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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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THE 1990'S


















































































This book is dedicated to every holistic and/or alternative method of healing practitioner. All of you who have been given a bad rap by the Medical Association and the Conspiracy of Priests in the Temples of Death are herein HONORED. The only way you will or can again contain and control your destiny is to reclaim your rights under the Constitution, number one being your right to LIFE! The same "conspiracy" has taken control of both your physical life AND your spiritual life--your temporary and your infinite--experience.

I offer my hand unto you ones as you struggle in your trap for it will only be through the Christed path in journey with and within God which shall allow the passage. May insight light your perception as you journey through these brief pages.

And to Chief Oren Lyons:

I do not see a delegation

For the four-footed.

I see no seat for the eagles.

We forget and we consider

Ourselves superior.

But we are after all

A mere part of the Creation

And we must consider

To understand where we are.

And we stand somewhere between

The mountain and the Ant.

Somewhere and only there

As part and parcel

Of the Creation.



SAT., JANUARY 11, 1992 7:56 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 148


I choose to write the introduction to the current JOURNAL today because you need explanations in several areas of reference.


The chapters as written will always jump and bounce about quite a bit because we are not writing for literary genius or book structure. We try to stay around somewhere near the focus of subject but life does not function on one subject at a time--this is WHY we write JOURNALS and not novels and/or exposés of massive subject research and outlay. Our purpose is to give you bunches and bunches of facts, references and integrated matter relative to "life" and how it is being lived NOW, how it must be changed in order to survive and other points beyond the visible.

Most of the information has been present for you for over 3 to 5 decades and you have not found it--for the point of the adversary's plot is to keep you from even noticing the truth of their actions and hidden agendas.


I have waited to write on this subject until now because you ones must be prepared to recognize the names, labels and places from whence comes your so-called "health" care. I refer to the practice of medicine as the "Cut, Slash, Burn and Poison" insult against a living life-form. I call this JOURNAL, HIGH PRIESTS AND RABBIS IN THE TEMPLE because that is what "health care" has come to represent. The hospital (and research lab) is the "temple", the practitioners are the priests and rabbis. "Trust me with your life but ask me for no explanations," is the byline, "...for I am God of your being". Hippocrates has holes in his coffin from the continual "turning in his grave". The two main warnings of medicine are both ignored, i.e., "First, gentlemen, do no harm," and, "Gentlemen--wash your hands!"


Perhaps it is that I don't like for Dharma and me to have to take all the blame for bringing you truth and opening the can of viperous scorpions. So, even though there are good books with fair exposure of the conspiracy, I believe you should not pass another day without ordering up CONFESSIONS OF A MEDICAL HERETIC by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. (Medical Discloser) and MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins, M.T.T.T. (Mad Tattle-Tale Teller). Both, you will find, are filled to overflow with sick, sick humor which should startle you into some kind of reverse behavior from what you have believed if you have been among the "sleeping". My point is to shock you and then you can get your documented confirmation of this conspiracy of horror and perhaps, at some point, save your life, limb and a precious member of your loved circle.

Is all medicine bad? No. Are all doctors conspirators? No--some are the worst kind of victim of the conspiracy to kill, maim and addict.

For instance, let us say you are diagnosed with cancer of something or other--what are your choices? Do you want to go with the odds of an average of 12 years longer life, or 3? Well, diagnosed but untreated cancer patients have an average additional life expectancy of some 12 years--diagnosed and TREATED victims have an average of 3.

To treat an illness with poison and radiation, which also kills, is somehow the most heinous approach since blood-letting and leeching. It would be ever so much better for the comfort of the patient to simply outright electrocute the patient. But no, you slowly poison and radiate the poor beings to a slow and agonizing death by your "Cut, slash, burn and poison" treatment.

Is cancer treatment improving? No. Is the incidence less? No, it is higher. Can you treat self with nutrition and herbs? No, not if you don't want to go to prison. When a substance is utilized which is proven valid and curative; it is immediately made "illegal" to even possess, much less utilize. If you offer a bit of hydrogen peroxide for sterilization and good nutrition, you are convicted of practicing medicine with or without a license (depending on whether you are a physician or a layman). Do you realize it is illegal to eat pits from apricots? That is because apricot pits contain laetrile. They also contain bits and traces of arsenic, but then, you must only get arsenic from rat-killers on the open market from the elite chemical houses.

While I am on the subject, also get A HIGHER FORM OF KILLING by Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman, BAD BLOOD by James H. Jones and then try OTHER LOSSES by Bacque. The latter has nothing to do with medicine but outright murder. If you don't want to read these books then I ask that you trust my scanners and let us get busy and gain control (you never had control) of this insanity. "Regain" would be the term of choice but it has been ever thus.

I will continue here by presenting Dr. Mendelsohn's "Non Credo" at the beginning of his book for it is a first person appraisal of a very bad situation. Dr. Mendelsohn was, in 1979, Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee for the State of Illinois, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health in the School of Medicine of the University of Illinois and the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in medicine and medical instruction. He right out front tells you how to begin to make your own decisions regarding your medical treatment or "death program". Handled properly, good medical care can save your life--bad care can shorten and intensify the misery by uncountable measures. Medicine as practiced, particularly in America, is totally dangerous to your health; hospitals are terrible and dangerous places for the sick and infirm and you should always check the status of new car purchases of your physician and/or surgeon. You are probably among the few "lucky" persons if you can't afford health insurance.



I do not believe in Modern Medicine. I am a medical heretic. My aim in this book is to persuade you to become a heretic, too.

I haven't always been a medical heretic. I once believed in Modern Medicine.

In medical school, I failed to look deeply into a study that was going on around me, of the effects of the hormone DES--because I believed. Who could have suspected that twenty years later we would discover that DES causes vaginal cancer and genital abnormalities in children born to women receiving the drug during pregnancy.

I confess that I failed to be suspicious of oxygen therapy for premature infants, even though the best equipped and most advanced premature nurseries had an incidence of partial or total blindness of around ninety percent of all low birth weight infants. A few miles away at a large, less "advanced" hospital, the incidence of this condition--retrolental fibroplasia--was less than ten percent. I asked my professors in medical school to explain the difference. And I believed them when they said the doctors in the poorer hospital just didn't know how to make the correct diagnosis.

A year or two later it was proved that the cause of retrolental fibroplasia was the high concentrations of oxygen administered to the preemies. The affluent medical centers had higher rates of blinding simply because they could afford the very best nursery equipment, the most expensive and modern plastic incubators which guaranteed that ALL the oxygen pumped in reached the infant. At the poorer nurseries, however, old-fashioned incubators were used. They looked like bathtubs with very loose metal lids. They were so leaky that it made very little difference how much oxygen was pumped in, not enough reached the infant to blind it.

I still believed when I took part in a scientific paper on the use of the antibiotic Terramycin in treating respiratory conditions in premature babies. We claimed there were no side effects. Of course there weren't. We didn't wait long enough to find out that not only didn't Terramycin--or any other antibiotic--do much good for these infections, but that it--and other tetracycline antibiotics--left thousands of children with yellow-green teeth and tetracycline deposits in their bones.

And I confess that I believed in the irradiation of tonsils, lymph nodes, and the thymus gland. I believed my professors when they said that of course radiation was dangerous, but that the doses we were using were absolutely harmless. [H: This reminds us of the spring through fall of 1984 when Dharma had surgery for a "Post-bulbar ulcer" with a total failure to hook up everything correctly after rearranging the inside organs and removing half the stomach. Well there were X rays for everything over and over again; then, the entire surgical procedure had to be repeated because it was so botched in the first go--more and more X rays, pain, misery and money--oh dear, was there money at about $35,000 to $40,000 each go at it. When her hair began to fall out she refused more X rays--from teeth to lung scans. She was badgered and denounced (as a heretic) because "there couldn't be any danger in the dosages of X ray given her--one thing (hair loss) had nothing to do with the other. Ah so--why is it that hair loss is a PRIMARY symptom of overdose? She was a good sport, however, for with only a third of a stomach, surely all weight loss problems would be GONE! Not so, however, for when the stomach didn't empty--it simply stretched and stretched until it would empty right back to where the "stuff" came from. In addition, with each hospitalization, nutrients were poured into the blood stream directly in calorie counts that would blow a weight-lifter's figure. Did she know better? Of course, she had worked in a hospital for much of her life and got kicked off every high-level panel because she insisted that good nutrition was mandatory if you expect good health. Why, she had even passed out to her Division personnel, Dr. Mendelsohn's book (but she almost got fired for that little investment in truth). She would have been fired had there been anyone to take her place in the organization. I cannot stress enough how much value I think you will find in the above listed books.]

Years later--around the time we found out that the "absolutely harmless" radiation sown a decade or two before was now reaping a harvest of thyroid tumors--I couldn't help wondering when some of my former patients came back with nodules on their thyroids: Why are you coming back to me? To me, who did this to you in the first place.

But I no longer believe in Modern Medicine.

I believe that despite all the super technology and elite bedside manner that's supposed to make you feel about as well cared for as an astronaut on the way to the moon, the greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices Modern Medicine.

I believe that Modern Medicine's treatments for disease are seldom effective, and that they're often more dangerous than the diseases they're designed to treat.

I believe the dangers are compounded by the widespread use of dangerous procedures for non-diseases.

I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth--doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment--and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial.

I believe that Modern Medicine has gone too far, by using in everyday situations extreme treatments designed for critical conditions.

Every minute of every day Modern Medicine prides itself on going too far. A recent article, "Cleveland's Marvelous Medical Factory", boasted of the Cleveland Clinic's "accomplishments last year: 2,980 open-heart operations, 1.3 million laboratory tests, 73,320 electrocardiograms, 7,770 full-body X ray scans, 210,378 other radiological studies, 24,368 surgical procedures.

Not one of these procedures has been proved to have the least little bit to do with maintaining or restoring health. And the article, which was published in the Cleveland Clinic's own magazine, fails to boast or even mention that any people were helped by any of this expensive extravagance. That's because the product of this factory is not health at all.

So when you go to the doctor, you're seen not as a person who needs help with his or her health, but as a potential market for the medical factory's products.

[H: By the way, for you who are curious and wonder what is or has been done to "Jay" of whom we spoke the other day as to "treatment". I must tell you that Jay departed your plane a few days past. He had almost everything from waist to hips invaded and insulted with colostomy and the whole works. When he was totally terminal, they started chemotherapy after which he succumbed very, very quickly. At least the beloved friend can rest in peace. I suggest Kathy speak with her friend who has lymph cancer diagnosis and is undergoing "healing radiation and chemotherapy"; you see the radiation is often hidden in the chemicals in the lesser therapy; consider carefully that which is being done TO HER. She has a horrendously stressful personal experience going on and when she attends what's eating her, it won't matter much what she is eating! She can heal herself but I promise you--Modern Medicine will kill her!]

If you're pregnant, you go to the doctor and he treats you as if you're sick. Childbirth is a nine-month disease which must be "treated", so you're sold on intravenous fluid bags, fetal monitors, a host of drugs, the totally unnecessary episiotomy (which usually presents itself prior to the doctor's quick witted slicing), and--the top of the line product--the wondrous "Caesarean delivery"!

If you make the mistake of going to the doctor with a cold or the flu, he's liable to give you antibiotics, which are not only powerless against colds and flu but which leave you more likely to come down with worse problems.

If your child is a little too peppy for his teacher to handle, your doctor may go too far and turn him into a drug dependent.

If your new baby goes off his or her feed for a day and doesn't gain weight as fast as the doctor's manual says, he might barrage your breast-feeding with drugs to halt the natural process and make room in the baby's tummy for man-made formula, which is dangerous.

If you're foolish enough to make that yearly visit for a routine examination, the receptionist's petulance, the other patients' cigarette smoke, or the doctor's very presence could raise your blood pressure enough so that you won't go home empty-handed. Another life "saved" by antihypertensive drugs. Another sex life down the drain, [H: And another marriage down the tubes as well.] since more impotence is caused by drug therapy than by psychological problems.

If you're unfortunate enough to be near a hospital when your last days on earth approach, your doctor will make sure your $500-a-day (or worse) deathbed has all the latest electronic gear with a staff of strangers to hear your last words. But, since those strangers are paid to keep your family away from you, you won't have anything to say. Your last sounds will be the electronic whistle on the cardiogram. Your relatives will participate; they'll pay the bill.

No wonder children are afraid of doctors. They know! Their instincts for real danger are uncorrupted. Fear seldom actually disappears. Adults are afraid, too, but they can't admit it, even to themselves. What happens is we become afraid of something else. We learn to fear not the doctor but what brings us to the doctor in the first place: our body and its natural processes.

When you fear something, you avoid it. You ignore it. You shy away from it. You pretend it doesn't exist. You let someone else worry about it. This is how the doctor takes over. We let him. We say: I don't want to have anything to do with this, my body and its problems, doc. You take care of it, doc. Do what you have to do.

So the doctor does!

When doctors are criticized for not telling their patients about the side effects of the drugs they prescribe, they defend themselves on the grounds that the doctor-patient relationship would suffer from such honesty. That defense implies that the doctor-patient relationship is based on something other than knowledge. It's based on faith.

We don't say we know our doctors are good; we say we have faith in them. We trust them.

Don't think doctors aren't aware of the difference. And don't believe for a minute that they don't play it for all it's worth. Because what's at stake is the whole ball game, the whole ninety percent or more of Modern Medicine that we don't need, that, as a matter of fact, is out to kill us.

Modern Medicine can't survive without our faith, because Modern Medicine is neither an art nor a science. It's a religion.

One definition of religion identifies it as any organized effort to deal with puzzling or mysterious things we see going on in and around us. The Church of Modern Medicine deals with the most puzzling phenomena: birth, death, and all the tricks our bodies play on us--and we on them--in between. In THE GOLDEN BOUGH, religion is defined as the attempt to gain the favor of "powers superior to man, which are believed to direct and control the course of nature and of human life".

If people don't spend billions of dollars on the Church of Modern Medicine in order to gain favor with the powers that direct and control human life, what do they spend it on?

Common to all religions is the claim that reality is not limited to or dependent upon what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled. You can easily test modern medical religion on this characteristic by simply asking your doctor WHY? enough times. Why are you prescribing this drug? Why is this operation going to do me any good? Why do I have to do that? Why do you have to do that to me?

Just ask WHY? enough times and sooner or later you'll reach the Chasm of Faith. Your doctor will retreat into the fact that you have no way of knowing or understanding all the wonders he has at his command. Just trust me.

You've just had your first lesson in medical heresy. Lesson Number Two is that if a doctor ever wants to do something to you that you're afraid of and you ask why? enough times until he says, "Just Trust Me". What you're to do is turn around and put as much distance between you and him as you can, as fast as your condition will allow.

Unfortunately, very few people do that. They submit. They allow their fear of the witch doctor's mask, the unknown spirit behind it, and the mystery of what is happening and of what will happen, to change into respectful awe of the whole show.

But you don't have to let the witch doctor have his way. You can liberate yourself from Modern Medicine--and it doesn't mean you'll have to take chances with your health. In fact you'll be taking less of a chance with your health, because there's no more dangerous activity than walking into a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital unprepared. And by prepared I don't mean having your insurance forms filled out. I mean you have to get in and out alive and accomplish your mission. For that, you need appropriate tools, skills, and cunning.

The first tool you must have is knowledge of the enemy. Once you understand Modern Medicine as a religion, you can fight it and defend yourself much more effectively than when you think you're fighting an art or a science. Of course, the Church of Modern Medicine never calls itself a church. You'll never see a medical building dedicated to the religion of medicine, always the medical arts, or medical science.

Modern Medicine relies on faith to survive. All religions do. So heavily does the Church of Modern Medicine rely on faith that if everyone somehow simply forgot to believe in it for just one day, the whole system would collapse. For how else could any institution get people to do the things Modern Medicine gets people to do, without inducing a profound suspension of doubt? Would people allow themselves to be artificially put to sleep and then cut to pieces in a process they couldn't have the slightest notion about--if they didn't have faith? Would people swallow the thousands of tons of pills every year--again without the slightest knowledge of what these chemicals are going to do--if they didn't have faith?

If Modern Medicine had to validate its procedures objectively, this book wouldn't be necessary. That's why I'm going to demonstrate how Modern Medicine is not a church you want to have faith in.

Some doctors are worried about scaring their patients. While you're reading this book, you are, in a sense, my patient. I think you should be scared. You're supposed to be scared when your well-being and freedom are threatened. And you are, right now, being threatened.

If you're ready to learn some of the shocking things your doctor knows but won't tell you; if you're ready to find out if your doctor is dangerous; if you're ready to learn how to protect yourself from your doctor; you should keep reading, because that's what this book is about.



I think it most interesting that Mendelsohn ends his book with an Epilog on getting a new doctor. Mullins ends his on the subject of the drug trust and the Rockefeller Syndicate. It is hard for me to evaluate which is more important in revelation material. I do make note that in both volumes, the IMMUNIZATION program as practiced is the most dangerous one program ever foisted off on mankind and babies. Once inoculated, the body carries the damaging invasion substance for the remainder of the life of the body in point. This is also one of the biggest money-makers in Modern Medicine and chemical "warfare" against the human species. If you continue to allow the system to trap you, you are to blame for your own misfortune. Remember--you have (had, at least) a Constitution which was to protect your unalienable rights. I suggest you get back to work, put healing back into the Medical Profession and remove "religion". Spiritual healing is what is important--not religion.

This is why I dedicate this volume to every holistic and alternative healing practitioner. You can assist a body to heal--you cannot CURE it, only the person with the ailment can cure the dis-ease whatever it might be. This differs not from Spiritual Godness--no other can make your journey FOR you--not your spouse, your family, your friend, or Christ--YOU WILL DO IT!

Please be patient if you finish one chapter only to find on the following page a dissertation of Bush's trip to Japan. Again, we are writing "JOURNALS" (Captain's Logs, if you will) and Life is what happens while you are making other plans!

May I honor Charlie Knight, Ute "Medicine Man" from Colorado?:

"Everyone's got to find the right path. You can't see it so it's hard to find. No one can show you. Each person's got to find the path by himself….. …. God gives us each a song. That's how we know who we are. Our song tells us who we are."


Gyeorgos C. Hatonn



SUN., DEC. 22, 1991 8:50 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 128



Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance on this last Sunday before your big day of gift sharing and human interchange. Most of my crew on your placement are ill, having succumbed to that which is "going around" to keep you all sick and distressed so that everything stops and attentions are limited. It is well noted that when a population is enduring 104 degrees of fever and cannot leave the bathrooms of the world (if you have one) you don't have much opposition to that which is put upon you. Do you not find it interesting that none of your so-called Elite rulers are ever sick? They tear at breakneck, mind-boggling speed to every corner of the world and still, they do not become ill!!! Exceptional stamina? Perhaps, but more likely is that they are intentionally made inviolable. The rest of you are targeted. It is never an "accident" when a whole village or city comes down with the same "bug" on the same day or within hours--regardless of what the "scientists" tell you. To have a society "sick" from flu or "colds" is a good way to also hide from the horrendous depression in which you find selves. The Human mind is now geared to have to "excuse" everything, even when the truth would serve as well. Somehow it is easier to say, "...I was too sick to go shopping so I don't have your gift yet," than to simply say, "I don't have funds and, although I love you greatly, I felt it wise to not spend foolishly this Christmas." YOU DO EXACTLY THAT WHICH YOU ARE TRAINED TO DO.

Do the Zionists celebrate Christmas? Look around you for they own most of your stores, industries, government and YOU. To separate you Christians and other Godly people from your funds is the point of their existence. This is why Santa Clause was invented! You will actually go without food to give a worthless trinket so that a child does not have to recognize truth but, rather, the illusion of that "something for nothing". YOU HAVE DONE THESE THINGS UNTO SELVES IN YOUR FACADE OF PLENTY. Is not a coat on a freezing day far more appreciated than to open a package on Christmas in the LIE? Is not a little food daily more important than a big "Charity bash" where celebrities don aprons and serve the poor one meal a year? The thought and care is wondrous but what of the other 364 days of the year? It shall only be brother helping brother, one by one, that shall see you through this valley of travail come upon your world. You-the-people have intentionally been made ignorant and unskilled--you are going have to remember even HOW to work.

The point has been to make you totally dependent on the system to provide: welfare, jobs, industry, government and "your RIGHT to survive in plenty", hopefully with YOU having to do absolutely nothing save "sign-up". No, that is NOT the way of God, chelas. You must effort to learn, plant and till and THEN--ONLY THEN, IS THE HARVEST WORTHY.


I example a bit of misery this morning in just one little corner of the world for the storms are irrational unless you understand that they are neither "random" nor God-made. YOU have learned to manipulate the weather and YOUR ENEMY gained control FIRST. In America you now also use it to further the political causes. At any rate, the little story from Dallas, Texas. For the fourth time in a very short period of years an area of the city is totally flooded. It happens to be a predominantly "black" area. The waters are rising a foot a day and much is lost to those dwellers. There is work under way to fix the levies to prevent future flooding but the floods came too early for that damage control "this" time.

The Mayor is present, moving vans and trucks are present, but many are losing everything and it is heart-rending--however--is the plight of the black family living in that particular area the "fault" of the white or Hispanic or Oriental family living across the city? Do you have SPECIAL rights because of your color or race? Does the Zionist Jew have a right to live in a mansion and the black man in poverty? Yes indeed. Further, if the man with the goods, on either point, has earned his gain through honest toil he is duly rightful in his ownership. If he chooses to help his less fortunate brother, God blesses him--but he doesn't HAVE TO DO SO! On the other hand, if the mansion has been gained by sucking dry the one in poverty to insure his remaining in poverty--the fact is a shame upon Man.

You MUST REALIZE THAT EVERYTHING IS CHOICE. When one says, "I had no choice--I had to live in that flood-zone." No, that is not true. You "perceived" you had no other alternative. Perhaps the other alternatives were even less desirable but you DID HAVE ALTERNATIVE CHOICES.

This is the point of our lessons: When you make each choice in your life--which is each and every breath--in the direction of Godness, YOU HAVE ARRIVED! When "that" choice is so accepted that you feel it to be the ONLY alternative--then your path shall lighten as the sunrise. It may seem that you have no control over circumstances and we shall not go into that subject at this point even though you DO. You do, ALWAYS, have total control over HOW you respond within those circumstances--ALWAYS AND INFINITELY. It is upon those choices in action within the physical "frame" which is the basis for "judgment".

The hearts are heavy as the "Season" comes again which represents being with loved ones and sharing--albeit not factual. This is exactly why the cards and music are quite sentimental and represent a totally different time in man's travels--always bringing you back in memory to a time of childhood or family abundance (or poverty) in which emotion is strong. If a man be from the snow-lands of the North and now lives in Santa Monica, California--a snow scene brings nostalgic remindings. Always the "fantasy" is of something other than the moment which is the only experience you will ever have--and it too, then, becomes but a memory--"for this, too, shall pass".

Every year the solstices occur right on Mother Nature's schedule--timeless and infinite. Each one bringing a lengthening or shortening of days as you perceive the cycles of your calendars and watches; darkness and lightness. These cycles bring with them the frequencies and impact of those changing universal energies which pull you down or buoy you upward. Is the "fault" of nature? No, it is simply the way it IS--unchanging and unending. Will Mother change to suit you? No--you will bring balance within her laws or you will remain unbalanced--simply and succinctly; it is totally up to you. God has given forth laws which, if followed, retain and maintain balance within those unchanging laws of Universal "nature". If you break the laws of God and struggle against the laws of Nature--so be it. In fact, you can even "vote-in" to change the day of a solstice but it will not change one iota of the natural changes of Nature's day or "timing". YOU will be the fool!

YOU are allowing ones to tamper with, break laws and thrust lies upon you that trap you into an experience of physical confusion in an illusion of physical but a place of emotional "you-ness". YOU are the soul essence within efforting to find balance and fulfillment in a cell of physical illusion. The "things" are manifested in order to bind you. It is wondrous to experience the pleasure of "things" and joyous indeed if you can have abundance of pleasure and still release them willingly as a part of an experience. Does Creator care if you have ten coats? Of course not--IF you share with nine other people when the weather turns cold and the brother has NONE. You need not even "give them away", simply share. However, when the bindings are broken and the shroud rent--you shall find it a relief of burden to be free.

This, however, cannot be the role of all--to give it all away for in the survival during the time of great tribulation, some must have been stored so that ones caught without, say, that coat--will need of another if his be at his dwelling or taken from him. What you do and HOW you share must also have great discernment. A fur coat, already having deprived the animal of its life--may well be used to line a crib and save the very life of a babe in the survival tunnel. Perhaps, taking this a bit further, the parents of the babe may have beans which can be exchanged for the coat and two lives be saved--or more. Life can be multiplied by adding and dividing with others--never in selfish subtraction. And always through preparation beyond the thoughts of daily experience--AS IF. When ye have prepared AS IF there shall be another day and if wisely perceived (reasoned) how it might come to be--ye have nothing about which to worry and concern. Always remember that MAN is best under the pressures of necessity. He becomes again generous and sharing and demanding of Truth and THIS is WHY you shall WIN the war in ultimate conclusion. As the Elite Empire tumbles, the things hidden shall be made known and as you turn into balance within the laws of balance, you shall flourish for the ways to achievement are present--you have simply not bothered to pull yourselves from the physical pleasures and lust to find them.

I can point out to you that the ones willing to lead you "home" care not about shelter systems or political power--they are simply lonely to come home to their rightful dwellings in the realms of God. They desire no holes to jump into save to survive another day to serve God and HIS civilization of creatures for they are given to KNOW the "experience" is but fleeting and, at best, distressing. It is not to prolong physical presence in a world gone mad and housed with Elite Slavemasters who have stolen your very heritage. This is, however, the testing of God's people through those choices of service. I suggest, also, that all of you look within self and see what YOU do with the WORD? Do you toss it aside because YOU have studied and restudied every word? Or, do you rest your very infinite journey on what another self-appointed "guru" tells you to believe? If it is the latter--ye shall be greatly the loser!

Dharma, Thomas, Druthea, Rael, etc., are not "gurus"--they are faithful "typists" and "translators of ' foreign' language into English". They have a "job" which is no greater and no lesser than your own --but, the difference? They do theirs and perhaps you "wait" to be convinced by confirmations and the local preacher as to what "he''' believes "you" should do????


The very soul is pained as the outpouring of so-called news is foisted upon you. At this "Christmas" time a "new" service is being offered to AIDS "victims". It is a dating, referral service within the group who are HIV positive--for finding physically expressive partners for sex. In the story isolated for "point", the Zionist media shows an AIDS "victim" at a piano and his friend singing Christmas Carols. The friend "miraculously" has escaped infection and therefore...they continue as only "friends" while the one with active HIV signs up for partners with which to have sex. Does anyone out there see anything WRONG WITH THIS??? What, after all, IS LOVE? Is it a sordid and most disillusioning act in physical selfishness--or is the relationship bonded through the heart and soul unto the FRIEND? Can you not see how you have been misled and become PEOPLE-OF-THE-LIE? It is well noted that the most desperate "victim" who turns FROM THE LIE and into the laws of God in intent--makes great, great strides in Godness and/or is "healed" of the malady. There is "body" and there is "soul"--only when the soul is healed, can the body be healed. Perhaps you can kill the physical organism infecting the body--but if the soul is not "healed" the sickness shall, without exception, return in some form which will destroy. God does not do these things unto you--YOU DO THESE THINGS UNTO SELF. For healing, you must follow that which God gives unto you for the healing. It is as with a physician who knows that a certain antibiotic will kill the infecting organism and prescribes it for you--if you take it not, do you blame the physician? Then WHY do you blame God for your own indiscretions and actions which are blatantly against God?

And again, you ask me to prove who I am! I tell you to PROVE that I am not who I say I am!! Would it not be a bit in wisdom to investigate a bit? After all, someone wrote that material which you have been attending to, these many generations without question. Prove to me that those words are truly the words and laws of Holy God of Light. I can prove unto you that THEY ARE NOT! What you project from the mouths at the pulpit in interpretations of that which IS written is enough to prove that a "man" is in interpretation according to his own opinion--FOR HE IS MAN!


In that same "Bible" you are told that God will return and that He is not yet on your place--and yet, ones ask me daily if this one or that one who is touted to be in London or Mt. Shasta IS GOD. No, it is NOT GOD. God is within each of you as within His own placement. The great teacher FROM God is the one coming as ONE WITH GOD, and He is with me and NOT in physical form on your planet for it is given that He shall not return in the same manner on this visitation. This does not mean that this "energy" form has not and does not appear in holographic energy projection and that in a state of reverence YOU have come into HIS EXPRESSION AND VISION.

I would challenge any one or group to prove that one concept of my teachings is incorrect according to God! The interesting point, dear friends, is that the Elite will only condemn; they NEVER meet the challenge and they continue, while YOU allow it, to distort and prohibit YOU from ever seeing the TRUTH AS GIVEN. HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHEN GOD IS PRESENT? SOME THOUGHT IT WOULD BE THROUGH SWAGGART--I BELIEVE THAT HAS NOW BEEN RULED OUT. WHERE WILL GOD COME? FLUFFY CLOUDS IN RAPTURE? WHO SAID? WHO TOLD YOU THAT STORY? OH, I see--"....that man over there!" Well, here I am to tell you that it will not be "that way" and YOU deny the Truth of it. HOW WILL YOU RECOGNIZE THOSE "PROMISED HOSTS"? DO THESE WINGED RAPTURE DRIVERS HAVE CARGO BINS TO TAKE YOUR "STUFF"? IN YOUR FOLLY SHALL YOU FIND YOUR DOOM! IN YOUR WISDOM SHALL YOU SEE GOD AND THE PRESENCE SHALL BE GLORY. HOW WILL YOU RECOGNIZE GOD?? HAVE YOU ALREADY LISTENED TO "ANOTHER" AND MISSED THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND BROTHERHOOD OF HOSTS? SO BE IT.



About that adversary or Satan or Devil, or, or, or? You ask and ask and ask. Evil is ONLY of the physical expression! Therefore, your evil adversary is of the physical utilizing YOU at all possible times as his tool in service to that physical expression. His job, well done, is to focus your soul intent into the trap of the physical expression so that you are never fulfilled. God gives you NO LIMITS. Evil LIMITS YOU AT EVERY TURN. You can deny that this be true, but you know that you lie to self and your "opinion" changes nothing. If, for instance, you have a sodomy tryst planned for this evening with a questionably infected party--do you think God will strike you down for cancelling the encounter? If you plan a murder for this evening and decide to not murder--do you think God will strike you down? Think about that which you do and see, if in the ceasing of the actions--you are acting against God. You KNOW when you break the LAWS and that is exactly why you serve these physical deprivations in the DARK PLACES (even if you turn on the incandescent light!).

In the ending days the Holy will be more Holy and the evil shall become more evil--and so is it written and so it is. Violence feeds on violence--but, in the ending the very violence and the very evil shall devour of itself through its own attachment to only that which is of the physical expression. That which is beyond the physical is that which will ultimately prevail in or out of the physical expression. If you turn from that which is Truth in order to follow in blindness the liars then you shall simply perish in the lie. Is it so difficult to consider alternatives to this state of affairs--IS THE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE ALL THAT WONDROUS AT PRESENT? WHY? PLEASE CAREFULLY ANSWER "WHY"? IF IT SEEMS WONDROUS--LOOK AT "WHY". IF IT IS PERCEIVED BLEAK OR NEGATIVE--WHY?

The "lamp" is offered unto you, all you need do is take it and you shall have a lighted focus to follow wherein you can change that which is upon you unto your rightful place as director and caretaker of that which was given unto you. "Happiness" is often fleeting in its definition by Man. Joy is eternal and you can have it while walking in the physical experience! Try it and you'll like it! If you do not save your Constitution, soon, you will forever lose the freedom to pursue that "happiness" (Joy). You do not need save the world, or neighbor--if ye save of self and step by step reclaim those unalienable RIGHTS which were to have PRESERVED those rights, you will prevail for you will come in mass beyond that which the adversary thief has taken from you. You need not accept the scenario according to the physical adversary--move with God and write (right) your own conclusions or move on into open infinity. Each cycle will merge with the new but none END except for the "rest" within the "void" of God's beginning. God has nothing to PROVE to you--I defy YOU to prove otherwise to me.

"In the ending would come forth the WORD." How many will miss it? How many will MISS the rapture because you know not what to seek nor will you know when you "find it" for IT IS NOT LOST! You simply REFUSE to look where it is in preference to "another's opinion". Think upon these things diligently as you witness that which is coming down in heinous manner upon you as a species and the nations fall into disarray and evil claims his throne. God waits!


Hatonn to clear, please. Adonai.



WED., DEC. 25, 1991 8:35 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 131



Hatonn present in the Holy Light, in Radiance on the blessed Day. Special? No, I think not "special" more than another in which we are blessed to give service. This one, however, has taken on a tradition which has all but vanished and this year you will note that enemies do not lay down their arms in respect for the adversary's tradition in the battle-torn sectors. Why? Because each side feels "they" are "right" and nothing is balanced against the harmonious laws of God and Universe--'tis but man against brother.

Each of the last two days we have sat to write and between despair, court cases and illness, we have set the work aside in hopes of finding balance within. We began to write the JOURNALS in July of 1989--save SIPAPU which was penned in 1986. This is only 28 months past and we have sent forth, Friday, the 48th volume. I believe we can grant Dharma a couple of days of despair and repair of health for even the soul becomes weary in looking for the shining boundaries around the clouds which seem to darken the pathway.


As we sit this Christmas Day--again without benefit of tree or trimmings--the heart is also sorrowed by, again, incredible and festering spears over the dwelling and threat of physical removal. Now the Resolution Trust Corporation threatens all manner of ill-begotten deeds upon these ones if they continue this struggle. How can you have come so far into the trap, America? How can the world not have seen it coming? Some did--but no-one listened to the warning call. Only on the day before yesterday did they wait hours for a brief hearing to simply postpone trial until after the holiday--after having "trailed" daily since prior to Thanksgiving. This coming "hearing" only represents the "beginning". There is no sorrow--only frustration.

There is such despair about your lands--as these ones sat in the courtroom (it was a court-room where sentencing is handed down) and we witnessed in one brief hour ten young people sent to prison from two to five years for either violence or theft for money for drugs or holding drugs. This has become the daily routine in the courts in this all but lost generation. The criminals who make it all necessary stay free and wealthy while hearts and lives are broken and destroyed.

So Dharma cries out: "Is there hope? It seems such empty return." I can only respond, chelas--There is YOU, there is me and there is GOD! Two of the three of us have no doubts at all--what is wrong with YOU?

You must all come into understanding that it requires a blow to the routine to get attention. As long as things are status-quo no one looks around from their stupor. As jobs become scarce and hard times fall upon the shoulders, then man's clarity of sight clears a bit.


I am bombarded with inquiries as to the authenticity of the motion picture regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Yes and no; it is authentic in perception and as to ones involved. Lyndon Johnson was greatly involved, as we outlined last year in a JOURNAL; however, he did not mastermind the activities in full and the real reason has only been projected by one or two writers who literally had to flee for their own lives.

The REASON for the killing was not the Bay of Pigs, etc., as projected--but rather, Kennedy was going to reclaim printing of the national currency through the government and stop utilizing the Federal Reserve. This, further, is why Bobby Kennedy was likewise killed--for he vowed to complete the job after his election--he could do nothing about it as Attorney General--he would only have enough power to make such a massive move as President.

Did these persons have such loose morals as projected? Yes, but not to the extent projected because the effort was always to discount the immense possibilities involved. I'm not going to go into details again herein because we have covered this subject in the past and the more important "signs" of your nearing impounding is much more urgent.

Please, you MUST note things such as that which is happening in Miami and Newark, New Jersey. In Newark there are now installed on the lamp posts, cameras, which film constantly EVERYTHING and everyone on the streets--both sides. They are spaced appropriately to cover ALL sectors and are constantly monitored by a battery of monitors and surveillance officers. This was long-ago installed in Miami but disabled by the underworld elements. The system is being refurbished with tamper-proof shielding, etc. This is also becoming prevalent all across the country but mostly no one is told what the new "things" are and it is assumed the camera containers (which look exactly like additional lighting fixtures) are simply additional lights.

By the way, did you know that in the major cities such as Los Angeles--the Soviets are training in the police academies? Just thought you might enjoy knowing that you are already integrated with your new bed-mates. You think you bought off good old Gorby with a couple of million dollars? No, that is only the beginning! What are the Russians saying these days, friends? "Down and out with Yeltsin and the Jews!" If this doesn't terrify you then you don't know enough to be panicked. The Russians are blaming the Zionists for everything and place the U.S.A. as a tool of Israel. Perhaps, as more and more ones are laid off from their jobs, there will be time for reading and attaining information--the JOURNALS are conveniently small enough to comfortably hold in an employment line--perhaps the unemployment offices are the places to put the Liberators!


I can't imagine that as we move along here that every man and woman veteran in the nation will fail to rally to the call of nation and flag. You have one willing to place his neck on the block to lead and clean out the house of thieves--and, get your brother veterans back from the jungles where they were abandoned by your so-called "leaders". I cannot believe that every last Viet Nam veteran will not rally to this call for your lives have been as deliberately destroyed as if you were shot in cold blood in front of a firing squad. If you have fared well since those days then you are rare indeed.

How about you ones who made it back from Saudi Arabia? How many of you realize that there is a young Saudi Prince who is being tortured to death to prevent him speaking out about the TRUTH of the Gulf War? How much of THIS news do you get? I see, all you know is that 700,000 of your military people are being "fired". How can this be when your nation has never been more critically near all-out war?

I'm sorry, readers, I cannot get excited about your decorated tree when babies are being deliberately starved to death all around your globe--including in the United States of America! I cannot look objectively on your decorative tinsel and pretty ribbons and replicas of "Santa" in cosmic shock at what you may not have "gotten" this gift season--while a planet is in hostage! Do I have compassion for you who refuse to see Truth? No--I have great pity for you and there is a magnificent difference. You have been given opportunity to meet your enemy and KNOW HIM and you turn away and even one or two of you who come to our very door and share--file lawsuits against us for some perceived "consultation fee". Be most careful, dear ones, and beware those who come asking to participate in great work--for some will be of evil intent and not only will prove their intent to be evil but will misguide you through false input and you shall be far worse than when you began the struggle for freedom within the Constitutional Law. A little bit of incorrect knowledge can destroy you completely. Beware! Caution! There are ones who will come claiming to be "experts" and "authorities" and "offer" assistance. Their intent is to suck you in and, through greed, take you for a jolly ride. I shall take every opportunity to expose such ones for they work not in your behalf as patriots or citizens. They are filled with greed and self-ego importance and will cause great grief in their exuberance. God always gives "clues" if you but pay attention.


These are in full operation and cases are now in unfolding. There is a regular bulletin paper which is called the Sovereign Adviser which will give good insight into possibilities for you citizens, non-citizens and patriots. I do request that a section be added regularly for incorporation instructions in the State of Nevada. This is the most important protection of all available routes of shelter and because the persons involved at present are not so well informed, they fail to give sufficient input. Since this is connected to our work, I shall ask for input. Trusts are a viable form of shelter in some instances; however, I see incorporation (but nowhere other than as in Nevada) as the singular most worthy step to shelter available today. Remember, in ALL instances the man with the biggest gun can take all while he disallows all rules. I shall ask for a reprinting of the incorporation information from our prior material for we have so many new readers who are stymied by my pronouncement herein.

I ask that any who wish to participate in such venture know up front that it requires good books and records and our people are too busy to tend it all for you--so please, make sure your intent is worthy before you take up their time. If you have no great assets it is still good for privacy which cannot be attained in any other manner as sufficiently. Some of our people are themselves moving into the State of Nevada to specifically cover the security of these corporations of our friends. I suggest you get a copy of PRIVACY IN THE FISHBOWL if your curiosity is spiked, because economic alternatives are quickly being dissolved.

For you ones who write regarding Law Center business--please know that your inquiries are immediately forwarded by fax to the center for attention. Especially you who have watched as the IRS has taken your property--please know that the information is being forwarded. It is very, very difficult to get restitution after they have seized property for they have the big guns and lawyers and can drain a hundredfold the cost of the property in point. Usually, however, even after they have seized property they are rarely through with the harassment of you.

We are in serious need of attorneys willing to share a bit of sorting expertise because the staff we have is completely buried in the piles of petitions. In some cases, such as Demjanjuk and the Israelis--his very life hangs in the next two weeks' balance so attention must be focused there first. Also the case of Dann Band of Shoshone natives, there is need for up-front attention for the cattle are already confiscated from their reservation. However, a lot of these things of IRS and "citizenship" nature can be handled through the Common Law Service Center and a lot of information can be obtained for handling IRS and legal affronts.


What is and has happened to Noriega of Panama is a travesty and mockery of any "justice" system. Dear ones, do you realize that ALL witnesses against Noriega were outstanding drug dealers--bought and paid for by your government--without explanation or apology. There are piles of records from the FBI and CIA, etc., PROVING THAT, IN FACT, NORIEGA WAS CLOSING DOWN THE DRUG TRADE IN PANAMA--AND WAS IN TOTAL COOPERATION AND PAYMENT BY AND FROM THE CIA AND UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The Haitian boat people and the facade of the full-run rape trial of Smith were coordinated and pushed onto the screens to keep all expression of the Noriega trial OFF THE SCREENS. While everyone watched Willy's zipper all day on CNN, the railroading job was being done in another Florida courtroom.

I have already written about the Panama/Noriega situation until I weary of it so I ask that you go back and read it or petition John Coleman to allow printing of his recent writings, in this book. (Editor: John's articles are at end of this chapter.). Do I say that this "rape" was timed to distract? No--only the trial and the manner of the trial. William Smith has a serious problem and so does the young lady in point but with morals spread on the prime time vidiot boxes, movie screens and news press--I find it hard to believe that ANYONE IN AMERICA THIS DAY WOULD BE SHOCKED--LEAST OF ALL THE GROUPIES IN PALM BEACH. EVEN SOME OF THE JURORS ARE GETTING MORE "PLAY" THAN THE PARTICIPANTS! WHERE ARE YOUR VALUES, AMERICA?


How many of you realize that in July Mr. Bush issued and signed an Executive Order, No. 12770?? On the surface it really wouldn't seem like much as it had to do with weights and measures and metric systems confusion--or is it much? Well this "pair" of measures moved the merging of the United States into the vision of an internationalist New World Order right smartly along the path of integration whether or not you-the-people like it. He told the UN all about it at his Sept. 23rd address.

The measures were an executive order implementing the metric system in the government, and an international human rights agreement that would supersede the Constitution. The order, in effect, forces the agencies of the federal government to go metric. It is aimed at implementing "the metric system of measurement as the preferred system of weights and measures for U.S. trade and commerce".

Attempts had already been made to encourage "voluntary compliance" with the Metric Conversion Act in 1975. Federal officials said then the country would adopt metric policies within a decade. The general public, however, never warmed to the idea and chose to ignore it.

Currently Bush is also prompting the Senate to pass the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The pact would supersede rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

The UN human rights covenant is a treaty that would, in effect, override several provisions of the Constitution, impede law enforcement and, worst of all, further diminish the national sovereignty of the United States. The covenant would, in fact, limit the ability of Americans to be governed by the laws you have within the Constitution.

This treaty, drafted and issued by a foreign body--the United Nations--that is neither elected by nor responsible to American citizens, seeks to tell you what your internal criminal laws should be and what civil and political liberties Americans should have. Well, it may be easy to see why Jimmy Carter signed the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It eludes me, however, as to why the United States should ratify it.


Bush's men have been frantically trying, since September, to quash newly raised fears that the Constitution and your national sovereignty are at risk. In the speech, for instance, Bush characterized a world in which UN forces, through "international cooperation", would work for the "collective settlement of disputes". He also promised to quell rebellions by upstart nationalists in long-oppressed and subsumed (to possess as an integral part of a whole) countries (like yours is soon going to be): Bush declared no one "can promise today's borders will remain fixed at all times, and that UN force should be used to settle 'nationalist passions'." Unfortunately I find that more "passions" remain focused in the seat of the pants than in the "nationalist attitude".

Next, Bush made a most confusing statement as he projected that he saw "an order in which no nation must surrender one iota of its own sovereignty". I suppose that is so if the nation in point has no sovereignty with which to begin. It was also "an order characterized by the rule of law rather than the resort to force; the cooperative settlement of disputes, rather than anarchy and bloodshed, and an unstinting belief in human rights". So be it. Shudder now because it is coming!

The last time Bush spoke of "international cooperation" for the "collective settlement of disputes", he amassed an international force, which comprised more than 500,000 U.S. military personnel, to attack Iraq. Actually it was over a million in force--your government can't count well--it must be due to the new metric conversion system.

The internationalists behind the President's drive to a New World Order hired old hand Henry Kissinger to quell the critics' fears. With his extensive access to the media, he penned a nationally distributed column aimed at merging Bush's international policies and domestic affairs, the latter of which Bush is charged with neglecting. Now, dear ones, you knew Kissinger was alive and kicking--he simply goes underground to do his work when the heat is on.

Kissinger reasoned the West relied on American protection throughout the Cold War period and U.S. capital during the reconstruction period following World War II, and thus, the United States is already, like it or not, engaged and committed beyond the point of no return.


There is, however, according to Mr. Kissinger, hope for the American taxpayer currently bearing the burden of "world leadership". Yes, I too, think so--it is called total bankruptcy of the American taxpayer, the nation and the spirit. Note herein that Kissinger says it will be through "world leadership". That would be to let the eco-nomic superpowers of Europe and Asia take on a reasonable share of the responsibility for maintaining global order. Which countries might those be?

"The ideological conflict of Capitalism vs Communism lent plausibility to the American penchant for crusades," Kissinger wrote. "But the dependence of our allies on American protection has declined.

"They will prove less and less willing to subordinate their judgment automatically to Washington's," he added. "Europe and Japan in particular will develop increasingly autonomous defense capabilities."

Mr. Kissinger has noted that America has suffered on the economic front: "The days of America as the principal source of worldwide investment capital are OVER." Like Bush, who offered proposals which would further erode national sovereignty at the United Nations in September, Kissinger suggested a new international order based on a national security policy that is "defined by distinctions between the essential and the desirable... more discriminating in its strategy and, above all, more regional in its design".

NOW GET THIS: Kissinger, despite the discussion of limits to American power, in the end advocates relinquishing sovereignty in favor of internationalism. His arguments reflect, point by point, the long-term goals of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg organization, the branches of the Committee of 300 seeking to establish this New World Order. Remember, Kissinger is the power behind the Bush throne.

Kissinger noted the world's six-fold population increase in the past 150 years, from a billion in 1850 to an estimated 6 billion plus in the next century. Kissinger asked how problems of the environment, nuclear proliferation and the agenda for the new population could be solved on a purely national level.

I warn you, beloved ones, that the one worlders' vision ignores boundaries, cultures and democratic rights, in favor of what they say is in the best interest of mankind (which of course, is that which is in the best interest of themselves). The Internationalists--the Elite few, the wealthy and influential controllers--will function in this scheme as the sole arbiters of what is good for mankind, and will maximize their profits in the bargain, at the expense of entire populations.

So, you might suggest--don't ratify the Order. Ah, but who will notice a bill coming up at midnight on Dec. 24th, before a handful of Zionists still available to Congress, called No. 12770 dealing with some sort of "old counting system"? Would you take note? I thought not!


Doesn't seem too likely to me. How many of you realize that a mass grave has just been uncovered in Mongolia containing the bodies of thousands of Buddhist monks. Each had been executed by a bullet to the back of the head. The grave covered five-acres and is near the town of Moeroen in northwestern Mongolia. It is estimated upwards of 17,000 monks were murdered as a result of Josef Stalin's genocidal policies during the 1930's and 1940's. You have just bought the farm back, little chelas--and those very types of law enforcement officers are the very ones who will be "guarding" your New World Order! These are Khazarian Zionists. Still think you will have peace on Earth? When the Mongols come in hordes and march across that Euphrates River bed you are in serious trouble, little chelas, serious indeed!


Let us hear from this Master Teacher who gave all and continues to give in unlimited abundance to all who would receive. I ask Emmanuel Sananda to speak that you might have courage for through this path shall all be set to rightness.


Peace, my beloved. I work with you, making you great in substance; that is the mission and the peace; let my light shine before you, leading and encouraging you. KNOW that my happiness and joy is your happiness and joy; my art is yours; my knowledge is your knowledge; my skill encompasses your skill of technique in projection of ideas if you will but accept in promise of Truth.

Let us bind ourselves up together as sheaves of wheat and therein can we feed the multitude with the grains of our employments through the knowledge gifted by our Creator. Unto you this day, I speak unto my people and say that the Lord loves the cheerful giver and sharer of self; give that you might also receive in great abundance--receive that abundance so that you might again give and increase goodness throughout the places of manifested life.

There is a great tempest upon the world but was it not known to you of old? Have you not asked that you should endure it--knowing that it would become to hand? You have said as much to me in your quiet communion and yet you would cast the burden of responsibility of self upon the back of another that you would not face consequences of behavior in separations from the laws of God. You would take of my blood and pronounce selves healed and wanting not--nay, nay--I can but stand aside and petition for mercy in your blindness as you move before your own judgment for I can only answer in my own judgment.

Father, let us serve that we may do good unto those who know not goodness for the slings and arrows pierce of the heart and soul and bring pain in the struggling hopelessness seemingly all about our way. Let us learn humbly from those attacks that our balance may not be shaken and the lesson of the moment be learned in properness. Ah, 'tis the multitudes who see and hear not. Behold there are ten thousand times ten thousand who perceive no lightings, who perceive only blackness--who refuse the lamp which lights the way.

They cry ever with a loud wail that the world is a wilderness and they are left without a shepherd--all the while they turn from the shepherd and unto the very wolf who would devour them.

You must know that the world is NOT a wilderness; behold it has a shepherd; you have witness of that shepherd; how comes it that one does know of that shepherd and the other knows not? I tell you that by a knowledge of that shepherd you do mark your election; continue to know him and the light grows brighter until the wildness ceases to hold terror for your footsteps. The shepherd will never move from your side even as you push him from you.

Ah, you struggle and you thrust your desires upon almighty God to enhance your journey--most usually through abundance of worldly manners and goods. "Give me wealth that I may serve," while ye wait and serve not. Perhaps you might look about yourself and see that only through service first does abundance flow. You would have great gifts for nothing at the season called wonderful, but what is there in the deserving of such bounty? First you must open your hearts and find purses in them, purses of silver as well as ideals, for when was it said that either was denied you? Verily--the one enhances the other--always.

Reverse the order of your meritings, and the goodly sum shall follow the ideal, which comes to you from the Father who speaks to you in the sequence of events, as you are open and ready for the receiving and willing in order to act at the receiving. Blessed and happy is the man who can know that the goodly event lies ever before him, for he shapes his life to make peace with the circumstance.

May you turn in love and petition unto righteousness that peace, and love, and regeneration of spirit can come unto you in your walks and talks with one another for it is in loving communication and sharing that you shall be given to find your Truth and path unto balance and harmony in your expression. I speak as one having authority, knowledge, and power to transcend all natural law, and make flowers from thistles, beloved ones---would you come and walk with me? It matters not of my life or death or rantings and sayings--it matters only of my presence in the sending from OUR FATHER on this day you have labelled Christmas in your year 1991. You have no way of even knowing your own next moment, least your infinite voyage--I ask you to think upon these things most diligently as you ponder purpose and Truth. Wherein are you? Who are you? It matters not of ME! WHO ARE YOU? I come forth with the "Hosts" sent of God to prepare a place for return and reclamation of God's children.

How long will you refuse me? So be it for if you remain in the refusing of ME then so shall the Father refuse YOU. I am come again to bring you home.


And I, Hatonn, can only offer that which is mine to offer--Truth in the Word. May you find the peace that comes in understanding within the Love of Knowing.


12/21/91 #2 DR. J. COLEMAN

Billed as the drug trial of the century, as each day drags on it becomes more clearly evident that the U.S. Justice Department has no case at all against this once head-of-state of a once sovereign country, who was kidnaped by United States government agents and shanghaied to Miami to stand trial. In this most disgraceful of all examples of "the end justifies the means", let us examine some of the highlights of this nauseating affair, which got shunted off the front pages by the Smith rape trial and the "Committee of 300" planned events now unfolding in Russia.

"LEST WE FORGET" might be an appropriate title for the injustice being perpetrated by the full might and power of the United States Government against one man. IF IT CAN HAPPEN TO MANUEL NORIEGA, IT CAN HAPPEN TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. THIS TRIAL IS NOT ONLY ABOUT NORIEGA, IT IS ALSO ABOUT THE ENTIRE SYSTEM OF JUSTICE IN THE UNITED STATES. The Noriega trial is a microcosm of what is happening all across the length and breadth of this land that we fondly go on imagining in our utter blindness in actually believing is still "free".

If anything good comes out of this travesty of justice it will be that it has shown up the paucity of what passes for the Bush Administration's so-called "war on drugs" and the utter bankruptcy of every one of the Bush Administration's policies, both foreign and domestic.

The Justice Department, after months of searching and at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the taxpayer, was only able to come up with a sorry collection of derelicts, bag men, criminals and convicted drug dealers or their servants and messengers. NOT ONE SINGLE CREDIBLE WITNESS HAS EMERGED THUS FAR TO BRING CREDIBLE EVIDENCE AGAINST NORIEGA.

The servants of the Escobar brothers and the Medellin cartel who were unlucky enough to get caught are now trying to ease their plight by a string of lies which cannot stand the light of day. The Miami Herald labeled an episode straight out of "Magnum P.I." as related by a "key witness" as "the most damaging testimony against Noriega". What did this "most damaging testimony" consist of? First of all, it was related by a convicted drug dealer, Gabriel Taboda, who is serving a twenty-one year sentence for cocaine smuggling.

Taboda recounted how Fabio Ocha wanted a red Ferrari 308 sports car driven by "Magnum". At first, said Taboda, General Noriega refused to allow the car to be imported through Panama for shipment to Colombia, where importation of such luxuries is forbidden by law. But when a suitcase was brought into the room and opened, revealing $500,000 in U.S. $100 bills, Taboda says Noriega changed his mind. The money, said Taboda, came directly from Fabio Ocha. If true, it would have placed Noriega in the position of acting for the Medellin cartel and in the pay of Fabio Ocha.

Of course it was not true. Noriega did not receive any money, the whole thing being a concoction of Taboda's to ease his situation. Taboda could not remember crucial dates, who else was present, and critical details did not add up. His testimony was full of holes and glaring inconsistencies. In short, a total concoction without substance.

This can be said of every single reprehensible witness the government has thus far dragged out of its jails. Having studied a goodly part of the trial, let me say that the witnesses' stories do not jibe, dates are awry, details become blurred in "I don't recall", other key details are missing and thus far there is not a shred of credible evidence to support the prosecution's contention that Noriega made Panama a safe haven and a paradise for drug dealers and. their bankers.

As far as I am able to judge, the prosecution's case focuses on three years, from 1982 to 1984, during which period it is alleged that Noriega received at least $4 billion from the Medellin cartel. All this is contained in a 30-page indictment which is a public document, so you can obtain it and read it for yourself. Charged with Noriega are fifteen Colombians including the Escobar brothers.

The sorry array of dirty bagmen, ex-pilots and con-artists and convicted drug dealers would be enough to disgrace any court of justice, even in a Third World banana republic, but this is a U.S. court of law, so they are being allowed to wend their way through the proceedings, which very often resemble a third rate vaudeville theatre or a bunch of clowns performing in some small touring circus of no status.

One such worthy who fits the description was former PDF officer Luis Del Cid who, like the rest of his unfortunate colleagues doing jail time, is battling for a reduction of sentence and who has received fees for testifying as a prosecution witness.

Del Cid's moment of glory came when he testified that he had given Noriega "envelopes and suitcases full of Medellin cartel money". Did he look inside the suitcases and envelopes? "No," said Del Cid and, when asked how, in that case, he knew they contained Medellin cartel money, Del Cid's explanation was that "it couldn't have been anything else".

Next up to bat for the government was star player Floyd Carlton Caceres, a former cartel pilot also serving a stiff prison sentence and paid a witness fee. Carlton was supposed to buttress the prosecution's core charges, namely, that Noriega allowed cartel drug flights to use Panama as staging and refueling stops. Carlton struck-out right away by admitting that Noriega had exploded in anger when first approached and never did anything at all to facilitate drug flights and, in fact, never had prior knowledge of such flights. He further admitted that, in 1983, a crucial period in the prosecution's case, Noriega ordered a halt to all drug flights in and out of Panama.

What is emerging from the trial is that Noriega had no dealings with the Escobar's, but that Escobar emissaries used Noriega's name to curry favour with their bosses and extract large bonuses from them. What is also emerging is that, for years, Noriega was a favorite contact of the DEA and has several letters of commendation to prove it. He was much favoured by the late William Casey and was a confidant of Oliver North's. Noriega often met with George Bush while he was head of the CIA. Army intelligence and Justice Department intelligence both used Noriega's services for which he was paid $320,000.

Of the big guns yet to testify, Carlos Ledher, who was turned in to DEA agents by Noriega while in Madrid, arrested and extradited to the United States--which could and would not have happened without assistance from Noriega, has been granted a near-motel-room cell with all sorts of privileges and his family received "green cards" recently.

A former U.S. Attorney, Robert Merkel, who prosecuted Ledher in 1988 and saw him sentenced to life plus 130 years told The Washington Post, "I don't think the government should be in the business of dealing with Carlos Ledher. The guy is a liar from beginning to end."

One of the mysteries of why the Bush Administration finally went into action has been dispelled with the discovery that the President was pushed into "Operation Just Cause" by the British who feared that Noriega was going too far in disrupting the Panamanian banking system. Another surprise was the involvement of arch-conservative Jesse Helms in the persecution of Noriega.

It was Helms who began agitating to "get Noriega". Sources in Washington told me, "Helms was used by Sharon who had a big hand in the drugs-for-guns trade in Central and South America and who feared that the Sharon role might be exposed if Noriega wasn't removed. There is no proof of this, only persistent unsubstantiated rumor."

A people deserves the government it gets and deserves what it gets from government. How could we, a freedom-loving people stand by and allow President Bush to invade Panama without first having obtained a Congressional Declaration of War? Worse yet, how could we, supposedly a nation of laws and NOT of men, stand by and allow President Bush to kidnap Noriega and forcibly remove him from Panama against his will, without even a modicum of legal procedures having been followed? This was an act of outright BRIGANDRY which we did not protest.

How could we, a nation of supposedly free men, allow the Justice Department to violate all of Noriega's civil rights and his rights under our criminal justice system, by tapping phone calls between Noriega and his defense lawyer? How could we, a nation of supposedly just men and women, allow the government to freeze all of Noriega's funds, thereby depriving him of the right to pay for legal counsel and how could we allow, without appropriate objection, the government to "obtain" a secret list of defense witnesses Noriega intended calling?

Moreover, there is a compelling need to know whether the suspicion has any merit that the Justice Department entered into a conspiracy with Raymond Takiff, former defense counsel for Noriega whom the government knew was going to be called later as an informant in another drug case, to represent Noriega without first acquainting Noriega with its intentions re Takiff.

Nearly two years later, cocaine is flowing in through Panama into the United States in increased quantities. The lids that Noriega ripped off banks doing business with the cocaine trade have been replaced and shut tight. It is not a case of business as usual, rather it is a case of BIGGER AND BETTER BUSINESS THAN BEFORE. The General Accounting Office (GAO) said in a recent report that money laundering has "flourished" since the U.S. invasion of Panama, making the charges against Noriega an absolute charade.

Prior to the surprising advent of Jesse Helms pushing his way onto the scene, his connections with Panama were confined to opposition to the Panama Canal Treaties. Since North Carolina is not a state with a cocaine trade problem, why the sudden interest of Helms and his insistence that something be done about Noriega?

That Noriega was a protégé of the Justice Department's DEA, and that he worked for the CIA for years, cannot be denied. The DeFoe Report which the government refuses to allow Noriega's defense lawyer to introduce as evidence tells it all. Former Attorney General Thornburgh once nearly turned it over to Senator Orrin Hatch at the latter's insistent demands. My source says the DeFoe Report will make it perfectly clear what an extensive role President Bush played in the Noriega connection and that, as CIA chief, he had sat down many times with Noriega. And we call this justice. If the bell tolls for Noriega, it will toll for all of us, for what is being done to Noriega in the name of justice will also be done to us.

The judge in the case, supposed to be an impartial referee (and, contrary to popular belief, it is NOT "his court") has leaned over backwards to grant scores of Justice Department requests to rule as "inadmissible" information vital to the defense. Judge William Hoeveler will not even allow discussion on his rulings, claiming that under the Classified Information Protection Act, the defense is not allowed to mention the documents it wants to subpoena or introduce, EVEN WHEN THIS ALLEGEDLY "CLASSIFIED INFORMATION" HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE PUBLIC.

Is this good enough evidence for those who for years have been telling me, "What you write about could never happen in the United States. We have our Bill of Rights and our Constitution." Yes, we do indeed have these precious things, but today we are dealing with courts of law and NOT courts of justice, and of late there is a huge pile of accumulated evidence that our courts pay not the slightest attention to either the Bill of Rights or our Constitution. If ever there was a "landmark" case to prove the point, it is the Noriega case.

Unfortunately the DeFoe Report will not be allowed as evidence in the Noriega trial as it is still considered a "classified" document. The DeFoe Report was produced for the Justice Department in 1975 by a team of lawyers under Michael DeFoe who conducted a very exhaustive and wide-ranging investigation of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and its activities, especially in Panama.

It is reputed to contain details of a plot by senior DEA officials to murder Noriega. Senator Hatch knows the contents of the DeFoe Report but has chosen to protect his party position and self-interests rather than take the public into his confidence. My intelligence source told me that he could see no legitimate reason why the DeFoe Report should be kept classified, except to make sure there is no fall-out that would damage political incumbents in the highest offices of government.

One of those most likely to have been scorched by it was Richard Nixon, whose close association with certain Mafia members raised a lot of eyebrows, but the one who stands the most to lose if the De-Foe Report should become public knowledge today is President George Bush. According to my source, "It would prove for once and for all that George Bush was fully familiar with Noriega's doings in Panama as far back as 1976 when Bush was director of the CIA."

At that time, Noriega was a colonel in the PDF's military intelligence unit and, as such, was well known to several British intelligence agents in MI6 and SIS. It is reputed that the British are the ones who ordered Noriega to be assassinated, on the presumption that he KNEW TOO MUCH about who was REALLY behind the drug trade, not only in Panama, but in the Caribbean Basin, also.

Long before Bernard Barker, Howard Hunt, Egil Krogh and G. Gordon Liddy surfaced as the Watergate burglars, they were working as drug enforcement agents of the federal government. Their beat was Panama and their objective was to catch Omar Torrijos, who allegedly was handling large shipments of heroin, a drug not commonly found in Panama, but which is generally recognised as ; coming out of the Hong-Kong opium trade. Hunt was allegedly called in to eliminate Torrijos, but the plot was stillborn when it was discovered just how deep Torrijos' "British connections" went.

Apparently, based upon what I have read, others involved in the plot to kill Torrijos' successor were William Durkin and Philip Smith, who held top positions in the DEA. My intelligence source told me, "A June 1975 Memo implicates both these officials. It was alleged that a discussion concerning assassination involved the possibility of killing Mr. Noriega, the principal assistant to the President of Panama, and that Philip Smith and William Durkin proposed that he be killed."

The DeFoe team is alleged to have gathered vast amounts of evidence of drug trafficking in Panama and that this plot to murder Noriega was discussed. The information was given to Richard Thornburgh on September 10th, ***1975. It was called: "Report Re Colonel Manuel NORIEGA concerning options w/respect immobilization and or neutralization of NORIEGA". Thornburgh promptly buried it. ***(Eds: date must be checked w JC prior to pub.)

Why did Thornburgh not prosecute the DEA men for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to murder an official of a foreign government--a serious federal crime? Why did the Justice Department go to such extraordinary lengths to prosecute those involved in the bombing death of a Chilean government official? Could it have been because he was a LEFT WING opponent of General Pinochett? Why the uneven approach to justice here?

Instead of doing his duty, Thornburgh ordered his officials NOT to turn the DeFoe Report over to Congress. Worse yet, both Senators Orrin Hatch and Dennis De Concini failed to demand that the DeFoe Report be handed over to them for public release. Thornburgh has left government service, but can still be made to account for his actions.

De Concini and Hatch are still in government, and should be asked by the public at large why they have thus far failed to demand that the DeFoe Report be declassified immediately so that it can be introduced as evidence in the Noriega trial. The Senate Judiciary Committee has the right to make such a demand and it would take some pretty compelling reasons why the request should be refused.

Failure to act points the finger of suspicion all the more strongly at President Bush and Hatch and DeConcini. All have a PUBLIC DUTY to declassify the DeFoe Report so that it can be entered as evidence in the Noriega trial. It is just too much to swallow when a single judge in a federal court in Miami can act in an arbitrary and capricious manner and thus deprive not only General Noriega of a fair trial but which deprives the general public of its right to know what their servants, of which Judge William Hoevler is one, are doing.

But Judge Hoeveler and the prosecutors may not be able to continue to deprive Noriega of his civil rights for much longer. Voices are being raised by three former DEA agents who told the prosecutor that there is a file full of evidence that Noriega worked for the DEA in intelligence for at least five years. Now that the existence of this file has been confirmed and the file located, the evidence it contains cannot be withheld from the defense lawyers by the prosecution.

If the government does not turn over this file to the defense team, it will be guilty of withholding evidence, a very serious federal crime for which the prosecutor could be charged. The government case is in peril if the file is given to the prosecution and it is in peril if it is not given forthwith. Either way the government is required by law to provide the defense with information in its possession that tends to prove the accused's innocence.

In a surprise move last Friday, December 13th, the three DEA agents, who were formerly based in Panama, met with Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Patrick Sullivan and identified this particular file which was in the possession of Sullivan. In a frantic effort to continue the coverup and keep the parody of the Noriega trial going, harsh and angry words were exchanged.

The three agents identified the vital file as "Operation Negocio" which proved beyond doubt that Noriega worked for the CIA and other United States government agencies on a broad front in helping to stem and eventually halt three major drug operations in the middle 1990's.

The three former DEA agents identified to Sullivan what was in the "Operation Negocio" file and said they would definitely talk about its contents in court when they are called by the prosecution or the defense. In terms of U.S. law, Sullivan is compelled to disclose the existence of this file without any further delay. If he does not, the defense can call the three former agents to testify of their personal knowledge of it and thus end the case, even if Judge Hoeveler bends over backwards in favor of the prosecution.

The matter of the DeFoe Report should also receive the highest priority from those "conservative" Senators who claim they are representing their constituents. Unless and until the DeFoe Report is aired in the courtroom where Noriega is being tried, we shall never know, for sure, whether Manuel Noriega is guilty as charged or whether he is a victim of a coverup by the United States Government.

In either case, justice is not going to be served by continuing to withhold this vital report. If there are no skeletons in the U.S. and British government's closets, why is the DeFoe Report still classified? Who has got the most to hide, these governments or Manuel Noriega?

A colleague of mine who is observing the parody of the Noriega trial told me it is clear that, even with the dice loaded against Noriega, if he did play any part in drug dealing, "It could only have been infinitesimal at best. Government witnesses thus far tend to show this rather than help the government's very shaky case. This will be bolstered by Ledher--if he is called to testify, although if ' Operations Negocio' is given to the defense, he may never get his day in court.

"One of the most damaging things for the prosecution thus far is that a search by hundreds of U.S. soldiers of every one of Noriega's places of business and residences, and those of his close aides, turned up nothing except a fifty-pound bag of tortilla flour which was mistakenly identified as cocaine. The U.S. military were obliged to publicly correct the error a few days later.

"Worse yet, the hundreds of thousands of documents purloined by the U.S. government in its highly illegal search and seizure and kidnaping operation, were thoroughly examined, over and over again, yet not a single piece of paper was found which could in any way link Noriega to the drug trade, let alone prove the prosecution's contention that he was one of the biggest dope dealers in Panama.

"So what did the Justice Department do? It sent out a squad of FBI agents to comb the prisons of Florida holding convicted drug dealers, this because Michael P. Sullivan and his prosecution team knew that they would have to depend on oral and not written testimony. The seedy bunch of convicted criminals Sullivan brought in was the very best that money could buy. That is how far down the cesspool we have fallen in our efforts to convict Noriega and thus cover up what has really been going on in Panama. There are some very important people in the U.S. and Britain who have a great deal to lose if ever the whole truth and nothing but the truth should emerge in open court."

What the Noriega trial has already produced is an important statement, namely that the drug trade in Panama has continued to proliferate and that in spite of--or is it because of--Washington's handpicked government, it shows no signs of being contained, let alone stopped. It is not a case of not enough manpower and or money. It is not a case of inexperienced DEA agents in the field.


What then is the problem in Panama? It is what it has always been: the international drug trade run from the top down by some of the most important people in the world who are in the highest offices in several countries, including principally Britain and the United States, is IMMUNE from any and every attack upon it. The drug trade is beyond the law.

Nothing has changed since the days of the British East India Company's monopoly of the opium trade in China, when famous men like Lord Palmerston and Gladstone fought tooth and nail to preserve the trade for the British Crown and those famous American families like the Astors, Delanos, Perkinses, Russells, Roosevelts, Cabots, Forbeses, Cunninghams, Appletons and Bacons who made their billions thanks to the Baring brothers and other agents of the British Crown.

The removal of Noriega will preserve the drug status quo in Panama, and do nothing except perpetrate an injustice--even if Noriega is guilty--which our system of government cannot and MUST NOT abide, unless it is already thoroughly corrupted as its actions in the Noriega affair tend to prove. Only by going for the crowned cobras will we stop the international drug trade. As 1991 draws to a close, as a long-time drug-trade watcher, I see no evidence of that happening.

All Rights Reserved, Dr. J. Coleman, December 14th, 1991.

12/21/91 # 3D DR. J. COLEMAN

As reported in the Insider Report (1) December 1991, a certain file which the government was trying to keep out of the trial was disclosed by former DEA agents and that file was handed to the defense lawyers by the Justice Department on Friday, December 13th. Had the prosecution not done so, the proceedings might have ended right there.

But in order to downplay the significance of the "Operations Negocio" file, it appears as if the government is using the press to discredit and bring Noriega into disrepute. The Los Angeles Times of December 18th, carried the headline "Noriega Prosecutors Rest: Accused Wins 20-day Recess". This gives the impression that somehow Noriega is being granted a big favour, when in actual fact it is the prosecution that had no choice. The government had to agree to a 20-day recess because of being forced to hand over evidence it should have delivered to the defense team a long time ago, evidence it was trying to withhold.

Frank Rubino, Noriega's defense lawyer, told Judge Hoeveler that the file "Operations Negocio" could be "the backbone of our case". The Los Angeles Times report of December 18th says, "Some of the government's witnesses, over a 13-week period, gave firsthand accounts of delivering cash payoffs to Noriega, who in return, they said, allowed Colombia's notorious Medellin cartel to land drug laden planes in Panama and to stash their U.S.-bound cocaine along landing strips there.

"Floyd Carlton Caceres, Noriega's personal pilot, said he was the dictator's intermediary with the cartel leaders and that Noriega demanded up to $150,000 for each drug flight. Carlton said he delivered packages of cash at the general's instructions to Luis Del Cid, Noriega's trusted aide."

Let us examine this totally misleading statement. First of all, Carlton was NEVER a pilot for General Noriega. No matter what else he lied about, Carlton never once claimed to be anything but a pilot for the Medellin cartel. Nowhere do court records of the proceedings in Miami show that Carlton claimed to be "Noriega's personal pilot".

Carlton was the Medellin cartel pilot who flew four planeloads of cocaine to Panama--the core of the government's case against Noriega, so how could he also have been "Noriega's personal pilot"?

Who is Floyd Carlton Caceres? He is a convicted felon who was found guilty on 9 counts of cocaine smuggling and sentenced to life plus 145 years in 1986. He was also a pilot in the Iran-Contra drugs for weapons scandal. When no "smoking gun" was found in Noriega's illegally seized possessions following "Operation Just Cause", and the prosecution knew it would have to rely on oral testimony to make its case, Carlton was one of the sorry assortment of criminals dredged up out of Florida jails and promised all sorts of favours if they would testify against Noriega.

ONE OF THE FAVOURS WAS THAT CARLTON WOULD BE RELEASED FROM JAIL AFTER SERVING ONLY FOUR YEARS OF HIS SENTENCE. He has thus far received $211,000 in government payoffs for testifying against Noriega, and may already be a free man.

The L.A. Times claimed that Carlton said he delivered the cash bribes (to allow Medellin Cartel planes to land in Panama) to Lt. Colonel Luis Del Cid. "Del Cid testified that he watched his commander lock them in a safe." The L.A. Times did acknowledge that Del Cid and Carlton were testifying in terms of plea bargaining in hopes of gaining leniency, but the L.A. Times failed to say under what conditions Carlton testified, nor did it say that under cross-examination by Frank Rubino, Del Cid admitted he did not actually see what was inside the envelopes he allegedly handed to Noriega. How then did he know that they contained cash? "It couldn't be anything else," was his utterly feeble response. Del Cid and Carlton are billed as the government's "star witnesses" against Noriega.

The Los Angeles Times also failed to report that, under cross-examination during which his story was shot full of holes, Carlton conceded that Noriega never knew about the four drug flights in advance. "What's more, in December 1983, Noriega ordered a halt to all flights. Under no circumstances did he want to be linked -to the people in the Mafia."

"Another convicted drug dealer, American Steven Kalish, told of bringing a briefcase stuffed with $300,000 to Noriega's office in 1983 to seal a deal that allowed him to ship marijuana through Panama and launder his cash profits in Panama's banks," said the L.A. Times.

Who is Steven Kalish? He is another product of Florida's jails, convicted on six counts of drug trafficking with a possible life plus 285 years sentence without parole. In a plea bargaining arrangement he was sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole, but the sentence was reduced to 10 years when he was hauled from jail by the prosecution to join its sorry sleazy crew of bagmen, thieves, drug dealers and con artists to testify against Noriega. Kalish will be released in two years time--just long enough to give the impression that his release is not connected with his perjured testimony against Noriega. AS AN ADDITIONAL REWARD FOR BEING A GOOD BOY ON THE WITNESS STAND, KALISH IS BEING ALLOWED TO KEEP $20 MILLION OF HIS DRUG PROFITS.

"For example, Ricardo Bilo-nick, a former associate of Noriega's who once was his special representative in Washington, testified that the Medellin Cartel paid Noriega $500,000 per drug flight--a total of nearly $10 million--for the use of Panama-based INAIR Airlines, of which Bilonick was part owner," the L.A. Times December 18th ar-ticle says.

Who is Bilonick? He was the SOLE owner of INAIR Airlines, which had nothing whatever to do with Noriega, and in 1984 he was caught at Miami with 1,000 kilos of cocaine. He admitted smuggling at least 15 tons of cocaine into the U.S. Facing at least 60 years in prison, Bilonick was sentenced to 7 years on condition he testify against Noriega. My source said he will be released in 2-3 years time.

In addition, he and his family will receive green cards from the Immigration Department, even though it is forbidden under Immigration Department rules. In addition he is being allowed to keep $4 million of his drug money and will not be required to pay taxes on it.

"Carlos Lehder, the only Medellin cartel leader in U.S. custody, corroborated Bilonick's testimony that the cartel ' bought' Noriega. But Lehder also acknowledged that he had never met the general."

Who is Carlos Lehder? He is or was one of the top bosses in the Medellin cartel until he was arrested in Madrid ON INFORMATION SUPPLIED TO THE DEA BY NONE OTHER THAN GENERAL NORIEGA. Lehder is currently serving a life sentence plus 135 years. As his reward for testifying against Noriega, Lehder has received the following payoffs from the government:

He has been moved to more luxurious quarters and given a new identity and protection under the Federal Witness Protection Program (FWPP).

Eight members of his immediate family were brought to the United States at taxpayer's expense and given green cards--once again in violation of Immigration laws.

All their expenses are at present being paid by the government, i.e., the taxpayers.

In addition, it is known that Lehder will be allowed to keep a minimum of $8 million of his ill-gotten gains, proceeds of murder, extortion, cocaine smuggling and kidnaping.

And he will not be required to pay an estimated $98 million he is said to owe the IRS.

While we are at it, we might as well give details of other witnesses the prosecution scoured Florida jails to find in its desperate efforts to convict Noriega.

Max Mermelstein:

An admitted murderer who said he killed 3 people and is known to have been involved in the murder of two more. He further admitted that he smuggled 56 tons of cocaine and 42,000 pounds of marijuana into Florida. Federal prosecutors elicited from him the fact that he was also involved in gun smuggling. He was charged with 11 counts of violating the drug laws of the United States, which carry a penalty of life plus at least 100 years.

What did the prosecution do to get Mermelstein to testify against Noriega? Let us examine the benefits Mermelstein "earned":

Mermelstein was released after serving only three years of his sentence. While in prison he received $900 to purchase better food from the commissary.

He was granted immunity on all charges against him, INCLUDING THE THREE MURDERS HE CONFESSED TO.

He is now in the Federal Witness Protection Program (FWPP).

He will receive $670,245 in government payoffs, and thus far has been paid $250,000.

Jose Blandon:

Blandon was suspected of selling U.S. property and in exchange for his testimony against Noriega, he went free and received a payoff of $169,000. During Senate Committee hearings, Ray Takiff described Blandon as "a liar in the pay of the U.S. government".

Roberto Striedinger:

A cocaine smuggler for the Medellin cartel, Striedinger could have faced a life in prison without parole. Instead he was allowed to go free.

Benefits received from a grateful government include the following:

A stock of weapons.

A Mercedes car.

A passenger plane capable of holding 10 people.

A 40-foot yacht.

Green cards for himself and his family, again in total contravention of Immigration laws.

"...But they (the sleazy witnesses) agreed that the money could only be traced as far as Colonel Julian Melo, a top aide to Noriega. Rubino suggested repeatedly to the jury that Melo may have pocketed the bribe..." the L.A. Times said.

What is the true story of Julian Melo? HE WAS NEVER A TOP AIDE TO GENERAL NORIEGA. Melo was the top aide to General Ruben Parades, a retired former National Guard commander, and one of General Noriega's most dangerous enemies. In spite of the brutal Mafia-style execution of his son, Parades remained loyal to the Ochoa brothers, even after finding out that they had lied to him concerning the whereabouts of his son. Parades accepted the word of the Ochoas even while they were having his son murdered for stealing cocaine money from them.

Parades has long-standing ties with Fidel Castro and his self-proclaimed "special friend" Colonel Roberto Diaz Herrera. Given these KNOWN FACTS it was not surprising to find Parades frequently entertaining at his home members of Lehder's private army of terrorists, the M19, and shielding them when they went into Panama to protect the Medellin cartel's Darien cocaine laboratory and Israeli weapons caches warehoused in the vicinity.

As long as Parades was in charge of Panama, Israeli arms sales were brisk, while more drug traffickers chose Panama as their personal banking and meeting place without fear of arrest. Even the Ochoa brothers wanted to move to Panama in the wake of the crackdown by Colombian Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla, who was murdered by two M19 hitmen on orders of the Ochoas.

In 1987, then Secretary of State George Schultz tried to persuade General Noriega to step down in favour of General Parades, or else face prosecution by the U.S. Justice Department--a threat that was made good. Parades is on record as saying, "War will break out in Panama unless Noriega resigns." Apparently Parades was privy to information which later proved to be accurate as "Operation Just Cause" rolled over Panama.

When Lopez Michelson, a former president of Colombia who was bought and paid for by the Ochoas, wanted a safe place for the dope barons to meet, he chose Panama under Parades. The general then gave Colonel Julian Melo Borbua the task of seeing that the leading cocaine bosses who met in Panama in 1984 were fully protected.

Melo was the right-hand man of General Parades, and NOT of Noriega. Parades, whose favourite pastime was Arabian horses, received a gift of a pair of very costly Arabian horses from the Ochoa Brothers. Why is Lt. Colonel Julian Melo Borbua so important in the trial of Noriega? We shall now answer that question.

Shortly after General Noriega came to power, he was given a summary of Melo's activities while chief aide to General Parades. The file proved that Melo had met with the Ochoa brothers in Colombia, who gave him $4 million and the job of guarding the cocaine laboratory they had erected at Darien in the jungles of Panama.

Melo's job was to secure the area and the cache of Israeli arms and set up arrangements with various banks to facilitate the flow of cash from the sale of weapons and cocaine. A compatriot was Ricardo Tribaldes, who was later indicted after trying to import large quantities of ethyl ether into Panama, a chemical that is essential in the preparation of cocaine.

Melo and Tribaldes knew they were up against it when Noriega ordered the National Guard into Darien to destroy the cocaine laboratory and confiscate large quantities of weapons, mainly of Israeli origin, which Noriega's men found hidden there. This action is said to have caused Ariel Sharon a great deal of anger. The Darien cocaine laboratory was totally wrecked by Noriega's men.

Melo then set in motion the prearranged plan to trigger massive capital flight from Panama, and to attack and smear General Noriega, and if possible, assassinate him. The assassination plot is mentioned in the DeFoe Report which the government has made "classified information" and is desperately trying to keep out of the Noriega trial. Senator On-in Hatch should come forward and tell what he knows about the DeFoe Report.

Melo's plot was discovered by the intelligence division of the PDF. Tribaldos and Lt. Colonel Julian Melo were arrested and charged with narcotics trafficking and sent to jail. But, under the utmost suspicious circumstances, both were subsequently released by a Panamanian judge. Lt. Colonel Melo Borbua was DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED from the Panama Defense Force (PDF), and immediately joined the Washington-based Civic Crusade, set up by the drug barons as a vehicle to oust General Noriega. THE LOS ANGELES TIMES SHOULD CORRECT ITS GLARING FALSEHOODS AND ITS CONVENIENT OMISSIONS.



TUE., DEC. 31, 1991 8:44 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 137



As you close this, a segment called "year", I feel it even more important than usual to remind you that I come as a Host, travel guide "back home", tour guide, etc. Perhaps I am simply your "travel agent"! I serve Creator in His purpose to furnish you with Truth and outlay that which is upon you. There are no mystical games or tricks--only "the facts, ma'am/sir". In the abundance of "facts" as the experience "really" is, you will find purpose and direction of your own chosen mission in this experience called "physical life".

I am urging you to consider that which is upon you most carefully and thoughtfully for you have been presented with lies for such a long, long time that you have totally forgotten your intent of this expression and have become "victims" instead of "masters" of your destiny. Mine is not to coerce, force or spoon-feed you, although we have done that service, also, in that you might grow a bit more slowly and not find the distance between the lie and Truth too incredible to fathom. The lessons have been blunt and hard but ye are made of only "strength" and magnificence of perfection so it is only a misperception which causes you to disallow your own ability to change that which is in lie and deceit. You are given mind-force which is ALL and MAN has trained you to escape the use of same. You are co-creator with God of all creation and that same Creator has sent Truth so that you have opportunity to regain that which ye have set to the side in order to believe and clutch only to that physicalness of less than a hundred years duration. I can furnish the alarm clock--I will not furnish more sleeping compounds. You are furnished ALL necessary elements of the "concoction" with which to regain your own leadership and power but it will be YOU who takes the offering and utilizes it in the physical plane of experience. Your enemy, the adversary, who experiences ONLY IN THE PHYSICAL REALM OF MANIFESTATION, has learned the secret of the ages and has used it for his own ends which leave the masses of mankind into his enslavement and has brought the planet unto destruction.

How you finish your "journey" through the physical experience is none of my business.

My mission is to bring the WORD OF TRUTH as commanded by God, remind you of your laws of Truth in experience whereby you can build or regain balance and harmony within experience, make sure a remnant of Creator's "servants" survive well intact and bring HIS CHILDREN HOME! We of the Hosts have very viable physical facilities with which to accomplish that task but that is MY task; yours is to prepare selves and gain the KNOWLEDGE necessary for that journey or ye shall not be gathered up--that appears quite simple to me as far as directions are concerned. If you are reading this much of this printing then you are most capable of reading ALL provided for your needs.

As you move toward what you call "Armageddon" or "Apocalypse" you have the choice of learning and using TRUTH or continuing in the bindings of the lies at the hands of total evil--God will allow either decision to be fulfilled. If you wish destruction you will continue the feasting on the lies and deteriorate into destruction--or, you can pick up your sword of Truth and change the direction of the march. It will be left solely into your hands as to which YOU shall do.


Yes, as easy as "changing your mind". Evil threatens and badgers but you have to allow his "use" of you. If you desire change then you will rise to the quality which CREATES that change and settles for nothing lesser. If you feel whipped and incapable then I suggest you will continue to be whipped, tortured, and brought into slavery in such manner that physical endurance will be no more than horror of manifested misery.

You have been presented the most heinous lies of all--and THAT consists of the lies of your progression and what and how you experience your Godness and infinite journey of soul. Mark my words, little sleepy-children, there WILL BE NO RAPTURE TO CLOUDS OF FLUFFY RECLAMATION FROM ALL DASTARDLY DOINGS--GOD DOES NOT GO PREPARE FOR PHYSICAL BEINGS IN SECURITY AND THEN PLUCK YOU UPON FLUFFY, AND PROBABLY RADIOACTIVE, CLOUDS. HOW DO YOU INTEND TO KEEP FROM FALLING THROUGH THOSE CLOUDS? HOW DO YOU INTEND TO GET OFF THOSE CLOUDS AND TO WHERE?

You are told to simply believe on the blood of a murdered man of some 2000 years past and all is hunky-dory! No, YOU MURDERED HIM. He came forth to tell you TRUTH and about your infinity of existence and you have fed upon lies for generations until the Truth has been all but wiped from your history books. When new books are found, they are turned over to the "experts" and still denied unto your eyes and ears until such time as they are CHANGED to read exactly according to the lies.

How many will find Truth and the "way"? Enough. These JOURNALS and papers are destroyed, burned, used for threats and kept from you at every possible turn--but enough make it through to serve the needs of God.

Well, you might inquire as to what happens if the planet turns into total evil (which is very, very nearly perfected)? Simple--God's people will be picked up into safety (raptured, if you like) but only those who bring only the intent of living in balance among balanced civilizations and within the laws of God and The Creation. The rest will be left to their experience for as long as there is place to experience.

You might add that evil is conjured of man and does not really exist. Wrong--the Devil or "Satanic" monsters are conjured by man--EVIL IS the experience of that energy which is NOT OF GOD.

So, then comes the argument that "What difference does it make then? I just want to continue in my physical place as long as possible and THEN I will decide." No, you will not "continue as is". When God cleans HIS house His people will be brought into security and as the final curtain is at hand HE WILL WITHDRAW FROM THE PLACE AS YOU RECOGNIZE IT TO BE. You have wondered and pondered upon "Hell"--you will have it without benefit of God's presence in any form within the MANKIND left--you will find yourselves in a place devoid of God and of Light. When God withdraws His gifts of Creation--there will only be the infinite presence of EVIL.


There will be a time of sorting and God has many mansions and placements for the ones who attempt to journey in even semi-truth. But those who continue to deliberately refuse to experience Truth and deny it continually while resting on the potential "maybe" of the physical plane, you will perish for you will be in denying your resources as sent and await that which will never come. You have been told the way into wholeness and you will be left to your own wonderings and wanderings in searching if you continue to refuse to see with the gifted eyes and stuff plugs into your ears in preference for that which you WANT TO SEE AND HEAR. If an atomic bomb has been exploded over your head and all you see is fragmented frozen bits of atmosphere in a mighty whirlwind--does the bomb become a snow-blizzard? No, it is a nuclear bomb and it will burn you to death, quite probably damaging your soul energy essence in the bargain--for there are only a couple of ways to destroy "infinitely", the soul--nuclear devastation is one of them.

It is not physically weird or mystical; it is indeed according to the very laws of physics. Frequencies are set into motion which disperses the energy form and continues that frequency for incredible periods of "perceived time" so that the coalescing of the energy "DNA form" cannot be reattached easily. This is basically a method of "uncreating" soul essence. It is sophisticated in scope and a great mystery as to actions--but it is neither magic nor mystical in presentment.


You listen to your "speakers" and self-professed preachers and tellers of fortunes and I hear your tauntings of "prove it to ME". I have absolutely NOTHING TO PROVE TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE. You may believe anything you so choose and in training your children you will bear the burden of their loss, also, for they are placed into your care and you have shunned your responsibilities. You have children who will kill for "colors" without any thought to consequence or desire for life in any form at all--you have done it in the generations before and some of these very souls are gifted with the opportunity to again experience in the physical format so that you would have another "chance" to reclaim soul and the majority have failed, again, that priceless chance of self-salvation off the Hell of negative experience. You have failed them and you have abundantly failed self.

Now for a big "OOPS"! You who continue to perpetuate and condone actions which are without the laws of God and against the laws of The Creation are as guilty as those who actively participate for within your hearts you are also a participant in the evil experience. Does this mean you have no compassion for those who do not know or choose deviation from the Laws? No, it means you never lose sight of the Truth of right and wrong FOR THERE WILL BE NO DEVIATIONS FROM THE BALANCED PRACTICES IN THE HIGHER REALMS OF EXPERIENCE--PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES ARE BOUNDED INTO THE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE. There are myriads of in-between places for learning if your desire is on the path to that knowledge of perfection--if the intent is to none of the Truths of God then you shall be left to your experience in your so-called Hell and endless searching in a place without peace or under-standing.

The physical experience is provided for the learning in reason and logic which matures a soul. In the etheric expression there is no opportunity to practice those Truths in manifest form and that represents a place which might well be called limbo--without comprehension.



What you perceive and what you HAVE are two greatly varying things. You have myriads of beings who are basically "soul-less", already devoid of God because they are not created nor contained by God--they are manufactured by Man and are the products of pre-manufactured MAN devoid of Godness. God Creates from Light into Light and at the time of a massive closing cycle upon any physical plane of experience--most of the beings present are NOT OF GOD! This is heavier testing and measuring (judging, if you will) of the men of God as to placement in the places of Creation.


That is strictly up to you but if you can look at the performance of a MAN against the laws you know within and find him wanting--I suggest something is amiss beyond simple "forgiveness" of the erring one. Forgiveness is for you to experience--not thrust upon another to allow his misbehavior.

Why should you believe me? I can only offer that you will find no lies in that which I send forth--note I said "send" forth. The returning "Master" God is NOT IN PHYSICAL FORM ON YOUR PLACE and neither am I of the Hosts. By the way--you will not be able to tell the difference in case you suggest that you only believe Aton (God) and not Hatonn! My wings are identical.

We have prepared a place for each and every one of you according to the promise--whether you accept the invitation is your business and, although we will miss your beloved presence, we shall not be offended by your childishness. But our "forgiveness" of your actions will not ease your journey--only our own! Ponder it.


Are YOU not human? What have ye in greater knowledge that allows you to hear and see in massive measure that which is NOT human? Is it so unlikely that a Creator who has ALL KNOWLEDGE AND ALL POWER would not create that which is necessary to present the WORD unto you who ARE HUMAN? Does it, further, seem more likely that HE would utilize Jimmy Swaggart's or George Bush's "secretary" to print the words for your consumption? They have already given you piles upon piles, eons upon eons of lies--WHY WOULD GOD GIVE YOU TRUTH THROUGH THE PATHS WHICH ARE ALREADY SOLELY OF THE "LIE"? This very approach and denial is exactly that which the adversary depends upon as your response! My people brought forth for this purpose are given unto their task and mission according to their "job". It is their business to fulfill their job and what you do with the information is, again, your business to take or leave.

I can promise you, however, that you who find the word of Truth and then simply "choose" to deny it and/or teach against the physical presenters--err greatly for THERE IS NO REMOVAL OF TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE ONCE PRESENTED. IN OTHER WORDS, ONCE YOU "KNOW" YOU CANNOT AGAIN "UNKNOW" NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO ERASE THE FACT OF IT. Often in the effort to bury Truth the one with the shovel compounds his own errors into the very loss of his own "salvation" and is buried by his own misfortune.

You are either "with God" or "against God"--there is no wishy-washy in-between. If you have forgotten who IS God then I suggest you be careful who and how you pull another into your ignorance for you do stand responsible for that which you deliberately act out against another if the other be truly ignorant. Usually, the other only pretends to be ignorant in hopes the "blame" will fall upon another rather than self--THAT DOESN'T SELL TO GOD, EITHER!

We shall speak on these matters more frequently in the coming lessons for it is abundantly necessary; however, most are offended that we take time from "the news" to write of mere soul and eternal life than what is going on at Edwards Air Force Base. It is simply the way of an awakening world and the frantic search for confirmation of Truth against the hidden lies kept from you.


I make the above statement because I have a lot of readers of early JOURNALS in total shock regarding the truth of the "Stone" film on Kennedy--right to the fact that Jackie climbed out on the trunk of the car--not to escape, but to retrieve a portion of John's skull with brains attached. She knew it was pure murder and by whom. Yes, the movie is correct and accurate in most areas of discernment, especially the actual murder itself. However, there is still a major portion left out of the scenario of "reason why". This will be representative of great wisdom for you who would run for President this year and plan to wipe out the money minting system and the Federal Reserve.

The final play which set Kennedy's death into cement was the fact that he saw the destruction of the nation at hand. He fully intended to take control and bring currency printing back into the hands of the government according to the Constitution, starting with some excess of about $4 billion. Then he would be shutting down the creeping cancer of the Federal Reserve, which is the poison of freedom in America. Not the poison--just the administrator of that poison.

Did Johnson know? Yes indeed. He was not, however, THE mastermind behind the plan--he simply hated Kennedy and aimed for the power of the "throne" for more dastardly deeds. Your Mr. Bush, however, was extremely involved through the CIA and his role has simply grown ever more powerful in capability of destruction of your nation and thus, the world.

Robert Kennedy realized the plan was thwarted and thus pursued diligently his own Presidency because he made a commitment to finish what John had started--the SAME PLAN. It is all entangled with international intrigue, CIA, Mossad, Soviet Zionism and, plain and simply, the Mafia and criminal underworld who still controls it all. The CIA is only the enforcing and intelligence wing of the Mafia as a simple explanation. This is why you can be sure the "anti-Christ" will come out of the general area of the Vatican/Italy wherein is the seat of the Mafia organization and originators of Freemasonry as originally practiced.

I do not lay these things on you out of some magical hat or fortune-telling cards--I give you blow-by-blow in proof and research if you but take time to check it out.

I am accused of fear-mongering, doom and gloom. Dear ones, if you can look around your world and at your own livelihood stability nationally and personally (without even looking beyond the moment) and do not feel a bit of apprehension--then I fear you are already DEAD. Do you actually believe as this is all brought forth and proven to even YOUR satisfaction that it will change an iota of the facts by your saying: "I just couldn't bring myself to believe such things"? I seriously doubt it!


This is only interesting for ones in the general Western area of the U.S. but I have mentioned it and now I am barraged with inquiries. It makes no difference, chelas, if you are "prepared" you are fine--if not, all the "knowing" about hidden agendas will do nothing for you.

However, it can be noted herein that you have now, in joint venture with your new Soviet Freedom-Order, established a working, full-alert coalition with your enemy with a large base capable of total national control of your populace through beam pulse systems. You have installed a fully operational "Woodpecker-Wormwood" system of "Frequency" beams which can project everything from flu and cold infections to total mind control of the populations with directed violence in mob reaction and total debilitation of the populations through depression and loss of functional ability.

Your President left this day for Australia to insure the installation on Australia as well and they plan to check out both the systems and the "survival" facilities which are now functional in Australia and of which we wrote months and months past.

The placement is arranged for security for when these massive beam systems are "fired up" for testing and network function--the odds are less than 50-50 that the surface of earth will survive. I can only suggest you ones keep your dark goggles handy for I am not going to speak more and more on possibilities of this or another, moment. You will either be prepared or you will not.

I will, however, go over some reminders of preparations for you are going to have to function for as long as possible in "emergency" status IF you are allowed to function at all. This is a VERY BIG YEAR for the Plan 2000 taking of the world and I can only remind you that perfection and retention of assets is highly unlikely in all instances--but it need not be devastating if you take care. In the light of God's shielding, you are as safe as a bug in a cocoon in a nice wool rug. If you choose not to utilize the shelter God gifts unto you-'tis your own choice and we wish you well.

The Planners never again plan for any type of "free" world and as I see it coming down--THERE WILL NEVER AGAIN BE FREEDOM OR LIFE AS YOU HAVE KNOWN IT. The point is to pull it off in natural sequence of events so that you do not even recognize that you have been "had" but rather caught in a situation of "we did all we could to save you".

Then is it too late? It is never too late if you assume the power given unto you through God--but you surely do need to begin in harder effort than at present. If you still cannot read that handwriting on your walls and simply think it graffiti from the underprivileged juveniles, then I'd suspect you are in serious danger of non-recovery. If you WANT to change your plight and will act accordingly--you will witness miracles beyond your imaginings--BUT YOU WILL DO IT!

Now, for you who are pretending as if you never heard of such things and are in a state of shock in the immediate area--KNOCK IT OFF! You have known step by step by agonizing step and allowed our own ships and workers to be literally fired upon with guns and other weapons--stop your infantile reactions and start reasoning with your gifted minds.

Why would you remain in such a dangerous place? Because of its focus, it is not dangerous, is it? You think about it. If you are in the hub of the activity then you are not likely to be at the end target of the beams, are you? Further, we have no bone to pick with the adversary as you ones envision "war" and "bone picking". We have no intent to interfere nor to open any affront to the physical wellbeing of the adversary through physical weaponry and/or overthrow of a government--good or bad. We are going to bring the word of Truth and God and so be it. The adversary knows his limitations as regards our people and yes, he can make it damned miserable for you--according to how much you choose to tolerate. If you choose to tolerate none of his games, then he cannot touch you without going right through good old Hatonn. He is wise enough not to try that one, at least not a second time! If you go forth and break the laws then you shall most likely get hurt very badly and probably killed in the process.


What about your "things"? The enemy in your presence plans that you not have any "things". He doesn't, however, care if you have some "things" if you don't give him trouble. Yours is not to go to "war" for "war", killing and, etc., is NOT of God. You, if you are in service unto God and God's community, will act accordingly. As long as the masses stay asleep there is no bother from the TRUTH and he will even help you with your projects because he needs to "look good" all the while he is killing you. You see, an amazing thing happens to physically inspired power-brokers. It never occurs to them that they will be stopped. Oh, they know that "in the end" God wins--but to them who have written the play for you to follow--they perceive that "god" to be "theirs".

God of Light and Creation has already "won"; you are serving out a mission of telling Truth for the generations which might come to be in the experiences to come. Yours is to prepare a way "through", a remnant, to remind of the Law and move on into the Radiance of wondrous and magnificent creations beyond this measure of tiny experience.

I remind you of something you must seriously attend in attention. It will not be the "enemy" of Satan you need fear, chelas--it is your neighbors and so-called Christians who claim to be friends and children of Light. They are the evil counterfeits who will hurt you and steal and slay--not your "adversary" as such. It will be up to you as to whether or not you can hold to Truth or fall into the pits with the vipers. You sit in the hollow of God's hands so if you jump into the fire it is of your own doing.


I have written and re-written regarding measures you might pursue. I cannot do it for you and if you are now starting without job or place of housing--it becomes ever constantly more difficult to do anything at all.

My people have a job at hand to do and prepare. They may not set aside their job to attend your needs so do not expect such. Oh, I hear you, "I don't expect that"--but you do for you then say, "but God will tend me as the birds of the fields and dress me as the lily"-so--why come to these people? God gives unto each His measure and it contains ALL. We have three pending law-suits against us from ones who said the same as you--only to explore, exploit and then blame my people and myself for their lack of increase and wisdom.

I can give you ways to buffer your losses and hold to some assets--perhaps even prosper. If you choose not to use them, so be it for I care not what you do with your "things". I have no need of your "things" but your brethren, and you, certainly do! Further, if you remain "chained" to your "things", there is no way in the physical world that you can lift off that physical compression. The physical "wealth" is for use in the physical expression where it has value for the body cannot either eat or feed the mind with those "things". It is the use of wealth that gives it value for there is no value in a pile of gold which "sits" in the pockets as the chains of bondage. The day will come--and I promise you without equivocation--there will come the day, if you hold assets, that you wish to your dying moment that you had shared them in the building of survival shelters and food storage. It is now at hand and you who hold to the dream of profit and fantasy--are at the threshold of seeing the bubble pricked and your foolishness poured forth upon your unwary heads.

Dharma, we have written long this morning and I am about to move into this subject more deeply regarding reminders of actions. I ask that, since we have a meeting we close this segment and we will take up more physical matters in the next sequence.

I ask that you bear with me, scribe, for it has been a most horrendous period of time for you and for my workers in the planning and interruptions of plans as we must adjust to course. Nothing is changed--only approach in intelligent wisdom.

Some of the avenues open prior to this are hardening up with new rules and regulations but we can look at them closely and still find openings for utilization of some measure of safety and projected possibilities.

Note your "markets" and note that not only are there volatile gains and losses but the remarkable stupidity of the clues in their openness. Note that on the yesterday with the magnificent "gains", the top "gainers" are the defunct industrials such as General Motors, etc. This is your proof of the shoring up through total falsehood and know that the sword is ready to fall on "call". Remember the markets are planned to reach at least 3500 points and gold to go well over a $1,000 per ounce or more. Their system is not ready nor convenient for total collapse and, if they can pull off that total collapse without you realizing it, all the better for their purposes. YOU ARE IN THE TRAP, WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE NOW DEPENDS ON YOUR RESPONSE TO THE TRAP. YOU CAN EXTRICATE SELF OR FLAIL YOURSELF TO DEATH WITHIN--IT IS UP TO YOU. SALU.

Dharma, please tell George that it is time and I shall be pleased to sit with him on the radio interview this coming Sunday evening. It is time to put the stupid UFO mystics into their evil place of misinformation. I am not come for hype nor excitement--I am simply come as your "way home". So be it.

You still wish to continue to think of this as "just another portion of the game" and "I'll reap reward without insecurity." Not in MY property! If you play through and by the rules of evil then so shall you be left to those resources.

Hatonn to stand-by.



WED, JANUARY 1, 1992 4:33 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 138



Hatonn present in the Holy Service of God in and of Light. Let us collect our fragments and still the currents of confusion. You will please keep ever present in your minds the impacts of these new year moments. This is to be a year of most unexpected changes which will boggle the minds if you allow it. The adversary plans great changes to come about in these months at hand.

It is time to write of things which will be compared by every "crazy nut" to that which is already being filtered down into your consciousness by the misinformation and disinformation bearers. You are now such a controlled society of people that the differences will elude the multitudes and you shall be given into the perceptions of insanity from time to time. I must write in TRUTH so that as things unfold in the confusion of the Planners' timing you will not be either surprised nor impacted by the blatant size of the lies. Always realize that somewhere in the middle of the extremes of projections will be found the truth of the tales which are now going to be loosed upon you. We will speak in specifics in some instances but I will use generalities in explanation to cover much up-front which will later be spoken of more leisurely.

What I have to tell you is already breaking forth from the more "wild" of the UFO community of deceivers but, you see, the only thing wrong with their conclusions lies in the assumptions of "alien" beings instead of manufactured earth-bound beings. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT facet in the wrong conclusions but, nonetheless, it is time to speak of these "incredible" circumstances before the news hits the headlines.

The point of actions from here on in will be to panic and paralyze you citizens with the sheer magnitude of the technology present upon your place. The adversary has been working toward his goal of world domination by year 2000 for thousands upon thousands of years and you are now within the final decade of the entrapment so you are going to be shocked and terrified by that which will come into your knowledge.

I have gained a reputation of doom and gloom--fear mongering and even being Satanic. No, none of those things but what I will outlay to you "ordinary" unknowing people will be mind-boggling and beyond science fiction of any kind shown to you prior to now.


The ultimate punch-line to the adversary's plan is to align the masses into unity through assumption of an outer-space alien threat to the planet. No, I repeat--you have no enemies in space--they are all land-locked and the plan so well laid and orchestrated that the presentations unto you will cause you to believe that which they will tell you. I must tell you the truth prior to the "pranks" because only in that advance warning will you be prepared. ALWAYS as things unfold--look unto the PHYSICAL ASPECT. GOD is a SPIRITUAL influence and condition and thus, that which is manufactured and manifest in the physical and breaks ANY BIT OF EVEN ONE LAW OF GOD IF PRESENTED FROM THE COSMOS, IS NOT OF GOD BUT SERVES THE ADVERSARY--and you are in for some real doozies right away now.

You will continually harken back to the writing of yesterday as we write during these coming days because you MUST know of the separation and sorting and if you are still playing games with God, I suggest it is now time to stop it. GOD is not a groveling wimp who will allow you to go into infinity with such stupid ideas and actions as you have been told. HE WILL ALLOW NO EVIL ACTIONS OR INTENT WITHIN HIS HOLY PLACES! That means that it will be only through honorable service and intent that you will make that journey WITH God. You may get interim placement but you had best look most carefully at intent because the days shorten into a very precious few. Each day will be a gift of gifts.

The intent was to pull off a planetary testing of the massive Woodpecker/Wormwood pulse system now fully connected. If those tests go wrong you will have an ignited radioactive belt about the planet. The assumption is that at worst it will keep the Hosts from entering your space. It will NOT do so. However, your Elite controllers now have finished and interconnected underground survival centers worldwide and connected by channels with such advanced technology that hundreds of years can be spent comfortably in shelter while the surface recovers--if necessary. This will be utilized above or below sea level. It is only you-the-people that have no shelters and will not survive. You still have time for action because a few things are not complete and final function of the "system" will be more perfected if the "Plan" is more fully complete than on this day. However, as of day one of January, 1992 the system is linked and the Elite ARE IN CONTROL. That does not mean America, chelas.

What you DO have this day is a breakdown, however, of the Soviet break-aways and the Zionist elements. The break-away nations and the fundamental elements of the Russian coalition will not tolerate either Yeltsin or the Zionists, even if a full-scale nuclear war must be had immediately. When Shevardnadze says you should be worried mightily about those nuclear weapons in the "wrong" hands--he speaks much too softly--they are poised and ready to fire. But that is not the subject of this evening's writing.


It is time I confirm and explain the presence of massive underground systems throughout your globe--which are very "human" oriented and occupied.

You will be told that these installations are headed and run as a hostage situation--by aliens. Reptilians and Little Grays. BS! Are there Reptilians and Little Grays present? Indeed! There are massive numbers of them--all cloned, replicated and terrifying. You will further be told that they hold your government hostage. More and deeper heaps of lies--they are produced by the good-will dedication and greedy money grubbing governments at the control of the Elite Committee of 300 who operate out of Switzerland and headed by the Royal Crown of England. These are the Satanic British Zionists originally known as the Serpent People. This is exactly why the Reptilians will be presented to you as the ones in control. The Serpent is the symbol of Satan and these ones have never even bothered to lie to you about their label.


Sit quietly for a minute and consider numbers with me, for as these underground facilities are coming to finished status there are a lot of suddenly available unemployed. You are showing increased numbers of unemployed NEW sign-ups of half a million a week. You are talking now of millions out of work--from where? Yes, from all over, but WHY?

How many people, say, in the area of Lancaster/Palmdale, California, might you personally know who work in the aerospace industry wherein groups work on items which are isolated and secret with penalty of death as reward for tattling? Almost all is done on "need to know" basis and ones are going to realize they have been working on projects which were so unworldly as to shock Spielberg. Worse than what appears on the surface, they are subjected to mandatory testings, physicals, etc., where they are totally programmed "to forget" what they have seen and heard.

I am going to name some names and places (locations) so that you can check them out as to authenticity and then you will find it easier to accept truth as it is unfolded to you.

We will start in the local area of Southern California in the Edwards Air Force Base area extending in a large triangular shape which includes all the way to Pasadena, Long Beach, Palmdale, Lancaster, Tehachapi, Mojave, Edwards and China Lake--just for starters.

We have spoken often already about the areas of "51", "72", Dulce, etc., in Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona so we will leave it to suffice that duplication is present in those places as well. Ones who have had the "privilege" of tourist rides into Yucca Mountain to check out the tunnels for planned nuclear waste sites will not be as shocked as the rest of you unsuspecting ones. At Yucca Mountain alone there are over 35 major tunnels which totally catacomb the mountain at all levels as deep as several miles. There is only one tunnel open for public eyes and it is impressive enough to stun the eyes and minds of hardened engineers.

In the Palmdale area beneath a "hanger" type building, which actually is movable on tracks, is a multilayer technology center over eight levels in depth and the size of a massive city. The workers are mostly manufactured robotoids and synthetics made for labor with computer intelligence. Human participants are of the "Ultra top-secret clearance" personnel.

At Edwards launch area in a bluff (butte) called Haystack, there is an even larger installation underground with incredible beam pulse systems, aircraft launchers, stealth equipment in coalition with the Soviet Cosmosphere program with total capability of destroying the planet in some 15 minutes.

Locked into that installation is a massive underground facility near Tehachapi called The Anthill (Northrup). There are open silos wherein light laser systems are tested and cosmos-drones sent out like marching armies to probe electronically. They are like little basketballs of light running usually to blue and sometimes golden/orange.

These particular installations are carved out with digging equipment which melts the mind as to possibilities as nothing stops them--not rock nor metal. They are drills tipped with diamond bits and carve a 40 ft. tunnel in mere hours. Interconnecting these installations are high-speed transit rails with "trains" which "fly" on an electromagnetic system off the ground at incredible speed. There has been a lot of "blasting", also, but covered by the stories of aircraft moving through the sound barrier and after a while it simply became that no-one paid any attention.


I don't even like to speak much of the Reptilians because they are dramatically for fear effect. Some are simply beings with leathered type of covering for protection purposes and are no more than humans in costume. The Little Grays fit into a different type of category and if not selectively handled get completely out of control. These are both comprised of manufactured (soul-less) beings without compassion or feelings of any type. They are very "strong" physically and the "Grays" can literally infiltrate into the substance around them, i.e., they can "float" or disperse through a wall or door, etc.

There is a third type of replicated being made in the form of that which is presented to you on television as an "Orange". These are computer-bright but basically clone laborers. These are very human in appearance but too synthetic to fit in with your citizenry.


I hope you are beginning to get the picture, chelas. These are the adversaries OF GOD and of we, the Hosts. They neither have the technology to traverse the cosmos nor are they even allowed into the space beyond the Earth orbiting system at best.

These ones are led and controlled by the entities who would Rule the Earth and they are the reflection of hybrid, emotionless beings who serve the World Order "Elite". They are basically Satanic tools and act on direct orders of the controllers.


We don't speak of "Gods" as such, but the idea fits. It is the time of sorting and separation of the participants (players) on the physical orb called Shan (Earth). It is the time of retrieval of God's children who are experiencing on the place for all sorts of varying reasons in soul-growth progression. Evil intends to rule the globe and all things thereon. But, he has already destroyed the bountiful wonders of the globe and it cannot continue as is. Therefore, the plan is to take control through whatever means available--preferably leaving a remnant of Godly slave laborers and annihilation of other souled beings. This will be accomplished in two ways.

1. He will simply convince the souled being that God is not who and what He claims to be. Those unthinking masses will simply be led down the "primrose" paths through the mire of lies and disbeliefs of truth. These, for the most part, will be called Christians (by any other label). These ones will be side-tracked into a belief system which revolves around the human physical being of, say, a Jesus Christ or Buddha, as adequate examples. They will set their intent upon denying and "proving" the non-presence of God, Hosts, Goodly Aliens, etc.--anything of the Spiritual realms of Light. Their whole intent will claim infinite experience but will be entrapped in total physical and material matter.

2. He will simply enslave physically those who stand against him and as ones are no longer useful, they will be slain and/or used for testing, etc. Disease will wipe out multitudes and then wars will annihilate millions, famine and exposure will get more and in the interim, all dissenters will be interned in compounds if they are thought to be dangerous to "the cause".

Ones who go about their business without great confrontation will be basically left alone if they are in areas wherein they are no bother.


There is full understanding between the higher "commands". Our people are not to be harmed. This does not mean that ALL know this even though ones who attempt bodily harm are usually taken out a.s.a.p. by their own group. The adversary will not risk encounter with my Command. God's people are "off limits". I suggest you be making very, very sure as to whether or not you are one of God's people. Don't ask ME! If you don't know then you better get awfully worried.

Does this mean that God's people will not be caught in anything nasty or negative? No, many of you will perish and no place, as such, is safer than any other. I can assure you that you will have colds and flu, get cold and get hot, hungry and tired just like everyone and anyone else. You WILL be allowed to fulfill your mission whatever it might entail and you WILL BE RECLAIMED AND BROUGHT INTO SAFETY AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME.

There is time left for action in almost unlimited manner if you utilize that time well. Things are not in order to the point of desirability on the part of the Planners so you will simply work within that circumstance in which you find self. There are still some methods of assisting selves with security in ability to barter, etc., if you use intelligence. Violence will simply get all of our workers killed and it will not be tolerated--if I have to tell you that point then you are going to harm more than serve good. You will be sly as the serpent and gentle as the dove--dead martyrs serve no one. Your job is not to fight the war--yours is to bring Truth, put it to press, assist wherein you can by example without force or undue nagging for each will have to know for self. We must have a "remnant" and that means that you of my command will not act in foolishness or you will be put to the side lest you endanger the entire lift-off program. You will be given to know your task when appropriate and he who acts in greed will be put to last. Know that we can beam you up into safety from Mars if need be. I can get you aboard the Phoenix, for instance, which is far outside your orbiting place.


There are massive bases in Canada but some of the more important strategic centers are, of course, around (under) Atlanta and Arkansas. In some of those areas there were already an underground "alien" race and massive tunneling complex. There are also ancient tunnels under Tehachapi, for instance. The military has now tunneled right to the side of the crystal in Tehachapi and we have now blocked their entry into that portion of their system. Only a tiny portion of the crystal in point is allowed the use of Earthians.


Other bad news includes a slow and deliberate addition of herbicides into the water systems of your cities. Most is by accidental seepage from growing fields at very low levels of toxicity but now covering massive areas. As water supplies dwindle in the areas stricken by drought there will be more and more actual toxic response to that pollution. There will also be virus infection via water systems whereby whole villages and sections of cities will become ill within hours--simultaneously.

The cover-up is massive and "leakers" or "speakers" are dealt with instantly by either absolute negation of "law" or injection or by death--mostly the latter depending on the importance of the "squealer". You have ones in the local group who are targets who managed to survive all three types of assault. I will tell you now, it is very difficult to kill one of my people. Usually the journey to this side is vaguely remembered and almost always the trip itself is recalled and known at the time and again remembered at some time later.


No indeed. I am simply telling you that you must be ready for that next assault on your beings as we have described it in the past. Remember, I told you that before you are through, the enemy will blame all things on aliens to prevent any of you being reclaimed by God--THE BATTLE IS FOR YOUR SOULS--ONE DIRECTION GIVES TOTAL FREEDOM AND THE OTHER ENSLAVEMENT AND YOU MUST DECIDE WHICH YOU WILL EXPERIENCE. How many will see through the facade of the physical illusion and into the co-creatorship which produced that illusion? When you understand God then you will also understand that it only requires YOUR decision. It is up to YOU to choose the gold or the gold-covered lead! Both appear the same and often the lead covered in gold appears the more shiny and desirable to the fleshly experience. The lead actually has more value in the higher experiences.

A guide to "clues" is also available to you who will mentally take a look. The protocols and instructions are in place. Bridges, passes and area dams are now bombed (mined) and tracking stations already in place--to keep ones in the area wherein you ARE when the curtain falls. This means a shut-down of all international travel, and interstate travel as well, as time passes. The point is to actually lock you into a small area of location and one in which you can be easily controlled and accounted for. Note the closure of one airline after another and note how many of those airline planes are at Mojave! As surface travel is shut down those parts will be utilized for other types of vehicles and weapons.

The plan, of course, is to allow things to appear natural in their occurrence--i.e., the markets will fall and you will be in a depression but always with the prattling that "it is getting better"--"just a fluctuation". You will be like the Russians--into disaster without realizing it happened to you. In your confusion you will get deeper and deeper into the pit until the trap is closed. Then the government will simply pull out all resources (welfare) and it will appear most spontaneous because, after all, a government without money cannot maintain anything. The ignorant will remain ignorant and in denial until it is over and some will never know differently, much less admit that what we gave forth was right and correct.

Will you go down without revolution? Probably not, but the bigger gun usually wins, especially if he has trained himself to be more clever. You, dear ones, have been uneducated and many of your so-called educated adults can neither read nor write.


Indeed I did and you can expect eruption in the Middle East momentarily because the Zionist impact is into the areas of the breakaway Republics and the military Soviet machine is efforting right now to squelch any anti-military control. The military machine is on the march and it will prevail. It has been carefully orchestrated to get nuclear capability into the hands of all the little antagonistic nations to specifically allow for war. Oh indeed, if there remains a world of nations, there WILL BE AN ARMAGEDDON. I remind you--the plans are finished, for all practical purposes, to totally leave the surface of the planet to destruction while Satan and his henchmen move into those worm-holes underneath to "ride out" the storms.

In all of the installations are men, women and children synthesized and ready for reproduction at such time as viable life forms can be reintroduced.

You of the remnant of God's people are for the purpose of making sure all of God's people are aboard and into security when departure time is at hand.

Yes indeed, I am talking about the total departure and separation of God from the planet leaving the evil manufactured entities to their destructive and depleting cycles.

Some who are left and made poor choices on the wrong assumptions will be allowed growth at separation from the physical as soul separates from physical life-form but this will only last through a couple of generation cycles at most. However, the truth will be made obvious and there will be opportunity to again stand in the place of God. It will, however, be only briefly and then, finally, the planet will be left to cleanse and recover as life forms are simply cycled away as living conditions become too hostile for all life forms.


Yes I did and do! But will you? You don't even have many who even believe what I just wrote to you. "Oh," you will say, "...that is just stupid but unreal science fiction." Yes, that is what they assume you will say and how you will react to Truth. How comfortable are you this moment? How stable is the economy? How stable are the jobs? How healthy is your society physically, emotionally and spiritually? HOW do you believe it can RECOVER? Where have all your industries gone? Well, brothers, most of them have literally gone underground--where they don't need YOU any longer. The Plan is to bring the population of this planet down again to 500 million people and no more--that means some 6 billion people will be killed--one way or another. That also means that a lot of God's REAL children, with proper intent of Godness, will be watching from a nice safe distance in order to begin and establish a working system within Radiance.

As I remind Dharma of the experience of total treasure when the very hand of God brought you out of the void of mist--so shall that hand lift you into eternal radiance--IF YOU HOLD UNTO THAT LIGHT OF TRUTH FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND FOR THESE THINGS TO COME FORTH UPON AND UNTO MAN OF EARTH PLACE.





THU., JANUARY 2, 1992 8:57 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 139


If I bring you Truth does that make me your enemy? Could it not perhaps indicate that I am your friend and brother and that I wish to help you? "Man" has painted your "visions" for you and you have learned to follow like sheep in the pastures, even to the same conclusion. If the lead sheep moves to a tuft of grass and eats it, is there that tuft of grass for those who follow next and next and next? Nay, and the land is stripped as each oncoming sheep tries to eat the same tuft of grass--into its very roots.

The adversary has eaten the good grass and now leaves you to the barren ground. He has, in addition, poisoned the bits of roots remaining and given you just enough to train you to not search for selves. Ah, you are out of work? You go for unemployment and when that is gone you go for welfare! But who pays the sums to foot the bill for the services? You are helpless and because you can no longer be tended--you will not survive in most instances past the first throes of the disaster. You will still be trying to figure out what to do while protesting to the government to "fix it" for you have learned no better. The sun (if it shines) will shine upon the just and the unjust, the rains will fall likewise--and what will YOU do? Where will YOU go? Please do not come unto my people who have listened and prepared for theirs is a mission already laid forth and it is NOT to give unto YOU so that you have nought to do or act to prepare for self. There are no tufts of grass left to them, either. They are fulfilling their task of telling you of the Truth of that which IS and in the ending they will be hidden and protected from you who would not hear.

The plan is to continue to "fool" you to the very midst of the disaster so that you are rendered helpless and then the depopulation of the planet will occur. You will blame God when it is only from God that you are receiving warnings that you are on the final stint of your journey if the adversary has his way.

Why will God not "fix" everything? Because you as a mass of His creations have earned no reward--you have only denied His Truth, His Laws and His Hosts come to help you. You have simply buried in more deeply into the "things" of physical matter and clung desperately unto those things of luxury unto the flesh. Most of you will throw out a carton of milk simply because the contents have passed the date on the carton--when the milk is yet sweet and wholesome. If this be your mental set then why would God only prolong your misery by allowing you more and more disillusionment? Nay, the warnings have poured forth and you had best listen to the words in the books you call "Holy" because the adversary has laid forth his plans for you quite succinctly. If you insist on following that which is in those books as if there could not even be error--then pity is yours--not salvation.

You who pick at your truth-bringers and set up meetings with so-called learned persons to "convince the truth-bringer" that he is ignorant while you chant that which is laid before you as gospel--you err greatly for the child is smarter than the adult in point and it will be the adult who has earned his journey into that which will befall him. THE BOOKS HAVE BEEN WRITTEN INTENTIONALLY TO PULL YOU INTO THE TRAP AND HEAP APOCALYPSE UPON YOU IN YOUR REFUSAL TO SEE AND HEAR. YOU HEAP EVEN MORE "SIN" UPON SELF BY EFFORTING TO DISSUADE ONES FROM THEIR PATH WHO HAVE LISTENED AND FOUND TRUTH AND INSTRUCTIONS.

By your own revelations and projections you say that God will send His messengers in preparation for the return of His Light. But you recognize them not, no more than you are allowed to recognize the Truth of the returning Master. You have lived by the lie and unless ye turn again into the Truth of God all will be in perishment who are left to their journey upon the place for the adversary intends physical death to you of the masses--over six billion of you. At the point of the final curtain, We of the Hosts WITH GOD will have removed our people and, precious ones, there will be no "rapture" just to get you off a dying planet wherein your very souls will have fallen to the foe. Therefore, as you check out my "facts as given" I suggest you consider that my "reasoning" may be as accurate and valid. You will never find death through turning into the goodness and safety of God so I ponder as to why you would fight Truth so hard and insistently. We only bring a refresher in the LAWS of God and Creation. The very fact that you struggle and argue in terms of physical material matter says that you do not have Truth in you!

"Oh," you tell me, "...but it is the blood of Jesus who will save us even unto the last breath." No, it is NOT so. The blood of a man, Jesus, at best, is nothing but a physical presentation of corpuscles, white cells, etc., now dried and withered in physical passage of your perceived time. There is no time and no space and no blood--"CHRIST" IS AN EMOTIONAL "STATE OF BEING" IN GOODNESS WITHIN THE LAWS AND INFINITY OF GOD THE CREATOR--THE BLOOD OF A MAN IS NOT EVER THE SAME AS THE STATE OF CHRISTNESS. CHRIST IS IMMORTAL UNTO GOD OF LIGHT. THE PHYSICAL PERISHES AT BEST, AND THAT PERISHMENT IS USUALLY WITHIN THE GRIPS OF THE PHYSICAL SEARCH WHICH IS NEVER FOUND IN THAT DIMENSION OF EXPRESSION.

So be it, for mine is not to nag and tag at you. To ones still searching instructions and who come to finally "find" and listen, I shall relay (repeat) a few possible actions for preparation and allow you to see at what point you have arrived. Do you have to do anything? No--but this is for the "physical position" and if you heed not, you will find yourselves mired in the destruction as planned--against your physical survival. There will be no longer any physical perfection in the years ahead of you for the "planners" have planned well so that few can survive in the physical form past a few brief years of experience. The earth will heave and shake and kill, the economy will collapse and kill, the political will become anarchy and kill--the very breath of life will kill.

Can you change it? Indeed--but will you? At best, the changes which must be made cannot, in your time perspective, be made without total chaos and slow regrowth. There will be no instant anything any more--save death of the physical beings and removal of your physical property. You have bought the lie to the extent that you hear not the prophecies in proper perspective. For as God has created YOU, so too is evil presented--by and from the physical allowed freedom of choices and given into reason. Therefore as long as there is "physical" manifestation--will be found evil presence. However, as with planets who come into their own radiance--the old is left while the radiance of beauty and Light replaces the sick and dying. On those places left to their plight (in the pits wherein evil (Satan) is binded) that evil shall also eventually perish and thusly at some new time in evolving creation the old shall be renewed--but you will not physically be aboard, in all likelihood--for you will have, at this passage of expression, made your choice to dwell without your Creator God. In the ending you who have denied God of Creation will be denied by that God for He will no longer know thee. Force is not of God and he will leave thee to your own choices--ALWAYS!


Always God offers insight unto the very last moment and for that reason I will again speak of things within this mortal transition into control by the adversary. We must offer God's servants the knowledge of survival for the transition and for the physical passage to allow our mission fulfillment. God will leave NONE of HIS people--but you must be very sure you believe on the correct premise--for God WILL LEAVE all who deny the TRUTH OF HIS PRESENCE--AND IN THIS ERROR MOST SO-CALLED AND SELFSTYLED CHILDREN OF GOD WILL BE IN THE LEAVING TO THE PHYSICAL DEMISE WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF GOD WHILE THE ADVERSARY LAUGHS AT YOU AND SAYS "AH HA!--GOTCHA!"


Precious Jen and Cort, I ask that you send this message unto your beloved parents for they have erred greatly and, in their blindness, they have refused to see and hear. You must allow them their journey, children, for if a Man cannot see that physical expression and soul journey are not the same, then he is blinded beyond recovery if he will not have his eyes checked for error. You are living in the time of the ending cycles of the sorting of wheat from chaff--ye are wheat and the chaff must be released unto the winds to search further for fertile soil and God direction. I care not whether or not ones deny God and the presence of the returning Master for that is their privilege of passage. I must, however, ask you to remain strong in your Truth for the commitment of service is unto God in that very journey into His places which is at hand herein. "Religion" is NOT "Godness nor Christness"--Religion is a blinding, binding shackle unto a DOCTRINE--and doctrines are set forth by MAN--NOT GOD. At best it is always the INTERPRETATION OF GOD BY MAN UNTO ANOTHER MAN WHO IS NOT WILLING TO SEARCH TRUTH FOR SELF BUT RATHER FOLLOW UNTO ANY WHO WILL TELL HIM THAT WHICH HE CHOOSES TO HEAR. YOU WALK WITH GOD, CHILDREN, AND YOU HAVE COME INTO THIS TRUTH THROUGH SEEKING AND TOTAL REASON--BE KIND AND FORGIVING UNTO THOSE WHO EFFORT TO PULL YOU DOWN INTO THE PITS WITH THEM--BUT RELEASE THEM IN LOVE AND PRAYER THAT THEY MIGHT FIND TRUTH FROM THE PILES OF LIES. SO BE IT.


In response to the old and timeless Chinese proverb which says, "May you live in interesting times": You are certainly living in Interesting times.

You have lost your vision of Truth and "reality" and "Where there is no vision, the people perish." (Proverbs 29:18)

Shall we begin this journey through tedium with reminders and status reports? Perhaps you will hear and see through purely physical expression for God serves those who ask in intent of Godness. The "call" compels HIS response--He will be where ye art--always. Let us speak of the general scenario of present circumstances according to past relationships, etc. We do not need to pronounce doom nor gloom--just historical passage.

Let us keep it more simple for you in the American nation of the U.S. so that the story can be relatively narrow for purpose of insight--all can be connected to any and all locations and people but you need to focus on facts.

THE 1990'S

This last decade of the '90's has every promise of being the most challenging, interesting and hair-raising, goose-pimply and devastating of any time past or present of the world. The era of post-war prosperity you have known since the late 1940's is going to be replaced by an era of some half decade or longer, of total contraction, financial convulsion, debt liquidation, and DEPRESSION. This decade will see tremendous rearrangement of wealth, millions of people will go to the bankruptcy wall and millions more will not even find relief in bankruptcy as assets are simply nil and voided. Some, however, as with all passages through the planner's scenario (if attended closely as to what "they" do) will make it through and some will even prosper greatly. These who listen and work within the laws of the land and utilize that which is presented for your use will likely do very well indeed because they are prepared and understand that more money can be made by a few in bad times than in "good" times. The Elite plan it that way.

Over 10,000 people became millionaires during the Great Depression because they watched the instructions and saw the handwriting on the wall--those economic signs of the times presented. They moved to liquidity, they got out of debt, out of the stock market which was and is even more so this day, manipulated and purely a tool of the Elite to fool the populace into stupid actions and beliefs; later these ones had assets with which to purchase at most remarkably depressed prices of 10 to 40 cents on the "dollar". Hundreds of thousands of people got out of harm's way by being mavericks, contrarians or independent thinkers--and by being prepared!

The vast majority followed the political/financial establishment line and went broke. The 90's will also have its financial winners, and many more financial losers. Wouldn't it be better if you were among the winners? If you are among the winners, you will have more chance of changing that which is coming down on the globe--losers are locked into the same prison with the other losers.

Let us not speak herein greatly of the International Beast--which controls you. We can make our point by considering only the U.S. and the scenario becomes more defined. We will pretend the controlling Elite are in your sector. THEY ARE NOT so do not "skim" this material and tell another that I have said otherwise--THIS IS FOR EXAMPLE ONLY--THE CONTROLLERS ARE FROM THE COMMITTEE OF 300 AND THE OPERATORS IN YOUR GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL/ECONOMIC CIRCLES ARE BUT PUPPETS AND PAWNS.

The 1990's will witness political crises and convulsions unlike any you have seen or experienced since the founding of the "Republic", as George Bush and the Liberal Eastern Establishment effort to push you into the New World Order. Actually, they have already signed, by treaty, your demise as a sovereign nation set up to now be governed by and enforced by the United Nations--under what was the old Soviet Communist Zionists. By the way, the old Communists do not like the Zionists even a tittle--and it is planned to bury the Zionists--(those are the Jews, friends), right along with the New Yeltsin Commonwealth. The military has taken control of those nations and do not fool yourselves one moment longer. You WILL have wars of untold horror--for it is planned as a part of depopulation.

The plan is to totally negate the U.S. Constitution (which has already been done IF no-one stops the silent ratification) and replace it with the new international authority under that UN and some "three" regional governments in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim.


This decade you will witness tremendous loss of freedom as the liberal Congress you elected, bureaucracy and executive branch pass a myriad of socialistic, people- controlling laws and regulations to control your people and turn them into slaves. Elections are controlled and if you do not see it then you are hopelessly blind. The absolute disregard of the "system" to honor Constitutional law by the political parties is incredible in its public display. You have candidates of high standing absolutely being DENIED any method of even coming onto public ballots for you the people to choose or deny. It is depended that you-the-people will applaud the selections and do nothing. Why do you suppose there is such a push to keep Buchanan, Duke and others OFF the ballots--could it be these men have done something RIGHT?

The West and America (YOU) are going to witness threats, constraints and coalitions with a totally armed Soviet Union, still totally directed by Marxist-Leninists dedicated to nothing short of world domination. Please note the writings of the past few days--IT IS DONE! THE SOVIET UNION IN CONJUNCTION WITH YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT NOW HAS TOTAL HOOKUP OF PULSE SYSTEMS OF GLOBAL NATURE AND TOTAL SPACE CONTROL--TOTAL. Your country has been totally infiltrated by military and intelligence personnel. I remind you that there are more KGB/Mossad personnel in the CIA than all other put together! The CIA is simply a Soviet/Zionist branch of the Soviet/Israeli brotherhood. This has almost nothing to do with Russians or Hebrew "Jews". Most Zionists are not in any way con-nected to "Jews" in any manner whatsoever!

This decade will witness the greatest attack on the "family", the greatest wave of crime, social upheaval, and threats to your very basic American way of life--in all of history. The great majority of Americans are likely to sleep complacently through these times of economic and political upheaval until they are broke, until they are serfs under the New World Order and/or BOTH.



However, there are so very, very (incredibly) few people who are even IN the battle for financial, political and spiritual survival or even know that such a battle is raging all around them, that it is stunning to the realization senses. Do you not see that a person who is properly prepared, properly motivated, and properly dedicated can make a magnificent difference for the competition is virtually nonexistent. Out of such circumstances comes the accepted "heroes" and leaders.

Victory in trying circumstances is a function of proper mental attitude, understanding the problems and having a "vision" of victory in spite of any of those seeming problems and being, as the Boy Scouts pronounce--properly prepared.

I can again lay forth some possibilities for the human economic and physical period which lies ahead--but I cannot insist nor impose upon you that you use any of them. I shall, however, continue to present them until there is no longer ability to do so. Efforts are constant and terrifying to prevent our presenting alternatives unto you. The 1990s is a decade of destiny for you, your families, and your nation(s). What YOU do will determine the fate of the entire species of Man.


You have been in this "depression" for a couple of years now. Now, you have the typical acknowledgment of the lies from and by the Establishment Controlled Media who now says there is NO RECOVERY. They pronounce that this "recession" is worse than ever.

Hold your breath, America--the Federal Reserve has just, within days, pumped over 50 BILLION dollars in cash into the Market to give you the illusion of growth and stability. Note that the very stocks which "gained" are the very companies who have gone defunct within the past three weeks or so. Nobody noticed during the holidays and hype on spending and "consumer confidence".

Unemployment, personal and corporate bankruptcies continue to abound in unheard of numbers and this, even as bank, S&L, and insurance company failures continue to spread. The US economy continues to contract even as Bush and associates keep "talking" about economic recovery and the great resiliency in the economy. What magic can there be in Bush's great revelations regarding everything "toward the end of January"? Well, the announcement may well be worse than you can imagine with a show of force and total rescission of your government and Constitution. You will probably move into TOTAL Emergency Regulations through Executive Order. All he has to do is announce same for he has already the legal mechanism in place.

This is not a recession of "just" workers in factories, etc. This is across the board from highest executives to janitors. The system of benefits (unemployment insurance pools, union funds, etc.) are zilch and there is no money to fund the welfare system. In fact, I suggest that all who hold any welfare chits consider using them before they are unaccepted collateral at the markets. The government is noted for issuing worthless coupons even to and including Federal Reserve Notes (money-currency). There will be a type of "transition period" but it will probably be brief because when no debt can be serviced and no interest repaid to places like Japan (who refuse to continue to purchase your debt) the house of cards will fall and all in it.

You who think Bush is in Australia and Japan, etc., to spread growth and financial prosperity and work out trade agreements, forget such nonsense. The Japanese have refused to buy any more of your worthless bonds and debts, etc. The only good business around is that which is allowing the wealthy to trade their money around for more security and last minute security placement and profit placement. Too bad you ones are not on top of it--for that money must be placed into something--now, or lost forever. Preferably, ones SHOULD invest into some of our projects for they are set to withstand depression and create market through need of service and product--such as food, energy and so forth.

It is sad that you who hold money continue to misunderstand the situation and in your efforts to "hold" from use in projects, will lose all that you have. I can only offer, I cannot do more.

Do you not see that your Government has to continue to offer some things--even in Emergency Regulations--unto you-the-people? They must keep up the charade for as long as possible and at least until all weapons can be confiscated. That, by the way, will be right up front on the list of confiscations.

Currency may well become worthless, but if you can get project funding in any amounts you can get people to work (jobs) and build foundations in small industry which, even if confiscated (nationalized), will serve needs. If you cannot see this approach clearly enough to act immediately, then I can help you no further. We need proposal writers and we need them at the least expense possible--you need survival goods and industry and you need them NOW--not after our little group has established them for that will be for selves and not for YOU.

How long can the "building" of these industries last? Probably not very long but there will be stable checks to the actual builders and that can be converted into some measure of preparations if you set forth to do that instead of living in your luxury longer. GOD IS NOT GOING TO DO THIS FOR YOU, CHELAS. THIS is what God does. He shows you the way and urges you to act--He will do no more if ye care not enough to do for self. YOU HAVE LESS THAN A YEAR, AT BEST, TO GET YOUR FINANCIAL HOUSE IN ORDER!!!


America's banking system is on the brink of the greatest and most total crisis since history began banking. The intent is to pull all banks into ONE--the Bank of International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland under the total control of the Committee of 300.

I am accused of continued speaking of these "300" while only one or two writers ever have even mentioned them. You tell me that the offenders are the Bilderbergs and Trilats and, and, and. No, those are minor branches of the "300" world controllers of which all others are but tools. I suggest that today my Publisher set a price on the first volume by Dr. Coleman and even if editorially lacking--get it to the public--NOW! ($16.95 plus Calif. tax, shipping and handling) It will explain the players and how it always comes back to the Satanic Zionist British Crown. If you know not the players who are your dedicated enemy--then you will flounder forever until your total demise. I ask that in this paper be given a price for that book and an approximate date of release--good grammar or not. Good spelling will not save one person! Knowledge will! If it is easier to release the volumes as they come as JOURNALS, then you have permission to do so. I want the most expeditious method of public release possible. If you won't listen to God you had better start listening to the informed MEN!

The FDIC is insolvent--purely and simply--insolvent. You were told (in my own writings) that it would be absolutely insolvent by the end of year 1991 and it is! Pouring more billions into the system only keeps the lawyers and illegal judicial system in money--you will not get refunds on your deposits.

The FDIC itself, has projected that a minimum of 239 banks with $86-$116 billion in assets will fail in year 1992, not only wiping out all present insurance funds, but also the $30 billion taxpayer loan proposed by George Bush. Bush has actually asked for (demanded) some $80 billion taxpayer-funded bailout but election-prone Democrats will likely not vote the full amount but will have to vote in some amount, say $30 billion, to keep you-the-people longer hopeful and sleeping.

Let us use reason and arithmetic: With a billion at year-end in FDIC insurance funds to cover $4 TRILLION in bank/S&L deposits, the coverage will be just 2-1/2 cents per hundred dollars in deposits. However, you are now into "next year" and deposit insurance coverage IS COMPLETELY GONE! AS THE PUBLIC COMES TO UNDERSTAND THIS AND THE MAINLINE MEDIA IS NOW HAVING TO SPEAK OPENLY ABOUT IT, THERE WILL BE A MASSIVE EXODUS OUT OF THE BANKING SYSTEM IN THE MONTHS PRESENT. It most certainly seems prudent, on a purely physical level, to dramatically reduce one's exposure to the banking system and to do so as soon as possible--probably before the date of Mr. Bush's big economic solutions speech.

At this moment you still may have some coverage in Treasury Bill money market funds or government or foreign government bond funds--but they can be frozen and immediately become worthless, also, if the President, by happenstance, announces default on all U.S. debt. It has always been a part of the plan to repudiate the debt and bankrupt the nation at which time all will be gone.

Well, what of that gold for collateral? What about it? It will be safe longer than anything else and if its value climbs it is safe and secure and will grow in value. If the Governments choose to confiscate that also, then you have only contributed to projects which may later at least give you return of food and/or shelter.

You must realize that all other investments are at defunct status already. The illusion is being maintained to some extent and, while this continues, so will the pay-checks from things such as pensions, etc. However, when the pension bearer is defunct there will be no pension checks to claimants. If the industry in which you built your pension resources is defunct--the plan is defunct. The same with annuities through insurance companies--if the company folds so goes the annuity.

What I am trying to tell you, beloved ones, is that THERE IS NO PERFECTION OR SECURITY LEFT! You can take measures which will, if anything will, endure, but there is no sure thing on your globe any more, except physical death and distress. There may be perturbations upward but it will be years before the system, at best, could be reversed--so THERE WILL BE SOME HARD TIMES--NOW!


America's more than $22-$25 TRILLION debt pyramid is coming unraveled, and your financial system is moving headlong into the depression that will dwarf that of the so-called Great Depression for there will be nothing upon which to recover. The U.S. budget is out of control with an over $423 million fiscal year '92 deficit already in place. This is if nothing changes from present activities. The U.S. real estate market is in its first nation-wide decline since the Great Depression and is pulling down hundreds of banks in the free-fall, S&Ls, and insurance companies, with large pension funds and credit unions also in the spiraling loop. Record personal and corporate bankruptcies (over a million major bankruptcies in 1991) are also going to take their toll on the financial system remaining.

The U.S. stock market is being levitated beyond reason by a handful of large U.S. financial institutions, but cratering corporate earnings, liquidity, and employment, and skyrocketing, record post-Depression debt loads are likely to precipitate a crash in mere months. Bush, Greenspan, and associates will do anything to keep the system together, even to lying about the economic conditions (or launch a new Desert Storm) to get Bush established in place. Bush intends to be the U.S. helmsman in the New World Order and it will be as the power in the U.S. as well as within the working U.N. Whether they can avoid a total financial panic and collapse for another 11 months is problematic and depends totally on whether or not the Elite Controllers want any U.S. representation or not. Bush has no power within the ranks of the Elite Global Circle. He has never had any real power but rather has been a President of capitulation through criminal blackmail and treason. This will be established by the 1992 elections, as I see the predictions.

Hence, prudent, conservative maverick investors/savers, who can see the economic and political signs of the times, the handwriting on the wall, should be immediately implementing strategy of getting out of harm's way, for financial survival for the rest of the decade is at stake.

Dharma, since we have an early afternoon meeting I ask that we break the writing at this point. I will continue the subject at point when we again sit to pen. I can only repeat again unto you readers: "The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." Proverbs 27:12.



FRI., JANUARY 3, 1992 9:36 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 140


As we sit to continue the discussion of "possibilities" to make easier journey through this time of political, economic and spiritual transition, we find our audience somewhat more receptive. It is sad that Man waits until the storm has struck to see that it is actually coming. No matter, for you will work with that which you have for that is all there is which you can control in any measure at this time.

Since I seem to still represent some hazard to your being and since so much garbage is flung at you through channels and disembodied foolishness, I shall always attempt to give you information which can be confirmed. My job is to select that which has Truth and merit from the piles of trash and greed-mongers. Bits and pieces of Truth lie in many hands who pen and serve, but they too, are looking for survival and often it is through returns on newsletters, investment suggestions (through them) and thus and so. This does not make the Truth lesser, it only causes errors in good judgment. When I find writers who have seen the picture accurately then I shall simply give you information for obtaining their material as well as giving them credit for the outstanding perception and I will utilize it--hoping that you will support their work.

I give such gratitude to Donald McAlvany for analyzing the position of your nation quite well indeed. However, I do not agree with all of his investment and economic output and neither do I agree with his conclusions in a great many instances and these are not always "negligible". For instance, he honors one, Churchill, along with other Biblical characters, etc. I won't even comment on the Biblical characters in point but Churchill was not a worthy humanitarian or patriot of his nation. He was the most incredible war criminal of the era. Oh, he may have done some rather brilliant strategy--such as bombing innocent women and children, i.e., Dresden, and bringing Germany to her knees but he also participated fully in the causing and bringing of the war AND genocide in conjunction with Eisenhower and F.D.R. Sorry about that, chelas. You can pretty much KNOW that if a Man holds great status in POWER--he is of evil intent and serves the Elite One World Globalists--not God nor Country. These ones use the young and prime of your nations for gun fodder so that they are never brought down--well, some of the returning "soldiers" are beginning to see Truth as they "experience" that Truth.

Examples of the powerful stature of these people are quite evident, however, throughout history. Churchill is an excellent example of what I mean. He was faced with a narrow margin between victory and defeat, between honor or dishonor, as he analyzed it, between survival or death or slavery by mental mindset. He rallied the people of England against a superior Nazi war machine in the Battle of Britain in one of the wildest "stands" a people has ever made. Winston Churchill encouraged the British people, "Never, never, never, never, never give up!" The very difference between survival and death for many terminally diagnosed people is that tenacious instinct for survival. You see, the premise works for evil as well as for goodness.


But, in addition to the instinct for survival and a vision of overcoming difficult, seemingly insurmountable circumstances, proper preparation for difficult times is an important ingredient to survival. Most people will not prepare in advance for difficult economic or political times.

McAlvany lays out some dozen items which must be considered and acted upon as elements of survival preparation for the coming crunch and I will list them for you herein. The first thing, however, is that you had better look around and find your GOD and then locate your ENEMY. You will find it rapidly for they will be the speakers shouting and encouraging you by telling you that "You must sacrifice and they will lead." Well, the first and most important thing is to somehow begin to "sacrifice their leadership" because they have caused the trouble in the first place. However, they now have by far the larger guns so that is not as easy as it might appear so let us move on to things you CAN DO.


1. Change your mindset. Begin to look at Everything differently.

2. Begin to Develop Discernment About People. Train yourself to watch what people do, not what they say. You live in a day of great deception and you need to become sensitive about what is true or false in people.

3. When you Invest. Invest First in the Right People. An investment can be great, and the people untrustworthy, or incompetent, and it will fail. Find like-minded, trustworthy people to invest in, or with. Invest with or in people who share your view so that your goals are the same. It is important to realize that to get through this period of time in any kind of wholeness, you are going to have to move back into trust of brother and you can't trust most of your brothers. To simply play the game necessary to remain intact, you will have to again trust a handshake and a "word". If you, how-ever, take advantage of that circumstance you are as wrong as the one who advertises, arranges self-greed contracts and thus and so. Further, if you come within the shield of God's Hosts, the first thing that will go from any relationship--is the intent of "making wealth at our expense". KNOW it right up front for our people have no need to serve you in any manner. Our task is to bring Truth, get God's people off the planet when it is appropriate to secure a working remnant and finally--close the planet if necessary.

When the Elite bring forth the bantering about hostile "aliens" coming, believe me, they speak for selves for there are no dangerous "aliens" coming anywhere. We are God's Hosts come in preparation. Those who are controlled or practice evil are already on your place. WE ARE, HOWEVER, EXTREMELY HOSTILE TO EVIL-DOERS AND YOU SHOULD ONLY LOOK AT WHO TOUTS THIS INVASION!

4. Honestly look at yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Even the Bible says to know yourself and I surely can't argue with that advice. Discover what in your life is not working. Work on, or moderate the weaknesses. The guide by which to measure your status is by that same book and it is called the Ten Commandments.

5. Seek the counsel of others you trust. Seek wise and Godly counsel of persons whose life is working well.

6. Find like-minded people who understand where this country is going, who have the instincts for survival, and who are taking steps to get prepared for the difficult times which lie ahead.

7. Find alternate methods of doing everything. Develop other methods outside the system (i.e., bartering, growing your own food, swapping a product or service you have with a farmer for food he grows, etc.).

8. Develop an instinct for what doesn't FEEL RIGHT. Become sensitive to what you have a hesitation to doing.

9. Begin to eliminate non-essentials from your life. Eliminate time or money-wasters. Buy only what you really need, not what you want. Live below your means. Develop habits of life to eliminate waste. If you are in a situation wherein you can work as a group in survival situations, allow the purchasing and saving of supplies for cooking, etc., for large numbers to a central place of one who has room for storage of same against the day of need. Do not get rid of things just to be frugal--you will need those large party type utensils and quantity supplies to make the hard times quite bear-able--then share. You all don't have to have a 20-gallon punch bowl, for instance. But if caught short of facilities you might well need all those extra bed sheets--but not in your immediate closet if you have a small apartment. This is the kind of cooperation you need--NOT the ALL living as communal under and within each other's nerve endings. It is, however, mandatory that each provide that which he can with the full understanding that just because one works and earns his measure--that all are included when the point of their own experience is to let another serve their needs. I speak of COMMUNITY and NOT of COMMUNAL. Ones who have no intent other than to parasite off the "group" or working circle, will be the first EXCLUDED. It has become a time for no excess baggage in things or persons who are set to serve this Command. How you plan in other locations, and outside my immediate Command is yours to choose. This is a group of non-religious persons who do their job 24 hours every day--FOR GOD'S SERVICE ACCORDING TO OUR MISSION. We will, however, share all information given and will assist wherever we might--but all ones must know the "rules" before "assuming" anything. Some in this gathered circle still have time to tend of others who might arrive; most have not even the time to tend of physical or human needs at all. Keep this in mind when you feel a location change might be an answer.

10. Develop physical, mental, and Spiritual disciplines before a crisis arrives--so they can be used naturally and without effort during the crisis. For instance, if you wait to use that "shield" of protection of which I constantly speak, until you really need it--in your panic you will forget to ask.

11. Learn to treat everything as if it were irreplaceable. Treat everything as if it is the last one you can ever get (i.e., your car, tools, boots, guns, furniture, carpets, etc.)

12. Buy things that will last., even if they cost more. Something mechanical that does not need power is better than something that needs electric power unless you have prepared with generators, etc. Look around and see what happens if your electricity is OFF for a while. Most will find they cannot even cook or warm their homes. Even gas furnaces which do not "fail" require electric motors to force the heated air.

Let us consider


Reducing one's debt to as close to zero as possible is essential in the coming financial crunch. That may involve selling off some property to reduce your debt, moving to a smaller home, accelerating your mortgage payments with two half payments every 14 days, refinancing your home at the present lower interest rates and perhaps shifting to a 15-year mortgage from a 25 to 30-year mortgage. Most people should get rid of their credit cards. Use plastic only to the extent that it can be easily paid off each month.

Now the shocker, for most of you have waited too long and may as well consider bankruptcy to clear your debt load. If you are out of work already, these things will happen regardless of what you do. If this is the choice route to take, and it will be for thousands, get a corporation going in Nevada and remain out of the system as much as possible. If you are self-employed--get that work portion of yourself incorporated in Nevada to keep everything from showing in your name.

If you are awash in debt, consider debt consolidation where you reduce your overall interest rate and consolidate all of your debt into one payment, perhaps stretching out the repayment term. In any case, take on no new debt from this time forward. If you can't buy it for cash, don't buy it! Your sense of financial freedom will go up in direct proportion to how little debt you have.

Yes, I realize I speak as if there were just transient problems afoot and not a massive depression. For some of you who have listened and acted--you will have managed well and will be prepared by having done these things already. There will be no MAGIC for those who disregard all warnings. You had better just pray a loving relative has taken your indiscretions into consideration and prepared for you as a part of the family. THE WELFARE SYSTEM WILL COLLAPSE! Jobs ending now in major industries will NEVER RETURN--the industries are being deliberately moved so there will not be work opportunities as you ever knew them before.


Most Americans live above their means. Learn to live below your means. Apply principle #9 above. Make yourself save at least 10% per month. (Some of you people with jobs can save 20-25%.

The more the better.) It has simply come to the time when you are going to have to be frugal if you wish to survive. The unemployment in every nation is so great, however, that standard procedures for little recessions simply won't cut it in this time. For most situations there simply are no suggestions I can offer for I offered them in time, but most denied my presence, much less my suggestions. I can only offer you ones Godspeed and may you be in finding the Light.


(Which is basically all there are.) Thousands more banks, S&L's, and insurance companies will collapse in the coming financial collapse and depression. There is no substantive insurance safety net under these institutions as of NOW.

Over two million people have their assets frozen at present in financial institutions which have failed already. Millions more are going to suffer their fate and have tens of billions in assets either lost or frozen.


Many of the largest insurance companies in the world have substantial high risk exposure to faltering real estate and junk bonds and are destined to totally fail. You must quickly evaluate your own situation. Millions of Americans have their life savings, their pension funds or their life insurance death benefits tied up in life companies that can and will go down in the coming months. There is actually not one company which will endure when the closures come for the major operations, such as Chase, etc., set up holding companies for the sole purpose of bankrupting them and not paying debts back to you nice people. I remind you--this is THE play for the total control of all institutions by the International Bank of Settlements under the one world Global Control Center. It is not intended that you have any remaining assets or property of any kind. Worse, it is NOT as simple as telling you what is safe--NOTHING IS SAFE, NOT EVEN UNDER YOUR MATTRESS. WHEN THEY CHANGE THE CURRENCY, YOU WILL FORFEIT WHAT IS STASHED UNDER YOUR MATTRESS IF IT IS NOT IN COIN OR MINIMAL AMOUNTS FOR EXCHANGE.

When the banks are closed it will not matter about insurance or anything else--you will most probably lose the money, whatever the size of the deposits. At the least, assets will be frozen wherein you cannot get at them. It is already quite prevalent about your nation.


The entire US banking system, not just the poorly rated banks and S&L's, are in harm's path if the US financial system hits the wall over the next months. A bank "holiday", financial panic or bank run would hit ALL banks--even those seemingly healthy ones. Many risk-averse, conservative savers have moved the lion's share of their assets out of the banks and S&Ls, and into U.S. Treasury Bill money market funds or U.S. or foreign government bond funds. In spite of a flaky, undisciplined U.S. government, neither it nor large foreign governments are likely to default as quickly as the private institutions in order to save face. However, this is going to be short-lived because the governments can bear no more debt and the governments themselves will fall. With the folding of the Soviet Union, for instance, what do you think happened to the debt, say, to the U.S.? If you no longer have a "country" you have just dumped the debts--no?

This is a major trick of the trade. Simply default, dissolve the nation and government, rename it as a "new corporation" and go on without any of the restrictions of prior Constitutions or encumbrances. Watch out for that is exactly what is planned for America and the U.S. of A. right soon. At this point everything is worthless and you may as well "whistle Dixie".


There simply are no perfect investments and none that can be bought and held forever in this environment. The three most conservative places to park funds over the next while are in gold, silver and U.S. coins. Temporarily, maybe a few carefully chosen US Treasury Bills (short term).


Precious metals should be bought and held in some form which will not be readily confiscated. Realize, however, that in the past gold was confiscated even from safe-deposit boxes. But even as a nation collapses there will be a time of honoring government minted money. Coins will be honored, for instance, far longer than will be paper Federal Reserve notes.

Precious ones, there simply are no lasting sure investments of any kind nor are there perfect ways to store or stash your funds.

I have already given you, over and over, my thoughts and suggestions for utilizing some of your funds while there is yet time and resource. I simply can do no better than that. When the Big Gun plans are to get everything one way or another--it is exactly as they say--everything. You will have to arrange to tuck some precious metals and barterable materials away somewhere private. I suggest that you invest in a security shelter but you must realize that that shelter will be the first place searched for confiscation purposes. It will, however, save your life.


Americans are totally dependent on the system for their food, water, electricity, etc. What happens when a major disaster happens? The system and its infrastructure comes to a screeching halt--at least in the areas so affected. Major earthquakes as expected in some massively populated areas will be worse than the worst nightmare in regaining any services to the people.

You should have stored carefully for every family, at least one year's supply of food reserves (dehydrated or freeze-dried).

Know that your government has emptied your reserve grain silos and has gotten rid of surplus milk, butter, cheese and eggs, etc. They have also sold off the futures in grain production. You have only enough national food supplies to run some one week.

America West offers some help in planning and resources for the above but need is at hand.


I am not going to speak on this subject for every word is monitored herein and I will not risk my people. What you do about firearms in your possession is your business. There are some excellent journals written with excellent suggestions. You need some protection and if you are in the wilderness areas you may need some type of firearm for food gathering.

To you "good" "Christians" who feel "God will provide", I suggest that you pay attention to other recommendations in the Bible. God helps those who attend selves. God judges by the works of a Man. God provides the way--YOU attend the needs. I Tim. 5:8, says it very, very well for you selective readers: "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." So be it and wishing it to be otherwise will change not one iota of the Truth of it.


America's major cities are cesspools of crime, drugs, and social upheaval--and the major economic crisis has not yet arrived. Urban lifestyles are definitely in a major decline. If a family can live in a more rural or country setting, not only can they lower the risk from crime, but they can live a far more basic, self-sufficient lifestyle. Many people must work in a major city for employment, but they can live 25-50-75 miles out in the country and commute to work if they choose to do so.

Not only is it a more basic, self-sufficient lifestyle, it will prove to be far safer in the coming period of political and economic upheaval. The concept of a survival retreat is foreign to most Americans today, but if one should feel so inclined, there are a number of excellent books on the subject.

I suggest that if you must live in the city and have relatives located in rural areas--work out a coalition plan wherein you can contribute to the size of the dwelling and storage facilities and supplies against the day of emergency. In other words--arrange now for a place of retreat so that plans and supplies are suitable to include YOU.


Sorry--but you are already on the eve of nuclear war, so don't tell me you don't need such a thing because of all this "world peace". You have NEVER needed a shelter system worse than at this moment. Moreover, in the future, even without major war you will have radioactive fallout which will only be countered by living partially or wholly under ground for most of your daily hours.

Not one in a million Americans thinks of protection from nuclear war today--especially with this death of Communism. What about all those nuclear weapons now running around in the hands of total situations of anarchy? Funny thing--the Soviets have shelters and every Swiss person is required by law to have nuclear bomb shelter in their homes, and many nations have massive shelter systems--even in your supported Israel--every place has a bomb shelter. Note that even these "break-away" nations in current war--HAVE SHELTERS! AMERICA HAS NO SHELTERS AND THOSE FACILITIES UNDERGROUND ARE NOT TO SAVE YOUR ASSETS--PEOPLE!

Dharma, we are out of time for this segment. I must ask to finish this subject, however. We still must speak of self-sufficiency skills, home schooling of your children, health measures and understanding nutrition and alternate medicine methods. I cannot tell you that this is just "stuff"--"in case". The times are now upon you and it is already too late for much of which we suggest. But you will have a big void of medical care, medications and schools will simply close. I did not make this mess, and I can only give you that which might get you through the time of turmoil and depression. If you choose to not hear nor act--so be it.

My expertise and joy is in that which comes next for you of God's people. Mine is to allow you to see within the glory of those places prepared for the ones of God in Light. Your world is quickly becoming the place of adversarial greed and destruction. God's places are more radiant and beauteous than ever and He awaits. I remind you most emphatically, however, NO EVIL SHALL BE BROUGHT INTO THE PLACES OF GOD OF CREATION! NONE! YOU WHO WILL COME HOME WILL COME WITH GOD INTENT WITHIN. YOU WITHOUT THAT LEVEL OF GOD INTENT WILL BE LEFT IN CIRCUMSTANCES SUITABLE TO YOUR LEVEL OF GROWTH TOWARD GOD'S LAWS OR YOU SHALL BE LEFT TO EXPERIENCE THAT WHICH YOU HAVE BUILT IN THE NAME OF SATAN. MINE IS TO GIVE YOU THE FACTS OF THAT WHICH FACES YOU. YOU WHO CHOOSE TO CLING TO AND SERVE THE LIE SHALL BE LEFT TO THAT CHOICE. SO BE IT.

Salu, Hatonn to stand-by. Thank you for your attention. We shall continue at our next sitting. Dharma needs to attend other preparations for there are none who can serve all her human needs and responsibilities any more than for any other of you. It is not an easy time, beloved ones, for you have been trained to exist and not attend self to any great extent other than as to that which they have given you to search and hold. It will serve you badly now as you must attend of selves and families or they will simply perish as the months and years pass. May you be given into understanding for hiding will no longer serve you.

I ask that whatever available back-up helpful information regarding this subject be listed as to availability at America West or available listings elsewhere if available. I cannot take time to make those individual suggestions. I do know that we have written in detail on all of these various matters if you but obtain the JOURNALS. I can offer no more.



SAT., JANUARY 4, 1992 8:20 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 141



How many of you realize that Bush is further selling out your nation--this time in the Asian sector? How many of you realize that "all" of the "break-away" "loose commonwealth" nations are now invited to be "associate" members of the International Monetary Fund--Central Banking Service? I thought not! And all the while you thought you were going to "help" these people? Spare me the retort! The nations are now selling their very souls unto the Devil and you simply applaud it! God have mercy on you blinded children.


On this wondrously gifted day (you are alive) I would speak to you as the brother which I am. I have tolerated just about all of the abuse unto my scribe and workers which will be allowed. Dharma is a secretary and a beloved friend--of mine, who has been sent to your place to translate the Universal pulsed language into something you can understand with your eyes. You mostly plug your minds so that the ears do not function.

We have received a fourth petition for response to personal problems from one called "Jackie". I have written an entire book segment directly to that person in point. I have, additionally, taken your time to answer an additional two times. I shall NOT respond to this fourth DEMAND upon our irreplaceable time. If you ones read the JOURNALS, you will have ALL the answers but, in addition, we have responded personally to hundreds of writers who are just beginning on your journey to information. We treasure EVERY contact (including Jackie's) and, as we can logically place your inquiries within the LIBERATOR or JOURNALS, we do so. I have given you explicit and lengthy problem-solving methods from communion how-to to written outlines of the very questions to ponder and all have been published. Our people have not had time nor resources to get all material indexed for we have produced 48 books within 30 MONTHS, just Dharma and Me, in addition to ethers to which we only make contribution such as the OWNER-OPERATORS MANUAL. I never leave the board when Germain is writing and at the heart of the matter--it is Dharma whose hands must produce all of this mountain of material--no matter who authors it. We are honored and humble when Sananda (Jesus in your lingo) and our other Masters participate because it gives Dharma her own support system in order to keep going. Every time there is pressure and denial, or much more, full outright attacks, it is hard to sit again to share with you-the-people for the heart weakens and the "impossibility" of opening a planet's eyes is overwhelming.

I am most grateful and actually enjoy your denials--especially the long ones, for you fool no-one--you are reaching for Truth even if it is expressed in denial. However, the "human" response is one of "Go to and stay there." That is your privilege.

To you others who are constantly in support, I humbly bow unto you for you keep the team going. The thoughtful pictures, items and contributions of love and support are equally overwhelming and they remain in the heart to warm the days against assault.

Do not misunderstand in that I am denouncing one called Jackie, for I am NOT. I care for this one to the extent that we have personally responded three times with additional copies of the material built around her inquiries. If she is NOT receiving the information--I SUGGEST SHE CHECK OUT "WHY"! THE INTERRUPTION IS NOT ARISING AT THIS TERMINAL.

Why do I speak of these things this day relative to any other day? Because you must understand the facts and you do not yet comprehend either your plight or your solutions. I speak out because in the myriads of your generous sharing of information I have no time to send little thank-you's for each and get the information passed on to all readers. Confirmations must be shared to have value. Yesterday I was already given (this is how fast the circle is now functioning) full information and confirmation (with maps) of the installations under Tehachapi and how the military/government codes work, along with a full map outlaying even the location, to the pinpoint, of the "space ship" launch silos. Now do we want to fix Jackie's boyfriend and business problems or do we want to inform a world of 6 billion people of the dangers of the Conspiracy? It is simply a choice. If you do not believe on my mission then why send me anything? Go unto the false channels who give you mystical fortune-telling by cards and betray your intelligence.

Always the inference is, if not the actual accusation, that "IF I don't respond and actually solve your problem" you will not believe me! So, do not believe me. Personal interaction must be left to you and God--not to a Space Fleet Commander commissioned to bring Truth, get a remnant of God's workers (literally sent to your place for this very service) through and home safely, and to bring God's children into safety in separation from the "Hell" your civilization is marching dead-ahead into. Rapture? I suppose you can call it rapture if you like--I have to pick you up no matter what you call the little "show and tell".


Rapture? If your preachers are absolutely correct (and they are 180 degrees wrong) and there is a "Rapture", where are you going? I mean literally! Where are you rapturing to? Fluffy clouds? From there, where? How? What is your destination--out there somewhere? Is that the God in which you place your very soul journey who would set you adrift in a space void? He said He would prepare a place for you--where? Who? Where is this "place prepared for you"? Give me some coordinates, please! You expect to ascend in human form--how are you going to obtain food? Water? What is going to keep you afloat on those barren clouds? Oh, God will provide, you say? How? Who? Where? When? What? and WHY? Is blood physical or spiritual? Is a "Man" physical or spiritual? Both? Oh, who attends either?

Next I get all the great heaps of input that "so and so is nicer to us and is teaching us to 'ascend'!" Oh? How many people has that one "ascended"? HOW many people HAVE YOU SEEN ASCEND? How much do you pay to learn how to ascend and if none are ascending yet--do you have time for the game? Do you "learn" this "ascending" so that you don't have to do anything else for yourself? Oh? You believe on the blood of a murdered man of 2000 years ago? The blood is gone, chelas--washed by the turning of the eons and therefore--face it--it is the spiritual aspect of that Christed being you search for while locked in silly patterns of ritual to remember the blood spattered being which YOU allowed to be sacrificed so you wouldn't have to do anything when the "going would get really rough"--GOOD LUCK! You look in the wrong places for your salvation and you will never find it as presented and you will be left waving good-by as your ship to safety has to depart without your presence.

How did you think God would come? Who would prepare those "places" for you? Did He not say He would send His winged messengers when the time of His coming would be at hand? Who do you think those winged messengers ARE? Who are "angels"? Who are guardians?



Has Hatonn/Aton run out of patience? Simply put--YES. I am totally annoyed at the absolute lack of reason and logic which was given unto your species as the only gift setting you apart from the very animals in your care. And what have you done with those precious animals and plants left into your care? Why should or would God bother with your species? You had better carefully consider that question! You have been lied to in EVERY FACET OF YOUR EXISTENCE--WHY WOULD GOD BOTHER WITH YOU WHO DENY HIM? He will leave you to your denial, dear ones! We will gather His children and leave the rest to their own choices--ON THE PLANET! Without us there is NOWHERE TO ASCEND TO!


I get wondrous letters, such as one from one of my own precious people: "....I have now researched and found four psychics who confirm Hatonn and the work of the Phoenix Project! Doesn't this make us feel good that we are near truth….?" Spare me!! Confirmation? From psychics and fortune-tellers? This is the Truth laid forth since before your planet was inhabited and I should be honored by such confirmation of myself? I can only pity the searcher for the time he wastes when the work is so mighty and so much.


You can dally about and tender inquiries until the world freezes over and you will only waste of your time. I am exactly who I say I am and I am come to bring you home--you who are destined to come home. No-one will be forced, coerced nor nagged--it is solely up to you which you choose--stay on the place with the Conspiracy in slavery or recognize God of Light in your higher form and catch a ride--no more and no less--quit making a big deal of it. Believe me, on your place any more--nobody gives a damn about YOU--they are all concerned about self! If "they" can convince you that you can ascend then it must be that "they" can also--"if you can then they can". Well, no-one can nor will. When ascending was the "biggie" it didn't mean what you think it means. Every one of those "Ascended Masters" left bodies in very real graves or crematoriums. You had better get off your nonsensical merry-go-round and into some reason and Truth.

I can offer you realms of Glory and Wonders beyond your imaginings--but you will turn about and cast off the physical excesses and redirect your intent unto God of Light and Source, willing to live within the wondrous LAWS of Balance and Harmony. Mine is to give you the facts and Truth of it and then, I have to do nothing more--I shall not SAVE a one of you--that is NOT my job. You will save yourself or perish. You don't purchase THIS TICKET with money or physical goods, friends, and you had better be in the thinking about it.


There are a number of skills which most city dwellers who have grown up over the past generation or two do not have, such as hunting; fishing; backpacking; cross-country skiing; carpentry; gunsmithing; auto mechanics; organic gardening; canning; a knowledge of emergency medicine including herbology, homeopathics and other alternate methods of healing; ham radio operation, etc. These skills can be fun and all are directly related to greater self-sufficiency from the system and could be very useful in a time of financial or political upheaval such as is coming. Do I recommend that you hunt and kill? No, but those skills gained in targeting can ultimately make the difference in survival and death. Better to turn your attention to alternative methods of survival, but who will do it?

In each home, if there were intent for REAL SURVIVAL, there would be a water tank such as an aquarium, with or without fish, in which you grow algae--chlorella. As the tank overflows, the algae can be harvested and dried as well as always having a supply fully saturated for eating fresh and drinking. This is a complete food resource and you could live in exceptionally good health for your remaining days. Moreover, the algae replaces itself every 48 hours in a controlled environment. How many of YOU, (even my own) have such facilities? Why do you not have such? I have told you over and over to get same. Chlorella and Spirulina algae have almost no flavor and can be utilized with any other substance to lend full-range food value--a total food source. All the other substance would be for variety and pleasure. It can be added to deserts and drinks and never even be noticed. WHY DO YOU POSTPONE SUCH EASY RESOURCE?

With the above, and a supply of Essiac herbal medicine, you can live forever--literally.


I suggest you also get a seed supply of lentils and "earth-mother grain" for these can sustain you also if need be. If you prepare in this manner you can have all you need and milk and eggs can fill the other needs. If you have a great supply of vitamin and mineral supplements you are set for life. "Well, it won't taste very good," you complain. It will if you prepare so that you can fix it well and, besides, there is ample evidence that Man needs other things to do with his time than attend his taste buds. You have become soft, lazy, self-oriented and a disaster of lard and weakened frame always in depression, distress and physical misery. I can guarantee that Eleanor, for instance, would completely heal if she were put on such a regimen of intake.

You ones do not want to be healed because with healing comes need for action and you are now holding built-in insecurity and fear. Do not bend head in embarrassment--you are of the many and the "norm". Let us simply stop in the game-playing and then we can get on with the projects in point. Aboard ship you are going to learn to eat algae in every form imagined and you will not realize you have not a beef-steak or tea cakes. We synthesize everything and so can you! What you want is the button which produces the cup, the ice and the drink without doing a confounded thing to get it! YOU WILL NOT GET TO HEAVEN IN THAT MANNER, MY DEARS!


Almost a million children in America from hundreds of thousands of families are now being home-schooled by parents who have become fed up with the awful situation of the public schools; the sex, drugs, violence and liberal secular humanist education which has become the norm in the government schools in America today, and which is graduating many high school seniors as almost functional illiterates. Practiced primarily by conservative "Christian" families, (and this includes Orientals of all sects, Indians of all nations, etc.) home schooling has become a viable alternative for such families. There are dozens of curriculums available to such families based on conservative, constitutional, free market, and even "Biblical" (for you who preach that particular book) principles. Home schooled children usually test 1-3 years ahead of public schools and/or private schools. These children also grow up without most of the incredibly negative peer pressure in public schools today, and are bonded much closer to siblings and their entire families. Teenage rebellion is almost unheard of among home-schoolers.

But--GUESS WHAT!? Most parents do not want to be BOTHERED WITH THEIR OWN CHILDREN!!! HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND WITH YOURS? School is a place to have children "tended" and out of the way of the parents. You are now reaping the reward of that attitude and lack of responsibility and love. Oh, I give a heavy load of guilt? I hope so because you continue to have children which you simply dislike and are the result of behaviors of human selfishness and physical lust.

I suggest that in your groups, however, that those who have taught begin to gather material and books for the purpose of home teaching in groups as the schools, quite frankly, go out of business. Moreover--get information for adult schools--the majority of your adults cannot read nor write well and you could become a nation of brilliance rather than of idiots. You also need skills taught and shared. There is great camaraderie in an evening of painting, quilting, canning, lessons in growing, building and other such crafts. You have grown into a mass of people who are bored, unskilled and desperately unhappy. You could be experiencing unlimited and joyous activities right now while readying for the coming hard times--but it requires you leave a TV sit-com or two and possibly forget the "Wheel of Fortune" altogether. Do you realize that there are instructions available so that a non-player of, say, a piano, can teach another to play as a Master? Why do you not use your talents? Work with the children and you will come to see they are delightful and not the actual brats you have trained and bred them to be. Why must you be hasty and abrupt with your children? Is it so that you can get on with that important ball game? How about the can of beer? How about the argument and insults to your spouse? How many of you ACTUALLY BLAME YOUR CHILDREN FOR YOUR SHORTCOMINGS? YOU HAD BETTER GIVE THOUGHT TO THIS MATTER FOR THEY ARE ALL YOU HAVE TO RECOVER THIS WORLD! DO YOU TEACH THEM SO THAT THEY CAN BETTER RUN A PLANET? I THOUGHT NOT! YOU HAD BETTER KNOW THAT YOUR EVIL ADVERSARY DOES TRAIN HIS IN THE WAY OF HIS TAKE-OVER!

Get a book called HOME-SPUN SCHOOLS, by Dr. Ray Moore. Home schooling is one of the greatest and most positive breakthroughs in America in the past 50 years--and a major step toward self-sufficiency.

Oh, you have a job and can't do that? Then for goodness sakes--go together and share. As you begin new businesses--include classrooms and take turns teaching what YOU know. Then, pay the regular teachers so that they can give full-time to the task. They are then allowed to really attend those children and fulfill selves AND get income enough to live. You are going to get with this program or you are going to perish, I jest not! A five or six- year old child can be taught in short order to run a computer better than most experienced adults. You keep your children stupid so that they do not excel beyond your ego capability of accepting their brilliance. I seriously challenge you to think upon these things. If you have not children--so what? You are stuck in an even worse situation--at the mercy of those who DO! If you do nothing to improve and teach then who have you to blame for your plight except SELF?


Americans are about the most unhealthy people today. Some go all-out for "hyper foods" and over-exercise--but you are UNHEALTHY from physical to spiritual. You are literally a dying species. Your nutritional and health habits are poor at best, and degenerative diseases and a host of viruses with no real cures in conventional medicine are proliferating in untold numbers. There are some real possibilities in herbology, homeopathy, bio-magnetic therapy, etc. They have real merit in both preventative medicine and the treatment of many diseases which continue to stymie traditional medicine--because the intent is that traditional medicine not cure anything but rather, create more and more incurable side effects. Physicians will go bankrupt as will the major pharmaceutical houses if you get well. Therefore they keep you sick with more and more addicting substances and organisms which need their compounds for survival.



You are headed for difficult times! This is whether the great majority recognize it at this point or not--and they do not! But one does not have to have a feeling of helplessness or despair, if one is prepared or preparing for these times. There is a great deal one can do to protect oneself and one's family--financially, and physically if one chooses to do so. But first one must acknowledge that you have a gigantic looming financial/political problem, that the governments will not solve these problems for governments ARE the problems and never the solutions. And further, you, with the help of God who waits willingly and patiently, must be responsible for the health, wealth and welfare of your families. Another cannot do it for you any more than you can have another stand face to face with God in your stead, 2000 years old or current.

Your own Bible says in James 1:5: "If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." And Isaiah 58:11 says: "The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."

Your single most important aspect of survival preparation is spiritual--having a close personal relationship with God; receiving instructions and blueprints for living and making this passage into wonder and glory.

What is coming in America and the world is a financial battle for survival, a political battle for survival and conquest but, most of all--IT IS A TIME OF SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL AND SORTING--ULTIMATELY TO SEPARATION OF THOSE "FOR" GOD OR "AGAINST" GOD. There are truly no "gray" areas between Lighted "white" and Deceitful darkness "black". There are varying degrees of "enlightened" and those who are in those areas will be treated and placed appropriately--but without recognition of God, you will not be allowed within HIS places.

I realize that we have not even gone beneath the outer layer of information on these matters--EVEN IN THE JOURNALS--for there is so much to be written and told and so little remaining "time" for same. You have enough, however, to see you through in ease and security if you will but use it. We do not cease in the outlay--not for even a day. The answers are laid forth if you will but get them and accept the input as the resource it is. Blessed are the workers who receive and effort to bring YOU Truth. They do this when it is not their responsibility--theirs is only to tell you it is there for the taking--not to insist you take it or act upon it. Neither is it "their" task to prepare FOR YOU. If you be without, then it is of your own doing. Salu.

Dharma, close this and then I wish to move onto confirmation and outlay of Ultra-top-secret material. You ones are IN the trap and I am not going to cut you loose. I fully intend to keep heaping on the proof and verbal picture and you will remain in the trap or get busy and demand your release.

I am most serious about the chlorella projects and I recommend more than one tank according to the size needs of your household and some extra. Each one of you can get for self or borrow facilities for "drying" the overage--which, until you need it, will be almost all of the product. This is a concentrated, easily grown food source and it is time to get on with it. The same thing can be done with sprouts--drying and powdering for addition to soups or drink and these things can be made available in any survival setting if you get heaters for the tanks or seeds and grow lights.

It is worthy to obtain stainless steel pots as necessary for the Essiac and find a resource for the contents of the concoction, along with darkened bottles to preserve strength. There are plenty of resources if ones investigate. This product can "cure" both malignant infestation and negate HIV virus. It is not a medicine drug and we are not in the practice of medicine, so do that which you will with God's sharing.

Hatonn to stand-by. Thank you.



SAT., JANUARY 4, 1992 11:01 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 141


What I am going to reprint herein is material which can get a lot of people very "dead". I don't even see a way to acknowledge source without undue focus. For the present I will simply thank "knowing" ones. There WILL come a day of acknowledgment and appreciation unto you daring ones--but alas, it is not this day.

I have written recently regarding beams, and beam bases--flying craft and "proclaimed aliens". I have drawn pictures for you which are so outrageous that even in the local sector there is total disbelief. Well, what I have given you is true, ultra-top secret, and very much REAL.

We will first speak of the hidden hands on the switches and the military uses of the electromagnetic spectrum. I will not complicate the lives of ones herein by giving minute detail but I will give you enough to support Truth and, hopefully, cause you to think and stop hiding in the sand-bucket.


The current military strategy of the United States does not rest on nuclear weapons or elite strike forces, but is instead based on a doctrine known as 3CI or C(3)I. (This stands for command, control, communications, and intelligence.) Through 3CI, the relative strength of your forces against those of the Soviet Union is constantly assessed, and the intent of the Soviets to deploy and use their forces against you is determined. 3CI provides intelligence to accomplish this task, as well as the means to communicate with and control your forces and to command them to counter perceived and actual threats. The overall intent of this military doctrine is to know, instantaneously and at all times, the exact status of your forces and those of a particular enemy. Weapons systems are simply the instruments that are used to deter or respond to an attack.

The military group provides powerful incentives for releasing forbidden impulses, inducing the soldier to try out formerly inhibited acts which he originally regarded as morally repugnant.

Your total military system has become an analog of a living organism, constantly sensing its environment, integrating information, and reaching decisions, and then acting on those decisions by using the appropriate weapons systems. The "central nervous system" of your nation's global military organism is based on information-carrying electrical impulses that are transmitted by electromagnetic fields. Its sensory organs are microwave scanners, satellites, and sophisticated devices designed to listen to an enemy's radio transmissions. Instead of nerves, it uses radio communications with frequencies ranging from ELF (extra low frequency) to superhigh microwaves. The muscles of the military organism range from ground troops to nuclear missile systems. There are a number of "brains" in the organism, located both in the continental United States and in various overseas locations. The organism is capable of operating on its own, with only the theoretical restraint of approval from the White House. Every aspect of 3CI depends upon the unrestricted use of all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum at unlimited power densities.

Now, please, realize that this is not new information and we have written extensively about this system. What is important this day is that you must realize you have now joined forces with "that enemy" and you have no control of anything you have in space. The enemy has absolute and total superior capability. The last of the network was hooked up and tested sufficiently on New Year's Day. Fortunately you are still present to ponder it for if the testing system had ignited the radioactive belt about your planet--you would really have a hot-foot by now. You-the-people will be brought into control and submission in a number of very sophisticated ways--through these systems which will send out instructions and everything from music to biological diseases.


This military doctrine evolved following the end of World War II and was then shaped by two factors. The first was the practical experience of using electromagnetic fields for communications and sensing (primarily radar) during the Korean War. Do you not find it interesting that Bush is in Korea this very day? The second factor was the later availability of transistorized equipment and the development of exotic electronic sensing and communication systems, which occurred during the Vietnam conflict.

Vietnam was the proving ground for the basic concepts of 3CI, and it has been characterized as the first all-electronic war--from manipulation of individual personnel to misadventures with herbicides and mass control. A number of advanced technologies were tested--for example, long-range reconnaissance patrols operating far behind Vietcong lines were equipped with solar-powered, high-frequency radios. These devices enabled members of a patrol to communicate with one another via military satellites 200 miles up in space and to be in instantaneous communication with the White House. Note that I did not say "President". The President at a given time is only a show-piece utilized by the Elite Planners and there are several replicas of the one you see moving about here and there.

Also, remember, that since that Vietnam War thousands of those Viet Cong have been shipped to Mexico, entered your U.S. nation, and stand ready, willing and able to blow every major dam and bridge in your nation--all the way to the Arctic. They are special troops trained in demolition and will blow every strategic "crossing" facility of every major city, etc., on cue. I have written extensively about this--in detail along with the Communist (Soviet) equipment and personnel already in Mexico and now crossing your borders--in full view now that you are such good "friends"--tanks and all. You are going to have to get the JOURNALS if you have any desire to get informed at all. You can "excuse" until doomsday but it won't change an iota of your circumstance. You can throw stones at Hatonn and denounce and deny--but if you want the Truth and how it IS--get the material we have furnished you! There will never again be opportunity for such investment in your survival and passage. We cannot bring the price of the material down any further for there is a constant deficit in production of over $20,000 a month in trying to get you informed! I can only ask that you honor and support America West and our writers for you hold the gift of life and survival as well as Truth of "passage" in your hands. So be it.

This system, the doctrine of 3CI, has matured into a global scale based on maximum utilization of electromagnetic energy and pulse systems--mostly through the sophisticated testing on the military "soldiers" (troops) in that Vietnam War. Two things happened; in the physicals and injections, etc., the soldiers were implanted with "receiver chips" whereby the instructions could be sent directly and individually as well as in group reception. As other substances were "tested" the manipulation could be studied by differing experiments and enhancement of any transmission by direct control.

The only restriction ever placed on this military doctrine since its inception was derived from the period of time immediately following World War II and during the beginning of the "Cold War". In the early 1950's, the Department of Defense recognized the need for some sort of "safe exposure standard" for microwaves. This led directly to the establishment of the Tri-Services Program, based in the Rome Air Development center in Rome, New York, which was given the task of determining this standard. However, even before the Tri-Services Program began, the military eagerly adopted the concept that only thermal effects were damaging to living organisms. Based solely in calculations, the magic figure of 10 milliwatts per square centimeter was adopted by the Air Force as the standard for safe exposure. Subsequently, the thermal-effects concept has dominated policy decisions to the complete exclusion of nonthermal bioeffects.

While the 10 mW/cm2 standard was limited to microwave frequencies, the thermal concept was extended to all other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Unless it heated tissue, electromagnetic radiation was thought to be harmless, so there were no limits placed on exposure to frequencies below microwave.


The military organism was designed on the 10-mW standard and, once in place, it had to be defended against the possibility of non-thermal bioeffects. The recognition and validation of these effects would mean the collapse of the total organism and the death of 3CI. By the early 1970's it was fully apparent that scientists and engineers involved in the program were sucked into a massive conspiracy--especially in the early programs involving electrical control systems and the bioeffects of electromagnetic fields. It was quickly seen that evidence for nonthermal effects was viewed as a total threat to national security. Safety was not a consideration, because the military mind-set of the time held that despite the lack of actual hostilities, you were in a state of war with the Soviet Union--and dear ones, it has never before or since been otherwise. It was known that your ability to prevail in that conflict required the virtually unlimited use of electromagnetic energy for all four facets of the 3CI doctrine.

This view led to the policy of denying any nonthermal effects from any electromagnetic usage, whether military or civilian. To accomplish this policy objective, several specific actions were taken, as follows:

Control over the scientific establishment was maintained by allocating research kids in such a way as to ensure that only "approved" projects--that is, projects that would not challenge the thermal-effects standard--would be undertaken. Further, the natural reactionary tendency of science was capitalized upon by enlisting the support of prominent members of the engineering and biological professions. In some instances, scientists were told that nonthermal effects did occur, but that national security objectives required that they be exceptionally well established before they became public knowledge. Many scientists' goals were subverted by unlimited grant funding from the military and by easy access to the scientific literature.

The formal scientific establishments of the United States were mobilized. When serious challenges to the thermal-effects standard were raised publicly, eminent scientific boards, associations, or foundations were provided with lucrative "contracts" to evaluate the state of knowledge of bioeffects of electromagnetic fields. These investigations resulted in the production of voluminous "reports".

All of those reports shared certain characteristics. Scientific data indicating nonthermal bioeffects were either ignored or subjected to extensive and destructive review. Those examined were required to have much higher standards of possible validity than reports indicating no such bioeffects. Scientists who reported the existence of nonthermal bioeffects were ridiculed and were portrayed as being outside of the mainstream, nuts and nit-wit troublemakers. Actual disinformation was utilized and still is, to create a false impression for example, while a statement such as "There is no evidence for an effects of pulsed magnetic fields on humans" would have been literally true, it would have ignored the many reports of such effects or laboratory animals and the fact that no actual tests had been conducted on humans. It was common practice to include an "executive summary" with the massive report. These summaries never reflected the data that were actually hidden in the full report.

A group of "manufactured" experts was produced to serve as spokesmen and expert witnesses. Does this all sound familiar? How about a few "UFO experts" which are never backed-up and yet the public is always given the old "...there is no evidence to back up ". Further, the reporters will give you this line immediately after giving you a report on present "evidence". It will all be mechanically "read" to you with a "new type of grasshopper found in South Africa" having just as much emphasis and importance as given a 10.6 earthquake in Indiana.

These were people with few qualifications for research in this (or any) scientific field related or otherwise, who were provided with magnificently large research grants and placed on many committees, boards, and international governmental commissions dealing with the bioeffects of electromagnetic energy. Superficially, they appeared to be prominent researchers, until one discovered that the actual number of scientific papers they had produced was minimal or nil. These "experts" were, and still are, used to testify in legal proceedings dealing with civilian installations such as power lines and microwave-relay systems.

Scientists who persisted in publicly raising the issue of harmful effects from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were discredited, disposed of and/or literally "taken-out" or "adjusted"-- whichever better serves the ongoing purpose. An "adjusted" person can still be functionally active according to the "new programming".


Of course--through the UFO disinformers, conspirators, etc. But worse, they don't really mind the information now flowing to you-the-people for early on it is recognized that most of you readers will simply deny it and throw it out. Then, as proof is brought forth it will be used to show you how "trapped they were" and "had to cover it for your own good" and "after all, those nasty little aliens made us do it!" In other words, there is such a mess going on that they don't really know HOW TO BREAK THE NEWS TO YOU WITHOUT GIVING THEIR OWN "COVER" AWAY. THAT WILL NOT BE IN POINT A BIT LATER ON AFTER YOU HAVE NO GUNS! In fact, chelas, much of the confirming information comes to us via undercover operatives of the government itself--hoping we use it to set up the uncovering scenario above. It is simply one of the higher forms of deceit and insulting usage of your intelligence.

Despite the application of these measures, the question of harmful effects did not go away but instead increased in intensity. The position of the government has thus been forced to change. The government's initial complete denial of any nonthermal effects was followed by acceptance of some nonthermal effects, although these were characterized as being unimportant and transient. At present, the official position is that while there are some nonthermal effects that may be harmful, further study is required before any sudden action is taken. These studies are going on, but all are under the aegis of either the Defense Department or the industry involved. And, of course, this only includes the range of electromagnetic spectrum in point--it does not include beam weaponry as such.

The policy objective as presented has been achieved, and the exposure of both civilians and military personnel to electromagnetic radiation continues. You are not dying of cancers caused by sugar in your pop--you are a planet being radiated to death! There has not been given you an exposure safe chart like your ideal weight charts. That is because you are all in terminal contamination with no intent to change the thrust. There is ample reason, chelas, to be pretty sure that it basically remains pretty fixed at the now discredited 10 mW/cm2 standard, or even higher in certain essential situations.

The reason given is the lead time needed for weapons-system development--in other words, the ends justify the means and disinformation. After all, you are only servants and intended slaves for the Elite. Also, there are too many of you anyway and that alone is a major problem--you are nothing except laboratory test animals to this group of would-be rulers. Operation at lower power levels would materially degrade system performance, allegedly producing a situation hazardous to national security. Deployment of powerful and exotic electromagnetic systems continues, with little, if any, consideration given to the potential impact of these systems on the health and safety of the public.


While there are many such weapons systems, the GWEN system is a particularly good example. GWEN is a communications system which has now been connected and major construction completed (putting a lot more workers in the unemployment lines). It operates in the very low frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz. This VLF range was selected because its signals travel by means of ground waves--electromagnetic fields that hug the ground--rather than by radiating into the atmosphere. This is a dandy way to get across the Arctic regions and encircle the globe quite effectively and most easily--i.e., that touted "Woodpecker" system. This also accounts for the "Wormwood" code--because it can burrow like an earthworm without interference by any substance--right through rock, water, etc. It is a bit confused by large pools of oil and/or fat cells. A chubby body is not always such a bad thing to have if you are in line of direction or a target for the individual take-out beams. The only protection on Earth comes from the frequencies our Command can offer to physically disrupt the pulses. I suggest you remember that when you denounce your higher brethren. The signals drop off quite sharply with distance, and a single GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out from it to a distance of about 250 to 300 miles. So now you have it--a need for repetitive relay stations--a full GRID, if you will. This is now in total operation in conjunction with the Elite to every part of the globe. In addition the Elite warriors have a total blanket of Cosmospheres and Platforms to insure control of that system. These are NOT hostile "aliens" unless you call a "foreign person" an "alien".

The GWEN system consists of stations, each with a tower 300-500 feet high and you won't think anything about them other than "television", "radio", phone relays, etc. The stations are spaced from 200 to 250 miles apart, so that a signal can go from coast to coast by hopping from one station to another. The back-up is a total system which also bounces off satellites so that, as of now, 1992, the entire civilian population of the United States (and world) are exposed to these GWEN transmissions.

The rationale for the existence of this network is the government's projected concept that nuclear war is winnable if a fail-safe communications system is available for use during and following a nuclear attack. It is more deceit to make you fork up the manpower and money for the system without having to resort to the "black budget black-hole". Such a system, they will tell you, would permit the U.S. to order its nuclear-missile submarine fleet to launch an attack against the aggressor nation. The physical nature of nuclear war requires that this system operate by ground-wave transmission. Big Brother is really taking care of you little citizens!


One aspect of nuclear war that is not well publicized is the EMP phenomenon. This becomes VERY IMPORTANT because you WILL experience it. An electromagnetic pulse is a very short, intense burst of electromagnetic energy that is produced by the explosion of a nuclear weapon in space. If an EMP were produced by a nuclear explosion 100 miles above Kansas City, for instance, its energy would be so intense that it would shut off ALL electric-power systems, destroy all computers and magnetic disks or tape records, destroy the guidance systems of missiles and the computer and communication systems of military and commercial aircraft, and shut down all radio communications--ACROSS THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES! The military organism would be decapitated. In the military scenario, the United States would then be faced with capitulation or nuclear destruction.

Theoretically, ground-wave communications would still be possible. However, the theory is tenuous. The GWEN hardware is transistor based; even if placed in "hardened" bunkers, it would be vulnerable to an EMP. In addition, the EMP would produce major ground currents in the path of the GWEN signals that could decrease their transmission capabilities. Finally, the locations of all GWEN stations are known to the enemy and thus are vulnerable to attack. No such a good show, is it?

Nonetheless, the military mind (whew--mutually exclusive terms has conceived of using the GWEN network to maintain communications following such a decapitating EMP attack. This is not the place for a full argument concerning the values and options of nuclear war, but in my opinion the reason for the existence of this system is specious in itself as for between-the-lines assumptions. Dea ones, nuclear war is not "winnable". All may not perish--but the war is NOT WINNABLE. FOR THIS VERY REASON, YOU HAVE BEEN LEFT DEFENSELESS WITHOUT SHELTERS WHILE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN POURED INTO UNDERGROUND FACILITIES FOR SECURITY OF THE ELITE PUPPET-MASTERS. You WILL wake up or you WILL perish.

The potential harm to the civilian population from the operation of GWEN has not been addressed. GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the various geological areas such as the United States. Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be "tailored" to the geomagnetic-field strength in each GWEN area. This piece of information is well-known to the "Planners" of the network and, of course, is in full capability of operation NOW.

What of these various in-point frequencies? Why doesn't someone in your wondrous UFO community demand a bit of sharing with one frequency "expert" who is only annoyed with plagiarism (which objection will be more understandable now), etc. Why don't you check out the "frequency tables" of your beloved brother, Cathie. Does he know all this? Oh, Chelas, spare me! You have accomplished the sophistication of the newest in "killing fields".

Dharma, allow us a break so that this can be edited while we work on the next writing. We need this to the public without delay. We are making progress and ones who will hear and see deserve the best that we can offer. Salu.



SAT., JANUARY 4, 1992 3:57 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 141

As we write on these subjects, especially regarding pulsing wireless forms of energy--ever comes the inquiry: "Why can't we seem to wireless transmit energy, etc., like Nikola Tesla projected?" You can--you are just not allowed to do so. Energy and transmission of electricity is the energy bondage method of a planet. Do you actually think the Elite money-mongers would allow such a thing as free energy and/or allow healing methods utilizing free energy and magnetic frequency? Grow up, chelas, the world is big and mean and most nasty indeed. A bit later after this writing I will see if there is time and energy left to simply ask Nikola to expound on the subject of wireless transmission and his own experience. I believe you who doubt our presence and resources might be interested if not totally captivated by the access to these higher beings awaiting their ability to work with you when the time becomes feasible.

Let us continue now, however, with the subject at hand and speak of the new killing fields:


While the military was vigorously denying the very existence of bioeffects from electromagnetic-field exposure, such bioeffects were actually being explored as potential weapons--weapons with the enormous advantage of being totally silent and imperceptible. If you are a bit terrified at this point I suggest you are normal and quite rightful in your responses. This is a most deadly game and you are the sitting targets this very day as you are being worn away and debilitated, totally controlled and manipulated almost beyond the point of recovery.

The EMP concept has been extended through the development of devices that generate EMP pulses without the need for nuclear explosions. Such devices can be deployed for use against enemy command and control centers or against aircraft in order to produce failure of electronic equipment. This can also be directed against any civilian location and or group. A derivative of this program is HPM (high-power pulsed microwave), a system producing intense, extremely short pulses of microwave. Several types, ranging in frequency from 1200 MHz to 35 GHz with powers up to 1000 megawatts, are tested and ready for use. These are also ready for use as weapons against humans and, against these weapons, no gun can even be relatively compared.

There is a report which can (or maybe can't be) acquired which deals with the testing program of the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. It states, "Microwave energy in the range of 1 to 5 GHz, a militarily important range, penetrates all organ systems of the body and thus puts all organ systems at risk." Effects on the central nervous system are considered very important. The testing program, begun in 1986, is divided into four parts: 1) prompt debilitation effects; 2) prompt stimulation through auditory effects; 3) work interference/stoppage effects; and 4) effects on stimulus-controlled behavior. The report goes on to state, "Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electrical stimulation unrelated to heat." It appears that HPM is capable of altering behavior in the same fashion as Delgado's electrical stimulation (which we will not go into herein).

The production of cognitive and behavioral alterations by HPM is a sledgehammer effect in comparison to the subtle alterations produced by ELF fields. According to a 1982 Air Force review of biotechnology, ELF has a number of potential military uses, including "dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches in security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare." The same report states, "Electromagnetic systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. They are silent, and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop."

Just know, readers, that a whole group and class of weapons, based on electromagnetic fields, has been pretty well perfected and added to the muscles of the military organism. The 3CI doctrine is still growing and expanding. The military can and is able to completely control the minds of the civilian population.

I make no attempt here to review in any detail the relationship between military considerations and the hazards of man-made electromagnetic fields. This complex and dangerous situation lies outside the scope of this small writing and few would have any understanding regarding the details, except for an indication of how the political policies derived from it have effectively removed the public recognition of the hazards. The military establishment and government fully realize that the survival of the military organism is well worth the sacrifice of the lives, health and life function of large segments of the American population--the goal of conquest has been accomplished.

You-the-people have only ONE countering measure and THAT LIES WITH GOD AND WE THE HOSTS. WHICH WILL IT BE, AMERICA?

Dharma, appended are some maps of the area in the "Tehachapi's" of the Northrop installation (See end of chapter) wherein the massive underground terminal from Edwards is located. You will note that there are numerous silos for egress and ingress of air-ships with markings of some of the saucer exit/entrance portals with all sorts of landing pods. I suggest you take this very seriously for the structures at Edwards are even more sophisticated, while covered by the rocket launch test area. By the way, these installations are directly tied underground to the JPL labs in Pasadena, California with facilities for immediate evacuation when the earthquake comes or the nuclear war. Only a few are, however, on the list for evacuation. It is totally amazing that so many of you have worked for years on portions of this killer machine and never realized you were involved. Yes, it would boggle the mind. The tunnel itself is made totally flexible at the fault zone with inconceivable strengthening to prevent rupture. In that particular evacuation tunnel connected to a massive underground installation which has radiating "arms" right to the ocean and underground sub bases, craft can travel at several times the speed of sound. Remarkable? No, someone just worked dili-gently toward their goal while you slept and forgot yours.

Overlook the poor quality of the pictures (maps) as you are most certainly NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE THEM. I will not show you pictures of Edwards or other installations for it is far too risky at this time. Northrup is out in the fringes of desert and isolation and almost "unknown"--I will not endanger any by showing more recog-nized facilities.

There are many of these so-isolated facilities of unknown locations scattered about your landscape--this is only one and is not even particularly large, relatively. It serves a unique purpose or I would not speak of it. I just don't want any readers being shocked when the government and military start producing "little gray aliens", etc. Your very lives and freedom depend on your KNOWING THE TRUTH. I can only remind my own crew that these nerds have to get through ME to get to you--so be it, try it and make my day!

Perhaps it is time for me to brush up on my target practice. Hit my people and it is classified by all Universal law as "aggression", and I have right of defense and protection. It could get pretty hot for my beam system is pretty good while leaving no evidence to tell the tale--just pure and simple evaporation! I do not mean "rendering invisible" I mean "rendering evaporated"!

I am here to inform my people and instruct them so we can bring them home--we have no intention of interference on your place and we will tolerate no interference in our mission. Mankind as a whole has pretty much decided to go with the evil influences and it is each one's right to do that, but the planet will be cleansed by her own doing and our people will not be left to the terrific holocaust. We will summon ours from the corners of your planet. If the world decides as a whole to change its path--wondrous goodness shall take place. If not, we will gather our own and leave you to your re-sources.

I will step aside and welcome our old friend and comrade, Nikola. Many hours have been spent with this scribe and this rather eccentric brother and I am honored to sit quietly while there is a bit of sharing of memories--not often given since presentation in March of 1904. He is given to honoring the request to share and I bow to this brilliant personage. I salute you and you will make your own connection for I no longer leave my circuit--thank you. I shall, however, bid you good-day.


It is lonely I am for a good snow-covered day for communion as we have had in the past with sharing and visitation. It is indeed sad that ones deny the contact and choose their own mystical journeys instead of honoring their contract for service--choosing to "run away" before the cake is finished to the serving. Impatience and greed are the curse of man.

It is impossible to resist your courteous request extended on an occasion of such moment in the life of your JOURNAL. Your request has vivified the memory of our beginning friendship, of the first imperfect attempts and underserved successes, of kindnesses and misunderstandings. Always it brings painfully to mind the greatness of early expectations, the quick flight of time, and alas! the smallness of realizations. The following was given to the world but so few paid heed and then, as is the case in the human experiment--the mystery found its way into the hands of evil doers.

Let me look back toward the close of your year 1898 in which a systematic research, carried on for a number of years with the object of perfecting a method of transmission of electrical energy through the natural medium, led me to recognize three important necessities: first, to develop a transmitter of great power; second, to perfect means for individualizing and isolating the energy transmitted; and, third, to ascertain the laws of propagation of currents through the earth and the atmosphere. Various reasons, not the least of which was the help proffered by my friend Leonard E. Curtis and the Colorado Springs Electric Company, determined me to select for my experimental investigations the large plateau, two thousand meters above sea-level, in the vicinity of that delightful resort, which I reached late in May, 1899.

I take note that the general area is still a bustling center of activity, mostly underground now, for completion of that which I was not destined to finish in my sojourn--now turned to the most heinous of uses in destruction and control of the masses of civilians into imprisonment of a world.

I had not been there but a few days when I congratulated myself on the happy choice and I began the task, for which I had long trained myself, with a grateful sense and full of inspired hope. The perfect purity of the air, the unequaled beauty of the sky, the imposing sight of a high mountain range, the quiet and restfulness of the place--all around contributed to make the conditions for scientific observation ideal. To this was added the exhilarating influence of a glorious climate and a singular sharpening of the senses. In those regions the organs undergo perceptible physical changes. The eyes assume an extraordinary limpidity, improving vision; the ears dry out and become more susceptible to sound. Objects can be clearly distinguished there at distances such that I prefer to have them told by someone else, and I have heard--this I can venture to vouch for--the claps of thunder seven and eight hundred kilometers away. I might have done better still had it not been tedious to wait for the sounds to arrive, in definite intervals, as heralded precisely by an electrical indicating apparatus--nearly an hour before.

In the middle of June, while preparations for other work were going on, I arranged one of my receiving transformers with the view of determining, in a novel manner, experimentally, the electric potential of the globe and studying its periodic and casual fluctuations. This formed part of a plan carefully mapped out in advance. A highly sensitive, self-restorative device, controlling a recording instrument, was included in the secondary circuit, while the primary was connected to the ground and an elevated terminal of adjustable capacity. The variations of potential gave rise to electric surgings in the primary; these generated secondary currents, which in turn affected the sensitive device and recorder in proportion to their intensity. The earth was found to be, literally, alive with electrical vibrations, and soon I was deeply absorbed in this interesting investigation. No better opportunities for such observations as I intended to make could be found anywhere. Colorado is a country famous for the natural displays of electric force. In that dry and rarefied atmosphere the sun's rays beat the objects with fierce intensity. I raised steam, to a dangerous pressure, in barrels filled with concentrated salt solution, and the tin-foil coatings of some of my elevated terminals shriveled up in the fiery blaze. An experimental high-tension transformer, carelessly exposed to the rays of the setting sun, had most of its insulating compound melted out and was rendered useless.

Aided by the dryness and rarefaction of the air, the water evaporates as in a boiler, and static electricity is developed in abundance. Lightning discharges are, accordingly, very frequent and sometimes of inconceivable violence. On one occasion approximately twelve thousand discharges occurred in two hours, and all in a radius of certainly less than fifty kilometers from the laboratory. Many of them resembled gigantic trees of fire with the trunks up or down. I never saw fire balls, but as a compensation for my disappointment I succeeded later in determining the mode of their formation and producing them artificially. Never be dismayed or disappointed at that which is given and which at the moment seems without merit--for it can only open the way into deeper and more profound information as you allow your mind to consider the circumstance.

In the latter part of the same month I noticed several times that my instruments were affected stronger by discharges taking place at great distances than by those near by. This puzzled me very much. What was the cause? A number of observations proved that it could not be due to the differences in the intensity of the individual discharges, and I readily ascertained that the phenomenon was not the result of a varying relation between the periods of my receiving circuits and those of the terrestrial disturbances. One night, as I was walking home with an assistant, meditating over these experiences, I was suddenly staggered by a thought. Years ago, when I wrote a chapter of my lecture before the Franklin Institute and the National Electric Light Association, it had presented itself to me, but I had dismissed it as absurd and impossible. I banished it again. Nevertheless, my instinct was aroused and somehow I felt that I was nearing a great revelation.

It was on the third day of July--the date I shall never forget--when I obtained the first decisive experimental evidence of a truth of overwhelming importance for the advancement of humanity. A dense mass of strongly charged clouds gathered in the west and towards the evening a violent storm broke loose which, after spending much of its fury in the mountains, was driven away with great velocity over the plains. Heavy and long persisting arcs formed almost in regular time intervals. My observations were now greatly facilitated and rendered more accurate by the experiences already gained. I was able to handle my instruments quickly and I was prepared. You see, it is always good to be prepared and therefore be able to move on without interrupting distractions. If you are, for instance, trying to survive you certainly have no time for invention other than to the problem immediately at hand. I suggest you pay close attention to your friend, Gyeorgos, come forth to give you a hand in your tedious journey. We are not yet of that higher level of total understanding and cannot serve in the same guidance capacity. I, myself, am most limited to my realm of expertise and as of yet have no need of more general "life" knowledge in the "knowingness". I am most happy to be of assistance to you but I feel no obligation nor pressure to serve in that capacity longer. I found my journey on your place to be most disagreeable for the most part--an evil civilization filled with vile vipers.

At any rate, back to my story--the recording apparatus being properly adjusted, its indications became fainter and fainter with the increasing distance of the storm, until they ceased altogether. I was watching in eager expectation. Surely enough, in a little while the indications again began, grew stronger and stronger and, after passing through a maximum, gradually decreased and ceased once more. Many times, in regularly recurring intervals, the same actions were repeated until the storm which, as evident from simple computations, was moving with nearly constant speed, had retreated to a distance of about three hundred kilometers. Nor did these strange actions stop then, but continued to manifest themselves with undiminished force. Subsequently, similar observations were also made by my assistant, Mr. Fritz Lowenstein, and shortly afterward several admirable opportunities presented themselves which brought out, still more forcibly, and unmistakably, the true nature of the wonderful phenomenon. No doubt whatever remained: I was observing stationary waves.

As the source of disturbances moved away the receiving circuit came successively upon their nodes and loops. Impossible as it seemed, your planet, despite its vast extent, behaved like a conductor of limited dimensions. The tremendous significance of this fact in the transmission of energy by my system had already become quite clear to me. Not only was it practicable to send telegraphic messages to any distance without wires, as I recognized long before, but also to impress upon the entire globe the faint modulations of the human voice, far more still, to transmit power, in unlimited amounts, to any terrestrial distance and almost without any loss whatsoever.

With these stupendous possibilities in sight, with the experimental evidence before me that their realization was henceforth merely a question of expert knowledge, patience and skill, I attacked vigorously the development of my magnifying transmitter, now, however, not so much with the original intention of producing one of great power, as with the object of learning how to construct the best one. This is, essentially, a circuit of very high self-induction and small resistance which, in its arrangement, mode of excitation and action, may be said to be the diametrical opposite of a transmitting circuit typical of telegraphy by Hertzian or electromagnetic radiations. It is difficult to form an adequate idea of the marvelous power of this unique appliance, by the aid of which the globe will be transformed. The electromagnetic radiations being reduced to an insignificant quantity, and proper conditions of resonance maintained, the circuit acts like an immense pendulum, storing indefinitely the energy of the primary exciting impulses and impressions upon the earth and its conducting atmosphere uniform harmonic oscillations of intensities which, as actual tests have shown, may be pushed so far as to surpass those attained in the natural displays of static electricity.

Simultaneously with these endeavors, the means of individualization and isolation were gradually improved. Great importance was attached to this, for it was found that simple tuning was not sufficient to meet the vigorous practical requirements. The fundamental idea of employing a number of distinctive elements, co-operatively associated, for the purpose of isolating energy transmitted, I trace directly to my perusal of Spencer's clear and suggestive exposition of the human nerve mechanism. The influence of this principle on the transmission of intelligence, and electrical energy in general, cannot as yet be estimated, for the art is still in the embryonic stage; but many thousands of simultaneous telegraphic and telephonic messages, through one single conducting channel, natural or artificial, and without serious mutual interference, are certainly practicable, while millions are possible. On the other hand, any desired degree of individualization may be secured by the use of a great number of co-operative elements and arbitrary variation of their distinctive features and order of succession. For obvious reasons, the principle will also be valuable in the extension of the distance of transmission.

Progress, though of necessity slow, was steady and sure, for the objects aimed at were in a direction of my constant study and exercise. It is, therefore, not astonishing that before the end of 1899 I completed the task undertaken and reached the results which I announced in June, 1900, every word of which was most carefully weighed.

Much was already accomplished towards making my system commercially available, in the transmission of energy in small amounts for specific purposes, as well as on an industrial scale. You will note that even that far back in counting--facts were held from you for remember that I speak of 1900 at the turn of the century. With that thought in mind can you really be confounded and surprised to find these heinous systems for destruction so sophisticated and perfected? The results attained by me had made my scheme of intelligence transmission, for which the name of "World Telegraphy", easily realizable. It constituted, in its principle of operation, means employed and capacities of application, a radical and fruitful departure from what had been theretofore done. I had no doubt that it would prove very efficient in enlightening the masses, particularly in still uncivilized countries and less accessible regions, and that it would add materially to general safety, comfort and convenience, and maintenance of peaceful relations. You see, in all generations there are we dreamers who believe that man is generally "good" and "sharing" as of God projection--not so--for too late we learn that the adversary called evil and Satanic is always at work in the vineyards ready to steal the tanks of good wine and poison the masses with the sour brew.

My outlay involved the employment of a number of plants, all of which are capable of transmitting individualized signals to the uttermost confines of the earth. Each of them would be preferably located near some important center of civilization and the news it received through any channel would be flashed to all points of the globe. A very cheap and simple device, which could be carried in one's pocket, would then be set up somewhere on sea or land, and would record the world's news or such special messages as might be intended for it. Thus the entire earth would be converted into a huge brain, as it were, capable of response in every one of its parts. Little could I then realize that the adversary would utilize such wonders for the deceiving of an entire civilization. Since a single plant of but one hundred horse-power could operate hundreds of millions of instruments, the system would have a virtually infinite working capacity, and it could immensely facilitate and cheapen the transmission of intelligence. Man is so ungracious and cruel to his fellowman as to astound the senses.

The first of these central plants would have been completed at that time had it not been for unforeseen delays which, fortunately, had nothing to do with its purely technical features. But this loss of time, while vexatious, was, after all, proven to be a blessing in disguise. The best design of which I knew at the time had been adopted, and the transmitter would emit a wave complex of a total maximum activity of ten million horsepower, one percent of which is amply sufficient to "girdle the globe". This enormous rate of energy delivery, approximately twice that of the combined falls of Niagara, is obtainable only by the use of certain artifices, which I was to make known in due course.

For a large part of the work which I did I was indebted to the noble generosity of Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan and the world owes to this one man much of the despoiling and imprisonment of a planet. I was as deceived as any of you present personages by that contractioning viper. I found him most welcome and stimulating, as it was extended at a time when those, who had since promised most, were the greatest of doubters. Little do we see the deceit in the hand which offers assistance and means destruction and theft. I honored my friend, Stanford White, for much unselfish and valuable assistance. The work advanced, and though the results seemed to me to be tardy, they were sure to come.

Meanwhile, the transmission of energy on an industrial scale was not neglected. The Canadian Niagara Power Company offered me a splendid inducement, and I felt that, next to achieving success for the sake of the art and gift unto my fellowman, it would give me the greatest satisfaction to make their concession financially profitable to them. In this first power plant, which I worked long at the designing, I proposed to distribute ten thousand horsepower under a tension of one hundred million volts, which I was now able to produce and handle with extreme safety.

This energy would be collected all over the globe, preferably in small amounts, ranging from a fraction of one to a few horse-power. One of its chief uses would be the illumination of isolated homes. It would take very little power to light a dwelling with vacuum tubes operated by high-frequency currents and in each instance a terminal a little above the roof would be more than sufficient. Another valuable application would be the driving of clocks and other such apparatus. These clocks would be exceedingly simple, would require absolutely no attention and would indicate rigorously correct time. The idea of impressing upon the earth American time is fascinating and very likely to become popular was my thought on the matter. I was going to be able to offer a great convenience to the whole world with a plant of no more than ten thousand horse-power. How could I know that the carbon fuels would hold the entire world hostage to the thieves of the environment and the civilization? The introduction of that system would give opportunities for invention and manufacture such as have never presented themselves before and were never again presented to the people.

Knowing the far-reaching importance of this first attempt and its effect upon what would be future development, I proceeded slowly and most carefully. Experience taught me not to assign a term to enterprises the consummation of which is not wholly dependent on my own abilities and exertions. I was hopeful that these great realizations would not be far off, and I knew that when this first work would be completed they would follow with mathematical certitude.

When the great truth seemingly accidentally revealed and experimentally confirmed would be fully recognized, the planet, with all its appalling immensity, was to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball and that by this fact many possibilities, each baffling imagination and of incalculable consequence, were rendered absolutely sure of accomplishment; when that first plant would be inaugurated and it would be shown that a telegraphic message, almost as secret and non-interferable as a thought, could be transmitted to any terrestrial distance, the sound of the human voice, with all its intonations and inflections, faithfully and virtually instantly reproduced at any other point of the globe--and that to be followed by instant reproductions and reflections of images and so forth, the energy of a waterfall made available for supplying light, heat or motive power, anywhere--on sea, or land, or high in the air--humanity could and would be stirred up like an active ant-hill. Oh, the excitement coming was too incredible for me to contain. Ah alas, could it really have been meant that this wondrous gift of gifts would fall into the hands of the Elite evil manipulators and withholders of goodness.

My dear old friend, I have rambled on in my memory trek and I see that you must now finger each symbol on a board when there is facility in your time for picking up the thought patterns. I wonder if your people of your time will awaken to their heritage in time to utilize any of these wondrous gifts kept to the Elite deceivers? Ah, it has ever been thus on the planets of dense immorality of experience. The lessons are great but the surge of evil is always so great and the stand with and for God so shallow. I can only wish you well and share that which I have to gift. I look forward to again welcoming you home and I shall keep the teapot at boil so that we can sip and share. How wondrous it would be to succeed in this present mission that man might experience true greatness in his own time of manifestation instead of always succumbing to the demonic thieves of expression.

I bid you peace and appreciation for allowing my sharing as our paths are destined to intertwine and for that gift I am most pleased. I bid you good-day and may insight shine upon you as you walk the path.

This is Nikola to close with my best blessings upon you who effort to change the journey into a lighted blessing for all--may it come to pass!



MON., JANUARY 6, 1992 3:15 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 143


Hatonn present in the Light of God, in service unto the transition of Man. May the hearts be given into receiving.


I am going to handle today's writing a bit differently than usual for without reason that which seems negative lingers on the physical senses as distress, guilt, fear and depression. There is only "perception" of any circumstance and you ones must learn to place, all things in proper perspective.

First, I will note only a couple of things or so in the "news", for you must be aware of that which is going on but do not attend those current things to the extent of overlooking the great positive aspects of each thing.

Bush left Korea and moved on to Japan. Note that he has bargainer here and there to allow closures of bases and opening of others for military purposes. Japan seems to be capitulating to the coming bar gaining but it is not as it seems--once again the entire "negotiation is through tit for tat blackmail threats.

Japan has refused to purchase your debt, bonds, etc. But Bush only has to threaten "foreclosure" (nationalization) and freezing o Japanese property and funds which are in America. Note that the banks owned by Japan are actually already only Japanese by name and investment but are British by fact. When Bush says he is into the game of "hard ball", he means it in spite of all those gracious Oriental smiles. Remember, the Elite have control in the Orient also--i.e., Japan is a major member of the Trilateralists which i nothing more or less than a finger in action of the Committee of 301 and the Bank of International Settlements.


I want you of the crew to realize that you have three assets to be considered when G.G. goes to the Orient. Chlorella and Ginseng are prime products of Korea, Thailand, China and Japan. This can be a great resource for joint venture with them in the underground efficient method of agriculture--producing items which represent "total food" for lean times as well as excellent industry in the open markets as you have food shortages. I ask that this be attended as such and utilize all possibilities as well as your own government resources for you will need jobs for the citizens and the food re-sources--both of which will be most well received and recognized as useful industry.

Contacts can be set up and meetings arranged in advance of the journey. It likely will not even require the trip in point. Just keep at it and the way will be shown.


The farce of the "peace" meetings simply get more and more ridiculous in the facade. There is no intent to find peace. I would also ask you ones to note Mr. Shamir's new mustache. You will notice, please, that it is worn identical to one, Adolf Hitler (Nazi, i.e., AshkeNAZI). You will note the press will attempt to show only "old" pictures for yesterday morning it was so obvious on the news that thousands of calls were made--by evening there were only old film strips shown or Shamir only appeared in quick passage so that you could not see the new arrangement. If you watch closely and wait--the clues become blatant.


Every letter we receive is a cry for help as to "how" you can reach through to ones to "make" them understand the plight of the nation, etc. I am going to go through a boring exercise but you will please take very careful note--even God and/or the Host brothers cannot be heard in your media transmissions.

I will, right up front, acknowledge the effort of George and Desiree' in their attempts to make projection of the "word" being brought forth--they are insulted, abused, denounced and totally bashed by characters thinking themselves profound, amusing and brilliant in their stupidity and insultingly rude behavior.

I have had a few radio interviews and I honor one in Vermont who was gracious in spite of the physical interruptions and trials of getting on the air and actually into transmission. He has not been allowed to ask me for a return interview. The studio was swamped with very interested people asking input and graciously seeking information. This was the only one and I shall protect him herein for he has very nearly lost his job.

In Phoenix, you will remember, one host was fired because he had George Green on his program. The station was immediately set upon by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (Israeli Zionists) who threatened to close the station. The announcer was fired almost immediately.

So a segment of follow-up on that little escapade. During this past week the replacement J. Lawrence, for the fired announcer, asked that George AND Commander Hatonn please be guests of his show which would air last evening (Sunday, 8:00 p.m.) I find that my presence is so distracting that it far from "helps" George--it actually hurts us because of the insulting and belligerent behavior from both host and callers. I needed, however, to allow you ones to find balance in your searching for ways and means to be heard and received in intelligent grace as unto any guest or friend. You cannot reach those who will not hear and the return of abuse becomes a pitiful display of stupidity without reason, intelligent logic or even simple "good manners".

Now keep in mind--we did not ask to be on this program--WE WERE INVITED AS SPECIAL GUESTS which would seem to indicate some measure of graciousness from the host in point. I will say in his behalf, that one caller, a "Joseph", was so insulting and preposterous that he was cut short. I was cut off at every attempt at reasonable response to anyone. I do acknowledge the callers who supported and offered thanks for our efforts--I recognized you and certainly we appreciate your efforts and respect to the purpose of our (your) mission here.

What I am going to do is simply take the interview as taped and reprint herein so that you can see what happens. The point of this action is several-fold. I want Dharma to understand that the insults against her are but bilious and thoughtless foolishness. You ones must understand, as I asked on several occasions (which I am quite sure were NOT aired) that you can't tell for sure WHO is on the end of any radio or telephone transmission, whether it be alien, brother, sister or Mr. Lawrence. Do you attack Mr. Bush's interpreter as interpretation of Russian into English is presented?

Before we move forward I want to do an exercise with you. Right now, plug your ears and then close your eyes, following these instructions: be silent and listen! You don't hear anything? Listen again! You certainly do! Oh, a ringing in the ears? In the head? Tones? Squeals? Low pitched resonance? Listen closely. Now unplug your ears and listen. Hear that the tones are still present with a few more besides. Now speak or turn on the radio and move through the stations attending the squeals as well as the audio-clear stations after tuning properly--noting also the static and voice-overs. Now think about this a minute. Realize also that many frequency waves are striking your being which register only as vibrations without audible tone. Does that mean the vibrations do not have "sound"? No, it means that they flow in waves and frequencies beyond your physical capability of audible translation and understanding. Can you not purchase a whistle which is heard by your pet dog and yet IS inaudible to your senses? Well, actually, if you attend the whistle and hold your hand on the instrument--you can "feel" the vibrations. Is this mystical? Of course not! Further, if an interpreter for Gorbachev is a female does that change the sex of Mr. Gorbachev? How about Mr. Bush--if Tutwieller speaks for Bush does her feminine voice in speech make Bush a woman? At one point this most ungracious "J" (Jay) (I believe you might be able to discern possible "label" in view of the attackers calling "anti-Semite") urged ones to be brief and give as many as possible their ONLY opportunity to speak to someone who "claims" to be extra-terrestrial. I offered that if Mr. Lawrence would be gracious enough to ask me back EVERYONE could have that opportunity--but my invitation was removed from the air. Besides, chelas and precious friends, I would not damage our work by these displays nor make George's work more impossible than it already is. He is doing the impossible already and I refuse to allow further insult to him because of my "attempted" presence.

I did, however, need this opportunity to display to you who effort and are abashed and abused for your attempt at sharing, the fact that pearls before swine and water at the nose of a horse is neither appreciated nor accepted even if the horse be starving and refuses the drink.

These are the times when Dharma, however, must go to her collection of precious sharings you have afforded her--the heart pendant and golden chain, the beaded Indian work, the turquois bracelet watch, the contributions for Col. Gritz, the cards, the pictures, both handpainted and photographed, the piles of loving letters and heaps of confirmations, and the numerous pins and poems. We behold the Eagle which is a symbol from all of you to all of these brethren here and the heart is reminded of Truth and that that which is the facade is not that which is the foundation. Chelas, no-one said it would be an easy journey and yet, always I remind you--force and coercion is not of God. The sorting and separation is according to God in response to individual soul intent of each. You can offer--you cannot "sell" or force the acceptance and the adversary has you completely outnumbered in the avenues of presentation capability. But YOU OUTNUMBER HIM in all other avenues and yet they are not given into your vision. Remember that the ones who called in are regular listeners to these stations and are already either programmed by the adversary and/or set up for the "call-in". Some hear and call in because of interest and support and oh, chelas, these are precious and their voices are accepted into the heart place of those who could not get through the censors. Know that you ARE HEARD and that, after all, is your only task--you cannot "receive" for another. You must always release and not allow the hurting of your "feelings" for you must release each to "his own". Moreover, you must become aware and understand--multitudes will NEVER hear and deny unto the ending awaiting that which is NOT. These are the instances which caused the Master to tell you to "turn the other cheek" for hate and/or revenge is only destructive.

For the questioners with honorable intent in the questioning--they now know where to attain answers for they can follow-up if curiosity is truly the intent and find the queries in print awaiting their investigation. It is ALL YOU CAN DO!

"But," you might ask, "...couldn't you have just shut their mouths and insisted on being heard?" Yes! Would I do so? No, for the ears of the deaf and mentally blinded would only recognize the "magic" and not the point. There is no "magic", as such, with God. His presence only appears to be "magic" because of His mighty presence. I suggest you remember--only that very, very few would recognize the Christed Master or God if He presented self--and almost NONE if on TV. God is a part of your emotional self which requires NO PICTURES from a "magically manipulated" picture projector. All you can do is offer--you cannot accept for another. Moreover, if you nag and insist beyond enthusiasm and confirmation when applicable--you will only cement the argument into permanent inability of the refuser to ever allow hearing. YOU must be prepared to "release" which DOES NOT MEAN--FORFEITURE OF YOUR OWN KNOWING.

You are IN a time of mixed messages and flagrant abuse of your own senses. A "Jordache" ad can be allowed wherein there is lewd dancing and squirming and the actual act of sex (but in partially clad Jordache jeans) but if a "boss" makes a statement regarding those "desirable" jeans--he can be sent to prison for "sexual harassment". Andy Rooney almost got removed from the air for simply mentioning "sexual harassment and male aggressiveness" while thumbing through the NEW YORK TIMES fashion section whereon EVERY page were provocative underwear and pointedly suggestive and blatant "come on" pictures. Incident in point--last evening on the radio, I can tell you surely that while they were making a big thing of my voice certainly sounding like a woman--I can promise you that, had I called "J", "Precious friend", as I am very apt to do--I would have been removed from the airwaves for making sexual advances toward him.

You simply have to understand that it is "part of the blueprint of the operational PLAN" and you are caught in the trap because your enemy, at this time, controls all of the media and press and therefore can distort anything and everything.

Let me just make a point herein about "sexual harassment" in its most ridiculous form as reprinted from a front page newspaper: "Sexual harassment (as the US Senate recently reminded you) is like a 'hate crime' or 'money laundering'--a federal crime to be dealt with severely. Some examples of this heinous new crime are: unsolicited and unwelcome flirtations, advances, or propositions; graphic or degrading comments about an employee's appearance, dress, or anatomy; verbal abuse with sexual connotations; display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; ill received dirty jokes or offensive gestures; prurient or intrusive questions about an employee's personal life; the abuse of familiarities, such as 'Honey', 'sweetheart', 'darling', 'dear', or 'baby'--this can include referring to adult women as 'girls'."

Now I have to point out that in your advertising you show incredibly poor taste in things such as a secretary wearing stretch (and transparent when stretched) skin tight tights with the instructions not to wear panties because you won't "want panty lines". Also, the thing advertised is to wear the wide belt skirts (the whole skirt is but a wide belt) with panty-hose, sans panties or panty-topped hosiery. Now I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, what happens from the rear view as the "secretary" or "clerk" stOOps over to get a file out of the bottom drawer of the cabinet? However, IF THE BOSS suggests that this is not suitable for office dress--he is liable for "sexual harassment" felony, Federal-crime commitment and possible imprisonment, not to even mention the personal liability and "damage" claims in dollars and cents which will be served against him in the form of a lawsuit for mental and emotional trauma by his harassment. Indeed, dear ones, as some learned scholars have pointed out: "You do indeed, live in the post-Christian era in America!"


I ask that as you intake the following copy of the interview of last evening that you note that before, during and after the first invitation--it was made clear, succinct and definite--Hatonn is not on, in, at or immediately from, a place called Pleiades. I also desire that you realize that within the first inquiry there was the sexual question regarding procreation of extra-terrestrials on Pleiades. I ask that all of you take note--as reminder. Look at your own small solar system and several planets. Would you expect a Martian to look and act exactly like you who cannot so much as interchange physically by ship? How about Pluto--or the moon? Look at Pleiades wherein you can easily see seven major planets in the Constellation which is 500 light years away from you and contains far more orbs in the system than are in Earth solar system--do you actually think that all beings on one of those seven planets would be identical in appearance and/or actions as those of another of the planets? Are Earthian's sexual procreation habits and methods the same as the humanoids from Saturn? How do you know? Is it really any of your business? Why is such a thing of first importance? Why is THIS always the FIRST inquiry of a visitor? Do you ask your new neighbor who is invited for a visit to get acquainted, what are his/her/their sexual activities, how often, what kind of condoms, methods of procreation, sexual preference and age when you started these practices and HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW? If you asked a potential employee any of those questions you would be violating the law--how can you be so discourteous to your invited guests as to treat them in such manner of rude behavior? Do you actually think that with this as a massive majority of your civilization's behavior and interest, that we could possibly not want any part of you on our balanced, intelligent, cosmically harmonious homelands? Is the only interest on your planet focused from the head in the seat of the pants? It is time you ones ponder these things most carefully for it is purely and simply that your primitive and gross civilizations are not wanted "out there". We do not desire that our children be given free-love condoms in grade-school. We honor our children and take each gift of their presence with utmost respect and responsibility. We neither practice activities against those of the laws of God nor out of balance of the Natural Laws of Creation. Again--purely, bluntly and simply--your civilization is not wanted in the cosmic realms.

If you think YOU have trouble reaching through to ones about you--would you care to ask how I fare in efforting to get some of the balanced, harmonious places to even so much as ACCEPT SOME OF YOU IN SAFE HARBOR? It is worthy of your thinking upon the matter for you actually have so few places that will accept you, you might as well be the leper in the midst of the Elite Royal Court. We are literally going to have to keep you safely aboard craft until a sorting for placement and actual placement can be made. In other words, you will have to be taught and "cleansed" prior to "adoption" desirability. All the while remembering that you and "they of your hosts" have free-will choices of acceptance and/or denial of your presence. You are NOT anywhere even near "top banana" out "there" anywhere!


The Jay Lawrence "talk" show, 8:00 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 5, 1992. Phoenix, Ariz. KTAR:

First there was approximately 15 minutes of "news" and weather (which in itself would probably be worthy of bringing to your attention as it dealt with destruction, damages and homicides almost exclusively).

Announcer: From KTAR's news talk-radio this is the Jay Lawrence Show. To get in touch with Jay call 277-5827, that is 277-KTAR. And if you are listening to KTAR outside the Phoenix metropolitan call free at 1-800-544-KTAR. Now here is your host, Jay Lawrence.

J: Good evening and once again welcome. Thank you letting KTAR 620-AM be a part of your evening. I think we have an interesting show for you tonight. I am quite certain that my voice will hold out but, as you hear, I have a cold and when you have a five-year-old you can count on catching everything that every kid in the valley brings home with them. (I'm sorry but the next was too soft spoken to record as Mr. Lawrence had laryngitis along with his "cold".)

You will be having a chance to be speaking with Commander Hatonn who claims to be the leader of a Pleiadian group, I think of ancient time and other places, maybe another galaxy. He communicates with George Green who has been communicating with extraterrestrials for a number of years. In the next hour we will be joined by (inaudible but I believe someone with or from the Chicago Cubs which I assume is a ball team) who has written a terrific book called TEACHING YOURSELF TO WIN. It is a positive thinking book, baseball book, all at the same time. It brings a lot of positive thinking as well as a lot of information. He will be on in the next hour so stay tuned and then until 11:00 we will be talking about anything you would like to talk about. (Note that George Green has 48 books by Hatonn and countless others by other authors--BUT NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST MENTION OF SAME.)

First of all, George Green. George, welcome to our show and thanks for joining us tonight. Before we meet Commander Hatonn, tell our KTAR listeners about yourself and being in the Air Force and also, when did you run into problems with the Air Force?

GG: (I apologize but the audio was turned so low at the station as to only be able to barely hear George and we cannot reproduce the dialogue. This portion dealt with George's experiences at Edwards Air Force Base and actually seeing alien craft undercover, etc. When George questioned higher command, he was immediately sent to a non-existent base in Japan and told to "shut-up" regarding the encounter. Then he spoke, I believe, of his experiences in Switzerland with Pleiadians and Billy Meier. He was allowed to speak for about 3 to 5 minutes.)

I want you readers to know what was going on on our end of the line at Dharma's point location. These ones have an aviary with many, many birds of which 2 to 4 are in the house as pets at any given time. The small, and most special parakeet talks fluently and was perched on E.J.'s shoulder when the phone rang with Mr. Lawrence on the other end. When the energy of the voice came through the line, the bird went berserk, flew into a wall-clock which then fell and the bird was in frenzied flight, bashing into walls and windows for some 3 minutes. Dharma, consequently, was almost panic-struck for it sounded as if the wall had fallen as the clock shattered apart. You cannot fool children or animals and it is useless to even effort at it! Frequencies of voice reflect intent and cannot be masked, even with laryngitis.

J: Now, Hatonn, you are an extraterrestrial, is that correct?

H: Yes sir.

J: Hatonn, first of all, this is for me; I have never spoken with an extraterrestrial before so I sometimes feels as though my communication with my wife is one of speaking with an extraterrestrial from time to time. Are you a man or a woman?

H: I am a male, by all of your calculations. My speaker--my translator, is female.

J: Now, I am talking to you but you are talking through a female.

H: Let us put it this way: if you did not speak Russian and I do, you need a translator.

J: That's correct.

H: I use a "universal" form of speech which is projected in "pulses" and she is simply a translator.

J: Well, OK. Is she in some kind of trance or something while you speak through her?

H: I don't know if that is factual; I assume that you might refer to it as such. I utilize her "system", her vocal cords--she simply translates language. It is exactly as I would speak to you on a telephone. She does not "interfere" with what I do or say. When we write she obviously writes with her hands.

J: What is your full name?

H: My name is Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn (spelled out by alphabet). I'm also recognized about the Galaxy, if you will, as Aton.

J: Then you are a Commander.

H: I am a Commander. I am FROM Pleiades as I travel to your sector in this mission.

J: Where is Pleiades--in our galaxy?

H: Well, (pause)--galaxy? Not exactly, no.

J: Give me a relative feel about where you are from. Give us feeling about where you come from.

H: I come via Pleiades, but I am NOT at Pleiades now. I have a craft (overvoice by Jay)--and it is called the Phoenix.

J: Alright, when did you arrive on Earth?

H: I am not on Earth.

J: You are not?

H: No.

J: You are not--then you are in your craft.

H: Yes, I am on my craft.

J: OK, I see. You are somewhere "drifting" out in space right now and speaking through this woman that George Green has put us in contact with.

H: Well, you make it sound a little bit fishy because there is so much nonsense that goes on in the circles of the UFO touters and authorities as well as with all of the "channels" that you have going on from extraterrestrials of 64,000 years ago, etc. And, as I listen to you speak just this little bit, it sounds both hoaxy and ridiculous and it is none of those things. There is nothing mystical about it--it may be a bit mysterious to you simply because you don't actually understand it. But, I can promise you that after listening through your little rundown of "news" prior to my introduction--you have a lot more problems than do we.

J: OK, tell us about your planet. Is Pleiades the name of your planet?

H: I can speak of Pleiades if that is what you really wish to speak about.

J: Yes, that is why you are here.

H: It is what you would recognize as the constellation of the Seven Sisters or, the Wee Dipper. There are seven visible stars in the constellation from your viewpoint and from you it is approximately some 500 light years away.

J: Alright, tell us about---er; How many people are there on your space ship? Or, well, not people--er, places, things--uh, what are you called? Pleiadians? Hows that?

H: Yes sir, that's very good as a name.

J: How many are there of you just drifting about out there right now?

H: Do you mean on my ship, or drifting around in other ships--or what?

J: Well, uh-er - - -?

H: There are well over a million ships (craft) in my Command, sir.

J: A million ships in your command?

H: Yes.

J: ?? Are all of them drifting about the Earth?

H: They are stationed in various and sundry locations and places--some traveling (moving) and some stationed. All are mostly outside your atmosphere, at this time, because you have so much phenomena going on in your own atmosphere.

J: Well, what is - - - ?

H: It does seem almost trite to speak of these particular things. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be insensitive.

J: And I don't mean to be discourteous but, and or, let me invite our KTAR listeners who might have never conversed with an extraterrestrial--and this may be one of the very few opportunities they will ever have to speak to one. (Gave phone number). I shouldn't have ALL the pleasure of questioning an extraterrestrial. (Instructions to listeners: Since we have an extraterrestrial in phone range perhaps you will want to call in.)

J: How many - - - how long have you been in contact with people on Earth?

H: I personally have been contacting and working with ones from your early 1950's, toward this particular project which is under way at this particular time on your planet.

J: Are there both males and females among the Pleiadians?

H: Oh, most surely--yes. And you see, you are dealing with something now that needs a bit of extra explanation.

J: OK--but - - H: And, there is something that you should know, and should always demand, any time that any extraterrestrial comes "hopping" through your doorway--REQUIRE THAT THEY ABSOLUTELY IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AND STATE PURPOSE AND ORIGIN--THEN YOU MUST COME TO SOME COMFORT WITH THE IDENTIFICATION. You did not do that and I have not been given opportunity other than to introduce myself. J: I assure you that - - -

H: It is most important that you know and understand that I come only in the service of the Lighted God. Now, all of you ones on your planet have already made up your minds how you feel about that and you plan Raptures and plan all sorts of ways of getting together with God--I come - - (great interruption)

J: Commander, I have to take a break now. I don't know if you have been on the air before but if you have not--we do commercials here on Earth. In case you might have a little radio on the space ship and have been listening in to talk-shows you might realize we have to have commercials. We have a number of things that we do and we also receive calls from other people--George, has Hatonn been on the air anywhere before?

G: Yes.

J: So then, Hatonn is aware of procedures and the things we are going to do? OK-Good! Well then, we are going to have commercials and then we have phone calls for we have a lot of people waiting.

Before we take a break, do you in your "body", look like, say, us--Earth people or do you look like something else?

H: The Pleiadian races are actually most of your own ancestors. There are many who are already among you; there are ones on various planets within the constellations that arc very much like you but others are quite a bit different. Let us assume that if you have life-forms, say on Jupiter or Mars, you might well expect them to differ from you on Earth. You are going to have a wide variety range in physical appearance, but very definitely humanoid. I personally come from a very tall species.

J: Do you'll procreate the same as we do?

H: (pause) - - hmm, with a lot more careful thought and responsibility---yes, we have family units.

J: Well OK, we have to take a quick break but we'll get back to Commander Hatonn when we return, as well as with George Green.


J: Jay Lawrence here with someone who claims to be an extraterrestrial--stay tuned.


J: Here I am, Jay Lawrence on KTAR radio. It is 9:26 and we are going to go to the phone lines and give you a chance to ask questions of this individual who claims to be Commander Hatonn of Pleiades--an extraterrestrial. Art, in Phoenix, you are on KTAR 620.

A: Commander, how are you?

H: Good evening.

A: My question to the Commander is a two part question, actually. Has he ever visited Earth himself?

H: Yes.

A: And did you ever help with or plan, picture, the colonization of the planet?

H: No sir. That is not my mission. My mission is to remove God's people from the planet when that becomes necessary--if that becomes necessary.

A: OK, what is the Government and Education like on your planet?

H: We have a very simplified method of government. Was your second question on "education"?

A: Yes it was.

H: It is hard to even speak in terms relative to what you have on Earth for you have such a controlled--Elite controlled--environment. Education is handled in our places according to the skills exhibited by the child. We do not have a society such as yours where we carelessly have children, for instance. To bring a child into beingness, into human consciousness, if we might simplify it, we very, very carefully measure the desire for having that child and assume total responsibility. Most of the Pleiadian families you will find limited to approximately four people. A lot of care and thought is given to bringing those children, which will come into the running of the system, if you will--in the later days as we become old and retire.

J: Commander, let me interrupt for we have people waiting on the lines--let me just cover it all as quickly as we can.

Gentleman unidentified: Good evening and greetings, Hatonn. H: Good evening. GU: Thank you for what you are doing for your brothers here on Terra. H: Thank you for being respectful. GU: Bless George Green and all his crew. Hatonn, we--my wife and I--are students of Ramtha and there seems to be some sort of a bridge between what you and J.Z Knight and crew do, although you both speak the truth--what is the division here so that we might better understand it?

J: Can we hold this to about 45 seconds?

H: It's difficult to answer such a large question in only 45 seconds. The great difference is that you will not hear Ramtha saying, "I come in service only to God of Light." He has a particular mission and he has particular followers and he will do whatever it is that which Ramtha needs to do. You have a great entertainment program going with the J.Z. Knight organization--I would simply caution of you to be most careful. This does not mean that the "truth" brought forth is less truth--it is just that you must be cautious that you are not taken advantage of - - - (interruption and shut off).


Interestingly enough--the news dealt with Israel and "controlled media", and how the peace talks will probably not take place because of failure of the Arabs to overlook the expulsion of Palestinians who had acted out against settlements in the West Bank. Then some five homicide reports of local nature.

J: We are talking to Commander Hatonn through the good auspices of George Green who you have heard here on KTAR before. Coming up next hour a visit with Steve Stone, etc.

Right now, Joseph in Scottsdale--you are on KTAR 620.

Jo: Good evening - - - (great fuss and discounting which totally interrupted the taping for the first portion of the statement).

H: Well, I see that we have a very friendly creature calling, who has no interest, whatsoever, in the fact of what is taking place either in your place or mine.

Jo: Oh well, excuse me, but I live in the world of fact and what you are is (another shut-down).

H: That's very fine.

Jo: What we are dealing with here is something that stinks - -

H: Sir, if you wish to accuse me of something, sir--I am a guest asked to this program.

Jo: Yeah, and I think this is a great disservice to the public community that a radio station that serves the public interests would have on a couple of charlatans--aren't you George Green's WIFE?

H: No, I am certainly not George Green's wife. Neither is my speaker.

Jo: Then what area code are you calling from?

H: What difference does it make to you, sir?

Jay: Joseph, I'll tell you what--I understand what you are saying and we appreciate your call. It is up to our listeners, we have a full board of people who wish to talk to someone who "claims" to be an extraterrestrial. Whether you and I believe that, I don't know that we can address that question. If someone claims a thing, we have to address them as "that" and I have to let others through so that they can express themselves. (Instructions to callers.)

G: Thank you. (Joseph was disconnected.) If you wish to know more about this then call our 800 number tomorrow and we will be most happy to send you information and other materials. We can speak more on frequencies and things of that technical nature if you are interested in finding out more.

J: What was that number again, George? G: 1-800-729-4131. I will be glad to forward information so that they will know how to reach us to receive information regarding physical transmission of frequency--radio transmission from the craft.

J: And, I believe you have spoken about this on a couple of different shows here on KTAR, as well.

G: Yes.

J: Marilyn--you are on KTAR.

M: Jay, you sound awful tonight.

J: I know. M: Commander Hatonn, nice to speak with you.

H: Thank you.

M: As you observe, whatever you observe, do you zero in on people or places--like our Sedona, which is a very "hot" place in our state?

H: Yes, I do both depending on circumstances and need.

M: Oh, individuals?

H: Yes, I can--I usually don't.

M: What do you zero-in on?

H: Only on energy forms (patterns). We have a specific mission to your planet. We come in total friendship. Part of our mission is to discount the ridiculous nonsense given to all of you regarding UFO's and aliens.

M: Oh, I believe (interruption by Jay) -

J: Hatonn, have you ever been in contact with any members of our government--with some or any of your information?

H: Absolutely--I very frequently contact many members of your government.

M: Hatonn, have your heard of the Ethereal Society?

H: (pause)

M: Its about a 40-year-old organization.

H: I can't say, specifically, that I have.

M: OK, this is supposed to be the first UFO organization in the U.S. believing in UFO's. Based in Los Angeles.

H: Surprisingly enough, not to be unkind, but you have a lot of very, very genuinely interested people. It is such a disservice and ungracious to you ones, who already believe and are expecting actually, the other half of your own mission. That is who we represent--that other half of your brotherhood.

J: Then why don't we see pictures of you in the newspapers and so on? Why don't we see magazine stories? Why aren't you interviewed more?

H: Because of ones like the gentleman who just called-in.

J: Why aren't you on major media?

H: Sir, you have a totally, completely (100%) controlled media, and you of all people should know that. Right there at your radio station there have been great problems--great problems. The first thing "they" do is call in and pronounce George Green, who is simply a publisher, and ones such as Joseph call in saying, "We know who you are--you are Mr. Green's wife, and worse--with accusations against him for fraud, anti-Semitism and total denouncement and insulting accusations. I am Commander Hatonn. Ones such as that are welcome to their opinions but it is difficult at best.

J: Well, it is so rare that we get to communicate with extraterrestrials--that people aren't really accustomed to it.

H: Perhaps--(cut off) J: Now to you other listeners, we will be back and here's the phone number - -


J: Jay Lawrence show--and our guest is George Green, publisher, and George has published a number of books supposedly and allegedly coming from the Pleiadians--is that correct George? From Hatonn?

G: Yes, and from others of his group. (inaudible)

J: ----so what we have right now is a woman that Hatonn communicates through? The woman is somewhere at a phone with Hatonn and Hatonn is in his space-ship somewhere--somewhere above Earth--is that correct?

G: No, she is one of the "translators"--only ONE of them. Remember that the transmissions are not - - - -(inaudible).

J: OK, let's go to Gerald in Phoenix. You're on KTAR 620.

GL: OK, I've listened to your program before this man in Scottsdale--and I had a question that still lingers in my mind. Instead of having to lift all these people off Earth if it is destroyed and there are only a few people who will destroy it--why wouldn't it be more simple to just lift off the people who are gonna destroy it and put them on an asteroid some place else? Does that make sense?

H: Yes, it would seem to make sense but the facts are that that is what has already happened. That is why your planet is in such trouble. You don't understand the workings of the Universe or even the orderliness of how the Universe functions. You have been given such ridiculous stories that it is hard for you to understand, either, 1. Why we are not there with you now and yet, if you think about it for a while, I might ask you why would it be that we are doing it this way? I believe after you think about it for a moment you will understand. This is YOUR planet. We have a mission here and we will not interfere, or intervene, in any way with your functioning. Do you understand? It is the law--the cosmic law by which we - - -(interruption)

J: Gerald, thank you for calling. Now, Hatonn, are you--could you--well, are you so powerful that you could intervene? We who have seen Star Trek know pretty much the tremendous power of extraterrestrials in films, shows, movies and such--do you have all of those powers within your capabilities?

H: Yes sir.

J: But you won't use them?

H: Absolutely not.

J: You mean that you could stop wars and you won't?

H: Sir, we don't start your wars. You are a free-will planet. You have been gifted with freedom of life and freedom of choices and what you do with those choices, you see, is up to you. You are given guidelines according to the Universal Law and the Laws of God and Nature. If you choose to break those laws, I must stand back and allow you to do that. I am sent on a mission but not to interfere or cause even one more grain of trouble on your planet. My mission, commission, my order--if you will, is to bring Truth and set the lies to straight so that Man can have that Truth if he chooses. You can deny it, can deny my presence, you can continue in your dreamland that every-thing is OK--but, I must tell you, that you have things such as a twelve-level underground facility right under Edwards Air Force Base and there are ones scattered all over your world, likewise. You have incredible technology on your planet--you see--when you start looking for your adversary, the anti-Christ, for instance: these are not little gray aliens. These are bounded to your planet and it is not my business to get anything done with them.

J: Let me interrupt because we have a full board waiting and they may want to tell their children that they got to speak to an extraterrestrial.

H: Well, I'll tell you Mr. Lawrence, if you would be gracious enough to ask me more often, I would be happy to be on and more people could talk to an extraterrestrial.

J: Frank in Phoenix, you are on KTAR.

F: Yes, I have a question. You mention that when the time comes and you take people into evacuation, where would you take them?

H: I would take them immediately to my ship.

F: But to where? Would they just be permanently aboard your ship?

H: Thank you for asking that question. Absolutely not. The first stop of most of you would be to Pleiades. You would be moved into the security of a safe and balanced place. Ones have some ridiculous idea of a "Rapture" to some clouds, for instance, with no thought of that which would go on beyond or what you would do after you get "there". This is what you ones must begin to think about--your goal, like where will you go from there? Your Master Teacher of some 2000 years ago, whatever you wish to call this being--this messenger that came, tells you a place has been prepared for you. That is exactly what has happened. You are physical beings so a physical place is prepared. It is not some dreamland, mystical fantasy where you are floated on some cloud somewhere

J: OK Frank, thank you for your call. Let's go now to Charles of Scottsdale.

C: Yeah, I'm calling to find out, you know--you got people like this calling in all the time. She says she's from outer space.

H: No, no, no--this lady is not from outer space.

C: Oh, so you're not from outer space?

H: This lady is not from outer space.

C: Then where is this lady from?

H: This lady is from Tehachapi, California.

C: Oh my God, you are in trouble--I don't know--is that close to Anaheim?

J: Ok, I get your point--thank you for your call.

J: Alright, Curtis in Phoenix, you are on KTAR.

C: Hello, Anaheim must be somewhere very close to Disneyland.

J: Well, that might well have been the input. Go ahead, Curtis.

C: I was calling in regard to the government that is on your planet. Since you have come down to rescue all of us people to somewhere when the Earth is brought to ruin--has your government thought this up--is your government ruled by God or what?

H: I am in the service of God and those are the people that we will pick up.

C: Well, you are - - -

H: You sound as if you think I am going to somehow destroy you someway.

C: Then are you an angel of God?

H: I'm a - I guess you might call me that, I am a (interruption)

J: OK Curtis, thank you and now we have Jan in Apache Junction--you are on KTAR 620. Tell you what, Jan, could you hold on--we have to have a quick break and then we will get back, Ok?


J: Thanks, now let's go to Jan who has a question for Commander Hatonn.

Jan: First of all, Jay, I am sorry about all the problems of your health and wish the medicines had served you well.

J: This is the best I've been--this is wonderful as compared to how I was. Jan: Glad to hear that.

Jan: I have, really, kind of two question for your guest. My understanding is that you have been around for some 64,000 years, is that correct?

H: I believe you must be speaking of Ramtha.

Jan: Then how long have you been a part of our Universe?

H: (pause) In one form or another, it has been "forever".

Jan: Well, then you have been around to watch our planet evolve and civilizations disappear. In other words, the Anasazi, the Mayans, the Atlanteans, the Phoenicians and a great many other cultures. These disappeared and we don't know how they were removed or what happened to them. Can you expound on that a little bit?

H: Yes I can and I have given, and Mr. Green has over 11,000 pages that we have written in the last 30 months. There are 48 JOURNALS. I cannot give you the life, death and cycles of all your civilizations in 45 seconds. I find it impossible. I appreciate your question because it is an intelligent and relevant question. Usually I have been bombarded with statements such as, "You are false," "You are Satanic," "What are you doing here?" and "Why don't you just cure cancer and then I'll believe you." I am not here to make anyone believe me.

Jan: No, I am not looking to you as a "fix-all" or anything. H: No, and I understand you and honor you--please do not misunderstand me.

My other question, which is really immaterial--no, it's not immaterial: In--on this planet we have a number of areas where there are various disappearances such as, I'm thinking of the Bermuda Triangle, The Great Lakes Triangle and then again, off the Sea of Japan; I've forgotten the name of that vortex. You say you key into energy fields--are these energy fields, in fact, creating these happenings?

H: Absolutely, yes. Yes, you have now a lot of inner Earth activity going on, not the least of which, however, is by your own national Government(s). I use plural. You have a major thrust, now, for a takeover to move to One Global Government and that is what is bringing your problems. A problem in the U.S. at this particular time is that you have negated your own Constitution. The only way that you can get control of your government is to get, again, control of your Constitution.

J: OK, Jan, thanks for your call--now, let us go to James in Phoenix. This is probably the last call we'll have time for.

James: Hatonn, you say you are here as a representative of the Holy Light of God. May I ask what is the name of your God?

H: The name of my God is according to whatever you happen to be--"God" is certainly sufficient if you speak English. If you speak Native American you will find - - - (interruption)

James: Hatonn, I can't accept that because God is a personality and, as a personality, God has a name. But, that's OK--but who is Jesus of Nazareth?

H: Jesus of Nazareth is one who experienced as a Christ energy. He was given the name "Jesus" by Paul who was traveling in Greece after what, literally, you call the crucifixion.

James: One other quick question, Hatonn. You seem to take offense when people are disrespectful or unkind in their questions but yet, through the time that I have listened to you on this program (the following in a nasty, sarcastic and rude tone)--you have been very disrespectful and unkind to those who believe in Jesus and in the Rapture.

H: Oh please--I travel with the one Jesus....

James: I do believe that you are of Satan - -

H: Sir, thank you--you have just made my point. I travel with the one you call Jesus. If ones will allow me to speak--I come as a Host, as a pre-runner for, in preparation

J: We are out of time

H. Yes sir, that is always the way it is--out of time when we come to God.

J: George Green--George, please - -

G: If you listeners want more information please call our 800 number which is 1-800-729-4131 and we can certainly go into that subject--may God bless and be with all you listeners.

J: It has been a very interesting experience and I'm sure I will hear more about it. Thank you for your time and, Commander Hatonn, thank you. Close out.


As we close this writing I ask that you always understand that YOU do not know the contract of another and judging is not of God nor to be of another Man. Always judge action and never the person lest ye be wrong. You can never see what wondrous things might flow from that which may appear negative. Most people only wish to learn and share--let us be ever gentle but ever with integrity beyond question. Thank you for your attention, love and sharing.

Good day and God walks with you--ever constant unto your call.

Salu, Hatonn to clear, please.



WED., JANUARY 8, 1992 9:48 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 145



As we sit to pen today, I am flooded with so many subjects of pressing importance that I am stymied by the mass of subjects, each seemingly as important as any other. Let us ask God's presence within us as we read and each will be guided to that which impacts himself most--then, by sharing, perhaps we can find Truth and Light.

I have been reminded that the next issue of the LIBERATOR will be sent to thousands of alternative medicine persons and physicians. They already know the problems in their own limitation of life practice so it would seem superfluous to recreate "the wheel" with them.

Suffice it to say that it is by much higher forms of killing by murder within the projection of the so-called medical sciences and government sciences and military sciences that ones are and shall become sickened unto death. Therefore it always returns to the political insanity which must be recognized, revealed and then dismantled, if there is ever to be good health upon your orb.

There are writers who have had insight into these matters and I can only ask that you seek into these sources of information for we need not repeat and repeat that which is already documented, confirmed and literally present in your ability to garner the information. The problem is that most of you are barely blinking of your blinded eyes and are at great disadvantage. I do not wish you to consider "Hatonn" in any manner at this point other than you would any writer of "truth" in any aspect of your physical plane. I have credentials which give me "expert status" from far higher universities than a Yale or Harvard in any comparison--however, my task is to give you what you MUST have and then ask that you confirm and act. I have written on Biological and Chemical warfare and the substances utilized. Please go back and read those JOURNALS, as well as the revealing of the source, invention and cause, as well as why the need, for AIDS. I cannot take time to cover it again when it is so readily available and already confirmed in almost all details.

I wish for you, before we go further, to understand--again--your plight of the day. Lies, misinformation, disinformation and a totally controlled media which presents all of these things unto you, deliberately and with full knowledge, for it is a part of the Plan.


It has come full cycle since the days of the Congressional Human Rights hearings in Washington, with fixed Zionist panelists and a Public Relations Corporation in charge of the "show" regarding Iraqi atrocities in Kuwait. Now, what do you have breaking in the news yesterday and today? THE ANNOUNCEMENT THAT IT ALL WAS A HOAX TO EMOTIONALLY SET YOU INTO A HEINOUS WAR! Great speakers announced that babies had been ripped from their incubators in great numbers and the incubators taken while the babies were tossed to the floor and perished. The patients on dialysis were stripped of their tubes and the equipment taken--chelas, I told you then and I repeat, watch how and what is said and by whom. Why would the people testifying be comfortably in America? Why would they have to read from written script? Anything so heinous is designed to stay vividly in the mind in every detail and requires no pre-written scripting. So, now you find that the little lady who did the best job of acting was not only lying, the things DID NOT HAPPEN and she is in fact of the Royal Sabah family in ruling Kuwait--whose father is Ambassador to the U.S. from Kuwait--he, by the way, sat two chairs from her during the testimony. I shouted "lies, lies, lies" at the time--but you wanted to believe that you were sending your sons and husbands, mothers and sisters off to a valid cause. Worse, you sent them off so that they could be trained as murderers without hesitation. Your world is sick unto dying and it is YOUR death which is planned.


Look at your very political campaigns. It matters not WHO might be a candidate for office--your Constitution says all who wish to run for office may do so--under circumstances of citizenship and age as laid forth. Do you not witness the major efforts to now keep the parties, not only limited to the two FIXED parties--but now keep certain candidates who rebel against the Establishment Government corruption and atrocities OFF THE BALLOTS.

Do you not also see that the incredible and deadly possibilities of nuclear war are now unleashed by the ending of your so-called "Cold War"? I have just finished telling you the truth of the coalition and activities of your enemy in your own nation. As for medical input--I have had to tell you that disease, health and total annihilation now lie in the hands of button-pushers through beam systems beyond your ability to calculate in power and devastation. It is almost blasphemous to even speak of anything further back than New Year's Day, 1992. The gods of Evil can now control all forms of killing by selected "dialing".

I am constantly asked and prodded: "Give us a cancer cure and a cure for AIDS--and THEN we will believe you." and "How can God allow people, especially little children, to die and suffer with awful diseases, starvation and cancer if He is truly God?" BECAUSE YOU AS A PEOPLE HAVE DELETED GOD OF TRUTH FROM YOUR PROGRAM--REMEMBER, EVEN AMERICA IS NOW IN HER POST-CHRISTIANITY ERA. But moreover, the American Medical Association is only an arm of the Club of Rome (Committee of 300) and a Zionist Elite organization to insure that things such as Cancer--not only occur but continue to kill in ever increasing numbers. After all, chelas, THE SAME ONES WHO OWN THE DRUG HOUSES TOUTING CURE, AND KEEP THE NATURAL HEALING METHODS AWAY FROM YOU, ARE THE SAME ONES WHO RUN "MEDICINE"--THEY SEE TO IT THAT YOU HAVE CANCER AND YOU ARE RUN BY AND CLAMOR AFTER THE EVIL BARONS--GOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR "CANCERS". "My" curing them wouldn't do a thing for you except make you even more doubtful about GOD! If I overrode all heinous methods of infection and put a blanket of healing upon your world, the cure would be claimed by the drug houses and a new disease would be upon you before sunset. You must cure the problem or you will never cure any of the disease. Can you even imagine the size of the profits from Cancer? AIDS is only a form of radiation cancer. The diseases are created on Earth, controlled on Earth and the cure is prevented on Earth.


I, again, to save time and give authority unto a writer of decades of truth bringing--will copy from a book called MURDER BY INJECTION, by one Eustace Mullins. I also would like to, if time and space permit, refer to Robert S. Mendelsohn's CONFESSIONS OF A MEDICAL HERETIC. There are others but these were the most daring and Dr. Mendelsohn, as well as ones such as Linus Pauling, are to be honored into infinity for that which they have EFFORTED to tell you and so few listen--for their works are widespread and in every bookstore. It is harder to find Mullins' work for he is like myself--banned!

I shall again speak of Dr. John Coleman's work, briefly, and more later. I have asked that you even pre-order his "in progress" work. The first volume of some 300 pages is in brief editing and will immediately go to press--directly and unpolished. Even to you who read and are shocked at that which I bring to your attention and by other writers, such as Mullins--you are in for toe-curling, hair-raising shock. I honor this brother but I also am commissioned to take care of him and keep him physically alive--that is no easy task and it will be obvious "why". He has been around the block several thousand times and has been writing on these subjects for decades--ONLY TO HAVE OTHERS TAKE UP THE INFORMATION AND SPURT IT OUT AS IF THEY HAD GOD'S KNOWLEDGE AND INPUT--(BY THE WAY--WHILE DISCOUNTING OUR PRESENCE AND THAT OF GOD).

John was the first to write of the Club of Rome from experience and research which literally cost him his life. It was not intended that his work be lost to mankind and I shall cover that aspect at another time, also.

He is the only one who writes of the Committee of 300, though it is the same as the Club of Rome and ofttimes referred to also as the Olympian Club, etc. He will trace the steps from the very top and through the ranks. If he doesn't cover the whole of the CIA connection, then I shall immediately do so to accompany these volumes of his presentation. It is very hard to get this material into print and life becomes hard to maintain as the very bastard satans such as Henry Kissinger have contracts on your head. Well, the lives of my people, and ones like Coleman, are hardly dull and boring. The very fact that these books with this information make it to print and into your hands--IS THE PROMISE AND CONFIRMATION OF GOD'S PRESENCE--THAT YOU MAY HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO FIND TRUTH BURIED BENEATH THE LIES OF "THE PLAN".

George Green got a threatening letter just yesterday from one who says "...this is your LAST chance, George--to back LaRouche for President or you are lost forever and I shall tell your secret!" The secret? Somehow the man has conjured that the "Phoenix" represents the coming up out of the ashes of the destruction of darkness (true) and that Hatonn and brood must be the returned Satan of those destroyed dark places. The reasoning eludes me but each to his own. He seems to have much fact but "reasoning" is totally absent. He even defines the one God of Light--Aton, correctly--in Egypt--and then blows it by forgetting that the Phoenix is a universal symbol of a rebirthing God of Creation from the rubble of Evil destruction through the hands of his tools--MAN.

People such as this must, however, wait in line, for my people are constantly threatened and promised demise by far more sophisticated operatives in the CIA, Mossad, KGB, ADL and World Zionists. In other words--knock it off, your totally heinous disservice to LaRouche should be enough to shut your mouth. If you wish to press a man for President--you don't threaten his could-be supporters.

What do ' I' think of LaRouche? It is not my business to think anything of L. LaRouche. He tried to open your eyes at great cost to himself. What I DO THINK is that his case is certainly one for the Constitutional Law Center for it is openly stated in publications and by the dirty deed doers themselves that he was "framed" and "railroaded" on false charges via a "fixed" judge. If Constitutional Law is violated it makes no matter whether the victim be saint or total sinner. If you ones cannot see as much--you are on a hopeless track to downfall.


Thank you, Eustace, and I can only support this work and hope that ones will avail themselves of your outlay of truth. I also wish to acknowledge information on one Dan Roman from a friend in France. You ones have insightful and sharing people--please avail yourselves of the input. Let me just speak of Dan Roman a moment. He is from Romania and tells of the struggle of the Romanians against Bolshevik occupation at the expense of years of horrendous incarceration, etc. Let me just recite a brief partial paragraph or two from the volume of work:

"....For example the Minister for Internal Affairs was a former printer and one of 400 members of the communist party named Burach Tescovich. After he became Minister, he changed his name to Georgescu [you better pay attention because that is simply spelled and pronounced differently in English], a truly Romanian name. He was the number two man in the "Romanian" government after Ana Pauker……..

"....Because he couldn't find trusted Romanian people to cover the leadership and the management of all his departments, he brought from the USSR, Poland and the two former Romanian provinces, 200 THOUSAND extra Zionists, changing their names to Romanian ones. Some of them couldn't speak a word of Romanian, others spoke with strange accents. Nevertheless, they were given ranks of generals, colonels and other superior officer ranks, and named leaders of Secretariat, Militia, prisons and forced labor camps. Interestingly enough, Burach Tescovich 'Georgescu' brought these anti-Christians to Romania with a decree signed only by himself in spite of the fact that Romania had a Parliament and a King! His powerful authority was unlimited."

Ah yes, there are daring fighters in all parts of your world--South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Palestine and yes, there is even the element of God's people who struggle hardest of all--in Israel against the corruptors and violators of humanity.

So what does this have to do with Cancer? If you can't see from whence springs the physical blight of the planet--how can you understand the physical blight of the individual?

Now to quote Eustace Mullins:

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates assigned the name of Cancer or "crab" to a disease encountered during his time, because of its crab-like spread through the body. Its Greek name was "karkinos". In 164 A.D., the physician Galen in Rome used the name of "tumour" to describe this disease, from the Greek "tymbos" meaning a sepulchral mound, and the Latin tumore, "to swell". The disease could not have been very prevalent; it is not mentioned in the Bible, nor is it included in the ancient medical book of China, The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. Unknown in most traditional societies, it spread with the rise of the Industrial Revolution. In the 1830's, cancer was responsible for two per cent of deaths around Paris; cancer caused four per cent of deaths in the United States in 1900.

With the rise of cancer came "modern" methods of coping with it. A leading critic of the medical establishment, Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, comments that "Modern cancer surgery someday will be regarded with the same kind of horror that we now regard the use of leeches in George Washington's time." The surgery of which he spoke is the widely accepted and imposed method of cancer treatment now in vogue throughout the United States. It is called the "cut, slash and burn" technique. This method of cancer treatment actually represents the highwater mark of the German allopathic school of medicine in the United States. It relies almost exclusively on surgery, bleeding and heavy use of drugs, with the exotic addition of radium treatment. The Temple of the modern method of cancer treatment in the United States is the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York. Its high priests are the surgeons and re-searchers at this center.

Originally known as Memorial Hospital, this cancer establishment was presided over during its early years by two physicians who were stereotypes of the Hollywood caricatures of "the mad doctor". If Hollywood planned to make a movie about this hospital, they would be stymied by the fact that only the late Bela Lugosi would be appropriate to play not one, but each of these two doctors. The first of these "mad" doctors was Dr. J. Marion Sims. Son of a South Carolina sheriff and tavern owner, Sims (1813-1883) was a nineteenth century "women's doctor". For years he dabbled in "experimental surgery" by performing experiments on slave women in the South. According to his biographer, these operations were "little short of murderous". When plantation owners refused to allow him to conduct further experiments on their slaves, he was forced to purchase a seventeen year old slave girl for $500. Within a few months he had performed some thirty operations on this unfortunate, a girl named Anarcha. Because there was no anesthesia at the time, he had to ask friends to hold Anarcha down while he performed his surgery. After one or two such experiences, they usually refused to have anything further to do with him. He continued to experiment on Anarcha for four years and, in 1853, he decided to move to New York. Whether his little negro hospital in South Carolina was surrounded by screaming villagers one night as they brandished torches, as in an old Frankenstein movie, is not known. However, his decision to move seems to have come rather suddenly. Dr. Sims bought a house on Madison Avenue, where he found a supporter in the heiress of the Phelps empire, Mrs. Melissa Phelps Dodge. This family has continued to be prominent supporters of the present cancer center. With her financial assistance, Sims founded Women's Hospital, a 30 bed, all charity hospital which opened on May 1, 1855.

Like a later quack, "Doc" Simmons, Sims advertised himself as a women's specialist, particularly in "vesico-vaginal fistula", an abnormal passage between the bladder and the vagina. It is now known that this condition has always been "iatrogenic", that is, caused by the ministrations of doctors. In the 1870's, Sims began to specialize in the treatment of cancer. Rumors began to circulate in New York of barbarous operations being performed at Women's Hospital. The "mad doctor" was at it again. The trustees of the institution reported that "the lives of all the patients were being threatened by mysterious experiments." Dr. Sims was fired from Women's Hospital. However, because of his powerful financial supporters, he was soon reinstated. [H: re-read the Protocols--the man was DOING HIS JOB!] He was then contacted by members of the Astor family, whose fortune was founded on old John Jacob Astor's ties with the East India Company, the British Secret Intelligence Service, and the international opium trade. [H: Chelas, is any of this beginning to sound familiar in other aspects of interesting operations?] One of the Astors had recently died of cancer, and the family wished to establish a cancer hospital in New York. They first approached the trustees of Women's Hospital with an offer of a donation of $150,000 (a very large amount at that time) if they would turn it into a cancer hospital. Smarting from his recent firing, Sims double-crossed the trustees by private negotiations with the Astors. He persuaded them to back him in a new hospital, which he called the New York Cancer Hospital. It opened in 1884. Dr. Sims later went to Paris, where he attended the Empress Eugenie. He was later awarded the Order of Leopold from the King of the Belgians. Apparently he had lost none of his chutzpah. He returned to New York, where he died shortly before the opening of his new hospital.

In the 1890's, after receiving gifts from other benefactors, the hospital was renamed Memorial Hospital. In the mid-twentieth century, the names of Sloan and Kettering were added. Despite these names, this cancer center has for many years been a major appendage of the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly. During the 1930's, a block of land on the fashionable Upper East Side was donated by the Rockefellers to build its new building. Rockefeller henchmen have dominated the board ever since the building was opened. In 1913, a group of doctors and laymen met in May at the Harvard Club in New York City to establish a national cancer organization. Not unnaturally, it was named the American Society for the Control of Cancer. Note that it was not called a society for the "cure" of cancer, or the "prevention" of cancer, nor have these ever been primary goals of this organization. 1913, of course, was a very significant year in American history. During that fateful year President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, which was set up to provide funding for the forthcoming World War; a national progressive income tax, taken directly from Marx's Communist manifesto of 1848, [H: And fully in line with the Zionist Protocols which states: "Gold always has been and always will be the irresistible power. Handled by expert hands it will always be the most useful lever for those who possess it, and the object of envy for those who do not. With gold we can buy the most rebellious consciences, can fix the rate of all values, the current price of all products, can subsidize all State loans and thereafter hold the states at our mercy. Already the principal banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all the governments are in our hands".] was imposed upon the American people; and legislatures had their Constitutional duty of appointing Senators removed, they being henceforth elected by popular demand; they all now had to compete for the popular vote. It was in this heady era of socialist planning that the cancer society originated. Naturally enough, it was funded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. His attorneys, Debevoise and Plimpton, remained dominant in the administration of the new society throughout the 1920's. Its funding came from the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Foundation, and from J.P. Morgan.

From its inception, the American Cancer Society has followed the pattern set up by the American Society for the Control of Cancer. ACS also had a board of trustees, a House of Delegates, and in the 1950's, it also established a Committee on Quackery. This Committee later changed its name to the Committee on Unproven Methods of Cancer Management (note that it was called "management", not "cure"), but the society still used the term "quackery" freely in referring to any methods not sanctioned by its trustees, or deviating from the "cut, slash and burn" method of cancer treatment.

In 1909, the railroad magnate, E. H. Harriman (whose fortune, like that of the Rockefellers, had been funded entirely with Rothschild money funnelled to him by Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb Co.) died of cancer. His family then formed the Harriman Research Institute. In 1917, the scion of the family, W. Averell Harriman, abruptly decided to go into politics, or rather, to manage our political parties from behind the scenes. The Institute was suddenly shut down. Its financial backing was then transferred to Memorial Hospital. The principal backer of the hospital at that time was James Douglas, (1837-1918). He was chairman of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, whose heiress in 1853, Melissa Phelps Dodge, had been the initial backer of what eventually became Memorial Hospital. She had married a dry goods merchant named William Dodge, who used the Phelps fortune to become a giant in copper production.

The Dictionary of National Biography describes James Douglas as "the dean of mining and metallurgical properties". He owned the richest copper mine in the world, the Copper Queen Lode. Born in Canada, he was the son of Dr. James Douglas, a surgeon who became head of the Quebec Lunatic Asylum. His son joined the Phelps-Dodge Company in 1910, later becoming its chairman. Because he had discovered extensive pitchblende deposits on his Western mining properties, he became fascinated with radium. In collaboration with the Bureau of Mines, a government agency which he, for all practical purposes, controlled, he founded the National Radium Institute. His personal physician was a Dr. James Ewing (1866-1943). Douglas offered to give Memorial Hospital $100,000, but there were several conditions. One was that the hospital must hire Dr. Ewing as its chief pathologist; the second was that the hospital must commit itself to treating nothing but cancer, and that it would routinely use radium in its cancer treatments. The hospital accepted these conditions.

With Douglas' money behind him, Ewing soon became head of the entire hospital. Douglas was so convinced of the benefits of radium therapy that he used it frequently on his daughter, who was then dying of cancer; on his wife; and on himself, exposing his family to radium therapy for the most trivial ailments. Because of Douglas' prominence, the New York limes gave a great deal of publicity to the new radium treatment for cancer. The journalist headlined his story with a page one headline, "Radium Cure Free for All". The claim was made that "not one cent's worth of radium will be for sale". Douglas was greatly annoyed by this statement, and on October 24, 1913, he had the Times run a correction. He was quoted as follows: "All this story about humanity and philanthropy is foolish. I want it understood that I shall do what I like with the radium that belongs to me." This was a rare glimpse of the true nature of the "philanthropist". His rivals in this field, Rockefeller and Carnegie, always gave away their money with no string attached. With this assurance, they were able to stealthily establish their secret power over the nation. Douglas had revealed the true nature of our "philanthropists".

The original press releases from Memorial Hospital had in fact intimated that the radium treatments would be free. They apparently believed that the great philanthropist James Douglas would donate his supply. The Memorial Hospital Rules and Regulations were immediately changed to stipulate that "an extra charge would be made for Radium Emanations used in the treatment of patients." In 1924, the Radium Department at Memorial Hospital gave $18,000 radium treatments to patients, for which it charged $70,000, its largest single source of income for that year.

Meanwhile, James Douglas, who had boasted that he would do what he liked with his radium, continued to give himself frequent treatments. A few weeks after the New York Times story in 1913, he died of aplastic anemia. Medical authorities now believe that he was but one of a number of personalities associated with the early development of radium who died from its effects, the most famous being Marie Curie, wife of its discoverer, and her daughter, Irene Joliot Curie. By 1922, more than one hundred radiologists had died from X-ray induced cancer.

Douglas' protégé, Dr. Ewing, remained at Memorial Hospital several more years. He developed a number of ailments, the most annoying being tic doloreau, which made it embarrassing for him to meet or talk with anyone. He withdrew from the hospital, becoming a recluse on Long Island, where he finally died of cancer of the bladder in 1943.

Douglas' son and heir, Lewis Douglas, inherited one of the largest American fortunes of that time. He married Peggy Zinsser, daughter of a partner of J.P. Morgan Co. Peggy's two sisters also married well; one married John J. McCloy, who became the chief lawyer for the Rockefeller interests; the other married Konrad Adenauer, who became Chancellor of postwar Germany. Lewis Douglas became chairman of Mutual Life of New York, a Morgan controlled company. Early in World War II, he became a protege of W. Averell Harriman in the Lend Lease Administration. Douglas was then named chairman of the War Shipping Board, one of the famous "dollar a year" men of the Roosevelt administration. Later in the war, he succeeded Harriman as U.S. Ambassador to England. After Hitler's fall, Douglas was slated to become High Commissioner of Germany, but he stepped aside to allow his brother-in-law, John J. McCloy, to take this post. The two Americans were pleasantly surprised when their brother-in-law, Konrad Adenauer, was named Chancellor. The family interests of the J.P. Morgan firm were firmly in control. In fact, Adenauer's earlier political activities in wartime Germany had centered around a small group of J. P. Morgan cohorts in Germany. They were ready to take over when Hitler died.

In the 1930's, two giants of the automotive industry were persuaded to become contributors to Memorial Hospital. Alfred P. Sloan had been president of General Motors. He owned a 235 foot yacht which was valued at one and a quarter million dollars in 1940. Charles Kettering was an authentic inventive genius, responsible for much to today's auto ignition, lights, starters and other electrical systems. FORTUNE estimated in 1960 that Sloan was worth 200-400 million dollars, while Kettering was worth some 100 to 200 million.

Alfred Sloan's credentials as a philanthropist were somewhat marred by his record at General Motors. He had steadfastly opposed the installation of safety glass in Chevrolet cars. During the 1920's, the lack of safety glass meant that a relatively minor auto accident, if it caused the breaking of the windshield or the windows of a car, could result in hideous disfigurement or death of the occupants. Shards of flying glass would rip through the interior, slicing the passengers as it tore by. [H: Anyone care to take a guess as to what shards of glass will do to occupants of the "Crystal Cathedral" of Dr. Schuller's when the "Big One" on the San Andreas fault comes? How about a massive bombing raid? The picture is quite mind-boggling, is it not?] For a relatively minor amount, the ordinary glass used in automobiles during that period could be replaced with safety glass. Today, safety glass is required on all cars. Sloan made a public statement on this issue on August 13, 1929. "The advent of safety glass will result in both ourselves and our company absorbing a very considerable portion of the extra cost out of our profits. I feel that General Motors should not ADOPT SAFETY GLASS FOR ITS CARS AND RAISE ITS PRICES EVEN A PART OF WHAT THAT EXTRA COST SHOULD BE." On August 15, 1932, Sloan again reiterated his opposition to the installation of safety glass in General Motors' automobiles. "It is not my responsibility to sell safety glass," he complained. "I would very much rather spend the same amount of money on improving our car in other ways because I think, from the standpoint of selfish business, it would be a very much better investment."

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is doing well; in 1975 it had $252 million, which grew to $370 million by 1985. It and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation ($75 million) continue to be the chief benefactors of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. A liberal editor, Norman Cousins, heads the Kettering Foundation. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is headed by R. Manning Brown, Jr. Directors include Henry H. Jowler, former Secretary of the Treasury, now a partner of Goldman Sachs Co., New York investment bankers--also director is Lloyd C. Elam, president of the nation's only black medical school, Meharry College in Nashville, Tennessee; Elam is also a director of the giant Merck medical firm; Kraft, South Central Bell Telephone, and the Nashville Bank; Franklin A. Long represents the necessary Rockefeller connection as a director of Exxon; he is also a director of United Technologies, Presidential Science Advisory Commission, professor of chemistry at Cornell since 1936, a Guggenheim fellow, he has received the Albert Einstein Peace Prize--he is a member of the American Pugwash Steering Committee, set up by the notoriously pro-communist financier Cyrus Eaton who was a Rockefeller protege--Pugwash is said to be directed by the KGB; Herbert E. Longenecker, president of Tulane University; he serves on the selection committee for Fulbright students, a very powerful position--his list of awards and honors in Who's Who goes on for several paragraphs; Cathleen Morawetz, who is a director of National Cash Register, also a Guggenheim fellow; she is married to Herbert Morawetz, a chemist from Prague; Thomas Aquinas Murphy, president of General Motors for many years, also director of Pepsico, and the National Detroit Corporation; Ellmore E. Patterson, who had been with J. P. Morgan Company since 1935, he also serves as treasurer of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and is director of Bethlehem Steel, Engelhard Hanovia, and Morgan Stanley; Laurance S. Rockefeller, who is director of Reader's Digest, National Geographic Society, and the Caneel Bay Plantation; Charles J. Scanlon, director of the GM Acceptance Corporation, Arab-American Bank of New York, and trustee of Roosevelt Hospital, New York; and Harold T. Shapiro, president of the University of Michigan, director of Dow Chemical Corporation, and Ford Motor Co., Burroughs, Kellogg, and the Bank of Canada--Shapiro has been on the advisory panel of the Central Intelligence Agency since 1984; he also is an advisor to the U.S. Treasury Department.

The governing board of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, called the Board of Managers, reads like a financial statement of the various Rockefeller holdings. Its principal director for many years was the late Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss, partner of Kuhn, Loeb Co., the Rothschild bankers in the United States. Strauss listed himself in Who's Who as "financial advisor to the Messrs. Rockefeller". He was also a director of Studebaker, Polaroid, NBC, RCA, and held government posts as Secretary of Commerce and as head of the Atomic Energy Commission. For many years he funnelled Rockefeller funds into the notorious Communist front, the Institute of Pacific Relations. Strauss was also president of the Institute for Advanced Study, a Rockefeller think tank at Princeton, and financial director of the American Jewish Committee, for which he raised the funds to publish the propaganda organ, Commentary magazine.

Another prominent director of Sloan Kettering was Dorothy Peabody Davison, a leading New York socialite for some fifty years. She had married F. Trubee Davison, son of Henry Pomeroy Davison, a Rockefeller relative who had been the right-hand man for J. P. Morgan. Davison was one of the group of five leading bankers who met with Senator Nelson Aldrich (his daughter married John D. Rockefeller, Jr.) at Jekyll Island in a secret conference to draft the Federal Reserve Act in November of 1910. The Dictionary of National Biography notes that Davison "soon won recognition from J. P. Morgan, frequently consulting with him, particularly during the monetary crisis of 1907 . . . In association with Senator Aldrich, Paul M. Warburg, Frank A. Vanderlip and A. Piatt Andrew, he took part in drawing up the Jekyll Island report that led to the crystallization of sentiment resulting in the creation of the Federal Reserve System." As head of the Red Cross War Council during the First World War, Davison raised $370,000,000, of which a considerable number of millions were diverted to Russia to salvage the floundering Bolshevik government. His son and namesake, Henry P. Davison, married Anne Stillman, daughter of James Stillman, head of the National City Bank which handled the enormous cash flow accruing to the Standard Oil Company. H.P. also became a partner of J.P. Morgan Co.; his brother, F. Trubee Davison, married Dorothy Peabody, the nation's leading philanthropic family. The Peabodies may be said to have invented the concept of foundation philanthropy, the first major foundation being the Peabody Education Fund, set up in 1865 by George Peabody, founder of the J. P. Morgan banking firm; it later became the Rockefeller Foundation. Dorothy Peabody's father was the renowned Endicott Peabody, founder of the Establishment training school, Groton, where Franklin D. Roosevelt and many other front men were educated. Dorothy Peabody was on the national board of the American Cancer Society for many years, as well as director of Sloan Kettering. She was also a noted big game hunter, making many forays to India and Africa, and winning many trophies for her prize animals. Her husband was Secretary of War for air from 1926-1932, and was president of the American Museum of Natural History for many years; this was Theodore Roosevelt's favorite charity. Her son, Endicott Peabody Davison, became secretary to the J. P. Morgan Co., and then general manager of the London branch of the firm; he has been president of U.S. Trust since 1979, director of the defense firms, Scovill Corporation and Todd Shipyards, also the Discount Corporation. He is a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Markle Foundation, which makes key grants in the communications media. Eisenhower's Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, was also related to the Rockefellers through the Pomeroy family.

[H: Now isn't this a lot more informative and honest than all the begatting and more begatting in that book which fills many pages of nonsense? I guarantee that if you "stay tuned" we will discover that these same people I name in the above material will find their names on the "translations of the Bible" foundation for Biblical authenticity AND on the lists of participants in the founding of the Protocols and all socialist/fascist manifestos. In almost all instances in the "begatting order of Biblical transcriptions", the names represent absolutely NO-ONE! Can you actually believe you will get any translated proof of contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls? These very people who control your world control the Scrolls in point. You are going to come into "reason", dear ones, or you aren't going to make it.]


Dharma, this is getting too unwieldy in length. Allow us to break this chapter at this point and we will simply pick up at this place when we sit again. I would like to move right on, please. Thank you.

Hatonn to stand-by.


A. N. OTHER 12/31/91
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The United States Government and the tobacco industry are playing a dangerous game with your health when it comes to warnings about cigarette smoking. If you are a smoker, you have quite literally been deceived into believing that the tar in nicotine is the main ingredient that makes smoking a habit-forming health hazard: "The Surgeon General Has Determined That Smoking Is Hazardous To Your Health." That warning label is deemed sufficient to protect you from the dangers of smoking.

As a smoker you have been led to believe that addiction to nicotine and danger from the tar it produces is your only problem. If this is what you believe then read on. Your life may depend on it. Cigarettes are not just tobacco rolled up in fancy thin papers with brand names stenciled on them. Indeed the secret of addiction to tobacco-smoking may lie in the paper itself. A doctor friend of mine who has done a lot of research on smoking told me, when I began this investigation, that he was once invited to visit a cigarette paper-making factory in the course of his research work. Before being shown around the plant, he had to don a coverall made of a paper-like substance, which covered him from head to foot.

He was shown various stages of manufacture including a sealed room which his guide said was a paper impregnation plant. My doctor friend was informed that in this building the paper was impregnated with a substance to ensure even, slow-burning without the taste of burning paper. Later, when he got home (he kept the coverall as a souvenir), he had the fine dust on it analyzed and when the lab results came back, lo and behold the dust contained traces of opium.

The doctor is thus under the firm impression that paper used for cigarette manufacture is first impregnated with OPIUM. It is the opium that causes addiction to smoking. Even in small quantities, opium is extremely addictive. In his opinion, based upon research on nicotine, he found that it is not nicotine alone that makes a tobacco addict, but rather, it is the opium used to impregnate the paper plus the nicotine that is the root cause of addiction to smoking.

My doctor friend is a smoker himself, and in order to prove his point, he changed to rolling his own cigarettes. Kits to roll cigarettes can be bought in smokers' speciality shops, and consist of a supply of thin paper apparently no different from the usual cigarette paper, tobacco, plus a device that rolls the paper around the tobacco.

After trying several brands of loose tobacco and rolling his own cigarettes for three weeks, his craving was not relieved. Rather, it became worse. Finally, after three weeks of home-rolled cigarettes, he went back to his favorite brand of manufactured cigarette. "The relief was instant, the satisfaction gratifying," he told me. As a result of his experiment, the doctor is more than ever convinced that addiction to smoking does not come from tobacco alone, but from the PAPER used by cigarette companies, no matter what brand of tobacco is used.

Do you believe this is far-fetched? Well, if you do, that is exactly what the government and the tobacco industry want you to believe. You might wish to reconsider the matter after you take into account the following information. If you have any lingering doubts thereafter, then I urge you to write to the Department of Health and Human Services and ask them about it.

You might not get a response from the government, but you will be certain to attract the attention of Stanley Temko, a lawyer at Covington and Burling, legal guardians of the tobacco industry. If that causes concern, then you might try Senator Jesse Helms, so filled with rectitude when it comes to Manuel Noriega (accused, but far from proven guilty, of being a cocaine smuggler). Helms represents North Carolina, the premier tobacco-growing state in the nation.

On second thought, Senator Helms might not be inclined to enlighten you, so you might then try the Office on Smoking and Health, a government watchdog agency which is supposed to have our health and welfare at heart. Dr. Ronald Davis, who resigned from the agency earlier this year, is on record as stating: "I think the consumers have a right to know what is in tobacco products, but I'm not allowed under law to release this information to the public."

The Office on Smoking and Health and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are the keepers of the keys to the top-secret lists of what ingredients go into making your favorite brand of cigarette, the additives that give tobacco its "flavor", keep it soft, and give it that special aroma. If you thought "taste" was just an advertising gimmick, you would be wrong. "Taste" is very important to tobacco addicts, which is why cigarette manufacturers go to such lengths to create it.

Before doing any writing or phoning your Senator, the tobacco companies or HHS, you might want to reflect upon the wisdom of arousing the watchdog. "Let sleeping dogs lie" may be preferred to "kicking a sleeping dog". You see, the list of ingredients that go into cigarettes is TOP SECRET. Yes, that is right, TOP SECRET. Government doesn't like people nosing around top secret documents, and the tobacco industry is paranoid about secrecy. They might decide to take a note of your name for future reference.

The tobacco industry does not want smokers to know that, apart from tobacco, he or she is inhaling acetone, methyl salicylate, turpentine, glycyrrhizic acid, caramel, shellac, catechol, acetyldehyde, amino acids. What are the effects of these substances on the body when heated, i.e., at that magic moment when you first light up and deeply inhale?

Take caramel, added to give flavor--which smokers believe comes from their favorite tobacco mix. When the burning end of a cigarette heats the caramel--or any other of the many types of sugar used in the manufacture of cigarettes--it produces catechol which, when combined with some of the other additives, strengthen their carcinogenic properties.

This is called synergistic reaction. In tests on laboratory rats using a number of vitamins, scientists Ken Anderson, R. T. Bartus, C. E. Girgea, Kaufman and several others found that by combining vitamins with other substances, a synergistic reaction was observed. What this means, for instance, is that rats on choline didn't show that much improvement, but when combined with piracetum, the resulting improvement was dramatic. Reverse synergistic effects happen when caramel is burned with other additives in cigarettes, thus strengthening their carcinogenic properties.

Do you like licorice? Most kids do, but smokers would not be amused if you told them they were smoking it in the additive licorice root--glycyrrhizic acid--used to flavor and keep tobacco moist, which the American Health Foundation says gives off polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when burned, and that means smokers are inhaling a known cancer-causing substance along with their aroma-filled tobacco smoke.

How about amino acids? Now, most everybody knows that amino acids are what DNA is all about, and don't health food stores sell amino acids, so what is so bad about it? The trick is not to heat amino acids, nor combine them with other substances that might give a synergistic effect. Once heated, amino acids give off suspected carcinogens, says the American Health Institute.

You can't smoke without applying heat, I mean, where there is tobacco there has got to be heat, and where there is heat there has to be smoke, and where there is tobacco-smoke there are carcinogens. So now you know, cigarettes consist of a good deal more than just blended tobacco rolled in paper, even though the outside package of your favorite brand doesn't list any additives.

Your Virginia Slims, Marlboros, Winstons, Camels, Kools or any other brand you favor contain, in varying degrees, a number of chemicals, plant extracts and other substances which tests in France proved can amount to as much as 8 percent of the content of what you enjoy so much when you inhale that smoke. Do not be deceived by the printed information on that attractive packaging, "Ingredients: Selected Fine Tobaccos".

Like Mrs. Nancy Reagan's non-solution to the drug addiction problem washing like a tidal wave over this nation, "just say no," or applying a PARTIAL warning label to a package of cigarettes, isn't going to solve the problem. In any case every smoker thinks smoking-induced cancer is strictly for the other fellow.

The warning label cigarette packages carry is meaningless and will remain so until the SECRET ADDITIVES in the tobacco are printed on the label alongside what they are capable of doing to your health. It is time that the FDA enforced its own rules but, given the huge amounts of money spread around Washington by powerful tobacco industry lobbyists, this is still a long way off.

Since the FDA requires strict labeling of ingredients used in ALL foodstuffs, why then is the tobacco industry exempted from these requirements? Not that tobacco is a foodstuff. But if it is compulsory to properly label household detergents and to tell the public what is inside a bottle of apple jelly jam, or peanut butter or ketchup, why conceal the deadly poison that is added to an already dangerous substance called nicotine? How about cigarette paper? Is it impregnated with opium or not? Why aren't consumers told what, if anything, goes into the making of the paper?

Here is something you ought to know about nicotine. It causes flushing, a sense of warmth, heart palpitations, nausea (especially in first-time smokers), dyspepsia, muscle cramps, blurred vision, a lowered blood pressure when rising from a sitting position and is suspected of causing deformities in unborn babies if the mothers smoke during pregnancy.

In the 1960's, when the truth about tar in nicotine was brought out and stories about lung cancer caused by tobacco swept the land, the tobacco industry went into a state of panic which resulted in the production of "low in tar" brands to offset dramatic losses in sales. These so-called "light" brands were to help assuage the guilty feeling among those who could not bring themselves to kick the smoking habit, even knowing what they were doing to their bodies.

"Light" cigarettes consisted of lighter blends of tobacco, plus filters which were so dense that smokers could no longer get the all-important "taste" of their cigarettes. "Safe" cigarettes became "tasteless" cigarettes. The tobacco industry's solution to tasteless cigarettes was to use more and more additives of the kinds already enumerated so that "taste" and "flavor" were restored.

But unbeknown to the fans of "light" cigarettes, the cigarette they believed was lighter and safer was now more deadly than the regular type, because of the heavy dosage of secret ingredients it took to restore what smokers wanted most, taste and flavor.

Do our government agencies know about this? Yes, they do. So why don't those agencies responsible for protecting our national health do something about the menace? They did, or thought they had done something with passage of a 1984 law which called upon manufacturers of cigarettes to list "health risks associated with smoking cigarettes containing any substances commonly added to commercially manufactured cigarettes".

That was in 1984; yet in spite of urgent appeals to the cigarette industry to come clean, by 1991 they have still not done so. In 1984 a Surgeon-General's report said that data about additives was impossible to obtain, "because cigarette companies are not required by law to reveal what additives they use in each and every brand of cigarettes they manufacture." What the Surgeon-General wanted was a meaningful list of additives that could be related to amounts contained in each cigarette.

Succumbing somewhat to public pressure arising from these disclosures, Congress reluctantly passed a law later that year (1984) which mandated that cigarette manufacturers provide HHS each year with a list of additives used in cigarette manufacturing. However, the tobacco industry was successful in subverting that law. Congress sold out to the tobacco industry--it is called "reaching a compromise".

Instead of each and every cigarette manufacturer being compelled to give a complete listing of specific additives and amounts going into each and every brand of cigarette produced, the industry--not each manufacturer--was allowed to get away with a general listing of additives which was and still is totally lacking in detail. These annual lists have been described by anti-smoking groups as "page after page of meaningless, useless names". But according to Covington and Burling, the tobacco industry is "complying with the law".

Then the tobacco industry scored an even greater triumph over we, the people. It got a provision entered into law which said that the lists of additives were not to be published or made available to the public or research scientists. To this day it is a crime to provide information contained in the TOP SECRET lists. The "state secrets" of the tobacco industry remain sacrosanct. Dutifully each year the tobacco industry gives HHS its secret list and, each year, H.H.S. dutifully locks the list in its safe, away from prying eyes.

If you believe the cigarette industry lists of deadly additives are public property, in short a government document, try getting it under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). You will come up blank no matter how hard you try. The FDA insists on Twinkies being properly labeled, but has nothing to say when it comes to cancer-causing agents in cigarettes and why they should be excluded from cigarette packaging warning labeling.

But even if you achieved the seemingly impossible and obtained a copy of the lists, it wouldn't mean very much in its unrelated state. All you would see would be a long list of chemicals with difficult to pronounce names, not grouped or related to any brand of cigarette. If you are dogged enough to stick with it, you would be able to unravel the jumble of chemical names, but how would you relate that information to INDIVIDUAL brand names of cigarettes? Only the cigarette manufacturers could do it, but they are not about to oblige us in any way shape or form. Cigarette manufacturers say it is their right to protect their "recipes"--they call them trade secrets--over the rights of consumers to know what goes into their favorite cigarettes. This rule does not apply to cereals, canned foods, etc. Apparently the FDA agrees with the tobacco industry for, thus far, the FDA continues to look the other way. Is it a case of special privileges? I think so, otherwise what else should we call it?

Remember this the next time you pass one of those billboards along the highway where some tough-looking rancher sits on his horse smoking a Marlboro as his fiercely keen eyes scan the wide blue skies above him. It would be better for him, and for us, if he were to drop his gaze for a moment and take in the cancer wards filled with pain-wracked or so-doped-out-by-morphine patients, to whom life has become meaningless as it nears its end. Cigarettes are indeed the most dangerous product sold in America.

Better yet, why don't anti-smoking groups go out and erect such "cancer ward" billboards--preferably as close as possible to the blue-sky blue-smoke Marlboro billboards? Come to think of it, a lot of people would find it a sobering experience the next time they pass that hitherto attractive outdoor scene.



WED., JANUARY 8, 1992 1:21 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 145



We will continue in the discussion of the Board of Managers of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The present board of Managers of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center include Edward J. Beattie, a Markle scholar at George Washington University, and staff member of Rockefeller Hospital since 1978, fellow of the American Cancer Society, and chief medical officer of Memorial since 1965; Peter 0. Crisp, who is manager of investments for the Rockefeller Family Associates; Harold Fisher, chairman of Exxon Corp., the flag-bearer of the Rockefeller fortune; Clifton C. Garvin, Jr., president of Exxon Corporation, director of Citicorp, Citibank (the former National City Bank), Pepsico, J.C. Penney, TRW, Equitable Life, Corning Glass, and the drug firm Johnson and Johnson; Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., president of the giant Squibb drug firm, director of American Express, Caterpillar and Melville Corp.; he is a member of the visiting committee at Harvard University; Ellmore C. Patterson, with J.P. Morgan since 1935, married Anne Hyde Choate, of New York's leading legal family; Patterson is treasurer of Memorial Sloan Kettering; he is also a trustee of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which was formerly headed by Alger Hiss; Patterson's brother-in-law, Arthur H. Choate, Jr. was a partner of J.P. Morgan Co. for some years; he then joined Clark Dodge and Co.; Robert V. Roosa, partner of the investment bankers Brown Brothers Harriman, a Rhodes Scholar who was the mastermind of the Federal Reserve System for many years, training Paul Volcker and then nominating him to be chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington; Roosa also helped David Rockefeller set up the Trilateral Commission, of which he remains a director; Benno C. Schmidt, managing partner of the investment bankers J. H. Whitney Co. for many years, which has large holdings in Schlumberger, Freeport Minerals, and CBS; Schmidt was general counsel of the War Production Board during World War II, and managed the Office of Foreign Liquidation in 1945 and 1946, which disposed of billions of dollars worth of material at giveaway prices; Schmidt was on the President's Cancer Panel from 1971-80; he is a director of General Motors Cancer Research Foundation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and the Whitney Museum; he received the Cleveland Award for distinguished service in the crusade for cancer control from the American Cancer Society in 1972 (these groups are always awarding each other honors and prizes, no one else need apply); Schmidt also received the Bristol Myers award for distinguished service in cancer research in 1979; his son, Benno Schmidt, Jr., married the boss' daughter, Helen Cushing Whitney, and is now president of Yale University; he had served as law clerk to Chief Justice Warren at the Supreme Court and later held the office of legal counsel to the Department of Justice.

Other members of the Board of Managers are H. Virgil Sherrill, president of the investment firm Bache Halsey Stuart Shields, which is now Prudential Bache; Frank Seitz, director of Organon and the Ogden Corp., both of which are chemical firms; he has been chairman of the key political group, the Institute for Strategic Studies since 1975; Seitz is on the board of the National Cancer Advisory Board and the Rockefeller Foundation; he also serves on the Belgian American Educational Foundation which was set up by Herbert Hoover after World War I to conceal his profits from his Belgian charitable work; Seitz also serves on the board of the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation which had assets of $105 million in 1985, and from which it spent only $7.5 million in its charitable work; William S. Sneath, president of the giant chemical firm Union Carbide Corp., which has had several accidents in its chemical factories in recent years; he is also a director of Metropolitan Life, controlled by the Morgan interests, Rockwell International, and the giant advertising firm, JWT Group; Lewis Thomas, whose exploits take up a full column in Who's Who; he is investment counselor for the Rockefeller Institute, dean of the medical school at Yale, professor of medicine at Cornell since 1973; Thomas is a director of the drug firm Squibb, president emeritus of Memorial Sloan Kettering, director of the Rand Institute, Rockefeller University, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, Menninger Foundation, Lounsbery Foundation, the Sidney Farber Cancer Institute, and the Aaron Diamond Foundation; J.S. Wickerham who is vice president of the Morgan bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust; Harper Woodward, who is with the Rockefeller Family Associates, longtime associate of Laurance Rockefeller.

This is only the Board of Managers of Memorial Sloan Kettering, the nation's preeminent cancer center. Each person on the Board of Managers shows many direct or indirect links with the Rockefeller interests. The Center's Board of Overseers includes Mrs. Elmer Bobst, widow of the prominent drug manufacturer and reorganizer of the American Cancer Society; Dr. James B. Fisk, chairman of Bell Telephone Laboratories, director of American Cynanamid, Corning, Equitable Life, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, Chase Manhattan Bank (the Rockefeller Bank), board of overseers at Harvard, and director of the Cabot corporation; Richard M. Furlaud, chairman of the giant drug firm, Squibb, director and general counsel of Olin Corporation, the huge munitions manufacturer, and director of American Express; Dr. Emanuel Rubin Piore, born in Wilno, Russia, headed the Special Weapons Group at the U.S. Navy 1942-46, head of the Navy Electronics Bureau 1948, director of research at IBM since 1956, professor at Rockefeller University, consultant to MIT and Harvard, director of Paul Revere Investors, director of Sloan Kettering since 1976; he received the Kaplan Award from Hebrew University; his wife Nora Kahn is a long-standing health analyst with the New York City Health Department since 1957, director of the Commonwealth Fund, Blue Cross Senior Fellow, United Hospital Fund, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (for the drug firm Johnson and Johnson), Pew Memorial Trust, Vera Foundation, Urban League, grantee from U.S. Public Health Service; James D. Robinson III, chairman of American Express, which has now incorporated both Kuhn, Loeb Co. and Lehman Brothers investment banking houses into Shearson Lehman Hutton; he was formerly with Morgan Guaranty Trust and is now director of Bristol Myers, the drug firm, Coca Cola, Firemans Fund Insurance, chairman of Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Rockefeller University; James S. Rockefeller, director of Cranston Print Works; Laurance Rockefeller, who is director of Reader's Digest with 18 million circulation and National Geographic with 10 million circulation--meaning that he influences 28 million middle class American homes each month--Dr. Ralph Moss, former public relations director of Memorial Sloan Kettering, noted that Reader's Digest is often a barometer of orthodox thinking on the cancer problem. The Rockefellers remain the most prominent contributors to Memorial Sloan Kettering; William Rockefeller is also an overseer--he is a partner of Shearson Sterling, lawyers for the Rockefeller interests; he is also a director of Cranston Print Works and Oneida Ltd.; T.F. Walkowicz, who serves with the Rockefeller Family Associates is chairman of National Aviation and Technology Corporation, and a director of CCI, Itek and Mitre Corporation, Safetrans Systems and Quotron Systems; Arthur B. Treman, Jr., managing director of Dillon Read investment bankers for many years.

Not only do the boards of Memorial Sloan Kettering have direct ties to the Rockefellers; they are also closely linked with defense industries, the CIA, and chemical and drug firms. It is no accident that they serve on the board of an institution whose recommendations on cancer treatment mean literally billions in profits to those who are in the right position to take advantage of them. And you thought this was a charitable organization! The fact is the Memorial Sloan Kettering and the American Cancer Society are the principal organizational functionaries, with the American Medical Association, of the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly. In 1944, the American Society for the Control of Cancer changed its name to American Cancer Society; it was then placed in the hands of two of the most notorious patent medicine hucksters in the United States, Albert Lasker and Elmer Bobst.

Albert Lasker, born in Freiburg, Germany (1880-1952) has been called "the father of modern advertising". He focused on easily remembered slogans and constant repetition to drill his messages into the heads of the American people. Like other successful hucksters memorialized in these pages, he began his career as a journalist. He was brought to this country by his parents, who settled in Galveston, Texas. His father, Morris Lasker, became a representative for Rothschild banking interests, and soon became the president of five banks in Texas. He lived in a luxurious mansion in Galveston, was a prominent grain and cotton dealer and, because of extensive interests in West Texas, he became known as "the godfather of the Panhandle". He died in 1916, leaving his son Albert as his executor. Needing cash to expand his advertising business, Albert Lasker hurriedly sold the lands at a bargain price which, in 1916, was not very much. His business acumen failed him here, because more than one billion dollars of oil was later discovered on those lands.

At the age of sixteen, Albert Lasker became a reporter on the Galveston News; he soon moved on to a better paying position in Dallas, on the Dallas Morning News, the largest newspaper in Texas. He soon found that the real money in the newspaper business was not in journalism, but in advertising, which brought in most of the revenue. Lasker went to Chicago, where he talked his way into a position with Lord and Thomas, the city's largest agency. He was only nineteen years old. Because he had agreed that his salary depended on how much business he could bring into the firm, he became a fanatical hustler. At the age of twenty-five, he had saved enough money, together with his family's money, to buy twenty-five per cent of the agency. He went on to participate in some. of the most memorable advertising campaigns in the history of the business. He built a three and a half million dollar estate in the exclusive suburb of Lake Forest, Mill Road Farm, a 480 acre spread with twenty-seven buildings, and a million dollar golf course which Bob Jones described as one of the three best golf courses in the United States. At the age of 42, he had arrived. The estate employed fifty workers, who kept six miles of hedges clipped each week. The French chateau in the center of all this luxury was more magnificent than anything built by his crusty neighbors, who viewed him with ill-disguised dislike. For years, he was the only Jewish resident, and he delighted in bruiting it about that he intended to leave the estate in his will as a Jewish Community Center.

Lasker was always very active in major Jewish organizations, serving on the American Jewish Committee and the powerful Anti-Defamation League. His sister Florine founded the National Council of Jewish Women and the Civil Liberties Committee in New York; another sister, Etta Rosensohn, was a passionate Zionist who headed the Hadassah Organization.

During the First World War, Lasker had been persuaded by his friend Bernard Baruch to join Woodrow Wilson's cabinet as an assistant secretary; this was to be his only government post. Despite the fact that he had built Lord and Thomas into a giant advertising agency, he felt that Chicago was too small for him; he soon moved his headquarters to New York. When he joined the agency, it had only $900,000 a year income, of which a third came from one product, Cascarets, a laxative. After he moved to New York, he realized that he was in a position to launch national campaigns to sell products whose stocks would then greatly increase in value. He cannily invested large sums in products which had not yet gained wide public acceptance, his most notable triumph being his promotion of Kotex, and it was seldom advertised. Lasker bought a million dollars worth of International Cellulose, its manufacturer, and then launched a tremendous campaign in newspapers and magazines. He made many millions in profits on this one operation. Not only did he charge the firm for his advertising campaign, but he also reaped millions from the stock operation. He repeated this formula with other products, amassing a fortune of fifty million dollars. He later boasted that "No one has taken as much money out of advertising as I have."

Lasker was behind many of the nation's most successful radio shows. He auditioned Bob Hope, and launched him on a sixty year career. It was Lasker who made Amos and Andy the most popular radio show in the United States. He hired them for Pepsodent because he said that the half of the American population who listened to the show each evening would be envisioning the white teeth flashing "in those dusky countenances". The sponsor of the show was Pepsodent tooth-paste. Although the program is not denigrated as offensive to American blacks, if Lasker were still alive, he would push it as the nation's most successful television show.

Lasker owned the Chicago Cubs, and was a heavy gambler. He was known to bet as much as $40,000 on a single golf match. [H: But let poor old Pete Rose, an outstanding ball player, bet even a little bit and he is barred from the Hall of Fame forever--after actually performing beyond expectations which place ones in that Hall of Fame. (sic, sic)] He also was a hard driving taskmaster. In the depression year of 1931, he had a personal profit of one million dollars. This did not dissuade him from cutting back the expenses of his business. He took advantage of the widespread unemployment and the depression to fire fifty people from the staff of Lord and Thomas; those who remained had their salaries cut by fifty per cent.

One of Lasker's most successful promotions was his campaign to popularize drinking orange juice for Sunkist company. He is best remembered, however, for his association with American Tobacco's George Washington Hill. When Lasker came onto the scene, Percival Hill was still the firm's president. The son of a prominent Philadelphia banker, he had built up a successful carpet business, which he sold, investing the proceeds in a tobacco company, Blackwell Tobacco; he then sold this firm to the tobacco king, James Duke. Duke reorganized the firm in 1911 and asked Hill to become president, his son, George Washington Hill, became vice president. Lasker got the account after World War I, when tobacco manufacturers were very conservative in their advertising expenditures. They rarely spent large sums promoting a single brand, preferring to advertise their entire line. Lasker persuaded the Hills to concentrate their advertising, and to increase their budget. They did so and sales skyrocketed. In a single year, Lasker increased their advertising budget from one million to twenty-five million dollars. He managed to maintain good relations with the arrogant and domineering George Washington Hill, whose crudeness was memorialized by Sidney Greenstreet in the film "The Hucksters". Greenstreet portrayed Hill as a loathsome slob who made his point by spitting a great gob on the table in front of his directors.

Lasker created the catchy slogan for Lucky Strikes, "It's Toasted". When World War II began, he tried to foist a supposedly patriotic slogan on the American public, "Lucky Strike Green Has Gone to War". The campaign was a flop. It was a flimsy pretext that the green color used in the package had been requisitioned for the war effort.

Lasker's greatest achievement was his national campaign to persuade women to smoke in public. He could be said to be the father of women's lung cancer. At that time, few women were bold enough to be seen smoking in public. Ably assisted by his minions in Hollywood, Lasker saw to it that in many scenes of movies, leading women would be seen smoking cigarettes in public. His greatest success was through Bette Davis, who delivered her lines in almost every scene through a thick cloud of smoke. Smoking in public now became common, creating a vast new market for cigarettes, which, of course, was Lasker's only goal. Some twenty years later, many of these women were dying from emphysema or lung cancer.

Lasker's furious pace took its toll. He had three nervous breakdowns, but his greatest shock came when his wife died in 1936. He met an actress the following year, Doris Kenyon, and impulsively married her. The marriage lasted only a few months. She went back to Hollywood, divorced him, and married the brother-in-law of pianist Arthur Rubinstein, which proved to be a successful marriage. In 1939, while lunching with Wild Bill Donovan at the "21 Club" who was soon to become head of the wartime OSS, later the CIA, he was introduced to an attractive divorcee, an art dealer named Mary Woodard. The daughter of a Wisconsin banker, she had started a dress company, Hollywood Patterns, designing inexpensive dresses for working girls, and then had gone into the art business. A few days later, while he was lunching with publisher Richard Simon, he met her a second time, and decided to marry her. He was just starting to build an art collection and knew very little about painting. He later claimed he had married her to save a million dollars in sales commissions, which he probably did. She tried to get him to relax, and soon had him going to a psychoanalyst. He was lunching with Richard Simon again when he jumped up and said, "I'm late for my psychoanalyst." Simon seemed puzzled, and Lasker explained, "I'm doing it to get rid of all the hate the advertising business has put into me." It is likely that he had put more hate in the advertising business than it had put into him. Despite the fact that practically all of his close friends were prominent Jews, such as Bernard Baruch, [H: Please remember that it was Bernard Baruch who showed up with Eisenhower at a pre-scheduled meeting with my Space Command and we had to change locations, etc. Do you still wonder why we have a difficult time in interaction with you lovely people of Earth? It was Baruch and the Catholic Priest, also present--who prevented Eisenhower from mentioning the meeting to the public--they didn't "want to panic the Christian community".] Anna Rosenberg, David Sarnoff, the New York publicist Ben Sonnenberg, and Lewis Strauss of Kuhn, Loeb Company, he rarely hired Jews in his advertising firm. When he was reproached for this, he merely smiled, and said, "Look, I went into this firm and took it over. Do you think I want somebody to do that to me?"

Among his protégés were very successful advertising men such as Emerson Foote, William Benton and Fairfax Cone, all of whom were gentiles. Lasker liked to call them his little "goyim". He joked about how he could make them jump when he barked.

In 1942, Lasker, having made a large fortune, decided to close down Lord and Thomas. His proteges went on to found the firm of Foote, Cone and Belding; William Edward, a lawyer, had married Carla, the daughter of Bernard Gimbel of the department store fortune. At the wedding, Lasker dourly cited an old Jewish proverb, "You can't make an omelet from two spoiled eggs." He was proven right; they got a divorce. His daughter, Mary, married the Chicago steel tycoon, Leigh Block, of Inland Steel. They amassed a multimillion dollar art collection. She also became a vice president of Foote, Cone and Belding. Block's brother, Joseph, became president of the Jewish Federation.

Lasker had grown bored with wearing white shirts; he started the vogue of wearing blue shirts in New York, which became the hallmark of the advertising profession. He never learned to drive a car and had no mechanical skills. After moving to New York, he begrudged the enormous upkeep of his Lake Forest estate; in 1939 he donated it to the University of Chicago. The trustees promptly sold it off for building lots; the million dollar mansion went for $110,000.

Lasker's importance to this narrative is the fact that he and his cohort, a patent medicine huckster named Elmer Bobst, took the American Cancer Society, a moribund group in the early 1940's, and within months built it into a powerful national force. They used all their techniques for promotion, fund-raising and business organization to make this group the most powerful force in the new billion dollar world of cancer treatment, an achievement for which the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly was extremely grateful. They summarily dumped a cumbersome organization known as the Women's Army, which was very decentralized, and placed all the power of the American Cancer Society in New York. All of its meetings are held there. They also used their business connections to bring in a new board of trustees from the biggest names in banking and industry, charging $100,000 each for the privilege of serving on the board.

After launching the American Cancer Society as a viable organization, Lasker himself became ill with cancer. He was operated on for intestinal cancer in 1950, not knowing that cutting into a cancer immediately spreads it throughout the body. He died in 1952 at the Harkness Rockefeller pavilion. Before his death, he had set up the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, which was to make Mary Lasker the most powerful woman in American medicine. [H: It is also because of this desire that the cancer was deliberately introduced to other varying parts of Lasker's anatomy while under the "slash, cut, burn and mutilate" knife of the surgeons. Who, by the way, also did very well later for their sincere and successful efforts. It is almost a reminder of how well the government can get rid of problems as with Casey and his "sudden and abrupt" brain tumor which killed him almost instantly. How could anyone fake cancer of the brain? That story in itself is almost worthy of telling right here but I have much to cover and that can come along with the CIA.]

Mary Lasker soon controlled a vast empire of grants, foundations, Washington lobbyists and other organizations. Her most able lieutenant in achieving this power was the Rockefeller employee, Anna Rosenberg, who has worked closely with her for years.

Elmer Bobst, who was Lasker's partner in putting the American Cancer Society over the top, was also a tycoon. Unlike Lasker, Bobst had come from a poor family, but he also had the born huckster's mentality, taken from that native American entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum, who said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Bobst joined the drug firm of Hoffman LaRoche in 1911, where his talents as a salesman got him the presidency of the firm. He was also a shrewd businessman; just after World War I, knowing that commodity prices were bound to fall, he was shocked to find that the firm had accumulated huge inventories in the New Jersey warehouse. He quickly closed a deal with Eastman Kodak to buy five tons of bromides, a key ingredient not only of analgesics but also of photographic supplies. He offered the bromides at sixty cents a pound, ten cents below the market price. Within a few weeks, the market price had fallen to sixteen cents a pound.

Bobst's great achievement at Hoffman LaRoche was his advertising campaign for vitamins. It was so successful that he won the nickname of "The Vitamin King". He made millions of dollars in the stock market, and he decided to leave lloffman LaRoche for greener pastures. In 1944, he called in Cravath, Swaine and Moore, the lawyers for Kuhn, Loeb Company, to negotiate his terms; they got him a very favorable settlement of $150,000 the first year and $60,000 a year until his seventy-fifth birthday. Having made his fortune in peddling vitamins, he now moved on to the higher-priced pills, becoming head of Warner-Lambert. This firm's biggest product was Listerine. Gerald Lambert, no mean huckster himself, had built Lambert Pharmacal into a giant empire, principally through his relentless warnings about the perils of "bad breath". His father had invented a mouthwash, for which he appropriated the most famous name in medicine, Baron Joseph Lister, the inventor of antiseptics and asepsis in hospitals. A prominent surgeon, Baron Lister had operated on Queen Victoria herself, the only time she submitted to the knife. Gerald Lambert made his name a household word with full-page advertisements for Listerine. Banner headlines warned that "Even your best friend won't tell you." Lambert coined a new word for this plague, halitosis, from the Latin for bad breath. At the height of the 1920's stock market boom, Gerald Lambert sold his firm to the Warner Corporation for $25 million, the equivalent of $500 million in 1980 dollars. The deal was closed in 1928; within a year, the value of the firm had dropped to $5 million.

The resulting Warner-Lambert Corporation had showed little growth during the 1930's. Bobst was hired primarily for his marketing skills, but he soon proved that he was an empire builder, buying more than fifty additional companies. In an astute move, he named Albert Driscoll president of the firm. Driscoll had just served seven years as Governor of New Jersey. As directors, Bobst brought in the shrewdest brains on Wall Street, Sidney Weinberg of Goldman Sachs, and Frederick Eberstadt, of Eberstadt and Company. As director of public relations, he brought in Anna Rosen-berg, who had long been director of labor relations for the Rockefellers at their primary holding Rockefeller Center. This meant that Bobst had now established a key Rockefeller connection, as Anna Rosenberg continued to have a close association with her former employers.

Because he was the only one who was aware of his ambitious plans, Bobst had bought heavily into Warner-Lambert stock before he began his great expansion. As a result, the stock increased- many times in value. He was now the largest stock holder, worth many times millions. FORTUNE described his "seigniorial life style, his vast estates in New Jersey, his 87 foot yacht at Spring Lake, and his suite at the Waldorf". In fact, Bobst owned five yachts in succession, each one larger than the last, and all named Alisa, the last being called Alisa V. He also married a second time, marrying the Lebanese delegate to the United Nations. He was chairman of the War Bond drive in New Jersey during World War II, and became a large contributor to political campaigns. He thus became a very influential behind the scenes figure in the Republican Party, so much so that he chose his own man for the presidency.

Eisenhower's Secretary of the Treasury, George Humphrey, of the Rothschild bank, National City Bank of Cleveland, had been slated to speak at a fund-raising rally in New Jersey of which Bobst was chairman. He became ill, and Vice President Richard Nixon was sent in his place. This began a close relationship between Bobst and Nixon, which was almost a father-son relationship. Nixon was dazzled by Bobst's millionaire life style, and he saw to it that the Bobsts were frequently invited to the White House dinners. In 1957, Nixon was able to introduce Bobst to the Queen of England at a White House gathering.

After Nixon's ill-advised, if justified, attack on the press after his campaign in California, it seemed that his political career was over. However, Bobst was not about to give up on such a potential ally. Nixon later fondly recalled the best advice Bobst ever gave him. Bobst had drawn him aside, during what was a period of great de-pression for Nixon, and earnestly told him, "Dick, it's time you learned the facts of life. You see, there are really only two kinds of people in the world, the eaters and the eaten. You just have to make up your mind which group you're going to be in."

At a time when Nixon had little or no prospects, Bobst went to his attorney, Matt Herold, the senior partner of the Wall Street firm of Mudge, Rose and Stern. Warner Lambert was their biggest client and when Bobst "suggested" to Herold that he bring in Nixon from California as a partner of the firm, Herold was only too happy to oblige. With this springboard, Nixon was able to launch his successful campaign for the Presidency.

The move turned out to be a wise investment all around. After Nixon won the election, the Republican Governors of the states of New Jersey, Nebraska, Kentucky, and West Virginia turned over all of their tax-free bond business to Mudge Rose, giving the firm an additional million dollars a year of income. In January of 1971, Mudge Rose appeared before the Justice Department on the matter of the merger of Warner-Lambert and Parke-Davis, a decision which meant millions of dollars to Bobst. Attorney General John Mitchell, also a protege of Bobst, disqualified himself; his deputy Attorney General, Richard Kleindienst, then let the merger go through. These were the only deals which became a matter of public knowledge; no doubt there were many more. In a brilliant tax move, Mitchell advised Bobst to donate $11,000,000 to New York University for the Bobst Library.

In 1973, Bobst had his autobiography published by David McKay Company in New York. An obvious "puff" job, it was a glowing account of Bobst's accomplishments, unmarred by any unfavorable comments. When Bobst died in 1978, no obituary appeared in the New York Times. This was an amazing circumstance concerning one of New York's most prominent tycoons. The Times routinely memorialized even the minor executives of New York firms. Strangely enough, a public statement about Bobst did appear in the Times, a memorial eulogy by his longtime friend, Laurance Rockefeller, the chairman of Sloan Kettering. Rockefeller said, "His efforts in the fight against cancer earned the sincere gratitude of cancer patients and researchers as well as the general public." Perhaps Bobst's real memorial is the label of Listerine, which still carries the message, "For Bad Breath, insect bites, infectious dandruff; 26.9% alcohol."


Dharma, this seems a good place for another chapter break. I also wish to ask that you of the public watch something which is occurring right under your noses. Watch the manner in which Oliver North is being set up and getting his big pay-off for taking the fall in the Iran-Contra affair. He is being groomed for President of the U.S., or other major office, by his little conspiracy-mates. He is on (the same program reruns) Larry King Live frequently and referred to more frequently as a wondrously fine and beyond reproach upstanding citizen and officer. He was without a doubt the most sniveling treasonist of your day and age. He represents the common criminal drug pusher and cover-up artist. He will now be placed as a "regular" on the "Capital Gang" and other regular deceiver programs. If you pay attention, America, you can see it happen and exactly HOW it happens.

Let us have respite, please. Thank you. By the way, most of these wondrous liquid medications and miracle drugs are at least 26.9% alcohol! Beats beer and wine and is ever so much more socially acceptable!



THU., JANUARY 9, 1992 7:58 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 146



Hatonn present, ready for service. I don't, however, like what my own students are asking me. Come now, precious readers, I told you there would be an effort to take-out Bush on this Orient trip. Remember, shooting is too crude as is poison, so how do we make a big assassination show without telling? Right--beams and pulses. Mr. Bush does not and "cannot" have flu. He was targeted with extra low frequency pulses with intent of causing cardiac arrest but replicas are not set up with the same frequency system of you poor folks who "get the flu". I can promise you, however, that the point was not missed. There were two persons sent into that room with apparatus in brief cases--to do the job. The devices are totally simple and require no more than a calculator casing. The most important man to watch in reaction is Iacocca--he is totally bewildered and scared spitless. By the way, how better to make a big attention-getting splash? You are being controlled by very shrewd manipulators--very clever and shrewd indeed! Will this help or hurt the "Bush movement"? Just watch and it will be very, very clear most quickly now. Also note--the overstressing of Bush's "human-ness", i.e. "...after all, everyone in America has had the flu--can't I have 24 hours?" Sounds good? How many of you had the flu? Did you just vomit once and immediately go down with no signs of weakness prior? Played tennis? Did you not end up with some headache? How about coughing and painful throats because of the coughing? How about nasal-sounding speech following the onset of the "cold" portion? "ELF" pulses do EXACTLY what you saw and ones who have knowingly been targets of same can verify my statement.

I will say that Bush immediately looked like "death" in gray-green confused disorientation (which immediately cleared)--did Barbara look like a wife of a President who might well have been dead? ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU LOOK AT THESE THINGS MOST CAREFULLY AND STOP EATING THE PARTY-LINE, DISIN-FORMATION GARBAGE.


George just received a request for renewal of the LIBERATOR with this message--"I'm not sure why I am renewing since you were wrong in everything you said about the Gulf War."

I would hope that you ones would give a bit more time--I believe you will find that EVERYTHING I said about the Gulf War either was, or came to be. If plans change I can only speak of those "plans" which were and, for other reasons, were not utilized. I believe, however, that if you simply watch your news daily, you will see that I told you EXACTLY what was happening. Moreover, you were, in addition, told by several more daring writers who outlaid information of what would be prior to the beginning of the encounter. If you don't have perception or understanding of the information given--please do not immediately perceive you have been given incorrect information. LOOK at the OPEC meetings this day and see what will transpire in March in Geneva. I can only tell you--I cannot digest it FOR you.




What of the markets and lines in the Soviet Union new Commonwealth? Ah, I thought you might notice--NO SHORTAGES, JUST HIGH PRICES. The complaint is that there is now "plenty" but, but, and but.

How about this article as a for instance: Moscow inspectors reject British beef: London--There may be no meat in most Russian food stores, and prices for what little there is may be shooting skyward, but agricultural inspectors in Moscow turned up their noses at a shipment of 120 TONS of British beef of Sunday, fearing that it was infected by "mad cow disease".

Instead, after hours of wrangling telephone calls, the Russians sent the Russian cargo plane carrying the shipment off to the Arctic Circle. [H: That in itself should scare the living daylights out of you--why would beef in that quantity be sent to the Arctic Circle? You have to watch EVERYTHING!]

"Where's the beef?" a spokesman for the British Overseas Development Administration was asked Monday. "In Murmansk," he answered, "apparently the Russians thought it was safe to send it there, since there are no cattle anywhere nearby to get infected." (The New York Times)

Anyone still wish to argue the point?

I am also asked why I don't get back to update commentary? Because I must also give you background information and I am not the "daily news service". I can teach you to "see" beyond the facade but we have a much broader mission and daily current events are not the major part of it. HOW you got to this type of daily news is a major part of it. Keep with the LIBERATOR and as soon as George can afford same, it will increase in publication days--at this point expenses are prohibitive.

Also, it is absolutely mandatory that you be exposed and have available that which is given by others as now entered into the paper and allow for additions as well--you MUST have the spiritual input of the Master Teacher whom you await, as well as our input on "how you got to 'here". How much we can give you is only limited by that which you support and accept--we are working at the bringing to you, information, twenty-four hours of our every day. It is most difficult to change a world and overnight, in the human environment of ceaseless lies from onset of experience, is almost considered "impossible". With God, however, nothing is impossible and only presents us with a nice challenge. What do you have to lose? EVERYTHING! But, you sure have a lot to gain by waking-up!



I would like to remind you that you can get a very, very good and balanced input of this information from MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins. I need not give you "revelation" when such an outstanding job of truthbringing is already present. I believe America West distributes the volumes (or can tell you where to obtain them). I believe the cost is quite high relative to the JOURNALS but they were published "hard-back", etc., by the (of all things) National Council for Medical Research. Note what a clever way to utilize the "system". Thank you for paying attention.

Let us continue with "Bobst":

Rockefeller was referring to Bobst's revitalization of the American Cancer Society. Under his leadership, it had obtained a new charter on June 23, 1944, and underwent a complete reorganization. The staff was expanded to 300, and the two hucksters launched a national campaign to enlist two and a half million "volunteers" to patrol every foot of the nation in gathering funds to "fight cancer". [H: How many of you have gone door to door soliciting in "areas" for funding for cancer, heart-lung societies, etc?] Because the orders to engage in this campaign always came from business tycoons, social leaders and politicians, the masses had no alternative; they had to obey. The huckster talents of Bobst and Lasker resulted in the often ludicrous spectacle of millions of peasants being herded out into the streets in an annual march to rattle tin cans and beg donations for the Super Rich. The only campaign to equal it probably was the annual drive by the Nazi Party in Germany for contributions for the Winterhilfe campaign. The ACS campaign operated on the same lines [taking its blueprint from the Nazi organization]. The millions of "volunteers" threw themselves into this annual task because their jobs, their social position, and their families depended on their willingness to make the sacrifice to the God of Mammon, which was presently masquerading as "the Ghost of Cancers Past, and To Come".

The chairman of the American Cancer Society, Clarence D. Little, had been named to that post in 1929 by the Rockefellers, longtime associates who had established a laboratory for him at their summer home on Mt. Desert Island. He seemed to have no interest in cancer, spending most of his time as president of the American Birth Control League, the Euthanasia Society, and the Eugenics Society, the latter being a pet project of the Harriman family. He admitted that in 1943, the American Cancer Society spent nothing on research. Little had been president of the University of Michigan, and now served as Overseer of Harvard University. Under his leadership, the cancer group had been nothing more than a small group of elitists who met occasionally in New York.

Despite its reorganization on a more business like basis, the American Cancer Society, long after Little's departure, continued to pile up a stunning record of nonaccomplishment. One critic, a longtime federal official, publicly stated that it should be called "the infantile society for national paralysis". However, the society's inability to find a cure for cancer was hardly accidental. The Bobst-Lasker influence brought it firmly into the orbit of the Sloan Kettering Institute, whose motto had long been "Millions for research, but not one cent for a cure". Charles McCabe, the irreverent columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, wrote on September 27, 1971, "You might be wondering if the personnel of the American Cancer Society, or cancer research foundations, and other sainted organizations, are truly interested in a cure for cancer. Or whether they would like a problem which supports them to continue to exist."

The new Bobst-Lasker board of the American Cancer Society featured the usual array of Rockefeller cohorts, Anna Rosenberg, Eric Johnston, longtime head of the Chamber of Commerce and now head of the Motion Picture Association, a public relations spokesman for the Hollywood moguls, John Adams, a partner of Lazard Freres and head of Standard Brands; General William Donovan, the Wall Street lawyer who was selected by the British Intelligence Service to head the new Office of Strategic Services, the nation's spy network; he was later sent to Thailand as U.S. Ambassador to oversee the operations of the world dope ring [H: Please, please, do not let these connections escape you--remember, "change the name and fool all the people for a while". Also note that these "sir-names" such as Adams, etc., are also "changed to protect the guilty". If you continue to miss the clues, we cannot hope to unravel the plot of this mystery production.]; Emerson Foote, Lasker's advertising protege; Ralph Reed, the president of American Express Company; Harry von Elm, the super banker who was president of Manufacturers Trust; and Florence Mahoney, the multi-million dollar heiress of the Cox newspaper fortune, and a longtime crony of Mary Lasker.

[H: I am continually asked about Bob Woodward of the Washington Post and his book regarding an interview with Casey (CIA) just before his death in the hospital, etc. Does it matter? The entire plot of Watergate was to bring the President down (Nixon) and they simply overdid the "play" when they tried the same scenario again in the Iran/Contra-gate. Well, actually, the adversary doesn't have to change his story or his works--because you fall for the line, hook, line and sinker--over and over and over again. The book was not written by Woodward but, like Oliver North's UNDER FIRE was nothing more than set-up information by several 'ghost' writers who project the information desired unto you the people. They are the same writers who write the President's, Vice-President's, etc., speeches. By the way, a nice name like "Irish" 'Donovan' are the most typical name-changes utilized to fool the people. This type of sir-name would appear to be about as non-Jewish as you can get! Forget it--many, many, many people of so-called Jewish descent took those names to survive in your "new world" without being persecuted--AND, TO DO THEIR PLOTTING AND DIRTY WORK OF DECEPTION TO SET THE STAGE FOR TODAY'S ACTIONS.

[Since it has been a long time past that ones sent our information to Bob Woodward to "look into", I can tell you now that immediately the CIA was notified and you have not been without "tail" since! You nice readers in Tehachapi, California might also realize that immediate contact was made with your local papers in the entire area and you were immediately blacklisted and all community "boards" given directions to "give trouble" enough to cause you to shut-down and leave the area. The "leaders" such as Ben Austin, etc., are in the system (servants of) and the Editor/Owner of the papers are involved in the cover-up and shrouding of the activities, both civilian and military, as is also, the so-called "Christian alliance" of the community though only a couple are directly involved in disinformation. Hence the threat to "blow up your cars through the ignition system"--by the "Christian community" as stated in the threat letters and phone calls. I believe you can now see, through the Truth we have disclosed and now confirmed--the need to shut you up! Since it didn't work, they are in the process now of trying to figure out how to totally discredit you and therefore, you must never let down your guard for you have enemies among you! You have actual "agents" among you and they appear "unlikely" indeed.

You come under our protection and it is recognized as much--I simply suggest you keep your intent in the proper perspective and your enemy can't touch you. Moreover, it is very helpful and indeed nice--WHEN YOUR ENEMY BECOMES YOUR FRIEND--THOSE AGENTS DIE THE SAME AS DO THE NON-AGENTS, EXCEPT MORE HEINOUSLY AT THE HANDS OF THEIR MASTERS.]

In 1958, the officers of the American Cancer Society were Alfred P. Sloan, president; Monroe J. Rathbone, president of Standard Oil; Mrs. Anna Rosenberg Hoffman of the Rockefeller Foundation; General Donovan and Eric Johnston. Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas, a perennial champion of socialized medicine, established a 26-member National Panel of Consultants on the Conquest of Cancer, chaired by Benno Schmidt, head of the J. H. Whitney investment banking firm. Other members were Laurance Rockefeller, Dr. Sidney Farber, former president of the American Cancer Society, G. Keith Funston, chairman of the Olin munitions firm, and Mathilde J. Krim, a former Zionist terrorist (Mossad).

An interesting footnote to history is the revelation of the cozy relationships which developed between top Nazi officials and the founders of the Zionist terrorist network, Haganah and the Irgun Zvai Leumi, in the closing days of the Second World War. The Zionists were working to drive the British out of Palestine; the Nazis were also at war with England, which gave birth to the most curious political alliance of the twentieth century. One of the leading advocates of working with the Abwehr, German Intelligence, was one YITZHAK SHAMIR, now Premier of Israel. After the war, the Zionists employed many former Nazis to help set up their military opposition to the British. The leader in this alliance was the veteran of the old Stern Gang of terrorists, which was now the Irgun Zvai Leumi, none other than MENACHEM BEGIN. One of Begin's protégés was a young woman named Mathilde J., as she was known in terrorist circles. She was born in Switzerland after her father left Italy because of "poor economic conditions"--no political ideology there. The present Mrs. Krim is described by Current Biography as a "geneticist" and a "philanthropist". She has been the resident biologist at the American Cancer Society for many years. In her younger days, she joined the Irgun Zvai Leumi, marrying a fellow terrorist in a show of solidarity. She soon became a favorite of Begin, and divorced her husband. It was Begin who was asked by a grinning Mike Wallace on the program "Sixty Minutes": "Did you really introduce terrorism into the politics of the Middle East?" Begin answered emphatically, "NOT JUST THE MIDDLE EAST--THE WHOLE WORLD!" He was referring to the world-wide terrorist operations of Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence group which is entirely financed by the CIA with American taxpayers' funds. [H: Everyone still with me or are some of you coming down with ELF "flu"? The sickness in the pit of the stomach is your first clue!.]

Mathilde J. then went to work at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. One day, she was introduced to one of its wealthiest American directors, the movie mogul Arthur Krim. They were married, making her an American citizen. Krim has been the chief lobbyist in Washington for the major film companies for many years; he is also a principal fund raiser for the Zionist agitprop network. As a fund raiser, he was also a close friend of President Lyndon B. Johnson [H: Remember THAT L.B.J.--who was a major part of John Kennedy's assassination? Go see the movie, at least. Note that Nixon, on Larry King, did not deny knowledge of the assassination as is coming forth as not being factual--only that he felt nothing would be gained by revelations of the truth at this time.] Krim and his wife were house guests of Johnson's at the White House when the Israelis attacked the U.S. ship of the line, U.S.S. Liberty, killing many of her crew. [H: Please, please, please--note how the fragments are coming together. Those things you felt could not be true as we outlaid them--ARE TRUE AND PROVEN. Please take note for this is the way--the only way--to bring this picture into focus and the players within the picture. I have written many times about the "Liberty" and it is up to you to fit these puzzle pieces into the finished tapestry.] When other American ships sent planes to aid the Liberty, immediate orders were sent from the WHITE HOUSE for the planes to turn back. The Israelis were free to continue their attack for several more hours in a desperate attempt to sink the Liberty, to destroy the radio evidence it had gathered that the Israelis had started the Six-Day War. Although it is generally believed that Krim issued the orders for the U.S. planes to turn back, no investigation was ever made. Johnson is now dead, and they are the only living witnesses in this horrendous example of high treason from the White House. The CIA had known for twenty-four hours that an attack was planned against the Liberty, in the hopes of bringing the U.S. into the war on the side of Israel; faked evidence had already been planted that the attack would come from the "Egyptians".

Mathilde Krim is now a director of the Rockefeller Foundation; she and her husband are directors of the Afro-American Institute. Arthur Krim has a long record of supporting leftwing causes in New York, the New York School of Social Research, the Henry Street Settlement, and the Field Foundation. Krim is chairman of United Artists (now Orion Films) [now called something else due to new and greater manipulations of the industry]. As personal attorney for Armand Hammer, whose claim to fame is that he was a friend of the blood-soaked terrorist, Lenin, Krim is also a director of Hammer's two principal firms, Iowa Beef and Occidental Petroleum. [H: Also please note that Armand Hammer (in his capacity as Soviet confidant and friend) was frequently featured on Dr, Robert Schuller's HOUR OF POWER! Is it any wonderment that Schuller was taken-out in the Netherlands this past year? What you have now is a full-fledged aider and abettor of Global Godless takeover. Is this fair to a man who gave his life to the betterment through positive thinking of his fellow-man?] Krim also served as chairman of the board of trustees of Columbia University, and director of the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation.

Critics noted in 1976 that at least eighteen members of the American Cancer Society's Board of Directors were executive officers of banks. ACS spent $114 million that year, but had assets of $181 million. As of August 31, 1976, 42% of ACS cash and in-vestments, some $75 million, was being held in banks with which these officers were affiliated. The 1975 budget of ACS reported that 57 cents went for administration; the amount allocated for research was less than the salaries of its 2,900 employees. The American Society for all practical purposes controlled the National Cancer Institute, a government agency. Former NCI director Frank J. Rauscher became the senior vice president of ACS, with his salary doubled to $75,000 a year. An ACS spokesman admitted that 70% of its 1976 research budget went to "individuals or institutions" with which its board members were affiliated. Pat McGrady, who served for twenty-five years as science editor of ACS, told writer Peter Chowka, "Medicine has become venal, second only to the law. The ACS slogan, control cancer with a checkup and a check...it's phony, because we are not controlling cancer. That slogan is the extent of the ACS scientific, medical and clinical savvy. Nobody in the science and medical departments there is capable of doing real science. They are wonderful professionals who know how to raise money. They don't know how to prevent cancer or cure patients; instead, they close the door to innovative ideas. ACS money goes to scientists who put on the best show to get grants or who have friends on the grant-giving panels."

This is probably the most reliable summation of what is done with your contributions to the American Cancer Society. As we pointed out earlier, it is the masses giving alms to the Big Rich, who know how to distribute these funds among themselves, their friends, and their favorite tax-exempt organizations, which in many cases are refuges for the more incompetent members of their families. The ACS directors are drawn from the "best people" in New York, the jet set, the trendy Park Avenue crowd who were caricatured by novelist Tom Wolfe as "radical chic". At one time, Black Power was in; now it is homosexuality and cancer. This group constantly advertises itself as being obsessed with "compassion and caring", which is always done with other people's money. Their own wallets remain glued to their backsides. This is exemplified by the bleeding hearts on the national news shows, who nightly regale us with their version of the homeless, the starving in Africa, or wherever they can find a photogenic victim with flies crawling on him. These "journalists", who are paid millions of dollars a year, have never been known to toss their coins to these victims. In politics, its morals are exemplified by the fat, aging playboy, Senator Teddy Kennedy; in Hollywood, by the equally pudgy Elizabeth Taylor. Mathilde Krim is now the guiding genius behind the newly created American Foundation for AIDS Research; because of her powerful Hollywood connections, she was easily able to persuade Elizabeth Taylor and other stars to raise millions for her pet project. She also recruited her old friend Mary Lasker as the first board member of AIDS. Mary Lasker paid the current "advertising genius", Jerry della Femina, to create a tasteful national ad campaign for the distribution and use of condoms.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center continues to be the most "fashionable" charity among the New York socialites; certainly it is the most influential. It is listed on the tony Upper East Side as the "The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center". It has operated a popular thrift shop on Third Avenue for many years, which is filled with donations from wealthy families. Like many other young writers and artists, the present writer (Mullins) purchased his clothes there for years, all of it labelled from the most expensive shops in New York.

Because "the fight against cancer" is totally controlled by the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly, grants are routinely awarded which are nothing more than ripoffs. One wag claims the ACS will award a research grant only if the recipient signs a paper swearing he will not find a cure for cancer. Although only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed, there have been numerous exposés attesting that most of the "cancer research" is bogus, replete with faked results. In one of the more publicized incidents, the National Cancer Institute gave $980,000 to a researcher at Boston University, who was forced to resign after charges that he had falsified his research data; another well known incident at the august Memorial Center itself found that mice were painted different colors in order to "verify" certain cancer tests. Dr. William Summerlin of Sloan Kettering admitted painting the mice to make them look as though successful skin grafts had been done.

The National Bureau of Standards reports that half or more of the numerical data published by scientists in articles in the Journal is unusable because there is no evidence that the researchers accurately measured what they thought they were measuring. Alarmed by these statistics, officials instituted a survey; 31 authors of scientific reports were sent questionnaires asking for their raw data. The 21 who replied said that their data had been "lost" or "accidentally destroyed". What a loss to the research profession! [H: Dharma is a bit sick at this point for she worked in Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles in the prestigious Nephrology/ Dialysis and Transplant Division for some decade in a high ranking position--wherein she would actually type "papers" and "abstracts" for presentations world-wide. You must also know as a public uninformed, that in any hospital associated with a teaching institution, such as University of Southern California or U.C.L.A., etc., a hospital staff physician is also on the scholastic staff of the University. His progress through the ranks is dependent upon the number of papers (and where) printed in the medical literature. It has very, very little to do with merit--it has everything to do with public relations and good business. Dharma, for instance, even remembers writing documents for stipend for her physician wherein she did the work and submitted the text "chapters". I'm sorry, chela, but you, too, must realize the extent of the practices. That, however, is not in point herein but this is the only "payment" this scribe receives. I fear she did better as an administrator and writer for a false medical front.]

The reliability of the nation's researchers wilted under a blistering exposé on "Sixty Minutes" on January 17, 1988, under the title, "The Facts Were Fiction". The subject of the expose was "one of the leading scientific scholars" in the nation. He had claimed to have done extensive research on the mentally retarded at a state institution, where the records clearly showed that he had only worked on goldfish. The "Sixty Minutes" report estimated that from ten to thirty per cent of all research projects carried out in the United States are totally faked, because of the requirements to win the "grantsmanship" race. "Startling" results must be claimed before serious consideration is given to requests for funding, which themselves are hardly niggardly amounts; they often amount to grants of millions of dollars. One scientific scholar who was interviewed on "Sixty Minutes" declared that "I would think twice before I believe what I read in the medical Journals...it is dishonest, fraudulent information." The moving spirit behind all this fakery is the unwillingness of the Big Rich to see their profits imperilled by any genuine advances in medicine. Therefore, the more fake research that is done, the less chance that a drug now on the market which is bringing in $100,000,000 a year or more will be knocked off the market. The wholesale fakery in American research is almost entirely due to the pressures of the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly and the drug firms under their control who routinely present elaborately faked "tests" to the Food and Drug Administration to obtain approval for new products, concealing harmful side effects, which often include liver and kidney damage, or death. The control of the universities by the Medical Monopoly creates a breeding ground for more robotic minions, willing to abase themselves in any manner for a grant or a job which requires little or no performance. A lengthy history of faked research is an ideal "Panama" or control to keep these minions in line.

It is frightening to contemplate that such faked research is usually the basis for the acceptance or denial of new drugs, while protecting the Establishment as it continues to reap more profits from long outmoded and discredited panaceas and procedures. Yet this is the background as well as the raison d'etre, for President Reagan's Brave New budget for 1989, which sets aside $64.6 billion for "research and development". Although this is only a 4% increase over 1988 (the year of this writing), it represents a 52% increase since Reagan took office. The National Institute of Health budget has doubled to $6.2 billion; cancer research will receive over $1.5 billion, while AIDS is earmarked for an expenditure of over $2 billion. Mathilde Krim must be very happy.


Dharma, allow us a rest break, please. Thank you for your attention. We shall continue right where we are when you are available again for writing. Hatonn to stand-by, salu.



THU., JANUARY 9, 1992 2:12 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 146


Hope is the only good thing that disillusion respects. Know that as one walks through the disappointment of disillusionment--as all of you readers are now doing. Remember that through the TRUTH comes the foundation of "HOPE" and therefrom will come the respect--for self and all other things great and small--and so shall ye create the wondrous illusion into manifestation from that disillusioned state of sleep.

It is most important to hold uppermost in your hearts: One deceit needs many others, and so the whole house is built in the air with no foundation and must soon come to the ground. The deceit laid forth was accepted in willingness of the deceived for most will accept the touting of the simultaneous blowing and swallowing of the braggarts--but blowing and swallowing at the same time is indeed a difficult feat and I find it hard and in vain to find fault with those arts of deceiving wherein men find pleasure to be deceived! What will happen herein is the pleasure is now going to fall to the side as the pain and recognition of the "piper's payment" due. The deceivers always end up deceiving selves for people always overdo the matter when they attempt deception.

We shall hold these truths in mind and our prevailing in Truth is assured.

Let us continue with the subject at hand.


Critics have pointed out that Memorial Sloan Kettering had done practically no research on the prevention of cancer, only on its favored modes of "treatment". The basic premise of its researchers, that the cell is solely responsible for the multiplication of cancer cells, is erroneous; however, it is the basis for all of their work, including their promotion of chemotherapy. In fact, the cell is probably reacting to outside infection or pressures, and the fault is not in the cell. The Sloan Kettering approach dangles the promise of a "Magic Bullet", which will bring the cell back to a healthy regimen through medication, or chemotherapy. The chemotherapy drugs include alkylating agents which actually inhibit cell growth. They are alkaloids, which hinder cell mitosis or cell division. Sloan Kettering also bypasses the possibility of stimulating the immune system to respond to cancer growth, which is the normal method which the body uses to fight disease. This institution receives $70 million a year from various tax exempt foundations, including the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which means that the American taxpayer is subsidizing all of this research. One hundred and thirty fulltime scientists are doing research at the Center; all 345 physicians at the Center are also heavily involved in research. And what are the results of all this activity? A continued reliance on the now antiquated "cut, slash and burn" techniques still redolent of the "mad doctor" practices of the late Doctors J. Marvin Sims and James Ewing, dead these many years. While wedded to the ritual observance of these expensive, painful and futile procedures, the "Scientists" at Sloan Kettering maintain a resolute phalanx of opinion denouncing various holistic procedures which rely on diet, nutrition and vitamins.

Dr. Muriel Shimkin of the National Institute of Health wrote in the Institute's official primer on cancer in 1973 that "Treatment of cancer by diet alone is in the realm of quackery." Yet the American Cancer Society, faced with a growing amount of evidence to the contrary, issued a Special Report in 1984 advising the following program: "1. Avoid obesity. 2. Cut down total fat intake to 30% of total calories. 3. Eat more high fiber foods. 4. Eat foods rich in vitamins A and C. 5. Include cruciferous vegetables in the diet, greens, etc. 6. Be moderate in the consumption of alcohol. 7. Moderate consumption of salt-cured, smoked and nitrite cured foods." This is a very sensible regimen; however, it has not been emphasized by the ACS or the NIH, nor do many doctors include this advice in their recommendations to their patients.

The American Cancer Society has always had one bugaboo, laetrile. Dr. Lewis Thomas, longtime head of Sloan Kettering, told the American Cancer Society Science Writers Seminar on April 2, 1975, "Laetrile has absolutely no value in combating cancer." This contradicted the work done by the Center's own scientists, whose real results had been suppressed. Dr. Thomas stated again in 1975, "Laetrile has been shown, after two years of tests, to be worthless in fighting cancer." Dr. Robert Good, president of Sloan Kettering had also stated in January 1974, "At this moment there is no evidence that laetrile has an effect on cancer." His own scientists had completed studies which showed the opposite; two researchers, Dr. Lloyd Schoen and Dr. Elizabeth Srockett, both working independently at the Center, had found that pineapple enzymes combined with Laetrile resulted in total tumor regression in 50% of their experiments on 34 experimental animals there.

One of the most famous beneficiaries of the laetrile treatment was the actor, Steve McQueen. He had been given up by his physicians as a terminal case when he tried laetrile. He was responding well until a physician persuaded him to undergo surgery on a tumor; he then died on the operating table of an embolism. The Establishment proclaimed that this proved the laetrile treatment was worthless. [H: It seems quite obvious why one such as McQueen would be killed to keep the silence! So I am asked what I would do with so and so who has been diagnosed with cancer? Let us take Jay as an example--you ones knew him quite well and he was undergoing chemotherapy which surely shortened his existence. He was pronounced terminal--what a sentence to place on one who desired to live. Well, I am not in the medicine business so I can't say much about treatment as such. I would say that probably Jay would have FELT BETTER with a full course of Blue-Green Algae and vitamin supplements with emphasis on "C". I suggest Essiac with the addition of Valerian Root and Goldenseal to the pot--along with perhaps 8 ground apricot pits a day would have helped also. These things would have rebuilt his strength and at the least countered some of the awful damage of the therapy. (Jay made his transition this week.) The other things that I personally would have utilized are illegal now so that you people CAN'T HAVE THEM. The point of medical treatment is to finally deplete the body with vomiting, misery and diarrhea to the point of death. Of course I also would demand almost around the clock daily sessions with a visual healing tape. You know it works for it is BANNED!]

Harold Manner, at the Cancer Center, also found a combination of laetrile, enzymes and vitamin A had a similar positive effect on mice with cancer. Dr. Kinematsu Suiguira, who had been at Memorial since 1917, after earlier working on cancer at the Harriman Institute, had also produced striking results proving that laetrile was effective on cancer in experimental animals. On June 13, 1973, the results of cancer tests using laetrile by Dr. Kinematsu Suiguira over a period of nine months stated, "The results clearly show that Amygdalin significantly inhibits the appearance of lung metastasis in mice." Although this had been announced by the Sloan Kettering Institute, on January 10, 1974, Dr. Robert Good, president of .Sloan Kettering, denounced the news of the findings as "a premature leak".

Dr. Ralph Moss, who was then public relations director at the Cancer Center, considered Suiguira's work a genuine breakthrough and a welcome departure from Sloan Kettering's singular lack of success in its cancer work.

On November 17, 1977, he held a press conference at the Hilton Hotel in New York. Instead of receiving praise for publicizing the success at the Center, he was fired the next day. He later wrote an excellent book, THE CANCER SYNDROME which exposes many of the strange events at Sloan Kettering. His book is very factual, and is written without rancor against those who had thrown him out.

Because Elmer Bobst had played the crucial role in making it possible for Nixon to become President, he had little trouble in persuading Nixon to authorize a new and expensive "war on cancer". At Bobst's instigation, Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971, which transformed the National Cancer Institute at Bethesda into a new monolithic government bureaucracy. During the next fifteen years, NCI was to spend more than ten billion dollars funding various cancer programs, none of which had any effect in curing or preventing cancer. In 1955, NCI had established a Chemotherapy National Service Center with a $25 million grant to promote the use of chemotherapy. A fullpage advertisement in the New York Times, December 9, 1969, proclaimed that "Cancer Cure is Near at Hand". The story promised that a cancer cure by 1976 was a "distinct possibility". The chairman of the President's National Cancer panel submitted a report admitting that the first five years of the National Cancer Program was a failure; the cancer toll had risen during each year of its operation. By 1985, the annual toll was 485,000 victims.

More than 43,000 people deluged Nixon with demands that the NCI test laetrile. Benno Schmidt then chose a panel of scientists to make the tests; all of them were known to be fanatically opposed to laetrile. When asked for the scientific results, he said, "I couldn't get anybody to show me his work." Had their test shown laetrile to be worthless, they would have been only too happy to publish their findings. The battle against laetrile continued on a nationwide campaign. One lobbyist, Charles Ofso, had a fulltime job in Sacramento, California, lobbying against laetrile; he was paid $25,000 a year. Drugstore proprietors who displayed books favorable to laetrile were informed that no member of the AMA would henceforth send them prescriptions until these books were removed. Since 1963, the Federal Trade Commission has brought pressure against publishers of pro-laetrile books. Government statutes not only prohibit the interstate shipment of laetrile, but even of books which recommend it! [H: On an interesting note you will find that the really helpful natural supplements which are wondrous are also banned or banned in amounts which are of medicinal value. The plan is to get all vitamins restricted to "prescription only" status. The same thing happened with a substance called "starch blocker" which, by the way, worked very well and only caused the starches to be sluffed off via the intestinal tract instead of converting to fat on the body--oops, too easy and too cheap and BANNED! It causes one to ponder the recent banning of a relaxing/sleeping element which has been removed from the shelves. The substance is prevalent in milk but, because a manufacturer either accidentally or through sabotage had his binding agent tampered with, causing problems, thus the ban. By the way, for sleep, as with your President--on Halcion--which I personally believe is the worst and most mind-controlling of the drugs around your place. Under the influence of Halcion people are known to murder and never even remember it--does that not scare the daylights out of you?]

After chiropractic, laetrile was the most important target of the criminal syndicalist operation of the Coordinating Conference of Health Information, the conspiracy launched by the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, and the Food and Drug Administration. It continued to be mostly a war of censorship and intimidation, whose goal was to prevent any public discussion of laetrile. TV shows which scheduled forums on laetrile, to discuss both sides of the controversy, were suddenly cancelled. Tests showing the effectiveness of laetrile were suppressed; they never reached the public. The desperation of the campaign against laetrile was solely financial; it represented the greatest threat to the profits of the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly. Hospital treatment for cancer cost many thousands of dollars. Despite the Cancer Center's $70 million a year for "research", its Memorial Hospital charged $470 a day for a bed; a ten day stay would be nearly $5,000, with another $4,000 charged for treatment and physician care.

The record of the "cut, slash and burn" treatments were routinely distorted and falsified. Dr. Hardin James, professor of medical physics at the University of California at Berkeley, addressed the ACS Science Writers Conference in 1969; he revealed that the worst cancer cases were usually termed "inoperable" and deliberately left untreated. The published cancer studies of cures or remissions were the "sweetheart" cases, which had a high rate of recovery. Nevertheless, Dr. James reported, "the life expectancy of these untreated cases was actually greater than the life expectancy of those who were treated." [oops!]

Despite Dr. James' revelations, the hospitals continued to pick and choose which cases of cancer they would treat; even the esteemed Cancer Center noted that its policy is not to accept some terminal cases; the patients are politely referred to a death hospice where they can die. In fact, such turnaways may have been a boon to the dying, as the treatment they would have undergone at Memorial Hospital would have made Count Dracula drool with envy. Dr. Ralph Moss revealed some of the prevalent surgical techniques there. He reported that cancer of the head and neck was treated by an operation called the "commando" after a combat technique used by commandoes in the Second World War; it called for the entire removal of the jaw. Pancreatic cancer was treated by removal of most of the area organs near the infected gland; the survival rate, despite this drastic treatment, remained the same, a mere three per cent. In 1948, Dr. Alex Brunschweig invented an operation called "total exenteration", which called for the removal of the rectum, stomach, bladder, liver, ureter, all internal reproductive organs, the pelvic floor and wall, pancreas, spleen, colon and many blood vessels. Dr. Brunschweig himself called this hollowing out technique "a brutal and cruel procedure", (New York Times, August 8, 1969).

[I, Dharma, cannot let this pass for as I read these things I am overwhelmed with sadness at my own past experiences. As a student nurse and supposedly being of some sort of "outstanding" talents I was "allowed" to scrub with a most brilliant surgeon who never allowed students in the room with him. He wouldn't have that day except the "Brunschweig Procedure" was finished and the patient (a Scandinavian wife and mother--beautiful as only a wondrous Scandinavian beauty can be--about 30 years-of age with a terred and worried husband outside the Operating Room door), was taken to the Recovery Room. Hours had been spent in surgery and we were totally fatigued and totally wiped out by the magnitude of such massive surgery. She began to hemorrhage and in the recovery room it was pure hell and panic as we did everything to stop the bleeding for it was as if every portal had opened and her life was simply pouring onto the floor--which is exactly what happened. I was all of 18 years of age and it was the first death I experienced and to witness the family when the news was given was more than I could stand and I had to leave the room. Readers, I look back now and realize that she had a pre-cancerous nodule on the cervix which was "thought" to possibly have metastasized. Can you now believe? The surgeon's name was one very, very similar to "Minnenger"! I keep trying to stuff it down and away from me and hopefully, I come up with "Mingert". Funny thing as the mind moves back into an experience how very real it can seem and then it moves on to other things--such as the memory that within that same hospital in Dallas I worked with a surgical resident who bribed me to draw his bloods each morning for he had trouble locating veins for the routine testing procedures. Later, after a new hospital was built and memories were well faded--this surgeon was the one who worked over John F. Kennedy. Don't you wonder how and WHY we get on this endless merry-go-around? I can hardly sit to this keyboard longer and yet, I feel the hand of God on my hands and a calm and loving voice saying "type". If we do nothing--who shall? I think I shall find no sleep tonight for I realize that I, too, shared in the lie and for so much of my journey the "victims" were babes and children. Yes, I think that I shall not sleep well this night. Perhaps you are like me and must realize that we have spent our lives actually efforting to forget for consciousness cannot bear the guilt of responsibility. I could not even go see "Hospital" at the movies, it was too real. I remember a young intern giving an insulin shock patient orange juice intravenously and then there was the story of another intern who gave formaldehyde instead of paraldehyde (and now, I can't even remember how to spell either so the accident is not so removed from possibility as it was five minutes ago). We have all stood by and watched a wrong being committed and silently 'forgot". I wonder if God will ever again allow me to FORGET? My God, friends, sometimes I want to "just forget" because I don't think I like this job I've chosen very much any more.]

The epitome of the "mad doctor" operations was known as a hemeocorporectomy. Originated by Dr. Theodore Miller at the Cancer Center, it involved cutting off everything below the pelvis. These techniques are more than reminiscent of certain procedures used by Communist revolutionaries in Latin America; the Sandinista revolutionaries were inspired by their leaders poetic dictum that "liberty is not conquered with flowers, but with bullets, and that is why we use the VEST CUT, THE GOURD CUT, and the BLOOMERS CUT". In the vest cut, the victim's head was lopped off with a machete and his arms were severed at the shoulders; in the gourd cut, the victim had the top of this head lopped off; the bloomers cut called for hacking both legs off at the knees, leaving the victim to bleed to death. [H: Now aren't you proud of your Sandinista/Contra involvement?]

The records of the "mad doctor" syndrome would fill several books. One special Congressional report followed some 31 "human guinea pig" experiments over a thirty year period. The Committee, chaired by Woodward D. Markey (D. Ma.), gave his comment that his findings "shock the conscience and represent a black mark on the history of medical research." The report showed that from 1945 to 1947, in the Manhattan Project, scientists routinely injected eighteen patients with plutonium; from 1961 to 1965 at MIT, twenty elderly patients were injected with or fed radium or thorium. From 1946 to 1947 at the University of Rochester, six patients who had good kidneys were injected with uranium salts "to determine the concentration that might produce kidney injury"; from 1953 to 1957 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, twelve patients were injected with uranium to determine the dosage that would cause kidney injury. From 1963 to 1971, 67 inmates of Oregon State Prison and 64 inmates of Washington State Prison had X rays on their testes to determine the effect of radiation on human fertility. From 1963 to 1965 at the National Reactor Test Station of the Atomic Energy Commission in Idaho, radioactive iodine was purposely released on seven separate occasions, and seven human subjects purposely drank milk from cows grazed on iodine contaminated land. From 1961 to 1963 at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, 102 human subjects were fed fallout particles, and solutions of radioactive cesium and strontium. During the late 1950's, twelve patients at Presbyterian and Montefiore Hospitals in New York were injected with radioactive calcium and strontium cancer particles. Oregon State Prison gave radium doses of 600 roentgens in single exposures on the reproductive organs, when the safe dose was 5 roentgens per year. For a decade, scientists were fed radioactive materials so that other scientists could calibrate their instruments for measuring these doses.

Whatever kicks the mad doctors may have gotten from these experiments, the cancer rate remained the same, or increased. Congressman Wydner pointed out that "Information has been brought to my attention showing that twenty years ago, in 1957, the same proportion of cancer cases, one in three, was being cured. This raises the question why, despite all the money and effort devoted to cancer research . . . the cure rate has remained the same." Despite such criticism, the NCI continued to waste billions of dollars on worthless programs. It was reported that George R. Pettit of the University of Arizona at Tempe had spent six years and $100,000 extracting chemicals from a quarter of a million butterflies as part of an NCI program; there were no identifiable results. Other researchers continued to find the war on cancer a profitable war. The Saturday Review reported in its issue of December 2, 1961, that a prominent financial supporter of the American Cancer Society in Massachusetts was upset when he could never find the state director in his office.

He was finally told that the director, James V. Lavin, was probably in his other office across the street, where he ran a private fundraising company, the James C. Lavin Company; he represented a select group of clients. Stung by this revelation, the executive vice president of the American Cancer Society, Lan W. Adams, wrote a letter to Saturday Review, June 6, 1962 as follows: "The arrangement by which James C. Lavin operated private fund raising while serving as executive director of the Massachusetts American Cancer Society was known by the National Society." Adams said that Lavin's salary was $17,000, plus another ten thousand a year paid to his company. Saul Naglin of the Lavin Company was the controller of the Massachusetts branch of ACS for a number of years. The yearly overhead of the Massachusetts branch was $548,000 in 1960, with total income of $1.1 million.

Adam's letter also boasted that "We helped support the research of Dr. Sterling Schwartz injecting human leukemia brain extract in human subjects, Dr. Chester Southam injecting live cancer cells beneath the skin of human beings." Adams, who had been with the American Cancer Society since 1948, now heads the national offices at 90 Park Avenue, in New York. He received the Albert Lasker Public Service Award from ACS; he is also vice president of Zion First National Bank in Salt Lake City, director of Paul Revere Investors, and the Energy Fund. Lavin's attorney, James Mountzos, was secretary of the Massachusetts ACS and also served on the national board.


Dharma, let us have another break and then we shall finish this little cancer study. I realize that you ones are indeed feeling quite nauseous--I hope it lasts long enough for you to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE UNDERLYING CAUSE OF SUCH NAUSEA. IS ANYBODY OUT THERE, AMERICA? WE CAN CHANGE IT BUT




THU., JANUARY 9, 1992 4:32 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 146



As we move on with this gross dissertation on "Cancer", I ask that you at America West please make sure our old hard-ball denouncer and debunker in Florida (who has a talk-radio show in which he asked me to guest and then twice was so insulting as to embarrass his own listeners and claimed to be head of "World Headquarters for Information" or something as silly--I believe Jack Cole was his name, if not please Edit to correctness) GETS A COPY OF THIS WHOLE PAPER. He said: "If you are real, Hatonn, then why don't you cure cancer and then we could believe you!" Do you ones actually still sit with the opinion that that would be true? Do you think anyone or thing will be allowed to give YOU the cure for anything? This bunch also accused us of anti-Semitism--well, these are the guilty parties, what do YOU say? If you wish to label these bastard killers "Semites", I guess you must know that I am anti-Semitic. They are most certainly self-proclaimed Zionists and brothers, ZIONISM IS RACISM! Further, the attempt is to wipe out all other races--AND THESE ARE NOT JUDEANS! It is time that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU CONFRONT THESE FACTS! "Jews" will be just as dead as fast, or faster, than any other group of people on the face of the earth--"Jews", if that is what you wish to label selves (although you are NOT), had better take note that you are the primary target because you ARE THE ENEMY OF THE ELITE ZIONISTS!

In 1978, the American Cancer Society had $140 million income of which less than 30% was spent on cancer research, with 56% going to cover administrative costs. The Society had $200 million in investments. Before the Bobst-Lasker takeover in 1944, its income had never gone past $600,000 a year; the following year, it raised $5 million. In 1982, Allan Sonnenshein published a warning, "Watchout; the American Cancer Society May Be Hazardous to Your Health!" In 1955, in a power move, ACS took over all research from the National Research Council, executing a brilliant coup by creating a new Science Advisory Council to represent American hospitals and universities. Dr. Samuel Epstein, in his book, THE POLITICS OF CANCER, noted that "apart from being uninvolved in cancer prevention, other than, to a limited extent, tobacco, senior (ACS) officials have developed for the society a reputation of being indifferent, if not actively hostile, to regulatory needs for the prevention of exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in the general environment and in the workplace." Epstein reported that the ACS opposed regulation of such potential carcinogens as Red Dye #2, TRIS, and DES. ACS refused to support the Clean Water Act, and blamed victims for cancer. EPA had reported that indoor pollutants cause six thousand cancer deaths a year and that 38 million Americans drink water with unsafe levels of lead and other toxic matter, [H: Just today it is making headlines that thousands of babies have been given lead in their formulas producing lead poisoning and retardation--due to using tap water to mix baby formulas. Does this strike you as being particularly horrendous that you are lied to about your very life-resources?] including chlorine by-products. DES, diethylstilbestrol, was widely used from the 1940's to the early 1970's as a synthetic female hormone which was routinely prescribed by doctors to prevent miscarriage; it was not tested for possible side effects, nor did anyone know what they were. Finally, a student at the University of Chicago Medical Center showed that not only was it ineffective in preventing miscarriage, but it might have side effects. This finding failed to halt its use. In 1972, its longterm effects began to appear, cancer of the breast, with vaginal cancer in daughters of those patients treated with DES, as well as other genital malformations and abnormalities. It was also linked to liver damage.

Lee Edson, in THE CANCER RIPOFF notes that 74 private companies near the National Institute of Health in Bethesda were charging the government 144% overhead plus 9% profit to perform virus research. Nixon had placed his protege, Dr. Frank Rauscher, in charge of NCI; he was a virologist who began to promote chemotherapy as the answer to cancer. Dr. Rauscher claimed that the NCI chemotherapy program "has provided effective treatment for cancer patients all over this country, and the world". This claim was promptly challenged by Dean Burk, head of the cyclochemical section of the NCI, pointing out that "virtually all of the chemotherapeutic agents now approved by the FDA for use or testing in human cancer patients are highly toxic to markedly immuno-suppressive and highly carcinogenic in rats and mice, themselves producing cancers in a wide variety of body organs." Despite this criticism, Rauscher was then named head of the President's National Cancer Adyisory Board.

The side effects of chemotherapy have been graphically described by many of its victims, the terrible nausea, loss of hair, sudden weight loss and many other adverse factors. A book by M. Morra, CHOICES; REALISTIC ALTERNATIVES IN CANCER TREATMENT, Avon, 1980, reports favorably on all of the Establishment's "cut, slash and burn techniques". Morra mentions diet only in its relation to nausea from chemotherapy; he soberly advises that you "let someone else do the cooking so that the smell of the food won't nauseate you." Morra gave no advice on how to serve food without smell.

Since Memorial Sloan Kettering's first benefactor, James Ewing, dosed himself to death with radium in 1913, it has remained the treatment of choice at this Cancer Center. The New York Times noted July 4, 1979 that 70% of all cancer patients at Memorial receive radiation treatments, at a charge of $500,000 a year. It now performs 11,000 surgical procedures and 65,000 radium treatments a year. In 1980, Memorial bought all new equipment for its radium treatment, an expenditure of $4.5 million. However, radium treatment continues to be a horrifying treatment in its effects.

In 1937, Dr. Percy Furnivall, a prominent surgeon at London Hospital, diagnosed his own tumor as cancer. On February 26, 1938, he published in the British Medical Journal an impassioned plea as a result of his experience, "Tragedies from radium treatment are of frequent occurrence, and the publicity given to radium treatment of cancer is a disgrace to the Minister of Health and the vested interests which charge fantastic prices for this body-destroying substance. I do not wish my worst enemy the prolonged hell I have been through with radium neutitis and myalgic over six months.... This account of my own case is a plea for a very careful consideration of all the factors before deciding which is the most suitable form of treatment." He died shortly thereafter, yet his plea had no effect on the continued use of radium treatments for cancer.

The late Senator Hubert Humphrey, who died of cancer, is often cited as an advertisement for radium treatment. Jane Brody in her New York limes book, YOU CAN FIGHT CANCER AND WIN, coauthored with American Cancer Society vice-president Holleb in 1977, cites Hubert Humphrey as "a famous beneficiary of modern radiotherapy". She glosses over the fact that "this famous beneficiary" was totally disillusioned with radium therapy before his death. In 1973 he was found to have cancer of the bladder; he was treated by X ray, and in 1976, his physician, Dr. Dabney Jarman, triumphantly reported that "As far as we are concerned, the Senator is cured." (New York Times, October 6, 1976). Humphrey continued to wither away, undergoing more chemotherapy, until he flatly refused to go back to Memorial Cancer Center for more treatment. Quoted in the Daily News, January 14, 1978, he called chemotherapy "bottled death".

The Washington Post in February 1988 ran a story "Cancer Treatment Toxic". "We are spared very little as we see healthy looking people turned before our eyes into shaking, shivering, nauseated bundles of misery . . . The successes, although few, have been dramatic."

One factor which has been consistently ignored in the development of cancer is the role of unusual stress. We all face daily stresses in our lives, with which we cope as best we can. However, unusual and prolonged stress places a greater strain on our system than we may be able to cope with. This is particularly true today, when sinister hidden forces poison all our communications with their shadowy propaganda, while assuring us that they stand only for "compassion and caring". A writer named Morley Roberts advanced a startling theory of cancer in 1926. An English scientist, Roberts belonged to no known school of thought, and because of his independence, his works have been largely ignored. His theory of Organic Materialism advances the following points:

"Malignancy and Evolution: Malignancy is the diversion of energy from high differentiation into the proliferation of low-grade epithelia which can endure irritation but only differentiate with difficulty." Epithelioma, a common form of cancer, is the multiplication of cells of the simplest type in the body, which, like those of the outer skin, the epidermis, are comparably short-lived and unable to differentiate. An organism afflicted with cancer is unable to differentiate to meet the conditions of its existence, because its energy has been diverted into multiplying low-grade cells.

Cancer is the proliferation of low grade cell colonies in the organism. They migrate through the body seeking a place for themselves, although they have no function. Wherever they gather, they rob the higher grade cells of nourishment, where they are gathered into cell colonies as the organs of the body. These organs are choked off and starve, eventually causing the death of the organism. The modern State is a malignant organism dedicated to the proliferation of lower grade units at the expense of higher, more differentiated types. The more productive organisms are heavily taxed to support large numbers of non-productive and poorly differentiated growths. The steadily in-creasing strain on the productive members of the State causes their premature death, just as the proliferation of the lower grade cells in the cancerous organism kills the higher differentiated cells. Roberts posits the question, "May we go further and even say that the common tendency to malignancy is the result of sociology refinements which ask for a higher role for epithelia?"

Morley Roberts posited a theory of the development of the organism, in which other cells began to gather around the excretory cell colonies of primitive organisms, and subsequently these cell colonies began to give off secretions which were poisonous to the organism. In self-defense, the organism threw up fortifications, or other cell colonies, around the vicious presence, which, in time, became part of the organism, and whose secretions became useful to it. Roberts calls this a theory of the development of the organs of the body.

The role of nutrition in cancer has yet to be seriously researched by the billion dollar boondoggles of the National Cancer Institute. Yet in 1887, an Albany, New York physician, Ephraim Cutter, M.D. wrote a book called DIET IN CANCER, in which he stated, "Cancer is a disease of nutrition."

Hippocrates coined the word diaitia, meaning "a way of life" which is what a diet is. In the classical world, "meat" meant the daily fare, and referred to oats, barley, rye, wheat, fruit and nuts. The confusion as to the meaning of the word meat occurs in translations of the Bible. In Genesis, it is stated, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Hippocrates' advice to physicians was that they should first find out what food is given to a patient, and who gives it.

The ongoing controversy over laetrile revolves around the fact that it is a substance called a nitriloside. In 1952, Dr. Ernest A. Krebs, Jr., a biochemist, discovered that cancer is caused by a deficiency of nitrilosides, which occur naturally in over twelve hundred foods and plants. Animals usually instinctively seek out grasses and other plants which contain nitrilosides, yet when humans do the same thing they are attacked by federal agents. Some researchers believe that the adverse effects of carcinogens, radiation and sunburn on humans is caused by the fact that they are suffering from poor nutrition. These nutrition experts argue that coal tar does not cause cancer and that the sun does not cause skin cancer. Rather, these conditions arise from the sun's effect upon the skin of a person who is consuming too many sugars, fats and dairy products. The sun's rays create an acidic condition which causes these substances to rise to the surface of the skin, causing an irritation which can then become a catalyst. It is noted that people in tropical countries, who are exposed to strong sunlight, rarely get skin cancer because they eat little meat and fats. It was also discovered after the atomic bombing of Japanese civilians that those who were still eating their traditional diet of brown rice, sea salt and miso vegetables, were little damaged by the same amount of atomic radiation which killed those who were eating a more modern diet of fats and meats.

Some experts note that they can detect cancer by the peculiar smell of a person in its early stages, the smell of decomposition. Others note that cancer can be detected by a greenish cast to the skin. The epidemic of prostate cancer among American men seems to be the result of a diet of rich foods, with frequent ingestion of eggs, meat and dairy products, and baked goods made with refined flour. A suggested remedy is a diet of fruit and rice, the same diet which is recommended to lower blood pressure and which has been featured at Duke University for many years. Beef is said to be particularly dangerous for prostate and colon cancer. Nutritionists believe that cancer represents a reverse evolutionary process, in which cells decompose or change back to a more primordial vegetable type of life. This corresponds in some ways with the theories of Morley Roberts.

It is notable that only four percent of the nation's medical schools offer a course in nutrition. This reflects the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly's obsession with drugs and its commitment to the allopathic school of medicine, as opposed to homeophathic or holistic medicine.

Nobel Prize winner James Watson declared at a cancer symposium at MIT that "the American public has been sold a nasty bill of goods about cancer . . . a soporific orgy", as reported in the New York Times March 9, 1975. In January of 1975, Dr. Charles C. Edwards, a researcher, wrote to the Secretary of HEW that the war on cancer was politically motivated and was based on spending money. The prominent French oncologist, Dr. Lucien Israel, said, "Radium is an unproven method in many cases . . . indeed, there have been no conclusive trials" on radiation therapy. Israel terms it "a palliative for relief of pain, etc., temporary in nature". He also points out that "The medical community has been thrown into confusion by recent studies which have shown that metastases may be more frequent in cases that have received radiation." In short, the radiation increases the spread of cancer. It has long been known that cutting into a tumor causes it to spread throughout the body. The exploratory operation to see if you have cancer usually guarantees that it will be fatal.

Nevertheless, the American Cancer Society continues to back all of the losing methods of treating cancer. For twenty years, it has patently repeated its famous Cancer's Seven Warning Signals, which ignore chemicals in the environment and discounts FDA warnings about coal tar and hair dyes. In 1976, the ACS released a press communication, "Urgent Message; Mammography; Benefits and Risks". Dr. John Bailar of the Harvard School of Public Health, and editor of the prestigious NCI Cancer Journal, was horrified. He wrote a letter to the acting director of the NCI, Dr. Guy Newell, "I have just become aware of a problem that has the seeds of a major disaster.... The Urgent Message itself is plain hogwash, the statement is seriously faulty, and hence represents a grave danger to that bulk of women who should avoid mammography." Nevertheless, the ACS flyer went to every hospital in New York, and to 15,000 physicians. Despite the known risks of exposing women to repeated X rays, the ACS still emphasizes annual mammographies as one of its most vaunted techniques for "controlling" cancer. Jane Brody's book, YOU CAN FIGHT CANCER AND WIN, recommends this and many other ACS goals.

[H: I ask you to pause right here and harken back to the news YESTERDAY. There is potential severe threat to some women undergoing mammograms. This was headline news and still, again, they discounted the numbers of at risk patients to be so slight as to not be worthy of serious note. If you don't see the confirmations flowing all about you, then how are we to ever reach the masses of civilization? If you are so asleep that you allow your own murder without speaking out--then how can God, through his Hosts, do your job FOR you? You see, I CAN give you the cure for cancer--pure and simple, does it make you believe me? I thought not! You want magic with no responsibility and, moreover, without changing any of your unGodly behaviors for you want to continue with the "if it feels good--go for it". Chelas, it is those irresponsible actions of the physical being now trained in false expectations which has brought you to this stage and you will not heal anything without changing the status of your mental-set. You, for instance, cannot stamp out venereal diseases or stop promiscuity by passing out condoms or teaching "safe sex" in grade schools or kindergarten. Until, further, the adults take responsibility, how in the world do you expect the children to do other than worse than the example? So be it.]

The American Cancer Society also stands firmly behind radical mastectomy, the total removal of the breast in cases of women's breast cancer [H: and then restructuring with silicone implants, etc. Which came first, the poison chicken or the infected egg?]. This technique is frowned upon as unusually brutal and ineffective; it has long been abandoned in most European countries, including England, France and the Scandinavian countries and neighboring Canada. In 1975, when Rose Kuttner published her definitive work, BREAST CANCER which was critical of radical mastectomy, the ACS refused to list or recommend it.

It was Elmer Bobst's goal to make the National Cancer Institute "autonomous", much as the Federal Reserve System is "autonomous". He was able to achieve this goal because of his longstanding personal connection with President Richard Nixon. As the mastermind of the American Cancer Society, he really intended it to become "autonomous" from Washington influence, while making it completely subservient to the American Cancer Society from New York. Rep. David Obey, Democrat, Wisconsin, noted that "The American Cancer Society wants to keep the National Cancer Institute strong in bank-roll and weak in staff so that it can direct its spending without too much interference." A very astute observation. One of its directors, Mary Lasker, who, thirty-six years after Albert Lasker's death, is still described by Washington observers as the most powerful woman in American medicine. The National Institute of Health bought the Visitation Convent in Bethesda from the Catholic Church for $4.4 million; it now houses the Mary Lasker Center. Through her access to funding, the ACS maintains fulltime lobbyists in Washington, headed by Col. Luke Quinn, and aided by Mike Gorman. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, with Washington lobbyist Lloyd Cutler, also works with Mary Lasker.

Whatever else may be said of the American Cancer Society, there can be no doubt that it remains well insulated against reality. A leading Washington reporter, Daniel S. Greenberg, wrote in the Columbia Journalism Review in 1975 that cancer rates for most types of cancer had been static since the 1950's; some rates actually declined, probably because the use of toxic chemotherapy increased the death rate. One researcher told Greenberg there had been little improvement since 1945. Dr. Frank Rauscher challenged Greenberg at the 1975 ACS Science Writers Seminar, claiming that these figures were out of date; however, when the new figures were released, they upheld Greenberg's findings. This rings hollowly against the annual promises of "breakthroughs" when the two and a half million "volunteers" swarm across America shaking their tin cans and begging for the rich. They have been making these same promises and raising the same amounts of money, or more, for almost fifty years. Laurance Rockefeller noted in Reader's Digest, February 1957 an exultant comment, "There is, for the first time, a scent of ultimate victory in the air," as he described "progress against cancer". Sloan Kettering director C.P. Dusty Rhodes was quoted in the Denver Post, October 3, 1953, "I am convinced that in the next decade, or maybe more, we will have a chemical as effective against cancer as sulfanilolomides and penicillin are against bacterial infection." Well, maybe more. In 1956, Dr. Wendell F. Stanley, a Nobel Prize Winner, reported in an address to the annual AMA convention, "viruses are the prime cause of most types of cancer". Nothing more has been heard on this subject in thirty years.

One physician, Dr. Cecil Pitard, was informed that he had terminal cancer and that he had only a few weeks to live. The Knoxville, Tennessee physician was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic as having lymphoma. Lumphatic cancer results because the body is no longer able to detoxify or cleanse itself. Tonsillectomies often initiate a deterioration of the lymphatic system, resulting in lymph gland inflammation, and eventually, lymphatic cancer. With nothing to lose, Dr. Pitard experimented on himself with the anti-flu bacterial antigen, staphage lysate and sodium butyrate, a fatty acid food found in milk and butter. He soon found that he had been completely cured. Nevertheless, the Cancer Establishment ignored his report, and became even more vociferous in its campaign against "unproven remedies". In most cases like Dr. Pitard's the cancer profiteers sneer that it probably was misdiagnosed and he never had cancer, or that he had a "spontaneous remission", which is their most oft repeated response. It would seem that they would show some interest in how to obtain a "spontaneous remission" because they have now been talking about it for half a century, yet we have heard nothing from the $70 million a year research program at Sloan Kettering about spontaneous remission.

After Dr. Ralph Moss had been fired from Sloan Kettering for revealing the positive results of laetrile experiments, he made public the fact that the Institute was sitting on many other results of successful treatment of cancer, including more than one thousand positive cases of response to the Coley treatment since 1906. Moss reported that Dr. James Ewing, "Coley's nemesis and arch rival, turned Memorial Hospital into a medical branch of the radium trust." Dr. William E. Koch, professor of physiology at Detroit Medical College and the University of Michigan, presaged freeradical pathology treatment with the development of Glyoxylide, which stimulated the body to oxidate toxins. Although his treatment was never scientifically refuted, Koch, who began oxidation studies in 1915 and used this treatment since 1918, was persecuted for sixteen years by the Medical Monopoly. He was finally driven out of the country, and died in Brazil in 1967. The FDA had started to harass him in 1920; the Wayne County Medical Society formed a "Cancer Committee" of doctors in 1923 who condemned Koch's treatment. His stimulation of cell oxidation treatment is by carefully planned diet which cleansed the system, yet this proven treatment is still denounced today by the cancer profiteers as "quackery". Koch tried to continue his work in Mexico and Brazil, but the FDA refused to abandon their pursuit. He was prosecuted in 1942 and 1946; the FDA finally obtained a permanent injunction against the Koch treatment in 1950. Several physicians who had successfully treated cancer with the Koch treatment were expelled from the medical society. It was still allowable to kill a patient but it was unforgivable to cure him.

Another independent physician, Dr. Max Gerson, discovered that a vegetarian diet, with raw fruits and vegetables, and no salt, cured migraine and lupus. He continued his studies until he found that detoxification of the body could cure cancer. In 1958, he published his findings in his book, A CANCER THERAPY, emphasizing a low fat diet, no salt and a minimum of protein. In 1964, he was invited to testify before a Senate Subcommittee, which produced a 227 page report, document number 89471. The copies of this report were never distributed by the Senate; it received no coverage in medical journals, and Dr. Gerson never received one cent from any charitable organization such as the American Cancer Society to either prove or disprove his findings, even though these groups claimed they were "researching" a cure of cancer.

Another famous case was that of Harry Hoxsey, who used a herbal treatment, based upon Indian remedies, for cancer for thirty-five years. In a well-publicized court battle, Hoxsey won a libel suit against Morris Fishbein; the good doctor was forced to admit under cross-examination that he, the most famous doctor in the United States, had never practiced medicine one day in his life.

Dr. Robert E. Lincoln discovered the bacteriophage method of conquering cancer, in which viruses parasitically attach and destroy specific bacteria. He received national attention when he cured the son of Senator Charles Tobey with this method. Tobey was astounded to learn that Dr. Lincoln has been expelled from the Massachusetts Medical Society because he was curing people of cancer. He conducted a Congressional investigation, in which his special counsel from the Department of Justice, Benedict Fitzgerald, wrote, April 28, 1953, "The alleged machinations of Dr. J. J. Moore (for the past ten years the treasurer of American Medical Association) could involve the AMA and others in a conspiracy of alarming proportions....behind and over all this is the weirdest conglomeration of corrupt motives, intrigues, selfishness, jealousy, obstruction and conspiracy I have ever seen. My investigation to date should convince this Committee that a conspiracy does exist to stop the free flow and use of drugs in interstate commerce which allegedly (have) solid therapeutic value. Public and private funds have been thrown around like confetti at a country fair to close up and destroy clinics, hospitals and science research laboratories which do not conform to the viewpoint of medical associations. How long will the American people take this?"

Thirty-five years, they are still taking it. The outcome of the Tobey hearings is instructive. Senator Tobey died suddenly of a heart attack, as happens in Washington when a politician treads on dangerous ground. He was succeeded on the Committee by Senator John Bricker of Ohio. Bricker, for many years, was considered to be a dedicated conservative by millions of Americans. In reality, he was the lawyer for a number of large drug manufacturers and bankers, the ultimate establishment figure. He promptly fired Special Counsel Benedict Fitzgerald; the Hearings were then closed down.

Dr. Robert Lincoln was bold enough to sue the Massachusetts Medical Society for libel; he also died before the case could come to trial.

Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, vice president of the University of Illinois, began to use a preparation which he called Krebiozen. He succeeded in curing cancer with it; the AMA promptly published a report on Krebiozen which ruled that it was "of no benefit". A 289 day trial resulted, in which Dr. Ivy was cleared of all counts against him. Dr. Peter de Marco, a graduate of Hahnemann Medical School, successfully treated over 800 patients with PVY, procaine polyvinyl pyrrlidone; his license to practice medicine in New Jersey was revoked.

A favorite recommendation of the American Cancer Society is the "Pap" test for cancer, despite its many drawbacks. Insight magazine, January 11, 1988, criticized many diagnostic laboratories for doing sloppy work, quoting the Wall Street Journal of November 1987 that "Pap smears have a false negative rate of from 20-40%; a false negative means death by cancer." Stung by this exposure of a method which the ACS had frenetically promoted for many years, Dr. Harmon J. Eyre, president of the American Cancer Society, called a joint press conference of the ACS, the AMA, and the NCI, to renew their joint recommendation that all women from 20 to 60 have an annual Pap smear. At this press conference reported by AP, January 20, 1988, Eyre was quoted, "A main reason for calling the press conference was an attempt to counter confusion about the value of the Pap test in light of recent publicity about the percentage of false negative results from some labs." Although he went on record with unqualified endorsements of the Pap tests, Eyre offered no answer to the problem of false negative reports or the terrible threat which it posed to many women.

Some women's groups are becoming alerted to the fact that the Medical Monopoly is needlessly condemning many women to death. The Washington Post noted, February 16, 1988, a report of a Women's Health Trial, in which 300 women demanded low fat tests in which fat in the diet would be reduced from 40% to 20%, the purpose being to diminish breast cancer. They asked for funding from the NCI, but the Board of Scientific counselors of NCI refused to advance any funding for the project. The women's spokesman pointed out that "NCI is committed to breast cancer control rather than prevention."

What would the most powerful woman in American medicine have said about this? Mary Lasker has been content to play the part of the gracious Lady Bountiful with the money her husband earned as the nation's most famous huckster. At the American Cancer Society's Science Writers Seminars, which are held each year in some exotic hotel during the harsh winter months, Science noted May 18, 1973, that these spring seminars, held annually since 1949, always are held in warm climates, free junkets for science editors at big circulation newspapers and magazines. Science pointed out that these seminars, which cost ACS about $25,000, generate about 300 favorable news stories and result in ACS raising about $85 million in extra donations. This is probably one of the best investments around. In 1957, novelist Han Suyin, wearing an exquisite fur coat, delivered an enthusiastic report to the Science writers about how much good the chemical manufacturers have done for the health of our citizens. In all fairness to Han, Love Canal had not been discovered in 1957. The seminar met recently (1973) at the fabulous Rio Rico Inn near Tucson, Arizona. Not only are all expenses paid for the complaisant writers, but an extra treat, a Happy Hour at the bar at the end of each "work day", makes certain that the journalists float in to dinner in a very jovial mood. The Happy Hour is paid for by the gracious Mary Lasker. Saturday Review noted April 10, 1965, the ACS had an unusually effective public relations department. The secret of public relations is to obtain free space in major publications, instead of buying advertising. The Lasker connection also ensures that major New York agencies such as McCann Erickson, prepare advertising campaigns for ACS at no charge.

It is ironic that Albert Lasker, the co-creator of the American Cancer Society as we know it, and its subsidiary creature, the National Cancer Institute, should have built much of his fortune on his promotion of cigarette smoking. After his death from cancer, the American Cancer Society reluctantly came to the conclusion that "smoking is bad for your health". The mounting death toll from lung cancer forced the cigarette companies to consider alternatives; one of these was filters. On January 1, 1954, Kent cigarettes released an ad to 80 newspapers that AMA tests had proved the Kent filters were the most efficient in removing cigarette tar. Because this "proof" was on a par with most other AMA claims, the AMA was compelled to protest to Lorillard, the manufacturer. Time magazine commented, April 12, 1954, "The usually soporific AMA barred advertisements for Kent cigarettes."

When the Surgeon General released his 1964 report on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, it panicked the industry, even though it had long been heralded by previous studies. In June, 1954, Dr. Daniel Horn and Edward Cuyler Hammond presented a report to the AMA convention, linking smoking and lung cancer. Horn and Hammond headed the statistical department at the ACS. American Tobacco, one of Lasker's principal holdings, dropped five points in one day after this presentation. Hammond was a well known epidemiologist who had served as a consultant to NIH, the U.S. Navy, USAF and the Brookhaven Lab. He was a vice president of ACS and director of its research. Although he had conducted extensive research on the effects of smoking, he steadfastly refused to share this material with other organizations. In 1971, he received an invitation to join a panel of scientists to discuss smoking; he refused, stating that it had been the policy of ACS since 1952 not to share data with other researchers. Current Biography reported in 1957 that Hammond smoked four packs of cigarettes a day; his wife smoked three packs a day. They both died of lung cancer.

Despite the ACS revelations, the tobacco interests, which were closely linked to the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly, fought a determined rear guard action against the lung cancer campaign. One of Washington's best connected lobbyists, Patricia Firestone Chatham, widow of Representative R. T. Chatham, the chairman of Chatham Mills textile firm, stalled the placement of the warning on cigarette packages, "Smoking May Be Dangerous To Your Health", for five years, from 1964 to 1969. She lives in a two million dollar mansion in Georgetown, the former James Forrestal home.

The furor over lung cancer and smoking ignores a pertinent fact, that primitive tribes have been smoking tobacco for thousands of years, with no disagreeable after effects. In Virginia, Indians were smoking tobacco when Captain John Smith landed at Jamestown. Dr. Richard Passey, a researcher at London's Chester Beattie Research Institute, conducted twenty years of research on the tobacco problem. He found no significant link between the traditionally air dried tobacco and lung cancer. However, the American and English tobacco industries, which are dominated by the Rothschilds, use sugar in their tobacco, for a sweetened, sugar dried effect. England uses 17% sugar, the United States 10%. England has the highest lung cancer rate in the world. Dr. Passey concluded that the addition of sugar to tobacco creates a carcinogenic substance in the nicotine tar; in air dried tobacco, this carcinogen is not activated. He found no resulting lung cancer in the Soviet Union, China or Taiwan, all of which produce air-dried tobacco. [H: I suggest you all read and reread Dr. Coleman's factual writing regarding cigarettes and remember that opium is utilized in the process and infiltrated into the paper and filters--thus addicting any smoker to the product.]

Esquire magazine featured a lengthy article on the work of the Janker Clinic in Bonn, Germany, finding that this clinic has treated 76,000 cancer cases since 1936, with full or partial remission in 70% of their patients. The Esquire reporter was astounded to learn that "the National Cancer Institute refuses to use Janker Clinic isophosphamide, A. Mulsin, Wobe enzymes and other successful Janker techniques because they refused to use sufficient dosage. The American Cancer Society is even more rigid. It prides itself on keeping the Janker techniques out of the United States." The Esquire reporter went on to complain that "The American Cancer Society has become a major part of the problem. It eschews sponsorship of chemical and research innovation and instead goes in for propaganda (cigarettes are harmful, the Seven Danger Signals, celebrity radio and TV spots) and it virtually condemns and suppresses unorthodox methods which, incidentally, it does not even trouble itself to investigate thoroughly."

The reporter did not know that the American Cancer Society has a vested interest in the established forms of cancer treatment; for instance, it holds a fifty per cent ownership of the patent rights of 5 FU, (5 flourouracil), one of the toxic drugs now in vogue as an "acceptable" medication for cancer. 5 FU and a later development 5-4-FU, are produced by Hoffman LaRoche Laboratories.

The Knight Ridder News Service reported in 1978 that the ACS refused to take a position on suspected pesticides which caused cancer. The ACS board and its allied organization, Sloan Kettering, have many members who are heads of the largest chemical firms in the United States. The war against pollution will win no adherents there. ACS was asked to take a position on other dangerous substances, such as Red Dye #2, the fire-retardant TRIS, used in children's clothing (it has since been banned), and forms of synthetic estrogen. Yet ACS again refused to state its position on these substances. To counter its baneful influence, the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine planned to file an action in 1984 before the Permanent Committee on Human Rights at the United Nations, charging that the American medical establishment was in violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the International Human Rights Agreement of 1966. Its prepared statement noted that "Americans have been needlessly slaughtered and criminalized because a host of useful products, medicine and metabolic nutritional approaches in medicine have been crushed by vested interests." The Committee termed the present situation "a Medigate".

The failure to reduce the death rate from cancer is a grim indictment of the insurmountable obstacles which the ACS has placed in the path of a viable approach to this problem. John Bailar of the Harvard School of Public Health, addressing the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1986-7, pointed out that "The government's fifteen year old national cancer program has not lowered the death rate for major forms of cancer and should therefore be considered a failure. It has not produced the results it was supposed to produce." Bailar was well qualified to make this observation; he had been editor of the Journal for NCI for twenty-five years. He was supported by a fellow member of the faculty of the School of Public Health, Dr. John Cairns, who reported that, "In the past twenty years, cancer has increased; there have been no significant gains against cancer since the 1950's."

Dr. Hardin James addressed the ACS Panel in 1969. A professor of medical physics at the University of California at Berkely, he stated that his studies had proven conclusively that untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times longer than treated individuals. "For a typical type of cancer, people who refused treatment live an average of twelve and a half years. Those who accepted surgery and other kinds of treatment lived an average of only three years. I attribute this to the traumatic effect of surgery on the body's natural defense mechanism. The body has a natural type of defense against every type of cancer."

In February, 1988, the National Cancer Institute released its definitive report, summarizing the "war against cancer". It reported that over the past thirty-five years, both the overall incidence and death rates from cancer have increased, despite "advances in detection and treatment". Washington Post, February 9, 1988. The problem may be that, just as in other wars we have engaged in the twentieth century, too many of those "on our side" are actually working for the enemy.


Perhaps this might well remind you to look at the "War on Drugs" which is also handled by the very ones dealing the drugs and selling and providing the guns. If the enemy is "within" you are in bad trouble--America, you are in BAD TROUBLE. This subject has only dealt with the "CANCER" problem so don't think it is sweetness and light when you don't have "cancer"--it gets worse when you consider AIDS and "OTHER HIGHER FORMS OF KILLING!"

Dharma, thank you, chela, for an incredibly long day of work but it's a fun job and somebody gets to do it--or something like that, the saying goes.

Walk in beauty and in the Light and all shall be revealed and in the knowing can Man find freedom for he falls not for the evil deceiver's plans. God keep you in his Glory. Good day. Hatonn to clear, please.



FRI., JANUARY 10, 1992 10:12 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 147


Perhaps, since we have spent some heavy, heavy days of writing on the "Cut, Slash, Burn (and Poisoning)" method of medical treatment--most especially cancer treatment--I shall sit with you and take stock of subjects to be attended. I shan't give them all in detail or I might just lose my scribe for we are finishing our 49th book, this week, and she is weary.

I need, first of all, to thank Nora. I have no way of actually showing and giving my appreciation for the research efforts she is making in the JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA. It is difficult and "draining" work--although I note a distinct relief and rising level of Truth in her being as she finds I speak only Truth. Dharma has not time to read that which is being offered for I plan it that way. Please, Nora, if you feel slighted in response, it is because I ask that she not study the work you are doing--yet.

The hardest one group which you have to defend against are the ones who 'THINK' themselves 'JEWS'. As history is being outlayed in THEIR OWN BOOK you will find Truth and it is as I give it unto you. At the appropriate time, Nora, we shall present the information in abbreviated format as according to your excellent notations in reference to those things which we have given so that confirmation can be presented to our brethren who are worse deceived than are you of the other religious beliefs.

Please note that as with the coinage of "terms" such as "Jews", which deceives the multitudes--so, too, does "born-again Christian". This latter term is applied only in the very recent days as a bigger fact of deceit. What the NEW term "born-again" means is NOT what was written as to be reborn in Christ/God. This new term indicates a belief in the physical assumption of believing on the person of one, Jesus, "who shed blood, died, and absolved you of all responsibility of sins by that sacrifice." No! It is and will always be exactly as that very person told you--you will stand responsible for that which you do even unto the end and through the recognition and assuming of that responsibility and coming into knowing with full intent of changing into the laws of God and Creation, shall ye be washed clean and accepted within the places of God. It has naught to do with forgiveness--for God does not "judge". You are either in the intent of Godness or you are short of Godness--forgiveness indicates a need for "another" to choose your path--nay, nay--you will choose for self and judge of self's actions and no blood of another will change an iota of it. The new presentations are to make you believe what "they" want you to believe and deceive you unto the very ending of the cycle so that you are forfeit.

You fail to recognize the punch-line of "salvation". Indeed, you may come into intent of Godliness and you may fall short of perfection--but the acceptance of the contract is based on the intent to stop breaking the laws of God and Creation as given unto you--not a bunch of rules and voted-in "OK's". Moreover, when you go forth after proclaiming to man and God that you accept His directions and are "birthed anew", you are in worse trouble when you deliberately break the original laws as given of God. You cannot have selective hearing and seeing so that it is as you WANT it to be without responsibility or course change. It is fine if you choose that path but you will not be acceptable in the higher places of God and it gets very "iffy" as to whether or not you will get off the planet under any circumstances. If you continue in the lies, you will, at best, be taken into placement to continue your learning and not into the presence and co-creation places of God. Pronouncing a ritual chant simply does not cut it. You see, I come with the transportation to the place prepared for you--according to your stature in God's school of learning. Nothing is based on Man's physical anything--except as your actions project intent.

You ones in overwhelming mass denounce and reject the very ones and things sent for your security. Who taught you those things of rejection? Could it be that the Men who would control you have led you through the primroses? Think about it a minute--You have no PROOF that there ever was such a one as Jesus of Nazareth. Does it mean that a Christed being did not exist? No, it only means that you still place your very transition and infinite experience into the limitations of the Man who chose to do the writing. That is the same as believing that one, Doris, is laying the instructions for security and lift-off for you. She can write anything and after a while some of you would accept it simply because she writes it. That is why we of the higher and farther projection do the authoring for no MAN is given into the remembering even though there well might have been the experience.


It is not the "death on the cross" which has meaning for that was a physical death by ALL of your touters--it is the LIFE of the being which had value--not the death of physical housing. HIS SACRIFICE WAS NOT YOUR SACRIFICE--YOU WERE THE VERY ONES WHO MURDERED HIM AND NOW MAKE YOUR RULES TO SUIT YOUR CRIME. He, this sacrificed lamb, may well forgive you and you may "claim" it if you have made yourselves worthy--but through no other route can you receive same. YOU HAVE MISSED THE DIFFERENCE IN THE TERMS "JESUS", "IMMANUEL", "EMMANUEL", "ESU", AND CHRIST. "CHRIST" WAS NOT A PART OF HIS NAME--IT WAS HIS "STATE OF BEING". And, a "Christ" does not go about voting-in pleasing laws to suit mankind.

Does this mean, then, that ones who praise God and honor "Jesus" are discounted in my journey? Of course not. However, they will likely deny the presence of the Host and also the Master returned for they are seeking the wrong personage. They will withdraw and never take the opportunity of the lifeboat while awaiting the wondrous rapture. To rapture as projected means absolute and total death of the physical being--it does not mean Ascension. It means that, literally, you have to "disperse" the physical being to maintain a density capable of being within a cloud. Without intent of moving on into security--the being cannot endure the trauma and the physical will perish.

Why is there trouble in merging the expressions? Because one is fed by the Lie and the other by the Truth and the projecting speakers KNOW WITHIN, the errors. There is no need for defense as to belief, for if the intent is Godly, what is there to defend? If all of your time is spent defending physical manifestation and actions, you have missed the entire point of the transition. YOU are Spirit, your body expression is physical and the body, at best, can last, say, a century or less. YOU endure for eons of expressions and experience to again reach ONENESS with God.

Think a moment: If gold be a physical expression of a precious metal and in the same breath you claim heaven is a place with streets paved with gold--you are obviously saying that you are GOING TO A PHYSICAL PLACEMENT! THAT CANNOT BE OF GOD FOR GOD IS OF SPIRIT. Therefore, does it not make some logical sense that you have interim needs? Further, if one you say is unlimited and infinite--would you not expect that ONE to prepare most carefully and in perfection for your transition? Yes, you DO have to choose for you can't have it both ways unless you choose the way unto God. If you truly choose the way of God you automatically claim your placement and the ticket is the intent of acting without evil in purposeful intent. The journey will most certainly be one of "Rapture" for your goal is final oneness with God and therefore the "interim" journey will be one of glory. But, if a cloud be your rapture then you have no way to release yourself from your bindings.


If you are in trouble and you knock on your neighbor's door and ask shelter--does not your neighbor have a right to ask you to abide by the rules within his shelter?

Well, brothers, YOU are going to be coming into OUR shelter and transportation system. We welcome you aboard--but, you will not be in setting of our rules. Our laws and rules are sufficient for God and therefore, you either leave your rules behind or remain behind with them. We are not interested in your opinions. "Except by me will you enter into the Kingdom of God"--ah so, I happen to travel with the very Christ who told you that. And therefore, I can promise you that except by Him shall ye enter in. We are the servants of Holy God come to reclaim that which is His and if ye be His, YOU. If you choose to abide with His adversary, so be it to your choices. And remember, after the third chance of discernment in wisdom--you shall be left to the physical absence of God--called Hell. Would it not be far easier and nicer to simply change your operation into the balanced and harmonious laws of God? Look most carefully at your perceptions. Do you not see how evil works? Joy, pleasure, happiness, etc., is experienced in the soul (emotion). That of physicalness is experienced in the "senses" of the physical manifestation. The experience of a moment may well be registered in the soul as expression but the fulfillment of the experience unto soul is always balanced against the laws as given. This is why one can experience the same as another and one will wilt in guilt and the other experience joy. Each must have his own perception and therefore is the reason for LAWS. I speak not of laws of the land--for those are physical and written by the "rulers" to contain and control you-the-blind.

You who SAY you claim CHRIST--what are you really saying? You cannot claim "Christ" without claiming His Truth! In coming into that Truth you are ALLOWED. You are allowed the privilege of errors and growth but if you claim forgiveness while still perfecting the error--you are in gross trouble on "judgment day" for you will "judge" self and you will find yourself far short of that goal you know to be correct in actions.

We shall not be in the leaving of anyone but this will be a physical transition and it is up to you whether or not you can physically pull it off. Moreover, if you wish to come with us, you will be brought aboard unto the 11 1/2th hour. But the facts are that you are being told and trained to deny our coming--and we will be called and claimed to be of the evil empire. The facts are simply that most of you who think you claim "God" shall deny the Truth of the rescue (salvation). So be it. You can kill my scribe, deny me, kill all ones attached to the Phoenix material and burn every JOURNAL--will that change anything? No.


If you do not research your own journey it is most sad. However, that is why we bring you the WORD--because you have been put to sleep by your own enemy of infinite life. The very symbols of God have been taken and adorn the evil mansions and power seats. The Eagle will be used to adorn the gates and coats of arms of physical tyrants. Remember, Satan himself utilizes the TRUTH to project his LIES. Why? SO YOU WILL BELIEVE HIM AS HE DECEIVES YOU! GOD HAS NO NEED TO DECEIVE YOU FOR HE WILL LEAVE YOU TO YOUR GIFT OF CHOICES AS WAS PROMISED FOR THE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE. REMEMBER, THE BATTLE WHICH YOU AWAIT--IS BETWEEN EVIL AND GOODNESS AND IT IS FOR THE FREEDOM OR IMPRISONMENT OF YOUR SOUL. If you remain locked into the physical consciousness--you will, by choice and default--continue in the ignorance which is separation from God. Salvation and destiny in infinity in God presence is NOT a bloodbath and spillage 2000 years ago--it is intent of Godness with desire to live within the Godly laws--NOW.



Only through knowing the problem can you make solutions. So, only through knowing what is wrong and who did it (your enemy), can you change anything lest you run in circles and cure nothing. Therefore, it is my task to continue to inform you of facts and Truth and then guide you to others on your place who present that Truth. MY MISSION IS FIRST TO BRING TRUTH, THEN BRING INTO SAFETY A REMNANT AND THEN TO REMOVE GOD'S CHILDREN FROM THE DANGEROUS PLACES OF EARTH--IN THAT ORDER. THE FIRST TWO ARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME FOR, IN TRUTH, WE SHALL FIND AND HAVE THE REMNANT.

I will give example of intent of these ones who would control you in the name of Jesus. In this community, my scribe has been literally slain (but it is very hard to keep God's child dead). Guess who did the slaying? Guess who continued the threats when the first trials appeared to have failed? Denouncement, rejection and open threats of horror such as: "The Christian community will be coming to visit you and you will not be allowed to remain in this town," and "Every time any of you turn the key in your ignition you will be terrified for your cars will be bombed," and, "By the ending of July, George Green will be assassinated." George is a publisher who publishes many things so would this be considered even "fair"? More than that--IS ANY OF THE ABOVE OF GOD AND/OR CHRIST BEHAVIOR? WELL, THEY PROJECT THE SAME THING THEY DO ON T.B.N.--RAPTURE, SALVATION, BORN-AGAIN, ETC. How much do you contribute to ensure your "salvation"? Just a point to ponder and WHO sets himself up as your leader and instructor and from WHERE does he claim the truth of his speeches? Oops!

I urge ones to go and sit with all AND ANY, in the Church buildings, and listen, listen, and listen. I ask them to study all of the books called Holy. I only remind you that war, killing, and the other ten commandments broken, are not of God in Truth. God does NOT NEED TO SEND YOU TO WAR! SO, IF GOD IS NOT SENDING YOU TO WAR--WHO MIGHT BE? AND, WHO JUST MIGHT BE THE IGNORANT AND MISLED TOOLS OF THAT BIG BAD BOY? Does it not sound a bit fishy to dump your evil trip on a person of perfection some 2000 years old? Isn't that some sort of mad cop-out from responsibility for your own chosen actions? So be it. You go by your rules and I shall go by mine and see who ends up in the halls of God. I have the transportation system and you have no way off the place.

Some of you are "learning" Ascension? To where? What will you do when you get there? How many people have you seen ascend? How many have you seen get even a quarter inch off the ground?


Some of you actually have the first part right--space commands will lift you off--but the next part is the hard part--WHERE WILL YOU GO? You will NOT go into the places of God's pure balance. So, it would indicate that you will go to places of interim learning to continue with your growth. Is this possible?--oh indeed. But, you aren't going to like those places any better than the one you are leaving because each is placed according to his KNOWING. Gray does not make black or white.

Since, however, I, Hatonn, command the fleet which brings God/Christ (Sananda), I do know how and who will be aboard which craft and destination. Claiming without intent of Truth to be in service to God of Light (by whatever name) means nothing--you shall be judged by your actions and not by your speeches.

You ones miss the point entirely in most instances. You effort to accept EVERYTHING AND EVERY BEHAVIOR because you do not wish to be a bigot and labeled as such. You claim to be "allowing". I said "God" allows--I didn't say "you" can allow for what you allow in practice, is committed within your soul intent. You can allow, for instance, if you choose without ACTING IN BIGOTRY OR CONSENT OF BELIEF. For instance, if you have taught your child properly, you can have the schools give him 200 boxes of condoms and he will put them aside and ACT in responsibility according to his KNOWING of proper behavior. If you have failed to teach the proper responsible actions--then it is your burden and you cannot dump it off on the perfection of Christ. If you don't know any better, so be it. IF YOU, HOWEVER, REFUSE TO LEARN BETTER, then the piper will be paid. In this instance the sins of the fathers (and mothers) shall be rested upon the sons (and daughters) for all time to come.


YES, indeed, there are other scribes and speakers for ME. But most have fallen by the way and into the trap of "New Age" confusion. They were told how it would be and all the quarreling in the physical form will not change the journey one iota. Calling me evil will not make it so and if you balance that which I bring against that which they teach--I believe you will have your proper answer! You may never bring yourself to "admit" it--but you will have your TRUTH. If you break the laws of God and Creation--then you are not in full service unto God and your "opinions" will not change anything.


Be careful when you continue to ask, "Where is a safe place for me?" Look carefully at WHY you want a "safe place"! Dharma, for instance, doesn't even want a safe place for she knows that her work is only just begun. It is perceived that if your place "is not safe" that you transition and get out of your responsibility. So, look at WHY you want safety! If it is to save your "assets" (either one) your reason is unsound and you will likely not be "safe" anywhere! If you think yourself to escape the transition of the planet and consequences of the actions upon the planet--no place is any safer than another--all will experience the trauma for it is the cycle of chaos and trauma.

What, next, is your definition of "safe"? You cannot simply ask for a "safe place" without making clear "safe from what"? If you are within the shield of God, you are safe ANYWHERE--if not, you are safe NOWHERE.

Do not limit God. If you are within God, you are safe EVERYWHERE AND ALL-WHERE. Further, we have capability of bringing you aboard from ANYWHERE you happen to be. If you are within the shielding of God you go about your work and all will take proper sequence. If, however, you're only half-shielded, then I suggest you might have a bit of problem no matter where you are.



There is more which must be unfolded to uncover the adversary, from more on medical murder to judicial murder and annihilation of freedom to the workings and infection of the CIA and One World Government.

Then we can turn our attention wholly unto the glory of that which will come to you who see Truth. Until that day when you open your eyes and "see", your ears and "hear", the Truth of your destiny in glory cannot be witnessed nor perceived. The lessons must be confronted in your manifestation and your manifestation is in the physical projection. When you can separate the two, then we can begin the "how to" get into the swing of perfection beyond the bindings of physical limitation. Do we have time? You don't have anything else! Only perception--and that is of time and space--both an illusion. You will separate the reality of existence from that illusion just referenced or you will remain binded to the illusion in helplessness. You must KNOW THINE ENEMY, KNOW THE TRUTH--AND YE CAN BE SET FREE. IF YOU REFUSE TO HEAR THAT WHICH IS SENT FOR YOUR NEEDS--YOU CANNOT REMOVE SELF FROM THE TRAP. I OFFER MY HAND IN LIGHT AND TRUTH--LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP. WHETHER OR NOT YOU RECEIVE OF IT IS YOUR CHOICE. SO BE IT FOR THAT IS THE WAY OF GOD. REACH OUT AND DARE TO LIVE! DEATH IS SUCH A BORING ADVENTURE! SALU.

May the Light of Truth shine around you so that you can be touched and claim of your heritage and birthright. You have not lost of it--the deceiver has only hidden it from your sight and told you that only through his way can you have that which you desire. Which do you struggle for--fulfillment of desire of flesh or soul? Peace or pleasure? Power over Men or "God Power"? A roll in the hay or an energy fulfillment beyond your imaginings? Limitation or infinite freedom? These choices are but yours to make and they are as individual as your fingerprints or soulprint. YOU are YOU and not any other can do of choosing for you.

Good day. By whatever name ye shall call me--I come to show the way and bring you home--you who will come with me. I do not travel the roads of hell, I fly and soar in the places of glory--and you are caught in-between the two. Salu.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



1. SIPAPU ODYSSEY ISBN 1-56935-045-0




5. FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON 1-56935-043-4



9. SATAN'S DRUMMERS ISBN 1-56935-054-X

10. PRIVACY IN A FISHBOWL ISBN 1-56935-042-6

11. CRY OF THE PHOENIX ISBN 1-56935-036-1





16. YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON ISBN 0-922356-21-1

17. THE NAKED PHOENIX ISBN 0-922356-22-X

18. BLOOD AND ASHES ISBN 0-922356-25-4




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29. END OF THE MASQUERADE ISBN 0-922356-40-8

38. THE DARK CHARADE ISBN 0-922356-53-X




42. UNHOLY ALLIANCE ISBN 0-922356-61-0

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94. WINGING IT... ISBN 1-56935-044-2

95. HEAVE-UP (PHASE ONE) ISBN 1-56935-046-9

96. HEAVE-HO (PHASE TWO) ISBN 1-56935-048-5

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