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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



(for all my relations--which is ALL)


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SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 1991 9:03 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 360



This is for my brother sent forth as the Great White/Red Wambli (eagle) of the Wakinyan (Thunder beings). He is called Little Crow and he was sent to grow through his fledgling flight within that tribe known to you of Shan (Earth) as Lakota Sioux. He was sent forth from the High Councils to speak and write the words of the Oral Traditions for the time is at hand to show you the way home. He is called Little Crow for he sets himself not above you but stands in brotherhood to all who will see and hear the wisdom of the ages--to all who have FORGOTTEN. It is the time of Remembering. You of this little Earth have slept too long and you have dreamed the dreams of the clowns and it is time to awaken that the vision might be finished in this great cycle so that LIFE can begin again--renewed and a new dream unfolded. The stage is worn, the actors weary and tattered, the spirit lies sick unto the dying--I petition you to not allow the passing of thine spirits to be in such confusion and pain in an existence of physical illusion. To my brother, Little Crow, I bow my head in honor for it is a privilege to walk with you. And in my highest presence--I am pleased for you, too, have been willing to serve in the human service.

This volume is specifically dedicated to the remnant of the Ancient Tribes who present today as the Red Brothers of the Nations. To those who have always come before and are gone only after. They, too, have forgotten their mission and are caught in the storm of confusion and the winds that blow from all directions until a being cannot find his way. He has fallen into the trap of the evil brothers who lay the traps and capture the spirit in every foul manner imagined. They steal the very life spirit from the children and set them forth on a path of destruction. These ones, too, must find their way.

Worse for these relatives, the leaders have sold much of the sacred teachings and the speakings of the Sacred Mother/Grandmother (ina/kunshi, unci). The children have al-most all forgotten the olowan (song) of the owanka wakan (a holy place). They have blinded ishta (eye) and they have created kankakpa (opening a vein to bleed a patient) but they have not bled the patient for the Great Spirit's healing--they have used the sacred life flow to carry the disease and drugs and alcohol of the fallen brothers unto their very Spirits (Nagi: spirit, soul, essence) and poisoned themselves and their relations with the mni sha and mni wakan (wine and whisky). They have turned from ptehicala huhu canunpa (buffalo-calf-bone pipe, the sacred pipe) and the red-stone sacred pipe in honor to the tate topa (the four directions of the universe) for again, their ishta (eye) has been blinded by the tricks of the heyoka (sacred clown). They now forget to hupa gluza (raise one's pipe) unto, hunka (ancestor), or Tunkashila and Kunshi (grandfather/grandmother), or Ate (father). They have turned to smoke the tobacco of the wasicun (white man) rather than the kinnickinnick (Indian tobacco) which once lifted up the spirit in the smoke unto the Great Spirit, the mahpiya (the heavens) in honor of peta owihankeshni (the sacred fire) to attach it to the earth (maka) so that Tunkashila would hear. They forget the owanka wakan (a holy place, altar) and the sacredness of inyan (stone, pebble) and they forget their kola (friend) in their running with the wasicun and forget that THEY are the root of wicasa (mankind/human being). You have allowed the wambli to fall and become entangled in the mire of that which holds his talons and no one rises up to set him free so all stays trapped in the mire.

All that is within must come without that brotherhood can again come upon the Earth. All must turn to the sacred power and Spirit within that Wakan Tanka (God/Great Spirit) can be heard and show the Light upon the red path home. The wakinyan (thunderbirds) are come in the silver clouds to lift you up into safety and mankind sees us not--for mankind has forgotten from whence they came.

Oh, say ye, "...but that is for the white man, the black man and not for ME." Nay--for YOU. YOU have forgotten the way of woksape, woohitika, wowacintanka and wacantognaka (wisdom, bravery, fortitude and generosity)--YOU have forgotten that which the four eagle feathers mean and you have forgotten the "medicine wheel" of the Sacred Circle which is represented by the sacred hoop, and the representation of the four directions. You have forgotten to honor the Buffalo which gave life to the wicasa (human being) in the sacred days, whose very skull represents the traditional and spiritual life so that when you look upon it you are drawn to Wakan Tanka in honor. And you have forgotten that in honoring your elders you honor yourselves.

This is the time for you who are the human beings, mankind--known as "natives" across the lands--to change and move ahead, instead of expecting others to lead you--for they will only pull you farther down. You must return to the roots of your oral traditions for it will be through these Truths coming forth and the explanations given here in these unfoldings of Truth and explanation, and the traditional Oral Truths., never WRITTEN until now (that they might serve as history of a civilization in an ending cycle) that you will find again, balance and harmony. It is in the oral "Indian" tradition that the world will be led out of the darkness into the Light. This time, though it seems to not be so, the people are ready to listen--the world is scared unto death of the physical existence.

I choose not one tribe of Earth experiencing humans above that of another--ALL ARE ONE. But the messenger is sent where the Great Spirit of All chooses to allow expression. There are many great men but each has a task and this one is committed into the hands of Little Crow--who be YOU to choose another??

God is EVERYWHERE, not just in some appointed place that is far out of reach of everybody else. Everything--rocks, trees, people--all, is SACRED. You must comeinto the KNOWING that every object, and every person, is sacred and you must stop tormenting and hurting each other.

Little Crow did not grow up in his natural tribal village. This was given to the be the "way it was and IS" that balance could be found in actions of the way "it must be"--for all, not just a few people in a given "tribe". He experienced the same pain and agonies, addictions and despair as any other human being in a world of confusion. IT MATTERS NOT THAT WHICH YOU "WERE"--GOD SEES ONLY THAT WHICH YOU ARE.

The Earth is undergoing a painful period of purification and I tell you now, you of the world--THE AMERICAN "INDIAN"-SPIRITUALITY WILL PLAY A KEY ROLE IN RESTORING PEACE AND HARMONY. Indian spirituality has the answer and it is not just for Indians—it is for everyone (MITAKUYE OYASIN).

Mankind must come to recognize his immortality (even if he would prefer it to be different). He must realize that LIFE exists even after devastating loss. You must recapture the ability to look INSIDE yourselves for clues to the inherent wisdoms of your own creation. In so doing you will reestablish your soulful balance and harmony with everything that you ARE...for you must turn about now and find yourselves squarely upon the Red Road unto God for the time of the changing is come.

You are approaching the time of the close of the summer and the beginning of the winter--do you not note the changes already about your lands? This is the time of seasons when some of your gifted teachers and messengers will leave you for theirs is a task to be fulfilled upon another plane. Some of your guardians have already gone from your place and you must honor them for their speakings will linger into infinity for all remains forever--ones with wondrous and befitting labels, Gentle Bear, Red Dawn, Standing Bear, who graced your presence and will be forever remembered by those they touched and into the generations of those untouched in human form.

Is it not wondrous to consider a Red Dawn traveling on through the wondrous adventures of timeless and spaceless adventure and vision? Is it not wondrous to remember their gift and their going? Is it not wondrous to sit and hold them in your memory as the fall turns into winter and you can remember their last great journey upon your place and into that of another and greater place of service. There are ones, such as a one who might be called Red Dawn, who were the guardians of Truth and tradition who journeyed into the great valley from which he would never return in your own form. These ones have watched well through this long night while man of Earth has slept and created his nightmares and demons--but these ones have never ceased their guardianship--some are returned to serve again--MAKE SURE YOU RECOGNIZE THEM! MITAKUYE OYASIN.


I have sent your brothers to show you the way. AHO.

The scribe is distressed for she, too, has fears of being unacceptable in service and she speaks no tribal languages so we falter in the words and in the placing of the alphabet symbols. Do you see, chela (student), it matters not for there is the universal language and the feeble fumblings with physical words will soon have no meaning. The ones who are to receive will be given to do so. That which IS—IS! There is no thing greater and no thing lesser--ALL--IS! AHO. May you of my beloved tribes ever remain within can glees (the sacred circle). And, Little Crow, will you bless my child who efforts through all her living hours, to serve, with a dictionary? She is somehow quite sure that God does not speak Sioux in perfection--I do not--for I am a perfect Wakan Tanka/Tunkashila, not a speaker of any language known upon your places of physical manifestation--I need no language to speak to any of my Creatures nor any of Creation--save the human evolved from wisdom and Truth into confusion and ignorance! So be it.



THURS., JULY 25, 1991 12:13 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 343


Germain present in the Holy Light of Radiance. I am present in the Mighty I AM Presence from whence comes my Being--AND YOURS!

As we take this journey, may we be ever constantly conscious that what we do here will change the world as man has known it to be. Honor the gift given unto us that we might be among the first to share this Truth in its fullest measure. We also honor all ones who have come before us and brought pieces of the puzzle so that we would have them ready for the final "key". Integration of ALL within ALL is our message. Blessings upon you ones of our Cosmic Team. Your contribution shall be engraved in the book of life for all time and sequence to come for you serve well and WE SHALL PREVAIL for it is decreed by God that we do so.

Future generations of unfolding man must make so great a transition in their thinking that it is as though they were transported from the country of their own language into another country where its language had no meaning for them.

Man first unfolds his mortality as a sensed-body, without any realization of his immortality for long ages. During these long ages he lives for his body, takes what he wants for his body, creates sensual pleasures for his body emotions, and "educates" his body through the mirages of illusive sensed-observations with what he very mistakenly believes to be knowledge.

Mortal man is unable to obey God's law for he does not know God's law. For that reason he is constantly hurting himself and calls it evil. He believes in the existence of evil because he is never able to avoid hurting himself and other selves, and must blame his own ignorance upon an existent Satan who is forever punishing him.

During his mortal stage he has but the one language of the senses, but as he becomes aware of his immortal nature he gradually acquires an understanding of the divine language of Light which comes to him from out of the silence.

The human race has now arrived at that point where hundreds of thousands are at the transition point between their mortal, physical, sensual natures and their immortal, intellectual and inspirational natures.

Mortal man is beginning to know his immortality. The sensual in him is being lost in its own dark by his own Self-illumining. It is for these few of the great many that this is written so that MAN, THE UNKNOWN, can gradually unfold into MAN, THE KNOWN.


The next several lessons will be devoted to giving you a more intensive comprehension of the higher knowledge of God's invisible universe and your physical and spiritual relation to it. These lessons are a preparation for the knowledge of what constitutes life, death and immortality, and of that unawakened Light within man which utterly transforms every man within whom that Light is awakened into a superior being.

It is a strange fact, but tens of thousands are now seeking higher knowledge of the Light, which indicates a transition condition in the human race during the last three generations; it is just that you don't see them so clearly as the negative produces of adverse actions. Further, the very terms applied to these ones give them an image of public disfavor and ridicule. Man, in fact, IS FINALLY seeking real HIGHER KNOWLEDGE--behind the facade of empty catch-words and shouting and performing silly rituals. Man wants to find God in that perfection of calm control without distractions of silliness and foolish hooping or strange gyrations. By "higher knowledge", we mean Cosmic knowledge. You are one of these who seek that higher knowledge which lies dormant in all humans for you desire these writings which are awakening that knowledge within you as you are ready for it. As proof of that fact, our writings and teachings of higher knowledge are meaningless to fully nine out of every ten people--but that will be rapidly changing, which indicates that perhaps less than ten per cent of the so-called "enlightened" people of the earth are inwardly driven to seek and find that inner Cosmic something which their Souls desire. That means that fully 90% of humans have not yet begun to awaken their spiritual and intellectual natures. The few among the many who are truly seeking are intensive and hungry for that unknown Light which is awakening in them--but remaining elusive, and one after another is sought out for the lessons and the only disappointment comes from the lack of full understanding. They feel the craving within them and seek it in many, many places, in many religions and cults and in many diverse teachings.

Many sincerely believe they have fully found that which their Souls have been seeking even when they have but felt a slight glow of that Light of their own divinity. These many are inspired and uplifted as succeeding slight illuminings gradually transform them into Cosmic beings who have become aware of their Inner Selves.

It is because the few who seek never know just what it is that they seek that we must make its meaning clear to you so that you will better comprehend the import of the coming lessons. Very few of the most enlightened people of the world have the slightest knowledge of what higher knowledge means. They would not understand you if you said to them that higher knowledge comes from Cosmic thinking toward one's inner immortal MIND-SELF as opposed to the conclusions which is called knowledge which come from outer-sensing by the mortal BRAIN-SELF. The human race has not yet advanced to that stage where even world intelligentsia would comprehend its meaning. That is strange but it is demonstrably true for the human race is still in its infancy.

Witness, for example, the many schools and foundations which have been formed for "advanced learning" and "higher knowledge". All that have so far been formed show by their teachings and curricula that their conception of higher knowledge is limited to finding out more about the MATERIAL universe through sensed observation and deductive reasoning. They do not even suggest the necessity of reaching out to the Mind-Source of the material universe. The very facts of the matter are that it is certainly NOT DESIRED THAT YOU COME INTO HIGHER KNOWLEDGE! They ask only for more intensive and deeper concentrative observation of VISIBLE EFFECTS rather than INVISIBLE CAUSE. In other words, their concept of higher knowledge means greater power for arriving at conclusions from sensed-observations through the processes of reasoning and deduction. There is not the slightest indication in any of the high institutions of learning of the need of the genius type of mind, even though the greatest mental and cultural progress of man is due to the genius type of inner-thinking, inner-visioning and imagining. The outersensory thinker of the mathematical and statistical research type of mind is the one who is favored and highly patronized. In him is the hope for better instruments and machines for human comfort, and better machines to kill man in greater numbers. This means that physical man, who constitutes your present civilization, recognizes only the supremacy of physical man and the power to reason and deduce in him rather than to create by inspired guidance as all geniuses do. Your civilization would progress materially very much faster and with the greater stability of moral character which accompanies spiritual growth if the paramount purpose of man were to help the omnipresent Mind to THINK and KNOW rather than the present purpose of helping the physical brain to remember and repeat.

Less than two hundred geniuses have appeared among men since the beginning of man and not more than thirty or forty Illuminates. To these you owe what culture the world does possess, yet your whole educational system is opposing their development and your society as a whole has leaned more to their crucifixion than toward glorifying them. It is most unfortunate that humans do not realize this sorry fact, for as long as mankind neglects to honor its geniuses who are engaged in the arts of peace and glorifies its heroes who are most proficient in the arts of war, the human race will continue to suffer the agonies of its own making.

None of these institutions for higher knowledge gives any indication that higher knowledge means searching for God as the Creator-CAUSE of the effects of motion of which they believe knowledge to consist.

Higher knowledge means trying to discover what the greatest Mind that ever lived meant by saying, "The kingdom of heaven is within" or "I and my Father are ONE", or "The Father dwelleth within Me," or "God is Light" and "God is Love" and all such other teachings of that great Mind. The fact that such teachings are not of first import in every cultural institution in the world is PROOF of the fact that your civilization is still too young to be ready for them. The great mass of the human race is still at such a low intellectual level that it even resents the idea of the divinity of man, even though the Christ taught it very plainly when He said, "I and My Father are ONE," "What I am you also are," and "What I do, you can also do." Moreover, the message has been repeated in every language from the onset of man.

The Sacred Circle of the Christ Being, the Pale Prophet, Immanuel, Buddha, Krishna and Mohammed--be them who they might be--all spoke this very clearly and told mankind, in their separate ages, exactly where to find God and His Heaven, but countless millions of men still retain the concept of heaven as being "up there above the earth somewhere" instead of being within Self. Many men still think of God as an objective Being "out there somewhere" who sits in judgment over His countless billions of people who come and go upon billions and trillions of earths like yours--or believe that you are the only "earth" like yours. Over nine-tenths of the people of today's world retain this inherited concept of long past ages of man's primacy.

As the spiritual in man unfolds so also will man's institutions of science, education and religion. These three greatest necessities of the human race will then unite and become ONE. While awaiting that day, science will gradually unfold its spiritual awareness of God's invisible universe of Light and know God as CAUSE of the effects of which it makes use. Education will make as its highest objective the study of MAN as it, too, unfolds instead of the material product of man's body, and religion will some day substitute its God of fear and wrath with the God of Love.

Human institutions progress slowly but they do progress and, like all humans, they progress more through their mistakes than through their traditions. Religion has made greater progress in the last century than in the previous five centuries. Hundreds of thousands have eliminated the God of wrath, fear and vengeance which plunged the Christian world into eight centuries of Dark Ages and have substituted the God of Love teachings.

It is so misunderstood--the purpose of the Christ's visit. The Christ was sent as MAN to save people FROM A BELIEF in SIN instead of FROM SIN--whatever that might mean. Sin is only the falling short of perfection--or, being in error. As the Light of Intelligence unfolds in man, he will gradually know our universe and God's ways. GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU explains clearly that sin cannot exist in Nature and that it is purely a man-made concept.

When mankind does know God's ways and processes of Creation, he will know that God cannot possibly be sinned against. Man can sin only against himself by hurting himself or his neighbor. Imagine, for example, a man sinning against gravity by defying it or breaking its law. He would but hurt himself for he could not hurt gravity and gravity would have no reason for being wrathful about it. Such early conceptions of man gradually disappear as higher spiritual knowledge and God-awareness come into human comprehension, as man slowly comprehends that God is INVIOLATE LAW which no man can hurt or sin against.

The same principle applies to the idea of a wrathful God. That concept is scientifically impossible. Wrath is a human emotion. It is one of many changing physical expressions. God is not physical and He is unchanging. His one spiritual, unchanging emotion is the ecstasy of Love given out from His Light. It is as scientifically unnatural for that flow of Love to be interrupted by base emotions as it is for the flow of light from your sun to be interrupted by a flow of dark. Wrath and vengeance are ugly emotions which stem from hate and produce fear. The more the human race progresses toward a knowledge of our universe and God's processes of Creation, the more it will comprehend that hate, wrath, fear and vengeance cannot issue from LOVE, which GOD IS.

It is gratifying, and gives much hope, that hundreds of thousands of Cosmic thinkers are now coming into the world to leaven it. These like you, are the real saviours of the race, if it still can be saved, for they are its seed of Love.

A spiritually illumined civilization will place its highest standards in making MAN, THE UNKNOWN become MAN, THE KNOWN instead of its present standard in making man a better material-producing machine. It will then realize the warnings of the great poet who said, "In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man."

A spiritually illumined science, which has grown to its present level through gaining knowledge from what it can see, feel and measure, will set its standards to KNOWING God's invisible universe which it can neither see, feel or measure. It will have then discovered the omniscience of Mind, the omnipotence of Mind-thinking and the omnipresence of Mind-product in action-reaction. When that day comes, science can then verify God, for humans will then revel in the ecstasy of KNOWING instead of having but emotion and abstraction as the basis for their devotions.

As it thus unfolds, it will gradually come to be realized that Science knows many things, but the least of these many things it knows is MAN. The SCIENCE OF MAN is the least known, and most important, of any and all sciences.

We began to give that higher knowledge of WHO and WHAT God is--and WHERE to find Him--and WHAT heaven is and WHERE to find that also--in the prior printings and we will continue to reveal God and His zero universe throughout the remaining writings--may the WORD be blessed.

As a basis of the higher knowledge you are thus receiving, we have given you several "Connections" which is the science of the universe, and GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU if you ask and study diligently while in that connection. Your brothers, who share with you now in your earthly transition--have come by Truth in this very manner and can raise you to their level of understanding most quickly if you will but allow of it and grant safety unto their passage among you.

Now obviously I, Germain, do not need further of these lessons--so they are for your use. They are for the sole purpose of helping you to unfold your own spiritual nature to that point of illumination when you will either gradually or suddenly become aware of God's Presence within you. This is the highest goal any man can attain, and all can attain it in the measure of their depth of desire for its attainment. They are given in the total of Love of my being that you might come into KNOWING for I can give and share no greater gift in all the universe. I offer Truth unto you but I force naught and you may do that which you will with it. But think carefully before casting this aside and denouncing the scribe and publishers--YOU HAVE NOT DONE VERY WELL TO DATE WITH YOUR WORLD--LOOK AROUND YOU AND SPECULATE AS TO HOW MUCH LONGER YOU HAVE AS YOU ARE GOING! SO BE IT. As we put forth the lessons I ask the seal of God (Beleis) put upon the promise given. I as Cohan--you as Sibet (one who presents himself for such revelations), may we enter into the Light, transmute the false into Truth and become greater (OM NI) than that which is the Universe--COME WITHIN THE MIGHTY PRESENCE OF THE I AM!

May you come to recognize me: Dak Noi, Cum Eta, Di Eno, Di Dak--Of the Brotherhood, Of the Council of the Highest order of the Heavens who have come forth with special purpose, Of the Light and All, From the Father. I AM. I AM AU DAI PA DAI CUM, OM NI--One that walks in oneness with the Spirit that is the Spirit which is God and Greater than the Universal. I AM GERMAIN, in service unto the ONE LIVING GOD.

Since becoming aware of God's Presence within you is the highest goal any man can attain, and all can attain it in the measure of their depth of desire for its attainment--let us get on with HOW-TO and WHY.

Material and objective teaching through the senses do not give "knowledge", for the senses cannot acquire knowledge. Intensive reasoning is not intensive thinking, for when people reason through sensed-observation they are but repeating brain memories. Any product of man resulting from the assemblage of sensed-memories is not a creation of the Mind; it is an accumulation of plagiarisms, such as an automobile and most of your world-products. These are inventions of generations of sensed-observers and are forever changing by being added to by others. Mind-creations of a Shakespeare, a Beethoven or a Leonardo are not made that way. Creations of the Mind endure. They cannot be changed or added to by others and yet even those great genius minds will say that "If they saw further it was because they stood on the shoulders of giants come before them."

Knowledge cannot be obtained through sensed-observations. One can merely be informed of effect of motion in that manner. Information is not knowledge, even if it will help to make a better television or jet-plane. Reasoning from such sensed-conclusions misleads one into forming baseless theories and postulates which have no resemblance to Nature whatsoever. That is what is the matter with science today. Well, it is "one" of the things. It is composed of hundreds of theories and postulates which will not only not fit together in one consistent whole but many contradict each other. That is also what is the matter with your civilization as a whole. Its educational ideal is to stress the physical and ignore the moral and spiritual. Your entire educational system stultifies the genius who is born with higher knowledge, and many parents of genius children weep because of being thus afflicted. That is also why the conclusions of mathematics are unreliable.

This explanation is necessary for you and other enlightened ones in order to transform you into a higher stage of your unfolding. It is necessary for you to realize that your civilization is still in its intellectual and spiritual infancy. It is still hard-bound by inherited doctrines and barbarian practices of man-exploiting and man-killing. Man is still too near the dawn of Consciousness which released him from his jungle days of universal fear to make much progress toward universal love by the unfoldment of his spiritual and intellectual nature. It is these very practices, doctrines and beliefs which are driving the thousands of more advanced seekers, like you, to escape from their traditional, inherited bondage of orthodoxy, superstition and worship of the miraculous. Likewise, it is these many thousands like you who will become the seed forsaving the world.

This we can know because of the hundreds of chelas who say that they have searched from cult to cult and from leader to leader for decades without finding that which they sought. Many have even been misguided into seeking it emotionally and have suffered the frustrations resulting from the emptiness which follows any other than an inspirational, mental approach. It is this agony of not knowing just what one seeks and just where to find it, and not knowing what higher knowledge means, that is so disturbing to these many thousands whom God has finally awakened into an awareness of His Presence within them. But, next we hear--"OK already I know that much but how do I get the rest of the way?" The gratifying thing, chelas, is that if you are seeking Truth--when you find this material you KNOW "this is it"--you recognize it at once. The explanation for it is the fact that only Illuminates can bring that higher knowledge to another which they alone possess, and that other must be READY for it before he can even slightly comprehend it. But we are getting there for MANY are now READY.

It is even more strange that we can tell it to you, for all down through the ages the illumined ones have been unable to tell to others in comprehensible words that which was so clear to them. This you know without question. For ages, the great leader mystics have told of the "divided and the undivided" without the slightest success in giving the real meaning of those words to man. The brilliant thinking of a century of scientists has never even remotely connected those words of the mystics--the "Divided and the Undivided"--with the universal zero fulcrum of mind and light-waves which emerge from it.

As far back as the Bhagavad-Gita, you have been explicitly informed of that Light which is God, without ever having conveyed any meaning to man during all these aeons. You were also told, "God is Light" and "God is Love". Man has interpreted His words as meaning the incandescence of suns, and has built an objective God of limited form while still teaching an omnipresent one. The time is now close, however, when man will discover and comprehend that man's Self is as formless and non-objective as is God. Now aren't you glad you stuck with us? Ah, we have such a grand and wondrous experience to share as we walk right within the hall of God. Little scribe, thank you--for as with the first recognition of Aton--have you worked to bring the WORD and yet without the explanation in understanding behind the WORD, man only turns the enlightened away and crucifies them. Little scribe--old and ancient friend--thank you.

All of this which we have herein written is for the purpose of telling you that man first unfolds his physical nature during the aeons of body-forming. His spiritual, mental and inspirational nature began its unfolding at the dawn of Consciousness, which was less than ten thousand years ago, if you accept the findings of authorities on the subject--it matters not--some place it as eight thousand years. From that point of view, it is quite wonderful that the human race has advanced even so far as it has in mental unfolding, even though it is still quite barbarian in its practices and in its beliefs, for man still kills and preys upon his neighbor more than ever in history, and he still believes in a brutal God of wrath instead of a God of Love and Justice. As long as man kills his own brothers by millions instead of loving and serving his brother as himself, man will be thus. Also, man will still retain his lesser status as long as he believes it possible that he can "sin against God" and be punished by God for this sinning against his own self. GOD NEEDS NOT PUNISH YOU—YOU DO THAT NICELY FOR SELF.

These are the things which should be taken into consideration by higher educational and religious institutions, for it is the lack of the RIGHT KIND OF EDUCATIONAL TEACHINGS and THE RIGHT KIND OF RELIGIOUS BELIEFS that is holding mankind back in the dark ages of ignorance. It has never been easy to come into Truth--from finding that the Earth is NOT the center of your solar system to free electricity. The ones who control the masses make sure the information is kept from you.

Your Emerson expressed it very well, this primal condition of present-day civilization: "We think our civilization is near its meridian, but we are yet only at the cock-crowing and the morning star. In our barbarous society the emergence of character is in its infancy." This is not to be wondered at in a civilization which does not make character growth a part of its educational programs and does, in fact, program the students to have less and less good character.

These things, and more, you must come to now know in order that you can better comprehend the chaotic world situation of today which has been heading toward another Dark Age period for some three-quarters of a century now. This present fall of man is the harvest he is reaping for the seven thousand years of piracy in national and personal empire and fortune building. The entire of the world is in the horrendous reaping of that which has been sown in greed and absence of God.

Ah, and so we have been warning you of this decline of man for many, many years and have explained it as the workings of God's law which will not let man keep that which he has taken from another, and will not allow happiness and prosperity to come to any man--or nation--who has taken happiness and prosperity from another for himself--or itself.

For many centuries, one part of the world has endeavored to enslave the other parts of it. The strong have overpowered the weak, and the weak slave has grown strong enough to slay the master. That is what Naziism is. That is what Communism is. The mighty nations of the earth have created Naziism and Communism and Socialism and Zionism to fulfill the law of equal reaction for every action. Impoverished and debt-ridden, tax-burdened nations do not realize that Communism, for instance, is but a mirrored reflection of piracy and a natural consequence of it.

We will dwell upon this subject only long enough to say that these present decades are a focusing point where the repercussions of centuries of man's ignorance of his own spiritual nature are coming to a head. These are the years when man must decide which way he will head for the future without the possible annihilation of the greater portion of the race through atomic war, or a decline of a major part of it into the dark and a renaissance of a minor part of it to a high Cosmic level of civilization beyond what man has ever known. The few who may possibly survive such an Armageddon will give rebirth to the race to keep the Light of Love ever illumined--even as the saints and monks of past ages preserved the wisdom of past ages by hiding it in monasteries and caves until world-rebirth brought them from their centuries of hiding.

History ever repeats itself, but each repetition brings man ever nearer to God. We are facing that kind of transition right now, and our message to man is an endeavor to sufficiently awaken the whole intellectual world to that higher spiritual knowledge which unfolds the Light of genius in man. Higher knowledge of your universe, which creates cosmic thinkers, is the only remedey for transforming this unhappy kind of world you now experience into one which is founded upon unity in the brotherhood of man. These seem to be very hard words. So, likewise, do the words of the surgeon seem to be hard words when he tells a man that his knife must cut the entire cancer out lest the man perish. Your entire civilization is cancerous and you have been commanded to be the surgeon whose first duty is to tell his patient of his ills and the remedy for them in order to avoid death.

This long prelude to the principles of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE FOR MAN has been necessary for what you are about to read is very new thinking to which only the one out of many is attuned. All who read what now follows will better comprehend the reason for the dreadful state in which humanity now wallows.

Can anyone who has the courage to look at this civilization of yours squarely in the face say that the world is united into one brotherhood of men who love and serve each other? Can you actually say that this is the same goal as is offered through the "New World/One World Order" who plans to enslave the masses, terminate millions and rule through Elite horror? Also, can one rightly say that man's love of culture and ethical practices indicates that he has arrived at a high state of intelligence? Does the display of homosexual rape and incest in your art galleries and the hard-metal rock music that lauds Satan and evil show growth into deserving fulfillment within the higher cultures of the Cosmos and Universe?

Following this thought a bit further, who dares, with honesty, to affirm that the might-over-right, survival-of-the-fittest principle of the jungle has become obsolete because of the higher educational and spiritual unfoldment of the God-like men of today? Before answering this question, look well to the east and to the west around your globe. Look well upon the practices of mass slavery and subjugation of the spirit of man in war-desiring nations. Look even more carefully at peace-desiring nations who are spending untold billions for protections against enemy nations--only to find the enemy has eaten your soul from within! Look still deeper into the hearts of the peace-loving nations who fear their enemies, and ascertain whether they did not themselves create their enemies by being their enemies. Also, ask deadly enemies why they become friends with their deadly enemies when other deadly enemies threaten both. Go look yourself in the face in your mirror and see what is REALLY staring back at you. Does that which you see bring joy or pain to your conscience?

We are painting a word picture of the kind of world mankind has created by its thinking thrust into action. As man becomes what he thinks so, likewise, does a world of men become what a world thinks. Is this a true picture or is it not? If it is a true picture, what right have you to feel that you are a highly civilized, highly advanced and cultured people? And what right have you to assume that your civilized world teachings are right teachings?

A highly cultured intelligent civilization would be a peaceful and happy one where each man's first consideration would be the welfare of every other man. Is your world that kind of world? It would be a world where human values would be first in every man's heart and material values only incidental to them. Love would be its dominant note instead of greed. Friendliness would be universal instead of enmity. Unity would bind all men together, instead of universal disunity in every one of man's essential institutions. Is this present world that kind of world?

Everyone who reads and/or hears these words knows full well that every high ideal which you have cherished as a hope for a peaceful world of love has been shattered by man himself until there is but one way of saving the entire human race from another plunge into the dark, and that one way is for man to become aware of his own divinity by finding the God of Love seated upon His throne of heaven within every man, and discard forever the vengeful God of wrath whom the great masses expect to see coming in a chariot from out of the clouds.

GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU! The Christ will again come to earth in the Christ-Consciousness within every man, and that coming shall be from the kingdom of heaven within man--which all men will some day recognize and comprehend. Christ is not going to come in a flaming cloud as you are told will happen--to rapture away the myriads of those who wash themselves in the blood of a man you murdered 2000 years ago. Christ will not come in a flaming chariot which could but land upon one tiny spot in this whole world of tens of thousands of cities and towns, and tens of billions of other worlds of many towns and cities whose people have never heard of Christ but have, undoubtedly, had similar divine-messenger "Christ-Conscious" teachers.

It is time to ask of yourself in your own heart where man can really find an omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God. And it is the first obligation of every learned man and institution of learning to help man find that God of Love where the greatest teachers of the world have taught man to find him.

BUT GUESS HOW THE HOSTS PLAN TO APPROACH YOUR HOT LITTLE PLANET? Ah so! What a lovely experience to anticipate.

So, let us leave this, Dharma, for it has been indeed a very long day. We will take up with a discussion of "what is higher knowledge" when we sit to write again.




FRIDAY, JULY 26, 1991 4:29 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 344

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 1991

Germain present in the Mighty I AM Presence. Again, with a hard act to follow. I trust you ones will realize what a wondrous gifting of information you received prior to this writing, from Hatonn. (Editor: This refers to the EXPRESS of this date penned earlier today.) You must continue to function in a very confusing and chaotic world and he has taken time to give you very basic decision-making guidelines. How blessed you ones are, to receive from that beloved friend who travels beyond time and space and yet keeps tabs on all His children unto the smallest sparrow. You will come to know who is this being who holds your hands and wipes thine eyes and noses. May the WORD be blessed for as you come into KNOWING you will also KNOW that GOD would send nothing lesser than Himself to show you the way and guide your steps. Adonai.


Higher knowledge comes to man solely through the unfolding of intelligence within him which leads him to discover the light of his own divinity and Oneness with God.


Knowledge is Mind-Idea.

Consciousness is Mind-awareness of Idea.

Sensation is a body awareness of pulsing tensions taking place in nerve systems of bodies due to the interchanging of wave motion in creating matter.

All knowledge eternally exists in the God-Mind of the universe, God is knowledge and power. Man's measure of knowledge and power is the measure in which he acquires God-awareness within him. Man cannot acquire knowledge through outer-observation by his senses. He can but acquire information that way.

Sensed-bodies cannot know anything. They are limited to a sensed-awareness of motion, for sensation is impossible without motion. Sensed-bodies see, feel, hear, smell and taste, but that is all they do. Sensed-bodies are devoid of intelligence and are limited to brain-reasoning from observed effects. They can never acquire knowledge for knowledge is distinctly a property of the Mind, and the brain is not the Mind. When that Light of Mind-Consciousness is awakened in man, he has arrived at his first beginnings of God-awareness in him. Knowledge then begins in him, and not until then. He then begins to create instead of imitate.

Immanuel told these facts nineteen centuries ago and they have had no meaning all down through these ages. The great tragedy of His teachings was the unreadiness of man to comprehend them in His day and in ignoring their import in this radio and electronic age when human intelligence has unfolded sufficiently to quite easily comprehend them. When He was asked--"..when the kingdom of God shall come", these were His words: "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation. Neither shall they say, lo here! or lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you." St. Luke 17:20-21.

It seems quite inconceivable that the consequential universities of learning have paid no attention to these very plain statements, for their sole method of gaining knowledge is through sense-observations which merely inform one of effect while knowledge lies in cause. It is also extraordinary that the objective God as accepted by the "pagan" definition, could still persist with that very plain instruction which tells where to find God.


CAUSE is the desire-energy within Mind to manifest Mind-Idea by extending light-waves of thought from centering fulcrum points.

EFFECT is manifested Mind-Idea expressed by motion of extended light-waves of Mind-thinking. God--the Creator--is CAUSE. The created universe is EFFECT.

The foregoing defines the very simple foundation for higher knowledge which man needs for the unfolding of his spiritual nature. Without this higher knowledge needed by man for the unfolding of his inner vision, he will still remain barbarian in thought and practice. He can never progress toward happiness, peace and prosperity while he is physically dominated and limited to sensed effect, for world history shows that the increase in material power of expression, unbalanced by spiritual power, is always accompanied by a multiplication of crime, wars and immorality, with increased sex and cultural degeneracy.

Every time a material civilization has prospered by the vicious methods which have made all past civilizations prosper, it has fallen low into the dark for long centuries and has recovered only through the agonies of tears shed for deep suffering. Your present civilization is in its eleventh and a-half hour, preceding a similar fall and for the same reason, as everyone must now come to know.

The only way that mankind can save this present degenerating civilization is to throw off all that is barbarian and ungodly in him through acquiring the higher knowledge necessary for his inner, spiritual unfoldment.

The only way that mass-man, who constitutes a civilization, can acquire that higher knowledge is through mass-teachers, and there are no such teachers in any of your scientific, educational or religious institutions. None of them has made any attempt to fulfill this requirement for bringing God and man together in close communion and companionship. In fact, every one of these presumably man-building organization has done just the opposite, which has retarded the unfoldment of the spiritual nature of man. This is indeed unfortunate for some hundreds of thousands of advanced thinkers have freed themselves from the anchors of traditional material concepts and are seeking earnestly for the Light of higher knowledge which will eventually illumine them into Cosmic Consciousness.

When I utilize the term "barbarian", I define as: possessing of characteristics of a cultural level more complex than primitive savagery but less sophisticated than advanced civilization--mercilessly harsh and cruel and without refinement.

When I utilize the term "pagan", I define as: a follower of a poly (many) theistic religion (as in Ancient Rome); one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods; an irreligious or hedonistic person.

READ THAT "PAGAN" AGAIN. YOU ONES GO ABOUT CALLING THE NATIVES AS IN "NATIVE AMERICANS" AND PRIMITIVE TRIBESMEN--PAGANS. WHERE DO YOU COME BY SUCH SMUG CONDESCENDING INFORMATION? THE NATIVE DOES HONOR UNTO THE DIFFERENT RELATIONS AND SHOWS HONOR UNTO THE SEASONS, THE WINDS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIFE--BUT HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF, YOU OF IGNORANCE--THE GREAT SPIRIT? WELL, THE GREAT SPIRIT--THE WAKAN TANKA, IS GOD BY ANY LABEL. Moreover, this ONE God has the same offspring in recognition as do your traditional Life-streams. It is time you ones learned that which is your own language--for you speak things that have no meaning in FACT. The primitive "natural" natives have less interest in that which is physical and material than any species on Earth--THEY ARE NOT PAGANS! YOU HAVE BECOME PAGANS!!!!!

Can you now comprehend how it works with the adversary? You are told a thing and without question you hop on the bandwagon of denouncement, etc. You know not anything of value for you have been told the opposite of Truth for such a long time that you even reverse the meanings of your own language words. YOU HAVE BECOME THE PAGANS--NOT THE NATIVE INDIANS. THEY, IN FACT, SPEAKING OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN "INDIANS" WERE ONLY LABELED "INDIANS" BECAUSE THE EUROPEANS THOUGHT THEY HAD REACHED THE INDIES. THE NATIVES, IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, CALLED THEMSELVES "THE PEOPLE" OR "HUMANS". YOU HAD BEST LOOK A BIT INTO HISTORY AND TRUTH--AND PERHAPS YOU MAY LEARN SOME SHOCKING FACTS.


The only ones who can teach a higher knowledge to man are geniuses and Illuminates. Since the Dawn of Consciousness, less than two hundred geniuses and forty or so illuminates have been prepared by the Creator to awaken the spark of divinity in man, and of these only two are actually known. These two had been fully prepared as omniscient Illuminates who had complete God-awareness, complete knowledge, and a full 360-degree extension of the light spectrum which made God's ways and processes of creation fully known to them.

These two were the Christed being labeled many names but accepted as Jesus, the Christ of the Hebrews now come as "Sananda", whom they crucified in His day and I shall not expand on that at this time, and the unknown mystic who wrote the Bhagavad-Gita, whom we will henceforth refer to as the Christ of the Hindus. I use these labels for simplification. Some called that great teacher Sri Krishna--but as with Jesus, the label is not of any importance whatsoever. These are the only two commonly known divine immortals who have arrived at that highest stage of spiritual unfoldment which is known as Christ Consciousness and went about in many forms on all places of the Earth. We won't go into the "universe or cosmos" at this time. Now, you will find that one came to Earth about 8,000 years ago and founded the first "religion" of the one God of Light (getting warm?) in which your sun became its symbol. Out of His teaching grew your first great civilization, known as the Age of Character, which lasted for some 2,000 years. We will tell you more about this civilization in the following units.

Two more of these great beings, Buddha and Mohammed, reached a very high state of Cosmic Consciousness and each founded a great religion, but neither of them knew God's processes of creation and could not tell of them although they fully KNEW God and were fully prepared to tell man where to find God, and heaven, and "paradise"--WITHIN MAN.

Among the lesser Illuminates--which means those who have been transformed by just a momentary flash of severance of sensation and Consciousness, such as described in the experiences of, say, Moses or Paul as described in the writing myths, were several which you would recognize as Isaiah, Socrates, Plotinus, Francis Bacon, Roger Bacon, etc. All of these have had a profound effect in the exaltation of the human race by bringing man closer to God, and some founded great religions, which have discarded the pagan concept of God and of Sin. By their writings and history can you recognize them.

Preceding the exalted stage of Cosmic Consciousness is the genius stage. These are the illumined ones who interpret God's rhythmic thinking in God's "Soul-language" of inspiration--not a bunch of prattlings of human superior ego recognition. These are the exalted ones who are quite fully aware of their divinity and commune with God for long, ecstatic periods of isolation and then translate their communions into rhythmic forms to reinspire others and to awaken the Light in their souls.

There have been a couple of hundred great geniuses since the dawn of Mind in man. You would know all of them if you were studied in history in accurate measure. It is these who have given the world its priceless culture, yet the world honors and patronizes its "heroes", who kill and conquer, beyond all of these--ah, 'tis indeed sad. It also gives such high honors as the Nobel prize to those who add to the world's material wealth, while the priceless Beethovens and Leonardos who may be living unknown among men are left to starve for lack of patronage and recognition.

Such is the state of the world--and even worsened in your modern, current world. It had reached a promisingly high stage of culture in 1900, but has degenerated so far since then that the only hope for saving it is through the coming of God-awareness and finding the "kingdom of God within man".


The greatest tragedy of humans is their failure to recognize and comprehend the teachings of ones like Christ and Krishna. The Hindus, Lebanese and Persians recognized and revered their Teacher but did not comprehend him. They sought God, as he taught them to do, by searching within themselves through deep meditation. They became a deeply spiritual people that way, but the Hindus were more deeply influenced by Buddha and overstressed their searching through meditation without following it with action. As a consequence, they neglected the creative action of working knowingly with God, as Krishna more particularly taught. Because of that misinterpretation of Buddha's and Krishna's teachings, the Hindu world stood materially still for these many centuries.

The "Christ" of the Hebrews transformed many of His own people with His great love and would have, undoubtedly, created the One-World Ideal of the Brotherhood-of-Man, as He started out to do, if the religion of His day--which He so violently attacked--did not tear Him down and attempt to totally destroy Him through persecution and crucifixion. Then His followers paid the same price for some three hundred years by hideous tortures and death in the arenas, as with the lions.

This failure to comprehend the divine Messengers whom God sent periodically to illumine man with the Light of God-awareness within him is the human tragedy for which the world has paid in blood, tears and agony for nineteen centuries. It is a great pity, however, that the human race has set itself back two thousand years because of but one thing--gross ignorance. Shall you now have the courage to look at your faulty civilization squarely in the face and begin, at long last, to build an enduring civilization based upon Love and the Oneness of all men with God?

This you must do lest you perish. You have no choice, actually. Every cultural institution as well as all industry, commerce and government must place the acquisition of higher knowledge first else Markham's wisdom in saying, "In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man," will be verified by witnessing another fall of man into chaos and degradation--and brothers, you are there!

It is for this very reason that we come forth to awaken in your Conscious Mind the great Truths of God and His universe. We will continue to unfold that which is "wrong" so that you might confirm for self that we bring only Truth--you have watched the long foretold present world crisis come to peaking. You have seen the crisis of fear and hate unfold until it has been recognized, realized, written about and talked about by every man to every other man, and by the press even in its secret bondage, radio and television throughout the world. How long will you turn away and presume that God will, at your whim, bring His Truth through another? It is not to be so! Here it is and you who will partake are welcome at the banquet--you who choose another table--so be it! We shall see WHO sits at the table of God.


The waters now deepen, little fishes--it is better to swim than continue for the shallows are no more. You have long sailed through those shallows and superficialities of matter, motion and process and are now sailing into deeper waters in your search for the higher knowledge which you must have in order for you to become the omniscient Being of God's intent for man. We honor deeply the ones who came before this day and understood and shared these concepts for now the keys can be fitted into the locks so that freedom and understanding can prevail.

I direct your thinking toward reversal from outward motion toward inward stillness to awaken that divine Light of all-knowledge, all-power and all-presence which centers every whirling thought-wave which constitutes your body.

Just how much of that Light is awakened in you is dependent upon how much you have mastered the art of meditation wherein you gain the power to transform sensed-effect to its Mind-cause. To say this same thing in other words of more import, which you have probably not yet heard, we repeat the following: to unite the divided two into the united ONE.

Take a deep breath for the waters now deepen and you fish do not yet know that you can breathe beneath the waters. We are getting right at the heart of the least understood but most basic principle of Creation, the sex-creative, physical principle which is measured, balanced and controlled by the spiritual surveyor of motion known as GRAVITY. Yes, if you have read our prior CONNECTIONS, you will recognize this and be far ahead in comprehension for we have covered it greatly in the books. We are going to dissect it now, that you have no excuses remaining for unknowing--IF you do not sluff through the work. Mankind has never yet fully realized or understood the basically spiritual nature of sex. The human race is still far too physically new to comprehend it as a whole, but advanced Cosmic thinkers are beginning to feel it as God-awareness unfolds in them. Truly mated humans feel it as they discover their multiplied power which arises from their actual transformation from being two to becoming ONE.

Marriage alone does not thus transform two to ONE. Nor do a minister's words transform two into ONE. The words are but abstractions for they are not scientifically understood. That is precisely what we mean by saying that we are sailing into deeper mental waters. That which but very few men and women of Earth even slightly understand is the sex-polarity principle of GRAVITY which UNITES THE DIVIDED TWO INTO THE UNITED ONE. And moreover it hasn't a thing to do with the bedroom, or specifically, the bed.

It is time for this higher divine knowledge to come into human Consciousness for many are ready for it. In Krishna's and Immanuel's day, man was so physically sense-limited that neither of these two greatest of all teachers complicated His teachings by dynamically stressing it. To do so would have been a hopeless attempt to open the doors to the invisible universe before the people of their day could even faintly comprehend the visible universe of bodies. Whenever either of them mentioned that principle at all--such as the phrase, "I and My Father are ONE"--no one of their day had the faintest idea of its real meaning and very few of today more than superficially or abstractly grasp it.

Who in that day, or even today, would dream of connecting the sex-polarity principle with such words of Immanuel as these: "That they may be ONE; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be ONE in us; …And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them, that they may be ONE, even as we are ONE." John 17:21-22

If you look back upon the physical man of that day, you will see that he was so absolutely unaware of this one holy principle of Nature that its totally physical expression destroyed men and nations of men so continually and so often that sex was made evil and sinful by man. Instead of writing holiness into the Adam and Eve FABLE, they wrote evil into it and made of God's one holy law the basis of "original sin". This stupid and corrupted idea is now disappearing as intelligence in spiritual man unfolds, but it is still part of the thinking of fully three-quarters of the human race, and women are still held to be inferior to men and not ONE with them. Worse, as the shrouds of the lie are pealed away the response is one of total irresponsible behavior and the errors are magnified in the opposing direction causing greater pain and degradation upon the souls of mankind.

It might be well for us to build upon Krishna's phrase so repeatedly stated as THE UNDIVIDED AND THE DIVIDED and restate it as follows: THE UNDIVIDED, THE DIVIDED AND THE UNITED. We must choose carefully that which can con-nect in your Minds with that which you already recognize in definition.

We must now relate these words to higher knowledge. Consider, therefore, that every wave action-reaction in Nature is expressed in cycles. Remember, also, that a cycle is an extension of a divided pair of equal mates from the undivided zero which unite as ONE and return as a divided pair of mates to again become ONE in the zero universe.

Let us think together about cycles for a moment in order to follow our thought. A life cycle of an insect may be only ten minutes, a day, or a week according to the complexity of the idea expressed by the insect. That is but one life cycle, however, just as one breath of yours is a completed cycle in itself, but millions of such cycles occur in one eighty-year life cycle.

What we are endeavoring to make clear to you is that cycles lengthen as bodies complex. They complex because they manifest a growing idea. The life cycle of a man at his beginning may have been but a few seconds or minutes. Millions of years have passed during the growth of the man-idea. The cycle of that growth to the maturity of a physical body is already millions of years long in just completing the physical body of man up to the point where his mental and spiritual nature began to unfold. This means that the cycle of the man-idea is only in its middle at present. A few thousand years of Mind-Consciousness is not enough to more than unfold his intellect a very little. Mind-awareness will now unfold fast but it may be a hundred thousand or even a million years before the spiritual nature of man as a whole species will arrive at the mental status of the Christ of the Hebrews or the Christ of the Hindus or the Sacred Circle of Infinity of the native Sioux.

Dharma, it has been a very long day with all work and no rest nor food. Let us leave this at this point. Our need is to get information to man as quickly as is possible--but we cannot kill the golden goose with the silver quill. You will come to recognize of self, chela, and you will accept the challenge for ones must come to confront their purpose and so be it. I wrap you on in the violet flame of the transmuting ray of manifestation-- may we ever serve in honor. I salute you.

I ask that as these messages pour from my dictation and any tapes that come from my speakings--be regularly sent to John in Shasta. Just make him, please, a regular daily mailing recipient. I need no explanation, even for John, at this time. Thank you.

In brotherhood within the Mighty I Am Presence




SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1991 8:00 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 345


As we sit to write this day let us be ever mindful of our sons and daughters who serve in the firing lines at the "front". Those who stand before the multitudes and present Truth and targets at the same time. The way we keep them safe is to keep them protected and safe within our heart and thought projections for that which we project is that which shall be. There are mighty decisions in the making for you of the Brotherhood of man and if you will but be patient a few days more, we will have good news--and bad news. The good is that we will have mighty assistance. The bad? YOU WILL HAVE TO SUPPORT IT AS YOU HAVE NEVER SUPPORTED BEFORE--YOUR GLOBE HINGES ON THAT WHICH YOU ARE WILLING TO DO AND SERVE.

In this interim, we must allow Germain and Dharma to present the instructions and Truth of Creation, God and how it all functions. Without this information, you are helpless except to churn in the ever increasing whirlwind. With the information you can stop the wind and turn it into power for your machinery! Evil must more and more present his face and his actions-- YOU MUST BE READY AT THE OPPORTUNITY--SEIZE UPON IT AND ACT. Blessings are upon you precious children. I am Hatonn/Aton. All things at your level of understanding shall be made categorically finite before you. If you will pick up the banner of Truth, you shall march to victory!

I greet you in the abundance of that which is God.


Germain present to continue. Dharma, it is so important, chela, that we move smartly along for things are happening most quickly now. We must be ready when the student becomes ready. Salu.

Though it seems from the prophecies that man must have advanced as far as he can go--know that he has hardly advanced at all. In important matters of value--i.e., his Soul and Spiritual eternal self has moved backward in the ever spiraling chaotic expectation of the physical state.

Realize, please, that man of today is still in his early intellectual and moral period but has now arrived at a point where comprehension is multiplying in him much more quickly than it did twenty centuries ago because of man's greater knowledge of nature's effects.

In spite of all such mental advancement, man is still strongly material-minded because his discoveries have been translated into material values instead of spiritual ones. He still senses television, radar and other such discoveries commercially and quite fully misses their much deeper spiritual meaning.

It is very difficult to convey the meaning which is in new thinking by textbook language. Parables and examples are great aids to comprehension so we will resort to them. If, for example, you lived in the 10th century, which you did, and could have heard Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or the Rachmaninoff Prelude, it would seem like noise, for spiritual unfolding had not then advanced to the stage where it could comprehend the diatonic scale. If you now hear it, you would hear something else that you could not hear before your spiritual unfolding had progressed to where it now is. As you hear that other "something" today which you could not have heard in your more primate (and I don't mean "monkey") days, you might realize that that "something" you now hear is evidence of your greater spiritual unfolding. What you are now hearing with that sound is the uncreated IDEA, which is immortal. What you are really doing is tuning in to the thinking Mind of God and listening to His silent Voice within the sound.

Logic alone will tell you that there must be something more in music than sound alone. What is that something? Before we answer it, let us carry this thought farther. Mass-man hears nothing beyond sound in the greatest music ever written. Worse, he has mostly destroyed his "hearing" so that he no longer hears the most wondrous of those tones with his physical senses. You hear some of that spiritual quality which belongs to the invisible IDEA world, but you do not hear as much of it as Toscanini could have heard. Nor could you see as much in the greatest painting in the world as Leonardo could have seen, nor as much in the Apollo as Phidias could have seen.

Can you not plainly see, therefore, that the human species is slowly unfolding to an awareness of being able to see that SOMETHING which has not been physically painted into the picture, or hear that SOMETHING other than sound which is not in the sound?

That other SOMETHING is IDEA. IDEA is never created. Therefore it cannot be sensed. It can only be known. Creation manifests IDEA but the manifestation is not that which it manifests. It is but a simulation of it.

We may now be able to touch the sensitive spot of the great thought which we are endeavoring to infiltrate into your Consciousness. The first step is to realize that every physical action of every nature whatsoever is but a visible physical action of an invisible UNCREATED IDEA. When you are but a physical body, you cannot be even slightly aware of that invisible IDEA which lies behind its manifestation.

IDEA lies solely within the Mind of the Creator. When YOU become even slightly aware of the Creator within you, you are then the Creator in the measure of your AWARENESS of HIM in you. To that extent, your inner vision can "see" what your outer vision cannot see--and your inner ears can hear what your outer ears cannot hear--and you can have the doors of vast knowledge opened up to you which no textbook can give you because the invisible IDEA, which the textbooks manifest, is not in them.

The familiar terms "inner ears" and "inner eyes" really mean Mind-awareness. They mean the spiritual unfolding of innersensory perception. They mean KNOWING instead of sensing. The moment the human knows that fact, by feeling it inspirationally, he has begun to be aware of his divinity, for God alone is knowledge. God alone can CREATE. MAN CANNOT CREATE UNTIL HE BECOMES AWARE OF THE GOD-MIND WHICH CENTERS EVERY CELL OF HIM, AND EVERY TUBE OF GROWING TREE, AND ALL OTHER THINGS IN ALL THE UNIVERSE WHICH GOD ALONE CREATES.

These are the things which the divine teachers taught, but few there were to know their meaning even unto this day. Their words are filled with very plain admonitions to tell mankind that the physical man--who is designated as "mortal man"--could have no knowledge nor power of his own, nor could he create until he began to be able to SEE AND KNOW GOD.

We have told you all through our teachings that anyone who desires to see and know God can see and know Him. "GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU" tells you how quite explicitly. God tells you, "Seek Me; Know Me; Be Me; Be thou fulcrum of thine own power".

There are no more beautiful words ever written than the following words of Krishna to Arjuna who had so deeply desired to "see God face to face":


"Fain would I see, as thou Thyself declar'st it, Sovereign Lord! The likeness of that glory of Thy Form wholly revealed. 0 Thou Divinest One! If this can be, if I may bear the sight, make Thyself visible, Lord of all prayers! Show me Thy very self, the eternal God."


"Gaze, then, thou Son of Pritha! I manifest for thee those hundred thousand shapes which clothe my Mystery: I show thee all my semblances, infinite, rich, divine, my changeful hues, my countless forms. See! in this face of mine,....wonders unnumbered, Indian Prince! revealed to none save thee.

"Behold! this is the Universe! -- Look! what is live or dead I gather all in one--in Me! Gaze, as thy lips have said, on GOD ETERNAL, VERY GOD! See Me! see what thou prayest.

"Thou cans't not!--nor, with human eyes, Arjuna, ever mayest! Therefore I give thee sense divine. Have other eyes, new light! And, look! This is My glory, unveiled to mortal sight."

For all these long centuries, the divine teachings of these Messengers of God have been as though of another language. Their teachings have been revered by many but not understood by even those who have revered them.

They plainly tell that higher knowledge comes from looking within, not without. Jesus reiterated it over and over again in His many veiled and symbolic references, such as: "Ye must be born again"--meaning into the spirit. He told many parables likening heaven to spiritual things, but His most beautiful words in respect to the unfolding of the spiritual nature of man are His Lord's prayer.

Those who have come to know God intimately as a moment-to-moment working companion see much with their inner vision that is forever hidden to those who just sense and never know.

We are endeavoring to make it clear to you that higher knowledge is the omniscient Light within you of which you gradually become aware is God's Silent Voice. It means the multiplication of Mind-power through the unfolding of the inner spiritual vision. These teachings are ignored by modern educational institutions. Their concept of higher knowledge is to develop human encyclopedias of information, which is useless to anyone who does not have creative inner vision. To stress the process of "educating" the brain instead of unfolding the Mind stultifies whatever creative genius may be latent in a child. The creative genius in a child requires inspiration as a plant requires water. To force such a child to memorize useless information for which it has no immediate use is like nourishing a plant with salted water. Such a child should be asked to take a walk through the city market, or in the woods, and write an essay upon its, reactions to what it saw. Such a child would respond happily and write from its Soul, while the child with a photographic memory would write stupidly, or probably nothing at all. The world loudly cheers the one who can answer the $64,000 question and ignores its would-be Edisons and Beethovens until it is forced to recognize them by seeing their fruits. It does not help them to come to fruition because the world cannot see that fruit in the seed.

This is not a criticism of modern education. It is merely a picture of your present-day primate civilization. The point herein is not "education" but level of growth. A fully unfolded civilization cannot come into being any more than a flower can appear as fully matured. Your civilization has reached a point, however, where hundreds of thousands are becoming quite vividly aware of the Light which centers them. Their spiritual unfolding is fast developing their inner vision, but they are confused by it and need to be shown the way more clearly. It is to these that our words are addressed, for they alone can understand them.



It is now well to gather together the essential thoughts of the foregoing and restate them as principle in order to assist your comprehension. Principle must have a pattern and an orderliness of growth so you can vision it with as much understanding as you would understand the orderly changing pattern of a growing tree.

First comes the necessity of fully comprehending the pattern indicated by the words "THE UNDIVIDED, THE DIVIDED AND THE UNITED." The undivided means THE UNCREATED changeless QUALITIES of God's eternal equilibrium, as explained in greater detail in later units. It means THE UNDIVIDED white Light of CAUSE which constitutes the spiritual universe of REST.

The DIVIDED means the sexed pairs of male and female bodies which constitute the gravity-pressure universe of MOTION. It means CREATED QUANTITIES of EFFECT.

The first step toward higher comprehension is your discovery and realization that THE DIVIDED EFFECT has within it THE UNDIVIDED CAUSE. The uncreated is always within the created. The spiritual always centers and controls the physical. The eternal invisible white Light balances and dominates the transient visible spectrum-divided light. This is the most important for anyone who seeks higher knowledge to understand. Therefore, we must use every effort for you to understand it. Let us go back to a parable regarding that SOMETHING in music which you could hear but that Toscanini could hear better than you could hear. That SOMETHING is the UNCREATED, the UNDIVIDED spiritual IDEA that exists within the physical SIMULATION OF IDEA which your physical body cannot hear until spiritual awareness of the Presence of THE CREATOR within you unfolds.

If you will but spend some time in meditation upon this glorious fact, the wonder of it will gradually unfold with you. You will then understand that in the creation of YOU and all things else, awareness of the PHYSICAL EXPRESSION of Creation comes to you first. The senses first become aware of the senses. In all Creation the senses never exceed sensed-awareness except in man. After millions of years in which man never exceeds sensed-awareness, Consciousness of that other SOMETHING which transcends sensing dawns in him. He begins to be aware of the UNDIVIDED from which he issued. He begins to hear the Still Small Voice of the Light of Mind within his DIVIDED being and does not know what that SOMETHING is.

Let me share with you Krishna's divine explanation of it as he gave it to Arjuna during the process of his illumination:

"For in this work BEING is twofold; the Undivided, ONE; the Divided, ONE. All things that live are "The Divided." That which sits Apart, "The UNDIVIDED".

The phrase which uses the words "sits apart" is Krishna's equivalent of the words "that SOMETHING" which we are now using. Krishna uses other words to amplify that SOMETHING. Read them with us:

"Who knoweth Me thus, with mind unclouded, knowest all, dear Prince. . . Who comprehendeth this hath wisdom! he is quit of works in bliss."

In other magnificent verses, Krishna paraphrases Immanuel's teachings of God-man unity in His words which say that "The Father is in Me, and I in Him" with the following description of the transformed man who has become aware of that SOME-THING which "sits apart" within him until he has become aware of it. To such a man:

"Another Sun gleams there! another Moon! Another Light, not Dusk, nor Dawn, or Noon--which they who once behold return no more; They have attained My rest, life's Utmost boon." .. . . "those see plain who have eyes to see. Holy souls see which strive thereto. Enlightened, they perceive that Spirit in themselves; but foolish ones, even though they strive, discern not, have hearts unkindled, ill-informed."

Jesus constantly referred to the Father who "dwelleth with Me, and I in the Father", and "the words I speak unto you I speak not of myself, but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works". You will find these words in John 14:6 to 21.

Why do I sometimes call "Jesus" Immanuel, Emmanuel, Jmmanuel and Esu, Isa, Iisa, Isa, Jushua, Pale Prophet, and thus and so? Because you all know him by differing language labels. I want you to understand that it is the Christed Being of which I speak and you skim readers will miss it. I know this to be true for we continue to be flooded with letters who say we would be consistent if we were of the Lighted Hosts. Further, if a name is misspelled or unintelligible in correspondence, that one is very likely to mail denouncement letters to myriads of people, "They would correctly spell MY name if they were truth!" Why? If you choose to call yourself something or write incomprehensibly--who are we to change your foolish prattle or self-appointment, much less your language of finite limitation? We are dealing in CONCEPTS and if you remain locked to the physical aspect of existence--YOU WILL MISS THE BOAT!

Whenever Immanuel referred to the Father, He meant that uncreated Source of all things which we are now referring to as that SOMETHING which all spiritually unfolding people are discovering in every physical manifestation as they rise above its physical nature, such as we exemplified in the simple example of the UNCREATED element in music which is within the CREATED sounds that manifest the UNCREATED IDEA. Immanuel meant by the word "FATHER" the Light of Mind which God IS. The use of the word "Father" has helped to build the concept of a personal man-shaped God, but that is because His people, and most all of ours, were not ready for it. In essence, however, He was endeavoring to impress upon people that The CREATOR was ever-present in the CREATED, which is the same in meaning as Krishna's words. The UNDIVIDED is present in the DIVIDED. Both were endeavoring to tell man where to find God but man had not unfolded sufficiently to even grasp the edge of their meaning.

It seems incredible that you could have had such higher teachings as those of the Nazarene and Krishna for two thousand years without teaching them in every school and church throughout the world. The answer to that is just what we are now talking about. Man, as a whole, has NEVER YET BEEN READY FOR IT. Man, as a whole, cannot yet see or hear that SOMETHING which the increasingly FEW are beginning to hear with inner eyes and ears.

Krishna's teachings are authentic, for they have been translated from the writer's own written Sanskrit words. They can be fully depended upon. Unlike Krishna's teachings, those of Jesus Immanuel were verbal and have been passed down as folklore in repeated memories of others. He never left one personally written word. Most unfortunately, the New Testament quotes many sayings of Jesus which He could NOT have possibly said, which any mystic knows are vicious forgeries. History tells you that certain priests were authorized to decide what Jesus said and what He did not say. These priests very far exceeded their authority and wrote in many untrue things which they thought He should have said to uphold their pagan concepts and doctrines of that ignorant physical age. These ugly, unnatural things which Immanuel could not possibly have said can be easily recognized by you or anyone whose spiritual nature has unfolded to the extent that yours must have unfolded to qualify you for being able to comprehend what is now being written. We will give you a few examples of those forgeries, however, to help you to better recognize them yourselves. After you become a bit more insightful, you can pick them out easily. Try referencing Luke 16:22-25. Matthew 25:41-46. Matthew 18:89. Matthew 5:29-30, etc.


The foregoing explanations have now prepared you for examples which will further clarify your understanding. Always remember, however, that the UNDIVIDED is always the spiritual ONE. The DIVIDED are the physical pairs, or halves of one, and the UNITED is the physical ONE, such as the two hemispheres of your sun. Remember, also, that the UNDIVIDED is still, while the DIVIDED pairs are always in motion. If you will now fix upon your consciousness the fact that each of the divided pairs is centered by gravity, which becomes ONE center of gravity when the two are united. (refer to prior JOURNALS to assist with diagrams), you will more fully realize what we mean by saying that the UNCREATED and UNDIVIDED is within every DIVIDED pair and every unit of Creation.

Again we repeat that the spiritual REALITY is within the physical expression which simulates reality. We will say it in other words of different connotation to aid you in fully grasping the idea we are trying to give you. By thus saying that THE CREATOR CENTERS HIS CREATION in reference to the center of gravity in the sun, you will be better enabled to understand the thought which I am endeavoring to give you if you will realize that that SOMETHING which you hear in music which Julius Caesar could NOT have heard, and that Toscanini COULD hear more ecstatically than you can, is the same thing, and that means GOD.

The measure in which you can hear the SOUL of music is the measure of your God-awareness. It is the measure of your ability to know the UNCREATED. You increase that measure when you can hear what Toscanini could hear. That means that your spiritual nature has unfolded to that measure, and you can increase that measure vastly if you apply that desire to all things equally with music.

The sun is not in the least aware of its centering white Light which is its Creator and which is also maximum in gravity pressure because the sun is a physical expression of the IDEA of Creation and can never have mental awareness. It is not intended that it shall have. Man is the ONLY UNIT OF CREATION WITHIN WHICH PHYSICAL AWARENESS IS FOLLOWED BY GOD-AWARENESS. Physical awareness comes first, however. This is the thought we have been leading up to and upon which we will very purposefully and necessarily dwell at some length, the better to aid you in recognizing the measure of your own God-awareness as it is expressed in the sex-mating idea. Always bear in mind that the physical expression of every idea in Creation comes first in body unfolding. Spiritual awareness slowly unfolds.

We return to the example given through music which expresses one idea of Creation. The greatest music known to man is but another kind of sound to early man. The very first dawn of any measure of spiritual meaning in jungle man is evidenced in his drum beat. He recognized the rhythm of his walking, his running, and the beating of his heart, even though he had not yet recognized tonal variance or melody. The drum beat rhythm demands rhythmic expression of his body, and the wild dance follows. Melody and tonal variance unfold slowly as the spiritual nature of man very slowly unfolds in the great masses, and more swiftly in the few. Some centuries before the Christian era, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians stretched some gut strings which they strummed all together, not separately, for tone and melody had not yet unfolded in them. Their first singing was mere chanting which gradually grew into tonal melody several centuries later in the Gregorian chantings.

The Greek lyre gradually grew into your harp and piano, while the Egyptian lyre grew into the ancient cithara, which became the forerunner of your mandolins, banjos and similar stringed instruments of today. In ancient China, its musical expression took the form of blowing with the breath to vibrate reeds, or through tubes which gave wind and flute tones rather than string tones. The Chinese finally evolved the cheng by joining a series of tubular reeds together, and the cheng is now your pipe organ, flute, mouth organ and accordion, and other "wind" instruments.

And now, of course, these tones are perfectly duplicated by synthesizers.

So slowly has the mental and spiritual awareness of God's Presence in music unfolded that the diatonic scale did not come into the awareness of man until a hundred years after Leonardo Da Vinci's day. The spiritual rebirth in Italy during the fourteenth and fifteenth century brought forth this great unfolding. Instruments for expressing it developed with it, and genius in illumined man gave you Bach and the glorified Gregorian chant which have awakened the Light in tens of thousands and brought all men closer to the door of heaven for the spirit energy rides the waves of the etheric tones.

If you will, now try to realize that nothing whatsoever but motion has been created, of which sound is but one of its many effects. Everything beyond that is IDEA, and IDEA is never created. Idea is spiritual. Idea cannot be sensed by you. It can only be KNOWN. You cannot begin to KNOW until you transcend your senses, for your senses cannot know anything. They can but sense the effects of motion.

Civilization, however, is still made up of the very many who are yet close to their pagan primacy and the very few who are rapidly becoming transcendent beings through their increasing ability to commune with that Silent Voice of God which centers every unit of His Creation. These very many of the great masses of mankind, even though they have advanced to tonal awareness in sound, have not unfolded beyond the physical expression of rhythm. We must dwell upon this idea at some length, also, for this example given you in music will be paralleled in the example of balanced sex-mating. In fact, that is our reason for reciting the slow stages of unfolding musical awareness. It is fortunate for civilization that the few are multiplying into the hundreds of thousands instead of thousands--and now millions, as evidenced by the greatest increase in the sale of classical music ever known.

But to return to the musical taste of the great masses, if you listen to television and radio very much you have observed that the popular "shows" have very much of the jungle rhythm and NOISE of syncopated beat, accompanied by much body writhing. Even the musicians are much given to beating with their feet, which is merely a grown-up version of the drum beat of early man.

It is so unfortunate that you have caused the "great" to fall into the methods of gyrations, etc., to have any audience at all. The television producers will cater to the many--not the few. This is even in the face of that fact which is now recognized--that the media is controlled to control that which you think and feel.

Many of the great musicians have become players in night-club shows because there ceased to be acceptance of true talent. Some have left the area of music altogether in order to exist in the physical. You have not yet learned that subsidies for geniuses, even to hundreds of millions a year, would be the best investment a government could make, for world culture comes only through world-geniuses, and geniuses are indeed rare. There is great significance to this fact which has back of it one of the many reasons your civilization is still too barbarian and retarded in its spiritual development. As the reason is the same in sex-unbalanced and every other effect with constitutes your civilization as it is in musical unbalance, the explanation of one will help to comprehend the others.

We shall now carry the simile of music still further for your greater understanding of the principles which apply throughout all Nature. In making this next step, we will add another word to the three basic words of Creation which we formerly gave as THE UNDIVIDED, THE DIVIDED AND THE UNITED. These are the basic words of the Creative process for they constitute the cycle of motion. There is another word which is not a part of motion for it does not move. It controls all motion, however, and higher knowledge demands full and complete comprehension of its controlling power over all Creation. By adding the word BALANCE, we now have four words which constitute the basis of Creation: The UNDIVIDED, the DIVIDED, the UNITED and BALANCE, or, more specifically, BALANCED INTERCHANGE BETWEEN PAIRS.

This is so vital a principle that we could well generalize all actions in the universe by saying that all actions which are rhythmically balanced are good and perfect, and that all that you call bad, all ills, all hurtful things, all wars, failures, bankruptcies, divorces, frustrations and other unbalanced rhythms of man or Nature, and all things else which prevent man, or nations of men, to achieve prosperity, peace and happiness are the result of unbalanced mating of divided pairs. When you realize the tremendous unbalance which exists in the world-home of men, and in the lives and homes of individual men, it is easy to comprehend what a long road lies ahead of the human race before it can rise out of the chaos which it has made for itself during these last three thousand barbarous years. What is most difficult to comprehend is why the human race thinks that it is highly advanced.

Allow us to have a break and then we will continue with explanations of these terms. You will find great assistance in referring back to diagrams given before. We will be giving them again as we move along but to expedite the information flow, we will move along herein without additional pictures for you can refer to prior material. For you who have really studied the prior JOURNALS--you are out front and this information should fall within the heart and not just upon the eyes and ears.

As quickly as possible begin Alan on the recording of audio readings--we must get this information to the non-readers as expeditiously as possible. George has recording equipment--I do not want any of Dharma's moved elsewhere for we will be utilizing it. Thank you. The readers will be informed as soon as tapes become available.




SAT., JULY 27, 1991 11:31 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 345


The UNDIVIDED is eternally balanced for it is ONE.

The DIVIDED ONE is eternally unbalanced for it becomes TWO.

The UNITED TWO can become a balanced ONE only if each mate of the TWO is equal.

A balanced UNITY is possible only where interchange between the mate-pairs of every transaction of man, or Nature, is equal and rhythmic.

We shall now apply the foregoing axioms and principles to such human transactions as the music example, individual and national relations, sex, industry and other examples necessary to enable you to fully comprehend where the physical expression ends in all such transactions and the spiritual expression begins.

Let us begin with sound itself. Sound is created by a collision between two states of motion or conditions of matter. We now consider the creator of the sound. Man, for example, is the creator of the drum beat, the chant, the march, waltz, jazz, choral or symphony. No matter which status of physical or spiritual expression that comes from the creator of sound, there is something else than Soul within the sound which is not a part of the sound itself--a something else which is not created--and that something is RHYTHM. There are other uncreated QUALITIES within sound, also, such as BEAUTY which inner eyes and inner vision alone can see but, for the present, we shall consider only RHYTHM.

The savage beats his drum in rhythms which are as physical as he is physical. They force bodies to respond to such rhythms as his savage nature puts into them. They can be the body rhythms of the savage dance or the rhythms which arouse frenzy and low human passions. I do not speak of a "group" of people which others call "savage"--I refer to the ones of any society which are lacking in advanced or complex culture and those who are cruel and violent. The best example which I witness comes from the violent cacophony and mayhem of that which you refer to as Hard Metal Rock wherein the beat, the noise and the lyrics are all violent and totally adversarial to peace and balance.

The first point which I wish to emphasize at this part of the example is that the action creates sound only, but the rhythm manifests IDEA, and IDEA is not created. Emotions of every form can spring from sound, but the emotions are NOT IN the sound. The emotions are in the creator of the sound and not in the sound but he interprets the emotions which are in him by the kind of sound he makes and those sounds awaken similar emotions in his listeners. It is not SOUND which does that; it is RHYTHM.

The second point which I now emphasize is that the rhythm and the emotion which sprang from the sound manifest the nature of their creator. They are like their creator. They are made in his image. If they spring from his Mind, they are as spiritual as his Mind-awareness is spiritual in measure.

The third point which I now emphasize is that physical expressions come first, for man is first savage. The rhythms which he first puts into his sounds are physical. They make the body move, and that body movement is controlled by the rhythm which the creator of the sound puts into it. The savage rhythm may put frenzy into the body movement. The beat of that frenzied rhythm is very much syncopated and distorted. The beat of the IDEA which that man manifests--the IDEA of his self in its present stage of unfolding of the everchanging MAN-IDEA.

If you have followed this thought understandingly, you will more fully understand how BODIES grow into patterns and forms and rhythms which simulate IDEA and impersonate their creator. If you do understand this, you will also comprehend that the sound body which the savage man created will repeat and reflect its image into other man-bodies which have within them the very self-image of the creator of that frenzied sound.

We have thus painted a word picture of how early man manifests his physical self through making sound-bodies which image his emotional stage of unfolding, and those sound-bodies which he has created reflect their stage of unfolding into other man-bodies at an equal stage of unfolding. We have, however, confined this example to the early stage of physical unfolding into which the spiritual has not yet entered. Let us now rapidly advance through other stages up to the spiritual, inspirational and intellectual stage of genius man. In so doing, we wish to emphasize another great fact of higher knowledge which will be better comprehended by postulating it as follows:


  1. Man expresses his unfolding nature in one way only-- through repetitive, rhythmic action. The first or mortal stage of his unfolding is evidenced by the measure of unbalance in the rhythms of interchange between his actions and their reactions.

  1. During his entire stage of physical unfolding, the decisions which prompt his actions and reactions are always unbalanced and unrhythmic because he always takes without thought of balanced giving. He has not yet reached that point in his unfolding where love has entered it with sufficient strength and comprehension to base the patterns of his interchanging upon the balanced rhythms of equal giving and re-giving. That stage is still very far ahead to the many, but the few are entering its doors right now and are being illumined with the divine Light of their own immortality.

  1. During the mortal stage, before immortal God-awareness unfolds in him, every rhythmic expression of his entire individual and institutional existence accents body-awareness. After the transition point has passed in which sensual man merges into intellectual man, every rhythmic expression accents Mind-awareness and body-forgetfulness.

The last line of the third postulate is what we wish to accentuate at this point. The spirit of uncreated Nature is divine and never becomes a part of created Nature. Awareness of the CREATOR within the CREATED comes slowly, but only through the balanced rhythms of the universal heartbeat. That majestic ONE-TWO, ONE-TWO, ONE-TWO rhythm of balanced interchange between the divided sex-conditioned father and mother bodies which constitute Creation is the only rhythm which frees the body from its mortal awareness. Complete forgetfulness of body always accompanies the arrival of any individual, or institution, at that high amplitude point in all wave vibrations where wave motion merges into decentrated stillness. That wave-fulcrum point in all physical expression is where body motion ends and begins in stillness. Bodies cannot be aware of bodies at that high spiritual point. Passions and other unbalanced emotions are impossible at that point of silence which divides sound.

One could not possibly listen to the great masters of symphony and give vent to unbalanced emotions, or plan to steal or kill, or even plan any physical action, whatsoever, if one had reached that high point where his own intellect reached the immortal intellect of the composer. All of the works of every great genius synchronize with the rhythm of the universal heartbeat. That is the immortal rhythm, the balanced rhythm which is the basis for the universal language of Light which God makes use of to talk to you when you are ready to listen. You breathe in that rhythm and you also walk in that ONE-TWO immortal rhythm. Every great genius knows that language and interprets God's words to you in balanced rhythms within which are the silences of the uncreated. Many people do not know that they are hearing God's Voice when they reach awareness of those silences within and between those ONE-TWO rhythmic sounds. Have you not often heard people say that a symphony has no meaning for them for they often find themselves put to sleep while listening? They do not realize that they have become so ecstatically attuned to the universal heartbeat that they have been forced to forget their bodies. That is one evidence of progress in spiritual unfolding which means one's intellectual unfolding.

When the mother sings a lullaby to put her baby to sleep, she adopts the balanced universal rhythm and lowers its tempo below the tempo of the human heartbeat. That forces the child to forget its body to seek that silence from which its body came. Contrast this rhythm with the ONE-TWO-THREE rhythm of the waltz, which has the symmetry of the pyramid instead of the cube symmetry of the ONE-TWO rhythm. The joyful rhythm of the Blue Danube waltz will just compel one to dance joyfully to that divided rhythm, for its very division is symmetrical and each of its three divisions is balanced and equal. The ONE-TWO rhythm has the symmetry of the square and the cube, and the ONE-TWO-THREE rythm has the symmetry of the triangle and pyramid.

The symmetry of the waltz can be better comprehended if you make six pyramids of equal size and put them together. They become a cube. The symmetry of the waltz is, therefore, one-sixth of a cube, which equals a pyramid. In this three-dimensional universe, the length, breadth and thickness of the pyramid is three, but six pyramids within a cube constitute three pairs if you divide them to take a waltz rhythm out of a cube. The undivided cube is nine in its unity, which is made up from it's three inner planes that give length, breadth and thickness and it's six boundary planes. By repeating the nine of nature's light-wave field symmetry, an accent is forcibly injected into the position of rest in the heartbeat symmetry. This compels the body to continue its action instead of resting. It is a wonderful sensation, a happy and joyous sensation, but it is still an unbalanced physical expression. It is a cultured physical expression, however, for it contains a great measure of the spiritual rhythm in it, as it is a happy rhythm, not a frenzied one.

The three of the waltz rhythm is also an unbalanced expression, for three triangles, or triangular pyramids, cannot unite as ONE in Nature. UNITY is possible only with balanced pairs such as you see in the unity of a pair of hemispheres which constitute a sun. In the octave wave, four pairs unite as one to conform to the balanced cube-spheres of Nature, while the waltz rhythm includes but three pyramid pairs to constitute a cube-sphere, which is not enough for octave symmetry.

The above may be a bit difficult for you to comprehend when thus stated in words, but you MUST comprehend it. You must FULLY comprehend it, and you can, for it is basically quite simple. It is only the necessity of trying to describe it in words that makes it seem complex. To really simplify this great principle of higher knowledge for you so you will see why it is so necessary for you and this primate world to understand it, we will exemplify it in action instead of words. This example will be your first lesson in the deep meaning of rhythm in Nature.

We begin in this manner. Find a comfortable big chair and locate yourself in it comfortably. Now become conscious of your own body rhythms. Feel your own pulse beat. Familiarize yourself with not only its heartbeat rhythm but its tempo. Do not hurry this process for we can better demonstrate its relation to the heartbeat of Nature and to the cube-sphere wave-fields of Nature if you develop a conscious awareness of that rhythm. Next become conscious of your in-breathing, out-breathing sequences. You can become more conscious of them by folding your hands together over your stomach. You can then see your breathings because your hands will move up and down as you inhale to compress and exhale to expand.

When you have watched this effect until the rhythm of it has enabled you to count its ONE-TWO, ONE-TWO beat, then slowly hum Gounod's Ave Maria, Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, or even Home Sweet Home as you breathe, and note that your hands will always be down on the ONE beat and always up on the TWO beat. Now try it by humming "Rock-a-bye-baby--on the tree-top--When the bough breaks," etc. Note the similar effect. Now reduce the tempo of the lullaby below the tempo of your heart beat and you will find that your pulse lowers and your breathings lengthen their cycles. If you logically continue this experiment, you will put yourself to sleep. The reason for that is an important point which we must emphasize. You arrive at a balance point of rest between action and reaction at every beat of the uniting pair. That is the only rhythm in all musical expression where such a thing happens. It is, therefore, the only rhythm in music, chemistry, sex, business, government, science or education where the perfect unity of marriage between the pairs of opposites, which create bodies, can possibly be consummated. Rest, peace and happiness can, likewise, be attained only when interchange between mental and physical matehood in every transaction of Nature is rhythmically balanced.

We will now compare this balanced sex rhythm of the universal breath with the ONE-TWO-THREE rhythm of the waltz, and especially ask you doctors to note it carefully for there is a whole "therapy" in the principle of rhythmic effects upon people.

Now repeat the same experiment by using the Blue Danube waltz as your basis. In order to better demonstrate it, substitute humming it in words. Breathe it in sounds like Ha - ha - ha, Ha - ha - ha. You will now find that the ONE of the waltz is accented and takes all of your out-breathing, while the two of your in-breathing is divided right in the middle of the intake or compression stroke. Complete, balanced unity can never be accomplished that way in nature. A residue of unbalance is left over which prevents such a balanced matehood as you would find in sodium-chloride or in the unity of a completely balanced mate-hood of a husband and wife who have actually found balance in each other.

It is the RESIDUE OF UNBALANCE in all mismatings which is the basis of every trouble in the world, its ills, its frustrations, its wars, sicknesses, enmities, bankruptcies and all other effects which you call BAD and to not like to have happen to you. This RESIDUE OF UNBALANCE in your civilization of today is your immediate concern. The measure of it in every man's life, and in national and international relations, is the gauge of your present status of world-disunity which places the world in a low state of its unfolding. It is far from its balance point between its spiritual and physical expressions. It is at least 1,000 years away for the masses but, fortunately, a probable ten percent have arrived at its very door. Those who are among that ten percent will fully comprehend these teachings and apply them for their own transcendency, but to the other ninety percent these teachings will have no more meaning than The Moonlight Sonata would have for a man of the jungle.

This RESIDUE OF UNBALANCE is the answer as to whether there is SUCH A THING AS SATAN, OR EVIL, OR SIN. Everything that man calls BAD, or EVIL, or SIN in his life is due to his own inability to balance his actions or his life. Ig-norance of God's Presence in him is the cause of that. Therefore he hurts himself and blames it upon an evil being. As man unfolds his spiritual nature, sin and evil disappear in the measure of that unfolding. Every Illuminate has described as the very first symptoms of his illumination that all sense of sin, evil or shame disappears.

You can see by the tremendous residue of unbalance there is in every human life, and every human institution, how very primate the human race is and how far it is from even an approach to unity and, remember, UNITY IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT BALANCED RHYTHMIC INTERCHANGE BETWEEN EVERY TRANSACTION OF LIFE.

Just a little aside for you to have clue to "receivers and speakers" for the higher energies. Watch what the performer does. The point of contact is total balance. You will NEVER see Dharma do anything at all when we "tune in". We tell her we are present by total absence of unbalanced "showmanship". Sometimes muscle "twitch" may be witnessed as her body becomes relaxed and balanced or as we are allowed to signal the nervous system to utilize expression--but the energy frequency and vibrations are totally balanced. If you have huffing and puffing like a bloated toad frog or dancing and twitching like a lizard--you have a whole bunch of BS headed your way. God is balance--we are of God, so you might guess wherefrom comes most of the "speakers" and "authors" who flit from energy to energy like the butterfly and blink on an off like the firefly.

Let us return to the waltz rhythm. Again, you can see that the physical effect of the residue of unbalance can be quite uplifting for it is joyous. It is but one beat away from the universal heartbeat rhythm. Now contrast those balanced THREES with the terrifically unbalanced distortions of jazz. If you comprehend that which is written above, you will readily understand the brutal, ugly, frenzied syncopations which constitute the worse than jungle rhythms of the Jazz Age. Every beat of it calls for body movement--and thus comes the pleasure of the gyrations of the dance, body-shaking, sex-inviting movement, which is so far from even a countable beat rhythm that one could not even dance to it. The great masses who love jazz are a commentary and gauge of the standard of your civilization as a whole--and what did you do? You moved right on into that worse cacophony called rock, hard rock and then when that was not frenzied enough--metal rock. To demonstrate the principle laid down in the above writings, we are printing wave diagrams of all three of the rhythms above mentioned, including the march, which is the ONE-TWO rhythm except much increased beyond the breathing cycle tempo. The march is intentionally an ACTION rhythm, a joyous work rhythm. It is a ONE-TWO rhythm multiplied into ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR by doubling the tempo. (See Fig. 7)

Fig. 7

We are now arriving at that stage of higher knowledge where you can have a perfectly intelligent summation of what your own life lacks and how to remedy it, or what the world-life lacks and its remedy. All of it can be reduced to lack of knowledge of the sex principle as God gives it to you in the light-waves of His thinking.

We continue to say that the entire principle of Creation, with all of its secrets, lies in every wave unit of light. We cannot teach you anything beyond that for there is nothing to know beyond it. In the higher dimensions there is only more and more refinement of the practicing principle. All of the knowledge you can or will acquire does not exceed the knowledge of how to reach the balanced amplitude of the wave in your every transaction, and in your life and return to the stillness of its beginning for repetition.

Your life is just a series of experiments in trying to learn that lesson. Civilization, as a whole, is also trying to learn that lesson. It is not easy to learn for man has been learning it for ages and has not yet begun to know the first principles of unity. That we can most safely say, for the practice which leads to unity means the giving of loving service to another and the equal re-giving by that other. As all men are ONE, each one gives to the WHOLE and the WHOLE regives equally.

Man is still in his TAKING stage. Man's world is still taking and breeding fear. Love has not yet entered into it. Unity is still far away. The reason for that is because every institution on Earth today is still in its physical stage where its values are material. Man does not even know what is the matter with man or with his civilization. He does not yet know God, or man, or his universe. He does not even know God's purpose, His ways or His processes.

We have written long pages about the principle of rhythm in music which applies as equally to government, industry or sex as it does to music. We did it as our first step in leading you to comprehend the oneness of all things and the necessity of acquiring BALANCED UNITY in all things, all transactions, all institutions of man and all effects of Nature. We laid down that principle in the words UNDIVIDED--DIVIDED (into pairs) and UNITED. I have emphasized the fact that no pairs can be united until they are BALANCED and EQUAL, and that DISUNITY results from the marriage of unequal opposites.

We have done this to also emphasize the fact that God has but ONE IDEA, the IDEA of Creation. He divides that ONE IDEA into countless many units, but all units of every IDEA--like man--are ONE. Also all units of all idea are ONE. We did it also to emphasize the fact that IDEA is never created. It is but simulated, or manifested, by motion. More particularly, we emphasized it to reveal to you that all-knowledge and all-power resided solely in IDEA, and that the measure of a man's knowledge is the measure of his comprehension of IDEA and not in the measure of his ability to observe and memorize effects of motion which simulate IDEA.

If you have followed with us so far and comprehend what has been written, you are now ready for the ONE THING that man has NEVER KNOWN, the greatest of all secrets which has long awaited man's readiness for comprehension. If man had ever discovered that secret, you would have been ever so much farther along in your efforts to produce an enduring, balanced civilization. But then, all things come in their own time of proper sequence. Is it not wondrous to realize the time is now at hand and YOU are privileged to share? It is unfortunate, but natural, for a man-civilization to unfold as slowly as man himself, who changes but little in many long centuries and then thrusts ahead in giant leaps in others.

The following units will be devoted to giving this higher knowledge of man's greatest unknown secret of sensation and consciousness to you in as simple words and diagrams as possible--you will recognize them for we labored over them prior to this--but you need the unfolding so that that which was missed in the original presentation can now be more clearly comprehended step by repeated step. When the world knows that secret and the processes of emergence of matter from space, you and it will then know what is the matter with your chaotic civilization and also how to remedy it.

If some sage could but tell you what is the matter with the world, you might, perhaps, fix it. Your quandary is that you do not know! Yes, that is the quandary. You do not know. The purpose of the following messages is to give the world that knowledge. Even then, man is slow to change existing conditions, but knowledge is power and the great power back of that knowledge will cause man sooner or later to heed it. It seems paradoxical to say that great suffering is more conducive to spiritual unfolding than that kind of happiness which results from physical prosperity. When man has created conditions which cause him to suffer, he invariably turns to God. Let us try to reverse that process and have him turn to God FIRST.

I eagerly await our onward unfolding unto you the one great principle of action which alone will bring the permanent peace, prosperity and happiness for which the world has been long and hopelessly seeking.




SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1991 2:58 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 345

It is necessary to change the trend of thinking as ones advance into later discussion. You begin this in the language of your traditional training which has always been directed toward the development of the OUTER-senses. We must awaken the INNER-perception, not the outer. Our purpose is to illumine the Mind, not to inform the body. We must come into awareness of your immortality which dwells within your mortal body and is programmed and controls it.

It is necessary to find a new language for such new thinking. By a new language, we mean other ways of expressing thoughts with unfamiliar words or combinations of them. You will find yourselves thinking much differently as you advance and the words which express that different thinking become more and more familiar to you as you gradually become transformed from outer-thinkers to inner-thinkers. However, we are stuck with pre-established words and must use that which is given already so we will move along in explanations as we see inquiries popping up.

I have told you that all geniuses and mystics think, see and hear inwardly, while all who have not yet unfolded spiritually to that stage sense objectively, which is outward through their senses. Those who do become transformed to inner-thinkers learn how to acquire knowledge from its Source instead of being informed of effect through the motion of their senses.

The ultimate of such a transmutation is Cosmic Consciousness, and that means that your Mind becomes aware of its Oneness with God's Mind. Mortal man gradually, or suddenly, becomes aware of his immortality.

The Science of Man is a study which leads up to that awareness of the immortality of the Being, which is within every mortal body. Everyone's Identity and Intelligence are within that body which you have for too long believed to be your real selves.

It is not surprising that it becomes difficult at times to think or reason it out, but time and meditation bring about that transformation until that which was at first mystifying becomes as clear as a bell.

I am asked for a bit more explanation of what I mean by inner vision, inner eyes and inner ears. It becomes obvious that ones who are involved actually can see and hear what is not there to see and hear and that is very real indeed. But the explanation is a bit blurred.

The best way to respond is by exemplifying it. Let us take Beethoven for our first example. He has eyes and ears on his body just as you have. Somebody speaks to you, which Beethoven could hear with his ears if he stood beside you as well as you could. You both hear the sounds equally.

Now, imagine yourself sitting near Beethoven. Everything is silent, but Beethoven hears sounds coming out of that silence which you do not hear. He hears glorious, inspiring, uplifting sounds which you cannot possibly hear. Pretty soon he takes a pencil and a sheet of music manuscript and writes down what he hears. Even then you cannot hear it, but he can. He then sits at the piano and translates the sounds which he heard within the silence into sounds that you can now hear with the ears of your body.

That is what is meant by inner ears. They are the ears of the Mind. The same thing applies to inner eyes, or inner vision. The great painter who sits near you can see a great allegory rising out of that nothingness which surrounds you both. He can see horses and chariots, and many beautiful figures and brilliant colors on this gray day, colors which are not physically there. They are spiritually there, however, for he can see them as clearly as you can see the curtains which are waving in the breeze of the open window.

Let us honor Nikola Tesla as an example. This great man designed everything he produced, first, in the dimension of thought. He was able to relate so clearly to each detail and working part that he could actually operate the apparatus and literally study the "wear" areas. He was so vivid in his inner vision that he would be shocked that those about him saw nothing.

Think about it a moment--a room full of people who are hearing the same sounds and seeing the same objects with the ears and eyes of their bodies but many of them are hearing sounds which are not in the room, and seeing things and people who are not there. The engineer in the corner, for example, can plainly see the four arches of a great bridge which he has created out of the silence and nothingness of space. He is so engrossed in it that he has become what is termed "absent-minded". That is not an appropriate term for the fact is just the reverse, for he has become "fully-Minded" instead of being "sensed". He has forgotten body to such an extent that when spoken to he is forced to ask that the words be repeated. The ears of his body did not hear them. He really became "absent-bodied" instead of "absent-minded".

You really live a physical or material life and a spiritual immaterial one at the same time. The spiritual life is the creative one, and the physical life is the one which works with one's body to give form to the Mind-creations of those who have inner vision. Think of that for a while. If you do, you come to the conclusion that you must either be a creator and have others work to give bodies to your creations, or be one of the workers who makes those bodies. Or if you are a musician, painter or author, you can have the added joy of creating both the idea and the body of it. Such creators are the highest of your intellectuals. God, Himself, is the great example of being both Creator and Creation.

This explanation could clarify for you what is meant by developing your innersensory perception until you become wholly Mind at times--which the state of Cosmic Consciousness transforms one into being.

QUESTION: Some people claim that an idea must be fully conceived in one's Mind before trying to give it a body, and others say that all bodies are created by the process of reasoning, which means one step at a time in which each step you take tells you what the next step should be. Will you comment on this?

RESPONSE: Every idea must first be conceived as a mind-creation before becoming the body-form of that idea. Bodies unfold from their seed patterns. The whole of the oak is in the seed of it. The oak does not just start as part of an idea and then add more and more to it; the whole idea is in its conception, and all of it is enfolded in the Mind-record of that idea which we call a seed.

One creates only that which one knows, and he creates through Mind-control over body. By that we mean that every brush stroke which is added to any unfolding idea is done KNOWINGLY, and not reasoned experimentally.

One reasons with his senses, not with his Mind. His senses have observed certain effects. That is not the creative process. It is an imitative process which results from remembering and repeating instead of thinking what one KNOWS.

Let me example. Beethoven conceived the whole idea and motive of the Moonlight Sonata in his Mind before he wrote a note of it. He could not possibly have reasoned that motive into being, for his senses could not create. They could only remember and repeat. If, therefore, a man sits down to the piano and tries to create a masterpiece by reasoning it into being, he only writes down things which he has heard from others. This was tried by a music publisher in an effort to produce a lot of new popular songs for night club singers and to make records from. He employed a group of song writers who studied even classical music to see what kind of music combinations produced different emotions like pathos, mirth, joy, excitement and other such effects which song writers try to produce. With this equipment, they reasoned and experimented by passing it along through the whole group. Each tried what the other had done and added to it. Finally, they played the whole song and sent it through the mill again to fill in the defects which they criticized. If the song needed more pathos, they gave it to a certain man who was good at that, or another who could give it a little more life in a dull spot.

In this manner, they produced a dozen or two songs a day and made records which sold into the thousands for a month or two, but then they were as dead as last week's newspaper is dead. The average life of those songs was not more than two months, whereas a creation as simple as "Home Sweet Home" or "Annie Laurie" outlives generations, and those in the class of the Moonlight Sonata outlive the ages.

Things produced by reason and experiment are plagiarisms, not creations. A good example of our meaning is the man who reads a hundred novels to get ideas for writing a novel of his own. His own novel is an assemblage of the ideas he has remembered in those he read. In total, it is a plagiarism from a hundred sources instead of from one source which it would be if he copied all of one novel instead of copying--or imitating--parts of a hundred novels.

Do not misinterpret herein as you deal with historic truths. There is only one Truth in actuality and it is given forth in its various manners through various speakers--but do you see, it cannot be different from the original Truth? In these instances of historical bringing forth of Truth one must use that which is already available and enlarge and explain further so that man can come into understanding. What your physical senses cannot tell you is that the great Masters who began to perfect their work in a physical experience--next come forth and give that which they had begun and add to and finish their work. Ones who serve as scribes only present the work as given and the honor and genius remains with the original entity Soul who produced it before. No greater honor can be given to man than that a Master return to give more unto his brothers.

Ah yes, much rock-throwing has been sent at this scribe and yet, if you have read the myriad subjects and writings--there is no way she could choose the subject matter to this level of perfection. She claims no greatness nor genius--she writes that which God asks that she put to record for His purposes. We do not talk of the fantasy novels--we speak of the Truth of Life and it is obvious that all single productions thus far have not been sufficient unto the whole of knowledge. Dharma comes by her KNOWLEDGE in the same manner in which you all must learn.

Let us look at something more tangible and familiar to all of you. Let us apply this idea to an invention such as the automobile. In its very beginning, it may be an original created idea or it, too, may be a reasoned production. You know what the automobile of fifty years ago looked like as compared to what it looks like today. What has happened to produce that change? Someone reasons that if you do some little thing to change a carburetor, it will give better service. And so all down the line from body to fender, from glass in the doors to the tires upon which the car rolls, and from the springs to the cushions upon which one sits, many men and many factories reason the old shapes and forms into new shapes and forms, but that is not a mental creative process; it is a sensed-reasoned process.

Dharma doesn't reason these writings nor does she create them--she is one who puts the records to print. She does, however, have communion with the higher energies in total comfort and explicit communication. Perhaps that is her reward for the service rendered, for she is also a most creative person who willingly gives unto us the service and sets aside her own wondrous talents. Then others take the printed pages and correct the spellings, put them to press, bind them, ship them, record them and on and on--each setting aside his own wondrous talent of creativity to serve where the need is present. In fact, Dharma, works her way out of a job--and she laughs and does so as rapidly as she can--so she can get on with her own creativity. You see, what we do here teaches all of you to commune with God and that puts a receiver out of a job! Blessings and so be it.

George and Oberli, for instance, would far rather be building a wondrous underground complex of tunnels and domes with grand botanical gardens--but they read, and teach and support--to give unto you the WORD for that is their first purpose! This, according to the decree of God working through the Hosts and Brotherhood. These ones are extensions of us, on the ground.

We speak of inspiration. What is inspiration? Well, it is not that which the dictionary tells you as far as speaking with God. The book says: A supernatural influence which qualifies men to receive and communicate divine Truth. But is it "supernatural"? It simply shows through that definition that little is understood of how one talks to God--and that is exactly what inspiration is. Early writers spoke of the Bible as an "inspired" work. It meant that certain prophets or mystics had supernatural powers which enabled them to interpret God's commands and instructions--sometimes properly and most often incorrectly. That is not literally true, then, for it is NOT supernatural. It is natural, for everyone will in time discover his own divinity and be able to talk to God at will from moment to moment.

In the ordinary sense of the word, "inspired" means to be exalted mentally into a highly spiritual state where the physical in you is forgotten and the spiritual state is predominant. You feel inspired when you hear or think beautiful music or glorious art. That is the Voice of Nature (which God is) talking to you. It is an uplift from the material to the spiritual. Anyone who has learned the art of deep meditation can step from the mundane material world into the inspirational world of high mental exaltation at will. It is said of Mozart that he forgot his debts that way, which means that he could escape from all worldly affairs by seeking the bliss of inspiration.

I am now going to repeat a question which was so well defined and so typical that it bears reproduction at every opportunity. We are grateful when ones bring attention to themselves in ways they find quite negative and embarrassing but these are the honest questions all need to ask.

QUESTION: "I have been brought up in a family which believes implicitly in prayer." (The word "implicit" tells you much right off at the start for "implicit" indicates lack of explicit definition.) "My father and mother both spend much time in prayer and I have become as much of a believer as they, probably because I was brought up that way. I am now a salesman in a branch of a big business and each day I pray that I may advance more and more to the possibility of becoming head salesman, yet I do not produce the results which many others produce who do not constantly pray for God's guidance as I do. My parents continually tell me that my faith is not strong enough and that I must have more faith as they have. I am beginning to wonder about it all and to look at facts in the face. My father, for instance, has never really gotten anywhere in his business. He has been in exactly the same place in his business for over twenty years and keeps up a great faith and belief that he will be promoted, while others who have worked fewer years than he has have been promoted. My mother is an angel if ever a woman was, but she seems to get nowhere either. Her house stands as it was thirty years ago. She has faith that my father will win a promotion and waits until that happens to fulfill her home desires. I cannot understand it all. Everybody loves my parents, and me, too, yet we do not get on as others do. Have you any solution for my problem? I hope you have for I am beginning to develop a fear that I am repeating my father's experience in my own life."

RESPONSE: And now we get to the heart of it. We get countless letters from dear ones who ask this same thing over and over and over again. Your perception of God and how things function is incorrect--you are hurting yourself rather than rising to wondrous heights of success and abundance. We do have a solution for your self-made predicament. It is very clear, for there are many who pray very earnestly, in long wordy prayers, to ask God to do for them what they should do for themselves WITH Him. Your faith that He will drop the answer to your prayers in your lap is not God's way of "doing". You should read again what we say over and over: GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU. God will give to you as much as you give Him, and not an iota more. We mean by that that the farmer who gives more service to his crops will be given more crops. It may well be that the farmer may have never issued one wordy prayer in his whole life, but his life demonstrates the power of prayer more than your life demonstrates it, because he LIVES prayer rather than THINKS ABOUT IT.

We will go back a moment and again look at the meaning of prayer. The meaning you give it is to perpetually request that God do something for you. Such prayers are requests for favors. Prayers should not be requests; they should be communions. They should be moment-to-moment actions and reactions which spring from a desire to give and be regiven. The farmer works with God and God works with the farmer whether the farmer is aware of it or not. He is obeying God's law--and that is prayer in action. He does not rely upon faith that his crop will be big. He relies upon his knowledge that it will be big because he does those things which God commands him to do to make it big. He fully knows that Nature will do its part, even if he does not think of Nature and God as being one.

Your trouble is that you have created a condition where you must remain static. If you had no faith at all but had knowledge that work given by you will bear the fruits of your work, you would be better off if you never prayed. Faith too often means wishful thinking and laziness. Or it might mean ignorance. Too often do we hear it quoted that enough faith will remove mountains or at the least, move them, but we note that the man who has engineering knowledge can remove mountains, and does, while the man of faith can stare at them with wishful thinking and endless prayers for a whole lifetime and they will not budge one inch.

It is thus true with ones who are going to do great and wondrous things with meditation such as teach ones to ascend as with the Ascended Masters, etc. I can say right off, that they will never accomplish it for if they are bounded to the teaching of such a thing--they have no notion of that which they are doing--which is damage if nothing less. How many people have you seen simply ascend? It is like waiting for the rapture--God does not function in that manner. You had better be figuring a way to get cleared with God so He gets His Hosts to pick you up--and that requires cleaning up your actions and intent and living according to the laws of God--prayers from the tongue and lips are naught, for almost all say one thing and live another.

When you utter these long, wordy prayers to God, what do you think God is and where do you think you will find Him? We have found that those who pray volubly with words believe that God is somewhere outside of themselves, like some king on a throne to whom they issue an appeal or supplication. They have a feeling that if they pray long and loudly enough, and with sufficient earnestness and piety, He will hear them and grant them the favors they ask. But He has already told you that He is within so why all the shouting and performing?

When you at long last learn that your Father and you are ONE, you will then know that God is not afar, sitting upon a cloud, listening to the appeals of lazy wishful thinkers. You will eventually find that God is within you as MIND, His Mind and your Mind being ONE. You will then know that you are ONE with the one Creator. Knowing that, you will then know that you, yourself, must CREATE THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE. You will then know that God is giving you what you desire but you, as creator, must do your part of the creating and know that God will do His part.

All of this boils down to your wrong conception of God and His ways and processes, and also your wrong conception of the meaning of prayer. Perhaps you will better understand the meaning when we tell you that we remain in constant, moment-to-moment communion and we do not indulge in word prayers. For one thing, a communion with God is for the ONE of you and not of anyone else's business--your relationship with God is the most personal and sacred of all your actions and interactions. If you desire to pray aloud, so be it--but the speech usually turns out to be a performance for the benefit of those present--not yourself.

Further--we do not bow nor do we kneel, for He has taught us to glorify Him by being Him and to never assume the attitude of being worms at His feet. If we are on our knees we only require that He function from His knees and it is a most foolish way to get your work done. Worse, if you pray to us as some sort of God instead of friend here to assist--you cause us great disadvantage for we shall never place ourselves higher than you and if you lay prone to commune with us--we have to work from similar position.

This is the way to lose God, not to find Him. The moment you put yourself apart from Him in this foolishness, you place yourself apart from Him. God never leaves you but, my beloved ones, you continually leave Him. Oneness means exactly that-- ONEness, not a superior and inferior, or high and low--ONEness. The more you can cultivate the companionship of God's Presence as co-worker with you, the more you will be enabled to reach that ecstatic state of Oneness with Him.

Next, the biggie inquiry: Why does God take the baby or the child and allow the old or infirm or drunkard to live?

Well, the presumption is totally incorrect from onset of question. And yet the church ministers spout the same until you are saturated with it. GOD ONLY GIVES. GOD DOES NOT TAKE. God is LOVE and the only thing He gives is Love. God is not merciful, but God is the Law and JUST. If man defies the law and jumps over a cliff, the law of gravity will work without fail. Any man who does such a thing shows himself no mercy. Why BLAME it on God? God gave man the law to work for him. It is GOOD for it is an expression of His LOVE. If one works against the law instead of with it, should you expect God to set aside that law instead of allowing man to learn the lesson of it? What kind of world would you have if God set aside every law that man violated so that man could not possibly hurt himself? There may as well be no law and that is the way you practice your lives in this day--breaking EVERY law of God and most of those of Creation--to your very destruction as a place and species. If there were no laws of God and/or Creation then man need never learn any of the lessons of life which Creation intended by being divided into CAUSE and EFFECT.

If that is what you call mercy, you could justly claim that God should be merciful to you and not allow you to punish yourself by eating arsenic or sniffing cyanide. Every law of God is an expression of Love and if you live by the Law you shall be indeed blessed. Every action of that expression is an equal interchange between people and things in Nature. The whole lesson of life is to learn how to obey that law of Love by equal giving and regiving.

If your son has died then it is an effect of some cause which arose in himself, or in you, or in his environment. It was law being fulfilled in any case. You cannot compare it with an older and useless man who still lives because he has not subjected his body to a condition for its destruction. You can as justly blame God for allowing a small oak to die because its roots were in rocky soil while allowing a big oak to live even if half of its limbs have been destroyed by lightning.

The point you ones ignore, and must not, is that, in the event of the death of a child, for instance, the child's body disappeared but the identity of the boy is eternal, and his body will as surely reappear as the apple of next August reappears from the same Source as the apple of last August. Grieve, yes, but the grief is for your own loss--not the one departed.

When you finally learn that a man cannot die and that God is Love only, you will find much more happiness in life. But that is one of life's lessons--and there are many lessons to learn. As with these writings--the one who originally wrote these nearly same messages a generation or more past--is departed and yet he lives and today through different hands he, himself, sits as I give them again as I did unto him--that his work may find fruition in Radiance. God gives and gives again--God NEVER TAKES.

This is sufficient unto this day, chela. We have looked with hope and anticipation to the day when we would have sufficiently advanced chelas (students) and sibors (the ones prepared to reveal the laws) to whom the doors could open to the higher knowledge which mankind must eventually acquire in order to build a UNITED civilization as a whole, or a united home as an individual.

The greatest of all underlying, principles of a living universe is BALANCE. God has said that if He could give one word unto man that he might KNOW, it is the one word--Balance. And if man requires two words, those two words would be BALANCED INTERCHANGE. And if man needs three words instead of two, those three words would be RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE.

So, we have covered other things as we work toward preparation of your learning while we efforted to make you know God's universe and His ways and processes of Creation. Now that we have done this adequately to arrive at a stage of comprehension which has led into the invisible as far as it has led into the visible, we now return to those words to tell you that your life and our universe turn upon their comprehension and their practice.

These three words--and more especially the ONE word BALANCE-- are the very foundation of every aspect of life. The higher knowledge which we are giving in these lessons is based upon them. How well you may comprehend them measures your power to act them. You are the sum total of your actions. If your actions conform to the meaning of those three words, you have the whole mighty power of the universe as yours to command.

It may be many generations before a sufficient number of spiritually intellectual humans comprehend these three words sufficiently to know that they are obligated to practice them, to affect our civilization to become a united one, but the only way your civilization can ever be united is to comprehend and practice their intent.

That does not seem very encouraging for a One World of peace and happiness which people seem to believe is just around the corner "if we could but just stop wars". There is more to it than just stopping wars, for the cause of all wars is FEAR, and man is the supreme creator of fear. In fact, FEAR is man's greatest product, and it IS man's product solely, for fear does not and cannot exist in Nature.

Fear and disunity are one, and your world in its present day is more conspicuously disunited than at any time in its history. Do you not realize that a disunited or divided house cannot stand? How is it, then, that you expect this civilization to stand against the inviolate law it is defying?

Well, our mission, which we have accepted, is to give answers to these questions so that you may make your own life supreme in order that you may become the seed for making other lives supreme. This is our purpose of these lessons which will transcend anything ever taught in the educational traditions of your world.

My blessings unto you as you enter these doors to the new and higher knowledge which will open as the lotus of the Cosmos unto you INSTEAD OF JUST ITS SIMULATION IN MOTION.

In the wondrous and perfection of the flame of transmutation all things are possible and the transition is assured. Salu, Salu, Salu.

Within the violet ray of the Mighty I AM Presence, I humbly offer my service.




SUNDAY, JULY 28, 1991 1:04 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 346

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 1991

Dharma, listen up please. The items for which you are searching have been removed. To utilize that item--especially on the opposing side of your body from the direction of the pulse beams--is deadly. That thing will intensify the beam power at whatever frequency being utilized. That is why we keep the other little one in front of you for it actually can reflect or begin the recycle direction. I remind you ones that you do not know of that with which you play. For most it will be an energy enhancer and was certainly given with that in mind. Never mind more than that--you simply may not utilize any devices in the area of the computer and electricity lines as relative to you. You do not understand your own circuitry nor your particular frequency change as we have worked with you in this format. That which will give assistance to another will be deadly to your system and we prefer to not continually have to override the systems for it does great damage to the equipment. Ones mean well but I remind you--you are not of the same frequency or magnetic structure and that which helps another greatly damages your system. God most adequately takes care of you. Keep all those weapons and toys away from you, please. Let us move on.

While you are in my service, I am responsible for your care, chela, and I, Germain, am an alchemist--not a magician. We work solely within the law of universal physics and you ones tinker with things which are presented as worthwhile which are useless and other things which are so conducive to ultimate death to the organism that it is startling--all of which seem to elude your attention. Be gracious in accepting the items but do not ever use them near or around this computer for ELF beams are funnelled at you through this electronic equipment. If you become grossly weary--we will simply have to stop and give you rest. So be it.


You humans on earth Shan look about you and see how very enlightened you THINK you are. You have air travel, a wee bit of probe into that which you call space (it isn't really), wondrous motor cars, television, radio, microwaves and thousands of comforts unknown even a half-century ago. You admire yourselves as a great people of a great age--you in the U.S. call yourselves humanitarians (oh nausea) and enlightened people. You look back upon those "unenlightened" people of yesterday and say they are old-fashioned. Those people of yesterday were but yourselves. There were many great minds among them, many immortals who enriched that age and who could, if you would allow of it, enrich this age.

You look back a thousand years--two thousand years--three thousand years--eight thousand, nine thousand and you now say that the civilization of that day was archaic. They thought this about Earth and that about the stars--and one tribe slaughtered another and took over its herds--and one king took away the lands of other kings. That was long ago, you say, when the Earth was peopled with barbarians, but those people of that far yesterday were yourselves. There were many great minds among them, many immortals who enriched that age.

Shall we forget that tomorrow is a concept and is not far away when people shall look upon you as archaic barbarians who had learned how to kill by millions instead of by ones? Will they judge your standards by the planes and motor cars of a material age of archaic reasoning in your science, disunity in your many religions, and parrot-like memorizing in your education? You claim to be most of a religion who accepts a ONE GOD. BS--you now accept RELIGION and there are thousands of them--that means, dear ones, that you are more pagan than any Romans with their dozen or so "Gods". If you believed in the One God--there would be, ONE RELIGION AND IT WOULD BE TRUTH. So let us look at it as it IS.

You go about killing in the name of God, Christ and Goodness--while all state in the LAW and in the WORD--"Thou shalt not kill!" Oh, you say, "...but in self defense is OK", and I respond "Aye", however, if man lived according to the Laws there would be no need of "self-defense" for another man would not tread upon thee.

What do you really think tomorrow will think of you? As of today they would see you with punk haircuts, stupefied zombies, noise of incredible decibels--a pit of vipers. They see you now as writhing serpents in dens of dark confusion awaiting death and yet knowing no escape in death. At BEST do you not feel that another age ahead would be justified in thinking of this age as being in its intellectual and spiritual infancy? You would undoubtedly resent this as men of Plato's age would resent your concept of their standards--and yet Truth was there in Plato's age--right from the Master's mouth--presented through Socrates. But Plato interpreted according to Plato's desires and you all were off again on a merry-go-round of ignorance having thrown away the golden ring in favor of the brass.


The people of "TOMORROW" will be YOURSELVES. I care not that which you BELIEVE to have been or not been removed from your listings of rules and regulations for operating procedures--YOU WILL BE IN THE AGE OF THAT WHICH YOU CALL "TOMORROW". Man WILL learn and that is precisely the way man learns--through manifested experience and when he grows sufficiently--he moves on into higher placement and experience--like helping little fledgling men try their wings and learn to fly. You haven't even learned to crawl, little ones.

Yes, these people of tomorrow will most certainly be yourselves, yet there are many great minds of this age, many immortals of today who will have enriched mankind of tomorrow. And so it is that man forever seemingly unfolds without realizing that it is not man who unfolds but Mind-awareness which forever transforms man throughout the ages of Mind-manifestation through the body of man.


You MUST KNOW what we mean by higher knowledge that I stop here to again give definition. A clue to your greater understanding lies in the one supreme fact that THE GREATEST MIRACLE WHICH CAN HAPPEN TO ANY MAN IS THE DISCOVERY OF HIS SELF.

When we use the term SELF as applied to man, we mean the DIVINE SPARK OF GOD-AWARENESS which severs the physical body from the Cosmic Light of Mind. The discovery of one's Self, therefore, means the discovery of one's divinity which unites man with God.

Human educational institutions have quite a different concept of man, however. They base their study of man upon the premise that man is body. The study of man for that reason has never passed beyond the science of psychology which has kindred terms to describe it, such as psychoanalysis, functionalism and structuralism.

The entire principle of psychology is misunderstood, misrepresented and misnamed. Its dictionary description stems from the word psyche--meaning the human soul. There is its claim and right of name. Its own definition is far from that and is absolutely unrelated to soul. Here is psychology's own definition of itself, and this definition is substantiated by its practice. These are the words of that definition:

Psychology is the study of man's (meaning body) adjustment to his environment, of the instruments he has evolved to aid him in adjustment, and of the ways he can improve his adjustment through learning.

This very palpably means BODY--both as to man and as to environment, for all adjustment of man to his environment means SENSE-adjustment, not Mind-adjustment. The Mind needs no adjustment.

Psychoanalysis is still more physical in its connotation. Also, it is based upon a condition which is non-existent in Nature--the condition of unconsciousness. When one sleeps, his senses are unaware of his body simply because of the weakness of the depolarizing current of his body. In other words, his senses can no longer vibrate sufficiently to THINK, just as a harp string can no longer produce sound when its vibration frequencies lower beyond a certain point. Psychoanalysis tries to cure personality defects which have their cause "in the UNCONSCIOUSNESS". It endeavors to make the patient bring the UNCONSCIOUS part of his personality into CON-SCIOUSNESS. This basic misconception of the meaning of CONSCIOUSNESS places the entire science upon a purely physical basis and does not touch the mental or spiritual. What the above sentence means could be more properly stated as follows, "It endeavors to make the patient recall his forgotten dormant brain records by stimulating his REMEMBRANCE OF THEM." Moreover--it is not the "UNCONSCIOUS" by ANY description--it is the SUB-CONSCIOUS! So you see, you do not have the right definition of action nor even the right term of definition for the state of consciousness.

Psychoanalysis is engaged solely in "behaviorism" and endeavors to straighten out abnormalities by restoring normal behavior rhythms. It is as purely a clinical and physical practice as the doctor's practice is. It endeavors to do for the brain what the doctor does for the heart, and that is all. It succeeds doing that in many cases and contributes value to medical and criminal practice because of that, but it is not any more entitled to claim its relation to Mind or Soul than the heart specialist or obstetrician is entitled to make that claim. Perhaps an Ophthalmologist has better claim if he can fix the "eyes". It is merely one department of body-repair service and that is all it is. Proof of this fact lies in the acknowledged lack of power to explain (1) the nature of the learning process, 2) the explanation of thought, (3) the organization of creative abilities and (4) the explanation of genius. Oh, and we think we can do better? YES. WE CAN EXPLAIN EXACTLY HOW AND WHY IT ALL WORKS!

These acknowledged dead ends of psychology and psychoanalysis and the fact that they mistake low brain potential for a Mind-condition which they so unscientifically, and unnaturally, call UNCONSCIOUSNESS should lift such a science entirely out of the right it has ASSUMED as a Mind-science and the assumption that psychology is HIGHER KNOWLEDGE. It is purely a HIGHER SKILL or another TECHNIQUE which is being made use of by increasing the ability of the senses to reason from ob-served EFFECTS and assemble those observed effects with the very small amount of MIND-POWER of which the human race has thus far become aware.

Psychologists build a very untrue representation of their science and their powers, as well as their teachings and practice, by their frequent quotation of Socrates, who said: "Man, know thyself." Man's Self is his immortality. Psychology does not even touch the rim of immortal Man who is ONE with God. It is concerned only with the body of mortal man while deceiving itself that it is dealing with Mind. When your brother, Alexis Carrel, coined the term SCIENCE OF MAN, he meant MAN-THE IMMORTAL MIND, not MAN-THE MORTAL BODY. Therein lies the difference in our teachings and that of educational institutions. There is not one educational institution which searches for the immortal in man or bases its conception of education upon the unfolding of the Mind. Some religious schools claim to do so--NO, they DO NOT. They teach exactly the doctrines as presented for that God of which ever religion they claim--errors and all. In fact, most especially the errors. Most of those schools claim that all you have to do to find salvation and go home to God is--NOTHING--EXCEPT BELIEVE ON JESUS. Funny thing, the name Jesus was applied by an apostle in error and the words were not printed in any fashion for 300 to 500 years after this "Jesus" was departed. No one will get within the place of God on another man's blood--especially that which was spilled at the hands of the very men trying to skate by on another's passage. Now, I suggest all you religious evangelists begin to open your eyes lest a lot of souls in torment be resting on your back through disinformation. Now, please do not tell me I need to come back to Christ--Christ is right here in my presence. Do not do me the favor of praying for my soul, either--God is here in my presence and within my being--there is nothing amiss with MY SOUL--but I am concerned with YOURS.

In your institutions brilliant children are suppressed and genius is not even recognized. Many geniuses have been sent home with recommendations to their families to seek schools for subnormals for them. Your educational institutions are stultifying the mentality of the whole human race by their misconceived belief that the child who can tell you who stabbed Julius Caesar and when, what was the date of the battle of Waterloo, or what was the cause of the second Punic War (and not one in 210,000 can tell you that one) is far more intelligent than the child who can interpret the rhythms which lie hidden in the silence—you lock those away. Now it is far worse--the schools deliberately brainwash with misinformation and cover-up while destroying great portions of history in hopes of burying same.

Your government gives billions in relief to help the indigent and the moron to survive, but allows its Beethovens and Leonardos to starve rather than to help them. It WAS better in Europe and other countries but it has become the same there as in your nation, now. The garbage from your New World is now sifting into those once great nations and it is a deliberately intended move to bring the world down and into slavery. Remember—ignorant people are helpless people.

I must continually interrupt to reclarify definitions and make explanations to allow that you are understanding. You must know what higher knowledge means if you are to attain it. The only teachings which can be considered HIGHER KNOWLEDGE are those which awaken the spark of divinity which lies dormant in every man.


KNOWLEDGE and IDEA are GOD QUALITIES. They ARE. They do not BECOME. They are within you. You do not LEARN them. You RECOGNIZE and REMEMBER them when they awaken from their dormant state within you little at a time. No teacher can teach you these things. No book can give them to you. The divine teacher can but reinspire you with his own inspiration. He cannot GIVE it to you from himself. He can but AWAKEN it from its dormancy in you. That is what we are endeavoring with all our might to do. Our words have their limitations, however. What is written between the lines of those words is what we "feel" in our inner Selves. We cannot write that down, but you can feel it within your own Self if you seek the silences in sufficiently deep communion to become one with our thoughts.

I have permission to quote the late Francis Trevelyan Miller, poet and historian. I want to share with you what he says about man, after reminding him that he has had 60,000.000, or more, years to develop his physical body and only 6,000, or less, years of recorded history to evidence his awakening into Mind-awareness. Several thousand years passed after the first dawn of consciousness before he could even record his growth from savagery. I quote him:

Down through the centuries of human progress, we have come to the World's Greatest Adventure--Man's Search for God.

And what do we find?

We have followed the trail of man's evolution from the four ages when the World was in its making: The Archaic--Paleozoic--Mesozoic--Cenozoic. We have seen man blaze his way out of the jungles of the Stone Age--Bronze Age--Iron Age--until he steps out today in the Scientific Age.

We have watched him as the first gleam of intelligence is ignited in his eyes; and he severs the link in the chain that binds him to the beast; as he begins to stand erect--a human endowed with the power of Reason.

We have seen him as he laboriously gains knowledge by experience in the slow process of time; as he combats the elements and subjects them to his use; as he conquers the wilderness; explores the Earth on which he lives; as he evolves from savagery into tribes and nations; and he discovers the elemental laws of living; and sets up great sys-tems of civilization with his genius.

And what have we found?

We have found that the first and oldest fact in all human creation is man's instinct for God power. It has existed since the beginning of time. It took root in the intelligence of man from the day he became a human being. It has persisted through the ages as surely and as positively as his appetite for food or his instinctive gasp for breath itself.

It is so deep-seated in human consciousness that it never has ceased for an instant--never has been eradicated since the world began. It is the most persistent fact in all life. It is elemental.

This Search for God has covered the range of all human instincts, intuition, emotion, superstition, imagination, creative genius--every form and substance, real and unreal, that the mind of man has been able to conceive.

Just as man himself has come up from the primeval, from the primordial, so have his God-conceptions been equally primitive. They have grown and expanded with his own mentality.

When man is barbaric his gods are barbaric; when man is ignorant his gods are ignorant; when man is intelligent his gods are intelligent. He has worshiped everything--from Anythingism to Fou-Fuism.

As a scientific fact his gods are always beyond the horizon--beyond his intelligence--superior or supernatural beings. He creates them out of his hopes and aspirations--his spiritual nature--like evolution, itself, always in a higher form. If, on occasions, the gods have deteriorated, it will be found as a fixed law that the race itself has deteriorated.

We have found this--

The blundering of man disproves nothing--except his own competence. The hideous concepts of man prove nothing--except the blackness of his intelligence before the dawn.

We have followed the evolution, the unfoldment and growth of this God-idea since its first inception, through to the present day, watching the cumulative processes of its unfoldment.

Like science, itself, its revelations have been slow, but inevitable. Like invention, discoveries and explorations on the earth, it has been a series of adventures in Unknown Realms.

It has kept pace with the increase of human knowledge, slowly divesting itself of superstitions, until it has come out into the clear, open field of science--with which it stands paralleled today and must eventually converge and prove its laws.

We have found that--

Strange and weird as may have been the rituals of the human race in its emergence from the primordial swamps and jungles, appalling as may have been its practices, it has at all times been consonant with its mental state--an exact parallel and complement of the development of the mind. [Does this not strike terror into your hearts?]

Just as man has explored the earth and mapped out its cosmography, so man has explored the cosmic and built up his cosmology. It has been a constant adventure into the Unknown.

We have seen the savages searching for a God of hope to dispel their fear in their fights against the elements--the fight to exist; we have seen the pagans search for God in sensuality and materiality in Assyria, Babylon and Egypt; the ancient Grecians and Romans seeking God in intellectuality. We have followed through India and Persia in their search for God in Mysticism and symbolism; we have seen the Moslems searching for God through philosophy.

We have indicated how Judaism set up the rule of One God and the ethical system of the ten Commandments - and how Christendom is founded upon the principle of man's direct contact with God through the spiritual laws.

It has required prophets of indomitable faith and courage to blaze the way for this world-old search--the spirit of the martyrs, willing to die for an idea or a principle: Zoroaster--Moses--Guatama, the Buddist--Mahavira and Janism--Confucious--Lao Tze and Taoism--Jesus, the Nazarene--Mohammed.

Let us again affirm the historical fact: No people have ever lived who did not believe in some kind of a god--no race has ever perpetuated itself without this elemental faith.

Today, the World is seeking more ardently than ever before the solution to this high question: What is God--and is there a life after death?"

* * * * *

I know that you cannot read this without great enlightenment--if you got none--GO READ IT AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH YOUR INNER EYES AND EARS OPEN! It plainly tells you that God has always been made by man and in man's image!!!! Two thousand years ago, the pagan mind of that day created a god of fear and wrath, a god who loved blood slaughter and the vengeance of human emotions.

They made Him in their own pagan image. Today two-thirds of the world still conceive of and believe in that pagan god of fear, for this is still a barbarian civilization of fear and people must have a God who is like unto them. They must have such to the extent that groups will gather and by "majority vote" vote in or out the laws of God. Even if the practice of the "thing" about which the law is written will disease and kill the body. Then the same group turns its venom upon the very group that they demanded make the vote. AND, ALL THE WHILE "THE REAL GOD" WATCHES AND WAITS.

Two thousand years ago, the people of that day also steeped themselves in the sensualities of sex and made a vile thing of it. They could not then see that God's plan of mating was His one perfect process of creation. They could not see sex as mother-hood--and fatherhood--which they understood emotionally, for their vile abuse of sex was the foundation for their belief in sin. Where are you today? Well, Man created SIN by crucifying LOVE on the cross of bestiality.

Two thousand years have passed and men still crucify love in the same sensual way. Now it is even more bestial for the orgies are as often and you have added homosexuality to your games--and strangely enough, you do these things while still proclaiming that sex is the basis of original sin, and keep sin-belief alive by sex-sensuality and define that as "making love". Does not any of this seem strange or contradictory to you? Perhaps you can begin to see why LOVE HAS NOT YET EN-TERED THE PORTALS OF THE HUMAN RACE to any who have not known mental as well as physical MATEHOOD. You treat mating and marriage with less attention than you pay to where you will have a special luncheon. These alone know what no one else can know who has not thus been exalted. Not even the unity of two physically balanced mates can give them that knowing, for the union of a pair which ceases at physical union is not a consummation of love until motherhood and fatherhood become ONE IN MIND--whether or not there are off-spring. There is no need for the physical act for unions of balance in mating are an energy flow--not a fluid exchange.

We are laying down a foundation for your comprehension of the one great fact of life, that man is ever searching for his divine Self and in thus searching he will some day find his Self and God as ONE. Higher knowledge consists of only that which will lead to the Light of man's divinity. All else is but for the body and is as unreal as the body is unreal.

Please allow us a break, for we need to be refreshed as there is much remaining in the lessons. Thank you for your service and thank you readers for your attention. THIS IS YOUR LIFE--HUMAN! YOU FORGOT TO READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR YOUR OPERATION. WE HAVE GIVEN YOU A MANUAL FOR OWNERS OF LATE MODEL PHOENIXES--THIS CAN BE YOUR HUMAN OPERATORS' MANUAL--IT BEHOOVES YOU TO STUDY IT WELL, INDEED.




MONDAY, JULY 29, 1991 9:45 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 347

MONDAY, JULY 29, 1991

Germain present in Radiance within the Mighty I AM Presence. Thank you for allowing me to serve, Dharma. You are blessed unto me. Within the violet flame all can be transmuted into perfection and wholeness. We shall be given that which we need that we might serve in fullness. I AM.

May we move right along lest our delay leave some in darkness. Blessed be the WORD.


There is nothing except GOOD in all the universe, for God is Love and He created a universe of Love in all its expressions which is like unto Him.

There is no sin in all of the universe. Sin is a product of MAN. It is made by man in his own image, for every creation of man is like unto man.

Pagan teachings tell you that your sins can be forgiven by God and that "Jesus" came to save you from sin. That pagan belief will continue to create the belief in, and the practice of, sin as long as people are misled into believing that they can be saved from sin or forgiven for sinning. Sinning means hurting one's self or another by disobeying the law of love. When one does that, the damage is done and it cannot be forgiven one way or another. He who "sins" can stop sinning, like sound which ceases when its cause ceases. Neither God nor "Jesus" can void that which has happened. It is recorded by the light waves of the universe forever. Its record is in the seed of the "sinner" whom it alone hurts.

No man can stop hurting another, or himself, except the man himself. "Sin" is man's self-teachings. They are his lessons of life. He gradually learns his lessons and, as he learns them, he stops sinning. What man calls "sin" is, therefore, GOOD for it leads to GOOD. Creation grows that way. Civilizations unfold that way. Creation is a drama of CAUSE and EFFECT. It is a hundred-million-years-long lesson in learning how to balance EFFECT with its CAUSE. He who errs in learning that lesson is like unto the schoolchild who adds his figures wrongly, or the man whose forgetfulness to turn a switch derails a train.

Life must be lived. Man must learn how to live it. Every man on Earth must learn his lesson of balanced interchange in his every transaction. He cannot learn it in one life, nor a thousand lives. Christ Consciousness does not come to primeval brute man. It comes only to the completely unfolded spiritual man. Why forever repeat that the good will be saved and the bad will be damned? There is not one good man on Earth in the sense that he is like unto the divine Self which he will become. Likewise, there is not one bad man on Earth, for every man on Earth has forever been searching for the GOOD since his beginning. The words of Francis Trevelyan Miller have told you that in very clear language.

The only sin on Earth lies in not knowing. When a man does not know, it means that his Mind has not yet awakened to an awareness of either good or evil. The body cannot sin. It but carries out its instincts. The body which has no knowledge of good and evil cannot sin because it is still primate. The enraged dog which kills does not know what he is doing. His body instincts act upon reflexes which cause the act as surely as a bell will ring if one presses a button. You cannot punish the dog because he "sinned". You may destroy him to prevent him from again reverting to his instincts, but not for "sinning". When Immanuel said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do," he meant just that. They DID NOT KNOW. And people of today DO NOT KNOW. The spiritual in man has not yet unfolded enough to begin to understand the meaning and import of balanced transactions between mate pairs. The buyer and the seller are mate pairs. One cheats the other. Cheating and murder are relatively the same. They differ only in degree, yet the deeply religious man who "gets the better of the bargain" really believes that he is good and will "go to heaven", while the murderer must be condemned to everlasting fires of hell.

This comes from the pagan of two thousand years ago. It is still the pagan belief of countless millions of people of today. Humanity is like a class in school. Some are ahead of others. Some have unfolded more than others. Some have stopped murdering long ago, but every man on Earth has been a murderer. He has merely ceased murdering long ago but condemns the man who now is what he was and believes that he will be cast into everlasting fires of hell. Every man on Earth would be cast into everlasting fires of hell if there were any merit in the pagan belief, but there is no merit in it. The Bible is full of it, but the Bible was written by pagan man for pagan man. All references to eternal damnation and everlasting fires of hell which are written in the New Testament were forged into it to give one class of men power over others to remit their sins for a price.

They who did that also KNEW NOT WHAT THEY DID. They who committed that monstrous crime were supposedly good men. They acted their parts consistently with their day and age. They, too, must learn their lessons, for they have been on Earth many times since then and are learning them.

The time must come in man's unfolding when he will understand that Immanuel came to teach him that there is no sin. He came to SAVE HIM FROM A BELIEF IN SIN, instead of saving him FROM sin, which even He could not do.

Can you not see that if it were possible for anyone to save man from sin, it would mean that all men of Earth would become Christ Conscious at once? They would instantly pass through all stages of growth--the primal stage, the genius stage, the Cosmic Conscious stage and the final Christ Conscious stage. To do this would render Creation purposeless. The purpose of Creation is to act the play of Cause and Effect in a universe of "Time". Any man, or God, who could save man from the "sins" of experience would be defeating the purpose of the play.

It would mean that a man who builds an automobile must build it complete and perfect at once and never pass through Time's stages. The picture must be finished without sequences of brush strokes, most of which are wrong brush strokes which are ever being corrected to attain final perfection. The wrong brush strokes are akin to man's so-called sins. They are experiments made in finding the way. All of life is an experiment in finding the way to live.

Do you not see, therefore, that the pagan beliefs of yesterday must be cast off in order that today may be an advance beyond yesterday? Do you not see the world cluttered up with these pagan beliefs? Do you not see that man becomes what he thinks, and if he thinks evil he becomes evil? Do you not see therefore, that sin and evil are man-made products which do not exist in Nature? Do you not also see that this world of fear and chaos is also man-made by talking fear, teaching fear and creating fear, even unto creating a God of fear?

Is there any wonder that the world is what it is, a fearing, crime-ridden, man-killing world which talks of brotherly love without acting it, which pretends freedom of thought and speech but practices intolerance, a world which fervently prays to ask God to stop wars which man has made, a pious world which makes a great show of goodness on Sundays in ten times ten thousand homes and churches but has killed and enslaved over a hundred million people within the last fifty years instead of giving love and service to its own brothers whom it has killed.

Is it not time that man should begin looking at man squarely in the face and asking himself many questions? Man will not do this because he does not think it necessary. Every man thinks that he is quite right but others may be wrong.

Man in the mass is not yet willing to say, "I DO NOT KNOW. TEACH ME SO THAT I MAY KNOW THE WAY."


We have tried to point out what is meant by the phrase, "Be ye ever transformed by the renewing of your Mind." This doesn’t mean renewing of your senses, or increasing the ability of your body to produce material effects. Nor does it mean the increasing ability of your brain to remember effects, nor the increase of your ability to assemble more and more complex effects through the process of reasoning.

The present concept of knowledge is "encyclopedic". A complete human encyclopedia would be presumed to be a higher being, just as the boy in school who can answer the most questions would be considered supreme even though he had not one idea of his own in his head. Conversely, the genius boy who could write a great essay, or express himself creatively, would be considered an idle dreamer and a subnormal if he could not tell you the date of the battle of Waterloo.

The present concept of higher knowledge is to further extend memory of effect beyond the present sense-boundaries. To exemplify our meaning, the tremendous advance in high explosives and guided missiles of today over the bullets and cannon balls of yesterday is considered to be higher knowledge of today over that of yesterday. Such an advance is due to the increasing ability of the senses to observe EFFECTS of MOTION and to assemble those effects by memory and reason. That is not knowledge, for the greatest expert in the manufacture of those explosives does not know the CAUSE of them or their SOURCE OF ENERGY.

KNOWLEDGE IS MIND-IDEA--UNEXPRESSED. Knowledge is expressed by the creation of bodies which simulate idea.

Knowledge resides in the CREATOR--not in CREATED BODIES.

The Creator does not create IDEA; He but builds an image of His idea in body form, but the body is not the idea, nor does the body have any knowledge whatsoever of the idea it manifests.

What, then, IS the body? Your civilization is made up of the bodies of men. THESE MAN-BODIES HAVE BEEN CREATED SOLELY TO MANIFEST THE IDEA OF THEIR CREATOR.

We have arrived at a crucial point of understanding right here and now. We must make it clear what bodies are and what their functions and limitations are. It will help your understanding by saying that the forests are made up of the bodies of trees which have been created solely to manifest IDEA which resides in their Creator. Again we may say that the ocean is full of bodies of fishes which have been created to manifest IDEA which resides in their Creator.

YOU are now ready to comprehend that bodies are but imagined-forms of IDEA which have been created by THINKING that idea into motion. Also you can now comprehend that their function is to act their parts in the dramatization of the IDEA they manifest. You should also be able to comprehend that the limitation of all bodies is to produce bodies like unto their thoughts.

The bodies of man are limited to the production of other man-bodies and bodies which simulate IDEAS of their ONE Mind, also the instinctive motions of those bodies which are necessary to sustain them. The limits of tree-bodies are the repetitions of tree-bodies, and to reaching out for sustenance of tree-bodies. Likewise, the bodies of fishes are limited to reproducing more bodies of fishes and to making the instinctive motions which are necessary for their sustaining.

Tree-bodies never become aware of their Creator who centers and controls them optically. Fish-bodies and countless other species of animal-bodies never become aware of the fact that their centering instinctive controlling Source is their Creator. Man-bodies alone, in all Creation, function as man-bodies for millions of years until the imaged form of man-bodies has matured to the completed body image of the man-idea. From that time on, God-awareness begins to unfold. We call that period of early beginning "The Dawn of Consciousness".

Is this now a clear picture to you? If not, it MUST be, and we urge you stop right here and meditate long upon these few pages or review past lessons until you are so sure of your full comprehension that you can no longer think of your body as being YOU--but, instead, you will think of your Self as the Creator of your body and you will some day know that your Self is within your body.

To help you to still further dismiss the concept of your body as being YOU, think of it as an infinite number of atoms divided by vast spaces between them as the suns and stars of the heavens are thus divided. It would amaze you to know that if all the atoms of your bones and flesh were compressed together so that all of the space between them were squeezed out, one would have to use a microscope to find you. Can you realize that? Can you realize that the greater part of your body is water, and that each drop of water contains 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms--which means 6 sextillion. If you also realize that the space between each of these 6 sextillion atoms is millions of times greater than that of each moving atom, you should be intellectually able to dismiss the idea of substance and intelligence in relation to your body.

We have thus shown you that your entire body is but a microscopic dot surrounded by vast reaches of SEEMINGLY empty space. At any rate, you cannot see your Self in it, just as you cannot see the real oak tree in its seed.

We have talked about visible bodies long enough to make you realize that they occupy an infinitesimal amount of volume within a vast amount of MIND, for MIND is what you so lightly refer to as space.

In later units, we will diagram the invisible Mind-universe and the visible motion-universe. You will plainly see that the invisible Mind-universe centers the creating universe of matter, just as your Mind is within your body and controls its motions. Having thus given you a concept of Nature as it IS instead of as you have thought it to be, you are now better equipped for your own further transformation by the "renewing of your Mind", which means that you have increased your God-awareness and innersensory perception by just that much. This also makes you ready for the next step in the understanding of God's ONE PROCESS of Creation, which is His sex process.


All through these lessons we have accentuated the idea of sex as the basis of Creation. We use the term "The Divine Trinity" which we wish you to think of in the same terms as the UNDIVIDED--THE DIVIDED--and THE UNITED, which the great teachers used.

You are now prepared to comprehend the higher meaning of sex. The lower meaning of present-day man is that sex is an act of cohabitation for the planting of the seed, for the production of a baby, a bear cub, or any other form of life. I will not discuss the newer acceptance of it as simply an irresponsible mode of self-pleasure and instant gratification of the senses. The planting of seed is a timed event. Nature's meaning of sex is the eternally permanent and timeless continuity of father and motherhood. The baby and the bear cub must grow. They must be nourished. Motherhood is timeless and every interchanging action and reaction of fathers and mothers of Creation is as much a part of Nature's sex relation as cohabitation for the planting of the seed is a sex relation.

The fact that sex-divided males and females are so unbalanced by stresses and strains caused by that condition that they can find relief from those tensions through UNITING--which is called cohabiting--has caused early man to so violently abuse that holy law which is manifested everywhere throughout Nature as The Divine Trinity of UNDIVIDED--DIVIDED--and UNITED FATHER-MOTHERHOOD that its very excesses threatened the human race with degradation. Civilizations fell because of such sex abnormalities as the orgies perpetrated in phallic worship, and Nature reacted by multiplying such other man-made abnormalities as homosexuality.

Nature is purposeful and quickly reacts to destroy that which violates her purposefulness. The pagan mind believed, therefore, that sex was an evil thing because of its violent abuse by man. Throughout these early centuries of abnormal sex practices, the belief in the evil of sex crept into the entire race, so much so that the doctrine of original sin grew out of it through the Adam and Eve pagan fable.

So ingrained was that belief that the Hebrew expectancy of a Messiah every six hundred years carried with it the necessity that such a Messiah must be virgin born. History records several such Messiahs of virgin birth. The very fact that the human race has made sin out of God's ONE HOLY LAW OF FATHER AND MOTHERHOOD with its Love aspect of GIVING AND REGIVING THROUGH RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE, and its one light-wave creative process of DIVISION of the UNDIVIDED for the purpose of UNITING DIVIDED PAIRS, indicates how primitive the human race still remains.

We might safely estimate that fully two-thirds of the most enlightened peoples of the Earth still believe that sex is sin, even to the extent of some who believe that babes are born in sin from which they must be absolved in order to be eligible for heaven. These are the teachings of many high intellectuals, despite the teachings of Immanuel who said: "Suffer little children to come unto Me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."


God created this universe. He created the IDEA of father-motherhood, and He created material bodies to manifest love through father-motherhood. IN OTHER WORDS, ALL THINGS ARE SELF-CREATED AND THAT INNER CREATIVE SELF IS GOD! If you give thought to this statement, you will see how utterly unnatural it is to believe that God's expression of Love in Nature can possibly be sin, for he who believes such a monstrous doctrine must believe that God created sin and evil instead of man who is the sole author of it.

To show the utter absurdity of connecting sex with sin and evil, we are reminding you that the entire created universe of matter is composed of waves, and that waves divide the one undivided, sexless condition into the sex-divided pairs of male and female bodies which constitute this universe.

You hear prayers of thanks in every church and home for the food God gives to you. Every mouthful of food thus given is produced through the sex-uniting process which creates wheat, millet, corn, meat, milk, fish, fowl and the many varieties of fruits. Not one species of animal or vegetable is virgin born. Such a concept is indicative of vile thinking, and the perpetuation of such a concept by teaching it as a fact of morals prolongs vile thinking. This unnatural virgin birth story was conceived by licentious-minded ancients to promote the idea of chastity. It has had the opposite effect of spreading licentious thinking throughout the world for two thousand years.

Evil and sin are the effects caused by disobedience to God's law. Whenever one disobeys God's law, he hurts himself. He alone created what he calls sin. If he disobeys the law of gravity, he does not hurt gravity. He but hurts himself. If he places his finger on a hot stove, it is not the hurt of heat which is to blame; it is his own decision which is to blame. If a man hurts a friend and loses his friend because of it, he alone has hurt himself by his own decision to act against God's Law of Love. If he had given love, love would have been regiven and he would have blessed himself rather than hurt himself.

The basic law of Creation demands equality in all interchange between the pairs of units in all Creation which are engaged in such interchange.


The foregoing paragraphs are descriptive of violations of balance in sex-polarity. Nature will not tolerate any violation of sex-balance whatsoever, and that is why we see anguish, disease, frustrations, divorces, bankruptcies and many forms of unhappiness around about us everywhere in small scale, and hatreds, enmities and wars in large scale. All of the troubles of all the world lie in that one cause--breach of the law of polarity which upsets the balance of every transaction between DIVIDED PAIRS.

When a transaction between divided pairs fails to UNITE those divided pairs, unhappiness is as sure to follow as night follows day. A minister in a very large church of prosperous and intellectual people who are well above average human intelligence has made a statement, sorrowfully, that fully seventy percent of all married couples in his whole congregation had come to him for help in solving their marital troubles. He was sure that more were in trouble but did not come. Most of the problem revolved around the misconceptions of sex. Sex has become the point of the ACTIVITY--not a related precious and "giving" part of LOVE. The act itself has come to represent every emotion other than LOVE.

That is a true picture of one little section of a whole world. All the world is just a repetition of just that one part of it. Let us picture the effect of that minister's little section of it by imagining five hundred or more seesaws placed in a field. A seesaw is an excellent example of polarity or sex-division. That is why we choose this example. It is important that you realize and recognize that similarity. A seesaw divides the one balance of its fulcrum into two extended balances which must be equally balanced in order to unite and repeat.

Now if you pick out five hundred equally balanced pairs of children and youths of various ages and weights and put pairs of equal weight on these five hundred seesaws to interchange their balance with each other, they will be in the same condition which Nature is in regard to balanced interchange. They can continue to manifest the universal trinity by DIVIDING THE UNDIVIDED and UNITING THE DIVIDED forever and forever in the balanced rhythm of eternal Nature.

Instead of this ideal state which symbolizes the kind of civilization we SHOULD have instead of the one we DO have, let us now choose unequal pairs and fill those seesaws with mates which are thirty, forty, fifty or sixty pounds out of balance with each other. In order to interchange at all, the heavier youth would have to shorten his end of the lever and the lighter one would be out on the longer end. All of them could interchange, but the rhythm of such an interchange could not long continue and the thrill of happiness which comes from the balanced interchange would be impossible with such mismatings.

The latter example pictures the condition referred to by the minister and his church group. It is a true picture of all life, whether marital, business, social, economic or civil. The whole world is divided into a very few pairs which interchange equally and find happiness and very many pairs which find anguish and misery by their unequal interchange.

It is an equally true picture of YOU and YOUR LIFE. You cannot live without constantly interchanging something with somebody or some thing every moment of your waking hours whether it be with your wife, your husband, your friend, your grocer, your doctor or your tax collector, or with the Earth, the atmosphere or the sun. You are forever giving something of yourself to your environment, or taking something for yourself from yourself, with or without equal regiving, all of the time in all your waking hours even though they are merely thoughts and not things.

The sum total of your equal givings and regivings, or your takings without givings, is what you have made yourself into. The sum total of your happiness and misery is dependent entirely upon your ability to become an equal mate to any other mate you attempt to unite with for interchange.

Allow us a short break, please. Then we will continue on with the Spiritual Nature of Polarity.




MONDAY, JULY 29, 1991 12:08 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 347


We have painted a symbolic word-picture to exemplify our meaning. Because of it, can you not see that the world is still so primate that it has not yet learned how to live? It has not yet acquired a LIVING PHILOSOPHY which is sufficiently related to Nature's processes to even begin to find the happiness and peace which all men seek. If the world has not yet acquired knowledge of how to live in peace and happiness between neighbor and neighbor, or husband and wife, except for the small percentage of the rare few who have acquired that knowledge, do you not plainly see that the world concept of higher knowledge has got to change from an increase in the ability to express one's self physically by creating a better material product to expressing one's self spiritually by knowing how to UNITE WITH ONE'S MATE IN EVERY HUMAN TRANSACTION?

This is the point we have been leading up to. Because of it, we are now enabled to reduce the whole principle of life to a very few words which give full meaning to the teachings of Jesus Immanuel and Krishna which have been so long ignored because of ignorance of their meaning. Without the preparation given in the foregoing lessons and in this lesson, you would be no more prepared to comprehend the few words which we will now use to picture the whole purpose of the drama of Creation than you and your ancestors were able to comprehend the words of Immanuel and Krishna quoted on previous pages.

The following few words are a basic formula for what all people are doing all of the time, during all of their lives, whether awake or asleep.

All people, and all Nature, are continually and perpetually trying to DIVIDE THE UNDIVIDED ONE into equal pairs and UNITE those equal pairs into one.

Note that I say that all things are TRYING to do this perfect thing, but the state of the world is indicative of the fact that such EQUAL dividing and EQUAL mating is rare in the human race.

An illustration of the meaning of EQUAL dividing and EQUAL uniting can be found in one's breathing. That is an action-reaction interchange of Nature and takes place without a mental decision. Such an interchange MUST be balanced, lest you die. The same results of EQUAL dividing and EQUAL uniting are demonstrated in your pulse, in your walking, or in your waking and sleeping interchanges. These you cannot avoid. You do not "cheat" in any of them. You cannot. Your "free will" does not extend that far.

You have an interchange of dealings with your husband or wife, or with a neighbor, or with your servant or customer. Each such interchange is the result of a decision. Equal GIVING and REGIVING in all such human decisions is rare. Inequality governs the great major portion of all human interchangings. All failure, frustrations, illnesses and wars, and all delinquency and crime are due to whatever RESIDUE OF UNBALANCE is left over in most all human transactions in which the right of "free will" is excercised.

If you DIVIDE the UNDIVIDED unequally, these two cannot MATE EQUALLY. Polarity in Nature is always balanced. The "electric" current polarizes EQUALLY. Nature is a multiple "electric" current. EQUALITY and BALANCE are the most conspicuous characteristic of automatic Nature, but INEQUALITY and UNBALANCE are an equally conspicuous characteristic of man-controlled "free will" interchangings in Nature.

In practically all human dealings, one mate--or both--in every transaction is "CHEATING". That is what is the matter with the world. Human beings have not yet begun to learn how to DIVIDE the UNDIVIDED EQUALLY. Therefore they can never UNITE them, for balanced unity is impossible with unequally mated pairs.

Until individuals and nations learn how to DIVIDE and UNITE in accordance with the infallible law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE, there will always be strife, unhappiness and the ills which man himself makes through his ignorance of how to live.

The above stated facts bring us to another high point of comprehension regarding what HIGHER KNOWLEDGE MEANS. We will state it simply. Which is the most important of the following: (1) whether a man knows how to build a better machine than was ever yet built or (2) whether a man is a good friend, citizen and neighbor or a bad one?

We unhesitatingly state that the most important element in the building of a civilization is the manner in which man deals with man, yet no educational institution on Earth has any department in which moral character is even considered to be a part of man's education. This machine-age has grown out of the brain of the machine-man. Perhaps you are now better equipped to understand: "In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man."

Of what use are better techniques in the making of a better engineer, doctor, inventor, mathematician, historian or industrialist if in so doing we also build greed, avarice, lust for power to conquer, or desire to take more of the fruits of such techniques for one's self?

Can you not see, therefore, that if the most important thing in the world is the manner in which one person deals with another, it is plainly obvious that the highest knowledge man can obtain is the knowledge of his UNITY WITH ALL MANKIND WITH AND GOD?


We have talked long about divided pairs and the uniting of those pairs. The greater portion of mankind thinks of those sex-divided pairs as males and females of the human and animal species. They do not even think of mineral and vegetable life as sex-divided males and females. We have now reached the point where we desire to have you think of all Creation as divided pairs of males and females. This includes light itself and the wave. This also includes all of the elements of matter in the mineral kingdom and all of the gases and vapors of matter. It includes also all of the colors of the spectrum. Red and orange are as much male as man is, and blue and green as female as woman is. In other words, this entire universe consists solely of male and female bodies which unite to live and to create life and divide to die and be reborn again into life.

Let us help your visualization of this by arranging six of the nine octaves of matter in their true marital relations as equal pairs. See Fig. 8. These six octaves are rearrangements of the Russell Charts which will be reprinted later.

Please study these charts in their octave arrangements. The symbol of Fig, 8 (+/-) means one of an equally divided pair, and this symbol (+/+) means a united pair. Science deeply errs by using symbols like these (+ -) to symbolize equally divided pairs which have equal power and calling one positive and the other negative.

Each of these pairs in Fig. 8 will unite as stable, balanced mates. They are perfect marriages in Nature. If you will think of them as seesaws and their centering zeros as fulcrums, they will be like the example given on a previous page in which many children played seesaw with each other. Being fully balanced and equal, they demonstrate the fundamental principle which Immanuel and Krishna taught, each in His own words but each being the essence of true science. Each of them, therefore, demonstrates the EQUALLY DIVIDED AND EQUALLY UNITED principle which completes a wave cycle of God's creative thinking.

Fig. 8

Nature knows no other process than that of

To further illustrate the meaning, there are three of these balanced pairs below the diagram. Take note of them. When the upper pair, lithium and fluorine, marry, they form the very stable element of lithium fluoride. They will abide together happily forever. Likewise, sodium and chlorine will abide together as a united pair known as sodium chloride, which is table salt. If you examine a crystal of this salt, you will see that it is a true cube, which is the perfection of balance in crystallitic Nature. Now look at the third pair--potassium and bromine. United as potassium bromide they will lead a happy, rhythmic, balanced life.

Each time we are drawn to the brilliant perceptions of Dr. Walter Russell and Lao, we are humbled by the contribution unto MAN. I gave unto this genius being the information as I relay unto this receiver--but his was total clarification and comprehension and he left a legacy which will now be awakened throughout the planet wherein prior to this it only touched the tiny few. His charts and diagrams bring to life the word descriptions and become easily understood from out of the fog of words. When the WORD is put to audio tape, an addition of the diagrams must be made for a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words. Can you ones see that man never dies--he is immortal? Walter Russell, as great as he was, was unrecognized--buried by the Elite deceivers. Now in this time after his departure from his last experience in manifestations--he shares with the regiving of this Truth and his beloved balanced mate sits with him and oversees that which we do here. It is the glory and abundance of the universe and such joy will flow into your being as you come into this wondrous miracle of regiving. I bow in humble gratitude for a job done in perfection and unto my scribe, now, who tediously receives so that we can more clearly relate to the man of this day.

Brothers, the Hosts have truly come to prepare for the final steps of the return of the Master Teacher and I am honored and humbled to have allowance of service in this time and with you. Each of you who comprises this "team" is so loved and so appreciated by we of the unseen Hosts for you serve without demand for that which is not yet ready for manifestation in your comprehension. So be it.

Let us now go back and consider these pairs from the point of view of mismatings. If sodium marries bromine, or fluorine, they will "get along" together pretty well as long as chlorine keeps out of the way, but if chlorine appears, there will be a divorce more surely than with mismated men and women. If you examine the crystals of these mismated pairs, you will see them as distorted cubes, not true cubes. Sodium iodide is a greater mismating than sodium bromine. The crystals of this union are conspicuously distorted from the cube form.

We tell you this because you should be able to know the laws and processes of Nature in order to relate them to your life and in order for you to command them. If you went further and collected a few of these various crystals for study and comparison, you would find that the harmonies and inharmonies of human existence corresponded in principle with the harmonies and inharmonies of Nature. If you take another step further and combine any of the series marked 1 with the series marked 2 or 3, you will produce more and more violent disharmonies in the order of their difference in potential, which means from 1 to 4. In the series marked 3 is nitrogen which, with other mismatings, forms the base of many explosives.

Explosives in chemistry are produced entirely by attempting to unite pairs which are far apart in their electric potential, pressures and frequencies. Explosives in human emotions arise from the same cause. We can sum up this entire principle in the few words we made use of earlier: residue of unbalance in any transaction between any pairs. Look therefore to your angers and passions and open your chemical chart for an explanation of the angers and passions, the inharmonies and divorces, and the failures, bankruptcies and wars of humans.


Once again we repeat ourselves and say what should be said a million times each and every morning and another million times each and every night, if necessary, to stamp upon your consciousness THE ONE THING THAT EVERYBODY IS PERPETUALLY DOING EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR AND EVERY HOUR OF LIFE. EVERY ACTION IS A PERPETUAL DIVISION OF THE UNDIVIDED INTO EQUAL OR UNEQUAL PAIRS AND SEQUENTIAL UNITING OF THOSE PAIRS INTO EQUAL OR UNEQUAL ONES.

This is the idea which we are endeavoring to cement into human consciousness in order that the givings and regivings of man shall find balance in each other. That is the great lesson of life. Until it is learned, the brotherhood of man can never become the practice which is a necessary precedent to a unified civilization. That is the lesson of all these many millions of years in which men are trying to learn how to live together. It seems simple. To divide one into equal pairs is simple if it means only the cutting of an apple in halves. Then by putting those halves together to make a whole apple also seems simple, and it works just that way and just as simply in Nature when one cuts the IDEA of the sun into two equal hemispheres and puts them together equally to form the body of the sun-idea, or harnesses an old, weak horse with a strong one to pull a heavy wagon.

If man would but learn Nature's way of balancing her transactions, you could have perfect civilization tomorrow, but as long as man divides UNEQUALLY and then TAKES the larger half instead of GIVING EQUALLY, he will never learn the long lesson which is the purpose of Creation.

God sends teachers unto men to help them learn that lesson. He sends Illuminates whom men call Messiahs, prophets, mystics, geniuses, poets, translators of cosmic rhythms of the arts and the lesser inspired but sincere ones who desire to love and be loved. These inspired men God sends to leaven the human loaf by inspiring other men. The Light they have within them, they can give to other men in the measure of their power to give, while the illumined ones can give in their greater measure. God perpetually talks with every creature in the measure of its ability to comprehend Him. Instinct is small measure but inspiration is large measure. That means that you can uplift the whole world by giving in your measure as we are giving in ours. That is the way that a united world will some day come to pass. It is a long road but each illumined step in it is another step in the direction of the goal of ecstasy which must come before enduring happiness can ever be known by man.

Do you not see by the above how necessary it is that you know the things which bring you to that goal rather than the things which prolong a treadmill existence in the chaotic whirlpool which so many think of as an enlightened civilization? Do you not see why you should constantly seek wisdom, knowledge and power directly from God? If you do see the necessity and thus desire in your heart to save yourself many reincarnations of more treadmill existence while learning that lesson, you will use every endeavor to transform yourself into a higher being by multiplying your comprehension of the teachings which God gave to give to you by oft and long communion with Him in deep meditation.

This is why I continually insist upon your complete comprehension of the idea of polarity which DIVIDES and UNITES to give and regive. That is why I continually say to you that if you fully comprehend just one wave cycle of light, you have within you the basis of knowledge for light waves are God's language of Light.


Let us make it easier for you to visualize what is meant by dividing the undivided and uniting the divided, by giving you some of Dr. Russell's drawings. Fig.9 represents the undivided static zero universe of MIND-KNOWING and MIND-EN-ERGY. It is the zero white Light from which Creation emerges. Former lessons have made known to you that all of the REALITIES of the IDEA of Creation are within that zero undivided ONENESS. Understand, therefore, that God's KNOWING is your KNOWING. You must now know how the IDEA of Gods knowing and your knowing assume form, for the tought process which creates them is the same.

Fig. 9-A is the first step in telling you how. You see there two discs which are comprised of four rings of divided Light, one within the other. They represent the beginnings of God's spectrum thinking. They are the basis of the octaves. They are His imaginings. In them is the pattern of His imagined IDEA. They are IDEA IN CONCEPT--UNCREATED IDEA in concept. Science calls them the INERT GASES.

Light-waves now begin to divide that concept into pairs and set them in motion to create bodies which image the imaginings in form. That is MIND-ENERGY expressed by thinking. Thought-waves divide these four rings of white Light into four pairs of rings of the spectrum colors and project them toward each other for the purpose of uniting the FOUR PAIRS INTO ONE. These four pairs collide and become two hemispheres of compressed spectrum light centered by white incandescent light. Together they make one perfect sphere. That is the way that all matter is created.

I am not telling you this as a principle of physics for it is not even known in physics. I am telling it to you as a universal principle whether in morals, character-forming or invention, or whether in the painting of a picture or trading furs for food. Every transaction in Nature or in the social, marital or business life of people must follow this octave principle of DIVISION of an idea into its two parts and the uniting of those parts by four progressive steps toward the mature idea. THE RESULT OF THAT UNITING is what counts for success or failure, happiness or misery, peace or war.

If you study Fig.10 you will see that there is perfect symmetry in the divisions of the pairs which interchange with each other to consummate a oneness in themselves--such as sodium chloride--and then unite with each other as a whole to consummate a unity of the whole idea.

If you will now think of the universe as one undivided Idea and of all the parts of the universe as many IDEAS which are divisions of the whole ONE IDEA, you can better comprehend that the divided ideas are expressed in octaves because the wave which divides them is expressed in spectrum-divided octaves. Octaves grow. They become waves. Waves come and they go. In "electric" terms, they are called frequencies or cycles. In terms of growth, we call these cycles life and death cycles. They come and go. Everything in nature comes and goes in order that it may come again.

That is the way IDEA is given bodies to simulate IDEA OF MIND which has no body. We might clarify this also by symbolizing it. The idea of MAN is part of the whole Idea of Creation. Within the IDEA is the DNA/RNA of the manifestation of the idea. Let us see how God creates a body form for an idea by dividing the undivided Idea, which has no body, into four pairs which must grow into the matured idea and then uniting those four pairs into the ONE to become a complete octave.

Let me do a little concluding here, please. If you will but give deep thought to this diagram, you will see these comings and goings of what you call life and death as constant repetitions of action with rest periods between the actions. That is what life is. You manifest it every second of your life. If you could but look at your life cycles as you look at the swinging of the pendulum, you would have a still clearer idea of the continuity of life-expression in the reincarnations of your own life. There is action, reversal and rest in the pendulum's swinging, but the pendulum forever swings. No cycle ever ends or begins. Cycles are but never-ending pulsings. There is growth, reversal and decay in the expressed idea of the tree, but the tree forever reappears. The same law applies to YOU. YOU DISAPPEAR but YOU FOREVER REAPPEAR.

Can you not see the universal meaning of sex in these explanations? The universal sex principle, like the universal life principle, is a continuity. It never ceases. The sex interchange which begins life is continuous. It never ceases. That is what growth is. That is what mother-fatherhood is. That is what Love is.

The entirety of all the universe is a continuing expression of the Love principle, which God is. It is a ceaseless, endless continuity of giving and regiving. Man's life is given over to the purpose of learning how to give and regive EQUALLY. That is man's problem. That is civilization's problem. Man's entire present life, and thousands of lives before the present one, is spent in learning that one lesson. Whatever happiness or misery, success or failure, man creates through his experiences during his long lesson-learning, are made by himself. These are the rewards or punishments which he creates for himself. As a man thinketh, so is he. As a man acteth so he becomes. Every creating thing in this universe is SELF-created--and that SELF within each creating thing is GOD.

Let us break here for a brief rest and begin a new chapter. Thank you.



MONDAY, JULY 29, 1991 2:10 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 347


As these lessons move along, I must state that I deeply know my responsibility to you who are seeking to awaken the Light of all-knowledge and power within you and to the world of men who are seeking to build a unified civilization which is only possible when MAN, as a whole, shall have found that Light within himself.

The moral world is fast sinking because all of its institutions base their beliefs upon the education of man's body instead of upon his Mind. You, and all mankind, will be caught in that maelstrom of world-degeneration and immorality whether you will it or not. Our responsibility to you--and yours to the world--hangs heavy upon your beings as we put to print these lessons. We can give you the key to the door of heaven, but it is for you and the world to turn the key and enter into its Light. That key is KNOWLEDGE, for ignorance alone keeps man imprisoned within his body and compels that body to ever walk the treadmill of a physical existence under the lash of its slavery.

The world is grossly ignorant of its greatest essential--CHARACTER. You are continuing to build a criminal, immoral world of fear and licentiousness because your concept of values is "material". The Soul which ties man to God is not only allowed to sleep, but is forced to sleep by a civilization which is forever trying to "gain the whole world at the price of losing its own Soul".

I ask that you stamp these next words upon your Consciousness with indelible ink:

  1. The MOST IMPORTANT THING in life is what you do to your neighbor.

  1. The LEAST IMPORTANT THING in life is what you or your neighbor believes.

  1. He who gives of himself to his neighbor enriches his Soul and builds character, but he who takes from his neighbor seals his soul in its tomb and enslaves his body to the world-treadmill from which there is no escape other than the awakening of his Soul.

  1. The most important and noble attribute of man is CHARACTER.

What are world institutions which are endeavoring to build a stable civilization doing about the building of character in the world? What are education, religion, science and government doing to build the character in man which is a necessary prerequisite for a unified civilization? This is the need for some 25 of the prior JOURNALS--so that you can see that the intent is not only to NOT build character--but in fact, to tear it down completely. In every facet of your life--personal and social--you have been betrayed and pushed into deeper ignorance.

EDUCATION is entrusted with the unfolding of Mind-awareness which alone unites man with God. The primal necessity of education is the building of character in man through giving him knowledge of the arts end skills of man's produce and of the interchanges between men which make better neighbors and citizens. It is, instead, creating machine men, robots and parrots who remember and repeat instead of geniuses who think and know. Education is training bodies instead of illumining minds. Our schools and universities have teachers for everything but CHARACTER.

RELIGION is entrusted with bringing love into the world in order to unify mankind into ONE WORLD. Religion is the most disunited organization on Earth. It consists of over 400 disunited sects which are divided one from another by unnatural pagan beliefs in miracles, superstitions, creeds, dogmas and doctrines which have bred disunity, intolerance, fear, ignorance and licentiousness throughout the world for long centuries. DISUNITY CANNOT UNITE.

The Christ who founded Christianity told the world of a God of Love, Unity and Brotherhood of Man. The many religions teach fear, sin, evil and a God of wrath whom man must fear. They teach GOODNESS as a reward for virtue. They teach many things which Immanuel did not say--things forged into the New Testament by those who wished to keep fear alive in man for their own profit.

Religion has fought science and the acquisition of knowledge since its very beginning to keep fear of eternal damnation and freedom to think alive in him. Its history is written in the blood of martyrs who suffered the tortures of the Inquisition. The eyes of thousands of "heretics" have been gouged out for refusal to believe the excesses of its creeds and doctrines. Even unto this day the charge of heresy rises quickly to the tongue of one churchman who believes a shade differently from another one, for freedom of religion is not a characteristic of churchmen. That one thing which the Christ deemed most necessary in His teachings--brotherly love and unity--is impossible in a disunited system of many religious beliefs and faiths as it is for the dark to illumine with light.

SCIENCE, which is entrusted with the responsibility of verifying God by acquiring knowledge of God's processes of Creation and other qualities of the Creator and Creation, has denied that responsibility on the ground that God cannot be verified in the laboratory. Instead of being the equal mate to religion which, together, could lead mankind to a comprehensible God, science has severed itself completely from the responsibility of having anything to do with man's Soul and has relegated its offices entirely to the multiplication of the product of man's body, and draws no line between the production of implements which man needs for body comfort or which nations of men need for body destruction. There is not one-quarter of an inch provided for in the platform of this great element of social welfare for the development of the most needed element of the social order--CHARACTER.

GOVERNMENT, whose very essence is unity--and whose very purpose is to serve its people in order that their complex and diverse interests can be resolved into one harmonious working whole--does not fulfill that purpose and never has. Government governs; it rules now as it always has. Governments and rulers have built empires by slaughtering and exploiting other nations of men. They have spread hatred and fear throughout the world and created enemies which have impoverished them and caused them to tax their peoples for generations to come as the fruits of their RULING.

Governments started as the expression of power and might of ONE MAN OVER ALL MEN. Pharaohs, kings, emperors, czars and other absolute rulers of nations governed justly or unjustly, brutally or kindly, but in them was all the power of "might-overright" which each potentate chose to exercise. Wars began that way. One king desired more power and wealth and got it, or lost his own by descending upon his neighbor with his sword. It has ever been thus since the dawn of history. The lust for power has always crushed the desire for spiritual unfolding of man which built character in him.

No greater element of your social order is so tainted with the qualities which foster a criminal growth than politics. The very word is tainted with the connotation of corruption and bribery. Like other elements of your present social order, government standards are fast declining. The statesmen of today have not the standards of dignity which were characteristic of your first presidents. Empires have ennobled pirates, conquerors and magnates, but God ennobles only those whose characters have made them like unto Him.

As far back as your counting of 35th century B.C., represented by monuments erected throughout the world, is evidence of man's search for power in which the machinery of human government became the organized expression of the thirst for power--the appetite for the exercise of force. Practically every war ever fought has been a political one in which one man, or one nation, sought for power over other men or nations and/or to gain of their wealth. Up to this very MOMENT in this generation today, one man in many nations had the power of life and death over every man in his country. In no other organization of human life has the thirst for power been so drastically exercised, and by might-over-right methods which are the opposite of all that is morally "christian" or ethical.

Religion and government have persistently fought each other for power supremacy since the dawn of history. That power, which both church and state fought for, was the power over other men, and such power was always based upon self-motives. We are not criticizing any world institution--I have no purpose nor intent to do so. We are telling YOU what is the matter with YOUR WORLD, just as a physician must diagnose an ill patient. It cannot be said of the doctor that he is criticizing a patient by telling him he has a cancer. Must it always mean that if we tell Truth we are somehow less your friend? The human race is still primate intellectually and barbarous physically, and that includes your institutions. If we, who are teachers of God's ways and processes, cannot diagnose world faults and thus help to cure them, the world will still suffer from its ailments without knowing what those ailments are. The world needs leadership, but when the church or government desires power, leadership then means dominion over men. However, it should be guided by the teachings of one of God's Messengers who taught that the leader is best who works WITH men in such a manner as to make them believe that they DID IT THEMSELVES! SALU!

I offer unto you these things so that you will know what is the matter with the world and offset it by the one and only thing which will offset it, the development of character in man. Previously, we said that a certain statesman said that we might cure the ills of the world, "If we only knew what they were." In the foregoing pages we have told you what they are. The question now is shall you remedy them, or have you time to remedy them? Has the world fallen too low to remedy them? Every symptom which existed as cause of the fall of other great civilizations exists today in your whole world. Enmity, fear, greed, lust for power, hatred, a fast lowering culture, a fast increasing sex looseness and promiscuity including teen-agers, treason, slavery, crime increase and race hatred, and the killing of an average of a million brothers of men by other brothers of men, have lowered the standards of world morality, honor and character more since 1900 than the world has gained in eight centuries prior to 1900, and with it world culture has degenerated in like measure. This does not, you must know, include murder through "legal" means such as abortion.

We are now to the point where we can paint the whole world picture of the struggle of man very simply and briefly. For at least a million years, man has been able to make implements for his domestic and war purposes, but not until about 8,000 years ago did he know right from wrong. He led an instinctively controlled life supplemented by primal reasoning ability for survival only.

Reduced to its ultimate simplicity, the fight for survival of body means TAKING what one needs for survival of body. To take from others means the development of the physical power and strength needed for taking.




The Dawn of Conscience came into the human race about 8,000 years ago, and with it simultaneously began the Dawn of Character and Righteousness. We mean by that, that man began to know right from wrong and began to govern his actions accordingly.

Two thousand years of increasing ability to think and create gave to man a language and an ability to carve that language into words, symbols and forms on the stones of his tombs and temples. Thus began the ages-long fight between the physical desires of primal man as expressed by TAKING and the slowly dawning spiritual man as expressed by GIVING. Even the giving of justice, consideration and friendship until then was unknown.

The fruits of the TAKING principle are the exercise of might-over-right for acquisition of power and material possessions. The fallacy of the taking principle is that what one takes from another to enrich one's self with possessions and happiness will impoverish him instead and bring anguish to his house in the measure of his taking. The law respecting the taking principle is that the exercise of might-over-right by the strong over the weak will strengthen the weak to destroy the strong. The slave will always rise to slay the master. He who slays by the sword is slain by the sword. The richest and most powerful empire builders in the world have been reduced to living on rations behind barricades of armaments lest they be destroyed by the descendants of those whom they have destroyed.

The fruits of the GIVING principle are love, happiness, inspiration and the exaltation which comes only to those who have become aware of the Inner Light to some extent. The law respecting the giving principle is that what one gives he always has whether or not he is regiven, but he who gives is regiven in kind.

There you have it, precious ones, the story of the rise of man from his jungle to his high heavens. It is the story of ages-long learning the lesson of love through countless experiences in which the unfolding of the spiritual in man gave to him more and more awareness of the, Light of his own divinity and Oneness with God.

Now returning to the meaning of higher knowledge. If what you do to your neighbor is the most important event of every moment, can you not see, therefore, that you either TAKE or GIVE to him in every action? If you TAKE, you are exercising primitive physical practices which will react against you. If you GIVE, you are storing up the most valuable attribute a man can acquire--CHARACTER--and you are on the road to making the supreme discovery of your Self, which is the goal of all mankind.

Is it not plain to you that the Creator of forms for His IDEAS has as distinct a pattern for the unfolding of world destiny and your part in it as He has for an oak tree or a butterfly? Is not all Creation patterned in the form of its IDEA? Do you not truly realize this glorious fact? If you do, we can now return to the statement made in other pages that God sends illumined teachers among men during every period of man's unfolding to reinspire in them the inspirations He has given men. This has been so since the beginning. You know of them as far back as around the 34-35th century B.C. You have known about two of the greatest of these, Immanuel "Jesus" and Krishna. We have recited their basic teachings to you, teachings which were for the sole purpose of awakening the Light of God-awareness in man and the development of nobility of character in man. We will now tell you about many of the hundred to two hundred lesser teachers whom God has illumined down the ages, in differing measure, to give you the great gift of character which is the fruit of those who have become transformed from one who TAKES to one who GIVES.

These names are those of the immortals who will never be forgotten to the very ends of history. The reason for and the measure of their immortality lies solely in the fact that they have learned to walk and talk with God, and because of that fact they have learned to give priceless gifts to man which endure forever. These mystics, prophets, poets, creative geniuses of the arts, and wise sages, are what they are solely because they have transformed themselves through knowledge within them directly from God, instead of acquiring only the simulation of knowledge through their senses. These are the Messengers of God to man who give of all they have and enrich themselves and the whole world by their giving.

Do you know what we mean by this? If not, think of a Beethoven or a Leonardo. These men cannot help giving all they have of themselves, whether they are regiven or not. They cannot be impoverished by thus giving for they are like unto wells of living waters. The more they give, the more they have to give, and God's law works as surely for them as it does for the lily in the field which gives no thought of reward for its perfume, and it will work equally for you in the measure of your awareness of the Light of our divinity.

Previously, we told you that immortals from every age left heritages to man for the building of character in him. There has been no interval in all history in which messengers thus prepared have not been among men to transform them and awaken in them that Light which will make of one man out of ten million. We wish to leave with you one other thought before we give you the greatest teachings the world has ever known, teachings which have had no meaning as yet to the human race which is still in its early barbarous stage of TAKING by man-killing, teachings which are the basis of character but ignored by your educational institutions.

That one thought is that every illumined Messenger ever born to Earth for the purpose of uplifting the moral standards of man brought only one message, and that could be put into these words--LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER. Their teachings were limited to telling people how to live to manifest the Love principle upon which this universe is founded. In reviewing these teachings since recorded history began about 60 centuries B.C., you will find that one golden thread running through all divine Messengers' teachings. We will now search for that golden thread of the master poets' and mystics' thinking to tell you why that which they have given to the world should become the source of higher educational teachings