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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes. Contents: [Tangled Webs] --[Crucifixion of the Phoenix --[etc.]. 1. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) II. Dharma, Computer person. III. Phoenix Journals.


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THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as pictured in "The Jewish Utopia"






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CENTURY VIII: 27 (Nostradamus)

























































































This volume is dedicated with great respect, honor and appreciation to many who have presented like information but especially to two whose work is most expressive and insightful for the time frame in which the information was offered.

To Bill Slack, P.O. Box 1140, Mayer, Arizona 86333 I offer appreciation for the superb information in the discussion of PUBLIC LAW 102-14 of March. 20, 1991.

And to Robert H. Williams for his excellence in perception in THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as pictured in The Jewish Utopia. THE JEWISH UTOPIA is THE authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination. It gives succinct instructions and explanation of the ultimate "new social order" which the Zionists plan to utilize step by step (and have done so) to establish after they have used Communism, democracy and a third world war to gain their ends. I can only hope your brethren will SEE AND HEAR.



TUE., SEP. 29, 1992 8:33 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 44




Word comes directly from Las Vegas, Nevada: Black unmarked helicopters have been landing and stopping traffic for "checking" on all highways to and from Las Vegas as well as other "random" checkpoints about the state. There are no explanations given, the helicopters land and block the freeway or highway and the agents making contact wear dark uniforms and black face shield.


Unmarked military commands are now blocking certain highways and freeways entering and exiting Arizona borders and stopping traffic. Cameras and film are being confiscated--without explanation but at gunpoint if refusal to cooperate is offered.

These things are taking place all around the United States and other American nations--but I will not offer such information until we have information from a contact. As we will not give advantage to the enemy, I will continue to protect my crew--therefore, if you have information to share--please do so for YOU may save your own neck and that of your brother.

Take note that the insignias on the black uniforms utilized by the military-type invaders of homes for the purpose of confiscation of property, in Michigan (East Lansing) are MGTF (This stands for: Military Government Task Forces. This is one of several insignias to watch for. This was in use in the late 40s and 50s. In fact, in 1951 these units seized nine cities in California, seized the mayor and police chief, posted proclamations of absolute dictatorship over the populace--and in the name of the United Nations Military Government Forces. These same "exercises" have been run through ever since--usually at times of riots or "scares", either real or imagined. You still have this kind of control in Los Angeles ever since the riots as do you in Florida in Homestead area. These are simply EXAMPLES for there are many major cities across your nation which are under these "exercise" "training" operations which also have UN troops in place.

This (MGTF) was then "branched" off into another operation called Federal Civil Defense Agency and on and on until these were joined under one command under integrated "emergency" Executive Orders and labeled FEMA. So, in the episodes going on at present around your nation(s) you will find ALL of these various labels utilized--this is for confusion factor. If and when they come to your door I suggest you give them whatever they ask for to the best of your ability--they mean business and America is NOT longer "free" with "rights"--all of the Americas now operate under the Charter of the United Nations with military operations headed by a Russian military command.

Note that along with demand vaccinations and inoculations of ALL children by age two there is today the beginning of the end--in Canada. In British Columbia TODAY begins a mass inoculation of the population's children (through university age) and then on into the older ages--AGAINST HEPATITIS-B. Chelas, this is exactly the way AIDS was introduced in mass inoculation for Hepatitis B into the Homosexual community in New York City. HIV was given WITH the Hepatitis serum and from there you know the story! This is now a requirement in British Columbia, Canada, and is "expected to be made the law of the land in every province as well as in the United States", goes the public information statement.


This is without a doubt the most asked question. It is assumed that God and Man are separate individuals and one has nothing to do with the other. The fact is that unless you understand what has happened to you there is no way to undo that which has come upon you.


Your enemy--who would have your very soul and remove every vestige of spiritual heritage from you--is in control of your physical planet. THAT MAKES THESE ONES MY ABSOLUTE ENEMY. THIS MEANS THAT THESE ONES ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL GODLY PEOPLE ON THE FACE AND WITHIN THE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION OF "EARTH".

I am constantly warned, begged and advised to stop mentioning these controversial subjects lest we find it difficult to convince "others" of our presence as "Hosts" of God sent forth in preparation for the final scenes of the "play". I care not of the controversy--Truth will stand into infinity and I bring you nothing save Truth. You are people of the lie and subjects of the "liar", the Prince of Deceit. If you like not that which we bring forth I can only suggest that you not partake--but I would also assure you that we bring TRUTH and you will move through the physical consequences of your own failures to heed the warnings of we the messengers. God will not scoop you out of anything as the liars have told you it will be. They may believe it themselves, but they LIE and things will NOT be as the books and false teachers have presented it unto you. There is finalization of the Ultimate Plan for total control of your world, in full operation, by year 2000--so, you are in the final days.


I am also bombarded with inquiries about this speaker or that speaker. I have no comment on "other" speakers. Are they "valid"? I am asked. Oh indeed, I must answer--but ALMOST all are from the dark side of the Plan. I have no wish to comment for if you are a student of mine, you KNOW how to discern Truth and Godly messengers. If you do not bother to learn your lessons you will be duped again and again and that, dear ones, is your own privilege--your right of passage in God's gift of free choices. The most often asked about in this category is Ramtha. Why would I need comment on one, Ramtha? If you cannot discern, why would you believe whatever I tell you? I will say that impact on his validity comes through the human speakers and is WHY we have no "organization" as such. The impact of human experience destroys Truth as quickly as possible and ones fall into the trap of human desires. J.Z. is in the throes of divorce for her mate is not only bisexual in experience (I say "experience" because that term means NOTHING in spiritual reality) and has AIDS as well as infecting countless other individuals. This kind of action is NOT OF GOD, is not sanctioned by God nor shall it ever be, no matter how many "vote-in the behavior as being acceptable". LOVE and ACTION IN PHYSICAL EXPRESSION are NOT THE SAME THING! LOVE in Truth is always RESPONSIBLE IN ACTION.

I would also suggest that ones stop interpreting for another what I mean or do not mean in the writings. If the message is for YOU, you will get it! I chuckle in loving amusement at one in Nevada, M.A., whose friend took exception to what I said about a representative to Earth who claims to be THE contact for E.T.s and Hosts. The "insult" came into M.A.'s attention because I had referred to "a redhaired woman who drives around in a Cadillac". I did refer to such a person as being as poor a representative to you the people as any dark energy aboard your planet. She drives around in a Cadillac with a "spaceship" atop it, she dyes her hair flame orange, wears rainbow satin robes and looks like a nit-wit from out of spook-land. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOUR COSMIC BROTHERS ARE ABOUT AND THIS IS A DANGEROUSLY FALSE PERSON IN EVERY RESPECT AND YET SHE IS TOTALLY WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING OF HER OWN PREDICAMENT. This is NOT M.A. in Nevada! For you who love clues and mysteries: her initials are R.N.! SHE represents NOTHING from any Command out here and only embarrasses herself with the stupid antics. This is typical of the Adversary at work. Any species who can have ability to reach your planet are not going to run around like childish idiots for any who can reach your inner spaces are VERY TECHNICAL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE INDEED--and don't look like monsters and do not discredit CREATOR by such insults to his Creations.

By the way, to you who feel I am stern and ungiving spiritually in my discipline: You hold the enlightenment of mankind on your shoulders and within your hands, speakers and writers. If you give false information you are as fully a tool of the evil adversary as if you deliberately destroyed soul growth of another. If you work with me you shall be kept to total perfection in your receiving and scribing--THAT requires discipline and forfeiture of "opinion" except in your own experience--BUT NEVER WHILE PRESENTING DIRECTLY AS DICTATED BY HIGHER ENERGY OF GOD'S COMMAND. Further, if you are clear within, you will fully agree in your own expression with all of God's laws. This does not mean you will act like a pious idiot for appearances to the multitudes--IT MEANS YOU ARE "CLEAR" AND A TOTALLY OPEN CONDUIT FOR TRUTH.

It is not unusual to "receive"--ALL MUST LEARN TO ACCEPT THE INPUT OF HIGHER GUIDES AND THERE WILL COME THE DAY WHEN IT IS SO. Be careful in your perceptions that it is fun and games and some sacrosanct and superior position of some sort to "be a receiver". It is not and is a pain in the you-know-where, dangerous, and God always sends messages of depth in meaning, responses to that which you are requesting in information and instructions on how to make it through this manifest journey. To babble that which others babble in sanctimonious verbiage is but useless garbage for you will find the garbage building and--as with junk food addiction--becomes the diet and poisons the intelligence and thinking mind with "it's OK to this or that." No, it is NOT OK to do that which is against God's instructions or the Laws of Creation. It is "allowed" for that is the testing of God--WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR GIFTED "CHOICES"? These ARE the lessons of physical journey in free-will experience.

By the way, all you ones who read the messages and claim receivership. If you are in fact, receiving--why would you think that I would reprimand you in Dharma's writings? If I reprimand Dharma--I reprimand HER--not through YOU. You ones must be sure of your connections and to whom you are connected--for I promise you--once connected to God's higher Command--YOU KNOW! Moreover you DO NOT NEED ANOTHER'S "OPINION" AS TO SUCH AS "REPRIMANDS". Those "feelings" of insult and hurt come directly from the little dark fellow at your ear nagging you to be hurt and turn from God into the comfort of the "promising" adversary. CONSCIENCE is that voice of GOD and never is brought forth with "hurt" or "pain"--only loving sharing and growth. I detest the term "reprimand" for it connotes harshness and superior "control" of "my way". Discipline is something which arises in self in response to needs as expressed by the teacher's experience and higher knowledge. GOD'S MESSAGES NEED NO TAMPERING FROM MAN NOR SHALL IT BE ALLOWED. OUR MISSION AT THIS MOMENT IS TO BRING TRUTH FROM THE CHAOS AND LIES THRUST UPON YOU--NO FURTHER DISTORTION IS ALLOWED. Dharma may have her opinion--"on her own time". Further, we need not dozens of speakers--for that becomes simply more confusing, so do not put yourselves through pain and sorrow if your mission changes. Each has a mission and purpose and ALL will not write, nor all will not print, nor ALL will not farm--some must make pencils if the word is to be written.

Know that we treasure EVERY communication--EVERY ONE. We utilize as much information as you share as we can do so for this, ultimately, will be the way you come into understanding--from your own level of presentation by the unfoldment of Truth already presented upon your place and overlooked or hidden from your senses. In matters of the world operations I use nothing save that which is already available if only you knew where to get it--AND WOULD DO SO. YOU won't so we compile it into that which we hope you will find valid and cause you to go forth and research.

The information utilized regarding the Ultimate Plan herein has been available since the late 1950s and yet almost no one has even seen it and most who studied it "then" are now gone. This is WHY the "plan" works so well--three generations of information input and you change a species. Suppress the Truth for three generations and the Truth is lost until the changing of a great cycle as NOW.

The concept is simple: If you know the plan of your enemy you can block that operation from completion as he desires it. If you know not what is about you--you have no opportunity to change anything--you are simply dupes and pawns to be utilized.

I may not awaken you ALL but if I only reach ONE, I will have served my mission with honor for if that ONE truly heeds and hears--HE WILL DO HIS RESPONSIBLE WORK AND REACH OUT UNTIL HE IS HEARD AND ON THROUGH THE MASSES. I FIND FAR MORE THAN ONE SO WE ARE IN GOOD SHAPE IF YOU TWIDDLE NOT.


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



WED., SEP. 16, 1992 7:57 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 31



The roller-coaster is picking up speed so that, as with Humpty Dumpty, the dive off the bombed out "end" will dump the nations into absolute and total confusion and inability to sort it--for years and years to come.

Most of the people will continue like sheep in the "slaughter" chute, tolerating the prodding and accepting the "handouts" (if they come) with anticipation of looking like Somolian skeletons by the time you reach the chute's end. Fat sheep present more of a problem in disposal if not for "market" as meat. Or, could you be heading for "Soilent Green"? How will you know? Will you know because the "President" weeps at a letter from a "Gold Star" mother who does not RESENT the murdering of her son? Probably from anthrax introduction and not even from battle? Or might it be "friendly fire"? Practically no one, according to the government statistics, could have been killed from battle in your "precision bombing" war against a tiny Middle Eastern "third world" country.


Still think the economy is not FIXED? How come, then, did Great Britain raise the interest rate a full five points today?

You must look to Germany wherein it was said the last two days' market rallies owed the rallies to acts in Germany. What say ye to the fact that Germany is now REMOVING INTEREST TAXES DIRECTLY FROM ALL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS--IN ADVANCE AND WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION TO HOLDERS? Those so-called neo-Nazi rallies against the Asians are a bunch of B.S. and I see not how you miss it. They are so well orchestrated at government level that the very number of injured are precalculated as are the insults and slogans being brandished about.

The plan is still ON for massive collapsing of the economies toward the end of October--if they can be held together that long. Final massive efforts of the monied parties about the globe are making last ditch efforts to scatter funding and get some assets into safety. As a for instance, it is going to be noted that the money for those lovely F-16s that Taiwan is buying (from the U.S.) is going to come from ones in the Philippines. Does anyone notice that the only pitch of the Republicans is toward recovery through WAR MACHINERY AND WAR? This is as old as history itself.


The U.N. Security Council voted to allow the "peace keeping" U.N. forces to use FORCE in Bosnia.

COLD WAR is over? Does anyone feel a bit sickly today? You have met your enemy, alright, and he is among you. You might have missed a little point in war games: Russian officials admitted, after repeated denials, that the Soviet Union and later Russia has been violating a 1972 treaty banning germ warfare. The U.S. and Britain have voiced concern that the Russian government had failed to act on a promise to halt its program for making illicit bacteriological weapons. Oops! I hope that every listener will get a copy of this week's LIBERATOR for it is a bird's eye view of the introduction (DELIBERATELY) of disease into water supplies. The water you consume was already bad enough but under the non-need to test, ACTUALLY, for viruses, etc., the nation has been infected with same. Further, there is nothing you can do about it. In this little town written about in the paper in which the Constitutional Law Center is taking action--they can only act on the fact that the population was not given notice until AFTER sickness struck throughout the population.


This was seen over such a large area that I feel it alright to comment. It was an attempted launch of a very deadly missile from Vandenberg. You ARE at war, remember. If you think your shuttle is up in space to study frogs and hornet's nests you are in serious trouble. Note that the announcements regarding intensive studies of "live" crystals never made the news after the FIRST announcement! They are dumping viruses (crystal life-forms) on you, chelas, by the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH.


Ah, more "aid to disaster victims" the story goes? There hasn't been any so far! Insurance companies such as Sears Roebuck (Allstate) is under review for downgrade and the Discover card holders are paying higher costs because of it. The government, thus far, has not come through with ANYTHING except inability to cope with more and more disasters. Do you realize that TODAY in Iowa's southern portion the entire area looks like Pakistan earlier in the week? What will this do to the grain crops? It has been declared to be a "state of emergency" and a "federal disaster" this morning--AFTER the release of information of a federal disaster "package" for assistance to "already" disaster areas.

The California quakes continue daily by the hundreds--you just don't hear. Yesterday a large one hit in the same area of Yucca Valley, with damage. How long will those faults hold? What kind of disaster cost will be incurred when that "Big One" happens? How much return do you think you will receive from the defunct insurance companies and your bankrupt federal and state governments?

Ft. Knox is empty of metals but is filled to overflow with new colored paper money--ready to exchange for currency now defunct and ration coupons, itemized, numbered and ready for immediate distribution. I suggest everyone check your supplies--AND, get a bit of water decontaminant supplies because you are set up to be made ill from your very survival stores.

We are continually complained to that "imminent" means anywhere from next hour to next century. Well, yes, that is true--BUT THESE THINGS ARE FAR CLOSER TO THE NEXT HOUR THAN TO THE NEXT CENTURY SO I WOULD SUGGEST ACTING ACCORDINGLY.


Lest ye forget: You are asked to give support to Randy. He can be receiving mail at: Boise County Jail, 7200 Barrister Dr., Boise, Idaho 83704. Do, however, send him stamps and writing supplies if you desire a response for he has nothing. I ask DISCRETION in subjects discussed for ALL is censored and inspected by "intelligence". Please do not refer to any possible "old" experiences or connections as you perceive them to be. The point is to give support and love, along with sympathy for his losses and those of his children. Remember that a Mother and Son were murdered--DO NOT CAUSE THE FATHER TO BE ALSO MURDERED. ONLY NATIONAL SUPPORT AND ATTENTION WILL SAVE THIS MAN FROM THE TRAP STILL BEING LAID FOR HIM. HOW CAN ONE "LITTLE" MAN BE SO IMPORTANT TO THE BASTARDS IN CONTROL? IT IS WORTH CONSIDERING, IS IT NOT? IF YOU WISH TO SEND MONETARY GIFTS--DO NOT SEND THEM TO THIS MAN DIRECTLY FOR HE WILL NOT GET THEM, SEND THEM TO GRITZ FOR FORWARDING OR DELIVERY AND/OR HERE WHEREIN THEY CAN BE SAFELY FORWARDED. NO, OUR PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITUATION OF RANDY WEAVER BUT WILL MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS SOME WAY TO GET INFORMATION AND GIFTS TO HIM. I'M SURE THERE ARE PLACES SET UP TO RECEIVE FOR HIM AND THIS "CAUSE" BUT IT HAS NOT YET COME TO OUR ATTENTION.

REVELATION 22: 11-16

And when that time comes, all doing wrong will do it more and more; the vile will become more vile; good men will be better; those who are holy will continue on in greater holiness.

See, I am coming soon and my reward is with me, to repay everyone according to the deeds he has done. I am the A and the Z, the Beginning and the End, the First and Last.

Blessed forever are all who are washing their robes, to have the right to enter in through the gates of the city, and to eat the fruit from the Tree of Life. Outside the city are those who have strayed away from God, and the sorcerers and the immoral and murderers and idolaters, and all who love to lie, and do so…..


Dharma, the information can be entered (regarding Randy address) and put to the Hotline. Thank you.



THU., SEP. 17, 1992 8:36 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 32



It is quite simple when you ponder it--you are on the rollercoaster ride--too late to get off and moving toward full steam ahead without visible means of slowing, stopping or choosing a better stopping point.

The NEW WORLD ORDER is at the end of this ride and it will then be known as the ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER. It is the Zionist hope to establish this Order after they have used Communism, democracy and a third world to gain their ends. You in the U.S. have quickly become the major nation in the "third-world" for you have been "hooked" and stripped. I REMIND YOU--THIS IS NOT JUDAISM OR "JEWISH" AS YOU WISH TO RECOGNIZE THE HIDDEN GROUP OF THIEVES—THIS IS A PRESUMPTION WHICH IS FALSE AS TO JEWISHNESS. YOU HAVE MET YOUR ENEMY AND YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED AND BADGERED TO NOT SEE HIM IN HIS INVISIBLE NEW CLOTHES.


What is happening with gold and silver? EXACTLY WHAT WAS EXPECTED IF YOU KEEP UP. It cannot rise by leaps and bounds until the market is triggered at just under 3,500. The dollar is in disastrous circumstance as is every other currency in the world--ready for new currency and global money. The "show and tell" is for sparring position.

Why the recent drop in gold? Several things and several governments have sold gold in order to get foreign currency, i.e., Italy, etc. In a similar move they shoved up interest rates by a lot. Facts are that most markets didn't have news of this which is even more wondrous because there COULD NOT be a fair market reaction. There is a lot of gold being exchanged into things like jet fighters and thus and so for it is hard to get gold transfigured into, quiet money at a time when money is being revamped and taken from use.

The Zionist Banksters of the world have drained off all reserves (for money backing) from your nation in one way or another and YOU have no hard metal on which to base money.

It was and is predicted that gold will bottom in 1992 so it still remains a good investment if investment is as collateral in order to put value to immediate project work. Just to tinker with gold is going to be foolish in the long run but might well hold for a while. Everyone needs some stores and it remains best for same, along with silver--for immediate needs in collapse.

London gold must hold over $332 and climb back to over 360 to get any life at all. If the $332 low breaks, it foretells a move back to possibly in the $280s to $300 bottom zone which were lows between your years 1982 & 1985. The intent, then, is to move it up strongly in the next two years 1993-94 as money is changed and confusion reigns. 1995 will be a horrendous year of changes and you had best be prepared. Until then expect fluctuations and, for this reason, if invested as collateral or otherwise--for goodness sakes don't sell--for it is time to purchase, not sell. If you cause ones to sell your collateral be prepared for loss in any circumstance because of attendant fees. It will NOT hold market expectations for it is manipulated. The point is that myriads of tons of gold are being processed onto the markets but prices are being kept LOW. It would at first appear that if gold is low there will be great drives to buy but this is illusion--there is abundance of gold and thus the ability to keep the purchase price lid on for the Elite who do the manipulation.

Ones who use investments as threats or levers will not find the way easy for there are few places who will attend the security of the product and the project. Too soon the controls will be thrust upon you and it won't matter either way--at that point a piece of a good project is all that will save your assets.


The Vandenberg "missile" launch of a few nights past--was NOT a successful launch. However, the more important point to realize is that these types of launches are going on in almost every state in your Union. On 9/14/92, for instance, a 70-foot missile presented a REAL light show in the southern sky and was easily seen for 5-700 miles away from launch site.

There was something significant about the "flight" and this is true of all such current launches: the missiles are triangular, extremely bright (photons), and when they "shut themselves down" there is NOTHING there. In this instance of Vandenberg, for instance, even though the flight was NOT successful--it was successful to this point and was, of course, missed by the media in every instance of public release. The missile becomes invisible. This does not mean that your enemy cannot track it--it means that your enemy is in on the game. The invisible objects are NOT invisible to either alien craft or "closer", to the Cosmospheres.


The interesting display of "rumbling" shudders over Coastal Southern California yesterday morning (for several hours) was not quake nor sonic booms as finally described to you. Neither was it the "regular" returning blast of the "photon spy plane". It was caused by a series of pulse blasts which do cause air-quakes but not of the military type you would perceive of craft breaking sound barriers. California is being polished and readied for disaster. As these things are happening constantly (without notice or after the sleeping pill is given and return to normal drugged sleep is achieved) with almost steady pulses to all areas. The quakes happening are in the areas of fault lines where there is still "snag" or "hang-up". Note that these are getting heftier and more damaging on impact.

As to floods in Pakistan and/or in Iowa, etc., it simply is the way it is going to be. There will be floods wherever the most damage to crops can be presented and monetary damage can be established. You will, if you remember, recall our writings said that winds will finally reach sustained levels of 150 mph as climates and weather patterns change. You will experience ever-increasing intensity of violence from volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, floods, fires, droughts, plus extremes in temperatures. These are expected to be at their worst from about 1991 through 1997 when the Global Government is in final establishment and you are under control--or dead. Remember--Global control BY year 2000. 1995 is expected to be the worst ever for earthquakes--this does not even take into consideration the San Andreas in California for it is not expected to be able to endure intact until 1995.


I care not what you WANT to believe, you are not out of a "cold war" with Communists--you are into a do or die showdown with TWO factions of anti-God. If the Communists think they are going to conquer all the nations and set up a world government under a dictator of their own choosing they are going to have big surprises. For their PARENT, the sect which originally launched the Communist movement as an offshoot to accomplish a specific and temporary purpose, has plans for an ULTIMATE world order of its very own; and this sect, commonly called Zionist, now vastly overshadows the much cruder Communist machine in skill, finance, organization and influence. These Zionists come from every so-called walk of life and race. There are more blue-eyed pale-faces than there are brown-eyed ones thinking of themselves as "Jewish". Zionism is NOT "Jewish", I remind you and "anti-Semite" has no such meaning in any event. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR ENEMY HOW CAN YOU PROTECT YOURSELF? THE ZIONISTS ARE TOTALLY COMMUNISTIC SOCIALISTS IN THE MIDST OF THE PLAN 2000 WORLD TAKE-OVER. I SHALL AGAIN WRITE ABOUT IT AND I TRUST YOU WILL READ IT WITH OPEN MINDS. THESE ONES DO NOT COME FROM THE HOUSE OF SHEM (SEMITES); THEY ARE FROM THE HEART AND SOUL OF THE PHARISEES. THE LIES ARE ABOUT TO BURY YOU. THESE ONES WILL WAR WITH SELVES, SLAY THEIR OWN AND START RIOTS WHILE CALLING THEMSELVES BY NAMES TO INCITE RIOTS AS IN IDAHO OR GERMANY--THE PLOT IS ALWAYS THE SAME--TO CAUSE CHAOS AND DIVIDE THE PEOPLE INTO HATE GROUPS. YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THIS THRUST OR YOU ARE DESTINED TO PERISH IN IT.


102-14 I remind you of Public Law 102-14 which is a true example of the "anti-christ" fighting with all its fury. The question is: do you succumb to the anti-christ or will you overcome the antichrist? Your choice is now in these latter days of a world as you knew it WITHOUT any semblance of freedom and human dignity.

Remember something else, troopers: the blood of the uninformed is always IN the hands of the informed. However, once they've been told they are no longer uninformed. Their blood has been transferred back into their own hands!

Our trust and mission is to INFORM. What you do with that information is your choice but my mission is not finished until I have brought the Word--whether or not you agree or like of it. If you prefer to continue to live in your narrow trap of deceit and lies, so be it. This "law" in point was designed, written and signed by your President and passed without you knowing a thing about it. It was lumped in with subterfuge and foisted off on you on a cute thing called "Education Day". It has nothing to do with Education Day then or now. That was March 20, 1991. The Joint Resolution reads like something out of the "Middle Ages" of special groups who control and would designate March 26, (1991) as "Education Day, USA". I suppose I shall have to share that with you, also, if these next writings are to have sense in continuity or collective "meaning".


To Joseph Pavlonski (alias John Coleman et al): It is most surely suggested that you get in touch with ones at Global Sciences Congress and clear your debts. Please contact Mr. Dean Stonier. You have major outstanding debts to many people and if you do not wish your book to be totally discredited along with self, it would behoove you to mend your fences--IMMEDIATELY. You could begin to clear yourself by returning the computers and electronic equipment loaned to you by this group at THE LIBERATOR. Debt for the books themselves as first printed will be given into the hands of the publisher, America West--but equipment MUST be returned to the owners.



THU., SEP. 17, 1992 9:59 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 32


(Continuation of #1)

The following information regarding PUBLIC LAW 102-14 comes to us from one who has shared and originated as in this presentation from another in Arizona. Since this is a Journal and I would wish to give credit for fine work, I am limited in that ability because of court action against us regarding Dr. Russell's wondrous gifted work now banned from your free use of same, as scientific fact. The courts have labeled, in this interim time prior to trial, Dr. Russell's work as metaphysical philosophy with no basis in FACT. This is heinous as that work is scientific in total nature--the metaphysical humanistic use is attributed to ones who came after the scientific contribution to mankind.

At any circumstance I shall simply identify the sender as J.H. and the originator as B.S.


Re: PUBLIC LAW 102-14

I hope and pray the enclosed material will infuriate you enough to join in the effort of informing others of the great peril that PUBLIC LAW 102-14 promises to have on all America.

The contents are self-explanatory if read in a gleaning manner.

PUBLIC LAW 102-14 is a true example of the anti-christ fighting with all its fury. The question is: do we succumb to the anti-christ or will we overcome the anti-Christ?? Truly, our choice to make in these the latter days.

Remember, the blood of the uninformed is always in the hands of the informed. However, once they've been told, they are no longer uninformed. Their blood has been transferred back into their own hands.

Sincerely in Christ,

B.S. (Arizona)

P.S.: The enclosed material definitely deserves more than a one time casual reading.

P.P.S.: Perhaps it is time we limit politicians to 2 terms: One in office, and ONE IN JAIL.


The following law went into effect in March (20th) 1991. Senator Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) told me in a letter dated October 2, 1991: "The bill enacting this law, H.J. Res. 104, moved swiftly through the Congress and passed both chambers by voice vote."

This Resolution was titled "A JOINT RESOLUTION to DESIGNATE MARCH 26, 1991 AS EDUCATION DAY, U.S.A." It was introduced in the House of Representatives by Robert H. Michel (R-IL) and co-sponsored by Richard Gephardt (D-MO). It was then co-sponsored by 224 more Congressmen. Congressman Bob Stump (R-AZ) was one of the 224 co-sponsors. [H: Indeed this is one of the ones where I asked you to write and demand to know how this "voice vote" could have come to be. I have received copies of many of the return letters which indicate: "It is none of your business"!]

The real meaning of this law is not spelled out within the law itself but it is very strange that it was introduced, passed and signed by the President in a country whose laws ostensibly originate in the Common Law which comes from the Laws, Statutes and Judgments (Mosaic Laws) of the accepted "Holy Bible". As you will discover the Resolution has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with "Education Day".


105 STAT. 44 PUBLIC LAW 102-14--MAR. 20, 1991

Public Law 102-14
102nd Congress


Mar. 20, 1991

____________ To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, USA"

[H.J. Res. 104]

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serous peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Manachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavich movement is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, "the rebbe", this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of "education and giving", the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as "Education Day, U.S.A.". The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Approved March 20, 1991.



Mar. 5, considered and passed House.
Mar. 7, considered and passed Senate.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now that the Seven Noahide Laws are the law of the land it should behoove each of us to know and understand what the Seven Laws actually are [H: You WOULD want to know if the Methodists or Pentecostals passed a public law of the land, would you not?]; what the penalties for disobeying them are and; last but not least, by whom are they to be enforced. Yours truly is still waiting for the "governmental" answers to this most important issue from his written request to both Congressmen Michel and Stump. While waiting for their answers I tried to find out on my own what this "Public Law 102-14" is all about.

If you are curious and inquisitive I'd like to share with you what I found. The following is not easy or light reading. It actually requires a totally different mind-set than that to which we are accustomed; e.g., to catch a thief one must think as a thief; or, put oneself in their stead.

The following spells out the Seven Noahide Laws; the Lubavitch movement; the 'rebbe'; and Rabbi Schneerson. It was all gathered in context from the Judaica Encyclopedia, a Jewish publication. I could find but a mere mention in a few other publications but not enough to properly answer the question.

May your discernment prevail and, as you read continuously ask yourself WHY did our "government" pass this law so swiftly and with only a voice vote??

You will notice in the Whereas' above it states many times ethical values and principles. This is very important because in the sixth "Whereas" it states unequivocally where they were fostered and promoted. You'll also notice it is NOT from Common Law or Christian principles and Biblical Laws. In essence, you'll discover, if you are in complete honesty with yourself, that Public Law 102-14 legally and POLITICALLY JUDAIZED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WITH A BABYLONIAN TALMUDIC RELIGION KNOWN AS JUDAISM AND IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION WHICH STATES: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;.... " This is what the media, and all anti-Christian proponents want us to believe is "Separation of Church and State."

You'll also notice in the ninth "Whereas" it is to go international with other heads of state signing. Is this just coincidental with the Messianic Age (One World Government under Zionism) that Jewry is zealously waiting, or was it deliberately planned that way? Consider the removal of "The Ten Commandments" from our so-called public schools. If all this doesn't total up for cause of concern for all of us then we definitely deserve what they (the oneworlders) have planned for us.

From the Judaica Encyclopedia:

"NOACHIDE LAWS, The seven laws considered by rabbinic tradition as the minimal moral duties enjoined by the Bible on all men (Sanh. 56-60; Yad, Melakhim, 8:10, 10:12 [Babylonian Talmud]). Jews are obligated to observe the whole Torah, while every non-Jew is a "son of the covenant of Noah" (see Gen. 9), and he who accepts its obligations is a ger-toshav ("resident-stranger" or even "semi-convert" (See Av. Zar. 64b; Maim, Yad, Melakhim 8:10.) Maimonides equates the righteous man (Ihasid) of the [gentile] nations" who has a share in the world to come even without becoming a Jew with the gentile who keeps these laws. Such a man is entitled to full material support from the Jewish community (see ET, 6 (19540, col. 289 s. v. ger toshav) and to the highest earthly honors (Sefer Hasidim [1957], 358). The seven Noachide laws as traditionally enumerated are: the prohibitions of idolatry, blasphemy, bloodshed, sexual sins, theft, and eating from a living animal, as well as the injunction to establish a legal system (Tosef., Av. Zar. 8:4; Sanh. 56a). Except for the last, all are negative, and the last itself is usually interpreted as commanding the enforcement of the others (Maim. Yad, Melakhim, 9:1). They are derived exegetically from divine demands addressed to Adam (Gen. 2:16) and Noah (see Gen. R. 34; Sanh. 59b, i.e. , the progenitors of all mankind, and are thus regarded as universal. [H: But it doesn't sound too bad yet, does it? Just good manners and habits? Watch out--it means a lot of things you do not yet even think about. This could "literally" mean no eggs, no milk, etc. Think again and then read on.] The prohibition of idolatry provides that, to ensure social stability and personal salvation, the non-Jew does not have to "know God" but must adjure false gods (that's a good trick if you can do it) (Meg. 13a; Kid. 40a; Maim. Yad, Melakhim, 10:2ff). This law refers only to actual idolatrous acts, and not to theoretical principles and, unlike Jews, Noachides are not required to suffer martyrdom rather than break this law (Sanh. 74a; TJ, Shev. 4:2). [H: I can only suggest that you "good" Christians who refuse to read this go to the library and READ THE TALMUD!--EXCEPT THAT THEY WON'T LET YOU HAVE A COPY.] "They are, however, required to choose martyrdom rather than shed human (Jewish [for "other" is classified as something else--not 'human'] blood" (Pes. 25b and Rashi). [H: I also note that the "leaders" don't shed anything including property—just the lowly "human" Jewish sucker. It is more of that, "You sacrifice and we'll lead".]

In view of the strict monotheism of Islam, Muslims were considered as Noachides (cf. ET. loc. cit. , col. 291, n. 17), whereas the status of Christians was a matter of debate. Since the later Middle Ages, however, Christianity too has come to be regarded as Noachides, on the ground that shittuf ("associationism"--this was the Jewish interpretation of Trinitarianism) is not forbidden to non-Jews (see YD 151). Under the prohibitions of blasphemy, murder, and theft Noachides are subject to greater legal restrictions than Jews because non-Jewish society is held to be more prone to these sins (Rashi to Sanh. 57a). The prohibition of theft covers many types of acts, e.g., military conquests (ibid., 59a) and dishonesty in economic life (ibid., 57a; Yad, Melakhim, 9:9). A number of other Noachide prescriptions are listed in the sources (see Sanh. 57b; Mid. Ps. 21; Yad, Melakhim, 10:6), e.g., prohibitions of sorcery, castration, mixed seeds, blemished sacrifices, injunctions to practice charity, procreate, and to honor the Torah (Hul. 92a). These are best understood as subheadings of "the seven laws". Noachides may also freely choose to practice certain other Jewish commandments (Yad, Melakhim, 10:9-10). Jews are obligated to try to establish the Noachide Code wherever they can (ibid., 8:10). Maimonides held that Noachides must not only accept "the seven laws" on their own merit, but they must accept them as divinely revealed. This follows from the thesis that all ethics are not ultimately "natural", but require a theological framework, (see Schwarzschild, in: JQR, 52 (1962), 302; Fauer, in: Tarbiz, 38 (1968), 43-53). The Noachide covenant plays an important part in both Jewish history and historiography. Modern Jewish thinkers like Moses Mendelssohn and Herman Cohen emphasized the Noachide conception as the common rational, ethical ground of Israel and mankind (see H. Cohen, Religion der Vermunft (1929), 135-48, 381-8), and see Noah as the symbol of the unity and perpetuity of mankind (ibid., 293). Views differ as to whether the ultimate stage of humanity will comprise both Judaism and Noachidism, or whether Noachidism is only the penultimate level before the universalization of all of the Torah (see TJ, Av. Zar. 2:1). Aime Palliere, at the suggestion of his teacher Rabbi E. Benamozegh, adopted the Noachide Laws and never formally converted to Judaism.

"In Jewish Law. While in the amoraic period the above-mentioned list of seven precepts is clearly accepted as the framework of the Noachide Laws, a variety of tannaitic sources indicate lack of complete agreement as to the number of such laws, as well as to the four possible additional prohibitions against (1) drinking the blood of a living animal; (2) emasculation; (3) sorcery; and (4) all magical practices listed in Deuteronomy 18:1011. The Talmud records a position which would add prohibitions against cross-breeding of animals of different species, and grafting trees of different kinds (Sanh. 56b). Nonrabbinic sources of the tannaitic period indicate even greater divergence. The Book of Jubilees (7;20ff.) records a substantially different list of six commandments given by Noah to his sons: (1) to observe righteousness; (2) to cover the shame of their flesh; (3) to bless their creator; (4) to honor parents; (5) to love their neighbor; and (6) To guard against fornication, uncleanness, and all iniquity (see I. Finkelstein, bibl.). Acts (15:20) refers to four commandments addressed to non-Jews, "... that they abstain from pollutions of idols, from fornication, from things strangled, and from blood." This latter list is the only one that bears any systematic relationship to the set of religious laws which the Pentateuch makes obligatory upon resident aliens (the ger ha-gar AND ezrah).

"NATURE AND PURPOSE. There are indications that even during the Talmudic period itself there was divergence of opinion as to whether the Noachide Laws constituted a formulation of natural law or were intended solely to govern the behavior of the non-Jewish residents living under Jewish jurisdiction. The natural law position is expressed most clearly by the assertion, as to five of the seven laws, that they would have been made mandatory even had they not been revealed (Yoma 67b; Sifra Aharei Mot, 13:10). Similarly, the rabbinic insistence that six of the seven Noachide Laws were actually revealed to Adam partakes of a clearly universalistic thrust (Gen. R. 16:6, 24:5). The seventh law, against the eating of flesh torn from a living animal, could have been revealed at the earliest to Noah, since prior to the flood the eating of flesh was prohibited altogether. The very fact that these laws were denominated as the "seven laws of the sons of Noah" constitutes further indication of this trend since the term "sons of Noah" is, in rabbinic usage, a technical term including all human beings except those whom Jewish law defines as being Jews. Nor was there a lack of technical terminology available specifically to describe the resident alien. On the other hand, the entire context of the Talmudic discussion of the Noachide Laws is that of actual enforcement by rabbinic courts. To that end, not only is the punishment for each crime enumerated, but standards of procedure and evidence are discussed as well (Sanh. 56a-59a). This presumption of the jurisdiction of Jewish courts is most comprehensible if the laws themselves are intended to apply to non-Jews resident in areas of Jewish sovereignty. Of a similar nature is the position of Yose that the parameters of the proscription against magical practices by Noachides is the verse in Deuteronomy (18-10) which begins, "There shall not be found among you..." (Sanh. 56b). The attempt by Finkelstein (op. cit.) to date the formulation of the seven Noachide commandments during the Hasmonean era would also suggest a rabbinic concern with the actual legal status of the non-Jew in a sovereign Jewish state. It might even be the case that the substitution by the tanna of the school of Manasseh of emasculation and forbidden mixtures of plants for the establishment of a judicial system and blasphemy (Sank. 56b) itself reflects a concern with the regulation of the life of the resident alien already under the jurisdiction of Jewish courts. Of course, the seven commandments themselves are subject to either interpretation: e.g., the establishment of courts of justice can mean either an independent non-Jewish judiciary and legal system or can simply bring the non-Jew under the rubric of Jewish civil law and its judicial system.

"THE BASIS OF AUTHORITY. A question related to the above is that of the basis of authority of these laws over the non-Jews. Talmudic texts seem constantly to alternate between two terms, reflecting contradictory assumptions as to the basis of authority, namely seven precepts "which were commanded" (she-niztavvu) to the Noachides, and seven precepts "which the Noachides accepted upon themselves" (she-kibbelu aleihem; BK 38a; TJ, AV. Zar. 2:1; Hul. 92ab; Hor. 8b; Sahn. 56b). This disparity between authority based on revelation as opposed to consent reaches a climax when Maimonides asserts that the only proper basis for acceptance of the Noachide laws by a non-Jew is divine authority based on revelation as opposed to consent reaches a climax when Maimonides asserts that the only proper basis for acceptance of the Noachide laws by a non-Jew is divine authority and revelation to Moses, and that "... if he observe them due to intellectual conviction (i.e., consent) such a one is not a resident alien, nor of the righteous of the nations of the world, nor of their wise men" (Yad, Melakhim 8:11; the possibility that the final "ve-lo" ("nor") is a scribal error for "ella" ("but rather") while very appealing, is not borne out by any manuscript evidence). Of course, this same conflict between revelation and consent as basis of authority appears with regard to the binding authority of Torah over the Jew, in the form of "we will do and obey" (Ex. 24:7) as opposed to "He (God) suspended the mountain upon them like a cask, and said to them, 'If ye accept the Torah, 'tis well; if not, there shall be your burial" (Shab. 88a). [H: Now, to you Christians who bash these scribes of mine against the head--go back and read that sentence. You claim the word of the Holy Bible and yet clearly this law states, in fact, that you must believe the TORAH. There is no valid term "Judeo/Christian" in FACT. The two terms are mutually exclusive and at opposite ends of definition. This is something conjured in these latter days to confuse you from your belief systems in either case and suck you into political Zionism-Socialism under a one world order--under the TALMUDIC COMMUNISTIC ONE WORLD RULE--"THEIRS AND NOT YOURS".]

"NOACHIDE LAWS AND PRE-SINAITIC LAWS. The amoraim, having received a clear tradition of seven Noachide Laws, had difficulty in explaining why other pre-Sinaitic laws were not included, such as procreation, circumcision, and the law of the sinew. They propounded two somewhat strained principles to explain the anomalies. The absence of circumcision and the sinew is explained through the assertion that any pre-Sinaitic law which was not repeated at Sinai was thenceforth applicable solely to Israelites (Sahn. 59a), whence procreation, would nevertheless not be listed (cf. Tos. to Yev. 62A s.v. benei; Tos. to Hag. 2b s.v. lo).

"LIABILITY FOR VIOLATION OF THE LAWS. While committed to the principle that "There is nothing permitted to an Israelite yet forbidden to a heathen" (Sanh. 59a), the seven Noachide Laws were not as extensive as the parallel prohibitions applicable to Jews, and there are indeed situations in which a non-Jew would be liable for committing an act for which a Jew would not be liable. [H: The thing herein to note is that there WILL COME NEXT the separation of the so-called "Jew" from that of the Zionist. The intent herein is to FIRST PULL DOWN THE RECOGNIZED "JEW" AS AN ACCEPTED RACE, CREED AND RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE.] As to the latter point, as a general rule, the Noachide is criminally liable for violation of any of his seven laws even though technical definitional limitations would prevent liability by a Jew performing the same act. Thus a non-Jew is liable for blasphemy--even if only with one of the divine attributes; murder--even of a foetus (see Embryo); robbery--even of less than a perutah; and the eating of flesh torn from a living animal--even of a quantity less than the size of an olive. [H: This would seem to disallow "eating" of any flesh torn apart from a living animal, i.e., testes in the case of castration at branding, etc. It does not however, negate the sacrifice of animals, etc.--only the EATING of such flesh "torn from"...]. In all these cases a Jew would not be liable (Sahn. 56a-59b; Yad, Melakhim, ch. 9, 10). One additional element of greater severity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57a)."

The preceding represented quotations and now we will look at definitions:

Amoraic period: named in honor of one of a group of Jewish scholars named Amora, who was active in the rabbinical academies of Palestine and Babylonia from the 3rd to the 6th centuries A.D., whose commentaries on and interpretations of the Mishnah comprise the Palestine and Babylonian Gemaras.

Mishnah: the section of the Talmud consisting of the collection of oral laws edited A.D. c200 by rabbi Judah ha-Nasi.

Germaras: argumentative teachings about these laws.

Tannaitic period: named after one of a group of Jewish scholars named Tanna, who was active in Palestine during the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. [H: Here is prime example of misuse of the term "Jew" for this cannot be 'accurate' for "Jew" was not identified until the late 1700s.] whose teachings relating to Jewish law and tradition are founded chiefly in the Mishnah.

Noachide: any non-Jew. [H: These are also called Goy or Goyim.]

Anti-Semitic: is a senseless word used to denounce opposition to Pharisaism, the Jews not being "Semites" but of all races, now as always. The cure of anti-Semitism is extermination, as in the Iron Curtain countries, and insane asylums. The "CURE" is a promotion of Rabbi Leon Spitz in his article titled "GLAMOUR PURIM FORMULA--Exterminate Anti-Semitic Termites As Our Ancestors Did 2,500 Years Ago." This work was published in "American Hebrew" March 1, 1946.

In the section above, subtitled Nature and Purpose, you'll notice the terms Jewish jurisdiction, Jewish sovereignty, a sovereign Jewish state, jurisdiction of Jewish courts, etc., being used. This terminology demands more than just casual nonchalant reading. As was stated earlier in these pages "a different 'mind-set" is required. To put these terms in a proper contextual perspective, the reader must first comprehend the universalistic mentality of World Jewry. We must also remember they believe the Seven Noachide Laws are only for non-Jews and not for Jews, and we must remember they believe only they have been ordained to govern and enforce said laws, and we must remember they believe said laws are universal. [H: NOW they are the law of your land, AMERICA!] Keeping this all in mind we must also remember they believe they are sovereign citizens anywhere they reside throughout the world. Their Talmud "gives" them this privilege. They do take a lot for granted and it is seldom, if ever, challenged. [H: And again--absolutely no one was even given the chance to challenge it.]

When one considers (to bring it closer to home) the fact that they have OWNED--lock, stock and barrel--the Federal Reserve System, and have absolute power over our entire economic system, it is nearly impossible to say they are not sovereign here in America. They have exercised their sovereignty over the United States Government on a near continuous basis since July 9, 1868 the year the 14th Amendment was Ratified. We are now in their "yoke of bondage" thanks to apathy on the part of most Americans. We can also thank many spineless, cowardly and/or greedy politicians for Ratifying said Amendment; for establishing the Federal Reserve System; in fact for establishing all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto which are now in operation throughout America to one degree or another. Yes, Communism is alive and well here in America, except it is under a camouflaged label spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y. We can also thank our "well intentioned" clergy for allowing themselves to be infiltrated by the deceptors of deceptors and who now march in unison to the drum beat of their "Judeo-Christian" ideology.

Judaism's claim that it is founded on Mosaic law, the Old Testament, is a prime example of "whited sepulchre" (see Matt. 23:25-27). On the outside Judaism is "shiny white" in appearance of Old Testament Law, but on the inside it is full of venomous Oral Talmudic law from the "pits of Babylon". This is their Torah, not the first five Books of the Old Testament, called the Pentateuch. It would behoove Christians (or anyone) to learn this fact and NEVER FORGET IT.


Lest this get too lengthy, Dharma, allow us to close this portion. Thank you. We will continue on when we next sit together.

Salu, to clear please.



FRI., SEP. 18, 1992 11:36 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 33



Dharma, and all of you, into the work will always flow the traitors. Please, chelas, do not think that I knew not how the one John Coleman would turncoat. But this man is a common thief and liar and has put many honest and hardworking patriots into disadvantage for the past many years--it was necessary to STOP him. It also was opportunity to find how many "in my own house" would be latchers-on to that which APPEARED better. This is why your world is in such straits, ones look for the "better deal" wherein it seems they can get what they want. This behavior is also that which gets stereotype-casting. This man's name is Joseph Pavlonski, trained in Israel and in the ways of conning other men, who are honest and sleepy, out of their property for his own use. He is no different than, say, Stephen Solarz who wrote 743 overdrafts in the now-defunct House bank. They were both trained by the same teachers of the New World Order Zionist pushers.

It is hard, today, readers and listeners, because this one calling himself John Coleman has taken all the property belonging to THE LIBERATOR which was in his possession and had refused under order to relinquish it, with him. He took furniture which Greens had purchased for his use and left utility bills and other expenses hanging for these ones to pay.

I suggest, E.J., that since George still has access to books and contract rights to same, that you submit the billings for the equipment to America West. If George had not suggested same there would have been legal action already under way and the equipment could have been recovered by the sheriff.

Next, I suggest that this information be sent to the University of Science and Philosophy, Arcturus press and especially to UFO and Don Ecker. George may wish to do this "faxing". I also ask that a copy be sent to Dean Stonier of Global Sciences Congress.

Then, pass this information to ALL of the ones named in the "objection to actions" list of Coleman helpers. HE is the one who named each as an inside contact and I refuse to allow you ones to take any more flack from those who now are in self-denial over the incidents involved. My, what tangled webs are woven when deceit becomes the game and the "master crook" sucks you in. I'm sorry about the hurt that has fallen upon those ones who participated and still cannot see what happened--but I still receive mumblings and rumblings of, "Well, I'll just take my this and that out and show them...." Show us what? That your intent was greed from onset and not intent of serving God, nation or brother? NOTHING has changed in my ground crew herein so if you hit them--YOU HIT ME AND THEREIN IS THE STORY TOLD. I don't yet know what will be done after the dust settles but for now there will simply be no open meetings for I shall not subject Dharma to such insult. I repeat, each of you who were named were not only "named" by Coleman but most identities were broadcast to the four winds on radio by Coleman as his blackmail tactics failed. You have not been "set apart"--you set self apart and since we have no group as in "church" or "club branch" we have no way to undo that which is already done.

The kindest thing any of you can do, however, is to warn Barbara Ann immediately for this man is out of funds and will go where he knows he can get some. I will help you but I will NOT retrieve it for you. I suggest you make a mailing with all this information included, to ones such as the friend in Hawaii, etc., for they have had the blackmailing up front assault from the stolen lists. This criminal did the Hawaii damage when in Hawaii as guest for meetings set up by George as a massive favor.

Again, does this mean the book on the "300" is not valid? No, it is a good compilation of valid information and if George wishes to make it more available--I suggest he run it in press copy and drastically reduce the price so that ALL can have it--perhaps even as a give-away of some sort. A lot of names are missing from his listings of members of this or that, anyway, but it is an excellent volume for reference.

I must tell you ones, however, that only valid information utilized by this agent is valid in any of his newsletters or references. He stood in the room spouting off dates and names regarding Nicaragua with a man present who HEADED those operations in Nicaragua and KNEW the data to be false. TO CATCH A THIEF YOU MUST THINK AS THE THIEF AND PATIENTLY WAIT TILL HE HANGS HIMSELF. HIS OWN DISCREDITING OF SELF CAN ONLY GIVE MORE CREDIT TO OUR OWN WORK. WILL ONES REGAIN THEIR LOSSES? PROBABLY NOT, BUT IT SURELY WILL BE MORE DIFFICULT FOR HIM TO OPENLY PRESS HIS WARES ANYWHERE ELSE.

I remind you that I told you from "early on" that these three were not what they appeared to be and that you must be wary. The one thing you must have noticed is how infrequently he would come into my presence for any reason whatsoever. In the beginning his story and attitude were honest for he was to his wits end and desperate--and we helped him. He had opportunity for total change and acceptance--he only became greedy and evil in intent and trapped again within his own spun web.

You will find that the young alias "John" was the real thief, in actuality. He ran up bills, stole the lists and spotted the resources--a master triad at work. If you have learned your lessons from this, then it is worthy in many ways for many had much to learn by focusing on this man's work when the truth lay already in the printing. I suggest the following would be true: If you said these magazines (JOURNALS) and papers were written by Astrophysicist Dr. George C. Hatonn, PhD, M.D., and former agent with British Intelligence, CIA and Mossad Security Service--the JOURNALS would sell like cakes off the fire. We could even fudge a few lies within the pages and THEY WOULD STILL SELL. Why is it that man turns from messengers of God and unto the Elite liars? Can you see how far ye have yet to go?

Dharma asks me, "But how could you tell us that the word in his work could be trusted as being more valid than almost anyone writing newsletters, etc.?" Because he used other's work and was pretty good at choosing WHICH to utilize--then he turned upon the original writer and claimed their work to have been thieved from his own. It is the adversarial approach in every instance. He did have a presentation which elicited knowledge and trust but, on a mundane level of everyday sense, he could not change a light globe for self as all ones in this area noted--he would call on Jack or someone to wait upon him like a servant--all the while pumping the worker for information in a most appreciative and friendly manner. We allowed THIS so that you ones can now rest assured that we do NOTHING HIDDEN OR DARK IN INTENT. WE EVEN HAVE "WATCHERS" FROM THE HIGHEST PLACES IN THE GOVERNMENT AND THEY CAN FIND NOTHING OTHER THAN INTENT TO BUILD AND SERVE. DOING ALL WITHIN THE LAWS OF THE LAND AND WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WORKS VERY WELL INDEED AND YOUR ENEMY WILL ACTUALLY END UP PROTECTING AND ASSISTING YOU FOR HIS RECOGNITION IS THAT THERE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH AWAKEN TO DO HIM IN.

Also, as the factions get more deadly, i.e., Congress vs. Administration, the humans involved at top levels know about us and they know about what the Soviets are doing and it behooves them to be nice to our people. Our job is to bring information and offer it without force and to prepare and preserve a remnant--of which they already have no desire for participation, therefore, it is better to leave God's true workers alone, under the circumstances.



No, I wouldn't kid you over something that important. There was a major rocket/missile Launch planned for KAUAI in November whereat the Island would need major evacuation and there were all sorts of warnings back and forth regarding the launch. I suggest you find out about it for selves and then it won't be so upsetting to find I am correct.


Without more discussion than obvious fact, look at the devastation of your grain belt and, now, your Iowa corn fields without ability to have another crop this year. Chelas, you have been set up like the 10-pins and the bowling ball is striking all about you. You were warned that 1992 would be a year of massive changes and happenings and, dear ones, you have but weeks left in this year you label 1992. The New World Order is running right on schedule.


How many of you were privy to the grand unplugging done by Larry King last night? It was rather fun--the subject was Presidential debate between Bush and Clinton and how they are playing games and first one then the other refuses. You can see that the Congress is out to hang Bush because the desperate game is to get Republicans into the Congress. The criminals may be in the Bush basket but the real deadly vipers are in the Congress and hence the need to get Clinton inside the Administration. The Elite 300 and Bilderbergers have it all worked out so all you have to do is stumble along on all-fours and heed your manners. In any case, after several calls regarding the debates and quibbling and blaming and speculating someone called in and rapidly asked if there was all this problem why didn't they just debate Bo Gritz? That was the fastest footwork and sleight-of-hand I have witnessed. That call was disconnected so fast and NO mention of it again in any conversation--just a whimper that it had made it through and then total cover. Not even to advertising where the audience: could "think" about what they "almost" heard--just immediate and deliberate distraction. The ORDERS ARE: NOT EVEN THE PRONOUNCEMENT OF BO GRITZ ON CNN--AND THAT EQUATES, THEN, TO ALL NETWORKS.


Yes indeed, that undoubtedly is what you will have to end up doing--sooner or later. Set up a new government under the Constitution. Of course that is what the "South" tried to do in the Civil War but ultimately that is the only way you will clean out the rats' nests. So many things are unconstitutional about the Washington, D.C. government, anyway, that you already have the imposter nailed to one location. Stop the "blood flow" and it will die on the vine. The problem is, of course, that you would be against the full United Nations Soviet-run troops. This is, however, why it is necessary for the Elite to pull down the nation as a whole--economy and all. They must make sure you are hooked on welfare, hungry and homeless. In addition, you will in great masses be sick and actually dying. The pharmaceutical houses will withdraw, on orders, medications from the masses as is happening in foreign countries in these wars and disasters--and you WILL die, you know. In fact, beloved and spoiled masses of luxury and high life-standards--you will die more quickly for you have no notion how to survive. Look at those in Florida, Los Angeles and now, KAUAI--they sit and wait--sit and wait--sit and wait--for what? Rebuilding? What about jobs? The nation, even the borrowing nation of borrowing nations has a limit to borrowing capacity if the Banksters want to shut it down--and they do--so what do the "sitting and waiting" ones do? They have no means of survival without the generosity of helpers--they can't even get out of Florida geographically if it is deemed not to be by the Government. The Government has total incarceration of the population in the tip of Florida as if there were 40 foot fencing with razor wire. It is even more isolated in KAUAI if the Government wishes to cut those flights and boat rides out of that Island.


Where are those speakers and groupies who denounced us for doom and gloom and fear mongering? How much has changed for your "just being"? How much has changed by your hand-holding and singing Aum-m-s? How much food do you have in stores for attending needs from the ones who said we simply "doom and gloom" too much and that you can change it around by simply "wishing it to be different" and having a few "love-ins"? Where are YOU going to go to get your rice and beans? The time of need is upon you, chelas, are you ready? Are our ones ready? No--not for long enough nor nearly enough for there are only a small handful and they have given ALL to see to it that YOU are warned. They have, however, done that which they can and will do more as ability comes--if it comes. If it comes not then they have served well, and placement is assured. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Have you listened to the preachers who tell you it is fine and you will be tended by someone's blood spillage? Do you expect the soft clouds for rescue? Good, but I promise you that unless you are blown apart into very fine particulate you will NOT stay on those clouds. It is true, however, that you won't have to worry about food and drink. The ONLY way that you are going to ascend on your own merit is to become a substance lighter than air--that requires a full "blown" case of dispersion into molecular form which is highly incompatible with human physical life-form.

How many of you will FIND the sums to WASTE at the Christmas season in shopping for Santa Clause? Might the child you "fool" rather EAT when he is hungry? How many of you say you "can't" and actually simply CHOOSE other things to spend your sums upon? I can only remind you that later, when you "WISH I HAD", will not change a thing if you DIDN'T. Next, ones will say, "...well, I would rather be dead than live 'like that' anyway!" No, for if you feel that way and do nothing, you do not have your balance with God and with that which comes in the hereafter and, therefore, I can promise you that you will kill for food to stay longer in the physical form for the terror of the passage without readiness is terrible indeed. Prepare for that which comes with your hand in the hand of God and whatever comes will be quite acceptable and, in addition, you will have listened, heeded and taken preparations against the day as advised by the messengers as we are sent unto you.

Dharma, allow us to finish the writing of yesterday regarding PUBLIC LAW 102-14. We need to finish that subject because you need the input prior to moving into the subject of the "Ultimate World Order". You readers (citizens) must understand that with this Public Law enacted, you are under law of the Zionist seven Noachide laws as laid forth yesterday. We will continue now by labeling the section:



The missing link in Christian understanding is best expressed, on the subject of "Pharisees", by the Universal Jewish Encyclopaedia. (1943): [H: These resources are utilized so that there CAN BE NO DEBATE as to subject material. If information is pulled from "their" own words then it is hard to scream anti-Semite and/or "lies upon lies". Go to the source and uncover the writers and then the later speakers cannot deny the truth of the facts presented.]

"The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The TALMUD is the largest and most important single piece of that literature...and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism."

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein was chosen in 1937 by the Kehillas (Jewish communities) of the world as one of the top 120 Jews who best represent a "lamp of Judaism" to the world. He has long headed the Jewish Theological Seminary of America with branches in New York and Los Angeles. In "The Pharisees", his two-volume work, Rabbi Finklestein writes:

"Pharisaism became Talmudism... But the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew...studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies. From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered."

In Rabbi Finklestein's history of the Jews, he states:

"The TALMUD derives its authority from the position held by the ancient academies." (Pharisee) "The teachers of those academies, both of Babylonia and of Palestine, were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin... At the present time, the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any decision regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the TALMUD as the final resume of the teaching of those authorities when they existed." ("The JEWS--Their History, Culture, and Religion", vol. 4, p. 1332, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1949.)

"THE TALMUD: HEART'S BLOOD of the JEWISH FAITH", was the heading of the 11/17/59 installment of a best-seller book by Herman Wouk which ran serially in the New York Herald-Tribune. To quote:

"The TALMUD is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or ceremonies we observe--whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists--we follow the TALMUD. It is our common law." [H: This is out of their own mouths, little ones, so how can we be somehow putting them down by our writings as is continually assaulted upon us? They cannot have things all ways according to whims and wind shifts. This is all for your total confusion so that you will not notice that THEY ALSO STOLE AN ENTIRE HERITAGE FROM THE BROTHERS OF THE TORAH.]

While we mentally maintain the contents of all these pages thus far, perhaps it is time we ask ourselves once again WHY PUBLIC LAW 102-14?? My opinion, based on research, is it will legally put all "Noachides" under Talmudic bondage and it will be at their discretion when they decide it is to their advantage to enforce said law. Their main objective for now is to get the law on the books. Once it is on the books it can be enforced at any time. [H: So you think that ones like Falwell and Robertson will 'wake up' and put a stop to this horrendous game? Think again! Both have PROCLAIMED PUBLICLY AND LOUDLY THAT THEY ARE ZIONISTS AND PROUD OF IT! GOOD LUCK!]

From the New Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 8, 15th Edition verbatim:

"NOAHIDE LAWS, also called Noachian Laws, a Jewish Talmudic designation for seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and consequently binding on all mankind.

"Beginning with Genesis 2:16, the Babylonian Talmud listed the first six commandments as prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, and robbery and the positive command to establish courts of justice (with all that this implies). After the flood a seventh commandment, given to Noah, forbade the eating of flesh cut from a living animal (Gen. 9:4). Though the number of laws was later increased to 30 with the addition of prohibitions against castration, sorcery, and other practices, the "seven laws", with minor variations, retained their original status as authoritative commandments and as the source of other laws. As basic statutes safeguarding monotheism and guaranteeing proper ethical conduct in society, these laws provide a legal framework for alien residents in Jewish territory. Maimonides thus regarded anyone who observed these laws as one "assured of a portion of the world to come". Throughout the ages scholars have viewed the Noahide Laws as a link between Judaism and Christianity, as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept in international law, or as a guarantee of fundamental human rights for all."

Once again we've got to know the meaning of their (Talmudic) terminology. Believe me, it is far different than any other you will ever encounter.


"Habad (initial letters of Hokhmah, "Wisdom", Binah, "Understanding", Da'at, "Knowledge") is the movement within Hasidism founded by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyady (17451812); as the name implies, Habad places a greater emphasis on the use of the intellect in the study of the Torah, and especially in contemplation on "the secrets of the Torah" (the Kabbalah), than is the norm in Hasidism. The founder's son and successor, Rabbi Dov Baer (1773-1827), settled in the Russian town of Lubavich, hence the name by which the group is now known. The third leader was Rabbi Menahem Mendel (1789-1866), son-in-law of Dov Baer and the son of the daughter of Shneur Zalman. He is known, after the title of his major work, as the Zemah Zedek. (Shneur Zalman is called the "Old Rebbe"--Alter Rebbe--and his son the "Middle Rebbe"--Mittler Rebbe. The fourth leader, Menahem Mendel's son, Rabbi Samuel (the Maharash, 1834-1882), was succeeded by his son, Rabbi Shalom Dov Baer (1860-1920). His son, Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneersohn (1880-1950), emigrated to the U.S. in 1940, establishing his "court" in Brooklyn. The present Lubavicher Rebbe, Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson(1902-_____ ), is a son-in-law of Joseph Isaac and the great-great-grandson of the Zemah Zedek. These biographical details are far from irrelevant since, in the Lubavich doctrine, great significance is attached to the personality and "soul-root" of each rebbe, past as well as present. Although the Lubavicher Rebbe is perhaps less hailed as a miracle worker than the leaders of other dynasties, he enjoys authority of a more absolute kind than they: his every command is accepted with unquestioning obedience by his devoted followers.

"The early Habid thinkers developed the idea, founded in kabbalist sources, that deep in the recesses of every Jewish soul there is a divine spark, conceived of literally as part of divinity. When this is bestirred, like yearns to be united with like. This theoretical concept acquired great social significance in Lubavich, which has become a missionary movement to the Jews (and, to some extent, is more interested than Orthodoxy in general in attracting even gentile converts, in the belief that the gentile, too, acquires his 'divine soul' on his acceptance of Judaism. No Jew is held to be beyond redemption, no matter how far he has strayed from the Torah. Lubavich has attained astonishing successes in this field, winning over many hitherto uncommitted Jews to a full participation in a life of Torah and mitzvot. The suggestion that Lubavich is a kind of Jewish Salvation Army is unfounded, but the movement is marked by an "evangelical" fervor wedded to an emotionalism that is somewhat surprising in view of the founder's strong intellectual approach.

"It is difficult to obtain precise figures, but it is certain that Lubavich is numerically the strongest of all the hasidic groups, with tens of thousands of active members, in addition to the numerous sympathizers who are unprepared to commit themselves fully. The main concentration of the Lubavicher Hasidim is in New York. They are also active in other parts of the U.S. and in communities all over the world. In Israel they are concentrated in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and in the hasidic village of Kefar Habad, in the Lod Valley. There is a European bureau of Lubavich in Paris; a Lubavich Foundation of Great Britain in London; and there are similar organizations in Montreal, in Italy and Australia.

"At the Lubavich headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, regular gatherings (the farbrengen) are held, attended by up to 2,000 Hasidim and others, at which the Rebbe speaks in Yiddish for hours on end; his message is frequently relayed by telephone to followers unable to be present in person. These talks are later circulated in pamphlet form, translated into Hebrew, English and other languages. The farbrengen usually takes place on the anniversary of the great event in the history of the movement, such as the 19th of Kislev.

"The Rebbe also receives his followers and others interested in the Lubavich ideas in private audiences (Yiddish yechides, Hebrew yehidut, "being alone"). These are held late at night and give the Rebbe an opportunity to convey his ideas and advice in an intensely personal way, as well as giving his individual blessing to the Hasid and his family.

"A spate [an unusually large outpouring] of education material pours from the presses of the Lubavich printing house, Kehot: reprints of the Habad classics; translations of these; messages from the rebbe; memoirs; and rather popular hasidic tracts. Lubavich schools flourish in many parts of the world. The self-sacrificing spirit of the Lubavich educators (in Russia, for example, they willingly risked their lives in order to hand down the tradition to the next generation) has won the admiration even of those Jews hostile to hasidism. Lubavich "missions" have been established in universities. The Rebbe was educated at the Sorbonne, and has often stated that this has made him aware of the special problems in matters of faith the university student has to face. Because of this, and because of the traditional suspicion of secular learning by the early Habad teachers, the Rebbe would prefer that Jews did not attend university, and always advised his hasidim against a university education. [The Editor doubts if this is so now as most universities have been Judaised, or at least Hasidized. They Judaised the U.S. with Public Law 102-14. They also hold many high positions in the universities--all universities. Do not think it less so because a university may pretend to be, say, Catholic, Protestant, etc.]

"Lubavich is greatly concerned that all Jews carry out the practical commandments of Judaism. Wherever Jews meet in large numbers, Lubavich Hasidim are usually to be found urging people to put on tefillin, which they have ready for the purpose, or to perform the mitzvah of taking the lulav and etrog on Sukkot, or, occasionally, to sit in a mobile sukkah which makes its way through Jewish districts heralded by a loudspeaker. Packages of massah shermulah are dispatched to thousands of homes before Passover, together with the Rebbe's seasonal greetings.

"In their missionary thrust, the Lubavicher Hasidim have adopted the slogan Ooferatsto (u-farazta), "and thou shalt spread abroad," based on the promise to Jacob: "And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south. And in thee and thy seed shall the families of the earth be blessed" (Gen. 28:14). Lubavich, aware of the similarities between its approach and Christian missionary activity, is highly sensitive to the charge of imitation and roundly denies that the term 'Jewish missionaries' is appropriate to the movement. Taking issue with 'a certain unfortunate but understandable tendency to equate the Lubavich movement with the familiar and classical missionaries (lehavdil) who exhort sinners to become penitents,' Lubavich affirms that the correct translation of the Hebrew word teshuvah is not "repentance" but "return" to God and to His Torah. "A Jew is inherently good and wishes to do good; it is only because of various reasons for which he is either not responsible or only partially responsible that he committed an evil act. But inherently he is good." This is why Lubavich sees every Jew, no matter how estranged from Judaism [notice it doesn't say estranged from God, Ed.], as potentially observant, even potentially a Lubavich Hasid, who has to be given every encouragement to allow the divine within him to awaken itself. It is true that, of all hasidic groups, Lubavich is the most tolerant, but it is far removed from any attitude of easy-going tolerance towards unorthodox views or conduct. Within the U.S. Jewish community it occupies an uncompromising stance on the extreme right wing, and has expressed a rigid line on the who-is-a-Jew controversy in Israel politics. Basically this most understanding and sympathetic of religious sects is the most intolerant in theory, since its philosophy refuses to recognize that there can be any truth in viewpoints other than its own; it maintains that deep down every Jew really knows that the hasidic way of life is completely true and the only way to cope with the human situation. [Ed.: human situation is based on what hasidism says the situation is.]

"True to the Habad idea, the leaders of the movement stress education of old and young as the sure remedy for religious backsliding. When the truth is known, the Jew is bound to respond to it. All heresy and all laxity in the observances of Judaism are solely the fruit of ignorance. The Rebbe writes: 'In recent generations, more than ever before, the main emphasis has been on the need to bring the knowledge and practice of the Torah and Mitzvos to the widest possible segment of our people, in the greatest number of locations, without waiting for them to see it--in the hope that they will sooner or later realize the need for it themselves. The most effective way to accomplish this is, of course, through organized Torah-true education of the young, the young in years and the 'young' in knowledge.

"Like the other hasidic groups, Lubavich believes strongly in the spiritual value of song and of dance. The Alter Rebbe set the pattern in his maxim: 'The tongue is the pen of the heart, but melody is the pen of the soul.' When the Hasid sings he raises himself above the material universe to achieve devekut, cleaving to God. The majority of Lubavich niggunim, "melodies", are without words. An exception is the popular Russian song Nye Zyuritze Chloptzi, Lubavich holding that there is no harm in adopting songs of this nature since there are "holy sparks" in all melodies waiting to be rescued for the sacred. Before the shofar is blown at the end of the Yom Kippur services the Lubavicher Hasidim sing a melody, Napoleon's March, said to be an adaptation of martial music played by French troops when they invaded Russia. Dancing is said to be significant because it is the highest manifestation of inner happiness. The feet moving in the dance are likened in Habad thought to the non-intellectual qualities of the Jewish soul, and dancing to the glory of God is thus an expression of the simple, basic faith of the Jew who, if need be, is ready to suffer martyrdom with a totally unreflective love that reason cannot hinder. However, unlike many other Hasidim, the Lubavich Hasidim generally engage in the dance only on the great occasions in the Jewish year. As a holy exercise the religious dance must not be made dull through familiarity.

"Segregation of the sexes in synagogue, school and in Hasidic life in general is strictly upheld, though women certainly have their role in the movement (the daughter of the Alter Rebbe, for example, is a great heroine in Habad lore), and the education of girls is given special attention. The movement has stated its opposition to formal legal adoption on the grounds that parents kiss their children, and if the Hasid and his wife adopt children they may be guilty of the sin of kissing members of the opposite sex to whom they are not related by blood.

"The life-style of a Lubavicher Hasid differs in some respects from the patterns observed in other branches of Hasidism. In matter of dress the Lubavicher Hasidism (and the Rebbe himself) neither wear the streimel and white socks, nor do they cultivate "corkscrew" pe'ot. Their hasidic melodies have a strong "Russian" association, and the Lubavicher type of beard, long and bushy, resembles the old-fashioned Russian beard. Torah study is the supreme imperative, next to prayer. In addition to the Talmud the Codes, Habad thought is studied in depth. The work Tanya, by the founder of the movement, is virtually known by heart, most of the Lubavicher Hasidim carrying the book around with them wherever they go and keeping it in their tallit bag. Opponents of the movement have decried the excessive veneration of their founder by the Lubavicher as bordering on the idolatrous.

"There are experts in hasidic doctrine--the mashpi'im--one of whose tasks it is to expound in detail the higher mysteries of Kabbalah in their Habad interpretations [emphasis added, Ed. Now is a good time to reread the Joint Resolution on the first couple of pages of this information.] From the days of its founding fathers Habad has held to the view that the older ban on public teaching of the Kabbalah has been rescinded and that, on the contrary, in this period in history, when the footsteps of the Messiah will soon be heard, only a constant familiarity with 'the words of the living God' can succeed in awakening the powers of the divine soul.

"A much discussed question is the movement's attitude towards the state of Israel. When Zalman Sharaz was President of Israel he would frequently visit the Rebbe, with whom he was on the friendliest of terms, a Lubavich knows nothing of the virulent anti-Zionism of the Satmar group. Nevertheless the Rebbe has never set foot in Israel and has been sharply critical of some aspects of life in the State. In his approbation to the work of Simhat Olam by Rabbi M. Blumenfeld of New Jersey (Newark, 1954), the Rebbe takes the author to task for daring to suggest that the emergence of the State of Israel is athalta de-geulah, "the beginning of the (Messianic redemption)". On the other hand, messianic overtones can be discerned in the Rebbe's message immediately after the Yom Kippur War, and he has stated that those occupied territories lying within the traditional boundaries of Erez Israel must not be surrendered. [One needs to understand their meaning of Erez Israel, then you'll understand why Jim Baker's peace plan, now trying to be worked out, will go astray. Ed.]

"The attitudes to modern sciences are similarly ambiguous. The Rebbe, not infrequently, makes use of scientific findings in his expositions; the splitting of the atom, for instance, is made to illustrate the Habad doctrine of bittul ha-yesh, "self-annihilation", the spiritual power which results from the mystical experience when all thought of self has been abandoned. On the other hand, the Rebbe is uncompromising in his opposition to any untraditional views based on scientific theories. He has stated that the Jew is obliged to believe that the world was created out of nothing 5.736 years ago. God planting the fossils from the beginning because the world, to be a world, must give the impression of steady growth. It remains true, however, the Lubavich numbers among its followers some very distinguished scientists." End Judaica quote.

I chose to quote verbatim Public Law 102-14, the Seven Noahide [Noachide] Laws and, the Lubavich Movement so no one could accuse me of taking anything out of context.

The Lubavich movement is essentially the educational arm of hasidism, hence "EDUCATION DAY, U.S.A."

The question Christians need to be asking is: Why are we, as a nation, adopting Talmudic Noahide laws when the Ten Commandments, Statues and Judgements already exist? They still exist today contrary to modern church teaching that they have been nailed to the cross and replaced by Grace. It was clearly God's Law and the Holy Bible that established America as the greatest nation on earth, not Talmudic codes and traditions.

It should be noted that Schneerson had been "honored" before by our government. Carter proclaimed his 78th birthday "Education Day, USA", and Reagan proclaimed his 80th birthday a "National Day of reflection". Quite an honor to be bestowed on an anti-christ by so-called Christians.

This information was compiled by Bill S. for Central Research Library. We thank you for sharing. END OF QUOTING I would like to note that there is another page but it is one that we have quoted prior to this as Benjamin Franklin spoke in agreement with General George Washington regarding the dangers and from whom those dangers spring. We have presented the quoted speech only to be attacked with every "name-calling" available from you readers. My scribe has had enough for this day so we shall save it for a "stronger" time. Perhaps we shall try again at the end of our outlay of the work, THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER. It comes as pictured in "THE JEWISH UTOPIA". I apologize, readers, but I must print what is written. This is what is written by those ones calling themselves "Jews" so I understand not why you throw stones at us for presenting their own information unto your attention. It is time you wake up, sleepyheads, or your stay upon Earth Shan is limited indeed!

Hatonn to clear for this segment, thank you.



SAT., SEP. 19, 1992 8:03 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 34



"Methinks" that "they" stress much too strongly the Bonnie hurricane in the Atlantic not being a danger to shore. Chelas, THIS IS THE WAY THAT MANMADE HURRICANES ARE FORMED--out at sea with more and more pulsing currents until you have a mass as big as you want to do the damage afore-planned. THAT hurricane is being built to straggle around offshore until appropriate to drive her inland. Where? Watch the noon-news and see WHERE they "let it slip" that a big happening, like a missile or rocket, launch may be planned. If you are "lucky" and capitulations occur as being demanded on this or that point of action--it will dissipate. If not--it will be brought ashore where appropriate and you will be able to plot it daily by events as well as currents.


The Russians despised and abhorred the Bolsheviks when in Russia and further despise them now that they are the big force in the United States of America. These are mainly comprised of Khazarian Zionists who CALL THEMSELVES "Jews" but are NOT. They are the Banksters of the world and have brought your entire planet to its knees. WHO IS YOUR ENEMY? It depends on WHOSE side YOU are on! I would suggest you look around you, get informed and figure it out. After all, chelas, even now and then an innocent man is sent to the legislature. Therefore, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I simply remind you good people: "Put not your trust in kings and princes. Three of a kind will take them both." Ponder it!

I also suggest to you ones who are in troubled families as within the larger troubled nation and planet--that you first do your children the largest service of all for if you really WANT to do something positive for your children, you should make every effort to improve your marriage for upon your example will rest the rest of their lives in human form. Then, after improving the relationships according to the Laws of God instead of the rules of the destroyers, you can move on into restructuring the government of your own nation or building a new one. Then and only then can you begin to restructure the direction of your world. You have to be alert, however, for the experts will usually come with "an accent" to tell you what and how to change. Is this accident? No, for everything sounds more romantic and more factual expressed in an authoritarian "accent" of a foreign language.

You ones struggle along as if the solution to problems is simply to "drop out", whether it be from a child who will not attend school to a marriage wherein the "sex spark" is dimmed--just get out of it, disclaim responsibility and "let somebody else" do it for you and, if you fail again, so what. You ones have been told to constantly depend on others to make you happy, successful--whatever. No, you will become responsible and balanced within self, and only self, or you will be endlessly disappointed and that which you have brought forth as children are doomed to the same destiny. Your first lesson of life is that if there were no problems, there would be no opportunities. If you cannot rectify a problem without "dropping out", then I suggest you have not gotten out of kindergarten. It is said that "If you give a pig and a boy everything THEY want--you end up with a good pig and a very bad boy!" I suggest you ponder it, parents, and see wherein YOU FIT. And ALWAYS, it will be the things of value that will require the most avid stand in their defense--especially when the popular "vote" has ruled otherwise.


Cort, for your "corner" in this week's LIBERATOR, please utilize Lewis' discussion on fund transfer. I get myriads of questions such as this: "I know that a corporation protects me, especially a Nevada corporation, but, I need to get some money out of my corporation. How can I do this to my very best advantage? I do not want to hold sums of large amounts in bank accounts because I know I will lose the asset one of these days. I want to cover in gold or something similar to the Institute gold collateral plan but I just don't know how to get even small amounts properly arranged."

This question has a lot of answers, depending, of course, on how much income your corporation "makes", shareholders and whether or not you have issued shares (not a good idea), employees, what is the purpose of incorporation, i.e., family estate & business, business, privacy and protection or whatever the need. I don't wish to spend time on this when there is ample information available but I do feel that it is timely and would appreciate Cort's response in the LIBERATOR. Thank you.

If you are going to utilize incorporation in Nevada then PLEASE DO IT RIGHT--OR LEAVE US OUT OF YOUR ARRANGEMENTS. We NEVER suggest you do anything to either EVADE taxes or create any breaking of the laws of the land. NEVER! There are ample laws which allow for tax shelters through legal and expected means as set forth by corporations as well as privacy and good management for even "small" people, as you like to call selves. If you act in greed in order to serve selves--you are very apt to get into ego problems and get that veil pierced the first time the government comes to "getcha". I cannot warn you often enough and I do ask that if you simply want to greedily hold everything in your own name, rank and status grabbing--stay a long, long way AWAY from me in so-doing. USE the laws existing for benefit--don't abuse them or they will be brought down on you so hard and fast your head will swim until they let you out of jail--if they ever do.

We only offer SOUND, LEGAL alternatives to help get through this time of chaos and economic trauma. We never give doom and gloom facts without offering suggestions as to how you might do better and if you wish to work WITH GOD'S TEAM, then there will be other alternatives and possible security options that you can't 'just" go do on your own for you have not "time" to establish methodology nor have conduits for management. This is abused herein, by ones thinking themselves beyond the "rules" and thus demanding more than fair and just shares at mind-change whims--these we also hope will stay a very long way away from us. God answers the sincere petitions of His people--but if your intent is only for self and greedy gain—you shall not be welcome in the service provided. Check your intent before you call on our ones for service and inclusion, please. They are not here to 'judge" you or your intent but I AM HERE to see to it that all honest participants are protected from the tentacles of the greedy. So be it and watch your "footwear" and the way you "make your bed", for therein shall ye be finding yourself walking and sleeping.

So much for the tinkering of the morning, Dharma. We are going to dive right off into the information provided and following onto the past two days' writings. We are going to take up what is now called:


This information is as pictured in "The Jewish Utopia". I shall not change the wording for that would only further protect the "guilty". I believe you who have followed along with our messages will be able to begin to fit the final tapestry pieces together as you add these bits and pieces.

The work compiled here comes from a small book, The Ultimate World Order-as pictured in The Jewish Utopia (with slight revisions) by Robert H. Williams. Mr. Williams has compiled the information into print and I shall do as usual--simply utilize the material, giving great honor for a daring and worthy job of presenting information which is efforted at burial in an ongoing and ever more drastic attempt at silencing.

No, the ADL will NOT like this and the screams of "anti-Semite" will again flow loudly and abundantly. Note that THAT is the aggressive offensive of the ADVERSARY IN ACTION. A little about this information: THERE IS A MASSIVE EFFORT AFOOT TO STOP THIS PRESENTATION JUST AS IS THE CASE WITH THE ZIONIST PROTOCOLS AND ONE WORLD ORDER INFORMATION--SO--THERE MUST BE TRUTH HIDDEN SOMEWHERE THAT IS DESIRED TO BE, ONCE MORE, KEPT FROM YOU-THE-PEOPLE and quite frankly, ESPECIALLY THE SO-CALLED "JEWS".


"THE JEWISH UTOPIA", discovered by the author (Williams) in an unlisted Jewish collection in the library of the University of Texas, is the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for WORLD DOMINATION. It pictures the ultimate "new social order" which the Zionists hope to establish after they have used Communism, democracy and a third world war to gain their ends. THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER is an analysis of "The Jewish Utopia", WITH EXCERPTS FROM THE ORIGINAL TEXT.

[H: Where there are photocopies included, I ask that the Editors effort to reproduce them if legible. Perhaps the inclusion, even in poor quality, can give credence to truth of presentation. (See Appendix) I also ask that we give ample credit to the compilers of this information for as with today's patriots there is little mention of selves, dates of printing and/or copyrights. The information is far too important for ego transgressions and all we can do is FURTHER the information flow in order to serve the original compilers. Herein is our purpose in writing and publishing this material—that it might go further and broader into the hands and eyes of your globe. Please note that "footnotes" (*) as nearly following subject in printing as possible within the text. I thank J.H. for providing the first document for use. We now have several. People ARE awakening and beginning to focus on urgent truth and it brings joy for the voice in the wilderness IS being heard.]


- - as pictured in "The Jewish Utopia"

If the Communists think they are going to conquer all the nations and set up a world government under a dictator of their own choosing they may be in for a surprise. For their parent, the sect which originally launched the Communist movement as an offshoot to accomplish a specific and temporary purpose, has plans for an ultimate world order of its own; and this sect, commonly called Zionist, now vastly overshadows the much cruder Communist machine in skill, finance, organization and influence.

The Communist plan for rubbing out all national, religious, cultural and racial lines and submerging the world in formless, characterless chaos for easy domination is grandiose enough. To say that there is still another, more grandiose plan beyond that for which the Communist machine was set up is indeed to challenge the credulity of most of us, especially of us Anglo-Saxons who are too busy with our humdrum routines to pull the propaganda curtain aside and see the giant hiding there.

Not many years after I began studying the Communist movement, trying to understand it, I noticed a hint that Communism was not to be the ultimate world order. Heinrich Heine, German-Jewish poet and Communist youth leader of the 1830s and 1840s (friend and co-revolutionary of Karl Marx) spoke of Communism as temporary.*

* The Heine prophecy of the destruction of Russia nearly a hundred years before the event is so revealing and so amazing as to justify quoting at some length. Note the picture of a nationless, raceless world, "one flock and one shepherd . . . with an iron staff":

"Communism, though little discussed now and loitering in hidden garrets on miserable straw pallets, is the dark hero destined for a great, if temporary, role in the modern tragedy …… "It would be war, the ghastliest war of destruction . . . The second act is the European and the World Revolution, the great duel between the destitute and the aristocracy of wealth; and in that there will be no mention of either nationality or religion; there will be only one fatherland, the globe, and only one faith, that in happiness on earth . . . How could the drama end?

"I do not know; but I think that eventually the great sea serpent (Britain) will have its head crushed and the skin of the Northern Bear (Russia) will be pulled over its ears. There may be only one flock and one shepherd--one free shepherd with an iron staff, and a shorn-alike, bleating-alike human herd! . . .

"The Gods are veiling their faces in pity on the children of man, their long-time charges, and perhaps over their own fate. The future smells of Russian leather, blood, godlessness and many whippings. I should advise our grandchildren to be born with very thick skins on their backs."

Why and in what way temporary? What did this far-sighted master strategist of revolution see as the successor to Communism? Is it not disturbing enough that a machine dedicated to liquidating all opponents, wiping out the nations as such and the best blood of the races and blending the remnants into a faceless brown slob--is it not enough that this the Communist machine already enslaves nearly half the people of the world and is armed with hydrogen bombs?

If Communism is only temporary, what is to be the ultimate novus ordo seclorum, the new order, of society if the successors to the Jewish revolutionaries, Marx and Heine, accomplish their aim? Who are to be the masters of the new order and what do they want to do with our children and grandchildren?

It goes without saying that no man can escape concern about such a scheme if it has powerful backing.

For years I have felt that somewhere there must be a master plan showing what Heine and his fellow planners had in mind for us, after the fires of Communism burn away the heritages of the various races and cultures, religions and nations; after Communist monsters have killed out several generations of what they rightfully call "the leadership personnel", all who might have the intelligence, skill and courage to resist.

But I little expected ever to have this ultimate master plan, this chapter beyond the Communist Manifesto, in my hands. Of the hundreds of documents I have collected on activities of the Marxist revolutionaries--including originals or photostats of official government reports, intelligence releases, Communist papers, Zionist organizational reports to their members, Jewish histories of revolutions, biographies of their revolutionary leaders, etc.--I have never seen anything comparable; for this small book sketches the general outlines of the ultimate goal hundreds of years ahead, toward which all the various activities of the Zionists and their "liberal" dupes are, wittingly or unwittingly, contributing.

[H: Yes, we HAVE given you this information in several forms, readers and listeners, but YOU DIDN'T DIGEST IT AND ACTUALLY PUT IT DOWN as some sort of radical, bigoted and "anti-Semitic" assault. YOU HAD BEST NOW PAY ATTENTION AND REALLY DIGEST this material for you ARE OUT OF "TIME". I will put this information to audio tape for I feel it time to dump this terrible load of truth on your shoulders before you are enslaved forever. For you "tapers", please do not rush to do this FOR me, for I want to comment as I go along and we will do this instead of regular "meeting" tapes for I want no meetings until our current problems are resolved.]


[H: Be sure you read the writings of the past two days regarding PUBLIC LAW 102-14 prior to diving off into this for it has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR NEW NATIONAL RELIGION!]

Yet, the book was not marked secret; it was in plain English and in the Library of the University of Texas. (And, a friend found a copy in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., supposedly a copy which was filed with application for copyright in 1932.)

It is a book of 118 pages, plus preface, notes and bibliography, entitled THE JEWISH UTOPIA (not "A" JEWISH UTOPIA, but "THE" JEWISH UTOPIA), by Michael Higger, a university professor, published by the Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, Md., 1932, and copyrighted the same year by the author.

If the book is not marked secret, if it is in plain English, it is nevertheless almost safe, for it is largely couched in the esoteric language which all Jewish revolutionaries have used throughout known history, language found even in their Torah, (The Books of Moses) and which Jewish writers imparted to Communist literature. Their use of words which you and I take to mean one thing but which their followers understand as meaning something else, a system which our people little suspect, almost guarantees the security of the document. [H: To catch a thief YOU MUST LEARN TO "THINK" LIKE THE THIEF.]


The author speaks of "the righteous" and "the just". He says they shall inherit the earth. He quotes the Prophets, the Books of Moses, etc. Who would suspect that he had political revolution and total conquest in mind? But read on and you find that the "righteous" are to be the Zionist Jews and such gentiles as they may accept.


That is what the author says repeatedly, on page after page. And note that this book is not the creation of the Jewish Professor, Michael Higger; he merely compiled it. It is the sum total of the prophecies, teachings, plans and interpretations of the foremost rabbis and Jewish tribal leaders of the past 2500 years--since the time of the Oral Law and the beginning of the Babylonian Talmud, with its double standard for Jews and non-Jews and its nationalistic, militant interpretation of the Torah (the Books of Moses, the first five books of the Old Testament).

There is no mistaking who is meant by "the righteous". Mr. Higger says even those Jews who fail to enter into the program of the Utopia (which he reveals to be the same program of Socialism, brotherhood and internationalism as that of the Zionists and involving much also that is Communist) will be denied the Utopia. Even the non-conforming Jews shall perish, along with the rest of us.

On page after page Mr. Higger's JEWISH UTOPIA unfolds the ultimate order. Some mighty force, with the ruler from the house of David on the throne, is to take control of every life, every shekel's worth of property, every acre of land, every nugget and coin; no child may live, none may be born, if the Power objects.

And the regard in which THE JEWISH UTOPIA is held by the rabbinate may be surmised from the printed Texas University Library seal inside the front cover, which says the book was "Presented by the Kallah of Texas Rabbis, 1939" to The Abraham I. Schecter Collection of Hebraica and Judaica" of the University library.

I stated earlier that the book was in plain English. The fact is, it is addressed throughout to students familiar with the TALMUD, the teachings of the foremost rabbis of Jewish history; it was not in the library proper but in the Abraham I. Schechter collection, to which one may access only by special permission; and it was not, and is not, listed in the library catalogue.

We shall see presently the plan in detail. We would dismiss the entire book as a daydream by an unbalanced mind but for the facts of history, including current history, in which the Socialistic man-trap has caught this and other countries and people, and is steadily sucking their blood.

The Jewish machine has men in the most powerful positions; protected by the cowardice of leaders who fear to be called "anti-Semitic". We are paralyzed by that atom-powered little scare word; we are children afraid of the dark.

Apparently a good many Jews themselves are now fearful of the impending bloodshed. I have known, and do know, many Jews; while the Jewish temperament is incredibly true to pattern, there are many who realize that they have found the Promised Land, their Utopia here in tolerant, benevolent, rich America; and if we appeal to these, they might well join us in the fight to keep America free.

Mr. Higger says those Jews who do not knuckle under and who are not "tall and handsome" will be weeded out.

While our first concern is for the survival and continued freedom of our children and grandchildren, we ought to find helpful allies among the Jews. Several million Russian children and many millions of adults have been beaten to death, shot or starved by the insane Marxist machine called Bolshevism, or Communism; and the Zionists, Communists and their foolish "liberal" dupes are far advanced with the Marxist Socialist program in this threatened Republic.

So that the reader may not be asked to take my word, I am showing several pages photographed (Seem Appendix) from Mr. Higger's unique blueprint for conquest.


Professor Higger states his aim in the first paragraph of his Preface:

"For my main problem is to reconstruct an ideal social life on earth as pictured by the rabbis of old."

He adds, later:

"An ideal society among the family of nations, as visualized by the prophets, although not realized as yet, will ultimately be achieved. Nations will come, nations will go. Dogmatic Christianity has come, dogmatic Christianity will be gone. 'Isms' have created nations, 'isms' will destroy nations. Capitalism has brought happiness and woes to mankind; Communism may bring its paradise and hells to mankind. Doctrines have shaped the destinies of peoples, doctrines may bring destruction to peoples. But the millennium will come only when the nations of the earth direct their efforts toward the visions of the prophets, and make function the teachings of Amos, Isaiah and Micah.”

Do Professor Higger and Talmudic rabbis interpret the Prophets as do the Christian? Or do they believe that the Jewish Prophets of the Old Testament were trying to keep their people dedicated to a religion of conquest, trying to keep them united and moving toward political and economic domination?

Let us keep the question in mind as we read; eventually we shall find the answer.

Mr. Higger continues:

"A Jewish Utopia begins where Wells leaves off It starts with the world as the basis of the new social life. From that viewpoint, the rabbis picture first a scheme of a transvaluation, of spiritual, intellectual, and material values, and a complete spiritual transformation. Having laid this foundation of the new, ideal order, the Jewish idealists proceed with the rest of their plan, and complete the superstructure of their Utopia. In that part of the structure there are, to be sure, a few common elements in the rabbinic and other Utopias as the ideals of common interest and mutual helpfulness; cooperation supplanting competition in the new social order; the toil of industry being reduced to a minimum, and thus permitting a higher cultural and intellectual life."

Obviously, some catastrophic change is in store for the world. Isms will destroy nations. An ism has destroyed Russia in our life time--that is, a secret organization successfully promoted an ism as a device for undermining and capturing, and then gradually destroying, the Russian people, their culture, economy, religion and already, to a great extent, their best racial stock.

From beginning to end, THE JEWISH UTOPIA emphasizes that what the rabbis, the TALMUD and the Old Testament were talking about was an earthly regime, not a spiritual one but an ideal political, racial, economic and social era (from the Jewish viewpoint) here on earth. And it is to be a one-world state, conforming to a single ideology:

". . . Plato is chiefly concerned with what will hold the ideal city together. The rabbis, on the other hand, are mainly interested in that ideology which would hold the whole world, or the Universal State, together."

This concept of the Jewish religion as a conquering ideology, preparing the world for a Jewish-dominated military-political state here on earth, is not held by all the rabbis but it is the Talmudic interpretation, as the UTOPIA shows.

The author hints that his paradise will be a Socialist order for it is to begin "where Wells leaves off" and H.G. Wells, a Socialist,. idealized Socialism. A Socialist regimented world order would kill the spirit, dry up the ambitions, chain the imagination of the highly individualistic Anglo-Saxon and his kinsmen of the Western world, and likewise his friends in Asia, the Japanese and Chinese.


* * *

Dharma, we will effort to keep the segments to a length suitable for a sitting so that ones can digest the information as they move forward. This is the most important information you will ever receive in this manifested experience upon your place in human format. You are in the time of great evolution of species and planet. You are in the "Revelation" time of the prophecies. That which you WISH to believe has no bearing on that WHICH IS. My mission is to uncover the truth for your information that you might know that which is upon you--no more and no less. What you do with this information is that which determines your remainder of experience. JUST REMEMBER, CHELAS--GOD OF DIVINE LIGHTED SOURCE/CREATOR--ULTIMATELY WINS!(!!!) Perhaps, after all is said and done, THAT is the "ULTIMATE" PART OF THE DIVINE PLAN.

For Dharma and my close crewmembers in service in the outlay of information, I must again state: This is not new to you or to the JOURNALS--but most have not come into the early JOURNALS and those wherein this information is laid bare--are BANNED for all practical purposes. They are efforting now to be placed in compound as "hate" crime revisionist literature. Already, the books with this information are banned from even crossing the Canadian border inspection. These are NOT to be confused with the series, PLEIADES CONNECTIONS, under assault by the Institute of Science and Philosophy, having been stirred and boiled by one alias, John Coleman. Oh indeed, the Piper shall be paid and dearly paid if reconsiderations are not immediately forthcoming.

This "John Coleman" is now wanted by the Law Enforcement teams for all sorts of crimes. He ran out on his rental agreements, and all living expenses including dentists, physicians, etc., in the cover of night for packing and under the "interesting" cause of "terror", "having been beaten up by two thugs hired by George Green." The Sheriffs in charge know what is really going on but were unable to trace his actions on the spot but are in the tracking process at the moment. The man in point is so irrational that the Sheriff in charge of the investigation WARNS GEORGE GREEN THAT THE MAN PLANS DAMAGE TO HIS (GEORGE GREEN) PERSON. A BULLETIN HAS BEEN SENT THROUGH THE WIRES LISTING THE MAN AS "ARMED AND DANGEROUS".

To all who got sucked in by this triad of thieves (agents for the above "plan"), I can only give compassion for he was good at what he did. It does not, however, change the lack of loyalty and/or assault against my people and myself as messenger of Truth. How all of this will resolve itself is in the waiting to unravel--but, I shall not openly expose my speaker/scribe further until security is achieved. We will go on about our writing and our work--but we shall not have further "open" gatherings for I will not longer subject my people to such hostility within their own place. You took God's greatest gifts and shattered them as worthless pieces of garbage. You accused and brought insult by your accomplice to this traitor in our midst. This triad did sell your "honor" on the auction and then accused you as individuals for having perpetrated the offenses. It is always the way of the evildoers. This IS the deceit of the adversary which is always utilized on his "victims". I can only hope that you will move into your lessons of that which is given for your learning and training for discernment that you might recover your balance and relationship with that which you claimed to seek. And, if YOU have pushed another from his path and prattled and prodded and caused him to respond in ill-conceived manners--I can only pray that the brother "had" be gentle in understanding and assume own responsibility for having been the "dupe" at YOUR ignorance.

Let us leave this now. May the Light of TRUTH be abundant as you sort of these mighty things come upon you.

Hatonn to clear, please.



SUN., SEP. 20, 1992 10:29 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 35






Higger says the term "righteousness" has all but lost its meaning in the modern world; that "the Jewish Utopia is built upon this very term, or idea, of righteousness . . . the Kingdom of God in this world will come only when suffering mankind passes through the gate of righteousness."

This sounds Not unlike a Christian, Anglo-Saxon or any other "Utopia". Idealization of righteousness is more or less universal. The Nordic, with his "New England conscience", idealizes righteousness and sometimes practices it. But we must ask by what standards righteousness is to be judged. The Christian expects God and his own conscience to be the judge of righteousness; the Anglo-Saxon, the Negro, the Japanese, surely would not want to be judged righteous or unrighteous according to the wishes, ambitions or whims of a worldly Jewish authority. On the other hand, we could hardly expect ardently pro-Jewish Jews, including Talmudic rabbis, in their paradise, to cede power to ardent Christians, individualistic Norsemen who cherish their personal freedom, or the art-loving Mediterraneans who likewise must give vent to creative yearnings and who like a leisurely, unregimented life. Hence, the Jewish regimenters are sure to encounter resistance.

'To understand the rabbinic conception of an ideal world it will help us if we imagine a hand passing from land to land, from country to country, from the Indian Ocean to the North Pole, marking 'righteous' or 'wicked' on the forehead of each one of the sixteen hundred million inhabitants of our earthly globe. [H: Does this counting date this books origin better than could I by giving you dates? (Sixteen hundred million inhabitants?) Does this not also speak of evolutions of civilizations and incarnations for growth of souls in ever changing experiences?] We should then be on the right road toward solving the major problems that burden so heavily the shoulders of suffering humanity. For mankind should be divided into two, the only two, distinct and unmistakable groups, namely, righteous and wicked. To the righteous would belong all that which God's wonderful world is offering; to the wicked would belong nothing. In the future the words of Isaiah, in the language of the rabbis, will be fulfilled: Behold, My servants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry; behold, My servants shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty; behold, My servants shall rejoice, but ye shall be ashamed. This is the force of the prophecy of Malachi, when he said: Then shall ye again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth Him not."

But who is to direct the hand which marks on your forehead and mine, on the forehead of each of our children and our loved ones, "righteous" or "wicked"? Who is to say who may own property and who must die of thirst and starvation? Who is to dictate such conformity? Who is to deny us our own right to choose?

Notice that Professor Higger considers that the Jewish Prophet Malachi used the term righteous as referring to the same persons to whom he, Higger, and the nationalistic rabbis would apply it today--righteous according to the standards, aims and desires of the leaders who build toward a Jewish paradise, a Jewish world order. That is not the Christian interpretation of Malachi and the other Prophets, Jews though they were. The Talmudic interpretation inspires the Jewish flocks to believe that the Prophets were addressing their appeals to their own people, trying to whip them into unity and consecrated devotion to the building of a Jewish world order.

The Talmud* tells the Jewish flocks that Moses was their militant, conquering hero, and that the Mosaic Law which says love thy neighbor is for the Jews only. It shows the Jewish people are not bound by any moral requirement in dealing with gentiles. [H: You must always be keeping in mind that the term "JEW" WAS CREATED EXPRESSLY FOR THIS PURPOSE OF IDENTIFICATION OF "ZIONIST" LEADERS.]

* There are TWO TALMUDS, the Babylonian and the Jerusalem or Palestinian Talmud. Any reference to the Talmud means the Babylonian Talmud unless otherwise stated, for the other is rarely used. The Talmud consists of many huge volumes. The English translation of it (from which I have many photostats, showing how the Jews are free to deceive and outwit the non-Jews, except where there is danger of reprisals) now apparently is available for purchase by libraries and, possibly, by gentile individuals. There is also a single volume of considerable size, called the Shulkan Aruch, a compilation of excerpted teachings from the Talmud, which volume is in common use among rabbis and seems to be available in most big city libraries.

"The Law Moses gave unto us as an heritage; it is an heritage for us, not for them." (Sanhedrin 59 a.)

"Ye are called men, but the goyim (gentiles) are not men, but beasts." (Baba Meziz fol. 114 b.) [H: Does that not put most of you in your place in relationship to this New World Order?]

These quotations are translations from the 9-volume Germanlanguage edition of the Babylonian Talmud in the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. [H: So it would seem pretty hard to deny presentation as they have with the Zionist Protocols, etc.]


The Talmud is a many-volume compilation of Jewish history and traditions and the teachings of the ancient rabbis. One of its most important elements consists in interpretations of the Law of Moses by rabbis over a period of centuries, in legal decision after legal decision. The quotations above are from different rulings in different cases. Whereas the Christian who accepts the Old Testament as either sacred or at least historical, thinks of Moses as a great moral leader appealing to all the world, the Talmudic rabbis consider Moses a great military commander. By their interpretation, Moses kept the Children of Israel in the Wilderness "forty years" so as to discipline his flock, raise up an army and train it to goosestep. And, of course, the Old Testament does say that Moses' soldiers fell on unsuspecting villagers and annihilated them, men, women and children. The Books of Moses plainly glorify this slaughter and the theft of the land from unsuspecting gentiles. [H: This is no way or by any means of Lighted Creator God of Source. God of Divine Source of Light--only creates, he does not destroy--he ONLY creates for there is no need of other in the unlimited presence and ability of the ONE CREATIVE SOURCE!]

* Historians now say that the Hittites whose peaceful villages were thus attacked, were a fair, blond people speaking a language so much like early German that many words were identical. The Hittites, like the Germans 1300 years or more B.C., also knew the secret of working iron.

Read especially the Books of Numbers and Deuteronomy, for additional examples of how the Jewish adherents should take what they want.

"And we took all his cities . . . And we utterly destroyed them, as we did unto Sihon, king of Heshbon, utterly destroying the men, women and children of every city." (Deuteronomy 3:4-6)

Not only Zionism but Communism, too, acquired much of its hatred of Christians from the spirit of hatred kept alive by rabbis in the ghettos of Europe and Russia--the constant repetition of "mine enemies" from the Old Bible.

"And ye shall be saved from your enemies. . ." "And let thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate thee flee before thee."

The master-race concept, the zeal for conquest and self-adulation were kept alive in the ghettos for their interpretation of the Torah:

"And it shall come to pass . . . that the Lord thy God will set thee high above all the nations of the earth. " (Deut. 26:19). "The Lord shall establish thee a holy people. . . " (Deut. 28:9).

Read also in Exodus how Moses had his fellow Jews borrow jewelry and other valuables from the Egyptians the day before they slipped out of Egypt. They did not return the valuables. [H: Sound familiar, anyone?]

We may sympathize with the racial or tribal pride of the Jewish men in the wilderness when they resented the presence of a non-Jewish woman in the tent of one of their brothers; but the example of bloody fanaticism shown when they stoned the couple to death because the woman was not Jewish is a strange example indeed to come from those who cry loudest for brotherhood (from us to them) and who are the first to condemn such race pride (in non-Jews).

Whatever the Christian may think of the intent of Moses, the Talmud teaches the Jews to believe that Moses was talking only to their ancestors, not to the goyim, when he said Love thy neighbor; Thou shalt not steal, etc. The Talmud gives adequate cause for the belief among the Jews that Moses was a military leader, keeping the Children of Israel in the wilderness the figurative forty-years so as to train them under the brief, rigid Ten Commandments, which thus would be his police code to keep them in hand. By this interpretation, Moses was indeed building an army of conquest.

The Talmud thus indicates that when Moses said Love thy neighbor as thyself, he meant Love thy Hebrew neighbor; thou shalt not steal (from thy Hebrew neighbor), etc.

If this is what many Jews believe and if the Torah is the core of their religion, very well; it is their privilege to worship as they please, even if they plan thereby to annihilate us. But let us open our eyes and defend ourselves. We must not blame them if we let a small tribal group bring about our destruction.

While the Encyclopedia Britannica (p. 771, Vol. 21, 1949 edition) says "The Talmud is still the authoritative and practical guide to the great mass of the 'Jews', still not all the rabbis accept the Talmud, with its glorification of secrecy and cunning and its incitation to blood-letting and conquest. Rabbi Elmer Berger, for instance, repudiates both the Talmud and the Torah. In his Partisan History of Judaism (Devin-Adair Co., New York, 1952) he attacks the Books of Moses as expressions of nationalistic fanaticism, only partially based on historical fact. He shows that modern Zionism springs from this ancient "Zionism".

* Rabbi Berger accepts the Prophets, and about 1947 he told a closed meeting of delegates to the convention of the American Council for Judaism (a small anti-Communist, anti-Zionist group) "God promised us world priesthood." Thus he and his group, too, have a program. But there is a vast difference: Their program, apparently, is only a missionary ambition--to Judaize the world by open and legitimate missionary methods. One does not have to accept their program. The Christian and some other religions are not bent on destroying all who refuse to knuckle under.


Mr. Higger leaves no doubt of his meaning in using the word "righteous". The word as here used is a cabalistic, esoteric term. The whole substance of the text shows that the "righteous" are those nations and individuals who work with and for the Zionist world program. The author even explains some of his key words, by direct definition. For instance:

"At the outset it should be pointed out that the terms redemption and salvation have a radically different connotation from that which they have in Christian theology.... Jewish redemption stands for the physical liberation and freedom of Israel. For the people of Israel will attain the height of their spiritual functions and potentialities only through their attainment of material freedom and liberty. "

Redemption then, for the Zionist, has nothing to do with "redemption from sin", nothing to do with his personal relationship with God and the hereafter. It refers to a political, military and geographical accomplishment, and setting up of the state of Israel and the "liberation and freedom" of the Jews.

The terms liberation and freedom, as used by Zionists, likewise are consistently misinterpreted by gentiles, as is the Jewish term persecution. A study of Jewish revolutions in many countries shows that the word persecution is almost universally used to mean prosecution. Even those Jewish writers who tell in detail about Jewish revolutionary and seditious activities against the government of their host country, brand any punishment of the guilty Jews by courts of the land, as persecution. Notice that in the three-volume HISTORY OF THE JEWS IN RUSSIA AND POLAND by Simon Dubnow, one of the foremost Jewish historians, though Dubnow relates with pride many of the subversive, violent movements launched by Jews, he always brands their punishment as persecution. Similarly, the Jewish press and planted articles in the general press in America, during the trials of Jewish Communist officials in Russia, Poland and Hungary during the past few years, have treated the trials as persecution rather than prosecution. And the courts and Stalin were anti-Semitic! (Stalin lived with Rosa Kaganovich, sister to his close friend, Jewish Deputy Premier Lazar Kaganovich, though there cannot be found a record of any marriage.)

"All the treasures and natural resources of the world will eventually come in possession of the righteous. This would be in keeping with the prophecy of Isiah: 'And her gain and her hire shall be holiness to the Lord; it shall not be treasured nor laid up; for her gain shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to eat their fill and for stately clothing. ' Similarly, the treasures of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, and valuable vessels that have been lost in the seas and oceans in the course of centuries will be raised and turned over to the righteous. . . In the present era, the wicked are ordinarily rich, having many comforts of life, while the righteous are poor, missing the joys of life. But in the ideal era, the Lord will open all the treasures for the upright, and the unrighteous will suffer. God, the Creator of the world... will be happy, so to speak, only in the era to come, when the world will be governed by the doings and actions of the upright... "

Now we are beginning to catch broad panoramas of the Zionist Utopia, the ultimate world order, as longed for by Professor Higger and the principal rabbinical teachers of 2500 years: "Ye shall be hungry" unless you are among the "righteous". "All the treasures and natural resources of the world will eventually come in possession of the righteous."

Since only the righteous shall own property and all the rest of us shall, in fact, perish, it is important to know who are to be judged righteous and who unrighteous. Which of us are to be among the chosen, enjoying the Kingdom of God here on earth; and which of us are to be among the hundreds of millions of human beings denied even food and water?


"In general, the peoples of the world will be divided into two main groups, the Israelitic and the non-Israelitic. The former will be righteous; and they will live in accordance with the wishes of one, universal God; they will be thirsty for knowledge, and willing, even to the point of martyrdom, to spread ethical truths to the world. All the other peoples, on the other hand, will be known for their detestable practices, idolatry and similar acts of wickedness. They will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the ideal era. All these unrighteous nations will be called to judgment, before they are punished and doomed. The severe sentence of their doom will be pronounced upon them only after they have been given a fair trial, when it will have become evident that their existence would hinder the advent of the ideal era. Thus, at the coming of the Messiah, when all righteous nations will pay homage to the ideal righteous leader, and offer gifts to him, the wicked and corrupt nations, by realizing the approach of their doom, will bring similar presents to the Messiah. Their gifts and pretended acknowledgement of the new era, will be bluntly rejected. For the really wicked nations, like the wicked individuals, must disappear from earth before an ideal human society of righteous nations can be stablished." (p. 37)

That makes it clear. Now we know that unless the United States as a nation joins wholly, in fact and in spirit, in the Israel-Zionist movement to promote the new social order, our nation is doomed (if the Zionists win). The Zionists call the process of liquidating opposition, "social surgery".


* * *

I ask that we break this writing right here, Dharma. I will next look at the "plans for Armageddon" and see if you can't have even a bit MORE insight. I also ask that this information be published in the least expensive format possible and offered at as low a price to cover expenses and give overage enough for follow-on printing, as possible. YOU ARE MEETING YOUR ENEMY AND HE IS CLEVER AND DECEITFUL. HE USES EVERY TERM IN YOUR LANGUAGE TO OPPOSITION OF MEANING AND THE TRUTH IS, YOU ARE DOOMED IF YOU SEE NOT THROUGH THIS VEIL OF LIES AND PHYSICAL CUNNING. YOU NEED NOT LOOK BEYOND THAT WHICH IS OBVIOUS--HE WHO CALLS, HIMSELF BY THE THIEF'S NAME IS THE ONE THAT IS GUILTY. IF "HE" CALLS HIMSELF "JEW" AND/OR ZIONIST—THEN HE IS YOUR ENEMY--IF YOU DO NOT IN FULL INTENT AND PURPOSES OF "HIS" GAIN, CALL YOURSELF ONE OF "HIM". Time has run out for the choices. You are either "of God" or you are His enemy!

May insight into the truth of your circumstances be given into your blinded eyes.

Salu, may the blessings of LIGHT be shown unto you.

Hatonn to stand aside



MON., SEP. 21, 1992 11:35 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 36



From material compiled from The Jewish Utopia, Encyclopedia Judaica, Torah, Babylonian Talmud and Jerusalem Talmud. This larger "body" of information is compiled by Robert H. Williams and independently researched for accuracy. This is material presented "by the 'Jews' as their own plan of World conquest by year 2000". Since it is projected and placed into libraries--although in selected departments wherein the "public" will not have easy access--it is both valid and of "their" own presentation, not that of so-called bigots or biased persons. Remember, the "JEWS" are a selected term from the mid to late 1700s as given by those who also call themselves "Zionists". These are not necessarily Judeans, Hebrews or any other "race" or "creed"--they are just as would be a "political" party who thieves the traditions, names and redefines (secretly as in "coding") words in languages which mislead the populace. I shall effort to repeat this opening statement frequently so that there is no misunderstanding about that which we offer herein. THIS IS INFORMATION FROM THEIR OWN BOOKS OF INSTRUCTION--NOT SOMETHING WE CONJURE TO MAKE ANOTHER LOOK BAD, FEEL BAD, OR SINGLE THEM "OUT". THIS IS THE "JEWISH UTOPIA" AS PLANNED FOR THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER (A STEP BEYOND THE NEW WORLD ORDER!).



It is Israel and associated nations, the Israelitic group, those nations which help build the new social (or Socialist) order, which are to dominate the world; the others must perish.

Notice that the "sin" specifically identified is that of idolatry. But Mr. Higger makes clear that all those who are spared must worship the Torah and the Israelitic god, in Jerusalem. Hence idolatry MEANS ANY OTHER RELIGIOUS FAITH! [H: Please go back and reread the NOW ENACTED PUBLIC LAW 102-14. THIS LAW IS NOW THE LAW OF YOUR LAND, PASSED ON MARCH 20, 1991, 105 STAT. 44, PUBLIC LAW 102-14, 102nd CONGRESS (OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)--BY VOICE VOTE (didn't even require a roll-call).]

Higger and his fellow Zionists are not talking in figurative terms. They are dealing in human blood, oceans of it:

"Hence, Israel and the other righteous nations will combat the combined forces of the wicked, unrighteous nations under the leadership of Gog and Magog. Assembled for an attack upon the righteous nations in Palestine near Jerusalem, the unrighteous will suffer a crushing defeat and Zion will thenceforth remain the center of the Kingdom of God. The defeat of the unrighteous will mark the annihilation of the power of the wicked who oppose the Kingdom of God and establishment of the new ideal era.

"This struggle will not be merely the struggle of Israel against her national enemies but the climax of the struggle between the two general opposing camps of the righteous and unrighteous. A saying in the name of Rab states that the descendant of the house of David will appear as the head of the ideal era only after the whole world will have suffered, for a continuous period of nine months, from a wicked, corrupt government, like the historical, traditionally wicked Edom."

The author minces no words here. Israel and her allies are to be the victors; Israel is to become the center of "the Kingdom of God"--implying that the world is to look on Israel as holy and worship its leader, "a descendant of the house of David". Webster's dictionary defines an Edomite as "one of the descendants of Esau, or Edom, the brother of Jacob". You remember the account in the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible, which glorifies Jacob's tricking and deceiving his half-brother, Esau, out of his birthright. Esau is always pictured in Jewish literature as the gentile, and the name is used as the CODE WORD for THE GENTILE; Jacob the CODE WORD for the JEW*.

* An example of the use of the Jewish code words Esau and Jacob is found in a sermon preached by Rabbi Leon Spitz during the Purim observances in 1946 (quoted here from the American Hebrew of March 1, 1946)".

"Let Esau whine and wail and protest to the civilized world, and let Jacob raise his hand to fight the good fight. The anti-Semite... understands but one language, and he must be dealt with on his own level. The Purim Jews stood up for their lives. American Jews, too, must come to grips with our contemporary anti-Semites. We must fill our jails with anti-Semitic gangsters. We must fill our insane asylums with anti-Semitic lunatics. We must combat every alien Jew-hater. We must harass and prosecute our Jew-baiters to the extreme limits of the laws. We must humble and shame our anti-Semitic hoodlums to such an extent that none will wish or dare to become (their) fellow-travelers'.

" There are of course no laws against "anti-Semitism" except in the Communist countries. Anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, anti-Protestantism, anti-Irish, etc., are not crimes by our laws, though Jewish and "liberal" members of Congress have introduced such Communist-type laws every year and are coming closer and closer to getting them enacted as Congress has less and less understanding of or concern for principles, interfering more and more with social attitudes and relationships of individuals, one to another.

Notice that Higger uses a capital G for gentile, which is the biblical use of the word, whereas the modern use rarely capitalized it, letting the word stand as a common noun. According to the Bible and also Webster's dictionary, the word meant: "as used by the Jews, one of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith. "

You must attend the fact of the "UNESCO Brown Man" (See Appendix), as you may call him or it, which was photographed from of the book United Nations: Blueprint for Peace. The author of the book says the picture is an official UN photograph. The cutline under the picture says it "represents all of us, everyone on earth" . Obviously, this raceless, characterless "man", standing on the world, is the UNESCO ideal toward which all of us must work, the blending of all the races of mankind into one composite raceless, nationless, homeless, characterless, faceless brown slob--utterly lost from all heritage and completely subject to the will of the Zionist "master race"--which, while producing the propaganda to cause us to blend, quickens the tribal pride of the Jews to keep them from blending. The statue resembles the "art" of, and evidently was done by, the Jewish revolutionary, Bernard Rosenthal who also did the famous or infamous trio, the Faceless Family, "Mr. and Mrs. Faceless and Little Faceless", showing parents and a child just like the picture in point (see appendix), representing the future family! (End footnote)

Just as it is the nations who oppose, or even fail to support the Zionist ambitions, who are to be destroyed, so is it the individuals failing or refusing to cooperate, who must disappear:

"Who are the wicked? What constitutes wickedness, which is an obstruction to the establishment of the Kingdom of God? No exact definition of the terms can be formulated. A few rabbinic passages dealing with the subject, however, give a general idea of the meaning of wicked and wickedness, so far as a Jewish Utopia is concerned.

"First, no line will be drawn between bad Jews and bad non-Jews. There will be no room for the unrighteous, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, in the Kingdom of God. All of them will have disappeared before the advent of the ideal era on this earth. Unrighteous Israelites will be punished equally with the wicked of other nations. All the righteous, on the other hand, whether Hebrew or Gentile, will share equally in the happiness and abundance of the ideal era."

It is the Jewish power which is to decide which of us is "bad". It is hardly likely that anyone who opposes the Zionist-Utopian program would be found "righteous" by the Jewish judgment; he would, without doubt, be called "anti-Semitic" and condemned to the non-Israelitic camp.

"Second, one's external religious observances will not necessarily put one in the category of the righteous . . . Only those who will be observant as a result of their conviction and faithfulness will be welcome into the Kingdom of God.

"Third, people who maliciously cause mischief and suffering to the upright and just, will be termed wicked, and the Kingdom of God will not have them. "

Rabbinical and political organizers have often maneuvered to get some of the flock punished so as to intensify their cry of persecution. And no doubt Professor Higger was unusually persecution conscious in the year 1932 when his book was published for Hitler was rising and the war between Hitler and the Jews already was joined.

"Fourth, speculators, dishonest industrialists, and all those who accumulate wealth at the expense of the suffering of their fellow-men, will be unknown entities in the rabbinic Utopia.... [H: This of course refers to the suffering "Jew"--not any other segment. The Jew will aid in any possible way the usurpation of the rights and property of all non-Jews.]

"Fifth, those who are thwarting the purposes of God in this era, and do not help to build up and bring about the new era, will consequently not enter the Kingdom of God. [H: Again, this refers to a god of the specific Zionists--NOT GOD OF CREATION/LIGHT. In other words, this states that any one NOT FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIVES AND PURPOSES OF THE ZIONISTS (JEWS) WILL NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND WILL THUS PERISH.]

Those who "do not help to build up and bring about the new era" will be branded wicked on their foreheads and shall perish! As in the Communist states, you will not be permitted to be neutral; you will be given bloody assignments to liquidate friends or loved ones as a test of your loyalty to the Israelitic group and program--if they win. It already is in the testing period.

And so:


What is their program?

It calls for a king, an all-powerful one (descended from the house of David): [H: There are a couple of things to look for in this statement: 1) It might be "assumed" by the "Christian" who recognizes the Christed Emmanuel (Jesus) to return in his second coming as this lineage from the house of David. No. "Jesus" was NOT from the house of David as recognized by the Zionists. This, again, is to fool the world, a created illusion to make the masses believe one thing while you are stricken by quite another. As with the Israeli flag and the so-called "star of David", this started as the "national symbol" with the crusade of DAVID AL-ROY. Recall that David al-Roy began his teachings and rise to power as the anticipated "messiah" in Baghdad (Babylonia). The six pointed star was actually referred to as the "shield of David". Can you see how easy it is to fool some of the people ALL of the time--and then after stating and restating and then making "laws" regarding a thing—it is accepted as FACT when it is a lie at onset?]

"I will raise unto David a righteous shoot, and he shall reign as king and prosper and shall execute justice and righteousness in the land. "

That the "Holy One" whom all the world must worship is to BE A MAN seems evident:

"In the future the Holy One, blessed be He, will arrange a chorus for the righteous in Paradise."

The Paradise referred to throughout the Utopia is:

"...a universal paradise of mankind.... established in THIS world--with no reference to the future world whatever. " (Mr. Higger's emphasis on "this".)

The author further identifies the Holy One:

"He will sit in the center and each of the righteous will be able to point to Him with his finger, as it is said: 'And it shall be said in that day: Lo, this is our God. '" [H: Not "universally" but only of "THIS" world. If each of the righteous as defined by the Zionist Ultimate Planners can point to the "man" it indicates a "place" and "a man" and therefore this "God" "King" cannot be of ALL but only the specific FEW.]

Numerous references in the Utopia indicate that this man-god is to be the same as the Jewish world ruler, of the house of David. For instance:

"Messiah, the ideal righteous one, will come from the East, where the sun rises. He will be a descendant of the house of David." [H: Everything in that statement indicates a MAN (not returned from anywhere) but rather, from the East in physical location and is the descendent of a MAN, David. This can only mean, chelas, a physical man and not a returned Christed being.]

This ruler, described as the dispenser of justice, obviously is the "Holy One":

"But in the future, the Holy One will summon the rich to judgment for having robbed and oppressed the poor. "

The economic system will be quite socialistic: There shall be "new conditions and radical changes", "when human individuals in general, will each enjoy the work of his hands." The Communists set out to build such a system, but of course built the most privileged "ruling class" in history.

The radical change will wipe our inheritances. There shall be a hundred percent inheritance tax;

"For, at present, when man dies he leaves all for others. But in the future 'they shall not build, and another inhabit.'"

You will have to help bring about this state confiscation.

The United States government has adopted a substantial inheritance tax, plus the graduated income tax recommended by Karl Marx, which takes as high as 91 percent of a man's annual earnings--amounting already almost to the total confiscation of property which Israel will require of all nations in the Utopia to come, after the great war.

The new order will be an international order; Israel will be the seat and center of all activities; you will have to help promote Israel and subordinate your country.

"The nations will gradually come to the realization that godliness is identical with righteousness, that God cleaves to Israel, the ideal righteous nation. The peoples of the earth will then proclaim to Israel: We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you. " (p. 31)

"The people of Israel will conquer, spiritually, the nations of the earth, so that Israel will be made high above all nations in praise, in name and in glory. "

Thus, the eternal drive of the Jews to induce or force the rest of us--primitive slave people--to worship the Jews. By now it must be evident to the reader that in using the word "righteous" the author has no reference whatsoever to morality or godliness; the righteous, by this usage, simply means those who join in the Israelitic program to reorganize and dominate the world. You are moral and godly only if you help promote the Israelitic movement. [H: This is why ones like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson can stand forth and say they are Christians, not Jews, and yet are Zionists and "proud of it". The fact of the matter remains that the Zionists are working THROUGH THE JEWISH cover in order to suck in the nations and people before you realize what the truth is or how you got trapped into something you don't even understand.]

President Harry Truman would be among the righteous, for he helped the state of Israel get its independence in 1948 (against the urgent appeals of the then Secretary of War Forrestal, who foresaw danger to American interests if a Communist-Zionist center of intrigue blossomed in the strategic geographic and oil center, the Near East). [H: For his outspoken truth-bringing Mr. Forrestal got sucked by force into a mental institution and murdered by being pushed from an upper level window (after he was already strangled). These one-worlders of "righteousness" will stop at NOTHING to accomplish their aims.] In a sense, the United States would be among the chosen, for it has officially helped Israel subjugate and drive back the Arabs, it makes loans to Israel, and it has allowed American citizens (in violation of the United States Criminal Code) to send hundreds of millions of dollars to help Israel make war on nations friendly to us.

Our government also little by little adopts the measures of the socialistic Utopian order of "the righteous".


But to go on with the requirements of the program:

The nations and peoples will have to accept some form of United Nations, which will embrace Israel's God:

"The nations would first unite for the purpose of calling upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him. " [H: Please don't wiggle around and try to make this fit a Christian concept--the JEWS and ZIONISTS rejected that Christ as claimed through Esu Emmanuel (Jesus), remember? This is why there is NO "Judeo-Christian" anything, there cannot be, for each is mutually exclusive in meaning. The Jews did not accept the Christ "Jesus" as messiah!(!!), no way, no how! and 2000 years doesn't do a thing except get you closer to their plan of global take-over by year 2000 A.D.--in 8 years.]

[H: You might further wish to argue that the "U.S. was birthed one nation under God ... " and consider the possibility of a messiah either Jewish or non-Jewish. Nope, won't work--for you were given "unalienable rights" by "Creator". Creator MEANS God of LIGHT AND SPIRITUAL DIVINITY--NOT SOME MAN CHOSEN AND PUT ON AN EARTHLY THRONE TO RULE ALL OTHER PHYSICAL THINGS AND PEOPLE PRESENT WITH SPECIAL GOOD THINGS TO HIS PUPPETS AND ENFORCERS.]

Jewish writers have traditionally claimed the United Nations idea as a Jewish invention, and the evidence supports their claims. Israel's Premier Ben Gurion told a Time magazine correspondent (see Time, August 16, 1948, "I consider that the United Nations ideal is a Jewish ideal." [H: Right from the "horse's mouth" and not one of our sly little teasers. You cannot get more blunt than is that, chelas.]

The California Jewish Voice, February 23, 1951, stated that the Jewish Professor Lemkin of Yale University originated the Genocide Pact, and famous Jewish organizations have more recently presented him awards for his invention. The American Jewish Year Book for 1952, Vol. 53 (Probably in your public library) states that both the Genocide Pact and the Covenant of Human Rights were the work of the American Jewish Committee:

"Our work in behalf of international safeguards for human rights has progressed steadily ever since we were instrumental in having the Human Rights provisions incorporated in the United Nations Charter at San Francisco in 1945. In 1950, after years of intensive activity, we were able to see the first great step in the ratification of the United Nations Covenant against Genocide by the requisite number of member states. To date, however, we must report the failure of the United States to associate itself with that ratification, although we have every hope that the United States will ratify.

"We should like here to briefly describe our activities in connection with the campaign to put across the Genocide Convention because in so doing we would be offering an excellent illustration of the way our specialized staff departments, our lay people and our chapters pool their skills and dovetail their efforts whenever the agency sets itself a goal on national or international levels.... "

Like the UNESCO propaganda, which is preparing the way for world "law" and United Nations power, to supersede the U.S. Constitution and our principles of government, the Genocide Pact and the Covenant of Human Rights contrive for special privileged status for racial "minorities" at the expense of principles of law and justice, and of course at the expense of the "nonminority"--all at the expense of the freedom and rights of the white non-Jew. [H: Please note that the "Jew" despises the "Blacks" with a near hatred and yet uses them as a typical "minority" group to cause them to rise up and strike out. This is another thing typical of the Zionist so-called Jews--THEY ALWAYS GET SOMEONE ELSE TO FIGHT AND DIE IN THEIR STEAD--EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL. THEY ONLY ACTIVELY ENTER THE FRAY IF IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE JOB DONE AND THEN IT WILL BE THROUGH SECRET MEASURES AND NEVER OPENLY AS IF TAKING A STAND FOR "RIGHT".]

Genocide is defined as the killing or harming of anyone because of his race, or the killing or harming of a race or any part of it; and the harming included mental injury--that is, criticism or even opposition, perhaps, which hampers the fanatical ambitions of some racial fragment to whom a revolutionary cause becomes holy. [H: Recall that we have already stated that an Israeli murder is done as "reprisal" but against a given group which usually has no connection with the original act. By any other language interpretation that is GENOCIDE. Further, if an Israeli is then slain for ANY reason--he becomes a "martyr". You had best be carefully looking at these historic facts for they are about to eat you alive.]

All nations have laws against killing anybody for any or no cause, and you can sue anyone who unjustly injures you. But the Genocide Pact would throw the defendant before a court in whatever country the self-appointed Genocide administrators might decide, for trial!

It seems probable that the Jewish Utopia will require a single language for all mankind. Professor Higger quotes the prophecy of Zephaniah:

"For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one consent. " [H: Again you have a relationship in only a physical experience for this presents a "pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one consent". No, Creator already has ONE universal language and needs no other for any kind of communication either to or from.]

Inasmuch as the prophet used the plural, "peoples", he obviously referred to more than just the Jewish people; the world supposedly would have to embrace the Jewish language. In our time, the Communists and the Zionists have been in disagreement as to whether Yiddish (created to go along with the Khazarian self-proclamation of being Judaists. Remember, the language was "Hebrew" or Aramaic) or Hebrew shall be the Jewish language. Communist countries have traditionally used Yiddish as one of their official languages (the other being the language of the country to which the broadcast is beamed). The Zionists have held out for Hebrew as the official language, and they have the advantage that some of their ancient literature was in Hebrew. But in the past 20 years, the Yiddish language (a composite of German, Polish, Russian and Hebrew, using the Hebrew alphabet) seems to have outstripped Hebrew in popular demand in Jewish schools in America.


* * *

Dharma, I would like to leave this now if we may and move to the audio equipment for I believe it necessary to put this information to tape for the larger audience of weekly listeners. My intent is to wake up the sleeping so-called "Jews" as well as all others of God's creation. I single out no creed, color or race. If YOU ARE NOT in the Zionist conformed listings of who is suitable--you are set to the list to perish, Jew or non-Jew. Not only is "goodness" NOT a required attribute, but is very definitely to be used against those who act in goodness. Any evil which breaks the laws of Creator to gain the physical means to the end of global domination and Ultimate World Order is preferred and demanded. This IS the battle of "good" vs. "evil" in full-blown effect. The point being that if you can gain all that is physical man--he will simply give you his soul and you will have achieved Hell on Earth for you will have EXCLUDED Creator God of Light and THAT is the definition of "Hell".

To you who would take exception to this information--go seek and find for self--it is there for the taking. Your nation is all but lost at the date of this writing, already passed by are your Constitution and your freedoms. It is in pure refusal that man will not look at that which surrounds him and question those ones and things that take that which is his heritage and right. All and each is created in equality in the eyes of God of Light--there is NO EQUALITY in the perceptions of these would-be destroyers of MAN. Have you not been ignorant quite long enough?

Hatonn to clear.



TUE., SEP. 22, 1992 7:15 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 37



The hurricane Bonnie served her purpose and will be moved off into northern waters without further notice. There are others forming which will serve as the next "either/or".

Note that the hour the shuttle was returned to base WITHOUT launching the satellite system intended to interconnect with "launched" rocket payloads, the storm began to weaken. Everything tried last week could be called a failure because the hornets and frogs were nothing but silly cover to tax your intelligence and insult you-the-payors. The major intent was for Japanese benefit but that, too, failed to materialize. You STILL DO NOT have much going in "space". You can still do a lot of damage from within grids inside your atmosphere but you are in a REAL deficit position as regards overall power.

Why? Because it will never be allowed that your global squabbles reach out into the cosmos. The facts are that ones from your own place have control in the arena which contains you. These are human physical beings who are simply a long way ahead of the would be world rulers.

Why doesn't the "Command" step in and let your toys work? Because you are the forefront nation now bringing the world into slavery. The United States of America as it has become has pulled away from every thing Godly, including the dumping of your Constitution, even to setting up a required religion under the requirements of the Talmud. This is PUBLIC LAW 102-14. I suggest you either get the tapes which I will make this day--and/or--get the writings regarding same. This became law in March (20), 1991--wiping out freedom of religion. It simply hasn't been brought down on you. You are moving into the "rules and regulations" by your accepted actions. You are being completely stripped of your spiritual connections with God Creator, thus limiting your experience and existence to the PHYSICAL STATE. That state of being only lasts in its cycles on physical dimension some averaged 75 years. In the scheme of infinity, that is a mere eye-blink, if that much. However, in the physical entrapment also resides the trapped soul for as a MAN thinks so is that man. You cannot rise higher in knowing when the conscious being is trapped in physical perceptions. So be it.


No, do NOT unhook your bungies or set out your best crystal goblets on the window ledge, along the Western "front". The quake at Santa Rosa should have told you all you need to know. It was inland from the San Andreas and is simply more of the same tactics as in Southern California. The intermittent eruptions of volcanoes such as Spurr (Alaska) are indications of continued bombardment.

Out of the Philippines will come the hope and assistance to God's troops and therefore is the reason for continued Pinatubo activity. God will prevail, it simply takes a while to arrange the mechanism for transfer and receiving. Clean your houses while you are able, friends.

By the way, the whole of California and inland a thousand miles is still trembling like a ship at sea as the breakpoints weaken. The symptoms to the bodies physical are under assault by viruses and other substances that distract you from your symptoms of dizziness, instability and inner ear-gastrointestinal "seasickness". The evidence must point to physical ailments lest you notice the motion under your feet. California is ONLY an example for the entire globe is under attack in one way or another to bring about the depopulation mandated, by the year 1998-99. By year 2000 the ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER plans to have a working society with no more than 550 million people.



I am remiss for not catching you up mid-week but our load is tremendous and time waits not for any man.

Randy has been indicted and charged with heinous assaults against Federal agents--which brings a life sentence to prison or DEATH. He was disallowed bail, much less, "fair" bail as demanded by the Constitution. What has transpired since is not in my attention at the moment of writing. The children are placed in "mental institution" to reprogram their thinking. Indeed, this is what your nation has become--God will help you to "see", HE will not attend this FOR you.


I herein respond to D.E. Jones. I would appreciate it if you would come from under the bushel, sir, and share with us that which you are being given. You are given this insight to assist in opening the eyes of your brothers in a format which they WANT to believe. The prophecies are now in the fulfilling and the meanings of the puzzles are coming forth. YOU cannot know of the importance of that which you are gifted to "see" as well as that which simply comes into your attention.

For you who want to unravel more of the puzzles of, say, Nostradamus--read or listen on. Thus far only small fragments have been identified and correctly displayed. I chuckle as to that which is presented as "truth" in presentation, from Cheetham to Cannon. Some is valid--most is total drivel.

Indeed, D.E.J., Nostradamus surely DID SPEAK OF BOTH THE COMMAND AND THE PHOENIX. Thank you for sharing insight and just clear your spaces a bit more completely and great and wondrous insights will be given into your care. You have some interesting energy forms working you over and I can only suggest you rise beyond them for your insight is good and, yet, the information is so important that you will be blasted by the adversary at EVERY TURN.

I would like to share a portion of the correspondence received from D.E. Jones. (D.E.J.). Would you find it interesting to note that my scribe's initials are the same as is the surname? Ah, indeed, some coincidences are more interesting than are others. Her name was "Jones", her birth labels Doris Eloise. Birthed in the realm of the Eagle in the accepted sign of Scorpio. These are simply "signs" to give you clues along your own pathways.


CENTURY VIII:27 (Nostradamus)

....The original French is:

"La voie auxelle, l'une sur l'autre fornix,

Du muy deser hormis brave et gene t,

L'ecrit d'Emperpeur le fenix

Vu a celui ce qu'a nul autre n'est."

Nostradamus spoke of the "Commander of the Phoenix".

"The road of the soldiers of the One, certain the other (Hatonn, et. al.), is of the Vault. (It meant Heaven then.) Due to the moving desert, saving the brave and the gorse. The writing of the Commander of the Phoenix, Observed by the One. Those whom are hopeless are not."

....It is not hard, just very tedious because I use the Old French, not anyone's interpretation, but from the true quatrains in Old French to translate and go from there. I send this because I was so disgusted at P.C. letter I know what Hatonn writes is Truth. (I ain't crazy about it, but I do know it is the Truth.)

[H: Referring to the first paragraph (in French):]

...much was phonetically spelled then! One of the rules of Nostradamus' games. It is from the book by Edgar Leoni, done in the early forties. He kept the Old French pure, (God Bless him for that). This is from over a decade of research, not hocus pocus speak to spooks. (Ones that lie too).

"Emperor" in Latin means commander or general, to capitalize the word was a sign of respect. I will not bore you with all the details of Old French, Latin or Greek, but essentially, those strong enough to keep their faith, one that must be greater than Faith, will be saved. The meaning is very clear, but then I have spent a decade at it. No, I've never offered them up to anyone else--for my own reasons. All too soon, those who mock will be, "...gnashing their teeth," and many will be no more than Hot ashes on the winds.

I will say that things will begin to really get ugly in late 1993 and just get much, much worse…..



From S.Y. in West Palm Beach from the newspaper on or about 9/20/92:


New York Times News Service:

Israeli archaeologists have discovered [H: And I "still" have THAT bridge for sale.] the family tomb of Caiaphas, the Jewish high priest who presided at the trial of Jesus and delivered him to the Romans to be crucified.

Buried in an ancient cave on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the family's bones were sealed in ornate and elaborately carved ossuaries, ceremonial boxes used widely by the Jews of the late first century. [H: How is it that the Israelis seem to "find" and get "control" of EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR RELIGIONS? How, too, is it that the term "JEW" is so widely used in descriptive information. Could it be that the assault on Southern Iraq is to continue to keep the Sugaring information buried away from your searching eyes? Better begin to read the information such as the Dead Sea Scrolls with a more perceptive eye to detail--for you are being fed bunches and bunches of lies piled upon lies.]

Archaeologists say no comparable evidence exists for the remains of any other such major figure mentioned in the New Testament.

After 2,000 years, the presence of Caiaphas' bones in the tomb cannot be verified. But the age of the bones, the inscriptions on the ossuaries and the artifacts that surrounded them all point directly toward his influential family.

One of history's most reviled and enigmatic men, Caiaphas has often been portrayed by historians as malevolent, mad for power and blindly eager to please Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor.

Academic debates about Caiaphas' role in condemning Jesus and his desire to please the Romans have raged for nearly 2,000 years. [H: And all the raging didn't make a bit of "it" truth.]

Some historians contend that he played only a minor historical role; others, supported largely by the Gospels, suggest that without the decision by Caiaphas, Jesus would surely have lived.

Like many such discoveries, this one came by accident, when workers widening a road in Jerusalem's Peace Forest in 1990 stumbled across an unusually large burial site.

Although it has been nearly two years since the site was uncovered, researchers have taken until now to assure themselves through the [H: And, thus and so it goes.]


You are getting into deeper and deeper yogurt every day, chelas, as you accept all this propaganda piled upon you. Most of the Evangelical preachers on the TV are solidly into the Zionist movement and simply collecting more and more of your willing contributions to pay for your own death squad--"they" won't even give you a "funeral", you know.

History also will prove that what is given in AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL is absolutely true. Even Mr. Nostradamus documented that Esu Immanuel did not die on the cross. (There is proof of this and yet, had you been given simple English by one, Nostradamus, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN BURNED AT THE STAKE FOR HERESY.)

Some of you continually write that I, Hatonn, should "...get with the program and do a little show and tell". It is not "I" nor "we" who had best "get with the program", friends.

May you walk this day in greater understanding and with more insight so that you find your way in TRUTH and gain freedom from the lies.



TUE., SEP. 22, 1992 9:08 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 37


We will continue with the discussion of the ULTIMATE NEW WORLD ORDER as presented through THE JEWISH UTOPIA. This, so that there will be no misunderstanding wherefrom comes this information. It flows DIRECTLY from the "JEWS", who do indeed call themselves "Jews" and "Zionists"--whichever is suitable at any given presentment. Both of these terms were "created" from non-existent language terminology for this Ultimate New World Order.

This information comes from compiled data and research of one Robert Williams, whose security I shall keep in mind.



You will have to embrace the Jewish religion, Jewish culture, Jewish thought:

"The basis of that culture and wisdom, through which God's glory will be manifest upon Israel, and by light of which nations will walk, will be the Torah, Israel's traditional inheritance. For the source of Israel's new life of righteousness and of divine glory will be rooted in the Torah".

This confirms our earlier statement that the unpardonable sin of idolatry will consist of adhering to any religious faith other than the Jewish Torah, with its "holy" head in Jerusalem.

We have already pointed out that the Torah consists of the first five books of the Old Testament, the Books of Moses, the Pentateuch. [H: That term alone should scare the living daylights out of you perceptive and insightful truth-seekers.] While the entire Old Testament is Jewish, it is specifically the Torah which most religious Jews acclaim as their Bible. It is the basis of much of the Talmudic interpretation of how Jews should conduct themselves, in their dealings with other Jews and with non-Jews. [H: We reprinted some of the Talmudic instructions and we were blasted as being vulgar and evil. No, it is the set of instructions which are vulgar and reproachable--being totally against the laws as given by God Creator.]

The "righteous" nations and individuals will have to glorify the Mosaic triumphs, conquests, deceptions, theft and slaughter of unsuspecting (gentile) villagers, as the basis of their religion and culture. Even so, your grandson could not become the grand exalted ruler, not being descended from the house of David.

Our grandchildren must not be permitted to know that their ancestors came from Europe or anywhere but the "holy land". Our grandchildren must be denied any knowledge of the history, struggles and triumphs of our own people. They must assume that we all came from the tribes led by the scheming, bloody Moses of the Torah. They must never know that their ancestors once enjoyed, throughout untold ages, in their tribal life, sacrosanct individual freedom under a fair and just code of laws, an elected king or chief and a representative government (out of which sprang the U.S. constitution and much of the English Common Law, and modern parliamentary government). ¨

* Dr. Charles Kingsley, lecturing at Oxford in the 1870s, told of "The Laws of the Lombards" and other Teutonic tribes quoting not only from a Lombard compilation of the seventh century, but also from the historian Tacitus, six hundred years earlier. (This series of lectures, titled The Teuton and the Roman, have just been republished by Northern World, 24 Highgate, West Hill, London N. 6, Eng.)

Dr. Kingsley said the Teutonic tribes had the essentials of the modern Anglo-Saxon constitution, originated the jury trial by twelve men, guaranteed property rights and the freedom of the individual. They elected their kings or tribal chiefs, who were usually their military leaders, and important edicts had to be confirmed by the people or their representatives.

"With their wives, children and cattle, the Lombards brought (from their Baltic home--RHW) also something with them that was not to survive against the memory of Rome. And this was the Teutonic laws. The liberties of the Lombards, if not their inherent creativeness, were later destroyed by the Latin clergy, but for a while they survived, and a study of them is profitable as a fair specimen of the laws of any Teutonic people. You may compare them profitably with old Gothic. Burgundian, Francosalic, Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian laws, all formed from the same parent model, agreeing often in minute details, and betokening one primeval origin of awe-inspiring antiquity. By studying them you can gain some idea of that primeval individual liberty and self-government, common at first to all the races, but preserved only by the English...

"The laws of the Lombards were collected and published for the first time by their King Rothar, in A.D. 643, two generations after the Lombards came to Italy. They were 'the laws of our fathers, as far as we have learnt them from ancient men, and are published with the counsel and consent of our princes, judges, and all our most prosperous army... and are confirmed according to the custom of our nation by garathings'(***as quoted)... it is clear from the publication that the law was in the nature of social contract, a distinct compact between king and people, from which you will immediately perceive that these Lombards, like all Teutonic peoples, were a free nation under a form of constitutional monarchy. They would have greeted with laughter the Roman idea of a God Emperor."

Dr. Kingsley obviously was not talking about the original Romans, the founders of the republic, a thousand years earlier, but of the degenerate empire, a motley mixture of more than 20 racial elements, predominantly negroid elements mixed with Mediterraneans. Little Celtic and Teutonic blood remained in Southern Italy. "The Lombards saw the evil of degenerate Rome, and despised it. They despised the cosmopolitan 'Roman' population which they had conquered."

The "Roman" idea of a God Emperor, in fact, was largely bequeathed to the later Romans through centuries of Jewish influence. (End footnote)

So vast has been the movement of "liberalism" and progressive education that even most individuals of the present generation have lost the golden thread of history. So valuable is it especially in showing how far our people have been perverted against their native temperament and their once-great heritage of freedom and justice, that our history must be destroyed; the Israelitic group must see that it is entirely lost.

Of the Anglo-Saxons, the Angles are known to have occupied a position which is approximately Southern Denmark, the Saxons just to the South of them, for centuries before the birth of Christ--during the centuries in which the 12 tribes of Israel were a pastoral, sheep herding people. The Lombards and the great Goth tribe, which split into Ostro-Goths and Visi-Goths were their brothers and near neighbors. The Celts apparently had lived somewhere near the upper Rhine river a thousand years before Christ. These tribes, both the Teutonic and the Celtic branch of the Nordic (or northern) race, were of fair complexion, tall and (as described by Caesar 60 years before the birth of Christ and by the historian Tacitus about 100 years after) blond or red headed.


Herodotus visited them and wrote about their generous nature, their orderly living and their kindliness toward their children and kinsmen, nearly 500 years before Christ. It is obvious that they had occupied Northern Europe for thousands of years--before the 12 Tribes of Israel--a Semitic, Eastern Mediterranean or Middle Eastern people--existed as such.

It was these Nordic tribes who originated the concept of freedom of the individual and constitutional government; they had parliamentary government and courts of justice, and elected tribal chiefs, at the earliest stages of their known history.*

* Will Durant's "Caesar and Christ" (1944) says the northern tribes pioneered the iron industry and taught it to the pre-Romans of Italy 1000 years before Christ: "In the valley of the Po the descendants of these terramaricoli (the early inhabitants of the Italian peninsula--RHW) about 1000 B.C., learned from Germany the use of iron..." (End footnote)

As long as the northern tribes rendered their loyalty to the tribe and race, they were indestructible. The only way the crafty Romans could make a dent in their armor was to propagandize among those tribes (notably the Franks) which had moved out of the north and settled among Mediterraneans, and had begun the process of outbreeding. Some of these could be recruited for warfare against the remaining northern tribes.

The race was powerful till it came into contact with other racial elements, and especially with the Jewish propaganda movements which always, in Greece and Rome, incited one religious cult against another, one political or military faction against another, and which "brotherly love" propaganda, perverting early Christianity, made the Whites greatly speed their blending with the black and brown.

The great Roman republic apparently was built by men of Nordic ideals, probably the early Celts but possibly also some of the Teutonic Nordics.*

* The textbook The Ladder Of History, says "Probably most of the early people of Italy came down from the north... They were a fair-haired, blue-eyed people like the early Greeks." (End footnote)

But there were not many of them, and under the Jewish propaganda before the time of Christ, and especially later under the guise of the Christian movement, the Jewish subversion induced the big, sturdy, honest--if gullible--Nordics virtually to breed themselves out of existence, leaving an utterly unmoral, unambitious, carefree swarthy mixture content to live on handouts from a Socialist government, and let the great Roman order crumble round them. When the men of vision and character dwindled to too few in numbers, they could no longer maintain a high level of public character among the masses and Rome fell in a cesspool of degeneracy. The Goths, and later the Lombards, revived Rome but only till they, too, (always few in number) softened under the degenerate, easy living of the racially chaotic Mediterranean. They made the suicidal mistake of taking slaves.

The tribes were indestructible till they came into contact with other races, and turned their loyalty to a geographic area and political unit rather than to tribe and race.

By contrast with the freedom of the individual among the Teutonic tribes, the Jews--despite their fierce individualism and admirable skill in looking after their own interests--always managed (and still manage) to bind themselves in webs of private power organizations and coercive laws. They are constantly today inventing some sort of organization to bring pressure on somebody, or some governmental body, to get something for nothing or to divide gentiles (and perhaps to provide highly paid jobs at the same time). In Jerusalem at the time of the birth of Christ all labor and commerce was organized to the minutest detail. Every Jew was a "sea lawyer", gifted in interpreting his own rights. Labor unions, a Jewish invention, dictated wages and hours and other "unions" fixed prices and conditions of business conduct, and laws and the rabbis stood above these Laws even regulated charity; the owner of a fig tree could not completely strip the tree, but (by law) must leave some for the poor. *

* The students of ancient civilizations know a great deal about earlier races and peoples. Not all is guesswork. It was a white race, or element of a white race--the brunette Mediterranean branch--which built the great Egyptian civilization and which maintained it for three thousand years, letting it lapse into retrograde only after the Egyptians began interbreeding with imported Negro soldiers and slaves (farm workers). Some of the men who engineered the building of the pyramids evidently were red headed, kinsmen of the northern European tribes.

One of the leading authorities of this century on ancient Egypt, Prof. G. Elliott Smith of the University of Manchester, Eng., wrote in 1911:

"The hot, dry sands of Egypt have preserved through a span of more than sixty centuries the remains of countless multitudes of the earliest peoples known to have dwelt in the Nile Valley; and not the mere bones only, but also their skin, and hair and the muscles and organs of the body; and even such delicate tissues as the nerves and the brain, and most marvelous of all, the lens of the eye, are available for examination today. We are able to form a very precise idea of the structure of the body of the Proto-Egyptian....no resemblance whatever to the so-called 'wooly' appearance and peppercorn-like arrangement of the Negro's hair." (The Ancient Egyptians And Their Influence Upon European Civilization.) (End footnote)

The vast difference in Jewish law and systems on the one hand and our Constitutional government, our live-and-let-live attitude and the freedom of the individual on the other, is due to a deep, abiding difference in racial temperament, attitude and ambition, and this difference is the key to the entire world situation and to much of the history of the West for the past 2,500 years. The history of the world is a racial history. The difference in the temperament and racial, or tribal, ambitions of the Jews and persons of "Western" or Northern racial stock is still evident for all but the blind. Yet, strange to say, our people fail to see it, fail even to suspect it--and now, under decades of indoctrination by the "utopian" "Jewish" nationalists, many of our professors in high school and college even ridicule the idea that there is any difference in the temperament, intelligence and native endowments of the different races. Their blindness is beyond belief. They might as well say there is no difference in the temperament, intelligence and disposition of the big, dignified St. Bernard dogs and the nervous barking terriers. No amount of education, no amount of good food and housing will make one out of the other. The black Africans, however happy and admirable in their own environment, do not have the disposition and capabilities to build what we might call civilization; they have been free to do so for thousands of years, but still live in huts in their native lands. On the other hand, set a colony of white men down in any wilderness and they will strike out hell bent to make over the wilderness into the burden we call civilization. The white man creates his own environment. I would be the last to say that for this he is any better than the Negro; but if you like civilization and if you like your freedom you had better start waking up the blind citizens to the importance of preserving the white race. [H: Again, chelas, this has no reference to "preference" or WHY conditions came upon you through the eons of time. The white-men destroy just as much as possible to "civilize" the environment whether or not anyone wants it that way--but, these attributes or disadvantages are utilized to their full potential in the hands of the clever adversary who would have ultimate control of the globe and all upon it.]

It is the Anglo-Saxon who must be undermined if the Zionists are to win. It is the Anglo-Saxon who must be softened, brainwashed, made to outbreed with dark races and leave the field to the Zionist strategists. This is not news to students of subversive movements. Our own Army Intelligence tried to warn us as early as 1920. The Chicago Tribune of June 19 of that year carried the Intelligence release, telling about a movement within a movement, a Jewish world power movement hidden inside the Communist movement:

"This second movement aims for the establishment of a new racial domination of the world...the moving spirits in the second scheme are Jewish radicals. Within the ranks of Communism is a group of this party but it does not stop there. To its leaders Communism is only an incident. They are ready to use the Islamic revolt, hatred by the Central Empire of England, Japan's designs on India and commercial rivalries between America and Japan.

"As any movement of world revolution must be, this is primarily anti Anglo-Saxon.... The organization of the world Jewish radical movement has been perfected in almost every land."

In studying the subversive movements of our time it is impossible to make headway without taking into account race, temperament and racial ambitions and disposition. Shintoism was Japanese. It grew out of a religious belief, but it just suited the Japanese temperament. Communism sprang out of Jewish cabalism, Jewish secretive organizing. We of open, lie-detector faces, of European stock, more or less honest and much more gullible, we could never invent a county-wide secret movement, let alone a world wide one. We are not especially interested in trying to regiment people, in trying to undermine, deceive and destroy other races, nations and religions. We do not want to be bothered with the tensions necessary to conduct secretive, murderous underground activities. While we do not do too good a job of practicing the Golden Rule, even when not under alien influence, still we do idealize the live-and-let-live philosophy. And because we are more or less honest, and generally incapable of secretive cunning and scheming on a sustained and organized scale, we are sitting ducks for those who do conduct such operations. Our strength is in our temperament. Nordics in their own environment, can get along with hardly any laws and law enforcement bodies. But our temperament also is our weakness; for we can be snared into wars and suicidal movements without ever suspecting the existence of a trap.

The native honesty and suicidal naivete of our ancestors was such that they considered it mean and low to use surprise or stratagems, or to win by unfair or cunning devices. In 102 B.C., when 300,000 Teutons met Roman legion and naively asked them to state the time and place to do battle, the crafty Romans set a trap and destroyed them, men, women and children--many of the women committing suicide rather than fall into the hands of the Romans.

[H: Do you begin to see how you function? Part of you who hold out for demonstrations and timed statements of happenings, etc., from even we of the Command, do so as openly as did the Teutons tell their deadly enemy exactly where to be and what to do. The opposition and ones who would destroy the WORD and gain the world use this naive honesty ("suicidal honesty") to thwart you and pull you down and you blunder into the same trap time after time after time. It goes beyond the inherent tendency to believe in the goodness of all men--it moves right into stupid misdiscernment of those sent to destroy you. Even ones who come into your house and eat at your table and, while there, poison your food--you simply turn around and eat the poisoned food and ask them in again and again. You do not need go into battle and utilize "force"--simply do not offer them entry after they have proven their intent to USE you for their own gainful purposes--even if they, themselves, do not recognize their own purpose.]


[H: Gross understatement of the century!]

The same Nature which prescribed the temperament of each separate race, also provided a physiognomy to match. The Oriental has heavy lids, with slits for his dark, opaque eyes; his skin is dark and heavy; he is poker faced. [H: Does this make him "less equal" in spirit? Of course not but it DOES make him "DIFFERENT" in heritage.] It is easy for him to deceive; and naturally he is inclined to make use of the talents and facilities with which Nature equipped him.

We, of thin, fair skin and light, wide-open eyes, rarely can deceive for long; our faces are lie detectors. We are so smug, so accustomed to security, success and frankness, that we do not perceive that certain aliens moving in among us are utterly different. We are thus at a tragic disadvantage in the psychological war directed against us from behind the alien masks. The big, dignified Nordic, of generous nature, courage, energy and resourcefulness, the man who has brought freedom to so much of the world, the natural leader who blazed trails and built much of the New World--this remarkable man is fast disappearing. His race is degenerating under the impact of perverse propaganda and is steadily breeding downward, not only within itself but with the less gifted, less ambitious races. [H: These are the ones who kept their word and stood by agreements at all costs--these are not the slimy, puny little cheats and liars who did-in the natives and stole their lands.]

The entire white race is doomed, in fact, unless very soon its ministers, teachers and political officials quit trying to give it away and begin fighting for its survival.*

* Edwin A. Embree, head of the $30,000,000 Julius Rosenwald Foundation (all of which was spent in Communist propaganda inciting the Negroes against the white race) was reported in the Afro-American of June 10, 1944, as having told the National Conference of Social Work in Cleveland:

"For 300 years white men of Western Europe and North America have ruled the world ...but the white man of the Western world is being offered his 'last chance for equal status in world society'."

For this violence by certain incited Negroes against their white benefactors, we can thank the American Jewish Committee, which told its members in its annual report, titled "American Jewish Committee Budget, 1953" that the AJC was virtually the source and the over-all guiding authority behind the race agitation, the so-called "civil rights" revolution, and all related activities:

"The Civil Rights Division (of the AJC--RHW) plans its over-all program in terms of community and organizational needs as they are presented to the Department from a wide source of groups and individuals. Any realistic attempt to plan program, as well as to implement it, must depend on the efficacy with which we work in cooperation with outside agencies who present their issues to us.

"Local Jewish Community Relations Councils and comparable organizations, all of which are alert to local, state and federal civil rights problems, bring their problems to us for advice, guidance and expert assistance. Needs are presented by organizations, such as the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People--RHW), on a national level, and by mayors' councils, and other city and state organizations on a local level. Special-purpose organizations whose sole function it is to work in such fields as housing or employment, and over-all civil rights organizations which serve entire communities or racial and religious groups, service us and are serviced by us.

"In the field of employment, much effective work is done through such organizations as the 1952 Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, which coordinates the activities of all agencies interested in civil rights and which coordinates the varied efforts of approximately fifty other organizations...

"The Civil Rights Department maintains a particularly close liaison with certain general purpose agencies working in the field of civil rights. An example of this is our relationship with the NAACP, which comes to us for assistance in certain matters where we have special competence, and we look to them for aid in solving what we consider to be mutual problems. The same is true of our relationship with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union, a legal staff defending principally Communists and fellow travelers in court actions--RHW).

Thus, the American Jewish Committee is really behind the Communist revolution in our country. (End footnote)

While there remains millions of Nordic families in our country and we are perhaps 65 percent Nordic as a whole, nevertheless we are no longer Nordic tribes; our problem now is the problem of the whole white race. The Nordics are rapidly mixing with the other two often charming but softer branches of the white race. Our problem is now white unity for common survival. It is the white race which invents and makes the weapons of mass destruction; even Russia under Communism has to depend on white scientists, industrialists and generals. It is the white race which will commit suicide with its own weapons unless its leaders change their course. If the white race will wake up to its situation and realize its power, if it will develop a common bond of understanding, the world wars cannot recur; the whole world will have peace. [H: This is certainly in no way a "Put-down" to any other races, it is simply a matter of FACT. You certainly do no favor to the lesser treated brother to join him in his slavery—you both will gain from the gathering into unity and lifting BOTH up from the persecution--but in TRUTH, not within the lies foisted off on you by would-be-rulers--OF YOU.]

We need to understand only a few basic, simple fundamentals: (1) that the world revolution in both its Communist and its Zionist phases, is destroying the white race; (2) that each member of any and every race has a right and a duty to love and protect his own, not because his race is better than any other but because it is his, just as he loves his mother because she is his.*

* Evidently the white non-Jew ever has been a gullible fellow, easily herded by a crafty herdsman. When the Phoenicians were competing for domination of the commerce of the Mediterranean and other known sea lanes before the time of Christ, they used propaganda to scare off competition. Being double first cousins of the so-called "Jews", they were great propagandists. They circulated stories along the Mediterranean that some seas beyond the Gates of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar) were boiling hot, that others harbored deadly monsters. So well did they circulate the fable that the earth was flat that ships sailing out too far would fall off the edge, that the fable persisted for a thousand years, among the masses. [H: And YOU think there couldn't be a little "miscounting" of the numbers of "Jews" in Europe and within the prison compounds of World War II prisons? Why do you think laws are made to prevent the stating of correct outlay and numbers? If you can enforce a law for three generations, it becomes accepted fact and truth is hidden until some daring historian uncovers something like the PHOENIX JOURNALS some centuries later.] These tales discouraged the Mediterraneans of Western stock, and no doubt the Negroid elements, too, from following the sea.

A Greek scientist and mathematician named Pytheas (a Nordic, by the way) sailed out the Gates of Hercules, north to the British Isles and on to Iceland, developing and proving some navigation formulas. He wrote a book about his voyage, incorporating the formulas to their sea captains, and their potential value to competitors; so they launched a campaign of ridicule which made Pytheas and his book the laughing stock of his time. So successful was the smear campaign that the book completely disappeared, but the Phoenicians used the formulas, and these formulas became the basis of modern navigation. Within the past century the facts have been established--not however from Pytheas' book, which is still missing, but ironically enough, from fragments quoted from it by his detractors for purposes of ridicule. (End footnote)

If we are to accept the Torah as our own ancestral history and our religion (PUBLIC LAW 102-14, MARCH 20, 1991) AS IS NOW THE LAW OF THE LAND), as the Zionist Utopians demand, then it is necessary that all other history disappear from the schools and libraries of this earth. [H: This is WHY there is all-out effort at all costs to ban this information, and especially the information on your God connections, from the face of the earth.]

This explains why the Jewish revolutionary organizations, and their "liberal" dupes are so ardent in promoting "progressive education", the race-mixing teachers' "workshops", etc. (The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith in its bulletins has claimed authorship of the teachers' summer workshops, which are indoctrination courses in progressive education, racial integration and Socialist and Internationalist concepts--the landmarks of the world Jewish revolution, which one must promote to be "righteous". These summer workshops, now in scores or hundreds of public school systems, are patterned after the Communist "workshops"--and use the same name--of the revolution of 1848.)

While Jewish nationalist, or Zionists, launched Communism as a temporary, destructive “front”, its objective was not exactly the same as that of Zionism. Communism mixes all the races, whereas the Zionists would destroy or Judaize only the religion of the non-Jews, and destroy the nations and races of non-Jews, while building a seven-strata racial hierarchy among their own people, firing them with such fanaticism that they will not substantially accept their own race-mixing propaganda, driving them to build a Jewish nation which is to be the seat of power.

The Communists want a Communist world; the Zionists, a Jewish world. As the Zionists gain power, the fact that the Communists are suckers becomes increasingly evident for they destroy the resistance of the nations and races while Zionism takes over. If Zionism wins it must destroy its Communist illegitimate child.

[H: The above two points are about as important as you will ever find in sorting out WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR WORLD TODAY:]

The author says (page 29) for the "ideal civilization to take root":

"One nation would have to establish its life on a Utopian foundation, thereby leading the way for the rest of the world to follow its example. A model, ideal state comprising a group of righteous individuals and living an ideal life, will gradually spread its teachings and influence from nation to nation, throughout the world. The Kingdom of God will then become a fact.

"Israel is the only nation that is suited for that purpose... What Tennyson has said of the human race, may well be said of the ideal Israel: 'We are the Ancients of the earth, and in the morning of the times'. ... The Kingdom of God will come only through an ideal Israel. "

The author emphasizes the exalted position which Israel is to hold after the holocaust:

"Isaiah's prophecy will then be realized: 'And their seed shall be known among the nations, and their offspring among the peoples; all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed.' Israel will thus become a light, a symbol of the ideal life for the nations, so that, in the words of Isaiah, 'the nations shall walk at Israel's light, and kings at the brightness of Israel's rising. '

"...The people of Israel will thus conquer, spiritually, the nations of the earth, so that Israel will be made high above all nations in praise, in name and in glory. "


* * *

Does it now begin to make sense as to WHAT happened and how it came to be that suddenly "Communism" simply was pronounced "DEAD"? It was time to move on to the next more terrifying step in the overall plan of world domination. Well, there are still some die-hard "Communist believers" and free Russians who don't like the Israeli plan for Zionist domination. You liked it in America and let your government be swallowed hook, line, and pay for your incarceration by yourself, to take place. This is WHY everywhere in the world where you would find "Communism" taking hold (as in Central and South America, as example), you would also find Israeli instructors and the ever-present Mossad at work. These Zionists stole Communism the same way that they have stolen your Constitution, freedom and Democracy. Well, the Russians don't like it and if you are a freedom-loving American or free-world citizen--you don't like it either. This is WHY, however, the seats of your vermin infested places of cities, banksters and power will be taken out by the humans with the most powerful capability in weapons and technical ability. So, a bunch of you goodly brothers get hurt? It is the way it is for you have slept too long. Your friends, if you are of God's intent, will be spared to the best of the ability of the brothers in the Cosmospheres with the capability as projected through human physical--and, on the surface you who hold to the "Phoenix" Truth will be spared--if possible--but the would-be rulers have no brother out in the cosmos and they have infiltrated your numbers so greatly that to get them--most of the ones of your globe will perish also. The intended and purposeful depopulation of the globe is under way--the infections injected and now you will experience until you die of either disease or war--IF YOU FAIL TO SEE THE MONSTER FOR WHAT IT IS. GOD WILL DO NOTHING TO SAVE YOU FOR YOU HAVE RIGHT OF CHOICES AND CERTAINLY HE WILL DO NOTHING TO SAVE HIS VERY ADVERSARY--SO, YOU HAD BEST FACE FACTS AND STOP THE LA-LA LAND FANTASY FARCE.

We are NOT going to produce light shows and "miracles" to impress you--that is the game of the adversary. You are going to come unto us and unto God Creator in TRUTH and not through B.S. about "being". It is through "actions in intent" that you are "judged" and witnessed. IT IS TIME YOU STARTED MAKING A LITTLE MAGIC, PERHAPS. I am exactly who I say I am and the adversary knows it well--If you know not who you are, then you are in real, real trouble. If you can't seem to make up your mind about me and my mission--you are in even greater trouble because you obviously are not "one of them" with a ticket to security shelter and are obviously marked by the beast to perish in that la-la land dream-state. If you perceive this as my being "hard", so be it--hard as carbide-steel nails! I don't even "bend" wherein the "laws" are concerned--neither shall I "break"--nor shall my crew.

It is time you stopped playing at believing the stories of the adversary about everything from ritual to what is actually God. You don't have the slightest idea yet, about God, and if you think you have a wimp for a Commander--I trust you will surely "think again".

Let us close this segment, please, at this point. Thank you.

Hatonn to clear.



TUE., SEP. 22, 1992 1:51 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 37


As we sat to dictate I perceived a need to write longer instead. I have asked Dalene to handle these tapes on this subject of PUBLIC LAW 102-14 and THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER through the information in The Jewish Utopia as "regular meeting" tapes. It is such important information that I do not know another way to make sure it is digested. Dalene balks a bit as I understand some of you have indicated that written material not be considered "meeting tapes". I shall study the circumstances and then decide toward the weekend. We will have a rather large meeting dealing with the Constitutional Law Center and hopefully some extremely important participants. This will be a selected "business" meeting regarding approaches to common law integration. It cannot be opened to the public for we have no space available for such so it will have to be put to tape even for those in the local community. My intent is NOT to burden you with expenses of having to get tapes but I know no other way to reach you with information other than to make it available in this format. Further, the information is so timely that waiting for ordering of the tapes is not acceptable either. We need to work a bit on integrating ability to purchase tapes through THE WORD on THE LIBERATOR's credit machine if that is now valid so that calls for tapes can be accepted instead of the waiting period. I believe that could be worked out someway--I shall ask someone to look into the matter in exchange for some other type of service in equity. If I had time and space I would put it onto the telephone "Hotline"--I consider it that important.

It is hard to offer such information for ones do not read or listen far enough into the body of the information to glean intent from the offerings. Immediately, according to your training, you shout bigotry, anti-Semite and I won't listen further. Chelas, if you refuse to "hear", how can you ever discern truth?--for you negate through the refusal the ability to gather enough information upon which to base any reasoning conclusions. It is your choice to turn down the evidence if, after you receive all, you still cannot find balance from that which is given. But I plead with you to not cut your own throat with the razor placed in your hands by your enemy claiming to be your guides, friends and "leaders" of authority.


If you can stomach what is being given in regards to your POWs and MIAs through the mouths of the liars and murderers, then you are in serious trouble. There have been ones in the past days who proclaim the proof of men left behind in the Southeastern Asian Wars. Today HENRY KISSINGER sits as authority and lies through his teeth as he says no men were "knowingly" left and if they were (which of course there were) it was the fault of the evil enemy and Congress and you-thepeople who insisted on ending negotiations to end the war. He is blaming YOU for the loss of your own fathers and husbands, sons, friends and comrades. "Knowingly"? My goodness, beloved ones, there were almost 400 men left standing on the tarmac when the last planes departed Hanoi. They were not picked up so where are they?? He is giving all sorts of last ditch cover-ups in treachery such as, "They were shot down in cold blood as they parachuted to the ground in that awful, cruel place," and "They were bombed without mercy by those evil enemies and the administration did all it could to save them."

It becomes more imperative to finish the written document so you can better label the "players" than to put it to tape today, so here we are again and I do thank you, Dharma, for doubling up on the work today. The players are becoming known by their "works" now, chelas, so please pay close attention to the descriptions so that you can see the bounders among you.


I am again petitioned for update on Perot. It is exactly what it appears to be. Of course he will "run"--it was never planned otherwise. It was good strategy and it has worked so far. It also keeps truth from entering through the pearly gates of the White House in the form of a patriot. I have compassion for you who seek to do that which is for your brother and your nation--I hope it does not have to turn from compassion to "pity" for the blunders about to be made. Eyes and hearts open, please brothers, for there will be even greater need for your discernment and action AFTER the fiasco than now. Things are happening so quickly now that you are apt to get completely lost in the fog which will be put down around you.


What you are watching in the area recognized as Yugoslavia is the typical "ethnic cleansing" program of massacre and looting engaged in by the Serbs following EXACTLY the patterns established by Israel in its "war of independence". You see, "if" another does same it is called "genocide" and "holocaust"--if Israel is behind the action it is called martyrdom and ethnic cleansing. Keep your head in the sand-bucket and you won't need to cover the part remaining exposed, much longer.

The barbaric murder-and-plunder onslaught of Communist-led Serbian militias against other nationalities of the former Yugoslav federation resembles nothing so much as the terror campaign waged by Zionist guerrillas in 1948-49 to "cleanse" Palestinian Moslems and Christians "from their ancient lands"--how quickly a world forgets if the liars tell their lies big enough, loud enough and in enough confusion.

This is now the consensus among policy analysts and historians who have been reviewing newly released documentation indicating that Israeli forces carved out a state for themselves by inflicting widespread atrocities, rape, looting and massacres on the civilian population in their way. THIS IS NOT OF GOD OF LIGHT--THIS IS TALMUDIC HORROR BASED ON THE ULTIMATE PLAN FOR GLOBAL ORDER.

This information has been made public recently, by independent Israeli historians, and has provided confirmation of the pioneering research compiled by respected scholars and observers at the United Nations.

From eyewitness accounts and contemporary documents the steps have been retraced and out comes the proof of long-suppressed "war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide" committed by Israeli militias in their drive to leave key regions of Palestine "cleansed" of its historic settlers. Among them:

Israel "violated the territorial integrity of Palestine and occupied 80 percent thereof”.

By "violence and massacre", Israeli forces expelled more than 800,000 Palestinian Arabs from the native land of their families and forefathers.

Israeli forces "looted, pillaged and plundered" 95 percent of the houses, apartments and commercial buildings, as well as "the machinery, furniture, merchandise and all worldly possessions of the Palestinian Arabs in 80 percent of Palestine."

Fearful that the civilized world would recoil--and withdraw its recognition--from a new state created by such brutal and lawless means, Israel ordered all records and documents of its conquest in Palestine sealed for 40 years. (Sound familiar?)

The massacres have now been verified--hundreds of them now--after those forty years of silence. At least 580 civilians were methodically slain in Doueimah alone. This testimony has been suppressed for these four decades but it now is being proven by the corpses remaining--with crushed skulls, etc.

From almost every long-suppressed report in the Israeli army's archives about the occupation of Arab villages, there comes the smell of massacre. Even the ones, Shamir, Sharon and Rabin were actual "hit men" in the Stern gang who killed even U.N. representatives--themselves, with their own hands on the gun and finger pulling the triggers.

The records reveal a pattern of deliberately inflicted Israeli terror designed to cause flight so that regions of Palestine would be 'cleansed' of Arabs.

Little wonder, chelas, that after retaining Kissinger Associates as a "strategic adviser" in the 1980s, the hard-line Serb Communist leadership decided to seize all of the former Yugoslavia's ethnic regions by replicating Israel's genocidal conquest of Palestine. This is now coming forth directly from veteran UN observers.

As a former Rockefeller house scholar, White House consultant and finally as Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger and Acting Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger led the way in covering up terrorism and looting that gained statehood for Israel. They could assure the Serbian leadership that Kissinger Associates knew how to wipe the public record clean of such atrocious crimes.

All we can do is continue, even if you become bored and object, to bring you TRUTH and hope that you will see and hear.

Now to continue with the subject under discussion, from THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER from The Jewish Utopia.



The "spiritual" conquest of the world (by psychological warfare, at which the Jews are past masters) ought to be comparatively easy after the Communist monster has ground up the races and nations, leaving only a dull, characterless, morally weak homogenized mixture--a "shorn alike, bleating alike human flock"--shorn of traditions and moral standards to anchor to, shorn of the memory of a better life which was once an ancestral heritage, and shorn of the courage and character to fight for freedom and economic well being. Communism, by its very nature, hating the capable, successful individuals, is self-destructive. But it destroys the races as it destroys itself. It drags the world down with it, like a fire which burns itself out but leaves only dead embers.

By what steps will Israel become the dominant power and how will the Jews in Israel enjoy the "happy era"?

The author already has told us there would be a bloody Armageddon which would break the strength of the "unrighteous" nations [H: You and others like you], those who resist the Jewish revolution.

But after that: the Jews themselves must accept the most exacting regimentation if they are to make the surviving non-Jews look on them as holy:

"Before the nations of the world recognize Israel as the ideal people, Israel will have to undergo a spiritual development, the Jew will have to be prepared to lead the world to righteousness. For, it will be a serious and daring challenge to Israel, a challenge in which the fate of humanity will be involved.

"The first step will be the adjustment of Israel's every day life to the principles of truth, justice and righteousness, as understood in the ideology of a living universal God. These principles will not be merely blank and empty phrases as employed by modern professional preachers. They will actually function in the relationships between Jew and Jew. 'Then shall the nations bless themselves by God, and in God shall they glory. '"

Here we must suppose that the words truth and justice mean truth and justice; for here the author is talking about relationship "between Jew and Jew". This is precisely what the Talmud teaches: a Jew must play fair with his fellow Jew.

As for the non-Jews, by Talmudic standards anything goes that will not bring reprisals on the Jews. To be fair with the author, I searched his Utopia from cover to cover trying to find any requirements that the righteous Jews also exercise truth and justice toward non-Jews. Nowhere in the book did I find a hint of any such requirement. Throughout, the book calls for "righteousness" on the part of all people--conformity by all of us to the Jewish program; but nowhere is the obligation of "righteousness" or fair play reciprocal.

Obviously, then, we must conclude that the strict regimentation which the Jews in the future Israel must undergo is for the sake of appearances among the rest of us--or any of our offspring who survive. They must put on the appearance of "a holy people".

The second step:

"...an ideal Israel will have to be a holy people. Their holiness will be so apparent that every one will call them the holy ones. "

The author adds:

"The main concern of the ideal people will be how to utilize God's goodness which is stored up for them. As a result of the abundance which God will have bestowed upon the people, it will be possible for them to devote themselves exclusively to their completest moral and spiritual development. "

"Third, Israel will become a nation of prophets... Nature itself will cooperate with the nation of prophets, in prophesying an optimistic future for mankind; it will be an optimism symbolized by sweet wine dropped down by mountains. "

By comparison with this tribal fanaticism, the late Hitler's efforts to revive Nordic race pride looks like a kindergarten game.

"Fourth, Israel will become a nation of scholars... Israel will experience a spiritual and cultural renaissance, resembling the revelation they experienced in receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai. Wisdom and learning will instill new life into the people. The basis of that culture and wisdom, through which God's glory will be manifest upon Israel, and by light of which nations will walk, will be the Torah, Israel's traditional inheritance. For the source of Israel's new life of righteousness and of divine glory will be rooted in the Torah. "

Years ago I came to realize that the Jews place on human intelligence the very highest valuation. For this good sense they should have the admiration of all of us. They are a gifted people in many respects, partly because they cultivate mental activity. They say their religion itself stimulates logical processes and challenges them intellectually, presumably because it challenges and incites them to put forth strenuous effort on their own behalf. Christianity unfortunately does not fire our people with the necessity of self-preservation or success but, as often interpreted, seems to imply that we should humble and humiliate and debase ourselves before other races.

It implies that we should be satisfied with our lot, regardless. As often interpreted, Christianity does not stimulate us to learn the great principles of nature and the universe and to strive for accomplishment. Naturally, a thoughtful, honest person can not accept this mis-interpretation of Christianity, this false emphasis. It would hardly be in the spirit of Christianity or the worship of God to promote the deterioration or suicide of any one of the several divinely created races, which races represent the highest order of God's handiwork. A faithful interpretation of the Christian spirit on the other hand requires that we encourage every race to preserve itself and that we help ourselves to prosper in our own environment that our children may enjoy the same freedom and culture which our ancestors fought to preserve for us. It will take a powerful, vigorous and proud white race to stand united in sufficient strength to resist the Jewish movement, which still has the inspiration and power of tribal unity. [H: Further, in order for the other races to preserve themselves they are going to have to join with the "white" race or in the division of this clever master-puppeteer--all will perish. The "Zionists" do not, for instance, intend that the Blacks survive at all. Nor do they intend that any other actually survive as "races". However, as you note what is happening in Germany this day with the introduction of the volatile factor of Asians into that society, a new scam political extreme element is again rearing its head. This will only get rid of more of the Jews, Asians and unwanted other people in favor of the Zionists One Worlders.]

The Jewish planners have only to keep on preaching "righteousness"--that is, brotherhood and equality--among us; unless we wake up and reverse our field we will presently so debase ourselves, so degenerate mentally and morally as practically to give them the victory by default.

"Fifth, in the ideal era, Israel will be peacefully united and no enmity of any kind will exist among them.... Similarly, the leaders in Israel will be peacefully united in their responsible task of directing the fate of the historic people. Israel will consequently become the instrument of peace among the nations of the world. "

Peace, that is, among the nations which embrace the Jewish religion [H: Which now has foundation by Public Law in your very own U.S. of A.] and order and acknowledge the ruler from the house of David. But in fact, the fanatical dreamers may find that the only way they can hold their grip on the world, their balance of power, is to keep factions constantly at war one with another.


"Sixth, Israel will be a living testimony to the absolute unity of God. Consequently, in the ideal era, there will be no people who will believe in the division of the Godhead into two or more parts, or persons. Only those people who believe in one God will survive in the ideal world. " [H: Ah, it gets harder doesn't it? This is the very sleight of hand and speech of which I warn you. Remember THIS God to whom they refer will be a physical God who shares none of self with you low-life humanoids of his realm. There is only ONE ultimate Creator--but this is NOT THE WAY IT "IS"!]

This repetition of the intent or desire to destroy everyone who fails or refuses to accept the Jewish religion and new world order emphasizes the incredible bloodthirstiness of the Jewish revolutionaries. It is simply beyond the temperament of the peace-loving, live-and-let-live gentile to comprehend such craving for power over others.

"...the main justification for Israel's distinctiveness and separation, from all other nations, will be that she identifies herself with the living and everlasting God, the Holy one of Israel; that she preserves the memory of historic experience of receiving the Torah, and that she gives the Torah's ethical teachings to mankind. " [H: Again, look at what it says: TORAH. It does not say Holy Bible, New Testament and/or Old Testament or those teachings of ANY OTHER RELIGION OR DOCTRINE--IT SAYS EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS: Torah!]

From earlier passages, notably the obligation of Jew to deal justly with Jew, but the absence of any such requirement in the Utopia that the Jew deal in like manner with the non-Jew, we must suppose that though Israel will give us the Torah, Israel will not also give us the Talmud, which apparently is to remain the rule and guide of the Jews. Thus there will continue to be the double standard of ethics and morality which has caused kings and priests and masses of aroused Christians at various times for the past thousand years to burn all available copies of the Talmud, trying to stamp out Jewish subversion.

"Such will then be the perfect ideal nation... the spiritual fire of Israel will devour the wicked nations. [H: That means all nations who remain patriotic and nationalist in any way whatsoever--i.e., the Randy Weavers of the world inclusive.] The following biblical verse will then be fulfilled:

"And all the peoples of the earth shall see that the name of the Lord is called upon thee, and they shall be afraid of thee. ' "

Will the Jews and their allies destroy the non-Israeli peoples, the "unrighteous" by violence? Or will the destruction be by indirect methods? [H: I suggest you pay very close attention to this next.]

"When they discourse about the victory of the righteous over the wicked, the Jewish sources rarely imply the idea of revenge on the part of the upright and the just. The wicked are to be eliminated from the scene merely because the destiny of humanity is to be guided and controlled by a new army, the army of the righteous will assume the responsibilities of the new state of the affairs of mankind."

The use of the word revenge above reminds us that the "unrighteous", the "wicked" and "unjust" are so judged because they refuse to embrace the Israelitic order; they are judged righteous or wicked by this standard only. Revenge for what? For not accepting the Jewish movement? Here again is the implication that we do them injury, at least mental injury, we persecute them, if we resist the revolution.

The Jews came into our midst of their own volition; we opened our gates to them. Certain of their numbers set about to destroy us. We who resist are unrighteous and wicked. We must not defend ourselves. If we do we are "anti-Semitic" and the revolutionaries, or their agents, will take "revenge".

[H: I believe one of the very hardest things for me to watch and surely, for you to understand, is how these "Zionists" have usurped that which is beautiful in the experiencers of truth. Ones who entered into the doctrines of, say, the Mormon religion will soon find that they are "Zionists" of a kind they had not anticipated being. In ignorance, dear ones, you signed into the "Jewish" Talmudic experience and are recognized as "real" Zionists or "false" Zionists. False Zionists are ones who belong to that portion of the Church called "The Church of Jesus Christ..." You will ultimately find that there is no connection with Christ or "Jesus" in fact. The TRUTH of these circumstances will be finally recognized in every "accepted" religious "order" on your globe. My point herein is not to break down various doctrines--just KNOW that you will find the flaws in the ointment.]

Do our Jewish neighbors and the Jews who seem happy to do business with us, join Mr. Higger in this vicious design toward us? I can't believe it. It is hard to believe the rank and file among the Jews know that, in supporting Zionism and its "liberal" program, they are supporting this Murder, Inc. against their unoffending neighbors.


Jerusalem is to be the source of the law, and that means, of course, the headquarters of the world police:

"The prophecy of Isaiah will thus be fulfilled... For out of Zion shall go forth the Law and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem will thus become the metropolis of the whole world, and the nations will walk at her spiritual light. "

Thus is the political world-power state draped in robes of religion. This is not religion at all; religion is the worship of God. This is self-worship.

The nations as political powers must disappear, leaving ONLY "cultural groups", possibly somewhat along the geographical lines of the politically and racially extinct nations:

"...with the advent of the Messiah, who will usher in the ideal era, all the national ensigns and laws, which are barriers to genuine international peace, brotherhood and the happiness of mankind, will gradually disappear. "

Notice the word gradually. It will take time, even AFTER Armageddon.


Will there be a flag of any kind, any symbol of independence, nationalism or patriotism, other than Jewish nationalism?

"Only the Messianic flag, the symbol of knowledge, peace, tranquility of the individual mind, will remain, and all the nations will center round that emblem. In the present era one recognizes his own standard, or flag, and through that standard the individual identifies himself with the subdivisions of mankind. But in the ideal era, all these castes, divisions and subdivisions will not exist.

"All will recognize one flag or standard, bearing the name of God--There will no longer be a problem of militarism, preparedness, fortifications, barracks, armies, navies, immigration, tariffs, and their like. The problem will be a pure matter of past history and intellectual curiosity. Nations, with their respective cultures, will not only tolerate each other but will appreciate each other's cultural and intellectual backgrounds and traditions. The world will be one open city, free for intercourse of trade, migration, and education. Genuine liberty and freedom will be the watchwords of the new social order in the world. The whole earth will be for the whole human race. "

That is, of course, for those who do not defend their own nation, race, culture, family, religion and independence.

Here, plainly enough, is the Zionist plan for the United Nations world.

Christianity (already Judaized) will be suppressed, forgotten or so infiltrated and changed as to remain only a name, its adherents actually worshipping the Torah. For

"...Israel will be a living testimony to the absolute unity of God. Consequently, in the ideal era, there will be no people who will believe in the division of the Godhead into two or more parts, or persons. Only those peoples who believe in one God will survive in the ideal world. "

This is a slap at the Trinity concept traditionally held by Christians; it advances the unitarian idea by contrast. There can be no worship of Christ as the Son of God.

This hints that the "Messiah" to come, the son of the house of David, and God will be one and the same, a human being the exalted ruler, in Jerusalem--and we see much additional evidence leading to this supposition, throughout the Utopia. We have discussed this already, but because of its importance, let us glance again at it:

"Messiah, the ideal righteous one, will come from the East, where the sun rises. He will be a descendant of the house of David, who was bright as the sun; and his light will be a symbol of life for the upright and just in the world. The very name of Messiah is, therefore, light. Consequently, all the beloved of God, the righteous, will shine forth as the light of His glory..."

And we see elsewhere that the non-Jews are to be made to believe that the inner chosen group of Israel will be a holy people."

"....an ideal Israel will have to be a holy people. "

There is abundant evidence that both the Communists and the Zionists are deliberately selecting smart young revolutionaries and sending them to Protestant theological schools, whence, being far above the average ministerial students in intelligence, and being skillfully trained and no doubt aided by their fellow infiltrators, might be expected to rise rapidly to positions of power in the hierarchy of the various denominations. This is, of course the very plan laid down in the instruction within the Protocols. Evidently agents also are infiltrating the Catholic Church. The prominent Zionist leader of Australia, A.L. Patkin, a native of Russia, who helped build the Red revolution in his Origins Of The Russian Jewish Labor Movement (F.W. Cheshire Pty., Ltd., Melbourne, 1947) not only showed that all the foremost leadership of the Bolshevik revolution was Jewish, but also that many young Jews worked into the Christian churches in Russia to promote the subversion:

"The Jewish youth... some formally converted to Christianity...worked underground under assumed names, now as teachers, now as vagabond preachers..."

In Spain in the 14th and 15th centuries, Jews so thoroughly infiltrated the Catholic church as to take it over almost completely. Isabella, during her 20-year-struggle against subversion, had Jewish father-confessors, (as well as finance ministers) and even the Cardinal was Jewish. In the past forty years the Communists (by sworn testimony of ex-Communists) have made great headway infiltrating the Protestant pulpits; and now we see many ministers who look Jewish and who preach the "social gospel" of racial suicide, and the Kingdom of God on Earth. So powerful are they, and so cowardly most of our leaders, that the investigating committees have been unable to conduct a successful exposure of this near-fatal subversion.

There is nothing on earth, not even a barbed wire fence, to keep Communist and Zionist agents from invading our churches and preaching racial integration in the name of Christianity.

Now, evidently these agents have risen to the top in the National Council (formerly Federal Council) of Churches of Christ, for that body, which claims to represent about three-fourths of all Protestants in America, including the "old line" denominations, has reached an agreement with the American Jewish Committee whereby that Jewish nationalist power machine supplies a stream of "educational" films and literature to these Christian denominations, works with the National Council staff in preparing Sunday School and church literature, and has the privilege of censoring any other NCCC "Christian" literature. This is not hearsay; the American Jewish Committee told about it in detail in its thick "American Jewish Committee Budget, 1953". And in its publication called the Committee Reporter, in the summer of 1956, the American Jewish Committee outlined to its agents the methods its propaganda and strategy board had developed for destroying Christmas observances in American schools. The Jewish anti-Christians recommended to their agents "a quiet reconnaissance...before any forays are launched" against Christmas observances in any school system, "And it should never be a one-man foray. Once the reconnaissance has been made, the necessary information obtained, the time is right for intensive discussions among representative local Jewish leaders and rabbis..." [H: Anyone care to deny that the latter is taking place?]

If the American Jewish Committee and associates can wipe out any knowledge of Christianity they will find it easier to impose the Torah on our grandchildren.


* * *

It has been long this day but I hope that you are beginning to see the happenings meshing with the writings. As you come upon another "Christmas Holiday Season" keep open your eyes and ears and just watch and listen. The entire Season is one of commercial interests under the pressures of a depression. You will be drawn farther away from your emotional balancing resources and more and more into the Jewish traditional celebration. Just watch and experience and you will have your own conclusions.

There is one thing which I believe you should think about: God is allowing--HE is not stupid. When you lay your sensitivities and "Well, my God is gentle and kind and never raises his voice--even in irritation," then I know that you are but a baby and ready for the trip to the slaughter house for lambs. God simply does not utilize ways of the flesh to gain HIS ends for He has no interest of growth in the human physical flesh--HIS is the Kingdom of infinity. These human idols and the idol's instructions are not of God of Creation--they are the tools of enslavement of a human species. You will learn the difference or there is little hope for your individual passage at this time of cycle change. Of course it is hard to face Truth after eons of lies but you find that the "earth is not flat" and that the "solar system does not revolve around your planet" and, and.... You have even found that leeches only bleed a person to death and that AIDS can be spread through kissing--what is the matter with you sleepy-heads? You should by now even guess that the Federal Reserve is NOT "governmental" at all and that the IRS is a collection agency for the private banksters. Is perishment worthy of thine ignorance? So be it.


Hatonn to stand aside. Thank you.



WED., SEP. 23, 1992 1:46 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 38



Most of you will read the preceding heading and know of that to which it refers. I take exception to the term in general use other than as it confirms what I give to you regarding the "taking of words" and changing meanings to suit the need. The Zionists Ultimate World Order groups proclaim any and all who question the numbers, facts and possible distortions of truth in the World War II prison camps are labeled "revisionist". This cannot be correct because "Revision" means: to consider or look over something written to correct or improve. Revisionist therefore means one who does these things. Certainly it can only indicate that a "thing" as written is simply being looked into as to factual or incorrect information as possibility. Certainly "facts" should present truth in any such investigation so in any instance where researchers are looking into that which is presented as historical truth they are simply doing that which should be done for correct outlay of history.

Next, let us again identify "holocaust": Thorough destruction especially by fire. Now, from this definition, how did the actions in, especially Soviet-run prison camps labeled "Hitler's death camps" become "THE HOLOCAUST"?

Let us "reason" together. Firstly, the prison camps were not death camps--through fire. Nor did the intenders even come close to "thorough destruction" of anything--if indeed that was the intent. So you have ones writing history to suit a need or CAUSE. THAT is what I would loosely refer to as "revision". That would be a fabrication of truth to suit needs and would by its obvious intent represent revision of facts. Therefore, ones now looking into factual history and documentation of what did occur, CANNOT be revisionists but returners of truth into the equation after the "revisionists" rewrote the history to suit their desires and needs.

THE HOLOCAUST was neither "THE" only one ever known to man even if it were correct in presentation but only dead bodies were burned--and they were not even burned in open fires. So you have a full facade of misstated information. Simply by this account you have neither "THE HOLOCAUST" as stated to have occurred nor do you now have "REVISIONISTS" efforting to find the original truth.


Along with this surge of constraint on historical research comes the abuse of such ones as John Demjanjuk who was accused of being "Ivan the Terrible" from a "death camp". This man was denied his U.S. citizenship rights, shipped off to Israel and is innocent of all wrong doing, the victim of total lack of Constitutional protection from his own nation, the United States of America, sentenced to death by false and "no" documentation (now being accepted as incorrectly accused--by information presented by ones in the U.S. who have risked their own necks to keep defending this innocent man) in a Tel Aviv, Israel court of injustice.

Then comes the thrust for "laws" pushed through by "voice vote" to label "questioning" of events as "hate crimes", a felony offense subject to imprisonment or even death if violence ensues from issues--with only "circumstantial" or false testimony as the only convicting elements.


If you believe these are simply little "Jews" at work, then you had best open your eyes--for there are damned few "Jews" among them who would pull down your nation. Those "little Jews" are planned to be the first exterminated by the Zionist Elite.

I believe an example is better than a thousand words so please just look at the following and see if you can see WHY historical events need such remarkable effort into the finding of Truth. If there is NOTHING TO HIDE then the only thing found will be that the ORTHODOX VERSION AS THE JEWS PRESENT IT--IS TRUE AS IT STANDS, and perhaps even WORSE. To cover research under threat of "laws levied against such research" is obvious in intent to HIDE THE TRUTH for THEY know that the story will NOT STAND as thrust upon the world.

Some ones now feel enough pressure, as in the Southeast Asian POW situation, to call a gathering to look into the matter. I use an article chosen, actually, at random (for there are so many) from SPOTLIGHT, Sept. 21, 1992 as example of both misuse of terms and which represents an announcement of such a meeting--to which all of you should attend.


Revisionists Set 11th Conference. The following is a press release issued by the Institute for Historical Review, detailing the upcoming Eleventh Revisionist Conference. [H: By the way, a prior conference was interrupted by a bomb set by the ADL and so, too, was the building belonging to the Institute for Historical Review set to "holocaust". In other words, "thoroughly destroyed by fire", claimed to have been done by the B'nai B'rith ADL. What would happen if it had been the Ku Klux Klan? The White Supremists? The Black Panthers? But, because it was done by a "Jewish" league it was "justified" as defense against hate-crimes being thrust against them for men were questioning the truth as presented by that group and the lies and liars protected by cover of LAW.]

A stellar line-up of historians and activists from near and far promises to make the Institute for Historical Review's (IHR) forthcoming Eleventh Revisionist Conference one of the most memorable revisionist conferences ever.

On the weekend of October 10-12 in Southern California, IHR friends and supporters will see, hear, and meet with the most prominent figures in the international revisionist movement, which disputes the generally accepted "holocaust" extermination story and focuses attention on other suppressed aspects of 20th century history.


Founded in 1978, the IHR is a serious, non-partisan, educational enterprise that continues the tradition of revisionism pioneered by distinguished historians such as Harry Elmer Barnes, A.J.P. Taylor, Charles Tansill and William H. Chamberlain. The purpose of the IHR is, in the words of Barnes, to "bring history into accord with facts".

The IHR promotes the cause of international peace by encouraging greater understanding of the root causes of war. It firmly supports the First Amendment right to free inquiry and free speech.


Dr. Robert Faurisson, who has survived murderous physical attacks as well as legal and economic assault, will report on the latest developments in revisionist scholarship.

Prof. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, whose path-breaking book HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY remains the standard revisionist text, will explain how the evidence looks today, 17 years after he finished the book.

David Irving, the intrepid, world-renowned British historian, will give conference-goers an inside look into his work on the memoir of Adolf Eichmann.

Fred Leuchter, the American gas chamber expert and execution engineer whose forensic tests at the camps at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek shattered the holocaust story, will return to tell the inside story of the international holocaust lobby's campaign of economic, professional and legal harassment to punish and silence him.

Jerome Brentar has done more to unearth evidence and eyewitnesses to clear Ukrainian-American John Demjanjuk than anyone else outside of Demjanjuk's own family. Now that the case against Demjanjuk is falling apart, Brentar will update attendees on the behind-the-scenes fight to clear Demjanjuk and his prospects for injustice in Israel and a safe return to America.


Historian Mark Weber, editor of the Journal of Historical Review, will once again serve as master of ceremonies, keynoting the event with a look back at the recent accomplishments of the IHR and revisionism, and a look ahead at the bright prospects for the future.

Dr. James J. Martin, historian, author and educator, will dedicate this conference to the memory of George Morgenstern, the longtime Chicago Tribune editor whose Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War remains an unsurpassed study of Franklin Roosevelt's treacherous role in the December 7, 1941 "day of infamy" and America's entry into World War II.

IHR editor Ted O'Keefe will speak on the second Mel Mermelstein trial, focusing on the vital evidence that knocked the props from under Mermelstein's $11 million suit for libel, malicious prosecution, conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress against the institute. [H: Not to be outdone, think about the fact that there is over $215 million set aside by the University of Science and Philosophy with a member of the Board of "300" on their Board, to bury the PLEIADES CONNECTION series and the outlay of Light and God. Everything about the "case" is being handled by Zionist lawyers and judges. Where there is this much "fire" chelas, there must be a holocaust brewing--against the WORD of Truth so that it never reaches you-the-sheeple.]

IHR Media Project Director Bradley Smith, who is also head of the independent Committee on Open Debate on the Holocaust, will speak about his headline-making Campus Project, which has published full-page ads challenging aspects of the holocaust story. He will describe the controversy that erupted at the universities where the ad appeared.

This conference's mystery speaker has been for many years a tireless crusader for justice and historical truth. On the basis of his own intimate relationship to the case, he will tell the captivating story of one of the great enigmas of World War II.


* * *

[H: No, I am NOT that "mystery guest". I bring truth to awaken you to your need for correct information--I do not have political interests except as to bring God's people home and that requires that you of the people get the truth in information. I am accused of denouncing the holocaust (by UFOs Don Ecker, as example) and claiming that it did not happen. No, this is typical black information and disinformation in full blown force with intent to destroy. I have repeatedly said that there were great horrors done unto ones in that war and in those camps. No worse, however, than was done in the camps AFTER the war unto civilians at the hands of your own military machine. Moreover, I have objected to the lies because they, in themselves, lessen the respect and reverence unto the ones who WERE victims in death and torture in those terrible places. If it be ONE, it be too many! Six billion is no more than the ONE in intent for the ONE it is 100%. Can you see? Moreover, one child or kitten down a well-core is more heart-rending than 6 million down a well-core for the mind cannot comprehend the numbers and the heart is hardened by the assault (which is the exact intent against you). There simply were not 6 million Jews available to have been slain and, after all, there are more "Jews" receiving money annually from Germany in retribution than were listed as being in the camps--now, people, that means someone has made errors--intentionally or unintentionally. As a matter of fact, this past year the number of 6 million was increased by 500,000 (half a million). Since you don't hear much about the "new" counting number then it must have been "better thought of not to overload the mentality of those about to wake up and smell the stench of the dead fish broiling in the sun.

Indeed this has EVERYTHING to do with the subject in point and that to which we will again now turn.

Continuation of THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as Pictured in "The Jewish Utopia"



While the Utopia cherished by the Talmudic Jews is to be to a considerable degree Socialist in economy, some private ownership will be allowed for the author makes reference to it. He says property cannot be bequeathed to heirs. The confiscation of property from the heirs is socialistic.

Though the Jewish revolutionary leaders proclaim to their people that Socialism (as also their concept of democracy--the kind found in Soviet Russia) is a Jewish invention. *

* Jewish encyclopedias and other authoritative writings present Socialism in a friendly light, or make outright claims to the Jewish authorship of the movement. For example, the small book JEW AND NON-JEW, which rabbis handed to the Jewish soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces during the second world war (published jointly by the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Central Conference of American Rabbis) states:

"It cannot be without its meaning that the Jew has played a leading role in the great modern industrial movements which have an ethical basis. Socialism was originated by Jews; and today Jews play a leading role in its spread and interpretation. And under the leadership of a Jew, trade-unionism has been brought to its highest point of efficiency and been given an increasingly ethical bearing. The Jew has thrown himself into the vortex of modern life with a most commendable zeal... " (End footnote)

..…and though every sizeable Socialist organization and movement today is of Jewish origin and/or under Jewish management, evidently Socialism, like its twin Communism, is largely to be a temporary vehicle, a vehicle for destruction of the races and nations and conquest of private property. For in the Utopia after the Jewish machine gets the power, its leaders will scorn the doctrine of equality which they now so diligently spread among us.

"There will be seven groups of righteous, classified according to seven grades of light, namely, the light of the sun, moon, heaven, stars, lightnings, lilies and of the candlestick in the Sanctuary. "

Here again we see the Jewish revolutionaries playing a double game with us, secretly planning for an ultimate seven-strata aristocracy while spreading Socialism among us evidently to induce us to let the government take all our property away and own us outright--because if Jews are the missionaries of any new movement, such as Socialism, naturally they may expect to dominate it, if it takes over the government. They then will use the Socialist government as their vehicle for conquest of men and materials.

Similarly, in preaching brotherhood and equality among us, their purpose must be that of making us forsake the pride which preserved our ancestors for ages, so that we will accept and soon breed downward among the indolent dark races and the lazy, unambitious, stupid elements of our own race. Why not, since all of us are "equal"?

This indoctrination is pure Communism. It is spread by both the Communists and the Zionists. It is offered as a Christian doctrine! The difference is that the Communists believe it; while the Zionists show that they are spreading it only for non-Jewish consumption. They quicken the "race" pride of their own people to a fanatical degree by their own propaganda attacking all opponents as anti-Semites! And by this clever double-faced propaganda device, they keep most of the Jews scared and herded into their camp for "protection"--protection which would not at all be needed in a world of tolerant unsuspecting gentiles, but for the fact that the Jewish revolution becomes so violent its leaders finally become identified, thus frightening and angering the alert gentiles and causing "anti-Semitism".

Western people can hardly conceive of such racial and cultist fanaticism. If a group of Germans or Spanish or Anglo-Saxons or Swedes said such egotistical things about their own kind or hinted that God was going to make their people the ideal or holy people of the earth, the Jewish propagandists would flood America with movies from Hollywood, broadcasts by radio and television and newspaper stories about the racial bigots, inciting us to make war on them as "fascists".

We have already seen glimpses of "the ideal Israel", in all its holiness: its bayoneting of helpless Arab women and children and the constant threat of aggression over neighbors in the Near East.

The ideal and holy nature of Jewish power mongers likewise has been demonstrated in revolution after revolution among our ancestors for over 2,000 years. The Jewish-inspired, socialistic, international revolutions, such as the French Revolution, and in our time, the Communist, or Bolshevik, revolutions have reddened much soil with the blood of Christians (gentiles).*

* Jewish literature is replete with reports showing how their leaders inspired revolutions which undermined the stability and character of Western nations and racial elements, from Rome down to the current climactic world revolution. The Jewish author Marcus Eli Ravage, in two articles in the January and February, 1928, issues of the Century magazine, summarized the Jewish revolutionary role in non-Jewish countries:

"You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We ARE intruders. We ARE disturbers. We ARE subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it."

Ravage relates how his ancestors, hating the Roman government and soldiers, which had burned Jerusalem in an effort to stop Jewish subversive activities, infiltrated the early Christian movement emphasizing the doctrine which said "turn the other cheek" to an enemy, and the hate-the-rich doctrine (that a rich man could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven) to soften the Roman armies and undermine the great Roman civilization. RAVAGE DOES NOT SAY THE JEWISH REVOLUTIONARIES "INFILTRATED" CHRISTIANITY: IT IS HIS THESIS THAT THEY DELIBERATELY INVENTED IT AND SPREAD IT AMONG THE GENTILES TO MAKE THEM SOFTEN AND HUMBLE AND DEBASE THEMSELVES AND THUS, IN EFFECT, COMMIT NATIONAL (AND RACIAL) SUICIDE.



We have already stated that all the wealth of the world is to be at the disposal of the rulers of Israel.

"The great majority of the people will be farmers engaged in agriculture, and will obtain, without difficulty, their livelihood from the products of the land. " (p. 55)

Think what such a development would mean for America: Today over three-fourths of the people of our country live in towns and cities. Evidently all or most of the metropolitan areas are to be wiped out. And if "the majority of the people" are to be farmers, then the world's population must be drastically reduced, and it will have to be kept down, in order to provide farms for "the great majority". (The French Revolution, which had Jewish fingerprints all over it, was going to reduce the population and send the remnants back to primitive life.)

"Every one will acquire different kinds of land so that the product of the fields will satisfy the various needs of the individual...in the new social order, every member of the ideal community of the righteous, will receive without great effort whatever necessary sustenance he may desire. "

"... in the ideal era no one will lead a luxurious and spendthrift life because of inherited fortunes. One will enjoy and use only those things which he himself has earned through his own labor and efforts... No time will be spent by a part of the population in supplying useless luxuries. The laws and regulations of the new Universal State will, therefore, be few in number and seldom violated... There will always be steady employment, since production and distribution will be scientifically and universally regulated... Production will be organized internationally and not nationally. Raw materials likewise will be controlled by a central authority so that the present waste will disappear. "


Control by a central authority is the essence of this plan!

"Gold will be of secondary importance in the new social and economic order... The city of Jerusalem will possess most of the gold and precious stones of the world... The depreciation of the importance of gold and its like, does not necessarily imply the introduction of the system of common ownership of property. The secondary importance given to gold in the new social order will be due to two main reasons. First, the equal distribution of private property and other necessities of life will automatically depreciate the importance of gold and other luxuries... The second reason is that the people will be trained and educated to differentiate between real, spiritual values and material values."

Who is to divide up the property? Who is to train and educate the people to a specific purpose and ideal? Obviously that authority will be all-powerful, ruling every life. In Western countries, the ideal always obtained that the parent was responsible for the education of his children; it was the parent's right and responsibility to say whether or not his children should be educated and in what way, and in what the education should consist.

The influence of Jewish Socialism, which swept Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries, threw the control of education into the hands of the state, largely replacing parentally controlled private education with state controlled public education. The same Jewish Socialism took root in America and has now all but completed the transfer of authority and responsibility for education from the parent to the state. This transfer is throwing power into the hands of the Jewish machine, since the Jewish inspired "liberal" movement dominates it. And this "liberal" dominated public education system is wiping out any knowledge of our traditions, the struggles of our fathers and their fathers to regain freedom of the individual, sweeping away our anchorage, leaving our children prime for indoctrination with Jewish "liberalism" and racial integration.

The author makes clear that it is the Jewish power seated in Jerusalem, headed by a descendant of the house of David ("the Holy One") [H: Does it not begin to appear that this House of David could well be the House of David--Rockefeller? Note, please, that all the great "buddies" of the New World Order are slaves to that David Rockefeller empire, from Kissinger through the ranks.], an absolute dictator, which is to divide up the property, ceding it only to favorites.

"For to the righteous and upright will belong all the wealth, treasure, industrial gains, and all the other resources of the world; to the unrighteous will belong nothing."

While property is not to be passed on from father to son, still there will be some private property--as stated heretofore--and since various kinds of land are to be included, so as to produce a variety of farm products, and since only "the righteous" are to hold property, we may hazard a guess that this points toward something like Jewish owned feudal estates. The Jewish machine made "war" on the feudal estates of Europe and later on the landed aristocracy, precipitating the bloody French Revolution and subsequent Communist-type class revolutions, which destroyed the last vestiges of the landed estates and many of the people who had built them. The landed estates had been founded by the finest of the Teutonic and Celtic tribesmen, the leaders of the red headed Celts, Goths and Norse Vikings, the Fair Angles and Saxons...giant men, described by historians as men of great stature, personal dignity, dogged honesty and general leadership. It was this mighty racial leadership, the foundation of this age of civilization, which had to be wiped out if the nationalistic Jews were to march on.

The propagandists of Jewish revolutions ever have disguised their real aims; they shape their revolutions along class and religious lines, but the result is race warfare, since it is by and large the remnants of the old northern blood and character, even though mixed with other white elements, which constitute the "upper class". The men of ability and ambition naturally become the upper class, and in Europe and the Americas, these men were for the most part of Anglo-Saxon and closely related stock. And as for the war on religion, both the Communists and the Zionists hate Christianity, attack it from without and infiltrate and change it from within--and in killing millions of Christian leaders the Communists destroy the gentile leadership.

[H: Something may slip by you in reading this material which I must cause you to stop and consider: This continually refers to "Christianity" but the facts are that Christianity is only a PART of the annihilation plan. ALL who believe in Creator-God as Lighted Creator are on the list. This is why on this very day there is such hatred and intent to annihilate the Muslims and thus and so. The intent is to also destroy the native populations of all nations because they believe in the Great Spirit Creator and sovereignty of Mother as in Nature. These are all things which the adversary cannot abide and will not abide. Do not sit smugly if you are in "another" indoctrined group (even Jewish) believing in the goodness of God and Man as units of being--because you are first on the list. The white Christians are the largest group to offensively be taken-out in this plan 2000--the rest of you are already intended to be depleted.


The war is against US, but the Jewish strategists, apparently considering themselves to be a racial unit, have always been too smart to use the word race (except in writing strictly for their own kind; Mr. Higger, for instance, speaks of his people as a race). Their appeal, analyzed, is exactly a racial appeal, but outnumbered a hundred to one by people of other races, they would be foolish to launch out openly on a race war. Rather they must condemn as bigotry any thought of race while, paradoxically, quickening the "race" or tribal pride of their own people by constant talk of race bigotry and "anti-Semitism" among people who oppose their program.

Notice how this cunning propaganda works: it makes the gentiles (the Whites) ashamed to stand up for the survival of their race, fearing to be called a scare name. But it makes the Jews feel that they are being attacked racially, and thus it quickens their "race" pride.


* * *

I ask that you carefully ponder these points for you as a mass of mankind are about to march into doom at the drummer's beat into oblivion.

So, what are we here for? To tell you about it and point out that IT DOES NOT HAVE TO END THIS WAY! YOU CAN CHANGE THIS IF YOU WANT TO. I am here to gather God's children if that be the end result of your deciding--instead of giving up and moving into the plan of your own destruction. We will take up our brothers into the safety of the God realms--indeed, in form. I am continually barraged with "what can I do", "what can we do?", and "how in the world can I make people see?" Chelas, I don't have any magic wand--myself and my people are under constant attack on lives, not just denial by sleeping people. Families are torn asunder as denial becomes hard and fast and refusal to see is taken as a "Berlin Wall" of separation. We are called lunatics, subversives, cultists, anti-Semites and literally have property damaged and bodies shot at. I don't KNOW how you get people to listen and act so I rather "cop out" by saying that mine is to bring this information, my crew is to print the information and prepare for a remnant in survival, act always low-profile and stay out of controversy to the best of ability for our work must be completed and it is not of public warfare of any kind. I weary of ones saying, "But you have to do something for us!" and "God wouldn't do this or that". You do not KNOW what God will or won't do--HE WILL DO ANYTHING HE WANTS TO DO FOR HE IS WITHOUT LIMIT--I, AND YOU, ARE BOUND BY LIMITS. I hear all the petitions and my heart reaches out unto you--I can even give you peace if your intent is pure and works are honorable--I CANNOT DO IT FOR YOU! I AND MINE COME FORTH AS MESSENGERS (HOSTS)--NOT CAVALRY OR RIFLEMAN, SUPERMAN OR BATMAN--MESSENGER. I, AS HOST, CAN ALSO RECEIVE YOU WHEN THE TIME IS APPROPRIATE--UNTIL THEN, WE ARE IN PEACE AND OFFER THAT WHICH WE CAN--SPIRITUAL TRUTH, GUIDANCE AND A LAMP TO LIGHT YOUR PATH. JUST AS ALL GREAT MASTER TEACHERS COME BEFORE--WE ARE WAYSHOWERS TO A DARK PLANET AND A CIVILIZATION OF MAN (BROTHERS) IN TROUBLE. WE HAVE NO "MAGIC" POTIONS TO OFFER AND NO "ZAP YOUR INDIVIDUAL ENEMY FOR YOU". WE SHALL WALK IN THE LIGHT OF HOLY GOD CREATOR AND WITHIN HIS LAWS--OR, "WE" SHALL NOT WALK ANYWHERE! SO BE IT.

Thank you for your attention.

Dharma, stay please for I would like to speak a moment on the subject of U.N. troops ordered into your country.

Good evening, Hatonn to clear.


It is far more serious than presented to you ones. Indeed there is massing of U.N. troops by the thousands, in Michigan as stated, and in other places as well. Remember the Japanese in "blue hats" into California several months ago? They are ALL STILL AT READY, chelas. I remind you that great and horrendous things are going to come down on your nation and your people.

Indeed, there are thousands (by the hundreds of -) requested to move into your nation to subdue the uprisings which are destined to come. They were ordered up at the time of the "Weaver" incident in Idaho because there is no intent of the patriots remaining in what is left of your military to SIT STILL for the takeover of your nation. YOU LITERALLY STAND ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE EVE OF REVOLUTION AND YOU SEEM TO SEE IT NOT EXCEPT AS THE DRUNKEN CHILD WITHOUT ABILITY TO FUNCTION.

As Commander of a mighty fleet at ready, I seem to have no ability to cause you to see or hear. I see you as another Sarajevo or Sodom as the bombs burst upon your cities and all the while the cry will go out, oh God, how could you do this to us? You have denied God and his Messengers sent to give you insight--what do you want of us now? Do you wish to come aboard the sleek ships which you just an hour ago denied as reality? If you are of God Creator in Truth--you are fine wherever you are--if you are NOT then you are not safe ANYWHERE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? You are IN the trap whether or not you want to believe it. The only thing in question at this moment is, "What will you do about it?"

The "leak" of information is somewhat of a "trial balloon" even to the extent of seeing what I will say and do about it. I have no intention of doing anything or even saying much more than I already have, about it. I have told you there is massing of military equipment of foreign origin all about your nation--WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? I have given you drawings of facilities and spots wherein the troops are actually stationed and given you pulse by pulse blasts against your natural faults and against your large man-made structures such as dams. I can't do more and I can't tell you more--the ENEMY IS AMONG YOU! If this is "doom and gloom" to your eyes and ears, I am sorry, for it IS the way it IS.

The thing you might well remember also, is that the "adversary" is an enemy of the factions which wield the most lethal power on your globe. As the "adversary" in the form of this wondrous Mossad U.N. Bankster's Ultimate World Order moves into action--I seriously DOUBT if the enemy in the Cosmospheres are going to sit still while you take his part of the world and HE IS GOING TO GO AND BE WHERE THE ENEMY NOW RESIDES IN GREATEST POWER--THE GOOD OLD U.S. OF A.

Yes, Dharma, I think it is most appropriate to put this on the phone line--if you make it till tomorrow in functioning condition. The days grow short "as you reach September" and so does your Cosmic "clock".




THU., SEP. 24, 1992 9:04 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 39


Please reduce the following to some sort of short synopsis that can be added to the last of the writing yesterday, regarding UN troops, etc., for the phone information. I do not wish to take time to do that each morning but I will effort to give ample "new" subject material to change the phone message at least three times weekly, or more often as things happen. Or, if you can glean enough from the daily output to change it daily then the staff should do so. I do believe that some of the information is important enough to leave it on longer than one brief day. Thank you.


I don't want to go into the subject in depth. I just want you to note what is going on with hearings regarding POWs, Kissinger involvements and other obvious things and, then, note that Kissinger's henchmen, Eagleburger and Scowcroft, along with William Clark are running your government and "doing" all the foreign affairs and decisions. Bush is only allowed to act on such stupid things as "family leave" and other things which distract from facts of what is going on.

Meanwhile--WHERE IS BAKER? HE IS SUPPOSED TO NOW BE RUNNING THE BUSH CAMPAIGN, RIGHT? Well, for one thing he is having MEETINGS UPON MEETINGS WITH ROSS PEROT!! I guess I'll just let you chew on that one and move on to some very important "connections" you will have missed.


Please note that the continuing bombardment on the San Andreas Fault line as it moves off-shore in California is causing swarms of quakes in the area which are going unreported. This is a crucial point of "friction" between the Pacific and North American plates. It won't be for much longer, however.

Next, I ask that the article from News Straits Times, Sept. 22, 1992, be printed. It would seem to have little to do with anything presently going on in current importance. The incident in point occurred in Malaysia and, unless you served in Vietnam, Korea or, or, you probably don't even know where it IS. The focus is around and about Kuala Lumpur and obviously will be lost to most of the population. Kuala Lumpur is to the south of the Malay Peninsula and now the important landmark: North of Singapore on the Western coast of that land-mass. What do YOU think would happen to SINGAPORE if a massive split and dumping came across that Peninsula? It would take out one of the last remaining massively important money networks in the WORLD. Any "natural" appearing happenstance would HAVE to come across that area (of Kuala Lumpur) or a bit north because that would be the vortex area of the volcano which formed the peninsula in the first place.


Do any of you readers, not in financial circles, recognize the importance of Great Britain pulling the "pound" from the markets--even briefly? Sharri, precious, can you now see why I wanted you out of the intrigue of this money confusion? It would seem that, whatever happens, things would simply be transferred across the board into new currency--but alas that is not so. All of the money hoopla is going along with Global currency change, the European Community, the U.S. elections and monetary collapse planned for October (as presented). The attack on Singapore is a direct attempt to get the major point of transactions outside of Hong Kong shut down. It is fully intended that all be in chaos before even "thinking" about turning over Hong Kong to China. China knows this and has no intention of sitting still--even if Eagleburger and Clark spend the rest of their natural lives in China.

Every effort was made to bring Taiwan into the fold by lumping it, tradewise, in with Korea (NORTH Korea). This would seem totally remote from Singapore but it is politically not distant at all. Singapore (open banking) is attached to Thailand which is then adjacent to Laos and Vietnam. Now go back and remember something we have already discussed: The docks, etc., from the Philippine U.S. bases are now established in Vietnam. Why would this be do you suppose? Why also does all this come at the same time as the investigations into POWs in your Congress? Oh, indeed it IS all connected. The only problem you should have, if you have been reading and studying your homework is WHO is causing the bombardment on places such as the Malay Peninsula.

The Bolshevik Khazarians which were driven out of Russia moved to the U.S., mostly, as well as continuing to control Banking and business through steel trap enterprise and usury. The tentacles have reached out through ones such as Kissinger Associates and the Ruling Global Banksters into parts of the Asian world where they are NOT LIKED VERY MUCH. However, there is now a stronghold of Bankster operations, with massive interrelated interests with Israel going on all over the Asian World. They are hated with a passion you cannot believe in those areas. You as a world, global-wise, are on the brink of entering into a massive Third World War which will likely be Nuclear War One--and possibly, "Last".

Now, if you go further back and read the writings about the Falkland Islands invasion and things happening about that time in history, you will find that there was a massive encounter going on between Rockefeller interests and these Bolshevik Zionist interests. It matters little except that the Zionists always seem to win these encounters under the guise of "something else". In this instance, the Rockefeller brothers were simply taken out and replaced over a period of time--including Nelson.

You will now HEAR, FROM HIS OWN MOUTH, that Henry Kissinger "was a Nelson Rockefeller man" and was actually campaigning AGAINST Nixon and Reagan, etc. This doesn't mean that he particularly disliked the Republicans but, rather, that it was intended that Nelson get IN. Actually, it wasn't even planned that he get IN--only appear to "get in". IF you have produced ALL the players in the game--on both sides--you can hardly lose, can you? Well, now you have Ross Perot who is an avid friend of Rockefeller and thus a friend of Bush. But--the Bilderbergers (Kissinger, et al.) have "groomed" Clinton for the "job".

What I am saying to you is that you must go back and study your lessons as I have given them to you and then you can sort this out nicely. IT IS ALL A PART OF THE ULTIMATE PLAN 2000 FOR GLOBAL WORLD ORDER UNDER THE KHAZARIAN ZIONISTS--according to the plan expressed in The Jewish Utopia. ALL information is a fabrication to deceive you the masses of people, including those who call themselves "Jews" because they "think" that is what they are--yet, ARE NOT.

The acting head of the Zionist movement in your immediate administration representing the Mormon element of the Zionists--is Brent Scowcroft. You will find that Scowcroft (a Kissinger Associate) was also completely entangled in the POW disaster in Southeast Asia. Eagleberger is also a high ranking member of Kissinger Associates and rubber-ducky, William Clark, now "Assistant Secretary of State" is in China making deals that will do you in as a nation. It is not you-the-people that anyone of these so-called "adversaries of the Khazarian Zionist Banksters" is against--it is your infiltrated elements which have come to dictate your government and already have full control of you.

So, what happened in Malaysia? We will write it and then we will write about Eagleburger and Scowcroft and others, who set up a bank called "LBS" in New York for the purpose of funnelling weapons money, etc., to Serbia (where Kissinger Associates act as advisers to the war strategies). Ah, the tangled webs are tightly knit but when they begin to unfold it will be much as a "lockstitch" zipping apart if the proper thread is pulled.



Deafening blast heard in city, Seremban: By K. Vijiyan and Sufi Yusoff. KUALA LUMPUR, Mon. 22, Sept. 1992:

Police and fire officials are stumped over a deafening blast heard across the city as far as Seremban and Klang.

The blast, akin to a sonic boom caused by supersonic aircraft breaking the sound barrier, left housewives, office workers and shopkeepers in jitters and wondering about its source.

Some offices and homes also reported that their windows panes were smashed and cracks had appeared on their walls. In some areas like Taman Tun Dr Ismail, electricity supply was cut off.

Housewives left their homes, shopkeepers abandoned their premises and office workers scurried for safety, believing the blast was an earthquake.

This was pooh-poohed by the Meteorological Services Department (MSD).

A spokesman for the department, when contacted in Petaling Jaya, however, admitted that the blast was loud enough for it to record a seismographical reading registering a 56mm ground movement.

However, he said the department was unable to trace the source of the ground movement.

He added that such a reading suggested a violent explosion which was definitely NOT caused by thunder or an earthquake.

The explosion occurred at 1:56 pm and lasted several seconds.

Fire and police stations and newspaper offices in the Kiang Valley were flooded with calls from curious and frightened people.

Some said it was experimental blasting work by the Defence Ministry or even explosions of its ammunitions depot in Batu Arang, others pointed to Port Kiang where there were several chemical plants and oil storage depots which could be on fire and few thought it could be a huge bomb blast.

Checks with police and fire stations and hospitals in the Klang Valley failed to reveal what had happened.

Police and fire officials reported no major disaster while hospitals also did not have patients with injuries from such incidents.

Selangor Criminal Investigations Department Director Assistant Commissioner Mohamed Ismail Yaman said police were unable to source the blast but were continuing their probe.

Checks with the Department of Civil Aviation showed there were no plane crashes nor any report of a sonic boom from aircraft.

A defence Ministry official said there was a tattoo rehearsal at Stadium Merdeka but no cannon was fired during lunchtime.

The ministry said no explosion had been reported at any of its army installations.

Quarries contacted said they usually carried out blasting with police help around noon. They, too, could not locate the source of the blast.

A company dealing in explosives in Petaling Jaya said 95 percent of the quarries in the Klang Valley were using "emulite", an emulsion explosive, for blasting operations.

"They only purchase 10 to 20 kg daily and only five to 10 kg is used for each blast.

"It would take many tonnes of the explosive to produce the effect felt today and this is not possible as the authorities are strict about how much is used by each quarry."

The official said he had also not heard of any mishap at any of the quarries today.


You cannot know what goes on in the secret places. You don't even know when massive rockets are blasted off in your own nation or for what "real" reason they are launched. You HAVE global involvement in a well orchestrated "PLAN" for world domination working right on schedule. It is time to get straight with God Creator because the "adversary" is a long way out front of you and the intent is to suck you in before you get that relationship with Creator sorted and your protection in place.

Now, let us move right on to the subject of the scam scandal on its way regarding Scowcroft, Eagleburger and other top administration figures and the LBS Bank in New York City.

For the writeup which I will use, I recognize Spotlight and do believe it is the first in breaking the news of this to the public. I don't wish to spend time sorting of it so please accept this as valid information.



Top aides to President George Bush have been implicated in sordid money-laundering scandal. Exclusive by Warren Hough.

Acting Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger as well as White House National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft face full-dress congressional hearings and possible criminal indictments after the election, congressional sources have reported. [H: Realize, please, that this is election politics but where there is this much smoke and other similar incidents exist, it is valid. However, due to "timing" of "leaks" you can know it is being done "now" for obvious political reasons.] A bank they set up and promoted in New York City has been involved in laundering nearly $2 billion in stolen funds.

On the trail of covert cash transfers involving vast sums, Swiss authorities have uncovered links leading from major financial institutions in Switzerland and Bulgaria to LBS Bank in New York City, an international money center where Eagle-burger served as chairman of the board in 1980-81.

LBS Bank was born of an intimate relationship between Eagleburger and Scowcroft--who were serving, respectively, as president and vice chairman of Kissinger Associates at the time--and Serbia's Communist leaders, congressional investigators say.

"In simple terms, the Serbians were looking to buy influence in the United States; Eagleburger and Scowcroft were selling it," explained a veteran House prober, who has given trustworthy information for nearly a decade, asking only not to be quoted by name. [H: Note that it is not an "accident" that one, Panich, goes to "run" Yugoslavia just when he was needed by these turkeys. That very man is a wealthy attachment to the San Luis Obispo Connection and the connection might as well be DIRECTLY placed.]


"Both men had built high-flying careers in the Washington national security bureaucracy as proteges of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. When Kissinger decided to cash in on his worldwide contacts, he set up Kissinger Associates, a high-priced consulting firm in New York City. Eagleburger and Scowcroft joined his firm shortly."

Moreover, the two bureaucrats had long-standing contacts among the Serbian leadership. "For the relationship that developed, built on payoffs, a bank is the ideal instrument," related the congressional prober.

LBS Bank was set up in New York City as the wholly owned subsidiary of Ljubyanka Banka, Serbia's second-largest money center. Eagleburger took over as chairman of the board. Scowcroft served as adviser on behalf of Kissinger Associates, where LBS Bank joined a list of blue-chip corporate clients.

LBS Bank, backed by the Kissinger consortium, soon developed profitable European contacts. Among them was the Trans K.B. Corporation, a cash-rich Swiss investment fund. Headed by two rising Swiss lawyers, Hans Kopp and his wife Elizabeth, Trans K.B. was rumored to have considerable influence in Washington: Mrs. Kopp, nee Ikle, was the niece of Fred Ikle, one of the most powerful U.N. national security bureaucrats of the 1980s.

An ally of Kissinger, Ikle served as under secretary of defense for policy during both Reagan administrations, a post in which he became known as a key supporter of Israel's interests.

One of the shared interests of the United States and Israel at the time was to keep the gulf war between Iraq and Iran going, until both belligerents were exhausted. "It was an era of covert arms sales, intelligence exchanges, and other back-room deals on which the players made overnight fortunes," says Swiss journalist Ernst Boegli, a veteran investigative reporter. "Trans K.B., the financial firm of the well-connected Kopps, had all the right tie-ins to make a killing in the murky market."

It did just that, Swiss law enforcement sources now say. In 1981, the Iraqi government chose Elizabeth Ikle Kopp's firm as the confidential transfer agent for $2 billion, intended to pay for the purchase of nine high-speed gunboats from Italian shipyards.

What happened next is still under investigation, U.S. probers say. What is known is that:

* Iraq never got its warships;

* $1.84 billion of the cash intended to pay for them vanished; and

* Earlier this year, Hans Kopp was convicted of fraud and related offenses in a Swiss court for his part in the Trans K.B. affair.


At the time Kopp was found guilty, his wife Elizabeth Ikle had already lost her post as Switzerland's first female minister of police and justice in the wake of another money-laundering scandal. [H: I wrote about this incident long ago so can only ask that you review that information for I do not wish to go into it at this writing in more detail than is given herein.] "The Kopps have been linked to some of the biggest financial scandals of the 1980s," says Boegli.

"But apparently because a number of other influential players, including the U.S. Defense Department and the CIA, are also implicated in the clandestine transactions, a soundproof cover-up was lowered over the entire billion-dollar mess."

Privately, however, Swiss authorities warned the U.S. government that one of the money laundries linked to the disappearance of the Iraqi government's billions lost in the Trans K.B. affair was the LBS Bank.

This was the mysterious New York clearing house operated jointly by Eagleburger, the Serbian government and the deal-making firm of Henry Kissinger--Fred Ikle's long time ally in the Washington national security bureaucracy.

Congressional investigators are pawing the ground to get at this scandal, House staffers have told the SPOTLIGHT.

"Just look at the setup", says one veteran prober. "Under Fred Ikle, the Pentagon adopts the policy of covert support for Iraq's war machine; so does Israel. Soon afterward, Elizabeth Ikle Kopp's Swiss investment firm receives an eye-popping $2 billion cash transfer from Iraq for discreet military purchases in Europe. The money--and $2 billion is a staggering lot of dough--disappears into a dependable money laundry."

LBS Bank, U.S. law enforcement sources say, was just such a well-established transatlantic cash cleaner. In 1982, it was indicted and eventually convicted on money laundering charges in a different case. But that affair was also smothered in a high-level cover-up; Eagleburger was allowed to resign from LBS Bank's board without public censure, and soon he rejoined the Washington power elite as the new Bush administration's deputy secretary of state, the second in command of the U.S. Foreign Service.

Scowcroft followed him from Kissinger Associates into the White House, where he has reigned ever since as head of the powerful National Security Council.

The bitter price of this blatant high-level corruption was paid by the former Yugoslavia's ethnic minorities. Linked to the murderous Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic through the LBS Bank, Eagleburger was in no position to rally U.S. influence against the mounting genocide launched in Croatia and Bosnia by the militias of Milosevic.

"What began as a typical Kissinger and Associates scam for a few million dollars ended up as a bloodbath of innocent Moslems and other minorities," concluded Boegli.




THU., SEP. 24, 1992 11:41 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 39


In the interest of current, to the minute, updates on urgent and important happenings of immediate alert, I shall write on that which is going on this day. I ask that the information given last evening as to influx of UN troops into Michigan be the lead-off for the phone message. However, it must be updated now to state that in Michigan there are now confirmed UN insignia-bearing, black uniformed troops moving door to door in selected areas (to be given at later update when information arrives), entering dwellings and businesses without knocking and confiscating firearms, communications equipment and ESPECIALLY, SURPLUS FOOD. If this seems like a nightmare in happening--it is. It was projected to you to begin in August by several sources. As long as you can get news by regular means, I shall refrain from comment.

Ones of the "Special Forces" are notified as is the Gritz organization so if you have nothing to add to the information firsthand, please do not tie up their phone lines.

There are now some 300,000 troops headed toward New Mexico with tanks and heavy armored equipment. There are gunboats in the Gulf of Mexico and this is causing inquiries from all over the map as to "just what is taking place".

Ones are now personally seeing influx of troop carriers in large numbers entering the Luke Air Force Base and area northwest of Phoenix.

Is this valid? Valid enough to pay attention for it is indeed most serious. It is "take-over" time and you have slept too long, it would seem. If these are but planted rumors, it will surface and I will only tell you what is being given through the "networks" to protect my people and keep information flowing as well as possible. May you ask God in to walk and sit with you in these days for the time is at hand and your buckler and shielding shall come from Lighted Source.


A lady called to give the following story of two days past--in Salt Lake City, Utah. George Green was on the Sam Russell radio show and this lady heard it and therefore had a number to call to share this information.

She said that she was NEVER given to pick up hitchhikers under any circumstances but on the day before yesterday she was driving on South State Street in Salt Lake when she passed a man walking on the street. She felt compelled to stop and take him in. He came into the car and as they drove along he told her he was to tell everyone to prepare with emergency gear and foods for within the next 30 days would come horrendous things. He then asked to be let out. She stopped and let him out of the car and then pulled away from the curb only to look back and note that there was NO SIGN OF THE MAN IN POINT. She was so shaken that she drove on about a block or so and, seeing a police officer, she pulled over and told him of the incident, being totally "undone". The officer simply said: "Lady, you are the eighth one today! I do not know what to make of it."

The messengers are at hand, chelas, will you not see or hear? We cry out to you and plead with you to hear and you turn your eyes away and hear not. THE TIME IS AT HAND TO HEAR FOR GOD IS CALLING OUT UNTO HIS OWN.



THU., SEP. 24, 1992 11:41 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 39


Continuation: THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as pictured in The Jewish Utopia



The hint that land will be apportioned to "the righteous" in sizable estates and the all-powerful position of the Jewish leaders in the Utopian era apparently means that the Jewish planners hope to completely supplant the masters of the old feudal estates. Thus will they at last (if they succeed) bring the revolution full circle.

We find some support for this belief, or surmise, in the economic process in the Communist countries: the property was taken away from the gentiles (only a few rich Jews owned property, especially land, in Old Russia and Poland) by the Jewish-Communist dictatorship; and by the 1930s and 1940s, certain favored Jews had been granted fabulous state franchises in the Red empire. Miss Karpovskaya, the wife of Molotov (sister of the Jewish importer, Sam "Karp" of Bridgeport, Conn.) was given the perfume and cosmetics concession, supposedly for the entire Soviet Union; the (then) Jewish Deputy Premier Lazar Kaganovice, was put in charge of all the great industrial centers (of gentile slave labor)--quite a sizeable feudal estate. The Jewish financier, Jacob Ashberg, former affiliate of the Rothschild and Warburg banking houses, operating at the Nya Banken in Sweden, handled the finances for the Reds, went to Russia a few weeks after the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917 and, ever since, has been the dictator of Soviet finance.*

* THE LONDON EVENING STAR. Sept. 6, 1948, reported a visit by Ashberg to Switzerland, "for secret meetings with Swiss government officials and banking executives". Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as "the Soviet Banker" who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917. At the time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the first unit of the Red Army. A spokesman of the Soviet Legation in Berne said, "Mr. Ashberg's visit will be private. He has property in Switzerland.".... The financial attache of the Soviet Legation described Mr. Ashberg as "the most unusual man the Kremlin has ever sent to the West. He bears no official title, is attached to no government department, is not in the Soviet Foreign Service and is not a member of the Cominform."

Note that Ashberg, banker for the Communist empire, was a private capitalist, owning property in Switzerland. Major George Racey Jordan in his book, From Major Jordan's Diaries (Harcourt, Brace & Co., Bew Tirjm 1952) revealed that Ash-berg, during the second world war, sent a secret message by an extremely secret and important messenger, to "the very big boss" of the revolution in America--Senator Herbert H. Lehman, Jewish banker (for half a century one of the ring leaders of the American Jewish Committee and also of the Anti-Defamation league of B'nai B'rith). We may well believe that Banker Ashberg was for a long time, and may still be, the "very big boss" of the Communist revolution in the USSR. He is without doubt one of the foremost policy shapers of the highly secret self-constituted committee called the Communist Security System (CSS) which runs all Communist governments and all Communist Parties. (End footnote)

The Secret police, which actually constituted the power of, or over, the government, at all times was headed by a Jew, up to the death or liquidation or disappearance of Beria. We have no knowledge of the racial identity of Beria's successor but the "Sheehan Document" (entered into the Congressional Record by Rep. Timothy P. Sheehan, August 5, 1957) indicates that there probably has been no change in power; the secret, hidden self-constituted committee called the Communist Security System (CSS) still runs the government and the Communist Party from behind the scenes and the officials seen by the public are only puppets.

We know that the power of Bolshevism, or Communism, originally was completely Jewish. The Jewish inner clique could do as they pleased with the regime. During the second world war the regime had to make compromises to keep the whole populace of White Russia and the Ukraine from going over to the invading Germans, and now anti-Communism and anti-Semitism are forcing compromises, and forcing the hidden committee to keep Jews out of conspicuous positions.

Almost immediately after the Communist conquest of Romania and Hungary, it became evident that a few Jewish Reds had divided up the spoils among themselves. Even the internationalist Time magazine (Sept. 20, 1948) carried an article describing Bucharest as a city with the air of a pawn shop and told of the complete triumph of the dictator-Jewess Ana Pauker:

"(Ana Pauler) lives in three great houses, moving almost every night because she fears assassins. One of her houses belonged to Prince Brancoveanu. One belonged to Nicolae Malaxa, big industrialist and speculator. And one belonged to red-headed Magda Lupescu, ex-King Carol's mistress and now his wife.

"Ana replaced them all. The power ... has passed into her hands. She runs Romania ... She is the leading Communist in the band of states running from the Baltic to the Adriatic Ana Pauker was born (1903) in Bucharest, where her father, Zvi Rabinsohn, was a shohet, i.e. , the man who kills animals in accordance with Jewish rules ...

Ana went to the Jewish school on Anton Pan Street... "Through seven huge Sovroms (Soviet-Romanian combines) the Russians (good grief, sic, sic) almost completely control transport, oil, timber, banking and everything else they can lay their hands on, even including Romania's tiny motion picture industry. [H: If nothing else, this gives away the lie. The Jews have always run the motion picture interests in all nations wherein they have any status at all.]

"... A recent visitor described Bucharest as 'a city with the air of a pawnshop' ."

Romania was Ana Pauker's feudal estate. Accusations in America that the Jews were the authors of Communism seemed to have forced the revolutionaries to withdraw Ana and other Jewish dictators from public view and replace them with nondescript characters.


If the plans of the Zionists for conquest of property and people seem fantastic, you haven't seen anything yet. They plan to up-breed and out-breed their race or tribe into one quite different from the present Jewish strain. [H: Herein I would suggest you who call yourselves "Jews" pay particular attention for it is "you" who are intended to "be bred out".

" A sturdy race of strong, healthy, TALL, youthful and handsome people will be raised." (p. 58)

"The Holy One thus said: 'In this era, some people are healthy and handsome, and others are not. But in the ideal era to come, all people will be handsome and praiseworthy.' This will be in accordance with the prophecy of Isaiah: 'All that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed. ' ... Physical defects, like dumbness, blindness, deafness, lameness, stammering, barrenness in women and similar bodily imperfections, will likewise, not exist."

The quotation from Isaiah indicates that the "people" here referred to means the Jewish people, or rather the chosen, "righteous" elements among the Jews.

The most beautiful thing on earth is human beauty. And the Jewish tribal fanatics are not the only people who have wished their kind more beautiful. Such a wish is normal. Any who does not, either consciously or unconsciously and instinctively, hope each generation of his race and kin will be more beautiful, physically and spiritually, more vigorous and gifted, than the preceding generation must be some sort of pervert. I believe it is generally accepted that the Creator planted in the breast of every man the ideal of his own race and hence the natural urge to see it improve and prosper.

But to set out to make ALL the descendants of present day Jews beautiful and healthy requires quite a lot of authority over the Jews. Any breeder of good livestock knows the processes by which strains are improved: kill off all the ugly and unhealthy individuals and breed up only the carefully selected strains. The Jewish planner will have to liquidate untold millions of their own people to stop the breeding of defective individuals and individuals not "tall and handsome".

All thinking persons doubtless would be sympathetic to a sane and humane up-breeding process for the Jews as well as for each and every race, if the process could be done voluntarily and intelligently among the people themselves--according to the laws of nature.

Hundreds of writers, speakers and scientists of our time have deplored the progressive degeneracy of the American stock and some governments in the past have undertaken to improve the stock of their people. Augustus Caesar tried it (with little success) a few years before the birth of Christ, by organizing colonies of settlements of selected families; Adolf Hitler tried it (after his strange fashion) [H: Ah, but the Adolf Hitler enterprise was thrust forth by the Khazarian integrated people that became so unpopular as "turncoat" Jews in the German society and co-workers with the Nazi party. The facts are that it has simply come FULL CIRCLE within and toward the ultimate world order. You will note that the racial "outcome" is identical in intent.] and the Zionist political and banking machinery went into high gear to induce Nordic Christian anti-Communists of America and Britain to destroy Nordic, Christian anti-Communists of Germany--the best blood of the Anglo-Saxons sacrificed to destroy the best blood of our first cousins, the Germans--the Western world committing suicide, for the benefit of the Communist-Zionist monster.

The one thing above all else which the Zionists could not tolerate was the upbreeding of the race--now much diluted and cowardly--which for over 2000 years had stood between them and world domination.

But notice a striking difference in the gentile and the Jewish advocates of race improvement: the former group idealized the best types of their own race, whereas the latter group want to build a new Jewish race! For "tall....handsome" people are not Jewish, except as the Jews have taken in blood from other racial elements. [H: Don't be "thrown-off" by the term "handsome" for it does not mean in this context that which you perceive. All, and each, race is beautiful or handsome in its own right--what is present here is that the intent is to become handsome and/or beautiful according to "Nordic" or Anglo-Saxon appearance while breeding out the short, dark haired and complexioned Middle Eastern appearance. The original ones calling themselves "Jews" are the Khazarian Zionists coming from Nordic, Rus (Russian) and Mongol stock. The point is to NOW throw off the remnants of the "stolen" "racial" features that they used for "cover" and come again into the perfection in perception of that which they originally WERE--a band of hoodlums directly from the lineage of Lucifer. You didn't really think that "old boy" would just go away somewhere did you?

The Jews traditionally are short in stature and never, so far as I have observed, have been described as a handsome people. Jews of recent centuries class themselves in two ethnic and linguistic groups, the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim. Webster's unabridged dictionary defines the Ashkenazim as "the Jews of middle and northern Europe, as opposed to the Sephardim, or Jews of Spain and Portugal." Of Sephardim the dictionary says "Jews who are descendants of the former Jews of Spain and Portugal. They are as a rule darker than the Ashkenazim or northern Jews. They are chiefly settled in North Africa, Greece, the Balkans, the Levant, Holland, England and America.

For many generations the Sephardic Jews considered themselves so far superior to the Ashkenazim that they would rarely intermarry. They traced their culture (and some blood) to Spain of and preceding Isabella's time (before Isabella expelled most of the Jews to save Spain). But in the past two centuries they have virtually wiped out the lines of distinction. The Ashkenazim in Northern Europe had taken in much German blood; while in Eastern Europe and Asia they had for centuries absorbed blood from the Khazars and other dark, coarse Asiatic, Mongol elements. Thus there are in realty two divisions of Ashkenazim--though both speak Yiddish, a composite of German, Polish, Russian and Hebrew, using Hebrew characters.

It might be said that the Mediterranean Jews, also, are divided into two almost distinct groups, the elements from Ethiopia and the Eastern Mediterranean, with dark skin, thick lips, noses curled downward, heavy lids and kinky negroid hair, and those interbred with southern and western European stock. (There are, of course, in small numbers, Chinese Jews, Japanese Jews, Philippine Jews, and so on.)

The Mediterranean Jews generally have lost leadership during the past century, while the more virile "German" Jews have risen in finance, in science, in commerce and in political influence. But towering above these in fanaticism, cold-blooded brutality, cunning and political organizing are the "Russian-Polish" Jews. Anna Rosenberg (And there is abundant evidence that Mrs. Rosenberg was a Communist. The former Communist, Ralph de Sola (himself Jewish) swore before a Senate committee that he had known her as such, and the December 8, 1942, issue of the then official Communist organ, New Masses, carried a pen drawing of her, fully identifying her as "NY Regional Director, War Manpower Commission", with an article contributed by her to that Red paper, copies of which still are to be found in some public libraries), Harry Truman's appointee as Assistant Secretary of Defense, has some of the features and characteristics of both the Ethiopian and the Russian-Polish Jews: heavy skin, coarse black hair, hooked nose, black or dark brown eyes with heavy, Oriental lids, coarse, crude, vulgar features and a fierce fanaticism which knows no conscience but is utterly brutal. (Generals who suffered humiliation under this small strumpet's tongue-lashing say she was as foul mouthed as any sailor.)

Bernard Baruch might be cited as one example of the "German" Jews. Standing six feet, four inches, he obviously has a great deal of "European" blood in his veins. He has the Jewish nose and a type of Jewish mouth; but by comparison with so many of the crude, almost hideous Mongol and Semitic-Negroid Jews, he may well have been described as handsome in his younger days.

Strange to say, his Nordic blood has not eliminated the Jewish temperament, entirely, for his life has been steeped in secrecy, cunning and intrigue. It was he who maneuvered to get Truman to appoint Anna Rosenberg; it was he who, with Communist-friend Dean Acheson, drew up the plan to give all our atomic defenses over into a United Nations world police force or dictatorship, as soon as the Soviets would agree to inspection of their war plants--inspection not by Americans, mind you, but by persons appointed by the Jewish inspired United Nations! Mr. Baruch's trap may be sprung on us at any time, for our government has publicly committed us to the plan.

During the past two centuries thousands of Jews have intermarried with the British aristocracy. For the most part, they retain the names of the once great Anglo-Saxon families; they hold the estates; they speak English with a British accent. They had developed a great deal of loyalty to Britain and almost forgot they were Jews until the war with Hitler subjugated them for Zionism. Many of these English Jews are fine individuals, physically and intellectually; many are three-fourths or more Anglo-Saxon.

There are also many handsome French and Spanish Jews, though not very tall as a rule; and some of their women, like some of the English and German Jewesses, are very attractive.

Only by such interbreeding with other racial elements--with tall and handsome people--can the Zionists raise up a breed of "tall and handsome" Jews for Israel. For like begets like; you cannot breed up a line of race horses from plow horses or mules. The genes of your ancestors determine whether or not you are to be tall and handsome.

This strange adoption of the racial ideals of another race is a tantalizing phenomenon. It reminds me of the theory of some students of ethnology that the reason the Jewish propagandists hate and ridicule the "pure Aryan" Anglo-Saxons and other northern Europeans is that they are jealous of the fair complexion and the refined features. Mr. Rigger's Jewish Utopia tends to confirm this theory.


Reports almost incredible are coming out of Israel to the effect that many of the children, unlike their mothers and fathers, are blonds, even with northern European features. An article by Adrian Crawley in the London Daily Telegraph of May 25, 1938 said:

"Fair hair and blue eyes are so common in Zionists that not even the most blatant Anglo-Saxon can prove his identity."

Anne Sharpley in the London Evening Standard of November 6, 1956 says of a Jewish couple in Israel:

"She and her husband are dark haired, but by the same strange alchemy that affects all Israel-born children, their baby son is fair haired. Israel-born Israelis (called Sabras) can be immediately spotted all over the country. They are bewilderingly blond and big. If you saw them in Whitechapel you would swear they were Swedes. " [H: So, chelas, use a bit of "deduction"; what think ye that might be going on here? The most modern genetic DNA alterations are done by the Zionists in Israel. The first life-form was "created" in Israel in the form of a crystalline virus! I think you may begin to see the picture if you give attention to it.]

Blue eyes and light hair come from the genes of only one race in the world, the northern or Nordic, from mostly around the Baltic. There are light brunette Nordic strains (with fair skin) but no other race produces a strain with blue or grey or light hazel eyes and red, blond or light brown hair. Wherever you see these characteristics you see evidence of Nordic ancestry. Whether Jew or African, Chinese or American, Italian or Spanish, the individual with these features is at least part Nordic.

Whence comes the "blond blood" in Israel of this generation? A brief item in the California Jewish Voice of June 28, 1957, may be related to this question:

TEL AVIV (JTA) (for Jewish Telegraph Agency)... Many children and teen-agers brought to Israel recently have developed deep personal problems as a result of the sudden awareness that they are Jews, Moshe Kol, head of the Youth Aliyah movement reported here.

"Mr. Kol declared that some of the youngsters who did not know they were Jews, until brought to Israel by the child rescue movement, suffered psychological shock. For those who cannot cope with this shock, the Youth Aliyah leader continued, individualized attention is provided in Youth Aliyah centers."

Who are these children? Could they have been German and Scandinavian, and perhaps British war orphans, taken over by Jewish agents during and immediately after the war? Could some of them have been "rescued" from Dresden while we, under Jewish incitation, were bombing the women and children of that open center of culture during the second world war?

There are only two ways by which parents "homogeneous for dark hair and eyes" could acquire blond children: by adoption or by artificial insemination. If the newspaper reports of fair Jewish children in Israel are true, (and I have seen numerous such reports) then these children are adopted or are from artificial insemination (unless there were blond fathers who are not the supposed fathers).

It is not uncommon practice in our time for a mother to bear a child from male sperm artificially planted in the womb. It now appears that both the male sperm and the female egg probably can be successfully planted in the womb. If so, a Jewess or a Negro woman could give birth to a blond "pure Aryan" child, which would not be related to her and have not a drop of her "blood" in its veins.

We can only wonder about this process, which seems related to Mr. Higger's book of wonders.



It is significant that Mr. Higger says the inhabitants of Israel eventually will be "selected":

"Since the city (of Jerusalem) will be the capital of the land of the righteous, its inhabitants will be a selected group of upright and just. In the terminology of R. Johanan, in the Jerusalem of the present era, anyone may enter; but in the Jerusalem of the ideal era, only those who will be invited will be permitted to enter."

Mr. Higger says the Jews will have many children. This craving is emphasized frequently in his Utopia. (A recent news dispatch says the birth rate of Israel now is higher than that of India.)

Higger analyzes the dictates of the various rabbinical and other Talmudic authorities on the subject of proselytes and concludes that the consensus of opinion is that "multitudes of proselytes will be absorbed and assimilated" by the Jews.

But only proselytes, of course, who accept the Utopian program. We would not suppose that these will be invited to Jerusalem.

While this racial plan for the Jews is of importance to us, in view of the Zionist strength and the fanatical intent to accomplish the Zionist aims, the plan is even more important to most of the Jews of this and other countries, including Israel, for apparently few of them will be chosen. Certainly, if we analyze this plan correctly, the millions of Jews who are not tall and handsome, who are not vigorous and well formed, or who do not otherwise measure up to the master-race requirements, will have no place in the Zionist world. They will not be invited to Israel. They will not be permitted to have children, or at least not grandchildren. They will be eliminated no less than those gentiles who prefer to retain their independence, their culture and their race. The Jews now in Israel--or most of them--evidently are not to be the chosen ones. We must suppose, in fact, that they are to be used as cannon fodder; that they are to be slaughtered so the Zionist machine can cry persecution and rally us stupid Anglo-Saxons to fight the enemies of the Zionists--our Arab friends--clearing the land for Jewish conquest.

If the Zionist plan were one to help upbreed all the races, to improve their intellectual and physical beauty in each generation, the whole world could enter into it with pride and the fullest cooperation. Unfortunately it is quite the opposite; it is a plan to subjugate or eliminate all but the "master race".

Observe the contradictory position in which the propaganda machine has put the Anglo-Saxon or Negro or Japanese who loves his own race, and wants it to survive and do well: this racial loyalist is logically bound to be a friend and ally of every other race, anxious for it, too, to survive and prosper. Yet the Zionists, who want to destroy all but their own, have managed to put the onus of scare names on the man who loves the separate races. He is a bigot, a race hater, a white supremacist, a white chauvinist, an anti-Semite and so on.


* * *

There is no way to stress strongly enough the importance of these writings. You are meeting your enemy head-on now and there are intended for perishing of some 6 BILLION (or more) people from your globe. I suggest you check your ticket and see wherein is your destination. The facilities on Earth place are limited and selective indeed. The other possibility is on craft such as mine, in service to God Creator. You had better, indeed, be about your "checking".

Hatonn to clear.



FRI., SEP. 25, 1992 12:51 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 40



As we sit to work this day the sadness lays heavy on the heart for it seems that ALL is somehow "betrayal". No, friends, it is NOT. Finding Truth is most wondrous indeed for as you find Truth you come up from that which is false into the light of seeing. Betrayal is painful because it is usually by one(s) you thought to be loyal in friendship, duty and brotherhood. You must understand that for long it has been that perceptions are one sided, most often, as to "friendship" for the "norm" is now to gain for self at another's expense and to do so requires the pretense of loyalty and friendship.

To actually betray you must first belong--and often ones "pretend" to belong so as to be included and trusted with thine property, including your love and own friendship. Remember that even though the one betrayed feels the treason sharply--it is the traitor who stands in worse case of woe for he becomes totally without friend in the ending. This is because of cause and effect--that which is sent forth will always return in kind unto the sender and when the return hits, it is undoing indeed.

There is always talk of betraying one's country or lover, spouse or nation--but this is not the ultimate betrayal for there must always be a moral bond first. All a man can actually betray is his conscience and for that betrayal the cup returned is most bitter.

As we write of things which are so painful as to cause denial of possibilities, it is not easy to allow passage of new perceptions for betrayal following trust is devastating to the emotional stability. Nothing hurts more acutely than betrayal of race, creed or nation for those things reach beyond the mere self-inflicted belief systems of the singular individual or narrow perceptions of groups. I know that to uncover these truths, again, is painful and will be denied for some simply cannot accept that they have been sorely duped--even though you KNOW that what we have given unto you is TRUTH!

We are told to STOP or we shall be destroyed, discounted and our workers shall reap a barren harvest. NO, we shall not stop bringing Truth unto you for you cannot destroy TRUTH--you can only cover it, deny it and or bury it. It will always come forth into the light again at some point in the passage of experience. TRUTH is all that will last into the eons of infinity for it is of spirit and spirit is infinite.

You can refuse to read the material, hear the facts presented, deny and have great television programs to effort to prove that which we bring is false--you can even have Larry King Live on CNN on the same night Ross Perot is made a great spectacle of "surprise" at his running again--but it will change nothing. Do you see? It will change nothing!


The world has been duped in mass and now the penalty phase of allowing it to happen is rested upon you-the-people. The worst part that our people have is that ones wish to start some "new" something or other and account us with "followers". No, go with GOD, do not trouble yourselves with E.T.s and whodunnits. GOD IS WHAT IS IN POINT HERE--YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!

The subject continually comes up as to names and readings and great scriptures presented as if the mere presentation somehow is the miracle. No, call God what you wish, call the "son" Christed that which you wish for it matters not what label you place upon a "thing"--it is thine heart Truth and intent which is heard by Spirit. You are judged in Spirit by Spirit--things of flesh are but actions which may or may not present what thine spirit holds. Every "language" of the planets and cosmos will call God by a differing chant or tone--evil will likewise take the labels for confusion and deceit--it matters not. If you call God "Devil" and your intent is Godly and summons God of Light, it will be God who will attend for God is within and can only check that which is given in intent in the secret places of intent.

This is fully known by the "Adversary" and his henchmen--this is WHY the lies instead of Truth. Lies will manipulate you, Truth gives you freedom and freedom is of GOD. When you learn this great lesson you will be ready for graduation--GOD IS TRUTH--EVIL ADVERSARY IS LIE. Even when the Truth is told by the adversary it is given in such a way that confusion can be the only accepted outcome--for it is the nature of the beast of physical presentation.

The ten commandments are mostly false presentation. TRUTH IS THAT WHICH RESIDES WITHIN IN KNOWING GOD'S LAWS. You can tell by the way the Commandments were given that they were tampered with by men who wanted power and goods of physical claim. Your books have been twisted and the lessons "voted in or out" at the whims of the ruling and controling masters of the "game". Get yourself RIGHT with GOD in Truth of HIS LAWS and the rest will take care of itself for if you will only accept Truth you will KNOW the guidelines for ALL discernment. If you covet another man's wife and bed her--it is simply wrong. It was wrong to covet her for that is "lust" and "lust" is of the flesh only. LOVE requires NOTHING OF THE PHYSICAL--IT IS PURELY SPIRITUAL. Expressions of Love or hate are all that can be physically acted out. Further, there are actions short of physical encounter which indicate intent of emotions in deception--but it remains the actions and deceivings of secret encounters which is "judged". What you do in the "darkness" or in an effort to be undiscovered is that which is "intent" and measures the action.

Moreover, if thine children witness the subterfuge you have trangressed upon them also for they must experience the "lie" and they can only be taught to act likewise or be in feelings of "betrayal".

People find other people who fill needs of spirit but those needs can be gifted in purity of action in loving friendship that only GIVES unto another greater support and LOVING friendship wherein all attachments can benefit in open sharing of relationships instead of clandestine encounters efforted at the hiding. Ponder it carefully. God allows, chelas, so it is always up to you. It is not your mission to judge another, either, but ye do not sanction or aid and abet such actions for the betrayed are too pained already without assistance of others unto the betrayer.

Ones must, however, recognize that the betrayal of origin was not usually what "appeared" to be the deciding action. The betrayal is most often long ago committed in emotional conflict--allowing for outside influences to intrude. This usually comes in the form of sympathy, understanding and lack of responsibility to the circumstance--only the need to listen or interact in some way physically or emotionally. The problem rests still with the original interchange persons. This is why "affairs" are so prevalent. Most couples in an affair could not last in marriage with responsibility six weeks for if the problems of the persons involved are not solved then they will only present in greater show and tell when bound by the same set of circumstances as originally displayed.


Our beloved Laurie and family received a beautiful letter from Randy Weaver in appreciation for her continuing loving letters. He asks that ones also write to Kevin who is at the same address for Randy says he needs encouragement.

Remember what your "TEACHER" said to his disciples: "When I was hungry ye fed me; when I was sick ye nourished me; and when I was in prison ye visited me." They then proclaimed that they had never done such unto Him and He replied: "When ye have done it unto the least of Mine--so have ye done it unto Me!" Hold these ones in Love for the pain of loss is so great upon them and only YOU ONES can set them free for they can do NOTHING for selves.

Randy also says that his children are doing well on "Grandpa's farm". They need your support and love as well. They are at Rt. 5 Box 199, Ft. Dodge, Iowa 50501. Thank you for these might well be your own children in these days of darkness upon your place. I can attend the Spirit--ye ones must attend the physical and bring hope unto the Spirit so that the gifts can be received. Salu.

Let us move on now with some of the written word on the subject under discussion.

Continuation: THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as pictured in The Jewish Utopia.



It is not uncommon to hear the question: Is Israel bent on territorial expansion?

The answer can be found in many places. Time magazine, August 16, 1948, page 25, quoted David Ben-Gurion, Israeli premier, as saying to a Time correspondent:

"We would not have taken on this (Arab) war merely for the purpose of enjoying this tiny state... There have been only two great peoples: the ancient Greeks and the Jews... Maybe, when the present process is finished we too will degenerate, but I see no sign of degeneracy at present."

Time's correspondent reported that as Ben-Gurion spoke:

"The labor politician was replaced by the prophet. A dreamer's stare veiled his blue eyes. * The room was small but his voice throbbed loudly, as if speaking to multitudes against the winds on Mount Cannel. "

* The Ladder of History, a high school textbook (MacMillan Co., 1945) says of the origin of Greece:

"....a golden-haired race called the Greeks began (probably about 10(X) years B. C.) to settle in the big midway island of Crete, and on the north side of the Mediterranean Sea around the straits connecting with the Black Sea. They were much like the Aryans who were invading India... They were a delightful people, indeed, who contributed so much to poetry, art, sports, trade and liberty that their memory has been kept fresh by all peoples since, in gratitude and admiration... These nomads from the north were not the swarthy people of today's Greece, but a tall, muscular, blue-eyed race.... They never numbered more than a few millions, and they really flourished for about five hundred years only (from 600 B. C. to 100 B. C)... But to us they are the most important people of ancient times for they became the teachers of all Europeans and all Americans of European origin. (End of footnote)

Ben-Gurion further indulged himself in his vision of a Jewish master-race:

"We had a message to give the world but the message was cut off in the middle. In time there will be millions of us--becoming stronger and stronger--and we will complete the message."

Professor Higger told us even more specifically that Israel would expand:

"'I will open rivers on the high hills and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. ' The boundaries of the land will be enlarged and widened and its immediate spiritual, ethical and moral influence on the neighboring countries will be evident and very great. "

If Israel continues its militant march, its people will rebuild Jerusalem into a fabulous glittering city, as previously described.

"The rebuilding of that city is a part of the plan of the ideal country, Zion. Jerusalem will be the capital of Zion. "

Ben-Gurion, daring, arrogant premier of Israel, knew his Zionist program when he moved the capital of israel from Tel Aviv to fabled Jerusalem (in defiance of the timid, spinelss restraints of the Western nations). Why should Ben-Gurion fear the wrath of Harry Truman, the total politician? Not a finger was lifted to restrain the rugged Zionist enemy of Western nations and races, though he provoked our Arab allies almost to the point of war which might then--and may yet--atomize the world.

Mr. Rigger's dream of world peace and the constant "propaganda for peace" by the Zionists (like the Communists whose basic literature always calls for an ultimate war to destroy the free world) are not to be taken seriously, in view of his revelation of the plan to deliberately bring about the mighty Armageddon--a war to make the world destroy itself. Peace probably is the dream of all races and tribes. But a study of the racial history of Europe indicates that there would have been few wars, probably no major wars, but for the organizing of the Jewish peace-proagandists to make the non-Jews grind themselves to bits. The supposition is permissible that the Jewish strategists want peace--after they subjugate all opposition and potential opposition.

The question is, whose peace or whose wars are we to "enjoy"? Is man to be free to follow his conscience and worship his own God, or must he accept the consience and God of the Zionists?


What specifically is or are the requirements of joining the righteous? What must you do to be saved, by the Zionist standards? What is the Israelitic, or Zionist program we must embrace? Everywhere, the author makes the answer clear: We must embrace world brotherhood and internationism; we must oppose the capitalists and embrace Socialism, and we must hate and oppose the "anti-Semites".

These are the requirements for the nations; they are also the requirements for individuals, as he repeatedly makes clear. For instance:

"The ideal Jerusalem, the capital of the ideal Zion, headed by the ideal house of David, will have her foundations rooted in universal brotherhood."

Your country will be called unrighteous and will be destroyed if (1) it is a capitalist nation; (2) if it opposes Israel; and/or (3) if it does not embrace the above mentioned universal brotherhood.

"The unrighteous nations, as typified in the traditional Esau.... will not share in the ideal era. Their rule will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the millennium. The wickedness of these nations will consist mainly in accumulating money belonging to the people, and of oppressing and robbing the poor. ...Another group of wicked nations, as typified in the traditional Edom and Rome (Rome burned Jerusalem trying to suppress Jewish subversion) will suffer the same fate as the first. Their unrighteousness will be characterized by corrupt governments and by their oppressions of Israel. "

Notice that it is wicked for other nations to have money, for they oppress the people; but it is "ideal" for the Jewish Utopians to take over all the wealth of the world.

Notice that it is unrighteous and wicked ("anti-Semitic") to oppose Israel, but the entire plan of The Jewish Utopia is a plan of opposition to gentiles, a plot to subjugate them or wipe them out.

Thus, the present Zionist and Communist programs preaching brotherhood, racial integration, Socialism, UNESCO, the Genocide Pact, the so-called Covenant of Human Rights, the glorification of the United Nations, the constanty undermining and ridiculing and belittling of patriotic nationalism (among non-Jews), the swift and violent attacks on any non-Jews who express pride in their race, the coercive "Fair Employment Practices" laws ("FEPC"--forcing the white man to employ persons of the various races in his community, though white men may go jobless); the cry of anti-Semitism; the world give-away program of our money to uplift all the other races at the expense of our children and grandchildren who are thus saddled with fantastic debts--all these propaganda and organizational drives identify themselves as part of the program of Jewish nationalism, or Zionism, all moving us toward the goal of The Jewish Utopia.

Now that we have seen the full plan, the goal of "world brotherhood" under a Jewish dictatorship, we need not ask who originated the above mentioned propaganda and organizational drives which sweep and shake our country like a windstorm. Jewish organizations and newspapers make no secret that Jews inspired all these internationalist movements; but we no longer need to be told, for the Jewish fingerprint is on them every one.

By the Utopian definition, religion is no longer the worship of God; it is the political-economic-social-racial gospel of Communist "fronter" Bishop Oxnam and fellow travelers:

".... religion is to be the love of mankind.... Nations as well as local organizations will have to establish brotherhood.... "

How plain could the author make it? Think of the thousands of local, national and international "brotherhood" organizations which have been put together in our time, and think of their influence in softening and intimidating our people.

It will give us a fair, if frightening, estimate of the ability of the Zionists and Communist machines to reach a dominant position over our unsuspecting people, to remind ourselves that in many of our schools, especially public schools, mental exertion and intelligence have been largely subordinated to "brotherhood"--"social adjustment", meaning largely racial "adjustment"--the acceptance of all the dark races in our social life in utter disregard of our own racial and family future. Our teachers, oblivious to and unaware of the Jewish power machine, have adopted its program.

The master strategists must know what they are doing to us. They must know that never in history have white and dark peoples mixed socially that they did not presently interbreed, and never has such interbreeding reached advanced degrees that it did not result in chaos and general degeneracy, with utter moral abandon, and crime rampant.

I do not pretend to be wise enough to explain all the reasons why this is so; I do know that it is so. One obvious explanation, at least in part: As long as a racial element, or tribe, white, black, red, yellow, or brown, lives in homogeneous relationship, having its own culture and conscious obligations of tribal or racial citizenship, the accompanying pride and the training in the ancestral code of conduct maintains moral stability. When the tribe or race breeds out with others, it loses the pride, the consciousness, the sense of obligation.

Even the Jews, despite their rigid code, interbreed quite a bit, in contact with other racial elements; but their interbreeding is nearly always upward in their own opinion. Our out-breeding can only, therefore, be downward (by their own estimation). The Jews stand to gain; we stand to lose. [H: Please understand that this does not have to be "factual"; it simply IS true—whether it be by intent or simply by accident, you come out with the same conclusion. A white child cannot help being white any more than a dark-skinned person can help being dark-skinned. There is obvious difference in physical aspect—THEREFORE, IT AGAIN COMES TO REASON THAT IN THE EQUALITY OF GOD'S PROJECTION AND LIKENESS OF "IMAGE" IT HAS TO BE REFLECTED IN THE ENERGY FORM (SOUL) FOR SOUL IS "LIGHT" AND LIGHT IS ALL COLOR--ALL THAT ""IS"!

Another reason for racial degeneracy and the decline of white civilization wherever the white race progressively interbreeds with the dark is the much lower level of moral requirements and the lower level of energy and constructive imagination among the dark elements. As for crime, the police records in all our big cities show a fantastic difference and the FBI had the courage to publish a pamphlet Uniform Crime Reports For the United States and Its Possessions, issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. Volume XXIII, No. 2, Annual Bulletin, 1952, showing an analysis of the principal crimes in our cities, by racial elements. Under the caption "Race", on page 117, this bulletin (available at the Government Printing Office) reads:

"More than 98 percent of the persons arrested in 1952 were members of the white and Negro races. Almost 73 percent were members of the white race while slightly more than 25 percent were reported as members of the Negro race. The balance were Indians, Chinese, Japanese and other races. "

[H: There is a breakdown according to arrest, type of crimes and thus and so but the date of 1952 so far outdates the reflection of today that there is no real purpose in reprinting it here. It is noted that Jews are not separated from "white". I feel that repeating such information as given in the breakdown gives nothing except more basis for "hate"--which we have to assume was the overall purpose in such a publication in the first place. The point is to bring race against race, creed against creed, religious doctrine against same and so on. If you fail to see this intent then you are bound to be swallowed up in the confusion and lose direction.]


* * *

May we please leave this now as we need to be elsewhere for the next several hours. Thank you for your continuing attention. May you be given into insight without pre judgements for herein lies the foundation upon which you must build structures for progressing out of the incredible confusion thrust upon you. Note, however, that the ones "closest" to the viper will be smitten and that means those who "think themselves to be of the 'Jews" but are NOT of this group set forth to take the planet. It is as the Black Widow who takes what she wants and kills and devours even her mate. There is no honor among these thieves and you are a people betrayed, a nation betrayed and a planet betrayed--YOU HAVE BECOME PEOPLE OF THE LIE.

Salu, Hatonn to clear.



SAT., SEP. 26, 1992 10:29 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 41



As we gather thought for today's writings I would ask that you see between the lines as things are coming together here and there around your globe as well as at home. I wish to finish our document in compilation but I think it necessary to share a few directed attention focuses to help in clarifying just who are your global would-be dictators, persons and nations.


Keeping in mind the involvement of Mossad and Israeli dealers of guns and associated drug and money laundering activities in these drug-ridden and enslaved countries--look what is happening NOW. This to the "people" who were most Catholic in belief and, at least, spiritually set in Christian dogmas, good or bad:

Bill to Legalize Satanism Proposed in Colombia: Senator Parmenio Cuellar (a U.S. select), member of the Liberal Party of President Cesar Gaviria (a U.S. select), introduced a bill Sept. 7 that legalizes Satanic practices (remember, this includes murder, blood sacrifice, animal mutilation and bleeding, sodomizing and sexually utilizing children and babies, as well as sodomizing animals, etc.) in Colombia, under the guise of protecting "religious freedom". Cuellar made the pro-Satanic aim of the bill explicit by stating in its preamble that freedom "should not only be for those who worship God, but respect is also due to those who claim to be atheists or even those who consider Satanism a valid practice." He admits that: "human sacrifices and sexual practices are very much in vogue in Satanic rites, which are constantly increasing in number," but this should not be of concern, he says, since these practices are prohibited by separate laws. [And how is your day?]


In view of what is coming out in the news this day regarding Serbia's murdering of Moslems in old Yugoslavia--please do not lose touch with who was hired to advise Serbia in her activities and supplied funds for and arms (among other horrendous things) to Serbia. If you can abide this connection with your own acting Secretary of State, Eagleburger, and Brent Scowcroft and Henry Kissinger (Associates included), Bushies and Twigs--then you don't have a problem--you are already "dead".


Rabin got his Loan Guarantees from Bush recently while he visited in Washington, and after all these months of nagging over building in occupied territories, etc., came out with absolutely NO restrictions on use or conditions attached. The Rabin government has not, despite other accounts, stopped its colonization of Palestinian land by one iota.

Could it be that Rabin is another Kissinger man? Ah so: Henry Kissinger has praised this Stern Gang killer as being "the most intelligent of Israeli politicians" and then turned about immediately and pounced on Bush for the intent to sell more military equipment to Saudi Arabia. Bush, of course, has assured him "that Israel would be allowed to keep its military superiority for the U.S. will see to it."

So what do you think is happening where "peace" is proclaimed, as the latest state of the art and intent? Who knows?! But: Israel Frees Terrorist for Good Behavior--the story reads. It has been released, by authorities, that convicted ultra-Zionist terrorist, SHIMON BARDA, has been released from prison long before his sentence was completed. According to the Washington Times for Sept. 14, Barda was caught in 1984, hauling 28 pounds of explosives and 15 hand grenades to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, which he planned to demolish.

In 1988, he broke out of prison and stole weapons and tried again. Israel's High Court of Justice even asked the parole board last month to reconsider its incredible recommendation that he be freed early for good behavior, but the board insisted.

You be the judge on the bench today and consider what this means. Obviously it is "TIME" to get on with blasting the Mosque and Dome of the Rock off the map to make way for the new evil-oriented TEMPLE OF SOLOMON BY THE ZIONISTS.


Get ready for the sanctioned depopulation of a globe. The site for the 3rd International Anti-Population Conference will be held in Cairo. Prior ones have been in Bucharest and Mexico City as late as 1984. The conference is jointly sponsored by the United Nations Fund for Population CONTROL and the UN Population Division.

Within weeks an anti-population initiative will be launched, the Pentasilgo Commission (after Maria Lourdes de Pentasilgo, former Prime Minister of Portugal and a leading member of the CLUB OF ROME (Committee of 300)). THE PATRONAGE FOR THE COMMISSION COMES FROM THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION AMONG OTHERS OF LIKE STATURE WITHIN THE ELITE CLUBS--AND WILL ACT AS ADVISORS FOR THE CAIRO EVENT.

I just thought you would like to know who the executioners are.


I think you should know, if it hasn't been put on the "hotline" phone service, that along with the massive numbers of troop carriers being run about your nation of the U.S.A., there are tanks and vehicles now being shuffled about by commercial lo-boy trucks, also. Some of these are jointly relocated by rail and road. Interesting thing about the most massive transfer is that, in addition to armored vehicles, tanks and troop carriers (with, presumably, troops) there is one "shipment" that has over a hundred Black Hawk helicopters in cover. A great deal of the activity in the West is centered around New Mexico and an alert has been issued to be at ready for "possible Russian invasion (military term, not mine) through Canada but more probably through Mexico". The big iron barriers were not put up to stop aliens crossing the border (which it has not); it was structured and is being lighted to hopefully slow up the armored vehicles coming across. The massing of troops "seems to be" (I am told) in conjunction with that "crossing", and the troops are being shuffled right on down to the borders of Mexico/New Mexico/Arizona and on into Texas. UN troops from Japan, and your own U.S. troops, are also at ready at California crossings.


By the way, OUR relationship with the Russian Cosmosphere operators is pretty good. Why should GOD serve his deadly enemy and destroyer of HIS property? Ponder it--if you have "time".


Before we move on to the writing on the subject of Zionism, I wish to share with you parts of a letter from an old friend, V.S., who writes from your Northern neighbor, Canada.

Commander Hatonn: A word and a Salute! from the Northwest mountains. I send a few 'newsworthy' reports from just beyond 'your' borders. Our 'daybreak news' frequently offers a singular insight into new 'deals' of State by Big Brother/Big Sister that often are not heard of again. I list here a few news items from Canada in the past sixty days.

The British Queen made a flying trip to Ottawa in the expediter Concord--ALONE.

Contracts have been given (just like that!), for three dozen 'state-of-the-art' helicopters costing 4.4 billion, 'for Coast Guard and military'. (No mention of population control.) (Ed. Note: What kind of helicopter costs $122,222,222.00?)

A recently-closed truck assembly plant receives large orders for military vehicles--("their future assured").

The 'immediate commencement' of a huge (50 million dollars), Armed Forces training center--(brand new!) to be located near Montreal and Laval Airport.

These come on the heels of a new fleet of submarines (eleven million each). (Ed. Note: Better Bargain?) And we, too, do not have sufficient funds for domestics. This presents a new question: "How many countries are tooling up for an 'insured' Peace? (Gee, 7.)

Now all this while our already-meager Forces are again sent abroad--a 'contingent' of 200 here; of 300 there, under 'Blue Bonnet' control, as a 'peace keeping force'. May we use your excellent study in "Space reading" (between the lines?) and see this term--peace keeping force--mirrored/reflected as "force keeping" peace?? This equates to Peace or else! (We too give you a choice already, "to make our day".) I shudder for the innocents.

Now, Commander, I realize that this is not 'most recent' news but then--when our own most cherished Word comes from Stateside, it is always 'old hat' …………..

* * *

Just one more private notation to New Zealand. I have the information sent Express. I will utilize it when the attacks on "Brother Edward" back off a bit. It does not help the work if our people are incarcerated, whether it be on trumped up "mental confusion" with enforced "help" or simply ending up in prison for speaking out. I am monitoring closely and you ones must realize that no matter how bad you perceive it to be--it is worse. I do not want any of you in more jeopardy than you already are and dispersal of information can be traced. Do not concern that ones cannot come into "comfort" with "me". I am a messenger and it will come into its proper place in its proper time.

P.C.: Thank you for the information on "crop circles" and the Journal with the excellent pictures. Perhaps we can take up that subject in the near future for most of the information "guessed at" by "experts" is not accurate any more than are "abductions" and "bloodsuckers from outer space". I also appreciate the sharing of "technical" information as sent to Dr. Young. Please understand that at present we are infiltrated by a couple of "so-called" technical people with "wondrous" information and "stuff"--they avoid ME like a bad case of Plague so I think you can understand the intent and it is NOT toward helping God or mankind--it is used as a means of infiltration of some kind. The whole thing is silly for you don't have to do anything to "infiltrate" here--there is nothing to "infiltrate"--ask us and we'll tell you anything you want to know. The Adversary simply cannot play a game, however, that is not clandestine and secret, dark and hidden. What astounds me is how many of you fall for the bait. So be it. I thank you for not jumping ship, friend, for we have much work to do and so few to do it.

What would please my heart is to have this LIBERATOR turn into a paper made up of this type of information FROM all of you--updated constantly--for this KIND OF PAPER will be your only network of Truth. Truth is among you the people--you need no "space cadet" except as a seer for continuity and confirmation. It is fine, we are getting where we need to be--God and messengers have every one of you beloved brothers and sisters "on-line". God's work is coming together even though it appears otherwise, so be it. The purpose of the regular JOURNALS was and is for the reaching out unto you awaiting your "call". Many will come forth claiming desire to serve--few will remain--but there will be enough for that which must be done. I salute you who serve.

Let us now continue with THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as Pictured in The Jewish Utopia.



In the first part of this small book we asked the question whether or not Mr. Higger interpreted the Prophets of the Old Testament as trying to unite their people in a movement of Jewish nationalism, or did Higger accept the version held by most Christians that the Prophets were simply preaching individual morality and the worship of God. No doubt the reader has answered that question for himself by now. But the author answers it specifically on page 113, in his final chapter, The Kingdom of God:

"We are now in a position to discuss the Jewish conception of the Kingdom of God. The contrast between Christian dogma and the Jewish doctrine of the Kingdom is evident. The dogmatic doctrine of the Kingdom of the New Testament is not a continuation of the prophetic hope at all. Nothing is mentioned in the New Testament of the spiritual and material glory of Palestine in the day of fulfillment. The Kingdom that Jesus, according to the New Testament account, speaks of is more mystical, inward and personal. The New Testament is mainly concerned, not with the earthly, but rather with the heavenly Kingdom of God. We read thus in John 18-36, 'Jesus answered: My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, and I should not be delivered to the Jews. But now is my kingdom not from hence. '

"Unlike the prophets, therefore, Jesus thought of the Kingdom as having actually begun with Him and his disciples...

"The Kingdom of God, as pictured by the Jewish prophets, on the other hand, is an ideal society of nations on earth, living in accordance with universal ethical rules of genuine justice, righteousness and peace. The ideal Kingdom is a universal idealization of the most important experiences of Israel in the past. The Davidic ruler, to be recognized universally, will be the perfect ethical character. The people who are to constitute the ideal community at the beginning of the ideal future are a remnant...

"What the prophets anticipated did not come to pass. The rabbis, unconsciously, took up the idea of the Kingdom of God, where the prophets left off. The spiritual leaders in Israel expanded and developed that glorious dream of an ideal Universal State. The people who are to constitute the ideal community at the beginning of the ideal era, will be, instead of a remnant, the entire ideal people of Israel."

[H: If you cannot see that MAN (from the beginning) wrote "the way it will be" and foisted it off on you unsuspecting people then look again at the LAST SENTENCE: "THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TO CONSTITUTE THE IDEAL COMMUNITY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE IDEAL ERA, WILL BE INSTEAD OF A REMNANT, THE ENTIRE IDEAL PEOPLE OF ISRAEL " Remember: "Israelites" are "Zionists" by their own definition--not just "Jews". In fact it is said that the "Jews who are not Zionists and of the superior 'tall and handsome' race will not even share in the ultimate world." Where does that leave you nice "Jewish" neighbors who thought you were God's chosen? These Zionists are working toward a species of ONLY fair-haired supreme humans who bear NO RESEMBLANCE TO THE PERCEIVED "JEWS". THIS INFORMATION IS FROM THEM (THE HORSE'S MOUTH) SO DO NOT DENOUNCE ME OR MINE, FOR YOUR FAILURE TO READ THE WRITINGS PRESENTED DIRECTLY FROM THE SAME ONES WHO WROTE YOUR INSTRUCTION BOOKS.]

(Though the author shows that he interprets the prophets as working for a Universal State--of Israel--the reader may observe that he seems to contradict his earlier statements that only certain chosen Jews will be "invited" to Israel--unless he means that only the "ideal" people of Israel will be chosen.)

The Shinto-like character of the Zionist religion, the religion of Jewish racial-politico-economic nationalism (as contrasted with true religion, the worship of GOD, for instance, of the non-Talmudic Jews) is inescapable. The Jewish and non-Jewish flocks are to be made to believe that the "righteous" Jews are descended from God. The ruler shall be the "Holy One" [and very human]. All the world must WORSHIP that Jewish King AS GOD.

"And he shall gather together a holy people...for he shall know them, that they are all sons of their God."


When is the Utopia to be established? Do the Zionist planners expect to bring about the commercial and political fulfillment of their interpretation of the Prophecies, what they call God's promises to the Jews, in our lifetime? What is the timetable of these peace lovers for bringing about the final war?

We find many partial answers in The Jewish Utopia, many milestones by which we can at least hazard some guesses.

Obviously the setting up of a Jewish state in Palestine was a milestone. The Zionists did that in 1948--without God but with the help of Harry Truman and the Soviet Union. [H: Why do you think there is so MUCH reference to your candidates to being somehow "like" Harry Truman? Does it not appear to even be ridiculous? Your George Bush constantly (like a robot) constantly refers to himself and his campaign as being likened unto Harry Truman's. Harry Truman was one of the blackest tools to walk your planet and you have all the candidates comparing themselves to this evil little trollop.]

Israel is being developed and beautified (with foreign capital of course). [YOURS] The papers all the way back to August, 1957, announced plans for building a $500,000,000 port at Ashdod. The will of the BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS leaves fabulous millions to help erect and beautify a capitol building and perhaps museums and the like. Plans are proceeding for development of irrigation. Israel is developing some atomic plants, "for peaceful uses" of course, and some other industry--with secrets taken quite openly from American industry and laboratories, as for instance, through the information-gathering agency (normally called an espionage net) known as Technion, which operates in universities and industrial establishments.

The United Nations has been established, and the Congress of the United States officially authorized the flying of the United Nations flag above Old Glory on the UN Building. (You or I would be held guilty of treason--and rightly so--if we flew a flag above our flag.) Thus begins, and grows, the nucleus for the world police force, and the UN is purely a Jewish invention.

Higger says:

"The nations will first unite for the purpose of calling upon the name of the Lord, to serve Him. "

If the UN is to have a religious aspect, as here stated, its inventors intended the religion to be Jewish--and could that be the reason why religion has been conspicuously kept out of the UN so far, leaving the way clear? [H: Ah, but has it STILL been kept out--what about the U.S. PUBLIC LAW 102-14 NOW PASSED? IS IT NOT THAT THE UNITED STATES NOW OPERATES UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE UNITED NATIONS' CHARTER AND NOT UNDER THE PUBLIC LAWS AND CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES? YOU HAD BEST GO CHECK IT OUT LITTLE SLEEPY-HEADS. THAT PUBLIC LAW WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED IF IT WERE NOT ALREADY LOCKED-IN TO THE UNITED NATIONS!]

The East-West division of the world is nearly complete; the Moslem world of some 300,000,000 people has largely been shifted away from us toward the Communist camp. The Zionist Jews have done a clever job in this maneuver, taking land away from the Arabs, bayoneting their women and children, thus making the whole Moslem world (with the possible exception of Pakistan) so hate us for backing the Jews that the Moslems may at last accept arms from and cooperate with the Soviet Union.

We might well say that this milestone has been erected, for it now awaits only an incident to set off Armageddon. Israel can attack Egypt and possibly set off the war. Or the Jews who dominate, or vastly influence, the Soviet dictatorship from within, through the hidden, secret power circle called the Communist Security System, perhaps can order or induce the Communist government to attack, or cause some Arab country to attack Israel--whenever the Jewish strategists are ready. They will not do so till they are sure the Zionists in the West can induce the President of the United States and the British government to support Israel, we can be sure. Whatever the gentile Communists may want, it is logical that the Jewish Communists will not want war with the West till the West can safely be sucked in to fight the Arabs for the Zionists.

Comparing plans and objectives revealed in The Jewish Utopia with the present world situation we can arrive at a rather clear picture of the future war and even see which countries are to be wiped out as wicked and unrighteous--if the Zionist plans succeed. We can at least see what the Zionists are trying to bring to pass. Since Israel must expand and since it can expand only at the expense of the Arabs, the Israelitic group must destroy the Arab states. Already the Arabs and their Moslem sympathizers are vilified in the Jewish press, and in planted stories in the general press, as "anti-Semitic" (though the Arabs themselves are Semites). The Moslems are wicked and unrighteous (though all they have done to become unrighteous is to oppose the Jewish invasion of their lands).

But now the Communist Empire is supplying arms to some of the Arab states [H: As so too, have you!] and, though certain Jewish nationalists, or Zionists, originated Communism and imposed it on the Russians and Eastern Europeans, and though some Jews still occupy powerful positions behind the iron curtain, it seems certain that at the proper time, the Zionists in the West will launch a campaign of abuse and fury against the Soviet Union (not against Communism as such) as anti-Semitic and ungodly! How else could the Zionists bring about a mighty war in the Middle East? And without the war, how could they get the Arab lands? And how else could they bring about further disintegration of the non-Jewish nations and races? Without a frightful crisis how can they and their "liberal" tools stampede us into surrendering our freedom?

The Russian people, the Ukrainians and the overwhelming majority of Eastern Europeans are anti-Semitic (in the sense that they resent the bloody Jewish-inspired terror which gripped them under the Communist regime). But the Communist governments, on the other hand, have been overwhelmingly Jewish or pro-Jewish, so much so that all of these Red governments incorporated in their constitutions specific prohibitions against "anti-Semitism", the only countries in the world which singled out the Jews for this special favor.

To get the full benefit of the next world war, however, the strategists will have to raise the cry of official Soviet anti-Semitism, just as they did in the second world war against the Nazis. Our sons must fight to save the persecuted Jew and thus make every American or Englishman afraid to criticize any Jewish individual or machine, however subversive, for fear he will be smeared as pro-Communist! It is a fact that any American today who could remotely be called anti-Semitic is anti-Communist; but no matter: the Zionist press in the West is so powerful, the newspaper publishers so fearful of losing Jewish department store and other advertising, and elected officials so cowed by any thought of being called anti-Semitic, that when some patriot is smeared in the propaganda releases as anti-Semitic hardly anybody has the character to stand up for him. The silly little scare word anti-Semite has made us a generation of cowards; this one little word is conquering the world.

[H: I find that doubly interesting since it has NO MEANING WHATSOEVER OF TRUTH. The Khazarian Jews are most CERTAINLY NOT SEMITES any which way you cut the cake or pie. This is simply a term used to get a point across and confuse everyone all the while. It is the same thing as introducing a word into language of any kind--watch and see how long it takes to become law of the land and accepted terminology--even though it be a lie. YOU ARE WITNESSING THE MASTER-LIAR AND DECEIVER AT WORK--AND HE IS WORKING ON (OR OVER) YOU!]


* * *

Let us take a rest, please. When we have next opportunity to write we will take up with how "Armageddon" is supposed to rescue the "Jews" so that the Zionists can take over the whole kit and caboodle. If you think the "Soviet Union" and "Communism" are dead and that the above will not happen--INDEED, YOU ARE MOST SURELY ALREADY "DEAD" IN FACT.

I think it is time for you to stop asking that "the Force" be with you--but that you get as rapidly as possible on the side of "THE FORCE". I hope you will digest this information carefully and at not too much leisure for you are IN IT.

Salu, Hatonn to clear.



SUN., SEP. 27, 1992 9:16 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 42


INSTRUCTIONS RE: JOURNALS: If I am in understanding, the prior book is not yet gone to print? Where is the backlog? If it is in the indexing, then cut the sources in the index because it is not good to have a JOURNAL bogged down, still, as the next one is ready for publishing. I would like these JOURNALS treated as what they are--that they go out about every 3-4 weeks--only one at a time. You cannot treat them as simply "books" or we lose our advantage and our ability to call them "dated magazine" or "news journals". If one is still floating around and we have been able to write a second one, then something is wrong with the system. If five or six people can't get out what one person is writing, then we are doing something WRONG. This IS our first line of defense in court: "Factual, dated material" in "reporting" fact and scientific material as regards the "other side" of that which is given as philosophy or metaphysics as generally accepted today. Further, I would rather have less than perfect "paper", etc., if we can cut the expenses some way.

Second: Dharma, I want you to get the material sent on food grade hydrogen peroxide. This is a good additive to purify water a bit more safely than chlorine in greater amounts. What is going to have to happen is the installation of sound wave or "light wave" purification systems if the viruses are to be exterminated. In other words, you are going to have to create a frequency "light wave" (x-ray) that is higher than the frequency of the crystalline mechanism or "equal"' so that resonance is established which will burst the "bugger" . I really don't want to go into that here. Perhaps we can have a few gather and ask some of these questions along with ones from recent inquiries so that we do not get too far behind on taping. I want at least 2 tapes available to THE WORD weekly, please.

I hope that you ones within this small working crew can see that we are "cleaning the decks" in readiness for further growth without the disruptions of those who simply wanted to "be" here, etc. It is not only that some ones abuse our generosity and "take" without Godly intent in the picture--but others who are needed are separated out by the mere companionship, to prevent our own sharing to be used against us by our enemies. We have nothing to hide but anything taken out of context can be twisted into scenarios which are painful and often give a false picture. I shall no longer tolerate it.

I note that ones who claim to be in our work also continue to fail to follow through. I am asked for insight and "solutions" and yet, when given, the "advice" and/or direct requests are ignored and deliberately not acted upon. This is fine, but do not then blame GOD for that which YOU do or do not DO. I am a messenger bringing the word and to save time and searching I will give unto my own crew, the needs. It is NOT as simple as "I will do that which you want AND that which I perceive to be better FOR ME." You can do that which you want to do but examples, in this instance, are most important and if your example is one of digression or total abandonment of our requests, then obviously you are NOT in tune with our work or THE WORD. This too is fine--just don't go about being angry because you received an answer to something which you do not like. Some of you FORGET that that which YOU DO reflects on another who may well be asking God to solve their problem in a most "just" way and so HE does.

It is time you consider your "anger" with God's suggestions because the "suggestions" are so much better than HIS "actions" if, indeed, your request came forth as "in the highest and best good". HE will always choose that highest and best good and YOU MAY VERY WELL NOT LIKE OF IT. If you live in the context of YOUR OWN INNER AND OUTER CIRCLE OF RELATIONSHIPS, FOR INSTANCE, THE ANSWER MAY COME THROUGH A CHILD PETITIONING FOR GUIDANCE UNTO THE PARENTS OR TEACHERS OR OTHER CHILDREN. THE "ANSWER" MAY WELL BE APPEARING UNFAIR--IT WILL ALWAYS BE JUST.



A child cannot get through life and enter into "service" with nothing save shop courses and no disciplined mathematics, science and other skills only learned in programmed school experiences. I most certainly shall not turn my laboratories over to anyone who does not even know the Periodic Table, much less to one who does not even know what the "term" means. Ponder it. We already have enough "misfits" and undisciplined parents so that I need no more right under my nose! Thank you for hearing me for I am running out of ability to square these topics with you as we move on into greater and greater service and work. We have spent these years in preparation and learning factual insight and now you will either be ready to move on with us or we shall outrun you and if you are responsible for the child being left to the side--consider it most carefully for they can only be that which you reflect in them.

If a child has no goodly parent in responsibility then the child cannot grow beyond that reflection of what he has. And, being a "parent" NEVER ENDS, ONCE BEGUN. WORSE, THE RESPONSIBILITY WAS "ACCEPTED" FAR LONGER BACK IN YOUR JOURNEY THAN IN THIS APPARENT MANIFESTATION. Once the child has reached "maturity" in age, you are obligated to allow it to choose its path but must be ready to undo that which is in error if given the opportunity. If YOU have set the wrong stage for growth, then the responsibility is greater for the "sins of the Father shall rest upon the sons." God will always show the way in every instance--BUT YOU WILL FIND IT WILL ALWAYS REQUIRE YOUR RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS IF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE IN ANY MEASURE FOR THAT WHICH THE CHILD HAS BECOME. Each adult (of age) must be allowed to go his own way--but if he comes back within the circle, then responsibility resides therein again, even if it only be to disattach and serve notice of same. I guarantee that in every way--even unto the rearing of a child--you shall reap that which you sow and if you give bad reflection and example it shall come back unto thee in pain and regret. Ponder upon these thoughts because, living in this time of chaos and confusion in such a physically oriented world, it becomes most difficult to bear that kind of responsibility. I shall write soon on these "Tough Times" and see if we can offer some often overlooked thoughts to achieving balance and possibilities.

Does this mean that to be in my presence you must have perfection in thought and deed? NO--but neither may you go forth and state that "Hatonn said it is alright" if it is NOT and you know very well that which is right and that which is not sanctioned by God. I AM A MESSENGER, HEAD OF THE "HOSTS"--I MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS REGARDING GOD'S LAWS! NONE! AND YOU MAY NOT GIVE INDICATION TO ANY ONE ANYWHERE, THAT I DO SO--NOT EVEN IN "OPINION".

We work within the laws as written in the land and within, ALWAYS, the LAWS OF GOD. I did not, however, say "the laws as given in that book of rules as presented by your adversary"--I said "THE LAWS OF GOD". So be it.

* * *

Let us start right off this morning with our subject in point for we do not have long to devote to writing this day.

THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as Pictured in The Jewish Utopia:



Given another world war to save the "persecuted" Jews, and our children will be doomed to subjugation and probably enslavement, simply because their fathers and mothers had not the foresight or character to fight to save them.

How can the propagandists make the West believe the Soviet Union has turned at last against its founders? Already since 1948 we have seen the preview more than once. Whenever the public began to talk about the fact that so many Communist spies and Communist fronters were Jewish, the Soviet government always officially came to the rescue of the Jews in the West by holding a big public trial of some "Jewish" official, or officials. The charge always was treason or disloyalty to the Communist order! Just right to make the students of history in the West look ridiculous when they tried to warn their neighbors that Communism was a Jewish invention. [H: This has been the biggest mode of operation for decades and in the meanwhile the ones persecuted were the innocent ones thinking themselves to be "Jews" as now defined--but are NOT. Oh indeed there have been Judaists persecuted--BUT NOT ZIONISTS!]

The trials did not necessarily prove that Jews still had the upper hand in the invisible Soviet government, the Communist Security System. For it may well be that Zionist agents could get the particular Jewish officials to spy for Zionism, then betray them to the Communist government, and thus bring about the public trial--which our stupid "liberal" newspaper correspondents and the Zionist press and infiltrators into the wire services almost always represented to the American public as anti-Semitic!

Fantastic, certainly; but indisputable. Facts cannot be denied.

Whether or not certain Jews continue to dominate or hold influence in the Communist regime need not make any difference. Even if nearly every Jew is pressured to get out from behind the iron curtain by the Zionist machine, before A-day (for Armageddon or Atom-bomb day), and even if the remaining gentile Communist dictators are wise to the plot--the Zionists no doubt can produce such incidents, get some Jews indicted and tried, and picture the Moscow regime as officially anti-Semitic.

If the enslaved people of Russia come to believe their Communist slave masters have thrown off the Jewish yoke and are anti-Semitic, they will fight for the regime. If the indoctrinated, tolerant Anglo-Saxon thinks the Red regime is anti-Semitic, he is apt to fight against it. Thus the Zionists can make the East and the West fight a desperate war--each side actually fighting against its own future welfare.

And assuredly the Zionists can maneuver in the Middle East to steer the war to cause thousands of Israelis to be killed. And it does not take many to give the Zionist propaganda machine in America a chance to go into hysterics over persecution of their people by anti-Semites.

And politicians who have to be reelected may not dare try to get the facts to the American people, to keep us out of the planned war. These politicians, in fact, may not at all understand the game, for few of them seem to have the courage to glance behind the Zionist curtain, even in the dark, to see what goes on there.

At the risk of making this picture even more fantastic, I am forced to point out the opportunity such a war will or would offer the Zionist "idealists" to help purify their tribe. It has been evident for some years that the Zionist redistributors of their people, through HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Shelter and Aid Society, organized in 1881, which has branches and agents all over the world) were letting few of the most unsightly Asiatic Jews come to America; shunting most of these to Israel. Also, they have been stirring up anti-Semitic outbreaks in various African and Middle Eastern countries so as to make Jews there migrate to Israel. Not only do they need them in Israel, to fight and to work, but, if my guess is correct, they expect to get most of these low class Jews wiped out. [H: Indeed, you do not see Kissinger or Eagleburger, Falwell or Robertson (pledged Zionists by their own lips) going to live in a Kibbutz in the desert sands of Israel. No, the elite or "higher class" by their own distinction, infiltrate all other nations.]

Actually, we are not just guessing, except as to details, for Mr. Higger himself told us that the Zionists would build a race of tall, handsome men, eliminating all the Jews who were not tall and handsome, who had physical defects and so on. And it must disturb the high class Jew to think that eventually his line must blend with the Negroid and Mongoloid Jews; the Yemenite sheep herders (often the butt of snide jokes in the Jewish press) and the other dregs of their tribe.

In summary: there are three plausible reasons why the Zionists keep on pressuring their people to come out of iron curtain countries: (1) They must get most of them out so that few will remain to be slaughtered by bombs and the "anti-Semitic" people, when they turn loose of the beaten, abused Bear's tail; (2) They need them for work and for cannon fodder in Israel; and (3) In Israel, the master strategists could maneuver to get them (the short and the un-handsome ones) wiped out.

How soon the Zionists will complete the operation of getting most of the Jews out of the Communist countries and thus will be ready for A-day, we can only guess. They have been getting them out ever since the end of the second world war, and almost every issue of the many Jewish weeklies in America tells of some more Jews coming to America or going to Israel from a Communist country. Most of these reports picture the Jews as suffering under the Communist regime but some reports (in the Jewish papers, which gentiles rarely read) flatly deny that Jews behind the Iron Curtain are discriminated against.

The Los Angeles B'nai B'rith Messenger of July 26, 1957, quoted Dr. Nahum Goldman, president of the World Zionist Organization, as telling the Zionist Action Committee at Jerusalem:

"The time has come to place the question of Soviet Jewry before the bar of public opinion... " Dr. Goldman revealed that he had met during the past year with a number of Russian representatives and believes that there are good prospects for the demand, through contacts in the Communist governments of Eastern Europe, for the right of Soviet Jews to migrate to Israel. He cautioned, however, that Jewish demands must not be transformed into a crusade against the USSR.

We may be sure the Communist governments are not doing anything to hurt the Jews for if they were, we would hear a mighty tirade against the anti-Semites. So the time has simply not yet come.

The strange revolutions which broke out in Poland and Hungary in the summer and fall of 1956, it now appears, were at first incited by the Communists themselves (quite possibly in collusion with the Zionists) for two or more purposes: (1) The Communists all over the world were off on a new Party line designed to appear to divorce the satellite governments and the Communist Party in America and other Western countries, from Moscow domination. In a little sham battle, which actually lasted only a few hours in Poland, the virtually unarmed Polish mobs "whipped" the mighty Red army, unseating the Moscow Communist dictator and replacing him with a Polish Communist (who oddly enough had just been released from prison by the Moscow government and allowed to go to Poland in time for the uprising).


The whitewash Polish "revolution" worked, for the "liberal" internationalist Eisenhower-Dulles administration immediately began asking Congress for aid to the new "independent" Polish government! And the Supreme Court has come dangerously close to saying that the Communist Party in America no longer takes orders from Moscow (and therefore is just another American political party.)

(2) The Zionists wanted to get nearly all (not quite all, it seems) of the Jews out of Poland, mostly to Israel. So there appeared some anti-Semitic acts in the "revolt".*

* (A dispatch from Jerusalem on page 1 of the Los Angeles B' nai B'rith Messenger, August 16, 1957, quoted "two American Jewish scholars....at the International Ideological Conference now taking place" as saying that "any strategy of trying to frighten American Jews into settling in Israel was futile." They did not, however, condemn the scare technique as a failure in getting Jews to Israel from Iron Curtain and Mediterranean countries. (End footnote)

However, the Polish revolt did not quite come off, as regards scaring the Jews out of Poland. The Hungarian revolt did better because, after the first few days, genuine anti-Communist citizens rose up and were joined by a stream of deserting soldiers from the Hungarian and also the Soviet Red armies (some bringing their tanks and ammunition).

The Hungarian revolt came off at the same time as the invasion of Egypt by Israel, France and Britain, and it seems possible that the Zionists expected the invasion to ignite the world war. Or perhaps they were not ready for the world war but decided to get most of the Jews out of Hungary, in case the war unexpectedly became general.

The Toronto Globe and Mail of January 3, 1957, ran a long and revealing article on the evacuation of Jews from Hungary. It was written by correspondent James Senter from London and later I phoned Mr. Senter in Canada to clarify certain details. The article reported:

"A high ranking Canadian official slipped across the Austro-Hungarian border recently as part of a dramatic story of complacency, fear and international intrigue.

"The purpose of the trip was to persuade 150,000 Jews to leave Hungary before it was too late. Sworn to secrecy, the Canadian.... waited seven days before turning the details of the trip over to me... "

The Canadian official met secretly at

"... one of Vienna's largest homes where he found 15 prominent leaders of international Jewry assembled. They were an alarmed group from Israel, Switzerland and elsewhere. For several weeks they had been sitting on the border with unlimited funds at their disposal in Vienna and Zurich. Yet, despite all their efforts, they had been unable to persuade more than 3,000 Jews to leave Hungary. In the same period, however, 2,000 Jews had disappeared in Budapest alone. It was feared they had been deported by the Russians.

"Hungarian Jews were complacent, the group explained. They had little contact with the outside world and were subject only to Communist propaganda. Since the end of the Second World War they had done well in business, in the civil service, and in government. Some had become well-to-do land owners. They felt they were secure."

When it became apparent that the Jewish leaders of Hungary who met with the delegation at night, inside Hungary, could not be induced to get their people out of the country, the head of the delegation ordered them to do so:

"It has been decided', the Canadian quoted him as saying. 'These are orders from the top. * You must come out.'"

* "Orders from the top" confirms charges made by patriotic citizens, generation after generation, that the Jews still maintain a secret tribal government, with power over Jewish citizens of gentile nations. (End footnote)

A quick recapitulation of the above report reveals much: The Hungarian Jews had found a Promised Land; they were doing well under Communism; they felt so secure that they would pay no attention to the pleas of their brethren, till they were finally given outright orders "from the top".

[H: You are in grave error if you fail to understand that these Zionists have "found their Promised Land" in the United States for "the chosen people". The seat of the "temple" activities is intended for Jerusalem but the Promised Land is any and all places of great wealth and natural resources. At this time in evolvement of the PLAN--it now represents "THE GLOBE".]

In view of their favorable situation and their sense of protection by the Communist apparatus, and in view of later reports from numerous sources, we know that it was not the Communists that they were supposed to escape from. It was the revolting Hungarian and Russian soldiers and Hungarian citizens, who had risen above the original whitewash revolution of October, quickly converting it into a genuine anti-Communist revolution--and all anti-Communist revolutions behind the Iron Curtain are in some measure anti-Semitic because the enslaved people have to overthrow a secret-police rule which still is highly Jewish in complexion. Hungary had been under the Jewish Communist regime of Bela Kun (or Cohen) during the short-lived Red dictatorship right after the first world war; and Rakosi, the strong man of Hungarian Communism after the second world war was a Jewish monster of the crudest character.*

*According to the "liberal" writer, John Gunther, who knew him and interviewed him, Rakosi "is of Jewish origin and the family name was Rosencranz". Gunther said Rakosi was "one of the half dozen most important international Communists in the world today". See Gunther's BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN, 1949. (End footnote)

If the Zionists expected to launch Armageddon by their 1956 invasion of Egypt, with France and Britain, they miscalculated. Eisenhower (who was also Jewish in origin), who had positively crawled before the Jewish bankers and political and organizational leaders since he was a lieutenant colonel under Mac Arthur in the Philippines (where be began courting the Jewish political machine by going to the B'nai B'rith club in Manila and playing bridge with its members), now suddenly stood still. He was supposed to back Israel, of course. Some unseen force held him back. The only sizeable force other than Zionists (since the death of Robert Taft) known to influence his policies is the Standard Oil-Chase National Bank crowd. Dulles is a relative of the Rockefellers and a member of this crowd, and Eisenhower made Nelson Rockefeller one of his aides and advisers.

The Rockefellers are in many Communist fronts and work with the Jewish bankers in almost all international financial and political exploits and plots; but they apparently do not want to give up the fabulous oil fields of the Middle East to the Jewish expansionists.

When the President would not be drawn in against Egypt, the Soviet Union did not come in. Israel, France and Britain were left out on a limb (one which promised no foreign aid billions); and the invasion was called off.

In scrutinizing the Zionists' timetable it would be interesting to know whether or not they intended the Egyptian invasion to start the final war.

In any case, they kept their agents on the Austrian border of Hungary (which border, by the way, the Communists left practically unguarded for weeks) herding the Jews across and resettling them. Many they flew to America in U.S. Air Force planes rushed to them by President Eisenhower (though by no legal authority). Others they shipped to Israel. Estimates of the number of Jews who have come out of Hungary since October vary from 17,000 to as high as 100,000. They kept coming out all winter and the Jewish papers and some correspondents kept saying there was to be another revolt in Hungary in the spring, followed by another one in Poland, and certain incidents hinted that a third would follow in Romania (where there were, by Jewish newspaper estimates, a few years ago, as many as 400,000 Jews).


* * *

Let us leave this now so that we might attend other duties. I would hope to finish this volume within the next couple of days, please. You readers are running out of time to have the facts available to you. This Communist segment is already infiltrated into your lands and preparations for the war which will undoubtedly end as Armageddon is setting-up positions (on American soil this time--among every other "free" nation on the globe). May you heed the warnings.

Salu, to clear.



MON., SEP. 28, 1992 8:05 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 43

MONDAY, SEPT 28, 1992


You who are told your water supply is NOW SAFE had better watchit! Nothing has changed except perhaps the turbidity and E-coli count. The viruses are still present and it only takes ONE of the little crystalline forms to make you very ill and live with you the rest of your bodily experience awaiting revival under stress and physical debilitation--just like the "fever blister/cold sore" herpes virus. Most areas have just as inept management as does this local "Golden Hills" operation. The manager is not an engineer nor even educated to manage such an operation. This is not an insult to the man--it is simply that he does not know that for which to demand testing. Does it matter? Indeed, like the safety of the entire area for it is NOT JUST GOLDEN HILLS/TEHACHAPI, IT IS KEENE/TEHACHAPI, TEHACHAPI/TEHACHAPI, MOJAVE, ROSAMOND, ETC.

I am bombarded with "You usually don't give us these bits of news without telling us what to do about it--what can we do?" Oh boy, a hard one. What is available is being ripped off the shelves as quickly as possible. Food grade hydrogen peroxide properly used will knock these viruses out of the cells. Crystal life-forms with DNA structure for cellular whole recovery will do it over "time". All of this was purposely attacked before the introduction of contamination so that you can't do much to defend selves. As long as the bodies are fairly healthy the bugs won't show up too heavily in impact, so you sit as ducks on the iced-over pond with feet stuck--until circumstances fit the need to strike you.

To clean up the water supplies is going to require combinations of "Light wave" purification with, probably, the ozone method as follow-on. You must hit the virus structures with resonance at least matching that of the contaminant, or higher, in order to burst the cellular structures. The intent, as with AIDS, is to reduce immune systems and produce organ malfunctions to the point wherein the "regular" microorganisms can bring down the host. People do not die from HIV--they die from accompanying diseases that the body cannot handle.

The Elite would-be rulers are depopulating--so get off the kick about "research" into "saving and curing". There is NO intent to cure anything! If you don't face this monster soon, there won't be enough of you left to matter.


Do you not realize that major, major incidents about your globe wherein your loved ones ended up in battles of destruction, i.e., Vietnam--were originally stirred up prior to your hopping into the free-for-all? You are simply seeing the master puppeteer pulling some unmistakable strings. Mitterand is in serious health failure, the southern portion of the nation wherein the worst financial poverty was at play and a nation exists wherein political uprising is a breath away, is being disciplined. France will more happily join with the European Community or be devastated. The eyes can see clearly if the mind be cleansed and truth be fed into the circuits. The message is: "You will join our 'free' community or perish!" Always it will be violence and "stuff" thrust against the most helpless of the nations because they have no way to make REAL BIG trouble. This way the lessons can be given without fear of worse than bread lines. At some point however, it doesn't work too well as is evidenced by the French Revolution (which was also bought and paid for by the Elite Bankster Zionists). Indeed, chelas, these would-be-Lords have been at it for a very long time while they put the world's populations to slumber.

These floods around the world give ample opportunity to destroy water and food supplies through scarcity and contamination. You cannot have overflooding of the lands without resultant infections and famines. All governments have been brought into bankruptcy, the world is in massive "depression" and you are IN THE TRAP WITH THE DOOR SHUT--will the final turning of the key end your misery? NO--you have not yet fulfilled the adversary's plan against you--it includes much more deadly games to come. If you don't awaken and see that you DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY OUT THIS GAME, you are not going to make it. I can only offer insight--I cannot make you accept it. I can only ask, again: LOOK AROUND YOU AND WHAT DO YOU SEE?


Did I forget to mention another situation which has now been given reminding to me? I don't think I passed the news along that there are some 1,500 Cambodians imported into Idaho to pick mushrooms. To pick mushrooms? I didn't realize Idaho HAS mushrooms, much less enough to have to import, from abroad, mushroom pickers from Asia. I suppose the migrant mushroom picker union is not sufficient in America.

Guess who heads up the supervisor crews? The same Cambodians who are in charge of the Cambodians along the Mississippi River strategic points which we have written about for well over two years. It would certainly make you ponder "JUST WHAT IS IN IDAHO THESE DAYS?" would it not? Surely there must be something more than Randy Weaver and a few U.S. American patriots?


I won't even play the 20 questions game with you on this subject because it goes right along with our subject in point: Zionists and Ultimate World Order.

In the Second World War the intent was to get rid of the Jewish people in Germany--either ship them out and/or as they did with thousands, send them to Palestine. We are going to put aside all "extermination camp" lies and move with truth of operations at that time. The Zionists had already moved into Germany and taken over the economy and, basically, the government. The Zionist desire for this superior race as we have been outlaying went into full action through a stupid little dupe called Hitler. He was a nothing and the epitome of that which the Zionists were trying to "breed out"--he was in fact, a Jew. That is not news unless you have been isolated in a cave for most of your life and know no history.

They cannot do that again and so bunches of "Asian refugees" have been deliberately brought into Germany and set up in places where jobs are already non-existent and where the local economy cannot hold and attend the needs of these people who do not even speak English, much less German.

The obvious reaction is to have confusion. Enter into this groups both trying to save their own race and nation, stirred by placed troublemakers--call them "white supremacists out to destroy the helpless minority" and you have the same identical set-up as in pre-war Germany before.

If you cannot see that this is deliberate and that the same "groups" are paying for the transfer of refugees (why in the world would Vietnamese and Cambodians end up in Germany?), you are still sleeping. Who, except the would-be Kings, could afford to arrange for such transfer? World, YOU ARE IN IT! I, again, cannot urge you strongly enough to get in some survival stores for the time is at hand for the "famines" and "pestilence"--the grain this year has been wiped out in the U.S. by storms and the "whiteflies" are wiping out your garden crops in the West and now, fruitflies are introduced again into the citrus crops. Indeed, get your head out of the bucket and look around you. The waters of your nation are infected with viruses which are not cleansed from the systems by normal means so you ALL continue to contaminate selves. Remember, viruses are not even tested for in the water supply and the viruses being currently utilized are VERY SIMILAR to HIV and would not show up on regular testing equipment.


Well, the old Commander is feeling a bit old today, weary and wondering--how many will awaken IN TIME? I also know, however, as you must learn, that if I focus on my goals and service unto God and brother instead of on regrets and things past which cannot be changed--I don't feel either my annoyance nor my ancient age.

I continue to gather information so that I am not at disadvantage and, then, through KNOWING my strengths, I win without having to do a thing in violence--the factions of the enemy will break off and devour self. It is now under way.

All you really had to do was watch and listen to Henry Kissinger's inability to even "double speak" at the subcommittee hearing on POWs/MIAs this week. It gets harder for these liars to hide truth, does it not?

By the way, the network (TV) that Pat Robertson just purchased was owned by Ted Turner. Now, realize, please, that Pat Robertson is a POLITICAL evangelist with GOD not even running a close third in importance. The proper WORDS are uttered to get your contributions and the blessings are handed out to "give you your salvation without doing anything except contributing" and you're off on your fantasy land la-la journey to doom.

He (Pat Robertson) gave Ted Turner his start in the industry. Ted Turner, by his OWN MOUTH has said: "Don't expect God to help you 'cause HE ain't there and HE won't!" (And this is THE best buddy of your friendly "savior and teacher", Pat Robertson.

Ted Turner went further and publicly denounced and threw out the "TEN COMMANDMENTS" as presented in the Bible and WROTE HIS OWN called the "Turner Ten". Believe me they do not resemble anything from GOD--but then, some of the Ten Commandments as you got them don't either. Those were given mostly to insure control over the students who would not DARE act outside the laws of the Rabbis and Priests.


When you are told to come unto God as a child it MEANS: "Come with the open searching wondering of a child". It does NOT mean in "childish behavior" with closed minds and tantrum tactics to get your way. To experience the wonder of life through the eyes of a child is the most rewarding feeling in the world. The most deadly experience is to never grow beyond the childish things.

And again, it comes again to the "child" for, no matter how you wish it to be otherwise, you can't expect your children to listen to your advice and ignore your example. What examples do you give unto your children and those of the world?

A continuing question to me is, "How can God and you ones allow the suffering of the children about the world?" I remind you--WE DON'T, YOU DO. How many children does God and we of His crew save? ALL OF THEM! PONDER IT. WE HAVE THEM ALL, AFTER YOU DO YOUR HEINOUS PHYSICAL DEEDS UNTO THEM.

Do these things worry you? Really? Well, I have seen that "worry" is most often a "substitute for action". So, what are YOU going to do about this mess in which you find yourselves? I know what I am going to do--so it remains only that YOU decide what it is that you will do.

As a parting "daily thought", I understand that Don Ecker has given another part of his series in UFO. I sincerely hope he doesn't weary of the subject because we have only "just begun" in seeing "who is who"! I do understand that some are confused and frightened and we are proven to be false speakers and, in fact, secret "agents"? Good, the perception of "secret agents" is most easily cast off for we are so "secret" that everyone in the world knows about every last thing we do--except perhaps, dis- informed Don Ecker.

If Jim "F" is such a good information source I wonder why it is that Jim FENTON attended so many of our "meetings" but his lady friend soon became too dark in intent to even walk in our room? He takes the word back to Ecker that "Doris and E.J. are surrounded and protected by ex-Special Forces people." So be it! I am pleased about that--I hope you all now feel a bit more secure for certainly Doris and E.J. DO. I am sorry about J.F. for he truly desired that I do something to PROVE my reality to him so he could take it back to those "in the know in the circle". He told me that he "knew and was respected by many of them" and that he "could get a lot of word out there". No, we do not play in the evil children's camp, brother. You will be "used" and spat out like the lemon pits when you are discredited for your earnest inquiries.

These people are adversarial dis- mis-information plants and if you bumble into their clutches in worldly lack of protection and behavior against the laws of God, you will be left to their instruction and finally, destruction. You, Fenton, had an opportunity to find Truth and walk among the stars--you chose Don Ecker and the UFO human despots. I suppose, now, you will blame GOD for your own poor choices?

If there be "Special Forces" among us, would it not appear that some of "those who were within the system" found out how vile and treasonist are the "rulers"? Would it not seem that those ones, if they be in our midst, have SEEN and KNOW that which we give is TRUTH--from underground bases to intended destruction of your nation and globe? Why do you ones continue to play in the "mystical" and refuse to see the reality of your circumstance?



MON., SEP. 28, 1992 11:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 43


May we please begin right away with the continuation of the subject in point: THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER as pictured in The Jewish Utopia.

In continuation of the subject regarding "Armageddon" let us move right in to



According to the Utopian plan, the anti-God Communist forces will have to be destroyed, after they have served their purpose. For the Zionists want all the world to worship a god, their god. They who have made Communism so monstrous evidently expect to be our St. George, and the more monstrous the dragon the more glory to the Zionist knight-in-armor who cuts off its many heads, saving mankind (for such as remains of mankind). Socialism, Socialist governmental monopoly power, will not be one of the dragon heads to be cut off, but anti-religion will be.

It would surely seem that America is to be on the "righteous" side since our policies, like Britian's, support Zionism while the Communists shadow-box Zionism. But it is not conclusive that the USSR is to remain in the camp of the "unrighteous". The world planners are opportunists and now they are building Red China into a mighty war machine, with know-how and equipment largely from the Soviet Union. It is my guess that the master strategists plan to hurl Red China against both the USA and the USSR thus once more forcing us into a wartime marriage with a Communist country. In a desperate atomic struggle no man would dare criticize our ally, Soviet Communism or Jewish Zionism or our own government heads. We would quickly merge into a coalition Communist-type dictatorship with the Soviet Union, a world government, all but unrighteous China.

But to be on the side of the "righteous" we must embrace the Zionist god with law and "justice" administered from Jerusalem. The atomic war with anti-God China might well take care of all who opposed such developments. In such an alignment the USSR might be "reformed" from its anti-God position and induced to accept the god in Jerusalem. The world would be Socialist and there would be no further debate about Socialism or Communism, but only mention of pro-God and anti-God, pro-Jewish and anti-Jewish camps--the righteous vs. the unrighteous! [H: If you can't see that this has already come to be, albeit the labels may appear ever so "slightly" different and less obvious, then you are in critical circumstance. These things are already come to pass.]

The role of any particular nation as of now must necessarily be a matter of conjecture on our part but the above plan would satisfy the Utopian requirements.

For several years we have been hearing the question: Will Israel be neutral in the next war? If not, which side will she join? [H: It is most important right now that you realize it is out of Israel that the wars, themselves, are planned and caused, orchestrated and arranged so that someone else does their fighting and dying for them! Even to the financing--YOU pay the bill--through the banksters to pay for the wars, making it possible to hold the war and then impossible for you to recover.]

First, it is obvious that Israel would jeopardize the position of some two-thirds of the Jews of the world if she sided with the Communists against us, for these two-thirds reside in America.*

* The eminent Jewish writer and leader in England, Dr. Cecil Wroth, told a B'nai B'rith audience in Kansas City in MAY, 1952 (as quoted in a Kansas City newspaper, the exact date of which does not appear on my clipping), "You have now in the United States a good two-thirds of all Jews in the world." We do not know for sure how many Jews there are; the Jewish leaders historically refuse to publish reliable counts. Answering the question "Why is it forbidden to count Jews, one by one, even for a holy purpose," the California Jewish Voice, Feb. 15, 1957, gave the answer: "This restriction is found in the Talmud (Babil Yoma 22b) where it is written that it is forbidden to count Jews even for a mitzvah."

The New York Times (owned by the professional Jew, Sulzberger) in 1948 did dare to estimate (not necessarily counting "one by one", perhaps!) the Jewish population of the world, putting the figure at between 15,700,000 and 18,600,000. So if America has two-thirds of the total, we must house about 11,000,000 or 12,000,000 [H: Sure does seem to me that if some 6 million or 6-1/2 million were murdered in the holocaust that the numbers are somehow inappropriate. I repeat--there were not 6 million Jews in the German area to be killed in any holocaust of any kind!] Europe did not have six million Jews to lose during the war, as there were not that many Jews in all Europe; millions had left before the war started. Hitler could not have killed them. It seems obvious that they came mostly to America.

[H: Thank you, Mr. "Author", for repeating what I just said. This is the one biggest fact which disproves the Jewish holocaust story and WHY the Zionists make LAWS against questioning or publicly speaking in "revisionist" terms regarding their lies.] (End footnote)

Second, if the Zionists did not get some of the Israelis slaughtered in the war, and did not maneuver to have Israel sacked and perhaps burned, or atomized, they would lose the trump card which has drawn so many crocodile tears from us stupid Anglo-Saxons and got so many of our sons killed on Jewish-mapped battlefields. Israel will have to take part, and on the side of the West--or rather, fighting beside those Western nations who are to be duped and used.

Finally, Mr. Higger himself says Israel is to participate:

"...Israel, and the other righteous nations, will combat the combined forces of the wicked, unrighteous nations... "

From Prof. Higger's book, it seems that our own country and allies (no doubt Britain and France) are to be among the righteous! This is splendid news, the first news of victory, even before the war starts!

But are we to be victorious? Not in the sense that any of us or our children and grandchildren can profit by a victory. For it is Zion that is to conquer all. Or such is the plan:

"Assembled for an attack upon the righteous nations in Palestine near Jerusalem, the unrighteous will suffer a crushing defeat, and Zion will thenceforth remain the center of the Kingdom of God."

In the next world holocaust there may well be no victor, not even Israel. Certainly, if they succeed, you and I, as defenders of American traditions and individual freedom, will be on the liquidation list. We need not even expose Zionist activities to get into "The Jewish Black Book"*. All we have to do is defend our race, our traditions, our religion and our freedom. Mr. Higger made that clear; and the Zionists attack, vilify and ridicule all Americans who become prominent in the fight for Americanism.

* The Jewish Black Book Committee was listed as a Communist front in the 1947 Un-American Activities Committee Report. Its national head was the late Communist-friend, Albert Einstein. The BLACK BOOK is apparently a list of Americans who dare to defend their country and its traditions. (End footnote)

How will they and their "righteous" agents, the "liberals", manage to suppress or liquidate such opponents in this country?

Many ways may be quickly developed under the hysteria of war, an atomic war. One way already is clear, and for this, machinery already is set up and ready: It is the Federal Civil Defense Administration, a Jewish invention. We will need "civil defense", and lots of it, if war strikes. But no possible combination of political appointees could conduct efficient emergency operations in case of bombing, fires, and general hysteria. The only force capable of coping with such an emergency is the local police in their own cities. They are familiar with their respective cities and local environs and terrain and seasoned for handling people under excitement.

The only way on earth to have efficient "civil defense" in a war emergency is to have the responsibility where it already rests, under the American form of government--with the local city governments and the people themselves. Let the police chief hand pick, train, equip and organize a citizens' auxiliary and you will have genuine civil defense. The police chief and mayor naturally will work out plans for cooperating with the county law enforcement authorities, the county with adjoining counties, and all will work with the armed forces, to save their own lives and children. The authority must remain at home.


James Forrestal, the patriot Secretary of Defense, worked out exactly such a plan and, in the fall of 1948, asked police chiefs and sheriffs throughout the country to organize such auxiliaries. Forrestal was also, at that time, trying to keep Truman from building up the state of Israel in the strategic and oil-laden Middle East. The Marxist propaganda machine, headed by the Jewish smear agent, Walter Winchell, and the Anti-Defamation League mouthpiece, Drew Pearson, went into action against Forrestal. Rarely in our history has such a furious and lying attack been centered on any public official. By December, 1948, I predicted in a article (as any observer could have predicted) that Forrestal would soon be driven out of office. He was out by March, and, as the reader doubtless recalls, was hounded to near insanity and either jumped out or was thrown out the window of the Naval hospital (where he had been held virtually incommunicado, denied even the right to see a priest).

The surest sign that the inventors of the Federal (as opposed to local) civil defense machine were not concerned with providing genuine civil defense, to save lives, families and cities, and to preserve the local order of things, is seen in the nature of the organization they induced the President to set up: a Federal bureau of political appointees to run the entire civil defense, from coast to coast, the moment the bombs started falling, or the moment a region should be "threatened with invasion".

The hodgepodge of political appointees, even if they were seasoned field generals, could not get the job done. Only the local police could and can do it. The backers of the plan were unexpectedly challenged by a few far-sighted fighting police chiefs, sheriffs and perhaps some mayors. They fought for weeks over who should have the authority to give orders. Finally, the local government advocates won. Congress for once wrote into the bill the American way.

But no matter what the law says; every head of the Federal Civil Defense Agency has been a left wing "liberal" internationalist, fawning on the famous Jewish leaders. And the legal counsel is a Jew who has publicly called for the powers of dictatorship over the people in case of war. And the machine has set up a chain of command, down to the state, county and city, of political appointees of "liberal" internationalist leanings, or else oblivious to the world revolution in which we are caught. Neither these lower appointees nor the American people in general realize that the American system, and the Federal Constitution, prohibit the Federal government from coming into our state and our city to police us, under any circumstances, even in war, unless and until asked to do so by the legislature, or if it is not in session, by the Governor. [H: You should be in total panic at this point in realizing that you now have KGB trained sheriffs to police you and ready to enforce martial law and UN troops (so it isn't your own sons) to enforce all regulations in any circumstance--all prepared to respond when the chaos is ignited.]

This mighty wall has been our defense for nearly 200 years. It has protected us from a government which otherwise would have become a dictatorship long ago. Freedom can be had only by leaving all police powers entirely to the local community. But we have to man this wall of freedom or it will be beaten down. And if the people do not even know it is there, if they do not even have an inkling of the meaning of local government, and human freedom, how are we to expect them to man the Great Wall of Freedom?

[H: Now, I believe, you can see how dated this book really is. You have passed all requirements of downfall to the point of being totally under regulations of FEMA at this very moment. At the end of this dissertation I shall give you a rundown of who is this author. The volume in use is undated and bears no publishing information. This is for the protection of my scribe. I dedicate these writings in point to this man who braved the gauntlet to bring you truth decades past only to be tagged and battered by the opposition. Most of these patriots of the past will never be again recognized, but I shall do that which I can to see to it that as many as possible are not passed in vain for there was no way to fulfill their missions in whole for the nations' peoples could not awaken and see and hear.]

The gifted gentlemen who plan the take-over must know all this. They must know that as soon as their planted agents sound the alarm, over radio and television stations owned or dominated by prominent Zionists, the people will take orders from these voices, and the local police will be squelched. For 25 New Deal years our people have been conditioned to take orders from Washington. [H: Make that 'over half a century' now.]

Thus, no matter what the law says, the revolutionaries who advise and guide the liberal political appointees will have the upper hand and give the orders, from the first alarm. They will have to use the local police, but they will quickly replace any police chief or mayor who tries to exercise his constitutional duty to his people. They will shut down the schools, churches, libraries and courts, because their whole aim is to destroy local government and state government--the rock which so long has made Communist-Zionist take over impossible. And the political figure-head arriving in each community will get his orders as to whom to liquidate from the local secret agent of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. This Zionist machine, by its own bulletin, has agents in 2,000 American cities.

All Americans who recognize the revolution for what it is, and who dare to protest the destruction of local government and the imposition of a Federal police dictatorship--these "unrighteous" citizens will just disappear in the smoke and the hysteria.

You will not be able to write, wire or phone your Congressman, for the Federal Civil Defense Agency will control the mail and the telegraph and telephone systems.


The only defense you and I will have is to educate our neighbors now, while we have a chance to reach them with the facts.

Under such a situation it may be worth a great deal in the struggle to regain freedom, for the citizenry to realize that the defenders of constitutional government will be legally correct; while the oppressive government which usurps the rights of local and state government will be in the position of the revolutionary. Under such circumstances the Constitution seems clearly to authorize the people to make war on the usurpers. Article II of the Amendments says:

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

And Section I of Article XIV of the Amendments says:

"... nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law."

Other Articles also specifically provide protection for citizens who defend their constitutional government.

The reader who is unaware of the viciousness and determination of the revolutionaries may refuse to believe that any group in such a powerful position in our country has any such designs. But they have already had 12 or more dry runs in as many American cities, using the equally revolutionary invention, the Military Government forces--which always are headed by leftist revolutionaries or "liberal" dupes. In 1951 these units seized nine cities in California, seized the mayor and police chief, posted proclamations of absolute dictatorship over the populace--and in the name of the United Nations Forces Military Government.

[H: Not simply to cause panic and hysteria but to inform you that you are witnessing it happening again ALL OVER YOUR NATION. FEMA has taken control and Federal troops have been introduced from Los Angeles to Florida--however, what may fry your nerves to a crisp: THE BLACK UNIFORMED DOOR TO DOOR CONFISCATORS IN EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN (AND SEVERAL OTHER PLACES) WEAR IDENTIFICATION EMBLEMS IDENTIFYING THEM AS UNITED NATIONS--FEMA--AND/OR MILITARY GOVERNMENT TASK FORCES. IN MICHIGAN, THE ID IS MGTF.]

So complete are the plans for seizure of power that they were leaked to the public via a magazine in 1955 [37 years ago!] The July 1, 1955, issue of U.S. News & World Report reported the plan which would annihilate the Constitution of the United States and possibly end for all time the individual freedom we have known:

"A military dictatorship, swift and complete, will take hold at the very moment of any big atomic attack on American cities. "This is the word from top official sources in Washington following 'Operation Alert', the civil defense exercise just ended. "The old idea of 'standby controls', which has been worrying some business men, no longer has any place in official planning.

"Instead, the President will simply take control--of business, banks, goods, prices, wages, just about everything--and worry about legal authority later.

"Martial law will be clamped on the entire country. This will be the President's first official act after bombs start falling. With that act the President will assume almost unlimited powers. Dictatorship from Washington, or from the President's nearby hideaway, will be backed by military forces...

"Business will be blanketed by regulations already written and ready for issue.... Workers will be ordered not to strike, or change jobs without permission... Censorship will be imposed at once... Factories will be told what to produce... Farmers.... may find their livestock, land and crops commandeered for military use...

"In bombed out areas, martial law will bring strict discipline, enforced at gunpoint by whatever armed forces are available. The Federal Civil Defense Act will come into full effect, empowering authorities to requisition property, including private homes and automobiles. In these areas people will be subject to draft for whatever labor is needed.

"Individual rights and privileges will disappear for the time being. Habeas corpus, which protects a citizen against imprisonment without due process of law, will be suspended. So will freedom of speech... Under national martial law, so the thinking goes, there will be no time for haggling over Federal authority, no time for people or business to balk at doing what they are told.

"Once the dust begins to clear Congress will be asked to ratify the emergency measures ordered by the President."

Thus, the end of the golden age of human freedom; the wiping out of the glorious Republic with its written limitations on government and it constitutional guarantees against highhanded, arrogant officialdom.

And what a perfect blueprint for conquest by the gifted Zionist planners (who inspired this Federal "civil defense" trap and whose fingerprints are all over it). Julius Caesar, the internationalist, who was always an underling of the Jewish financial and political leaders (and always heavily indebted to them for personal "loans") thus destroyed the great Roman republic (after centuries of racial homogenization had reduced the people to a state of degeneracy).

We are still talking about milestones on the road to the Zionist's Utopia. We have not yet reached the milestone of A-day, which is suppression of freedom inside our country, but we have reached a milestone on the road to racial and spiritual degeneracy; otherwise no President would permit a clique to draw up a blueprint for crowning him a Caesar; no President would dare think in such terms. If we had not reached a milestone down the road toward the take-over, Congress and the people would blast out of office any President who dared to put his stamp of approval on a blueprint to wipe out the Republic and end, perhaps for all time, human freedom. [H: Sorry, chelas, but that milestone has come and is here! Remember, again, that this plan is to be in working perfection with depopulation almost complete BY YEAR 2000!]

Our people and even our Senators and Representatives seem no longer to understand that the Constitution never gives Congress or the President any special powers over the states and the people, regardless of the emergency. Even martial law does not give the President the right to suspend courts and the process of justice, or the right to invade a state and take over police powers (except by request of the state legislature or the Governor). Congress never has the right to grant the President any special wartime or other emergency powers. This innovation of our lifetime is simply a usurpation, an outright violation of the Constitution. The frightening aspect of it is that the people permitted it with little protest during the Second World War, and now raise hardly a voice against the "civil defense" blueprint for dictatorship. The people do not seem to realize that no such power is necessary or even advantageous: that the people, given leadership and information, will always respond and, under their local government and leadership, will accomplish more than under compulsion and Federal "planning".

Another milestone revealed in The Jewish Utopia which gives us a general clue as to the Zionist timetable:

"The advent of the new era will thus be preceded by the 'travail' of the Messianic time, namely, great distress, foreign invasions, confusions and moral decline. According to another tradition, the three generations preceding the Messianic period will possess abundance of silver and gold, and other luxuries. Hence, the people will lead an immoral and ungodly life. "

Has our level of prosperity and easy living now so completely killed any public conscience, the courage to resist tyranny and subversion, that the time is ripe? Before the First World War the farmers and small town neighbors would have taken clubs and cleaned out the stinking mess in Washington, and would have made short work of the Communists and Zionists, the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, etc.

I remember those men and their courage in the early part of this century. We are now a generation of cowards and money grabbers.

The milestones show that the revolutionaries expect to bring on the crisis very soon.



MON., SEP. 28, 1992 8:00 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 43



Many interruptions have occurred since we began the various writings of today.

I wish to finish this document so please understand, readers, that it is after 8:00 P.M. and we are weary.

We will take up the happenings and strategies that are under way with Perot and the politicians but let it be not overlooked that the entire thing is a study in media interest. I think if you pay attention to that which we have given attention, you can see how things are shaking out. Will Perot run? It doesn't matter in the least but it is nice to hear the voices of the people being raised above the roar of the media chantings and blackouts. You will note that Perot does NOT get "blackout" treatment and THAT MEANS THAT IN SOME CAPACITY HE IS ONE OF "THEM". With the undercover activities and meetings with Baker, etc., it certainly appears that this group does not want Clinton to win this election. You had best not want that either because with a PAC-bought Congress, you don't have a prayer in you-know-where of pulling out of this pit. There is so much more than meets the eye that we simply can't do it justice here tonight. I have probably said far too much as we have moved along because I want YOU to see what is happening--not just have an observer make observations.

Is Perot telling you-the-people the truth? Indeed, but you have to remember he is an advanced guard guest at places like Camp David and where all the "good old boys" go to meet and scheme and play. He has anted money every time the request has been pushed--from POW backing to anything requested of him. Bush is an old friend and, yet, Brent Scowcroft has his admiration and total respect (in Perot's own words) so you have a real can of worms here. Obviously the Bilderbergers want Clinton in the seat and right now Bush is NOT running the U.S. already. Therefore you may find that the most secure way to go to buy time and not have the entire nation collapse is to somehow insure that Bush makes it--that is, of course, the Republicans or an outsider who can be controlled, because the man in the slot makes no difference.

From here on in you are going to be surprised at just WHO seems to be coming to the rescue because the top Zionists may have overplayed their hands a bit too heavily.

The bombardment against you is in full-blast ahead and nothing is changed in the overall "PLAN".

So, back to quoting:


There remains the big question: Can they win?

After reviewing the steady progress the Jewish nationalists have made for centuries, in revolution after revolution, and the appalling power they have today as they near the climax of their amazing 2500-year struggle for domination, it might sound ridiculous to say flatly "NO". Any answer is obviously no more than an opinion, or a blind faith. My answer is, and always has been, "No". I just do not believe the selfish, scheming, bloody, utterly unmoral Zionist cult can destroy the whole world and bring the smoking remnants under its control.

I believe they have gone too far already. They are challenged in the Communist countries by the people and now they are challenged even in the stupid, kindly, tolerant and timid West where the Zionist curtain of secrecy cannot be kept down much longer.

No matter who incited the Hungarian revolution of 1956, the fact that thousands of Hungarians, including many or most of the younger generation who were supposed to have become indoctrinated with Communism, were willing to fight to the death for their freedom told the tale: The Communist monster cannot destroy the love of freedom; even in the slave state of Hungary, after years of Communist browbeating, men will die for freedom.

An article in the August 18, 1957, Los Angeles Examiner quotes Chiang Kai-shek as reporting rebellion throughout Communist held China--this after the Reds have killed an estimated 15,000,000 of the community and provincial leaders, the best blood of every community. The leader of Free China, who has fought the Reds, ideologically and militarily, since 1927, and who is no gullible optimist, made the blunt prediction that "the general collapse of the entire Soviet empire and international Communism" is underway--one of the most heartening statements published in this generation.

However, the Generalissimo undoubtedly based his prediction on the assumption that men and women both in and outside the captive countries would keep on struggling and fighting the monster and he warned that, if the men in the Kremlin see their empire crumbling, they may risk an atomic war in the hope of saving it.

It is well known that the Red empire has been on the verge of bankruptcy or internal collapse several times in its history and might well have been overthrown or failed but for the intervention of the United States. Repeatedly we have rushed food for millions of discontented, hungry rebels, or made loans to the Communist government of Moscow, or instituted some hands-off policy such as Dean Acheson's policy of "containment". The policy of the Roosevelt-Truman-Eisenhower internationalists has been to do nothing which would seriously harm the Communist governments. This has given them time to grow and consolidate their gains. [H: I guess you can see that by no mention of subsequent Presidents since Eisenhower, you have really "dated" this Journal. This can only bode ill for you-the-people for you can see what has happened. There is no lessening of Communism or Zionism--there is only a lip-service sly and clever move to hide facts and call the hornet/scorpion by another label to further confuse your thinking. Look at the impact since Eisenhower--my, you have had to go through Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush--and I may even have left out one or two--BUT WITH ALL--THERE WAS ALWAYS HENRY KISSINGER PULLING THE STRINGS ALONG WITH A ROCKEFELLER.]

All the Red empire has needed was time--time to train mechanics, build factories, build a war machine, build super weapons with our laboratory secrets. Now the Soviets have the weapons with which--not to defeat us, perhaps, but to precipitate Armageddon, and, in committing suicide, kill millions of Americans and wipe out our cities.

The all-important job for us just now is to bring about the downfall, the disintegration, of the Red empire before the Zionists can use it to bring about the Armageddon which they must have. If we rob them of the war in the Middle East and the war emergency here at home, we will tear up their timetable and set them back perhaps a hundred years, giving us time to organize our defenses. [H: Do not be foolish to misread this for what you have "witnessed" is not a tearing down of the actual empire but a reshuffling of the players which is always a prime mark of the beast in operation. The point missed in this man's writings is the supremacy of the Russian cosmic crews and craft--he knew not of such a thing at the time of his writings.]

At the same time, we should outlaw and destroy the Zionist cells here at home. [H: Well, you certainly have NOT done this--in fact, they have grown steadily more and more powerful even to making their "religion" the public law of the land.]

One thing we need to understand immediately: the Jewish planners are not infallible. Time and again their plans have misfired, in ancient, medieval and modern maneuvers. They expected to capture Europe through Communism and then all the world, quickly after the First World War. They expected to annihilate the Germans or completely break their fighting spirit by the Second World War. They planned to take over our country immediately after that war in the hysteria of an abysmal financial depression. They evidently expected something big to result from their 1956 invasion of Egypt, but instead they not only had to back out, but their eagerness for blood unexpectedly, almost incredibly, drove hundreds of thousands of Christian laymen and ministers (those who had not been hardened pro-Communists but only deceived, and well meaning "liberals") away from them. All over America the Christian press turned on the Jewish militarists. Israel no longer was the sacred fulfillment of scriptural prophecy to these ministers.

[H: Hold your breath--is the above true? I thought you would catch the errors. Perhaps it appeared that way at the time of the writing--but in your country the evangelical movement has become totally Zionist and works for the fulfillment of the Zionists' prophecies in the form of this PLAN--hook, line and sinker. Your own evangelist "Christians" have pulled down your nation into a Zionist movement.]

An Anti-Defamation League survey early in 1957 estimated that 75 percent of the Christian press had turned "anti-Semitic". [H: I am almost ready to not print the rest of this gentleman's writing for if you are not paying close attention you may indeed think that I give you this as current fact. NO, his conclusions may have been seemingly as presented in 1958 but NOT IN 1992. So far, in 1992, the Zionists have brought about every last thing they set out to do and herein is where "hindsight" is so much better than guessing about that which may or may not come to be. The only reason I shall continue to quote is out of respect and honor for the incredibly insightful work of this writer in laying out the planning.]

We will have to have just one victory at the polls, electing a President with both courage and understanding, to snap off the head of the Zionist snake and keep it from again coupling up with the body, at least in our time. The guilt of the Zionist schemers must make them extremely uneasy with every reversal, big or little. They are obviously guilty of disloyalty to the United States Constitution; they obviously have their own world tribal government and now also a political and geographical state, and their loyalty is to that tribal government and state. Obviously, they are trying to bring about the disintegration of our country and its subordination to a world regime under their influence. [H: Obviously THAT president has not yet come along, has he? Will it happen this year? CAN it happen this year? How much do YOU hear about Bo Gritz from the national population? Could it happen? Yes, but it surely doesn't look like it will be through ballots in 1992. And if you don't do it in 1992--when?]

This is treason.

And the recognized punishment for treason in all well ordered countries throughout history has been death. [H: But what have you today? You have death to those who speak out against the treasonists. Doesn't look too good, does it?]

The willful, inner leaders of the Zionist world state must be punished and the hundreds of thousands of their followers who have had an inkling of what they were up to, must be banished--as the most humane way to deal with mass treason. They must be resettled preferably on a suitable island where they can make their own living by the work of their hands (since that is what their utopian leaders want), but whence they cannot subvert our people and country, and whence they cannot escape.

In this time of discouragement for patriotic citizens, when even our own government often is used against us and against the interests of our country, we should bear in mind the example of an earlier patriot of another country, who went through darker days but won a historic victory. The little green-eyed Isabella came to the throne when she was 20, in a Spain that had suffered such complete degradation under seven centuries of Jewish machinations and Moorish invasions that she had to run time and again for her life. The "new Christians", the hundreds of thousands of Jews who had gone into the Catholic church two or three generations earlier (in a political and commercial maneuver and for protection against reprisals) had practically captured the church in that country and were subverting it from within. (Their predecessors in France and Spain had inspired a movement called the Albigenses, which taught the gullible gentiles to believe that the body was evil, so the holy leaders should commit suicide; but which movement, at the same time, gave the masses such license that they sank in complete moral abandon.)

Isabella had a New England conscience and a patriotic zeal; she fought back. For 20 years she fought--not all Jews, but the guilty Jews--and their allies, the Moors. After a lifetime of struggle she succeeded in breaking the Moorish resistance in a decisive battle at Granada (in 1492) and a little later expelled most of the Moors and Jews from Spain.

[H: The next is the final entry by this author and is well worth heeding.]


Our political leaders are not going to save us unless and until the people demand salvation. It is up to us. We must organize for self defense. A single organization of white citizens, each required to study the racial history of his people financed by some of our many rich men, and inspiring a similar race-pride organization among the Negroes, with friendly cooperation between the two groups, could ultimately win the victory. Nature is strongly in our favor; neither the Negroes nor the Whites generally want "integration"; several million Negroes in recent years have signed petitions urging Congress to appropriate money to help them settle in a country of their own in Africa, and a bill is now before Congress to help them.

The enemy holds the whip only because of his skillful use of fear propaganda above our cowardice and ignorance. His hold on our presidential nominating conventions and on governments and peoples is precarious. Once we wake up and acknowledge that it is un-Christian to soften and subvert our own race, that in so doing we are betraying our children into slavery, once we begin speaking up against the fraudulent Zionist missionary of "brotherhood" and begin defending the future freedom of our own children, we will suddenly shake off the spell of the voodoo priests. Once we begin talking straight to our elected officials and giving them the necessary moral support, they will outlaw the Zionists as well as the Communists, and the black-magic revolution will vanish like a bad dream.

Let us be warned by the insane outburst of Mr. Higger when he said (p. 19) the motto will be:

"Righteous Unite! Better destruction of the world than a wicked world!"

Better destruction of the whole world if the Zionists cannot make us all conform to their requirements!

The Israelis now are making atomic fission materials in their own secret, guarded plant: and Jewish revolutionaries in America (famous Jewish radicals) have great influence over, if not outright control of "our own" atomic weapons and, unless there has been a recent change, a Communist Jew is head of the atomic projects in the USSR. Bombs can be placed strategically in our industrial cities and exploded at A-day by radar. Atomic dusts are so poisonous that a small organization could poison the nation's water supply (as Ana Pauker said the Communists would do when the time came).

There are radical Jews high and low in our bacteriological warfare laboratories; they can spread strange disease among us while covertly vaccinating the "righteous" among their own people. There is strong suspicion that they are already liquidating the foremost of our anti-Marxist leaders by invisible death, possibly inducing cancer in a Senator's bloodstream by atomic radiation planted in a chair cushion or upholstery.

Unless the American people recapture their government and smash the Zionist machine the insane elements in that machine may wipe out mankind.

Every man, sooner or later, has got to answer to his children and his country. How will you answer?

[H: Moreover--every man, woman and child, sooner or later, will also ANSWER TO GOD! HOW WILL YOU ANSWER?]

* * *

[H: Now, before changing the subject, I have here a bit about the author which is written in conjunction with this information. I think, again, that it is best if I simply ask that what is written be accurately repeated. You have to understand that this is some 30-odd years old.]


Robert H. Williams, a native of West Texas, son of a Baptist minister, is a lecturer, news analyst and authority on subversive movements. He is a contributor to Encyclopedia Britannica's "Ten Eventful Years", author of several booklets on Communism, Zionism and Americanism, and is publisher of the monthly newsletter Williams Intelligence Summary.

In 1942 the author, as S-2, head of the Intelligence staff section, for Basic (or Replacement) Training Center No. 4 of the (then) Army Air Forces Counter Intelligence investigative staffs in the AAF. Later he became executive officer for the Intelligence and Public Relations section, Headquarters Miami Beach Schools (commanded by Brig. General Ralph H. Wooten), with the title The Intelligence Officer. In this assignment he trained and directed the combined and expanded Intelligence section over the various Miami Beach Air installations.

For more than a year thereafter (in 1943-1944) he was a Combat Intelligence Officer (with secondary Counter Intelligence duties) in the Second Air Force, helping train bombardment crews. In August, 1944, he again was assigned to Counter Intelligence (detection and prevention of sabotage, subversion, etc.) as his primary duty, becoming the Counter Intelligence Officer for the 314th Bombardment Wing (of B-29s), and remained in that assignment to the end of his active duty, August, 1945, serving with the bomber wing on Guam, under command of Brig. General (now General) Thomas S. Power.

After the war, he was transferred to Military Intelligence Reserve, from which he was honorably discharged in December, 1950. As an Intelligence officer his efficiency rating was never lower than Excellent; for 12 consecutive months it was Superior. On departure from Guam for the United States he was commended by General Power "for your performance of duty as a member of the Wing Intelligence Section, particularly as Wing Counter Intelligence Officer. You have demonstrated ability and a devotion to duty which have served as a model to other members of the command."


Unable to deny the author's carefully documented charges of subversive activities, the Communists and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith circulated stories that "Williams is not and never was a member of Military Intelligence Reserve"--though for two or three years after these fables began to appear in ADL and Communist publications Williams was a Major in Military Intelligence Reserve. When he became over-age in grade and applied for a one-year extension in the Active Reserve, the Anti-Defamation League put intense pressure on G-2 at Washington to drop him, but after a four-month investigation of Major Williams and his publications, his file was marked "NO ADVERSE INFORMATION" and G-2 granted his requested extension, in the coveted classification of Counter Intelligence Specialist.

When President Truman designated Mrs. Anna M. Rosenberg as Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of personnel (giving her almost absolute power to fill key positions with revolutionaries), Williams published a factual, documented expose of Mrs. Rosenberg's Red record. On the day (Dec. 21, 1950) the Senate confirmed Mrs. Rosenberg's appointment Williams was discharged.

Later a high ranking officer of the Adjutant General's Department told Williams that the Jewish revolutionary, the late David K. Niles, one of Truman's aides, had ordered the discharge via Mrs. Rosenberg. Presumably it was her first official act. The discharge was honorable; no charges ever were filed against Williams; it was issued under Para. 6a (11) SR 140-1751, a paragraph under which an officer can be discharged (honorably) without so much as notifying him. The only answer Congressman John Phillips ever was able to get from the George C. Marshall-Anna Rosenberg Department of Defense as to why the author was discharged was that wide publicity given to certain statements contained in his booklet Know Your Enemy and his newsletter impaired the author's future usefulness in Intelligence. Obviously, this referred to the fact that the author had dared to expose the Zionist revolutionary machine, including certain Jewish generals and officials who were pro-Communist or of doubtful loyalty.

Williams' home town daily paper, the Santa Ana Register, classified this as one more of the political discharges for which the Truman administration had become notorious.

Williams' publication continued to grow in influence and circulation despite propaganda attacks and the pro-Communists made a still more extravagant effort to discredit the author. While the weak Congressman Harold Velde was chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Committee planted on the committee, as its chief legal council, their friend, a radical left winger, Robert Kunzig, and through him these two subversive organizations, which attack all anti-Communists, arranged and held a secret meeting with Velde in which Velde agreed to use their "finger men" and their so-called files.

Late in December, 1954, after Republicans lost the election and Velde was through as chairman and to be succeeded by the fighting American Congressman Francis Walter, and Kunzig knew he was to be fired immediately--he got up a pamphlet which he called Report on Neo-Fascists and Hate Groups (using the very terminology of the Communist and Zionist smear agents in his title) attacking more than a score of anti-Communists but not a single Communist individual or organization.

In this so-called report, Kunzig repeated the fables of the Communists and Zionists about Williams:

"Williams advertises himself as a member of Army Intelligence during World War II. The deception is evident from the fact that Williams' Intelligence duty comprised less than a year as an administrative officer for the Intelligence section of a bomber wing. In the position, he would have received no Intelligence information dealing with the Communist conspiracy. His assignment to Military Intelligence was merely in the Reserves, from which commission he was relieved by official action of the Army, effective December 21, 1950."

When the new chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee, Francis Walter, read about this so-called report in the papers he angrily and publicly denounced it, said he had never heard of it before and that the Committee had no knowledge of it, and added: "This sort of thing is going to stop."

He got rid of Kunzig and in June, 1955, a four-man subcommittee of the Un-American Activities Committee, holding hearings in Los Angeles, convened a special executive session to hear Williams and correct the falsifications of his record of service in Army Intelligence.

With the appearance of Williams' latest booklet, The Ultimate World Order , revealing (probably for the first time in history) the actual Zionist plans for domination, the author expects renewed attacks by the alien cults to keep the people from heeding his warning. [End of "Author" section.]

* * *

Thank you. Now, I shall just ask for a bit of reminding information:


The principles and morality of these latter-day Protocols are as old as the tribe. Here is one from the Fifteenth Century which Jews can hardly pronounce as a forgery, seeing that it is taken from a Rothschild journal.


The Revue des etudes Juives, financed by James Rothschild, published in 1889 two documents which showed how true the Protocols are in saying that the Learned Elders of Zion have been carrying on their plan for centuries. On January 13, 1489, Chemor, Jewish Rabbi of Arles in Provence, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, as the people of Arles were threatening the synagogues. What should the Jews do? This was the reply:

"Dear beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

"The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

  1. As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christian: do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.

  2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods: (the law was that on becoming converted Jews gave up their possessions); "make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

  3. As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians' lives.

  4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

  5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

  6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

"Signed V.S.S.V.F.F., Prince of the Jews, 21st Caslue (November), 1489.

In the year 1844, on the eve of the Jewish Revolution of 1848, Benjamin Disraeli, whose real name was Israel, and who was a "damped", or baptized Jew, published his novel, Coningsby, in which occurs this ominous passage:

"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

And he went on to show that these personages were all Jews.


* * *

So, you might say that "this was in 1844 and 1889 and could have nothing to do with any current events"--Oh? Please, read on:


In its issue of 10 March, 1921 (No. 214) La Vieille France gives the version of a funeral oration which was published in La Russie Juive. It is perfectly clear that the funeral oration and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion come from one and the same mint. Both are prophetic; and the power which made the prophecies has been able to bring about their fulfillment. This oration is so important that we again print it herein. There can no longer be any doubt as to whose is the power which is disturbing the world, creating World Unrest, and at the same time reaping all the profits. Jewry is enslaving all Christian peoples of the earth as well as all God-loving peoples of other doctrines. There IS a Zionist World Plot and it now stands finally and completely unmasked.

  1. Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel, have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy--Christianity.

  2. This year, united over the tomb of our reverend Simeon-benIhuda, we can state with pride that the past century has brought us very near to our goal, and that this goal will be very soon attained.

  3. Gold always has been and always will be the irresistible power. Handled by expert hands it will always be the most useful lever for those who possess it, and the object of envy for those who do not. With gold we can buy the most rebellious consciences, can fix the rate of all values, the current price of all products, can subsidize all State loans, and thereafter hold the states at our mercy.

  4. Already the principal banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all the governments, are in our hands.

  5. The other great power is THE PRESS. By repeating without cessation certain ideas, the Press succeeds in the end in having them accepted as actualities. The Theatre renders us analogous services. Everywhere the Press and the Theatre obey our orders.

  6. By the ceaseless praise of DEMOCRATIC RULE we shall divide the Christians into political parties, we shall destroy the unity of their nations, we shall sow discord everywhere. Reduced to impotence, they will bow before the LAW OF OUR BANK, always united, and always devoted to our Cause.

  7. We shall force the Christian into wars by exploiting their pride and their stupidity. They will massacre each other, and clear the ground for us to put our own people into.

  8. The possession of the land has always brought influence and power. In the name of social Justice and Equality we shall parcel out the great estates; we shall give the fragments to the peasants who covet them with all their powers, and who will soon be in debt to us by the expense of cultivating them. Our capital will make us their masters. We in our turn shall become the great proprietors, and the possession of the land will assure the power to us.

  9. Let us try to replace the circulation of gold with paper money; our chest will absorb the gold, and we shall regulate the value of the paper which will make us masters of all the positions.

  10. We count among us plenty of orators capable of feigning enthusiasm and of persuading mobs. We shall spread them among the people to announce changes which should secure the happiness of the human race. By gold and by flattery we shall gain the proletariat which will charge itself with annihilating Christian capitalism. We shall promise workmen salaries of which they have never dared dream, but we shall also raise the price of necessities so that our profits will be greater still.

  11. In this manner we shall prepare Revolutions which The Christians will make themselves and of which we shall reap the fruit.

  12. By our mockeries and our attacks upon them we shall make their priests ridiculous then odious, and their religion as ridiculous and as odious as their clergy. Then we shall be masters of their souls. For our pious attachment to our own religion, to our own worship, will prove the superiority of our religion and the superiority of our souls.

  13. We have already established our own men in all important positions. We must endeavor to provide the Goyim with lawyers and doctors; the lawyers are au curant with all interests; doctors, once in the house, become confessors and directors of consciences.

  14. But above all let us monopolize Education. By this means we spread ideas that are useful to us, and shape the children's brains as suits us.

  15. If one of our people should unhappily fall into the hands of justice amongst the Christians, we must rush to help him; find as many witnesses as he needs to save him from his judges, until we become judges ourselves.

  16. The Monarchs of the Christian world, swollen with ambition and vanity, surround themselves with luxury and with numerous armies. We shall furnish them with all the money their folly demands, and so shall keep them in leash.

  17. Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry Goyim they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of free love, that we may destroy among Christian women attachment to the principles and practices of their religion.

  18. For ages past the sons of Israel, despised and persecuted, have been working to open up a path to power. They are hitting the mark. They control the economic life of the accursed Christians; their influence preponderates over politics and over manners.

  19. At the wished for hour, fixed in advance, we shall let loose the Revolution, which by ruining all classes of Christianity will definitely enslave the Christians to US. Thus, will be accomplished the promise of God made to His People.


* * *

Let us simply leave this here for I know not how to get through to you if you refuse to accept this information from the very ones who have laid the PLANS for ultimate world control and depopulation of the masses.

Do I hate these ones? NO--I respect them as I would any deadly viper. I respect them and they are my enemy--these would be enslavers of a world filled with my Father's creations. I am of God of Holy Lighted Source and unto THAT Source is all my allegiance. I shall give no "quarter" unto this enemy come upon and taking that which is of God. He denounces and destroys that which is goodly and tramples all in his path of greed and corruption. HE IS MY ENEMY AND SO SHALL IT BE FULLY KNOWN AND RECOGNIZED. So, will I take my phasers and swords and cut him to shreds? Oh no, not so is the way of God but HE SHALL BE SMITTEN AND BROUGHT DOWN INTO THE PITS FOR THAT WHICH HE HAS DONE AND COMMITTED UPON THE PERFECTIONS OF THE FATHER'S MANSIONS. WOE BE UNTO HIM WHO CHOOSES THE WAY OF THE SERPENT!

And so is the time of choosing upon the peoples and upon all the lands for the time of the Lord is at hand, readers, for the PLAN of the enemy is come upon its final phases geared to the turning of the century and millennium. The trumpets sound the warning. Will YOU hear?

God blesses you weary travelers upon HIS path. Thine day within the LIGHT is nigh. We have come to collect you of OURS home into security--if ye will but heed the call.

Salu and Amen