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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.






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SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 1991 4:23 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 009

Aton present to share with you briefly as you move into this book of information. You are coming into the great Truths of the Cosmic Universe and actual Creation and order. What you glean from this information is solely up to you for you are given to experience as you choose. It is given, however, that those of you who wish to find your path unto your Source may know how to find the way and KNOW. There are no secrets kept--only now are you ready for the next step in growth so that discernment and judgment of actions can be valid. When the world asks, "What of the teacher, what message has he for us that is greater than all others", you may answer: "Behold, every LIFE, no matter how humble, no matter how tragic, no matter how broken and thwarted, has a meaning and an inner glory and is precious in God's sight".

You who will come into knowing shall do goodly, such as few of My servers, and your brethren and friends, have been able to accomplish; you shall have the TRUTH and the WAY. You shall, further, reach that maturity wherein you shall live it and give weight a thousandfold to every word and precept that comes from the tongue--for you shall grow in the knowing that giving forth Love instead of a biting confrontation in discord brings the reward and ability for the regiving.

There have been many artists within the chronicles of men but few there have been, capable of conscious communion with Me; yet I tell you it is a responsibility that does crush the weaker brethren. All must learn to come within communion for each is precious and each IS an artist of great value unto My needs.

Go with heart that is high from adventure to adventure and walk always knowing that each day must render its accounting to Me.

My Love shall ever guide you and guard you so that you falter not--I am with you and with KNOWING comes your comfort. You can only come into the KNOWING by first sharing and partaking of the "knowledge".

How can you fail to go forward, sure and calm and free? Use all that has been given unto you--Mind and Soul--Spirit. If you have your responsible education you will find failure leaves of your presence. You can dwell ever in the plane of perfect inspiration and still function exposed to Earth's vibrations for the Laws are given which will, if followed, keep you ever in balance and harmony with all that is Nature in The Creation's perfect order.

It is My work that you do and the power of the Spirit pours upon you and no power on Earth or in the heavens can do more than help you at the moment's instant--if you but KNOW.

My work shall be done...when you are prepared in the fullness of time then the harvest will be reaped. At this time the lives of the world are lived in narrow little places: romance offers escape from reality. I tell you that we bring them transfigured reality that shall move them and win them. We shall bring Truth in such simplicity that each can KNOW and then decisions shall be left unto the individual being for the choosing. I keep My promises made unto you--all will be kept; none have been broken; I give you strong loyalty; I shall be worthy of your allegiance. When the wracked spirit CAUSES you concern, remember My words of promise and be strong and remember that you are not made strong by having all desires gratified--even unto your communion with ME. You shall learn properly so that you can remain in MY PRESENCE and not turn away at your whims of physical indulgence. For as a child must grow and a twig must be trained to be straight and tall as the perfect tree--so shall you learn.

There are yet principles at stake of which men have no knowledge, there are policies in progress that have no explanations, great works do manifest but men's eyes see them not. Only I see the ultimate, only the Wise Ones know of the attainings, only those who have conquered their own Spirits behold the vast pattern by which men are made perfect. Let the world's dead be buried by those who are dead: verily there are no dead save of the mortal but there are those refusing wisdom and might better be dead. As I make it known to you in wisdom of that which transpires, you shall clearly know that which causes you to stumble--it will behoove you to work My commandments!

Lo, those come to you who have been the spirits of the great in every age; they come to you sustaining you; they come to you beseeching you; they say in their beseeching to heed. Not all of them are with you for many come again, yet in your future and some you know not ever; others you have knowledge of; they come and go in your affairs, unseen as well as seen. They come that they might share in the Knowledge as you unfold into wisdom.

Lo, these blessed ones come not in their olden roles at present; some come to you as artisans and yea, of humble callings. If you bestowed upon these ones in your prior experience see that which returns compounded. The times are upon you when those you have known as humble persons shall stand forth as marvels, challenging your intellects; you have known them verily as angels of radiance, now you behold them as drawers of water. Verily do you see them as hewers of wood--well, they are actually hewers of men's eternal destinies.

Many of you walked with My son upon your own place and have come again to attend His return in His own growth and honor. Do not deny the memories of your own pathways unto excellence lest you miss your own graduation. Have you not said, "Father, allow me to walk again and serve with this Master, let me manifest with Him again in that you love me "--have you not said it?

Take that which is given and know from it profit. I say it shall fill you; the spirit of holiness shall break bread with your wisdom; there shall come a great brilliance; you shall sit within the heart of it. You have walked with Myself by many still waters and you have talked in many wheatfields with Me--rise up and greet Me now that in memory we might abide together, you and I.


I now speak to your intellects. I take you with me into wisdoms--I give you a shepherding into sheepfolds of mysteries....

Men will ask proof: What is size? What is time? What is space? Harken to My logic; I bequeath you a reasoning. Know that the Father's universe has no such thing as size for size has a quality of measurement by comparison and that which is great seems large to the earthly. It has no meaning but you shall have the wisdom to give that perspective and definition unto your brother. Know that I think only in projection of Thought--I need no time and I need no space.

Space transcends size, yet I say it comes not alike to all created orders. You perceive that you are "men", that your stature has a "size". Some perceive your "size" to be "small", but I ask you if you would greater profit if you stood high as the mountains?

Know that you are greater than mountains in that you have power to manifest in Thought, and it bears you out among the planets; you can know the far stars and you can see them in their shining.

Men say, "We think, therefore we ARE."!


You ascend unto visions. You have concepts of Reality; they who come of other orders ascend to no such vision; their concepts are but instincts. Great minds are greater than great mountains. Worlds are less than great Truths: man knows himself, thereof is his divinity.

Man has concepts of himself and he makes mysteries in his thinking--he shall need come into KNOWING. HE THAT THINKS GREATLY EVER SURPASSES THAT WHICH HE THINKS. I think in terms of that which comes to pass—thereof is Spirit manifest. Only Spirit matters, behoved.

That which is perceived is like the mustard seed; perhaps it sprouts, perhaps it blossoms; is not the blossoming more transcendent than the blossom? You breathe, and move, and have your mortal beings; therein are you mortal; behold Spirit functions and Thought goes out--it makes you to see worlds in new bornings. Are you not a part of them, in that you discern them? Sight has a transcendence to encompass its creatings; it becomes the particle of that which it perceives. I say to you to look, perceive, witness, discern, lift your faces up; behold the mirrors of the infinite are but lodestones for your intellects. You do dwell on Earth a little while; presently you go forward, verily you go outward; he who goes outward sees that which is beneath him for it is ever upward; behold is it not true that he who journeys "upward" ever sees life in more smallness beneath him? Think on these things.

I dwell in heavenly mansions; I look on all creatings; I arise in the mornings and behold many mountains; I say to the mountains: "Increase and bring forth young." Lo, they are moved and universes shudder and tremble.

Man is part of it, but only is he part of it in that he sees Me deploying in himself. I speak these things to you so that you may be wise. Be not cast down by little men who say, "Spirit is conjecture, we breathe, thereby we are" - - - They are as lights in many wicks that presently know a snuffing; the universe shall snuff them for they cannot encompass it. Lift up your heads, beloved! Perceive a great radiance for the Spirit I send works in you, and I in it; behold we are one essence--that which is created comes from My bosom.

Man has had a blindness to neglect his own destiny; he has said to his brothers, "We are creatures of confusion, of doubt and of dread as we come from our fathers, whither we go is not for our wisdom." He looks on the Earth and thinks it a mystery, it speaks a tongue whose language has long since been forgotten save by the few.

It shall be beyond him until he comes to that place in Spirit where the beasthood drops away from him, where he leaves his earthliness behind him forever. He looks to the heavens and cries out constantly, "Almighty Father, bestow on us wisdom". Lo, wisdom is in his heart, it lies all about him, he walks in its richness and he embraces it not.

Man asks of Me to save him. You are given that which you need in the wisdom projected if you would but listen and act. I have made no mischief in the hearts of you earthly men. You have made your own mischief and continue to do so. Man goes about marveling at his handiwork; he thinks himself omnipotent; he cries in a vaunting, "Behold our achievements, life comes in and goes out in that which we manifest". My, my--man cannot fashion one hidden violet, nodding by a brook's edge in the silence of a wilderness. Lo, man must come into knowledge and out of the evil ignorance--for evil IS lack of intelligence. Evil has emptiness; it cannot construct; it ignores the ways that lead unto happiness; it seeks out no goodly situation but takes the world and gives it a sorrow. Evil has no crown; it has no staff; it has no divining rod that points out riches; evil has only confusion and ignorance and manifest impoverishment; it has shortage of compassion that you call intolerance. Evil is man's enemy above all other enemies in that it seeks to do him no improvement, naught has it to do for man but to pull him down to vomit; it proclaims his smallness; it makes a god of his ignorance and humbles him before it. Ignorance is evil and evil is ignorance--and it is birthed of the physical and only has existence in the physical. There is no other god of darkness before Ignorance. That which comes of Me has a radiance; behold it is tolerant and beauteous and tranquil; all things making for good, for happiness, for delight for peace, for alms-giving, for benediction on others, these are the diadem stones in the crown of MY eternity.

I say to you now that you may harken. The Path is bright and pleasant for those who journey with us and whose voices blend in harmony and yea, shall they ring throughout the mountains and the valleys. The call has come; the valleys take note of it and those on the uplands await your strong fellowship. I tell you a new Godhead comes to Earth; you are in fellowship; you scatter its uttering; you sit and sup with it--is it not meet that you know for your honorings?

Walk in uprightness before kings, beloved, that in the last high hour it shall mark you to sit gracefully with the King of Kings and see the glory. I bestow upon the goodly workers the blessings in gratitude, that there were reapers who stood by their sickles when the crops were threatened and the forces of Nature would send them to a hiding. My peace is upon you until the harvest is gathered and the laborers stand about for their reward--they shall be richly paid--for thus have I written.

Blessed is he who hears the WORD and heeds his call, for the masses of MAN has lost his way. So be it and beleis. It is My will that the work might be done through you, and yours will be to fulfill the Word for the seal is put upon the promise and the lesson given. DAK DI SEM.




TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1991 8:15 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 362


In the wonder of a new day upon your place may we be ever humble and grateful for the opportunity to serve for that which we do is both important and indeed urgent. I come in the Mighty I Am Presence who has called me unto this mission. I come only in the wondrous beauty of His Radiance of which no other thing needs more. I bring those same blessings and gifts unto you, my precious brothers with whom I am honored to share.

As we begin a new JOURNAL I ask that you readers please tarry with the forebrought lessons for it is critical that you UNDERSTAND that which we bring.

Ones continually ask, "HOW can I raise vibrations"?--"How can I be sure I have passage"?--"How and why is this or that manifested and WHAT is evil--WHAT is Satan--What is God"??? Herein are your answers as directly as they can be given. I am distressed that these books are not being set to audio tape as quickly as I would ask--but you readers, and myself, must realize the tremendous load upon these few in this place. I do, herein, ask that we move quickly in setting the "Connections" to audio tape and then, all of the JOURNALS as quickly as is possible. Also, there is great need for the EXPRESSES to be put to tape for man of today has not the time to read such quantities of material. A person can listen very ably while in transportation or other tasks. It is imperative that we make this extra effort. We need no professional readers as such--just good readers who are fluent and will clear of their space and allow us who author to come within and speak through them. It is the ENERGY given forth that causes ones to listen--not the words.

This is the ONLY place wherein I see an advanced "education" helpful--in recognizing words which may not be used in the every-day speaking conversations. So be it. We want no critics--just verbatim as written--directly as written with as little personal opinion as is possible. If there is a portion with which the reader takes exception--do not allow temptation to "change" a word--there may be a very important message in that one word for a specific one. You need no fancy equipment or special rooms--you are people living in a world--just a separate room where there are few distractions and a simple duplicating recorder.

I prefer using a male voice simply because the male tonal range is far more easily understood in, say, an automobile and/or where there are other sounds in the place. I leave it again in your able hands but the longer we do not have the available resource the longer it shall take to get this information out unto the people. We have had many offers from ones most willing to give contribution unto God's work and this may be the very place where they can serve.

If this is done, then it will be necessary for another to "listen"--but that can be done by ones who are practiced of ear but prefer to not speak. Thank you, for your brethren are waiting. There are ones such as Dr.Coleman who have remarkably clear and interesting voice accent. I only ask that we move smartly along for you are a long way behind now and WE ARE NOT GOING TO SLOW THE PACE FOR ANY MAN! So be it.


We will, herein, again take up consideration of the making of bodies which appear and disappear to LIVE and DIE from the point of view of simplicity. Let us recall, as heretofore stated, that all that God does is make bodies to manifest His all-knowing. Also as we have stated that is all YOU do.

We again emphasize the fact that all bodies are but states of motion--living-dying states of motion--generating-degenerating states of motion which arise from rest and have to keep moving very fast to simulate the idea of life. As long as they move fast enough in a centripetal direction, they have living bodies, but as they reverse to the outward, centrifugal direction, they lose their bodies. Please reread this. To increase their speed, they must have energy enough to grow by working. To stop working is to decay. It is YOU who gives them that energy--and it is You who takes it away. Take note even as with the elderly of body--the minute you stop your "work''/"play" you become "old", "senile" and await "death". It is just as with allowing the body to stop serving you through indiscretion--it degenerates and withers into uselessness. It will serve you as long as you command it to do so and give it that which it needs to adequately sustain self.

As man grows older he deliberately begins to deplete the body in expectation of death and it begins to wear itself out just as a piece of machinery or a motor without oil, water and fuel. You cannot run a car on dishwater--neither can you run a body without fuel. It can be anything which furnishes the proper ingredients--unto the very pill form, but it needs specific things or it perishes for want of them. How long would your car run without oil? Then why do you expect your physical machine to run without minerals and vitamins, etc., in proper ratio? Does this need be elaborate or greatly "different"? No, just rounded and inclusive--it is preferable to NOT make a "big" thing of it for than the ritual replaces the deficiency. Let me example--if the joints become painful and stiff--they will NEVER heal unless they have some additional substance which is missing. Let us say that there is inflammation and deterioration of the sheathing structure--try zinc additive and it will heal along with adding some anti-oxidant intake to stop over-oxidation of the cells. This does not mean great changes in the diet nor much added effort, just give the body a reservoir from which it can draw its needs. I actually prefer that ones do not go on strict and restrictive diets for the diet becomes the plague and the body is in your command--COMMAND IT! SUPPLY IT WITH THE THINGS IT NEEDS AND COMMAND IT TO UTILIZE THEM. IF YOU PREFER TO BE INVALID AND ILL--SO BE IT FOR THAT IS A CHOICE OF THE MIND AND THE BODY IS ONLY OBEYING COMMAND. THE CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS. Man notably uses disability to gain a fulfillment of mental needs. Further, there are very few vitamins and minerals which can injure by too much quantity--for the body is trained to service those items. There are some which, like a given food, will poison in quantity--surely you can know the difference! It is as with the tryptophan, however, of a few months back--the problem was not through the tryptophan--it was in the preparation of the supplement. I ask you to stop your foolishness. Especially in America you have begun to love your rituals more than wellness.

As you grow in mental command--you will find the body responds to your command no matter what it has for it will even learn to glean substance from the air, but it is YOU who has to come into the knowledge.

There is something you will also discover--the very ones who need this information will refuse to take time, find time or actually simply refuse to read it, much less, use it. It is the way man hides behind ignorance. I repeat something we have said before--Dharma lives a full life outside this writing and she is the ONLY one writing so that we can guard against pushing material through too fast for the readers. We KNOW, THEREFORE, THAT IF SHE CAN PHYSICALLY WRITE IT--YOU CAN, IF YOU WANT TO BADLY ENOUGH, READ IT! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO--YOU WILL NOT NO MATTER WHAT WE DO WITH IT. It is up to you what else you do for there are hundreds of books for your reading for confirmation and we urge you to read EVERYTHING and then choose--we cannot help it if YOU do not!

We select no groups, colors, creeds nor places--so it is up to you that which you do.

I would like to use an example to you ones who proclaim that we single out the "Jews" and make references to surnames, etc. Would you feel the same way if your name would be Goldberg if the Chinese were doing the same thing to your world that the self-proclaimed mini-state of Israel is doing--especially to the U.S., and we referred to Chou Ping as being "a good Chinese name" and Chou Ping was responsible for claiming $80 billion from you in Chinese Mafia payments because they gave secret information to your government? How about a good Norwegian name? A good German name? We are here to bring you truth from beneath the cover-ups and, dear ones, in the U.S. it is ones with so-called "Jewish" self-labels. There is no other nation nor sect recognized by law as a "religious" power AND state. It is the innocent ones of the so-called group which will be first sacrificed when the brothers get into power.

By these hands in the past 24 months, has flowed over 9 thousand pages of vital information--YOU CANNOT TAKE A FEW PARAGRAPHS OUT OF ONE EXPRESS AND HAVE ANY KIND OF A PICTURE. WE CANNOT GO BACK AND REPEAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN THESE EXPLANATIONS FOR THE BARRAGE BY THE READERS BECOMES MOST OPPRESSIVE AND ABRUPT AND NEITHER CAN YOU EXPECT THIS SCRIBE TO RESPOND IN DETAIL UNTO YOUR INDIVIDUAL INQUIRIES OF THINGS ALREADY EXPLAINED AND RE-EXPLAINED BY ONE OF US. SHE IS NOT THE AUTHOR AND IF YOU SPEAK TO THE AUTHOR--YOU CAN GET YOUR RESPONSE WITHIN AS WELL AS SHE. We welcome and recognize EVERY piece of correspondence and value it and will respond when and where we can do so. In the event it is a critical inquiry effecting the "many" it will be taken up as quickly as possible. As to "ANTI-SEMITISM"--what happens to anti-semitism as used, if Jews are NOT REALLY SEMITES AT ALL? Well, THEY ARE NOT!

One of the best short resources which gives exceptional input on the subject is done in a JOURNAL and is a most direct discussion in a letter from BENJAMIN H. FREEDMAN to DR. DAVID GOLDSTEIN LL.D. We have traced the resource for obtaining the material to Educational Assn. 530 Chestnut Street, Union, New Jersey. The letter was, however, written in 1954 and we can only assume it is reprinted. After we utilized the information, we received several copies and if you cannot find reproduction and ours is not sufficient for satisfaction, I suppose you may locate it through the Copyright offices (1955).

Those of you who wish to research Khazars, get THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE by Arthur Koestler and you will find some seven pages of other references and from each of those you will find a dozen more, not to even mention writings such as are being brought forth daily on the subject in point. As for the PROTOCOLS, go to J. Hazel, PO Box 1317, Brookings, Oregon 97145 and for $10 you can get them and get references as to their current integration into your "system" as well. It would behoove all of you to get that confirmation for if you question the JOURNALS, you need backup. We only give you what IS and YOU must do your own proving if that which we bring in confirmation is not sufficient. All JOURNALS can be backed up with confirming Earth information. The PROTOCOLS are so widely available that I ask not to have to give more references. Just as you will NOT GET VALID INFORMATION FROM THE ACCOUNTANTS AND LAWYERS OUT OF NEVADA REGARDING NEVADA CORPORATIONS, DO NOT EXPECT TO GET VALID INFORMATION FROM THE NEW AMERICAN "JEWISH" ASSOCIATIONS--FOR THEY FORM THE VERY LOBBY GROUPS SET UP TO DO YOU IN! There is a new one organized called the Jewish Democratic something or other that Hatonn will discuss, formed to get a Khazarian into the Presidency of the US--on the basis of being Jewish in behalf of the Jewish State of Israel. You good Hebrew founded Judaists--how would you feel if it were a Sun Moon projection? How about a Chinese Buddhist movement? How about Catholic in the name of Italy? You ones must pull yourselves out of the stupor for the very ones whom have been stolen from, will be the first sacrificed on the altar of GLOBAL CONTROL. Truth is far more difficult to face than is the fantasy built for your consumption!

There is something I can point out to you ones who continue to feel, or friends and family claim, this is a "cult" and/or evil. Regularly these ones and we of the authors--get death threats and regularly we receive (as on the yesterday) actual threats of death in heinous manner from actual recognized Satanic groups who place curses upon curses upon our heads--in symbols, actual effort and proclaim themselves to be wizards, witches, Luciferians, warlocks, astrologers and psychics. These ones denounce us and plan to take out these workers of Light. We are the hated, detested and Lighted ADVERSARY TO SATAN. I hope this speaks of our intent upon your Earth place for evil cannot bear the PRESENCE OF GOD OF LIGHT. The message yesterday is so terrible that I refuse to even translate it to my people. It is written in Satanic symbols with only the names in alphabet--written in hi-liter to prevent reproduction (the sender obviously does not know that you can mark over the hi-liter in ink and reproduce it in perfection). I can only remind these ones targeted that NO THING CAN STAND AGAINST GOD OF LIGHT--JUST STAY IN THE LIGHT AND SHELTER OF HIS HAND AND YE SHALL BE SAFE.

I do ask that ones who wish to attend the location and have special meetings--you will be asked to identify purpose and WE WILL CHECK PERSONAGES. We have a lovely one who wishes audience with Hatonn, who is an astrologist. What would you do this day if you were these ones, after having received a death threat yesterday from an astrologer????

Please, we petition you ones to use your intelligent minds and be in understanding of circumstances. The WORD OF GOD AND TRUTH are coming forth from this place--no more and no less. There is no group, no church, no cult and no seminars. America West Publishing Co. moved to the location because of convenience for outlet. It has other outlets and even the printing is not done in this place. The America West Distribution Co. carries MANY titles and authors. THIS IS NOT A "GROUP" ENTERPRISE. If and when ones who support the work begin in business ventures there will be available some working positions--at this time there are just a few devoted workers who serve God, not even these writers. But I promise you--GOD PROTECTS HIS WORKERS AND VERY OFTEN WE LESSER SERVANTS ARE ABLE TO "MAKE OUR DAY" BY INSTANT REBUTTAL TO OPEN THRUSTS UPON THESE LIVES. HE WHO PROJECTS EVIL IS RETURNED A HUNDRED-FOLD WITH EVIL. KEEP IT IN MIND!

Back to the subject in point:

Instead of using the words "states of motion", I will substitute the word "vibrations". And I will amplify that word into "wave-vibrations". And then let us again amplify this into "thought-wave-vibrations".

All bodies are transient thought-wave-vibrations which come and go to give body-forms to thought-vibrations. Vibrations of motion extend from stillness. The heartbeat of Creation is a two-way piston stroke of vibratory motion which extends from the still Light of Mind. Mind-knowing is real. Moving bodies simulate reality.

We will exemplify this idea of vibratory motion by constructing a body of SOUND WAVES which extends from the silent idea of sound as waves of water extend from its calm. The desire to give a body to that idea is manifested by setting a harp string in vibratory motion. To do that, you divide the silence of the harp string just as you divide the calm surface of water when you throw a stone into it which extends the surface into waves.

What really has happened is that a body of sound was given to an eternally living idea of music for a cycle of time; then the vibrations ceased. The sound then disappeared into the silence of rest from which it sprang into motions to manifest the idea. The SOUND appeared, it disappeared and will reappear to manifest life and death, but the silent idea is eternal. It will again appear when desire causes it to reappear. The IDEA of music is changeless and eternal. It is its SOUND manifestation which lives and dies just as only your body which manifests the IDEA OF YOU lives and dies--then again lives and dies forever and forever.

Again we repeat that life and death are but opposite states of motion--CENTRIPETAL motion which is compressed toward gravity and CENTRIFUGAL motion which is expanded by gravity. LIFE is a fast winding up of light-waves into bodies of visible matter. DEATH is a balanced unwinding of light-waves into invisible matter. I ask you to meditate upon this idea. Your all-knowing Inner Voice will tell you many things if you will do this.


Before continuing to construct a sound-body for a musical tone, we will give you a thought to transform into KNOWING by prolonged meditation.

Consider the familiar motion picture. You know that every expression of life on that screen is motion only. All forms of bodies and all sounds and actions of bodies are but the seeming motion of light-waves which have been projected from a still point of rest to simulate motion. You know, also, that what seems like motion is due to a very rapid succession of still pictures thrown upon the screen one at a time so rapidly that the eye does not detect any single picture before the next one of a slightly changed pattern is projected. Neither do you detect the black gap which divides each picture where nothing is. If the projection machine were slowed down very materially, your sense of sight would detect each separate picture and the gap between. Likewise, your sense of hearing would detect an interval of silence between each sound just as you can detect an interval of silence between the explosions of a machine gun, especially an old one such as a Gatling.

The continuity of a steam whistle is due to the intense rapidity of its sequential "explosions". If these explosions could be slowed down very materially, you would hear them as separate events taking place sequentially in what we call wave-vibrations.

In order to increase your comprehension of the CONTINUAL INTER-WORKINGS between the divided universe and the undivided universe, and of the impossibility of dividing the undivided, and also for clarifying your comprehension of the illusion which makes it seem possible to divide the undivided, imagine the silent harp string as an interval of silence between two musical sounds and relate that effect to the black gap between sequences of motion pictures and also to the silent intervals between explosions of a Galling gun.

Take note that there is no sound at all on that equator which is the motionless harp string. (See Figures 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.) That equator is an area of silence--silence unbroken--undivided. Sound takes place only upon each side of its equator of silence, for there is motion on each side and no motion at all on the dividing equator.

If you fully comprehend what I have just told you, you will fully comprehend the relation of the divided universe of motion, which forever repeats its sequences of motion to create illusion, to the undivided universe of stillness from which those sequences of motion are projected. In other words, you will be intellectually able to be constantly aware of the two worlds in which you live--the mentally indivisible and the physically divided--instead of just the one divided world of the senses which has dominated man's actions for ages.

The supremacy of man is dependent upon the measure of his ability to live knowingly in the undivided Mind universe. The Master makes use of the divided universe of sensed-matter as He wills--or dismisses it from his Consciousness when He wills. Until you become master of matter it will master you. The greatest aim of your life should be freedom from matter and to be able to control it, which also means the control of gravity. That is why we stress the mechanics of the divided universe or sensed-matter, which has made man its slave for ages, in order that knowing man can transcend matter and become its master instead of its slave. For This reason, you must know the mechanics of it until it is automatic in you. The small effort of study you give to knowing this principle in your heart is more than priceless to you.

That is exactly what is meant by the transformation which will lift the more spiritually advanced of the human race out of the ages of material man and into the age of cosmic man. And that also is the reason why you should know the invisible universe of God's still Light even more abundantly than you can sense the lights of opposed pressures which constitute the vibratory wave universe of divided motion.

Likewise, that is the reason why we are taking this simple example of a harp string to demonstrate how a living-dying body emerges from the seeming nothingness of space to manifest life and disappears into it to manifest the stillness of death. The SOUND which emerges from the silent harp string is as much a physical body as your body is. It is a series of light-waves just as your body is a series of light-waves. The sound from one plucking of a harp string may have hundreds of separate lives, all reincarnations of each other, in a few seconds of time. The fact that your present body has a time cycle of eighty or more years instead of one-thousandth of a second makes you feel that your body is very different from a body like the sound of a harp string, and that fact makes you lose all sense of cosmic perspective.

You know as a scientific fact that a body of the sound of a steam whistle lives, dies and lives again a thousand times in one second, but you have much confusion in comprehending the inevitability of your own more lengthy repetitions of body. You will more fully comprehend the reincarnation principle as inevitable law when you thoroughly understand that the very idea of Mind, without exception, is always manifested by a countless series of bodies which continually change their patterns to conform to the changing images of changing thoughts. If eternal repetition (or reincarnation, if you wish to call it that) is the one most INVIOLATE LAW of all creating things, why should you think that it does not apply to you?

As a step in the unfolding of your greater comprehension of timelessness in the undivided universe which we are trying to make your foundation for stronger living, we beg that you study the diagrams which fully illustrate the creation of thousands of reincarnated bodies of one idea in one second--or even one fraction of a second.

You think of these thousands of bodies as VIBRATIONS, yet you would not think of your present "life" as but just one vibration of millions which ages of reincarnations have repeated in you.

We would like to have you begin to think of your body that way, and as the time manifestation of an idea which is eternal and timeless. Elevate your Consciousness to the level of full awareness of your Self as The Universal Presence--The Universal Being--rather than thinking of yourself as a body which has a name and address and personality.

As awareness of Being in you unfolds, the sense of individuality will disappear just as one tone of a harp string loses its separateness in the wholeness of the master symphony. That is the way cosmic man of tomorrow will think of himself. That is the way you should think of your Self. When you think of yourself as one individual unit of Creation, you are but that one unit--struggling for survival and for self-interest among the countless other individual units. When you think that way you are weak, for your desires are self-centered and the world will not enrich you with its glory nor its bounty, for you are not enriching it. When your desires are for the WHOLE--and when you know that you are the WHOLE--then only are you STRONG.

A new race of men is coming into being--a race of men who will be STRONG through having learned how to lose their bodies to find their Souls in the Universal Soul.

I ask for a break now. Hatonn requests that the information first shared in the top of this writing be dispersed to the various suitable inquirers. Thank you.




TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1991 1:43 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 362


Everything in Nature which is strong and substantial is SIMPLE. Complexity always weakens. Your life, your business, your home, and especially your thinking are strong and substantial when simple. The beginning of unnecessary complexity is the beginning of the undermining of the structure which it is erected upon. We shall enlarge upon this idea to vastly aid you in removing all limitations from your life by making you KNOW how you can build it to any height of power you desire without being handicapped by the lack of knowledge from which doubts, fears, pessimism and other negative effects retard your growth.

We will look at the principles of this idea, both scientifically and philosophically. All science textbooks contain a universally accepted law which is as follows: "Action and reaction are equal and opposite". We have added to that the fact that action and reaction are simultaneous in their expression as well as equal. That is something which has not yet been recognized even though it is the very basis of polarity.

You do not know your power. Proof of this lies in the fact that you have not used more than two percent of your power at your stage of unfolding. What you desire will not only be granted to you but it is already yours, and always has been, even though you have not yet known it.

Bearing in mind the statements made in previous lessons and assuming that you fully comprehend them, we shall now modify the above law by clothing it in other words as follows: EVERY ACTION IS ITS OWN REACTION. This means that when you perform any action, you have already created its equal and opposite reaction. If, for example, you have just hurt someone, you are also EQUALLY hurt yourself.

Actions are necessary to give physical bodies to Mind-desires. The DESIRE must precede the action but the thought-body of a mind-desire can never have a physical body without being followed by physical action. If your action is in balance with your desire, the reaction will also be. Likewise, if your desire is of majestic measure and your action is in the measure of your desire, you will produce a material body of majestic measure. You cannot help doing so for the reaction to your action is as certain to be the image of your majestic desire as that day follows night.

If you have allowed this idea to sink into your Soul until you KNOW it--not just BELIEVE it--you will now be ready to comprehend another modification of this wonderful promise of our Father-Mother now following. EVERY DESIRE OF MIND IS ALREADY MENTALLY FULFILLED. When you actually know this, you are equipped for any achievement, whatsoever, which is within Universal Law. KNOWING this within your Soul makes you able to see it fulfilled with your inner vision before your body has started doing it. You will then start doing it at once with the knowledge that you can complete it, for that inner vision will teach you how to do it in the doing of it.

The lesson that you should learn from this is that your desires and your actions should be BALANCED. They must both express the principle. The slightest unbalanced note in your desire lessens it and then can negate it.

If your knowledge is strong, your desire can be without measure. If your desire is to move mountains, the mountains will be moved, but the slightest doubt, or fear, or the picturing of insurmountable hurdles, or pessimism arising from past failures, or hesitating because of lack of money, or any other species of doubt, whatsoever, means that the negation of your desire lessens the measure of your POSITIVE DESIRE WHICH IS BASED UPON KNOWING. As God's law is absolute, you cannot possibly evade distorting the pattern of your desire by even doubting the certainty of its fulfillment. Strong men have no doubts or fears when they know their strength. I would also suggest that you stop the foolish perception that if you want to move a mountain that all you should do is sit upon your backside and wait for God to move it for you. Your own inner self will not allow you to believe such a thing--for God works WITH you and not FOR you. I suggest you take the ideas as they come and possibly even get a shovel or a teaspoon and begin to move the mountain--better ideas will come as the desire for better is strengthened and then you will find a way to get large earthmoving equipment, etc. If there is no need to move the mountain in the first place--then why choose such a stupid thing upon which to test your faith? Obviously, hardly any of you will actually wish to move a mountain--much less really DESIRE to have it moved!

But if you have a deep seated and REAL desire for a thing--such as becoming a pianist and you can not afford lengthy lessons by a master teacher--ask yourself, "Do I have enough to afford to strike the first note"? If so--strike it and by that time, if your desire remains, you will be able to strike the second and third and so on.

When you have arrived at this stage of your knowing, you will have no desire which is for self alone. That would be impossible. When you have become fully aware of your cosmic-Self, your very nature will be cosmic and will NOT be focused on Self. Your desires will be for the WHOLE and never for a portion, so will your creations be balanced like unto HIS. The more you fully comprehend the infinitely multiplied power you are bestowing upon yourself by losing your personal ego in your newly found UNIVERSALITY, the more you can discard past ages of body-sensing and glory in the ecstasy of your KNOWING.

The great Illuminates of all times have tried to give you this secret of their power in such words as: "He that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it", but their meanings have not been understood. Not until the coming of Cosmic Man could these teachings of Cosmic Conscious Messengers be even faintly understood.

These things we know--you should also know--that you cannot rise to the great heights of your own omnipotence until you know the true relationship between The One Light, which Mind IS, and the two lights, which bodies are.

Bear with us, therefore, for your own sake, when we tell you in great detail about such seemingly unimportant things as the vibration of a harp string. As every effect of motion in the universe has the same basic foundation in The Divine Trinity as every other effect, it is as important that you understand the principle of multiplied and divided motion which lies behind the simple vibration of a harp string, and which lives and dies thousands of times in one second, as that you know about the same principle in a nebula which has but one life in hundreds of billions of years.


To point out the sameness of principle which lies back of every effect of motion--and of the law which governs the making of material bodies from conceived thought- bodies--and of the principle of desire which is already fulfilled at the moment of concentration upon desire--and the sequential fulfillment by the action of giving your desire a material body--we will continue to amplify the above by still continuing to use the example of the desire to give a material body to the musical tone of a silent harp string.

Let us, therefore, build the body of the idea of a musical tone, step by step, and as we build it let us fix within our Consciousness the fact that we build all other bodies in exactly the same manner. That manner is God's way of doing it and there is no other way--no variation of the process, whatsoever, whether it be a solar system built by God, a top which a boy builds for spinning, or an industry built by man.

  1. First comes desire of Mind. Desire is timeless. Desire of Mind to create comes like a flash of inspired Light from knowing-Mind. Desire to create always means a desire to give out from the centering Soul. Desire to create is spiritual and a spiritual creation always GIVES out from a centering point of Omniscient, Omnipotent Light. Do not confuse the spiritual desire to create bodies with the physical desire to TAKE something to continue the growth of a creating body. Desire of the senses for the survival of sensed-bodies is the process of lawfully receiving that which is regiven or of unlawfully taking it for self alone.

  1. Desire of Mind to conceive an idea of Mind is immediately fulfilled for every separate idea is a part of God's One Whole Idea. Therefore, you KNOW that your desire is already fulfilled as a mental conception because the WHOLE IDEA, of which your idea is a part, is already existent in the undivided universe of Mind.

  1. You now divide the idea by setting your concept in motion. To set it in motion is to THINK it.--To think it is to separate what you want from the WHOLE. You do not desire the WHOLE--you want only a part of the WHOLE. All you want, and have asked for, is to produce a musical note from the stillness of the whole universe by building a body of sound for senses to hear with outer ears and Souls to hear with inner ears.

  1. The moment you extend what you KNOW to your divided lights which THINK what you know into thought-forms, you begin the WORK of building a body for your desire. Remember always that God works WITH you and not FOR you. You are a unit of His Creation. Your Soul is God's Soul. Your hands are God's hands. To the extent of your awareness of this fact, you are either manifesting God by being UNIVERSAL MAN and UNIVERSAL SOUL or just manifesting your own sensed-body. Whichever you are shows in your work. The thought-imaged bodies you create in your imaginings have in them YOUR IMMORTALITY or your MORTALITY.

  1. Your concept now has a pattern, a thought-pattern which is a thought-body. It is like the formless seed of a rose from which the full blown flower unfolds. You must now give your idea a material body and that can be done only through action. So I repeat: Your desire has already been fulfilled for that which you have desired already stands before you. God has created it for you by creating the firmament which is His own body. It is already existent, awaiting you. But you must reach forth and receive that which He has given you to fulfill your desire for "thy desire shall not walk the way to thee unaided by thy strong arms"!

  1. Now comes the necessity for bodily action. You reach forth for the material to make your harp string. From now on, the more you will keep before you a realization that EACH ACTION BORNS ITS OWN REACTION, the easier becomes your task of building a body for your musical tone of for the moving of a mountain. The simultaneity of action and reaction may be likened to a light projected into a mirror which is simultaneously reflected from the mirror. Every particle of matter is a mirror which reflects its reverse image into another mirror--a perfect holograph in every fragment.

The recoil of a gun is the simultaneous reaction to its explosive action. A powerful discharge has a powerful recoil. Powerful thoughts of men, likewise, bring powerful reactions. Every reflection or reaction is in reverse of its action, for it is by the simultaneous action-reaction of desire that the universal equilibrium is divided.

Just as you cannot polarize one end of a magnet without polarizing the other end simultaneously, you cannot perform any action which divides the undivided without creating both the action and its reaction simultaneously.

To walk, you must divide your balance. You lose it to find it for again losing it, but that which you have lost is always awaiting you for you created both action and reaction simultaneously. That which you have lost is already yours. "All down the ages it has been thine without thy knowing even though thou hast but just asked for it".

You may walk to the ends of the earth WITH God; WITHOUT Him you can do nothing. He will not do it FOR you WITHOUT YOU. That is what is meant by working knowingly WITH God. He has prepared the way for you. He has made the path for you up your own mountain but you must work with Him for the fulfillment of your desire to reach your mountain top. The first step motivates you for the next step by reborning desire for you for the next step. If you look to the top of the mountain which you desire to climb, you may have much fear and doubt about surmounting it but you do not fear to take the first step, and many first steps taken without fear will take you gloriously to the very top of your own high mountain. You only have to take one step at a time.

And so you put the material together, action by action given and reaction by reaction regiven, until you have created a body for your harp and a string for the tone you desire. There it is. You can now see it and feel it--but all down the aeons it has always been there awaiting your DESIRE, followed by your ACTION, to bring it into seeming being. Do you realize this fact? If you do, you can KNOW that anything else which you wish to bring into seeming being by giving it a transient body is within your limitless power. There is your harp with one string on it of the tone you desire. One string is one step toward completing all of the octaves of strings. There it is, completed, BUT SILENT.

  1. Now you are ready to fulfill the last step of your desire, that of building a body of many sounds from your harp. Again we repeat the fact that that desire is already fulfilled, for you KNOW the sounds and rhythmic tones that are within the silence of those strings. You not only KNOW them but can imagine them as thought- bodies to life. Until you act to give your idea a material body, it will still be existent as undivided IDEA but will not be expressed in the divided universe of moving bodies.


Much meditation on the above thoughts will lead you to great conclusions. The fact that God will immediately grant your desire seems unbelievable. And it IS unbelievable to those of you who misunderstand His way of working with you. If you interpret it to mean that whatever you desire will come to you full grown and without effort on your part, then you do not understand how it is that God works WITH you and not FOR you. If you do understand His manner of working WITH you, step by step, then you must take that first step WITH Him in order to be given the power to take the next. He whose desire has built a body for one harp string can become a master harpist if his desires are of that measure, and then become leader of a symphony or master composer if his desires and his knowing are sufficiently intense. If you have any limitations, whatsoever, you have yourself set them for yourself. The universe is infinitely extended and you are the universe.


When you look up into the heavens with a telescope, you see many nebulae which are like, or approximately like, the perfectly balanced spiral nebula which you see edgewise in Fig. 23. An edge view of another perfectly balanced nebula of the same type is the one in Fig. 24. If you could see either of these from a direct side view, it would resemble Fig. 25.

The amazing idea which we wish to convey to you is that the little swirling sound bodies which you see indicated on the amplitudes of every vibrating wave of a simple harp string are identical in every respect, except duration and volume, with these giant nebulae of the heavens. Electrical engineers call them loops of force. They appear at every wave amplitude.

Your own Milky Way is one of these giant nebulae. Your solar system is as a speck of dust within it. Hundreds of millions of stars constitute your Milky Way nebula, all at such vast distances from each other that the farther ones resemble milky clouds. Even from where you stand upon your little Earth and look out into your nebula, you see such brilliant stars as Sirius, Vega, Capella, Arcturus and hundreds more just like them, all separated from each other by trillions of miles.