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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents: [Tangled Webs] -- [Crucifixion of the Phoenix -- [etc.] -- Pleiades Connection (8 vol's).

1. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) II. Dharma, Computer person. III. Phoenix Journals.


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THE SLO CONNECTION (Number One in Series)







MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1992






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This volume is dedicated to one, Ray Renick, who has risen above the doubts to share a gift beyond price. He shares with you his KNOWING of truth in the dark places and has paid dearly for that sharing of information. Is he perfect? I hope not--for if he were, he would be of no value to you who are NOT.

He has allowed us to use his most precious personal pain with you readers and offers that which he can give--to change the path the World not travels. We honor and revere each and all who serve so willingly without thought of consequences for such daring service. Welcome home, Son.



SAT., JULY 25, 1992 9:28 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 344



Ah, but they DO! Just as with GOD answering "prayer"--the answer rarely comes as you expect or desire it to be. Prayer is from a personal physical need or desire which will always involve self--answers come as best defines and sorts a "situation" for the best and highest good--if indeed--that was the request.

Then why do things not "seem" to happen as outlaid--for instance, earthquakes on schedule, wars on schedule, null-times on schedule, etc? It is that you must understand that there are more of you WITH INFORMATION "out there" than you realize. When word is spread of intended activities--it spreads like wildfire among the networks. Evil events cannot be pulled off in the required "secrecy" which protects the perpetrators.


How many of you know the meaning of the above terms? Ah-but it is not the black box in an aircraft or ship and it is not the football used in the Superbowl. It is the case which attends the President which has codes and keys for nuclear attack and/or response.

How many of you realize that this box was physically removed from the President's (Bush) control along about the 10th of July? If you suspected as much--from where did you get the information? From me? Where did I get it? Well, interestingly enough from scared-out-of-their-wits people who fell into the information because of the portent and magnitude of the act itself. The sources and the information have been verified by many knowing sources now.

Why would this be? Because there are still ones with enough power to pull attention to activities and within the Elite cartel there are FACTIONS vying for power and control. The full intent was first strike against the Russians--you must understand something--Mr. Yeltsin and Bush are NOT friends! Mr. Gorbechev fits that role. The power at play is so magnificent that total destruction could be foisted off upon your planet if either get out of control. So, capability of instigating such a strike was removed after events began to happen which proved the supremacy of the Russian counterparts. The bigger the "truth" the more it is denied--for the lie is so much more acceptable when offered by politicians and elite controllers. You-the-people do not want to believe the truth of what has come to pass so you wave yellow ribbons and pretend the lies are truth. YOU have no way other than these kinds of papers, journals and independent speakers and newswriters to glean information. See how hard the efforts are to silence our own work and you will understand the horrendous task of making anything known to you.

For instance, Ray Renick was immediately incarcerated after speaking out and naming names--he spent two months in jail after he said who was behind the bombing of KAL-007. While incarcerated ALL of his property was confiscated and/or stolen. Do you not think it would be easier for we speakers to remain silent and slither off into our secure little corners?

You must understand that ones such as Col. Gritz, etc., and especially my crew--could take the information now held and remain "prepared" for any and all events and go silently about allowing you to be blown to bits, imprisoned, or anything else the adversary holds for you. It is for this reason that I am going to dedicate this volume to Ray Renick for I have used his information (which he himself knows is not fully accurate nor does he pretend to know "it all"). But he has been willing to pay the price to let YOU know the evil afoot to the best of his ability. When this intent is heard and accepted by God--the helpers are sent forth to attend that which we can to assist.

But THIS is the reason that plans are changed, shuffled, speeded up or postponed in full orchestration--BECAUSE THE ADVERSARY WOULD BE DISCOVERED AND THE FULL CAPABILITY CANNOT BE REALIZED IF HIS ACTIONS ARE DISCOVERED AND BROUGHT INTO THE LIGHT. In addition, part of the "game" of "getcha" is to twist and turn you in the wind until you are so fatigued with the waiting that you let down your guard and wham, bam--"gotcha"!

Ones ask constantly "Why don't you do something?" Because perception only is the reflection of any action. What may appear to you to be the proper action is usually very detrimental to "another". If we encroach on the "free-will" actions of ANY ONE, we are encroaching on the "free-will" actions of ALL ONES. Ours is not to intervene nor interfere--we are sent to give insight and Truth and then YOU can take that information and solve the problems as they may come to be. Ours is but to bring into your knowing that which is evil and false. We aren't here to "save" anyone or force anyone to do anything--for both must be done for "self".

We come, in addition, to remove the people of God into the places prepared when the elements no longer allow life-form on the planet--if that comes to be (which it surely appears will happen at some time), to see the planet into the era of the Photon experience of "Light" and attend the planet if its destruction is imminent in such manner as to bring chaos into the order of the cosmos. I would ask that you please stop expecting us to do your job! The largest lie of all, perhaps, is the cop-out given mankind through the churches and religious misinformation. But that, too, is your free-will right to believe and function within.

It is the time of "choosing". You must, therefore, remember that God's delays are NOT God's denials--however, your delays may very well be your own denial and you may never reach the places prepared for your radiance--at least surely not in this particular sequence of experience.



The down-side of your particular plight at this sequence of awakening is that the Elite must act before you-the-people understand what is coming down. They must bring about the "acts of God" which they produce, soon, or the world will know the capability of the puppet masters and will not longer tolerate such man-made actions to continue. So you are going to have to have a few real whoppers very quickly. On the other hand there are enough who now know the truth of it to topple the power of the thrones--just as Princess Di is about to topple the throne of England. It is already coming into press that the throne of England controls just about everything and is from the blackest of black nobility in human form. This kind of darkness cannot endure the light of discovery for man eventually will accept his "God" power and will cease to tolerate such control--especially from that which is far inferior to the lowest of the accepted "peasantry". These perpetrators are inferior species in ALL instances! THE ONLY PLACE WHEREIN THESE ONES ARE SUPERIOR--IS IN THEIR ABILITY TO FOOL AND MAINTAIN CONTROL OVER YOU! THEY ARE OF THE PHYSICAL REALM ONLY AND ARE YOUR BEST TEACHERS IF YOU BUT ALLOW IT. THEY, FURTHER, CAN ONLY PREVAIL IN A HUMAN FORMAT--FOR ALL THINGS ABOUT THEM, THEIR DESIRES AND PLOTTING ARE TO ATTAIN AND CONTROL THOSE THINGS OF PHYSICAL--THEY CERTAINLY WANT NO PART OF GOD IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER!

As foreword to this JOURNAL I am going to deviate from my usual practice and I am going to quote from a document sent to my attention. It is so well done that it deserves sharing. It touches on many things and brings a lot of information and thought provoking outlay to your attention. I, further, honor his first line approach--asking you to go get more information. Please utilize that which if offered, students, because it is the ONLY way you will prevail in this battle for your souls.

I can only trust that this person will not object to my utilizing his name, for I have no other way to give the honor deserved herein. I shall not give other information which can isolate him. The "thinkers" and "speakers" of Truth are under severe attack and I will not aid and abet the deadly games of the adversary.


NOTE: Anyone reading this PLEASE go to the Library and get the book by Taylor Caldwell, A PILLAR OF IRON, which is an updated account of the down-fall of Rome. Each time you read ROME substitute the U.S.A., as the parallel is identical to what is happening in America. When Rome fell to the marauding mobs freedom was LOST for 1,500 years.

Consider the following:

Donald Despain, father of the F.D.I.C. and Commissioner of Labor and Agriculture during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration said: "Neither Political-physical upheavals known as Wars, nor Economic Dislocations called slumps, Busts or Depressions ... happen overnight ... they are planned."

Admiral Chester Ward, U.S. Navy hero of WW-II, and a member of Rockefeller's C.F.R. said the goal is the "submergence of U.S. Sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government."

Stated simply and bluntly, George Bush's real agenda is to force America into a one-world government, with a few elite politicians and financiers at the head, and as a result, grasping riches into power.

In order to accomplish this objective, he must first do two things: 1) Eliminate America's sovereignty and its Constitution, and 2) Reduce America's economy to a level that is more nearly equal to those of "Third World countries."

The first of these objectives is being accomplished by replacing America's sovereignty by United Nations authority. Note that when Bush wanted to engage in a War with Iraq, he first asked for United Nations authority and ignored the United States Congress, which alone has authority under the Constitution to declare war and commit U.S. soldiers to combat against another nation. [H: Please note that TODAY in speaking of military action against Iraq, however, the U.N. is set forth as being the ones setting up the "need" for intervention—BUT—THE ONLY ONE MENTIONED AS PARTICIPANT AND DECIDER IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! MOREOVER, IT IS LEFT IN THE SOLE HANDS OF BUSH! WHY NOT CONGRESS? BECAUSE BY EXECUTIVE ORDERS YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR LIFE INTO THE HANDS OF THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER INSTEAD OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND BUSH HOLDS THE POWER AND THE STRINGS.] Thus did George Bush reveal his internationalist mind-set and the disdain for the United States Constitution he had sworn to uphold. If we had a Congress characterized by integrity, Mr. Bush would have been impeached and removed from office by now.

The second objective is being accomplished by opening our borders to free trade. This means that adjacent countries like Mexico are free to compete in production with American workers, without any import duties to equalize the effects of the very different wage scales and standards of living between Mexican and American workers. Mexican workers will produce auto parts, for example, for $8 per day in wages in regions where there are no expenses incurred because of environmental controls.

But American workers, to produce the same parts, expect at least $50 per day, and the costs to satisfy the myriad governmental protection laws in the U.S. must be added to the cost of wages and benefits. Without import duties to equalize these different wage and cost standards, Bush certainly is well aware that American manufacturers will close their plants in the U.S. and move them to Mexico and other nations where costs are lower, thus throwing American workers out of jobs.

The same result occurs when the federal government allows Japan to sell unlimited numbers of Japanese-made cars in the U.S. The inevitable result, surely understood by Mr. Bush, will be exactly what is being observed now; Americans will be gradually forced to accept lower wages or be out of work.

When these two objectives are accomplished, Mr. Bush, while assuring Americans that he is concerned about the economic plight and is seeking to remedy the problem, and continuing to posture with deliberate ineffectiveness, will have gained his sinister objective: an America prostrated under world government authority controlled by Bush and a small group of wealthy, elite fellow mattoids.

Is an alien, totalitarian rule the destiny of the United States of America? If so, then we citizens ourselves will have been the architects of our own destruction. Unless the hearts of enough Americans are again gripped by the fervency for freedom, and the willingness to sacrifice everything if need be, to preserve it, our children will curse us in our graves; and rightly so.

G. B. Simpson

P.S.: Recently, 1992, a well-known author wrote: "We need men with experience who can formulate strategy to defend our priceless heritage which, once lost, will never again reappear."


* * *

I suggest herein that you get your motivation moving and your organizations geared up and GET GRITZ! He is willing to lead you in just the manner above spoken and he is willing to give his life, if needs be, to preserve that final thread of freedom and Constitution. You will have to do it against all odds and without media coverage--YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT!!

Can it work? In time? It certainly can't if you don't get on with it! Failure to reach a goal is predetermined IF YOU NEVER BEGIN!


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

July 25, 1992

Year 5, Day 344 and counting.



THU., JUNE 18, 1992 7:44 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 307



[Editor's note: This chapter has been printed in our prior JOURNAL (THE DIVINE PLAN, Vol. I) and is being repeated because of its important message.]

The following series of informative reprints are from a well-known personage among groups who have investigated and researched for truth and who has published much information. He has published information which has jeopardized his life on many occasions which indicates that ALL OF YOU NEED THE INFORMATION. He has sent a packet of information which needs to be brought to your attention--AGAIN. His outlay is a bit different in both presentation and in some details. I honor this person and respect his research.

He has given permission that we may utilize any and all of the documents in any way we find fit and suitable. I thank him for his gracious willingness to share. I do not yet, however, have permission to call attention to this person by name so will only refer to him at this time as R.R. I, further, use the term "him" as generic reference.

I offer the reprinted information as given--without more than cursory input. I have no wish nor intent to slash and cut another's work so--as is our practice--information is given as nearly in full as possible and with NO CHANGES IN CONTENT. IF I COMMENT AS WE MOVE ALONG THEN I INDICATE AS MUCH. Therefore, I require that YOU be in the balancing of the information with that which you already have and then I suggest you get your hands on "back" JOURNALS such as SPACEGATE, SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET, BLOOD AND ASHES, END OF THE MASQUERADE, THE DARK CHARADE and in addition, all of the TANGLED WEB SERIES. If you don't have the information, backup and confirmation--you aren't going to know what hit you, beloved friends.

You must understand, further that there is massive confrontation among and between factions of this "New Global Conspiracy" which only vies for top position--the GOALS are the same.



(Number One in Series)

Don't believe one word of this. Look it up yourself! If you have a brain, you can figure it out!

Permission granted to copy any part of this book. R.R.

During the 1950's, while the United States was fighting a war in Korea, the French were fighting a war in French Indochina (Vietnam). Although the reason for the U.S. involvement in Korea was somewhat obscure, the French were very sure of their reason for being in Indochina. It was the same reason the British had spent the previous 100 years there, to control the opium production. The United States financed the French war. Why? For a piece of the action--HEROIN! In 1954, with the help of the CIA, the Vietnamese defeated the French and the Americans took over. In the 15 years following, 58,000 Americans died there. Hundreds are still imprisoned there to hide the U.S. heroin business. (A NATION BETRAYED by Col. Bo Gritz) [H: Please, readers, take note that even the Soviets now ADMIT they still have POWs from W.W.II right in Russian territory—what think ye about Korea and Vietnam as I have told you over and over again?]

The "French Connection" of heroin into the United States was as follows: From Indochina, the opium went to Marseille, France, where it was processed into heroin. From Marseille it came to America through several channels: The U.S. military; Cuba under control of Batista; the Mafia and "Resorts International"; the Bahamas (see the U.S. Senate report on Terrorism and Narcotics which tells how U.S. Ambassadors, one from San Luis Obispo, shut down an investigation of corrupt Bahamanian officials involved in drug trafficking and involved with prominent Americans in Florida).


Another channel was through the offshore oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The drugs were offloaded from fishing boats far out at sea. From these platforms the drugs came ashore via the normal crew and equipment boats thereby avoiding detection. This first came to light during the Kennedy assassination investigation of Louisiana District Attorney Jim Garrison. Other investigators and writers on the Kennedy assassination confirmed that the platforms were being used to smuggle drugs. These oil drilling platforms were pioneered and owned by a Houston, Texas based oil company known as Zapata Offshore Oil. The president and chief executive officer of Zapata Oil was George Herbert Walker Bush! In 1976, as Director of Central Intelligence, George Bush was head of the world's largest drug trafficking organization. (See the Christic Institute lawsuit, the Col. Bo Gritz tapes, the Mae Brussel Research Center, "THE POLITICS OF HEROIN" by Professor Alfred McCoy, "The Crimes of Patriots" by Jonathan Kwitny, H. Ross Perot, Barbara Honegger "October Surprize", Richard Brenneke, Dave Emory of "Radio Free America", Abbie Hoffman, John Judge, William Cooper and many others including Senator Kerry's U.S. Senate Subcommittee Report on Terrorism and Narcotics.)

North San Luis Obispo politicians have traditionally been elected on tickets promoting unlimited growth and unlimited real estate development. [H: San Luis Obispo is in the geographic location of Santa Barbara. One outstanding reason for offering you readers this information is that the SAME GROUP is integrally involved in the very property in confiscation by the RTC and priorly by Santa Barbara Savings, etc., of this scribe. The dirty politics has seeped into every judicial bench and legal "group" in the State but most corrupt are the counties in which these individuals set up criminal operations. This is why I have told you that you will find this particular piece of property has ones all the way to the Presidency involved in the criminal actions---BUT, this holds true for every State and County in the Union. Don't be fooled because you live in the boonies somewhere and think yourself safe and secure--Tehachapi IS the "boonies" and yet has as corrupt politics and power brokers as any place in California. This is why much of our building and projects will need also be begun in Nevada and then in this place. We have months upon months to allow for the power line to give approval to even the least of these projects. In some instances, however, the project is similar to that which is already present on property so we hope to cut some of the "ribbons" in advance.] In San Luis Obispo, Jerry Diefenderfer and Bill Coy received large contributions from Los Angeles Realty Political Action Committees (PAC). Cattle business political action committees donated more to Coy's campaign than to any other candidate in California, including ***Deukmejian (Governor). Other north county politicians such as Carol Hallette (we shall present further information regarding her) and WILLIAM P. CLARK (very important character), who was Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor and his Secretary of the Interior, have close ties to the cattle business and the cattle political action committees.


Where do these Cattle PAC's get their enormous amounts of cash to buy politicians? Take the Zapata Cattle Company for example. Yes, that's right! Zapata! The same name and the same affiliations to the previously mentioned Zapata Offshore Oil of Houston, Texas, previously (???) owned by our favorite drug "czar" and President of the United States of America, George Herbert Walker Bush!

The Zapata Cattle Company has, for many years, imported large amounts of cattle from Mexico. If you remember your high school biology, you will recall that cows have four stomachs. Hey, why not? If humans can smuggle drugs inside their bodies, why not cows? A cow must have 20 times the capacity of a human! Not only that but the tractor-trailer rigs used to transport them had secret built-in compartments. In his book, THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE. author James Mills stated that the border customs agents received $10,000 every time they flagged through a drug truck without stopping it for inspections. [H: Besides, the trucks themselves and the shipping companies belonged directly to these same individuals--utilizing well-orchestrated corporations (in Nevada).]

Real estate development and construction is the classic way of laundering drug money.

One of the silent partners in the San Luis Obispo cattle business is RONALD REAGAN. [H: It is, further, the same group of "cattle-boys" and real-estate developers, S&L criminals, etc., which provided Reagan with "cover" for his Bel Aire estate and thus and so--(through Nevada Corporations) as a "thank you, old buddy".]


Note: "Zapata" is a name for locations off Texas and Florida which fit well with the oil company but the name Zapata was chosen by the Bush cartel because it came from George Bush's old club (cult) at Yale--the "Skull and Bones" The "skull" in point is reported to be the skull of the Mexican Revolutionary, Emiliano Zapata. [H: This may well be correct--for one thing that has the native Americans totally beside themselves in anger is that the same Skull and Bones club has Chief Geronimo's skull, having been stolen by a group of club members headed by Prescott (Dad) Bush.]

Further: Three ships belonging to Zapata Oil which were used to run guns to Fidel Castro (and drugs into the U.S.) were named the "Houston", the "Zapata" and the "Barbara J". [H: Readers, we covered all this IN DETAIL in a JOURNAL. I CAN ONLY ASK THAT YOU CATCH UP YOUR LESSONS AND THAT SIMPLY REQUIRES READING AND STUDYING THE BACK JOURNALS FOR I KNOW NO OTHER RESOURCE WHEREIN YOU CAN GET IT ALL!]


William Clark's liaison officer, Carol Hallett, was appointed as Ambassador to the Bahamas. The purpose of this was to shut down a drug investigation of corrupt Bahamian officials and to protect their American partners in Florida. One of these Americans was the President's son, Jeb Bush. (Senate Subcommittee Report-Kerry, Christic Inst., etc....).

Jeb Bush was also the North American connection to Manuel Noriega. (THE CUTOLO AFFIDAVIT by Paul Neri, A NATION BETRAYED by Col. Bo Gritz, etc. and Steven Carr-deceased by way of murder.) The route went from Bogota and Medellin, Colombia to Allbrook Air Force Base in Panama, where the drug aircraft were met by Noriega. Another transhipment point was John Hull's ranch in Costa Rica. ("Frontline"--PBS, "West 57th Street"--CBS, Judy Woodruff, Jane Wallace, Leslie Cockburn, Mike Tolliver, Gary Betzner, George Morales, plus most of the references listed on page one. Richard Brenneke stated on "Larry King-Live"-CNN that he also flew these drug planes, but his connection was Donald Gregg, Bush's National Security Advisor.) The destination of some of these drug shipments was Homestead Air Force Base in Florida. [H: This is completely covered in a JOURNAL also.] (See reference list on pages 20 & 152.)


STEVEN CARR WAS MURDERED IN LOS ANGELES, ALLEGEDLY BY ONE MIKE DECKER, who worked for SICILIA-FALCONE, THE TIJUANA DRUG BOSS. Sicilia-Falcone was the largest supplier of drugs for Southern California. (Except for maybe Air America and the U.S. Air Force.) [JOURNALS--TANGLED WEB series.] Sicilia-Falcone used the motor-cycle gangs and Roger Frye as a distributing network. Mike Decker was their chief "mechanic". [H: Do you think it simply coincidental that "Malcolm Forbes" played around with Liz and the Motorcycle gangs for the total "fun" of it?] (THE UNDERGROUND EMPIRE by James Mills) The Anzalone brothers and Jerry Schlesinger of Long Beach and Los Osos were the San Luis Obispo affiliates. The Sweet Springs bar in Los Osos was a distributing station and the Anzalone ranch in Santa Margarita was a cocaine processing factory. Several local people connected with this operation died from "accidents" or "suicides". When the Sweet Springs Tavern got "busted" for drug trafficking, the Anzalones went to "Club Fed" at Lompoc for a short vacation. Jerry Anzalone got out the hard way--on a gurney, covered with a sheet. "Diarrhea of the mouth" can often be fatal. Ronnie built a house on 3rd street in Baywood, complete with an iron spike fence, closed circuit surveillance television, and a gun in every room. Several months ago the house was destroyed by fire. (??)

Jerry Schlesinger came out of all this smelling like a rose. It pays to have friends in high places. Ask ex-supervisor Bill Coy. He always seemed to have a good relationship with the "Mayor" of Los Osos (California).

Scott Alexander was not so fortunate. Scott, who claimed to have had law enforcement experience, (Military Police, Arizona State Police) was helping a Federal Agent (DEA?) Michael Francis Aivaz gather information for the above mentioned "drug bust". Evidendy Scott did his job too well and found out too much. His body was found by the creek on the M. V. Rodriguez ranch on Hwy. 41 just outside of Morro Bay (California). He was "suicided" with a very short 12 gauge shotgun (one barrel or both?).

Mike Aivaz disappeared shortly after the big "drug bust" and Scott's death. He was in Florida, (Florida? coincidence?) New Jersey, and Fresno, California. He was allegedly "drying out" in a sanitarium. He made several quiet trips back to Los Osos where he visited Anzalone's Sweet Springs. Mike took the ultra short 12 gauge away from Scott because it was "illegal" but gave it back to him the day before Scott died. Where is Mike now???

Neal McCrea and "The Last Voyage of the 'Janet Lee' " is another interesting part of this snake pit without a bottom. The boat "Janet Lee" and its cargo of cocaine was returning from a business trip to Central America (see above paragraph 2). The boat went into Vandenberg Air Force Base and Neal left Vandenberg in a body bag. No one seems to know what happened to the cocaine. Neal's widow, Janet, became very wealthy and became Janet Schlesinger (INTERESTING!). Maybe one could ask a couple of persons named Carnahan and Brandenberg who could explain it all quite appropriately if you could FIND them.

This last paragraph is not the end of this report. This report is just the "Tip of the Iceberg". Interested parties should start their own investigation and interrogate the following local citizens. Start with bartenders, building contractors, dopers, sheriff s deputies, county officials (especially Building and Planning), country supervisors (especially ex-supervisors), judges (including ex-judges). Check and see how many local citizens went to Washington with Ronald Reagan and left Washington embarrassed, disgraced, or with "dirty hands". The following list of persons could supply plenty of information if they were so inclined: Ronnie Anzalone, Jerry Schlesinger and Janet, Eddie Haworth, Deputy Mike Sheridan, Deputy Chuck Graves, George Jacobsen, Carnahan and Brandenberg, Mike Radon, Kathy Hodges, Al Switzer, County employees Gibson and 1Vfilne, County supervisors including past supervisors Coy and Diefenderfer, judges including ex-judge WILLIAM CLARK. Clark, as Reagan's National Security Advisor, rapidly left Washington and disappeared in obscurity in Ireland just after the Korean Air Lines 007 fiasco. There are others but this will give investigators a GOOD START. [H: You will also find that Deukmejian, Jason Brent of the Mojave Court (ex) and other Kern County "locals" also know all about these little involvements and insure that the line could not be run back up to catch the fisher. You will note that when E.J. went to Santa Barbara to check with the wondrous RTC about his property--the RTC was housed with Santa Barbara Savings (the "taken-over" mortgage company), was involved with Soloman Brothers and the "local" lawyers--contacted for information--said "you DO NOT REALLY WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!". Americans--WAKE UP! Also, send this material to the Constitutional Law Center--it might give them impetus to get on with those filings to the court--if nothing else, at some point "THEY" will want to shut down this "discovery". No, it will not stop the discovery but it will get attention. Yes, it IS dangerous but nothing else we have done is "safe". And if "dangerous" is that which is required--so let it be. If ones cannot walk through shadows then the sorting must be done. I am a "very big boy" and I also have "pretty good contacts" and a "lot of pull" and I CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU, CHELAS. Have I not already done so??]


[H: Another major law firm (about the second largest in the world) which is totally involved is Shea and Gould etc., etc., from which flowed Jason Brent at the appointment of the Governor, Deukemajian. Is it any wonder that when Brent ran for Superior Court Judge last month, he advertised that he "had all the major Republicans on his side"? Wake up little sleepyheads--the toast is burning!]

[H: I expect this document to be sent to Hornback. I want him to KNOW that his prior firm was involved, also, and that the fiasco with the "reconstruction" hearing in Mojave was leaving him wide open for a libel and malpractice suit--except that it would have gotten "him" and ours is not to "get HIM"--he has one of "our" children! Perhaps one of these days he can see the merit as well as the nice abundance of income gleaned from working with the CLC and on some of the cases worthy of his talents. Yes indeedy, there will be abundance--why do you think I have brought you resources" for gold storage and other benefit plans? No, the funding coming in is NOT drug related in any manner and besides, you will receive from distant sources which have no connection to the funds at all at any rate. What we will get for industry and projects is only a tiny tid-bit of the wealth involved. You will be most cautious and careful, however, and do business as we have taught you carefully to do for it is GOOD BUSINESS, honest and worthy. If ones in "our" group get greedy and unworthy of service--then they shall be "out" in the blink of an eye for we are in God's service ONLY and not out to do anyone IN. IF you ones of the nation wish to clean up the mess--ours is to outlay it for you--NOT FIX IT FOR YOU FOR OURS IS A DIFFERENT MISSION AND NOT TO INVOLVE OURSELVES INTO YOUR POLITICS.]

* * *

Dharma, let us close this portion. We are going to confuse you greatly, Editors, but we are going to be writing on THREE subjects (but all inter-connected) simultaneously. I must ask you to label the references accordingly. It is time I stop threatening and get on with Bush in the CIA and that will take many writings. Further, I ask that George Green contact the authors of a book being called GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY (or something similar) by Webster Griffin Tarp-ley and Anton Chaitkin. The information can be tracked down through The New Federalist who is running a series at this time. The authors will find it all but impossible to find a publisher, if I don't miss my guess, and this work needs to be published and distributed. The information is very accurate and I would appreciate the assistance to them by at least recognition and distribution--if in fact, publishing is already arranged. We will be efforting to soon begin to give you monetary assistance, George, for these projects. Thank you.

I also wish to next write on the Divine Plan for I believe we are to the end (in number of pages) for the current volume under assembly. We will refer to this volume in point as Vol. I in reference to THE DIVINE PLAN. I plan to branch off into a path which shall surprise you--for I must tell you how it IS and how it will be--even if you don't like it. It is important that you ones NOT confuse the "three days of darkness" with simply a photon entry period which may or may not even take place. YOUR OWN "RULERS" AND "THUGS" COULD STOP THAT NULL-TIME IF THEY BUT WOULD DO SO. WE CAN STOP IT IN A SPLIT SECOND IF THEY WOULD BUT ALLOW US TO DO SO--SO YOU SEE, YOU-THE-PEOPLE REMAIN THE PAWNS! I CANNOT HELP IT FOR IT IS NOT MINE TO DO. I CAN ONLY GET YOU INTO KNOWING SO THAT YOU WILL BE PREPARED IN THAT WE CAN CONTINUE RIGHT ON WITH THAT WHICH IS OUR MISSION.

Please take a short break and let us continue as the days become so overfilled now that I must ask for more writing in the days available. I shall give unto you, chela, that which you need to press on. Salu.


(See page 152 also)

This index was requested by Commander Hatonn in the 6/18/92 #1 writing called "San Luis Obispo Connection" starting on p.7 of this LIBERATOR. Indexed by subject from Journals November 91 through March 92. The JOURNAL number is bold and in parentheses, followed by the relevant page numbers therein.

William Casey: (39) 22, 24, 28; (42) 34, 184, 193; (44) 70

Zapata Corporations (Bush Family enterprises): (45) 58, 60-63, 83, 90; (47) 221

Blackbird (Super Secret Project): (39) 37; (40) 31; (41) 195

October Surprise (1980 Hostage Holdover for Reagan's Inauguration): (39) 37; (40) 31, 69, 107; (41) 103; (44) 25, 70; (45) 59

Jeb Bush: (46) 109

Manuel Noriega: (31) 47, 53; (42) 25, 32-48; (43) 15, 97; (44) 48-49; (46) 122



MON., JUNE 22, 1992 7:19 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 311

MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1992

* * *

E.J., I have to remind you of something very, very critical. As we move into these current subject matters--there will begin, again, a barrage of attempts to take out Dharma. Already this morning, the computer did not function until the third try at it. There will be assaults against the shield with "new" frequency beams and I must ask you ones to go back to "caution of extreme means". This means that care will be taken with ALL incoming persons—NO MEETINGS IN THIS DWELLING FOR THE CURRENT TIME, LOW PROFILE AND BASICALLY KEEP YOUR "BUSINESS" MEETINGS TO THE SUBJECT OF BUSINESS. YOU ONES ARE NO LONGER IN A LITTLE "GAME" OF HIDE AND SEEK AND MUCH OF THE "STUFF" FROM WHICH YOU WILL GARNER "HELP" IS SET UP TO ALLOW THE ENEMY WITHIN. IT IS FINE, FOR THEY WILL ONLY FIND THAT WE ARE NOT "ENEMIES" BUT "CARE" MUST AGAIN BECOME YOUR EVER-PRESENT THOUGHT AND A BIT OF ISOLATION WILL BE THE BETTER PART OF WISDOM, PLEASE.

* * *

Indeed, Dharma, we ARE going to write on Bush's involvement with the CIA--finally! But before we do so I must share a news item of last evening which I HOPE most of you missed.


Just this morning a person "claiming" to be in Pennsylvania who "identified(??)" himself to George Green, as one Paul Robert Resnick Jr., called to demand that the information being set forth be STOPPED! The specific writings in point were from the April 14, Volume 18, No. 13 issue of the LIBERATOR. Why would this be? Was it my breakdown of the "major point of teachings" of the various MAJOR religions? How about "Distractors"? Could it be my suggestion to "use" BankAmerica (for protection within the Elite vaults)? Could it be that the identification of "Hatonn" displeases him?--for MOST deny such existence as possibility. OR: Could it be the full article from Senate Report No. 93-549 (Some Dare Call It Treason)? Could it be the "CIA: INTELLIGENCE AND POLICY"? Could it be John Coleman's writing regarding the "Patriot Missiles" and the "hearings". (By the way, that was the last shared article we have printed from this resource.)

WHY would this above information disturb anyone? Could the objection be THE "LIE"? and other information, since, caused alarm?

Just understand, all of you crew-members, it is the time of separation of the "men" from the "boys". No one in the Elite groups seem to understand that my mission is to bring Truth for the unfolding and wrapping up of a planetary "cycle". My intent is not to interfere with "business as usual" for if the PEOPLE want to stop corruption--it is their responsibility--NOT MINE, to do so. This is WHY I make sure to give you information which has already not only been published but even appears in Con-gressional Records, etc. If ones perform in a manner which requires "hiding" from public view--then I suggest YOU ONES check into it for they all "claim" TO BE HONEST, OPEN AND ONLY SERVING YOU AND THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD IF THIS BE "TRUE", THEN IT IS SURELY "I" WHO IS IN ERROR OF PERCEPTION OF GOODLY "SERVICE" SO WHY SHOULD I CAUSE ANYONE ALARM? THIS INFORMATION IS SO OLD AND SO DREARY THAT I AM CONSTANTLY BEING THREATENED WITH LAWSUIT AFTER LAWSUIT "FOR PLAGIARISM"! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, CHELAS!!

Even the projects we will build are simply for use by the humble "peasants" with inexpensive but durable and beautiful housing, foodstuffs and gardening services, along with ability to communicate and make motion pictures. Why are the Elite angry with us--would you not think the subjects would be pleased for even the slightest amount of "advertising" of their "stand" on political issues and their "political platforms of action"? By all records according to "them", the LIBERATOR has "no audience" and the material is "false and stupidly incoherent". So be it--beats me!!


The spokesperson quoted in this morning's TV mush (and we must assume it was one of the Republicans) said that several years ago (like in the 70's) Ross Perot spent "bundles" of "his own money" on investigators and investigations TRYING to find wrongdoing and illegal actions "on George Bush". "BUT HE FOUND NOTHING!" the speaker went on to say. This is the same man (Perot) who said a few weeks past that "Bush is a FINE MAN but we need change in Washington??" And--my own crew claims that Hatonn is confusing! I could write hundreds of pages on just these two points, chelas--I can only hope that your insight and perception to the "unseen" and "unheard"--by physical means--gives you as much.


The following excerpts are taken directly from a manuscript copy of a book "soon-to-be" published by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. I have no input on this substance other than to say these people have done their homework. Since by their own statements the book is "unauthorized" as a biography, I would suggest they will have great difficulty in getting it published. George, please make contact with them and in exchange for utilizing portions of the volume, we will see to it that it gets published. Please require that the pricing be kept low enough for ALL to be able to receive it and I WILL MOST SURELY PUSH IT AS MANDATORY READING. The New Federalist, a LaRouche publication, has utilized it in serial form but all others have been blocked from publishing in hope to drown it before elections or "other happenings" which lock in Bush. I would surmise that The New Federalist might well be the publishers if, indeed, there is valid possibility of such. It does, however, lose its value "after the facts" such as elections and current events. Our only contribution at this time is to simply get information out as well as we can in assisting those who already DARE.

Bush, you readers must come to realize, is PERSONALLY responsible for the incarceration via Kissinger of Lyndon LaRouche and personally keeps him incarcerated by refusing to respond to the legal documents in his hands. I thought you inquiring minds would want to know this fact.

How do I feel personally about Bush? I appreciate his HELP in the matter of projects for they do and will continue to assist thousands of citizens. I do not play in your political games other than to present the facts wherever I find them in disagreement with the "party-line". I am an enemy of EVIL--not ANY "man". I will get a remnant through this tribulation and I appreciate all the help I can get. In fact, I met with the original Mr. Bush at Camp David and offered to remove him to total security IF HE WOULD REVEAL THE TRUTH TO YOU-THE-PEOPLE--HE WAS GRACIOUS AND LOVING BUT FELT HIS POWER WAS BIG ENOUGH TO SUSTAIN HIS SAFETY AND THAT OF HIS FAMILY--HE WAS WRONG. To each his own.


I am going to start in the middle of a subject so please do not be confused by dates. I am taking up at the point in 1975 wherein George became head of the CIA. I trust you will all go back into the series on TANGLED WEBS and realize that George Bush's involvement in the CIA was PRIOR to the assassination of Kennedy (both brothers). That is not my focus herein so let us take up with his directorship.

QUOTE: (This is a very good and inclusive book as you will note this information comes after 15 preceding chapters.)

In late 1975, as a result in particular of his role in Watergate, Bush's confirmation as CIA director was not automatic. And though the debate of his confirmation was superficial, some senators, including in particular the late Frank Church of Idaho, made some observations about the dangers inherent in the Bush nomination that have turned out in retrospect to be useful.

The political scene on the home front, from which Bush had been so anxious to be absent during 1975, was the so-called "Year of Intelligence", in that it had been a year of intense scrutiny of the illegal activities and abuses of the intelligence community, including CIA domestic and covert operations. On December 22, 1974, the New York Times published the first a series of articles by Seymour M. Hersh, which relied on leaked reports of CIA activities assembled by Director James Rodney Schlesinger to expose alleged misdeeds by the agency. [H: Hmmnn--Did I not just write about a San Luis Obispo female "connection" called Neal McCrea (Janet) of the "Janet Lee" drug running boat--who "lost" her husband by terminal disappearance and later became Janet Schlesinger? This must be a good "common" American name or something because you find Schlesingers (from the same family tree) in every top group of Elite. It would seem this one is probably "Jerry" of the San Luis Obispo Connection. Indeed, I'm sure you can have confidence in such "leaked" reports. Please realize my tongue just punched through my cheek!]

It was widely recognized at the time that the Hersh articles were a self-exposure by the CIA that was designed to set the agenda for the Ford-appointed Rockefeller Commission, which was set up a few days later, on January 4. The Rockefeller Commission was supposed to examine the malfeasance of the intelligence agencies and make recommendations about how they could be reorganized and reformed. In reality, the Rockefeller Commission proposals would reflect the transition of the Structures of the 1970's toward the growing totalitarian tendencies of the 1980's.

While the Rockefeller Commission was a tightly controlled vehicle of the Eastern Anglophile Liberal Establishment, congressional investigating committees were impaneled during 1975 whose proceedings were somewhat less rigidly controlled. These included the Senate Intelligence Committee, known as the Church Committee, and the corresponding House committee, first chaired by Rep. Lucien Nedzi (who had previously chaired one of the principal Watergate-era probes) [H: Do you suppose this could ALSO be a connection with THE "Nedzi" of the San Luis Obispo Connection? It must be that this investigation was handled by a whole flock of foxes or is that a "bunch" of foxes in the "flock" of chickens?] and then (after July) by Rep. Otis Pike [H: No-o-o? Could it really be such a coincidence?]. One example was the Pike Committee's issuance of a contempt of Congress citation against Henry Kissinger [H: Is this just not too unbelievable to go on?] for his refusal to provide documentation of covert operations in November, 1975. Another was Church's role in leading the opposition to the Bush nomination. [H: We have barely begun to write and already I must ask you sincerely: Are you beginning to SEE how your nation got in the shape you are in?]

The Church Committee launched an investigation of the use of covert operations for the purpose of assassinating foreign leaders. By the nature of things, this probe was let to grapple with the problem of whether covert operations sanctioned to eliminate foreign leaders had been re-targeted against domestic political figures. The obvious case was the Kennedy assassination.

Frank Church--who, we must keep in mind, was himself an ambitious politician--was especially diligent in attacking CIA covert operations, which Bush would be anxious to defend. The CIA's covert branch, Church thought, was a "self-serving apparatus". "It's a bureaucracy which feeds on itself, and those involved are constantly sitting around thinking up schemes for intervention which will win them promotions and justify further additions to the staff. ... It self-generates interventions that otherwise never would be thought of, let alone authorized."

It will be seen that, at the beginning of Bush's tenure at the CIA, the congressional committees were on the offensive against the intelligence agencies. By the time that Bush departed Langley, the tables were turned, and it was the Congress which was the focus of scandals including "Koreagate" [H: Whoops! Didn't know about that one??]. Soon thereafter the Congress would undergo the assault of Abscam. [H: And Dharma was afraid we would run out of things to write about!]

Preparation for what was to become the "Halloween massacre" began in the Ford White House during the summer of 1975. The Ford Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan preserves a memo from Donald Rumsfeld to Ford dated July 10, 1975, which deals with an array of possible choices for CIA director. Rumsfeld had polled a number of White House and administration officials and asked them to express preferences among "outsiders to the CIA". (Gerald R. Ford Library, Richard B. Cheney Files, Box 5) [H: Richard B. Cheney "box"?]

Dick Cheney of the White House staff proposed Robert Bork, followed by Bush and Lee Iacocca. Among the officials polled by Cheney was Henry Kissinger, who suggested C. Douglas Dillon, Howard Baker, and James R. Schlesinger. Rumsfeld himself listed Bork, Dillon, Stanley Resor, Lee Iacocca and Walter Wriston, but NOT Bush. The ONLY officials putting Bush on their "possible" lists, other than Cheney, were Jack O. Marsh, a White House counselor to Ford, and David Packard. When it came time for Rumsfeld to sum up the aggregate number of times each person was mentioned, minus one point for each time a person had been recommended against, among the names on the final list were the following: Robert Bork (rejected in 1987 for the Supreme Court), John S. Foster of PFIAB (formerly of the Department of Defense), C. Douglas Dillon, Stanley Resor, and Robert Roosa.

It will be seen that Bush was not among the leading candidates, perhaps because his networks were convinced that he was going to make another attempt for the vice-presidency and that therefore the Commerce Department or some similar post would be more suitable. The summary profile of Bush sent to Ford by Rumsfeld found that Bush had "experience in government and diplomacy" and was "generally familiar with components of the intelligence community and their missions" while having management experience. Under "Cons" Rumsfeld noted: "RNC post lends undesirable political cast."

As we have seen, the CIA post was finally offered by Ford to Edward Bennett Williams perhaps with an eye on building a bipartisan bridge toward a powerful faction of the intelligence community. But Williams did not want the job; Bush, originally slated for the Department of Commerce, was given the CIA appointment.

The announcement of Bush's nomination occasioned a storm of criticism whose themes included the inadvisability of choosing a Watergate figure for such a sensitive post so soon after that scandal had finally begun to subside. References were made to Bush's receipt of a financial largesse from Nixon's Townhouse fund and related operations. There was also the question of whether the domestic CIA apparatus would get mixed up in Bush's expected campaign for the vice-presidency. These themes were developed in editorials during the month of November 1976, while Bush was kept in Beijing by the requirements of preparing the Ford-Mao meetings of early December. To some degree. Bush was just hanging there and slowly, slowly twisting in the wind. The slow-witted Ford soon realized that he had been inept in summarily firing William Colby, since Bush would have to remain in China for some weeks [H: Remain in CHINA??] and then return to face confirmation hearings. Ford had to ask Colby to stay on in a caretaker capacity until Bush took office. The delay allowed opposition against Bush to crystallize to some degree, but his own network was also quick to spring to his defense.

Former CIA officer Tom Braden, writing in the Fort Lauderdale News, noted that the Bush appointment to the CIA looked bad, and looked bad at a time when public confidence in the CIA was so low that everything about the agency desperately needed to look good. Braden's column was entitled "George Bush, Bad Choice for CIA Job".

Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, writing in the Washington Post, commented that "the Bush nomination is regarded by some intelligence experts as another grave moral deflator. They reason that any identified politician, no matter how resolved to be politically pure, would aggravate the CIA's credibility gap. Instead of an identified politician like Bush....what is needed, they feel, is a respected non-politician, perhaps from business or the academic world."

The Washington Post came out against Bush in an editorial entitled "The Bush Appointment". Here the reasoning was that this position "should not be regarded as a political parking spot", and that public confidence in the CIA had to be restored after the recent revelations of wrongdoing.

After a long-winded argument, the conservative columnist George Will came to the conclusion that Ambassador Bush at the CIA would be "the wrong kind of guy at the wrong place at the worst possible time."

Senator Church viewed the Bush appointment in the context of a letter sent to him by Ford on October 31, 1975, demanding that the committee's report on U.S. assassination plots against foreign leaders be kept secret. In Church's opinion, these two developments were part of a pattern and amounted to a new stonewalling defense by what Church had called "the rogue elephant". Church issued a press statement in response to Ford's letter attempting to impose a blackout on the assassination report. "I am astonished that President Ford wants to suppress the committee's report on assassination and keep it concealed from the American people," said Church. Then, on November 3, Church was approached by reporters outside of his Senate hearing room and asked by Daniel Schorr about the firing of Colby and his likely replacement by Bush. Church responded with a voice that was trembling with anger. "There is no question in my mind but that concealment is the new order of the day," he said. "Hiding evil is the trademark of a totalitarian government."

[H: I want you ones to think very carefully here, about events and current happenings. I have long told you that the Elite have a major "goal" which is never lost--and yet there will be factional in-group fighting about WHO does what and to whom! You are seeing the factions begin to show clues of who is who and what is what. It would begin to appear here that Bush really is NOT a part of the in-group of San Luis Obispo but might, in fact, be in direct conflict with them--that means Nixon, Ford and certainly Reagan. I believe you will also note that Bush "promises" information regarding "Perot" right after the conventions. Is clarity seeping into the script? Yes, indeed, Kissinger plays BOTH sides to the hilt and that SHOULD BE MOST DISCONCERTING!]

The following day, November 4, Church read Leslie Gelb's column in the New York Times suggesting that Colby had been fired, among other things, "for not doing a good job containing the congressional investigations." George bush, Gelb thought, "would be able to go to Congress and ask for a grace period before pressing their investigations further." A Washington Star headline of this period summed up this argument: "CIA Needs Bush's PR Talent". Church talked with this staff that day about what he saw as an ominous pattern of events. He told reporters "First came the very determined administration effort to prevent any revelations concerning NSA, their stonewalling of public hearings. Then came the President's letter. Now comes the firing of Colby, Mr. Schlesinger and the general belief that Secretary Kissinger is behind these latest developments." For Church, "clearly a pattern has emerged now to try and disrupt this Senate Intelligence Committee investigation. As far as I'm concerned it won't be disrupted," said Church grimly.

One of Church's former aides, speech writer Loch K. Johnson, describes how he worked with Church to prepare a speech scheduled for delivery on November 11, 1975, in which Church would stake out a position opposing the Bush nomination: "The nomination of George Bush to succeed Colby disturbed him as he wanted to wind up the speech by opposing the nomination... He hoped to influence Senate opinion on the nomination on the eve of Armed Services Committee hearings to confirm Bush.

"I rapidly jotted down notes as Church discussed the line he would like to take against the nomination. 'Once they used to give former national party chairmen (as Bush had been under President Nixon) postmaster generalships--the most political and least sensitive job in government,' he said. 'Now they have given this former party chairman the most sensitive and least political agency.' Church wanted me to stress how Bush 'might compromise the independence of the CIA--the agency could be politicized.'"

Some days later, Church appeared on the CBS program Face the Nation. He was asked by George Herman if his opposition to Bush would mean that anyone with political experience would be a priori unacceptable for such a post. Church replied: "I think that whoever is chosen should be one who has demonstrated a capacity for independence, who has shown that he can stand up to the many pressures." Church hinted that Bush had never stood up for principle at the cost of political office. Moreover, "a man whose background is as partisan as a past chairman of the Republican Party does serious damage to the agency and its intended purposes."

* * *

Dharma, please, we need a break. We will simply take up again where we leave off herein. Thank you.




MON., JUNE 22, 1992 2:09 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 310

MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1992



Please, readers, bear with me while I give a private notation to George Green regarding the earlier mentioned phone call from "a Mr. Resnick".

If you can't see the same paw-prints on this "intelligence" phone call as other "set-ups" then I suggest you take cover--for real. Is the total Intelligence Community this stupid or only self-appointed ones who twist into unfocused childish games for their own purposes? I want to print herein the phone call as now transcribed from the phone recorder. Now, note, readers, that G.G. is UPSET to some extent for the voice leaving the message was totally "unfriendly", if I might be so observant.

At any rate the message went as follows:

"Hello, my name is Paul Robert Resnick, Jr. I'm calling from my residence 'at the White House' at Ave. in , Pa. I'm calling in regards to the April 14th, 1992 issue (LIBERATOR) vol. 18 no. 13. A-h-h, I'm at area code (---: ----). You can call me collect, if you so desire. This is Paul Resnick, over the Great Seal of the President - - -[message remainder cut off by the machine].

Would "I" be upset? NO--but then, I'm not George Green. Moreover, it only gives clues and information as to who and what is "behind" the foolishness for BOTH HIM AND ME! I suspect that I am getting far more annoyed with this "source" than is G.G. but each of us does that which seems suitable at a given circumstance.

By the way, readers, I find one William Clark (remember--from the San Luis Obispo Connection?? or---) also becoming most annoying as he seems to be able to get one (using initials of J.A.) to clandestinely sign for packages, expresses and other types of material without becoming evident for personal identification. So be it. By the way, to the caller in point--YOU HAVE THE WRONG IDENTIFICATION FOR THE PERSON WHOSE INFORMATION YOU REALLY WISH TO STOP FROM THE PRINTING! CLOSE, YES--CORRECT? NO!

Now, chela, let us continue where we left off. I can only reassure you, precious, that you are in MY shield so do not become faint-of-heart on me now.


The Brown Brothers Harriman/Skull and Bones crowd counterattacked in favor of Bush, mobilizing some significant resources. One was none other than Leon Jaworski, the former Watergate special prosecutor. Jaworski's mission for the Bush network appears to have been to get the Townhouse and related Nixon slush fund issues off the table of the public debate and confirmation hearings. Jaworski speaking at a convention of former FBI special agents meeting in Houston, defended Bush against charges that he had accepted illegal or improper payments from Nixon and CREEP operatives. "This was investigated by me when I served as Watergate special prosecutor. I found no involvement of George Bush and gave him full clearance. I hope that, in the interest of fairness, the matter will not be bandied about unless something new has appeared on the horizon."


Negative mail from both houses of Congress was also coming in to the White House. On November 12, GOP Congressman James M. Collins of Dallas, Texas wrote to Ford: "I hope you will reconsider the appointment of George Bush to the CIA. At this time it seems to me that it would be a greater service for the country for George to continue his service in China. He is not the right man for the CIA."

There was also a letter to Ford from Democratic Congressman Lucien Nedzi of Michigan, who had been the chairman of one of the principal House Watergate investigating committees. Nedzi wrote as follows: "The purpose of my letter is to express deep concern over the announced appointment of George Bush as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency."

***The writing was interrupted at this point.



WED., JUNE 24, 1992 7:19 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 313





" His proposed appointment would bring with it inevitable complications for the intelligence community. Mr. Bush is a man with a recent partisan political past and a probable near-term partisan political future. This is a burden neither the Agency, nor the legislative oversight committee, nor the Executive should have to bear as the CIA enters perhaps the most difficult period of its history.

"Accordingly, I respectfully urge that you reconsider your appointment of Mr. Bush to this most sensitive of positions."

Within just a couple of days of making Bush's nomination public, the Ford White House was aware that it had a significant public relations problem. To get reelected, Ford had to appear as a reformer, breaking decisively with the bad old days of Nixon and the Plumbers. But with the Bush nomination, Ford was putting a former party chairman and future candidate for national office at the head of the entire intelligence community.

Ford's staff began to marshal attempted rebuttals for the attacks on Bush. On November 5, Jim Connor of Ford's staff had some trite boiler-plate inserted into Ford's Briefing Book in case he were asked if the advent of Bush represented a move to obstruct the Church and Pike Committees. Ford was told to answer that he "asked Director Colby to cooperate fully with the Committee" and "expects Ambassador Bush to do likewise once he becomes Director. As you are aware, the work of both the Church and Pike Committees is slated to wind up shortly." In case he were asked about Bush politicizing the CIA, Ford was to answer; "I believe that Republicans and Democrats who know George Bush and have worked with him know that he does not let politics and partisanship interfere with the performance of public duty." That was a mouthful. "Nearly all of the men and women in this and preceding administrations have had partisan identities and have held partisan party posts....George Bush is a part of that American tradition and he will demonstrate this when he assumes his new duties."

But when Ford in an appearance on a Sunday talk show, was asked if he were ready to exclude Bush as a possible vice-presidential candidate, he refused to do so, answering, "I don't think people of talent ought to be excluded from any field of public service." At a press conference, Ford said, "I don't think he's eliminated from consideration by anybody, the delegates or the convention or myself."


Bush's confirmation hearings got under way on December 15, 1975. Even judged by Bush's standards of today, they constitute a landmark exercise in sanctimonious hypocrisy so astounding as to defy comprehension.

Bush's sponsor was GOP Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, the ranking Republican on Senator John Stennis's Senate Armed Services Committee. Thurmond unloaded a mawkish panegyric in favor of Bush: "I think all of this shows an interest on your part in humanity, in civic development, love of your country, and willingness to serve your fellow man."

Bush's opening statement was also in the main a tissue of banality and cliches. He indicated his support for the Rockefeller Commission report without having mastered its contents in detail. He pointed out that he had attended cabinet meetings from 1971 to 1974, without mentioning who the President was in those days. Everybody was waiting for this consummate pontificator to get to the issue of whether he was going to attempt the vice-presidency in 1976. Readers of Bush's propaganda biographies know that he never decides on his own to run for office, but always responds to the urging of his friends. Within those limits, his answer was that he was available for the second spot on the ticket. More remarkably, he indicated that he had a hereditary right to it--it was, as he said, his "birthright".

Would Bush accept a draft? "I cannot in all honesty tell you that I would not accept, and I do not think, gentlemen, that any American should be asked to say he would not accept, and to my knowledge, no one in the history of this Republic has been asked to renounce his political birthright as the price of confirmation for any office. And I can tell you that I will not seek any office while I hold the job of CIA Director. I will put politics wholly out of my sphere of activities." Even more, Bush argued, his willingness to serve at the CIA reflected his sense of noblesse oblige. Friends had asked him why he wanted to go to Langley at all, "with all the controversy swirling around the CIA, with its obvious barriers to political future?"

Magnanimously, Bush replied to his own rhetorical questions: "My answer is simple. First, the work is desperately important to the survival of this country, and to the survival of freedom around the world. And second, old fashioned as it may seem to some, it is my duty to serve my country. And I did not seek this job but I want to do it and I will do my very best." [H: Getting any ideas yet, that Mr. Bush might just "fudge the truth" a little bit?]

Stennis responded with a joke that sounds eery in retrospect: "If I thought that you were seeking the Vice Presidential nomination or Presidential nomination by way of the route of being Director of the CIA, I would question your judgment most severely." There was laughter in the committee room.

Senators Barry Goldwater and Stuart Symington made clear that they would give Bush a free ride not only out of deference to Ford, but also out of regard for the late Prescott Bush, with whom they had both started out in the Senate in 1952. Senator Thomas McIntyre was more demanding, and raised the issue of enemies list operations, a notorious abuse of the Nixon (and subsequent) administrations:

"What if you get a call from the President, next July or August, saying 'George, I would like to see you.' You go in the White House. He takes you over in the corner and says, 'Look, things are not going too well in my campaign. This Reagan is gaining on me all the time. Now, he is a movie star of some renown and has traveled with the fast set. He was a Hollywood star. I want you to get any dirt you can on this guy because I need it.'"

What would Bush do? "I do not think that is difficult sir," intoned Bush. "I would simply say that it gets back to character and it gets back to integrity; and furthermore, I cannot conceive of the incumbent doing that sort of thing. But if I were put into that kind of position where you had a clear moral issue, I would simply say 'no' because you see I think, and maybe--I have the advantage as everyone on this committee of 20/20 hindsight, that this agency must stay in the foreign intelligence business and must not harass American citizens, like in Operation Chaos, and that these kinds of things have no business in the foreign intelligence business." This was the same Bush whose 1980 campaign was heavily staffed by CIA veterans, some retired, some on active service and in flagrant violation of the Hatch Act. This is the Vice President who ran Iran-Contra out of his own private office, and so forth.

Gary Hart also had a few questions. How did Bush feel about assassinations? Bush "found them morally offensive and I am pleased the President has made that position very, very clear to the Intelligence Committee..." How about "coups d'etat in various countries around the world?" Hart wanted to know.

"You mean in the covert field?" replied Bush. "Yes." "I would want to have full benefit of all the intelligence. I would want to have full benefit of how these matters were taking place but I cannot tell you, and I do not think I should, that there would never be any support for a coup d'etat; in other words, I cannot tell you I cannot conceive of a situation where I would not support such action." In retrospect, this was a moment of refreshing candor.


Gary Hart knew where at least one of Bush's bodies was buried:

Senator Hart: You raised the question of getting the CIA out of domestic areas totally.

Let us hypothesize a situation where a President has stepped over the bounds. Let us say the FBI is investigating some people who are involved, and they go right to the White House. There is some possible CIA interest. The President calls you and says, I want you as Director of the CIA to call the Director of the FBI to tell him to call off this operation because it may jeopardize some CIA activities.

Mr. Bush: Well, generally speaking, and I think you are hypothecating a case without spelling it out in enough detail to know if there is any real legitimate foreign intelligence aspect...

There it was: the smoking gun tape again, the notorious Bush-Liedtke-Mosbacher-Pennzoil contribution to the CREEP again, the money that had been found in the pockets of Bernard Barker and the Plumbers after the Watergate break-in. But Hart did not mention it overtly, only in this oblique, Byzantine manner. Hart went on:

I am hypothesizing a case that actually happened in June 1972. There might have been some tangential CIA interest in something in Mexico. Funds were laundered and so forth.

Mr. Bush: Using a 50-50 hindsight on that case, I hope I would have said the CIA is not going to get involved in that if we are talking about the same one.

Senator Hart: We are.

Senator (Patrick) Leahy: Are there others?

Bush was on the edge of having his entire Watergate past come out in the wash, but the liberal Democrats were already far too devoted to the one-party state to grill Bush seriously. In a few seconds, responding to another question from Hart, Bush was off the hook, droning on about plausible deniability, of all things.

The next day, December 16, 1975, Church, appearing as a witness, delivered his philippie against Bush. After citing evidence of widespread public concern about the renewed intrusion of the CIA in domestic politics under Bush, Church reviewed the situation: "So here we stand. Need we find or look to higher places than the Presidency and the nominee himself to confirm the fact that this door of the Vice Presidency in 1976 is left open and that he remains under active consideration for the ticket in 1976? We stand in this position in the close wake of Watergate, and this committee has before it a candidate for Director of the CIA, a man of strong partisan political background and a beckoning political future.

"Under these circumstances I find the appointment astonishing. Now, as never before, the Director of the CIA must be completely above political suspicion. At the very least this committee, I believe, should insist that the nominee disavow any place on the 1976 Presidential ticket....Otherwise his position as CIA Director would be hopelessly compromised.

"If Ambassador Bush wants to be Director of the CIA, he should seek that position. If he wants to be Vice President, then that ought to be his goal. It is wrong for him to want both positions, even in a Bicentennial year."

It was an argument that conceded far too much to Bush in the effort to be fair. Bush was incompetent for the post, and the argument should have ended there. Church's unwillingness to demand the unqualified rejection of such a nominee no matter what future goodies he was willing temporarily to renounce has cast long shadows over subsequent American history. But even so, Bush was in trouble.

Church was at his ironic best when he compared Bush to a recent chairman of the Democratic National Committee: "...If a Democrat were President, Mr. Larry O'Brien ought not to be nominated to be Director of the CIA. Of all times to do it, this is the worst, right at a time when it is obvious that public confidence needs to be restored in the professional, impartial, and nonpolitical character of the agency. So, we have the worst of all possible worlds." Church tellingly underlined that "Bush's birthright does not include being Director of the CIA. It includes the right to run for public office, to be sure, but that is quite a different matter than confirming him now for this particular position."

Church said he would under no circumstance vote for Bush, but that if the latter renounced the '76 ticket, he would refrain from attempting to canvass other votes against Bush. It was an ambiguous position.

Bush came back to the witness chair in an unmistakably whining mood. He was offended above all by the comparison of his august self to the upstart Larry O'Brien: "I think there is some difference in the qualifications," said Bush in a hyperthyroid rage. "Larry O'Brien did not serve in the Congress of the United States for four years. Larry O'Brien did not serve, with no partisanship, at the United Nations for two years. Larry O'Brien did not serve as the Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in the People's Republic of China." Not only Bush but his whole cursus honorum was insulted! "I will never apologize," said Bush a few seconds later, referring to his own record. Then Bush pulled out his "you must resign" letter to Nixon: "Now, I submit that for the record that that is demonstrable independence. I did not do it by calling the newspapers and saying, 'Look, I am having a press conference. Here is a sensational statement to make me, to separate me from a President in great agony."

[H: I can only again warn you-the-people--this man will do anything to achieve HIS GOALS--including bringing down the entire world into this New World Order--One World Government and he is ready to do so RIGHT NOW!!!]


Bush had been savaged in the hearings, and his nomination was now in grave danger of being rejected by the committee, and then by the full Senate. Later in the afternoon of November 16, a damage control party met at the White House to assess the situation for Ford. According to Patrick O'Donnell of Ford's Congressional Relations Office, the most Bush could hope for was a bare majority of 9 out of 16 votes on the Stennis Committee.

Ford was inclined to give the senators what they wanted, and exclude Bush a priori from the vice-presidential contest. When Ford called George over to the Oval Office on December 18, he already had the text of a letter to Stennis announcing that Bush was summarily ruled off the ticket if Ford were the candidate (which was anything but certain). Ford showed Bush the letter. We do not know what whining may have been heard in the White House that day from a senatorial patrician deprived (for the moment) of his birthright. Ford could not yield; it would have thrown his entire election campaign into acute embarrassment just as he was trying to get it off the ground. When George saw that Ford was obdurate, he proposed that the letter be amended to make it look as if the initiative to rule him out as a running mate had originated with Bush. The fateful letter read:

Dear Mr. Chairman:

As we Both know, the nation must have a strong and effective foreign intelligence capability. Just over two weeks ago, on December 7 while in Pearl Harbor, I said that we must never drop our guard nor unilaterally dismantle our defenses. The Central Intelligence Agency is essential to maintaining our national security.

I nominated Ambassador George Bush to be CIA Director so we can now get on with appropriate decisions concerning the intelligence community. I need--and the nation needs--his leadership at CIA as we rebuild and strengthen the foreign intelligence community in a manner which earns the confidence of the American people.

Ambassador Bush and I agree that the Nation's immediate foreign intelligence needs must take precedence over other considerations and there should be continuity in his CIA leadership. Therefore, if Ambassador Bush is confirmed by the Senate as Director of Central Intelligence, I will not consider him as my Vice Presidential running mate in 1976.

He and I have discussed this in detail. In fact, he urged that I make this decision. This says something about the man and about his desire to do his job for the nation...

On December 19, this letter was received by Stennis, who announced its contents to his committee. The Committee promptly approved the Bush appointment by a vote of 12 to 4, with Gary Hart, Leahy, Culver and McIntyre voting against him. Bush's name could now be sent to the floor, where a recrudescence of anti-Bush sentiment was not likely, but could not be ruled out.

Then, two days before Christmas, the CIA chief in Athens, Richard Welch, was gunned down in front of his home by masked assassins as he returned home with his wife from a Christmas party. A group calling itself the "November 19 Organization" later claimed credit for the killing.

Certain networks immediately began to use the Welch assassination as a bludgeon against the Church and Pike Committees. An example came from columnist Charles Bartlett, writing in the now-defunct Washington Star: "The assassination of the CIA Station Chief, Richard Welch, in Athens is a direct consequence of the stagy hearings of the Church Committee. Spies traditionally function in a gray world of immunity from such crudities. But the Committee's prolonged focus on CIA activities in Greece left agents there exposed to random vengeance." Staffers of the Church committee pointed out that the Church Committee had never said a word about Greece or mentioned the name Welch.

CIA Director. Colby first blamed the death of Welch on Counterspy magazine, which had published the name of Welch some months before. The next day, Colby backed off, blaming a more general climate of hysteria regarding the CIA which had led to the assassination of Richard Welch. In his book, Honorable Men, published some years later, Colby continued to attribute the killing to the "sensational and hysterical way the CIA investigations had been handled and trumpeted around the world."

The Ford White House resolved to exploit this tragic incident to the limit. Liberals raised a hue and cry in response. Les Aspin later recalled that "the air transport plane carrying Welch's body circled Andrews Air Force Base for three-quarters of an hour in order to land live on the Today Show." Ford waived restrictions in order to allow interment at Arlington Cemetery. The funeral on January 7 was described by the Washington Post as "a show of pomp usually reserved for the nation's most renowned military heroes." Anthony Lewis of the New York Times described the funeral as "a political device" with ceremonies "being manipulated in order to arouse a political backlash against legitimate criticism", Norman Kempster in the Washington Star found that "only a few hours after the CIA's Athens station chief was gunned down in front of his home, the agency began a subtle campaign intended to persuade Americans that his death was the indirect result of congressional investigations and the direct result of an article in an obscure magazine." Here, in the words of a Washington Star headline, was "one CIA effort that worked".



Between Christmas and New Year's in Kennebunkport, looking forward to the decisive floor vote on his confirmation, Bush was at work tending and mobilizing key parts of his network. One of them was a certain Leo Cherne.

Leo Cherne is not a household word but he has been a powerful figure in the U.S. intelligence community over the period since World War II. Leo Cherne was to be one of Bush's most important allies when he was CIA Director and throughout Bush's subsequent career.

Cherne has been a part of B'nai B'rith all his life. He was and still is an ardent Zionist. He is typical to the extent of the so-called "neoconservatives" who have been prominent in government and policy circles under Reagan-Bush, and Bush. Cherne was the founder of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), a conduit for neo-Bukharinite operations between East and West in the Cold War, and it was also reputedly a CIA front organization.

Cherne was a close friend of William Casey, who was working in the Nixon administration as undersecretary of state for economic affairs in mid-1973. That was when Cherne was named to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) by Nixon. On March 15, 1976, Cherne became the chairman of this body, which specializes in conduiting the demands of financiers and related interests into the intelligence community. Cherne, as we will see, would be, along with Bush, a leading beneficiary of Ford's spring 1976 intelligence reorganization.

Bush's correspondence with Cherne leaves no doubt that theirs was a very special relationship. Cherne represented for Bush a strengthening of his links to the Zionist-neoconservative milieu, with options for backchanneling into the Soviet bloc. Bush wrote to Cherne, "I read your testimony with keen interest and appreciation. I am really looking forward to meeting you and working with you in connection with your PFIAB chores. Have a wonderful 1976."

January 1976 was not auspicious for Bush. He had to wait until almost the end of the month for his confirmation vote, hanging there, slowly twisting in the wind. In the meantime, the Pike Committee report was approaching completion, after months of probing and haggling, and was sent to the Government Printing Office on January 23, despite continuing arguments from the White House and from the GOP that the committee could not reveal confidential and secret material provided by the executive branch. On Sunday, January 25, a copy of the report was leaked to Daniel Schorr of CBS News, and was exhibited on television that evening. The following morning, the New York Times published an extensive summary of the entire Pike Committee report.

Despite all this exposure, the House voted on January 29 that the Pike Committee report could not be released. A few days later, it was published in full in the Village Voice, and CBS correspondent Daniel Schorr was held responsible for its appearance. The Pike Committee report attacked Henry Kissinger, "whose comments," it said, "are at variance with the facts." In the midst of this imperial regency over the United States, an un-amused Kissinger responded that "we are facing a new version of McCarthyism". A few days later, Kissinger said of the Pike Committee: "I think they have used classified information in a reckless way, and the version of covert operations they have leaked to the press has the cumulative effect of being totally untrue and damaging to the nation."

Thus, as Bush's confirmation vote approached, the Ford White House, on the one hand, and the Pike and Church Committees on the other, were close to "open political warfare", as the Washington Post put it at the time. One explanation of the leaking of the Pike report was offered by Otis Pike himself on February 11: "A copy was sent to the CIA. It would be to their advantage to leak it for publication." By now, Ford was raving about mobilizing the FBI to find out how the report had been leaked.

On January 19, George Bush was present in the Executive Gallery of the House of Representatives, seated close to the un-fortunate Betty Ford, for the President's State of the Union Address. This was a photo opportunity so that Ford's CIA candidate could get on television for a cameo appearance that might boost his standing on the eve of confirmation.


Senate floor debate was underway on January 26, and Senator McIntyre lashed out at the Bush nomination as "an insensitive affront to the American people".

In further debate on the day of the vote, January 27, Senator Joseph Biden joined other Democrats in assailing Bush as "the wrong appointment for the wrong job at the wrong time." Church appealed to the Senate to reject Bush, a man "too deeply embroiled in partisan politics and too intertwined with the political destiny of the President himself" to be able to lead the CIA. Goldwater, Tower, Percy, Howard Baker and Clifford Case all spoke up for Bush. Bush's floor leader was Strom Thurmond who supported Bush by attacking the Church and Pike Committees.

Finally it came to a roll call and Bush passed by a vote of 64-27. Church's staff felt they had failed lamentably, having gotten only liberal Democrats and the single Republican vote of Jesse Helms.

It was the day after Bush's confirmation that the House Rules Committee voted 9 to 7 to block the publication of the Pike Committee report. The issue then went to the full House on January 29, which voted, 146 to 124, that the Pike Committee must submit its report to censorship by the White House and thus by the CIA. At almost the same time, Senator Howard Baker joined Tower and Goldwater in opposing the principal final recommendation of the Church Committee, such as it was--the establishment of a permanent intelligence over sight committee.

Pike found that the attempt to censor his report had made "a complete travesty of the whole doctrine of separation of powers." In the view of a staffer of the Church committee, "all within two days, the House Intelligence Committee had ground to a halt, and the Senate Intelligence Committee had split asunder over the centerpiece of its recommendations. The White House must have rejoiced; the Welch death and leaks from the Pike Committee report had produced, at last, a backlash against the congressional investigations."

Riding the crest of that wave of backlash was George Bush. The constellation of events around his confirmation prefigures the wretched state of Congress today: a rubber stamp parliament in a totalitarian state, incapable of overriding even one of Bush's 22 vetoes.

On Friday, January 30, Ford and Bush were joined at the CIA auditorium for Bush's swearing-in ceremony before a large gathering of agency employees. Colby was also there: Some said he had been fired primarily because Kissinger thought that he was divulging too much to the congressional committees, but Kissinger later told Colby that the latter's stratagems had been correct.

Colby opened the ceremony with a few brief words: "Mr. President, and Mr. Bush, I have great honor to present you to an organization of dedicated professionals. Despite the turmoil and tumult of the last year, they continue to produce the best intelligence in the world." This was met by a burst of applause. Ford's line was: "We cannot improve this agency by destroying it." Bush promised to make the "CIA an instrument of peace and on object of pride for all our people."

* * *

On this last note of nausea-related lies, let us take a break please.

Hatonn to stand-by. We will continue on this subject when we again sit to pen.



WED., JUNE 24, 1992 11:01 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 313













When Bush became Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), the incumbent principal deputy director was Gen. Vernon Walters, a former Army lieutenant general. This is the same Gen. Vernon Walters who was mentioned by Haldeman and Nixon in the notorious "smoking gun" tape already discussed, but who of course denied that he ever did any of the things that Haldeman and Erlichman said that he had promised to do. Walters had been at the CIA since May 1972--a Nixon appointee who had been with Nixon when the then-Vice President's car was stoned in Caracas, Venezuela. Ever since then, Nixon had seen him as part of the old guard. Walters left to become a private consultant in July 1976.

To replace Walters, Bush picked Enno Henry Knoche, who had joined the CIA in 1953 as an intelligence analyst specializing in Far Eastern political and military affairs. Knoche came from the Navy and knew Chinese. From 1962 to 1967, he had been the chief of the National Photographic Interpretation Center. In 1969, he had become deputy director of planning and budgeting and chaired the international CIA committee in charge of computerization. Next, Knoche was deputy director of the Office of Current Intelligence, which produces ongoing assessments of international events for the President and the National Security Council. After 1972, Knoche headed the Intelligence Directorate's Office of Strategic Research, charged with evaluating strategic threats to the U.S. In 1975, Knoche had been a special liaison between Colby and the Rockefeller Commission, as well as with the Church and Pike Committees. This was a very sensitive post, and Bush clearly looked to Knoche to help him deal with continuing challenges coming from the Congress. In the fall of 1975, Knoche was to function as Bush's "Indian guide" through the secrets of Langley; he knew "where the bodies were buried".

Knoche was highly critical of Colby's policy of handing over limited amounts of classified material to the Pike and Church committees, while fighting to save the core of covert operations. Knoche told a group of friends during this period: "There is no counterintelligence any more." This implies a condemnation of the congressional committees with whom Knoche had served as liaison, and can also be read as a lament for the ousting of James Jesus Angleton, chief of the CIA's counterintelligence operations until 1975 and director of the mail-opening operation that had been exposed by various probers.


Adm. Daniel J. Murphy was Bush's deputy director for the intelligence community, and later became Bush's chief of staff during his first term as vice president. Much later, in November 1987, Murphy visited Panama in the company of South Korean businessman and intelligence operative Tongsun Park, and met with Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Murphy was later obliged to testify to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about his meeting with Noriega. Murphy claimed that he was only in Panama to "make a buck", but there are indications that he was carrying messages to Noriega from Bush. Tongsun Park, Murphy's ostensible business associate, will soon turn out to have been the central figure of the Koreagate scandal of 1976, a very important development on Bush's CIA watch.

Other names on the Bush flow chart included holdover Edward Proctor, followed by Bush appointee Sayre Stevens in the slot of deputy director for intelligence; holdover Carl Duckett, followed by Bush appointee Leslie Dirks as deputy director for science and technology; John Blake, holdover as deputy director for administration, and holdover William Nelson, followed by Bush appointee William Wells, deputy director for operations.

[H: I can only urge you, once more, to get the ongoing series of TANGLED WEBS: TANGLED WEBS, VOL. I; TANGLED WEBS, VOL. II; THE MOTHER OF ALL WEBS T.W. III); LOOSEN THE KNOTS AND TANGLES (T.W. IV); BLOODSUCKERS OF THE TANGLED WEBS (V); SILENT BLOOD SUCKERS OF THE TANGLED WEBS (VI) and the others as we get them to release point. Remember, chelas, these are JOURNALS and the great value is the continuity of flow and integration of that which is already known. I think there is even some kind of discount if you purchase several--you'll have to check on it.]

William Wells as deputy director for operations was a very significant choice. He was a career covert operations specialist who had graduated from Yale a few years before Bush. Wells soon acquired his own deputy, recommended by him and approved by Bush: This was the infamous Theodore Shackley, whose title thus became associate deputy director for covert operations. Shackley later emerged as one of the central figures of the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980's. He is reputedly one of the dominant personalities of a CIA old boys' network known as The Enterprise, which was at the heart of Iran-Contra and the other illegal covert operations of the Reagan-Bush years.

During the early 1960's, after the Bay of Pigs, Theodore Shackley had been the head of the CIA Miami Station during the years in which Operation Mongoose was at its peak. This was the E. Howard Hunt and Watergate Cubans crowd, circles familiar to Felix Rodriguez (Max Gomez), who in the 1980's ran Contra gun-running and drug-running out of Bush's vice-presidential office.

Later, Shackley was reportedly the chief of the CIA station in Vientiane, Laos, between July 1966 and December 1968. Some time after that, he moved on to become the CIA station chief in Saigon, where he directed the implementation of the Civilian Operations and Rural Development Support (CORDS) program, better known as OPERATION PHOENIX, a genocidal crime against humanity which killed tens of thousands of Vietnamese civilians because they were suspected of working for the VietCong, or sometimes simply because they were able to read and write. [H: Yes indeed, I can only urge you to get the above named JOURNALS for it's all there in one or another of them.] As for Shackley, there are also reports that he worked for a time in the late 1960's in Rome during the period when the CIA's GLADIO capabilities were being used to launch a wave of terrorism in that country that went on for well over a decade. Such was the man whom Bush chose to appoint to a position of responsibility in the CIA. Later, Shackley will turn up as a "speechwriter" for Bush during the 1979-80 campaign.

Along with Shackley came his associate and former Miami Station second in command, Thomas Clines, a partner of Gen. Richard Secord and Albert Hakim during the Iran-Contra operation, convicted in September 1990 on four felony tax counts for not reporting his ill-gotten gains, and sentenced to 16 months in prison and a fine of $40,000.

Another career covert operations man, John Waller, became the inspector general, the officer who was supposed to keep track of illegal operations. For legal advice, Bush turned first to holdover General Counsel Mitchell Rogovin, who had in December 1975 theorized that intelligence activities belonged to the "inherent powers" of the presidency, and that no special congressional legislation was required to permit such things as covert operations to go on. later, Bush appointed Anthony Lapham, Yale '58, as CIA general counsel. Lapham was the scion of an old San Francisco banking family, and his brother was Lewis Lapham, the editor of Harper's magazine. Lapham would take a leading role in the CIA cover-up of the Letelier assassination case.

Typical of the broad section of CIA officers who were delighted with their new boss from Brown Brothers Harriman/Skull and Bones was Cord Meyer, who had most recently been the station chief in London from 1973 on, a wild and woolly time in the tight little island, as we will see. Meyer, a covert action veteran and Watergate operative, writes at length in his autobiography about his enthusiasm for the Bush regime at CIA, which induced him to prolong his own career there.

And what did other CIA officers, such as intelligence analysts, think of Bush? A common impression is that he was a superficial lightweight with no serious interest in intelligence. Deputy Director for Science and Technology Carl Duckett, who was ousted by Bush after three months, commented that he "never saw George Bush feel he had to understand the depth of something.... He is not a man tremendously dedicated to a cause or ideas. He's not fervent. He goes with the flow, looking for how it will play politically." According to Maurice Ernst, the head of the CIA's Office of Economic Research from 1970 to 1980, "George Bush doesn't like to get into the middle of an intellectual debate....he liked to delegate it. I never really had a serious discussion with him on economics." Hans Heymann was Bush's national intelligence officer for economics, and he remembers having been impressed by Bush's Phi Beta Kappa Yale degree in economics. As Heymann later recalled Bush's response, "He looked at me in horror and said, 'I don't remember a thing. It was so long ago, so I'm going to have to rely on you.'"


During the first few weeks of Bush's tenure, the Ford administration was gripped by a "first strike" psychosis. This had nothing to do with the Soviet Union, but was rather Ford's desire to preempt any proposals for reform of the intelligence agencies coming out of the Pike or Church Committees with a pseudo-reform of his own, premised on his own in-house study, the Rockefeller report, which recommended an increase of secrecy for covert operations and classified information. Since about the time of the Bush nomination, an interagency task force armed with the Rockefeller Commission recommendations had been meeting under the chairmanship of Ford's counselor Jack O. Marsh. This was the Intelligence Coordinating Group, which included delegates of the intelligence agencies, plus NSC, Office of Management and the Budget (OMB), and others. This group worked up a series of final recommendations that were given to Ford to study on his Christmas vacation in Vail, Colorado. At this point Ford was inclined to "go slow and work with Congress".

But on January 10, Marsh and the intelligence agency bosses met again with Ford, and the strategy began to shift toward preempting Congress. On January 30, Ford and Bush came back from their appearance at the CIA auditorium swearing-in session and met with other officials in the Cabinet Room. Attending besides Ford and Bush were Secretary of State Kissinger, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Edward Levi, Jack Marsh, Philip Buchen, Brent Scowcroft, Mike Duval, and Peter Wallison representing Vice President Rockefeller, who was out of town that day. Here Ford presented his tentative conclusions for further discussion. The general line was to preempt the Congress, not to cooperate with it, to increase secrecy, and to increase authoritarian tendencies.

Ford scheduled a White House press conference for the evening of February 17.

In his press conference of February 17, Ford scooped the Congress and touted his bureaucratic reshuffle of the intelligence agencies as the most sweeping reform and reorganization of the United States' intelligence agencies since the passage of the National Security Act of 1947. "I will not be a party to the dismantling of the CIA or other intelligence agencies," he intoned. He repeated that the intelligence community had to function under the direction of the National Security Council, as if that were something earth-shaking and new; from the perspective of Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter we can see in retrospect that it guaranteed nothing. A new NSC committee chaired by Bush was entrusted with the task of giving greater central coordination to the intelligence community as a whole. This committee was to consist of Bush, Kissinger clone William Hyland of the National Security Council staff, and Robert Ellsworth, the assistant secretary of defense for intelligence. This committee was jointly to formulate the budget of the intelligence community and allocate its resources to the various tasks.


The 40 Committee, which had overseen covert operations, was now to be called the Operations Advisory Group, with its membership reshuffled to include Scowcroft of NSC, Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff George Brown, plus observers from the attorney general and OMB.

An innovation was the creation of the Intelligence Oversight Board (in addition to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board), which was chaired by Ambassador Robert D. Murphy, the old adversary of Charles de Gaulle during World War II. The IOB was supposed to be a watchdog to prevent new abuses from coming out of the intelligence community. Also on this board there were Stephen Ailes, who had been undersecretary of defense for Kennedy and secretary of the Army for LBJ. The third figure on this IOB was Leo Cherne, who was soon to be promoted to chairman of PFIAB as well. The increasingly complicit relationship of Cherne to Bush meant that all alleged oversight by the IOB was a mockery.

Ford also wanted a version of the Official Secrets Act, which we have seen Bush supporting: He called for "Special legislation to guard critical intelligence secrets. This legislation would make it a crime for a government employee who has access to certain highly classified information to reveal that information improperly"--which would have made the Washington leak game rather more dicey than it is at present.


The Official Secrets Act would have to be passed by Congress, but most of the rest of what Ford announced was embodied in Executive Order 11905. Church thought that this was over-reaching, since it amounted to changing some provisions of the National Security Act by presidential fiat. But this was now the new temper of the times.

As for the CIA, Executive Order 11905 authorized it "to conduct foreign counterintelligence activities ... in the United States", which opened the door to many things. Apart from restrictions on physical searches and electronic bugging, it was still open season on Americans abroad. The FBI was promised the Levi guidelines, and other agencies would get charters written for them. In the interim, the power of the FBI to combat various "subversive" activities was reaffirmed. Political assassination was banned, but there were no limitations or regulations placed on covert operations, and there was nothing about measures to improve the intelligence and analytical product of agencies.

In the view of the New York Times, the big winner was Bush: "From a management point of view, Mr. Ford tonight centralized more power in the hands of the director of Central Intelligence than any had had since the creation of the CIA. The director has always been the nominal head of the intelligence community, but in fact has had little power over the other agencies, particularly the Department of Defense." Bush was now de facto intelligence czar.

Congressman Pike said that Ford's reorganization was bent "largely on preserving all of the secrets in the executive branch and very little on guaranteeing a lack of any further abuses." Church commented that what Ford was really after was "to give the CIA a bigger shield and a longer sword with which to stab about."

The Bush-Kissinger-Ford counteroffensive against the congressional committees went forward. On March 5, the CIA leaked the story that the Pike Committee had lost more than 232 secret documents which had been turned over from the files of the executive branch. Pike said that this was another classic CIA provocation designed to discredit his committee, which had ceased its activity. Bush denied that he had engineered the leak.

By September, Bush could boast in public that he had won the immediate engagement: His adversaries in the congressional investigating committees were defeated. "The CIA," Bush announced, "has weathered the storm... The mood in Congress has changed," he crowed. "No one is campaigning against strong intelligence. The adversary thing, how we can ferret out corruption, has given way to the more serious question how we can have better intelligence."

Such was the public profile of Bush's CIA tenure up until about the time of the November 1976 elections. If this had been the whole story, then we might accept the usual talk about Bush's period of uneventful rebuilding and moral boosting while he was at Langley.

* * *

Let us take a rest break before we take up the subject of Bush's real agenda.



WED., JUNE 24, 1992 11:01 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 313




As we move along here I just want you to keep in mind that "Kissinger" will be coming up constantly as the brains behind everything happening--BUT ALSO REMEMBER: THE UNKNOWN PERSON, WALLACE STICKNEY, WHO HEADS FEMA AND WILL CONTROL UNDER DIRECTION OF THOSE SAME HANDS--IS A MEMBER OF KISSINGER'S "KISSINGER AND ASSOCIATES"!!!!


Reality was different. The administration Bush served had Ford as its titular head, but most of the real power, especially in foreign affairs, was in the hands of Kissinger. Bush was more than willing to play along with the Kissinger agenda.


The first priority was to put an end to such episodes as contempt citations for Henry Kissinger. Thanks to the presence of Don Gregg as CIA station chief in Seoul, South Korea, that was easy to arrange. This was the same Don Gregg of the CIA who would later serve as Bush's national security adviser during the second vice-presidential term, and who would manage decisive parts of the Iran-Contra operations from Bush's own office. Gregg knew of an agent of the Korean CIA, Tongsun Park, who had for a number of years been making large payments to members of Congress, above all to Democratic members of the House of Representatives, in order to secure their support for legislation that was of interest to Park Chung Hee, the South Korean leader. It was therefore a simple matter to blow the lid off this story, causing a wave of hysteria among the literally hundreds of members of Congress who had attended parties or-ganized by Tongsun Park.

The Koreagate headlines began to appear a few days after Bush had taken over at Langley. In February, there was a story by Maxine Cheshire of the Washington Post reporting that the Department of Justice was investigating Congressmen Bob Leggett and Joseph Addabbo for allegedly accepting bribes from the Korean government. Both men were linked to Suzi Park Thomson, who had been hosting parties of the Korean Embassy. Later, it turned out that Speaker of the House Carl Albert had kept Suzi Park Thomson on his payroll for all of the six years that he had been speaker. The New York Times estimated that as many as 115 Congressmen were involved.

In reality the number was much lower, but former Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski was brought back from Houston to become special prosecutor for this case as well. This underlined the press line that "the Democrats' Watergate" had finally arrived. It was embarrassing to the Bush CIA when Tongsun Park's official agency file disappeared for several months, and finally turned up shorn of key information on the CIA officers who had been working most closely with Park.

With "Koreagate", the Congress was terrorized and brought to heel. In this atmosphere Bush moved to reach a secret foreign policy consensus with key congressional leaders of both parties of the one-party state. According to two senior government officials involved, limited covert operations in such places as Angola were continued under the pretext that they were necessary for phasing out the earlier, larger, and more expensive operations. Bush's secret deal was especially successful with the post-Church Senate Intelligence Committee. Because of the climate of restoration that prevailed, a number of Democrats on this committee concluded that they must break off their aggressive inquiries and make peace with Bush, according to reports of remarks by two senior members of the committee staff. The result was an interregnum during which the Senate committee would neither set specific reporting requirements nor attempt to pass any binding legislation to restrict CIA covert and related activity. In return, Bush would pretend to make a few disclosures to create a veneer of cooperation.


One of the most spectacular scandals of Bush's tenure at the CIA was the assassination in Washington, D.C. of Orlando Letelier, the Chilean exile leader. Letelier had been a minister in the Allende government, which had been overthrown by Kissinger in 1973. Letelier, along with Ronnie Moffitt of the Washington Institute for Policy Studies, died on September 21, 1976 in the explosion of a car bomb on Sheridan Circle, in the heart of Washington's Embassy Row district along Massachusetts Avenue.

Relatively few cases of international terrorism have taken place on the territory of the United States, but this was certainly an exception. Bush's activities before and after this assassination amount to one of the most bizarre episodes in the annals of secret intelligence operations.

One of the assassins of Letelier was unquestionably one Michael Vernon Townley, a CIA agent who had worked for David Atlee Phillips in Chile. Phillips had become the director of the CIA's Western Hemisphere operations after the overthrow of Allende and the advent of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, and its Milton Friedman/Chicago School economic policies. In 1975, Phillips founded AFIO, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, which has supported George Bush in every campaign he has ever waged since that time. Townley, as a "former" CIA agent, had gone to work for the DINA, the Chilean secret police, and had been assigned by the DINA as its liaison man with a group called CORU. CORU was the acronym for Command of United Revolutionary Organizations, a united front of four anti-Castro Cuban organizations based primarily in the neighborhood of Miami called Little Havana. With CORU, we are back in the milieu of Miami anti-Castro Cubans, whose political godfather George Bush had been since very early in the 1960's.

It was under these circumstances that the U.S. ambassador to Chile, George Landau, sent a cable to the State Department with the singular request that two agents of the DINA be allowed to enter the United States with Paraguayan passports. One of these agents is likely to have been Townley. The cable also indicated that the two DINA agents also wanted to meet with Gen. Vernon Walters, the outgoing deputy director of central intelligence, and so the cable also went to Langley. Here, the cable was read by Walters, and also passed into the hands of Director George Bush. Bush not only had this cable in his hands, Bush and Walters discussed the contents of the cable and what to do about it, including whether Walters ought to meet with the DINA agents. The cable also reached the desk of Henry Kissinger. One of Landau's questions appears to have been whether the mission of the DINA men had been approved in advance by Langley; his cable was accompanied by photocopies of the Paraguayan passports. (Later on, in 1980, Bush denied that he had ever seen this cable; he had not just been out of the loop, he claims; he had been in China.) The red Studebaker hacks, including Bush himself in his campaign autobiography, do not bother denying anything about the Letelier case; they simply omit it.


On August 4, on the basis of the conversations between Bush and Vernon Walters, the CIA sent a reply from Walters to Landau, stating that the former "was unaware of the visit and that his Agency did not desire to have any contact with the Chileans." Ambassador Landau responded by revoking the visas that he had already granted and telling the Immigration and Naturalization Service to put the two DINA men on their watch list to be picked up if they tried to enter the United States. The two DINA men entered the United States anyway on August 22, with no apparent difficulty. The DINA men reached Washington, and it is clear that they were hardly traveling incognito:

They appear to have asked a Chilean embassy official to call the CIA to repeat their request for a meeting.

According to other reports, the DINA men met with New York Senator James Buckley, the brother of conservative columnist William Buckley of Skull and Bones. It is also said that the DINA men met with Frank Terpil, a close associate of Ed Wilson, and no stranger to the operations of the Shackley-Clines Enterprise. According to one such version, "Townley met with Frank Terpil one week before the Letelier murder, on the same day that he met with Senator James Buckley and aides in New York City. The explosives sent to the United States on Chilean airlines were to replace explosives supplied by Edwin Wilson, according to a source close to the office of Assistant U.S. Attorney Lawrence Barcella." The bomb that killed Letelier and Moffitt was of the same type that the FBI believed that Ed Wilson was selling, with the same timer mechanism.


Bush therefore had plenty of warning that a DINA operation was about to take place in Washington, and it was no secret that it would be wetwork. As authors John Dinges and Saul Landau point out, when the DINA hitmen arrived in Washington they "alerted the CIA by having a Chilean embassy employee call General Walters' office at the CIA's Langley headquarters. It is quite beyond belief that the CIA is so lax in its counterespionage functions that it would simply have ignored a clandestine operation by a foreign intelligence service in Washington, D.C., or anywhere in the United States. It is equally implausible that Bush, Walters, (Ambassador George) Landau and other officials were unaware of the chain of international assassinations that had been attributed to DINA.

Bush's complicity deepens when we turn to the post-assassination cover-up. The prosecutor in the Letelier-Moffitt murders was Assistant U.S. Attorney Eugene M. Propper. Nine days after the assassinations, Propper was trying without success to get some cooperation from the CIA, since it was obvious enough to anyone that the Chilean regime was the prime suspect in the killing of one of its most prominent political opponents. The CIA had been crudely stonewalling Propper. He had even been unable to secure the requisite security clearance to see documents in the case. Then Propper received a telephone call from Stanley Pottinger, assistant attorney general in charge of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. Pottinger said that he had been in contact with members of the Institute for Policy Studies, who had argued that the Civil Rights Division ought to take over the Letelier case because of its clear political implications. Propper argued that he should keep control of the case since the Protection of Foreign Officials Act gave him jurisdiction. Pottinger agreed that Propper was right, and that he ought to keep the case. When Pottinger offered to be of help in any possible way, Propper asked if Pottinger could expedite cooperation with the CIA.

As Propper later recounted this conversation: "Instant, warm confidence shot through the telephone line. The assistant attorney general replied that he happened to be a personal friend of the CIA Director himself, George Bush. Pottinger called him 'George'. For him, the CIA Director was only a phone call away. Would Propper like an appointment? By that afternoon he (an FBI agent working on the case) and Pottinger were scheduled for lunch with Director Bush at CIA headquarters on Monday. A Justice Department limousine would pick them up at noon. Propper whistled to himself. This was known in Washington as access."

At CIA headquarters, Pottinger introduced Propper to Director Bush, and Bush introduced the two lawyers to Tony Lapham, his general counsel. There was some polite conversation. Then, "When finally called on to state his business, Propper said that the Letelier-Moffitt murders were more than likely political assassinations, and that the investigation would probably move outside the United States into the Agency's realm of foreign intelligence. Therefore, Propper wanted CIA cooperation in the form of reports from within Chile, reports on assassins, reports on foreign operatives entering the United States, and the like. He wanted anything he could get that might bear upon the murders."

If Bush had wanted to be candid, he could have informed Propper that he had been informed of the coming of the DINA team twice, once before they left South America and once when they had arrived in Washington. But Bush never volunteered this highly pertinent information. Instead, he went into a sophisticated stonewall routine: "Look," said Bush, "I'm appalled by the bombing. Obviously we can't allow people to come right here into the capital and kill foreign diplomats and American citizens like this. It would be hideous precedent. So, as director, I want to help you. As an American citizen, I want to help. But, as director, I also know that the Agency can't help in a lot of situations like this. We've got some problems. Tony, tell him what they are."

Lapham launched into a consummate Aristotelian obfuscation, recounted in Lapham and Propper's Labyrinth. Lapham and Propper finally agreed that they could handle the matter best through an exchange of letters between the CIA Director and Attorney General Levi. George Bush summed up: "If you two come up with something that Tony thinks will protect us, we'll be all right." The date was October 4, 1976.


Contrary to that pledge, Bush and the CIA began actively to sabotage Propper's investigation in public as well as behind the scenes. By Saturday, the Washington Post was reporting many details of Propper's arrangement with the CIA. Even more interesting was the following item in the "Periscope" column of Newsweek magazine of October 11: "After studying FBI and other field investigations, the CIA has concluded that the Chilean secret police were not involved in the death of Orlando Letelier.... The agency reached its decision because the bomb was too crude to be the work of experts and because the murder, coming while Chile's rulers were wooing U.S. support, could only damage the Santiago regime."

On November 1, the Washington Post reported a leak from Bush personally: "CIA officials say...they believe that operatives of the present Chilean military junta did not take part in Letelier's killing. According to informed sources, CIA Director Bush expressed this view in a conversation last week with Secretary of State Kissinger, the sources said. What evidence the CIA has obtained to support this initial conclusion was not disclosed."

Most remarkably, Bush is reported to have flown to Miami on November 8 with the purpose or pretext of taking "a walking tour of Little Havana". As author Donald Freed tells it, "Actually Bush met with the Miami FBI Special Agents in Charge Julius Matson and the chief of the anti-Castro terrorism squad. According to a source close to the meeting, Bush warned die FBI against allowing the investigation to go any further than the lowest level Cubans.

In a meeting presided over by Pottinger, Propper was only able to get Lapham to agree that the Justice Department could ask the CIA to report any information on the Letelier murder that might relate to the security of the United States against foreign intervention. It was two years before any word of the July-August cables was divulged.

Ultimately, some low-level Cubans were convicted in a trial that saw Townley plea bargain and get off with a lighter sentence than the rest. Material about Townley under his various aliases strangely disappeared from the Immigration and Naturalization Service files, and records of the July-August cable traffic with Vernon Walters (and Bush) were expunged. No doubt there had been obstruction of justice; no doubt there had been a cover-up.


Now, what about the intelligence product of the CIA, in particular the National Intelligence Estimates that are the centerpiece of the CIA's work? Here Bush was to oversee a maneuver to markedly enhance the influence of the pro-Zionist wing of the intelligence community.

In June 1976, Bush accepted a proposal from Leo Cherne to carry out an experiment in "competitive analysis": in the area of National Intelligence Estimates of Soviet air defenses, Soviet missile accuracy, and overall Soviet strategic objectives. Bush and Cherne decided to conduct the competitive analysis by commissioning two separate groups, each of which would present and argue for its own conclusions. On the one, Team A would be the CIA's own National Intelligence Officers and their staffs. But there would also be a separate Team B, a group of ostensibly independent outside experts.

The group leader of Team B was Harvard history professor Richard Pipes, who was working in the British Museum in London when he was appointed by Bush and Cherne.

The liaison between Pipes' Team B and Team A, the official CIA, was provided by John Paisley, who had earlier served as the liaison between Langley and the McCord-Hunt-Liddy Plumbers. In this sense, Paisley served as the staff director of the Team A-Team B experiment.

Team B's basic conclusion was that the Soviet military preparations were not exclusively defensive, but rather represented the attempt to acquire a first-strike capability that would allow the USSR to unleash and prevail in thermonuclear war. The U.S. would face a window of vulnerability during the 1980's. But it is clear from Pipes' own discussion of the debate that Team B was less interested in the Soviet Union and its capabilities than in seizing hegemony in the intelligence and think-tank community in preparation for seizing the key posts in the Republican administration that might follow Carter in 1980. The argument in Team B quarters was that, since the Soviets were turning aggressive once again, the U.S.A. must do everything possible to strengthen the only staunch and reliable American ally in the MIDDLE East or possibly anywhere in the world, Israel. This meant not just that Israel had to be financed without stint, but that Israel had to be brought into Central America, the Far East, and Africa. There was even a design for a new NATO, constructed around Israel, while junking the old NATO because it was absorbing vital U.S. resources needed by Israel.

By contrast, Team B supporters like Richard Perle, who served as assistant secretary of defense under Reagan, were bitterly hostile to the Strategic Defense Initiative, which was plainly the only rational response to the Soviet buildup, which was very real indeed. The "window of vulnerability" argument had merit, but the policy conclusions favored by Team B had none, since their idea of responding to the Soviet threat was, once again, to subordinate everything to Israeli demands.

Team A and Team B were supposed to be secret, but leaks appeared in the Boston Globe in October. Pipes was surprised to find an even more detailed account of Team B and its grim estimate of Soviet intent in the New York Times shortly after Christmas, but Paisley told him that Bush and CIA official Richard Lehman had already been talking to the press, and urged Pipes to begin to offer some interviews of his own.


Typically enough, Bush appeared on Face the Nation early in the new year, before the inauguration of the new President, Jimmy Carter, to say that he was "appalled" by the leaks of Team B's conclusions. Bush confessed that "outside expertise had enormous appeal to me." He refused to discuss the Team B conclusions themselves, but did say that he wanted to "gun down" speculation that the CIA had leaked a tough estimate of the Soviet Union's military buildup in order to stop Carter from cutting the defense budget.

After the Team B conclusions had been bruited around the world, Pipes became a leading member of the Committee on the Present Danger, where his fellow Team B veteran, Paul Nitze, was already ensconced, along with Eugene V. Rostow, Dean Rusk, Lane Kirkland, Max Kampelman, Richard Allen, David Packard and Henry Fowler. About 30 members of the Committee on the Present Danger went on to become high officials of the Reagan administration.

Ronald Reagan himself embraced the "window of vulnerability" thesis, which worked as well for him as the bomber gap and missile gap arguments had worked in previous elections. When the Reagan administration was being assembled, Bush and James Baker had a lot to say about who got what appointments. Bush was the founder of Team B, and that is the fundamental reason why such pro-Zionist neoconservatives as Max Kamperlman, Richard Perle, Steven Bryen, Noel Koch, Paul Wolfowitz and Dov Zakem showed up in the Reagan administration.

In a grim postlude to the Team B exercise, Bush's hand-picked staff director for the operation, John Paisley, the Soviet analyst (Paisley was the former deputy director of the CIA's Office of Strategic Research) and CIA liaison to the Plumbers, disappeared on September 24, 1978 while sailing on Chesapeake Bay in his sloop, the Brillig. Several days later, a body was found floating in the bay in an advanced state of decomposition, and with a gunshot wound behind the left ear. The corpse was weighted down by two sets of ponderous diving belts. The body was four inches shorter than Paisley's own height, and Paisley's wife later asserted that the body found was not that of her husband. Despite all this, the body was positively identified as Paisley's, the death summarily ruled a suicide, and the body quickly cremated at the funeral home approved by the Office of Security.


As he managed the formidable world-wide capabilities of the CIA during 1976, Bush was laying the groundwork for his personal advancement to higher office and greater power in the 1980's. As we have seen, there was some intermittent speculation during the year that in spite of what Ford had promised the Senate, Bush might show up as Ford's running mate after all. But at the Republican Convention, Ford chose Kansas Senator Bob Dole for Vice President. If Ford had won the election, Bush would certainly have attempted to secure a further promotion, perhaps to secretary of state, defense, or treasury as a springboard for a new presidential bid of his own in 1980. But if Carter won the election, Bush would attempt to raise the banner of the non-political status of the CIA in order to convince Carter to let him stay at Langley during the period 1977-81 as a "non-partisan" administrator.

In the close of the 1976 election, Carter prevailed by vote fraud in New York, Ohio, and other states, but Ford was convinced by William Nelson and Happy Rockefeller, as well as by his own distraught wife Betty, that he must concede in order to preserve the work of "healing" that he had accomplished since Watergate. Carter would therefore enter the White House.

Bush prepared to make his bid for continuity at the CIA. Shortly after the election, he was scheduled to journey to Plains to brief Carter with the help of his deputy Henry Knoche. The critical meeting with Carter went very badly indeed. Bush took Carter aside and argued that in 1960 and 1968, CIA directors were retained during presidential transitions, and that it would make Carter look good if he did the same. Carter signaled that he wasn't interested. Then Bush lamely stammered that if Carter wanted his own man in Langley, Bush would be willing to resign, which is of course standard procedure for all agency heads when a new President takes office. Carter said that that was indeed exactly what he wanted, and that he would have his own new DCI ready by January 21, 1977. Bush and Knoche then briefed Carter and his people for some six hours. Carter insiders told the press that Bush's briefing had been a "disaster". "Jimmy wasn't impressed with Bush," said a key Carter staffer.

Bush left Langley with Carter's inauguration, leaving Knoche to serve a couple of months as acting DCI. George Bush now turned to his family business of international banking--or so the story goes - -

Let us leave this, please.



THU., JUNE 25, 1992 7:29 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 313



Friends, please do not cause me to have to have "your" insight for you. Please see that which is going on and act accordingly. Things are not simply going to "go away"--you are being set up and it grows more severe with each trial balloon.

Foreign troops are in your nation! Foreign military equipment has now been placed in every portion of your nation and now the rail circulation is stopped. This means that in a brief period of time the entire industrial circulation of your nation will be halted. "They" are now telling you that it will even move to the steel industry and on through the network of production factories. THEY ALSO ARE "SUGGESTING" EXECUTIVE ORDERS!

There is a grave plan to the railroad shut-down now that the military equipment has been replaced and relocated, etc. It is to give reason for Executive Order take-over.

Everything the Administration and the Elite are doing is pointing to either civil or outright international war. There is first strike in readiness and now they will barrage you with "natural disaster" drills and hype until you are lulled back into your prison cells.

Photon Belt?? Who cares!! You will be most lucky indeed if you make it to such time as a little photon experience.

You of mine--sharpen up and check your emergency supplies. Again, tend of your money for if the Executive Orders are brought down for emergency regulations, it will probably take down the banks also if fear and panic set in. At any rate there will be "action" to prevent "panic" they will be telling you.

Why? Watch the clues. The rail strike is the biggest one thing---notable AFTER rearrangement of military supplies--which by the way are even marked (though most insignias have been covered or painted over) with communist designations. The Japanese troops are now arriving in the U.S. and Canada and they are decked out in blue helmets and berets ("for the war games").


Ones ask what to do? I can't tell you what to do--but I tell you it is DANGEROUS to travel, especially by air from now forth. What happens depends on several things including your shuttle launch scheduled for today. You must realize that within this very week there have also been two massive nuclear tests in Nevada which were all but devastating.

There is now capability and placement in the field of "control" weapons which fire phaser beams which instantly kill everything in a body. The body itself will not even begin to decay until after some three months. They also are now placing helicopters (black) in groups of two or three which simultaneous fire beams which "program" crowds--or--kill them. Also, even the police departments across the country are training the enforcement officers to be prepared for both chemical and biological intervention.

Sad? Indeed! But perhaps the most sad thing is that in the time we have been writing we are now accused, more than ever--of "preaching panic and fear". No, I tell you how it IS--and remind you to walk back into the shelter of God of Light. Fear and panic are not things of earth human who has freedom of action and the will to do anything you desire to do.

I remind you--the most important segment of our publications are going to be banned and impounded simply because we tell you about God and Light--the orders came yesterday--with the police. We have about a month to act. America West will cease to function as is--so look for another title coming through. They will now lose great sums of inflow by the court actions for they just made arrangements for additional printings of the work in point. They are already running deficits so this will likely bankrupt them--which is the point of the actions under way.

It appears the only way to keep the work available to any extent is to turn it over to other distributors for the orders herein are to cease and desist in all publishing and distribution of the work in point. After "Executive Orders" come down it will encompass ALL of the work on the basis of "national emergency and security". Our people would simply publish additional supplies and network distribution but there simply are not available funds to do so. The LIBERATOR is so under attack that many working connections have had to be severed with America West to allow for printing and writing in one location and business flow to take place in another state. We have arranged it so the information and paper can flow in various networking systems but we cannot know for sure how long this can be done. Please be alert to information changes.

Please do realize, public readers, that these are individual entities, are well managed according to "our" instructions and do not affect any other segment of anything--business or private. We knew from onset that the government could and probably would shut us down so as we are devastated in one area we can have lifeline to another. Eventually, however, the possibilities are that we will have to have a very low profile to continue our work. Dharma and Oberli have already been "shut down" and now hold NOTHING and volunteer everything in order to have no strings against anything down in our projects or mission. We welcome ALL legal actions by anyone and the more massive the suit--the more massive can be the counter-suit because I will NEVER give them anything through which to be "longer HAD". Oh indeed, great inconvenience from the myriad of court battles but henceforth they shall all be fought through the Constitutional Law Center--giving BOTH entities experience.


Right now there is a suit against all parties involved in the JOURNALS and paper. Herein I want to point out something to the attorneys involved: You cannot copyright "truth". Even if you could do so, if conclusions are different from those of the "author or publisher in point", it is not infringement. If an entity labels itself "Institute" or "University" it becomes recognized as a teaching entity and purchased courses (as in Home Study Course) become the property of the buyer. Information utilized from an entity having changed "ITS" name so that the accused has no way of tracing same--accusations are invalid and thus and so. Further, the entity in point must prove damage and intent to damage. There are many more points but if you will go forth and research these things you will find basis for argument as well as counter-measures. We here write only JOURNALS (as in magazines) and a paper with news items and no accepted advertising of public input. The JOURNALS are "news" oriented and informational value only--WE PLANNED IT THIS WAY!! GOD WOULD NOT HAVE LESSER THAN ORGANIZED PLANS AND GOALS, CHELAS!

Does this mean you can prevail? It only means you "should" prevail--the system is so rotten that the likelihood of prevailing in total is less than zilch--however, if you have arranged your lives well to do this work--you have nothing to lose--so how can losing hurt? It is different with the property and dwelling--it hurts very, very much. So, too, will stopping our information flow, hurt. But, as we are stopped from political output, if we can prevail over the "spiritual" aspects now under attack, we can continue to inform even if it only be bean recipes and tofu guides.

It was against these days of efforting to shut down the work that the push was on to get the massive amounts of information forth--so you will have it and you will find ways to get it--I promise you. When you want it it can be found for it is intended that it be so.

Part of this discussion is for Dharma and my people here at this place--it is hard to work around the clock day after day just to have others come and attack with intent to kill. Hold my hand and listen--we know the way through. Alive? What is "alive"? You have no worthy definition of "alive"! You are only able to measure your "aliveness" against the "death" around you and I speak of "walking" dead.


One last item before we move on: If you are still holding funds in even moderate amounts in the banks--expect them to be lost-- soon. We have spoken on this many times and I still remind you--BankAmerica will be one of the big holders. The "market" and the government bonds and treasuries, CDs and paper are expected to collapse right away now. At the least, all will be coming under "Emergency FEMA regulations" as soon as the "orchestra" begins the overture. Are you prepared against this day?? We have done all that we can do and I cannot promise you any further assistance past this moment. The major actions are expected during the Fourth of July celebrations so as to give you LESS time with opened banks to have "runs". If you act today you may get coverage through one more blow-out but with less than 7-1/2 years to HAVE ALL IN OPERATIONAL CONTROL--I WOULD GUESS THE ACTIVITIES ARE GOING TO HEAT UP AND BOIL OVER FROM NOW ON "IN".

Can you survive? Yes--if you act appropriately and utilize their system instead of "fighting" it. You can only WIN through proper "working within" and growing up through it. I further ask for your prayers that our funding for our projects such as algae production and food growth can be completed so that branches of same can be available to all. You must remember that there are those eight years and the adversary Elite need to have you continue to function and have a way to continue to hide Truth from you by the continued deceit. I remind you that "they" will even help you for what you do makes them "look" good and they need to "look" good for a while longer. It simply is that you must see "through" the facade. Be ecstatic that YOU see through because it allows you to act in wisdom instead of with irrational reaction. Our purpose is to get a remnant through intact and bring God's people into safety and security--all other entities are just as YOU--under their own free-will preferences. The show is REALLY about to become incredible!

By the way--there is now a "black market" tape of pictures of communities and bases on the dark side of the moon and on Mars which are undeniable and the "tellers" are now DEAD to prove it. These are "joint venture" placements for the Elite and YOU paid for them. It is all a part of Alternative Three--I suggest you get SPACEGATE, THE VEIL REMOVED and SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.

I frankly do not know how to separate out any JOURNAL above that of another--for we have covered so many facets of your needs that the response only is measured by the question.


Dharma, take this off the equipment so that the others can move on with checking their preparations, supplies--for self AND PETS--for if the government shuts down trucking--you will have no means of getting supplies. Make sure you are "right up" and make SURE that you have available a "safe place" for a time of radiation fallout as things unfold. You can also expect some "natural" disasters to be triggered so that the "worst" will not appear to be from Washington. They need YOU to believe that THEY are saving you--so act accordingly! It is better to let them "save" you, however, with an already full stomach, first aid supplies and at least water. Do not expect to be able to purchase very much at markets for the thrust will be to orchestrate "looting" so that the police have reason to shoot to kill. The markets will be stripped. Do not, either, be even tempted to go forth and loot because "everyone is doing it"--you will be shot. Be prepared and then stay away from every trouble area possible--park in security and wait it out. Perhaps the three to five days of "darkness" is simply the total devastating dark actions of the blind and evil run amuck.

Each one who has plans which give a place of security--make SURE your little bags are ready as we have been through before--along with placement for quick pick-up of your sleeping bags, personal goods and emergency food locker--enough to sustain for all members of the family for two to three days minimum. This is so that if you have to move to your basement or to the center of the dwelling, or wherever--you will have these necessities within reach to minimize exposure by having to go forth and search for them. This is where an ounce of prevention and preparation is worth everything and not just a pound of cure. This is not "panicville"--this is a reminder to check your supplies which should be current all the time and regularly monitored at any rate. For instance, if you used that sleeping bag on a camping trip--make sure it is back in reach of your emergency supplies.

It is time to go through emergency instructions with your family as reminders for any kind of happening for remember, children will often be separated from parents and they must have food, water and a secure place of safety until re-united--these are things you "should have" already taught them. Don't, please, be too late.



FRI., JUNE 26, 1992 9:39 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 315

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 1992


You must realize that as you become informed the heart will rebel in pain if the knowledge is unexpected and horrendous in nature. But, if you are in "knowing" then there are no surprises--only unfolding. Therefore you must endeavor to shape your heart to front the hour, but dream not that the hour will last. It is recognized as truth that the man forewarned is worth any two or more in ignorance, so for all your days prepare and simply meet them all alike: When you are the anvil, bear--when you are the hammer, strike. And lastly, take heed for most are always saving themselves for something or another such as the "Senior Prom" but most of you forget that somewhere along the way you must learn to dance. Are you ready for the dancing having already perhaps missed the tune? The Prom is under way.

* * *


We are going to take up again the San Luis Obispo Connection in the order of the documents sent to me. This is going to be dealing with the


We have written on this subject several times but I believe this deals more directly with persons involved and is worthy of repeating information at any rate. Thank you, R.R., for your sharing. We will reprint exactly as given to us.


Incredible as it may seem after nearly nine years, the sabotage and destruction of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 has gone completely undetected and unresolved by the people of the world. This act of terrorism was so simple and foolproof that it could have, and indeed probably has, been repeated many times. The following explanation is, in all probability, precisely the way it was accomplished.

007 left New York City on August 31, 1983 on the first leg of its journey to Seoul, South Korea. Its midpoint stop was Anchorage, Alaska. There it stopped to refuel and possibly disembark passengers and cargo. While at Anchorage airport, 007 removed several tons of cargo destined for Seoul, Korea and added four extra tons of fuel. Remember this extra fuel as it is an important factor in the plan. If 007 had taken the shortcut across Kamchatka and Sakhalin Island, as has been alleged, it would have used six tons less fuel.

In the early morning hours of September 1, 1983, 007 left Anchorage fourteen minutes behind schedule. Remember this fourteen minutes, as it also is an important factor.

Meanwhile, Korean Airlines Flight #15 (015) arrived at Anchorage, approximately one-half hour after 007. KAL 015 left Anchorage, approximately one-half hour after 007. KAL 015 left Anchorage about six minutes early. This also is an important factor.

When 007 left Anchorage, it was noticed that it was ten degrees off course. If 007 would have continued on this course, without correction, it would have taken 007 across the Kamchatka Peninsula and Sakhalin Island. This was a diversion and was to establish radar tape records to prove that 007 flew over Russian territory. It was NOT advantageous nor desirable to send 007 on an intelligence mission across Russian territory.

007 had neither the electronic capabilities for performing an intelligence mission nor the capability of avoiding detection and apprehension. 007 was substituted by a U.S. intelligence-gathering aircraft, an RC-135, in the following manner.

The RC-135 is the U.S. Air Force version of the Boeing 707 and is very similar to KAL 007, which is a Boeing 747. The RC-135 has a payload of 45 tons of the most advanced, incredible electronic equipment ever devised. It is capable of any kind of communication transmission and reception, radio and radar jamming, stealth capability, radar false imaging, and computer functions that would make the movie "Star Wars" appear to be a stone age production. It also carries devices which can distract and divert incoming missiles and laser devices which can prematurely explode incoming missiles. Although it is fiction, the book "Flight of the Old Dog" accurately describes these systems and the author, an Air Force intelligence officer, attests to their reality.


It has been established that somewhere between the coast of Alaska and the Kamchatka Peninsula, 007's flightpath was intersected by an RC-135. This is not entirely correct. 007's flight-path was intersected by TWO RC-135s. The two RC-135s left their base at Shemya, in the Aleutians, flying in very close proximity or, in Air Force language they were "stacked". In this condition they would appear as one "blip" on a radar screen and therefore assumed to be only one aircraft!

When the RC-135s intersected the flightpath of 007 all three aircraft appeared as one "blip" on the radar screens of the international radar network. At this point, the pilot of 007, Captain Chun, made an announcement on the intercom, something like this: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. One of our instruments is indicating a discrepancy in our cabin pressurization system. Although we want to assure you there is absolutely no danger, as a precautionary measure, we will descend to a low altitude where cabin pressurization is unnecessary, while we check out the problem. Please fasten your seat belts. The seat belt light is on. Thank you."

Under the camouflage of one radar "blip", 007 descended from approximately 30,000 feet to approximately 1000 feet. At that altitude it was below the radar network. Then 007 made a course correction and turned back toward Route 20, which was its original intended commercial air route between Anchorage, Alaska and Seoul, Korea. This route does not fly over Russian territory. While flying at these very low altitudes, 007 used up tremendous amounts of fuel. This was the reason for the extra four tons of fuel in the first place.

Meanwhile, the two RC-135s, flying "stacked", as one radar "blip" continued along 007's original misguided direction toward Kamchatka. After about ten minutes, when 007 had descended to the low altitude and was off the radar, one of the RC-135s turned off and continued on its mission and returned to its base at Shemya. This left the other RC-135 continuing along 007's misguided path over Russian territory. For all intents and purposes the RC-135 was now 007.

The real 007, flying under the radar, reached route 20 and intersected the path of KAL 015. The departure times of the two airplanes allowed 015 to catch up to 007. Remember, 007 left fourteen minutes late and 015 left six minutes early. Under the radar shadow of 015, 007 ascended to their flight plan (Route 20) to Seoul, Korea. For all intents and purposes that "blip" was only KAL 015. For all intents and purposes the "blip" over Russian territory was 007.

In the event (and of course in the mind of Captain Chun) that the RC-135 was not detected or apprehended, this is what would have happened. The RC-135 would continue on its mission across Kamchatka and Sakhalin and on across the Sea of Japan. There it would intersect Route 20 and merge with 015 and 007. The three airplanes would again appear as one radar "blip". Then there would be a repeat performance of what happened earlier. The RC-135 would descend to a very low altitude to where it was off the radar, turn and return to the base at Atsugi, Japan. The two KAL airplanes would then separate into two radar "blips" and proceed on to Seoul, Korea as if nothing unusual had happened.

Instead this is what actually happened. At a precise, predetermined point, the RC-135, posing as 007, now over Sakhalin Island, still over Russian territory, but close enough to the Sea of Japan to fake a crash in international waters did this: It turned off all its short-range radar jamming equipment, radar false imaging and turned on its strobe lights. In essence it was saying, "Here I am! Right over here! Come get me!"


The Russian fighter plane in the vicinity intercepted the RC-135, identified it, and backed off several miles and fired its heat-seeking missiles. To avoid sucking debris from the anticipated explosion into its jet engines, the Russian fighter turned off and prematurely announced, "The target is destroyed". With its advanced technical capability, the RC-135 neutralized the incoming missiles with its laser devices, dropped a simulated explosive charge, and rapidly descended toward the Sea of Japan to fake a crash. It dropped some debris and some human body parts and, under the radar, flew on to the base at Atsugi.

Simultaneously, flying in the radar shadow of KAL 015, KAL 007 was destroyed by a bomb in its cargo hold, detonated by a radio signal. 007 was over the Kurile Trench and descended five miles down into the Pacific Ocean where it will never be found. There it lies today. [H: This portion of the story is not quite correct as you will note if you have been reading the JOURNALS. Flight 007 was not destroyed until AFTER it had been accompanied to a landing site and crew and passengers removed--they reside in several various places of incarceration in Russia to this day! Before you say this is impossible, I would harken you to attend the MIA-POW scenarios going on right now regarding Russian-held U.S. people. There were some IMPORTANT persons on that plane both that were intended to be killed because of their knowledge and some because it was desirable to have them on the aforementioned bases off-planet. There are multitudes of "missing" scientists and Elite--some poorly covered by replicas--some just missing following announced death, etc. Casey is a good example in point. NO--I am NOT joshing you!]

The following paragraphs are included to provide details to fill in some "holes" and to correct some discrepancies and tie together any loose ends. Several discrepancies exist. First of all, in order to sucker the Russian fighter into shooting at it, the RC-135 turned on its "strobe" lights. Outside of the Continental United States, Korean Air Lines did not use "strobe" lights. It used "blinking" lights. Another discrepancy was the variation in time between the missile firing and the explosion on 007. Yet another discrepancy was the last radio transmission indicated that 007 was not experiencing any abnormal condition.

Several hours after the crash it was announced that 007 was forced to land on Sakhalin Island and the passengers and crew were all safe and sound. The purpose of this was to call off and discontinue any air-sea search and rescue mission. This was to allow any debris to sink into the ocean and disguise any evidence of what might really have happened. All the accounts which place 007 over Russian territory are wrong as presented. It was never desirable nor advantageous nor necessary to have 007 overfly Russian territory.

The magazine article "The Last Flight of 007" by Fletcher Prouty and the book "Explo 007" by R.B. Cutler are the most accurate. Both of these accounts have some holes and discrepancies in them. The purpose of this report is to fill in the holes and correct the discrepancies in these otherwise well researched reports.

The political ramifications and reasons for this disaster were necessities, either real or imagined, of the Reagan Administration and high-ranking U.S. Government officials.


One William P. Clark (Justice) was the connection and the central figure in this event and was (is) powerful second only to Henry Kissinger. I ask that you editors please run copies of the articles which have accompanied this story. [Editor's note: articles are at end of .]

Don't get all hung-up on what are seemingly variations and discrepancies in details of this story. Remember that in the operations of such blatant intelligence operations--it is hard to find the pieces and get the players all together to present the "whole". This is the incredible value of such a clearing house as is the LIBERATOR and other such shared documents--so that an overall picture can be concluded. Please keep in mind that as these particular articles or writings may seem unfinished or only trigger more curiosity--that is the purpose--for confirmation of already presented material, correction of material and ideas and revelation of more information from valid sources. The point, keep further in mind, in this presentation in point is to speak of the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Connection and NOT to sensationalize one or another "incident" of their actions. If you as a reader miss that very point--then you are going to only be further confused and perceive discrepancies in various stories--it is the "player list" in point herein. Specifically, in some of the writings the author is nailing William P. Clark and a few others, like Ronald Reagan, Bush, etc. It also reveals the connections and operations of law firms, predominantly in West Coast area of Sinsheimer, Schiebelhut & Baggett and national/international firms as in Shea & Gould. This blight runs through the entire world real estate foundation, drugs, money laundering, political corruption as well as Bank involvement, S&Ls, etc. You name the problem--they are involved to their eyes in it.

Now we will continue with the subject in listing number 3 and I likewise ask you to make sure the article clippings are copied and included in the paper. (See pages 95 & 96.)



There is a definite connection between the "New World Order" of Adolph Hitler and the "New World Order" of George Bush. It is right there in San Luis Obispo County, California.

Project Paperclip is the operation where the U.S. Government brought hundreds of Nazi scientists, doctors, intelligence agents, and military personnel to America after World War II. They were integrated into aerospace and munitions industries, medical science, military and intelligence agencies. Following are excerpts from PROJECT PAPERCLIP by Clarence Lasby, THE TORBITT DOCUMENT by William Torbitt, THE NAZI CONNECTION TO THE JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATION by Mae Brussel. They may be somewhat out of context, so the reader is cautioned to study the original texts. [H: I also urge you to get SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET, a PHOENIX JOURNAL.]

When it was obvious to Hitler they would be losing the war against the USSR, all top Nazis made detailed plans for two years on how to proceed next.

Speer met with Dornberger, at Peenemunde, the missile and rocket factory run with Werner von Braun, and instructed him in "the dispersion of functions throughout the Reich". Translated, that meant "get ready to come to the U.S."

.The British did win a token victory: over the protestations of von Braun, they convinced their ally to relinquish any claim on General Dornberger; they considered him a "menace of the first order" who deserved to be "left on the dust-heap." As one Englishman explained to his American friend, the military commander of Peenemunde "will ever have in mind the desirability of returning to a resurrected Reich carrying with him the knowledge accumulated by the German rocketeers while working under Allied patronage." The Americans were not anxious to import the enemy general. After listening to monitored conversations between Dornberger and fellow inmates of detention centers, they concluded he had an "untrustworthy attitude in seeking to turn ally against ally" and that he would be "a source of irritation and future unrest" among the Germans if he were sent to America. One American general quipped that "We may trade him to the Russians for a dish of caviar." But His Majesty's government had plans of their own; they imprisoned him for two years hoping to find some legal basis to place him in the dock at Nuremberg. Only upon his release in 1947 was Dornberger free to accept a contract under Project Paperclip--which led eventually to the directorship of Research and Development at the Bell Aircraft Company.

....In the transfer of the Nazi rocket scientists, the services of Adolf Hitler's intelligence agency was used extensively and Shaw, von Braun, Dornberger and the others began a very close association with the Nazi agency and its commander.

The Brunesnachrichiendienst, better known as the Federal Intelligence Agency or FIA, is largely dependent on the CIA, which subsidizes and controls it. The director in 1963 was Reinhard Gehlen, a former ex-Nazi colonel "repatriated" in August, 1945 by Allen Dulles, who at the time headed the OSS in Switzerland and was in charge of American intelligence activities in occupied Germany. See the book REINHARD GEHLEN, MASTER SPY.

From 1932 until 1945 Werner von Braun was Adolf Hitler's most dedicated Nazi rocket scientist. As a matter of fact, given a few more months time, von Braun's "Buzz Bomb" and V-2 rocket in 1945 could have turned the tide and forced the allies to seek something less than total victory over the Third Reich. An enthusiastic Nazi, Von Braun's V-2 rocket had killed thousands and thousands of British Isle residents and the sound of the approach of the V-2 was terrorizing the entire English countryside.

In 1945, as the Russians were approaching Von Braun's rocket headquarters, he and 115 other of his Nazi rocket scientists escaped with valuable papers and traveled west in Germany until they could turn themselves in to the Allied armies in the west. Later the same year, Von Braun and the 115 other German scientists were removed to Fort Bliss, Texas, where they remained until 1950. In 1950, Von Braun and the others were moved on to the old Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, where they remain to this date.

Von Braun, immediately upon arriving in the United States, made close personal friendships with J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon B. Johnson, and the relationship remained close with Von Braun working with Hoover in security in the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Redstone Arsenal and later, beginning in 1958, they worked together in the security of the National Space Agency. 1958 was the year that Lyndon Johnson, as majority leader of the Senate, helped to push through the National Space act.

In March 1944 the Gestapo learned that von Braun had expressed in public a defeatist attitude about Germany's chances in the war, and a desire to design a spaceship rather than a weapon. Voracious in their demand for control of the V-2 program, the S.S. leaders used this information, together with a trumped-up charge that von Braun had Communist leanings, to imprison him for two weeks in a Gestapo cell in Stettin.

Von Braun was a highly visible "hero" so he was sent to NASA at Huntsville, Alabama where he worked on rockets. Dornberger was a convicted, sentenced war criminal and required a lower profile, so he was sent to Bell Aircraft where he worked on the spaceship program. One of these, a nuclear powered TAV (trans-atmospheric vehicle) operates at Area 51 in the Mojave Desert in Nevada. [H: Among several other places.]

As America stood on the threshold of World War II Hoover continued a friendly relationship with the Nazis who dominated Interpol, the Berlin-based international secret police. He had been obsessed with the "Red Menace" since 1919 when he be-came head of the Bureau's General Intelligence Division. Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Arthur Nebe and other fanatical Nazis were active in Interpol. Even after Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia, Hoover ignored all evidence of Nazi death squads and atrocities and cooperated with the boys in Berlin. As France fell, Hoover exchanged lists of wanted criminals, enclosing autographed photographs of himself. It was not until three days before Pearl Harbor that he called a halt--and then only because he feared his image might be tarnished.

When the war had been imminent Roosevelt charged Hoover with ferreting out Nazi spies in the Western Hemisphere. Two escaped his notice. As early as 1933 Gestapo agent Dr. Hermann Friedrick Erban recruited Errol Flynn as an intelligence source. Erban went on to become a naturalized American citizen, but never abandoned his loyalty to Hitler. Flynn went on to make "Santa Fe Trail" in 1940, co-starring with Ronald Reagan, and the two paired up for "Desperate Journey" in 1942. [H: Just to sort time and space a bit--you will recall that Errol Flynn continued his escapades right into the Cuban war playing with Castro.]

During this pre-WWII period, Reagan also worked for the FBI as an intelligence agent. As J. Edgar Hoover had already demonstrated Nazi sympathies and later inserted 642 Nazis into aerospace military, and government positions, the question is WHOSE government was Reagan working for? Reagan's enthusiastic use of the "King Alred Plan", CSTI, FEMA and REX 84, leaves little doubt. Hoover's FBI-Division 5 and the CIA carried out the assassination of John F. Kennedy. George Bush was a CIA "asset" at that time. He became Director of Central Intelligence.


Richard Nixon's political career brought him inside Nixon's 1960 campaign for the presidency. In 1969 he showed up in California with a high-tech firm called TCI that held classified Defense Department contracts. His translator for German projects was Helene von Damm, Governor Ronald Reagan's appointments secretary. Von Damm is currently U.S. Ambassador to Austria, next door to the Nazis homeland.

In 1968 Reinhard Gehlen withdrew to his chalet in Bavaria. The chalet had been a gift from Allen Dulles. [H: Interesting???]

Richard Nixon "couldn't remember" he was in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. [H: How many of you "old timers" can forget where you were on the day Kennedy was killed in Dallas? Especially if you had been IN DALLAS? Well, so was Bush and now you have the situation coming unfolded as to WHY the Watergate break-in--there were pictures and documents in the Democratic offices to be used as "gunfodder" which proved the presence of BOTH on that fateful day.]

But Nixon had also accumulated strong connections with members of the crime syndicate, the Vatican hierarchy, defense industries and known Nazis. He knew them all.

What if he lost after those seventeen years of preparation? Would there be a back-up team for the future? Could the Pentagon or Reinhard Gehlen visualize leaving the entire United States presidency to chance elections?

Remember what happened to Senator Robert Kennedy on the eve of his primary victory in June, 1968? They can't get that close to losing it again, you know. With both Kennedys gone, Nixon finally made it.

The Nazi rocket scientists are on management levels also in the munitions and aerospace industry. Walter Dornberger, the Nazi general, left the space agency in the 1950's to become a high official in Bell Aerospace Corporation and he was followed by over 30 of the Nazi scientists to control level in the corporations manufacturing munition and aerospace material. This still left well over 60 of the scientists at command level in NASA.

This is the nomenclature of the assassination team. That is the way John F. Kennedy met his death in Dallas.

At the top was Johnson, Hoover, Bloomfield, Nagy, De Menil, Prio, Jenkins, Hunt, Baker, Jones, McWillie, Von Braun, Cohn, Korth, Connally and Murchison.

L.M. Bloomfield was in overall charge responsible only to Hoover and Johnson.

The second layer of participants with supervisory and working assignments under Bloomfield and the first group were Walter Dornberger, ex-Nazi general, Guy Bannister, Albert Osborne of ACCC, E.E. Bradley of ACCC, Morris Dalitz of Las Vegas, Major General John B. Medaris, Robert McKeown, Igor Voshinin, George Boune, Peter Gregory, Maurice Gatlin, Sergio Arecha Smith, Lee Harvey Oswald, William Seymour, David Ferrie, T. Gonzales, Manuel Garcia Gonzales, Layton Martens, Gordon Novel, Walter Sheridan, William Dalzell, Paul Raigorodsky, Joe Bonanno, Dimitri Royster of ACCC, Alex Carlson, George Mandel, Brock Wall, Clay Shaw, Joe Cody, Jake Kesloff, Mike McLaney, Ruth and Mike Paine, and Igor Vagonov.

Another of the Nazi space scientists who worked with the cabal was Walter Dornberger. He had been the commanding officer of Werner Von Braun while both were working for Adolf Hitler's rocket program. During the time period involved, Walter Dornberger was a directing officer in the Bell Aerospace Corporation along with Fred Korth. The former Nazi rocket officer was directly in charge of the assignment of Michael Paine to Bell Helicopter Corporation, a subsidiary in Fort Worth, Texas. Paine's assignment was to provide a place for Marina Oswald during the approximate eight months prior to November 22, 1963. He provided for Marina to live with his wife, Ruth.

The Warren Commission required planted evidence sometimes in order to divert from Lee Oswald's links to the Defense Department, assisted by Ruth and Michael Paine.

Michael Paine's occupation at Bell Aircraft is with the Defense Department. This job requires security clearances, so what would the unlikely Oswalds be doing in his home? Oswald, the "defector"?

Paine's boss at Bell Aircraft as Director of Research and Development, was none other than the notorious war criminal General Walter Dornberger.

Dornberger was supposed to be hung at Nuremburg for his war crimes, slave labor and mass murders.

The British warned the U.S. not to let him live because even after the war he was conniving for another one. As stated, "Dornberger is a menace of the first order who is untrustworthy. His attitude will turn ally against ally and he would become a source of irritation and future unrest." Project Paperclip. Clarence Lasby.

The very first call to authorities after the gun went off on November 22, 1963, was from an employee at Bell Helicopter who suggested "Oswald did it". Police never located the source of both Oswald addresses that day.

In 1988 Bush, the Republican presidential nominee, chose as his runningmate Indiana Senator Dan Quayle. When a memo from the FBI head J. Edgar Hoover, was found, stating that "Mr. George Bush of the CIA" had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy, Bush's aides denied he was this George Bush. We wrote about this connection in, I believe, TANGLED WEBS, VOL II. But allegations continue that Bush is concealing long standing ties to the CIA and to Cuban exiles such as Rodriguez.

* * *

Let us leave this document for now for I wish to return to the more immediate inter- intra-involvements of the San Luis Obispo Co. history and this has outgrown its length for a suit-able chapter or portion for the paper.

Chelas, I too am overwhelmed this morning as my scribe is withered by the mammoth amount of information which MUST be gotten to you and the absolute inability to do it.

I am going to ask George and E.J. to take the immediate measures of publishing some material gathered and succinctly put together by a fine author, L. Grant McEwan, which considers the Bush "Crime" Family. We will continue as best we can but you ones are going to have to reach out a bit harder for your confirmations and insight to accompany our outlays of information lest we bog so deeply in the current aspects of the people involved and the cover-ups as to miss your most important access to information of "HOW CREATION AND ETERNITY REALLY ARE" . I will keep you informed.

I also ask that you ones bear with us through this transition of offices and people, new labels and other inconveniences--our crew is doing the very best they can for continuity and I see only perfection in the massive job as undertaken. But it means our people are grossly fatigued and, therefore, I ask patience if things seem a bit disorganized or slow--after all, as George has gone, the volunteers and remaining staff are working from the floor and even those "tables" are not large enough for the entropy. No one has the time to fit the furniture or files even if they were here. WE CAN DO IT IF YOU CAN!!

Dharma has agreed to simply continue on in writing regardless of what else is going on so we will work through it and feel blessed that the load is heavy for it indicates RESULTS and oh, chelas, THAT is our purpose. The Light shall be given to shine upon you workers and receivers of the word for--in this manner--the world SHALL be changed and I would say, from observation, that it can only be for the better!