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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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All of our writings are dedicated to all who read, hear and seek. You are encouraged to spindle, mutilate, share, copy and utilize the books and papers as you see fit. I might remind you, however, that they are coming forth from the Hosts sent to fulfill the promise of THE WORD.

The messages are hard--difficult to comprehend in their massive outlay of uncovering of the lies. But we are come to “show the way”; not to judge or be judged.

Upon your place you have despair and evil control--but you have no enemy remaining in the outer spaces called “Cosmos”. Your enemy is confined to the places of the physical--bound unto your density.

We are asked why we utilize copyrights if we also invite you to copy the work. Because the publisher has to have identification with registration with your Library of Congress--as a publisher. WE DO NOT COPYRIGHT IN THE MANNER YOU SEEM TO INTERPRET. TRUTH CANNOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HIDDEN NOR GARNERED TO BE HANDED OUT FOR GAIN OF SELF-WEALTH FOR THAT IS NOT OF GOD. BLESSINGS ARE UPON ALL WHO WILL TAKE AND USE THIS INFORMATION AS GOD DIRECTS YOUR ACTIONS.

We shall be outlaying the true development of alien presence among your own beings as we move along--but first you must know that which is “wrong” with the workings of the governments so that you can live in freedom to come into understanding of that which awaits revealing. Thank you.



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1991 9:39 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 072


As we sit to pen an “Introduction” to this JOURNAL, the myriads of subjects swim through the ethers. All are charades played upon the sleeping masses by those who NEVER sleep. There are endless stories, each as cruel in its intent of deceit--but time limits our ability to cover ALL. We are destined by your limitations to focus on that which allows you to reason carefully and find the truth from the lies. Herein lies the “Sins of the father being visited upon the sons.” As “the fathers” built the lie, acted the lie and lived the lie--so, too, are the sons trapped within the LIE. We can unveil that which is and has occurred, but you will have to “fix” it if it be fixed. Ours is but to show the way--not force upon you, the journey.

A person has written a letter to the ones who bring forth the “Phoenix” writings and dares me to print the letter in the paper. As always with those who bash at truth-bringers, he speaks loudly of the farce of the information, then gives away his own orientation and then in the cowardly fashion as is always present in the group of rock-throwers--gives no name, no address. These ones open no debate or offer to reason together--they simply dip their pens in the poison and scatter them at random to hit whomever they might. Well, the seriousness of your “times” upon the globe are so serious in perception and anticipation of that which is unfolding that the letters of this type bring only compassion for the blinded who REFUSE to see--to so much as “consider” possibilities. These are the ones who lose ALL for you will note the very heritage of this being is already stolen from him and too late will he see the truth of it. The son will simply perish for the “sins of the father” who taught so carelessly that which he, himself, received from the deceitful mouths of deceivers.

I just tried to read your semi-incoherrent (incoherent, Ed.) newspaper--seems to me it was written by someone bordering on illiteracy.

Whoever wrote that rag is not even good at telling lies. The babbling falsehoods venemously (venomously, Ed.) spewed forth by an obviously deranged individual is very poorly written and almost impossible to follow.

Keep up the good work. As long as these poisonous fabrications appear to be written by a lunatic, sensible people will continue to laugh it off as several levels below ridiculous.

By the way, one quote in your paper is correct, (probably only one sentence--see page 10, 4th line. [H: The writer did not bother to quote the sentence so I am a bit at a disadvantage--but he continues to sum up our level of intelligence in his perception.] If you people are typical of “Goyim” (and, bless the lord, you are not) then “The Goyim have lost the habit of thinking”. You are proof.

Lyndon LaRouche and his closest followers should rue the day of their eventual deaths (we all die, even old Lyndon, one day) because the lord will be seeking powerful vengence (vengeance, Ed.) on these twisted minds.

SIGNED--Someone who is laughing at you.

Publish this letter to the editor in your next edition if you have the guts.

I have the guts, sir; I hope you are as well prepared for that which the “ones who claim to be your brother” have in store for you. I am not in understanding of that which the PHOENIX JOURNALS have to do with Lyndon LaRouche--EXCEPT, THAT A MAN IS INCARCERATED AFTER HAVING BEEN DELIBERATELY, AND ADMITTEDLY, SET UP BY THE JEWISH ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE--FOR UTILIZING HIS OWN TIME, MONEY AND RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, PRESS AND SPEECH!

You, dear correspondent--are very fortunate indeed that there is no one to cause you to so much as look at the PHOENIX LIBERATOR or any of the JOURNALS which so distress you. It most certainly is NOT YOUR BRETHREN WHO INSURES YOU THAT RIGHT FOR THOSE ONES HAVE DEPRIVED YOU OF ANY FREEDOM WHATSOEVER, OF SPEECH, PRESS AND/OR MEDIA. AND YOU FURTHER THE BONDAGE.

Yes, indeed, ALL do die--I know wherein I shall dwell upon that journey--where might YOU be? I will, further, bring all brothers who will come with me into safety--into that security--it is obvious that you will take no one who disagrees with your intent. You might find your journey unpleasant and indeed lonely. I do not “blast” you, sir, I have infinite compassion for I know the road and you do not. I can only assume you will be reading another issue of the paper since you dared us to print your message. Blessings in the Light of God, friend--I am happy to share your message.


This is another brave patriot whom I greatly honor. I am going to reprint a message presented by Mr. Beckman, who is an author and whose books can be obtained through COMMON SENSE PRESS, P.O. Box 1544, Billings, Montana 59013. Mr. Beckman is a frequent lecturer and I can only ask that if you have opportunity to hear him, that you do so. You are not alone in your awakening, dear ones, as there are brave men and women who have awakened and are ringing your alarm clocks as loudly as they can--they are blessed indeed.

I look forward to one day soon, serving with this, another of my comrades who is given into his mission and is willing to take the consequences of his stand for freedom and truth. I dedicate this JOURNAL unto him. I reprint his message for you often hear more clearly from one of your own which you can feel and rest your eyes upon. I do suggest you grow beyond that limitation for without the limiting, lies the answer!

Quote: (Thank you, “Red” Beckman)

From the courtrooms of America we hear a chant, “It’s the Law”, it’s the Law”, “it’s the Law”!! The sheriff and his deputies tell us, “It’s the Law”, “it’s the Law”, “it’s the Law!! The F.B.I. and Highway Patrol and all of government seems to have taken up the cry: “It’s the Law”, “It’s the Law”, “It’s the Law”!! But the people sleep on.

When, oh! when will we learn a very important lesson from history? Governments NEVER sleep. The people sleep and while they sleep the government becomes a thief. Governments become monsters while people sleep. The people of Hitler’s Germany went through a hell on earth and bled and died because their government became a thief while the people slept.

Will the people of America sleep on while our government continues to fatten itself with stolen power? Will America wake up TOO LATE? Is it too late already? It is too late if you read this and then go back to sleep. It is too late if you as an American do not immediately begin to enforce the law. Yes YOU, the individual citizen, must right now begin to enforce the law.

Now you’re just beginning to get the sleep out of your eyes and because you have been sleeping for a long time, I had better explain a thing or two.

First of all, you were a student in the public, oops, I mean, government school. The government likes to run the schools because they want you to sleep very soundly. They want you to believe that while you sleep the government will be taking care of all your needs and you don’t ever need to wake up.

The government school did not teach you that man’s worst enemy has always been his own government. Think about it. Who was the enemy of the people in Hitler’s Germany? the people of World War II, Japan or the people in Russia and China of our day? Man’s worst enemy has not been famine, disease or weather! People are destroyed by their own governments over and over again as history repeats itself again and again.

Now your mind is starting to function as you sit up on the edge of the bed. Yes, I’m talking to you! You have been sleeping for so long and now I must brief you rather quickly.

While you slept the government has been writing and passing a lot of laws which have been stealing your most precious possession. Your FREEDOM has been taken from you while you slept. You will go to work today and work until noon for government. In 1979 while you were sleeping the government confiscated their half of the wealth created by the people. You will work for your government the first four hours of the day and when you get home you will accuse your second employer of the day of not paying enough to live on. We think we are wide awake as we go through the motions of being an American but the truth is we have been sleeping and the thief has been working. You have had half of your paycheck stolen and you didn’t even know it.

If a person becomes a thief that person is a criminal. If a government becomes a thief, do you not have a criminal government? But the Government says, “We wrote the law which gives us the legal right to force the citizen to work half of every day for the government.”

Are you awake enough now to ask the big question? What kind of laws have been passed while I’ve been sleeping? Oh! Oh! what a shock. The people were free and the government was the servant when you went to sleep but while you slept the government took your freedom and you are now the servant.

You’re saying this can’t happen in America, the home of the brave and free. You are saying the Congress will solve the problem. The president can turn it around and we can always depend on the courts to protect us.

Now I’ll have to pour this bucket of ice water over your head because it’s quite easy to see that it will take some shock to really get you alert and alive.

While you slept you were a sleep walker and you made your way to the voting booth and voted for your Congressman and Senator and even a President. You always voted for the candidates who promised you the most from the public treasury. The pleasant dream of something for nothing makes us wish we could sleep and sleep and sleep.

The pleasant dreams, the dream world of a free lunch always becomes a nightmare in the real world. We thought if the Congress and the President don’t do their job then the courts will be the check that will bring the system back to balance. Good old Alma Mater, they taught me about checks and balances. We don’t have thing to worry about. We have a legislative branch, executive branch and a judicial branch of government. Each is a check against the other and everything will balance beautifully and the government-run Alma Mater sings rock-a-bye baby in the tree tops.

We’ve still got the courts, you say, and they will protect me while I sleep. The problem with the court, my sleepy friend, is that while you were sleep walking, you served on a jury at the Federal Courthouse. You see, the judges and U.S. attorneys like to have you sleepwalkers on the jury because they work for the government and they take twelve sleepwalkers and PRESTO! they have a rubber stamp that serves government very well.

While you were on the jury you said ‘guilty when a wide awake neighbor of yours was on trial as a tax protestor. You complain and grumble because you have to work half of every day for the government. Your pleasant dream has become a nightmares kick as government rules and regulations seem to break your back and your will. Yes, you were a sleepwalker on the jury and you gave a lot of power to the I.R.S. when you said ”guilty. You gave the I.R.S. the power to take your own money. You are now scared to death of the I.R.S. and you did it to yourself, you dreamer.

If you are now awake enough to think, let me tell you how we must act and act quickly. We must take a crash (5 minute) course in Civics.

First of all, we must remember that our government was to be governed by Law. The government school did not stress that point. The Law which the people wrote to govern the government is the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution was a law designed and written to protect the people from their own government.

The Constitution gives the government the right to make laws to govern the people, but we are to have a government of, by, and for the people so the Constitution gives the government no power to enforce the law which government writes. Any citizen who violates a government criminal statute can not be tried by the government because the law (Constitution) says that the government must go to a Grand Jury (the people) for an indictment (permission to prosecute--5th amendment). If the Grand Jury gives the indictment, the Law says that the citizen has the right to a jury trial (6th Amendment).

The Law!! The Law!! We, the people, must make the government obey the law (the Constitution). You cannot enforce the law, which governs the government, unless you know what the law says and means. The Constitution of the United States is law which the President, the Congress and the courts must obey or they become a criminal government. How do the people keep our government legal? Very simple, if you are wide awake. You will judge the law which government puts on the back of the people. The Law (Constitution) has put the Grand Jury and Jury into our system to give the people checks that are the greatest checks of all in our system of checks and balances. If you are on the Grand Jury or the Jury and your fellow citizen is being charged with a violation of a government-made law, are you going to be a rubber stamp? Or will you be a check? Is the government-made law a just law, a good law and is it a Constitutional law?

I can just hear the government judge, lawyers and politicians screaming. They will say the citizen doesn’t have the right to judge the law. Let me ask you some simple questions. How many honest lawyers do you know? How many dishonest lawyers do you know? Can we trust the legal profession to be the guardians of our law? Do we have a government of, by, and for lawyers?

The Supreme Court of the United States is made up of nine lawyers. Everyone of the nine were political appointees of the President of the United States. These nine lawyers “say” they have the final say on the law. These men are tax-consuming government employees who are claiming the powers of a sovereign (YOU).

These men do not have the final say on the law. They are NOT SOVEREIGN. They are your and my SERVANTS. They are to be governed by the Constitution of the United States and while you an I were in our dream world these men have made an illegal grab for power and our dream world has become a nightmare. I hope that nightmare has jolted you wide awake.

I hope you are now wide awake. Get registered to vote if you aren’t registered. We need angry Americans on the Grand Juries and Juries and you must be registered to vote to be called for Jury duty. Are you going to be a rubber stamp for the government? Are we going to let government write the law, administer the law, judge the law? Are you now awake enough to realize that that has now happened and we now have government of, by and for Government? The Constitution is hanging by a thread and that thread is in the hands of sleep walkers on Grand Jury and Jury duty. Will you help wake up these fellow Americans?

Let’s get ourselves informed. When you become informed you can then remind the government and those tax-consuming public servants that the Constitution is the law!, and we, the people, have the power to enforce that law. We, the people, have not enforced the law which governs government and we now have too much government, we have bad government.

If you get called for Grand Jury or regular Jury duty you must remember a simple fact. The law in America explicitly prohibits the President, the Congress or the Judges to ever be anything but a public servant. One person on the Jury has more power than the President, all of Congress and all of the Judges including the nine Justices of the Supreme Court. It’s the law!---It’s the law!

We need millions of Americans who will take up this chant--“It’s the Law, and government must obey the law. For too long no one has enforced the law which the people wrote to control and govern our government.

In the American Revolution there was a humorous little saying that is as good for today as then. “Either we hang together or we all hang separately.” We have been allowing the government to hang us individually but now our backs are to the wall, and we are going to hang together. The Grand Jury and the Jury will now protect their fellow American and we will hang together.

It’s the Law”, “It’s the Law”, we must let the government and our servants know that they must obey the Law.

(Permission to reprint granted and encouraged)

Why don’t you get a bit more insight by obtaining Reds books, BORN AGAIN REPUBLIC, DO UNTO THE I.R.S. AS THEY WOULD DO UNTO YOU, and THE CHURCH DECEIVED.


The history of mankind is the history of ideas. For it is ideas, theories, and doctrines that guide human action, determine the ultimate ends men aim at and the choice of the means employed for the attainment of these ends. The sensational events which stir the emotions and catch the interest of superficial observers are merely the consummation of ideological changes. There are no such things as abrupt sweeping transformation of human affairs. You had best be aware and alert when at this very time in his writing, for instance, Gorbachev says he does not abandon Socialism--know that he means what he says and plans to have a socialistic world under total force and control.

What is called, in misleading terms, a “turning point in history” is the coming on the scene of forces which were already for a long time at work behind the scene. New ideologies, which had already long since superseded the old ones, throw off their last veil, and even the dullest people become aware of the changes which they did not notice before.

It has been a long time in coming--while you slept. I can only urge you to now take up your staff and begin to set things to right, for the dawn has come and day is at hand.

Your brother, Gyeorgos



MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1991 10:46 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 052



This is a continuation of last weeks discussion regarding the Soviet Union. It is the most important subject which must be understood if you are to change anything for the intent is world domination--surprisingly enough--along with Israeli involvement.

The Russians are absolute masters at creating, controlling and marketing to the West their own opposition. Opposition to most human endeavors will arise in time, but if you own it, it will never be a real threat to your enterprise--and it may be able to choke out legitimate opposition. Nothing in the Soviet Empire happens by chance, by accident or by turn of fate. There is a well-defined plan and purpose behind all significant events in the USSR (just as there now are the same intent behind everything your government in the U.S. does). Current Soviet developments are far more easily understood if the Soviet Union is seen as the giant theater which it represents, and the present upheaval as scenes or acts in the drama. This holds true for all locations, factions and nations within the nations of the globe but at this point we are directing attention to the USSR so allow us to go forward without distraction. Let us look at a few of these “scenes”:


Gorby” did not just happen to emerge on the scene in 1985. He was groomed for his position from the 1970s by his mentor, Yuri Andropov--hardline chief of the KGB. As a KGB operative and protégé of Andropov, this hardcore Marxist-Leninist was sprung by the Kremlin leadership from relative obscurity in 1983 and 1984 onto the world stage, and portrayed as a great democrat, lover of freedom, reformer, and friend of the little man by Soviet propaganda/disinformation specialists. (Andropov was similarly portrayed as a “western style closet liberal” by Soviet propagandists just a few years earlier if you look back.)

This is the same Mikhail Gorbachev who said in Pravda on December 11, 1984: “In the struggle for peace and social progress the Communist Party of the Soviet Union pursues a consistent policy of rallying the forces of the international Communist and working-class movement in every possible way. We uphold the historical justness of the great ideas of Marxism-Leninism, and along with all the revolutionary and peace loving forces of mankind, stand for social progress, and peace and security for all nations. This is what should determine the resolute nature of our propaganda.”


In the mid-‘80s the Kremlin began to elevate another actor to center stage--Eduard Shevardnadze. This life-long hardcore Marxist-Leninist was Minister of the Interior for the Republic of Georgia from 1968 to 1972--over the secret police, border guards and all internal security forces (i.e., in charge of Georgia) and remained in that position until 1985 when he was elevated to Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union--replacing Andre Gromyko.

Shevardnadze, who has become a close friend of George Bush and especially with Secretary of State, James Baker, resigned from his position as Foreign Minister in December 1990, protesting the USSRs move toward a dictatorship by the hardliners. He is portrayed by the Soviet and US media as a reformer, a liberal, a staunch democrat and lover of freedom--but still a close friend of Gorbachevs. He was sent to America on a Soviet fund raising drive in the first half of 1991 and was shuttled around the US by America’s liberal eastern establishment--requesting $90 billion, for beginners, in Western financial aid for the USSR.

Suave, sophisticated and handsome in appearance, Shevardnadze has been suggested by such establishment publications as the New York Times and London Economist as the next head of the United Nations--to replace Javier Perez de Cuellar. Since the recent coup/countercoup lie drama, Kremlin leaders have begun to move Shevardnadze back onto center stage according to original plans already underway in the scenario. Here, if they decide to write Gorbachev out of the script, which is exactly that which is planned as soon as the U.S. is more fully disarmed, they can move Shevardnadze into the top position.

Shevardnadze has been well packaged for Western leaders and the public as a democrat and lover of freedom by his Kremlin disinformation handlers. You are told his favorite book is THE FEDERALIST PAPERS, and he quotes from it frequently. He would bring great credibility to the “reform/democracy/end of communism” coup if the Communist leadership should decide to place him at the top. What a bunch of you-know-what! How many of you readers even KNOW WHAT THE FEDERALIST PAPERS ARE? YOU HAD BETTER BE FINDING OUT BECAUSE WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR CONSTITUTION. THROUGH A CONVENTION YOUR ENTIRE CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM WAS REWRITTEN AND NOW YOU ARE AGAIN “PRACTICING” AND “EXERCISING” A SYSTEM WHICH IS DIRECTLY OPPOSITE FROM THAT WHICH IS YOUR CONSTITUTION AND THE MOMENT IS ONLY PENDING TO MAKE IT LAW.



This is the Kremlins latest major entry onto the world stage presentation of the Soviet theater. Also a lifelong hardcore Marxist-Leninist (just like Gorbachev and Shevardnadze), Yeltsin has been portrayed as a staunch anti-communist, democrat, lover of freedom--the Russian “David” willing to risk his life and career by “standing up to the hideous hardline communist monster--Goliath”. Americans love a courageous underdog, and Yeltsin’s character has been tailored by the Kremlin scriptwriters to elicit great admiration and respect from middle America, Europe, etc. The man on the street in the West can identify with this two-fisted, hard charging, hard drinking, outspoken “champion of democracy”--a real Russian “John Wayne” character.

The REALITY of Boris Yeltsin is greatly different. In 1961, at the age of 30, Yeltsin joined the Communist Party. In 1968, he became a full-time Party worker in the Sverdlovsk Communist Party in Siberia. He went on to become Party Secretary, and in 1976 became First Secretary of the Regional Committee. At that post, the hard-driving Yeltsin was noticed by the communist leaders in Moscow. In April 1985 he was elevated to head of the Communist Central Committee Construction Department, and in December,1985, was appointed head of the 1.2 million member Moscow Politburo, though he was removed in 1987 in a fabricated “quarrel” with Gorbachev in order to delude the public a bit more directly.

Just as with Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, powerful figures in the CPSU Central Committee and KGB put Yeltsin on the fast track to the top--something which does NOT happen in the Soviet Union UNLESS one’s Marxist-Leninist credentials are impeccable. Yeltsin’s position as the powerful head of the Moscow Communist Party opened the door for him to be placed on the Politburo, as stated above.

Moving on now to June 1991, Yeltsin, promising “swift moves to establish greater democracy and market economics” was elected (in the first-ever such election which was simply “openly” controlled) President of the Russian Republic--which has 150 million of the Soviet Union’s 285 million people. He has since assumed near dictatorial powers in case no one has noticed. Following that election the Western press enthusiastically described Yeltsin as “Bigger Than Life--The Russian People Love Him”.

His image, credibility, and standing in the West went into orbit as he appeared to “stand in the gap” against the hardline “gang of eight” coup perpetrators during the recent August coup/countercoup pseudo (lie) drama.

As he “appeared” to stand off the entire Soviet Army and KGB almost singlehandedly, the Western media and public opinion went totally nuts and into orbit with the prearranged sham. It was totally incredible and shameful as they unfolded the stupid nonsense and worse, you ones ate it up like a child in a candy store. Americans and the world, most of whom (the world) saw through the foolish lies, were barraged with articles with typical headlines such as: “The Right Stuff: Yeltsin Joins the Ranks of Robin Hood, Moses, and Churchill”. Now, chelas, this is “barf” material! Had the position already been in place, Yeltsin would have been instantly promoted to dictator of the entire world and accepted immediately by you-the-planetary citizenry.

Yeltsin’s thinking is reflected in speeches he made at the 15th and 16th Party Congresses of the CPSU where he highly praised the tremendous strivings of the CPSU as well as the monumental advancements and great successes of the Soviet Union. As he said at the first of those Party Congresses: “Today we find the mighty productive forces which possess our society, the wealth supplied to the Soviet people by unfettered socialism. And all of this is the result of a wise collective brain, titanic work, unbreakable will, and the unsurpassable organizational talent of the Communist Party and its Central Committee and Politburo....

Under the leadership of the Central Committee, our Party and the state have actually continued to lead in the hard rebuttal of the aggressive machinations of imperialism (i.e.: America). The communists and all the workers of the Soviet Sverdlovsk Central Committee (headed by Yeltsin until 4/85) assure Congress delegates and Lenins Central Committee that they will fight with their entire revolutionary fervor and give unswerving dedication to the cause of the Communist Party.

Yeltsin, like Gorbachev, Shevardnadze, and the reform wing (liberal) of the Communist Party, is totally dedicated to perestroika, a restructuring and reorganization of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union from top to bottom and we will cover this a bit later as we move on with this subject. Yeltsin is right now purging hundreds of thousands and will purge millions, of bureaucrats, aparatchiks, and the Nomenclatura (the privileged ones)--not to terminate communism, but to accelerate its thrust toward world domination. He would go even further and faster than Gorbachev--hence the “alleged” rivalry between the two.

Yeltsin is NOT against Gorbachev, nor against communism. He is against the entrenched bureaucracy, and the stagnation it has begotten, which he and Gorbachev believe is self-serving, bloated, and slowing down the communist’s timetable for world revolution and perfection of Global Plan 2000.

When Yeltsin and Gorbachev talk about a multiparty system in the Soviet Union, they are speaking about multiple communist parties all functioning within the communist system but given different names to fool the innocent and feeble-minded world players--in conjunction with input from all the nation’s governments and bankers who work toward the same end.

I promise you that these new parties will actually end up being totally anti-free enterprise, anti-capitalist, and hardcore Marxist-Leninist (which is solid socialism in its worst form) but will use all the terminology of the free markets, democracy, etc., to hide the fact until you are destroyed.


The Soviets organize their politics according to a well-developed scenario which often includes the death or permanent exit of the main hero(es). It helps to understand the plot, to understand the position and relationship among the actors, as well as the intended influence or impact upon the audience--the world. Nothing in the Soviet Union is accidental: the words, the stage, the violins, or the plot. The obvious players are replicas of the “real stuff” and their being taken out means nothing as the “REAL” players pull the strings of the puppet world.

The three actors just described are all reform minded, liberal Marxist-Leninists and are all on the same side to accomplish the ONE goal. Their directors in the Central Committee of the CPSU, and the KGB (by whatever label they choose to use) and the Soviet military orchestrating the plot, its pace, and each new twist and turn in the plot, such as the recent “coup” demonstration for advertising purposes, is a lot of non-sense just as is the renaming of the Communist Party, the Soviet Union, and the KGB as well as the USSR itself. “A rose by any other name is - -.”

It differs not one iota from Western audiences being fascinated by the next episode of TVs Dallas or Dynasty on regular weekly TV programming. The Kremlin leaders, through the world “controlled” media and with the help of those who wield that control, plan to mesmerize and manipulate the West with the next act of Soviet political theater. It is unfolding right in front of you and most do not even question the matter. Many distorters are lined up on the home fronts to occupy the news slots and cause you to forget all about such a thing as a Russian coup. You simply readily pour more wheat into their silos and leave yours empty.

What is the ultimate goal? To convince the West that communism has collapsed--in two years yet! It is to cause you to actually believe that democracy has arrived in the USSR and that all of the Russias are brotherly, honorable and eligible to get on the World Bank IMF dole awards list at all cost to you who aid and abet their cause--i.e., the world bankers and Elite who totally run the U.S.A. and parts West.


Vladimir Lenin was a master teacher and observer and in 1912 stated: “Telling the truth is a bourgeois prejudice. Deception, on the other hand, is often justified by the goal.”

Do you not find it interesting that even in your tampered Bible it is stated that the anti-Christ/God is the prince of lies and deceit? He is, as a matter of fact, also referred to as the “King” of liars and deceivers!

Vladimir Lenin said something else which you all had better begin to focus on most closely:

When we are weak, boast of strength...when we are strong, FEIGN WEAKNESS.”


I shall not take time to select information which might aid you and give insight into these areas which actually distress ME. I will however, enter herein a copy of a letter which has been sent to a dear friend who has great abundance of funds and efforts to handle them properly but is fearful of ALL methods of possibilities, especially is she in fear of credibility of the FDIC and ability to cover bank deposits. She is absolutely right--your head of the FDIC says that the fund will be totally without funds by year’s end. Soooo....

Then comes the inquiries as to what to do--while most of you ask and then go ask a “broker” and do that which I have just advised against your doing. Do NOT ask me and waste of our precious time if you have no real interest in the input. Start with the liars and then you save your time also--even if you do lose your shirt. That way, you will have less to regret in the long haul.

Dharma, please just copy the letter (omitting pertinent identifying information) just written by Oberli to my beloved one in Florida.

October 6, 1991

Dear SY,

Although your message on our answering machine was cut off, I have an idea of your questions and it would seem worthwhile to write the answers rather than wait for discussion.

The advantage of a corporation bank account over an individual bank account is that it is assumed that corporations are doing business and either paying interest or taxes (either of which benefits the govt/banks). Thus it is expected that corporate accounts, especially where the bank is acquainted with and knows that the corporation does business and moves significant amounts of money around, will be less likely to be “frozen” as long or to the extent of individual accounts. “XX” is associated, in the minds of the FIB-Carson City people, with the Phoenix Institute, Capital Corporation and several others where there is quite a bit of money in motion. For bankers this tends to create a favorable image and maintain a good relationship with those people who serve us most efficiently.

We do not, however, allow any money to come to rest in any bank account until it has been first invested in gold and the gold used as collateral to borrow the money which is then put in the bank temporarily until we can get it invested in a project, hopefully a project that will not only survive in hard economic times but will either provide profit or a barterable commodity. The benefit of this is that the economic collapse or emergency conditions that create havoc with banking should result in much higher prices for the gold which can be either sold or, depending upon advice, further leveraged to obtain more money to use in the projects (including printing and audio taping and translating).

If the gold is to be sold it can be done through the banks that hold it as collateral and the money brought back into the corporation bank account with greater assurance than is likely for an individual, or even a corporation operating alone, i.e., not as a part of a group of corporations such as we have here.

You are quite right about the FDIC, especially in an economic collapse or emergency game. But that might not come right away. (H: DO NOT COUNT ON THIS--YOU ARE IN GREAT AND URGENT STATE OF FLUX.)

In the meantime it doesn’t look smart to leave more than $100,000 in ANY bank account. (H: NO INDEED--YOU WILL GET, IF ANYTHING, ONLY MERE CENTS ON THE DOLLAR WHEN THE RUG IS PULLED OUT.) We have to be reminded that the Fed game in the past few years has been to grab all the taxes collected (as interest on the “national debt”) while running the debt as high as possible with deliberate deficit spending to create more debt upon which to collect interest. There is no known limit to the amount that can be “borrowed from the Fed” (read “MI” or “money growth” or “credit issued” or “currency issued”).

The point is: the Fed, with the cooperation of other cartel banks, can sustain the bubble for a lot longer than we might think if it is in their best interest. Right now it appears there is pressure from both Russia and Israel to keep it going a bit longer, albeit ever teetering on the edge of disaster every day. Also, it seems likely that the various factions are not really paying much attention to “the goyim” (all others) since there appear to be so few even rubbing their (our) eyes; it seems more likely that they regard us as easily taken care of whenever they need to once they have solved their internal problem as to who really gets to be King.

The solution to your situation would seem easy enough. If your funds come into the Institute they can be invested in gold while the Notes can be given to “XX” This is already the case with Notes XXXXX. Ordinarily, at this point the Institute is responsible for the funds (pursuant to the Notes) and uses its own discretion as to the best use of the funds and which project accounts in which to disperse them. It appears that you prefer to retain greater control of the use of the funds borrowed against the gold purchased with your funds or that you prefer to select projects for direct investment without using the gold “insurance” technique. If you can tell us which you prefer then we can try to work out a different arrangement in variation from the “standard”.

Perhaps you can give me a call after you’ve had a chance to read . . . . . etc.

I think readers will find this helpful even without details of the original conversation. As things tighten down we must get information to you as rapidly as possible and you can formulate your own further questions. Thank you.

I need to know as quickly as possible about space available in the paper for further outlaying of the Soviet situation. I have approximately six to seven additional pages (in calculation) necessary to finish this portion of the matter in clarity. This information is simply too important to hold for book (JOURNAL) publication and yet, the paper is also overfilled. We will do the best we can and I will work any way possible to fit either or both to your needs.

Hatonn to clear the circuit. Thank you for your attention and I give great appreciation for the back-up I am receiving as confirmation is absolutely pouring in--I wish there were facilities to share every portion for it is the very “proof” you have been awaiting. So be it--God shall determine far better than can we who have limitations upon our service.



THURS., OCTOBER 10, 1991 8:53 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 055


We will finish the writing, hopefully, regarding the Soviet “status” this day. First, I am requesting that the name of the paper be changed to reflect more pointed direction. Please allow us to call the paper THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR. It may seem illogical at present but will be recognized for its purpose as we move along through the ensuing months. Oberli, please incorporate the label.

My first gratitude this day is to John Coleman who is hearing me loud and clear and responding in kind. Thank you for the backup on the “Bible” interpretations for I have not time to cause Dharma to do such research. You are children of the lie for long generations and you must see beyond the prattlings laid forth by your would-be Kings or you shall never find freedom upon the planet. The Christ is of the realms of God and CANNOT have been perpetrator of such hogwash--he who follows blindly such erroneous and impossibly unreasonable projections of MAN will indeed be lost. I do not choose it to be this way--YOU CONTINUE TO CHOOSE TO LIVE WITHIN THE LIES OF PHYSICAL RESTRICTION, WARS AND BLOODSHED. IF YOU RECOGNIZE GOD YOU CANNOT PERCEIVE THAT GOD WOULD DO OR BE ANY OF THE THINGS LAID FORTH FOR YOU IN THE BOOKS OF MEN.

The Constitutional Law Center is now operational and on the yesterday we had council and as quickly as the ones who will direct get back to us with information, we will present it gladly on the front page of this publication. These ones will come with an additional 25,000 names for receiving information. I believe, dear ones, that we will need to move to two presentations, at least, per week in the near future for we still do not have space for all the information flow. At some point we need to combine resources with other publications for so much valid information is reaching such a restricted audience.

I am asked if we would join with SPOTLIGHT. No, it is a Khazarian publication and you will find that Khazarian leaders are inputting more and more manipulated information. The author in point with John is a matter in point. That persons material is being run now, on a regular basis. This is a feminist activist and although much of her work is good, it is NOT what we are about. We have no platform save the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--ONE NATION UNDER GOD. You need no other for all the protections as included through your Bill of Rights are sufficient cover for all. When ones start building platforms based on any other input or personal desires for self or groups--RUN--in the other direction. I urge Bo Gritz to consider this most carefully for he is set up as a tool.

When highly touted ones, such as Tom Valentine of the radio are enticed to run with the Colonel for “vice president”, you are in serious trouble. These ones throughout that entire organization are totally controlled. Ones who bring truth in open manifestation are never allowed on the program no matter that which APPEARS to be. The Editor is Khazarian and the entire publication moves to unbalance in projection. The Liberty Lobby actually does almost nothing to “worse”; and the Populist Party has such holes in the planks that the stage is falling through. Any and all may support anything that they wish or choose--I will not support it however. Your Constitution, based upon Godly behavior and the Laws of God as laid forth, even though crudely, is sufficient. If you tend to only bring forth another “power” broker I ask that you leave God’s Hosts out of the correlation. It is far too easy for a patriot to become a chauvinist, which means a patriot to the point of total fanaticism (right or wrong). God is sufficient to your needs if you turn to where and who God IS and stop your seeking and believing AMONG MEN. God is WITHIN, not running around in a political or Biblical free-for-all. So be it.


Let us not move on without a bit of humor. When you watch news programs what do you think? On CNN yesterday evening the subject and pictures centered on more “Stealth” bombers. The pictures were grand (and reruns of long past) and then the coup de grâs: “The stealth bomber can be seen on radar, etc., but it can’t be seen well enough to shoot it down! Is that something like being “...just a little bit pregnant”? By today they had “caught” the obvious idiotture and polished the presentation to look a bit better--although you cannot totally obscure such a big and expensive worthless piece of junk.

Next, comes announcement of moving the first shipments of toxic nuclear waste into the receiving center in New Mexico only to have a statement 15 minutes later that the project has been stopped for further investigation. It has only been in investigation for a decade so what else is new except robbery of your bank accounts?


Please, I do not speak of ALL lawyers but I shall tell you of that which the adversary’s lawyer (Horn through the RTC) is doing in the case of my scribe. He is deliberately writing interpretations of “orders” and acting irrationally in order that response becomes a demand--which in each instance gleans a minimum of $3,000--paid by the RTC within 10 days to the lawyer. I believe you are now requested to add some $70 billion to the RTC fund and THIS IS WHY. The orchestration is to end up with total control of all property but, moreover, it is to add billions of dollars to the court system and the larders of the attorneys in the fray. There are millions of similar (to this case) in litigation being handled in the same manner with postponements and continuations into infinity to allow for milking the agency and you, totally dry. It is up to you that which you will do about it but I suggest all attorneys who are appalled at this legal behavior speak up and maybe consider going back to Constitutional law. If you are in the legal system and wish to participate in the “network” of trained Constitutional lawyers, please contact the Center. You have become the laughing stock of the planet. Your nation has lost all integrity and respect and is recognized as “Little Israel” throughout the world. So be it and good luck, and I suggest you stop asking God to give you “what you deserve as a humanitarian nation” or you MIGHT JUST GET WHAT YOU DESERVE AS THAT IS THE WAY THE DIRECTION SEEMS TO FLOW AND I BELIEVE YOU WILL BE MOST SURPRISED AT THAT WHICH IS RECEIVED.

Watch closely WHO crosses Bush and involves themselves with the hearings, etc. You will note a full-fledged onslaught of Khazarian power brokers.

By the way, citizens, being a Christian has nothing to do with any MAN, not even Immanuel (Jesus, as you call him). Christianity is a “state of being” and you had best look at who, how, why, what, when and where you are no longer even allowed to bear your “christian” symbols--not even on your Holy Christmas. Separation of church and state? No, separation of you from God and even the memory, in time, shall be passed away as to what such a holiday was. Note that alongside the flag of the U.S. and U.N. flag on CNN when speaking of the Middle East conflict there is projected the Israeli (blue turban) flag--even when the subject does not so much as mention the label, Israel. All this while the Bear to the North waits. Ponder it most carefully.

Let us move now to the subject of Soviets as being brought forth in this series of presentations.


The Soviets have tens of thousands of KGB agents world-wide devoted specifically to disinformation and propaganda in the world media. Of tens of thousands of KGB agents in America, James Tyson in TARGET AMERICA estimates that about 2,000 function within the US media. I support that number but only as to “minimum”--there are more. TASS, the Soviet official news disinformation agency, has bureaus in at least 126 countries--staffed almost exclusively by the KGB. And remember what I told you--you have more KGB members in your CIA than you have Americans.

The Novosti Press Agency has some 3,000 employees around the world (mostly KGB) who feed information and reports into over 4,000 information services worldwide. Novosti publishes thousands of books, two dozen illustrated magazines, in some 45 languages, in foreign countries around the world, 12 in India. Novosti publishes magazines and newspapers which are even printed in Libya, in 32 different African countries and distributes millions of copies of books, newspapers and magazines in Europe and North America.

The Soviets know that the best dissemination of propaganda lies in supplying properly edited TV news reels and newspaper galley proofs to Western media outlets. Westerners, in turn, are impressed that glasnost “allows” this and eagerly transmit or publish everything with no thought or questions as to the validity of the material--almost all of which is carefully prepared by the KGB and/or fronts thereof.

The TASS News Agency is the outlet on which all the world relies for its information about the Soviet Union. TASS produces tens of thousands of communiques, magazine and news articles, programs and commentaries each year, which appear to be unbiased and objective, but which are in fact clever, sophisticated disinformation or propaganda pushing the present Soviet thinking, strategy, or manipulations. These are in turn fed into tens of thousands of Western and Third World media outlets and reach an audience of billions of unsuspecting people worldwide.

This disinformation is virtually always what the Western, especially American, audience wants to hear. Presently it is dwelling on the collapse of the Soviet economy, the dissolution of communist parties, chaos in Eastern Europe, the end of communist regimes, the dissolution of the Soviet empire, etc. All of these things are blatant lies as can be seen from the destruction in the Soviet “bloc”. It is noteworthy that there is almost a total ABSENCE of any information on the Soviet military. You have some blatherings about slashing nuclear “stuff” which is just a foolish facade to distract you. THIS IS NOT BY ACCIDENT!


As late as 1988 there are published data showing amazing Soviet economic strength in many areas--strength that runs completely counter to all appearances that the USSR is a total economic basket-case. Come on, Americans, look at their own pictures. The touting is that everyone is destitute and starving--but look at the pictures of robust, well-groomed and carefully clothed ladies and men. Good jackets against the cold, even lovely stylish furs, etc. Then you will see a bunch of worn and shabby persons--usually those pictures are reused and reused for illustration. Forget it--don’t you believe that they are also showing pictures of Americans in just the right manner to get what they want from you? They show affluence to show you have funds to give them and yet they show your corruption and homeless to impact when they point up the better system “they” have. YOU lead the pack with homelessness, for other nations provide housing and the numbers will increase to incredible numbers. The intent is to render the citizens helpless and dependent totally upon government for your very survival.

A few examples of Soviet versus American production numbers are noteworthy: Overall production is 80% of America’s; natural gas production--139% of America’s; iron (cast)--286% of America’s; steel--214% of America’s; iron ore--504% of America’s; mineral fertilizers--162% of America’s; tractor units--463% of America’s; cement--168% more; cotton fabrics--293% more; woolen fabrics--515% more; sugar--149%; railway freight--273%; students in universities and colleges--83%; number of physicians--218%; beds in hospitals--369%--and the people can get medical care for free! YOU HAVE BEEN HOODWINKED, AMERICA!

Soviet grain production statistics for last year and this, have been vastly understated--they had crops which were plowed under because of lack of harvest interest. You have been led to believe that the Soviets are technical/industrial/financial buffoons. Phoo! They have Cosmospheres which are comparable to some alien cosmic craft. Over half of the engineers in the world are in the Soviet Union and apply themselves to their work and not to getting on the dole of pecking order and/or criminal deceiving. The average Soviet university graduate is so above and beyond in education than the average U.S. university graduate today that there is no longer any basis for comparison. Your students are being trained to know nothing, much less engineering mathematics. The Soviets produce 2-1/2 to 3 times more world patents per year than do Americans. They already have a powerhouse based on “plasma” (not blood)--a self-generating powerhouse like the sun. But you fall hook, line and sinker for the lies and your own government publishes the lies for your consumption for they serve in conjunction with the aliens of the Soviet and Zionists.

If you “good” Mormons dislike my use of the word, I suggest you take note that your “church” is in total integration with the Zionists of Israel and are represented at the White House Level in the form of Brent Scowcroft and your Congressmen--your heritage from God has also been stolen and you awaken too late to help yourselves for your “religion” locks you into the “secret” society which destroys you. GOD IS OPEN AS THE LIGHT OF DAY!

The Soviets built the first nuclear power plant--you were much later. Chernobyl was a much older installation and you are headed for the same “time” related problems in your systems because you, too, utilize those plants for beam research and projections. In the 1950’s, to look at other technology, the Soviets built a very capable nuclear powered icebreaker. They are presently deploying a “Star Wars” type of space-based defense system that America has chosen to ignore and the reason becomes most obvious, does it not? They have operational space stations in outer space, on the moon, Mars and many other interesting placements--for military purposes (oh groan--). America cannot “afford” to put up one and if you do, the “big bear brother” takes it out. They have Cosmospheres which can annihilate anything you have in the air or on the surface or under the earth.

But for more “down-to-earth” examples, they have an operational rocket that lifts a 100-ton payload into outer space versus a 32-ton maximum rocket payload America can lift, a 3-to-1 edge in lifting capacity. They have built the largest military air transport in the world, far larger than America’s C5A Galaxy. They even developed the game America calls favorite--NINTENDO! Surprised?? They build a nuclear submarine worth over $3 BILLION every SIX WEEKS that surpasses anything the Americans produce. Their weapons industry is 5-10 times the size of your own, turns out weapons that in many instances are as sophisticated or moreso, than are yours and in 5 to 6 times the quantity of your own. And note, you are shutting down your industrial production plants and/or moving them abroad which is increasing unemployment to monstrous and incalculable levels.

Financially they may not be the incompetents you perceive them to be either, in that they always best you pricewise on large commodities deals--they are actually very sophisticated market operators, or manipulators. When they sell gold, as the world’s third largest producer, at least, they sell into strength to maximize their profits. All attempts to lower prices sufficiently to block sales become worthless measures. The Soviet economy is actually less vulnerable to the coming depression in the West than your own because they do not have a huge internal debt pyramid to collapse as you do--and they even got you to print and distribute the new “world currency” trial balloon! America’s debt is 15 trillion and rising. Most Soviet debt is international--owed to the West and guess what--who gets stuck if they don’t pay--which they wont, and you can’t do a thing about it.

Furthermore, a major deflationary economic (price) collapse in the Soviet Union is unlikely because the government owns everything and controls all prices. People cannot dump assets or investments to get liquid--they don’t own any! You on the other hand, precipitate a mandatory deflationary depression because of just the opposite. I don’t care what your economists tell you--they also lie deliberately to save their own incomes and delude you into false security in a market that teeters on manipulated collapse. You always are asking me, How much time do we have?” and “What shall I do for protection?” I tell you what you might do to help and you go straight to that “broker” and he tells you otherwise and most of you turn from God to the broker, so don’t bother me with the question. WHAT DO YOU THINK? HOW LONG DO YOU THINK THE SYSTEM CAN SUSTAIN ITSELF? WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE IN THIS OBVIOUS WORLD GRAB? NEVER MIND WHAT I THINK--WHAT IN HEAVEN’s NAME DO YOU THINK?

The Soviets are not major exporters--they consume most of their production. But they ARE major importers, and import prices will drop sharply in a depression. The Soviet economy will be relatively insulated from a Western global depression.

Remember the point? I remind you: Sun Tsu, the Chinese military strategist whom the Soviet leaders idolize, said: “When at your pinnacle of strength, feign weakness.”

The Soviets may not be at their pinnacle of economic strength for they never yet have been, but neither are they the economic shambles you believe them to be. Technically/industrially and financially incompetents which is portrayed is totally Soviet disinformation. They are very near the pinnacle in all facets and are so far head and shoulders beyond any other nation on the globe as to be considered such.

The reason the Soviets are seeking massive Western financial aid is not need, as much as the desire to destroy the fragile U.S. and Western economies by overstretching your resources. A hundred billion or more in international loans to the USSR suddenly defaulted (which is exactly the way it will be) would precipitate a total financial collapse in the West--only the bankers would win, especially those bankers working totally and wholly with the Soviets/Zionists/Khazarians--REMEMBER THE BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS IN SWITZERLAND??

I would say that from my observations, the Soviets are at the pinnacle of military strength and that strength is growing daily against the West. You had best go back and remember what one, General MacArthur once said: “It is most dangerous to underestimate your enemy”. Well, you have--as a people. Your government knows exactly what are the facts and continues to trade your nation and your lives for their own lofty evil position. Frankly told--as a working PART OF THE PLAN.

Remember what I told you: Assume that everything is the opposite of what it appears to be. Also, keep in mind, that only if you still OWN THE GUNS, can you still own the country! BEWARE!


As a refresher, I will speak to this issue again so that your perspective is not lost. On that beauteous Monday, August 19, Mikhail Gorbachev was ostensibly overthrown in a coup by military, KGB and Communist Party “hardliners” not satisfied with the results as things were going. Within three days, the coup fell apart, the eight coup leaders were arrested, or so it was stated, and Gorby was restored to power. While the Communist and world press as well as Bush and other Western leaders trumpeted the genuineness of the coup (which any fool [excepting politicians and liars] could see was a clumsy and stupid set-up) and counter-coup, let us note some very strange aspects to the entire affair that forces the conclusion that the coup was staged.

1. The U.S. and world press warned about the coming coup (and the next one) for several days leading up to August 19 and Bush even expressed “no concern or surprise”. How often do real coup leaders give the international press advance plans and dates along with the blueprints? Western intelligence (who can’t pinpoint nuclear weapons installations) knew of the coup several MONTHS in advance and love telling the story. In spite of the advance publicity of the coup, Gorbachev made no moves to head it off or avert it but rather, like Bush, went on to vacationland.

2. All of the eight coup leaders were Gorbachev appointees and confidants.

3. Coup leader Gennady Yanayev referred to himself only as “acting president” and spoke of Gorbachev returning to power after recovering from “his illness”. By the way, none of the so-called “suicides” ever were presented in body-form. You will see some miraculous resurrections coming along any day now.

4. The coup leaders did not cut the internal or international communication lines--something which is ALWAYS DONE in a coup or revolutionary upheaval. In fact, Gorbachev even had his son take vacation pictures during the coup incarceration and continued with his speechmaking uninterrupted. Even the actor chosen to play his role was a poor imitation arriving at an airport--I am embarrassed for it would be hoped you were getting more sophisticated than accepting such blatant misinformation.

5. The coup leaders made no attempt to control the press--neither the Soviet nor the foreign press stationed in Russia--which had “complete access” to international phone lines throughout the coup and were encouraged to utilize same. The press expected to have no facilities so the Soviets told them the lines were open and would be made totally available without delays.

6. Anti-coup leaders such as Yeltsin had access to international phone lines and operations throughout the coup.

7. Only an embarrassingly minimal number of troops were utilized throughout the “largest and most important coup in history”, and troops loyal to Yeltsin were sent to surround Yeltsin in the Parliament building.

8. The airports were ALL LEFT OPEN.

9. Water, electricity and phone lines in the Parliament building were never so much as interrupted.

10. In a legitimate coup, the KGB would have killed Yeltsin, Gorbachev and other reform leaders. The KGB is made up of not very nice people noted for their terror tactics. Do you believe that suddenly they all found God? No attempt was ever even made to arrest Yeltsin, but the coup plotters did arrest Godiyan, a well-known ENEMY OF GORBACHEV.

11. The only casualties were accidents! This was followed by hugging and kissing and celebration where some “disappear” for a while and the others are glorified totally out of all proportion. Coups are dirty business, friends, and with the KGB involved it would be total disaster and a bloodletting like the world has never yet seen.

The president of Soviet Georgia came forth after the coup and accused Gorbachev, openly, of having masterminded the whole thing, and over 65% of the Soviet people believe the coup was a fake. Even Eduard Shevardnadze said that Gorby “may have been behind the coup”. Certainly the ones gaining--gained! You see, there is always the ego-trip that interferes with full non-disclosure for the perpetrators of such a massive production always tell on themselves for they want recognition of their cleverness--it is a sign of the adversary.

If Gorbachev could be seen as wresting control of the nation from reactionaries and restoring constitutional authority, his popularity and legitimacy among the people would rise. It was hoped that the coup and counter coup would quiet the restive Soviet people--holding out hope for improvement of their living conditions.

The coup and counter coup would raise the credibility of the Soviet reform/democracy/glasnost/perestroika movement in Western eyes, opening up the floodgates for even more financial and high tech aid. The “Bush’s of the world could say: See, our good friend, Gorby, and the Soviet forces of democracy just missed the hardliners bullet--now we REALLY have to help them if we want to see democracy and reform succeed and survive--Communism is dead.

The coup was to remind the West how wonderful Gorby really is. He was losing credibility due to his huge military buildup, his killing of people in the Baltics and thus and so. After the coup, he could blame all these indiscretions on the “hardliners” and go right on with the uninterrupted murders.

The “restoration of democracy” to the Soviet Union and the “demise of the hardliners” is now an excuse for the West to accelerate its disarmament and for the globalists in America, Europe, and the Soviet Union to accelerate the merger into the New World Order. This is all underway as we write. The coup and counter-coup are an excuse to launch a long overdue PURGE of hundreds of thousands of inefficient Communist Party, KGB or government bureaucrats--tens of thousands of whom will be shot or imprisoned. This purging of the Party has been done periodically since you financed the revolution in 1917. It is like pruning a tree or vine or flower to make it stronger by getting dead-wood out. That Communist Party purge is now underway in the Soviet Union and the bloodshed is massive--hidden behind the lies.

The coup and counter-coup would be the excuse for reorganizing and renaming the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the KGB, and the USSR itself. This strategy of reorganizing, restructuring, and streamlining the Soviet Union from top to bottom has been on the drawing boards for years. Under the impetus of the coup and counter-coup this restructuring will now be done in one huge quantum leap.

Another goal was to raise Boris Yeltsin to “superstar” so that he could be thrust into leadership if the people did not rally around Gorby. Soviet theater always has an understudy for the star ready to be brought on stage at a moments notice--and so does the U.S. of A. in the event of Bush’s demise--and it wont be little bird, Quayle.

The ones coerced into actually participating honestly in the coup were murdered, the others hidden away for the present time. Watch for the following: Kryuchkov, Yazov, Pavlov, Pugo, Yanayev, Baklanov, Starodubstev and Tizyakov. It will be far too much like a “Dallas” rerun of Bobbys shower scene. And do you still believe that errors of identification could not be made in your Holy Bible? Dear ones, get with the show!

It doesn’t matter which as far as the Soviets are concerned--this is the Communist way of life--to double-cross and liquidate their own top leadership when appropriate to further their cause. They overthrew and killed Trotsky (in Mexico, yet); they purged and executed Bukharin (Lenins closet associate and a hero of the Revolution) in 1936 because he would not support Stalin’s perestroika in 1936 and 1937; and they executed Beria, head of the NKVD, in 1956. Kryuchkov and friends may well suffer a similar fate--sacrificed for the long-term good of the Party--it simply remains to be seen.


Indeed, numerous precedents for this type of activity. There are numerous precedents for purges, duplicity, double-crosses, and brutal executions in Soviet history since 1917. You also witnessed your own nation in play in the blatant setting up of Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis. This is going on constantly right in front of your noses and you help and wave flags and send money. There is also a precedent for a false coup as well, in Russian history. It was in 1554 when Ivan the Terrible was Czar. Ivan became distraught over his inability to remake Russia in his image. The ruling class, the “old guard”, tried to thwart him at every turn. Ivan also believed that the ruling class had murdered his wife, Anastasia. So, he packed up as if to go on vacation (see, the play changes not), and once he reached his destination, he sent word to the ruling class elite that he was abdicating the throne.

This sent a shockwave of fear through the ruling class. The peasants would revolt and they would not get any help from Ivans merchant class followers (these were Khazars by any name, as were the advisers to Ivan). So they sent word to Ivan--Come on back, please--please!. He replied, I will, but only on MY CONDITIONS.” They thought about it and then decided it was the lesser of evils. Ivan returned to the throne and he renewed his reform efforts with much less resistance from the ruling class as he purged the troublemakers.


You perceive that nothing went wrong? Oh dear me, yes, things went wrong to great extent. The people were supposed to rally a bit around Yeltsin but they were REALLY supposed to rally around Gorbachev. They did not! Many saw through the charade, and most would simply not forgive his six years of despotism. So, it could become advantageous to move Yeltsin and/or Shevardnaze to center stage. But remember our writings--both are hardcore, hidden Marxist-Leninists cut out of the same cloth as Gorbachev. Check out the proverb: “The more it changes, the more it remains the same.”

May we please take rest and then we will finish this writing even if it needs partial holding over until the next paper edition. Thank you. Dharma, I tell you so infrequently how much I cherish and appreciate your service for I, like human busy people, overlook that which allows us to prevail. You ones who work with me are so precious and you are the actual “other half” of our mission for WE ARE NOT TO ACCOMPLISH THIS TASK WITHOUT YOU. Man must come into KNOWING and so shall it be. Salu. Hatonn to stand aside until you have a break.



FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1991 10:47 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 056



Gorbachev: “We are not going to change Soviet power, of course, or abandon its fundamental principles, but we acknowledge the need for changes that will strengthen socialism.”

For the past months the headlines and then the follow-up pages of the paper and the media have been filled with drivel about the disintegrating of the Soviet Union. That is, of course, when there is room for such comment aside from Thomas misadventures and cavorting escapades with his staff. These kinds of distractors are the worst kind for it keeps all other news from your attention.

Watch out, California, for regardless of what you are “watching” you ARE enduring “Earthquake” weather--presented for the timing clues from the heatwave in Southern California to the clouds moving in today--right on schedule! Take note and stay alert! Perhaps Mr. Christos art-form umbrellas will become MOVING ART-FORM. Let us just proceed with our work, please.

You are being fed the lie that communism and socialism are abandoned and dead at last, that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the KGB are being dismantled, disbanded and relegated to the waste dump of history. Certainly the demise of the “gang of eight”, the rise of Yeltsin to power, the official condemnation of the CPSU and KGB, and the independence of many of the Soviet republics would all seem to signal the end of the “evil empire”. But looks can be most deceptive when hidden behind false news releases, and so can the Marxist-Leninist dialectic.

The Soviet Empire is NOT disintegrating as the Western press and leaders keep telling you. It is restructuring, rearranging, reorganizing, streamlining, purging the deadwood, and rearming preparatory to its final thrust for world domination over the next few years. Gorbachev said in 1989: “Through restructuring (perestroika) we want to give Socialism a second wind. To achieve this, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union returns to the origins and principles of the Bolshevik Revolution, to the Leninist ideas about the construction of a new society.” And further back, in 1987 he said: “In October 1917, we parted with the old world, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.”


Does this all sound like a man who is presiding over the death of communism? The Lenin whom Gorbachev worships, quoting Sun Tsu, said: “We advance through retreat...when we are weak, we boast of strength, and when we are strong, we feign weakness.” The old dialectic Leninist doctrine of taking two steps forward and then one back to confuse your enemies is certainly being applied by his disciple, Gorbachev, this day. It is called “scientific socialism” and “psychopolitics” by the faithful, and of course Gorbachev has said that he does not want to discard socialism but renew, restructure and strengthen it. It should be remembered that all present changes in the Soviet Union are within the framework of socialism.


The Soviets are NOT abolishing the CPSU or the KGB, they are renaming them, reorganizing them, purging them of inefficient deadwood, and EXPANDING their mission:

The KGB has had six name changes since 1917: 1. CHEKA; 2. OGPU; 3. GPU; 4. NKVD; 5. MVD; and 6. KGB. All of these name changes were accompanied by purges whereby thousands of heads at the top rolled from the mountain, by restructuring or reorganization, by an expansion of the role of the secret police, and by public pronouncements that the secret police had been abolished. The leaders remain on and retain and acquire even more power. In the 1950s Beria, the brutal and infamous head of the NKVD, was purged and executed. Vladimir Kryuchkov, head of the KGB until the recent phoney coup and counter-coup, has similarly been removed and it remains to be seen what will be done with him. You see, it is not even as simple as “taking out” these people for many have been replaced by replicas, just to take them out for the watching world when the time is appropriate.

The KGB has over 1.5 million members worldwide, with about 50,000 sequestered in the U.S. KGB military units will now be moved under the Soviet army command and the new KGB will fall under the Soviet military command and ultimately lead the U.N. military force. This is not all being done to destroy the KGB but to make it stronger, more efficient, leaner and meaner. It is perceived to have become fat, dumb and lazy. As in the Romanian secret police, the Securitate, which was 50,000 strong under Ceausescu, the force continues to operate in a Romania which is allegedly noncommunist--but still is totally dominated by the communists--so the KGB will continue to function in the USSR, which will be allegedly noncommunist--but still totally dominated by the communists.


The CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) has 20 million members and another 45 million members in its Lenin youth organization, komsomol. Komsomol is a young adult organization with members from the Red Army, the KGB, the Red Navy, the Air Force, and a majority of the young factory workers. The CPSU has grown top heavy and inefficient with bureaucratic deadweight. It is about to be reorganized, restructured, trimmed in size, or purged, to increase its efficiency, and then renamed. It is not going to be abolished as Gorbachev, Bush, and the Soviet and Western press keep telling you.

It must be remembered that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has undergone a number of metamorphoses in name: At its inception, it was called the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party. In 1912, following an internal feud, it split into the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, the big ones and the “little ones”. The big ones ate the little ones. The name then became the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party of Bolsheviks. In 1918, it became the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik). In 1925, the name was changed to the All-Soviet Communist Party (Bolshevik). Then in 1952, it became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which it has remained until the present. It is now about to be renamed again and it will probably be to the “Social Democratic Party”.

Each of these name changes was accompanied by major fanfare and whoopla and offered as absolute proof that the communists had completely changed, and the declaration that all the political, economic, and repressive evils had been perpetrated by the previous party--but that the new party would be benign, democratic, freedom-loving and thus and so, repeat after repeat. In reality, all of the old evils continued under the new, revamped party with only more heinous power and control--nothing changed. The present change will not alter any of the principles or goals of the CPSU.

Each of the major communist party name changes under Lenin and Stalin were accompanied by massive purges, called “party rejuvenation”, to streamline the organization and bring it under formidable discipline. Millions of Russian communists went to the wall or the gulag in those purges. TODAY’S CPSU has become fat, dumb, lazy, careless, apathetic and passive, and is ten times larger than during World War II. It has lost sight of its goal, it has become diluted, and will probably be trimmed by several million members. This is not abolition of the Party--it is reorganization, restructuring, and strengthening of the Party.

The communists believe that Americans and most Westerners are shallow, superficial, gullible, and easily seduced by media-generated illusions. Hence, if they change the name of one of their fronts or parties and declare the old organization to be dead, most Westerners will believe it. For decades they have routinely changed the names of their communist front organizations in this manner. They just renamed the Communist Party in Italy, now calling it the Democratic Party. In Poland, they renamed the Communist Party, which was called the Polish United Workers Party to the Social Democratic Party. In Romania, they renamed the old Romanian Communist Party, calling the new party the New Salvation Front. In none of those cases, or many others, did they really abolish those communist parties. They simply renamed, reorganized and restructured the parties, while gullible, naive Westerners believed the charade. It has been said and I use it often, “a rose, by any other name, is still a rose.Calling the CPSU the Social Democratic Party, or some such similar name, will NOT alter the fact that it is the same old CPSU with a new label and some new faces, or old ones scrambled around a bit for confusion.

Today, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union operates through elected representatives, the Politburo, and the Central Committee. The Central Committee of the CPSU, made up of 300-450 members, wields the real power in the USSR, and an inner circle of about 100 members really calls the shots. These Central Committee members dominate the military and the KGB, as well as the “visible” politicians such as Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Shevardnadze and the various cabinet ministers. Gorbachev is simply an actor, an employee who is implementing the policy laid down by the Central Committee since the early ‘80’s when they, and the KGB, drafted the script for glasnost/perestroika number six.

The new, refurbished, renamed Communist Party was discussed at length at the CPSU’s Congresses in 1986 and 1990. Gorbachev described the new party as: “A Party of socialist choice and communist perspective...A Party adhering to humanistic (not humanitarian) ideals common to all mankind...intolerant of chauvinism, nationalism, racism, and any manifestation or reactionary ideology and obscurantism...A Party confirming the independence of communist parties of the Union republics...A Party open for contacts, co-actions with the communists, social democrats, and socialists of various countries.”

Reading the “new party” profile as conceived by the CPSU leadership, it is clear that the only difference between the “old party” and the “new Party” is in the new one’s wide acceptance of all revolutionary movements THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.


Gorbachev, October 1989: “The concept, the main idea, lies in the fact that we want to give a new lease on life to SOCIALISM through perestroika and to reveal the potential of the socialist system.”

Then in Dec., 1989: “Today we have perestroika, the salvation of socialism, giving it a second breath, revealing everything good which is in the system.”


The word “socialism” will be substituted for “communism” and the latter will be almost completely stricken from the communist’s vocabulary. From Lenin to Gorbachev, the communists have used the two words interchangeably. Socialism, as defined by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, is what has been imposed on the peoples of the USSR, China, Cuba and so on. Socialism, as the stepping stone to the final utopian goal of communism, involves abolition of private property, draconian political and financial regulations and control on the people, huge bureaucracy, a progressive income tax, an end to inheritance, a monopolistic central bank, central control of education, and state control of the family, children, religion, etc. DOES IT SOUND PRETTY MUCH LIKE AMERICA IN 1991???

What do George Bush, Helmut Kohl, John Major, Mikhail Gorbachev, Shevardnadze, Yeltsin and most Western leaders all have in common? They are ALL socialists, secular humanists and globalists--working for a common socialist global government--called by Bush and Gorbachev “the New World Order”.

A few years ago the “convergence theory” of history emerged. It held that America and the West would move to the political “left”, the Soviets would move to the political “right”, and you would all meet and merge in the middle as socialists or Social Democrats. The “convergence theory” of history seems to be right on track. Socialist Russia, socialist Eastern Europe and socialist Western Europe are all moving toward merging into one giant unitary state or federation over the next few years. A massive Soviet subversion and absorption of Western Europe will immediately follow.


Soviet leaders in the Central Committee, the Politburo, the KGB and the Soviet Academy of Sciences began to conclude over a decade ago that, in spite of the USSRs vast natural and human resources, the country was utilizing those resources in a most “barbaric manner”. They have concluded over the past decade that Soviet industry is lagging badly behind the West, especially in controlling wastefulness of materials and energy, as well as human resources. Soviet industry uses two to two-and-a-half times more material resources and one to one-and-a-half times more energy per unit of production than Western countries do.

Gorbachev and the Soviet leaders have therefore called for the reorganization of Soviet society from top to bottom--but within the framework of socialism. The “new economic policy” is called “free market” and borrows much terminology from the West, but to Gorbachev and the Soviet leadership “free market” means state and collectively owned property, businesses still state-run and state-controlled, business or investment profits are still illegal. To the Soviets, “free market” means only that they will trade with you, while to Westerners, when the Soviets use the term, you think the USSR is in a transition to capitalism--no way!

Another example of word/concept manipulation is “liberation theology”. The Soviets hatched “liberation theology” about a decade and a half ago, which is a diabolical and seductive use of Marxist-Leninist doctrine wrapped up in Christian/Biblical terminology, doctrines, etc. Liberation theology has been a smashing success for the communists in Central and Latin America, South Africa, and the Philippines. Now they are taking Marxist and socialist concepts and wrapping them up in free market terminology, concepts, etc.,--to seduce gullible western political and business leaders.

When Gorbachev talks about stagnation, electronization of industry, opening the country to market economy, democratization of society, etc., he is really talking about getting rid of the corrupt, overpaid, inefficient bureaucrats who are now running the Soviet Union instead of the workers. The bloated bureaucracy is about to be cut away, because it has lost its revolutionary fervor.

Gorbachev said it very well at the CPSU Congress: “What we see today is not the working class running the Soviet Union, but the bureaucracy--which is satisfied to occupy soft and lucrative positions, but is hardly interested in revolutionary movements, political underminings of the rest of the world, or military expansion of communism. This is clearly stagnation.”

Again, “a rose by any name is still a rose.” Note that this is what has happened with the Khazarian shift into the integrated system of world domination by use of stealing land, calling themselves “Jews”, accusing others who object of being “anti-Semitic” (when none of the ones in point are Semites) and thus on down the line of lies. You are trained to accept a term and definition and then a new idea is thrust upon you and you bite the bait like hungry fish.

Dharma, I would like to close this now for I need you to take a bit of rest prior to the meeting and you only have an hour. Walk gently, beloved ones, for the road is long and the rocks jagged--but it is clearing a bit and you must keep within the balance for the thrust is tedious indeed.

Hatonn to stand-by. Salu.



MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1991 7:31 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 059



Peace in the Light of Radiance, Hatonn present.

For the movement afoot in the “NEW AGE MOVEMENT” that Hatonn has had to leave “Dharma”, whatever that means, I respectfully submit to you that I am most surely right on duty. I find it extremely amusing, if not factual, to watch and listen. Number one, God nor Hosts LEAVE anyone, anytime, anywhere--human moves from God and not the alternative. Where is it that you would place me now? In the NEW AGE MOVEMENT where you can represent that I sanction your physical behaviors and allow MAN to grant you absolution for your misbehaviors? Not likely, beloved chelas, for it is your business that which you do and our work is far too critical and the mission too great to dwell on your individual opinions of “rightness” of actions. All is right with your actions as you proclaim or disclaim them. The truth is in the actions and intent and you can remain separate from God as long as ye wish. Do not, however, expect sanctions upon your lawbreaking from the Lighted Source who gave unto you the Laws in the first place. Physical intent will not be brought into the Kingdom of God--so be it. You do that which you choose and preach that which you will--I believe if you look about you, however, you have not done such a wondrous job with balance thus far.


How many of you have watched all of the hearings for Judge Thomas? Why not? Other things too pressing? Did you need relaxation, spiritual baths, conference with the trees, a walk through the marigolds? This was the MOST IMPORTANT thing taking place in your nation and you thought it was over Sexual Harassment or something as foolish. That is a daily part of your world which YOU have built and insured functions well to divide you people into separation and ability to “conquer”. This display of total evil was orchestrated against one of the highest offices of your nation. YOU WATCHED, AND/OR COULD SEE, THE FRAUD, DECEIT AND PLANNING IN ACTION. This display was the planned destruction of a good man at the hands of the Elite--A SYSTEM SO CORRUPT AS TO BRING WITHIN AND SANCTION EVIL LIES AND ATTACKS WITH NO RECOURSE. You had better be praying hard that a fine man such as Thomas, even with his blind perceptions, be given a seat on the bench for hearings.

He is a dangerous man now, to the Elite Khazarian would-be rulers and next, they will try every method left, including murder, to keep him out.

This whole thing was set up to “show Bush” and allow you to all see the “control”--You just saw evil set out to “judge” Goodness and you had better pay attention to the “tool” used to destroy--for you had best discern the tool of choice for your destruction.

Now what? Well, for my own proclaimed “workers” I would guess that most of you would now allow Dharma and/or John to write about it and tend it for you rather than having taken the “time” to view the proceedings. Then what do I get? Pressure on my scribe to write quickly so as not to inconvenience formatters of the paper. What in the world do you want of one another? Dharma is totally exhausted and yet she is the one given to attend it all--at my command!


All are welcomed into my presence and within hearing of my speakings--beware those who come and make mighty projections and judgements, claiming the speakings not to be judging, and keep you from your responsibility. Oh, you don’t like that which another says to you? What has that to do with Hatonn? When God sends speakers--where are you who claim to be present in this locale to serve God? It is not for me that I speak thusly--it is that you ones must ALL and EACH look within at intent whether you be in New York or Goatneck, Texas. There is no difference in the sight of God.

Further, why, if you claim to honor my visitation, do you put God aside and await the wondrous gift of keys to “Free energy”, “frequency machines” and thus and so? My message is of God and not to fulfill your earthly physical desires to further separate God from Man. WHAT IS YOUR INTENT? Why do you expect me to give you that which you DESIRE for self without even giving respect to God who has allowed you life?

One has come among you in good example--and further, has given the community some nice juicy tid-bits to prattle about and use against you. Why do ones come and why do you who claim to be Godly fall into the trap? There is always the need of a Godly person to reflect that which is Godly and worthy of notice--you serve in the “night” with and call it “helping” another to find balance and direction--pooh, you serve self in a most direct affront to Truth. What you do is your business but what you do while CLAIMING to be a member of my “team” is quite another. If ones wish to find direction, then one comes where the directions are given and the instruction written. You ones are just like Judge Thomas in that you proclaim to be of ME and yet you bring the magnifying glass upon your brethren so that a community can giggle and laugh at your duality of intent. This goes on in every nook and cranny of your planet, so this is very much a universal message. It is not enough to sit with pious countenance while the heart is intent on physical self-centered lust for “whatever”. Spare me the pain of speaking of it for you do these things one to another and it is not of God.

If one comes unto this “place” to see if they fit and/or can participate and then pull away along with “pulling another, or more”, other ones, then there is little strength within, is there? You have freedom on your placement and within each to do that which you will--but DO NOT SAY IT IS OF GOD--FOR IT IS OF MAN PHYSICAL. Would it not be more reasonable for ones coming to “experience” and “see if they fit” to attend the resources to find out? How can you find out that which might serve you if you refuse to participate and then spout your views of dissent. No indeed, old friends, Hatonn has withdrawn from no one but constantly ones, who claim to be his friends, distract from him and thusly denounce him and his mission.

Oh I hear it constantly--“Well, I can’t work with thus and so--so, who did you come to assist? Then who do you hurt if you pull away? Surely it is NOT the one who wanted you to depart anyway! We come to bring the WORD and not to hold your individual hands for my interest is in holding your soul in comfort and directed journey--not your hands or ego gatherings of the physical.

Ones still come unto this place and ask for the keys to the “secrets” and yet take not even the time to read of the passages wherein the key is given! What expect ye? When ye forsake God and/or me--so be it for ye shall be allowed the privilege but what input do ye think ye have when ye return? If ye have forsaken God in the hour or moment of His need, even if it be for only a tiny portion, why expect Him to serve you in your ponderings when you have just proven your rejection of Him?

If you prefer the NEW AGE MOVEMENT or Jimmy Swaggarts tutoring then go that path but I suggest you beware the pitfall for I think you will note that as of this very week-end Mr. Swaggart proved his intent with prostitute and facade of expensive automobile, not even registered yet. You ask for mercy and insight? Then I suggest you go forth into communion with God and at least stop misleading your brother. When will you tend of your job equally as you tend of Dharmas? Thus far we have projected the impossible and yet you demand more and more and more--even a robot would blow its circuits. Nay, nay--Hatonn has not “left Dharma” as is going about the New Age Community and who is projecting my next stop-over? Who do I serve now? Am I supposed to be serving the New Age groupies as the little bunch from Pleiades? How about one of the channels for the little elementals? Perchance Hatonn is now supposed to be speaking at your civic center? I suggest that ones who project this nonsense had best take notice and, preferably, from whence they came from in the first place for the intent is certainly not in the intent of God. Man may serve self until his very death of body but he will not find peace nor balance--he will forever continue to search and sorrow on the physical plane for it is an illusion with no possibility of finding the elusive golden ring, for the golden ring is attached to a higher dimension and the passage into same is through intent--no more and no less--and the journey is yours to travel.

You ones desire me to capitulate and compromise and sanction your actions and thoughts--no, I will do nothing of the sort. You have the rules and you will do that which you will. I DO NOT, HOWEVER, JUDGE YOU. YOU WILL JUDGE SELF AND THAT WILL NOT BE LIFTED FROM YOUR LOAD OF BURDEN BY ME OR ANY OTHER HIGHER RESOURCE AND IF IT IS OFFERED BY HIGHER RESOURCE YOU WILL FIND THE DARK INTENT WRAPPED QUITE FIRMLY AROUND THE SO-GIFTER. Ah, the adversary packages his plagues in wondrously desirable packages--even AIDS. Then, when it is too late, you call on God and then pronounce God to be at fault. It is your journey, friends, and you are destined to walk it and whether or not you like Hatonn is no business of mine. I would suggest that if the bombardment is so intense as to pronounce that Hatonn has withdrawn from his commitment, then it is that we are making inroads into the evil one’s kingdom. Oh, yes indeed--to say Hatonn has “left Dharma” says exactly that message for my service is through her hands and we are nearly finished with the bringing of the word in this manner. It matters not to me that which you take up and believe for if you believe that which drifts through your conscious space and is totally uninformed and refuses to become informed--so be it--who is using WISDOM? You or the manipulator/seeker? He who claims to seek and REFUSES TO SEE OR HEAR would hardly appear the best of guides for thine soul. You see, I HAVE FOUND AND THEREFORE I KNOW! WHO IS YOUR GUIDE? TO WHOM DO YOU ATTEND? PONDER IT MOST CAREFULLY--ESPECIALLY YOU WHO CLAIM TO SERVE THINE BROTHER, NATION, PLANET AND GOD FOR THE FACT THAT YOU SERVE ONLY SELF BECOMES MOST EVIDENT TO ALL WHO WITNESS.


I am quite wondrously infatuated at you who are near enough the “Christo” project to take an hour and go see and do not. How do you know but what it is the very work of God? Will you recognize God when He comes? What sign did He say He would send? Are you sure? There are great lessons to be had from that demonstration from the massive size of the dream danced awake to the ability to gain enough brothers to fulfill the project--but most of you make your judgment in ignorance and without bothering to go forth and see. Can you not enjoy the beauty or success of another? It is only a point to ponder while you are “accepting God’s lessons. How many of the lessons do you miss while awaiting the ones YOU EXPECT?? Nope, Hatonn has not gone anywhere and I apologize to you who would wish that I would do so. I also ask you to ponder what will happen herein if I STOP the writing? Will it solve your problems? What will you do? Will it give you more or less to quibble and bite about? What if Dharma refuses to write? Has she not done enough? It will solve all the editors problems for they will have nothing to do--nor will the publisher or distributor for when I go, I take God’s work to a worthy placement for the tending.

Yes, you must live, work and participate in the physical world just as it is presented unto you--will it be better for having had you pass the way? These are points which must be confronted by all and each across the planet and I believe you know that there are many other placements wherein God and Hosts are now welcomed with open, desiring arms and hearts. It is sad when ones are gifted and the gift destroyed, battered and found unacceptable.

Dharma, allow us to go on with the outlay of the information regarding the Soviet Union so that your brothers can glean truth in presentation. At this time the facts are hidden behind the distractors of the Elite while your nation is betrayed on other fronts in full intent.


A point you ones are missing, and one which I made months ago is that which is continuing to go on in Panama with massive narcotic traffic. You don’t have to listen to me to hear it--listen to what they are telling you at the Noriega trial while a deliberately programmed woman defiles truth regarding Thomas. This is a simple little projection of very simple brain programming which is done every day of your lives from UFO sightings and abductions to what you just witnessed. Anything can be placed into an open data system and it is nothing to pass a lie detector test even by the most adept performer of the testing equipment. If the mind is given to BELIEVE that which is projected--it is factual to the individual involved. The enemy (adversary) simply knows how to use the tool for instant purpose and look at the rest of you--miss the point of the entire scenario while you effort to see WHO is lying when neither is lying--only falsely programmed to fit a need of the manipulators and you all fall into the trap-pit. Are ye not overwhelmed with pride and joy as you witness one Ted Kennedy sitting in judgment of a fine black man who reflects the finest of his race? Is not that image presented on your screens disgusting to your very senses? Or, did you watch the ballgame? Where is your interest in your own survival?

Back to the cover-up called “Watch Tower”. This was outlined in the late 1970s. Well, right now, this is about to blast off the lid in the Noriega trial. For months a massive effort has been thrust forth to hide facts of this operation by buyoffs of informers, etc. But you see, the Elite want to now pull down Bush and it will get ugly beyond your comprehension for Bush CAN’T PLAY BALL AS HIS HANDS ARE PRETTY WELL TIED BY THE OPPOSITION--A VERY BAD SITUATION FOR ANYONE, DEAD OR ALIVE.

In February of 1976 there was an operation (mission) “Watch Tower”. Thirty high-performance aircraft landed safely at Albrook Air Station. The cargo flown from Columbia into Panama was cocaine! The cover-up has been massive in effort to cover-up the U.S. and ISRAELI MOSSAD involvement in drug trafficking through Panama--and it continues to take place right now and right under the noses of the Establishment news media at the trial of former Panamanian strong-man Manuel Antonio Noriega in your Federal court in Miami, Florida, USA.

Watch Tower” is an operation directed by the CIA using Army Special Forces operations that established three electronic radio beacon towers extending from Bogota, Colombia, (yes, for you readers who have inquiring minds--I wrote about this in detail some months past but I must repeat some things for new readers, so please be kind), northeastward to the border of Panama. Once the “Watch Tower” special action teams (SATs) were in place, the beacons were activated to emit radio signals that aircraft, carrying drugs, fixed on in order to fly undetected from Bogota to Albrook Air Station in Panama.

Oops! On September 24 (1991), Noriegas attorney attempted to introduce as evidence in the case a photograph taken in December, 1983 at a meeting in Panama between Noriega and then Vice President George Bush. HOWEVER, THE PHOTOGRAPH WAS REJECTED AS EVIDENCE BY JUDGE WILLIAM M. HOEVELER.

As questioning was underway regarding the pictures, etc., Judge Hoeveler refused to allow the attorney, Rubino, to continue questioning.


Col. Edward Cutolo, who was within the mission, wrote an affidavit and it was made public in March, 1980 because he expected to be killed. Surely enough, Col. Cutolo was killed in an “accident” during NATO maneuvers.

In his affidavit, Cutolo stated: “During the February, 1976, “Watch Tower” mission, 30 high-performance aircraft landed safely at Albrook Air Station where the planes were met by Col. Tony Noriega, who is a Panama Defense Force officer currently assigned to the Customs and Intelligence Section. Noriega normally was in the company of other PDF officers known to me as Major Diaz, MAJOR LUIS DEL SID (who is testifying AGAINST Noriega after payoff by CIA) and Maj. Ramirez. Also present at most of the arrivals was a CIA agent (name deleted for protection) and an unidentified male Israeli national.

The male Israeli national was identified and known to members of the 570th Military Intelligence Group in Panama who only specified that this individual had the authority from the U.S. Army Southern Command in Panama to be in the area of operations.”

This Israeli national was Michael HARARI, whom I just recently told you had informed Bush about the death contract put out on him (Bush) by the Israeli Cabinet (Government).

Harari has been very carefully shielded and yet he had revealed that CIA director Stansfield Turner and former CIA Director George Bush are among the VIPs that shield Harari from public view. Boy oh boy, can you not see why your President must have Gates in that slot of head of CIA to keep this thing from blowing you off the map?

Bush personally saw to it that Harari was removed from Panama at the time of the wondrous “invasion” during your Holiday Season (Operation Just Cause), 1989. This was another Bush maneuver to which you all bowed and scraped and hung yellow ribbons about the trees.

Harari was caught in Panama when U.S. forces invaded Panama and immediately the Mossad chieftain was brought into security and flown secretly from the Tocuman Air Terminal in an Israeli-marked C-130 (U.S.) AFTER the U.S. military had taken over the airport.

Harari went directly to Israel.


Right on Soviet “cue” the bunch of traitors has left America totally naked to attack. With one surprise stroke Dictator/King George dismantled much of the formidable defense establishment it took the U.S. half a century to build. He did this without consulting the Congress, let alone the wishes of the American public. No one seemed to notice nor give a damn. Only that tiny handful of traitors who are his advisors were in on the secret up until Bush unveiled his unilateral disarmament scheme on national television September 27 (1991).

Shortly before his Friday night coup the President telephoned several European heads of state and, of course, Mikhail Gorbachev, his Soviet counterpart, and Boris Yeltsin, (which should tell you directly from whom came the orders for such a thing).

Bush made it clear he was acting once again in quest of the “New World Order” and so stated same. He was careful not to use the same “phrase” for the actual phrase was first invented by President Wilson and his Marxist advisor, Edward Mandell House, as they took the United States into World War I.

This fits right in with the series of writings on the Soviet Union now under way in this paper.


1. Destruction of the entire U.S. arsenal of short-range tactical nuclear weapons deployed primarily in Europe.

2. Elimination from U.S. Navy attack submarines and surface ships of all nuclear weapons, including nuclear cruise missiles.

3. Removal of all U.S. strategic bombers from alert status and stripping them of their nuclear weapons which are being placed in storage.

4. Terminate plan to deploy MXICBM missiles on railroad mobile launchers (where they already are).

5. Stand down from alert all ICBMs scheduled for deactivation under the START treaty signed by Bush and Gorbachev at the Moscow summit in July.

6. End the mobile Minuteman missile program.

The worst part of this is that you have no way of actually knowing how long these plans have been unfolding for the false coup in the Soviet Union was only another step in the plan.

Note that these cuts have come on the heels of other sweeping cuts in the U.S. Armed Forces, which includes scores of base closings and renovation for (holding/incarceration facilities for “troublemakers”--to “relieve the prison/correctional congestion”). This also includes moth-balling of some 100 Navy ships and shutdowns of major Navy yards plus sharp reduction of American military personnel. Moreover, Cheney has revealed that well over 70,000 civilian jobs are being eliminated by the Department of Defense in an already over devastated employment scourge.

Beyond these devastating cuts and Bush’s destructive new slashes in the U.S. strategic forces, the President pledged a dangerous acceleration of the START provisions.

Rather than waiting for the treatys reduction plan to run its full seven-year course, “We will accelerate elimination of these (ICBM) systems once START is ratified,” he promised in his TV speech.

Meanwhile, the Soviets continue monumental building up and shifting of massive numbers of military equipment into shelter behind the Ural mountains.

While the Soviets continue to increase the massive magnitude of their Space weaponry you have just admitted that you have NONE. Your own Defense Intelligence Agency person, Thomas Krebs, stated over a year past: “The Soviets have deployed 50 killer satellites capable of sweeping every U.S. and NATO military satellite from the sky in a single week.” And that doesn’t even take into account the thousands upon thousands of Cosmosphere platforms already out there.

You are in such massively unprotected state, dear ones, that it has no matter whatsoever to you as to what actually has happened again at Chernobyl. You are wide open and overdue direct and immediate attack and you still believe the good old “government” is going to raise the bugle and ride to your rescue--THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE YOUR ENEMIES. Every nation involved in this massive buildup of destruction, including Israel, has massive and individual underground security bunkers for the population--YOU HAVE NOTHING! AND MOREOVER YOU SEE THE DIRECT ATTACK BY THE KHAZARIAN ISRAELI FACTION IN OPEN FORUM IN YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Dear ones, Sen. Biden who chairs the committee hearing for confirmation of Thomas is ONE OF THE LEADING PRO-ISRAEL FIRST LEADERS. You are watching the direct attack through and by the Israeli special interest groups and massive input by the Israeli Lobby into the direct act of destroying your Constitutional form of government and everything else that is “freedom” in your nation and you twitter over the “naughty” words utilized. Oh, brothers, your nation is sick unto death and you cannot seem to see.

Let us continue with the Soviet outlay.


Since 1917 the communists have hated nationalism and nationalists who stand for strong national entities as opposed to the international order sought by the communists. According to the socialist-communist ideology, nationalism hinders the development of socialism and eventually communism, and is counter-internationalist. From the ‘60s to the ‘80s, nationalists in the Baltic States, Byelorussia and Ukraine have been under incessant attack by the communists.

However, with glasnost/perestroika, the situation seemingly changed. National symbols such as flags and other objects were suddenly allowed. Literally overnight, people turned to the old national emblems, parading them in front of the communists as if they had won the battle for national survival. The nationalists in the Baltics and other republics exposed themselves and left no doubt as to who they were. This bringing potential enemies to the surface was the main goal of the CPSU. Over the past few years, the Soviets have allowed nationalist opposition to emerge, and have then turned around and infiltrated it, financed it, and taken it over. The Soviets are masters at creating or taking over their own opposition and it works in the “fooling fields” every time. They did this very same thing with Solidarity in Poland, the New Salvation Front in Romania, and with Shevardnadze and Yeltsin in the USSR. Much more advantageous than destroying their opposition is to create or co-opt it so they can use it for their own purposes--just the same as what is happening to you in massive sweeps daily in your own countries of the so-called “free-world”.

You hear a great deal about the “hardliners” versus the “reformers”, or the “conservatives” versus the “liberals”. Western leaders, like Bush, and the Western media describe the “hardliners” (conservatives) as unrepentant communist hawks, (such as the “gang of eight of the coup”); and the “reformers (liberals) as lovers of freedom, democracy and free markets. That includes Gorbachev, Shevardnadze and Yeltsin as the “three musketeers”.

In reality, both groups are hardcore Marxist-Leninist communists/socialists. They are hellset on Soviet world domination or conquest. They simply disagree on the most advantageous method for your destruction. The “hardliners” would bludgeon you to death with an ironclad fist; the “reformers” would strangle you with a velvet glove--the result is the same--YOUR DESTRUCTION. The quarrel between the so-called conservatives and liberals is over methodology--not results or the final outcome. The reformers believe you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar and certainly you find all of you eating of the honey--while expecting to be whisked to higher streets of honey and milk right after a wild ride aboard a fluffy cloud.

Gorbachev is widely described as a reformer, a liberal, and a lover of democracy. And yet, in Dec. ‘89, he said: “I am a communist, a convinced communist. For some that may be a fantasy. But for me, it is my main goal.” He even repeated this following the “coup”, on television for all the world to see and hear!!! He had already said, in 1987: “In our work and worries, we are motivated by those Leninist ideals and noble endeavors and goals which mobilized the workers of Russia seven decades ago to fight for the new and happy world of socialism. Perestroika is a continuation of the October Revolution.”

That same nice Mr. Gorbachev, described to the West as a lover of democracy and freedom, said in November of 1987: “We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall NEVER TURN OFF THAT ROAD.”

Then in June, 1990, this wonderful “reformer” said: “I am now, just as I’ve always been, a convinced communist. It’s useless to deny the enormous and unique contribution of Marx, Engles and Lenin to the history of social thought and to modern civilization as a whole.

Gorbachev, Shevardnadze, Yeltsin, and the reform wing of the CPSU are dedicated communists; they hate the American and other Western “imperialists”, and they still believe in the inevitability of the communist conquest of the world, but they believe a different strategy is presently needed for success. They desire to discard the old strategy of “hardline” as a method of confrontation, divide and conquer, making enemies and instead, adopt a strategy of cooperation, of embracing the West, making the West friendly to the socialist world, and eventually they intend, through subtlety, deception, infiltration, subversion and manipulation, to “absorb” the West. Western Europe will be the first to be so totally absorbed while you in America are still being massaged, wined and dined into alignment.

The reformers want to incorporate their new thinking into the world thinking process in order to ultimately control world politics. They want the economy of the world to be integrated with the economy of the Soviet Union. They fully plan to take over the world the way the AIDS virus takes over the body--slowly, subtly, surreptitiously and irreversibly.

It is important for the West to understand that Gorbachev, Shevardnadze and Yeltsin (the reformers) are just as dangerous enemies to your survival as that “gang of eight” (the hardliners). In fact, these “reformers” are far more dangerous because they have caused you of the West to take down the barriers through lowering its threat perception.

Dear old Brutus did the same to Julius just before he stabbed him, i.e., Better the enemy you can see and defend against than the enemy who comes to you as a friend. How many come unto even mine own placement and project thineselves as “friends” and then stab me in the backsides as well as the back of my servants!?!

These “reformers” will tell you what you want to hear--they will talk about democracy, free elections, free markets, multiparty systems, freedom, independence, religious piety, humanitarian intent and thus and so--while giving these very words their own Marxist-Leninist evil twist or meaning. If you are strangled by the hand in the velvet glove and the golden cord instead of being bludgeoned by the iron fist--YOU ARE JUST AS DEAD!

Let us have a rest break please. Thank you, Hatonn to stand-by.



TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1991 9:22 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 060


In the wondrous beauty of this gifted day, I am Gyeorgos. Does this make me different from Hatonn? I thought you might get my point. A rose by any name is a rose. But if it makes you feel better for identification, so be it. I am just your old friend, or enemy, George! Ones doubt my validity as through this scribe any longer? Come now--does TRUTH hurt your feelings so very much? You have denied God since your creation--it matters not what your conscious opinion might be.

You are not sure of what you think of “Hatonn”? Who cares? Does Hatonn bring TRUTH or lies??? Better check on this one most carefully! I further suggest that no one make a statement until you have studied ALL of the material given unto you through this route of friends. Your problem is not whether or not we are somehow REAL or ILLUSION--IS THE WORD NOT CORRECT? Squirm all you like for I believe you will find that the false teachers are falling one following another (of erroneous religions) and this WORD stands strong and valid. It is the WORD to consider and not that which brings the WORD. If evil Chief Adversary brings the word and it be truth then take that truth and use it wisely for Truth will stand on its own merit into infinity--that of the physical projection passes very, very quickly away.

Because my scribe has two major “court” sessions regarding the property tomorrow and Thursday, I must move on quickly so that the paper will not be delayed. Since all things going on at present in your public domain are relevant then I shall effort to get as much to you as quickly as possible. I appreciate my brothers who are also sharing in the incidental truth of cover-ups for it is through those routes that you have confirmation. Blessed are ones who risk it ALL in these days in order to reclaim that which is your heritage. Blessings, indeed, are given unto them. And to those who work endless hours to see to it that the word goes forth--there are no words worthy of our appreciation.

The “court” situation will merit much writing with which you will need to become totally familiar for we are now going to start blocking the “Admiral” on the bench and the adversary from the pit. Will we win? How can we further lose? It is most difficult to change a pattern so set and tried. What we do is move jurisdiction before we capitulate--it is still a Constitutional right because a “Federal” representative is among the fray. That is how Mr. Horn got jurisdiction moved to Federal Court in Washington D.C. in the first place--so I believe this is a game for the “Big Boys”! What have you to lose? A house? Come now--no house is worth a tinkers damn when you align it alongside your “freedom” under the Constitution--NONE.

The point will be to effort to simply kill the Ekkers--Oberli, it is already attempted for the problems with the axles and wheels of the coach are not accidental. I allowed you to find this out on your own for I knew I could move with you and protect through warning via the gas line. I’m sorry, brothers, but the game gets more and more rough and deadly so please do not take reckless activities. God travels with you but YOU MUST HEAR HIS CALL. So be it. I sincerely hope that all interested parties simply go with you to the 8:30 A.M. hearing on the morrow, most especially the paralegals--it is worth the cost of overnight facilities for a day or so, please. See if Mitch and Dave can join you, I also ask that Ed (Father) attend in uniform but I ask that you and Dharma travel alone for I wish no one else in jeopardy, please. As many as wish to attend court may feel free to go--it is a time of standing forth with your hand and foot to the “square” even if it annoys the judge in point. He should not have trouble with such an arrangement if he is honest and judicially “just”. If he is not--then it matters not.

If ones cannot come, then it is fine for there will be greater opportunities to serve later--BUT, you are going to need to have all these paralegals having observations and training if you intend to ever get your system turned about. So be it, I leave it in your hands. Work it out however you see fit as the scenario unfolds, for in this case to “lose” and have that inspection is the most beneficial course at any rate. As they push harder and harder against your rights, the deeper the mire which is noted publicly. However, Horn can plant anything he can carry on his outside person and that includes the worst of all, drugs and/or micro-chips and/or dots. Peace in the Light of Radiance, Hatonn present.


You are being told that the USSR is collapsing. That is NOT true. It is being disbanded by the Soviet leadership in favor of a new, updated, cleaned-out federation (union) to be called the UNION of Soviet SOVEREIGN Republics. This restructuring (not disintegration) of the USSR, unlike the Western controlled media and the Soviet disinformation sources tell you, has been on the drawing boards since long, long before Gorbachev came to power. The USSR has been referred to by those ones as “the Empire” and the immediate change and purge has been in active, up-front readying since the 1970s.

The leaders of the Soviet Union at that time began to realize that the present form of the Soviet Empire was archaic, inefficient, and counter-productive to further global expansion, except in remote areas of the world not contiguous to the USSR. In one sense, the Western policy of “containment” and the advent of NATO in the 1950s had been reasonably successful in restricting the USSR’s European growth beyond Eastern Europe and the Soviet Republics. Just as slavery in the old American South had become unprofitable, not productive and uneconomical before the U.S. Civil War, so the Soviet Empire was seen over a decade ago to need deep reform in its imperial structure.

Keep in mind Lenin’s admonition: “We advance through retreat.” The apparent demise of the Soviet Empire will speed the dismantling of NATO (you see it daily in operation); Western Europe’s and America’s military structures will be dismembered in the new “era of peace, death of communism, end of the Cold War and collapse of the evil empire;” and the USSR’s long-term goal of the neutralization of their western flank--preparatory to the absorption of Western Europe, politically, economically and militarily, will have been accomplished.

For you ones who inquire about the rockets just blasted off within the past few days from the U.S.: It is one more futile attempt to make inroads into space but you are not allowed a foot in the door even with satellites (unless the Soviets also desire to utilize them), for the point will be to cause you to have to use theirs. You are very definitely witnessing the tearing down of your technology front and the closing down of those industries which could cause affront to the USSR. Your industries are moving out and away from the U.S. and into placement to be taken over entirely and merged with the Soviets under the guise of the Global Government through the U.N. The only point left then will be breaking the backs of the American citizenry and you are already all but helpless. When they confiscate your guns you will know it is over. It will never be allowed to be shown to you exactly what happened because they do not want rebellion--only submission. They have WON the PHYSICAL WAR, brothers--WILL THEY WIN THE SPIRITUAL WAR ALSO? WILL THE LAMP OF FREEDOM BE TOTALLY EXTINGUISHED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH? SO BE IT.

It is essential that, as the New Federation replaces the old union, the new be seen to be made up of sovereign, independent states, democratically oriented, with multi-party political systems and free market economies. That will be the perception, as it is today in Poland, Romania, Nicaragua, etc., but it will NOT be the REALITY. The rhetoric will be “free-market” and “democratic”, as it is in the Soviet Union this day. But the REALITY is that the Soviet military and the KGB, by whatever new names they choose, through a series of treaties with, infiltration and subversion OF, and economic pressure ON the so-called “sovereign independent republics” will continue to maintain control of those republics absolutely.

You continually fail to witness the great design underlying the Soviets (Moscows) new imperial policy. This refusal to see leads to the misunderstanding of the Soviet European policy, because, since the launching of this so-called perestroika, Moscows European policy has become a continuation of Moscows great imperial design.

It is most essential for you to realize this type of strategy. For Moscow, the saving of the empire rests more and more on the domination of the international community. When Moscows influence (the Kremlin), or even the domination of leadership on Europe is fully established, the Baltics quest for independence will be irrelevant, or at least seem so.

The political Elite saw the need for restructuring and reorganizing the imperial empire well over a decade ago but the process was delayed for various reasons, until now. The real conflict between the reformers and the hardliners is explained through this knowledge. You must understand that they are not only efforting to purge, reorganize and restructure the Communist Party and Soviet system in order to save and strengthen it, but the entire empire as well. This is also essential to bring, through seduction, Western Europe into integration and merger with the new “democratic” Soviet Federation. This is simply a “con game” with sophistication and complication which simulates a Robert Redford/Paul Newman plot. The Soviets are the games champions (mental--i.e., chess) of the world and are well indoctrinated in the intent of world domination.

The upheaval in the Soviet Empire is simply the next step to arranging an all-European integration. This was outlined and pointed out in CPSU Congresses by Gorbachev since coming to power in 1985: “This is possible only with a radical change of both West-European and East-European political systems. All-European integration is conceivable only if an homogenization of the political structures of East and West takes place.”

You are now seeing the merger theory in a European context FIRST, then globally--including the U.S. You will witness the European integration and yielding of individual sovereignty to the European superstate within 1992 under Euro-socialists in Brussels whereby the European countries will merge.

In order to achieve this hegemony over the political processes in Europe, there had to be a legitimation (democratic in nature) of the Soviet Empire with the ratification of a new Union treaty by so-called “elected” parliaments. This had to be accomplished, for without this “democratic legitimation” of the Soviet Empire, the building of a “European home” would be unthinkable and could not be accomplished.


It is good to study the proceedings and speeches of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and others of the leaders in the Congresses of the CP of the Soviet Union in 1981, ”86, and ”90. One can then see that they have been talking about and planning for the New Federation since at least 1981.

I am given information that the Eurasia Research Group, 2460 South University Blvd., Denver, CO 80210, has translated, analyzed and published these speeches and proceedings of these Congresses as well as books, publications and other materials over the past several years in a series of Pantalogues which are made available to research groups throughout the free world who wish to do further study on current developments in the USSR. Subscription rate is about $100/year for monthly issues. This is excellent information and comes directly from Soviet publications, etc. I will not ask my scribe to bother with the information for I only wish to hit these topics and you are the ones to glean the meat from the material. Mine is to call attention, give information and you will find your own confirmation, for my scribe is not here to spoon-feed a population of sleepy dreamers. I greatly honor those who bring Truth to you through their newsletters and other resources; I do not need to duplicate such. I find that the prime information and confirmations of what is actually “what” comes from the works of McAlvany and Coleman. These ones consistently print TRUTH and are given into great INSIGHT! I do not totally agree with the perceptions of investments or just where the economy is moving. That has nothing to do with TRUTH OF THE WORLD CIRCUMSTANCE, WHY AND HOW IT HAS COME TO DEVELOP AS IT HAS.


The New Federation or union will include some elements in regards to the current 15 Soviet republics which are as follows:

* Under the new union, each republic will seem to have more independence at the cultural and economic level, and will “appear” to be an independent multi-party democracy at the political level, and will still be under the military influence or domination of the Soviet Union at the military level. The so-called “sovereign” republics will “seem” to be more free and more independent than they are.

* Each of the 15 Republics will have a vote in the UN whereas only the USSR, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia have had votes since its inception. So you will have potentially 12 additional votes AGAINST America in the United Nations.

* The huge Russian Republic, now under Yeltsin, will have more power in the new arrangement and will appear more like Germany during your World War II. It will dominate the New Soviet Federation. In the early stages of the New Soviet Federation the Russian Republic will actually be portrayed as equal to the other republics. This is a very large charade to fool all of you people all of the time.

* This New Federation will be established as it appears that the present Soviet Union is dissolved. This New Union will be called the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics.

* The republics will be made to look independent and sovereign, will talk about and actually move to a more free-market economy and appear to have much more freedom. They will be totally contained and controlled by the same military and security service of the KGB by whatever name.

Treaties between the USSR and many of the republics, tying them right back to the Soviets, are being signed as we write or are already consummated. As per Lenin: “A treaty is a means for gaining strength.” For instance, the Ukrainian leadership declared independence and immediately turned around and signed a TREATY OF MILITARY AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION WITH RUSSIA. In other words--they seemingly withdrew only to come immediately back under the New Federation. This is “fake” “sovereignty”. In fact, recently the Ukrainian parliament “reformers” were recognized as a group of phonies who actually support the Communists. This will be the pattern for all republics.

* The “sovereign, independent” republics will be allowed to have so-called armies. What a laugh for these will be tiny little insignificant forces under total domination by the massive Russian military. These will function like little militias on the local scale to enforce the orders of the bigger war-lords.

There will be much chattering about multi-party democracy but most of these parties will be simply Marxist-Leninist with new labels, controlled and manipulated by the KGB.

* The sovereign republics will have more freedom on the surface, but will still be imprisoned within the Soviet walls. “Sovereignty” is only semantics and at any point it has no meaning relative to that which it means to you. To them, at its best, it only means PARTIAL independence and always has meant this. There will be total infiltration and subversion within the Republics and this will insure rejoining, for the economic pressures will also continue to be great.


The plans are for great expansion of the New Federation beyond the existing borders of the USSR.

The New Soviet Federation is designed to pull Eastern Europe into the Union. This will be accomplished by a series of economic and military treaties already under way. Note that Israel is ready to “sign a treaty” with the USSR right now, as are other nations such as Germany, etc. Soviet influence in the former East European satellite countries is still very strong. Consider, for instance, Romania which is a country of some 24 million people, all save 4 million adults are communist by label. The ruling party, the New Salvation Front, is communist and the secret police of some 49,000 members, is communist--therefore, is it not reasonable to say that the Communist Party controls Romania?

The New Soviet Federation is designed to eventually encompass Eastern Europe and “eventually” means within the next couple of years. ALL by no later than being operational by year 2000. This will encompass, in addition to the USSR and Eastern Europe, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, a United Korea, and the Peoples Republic of China along with Afghanistan, etc., So note that the grand design of the Soviet strategists is in giving up the present antiquated, stagnant empire, and the outdated ineffective Warsaw Pact, to pull together a far greater voluntary Marxist-Leninist dominated federation encompassing over a billion and a half people. This shows “advancement through seeming retreat”.

Another group of countries in the region of the Indian Ocean Rim will be brought into the New Soviet Federation a bit later. Those will include Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

The most important part of the New Federation is to get the other socialist countries to join. The goal is like your IRS system, voluntary--voluntary membership under communism or Marxism-Leninism (“Social Democracy”, if the word “communism” is abolished, which is planned). The cement which will ultimately bind together the pieces of the New Federation is ECONOMICS and SOCIALIST IDEOLOGY. SOVIET MILITARY POWER WILL ALSO INSURE THAT THE UNITY IS ESTABLISHED AND MAINTAINED.

The adversary never sets timetables into concrete for that would place them at disadvantage by giving warning through activities expected. You can, however, tell by that which is currently transpiring that much of the New Federation’s internal restructuring will be accomplished and workable within the next couple of years on the outside. The external expansion of the New Federation will be far advanced within this dwindling decade and the fait accompli within a mere three to four years. Your government is in full integration and working stride with them. Now, tell me who is the traitor and treasonist in the equation of your beloved nation--we who effort to awaken you or those who have betrayed your wondrous nation and you-the-people?

In the Soviet Union, dear ones, “capitalism” is NOT defined as peace, democracy and social progress. These definitions are sort of stuck out there for your disinformation to mislead you into misperception--deliberately. Soviet developments are currently precisely in line with the reorganization of the country in order for it to achieve a better opportunity for expansion, without the world taking note of the evil outcome.

It was stated at the 1990 twenty-fifth Congress: “...the USSR is in a transition from a unitary state to a friendship of nations.” This friendship of nations will comprise hundreds of millions of people not now in the Soviet Union and a greater number of nations also not now in the USSR. You are witnesses today of the birth of a new socialist-communist conglomerate which will be far more potent economically, politically, and militarily than the Soviet Union of today. In countries ruled by monarchies, when the King dies, the cry goes up: “The King is dead--long live the king” (this means the new king). So, in the present case it is relevant to say: “The empire is dead--so, long live the empire. This, of course, means the new expanded empire.”

The continuing contest between the East and West is simply a giant game to these manipulators. The ultimate goal of this “match” is to checkmate the king--which is America. But the intermediate goal is to take the queen--which is Western Europe. Once the queen, and perhaps some of her bishops, rooks, or knights have fallen, the king (America) becomes vulnerable. It is only a matter of a little time until you fall. In the meantime, if the Soviet chessmasters have to sacrifice some of their own pawns, rooks, or knights, such as the Baltics and some of the Soviet Republics and a few Eastern European countries, so be it. The present sacrifice is worth the ultimate prize. In this match however, the Soviet chess masters plan to get all, including their own pawns, rooks, bishops and knights, right back.


You can’t seem to understand the situation. Let me quote your own General Colin Powell whom you seem to adore: Even with the START Treaty, you (the Soviets) will have the ability to destroy the U.S. in thirty minutes.-----!

Gorbachev: The effectiveness of our foreign policy is secured by the might of our country, the component part of which is our armed forces.

Even with the political shakeup which is taking place in the Soviet Union, the mammoth Soviet military machine remains intact and virtually unchanged except for its increasing size and strength. The KGB will be moved under the Soviet military command, or so it will appear, which hardly means a diminishing of the role of either organization. The Soviet army continues to have over 5 million men, 250,000 or more Spetznaz commandoes and over 1.5 million KGB soldiers and/or operatives. They still have a five to one conventional military lead over America and a five or six to one strategic nuclear lead over America. They continue to have over 20,000 nuclear warheads targeted on America. If the “hardline” coup had been for real, the Soviet military could have launched those nuclear missiles against America, and you have zero defense against them. You cannot stop even ONE of them regardless of who is in charge--hardliners or reformers!

Let us have a break. I believe if we do another writing this day then the paper will be set and we can turn our attention to other urgent matters. Thank you. Hatonn to clear.



TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1991 2:45 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 060


Since the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union has considered military power as the most important force to protect the gains of socialism. Soviet military forces are educated to conform with the most recent theories of “scientific communism” and their armaments are updated according to the most recent developments of the sciences. Unlike the soldier in Western countries, the Soviet soldier does not serve his country first, but swears and owes his first allegiance to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It may be quite shattering for you Americans to realize that you do not serve your nation either--but rather you honor whatever and whenever the unilateral decision of the President of the U.S. decrees. It has nothing to do with honor, integrity, freedom or nation. You cause your soldiers to commit heinous acts of terror and bloodshed of innocents and call it by false names and missions. I think perhaps the allegiance to the actual truthful evil is more honorable, for to serve evil and proclaim it serving God is unthinkable to higher energy forms. In this latter instance the soldier has no notion of that which he serves. By the way, this same Soviet concept carries right through to the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua or anywhere else on your globe. It has become the “freedom fighter” who no longer fights in the name of God and country but rather serves an Elite hierarchy of politicians, drug dealers and global assassins.

To control and teach the ideology of communism, commissars and political leaders are attached to each military unit. All Soviet men undergo training and serve in the army. The training, aside from martial arts, strategy, and operation of the different types of armaments, involves a heavy dose of political and patriotic education. During World War II (the great patriotic war) all education and propaganda was directed against the Nazis. This was done with full knowledge of the Khazarians who aided and abetted the cause of Hitler in the oppression of the “Judaists” by means of the conduit of the AshkeNAZI so-called “Jews”. Deceit has no bounds my dear ones, when the goal is the “world”. With the “death” of Nazism, the Soviets retrained their sights from German Nazism and Japanese militarism to American imperialism--yes, I said “imperialism”. Unfortunately, in spite of the current flagrant disinformation, you Americans remain enemy number one and the basic education of the Soviet soldier is directed at proving his superiority over the American soldier. This is because in every respect YOU still represent the “Christian” masses and they proclaim themselves “atheists” which by any definition means anti-God/Christ.

Since World War II, the Soviets have had 46 years to develop an incredibly sophisticated, comprehensive, and exhaustive system of political indoctrination. It begins with children at 5 years old and up through young adults both inside and outside of the schools. The two primary organizations for this indoctrination are Komsomol (the Young Communist League) and DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for cooperation with the Army, Air Force and Navy).

While Komsomol is instrumental in political indoctrination, DOSAAF is the most important organization in preparing the Soviet youth for war. Note that you are at further disadvantage for you have no way to know that which is said to or of you in Russian. The Russian student on the other hand is commanded to learn English or he is sorely disciplined--it is a basic part of his training. You, on the other hand, cannot carry on even the briefest informational foreign language. This indicates that the plans can be unfolded in the very front of you in full hearing and you havent the vaguest idea of what is being transmitted any more than you understand the pulses I send to Dharmas receivers. I have literally had complaints that I am a liar because I don’t even get my initials straight in dubbing the organizations. Please, there is nothing wrong with my translation but you had best consider yours.

DOSAAF operates under the Military Division of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, and does the compulsory premilitary training of all young men and women between the ages of 16 and 18. Most of the young population of the Soviet Union retain their membership in DOSAAF. In 1988, DOSAAF’s membership exceeded 107 million people and there are no current numbers but you can be sure it grows by leaps and bounds.

In the Soviet Union, the political education of the entire population, but especially of the army and draft or pre-draft age youth is of paramount importance. It is strongly believed that only a soldier who has been politically indoctrinated is ready to fight and perform heroically in the defense of the Socialist State. Typical of the kind of anti-American political indoctrination, the entire youth of the USSR receive from age 5 to 20 is the following quote from General M.I. Druzhinin, a leader in DOSAAF education: “U.S. imperialism has unleashed a previously unheard of arms race. It insolently rattles with the most barbaric arms of mass destruction. It aspires to squash, with its power, liberation movements and peoples fighting for peace. It threatens to drag humanity into a destructive conflagration of nuclear war. It is capable of burning to ashes the entire civilization on our planet…..

It is not in vain that the Soviet Armed Forces are not only the proven sentinel of our Motherland, they are also the guarantors of peace on earth. Were our army and navy not as mighty as they are, were they not in possession of such a fighting potential representing in themselves a perfect mixture of high technology, military mastership and invincible moral spirit, the reactionary imperialist circles, especially the United States of America, would have long ago attempted to perform aggression against the Soviet Union and other socialist countries in order to realize their black reverie--the destruction of socialism as a political system.

Now it is common knowledge that in the immediate past American presidents have approved plans of nuclear attacks on our Motherland, and not just once or twice. These plans have had code names, “Trojan”, “Dropshot”, etc. Only the Soviet soldiers mighty power of retaliation and the readiness to answer the aggressors blow with a destructive blow, have torn apart their fanatic plans.

I really wish I could say that the latter paragraph is untrue--it is not only true, it has been attempted right through this very month in this, your year 1991. Can you not just picture that which would happen in the U.S. if this should ever get off the ground through your insane leaders? Well, they tried again to launch sensor satellites this very week--ask NASA! See what they say in Houston, Texas!!!

Recently, the trend to inject more political ideology into the armed forces has become even stronger. The reason given is the crystallization of “extremely complicated conditions of acute antagonism between the two social systems--imperialism and socialism.” This preceding quote is from Oleg A. Belkov in his book: READY TO DEFEND THE MOTHERLAND. And so too, the following: “Future historians will be amazed to find that, to guarantee the chance of victory, the responsible individuals were counting the number of present communists in the army with more diligence than the number of machine guns and pieces of artillery.” In other words, political indoctrination is more important than are weapons and, dear ones, this is fact. Through the use of “psychopolitics” the deceivers will win.

You have just seen “psychopolitics” at work in its fine fettle. You witnessed an accuser testify before a Congressional hearing and through the programming by the system described in our projections regarding “PSYCHOPOLITICS” (Soviet Brainwashing but not restricted to the Soviets for there is also much now written about the same use in the United States). Reprogramming in, especially, a warm and receptive party is simple to disgustingly simple. A good hypnotherapist could get the same results, for a “qualified and well-taught hypnotherapist” knows how to do it, where to go in the memory files of the “client” and what to program within it which is relative to the “fantasy” tendencies of the individual. The portions presented on live cameras were excerpts taken from several revelation books such as THE EXORCIST and other bits and pieces from testimony and accusations of others who had studied typical descriptions of stereotypical claims against black men. The scene was pitifully and poorly done and still, no one seemed to take note of the dirty politics and legal (lawyer) insipid indoctrination. In this, of course, I speak of the pitiful accusations of Anita Hill against Judge Thomas. It was not even a well-done projection. She was programmed and did a fairly good job had they not utilized material from popular books and studies. But you see, Satanic evil does not need to be very good--he is playing to a wide-open field.

The Soviet military leadership believes war with the American imperialists is inevitable. In their writings they constantly refer to the “inevitable upcoming war”. They believe that only the Soviet Union, with its armed forces, can save the world.

Again, let us look at Druzhinins Soviet view: “As long as imperialism exists with its anti-humane, reactionary, and militarist essence, the danger of military attack on our Motherland remains a fact. In recent years the danger of such aggression has especially grown.(You see, no accepting of a warming “cold war” or ending of the danger.) “We must be fully armed to be able to ward off probable aggression and trustfully guarantee the security of the State. Experience shows that preparation must be started beforehand to solve this problem. We cannot wait for thunder to strike. WE MUST INITIATE, leaning on youth of all ages. We cannot waste time. Such loss is irreplaceable and during war costs a great amount of blood. Take heed, my friends, and make your own conclusions.”

It seems appropriate that you in the West must make your own conclusions also!


A black point, indeed, is another ominous development in Soviet military education and indoctrination. It is the resurrection of the writings, strategies and tactics of Field Marshall Alexander Suvorov, a prominent 18th Century Russian general, military genius and strategist. He was instrumental in the originating of the term “Jew” and set up the deception with the Khazars as lead point. This man wrote a dissertation called something similar to TO CONQUER SCIENCE or SCIENCE TO CONQUER (I believe ‘tis the latter). This has been recently republished, rewritten and is a required text. This is required for the military and hundreds of thousands of copies are widely distributed throughout the Soviet military and political hierarchy. Suvorovs successful tactics of speed, maneuverability, audacious attack, deceit, ambush and false information propaganda are enforced study throughout the USSR. This is comparable to the work of Sun Tsu whose ART OF WAR has been a “bible” for the Soviet military and KGB for many decades. The resurrection of Suvorov in the USSR signals a new and far more aggressive Soviet military strategy than has been seen or known for centuries. This does NOT bode well for a world overseen by nuclear weapons and pulse beams.


Regardless of what you “think” about the Russian/Soviet circumstances, let me share some facts:

In the last three years the Soviets outproduced you in eight major weapons categories and over the six years of Gorbachev, the Soviets outproduced America in nine separate weapons categories.

Gorbachev has just recently, like immediately recently, increased the budgets of the KGB and the Soviet military over 20% increasing to 37% over the next 12 months. The USSR spends over 50% of its GNP on its military/industrial complex. America spends 6% and is dropping now to 4 1/2% and then on down to 3 1/2%. Perhaps Americans love a challenge?

Gorbachev has promised a mass conversion of the USSRs 600 military weapons factories over to consumer goods factories--BUT--only six have even begun the facade of conversion.

The Soviets have placed and still maintain tactical nuclear and chemical weapons in Eastern Germany, where they also still have over 380,000 Soviet troops stationed. They still have a half million troops in Eastern Europe in spite of the supposed independence of that region.

The Soviets at present maintain some 60-70 active divisions and 30 mobilization divisions in the Atlantic-to-the-Urals zone.

The Soviets have now completed 75 deep underground civil defense structures around Moscow--each the size of the Pentagon. These are only recent additions to the massive system of defense and security shelters already in place which could house the population as a whole. YOU HAVE NONE AND NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT WILL EVEN TALK OF IT TO YOU EXCEPT TO SAY THE DANGER IS OVER AND THE COLD WAR IS GONE! Why these new shelters? They KNOW there will be a war and they know you are trying to launch a surprise first strike. Even if you don’t pull off a first strike it is KNOWN that you WILL have a nuclear war and it will be probably within the next short future time sequence.

The Kremlin has just deployed 18 new rail-mobile first strike SS-24 (Iraq has some of these also) missiles and housed them in 1100 yard-long sheds mounted on trains. They are presently moving SS-20 missiles with a 3,000 mile range into your neighboring territory of friendly CUBA!

The Soviets have a whole list of a myriad of new conventional and strategic nuclear developments and deployments which the Soviets are now implementing including a large number of road and rail-mobile, submarine, land and air launched nuclear missiles. These do NOT INCLUDE ANY COSMOSPHERE WEAPONS OR SPACE-STATION WEAPONS.

The Soviet government recently repealed the military draft exemption for over 5,000,000 military age students. These can now be inducted into the Soviet military which would double it from the present 5+ million.

While the Soviet “reformers” are talking peace, cooperation and partnership, their military is continuing a crash expansion and modernization program and is preparing for war in the very near future. They may be talking peace and you may be eating it up but they are moving rapidly and dead-ahead onto an active war footing.


Indeed there is such a plan and your government knows it. In fact, your own “Pentagon” calls the plan RISOP, for Red Integrated Strategic Operations Plan. It covers over 2,500 TARGETS. Chief among the targets (with some measure of priority but not necessarily to be adhered to):

1. One thousand (1,000) Minuteman and MX ICBM silos (they also already have tractor beams on the moving MXs and Minutemen). The train or mobile mounted missiles will be detonated at the onset. One hundred ICBM launch control centers for those silos and another 50 command and control facilities and nuclear weapons storage depots. That makes a total of at least 1,150 “hardened”--that is fortified--weapons facilities targets. These would be hit by at least two and probably three Soviet warheads each. [THIS is why you disarmed your strategic Aircraft--because you overstepped your boundaries in the last first-strike attempt and the Soviets demanded you disarm the strategic flight commands or you were to your ears in deep yogurt. Let me give you further idea about these Soviet strike weapons--remember, they fire and then subsequently are fired MANY scatter nuclear warheads which blanket an area.]

2. About 475 other naval bases, airfields, ports, terminals, military camps, depots, and other military installations associated with nuclear as well as conventional forces are in direct firing line for immediate strike.

3. About 150 industrial facilities that have Defense Department contracts for $1 million a year or more in military hardware. Do you still wonder that the industry is in the midst of massive layoffs?

4. There are about 325 major electric power plants that generate 70% of the nation’s electricity. All major dams will be targeted for early-on destruction.

5. There are over 150 major oil refineries that turn out over 70% of your nation’s petroleum products which will immediately GO. Along with that there are over 200 soft economic communications, transport, chemical and civilian leadership targets.

In the last four categories, many targets are located sufficiently close together so that only one nuclear weapon would be needed to destroy them--that means a VERY BIG PAYLOAD AND A LOT OF SIDE-EFFECTS.

Does your President and his advisors know? Of course, and thusly Mr. Bush is caught in the middle of the biggest pants presser on earth. He is ordered by, and keeps on serving, the King of Evil because he doesn’t have any choice, in reality--at least in HIS reality. He cannot allow you-the-people to know these facts lest you come unglued and blow away the planet through your reaction. The attempt is to bring the nations down in an orderly fashion while simply disarming you to prevent retaliation. You are bested, America, and the game is all but finished.

So why am I here? To bring God’s people into safety and see a remnant through and for that you need minimal, at least, living capability. Does it look bleak? Indeed, indeed!


The next portion I shall take directly from anothers print but it is worthy of commendation and I can only pray that you will allow the information to soak within your minds.

This is from a warning to the people of the free world from a man who is a close friend of one, McAlvany and he has shared this with his Intelligence Advisor readers. We honor him and give credit to this brilliant mind who has seen the inevitable and what it means. This refers to one, Walter Walker, former NATO Commander-in-Chief. He is considered one of the world’s greatest geo-strategic experts, who has written several excellent books on Soviet strategy and tactics (most accurately) and accurately warned in advance about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, for example. The Soviets are preparing for war!!!

Let me quote please:

I consider it my duty, as a former NATO Commander-in-Chief, to tell you of the extremely dangerous threats that lie ahead. It is because I know for certain that we are now in a period of the greatest strategic deception, perhaps in all history, that I feel I should not allow this occasion to pass without warning you of the future that lies ahead in the next decade.

I say most emphatically that the Cold War is NOT yet over, but only in a state of remission. To give you examples: in spite of the number of Soviet citizens still queuing for food, the Soviet Union is continuing to provide arms not only to Iraq, but to the communist regime in Afghanistan and to its satellites, such as Cuba and Libya. Meanwhile more and more money is being poured into the size of the cake they have cut for their own armed forces.

In dealing with Moscow the risks will be more disturbing and much greater. The man in the street has not been told that the Soviet Union is still devoting a vast proportion of its resources to sustain a military machine capable of threatening the West.

As an example, their Navy is engaged at present in a major rebuilding program. It has launched the 65,000 ton Tiblisi--its first major carrier. The Western public is unaware that Gorbachev is launching one new nuclear submarine every six weeks. The aim of this naval build up is to sever the strategic link between America and Europe and to control the waters of the Persian Gulf and the sea lanes around the Horn of Africa. NATO without control of the seas is a nonsense.

Amid all his difficulties, Gorbachev has now increased the Soviet military budget by 37% at the insistence of the Generals and KGB masters. This represents 40% of the country’s GNP. On the same day that he made this increase, our defense Secretary announced that 40,000 British troops, a quarter of the entire British Army, would be axed. A suicidal decision. Furthermore, Western disarmament and technology transfer is what Gorbachev and his hard line military leaders have in their sights. It is this that would make any Grand Bargain with him not mere folly but a Grand Swindle. [Please note that this man is also a British “hero”.]

The Soviet military threat has NOT evaporated. The neutralization of NATO has long been one of the Soviets prime glasnost deception goals. Production of tanks continues unabated, replacing old tanks, and they have also introduced several new helicopters, a huge transporter, a fighter designed to kill other helicopters, and a sophisticated anti-tank helicopter.

Despite the collapse of the Soviet economy--the Kremlin--under pressure from the military--is actually increasing the military budget by $42 billion to more than $160 billion. In contrast, only $7.5 billion is being earmarked for education, and a mere $4.5 billion for health. But even consuming over 40% of their GNP, this amount may not be enough to satisfy the military elite. If there is the risk of economic catastrophe in the Soviet Union, then surely the West should insist that butter must come before guns. Any help from the West must lay down strict conditions, the foremost being true freedom and independence within the Soviet Union and the Balkans.

In spite of the signing of the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty on the 19th of November 1990, the Soviets have already moved about 17,000 tanks plus much more equipment (i.e., 70,000 units in toto) to the other side of the Ural mountains--beyond the geographical area of the Treaty. And some Soviet aircraft from Hungary were repainted in Soviet naval colors, also outside the Treaty.

There has been a lot of talk recently about NATO’s new look. One keeps on reading the words--I quote: NOW THAT THE COLD WAR IS OVER. In light of what I am telling you I say most emphatically that the COLD WAR IS NOT YET OVER, but only in a state of some type of remission. The hard truth is that the dreaded KGB is being strengthened and expanded. Last year the American FBI apprehended over 30 foreign spies, 28 of whom were KGB, a new record. Today the KGB employs one and a half million people and six million informers. And despite the Soviet economic crisis, the KGB has received a 20% increase in its latest budget.

I leave you with the stark fact that unless we stand fast and stop the rot, the demonstrable truth is that contrary to the Kremlins self-serving pose of humility, the Soviet Union is not on the verge of collapse. WESTERN DEFENSE, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS.

I give grateful thanks for this message just shared, to Donald S. McAlvany. I so honor ones such as this man and Dr. John Coleman who place their necks on the block for you ones, for they are continually under direct attack in any manner you can conceive. I hope that you ones support these men in their own news format. McAlvany can be reached via P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071. I ask that we not print John Coleman’s information herein for he can be forwarded information via America West whom he frequently contacts. You precious citizens of the world must realize that you have ones on your place who are informed about this incredible deception whereby you don’t have to simply listen to a space cadet project uncomfortable facts to you. Your world is teetering on TOTAL DESTRUCTION.


Vladimir Lenin said it ALL: “They disarm, we build!”

Krushchev, Jan. 14, 1960: “The Soviets intend to conceal vast ”reserves of missiles and warheads, hiding them in places throughout the expansive Soviet Union where the imperialists could not spot them. Later, they could be launched in a nuclear war.

Soviet Council of Ministers official, 1987: “Perestroika is expressly designed to enhance Soviet military capability and combat readiness.”

The “apparent” disintegration of the Soviet empire is the greatest clue to the level of your trouble which you have had thus far for it is a prime event in “timing”. This is the force which is used by the USSR in causing the U.S. and the European political and military leaders to have to accelerate their own disarmament plans. It is the false face to unilateral disarming or “crying Uncle”. Bush has pulled the U.S. nuclear missiles out of Europe; is withdrawing U.S. tanks, planes, and troops from Europe; is virtually shutting down your tank, submarine and F-16 production lines; is closing 43 U.S. domestic military bases, 79 of America’s European bases, and 535 of the U.S.’s non-European military facilities; has closed your huge air base in the Philippines; is planning to withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea and the Philippines; is cutting U.S. Army troop strength by 350,000 men and the U.S. Marines by 50%, is cutting the overall size of the U.S. military by 25%, over the next few years; and is planning to cut America’s strategic stockpiles of 91 critical war materials by about half.

What does this sound like to you? Who is going to go in there and protect Kuwait now? Who is going to wipe Saddams nose in it as Bush projects? You are dead, America, and don’t seem to know it--Israel and the Russian Khazars have taken your nation while you thought it was God’s little old tribal remnants at work in your government. Woe be unto you, world, for the serpent has struck and you are filled with the venom of death--it just happens to also bear viruses and radioactivity. Blame anyone you wish, it will mean nothing for it is you who will reap the bitter harvest and blame will mean naught.

The U.S. military spending trend is such that the U.S. will be spending only 3.6% of GNP on defense by 1996, the lowest since you were attacked at Pearl Harbor (this is another story I hope all of you will obtain from Dr. Coleman--THE TRUTH OF PEARL HARBOR.) Perhaps he will share it in our own publication for he shares other portions and subjects with us most graciously. I too, have more to write on Jim Jones and “Jonestown” at which time I hope all of you have acquired SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET and are ready for the next portion and how Jim Jones was trained for his role.

The Soviets are, meanwhile, spending 40-50% of their GNP on their military.

Bush and Gorbachev recently signed the START Treaty which is supposed to cut the U.S. and Soviet nuclear arsenals by 30%. But the Soviets massively cheated on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1962--AND SO HAVE YOU; on the ABM Treaty of 1972--AND SO HAVE YOU; on SALT I--AND SO HAVE YOU; on the INF Treaty of 1989--AND SO HAVE YOU; on the conventional Forces in Europe Treaty of 1991 of which they don’t allow YOU to cheat. They will cheat on the new START Treaty as well--BUT YOU WONT BE ABLE TO DO SO. It is called Unilateral disarmament, dear ones.



TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1991 5:38 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 060


For you readers, I must tell you right here, that pages of work have just been destroyed on the computer. I cannot ask that Dharma allow me to recreate entire writing for she has been at this work since early morning and now the day is over. We will not repeat the details of the arms buildup as I had just outlaid for I have done the “numbers” in the writing prior to this. I was into a summary listing of stats and you can please look back into the writing if you wish confirmation or to refresh your memory.


Suffice it to KNOW that America is in grave, grave danger! Bush is under direct blackmail for he is so involved in criminal activities as to preclude him bringing this into the open for if he would do so you would not believe him. Communism is NOT dead, the Cold War is NOT over, peace has NOT arrived and throughout the recent political upheaval in the USSR, the gargantuan Soviet military has not been touched or diminished in any way whatsoever. It still numbers over six and three/quarters million men and growing, including the Army, Air Force, Navy, Internal Police, KGB and Spetznaz. They work hand-in-glove with the Israeli Mossad and are in total communion with the little State to which you have become slave. Ninety percent of the officers of the Red Army and Navy are active, loyal members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union by whatever name they decide to call it, or the Komsomol Communist Youth League; over 80% of all pilots in the Air Force, over 90% of all officers of rocket submarines, 95% of all officers in anti-aircraft and ABM defense, and 100% of the rocket and nuclear forces are Communist Party of the Soviet Union members.

These have all had an incredibly comprehensive and exhaustive system of indoctrination from age 5 into adulthood. Contrary to belief in the West, The Soviet military is highly disciplined, extremely well-trained, very patriotic, heavily indoctrinated with Marxist-Leninist revolutionary doctrine, and is not staffed by the stereotype dumb, cumbersome dunderheads, dullards or puffed up buffoons which most Westerners have been led to believe. They are the most critically trained and terrifying force on your globe--they are trained by the Mossad in conjunction with already superbly trained KGB agents.

The Soviet military spent a full decade training its people and testing weapons, battlefield techniques in Afghanistan--wherein you gave assistance even to building a super highway from the Soviet Union into Afghanistan upon which the military could travel more easily. You also supplied equipment, trucks, etc. It is by far the best armed military in the world and the best trained in history. Its weapons are superb, sophisticated, battlefield functional, and often based on your own U.S. technology--which was GIVEN to them and not stolen or sold. They didn’t need any of your military stuff, however, except to keep up with your most updated equipment so they could always stay a long way out front of your capabilities.

You in America are today at a tremendous psychological disadvantage. Do not ever underestimate your enemies. Yet what do we witness? WE witness most Americans believing what is told to you in the most ridiculous “show and tell” of the generations. You actually believe that the Soviets, their leaders, their KGB and their military are incompetent, bumbling buffoons. This stereotype has been exacerbated by Soviet disinformation and a fully controlled world media--especially yours in America.

Conversely, Americans believe in the wake of Operation Desert Storm--set up for this very purpose--that you are invincible, in spite of the fact that you faced third or fourth rate Soviet weapons, a country the size of the state of Kentucky, and except for Soviet air defenses and a few scattered Scuds, Saddam’s forces NEVER engaged your troops. Is the picture beginning to clear a bit for you now? Why do you think the Soviets were so willing to bow out and not participate? You simply blunder-busted your way into oblivion just as they planned it to be--what a crock!

A very proud, overconfident America now believes that nothing can touch you--certainly not poor bankrupt Soviet Union dunderheads. Well, I have terrible news for you ones--in conjunction with the Israeli Khazarians you are HAD! “Pride goeth before the fall” should be most carefully studied as presented for behavior probabilities. You march onward while laying your arms aside, opening your coffers and doors and now they have all the grain and you are going to even give up your little hand-guns very soon now.

If the Central Committee of the Communist Party or the Soviet military high command should decide that the time to take out the U.S. was appropriate, they could do so immediately and totally--and with very little pain in return from the U.S. either as a second strike or retaliation--THEY CAN TAKE OUT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEFORE IT LEAVES ITS SILOS.


The Soviets are simply purging their deadheads from their system and expanding their power base. I remind you of your own Bible where it warns: “...peace, peace, and there is no peace.” and “For when they say peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.”

Dharma, it has been such a long day, please allow us to close this. I shall discuss some possibilities at a later sitting. Do not expect ones who share this writing to agree with you for all are still entangled in yellow ribbons. I can only offer you God and remind you that we are sent forth as His Hosts in this time of travail. I would pray that you hear in time lest you fall. We can only offer our hand and our wisdom--YOU MUST DO THE REST OR IT SHALL NOT BE DONE! SO BE IT AND SELAH.

Thank you for your attention and may the word give opportunity to awaken and take action with which you can turn your plight about. Good day and God embraces His own.

Hatonn to clear.



WED., OCTOBER 16, 1991 2:56 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 061


Hatonn present to serve. May the Light be given unto the WORD.

As we sit to pen it is with a bit of consternation at not being able to cover everything--at once. I have become much as the “interview show” host who promises to get back to a question or response and can’t seem to keep within the time and space limitations.

We are flooded with inquiries and requests to deal with certain subjects of immediate happening and yes, it would be nice to be able to take each day’s news and tell you the TRUTH behind the statements. Today, for instance, pay attention to Russia and Yeltsin as he talks of currency redistribution, bank closures, etc. Just be aware that whatever they are telling you these days is NOT the way it IS.

In order to allow you to see that cover-ups can be massively stupefying to the senses, I actually need to continue with some of the old cover-ups which have brought you to today. You want to believe that I am incorrect and that the Israeli and Soviet Khazar Ashkenazi so-called “Jews” are not behind the world destruction. They are the “same”, just located conveniently in different geographic locations but you will now see them begin their merging. It is, however, the Sephardi, or “true” Judaists who pay the most dreadful penalties for they know not that they have been so terribly deceived. To realize that your own “so-called” brothers were actually in total working integration with the Nazis, for instance, is almost too much to bear.

In order to move on with seemingly unrelated information in proper sequence for connecting the material I wish to again give you reference to consider. First, the so-called, self-styled “Jews” are not Semitic. THEY DO NOT COME FROM THE TRIBE OF SHEM FROM WHENCE COME THE SEMITES. In order to better clarify and give some implications, let us look at Israel and the Diaspora.


Please do not look at this information as bigoted for I do expect the same respect due any historian. I believe that you can see that facts speak for themselves and you can determine the truth by doing a bit of research through the historical archives.

The facts are that there has been a movement for centuries to gain control of the world. This is apparent in the Protocols, the Talmud and any other Zionists document which has been unchanged to hide the truth. These ones are openly against Christianity which includes any religion which recognizes God goodness and Christ qualifications for goodness. Those Judaists who follow the commandments of God are actually acting in Christness. We are not herein speaking of a “man” with a human label.

In conjunction with the communist/socialist spread and interaction, the people of the Khazarian lineage became that group who now call themselves “Jews” and most Jews who think themselves to be Jews ARE NOT. This would have no notable relationship to the following story about Jonestown and Jim Jones except that the CIA, Mossad, and KGB are all entangled. Remember back to SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET and the story of Jonestown which we gave in that JOURNAL. We will leave that where it began but you should know more about what led up to that incident and why Jones was involved in the first place. We will even leave the nearby Russian missile base out of the scenario for the present for what I wish to show you is HOW a deceit is born, nurtured and comes to pass and how completely can the cover-up become.

To reveal this I need to use an article written by one John Judge called The Black Hole Of Guyana: The Untold Story Of The Jonestown Massacre. I have no reference as to where or when it was first published so I cannot give proper credit for there is no information even as regards to the author. His is a descriptive conclusion correctly drawn in most instances and much work and research went into the document. The references are many but not supplied with the document so I am going to have to simply give credit to Mr. Judge and allow you to research him. The most honorable way to handle this is to ask Dharma to type it as I dictate it from the document for I desire her to experience the information also. She had a great problem dealing with the first revelations given regarding this subject and I wish her to have this information and typing it is the best input available. Any comments I add will be in brackets ([]).



Somewhere in the concrete canyons of New York City a recently formed rock group is using the name Jim Jones and the Suicides. Irreverent and disarming, the name reflects the new trend in punk rock, to take social issues head on. Cynicism about the Jonestown deaths, the social parallels abound in the lyrics of TODAY’S music. The messages are clear because we all know the story.

In fact, people today recognize the name “Jonestown” more than any other event, a full 98% of the population. The television and printed media were filled with the news for more than a year, even though the tale read like something from the National Enquirer tabloid. But despite all the coverage, the reality of Jonestown and the reasons behind the bizarre events remain a mystery. The details have faded from memory for most of us since November 18, 1978, but not the outlines. Think back a moment and youll remember.


A fanatic religious leader in California led a multi-racial community into the jungles of remote Guyana to establish a socialist utopia. The Peoples Temple, his church, was in the heart of San Francisco and drew poor people, social activists, Blacks and Hispanics, young and old. The message was racial harmony and justice, and criticism of the hypocrisy of the world around his followers.

The Temple rose in a vacuum of leadership at the end of an era. The political confrontations of the 60s were almost over, and religious cults and “personal transformation” were on the rise. Those who had preached a similar message on the political soap box were gone, burnt out, discredited, or dead. The counter-culture had apparently degenerated into drugs and violence. Charlie Manson was the only visible image of the period. Suddenly, religion seemed to offer a last hope.

Even before they left for the Jonestown site, the Peoples Temple members were subjects of local scandal in the news. Jim Jones claimed these exposés were attacks on their newly-found religion, and used them as an excuse to move most of the members to Guyana. But disturbing reports continued to surround Jones, and soon came to the attention of congressional members like Leo Ryan. Stories of beatings, kidnapping, sexual abuse and mysterious deaths leaked out in the press. Ryan decided to go to Guyana and investigate the situation for himself. The nightmare began.

Isolated on the tiny airstrip at Port Kaituma, Ryan and several reporters in his group were murdered. Then came the almost unbelievable “White Night”, a mass suicide pact of the Jonestown camp. A community made up mostly of Blacks and women drank cyanide from paper cups of Kool-Aid, adults and children alike died and fell around the main pavilion, Jones himself was shot in the head, an apparent suicide. For days, the body count mounted, from 400 to nearly 1,000. The bodies were flown to the United States and later cremated or buried in mass graves.

Temple member Larry Layton is still facing charges of conspiracy in Ryans murder. Ryan was recently awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor, and was the first Congress member to die in the line of duty.

Pete Hammill called the corpses “all the loose change of the sixties”. The effect was electric. Any alternative to the current system was seen as futile, if not deadly. Protest only led to police riots and political assassination. Alternative life styles and drugs led to “creepy-crawly” communes and violent murders. And religious experiments led to cults and suicide. Social utopias were dreams that turned into nightmares. The television urged us to go back to “The Happy Days” of the apolitical 50’s. The message was, get a job and go back to church. The unyielding nuclear threat generated only nihilism and hopelessness. There was no answer but death, no exit from the grisly future. The new ethic was personal success, aerobics, material consumption, a return to “American values,” and the “moral majority” white Christian world. The official message was clear.


The headlines the day of the massacre read: “Cult Dies in South American Jungle: 400 Die in Mass Suicide, 700 Flee into Jungle.” By all accounts in the press, as well as People’s Temple statements, there were at least 1,100 people at Jonestown. There were 800 adult passports found there, and reports of 300 children (276 found among the dead, and 210 never identified). The headline figures from the first day add to the same number: 1,100. The original body count done by the Guyanese, which was the final count, was given almost a week later by American military authorities as 913. A total of 16 survivors were reported to have returned to the U.S. Where were the others?

At their first press conference, the Americans claimed that the Guyanese “could not count.” These local people had carried out the gruesome job of counting the bodies, and later assisted American troops in the process of poking holes in the flesh lest they explode from the gasses of decay. Then the Americans proposed another theory--they had missed seeing a pile of bodies at the back of the pavilion. The structure was the size of a small house, and they had been at the scene for days. Finally, we were given the official reason for the discrepancy--bodies had fallen on top of other bodies, adults covering children.

It was a simple, if morbid, arithmetic that led to the first suspicions. The 408 bodies discovered at first count would have to be able to cover 505 bodies for a total of 913. In addition, those who first worked on the bodies would have been unlikely to miss bodies lying beneath each other since each body had to be punctured. Eighty-two of the bodies first found were those of children, reducing the number that could have been hidden below others. A search of nearly 150 photographs, aerial and close-up, fails to show even one body lying under another, much less 500.

It seemed the first reports were true, 400 had died, and 700 had fled to the jungle. The American authorities claimed to have searched for people who had escaped but found no evidence of any in the surrounding area. At least a hundred Guyanese troops were among the first to arrive, and they were ordered to search the jungle for survivors. In the area, at the same time, British Black Watch troops were on “training exercises,” with nearly 600 of their best-trained commandos. Soon, American Green Berets were on the site as well. The presence of these soldiers, specially trained in covert killing operations, may explain the increasing numbers of bodies that appeared.

Most of the photographs show the bodies in neat rows, face down. There are few exceptions. Close shots indicate drag marks, as though the bodies were positioned by someone after death. Is it possible that the 700 who fled were rounded up by these troops and brought back to Jonestown and added to the body count?

If so, the bodies would indicate the cause of death. A new word was coined by the media, “suicide-murder.” But which was it? Autopsies and forensic science are a developing art. The detectives of death use a variety of scientific methods and clues to determine how people die, when they expire, and the specific cause of death. Dr. Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown within hours after the massacre. Refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, he accompanied the teams that counted the dead, examined the bodies, and worked to identify the deceased. While the American press screamed about the “Kool-Aid Suicides,” Dr. Mootoo was reaching a much different opinion.

There are certain signs that show the types of poisons that lead to the end of life. Cyanide blocks the messages from the brain to the muscles by changing body chemistry in the central nervous system. Even the “involuntary” functions like breathing and heartbeat get mixed neural signals. It is a painful death, breath coming in spurts. The other muscles spasm, limbs twist and contort. The facial muscles draw back into a deadly grin, called “cyanide rictus.” All these telling signs were absent in the Jonestown dead. Limbs were limp and relaxed, and the few visible faces showed no sign of distortion.

Instead, Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the victims. Others had been shot or strangled. One survivor reported that those who resisted were forced by armed guards. The gun that reportedly shot Jim Jones was lying nearly 200 feet from his body, not a likely suicide weapon. As Chief Medical Examiner, Mootoos testimony to the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown led to their conclusion that all but three of the people were murdered by “persons unknown.” Only two had committed suicide, they said. Several pictures show the gunshot wounds on the bodies as well. The U.S. Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Schuler, said, “No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here.” The forensic doctors who later did autopsies at Dover, Delaware, were never made aware of Dr. Mootoo’s findings.

There are other indications that the Guyanese government participated with American authorities in a cover-up of the real story, despite their own findings. One good example was Guyanese Police Chief Lloyd Barker, who interfered with investigations, helped “recover” 2.5 million for the Guyanese government, and was often the first to officially announce the cover stories relating to suicide, body counts and survivors. Among the first to the scene were the wife of Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Bumham and his Deputy Prime Minister, Ptolemy Reid. They returned from the massacre site with nearly $1 million in cash, gold and jewelry taken from the buildings and from the dead. Inexplicably, one of Bumhams political party secretaries had visited the site of the massacre only hours before it occurred. When Shirley Field Ridley, Guyanese Minister of Information, announced the change in the body count to the shocked Guyanese parliament, she refused to answer further questions. Other representatives began to point a finger of shame at Ridley and the Bumham government, and the local press dubbed the scandal “Templegate”; all accused them of taking a ghoulish payoff. [H: I hope you understand that I shall also have to give you more information on Watergate to flesh out the entire scenario and connections.]

Perhaps more significantly, the Americans brought in 16 huge C-131 cargo planes, but claimed they could only carry 36 caskets in each one. These aircraft can carry tanks, trucks, troops and ammunition all in one load. At the scene, bodies were stripped of identification, including the medical wrist tags visible in many early photos. Dust-off operations during Vietnam clearly demonstrated that the military is capable of moving hundreds of bodies in a short period. Instead, they took nearly a week to bring back the Jonestown dead, bringing in the majority at the end of the period. The corpses, rotting in the heat, made autopsy impossible. At one point, the remains of 183 people arrived in 82 caskets. Although the Guyanese had identified 174 bodies at the site, only 17 (later 46) were tentatively identified at the massive military mortuary in Dover Delaware. [H: If you knew what REALLY goes on at Dover, Delaware you would be so shocked as to be unable to read further. It is absolutely incredible what the government has done and hidden from you-the-people.]

Isolated there, hundreds of miles from their families who might have visited the bodies at a similar mortuary in Oakland that was used during Vietnam, many of the dead were eventually cremated. Press was excluded, and even family members had difficulty getting access to the remains. Officials in New Jersey began to complain that state coroners were excluded, and that the military coroners appointed were illegally performing cremations. One of the top forensic body identification experts, who later was brought in to work on the Iranian raid casualties, was denied repeated requests to assist. In December, the President of the National Association of Medical Examiners complained in an open letter to the U.S. military that they “badly botched” procedures, and that a simple fluid autopsy was never performed at the point of discovery. Decomposition, embalming and cremation made further forensic work impossible. The unorthodox method of identification attempted, to remove the skin from the fingertip and slip it over a gloved finger, would not have stood up in court. The long delay made it impossible to reconstruct the event. As noted, these military doctors were unaware of Dr. Mootoo’s conclusions. Several civilian pathology experts said they “shuddered at the ineptness” of the military, and that their autopsy method was “doing it backwards.” But in official statements, the U.S. attempted to discredit the Guyanese grand jury findings, saying they had uncovered “few facts”.

Guyanese troops, and police who had arrived with American Embassy official Richard Dwyer, also failed to defend Congressman Leo Ryan and others who came to Guyana with him when they were shot down in cold blood at the Port Kaituma airstrip, even though the troops were nearby with machine guns at the ready. Although Temple member Larry Layton has been charged with the murders of Congressman Ryan, Temple defector Patricia Parks, and press reporters Greg Robinson, Don Harris and Bob Brown, he was not in a position to shoot them. Blocked from boarding Ryans twin engine Otter, he had entered another plane nearby. Once inside, he pulled out a gun and wounded two Temple followers before being disarmed. The others were clearly killed by armed men who descended from a tractor trailer at the scene, after opening fire. Witnesses described them as “zombies,” walking mechanically, without emotion, and “looking through you, not at you” as they murdered. Only certain people were killed, and the selection was clearly planned. Certain wounded people, like Ryans aide Jacke Speiers, were not harmed further, but the killers made sure that Ryan and the newsmen were dead. In some cases they shot people, already wounded, directly in the head. These gunmen were never finally identified, and may have been under Laytons command. They may not have been among the Jonestown dead.

At the Jonestown site, survivors described a special group of Jones followers who were allowed to carry weapons and money, and to come and go from the camp. These people were all white, mostly males. They ate better and worked less than the others, and they served as an armed guard to enforce discipline, control labor and restrict movement. Among them were Jones top lieutenants, including George Phillip Blakey. Blakey and others regularly visited Georgetown, Guyana and made trips in their sea-going boat, the Cudjoe. He was privileged to be aboard the boat when the murders occurred. This special armed guard survived the massacre. Many were trained and programmed killers, like the “zombies” who attacked Ryan. Some were used as mercenaries in Africa, and elsewhere. The dead were 90% women, and 80% Blacks. It is unlikely that men armed with guns and modern crossbows would give up control and willingly be injected with poisons. It is much more likely that they forced nearly 400 people to die by injection, and then assisted in the murder of 500 more who attempted to escape. One survivor clearly heard people cheering 45 minutes after the massacre. Despite government claims, they are not accounted for, nor is their location known.

Back in California, People’s Temple members openly admitted that they feared they were targeted by a hit squad, and the Temple was surrounded for some time by local police forces. During that period, two members of the elite guard from Jonestown returned and were allowed into the Temple by police. The survivors who rode to Port Kaituma with Leo Ryan complained when Larry Layton boarded the truck, “Hes not one of us. Rumors also persisted that a “death list” of U.S. officials existed, and some survivors verified this in testimony to the San Francisco Grand Jury. A congressional aide was quoted in the AP wires on May 19, 1979, “There are 120 white, brainwashed assassins out from Jonestown awaiting the trigger word to pick up their hit.”

Other survivors included Mark Lane and Charles Garry, lawyers for People’s Temple who managed to escape the massacre somehow. In addition to the 16 who officially returned with the Ryan party, others managed to reach Georgetown and come back home. However, there have been continuing suspicious murders of those people here. Jeannie and Al Mills, who intended to write a book about Jones, were murdered at home, bound and shot. Some evidence indicates a connection between the Jonestown operation and the murders of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk by police agent Dan White. Another Jonestown survivor was shot near his home in Detroit by unidentified killers. Yet another was involved in a mass murder of school children in Los Angeles. Anyone who survived such massive slaughter must be somewhat suspect. The fact that the press never even spoke about nearly 200 survivors raises serious doubts.


Dharma, allow us to leave this subject for a bit as it is time to take a respite. We will handle this in segments as we can as there are other matters which must be covered also. For instance, I don’t want you ones to think I don’t keep up with old Mr. Kissinger any more--he is alive, well and as criminal as ever. I have lots of surveillance information--even more than he has on Dharma so we will share it at the next sitting. Then we shall take up with WHO WAS JIM JONES? Thank you for your service after a day in court--again. For you readers: the court session went even worse than anticipated with the Judge reinforcing the breaking of all rights of the Ekkers and more fines--$500 this time. He refused to clarify the order and demanded access to the dwelling. I cannot give you details of what will be done for this is the documentation they read to find out our next moves--so be it. The rats got to the cat on the bench and the plague has spread from the corrupt upper-level hierarchy in political places. My, my--you ones DO need a Constitutional Law Center for you have no justice remaining! So be it.

Hatonn to clear, please. Salu.



THURS., OCTOBER 17, 1991 10:22 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 062



The ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL), the Israeli primary Lobby group has struck--this time our own beloved brother and the radio station on which his messages were aired. Representatives of the ADL called in to the radio station in point (I will give you details AFTER the smoke settles for I must command silence of information which can further damage). It is unthinkable that America has come to this insanity. Know, however, that the adversary always stumbles if you allow him to so-do. He devours himself for he is not prepared to respond to “reason”, “TRUTH” and always avoids “Light” like poison. Bring into focus, God of Light and he will run as quickly as his slimy legs will speed him in the other direction. Open discussion is not a part of his activities--lies, deceit and hidden actions behind vile and viperous nature are his inner workings--the face presented is only a mask to deceive the ignorant.

Pay attention, America, for these representatives of the ADL have now made charges against George and announce they will “close down” the radio station which dared air his interview. The speaker for the station said that he not only would air the information in the face of such blatant attack but would have George back this evening to respond. He stated that “I might not longer have a job or a station from which to speak but I WILL SPEAK!” These threats are constant all across the world and all interviewers and stations are warned to stop allowing any presentation of anything of the nature of the JOURNALS or patriots who project the Constitution, to be aired. Even the subject was presented by President Bush regarding the massive Israeli Lobby present in Washington, at your expense, during the postponement of the $10 billion payoff to Israel. You don’t have to believe Hatonn or any other speaker in your nation--your own President said there were more than a thousand Israeli lobbyists in Washington trying to “shoot him down”. Who do you think they are? Where do they come from and what are they about? Since they demand aid to a foreign nation they cannot be in service to you-the-people. Or do you even take note, America? Will you allow the enemy within and too late realize that the enemy was thought to be your best friend? So be it for it appears that this is what has come to be in your blessed nation.

The “charges” are everything given forth as instructions found in the Protocols of Zion and the attack is as given in the Communist Manifesto--right down the numbered lines, headed of course, by the labeling of “anti-Semitism”, cast forth as though it had meaning. It has no meaning for that would mean one is “against himself” and NOT the “Jews”. Impossible, if nothing more, since they (Jews) have nothing whatsoever to do with Semites. These so-called, self-styled “Jews” are not Semites, never were and never shall be. They are Khazarians right out of the lineage of the Rus, Mongol and Nordic mixtures. They have no lineage in fact from any portion of the so-called Holy Lands and in particular, Palestine.

Israel is not a place--“israel” simply means chosen of God. Israel the “state” is NOT chosen of God for the people of any part of this group which moved into Palestine.

In the first place, I am aware of the danger that it may be maliciously misinterpreted as a denial of the State of Israel’s right to exist, this which I project. I care not whether any nation exists but let us clear up a point or two regarding this particular circumstance. The right of “Israel” is NOT based on the hypothetical covenant of Abraham with God; it is based on international law--i.e., on the United Nations decision in 1947 set forth by the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. This mandated the partitioning of Palestine, once a Turkish province, then a British Mandated Territory, into an Arab and a Jewish State. Whatever the Israeli citizens racial origins, and whatever illusions they entertain about them, their State exists de jure and de facto, and cannot be undone, except by genocide. Without entering into controversial issues, one may add, as a matter of historical fact, that the partition of Palestine was the result of a century of peaceful Jewish immigration and pioneering effort, which provide the ethical justification for the State’s legal existence. Whether the chromosomes of this people contain genes of Khazar (which they most certainly do in great measure) or Semitic (which they do not in any measure), Roman or Spanish origin, is irrelevant, and cannot affect Israel’s right to exist--nor the moral obligation of any civilized person, Goyim (Gentile) or Judaist (falsely labeled “Jew” for political reasons in the 18th century). Even the geographical origin of the native Israeli’s parents or grandparents tends to be forgotten in the bubbling racial melting pot. The problem of the Khazarian usurpation of the peoples of the given location in point goes back to long past centuries as they began to spread out from the Russias (Soviet Bloc locations).

Many will state that this is totally irrelevant to modern Israel--no, it is most relevant. Especially is it relevant as it is transposed onto other nations--not to even consider the plight of the Palestinians who have been robbed, persecuted and driven from their homeland--but to countries all over the world and especially to a Constitutional nation for freedom of religion such as America.

Where else in the world do you have a religion representing the same as a “nation”? How is it that all loans, gifts and monies given to Israel by you-the-taxpayers are tax-free to them (even these organizations within your country) because it is stated that these groups are “religious” but--THEY ACT AS A NATION?


Let us look further at this circumstance as regards the area of Palestine. The “Jews” who inhabit it, regardless of their checkered origins, possess the essential requirements of a nation: a country of their own, a common language, government and army. The Jews of the Diaspora (dispersion of the Judaists and Christian Judeans among the Gentiles after the exile), have none of these requirements of nationhood. What sets them apart as a special category from the Gentiles amidst whom they live is their declared religion, whether they practise it or not. Here lies the basic difference between Israelis and Jews of the Diaspora. The former have acquired a national identity; the latter are labelled as “Jews” only by their religion--not by their nationality, not by their race.

This, however, creates a tragic paradox, because the Jewish religion--unlike Christianity as a for instance, Buddhism or Islam--implies membership of a historical nation, a chosen race. All Jewish festivals commemorate events in national history: the exodus from Egypt, the Maccabean revolt, the death of the oppressor Haman, the destruction of the Temple. The Old Testament is first and foremost the narrative of a nation’s history; it gave monotheism to the world, yet its credo is tribal rather than universal. Every prayer and ritual observance proclaims membership of an ancient race, which automatically separates the Jew from the racial and historic past of the people in whose midst he lives. The Jewish faith, as shown by 2000 years of tragic history, is nationally and socially self-segregating. It sets the Jew apart and invites his being set apart. It automatically creates physical and cultural ghettoes. It transformed the Jews of the Diaspora into a pseudo-nation without any of the attributes and privileges of nationhood, held together loosely by a system of traditional beliefs based on racial and historical premises which turn out to be illusory.

Orthodox Jewry is a vanishing minority. Not only is this orthodoxy dying out, most of the Judaists have been set-up and suffered genocide at the hands of the “so-called” and “self-styled” “Jews” integrated into the nations who worked to annihilate them, and claiming (stealing) for themselves the heritage which is NOT theirs nor any portion of theirs to claim.

The main, specifically Jewish literary activity of the Diaspora was theological. Yet Talmud, Cabbala, and the bulky tomes of biblical exegesis are practically unknown to the contemporary Jewish public, although they are, to repeat it once more, the only relics of a specifically Jewish (Judaist) tradition--if that term is to have meaning--during the last two millennia. In other words, whatever came out of the Diaspora is either not specifically Jewish, or not part of a living tradition. The philosophical, scientific and artistic achievements of individual Jews consist in contributions to the culture of their host nations; they do not represent a common cultural inheritance or autonomous body of traditions.

To sum up this subject, the Jews of your day have no cultural tradition in common, merely certain habits and behavior-patterns, derived by social inheritance from the traumatic experience of the ghetto, and from a religion which the majority does not practice or believe in, but which nevertheless confers on them a pseudo-national status.


I have no intention of reprinting, herein, information which took 40 volumes to write. It is up to the public as to how much they wish to save their own nation and society, as to whether or not they will seek information and KNOWLEDGE. I can only give you that which is requested--some information for George to counter the lies and charges against him. The ones who shout the “trash” often do not know any better than the mass of people anywhere that which is decreed to and will cause their own demise.

You who quarrel with the truth of what we might present--look where the resources come from: as in this instance a Rothschild publication. See if, as I list these things, you find the scenario already all but played out.

What I am going to write at this point is from a publication of October 21, 1920 and it was in a publication called La Vieille France--HOWEVER, IT IS A RUSSIAN DOCUMENT IN WHICH THE FOLLOWING PASSAGES OCCUR:

There is a striking analogy between THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION and the discourse of the Rabbi Reichhorn, pronounced in Prague in 1869 over the tomb of the Grand Rabbi Simeon-ben Ihuda, and published by Readcliffe, who paid with his life for the divulgation; Sonol, who had taken Readcliffe to hear Reichhorn was killed in a duel some time afterwards. The general ideas formulated by the Rabbi are found fully developed in the PROTOCOLS.

In its issue of 10 March, 1921 (No. 214) La Vieille France gives the version of this funeral oration which was published in La Russie Juive. It is perfectly clear that the funeral oration and the protocols of the Elders of Zion come from one and the same mint. Both are prophetic and the power which made the prophecies has been able to bring about their fulfillment. This oration is so important that you must relate what has happened in sequence in your world to fully appreciate the fulfillment to the extent which has occurred. There can no longer be any doubt as to whose is the power which is disturbing the world, creating World Unrest, and at the same time reaping all the profits. Jewry is enslaving all Christian peoples and Diasporic Sephardic Judaists of the world. There IS a world plot which is integrated with Soviet desire for domination of the world and also integrated into the very fiber of the New World Order of the Elite Banksters already into the final phases of world domination. The plot stands finally and completely unmasked but still there are the ravings of followers and projectors of the LIES against you-the-people and your Constitutional Rights given to you as a nation, under God. I am going to give you a listing of items and you may see the total integration of the Communist Manifesto, the Cremeiux Manifesto, the Protocols and the epistle emanating from the “Prince of the Jews” in 1489 A.D. I did not write these things, chelas, so it behooves you to take attention and stop your rock slamming--YOUR OWN SURVIVAL IS AT STAKE RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

The following is quoted:

1. Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel, have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy--Christianity. [H: Does this sound like good, sound “Judeo-Christian” heritage and integration to you? It certainly does NOT to me!]

2. This year, united over the tomb of our reverend Simeon-ben-Ihuda, we can state with pride that the past century has brought us very near to our goal, and that this goal will be very soon attained.

3. GOLD always has been and always will be the irresistible power. Handled by expert hands it will always be the most useful lever for those who possess it, and the object of envy for those who do not. With gold we can buy the most rebellious conscience, can fix the rate of all values, the current price of all products, can subsidize all State loans, and thereafter hold the states at our mercy.

4. Already the principal banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all the governments are in our hands.

5. The other great power is THE PRESS. By repeating without cessation certain ideas, the Press succeeds in the end in having them accepted as actualities. The Theatre renders us analogous services. Everywhere the Press and the Theatre obey our order. [H: Do you not see that you have now lost total control over your press and media? This blatant attack against George and the radio station is in point. Where is your own freedom of expression? Where is your freedom, America, of speech, press and media expression?]

6. By the ceaseless praise of DEMOCRATIC RULE we shall divide the Christians into political parties, we shall destroy the unity of their nations; we shall sow discord everywhere. Reduced to impotence, they will bow before the LAW OF OUR BANK, always united, and always devoted to OUR CAUSE.

7. We shall force the Christians into wars by exploiting their pride and their stupidity. They will massacre each other, and clear the ground for us to put our own people onto.

8. The possession of the land has always brought influence and power. In the name of social Justice and Equality we shall parcel out the great estates; we shall give the fragments to the peasants who covet them with all their powers, and who will soon be in debt to us by the expense of cultivating them. Our capital will make us their masters. We in our turn shall become the great proprietors, and the possession of the land will assure the power to us.

9. Let us try to replace the circulation of gold with paper money; our chest will absorb the gold, and we shall regulate the value of the paper which will make us masters of all the positions.

10. We count among us plenty of orators capable of feigning enthusiasm and of persuading mobs. We shall spread them among the people to announce changes which should secure the happiness of the human race. By gold and by flattery we shall gain the proletariat which will charge itself with annihilating Christian capitalism. We shall promise workmen salaries of which they have never dared to dream, but we shall also raise the price of necessities so that our profits will be greater still.

11. In this manner we shall prepare Revolutions which the Christians will make themselves and of which we shall reap the fruit.

12. By our mockeries and our attacks upon them we shall make their priests ridiculous then odious, and their religion as ridiculous and as odious as their clergy. Then we shall be masters of their SOULS. For our pious attachment to our own religion, to our own worship, will prove the superiority of our religion and the superiority of our souls.

13. We have already established our own men in all important positions. We must endeavor to provide the Goyim with lawyers and doctors; the lawyers are au courant with all interests; doctors, once in the house, become confessors and directors of consciences.

14. But above all let us monopolize EDUCATION. By this means we spread ideas that are useful to us, and shape the childrens brains as suits us.

15. If one of our people should unhappily fall into the hands of justice amongst the Christians, we must rush to help HIM; find as many witnesses as he needs to save him from his judges, until we become judges ourselves.

16. The monarchs of the Christian world, swollen with ambition and vanity, surround themselves with luxury and with numerous armies. We shall furnish them with all the money their folly demands, and so shall keep them in leash.

17. Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry Goyim they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of FREE LOVE, that we may destroy among Christian women attachment to the principles and practices of their religion.

18. For ages past the sons of Israel, despised and persecuted, have been working to open up a path to power. They are hitting the mark. THEY CONTROL THE ECONOMIC LIFE OF THE ACCURSED CHRISTIANS; their influence preponderates over politics and over manners.


End Of Quote

I repeat that “Christian” is ALL who are God-following peoples in the sense and characterization of believing in a “higher being”. These so-called, self-styled groups will proclaim loudly that they “believe in god” (that is God with a little “g”). They do not believe in the Holy God of Light/Creator, one with and within Creation. They are humanists, atheists, anti-Christ/God. Always they proclaim to be that which they can use to deceive you and thus, it always does deceive you for you are so busy trying to be non-bigoted that you become fools.

I can only tell you ones that you had best heed these words for the camel is in your tent at this very hour. The time is at hand for the loosing of the Revolution and the enslavement of the world.

Note carefully all the things listed above--do they actually appear to be “Jewish” as you recognize “Jew”, and/or your good neighbor and friend? Of course not! You are dealing with the adversary of God Himself, not the beautiful Sephardic Judaists of your world--the ones whose heritage has been stolen by the adversary.

Proof? My word, children, your world is all but fallen, your nations are in decay and corruption, and you want proof? Where are your eyes and ears? That Soviet/Khazarian/Israeli dragon has all but devoured you. But, I will go a bit of the way with you by quoting from an article which was published in many widespread news-papers about your nation on Oct. 12, 1991: “Sephardic Jews plan 2-day fair. Cultural minority celebrates diversity. Stephanie Brommer, Daily News Staff Writer:

Viewed as a minority within a minority, Sephardic Jews will come together today to celebrate and show off their culture, a blend of Middle Eastern, Turkish, Greek and other communities.

A two-day cultural fair called “The many Faces of Sephardic Jews” will feature concerts and displays from 30 countries and begin a three-day convention at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City.

We have a different culture but the same religion.” Mallel said. “Within our culture, we have other cultures.”

This continues for some lengthy discourse and history but I think you get the point for this brief reference.

Dear ones of the Judean faith, can you not reclaim your heritage and stand forth lest this enemy slay you?


By COUNTER-ATTACK AND CHARGES! You do not dignify the attacker by playing into their hands--any of you caught in this kind of dialogue. You are up against trained assassins of both physical bodies and character. They always attack with accusations when they have no foundation in fact with which to respond, when the shoe is on their own slimy feet. So, counter with the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Anti-Defamation League, World Zionist Organization, American Jewish Federation/League, etc., etc., are ILLEGAL foreign organizations, unregistered legally as such, and are “tax-free” organizations working within your country. Cause any attacker to identify differently. If he claims “religion”, he has just proven your point. A good rule of thumb is to ALWAYS REQUIRE THE ADVERSARY PROVE THE POINT FOR YOU AND TO YOU!

As a nation, the U.S. GIVES $3 BILLION DOLLARS, IN CASH, ANNUALLY--WITHOUT LIMITS OR GUIDELINES--TO ISRAEL. HALF OF THAT AMOUNT IS GIVEN BEFORE FUNDING (on the first day of the U.S. fiscal year) AND THEREFORE THE U.S. BORROWS THE AMOUNT, PAYS ISRAEL WHO IMMEDIATELY INVESTS THE SUM IN YOUR NATION’S TREASURIES”, ETC., THEREBY COLLECTING GREAT ABUNDANCE IN INTEREST ON THE INVESTMENT ON TOP OF THE AMOUNT FUNDED. INVESTMENT RETURNS ON A FULL BILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS IS A BIG WHACK, GOOD PEOPLE! YOU ARE STUCK WITH THE INTEREST ON THE BORROWED FUNDS TO WHICH YOUR TAXES GO, THEN, TO THE LENDING BANK, FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF THE LOAN IN THE FIRST PLACE. THIS HAPPENS AGAIN WITH THE NEXT ISSUANCE OF CASH. The additional funding in other instances and commodities is so outrageous as to cause heart palpitations. You give upwards of $20 billion to Israel annually, when the facts are laid forth, and actually far more if you could count all the funds funnelled to and through them. Then, YOU furnish the money to give operation capital to these groups who Lobby your government, bribe your Congressmen and literally now CONTROL OVER 65% OF YOUR VOTING CONGRESSMEN WITH GOVERNMENT THROUGH BLACKMAIL, AS A RESULT. ISRAEL DETERMINES YOUR GOVERNMENT PROCEDURES. With the bribes, etc., there are few Congressmen who can stand the light of public disclosure of their “gifting” habits and pay-offs for selling your country.


What about it? You havent used it for many decades, old friends, and right now your President controls your nation through Executive Order--set up and made operative by your Israeli-controlled Congress. I suggest you ask the “callers” who thrust charges at you Americans to explain just how this dandy game works and require the caller explain it fully and to the last detail and dollar!

PREAMBLE: We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Then, I believe there was something you had which was called the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. What happened to that nice old document? What happened to that pledge of allegiance to your wondrous nation? I pledge allegiance to the flag (nation) of the united states of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands--one nation UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.


Does anyone remember the united states of America Bill of Rights?

They go something like this in case the “caller-in” might need a bit of refreshing as to your right to speak, etc.

No. 1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

No. 2: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

No. 3: No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

No. 4: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. [My scribe has to undergo this very violation this very afternoon as ones through the court shelter and order, will come forth without warrant and search the home, etc., of these ones. Where are you, America?]

No. 5: No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law [and this means Constitutional Law]; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

No. 6: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which districts shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

No. 7: In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of common law.

[H: Does anyone recognize any of this? It has been so many years since there was a hint of your civil rights and Constitutional Laws utilized in your Admiralty courts of injustice that I doubt any of you realize you have any rights!]

No. 8: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel AND unusual punishments inflicted.

No. 9: The enumeration of the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

No. 10: The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Because of the length of this document I shall only list these Amendments for they constitute your Bill of Rights. The rest are worthy of note in that the 13th Amendment as written is NOT THE ORIGINAL RATIFIED 13TH AMENDMENT. This Amendment was deliberately removed from your Constitution because it limited service in government to ones outside nobility and/or bearing titles, etc. That would preclude ALL LICENSED ATTORNEYS (ESQUIRES) FROM BEING ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GOVERNMENT OF YOUR uNITED sTATES OF AMERICA OR ON THE BENCHES, ETC., OF THE FEDERAL COURTS OF YOUR LAND.

FURTHER, there is no law in the Constitution which says you must have a lawyer--there is specific law regarding your right to represent self and have a jury of your PEERS. Further, you do not have to have a legal license in a Constitutional Law-respecting court to act as a representative (lawyer) in personal behalf.

The 16th Amendment is null and void--unlawful and never properly ratified. This is the “income tax” law and is totally invalid. Further, the IRS is also invalid and illegal, being a collection enforcement agency (PRIVATE BUSINESS) for the Federal Reserve System Banks which is also a PRIVATE INSTITUTION serving the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland--not your Government.


Through the workings of leagues such as the ADL, etc. the united states of America has been carefully divided into operational New States which are divided into DISTRICTS. There is a parallel Constitution, already drawn and being practiced, in place for this New Nation. The whole of the United States will fall into a Nation under rule of the One World Order with a figurehead ruler set forth by the United Nations--under Soviet domination. There will be a one world military force which by UN Charter requires Soviet leadership.



Always comes the question, when speaking on these matters, of “Paul wrote thus and so and so on and on and on.” I say so what? Paul was not a Christ follower--EVER. YOU MAY HAVE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE THAT HE WAS “CONVERTED” OR “BORN AGAIN”--NAY, NAY, NAY! NEVER!

Paul was a Pharisee and one in authority in that anti-Christ legal jurisdiction. He stated that he was an “Israelite” of the Tribe of Benjamin (Phillipians 3-5). This has to be false since the term of a nation of “Israel” is a most recent term, indeed. There WAS no “Israel” and I defy anyone to show me otherwise for there simply WAS NO SUCH PLACE OR NATION. But, even taking the false term under “assumption”, he was not, therefore a “Jew”, for he was a Galilean, not a Judean. If you keep attending those churches which teach you that all the “good guys” in the Bible are “Jews” (whether they actually be good or bad) you will be even more and forever confused.

Want to know what else is TAUGHT? That “except for Judas” (which is error compounded at any speaking), not one of Jesus disciples were Jews even in the loose term applied by late creators of the term. They all were Galileans and mostly Benjamites, hence not Judeans. Judah Iharioth (not “Iscariot”) who betrayed Emmanuel (Jesus) was the son of a “Jew” publican who was trained in the ways of money acquisition, etc. He betrayed the young Teacher and in the same instance took the shelter behind the blaming of another who was the only REAL FRIEND OF THE JUDEAN, EMMANUEL.



Can you ones not set aside such quarrels over interpretations? You have a very real, very current problem in your world--it is going to destruct. It matters not at this moment what Paul said nor how he said it--if you are Godly as in “God believing”, you are destined for deliberate destruction. It is time to unify, take the words of that which IS before you in very easy to understand English--your CONSTITUTION--and get back the control of your nation, see what you can do to get yourselves cleaned up and ask God to give you a hand. He has sent us of the Hosts, but you better stop high-centering on that point, also. Truth is Truth and you had best stop the concern over where it comes from lest there be nothing left to experience within good or bad.

Your own government is now carrying out scare tactics getting you ready for the next phase--police force takeover. Already unmarked helicopters are flying less than a 100 feet off the ground--in many cities as they “practice”. Practice what? You had best find out! Oh, you don’t believe me? Try San Francisco on September 9th. It was something right out of night-mare alley. What kind of a “turkey shoot” do you think they can have in downtown San Francisco or New York? It will surpass anything on the road back to Iraq. If you don’t stay in line they will do worse--simply nuke you. You think I jest? You had better start reading something besides the National Inquirer in case there are “Inquiring minds” out there somewhere.

Is there intelligent life in the cosmos? Indeed! but very, very little sign of it on board earth Shan. So be it.

Please see to it that George has this writing by evening today. Thank you. Dharma, stay and write with me, chela, while Horn is in your house for I do not want you even near him. Salu. Hatonn to clear, please.



FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1991 8:34 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 063



Hatonn present to share in whatever way possible according to your asking. Since it is a most busy day for other activities, we shall touch only on one or two happenings needing great attention.


The so-called “Peace Talks” is, of course, the most ridiculous show to watch. I ask that you put-up with me hopping and skipping a lot for I truly do not wish to linger on one point for very long herein.

Please recall some two days ago that the Emir of Bahrain (a small gray alien) was prancing around with the honor guard making great promises of everything from military backup and NATO bases to massive undercover things you are not supposed to know about. Bahrain is one of the most important points in the Middle East. It is but a tiny, tiny place but it is a hub of activity. This is the focus of the Bush family operations wherein all the assets in Saudi Arabia from oil, gas and other petroleum finds to the “gold mountain of Arabia” can be monitored and the actual businesses run. This is where one of the little Twiglets has set up a mighty operation for taking billions upon billions in assets. The little four-foot Emir is but a showpiece.

Next, do not turn your eyes from the negotiations and antics of Baker who is trading away the rest of your assets to bribe the Arabs into a show of submission. Delicately he balances his “absence” from Shamir by shaking two sets of hands at the same time of your most formidable former terrorist enemies and marks for death the ones who have been your friends. Politics has reach an all-time new LOW. “But they all smile so broadly and warmly,” you say. Yes indeed, and so does the jackal--even as he eats the flesh from the bones of his prey. It is all part and parcel of the New World Order under way while the Bear to the North waits and blackmails.


You must also be aware that much is going on in the financial kingdoms of the Elite and dictator’s house. You are hearing very little about taxation and other important governmental matters for a massive “Emergency” is being laid down wherein all the Executive Orders already signed and operational will simply be placed into action and you will operate under Bush and his advisors. He told you as much as you pranced off to war in Iraq. He tested his power and showed you that he has them ALL. He tested hard and you swallowed the bait like starving puppets.

Dear ones, it doesn’t matter what your Constitution says after a coup of this magnitude--you are going to have to do a lot of “uncovering” and revealing right fast or you wont pull the saving off in time. As the head-on collision approaches your enemies are moving faster and faster.

One of the biggest scandals of the age is the property acquisition scam set up deliberately by the government Elite to rob you people of all the property in the nation. The Resolution Trust Corporation is but a corporation set up to steal and liquidate back to the insiders the properties in your nation, from large business complexes to homes. I promise you the facts will come forth and I shelter the ones in the immediate act of compiling the data. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money the attorneys and the RTC are stealing from you-the-people JUST in litigation such as Ekkers--hundreds of thousands of dollars to the retirement plan of one Steven Horn and he gets a couple of law firms, in addition, to back him up. And, although the system is bankrupt, these ones are paid in full within a week. I shall leave the unveiling of all this to another for you need to see and hear, with your PHYSICAL EYES AND EARS, THE TRUTH OF IT.

GET BEHIND THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER, FRIENDS, AND IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS IN ANY OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, THERE WILL BE ONES WHO CAN HELP YOU WITH INFORMATION--YOU MUST NETWORK SO THAT THERE IS A CENTRAL FOCUS AND CENTER. THE NETWORK ITSELF MUST FINALLY BE IN ALL STATES AND IN MANY PLACES WITHIN EACH STATE TO BE FULLY EFFECTIVE. There are many groups already doing portions of this or that, but you need unity in ALL of the Constitutional issues. The thrust is to cause you to allow the calling of a Convention wherein the full Constitution will be replaced by socialistic order. The practices are already in place--they just need to remind you properly that you are “dead”. Well, I suggest you never look in the mouth of a “dead” cobra or rattlesnake, friends--for a “dead” snake does the most frequent killing.

I wish to leave a thought with you for it will be through the rising up through the quagmire that you can succeed--not “FIGHTING” it with swords of metal, for your enemy has the larger sword. “A wise man, to accomplish his end, may even carry his foe on his shoulder. Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength--and remember: Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.”


This will be a continuation of the writing on Jonestown, Guyana. Thank you for continuing to attend me for only through Truth and Knowledge can flow WISDOM.



In order to understand the strange events surrounding Jonestown, we must begin with a history of the people involved. The official story of a religious fanatic and his idealist followers doesn’t make sense in light of the evidence of murders, armed killers and autopsy coverups. If it happened the way we were told, there should be no reason to try to hide the facts from the public. A full investigation into the deaths at Jonestown and the murder of Leo Ryan would have been welcomed. What did happen is something else again.

Jim Jones grew up in Lynn, in southern Indiana. His father was an active member of the local Ku Klux Klan that infests that area. His friends found him a little strange, and he was interested in preaching the Bible and religious rituals. Perhaps more important was his boyhood friendship with Dan Mitrione, confirmed by local residents. In the early 50’s, Jones set out to be a religious minister, and was ordained at one point by a Christian denomination in Indianapolis. It was during this period that he met and married his lifelong mate, Marceline. He also had a small business selling monkeys, purchased from the research department at Indiana State University in Bloomington.

A Bible-thumper and faith healer, Jones put on revivalist tent shows in the area, and worked close to Richmond, Indiana. Mitrione, his friend, worked as chief of police there, and kept him from being arrested or run out of town. According to those close to him, he used wet chicken livers as evidence of “cancers” he was removing by “divine powers”. His landlady called him “a gangster who used a Bible instead of a gun”. His church followers included Charles Beikman, a Green Beret who was to stay with him to the end. Beikman was later charged with the murders of several Temple members in Georgetown, following the massacre.

Dan Mitrione, Jones friend, moved on to the CIA-financed International Police Academy, where police were trained in counter-insurgency and torture techniques from around the world. Jones, a poor, itinerant preacher, suddenly had money in 1961 for a trip to “minister” in Brazil, and he took his family with him. By this time, he had “adopted” Beikman, and eight children, both black and white. His neighbors in Brazil distrusted him. He told them he worked with U.S. Navy Intelligence. His transportation and groceries were being provided by the U.S. Embassy as was the large house he lived in. His son, Stephan, commented that he made regular trips to Belo Horizonte, site of the CIA headquarters in Brazil. An American police advisor, working closely with the CIA at that point, Dan Mitrione was there as well. Mitrione had risen in the ranks quickly, and was busy training foreign police in torture and assassination methods [Mossad Connection]. He was later kidnapped by Tupermaro guerillas in Uruguay, interrogated and murdered. Costa Gavras made a film about his death titled State of Siege. Jones returned to the United States in 1963, with $10,000 in his pocket. Recent articles indicate that Catholic clergy are complaining about CIA funding of other denominations for “ministry” in Brazil; perhaps Jones was an early example.

With his new wealth, Jones was able to travel to California and establish the first People’s Temple in Ukiah, California, in 1965. Guarded by dogs, electric fences and guard towers, he set up Happy Havens Rest Home. Despite a lack of trained personnel, or proper licensing, Jones drew in many people at the camp. He had elderly, prisoners, people from psychiatric institutions, and 150 foster children, often transferred to care at Happy Havens by court orders. He was contacted there by Christian missionaries from World Vision, an international evangelical order that had done espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia. He met “influential” members of the community and was befriended by Walter Heady, the head of the local chapter of the John Birch Society. He used the members of his “church” to organize local voting drives for Richard Nixons election, and worked closely with the Republican Party. He was even appointed chairman of the county grand jury.

The Messiah from Ukiah”, as he was known then, met and recruited Timothy Stoen, a Stanford graduate and member of the city DA’s office, and his wife Grace. During this time, the Layton family, Terri Buford and George Phillip Blakey, and other important members joined the Temple. The camp “doctor”, Larry Schacht, claims Jones got him off drugs and into medical school during this period. These were not just street urchins, Bufords father was a Commander for the fleet at the Philadelphia Navy Base for years. The Laytons were a well-heeled, aristocratic family. Dr. Layton donated at least a quarter-million dollars to Jones. His wife, son and daughter were all members of the Temple. George Blakey, who married Debbie Layton, was from a wealthy British family. He donated $60,000 to pay the lease on the 27,000-acre Guyana site in 1974. Lisa Philips Layton had come to the U.S. from a rich Hamburg banking family in Germany. Most of the top lieutenants around Jones were from wealthy, educated backgrounds, many with connections to the military or intelligence agencies. These were the people who would set up the bank accounts, complex legal actions, and financial records that put people under the Temples control.

Stoen was able to set up important contacts for Jones as Assistant DA in San Francisco. Jones changed his image to that of a liberal. He had spent time studying the preaching methods of Fr. Divine in Philadelphia, and attempted to use them in a manipulative way on the streets of San Francisco. Fr. Divine ran a religious and charitable operation among Philadelphias poor Black community. Jones was able to use his followers in an election once again, this time for Mayor Moscone. Moscone responded in 1976, putting Jones in charge of the city Housing Commission. In addition, many of his key followers got jobs with the city Welfare Department and much of the recruitment to the Temple in San Francisco came from the ranks of the unemployed and dispossessed people. Jones was introduced to many influential liberal and radical people there, and entertained or greeted people ranging from Roslyn Carter to Angela Davis.

The period when Jones began the Temple marked the end of an important political decade. Nixons election had ushered in a domestic intelligence dead set against the movements for peace, civil rights and social justice. Names like COINTELPRO, CHAOS, and OPERATION GARDEN PLOT, or the HOUSTON PLAN made the news following in the wake of Watergate revelations. Senator Ervin called the White House plans against dissent “fascistic”. These operations involved the highest levels of military and civilian intelligence and all levels of police agencies in a full-scale attempt to discredit, disrupt and destroy the movements that sprang up in the 1960’s. There are indications that these plans, or the mood they created, led to the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, as unacceptable Black Messiahs.

One of the architects under then Governor Reagan in California was not-Attorney General Edwin Meese. He coordinated “Operation Garden Plot” for military intelligence and all police operations and intelligence in a period that was plagued with violations of civil and constitutional rights. Perhaps you recall the police attacks on People’s Park, the murder of many Black Panthers and activists, the infiltration of the Free Speech Movement and anti-war activity, and the experimentation on prisoners at Vacaville, or the shooting of George Jackson. Meese later bragged that this activity had damaged or destroyed the people he called “revolutionaries”. It was into this situation Jones came to usurp leadership.

After his arrival in Ukiah, his methods were visible to those who took the time to investigate. His armed guards wore black uniforms and leather jackboots. His approach was one of deception, and if that wore off, then manipulation and threats. Loyalty to his church included signing blank sheets of paper, later filled in with “confessions” and used for blackmail purposes, or to extort funds. Yet the vast membership he was extorting often owned little, and he tried to milk them for everything, from personal funds to land deeds. Illegal activities were regularly reported during this period, but were either not investigated or unresolved. He clearly had the cooperation of local police. Years later, evidence would come out of charges of sexual solicitation, mysteriously dropped.

Those who sought to leave were prevented and rebuked. Local journalist Kathy Hunter wrote in the Ukiah press about “Seven Mysterious Deaths” of the Temple members who had argued with Jones and attempted to leave. One of these was Maxine Swaney. Jones openly hinted to other members that he had arranged for them to die, threatening a similar fate to others who would be disloyal. Kathy Hunter later tried to visit Jonestown, only to be forcibly drugged by Temple guards, and deported to Georgetown. She later charged that Mark Lane approached her, falsely identifying himself as a reporter for Esquire, rather than as an attorney for Jim Jones. He led her to believe he was seeking information on Jones for an exposé in the magazine, and asked to see her evidence.

The pattern was to continue in San Francisco. In addition, Jones required that members practice for the mysterious “White Night”, a mass suicide ritual that would protect them from murder at the hands of their enemies. Although the new Temple had no guards or fences to restrict members, few had other places to live, and many had given over all they owned to Jones. They felt trapped inside this community that preached love, but practiced hatred.

Following press exposure, and a critical article in New West magazine, Jones became very agitated, and the number of suicide drills increased. Complaints about mistreatment by current and ex-members began to appear in the media and reach the ears of congressional representatives. Sam Houston, an old friend of Leo Ryan, came to him with questions about the untimely death of his son following his departure from the Temple. Later, Timothy and Grace Stoen would complain to Ryan about custody of their young son, who was living with Jones, and urge him to visit the commune. Against advice of friends and staff members, Ryan decided to take a team of journalists to Guyana and seek the truth of the situation. Some feel that Ryans journey there was planned and expected, and used as a convenient excuse to set up his murder. Others feel that this unexpected violation of secrecy around Jonestown set off the spark that led to the mass murder. In either case, it marked the beginning of the end for Ryan and Jones.

At one point, to show his powers, Jones arranged to be shot in the heart in front of the congregation. Dragged to a back room, apparently wounded and bleeding, he returned a moment later alive and well. While this may have been more of his stage antics to prompt believers faith, it may also have marked the end of Jim Jones. For undisclosed reasons, Jones had and used doubles. This is very unusual for a religious leader, but quite common in intelligence operations.

[H: If you just “skimmed” over that last paragraph--GO BACK AND READ IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!]

Even the death and identification of Jim Jones were peculiar. He was apparently shot by another person at the camp. Photos of his body do not show identifying tattoos on his chest. The body and face are not clearly recognizable due to bloating and discoloration. The FBI reportedly checked his fingerprints twice, a seemingly futile gesture since it is a precise operation. A more logical route would have been to check dental records. Several researchers familiar with the case feel that the body may not have been Jones. Even if the person at the site was one of the “doubles”, it does not mean Jones is still alive. He may have been killed at an earlier point.

[H: All of this is covered in the story as we presented it to you in a much earlier JOURNAL, it is that now you are getting some “earthly input” and I do not wish to spoil the story but I do need to tell you that Jim Jones was picked up earlier, according to the plans, and taken by Israeli agents via a U.S. plane TO ISRAEL. He was quite happily living in luxury in Israel for a while but the “devil” always breaks his promises--he was then taken aboard a flight as a member of a “team” involved in other matters, and was simply pushed (thrown) out of the plane over a jungle area. These tools of the adversary are cold, hard, emotionless/soulless entities and among them there is NO HONOR!]


According to one story, Jones was seeking a place on earth that would survive the effects of nuclear war, relying only on an article in Esquire magazine for his list. The real reason for his locations in Brazil, California, Guyana and elsewhere deserve more scrutiny. At one point Jones wanted to set up in Grenada, and he invited then Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy to visit the Temple in San Francisco. He invested $200,000 in the Grenada National Bank in 1977 to pave the way, and some $76,000 was still there after the massacre.

His final choice, the Matthews Bridge section in Guyana, is an interesting one. It was originally the site of a Union Carbide bauxite and manganese mine, and Jones used the dock they left behind. At an earlier point, it had been one of seven possible sites chosen for the relocation of the Jews after World War II. Plans to inhabit the jungles of Guyana’s interior with cheap labor date back to 1919. Resources buried there are among the richest in the world, and include manganese, diamonds, gold, bauxite and uranium. Forbes Burnham, the Prime Minister, had participated in a scheme to repatriate Blacks from the UK to work in the area. Like all earlier attempts, it failed.

Once chosen, the site was leased and worked on by a select crew of Temple members in preparation for the arrival of the body of the church. The work was done in cooperation with Burnham and the U.S. Embassy there. But if these were idealists seeking a better life, their arrival in “Utopia” was a strange welcome. Piled into busses in San Francisco, they had driven to Florida. From there, Pan American charter planes delivered them to Guyana. When they arrived at the airport, the Blacks were taken off the plane, bound and gagged. The deception had finally been stripped bare of all pretense. The Blacks were so isolated and controlled that neighbors as close as five miles from the site did not know that Blacks lived at Jonestown. The only public representatives seen in Guyana were white.

According to survivors reports, they entered a virtual slave labor camp. Worked for 16 to 18 hours daily, they were forced to live in cramped quarters on minimum rations, usually rice, bread and sometimes rancid meat. Kept on a schedule of physical and mental exhaustion, they were also forced to stay awake at night and listen to lectures by Jones. Threats and abuse became more common. The camp medical staff under Dr. Lawrence Schacht was known to perform painful suturing without anaesthetic. They administered drugs, and kept daily medical records. Infractions of the rules or disloyalty led to increasingly harsh punishments, including forced drugging, sensory isolation in an underground box, physical torture and public sexual rape and humiliation. Beatings and verbal abuse were commonplace. Only the special guards were treated humanely and fed decently. People with serious injuries were flown out, but few ever returned. Perhaps the motto at Jonestown should have been the same as the one at Auschwitz, developed by Larry Schachts namesake, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, the Nazi minister of economics, “Arbeit Macht Frei”, or “Work Will Make You Free”. Guyana even considered setting up an “Auschwitz-like museum” at the site, but abandoned the idea.

By this point, Jones had amassed incredible wealth. Press estimates ranged from $26 million to $2 billion, including bank accounts, foreign investments and real estate. Accounts were set up worldwide by key members, often in the personal name of certain people in the Temple. Much of this money, listed publicly after the massacre, disappeared mysteriously. It was a fortune far too large to have come from membership alone. The receivership set up by the government settled on a total of $10 million. Of special interest were the Swiss bank accounts opened in Panama, the money taken from the camp, and the extensive investments in Barclays Bank. Other sources of income included the German banking family of Lisa Philips Layton, Larrys mother. Also, close to $65,000 a month income was claimed to come from welfare and social security checks for 199 members, sent to the Temple followers and signed over to Jones. In addition, there are indications that Blakey and other members were supplementing the Temple funds with international smuggling of guns and drugs. At one point, Charles Garry noted that Jones and his community were “literally sitting on a gold mine”. Mineral distribution maps of Guyana suggest he was right. [H: The product, of course, was illegal drug dealing.]

To comprehend this well-financed, sinister operation, we must abandon the myth that this was a religious commune and study instead the history that led to its formation. Jonestown was an experiment, part of a 30-year program called MK-ULTRA, the CIA and military intelligence code name for mind-control. A close study of Senator Ervins 1974 report, Individual Rights and the Governments Role in Behavior Modification shows that these agencies had certain “target populations” in mind, for both individual and mass control. Blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, the young, and inmates of psychiatric wards were selected as “potentially violent”. There were plans in California at the time for a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, expanding on the horrific work of Dr. Jose Delgado, Drs. Mark and Ervin, and Dr. Jolly West, experts in implantation, psychosurgery, and tranquilizers. The guinea pigs were to be drawn from the ranks of the “target populations”, and taken to an isolated military missile base in California. In that same period, Jones began to move his Temple members to Jonestown. They were the exact population selected for such tests.

The meticulous daily notes and drug records kept by Larry Schacht disappeared, but evidence did not. The history of MK-ULTRA and its sister programs (MK-DELTA, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, etc.) records combinations of drugs, drug mixtures, electroshock and torture as methods for control. The desired results ranged from temporary and permanent amnesia, uninhibited confessions, and creation of second personalities, to programmed assassins and preconditioned suicidal urges. One goal was the ability to control mass populations, especially for cheap labor. Dr. Delgado told Congress that he hoped for a future where a technology would control workers in the field and troops at war with electronic remote signals. He found it hard to understand why people would complain about electrodes implanted in their brains to make them “both happy and productive”.

On the scene at Jonestown, Guyanese troops discovered a large cache of drugs, enough to drug the entire population of Georgetown, Guyana (well over 200,000) for more than a year. According to survivors, these were being used regularly “to control” a population of only 1,100 people. One footlocker contained 11,000 doses of thorazine, a dangerous tranquilizer. Drugs used in the testing for MK-ULTRA were found in abundance, including sodium pentathol (a truth serum), chloral hydrate (a hypnotic), demerol, thallium (confuses thinking), and many others. Schacht had supplies of haliopareael and largatil, two other major tranquilizers, as well. The actual description of life at Jonestown is that of a tightly run concentration camp, complete with medical and psychiatric experimentation. The stresses and isolation of the victims is typical of sophisticated brainwashing techniques. The drugs and special tortures add an additional experimental aspect to the horror. This more clearly explains the medical tags on the bodies, and why they had to be removed. It also suggests an additional motive for frustrating any chemical autopsies, since these drugs would have been found in the systems of the dead.

The story of Jonestown is that of a gruesome experiment, not a religious utopian society. On the eve of the massacre, Forbes Burnham was reportedly converted to “born again” Christianity by members of the Full Gospel Christian Businessman’s Association, including Lionel Luckhoo, a Temple lawyer in Guyana. [H: Perhaps this is WHY we aren’t very accepting of ones on face value who come to us stating they are “born again” because the term is so elusive and intentionally a deceitful “lie” in most instances. It simply has no meaning at all in spirituality for how can ye be “born again”? Either you are “born” or you are not--“again” hasnt anything to do with it unless you compare it to “a little bit pregnant”.]

This same group, based in California, also reportedly converted Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt prior to his massacres there, and they were in touch with Jim Jones in Ukiah. They currently conduct the White House prayer breakfasts for Mr. Reagan. [H: This Journal was written during the time of President Reagan, in case you forget that we are quoting.]

With Ryan on his way to Jonestown, the seal of secrecy was broken. In a desperate attempt to test their conditioning methods, the Jonestown elite apparently tried to implement a real suicide drill. Clearly, it led to a revolt and the majority of people fled, unaware that there were people waiting to catch them.


We will interrupt this narrative at this point lest the writing get too long and unwieldy. We shall consider placing this in book (JOURNAL) format so that we can move on and integrate the outlay given prior to this in sequence format for your better understanding. This is for the purpose of opening your eyes--WIDE--to the cover-up which can go on in massive numbers and places. Funny thing about people--the bigger the lie, the easier it is to feed unto you. In the same JOURNAL we will have to go back and include Psychopolitics as presented in the Soviet Union AND “BRAINWASHING IN AMERICA”. I warn you that this will be a powerful and painful document but it needs to be compiled into a single volume so that the relationships can be visualized. No, Dharma, I did not say we were through writing JOURNALS, I said that Germain would take a respite after Vol. 8 of “PLEIADES CONNECTIONS”. I realize you are tired and sick to your heart of these outlays, but it must be done and thusly, we shall do it. So be it.

I wrap you in my cloak of safety and you will be given that which is needed to see you through--all of you who serve so long and endlessly. You ask for nothing, really, other than that your work be sanctioned and bear fruit. You are all blessed unto God for through your hands shall His Kingdom be again established. In brotherhood, we serve. Blessing be unto you of the “flock” who would bring your nation again into “right-ness”.

Salu, Hatonn to clear.



SAT., OCTOBER 19, 1991 8:26 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 064



Two things to note on this day, before we begin writing on Guyana. Hatonn present to share and point out that which is most important for your attention.

Another nuclear test at maximum level has been detonated in Nevada with tremendous shock effects. Why would you continue to be testing if there is no cause to expect war? Secondly, I wrote in days past of the plans of the communizing of your world by the Soviets/Khazars. You will note that yesterday your President has said that all nuclear weapons will be pulled out of South Korea. Dear ones, the handwriting is on the wall, can you not read it?

The testing in Nevada is daily but only has to be reported when the magnitude is great enough to cause the equivalent of 5 point tremors. With each large detonation you are getting the equivalent of more than 6. This continual barrage is devastating to the Hoover Dam--you toy with total disaster!

And what of the news? What news? I believe what you will find is a thrust to get your guns after the Hennard killings in Kileen, Texas as is planned and right on cue. There is something I ask that you note about these mass killers in general and especially the last two--Dhamer and Hennard; they are unusually handsome and physically well-structured--this is also true of the one, Ramerez. What then, is the matter with them? They are singled out for attack and input, and when they blow, they are devastating.

However, why do you blame a gun for that which is done by human? Do the guns line up and say, “Let’s go, brother gun, and wipe out a bunch of humans? Or, since the gunman used a pickup truck, do you not think all pickup trucks should be banned? How about blue pickup trucks? YOU, AMERICANS, ARE VERY NEAR TO BEING LEGALLY DISARMED! OH YES, YOU WILL TURN IN YOUR GUNS IF THEY COME FOR THEM WITH TANKS AND MISSILES! THEY ARE NOW PREPARED TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT IF YOU DON’T BRING THEM IN OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL. THEY DO NOT INTEND THAT YOU HAVE MAJOR WEAPONS WITH WHICH TO FIGHT BACK. SO BE IT.

Well, I must have misspoken about “no news” for I believe it is a BIG thing that the Bush and Quayle are going on a sweeping campaign push. Funny thing is that they are doing so to deplete the campaign funding resources so others can’t have as much money to make their own thrust against them. Ah yes, good, clean politics at its best.


I ask that immediately following this portion, the letters written by the ADL, etc., and the radio station who gave in to the ADL demands, be printed.

I ask you to ponder a point: if three “complaints” can bring a radio station or TV station to its knees in capitulation, where is your Constitutional protection? This is exactly like having a Black man spoken of, say Thomas, and the Zulus be able to shut down the press and media because of three complaints from Zulus. If these letters do not make my point better than anything I can say, then we are in far more serious trouble than even I thought.

I do not know how we will do it for we must have funding for countering these points for our people are exhausted in carrying the load alone--but, if you don’t get the Constitutional Law Center on to this one instantly with at least a paper trail, then you overlook the most valuable asset you have--a CASE!

I do ask that every one who will, who receives this paper, write one or more letters to that radio station and file complaints with the ADL corespondent listed. This is as stupid as claiming that anyone with Irish blood in his history, real or imagined (such as on St. Patricks Day) is guilty of being in the Irish Republican Army and shooting British soldiers and citizens.

I do not care what is told you by the ADL as a “for instance”--they are a Khazarian Israel-FIRST faction, tax-free organization who is instrumental in bringing down your nation under the rule of Israel. I don’t have ANYTHING to say about so-called, self-styled Jews, real or otherwise. In the books, we have PROVEN to you that they are NOT “Judean” lineage “Jews” and they ARE out to annihilate those “Jews” who have heritage in that area of heritage.

We have also PROVEN to you that the PROTOCOLS OF ZION are factual. If you want to change your citizens again into Constitutional rights, your nation and the world--then you must take some kind of action against these liars and cheats. THEY TOTALLY CONTROL EVERY PORTION OF YOUR MEDIA FROM THE PRESS TO THE TELEVISION/RADIO WAVES. You who ask what you can do--THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN BEGIN TO DO!


The Constitution, let us well understand, does NOT “GIVE YOU RIGHTS”. It is a document of laws to make sure you have PROTECTION of your rights. YOU are an indigenous being (Originating or occurring NATURALLY in the place or country specified; native; Innate; inherent.) with UNalienable RIGHTS within those NATURAL LAWS OF CREATOR. YOU ARE SUBJECT TO NOTHING AND NO THING, SAVE GOD CREATOR!!! WHEN YOU GET THIS STRAIGHT, THEN AND ONLY THEN, CAN WE MOVE FORWARD RAPIDLY--AS LONG AS YOU “TAKE” WHAT THEY OOZE OUT TO YOU--YOU WILL HAVE NO MORE AND DESERVE NO MORE. MAY YOU COME INTO THE KNOWING SOON FOR YOU ARE OUT OF “TIME”.



Author Don Freed, an associate of Mark Lane, said that Martin Luther King, “If he could see ”Jonestown, he would recognize it as the next step in his agenda, and he would say, one, two, three, many more Jonestowns. Strangely enough, almost every map of Guyana in the major press located Jonestown at a different place following the killings. One map even shows a second site in the area called “Johnstown”. Perhaps there were multiple camps and Leo Ryan was only shown the one they hoped he would see. In any case, the Jonestown model survives, and similar camps, and their sinister designs, show up in many places.

Inside Guyana itself, approximately 25 miles to the south of Matthews Bridge, is a community called Hilltown, named after religious leader Rabbi Hill. Hill has used the names Abraham Israel and Rabbi Emmanual Washington. Hilltown, set up about the same time as Jonestown, followed the departure of David Hill, who was known in Cleveland, a fugitive of the U.S. courts. Hill rules with an “iron fist” over some 8,000 Black people from Guyana and America who believe they are the Lost Tribe of Israel and the real Hebrews of Biblical prophecy. Used as strong-arm troops, and “internal mercenaries” to insure Burnhams election, as were Jonestown members, the Hilltown people were allowed to clear the Jonestown site of shoes and unused weapons, both in short supply in Guyana. Hill says his followers would gladly kill themselves at his command, but he would survive since, unlike Jones, his is “in control”.

Similar camps were reported at the time in the Philippines. Perhaps the best known example is the fascist torture camp in Chile known as Colonial Dignidad. Also a religious cult built around a single individual, this one came from Germany to Chile in 1961. In both cases, the camp was their “Agricultural Experiment”. Sealed and protected by the dreaded Chilean DINA police, Colonial Dignidad serves as a torture camp for political dissidents. To the Jonestown monstrosities, they have added dogs specially trained to attack human genitals. The operations there have included the heavy hand of decapitation specialist Michael Townley Welch, an American CIA trained by the Mossad, as well as reported visits by Nazi war criminals Dr. Josef Mengele and Martin Bormann. Currently, another such campsite exists aT Pisagua, Chile. Temple member Jeannie Mills, now dead, reported having seen actual films of a Chilean torture camp while at Jonestown. The only source possible at the time was the Chilean fascists themselves.

In the current period, Jonestown is being “repopulated” with 100,000 Laotian Hmong people. Many of them grew opium for CIA money in Southeast Asia. Over 1,000 reside there already under a scheme designed by Billy Grahams nephew Ernest, and members of the Federation of Evangelical Ministries Association in Wheaton, Illinois (World Vision, World Medical Relief, Samaritans Purse, and Carl McIntyres International Council of Christian Churches). Similar plans devised by the Peace Corps included moving inner-city Blacks from America to Jamaica, and other Third World countries. And World Relief attempted to move the population of the Island of Dominica to Jonestown. It is only a matter of time before another Jonestown will be exposed, perhaps leading again to massive slaughter.


Our story so far has hinted at connections to U.S. intelligence, such as the long-term friendship of Jones and CIA associate Dan Mitrione, but the ties are much more direct when a full picture of the operation is revealed. To start with, the history of Forbes Burnhams rise to power in Guyana is fraught with the clear implication of a CIA coup détat to oust troublesome independent leader Cheddi Jagan. In addition, the press and other evidence indicated the presence of a CIA agent on the scene at the time of the massacre. This man, Richard Dwyer, was working as Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy in Guyana. Identified in Whos Who in the CIA, he has been involved since 1959., and was last stationed in Martinique. Present at the camp site and the airport strip, his accounts were used by the State Department to confirm the death of Leo Ryan. At the massacre, Jones said, “Get Dwyer out of here,” just before the killings began.

Other Embassy personnel, who knew the situation at Jonestown well, were also connected to intelligence work. U.S. Ambassador John Burke, who served in the CIA with Dwyer in Thailand, was an Embassy official described by Philip Agee as working for the CIA since 1963. A Reagan appointee to the CIA, he is still employed by the Agency, usually on State Department assignments. Burke tried to stop Ryans investigation. Also at the Embassy was Chief Consular officer Richard McCoy, described as close to Jones”, who worked for military intelligence and was “on loan” from the Defense Department at the time of the massacre. According to a standard source, “The U.S. embassy in Georgetown housed the Georgetown CIA station. It now appears that the majority and perhaps all of the embassy officials were CIA officers operating under State Department covers...” Dan Webber, who was sent to the site of the massacre the day after, was also named as CIA. Not only did the State Department conceal all reports of violations at Jonestown from Congressman Leo Ryan, but the Embassy regularly provided Jones with copies of all congressional inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act.

Ryan had challenged the Agencys overseas operations before, as a member of the House Committee responsible for oversight or intelligence. He was an author of the controversial Hughes-Ryan Amendment that would have required CIA disclosure in advance to the congressional committees of all planned covert operations. The Amendment was defeated shortly after his death.

American intelligence agencies have a sordid history of cooperative relations with Nazi war criminals and international fascism. In light of this, consider the curious ties of the family members of the top lieutenants to Jim Jones. The Layton family is one example. Dr. Laurence Layton was Chief of Chemical and Biological Warfare Research at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, for many years, and later worked as Director of Missile and Satellite Development at the Navy Propellant Division, Indian Head, Maryland. His wife, Lisa, had come from a rich German-Jewish family. Her father, Hugo, had represented I.G. Farben as a stockbroker. Her stories about hiding her Jewish past from her children for most of her life, and her parents escape from a train heading for a Nazi concentration camp are shallow and untrue, as are Dr. Laytons Quaker religious beliefs. The same family sent money to Jonestown regularly. Their daughter, Debbie, met and married George Philip Blakey in an exclusive private school in England. Blakeys parents have extensive stock holding in Solvay drugs, a division of the Nazi cartel I.G. Farben. He also contributed financially. [H: You will find the name I.G. Farben in all the books on “The Conspiracy”.]

Terri Bufords father, Admiral Charles T. Buford, worked with Navy Intelligence. In addition, Blakey was reportedly running mercenaries from Jonestown to CIA-backed UNITA forces in Angola. Maria Katsaris father was a minister with the Greek Orthodox Church, a common conduit of CIA fundings, and Maria claimed she had proof he was CIA. She was shot in the head, and her death was ruled a suicide, but at one point Charles Beikman was charged with killing her. On their return to the United States, the “official” survivors were represented by attorney Joseph Baltchford who had been named prior to that time in a scandal involving CIA infiltration of the Peace Corps. Almost everywhere you look at Jonestown, U.S. intelligence and fascism rear their ugly heads.

The connection of intelligence agencies to cults is nothing new. A simple but revealing example is the Unification Church, tied to both the Korean CIA (i.e. American CIA in Korea), and the international fascist network known as the World Anti-Communist League. The Moonies hosted WACLs first international conference. What distinguished Jonestown was both the level of control and the openly sinister involvement. It was imperative that they cover their tracks.

Maria Katsaris sent Michael Prokes, Tim Carter, and another guard out at the last minute with $500,000 cash in a suitcase, and instructions for a drop point. Her note inside suggests the funds were destined for the Soviet Union. Prokes later shot himself at a San Francisco press conference, where he claimed to be an FBI informant. Others reported meetings with KGB agents and plans to move to Russia. This disinformation was part of a “red smear” to be used if they had to abandon the operation. The Soviet Union had no interest in the money and even less in Jonestown. The cash was recovered by the Guyanese government. [H: The money was headed for Tel Aviv. The Russians had a missile base within 30 miles of Jonestown which the U.S. military was sent in to take-out “with none left alive”. That is covered in a segment from the JOURNAL, SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.]

Their hidden funding may include more intelligence links. A mysterious account in Panama, totaling nearly $5 million in the name of an “Association Pro Religiosa do San Pedro, S.A.” was located. This unknown Religious Association of St. Peter was probably one of the twelve phony companies set up by Archbishop Paul Marcinkus to hide the illegal investments of Vatican funds through the scandal-ridden Banco Ambrosiano. A few days after the story broke about the accounts, the President of Panama, and most of the government resigned, Roberto Calvi of Banco Ambrosiano was murdered, and the Jonestown account disappeared from public scrutiny and court record.

The direct orders to cover up the cause of death came from the top levels of the American government. Zbigniew Brezezinsky delegated to Robert Pastor, and he in turn ordered Lt. Col. Gordon Sumner to strip the bodies of identity. Pastor is now Deputy Director of the CIA. One can only wonder how many others tied to the Jonestown operation were similarly promoted.


One of the persistent problems in researching Jonestown is that it seems to lead to so many other criminal activities, each with its own complex history and cast of characters. Perhaps the most disturbing of these is the connection that appears repeatedly between the characters in the Jonestown story and the key people involved in the murder and investigation of Martin Luther King.

The first clue to this link appeared in the personal histories of the members of the Ryan investigation team who were so selectively and deliberately killed at Port Kaituma. Don Harris, a veteran NBC reporter, had been the only network newsman on the scene to cover Martin Luther Kings activity in Memphis at the time of Kings assassination. He had interviewed key witnesses at the site. His coverage of the urban riots that followed won him an Emmy award. Gregory Robinson, a fearless journalist from the San Francisco Examiner, had photographed the same riots in Washington, D.C. When he was approached for copies of the films by Justice Department officials, he threw the negatives into the Potomac river.

The role of Mark Lane, who served as attorney for Jim Jones, is even more clearly intertwined. Lane had co-authored a book with Dick Gregory, claiming FBI complicity in the King murder. He was hired as the attorney for James Earl Ray, accused assassin, when Ray testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations about King. Prior to this testimony, Ray was involved in an unusual escape plot at Brushy Mountain State Prison. The prisoner who had helped engineer the escape plot was later inexplicably offered an early parole by members of the Tennessee Governors office. These officials, and Governor Blanton himself, were to come under close public scrutiny and face legal charges in regard to bribes taken to arrange illegal early pardons for prisoners.

One of the people living at Jonestown was ex-FBI agent Wesley Swearingen, who at least publicly condemned the COINTELPRO operations and other abuses, based on stolen classified documents, at the Jonestown site. Lane had reportedly met with him there at least a year before the massacre. Terri Buford said the documents were passed on to Charles Garry. Lane used information from Swearingen in his thesis on the FBI and Kings murder. Swearingen later served as a key witness in suits against the Justice Department brought by the Socialist Workers Party. When Larry Flynt, the flamboyant publisher of Hustler magazine, offered a $1 million reward leading to the capture and conviction of the John F. Kennedy killers, the long distance number listed to collect information and leads was being answered by Mark Lane and Wesley Swearingen.

With help from officials in Tennessee, Governor Blantons office, Lane managed to get legal custody of a woman who had been incarcerated in the Tennessee state psychiatric system for nearly eight years. This woman, Grace Walden Stephens, had been a witness in the King murder. She was living at the time in Memphis in a rooming house across from the hotel when Martin Luther King was shot. The official version of events had Ray located in the common bathroom of the rooming house, and claimed he used a rifle to murder King from that window. Grace Stephens did, indeed, see a man run from the bathroom, past her door and down to the street below. A rifle, later linked circumstantially to James Earl Ray, was found inside a bundle at the base of the rooming house stairs, and identified as the murder weapon. But Grace, who saw the man clearly, refused to identify him as Ray when shown photographs by the FBI. Her testimony was never introduced at the trial. The FBI relied, instead, on the word of her common law husband, Charles Stephens, who was drunk and unconscious at the time of the incident. Her persistence in saying that it was not James Earl Ray was used at her mental competency hearings as evidence against her, and she disappeared into the psychiatric system.

Grace Walden Stephens took up residence in Memphis with Lane, her custodian, and Terri Buford, a key Temple member who had returned to the U.S. before the killings to live with Lane. While arranging for her to testify before the Select Committee on Rays behalf, Lane and Buford were plotting another fate for Grace Stephens. Notes from Buford to Jones, found in the aftermath of the killings, discussed arrangements with Lane to move Grace Stephens to Jonestown. The problem that remained was lack of a passport, but Buford suggested either getting a passport on the black market, or using the passport of former Temple member Maxine Swaney. Swaney, dead for nearly 2-1/2 years since her departure from the Ukiah camp, was in no position to argue, and Jones apparently kept her passport with him. Whether Grace ever arrived at Jonestown is unclear.

Lane was also forced to leave Ray in the midst of testimony to the Select Committee when he got word that Ryan was planning to visit. Lane had attempted to discourage the trip earlier in a vaguely threatening letter. Now he rushed to be sure he arrived with the group. At the scene, he failed to warn Ryan and others, knowing that the sandwiches and other food might be drugged, but refrained from eating it himself. Later, claiming that he and Charles Garry would write the official history of the “revolutionary suicide”, Lane was allowed to leave the pieces of underwear to mark their way back to Georgetown. If true, it seems an unlikely method if they were in any fear of pursuit. They had heard gunfire and screams back at the camp. Lane was reportedly well aware of the forced drugging and suicide drills at Jonestown before Ryan arrived.

Another important figure in the murder of Martin Luther King was his mother, Alberta. A few weeks after the first public announcement by Coretta Scott King that she believed her husbands murder was part of a conspiracy, Mrs. Alberta King was brutally shot to death in Atlanta, while attending church services. Anyone who had seen the physical wounds suffered by King might have been an adverse witness to the official version, since the wound angles did NOT match the ballistic direction of a shot from the rooming house. Her death also closely coincided with the reopening of the Tennessee state court review of Rays conviction based on a guilty plea, required by a 6th Circuit decision. The judge in that case reportedly refused to allow witnesses from beyond a 100 mile radius of the courtroom.

The man convicted of shooting Kings mother was Marcus Wayne Chenault. His emotional affect following the murder was unusual. Grinning, he asked if he had hit anyone. He had reportedly been dropped off at the church by people he knew in Ohio. While at Ohio State University, he was part of a group known as “the Troop”, run by a Black minister and gun collector who used the name Rabbi Emmanuel Israel. This man, described in the press as a “mentor” for Chenault, left the area immediately after the shooting. In the same period, Rabbi Hill traveled from Ohio to Guyana and set up Hilltown, using similar aliases, and preaching the same message of a “black Hebrew elite”. Chenault confided to SCLC leaders that he was one of many killers who were working to assassinate a long list of Black leadership. The names he said were on this list coincided with similar “death lists” distributed by the KKK, and linked to the COINTELPRO operations in the 60’s.

The real backgrounds and identities of Marcus Wayne Chenault and Rabbi Hill may never be discovered, but one thing is certain, Martin Luther King would never had countenanced the preachings of Jim Jones, had he lived to hear them.

[H: Many of you ask how it is that Tom Bradley, Jesse Jackson, etc., of the Black community who could do such “good” are spared the assassinations. Because they have joined the Elite--they are all members in good standing on the Council of Foreign Relations and some are on other of the more Elite councils.]


In the face of such horror, it may seem little compensation to know that part of the truth has been unearthed. But for the families and some of the survivors, the truth, however painful, is the only path to being relieved of the burden of their doubts. It’s hard to believe that President Carter was calling on us at the time not to “overreact”. The idea that a large community of Black people would not only stand by and be poisoned at the suggestion of Jim Jones, but would allow their children to be murdered first, is a monstrous lie, and a racist insult. We now know that the most direct description of Jonestown is that it was a Black genocide plan. One Temple director, Joyce Shaw, described the Jonestown massacre as, “some kind of horrible government experiment, or some sort of sick racial thing, a plan like that of the Germans to exterminate Blacks.” If we refuse to look further into this nightmarish event, there will be more Jonestowns to come. They will move from Guyana to our own back yard.

The cast of characters is neither dead nor inactive. Key members of the armed guard were ordered to be on board the Temple Ship, Cudjoe--at the hour of the massacre they were on a supply run to Trinidad. George Phillip Blakey phoned his father-in-law, Dr. Lawrence Layton, from Panama after the event. At least ten members of the Temple remained on the boat, and set up a new community in Trinidad while Nigel Slinger, a Grenada businessman and insurance broker for Jonestown, repaired the 400-ton shipping vessel. Then Charles Blakey set up an “open house” in Grenada with the others. McCann spoke about starting a shipping company to “finance the continued work of the original Temple”.

That “work” may have included the mysterious operations of the mental hospital in Grenada that eluded government security by promising free medical care. The hospital was operated by Sir Geoffrey Bourne, Chancellor of the St. George’s University Medical School, also staffed by his son Dr. Peter Bourne. His son’s history includes work with psychological experiments and USAID in Vietnam, the methadone clinics in the U.S., and a drug scandal in the Carter White House. The mental hospital was the only structure bombed during the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983. This was part of a plan to put Sir Eric Gairy back in power. Were additional experiments going on at the site?

In addition, the killers of Leo Ryan and others at Port Kaituma were never accounted for fully. The trial of Larry Layton was mishandled by the Guyanese courts, and the U.S. system as well. No adequate evidentiary hearings have occurred either at the trial or in state and congressional reviews. The Jonestown killers, trained assassins and mercenaries, are not on trial. They might be working in Africa or Central America. Their participation in Jonestown can be used as an “explanation” for their involvement in later murders here, such as the case of the attack on school children in Los Angeles. They should be named and located.

The money behind Jonestown was never fully examined or recovered. The court receivership only collected a fraction, the bulk went to pay back military operations and burial costs. Families of the dead were awarded only minimal amounts. Some filed suit, unsuccessfully, to learn more about the circumstances of the deaths, and who was responsible. Joe Holsinger, Leo Ryan’s close friend and assistant, studied the case for two years and reached the same unnerving conclusions--these people were murdered, there was evidence of a mass mind-control experiment, and the top levels of civilian and military intelligence were involved. He worked with Ryan’s family members to prove the corruption and injustice, but they could barely afford the immense court costs and case preparations. Their suit, as well as a similar one brought by ex-members and families of the victims, had to be dropped for lack of funds.

The international operations of World Vision and the related evangelical groups continue unabashed. World Vision official John W. Hinckley, Sr. was on his way to a Guatemalan water project run by the organization on the day his son shot at President Reagan. [Isnt it strange that one of the Bush twigs had a dinner appointment with Hinckley, Jr. on the day after? How handily the Elite set up their covers! Ah but the plot thickens as you read on---!] A MYSTERIOUS “DOUBLE” OF HINCKLEY, JR., a man named Richardson, followed Hinckley’s path from Colorado to Connecticut, and even wrote love letters to Jody Foster. Richardson was a follower of Carl McIntyre’s International Council of Christian Churches, and attended their Bible School in Florida. He was arrested shortly after the assassination attempt in New York’s Port Authority with a weapon, and claimed he intended to kill Reagan. [H: Still don’t believe in robotoids and duplicates????]

Another World Vision employee, Mark David Chapman, worked at their Haitian refugee camp in Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas. He was later to gain infamy as the assassin of John Lennon in New York City. World Vision works with refugees worldwide. At the Honduran border, they are present in camps used by American CIA to recruit mercenaries against Nicaragua. They were at Sabra and Shatilla, Camps in Lebanon where fascist Phalange massacred the Palestinians. Their representatives in the Cuban refugee camps on the east coast included members of the Bay of Pigs operation, CIA-financed mercenaries from Omega 7 and Alpha 66. Are they being used as a worldwide cover for the recruitment and training of these killers? They are, as mentioned earlier, working to repopulate Jonestown with Laotians who served as mercenaries for our CIA.

Silence in the face of these murders is the worst possible response. The telling sign above the Jonestown dead read, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The genocide will come home to America. How many spent time studying the rehash of child murders in Atlanta’s Black community or asked the necessary questions about the discrepancies in the conviction of Wayne Williams? Would we recognize a planned genocide if it occurred under similar subterfuge?

Leo Ryan’s daughter, Shannon, lives among the disciples of another cult today, at the new city of Rajneeshpuram in Arizona. She was quoted in the press, during the recent controversy over a nationwide recruiting drive to bring urban homeless people to the commune, saying she did not believe it could end like Jonestown, since the leader would not ask them to commit suicide. “If he did ask me, I would do it,” she said.


Homeless recruits who had left since then are suing in court because of suspicious and unnecessary injections given them by the commune’s doctor, and a liquid they were served daily in unmarked jars that many believe was not simply “beer”. One man in the suit claims he was drugged and disoriented for days after his first injection.

The ultimate victims of mind control at Jonestown are the American people. If we fail to look beyond the constructed images given us by the television and the press, then our consciousness is manipulated, just as well as the Jonestown victims was. Facing nuclear annihilation, many see the current militarism of the Reagan policies, and military training itself, as the real “mass suicide cult”. If the discrepancy between the truth of Jonestown and the official version can be so great what other lies have we been told about major events?

History is precious. In a democracy, knowledge must be accessible for informed consent to function. Hiding or distorting history behind “national security” leaves the public as the final enemy of the government. Democratic process cannot operate on “need to know”. Otherwise, we live in the 1984 envisioned by Orwell’s projections, and we must heed his warning that those who control the past control the future.

The real tragedy of Jonestown is not only that it occurred, but that so few chose to ask themselves why or how, so few sought to find out the facts behind the bizarre tale used to explain away the death of more than 900 people, and that so many will continue to be blind to the grim reality of our intelligence agencies. In the long run, the truth will come out. Only our complicity in the deception continues to dishonor the dead.


I will protect this author until he wishes to make himself known. He has utilized some 291 references so that you can see he is informed as well as could be from documentation available. But yes, he did miss the “whole” of the story, but now you have it also so there is little excuse to continue in the lie.

The most effective way to conquer a man is to capture his mind. Control a man’s mind and you control his body. Most people don’t pay conscious attention to the things that affect them subconsciously. They don’t usually know what to look for. However, when pointed to, these things can be recognized and understood. We intend to point these things out to you. Just as with Psychopolitics (Soviet brain-washing) so, too, are all other nations, especially the U.S. guilty of massive abuse and brain control. It is part and parcel of the plan to take over the world and YOU ARE REPEATING THE PAST, MY FRIENDS.

Let us break this document at this point for it becomes too lengthy. I will change subjects when we convene again for I want to tell you the lie of Watergate while we are on “revelations”. The whole of Watergate was a massive move to gain control, by the Israelis, of the United States. It has worked very well, indeed. I cannot repeat often enough--YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE! THE ISRAELI ENEMY IS NOT “HEBREW JUDAISM” NOR SEMITES--THEY ARE A MASSIVE INTEGRATED PORTION OF THE PLAN TO TAKE OVER TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD AND YOU ARE DEEP INTO IT--NOW.

Thank you, Dharma. I realize we have a meeting at 1:30 today so I will be taking temporary leave that you might attend that which needs attention prior to that time. Chela, you are under constant attack and we cannot buffer it all, your heart begins to fail and we must attend it. It is in congestive failure which causes the pressure on your chest and neck as it misses strokes and backwashes--DO NOT TAKE EXERCISE AND DO NOT BE ALONE FOR LONG PERIODS FOR THE PROBLEM IS SERIOUS. I WILL BE EVER CONSTANT.

I am pained that you precious children have to endure these attacks but so it has always been. I stand between thee and thine enemies and THEY KNOW IT. Whatever you might realize--THEY KNOW OF OUR PRESENCE AND MOST CAREFULLY WEIGH THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR BOMBARDMENT. We must, however, allow you ones your own choices, so please attend our petition to take caution and care--daring the enemy is not wisdom. It might make my day to do so--it can cost you your day forever. Let us walk gently for the WORD is the sword and Truth gives freedom and so it shall come to pass as we do our work. Adonai.



MONDAY, APRIL 30, 1990 9:30 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 257

Hatonn present in truth and radiance. Good morning.

Today we shall outline the Guyana incident. It is placed within this Journal because, on the surface of it, it appears to be a “religious” incident. It was not!

I have not decided as to whether or not we shall cover, in depth, other religious incidents and personalities to any great extent for so much has already been written about those evangelist’s inappropriate activities and it only consumes time of the readers who are in need of that which is not openly known.

As with Jim Bakker, I would like to point out some of his open protestations regarding his actions, so that you ones can place your own actions into relative discernment.

Bakker compared himself to Christ--“Why does everyone want to nail Jim Bakker to the cross?” he asked, and blames Christ for his problems, “Jesus, how could you let me make such dumb mistakes?” God will always let you make stupid and dumb mistakes--every time! In the physical plane YOU have the reins, my friends. The really troubling aspect of the PTL story is the complete inability of the Bakkers to question themselves. I suppose Jim might have a bit more time now to reflect on these matters--like a 45 year sentence for fraud and conspiracy. However, do not expect him to serve 45 years. He became one of the “big boys” and when it is again appropriate, they will set him free to feast upon the unsuspecting--again. And worse, you who will turn the other cheek “in Godness” will be the prey.

The great optimism preached by PTL became its downfall. The assumption was that if God didn’t approve, they wouldnt have so much--now apply that to the other T.V. evangelists and all hierarchy preachers.

They simply marched, and march, triumphantly--and totally transparently--onward and the masses feed the greed and enhance the plague of lies, praising the Lord and never doubting for a second that they are doing anything but the clearly revealed will of the Almighty. While, all the interim, they are preaching the list of manmade laws and commandments and re-writing the scriptures in interpretation to suit their own actions. They wrap it all up in a neat bundle by proclaiming that all actions of any kind are already paid for by the blood of Jesus and therefore, whatever you have done or will do, is forgiven in total, with no repercussions based on that spilled blood from Calvary. Do you not see the foolishness? The real mystery herein, is how ones such as the Falwells, Bakkers, Swaggarts and Crouchs TBN and PTL could fool so many for so long!


The Southern Baptist Convention is your nation’s largest Protestant denomination with a view toward evangelization. But Southern Baptists have been rocked by internal disputes over the Bible content and interpretation, abortion and the role of women in the churches. They are now losing more active members than they are gaining and contributions have dropped, forcing some cutbacks. The above is a direct quote from a news-press release and then it is followed by an article which I will not bother to print.

This group became totally merged at the top levels with Reagan politics and a push to carry their doctrine unto “every person in the world by the year 2000”. Not, you will note, the word of truth of God and the laws of God and Creation--but rather, the re-interpreted commandments according to the Baptists. If ones of the staffs of these churches didn’t agree--they were promptly purged. Well, who pushed such a thing? (sic, sic) shame on you ones! Two workers within the Cartel fringes, seeking to get into the hierarchy of the Cartel--Paul Pressler, a Texas state judge, and his ideological partner, Paige Patterson.


This one is amusing indeed, Popeye the sailor man has hit some rough seas, it appears. For the new Quaker Oats man is none other than Popeye.

The Friends, a traditional peace denomination, don’t think their Quaker faith is being respected. Would companies use Popeye, the Catholic Man or Popeye, the Jewish man ads to hawk their products? Well, once again--no mention of God or Christ! So be it.


Strange indeed! The Greek people detest and deplore the Jewish Israelites. And yet a Greek arrangement was what opened the Jewish settlement in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem; an arrangement with the Israeli government.

Now, after the settlers are in and all but total war has broken forth, the Orthodox Church will set forth a protest in solidarity with churches in Jerusalem.

The really strange point is that the Holy places were closed for the first time in over 800 years--for one day. My, my, we must not interrupt that tourist money by making a point in truth. Besides, everyone there knows that those are “appointed” shrines. All know that the Jesus Christ is not buried in that sepulcher as projected on the touring public. You also know that Jerusalem must come back into enough control of the Israel Zionists to get that temple built in a timely manner. But what of God and Christ? No mention what-so-ever!


Religion’s Nobel Prize goes to an ecologist, Charles Birch, an Australian eco-philosopher. (I knew all of you knew that!). He is a co-winner of one of the world’s biggest cash prizes: the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion.

To save the planet, says Professor Birch, People’s perception of God and creation need to change.

There’s something wrong about the way were operating in the world. Industrialization is despoiling the planet. Were annihilating 1,000 species a year. When you ask what is wrong, it comes down to There’s something wrong about our values.

As a maverick biologist, Birch was an early prophet of environmental degradation. His pioneer work, “The Distribution and Abundance of Animals”, outlined in 1954 the implications of unfettered population growth.

He is touted as one of the two or three most distinguished ecologist in the world. He is the son of a Methodist minister and has a less-trumpeted reputation as a radical Christian theologian. For almost as long as he has been a scientist, Birch has engaged in the “adventurous reflection”, of questions relating to God and biological science. Oh my, no wonder you people have problems.

Humanity’s flawed” values stem from a general view of the Earth as a material stage filled with objects created for man’s comfort and advancement, is his projection, and so good so far. Ever since the rise of science in the 17th century, the model of the universe that people have tended to support is a very materialistic, mechanical model.” The universe is seen as “an object made in the past, out of material building blocks, now running itself”, with God outside it.

But modern science is starting to see that it can’t reproduce our world with a building block model, There’s something mental in existence--in our life--which we let slip through our fingers in the past. From protons to people, you have to look at them more as subjects rather than objects. Then you can see much more easily the relationship of God, not just human beings, but to all of creation. That is because God can be incarnate in life, but God cannot be incarnate in machinery.”

This perspective, it would seem, gives all life forms, not mankind alone, inherent worth. And while Birch welcomes the recent upsurge in public awareness of environmental issues, he chastens conservationists for continuing to campaign on the anthropocentric ethic: “Look after nature, then nature will look after us.”

I want them to be concerned for animals whether or not they’re useful to us. They are subjects, not just objects.

The $64,000 question is: ”Where did subjectivity begin in the whole of cosmic evolution? Most biologist would say, Oh somewhere below mammals. Birds, maybe. Certainly not frogs . . . .! There’s a big problem in that approach, because you’re saying mind and consciousness and all the characteristics of life have come out of something which is totally non-living, totally non-mental. The alternative approach is to say in some form or another the mental or the sentient was right there from the beginning. That’s a different perspective.

I suppose it is a start and I will leave it with you for further consideration.

* * *

Well, let us just go back to the native Indian tradition and all will be well and we will abandon corruption and political manipulations. SOMETHING TO PONDER: IF THE EVIL INVADERS BOUGHT THE AMERICAS WITH A FEW BEADS AND TRINKETS, DOES IT NOT THEREFORE STAND TO LOGICAL CONCLUSION THAT SOMEONE SOLD IT TO THE INVADERS FOR A HANDFUL OF BEADS AND TRINKETS? AH SO! We had best just return to that which will work--a return to the Laws and Balance of God Creator and Creation.


In your year 1976 the United States and Russia became embroiled in top secret hostilities in preparation for World War III/Nuclear War I. It began in earnest during the summer of 1976 when the still secret Underwater Missile Crisis erupted. It then expanded into wholesale nuclear sabotage of the United States with weapons now planted at literally thousands of locations nation-wide. (We shall discuss this at a separate writing). These weapons ranged from mammoth hydrogen bombs ready to destroy your largest dams and reservoirs down to tiny nuclear devices called ”micronukes by the Russians.

For some time the Russians had been detonating micronukes in a steady drum beat of explosions all over America. Still feel safe and cozy and unwilling to “rock the boat?

In September of 1977 the secret war took a decisive new turn. In the still secret Battle of the Harvest Moon in space, America’s Secret Rulers lost their supposed ace in the hole for the coming planned war. In a shocking upset, Russia knocked out America’s secret Moon beam-weapons base in Copernicus Crater, (oh yes there was one!). Since that time Russia had seized the dominant position militarily in space. Now let’s review a little arithmetic--from 1975 or so, to 1990--hummmmm, about fifteen years maybe?- - -what do you think they might have been doing all this while?

We will cover all these subjects most carefully but this Guyana was set up in a religious setting and it fits into this Journal without distraction.

Prior to this incident there were drastic changes taking place in the leadership of both Russia and the United States. In Russia the original ruling factions after 1917, the atheistic Bolsheviks, had been overthrown after a progressive struggle for over six decades. The Kremlin was now under the absolute control of a tough band of native Russians, a Christian sect who considered the Bolsheviks to be evil incarnate. As a result, the Bolsheviks were being expelled from Russia and they were flocking mostly to the United States. They were joining the many Bolsheviks already in powerful positions in the U.S. in a sophisticated new Bolshevik revolution. In the process, they were gradually preempting much of the power that was once exercised by their Secret Allies, the third generation Rockefeller brothers. As Bolshevik power became ever greater and greater in the United States, the Satanic fruits of that power were and are becoming increasingly visible.

In April 1978, the lives of over one hundred unsuspecting civilians were deliberately put in great danger for the sake of an intelligence mission.

This was the case of Korean Airlines Flight 902 which invaded supersensitive Russian air space and was shot down. There was nothing accidental about the Korean airliner episode, and the threat of death to all the innocent passengers was the key ingredient in the episode. It would have been far easier for the Russian fighters to blow the Boeing 707 out of the air in a ball of flame than to force it down with only a few casualties, as was done.

As the time passed the Bolshevik grip grew steadily greater in its hold on the United States, and human life was growing cheaper by the day. This time it would not be a hundred but nearly a thousand civilian lives, and this time it would be that they would die because nothing would be left to chance.

The gruesome tragedy at Jonestown, Guyana, is only a pale shadow of what lies ahead for the entire United States if the cancer of Bolshevism, along with a few other Cartels, is not stopped. Those who are seized by the Bolshevik way of thinking are quite schizophrenic and Satanic and unable to tell right from wrong--or at least practice in the guise of “right”. When these tendencies are allowed to go unchecked and the Bolsheviks acquire power, the consequences for society as a whole are tragic indeed.

Both murderous and suicidal actions take place on a scale beyond comprehension. It happened seventy-five years ago in Russia as the Bolsheviks took over there; and now, as the Bolsheviks are efforting to take over in your territory, it is happening--right in the good old U.S. of A.


Yes, I said “military”. And a bit later, I shall show you how Leo J. Ryan, Congressman, was utilized. The set-up for the Guyana tragedy was staged as early as 1974, with the revealing of the presence of a Guyana missile base in that place. It made radio news all across America but was promptly covered and snuffed. This was in June. In October it was again brought to public attention by daring speakers and again snuffed along with threats to cease and desist with such news items - - “or else”.

The news items ran something like the following: that according to reliable intelligence sources on the matter, the Republic of Guyana (next to Venezuela in South America) had been turned into another Cuba with Atomic Missiles aimed at the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal and at your cities in the United States.

Of course your government, which dances to a tune called “Dynasty”, refused to even investigate the charges---actually, why would they? They set it up!

The warnings were frequently re-presented and some of the public citizens did in fact effort to gather information which inquiries were met with stone wall silence or double-talk and denials. Many simply discounted the whole story but some more insightful patrons came to realize that you couldnt believe your Government. Well, guess who was right?


The developments which were destined to culminate in tragedy at Jonestown began in 1965. Guyana was a newly independent country, the former British colony of British Guiana.

At that time the secret Rockefeller/Soviet alliance was in full swing, and the long range joint plans for a controlled Nuclear War were moving right along. Both sides were looking ahead toward an eventual double-cross, but that still lay far in the future at that time. The deliberate strengthening of Russia at America’s expense was part of their joint plan for World Government and conquest. The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 threw a temporary monkey wrench into the program when President John F. Kennedy intervened personally and stopped the nuclear arming of Cuba; and for doing that, and other humane “indiscretions”, he lost his life in Dallas barely a year later.

Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, made sure that he followed the script more carefully. In the wake of the Cuban crisis, the Russians needed a new forward base in the Caribbean area for strategic purposes until the heat was off in Cuba. To accommodate Russia, Guyana was selected for this purpose, and David Rockefeller saw to it that a Marxist named Forbes Burnham became Prime Minister. In return, the Chase Manhattan Bank became fiscal agent for Guyana, giving Rockefeller access to the gold produced in Guyana; and as a key factor in all this, then President Lyndon Johnson in 1965 turned over the American Air Base, Atkinson Field, to Guyana.

America’s right to retain control over the Base for several more decades was simply thrown away without any excuses offered. Atkinson Field, which was then renamed Temehri Airfield, is south of Georgetown, the capital city. This is the airfield to which American helicopters carried bodies to be airlifted to America after the Jonestown disaster.

When Johnson gave the Temehri Airfield to Marxist Guyana, he handed Russia a very large plum indeed. The Temehri Airfield is the largest in all of Latin America, larger even than New York’s largest airport, the John F. Kennedy Airport; and its location makes it ideal for ferrying Cuban troops and supplies to Africa.

As a result, Johnson’s action on behalf of Rockefellers robbed the United States of an important logistic connection to Africa while opening the door for Cuban troops. Your later trouble with Cuban troops in Angola and elsewhere in Africa were partly the result.

For a number of years, Russian military activity in Guyana was heavily concentrated around the vicinity of the Temehri Airfield. In 1974, they emplaced missiles in sites that ringed the airfield. Then the missiles were pulled out from those locations and moved to a separate missile complex west of Georgetown, over the following two years.

In that new complex, the missiles were deployed at sites scattered over an area some 30 miles in diameter. In the approximate center was a Command and control installation commanded by Russian personnel. And the plot began to thicken considerably.

After the missile base relocation was completed, the missile complex was centered at a point about 70 miles northwest of Temehri Airfield; and roughly another 70 miles to the northwest lay the Jonestown Peoples Temple complex, an Israeli-type kibbutz. So the missile base ended up about midway between the Jonestown commune and Temehri Airfield. It was no accident, my friends, that the Peoples Temple kibbutz was located so close to the missile base.


The origins of the People’s Temple in the 1950s had nothing to do with government intrigues. It was not until about 1970 that certain elements of the United States Intelligence community began to infiltrate and subvert the People’s Temple. The Rockefeller brothers have always had a standard practice of supporting not only the faction in power but also spies and opponents to that faction--and who doesn’t want a little free funding and support money? In this manner they are always in a position, at least theoretically, to cut down anyone who tries to break free of their control. Heed this lesson well lest ye be tempted by their guiles in our own work.

In the case of Guyana, the Rockefellers wanted to have such a tool in Guyana as a check on Forbes Burnham, the Prime Minister, whom they had put in power with use of their money. Certain elements within the United States Intelligence community under general coordination by the CIA were given the task of finding ways of accomplishing this.

In the course of evaluating various options, it was concluded that the Peoples Temple would prove ideal. The psychological profile of the leader, Jim Jones, indicated that he could be converted into a powerful tool of the Unseen Rulers. Contrary to reports in the controlled major media, Jim Jones was born a Jew (oops), and he already exhibited tendencies toward kibbutz-style organization that could be channeled into useful directions. This would be brought about through a combination of both conscious and unconscious factors.

At the conscious level, money and powerful political support would be channeled in his direction; at the unconscious level, the technique of psychological programming, which we will discuss in more detail elsewhere, would be employed.

Gradually, Jim Jones would lose control of his own personality and become what your Unseen Rulers wanted him to be. The process would inevitably create tremendous internal conflicts and turn Jim Jones into a troubled and dangerous man and that, dear ones, is exactly that which came to pass.


By 1973 changes in Jones behavior began to be noticed by his friends and followers. His conversion into a semi-conscious agent of death and intrigue was underway in earnest by that time. That same year the mushrooming funds of the Peoples Temple were used to launch the agricultural kibbutz at Jonestown, Guyana, though only a few people went there at that time.

Guyana was a rigid Marxist police state, and no one could have launched a new enterprise like the Commune without its approval by Forbes Burnham; but David Rockefeller agents made sure that Burnham received all the assurances he needed that the Jones compound would fit neatly into the Marxist environment of Guyana.

At the same time, Forbes Burnham had begun double-crossing David Rockefeller, exactly as had been feared. He was now playing ball politically but he was hiding much of Guyana’s gold production in caves in the mountains. David Rockefeller found this out sometime later, but by then the much bigger problem was developing from a double-cross by Russia so Burnham was left untouched in order to make way for bigger things.

By summer 1974, the Rockefeller brothers were still soundly in bed with the Kremlin, and there were already ominous signs that something was happening in Russia which they did not understand; but they simply could not imagine that their old Kremlin allies, the Bolsheviks, were being overthrown.

And so it goes; just as any mention of possible threat from Russia goes totally denied this day, so went denied the public warnings about Guyana missiles--and the Government spokesmen went right on lying and ridiculing those who dared speak out. The planned and programmed Nuclear War was being blueprinted for the late 1970s and they did not want the plan to be spoiled by public awareness; but two years later Russia’s all-out military double-cross of America began with the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976.

Most of you know about that crisis, which the Government kept silent about, but we shall talk about it again, later. Your Unseen Rulers were badly shaken by that surprise and initially tried to reinstate their secret alliance with the Kremlin rulers. After all, they had succeeded in doing so once before after President Kennedy broke the rules and made an issue of the Cuban missiles; but meanwhile they also began setting in motion contingency plans to gear up their possible real war.

Dharma, this is enough for this portion since we had so many personal matters this morning. Please take a short rest and then we can continue. Thank you, chela. I shall move to stand-by and be prepared to resume when you are ready.



MONDAY, APRIL 30, 1990 1:30 P.M. YEAR 3 DAY 257


The Guyana missile base was one of the major targets of the revised planning. When this planning began more than two years prior, the Space Battle of the Harvest Moon still lay in the future. It seemed quite inconceivable that America could lose its secret beam-weapons base which was soon to be operational on the moon; and so long as they had this Moon Base to depend on, your Unseen Rulers thought they could not lose. But in light of the Underwater Missile double-cross, they wanted to be able to pull as many of Russia’s military teeth as possible. In this way, their destruction of Russia would be even more complete than originally planned.

The planners of Operation Guyana were given a difficult problem to solve. The objective was to wipe out the Russian missile base in Guyana by removing the threat it posed to the Panama Canal and southern American cities; but this was to be a pre-war operation carried out covertly and with complete surprise. It had to be covert, because neither the United States nor Russia could afford to have it known that the base ever existed; and the surprise had to be complete, because with even the briefest warning the base could be reinforced and defended by Cuban troops.

From these requirements it was concluded that a commando-style raid would be necessary, something like the Israeli raid at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in July 1976. Are the similarities and implications becoming a bit more clear to you readers? Any other kind of attack would have required your leaders to do what President Kennedy did in 1962, and that is: Tell the American people what was afoot and ask for your support. At all cost, the one thing your Unseen Rulers were determined not to do was to tell you anything. The problem then arose--how to get the joint attacking forces into Guyana in a force large enough and fast enough to do the job.

Wiping out a base like that one in Guyana, after all, is no small-task and it takes experience. It was then concluded that somehow some very sudden, massive, compelling excuse would have to be provided in order to enable the secret joint military forces to enter Guyana temporarily. The excuse, whatever it was, would have to be so visible as to tie Russian’s hands so that Russia could not retaliate in Guyana without giving away what she had been up to there; and the excuse, whatever it was, would have to appear non-military yet require military expertise. Furthermore, some provision would have to be made for ALL casualties in the missile-base attack to be removed from Guyana after the raid, otherwise their presence in Guyana could have been made the basis of an international incident trumped up around some different story unrelated to the secret missile base.

For example, the government of Guyana, following Russian dictates, might have publicly displayed the bodies of the joint military forces killed in the attack and said they were killed in an attempted coup détat against Forbes Burnham. It was a very big order, but the Jonestown kibbutz proved to be the answer. All that was necessary was to arrange for many hundreds of American citizens to die suddenly in Guyana and under conditions guaranteeing instant massive publicity.

The sheer enormity of the tragedy would require military involvement, and the location of Jonestown was made to order. Helicopters commuting between the Temehri Airfield and Jonestown would naturally fly over the missile complex--whose details were known in spite of expert camouflage. This meant that joint special armed forces could be set down near the perimeters of the missile base and later recovered, along with casualties, with relative ease. And as the reporters at the Temehri Airfield watched helicopters leaving to the northwest and return from the same direction, they were led to assume that all were going to and from Jonestown some 150 miles away. They had no way of knowing that many of the flights were to and from the Russian missile base, which lay in the same direction but only half as far distant.


When it was decided to use mass deaths at Jonestown as a cover for the missile-base attack, Jonestown was functioning only as an outpost of the People’s Temple. There were not enough people there to provide a sufficiently major incident to serve the intended purpose, and so, through both direct and indirect means, Jim Jones was persuaded to go to the Guyana kibbutz himself, taking as many of his flock as would follow him. That turned out to be about 25% to 30%, and by following him they automatically identified themselves as the group most highly dependent upon Jones personally. They were also most susceptible to the combined influences of exhaustion, intimidation, and isolation from outside help--in other words, just right for thorough brainwashing.

Ever since the days of the Korean war it had been known conclusively that brainwashing techniques can cause many people to do all kinds of things. Even hardened American GI’s in Korea fell victim to brainwashing in surprising numbers because they did not understand what they were up against. But, of course, the Jonestown victims were anything but hardened soldiers.

In August 1977 Jim Jones left for Guyana with his large sacrificial flock. That same month, United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young carried a message to Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana. He said that under certain conditions the United States and the World Bank would increase its aid to Guyana--that is, line Burnham’s pocket by a factor of ten times more than previous levels. And so the key disaster of Jonestown was set in motion in a day shortly before the Battle of the Harvest Moon.


To trigger the whole tragedy and in a blare of publicity, the interest of late Congressman Leo J. Ryan was developed and programmed.

In a display of courage that is practically unknown today in the U.S. Congress, Ryan went to Guyana knowing that it might be dangerous. But what he did not know, of course, was that he had been lured into making a trip whose tragic outcome was planned well in advance.

Congressman Ryan and those who died with him at Port Kaituma Airport were casualties in the secret war that was leading to Nuclear War One. And so were the hundreds of other American civilians who died in the so-called “mass suicide” at Jonestown, Guyana.

As the time approached for Congressman Ryan to make his anticipated trip to Guyana, other activities were set in motion on the diplomatic and military stage. It was essential that Russia’s attention be diverted away from Guyana until too late to take action to protect the missile base. Russia’s prize in the Western Hemisphere, of course, is Cuba; and so in the final days before the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving Day 1978, the trumped up MIG-23 crisis--does anyone remember that one?--was used to divert Russian attention to Cuba. Oh, we have lots and lots of wondrous secrets to talk about, don’t we? Only too late did the Kremlin discover that the real target was not Cuba but Guyana.


Close aides of the late Congressman Leo Ryan have reported publicly that his ill-fated decision to go to Guyana was triggered by a State Department report to him that he found totally unsatisfactory. This reaction of Ryan’s had been correctly predicted and, in fact, deliberately encouraged. With elections coming up, Congressman Ryan decided to schedule the trip after the election during the Congressional recess.

This was a quite natural decision, and had also been anticipated by the planners behind the scenes. No politician would miss the opportunity to campaign right up to election day.

As the time approached for his trip, the false issue of the Cuban MIG-23 crisis erupted. The Carter Administration had learned nearly a year prior that the Russians were going to send the MIG-23s to Cuba and decided that it would be a perfect pretext for a fake crisis. The MIG-23 can carry certain types of nuclear weapons as claimed; but even in this role it is a tactical weapon best suited for support of ground or naval forces.

The MIG-23 in and of itself does not threaten America in the same way that the 1962 Cuban missiles did; and so when the United States began playing up the MIG-23s, it was very obvious to the Kremlin that this was a deliberate effort to stir up public tension over Cuba. The question was: Exactly what was the United States up to?

Would the Carter Administration be so crazy as to invade Cuba? Such a thing sounded irrational, but America’s Unseen Rulers were behaving more and more irrationally.

This, too, was partially deliberate and was intended to keep the chess players in the Kremlin off balance, but it was also partly a result of the increasing degree of control over America by those Satanic schizophrenics, the Bolsheviks.

Cuba was, after all, very important to Russia, for Russia was looking ahead to world domination after Nuclear War I; and for that, Cuba is Russia’s main beach-head in the Western Hemisphere. Even more urgently, Cuba was the unadmitted home of Russia’s Caribbean Submarine Fleet, and that fleet had repeatedly moved into attack positions in the Gulf of Mexico over the prior two years and more during periods of tension.

As if that were not enough, there were concentrations of nuclear weapons in at least four land locations in Cuba. One was near the north coast roughly 10 miles inland southeast of Cardenas. This location is 150 miles due south of Cape Sable, Florida. A second site was about 150 miles to the east-southeast of that and about 10 miles inland from the north coast. One hundred twenty-five miles farther to the southeast was a third concentration 15 miles northeast of Marti, well inland. A fourth nuclear site was near the eastern tip of Cuba, 28 miles north-northwest of the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay.

With all this at stake, American publicity over the MIG-23s caused worry in the Kremlin. And in early November the tension increased when the United States began sending SR-71 reconnaissance flights over Cuba -- shades of 1962.

In response, massive formations from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean Submarine Fleets of the Russian Navy began fanning out along America’s east, west, and gulf coasts on November 6. They did not deploy into attack formations but their sheer numbers signaled a clear warning to Washington. At that moment they were still on station, many with neutron weaponry.

Then during the week immediately preceding the tragedies in Guyana the MIG-23 pseudo crisis built to a climax. Beginning on Tuesday, November 14, a huge combined American and British naval Task Force began heading toward Cuba. By midweek, Cuban defense forces were on full alert, and on Thursday, November 16, a group of twelve United States Senators in Moscow--supposedly to discuss the SALT talks--met with Russia’s Kosygin.

There they pressed the alleged issue of the Cuban MIG-23 argument, calling it a “false issue”. As a former test pilot and America’s first astronaut in orbit, Senator Glenn knew what he was talking about, but Kosygin’s anger over the other comments about the MIGS provided the United States Intelligence community with valuable proof that the decoy action toward Cuba was working. The next day, November 17, Russia publicly admitted sending MIG-23s to Cuba, calling them strictly defensive weapons.

The same day an editorial in the Washington Post typified the crescendo of media attention to the Cuban MIG-23s. It was titled: “A New Cuban Missile Crisis?”

The very next day, Saturday, November 18, Congressman Leo Ryan, three newsmen, and a woman seeking to escape from Jonestown were slaughtered at the Port Kaituma Airport. At least a dozen other people were also wounded, but there was no effort to destroy the airplane filled with terrified escapees from Jonestown. Instead, many witnesses were left alive, and a smaller plane managed to take off right after the airport massacre and report the attack in the capital, Georgetown.

Immediately world attention was focused on Guyana, and meanwhile the mass murder at Jonestown--wrongly called a mass suicide--was underway.

At this point, the elaborate decoy action toward Cuba was no longer needed, so the Pentagon announced that a routine naval exercise was in progress which would approach no closer to Cuba than 50 miles. Cuban defense forces relaxed, but the real action was only beginning in Guyana. The methodical executions of Congressman Ryan and three prominent newsmen had guaranteed that Jonestown would shortly be in the glare of publicity. Having guaranteed this publicity, Jim Jones then ordered the mass executions at the Jonestown kibbutz.


The complete details of the Jonestown disaster may never be known publicly. I can promise you, however, that very, very few who died there, took their own lives--and that is, after all, what suicide is. Many were tricked, not realizing that the death rites were real. Many more resisted, but they were weak, helpless, and confronted with armed execution squads. So by various means, several hundred people were poisoned with potassium cyanide. However, there were many others who did try to escape and who resisted more effectively. Many of those people were herded off into the jungle and shot without mercy.

Finally when the mass murder was completed, the executionists performed their final task of stage-managing the horrible death scene. In order to achieve the surprise needed in attacking the Russian missile base, it was critically important that the first reports from Jonestown described the scene as a mass suicide. Only in this way could its actual military significance be hidden long enough to fool the Russians.

Therefore, all of the bodies free of gunshot wounds were carefully arranged in neat rows and other groupings, suggesting at first sight that everyone died willingly and deliberately. This was the scene that greeted Guyanese troops late the following day, Sunday, November 19. It was more than 24 hours after the kibbutz victims died and the executioners, including the real Jim Jones, were long gone. I will return to the matter of Jones himself later for I know you are curious as to why I keep telling you he ended up in Israel.


The Guyanese troops were afraid of possible disease but counted the bodies as accurately as possible without close handling or moving the bodies. The total they reported was 409 on that Sunday night. The initial impression of a mass suicide was seized upon by the controlled major media of the United States. Without waiting for an investigation, the media drummed away at the suicide image of Jonestown as if it were a proven fact. After a few days a few people did begin to raise questions, but by then the initial image of suicide had served its purpose of opening Guyana’s doors to the United States.

For example, on Tuesday, November 21, Jim Jones surviving son, Steven, said in a Georgetown press conference, There’s no way it could have been mass suicide. And that same day, according to the Washington Star, a Guyanese source pointed out a serious medical discrepancy in the Jonestown kibbutz death scene. He said, “If you die of cyanide, which seems to have been the poison, your body goes into spasm and contortion death, but at Jonestown everyone looked totally relaxed.”

The reason for this discrepancy was that by the time the Guyanese troops arrived, all the bodies had been rearranged. They were also placed face down for the most part. This was so that the widely publicized news photos would not ruin the desired impression of calm by letting you see the victims final expressions of agony.


To continue the nightmare charade to fool the Russians, the United States at first publicly urged Guyana to collect and bury the hundreds of bodies. As arranged, Guyana replied in effect that it was America’s problem and that America should take the bodies back to the United States---just as planned. To facilitate this huge and hideous task, Guyana obligingly agreed to waive the usual Guyanese law that requires any body to be autopsied before removal from the country. With this arrangement, the United States achieved the carte blanche military access to Guyana that was needed.

Russian intelligence realized what was afoot by early Monday, November 20, but it was already too late to stop it. Russia could hardly announce to the world that, “We have a secret nuclear missile base in Guyana and the United States is getting ready to destroy it.” That would have rallied world opinion behind America; and, although Russian Cosmospheres quickly converged over Guyana, they, too, were useless in the covert conditions of battle there. Their Charged Particle Beam Weapons could have made short work of the commando-style forces, but in the process they would have wiped out the Russian base itself. The Guyana missiles have become only a minor factor in Russia’s military power since the Battle of the Harvest Moon the year prior. They were not valuable enough to Russia to declare open war on their account. And so under these conditions, Russia was powerless to act once the Jonestown tragedy had been staged.

As Thanksgiving Day approached, huge American transports, helicopters, troops, and medical teams swarmed into Guyana. In a remote corner of the huge Temehri Airfield a command post was established for the twin operations of Jonestown and at the Russian missile base.

As some of the troops began the nauseating task of cleaning up the Jonestown kibbutz, other joint attack forces were taking up positions around the missile base in preparations for the surprise raid. Meanwhile, day after day the death count reported at Jonestown remained unchanged at 409.

Then on Thanksgiving Day itself, the Battle of Guyana took place. Crack military forces experienced in jungle and surprise warfare moved in on the Russian complex, striking all the dispersed sites simultaneously. Like the Entebbe raid, the battle itself did not last long. It had to be over quickly to be successful.

First the small crews on site near each missile were overwhelmed, and then killed. The missiles themselves were quickly disabled. Next the military forces converged on the Missile Command and Control Center, where a bloody pitched battle took place.

When the smoke cleared, every single person manning the missile base had been killed, including the Russian commanders.

When the battle was over, American helicopters from Temehri Airfield began landing within the ruined missile complex and flying out the wounded. Then the remaining attackers were left with two more jobs before they could retire from the area. First, they were under strict orders to leave no bodies in the attacking forces on Guyanese soil, and so the entire area was scoured until every single member of the attacking force had been accounted for. Their bodies, like those of the victims at Jonestown, were sealed in Vietnam-type body bags and collected in clearings where helicopters could land to pick them up.

Finally, the combined forces were under orders to remove the nuclear warheads from the missiles and take them back to Georgetown for airlift to the United States. Specially trained members of the attacking force had set to work on this task immediately after the initial attacks on the missile crews.

By early Friday, November 24, all the warheads had been removed. They, too, were placed in body bags, one per bag, with some jungle foliage stuffed in to give the bag a reasonable appearance.

Of course none of this was apparent to the reporters at Temehri Airfield, whose access to the American Command Post there was carefully controlled. When wounded members of the attacking force were flown back to the Airfield, after the Battle of Guyana on Thanksgiving afternoon, they were kept out of sight of the reporters. Otherwise, when reporters occasionally saw body bags being moved from place to place they just naturally assumed that all contained victims from Jonestown. They had no way of knowing that some contained slain Commandoes and that others contained Russian nuclear warheads. The continual cargo of death from the Jonestown kibbutz made the perfect cover for the aftermath of the Battle of Guyana.


Many reporters were totally puzzled at the choice of Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the Guyana airlift. Most of the Jonestown victims were from California, and there is a mortuary facility, similar to the Dover facility, at Oakland Air Force Base in California. Dover was chosen to facilitate transfer of the Russian nuclear warheads to the nearby Aberdeen Proving Ground and Arsenal. This was done by means of shallow flights from Dover to Phillips Air Force Base.

Originally the Guyanese count of 409 had been accepted as firm by United States officials in Guyana. That had raised questions as to where the rest of the one thousand or so residents reported to be in Jonestown had gone. Finally, on Thanksgiving Day, with the body clean-up operation well under way, a military spokesman told reporters, “The evaluation that we have made is simply that there were not many more people in Jonestown at the time of the suicide.” But even as he spoke, the Battle of Guyana was raging at the Russian missile base. By midday on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, 485 body bags had already arrived at the Temehri Airfield. The ”bodies of warheads from the Russian missile base were destined to raise the total far beyond the total of 409 bodies originally counted by the Guyanese at the kibbutz. It was a bad mistake, the kind of thing that happens in the heat of battle. Something had to be done, and quickly.

So, on that Friday after Thanksgiving, a breathless and nervous Pentagon spokesman at the Temehri Airfield made a stunning announcement over CBS television: “The original count of persons found dead at the Jonestown site has been found to be seriously in error. It now appear there may be as many as 780 bodies, total, found at the site. They were found simply buried under other bodies. There were larger adults that were grouped together, and under their bodies were found the bodies of smaller adults and children.”

Badgered by incredulous reporters, the Government embellished the cover story later on. The Washington Star quoted the same spokesman as saying Friday night: “Near the center of the pile of bodies, near the assembly hall they were three deep in some areas. They were in layers with blankets between them.” Wasnt is just nice of all those people to fall over in well orchestrated and neat rows?

This story was so unbelievable that within two days the United States Government dismissed its own story about the blankets as a “rumor”. Still the basic idea of bodies on top of bodies had to be maintained, so on Saturday, November 25, another Air Force spokesman tried to make it all sound plausible in the following words: “From what I observed, the people, when they committed suicide, would line up in nice neat little circles, children in front of them, and as they died they folded into the interior of the circle.” Do you wondrously blind people begin to see the absurdity of that which you believe? You swallow it hook, line, sinker and fish!

The Guyana cover-up was world-wide in its dimensions--it had to be. In Guyana, Deputy Prime Minister Reid made the first public announcement to the Guyanese people about Jonestown on Friday afternoon, November 24, in Parliament. Then he refused to answer questions, and rushed out to cries of “Shame, Shame” and “Cover-up” from Parliament members. And there in the United States on Thanksgiving Day, FBI Director, William Webster, said that the: “FBI Disaster Squad had positively identified the body of James Warren Jones through fingerprint identification records.” But, this was not so and at that very moment Jim Jones was making good his preplanned escape from Guyana.


The plans for removal of Jones were laid well in advance. An ocean-going boat, well stocked with supplies and money, was waiting for him near the river town of Bartica, 35 miles southwest of Georgetown. In order to make his way to Bartica from Jonestown, Jones had a Safe Conduct Pass.

In the early morning of Thanksgiving Day, as the Battle of Guyana was beginning, Jones headed down stream toward Georgetown. Shortly after noon Guyana time his boat left the mouth of Essequibo River into the Atlantic Ocean.

From there Jones followed a complicated itinerary which was designed to prevent his being followed; but in spite of that, he was followed. From Guyana Jones headed due east for about 330 miles and then turned south, landing near La Mere, French Guiana, about 5:30 A.M. local time, November 27. From there he traveled by land to the capital of Cayenne, and took an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean to Freetown, Sierra Leone, in West Africa. From Freetown he headed north along the coast to Guinea-Bissau Airport, arriving there approximately 7:00 P.M. local time, November 28.

There, less than two hours later, he boarded a DC-3 and took off. His route took him eastward to Tambacounda, (Senegal); from there onward into Mali with stops at Segou, Mopti, and Gao; then onward to Agadez (Niger), and Largeau (Chad). From there his plane continued to Atbara (Sudan), and then a short final hop to Port Sudan where he arrived shortly after 4:00 A.M., November 30, local time. When he arrived at Port Sudan, Jones found a Turboprop Executive Transport waiting for him which was owned and operated by Israeli Intelligence. Within 20 minutes the plane took off with Jones and headed up the middle of the Red Sea toward the Gulf of Aqaba. At 6:30 A.M. local time on November 30, Jones plane landed briefly at Elath, the back door to Israel; then on to a private airport outside of Jerusalem, arriving at 7:20 A.M. local time. From there he headed to a nearby location for an intelligence debriefing.


After being transformed gradually into a conscious agent of the Intelligence Community over the prior six years, Jones had taken part in a joint operation by American and Israeli Intelligence in Guyana. The Israelis had contributed valuable expertise and even key lieutenants for Jones in showing how the Jonestown kibbutz could be set up and used for the intended purposes.

One has only to check an encyclopedia to see that Jonestown was, in fact, a kibbutz. For example, the World Book Encyclopedia under the topic “ISRAEL”, says: “In a collective community, called a kibbutz, the farmers share all the property and combine their labor. The village administration provides all their needs. The adults eat together in a dining hall, but married couples and single persons have private sleeping quarters. All children are raised together in a separate home. Parents visit their children for an hour or two before supper.”

Let us look at the word “commune” as domesticated in America. It means living in a commune. There is no pure form of commune in the Israeli kibbutz. When a commune is run by persons with Satanic and schizophrenic characteristics, like those of Jim Jones, murderous and suicidal behavior are forced upon the people, as happened at Jonestown. And when this example is expanded to include an entire nation, one has a nation in the grip of Bolshevism. It was happening to America then and you are still being led directly into national suicide.

Let me show you the ridiculous cost of such actions.

As things came to pass, the war which started between you and Russia began on that Thanksgiving Day. America lost that war in the Battle of the Harvest Moon. Of course the calculations don’t work out properly because you have no notion as to what is happening nor in what order. We shall speak to these topics later. At that time the very rules of war were altered forever.

Russia then tried to force America “to surrender” to SALT II disarmament, but your Unseen Rulers instead stepped up preparations for a suicidal nuclear war to be launched by the U.S.

The Guyana happenings gave you a preview for the entire war. By the standards of those who planned it, the Battle of Guyana was a brilliant success--and yet, at what cost! Many times more American lives were deliberately sacrificed than were lost by the enemy in the battle itself. In the same way, the plans still in operation will dwarf the numbers killed by the millions.

The Battle of Guyana was an exercise in futility, a mere scratch on the arm for Russia. It was planned before the Battle of the Harvest Moon, which rendered the Guyana battle obsolete before it happened.

Well, Jim Jones had a motto hanging over his throne in Jonestown: “THOSE WHO DO NOT REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT.”

Now, would any of you care to do a dissertation on what the Guyana tragedy actually had to do with religion in any manner what-so-ever. ”Tis sad indeed! And yet, you gullibly feast on the lies. So be it.

Dharma, enough for this day. Let us close this portion. Thank you for your service.

Hatonn to stand-by. Please think upon these things most diligently for we have a long, long way to go. Salu.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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