? Is not finding your Self worth a broken back?

Balance and perfection are normal. They are primal CAUSE. Imperfection is an EFFECT of unbalance. Who--and what--caused your unbalanced effect? You still have perfection. Restore it by eliminating imperfection.

Normalcy is the basis of abnormalcy, just as silence is the basis of sound. When sound ceases, silence reappears, but silence IS. It has never ceased to be. Likewise, normalcy IS. Stop abnormalcy and normalcy reappears. It has never ceased to be. AND BY WHOSE DEFINITION AND GUIDELINES DO YOU PERCEIVE PERFECTION? I MUST REMIND YOU THAT A HANDICAP IS NOT IMPERFECTION!

When you pray to God for love because you are lonely and without love, God answers, saying:

You already have all the love of all the universe. Prove what I say to you by giving love out from you. You will find that all of the world loves you in the measure that you love the world.”

When you thus give love out from you to all the world, love will come to you from its far horizons.

He who would pray for love and the companionship of many friends shall be given that for which he asks in the measure in which he gives love and friendship to others whom he befriends.

And he who would feel the ecstasy of all the world at prayer with the God of Nature should go out into nature's great cathedral of forest pines and oaks and join in that mighty prayer of running streams and babbling brooks, and the singing of birds, the sound of the bees, the droning of countless insects and hidden things that chirp and trill, and sing hosannas to God in His high heavens to gladden our hearts as we walk and talk with God.

When any man prays to you to fulfill HIS DESIRES, as you do to your Father, know that he is praying to your Father who is ONE with you. Even as God works with you to fulfill your desire, you should work with him who desires aught of you to fulfill his desire--for as all men are one, so, likewise, are all desires of all men one.

If he thus prays to you to help him to fulfill an UNBALANCED desire which is not love given and regiven equally, extend to him your love and balanced knowing, even as God whispers it always to the unhearing and unknowing.

If he hears but heeds not your counseling, do not condemn him or fail to watch over him until the Light of your illumining has reached his heart as it some day will, even as God watches over the unbalanced ones who have not yet learned to manifest love. Say to him within your heart what God says in His heart--”All men will come to me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.” And be there awaiting him with love when he has at last known love. In the interim you must not thrust by force your opinions upon him for that is not of God--but you must allow release of that one to his own path while he alone finds of his way into Truth and giving.

And so it is in all ways of man--for we say that God is Love and love is all that is in God’s kingdom of heaven--and the manifestation of love is all that is on Earth.

Man of earth does not yet know that, but he is beginning to know it through cosmic man brothers of the high heavens who know love in him and give it to the world in the heavenly rhythms of the high heavens.

The geniuses of the world manifest God’s love and give it out from themselves to uplift the world by reinspiring man-of-earth with the inspirations of heaven-born men.

The love-inspired symphony is prayer for love fulfilled in the composer, and again fulfilled in the hearts of those whose heartbeat feels the ecstasy of God’s heartbeat as expressed in those heavenly rhythms.

And so is all the art of all the world a prayer for love fulfilled in inspired cosmic man for regiving of love to the race of man. For art is beauty, without which man is not yet even human.

The workman at his bench who gives beauty to his work regives the love which God has given him to all the world to uplift the world. Likewise, the housewife who puts love into her cooking enriches the food with God’s love which renourishes her family with love. Likewise, the butcher, the baker and that candlestick maker who regive love for love given to them to manifest God in building His universe of love with Him also uplift the world.

And the mason gives love to his wall in the laying of each brick which, in turn, reflects love’s beauty to each passer-by. Beauty thus given by the mason and reflected to man is the Light of the kingdom of heaven extended to man for his illumining.

We shall pick up our next segment with a discussion of the dawning transition of man. I AM GERMAIN



MONDAY, JULY 22, 1991 8:43 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 340

MONDAY, JULY22, 1991

Hatonn present in the Radiance of a day of perfection. Let me be humble and wondrously egoistic about that which is produced (evolved) for you each and every cycle. No matter that which is coming upon you, it is the gift of gifts if you but see it.

Dharma has brought to the keyboard, a basket of flowers sent to them from our precious German visitors to Scott Tips, our beloved attorney. They are young attorneys having be sent by Germany to study a few weeks in American LAW. Of course they have had no opportunity to do anything other than “Constitutional” law for this very case which has been in point around our people. They take back a BUNDLE of insight and incredible growth as to how the world REALLY IS.

Interestingly enough, following WW-II the Germans patterned their legal system on the “partially” remaining Constitutional system of the U.S. No one here has noticed that the U.S. no longer functions under the Constitution--but the foreigners see it clearly. They are so sad to have to be leaving soon and we are greatly indebted to them as well as recognizing we will be missing their presence greatly.

Now for the flowers: Christiane and Ulrike sent a bouquet of flowers--large carnations, small but fragrant carnations and violet daisies along with lots of greenery. Please, dear ones, when you have opportunity--DO NOT SET SUCH A GIFT ASIDE WITH “THAT’S NICE”! Please take time and do that which I request my ones do EVERY TIME AND SEVERAL TIMES WHILE THE FLOWERS REMAIN--ACTUALLY EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE FADED AND WITHERED--GET A GOOD BIG MAGNIFYING GLASS FOR IT WILL BECOME YOUR FAVORITE TOOL--AND REALLY LOOK AT THOSE BLESSINGS OF PERFECTION!

Look carefully at the petals and the leaves--look at the circulation system which is magnificent. Look at the colors and how they appear to be painted on as the petals lighten or darken on their fringes. Look at the heart (seed) of the blossom and realize the perfection and see the feeling which is reflected in your soul of how each color and hue reflects upon your being. I promise you that if you begin to see your world through the magnifying glass and realize the perfection of that which Nature presents, you will never be out of communion with God.

That is what we are doing with GOD, LIFE, DEATH AND HOW-TO. We must look within into the perfection and without, into the corruption and hybridizing (some wondrous and some disastrous breeding replication and sterility of the species [whatever it is]) and then, when you can KNOW, you can change of it to bring a return into the direction of Light, balance and healing. But you must begin somewhere as within the heart of a tiny flower to gain perspective of yourself. Man can make silk flowers and they are lovely. He can spray them with artificial scent and they are fragant--but not one false imitation can touch the single petal of Nature’s perfection or fragrance. You will even notice that with the hybrid tampering, the very scent is decreased. You have bred out the very portions of your experience which are the most precious and perfect. The odor of a spice carnation or a wild rose is so magnificent that your nostrils and smelling senses are totally shocked by the REAL THING. Ah, if you but give appreciation and love unto the tiniest of these precious gifts the giving of that love will regive unto Father and the giving will only be increased. Even the tiny flower showered with love will stand straight and offer its heart unto you. The bouquet will remain beautiful for days instead of the few tiny hours. Then you find there is even beauty in the drying as the cycle closes for some and buds open on others. Stop allowing the wondrous beauty of this physical experience to pass you by in your search and clamor for worldly THINGS for you will find that the ultimate search is for replication of that which God and Creation do so abundantly well.

Look carefully and you will also see the tiny life-forms of insects who have set up housekeeping within the petals and know that by your carelessness these wondrous balancers of Nature are destroyed. But mostly--APPRECIATE--for they are given for that sole purpose.

So much for the botany lesson. Please understand it was a lesson in love, giving, regiving and appreciation and, most especially, the thought and loving care brought into manifestation. And, sic sic, you thought you couldn’t manifest! You just don’t know what you mean by the statement itself. You do not need miracles or magic--you have all the wondrous supplies right at hand--if you have love and desire and connection with God--there MUST be creation and manifestation. So be it. And remember that the reproduction as in a photograph of the “real thing” sends forth the same beauteous message. It reaches across the endless miles and touches in the giving just as do the notes of caring, shared. Blessed are you who care and share that loving care. AHO!


Germain present and, again, I am given a hard “act” to follow. But I am honored deeply for I am allowed to show you the how-to” and besides, I saw to it that the flower pot would be filled with violet daisies. I want you to become familiar with the purpose of the differing tones” of color and the beautiful transmuting qualities of the various colors--and in this instance, violet, for it is the flame color of transmutation. Purple is the blending of the “red” and the blue” and within it you have ALL. For within the heart of, say, a flower or within its body (stalk) you will always have the green and yellow--go look for self. You may note that, in flowers, you may not find the other colors of the spectrum but you will ALWAYS find the yellow and the green in some portion of the life-stream--these are the color rays of the plant kingdom. ALL are present in the humanlife pattern of EVERY human as the transmutation and alchemy takes place--ALL IS PRESENT IN ALL. UNTIL YOU CAN COMPREHEND ALL--YOU CANNOT MANIFEST NOR CAN YOU GROW INTO TOTAL TRUTH. I did not say you had to know the working details of ALL--just comprehend the presence of All as connected to All and you can manifest God and that, dear ones, is that for which you seek and endlessly search.

God produces the DNA blueprint for the flower--YOU accept the gift and appreciate the wonder of it and that appreciation regives unto Father and He gives more abundantly for you are perceiving and his gifts are not wasted in the dung pile. But even in the dung pile, life abides in total abundance and through the gift of nurturing the plant and flowers grow more abundantly--GOD IS ABUNDANCE AND NATURE ONLY GIVES! THERE IS NO TAKING--ONLY GIVING AND REGIVING, CYCLING AND RECYCLING AND THROUGH NURTURING IN BALANCE--ABUNDANCE OVERFLOWS.

Let us now continue:


The dawning age of cosmic man which is now unfolding for the restoration of mankind from self-suicide by the barbaric dealings of man with man is a transition from believers in a far-off God of fear, whom they fear, to knowers of a universal God of Pure Love, Whom they love. Through this projection you will come to release the negative responses to the terms God, Christ, Love, etc. For the pulpit spewers of nonsense have defiled the terms and given forth incorrect information. You will come to love and respect the terms as you fit Truth and proper definition thereto.

Those cosmic ones who KNOW God (and yes, indeed, there are ones of you there on that place--YOU, for instance, if you are attuned to this very information) are “cosmic thinkers”, inspired geniuses and illumined mystics who know God within them and see God everywhere. These are the ones who down through the ages have uplifted man gradually by bringing the beauty into the world which has gradually given man his culture and his ethics.

These are the ones who will unify mankind through their knowing to end this babel of tongues of many religions, and bring into being the ONE religion of the ONE God of Love.

This now-ending Barbaric Age is peopled with GOD- “FEARING” MEN.

The dawning Cosmic Age is to be peopled with GOD-RESPECTING (“LOVING") MEN.

The coming Cosmic race of men will know that love is all there is in God-nature and that the expression--or manifestation--of love is all there is in the nature of the physical universe. It is man of the now-ending Barbaric Age which has turned and corrupted all of beauty into that which is unbalanced, destructive and ugly.

It is our, (yours and mine) responsibility to so clarify the above statement that you will thoroughly understand the basis of what is called evil--or bad--and it is your responsibility to teach it to others so that they will gradually comprehend that a universe which is founded upon balance cannot be unbalanced, or one founded upon good cannot be bad. As you become more and more illumined with the Light of God’s knowing, you will know that evil is a creation of man and has no existence in Nature.

When you understand how unbalance, which is the basis of the idea of evil, can seem to be overthrown but can never succeed, and that good can seem to be overthrown to create that which you call “bad”, you will readily see how the race of man has made itself suffer through gross ignorance.

Conversely, you will as readily see that the only way to conquer evil, bad, illness, failure, fear, worry, superstition, greed, selfishness, loneliness, grief, or even death itself, is through cosmic knowledge of the Light which gradually illumines the consciousness of man.

You who are readers and deep students of Truth are the seed of the coming Cosmic Age. You who know this message in your hearts know God’s command to you, which it contains. Let us again state a portion that refers to the method which all must use in making the transition of man which will bring love into the world.

I say, verily, the dawn of cosmic man is in it beginnings. Go, therefore, to all the world and sow the seed of your KNOWING….for it is the promise of God that the WORD would flow over the lands that all mankind could have expression of that which IS.

You, as you become “knowing”, shall pass on the WORD and sow the seed of knowing man in unfolding man „s progression, and no rest shall you know until you have well fulfilled your task. This is why, as you awaken, you can no longer sleep the sleep of mortal ignorant MAN.


Many are they who know Me (God) in them. Sow the seed of Beauty, Love and Balance in them. And multiply them until their legions shall illumine the dark of man’s barbaric ages with My Omniscient Light--which becomes your Light.

Say to your anointed ones, these, My words: You are Love. You are Beauty. You are Balance. Go and give Love, Beauty, Balance and Truth to your neighbor.

Think not of doing great works in My name. Go to your neighbor. Think of your neighbor alone and you are not overwhelmed. One seed is sufficient--not for a meadow perhaps, but out of the one seed comes a sheaf of ten.

As many sheaves of ten fills great granaries, even so will your sheaves of ten encompass the whole earth to bring into being the new age of cosmic man.

Say these, My words, to your neighbor: Go to ten men who will believe on you: and multiply them by ten, and yet another ten, until a legion shall be as a wall of granite beneath your feet. Speak of those things in the speakings which touch first his attention and then he can come to find comfort in the Truth of the whole and he will come to realize it is his connection with God and Creation for which he longs and seeks. Do not cause him to believe another “religion” has sprung forth to further divide brother from brother.

Heed My commandings and sow My seed of Love lest man destroy himself by his continued desires of earth, knowing not Me in him.

Be not neglectful of your own tasks, My precious children. Leave not to others of lesser knowing that which you yourself must do. That which must be done for cosmic man to come must have your own Self in it.

He who conceives must first unfold his concept. And herein lies the responsibility of the receivers and then the responsibility of the readers who perceive for there is nothing of force or coercion in God--God only gives (offers) and man must accept and regive lest he be destroyed in the taking and taking and taking. If a man turns away--allow him to go for you will have fulfilled your purpose of planting the seed--sometimes the seed lies dormant until the ground is made fertile and often that is through self experiences which are very often most offending in perception.

The mason lays the stones of the master’s thinking. You, yourself, must impart your knowing in the Light of your anointing to cosmic man who will build your knowing and Mine into balanced rhythmic forms with you and Me.

And out of the knowing of your anointed legions a new world of unified man shall spring--not a New World Order controlled by Elite and evil enforcers of physical enslavement.

For where your anointed shall gather together to thus unify man through his knowing of the Light of Me in him, there shall I be in their midst. AND THEY SHALL NOT FAIL.

Then “WHY”, you ask, do you not call the little nucleus around the scribe, a group?” Because she is only one who produces the information and she has no need to bear greater burden than the task requires in itself. Better the groups which will form around GOD AND TRUTH, be unlabeled as religious indoctrination--you NEED GOD--not Dharma, do you see? She serves as a set of fingers, a tongue for speaking and a servant unto that same God--no greater nor lesser than are YOU. The contribution only DIFFERENT in scope of job description. Her reward? Try a bouquet of flowers from a friend! Try simple recognition of Truth by the readers who share that same Truth with a neighbor for, within, the Truth is obvious and stands infinitely immortal.

Yes, she gives and regives--but the rewards are beyond that of a physical “thing” and, yet, there are coming back in the flow, those also. She is seeing the unfolding of the totality of “giving” that one can receive and ones must learn to receive” for without the accepting--you cannot have the giving”. You need no preachers--God is Truth enough and as you find yourselves forming groups--focus on the things needing change and the learning and sharing and do not permit one to become “leader” for he can only speak and project his OPINION” and it is no better than your own. But you do need ones who are willing to form the groups and host the groups--give honor and respect unto those ones--NOT YOUR POWER! BUT IF YOU JOIN WITH A GROUP, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT DIVISIVE IN YOUR OPINIONS FOR IF YOU COME WITHIN A GROUP, YOU MUST HONOR THEIR STRUCTURE. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE MANNER IN WHICH THEY FUNCTION, DETERMINE WHO MIGHT BE IN ERROR REGARDING SELF EGO--AND LOOK MOST CAREFULLY OF ALL--WITHIN--TO SEE IF, INDEED, IT MIGHT BE YOUR OWN ERROR AND SELF-INDULGENT DESIRE TO BE ATTENTION CENTER AND DO THINGS “YOUR WAY” WHICH IS NOT NECESSARILY “THE” GODLY WAY!

Just as these ones are giving their entire lives to sowing the seed of the Cosmic Age through YOU--which is our responsibility-- we know you will give great heed to the above words of our Father and realize that they are addressed to YOU as your responsibility.

These words do not demand that you give up your whole life to help mankind make the transition. It simply means that you should LIVE IT and thus be an example to your neighbor. It means living it WITH your neighbor by making your dealings with him conform to the teachings of The Message. We are but MESSENGERS!

When people are asked to work for most “causes”, it generally means to give up something, or make some sacrifice to do it. This requirement of our Father reverses that thought, for if you actually practice the Love principle of first giving, you will find that you have not “sacrificed” anything. Instead of that, you have enriched your life in every respect. Sacrifice gains you naught, but helps another, and very often hurts. If you give with Love, you have not sacrificed, for Love will be regiven to you in equal measure.

If you could keep this most important working thought of life before you always, and put that thought into every dealing you have with everyone, your patient, your client, the man you are selling to or buying from, your servant and your neighbor, you would soon find yourself in a very different kind of world of your own making for yourself and for all mankind.



We could speak of many ones who have become illumined but that is “their” story--their path. WE will be offering you the experience of your own ability to come into Knowing and receiving in direct alignment with Source. You will note on the tape which is used for relaxation and clearing that there is instruction to take pen in hand and write. As you practice, if you clear of your “space”, God WILL give you that which to pen upon your page. It will be so identical to that which we now give that you will feel you are simply doing copywork--fine! Be more concerned if it differs greatly--look carefully at that which differs for two inputs. 1) Does the lesson vary as to concept? 2) Are you getting specific (and perhaps, technical) information? This is WHERE you will begin to see manifestation into a physical format that which you have not been ABLE to hear within. It is merely the allowance of God to move into the physical and commune. There is nothing mystical nor mysterious about the method of communication--YOU are the ones with the physical hands with which to express.

Ones often ask—“...why use hands? Why don’t you just write?” Because YOU must fulfill your committed service and you of the Light have agreed to serve as the hands and conduit of the WORD that brother and neighbor can see that he, too, can participate. Then, also, you will not be seeking some special” thing” that only another can do”. This is as natural as breathing, that of God speaking and manifesting that speaking onto your paper--for the message, after all, is to YOU. If you allow the unfolding of the message--EXACTLY AS GIVEN, WITHOUT TAMPERING OR CONTROLLING--AFTER MAKING SURE IT IS GOD OR THE LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD COMMUNING--THEN YOU WILL GET HONEST AND OPEN INSTRUCTIONS WITHOUT SHAM OR MISUNDERSTANDING. Know that much you will not wish to believe for it will give away your secret tools of manipulation and cause you to face them--but if you continue in your desire for truthful change--it will flow as the river of life over your whole existence. You will no longer have to seek out a “Dharma” to relay messages for they will overflow you and they will do so in Truth if you ask in Truth.

Know that you are not appointed to “WRITE THIS MATERIAL”. Man certainly needs no more variations. Truth is Truth is Truth so ALL do not need write the same information-- go forth and write of facets of living wherein you are talented and offer back unto God those talents. This is what Dharma is given to do--she is not given to need do YOUR job. All you have to do is isolate your job and confront whether or not you are willing and ready to fulfill it! Many of you are simply not ready for one or another “excuse” for there are NO REASONS” GOOD ENOUGH FOR FAILURE TO FILL YOUR TASK AND YOU KNOW IT! The God of all is most forgiving of those truths--perhaps you must forgive self and move on. Remember, circumstances, physical “things”, and age--nor status of the body, have anything to do with fulfilling your mission. Your mission will be geared to that which you ARE! KNOW IT! If you be a paraplegic--so shall your job” be fitted to the circumstance. YOU ARE IN THE JUDGING!

As you open up unto receiving and communing, you will (if you are devoted readers of this very information--you already experience the nudges) have what may feel like strange premonitions of service. You will wrestle with it in your sleep and toy with it in your awake time. This will go on for years until you hear it within your Being. You will find the reality and glory of the breakthrough will be far less mystifying and far more understandable than the premonitions which always leave you deeply in wondering and confusion.

As you move within and allow God--you will come into total comfort of direction and if your task be one of unbending focus you will experience (and only once is enough) a moment of total and incredible communion. Dharma experienced this from a sound sleep in the wee hours of a morning long since forgotten though it only is less than three years ago. I have to remind you who tend to think that she has done this for years. She wrote her first stumbling words for Hatonn on September 12, 1987. Leah came first to prepare the reception. She did not come into focus of direction or “job” until July of 1989 and it still was not clear in direction. These 33 JOURNALS and some 1000 plus pages of EXPRESSES have come forth since that time--with the exception of SIPAPU ODYSSEY which has its own separate story of birthing. I share this story because YOU must not think yourself different at any age or state of being at the present moment--as you open unto God--God will give you directions and as you listen and act--IT WILL UNFOLD!

With the experience comes a total inability to forget it and nothing again in all the experience within the world of physical can even begin to touch the glory of the moment. Some are left to longer go without that expression for reasons of God’s planning and these moments are so private and so personal that they should never be asked for the sharing if the ONE wishes to hold the moment for Self. At any rate it is beyond description and you will never again leave the searching and service in your desire to become one with that wondrous split-second of eternity within the ONE. You may become side-tracked in the journey--but you will never find rest until you regain your focus toward that ONENESS again. It is the moment you KNOW you are sent forth for special service and purpose. Your consciousness may even forget--but the Soul NEVER forgets.

You will find that you somehow no longer “fit”, nor can bear, the things which only a while before seemed fun and joyful. Your acquaintances who were exactly like you a moment before have nothing in common any longer--unless they, too, move in the same Godly direction. You will move away and into the wonder of the silence of your world where you can hear the wondrous music of the maestro playing the wondrous symphony of perfection within your heart. It is at this point in living that you who are still searching become most unhappy and lonely--never finding that “other” to fill that loneliness.

I would share one of Dharma’s experiences for she had six children. One died before birth and her youngest son committed suicide at 25. He seemed lost and so lonely in a tormented world of realization and inability to change it--you see, he had to move from it--his purpose was to deliberately move from it--to touch the spark to illumine the mother and father to their purpose. Never think yourself justified in “judging” for you know not another’s contract nor how hard that contract may be to fulfill. Loneliness becomes a soul-testing void awaiting the filling in by you ones who walked and walk this pioneer path for you are not given into full understanding and your drive is to fill this void with that of physical. It is not until you realize the void must be filled by that which is NOT physical that the soul finds peace within.

As you find communion you begin to seek expression of that which is becoming beauty within and you want the touch of another and another who find the same within. You then see that the path is in only one direction and your soul cries out to those who cannot seem to see and then the burden accepted of “worry” over those who refuse. But that is the joy of the path, as well. You only have to present in example and after offering the gift, you must release the regiving unto the one in point. It then becomes an issue between them and God within them. You and your God stay out of it in the interim--for you shall rejoin soon enough as Light moves into the darkened corners of misunderstanding. That which you perceived lost into darkness--cannot remain there--for as there is only ONE so shall all come again into that ONENESS--regardless of you.

This is an awakening so personal, of which I speak, that there is no one to whom to turn for counsel, save God. Oh, Dharma went to Little Crow and said, “tell me” (and to others) who said, You must walk the mountain alone--for there are some things another cannot share.” The Eagle” took her hand and denied her his” truth and applied a big foot to the rear when the work lagged and the self-pity set in. But you see, he too, must walk in the human format and only the Souls can share the joy of totality with God and Creation--the human projections must go their own way of experience. Dharma cannot do it for anyone--she will be the first to say that she still can’t do it for Self and doesn’t understand enough to attempt it. Good! That is the first mark of progress--when you leave the things of God to God. The best you can do is that which Little Crow said: “God does all things in His own way in His own perfection and ALL will be EXACTLY AS IT WILL BE!”

There are masses of you out there who read this material which relate to this scribe as Self. There is such love and attachment that you cannot begin to understand. It is because, precious ones, you ARE HER. You are responding to the God reflection in Self--that communion with Aton, Hatonn, me (Germain),--God--and it brings you into attention of Creation and Destiny and Infinity. It brings you again into the KNOWING of how it REALLY is and it brings the loneliness of homesickness to touch and share as the ONE which we are. You will reach across the miles as if they are but a thought away--and it IS that way. You wish to reach out and touch her with a memory, a picture, a flower, a carton of coffee beans--because you are reaching out for Self--Blessed ones, YOU ARE COMING INTO RECOGNITION OF SELF! HOW GLORIOUS IT IS FOR YOU SHARE THAT WHICH IS PRECIOUS TO YOU--YOUR LOVE, YOUR SUPPORT, YOUR SPECIAL CRYSTAL, FLOWER, PICTURE--FOR IT MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU. Blessed ones--your hands are now joined across the planet. There are calls from South Africa and New Zealand, Norway, Germany--around the world you are taking another’s hand where it counts--IN THE MIND! IN THE IMAGINING AND THROUGH THE IMAGINING GOES FORTH THE THOUGHT AND THROUGH THE THOUGHT FOCUS COMES THE MANIFESTATION AND THEREIN IS YOUR PROOF THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THIS THING COME UPON YOUR WORLD--YOU CAN RECREATE IT THROUGH GIVING AND TRANSMUTATION. IT IS A BLESSED TIME OF BEING IN THE PHYSICAL WITH DIRECTION OF GOD FOR THE CHALLENGE AND EXPERIENCE IS ONE OF GLORY.

As you come into communion you will find that no words of your own physical speaking or thought processes have the meaning or the depth of that which comes from that Soul within. It has been expressed so many ways and times and always it is the same in context of message:

I am going to quote from Walter Russell regarding his own awakening for it expresses the experience most effectively.

It had been given me to know that regeneration of the body from that which man calls „death is within the range of power of inner thinking if the Soul has not left the body. (Meaning that the Soul no longer controls the body through a centering Consciousness.) [By the way, you who see great similarity in this work and that of Walter Russell, Tesla and a few other masters of their trade and world must KNOW THAT I DIRECTLY GAVE UNTO THEM IN THE SAME WAY AS I GIVE THIS FORTH THIS DAY.]

That disease which man calls ‘black diphtheria’, or black plague’, had so disintegrated my body that my Soul made ready for its departure and I was pronounced dead by man.

God took me up unto a high mountain top where inspired man is God-man and there gave unto me higher knowledge of the power of regeneration of my body through His all-knowing Light.

[No, you do not have to have a death experience but often it is the only way God can get your attention!]

Through the red-violet world, and the red, red world to the world of pure white Light beyond the world of blue--and back again to the world of pure white simulated light beyond the yellow world, the Spirit within me journeyed in an ecstasy for which there are no words of man to tell.

In the ecstatic state of inner-knowing, the great truth of creating and decreating things was made known to me.

That majestic swing of the cosmic pendulum spelled out for me the glorious rhythms of things to be and, then, not to be.

The mystery of Soul was mine--the Souls of all creating things.

The memory of ten times ten thousand lives mirrored themselves in Light from their records on my Soul to tell me that my body was still new--that my time of disappearance had not yet come.

It was then given me to know that the power of revitalization of my body was mine and I, who had been pronounced dead by man, lived strongly in that body.

That is sufficient for my purposes. No, you do not need go through such an experience--but the ones who will present the UNTAINTED Word and the explicit working mechanism--must spend time in Presence to receive of that information for these ones are in the KNOWING but they are not given to the mechanism any more than are you the reader.

You will not always even recognize it is time to begin your work or what you should do--but you will be nudged--perhaps by this very writing (I certainly hope that myriads will so be). God gives His signals--YOU MUST BE ABLE TO RECEIVE THEM. The method and transmission will be as different in number as there are energies to receive. The TRUTH will always be the same.

The Christ masters upon your place have always projected the very same identical principles. But it is only NOW the proper sequence for MAN to come into understanding the two opposite chemical reactions which control the generation of life and the degeneration of death. These were instantly reversible in the human body by the will of Man, and the reversal of one voids the other completely. A simple example of the normal action of this principle is the inbreathing of oxygen which multiplies life and its reversal to death-giving carbon dioxide when one breathes out.

This explains the instantaneous healings by the one you called “Jesus” and the others. This fact lifts such instantaneous healing out of the realm of the miraculous and gives perfect understanding of them as a process of Nature which must obey the will of the One Mind of the universe which created both opposite effects as a part of nature’s cyclic principle of Creation. The reason it seems to be miraculous is because this reversal principle is not yet known to science although it is “danced” around constantly--the scientists continue to leave God-Soul out of their work.

Why am I going through possibilities of what may represent this flash of insight? Because you all need to begin to understand that which can take place, even if your own experience is different. Many of you had your experience and simply buried it or did not recognize it. You are given sign after sign and miracles are given and you miss them or turn away from them to continue your physical journey but you can never bury them deeply enough to not confront them at some point down the path.

Once you recognize the Truth of this message, you may well find a desire to seek isolation of moving within the forests or along the sea shores in an effort to be alone with God (or that “something” you find elusive). You will become ever more slightly aware of purpose which may be yet identified. Each passing segment and sequence will give your inner-sensory perception more possibility of expression to enable you to “see” with inner vision the electric workings of the universe in the construction of matter which no man of outer perceiving could ever “see”, much less KNOW”. It is enough for the time being that you are made aware of the fact that somehow you must be able to demonstrate, at least within Self, this versatility which can prove to man that whatever he desires to do, he can do it. You will each find varying manners in which to do this.

Years may pass, or only hours, but you are usually assuming that you have not been at work on the matter--ah, but you have been. If it be your purpose of the journey--you are working on it constantly at a level of no physical conscious perception--CONSTANTLY AND UNSTINTINGLY.

You will become insightful--I do not say necessarily what is recognized as “psychic”, I said insightful--and be given the power to “see” on an inner plane beyond the obvious. You will be able to count back and find that approximately every seven years of your span you will have done something quite extraordinary of which you have doubtlessly forgotten if you be older in your counting. The difference in you and others who did project great talents in these many things is that YOU did not pursue them.

You can become so intuned that you can actually become totally aware of the birth of a significant relationship just as you must become aware of the coming birth of another planet in your own solar system--it is, you know. It will seem incredible and unbelievable but you will be so aware of growth and purpose that you will feel certain as to the importance and mutual destiny wherein you will begin to join in unity of intent and mutual activity in reversing the thinking of the human race from its greed-and-fear basis to the love basis of Nature.

There are ones on your place within the knowledge of this small fragment unit who experience that of which I refer--on a most conscious inter-dimensional level of experience. I think my brother, Gabriel Green, will not object to my sharing that almost two decades ago his beloved mate, Helen, changed dimensions and there has never ceased to be a far more conscious, loving and infinite communion than ever experienced on the physical plane. These are communions beyond anything a mortal can experience--including that which you refer to as ecstasy in a bedroom--no, there is naught can compare with the communion of Godly essence and focus--ALL else becomes dull and mundane. But the communion of “special” ones are for great purpose and must be attended with openness for the unfolding which may require many years in your counting.

You will come into acceptance of that higher WISDOM which is your constant companion but you drown it out in that facade of noise and commotion so that you can refuse to hear. As you come into communion you will become aware of telepathic communications and you may well recognize communion from very recognizable people having passed your way--or, who WILL pass your way.

As you find others who have same intent and purpose, the journey does, indeed, become one of joy and fulfillment--even if tedious and busy and filled with pitfalls. But examples must be given and no teaching is better than with example in experience. Dharma and Oberli have little time to share but she does her work and he assumes the responsibility of passing it on in proper channels and then on to the next and the next until as one following another meets responsibility (no matter how tired or distressed) the information flows and can be, if applicable, in less than a day--from Mind to Mail. Then, of course, you move from the sublime into the ridiculous!

Any story of insight is incredible only to those whose limitations are outer-sensing. To anyone whose inner sensory perception has unfolded to the great spectrum range which is given to all with vision, these stories are perfectly comprehensible and totally natural. Dharma sees herself doing nothing unusual and, in fact, actually feels she doesn’t do much of anything while everyone else works very hard at this job.

Ones who have gone before longed to write the perfect “romance” of this cosmic experience to inspire others to deeper comprehension of the multiplication of power which results from male-female unity and equality. Strange thing about that desire--it will be done and it will be done by the higher Mind at work--and the fingers of some mortal being willing to type for hours at a keyboard and decipher radio signals. In fact, we began with the conception of SIPAPU ODYSSEY. A “fantasy” in TRUTH. But a beginning into understanding and then another shall be written by the playwright from the information flowing and man will begin to be able to comprehend his potential and he will begin to settle for no less than the perfection of his potential.

I have rambled much too long in this segment but it is most personal and urgently important: Treasure your inspired moments which become more and more yours as you increasingly walk and talk and WORK with God. Inspired men, geniuses and mystics, are the saviours of other men for they show the way and allow the other to find his own. They are the interpreters of God’s language of Light and teachers of the Love nature of God and balance of Nature Creation who only GIVES. Each can only give in the measure of his own awareness of the Light of God-Consciousness within him--but as another comes forth in willingness of giving can be shown the compilation and integration of the wisdom and Truth and another can decipher the hidden secrets and produce from the information--each according to his own but all with the same task at hand and the goal in sameness.

Each of the SUPREME mystics of the past brought the message of LOVE, UNITY and the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN to the people of his day, but the human race was too newly out of the jungle either to comprehend the principle of love or to practice it.

The human race is only now unfolding enough to more than faintly understand it or to practice it. Man’s attempt to understand it has led to the formation of many religions which have disunited man instead of uniting him, and the misinterpretation of the nature of God as a wrathful God of fear has created a world of fear, sin, evil, selfishness and greed which has led to countless murders in war after war. Man becomes what he thinks and believes. He is an evil “sinner” because he has been made to believe that he is an evil sinner. IT IS TIME TO COME INTO REALITY AND TRUTH. MAY GOD SHINE HIS LIGHT OF WISDOM ABOUT AS WE TAKE THE VEIL FROM THE EYES THAT THE LIGHT MAY COME UNTO THE LANDS.

God has again sent His message of Love to this electric age of unfolding man for there are a sufficient number among men who can become the seed of the Cosmic Age and are the seed for this dawning realization, for reinspiring other men to their exaltation in cosmic knowing.

These few among the many, such as YOU ARE--else you would not have been led to it--will spread their knowing of the Love nature of God throughout the Earth and to man of the comprehension of this electric age, and that alone will bring man back from his own destruction. So be it and may the WORD be blessed.




MONDAY, JULY 22, 1991 3:59 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 340


Germain present to continue. However, Hatonn has asked me to make a comment on the prior heading. I ask patience as we move along in the current writings for I shall be covering these concepts quite definitively. We cannot say that Jehovah (as some project) or Lucifer (as others project) is THE anti-Christ--any thing or group or ONE who is against (anti) God is the antiChrist. It is a concept of mortal physical man projection. We cannot even say that evil IS, for actually it is NOT. So let me just reference this briefly so you are not filled with even more misconceptions. These things BOTH EXIST but both are only of the physical perception. I can only refer you to ALL the JOURNALS for to miss any of the information causes you to perhaps miss the most important puzzle piece in this tapestry of life-stream cycle. First you have to remember: This manifestation is a thought projection OF GOD in which you experience. Therefore, by its definition it is an illusion compiled of electrical impulses. Next, if ALL is but ONE (which it is) then the anti-God must ultimately BE GOD. So, all that is good or bad is only in perception of man. Creation IS and is neither good nor bad under any definition--evil, perfection, good, bad are all perceptions of experiencing man which one without the other would/could offer no learning experience. Satan, as you have been told, is actually not a label but a definition meaning “adversary”. Yes, there are always leaders of these groups who have manifested as “evil” and therefore you will have what is representative of the “Big Bad Boy” for purposes of defining terms and giving forth clues but you will find that the very King of Darkness presents himself unto you as the “Prince or King of Light” in order to distract and deceive you--for he is the Prince of Deceivers. Yes, there must be a being who presents the choices for you but MAN does the production of evil. Evil cannot create--only manufacture from the physical and scatter chaos and the negative aspects of human. EVIL IS ONLY OF THE PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS. THIS IS WHY YOU CAN KNOW THERE WILL BE NO RAPTURE AS PRESENTED THROUGH ABSOLUTION OF A PRIEST AGAINST THE SPILLING OF CHRIST’S BLOOD--EACH WILL STAND RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN ERRORS AND NO EVIL WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PLACES OF GOD. This means, dear ones, that those who continue to practice in ways of mortal disregard for the Laws of God and Creation will NOT have a rapture unto the ONENESS WITH GOD. THEY MAY WELL HAVE GROWN IN “GOODNESS” TO MAKE IT TO A HIGHER STATION IN THE PATH OF “LEARNING” BUT THE MISCONCEPTIONS OF CASTING RESPONSIBILITY AND DISREGARD FOR THE COSMIC LAWS WILL PREVENT THE FULL PASSAGE AS TOUTED TO YOU.



I most especially thank one from South Africa who asked about this very thing this day. It is a most important inquiry and often the higher energies do not misinform but they attempt to answer that which is out of sequence and then it becomes quite misunderstood. Also, you must look into the resource quite carefully for some misinformation is flowing and it will continue to confuse, so go within and test the information and Truth will show you the way. After you have been given that which we can present--check it against any and all that is available and measure it accordingly. But you must measure through the use of the tools of inquiry already given you. Check motive of physical being, attitude of physical being presenting, claims of “position” (status) (royalty, etc.). There is NO ROYALTY IN GOD’S KINGDOM! IN THE COSMIC BROTHERHOOD IS ONLY FUNCTION” AND OFTEN A TITLE, LIKE TEACHER (LORD) OR COHAN (HEAD-MASTER [TEACHER]), COMMANDER, CAPTAIN AND THUS AND SO FOR YOUR PERCEPTION ACCORDING TO THAT WHICH YOU RECOGNIZE--WE UTILIZE NONE OF THOSE LABELS. WE SERVE ACCORDING TO OUR LEVEL OF GROWTH AND KNOWLEDGE.

Let us please allow research of ones in questioning, into the prior information and continue with our out folding in which the answer will again be presented--but you are moving into university level classes and we effort at also integrating first-grade descriptions--however, we cannot remain in the third grade--the third graders must move on with that which is already given. Ones who discount this resource on the basis of one or two EXPRESSES and perhaps one JOURNAL, if even that much--are in no wise wise. They know less than nothing and, in fact, are damaging selves and others by their mighty projections of opinion. The EXPRESSES are specifically written to inform on a very worldly and updated insight into secret cover-ups, etc., so that you can begin to see and more deeply understand the lies thrust against you so that you can pull, then, from the power of self, within your Constitutional rights, to change the path of destruction into one of growth and balance. We care not one iota of ANY ONE’S OPINION OF OUR WORK NOR THEIR OPINION OF THE WORD--WE BRING TRUTH AND OPINION OF MAN WILL CHANGE NOT ONE IOTA OR HAIR OF IT. IF YOU DO NOT JUDGE AND DISCERN FOR SELF--YOU DESERVE TO END UP IN THE OPINION AND CONTROL OF ANOTHER--JUST AS YOU ARE DIRECTLY HEADED. SINCE IT IS YOUR INFINITE JOURNEY INTO ETERNITY AND THIS IS BUT A TINY BLINK OF AN EXPERIENCE--THE SUGGESTION IS THAT YOU PAY ATTENTION AND JUDGE FOR SELF! If you cannot read, we will eventually get the WORD on tapes--if you can get someone to read the WORD to you--ask them to record it for another to hear. The days of spoon-feeding mush is over--you must grow. Inside every confused and ignorant child is an ADULT screaming to get out! So be it, you can either allow that responsible adult to blossom or you can march through the depreciating circumstance of your manifestation--on into the same level of growth in the next. You never digress but you do begin at the level of learning from prior experience.

It is impossible to convey to anyone whose inner vision has not yet begun to unfold, a dynamic understanding of that transition from the sensing of a Mind-controlled body to the knowing of Mind which has been severed from the body. Let me see if we can give some perspective and perception to that which I just said.

As you move through this experience there is no real relationship to “time”, for time ceases to be. Dharma, for instance, has no notion of time or where it goes--it just IS. Now, that doesnt mean that when she needs to meet somewhere that she doesnt look at the clock and know what time it is. It simply has no relationship in her work. In the midst of coming into the CAUSE experience there is only a “flash” in which awareness comes of all things”. Your Bible tells you that Ye shall have an anointing of the Holy ONE, and ye shall know all things.” Does Dharma, now, go around in a pious state of ecstatic shock? No, she efforts to live Truth in a very human format in blue jeans and sneakers. Truth of God puts on no robes nor finery--it becomes quite humble and yet bears self-respect for the Presence. The Being continues to learn and grow and err. It learns true “VALUE” and gradually ceases to continue as before programmed.

Beware the one who “becomes” a Guru and Swami--indeed, beware--for they have missed the point of the journey. If you seek aggrandizement in the physical and demand it unto self--ye shall not have it in the halls of God. Remember--the meek shall inherit....? Man bestows ALL AND ANY earth physical label--GOD BESTOWS--IN HIS KINGDOM--HIS REWARDS AND AWARDS AND THEY ARE NOT OF ROYALTY. THERE ARE NO CHOSEN OR REGAL “ORDERS” FOR NONE IS PLACED ABOVE ANOTHER--ALL THESE, DEAR ONES, ARE MOST IMPORTANT CLUES IN DISCERNING TRUTH AND SOURCE OF THE WORDS GIVEN BY AN EARTH BEING.

We of the higher dimensions do not project, very often, anything against another for it is YOU who must discern Truth and it must always be sorted from the piles of that which is not, or only partial, Truth. ALL IS TRUTH--YOU MUST DECIDE WHICH IS THAT OF GOD OR THE ADVERSARY AND THEN, YOU MUST DECIDE THAT WHICH YOU WILL DO WITH IT. JUST REMEMBER THAT ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE WHICH IS OF THE PHYSICAL--IS NOT OF SPIRITUAL AND WILL NO LONGER EXIST AT THE PASSING OF DIMENSIONS.

On the face of it, such a statement as I made above seems quite incredible--but it is not. The concept of knowledge has been built upon the complexity of multitudinous EFFECT instead of the utter simplicity of the CAUSE of complex effect. Cause is as simple as the three mirrors in a kaleidoscope, while effect is as complex as the infinite repetition of a few pieces of broken glass reflected within those three mirrors.

You can “comprehend” effect but you cannot KNOW it. You can KNOW only the CAUSE of effect. Encyclopedic information is not knowledge, but that is your concept of knowledge.

In one timeless “flash” you briefly know ALL THINGS. Some come back from that experience with the purpose of writing down these things revealed but they must, even for those ones, be remembered and thought into form and written down, but to KNOW all things is timeless. For instance, Dharma realizes not that she has this kind of knowledge--for she allows the unfoldment according to our plan and that very portion is a part of--THE KNOWING.

Illumination into the Light means just that--for it is the Light of all-knowing, or the Light of love, which is manifested by THINKING God’s all-knowing into complexities of patterned form. Further, Dharma does not need to think the myriad subjects through to conclusion for she is not intended to “reinvent” the wheel--but to bring forth that which we already KNOW into a format for sharing in clarity. The ones who have originally brought Truth upon your place are here to give assistance that their own fruits might now bear in fulness that which was not given at that time of first, or myriad, experience. They remain in the higher dimensional experience that there is no color tainting the unfolding through personal “physical” impact. They stand ready to provide their great knowledge as the appropriate segments come in proper sequence. They will work with ones who respond to “their” call and Dharma will perhaps be spared the individual discourses in finite detail, say, as to how, exactly, to make a free-energy device”. It is not her problem--hers is to write for God and the Hosts--and if need be, for the masters of your dimension who have moved on and gather again for this great cycle in experience.

Whatever you might do with the experience, all instantly and timelessly know that the undivided cosmic Light of the God of love is what God IS. You also KNOW that the sensed electric- wave universe of motion which simulates love, life and power, has no reality whatsoever. You know it for what it is--God’s thinking--God’s imagining--purest of pure illusion--simulation-- self-voiding forms thrown on the screen of space to manifest changeless idea by setting it in motion to produce the effect of change.


Thus knowing the universal heartbeat, you know the electric-wave, or universal pulse, to which all moving, creating things are geared--but you move again into the veil and you forget. What you feel as relationship to this material and to the ones who project the writings--is but your recognition of the remembering of that which you know that you KNOW. You are responding to Self and memory. Those who deny and refuse, also KNOW but hide from the TRUTH OF IT.

We are reproducing herein the concepts of KNOWING so that you can more easily REMEMBER. You must come into the recognition that you know all CAUSE and comprehend all EFFECT.

There is nothing to know but God’s one whole idea of Creation--all else is only “learning”. Herein I would place Russells perception of the dynamic principle of the universal heartbeat for it is a picture more easily seen than conceived in mental gyrations. As we move along you will have adequate numbers of mental exercises without struggling with understanding of that which is already in picture outlay.

This diagram is given to you now as the first simple step toward your acquisition of all knowledge of CAUSE and all comprehension of EFFECT. During the whole construction of this light-wave universe, the basic principle diagrammed will never be departed from or exceeded. There is nothing in Nature, nor in your own life, nor in your thinking, nor in any action of yours which can vary one whit from this basic electric pulsebeat of Creation.

Nor is there anything the chemist, physicist, metallurgist or engineer can exceed beyond this formula or vary it in his work. Likewise, the poet, painter, inventor, musician or architect is limited to this simplicity beyond which he CANNOT GO and to which HE MUST CONFORM.

Likewise, the healthy growth of your body, or the conduct of your friendly or business relations, must conform to this principle of BALANCE or else suffer the consequence of whatever unbalanced residue remains from lack of conformity with the heartbeat of the universe.

As we proceed to unfold this principle by its application to the many departments of life and work, other series of words will be used which have different connotations--and therein lies the seeming complexity which makes everything you do SEEM difficult.

The difficulty of that SEEMING complexity lies in the popular belief that CAUSE and KNOWLEDGE are complex while CAUSE and KNOWLEDGE are utterly simple--but INFORMATION CONCERNING EFFECT is so utterly complex that it takes many volumes of encyclopedias to write it all down--and yet not one thing in those vast volumes can possibly vary in principle from this simple formula of action-reaction sequences of expressed energy which is the electric heartbeat of our physical universe.

The reason why a genius is able to do so many things in a masterly manner is because of his constantly growing knowledge of the universal heartbeat which multiplies power in him as his innersensory vision unfolds.

This cannot suddenly unfold in your brain; you can remember and repeat them but you will not know them until deep thought and much meditation--while alone in a quiet place--make them a part of your Soul pattern. The more you do that, the more speedily you will extend your innersensory perception toward CAUSE. Until you do that, you have no knowledge whatsoever for knowledge is cosmic--it is mental--while the brain is but a recording instrument which senses impressions recorded upon it and cannot KNOW anything.

Electrical awareness of EFFECT must not be confused with cosmic awareness of CAUSE. Electrical awareness means only the outer sensations caused by bodies of matter in motion--while cosmic Consciousness means an inner awareness of Soul, the Universal Soul of God, which man is to the extent of his awareness of his unity with God. Electrical sensation must not be mistaken for cosmic inspiration, nor for thinking, nor for KNOWING.


There is one mystery which has not been revealed/explained which all “Illuminates” experience, even for those who have but the slightest flash of it. All experiences are accompanied by great seas of wondrous color which the eyes do not see for the eyes may very well be closed. These color flashes are the beginnings of the unfolding of innersensory perception. Or, there may be a “creating” sensation from out of an infinite swirling pool of Light from which God creates your Being as if for the beginning of experience. It is a KNOWING of creation in which there is only the totality of ALL refraction into the one LIGHT. The senses then recognize the “hand” of God enfold and mold and you are fashioned in a flash of glory. These perceptions are the effects of inner vision--which means the division of the color spectrum or the bringing into the oneness of the spectrum--that part of the color range which is invisible to the outer senses but perfectly visible to the inner senses of one who has found that “inner kingdom”.

As the usual one to four cosmic flashes--which are the sum total of most illuminations--never take them so far within the inner “gates” to the very ZERO of the undivided Light, these who become within the Light are not fully aware that they are beginning to see” God’s creative processes which are fully revealed in His divided spectrum. Some will move further and, as we said before--witness their own creation for purpose of mission. This revealing will come at proper sequence for service of maximum potential for the moving ahead of the brotherhood of man. It will most often not be recognized as such until much, much later in the experience.

There have been ones who have projected that none save a Consummate Illuminate ever attains this center of stillness or recognizes the coalescence of self within the swirling motion, except through years and years of preparation. No, this is not so--for consciously one cannot know of the infinite preparations come before consciousness of purpose. And moreover, one can only discern and judge from Self experience which limits all other perceptions. God works His mysterious creations as He chooses and each experience is different from that of another so any statement which limits God’s ability or intent--errs.

Some whose intent and purpose does not require color charts and rhythmic projections may well miss the massive color display lest he be distracted from missions intended. Ones who will paint or work with refractions need that perception--one, i.e., Dharma, needs no color spectacular to find direction--as in the case of the printed word--black and white is quite sufficient.

But each will at some part of the experience have full spectacular outlay whether or not it is retained in the consciousness. Each will pass through the portals of the nine gates which reach from Creation back to its Source in the zero of undivided Magnetic Light which God IS. But you will not remember all nine or you may experience nine hundred--DO NOT LIMIT GOD.

The “gates of light” through which ones enter are the nine octaves” which constitute the whole of the color spectrum. Five and one-half of these are known by the outer senses of man and have been charted by him in what is known as the Mendeleef Table of the Elements. These have been charted and given unto you by a prior Brother, Russell, who charted the whole nine octaves from zero to zero. This completed the spectrum cycle given to Science in the 1920’s--and unfortunately--gave atomic energy to the world. But you see, man had to be given these things with which to experience and test his discernment--to this point he is doing pretty badly in the discernment and “good judgment” department. The facts are that the deceptions are so massive that the truth was denied and still is denied and yet man cannot grow properly until he realizes that he is in a delusion of misconceptions and false direction.

You cannot get this information from the libraries and the projection of the documents of Truth has been buried and denounced and yet, there is only ONE correct perception of TRUTH IF IT BE TRUTH. To see correctly you must be able to remove yourself from the dangers of deception by the illusions of motion which the outer senses are unknowingly subjected to. This is against all “scientific methods” of proving by seeing”. The deceptions have led to such a mass of wrong conclusions by those who have relied upon them that the present electrical concepts of man are quite the reverse of nature’s processes. And yet, in these recent days the adversary who would control has come into recognition of the principles involved without the knowledge of control of same and toys with your mass destruction as he removes all balance of Nature from his tinkering.

What is unfortunately the case in the progress of science, man continues peering into EFFECT to seek the CAUSE of effect. Cyclotrons, microscopes and telescopes will reveal EFFECT only, for CAUSE is not in them. Unfortunately, also, for Science, its outer-sensed conclusions are so utterly convincing that the true concept as visioned by one who KNOWS--and whom the world can only know once in thousands of years--is deemed worthless. Instead of realizing the infinitely priceless value of such a visitor to the human race, he is calculatingly suppressed lest the beloved traditions born from sensed conclusions be destroyed.

They cannot be destroyed, however, for the day is at hand, even though it may not be yet entirely upon you, that the revelations which shall be given to man will make a new world based upon its cosmic Truths and the ones who came before shall come again into honor and reverence. These wondrous revelations will live in YOU who will KNOW THEM, and through YOU the world will KNOW what YOU shall KNOW.

Dharma, allow us to rest, please. We will speak later on the EFFECTS of illumination. Is this not a wondrous journey into KNOWING? May we walk in the wondrous transmuting flame of the Presence of God.




WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 1991 4:30 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 342


Germain present in the beauty of this wondrous day given for our service. May the I AM Presence walk with us as we go about our work and bless that which comes forth that it be untainted for upon us rests the outlaying of explanation into the workings of the universe. We are humble to be allowed participation and service.

I am in great appreciation that our team would grant me such pleasant audience on the yesterday for as we come within the violet envelope therefrom can we make presentation of manifestation of ways and means to our end-goal. There is such joy in sharing within this brotherhood.

Hatonn gives explanation regarding the computer. We had a bit of tampering with the circuits yesterday and we had to override the system to prevent it blasting you into our dimension, Dharma. However, you KNOW that when the system doesn’t work as in this instance, you are to remove yourself from the room and if possible, the premises. We simply have to put up with this continuing affront and assault but we monitor most closely, dear one.

George and Desiree’, as well as the others, must keep the shielding up at all times for the effort is continuing, to shut down our work. Have respect and caution but we will be present like the proverbial second skin.

Let us turn to our subject for we have missed a day in writing on the JOURNAL. However, as we go to print we will utilize the material we wrote yesterday--in a question/answer portion for the questions were worthy and gave opportunity for clarification as well as demonstration. I was greatly warmed at the reception given me and I am receiving your appreciation with great acknowledgment and affection.


Prior to onset here, allow me to acknowledge the note sent with message of love and remembering to Lao and Walter. It is received with equal love and appreciation in being remembered for their journey was one of joy in service and they are continuing to give ALL unto the mission. Bless you and may you recognize their personal regards. Ah, you ones have a wondrous communion awaiting as you understand how it functions--ah yes, the keys to the Kingdom!

The first and most conspicuous effect of illumination into full Cosmic Consciousness is the utter absence of evil, sin or shame. There is no thought of such an unbalanced condition while in the one ecstatic condition of perfect balance--which the Light of Love IS.

When we say there can be no thought of such a thing, we can best transfer that thought to you by asking if you feel the slightest thought of falling while you stand in balance. You obviously cannot for your senses will not vibrate to tell you that you are falling until you actually begin to fall.

Likewise, when you are perfectly comfortable, your senses will not tell you that you are uncomfortable until you begin to be. You will then put on a coat if you are cold, to bring your body back into the balanced condition of comfort.

Illumination into the Light of Cosmic Consciousness transports you immediately into the Light of all-knowing of CAUSE which balances and controls all EFFECT. THE COSMIC SPIRITUAL LIGHT IS BALANCE.

That which man calls evil, or sin, or shame--or any of its attributes such as anger, jealousy, worry, fear, cruelty, lust, or the greeds which lead to murders and wars--are unbalanced conditions created by man who has not yet known God and, because of it, has not learned the Law of Love which demands equal interchange between all opposite conditions in all human relations.

Man, himself, has manufactured evil, sin and shame because of the impossibility of keeping himself in balance. His material greeds impelled him to take what he wanted without giving in order to be regiven.

There is no such thing in Nature as evil, sin or shame. Nature is never unbalanced. The heavens give of light and rains to Earth and Earth regives equally of her forests, and crops, and vapors which replenish the heavens. Nature does not cheat, lie or steal. It only gives and regives. When man learns that lesson from Nature, his civilization will be as eternal as Nature is eternal.


The very essence of the love principle is the action of giving and its reaction of regiving. This action and reaction is expressed in every electric wave, every physical event of every living thing, in the creation of every particle of matter. Every visible moving form is given to Creation by the invisible universe of stillness, and must be regiven to that invisible stillness.

The seed gives all of itself to unfold into a tree. The tree regives all of itself to refold into its seed.

The earth gives you your body but you must regive it to the earth. Space gives you your breath but you must regive all of it to space. Everything on Earth and in the heavens which appears as a material moving body must disappear into the invisible stillness from which it came in order to reappear as another visible body.

That forever-repeated action and reaction of giving visible substance to idea and regiving that substance back to invisible Idea is all that constitutes the process of Creation. There is no other process in all Creation.

The universe is founded upon love. Love is its fulcrum. The love cycle of giving and regiving is the expression of love in the visible universe of motion. If both expressions of the love cycle are balanced with each other, the result is what we call GOOD. If they are not balanced, all of those things which we call ills, diseases, frustrations, misfortunes, failures, hatreds and enmities arise from that unbalance.

The secret of life is to learn how to balance one’s transactions so that the givings and regivings are equal and in balance with each other. In the still universe of love unexpressed lies all CAUSE. In the moving universe of action and reaction lies all EFFECT. Effect is always divided into four pairs which must balance with their One Cause. The very living of life is a continuous lesson in learning to balance effect with cause.

As every effect which you do set in motion is a pendulum which will return to bless or smite you in the measure of your knowledge or lack of it, it is imperative to your welfare that you open your heart and Soul to what is herein written and not sift it through any traditions, or cults, or teachings which have been so deeply impressed upon your brain, by sensations or emotions, that all you have accumulated in a lifetime are but abstractions which you forever repeat but cannot possibly explain.

That which your brain alone has recorded, you do not KNOW and, therefore, cannot explain to others, or even yourself. That which you know in your heart and is recorded within your Soul remains with you throughout the ages and is reincarnated within the seed of you for adding to it life after life as you journey through the ages of your final goal of complete unity with the Light of God which you are gradually knowing, a little at a time, as you walk and talk with God to know Him in you, more and more, day by day.

Dharma, I stand aside as Aton blesses you with some instructions and insight into that which is your Earth mission--you and our “team”, and it will give you strength in the closeness of the commitment to this journey. I bow, Father, that you may speak--I am whole in your Light.


As you of My children take My hand, let it be within your hearts and Soul that you are in the doing of your appointed task and in you am I well pleased.

There is much in the messages being offered herein which have been presented before and now are they ready for the publication. What I have to say to you is most personal for I find the longing in your hearts for more understanding of your task-- more insight into your journey for within you KNOW and the way seems dim. You must, however, realize that this is the way it must be lest we pass our other children in the path and they again be left within the darkness.

You are the Light and you shall never find contentment with just a reflection of the Light in Man’s outer vision. You shall never be content in man’s universe of dimension. You shall only be content when in communion with Me upon your mountain top for you are ecstatic man. You are the herald of ecstatic man to come. You are to unloose the bindings with which man has bound himself. The ecstasy of MY LIGHT is yours.

The agony of Man’s revilings shall be yours in generous portion. Heed them not, My Children. The capacity for ecstasy is measured only by the capacity for suffering and you will come into understanding of that which I mean by suffering--for it is NOT that as which you define it to be; therefore, rejoice in that which you perceive as “suffering” for therein shall you KNOW My caring and presence to lift you up.

My words must be written for man that he be given that which is My PROMISE unto him that he might be given to find of his way. They must flow through the pulsing heart of MAN that brother may find ability to perceive and conceive his passage.

Heed not such as crucifixion in the hearts of ten times ten million men--go in humility. He who comes forth to man bearing inspired knowledge does man crucify. Crucifixion awaits all inspired messengers of the Light but TRUTH lies beyond the crucifixion. To tear down the idols of man and open the doors which lead to eternal life in the knowledge of the Light shall be your Father-Mother’s work to do.

Teach the laws by which My universe is bound. Such laws are within the comprehension of man and none are beyond it--NONE. Avoid, therefore, such wordings as psychic things and powers, and occult things and powers, which mislead man and tempt him toward his early imaginings, and answer all questions dynamically. All of Man’s questions are answerable in Light--YOU ARE LIGHT AND YOU CAN ANSWER THEM.

Confine your teachings and speakings to your written words given forth in this manner for the writing down of TRUTH and translated from your Father-Mother’s rhythmic words in Light. Know, Dharma, that your gift is given and regiven and in that way shall you know your work is worthy and blessed. Blessed be all hands and hearts who do My work and share and give and regive unto all My creations.

Do not preach, nor teach, beyond this that is being written down, for you are man and full of Man’s failings. Answer no man that which has not yet been written down by you, even though you know the answer in the universal language of Light. Man’s words are treacherous things of many meanings, therefore meditate when queried beyond your translated words, until you are alone in Light, then answer by the well considered written word given forth unto you. Do not pass as knowledge that which is only “opinion” lest you not speak in KNOWING but in ego projection of self-importance. You do not want that which is error upon your heart and Soul as you leave your mark on man. Your strength will be in the writing down of words and exemplifying them in sketches that the brother can better understand--but only as given unto you lest man become confused, even if other’s interpretations bear Truth and similar meaning.

Speak and teach through the books we give unto you for this journey through transition for the confusion of that which is Truth from that which has been projected at the whims and desires of man is great. This is why we are giving again the laws and instructions unto you at this time of the Great Cycle--that none can misunderstand--but rather, choose his path in full knowledge of consequence of actions. It is time for the WORD and these writings to be compiled and sent unto the four winds to all peoples and all nations.

Have a care that any spoken words of yours shall not be beyond what has been written herein by this servant’s hands, nor divulge, nor discuss with any man My yet untranslated words. This will be your great temptation--to speak of things which ye have not yet been given permission of which to speak. Dharma, you shall stay within My Light that you receive nothing nor give that which is not presented by Myself and My appointed speakers. This I must give to you alone, chela, for you hold the translations in your hands. You must be strong for if you speak untimely of that which you KNOW and are GIVEN in your other times of experience, so shall those things possibly go forth out of sequence and damage be wrought upon our work. Please allow the veil to shroud your projections so that we can present that which is in its own properness. Yes, precious, be strong in this wise lest you yield to the proddings, for in eagerness to share and KNOW ones act without wisdom. You shall be given to comprehend and know much prior to the insight of others for it must be so in order to allow our work to flow--allow all actions to only be in wisdom.

Your strength through your written words shall be as mighty records and as a mighty rock which will withstand the batterings of the whole world of men, and you can teach and speak within them. But beyond them your ill-considered translations will be as a heap of sand to wear away by the erosion of soft blown winds or mighty winds of the hurricane.

Heed My words, My own projection of Light, and heed them well for great responsibility rests upon your being. You remember not your placement--only the brief construction of your being in the moment of creation and your consciousness perceives you should be “something or other” different--pious, somehow partially etheric or something akin to angelic projection. I did not create an etheric angel to write My words--they must come from the hands of the “human” that he can relate unto their source in the manner of his manifested experience. He has proven that he can no longer read the messages in Creation--only in that narrow focus as directed by the human restrictions.

It is commanded of you to turn Man’s eyes away from his jungle, to tell him to look upon the face of the Lord and know God’s ecstasy in him. It is not to produce a facade of false piety and sanctity. Man must have that human experience with which to relate. These false projections of the ones who pronounce themselves Godly have set that image in front of you to hide that which they actually do in the darkness. Know, chela, that these are MY words which are being herein written for the historical records of this time in cycle upon a wondrous Creation within a perfect universe. You hear them through Me and doubt not your gift for it is beyond the “gift”, it is the authority of Myself.

The world of man is decadent. Go and tell that which IS and resurrect it in MY name.

The beauty of My balanced thinking has man buried in his dank tombs and sets ugliness in the images of Man’s earth thinking as idols for his worshipping.

Man-might is he placing before Omnipotence in Me. Love is he seeking to crucify--to deify brutality. Barbarity of his own inviting is even now crossing his horizon to crush him who would exalt it. The seeds of hate is he sowing for the babel of many tongues to multiply.

I am a patient God. All men will come to Me in due time, but the agony of awaiting that day shall be theirs alone. And that day shall not come until man himself shall cleanse himself from his own unbalanced thinking. Prepare, therefore, My messenger to the Cosmic Age of ecstatic man, which is now in the deep dark before its dawning, and be ready for your appointed day when Man’s own chastening shall awaken him in Me.

Long has been the time of preparations that the WORD might be projected in segments of ongoing sequence. Guard well, child, that which is your knowing, and herald not your messengership but rather remain quiet and dutiful that the WORD can be put to print before it can be stopped in the human arenas. There are others appointed to do that which comes next, and next, and next. Then shall all the world begin to reap the harvest of self-inflicted suffering sown by his own hands in the seed of his unbalanced thinking. You ones of My cherished messengers shall be given to release that which man chooses, for yours is to bring forth the WORD and therein limits your responsibility. Many have gone before and given forth the word of Truth and given forth the great “inventions” which could bless man--now is the time of again bringing that which was their gift, into the consciousness once more--that man can reconsider that which he has done.

You shall be given to take up where others changed through transition for yours will be within the time of the great cacophony, disharmony and chaos. My precious children, you will be as the waiting within the incubation readying the Phoenix for its rising. You ones shall know no rest as you prepare against the days to come.

Before the day of Man’s rebirth in Me his self-made way of Earth will be deep strewn with the ashes of his Earth-planned tower of self-might, denying Me in him. Untold suffering shall await him on the blood drenched road which leads toward the jungle of his own seeking. Anguish will be his lot, and there will be weeping in every home.

Many who see such agony in man will say to you that a God of Love cannot be if man is son of God, and God the loving Father-Mother of all men.

But I say to you, all men are ONE. The thinking of one is the thinking of all, and so shall the world-harvest be that which was sown in the seed of world-thinking. Man’s world is the sum-total of Man’s thinking. It is what all world-thinking makes it.

If love be in the world, hate cannot also be. In the early days of this cycle My messenger of that day said: “Love your brother as yourself,” but man has not yet faintly comprehended its meaning.

I now say more, for man is not now so new, and can well comprehend My meaning after the coming carnage by man shall have spent its furies, as the calm of Earth’s storms always follows those storms.

These words I now say for newly comprehending man of this new cycle: Love one another all men, for you are one in Me. Whatsoever you do to one in Me ye do to all; for all are one in Me. Love your brothers as yourself. Serve your brother before yourself. Lift high your brother, lift him to high pinnacles, for your brother is but yourself.

For of a verity, I say, love of self, or a nation of selves, turns neighbor against neighbor, and nation against nation. Self-love breeds hate and sows its seed in all the winds to blow wherever it will. Wherefore say I, love of neighbor by neighbor, and nation by nation, unites all men as one.

Serve first your brother. Hurt first yourself rather than your neighbor. Gain nothing from him unbalanced by your giving. Protect the weak with your own strength, for if you use your strength against him his weakness will prevail against you, and your strength will avail you nothing.

Such is My decree which you well know in the inviolate workings of My law which holds balance in all creating things. See that man well knows this principle as the foundation of his new day.

I bless you, child, and you, My children--for you shall come again unto Myself and you shall come within the Light. Him who chooses to disobey and turn from Me shall be remanded unto his appointed placement.

You shall be given that which is intended to be further given and in your work shall you be blessed for I so decree that it shall be so.


I, Dharma, share this with all of you for surely such a gift would not be given ONLY unto me. We have somehow formed a brotherhood far greater than our imaginings and I am overwhelmed in this PRESENCE of which I have no description. I know, however, that I will serve as long as there is life in me on this plane for there is nothing on this plane to touch the wondrous PRESENCE which so freely gives and walks with us. We must be blessed beyond all measure to be allowed participation-- to be allowed delivery of this Truth unto US. We who receive this WORD are blessed for we have it first--entrusted into our hands. I feel unworthy, and yet, I must be worthy or He would not allow me this service. Whatever, Father, Your will be served. Thank You for allowing me to have some small portion in Your glory for it is beyond my perception. I see the words pour forth and I KNOW that it must be so, but I cannot perceive it. Each in the task at hand has a heavier load than do I, may I not be given into failing them. Germain, please do not leave me longer here. Thank you.


I have not left thee, chela--Germain is here. It is time that you ones of the “team” begin to come into focus and realization for it is a great task in which we are all honored to participate.

Herein is printed the above personal material which specifically commands in some detail the very manner and method of its delivery--these multitudes of printed pages brought forth--as well as allowing you to see that the time is at hand for same.

We have given you these instructions for the express purpose of bringing deeply home to you the most important--even though hardly believable--fact of your life. This fact is that if you KNOW God in you, not just abstractly believing it with some slight reservations, and work knowingly with God, your life will be the highest of the high, forever knowing the peace which passeth all understanding, and your achievements will be mighty--for the divine YOU will be in them.

The knowledge of your oneness with God is not possible of instant acceptance by any human in its fullness, as you would instantly accept the knowledge that two and two are four.

Such illumination is too wonderful for quick unfoldment in man, for every cell in Man’s body cries out the selfhood of the body, and every sensation of man tells him of reality as being in the senses. Outersensory, objective awareness in him is so strong that the transition to innersensory creative thinking awaits long ages of Man’s slow unfolding.

You are able to see and feel that which you have long believed to be you, and you have built up a sense of ego or individuality around and within your body which has forcibly separated you from all other men, for they are individuals also--human bodies of persons in countless numbers, all separate and apart from each other.

It is not a quick process to forget body and separability of bodies just by being told about it, even though you believe it. Your body is the high hurdle which you must surmount in order to know your divinity.

As you become focused on purpose and desire in meditation, you learn increasingly to forget your body and increasingly become God-Conscious. Therefore, walk and talk with God constantly, from moment to moment. Let meditation become a fixed habit and state of Mind--this doesn’t mean going around blathering with the voice box--simply become constantly in the company of God. Know that the security and presence of that Great Source of All is constantly within your presence.

When you realize that every cell of unfolding and refolding matter is centered by God-Light and controlled in its every second, and that every insect, bird and beast is instinctively controlled and watched over just as you are, whether you know it or not, how much greater is that power of love which is watching over you when you KNOW it and work with it!

There is no detail of your life or work that you cannot take under instant advisement with God. Many thousands of times each of us has asked Him in our hearts--wordlessly--to guide our hand with His to give balance to sculpture, painting, writing, teaching or other work when it seemed lacking, and always the next brushstroke would be made by God’s hand and balance restored.

The time has come when cosmic man should perpetually acknowledge God as companion and co-worker and cease to think of Him as The Almighty God AFAR OFF to whom he can pray when he needs Him and at all other times get along by himself.

When you are in a quandary, you are often prompted to seek some friend for advice, or if some friend comes in, you are apt to ask his advice. That desire is prompted by your feeling of need for help, but never ask of anyone BEFORE GOD.

Make it the most natural thing you do to ask God about it. This you will always do if God is ever-present with you and you feel His presence as He works with you.

Let us earnestly counsel you against asking or receiving advice from anyone. No one can advise you unless he becomes a part of you. Your problem must be his problem, and your desire for its solution must be his desire. No one can know all of your problem, nor can you tell it to anyone fully except to God.

How many people are there on Earth who can be one with you through love? If you know such a one, you can then merge your unity--and God will be in your midst. Such love as that between perfectly mated men and women multiplies their power, for when husband and wife both belong to God, working knowingly with Him, each one is then KNOWING together, THINKING together and WORKING together with God as ONE. It is a blessed thing indeed and garnered by few.

This principle can be well illustrated by group thinking, such as a meeting of directors in a business, or in the Senate and Congress. Such groups should be as one man, for they all have the same interests and problems--or should have (this is for example). The problem of one is the problem of all. How useless would be the advice of anyone brought into such a meeting who did not take the interests of all into his heart--well, that is where you have now arrived in your national functioning.

Effort at developing the intense realization that if there is but the one universal Mind of God, then YOU are that MIND, and YOUR thinking is God’s thinking. Meditation can do that--bring you into contact and communion,--and the more you experience with God by taking all of your desires and problems to Him, the more you will develop that oneness. Every meditation is a partial illumination, for you cannot possibly open your Mind to God without God immediately responding.

And, above all things, do not desire the full illumination until and unless it comes to you. It will come when you are ready for it and not before. Rejoice in every partial illumination which you will always recognize by the ecstatic--or even joyous--feeling which inspiration always engenders.

Let us end this chapter at this point. We will take up a few questions and answers regarding meditation and prayer as we sit again but this is quite enough for this sitting. Thank you for your attention. I am humbly honored to serve with you, my brothers. May our task be performed ever in the Light of His PRESENCE and within the glorious transmuting flame of the violet ray that we make this transition into KNOWING AND POWER.




THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1991 7:55 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 343



Germain presenting in the Mighty I AM Presence. Good morning. Let us move, please, right to the subject.

How often you are told that the greatest miracle which can happen to you is the discovery of your inner immortal Self. We would say that again and again for a thousand times until you fully know that the “kingdom of heaven” is really within yourself. Let me add to it by telling you that one inspiring hour alone with God, in communion with Him in HIS Light, is worth more to you than all the possessions of all the earth, all of its jewels, its gold, yes, even its richest thrones.

This highest of all the attainments of man, we are trying to open up to you through your continued growth of comprehension. Do not think it easy for you to acquire such a high goal overnight--simple but not easy. Many write that they have followed instructions carefully but cannot decentrate to the stillness, try how they may. Let us look at a few of those questions.

We find a response to the material worthy of immediate consideration for it came not for testing but for clarification of something troubling a heart. Taking time to respond to basically “inside” inquiry also gives me a chance to speak to the ones who serve and work so diligently in this geographic location. That sentence usually causes a bit of discomfort in the recipients, of the next to come--but I have to await some overeagerness to confront all to have cause to sit us all down and speak of these things.

My intent is to cause you to again think! Think about what you project--each of you. Think how you respond to new entries into your presence--HOW DO YOU TREAT THEM? DO YOU TREAT THEM AS IF THEY HAVE INVADED FROM THE ELITE CARTEL OR DO YOU RESENT THEIR PRESENCE FOR THEIR JOB APPEARS TO BE MORE WORTHY THAN DO YOU ACCLAIM YOUR OWN TO BE?

HOW MANY GURUS DO WE HAVE TO HAVE IN THIS GROUP? Well, we have several who speak and act as if they are appointed and highly evolved. Let me burst bubbles--if you think yourself to be highly evolved and know all--YOU ARE NOT. WORSE, IT SHOWS!

The information coming forth now has not been presented before this time in its compiled form and added information--SO YOU CANNOT BE PRIORLY INFORMED. If you wish to share opinions and discuss, fine--if your intent is to pick and find fault with every sentence, to show your wisdom--you show only your foolishness for you cannot know that which has not been given for you are still the students and the teachers have not given forth that which we are giving you now.

Can you not be patient and await the unfolding? Must you consider that “something should be churning” and it should be thee that churns it? Have you been so successful in your past experience in EVERY encounter--that you have become master? I repeat--WE ARE NOT AN ORGANIZED GROUP AND ANY AND ALL WHO WISH TO DO SOMETHING INCLUDING ONES WHO SHARE THE WORK--SO BE IT. I SUGGEST HOWEVER, THAT YOU ARE PUSHING THE RIVER AND WILL BE DROWNED IN THE EBB TIDE AS IT SWEEPS AROUND YOU.

As with B.H. whose inquiry we will herein share--I suggest that by your own inquiries you see that you have not yet found the Truth and you have that which to measure this statement against. I care not who and what taught you before and if of the higher realms, I suggest you be SURE. The higher energies are very, very focused at this time and the intent is to unfold this work in proper sequence. HEAR--REALLY HEAR what may be said to you. Make sure that, if you are nudged to do a thing, it is not JUST your own willingness to serve for no energy of the higher realm will tell you that you absolutely may not do a thing. As with meditations, if you find a visitor responding to your call--because we “don’t just show up”--and urges you to do something or other--be sure that you are not actually being urged to consider carefully that which you do.

We have no intent to stop meditation groups but I believe you are going to find that the very Masters of Communications, Germain and Korton, will not readily participate in any meditation groups as now established. It is not that they are ALL unworthy--but most are totally useless as to lasting mode of communication and you are learning a habit which may later be hard to break. This is only a caution for ones are free, certainly, to offer that which you choose and partake of that which you choose. If you want comradery and group sharing why not have a pot-luck supper and study the writings for either you will base your movement on this material or you do not believe it to be Truth. If you do not believe us to be and bring Truth--you should be happier somewhere in another location for these are serious times and YOU ARE NOT THE MAJOR FOCUS OTHER THAN AS YOU ARE ALSO GOD FRAGMENT BUT THIS TIME YOU ARE A SUPPORT GROUP OF ACTORS FOR THE TESTING OF THE HIGHEST ENERGY FORMS IN THE UNIVERSE. BETTER YOU UNDERSTAND THE LESSONS AND THEN, YOU WILL FIND GREAT BENEFIT IN MEDITATION AND GROUP PRAYER IF YOU STILL DESIRE SAME--WHICH YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT. COMMUNICATION WITH GOD REQUIRES NO GROUPS, NONE OTHER THAN YOU AND YOU AND THE GOD-YOU WITHIN. IT REQUIRES NO WORDS OTHER THAN THE INTENT AND DESIRE WITHIN THE SOUL--THE REST IS DESIRE FOR COMRADERY. This is fine, it is simply not going to be called by disinformed identification.

Some of you are finding “inconsistencies” between Sanandas and Germains teachings. Restudy that which seems inconsistent and let us clear it up--or perhaps you misinterpreted.

Since the letter was not sent to any of us of higher dimension, I shall turn the response over to Germain for response since it all deals with that which is coming forth under his name. I ask that you consider carefully that which you are again doing in self- appointed manner for unrest is rising and that is surely not an example of that Truth we bring. If ones who make claim to being a part of this non-existent organization can not find ways to project the very Love which we show, to those with whom you daily labor and share, is mandatory to return unto the Center of Love--then how shall we reach unto the world?

Vio, thank you for allowing me voice. I shall now step aside and also receive.

* * * * *

Germain--in the Presence of the Mighty I Am. May we be given into understanding and sharing within the Light of Truth and Clarity.

I am honored to have inquiry for clarification. I am given two instructions--to please answer “some hard questions” and give hard answers”. I shall do so with the assumption that my hard answers” are accepted as exactly that and not an attack on personal petition nor person! I believe we have a good “man to man” relationship going here and can speak frankly and clearly.

Dharma, we will take the questions one at a time and move down with responses in order. Then I’ll probably make far too many comments at the ending of the communication clarification.

1. In the Owner/Operator Manual, Sananda said, and Hatonn sometimes says, “Pray to God, Ask God, Better--Talk to God”. Germain is now saying Don’t talk, don’t use words, use the feeling of the desire instead of the words. Correct?


Somewhere in the JOURNALS, and floating around the “Rainbow Laundry”, is a copy of Sananda’s “My Perfect Prayer” The Lord’s Prayer revised--A Big Bunch of words. Germains statement of Dont use words shoots down Sananda’s Perfect Prayer. Would you seek clarification?

Literally, no, I would not seek clarification for obviously to me--it is quite clear as I project it. But since you do so, I shall further clarify the message.

Number one: the “Perfect Prayer” was brought into the attention of Hatonn and beautifully done in art-form by Karen. Sananda and Hatonn have often worked from the message in example of that which is suitable and worthy of response in prayer”. You are finding, here, that we are working with 6 billion sleeping pre-school children and we must give forth that which CAN be accepted lest we lose a person before we can give any worthy help.

The intent is to fully understand that all the affirmations, prayers, printed words, recited words and blather ad nauseam, is but a show--a facade. The intent and desire is reflected in the soul/heart and has nothing to do with “lips”. Lips are prone to lie or, at the least, stretch a point here an there in favor of the one petitioning. What Sananda has said is “...it is magnificently wondrous if the lips (words) match the desire within”.

I can use an example of true foolishness--the Rosary. And this is no offense to those who choose to utilize the token of focus. It is worthless if all the person is doing is reciting rote words and the soul has no attention nor intent to even hear the words. Affirmations, as practiced in the I AM group, are totally without merit, except for the personal discipline involved, IF THE PERSON HAS NO PERSONAL INTENT WITHIN NOR DESIRE FOR THAT WHICH IS BEING UTTERED.


So--blather all you like, but that which will be acted upon is that intent and desire within Soul.

2. When “going within to ask God”, how does one know the answers are from The Source and not from one’s own subconscious filled with one’s own adversarial programming? I went within and asked God” can be a great cop-out and excuse for adversarial behavior, like, I’m hungry and go within to ask the source What should I eat to nourish my body? I can easily get-- A large pepperoni & sausage pizza washed down with a few beers.” So, how does one recognize the answer from the God Source and not the subconscious? Logic can’t be trusted because it, too, follows subconscious beliefs.

Responses in order of questions: In the beginning you may not-- but that will be because you have not cleared your space sufficiently. The subconscious mind will tell you anything already programmed into it--EVERY TIME. If it is full of garbage it will produce garbage. If it is filled with distortions and illness, it will produce it right on queue.

You have hit on something more important, however, than almost anything else--for a large pepperoni and sausage pizza can be most hardy and pleasing at times, as can a beer or two. If you ate what the Russians eat--black bread and dark beer--the whole lot of you would return to physical health.

So, what we are now dealing with is the following. What if nudges come and you assume you are told something from your subconscious. You will balance it against the LAWS and check as to whether or not it deviates. If it deviates one iota, it lies. It will, if in truth, as a voice of God--NEVER LIE although it may well test you and yes, you CAN reason--REASON IS YOUR GIFT--A REASONING CAPABILITY AND FREE-WILL CHOICE. You, further, will always be given the choice and the free-will to act on it. IF the inner voice gives dark commands--it may well be in the testing to see that which you will do--it is the learning and Knowing of Truth against which you must balance every output and demand in confrontation with the subconscious (on its level of reception) to cease and desist. Come on, chelas, YOU KNOW! And, therefore, the “cop-out” comes directly from the conscious mind desiring something or other of physicalness. Spirit deals with that which is NOT PHYSICAL and couldn’t care less whether or not you eat pizzas and drink beer. It does care when you get drunk and out of control for your responsibility is to rule that subconscious mind which is YOUR SERVANT--TO SERVE IS ITS ONLY CAPABLITY--GARBAGE IN-GARBAGE OUT!

3. Please explain the seeming dichotomy between “relinquishing one’s will to God” vs. “programming your subconscious to do anything you desire, even to be a good thief? (A la Germain) Does Doing God’s will mean being a fantastic success at anything you desire, even being a fantastic thief, IF YOU SOMEHOW MANAGE TO GIVE AND REGIVE AND FOLLOW THE COMMANDMENTS--SOMEHOW? Please get Germain to clarify. It’s becoming double-talk.

Now B.H., I get your drift but I am inclined to throw the book at you! If you become a thief--surely you are not acting in accordance with God’s laws, so the option is out as to God’s way. LISTEN, ALL OF YOU, YOU ARE A FREE-WILL BEING--IF YOUR INTENT IS TO BE A FANTASTIC THIEF YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT NICELY--THE METHOD WORKS EQUALLY FOR THE DARK INTENT AS IT DOES FOR THE LIGHTED INTENT.

I would further suggest that it is not necessarily Germain who produces the “double-talk”. You can program your subconscious mind to be and do anything--I said anything! It cares not--it just acts upon its orders. It is up to YOU to put that upon which you want to function within the program. The PERSON will not respond to that which is basically “will” and foundation of action within the Soul, i.e., if you are not capable of committing an act of some sort if not in hypnosis--you WILL NOT COMMIT IT IN A TRANCE.

If, however, the intent of yourself or another is to train you to override the capability of selection--you have MIND CONTROL and that is a far different and more serious matter, as covered in prior Journal material. In hypnosis of the type of which we direct to your attention--you will do no thing which you would not otherwise do if without your critical conscious mind. This means, drunk with alcohol or altered by drugs--anything which removed the critical functioning conscious mind.

Certainly “doing God’s will” does NOT mean being a fantastic success at anything,...” If you break the laws of God and Creation--YOU ARE NOT DOING GOD’S WILL! NO MATTER HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE AT THE ACTION OR ACQUISITION.

The thrust of the writings, dear ones, is to come into communion with God--that is the reason for the writings regarding meditation and prayer--Our intent is to show you how to contact God which is the only point in question. If you DESIRE to contact God, we will effort to help you do so--I am not interested in your conscious desires for physical and/or material “stuff”. Anything coming forth from this source for use with or within subconscious levels of intake/output will only be that which deals with the laws of God and Creation. What goes on in the big dark world, I cannot control--but it is time that you ones started to do so--in the area of hypnosis is an excellent place to begin for it is being utilized in a most ineffective and greedy manner. The tool is being utilized for all the wrong reasons.

4. Does meditating and spending time “decentrated” in the “voidance “point of the source eventually reprogram the subconscious?

NO. There is “nothing” in the voidance point. The point of communication with God is to allow you to come into ability to open a circuit wherein to recognize response. Just being” programs nothing except perhaps laziness and intent for non- participation or action. If you think non-action will prevent you from making errors--you have just made your largest one. Spending a lot of time in meditation does one thing--waste the precious “time” you are allotted for action”. The whole of Knowledge is garnered in a timeless split second--the only time you need to spend with that subconscious is perhaps the time required to reprogram it to function in a healthy manner according to your instructions--that is between you and that subconscious Self. It takes but a flash to commune with God. Moreover--the full intent of the lessons is to get you to stop focusing on Self-centered “I wants”. You will never find that which you REALLY DESIRE through that route.

5. Somewhere in the Journals is a Big Pitch for “ONE MIND”. How do we now get a conscious mind and a subconscious mind out of the one mind? If we’re all extensions of the one mind, how do we get to program our separate desires into the subconscious. If it is all God’s idea, what difference does it make, then?

What indeed? Sweethearts--you had best go back and reread and reread and really study the material. You are a thought projection of God--but that thought gives you separation of function in your manifestation and if you do a good job He rethinks you and if you act according to his projected laws, etc., you can become co-creator with and within that one mind. Also, for goodness sakes, we have hardly begun in the writings--be patient, we will get there! The public doesn’t even have these portions yet and would be boggled by this communication and feel great distress at the time which they would consider wasted as to their needs. If all of you can but find patience to wait upon God--the answers will flow.

Now as to the two minds? Do you not have a left hand and a right hand? Are they not of the same body?


Now that we have the chaff aside--let us get on with the grain: This is what I wanted from you, BH, and I thank you for giving me reason to respond. YOU are the only one in the place which has the background to field these questions and now, I shall ask that Dharma copy the rest of the message.

I ask these questions in great sincerity. Thru the years I’ve taken nine courses in hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Pain alleviation Hypnosis, Eriksonian Hypnosis, upon which Neuro Linguistics Programming is based, etc. I was a Silva Mind Control lecturer for a year doing seminars in Arkansas and Oklahoma. I took the 10 week Yoga Teacher Training at Amanda.

I backed away from my hypnosis practice in disgust because most clients used it for vanity, lust, avarice, to be “better than”, and few wanted to “dig“ for the real problems. Where does success end and greed begin for a client? I’ve used so many forms of MEDITATION, I’ve lost track. I’ve had what I thought was “vivid Guidance” only to be led down false paths.

This information is very serious to me and I’d like some hard answers.

I’m no longer a TRUE BELIEVER in any form of therapy or Spiritual Quest, and am a VERY RELUCTANT TEACHER. I’ve been around and am still around too many people who see themselves as HIGHLY EVOLVED”. I sometimes want to hide under a rock. So, I guess this last sentence is saying I want some straight talk about hypnosis and meditation and prayer, without contradiction from Sananda--or it just becomes again various teachings of various sects.

So, I humbly hope to see these issues clarified in Germain’s teachings.

Thank you again for your time and effort. . .

P.S. You may find it interesting that one Hypnotherapy course I took, was given by an M.D. who advocated we become students of the Bible because he had never had a client who wasn’t “messed up” by religion, and or the Bible, and it was important to uncover the erroneous Biblical beliefs in hypnosis. That certainly is what I saw practicing in “The Bible Belt”. Salu.

Ah so, I thank you humbly for an honest appraisal. Again, we cannot begin to “fix” a thing gone wrong until we see what the problem is.

This portion is worthy of a full chapter or more, in complete discussion--but these things are not our thrust. They are important to many out there, however, who have “tried” the myriad groups of expensive nonsense only to find themselves more confused and frazzled than when they began the tour of searching.

I can, right off the top, excise two MAJOR points of problem-Eriksonian Hypnosis upon which Neurolinguistics Programming is based and Silva Mind Control. Erikson was a master at the trade--a fool at the practice. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) has some exceptional tools for use--unfortunately the ego of the teachers usually override the usefulness of the tools.


Let us look at the psychiatrists and psychologists who begin to utilize hypnotherapy in an honest approach. It is a worthless, hopeless hypnotherapist who cannot help a person in no more than 8 sessions. Whether or not the person can be helped (I’ll give you an example) with his problem can be established in one or two encounters--only because the first sessions should be properly handled and it does not include other than a practice hypnotic experience of brief nature.

It, further, is not the greed of the client but that of the hypnotist, who will train one to stop this or that as a habit without ferreting out the real problem and confronting it. A practicing hypnotherapist can only be as good as his teacher and if you are experiencing some of these sessions whereby a Doctor Dante (who, by the way, legally changed his given name to “Doctor” so he could legally be called Dr.) gives a week-end seminar and then gives a certification pronouncing you a physician, then you deserve that which you receive--absurd and ridiculous claims without results.

There is a big misconception here, BH. We have no intentions whatsoever to give hypnotherapy in these courses. If we move into such offerings it will be as a tool for ones who wish to grow within knowledge. We are not in the entertainment business nor the “round of meditation wheels” circuit. You have a planet in its final stages of annihilation and you need to contact God. You are never going to do so except through that subconscious and higher-conscious MIND. You can NEVER do it through the conscious, critical mind of physical plane. Now, as even a disgruntled hypnotist--I know that YOU know that.

Supposing a surgeon brought in a patient with a ruptured appendix and he took a history briefly, declared surgery necessary, gets and anesthesiologist and goes about first class surgery--only to stop short of the appendix, closees up the patient and treats him with more anesthetic until he dies or heals? Is it the fault of the surgery, or the surgeon?

As to the medical profession being into “hypnosis”--that is worse than bad. Not that the tool is not THE tool but let us look at it properly. Suppose you have a psychiatrist with a client who, say, stutters--and has money to pay for 500 visits at one a week. How many weeks do you think it will require for that psychiatrist to NOT allow curing of that patient? A GOOD HYPNOTHERAPIST CAN DO IT TWO SESSIONS TO MAKE THE CLIENT FUNCTIONAL AND THEN MAYBE FOUR MORE TO LOCATE AND ISOLATE THE REAL PROBLEM AND SOMETIMES IT WILL HAPPEN IN THE SAME SESSION. THEN ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS HAVING THE PROBLEM CONFRONTED, REMOVED AND THE PROGRAM REWRITTEN. WE ARE TALKING THE DIFFERENCE IN SAY, $65 AN HOUR VS. $100 TO $200 PER HOUR. The psychiatrist will insist on the 500 weeks while the hypnotherapist has nothing more to treat after 5 or 6 sessions. I think you get the picture.

What I think of Silva Mind Control is not printable! By the way, there are several other groups of which I won’t even comment, the intent is so dastardly. But, just as you have quacks and charlatans in medicine, religions, etc., you will have charlatans in every place where greed can be expressed and physical assets gained. Moreover, the “practitioner” gains so much respect, if he does a good job, that it is most hard on his ego to not accept his position as God over the client for the client will proclaim the “doctor” to be right next to God in his mind.

Let me give real and practical example right from the attached body to these hands.

Right in this community is one who had such a bad “tic” of squinching his eyes that he had become totally non-functional. Lost his business in L.A. because he could no longer drive a car and had to be literally brought and led into the place. This was not a typical series of anything. This was a friend who had been told by physicians that NOTHING COULD BE DONE FOR HIM--THE NERVES TO HIS EYE LIDS WOULD HAVE TO BE SEVERED. HE HAD ALREADY GONE THROUGH A SERIES OF INJECTIONS AROUND THE EYES--50 OF THEM. HE SLEPT WITH HIS EYES UNABLE TO CLOSE AND LIVED THROUGH HELL FOR OVER THREE MONTHS IN THAT STATE.

He, too, had tried a hypnotist early at onset of the problem but had turned to medical help as he worsened.

Dharma just said, “Oh my God, let us look at this before you do such a drastic thing--I can find out whether or not it is a physical or emotional thing in five minutes.” Actually it took less than four minutes after induction of trance.

In less than two hours the mind was retrained to stop closing the eyes but rather transfer the nudge to the fingers--out of sight, where he could press them unseen. Did this CURE the man? No. But he immediately knew that if he could control it--it was not a surgical matter. Further, he could go right out the door and return to driving, his business and normalcy. The problem was seen but in one session it was not possible to work it through for there were several found of great magnitude. But the main problem was isolated and pin-pointed in less than an hour.

The person involved is known and the total honor of the therapist is privacy so I will not reveal more. There were problems within his business setting which prevented his feeling free to continue past the one session. But the man is still functional utilizing the method given and he will come back when it is appropriate. He was urged to seek other help by a qualified therapist at the trade at any rate.

An interesting point is that this had been going on for several years--worsening until the poor Man’s face was in painful muscle spasms constantly. First he got relief both of the affliction and relief of mind to put aside consideration of surgery. It was a friend and the charge was nothing, following thousands and thousands of dollars spent on physicians to find it a hopeless matter. But, funny thing, while in hypnosis--with the proper input--the man COULD NOT SQUINT HIS EYES--HE FORGOT HOW TO DO SO WHEN REMOVED FROM THE PROGRAMMING. That is not permanent, however, for it is but a bandaid when the problem needs a body cast. However, do you see that even the bandaid saved the life? If, also, the man can become functional--does it matter if the CURE is awaiting?

You do not TREAT something which is not causing dysfunction. If it, however, is even perceived dysfunction--you have a problem. If a person has great problems and yet, is still functional--why would you tamper?

Most of the addictions, however, are caused by root problems rarely directly associated with the addiction--but the physical craving for the substance does need attention. But you must find the CAUSE for it is the EFFECT OF THOSE CAUSES WHICH ARE PRESENTING!

How can I tell you, BH, that you have ended your need to search for answers--they are here! For some “here” will not be an answer for they will never open unto Truth long enough to find it. Moreover, I cannot tell you such a thing at any rate--for it means NOTHING. YOU must be the one to discern whether or not we bring that which is valid and can be stood upon into infinity.

Anything of physical nature that we project or offer is but a possible tool to help. We are NOT just forming some more “meditation” groups or prayer” meetings. This is a do-it-yourself program with HOW-TO information Journals. It does no good to show you the miserable problems without giving you resources to change them and solve them. Some will not be solved but you will be surprised to know that all we have brought forth thus far CAN BE!

As to ones who pronounce and think themselves “HIGHLY EVOLVED”--I shudder. Those who believe themselves to be authority and filled with great knowledge at this point, I must agree with Hatonn, they are NOT. As ones become “highly evolved” they tend to get less and less verbal in opinions, silent in proffering their advice” and come to recognize that the more they are offered and know--THE LESS THEY KNOW! Ego is a strange beast--it destroys its host as the parasite on a tree. For practical definition as to the identity of THE ANTI-CHRIST--it’s name in your language is EGO!

But”, you say, ...we each have an ego!” Touche!!! And that is what hypnosis really IS--setting aside the EGO so that you can commune with YOU. So be it.

Dharma, we have requested a meeting this afternoon for it is time we have some demonstrations and it is time for you to grow and participate a bit and I know no more loving group in which to work out these strange connections between us and you. This is such an important subject that it demands tending immediately for if you who study all the information and have access to it as it is produced, have blocks in vision--we must recognize that many, many ones will get hung up and stalled out.

If readers choose to take that which is given and misinform, misinterpret, etc.--fine. But we will do that which we can to make our messages thorough and clear in projection.

We are in sincere and deep appreciation to the brother who shared with us and gave this opportunity for this one is giving hours and hours of thought, to the point of diagrams and summaries of the material, so it is not careless chatter that brings his comments.

As we share, let us bring these things forth verbally so that we might have discourse. And please, turn within, that you clear the block and allow flow for it is most important that you come into understanding.

In the flow of life, know that it is your mind which holds you hostage--you must unlock that mind to find freedom. The keys are elusive and similar but only one will unlock the bars--so we must guard that key most preciously. It has been tossed from deceiver to deceiver until it is worn and will usually be cast aside in the searching for it is in tatters from the tossing--NOT THE USING!


Ah yes, BH will say, “I fear not, what do you mean?” Yes you are in fear--fear that you have only unearthed one more false teacher and teaching. And, moreover, you took the right approach--you confronted the issue head-on, actually risking ridicule and in the least, attention, for your inquiries were actually already answered but you needed the confrontation of the REAL doubts. I honor you for that discernment. Note all humans react in humanness and it is delightful for it is wondrous to see the human respond within his own power

Most emotional distress results from the subconscious recording of a problem that has not been solved. How are you going to solve those problems which are recorded but buried--only to produce the negative pain and imprisonment but not the solutions?

You see, I also have inquiries. How, for instance, do you ones expect to commune with God? What do YOU say to God with the lips? What do you petition within the Soul? Do you always ask for Self or “Thy will be done”? Do you blame another for your loneliness and isolation? What do you do to change it? Do you project Love--I don’t mean mushy huggy-kissy--I mean LOVE? Do you set yourself up as teacher and if the material matches your opinion it is suitable? If not, what do you do about it? Do you push to get this information scattered about because you believe it to be truth? Do you work because you wish the participation for personal reasons? It is OK either way--one is spiritual and the other physical and both have merit.

What are your suggestions for solutions to your plight? Have Man’s solutions worked so far? Can you truly discern whether or not ours will work without hearing the projections in full, most carefully? Would you set out to make a complicated desert cake and use only two of the instructions from the 20 given? Would you leave out the most important ingredients? Would you do so and then complain and cast out the recipe? These points need pondering, dear ones. If your ways would have worked, you would not be in this boiling cauldron. Let us assume you men received all the parts for an automobile--which didn’t function when dismantled. Now, you must put this mess together, isolate the problem and make this pile of pieces run to perfection--not just sort of but it has to transport many people into safety and there is only one path. Would you start the task as scattered and presumptuous as you handle your LAST JOURNEY HOME TO GOD WITH BROTHERS? Would you not need to know what kind of car? What pieces you have? What was wrong that the car didn’t run in the first place? Wouldn’t you need to know what fuel and get some? Would you so carelessly handle that pile of “stuff” as you do the greatest event and experience of your universal travels?

You MUST come into comprehension of the seriousness and magnitude of that which we do here. You must grow beyond the “me” and into the giving that you might receive. Precious friends--we need each other for without any one piece--we are not whole. But WE cannot function in partial health and present an image of physical “me-ness”. If you would have others do that which you SAY and not that which you DO--then you must DO that which reflects your speakings.

I need to step aside now that you may attend the meeting. Dharma, I am grateful, chela, for your sharing. I call it not “work” for this is a gift--not work. But in any event of work or recreation--the being can become weary and overburdened. Let us release it into the transmuting flame of God and the balance shall be achieved.

May the Love and beauty of this journey first be seen and then the ugliness shall be removed. Salu.



I will tell you from the beginning of “practice” that you will be helped immeasurably by the relaxation tapes. If you desire to utilize your own methods, I would remind you, it is fine but obviously they have not worked very well thus far. Let me example the problems people are having and see if you fit in any of the slots.

Question: Although your instructions seem OK to get into the stillness, I have great difficulty in doing so at will. Does this mean to hold the Mind steady and quiet without thinking? If so, it is a very difficult thing to do. Just once have I reached the point of stillness and it was beautiful. I was not conscious of anything but being merged in that quiet rest. How I wish I could attain that state at will.

RESPONSE: The more you can attain that state, the easier it will be to repeat it. Your question indicates that you make far too great an effort to accomplish that result. This means that you are concentrating upon having it happen instead of allowing it to happen. Work with that “training” tape until you can get relaxed without working at it.

Do not look for the “symptoms” of it. Do not expect it or try to make it happen. Just say to yourself, I want to be alone with God,” and the majesty of that thought and your desire for aloneness with God will drive all things else from your Mind.

The effort you indicate you are making gives us the impression that you are making your brain very active in trying to make your Mind become still. Forget your brain. Forget your body. Take the attitude that nothing in the world interests you, nothing whatsoever--including meditation. Think of beautiful music to stop your thinking about your electric bill, or your visitor who is coming, or any problem that weighs heavily in your attention. Meditation comes from the desire of the Soul. Do not let the brain interfere with your inspiring communion from Soul to Soul. USE THAT TAPE OVER AND OVER AND THEN MOVE TO THE “CLEARING” TAPE AS YOU COMMAND TO MOVE INTO THE LIGHT AND THEN IT WILL BEGIN TO HAPPEN. AS YOU ATTAIN THE STATE ONCE--AND CONTINUE TO UTILIZE THE TAPED DIRECTIONS FOR THOUGHT GUIDE--IT CAN HAPPEN EVERY TIME--MORE AND MORE QUICKLY ACCORDING TO YOUR DIRECTIONS. BUT, KNOW THAT YOU WILL ALSO WISH TO UTILIZE THE CLEARING TAPE AS A QUIET TIME TO RELEASE SPECIFIC PROBLEMS TO THE HIGHER MIND FOR SOLUTION AND INSTRUCTIONS.

It is wonderful if it happens even once to you, for that means that it must happen again, and more frequently, as you open your heart to it.

You might as well expect to play a symphony after one music lesson as to expect to be able to decentrate to that ecstatic state of inspiration at once. YOU MUST REALIZE THAT YOUR UNFOLDING TO THE POINT AT WHICH YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN A LONG ONE--ALLOW, DO NOT “PUSH”. Know that you are ready to experience the Light now; otherwise you would not keenly desire to do so.

Our Light and our inspiration, however, cannot reinspire you immediately for you have to come into some kind of trust and balance with our presence and become familiar and allow confirmation that that which is brought is TRUTH.

If you have been TAUGHT THAT ANY FORM OF HYPNOSIS IS EVIL, I urge you to listen to the tape which will repeat the discussion regarding hypnosis, its use and credibility. You move into and out of trance a hundred times a day as will be demonstrated. What negative response could possibly come from guiding those lapses into daydreams? I suggest you listen through the tapes COMPLETELY prior to experiencing them and see for your self that there is nothing save relaxation. There is no subliminal anything on them.

You must always take instructions, or readings, first through your senses by recording them on your brain before they are finally absorbed by your Soul to become knowledge, just as you have to take food into your stomach first before it is absorbed into the blood stream to become nourishment. The great drawback to the unfoldment of inner vision is that what is recorded on most people’s brains never passes beyond them to reach the Soul.

Very many even expect to attain full Cosmic Consciousness immediately by applying our instructions. That is as utterly impossible as it is undesirable for one who is not ready for it. You must use “reason” in your attempts.

We receive piles of letters from chelas (students) who write that they have “been in metaphysics” for years and years and think that is a sufficient reason for the attainment of the highest and rarest of all human attainments. One can be in metaphysics” for fifty years or a hundred, without having ones Soul touched by the Light for even one instant.

* * *

The study of metaphysics, like university training, may give one ****Dharma, hold up here and write the document so we don’t lose it to the frequency strike. You are fine, we have it in control but the blast was powerful. Get out of line of the computer for a few minutes, please.*****

Thank you. You are cleared to continue. Expect a lot of this as your space program is in upheaval and they would like to shut us down before we get the world told what is happening--too late. Salu.*********

* * *

The study of metaphysics, like university training, may give one much information without any real knowledge. Many great metaphysical authorities may be able to make many scientifically true statements of fact but have no knowledge of them whatsoever. They would be unable to explain them if asked to do so. Such a metaphysical authority might be as completely unable to commune with God in his heart as a student of musical history and theory might be unable to compose even a simple melody, much less a concerto.

There are many throughout the metaphysical world who perpetually repeat the same scientifically true statements but can not explain them because they do not know what they mean. Affirmations and quotations without explanations are meaningless even if true or authoritative. Of what benefit if a man says to you, “Be ye ever transformed by the renewing of your Mind,” if he does not also tell you HOW to renew you Mind and WITH WHAT?

You have all heard such foolish statements, albeit well meant, as, “All things are one”, hundreds of times, but when asked to explain how the fifty men in the room, plus everything else in the universe, are one, they become as silent as the scientist becomes if asked what light is, or gravitation is.

The only way you can ever find that great treasure which is your Self is to be able to decentrate to the point where you can forget your body and be aware of your immortal Soul. We can tell you how to do this through these lessons, and can undoubtedly reinspire you with the Light of our inspiration, but only through your own great desire in cooperation with the principles, practices and instructions we are giving you. We cannot even do that unless you let our Soul touch your Soul instead of just reading our works with your senses.

Metaphysical students and teachers have often told us that they have known some of the things we are teaching for twenty-five years. This is not true, for most of the knowledge given in these lessons has never before been known on Earth--prior to mid century and has been given forth cosmically to a selected one or two. And at that, it was not the time for the masses to heed the instructions--NOW IS THE TIME!


For centuries, people have made these two true statements: God is Love and God is Light, yet no one up to the first giving forth of this information has any knowledge whatsoever of their meaning. Even when first given forth, man was not ready to fully comprehend but ones were called who will now understand. So, until today, the meaning of love has a sex connotation to the average man--and the meaning of light has never been defined or explained by science--now it is even denied in truth, by science, to the general populace and utilized for negative purposes by the adversary and Elite--just as Tesla’s wondrous inventions were taken and wrongly utilized.

Every scientific theory of light is a physical one based upon waves and corpuscles.

If mankind ever knew the meaning of love, you would have had a different kind of civilization. Its scientific meaning as the giving and regiving of Nature’s process has never been known and when brought to attention--was soundly denied as feasible.

Likewise, the scientific meaning of light, electricity, gravitation, magnetism, energy, polarization, atomic structure and many, many other things, has never yet been known on earth, and is being revealed herein as simplistically as we can present it.

So much for the true statements which are made but NOT known. There are an equal number of untrue statements constantly being made in both metaphysics and science which are believed to be true but cannot be tested as true or untrue because of lack of knowledge regarding them.

We also give another couple of examples. Metaphysicists and metaphysical books have for years been saying: “Get into the high vibrations of the Spirit, and out of the low vibrations of matter,” and It is only in our Consciousness so it is not real,” not knowing that the Light of Consciousness is the only reality. But the phrases became the catch phrases” of the New Age Movement”. The entire meaning has been lost to Truth in accomplishment. “Children of Light” became a new word for cop-out” and flower children”.

THERE ARE NO VIBRATIONS WHATSOEVER TO THE SPIRIT. The Light of the Spirit is ABSOLUTELY MOTIONLESS, while the vibrations of matter increase with density and decrease as they approach the stillness of space. Such teachings are very confusing when one says in one breath, “Seek the high vibrations of the Spirit,” and in the next breath, Be still and know.” And no, don’t tell me that “your way” is THE WAY”. It is NOT THE” way or you would have already brought the world into reverse gear and be well on your way to manifesting a wondrous world and society. YOU HAVE THE WRONG INPUT AND CANNOT, THEREFORE, PRODUCE OTHER THAN WRONG ASSUMPTIONS. GARBAGE IN--GARBAGE OUT!

The principle of “decentration” (expansion of the senses), in order to forget body and become wholly Mind when in meditation or communion with God, is simply not taught except by a VERY FEW. Further, if you can say: “I already knew all this stuff”--then WHY HAVE YOU NOT CHANGED YOUR WORLD?

Teachers have taught that one must CONCENTRATE in order to conceive idea for creative expression. Such teachings defeat the very purpose of meditation, for concentration focuses the senses to a point and thus forces body awareness, while decentration expands the senses toward zero and thus aids body forgetfulness and spiritual awareness.

Decentration is a relaxation of the senses to give freedom to the Mind to conceive idea from its Source, while concentration tenses the seat of sensation in the brain and prevents reaching beyond the electric activity of the brain into the stillness of the seat of Consciousness from where your knowledge flows.

Our teaching regarding decentration is an entirely new principle for no one has ever thought of--or suspected--it as a attribute of the Mind until God gave you this knowledge and commanded us to teach it.

As proof that this principle is not accepted on earth, or had ever entered human Consciousness prior to its being given forth to ones of specific purpose only once prior to this writing, is that no word which covers such an idea has ever been provided. The dictionary you utilize makes no provision for the thought, for the “decentration” is not in it.

In the same sense, many will say that they know God and have always known Him, basing such a statement upon the BELIEF that God exists. BELIEF IS NOT KNOWLEDGE. We say to him who believes that he knows God, “If you KNOW God, you can define Him and relate Him to Nature and Nature’s processes. Can you do that?”

Naturally he cannot, for no one has yet known God sufficiently to define Him as a scientific fact until He, Himself, gave that knowledge through His Message to those who are able to comprehend it and give it forth in writing. Ones before Dharma have “comprehended” it but not set it to written form for ALL--only a few have experienced the original gifting of the information--only a few--and they mostly MISUNDERSTOOD THE MEANING, and even after practice and explanations were unable to make “contact”. You see, as God is ready and the student is ready--so comes the teacher with the keys” to open the door. That is the way God unfolds all creating things. He gives that for today which is of today.

If God had long ago been definable, there would be but one religion and one concept of God instead of many religions because of the many concepts of God.

Out of this new knowledge , and its teachings, will come the One God and One Religion--the remainder of the doctrines will become obsolete and if continued will simply be “clubs” and recognized as false clubs”. NOTHING CAN STOP IT FOR IT IS GOD’S PLAN TO BLOT OUT NOW THE VAST IGNORANCE OF MAN WHICH IS KEEPING HIM IN THE BARBARIC STAGE OF UNFOLDING, WHERE HE STILL KILLS IN ORDER TO TAKE AND IS HIMSELF KILLED BECAUSE HE STILL TAKES.

Until human relations are based upon the love principle of giving for regiving, which God gave as His One Law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE IN ALL TRANSACTIONS OF MAN AND NATURE, MANKIND WILL BE ON THE DESCENDING DIRECTION OF SELF-ANNIHILATION IN THE MASS--WHILE THE FEW WHO DO KNOW, AND WHO LIVE THE LOVE PRINCIPLE, WILL SURVIVE. And out of these few a new civilization will be born unto the glory of God.

I tell you this because of the present decadent state of man-in-the-mass whose ever-growing greed for possessions, even to whole world ownership, will as surely break him in the measure of his own breach of the law. These present wars of man are the manifestations of KILLING FOR GREED, and greed must disappear before love can be in the world.

In relation to this idea, God’s words in this message are: “If love be in the world, hate cannot also be.”

QUESTION: How long do you think it will be before people will stop praying to God as a God of fear and wrath and know Him as a God of Love?”

ANSWER: Just as long as fear, wrath, crime, selfishness and greed, and the wars which are their harvest, continue as the practices of man, just so long will his God be a wrathful, vengeful God who invents untold tortures for sinners. MAN CONCEIVES A GOD OF HIS OWN IMAGE, AND THAT CONCEPTION WHICH HE IMAGINES ALWAYS REFLECTS HIMSELF.

QUESTION: Why is it that people ever got the idea of a God of fear and wrath? The Bible is full of it. Why should it be in the Bible if it is not true?”

ANSWER: When man first began to think at the Dawn of Consciousness, he then began to arise from his jungle ages and was slow to throw off the habits and practices of the jungle.

Early man was a fearing man of wrath. He feared the wrath of all things, tempest and avalanche, torrid heat and icy cold which froze his infants at their mother’s breasts. He feared the jungle animals and reptiles which smote him mercilessly, even as he, himself, smote mercilessly. When he suspected the existence of God, he could not think of Him in any other character than a wrathful God of fear for he knew naught else but wrath and fear and killing mercilessly--for he was still brute man and he could not conceive of any other kind of God than a brute God. He could not possibly conceive a God of Love for he had not yet begun to have the slightest trace of knowing what love meant.

All during those early pagan and barbarian days, men appeased their own sons, and shed rivers of blood upon their altars. They filled fountains with the blood of dozens of animals to baptize newborn infants. They cleansed sinners by plunging them beneath those bloody founts which you still sing about in your hymns, i.e. “washed in the blood, etc.” That is the primate conception of God which grew out of pagan barbaric customs. So long as you believe that they are right, you will still be pagan” and barbaric. This is exactly that which the Zionists desire to return to the “temple” in Jerusalem--the ritualistic sacrificial traditions of a horrible time of destruction through ungodly rituals.

The entire Bible is a record of the history of its day. It tells of the nature of people of that day and that record is invaluable to tell you the nature of past ages of people--SO THAT YOU CAN GROW ABOVE THOSE RITUALS AND INTO UNDERSTANDING GOD OF LIGHT AND LOVE. Long after the Bible was assembled, gladiators still killed each other for the amusement of women and children of their day--HAVE YOU COME SO FAR???

In the time of “Jesus” Esu Immanuel, the very altars were daily drenched with blood. Kings thought nothing of ordering all male babies slain, or of killing thousands upon thousands of prisoners taken in war, sparing only the virgins for their own pleasure. During that time, practically every tribe warred against every other tribe. Killing and looting were common and people held great festivals to see prisoners slaughtered and their raiment divided. HAVE YOU COME FAR FROM THAT DAY???

If the Bible did not truly record its day and age, it would be as valueless as a history of today would be if it left out the atom bomb in order to give posterity a better opinion of you. That does not justify you for the looting, killing and enslaving which the whole world is still doing upon a greater scale than ever, and will still do as long as it believes in a God of fear and wrath. Sorry, but a few “raptures” just wont cut the mustard”.

QUESTION: “What evidence is there that the unknown writer of the Bhagavad-Gita was a Cosmic Conscious mystic?”

ANSWER: All Illuminates speak the same language in words which may differ but in meanings which are identical. No matter what words are used by any past “mystic”, other mystics who follow always recognize the one meaning which is in all writings, or in the spoken word, such as those of the one “Jesus” who was actually Esu Emmanuel. But you see, as you speak the label, Jesus, it has meaning of intent which all of you understand and recognize as identification so it has purpose and the label itself matters not. Jesus did not leave a written record for posterity such as would be most worthy for your use. Let me use a passage or two from that Bhagavad-Gita which sing their own glory in language unmistakable.

Another Sun gleams there; another Moon;

Another Light,--not Dusk, nor Dawn, nor Noon—

Which they who once behold return no more;

They have attained My rest, life’s utmost boon.”


....I am what surveys! Only that knowledge knows which knows the known by the knower!”


Fain would I see, As Thou Thyself declar’st it, Sovereign Lord! The likeness of that glory of Thy Form Wholly revealed. 0 Thou Divinest One! If this can be, if I may bear the sight, Make Thyself visible, Lord of all prayers! Show me Thy very self, the Eternal God!

Behold! this is the universe! Look! what is live and dead I gather all in one--in Me! Gaze, as thy lips have said, On God Eternal, Very God! See Me! see what thou prayest!..........”

Thou can’st not!--nor, with human eyes, Arjuna! ever mayest! Therefore I give thee sense divine. Have other eyes, new light! And look! This is My glory, unveiled to mortal sight!


Of many thousand mortals, one, perchance, striveth for Truth; and of these few that strive--Nay, and rise high,--the only--here and there--Knoweth Me as I am, the very Truth.

For in this world Being is twofold; the Divided, one; The Undivided, ONE. All things that live are ‘the Divided’. That which sits apart, ‘The Undivided.



So you can see from the above that every line of the entire Bhagavad-Gita is recognizable by any mystic as the unmistakable work of a supreme being. Furthermore, any writing purported to be the work of an illumined being, but is not as represented, would at once be known by all other mystics--IF THEY BE IN TRUTH.


I would suggest that you procure of copy of this work. It comes in many translations.

And what of Cosmic Consciousness? What indeed? THE SAVIOUR OF MAN IS COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS--THE CHRIST!

As you ponder and reflect upon your disappointment that this Cosmic Consciousness seems to take a while to acquire--rejoice, rather, that the Light comes to you a little at a time more and more, as ignorance is voided by KNOWING, as comprehension of the messages gradually reach your heart and Soul. That is why we keep persisting that you take one lesson--one paragraph--at a time and meditate upon it until your Soul KNOWS what your senses have read in words and recorded upon your brain. Until it gets beyond your brain into your Consciousness, you do NOT KNOW it.

We have penned several JOURNALS at this juncture. They are being presented as the higher knowledge shared (given and being regiven) unto you from your brothers of Cosmic Consciousness in constantly manifesting form. WE can only OFFER-- YOU MUST ACCEPT.

The forthcoming are extremely important lessons wherein we will effort to explain more in depth the heretofore unknown meaning of what Father-Mother really means when we speak of God in that way. No one knows what it actually means, nor how basic is this tremendous idea of the Creator as being FATHER-MOTHER of this sexed-electric universe. As you move along again through these lessons, you will realize the fundamental import of the Father-Mother principle in every thought and action of your life and of all Nature’s phenomena. You have had it outlaid and now we will more carefully study the principle in a bit more slow-motion in that you can comprehend it more clearly.

You will then begin to know the mystery which shrouds the electric-thinking process which extends from the Light of Mind to manifest the knowledge of Mind, and how motions seemingly emerge from stillness to create this physical universe of form.

You will begin to have the very foundation of this majestic illusion of unreality which emerges from the One Reality. Gradually this idea will be constructed by simple diagrams and simply worded postulates, axioms and examples which will give you so vivid and clear a comprehension of this sexed-electric universe that your inner vision will see God face to face and hear His inspiring Inner Voice in communion with you in a manner which would be impossible without that comprehension.

I believe that we can now make you fully comprehend why this physical universe is not real, being but an illusion of God’s imagining. How comforting when one comprehends that in the unreality of matter there can be no death, sin or evil leaving naught but love and eternal life. We know that it can not be explained to one who has not himself known the complete illumination into Cosmic Consciousness, but we now fully believe that by laying a proper foundation in point-by-point simple steps, the unreal universe can be comprehended for the unreality it actually IS.

The undivided Father-Mother principle from which emerges the divided Father-AND-Mother principle of pairs of sexed opposites will be the first simple step in the direction of transforming you into an advanced scientist. By taking this teaching one step at a time, you should not only unfold in God-awareness, which means personal happiness to the ‘nth degree, but find yourself becoming a natural scientist and confounding professors in physics as always happens when KNOWLEDGE REALLY FLOWS.

Always remember to take these lessons slowly for on first readings you may well miss the deep import of an explanation which may appear too simple to ponder on. A simple story is the hardest to tell and, we would add, it is the simple story of life that man has made complex by his unawareness of its basic simplicity.

Know our every thought is with you always and know, too, we treasure you so deeply for your help in sharing this message with us.

I am going to bring this JOURNAL to a close. I ask that you prepare yourself by use of the tapes provided. If you will share in groups as you become silent and share the lessons--YOU WILL COME INTO UNDERSTANDING--IT IS TIME TO HELP YOUR BROTHER.

I close this portion so that we can move on into the lessons with a receptive, knowledgeable way to come into focus and within the Light where you can be in contact.--PLEASE PHONE “HOME”, E.T.

Feel free to duplicate the two tapes that come with this book--it will manifest learning so much more quickly that you will find believing it difficult to comprehend. If you cannot duplicate and yet have need of additional tapes--America West will arrange to provide them. They are not professionally done--I choose it this way. We can study the response you give us and we can improve the tapings as necessary. Come walk with us and we will show you the way. Salu.


(One that walks in oneness with the Spirit that is the Spirit which is God. One who walks with their hand in the hand which is the Hand of God.)



What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



1. SIPAPU ODYSSEY ISBN 1-56935-045-0




5. FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON 1-56935-043-4




9. SATAN'S DRUMMERS ISBN 1-56935-054-X

10. PRIVACY IN A FISHBOWL ISBN 1-56935-042-6

11. CRY OF THE PHOENIX ISBN 1-56935-036-1





16. YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON ISBN 0-922356-21-1

17. THE NAKED PHOENIX ISBN 0-922356-22-X

18. BLOOD AND ASHES ISBN 0-922356-25-4





23. BURNT OFFERINGS ISBN 0-922356-33-5






29. END OF THE MASQUERADE ISBN 0-922356-40-8







36. HUMAN SCIENCE OF MAN ISBN 0-922356-51-3


38. THE DARK CHARADE ISBN 0-922356-53-X




42. UNHOLY ALLIANCE ISBN 0-922356-61-0

43. TANGLED WEBS VOL. I ISBN 0-922356-62-9

44. TANGLED WEBS VOL. II ISBN 0-922356-63-7

45. TANGLED WEBS VOL. III ISBN 0-922356-64-5

46. TANGLED WEBS VOL. IV ISBN 0-922356-65-3


48. TANGLED WEBS VOL. V ISBN 0-922356-68-8

49. TANGLED WEBS VOL. VI ISBN 0-922356-69-6

50. DIVINE PLAN VOL. I ISBN 1-56935-29-9

51. TANGLED WEBS VOL. VII ISBN 0-922356-81-5

52. TANGLED WEBS VOL. VIII ISBN 0-922356-83-1

53. TANGLED WEBS VOL. IX ISBN 0-922356-84-X

54. THE FUNNEL'S NECK ISBN 0-922356-86-6

55. MARCHING TO ZION ISBN 0-922356-87-4

56. SEX AND THE LOTTERY ISBN 0-922356-88-2

57. GOD'S PLAN 2000! DIVINE PLAN VOL. II ISBN 1-56935-028-0



60. AS THE BLOSSOM OPENS ISBN 0-922356-92-0



63. THE BEST OF TIMES ISBN 1-56935-002-7

64. TO ALL MY CHILDREN ISBN 1-56935-003-5

65. THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE ISBN 1-56935-004-3


67. THE BEAST AT WORK ISBN 1-56935-006-X

68. ECSTASY TO AGONY ISBN 1-56935-007-8

69. TATTERED PAGES ISBN 1-56935-009-4

70. NO THORNLESS ROSES ISBN 1-56935-010-8

71. COALESCENCE ISBN 1-56935-012-4

72. CANDLELIGHT ISBN 1-56935-013-2





77. PLAYERS IN THE GAME ISBN 1-56935-022-1


79. MARCHING TO ZOG ISBN 1-56935-024-8

80. TRUTH FROM THE "ZOG BOG" ISBN 1-56935-025-6



83. POLITICAL PSYCHOS ISBN 1-56935-030-2



86. MISSING THE LIFEBOAT?? ISBN 1-56935-033-7

87. IN GOD'S NAME AWAKEN ISBN 1-56935-034-5







94. WINGING IT... ISBN 1-56935-044-2

95. HEAVE-UP (PHASE ONE) ISBN 1-56935-046-9

96. HEAVE-HO (PHASE TWO) ISBN 1-56935-048-5

97. HEAVE 'EM OUT (PHASE THREE, PART 1) ISBN 1-56935-049-3





102. SACRED WISDOM ISBN 1-56935-055-8


104. FIRST STEPS ISBN 1-56935-057-4


107. RING AROUND THE ROSIE ISBN 1-56935-060-4


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223. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 2 ISBN 1-56935-180-5

224. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 3 ISBN 1-56935-181-3

225. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 4 ISBN 1-56935-182-1

227. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 1 ISBN 1-56935-184-8

228. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 2 ISBN 1-56935-185-6

229. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 3 ISBN 1-56935-186-4
230. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 4 ISBN 1-56935-187-2