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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity-based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts-Messengers-to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are 'not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


Volume I

The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents: [Rainbow Masters ] – [Satan’s Drummers] – [Crucifixion Of the Phoenix] – [Immanuel Sananda] – [etc.] – Pleiades Connection (8 vol’s)

I. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) & Jesus Sananda. II. “Dharma” & “Druthea”, Computer persons. III. Phoenix Journals.


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April 1992

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I AM Esu Jesus Sananda. I have come in service to Holy God of Light, the Infinite ONE. I am a spiritual guardian, in charge of spiritual "graduation" of your human species upon Earth Shan. I come with the HOSTS of God to reclaim His Kingdom and His lost lambs.

I dedicate this book of lessons to all of the CHILDREN of the world who bring the joy and hope of the triumph of Godliness over the darkness of evil domain. Your children are the treasures of your species, and therefore not ONE child must be given into careless hands if your species is to move from its primitive spiritual darkness into the light of KNOWLEDGE.

Young children naturally carry "the light" within, until and unless it (the light) is temporarily extinguished by the harshness and ignorance of the child's "guardians". Even so, the flicker always remains for the will of the child to again allow to shine brightly. How do you encourage a child? How do you discourage a child? What "sins" do you carry like a weight around thy shoulders from your "guardians" waiting to pass on to your children?



I AM ATON. It is with a "Father’s Pride" that I introduce this beloved JOURNAL of lessons from the loving working team, Esu Sananda and Druthea. Each one offers of self in order to complete the whole and the balance of love and compassion, patience, discipline, hope and insight offered and presented is an inspiration to all who will partake of this glorious banquet. The name of this JOURNAL shall be, PRE-FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PHOENIX, Volume I. This volume contains many lessons for assisting you each in achieving balanced transmutation of Self which, when successfully achieved, will enable you to "pass" your final "exams" for "graduation" into higher spiritual dimensions.

The working partnership between a Master teacher and scribe must become synergistic in order to create the masterpiece of love which creates the desired effects of the balanced WORD. This is only achieved with great care, patience and nurturing of a fledgling scribe by the teacher. Be aware, precious chelas, that the work of this pair did not begin just two years ago when PHOENIX OPERATOR OWNER MANUAL was birthed. The training began well before this life stream of Druthea.

Sananda has been a most careful, watchful and even paternalistic teacher for this one. Druthea herself believes it is nothing short of a miracle that she is able to "receive" and "write” in this way. Her "pitfalls" and "testing" seemed extra difficult to her and there have been a few moments when it seemed she would not rise to her service. Alas she has ALWAYS asked for help when the going got very tough for her and her burden was instantly lifted just enough for her to breathe and work out her problem. This is a reminder to all of you of Mine chelas, it is never too late to ask for help. Just remember to LISTEN for your instructions and then ACT upon them.

I wish to share with you all a MOST precious letter which made Druthea cry to read it. The maturity and love of this child is an inspiration to ALL adults who sometimes wonder if the effort is worth it to bring balance back unto a sick and dying planet and people.

April 3, 1992

Dear George,

I'm glad I got to talk with you on the phone.

As you know, I am eleven years old. I have two older sisters named Chesa and Choli. I also have Your brothers: Chase, Chalen, Chait and Chance. We are all home schooled. Us older kids read the Journals and the Liberator. I am just about finished with "I AM SANANDA”.

It really hurts us when people say untrue and hurtful things about you and your wife and Commander Hatonn and the Phoenix Material. Please know how much my family appreciates being able to learn the truth and bring ourselves into balance with God.

About four and a half years ago, we were led out of the Mormon Church. My Mom and Dad followed the directions of the God within and left the Church, took us Kids out of public school, left our home, our friends, and my Dads job. We moved to Utah and stayed there a year before moving to Montana. We have been having a wonderful journey as we learn to listen to the God within us.

I want to share with you an experience I had the other night while listening to the clearing tapes from "E.T. Phone Home". I had a vision that I was in a meadow and a bright light appeared. I then realized that it was a Starship. Out of the star ship stepped a man who said, “I am Sananda,” and took me by my hand and led me into the Star ship. We went up in the sky and then came back down. He said "Good bye". I had such a wonderful feeling. His eyes were like His picture but His hair was short and He didn't have a beard and He was dressed different. I never had such a wonderful experience before.

My Mom and Dad are planning two of your seminars for Montana in August. We all want to do all we can to help others and we’ll do still more. We all love you and pray for god and the light to win.

We love watching all the neat star ships in our sky at night. Love, Channing

Well, precious Channing, your letter has given such JOY to Druthea that she wished to print it here with humble appreciation so that other people could be uplifted in spirit as well. Thank you, little sparrow, for sharing of yourself. You and your entire family are indeed blessed and precious children of Mine who rest safely within My shield.

This volume contains many of your PRE-FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS for boarding THE PHOENIX Star Ship. I AM pleased to introduce it to you of Mine children for it is soon that I will gather you ALL onto my wings that you may soar into GLORY and RADIANCE once again. And there is more to come…Perhaps you hear YOUR instructions already? Fear not if you yet hear not, for as surely as night follows day, you each WHO SO DESIRE to give and serve shall see and hear THE LIGHT within you and you will KNOW what you must DO. I await your decision so that I may open the door for you to walk through in HONOR of loving service. So be it.



THU., APRIL 9, 1992 7:51 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 237


Man does not live by bread alone!” and “…then let them eat cake.” It appears, chelas, that you have eaten far too much cake and forgotten the staff of life--most especially that which nourishes the soul.

Where is God? Is He out there somewhere? Is He in the local church house? No. He is within self where you can reach Him through the silence wherein all is heard and spoken through the soul which IS that which you are for your body is only a housing for the convenience of that wondrous spiritual expression upon the places physical.

God is ALSO "over there", "out there", "down there" and "up there "--everywhere unto the farthest reaches of the universe and as close as each individual cell within thine being. YOU are the very thought of God in expression.

If this all be so then why is it that the doctrined churches set forth by Men, wherein you gain your instructions of spirit, do not tell you so? Obviously because Man then loses control OF YOU. He cannot cause you to tithe unto his churches' building funds and rectory, candles or bulletins. Those are not things of God--they are physical things done by and for MAN.

So what will get you into the Kingdom of God? Obviously, it shall be nothing from the realms of physical. In the physical can only come the "expression" of intent. It is only through the "intent" of Spirit within which shall be the measure of man--along with the actions presented as a result of that "intent".

Why does minister after minister come forth and denounce the Phoenix WORD? Because it comes from God and needs no input from HIM (PREACHER). There is no binding upon you--no fear nor force to coerce you into His way and you are thereby in freedom through wisdom and Truth. If his way be THE way, he would have no fear of your studying IT ALL for in the seeing of IT ALL you would perceive and discern WISDOM. That means that you would choose GOD and not MAN'S CHURCH DOCTRINE LAID FORTH BY MAN.

God is total love but He has created you in ability to make your own choices--that, dear ones, is the measure and testing: what choices shall ye make? God gave forth Laws for the human upon His place of experience so that there would be total balance within his world IF he would but follow those guides and remain within the circle of instruction of the Laws. Man has come forth from onset and "voted-in" rules and acceptable regulations which can have nothing to do with the Truth of the Laws.

"Voted-in" laws simply mean the accepting of actions voted-in by the largest number of "other" humans and self. For instance, murder--it seems quite suitable to execute a brother if enough "other" and you vote for his execution. But what of the one being executed? Where are his rights within God?

What are church "doctrines"? Nothing but voted-in rules for a group who would attend that particular "order" or "club" and have nothing to do with God's Commandments. The Methodist "cult" is nothing different from the Satanic "cult" if you are explicit in definition. Both are "groups" gathered for a common purpose.

God gave forth unto His Man creation the most wondrous gift of all creatures--the ability to reason, think and act through his own free-will choices. Do you follow the rules of another Man or do you follow Truth with which every individual physical human expression is birthed just as he is birthed with the ability to breathe? WHAT DO YOU DO IN DARKNESS AND SECRET? IS THAT WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD? LOOK CAREFULLY, FOR UPON THE RESPONSE IN ACTION RESTS YOUR INFINITE JOURNEY.

Extraterrestrials? You must be scared and decide whether or not you believe in extraterrestrials? Why? Who said? If you believe in God you also believe in extraterrestrials! You are locked onto a planet just as surely as a prisoner is locked into a cell at San Quentin. You, further, claim to worship someone "out there somewhere". God in the form of Man ascended to somewhere out there--"to prepare a place for you"--well, which is it? Fundamentalists not only say that God went forth to prepare a place for you but that He shall come again to reclaim you. Which is it? Both? How so?

Why do you grovel in the unknown mysticism of some magical act by some invisible God? Do you consider yourself so unworthy that you cannot KNOW GOD? How can you discern which of the more than 300 translations (in English alone) of the Holy Bible in which to believe "every word"? What makes those more worthy than this direct communication from the very Hosts of God come forth in preparation for that wondrous return of your leader and great Teacher?

If the one coming (this wondrous Prince of Peace and Salvation) is "coming", then from whence shall He come? IS THAT NOT EXTRATERRESTRIAL??? And, ye of physical expression--how be ye to stay in the physical if your trip be only a short trip to the clouds in rapture? Where are you going FROM THERE? Would this God of Life leave you to perish in some clouds but a few feet from the surface which shall likely be filled with radiation? Dear ones, there are no clouds as such, in space. WHERE ARE YOU GOING AND HOW WILL YOU GET THERE? Miracle? God provides the way and the instructions--YOU PROVIDE THE MIRACLES! You ARE the miracle. Each cell of all that forms your body--EVERY ONE--holds the blueprint of the whole which is YOU. Is that not a miracle? How can this be and how can you function? Because God gives unto you the MIRACLE of creation so that you can recreate self in the wondrous perfection which you are, and that is the perfection which shall come again within God in His Kingdom.



Now, how would an extraterrestrial communicate with you? He would speak to you in signals so that you might have the WORD. How would St. Peter or John Doe be capable of writing the WORD more than these ones who receive and translate directly? How does your "preacher" claim to receive Truth pass on to you in his congregation? I thought so. Well, brother and sister, God speaks through every creation upon and within the universe and He silently speaks to you from your very soul being which is directly connected to creator. Man turns from God--God never turns from man for man is His directly-created fragment of HIMSELF. This is not to supersede God of Lighted "Whole" but to experience in the wondrous expressions presented unto MAN by his Creator.

It is fully and totally up to EACH INDIVIDUAL Man as to how and what he will believe his journey to be but the Laws of God are unchangeable for each environment of experience and Laws of Creation are unchangeable in any expression anywhere. Just as you can foresee the dangers and pitfalls awaiting your toddler who may wish to play in the middle of a freeway--God has laid guidelines which will guide your being in safety until maturity of wisdomholder. If you simply allow the child to play in the freeway, shall he not be in danger of being run upon? Ah, but the child grows into a so-called adult and now what have ye? You have a functioning human who, if not taught correctly the laws of safety--will go forth and get run upon because he will know no better. If, however, one comes as messenger and teacher and teaches the individual the rules of safety, would it not behoove the individual to listen? If he chooses to not listen then it is his "right" but is he still not in danger of being run upon? And, if the vehicle bearing down on him is an 18-wheel truck instead of a convoy of butterflies--IS HE NOT APT TO PERISH IN HIS FOOLISHNESS?

The WORD is given forth for your use or denial--but I think were I YOU, I would think carefully as to the validity of that which is offered for there will be no coercion or threat as to your reading or accepting of same. God neither coerces nor forces; HOWEVER, according to your actions within HIS Laws shall ye find your place prepared for you--WILL IT BE GLORY OR MORE OF THE SAME ENDLESS RESTLESSNESS? IT IS SOLELY UP TO YOU. I AM PREPARED TO WELCOME YOU ABOARD OR WAVE GOODBYE FOR IT IS NOT YOUR OPTION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT I BRING YOU INTO ANYWHERE--THAT IS DECIDED BY YOUR INTENT TO LIVE WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WHO HAS COME TO BRING YOU INTO SAFETY. IT IS NOT UP TO A VOTE OF THE MAJORITY OF HUMAN OF THE SPECIES--IT IS UP TO GOD AND I SERVE ONLY GOD--OF DIVINE CREATION. NO EVIL SHALL BE BROUGHT ABOARD THE WINGED SHIPS OF GOD NOR ENTERED WITHIN THE HOUSES OF GOD.

May the wisdom of insight and understanding be allowed within your awakening that you may see and hear AND ACT for the hourglass is empty and time is run out--it is the time of final choosing of direction and you are either for God or against Him--there is no fence to sit upon for if you turn FROM God you have automatically chosen the evil imprisonment of physical perceptions and on that spiraling cycle shall ye remain.

If another compels you to cast aside this WORD then he has just told you the truth of it all. God is open and asks that ye study all so that you can find Truth. If a person denies you, through fear of retaliation or any kind, the free and open study of the WORD AS RENDERED UNTO YOU--then he has just told you that he KNOWS you will find Truth in this work and he can no longer hold control over your being. There is no FEAR in the places or Truth of God.

I give My deepest love and gratitude as My child, Druthea, grows and accepts that which she has committed to serve--God and the returning Christed One who has come again to show you the way and lead you home. The LIGHT and KNOWING shall be thine reward for you rest in the hollow of My hand that none shall harm you who serve with Me.

May thine hearts be opened so that you might cast off your bindings and raise up your wondrousness in that which you are. Salu.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


APRIL 9, 1991


I am Sananda. I come in service of Our Holy Divine Father Aton and in service to you, my brethren. The subject matter I will discuss is that of TESTING. Each of you ones have lessons and each create the tests of spiritual fortitude and integrity yourselves. God/Aton will and does guide if asked, but ultimately the choices and decisions one makes are his own to account for. Each fragment is held responsible for every choice and every decision he is presented with. This places accountability (cause and effect) with each one. Soon ones begin to Recognize their own consequences of thoughts, actions and behaviors. This recognition of personal responsibility begins the path home to understanding ONENESS and what is termed The Law of One.

For example, it seems that many ones who read of The Laws of God and the Creation given forth in The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual find exception to various aspects of the laws. You may choose to DO whatever YOU like, but please understand this carefully, precious chelas, these instructions given forth are YOUR ticket to graduation to a higher level of awareness most of you have not had access to on your plane. It is completely up to each to come to terms with those thoughts actions and behaviors which keep you bound to the material 3rd dimensional plane. You simply have no conception of the EXTREME limitation you have become accustomed and attached to on your plane. God and we of His Hosts come to bring you the lessons which will allow those WHO CHOOSE to move onward in their path toward ONENESS, to make that choice. Do you see? Your free-will is not infringed upon, (except by the Anti-Christ) and you are given to see a more LIGHTED path than the one you have dwelled within. How does the Anti-Christ infringe upon your free-will? By seducing you into the lies and deceptions of limitation; by encouraging you to defy THE LAWS of Balance for the sake of selfish pleasure and by tricking you to believe in its illusion of separation from your Creator God/Aton. Remember as you journey earnestly toward ONENESS, you will find that the only TRUE and WISE free-will you have is GOD'S WILL entirely.

I and my Father Aton have seen the chagrin of ones when they read of the laws regarding "sexual" behaviors. Most all seem to wish to find exception in their own circumstance of relationship situation. How many times and ways can we say it? You ones are PROGRAMMED into ADDICTION to sexual behaviors. It may seem like a wonderful way to express LOVE, but very simply, physical sexual pleasure has NOTHING to do with what is LOVE. Until you ones can grasp the limitation of this addiction upon your spirit, you will feel "deprived" of something you BELIEVE is necessary for your health and happiness. By your response to The Laws, you will be presented with the areas of "attachment" you have, and where you must work with God/Aton for clarification, understanding and ultimately DE-tachment from the physical, material world. It seems many of you have attachment to physical sexual practices, even those of you who truly have harmonious, loving relationships with your mates. Many of you wonder HOW you will express your feelings of intimacy and closeness with the ONE whom you love. Some of you even wonder what will "replace" sexual "pleasure” sharing.

Nothing will be REPLACED, for your sexual behaviors as now practiced are not "natural" or "necessary" to the SPIRIT WITHIN. What will occur, is that as you release attachment to sexual desire, the BLOCK to your spiritual CREATIVE potential of GODLINESS will be lifted from you as if it were a great weight of rocks tied about you…and then released.

What you, precious ones must understand completely is that you cannot hang onto the "luggage" of physical density and "lighten" up your vibration to reach 4th dimension or higher. You will perhaps tease yourself with "glimpses" of what HIGHER awareness is and what it FEELS like, but it cannot be YOURS until you've truly 100% DETACHED from all things of physical 3rd dimensional frequency, THAT includes emotional, sexual attachments, chelas.

Will it help you when we tell you that YOU take GOD wherever your thoughts are, whatever you DO, and wherever you take your body? Are you happy with and proud of your thoughts, words and deeds which you present to GOD/ATON your Creator?

This is why the TESTING is great for ALL who aspire to reach God's Holy Kingdom of ONENESS. It has been said, "The roughest seas are given unto the toughest navigators" and so it is. YOU will be testing YOURSELVES throughout your unfoldment, and either the lesson is learned and the test is "passed" or the lesson is repeated until such time as understanding is reached and released. The testing represents the CHALLENGE of GOD for knowing, accepting and, therefore, adhering to The Laws of Balance of God and The Creation. So welcome the tests, chelas, you are "honing" your spiritual perfection through recognition of TRUTH and understanding YOUR personal responsibility. The perceived "inconveniences" and "frustrations" are a part of your growing "pains" of your own doing. Recognize you are the hardest on yourself, especially when you become impatient with the flow of life in relationship to your personal understanding of your lessons. ASK our FATHER God/Aton WITHIN you for illumination and clarification about any given circumstance. You WILL receive instructions and understanding if you have asked in true intent of same. God hears you…do YOU hear Him?

Bless you, precious brothers and sisters of mine for searching and asking for clarification. Thank you, little sister Dru, for receiving this message for our brethren. Our Father holds thee ever closely within His wings of Love, Protection and Guidance. So be it.

I AM Sananda. Salu.


APRIL 12, 1991


I AM Sananda. I come in service to our Holy Father of LIGHT, God/Aton and to you, my brethren. Greetings little sister Druthea. Druthea has asked Our Father to please bring understanding and clarification on what is THE CREATION. Our Father God/Aton of Light has sent me to answer this challenge.

I call this a challenge because your language of communication has not the "words" for describing this concept of Creation. So in order not to put upon you, my precious chelas, MORE limitation, I will ask that you close your eyes, call forth THE GREAT SPIRIT OF ONE WITHIN YOU, "listen" and continue reading with The Presence of The Holy Divine ONE WITHIN.

Now imagine a GREAT CIRCLE OF INFINITY, with no ending and no beginning in front of you. This will “represent” The Creation. Now imagine that this circle is a great movie film without ending and without beginning, but moving ever creatively on, constantly unfolding the unlimited potential of the creative "will". What we will do now is PAUSE a frame in the sequence of this ongoing "film" of no-time and no-space, no-ending and no-beginning…

The Creation represents fulfilled and yet unfulfilled Creative Potential. Creation is the Totality of ALL THAT IS; which in your human perspective is ALL THAT HAS BEEN and ALL THAT IS TO BE. Now, keep in mind, the Laws of Balance, of Nature, of God and of The Creation are THE SAME Universal Laws of Order and Logic.

So then HOW is the Creative Potential REALIZED and FULFILLED? Through the Great Spiritually Perfected Being, God/Aton, who is the Great MIND and INTELLIGENCE which brings THE POTENTIAL of that which represents The Creation into coalescence of matter, such as planets, stars, animals, plants and minerals. Now, you have ONE GREAT SPIRITUALLY PERFECTED BEING which is THE MIND INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR GALAXY…that ONE which we call OUR FATHER/MOTHER CREATOR GOD/ATON. The reason that WE are ONE with, and therefore, called the "children" of God/Aton is that this Great Being has FRAGMENTED Himself, His Great Spirit, to allow HIS UNFOLDING CREATIVE POTENTIAL UNLIMITED varieties of experience. Thus each human, each Angel, each BEING which is created and fragmented of HIM, is a unique creative-potential filled reflection or aspect of THE ONE GREAT MIND INTELLIGENCE, GOD/ATON.

So, we have The Creation, which represents the Great Sacred Circle of Infinity, without end or beginning, which holds the fulfilled and unfulfilled Creative Potential of the Totality of ALL that is. Then we have God/Aton, which represents the MIND INTELLIGENCE OF THE CREATION FOR THIS GALAXY. God/Aton is as much a PART of The Creation as WE EACH are a PART of God/Aton. Hence the truth…WE ARE ALL ONE.

I, Sananda, have now reached my state of ONENESS with Our Father, which is the meaning of my name, "One With God". What does this mean to you, my brethren? This means that I am in the state of Grace of ONE WILL, that of My Father, God/Aton's will. I am sent now, along with His Hosts of Light, of Our Father to reclaim YOU of his fragments who choose to move into higher realms of Creative Spiritual Awareness. Eventually, many of YOU ones will EARN, as have I, the state of Grace, of Oneness with Our Father of Light/Life Aton. I, and my Brothers of Light come to show the WAY toward ONENESS, which is the Love, the Peace, the Balance, and the Harmony of THE TOTALITY OF ALL THAT IS; THE CREATION. Why come we? Because we, the Hosts of God of Light, LOVE you as our brothers who are also precious beings created of Our Father. Since my will is HIS WILL, it is HIS WILL to bring you HOME and I am come to show you the way.

Now what does it mean to be "Sananda", One With God? Much Responsibility, chelas! Only, it is quite a JOYFUL responsibility in that I am AWARE of my Co-Creation with Our Father. I recognize that even the word "responsibility" makes many of you a bit uncomfortable inside, mostly because it is a symbol of discipline, and seriousness and ones even perceive it as "limiting" to their perceived "enjoyment" of life. Eventually, precious ones, "responsibility" will not pose a "threat" to you because you will have developed the INTEGRITY of YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN to the point that you will WELCOME the creative challenges of SELF-Responsibility.

You see, since most of you (especially those of you who have believed various HUMAN doctrines in your "religious" institutions) have been "programmed" to be dependent and not take responsibility; and since you have also been programmed that you are somehow separate from your Creator, learning to take Personal Responsibility seems "unnatural” and "frightening" to you. WHY? Well, when you recognize the truth that YOU have created ALL within this manifested "illusion", it can be a bit overwhelming to your consciousness to realize that you have also contributed to the DIS-ease upon your plane and upon yourselves. There is NO ONE else to blame anymore.

Personal Responsibility means taking action to balance the unbalance, to bring love where there is hatred, to bring harmony where there is chaos, to bring discipline where there is disorder and to bring peace where there is war. Each ONE of you will open your own door to the SPIRITUAL POWER OF LOVE WITHIN YOU WHEN you start taking Responsibility for ALL of your manifested reality, including your thoughts, words and deeds. Each ONE who harmonizes and balances within brings the LIGHT of Balance and Harmony to your "pool” of mass consciousness, so that it eventually will no longer be the "cesspool" of darkness and despair which it is now.

Ah well, our subject is The Creation and ITS relationship to God/Aton and to YOU. Please recognize, please remember, my precious ones, YOU each represent WITHIN YOU GOD/ATON'S MIND INTELLIGENCE for UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL. THERE IS SO MUCH JOY TO BE A PART OF. LET GO of your ILLUSIONS of separation from THE ONE and attachment to the physical" and "emotional" aspects of this LIMITED plane. BE responsible for what is YOUR JOB of clean-up before you, SPREAD THE WORD OF TRUTH written in The Journals about your Earthly circumstances and spread the JOY that GOD WINS in this final confrontation with evil. Will you JOIN GOD, MINESELF and MINE Brothers of LIGHT in this confrontation of evil? OR, will you remain ignorant and apathetic, and therefore, a PART OF THE EVIL ENERGY DESTRUCTIVE "WILL" upon this plane? In Love and Peace, I humbly request that YOU take MINE hand to the path of GOD and ONENESS…the ONLY logical choice is the choice of GOD'S WILL, and MAY GOD’S WILL BE DONE! So Be It.

I AM Sananda, One With God, in service to HIS HOLY PRESENCE, ATON and THE CREATION. Peace be with you. Salu.


APRIL 16, 1991


I AM Sananda. I come in service to Our Holy Father of Light, God/Aton and The Creation. Greetings, precious chela, Druthea. Let us begin.

Many of you may wonder what Santa Claus has to do with the Anti-Christ. Everything! The Adversary to God in its wish to place bondage and limitation upon God's Human Creatures upon this plane knows that to garner the greatest degree of deception it must begin with the human in its childhood state.

You see, the adversary, in order to maintain deceptive "control" over you ones, must support its "illusion" of attachment to "physical" matter. The being that so-called Christians have called Santa Claus represents the "god" (of the adversary) to your little children. For example: According to the "myth" (defined as, “An imaginary or fictitious person, thing, event or story) Santa Claus can BE everywhere around this planet within a short 8-hour-or-so period. He will bring "gifts" to all the "good" children around the planet. These "gifts" are physical toys and objects of desire of the young and "good" child. If the child is really "good", he/she receives many gifts of which he/she has asked for. This begins the human's attachment to having "things" of material plane versus desiring the "spiritual" gifts of Our Creator, God/Aton.

Now the parents, of course, support this Santa Claus "image", only it is not necessarily based upon the "goodness" of the child, but more directly based upon the pocket-book abilities of the parent. Since there is NO such being called Santa Claus as described in the "myth", it is THE PARENTS who perpetuate the lie of the adversary, by themselves continuously allowing, encouraging and fulfilling the "I want…" list of their children. Essentially, regardless of the "good" intentions of the parents, they themselves are planting the seed of, encouraging and sustaining "materialism" within their child. Those children whose parents cannot "afford" many gifts for their children most often feel "guilty". The child senses this and unless the parent explains HONESTLY where the gifts come from, so that the child understands that it is not based upon his "goodness" or "badness" but that any "gifts" given are based upon the LOVE sharing of his parents (or whoever gives), he will begin "comparing" himself by that which he has not received, against what his "perceived" more abundant friends and peers receive. The child will most often begin to harbor feelings of unworthiness and eventually he may become quite ANGRY with his parents for allowing and supporting a LIE.

Am I saying it is "wrong" to give gifts of material matter? Not at all. Parents, you must FIRST simply nurture and encourage the spiritual "gifts" of Our Creator, God/Aton; especially the spiritual creative potential within, personal responsibility, integrity of spirit within, Love and Joy of life and ONENESS with all. If Christmas represents a "time" when family and friends can be close in communion and sharing of LOVE, and a "time" of thankful appreciation for the gifts of LIFE of God and a "time" of remembering and giving back dignity to those who are less fortunate in physical manifestation, then God blesses you. Only, God, Our Father, and We of the HIS HOSTS OF LIGHT would encourage you to not save this "time" of sharing for ONLY societal designated "times" such as Christmas. EVERY DAY IS HOLY AND BLESSED OF GOD! MAKE EVERY MOMENT A DIVINE, HOLY CHRISTED CELEBRATION WITHIN!

I AM suggesting, though, that the "image" of "roly poly", Santa Claus who is "everywhere" ("like" God) is really the ANTI-GOD's attempt at a very POOR copy of GOD. Santa Claus represents in his image figure, gluttony and his perceived "jolliness" and "benevolence" is really the ANTI-GOD laughing AT YOU because you parents play his game of seducing your own children into MATERIALISM and away from true SPIRITUALITY. The "myth" says, "Santa Claus" goes "everywhere" where the "good" children are. Do you think perhaps those starving ones, such as in Ethiopia and HERE within your own United States, are loved LESS by God/Aton? Well, Satan Claus only gives "gifts" to children who are "good" according to material desire AND ABILITY OF PARENTS TO PAY! Ponder this carefully.

Parents, many of you have given "EVERYTHING" you could of material "desires" to your children, and when they are grown and still depend upon you in their adult years and then even resent you, you are baffled. Don't you see? When you give your child TRUTH and LOVE and GUIDANCE of SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY and ONENESS, THEY WILL HAVE GAINED ACCESS TO THE TOOLS WITHIN THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE CREATIVE HUMANS OF THIS PLANE. YOU MUST GIVE THEM TRUE "GIFTS" OF SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE AND POWER WITHIN THEM that they may move forward IN JOY AND INNER PEACE and FEAR NOT the challenges put before them, but instead WELCOME THEM as OPPORTUNITIES TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTH OF THEIR HOLY, DIVINE SPIRITUAL HERITAGE WITHIN!

So what am I suggesting? Very plainly, that the “myth" of Santa Claus be presented HONESTLY to your children from the beginning. You need not continue to FEED THE LIE OF ANTI-GOD and thus, cripple your children by feeding them limitation and bondage to "material" objects. They must learn and KNOW that THEY create ALL within this experience, including any perceived "lack". You must teach your children RESPONSIBILITY for their thoughts, words and actions and DISCIPLINE of their "minds" by ALWAYS monitoring their own thoughts. For those of you parents who have already taught your children the "myth" of "Santa Claus", NOW is the time to "pop” the phony, gluttonous belly of Santa Claus to release the "hot air" existing within this deceptive "satanic myth”. You see, "Satan" Claus is NOT an image of TRUE Christians. TRUE Christians are those who understand and adhere to CHRIST consciousness teachings of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, NOT so-called ones who label themselves “Christian" based on their "belief" in what they are told are the "teachings" of Christ as presented erroneously within your various Bibles.

SEE Santa Claus for that which this image truly represents: a ridiculous, gluttonous image to perpetuate COMMERCIALISM of' material "goods" and "services". Face it, precious ones, MANY businesses DEPEND upon your CHRISTMAS season for a major portion of their business. Just as the ANTI-GOD DEPENDS upon your IGNORANCE of Truth to perpetuate its EVIL FOLLY upon you. YOU feed the BEAST by your choice to remain spiritually ignorant.

Many of you now may be concerned about YOUR BUSINESS, especially if yours is one which rides the MASS consciousness tide of Christmas giving. IF that be your FIRST concern and NOT about the integrity and necessity of YOUR product, then YOU need to PONDER YOUR priorities of concern more carefully. If your business is truly one which serves your human brethren by truly SERVING GOD, then you need not concern over its success…GOD'S WILL WILL BE DONE! But if your business rides upon MEDIA molded and created desires, addictions and "social" traditions…it may be time to carefully consider YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to GOD, SELF and YOUR BRETHREN, and therefore, CHANGE your business! IMPOSSIBLE, YOU SAY?! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR FIRM COMMITMENT TO SERVE IN BALANCE WHICH IS OF GOD/ATON AND THE CREATION. "Will it be easy to change", you ask? THAT depends upon YOU! Meaning it depends upon the degree of resistance and dependence upon the "material" plane offered and accepted by your "altered" ego which, of course, is fed by the Anti-God which YOU have allowed within YOUR TEMPLE OF GOD. Whether it is easy or not does NOT matter. WHEN your commitment to GOD IS MADE AT SOUL LEVEL, YOUR SOUL WITHIN WILL BRING THE LESSONS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR SPIRITUAL CONNECTION AND COMMITMENT TO GOD. IT WILL BE ENTIRELY UP TO THE SELF-DEVELOPED INTEGRITY WITHIN as to whether or not YOU are successful in YOUR TESTING to allow YOU entrance within GOD’S HOLY KINGDOM OF LIGHT. So Be it.

I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD, in Service to God/Aton and The Creation. Thank you precious chelas for this communion. May you receive the clarity and understanding OF GOD, given herein. Bless you little sister, Druthea, for your service. Peace be with you. Salu.


APRIL 17, 1991


Greetings Precious chela, Druthea. I AM Sananda in service to God/Aton of LIGHT and The Creation. Our subject this day is that which you ones call “Welfare” and which is actually that which is not for the welfare of ones, but instead binds ones ever into crippled bondage of NO DIGNITY and social separation.

Welfare defined as, 1. "The condition of faring well. 2. Aid, as money, food, or clothing given to those in need." On Welfare, defined as, "Receiving aid from the Government because of need."

You ones NOW have within your United States of America the system of functioning called WELLFARE STATE, defined as, "A government that assumes a large measure of responsibility for the social welfare of its citizens." Your government, meaning you tax-payers who have taken responsibility for your own welfare, are assuming financial responsibility for those and their families who find themselves "unable" to care financially for themselves.

Do you realize that you have WHOLE generations of families WHO exist in self-perceived helplessness and attachment to your SOCIAL WELFARE system? They are trained parasites of your system because they KNOW no other way except through crime, drugs, weapons, etc., to care for themselves. The parents are dependent, they teach their children this same dependency, as well as lack of dignity and personal responsibility. These ones HAVE NOT HOPE because they do not KNOW that THEY have the power within to change their circumstance. They choose instead to remain as outcasts, angry and blaming of the system which robs them of their human dignity, yet helpless, they feel, to change it. Most of these ones, feel NO ONE cares about them, and rightly so.

A government which operates on a "social welfare" system assumes responsibility where it has NO business assuming same. You are being programmed for helpless, non-thinking slavery and that is why I call your welfare SICK-FARE because it spreads a cancer of helpless apathy that destroys the dignity of the human and of your ONCE great and FREE nation.

This thread is woven into a web of paralyzing apathy by many in your so-called CHRISTIAN churches. You undoubtedly have heard the phrase, "God will Provide" spoken quite loosely from the mouths of those so-called Christian ones. The so-called Christian leaders most often say this in a VERY patronizing way to one who has social and financial "misfortune". And soon this follower of what is Human-Religious deceptive doctrine will soon tell himself "God will Provide" as he waits in line for his welfare check or asks for assistance from his family or friends.

I say this, GOD DOES PROVIDE and the catch is this: GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES! This means, precious ones, that YOU must use your GOD-GIVEN reasoning minds, ASK for guidance, TAKE personal responsibility and DO something to WEAN yourself OFF of the POISON breast of WELFARE (SICKFARE). God/Aton has gifted EACH ONE of YOU with abilities to care for yourselves when you take personal responsibility and are in HIS SERVICE. So whose service are you in when you become a victim of SOCIAL WELFARE, "Big Brother take care of me, I cannot take care myself" MENTALITY?

I hear the protests now, "How can we expect ones who only know the system of welfare to just break free of it?" Is it not wiser to break from this "illusion" of bondage to the system SICKFARE while it is still YOUR choice to do so? What I am preparing you for, precious ones, is that there will be a time coming, sooner than you think, in which YOUR GOVERNMENT will NOT have the funds for WELFARE recipients of any and all kinds. Your government is BANKRUPT financially and it has been planned this way, as you must know if you have been carefully studying Commander Hatonn's message within The Phoenix Journals. The Beast which operates and controls YOUR government and YOUR media has conditioned you ones to DEPENDENCY…You make more compliant slaves, that way.

MOST of you would not know how to feed yourselves if you did not have functioning and operational grocery stores! It is time that each ONE of you, whether you are a WELFARE recipient or simply a person working for some company within the system, really THINK about where YOUR personal weaknesses are as far as true AUTONOMOUS (self-governing) INDEPENDENCE and SELF-SUFFIENCY goes. YOU will each need to consider YOUR own weaknesses, that YOU may then STRENGTHEN YOURSELVES in those areas which keep you in bondage of what is in actuality blatant communism which the "elite" are now calling Democracy, defined as. "1. A form of government in which political power resides in all the people and is exercised by them directly or is given to representatives. 2. A State so governed. 3. The spirit or practice of political, legal or social equality." The problem with this term, Democracy as THEY mean it, is that it is equality of the elite to maintain tight CONTROL over the masses for their own MEANS. And Equality of all YOU SLAVES to have NO rights except those THEY, the tyrants wish to grant you.

What you actually want to be able to call your government as FREE and autonomous individuals is a REPUBLIC defined as, "A state in which the sovereignty resides in the people and the legislative and administrative powers are lodged in the officers elected by them." Your government NOW is a ridiculous joke in that YOU the PEOPLE elect NO ONE and the POWERS of operation are currently OUT OF YOUR CONTROL…unless, of course, ENOUGH of you are willing to demand adherence to YOUR Constitution and Bill of Rights and take BACK YOUR POWER of autonomous sovereignty as a REPUBLIC FOR and BY THE PEOPLE…A NATION UNDER GOD.

I, Sananda and my brothers of LIGHT who are with me, Lord Michael, St. Germain, Commander Hatonn, and ALL the others who serve unnamed AND OUR Divine Father Aton wish only to impress upon you that although your self-created circumstances are quite serious, YOU CAN STILL CHANGE THEM IF ONLY you will RECOGNIZE YOUR personal responsibility and POWER that rests WITHIN YOU…EACH OF YOU!

I honor one, WB, who has struggled as a true PATRIOT of freedom and one who serves our Father God/Aton. He has thought of an excellent idea for successfully reaching your so-called elected politically representatives. He calls his plan "Adopt a Legislator". Most ingenious this plan is. Ones will more or less "adopt" one or more of the Congressmen, Senators and other Representatives of their State and literally MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD, LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY. You see, NOT ALL are evil within the system. If ones have an ounce of conscience of duty left within them, they can be turned about and out of the hands of evil IF they know YOU THE PEOPLE CARE ENOUGH AND WILL SUPPORT THEM ALL THE WAY! God Blesses you precious, WB, and HIS light shines ever with thee.

Now many of you by now may be wondering if I am telling you not to support those ones who have become self-trapped, through ignorance and apathy within the system of what is termed Welfare and which is actually Sick-fare. I am telling you that YOU support THEIR bondage by continually supporting, through your illegal taxes, social welfare. Will you help a homeless person or family when the "opportunity" is before you? OF COURSE YOU WILL! But NOT BY TAKING AWAY THEIR DIGNITY AND FEEDING THEIR PERCEIVED "HELPLESS" BELIEF. You will instead practice something along the lines of WORK-FARE, wherein after you fill their hungry tummies, you help these self-unfortunate ones HELP THEMSELVES. This is not a NEW term, WORK-FARE, many have tried to adopt this type of program with your current bloated and corrupted system, mostly without success.

Those of you who have been prudent and have done your homework in establishing autonomous self-sufficiency have not done so ONLY for yourselves and your families. Many of you who have the ability, have provided for MORE than the needs of your family. Your best “SURVIVAL” in the probable times ahead of Financial dispersion and uncertainly will be in COMMUNITY effort, neighbor assisting neighbor, barter and sharing of resources, skills and duties. This is WHY Commander Hatonn and many others on your plane have stressed the importance of SMALL TOWN LOCATION of living circumstance. With fewer people, and developed self-sufficiency of the most of these, you will be able to function in relative comfort compared to those who find themselves on the streets of large metropolitan cities.

It is time that you ones begin to learn about and PRACTICE TRUE COMMUNITY that you will develop a BOND of commitment to EACH OTHER and therefore TO GOD. Community, defined as, "1. A group of people living together in the same locality and having common customs, interests, etc. 2. The district in which they live. 3. People having specified interests in common: the scientific community; The German-American community. 4. The public; society in general. 5. Common ownership or participation." THIS community called Tejas Shape, (Valley of Radiance) is THE MODEL ONE chosen to be the leader in establishing business with integrity which is directly in SERVICE to GOD. Many other such communities are beginning and will form as well. Tehachapi, as it is called currently, has the quiet and honored distinction of being chosen BY GOD to be the model to represent a balanced circle of sovereign, self-sufficient individuals who co-operate and operate as a team of those who SUPPORT AND LIVE according to THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. A commune, on the other hand, is defined as, "A group of persons, not forming a single family, having a home or land in common." This usually means, home, land and BED in common as well. THIS IS WHY THESE ONES, THESE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS WORKING TO "GET THE WORD OUT" ARE NOT CALLED A GROUP OR A COMMUNE…they are individual ones with a COMMON interest in TRUTH who work together as a GOD-team to assist YOU, their brethren, through dissemination of THE WORD, back into GODLY balance and behavior. I do trust this is clear. So be it.

I Am Sananda, One With God. I bless you ones and honor your courage to stand for truth. Thank you, precious Druthea, for your humble service and dedication. God is ever with thee, chela. Peace BE with you. Salu.


APRIL 18, 1991


Greetings, precious chela Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service with my brothers or LIGHT, in service to God/Aton our Holy Divine Creator and The Creation.

Our little sister has inquired about why I am discussing such things as Santa Claus, Welfare, and Insurance and what these things have to do with "Spiritual" teachings. She no longer has the question for herself, but I will now give further clarity to you ones who have questioned in a similar way.

Do you remember we have spent the contents of an entire book (The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual) defining what is THE ANTI-CHRIST WITHIN, The DEADLY SINS and most importantly THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION that ALL must adhere to in order to bring BACK and MAINTAIN balance? And has not Commander Hatonn through his beloved secretary, Dharma, written some TWENTY-FIVE volumes about the manifestation PHYSICALLY of Anti-God within your political, social, economic and religious institutions upon this plane? Where think you this OUTWARD manifestation of EVIL has come from and been allowed to continue as an insidious DIS-ease of rapidly destructive CANCER upon your plane? IT (THIS OUTWARD CORRUPTION) EXISTS WITHIN YOU ONES FIRST IN ORDER TO BE CREATED IN PERCEPTION OUTSIDE OF YOUR BEINGS! YOU ONES HAVE ALLOWED AND NURTURED THE BEAST WITHIN YOU, SO THAT YOU HAVE NOW MANIFESTED THE NEAR DESTRUCTION OF YOUR SPECIES AND YOUR BELOVED PLANET!

My intention, as well is the intention of OUR brother Hatonn, as it has been requested of GOD/ATON OUR CREATOR by YOU ONES (Ask and it is GIVEN) is to ONE by ONE SHOW you the EVIL that exists within MOST or your cultural INSTITU-TIONS which you simply have taken for granted as acceptable WITHOUT thinking about it carefully. Well, NOW is the time that ALL that does not work in accordance and balance WITHIN THE COSMIC LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION will be exposed for the evil fraud of material bondage IT supports. ALL EVIL will FALL into THE ASHES OF SELF-DESTRUCTION AND BE RECOGNIZED FOR THE ILLUSION OF DECEPTIVE LIES AND "SMOKE-SCREEN" THEY ARE. This is why God's return has as His symbol THE PHOENIX, which represents the evil being consumed by itself and the REBIRTH OF GODLINESS upon your plane! For You ones who are determined to conquer EVIL within and without, I and MY brothers of LIGHT, are come to PEEL away the illusions which have kept you GAGGED AND BOUND in separation from YOUR DIVINE HOLY HERITAGE OF ONENESS WITH ALL. What will be left when you are ALL peeled of EVIL ILLUSIONS? GOD, precious ones, your immortal soul as a fragment of THE ONE IS THE ONLY REAL AND SACRED TREASURE OF TRUTH and by THE WILL OF GOD WITHIN YOU, IT WILL BE FREED FROM THE BONDAGE OF THIS THE MATERIAL PLANE!

Now I will return to our subject at hand, Insurance (Non-Assurance) and The Anti-Christ. First let us define insurance, "1. Financial protection against risk, loss, or ruin, guaranteed by a person or company in return for the payment of premiums; also, the business of providing this protection. 2. Any safeguard against risk or harm." Let us also define, Assure and Assurance, "1. To make sure or secure; establish firmly. 2. To make (something) certain; guarantee. 3. To cause to feel certain; convince. 4. To promise. 5. To insure, as against loss." Assurance, "1. The act of assuring, or the state of being assured. 2. Self-confidence; boldness."

Well, well, it seems that you ones have done quite a thorough job in covering up your FEARS of POSSIBLE FUTURE "PHYSICAL" manifested disasters. You just PAY someone, called an "Insurance Company" a fee which they calculate to insure THEM the LEAST loss and the HIGHEST possible profit and THEY will arrest your fear of LOSS. Of course, first you have set up THE COSTS of replacement of those material items, such as home or car, or of Medical CARE to such EXTREME that MOST could not afford to tend of themselves WITHOUT an Insurance Policy.

Am I saying it is wrong within the structure of your current society to NOT have insurance if you are able to afford same? NOT AT ALL. What I am suggesting to you ones though is that this "system" of insurance is supporting FEAR and YOUR PERCEIVED INABILITY TO MANIFEST POSITIVE BALANCE ON YOUR OWN, SO as with WELFARE from your government, INSURANCE companies are FAILING as well, and there is coming, in probability, a time when YOUR insurance company will NOT have the FUNDS to pay YOUR claim.

The whole theory structure of "Insurance" is based on a group or company offering a guarantee through a pool of what is termed Premiums paid by a large number of participants, against possible loss from possible FUTURE circumstances, which in itself ASSUMES they are possible circumstances which YOU have no control over. The Insurance company or group has created, through mathematic statistics it has gathered, what is termed ACTUARY tables which are designed specifically to LIMIT RISK to the Insurance company, by defining and categorizing risk, such as in Life Insurance, the age and sex of the individual, as well as such details as where he lives and works is computed into the "risk" factor. Now up until a few years ago, most of the major Insurance Companies, especially those selling "Whole LIFE" insurance policies with Cash Value, rather than "TERM" insurance policies which are generally less expensive to the consumer, were QUITE profitable. Why? Because they received MUCH more in premiums from many individuals, families and businesses than they were required to pay back for claims. Now, because most of the Insurance companies INVESTED their profits in things such as real estate and the stock market, most of these have incurred tremendous LOSSES because of investments which went "bad" for a variety of reasons primarily involving the failing of MANY businesses, decline in real estate values and sales, your tremendous government debt, and general loss of confidence within your business and government structure, of which most of you are aware. So what this obviously means is that, as I said earlier, YOU will, in all probability, NOT be able to collect on any claims because your insurance company most likely will fail and therefore not have the funds to pay you.

What is really wrong with this human institution called Insurance as it relates to YOU ones who wish only to reclaim YOUR God of LIGHT POWER and FREEDOM? Simply this, it supports your FEAR of what you perceive as THE UNKNOWN possibilities which COULD occur, which would cause you some sort of LOSS, usually of objects. Do you remember what we have discussed within the journal, The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual, about how FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTATION of focus ROBS you of POSITIVE MANIFESTING IN YOUR NOW TIME? And also about HOW YOU EACH have within you the RESPONSIBILITY of creating ALL within YOUR illusion? PLEASE RE-READ THAT JOURNAL IF YOU ARE NOW STILL CONFUSED! Insurance which offers human guarantee against possible LOSS which YOU create yourself, is a guarantee to keep you powerless and irresponsible for your manifested creations and experiences. THE ONLY INSURANCE OR ASSURANCE YOU HAVE IS THAT, THROUGH THE GRACE OF OUR CREATOR GOD/ATON, YOU HAVE BEEN GIFTED WITH A WONDROUS IMMORTAL SOUL AND REASONING ABILITY WHICH CONTAINS ALL KEY "INGREDIENTS” FOR UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL AND WHICH EXISTS AS A FRAGMENT OF GOD/ATON AND THE ONE ALL THAT IS!…Precious Chelas, what more "guarantee" do YOU need? When you feel you must have insurance, say in case or fire in your house, are you not supporting your own fear of this possibility? And your belief that YOU cannot create more balanced circumstances for yourself'? You create it ALL, every circumstance! What do you think happens when you are able to PLACE YOUR WILL INTO GOD'S WILL? Your Unlimited Creative Potential begins to FLY within the realms of REALIZATION and FULFILLMENT within you. YOU BECOME A CONSCIOUS CO-CREATOR WITHIN THE UNIVERSE! YOUR INSURANCE IS GOD'S GRACE AND SPIRIT OF LIFE WHICH IS WITHIN YOU!

Am I suggesting that you today cancel ALL insurance? Of course Not. In fact you would likely have extreme difficulty because many types of insurance, such as what is termed "Title Insurance" on a home, and "Liability Insurance" on your car, is built into your system as MANDATORY insurance by either· the U.S. Government or the state in which you reside. Really the intent of some of the ones who have legislated in mandatory enforcement of such types of insurance as Liability, did so because of what they observed as the refusal of MANY ones to be responsible on their own for what you term "accidents" occurring by the drivers of these vehicles. Of course, by now, you know there are NO accidents. All parties create the circumstance and have responsibility for the lessons and accountability for any errors in judgment.

What I am suggesting is that you really THINK now WHY you do the things you do. Why, for example, do you feel the need to buy insurance (when it is your choice) for a future possibility of loss? I know, "Peace of Mind", right? Why do you fear so much any material loss? Are you still so "attached" to your material possessions? Can you not re-create ALL that you need, by the Power of God Within YOU? Of course you can! You have simply forgotten how.

So let us call human insurance a "limitation" which may give you "Peace of Mind" while you are attached to THIS plane, but is NOT necessary when you graduate to 4th dimension or HIGHER realms of Godly existence.

There, of course, are several ways to think of insurance besides that which you formally purchase through an insurance company. For example, you have been guided, throughout The Phoenix Journals to do various forms of preparations for protection against the probable and known changes involving the transformation of yourselves and your planet. This is what I will call INTELLIGENT insurance, in that you ones who have made preparations, such as for food and clothing, are doing so TO REMAIN relatively comfortable WITHIN YOUR SERVICE TO GOD upon this physical plane as you assist THE TRANSFORMATION process. You are still "physical" beings existing within the perceived limitations or your plane. Your bodies, you perceive, need nurturing with "physical" food and clothing, while we of the HOSTS give nurturing of your spiritual knowledge and power within and documentation of your already created physical circumstances. We must, therefore, work with you, our brethren who are committed to serve God, in a balance of recognizing and respecting the limitations of your plane, and yet still stretching your awareness above that which is your perceived created physical limitations. This is one of our most important challenges, and one which I and especially Our Beloved Brother Commander Hatonn, constantly endeavor for to reach and spark that awakening within the most of you in the quickest and most effective way possible.

Now, what is the difference between positive, Intelligent Insurance and limited FEAR-supporting insurance? Intelligent insurance means taking responsibility for that WHICH YOU HAVE ALREADY manifested and KNOWN probable occurrences. AND also recognition of YOUR and YOUR PLANET'S transformation process and YOUR role in SERVICE TO GOD in assisting this process of transformation by taking ACTION to EXPOSE and cast out the evil and then also create the balance which is of GOD, by adhering to His Laws and those of The Creation. Now limited FEAR-supporting Insurance DENIES your positive creating abilities and supports apathy toward taking responsibility for ALL you create. IT also is based upon YOUR FEAR OF LOSS of some "material" object, your life, or fear of possible illness and inability to pay for treatment. Do you now understand the difference?

Now I recognize that at first, when the knowledge or the truth of your mostly created "evil" circumstances are presented to you and have made an "impact" upon you, that for a time, you ones most often respond with FEAR. Many of you even remain fearful for a period of time until assimilation of the material and recognition and activation of responsibility and personal power occurs. You will find, though that as you begin to make your sincere efforts to connect in SERVICE to GOD and thus, receive guidance for your purpose, and make the necessary changes and preparations within and without, your fear will fade…and eventually will vanish as you further your spiritual awakening within.

Now let us discuss Life insurance a bit more. Generally, ones, such as the "head of household", "bread-winner", or financial supporter of the family is the one who feels inclined to buy insurance in case he is unexpectedly killed, then his family will receive a sum to care for their expenses of day-to-day living. For many in your times, this is a most noble effort in that the financial supporting one knows that, most likely, hardship would befall his family if he were suddenly no longer "there" for the support of them. But, let us just say that instead of buying Life Insurance, this one and his family made themselves SELF-SUFFICIENT and paid for all "possessions", including their home completely AS they had resources available to do so. Also, this one set aside funds for any such emergencies, enough until the others left in the household could reestablish financial independence. In addition, these ones wisely followed the suggestions for protection of their "unencumbered" assets and privacy provided within such Phoenix Journals as “Privacy in a Fishbowl" and "You Can Slay The Dragon". Let us say, in addition, these ones chose a community in which, their neighbors, friends and possibly other family members "pitched in" to care for ones when "disaster" or "loss of life" occurred.

For example, you have ones, deeply “religious ", and (in spite of this) very much a "community" in brotherhood of commitment to each other. They set a fine example in this respect. They call themselves, Amish, (Protestant Christian) named after founder Jacob Ammann and which is a sect of the ones called Mennonites. Have you heard of these precious ones who dwell in your North-Eastern States, primarily Pennsylvania? There are also the ones who call themselves Mennonites (From where the Amish sect came) named after one called Menno Simons, a leader of this sect, who lived from 1492 until 1559. Both of these religious "sects" oppose the taking of oaths, the holding of public office, and military service. They are primarily farmers, and they (especially the Amish) use very few of your modern conveniences such as autos, washing machines and dishwashers and even telephones. They are ones, who as a whole, within YOUR country, live the most in balance with nature at the current time in your history. They have established themselves, as a whole, essentially as a SELF-sufficient, autonomous and sovereign COMMUNITY in the true sense of what COMMUNITY represents. By this commitment to "Brother assisting Brother" they themselves have reaped the benefits of a "built in" SECURITY or the individuals within their community as a part of the WHOLE. Now I make no projection about there being spiritual "perfection", because their "beliefs" are as fraught with limitation as MOST ALL of the other so-called “Christian" and "other" faiths. Remember it is not HOW you label yourself religiously in human belief structure, IT IS HOW YOU THINK AND ARE IN YOUR HEART AND WHAT YOU DO which is judged by self when you stand naked before GOD/ATON. Very simply, you ones could learn MUCH about COMMUNITY by observing the living style of these precious ones, who for the most part strictly observe THE LAWS OF GOD as they have BEEN INDOCTRINATED about them. They, like many other "Christian" sects, still see God as OUTSIDE of their beings and they also have other "perceived" limitations within their "belief” structure. I trust I have made my POINT(S) CLEAR regarding the benefits of understanding and thus living within the DIVINE structure of what is TRUE COMMUNITY…WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. So Be it.

Now, we will discuss a bit about what is termed MEDICAL and DENTAL types of insurance. You have what is termed a Government (tax-payer) supported medical insurance program for those who cannot afford insurance, as well as, the elderly -- I believe it is called Medicaid. Again, there is in all probability coming a time when there will be NO funds to support these "give-away" programs. Yet do you notice that MEDICAL and DENTAL expenses charged by Doctors, Dentists, and Hospitals KEEP RISING? These expenses are ALREADY beyond the reach of the average American who does not have INSURANCE. So what do you do in the meantime? With the knowledge that YOUR insurance company may go bankrupt, this leaves many of you ones in a quandary. Many of you are yet learning about YOUR POWER to keep yourselves HEALTHY and when in service to God, most of you will avoid MAJOR illnesses or "accidents". Many of you are exploring ALTERNATIVE, "natural", and what is termed "Homeopathic" (A system of therapy using minute doses of medicines that produce the symptoms of the disease treated) forms of treatment, as well as, exploring and practicing more PREVENTATIVE types of self treatments, such as healthier diet, exercise and nourishing supplements. These are wonderful things YOU can DO in physical format to take responsibility for maintaining YOUR health. Always keep in mind, though, precious ones, that YOU create your dis-ease and illness, and the POWER of PREVENTION and even CURES thereof rests PRIMARILY WITHIN YOUR WONDERFUL GOD-CREATED MINDS!

I would say that logically, while your system is in the process of crumbling, that you ones will discover "NEW" ways which are relatively inexpensive for treatment of various illnesses and ailments. In the mean time YOU each, who can still afford Medical and/or Dental insurance must decide FOR YOURSELVES how much longer you are willing to risk your premiums within the "false" security which is still supported by Insurance Companies who may soon cease to be. Eventually all of you will find that you no longer NEED any form of Human Medical Insurance because you will BECOME firmly sustained in your POWER of your SPIRIT within OF GOD/ATON to maintain your wellness and provide you any and ALL assistance necessary for your self-created "physical" care "needs". As for the "other" types of insurance which are Mandatory, such as, Auto liability and Title Insurance for home purchases, you ones really haven't got any choice if you wish to have the "privilege" of owning a home and car. (Unless you change your laws governing same) Your system has these "built in" laws now, such as is the case with "property" taxes, which really have "limited" your freedoms and rights which were carefully stipulated within your original Constitution and Bill of Rights. Such is the nature of the created and allowed BEAST, the Anti-Christ, as it weaves its insidious web of destructive CONTROL OVER YOU ONES ever more tightly in its desire to suffocate THE SPIRIT OF LIFE OF GOD/ATON within you.

I trust that you ones now have plenty more to PONDER carefully concerning your individual circumstance. May the power of the LIGHT and TRUTH which is of God/Aton within The Creation rest easily within your beings. Bless you, precious ones, as I am come to bring you, the faithful and true, home to GOD/ATON in ONENESS WITH ALL. So Be it.

I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD. Salu.


APRIL 22, 1991


Greetings Precious chela, Druthea. We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. We come in the service of our Holy, Divine Father, God/Aton and in service, therefore, to you, our brethren.

We are most grateful for the inquiry of one, DK. We are beginning to see the flicker from the spark of awakening which is occurring within you ones. We now wish to gently but firmly kindle this spark of understanding before the "winds" of the adversary extinguish this growing flame. DK's question was this. "Are there any books in print that work out that idea of Work-Fare?"

Well, precious one, perhaps it will be you who will write it? I, Sananda, had said previously within the document, "Welfare, (Sick-fare) and the Anti-Christ" that the concept of what I termed "Work-Fare" is not a new one. There are individuals and some "groups" who have attempted to accomplish this sort of program and some practice it to some extent, although, they may not label it such. Let me give a simple definition of what "Work-Fare" means but I will first define "welfare". Welfare is money and food given to those who profess "need" because of "inability" or more commonly "unwillingness" to take responsibility for the care of themselves. They need not DO anything to earn same, except apply with their local welfare office, and "have" no assets, or at least a limitation as to what assets they have, such as a car. Now we will explain the concept of "Work-fare" that you ones can begin your OWN research and use your OWN GOD-given ingenuity to develop and implement "work-fare" when the opportunity comes.

Work-fare works something like this. Ones have no job or food and come to you, who have a farm and do need assistance. You would offer them food and a place to stay IN EXCHANGE for their WORK assisting you where you need it. If you are able to pay something in addition, you will do so. You do not just support irresponsible behavior patterns by giving away that which YOU have worked for to ones who are unwilling to DO themselves. I will give you a couple of hints. Inquire of your grandparents and others who "lived" through the depression of the 1930's and the war following. You will find that at that time, what is termed "work" ethic was taught as necessary for survival. In small towns, neighbor helped neighbor, there was true relative "community" effort so that most who were physically able participated in helping the whole maintain survival. There was cohesion of unity that existed which has since faded with the programming of the self-centered "ME" generation which have followed. Also, check with your local government. Inquire about whether such a program has ever been introduced within the "Social Services" office, for example. If so, find if they will allow you to have access to the information "research" purposes. This will give you ones a start.


Precious Chelas, WE of the HOSTS, are preparing you for a time when you will be needing to apply "alternatives" to that which you have been taught. YOUR SYSTEM, YOUR CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS AS YOU NOW KNOW THEM ARE FALLING INTO THE ASHES AND YOU WHO HANG TO THE OLD…WILL "FALL" AS WELL. The Anti-Christ which now exists within nearly all human "systems" upon your plane, is trying to pull as many of you into perceived "helpless" apathy, and eventually desperation, that you will REMAIN a slave to and fall with IT into the void of ignorant, unconscious darkness and during the same "time", GOD RECLAIMS THOSE WHO ARE OR HAVE CHOSEN TO BECOME HIS FAITHFUL AND TRUE!


We will suggest, though, that the first thing each and every one of you must DO, is free yourselves from any and all dependency upon the "system". We cannot stress this enough! You either do so now by choice or you will be FORCED, by your addiction to dependency and the fall of your system, into inability to survive. You won't need to consider things such as WORK-FARE if you do not have SOVEREIGNTY and AUTONOMITY very soon! We trust that we have adequately explained the severity of your circumstances and the necessity to ACT NOW in preparation to maintain yourselves within GOD'S LIGHT and SERVICE.


Now while we have your attention let us discuss what is termed on your place as LEISURE, defined as: "1. Freedom from the demands of work or duty. 2. Time available for recreation or relaxation. At leisure, 1. Free from pressing obligation. 2. Unoccupied; not employed." Now we will define RETIREMENT: "To Retire, 1. To go away or withdraw, as for privacy, shelter, or rest. 2. To go to bed. 3. To withdraw oneself from business, public life, or active service. Retired, 1. Withdrawn from public view; solitary; secluded: a retired life. 2. Withdrawn from active service, business, office etc."

Both of these terms imply a chosen state of NON-ACTIVITY in regard to that which you ones have termed as WORK or PRODUCTION orientation. Now there are of course various ways in which you ones define and utilize your "leisure" time. Some of you consider that playing a game or sport, such as bridge, baseball or golf is how you will spend your NON-productive "work" time. This would be termed "active" leisure, in that you are doing something either physically and/or mentally "stimulating" which you do for "fun" or "enjoyment". Others of you will consider "leisure" to be watching television or going to a movie, taking a nap, or lying in the sun, which we would term "passive" leisure in that you are seeking entertainment or relaxation in which you need DO nothing except be entertained or sleep. Ones who are addicted to DOING nothing, or NON-THINKING we will call, "Leisure Lizards". (No offense to the beauteous creatures called lizards, of course.)

Now we are not saying that these leisure activities or non-activities are necessarily evil. The point we are making is that most of you have stifled your creative potential within by choosing work which you can't wait to be done with so that you can go leisure yourselves in self-indulgent apathy and pleasure-seeking. Now, are we saying it is wrong to do things besides "work" which you enjoy or to simply relax when you are tired and stressed? NOT AT ALL. But you ones have been programmed to become addicted to NON-PRODUCTIVE LEISURE because many of you choose work which is unfulfilling simply because you wish to MAKE MORE MONEY so that you can hopefully RETIRE early and WITHDRAW from societal PRODUCTIVITY. Of course the "ELITE" have definitely encouraged this sort of NON-thinking, leisure, retirement orientation. Ones who become retired will say such things as, "I'VE worked hard to have this freedom to play," or "I'VE paid my dues and I'VE earned this retirement". Alright, precious ones, ONLY HOW CAN YOU continue to play golf and travel while your world crumbles around your feet? "Having FUN" has become the great American pastime. This is a MULTI-BILLION dollar "DISTRACTION" business of KEEPING YOU APATHETIC TOWARD ILLEGAL AND TREASONIST GOVERNMENT POLICIES, TOTALLY PREOCCUPIED WITH SELF-CENTERED PLEASURE-SEEKING and FAST ASLEEP while your freedom is slowly STOLEN from you. You ones who are NOW working to enjoy “leisure" and toward "your” retirement, will have quite a RUDE awakening when your CONSTITUTION is GONE and THE NEW WORLD ORDER is completely in place. The only work you (who survive physically) will be doing for your bare survival will be for the ANTI-GOD which rules your governments. And the terms "leisure" and "retirement" will remain only in your "dreams" as you agonizingly long for your freedom…and it is lost! Ponder this carefully, precious ones!

The time is NOW to bring back and maintain your freedoms under your ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION! You ones no longer have "time" to "play" and BE NON-PRODUCTIVE. YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO ALREADY ARE IN SERVICE TO GOD AND TO HUMANITY NEED YOUR HELP TO CHANGE THIS CIRCUMSTANCE NOW FALLING IN UPON YOU! WAKE-UP RETIRED PEOPLE OF AMERICA! YOUR GRANDCHILDREN NEED YOUR SUPPORT IF THEY ARE TO HAVE LIFE AND FREEDOM! WILL YOU ASSIST THEM, THEIR FUTURE AND GOD? OR will you simply close your eyes, think only of YOUR "earned" retirement and go back to your golf game? GOD/ATON awaits your decision!

When you unfold those gifts of God which you each have WITHIN to serve HIS WILL which involves serving your brethren, you will write "retirement" out of your vocabulary. You will have accessed BY YOUR DESIRE TO SERVE GOD, YOUR SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POTENTIAL WITHIN. You will become most fulfilled in your service, and although you may require leisure time for communion and enjoyment of GOD'S gifts upon this creation, you will return to your "work" or "service" with JOY. We know for many of you this seems as only an ideal. Now it may seem so, only REMEMBER THIS: WHEN you align your being IN SERVICE TO GOD/ATON, not only do you become creatively fulfilled, you become a re-sponsible, conscious CO-CREATOR OF LIFE OF GOD! That is FACT, precious ones. You need only remember…and then will LIFE BEGIN for you.

One more thought. Many ones when they begin their "service" find that they are surprised by or not satisfied with that which they are given to DO initially. GOD often first tests that which you are WILLING TO DO FOR HIS SERVICE. EVERY JOB OF ASSISTING GOD'S WILL, FOR EXAMPLE, IN GETTING THE WORD OUT, IS IMPORTANT! You who are able to volunteer and do so willingly, without expectation, are most blessed indeed. And you who willingly DO the daily tasks which must be done, without complaining, and seeking a "greener" pasture are too most blessed. But you who are given a task and serve "grudgingly" until something BETTER comes "up" need to carefully ponder WHOSE WILL YOU are serving. We suggest YOU NOT limit that which GOD WITHIN is unfolding FOR YOU. YOU ONES MUST STAND UPON YOUR OWN TWO FEET WITH HONOR AND INTEGRITY AND UNITY and STOP the petty games and hypocritical words and actions…OR YOU WILL CAST YOURSELF OUT OF GOD'S SERVICE, AND THEREFORE, OUT OF GOD'S KINGDOM! So Be it.

May these words bring clarity and understanding of TRUTH to you, precious chelas, that you become each empowered with WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE of that which is YOUR GIFTS OF GOD FOR HUMANITY. WE HONOR YOU AND GOD BLESSES YOU…EACH ONE! Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service. God holds you safely within HIS wings of LOVE and TRUTH and PROTECTION. We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain, YOUR HOSTS, sent of and in service to God/Aton and The Creation. Salu.


APRIL 25, 1991


Greetings precious chelas. WE are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. We come in the service of the LIGHT of Our Most Radiant ONE, and thus to you, our brethren. We give honor to Druthea for receiving this message in behalf of GOD WITHIN ALL. Let us begin.

We, of the HOSTS of God, within HIS Cosmic Council are most pleased to present an opportunity of self-understanding this day. Druthea's "counterpart" has given permission (albeit somewhat reluctantly) to allow herself and her life to be shared as it relates to a current life "circumstance" which she has before herself to face and make decisions about and which she has found to be most difficult and uncomfortable. Now, one reason we have asked her to share this circumstance is because it is one which many of you ones can "relate" to in your similar day-today challenges. The other reason is that SHE has asked for GOD within to guide her actions and decisions that she may act with balanced "integrity" and honor toward self and GOD. We would like to outline the circumstance, her guidance, her decisions and where all of this has brought her awareness to. Now you might say that we are "Feeding two birds with ONE worm" (a more loving cliche’, don't you think?) in that by walking you ones through a process of creative unfoldment towards personal responsibility and understanding, you will have an example to assist your understanding as you begin YOUR OWN accessing abilities within you.

Now the reason Druthea's counterpart is somewhat reluctant to show her circumstance as example is that she perceives herself and her "personal life" to be very private, and she is one who deals with and solves her own "problems" without "talking" about them with, but one or two most trusted human "others". MANY of you feel the same way. It is because parts of the process or the unfolding of this circumstance are most painful and frightening to her and she doesn't want anyone to know that she feels most vulnerable that therefore she might be JUDGED in some way lesser or unworthy. Our point is that YOU ALL have had and still do have your moments when the circumstances set before you seem quite like insurmountable mountains of impossibility, or they feel like unfair amounts of burden that you are not "prepared" for. There are two items I will share and suggest for you ones before we "tell the story". First, remember that YOU create EVERY circumstance that is set before you. They are OPPORTUNITIES for you to exercise RESPONSIBILITY in your spiritual creative unfoldment, and to also bring forth into the light the "demons" from the dark corners of your own minds. God does not give you more than you agree to "handle". Secondly, while we tell the story, call forth your GOD-self within to walk in the shoes of Druthea's counterpart, who we will call Drew, that you may experience WITH her, in UNITY of understanding the process of CONSCIOUS SELF·DISCOVERY.

We will begin now by explaining that this beloved child of God experienced a relatively happy and somewhat adventurous childhood until she reached the age of eleven-years. She was quite active, curious, independent and one who loved nature, animals and creatures of most all kinds. She had two younger sisters whom she often avoided in that she preferred to play and be alone or with certain friends of her choosing. Her mother stayed at home and was quite the loner herself, spending most of her time reading and doing household chores. Her father traveled frequently for his business, but was generally home on weekends. They moved frequently while she was very young but then settled for several years in a small, quiet, lower middle-class community.

When she was eleven-years of age, her parents announced to all of the girls that they were going to get a DIVORCE. This is the time when many severe emotional, psychological and physical challenges were most abruptly put before little Drew and her family. Her mother maintained custody and within a period of roughly eighteen months Drew's father applied for and received a transfer completely out of the United States, was remarried to a much younger woman and had started a "new" family. Meanwhile within that same period, Drew's mother sold their once "happy" home, moved to an apartment in a new and bigger town and her mother began working for the first time in her life. Within three-years of the divorce, her mother had developed a severe alcohol problem and sought the "company" of many men, most of whom she met in bars. Their "quality" of life fell considerably and little Drew who was now fourteen-years-old began for the first time to lose interest in school, which prior to this time she enjoyed and achieved above average ability. She sought the company of "older" friends and began her own self-destructive pattern of behavior. Their father visited quite infrequently and mostly he would write letters and occasionally call. As you are beginning to see, the consequences of feelings of extreme rejection by mother and all three children became most destructive.

We would like to add herein that both of Drew's parents were "only" children. Both came from divorced households. Drew's mother is a most fragile and highly creative soul. She had a domineering alcoholic mother and she found it very difficult to integrate within this "harsh" world. Drew's father is a man who is a master at hiding from his feelings and running from his responsibilities. He has grown more in understanding his responsibilities but is generally quite consciously unaware and ignorant of the emotional turmoil to his "first" family caused by his actions early in his marriage and thereafter.

When Drew was barely fifteen-years of age, she met and fell "in love" with a much older man than she. When she came home 30 minutes late one night from a date with this one, her mother, who was drunk and with a man, told her that she would have to leave if she would not adhere to the curfew rules. So Drew left and the next day while her mother was at work she went and gathered her belongings and "moved in" with her boyfriend and his mother.

Now we will move forward in time. Drew eventually broke-up with this one and had several boyfriends after, but managed to still attend and graduate from high school six months before her class. She worked at various jobs, took care of herself and spent several years occasionally dating, but mostly alone. Then she met a most special, loving and generous man who would later become her husband. She began, with his love, allowance and support, her "healing" and "forgiveness" process. She saw very little of either of her parents. But she did remain in contact with one of her sisters. Finally after over five years of no contact with either parent she agreed to come to her sister's wedding where her father and his family were invited. Shortly thereafter she and her sister went to visit their mother who now lived in another state with her own step-mother and worked as a bookkeeper.

Drew and her sister were most distressed to witness the deterioration of their once beautiful mother. She had been diagnosed as having emphysema from years of heavy cigarette smoking and high blood pressure. Although she was only 47-years-old, her hair had gone completely grey. She was perhaps 50-60 pounds overweight, and found it most difficult to walk even a few steps without stopping to try and "breathe".

Now this visit was over four-years-ago. Since that time her mother has deteriorated to the point that she now must use oxygen nearly all the time. For Drew and her sisters, there had been acceptance and understanding, but no real urge to do anything other than maintain contact by phone or letter and visit when they felt they could.

It is interesting to note that in spite of the apparent adversity of their "growing up" situation, two of the three daughters have found for themselves relative happiness, secure marriages, and financial independence. The third and youngest daughter now lives on welfare, is separated from her husband, and has three children to care for.

Now begins the current challenge for Drew. Three weeks ago or thereabouts, Drew called her mother to chat. Well she (her mother) was quite depressed because of her physical deterioration and was afraid that she may not be able to work much longer. Also, she felt uncomfortable around her stepmother who seemed to view Drew's mother and her condition with much inconvenience to her "life-style" as a swinging single grandmother. Well, Drew has not ever been able to really speak openly about her feelings to her mother. So after listening to her mother, they hung up.

After much pondering and asking GOD for assistance, Drew decided to discuss her concerns about her mother first with her sisters. Her middle sister said outright that she was not willing to take care of their mother in any physical capacity, but she would contribute financially if necessary. The youngest one, of course, had not the resources to do either. So Drew decided to discuss with her husband the possibility of bringing her mother to their town, getting her an apartment (so all maintained privacy) and someone to care for her. Her husband most generously agreed to help in this way. All is well so far.

Now Drew is guided by GOD within to write her mother a letter and express her feelings. Drew agreed and asked God's assistance because she truly wished to express her feelings of forgiveness, understanding and compassion to her mother and wanted it be as she requested, "The way YOU would speak to her Father God/Aton ". Well she wrote a most wondrous letter expressing her knowledge of the Power of God within, her feelings of love and forgiveness toward her mother, her knowledge about dis-ease and how she could offer help if her mother wished to heal herself. Lastly in the letter she told her mother that she is welcome to come and live close by and that she would be cared for by and be closer to her three daughters and grandchildren. With much concern that the letter would be received by her mother with the same understanding and love that she hoped was projected, she sent it off.

For over two weeks, Drew wondered how her mother would respond to the letter, and hoped that she (her mother) would not make it another reason to flagellate herself. Finally after nearly three weeks, Drew received a response from her mother in the mail. With great anticipation…she opened the letter. The first line read. "I apologize for not responding sooner to your MARVELOUS letter." Drew breathed a sigh of relief (after first misreading the word "marvelous" as "malicious".) As she continued reading she was filled with JOY for finally being able to communicate her feelings and have her mother respond in kind. At the end of the letter her mother said, "Your generous offer of a home, a stepping stone on the troubled waters of my life is…Well I can't begin to find words to describe my gratitude to you, all of you. I really don't want to be a burden…ruin marriages or cause heart ache to anyone in my family. Your offer does make me feel safer and better and I would like to be closer to all of you so I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it…In the meantime please know how much I appreciate your incredible offer, your forgiving nature is a real tribute to your strong character. I am very proud of YOU and love YOU very much. Love, Mother."

Well, I can see that we have a variety of responses from you readers. I will tell you what Drew's response was. Relief mixed with feelings of "oh gee, I could actually become responsible for her care!" You see, she wrote the letter to her mother exactly the way GOD WITHIN guided her to do so. She was actually quite emotionally detached and removed from the letter she wrote. At the time she TRUSTED God that it was the right and responsible action to take. Now she finds herself somewhat in a quandary about whether or not she "can handle" the responsibility. She knows that what she now must do is TRUST the outcome of this situation to happen according to the WILL of GOD whose will she entrusted this decision within the first place. She carefully explored as many options as she could think of and with God's guidance she decided that FOR HER MOTHER the decision to offer her assistance and a place close by was the best one.

What you ones must keep in mind is that WHEN you put YOUR WILL into GOD'S WILL, your life proceeds along on the path of BALANCE and INTEGRITY. It is only your "altered" ego consciousness that questions, worries, fears and feels "burdened" beyond desire or capability. The POINT is that it is NOW up to her MOTHER as to what SHE will decide to do. The whole reason that GOD WITHIN suggested Drew write the letter was so Drew could RELEASE and OFFER FORGIVENESS which she had truly felt only had been unable to "verbalize" before.

You ones can only imagine what it was like for Drew's mother to receive that letter from her daughter. Her "guilt" was so extreme for her perceived heinous "errors" that she could not live with herself, thus the slow and painful self-destruction of her body …and her life. Well GOD's forgiving hand was present within that letter and HE spoke to HER spirit, and the RELEASE was incredible to watch in that dear beloved being. Well she choose to heal and live on here? That is between her and God. Just know that when you offer the sincere hand of forgiveness, and it is accepted that the release works for both the forgiver and the forgiven. Even if the forgiveness is not accepted, the forgiver is always released by the power of GOD, The SPIRIT OF LIFE WITHIN. We will request that, for those of you within this circle, Drew offer a copy of this letter she wrote with the hand of God, to each of you who request it. You ones who read this letter will note that there is NO BLAME placed against the mother. You ones must really learn to LET GO of your crippling attachments to the destructive emotions of resentment, hatred, self-criticism, fear and blame. We are speaking to you ALL within this circle and ALL others who read this document. Drew has been most frightened of this writing/sharing and has resisted letting go of it publicly, so we know and SHE now knows that it is exactly what she must do. We venture to say that there is NOT ONE of you who will read this document who won't have a "memory" stirred of similar circumstance and a NEED for understanding of a lesson (or two) with subsequent forgiveness and release of blame and of emotional attachment to it.

Druthea, precious beloved chela, you have been most courageous and we have seen your tremendous growth beyond your self-centered, self-perceived limitation of emotional protective shield. It is a most blessed JOY to witness this blossoming and to share this with your brethren. She finds it most difficult to accept this honor publicly… She feels as though she is in "group" therapy! GOD KNOWS that she once again KNOWS and FEELS THE POWER of HIS LOVE WITHIN HER…it has been a long, difficult journey, chela, to overcome this self-challenge. Are you ready for the next? (She laughs).

Now for you ones reading and sharing. Are YOU ready to overcome your emotional attachments of the "altered" ego Adversary? Are you ready to BE responsible for YOUR lessons and NOT CONTINUE to BLAME ANOTHER for PAST DEEDS which YOU created and also allowed to cause you pain? ARE YOU WILLING TO STOP choosing to sabotage yourself by continually re-creating and/or re-living the circumstance because YOU have been unwilling to LEARN the lesson and RELEASE IT? What memories have been stirred, chelas? Are there emotional feelings or detached observation? We suggest you each commune with OUR Father WITHIN and perhaps, you will find it beneficial to WRITE down your feelings to yourself and to those whom you perceived have caused you "pain". For many simply being able to verbalize your feelings completely without interruption is most therapeutic even if you do not send the letter to anyone. Are you ready for freedom from your emotional crutches? Are YOU ready to HEAL THE INNER CHILD and TRUST GOD'S WILL AND BECOME COMMITED IN HIS SERVICE ONLY? MAY THE POWER OF GOD WITHIN EACH OF YOU BE ALLOWED FULFILLMENT IN HONOR TO SELF IN TRUTH AND BALANCE THAT YOU EACH FIND THE TRUE FREEDOM OF INNER PEACE AND JOY WHICH IS GOD'S WILL AND THUS, ONCE AND FOR ALL, FILL THE "VOID" OF ILLUSION OF SEPARATION…FOR WE ARE ALL ONE! SO BE IT AND AMEN.

Now we hope that you ones choose to see this opportunity by example for healthy change within. THIS inner "therapy" must not he made into an excuse to wallow around in self-pity and self-flagellation for past "errors". You must ask God's direction, DO what HE advises, and MOVE ON. Consider this a sort of "psychic" surgery which leaves NO scars. You are learning to ACCESS consciously, the POWER WITHIN OF GOD’S assistance removing what does not BELONG to the SPIRIT OF LIFE OF GODLINESS. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

We leave the decision about where to place this document and whether or not it will be shared outside this circle in the "hands" of our beloved brother, Commander Hatonn and his capable assistants. Druthea has given permission to share where it is "needed". "Drew", of course, wants to be like the "ostrich" and hide her head in a hole. Precious one, you can hide your head but the rest of you is still well exposed! Why not instead stand tall with your beautiful head above ground attached to your body in wholeness so that you are available for others to share in the gifts of tremendous LIGHT of GOD which you carry within! So be it.

Before we close, we wish to give honor and tribute to one, Kathleen Brook who recently made her transition from this plane. She was a beloved friend of many years, to Druthea and her husband. On the yesterday they received a beautiful card with her picture in the front, a memorial from a friend of hers. It read. "Dear Friend, I thought you might want a remembrance of Kathleen. Her words are very special and she would want to share them with you. Sincerely, E. H. Kathleen's Gentleman Who Loves Her Very much!" Within the card are two beauteous quotes from this special and perceptive one, Kathleen, which we will share herein:

"Problems are opportunities to stir up God's gifts within us. A vehicle to draft forth our innate potential into action. "

"Learning how to live in the greatest peace, partnership and brotherhood with all men and women of whatever description, is a moving and fascinating adventure."--Kathleen Brook.

Kathleen was 43-ycars-old at her passing. She was a beautiful, gentle soul who experienced and overcame much emotional heartache. Druthea remembers her as one who all she ever really wanted was a man in her life who LOVED her unconditionally and without restrictions to her spiritual growth and independence. Druthea regrets that she had not spoken to Kathleen for some months and did not know she had a friend, E.H, “A gentleman who loves her very much!" No regrets, chela, for it is true that Kathleen finally received the love that she so deserved, yet denied for herself for much of her life. Kathleen is greatly loved by many upon your place and she will be missed by those of you who remain. She is WITH GOD, chelas, for she was of purity in spirit. Thank you MR. E.H. for loving her as she so deserved!

With gratitude and appreciation to ALL of you, precious ones, we move to stand by. We are your HOSTS of GOD, Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. We come from within the Cosmic Council of GOD OF LIGHT, ATON, to bring you, THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE, HOME TO GOD'S KINGDOMS. We humbly await your decision. Know that WE LOVE YOU GREATLY and BEYOND WORDS TO DESCRIBE. You need only ASK GOD, DESIRE TRUTH. WISDOM AND BALANCE AND TO SERVE ONLY WITHIN HIS WILL AND IT IS GIVEN! With "time", with the use of your own logic and reason, EACH of YOU WILL KNOW AND LIVE THIS TRUTH! SO BE IT! Salu.


APRIL 29, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light, and to you, my brethren.

We, of God's Hosts, are most pleased to see that many of you ones are beginning to understand your power, your power to forgive self and others…to release the pain you hold within. The path of forgiveness often seems most difficult…at first. When you begin to see yourselves in Unity, in Brotherhood, you will find that ALL of you have made similar errors and have attached to yourselves many uncomfortable regrets for past circumstances. All of you have punished yourselves, often without mercy. It is time to HEAL, precious ones. Heal yourselves and this wondrous and beautiful planet which has allowed you to play your games of folly upon her skin and within her atmosphere. It begins within YOU, each ONE.

Druthea finds herself most exhausted from her emotional turmoil of these past days of being able to come to understanding about and release some of her fears. This is what living in fear will do to you, exhaust you, and eventually, if it is not faced and released, it will drain the life-force of GODLINESS right out of you. What I would like her to know is that her HEALING has begun with a "big bang" and still she fears that her allowing of the sharing of her life circumstance will not make a difference for others. Her feelings are common among you who read this. You often wonder IF you can really make a difference. I will tell you most emphatically, YES!! Remember that you must follow through and trust GOD'S WILL will BE DONE! Your "perceived" exhaustion, precious, is also a part of your healing process right now, you are releasing many inner dragons and they fight a losing battle to stay in power of your being. Fear not, little one, GOD'S Golden wings surround your being and you are protected and guided by HIS hand and HIS love. It will not be much longer that you hold fear and doubt within you, for these are emotions of "altered" ego, the adversary to GOD. Remember this, as each one of you increase your integrity of spirit through your thoughts, words and actions and begin to fully recognize your responsibility and creative abilities, so too will your power of GOD within you become an ever BRIGHTER LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD. Know this Truth, my precious brethren, for I speak most heartily to all of you who partake of this document.

To forgive, "1. To grant pardon for or remission of (something). 2. To cease to blame or feel resentment against." Now that the definition is clear, perhaps your understanding of the power of this action within you, forgiveness, will also become clear to you ones. If you can see the other, the perceived "perpetrator" against you as a part OF YOU, there to show you something, teach you something that as yet you have not understood, then perhaps you will more readily seek the understanding of that which the actions of the "other" offers you. Even if the lesson is simply self-forgiveness, and rather than blatantly punishing yourself, you instead create the self-punishment to come from another who lives your same drama of punishment. You ones have become most ingenious at masking your perceived unworthiness within. We, of your hosts of God, feel it is high time that you recognize and understand that which you do to remain in denial of yourselves and your responsibilities and separation from your Creator. Do you agree?

Now, the power of forgiveness leaves no "substance" upon which fear and doubt can breed itself. Destructive fear and doubt emotions will starve within your being and then return to their source until the source of the adversary "thought" is devoured by itself. It will no longer have a comfortable "home" within your realm!

Perhaps it helps to have a "vision" or a "glimpse" of where you wish to be in your understanding. And since for many of you it is difficult to imagine what life will be like when you attain Conscious Immortality within the realms of God, you often are uncertain of what your GOALS need be and it may also cause you to feel fear of that which you perceive as the UNKNOWN factors. It becomes much easier to remain attached to the old, addictions behaviors, lifestyles in that they are much like a comfortable old chair which you may not want to venture out of to see if perhaps you might experience a different chair, or maybe life without a chair at all. Even though the chair eventually becomes most tattered and worn and less comfortable, you ones often choose to remain in discomfort in that which you feel SURE about in your conscious reality. If only you will just examine that old chair carefully, and really see that you are attached to it because of your fear and then decide to let it go in your mind as "need", then the new can be allowed entrance into your reality. This is what is meant when we discuss placing your trust and faith into that which is GOD'S WILL of BALANCE and HARMONY. You are ALLOWING your true HERITAGE of GODLINESS WITHIN to UNFOLD your creative potential and opportunities, KNOWING that when YOUR will intent is GOD's will that ALL experiences will unfold in the perfection and JOY of discovery!

This is why, when ones ask Commander Hatonn, for example, what THEY are to do, he must most often decline to give FUTURE interpretation of YOUR life because GOD is unfolding it for each and each makes the choices of whether or not he will accept those opportunities which God Within presents in order to fulfill his divine potential in service to GOD. Often ones resist unfamiliar CHANGE and so circumstances change for GOD WITHIN continues to offer opportunities, and most often the case is that when "push comes to shove", ones refuse to see the opportunities presented them by GOD WITHIN and so deny the experience its fruition of unfoldment Remember the statement that has been made often within “The Phoenix Journals" is "Many are called; FEW are chosen". Who chooses? YOU DO! What are you choosing? SERVICE TO GOD AS A PORTION OF HIS CREATIVE UNFOLDMENT AND EXPERIENCE as opposed to service to self and therefore adversary since adversary seeks only to feel itself SUPERIOR to GOD and thus DESTROY that WHICH IS of GODLINESS. To be in self-centered adversarial "reality", ones must deny that GOD essence which exists within and live in a perception of individual separation, as an island of will, HIS OWN "altered" ego will. By the denial of ONENESS, the adversary becomes like the errant child who denies responsibility so that he can DO things HIS way, even though his way eventually destroys ALL of his toys which GOD has given him in the first place.

Do you see, precious chelas, when YOU deny the power of GOD's existence WITHIN you, you LIMIT your scope of experience because YOUR DIVINE SPARK of creative potential is DENIED its full inheritance. And as you will discover, limitation of that which you ARE becomes quite painful to your inner spirit which pines for freedom from its chains of limited perception. This is why when ones are examined who are considered very EVIL by their actions; you will often find that this one's spirit has shriveled to near non-existence in order to allow room for EVIL adversary self-nurtured energy to control the body vehicle. Now, of course, you are finding that the adversary has used and is using synthetics and robotoids to do its evil. What better subject than one who has NO spirit of LIFE breathed into it by Creator! Adversary essentially has puppets with which to program its will to do its total bidding, NO SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS exists within these "puppets" to change its mind later!

So then is it wrong to "dream" and "vision" the way it could be to be in harmony and balance? Of course not. Simply recognize, precious ones, that you cannot place limits upon yourselves through your visions because you are yet unfolding that which YOU will create to be in harmony and balance. And much of the JOY and FULFILLMENT comes when your purpose and creative abilities, for example, are unfolded in GOD'S divine "time" through the power of GOD within you! This is why we suggest that you not spend so much time in worry and concern over your FUTURE. In order to keep yourself in THE NOW unfolding before you, we have suggested that you, as a part of your daily communion with God say simply. "Please show me and tell me, Father/Mother God/Aton, that which I need to know at this time in order to sustain myself ONLY within YOUR service. And in ALL things and circumstances brought before me, Father, NOT MY WILL BUT LET THINE WILL BE DONE!" With your intent true to that which you ask of the Father, THAT WHICH YOU NEED IS ALWAYS GIVEN. Then of course you must maintain the TRUST and FAITH IN GOD WITHIN YOU to unfold ALL for you in perfection and so too give you the strength and tools you need to fulfill HIS WILL WITHIN THE DIVINE PLAN. Let us define Trust, "1. Confident reliance on the integrity, honesty, or justice of another; faith. 2. Something committed to one's care, a charge; responsibility." Faith, "1. Confidence in or dependence on a person or thing as trustworthy. 2. Belief without need of certain proof." We would most humbly suggest that the only being you need put your complete faith and trust in GOD who exists WITHIN you. You ones will certainly need to learn to access and recognize GOD'S POWER AND ENERGY WITHIN and those of HIS HOSTS whenever GUIDANCE IS GIVEN! This is why we often explain the necessity of CLEARING YOUR SPACE OF ALL DARK FRAGMENTS AND DEMANDING IDENTIFICATION IN THE NAME OF HOLY GOD! It becomes easier to do in time when you make it a part of your daily communion. This brings us to our next subject of assistance and reminding.

Remember within “The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual” we discussed the three D's? DESIRE, DEVOTION and DISCIPLINE. To heal the INNER CHILD, one must understand and apply the principles of the three D's, ON A DAILY BASIS! Not just every so often when you happen to feel like it. What is your goal? ARE YOU NOT IN TRAINING FOR CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION AND SELF-RESPONSIBILITY IN GOD'S REALMS! If this is your intent of goal to achieve it is a very serious commitment which you must work towards in every conscious moment of your existence here. EVERY moment counts; EVERY circumstance offers an opportunity to bring you closer to GOD. Please remember this, precious ones. This IS YOUR moment to act with integrity towards self and all others. If you error, you must first recognize it as error before you can make the necessary CHANGE within to correct the error. And then, you can depend on this truth…you will be given another similar opportunity to TEST your level of understanding and of integrity of Spirit. The testing will be constant, chelas, that you may earn your way, rightfully, within the realms of GOD. There is no short-cut except through understanding the knowledge and wisdom which the circumstances of each of your "lifetimes" has offered you. Remember, I, Sananda, have been given this label by My Father because I have EARNED it through MY initiations of opportunities presented to me. Be thankful for the lessons, bless each one which is granted to you for they are opportunities for SELF understanding and for KNOWING GOD within.

I will share with you a little secret. Although The Red Road of Truth may seem difficult at first, as you continue in YOUR DESIRE, DEVOTION and DISCIPLINE towards reaching GOD's realms, you will find that although there will still be obstacles before you, you will find them to be much less bothersome or distracting to you. They will no longer have power OVER YOU. You will simply step over them or walk around them or make them vanish before your eyes! THE OBSTACLES WILL NO LONGER HAVE THE POWER TO PARALYZE YOU IN FEAR. They will simply not concern you or will, instead, offer you a healthy challenge which YOU have asked for and welcome. So be it.

I trust that I have brought further understanding and clarification to you ones that you may be closer to the INNER PEACE which TRUSTING IN GOD allows you to have. Thank you, precious chelas, for your attention. Thank you, Druthea for your service. I AM Sananda, ONE WITH GOD Within The Creation. Salu.


APRIL 30, 1991


Greetings Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy God/Aton and The Creation. Thank you for your attention.

Sometime during your middle 1960's, there was started something you ones called EARTH DAY. One day was chosen that ones would honor Mother Earth and awareness was encouraged about the destructive actions of humans toward Earth, such as the use of fossil fuels which contributed to various forms of pollution, disposal of garbage and polluting industries. This one, Druthea, remembers that in her school it was organized that ones who so chose, would not take the busses but instead would walk to school to show their support of Mother Earth. This one lived some ten miles from her school but she and several others were most anxious to help Mother Earth by walking together. It was a small seed planted toward encouraging awareness and responsibility of self-centered human toward the rest of this Creation in which also sustains physical human life.

Now you have many so called "green movements" which claim concern about the planet. Some of them are quite militant, some concern themselves with education. Most all are controlled by the Puppet Master, the Anti-Christ, in which behind the facade of goodness and concern for Mother, the adversary weaves his destructive web. You see, the adversary USES the goodness and concern which exists within the ones who become involved in these organized structures because they truly wish to HELP and take responsibility. Most do not know that they are used to bring more support to the adversary that he may gain ever more control of you ones. This Commander Hatonn has recently explained to you ones that you discern your enemy against life which exists now most blatantly within most all government and other organized structures of your culture. The "green movements" are NO exception.

So now what can you do? The first thing to remember is that EVERY DAY is HOLY in God's Kingdom, therefore make EVERY day one in which you HONOR and BLESS and express your gratitude to Mother Earth for sustaining your physical life and, also, you must consider her needs. Just as EVERY DAY you HONOR and Bless and express gratitude to God/Aton for breathing the spirit of LIFE within you that you may give THE ONE more opportunities for WONDROUS Creative Unfoldment and JOY in LIFE. How do you assess the "needs" of Mother? Realize first that healing of Mother Earth BEGINS with the healing OF YOU. Each ONE of you who chooses service to God's Will must release all illusions that bring disease upon your beings and separation from your source. You cannot heal for another; you can assist the healing of another by taking his hand in brotherhood and extending the love and gentleness of the Father/Mother God within you. Most who now suffer in the body physical are simply so very STARVED for love and they know not that the power to change and heal exists within them. The most difficult action for all of you to take is one of acknowledging your fears and facing the mirror of truth within you. You will find that as you forgive and release your "negative" illusions of self that you will be unable to support "negative" behaviors of self-deception in others. This does not mean that you must walk about in self-righteous indignation and FORCE another to see himself the way YOU perceive is truth, even if it may be truthful perception. Realize that what you witness in the behavior of another you have been…or still are. So it is also true that that which you admire most within another exists, perhaps yet unblossomed, within yourself. So what must you do to not support the adversary in yourself and in another? Ask GOD to show you that which you need to know for understanding. Ask God how you must "handle" every circumstance which comes before you. Then you must be WILLING to TRUST HIS W1LL and LISTEN carefully to that which He tells you.

For example, many of you ones scream within for attention and acknowledgement from your human brothers who exist within or even beyond your circle of experience. The inner child most often suffers from rejection of self and unworthiness in one who constantly seeks approval outside of God within him/her. How do YOU respond to one who walks about in a dither in perceived self-hurt and rejection? Do you ignore this one? Do you become irritated or angry with this one? Or do you see YOURSELF in this one and become afraid? We have observed all of these as well as similar responses. Now "ignoring" and becoming angry with the troubled one are often simple responses of FEAR and DENIAL OF SAME, although ignoring the troubled one may simply be preoccupation at the time of observation of behavior and desire to ponder the situation more fully at a more convenient "time" frame.

Now another choice of response (the choice we would recommend in most cases) would be to (as soon as is possible within the circumstance) gently confront this one privately about your observation of the behavior exhibited and offer to listen to that which is troubling this one. In other words, LOVE that little hurt CHILD that it feels safe and comforted. Now if the one chooses to DENY his/her feelings and not trust you to share, then know that that one is most fearful and attached thereof to his fear and feelings of vulnerability, perhaps from past "perceived" betrayal of trust, by another. You can do no more than offer your hand of caring friendship and understanding in honor and integrity. You cannot force one to release of his fear and share his feelings.

Then, in either case, you must, gently but firmly, let that one know that which you have observed about their behavior, that they may have the opportunity to hear the truth within their own troubled being…and perhaps begin to face self and release the denial they hold tightly onto.

If ones continue to use their denial as a form of emotional manipulation and even emotional tyranny of blame, punishment and "poor me" mentality, then they will either sabotage themselves so that you ask them out of your presence until they come to terms with that which they do, or they will leave upon their own accord if continually confronted with the truth about their "self-centered, manipulative and blame-oriented" behavior and still find themselves unwilling to confront and release the behavior.

The same sort of analogy can be made for this Earth transition which is now occurring. All human souls will ultimately make a choice about whether or not they are willing to move with grace and integrity toward ONENESS with God. Those fragments of the ONE who choose to play the self-deceptive games of the adversary and also break the Cosmic Laws of Balance of God and The Creation will eliminate themselves from "graduation" class to God's higher realms of experience. Perhaps this helps you understand why we of The Hosts have often stressed the importance of self-confrontation, as well as monitoring thoughts, words and deeds that you learn to recognize those thoughts and behaviors that hinder or even obstruct your path to God, so that you can release them. At the same time, you ones can truly assist one another when you act with integrity and pure intent to actually ASSIST understanding by communicating honestly with a "perceived" troubled one and not instead condemn this one for reasons often involving "altered" ego self-righteous superiority. As you practice with each new circumstance your positive communication skills, you will find yourselves lifted within a whole "new" level of human/spiritual compassion and understanding which will reward you with a sense of INNER PEACE and BALANCE which has often eluded you ones in your daily interrelationships with one another.

May The Truth of GOD be accepted by YOU of His Fragments that you find the doors of inspiring possibilities opened easily within you. I give honor to you of my brethren who truly DESIRE and thus find fulfillment in serving GOD'S WILL. Your rewards in His service are limitless and beyond your conscious comprehension. Thank you, precious little sister Druthea, for your service. I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD, in service to the HOLY Divine God/ Aton and The Creation. Adonai and Salu. I love you ones greatly and am humbled to be of service to Our Father and to YOU, my brethren. Walk in Peace.


MAY 2, 1991


Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy GOD/Aton of LIGHT and to you, my brethren.

Often ones, including your Hosts of God speak about the concept of "friendship". For many of you friendship brings to mind various meanings and experiences. This term often holds special meaning which may be very different with each of you, considering your experience of understanding relating to this label.

First let us define the term friend as it is given within your own dictionary: "1. A favored companion; intimate. 2. A valued associate or acquaintance. 3. One with whom one is united in some purpose, cause, etc. 4. A patron or supporter." You can see that by your own definition friendship is defined loosely to mean casual and informal acquaintance or supporter who you share interests or business with. It can also mean a very "intimate" companion which one could imagine as either a "sweetheart" or marriage partner or even a close personal "platonic" (purely spiritual, or devoid of sensual feeling) companion.

Generally, you ones like to classify and comprehend most everything into levels or degrees, including friendship. This is usually reasonable as long as it is done within self to allow focused understanding about your self-created limitations and as long as it also allows positive focus on what are YOUR priorities, and commitments in service to GOD, THE ONE. Ideally, ALL "friends" or "associates" within your circle of experience must contribute to THE SAME priorities and focused intent, most ESPECIALLY when the priorities and focused intent are CLEARLY INTENDED TO BE IN SERVICE TO GOD, to receive maximum benefit of successful achievement of defined "goals". If even ONE fragment demands an inordinate amount of energy from the WHOLE to achieve self-centered acknowledgment and attention from THE WHOLE, then THE WHOLE becomes much lessened in its ability to achieve GOD'S will in balanced harmony. The balance must be made for the integrity of purpose to be allowed the most fulfillment for ALL. We will suggest that ones who continually find themselves unhappy and unfilled within a focused unit of beings most often display behavior of what is termed "emotional" manipulation. This means one who, because of intense "negative" perceptions and emotional attachments, often seeks to control or "manage" others for one's own profit or purposes.

For example, by continuously complaining about what is THEIR own problem(s), blaming another or others as the "cause" and then often seeking sympathy from another or others to support their opinion and self-created "victimhood" to "make it better" for them these "emotional" manipulating ones ultimately seek to cause division of the whole. Verbal communication of true INTENT and clarification for these ones is not easy, and often they perceive themselves to be "used" or "victim" of other's abuse or misunderstanding directed against them. So in frustration, because often ones in their circle of experience begin to avoid them so that THEY can accomplish their own work in service, the emotional manipulator will vent his frustrations in indirect, but often effective ways.

Ones in the circle are most often confused by the "passive-resistant" or even what is perceived as "lack of emotional control" behavior exhibited and strive "to make it better" for the troubled one. This one has then, of course, accomplished what he "needs" and that is often to be accommodated in his often desperate need to "be appreciated" and/or to be "center" of attention and importance, thus diminishing the needs and effectiveness of THE WHOLE. Ultimately, the ones who find overall fulfillment within their circle, must, to preserve the integrity of focus of the whole in service to GOD, confront the emotional manipulator honestly about the behavior and possibly suggest the departure of this one to "work it out" on his own. It is seldom easy to, first of all, identify accurately the problem. But once it is accomplished with reasonable understanding, the ones must face the inevitable and that is to decide to instigate the change necessary to bring back balance to the whole. Remember, you can offer your hand of communication and understanding, only YOU cannot successfully spend energy to "make it better" for another who is unwilling to face SELF in RESPONSIBILITY. These ones most often wish only to DUMP upon another self-created "negative" emotional attachments which THEY still continually feed, that they not face and BE responsible for the CHANGE within themselves. The best and responsible action you can do is be direct about YOUR observations to this one and let them know that you will no longer allow the behavior to interfere with the integrity of the work of the the whole.

This is much like your current world situation, and as you can see lack of integrity, denial of truth and "allowing" of unbalanced and unacceptable behavior happens first within your inner circles of experience and then ultimately this dis-ease has expanded to most ALL facets of business and government. You ones have simply allowed the unreasonable and intolerable behavior of a very few to bring down THE WHOLE. This irresponsible "allowing" must STOP, precious ones…do you understand?

Now what I wish to concentrate on is the pure and spiritual UNITY of brotherhood of which even the word "platonic" does not fully define. I will ask and allow you to now envision for a moment what sort of love within friendship I am efforting to describe to you ones…

Now WHAT DO YOU FEEL? If you were able to tap into that higher concept within you, you may feel quite warm and tingly within, or perhaps a sense of well-being and serenity. Do you feel closer to GOD? Can you begin to feel the kind of LOVE which GOD holds for you…that kind of love which ones often call Unconditional, meaning NOT limited by conditions or absolute? I think, perhaps that a "new" term such as, ABSOLUTE LOVE, is most appropriate because absolute defined means, "1. Free from restriction; unlimited; unconditional. 2. Complete; perfect. 3. Unadulterated; pure. 4. Not related to anything else; independent 5. Positive; certain." Yes, indeed, how does learning about ABSOLUTE love set with you ones? Alright then, "Absolute Love" is that sort of LOVE we will envision together.

Now in order to become a valued friend to others, you must first become a valued friend to YOURSELF which GOD within you most wholeheartedly encourages. This you can say is HONORING yourself as GOD with Absolute Love, which then allows you the freedom and the grace to honor (high regard, respect or esteem) ALL others with Absolute Love, Sound easy? Well like all Cosmic Awareness, Knowledge and Wisdom worth striving for, it means letting go of limited "altered" ego perceptions to gain understanding. Before you can let these limited perceptions go, though, you must recognize what they are and that they are actually "limited" perception. Well, chelas, this is what makes the "prize" of spiritual creative self-discovery so precious, that challenge to self of attaining realization of Truth!

Now the next "concept" that you must fully understand to enable you to attain ABSOLUTE LOVE within your friendships with humanity, is THE LAW OF ONE. Meaning you are related to ALL fragments, seen and unseen of Created of God. RELATED, WE ARE ALL RELATED. Fully understanding this concept and truly LIVING it as well is quite humbling, precious ones, quite humbling and quite wondrous indeed.

So then, learning to fully comprehend, develop and live TRUE cosmic friendship and unity with ALL who choose to accept your hand guarantees you your God-authorized "diploma" of graduation toward ONENESS in the higher realms of God.

Now Druthea has long pondered a line about "love" which was spoken in a movie entitled, "A Love Story” filmed, I believe sometime in your late 1960's. The female character within this "sad" love story told her sweetheart, "Love is never having to say you're sorry". Let us think about this statement, chelas. Does this confuse you? Do you believe you understand its meaning? We will "break" this statement down in definition that perhaps clarity can be accomplished for all. Let us first give definition of the term love as given in Funk Wagnall’s Dictionary, "1. A deep devotion or affection for another person or persons. 2. A strong sexual passion for another person. 3. Sexual passion in general or the gratification of it." Isn't it interesting that the definition of LOVE you are given begins quite nicely and then erroneously includes SEXUAL activities and feelings. No wonder you ones remain confused about WHAT LOVE IS! Certainly the adversary has "developed" its own definition of that which IT knows little about. And most of you ones have bought this lie going as far as calling sexual intercourse little pet terms such as "making love". "Making" Love? Do you begin to see what a ridiculous statement that is? At the very least this act of physical LUST behavior is "making" AND perpetuating limitation of love expression and in the worst cases it is "making" dis-ease through hateful, manipulative, deviant behavior intent.

Well then if "sexual fulfillment" be the way ones define LOVE within them then certainly ones will find MANY reasons to say. "I'm Sorry"! Let us continue defining that statement. "I'm Sorry" is what is termed an apology, which means, "A statement or explanation expressing regret for some error or offense." So then one is making amends for perceived or real error or offense committed against another. First of all, you ones have not quite reached PERFECTION in Love expression and understanding for THIS LESSON is one in which MANY of you are NOW working toward understanding and LIVING during this time sequence of your development. IF one is able to comprehend and adapt his behavior toward ABSOLUTE LOVE, then certainly his "regrets" and "errors" against self and others become gradually inconsequential.

Does this sound perhaps a bit "idealistic" or ideal, meaning. "1. A concept of perfection. 2. A person or thing taken as a standard of perfection. 3. A high principle; lofty aim. 4. That which exists only as a concept of the mind." And what think you ones perfection is? Well, is not God/Aton our Supreme Creator, THE PERFECT IDEAL? We've said it more than a few times, EVERYTHING short of GOD is not yet perfection of GOD. Perfection in the making or unfolding perhaps. And yet each fragment exists expressly as a PART or GOD/Aton PERFECTION. So in a sense, we as fragments of THE ONE have implanted within our beings by our very Creator, the Design of Perfection which IS of Our Father/Mother God/Aton, This is the "IDEAL" by which we are able to discern and measure our degree or success in our spiritual creative manifestation. So then we might suggest a change to that phrase to read. "ABSOLUTE Love means never having to say you're sorry."

Until you ones return to THE ONE in spiritual perfection, you will make errors and feel the need and find circumstances where it is appropriate to apologize, to God, to yourself, to another so that FORGIVENESS can be allowed to manifest the necessary balanced healing within self. Your God-given CONSCIENCE is your guide within for what is "right" versus "wrong" thoughts and behaviors according to the Cosmic Laws of Balance of God and The Creation. This does not mean that you ones will not, at times, be able to truly demonstrate ABSOLUTE love within your circumstances and relationships. Simply that you have yet not learned to exist EVERY MOMENT in that space of being of PERFECT, ABSOLUTE LOVE. This is, as I have explained earlier, what MANY of you ones are now learning about accomplishing…living Absolute Love in a much more magnificent degree of success than you have previously accomplished.

May you ones recognize with clarity and understanding the importance of balanced friendship with one another for mutual fulfillment and Joy on your path toward ONENESS. I AM Sananda, One With God. Thank you for your attention, chelas. Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service. Salu.


MAY 6, 1991


Greetings, Precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, One With God. I come in the service to Holy God/Aton of Light and to YOU, my brethren.

This day we have a petition of which we are honored to respond. This one petitions in behalf of ALL and ALL of you have lived within what is termed a state of DENIAL of truth at various times in your lives…and MOST still exist within this bubble of separation from responsibility.

Let us define denial, "1. A contradiction, as of a statement. 2. A disowning or disavowal. 3. Refusal to grant, give, or allow." To deny, "1. To declare to be untrue; contradict. 2. To refuse to believe, as a doctrine. 3. To refuse to give or grant; withhold. 4. To refuse to acknowledge; disown."

Now to fully understand and thus recognize denial WITHIN yourself or another, you must understand the "negative" emotion which stands guard over denial of truth…and that most often is FEAR. You ones have become ever fearful of making change because it means looking within the mirror of self and taking responsibility for those feelings, behaviors and actions which deny the power of GOD within YOU.

One of the most common "feelings" which must be faced in one who denies responsibility is his feeling of unworthiness, because along with unworthiness is fear of rejection of self IF, for example, ones KNEW how you REALLY feel inside. It feels quite UGLY to feel unworthy and to carry emotionally depleting "parasites" within. Remember, chelas, YOU choose to feel unworthy. It matters NOT what "judgement" any other being wishes to attach to you. You choose to allow or "perceive" another’s derogatory opinions as detrimental to you because YOU wish to continue to feed your own unworthiness. Self-Denial allows you to remain in self-centered separation in which all which occurs within your space of experience is responded to PERSONALLY as to HOW you allow it to affect YOU, without consideration of others who share your space and/or experience.

So one way to recognize DENIAL in self and in another is when self-centered behavior, meaning, "Concerned chiefly with one's own affairs and interests, often with a lack of consideration for others," is exhibited in ways such as, BLAME, HURT and VICTIMHOOD. Also, look for passive resistant thoughts and actions in self, which means the desire to "get even" for the perceived wrong against you. Only it is done in very indirect, secret or subtle ways, such as through sabotage (Any act performed to hamper or obstruct). In many ones, passive resistant behavior may exhibit itself by these ones denying to give assistance when asked, deliberate procrastination of an agreed upon task, "reporting" the grievance to an "authority" without first speaking to the perceived "perpetrator", or even refusing to speak honestly to the ones who their anger is directed at, especially when specifically ASKED to do so.

Another reason ones deny sharing honest feelings with another is that the one who is afraid to "tell his opinion of the truth" is afraid of what he perceives may be a "negative" painful or angry response by the other. Often ones will not confront another and the reason they tell themselves is, THEY don't wish to cause pain or rejection to the other. For example, in the case of when a "relationship" is kindled between two and then one decides that he is not compatible with the other and wishes to "break it off". When what he is really afraid of is COMMITMENT of responsibility to the other or LOVING the other fully that he may somehow be compromised of freedom. Ones cannot be honest with another if they DENY their true feelings within of SELF. Therefore, the confusion becomes manifested FOR BOTH in that neither understands the behavior or true feelings of the other and both wonder what went wrong. The one rejected becomes resentful and angry. The one rejecting simply ignores the other because he does not know "what to say". This then becomes an "unresolved" conflict of which the "effects" of the "cause" of denial and irresponsible behavior will continue to "challenge" both of these ones in "future" circumstances…that is until the lesson is recognized, UNDERSTOOD, released and responsible behavior is truly taken.

Here is an example which has and does occur in many so-called love relationships between couples, married or otherwise. The "wife" is angry at her husband because he didn't even notice the new furniture and her new hairstyle and he seldom wants to "talk about and share" his feelings about work or other "things", so she begins to feel neglected and unappreciated, but rather than discussing her feelings with him, she looks for ways to deny HIM that which he "needs", expects or wants. So often she finds herself with a "headache" when he displays "lustful" intent. When he asks her what is wrong, she says, "Nothing", but continues to sabotage their relationship in other ways, such as getting drunk and disorderly at the office party and "forgetting" to pick him up at the airport. Well, the husband does not understand and is confused by her behavior, and he definitely feels the "sting" of her anger which she refuses to acknowledge when he confronts her. He can do nothing to assist solving the problem if his wife denies there is one. So what is SHE really looking for? Perhaps to be rejected "once again" to "prove" HER irrational opinion that "all men are worthless" (and so, she feels, is she). This way she need not face HER responsibility for creating the sabotage of the relationship because of her own crippled self-worth and inability to communicate honestly her feelings and fears. In this instance, you have TWO "poor" communicators, and alas, because of this denial of true feelings within both parties, the crippled behaviors continue for both until each faces truth within self that THEY each are responsible for creating the circumstance through lack of trust, feeling fear und unworthiness, and DENIAL of all true feelings. This is why COMMUNICATION barriers MUST be acknowledged and confronted within each that the barriers be allowed to open for true understanding to be allowed to blossom.

Some ones are so very frightened to acknowledge perceived "negative" feelings to another, even when confronted directly, because they fear rejection and even punishment. So they may feel "negative" feelings such as resentment, anger or envy and DENY the feelings, often even to themselves. This is why you ones must become MASTERS at identifying "negative" (adversarial) emotions and feelings within SELVES that you can recognize them in others and CONFRONT the behavior that the light of truth be allowed into the space of the denying one even if the denying one be SELF. (See "Recognizing the Anti-Christ Within” printed in "The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual”).

It is a very delicate balance to achieve because even when you earn to accomplish confrontation of the adversary within self and others, often the denial of truth remains, especially in one who is unwilling to confront self and BE responsible for acknowledging truth and thus communicating and acting with integrity. You cannot FORCE another to confront truth even when it is presented to them in balanced integrity intent. You trust though, in a responsible manner, bring your observations up honestly to the one who displays adversarial behavior, most especially if you feel the behavior is detrimental to you and others, for example, within a "work" or "home" circumstance. It is one thing to punish self BY choice, it is quite another to allow one to also PUNISH you and others because they refuse to take responsibility themselves.

You see, precious, chelas, you indirectly SUPPORT unreasonable and adversarial behavior IF YOU ignore it and, therefore, DO nothing to change it. Which brings us to our next point which is "common" denial of responsibility, most commonly exhibited within belief structures encouraged within your so called "New Age" community. We of God's Hosts have often heard ones speak and ponder about the terms "negative" and "positive". Often ones believe that they must learn to concentrate their energy ONLY on what they perceive is labeled "positive" thinking behavior and actions. For example, Commander Hatonn and his spokespersons are often called "gloom and doom" bringers who concentrate upon perceived "negative" information and circumstances. Therefore, BECAUSE ONES REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "NEGATIVE" (MEANING ADVERSARIAL) CREATED CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH THEY HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE CREATION OF, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, THROUGH IGNORANCE AND APATHY, THEY THEN DENY THEIR OWN PERSONAL RESONSIBILITY BY CONDEMNING OR EVEN "KILLING" THE "TRUTH-BRINGER".

Here is another example to add further clarification. If you go to the doctor and he discovers you have cancer within your body, do you demand that he NOT tell you the truth so that you can then deny responsibility for: 1. The manifestation of the dis-ease and 2. Making the necessary changes of thinking, of behavior, and of actions to facilitate YOUR CURE from this serious dis-ease within you?

Don't you see? The manifestation of cancer is a gift of warning that there exists unbalance within you? Do you wish to HEAL or continue to deny responsibility? Well the choice is yours to make. Commander Hatonn and the rest of God's Hosts are here specifically to show you the ANTI-CHRIST CANCER YOU have manifested as a species within yourselves and upon your planet, which has been "hidden" within your government, business and cultural institutions and organizations. Do you say to yourself, "Oh my! That is 'negative' information and therefore I am not responsible for it. That is someone else’s problem; I will practice Ascension or be raptured so I can escape the ugliness of which I do not want to be responsible.”

I have news for you, ones who feel NOT responsible for that WHICH you as a species have contributed to the creation of. YOU will either take responsibility, NOW, for assisting the rest of your committed brothers and sisters to do that which GOD within gives you to do to change and heal the "negative" circumstances and manifestations ALREADY created around you and within you, or you will not be ready for HIGHER responsibility of Conscious Immortality within God's Holy Realms of experience. There is not much "time" left for you to be in the deciding. And NONE can take your portion of personal responsibility in your place. (Although your given task(s) in service to God CAN be filled by another, if you find yourself unwilling to perform them in balanced integrity.) You are accountable to self and GOD for that which you DO or NOT DO, if that be the case.

So what can you do if you find yourself wanting to "hide" from and not face responsibility of finding truth and taking necessary action? Recognize first that your denial of facing "negative" created circumstances of which your world is full is because of FEAR. You are afraid of that which you may have to do in order to BE responsible and change the circumstance. You are afraid you have NOT the power to change it. You are afraid of what "others" will think of you if you face them honestly. You are afraid you will fail to make a difference should you begin changes. And you are afraid of the perceived "unknown" risk to yourself when you begin to "rock the boat" of adversarial control. You are afraid because you have, in your "past", lived in ignorance of Truth and have successfully run from "uncomfortable" feelings and responsibility, thinking that perhaps you have or can remain innocent of the effects of the evil about your plane, which through your ignorance you have ALLOWED and SUPPORTED. I believe you ones have a cliche' which is succinctly apropos, “What I don't know won’t hurt me." That statement of false belief says it all, chelas. WHAT YOU HAVEN'T KNOWN AND REFUSED TO SEE HAS HURT YOU AND YOUR BELOVED PLANET. IONORANCE OF TRUTH HAS UNDERMINED GOD WITHIN YOU, BY CONDONING THE REPEATED BREAKING OF HIS COSMIC LAWS OF BALANCE SO THAT HIS SPIRIT OF LIGHT, OF LOVE, AND OF HARMONY HAS NO PLACE TO GROW…THE DARKNESS AND SUFFERING CANCEROUS DIS-EASE HAS BEEN AND CONTINUES TO BE SO VERY DEVASTATING TO YOUR SPECIES. THE ADVERSARY HAS COUNTED ON CONTROLLING THAT WHICH YOU "KNOW" AND "BELIEVE" SO THAT HE CAN BIND YOU INTO PERCEIVED HELPLESSNESS AND SLAVERY TO ITS "ILLUSION" OF PHYSICAL MANIFESTED FLESHLY ATTACHMENT, THE ADVERSARY "NEEDS" SLAVES TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE TO HAVE AND ENFORCE THE "POWER" OF DESTRUCTION WHICH IT DESIRES TO WIELD IN ITS HATRED OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS OF GOODNESS AND GODLY INTENT.

You must ask yourselves, precious chelas, "How do YOU feed the ANTI-CHRIST to give IT power over God WITHIN you?" "What is it you truly FEAR which paralyzes you and makes you wish to HIDE and NOT BE responsible?" I, hopefully, have given you some ideas where you may begin to unfold the source of your FEAR that you may then release it through TRUSTING GOD OF LIGHT WITHIN TO SHOW YOU THAT WHICH YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN ONLY IN HIS SERVICE. You will be guided and shown that which will bring you knowledge and understanding of truth and through empowerment of gaining WISDOM of Truth you will receive GOD'S blessings of INNER PEACE and Balanced Creative Unfoldment. You must first desire to serve GOD and your intent creates THE WAY for you to go and remain in GOD'S WINGS OF LOVE AND PROTECTION.

You must see, precious chelas, that you ones who even deny the existence of the Anti-Christ, Adversary to God, do so so that YOU need not face responsibility WHEN the Anti-Christ is ALLOWED by YOU to control your very being. The destructive results of the Anti-Christ exist all about you; do you deny this truth as well, that your "rosy” view not be disturbed and make you uncomfortable? WELL, HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED THE COMFORT OF THIS BELOVED PLANET AS YOU POLLUTE HER WATERS AND SOILS AND ATMOSPHERE WITH IRRESPONSIBLE THOUGHTS AND TECHNOLOGIES OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION? HOW CAN YOU LIVE IN AN OBVIOUS FACADE OF "SPLENDOR" WHEN MOTHER EARTH SCREAMS IN AGONY OF DESPAIR AT THE EVIL CAUSED HER BY YOUR UNBALANCED, UNGODLY BEHAVIOR TOWARD HER, YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER?

It is time for you each to find the balance of God which exists within you. Those who resist this change to balance, who choose to swim "upstream" against GOD'S WILL will remain in 3rd dimensional experience as a puppet for the adversary…and so, too, remain in self-imposed ignorance for the "time" necessary to recognize the errors of thought and behavior and correct the imbalances caused to self because of them (the errors). God and we of His Hosts offer you THE WAY HOME through giving you the opportunity TO SEE AND KNOW TRUTH ABOUT THE CANCER YOU'VE CREATED AND WHICH YOU CAN HEAL THROUGH RESPONSIBLE THINKING AND BEHAVIOR AND ALIGNING YOURSELVES WITHIN THE LAWS OF BALANCE OF GOD AND THE CREATION as given forth.

There is naught to fear WHEN you attune your will with that of GOD’S WILL for HE is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE KNOWLEDGE and THE POWER, and HE EXISTS WITHIN YOU! HE NEVER TURNS FROM THEE, NEVER! WILL YOU TURN FROM HIM? HE ALLOWS YOU TO MAKE THAT CHOICE, PRECIOUS ONES. WHAT WILL YOU DO? The adversary, on the other hand, IF he is allowed and welcomed entrance into YOUR TEMPLE OF GOD, is an insatiable parasite of destruction upon ALL that is OF GOD and GOODNESS. YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN YOU OF GOD TO CAST THE ADVERSARY OUT…FOREVER! SO BE IT AND SELAH!

Thank you for this opportunity to bring further clarity and understanding to our brethren, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to HOLY DIVINE GOD/ATON OF LIGHT AND THE CREATION. May you find inner peace which wisdom brings. I love you dearly, my brothers and sisters! Ponder your lessons carefully. Walk in peace. Salu.


MAY 8, 1991


Greetings, precious Druthea. We are Sananda; Lord Michael, and St. Germain. We come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light and The Creation.

We will begin this day with the challenge of peeling away the "barriers" to successful communication in your "human" languages by efforting to show you how you can stretch the limitations of human language to achieve clearer and more succinct communication ability with one another.

Because "Universal Language" has no limiting "words", it is God's perfect language. When beings communicate in Universal language, there is no way to "lie" to yourself or another about your intent, since it is the language which utilizes pure thought from that which is "in the heart/spirit" as…feeling. So the key to more successful communication on your plane is to learn to fully understand HOW you feel about a circumstance before you. Now, emotion is defined as, "A strong surge of FEELING, as of love, hate, or fear." So by understanding and identifying your feeling accurately, you will find that YOUR perceptions and beliefs about any given circumstance will bring up certain emotional feelings. First, you must correctly determine which emotion you actually do feel. For example, when you correctly determine that you are afraid, then you must determine WHY you are afraid in order for you to successfully resolve it. Fear is a feeling one has generally when he feels threatened in some way. Every emotion is SHOWING you something…a lesson to be understood, or a sustaining need we all have, such as absolute/unconditional LOVE. For example, when you are touched by some act or behavior done for you or another in kindness, which absolute love expresses, you feel JOY and UNITY.

On the other hand, when you are angry or hurt about something someone said or did "to" you and you fail to identify ACTUALLY WHY you feel this way, then you will be unable to communicate effectively to "clarify" what may perhaps be a misperception on your part. Then most often, your unresolved anger and hurt will actually propel you to respond in a variety of "punishing" behaviors directed toward self, the other who you perceived caused you pain, ALL others with whom you come in contact, or all of the above. One of the common ways ones respond irresponsibly, which we discussed previously, is through "passive-resistant" behavior, in which one is afraid or simply unwilling to confront the person honestly about his anger and/or hurt feelings and therefore seeks indirect ways to punish the perceived perpetrator against him. Others of you ones respond most directly your anger and hurt to the perceived perpetrator, and then, of course, when ones begin arguing about WHO is RIGHT and WHO is WRONG, nothing is solved, and resentment begins to establish itself most firmly, especially when ones stubbornly refuse to search the common ground of cause which allows self-understanding of MUTUAL responsibility of the circumstance. When mutual understanding of each "point of perception" is accomplished for each, then a satisfying resolution, which recognizes joint responsibility of forgiveness and release of the "error", can be reached. Of course, both must wish to resolve the issue between them, for if one's objective is to deny responsibility and continue to blame and punish, then THEY must deal with what is now their PROBLEM on their own. The others must stand firm with integrity to not allow themselves to be PULLED down or into an emotional drama of one who is unwilling to reasonably resolve their problem.

Now, feeling anger and hurt is definitely a most uncomfortable place to be, in that one will feel isolated, separated and rejected and so his "altered" ego will urge him to cast blame outside of self. Many of you have most likely heard the saying or even have personally felt like "It is ME against the World". It is not a comfortable feeling to feel unsupported and "victimized" and so it is up to YOU to learn to set aside "Altered" Ego perceptions so that you can successfully uncover HOW you have contributed to the cause of this "victim" self-separation and/or misunderstanding with another.

One of the challenges you ones have in your interrelationships is responsible communication. In order to communicate responsibly, YOU each must become acutely in touch with WHY you feel these "negative" emotions, such as fear, anger, jealousy and resentment. For example, many of you ones often use "sarcastic humor" to state your true feelings, let off "steam" and yet still "hide" the feelings. Many of your so-called comedians have successfully used cutting, sarcastic and sardonic jokes to tell the world or even particular others HOW they really feel about them…and then, of course, they call it humor. They behave as if it's okay to call it a "joke" because they assume it is less painful to the ones the sarcasm is directed at, only deep inside, THEY KNOW IT IS NOT LESS PAINFUL AT ALL. Ones who USE sarcasm in their communication, whether it be a comedians or not, must recognize they most often harbor intense feelings of unresolved anger and/or unworthiness and they desire to feel superior by causing pain, somewhat indirectly by calling it "humor", to others because of these intense unresolved FEELINGS within.

Let's give you ones a common example of how many of you USE what you call "humor" to express inner hurt and/or superiority/unworthiness. We have often heard you ones make a sarcastic (An ironical or scornful utterance; contemptuous and taunting language) remark, such as, "When God said brains, you thought He said trains, so that's why you have no brains" and then you'll say, "No, Just Kidding”…ha ha ha. We have heard so many unkind things said by you ones to each other, and then, "No, I'm just kidding". Sorry, chelas, MOSTLY YOU ARE NOT "JUST" KIDDING in these circumstances. This is most often a "dig" and usually falls under "passive-resistant" behavior. You have a wondrous cliché in this regard. "Many a TRUTH is said in jest". So be it.

Now we will discuss expectations, to expect defined as, "1. To look forward to as certain or probable. 2. To look for as right, proper, or necessary. 3. Informal To presume; suppose."

All of you have expectations, whether you completely understand what they are or not. Of course, for successful communication in your interrelationships, being CLEAR yourself about what are your expectations within any given relationship and/or situation is essential. Now there are what can be termed "reasonable" or "realistic” expectations as, well as "unreasonable” and "unrealistic" expectations. For example, there is certainly nothing "wrong" with looking forward to being justly treated, or to making a successful speech. Those are reasonable expectations for one who treats others justly, and one who prepares properly for his speech. But to expect that others will behave AS YOU would in any given circumstance, is most unrealistic. All will behave according to their own inner integrity, or lack there of, or they will behave according to the dictates of their own individual personality, which may certainly be correct for them, only perhaps not YOUR way. In order to successfully interrelate in harmony and balance, ALL expectations must be acknowledged openly, so that all expectations which are determined reasonable be defined clearly for all. In this way the integrity of your defined common expectations and objectives, such as work objectives, will not be compromised because of unresolved emotions, unrealistic expectations or other allowed misunderstandings.

There are many kinds of what would be termed "social" expectations, such as saying, "Thank you" when someone does something nice for you or serves you in some way. In most all situations, gratitude expressed to another is most reasonable and certainly appreciated, if it is sincere. Now ask yourselves, chelas, when you ones GIVE something to another, whether it be a physical gift or something intangible such as friendship, love and support, what DO you expect in return? You are NOT honest with yourselves, chelas, if you tell yourselves, "I expect nothing." Because even when you extend YOUR hand in sincere love, kindness and friendship, YOU expect the one you give to to LIKE you and feel connected to you in return. You want to be a part of their life by letting them know YOU appreciate and support them. You enjoy the inner "rewards" of giving which makes someone feel good and appreciated. If the receiver is ungracious to you, face it, chelas, you are disappointed and often saddened.

Let us give another example of expectations. When you personally make your commitment to serve GOD, what do you expect in return for your service? Well, certainly a "reasonable" expectation is that you expect to be guided and sustained, to be protected and fulfilled within your service, do you not? Or what do YOU expect? Do you expect that you need not be responsible for your own behavior? Do you expect your life to be "problem" free and your lessons easier? Do you expect to be more special than your other brothers and sisters? Do you "bargain" with God: you'll give this, IF He gives that? We are asking you to really be HONEST with yourselves, chelas, because your "unreasonable" expectations are NEVER met and so it is best to uncover them NOW so that you can find the true PEACE, JOY and BALANCE in your service to God, which reasonable expectations provide for you.

Now, we would like you ones to clearly think about what are your expectations when and if you decide to make your home in Tehachapi? Do you expect spiritual perfection of the ones already committed in service? Do you expect "social" fun and entertainment from Dharma, Oberli, Hatonn, George and Desiree' and the others here? Do you expect the businesses created by these ones to financially support you, now or in the future? WHY do you wish to be here? To be closer to God, perhaps? To learn how to be closer to God? Remember YOU are the temple for God. Do you recognize a purpose for you, perhaps, a way to serve GOD where you are able and willing to do so? Do you expect Hatonn to tell you what you must do as your service to GOD? Do you KNOW what your service is? For we will tell you, as has our beloved brother Hatonn, that Tehachapi is a place of work, of commitment of service to GOD/ATON Our Father, to assist the growth, transition and cleansing of a sick/unbalanced humanity and this beloved planet, Shan. We have a job, and YOU ones who choose to serve God are the hands and feet of HIS Brotherhood of LIGHT. The road is often most painful and precarious for you beloved ones of GOD's service, most especially emotionally, until you ones learn to detach from others' often cruel rejection of you and their unwillingness to SEE the truth. God only asks that YOU do your job to the best of your ability. Do you expect that you WILL? Ponder these things, chelas, for in confronting self-expectations in responsibility, you will unlock that door to the inner peace and fulfillment which has often eluded most of you in your "past" experiences.


Now we will discuss a very prominent barrier to successful communication within your interrelationships, and that is TRUST, defined as, "1. Confident reliance on the integrity, honesty, or justice of another; faith. 2. Something committed to one's care; a charge or responsibility."

Trust is a most delicate subject in that most all of you have either breached a trust and/or been the "victim" of a breach of trust by others. So as a result, most of you find it difficult to establish complete trust and faith in others whom you share experience with. First of all, many of you now recognize that you as "common people" have blindly trusted your government leaders and many of THEM have breached YOUR trust by lying and deceiving you for their own selfish means. So it stands to reason that you NOT give trust blindly or freely to other HUMAN beings until you KNOW of their integrity and intent. For example, DO YOU DESERVE to be trusted? Are you able to keep the private matters of another who trusts you with sharing them with you, to yourself? Do you respect the privacy of others? Or are you always looking over the fence of others to see what they are doing, which is NONE of your business unless it is harmful to you or impacts you in some way that is not reasonable. Many of you have a very dangerous "habit" of gossiping about and then you wonder WHY you are NOT trusted by others. This is why it is most important that for trust to develop, ones must clearly define what matters are privately shared and a shared commitment of responsible communication is adopted by both or all parties, so that any possible misunderstandings can be ironed out quickly and completely. In true dedicated friendship and the commitment thereof, ones always have the shared objective of achieving mutual trust, support, loyalty and understanding, especially when differences come up for them to manage together.

There is really little else more painful and disappointing than for one of you, who possesses honest integrity within, to establish and nurture a friendship, give your love, loyalty and trust to another and then find that they do not honor and trust you enough to speak honestly to you about their true feelings and instead they spite you behind your back, or even more disheartening, that they have actually USED you for their own selfish means such as to gain money, prestige, sexual conquest or power and NEVER really thought of you as a cherished friend. How many of you now can say that you have trouble trusting others because you have allowed yourself to be USED by choosing the "wrong" person to develop friendship with because they did not have the same degree of commitment to your friendship as did you? This breach of trust occurs often in so-called "Love" relationships and marriages, often after the "lustful" feelings taper off.

So by now you may be contemplating, HOW do you properly solve a perceived "error" or misunderstanding with integrity with one whom you claim as your friend? First of all, you need to acknowledge your feelings, if they be anger, hurt, frustration or whatever, and then you must set up a time to privately and personally talk to the person you have the problem with. Now you must be very careful how you approach the person, since they may not have any idea of what your problem is or their connection with it. Tell them how you're feeling, "I feel hurt and upset because I wasn't invited to your family dinner, perhaps I have misunderstood or misinterpreted something, so will you help me to understand your position so that we can resolve this together?" In this way, you have not placed any blame and you have shown that you value the other person by asking them to assist the resolution of what may be simply your own misunderstanding or over-sensitivity, or it may actually be something more than you have understood, from your friend's point of perception, perhaps that this one was irritated with you about something you did, or he just simply felt it was not necessary for you to be there at that time.

Now, in business, there are MANY expectations which ones have about operating their business with integrity. For example, when you purchase a product by phone or mail, do you not EXPECT to receive it within a reasonable time-frame and in good condition? Many things can happen between the time you order and when you (hopefully) receive your order. Many business owners want to keep your business by insuring customer satisfaction, so they have a policy of "The customer is always right." Well that is not necessarily true, is it? What about ones who purchase items, such as books, from you on agreed upon terms, such as 10 days or 30 days,--DO you not expect them to pay you in full within that time frame? Interestingly enough, MANY businesses, even when given and they have agreed to 30 day payment terms, have a policy that THEY do not pay before 60 or even 90 days. Is this operating business with integrity? So it has become not reasonable within your current business society to TRUST ones, especially NEW customers, to pay you for products they purchase. Yet many retail business-persons become indignant when asked to pre-pay for their purchase and often will simply not buy, unless THEY need the items perhaps to fill a special order for one of their customers. And why do many bookstores, for example, balk when asked to pre-pay? Because they do not know whether or not the books will sell within a 30 day time-frame and "need" the time to return the funds from actual sales to the publisher or distributor. Now America West, for example, has perhaps a little over a dozen of their total "open” resale accounts who are responsible and really do pay in full within the agreed time-frame. The rest do not honor their agreement with America West, and several have NEVER paid their balance, so because of this, America West, in order to continue to pay its printing and overhead expenses now ASKS all new resale accounts to pre-pay with no MINIMUM order required and NO returns allowed. Do you blame them? It is interesting to note that many bookstores and distributors expect to be able to RETURN unsold books, as well as, take 30 days to 6 months to pay for them. So then, of course, the RISK of loss is entirely in the publisher's hands. So you ponder this, chelas, IS that reasonable?

Now, how many of you have or know someone who has purchased something, say from a department store, and then a year later ask to RETURN it? How many of you have or know someone who has purchased an expensive dress, for a special occasion, and after wearing it, they return it? This is very common, even with middle class and upper middle class women who are in the "social" set and can "afford" to pay for the dress. Well, many department stores have "caught on" to this practice and now DO NOT ALLOW returns for certain dressy attire. Do you understand, chelas, what we are efforting to show you here? Many ones simply do not behave with integrity, and it has become ACCEPTABLE to many ones to behave this way! Many simply do not KNOW better and even brag about HOW they take advantage of businesses. So ones who do wish to operate with integrity and responsibility must EXPECT a degree of dishonesty from a percentage of business customers. Many businesses have a special term for this expected percentage of loss, theft and damaged products, they call it normal shrinkage. The results, if shrinkage becomes unreasonable, are often higher prices to the consumer, if the business wishes to stay in business. How sad it is that so many have become slaves to this beast of selfish deception and deceit. However, you will find, precious chelas, that as you align yourself in service to GOD, your conscience will not allow you to get away with any sort of unbalanced behavior, without some careful and often difficult contemplation of the consequences thereof. So Be it.

Thank you, precious chelas, for your attention. Druthea, you are most blessed in your loving and giving service unto Our Father. Thank you, precious little sister of ours. We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. We come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light and The Creation. May you walk in the peace which true knowledge and understanding brings. Salu.


MAY 18, 1991


Greetings Precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy God/Aton of Light and to you my brethren. Thank you for finding your balance, Druthea, and petitioning for clarity on "negative" perceptions that we may share with our brethren. For within each "human" conscious mind there exists many various perceptions and depending upon the experiences of emotional attachment, ones will attach to themselves various "degrees" of misperception and therefore respond accordingly.

Let us example the giving forth of The Word: The historical, economic, social, political and spiritual truths. Every single one of you who first reads of the devastating manifested illusion which now exists upon your plane respond in a multitude of different ways, depending upon the level of your spiritual awareness and maturity. When you are told, for example, that you ones in the United States of America are rapidly losing the freedoms which were guaranteed under your Constitution and Bill of Rights, many of you become afraid, mostly because you have taken the freedoms you have had for granted and few of you have any historical, political and/or social-economic knowledge and experience. That which you do have is, as you are finding as you continue to read "The Phoenix Journals", quite limited in truth of the circumstances.

Mostly you ones have concerned yourselves with survival needs, succeeding in your chosen profession, raising families and enjoying your lives through various forms of entertainment as you are able. When your pursuit of the so-called "American Dream" or whatever "dream" you have which requires "freedom" to realize, is threatened, such as by the truth that the economic system is collapsing and you may lose your once-secure job, many of you feel extremely frightened especially because you feel helpless. The adversary would like you to feel helpless and fearful because often you will become paralyzed by this and refuse to take any action whatsoever, even for your own security and protection. Many will simply try to glue those rose-colored glasses tightly around their eyes, that their world can return (they hope) to the innocence which they once enjoyed. I will venture to say, chelas, that once the stirring of your Spirit within has been accomplished, YOU will never return to your original ignorant state. Your conscience will not allow you to.

Now, many ones of you consider yourselves to be most spiritually attuned especially if you have expanded your awareness beyond the limiting doctrines of your various religious institutions. Many of you have accomplished much of your spiritual progress through what is often called the "New Age" movement and "Metaphysics".

What I would like you ones to please understand carefully is that the adversary has worked just as diligently within the human leaders of the "New Age" philosophies and doctrines in order deceive and mislead your Spiritual understanding, as well as also working through your Fundamental Religious Institutions to accomplish its deception. Because all of you have various degrees of spiritual innocence and gullibility, the aspects of truth about "personal responsibility" and the nature of evil and goodness God and Adversary, is often twisted and turned about, so that you searchers of spiritual freedom and Truth continue to be bound by the adversary through a more subtle deception and purposeful misinterpretation of the Cosmic Spiritual Laws.

For example, what do the terms "negative" and "positive" mean to you? Let us first define, negative: "1. Characterized by or expressing negation, denial, or refusal. 2. Not positive or affirmative: a negative attitude. 3. The side that denies or contradicts what the other side affirms, as in a debate." Now we will define positive: "1. That is or may be directly affirmed; actual 2. Characterized by or expressing affirmation; a positive attitude. 3. Openly and plainly expressed: a positive denial. 4. Not admitting of doubt and denial."

So the defining of terms often helps assist the understanding of the meaning of your own often used expressions. Most of you when you are given information about your world circumstance, for example, as laid forth in "The Phoenix Journals", will respond in some way. If the information is frightening to you or causes you to feel "badly" or threatens your "belief" system in some way then most often you ones will say that it is negative. By calling it negative you are thereby expressing denial and refusal to accept the information. In this way do you also refuse responsibility to investigate further and DO something to change the circumstance.

I will say that the information SHARED within "The Phoenix Journals" is actually quite positive in that it is OPENLY AND PLAINLY EXPRESSED: POSITIVE TRUTH! Now in order to find balance with EVERY circumstance and EVERY bit or information you are given, you must ASK the Spirit WITHIN you what this circumstance and/or information is showing you. WHAT IS THE LESSON HERE WHICH YOU HAVE ASKED FOR? You will find that, finally having and knowing the Truth, when you recognize it as such, to actually be most liberating to you spiritually because you will have recognized the enemy, and it is YOU. So then, with your newly discovered personal power and responsibility you will demand the Spirit of God within you to show you YOUR opportunity to serve God and The Creation, and therefore change what you find to be unacceptable/unbalanced consequences/ circumstances. And then YOU will KNOW YOU CAN create a more balanced circumstance.

Now here is a little test for you. Think of a profoundly "negative" circumstance in your perception. What emotions do you feel, for example, if you lost your job, or your home burned to the ground? Fear? Loss? Anger? Helplessness? Is the "loss" outside of you? Do you ask yourself, WHY ME? And do you feel VICTIMIZED by something OUTSIDE OF YOU? Now think of a profoundly "positive" circumstance in your perception, such as, the birth or a new babe or getting married. How does simply thinking about this circumstance make you feel? Love, Joy, fulfillment, Peace? Do you know that YOU choose how you will respond in every circumstance and situation put before you? Inner Peace and Joy are yours and you will experience them more and more as you take personal responsibility and sincerely work to create BALANCED circumstances and correct UNBALANCED circumstances with the INNER GUIDANCE OF YOUR SPIRIT.

Now when you receive information, such as that produced within "The Phoenix Journals" and you respond with FEAR in your heart, then what action does this response demand from you? What do you want to do? Denounce the information? Denounce the speaker who presents it? Turn off the flow of any further investigation of the information?

I will suggest that whenever you respond with FEAR when presented with information, that Spirit within you is showing you something which YOU need to deal with. Truth is showing itself to you and the Spirit within registers it and the "altered" ego chooses to become fearful, because its belief/security structure is feeling threatened. If you will simply see the emotion of fear as a warning of real or imagined danger and/or an illusionary block to the opportunity of expanding your knowledge of Truth, discernment and inner understanding, you will be able to rise above the fear and take the necessary action to KNOW THE TRUTH AND RESPOND TO THE CALL WITHIN TO TAKE RESPONSIBLE ACTION.

Now for you ones who call yourselves skeptics, defined as: "1. One who doubts, disbelieves, or disagrees with generally accepted ideas. 2. One who questions the doctrines of a religion." Skeptical: Doubting, questioning; disbelieving. Skepticism: 1. A doubting or disbelieving attitude. 2. Philos. The doctrine that absolute knowledge is unattainable."

Now there is nothing wrong with questioning that information which you are given in order to find Truth. But ones who call themselves skeptical or a skeptic most often hide behind this term so that they can remain on the fence of indecision about a particular matter and therefore not take action or responsibility. By the very definition of skepticism, these ones hold a doctrine/belief that absolute knowledge is unattainable FOR THEM (or anyone else for that matter), and as long as they continue to sit upon the fence of skepticism, they certainly will continue to find themselves unable to absolutely find the Truth. One who holds tightly to his skepticism is often most fearful and so appears most self-righteous and arrogant about his beliefs, such as his erroneous belief that, if HE doesn’t know Truth then neither can anyone else.

So for you chelas who are sincerely seeking life spiritual Truths, you will continue to learn about discernment of all information presented to your attention. Often you will feel skeptical about and therefore, doubt and question a new idea, thought or bit of information which is given to you. That is perfectly healthy, just don't STOP there. Ask The Father WITHIN to please show you the Truth and guide you to that which will allow Truth to unfold for you. Then wait upon Spirit to unfold the Truth in the BEST way for you to understand it clearly. This means TRUSTING your inner guidance to unfold all you need in the correct time-frame for you. So then PATIENCE is necessary as well. Simply because you will feel less stressful if you can trust GOD within to GIVE YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO CONTINUE TO GAIN SPIRITUAL WISDOM AND PERFECTION.

Every circumstance you give your attention to is a lesson, perhaps of discernment of Truth or conquering paralyzing fear or even rising beyond skeptical indecision. And more than it being a lesson, every circumstance you give your attention to is also AN OPPORTUNITY for improving on or "sharpening" your spiritual wisdom and perfection.

You see, precious chelas, as you sharpen and perfect your spiritual knowledge, your foundation becomes more solid than any man-made structure or material, because your foundation is aligned with the wisdom of knowledge of TRUTH of your IMMORTAL DIVINITY, COSMIC LAWS AND ONENESS WITH GOD AND THE CREATION. NOTHING of physical illusion will be able to tear down your foundation which is built on Truth and spiritual wisdom. This, alas was my final "initiation" upon your plane less than some 2000 years past. I, Sananda, had to pass the final test of spiritual fortitude as a human upon your place. I knew I had to experience the denial of MINESELF AND MINE FATHER WITHIN by you of my brethren and still rise above the human "altered ego" limitations of fear, frustration and pain. Mine crucifixion was mine final TEST of Spiritual commitment to MINE FATHER WITHIN ME. I THEN ATTAINED a higher level of spiritual mastership of which I continued to develop and perfect after my actual physical departure from Shan, which did NOT occur at crucifixion, but many years later as you have read in "And They Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda”. And, of course, the crucifixion of mine self offered MANY lessons to you of my brethren who either witnessed physically, or otherwise, not the least lesson which was totally purposely misinterpreted, and that is THE IMMORTALITY OF THE SPIRIT OR SOUL WITHIN. I then continued my spiritual mastership training in the higher realms of GOD/ATON and have reached mine inherited perfected spiritual state of SANANDA, ONE WITH GOD. I am assisting and monitoring you of mine brothers and sisters who receive and give forth MINE FATHER'S WORD. I am available and accessible, though not yet in physical form, so that I may bring the spiritual foundation and balance along with the other Heavenly Hosts of God, so that you of my brethren who so choose, can awaken and remember TRUTH, and receive earned graduation to "higher" realms in God's Kingdoms. I am come as MINE FATHER GOD/ATON'S representative, to claim you of His Faithful and True children of Light…and bring you HOME.

Now let us clarify more on "negative" perceptions. When George and Desiree' Green speak before you and they describe the historical, political, socioeconomic and spiritual circumstances in Truth, see this as POSITIVE in that you are now given the opportunity through your Spirit within TO KNOW TRUTH AND TO TAKE ACTION TO BRING ABOUT NECESSARY CHANGE TO BRING BACK BALANCE. Chelas, information is information. The merit of it is its Truth as it relates to your global and spiritual growth and discernment. Your Spirit within is seeking BALANCE and it will continually show the UNBALANCE that you may choose to HEAL it WITHIN and WITHOUT. This is your measure of responsible spiritual maturity…your ability to absorb Truth and knowledge and become empowered and responsible for creating BALANCED alignment with GOD and The Creation.

Remember chelas, YOU all share the pool of mass consciousness upon this plane, you contribute to the DIS-ease as well as to the LIGHT…it is your choice. You can remain IGNORANT and IRRESPONSIBLE, but you will still suffer the consequences of your ill-thinking and acting behavior. You see, you contribute to the unbalance either directly and knowingly if you align yourself with the destructive adversary, or you contribute to the unbalance indirectly through your ignorance of spiritual and global Truth. It is most especially your ignorance of the consequences of your unbalanced "thinking" and doing, and of the Cosmic Laws which has nearly devastated your planet and your species.

So the terms "negative" and "positive" are "New Age” terms and the adversary has encouraged you ones to align all circumstances in either category. Remember the definitions above, these terms do not fit and they cause you to turn from responsibility of a given circumstance because it is identified by you as "negative". YOU CREATE ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, YOUR SPIRIT IS ALWAYS SHOWING YOU SOMETHING you need to know. YOU DECIDE HOW YOU WILL RESPOND IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE PUT BEFORE YOU. First you will need to recognize unbalance when it is presented to you. Then you will need to further investigate for yourself, with the assistance of your Spirit Within, until you are satisfied with the Truth. Then you will ask God Within to show you how to bring back balance to your portion of the mass consciousness "pie". Then you will do what God within guides you to do.

Here is something for you to think about. That which is "positive" to the adversary …i.e.: causing confusion and deception is considered quite "negative” to a child of Light. That which is "negative" to the adversary, i.e.: being exposed as a liar and deceiver, is considered quite "positive" to a child of Light. So you see, those terms are quite relative to the situation encountered and the perceptions retained by opposing personalities.

The absolute surest way, chelas, to compound the problems you face, and therefore create ever more devastating consequence to yourself and your planet, is to be led to (by your Spirit within) and exposed to THE TRUTH about the circumstance already created, and THEN still doing absolutely NOTHING to change them to bring back balance. So it is the better part of wisdom to HEAR the call of SPIRIT and learn to LISTEN to and accurately decipher your guidance given. All it takes is YOUR COMMITMENT TO SERVE GOD'S WILL and you will be given all you need on your wondrous journey. So be it.

Thank you for your attention. May clarity and understanding be yours that your spiritual foundation may become solid in TRUTH AND WISDOM. I AM Sananda. Thank you little sister, Druthea. Go forth and find your confirmations that they bring you peace and balance in your service to GOD/ATON. Know that I LOVE YOU ALL SO GREATLY for you each are a part of ME as I AM a part of YOU. Walk in God's Light of Truth and KNOW therein you always find Peace. Salu.


MAY 21, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light, Truth, Wisdom and Glory. This day I will further clarify and describe that which is occurring upon your plane in this time-frame of history.

Your species and planet Shan (Earth) is experiencing a spiritual REVOLUTION, which means, recognizing, challenging, changing and discarding the spiritual false and "archaic" ways, so that you can surmount your stagnant condition and method of adapting to limited ego-separate "belief” indoctrination. The reason for this "revolution" is that you are making room for your Spiritual RENAISSANCE, that is, your New Birth, Resurrection and Revival of God-Light Truth gained from personally accessing the Divine Knowledge and Wisdom of your Spirit WITHIN.

Just as the revival of letters and art in Europe marked the Historical Renaissance or transition from medieval to modern history representing the rebirth of civilization out of archaic creative suppression to a period of time (roughly 14th through 16th century) of relative abundant artistic expression and freedom, so too is your species experiencing a "Spiritual" transition or Renaissance.

The Great Creative Movement of Spirit is singing its song of CREATION in the hearts of ALL who choose to hear. Ones who attune themselves to the Holy Vibration of God/Creator/Creation WITHIN and WITHOUT, will experience consciously THE BURNING DEATH OF THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION FROM God/Aton/Creation. Out of the ashes you ones will be reborn…resurrected from your sleepy semiconscious state in which you have long existed and that is, the "altered" ego-separation experienced in your physical-dense vibration illusion. Many of you have been in this creative unfoldment process for some years already. Many of you notice that TIME as you measure it seems to be speeding up and your "lessons" have often been frequent, difficult and stressful especially due to increased intensity of the unfolding, understanding and releasing process.

Be aware, chelas, that the spiritual work you are accomplishing in this time frame IS intensified, magnified and CONSTANT. Many of you no longer have the luxury of "time" and lack of "experience" to claim innocence and ignorance or spiritual Truth and so your CONSCIENCE is moving you as fast as possible to learn and discern QUICKLY that you can shed the physical attachments as well as "altered EGO" illusions. YOU ARE IN TRANSITION. YOU ARE CLAIMING YOUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE. The chosen path of many of you to attain "graduation" involves the releasing of YOUR ADVERSARY WITHIN. This time-frame represents your spiritual-rebirth opportunity and the process in itself is creating your spiritual revolution…your inner battle to resurrect YOUR SPIRIT WITHIN from the self-imposed prison, of which you have forgotten existed. You can remember NOW. Because of God/Aton's INFINITE grace and wisdom, you ones are NOW given the opportunity to AWAKEN to the call of the MIGHTY PRESENCE OF GOD/ATON/CREATION WITHIN YOU!! DO YOU HEAR?!?

Thank you for your attention. I AM Sananda, One With GOD, in service to Light of God/Aton's Holy, Divine PRESENCE, and to you my brethren. Thank you precious little sister, Druthea. Salu.


MAY 23, 1991


Greetings, my brethren. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of God/Aton of Light Greetings, precious Druthea. Let us begin, please.

This day I will discuss the meaning of INTEGRITY and how it relates to and is integrated with responsibility. Let us first define, integrity: "1. Uprightness of character; honesty. 2. The condition or quality of being unimpaired or sound. 3. The state of being complete or undivided."

Now we will define, responsible: "1. Answerable legally or morally for the discharge of a duty, trust, or debt. 2. Having capacity to distinguish between right and wrong. 3. Involving accountability or obligation. Responsibility: 1. State of being responsible or accountable: also responsible ness. 2. That for which one is answerable; a duty or trust."

Integrity and responsibility are most delicately intertwined. To achieve utmost spiritual integrity, one must fully recognize and understand his responsibilities; first to God/Aton/Creator Within and also to the rest of the life-force expression within The Creation. In order to become a spiritually conscious co-creator with God/Aton, one must become ONE with living the Cosmic Laws of God/Creation. One must realize his accountability to the Great Spirit within him. He must become impeccable (free from error, fault, or flaw) regarding adherence to Cosmic Law. And to gain cosmic power, he must become spiritually complete, unimpaired and sound of character, which is the state of being called integrity.

Now in order to become impeccable in your integrity, one must BE responsible by listening to Spirit within about "right" and "wrong”--or as I prefer to call it balanced or unbalanced-- thinking and behavior. Each of you have the KNOWLEDGE within with which to be responsible in every thought, word and deed. You need only LISTEN carefully and ask God/Aton within to help you recognize your error, instantly when you make one. It may not always be pleasant to become instantly accountable for your misdeed or misthought, but if you pay careful attention, you will find that you will seldom if ever repeat the same error. You will find that the careful attention to and recognition of your inner guidance, instantly, is well worth the temporary inconvenience or discomfort to your "altered" ego.

So by requesting God/Aton within to show you the error, immediately, He will also show you the balanced thought action or deed with which to reclaim your impeccability of spirit. Why can it be seemingly so easy to recognize errors? Because, chelas, you ones have made essentially THE SAME errors over and over again. Lifetime after lifetime now you have chosen to be irresponsible and remain spiritually ignorant. You already KNOW and can distinguish between that which is balanced and unbalanced thought and behavior; you simply have forgotten you KNOW.

When you separated yourself from the Great Spirit within you, which fully contained your being as far as perfect guidance and knowledge, you became spiritually powerless. When you worshipped in separateness from THE ONE and therefore sought OUTSIDE your being for guidance, you DENIED the Spirit within YOU its full creative potential. And because you felt no longer responsible for that which you manifested, you became your own slaves to the physical illusion. By your self-denial you created leaders over you who would support your "belief" in separation from Creator, and thus you developed tremendous attachment to physical matter. This accounts for the same developed attachment to EGO separate illusion.

To achieve Spiritual integrity you are required to BE responsible and accountable for the effects of your thoughts, words and deeds. In order to be responsible, you must UNDERSTAND and adhere to The Cosmic Laws of Balance. You must seek ONENESS and see UNITY with all, NOT separation, inferiority or superiority to anyone or anything. You must become impeccable in your intent to serve God and The Creation. You must recognize only ONE WILL, the will of THE ONE, Creator/Creation. Then you will gain the Spiritual Integrity of CHRIST perfection and with that your Power within will become Magnificent.

Remember when I Sananda, walked as man upon your place I told you, "These things I do, YOU will do GREATER”. So be it and it is coming to pass, chelas.

I would like to requote something for you to ponder from our beloved St. Germain: "Your personal power is in direct proportion to the integrity of your soul". This one sentence says it all, chelas. Ponder these things most carefully that you hear Spirit to Spirit and not Spirit to ego illusion. This "time", my brethren, is the "hour" of the dawning of YOUR spiritual awakening. How the Angels of Glory in Heaven REJOICE; for earth human is preparing for the celebration of ONENESS and BROTHERHOOD within GOD'S HOLY Kingdom of LIGHT!

I love you greatly, my precious chelas! I am most honored to serve My Father and therefore you, my brethren. I AM Sananda, One with God. Thank you my precious sister, Druthea. You are most blessed in Our Father's Kingdom. Be at Peace as is the spring time flowering of this time. Enjoy the radiance of Our Father's Creation before you. Salu.


JUNE 24, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea. We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. We are pleased to have you back with us to allow "written" sharing of knowledge with our brethren. We come in service to Holy God of Light and The Creation. Let us begin.

It seems that through the sensing compression of your physical manifested illusion that all EFFECTS which you are now witnessing upon your plane exist OUTSIDE of your beings. This, precious brothers, is one very important area where you earth humans have errored in perception of understanding. YOU are the CAUSE. Your awareness of the actual EFFECTS or your DESIRES has simply been limited to SENSING perception of motion which you have believed existed "out there" somewhere beyond your control and/or responsibility.


Not one of you would be reading The Phoenix Journals had you not had the DESIRE to know Truth. The Spirit of ONE within you is calling you to awaken to your true potential of SERVICE to GOD. If you have been drawn to these JOURNALS, it is not by "accident" chelas. YOU have answered the call within you. YOU have a most cherished purpose to serve in the assistance of BIRTH of God awareness and knowledge upon your Earth plane. What may that be? Many of you still are asking. YOU only need to DESIRE to know and serve God, our Creator within Creation, and since YOU are his temple, WITHIN you, will your wisdom, knowledge and purpose be revealed. Remember, there is NO separation. You ones have simply forgotten your Divine Spiritual Heritage, YOUR ONENESS WITH ALL!

It will also be your DESIRE that will propel you toward your oneness and service to God. Your Free-will must be returned, surrendered, released, however you want to think of it, TO GOD. There is only ONE choice ultimately, and that is GOD'S WILL WILL BE DONE! Many of you are now facing the choice of aligning your thoughts, words and behaviors with GOD balance or remaining in the "illusion" of ego-separate adversarial games. Ultimately it will be the impeccability of your DESIRE, which is defined as "spiritual maturity" which will propel your being to SERVE the Light, Love and Knowledge which is God.


There is a certain comfort which will develop within you ones as you begin to see the "lessons" which confront you as simply challenges which offer you the chance to become spiritually mature.

Most everything that you will learn on this plane especially, will come from your relationships with other human beings. When many ones speak of "mirrors", meaning that other humans are your mirrors, there is much misperception in the meaning of that statement. It is quite true that every human is related to YOU. You are ONE. So in that sense when you look into the eyes of another, you are seeing yourself in oneness, simply as a fragment of that oneness.

The problem comes when you ones casually call everyone mirrors and thus you tolerate, condone or allow BEHAVIOR towards you because somehow you deserve it because they are mirroring YOU. That is the big BS word! Remember, we spoke of lessons as challenges. Often, YOUR challenge is HOW you will choose to RESPOND to the behavior and words of another.

If, for example. THEY profess unhappiness with their relationship with you, and somehow it is implied, directly or indirectly, that YOU must change to make it better for THEM, what are they really saying to you? How will you respond? Do you immediately feel guilty of error?

Think about this, chelas. WHO is unhappy? WHO must change to bring balance? YOU, who feels unhappy, must take responsibility for your own dissatisfaction. But how do you do so without casting outward blame? And how can you think such irresponsible thoughts as "You are my mirror, so I can DUMP my feelings of unhappiness/unworthiness upon you?" This thinking behavior, chelas, is punishment. You who cast blame are seeking a place where your self-punishment will be allowed by another. The lesson to the receiver of blame may simply be to NOT ALLOW blame, guilt, etc., to affect him/her. It may also be a time of improving communication between you. Even if that be to direct the responsibility for positive change to the one who is unhappy. As the receiver, you may offer your assistance, or you may choose to withdraw until such time as attitude has adjusted and even apologies given.

Remember this, chelas, in EVERY circumstance set before you, which YOU set before self, YOU CHOOSE how you will respond. If you feel that you are treated unfairly, then you must learn to communicate with intent to UNDERSTAND the intent of the other. If you choose to define yourself as "sensitive", fine. Does that mean you must wear your emotions upon thy sleeve, waiting to become victim? If you set yourself up to be emotionally fragile and sensitive, you will develop a victimhood circumstance EVERY time.


Victimhood is also self-punishment. It is a condition developed from extreme insecurity and deep feelings of unworthiness. This is why there is the perception that many ones who are in "victim" condition feel, and that is that they are somehow treated differently. Well, in a sense they are.

For example, one who is relatively secure and spiritually mature will often simply become irritated with one who is highly insecure because he/she simply does not relate with the condition. He/she will simply avoid confrontation with the condition or feeling of being "sucked" into the emotional trauma/drama which a "victim" often develops by his/her deep-seated and unresolved insecurity.

The victim always seeks ways to be "hurt", usually by others within their circle of experience. Until the victim begins to see HIS/HER CAUSE, which is insecurity and unworthiness, he/she will remain trapped in a very lonely cycle of self-punishment. The change must begin BY HIS/HER DESIRE to serve GOD of LIGHT. When one makes his/her choice to serve ONLY THE WILL OF OUR FATHER, then self-punishment and unworthiness IS IMPOSSIBLE!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND, CHELAS?

Remember when you perceive you are a helpless "victim" of all and everything outside of you, then you serve the adversary who encourages the illusion of punishment and unworthiness of self. You will remain "victim" to self as long as you continue to live in FEAR. Naturally, others will either support and sympathize with your feelings of helpless "victimhood" or they will NOT support your behavior and avoid you…until such time as self-responsibility is demonstrated and accepted.


At the very root of the emotional victim's severe feelings of unworthiness is FEAR. The illusion of separation from God is very strong. The connection of God knowledge is severed…in illusion of course. What do "victims" fear the most? REJECTION OF SELF BY GOD. This illusion of possibility of rejection by God is sustained by tremendous guilt carried by the "victim" for errors perceived or real committed against God. Every time the victim perceives REJECTION by another human, he/she is reminded of his/her fear of rejection by GOD. This cycle of unbalanced self-punishment continues until the "victim" stops seeking love and acceptance outside of himself/herself, but instead goes within to ask forgiveness and release of unworthiness and guilt. When you petition GOD to show you HIS way…and your intent to heal is pure through desire to serve, HE will show you the way home. He will wrap you in his wings of LOVE, of LIGHT and of KNOWLEDGE that NO rejection is possible except by misalignment of "altered" ego self. THE KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD AND ACCEPTED WITHIN WILL RELEASE THE VICTIM, AND THE FEAR WILL DISSOLVE AND NO LONGER RENDER HIM/HER HELPLESS!

Remember, as Commander Hatonn so succinctly said, “KNOWLEDGE ALLEVIATES FEAR”. Hold it close to you, chelas. So Be it.


To dissolve the fear which exists only as an illusion of physical survival, you must DESIRE Truth and knowledge in order to serve the will of GOD. Ask yourself, "What is my feeling of fear showing me?" Is it a warning call? "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, THE TIME OF GLORY OF YOUR SERVICE IS AT HAND!" Fear is felt when you feel threatened in some way. For example, when Commander Hatonn writes of the socio-economic and political evils perpetrated upon you and George Green speaks of his experiences of corruption in the highest offices of your government, are you afraid? WHY? Because you did not know or because YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW?

To become aware of the truth about the unbalance developed upon your plane requires change and often you ones are simply afraid to change your perceived comfortable life-styles because you perceive PHYSICAL inconvenience or even suffering IF you were to LOSE those precious assets of which you believe you OWN. You OWN NOTHING save your immortal soul and even your immortal soul belongs to God/Aton THE ONE!

Does this mean you must not have? OF COURSE NOT! Remember GOD IS ABUNDANCE! You will simply let ALL go of physical manifestation when you leave this plane. So it does become wise to gain knowledge of Truth that YOUR FEAR OF LOSS OF BODY PHYSICAL AND/OR PHYSICAL ASSETS IS PROPERLY ALLEVIATED, DOES IT NOT?

When you align your free-will choice into service unto God/Aton or Light, Love and Knowledge, YOU will have ALL abundance you need to sustain in His Service ALWAYS!

With that thought, precious chelas, we will close this document. You ones who seek, who desire to KNOW, who seek to gain knowledge of Truth, who desire to SERVE ARE MOST BLESSED OF OUR FATHER. WE HONOR YOU ALL AND WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO SERVE YOU OF OUR BROTHERS OF GOD AND THE CREATION. Thank you, little dove of light, Druthea, We LOVE you greatly and God is most pleased with your service, chela. Hold it closely. We are Sananda, Lord Michael and St. Germain. May God's Light shine brightly upon and within you, our brethren. Walk gently and in Peace with one another. Salu.


JUNE 25, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy God/Aton of Light, Love and Knowledge. Thank you for your attention, my precious chelas.

If you will remember of the lessons given forth recently of Germain and Hatonn, Germain spoke of the nature of God. Specifically, I am referring to GIVING and REGIVING which is God. You may see it here upon Earth (Shan) as birth and rebirth such as of the natural seasons which you call Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. All Creation falls within the cycles of giving and regiving life.

Only Hu-man (Higher Universal Man) is given the choice through his free-will about whether he will cooperate in the co-creation process of giving and regiving, or he will "develop" through his compressed/limited senses of monitoring EFFECTS, ways to manipulate, dominate and conquer Nature to suit his spiritually ignorant means.

Only Man through his adversarial/primitive misdirection chooses to take from nature without regard for balance and harmony of ALL within Creation.

The resounding EFFECTS of Earth Man's adversarial TAKING behavior is clearly represented upon your plane at this time…although Man has only just begun to realize HIMSELF as the CAUSE of this unbalance.

It is always a struggle to take, even if it is only perception of physical "things", simply because the soul is left empty, for your immortal soul is not enriched and replenished through "taking" of life and physical conquering of another or Nature.

Only through KNOWLEDGE of giving of self, without emotional strings attached, will your immortal soul be lifted from earth physical attachment and compression.


In order to give effortlessly, the knowledge has been gained that it is one's expression of God Divine LOVE which is ultimately being given. The fulfillment of true ego-selfless giving is immediate and not dependent upon perceived physical acceptance of same by the receiver. Although one who is a selfless giver will also be a most gracious receiver of returned LOVE to himself.

Are you beginning to understand, precious chelas? God working through you will ALWAYS BE FULFILLING YOU through His giving and regiving of LOVE.

Those of us who serve HIS DIVINE LIGHT OF LOVE, could not be very effective "guides" to you, our brethren, if we gave up on our outpouring of LOVE to you simply because so few "accept" what we give. This is the measure of your spiritual maturity, precious ones. That you can give and regive without emotional attachment or suffering to self. Giving and regiving Love is effortless when it is continuous and the measured outcome of "success" does not dissuade one from selfless Divine God-GIVING and REGIVING.

The NEED for LOVE giving is great upon your plane and that is why the focus of many ones from the HIGHEST levels of God's Kingdom is upon you. This does not mean that ones of us don't become rather passionate in our concern and compassion for you, our struggling little brothers. We, too, have our lessons of KNOWLEDGE earned through our service to God through our service to Earth Human.

You ones have no idea how often ones of us who work closely with you, want to DO something more than COSMIC LAW will allow us to do. Many ones of us have petitioned to GOD and He clearly has defined that which we may and may not do to remain in His service. The difference between us, of higher experience, and you of Earth physical compression, is that WE KNOW THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION and our Spiritual Integrity of SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST ONE will not allow us to break THE LAWS.

Just as a parent with a child who is stumbling and learning to walk feels compassion for his child who he knows must do it on his own with only loving guidance, we too must observe and guide you ones without interfering and DOING it for you, for then we only serve ourselves in our impatience to "hurry" along your growth. The progress of your growth, however "long" it takes, is between YOU and GOD. Interfering in that process is FORCE and FORCE is not of GOD/ATON!


So you may be thinking, "What about the Adversary'?". The Adversary definitely seems to "force" his way into domination. DOES THE ADVERSARY REALLY "FORCE"? Think about this, chelas.

The adversary definitely lies, cheats, and intimidates, but does he force his way into existence here. The adversary can kill the body physical to further its means. So where does the adversary get its power? The answer chelas, is from YOU! You have "allowed" the adversary to intimidate you, and when you became "afraid ", you gave the adversary your GOD-POWER. He controls you through your perceived "separation" from GOD. And the only reason you are still upon this 3rd dimensional plane is because you have BELIEVED THE LIES AND DECEPTIONS OF THE ADVERSARY WHILE YOUR GOD-GIFTED SOUL HAS PINED AWAY FOR RE-UNIFICATION WITH THE ONE, GOD/ATON.

The question now is to self. "Are you ready to release the adversary?" If so, then ALL of your TRUST and FAITH must be directed toward GOD who exists within YOU. Therein will your freedom from the bondage of limited-physical adversarial perception be earned. Did you read that clearly? YOU WILL EARN YOUR SPIRITUAL UNITY BY ACCESSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WITHIN YOU. And your "proof" will be forthcoming through FAITH and the return of your Free-will to GOD. For your "proof" of God’s existence and "coming" will be revealed WITHIN YOU! FOR THERE IS WHERE EXISTS THE KINGDOM OF GOD…WITHIN YOU!!


Grace is the quality of God of Giving and Regiving Love. Let us define Grace, "1. Beauty or harmony of motion, form or manner. 2. Any attractive quality. 3. Service freely rendered; good will. 4. The act of showing favor. 5. Clemency; mercy. 6. Theology. a. The love of God toward man. b. The divine influence operating in man.

Mine scribe, Druthea, watched with some amusement a "Christian" TV Minister on the yesterday. He was speaking about his perception of God's "Grace". He said words to the effect, "You need do NOTHING to receive God's Blessings and Grace". (Sounds a bit like the "just BE" philosophy of many New Agers, does it not?) "We humans believe we must 'work' to earn God's Grace. This is NOT true. We must accept CHRIST as our Savior. HE has taken our burden for us." There is the catch, Christ has taken responsibility for YOU! Do you see how deceptive the adversary is? "God will take care of you. You need do nothing. You are not responsible. Christ is your Savior" … ad nauseam!

I am not YOUR Savior. YOU are your Savior. And the good news is YOU will EARN your way into GOD's Grace by standing responsible for self and obeying THE LAWS OF GOD/CREATION. It is really so simple, chelas. You see, GRACE also is a wondrous quality of EFFORTLESS GIVING AND REGIVING BY GOD!


I will first define Mercy, "1. Kind or compassionate treatment of an adversary, prisoner, etc., in one's power. 2. A disposition to be kind, forgiving, or helpful. 3. The power to show mercy and compassion."

Remember this carefully, chelas, GOD is all-compassionate LOVE and MERCY. It is the adversary who seeks punishment and is absolutely merciless! You who have allowed yourselves to be ruled by the adversary WILL PUNISH SELF AND BLAME GOD EVERY TIME!

It is only a spiritually ignorant being who will seek punishment of self for perceived errors. Errors are EFFECTS of dis-eased thinking, NOT ever are errors caused from GOD-KNOWLEDGE. ONLY THROUGH THE MISUNDERSTANDING AND MISINTERPRETATION OF THE PHYSICALLY COMPRESSED SENSES AND BLIND DEFIANCE OF THE LAWS OF GOD/CREATION ARE ERRORS CAUSED BY MAN.


God IS ALL-FORGIVING MERCY. So then, chelas, forgiveness and mercy must begin within SELF since that is where GOD resides.

The adversary will dissolve in its power when confronted by the Divine Holy Power of GOD WITHIN YOU! WHY? Because EVIL is an illusion developed and sustained by MAN. God's Love, Light and Knowledge is ALL that exists. YOU each are fragments of HIS divided thinking. THERE IS NO SEPARATION OF GOD AND WE OF HIS THOUGHT FRAGMENTS, EXCEPT THROUGH THE BELIEF OF SEPARATION EMBRACED BY LIMITED HUMAN SENSING PERCEPTION. So be it.


Only through KNOWING that which is GOD will you KNOW GOD WITHIN ALL. How can you KNOW GOD? BY YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW GOD will HIS Kingdom be revealed within you. He awaits your sincere petition of recognition and acceptance of HIS WORD within you. Your song of LIGHT sounds within GOD'S KNOWING and you will dance and sing HIS presence in co-creation as ONE WITH GOD AND ALL THAT IS.

"In all that I AM Father, not MY will, only let THINE WILL BE DONE." And so it is.

Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service. I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD within Creation. I am most pleased to be of service to you, my precious brethren of Earth Shan. Walk together in Absolute Love, Unity and Peace and KNOW Always Our Father walks with you. Salu.


JUNE 27, 1991


Greetings Precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, One With God. I come in service to God of Light, of Knowledge and of Love.

This day I will discuss the condition of emotion which you call martyrdom. Let us define Martyr within your human dictionary, "1. One who submits to death rather than renounce his religion. 2. One who dies, suffers, or sacrifices everything for a principle, cause, etc. 3. One who suffers much, as from ill health or misfortune."

One who believes that he must suffer and die for that which he believes in, or for God, is most mistaken as to the nature of GOD. God does not require suffering and death for soul salvation. He ONLY gives forth life to his human imaginings as well as ALL of Creation. It is the adversary who has "fooled" the devoted and developing human into believing that he must "die" for God and that suffering is somehow "good". All I need say to this line of "thinking" is, it is nonsense, since it is not coming from the KNOWING of GOD.


Why is this so? Well, the difference is that a spiritually MATURE being will seek understanding of CAUSE of his error so that the KNOWLEDGE is gained from the experience that the error NOT be repeated. He will not seek continuous self-pun-ishment for experiencing an EFFECT from an error in his thinking of which he KNOWS NOT THE CAUSE in self.

Hatonn has said repeatedly, and it bears repeating herein, that GOD needs LIVING devoted human beings upon physical 3rd dimension of Earth (Shan) to do His Work. He does not demand, require or even imply that HIS children need suffer and die in His behalf! GOD IS LIFE GIVING AND REGIVING LOVE!

If you martyr yourself, then it is human misperception influenced by the adversary that develops this desire to suffer and die. You become unable to truly serve God when you develop suffering of great pain and agony upon either physical or emotional self. For then most of your focus is on self in the suffering thereof. And when you die in physical form after suffering intensely, there is much healing that must occur even in the next place of your experience after your so-called "death" transition.


We have heard this said by many ones, especially within the "New Age" and even so-called "Christian" community. Now please do not misunderstand, every painful experience can teach you something from the "information of EFFECTS of motion" standpoint. Pain is a symptom, an EFFECT of dis-ease in one's thinking/behavior, it is most certainly NOT the cause. Most often, when it is viewed from the EFFECTS standpoint, what you learn is that feeling pain is a pain and certainly NO fun. But UNTIL ones who suffer pain actually search CAUSE within THEIR creating experience and THEN GAIN KNOWLEDGE FROM GOD as to WHY one is punishing SELF, one will have learned nothing of absolute CURE.

Now think about this, chelas. How many of you have felt great KNOWLEDGE flow forth to you when you are in tremendous physical or emotional agony? Many of you have simply run to your nearest physical/emotional pain-killer, such as Alcohol and/or Drugs. Did you find your CAUSE in those drinks or those pills? Not only did you avoid the discovery of your CAUSE, many of you found yourselves addicted to the unbalanced EFFECT! The CAUSE must become KNOWN within, understood completely and released to allow a CURE of the dis-eased CAUSE and, therefore, the dis-eased EFFECT.

For example, you Mothers who have given birth to a wondrous child. IF you suffered great physical pain which we observe MOST of you do, were you not beside yourself thinking HOW to relieve the pain? DO YOU KNOW, PRECIOUS MOTHERS OF GOD, that child-birth NEED NOT be physical agony? YOU SIMPLY EXPECT THAT IT WILL BE AND SO IT IS. Could it be in your thinking that somehow the pain makes you a more worthy Mother? And is the Joy of the gift of the child more wondrous when you have suffered to give birth? Ponder these questions within God-Knowing, chelas. There is no Pain required to be "Worthy" and "Joyous"…ONLY LOVE. So Be it.

Very simply put, chelas, PAIN is EFFECT of YOUR desire to suffer. WHY would any CHOOSE to suffer? Mostly because you have been taught and have BELIEVED the lie that suffering somehow makes you worthy in "the eyes of God". For most of you feel so unworthy and guilty in SELF that you seek SELF-punishment to somehow "even" the score with God.

All you are really doing, chelas, is punishing self and invalidating your LIFE. You are telling GOD, "I give up on Life. All I deserve is suffering because I am worthless. So I will gain my immortality and acceptance by GOD by suffering FOR him.” This thinking behavior is so ludicrous! Do you see? GOD DOES NOT PUNISH; YOU PUNISH SELVES, ALWAYS. YOU REAP THE EFFECTS OF THAT WHICH YOU SOW IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. WHEN YOU DEGRADE YOUR SPIRIT BY BREAKING THE LAWS OF BALANCE OF NATURE, YOU REAP THE EFFECTS OF THAT UNBALANCED BEHAVIOR, NO MORE AND NO LESS!


As I said earlier, when you suffer great emotional and/or physical pain and agony, you most often are not thinking about HOW to serve GOD, or how to assist your neighbor. You are too "busy" in self-suffering and usually garnering much needed "attention" from others around you. One who suffers "continuously" is most often STARVING for LOVE, attention and acknowledgement from others of friends and family.

YOU are in NEED when you suffer. Only most often, you ones seek OUTSIDE selves for nurturing and LOVE, instead of inquiring WITHIN of GOD for nurturing and UNDERSTANDING of SELF-CAUSE of the suffering. IN A MOMENT GOD WITHIN CAN ALLEVIATE ALL SUFFERING IF KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-CAUSE WAS ACCEPTED AND UNDERSTOOD.

In the first case of seeking from outside self, one is NOT taking responsibility for self, so KNOWLEDGE of CURE cannot be attained. In the second case of GOING WITHIN WITH PURE INTENT/DESIRE TO KNOW, one is most definitely TAKING responsibility for SELF-healing IN his MIND-THINKING dis-eased CAUSE. One has then ACCESSED and ACCEPTED the power of knowledge gained by GOD WITHIN.


There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with GIVING assurance and support to another for the work they are doing, especially if it has been beneficial for you. Often ones in service, such as mine scribes, work in blindness about the effectiveness of our work together in helping mankind attain inner KNOWLEDGE. The human still yet has very little ability to monitor EFFECTS of his efforts in other humans. And often you ones are much quicker to "criticize" another's work from human "ego" perception than do you offer praise and support from receiving of SPIRITUAL benefit. So the sincere and supportive "feedback" is most heartening and reassuring to our scribes and other workers as well.

Druthea's greatest concern, as well as most all of GOD'S scribes, is that she is translating our messages accurately. She often, most especially in the beginning of her receiving, really needs Hatonn's and My reassurance that all is coming out as We intend it to. She is coming into comfort with Us, and working with us WITHOUT her human ego perception input interfering. Dharma, too, has had her times of extreme "concern" about her work with Hatonn as well as Mine-self and All the others whom she has received for.

You see, for both Dharma and Druthea, the intent to serve GOD only is so very pure, and the commitment so very-strong within, that the "letting go" of ego perception for purpose of GOD receiving has not been difficult for either of them. They may see it differently, only in reality of Truth, I am sure both would admit that ALL of the TESTING they have endured has simply made them STRONGER in their intent and commitment to serve God of Light.

Does that mean that they do not feel "hurt" or "angered" by sharp criticism and inconsideration by others who read THE WORD and yet do not see Truth? Of course not. They, too are impacted by perceived "negative" attack by others. And although I know, in the beginning when the threats and criticism and hatred were thrust at her, Dharma occasionally wondered about the value of her service, today SHE within herself certainly has NO doubt about the importance and value of her contribution.

What is so beautiful to behold from where I sit, is that both of these little doves, Dharma and Druthea, have only become MORE humbled and spiritually mature because of their work for God. Well, I've nearly brought Druthea to tears…

So you see, my precious chelas, when your integrity of service has become impeccable in intent, and you have truly given back your will to God's will, then your desire is to ONLY serve Him. Your inner thought will be, "Please Father, I only wish to sustain in YOUR service, do YOUR will and BE an HONORABLE reflection of YOU". Within you YOU WILL KNOW you are doing His will and the "right" deed, and then from human perception, occasional sincere assurance given from without is most appreciated. Inside you KNOW and will continue your service IN KNOWLEDGE ANYWAY, with or without outside reassurance.


When you give appreciation to SPIRIT within another, and not just false accolades to the EGO, then you lift them as well as self into GOD'S LOVE VIBRATION. You are demonstrating HIS giving and re-giving quality. And LOVE given in honor of intent is ALWAYS returned in abundance to SELF. You are then HIS grace in motion co-creating His Harmony of LOVE within Creation. A most splendid place to be…ONE WITH GOD'S MIND!!

Giving LOVE is becoming ONE with the Breath of GOD CREATING.

With that thought let us take a rest, Druthea, and ponder these things more carefully. Thank you, my precious little sister, for your service. I AM ever with thee, to lift and comfort thee. Walk with Me, my precious brothers, and I WILL bring you home. I AM Sananda. One WITH GOD, Within Creation. I LOVE you greatly, my brothers. Be at Peace. Salu.


JULY 1, 1991 REC #1


Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, One with God. I come in service to Holy Divine God of Light and to The Creation. Druthea has petitioned for clarification regarding "pain" and "illusion" and how it relates to one who serves God upon 3rd Dimensional Earth Plane.

Druthea's "confusion" came when she read Hatonn's statement of Saturday last in which he said. “Peace” does not mean “absence of pain”--it means exactly what it says—“at peace with that which you are--within.” The Masters before you have had total Peace within--and abundant earthly agony and pain without--do not confuse the two.”

What is the "confusion", little sister? Did you think that you would serve God here and then ALL would be painless and fearless within you? Come now, chela. Let me do some "reminding" about this place and the nature of your "agreement" when you serve upon "physical" illusion.


When you ones of God petition God to serve in 3rd Dimensional "physical" illusion, you KNOW in advance that part of your service involves MANY challenges to THAT service by the adversary upon this place. The adversary "rules" this place through the developed illusions, which we call "obstacles" of FEAR and PAIN, as well as a host of other "human physical" emotions.

Chelas, let us give you an example with which to ponder. Most any well-meaning spiritual seeker can and will serve God when all receive him in Love, and there is NO criticism, NO pain, NO doubt and NO Fear thrust back at him. But how many of you WILL endure the DISCIPLINE of physical and emotional obstacles, such as fear and pain, and continue in your service to God? It seems, few indeed.


Do you see precious, that you who have agreed to assist this developing humanity must jump in completely and function in this illusion as ANY human does, that includes experiencing the adversarial challenges to your INNER KNOWING.

You have a saying which applies herein, "When in Rome you do as the Romans do". When on Earth Physical, you experience as Earth Human at the same level which the "Mass" Consciousness of the WHOLE is experiencing at. This is how you gain "understanding" of the workings and hardships of this "illusion" that hopefully you "remember" and "rise above" the obstacles set before you in true spiritual discipline, SO THAT YOU BECOME AN EXAMPLE FOR HUMANITY to see that perhaps they TOO can overcome the compression of this illusion and find the JOY within of KNOWLEDGE to sustain them in God's service.

It is easy to be upon a higher plane and observe Earth functioning and say, "Father, please let me serve my little brothers on Earth." It is quite another thing to find yourself in earth physical bombarded by the actual illusion and perceived separation from Creator source, and through the experience then begin to truly comprehend the difficult nature of your commitment to serve.


Hatonn, Germain and myself can speak of the true nature of "Reality" which is ALL KNOWING, LIGHT, LOVE of MIND of Creator, but it does not mean that YOU experience in physical form only within MIND OF GOD. The suffering and pain of Earth is tremendous, and as a human working here, you will most certainly be impacted by it.

The question to self and God is, "Will you continue in your service to God IN SPITE of the adversary’s evil projections and painful bombardment?" We feel YOU WILL DO SO. That is why we work so closely with you ones to remind you and assist you in keeping you "on track". The discipline of self in commitment is extraordinary upon this plane. Frankly, that is the CHALLENGE you ones desired and you certainly felt at the time that you agreed to serve here that you could handle it. We KNOW you can. Do you?

Experience on Earth is really quite a test of MIND over MATTER (illusion). I came as did you ones and endured pain and agony, fear and rejection. If you think I and the Masters before me were somehow "above" human emotion and pain, you are sadly mistaken. I experienced as human, as part of MY testing and spiritual development in service to OUR Father God/Aton. I developed such compassion for you ones because of my experience upon Earth. This is why I promised to return and bring you who choose to go HOME to Our Father's Kingdoms.

You see, I could not serve you NOW in my inherited capacity as SANANDA had I NOT experienced physically upon the Earth plane. I made the choice and my rewards from MY Father Aton have been incredible. You ones have yet to remember HIS LOVE, Light and Perfection of KNOWING. I and my brothers serving with me hope to bring MANY of you home to His place of remembering within you. God has prepared a place for YOUR return. And WE are come to bring THE WORD that you ones may choose GOD within you to return to. So be it.


It is true, chelas, that pain and fear are symptoms, EFFECTS of dis-ease in one's thinking or "believing" patterns. They are tools of the adversary. Pain and fear also exist as development of physical manifestation ILLUSION. You will either fall into feeling "helpless despair" or you will recognize CAUSE in self, and continue your commitment of service.

For example, many of you ones of earth, are "sharpening" your spiritual discipline within by enduring the challenges without. It is really that simple. Is it easy? God NEVER said it is easy to experience here, BUT the rewards are tremendous, especially in regard to the gaining of KNOWLEDGE and Spiritual Perfection.


You ARE giving birth to God perfection, Love, Light and Knowledge within. This does not mean that birth is easy and pain free always. You are creating your birth HOW YOU DESIRE IT TO BE. Some of you choose pain in order that you can practice "Mind over Matter". The point I have been efforting to make is that YOU CHOOSE ALL in your experience, including adversarial challenges or obstacles to self. I simply want you to know that in REALITY OF GOD LOVE and MIND KNOWING, you are not REQUIRED to suffer continuously unless you choose to do so for some understanding…or punishment within.

Do you know that when you DECIDE to, you can RELEASE your pain to Our Father and it will dissolve by the strength of your intent and DESIRE? It is so. I suffered tremendous physical pain as a test of discipline to myself before and during my crucifixion. I did not suffer as long as I could have though, because I surrendered MY WILL TO MY FATHER and HE released me. That is why I was comatose and "appeared" to be physically dead. I was NOT killed at my crucifixion, as it was the WILL of MY Father that I continue in service elsewhere; I was NOT a Martyr who suffered and "died" for YOUR sins. I RELEASED MY WILL TO GOD, WHO IS WITHIN AND HE RELEASED ME FROM MY PAIN THAT I COULD CONTINUE HIS WORK.

Perhaps now you will understand why I have recently written about Martyrdom. It is because YOU ones MADE me a Martyr so that somehow you could justify YOUR evil behavior which is simply a product of your IGNORANCE, and NOT be responsible for selves when you error. If I had DIED, perhaps I would have Martyred myself, but I certainly would not have "passed" my initiation toward "Sanandahood", now would I have? I would have GIVEN UP PHYSICAL LIFE on earth and therefore, been unable to continue with my commitment of service to GOD/ATON on earth.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SINS (ERRORS). I know we keep repeating this statement, but it bears repeating and repeating that you ones who call yourselves "so called" Christians who believe I died upon the cross FOR YOUR SINS, KNOW THAT YOU WILL STAND NAKED BEFORE GOD AND SELF IN RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SINS. I don't care if you claim you accept JESUS CHRIST as your savior. YOU will "save" your own soul and assets or they will not be "saved".

And what about your soul? YOU will choose to GROW INTO KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-RESPONSIBILITY and abide within the LAWS OF GOD AND NATURE, or you will choose physical destruction of self and thus remain in a place in keeping with your IGNORANCE.

What is even more disturbing to those of us assisting Earth human, is that you ones even seem bent on destroying your very beloved planet! YOUR life-blooded of survival as a species is at stake, and YOU SEEM TO CARE NOT ABOUT IT!

This is why WE of YOUR HOSTS most certainly hope that you ones will take heed of the WARNINGS about HOW NATURE WORKS, especially those given by Germain at this time within the Pleiades Connection series, and that is that Atomic Radiation is BURNING YOU UP, EXPANDING YOUR CELLS OF LIFE AND CREATING DEATH WITHIN YOU AND ALL ABOUT YOU. You MUST stop this madness of developing Nuclear Atomic Plants, because it is coming back upon you; and you think there is suffering now? Oh, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY UPON YOUR SPECIES IN YOUR IGNORANCE OF THAT WHICH YOU DO! YOU WILL REAP BITTERLY THAT WHICH YOU HAVE SOWN UPON MOTHER AND MOST OF YOU KNOW IT NOT!


Please read ALL of the PLEIADES CONNECTION SERIES, 1,2,3,4 and I expect more volumes as this is the information which will hopefully SHOCK enough of you into action for self-preservation, if no other motivation arouses you. Send these books to the officials in EVERY city which supports a NUCLEAR PLANT or ones who PLAN to build one. GIVE THEM QUICK REFERENCES ABOUT HOW RADIATION TRULY WORKS AND THE DANGERS OF MINING AND SEPARATING MINERALS FROM THEIR NATURAL STATE WITHIN YOUR ROCKS AND EARTH. THE MADNESS MUST STOP, CHELAS!

We hope that with this knowledge now coming to you via Germain and Hatonn, you and your officials and statesmen will SEE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH and put an end to what WILL be the complete destruction of your Earth Species, as well as the Earth as you know it now! You can avert further damage, only you MUST act NOW!

Now I will quote from one of Germain’s recent writings within the Pleiades Connection series that you may further understand the seriousness of your circumstances upon earth:

"Nature has a tremendously balanced rhythmic normalcy in her orderly processes of creation. It is all of it good for Man and animal alike when they observe that normalcy. When they defy it, or violate it through ignorance of it, Nature (or GOD) does not punish them for that violation. Ignorance punishes them. The discovery of atomic energy as a means of obtaining greater heat than an orderly and normal way suitable to environment, is as much a breach of Nature's orderly processes as it would be if Man violated the law of gravity by discovering that he could get to the bottom of the canyon in a much quicker than the normal way. No man would do that because he knows better. Atomic energy for industry is as great a violation of Nature's way as a defiance of gravity would be (realizing that even gravity is not that which is accepted). And it is as sure a death for the violator of one as the other.

"We know that Man is not intentionally defying God’s law. There is but one other reason why he is doing it, which is that he does not know what he is doing. Do not, however, for one minute believe that, as time has elapsed, the Elite have not seen the possibilities and now utilize same for their own greedy purposes. Man admittedly does not know what he is doing. The law works just as irrevocably, and inevitably, however, against him WHO defies it, as it does for the one who does not know. For long ages he has sought for the life principle in germ or ultimate unit of matter. He has never found it there and never will. Likewise, he has sought for the principle of death. This he has now found, but does not know it.”…So be it and Thank you, Germain.

I am very sorry that we must show you these things, these consequences of your errors and your ignorance. I know that you do not like much what you see and especially what you hear within THE PHOENIX JOURNALS, only you must KNOW THE TRUTH OF YOUR CAUSE, even if it is through ignorance that you caused this destruction upon yourselves. Because you see as it was so beautifully explained by Germain, the law works irrevocably and inevitably against you if you defy it knowingly or unknowingly.


Now you may have a better grasp at why the Highest COMMAND of The Creation is: "Gain ALL knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of Creation." Ignorance WILL kill you, and although your soul is IMMORTAL, your REMAINING in ignorance can and will cause you much unnecessary pain and suffering. And in this time-frame of your evolution, not only can your ignorance of Nuclear Atomic Energy cause you great pain and suffering, IT can also DAMAGE soul essence and as Hatonn has said, "THAT IS A NO-NO!"

So here is THE WORD and THE WORD will go forth as promised by God/Creator of LIGHT, LOVE and KNOWLEDGE. YOU will choose that which YOU will do, and the CHANGE must BEGIN WITHIN EACH ONE. You will each stand responsible for self. And those of you in God's service will become most disciplined in ability to WALK through the destruction of the physical illusion all about you to assist the bringing home of YOUR brothers who choose GOD in ONENESS.

May God's light shine brightly within and without you that you remember WHO YOU ARE AND FROM WHERE YOU COME IN ONENESS.

I honor and salute you of our physical crew members, who although not all of you remember yet your complete commitment, yet you serve responsibly within the INNER KNOWING, ever enduring and surmounting the outer darkness, discomfort and distraction of this illusion. KNOW, precious ones, that GOD'S radiant light IS WITHIN YOU ALWAYS to guide and comfort you. I love you greatly, precious ones.

Let us close this document. I trust that I have clarified sufficiently to bring Peace Within about that which is. Thank you precious Druthea, my little dove, for inquiring on behalf of self and your brethren for clarification. I never leave thy side, chela, and Michael and Germain are always with thee as well. Hold this close to your "heart", precious. Your "worthiness" is absolute, you just don't "believe" from human ego perception that this be true. Release that false "perception" to YOUR KNOWING within, precious. You will endure. KNOW THIS FOR THIS IS YOUR DESIRE…TO SERVE GOD. I AM Sananda, ONE WITH GOD, in service to His Light of Knowledge, of Love and of Light, and therefore to YOU, my brethren. Thank you for your attention. Salu.


JULY 1, 1991 REC. #2


Greetings, precious Druthea. I Am Sananda, returned in service to God of Light to answer some inquires of me of a personal nature for one called "Laurie". I will answer in general format that those of you with similar concerns may be given understanding as well.

Precious Laurie, you ask questions from within which cause you great unrest and feelings of "guilt". Such is the nature of human perception when one does not understand the effects one witnesses with his senses and not his KNOWING.

First, chela, let me begin by saying that it is not necessary that you send your inquiry anywhere except to God WITHIN you. When, for example, you petition to Myself, Sananda, I HEAR YOU WITHIN, precious, it is simply you do not yet HEAR ME. You must learn to seek your answers WITHIN, child, that your power be acknowledged and recognized and therefore accessed WITHIN you. I will ask herein that our editors please send a clearing tape to Laurie that she learn to simply clear and quiet self and LISTEN.

Does this mean we expect you ones to not inquire or ask for clarification? Of course not. Often your questions belong to many ones and so we are most eager to offer clarification and further understanding to you.

Now, it is most important, chelas, that you read "PHOENIX OPERATOR/OWNER MANUAL" for in-depth clarification on the Laws of God and Creation. Therein we speak of murder, suicide and abortion clearly as defiance of God's Laws. Suicide is self-murder. So then, you must understand that it is not the decision of any human to end his/her life before its natural cycle is finished. WHY? Because God/Aton has graced you with LIFE upon Physical dimension to GROW in your spiritual perfection back to ONENESS. When you purposefully END that life you reap a sort of "set-back" caused by the confusion of premature death at the hands of self.

Although you never go backwards in your spiritual evolution, you certainly can become stagnant, or lost in confusion for a time. Suicide is an interruption with YOUR WILL against the WILL of GOD of your lifestream evolution. What happens to one who ends his life will vary with each individual circumstance. One thing is certain though, you will not GO to a better place of fulfillment until you’ve completed your lessons. You will need to return and FINISH lessons which you may have thought you escaped and you may find that the second journey may be less pleasant than the first in human experience.


Just as it says, chelas, because you die physically does not mean you are now perfection and have no more lessons to reach God perfection. The difference is that "on the other side" you will be made, often painfully, aware of your errors made against God and Nature through self-misbehavior.

ONLY LIFE IS ETERNAL and physical death is just that, death of a body. THE SOUL IS IMMORTAL and continues on at whatever its level of KNOWINGNESS WITHIN GOD/MIND. Only through LIFE and LIVING in balance within The Laws of God and Creation will you conquer your fear of DEATH. For then you will KNOW that physical death is only a step, a change of experience…NOT the end of LIFE eternal!

Murder, Abortion, Suicide are all attempts by Man's will to end life given of our Creator against HIS WILL. The one thing I wish you ALL to remember clearly is this: You are responsible to SELF and TO GOD WITHIN for your actions and behaviors which defy Nature and the laws thereof. INHERENTLY WITHIN YOU, YOU ARE GIVEN ALL THE LAWS AND MORAL RULES OF CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR. So within you must come into understanding of WHY you are distressed and feeling unworthy in your being.

WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR CAUSE YOU CAN CHANGE your behavior that the cause not be repeated by the lesson or error being understood in KNOWLEDGE within you. Forgive yourself for that which is done and cannot be changed…it is a gift IF you recognize the error and can release the punishment of self or of another. Or the error can be turned by you into a tool of punishment of self or another, leaving the lesson unlearned and the error planted indelibly within you to be repeated and repeated until you choose to KNOW by asking GOD within for guidance and Truth.


We have said repeatedly that if ones do not wish to hear the truth that Abortion is murder of life and against God's laws, that suicide is murder of life and against God's laws, or that you are in BIG trouble upon your plane because of the defiance and ignorance of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, then let it go. THEY will not change until THEY so choose to do so. You pestering them and pleading with them will only cause YOU more anguish and they will pull away from you completely. LET IT GO, chelas. Give and do what you can to offer assistance and understanding and if the information you give is rejected, leave them alone. Each must live with the consequences of his behavior and his ignorance. If he chooses to remain in ignorance then that is HIS choice, not yours.

These ones, especially friends and family members will remember YOU when this illusion comes bearing down upon them and they are terrified and know not what to do. At that time you may extend your hand, if that is what GOD WITHIN requires of you; until then release them to themselves and pray that they are given something from elsewhere to confirm what you have shared that they may act before the clock runs out for them in this illusion.


Well, chelas, this is a time of remembering your Divine Spiritual Heritage of ONENESS with ALL and of graduation. Many of the children entering during this time-frame, especially of My people, come with child body and SPIRITUALLY MATURE SOUL. It is best not to DOMINATE the child. The child needs LOVING, FIRM DISCIPLINE for its own protection. Yes, patience is most important with children. That does not mean that the child walk all over you and others in inconsiderate behavior. Explain the "WHYS" as best you can. Do not LIE, ever, to the child. If you do not know something, tell the child you do not know. The more spiritually aware children will question and be curious about EVERYTHING and therein is where your patience will be most important.

My suggestion is that when you feel your patience running out, stop and clear your space of ALL dark fragments and then ask GOD within to help guide you with how best to respond to the child in any and all circumstances. You who have chosen the challenge of parenthood during this time-frame indeed have your work cut out for you. KNOW that you are worthy. You cannot RUIN a child by a few harsh words occasionally. Learn to apologize to the child when YOU feel your temper was lost. He will learn that even his parents, in their humanness, are not always perfect and an apology is important at times and soothing to the soul of both giver and receiver of an apology.

The Light of the child's KNOWINGNESS will shine above the physical impact he endures. As a parent, though, you have the opportunity to guide him and give him the security of your ABSOLUTE LOVE that he finds himself worthy in his own BEINGNESS. He, therefore, will not be emotionally crippled from childhood neglect or abuse, which would simply become another obstacle which would challenge his growth.

You parents who concern the most are most thoughtful and aware of the tremendous responsibility you hold for raising a child for GOD. Many of you ones have had emotional and/or physical "abuse" yourselves in your growing up years which you have worked to overcome and you "fear" that you will somehow "repeat" the errors in behavior of YOUR parents. I will suggest that if you are thinking about it carefully, YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT KNOWINGLY TREAT YOUR CHILD IN ANY EMOTIONALLY INHUMANE WAY.

If you were treated in ways which caused you pain, YOU KNOW THAT WHICH CAUSED YOU PAIN. So if you recognize behavior in yourself which is unbalanced and belongs to your past, THEN CHANGE IT. ASK GOD WITHIN TO SHOW YOU YOUR ERROR THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND NOT REPEAT THE OFFENSE.

Yes, a strong willed child is a challenge. Know that YOU can handle that which God gave you as His charge or you would not have His child. Make sure you take time for self, by yourself, even if it is only when the child naps, to commune with God. This will bring you the peace within which you are asking for, for HE will show you the "right" way to respond and to be. You only need learn to LISTEN. So be it.

Druthea, let us take a rest. You have written twice this day. I am well pleased. Thank you, Laurie, for your inquiries which have been within the hearts of many. May you find the PEACE WITHIN which you so deserve. I love you greatly. Walk gently with one another, my brethren.

I AM Sananda. Salu.


JULY 2, 1991


Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy God/Aton of Light and to you my brethren upon Earth Shan.

This day we will discuss the importance of the children of your species. There are now birthed and being birthed many whom are destined to become the "leaders" of your Spiritual Transformation and Alignment in the 4th and 5th dimensional experience in which Earth is moving into.

You as a species must regard ALL children as the potential for creative and spiritual upliftment for your evolving species. There must be a universal and common interest paid to ALL children, whether YOU are a parent or not.

During this time of Kali (chaos), there exists the tremendous opportunity for CHANGE toward "higher" spiritual KNOWING and many HIGHER Spiritually developed beings are coming physically, now as your babies and children, to assist the birth of YOU within the ONE. Will you give them a "place" upon which to blossom within GOD's knowingness? Or will you continue towards the "suicide" of your species? This uncertain answer remains to be played out upon your plane.


There is a feeling of sincere and serious responsibility being felt by you young parents at this time of change. Inherently YOU KNOW or the importance of YOUR mission in raising an emotionally stable and mature child into his/her adult state of dependence and responsibility.

One of the most important "jobs" you have as a parent is how you explain and share your perception or God and Creation. In order for you to express with integrity and KNOWING, you must possess the integrity and KNOWING within YOU. It is crucial that you explain God FROM YOUR PERCEPTION always, that the child be allowed to come into his/her own KNOWING within, without strict rules and unwavering projections of "THIS IS HOW IT IS, SO DON'T ASK ME ANYMORE."

The most important bit of information which you can give the child is that GOD EXISTS WITHIN HIM/HER, NOT WITHOUT. You must tell the child that which YOU KNOW from soul KNOWLEDGE. God is Light, Love and Knowledge and WE ARE ALL RELATED FRAGMENTS OF HIS THINKING MIND KNOWING.

Remember, THE SPIRITUAL TRUTH, such as of DIVINE SPIRITUAL ONENESS, will not confuse or upset the child at all. HE KNOWS inside. You are simply reminding him of that which HE KNOWS. You will be giving him his spiritual stability in preparation for the probable human instability which will confront him from other "humans" whom he will undoubtedly encounter.

You are preparing the child for his LIFE'S WORK upon Earth. Are you not honored and humbled by YOUR commitment to GOD?


Do you live your life in balance with the Laws of God and Nature? If not, how can you expect the child to do so? YOU are setting an example, not by that which YOU SAY, but by that which you DO.

I do suggest that your copy of "Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual" become most worn from your study of same so that as you teach your child of THE LAWS, you live accordingly in balance with them yourself IN KNOWLEDGE. If you are not responsible in your behavior, how can you expect the same of your child?

Become an honorable reflection of GOD, and your child will desire the same within self, for he will see the example of TRUTH and BALANCE and LOVE which you are expressing.

The child must also be shown how powerful are his thoughts, and that HE is responsible for that which he sows. Encourage him to ASK questions when he does not understand.

Encourage him to seek TO KNOW CAUSE of that which he witnesses or participates within. If he asks you WHY the water is dirty and the sky is brown, tell him the truth that mankind is not very KNOWLEDGEABLE about the NATURE OF GOD AND CREATION and because of his ignorance, he is slowly destroying our planet.

Tell him not to FEAR that which he witnesses as unbalance and suffering. Show him that HE can offer assistance to CHANGE that which he sees into balance again.

Teach him about GOD'S DIVINE LIGHT of protection and guidance. And that if he truly wishes to understand something which you are unable to offer an answer for, that he can ask GOD within him to show him THE TRUTH and return to him HIS knowledge.

Show him that ALL answers and KNOWLEDGE exist within him; therein lies his power.

Teach him to give honor and appreciation to God, to Earth and to ALL within Creation every day for the LIFE experience, beauty and sustenance graced upon him.

Teach him about absolute LOVE and His connection to all. That he exists as a product of God's LOVE giving and re-giving principle.

Teach him to respect all of Nature and that nature and God only gives and regives. Human has the choice to give or to take, and taking is that which creates the unbalance.

SHOW him that HIS will and God's Will are ONE.

Tell him about the nature of the adversary, and how the adversary fools him through fear, pain and other human emotions into thinking he is separate from God and powerless to control his "reality".

Remind your child that ONLY GOD IS REAL. WE ARE ALL ONE.

Teach him about the universal law of CAUSE AND EFFECT. And that only through petitioning within for GOD KNOWING will he understand CAUSE and not be fooled by his senses of what is the EFFECT.

Remind your child of the IMMORTALITY of his soul and that "reincarnation" is a natural cycle of rebirth and one of the most important "facts of life".


This is most natural since the baby and young child are solely dependent upon its parents for its food, clothing, home, nurturing and love. The awareness of the child is centered on the needs and wants of self, until he learns about "respect" of and "regard" for others and that "others" have needs and wants as well.

Most of you have heard the disgruntled exclamation or complaint made in regard to a particularly inconsiderate child or adult. "He/She thinks the world revolves around him/herself!"

These ones are often referred to as "spoiled", which is quite an unpleasant term to refer to someone who is excessively selfish or self-centered.

I must tell you honestly that it is up to you parents to SHOW the child what CONSIDERATE behavior is versus self-centered inconsiderate behavior. You must show the child that there are others to consider in his world and that as parents you will not give him everything he asks for, such as of material goods. He must know that he ALWAYS can count on your love, not your pocketbook.

If your child becomes demanding of more, more, more things, then parents, YOU have contributed to this ungracious behavior and ONLY you can set it right with SELF and, therefore, child.

I am sorry to inform you of the fact that in MOST all cases of "spoiled" demanding and unruly children, you have as examples, one or both parents behaving in the same way. REMEMBER, the child follows YOUR EXAMPLE OF BEHAVIOR, parents.


It is most beneficial to the child when you parents give the child duties, such as household chores, and responsibilities. There is no strict set age to begin. I would suggest that you use your GOD given intuition to guide you in each child's case. Often a child will ask to help you in some way and so that is the perfect opportunity to begin teaching about responsibility.

I would suggest that in order to help the child develop and maintain discipline in his responsibilities that you are somewhat flexible and alternate duties when you have more than one child. Also it is most important that the consequences of ignoring duties is made VERY CLEAR in advance and adhered to every time so that the consistency of the consequence is well understood by the child.

You must instill in the child as with Nature, when her "laws" are broken there are consequences to be had, so too, when he does not do his chores, there are consequences. Always explain WHY you give him duties and WHY it is important that he DO them as agreed. IF, for example, he "forgot" to feed his dog, what would happen to the dog? He would be the CAUSE of hunger for his pet, and that is not acceptable. Or IF he forgets to take out the trash or clean his room, then how will it get done?

An extremely beneficial and fun way to teach a child about responsibility is when you have "pets", household or farm, to tend. Most children are naturally interested in nature's creatures and by giving them responsibility for the care and feeding of animals, they will learn responsibility AND love and respect for God's creatures as well..

Many of you Mothers, especially, get into the habit of just DOING everything, such as laundry, dishes, cleaning for your children and then wonder why they are so irresponsible and demanding of MORE. When they are old enough and big enough, let them learn to cook, clean, feed the pets, do the laundry, so that they do not expect all to be done for them. And they then, in turn, learn to care for themselves and be neat and orderly in their functioning.

More than anything else, your child must be secure in the KNOWLEDGE that YOU, his Mother and Father love him absolutely.

Let us take a rest, Druthea, that we can get this to the editors in time for the EXPRESS. Thank you, precious little sister, for your service. I trust that my suggestions are beneficial for you struggling parents. We will continue in guidance on the subject of children as needed or requested. I AM Sananda, in service to God/Aton of Light and to you, my brethren. Walk gently with one another in Peace and Love. Salu.


SEPTEMBER 16, 1991


Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in the service of our Holy Divine Father God of Light, and to you my brethren.


This day is a most uncomfortable day for my scribe and for many of you who feel a tremendous tide of uncertainty about your tomorrows. We sit on the eve of a projected day (by evil) of a possible major earthquake upheaval along the San Andreas fault line in California. And even if the quakes are not triggered tomorrow, it is long past due to occur ANYWAY; if not tomorrow then sometime in your near future.

Your agitation is real, chelas, for you concern for many things other than the possible loss of your own life. Many of you have friends and relatives in these areas of impending danger. Many of you simply concern over the tremendous suffering and horror that this sort of physical catastrophe inevitably brings to many millions of people.

Druthea ponders how she will respond in the worst of circumstances which she can imagine…and yet the uncertainty remains. She feels quite helpless in respect to the humans she loves in these locations since she KNOWS that they will and have chosen their own path and their reasons remain between them and God.


What can you DO? You can ask for protection in their behalf. You can speak to them personally and ask that they make some extra preparations, or even leave the area. Then you MUST let it go! You cannot hang your emotions upon their decisions, for if you do, YOU will not be able to function in your service. These sorts of circumstances are the ones where emotional detachment becomes so important to attain.

Yes Druthea, it is a sort of grieving process you are going through…a letting go. It is best that you do this now since you have a little bit of time to feel saddened and helpless. Tomorrow you may not have the time, nor inclination for spending time evaluating your personal emotional responses. YOU will just DO what you must and you WILL cope much better than you think!

I speak to all of you who read this document. I simply share Druthea's feelings as example which MANY of you can identify with. You ALL have been well-prepared on higher levels for this service and that includes disaster preparation. And certainly, by now, most of you will be prepared for physical survival as well. Trust and LISTEN to your own inner guidance for you will be given instructions.


You may be asking yourselves how KNOWING this truth can set you free. Remember this, The Truth may not always be pleasant to KNOW, most especially in THESE TIMES you are participating in. Once you KNOW you can prepare yourselves and REMEMBER how to allow God's co-creative MIND to assist you in making strategic plans of action for returning balance to ALL unbalanced circumstances.

On the other hand, when you exist in ignorance of Truth, such as is the slate of affairs for MOST upon your planet, then you will not have benefit of preparation to make the necessary balanced changes. You will simply suffer the consequences of your inaction or unbalanced action which is a result of your ignorance, especially when in your ignorance you defy the natural laws of God and Creation.


It is really not a question of whether or not God wins in the end of this cycle. He already has. The question remains, will YOU be on the winning side of God or not?

Can you deny The Truth? Most certainly you can and many, many ones will chose to deny rather than stand in responsible co-creation with God. But alas, chelas, YOU cannot force nor change the choice of another, for they alone will choose and reap the consequences or rewards of their choices and limitations. This is the process of soul-growth evolution for all human fragments of God. "All will return to God eventually, only yours is the agony of waiting."


Since we now write for the first issue of the Newspaper format, I will discuss a bit about WHO I AM and give a bit of introduction. I AM called Esu, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Emmanuel, The Pale Prophet, etc. I AM now called SANANDA, which means "One with God". This is my inherited name given of Our Father God/Aton. Druthea means Teacher, One who brings Strength and Gift of God. She is one of my beloved human scribes to bring you THE WORD.

I and my brother, Lord Michael, are the Spiritual Guardians of this planet as well as many other planets in this galaxy. I come with God's Hosts to bring His children of Light home to higher realms of awareness beyond Earth 3rd dimensional physical. It is graduation time/opportunity when you ones will have either learned your lessons for abiding within balance of the Cosmic Laws of Creation, or not. We bring The Word as was promised by Our Creator in the ending/beginning cycle time of which you are now in the midst of. We force none. We offer our Hand of Truth, Knowledge and Love. You may choose to turn away and God will allow YOU each the choice for He gifted you ones with Free-will to choose on your own.


God's adversary, whom you may call Satan or Lucifer, has worked most cleverly and diligently to KEEP you in ignorance of Truth. Within the THOUSANDS of pages of THE PHOENIX JOURNALS (40 volumes), we of God's Hosts have unfolded to mankind on Earth the Who, What, When, Where and HOW of the deceptions perpetrated upon you by your adversary. Encompassing religious, historical, political, socioeconomic, technical and geophysical areas…no stone has been left unturned in this massive deception by the Dark Ones.


The greatest tool of the adversary has been the religious/spiritual deceptive teachings. For by tampering with God’s Truth within your so-called Holy books, the adversary has caused mankind to develop a personal God in man's imperfect Human Image, which has stripped many millions of their personal power by not KNOWING communion with GOD who dwells within. And yet what truth remains in your Bible is totally misinterpreted by mankind. For example, when I speak of THE ONE as follows:

John 14:6-21: "…Father who dwells with me and I in the Father." "The words I speak to you I speak not of myself but the Father that dwells in me. He doeth the works", and "These things I do YOU will do greater."

I spoke of THE ONE and the Father who dwells within me, NOT only about ME. THE FATHER DWELLS WITHIN ALL…ALL…ALL. For we each exist by His Grace, His Mind, His Thought! When you each recognize and commune with Our Father who dwells within you, His Wisdom and Knowledge and Power are manifested through you, when your intent is to serve His Will only. And through the Christ WAY of KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WORKING WITHIN will you do the miracles I've done and greater. Can you begin to see how my words have been twisted and corrupted?

So the adversary developed many of you into God-Fearing people with God out there somewhere ready to punish you for all your sins. And then the adversary really pulled a clever trick, he claimed through the gospel of Paul (Saul of Tarsus) that Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood for YOUR sins (errors). All that is necessary is you BELIEVE Christ is your savior and here are all the other little rules for entry into "Heaven". Nowhere does it say KNOW God or the Christ WAY, simply believe what we write as truth because this so-called apostle or that king decided it was so.

One other misconception I would like to rectify regarding the adversary. The adversary is now the ruler of the physical world, because he's been allowed by man to rule man through fear, physical desire and dependency. The adversary DOES NOT have MORE power than GOD, HIS CREATOR. Only hu-man gives the adversary control by remaining ignorant of his own God-power and knowledge. The adversary WILL ALWAYS WITHER in the face of YOUR GOD-LIGHT for he fears THE LIGHT and is a coward. A reminder to all to KEEP YOUR GOD-LIGHT SHIELDS INTACT AND LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS!

My words have been butchered, deleted and tampered with throughout all the various versions of YOUR so-called Holy Bible which is the ONE document which exists that has so completely buffaloed MILLIONS of people and kept them in spiritual poverty and ignorance. There is so much superstition and dogma rewritten in those pages, it is mind-boggling that so many still buy the lie as truth!


So WHO punishes you and why all this evil and corruption? YOU punish yourselves through ignorance of Truth about the ways of God and Creation and the Laws governing all. You have developed the evil and allowed the corruption also because of ignorance. Don't you see, GOD never limits you your opportunities to gain KNOWLEDGE. YOU limit yourselves through the embracing of fear, greed, hatred, guilt, envy, intolerance, arrogance and a host of other spiritually limiting human emotions.

God has not left His children without the knowledge of HOW to recognize the adversary and HOW to turn around and reclaim balance within His Laws. With the knowledge of why and how mankind has erred in his ignorance YOU can assist the re-claiming of Earth by Our Father. If you choose NOT to serve OUR Father and instead, directly or indirectly serve the adversary, this kingdom called earth Shan will NOT be reclaimed, only the individual fragments of God who serve His Will faithfully will be allowed to exit while evil devours itself and all in its path.


What happened to immortality? Birth and rebirth? All in Creation experience expansion and compression. Life and Death and Rebirth. Even man in his ignorance of truth continues life SOMEWHERE when he departs this planet in "death" transition. My teachings about immortality were mostly deleted by the adversary. In this way could he (the adversary) bind man in fear of death and therefore control his LIFE on earth.

I urge each one of you who read this document to read ALL of THE PLEIADES CONNECTION series, eight volumes now, which beautifully and explicitly reveal and explain the mysteries of the nature and workings of God and Creation as transmitted by my beloved brother Germain. I also urge you to read of THE LAWS and DEADLY SINS as transmitted by myself, Lord Michael and Germain in THE PHOENIX OPERATOR OWNER MANUAL. These above mentioned books exist now as THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS FOR MANKIND on the planet!


The Kingdom of Heaven exists within God-KNOWING man. What is "heaven"? Your dictionary describes it as firmament, the regions around or above the earth; sky, any condition of great happiness and of course, the abode of God and His angels where virtuous souls are received. I again say to you that "The Kingdom of Heaven" exists within God-KNOWING man. It is a "place" which exists within the ALL-Knowing Omnipotent Mind of God and where ones go by seeking communion with and KNOWING GOD-Awareness WITHIN, instead of physical sensing awareness without, which recognizes ONLY physical ego consciousness.

When I say within I mean beyond your ego consciousness and sub consciousness. The subconscious itself only functions as it is programmed to function. What you must do is tap into your Super-consciousness or also called God-consciousness. Therein will you find ALL knowledge revealed to you by Our Creator according to your ability to accept, comprehend and take active responsibility for it. Heaven is a place within GOD's Knowing mind, where CAUSE of all Creation is born. And physical manifested worlds and beings come from ALL-knowing God's divided thinking of equal sexed pairs (male-female) in motion. This represents EFFECT. God's thinking in MOTION.


So what is human in relationship to GOD? As with all creatures, each individual is a thought-fragment of THE ONE Creator. Does God destroy His Creations? NEVER! He can UNTHINK you though! God only GIVES AND REGIVES LOVE; Love which is the seed of ALL Creation. Nature Gives and regives. It is only man (who has free-will choice) who TAKES and TAKES and TAKES, which brings the unbalance upon the planet which you can not longer ignore. You are all now witnessing the consequences of spiritual ignorance which has resulted in the unbalanced (intolerant, hateful, greedy) thinking, sensing behavior by the masses of mankind on earth. The question is, will enough of you recognize your errors and turn the tide of physical destruction of your species? The play is not over yet and we are proceeding along as if YOU WILL CHANGE IT!


As Hu-man, our souls exist in the image of perfection of our Creator with unlimited co-creative potential. Your physical bodies and physical earth plane exist, of course, in the degree of imperfection in direct relation to the spiritual imperfection or ignorance upon which mankind conducts his thinking and action behavior. The seed potential of our ALL-Knowing, Omnipotent and Omnipresent ONE exists within each soul fragment called hu-man. Essentially what that means is that YOU each will become the hands and feet of our Creator, gradually remembering and thus co-creating in balance His Creation.

Currently many ones of you use God's hands and feet to serve evil, unbalanced thinking and behavior. Most know it not, but will still reap what they sow in their ignorance. It is Cosmic Law. Cause and Effect. As you sow, so shall you reap. I must tell you chelas that you cannot change the laws one iota and the consequences of defying them abound upon your plane. Even your so-called Christian Bible has 10 basic rules to live by, most of which are pretty accurate; although you will receive the true untampered meanings in the Journal entitled THE PHOENIX OPERATOR-OWNER MANUAL.


I must say that Hell exists right upon your planet. It exists as a by-product of greedy attachment to the material world which has resulted in loss of moral character through spiritual misdirection and ignorance. Mankind who continue to exist with awareness of only his five physical SENSES will thus deny his co-creative spark of God which dwells within his Higher consciousness and remain bound to the limits of human physical dimensions. Remember there are MANY MANSIONS IN GOD'S KINGDOM. Physical 3rd dimension is only one dimension of experience and exists for the spiritual growth of spiritually PRIMITIVE hu-man (higher universal man) species, such as yours.

You, my precious brethren, may argue with, deny and resent the truthbringers, the messengers of God, but that will not change THE TRUTH to fit your opinions. If you find yourself threatened and angered by these words or any words in this Newspaper, I say GOOD! Welcome the challenge to your "belief structures" because the challenge, if accepted in humility and in God's Light, will allow you the opportunity TO KNOW the Truth instead of believing a lie which does not serve you or GOD. Always, chelas (students of life), the choice is YOURS. I will end this document with a quote of the Highest Law of Creation as written in THE PHOENIX OPERATOR OWNER MANUAL:

"Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of Creation." So be it.

I AM Sananda, One With God, within Creation. I come to bring you home. Will you take mine hand of Love and Truth? Or will you deny Me and God? I humbly await YOUR decision. May the blessings of Our Father's Light rain gently upon you that KNOWING AND SERVING GOD WITHIN you become your only desire. I honor you, precious Druthea, and all of God's Hosts incarnate upon Earth and in "Heaven" (The Cosmos). Our service in this time of Kali (chaos) is not easy, but the spiritual rewards are tremendous. Salu…Salu…Salu.


SEPTEMBER 19, 1991


Greetings my precious little sister, Druthea. I AM Sananda, You may refer to me as Jesus Christ, Esu, or Immanuel. You are the children, lost and found, of Our Father, whom we The Hosts call Aton (The One Light) and whom you may call God. I come in the service and glory of God/Aton, THE ONE Creator, the Mind-Cause of all Creation. I AM sent to reclaim His lambs who so desire to move "closer" through KNOWING within the I AM presence of The ONE.

We of God's Hosts are many who come to bring you The Word. We come from many dimensions, both "seen" and "unseen" by Earth physical human. We come to show you the way out or the dark abyss of "illusion" of separation called "physical" and into the glory and power of UNITY of purpose and desire.

Unity: 1. The state or fact of being one. 2. Something that is wholly united and complete within itself. 3. A state or quality of mutual understanding and harmony. 4. The harmonious agreement of parts or elements into one united whole.

Can you attain this "quality of mutual understanding and harmony" on earth physical? Most certainly you can and with much emphasis I say YOU MUST in order to conquer your adversaries who plan to murder and/or enslave you humans on Earth.


Remember this statement? If not, I suggest you go find it and read it completely. You must understand HOW your adversaries have diligently worked to develop DIVISION among YOU, The People. There are so many separate factions of self-interested groups and organizations that you have now a nation or people who cannot agree on ANYTHING, and then individuals who could CARE less as long as their own "needs" are met.


You have division between males and females, which in itself has nearly destroyed your species because of the disharmony and unbalance which disunited sexed pairs in Creation will ALWAYS cause. Many ones of you are plainly and simply confused about your own sex identity and how it relates to its equal and opposite sex-mate pair.

Homosexuality is not a "natural" nor is it a balanced paired relationship when the physical sexual act is practiced. God did not create male-male sexed pairs in His divided thinking, nor did He create female-female sexed pairs in His divided thinking.

He created by His KNOWING through His One desire of Creation in motion, MALE-FEMALE sexed pairs in ALL of His Creation. My beloved brother Hatonn discusses much more thoroughly about the workings of sexed-pairs (charge and discharge) in the PHOENIX JOURNAL, God Said: LET THERE BE LIGHT…I strongly suggest that you carefully study it as well as the rest of The Pleiades Connection series. I quote therefrom:

"…All of the work of the universe is performed as a result of that desire in unbalanced matter to seek rest in a balanced condition.

This is a sexed electric universe in every effect of motion, whether it be in the heart of a giant sun or in the petal of a meadow violet. Every action of motion in the universe is a result of sex desire for motion from a state of rest, or for rest from a state of motion.

These two sex desires of electric action and reaction are the result of the two desires of the Father to manifest His One Light through the extended father/mother lights which interweave His idea of Creation into the multiple forms of that idea and void them periodically for the purpose of repeating them.

The desire for two-way motion is equal action and reunion as reflected in the dual electric desire to give for regiving, and to unfold for refolding."

The point I am making is that the male-female pairs are EQUAL OPPOSITES, charge and discharge. Without this division of thought by MIND of Creator, there would be no Creation. Creation is EFFECT caused by the opposition of male-female mate-pairs seeking balance again which only occurs when UNITY is achieved in GOD ONENESS.

Until men and women completely understand and respect their differences and co-creative responsibilities as sex-paired equal opposites, your species will not create the balance it needs to survive physically and spiritually in harmony.


You cannot continue as you are in the roles of conqueror and conquered and succeed in achieving balanced co-creation with God. You cannot continue to have a war between the sexes, a war between races and creeds, and a war between cultures and religions and find peace, which only UNITY with a COMMON (shared equally) purpose can bring. You must rise above the need to dominate and conquer or surrender and be conquered for in this manner of existence, no balance will be found. When God is shut out by the harboring of feelings such as hatred, greed and intolerance, your opportunity to receive God-knowledge and power is quite diminished.

God cannot regive unto man who only takes from His Creation and gives nothing back to God. For man who is dominated by his physical senses, who remains God-unaware feels like he is in quicksand, helpless and powerless to control his destiny. And so he is.


SO as a nation and a planet with two sexes, thousands of religious doctrines and dozens of races, creeds and cultures, how do you create unity?

First there must be created by each participating human THE DESIRE for UNITY with UNITY representing a shared vision of EQUAL giving and regiving in all transactions and relationships with one another. Only those with a well-defined shared vision can accomplish their objective.

Next you must define your objective. Let us say that your defined OBJECTIVE is: Total freedom from tyranny (dominance and surrender existence) and global and individual inner peace, balance and harmony.

Now how do you go about creating your above objective?

First, you must locate the tools and talents you already possess. For example, The Republic of The United States still has The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which were documents designed to prevent TYRANNY within the government and guarantee the individual the opportunity to pursue happiness. Your adversaries cannot conquer you completely until they do away with these documents and the freedoms guaranteed under them.

Every human in this land called America, whether they be a she, or a Christian, Buddhist, Judean or Atheist; or whether they be a Native Indian, White, Asian, Hispanic or Black person will all reap the horrendous consequences of allowing the LOSS of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. You will become a nation of slaves ruled by tyrants and so, too, will the rest of your world become slaves.

Secondly, You must ALL become knowledgeable about your freedoms granted under the Constitution so that you have achieved UNITY OF MIND understanding about what you must work to reclaim exactly.

Thirdly, you must plan and agree upon a course of action, with each sharing responsibility for actions which work to achieve your shared objective or reclaiming and preserving this, your Constitution of the United States.

Fourthly, in order to truly BE SUCCESSFUL, there must be an understanding outlined in which ALL operate under High Moral Integrity which, of course, involves a basic inner understanding and knowledge of THE LAWS OF GOD governing Human. For if you seek to ruthlessly fight fire with fire in ways which defy BALANCE, you will die by fire and gain nothing but sorrow for your objective will be blown away as a feather in the wind.


In order to achieve your first objective as a Nation Created Under GOD, you must first DESIRE UNITY between ALL peoples. In order to do this you can no longer see yourselves as male versus female, Christian versus Buddhist, Black versus White, Republican versus Democrat. For you are ALL related and there is ONLY ONE CREATOR.

Only men and women who remain superstitiously attached to their ignorance of God-truth and God-knowledge will continue to develop intolerance and disunity and remain as tools of the adversary. It is your choice, my chelas.

Can you give love to ALL your brethren as God does? Do you think your SOUL essence is more or less important to God? There is a saying, "God is 'color' blind." I say, GOD CREATED ALL "ILLUSIONS" OF COLOR. Do you think that he cares one whit more or less about the color of YOUR skin? He only cares about the REAL you (your soul-essence) which is a part of Him as He is a part of you.

It is written in the "so-called" Holy Bible that I, Immanuel, Sananda said, "I and My Father Are One." I ask that you meditate upon that statement in THE LIGHT of HOLY God's presence and you WILL be given TO KNOW the meaning as it relates to YOU, IF that truly be your soul desire.


The term "Israel" is used frequently and erroneously in your "so called" Holy Bible. Why do I say this? Because in your Bible, it refers to a specific race or "so called" race of people. They call themselves "Jews". This term was created by your adversary in the 1700's. There actually exist two very different groupings under this title. They are Hebrew Judeans and Khazar Zionists. Most Hebrew Judeans believe in and worship God. Most Khazar Zionists are satanic atheists as is often demonstrated by their amoral and evil actions and behaviors. This subject of the Khazars, Commander Hatonn has outlined most comprehensively in several of the PHOENIX JOURNALS, so I will not comment further, except to say this: God would never CHOOSE an entire race or human-developed religion above another. For EACH individual's soul-growth is judged based upon THE WORKS he or she accomplishes--balanced or unbalanced.

The term "israel" spelled with the "i" in lowercase is the correct term meaning "God's chosen". It does not signify a place of tyranny and corruption taken BY FORCE from another group of people which is now called "Israel", located in your Middle East.

The REPUUBLIC of the United States of America represents the true "israel" because of the document which was created to have a government run FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. NO other country on your globe was given the opportunity for divine freedom and the pursuit of happiness such as was outlined in your Constitution and Bill of Rights. Your country is a nation created UNDER GOD, with many cultures, races and religions experiencing and sharing these God-given opportunities together.

You were also given RESPONSIBILITY for maintaining the checks and balances of your sovereignty. It was NEVER designed to be TAKEN FOR GRANTED. Your forefathers knew the nature of their adversary who would enslave them. They WARNED "you, the people" endlessly about the threats which were and would be made to the freedoms and instructions for government operation and state sovereignty which they outlaid. HAVE YOU LISTENED? It is apparent that MOST of you have not even had an inkling of the evil tyranny perpetrated against you by your would-be enslavers. The question remains: WILL YOU LISTEN NOW AND TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION IN BEHALF OF YOURSELVES AND YOUR COUNTRY?


LOVE: This I define as absolute, unconditional God-love, equal giving and regiving. For hu-man (higher universal man) it is the required component of co-creation with GOD. Love one another as God Loves you all. This has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the "sexual" act. When you manifest God-love giving and regiving you WILL create balanced transactions.

KNOWLEDGE: This I define as GOD-Knowledge and a subheading called, Human Circumstance Knowledge. GOD-Knowledge: Desire is the key. Desire to KNOW and SERVE God who dwells WITHIN you. Learn to listen to His whispers and shouts. Your success can be measured according to the level and intensity of your desire. "The call compels the answer," so KNOW your desires. They are felt as SOUL awareness. You ones may refer to it as, "My Heart says this…" or my "Intuition is telling me that…", or "My conscience tells me this is wrong". TUNE IN. SEEK TO KNOW THE WHY-CAUSE. Then you must wait upon God to reveal it to you. It is best not to have PRE-conceptions about where and how the answers will come. KNOW THEY WILL COME AND BE READY TO RECEIVE THEM.

Human Circumstance Knowledge: There is much information you must have in order to conduct and plan your service to God and Country. For example, you must KNOW who your adversaries are and what they plan and plot in order to control, enslave and destroy you. Besides this source (THE PHOENIX JOURNALS and EXPRESS), you can find truth from a FEW other brave souls whom we have mentioned in earlier works. We bring truth which you can validate if you so choose. Each of you will need to become investigators on your own in your areas of interest to verify that which we give. Some info will be difficult, but not impossible to verify. Always you must measure information you receive within the presence of God's Light so that you will KNOW instantly what the appropriate next step must be, if for example there is the probability of an earthquake near your home, you must make necessary decisions of preparations as you are guided to do so within.

RESPECT: I will explain what I explicitly mean by this term. To have high regard for and appreciation of worth. And also to honor each being, creature and creation as the equal fragment or portion of God's divided thinking, which has been created from the still Light of His Knowing. To create UNITY, you individuals must respect and honor your differences, as long as they (your differences) do not defy the Laws of God and Creation. Does this mean you will always agree or do things in the same way or see things from the same point of perception? Certainly not... (until of course, you attain spiritual perfection and become One With God in your KNOWING). Remember this: Your deepest and most profound spiritual challenges come from your interactions with your fellow brethren on physical earth incarnations.

TOLERANCE: As with RESPECT, you must exercise TOLERANCE when you encounter differences in regard to how another thinks, perceives, looks, responds and behaves. That is, as long as their behavior does not defy God's Laws or infringe upon your freedom of development of your co-creative potential. In no manner do I use this term to imply BLIND TOLERANCE to allow all to DO and SAY whatever they choose and call it "freedom of expression" or as so often referred to "rights" which blatantly disregard the Laws of God. Also, never must you sanction behavior which is evil when you KNOW it to be evil. Never either must you turn your back on your adversary! Face evil within God's presence and evil will cower and fall away… unless you turn the other cheek and allow evil to intimidate you! It will, if YOU allow it!

Can you force another to NOT defy God's laws? No. You can, however, encourage them to not do something and explain WHY you do not sanction their choice or behavior. Ultimately they will DO what they will do, and unless they attempt to do something against you or your family, you cannot use force to stop them, for example, from having an abortion (which is murder).

CHARITY: What I mean by charity is sharing brotherly LOVE. Giving and sharing Good Will with your brethren. Generosity given to the deserving by allowing God within to measure/judge how and to whom He will regive. Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat the sick and poor and spiritually ignorant people with dignity, generosity, patience and compassion that they may feel worthy and are given an example of how to, perhaps, create the desire to move their awareness beyond their suffering and neediness. Always be generous with The Light which YOU carry to assist another. You see, my precious chelas, generosity often really has little to do with money or physical "things", although sharing with others and giving food and other items when needed is most commendable when it is truly done for LOVE and not obligation, social recognition or expectation.

All you need ever do is ask Our father who dwells within you: "What is the Highest and best response to this situation?" or "Please show me the right and balanced response to this circumstance. Not my will, Father, let thine will be done." In this way can you raise your spiritual character to the heights of some 8000 years past when in Egypt, for a time, the Egyptians lived with the Highest Moral Character of your recent civilization, and put their fellow men and women before self, with the desire to love and be loved in all their interchanges. My beloved brother, Walter Russell, wrote of this way of life, as has Germain in the recent PLEIADES CONNECTIONS series. We call it RYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE. So be it.

I will close this document. Thank you Druthea, for your service. You have done well this day. Be at peace, chela, for I am always with thee. I AM SANANDA, One With God. Walk gently with one another in Peace and Love. Salu.


SEPTEMBER 23, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Jesus, Esu, Immanuel, now called Sananda. I come in service to Our Holy Divine Creator, Aton.

Thank you precious, for sharing your thoughts and feelings with your brethren who work within this small circle to bring forth THE WORD. No, it is not easy to open self and bare all inside for others to see. Many other ones here within your circle also have extreme difficulty with this type of expression sharing. Perhaps your sharing will allow it to be "easier" for the thoughtful silent ones to come forth and share as well.

These interactions which you are participants within ARE your lessons. Do you see, chelas? The lessons never end…until, of course, we return to Oneness with God and no longer express as individual fragments in "perceived" separation.

Thank you for recognizing We of The Hosts of God in your thoughts, precious, for in this recognition and honor which you give us, you also must be honored for "taking your medicine" so graciously.

Simply behold the growth and knowledge you have garnered now which NOTHING can take from you. You've climbed one more mountain in your road to self-discovery which leads you on to God-knowing. YOU cannot DO all and BE all for everyone! And isn't it a relief to finally acknowledge that you ones NEED each other to accomplish our goal to get out THE WORD of Truth to humankind on earth Shan?

Do you recognize that WE of God's Hosts NEED you as well? That if you ones "fall" it is our “failure" as well? This does not mean that YOUR job cannot be replaced, simply that time is running out for your brethren and each of you is so precious. WE too, cannot bear to lose ANY of you ones who are among God’s finest servants and projections for His task. And yet you each have free-will and we cannot interfere with your choices made.

Hold it close to you, chelas. The value of your service is so immense that you must ALWAYS see the WHOLENESS of the picture to complete this job in honor. Please do not lose sight of our shared GOAL and COMMITMENT TO GOD, Our Father. It is most easy, in your humanness, to forget why you are here, and how valuable is your contribution, however small it may seem to you. The adversary enjoys NOTHING MORE than to cause you ones to bicker and resent one another. Remember that the next time you begin to harbor anger or resentment for some real or perceived attack or miscommunication by another in your circle.

Some of you are just WAITING to be victimized, often completely misperceiving the intent of another or others. Please do not HOLD these hurt feelings. And at the same time give each other the benefit of the doubt and calmly ask them to explain what they mean by whatever it is they said or did to offend you.

Effective communication does take tremendous work in your illusion simply because you can speak one thing and mean something entirely different. Whereas God's "universal language of light" does not leave room for misinterpretation or miscommunication. It comes directly from soul consciousness level, or as you may know it "the heart".

But on this dimension, one of YOUR lessons as human is KNOWING what is in your "heart" place and then being able to communicate it accurately and effectively. That is one reason why illuminates of your past have said, "KNOW THYSELF". For it is easy to "lie" to self and it truly takes the desire and courage to really be honest with self in order to come into KNOWLEDGE and understanding.

I must relieve Druthea to rest. Be at peace, precious. The lessons and testing seem to be worse for you, but remember God never gives more burden than any can handle and He will carry you if need be. Each one of you feels inadequate at times. This too is a lesson. I love you greatly, precious chelas.

Druthea, thank you for your service, for though you know it not, you truly are a "Gift of God". So be it. I AM Sananda, One with God. Walk in the love and peace of friendship and God will show you the way. Salu.


SEPTEMBER 24, 1991


Greetings my precious little sister, Druthea. I AM Sananda. I am also known by many ones as Jesus Christ, Esu, Immanuel, etc. I come in service to Our Holy Divine ONE Creator, God/Aton.


Aton is the term used many thousands of years ago by ones called "Egyptians". The term means "The ONE Light". The sun was their symbol of the ONE light. You may use the term God to describe our ONE Creator. It matters not, except that the intent within your soul consciousness be to connect in communion with The Great Spirit, The Great CAUSE of ALL within Creation, whom We of the Hosts often refer to as Aton.

Now, I have titled this document as Knowing Your Priorities, since many of you ones, including my scribe, will at one time or another find yourselves FORGETTING your true priorities. The 3rd dimensional physical frequency in which you on earth experience can at times certainly become most confusing. There are many distractions and many "things" which demand your attention. So it is imperative that you recognize YOUR FIRST PRIORITY in all circumstances.

For as in the example of Druthea, who found herself buried in physical tasks and perceived "responsibilities" and worries which caused her to nearly eliminate her FIRST priority of writing and serving God in the ways which she has committed to.

Many, many of God's children have become lost in the muck and mire of this physical "illusion", often unwittingly becoming tools for your adversary.

Yes, Druthea did ask GOD for help in her dilemma. The problem was, as is often the case for ALL of you, she did not listen for her answers. I, Sananda, could not reach her for in her weakness, the adversary was allowed control and was slowly strangling her to death. Fortunately, she finally recognized she was in trouble and screamed in desperation for God's protection and guidance in order to overcome the control exercised by the adversary.

Commander Hatonn was sent to confront the adversary. After it was "over", Druthea was free once again to listen to her instructions for recovery. And just so you ones don't become too smug, ALL of you were and are fighting the same battle, in different ways, that she is. Hatonn was sent for ALL of you. Druthea played the part of example in this drama for she had agreed to do that THIS time.

You must understand that often times the greatest lessons you ones will ever receive are offered in just these sort of circumstances. Would she have "fallen"? That, chelas, is between HER and GOD. Please be thankful she offered herself as example that the lessons not be hers alone, and now belong to all of you.


While you are experiencing the awakening process into GOD-KNOWING, it will not be possible to always KNOW from ego consciousness standpoint WHY this or that happened. You may not even completely understand the value of such a circumstance as occurred recently within this circle. I will share with you this fact though; the growth incurred and accepted at soul level by ALL of the individuals in this small circle of devoted God-fragments in the last week, is TREMENDOUS. Most of you will find yourselves, your perceptions, your altitudes changed in ways you may not consciously understand right now. Please KNOW that God is WELL PLEASED with you ones!


ALL who so DESIRE in full intent to assist mankind, with love and compassion, through the direction of Holy God's will. Many of you (though you know it not) already are among His finest co-creators, experiencing now in human physical form that you relate most effectively to your brethren. This is so you too, may discern and rise above the imperfections, evil and confusion offered by your adversary. This in order to again become examples of people who create a planet in balance by co-existing and co-creating within God's Laws.

Soon, precious ones, many of God's mysteries will fall away as you each come into KNOWING. Remember, as has often been said by my brother Hatonn; God is not mystical. He is only a mystery until you come into God-knowing, and thus, unfold those perceived mysteries. So be it.

I will close for now. Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service and for again listening to me. I am always a breath away from thee, chela. I am here to work with you, but not for you. And I do wrap you in wings of love, protection and guidance that you are, in your service, an honorable reflection of God, as is YOUR desire. I love you dearly, my precious brethren on earth. Please walk in peace and love and God will show you His way. I AM Sananda. Salu.


OCTOBER 1, 1991


Greetings, my little dove, Druthea. I AM Sananda. Many of you may know me by the labels of Jesus Christ. Esu, Issa, Immanuel, The Pale Prophet, etc. These labels are mostly of human input for ones desiring to "define" mine-self, who came as a man upon your place over some 2000 years past in your counting.

I was actually born and given the label, Immanuel, also spelled Jmmanuel and Emmanuel. The term means, "God with us". My inherited name, given of Our Father, God/Aton is SANANDA, meaning "One With God". The one you call in your so-called Holy Bible, Paul the Apostle, who was actually Saul of Tarsus, changed my name to Jesus Christ, which means "The Anointed". This one was not of my disciples. He was most confused and completely misunderstood mine teachings of God and Creation. And so because of his confusion, he has passed along mis-teachings in what many of you precious ones believe to be MY name, (Jesus Christ) which was NEVER my name in reality.

I AM now come, along with many of Our Father's Hosts, to set the record straight. You may continue to believe the lies of your adversary, also called "Satan", if you so choose, for Our Father Creator, whom I call Aton, meaning "The One Light", gave you each of His children FREE WILL, to choose for yourself.

I have not returned in physical compression TO YOUR PLACE at this time. I know not the time of my return. Only our One Creator Aton knows. I AM Spiritual Guardian along with my brother, Archangel Michael, of developing earth-human species. You, dear ones, are not our only "charge". We have many other planets and the humans thereon within our charge of responsibility.

The degree of God-knowing accomplished upon your plane will determine the level of my accomplishment as well, for this is mine final "testing" upon these dimensions. You are my little brothers and I desire to bring you into God's Mansions, that you may experience the Glory of LIFE beyond the often painful and confusing limitations granted by earth physical incarnations.

Today, our subject is Human Opinion versus God-Knowing. You see, precious ones, "opinions" are simply conclusions drawn by you ones through your physical sensing experience. You ones form opinions most often from the EFFECTS you experience or observe. An opinion is not drawn from KNOWLEDGE. Let us see what your dictionary says:

Opinion: 1. A conclusion or judgment held with confidence, but falling short of positive knowledge. 2. An expert judgment given formally.

So you see, chelas (students of life), everyone can have a differing opinion about let's say, what happened at MINE crucifixion and why, but the reality is that very, very few of you who were there remember. You all can have an opinion about Hatonn and what you believe his intentions to be, but you cannot KNOW until the fruits of his work become obvious. And even THEN, many will deny THE TRUTH for sake of PRIDEFUL opinion.

You all form opinions about one another constantly in your inter-relationships. In every circumstance you experience, you form an opinion. That is, until you desire TO KNOW God within you. Then your human opinions will fall aside along with human ego limitations, to make room for GOD-KNOWLEDGE to unfold.

Also realize, chelas, most human judgments are reached by hanging tightly onto opinions you've formed, without forming the desire TO KNOW. Often it takes work to discover The Truth about any circumstance, and many generations have experienced passing on their formed opinions from one generation to the next within the family structure.

IF you were born, for example, in a Southern Baptist household and were constantly indoctrinated as to HOW you should think and believe, you will most likely have had difficulty questioning the belief structure, especially when your questions were not appreciated nor accepted by your elders.

Many of you ones have escaped the chains of a "belief" structure which was imposed upon you to find Self and God within you. Also many ones of you even went to an extreme of rebellion and became "so called" Atheists, having become completely disheartened by the "faith" of your parents.

I repeat what I told you ones when I was human those many years past, “I and My Father are One. Know Our Father within you for there lies the Kingdom of Heaven." You will experience in your ignorance and continue to form your human opinions and judgments until the DESIRE is great within you to KNOW The Truth and Father Within. Then you will not longer ask, in ignorance and superstition, what God can give you and what God can DO for you, but instead you will say to Our Father, "Please show me Father, what I must do to sustain in only YOUR service that I may be an honorable reflection of YOU in every thought, word and deed. Not MY will Father, only let THINE will be done."

In this way you will give back unto God so that He can regive unto you. You then, precious ones, are well on your road to responsible co-creation with God-Knowing.


I am repeating the words of wisdom expressed recently by my brother, Hatonn. There are not MANY truths, only ONE. You each will express and manifest life to the degree of understanding and comprehension of The Truth. You will respond to circumstances and other humans based upon your adherence and comprehension or God's ONE law which is BALANCE in all transactions. Also called RYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE.

All the laws written by Our Father and explicitly expressed within "The Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual" allow focus and choice of adherence to God's One Law of BALANCE. When you defy any of those laws you create unbalanced circumstances of which you will reap the consequences. This is why we effort to encourage you to find and KNOW Cosmic Spiritual Truth and remember The Laws given forth for Human experience, because ignorance will not prevent or excuse you from the consequences of defying Cosmic Law.

I say REMEMBER the Laws because YOU are born KNOWING them. That is, of course, as long as you have the gift of soul conscience from our ONE Creator.

So you see, you have freedom of loving balanced expression in co-creation with God as long as His ONE LAW of Balance is not defied.

For example, I will discuss The One Truth about immortality. Immortality means no end to existence and therefore on-going life somewhere within the ONE MIND of God. It is simply birth and rebirth.

Death as you observe it is simply a transition of the soul. The soul does not end or die. Although it can return to or be refolded back into the One Mind of Our Creator. There may be many opposing opinions of that truth, but it matters not, for it is THE TRUTH and it is best to KNOW it than to deny it by self-delusion and opinion.


God IS LOVE. The Father/Mother sex conditioned divided lights of His thinking come from His Knowing. From His Knowing comes His One Desire, Love expressed in Motion of which his divided thinking CAUSED. And then, of course, a return to the rest or voidance within God's mind. This simply means no illusion of separation is experienced. Only God-Knowing and God-Love. Again, I suggest you carefully read the Phoenix Journals called, The Pleaides Connection Series, Volumes 1-8. There within, my beloved brothers, Hatonn and Germain beautifully and explicitly express, from the KNOWING of Aton, the details regarding the nature, structure and workings of God/Aton and His Creation.

For those of you of mine precious ones who truly DESIRE to know THE ONE Truth, we give forth the information (in over 40 Journals now), to allow for your unfolding. You must understand that your unfolding will occur in direct relationship to the degree of your DESIRE to KNOW God within you. YOU, therefore will determine by comprehension of THE LAW of Balance and the Level of LOVE you hold within, through God Knowing, the degree of responsibility for co-creation which you will express.


I wish to further clarify the difference between what you ones might call "preference" and opinion.

Preference involves choice of expression for enjoyment, comfort or beauty. It does not mean that if you prefer the color blue that red is evil or bad or lesser. Or if you prefer to grow roses, that carnations are less beauteous. If you decide carnations are less beauteous or that red is ugly, that then is your opinion, for in God-knowing, you would know the unique beauty of each flower in His Creation, as well as the unique beauty of each color in His spectrum coming from the ONE Light. In other words, you may have preference and still appreciate the equal beauty of ALL expressions which may seem different or unusual.

Now we come to "preference" which does involve defiance of Cosmic Laws of Balance. You have ones who have coined a term called "sexual" preference which is a label given to qualify sexual behavior practiced by same sex individuals. I don't care how you qualify your behavior, or what you prefer regarding it, THE TRUTH is that Homosexual SEXUAL behavior is SERIOUS defiance of COSMIC Law. Sexual behavior has NOTHING to do with giving LOVE. And to choose behavior which degrades and damages the human body, as well as calling it love, which degrades the human soul, will cause inner torment and painful demise of the ones who practice same.

We, of God's Hosts, will not sanction behavior which defies His Laws! The quicker you ones KNOW and live the Truth, the quicker you will free yourselves from the adversary of physical illusion!

Can you LOVE a person of same sex? Of course. We speak of sexual exchange PHYSICAL behavior. LOVE is not at all related to sexual behavior as many of you have come to believe.

Even in your heterosexual unions there is almost NO sexual expression practiced with GOD-LOVE! What happened to RESPONSIBILITY? It is amazing that for ten minutes of "pleasure" responsibility is seldom even considered. And then when a child is conceived, “Oh my", says the couple, "We don't want this child". WHY DID YOU NOT THINK OF THIS BEFORE YOU JUMPED IN INBETWEEN THE SHEETS TOGETHER? Instead you ones often choose or "prefer" to KILL, yes MURDER, the unborn babe. You ones can deny The TRUTH throughout eternity, but until you stand responsible for self and choices and until you start including GOD in your decisions, you will struggle with the consequences of your choices made in ignorance of God's LAWS.

So in closing on "preference", let me say that you may prefer to listen to Mozart, or grow roses today, but don't leave out the option of listening to Beethoven or growing carnations tomorrow. Learn to enjoy and APPRECIATE ALL the variety of beauty given of our Creator God--from the tropical rain forest to the desert--and you will find much enjoyment and peace in your LIFE journey, whether it be physical or non-physical.

And of course, make sure ALL of your preferences include GOD and adherence to His Laws of Balance. In this way do many more doors open into the experience of the Kingdom of Heaven within you, instead of being shut into limitation and disharmony by the self-imposed intolerance, which comes from ignorance of NOT KNOWING and NOT SERVING GOD who exists WITHIN you. So be it.

I AM Sananda, One With God, in His service within Creation. May these words give you CAUSE to ponder your journey more fully and awaken within you GOD-KNOWING to replace the old and worn-out opinions which serve none save the adversary who would keep you from YOUR Divine Spiritual Inheritance. Walk together, one with the other, all "races" and "religions" in Knowledge, Peace, Tolerance and Love that balance can be restored through UNITY of common values in GODLINESS. Thank you for your service, my precious little dove, Druthea. I love you dearly and am so very pleased to have you as one of my blessed scribes. Salu.


OCTOBER 4, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea! I AM Sananda. I come in the service of Holy, Divine God of Light, Our Creator.

Oh my precious, precious little brothers, the human impact seems unbearable to many ones in our direct crew. KNOW that it is NOT more than you can bear, for it is the adversary who would have you believe otherwise. Your tempers are rising and still you must not allow yourselves to lose focus of WHY you are here and for whom you have come to serve.

Each of you must look at self when you perceive "lack of communication" and effort to correct your own miscommunication or misunderstandings in communication. Be gentle with self and with each other. WE NEED NO MARTYRS!

Remember, it takes TWO or more to miscommunicate or misunderstand the other. And if YOU are the one who perceives the problem, then it is YOU who must make the first effort to rectify it. You may actually find that YOUR perception or opinion about a situation was not accurate. We call this RESPONSIBLE communication.

It is easy to sit and speculate about, blame, condemn and criticize the actions or decisions of another, but chelas WHO do you think you serve when you conspire against others of YOUR own beloved brothers without discussing your confusion with the one you disagree with. You guessed it!

Commander Hatonn has told you MANY times that the pressures upon you ones would increase as THE WORD makes its progress. DO you not see the adversary diligently at work within you ones? And yet, I honor ALL of you for even in the face of the worst bombardment of this core circle to date, you are still getting THE WORD out, albeit, without much joy.

Let's look at some things here. The adversary has tried to take Dharma and Oberli out now for several years. The adversary has tried desperately to stop George and Desiree' in the Publishing and speaking. What has actually happened is that the bond between these ones has only STRENGTHENED and their commitments only have become more focused and stronger, MUCH to the dismay of the adversary.

Now this is not to say you ones of the crew are somehow less important or have had it "easy". For if you see it not, I will tell you that you of the core group have been and will continue to be targeted more vehemently in the days ahead! We warned you of this!

Never forget, precious ones of mine, that ALL jobs can be replaced and filled by another. And since the adversary has been unable to shake Dharma and Oberli, George and Desiree' from their commitments, the adversary will continue to increase the bombardment upon the rest of you of God's precious core workers to stop THE WORD. (While continuing to bombard your "leadership".) The adversary HOPES to cause inner mutiny and confusion, rebellion and disunity. JUST LOOK AT YOUR WORLD, PEOPLE!!

Druthea thinks she must go and fix it all for you ones. NO! NO!..NO! You ones WILL NOW take individual responsibility for communicating your ideas and needs, OR IT WON'T HAPPEN FOR YOU! If you are intimidated by George or Oberli, THEN THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM TO SOLVE! We cannot ask them to hold your hands and beg you to "please tell me how you feel". If you have skills or abilities they might need, it is up to each of you to communicate this to these ones who have been entrusted to make these sorts of decisions. And please, precious ones, I honor Patricia who gives all. I request that you ones not put her in the middle of YOUR complaints. She has about had enough of a load without also trying to constantly pacify the hurt feelings of you of our precious "volunteers". That is not HER job. Do you hear?

Are these ones of your leadership perfect? Of course not. They, too, are tired and become short tempered and/or impatient. You ones must be easier on one another and not wear the emotions of ego upon thy sleeves wailing to be hurt or ignored. Again, I repeat, many of you ones play the part of VICTIM constantly. You are playing right into the hands and control of the adversary and most of you see it not!


I request that you EACH look at self, at perhaps how you can make adjustments here or there in order to create the UNITY you MUST have in order to continue in this crucial work TOGETHER.

Remember I said not to look for the splinter in your brother's eye. FIRST pull the splinter from your OWN! In order for you all to accomplish your work, which will increase in the days ahead, you must COMMUNICATE and offer suggestions from own experience to be considered.

This means that all suggestions are welcome, only not all will be implemented so please keep ego attachment out of your offers of assistance, or I ask you what is YOUR intent? If it is to be the genius with the great ideas, then you may find your ego in your toes, waiting to be stepped upon. When help is offered by you WITH LOVE, there is NO expectation for ego-fulfillment. You will not be attached to the opinions of others, you will learn to allow for your individual differences of opinion as long as YOUR COMMON GOAL is accomplished! That of course is to GET THE WORD OUT!


Did you read that carefully? I, too, honor Desiree' for not allowing the opinions of one whom she greatly respects and admires to deter her from HER commitment in introducing the messages we bring. She has struggled with "how" to give her presentations to please so-called fundamentalist Christians for almost two months now. She has efforted to read portions of the Bible, two versions which she has and is frankly quite appalled at the deceptions she has found contained within. She only recently has understood that she cannot “couch” the Truth as she understands it. Most especially when she is presenting the very Soul essence of God and Creation at THIS time when mankind is screaming for Truth and connection with God! Yes you can help them to relate to you and at least gain enough curiosity to check for themselves, but chelas, THEY WILL DO IT AND FIND TRUTH FOR THEMSELVES OR IT WON'T BE DONE FOR THEM!


If ones deny the Truth, then so be it. God allows choice through His gift of free-will. None will choose for another and it is NONE of your business what they think of ANY of you of our messengers or of the message. It is not the job of God's messengers to make the people take the medicine for their salvation and soul-evolution.


Please know, We of God's Hosts are pleased, very pleased as we witness the growth of you ones of our workers! As you each overcome each new obstacle put in your path, you will find the inner fulfillment which comes from KNOWING you are serving well. No it is not easy, and often it is painful and confusing. Please NEVER forget, each of you precious ones, that you are NOT alone and when the adversary is attacking you more viciously than ever, well then, you must be posing quite a threat to "him" !

The adversary knows YOUR "weaknesses", for example, in self-esteem, often before you are truly aware of them. Honor the adversary for challenging these "weak" areas in ego, for when you recognize and pull the sliver of wood from your own eye, you WILL BECOME stronger. And although the bombardment will NOT lessen in these days ahead, it will bother you less as you keep first in mind, commitment and service to God. And secondly, honor and LOVE each other as brothers and sisters, who need each other to fulfill the tasks as a team of individuals called "God's hands and feet" to get HIS Word out to a spiritually desperate and physically dying mankind on earth.

I will close this document and allow my scribe to attend to other duties. Precious Druthea, thank you for sitting for me this day, in spite of other earthly concerns. I know it was difficult for you. May these words help bring understanding and peace within mine precious workers that they find UNITY and the joy which comes from same. Walk gently, little dove, Dru, in peace and love. I am ever with thee. Each of you who call, will receive the answer without compromise that you need, NOT necessarily what you may WANT to hear. Please listen to your instructions. We will accomplish our task together, as long as each one's intent is directed to GOD's service!

I AM Sananda. Please send love to our precious brother, R., he is suffering greatly the bombardment, and feeling as a failure. He is, as yet, unable to "hear" and to "see" beyond the cloud of confusion and pain. Please be gentle with him. Go in peace. Salu.


OCTOBER 8, 1991


I AM SANANDA. I come in service to Holy Divine God of Light and Love. Greetings precious Druthea. I hear your petition for understanding and truth. Will you hear me now, precious one of Mine?

It matters not WHO was author of that document. The lesson lies in response of ones to same. You, chela, must not jump to conclusions about intent of the writer, only intent of self. This is what I ask you to ponder.

I ask you not to condemn self and feel as a failure. You must become aware of that which you do and why you do it. This is a part of your growth, not punishment or condemnation.

Let us begin by asking how you feel. For you cannot understand the lesson until you remove the emotions which cloud with opinion and NOT knowing. Alright, you admit to being angry and resentful, unappreciated and confused.

Who are you truly angry with, chela? I'll tell you if you are not correct in perception. Do not be afraid. Yes, you are angry with self first and that is why you lash out to feel resentment, unappreciation and then comes the confusion.

You blame self for inadequate communication skills. For not properly supporting your supporting cast as you perceive it "should" have been done. For "failing" George in proper communication of accounting of business losses to Hatonn. You feel most inadequate with "people" management. And chela, you can just join the crowd with that one. For it takes time and work and MUTUAL commitment of all to accomplish all that YOU feel responsible for.

And then come all the opinions of the supporting cast of what is WRONG and nothing is said by these ones who complain the most about what is RIGHT! So it is natural, chela that you and G. feel confused and inadequate. For the blame is being DUMPED upon you and YOUR response has been to ALLOW it!

YOU TWO are being asked to change everything and very few of the rest of this group are efforting to take any responsibility for making NECESSARY changes in themselves. I am very sorry if this offends ones. It is time that these ones be HELPED in the restructuring and offered GENUINE and viable suggestions for doing same for they are now left floundering with many reluctant workers and volunteers who REFUSE TO OFFER POSITIVE COMMUNICATION. EGO-TRIPPING? Desiree' and George certainly are not perfect and have and continue to have constant attack upon ego perceptions and constantly are facing rebalancing decisions as if walking upon a tight rope. AND MANY OF YOU ONES ARE SHAKING THE ROPE HOPING THEY FALL! SO BE IT!

Desiree' has pleaded for guidance and what she must do and change to make this right with everyone. SHE AND GEORGE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. And I will not ask them to continue as it is. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY FOR GOD HEARS YOUR HEART! DO YOU WANT TO OVERTHROW YOUR "LEADERSHIP"? FOR YOU PERCEIVE YOU CAN DO IT BETTER?




ALL of you ones gossip about one another. Do you think We of God's Hosts don't KNOW how you feel and think? When you ask us in. WE KNOW. If you throw God out in ego-tantrum. So be it.

Did G & D make an incorrect decision regarding Sandy for Office Manager? They picked the person THEY felt could best handle the job and SHE offered to HELP IN ANY WAY SHE COULD. How about the rest of you? Oh yes YOU work only for ATON, not for or with George. And now there are ones of you WHO REFUSE to give her a chance to do a job she has done (managing people) for MANY years. Is she perfect? Of course not. She is willing to do ALL she knows and is receiving to solve these problems. To bridge these gaps. Do rectify these miscommunication and personality differences. How about YOU? And this is NOT even the job she has come to do.

But she sees that G & D need this help and she is WILLING to work with them and with YOU. Will you give this a chance? What will YOU do to bring about positive change?

"Volunteers" and this includes G & D and Dharma & Oberli, do you KNOW why you volunteer? What do YOU expect to gain? You ones who "work beyond reasonable expectation", WHY do you beat yourselves to death and then expect human accolades?

Do you know that I have suggested to these ones NOT to have volunteers any longer, for many resent being so, and refuse to talk about it except behind the backs of G & D. This means to nearly "break the camel's back" for G & D financially cannot ever "break even" with the production of so many books AND this newspaper on a continuous basis with the current sales they have been receiving. The volume of books and newspaper subscriptions must double for this financial burden to ease. And although it is nudging upward, it is VERY slowly doing so. The "other" book sales are poured mostly back into printing more JOURNALS and advertising. AND YOU ONES INSINUATE that "GREAT PROFITS" must be somehow hoarded by these ones! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!


These are difficult times, my precious ones, most difficult, indeed. And my "heart" is heavy from seeing ALL of your pain and self-abuse and abuse of one another for pettiness, ego pettiness. You must each decide now what YOU are willing to do FOR God, not just for self, to be martyr and "better" or lesser than another. Do you say to GOD, "Oh God look what I do for you and no one appreciates ALL that I do. Woe is me." I must say, MOST of you do. You have no trust between you ones and the envy makes some of you look like the "green" Martians depicted in your media.

Please know that you are all so very precious to me. I honor each and every one for his/her contributions, even in the face of full emotional human bombardment by your adversary. You WILL learn. And We of God's Hosts will walk with you and guide you so that you can choose to move self beyond the blind limitations you set for yourselves. All of you have been pushed beyond human limitations and it is often most painful indeed. Your pain is MY pain as well.

So please, my brethren be gentle in your thoughts and words and deeds with self and one another. You can and will pull yourself from the quicksand of human impact IF you make your lifeline, GOD. For His way is the only way to spiritual freedom and peace within. So be it. I AM Sananda, One with God, in His service. Thank you for listening my precious dove, Druthea. You are of me as I am of you. I love you ones beyond human words. Go in Peace. Salu.


OCTOBER 28, 1991


Greetings my precious little sister, Druthea. I AM Sananda, one with God, in service to His Holy Light and Divine Presence. Many ones know me as Jesus the Christ, Immanuel, Esu, Esa and The Pale Prophet. It matters not what I am called, for I hear thine petitions directed to my being. And so, too, do I hear the curses given in MY name and that of Our Father God.

My scribe, called Druthea, is most saddened this day for what she perceives as intentional pain thrust at her and the ones she holds dear to her heart. I denounced the hypocrites of mine time of life upon Earth. These were the Pharisees and other ones of "false" religions. You ones now face the same challenge and the hypocrisy exists and is allowed among even my most devoted workers.

I ask you each one to look in the mirror and confront that hypocrite. "Not I!” You exclaim. Look more closely, chelas, for ALL of you have been hypocritical in your behavior at one time or another and MANY of you STILL are, this very day, spreading little rumors and gossip about one another about things that are so ridiculous and petty that I wish you could see yourselves IN ACTION upon a video screen, for most of you DENY it and when confronted continue to deny responsibility.

When you speak kindly directly to the face of another and then form opinions behind their back which are contrary and reveal your true feelings of personal inferiority and then voice them publicly to others, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE in your behavior. If you ones listen to another's opinion about this or that person and do not bother to first consult with the person in question to find the truth, then you are behaving as a gossip hypocrite.

If you are in the presence of one who openly proclaims opinions and judgements and/or complains about others of your acquaintance, what do you DO about it? Do you ignore them? Do you agree and conspire with them? Do you confront the gossip hypocrite directly to STOP the behavior in your presence? Do you let the ones know what is said about them? Do you turn the other check? WHAT DO YOU DO? That is the lesson, precious chelas. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOU ALLOW, ALLOW AND ALLOW THIS INTENTIONAL DERISION BETWEEN YOU ONES? Oh, are you AFRAID to confront the adversarial behavior? Join the most of humanity then. For that is why you remain as SHEEPLE and not as the LIGHT or leadership. For you have ALLOWED the adversary to bully you around and steal your dignity. The adversary will WALK RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF YOU AND SMASH THE LIFEBLOOD OF ALL GODLINESS FROM YOU IF YOU ALLOW IT! IF YOU ONES OF MINE HERE IN THE united States of America DO NOT STOP THIS MADNESS, YOU WILL BE DEVOURED COMPLETELY BY EVIL, AND SO TOO THE REST OF YOUR PLANET!!!

Was I gentle in my confrontations with my adversaries here? HARDLY! I was direct and to the point. I acted with the AUTHORITY GIVEN OF MY FATHER WITHIN ME AND EXPRESSED HIS POWER AND UNBENDING JUSTICE AND GRACE AND LOVE THROUGH ME. I was denounced, discredited, slandered and finally CRUCIFIED by EVIL, but that did NOT stop my work on this planet; for Our Father sent me to serve and bring His presence into action for all to witness and learn from. He never promised it would be easy and I came KNOWING what I had to face.


IF YOU ARE AFRAID, then you are not centered by the Power of GODLINESS within you for you deny your power and so become helpless in the degree of denial in self. FEAR is an emotional HUMAN response. YOU CHOOSE TO FEAR. NO ONE MAKES YOU AFRAID. LIKE ALL EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU WILL RESPOND!

This is one of your challenges, chelas; call you conquer your fear and continue in service to God? Don't expect not to feel it. See it simply as a warning flag. "Here is where I lack trust and faith and knowledge of the protection and guidance of MY Holy Creator, God working within me." Do you begin to see, precious ones of mine? YOU CHOOSE and so YOU MUST LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR CHOICES! If you become paralyzed by fear to the point you allow evil to occur and you ignore it or feed it, you have therefore denied the presence and power of GOD within you to change the situation. And just look at your world, people. This corruption exists because those involved turned away and ALLOWED it to continue for they were more afraid of the perceived power of the adversary to harm them than they were trusting and in knowledge about GOD's POWER who exists within self! You deny God and YOU ARE POWERLESS, HELPLESS PAWNS, and so it has become.

We, of His Hosts, come to remind you of THIS power. You need not BELIEVE ONE WORD. YOU MUST KNOW, KNOW, KNOW. And you will never know anything of Truth until YOU DESIRE TO KNOW TRUTH AND SERVE THE WILL OF OUR CREATOR IN CALLING THE BLUFF OF THE ADVERSARY EVERY TIME YOU RECOGNIZE IT TO REAR ITS UGLY HEAD!!! We will not force you, nor can we force you to come into KNOWLEDGE. You will choose to KNOW or you will choose to BELIEVE the lies thrust at you and ALLOW evil behavior to destroy you. WHICH WILL IT BE, CHELAS? There is no in-between! Do you have the courage to CAST out the adversary from your presence? For remember this, when God within shows you there is a problem here in front of you and you do nothing to change it yourself, you become a part of the problem.


This is the question of mine one, Druthea, who writes for me and other representatives directly from Our Lighted Source whom we often call ATON, meaning the ONE Light or Cause. I will explain this to all since many have questioned the intent and why this is done.

I will speak only in the case of Druthea who is, in her own mind, a fairly "new" receiver, but in fact has been guided and protected since she agreed to come to Earth in service. She is human, like all the rest of you. She is unsure of how she does this for she perceives no separation from mineself and Lord Michael, St. Germain and Aton. There is NO separation, chelas, except in the energy expression of knowledge. This scribe's confusion comes because most of what we give, SHE KNOWS already. The way it is expressed is simply somewhat different than her own "personality". She feels as if she is given information from ONE MIND and so it is. Knowledge of truth of spiritual connection is the SAME knowledge. It is simply communicated in different ways and styles. It is the same Truth. Do we all think alike? We KNOW alike. When knowledge is acquired and put into action and works, yes we are in agreement and enjoy the creative ways we work together to express this knowledge.

Is Druthea inspired? Often, as are many of you who know you "receive" knowledge from something beyond your ego perception. This scribe is instructed to use the label or pen name for the time being BY HER AT ATON'S REQUEST. She does not desire personal ego acknowledgment for this work. She does not wish to be treated as a special guru of some kind and really wants to keep her ego self separate from the teachings. She wants all of you to know that you need not have illusions of some "perfect" person here, for she does occasionally feel most inadequate, fearful, angry and saddened, as any human does who witnesses and participates within this drama upon your sick planet. She is a human being filling a role she agreed and was trained to fill. The message is what is important for you to ponder. And we honor the messenger for her devotion and commitment in spite of the unkindness thrust at her. So be it.

Druthea has been sent for other important work besides this work and the shoes seem much bigger than her feet at this time. So while she grows into her responsibility here, she desires privacy and no notoriety, for even I as Immanuel said, when I lived as human upon earth, "These things I do YOU CAN DO AND GREATER." She also feels badly if ones are critical of the message so until she achieves a certain degree of balanced detachment from ego self and ego opinions of others, we agree to allow the use of her "pen" name.

The name itself means "bringer of strength, teacher and Gift of God" and is the "higher" name We of the Hosts know her by. So in reality it is her "real" name. So be it. I trust that this serves as adequate explanation, precious chelas. You will know when to come forward in identity as receiver; it is not necessary at this time so do not worry or fret about it, beloved little sister. And remember, it matters not what ones think of YOU or the MESSAGE. You have agreed to bring it as I Jesus, Immanuel did when I was in physical format. I will hold you closely within mine light, precious, for you are a part of mineself, of my very family, and I cannot and will not ever leave you alone.

To you of my brethren on Earth, please be gentle with yourselves and one another, love each other and love your "enemies" for you will find even they are a part of you and offer you lessons which will lead you home, if you only recognize your power and knowledge which has existed WITHIN you and will never separate from you. We are all related for we all come from our ONE Divine Holy Creator, God/Aton. "That which you do to the least of mine you do to me." So be it.

I AM Sananda, which simply means One with God, my inherited label or earned awareness. No more and no less. All of you will join me. When it will be is your choice. I love you so greatly. When you will simply know the love of our Father within you, you could not utter one unkind word about another, you would not have the need to create such a word called "hypocrite", for the behavior would not exist. Ponder it, precious ones, Ponder that which you do or DO NOT DO. God will show you that which you must do. Will you listen to the still quiet voice of God within you? Thank you, my little dove, Druthea, for your service. Do not remain long in sadness, precious, for your light is much needed and your brothers are depending upon your help in service. Be at peace within and KNOW. Salu.


NOVEMBER 25, 1991


Greetings precious little sister Druthea. I AM SANANDA. The term simply means "One With God" in earned awareness. You may know me as Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Esu, Pale Prophet, and etc.

I AM the one who walked your place some 2000 years past in your counting. I am not returned in the physical at this time. I promised to go and prepare a place for you, each of you of God's children. This I have done with the assistance of His Hosts. The time is coming for my return upon your place to bring you ones of God's home to His places in the higher dimensions than this one you journey upon. This final return will also mark the time My Father sends me for the FINAL confrontation upon this place with the Evil Ones that we may reclaim His Kingdom now possessed by and run by evil.

You ones have lost your way and we of God's Hosts are come to show you the way home. It works not by grace or belief or faith alone. You earn your way into "graduation" through knowledge, awareness and adherence to Cosmic Law, put simply: BALANCE in all transactions and interactions with life.

You as spiritually primitive developing humans are now being tested greatly as to your commitment TO KNOW TRUTH and KNOWINGLY balance within God's Laws. This is called serving THE ONE CREATOR as His Co-creator within Creation. You earn your ability to Co-create, and many of you ones are learning now very quickly how to discern that which is of GOD and that which is the lie of His Adversary.

This is what we bring forth: TRUTH which can be verified. We offer an open door to Spiritual TRUTH which YOU each are unfolding in this time of awakening, this time of seeking and now finding GOD, who has always been WITHIN you. You need walk through the door we open unto you ones so that you may find your verification through your DESIRE TO KNOW and then TAKING THE NECESSARY ACTION TO KNOW, AND THUS CREATE WITH GOD HIS VISION OF PEACE. This is what we mean when we say, "God works WITH you, not FOR you", and "God has already done His part, YOU must now do YOURS."

In order to DO God's will you must KNOW GOD within you and be like unto Him. God only gives and regives love. All of His Creation has been created through this fundamental principle of love giving and regiving. You must give to God so that He can regive to you. The imbalance you exist within at this time has occurred simply because you have forgotten or ignored this basic fundamental principle of God's Nature and the nature of Creation. This law of life in motion is absolute. Do you see, precious ones, you suffer the consequences of defiance of the Laws whether or not you KNOW or you don't KNOW WHY.


Many of you parents will notice many "Why" questions coming from your children. A child, unless discouraged, will naturally seek to know CAUSE. And every adult who finds any measure of happiness, harmony and success in his/her life has found the Cause of creating harmony (if it truly be so) through giving love, whether or not it was done knowingly or unknowingly.

Many ones petition God and say, "Please give me more money", "Please give me happiness". When in actuality if these "wishes" delude them, it is simply because the one petitioning God to do His part (which He already has done) has NOT done his part in the creation of that which he says he desires.

These ones might better ask God, "Please show me what I MUST KNOW and DO in order to create happiness and abundance in my life".

And even better than that, why not simply say: "Father please show me that which I NEED to know and DO in order to sustain in YOUR service, that I may BE an honorable reflection of YOU in my every thought, word and deed. Not my will, Father, only let THINE will BE DONE." In this particular decree, you are setting aside YOUR altered-ego perception of what YOU "think" you need and are, instead, allowing your Creator within you to show you what you actually do need to know and do to remain in HIS service and BE like unto Him, giving and regiving love.

Then, of course, you must be willing to listen for your answers and direction and then ACT upon what you are given to act upon.

Since I have named this document "Fear, Fear, Fear", I will now explain WHY.

Nearly all humans who exist upon earth Shan at this time have experienced FEAR in some way or another. You ones are FEAR motivated and programmed. FEAR is a product of your physical plane and of the appearance of separation from God. Promoting and inducing Fear is a favored method of control used by the evil adversary. You see no one can MAKE you afraid. YOU CHOOSE TO BE AFRAID AS A RESPONSE. Just as you choose to be pleased as a response. Many religions have produced and developed a god of fear and wrath and punishment. I will tell you that Father/Mother Creator is NONE of these emotions. These belong to His Adversary and are acted out upon the physical dimensions. Those who are very attached to the physical body and places and things are often easy to frighten.

You ones will flounder helplessly, dangling by your emotions until, of course, you find GOD of Light and Love within you and have thus committed to His Will in service. Then and only then will your doubts and fears become obscure memories in the motion picture called "you".

I am speaking of an inner peace which mine scribe has tried to describe as "sitting in the hand of God, secure and more than secure, the fear is gone". And yet she knows that even these words do not completely describe her feeling. She is describing detachment from earth physical emotions. Does that mean she is now totally unemotional and NEVER afraid? NO. It simply means she now knows the difference and knows it is HER choice as to how she will respond in all circumstances. She has become acutely aware of her responsibility of creating her life. And in her decision to serve GOD OF LIGHT AND LOVE, He has helped her recognize her folly of blame, helplessness and separation from God. In other words, her lifeline (God) is secure, strong and solid as SHE has done her part to make it so.

What I have described above is a part of the process of attaining God-Awareness and growing into God-Knowingness. Detachment, both emotional and physical, is a large stepping-stone across the raging river of life in the physical which takes your soul-mind consciousness into the higher light dimensions. Each of you who so choose to "graduate" will in the days ahead (if not already achieved) be tested until you do step upon that stone of detachment and release this illusionary world of duality and limitation and move into the Kingdom of Heaven which is LOVE.

Does this mean you float away into the clouds? Hardly, my precious ones. It simply means you are given MORE responsibility in the reclamation process. You either are or will assist God's Hosts and Me, Sananda, in confronting the evil adversary and reclaiming God's Kingdom here. There is MUCH awakening of the little sleepy lambs to be done. Each of you will be moved, I trust passionately moved, to awaken your brethren and expose the lies of the adversary. You will KNOWINGLY wear the armor of God in His service and you will abide KNOWINGLY within His basic laws of balance. It is really very simple.

We have given you all the tools within THE PHOENIX JOURNALS to DO just that. If you are unsure about the laws and the nature and structure of God and His Universe and need some clear and concise reminders, please read “The Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual” as well as the EIGHT books in "The Pleiades Connection" series. Do your part and read His reminders and, I assure you, God will make sure you get what YOU need to give back love unto Him so that He may regive it to you. So be it.

Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service. Do not concern over your lack of "time" to write for when I need your hands, I will make sure you know it, chela. You do attend me most of the time, in spite of the distractions. I don't need you to write daily at this time for as long as you hear what God tells you, you are fine. Although I do desire that you remain in good practice of receiving. Please listen for my call and all will remain in balance with you.

It is simply this you must consider, little sister; your lessons are the lessons of many and the sharing of same through this method is more valuable than you know. This is not about competition, precious; this is about the salvation of the very souls of God's children and of this beauteous planet. You offer a precious and wondrous example, even though YOU think it not be a worthwhile example. You occasionally simply indulge yourself in self-depreciation, for you KNOW better, my little dove! Even self-depreciation simply reminds you of the human imperfection of this plane. ALL experience this unworthiness, chela. Remember and recognize that YOU choose the feeling!

This time has been very precious. Thank you, my brethren, for hearing the call. Please be gentle with yourselves and one another, and walk in the Peace of which only Our Father can unfold within you. I AM Sananda, Esu, Jesus, Immanuel.

Salu. Salu. Salu.


DECEMBER 4, 1991


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, Esu, Immanuel. I AM the one many know as "Jesus Christ". I come in service to Holy God of Light and to you my brethren upon Earth Shan. Sananda is my inherited, earned label given of Our Father, God. It simply means "One With God".

My scribe is in process of tremendous change and has been for some years now. This I share because many of you will relate to the feelings which are or have been produced by these "changes", or what I prefer to call "challenges" to facilitate spiritual growth. None of you will escape these "growing" pains which I will speak of.

When this one, Druthea, first became involved with the works of Hatonn and Dharma, contained within The Phoenix Journals, she was quite skeptical. It took many months of self-searching and testing for her to find comfort with the fact that, yes indeedy, she was in contact with beings not of this planet, called Earth.

When it finally sunk in that what Commander Hatonn and the other Hosts said is, in fact true and that this civilization is in serious trouble, absolute terror set in for her. Then came the denial. "Oh no, DOOM AND GLOOM NEGATIVE HATONN", and "NO BEING OF THE LIGHT WOULD SPEAK THIS WAY" was constantly put in her mind deliberately by ones whom she thought very near and dear to her. She began to doubt her sanity. She wanted her life the way it was BEFORE she knew the Truth… and there was NO turning back as hard as she tried.

Does this sound like any of you out there reading this? I thought so. It doesn't end yet, my chelas. She then went through a very long period of deep confusion and became very angry. She cried frequently. She spent much time alone in self-pity. She was harsh to her loved ones. She was even embarrassed at her own behavior at times, but she frankly felt most helpless. She asked for everyone's opinion and interpretation of the transmissions presented by Commander Hatonn and even myself, Sananda. All the while God waited patiently for her to listen, mostly she was too terror-stricken and confused to quiet herself enough to do so.

Many ones, including myself, worked with her and kept a constant outpouring of loving light upon her. Many of you ones in the early circle did the same. This child is loved very greatly by many ones and I think she recognizes now the great degree of love given her to assist her during these "difficult" testing times she has gone through. But remember this, chelas, our outpouring is only useful to the degree that the receiver allows it! Otherwise it simply returns to sender.

So what did she finally do to recognize and change the fact that she allowed the adversary (Satan) to rule her life for a time? WHEN SHE BECAME SO EXHAUSTED AND DEPRESSED AND HOPELESS, SHE TURNED HER FACE TO GOD AND SAID, "Father, please HELP ME!" The call from the heart place compels the answer and she was at that moment ready to listen for her instructions and act upon them. From that moment on she has commanded shielding of love, protection and guidance that she may serve God honorably in His reflection. Does she falter and have her "bad" moments? Certainly. The difference is now she knows she has a choice in the matter (as she always did and did not know) and so she then can make the necessary "attitude" adjustments.

I will share with you that this child finds it most difficult to "sit still" to listen. She has much what you call "nervous" energy. Which has little to do with nerves as such. Anyway, for those of you who wonder what and how to listen to God, read on. This one "walks" every day for "exercise". This is the "time" early on that we, of the Hosts, found it easiest to reach her because she actually puts herself in a self-hypnotic trance while walking. She also cleared her space, commanded protection and asked for guidance to sustain in God's service. It is really that simple, chelas! It begins with Desire, Devotion and Self-Discipline. You must DO your part as Co-creator for God already has DONE His.

I will share with you that NO ONE was more surprised at Druthea becoming a "receiver" than was she! You must realize, precious chelas, that receiving from the Lighted Source and Command is something ALL have ability to do and many do it unwittingly. God is WITHIN you and so the still quiet voice of His love and guidance must be accessed within you. It is not mystical, it is only a mystery until YOU KNOW how to do it. Eventually, and hopefully sooner than later, you will all learn to commune with God within you constantly, regardless of the task you may be performing.

Druthea says she thinks there is one down side to knowing you are responsible for all you do and create and how you respond to situations. That is that when you "goof" or make an "error" against God's LOVE principle, YOU KNOW IT and there is no hiding and saying you did not know!

True, precious, you cannot hide behind ignorance when you do know, but I would not say it to be a "down side" for would you not rather KNOW your errors immediately that you bear the consequences quickly? In this way you are less apt to repeat the error. It is only when in ignorance ones defy the law of balance and love and then wonder why they are having "bad" luck or are so very unhappy. Remember even in ignorance of your errors will you still reap the consequences. So would you not rather stand responsible and KNOW the error be so and KNOW YOU must change your behavior or thinking accordingly? I trust you see the wisdom in knowing!


So what became of Druthea after she accomplished communion with God and We of His Hosts? Bliss and Contentment? Not hardly, not even at all. Once the novelty wore off, she began to realize and to remember that SHE herself had a purpose, a commitment to serve God here on Earth. We simply reminded her of this commitment. Yes, she was no longer "afraid" to die. She did begin to have a sense of inner peace, although she, I must admit, was not too thrilled to find out about the nature of her responsibilities in service to God. And that is the key word, RESPONSIBILITY. It was like one minute she was just responsible for herself and NOW the whole world was included. That is just about how she felt.

It seems to be and it certainly is a MASSIVE job to awaken a sleepy humankind, uncover the lies of the adversary, boot him out, and clean up the mess and then hopefully graduate beyond these physical dimensions. We continually remind her as well as all of you that you each CHOSE to be here and you will CHOOSE to serve GOD OF LIGHT or continue in the service of the adversary to God.

ALL ones of you reading this material have made a commitment to serve in some capacity. We are ringing the alarm clock. If some of you are angry, that is good for at least we know you're alive and cooking and perhaps we can help you out of the boiling pot before you are too cooked to escape!

I suggest that you NOT be angry at God or the truthbringers for waking you up, for you will only find yourself in misery and powerlessness. You must be willing to DO your part to change the evil circumstances and bring forth TRUTH and to do it you must sincerely DESIRE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU MUST KNOW AND DO TO SUSTAIN IN GOD'S SERVICE. It is not necessarily easy. It most probably will involve hard work, physically and emotionally. It may not be convenient. But so what! Do you not enjoy a good worthy challenge? A strong spiritual BOND? Inner fulfillment of a commitment accomplished to the best of your ability? Do you realize for most of you this is a rare and precious time opportunity to serve? The changing of a cycle of a planet. You proclaimed to God YOU would serve. Will you honor your commitment?


So now that the fear is gone, how do you feel? Druthea found herself being tested in ways which produced forth her "insecurities", for example in her case, money. She does not like this being discussed, and many of you are in the same rut as she. The funny thing is, Druthea has always had more than she needs and yet you would think the child is close to poverty by the way she magnifies "expenses" in her own mind. She has an over developed sense of frugality on one hand and then can be quite frivolous on the other. Many of you share her problem in similar ways.

So what is the root of this insecurity? FEAR rears its ugly head again. It’s sort of silly when she looks at it. For she no longer fears death, yet she is terrified of losing her "shopping" budget! This fear/insecurity about money is, in her case, related to deep attachment to physical world illusion as she has been comfortable within it. Chelas, the people of this world, save a few, are in the process of losing all of their dollars/wealth. As Hatonn says, "The world is being foreclosed upon!" So she, as well as all of you, will need to make some adjustments in perceptions of comfort and "needs". So be it.

Comfort in the days ahead, my friends, will be a warm bed, home, food and clothing. And you will be HAPPY to have them. There is no longer room in your minds for excess physical frivolity. If that frightens you, I am sorry for you. For your 30 pairs of designer shoes, and your valuable gold jewelry and gems, and your expensive houses, cars and countless other "luxuries" will not serve your basic survival needs in the times ahead. Nor will ANYTHING of the physical leave with you when you depart this plane in the so-called "death" experience. You will need release attachment to these things "you think" make you happy, for if you are honest with yourself, you will find that they DO NOT.

Does this mean throw out your furs and abandon your home? Of course not, precious ones! God IS Abundance, only His abundance is NOT LIMITED TO PHYSICAL abundance! Enjoy your "things" which bring you comfort. Although if you have an expensive home with a big mortgage in the city, I would suggest you reconsider that decision. Perhaps it would be wise for you to sell your home (if you can find a buyer) and move to the country, store some food and water and prepare for leaner times ahead. If that sounds negative and doom and gloom perhaps it is your perception which is in error! Perhaps you simply do not understand HOW SERIOUS YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES REALLY ARE!!


This Druthea asks. No. And it does not become OVER until your return to the ONE Creator God is completed! Remember I, Sananda, am also being tested for this grand finale confrontation with our adversary here on Earth Shan. So don't feel alone, chelas.

Now at the current time, Druthea is dealing with the challenge of feeling restless and "let's get on with it, I'm bored with the adversaries games." This feeling occurs when you finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a freight train. It is God returning. And now that she feels it is happening within her, she's becoming impatient for completion of the job. And she asks why doesn’t everyone just wake up and get on with it? Well, it doesn't work that way, chela. Just as you have struggled and continue to struggle in your own way with awakening and serving, ALL will need to go through their testing and process of awakening. This is part of your growing experience upon this beloved orb. My suggestion? Be as patient with those you are reaching as God and His Hosts have been patient with you! (Big Gulp from Druthea).

Perhaps some of you can relate to her feeling if I describe it as like a horse you are riding. Often when the horse you are riding is leaving the stable, it trods along. When you turn back towards "home", the horse can barely contain itself and wishes to run all the way home! Druthea knows she's on the road "home" and wants to run and miss all the scenery. Not only will she miss the scenery, she undoubtedly will become careless and trip in a gopher hole, and make her journey much slower and somewhat painful too! Ponder it carefully, precious ones! There are NO shortcuts to God. ENJOY the journey. Welcome the "challenges" and testing which YOU and God designs for you to bring you home in honor.


Impatience comes with not wanting to go through the "process" of an experience or "repeating" something which seems so obvious to you. For the first reason, I say, trust the process of GOD working within you. Your impatience will subside when that is truly accomplished. For the second, that of repetition of a circumstance, such as how the adversary lies and fools you, or when you are explaining the same to others, I say that you have reached the top of one level of awareness and are anxious for inspiration to move into the next. You may recognize reaching this level by feeling "stuck" and also a feeling of "boredom" and/or "restlessness" may occur. Again, Desire, Devotion, Discipline. Trust the process of God working within you. Be patient for the unfolding WILL occur in the right time for you. And lastly, GOD ALWAYS DOES HIS PART! KNOW AND DO YOURS!

I will close this segment. Thank you, Druthea, for your service and for allowing this sharing of your personal experience. There are many who will benefit from this sharing and you are truly blessed for having it to share! I Thank you, my precious brethren, for taking the time to read this. May it inspire you in your growth process. Walk gently with one another and Bless our Mother Earth Shan for allowing herself to be your stage of learning.

Thank you, Father, for allowing mine sharing through this scribe. Please hold her gently in your loving light of guidance and protection that she find the peace within which only exists in your KNOWING MIND. So be it and Selah. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Our One HOLY Creator God/Aton. Salu.


JANUARY 3, 1991


Greetings my precious little dove, Druthea. I AM Sananda, Esu, Jesus, Immanuel. I come in service to God/Aton of light and to you my precious brethren on earth Shan.

Thank you for attending me this day, Druthea. Allow me to assist you, precious, for it is my honor to do so. You never stand alone in "the wilderness of your mind" as you stated it. You must be willing to ask for and then receive your "help" and guidance in times of despair and depression, chela. A lesson most all of you of mine can improve upon.

It is quite true that there are no "self-made" men and women. For all have received guidance and an occasional boost from the unseen and unacknowledged ones both in physical and etheric dimensions. It is a "team" cooperative effort that works constantly to bring out the best in each one of you, whether YOU recognize the help or not.

Your success in gaining understanding and broader awareness comes as much from allowing and graciously accepting God's guidance and that of His chosen helpers, as it does from your physical actions, whether your actions serve God or the adversary, within your journey on earth Shan.

The process of your lives is designed to bring you ever closer to KNOWING the I AM presence within you that you become God in Action, and ultimately co-creator of universes within Creation.


Advantages you ask! Most certainly. For although you design your own limitation, you also are given the tools for reaching beyond it. First, by recognizing and taking responsibility for it. Asking God for assistance to conquer it. And then making the decision followed by the necessary action to overcome and grow beyond your self-imposed limitations. Simple? Rarely. Comfortable? Hardly! Worth the effort? ALWAYS!

How does one recognize a limitation? Easy. I will point out some feelings/expressions which all of you will recognize in your experience within your own process of life: How about Resisting change, Impatience, Stubborn inflexibility, Fear, Resentment, Superiority, Inferiority, Insecurity, Bigotry, Greed, Physical lust, Guilt, False pride, Wrath, Vanity, Laziness, Envy and Jealousy? Some of you may recognize these expressions since we wrote in detail about many of these as "Deadly Sins" and "Recognizing the Anti-Christ Within You" in the "Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual".

All of the above limitations as well as many not named are expressions of the adversary and denial of your own God power within. Expressions of Resisting change, Impatience, and Fear have to do with Not TRUSTING or understanding the process of your life and, therefore, feeling helpless and powerless. These expressions are simply the symptoms of your unbalance within. By recognizing the symptom of Resistance, for example, you can then ask God within to show you its CAUSE, which usually involves Fear. Is it bad to feel afraid? No. It is simply a symptom of your ignorance about your own ability to move through the fear with the knowledge that God walks with you when your intentions serve Him. Fear is a selfish response, often concerning loss of something which you think you hold dear.

There is only one concern you each must acknowledge in which the symptom of some Fear may serve you. And even the label Fear does not quite accurately describe this concern. What might that be? "Losing" your soul to the adversary and becoming a prisoner of his Hell on Earth, in which the absence of God will be prevalent. The eventual absence of God upon your place is a probability. Healthy concern because of understanding the consequences is appropriate here.

For most of you of God's children, there is not this problem for your hearts are pure although your actions may sometimes be somewhat less than pure. Remember we've spoken many times about how YOU push God out. He never leaves you! Most of you have already experienced moments or even lifetimes in Hell with the absence of God's knowing presence within you. Simply because you did not know to accept your inner power. And ALL of you have experienced, at one time or another, His rescue or Hand of Light pulling you from the darkness, when you asked for help. Eventually, and already for many of you, the status of your soul is not even a concern for your only choice can be God of Light. Your lifeline is always God and that is ALL you need to be like unto Him and you will be shown the path out of your self-imposed limitations.


Most of the talk is simply more "New Age" nonsense. When mine scribe, Druthea, first heard about it over a year past, she thought like so many of you ones, "Oh, that sounds good." She thought about it. What does it mean? She understood physical detachment, in other words from material "things". But how do you accomplish what is described as "emotional" detachment? Well it took some time for the process of understanding to come to fruition. She finally asked, "WHY would I need to achieve total detachment from emotions and feelings? What would be left?" Good question, chela. The key here is SELECTIVE RELEASE. And I am using the word release in the place of detachment simply because of the mis-use of the term and the confusion surrounding it. Firstly I see revelation in Druthea upon looking up the word, so let us share the definition herein:

Detachment: 1. The act of detaching or the state of being detached (Separated, disconnected). 2. Lack of interest in surroundings or worldly affairs. 3. Absence of prejudice or partiality.

Now please, each of you THINK about this carefully. Are you trying to achieve separateness or unity? Disconnection or Oneness? Can you change the world without interest in it? Would you not want to feel care and concern for your surroundings and the fate of your brethren around the globe? Is it possible to be God-human with His soul-life and not FEEL ANYTHING CALLED EMOTIONS? Love is an emotion, a feeling and an expression. What actions constitute love? Absence of prejudice (pre-judgment) sounds good, but what about lack of partiality? Are you not partial toward God? Or is it the adversary? Does this meaning sound Godly or Satanic in presentation? It depends on how it is presented.


How about simply releasing or becoming separate from evil? Detachment from fear, resentment, envy, hatred, insecurity. In other words releasing the limiting emotions of the adversary and concentrating your mind on awakening the co-creative emotion of brotherly love. And to be effective in your service here, you must have a high degree of compassion for the human condition upon your place.

Now I will give another example of appropriate detachment. When you are sharing The Word, it is none of your business if ones refuse to hear or discount you because of it. That is their choice and privilege and NOT your responsibility.

An example of inappropriate attachment would be to material ego status and especially attachment to your OPINIONS about how things are or should be, etc. Always leave yourself room to change your mind from opinion to KNOWING, especially when you are inspired by GOD within to do so. That means being willing to admit to self, or another if appropriate, that you were wrong and you now recognize the "right" or balanced way.

Other areas of inappropriate attachment are attachment to the altered ego's need to dominate and manipulate to achieve ITS needs or desires. Many of you parents are faced with these sorts of challenges as well as ones in the average workplace or anyplace where people gather and interact with one another to achieve similar/same goals. Whether it be friendship and/or getting out The Word.

Look at it this way. You have the choice to offer a positive constructive INFLUENCE or a negative destructive INFLUENCE. EVERY choice, action and decision you make is either increasing or DE-creasing brotherly love and goodwill. It is up to each of you to learn the difference. Most of your processes of life revolve about learning the difference between behavior and actions which bring balance and Godly influence, and behavior and actions which feed the adversary's hunger for destructive manipulation, domination and control of your being and this physical planet.

It is easy to TRUST the process of life when you walk KNOWINGLY in balance in communion with God every moment. How many of you have achieved this so far? VERY, VERY few of you. This is the challenge, precious chelas. MANY, MANY obstacles of testing which are designed to push you off the balanced tightrope of your journey are offered. In time you accept fewer and fewer of the distractions for you learn to recognize them and walk over them or through them because YOU KNOW you have the power and the choice to do it. Meanwhile be gentle on yourselves. For even the most accomplished Masters of knowledge and communion made errors in discernment from time to time, and suffered the consequences thereof, including mineself.

I could not serve you now effectively in this capacity had I not experienced many times upon the physical planes as you each have and are doing. The rewards of finally recognizing YOUR power to influence positive constructive change are enormous.


This question Druthea asks and so do many of you. In your case, precious, you are measuring results according to what appears on the surface. And your efforts will seem quite futile and hopeless when you expect quick and obvious results which you think you can measure by this letter or that comment on the work. This again is not your responsibility, precious. For you are not able to measure the change WITHIN a person's soul consciousness whom you've touched.

For example, if your sister appears to hear and see no evil, especially when you bring it to her attention, that is YOUR perception. Because she chooses not to respond to you does not mean that inside her mind and heart are not torn or moved, even if she simply thinks you're nuts. And perhaps she prays for YOUR soul, thinking it is you who is misguided.

God monitors the heart in caring love extended. Yours in sharing Truth and hers in wanting to keep peace and harmony in the few hours you had to share. Your frustration comes in trying to monitor the "silence" and your need to be heard and understood by her. Release that need, for it is your insecurity, as the Commander correctly told you, which moves you to seek acceptance from her. Allow her her process to unfold, for she accepts you exactly how you are. Your ideas are quite another thing. With the bond of love between you, know she will reach out to you when she is moved to do so. Be prepared and allow her her own time. That is a true gift of love. Do you understand? Yes, I hear your comprehension. And I trust that all of you in similar circumstances will ponder these lessons well for they apply to ALL who "happen" upon this transmission.

Let us please take a break. Thank you, Druthea, for sitting with me. I know you will write longer, but you are not as strong as you think in your body yet. You need healing time and you have allowed your worry and fretting time to encroach not only upon our time together but also your own healing. This is not to chastise, but simply to make you aware of what you do to self, precious.

I love you as a very part of my own being and I cherish you and treasure this time we have. You will learn that there is very little of perceived duties worth worry and forfeit of our time to write. There are MANY ones beyond your perception who find sustenance and peace within from this work, including you, my little dove. The inadequacy will pass, for it is part of the illusion of altered ego and has no substance in the Light of GOD and our work together. Be at peace. You serve well. There is always room for improvement and your desire takes you there.

I AM Sananda, One with God. Walk together in Peace and Love and KNOW that GOD walks with you. Salu.


JANUARY 5, 1992 8:35 PM


Greetings and good evening, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I am also known as Esu, Jesus, Immanuel, Pale Prophet and many "other" labels. I come in service to Holy God of Light, Our Creator, and unto you, my brethren upon earth Shan.

I call this document "New Age" Nonsense for the simple reason that most of you ones who now read THE PHOENIX JOURNALS have experienced some or much in teachings or doctrines which fall under the genre or category lumped together calling itself "New Age Movement" and/or "Metaphysics".

Firstly, let me correct the term since many of the professed doctrines by so-called great and inspired "New Age" teachers, both seen and unseen, have or will prove in time to be a mixture of inspired truth and the deadly lies.

Do you know that many ones who run to and fro searching out this teacher or that doctrine which "sounds" good and "feels" good actually become quite apathetic? I will explain. For my first example of discussion let me rename "New Age Movement" to "New Age Inertia".

Why inertia? Although all ones do not fall into non-action inertia, many have spent so much time "trying" to BE, that they have forgotten how to move, unless it is to seek drugs to get high, or a partner to express sexually with, or myriads of other "physical" ways to please the senses and not add to their Cosmic knowledge.

Did you know, precious ones, that Satanic worship, witchcraft and Freemasonry also fall under the genre "New Age"? Just go to any so-called "New Age" Bookstore or even many of the general book stores who have a "New Age" section and see for yourselves. How do you nice "New Agers" feel about that? I will now expose some of the false doctrines which have confounded, confused and misled most of you.


Yes, everything is perfection WHEN you exist in the UNDIVIDED mind of God of Light. Until that time, precious ones, you will be made often painfully aware, through the divided, male-female conditioned, sexed paired experiences of your soul-fragment journey, of your imperfection in relationship to God. And to the last moment of your soul journey, you will be in the constant seeking of the knowledge which will bring you home to HIS undivided ONENESS. The physical planes offer the most numerous opportunities to experience in imperfection and ignorance of divinity. By design it is so. And as your soul learns the difference between God balance within His laws and the adversary's unbalanced defiance of God's laws, you move from ignorance into KNOWING. From KNOWING you become gradually free from the limitation of material desire because of your desire and achievement of KNOWING God and His ways WITHIN you.


This sort of statement is one of the most misleading because the most common interpretation is EVERYTHING, every behavior, action, and activity is okay. And at the same time these ones will tell you, "You must not JUDGE another." Well, true. Remember the laws of God we wrote about in PHOENIX OPERATOR-OWNER MANUAL? We bring balance to the statement "You must not judge another," by adding, "You MUST judge behavior and actions which do defy God's laws."

What's the difference? You are never obligated to CONDONE behavior and actions against God's laws of balance. For example, can you STOP someone from having an abortion? Not forcefully. You can, however, explain to them why it is wrong to murder, knowing full well THEY will make and live with their own choice and you cannot choose or act for them.

Know that there are NO women, who contain God conscience, who do not know the sin against God and life they have committed after they have chosen abortion. DO they all change their behavior? No. But the remorse and the often accompanying self-punishment remains with them until they are able to see the error in personal responsibility and thus change the attitude and behavior which would compel them to murder an unborn babe.


These terms have been mostly popularized by one known as Ruth Montgomery, self-proclaimed "channel", within her books, STRANGERS AMONG US and THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW. This term she uses to describe experiences of tremendous personality change, often through "near-death" experience. I will compare her use of the term with the term "born again" as used by some calling themselves Christians, although these so-called Christians simply refer to the experience of being "born again" as a miraculous, nearly instant change of life characterized by recognition of Christ as their Savior and return to "Christian" values, doctrines and beliefs contained in various versions of the Bible.

She describes, according to her "spirit guides", in her book THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW, the experiences of over a dozen "New Age" teachers, healers, and workers of various sorts.

Please be aware that it is Montgomery (supposedly by direction of her "spirit guides") who interprets the experiences of ones such us Jason (Ray) Winters, who heals himself of terminal cancer by developing an herbal tea concoction as being a "walk-in" experience. She describes this occurrence called "walk-in", as the original "soul" energy desiring to leave the body and allowing another energy from the "spirit" plane to "take over" the life. What is truly interesting is that, according to Montgomery, the one "taking over" is always come to be in service to humanity, although not a perfected being, either.

Now I ask you ones who have read THE PHOENIX JOURNALS, especially about "robotoids" and "duplicates", do you truly think God needs remove the original soul to bring about constructive change, enlightenment, healing and other positive changes in attitude in His children? Why would GOD deny the one help when, especially in the case of Winters, HE asked God to help him? Would God need to discard the original soul and replace it with another? Why would GOD let a spirit bypass the normal process of life, birth, childhood growing and simply TAKE an "abandoned" adult body?

The answer, precious ones, is GOD does not work in this manner. He needs no walk-ins to do or accomplish His work. He grants no special favors to spirit energies of light who come into physical manifestation TO LEARN and SERVE for instant avoidance of responsibility (walk-out) and avoidance of the process of life from BIRTH (walk-in). I'm sorry to burst your bubble, you ones who "believe" this nonsense.

Either GOD assists you by your desire and your contract to achieve awakening of purpose and service to Him, even when you drastically change your perceptions and attitude, and you remain humble in service, OR one has allowed possession of a dark or several dark energies to confuse and mislead many of God's children.

EVIL cannot create a soul and only lower astral and other dark energies would want possession of another's body, if invited or allowed. That is simply the way it is. Evil can and does "duplicate" physical human (and non-human) appearing bodies, robots without soul-energy, designed to do as Evil demands and programs, just as a computer is programmed.

For much more information on "robotoids, synthetics and duplicates", I will strongly suggest you ones who find this sort of technology "science fiction" and outrageous to go and read THE PHOENIX JOURNALS which contain released TRUTH about this process, designed and controlled by the evil adversary. Commander Hatonn has outlaid in SEVERAL of the JOURNALS information about the who, how, when, where and why of development of robotoids, synthetics and duplicates. I suggest it is well worth your time to investigate with your God-given reason this truth for your world is run by evil through these projections and it behooves you to know how it has come to be and who your enemies are! So be it.

Let us close this document please. Thank you, Druthea, for your service, precious. Let God's hand guide you to that which you seek within. For it is more wondrous than you are able to perceive at this time. Be at peace, precious one. You are far too hard on self at this time. I love you and treasure this time we've had to share.

I AM Sananda, One with God, in His service of Light, Knowledge and Love. Thank you for your attention, my precious brethren. Walk gently with one another and the way will be made clear. Salu.


JANUARY 6, 1992 5:00 PM


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy Divine God/Aton of Light and to you, my brethren on earth Shan.

I have heard your call, precious. I have requested you read the book (THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW) not to confuse, but to clarify. I am monitoring and you are using reason. I did not say that Ruth Montgomery is a "bad" person. I simply stated that God needs not nor uses not replacement souls for bodies. USE discernment, little one. Could God replace one soul for another who wants to leave? Certainly. Is it as common or as Montgomery writes that MANY walk-in souls from higher vibrations will come to assist mankind through the earth shift, etc? No. I am sorry, chela, if this confuses you.

Is it wrong that so many ones in her book believe themselves to be Walk-ins? Not necessarily. They believe what seems "right" to them until they learn differently. You must understand the common thread in all of these cases, which are beautifully presented. Some traumatic event occurs, in a marriage or other situation, which causes the one great emotional distress and desire for release of life, such as contemplation of suicide, actual near death or coma from an "accident", or even long incarceration of the body.

The ones speak of the moments of their "transition" (which they believe to be walk-out/walk in occurrence) or inner change, as I refer to it, as a wonderful freeing experience. Each somehow miraculously KNOWS how to correct his/her "problems" and is transformed into one desiring to serve humanity in unconditional love, free from excessive materialism, hatred, resentment and other repressive desires.

Do I discount the experiences of these ones? Not at all. I simply do not support the conclusions "believed" by these ones and Montgomery that the original was allowed escape from responsibility of his/her incarnation. And that somehow the "original" soul could not become "inspired" and "uplifted" by God and thus awakened to purpose. Instead, the original is replaced with a "much more enlightened and humanitarian soul"? Come now chelas. Think about this!

Could Albert Einstein be a personal guide who transmitted and transmits information to ones such as Bjorn Ortenheim? Absolutely! Is that your business? NO.


Ah so, the "born again" experience is wondrous for the ones who experience same. Does that mean, the original must leave? Of course not! We have told you that MANY enlightened, higher vibration beings have and are currently being incarnated upon this plane AS BABIES to grow into responsibility of mission and purpose in service. Remember, Commander Hatonn has told you numerous times this is the reason ABORTION is being encouraged so. To destroy God's little ones before they have their chance.

Do you have to "believe" me over Ruth Montgomery? Not at all. I do suggest that those of you who believe yourselves to be "walked-in and out" to think upon my words. It is best to meditate upon the processes and ways of God and His Infinite Wisdom and KNOW you are you, the original in awakened form, if yours is truly one of service IN ACTION. Be not afraid to honor and have gratitude for God and YOUR personal guides.

Do not dishonor self with thinking the "original" was too unevolved to have "transformed" in thinking so quickly and miraculously. With God as your "Guiding Light", ALL is possible and reasonable.

Another point. You each have a contract WITH GOD if you come in His service. You are graced with a body of your co-creation for carrying out your mission. God does not NEED YOUR BODY, but you do to serve out your commission on earth!

Are there "other" energies just waiting to pounce in your body because you want no responsibility and know not to protect yourself? Certainly. They are not in service to God! No "higher" energy, 1. NEEDS YOUR BODY, or 2. DESIRES TO COMMANDEER ANOTHER'S PHYSICAL BODY! (Remember the law of Non-interference? If not, read about it in PHOENIX OPERATOR OWNER MANUAL.) I trust I have brought clarity upon this subject. So be it.

For those of you who wonder why I seem to belabor this subject, it is because my scribe has sat today upset and confused because the stories "sound" so sincere. Perhaps they are, chela. It is only the conclusions which I take exception to and you deserve to understand why for if you do not, then I know that many others have been confused about this as well.

Thank you for seeking, Druthea. Remember the sincere call compels the answer and I do not leave you, distressed or otherwise. Although you were afraid for the first time at what was written by mineself since you yourself have no experience in this area. It is reasonable for you to question, clear your space and again question and know it is I, Sananda, with you. I am NEVER offended by you being sure about identification of MY presence, precious. I expect you to KNOW whom communicates with you and in whose service they come EVERY TIME!

Let us close this document. Please be at peace, my precious brothers, for it is the journey of your life which marks the character with honor or with disgrace. And honor is yours by design of inner desire and action. Know God within and BE His Honorable reflection. The choice is always yours.

I AM Sananda. I come in Light and Love in service to Divine Holy God/Aton. Thank you for your attention. Salu.


JANUARY 17, 1992


Greetings precious Druthea. I AM Sananda, Jesus, Esu, Immanuel. I come in Light and service to Divine Holy God, Our Radiant One Creator.

I will continue this series on the nonsense and misperceptions which permeate the so-called "New Age" Movement. It is not always necessarily that the cliches and "wise" statements made by ones are not true. It is often that the so-called "New Age" teacher/speaker has the interpretation of opinion which is either not completely understood or not communicated correctly. And there are ones who simply intentionally manipulate the teaching, through false interpretation, to confuse and mislead others.

You each are learning the lessons of discernment, through reason and communion with God within you. The problem for each of you to overcome is allowing someone else to "think" for you and "believing" another because they "sound" like a sincere and wise expert. Remember, belief in God, for example, is not the same as KNOWLEDGE of His Omnipotent and guiding presence within you. Belief is still an opinion, which may or may not be correct. It is not KNOWLEDGE that you have achieved until the proof of His Power and Presence is earned by YOUR DESIRE TO KNOW and YOUR personal efforts and actions which demonstrate or create that desire.

Now I will quote a statement made by many, especially by those studying under Eastern Masters. I want you each to think about it, if you have heard it, what it meant to you, and what it means to you now, then please continue reading:

Whatever you focus your attention on you exchange energy with or draw that energy to you.

Now I will tell how many "New Agers" have interpreted this statement to refuse taking responsibility. If the information which is at first given to them is interpreted by them to be "negative", meaning producing within self emotions of fear, guilt, pain, anger, etc., then they feel that they must not give their attention to it. And somehow, they are then absolved of "negative" thinking, and all will be beautiful and harmonious in their life. NONSENSE!

Now I will explain to you HOW IT IS, not how many of you wish it to be. First of all, in this process or school of learning, you are presented with YOUR lessons in all situations and information that you focus your attention on. Secondly, every moment that you think and live you are exchanging energy with other energy because ALL is light energy carrying various wave-form frequencies. When you have a thought of concern for a loved one, you are exchanging energy by your thought. When you respond to the news that a war has started, you have exchanged energy with that information, for the information carries its own energy, and your response to it is a lesson for you.

If you decide the information about Government Corruption or Robotoids contained in THE PHOENIX JOURNALS is not true simply because it scares you and you just can't believe it, know that YOUR opinion of belief DOES NOT change the TRUTH of the information. So if you discount or deny without further researching, then you are not facing the FEAR which exists inside you and is up to you to understand and release. IGNORING it only means putting off the lesson WHICH WILL BE REPEATED until resolved.

I will give you a simple bit of wisdom which you can rely on in your attainment of Self-Knowledge and Mastery.

If you are frightened, angered, or guilt ridden about ANY information or situations which come to your attention, you can be sure that you have hit a "hot" spot problem area in self that you MUST focus your energy on, for the lessons are being presented for you to process and release.

Know too, that if you draw to you anything that frightens you, the fear is INSIDE YOU, not in the person or information which seems to CAUSE the fear. YOU feel threatened in some or many ways and usually your fear is of some sort of LOSS. THAT fear or root of fear is what YOU each need to get in touch with.

Chelas, it is not BAD to feel the fear. It is simply a temporary illusion barrier of growth and a lack of TRUST in GOD within you. The fear, the guilt, the anger are symptoms of the deeper feeling of disconnection with God and the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness that accompany that belief in separateness.

Let the fear be a warning flag to you. Instead of ignoring it and hoping it goes away because you don't focus your attention on it, FACE IT SQUARELY. Ask the Father Within you to show you the root of this fear and what YOU must DO and KNOW to understand and release it. And anger can become a very positive flag as well, if you face it and understand its CAUSE within you and then TRANSMUTE it into ACTION and PASSION to SERVE GOD of LIGHT to bring balance to the circumstance which upsets you.

What do I mean by TRANSMUTE? The dictionary says, "To change in nature, form or quality; transform." YOU each have the POWER within you to transform or change any energy, any emotion, any situation or circumstance to bring balance to self and/or the circumstance. How do you do that? BY YOUR DESIRE TO CHANGE SELF TO BE LIKE UNTO GOD AND KNOW HIM WITHIN YOU. You will be shown the course of action to take to serve GOD in honorable reflection if that is truly your intent. The way will be opened, for the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you. When you truly awaken to your inner spiritual knowledge, YOU CAN AND WILL ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING you set your mind to for that is what you have given your attention to. No energy controls YOU unless you allow it and you can transmute any thought. Many of you do it all the time and just don't know it.

For example, if you were raised to be bigoted against black people, and then YOU learn and KNOW that that bigotry was wrong and why, you have successfully transmuted that energy.

And what about abortion? Haven't many of you, including this beloved scribe, had a dramatic change of understanding regarding abortion? She used to feel it was the right of the woman to do as she chose. Now Druthea knows why abortion is murder. A woman who is truly morally and spiritually responsible would NOT choose to have a selfish, lustful "swing in the sack", which she knows could allow the creation of an "unwanted" child. Very few parents, counselors or teachers even talk about abstinence and personal responsibility to young boys and girls BEFORE they decide to experiment with sex. Well, except of course, to hand them rubbers, and birth control.

Think about attitude, which is your state of mind, behavior, or conduct regarding some or any matter. Are you not each continually working on attitude adjustment? Such as, not becoming depressed and paralyzed by your world circumstances and instead choosing to be MOVED into action to change it. Not becoming personally offended by ones who refuse to understand the Truth and attack you personally for bringing it to their attention.

So is not this kind of attitude adjustment you ones achieve a form of transmutation? Are you not DESIRING to change the form of the original thought in such a way which brings Godly balance to self and/or the circumstance?

Every JOURNAL that we write, every document that we produce is designed specifically to TRANSMUTE BELIEF IN LIES TO KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. The catch is only those who CHOOSE to KNOW the Truth will achieve transmutation of the "negative" lie and become free. Otherwise many, many ones will become trapped in the web of energy of the lies which the Master Deceiver has so cleverly woven to trap and control God's people in the physical dimensions.

Soon many of you, if not already, will welcome the opportunities to KNOW self and make necessary attitude adjustments. It is not easy, or necessarily convenient or fun. It is a birth of YOU into GOD-KNOWING power and the nature of the labor is the choice of each.

Does this mean that if you focus your attention on something which brings you inner joy that there is no lesson? Of course not. As long as you focus your attention on KNOWING the Truth and you are not just hiding in "New AGE" fantasy and nonsense, the joy is well-earned. You must live your life and seek enjoyment and celebration of love and family and sharing with beloved friends. And when you find inner balance, the understanding and achievement of doing your life's work and mission will bring you as much joy as well.

Remember your process of growth and self/God discovery as a human will not be easy, painless, or without confusion, depression or despair. It is designed with great illusion of pitfalls and struggle, etc., for you each to learn about and overcome. You are challenging your soul-growth and are in the process of graduating and moving on to a higher stage of spiritual development than that which you left when incarnating here.

You will find that EVERY experience, regardless of your perception of failure or success, is valued tremendously as bringing you closer to GOD. (If that be your goal.) Sometimes even the perceived most negative circumstances or situations you've experienced become the catalyst for the finest and most beneficial lessons of self-mastery. Many of you, if you think back, came from the most difficult of childhood experiences and have developed incredible and impeccable strength of character because of these experiences. Most of you, admittedly, would not change a thing about your past, for you KNOW it has brought you to this point of KNOWING and SERVICE.

Some of you may feel crippled still from your "past" abuse circumstances. Know that you will be crippled as long as YOU choose and you will release the pain and know the lesson just as soon as YOU CHOOSE. Responsibility? Yes, it is yours to transmute the experience into growth of self/God knowledge. When you are ready, the release and knowing "appears" effortless. It is much like "instant" or "overnight" successes. There is not such a thing, for most do not like to speak about the 5000 "failures" they felt and lived before succeeding according to their desire. And so it is.

Let us close this document. I trust that I have left you with much to ponder which will bring you closer to understanding your processes of life. Thank you, precious Druthea, for your service. I treasure this time we have had together. Thank you for your attention. I AM Sananda, One with God, in His service of Love. Be at Peace and walk gently with one another. Salu.


MARCH 2, 1992


Greetings, Precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy God of Light and to you my brethren on Earth Shan. I am pleased you have called me, chela, to write and share with your brethren. It has been a most difficult period of "time" sequence for you, Dru, as well as many of you in this core circle.

(For you readers, Dru’s beloved cat has just jumped into her lap which happens nearly always when she sits to write for any of us. This is confirmation for Dru in that kitty is most aware of our presence and Dru's centered quality.)

When I speak of "difficult" time sequence, in this case I am referring to emotional impact. When each of you find yourselves responding from your emotional aspect, often you will feel quite insecure and filled with doubts and perhaps confusion.

Poor self-esteem is developed when you become stuck in the habit of reacting to circumstances from a point of emotional insecurity which you have not yet been able to resolve or find the cause of. Also poor self-esteem is developed when you believe the opinions of others who have made harsh judgments about you.

Self-esteem itself as defined in your dictionary simply means: A good opinion of oneself. And when I refer to this term, I am not speaking about EGO self-centered, superiority opinion of self. I speak of self-respect and self-honor just as you would respect and honor others.


Insecurity defined: Troubled by anxiety and apprehensiveness; threatened. I rather like this definition in that it describes the feelings one feels and then gives a general cause, that being feeling THREATENED in some way. Now what you must find is what it is you feel threatened of losing. Because the foundation of your insecurity rests on an illusion of perceived loss of something you perceive you don't want to lose. Most often, chelas, your view of self is built by your altered ego and therefore is easily shaken down and threatened. You can never lose anything that is real. If a friendship and/or marriage is built upon REAL love and caring which is truly MUTUAL between the sharing parties, there is NOTHING which can tear down that foundation. Only things which are superficial and altered-ego built can and will eventually be challenged and "fall apart".

You must look deep into self and question your self-doubts. Many of you "think" you are not very "good". And you base this self-judgement often upon an ideal of "goodness" which may or may not be real. Most of you compare yourselves continually with others, the way you look, behave, respond and live. Please understand this conditioning which you have each adopted in varying degrees.

Let me example, precious little Druthea. This one spent many years, from her early teenage years, until recently, thinking herself not attractive enough. I asked her and I ask you, WHO do you allow to set standards of beauty for YOU and WHY do you want to meet another's standard? Is It truly a God-WORTHY standard? I will share with you that for years as I monitored the most fragile esteem of Dru, she measured her goodness and acceptability of belonging on how her physical body and face "looked" to the world. This beloved child is so very beautiful and it was only recently that she understood that her beauty is WITHIN her, and thus, naturally radiates out of her. I example her for many, many women and men measure themselves only from the material illusion and most often fail to KNOW themselves and accept their own individual uniqueness as a contribution to the WHOLE. The root of this sort of material VANITY was discussed at length in PHOENIX OPERATOR/OWNER MANUAL, so I will not repeat herein.

Does this mean that Dru will stop efforting to improve self and be a "better" person? No. You each have set ideals and goals for yourselves and that can be very beneficial for your soul growth, as long as you are flexible and are willing to reevaluate your goals and ideals and perhaps make adjustments towards a more balanced perception of the ideal.

When ones get in trouble is when they set a goal in just a certain way and refuse to adjust it or reevaluate it as circumstances change. If the goal is based upon EGO-centered fulfillment it will accomplish the opposite. The reason is that EGO-centered fulfillment usually requires defiance of God's Laws of Balance. Remember your adversary KNOWS his goal--World Control--and has accomplished it to a great degree by adjusting his plans as necessary. Eventually he still loses for, although he may trap a few million souls this time, ALL eventually return to God, and that includes him, one way or another.


Any person who attains a level of leadership for others, be it parent, teacher, manager, coach or government member, becomes himself an example which others will at least acknowledge and often effort to emulate. "Leaders" have much responsibility for their own actions and behaviors. A true leader is only successful in degree to the INNER GOD-CENTERED KNOWLEDGE which he attains. This is because a true God-Centered leader always seeks to do the best for the WHOLE, not just himself, and therefore, makes more balanced choices and decisions. Now, on your place, I am not talking about perfection here, I am speaking about INTENT to achieve balance by setting, communicating and acting on WHOLE-related goals.

The leaders you admire most today for that which they have done, have made many "poor" decisions in their past. The difference between a God-balanced leader and an Egocentric leader is that the God-balanced leader has gleaned valuable knowledge and understanding because of his experiences and has searched for and found the better way. He is also most willing to acknowledge and seek to rectify his own errors. Simply put, he is RESPONSIBLE for his actions and decisions and carefully weighs the consequences of both.

Now Druthea (I'm telling her secret) admires Commander Hatonn in a very special way. She feels him to be her Father for she has never had "a father" who met her ideals and needs on Earth Shan. Commander Hatonn sets a very real example of wisdom, compassion, strength and leadership which Dru respects and honors and efforts to accomplish. We find this to be so very precious because she has quickly developed such a high level of self-security and confidence, although she doesn't really see this in herself. Ah, so it is with self-judgment. You are each always much harder on yourselves in your imperfection. You gain a little knowledge and then are only able to see a vaster plane of what you don't yet know! So be it.

Remember something, precious ones, each of you is a developing leader and you are only given responsibilities which you are capable of responding to. This does not mean you will always make the best choice in every situation. You must be willing to evaluate the perceived "failures" and recognize your errors in perception and action. Only by understanding the CAUSE can you then make more balanced decisions in the subsequent circumstances which you are presented with. This means SELF-honesty is the key or you will remain in self-DELUSION and continue to make unbalanced decisions which will reflect in your lack of success as a leader.


Monitor your intent. Is it Ego-self-centered? Is it greed? Is it security? Is it Love-based? Do you know the difference? If not, learn to evaluate your feelings. If you are afraid--WHY? If you are angry, WHY? If you feel UNworthy, WHY? If you feel threatened, WHY? When you are able to honestly ascertain the cause of your feelings, you will learn to know the difference between God-Centered responses and decisions and EGO-centered responses and decisions. Is it easy? Not at first. Remember your DESIRE for God-balance will create the thought body for you to manifest it IF your soul intent is to serve Creator GOD of Light.

Let us close this document. I trust that I have brought understanding to you of my precious brethren. Thank you, Druthea, for your service and allowed sharing of personal experiences. You ones will find that you share many of the same errors in perceptions and you must never be ashamed of past experiences which have brought you to the level of understanding and growth which you have attained to this day. You cannot change any circumstance of the past. You can, through knowledge gained of the experience, choose to make better, more balanced choices in your "now" times.

I AM Sananda. Walk in Peace and Love and know that the time is near for My coming. Salu.


MARCH 16, 1992


Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I am also known by the labels Esu, Immanuel, Jesus the Christ, the Pale Prophet, etc. Let there be NO misunderstanding about WHO I AM. For I came as a Christed teacher upon your place, to teach the laws and ways of living which bring balance and knowledge. This is called the "Christ" path or the "Red Road" of Truth according to the Lakota-Sioux natives.

I told My people then that I would go and prepare a place for Our Father's children (those who live within the laws) and that I would return to reclaim Our Father's Kingdom. Your places are prepared and I come with The Hosts of God to bring the righteous home to His places of light. I am not yet upon your place, and yet the "time" draws near for My coming. Which of you will take My hand and walk in the Glory of freedom?

I come now in this format to a few worthy scribes that I may bring instructions that you may each make preparation and awaken fully unto your mission of service to Our Father, God/Aton. A precious few have been visited by Myself, yet only in "holographic" form. Because you may not have conscious memory of Commander Hatonn or Mineself does not mean unworthiness or your service is of less importance. For even this beloved scribe remembers not My visits with her from a "physical" perception. And for a time, so it must be for most of you of My beloved brethren. I am available to all who request in intent of heart for succor. And so many ones of you receive personal guidance from "higher sources" including Mineself. And yet it is often that the listening and hearing of instructions does not occur.

This is one reason that the Commander and I must bring instructions for the many during this most tenuous and precarious "time" of your civilization. Many simply have not yet developed the ability to hear. And many of you who have come specifically to serve during this transition often seem to get "your wires" crossed. This is because the adversary works diligently to confuse and confound your instructions, and walking in balance every moment seems all but impossible upon your place for the pitfalls and obstacles, although illusion, are most "real" in the encounter and response to same.

It seems to you who have walked through the worst minefields of terror and confusion that you carry many battle scars. Nay, valuable knowledge and lessons are gained, for the SOUL of you cannot be scarred by the adversary's illusions. The only damage which can be sustained by the soul essence is by nuclear explosion, and yet WHEN you walk in intent in God/Aton's light of service, you will be protected even from soul damage.

Now to our subject of Judgement versus Discernment. We speak often of these terms and yet as a human it is often difficult to know the difference in your own thoughts. You must learn to recognize the differences in your feelings and responses to all circumstances and situations presented to you. It takes diligent work and means honest appraisal of self.

Let us define these terms. It will help you to know which you have done when you think in terms of judgement being an opinion. And opinion is a conclusion drawn which falls short of positive knowledge. Discernment, on the other hand, means receiving INSIGHT. Insight means "Perception into the inner nature or real character of a thing".


So after one assimilates all the above meanings then the next step is being able to identify which is occurring with you in every circumstance.

Let's take judgement/opinion further. When one draws a conclusion or makes a judgement about any circumstance WITHOUT having acquired or achieved access to all information in the case or circumstance, then his opinion is in error. This is why only God within has ability to make final Judgement because only He KNOWS all sides or has the insight of truth of soul intent in any given circumstance. As human you are not given the right to judge any human. You must through discernment KNOW about the behavior which defies God's Universal Laws of Balance. No man can know the true contract of another, so it is only behavior and actions which are in point of the effort to understand the cause thereof.

So what part of you wishes to make judgement and opinion without having achieved access to all the information? Or to put it bluntly, which part of you would deem itself the power of Creator to JUDGE. If you said physical EGO, or what I often refer to as the "altered ego", you are quite correct.

The problem comes when you make a judgement/opinion from your physical ego and then you act upon that opinion, not knowing you are in error.

If, for example, your co-worker makes a comment or even a request and you "feel" hurt or angry. Which part of you feels this? Your physical ego is the part of you which chooses to take offense. Was there intentional offense given towards you? How do you KNOW? How will you find out?

If you have reasonably concluded that there is obvious intentional attack against you, what can you do? If you ask the Father within to show you, help you gain insight into the cause of intentional attack or disdain directed against you, do you know what happens? How does it feel when you begin to honestly look at WHY the person has attacked you or intentionally attempted offense?

I will give you a hint about how to recognize INSIGHT. You no longer feel hurt or resentful. The only feeling you may have, depending on the circumstance, is compassion. This is when their opinion of you is in error and you KNOW it and yet they do not know they err. How can you take offense for example, when you gain the insight that they are afraid and are stuck in their own physical ego opinion? Only when your physical emotional response is set aside and you seek God insight about the CAUSE of the other one's attack or intentional offense against you, can you then respond accordingly in balance.

Why would you need argue with someone when YOU know you stand in the light of Truth? You certainly can discuss any matter even when the ones in point do not agree with one another. You must learn to discern the difference between an argument about WHO is right, and a discussion which brings the light of understanding of perceived differing points of view. It is often in healthy discussion of any matter that seemingly opposing views are not (opposing). It may even be differing communication methods. Often your misunderstandings occur because of miscommunication of intent or misunderstanding of communication of intent. How will you know your perception is in error if you do not actively seek clarification in a respectful manner?


Now Druthea has some confusion about the intricacies involving judgment versus discernment when Godly morals are infringed upon by others. What do you do, if anything, to ones or about ones who defy God's laws?

Let's discuss homosexual behavior. First of all, as discussed many times before and outlaid explicitly in OPERATOR-OWNER MANUAL, it is the sexual behavior between same sex individuals which is the error in point, NOT the love shared between any ones which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with sex acts.

The reason Commander Hatonn has said, and it is absolutely a fact, that you cannot legislate morality, is because morally righteous behavior is achieved by example through knowing and living God's LAWS.

Now you must understand that we explicitly are referring to behavior between CONSENTING adults. Ones who are so inclined or programmed, will do with one another and behave in deviant ways regardless of any laws passed in human form. The only areas that human laws can protect against, as intended in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is when ones infringe upon the well being of others who are NOT consenting adults. This means that you have the right and responsibility to protect your children. You DO NOT HAVE to sanction or support ANY behavior which defies God's laws and that includes support of pornographic "art", homosexual persons teaching your children about "alternative lifestyles", state funded abortions and the like.

You must recognize that you now live in a society in which ALL manner of greed, corruption, violence, murder and sexual deviation are being thrust down your throats while your basic decent human rights are being stomped upon. This is why the PHOENIX will rise from the rubble and ashes of the destroyed evil into rebirth of RIGHTEOUSNESS again. These things of evil projection, and that includes every so called business which thrives upon greed and corruption of the senses, spirit and planet will fall into destruction. This these ones have brought upon themselves, the consequences of their own defiance of Balance and Love.

You ones who walk honorably in righteous God intent shall be the remnant who are building and will rebuild Moral Character into the next generations who come. The Glory and freedom which awaits you precious ones of God Intent is beyond your human comprehension. These are the things I long to share with you, for like Hatonn, I see the bigger picture.

We have much to do and this is but a beginning, I know, even though there are some 50 JOURNALS now in print, this journey is far from over.

So can you STOP one from choosing an abortion? You cannot FORCE them to make the choice, although you certainly can effort to help them with alternative choices to the murder of the babe. Can you parents STOP your teenage child from sexual relationships? Not by force. You can, however create the atmosphere of trust, understanding of responsibility of actions and creative outlets which allows little opportunity for developed desire of such physical behavior.

I know, you ask, what about "peer pressure"? I ask you this. If you give nurturance, sincere interest, spiritual balance, creative opportunity and TIME to your child from birth, do you think "peer pressure" will undo your LOVE? And so many of you say, TOO late. I did not know these things until recently. Well then perhaps a move into the country is in order for time of healing and nurturance in nature's habitat instead of the cities of death.

You may argue anything you wish, precious ones. What I am saying to you is that it is NEVER too late and if you have a teenager in trouble with drugs and crime and sex, what are you willing to do for this child that he may again find balance? And what is YOUR responsibility for this child's lack of balance? I know some of you believe you simply "cannot afford" to move. Can you afford the agony of an emotionally disturbed drug-dependent child? Can you afford to work at a job you despise, while your child seeks attention and acceptance from evil influences? I ask you what are you willing to do for your child who is GOD'S child? If you do not understand what I say here, perhaps it is time you listen within for if your DESIRE in intent is to choose correctly, your instructions will come, whether it be from this document or confirmation in that still quiet place within. So be it.

I know, chelas, that these are often hard lessons. And it is most painful to face self and failure of choices and decisions. How do you ever expect to make the best choice in every circumstance unless you are willing to understand WHY it is the best choice and why NO other choice would do?

Often it is difficult to perceive "priority". I simply will remind you that as parents, your children who are not adults must be your priority. Your family is the nucleus wherein your LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and your ERRORS will be passed to your children. From this foundation of Truth or the false foundation of illusion will the child glean his example and thus strength and/or weakness to face his life experiences and bear his responsibility in honor to Creator God. What will you offer your child that he can example and pass on to the future generations IN HONOR, BALANCE and ABSOLUTE LOVE?

I know these are hard questions for some of you. Remember it is NEVER too late to change the circumstance or situation in order to improve the outcome in honor. Let your errors be faced that they not require repeat of the error in ignorance, and therefore, suffering because of ignorance. You bear the consequences of your errors whether or not you err KNOWINGLY or UNKNOWINGLY. "Seek and ye shall find." "Knock and the door shall be opened." "Ask and ye shall receive" and most importantly, "LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER". All these things I spoke unto you and still so many understand not. How do I KNOW this? Look around you, precious ones, including in your own life. Who comes first in your life? WHY? You must answer these questions in self. For ultimately it is YOU who must live with the consequences or rewards of your actions. So be it.

Let us close this document. Druthea is somewhat surprised by the intensity of these lessons. It must be so, my precious, for the time is near when final choices must be made. The illusion of "middle ground" is all but gone and you are either FOR or you are AGAINST GOD. Your actions will always speak louder than your words. KNOW THYSELF AND THE DOOR TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN YOU SHALL BE OPENED!

Thank you my precious little dove, Druthea. I am most pleased with your maturity and strength, little one. You are listening and you are hearing, so rejoice in your accomplishment for you have "worked" diligently to achieve this far. I am ever with you and it is an honor to be so.

Thank you, precious ones, for hearing me herein. May you each garner that which brings you strength and focus and courage for God's mission. Walk in peace together. I love you ALL beyond even your comprehension. Each of you will KNOW this love, for it is of our Father and it dwells within ALL. Salu.


MARCH 17, 1992


Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy God/Aton of Light and thus to you my brethren on earth Shan.

We will continue our discussion of knowing and understanding the intricacies between Judgement, Discernment and now Perception. It is in this way that will enable you to then carefully choose your words, recognize the basis of your feelings and thoughts, and therefore become more attuned to Self-motivation and grow into Self-knowledge. By knowing self are you then forming the foundation of knowledge with which to grow in SPIRIT of ONENESS with Creator/God and thus earn your wings as an honorable Co-creator.

We will speak more on Judgement and Discernment. First I will speak on what is the meaning of Perception. To perceive means to become aware of something through the physical senses; see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. If you have read Germain's PLEIADIAN CONNECTION JOURNALS, then you now know that the physical senses alone CAN be most misleading, for these senses are only capable of monitoring EFFECTS of the illusion of MOTION. Now when you are able to use your physical senses IN CONJUNCTION with Discernment/INSIGHT gained from the LIGHT of Higher Knowledge, achieved through experiences of lifestreams, communion with God within and balanced intent of service, you have established a COMPLETE basis of Truth and Wisdom in which to ACT upon.

Only through achieving Higher INSIGHT will you be able to ever draw a conclusion of understanding (wisdom) about THE CAUSE of any given circumstance, behavior, disease and that includes this CONSPIRACY of evil upon your planet which you now find yourselves racing. Otherwise, if you have not learned to access Higher Knowledge, ANY conclusions you may draw will be only ego-opinion based upon perhaps only part of or even NONE of the actual information needed to take the necessary valid/effective action. In other words you are jumping and you have no feet upon which to land or the ground upon which you jump is quicksand.

Insight of God helps you form the foundation and basis of Truth and Wisdom upon which you can build your structure of Balance in which to serve God in your Highest potential.

With this firm, impenetrable foundation established and in place, then you can investigate the materials with which to build your spiritual perfection. First comes your foundation based upon the Laws of God and Creation. From there comes the choices of which materials will empower your foundation in balance and harmony or which are less than perfection. Often you will choose materials and then remove them and start again for they do not hold up under the TESTING which all materials (information/knowledge) will inevitably endure. And always will your intent be tested as to WHY your choices work or do not work.

No other can build either your foundation, or choose your materials or decide your intent for you. There are others who can show you the errors in your foundation and materials and even why your intent has sabotaged you. They cannot make the changes, nor make you understand why you need to change. These things you must decide alone with God. There are ones who will pull you out of your depths of despair and hopelessness and give you the information about how to sustain yourself in balance. They cannot, however, MAKE you sustain yourself or MAKE you understand why you have errored. You must choose to remain above water and in the lifeboat. You must choose to learn from your errors through understanding WHY you caused yourself to fall into the depths of despair. You must choose to learn how to sustain yourself in balance and you must then make the effort of intent to accomplish your goal. And when you accomplish your goal and understand the responsibility which accompanies your wisdom and power, then you will be called upon to assist others (relations of self) who still remain underwater and await the hand of love, hope and mercy. And so the cycle of growth into Oneness continues.


Since receiving insight into the inner nature and real character of a thing or circumstance allows for a more balanced perceptive (point of view), wisdom CAN be allowed fruition within you.

Now let us define wisdom: Knowledge, learning, practical Judgment; insight and common sense. These are the terms used in your dictionary to define this word. You can now see how knowledge, insight, judgment and wisdom are used quite inter-changeably in your language.

I trust you are comprehending the differences in use of terms when I speak of terminology. I am efforting to show the difference between information/ opinions/theories gathered from the PHYSICAL SENSES based upon the EFFECTS of the ILLUSION of MOTION and Discernment/insight/knowledge received by successfully accessing Higher Resources; God within (which is CAUSE).

When we (The Hosts) speak of WISDOM, we speak of KNOWINGLY attuning yourself to Our Creator within you (communion), and thus inherently knowing and living your life in balance with ALL. Your choices and decisions become much fewer to choose among for you will have and be the wisdom to KNOW always what is the balanced choice. Therefore the application of inner knowledge/insight/discernment is WISDOM.

What about "free will"? My chela, Dru, asks. The use of this term becomes "obsolete" for your thoughts, choices and actions are attuned to the ONE will of God. This achievement, of course, allows one to experience a manifested awareness of near-perfection. And no, I will not dwell upon these "higher" levels longer, for it does not serve you precious ones to do so.

Like Dru, many of you become frustrated in your efforts to figure out the universe, before you have figured out HOW TO reclaim and maintain balance upon earth Shan. I will say it is the better part of WISDOM to be patient in the unfolding of your lessons in their proper sequence. So be it.

Now as a part of your inner "home work", I suggest that you ones begin (if you have not yet begun) to monitor your thoughts, your feelings and responses and your behavior in EVERY circumstance and interrelationship. In the beginning you will be most aware of the UNCOMFORTABLE or UNBALANCED responses. Here are some questions to ask yourself that you may determine the CAUSE of your feeling.

1. How do I feel?--Identify the emotion. For example: Angry, hurt, frustrated, resentful, frightened, sad, bored, impatient, nervous, superior, inferior, inadequate, lonely, guilty, rejection?

2. WHY do I feel this way? For example, if you determine you are feeling angry, hurt and rejected within a given interaction or communication, ask God within: Is the offense intentional? If so, find out why one would desire to intentionally offend. HOW do you find out? Ask the Father Within to help you see the cause (insight). Perhaps you will be shown, perhaps you will have to ask the perceived offender in order to ultimately bring understanding and thus balance to the circumstance.

3. Why do I choose to allow another's OPINION of me to hurt me? DO I believe their opinion is TRUE? What is the basis of that BELIEF?

4. Next how do I desire to respond? Examine your habit of response, especially when you determine the emotional base you respond from. Do you wish REVENGE or some other method of "getting even"? Do you become defensive and attack your perceived opponent? Only your physical EGO would desire such tit for tat games. In order to achieve balance then you will need to establish your goal. Ideally your goal would be to heal the discord in self, and if accepted by them, in the other person as well. Can you do this by behaving in the same manner as the offender? Getting "even"? (if that ever is plausible). Now that you have made the choice to heal the discord, the next question is:

5. Father within, please show me how I must CHOOSE to respond in this circumstance in order to achieve healing of this discord? Then you must listen and often wait upon the Lord. How will you recognize the correct guidance from God within? You will no longer feel emotional offense. Often you will be filled with compassion for your brother for you will not longer see separation between you. When you respond as guided by Father within, you will feel the discord dissolve in yourself and you will be deeply moved and humbled by your experience of achieving Godly-balance and forgiveness. There will be no regrets. You are complete and fulfilled.

In addition please remember this: Although your perceived opponent may lose his antagonism towards you as you reach common understanding, his lessons may not be complete in regards to his own responses. This is not your business or responsibility, although you have offered an example of balanced behavior which his soul has registered, even if his ego-consciousness has not. Ultimately he will need also learn to question his motives as have you in order to find HIS balance within self.

Now chelas, don't think you have achieved perfection just yet! You will get MANY more chances to "practice" at choosing balanced responses! This is called TESTING. After a time you will have achieved the wisdom to recognize and welcome your TESTS for they allow you to sharpen your spiritual integrity, which ultimately moves your soul toward perfection in ONENESS with God. Without these challenges to your soul there would be no reason for the JOURNEY of life you have. What challenge would there be to walk the same path, see the same scenery, without benefit of hills to climb and streams to swim, which make the journey interesting, even if not always "fun and enjoyable" in your perception of those terms?

You each have been given the gift of life here. It is about time ALL of you LIVE and BE ALIVE. What is the most fulfilling way to FEEL ALIVE? GIVING to one another. Giving Truth, The Word, your time, your encouragement, your care, your friendship and yes, even your "abundance" in benefit to the whole. This is how you express absolute God LOVE. God's love is LIGHT which you are. Give this light of self as God designed you to serve. LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER! This is the golden thread of every Master's teachings. Wisdom is yours when you no longer question how to give love. You inherently live your life giving equally in all transactions and circumstances as Our Creator intends for you.

Let us close this document that Druthea may rest. I trust that each of you are broadening your understanding and self-awareness. Thank you, Druthea, for your service. Be patient my precious, for the lessons must come in sequence of comprehension for many, many ones. If you effort to jump the starting gun, you may cause all to return to start again. Learn to trust the process and the necessary sequence of lessons, for in the pacing and self-discipline will ALL, who so choose, be welcome to share in the winning with GOD. Thank you, my precious chelas for, "hearing" these lessons. Be at peace with self and the struggle will not seem so. I AM Sananda, in service to Holy Light of God. Salu.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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