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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents: [Tangled Webs] -- [Crucifixion of the Phoenix -- [etc.].

1. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) II. Dharma, Computer person. III. Phoenix Journals.


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JUDAISM AND BOLSHEVISM A Challenge and a Reply

SOME FACTS (By A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., etc.)



















THU., OCTOBER 15, 1992 10:54 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 60


I am grateful for the "updated" more comprehensive schematic of the Conspiracy Rule of the World. I ask that it be placed in the appendix of this JOURNAL and in the upcoming LIBERATOR, appropriately labelled. These visual aids are effective and allow the mind to comprehend the magnitude of God of Creation's adversarial "teams". However, since you are going to read a volume herein that features Henry Kissinger, I suggest you not be either surprised nor annoyed to find it difficult to even find his name on the document in point.

You will have to realize at the ending of the puzzle coalition that he must come basically from the side of the diagram representing the House of Rothschild which includes the Marxian-Socialism, KGB/Mossad, etc. The reason you can calculate this much is that Kissinger was instrumental in the "take-out" of the Rockefeller brothers and each replacement where appropriate as in the case of David, now running around seemingly in original format. "The bunch", including Kissinger, simply killed Nelson because they needed him out of the picture permanently. Kissinger then gave a grief-stricken eulogy, took off immediately for a European trip and himself was "taken-out" on the journey back to the U.S. He was missing over a period of months while it was claimed he and Nancy, his bride, were "vacationing". Actually a new Kissinger was being readied and programmed for the demise was not timely and there "had to be" a Henry Kissinger to continue and finalize activities. The organizations are so intertwined that it is difficult to account for the players but there are clues. At any rate they all come out of The Luciferans and are ALL totally humanistically physically oriented toward RULE OVER ALL PHYSICAL PROPERTY AND MANIFESTED HUMAN PHYSICAL.

We will speak again on these subjects but we did not have space to cover it all in this volume.

I have chosen the title, SEX AND THE LOTTERY, for one reason--ATTENTION! In this day of incredible lies and corruption--everything from sex to survival is simply like the lottery--"you takes your chances" for it is intended you become dead of disease through sexual experience in looseness or enslaved to later serve the puppet masters' physical needs. It will be through misuse of "sex" in activities, concept and practice which will bring you to your knees in destruction of self-respect and actual destruction of foundation upon which you structure your very lives.


The next portion I write as much for Dharma as for any of you other readers.

It is a lonely task here to write that which most of the world wants NOT to hear and see. But THERE ARE OTHERS who receive and share Truth in a different thrust--a different presentation.

I make no comment on the following writing received from M.C. from his Computer Bulletin Board and shared directly with us, other than to give confirmation of "other" capable receivers bearing the messages of Truth. I won't identify the writer/receiver because Truth is Truth--and it matters not WHO brings that Truth. Satan himself could bring the Truth even among his lies and you can discern that portion which is of GOD SOURCE. The following, however, is wondrous and loving support of the Truth of the "times at hand" and the purpose of the return of God unto your place--and without knowing one another, workers can serve for each has a place and God is sufficient to all needs and all things. So be it.

Please let us just copy the writing as shared. Don't get hung-up on labels--take "content" within and think upon the messages and balance will be given if asked within the LIGHTED INSIGHT. Dharma needs to receive these things, also, and see beyond the keyboard and unto the infinite experience.

I thank you for the sharing of the document and blessings are given unto the receiver for the people of God of Light need this loving but firm pronouncement from our leader, the Christed representation recognized and translated in language unto the one recognized, by most, as Jesus. It matters not about other perceptions for this would be the ONE destined to be recognized as the being you can claim in human touch with that Christed presence come to ALL physical experience and Guiding Lighted God of human manifestation on your Planet.


As dictated by Moses and Jesus, the Christ.
September 24, 1992

Oh, children of Israel, You have wandered long, scattered among the four winds.

The wicked state of Israel has come to be, but think not that you, the remnants of Israel, belong to this vile whore.

We, as God's servants, have come to retrieve those of you left behind. We beg unto you to follow the commandments of God, even unto the bitter end.

Eyes human do not see us, but hearts of God do. Read all herein and believe for I am Moses, the prophet of old. This is my messenger through whom I shall write, and I name her Rosah.

* * *

Beloved Child, we are entering a very difficult phase within the affairs of men, when confusion abounds. Those decisions which you would normally leave to common sense will no longer be sated with the element of common sense. That to which you would normally apply human reason will no longer work according to the principles of reason. Little ones, the Antichrist plan does not work according to reason.

The lot of you will soon be left with your hands upon your hips, wondering how such destructive things could have happened to you. Remember that the evil Antichrist is wise as the fox, and while you have been comfortably sleeping, you have been robbed of your chickens and your chicken coop. The next plan is to rob you of your bodies physical and/or your very soul. The plan of the Antichrist is to hunt every single Christian into extinction and to remove you from the face of the earth.

This plan is already in action. You will see more and more cases just like the Randy Weaver Case and you will be able to do nothing, lest you be made an example. So, does this defy common sense? Well, there is nothing rational about the Antichrist plan. The total plan is to destroy. It is a plan of confusion.

You made an astute observation as you put together the pieces of that which you have read. The battle of Armageddon is, indeed, the Plan of the Antichrist. If you have fallen for this plan (and have accepted the destruction of man as of God), then you have been mistaken. God has given to each of you a free will to act according to the teachings of God or to act according to the teachings of the Antichrist, Satan. The teachings (Laws of God) lead to wholeness, completeness. The teachings of Satan lead to confusion and destruction.

The plan of Satan would have the lot of you to lay down and do nothing while the fox eats every last one of you alive. This Antichrist plan would have the lot of you believe that you have no free will, and that you can not deter one whit the advances of Satan. Little Ones, you have missed the whole point....the point being that you have the power to arrest the evil of the Antichrist machine in its tracks if you would but use your free will to follow the commandments of The Father God, Creator.

The plan of God is freedom and is positive and creative. Do you not believe that your founding Fathers were inspired of God to fight the revolution for your country? Well, of course they were inspired of God. It is the will of God that you all be FREE, that you all have a free will.

Now, it is the intent of the Antichrist to take away your free will. Does this sound like it is of God? A plan to take away your free will? I say not. You have all read the destructive plan of Satan in your Book of Revelation in the Bible. Does this plan tell you that you are to rise up and educate one another and to come back to the teachings of God? Does it say therein that in these times God would flood the Earth with messengers in all parts of the globe? Does it say therein that these messengers would come forth in great numbers that you, the masses, might be informed as you lie in the dark at the hands of evil men and under the foot of the Antichrist? Does it say within the book of Revelations that God would open up the windows of heaven and pour out His blessings on the country of the United States of America if you would forsake your idolatry, your gross fornication and various perversions of the flesh? Does it say within the book of Revelation that if you would all humble yourselves unto the teachings of God, that you would be saved from the plan of Satan, which is destruction? A great number of you who have read the final book of the Bible all feel that you are left with no other recourse that you all must lose your rights and be subject to numerous wars, plagues and such.

Blessed Children of God, hear me and hear me well. Arise and take back that which has been taken from you lest grave suffering come to be a daily diet. Destruction is the tool of the Devil. It falls upon the masses, who adhere to the principles of darkness. If you will do nothing about it, you give your permission for the Prince of Darkness to proceed to destroy....the guilty with the innocent. When you are ripe for the picking, as you are now, it is Satan who destroys you, and not God. If you pursue the works of Satan, you fall into the camp of Satan.

Satan knows that he and his army have no heritage within the kingdoms of the higher realms. He has no allegiance or loyalty to you and wishes to see you all dead physically and, especially, spiritually. Now, you have been given the commandments of God to follow. If you but follow the Commandments of God, you will not fall within the clutches of The Evil One and his followers.

I say awaken and heed the call of those sent among you to spread The Word, The Truth AND The Light. If you will not listen and fight for your very lives, you will soon have no opportunity. God has not left you. You have left God. The sooner you wake up and realize that God is not out there somewhere, but within you, the sooner you will renew your own kinship. Quit, I repeat "quit" waiting for others to feed you. Go unto God in prayer and supplication and feed yourself.

Those who call themselves shepherds have lost the way. They are as blind as are the lot of you. THEY ARE THE MONEY CHANGERS, WHO GRAB OF THE OFFERINGS FOR THEIR OWN USE. "Get thee from me, hence," thus saith the Lord. Throw out the money changers from your places of worship. Quit the churches where the idea is to be seen of men. Cease to go among those who are proud and haughty to partake of the word of God. The same is not of God. You are better off alone than in the midst of such trouble makers.

Then, go into your government houses and throw out those who have sold your very souls. Take back your government from the thieves, the favored of the evil prince of darkness...the ones who call themselves Zionists, elite. Yes, indeed, Little One, this is true. Those who call themselves as Zionists are rogue murderers, who further the Antichrist plan of destruction. It is these very ones who intend to hunt you godly ones into extinction.

You do not have the time to waste on those who will not act. You will either act or your freedoms will be forever gone. Within the laws of the land, go while you have yet time and clean up your government houses from within, lest they be cleaned up by those from without for you are indeed ripe for the picking.

Rise up, precious children of the Light of God. Take up your wand of Truth and go forth against the evil which threatens to devour you. Believe no longer the lies foisted upon you. Tear down the walls of secrecy within your very own government lest your land of freedom be lost forever. Our hearts cry out for you.

I can only tell you that you must prioritize those things which are of immediate import and of God, the Creator. You must make an inner determination and stick to the same. Fight this battle to win it. If you do not fight you will be inundated with that which you allow to be foisted upon you. You, as a collective group, are responsible for that which you allow your leadership to throw over on you, the unsuspecting. If you will not awaken, then all of you shall suffer--the weak and the strong--the good with the evil shall fall simultaneously. We can only hope that you all will do that which you must do to awaken the power of good within you to take charge of this once great country. You are in this sense your brothers' keeper. This does indeed place quite a burden upon the shoulders of you who are informed, who will listen and go forth with the Truth. We can only weep if you will not do the same.

Now, let us go forth with an introduction to this material regarding THE DIVINE PLAN OF GOD, THE FATHER-CREATOR. I address this material herein to those who seek and are lost, confused and seeking an affirmation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I address this material herein to those who seek and find not. I address this material herein to those who take up arms against their brethren, but who do so under a great mass of guilt and confusion. I address this material herein to those who labor long in the vineyard and who grow weary as the payment received does not buy the sustenance needed to feed the little ones in the individual family.

Let it be known that I am Moses, the prophet of old. I am here as are a number of us in your very own midst. We are come as the Divine Messengers of One Holy God, the Creator, The God of Abraham and Isaac, the God of the pharaohs, the only one and true God of The Universes without end....the Creator of all with no ending or beginning. We are come in the service of this ONE and Holy God and in the service of those remnants left behind, and we ask only that you forsake the things of this worldly sphere and that you be willing to release others of all indebtedness as your Father is so willing to do for you. We ask that you be willing to take up the Word and the Truth of Your Holy Creator unto the forgiveness of all even unto the least of you. We ask that you fear not that which may await you, for if you come with a humble heart, and willing to do the will of Your Father-Creator, then Little Ones, you are teachable. If you are teachable, then all things are possible. But come not the willful, the proud and haughty. We will not have you in our midst. We cannot teach those who insist that the words of God be subservient to the words and works of man. Thus, you who are of the proud and haughty must go your own way unto your own destruction. For within the fold of the ONE and Living God go those who will humbly submit to the WORD, the TRUTH and the LIGHT of ONE, TRUE, AND LOVING CREATOR.

We will not ask that you give up the material, the things of this world. You will do so as you come to the understanding that LOVE of the material only leads to a greater unhappiness and a never ending desire for more of the same. [H: Having, enjoying and using the gifts of God is not in point--the LOVE of these things is that which is deadly.]

Let it be known that we are here in your midst, and we come to take home with us those who are willing to submit to the will of God, those who are penitent for their wrongs, those who hold love and compassion for their fellow man, those who are forgiving and teachable. We are your teachers. We are many of your friends from long ages past.

Many of you walk as eternal zombies, as you have denied yourselves the taste of God's eternal Truths for so long that you have no idea of that which is true. You have numbed yourself to the Truth because you have chased the dark side for many, many ages. You have hardened your hearts, such that they look as black and as hard as obsidian. Yet, for even you, a desire to be teachable could awaken the memory which resides within you, that all of you were originally created of equal soul essence and that within your very being you have a soul memory of this soul perfection. This, I often refer to as the Divine Blueprint.

Each of you has this Divine Blueprint, and you will come into the memory of this beautiful design when you will first break your own willfulness, thus separateness from one another and the God within. You will come to realize that you are all created of the Essence of God, and in the beginning created of equal and unique essence. You will come to drop your hates and your prejudices as you will know that God lives within you and within your brethren. No matter how low your brethren may have fallen, you will come to feel compassion for him, as you will know him to be a divine creation lost to his heritage. Your heart will feel great sorrow for those who are lost. You will find that you wish to pray for those and to help them find their way instead of cursing and blaming.

Know that all disorder and strife are of Satan, himself. When you commune with Satan, you will become lost in a whirlwind of confusion. Like the gingerbread house, Satan will make his causes appear very appealing. The appeal is as the appeal of the poisonous mushroom. You eat of it and you may be very ill before you know it is poisonous. You will not be deceived if you will but follow the instructions God has given you. But alas, be fearful of many who espouse the truths as the Jim Bakkers of the world, for they can be bought or sold for the monetary. The same are not of God, the Father.

You must learn that you need no one to intervene on your behalf, and if someone of the cloth espouses the same, you are being lied to. Do not be so gullible as to believe that you need another human being to intervene on your behalf. In this way, many, many of you have landed under the foot of Satan.

Remember your heritage, that you are all at the center, Divine and thus, holy beings. Oh how sad that you have forgotten this Truth.

You must be apprised of those, however, who have become evil as they are almost totally lost to the Antichrist cause. These have fallen deep into the Antichrist war and on the side of the Antichrist. Be not deceived by the same. You are the ones who must be wise as the fox, as it is the foxes' game of which you must be apprised. Go in the Light and shine Light on these evil and dark deeds and these ones shall lose power over you.

We weep for the lot of you. You are our brethren of sacred creation, yet you wallow in filth and denial. We hold great compassion for you, yet there is not one whit we can do to change you, as you must remember that, to each of you, there is given the right to choose. Will your choice be to humble yourselves unto the Word of the Almighty Creator, and thus change your course of destruction? Or will you, through your own choices, continue down the river of eternal darkness? You must know that you will break yourself if you are to be broken. You will break yourself with your own choices. But even the wildest of horses cannot be broken at times.

Large numbers of you fight, when to submit brings peace and joy. You continue to feed the ways you have entertained through many lifetimes even though these have never worked and never will. All you rebellious have to do is to cease to resist the loving hand of The Father, The Creator of all.

My Precious Brethren, would that we could cause your eyes to see the indescribable beauty which awaits you in other spheres! Would that we could open your hearts to the beauty of love--of compassion and acceptance one for the other!

Why must you garner yourselves round about with all manner of darkness, and hate one for the other, in that you must entertain all manner of separateness? You establish churches among yourselves and you fight among yourselves about which church is greater or better than the other.

You are blinded by the reflection of the material world. Love of the material has caused you to curse one to the other. Love of the material has caused you to harbor among yourselves preachers, who preach not the Word of God for love but for money. You have among you preachers, who preach not the word of God for love of God, but for praise from your fellow man and for the reason of gaining of power one over the other. I ask you, "Are you not each a minister one unto the other? Were you not created to love and minister unto the hurting in your midst?"

You, precious children, are created to be sacred and beautiful temples of God, the Creator. For whom do you build giant edifices? I say not unto your God, Creator. Why is it that you construct such monstrosities when there are hungry and lost within your very cities? Will you take such edifices to the beyond? You have been told the futility of the same.

Have you not read your scriptures? I say not! The lot of you go hungering for the Word, and you wish to be fed from corrupted streams! Do you not realize that you are what you take into your body? If the food be rotten, then you become sick with the rot. If the water be impure, then you will suffer.

You are lost, precious children, and the hour of your awakening is near. The greatest number of you are very near to finding out the Truths about who you are. And I say to the lot of you, and listen well--your earth awaits grave natural and man-made disaster. The greatest number of you will not survive it.

Awake and take back your government from the most vile machine ever to invade the space of your earth within recent history. You are all but gone. You must needs clean the government in Washington from top to bottom. The lot of these evil men have sold your souls for a tinker's toy.

If the lot of you allow yourselves to fall under this New World Order, then this you must endure. While you could have done something, you have slept. Think not that you have not been warned. The Truth has come to you from many sources.

GOD'S ARMY WILL HAVE ONLY THEREIN, THE VALIANT. The sleeping will not fight therein. Will you continue sleeping, those among you who are sleeping? And are you sleeping because you have not been given the Truth or because you do not wish to know the Truth?

Which are you, a sheep or a goat? We know which you are. Do you? If you say that you will not fight in the army of God, The Creator, then I say unto you that you have already enrolled into the army of Satan, and you fool none other than yourself. And thus you make your choice. We have known that a great majority of you will wish to sleep. Your choice is painted upon you. "Those of you who suffer all manner of persecution for my namesake," thus saith the Lord, "shall not go unrewarded."

Precious Children, we are here in your service and thus in the service of Almighty God, The Creator. You, who will listen, then I beg you to listen. You, who will see, then I beg you to open up your eyes and see. We cannot do that for you which you must do for yourself. Our love for you is indescribable. We shall not say more except to remind you that we are come, and in our very midst is Jesus, The Christ. To this end, you are given to receive thus.

Blessed Children, it is I, Master Jesus, as you call Me. I hold you in My arms when you know it not. I reach down and I pick you up into My own bosom when you cry out to me. I rock your children when you know it not.

You have a decision upon yourselves. It is a mighty decision. Will you choose Truth and Light which is of God, or will you choose deceit and lies, which are of Satan? You who curse Me, your cries ring into the heavens and beyond. Do you not know that you curse your very selves, for within you I am? We are created of the same essence. We are created that we may all be as the Creator--that we may all be free. Why have you forsaken Me? Why have you doubted and cursed Me? Did you not believe that I would return for you? Oh, you precious children of little faith.

I cry unto our Father and I beg that you be given more time--and that you be given a greater understanding. I cry unto our Father that we be allowed to intervene (in some manner acceptable unto Thee). I shall tell you, My precious children, the 12th hour is upon you and many of you shall endure great disasters and tragedy from within and without. For those of you who have faith unto Me and my word, know this--I am returned, and for My people have I returned. Blessed Children, know that for you I have prepared a place. Therein is total peace.

There is joy and security. You will grow to be a ripe old age therein, with happiness and love in your hearts one for the other.

But for those of you who will not love, who will not love the God within yourself and the God within your brethren, in no wise can you love Me, for I am within you and you are within me. Therefore, I beg of you, that you let go of all hate, malice and malcontent, that you reach out unto your brethren, and where there is hate give love, where there is malice plant joy and goodwill. For I can tell you that if you harbor all manner of hate and animosity, I reserve no place for you within this new home.

I am Jesus, The Christ, Jehovah, and you must realize that I come quickly. Blessings upon you little children. Now, go and do as I ask and hold up and nourish your brethren. Precious children, many starve for the love of a fellow being. Share with all who will listen that Jesus, The Christ is come and among yourselves rejoice for the hour of reckoning is at hand.


* * *

You who cannot seem to get away from the analyzing of each word and phrase, each jot and tittle, let me assure you of something herein; if the word or label of, say, Jehovah, causes concern and confusion--know it for what it IS. In the day of Moses (and Moses shared in this presentation) Jehovah meant the Holy God of ONE--Creator. The label was battered and tampered by those who came later. However, the label of Jesus has evolved, rightly or wrongly, to represent the being of one Immanuel Esu who represented unto you people the Christed TEACHER of God's instructions for living and actions. You can get distracted by "names" if you so choose--but it is an error in wisdom to do so--for it is the INTENT WITHIN which presents the "ENERGY" sought or presented.

Blessed be Rosah that this word would be shared with thine brethren who labor long in the vineyards of God and may the sharing herein bring loving support to each who partakes and to you who "serve" that your hearts may be "glad".




WED., SEP. 30, 1992 9:47 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 45



You think you may not have problems with China? Do you also, perhaps think, that Mr. Clark didn't REALLY do anything in China? Oops! Bush just vetoed a bill approved by Congress that places conditions on renewal of China's most-favored-nation trade status, saying it would hurt southern China and Hong Kong. Congress has tried to force conditions on China since June 1989--BUT NOT VERY HARD. But in it all, chelas, the leopard wants to "appear to change its spots". Stay alert.


How is your government military getting away with road blocks and confiscation of cameras, etc.? Easy, when they stop travellers they simply tell them they are entering an "exercise/training area" and security is mandatory. They then determine if any pictures, etc., have been taken or information recorded regarding the block and/or any caravans or troop movements. If so, then all equipment is taken because of a "reality training program" wherein the "game plan" is to also act as if you were in "real war" and national security is at stake. In instances where ones have been followed, the encounter is quite different and niceness is not part of the game. Remember, the point is to leave you wondering about what is happening and give you-the-people a massive show of power and force. The media blackout is being tested as well for absolutely NOTHING is coming across the airwaves on Television, network radio OR PRESS. If ones insist on investigation it is dusted off as "usual" summer training exercises.


I believe that many of you readers will have witnessed very large UFO activity ("unidentified flying things") in MANY areas which are brushed off as easily. A large disc with everything visible including the air exercise are brushed aside as: "We haven't had any other reports and don't know anything about it," or "Well, yes, it was reported but it was a test craft, a balloon or a holographic light projection system being tested for a motion picture to be filmed." You are dealing with an enemy you don't recognize. Mr. Bush covered everything a week or so ago when he publicly announced that UN troops and units would participate in, training exercises" across your nation--as a "cheaper" way to go than shipping your own troops elsewhere since YOU have the best facilities, having empty bases sitting around with nothing to do.


A MASSIVELY WIDESPREAD "SHOW AND TELL" IS PLANNED FOR FAIRLY EARLY IN OCTOBER AS ALL REPORTS CONTINUE TO FLOW. The "insider" reports still say on or about the 12th. The "exercises" are even called "October Surprise". Most of the real "dirty work" is planned for the Western areas but there are also some real "beauties" in the workings for New York, Chicago and Washington. I cannot say much other than keep your heads down, be prepared to dive for cover, be prepared to be without electricity and services and for gosh sakes KEEP YOUR BUNGLES HOOKED ON YOUR CUPBOARDS--ESPECIALLY ALONG THE NEW FAULT LINES AND THE SAN ANDREAS.


You will then have been set-up for the later-in-the month (as presented TO me) plan for currency (and/or total collapse of the financial structure). Can it happen? YES! Will it happen? I DON'T KNOW!

What do you do? You stay alert and go with that which flows to the best of your ability because you are needed. Get through it as best you can so that you will be available (and FREE) to function afterward. The Elite don't want to flush you all down at once so there will be need for functioning people able to operate. Remember that the Adversary does not want to be caught at his evil game and you won't be told the truth and so the facade will go on for some time--as long as you can be fooled. The point is to do this all in a neat and tidy package without uprising from you the people--except where planned chaos and mass rioting is a part of the plan. It will be a good opportunity to confiscate all weapons and other desired items so I tell my people, KEEP YOUR NOSES AND PROPERTY CLEAN--WE ARE NOT AT WAR! God does not win by WAR AS YOU RECOGNIZE IT.


I believe you can see what happens when you get Mr. Kissinger and his associates "managing" a nation or a movement. Eyewitness accounts now corroborate reports that at least 3,000 known Muslim men, women and children were massacred at Serb-run detention camps near the Bosnian town of Breko. This does not account for other places, this is only the one location.

I cannot believe that so many of you know so little about this man, Kissinger, that seems to have dirty hands in every event in your entire world. He was a Soviet Agent, chelas, and has arranged a Zionist-run purge of the globe.

Do you really think Perot will or can change very much? You had better read, again, his political platform. Raising taxes and getting people to "sacrifice" is "redundant-speak". If there are no jobs then a 50% or 100% tax isn't going to do much is it? You just have more flack being pushed into the air so you can't think or see.


Yes indeed, I am about ready to release some information along the lines of Zionist workers in your midst which will undoubtedly bring nasty repercussions. Almost the whole lot of "financial advisers" are an organized Zionist group (working mostly under the facade of "Fundamentalist" "Born Again" Christians) who follow the Zionist party line to the letter. Hoodwinked public? Oh my, yes and indeed, you shall recognize most of the names. One name I shall list as involved to his eyes is one that I fully recommend and have recommended many times for his research reporting of things and events, i.e., South Africa situations, specifically. This is Don McAlvany. Does he know that he is a tool? Of course, because the whole "gang" have sequential secret mailboxes where all the information is sorted and fabricated--in Phoenix, Arizona, although none live there. In other words, you don't get what you see. That in itself is OK except that the "group" has done a major "rip-off deal" and lie to you constantly. The ringleader of the "organization" is Larry Abraham. Does this make the work, say, of Gary Allen and Abraham regarding the "Conspiracy" wrong? No indeed--it was one of the best I have seen.

I probably wouldn't rise to the "bait" quite as quickly if these ones were not pushing the power game against my people. Don McAlvany and Lindsey Williams are now refusing to "appear" on the same speaking platform with George and Desiree Green. And this is at "survival" meetings. Why? Because they demand that Desiree STOP SPEAKING ABOUT THE LAWS OF GOD AS PRESENTED FOR IT "CONFLICTS WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL PRESENTATIONS THEY MAKE ABOUT RELIGION." This is from the Horse's mouth, chelas. In other words, lie about God and Christ and go along with the doctrines as presented by the Zionist Talmudists "Judeo/Christian" tradition or they will not be seen in the same company. Tells you absolutely EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THOSE SPEAKERS. The Greens have refused to capitulate and therefore we shall have to wait and see what comes of it. You see, the evil representative WILL NOT STAY IN THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST-GOD.

How can you know? Because if what Desiree, for instance, repeats from Sananda (Christ) would be false--that truth would present itself instantly in the presence of these speakers on fundamental hogwash. So, the ONLY recourse they have IS TO REFUSE HER TO SPEAK AT ALL. THEY KNOW THAT WHEN THE PEOPLE HEAR THE TRUTH THEY WILL KNOW IT TO BE TRUTH AND THEY SHALL HAVE BEEN UNCOVERED IN THEIR FALSE TEACHINGS.

By the way, you who would taunt George a bit about what he has seen and done--I think you might now need to know--the first craft he saw was a shuttle ship and it was MINE! THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS! I think that even George will enjoy "finally" knowing that bit of information for it has been a doubly hard road for him to walk during these past months, in my service. Desiree just attaches to the hand of THE MAN and hangs on--going forth to confront the crowds with news they do not want to hear--blessings are wrapped about them both for only the "daring" shall prevail.

There will be a follow-up book to back up what we say, and ever so much more as soon as we have time to go over other portions of it for accuracy. I do not "authorize" books or expect ALL information to be accurate when I recommend a book--but I do prefer to have no glaring errors for your further confusion. I remind you, the book on the "300", as example, is a good book for purposes of integrated information for handy reference and confirmation for you. In fact we are looking into how feasible it would be to print that book in less expensive form so more of you can afford to have it available. Truth can and does flow as readily from the Adversary as from God's servants. There has to be a LOT of truth in the Adversary's work to cause you to believe the lies he always inserts. Part of the problem is that "researchers", however, cannot often find the "whole" truth--especially when the full intent is to never be uncovered. We do what we can with that which is available for your "proof" and do it from a level of earth presentation that you can see and touch. What I plan to do is simply reprint in total a chapter out of the book in point and when the remainder is ready for publication I will inform you so you can have it on order.

Each subject we take up will come closer and closer "to home" so the game gets rougher and meaner but, ah, so much more valuable to your needs.


I would like to suggest that we begin to give you a "fun" column to go along with the superb work of Nora's research in the LIBERATOR. Then, I am asking that both Nora and D.E.J.E. who receives (from my co-worker) the solutions to Nostradamus' quatrains, to put them into suitable form for publication later.

D.E.J.E. shares with us to some extent and is willing to do more if we feel it appropriate--I not only feel it "appropriate", I feel the time is come wherein it is mandatory for your insight. There have been so many stupid and idiotic interpretations of this insightful seer's work that it is time to set it to straight.


As a bit of interest fodder: There are ones visiting America West from Guatemala. The important point is that they brought out their "banknotes" (money) to compare with the U.S. new bills with the "same" threads running through the notes. But, the interesting thing to note, chela, is that at the lower left hand corner of the note, it clearly reads: "Canadian Bank Note" in very tiny print. Oh indeed, the whole of the globe is sucked in and all but drowned already.


You ask for more information on what is happening in Europe with the New World Order. You can look around yourself and nation and see such similarities in what is happening to you as to be a rerun of history. The similarities are totally disturbing between present-day America and the phase entered by the former Soviet Union nearly three-quarters of a century ago.

I would share with you a story excerpted from a work by Ivor Benson and was done exclusively for Spotlight so I give honor and respect to both entities and ask that you support that paper. There is much "wrong" with it but as with all documents--there is so much good in it that you cannot get anywhere else. Or if you are content with that which we bring you, fine. We try to share those things which I feel express the circumstances most fully and accurately. Please keep uppermost in mind that we are an integrator of information and a "sorter" of truth from fiction.



WED., SEP. 30, 1992 11:57 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 45



I do not wish to make this identification public, please. However, I do need to give an explanation to this person who has come to "visit" us.

I do not wish him to feel rudely treated or not "accepted" in any way and, therefore, I will give explanation.

We have had so much flack from ones lately who insist on treating this "place" as some kind of communal or "church cult" type of "group". We are none of those things--our work simply happens to be in this place.

In the past we shared open meetings if ones wished to share in information and discussion and, later, business opportunity as projects are reality. We have no organization as such and it becomes awkward and embarrassing to seemingly appear rude to visitors. The "paper" is no different than to go and visit the staff or Editor at the local Tehachapi News office but for some reason travellers come and wish to stay, live and be included in this non-existent "group".

Ones say that they are "called here" to participate in the "work". That is fine for I have nothing to say about where anyone is or lives. However, I assure you that I am not calling ones at random to come here for it is both dangerous, difficult and not of my doing. When "I" call you, you will KNOW you have been called and there will not be "I don't know, but I felt I am called to be here (or there or somewhere)." Yes, you must hear and feel your "own" call but I must remind all of you that what you are doing is making it appear we have a "group" of some kind here and WE DO NOT. Further, ones do now have meditation sessions of which I am not involved nor is my speaker. If we are invited in we will treat the invitation as any other gracious invitation for sharing. I ask that all in such gatherings understand that the teachings are based on "Truth" and not a "Hatonn" "thing". When the world settles down and withdraws its iron claws from our flesh we can consider again sharing for the simple love of one another and sharing of a Divine Plan unfolding.

Now, to the point under discussion. We have one who, I understand, makes lectures and seminars about the country, and he has come to this place to "meet" my scribe, etc. That is fine, except the material which he teaches seems to be that of Germain's work and the Pleiades Connection series. Therefore, I cannot even suggest that he contact Dharma BECAUSE THE COURT OF LAW HAS FORBIDDEN MY PEOPLE TO EVEN "SPEAK" ON THE SUBJECT OF THOSE JOURNALS WHICH ARE BANNED. THEY MAY NOT PUBLICLY SPEAK OF THEM, RECOMMEND THEM, ADVERTISE THEM, SELL THEM OR DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH THEM UNTIL THE CASE IS SETTLED--WHICH NOW APPEARS TO BE SOMETIME NOT PRIOR TO MID 1993.

I suggest that until things are settled in those areas of publications that there will be nothing going on here or anywhere regarding associations, jobs, or anything of the sort. At this time, yes, some "projects" are in progress but they include "building", Law, and there are no funds floating around to do more than the basic "get started" work. Those are projects of separate business which are attended as any good business and all are still under "permitting" timeframe.

If there is any discussion regarding the series of books in point, it will have to be done with Tehachapi Distributing for they are the only ones who have ANYTHING to do with those JOURNALS.

My people have been accused of unfair practices and holding seminars using work of the University of Science and Philosophy. NO--none of these people do. However, Mr. M. has come into naming as one who does so. I have nothing to say regarding that matter--it is not a part of the Phoenix "anything". I fully give permission for my part, and on behalf of Germain, to utilize anything we have presented but we do not sanction nor not sanction anyone's use of it.

There is implication that we somehow have a "hookup" and "joint venture" of some sort and there are "watchers" in our midst to see just what we will do in every instance. I have to ask that Dharma and E.J. decline any connection with this visitor under almost all circumstances. The court calls it "guilt by association"--(somehow it never comes out "innocence" by association.) There may be some involvement with America West but they are now in Nevada with the entire publishing business and in total separation from the LIBERATOR, so I have nothing more to offer in the matter.

I appreciate Leon's gracious attention to these visitors but we are at a loss as to exactly what to do with them or about them. My request is that ones do not "just come" here for it is hard at best to bring this kind of information public. We are honored and pleased that ones are finding TRUTH and pathway through the work and recognize THE WORD. I understand fully, the need and desire but at this time we have nothing to offer and so little with which to "help" ones who come. Jobs are nonexistent, for all practical purposes, in this place, as is becoming true all over the nation--but this is a small, and sometimes vicious, little town and our ones are under constant and unrelenting attack. We tried to be open and sharing and ones in our own midst cut our throats--mostly without the slightest notion that they did so. Therefore, we have to be less than as sharing as we were. We have nothing to hide but we must now act as all or any other business establishment in the town. We hope this will be temporary for we had so many grand and close friends who came to support and share and offer help in the mailing of the paper and volunteer assistance. It is hard now, confining and sad that ones would do this to a loving group of people who simply wished to be together and share ideas and friendship. But such, dear ones, is how the world has become.

If you have been among the ones who joined with us and are feeling you are somehow now "left out", no, you are not! It is simply that we had to attend our business and first cause of mission for if we "acted" like a church or cult then we would always be treated as same. We seem to be accused of having "followers", etc. Why? I would hope that God would gain "followers" from our work--but I ask for no "followers" for Dharma or America West any more than for Eustace Mullins and his publisher. THE ONE IN POINT TO FOLLOW IS CHRISTED GOD OF LIGHT--we are but the messengers! Yes indeed, THIS IS THE WORD, and many will be needed to do the work as we move on--but you must see the place for what it IS and not that which you might WISH TO SEE. Thank you and please be in understanding that we are under constraints and wisdom is the best mode of action.

If inquiries are regarding publications or possibility of service in some connection with the JOURNALS, then I can only suggest a visit with Greens at America West in Nevada. (Be advised, however, that they are under the same Court Order as are Ekkers.) Please further understand that we are working as fast as humanly capable at the writing itself and we cannot have time for our people to consider other tasks or thrust of jobs. We appreciate every piece of correspondence, all information shared and all comments and suggestions--it is simply that we are limited by those placed upon you of the human experience and physical restraint.

We do keep Dharma quite isolated for security reasons--the enemy constantly tries to kill her and the battering and badgering is constant. But, mainly, the amount of work is unthinkable and the quantity of output incredible and this is what is the largest cause of isolation--she is at work--there is no time off for good behavior, bad behavior or a Sunday stroll. However, information has to be gotten out timely or it is of little value. The time is at hand and we must attend the grain in its proper time--the chaff can later be removed. We do not have a Ramtha's J.Z Knight operation of any sort or similarity here and never shall it be otherwise.


As the work dealing with THE JEWISH UTOPIA has gone forth I am now receiving angry and hostile threats and statements that if we are going to use such "garbage" then the least we could do is simply give you EXACTLY what is in The Jewish Utopia and not some man's "lies" about it. OK, I guess you thought I would not have access to the work? Dear me, do you think my crew is that neglectful? That book was sent to us a couple of years ago, but we needed to give you background and then we needed to give you THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER prior to the other. At this point I am not at liberty to even dictate the material for we have already been threatened with another lawsuit to go along with the one from the University of Science and Philosophy metaphysical New Age spoilers of Walter Russell's priceless work.

I don't care in the least for it is excellent exercise and advertising for our own TRUTH but it is hard on and time consuming for my people. So, for now, you will have to do your own work. The book did go far enough to get into "small book" cover and with some research you can get a copy, I think. There is so little information in the book as to resource as to be useless. We are having legal checking into copyright authenti-cation as the statement only reads "Copyright, 1932" by Michael Higger and "Printed by The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A."

Truth, as such, is not actually copyrightable but, you see, we have a dilemma--it is TRUTH of the PLAN as presented but the terminology and word definitions as presented are absolutely false. This means that as Mr. Higgers, for instance, uses the term "righteous", it does not mean what is said in the dictionary--he uses it only to apply to those who follow "The Plan" of the Talmud/Torah exactly. All others in the world are "not righteous". That means that Christians, Moslems, etc., are NOT "RIGHTEOUS" IN ANY RESPECT WHATSOEVER AND ARE THEREFORE MARKED TO "PERISH" (AND THAT DOES MEAN DEATH).

The work is dedicated to: THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM, SYMBOL OF THE JEWISH UTOPIA. So, I believe that you will recognize that it is authentic in every way except that the words are "coded" to mean opposite of that which appears. It is specifically written to update the Zionists' "Protocols" into modern and useable form for actions today.

It is valid and authentic but I will not represent it here until such time as I legally clear it. In the meanwhile, if you feel the need not to wait--please get your own copy for verification.


You ask for more information on what is happening in Europe with the New World Order. You can look around yourself and nation and see such similarities in what is happening to you as to be a rerun of history. The similarities are totally disturbing between present-day America and the phase entered by the former Soviet Union nearly three-quarters of a century ago.

I would share with you a story excerpted from a work by Ivor Benson and was done exclusively for Spotlight so I give honor and respect to both entities and ask that you support that paper. There is much "wrong" with it but as with all documents--there is so much good in it that you cannot get anywhere else. Or if you are content with that which we bring you, fine. They have advantage over the LIBERATOR for we do not accept advertising as such. I say "we" loosely for I have great input to the paper but management is left to the Editors and managers of the business itself. If it appears we run advertising please realize that Dr. Young approves the "advertisements" only on the basis of "information" and not for "payment". This keeps the information clean and clear but it is a great disadvantage in that expenses are mammoth without a way to offset costs--through outside advertising. I hope that you who have asked to advertise or "joint venture" will be in understanding. We have, for instance, an offer to promote jointly a product called Sritea. This is a superb product and greatly beneficial to the body, but we do not use such methods for gain. If we recommend a product or item (or book) it is because it is valid and necessary information to accompany the writings published. We try to share those things which I feel express the circumstances most fully and accurately. Please keep uppermost in mind that we are an integrator of information and a "sorter" of truth from fiction. We do not "tell fortunes" or "read minds"--at least not as you might expect--allowing that we DO have that capability and use it as our mode of communication. We, too, only represent a topical newspaper and therefore wish to always give credit for information resource.

I will say that, as we realize there is no resource for certain recommended items, a good example of which is "Life Crystals" and which are under attack with intent to remove, totally, from the public access, we shall effort to make the substance available to you. That means that I will have to give you a write-up on the substance but it does not mean that "I" or my scribe has anything to do with the product. We do have willing ones who will take their precious time to serve you readers with things such as this and tapes, etc., but these are NOT our thrust and I can only ask that you be gentle with any errors, etc., for this is not other than a service to you. We are not in the medical, legal or any of those types of businesses in any way and you must fully understand that. We simply will effort to make available to you that which I write about and you will not have easy access to elsewhere.

Another good example is the use of Hydrogen Peroxide. I intend to give you a lot of information regarding food grade Peroxide. It is exceptional for water purification. For example, 7 drops in a gallon of water will kill the viruses in the water--deliberately placed there or accidently contaminating same. This, further, leaves no terrible aftertaste as does other additives. You may well taste it but it is not unpleasant as is, say, chlorine, which is used in almost all municipal water supplies.

The point is that you can get hydrogen peroxide easily from many sources. It is not suitable to ship in the mail and there is no reason for you to have to get it through us if you are to have it. It is a time of helping one another where we can do so that as many as possible may benefit.

All such things must be structured as to do no damage to our primary work--THE WORD! WE MUST NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES JEOPARDIZE THE INTEGRITY OF OUR WORK IN GETTING THE WORD UNTO THE PEOPLE. We have been overwhelmed with your willingness and desire to cooperate, help, support and do anything requested to keep these various "things" in separation from the "messengers" and the physical expression. In this way we can serve and share until such time as we are required by law to stop and if we abide by the laws we should not ever be required to stop for even the enemy needs a network for information and you will know that which is ours and that which is "theirs".

It is the same principle in working that is with the Institute wherein you can place funds against gold reserves, etc., for protection of your funds while also allowing for use of borrowed funds against that gold collateral. We are not in the "gold business" in any way whatsoever. We are not selling any kind of "securities" nor are we "banking". We offer a service helpful to both you and us for our thrust is to get forth the Word of Truth as rapidly as possible and give information and make ready a passage of the "remnant" according to the way things unfold in your world. This stands true also for incorporating.

We are not in the incorporating business--in any state other than Nevada--and "we" aren't in that business either. However, Cort Christie has set up a full corporation for the very purpose of offering that service to you readers and keep you informed and current with your corporation needs. It is a service to you who wish to participate--but he is not "just anybody's" agent--the service is structured specifically to readers who WISH to participate and are willing to fulfill their portion of the agreement by making certain that all things are done timely, appropriately, accurately and legally. You are offered help to get security, privacy and sheltering during a very, very difficult time in financial "history"--we are not going to help you evade anything--taxes or otherwise! Several of our team attend every available Nevada Corporation Seminar as well as other educational management training classes to keep absolutely current and knowledgeable in management by use of Corporations and other entities offering shelter and good business practices. All can be accomplished within the laws of the land and, moreover, within the laws of God. If you wish to play sneaky semi- or non-legal games--please go elsewhere for help. It is, however, a foolish person who offers to be an "agent" in a questionable transaction.



THU., OCTOBER 1, 1992 8:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 46



Ah yes, this is how it should be with you ones sharing that which is going on and allowing for my input. Thank you for hearing my petition and responding. This gives credence to "facts" without causing more decisions about feelings regarding myself.


In Palm Desert (area in Calif. of latest series of earthquakes and other phenomena: A "green-beam" laser is being tested. It has had to be reported because the traces of the blasts are being felt and seen over a very widespread area. This beam leaves "scorch" marks even on the desert sands.

This type of beam is capable of "melting" almost any kind of crystalline matter. You will find that prior to ability to reproduce "green" light lasers, healers (i.e., Edgar Cayce) used ultraviolet lamps with green lens filters. This frequency of light beam can destroy viruses and any other living crystalline structure. Because of the "frequency", these beams can penetrate almost any material leaving virtually "exploded" particulate. The light is cold but the vibration frequency is so "high" that incredible heat is produced when left focused.

The blast itself, depending on power used, is both silent and/or tremendously loud in "report". Since this is a type of "photon" beam, it is invisible and is now being tested from your photon beam powered craft such as the Aurora. Many of these massive sonic blasts are being heard and felt (as an earthquake) in widespread areas of California and other coastal areas. Off shore come the BIG tests and this is why the reports from the public come from coastal areas. The massive blasts are too damaging to land areas to allow for testing onshore--until "they" are ready to "let you have a good show-and-tell". The ones in the desert are simply covered as "testings" wherein no information is given other than a statement as above.

The "tunneling" machinery used for these massive tunnels we have spoken of utilizes this kind of "nose" power for both digging and melting of the particulate into glass. The equipment in this instance is a type of machine labelled "Subterrene". It was first produced and utilized at Los Alamos. It is nuclear-powered and is specifically for the purpose of tunneling. It burrows through rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock (magma). First it pulverizes, then melts. This cools after the Subterrene has moved on and the result is a tunnel with a smooth, glazed lining.

Is this new? NO. Several years ago a prototype of this machine, or one very, very similar, was featured in a German magazine (Der Spiegel) and it was tested at Rand-Los Alamos. It contained a mini-nuclear reactor and was equipped with a 'cone' made from something called "wolfrum". It was heated by a graphite heating element. It could bore through blocks of granite many feet in thickness without having "sound" or leaving any waste material.

The equipment is far more sophisticated today and, as the burrowing interacts with the hard rock material in mountainous areas, produces a humming/whining sound which can be heard (and is) on the surface. The "x-ray" pulses are also "felt" on the surface. These are damaging but, to many persons, they are particularly debilitating if pulses through the atmosphere are of contradictory nature. The body will effort to balance the two as they collide in living tissue. That becomes too long a story so we shall leave it here.


I ask that we start, with this next LIBERATOR edition, the information we have been holding on the "Inslaw" case. There has been a hard thrust to stop the probe into this scandal and yet some in the House Committee have demanded a hearing investigation. I feel you need refreshing information about the scandal as so many scandals are passed over you that it becomes hard to remember each and then how they ALL fit together. After we do today's tid-bits to attend, we shall speak on this subject so that our Editors can prepare their placement in the paper. Thank you. You readers must understand that this is the way we communicate and these messages are necessary but can be edited out if space becomes critical.


This following communication is so excellent and valuable that I shall just retype it for you: Thank you, M.H.

Sept. 30, 1992

Sir, I am writing a few quick notes that you may like to have for confirmation. I have been having some challenges getting faxes out without them screwing up, so please bear with me if I have to do it a few times to get it all through. [H: Please, for you who send faxes to these terminals, i.e., Dharma (for me) or for E.J., etc. We constantly have "surges" and tampering with the lines which cause necessity of replacing the capacitors frequently--driving the telephone company personnel to "drink" a lot. "Static" on the phone line cause blips and often destruction of several lines of print. Know that we get assistance when this happens but bear with us if it seems you can't get through.]

Monday night, September 28, 1992, I met some interesting individuals at a Tax Information meeting on legally ending your contract with the IRS. One was a goldsmith who deals in jewelry, coins, metals, etc. He said that he would now have to report all customers who trade over $10,000 using cash or money orders. He said that not only was he to report when someone spent more than $10,000 in a day, but that he was REQUIRED to check his records and REPORT EVERY INDIVIDUAL WHO HAD TRADED A TOTAL OF MORE THAN $10,000 IN CASH OR MONEY ORDERS WITH HIM! He was mad because this is so ridiculous that he should have to research back into all of his records to find every single person who has purchased more than $10,000. The letter stated that he had 30 days to sign the document and return it, OR THEY WOULD "SEND OUT AN AGENT TO MAKE SURE THAT HE UNDERSTOOD WHAT WAS REQUIRED OF HIM"! He was not sure what he should do, but was quite shaken-up about the letter.

Another man at that meeting, while we were at a restaurant after the meeting, said that lawyers now are required to report on a form (8300 Form) any client paying in cash over $10,000.

When I brought up the subject of "Rainbow Money" in Fort Knox and even at the Federal Reserve in Denver, they said that they, too, had heard about the Denver Federal Reserve having colored money, and that it was supposed to replace our current money.

[H: Here is some useful information.] The goldsmith said that the best way to get silver cheap is to buy 1964, or earlier, dimes, quarters, and halves. You can buy rolls of them and they carry very little premium; much less than silver bullion.

One couple there said that what he and some of his friends have been doing is informing business people about the things that are going on, and then establishing trade agreements with them to trade in silver and gold. He said that he gets gas from one guy at 35 cents a gallon--he just pays in silver coins! He also mentioned a man in another small town (I guess it would be best not to mention the name) in Colorado, who has a cafe, and puts two prices on each menu item; one for silver, one for Fed money.


My brother is a hunting guide and was telling me about some of the things that his hunters have told him. He said that he's had several guys who had relatives who ended up serving in the Desert Storm operation. They reported that it was ridiculous; no one knew what was going on! One guy said that this brother was there and spent the whole war on a fork lift. He said they'd have him unload one thing, then move it back, then unload it again, and on and on. No one knew anything.


In the Wall Street Journal of about Sept. 24th (I haven't yet seen it personally), I am told that there was a mid-section "pull-out" that had the proposed actions of Bush and Clinton. One of the things Clinton says he'd do, to fight the war on crime I guess, is to create a FEDERAL ARMED POLICE FORCE. [H: Too late! You already have it under the command of the UN.] He said that they would pick the people to be on it (college students were mentioned--probably more easily directed). Bush said that in order to keep all those bases going, since so many people have complained about them getting shut down, he would be so kind as to keep them open--USING THEM TO HOUSE AND TRAIN UN TROOPS!!!! [H: Thank you son, I do appreciate the confirmations.]


In the Vail Daily newspaper of Tuesday, Sept. 29, 1992 there was an article titled: "Mars Observer begins a new era of Russian-US cooperation." It was FROM Pasadena, CA on the AP network(!) This "joint venture" was quite a leap, all right. The article said, "the launch of the first American spacecraft sent to Mars IN 17 YEARS heralds an era of unprecedented U.S.-Russian cooperation in space. Eleven Russians belong to the spacecraft's science team, and the orbiter may help relay pictures and data from Russian probes scheduled to land on Mars in 1995 and 1997, said NASA scientist Arden Albee." It does sound like quite the joint venture! They used a Titan 3 rocket, and launched Friday, Sept. 25 from Cape Canaveral. The article said, "The observer will study the planet's atmosphere, magnetic field and surface from space after an 11-month long trek." There was no mention of US involvement other than that they are using our money and launch pad.

* * *

Thank you, M.H. These are the kinds of confirmations you ones need to allow insight without wasting time pondering my status.


Dalhart Daily Texan: Sunday, Sept. 20, 1992. Washington (AP): GROUP SAYS MILITARY PRACTICES RETALIATORY PSYCHIATRIC TESTS. The military uses psychiatric examinations and forced hospitalization in mental wards to intimidate and discredit people who disclose wrongdoings, an advocacy group contends.

The Commission on the Reform of Military Medical Abuses, made up of former and current military personnel who say they were victimized for speaking out, said that hundreds of people were being "taken against their will, without due process and locked up in psychiatric hospitals."

Former Navy...J.M ... said retaliatory testing has "resulted in the personal destruction" of many good performers who were conscientious enough to speak out about problems.

....said he was ordered to a Navy hospital for psychological evaluation after he complained about a superior he said was obstructing a drug intervention program.

He said that after a five-minute interview, he was classified as an "obsessive compulsive with narcissistic tendencies" and had his security clearance removed.

M.T. of Dallas, a former Navy chief petty officer, showed the slippers pasted with happy faces he was forced to wear when he was locked up in a medical ward for four days.

The 23-year veteran, who has testified before Congress and appeared in several television exposés on alleged medical abuses, said he was hospitalized after reporting payroll fraud at the Dallas Naval Air Station in 1983 and 1984.

"I was wounded in Vietnam, but that (hospitalization) overrode my Vietnam experience," T. said. "A common criminal has more rights than a man in uniform."

T., who heads a group called Wounded Eagles, which is similar to the commission in point at first of article, said he has documented 280 cases of retaliatory testing.

Others at the conference refused to give their names, saying the stigma of having psychiatric testing on their military records has made it difficult to get jobs.

One man said he was administratively discharged in April after serving 11 years as an Air Force linguist. He said he was declared to have a personality disorder after filing five complaints with the military inspector general.

"We lost our careers; we lost our credibility," he said.

A former Navy doctor said she was suspended from duty after it was discovered she had written her congressmen about a job dispute. She said that in the next months she was put in a psychiatric ward for a week, tied in leather restraints, diagnosed as having a severe personality disorder and charged with wounding a member of a SWAT team that broke into her apartment. [H: Still think there is nothing to the "tailhook" scandal?]

She said that after nine months in solitary confinement she was declared incompetent to stand trial and was given an honorable discharge.

Rep. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., who in 1990 introduced a bill banning psychiatric examinations to punish military whistleblowers, said in a statement to the group that she was "appalled to learn ... that this barbaric practice exists in our military establishment."

She said she has again proposed such a ban and the House has included it in next year's defense authorization bill.


Letter to Mr. George Green

27 Sept. 1992

Dear George,

………….. In just the past few days an additional batch of material has reached me concerning the doings of "Dr." John Coleman; he is definitely a professional con-man... ...relates to Coleman's various activities for about the last ten years. Apparently, he is from South Africa and all of his academic prowess stems from various diploma mills. It is alluded that he was connected with diamond smuggling in Florida and North Carolina in the late 70s and deeply ripped-off persons in Metairie, Louisiana who were in the publishing business and were taken in with his glib writings. Most of his material has been traced to E. Mullins and L. LaRouche, stolen, of course. There is some feeling that Coleman may be an ADL plant. He has been involved with Blanchard and the late Bob White, among others, and to varying degrees. There, apparently, is good evidence that he is or has been, involved, together with his wife, with the Mafia in international diamond smuggling. His passport is under the name of John Alexander Clarke (number C241706C). His wife is a Danish citizen, home address is c/o 15 Skovgarfds Alle, Varlose, Frederiksberg, Denmark; her name is Lean Sondahl and she carries a Danish passport, number P5596966. His "son" goes by the name William John Clarke and carries a British passport, number C024761D.

An interesting aside from my position was that in about early December 1991, Coleman (Clarke) contacted me by letter and said that he would be in Albuquerque on December 16th. He stated that he would very much like to meet me and could I meet him that evening at (I believe) the Hilton. I declined because of other commitments. He had gotten my name from the -------- booklet and then traced me through Weisman Publications. He may have surmised (wrongfully, of course) that I had money and had planned to put the "arm" on me....who knows. But then, also, why me? [H: I can tell you "why you"! Because you are just about to blow the lid off the "other" conspirators against the citizens of the U.S. and world by helping us disclose the real frauds among the heaps of investor-publishers who deal in vast sums of "your" money, citizens, and proclaim themselves to be "born again Christian" and great evangelists of fundamental Christianity while bilking you of millions. Please feel free to join the ranks, son, of ones who REALLY DO NEED MY PROTECTION!]


I look forward to hearing from you,



* * *

Now, again, I suggest that some of you who got sucked into this man's trap and aided and abetted him in efforting to destroy my team and my work--do your buddy a favor in Colorado--AND WARN BARBARA ANN THAT HE IS COMING AND FULLY INTENDS TO GET HER MONEY. HE ASSUMES THAT SHE HAS NOW HAD TIME TO RETRIEVE IT. IT IS TIME FOR YOU WHO HELPED GET INTO THIS MESS, NOW HELP GET OUT OF IT.


J.E.B. also sent a "notice" which he had received toward the end of August. All of you had best be aware for you will again get sucked in if you do not take note. We know that Coleman went to this area of Belmont, CA because we have misdirected phone calls from Express Mail deliveries directed to this phone number. This, of course, was a testing to see if the hounds could be pulled from the real trail (they didn't even sniff!) but more innocent persons are apt to get sucked in. Beware of anything called Vigilance Society of America and one CLAIMING TO BE Lowell Roberts! The "ad" goes like this: [DONE ON OUR COMPUTER WHICH COLEMAN STOLE! You observant sleuths can tell this was done by Coleman, himself, by the punctuation and "spacing" of same for habit causes slips to occur here and there.]



August 30, 1992

Dear Fellow Patriot:

Dr. John Coleman and I have joined forces with several dedicated close friends in an urgent last ditch effort to unite the millions of honest and concerned Americans that have been watching helplessly for many years while their freedoms have been systematically stripped away and their once great nation has been reduced to the point of economic collapse.

Now is the time and the opportunity for every American patriot to stand up and be counted. We MUST act now! There will be no second chance.

Dr. Coleman has become world renown through his writings and lectures warning of the conspiracy that has been undermining our freedoms and has brought us to the brink of disaster. John has held steadfast over the last two decades in spite of ridicule and disbelief, in spite of numerous attempts to silence him. As a result of excellent intelligence sources and a brilliant mind that can assimilate and disburse information in a clear and concise manner, he has achieved an accuracy of over 97% in his predictions of coming world events. [H: Just remember: a prophet REQUIRES 100% (ASK DANIEL).]

Like most of you, I have recognized for many years that something very wrong was afoot, but I lacked the knowledge to fully understand the depth of deception to which we as a nation are being subjected. Thanks to John, I now understand. And now that the problem has been defined, a solution can be implemented.

The VIGILANCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA has the solution. It will not be easy, but it is absolutely not impossible. All we need are lots [of] energetic and patriotic Americans like yourself.

Col. James "Bo" Gritz, another great American patriot who also recognizes the crisis, has met with Dr. Coleman and has agreed that our two organizations must work together in this last ditch effort to snatch freedom from the jaws of enslavement. [H: This is an outright blatant LIE!]

We urge you to carefully consider the enclosed manual on the VIGILANCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA and then join us in this historic movement to defeat our would-be oppressors and to create a Golden Age of freedom for many generations to come.

With Greatest Sincerity,

Lowell Roberts.

[H: Yes, and my name is "Howdy Doody". I'm sorry we do not have the "manual" mentioned but I understand it has a great many ways you make contributions!. I also ask all LIBERATOR readers to be on GUARD--this man has stolen mailing lists from EVERYWHERE he has time to set up thieving access. IF YOU RECEIVE ONE OF THESE PETITIONS DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS LEST YOU WISH TO BE ON HIS RIP-OFF LIST FOREVER--IT IS A FARCE AND YOU WILL BE STUNG BADLY WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS. In fact, it would be helpful for us to hear from you if you are somehow on this mailing list he is using, for we are efforting to see how many lists he has actually taken and what he sends as mailings. Thank you.]

* * *


I have had wondrously warm response over the Nostradamus puzzle-solving by D.J. I am asking that as much as D.J. is willing to share with us will be forthcoming. I cannot take space enough to reprint all of the "correspondence"--which is colorful in its own right--but I would hope that there be a compiling of the information as it is presented from her, for publication in a volume on the subject. Meanwhile what is shared with us, we will share with you--it beats the daily horoscope at any rate, in fun and games. I find the interpretations to be accurate and yes, I do know from whence comes that good information--but it is personal and private and none of our business.

I will say that early on this person did everything possible to "uncover" me and my crew but you see, as the puzzles became unraveled, THERE WE WERE, RIGHT ON "TIME" AND "SCHEDULE", DOING EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING! I am truly sorry that each and every one cannot get this kind of recognition and confirmation. This person has a great, great gift in receiving--please, let us keep protection for, already, each writing and connection made brings the helicopters and intelligence agents. We must protect our resources for, especially when they are out and "away" from this little "hub", it can be very frightening and lonely--however, this person is certainly not apt to be intimidated by very much on this placement.


Sept. 24, 1992

Well, here goes. I have never just...translated any of the quatrains as I did this morn.

The fact is, none has unraveled these two anagrams--EVER.

Now we have. Correctly, too.

For the people and they must hurry, for as Commander Hatonn has said over and over--"TIME IS RUNNING OUT!"


"MENDOSUS' tot viendra a son haut regen,

Mettant arriere un peu les Norlaris:

Le rouge bleme, le male a l'interregen,

Le jeune crante et frayeur Barbaris."

Now, for the shockers, folks, hang onto your seats.


"DOM ESUS" (Lord "Jesus"[Esu]) quickly coming with His Lofty Reign,

(Or influence.)

First setting behind the few, at the time of Iran:


The male with the inside influence, the ghastly Red,


The young fearing the Barbarian terror."

Rules: Norlaris is "Lors Iran." Lors in French means "at the time of..."

There was only the Ottoman Empire in Nostradamus' time, there was NO Iran! Not till...?

1905! And the "time of Iran" was not till the late '70's!

Dom is a title used in the Church, of great respect. It is derived from Latin, dominus and means Lord. Now, here is another, out of his Epistle and another time reference.


"...From the time of human redemption, to the detestable heresy of the Saracens. about 625 years elapsed. From this one can easily add up the amount of time gone by."

A little history. The Saracens were Moslems who took Palestine (The Holy Land) in the year 1300 Anno Domini, they took a great deal of places, in fact. Go read history and learn about it, but believe me, the Saracens have plenty of reasons to hate "Christians." You can add such to 1349 A.D. +/- a number of years. I use that date because that was when Nicea was taken, all through the fourteenth century the Saracens kicked backsides all the way up to the Danube, so pick a date and add.

....I need to inform you, I, this little being, had little to do with the translation this morning. I was... "coaxed" to look at it and unravel it...CORRECTLY. I cried like I was five, not thirty and five, when I was done. I always knew "norlaris" was not an anagram for Lorraine, France. I did not have that.... "key" till I began to read the Phoenix Journals.

My most important goal is to "give up" this information and be the best Zhan Yeas (Greek Origin: GUARDIAN spirit) to my son that God entrusted into my care.

I will also send you the information on the "pilot" that went down in '79 or '80, too…. He was approximately 6'6", 220 pounds, (American), dark chestnut hair, golden skin and emerald eyes. I know he was not wearing contacts and no "earthling" has eyes that color. [H: This person writing is an intensive care Nurse)] Four men came in with him, he was unconscious, a closed head injury. After caring for him in trauma care for nearly five hours, thugs in full radioactive suits came in....with Geiger counters. The pilot was covered in some kind of "fuel", one that set the counters off like a ten alarm fire. Of the five that worked on him, three of us that I know developed cancers of bone, thyroid and breast, myself included. One is dead that I know of. He was dressed in a flat forest green jumpsuit with a dull sheen to it. (Flightsuit?) We cut it off him and washed him down because he was covered with the fuel. It was decided that he was going to be taken to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, Calif. Only....they took him away in a small black helicopter, rather like an Apache, but....they didn't make them then. Or did they? Not till an acquaintance sent me a pirated copy of your Space Gate did I ever make the connection, not till I described the Patch. [H: There is no way that I can reproduce in words the drawing, but that is the reference in point.] Not till years later did I know the symbol was very similar to the Greek letter for Esu Immanuel's name.

The greatest oddity? A military pilot listed as...John Doe? Yes, that is right and I am too uneasy to pry into the old records to see if they are even there. I can remember the doctor being very, very nervous suddenly. It IS NOT DONE to ship a closed head injury like that. Nor did I realize till years later that our pilots aren't tall! That they should have known his name, social, et cetera. The helicopter took him south from Reno's Washoe Medical Center. I don't know where or why. Why do I know? Well, I was in the trauma room that night and I took care of him the entire time. Four men in suits with guns were there, everyone was edgy and I was too busy taking care of him. I only remember the ones in the suits trying to "wake" him and I became the Nurse from Hell; they backed off then.

Here's what I remember of his patch, the letters were sort of silvery-iridescent.

For what it's worth, I am more sorry than you can ever know. No. He never regained consciousness. [H: At least, not in YOUR presence!]

[H: Now I would like all of you to pay close attention and honor this writer for there is most personal information shared herein and I respectfully give gratitude that it would be given into our ability to share.]

Sept. 23, 1992



I sit here not because I am insane, but you might think so shortly, sir. I read over and over about the way the ADL and other Jewish organizations attack you and precious dharma.

I have a solution to prevent such attacks upon you all. You see, I am of Khazarian/Jewish descent, second generation on my mother's side. I was married in the Temple Immanuel in Reno, Nevada, USA in 1980. So...there you have it. Freely I give permission to use my name, therefore, when addressing me, a Khazarian "Jew", they can do nothing but stomp, whine and throw tantrums …………….. [H: No, precious, it is NOT all they can do and never shall I make your way more difficult. I will share your information but I will not give the enemy the "edge". They already know where you are and that you are gifted. It is enough that YOU know and that others accept that they simply have not been given TRUTH--thousands upon thousands are exactly as you.]

My full name is....D.E.J.E... No. I am not a practicing Jew, but my great grandfather was indeed a rabbi. Abraham was his name, my maternal grandfather was David, he stopped practicing Judaism when he escaped the Czar's army in 1914 by coming to America.

By addressing "me" in writings of such, they merely become much needed lessons to this "Khazarian Jew" and there can be no snotty anti-Semitism accusations slung at any.

I too now wonder just what is being hidden, for I did indeed lose family members in the Holocaust, that is no excuse for deceptions of ANY KIND! Being of such descent I can and do ask for any and all information, (as vile as it seems to be) concerning such an issue.

And yes. I am the same one that sends the quatrains of Nostradamus to you all, with much love and great relief of the burden, actually. Indeed, there are "Jews for Jesus" but those of Zionist persuasions do not like to talk about the fact and it will give an Orthodox Jew a coronary to even mention such a thing. No. I do not consider myself a "Jew", but by the bloodlines and more, indeed I am of Khazarian lineage, right down to gold-tinged skin and almond-shaped eyes, folks. No, I don't feel too grand getting a double-whammy here, but...Oh, well. Great lessons.

So, very humbly, I do offer myself to put a stop to all this that is thrown at you bringers of Truth. I know that those of the Hosts hardly need my help, but dharma and the rest of your scribes could be saved much grief. No! I am no sacrificial lamb! I do offer up my initials for "lessons" which will put a stop to such. You may indeed publish this letter or use it as you need. They can hardly call ME anti-Semitic, nor do I find any of your words anti-Semitic. What I DO find is many narrow-minded, very, very frightened Jewish organizations who do not even bother to READ the material before condemning you all. ("Christians" too, for that matter.) O-I-DO-NOT-LIKE-ZIONIST-POLITICS!

....No, sir. I have not yet gotten to the TRILLION DOLLAR LIE; I read four journals a week (when I can get them) and am trying fiercely to "catchup" with every else, but I promise you, I WILL now seek out the numbers and facts, whether or not anyone likes it.



Sept. 26, 1992

Here is another mentioning Dom Esus.


"Ne sera seul jamais de demander,

Grand MENDOSUS obtiendra son empire:

Loin de la cour fera contremander

Piedmont, Picard, Paris, Tyrron le pire."


"No being ever demanded of, but...

Great Lord Jesus (Dom Esus) will obtain His Empire:

The court to make counter summonings from a long way off.

Piedmont (Italy), Picard, Paris and Tyrron the worst."

Italy, bastards, (Or innocents) France and Germany the worst."

As I wrote before, MENDOSUS IS the anagram for Dom Esus, Lord Jesus. Tyrron could be phonetically spelled "tiron". Meaning of a "T" or the Tau Cross. The first "Christian" cross was a Tau Cross. The first Church is the Catholic Church. To be exact, Tiron is a, "cross of iron." And of course, the iron cross stands for Germany.

The Picards were a religious sect in the fifteenth century who tried to renew the practices of the Adamites, i.e., going naked in supposed "innocence" of the spirit. It is also a term that means rascal which is the equivalent of calling someone a bastard or S.O.B. in our times. It was a rude term for those of Flanders, what is now Belgium, the Netherlands and part of Germany. Essentially, those of Rome, et cetera are going to decry THE WORD given us. (Don't they do so already?) I must admit, I too thought you all crackpots...till I deciphered the anagrams dealing with God and Esu.

The clincher was that of "The writings of the Commander of the Phoenix." Nor can I take just a small portion and then denounce the rest. I give you Revelations, Chapter 19:19.

"And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him that sat on the horse, and against His army."

Just for mulling over, the Beast is many things, it is YOUR social security number, WE ALREADY ARE "MARKED" BY THE BEAST. It is the World Bank code of 666. It is like the abstract concept within Revelation... "The beast that thou sawest was, and is not..." And... " The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."

Rome just happens to sit on seven mountains, doesn't she? and how many off-shoots are there of the first Church?...

And what of Job 38:31?

"Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades. or loose the bands of Orion?"

Or Amos 5:8

"Seek Him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day with night: that calleth forth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: THE LORD IS HIS NAME:"

"Pleiades" MEANS, seven stars!

* * *


"Aprees grand touble humain, plus grand s'apprete,

Le Grande moteur les siecles revouvele:

Pluie, sang, lait, famine, fer et peste.

Au ciel vu feu, curant longue etinecelle."


"Themselves affected after great troubles for humanity, still greater,
The Great Mover renews (Or renewing) the Ages: Iron and plague, raining blood, milk and famine. Seen in Heaven, fire; a long moving spark."

Iron means the sword/war and the renewing Ages is the year 2000 Anno Domini. After a nuclear war, the rains are like "milk" because of all the fallout/debris in the sky. If you do not know about the words that Hatonn spoke in SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET, pages 14-22, you better go read them.

Much of what Hatonn speaks of is mirrored in the words of Nostradamus. No one knew what "MENDOSUS" meant.

Ponder it! Great trials before eight years have passed! Only to have much, much worse come upon us. If you do not prepare yourselves and families shelters, it will not really matter whether you believe in nine foot six Pleiadians or not. Any who lived in the Great Depression, speak up.

It is so different now? Remember "Hoovervilles?" We now have Reagan Town and Bushdumps, do we not? ....A war is the only way out of a Depression. As soon as I complete those pertaining to J.C. and Company, I will send along the others.

Just for confirmation, here are some facts for your readers: we are biochemoelectrical beings. Brain waves and heart rhythms attest to that fact. With a lamp cord or such, I can do much worse than extra low frequencies to a human body. Anyone can make the toys that Hatonn speaks of. You can't see electricity, but it's there, ever hear of reflex-arching, anyone? Do you even know what or where the node is that keeps those stony little lumps you call hearts beating?

(Yeah, I am angry after reading the satanic letters and such to George and the rude things they write. And...NO! I have no patience with such baseborn manners! Disagreeing is one thing, threats and libel are quite another, Commander! I am, alas, not one of a placid disposition. Do you want me to send the quatrains that lined up with the ephemeris? If you do not want dates and times known, I will delete them, for I know you said that they weren't getting them from you.)

[H: Yes, student, you have listened well and I am well pleased. It only takes understanding of the signals and it makes sense as the receiving is deciphered. We would like all you are willing to share with us. The readers long for this kind of unfolding. I said that I WON'T GIVE DATES"-- I did not say that Nostradamus couldn't. All "dates" are only approximations at their best for in the worlds of non-space and non-time they have no meaning at all. However, in your experience "sequence" usually is attached to a perceived "time" and you are in the most interesting "time" of all. Let us enjoy it as it unfolds. So what if your projection is not to the minute in perception--arrival at those times and dates is far more interesting oftentimes than the actual arrival. Whatever you wish to share with us now, or that which you were receiving prior to now, would be most welcome. I sincerely request that you continue your work and allow consideration of binding the volumes for publication.]

* * *

I will leave that work now and move on for delivered this moment is one of the most difficult and saddening pieces of correspondence Dharma and E.J. have received. "Next go we, Father?" is the petition. Oh, chelas, it is a hard, hard path for some of you.

We hear from my beloved son/brother in New Zealand. He has been sharing (for protection of source) information directly from one E.J. Hart (who did in fact, send all the wondrous information regarding the Committee of 300, etc., The New Zealand Bank fraud (which got him incarcerated) and now more and more information which I hold in security until such time as it is better, to print it. I do promise to see to it that this daring man will not have risked in vain. I do not have to have the papers to present the information, beloved ones, and I shall see to it when the time is appropriate. Hold steady on the course; you have done your bit and now it becomes an other's to see to the next step. You can easily see that it is NOT only New Zealand in point here. Brother Edward must not feel loss and ending--he has only just begun! "They" should not have done this thing. It is, however, not unusual as you refer back to the early part of this very writing--it is happening here also, and all around your world, without ability of the public to find out. The day of the Lord is at hand, chelas, and that which is unknown shall be made known and a swell shall arise across the nations and man shall bow down in fear and terror for that which is EVIL shall cease to stand. Angry God? Perhaps! Angry "Hosts"? Yes indeed.

E.J. Hart has been forced to sign this document (See end of chapter.) OR spend his remaining life incarcerated in a mental institution under heavy sedation. "They" have "broken" him, his health is bad and now they have closed down his work--forever, I am told. No, his work shall not be stopped and it only gives more confirmation to the readers hereof--we bring Truth, chelas, and none shall escape this scourge upon mankind. It will touch you ALL and I bow in honor unto you ones who reach out in spite of the threats and blows and SPEAK and ACT. In the end the beast shall destroy itself. May we now allow God to take the better course that HIS will be served and that we serve in willingness and without ego that TRUTH may be again brought upon this Earth Shan. I salute you, brothers. Be not dismayed--simply accept this as your confirmation of Truth and walk in PEACE for you have done that which you could. GOD asks no more! The enemy shall have great regrets over his actions this day!

Let us close this portion, Dharma, for I see that you need a break to recoup for you see, readers, the brotherhood of our relationships stretches across the globe and within the cosmos. You need not have vision or touch to allow hearts to attach and feel mortal pain at the hurt of another--no matter where he/she might be--and ever KNOW: MY WINGS ARE BIG ENOUGH TO SHELTER YOU! SALU.

Hatonn to clear.



FRI., OCTOBER 2, 1992 12:37 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 47




Just because those helicopters tweaked my temper up, I am sending another quatrain. It goes hand in hand with THEY CALL HIS NAME IMMANUEL. [Every time this person calls Tehachapi or writes for us, the military helicopters show up.]


"Par les Phisiques le grand Roi Delaisse,

Par sort non art de l'Ebrieu est en vie,

Lui et son genre au regtne haut pousse,

Grace donnee a gent qui Christ envie."


"The Great King forsaken through natural philosophies.

By destiny not the skill of the Jew, East He lives,

He and his family, shoved to reign in eminence.

To those which carry envy (want) Christ, Grace and the fundamental ideas."

Rules: Phisiques means natural philosophy, I.E., constitution or trance. They thought Him dead. "Est" can mean "is" or "East" in French. French articles can mean many different things, unlike English. So, when looking over Nostradamus' words, one must go to the OLD FRENCH, not the interpretation of another. In French, donnee literally translates to "data" or fundamental (primary or basic) ideas...Truths will be given to those seeking Christ.

No hocus pocus, just the facts. Do I know all of the quatrains' meanings?

Nope, sure don't. Don't want to, either.

Remember, Nostradamus did not use punctuation nor did he have a dictionary, many words are phonetically spelled, both French, Latin and names. With just the mark of an accent or circumflex the entire word and meaning of a sentence can and does change. Here is Leoni's translation of the above:

"The great King abandoned by the Physicians,

By fate not the Jew's art he remains alive,

He and his kindred pushed high in the realm,

Pardon given to the race which denies Christ."

As any can see, there is a big difference, yet without this WW-II cryptographer who kept the Old French pure, it would not be possible to decipher even the simplest quatrain. As so many have done by butchering the Old French, they have never found the Truth with Michel d'Nostredame's words. Such an announcement as the one above would have guaranteed that Michel d'Nostredame would have been slowly roasted over hot coals as a heretic, just as Joan d'Arc was, just a short while before.

Dieu vous garde, D.J.

* * *

Our papers have been running so large that we have been holding for far too long a series of articles regarding the "Inslaw" case which the Napa Valley Sentinel granted us opportunity to utilize some many, many months past. It was the best write-up I have seen on the subject. Now it is coming again to the forefront so it is time to leave something else out if necessary and catch you up.

As introduction I shall reprint here an article from this last issue of SPOTLIGHT. We will then see if there is room to give you some additional information on the subject or if we should turn our attention to other things and consider you sufficiently informed. It is IMPORTANT because it fits with everything else criminal which was and is going on simultaneously.



A House committee has asked for a special prosecutor to investigate the Inslaw scandal, a tale of murder, conspiracy, cover-up and theft--all allegedly perpetrated by the U.S. Justice Department. [H: Isn't this just dandy--the Congress just VOTED to have no more SPECIAL PROSECUTORS.]

By Andrew Arnold, Spotlight:

The House Judiciary Committee has called for the Justice Department to name an independent counsel "to conduct a full, open investigation of the Inslaw allegations of a high-level conspiracy within the Justice Department."

The Inslaw scandal centers on a $10 million computer program (said to be worth over $280 million) designed to track criminal cases, which its makers contend was stolen by the Justice Department in 1982 while Edwin Meese was attorney general.

Further, they charge, Justice officials engaged in a conspiracy to drive them out of business when they demanded payment; and Justice officials illegally redistributed the program to domestic and foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies and conspired to cover up the department's criminal actions.

Private investigations of the affair have centered around several suspicious deaths of people involved, and allegations that the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies distributed the software to foreign counterparts to facilitate spying on them. The software, it is alleged, contained a "back door"--a secret command known only to the CIA--that would permit agency snoops access to the foreign system whereby they could rummage undetected through the foreign intelligence database.


The committee, headed by Rep. Jack Brooks (D-Texas), wants an investigation to determine if Inslaw's software was stolen from the Justice Department, then transferred to other federal agencies and foreign governments illegally.

When Inslaw sued for payment for the use of its proprietary software, the Justice Department balked, raised a "sham" contract dispute and tried to force the company into Chapter 7 bankruptcy which would have necessitated Inslaw selling its assets, including the rights to its Enhanced Promis software.

The Judiciary Committee has asked for a special prosecutor to see if individuals in the private sector and government officials--including former attorneys general Edwin Meese and Richard Thornburgh--were involved in a theft and cover-up conspiracy.


The independent counsel law is set to expire at the end of this year. [H: Actually it is worse than that, it expires before the end of the year like somewhere around December 21. In addition to that, the Special prosecutor that you have, Lawrence Walsh, and his own scalp-hunting assistant, Craig Gillen, have been fined by the District of Columbia for failing to pay city income taxes. It seems that neither of these holier-than-thou gentlemen managed to pay their D.C. taxes during their multi-year periods of residency. In further addition, both are under investigation by the General Accounting Office to determine whether or not they have made inappropriate use of taxpayers' funds during their lengthy imbibing at the public trough. It will be interesting, I would assume, because these gentlemen rolled up massive personal expenses that YOU paid for. We'll look at it more closely if we have spare space.] The White House is opposed to renewing it [H: Boy, I would guess so!!!)] unless the law is changed to include Congress as subject to investigation by an independent counsel.

In March, 1982, the Justice Department awarded Inslaw Inc. a $10 million, three year contract to implement a version of the Prosecutor's Management Information System (Promis) at 94 U.S. attorney's offices, according to the Judiciary Committee report, entitled The Inslaw Affair.

Within one month, the Justice Department's C. Madison Brewer suggested the government terminate the contract. According to testimony Brewer said he does not remember making the recommendation, but if it was made, it was made "in jest".

William Hamilton, owner of Inslaw, failed to see the humor. Hamilton's company was on the verge of bankruptcy in early 1985 after the federal government withheld at least $1.6 million in payments for use of the software.

A federal bankruptcy court judge, George Bason, later called Brewer's remarks "the smoking gun that clearly evidences Brewer's intense bias against Inslaw, and his single-minded intent to drive Inslaw out of business."


Bason and a federal district judge upheld rulings against the federal government before the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the decision.

The judiciary report questions why Brewer was given the position of overseeing the Inslaw contract; Brewer worked for Hamilton until 1976 as counsel for the Institute for Law and Social Research, which later became Inslaw.

Brewer left this position under questionable circumstances. Hamilton claims Brewer was encouraged to leave by management; Brewer says he departed in a favorable light.

In addition, Brewer, by his own testimony, is "not a computer person."

Hamilton accused Brewer of holding a negative bias in his dealings with Inslaw. The Department of Justice nevertheless kept Brewer on the assignment.

If Inslaw was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a rival company, Hadron Inc., could buy the rights to Enhanced Promis. Hadron is run by Dr. Earl Brian, a friend of Meese, and is a company in which Meese's wife, Ursula, was an investor.


The Enhanced Promis was later provided to Brian by the. Justice Department "allegedly...with the knowledge and concurrence of then-Attorney General Meese who had earlier worked with Dr. Brian in the Cabinet of California Gov. Ronald Reagan and later at the Reagan White House," the report said.

Later, Michael Riconosciuto--a self described computer expert--admitted under oath he "was involved with the modification of proprietary Enhanced Promis software" on the Cabazon Indian Reservation near Indio, California.

Under federal law, modification of copyrighted software without the author's permission is a crime.

The Promis system was allegedly also illegally modified for use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, according to Riconosciuto.

Riconosciuto was arrested on drug charges in 1991. Some allege Riconosciuto was set up on the charges to discount his worth as a witness against the Justice Department. [H: Chelas, the whole thing wraps around the computerized running and tracking of the "government" drug business and of course it was a total frame-up. Other people got very DEAD in this game, such as Danny Casolaro, an investigative reporter--who also just happened to know and be involved with other whistleblower incidences as "October Surprise", etc. The intrigue is endless.]


Other sources, including a surplus computer dealer and two former Israeli intelligence officers, said Promis has been illegally provided or sold to foreign governments including Canada, Israel, Singapore, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.

(Ed. Note: Writing was interrupted to attend other business.)

SATURDAY, OCT, 3, 1992

The report said the committee was blocked from investigating the role of the CIA in international Promis sales.

Hamilton claims other federal agencies such as the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and federal intelligence service have also illegally acquired Promis.

Former Attorney General Elliot Richardson, counsel to In-slaw, has described the circumstances surrounding the Inslaw case as a possible criminal conspiracy involving Judge Lowell Jensen, Meese, Brian and several current and former officials at the Department of Justice.

"The Attorney General should take immediate steps to remunerate Inslaw for the harm the Department has egregiously caused the company," the report said. "The amount determined should include all reasonable legal expenses and other cost to the Hamiltons not directly related to the contract but caused by the actions taken by the Department to harm the company or its employees."


In addition, the committee voted for investigation into:

* The death of journalist Danny Casolaro.

* Whether or not current and former Justice Department employees perjured themselves in regard to Inslaw.

* Whether or not private sector individuals participated in the alleged conspiracy to steal Inslaw's Promis software and illegally distribute.

[H: The fact, of course is that they did all these things including silence Casolaro along with many others. It is obvious why there has not been, nor is there wanted to be, any kind of investigation--especially until there is no longer a law which allows for independent prosecutors.]

The committee does not have the authority to order the Justice Department to investigate any of these matters. In fact, none of the findings contained in the committee report is legally binding. These are simply recommendations from Congress.


* * *

What, I wonder, happened to that old Constitutional Congress who, when it ordered something, saw to it that it was DONE? I hope that by actions this day you can see that you are in for a long and serious journey from here to change-about.



The death of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro has prompted Congress to call for a special counsel. Mr. Casolaro was researching the connection between a number of Bush administration scandals at the time he was murdered--including the Inslaw case.

Specifically citing the unsolved and mysterious death of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro caused the House Judiciary Committee to call for the Justice Department to name an independent counsel to investigate the Inslaw affair also. It is hard to work through this since, at the time of the Inslaw case, the Head of the Justice Department, Attorney General Meese, was a major part of the criminal actions and was then aided and abetted further, by Richard Thornburgh, when it got too hot for Meese.

Casolaro had tied an investigation of Inslaw, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, Iran-contra and the October Surprise into a nice neat web. Casalaro referred to this web as "the Octopus".

Casolaro's death was simply the most prominent of a series of deaths of people connected in one way or another to Inslaw or to Casolaro's broader investigation.

The Inslaw scandal centers on a software package believed to be worth some $280 million as we just outlaid for you. Since the software is designed to track criminal cases it is logical that it would be stolen by the Justice Department, and was, in 1982--right under the direction of Edwin Meese.

The October Surprise affair, remember, involves an alleged conspiracy by the Reagan-Bush campaign team to delay the release of American hostages held by Iran in 1980 until after the elections to prevent the reelection of Jimmy Carter. This also involved now pretty well known people such as Russbacher, Brenneke, etc., whom we have written about in the past at great length. As we have time and space, it is appropriate to run them again. I also have information from ones inside the circle who have presented my scribe with documents but I have chosen not to publicize that information yet. It bears the same information in basic outlay as is coming through now so would enhance nothing and possibly hurt a lot of people.

Casolaro was ready to publish his findings in a book. This would have exposed many of the most powerful people in Washington. He was only one of several who were revealing such information so this would have nailed the coffin lids on some of the slick shysters.

At the time of his murder he was in West Virginia to meet secret sources whom he expected to provide the final evidence needed to prove his Octopus theory.

It is nice to know that tucked away in a handy spot is a tape of Bush in the cockpit of the SR-71 which flew him BACK from the Paris meeting. Valid? Good enough to make a few Bushies and twiglets squirm.

Casolaro's body was found in a bathtub in a West Virginia hotel room on August 10, 1991. The death was officially ruled a suicide despite a slew of questionable circumstances surrounding the death. Is it not interesting that "suiciding" is getting to be the major cause of transition for a major number of honest people trying to uncover Governmental crime?

Investigators of the death speculated that somehow the man was distraught since he had received a third rejection notice for his book. I don't doubt it for nobody would publish such information--and stay alive themselves. Besides, all the major publishers are part and parcel of the cover-up and Elite "Order". He also had a large balloon payment due on the mortgage on his home--$178,000. This is absurd if you knew the man--he would simply have moved and/or filed for bankruptcy and would have come out very well.



The Judiciary Committee report casts even more doubt on the official findings. Some evidence indicates the death scene was not sealed immediately. The room was cleaned before an investigation took place. This was all in the valid report.

Casolaro was in contact with at least two federal sources in the weeks prior to his death, according to the committee report.

FBI Special Agent Thomas Gates told the committee he received several phone calls from Casolaro beginning approximately a month before the author died.

Gates reported that "Casolaro sounded very 'upbeat' and certainly not like a person contemplating suicide," the report included.

"Special Agent Gates felt that the amount of injury found to be inflicted to the arms of Mr. Casolaro was not consistent with injuries inflicted by an individual who had slit his own wrists," the report continued. "Special Agent Gates said he was told by Martinsburg, West Virginia, Police investigators that: He (Casolaro) hacked his wrists---the wrists were cut, but they were cut almost in a slashing or hacking motion.

"Based upon my prior testimony concerning my contacts with Casolaro and also with the captain of the Martinsburg Police Department, there is cause for suspicions to be raised," Gates told the committee.

Perhaps you now begin to have a more healthy respect for the protection I must provide to my people. I know you want more and more information. I know that you want information that "nobody" else has--but your desires are not going to cause death to my brave people if I can help it . I can help it--IF--they attend my requests. Take selves outside my permit zone and it gets bad very, very quickly.

I know you are offended when I must decline meetings and giving of personal information but you have to go within your own guidance for your own directions--I cannot involve my scribe or my publication crews. There is a whole world out there where you can "locate", "serve", "be involved" and do whatever you are guided to do.

This place where I write is as dangerous as any place on the globe for you who just want to "seek and find" possible placement. It is worse than having no security other than my own but the attempts against health, life and limb are unceasing. It is not a pleasant place to be located unless you remain in total service unto God according to HIS plan for the assaults are not particularly individually buffered if you are "game" playing.

I know that the majority of you think that "If I am doing something or other for God, I am secure in a little cocoon." No you are NOT for many of you simply THINK you are serving and are actually being used by the Adversary for his own needs.

Some think you can do a "better job" of explaining what Hatonn or God "means". No, you cannot and it simply causes problems which I must then attend. The "attending" is often most unpleasant for the original perpetrator. Also "gossip" is attended the same as truth. For instance, Patricia says to John: "I understand Laughlin has been hit and broken open by the IRS." Laughlin is one of the finest agents for Nevada Corporations around. What could that mean? NOT A THING! Number one, it is false information and number two: it couldn't happen the way described in any sense of the word. I shall write about this at the top of the next session. Death, however, becomes a very real and terrifying confrontation to my people--every day! Be patient, please, if they seem abrupt or reclusive when you would like a little personal meeting or two. In addition the piles of correspondence come in by the pound. We love it, for that gives us sharing information on current inquiries.

Robert Stavin, a former prosecutor with the Department of Justice's Organized Crime Strike Force, recounted for the committee a conversation he had with Casolaro a week before the journalist's death.

Stavin and Casolaro mentioned Inslaw and the Octopus, but had not tied all the threads of this theory together yet.


Around the same time period Casolaro's housekeeper reported he had received a phone call stating: "You're dead, you bastard." Now this goes even beyond "Slimy little pukes and I'll F get you," that my scribe received from a notable speaker. Then there were the "You won't ever know, you bastards, when you try to start your car and turn on the ignition if it will blow up" and "Get out of town, you won't last here--the 'Christian community' will be around to handle you bunch of Satanist anti-Semites." This goes on constantly when you are about to blow the socks off the big boys.

In addition the housekeeper noticed a stack of typed papers that usually lay on top of Casolaro's desk was missing shortly after his death. Maybe that is also why it is easier for us to simply type all this information directly into the CIA, AFB and several other data banks at the same time. These guys do not, however, play fair. It would seem the least they can do when they bungle the writing equipment and wipe out a writing that they would reproduce it for us. I welcome their attention because it reinforces the fact that the "top bananas" know exactly who I am and that we only give scribes information already present--somewhere. It won't usually be "interpreted" but it has been announced somewhere or other. God does have some rights, after all.

In addition to the death of Casolaro a number of other sources believed used by Casolaro in researching his Octopus theory have also caught that fatal and incurable disease, SUICIDE. Lets look at just a few:

1. Defense analyst Alan D. Standorf. His body was found at Washington National Airport on the floor of a car beneath luggage and other personal items. Standorf worked at a secret military listening post in suburban Virginia. This was "obviously" suicide.

2. Former Nixon aide Michael Allen May died four days after the Napa Sentinel reported his connections to the alleged October Surprise scandal. An autopsy said May had pharmaceutical drugs in his system.

3. Reporter Anson Ng, of the London-based Financial Times, was working with Casolaro investigating ties between Inslaw, the Cabazon Indian tribe and Iran-contra. Ng was found dead in Guatemala with a bullet wound in his chest. This was also ruled a suicide.

4. Dennis Eisman, U.S. intelligence operative Michael Riconosciuto's lawyer, was also found with a gunshot wound in his chest. This too was ruled a suicide.

5. Engineer Barry Kumnick disappeared after inventing a new computer program that could project the thoughts and characteristics of criminal or military individuals and predict behavior or movement. Kumnick's system is designed to work with In-slaw's Promis. He has not been seen in more than eight months.

This list could go on and on, especially if you get into that which we have already given you on the San Luis Obispo Connection and all the suiciding that went on as that was coming a bit unglued and big boys got "testy". One of those big boys is off giving away a whole big bunch of agreements with China.

I can only remind you that with the water contaminations and forced inoculations--soon the entire of the nation will "suicide" for it is the latest thing in population control. A good epidemic of suiciding beats having to simply murder everyone one at a time. A good nuclear "suicide" is also in the offing in case you are curious.

Let's wrap this up, Dharma. Then we can consider what to do next, write, tape or otherwise. Thank you for your service.


Hatonn to clear, please.



MON., OCTOBER 5, 1992 8:36 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 50



I shall not write, first thing, of crashed planes or floods in Florida, other than to say that if Bush doesn't stay OUT of Florida, there will be no Florida left. You can see these things going on and hopefully can discern the REAL from that which is foisted off on you.

As we sat in visiting yesterday I realized that I err very often just as do you of mortal life--facing every day. All are confused and the brain reels with the onslaught of unimagined things, except in science fiction. I too must learn to resist telling people how something should be done. Instead, we must face and tell what would be done and needs to be done. Perhaps you dwell too long in that which WAS and do not yet see that which IS. I do not wish, however, to take that wondrous ability from you which brings surprise with creative and innovative solutions to problems about you, your nation and planet. It is a very fine line, chelas, and we must both "feel" our way along very carefully for the traps are laid with nary a slip by the Adversary.


Ah yes, this is constant again. What of Perot? I see that if he is pushed over the top and into the White House, you prevent Clinton (the choice groomed specifically by the Kissinger gang and the Committee of Bilderbergers for the sham job). You do, however, give strength to Bush and the Republicans but you will probably never find TRUTH from the past criminal activities of the administration. This is because Perot has told you that you "should be totally forgiving" and "let what HAS-happened go by the way and move on". That has worthy merit, after all, but lulls you back into the arms of Hypnos, the god of sleep. There are several ways it could go from here and through the next few weeks to E-day. Perot would, however, spark a "speaking" of the people in some manner and there would have to be at least a sham of change. Can the grass-roots movement of Gritz do it and win after all? I see not how enough can overcome the "three" rule. It could be done but perhaps Gritz' role in your redemption and return to freedom is to be witnessed and experienced in a far more important role than a cookie-cutter President hamstrung by the Elite Lobbies, PACs and bought-off Congress. You must go with your heart, chelas, I cannot measure all for you.

I must remind you that you must NEVER give up on that which you really want to do. The person with big dreams (not la-la-land fantasies of magical nonsense) is more powerful than one with all the "facts"--IF THE "DREAMER" HOLDS THE HAND OF CHRIST-GOD AND THE "GOAL" IS TO ARRIVE AT A SOCIETY IN THE IMAGE OF CHRIST-GOD'S KINGDOM.


* * *


We shall now write on these things: "commodity" dealers in adviser capacity and the use of "Christ" lies to give credence to their projections. Some of them know not in the least what they are actually doing. Further, some of them I have given great credit and asked you to heed their writings--for Truth is Truth from any resource and within ANY intent. YOU must come to know and discern that which is human "selling" and that which is Truth to give fullness to your insight and education.

Many of you who will read this will have been stung badly by some whose names will appear here. I cannot help that which is already finished--I can only give you that which comes for the greatest and highest good of you of God. Unless you have studied and retain and recall ALL of that which we have presented unto you--do not belabor our lack of service prior to your errors. I have written about this very group and their operations prior to this and if you did not read it, I cannot help you. I can and will present it again for we gain new readers daily and it is too hard to catch up 65 JOURNALS and weekly papers.

Do I want you to stop utilizing the input of the ones who will be named in the following? What you do with information is purely and solely up to you. Several of the ones named will have given invaluable information and presentations. You will find that most were sucked in by Zionists fellow-writers and investment advisers. Now it becomes a mad drive to "survive" in their own life-style and they will now mislead you greatly as to "what to do" in order to keep you "hooked" on their advice. In the end GOD wins, my friends, and all the denials and refusals to stand on stage with my people will merit them naught--but YOU are up to YOU!

I do not feel that I can do justice to an introduction to the "book" from which I quote at this writing for the information I have received in written format has not been given definite title, only prospective, and some misinformation is being analyzed and corrected, deleted or in need of comment before I print it and/or give urgent request that you obtain the journal in point.

You will see that there is amazing information in the volume in point for I will reproduce Chapter VII for you herein--with permission of both the author and the prospective publisher. Some of you will already have the information, this specific--from me if not elsewhere, and many of you will have had a copy of a "first printing" of limited numbers of the author's work regarding this subject.

I leave it into your hands for discernment because you are going to recognize some names which represent "authority" and "expertise" and are quite prominently represented in patriot libraries.

QUOTING: (Chapter VII)


[H: Headings are mine.]

A "CLUB OF ROME SYNDROME": The title is a bit of a play on words taken from the notorious "Club of Rome" which in itself is one of the most high regions of the International Zionist Conspiracy [Also known as the Committee of 300]. Not too long ago it became very evident that there was a growing number of conservative newsletters and publications each of which was using Post Office Box addresses in Phoenix, Arizona. There, also, was something strange but very noticeable concerning this growing number of Phoenix box numbers, they seemed to be forming a continuous pattern of numerically sequential numbers! Newsletters that for years had been published at addresses throughout the country now began having their mailing addresses changed to Phoenix. Their publications appeared to be the same but correspondence, subscriptions, etc., was now directed to a central axial point there in the Southwest. [H: Now don't rush to your latest newsletter and expect to find this information for when uncovered, a lot of things began to happen very quickly--like covering up the boo-boo!] These were publications that had been in such locations as Florida, California, Colorado, Texas and so forth; why now were so many receiving their mail at a central location with their box numbers just one digit removed from their "contemporaries"?

This bodes for some interesting speculation and conjecture, the results of which will probably be very close to being right on point. What has piqued the interest in this "coincidence" is the fact that many of these now consolidated entities at one time or other were all recommended or positively commented upon by the John Birch Society, Inc.! "Birds of a feather...." and they do flock together, especially if they have the same force which is directing and ultimately controlling them. Now these newsletter writers, editors, publishers, et al, have not physically relocated to Arizona; that, in most cases, would be inconvenient. Recall that the current president of the JBS, Inc. (John Birch Society) resides in Massachusetts; the Society headquarters being in Wisconsin. So why this consolidation of mailing addresses in Phoenix? Could it be a central control function which is overseeing and more physically directing each??? [H: I would say this much: IF the addresses were in NEVADA, it would be "good business" and might well have not been noted at all--ever.]


It could not be that it is more convenient for the names associated with these various publications are still far removed from these addresses. There would be no economical reason for the centralization of mail receipt if the mail, in turn, had to be forwarded to those who, supposedly, are writing, editing and publishing the various "letters". "It just doesn't make sense, Admiral"! BUT, it does make sense if the reason for this centralization is that all of these publications are uniquely funnelled from the same basic source to insure that nothing comes forward which would not be in concordance with the "Master Plan"!

And just who are some of these in the "Club"? They are:

L. Abraham ( PO Box 84903, Phoenix 85071 )

D. McAlvany ( “ 84904, “ )

Bates ( “ 84909, “ )

Aden's ( “ 84905, “ )

World News Dig. ( “ 84900,02 “ )

G. North ( “ 84906, “ )

Each of these (and many others), remember, have been recommended by the JBS, Inc. Let us look at one, in particular, who has been briefly mentioned before, but is certainly deserving of much more editorial space. That one is Larry H. Abraham.


Our Mr. Abraham supposedly produces the Insider Report and the GEO Report: I seriously doubt this. Currently, one Mr. Wallace "Chip" Wood is listed as the editor of the Insider Report but he has also taken over the editorship of the former "Johnny" Johnson Daily News Digest (Boxes 84900, 84902 and 84903). He wears two, or more, hats, but they cover only one head. A common connection? Certainly! Let us look at some of the historical record of Abraham and draw some positive facts to the surface and see just what type of person this has been fully aware of these positive facts.

We trace back in time to the State of Washington and the machinations and activities of L. Abraham within the State. Abraham was licensed as a Securities Salesman within the State of Washington under Washington Securities Laws. This was many years ago and he would have been considered, in simple terms, a Stock Broker.

Larry Henry Abraham, Sr. (L. Abraham) has been a resident of the State of Washington for many years, most of his life, to be sure. He was first employed there by his father in 1957 in the father's plywood business and remained there until 1960. For the next two years he was employed by both a radio station (KNEW) and a television station (KXLY-TV) and then, through about 1963, he was employed by the Pacific National Advertising Agency.


For eight years, 1964 through 1972, L. Abraham was extremely close to the workings and inner activities of the John Birch Society, Incorporated. He was a paid Area and Major Coordinator for the JBS, Inc. during this period and was closely associated with the hierarchy, leaders and, certainly, the controlling forces of that "clan". He was aware of activities, goals and precepts of the Society that are never the privy of the "lower classes" and "run-of-the-mill" members; he had to have this knowledge to be allowed to occupy a position of Area Coordinator! Even more importantly, the John Birch Society, Inc. accepted L. Abraham for this period of eight years and it must be assumed and accepted that the JBS, Inc. knew full well the moral and mental attributes of this person. Keep that in mind and equate it to the facts that here follow.

Abraham got his feet wet in the securities/investment fields in about 1972; he became employed with the Pacific Coast Coin Exchange and stayed with them until 1974. He learned, or developed, the fundamental ability to speculate with other people's funds.


Larry Abraham was learning quickly the rudiments of the ploys, the speaking with forked tongue; he had a convincing way and manner. In 1974 he, along with another "Operator", formed "Abraham-Reitz & Co." as a New York corporation and operated in the commodities field until 1977. In that year, for whatever contrived reason, he parted with John Reitz and sallied forth into the realm of the big boys; he formed "Larry Abraham and Associates" and proudly announced that he was now an In-vestment Banker. This reminds one of the subjective titles employed by the "Penny Stock Boiler Rooms" (Brokerage Firms) operating from and out of Denver, Colorado. But, here, we should not sally forth too quickly for during the time that "Abraham, Reitz & Co." was in operation a large amount of investor funds disappeared. The story folds and unfolds, Abraham claiming that an associate firm, Swiss Manhattan Metals Corp., was the culprit in the entire loss and that he (Abraham) was an innocent victim caught in a web of legal intrigue and poorly written securities laws of the State of Washington.

A LEGAL DISAGREEMENT? Not so, said the State of Washington concerning the Abraham contention that he (Abraham) was an innocent victim. The State came down on him for just and good cause and reason. The State of Washington permanently REVOKED the securities license of Larry H. Abraham for the following violations:

1. "That he willfully made an untrue statement of a material fact...."

2. "..engaged in an act which operated as a fraud or deceit upon another person in a securities transaction."

3. "..engaged in unethical practices in the securities business."

The ORDER (SDO-142--81) revoking his license emanated from the Securities Division, State of Washington, on 10 August 1982. BUT, the Birch support of L. H. Abraham did not cease!


The dissertation on Abraham is given to clearly show a type of individual that is not unique in himself (note, again, those who were previously mentioned as 'some' of the members of the Club of Phoenix), but is representative of support of International ZIONISM and who, in turn, are fully supported by the John Birch Society, Incorporated. Let there be no doubt about that last statement. As an interesting after-thought one could wonder if others of the ilk of a Jerry Falwell, a Pat Robertson, a Billy Graham, a Jimmy Swaggart and a host of others of like cloth, FAKE Christian, leaders of the George Orwell Boobtube Networks are not also getting some portion of their mail via Phoenix, Arizona. They are ALL ZIONISTS: first, last and foremost!


L. Abraham did not go unseen or unheard of following the demise of his securities frauds in the State of Washington; on the contrary, he schemed to go 'International' ! A new team was formed to bilk the unsuspecting patriots and it had a lot of the premises and goals of the famous William Kennedy scam, Western Monetary Consultants! The team was Larry and Harry; Larry, of course, being Abraham and the Harry was the long known and infamous Harry D. Schultz of Monaco and the Harry Schultz letter, a tout vehicle, if ever there was one! (Harry frequently preceded his name with "Dr.", however, he had never been granted a doctorate from, or by, ANY accepted institution of higher learning.) Unknown, but probably there was a "Moe" also in their act.

They founded "Freedom Incorporated" [H: Enter now, information which I have priorly shared with you, just to jog your memory.). Their initial goal: To raise $10,000,000.00 and put a dent in the "conspiracy"; to change the make-up of the world and bring proper law-and-order to the market place. Unfortunately, there will be many who read this who will have had first hand investment knowledge of the inner workings (or lack of) of FI. Larry and Harry proceeded to con as many as they could reach through their own newsletters, Insider Report and HSL, and by having many other newsletter publishers promote the FI wares.

THE "FI" PLOY OF DECEPTION: It was coincidentally of interest that the stated objectives of Freedom, Inc. were cunningly akin to those that were spewed forth by the John Birch Society, Inc. Larry and Harry put their shoulders to the grindstone and put forward for public consumption a glowing accounting of the aims and goals of their newly formed scam. They plied upon the patriotism of the flag-bearing goyim and expounded in vivid language just how Freedom, Inc. was going to turn the tide of socialism, the CFR, the Trilateralists and the bankers.

They vehemently contended that they had a critical advantage of actually KNOWING "who the enemy is" and with this information, they, and the members of the Freedom, Inc. organization, could wage an effective campaign against "the enemy"!! A quote from one of their fliers reads: "Most have attacked the wrong targets. For a long time, it was thought anti-intellectual and simplistic to believe in the conspiracy theory. WE thought so, too! Until finally the proof of its reality was overwhelming. We were propagandized by them but now we will turn the tables on the CFR & Trilateralists, the New York mega-bankers, & all these appeasers of Communism, lenders to the USSR, creators of debt overhang, fosterers of government control over the individual, advocates of high taxation & its brutal enforcement." And additionally: We must pool our talents, time, & cash to create a global organization: Freedom, Inc. Through Freedom, Inc. we can influence legislatures at the grass-roots level everywhere; we can elect directors to media boards; fund our own book publishing houses; fund and aid freedom fighters in Angola, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Cambodia." And one more quote of pure drivel from their "send us money flier": "We will press for an investigation of the US State Department We'll critically influence elections. We will create a groundswell via a network of both paid and volunteer workers in every voting district around the world. Where we can't influence or change the media, we will start our own." Well now, reader, doesn't that all sound just Jim Dandy, Peachy Keen & etc.!!


This verbiage could have been taken almost verbatim from the gospel of "Saint" Welch and his Church of Deception. It is misinformation personified to the ultimate degree and the Freedom, Inc. language is precisely what has been the language of the John Birch Society, Inc. It is the deception of false leadership and false guidance specifically designed to undermine and lead astray any who follow and wrongfully believe that they are being given the truth! Abraham learned well from R. Welch during those years as an Area Coordinator.

The glaring fact is here for all to see, at least for those who have the presence of thought to understand and rationalize what they are reading. NEVER does an implication to ZIONISM appear, whether it be from the JBS, Inc. or the contrived Freedom, Inc. money scam. They both freely and often allude to the CFR, the Trilateralists, the bankers and others in APPARENT control but NEVER do they pose the question of who controls these operations!!! These apparent forces in control are, in no way, the tip of the iceberg; they are lesser functions of the tip, and the tip, of course, is the International Zionist Conspiracy!


The Freedom, Inc. goal of raising $10,000,000.00 within six months was certainly never reached--never intended to be reached. The promise to refund monies to the subscribers who requested a return was a joke. There were many who requested a refund--none received any. Requests to see accountings of the books of FI were unanswered and legal action against FI was for naught. Ah, "Western Monetary...", to a lesser, although faster, degree.

Give this some thought. Some of the backers of "FI" just happened to be: Jim Blanchard, Gary North, Antony Sutton, Mark Skousen, Howard Phillips, Morton Blackwell, Hilare du Barrier, Robert Prechter, Julian Snyder, Ed Lee and the late Johnny Johnson. "The Club of Phoenix", for want of a better title.


Former John Birch Society, Inc. paid Area Coordinator Larry H. Abraham, Jr. still runs rife and rampant with deceit. After some twenty years he still has the audacity to claim that he was responsible for, authored and produced "None Dare Call it Conspiracy", which was entirely the product of Gary Allen. The Abraham association with Gary Allen was minimal. For a short period of time during and immediately following the publication of NDCC, Abraham performed in a marketing role for Allen. None of the original printing of NDCC has any reference to L. Abraham; on the contrary, Gary Allen gave full credit to all of his sources of data in compiling NDCC. It is further interesting to note that there was no close association between Abraham and Allen for many years thereafter. At a later time they did join in a newsletter partnership which was forthwith terminated by Gary when he learned of a number of financial and monetary discrepancies, which could not be explained by his "partner"!

The JBS, Inc. did, initially, support the sale of "None Dare Call it Conspiracy". It was displayed at their local meetings and gatherings for sale and undoubtedly had a good sales result as a consequence. At no time, however, after Abraham began his lying assertion that implied that he was the author of NDCC did the JBS, Inc. ever come forward and counter the Abraham claim. Lying by omission, shall we say?


The ploy goes on with current advertising and flyers from "Phoenix" extolling the vast virtues of the accomplishments of Larry Abraham. He continually claims that he is a millionaire and has made millionaires of untold numbers of those who have listened to and heeded his profound investment advice. This assertion alone flies in the face of fact and reality when, again, it is duly noted that he has filed Personal Bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Washington, (Case No. 90-33994)! He therein listed his liabilities at a figure of almost $1,200,000.00 and assets less than $5,000. This is not reflective of an investment "Guru" in any way!


There are far too many Birch supporters overtly and covertly involved, not only with the promotion of the Larry Abraham rip-off of the unwary, but in and among themselves. Why does Gary North and M. Skousen, as examples, continue to outra-geously verbally, and by direct quotation, so strongly support and refer to Abraham in the most glowing of terms? There is a method to all madness and a destiny that shapes our ends. There has to be an underlying reason for the "Club of Phoenix" to adhere so tightly to a concept and belief that is common to each and to all of them. So what is this concept and/or belief?....IT IS ZIONISM!

The information contained on the last few pages is not uniquely known to this writer; it is public information available to all who care to look. It would be naive to even discuss whether such as North or Skousen were aware of the shady history of Abraham. Most assuredly they are aware and they accept him; but far worse, they promote and encourage him knowing full well his despicable and criminal performance. And these are the people who support and are supported by the John Birch Society, Inc.! Are they Zionists? Certainly they are, card carrying or not. Remember the "Duck"! The hypocrisy of the entire gaggle begs description and reason and is akin to the gutless wimp who flits from side to side, from flower to flower, as a butterfly, hoping to be on the winning side when the last shot is fired. NEVER has North (either Gary or Ollie), or Skousen, or McAlvany, or Schultz, or Abraham, or The John Birch Society, Inc. or etc., ever come forth with a definitive statement concerning Zionism and their relative position thereto! I challenge any reader to contact any of these, or others, and ask for a clear cut statement concerning his or their position on the Zionist One World Order Conspiracy. The odds are highly in favor of no reply or, at best, a rotation of meaningless, divisive prattle. Yet, they will all conform to the accepted belief that there is a conspiracy--a Communist Conspiracy. Does that not remind one of the JBS, Inc. philosophy? .... The iceberg contains fathoms of unseen danger.


The network, the web, of the collusion of intrigue generated within the "sphere of influence" of the Zionist Conspiracy and its lackey agents, of which the John Birch Society, Inc. is one, is more complex than could be easily imagined. The "Club of Phoenix" is but a small minute fraction but it is a completely representative function and example of the Zionist control of one of the major facets of control--Economics!

The tie-ins among the many and various agencies, centralized private media, "news letters", get rich quick ploys and scams is almost limitless. The majority of these are of a like mind set and are in business, firstly, to generate monies for themselves and, secondly, to make certain that they toe the "Party Line" and not deviate from the established "Pied Piper of Hamlin" scenario in leading the Serfs to annihilation. There are a few exceptions to this but they are the rare birds who have the intestinal fortitude to tell the truth. One of these that comes immediately to mind is "Criminal Politics" by Larry Patterson and his fine assembly. [H: Well, let's not get completely carried away. I will say, however, that this group does "believe" itself to be doing right by investors, etc., and certainly recognized the massive imprint of the Zionist Conspiracy--this mostly due to connections with one Eustace Mullins who has done a most impressive job of revealing truth to you blinded citizens.] But let's go back to some individual tie-ins involved in the intrigue of subversion.

It has been well and conclusively proven that there is a direct and purposeful connection between The John Birch Society, Inc. and, as example, one William R. Kennedy, Jr. of the days of Western Monetary Consultants and then later with his direct efforts to aid and abet the Israeli (Zionist) support for the fake Mid-East Iraqi war. That last effort, remember, was his co-chairmanship, along with the notorious Scott Stanley, Jr., of "The Coalition for America at Risk". It was shown that Stanley was an active tool of the Birch deception but the chicanery and dishonesty goes much farther.


Stanley was not only in direct collusion with Kennedy, but his range of activity also included close association with and support of Abraham and Schultz in the nefarious schemes concocted by that duplicitous daring duo.

In late 1988 another scheme was hatched by Abraham and his associates when they converted a makeshift existing investment firm, named Yorkshire Leveraged Group, Inc., into a new-named entity which they now called Freedom Funding, Inc.! Rather a familiar sounding title; rather reminds one of Freedom, Inc.! Well, it should, but read on. In January 1989 Abraham stated: "Freedom Funding, Inc. is now a multimedia company comprised of various divisions specializing in certain aspects of media development. Among the various media opportunities being pursued by the company are the acquisition or partial ownership of Conservative Digest magazine, American Press, Inc. a new news network company, Second Opinion Productions, Inc., a new-being-formed video production company."

The meeting that decided all of this was held on Dec. 13, 1988 in Annapolis, Maryland and among those present at the Annapolis board meeting was a Mr. James Whelan, Ex. V-P and editor-in-chief of Conservative Digest and a Mr. Scott Stanley, Jr., chairman of American Press, Inc.!

Abraham glibly announced that the takeover of the former Yorkshire Group, now known as Freedom Funding, Inc. marked the beginning of our Freedom Inc. move into "...the building of a worldwide media conglomerate..." Shades of, shall we say, NBC, CBS, ABC, Ted Turner and even "Hanoi" Jane Fonda. The mere idea that this newly formed group was going to establish a "worldwide media conglomerate" is, of course, ridiculous; it would be akin to saying that they were going to establish a new international airline that was going to compete with the world's major air carriers. So, there had to be an ulterior, clandestine, subversive motive for setting up Freedom Funding. The motive: to con the unsuspecting public; to get their funds and abscond!


One of the first priorities that Larry Abraham put into operation was an immediate association with a small "penny" operation stock brokerage firm. The firm that he chose, or that was chosen for him, was First Eagle, Inc. of Colorado Springs, Col-orado. Colorado Springs is not far from Denver, the home of the majority of "penny" firms of the nation and many of the most notorious swindlers in the business. "Good company" to be in but it is in no way a coincidence, to be sure. The tout was on and Abraham heavily implored all of the "investors" of Freedom, Inc. to contact Ozzie Dunker, or one of his brokers, with First Eagle and immediately invest in Freedom Funding, Inc. When the stock was offered (selling) at $.35 per share Abraham was saying that "we see a strong future in the share price..." Incidentally, this statement alone is a violation of "The Rules of Fair Practice" of the National Association of Securities Dealers; it is termed "price prediction" and is a definite No-No! But Abraham was well aware of this violation in advance; remember, he had been a licensed stock broker until the State of Washington legally revoked his license.


The Conservative Digest publication was another carrot that was dangled for the unsuspecting to nibble upon. Abraham glowingly posed and elucidated his plans for the takeover of The Conservative Digest and what this takeover was going to accom-plish. He stated: "With Freedom, Inc's. managerial takeover of our public company, Freedom Funding, Inc., we are now in the process of merging Conservative Digest magazine into the Company. We've compiled our business plan and are ready to launch a very aggressive expansion program We believe that with a capital expenditure of $900,000 we can, within 3 years, have a publication with a market value of $7-10 million....This would have a dramatic impact on the price of Freedom Funding Inc. stock. By purchasing stock now, investors will be putting money in the corporate coffers (writer's note: this can not be true unless the purchaser was buying Corp. Treasury stock and not open market stock).

On December 26, 1989, Co-publishers Larry Abraham and Harry Schultz announced that Conservative Digest had gone out of business. They also announced that they were sorry that there was no refund money available. Interestingly was the notation that if there should be any inquiries they should be directed to a PO Box in Wauna, Washington. Presumably the Abraham private address. It was most interesting to note that the address for the Conservative Digest had been P.O. Box 84905, Phoenix, Arizona, 85071. Ring a bell? box 84905 is now tabbed to the "Aden Sisters"!

It would be most revealing to learn the volume of FFI stock that was sold as a result of these various stock "touts". It would be even more interesting to learn of the disposition of the monies involved. Just how many dedicated, lower level Birchers, got stung would also be informative. You can bet your spare change that there were many, for there is little question that Zionist Abraham had more than access to the JBS, Inc. rosters!


* * *

I understand how terribly hard it is to sort out wheat from chaff--until AFTER the fact. The point becomes, therefore, that you DO get it sorted out lest you become even more confused by the subterfuge about you. It is THE time of false teachers, false leaders and workers of the Adversary. There are many truth-bringers who provide the outlay of factual truth. Our only intent is to provide a format for the sharing of the integrated whole for your attention.

May you be given insight and may you always go within into the silence of your wisdom center and then, only then, discern and judge. Discern the possibilities and then JUDGE THE ACTIONS--not the man--and you shall have your answers in Truth. If a thing waddles, quacks and has webbed feet--he may well not be a "duck"; he could be a "goose" with a bad cold. Does this mean that ducks and geese are all bad? Certainly not--it means that you keep your eyes open wide and DISCERN.

Thank you for receiving and thank the author for sharing. We will give you information regarding this author and his works in the very near future.

We are indebted to all who would share with brothers as we make this treacherous crossing. So be it. Salu.

Hatonn to clear.



TUE., OCTOBER 6, 1992 8:22 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 51



More than a downed cargo plane is planned for the Israeli holy days. You witnessed a slash at it yesterday with your own stockmarket activities. (Remember who owns the banks and the major businesses--the Elite New World Order now being fought over for status primarily by the Zionists.) The Zionists use the Judaist's special events as guidelines for activities. Yesterday's plunge in the market and then immediate "bring-back" by evening was a good indication because gold rose but a little bit and silver was not even noted in change.

The most important "rumor" is that all the military forces, UN "training troops included", are now placed on "alert" beyond activities of the past weeks and months. The "red" alert to be prepared for full action with probably need for widespread and massive control action is set for the 29th of October. "War Games" now focused on "crowd control, riot suppression and mass citizen hysteria" is how the instructions read, for training purposes. The "action" squads have been training in demolition, strategic area fire use, SWAT team "hot spots" response action, handling of mass dead-body removal, highway and freeway ingress and egress CONTROL of citizen movement in "contaminated" areas and/or disaster areas. Part of the plan of action is coded to have "countdown" revolving around the October "holidays", i.e., Passover, Columbus Day, Allhallows Day, and of course, Election Day in early November. In fact, if things don't change in the election projections, it will all be underway in full measure before "election day".


You can go anywhere in the Mojave Desert these days and find active patrolling and live-ammunition war games under way. Go north from Southern California and you will be able to "hear" the activities. Some locals report that there were war games within easy earshot of their campground at Lake Nacimiento with many, many helicopters (black) in constant surveillance.

Just this past weekend in Seattle there were demonstrations, some against Bo Gritz, with "control" presentation of forces ready for riot control--with heavy mechanized equipment at ready and openly visible to all.

It is also noted that the terrible fire in the Northern California forest was preceded by a MASSIVE "mushroom" cloud which was visible for hundreds of miles before it was obscured by smoke from the fire it started.


Let us assume that Col. Gritz is who he claims to be and--being so well recognized as a "patriot" and as a Special Forces officer--that he still has access to inside information (which he most certainly does). Now, let us assume that in having this kind of input--he can be pretty well up on what may be going on--behind the scenes. He has said, especially to groups in California, that it looks like "major disastrous events will probably take place before the November elections." Well, that would indicate to me, if I were a listener, that probably there will be some major disastrous event taking place before the November elections. Watch out--the three top controller-contenders for the fourth most powerful throne in the world are about to get their acts together. Before you can even consider the U.S. Presidency, you have to consider the head of the "300" and the Head (REAL POWER) of the United Nations--which is NOT the U.S.A. You had best pay real close attention to the Crown of Great Britain, the British Israelis, the Banksters under those "crowns" and the major PLAYER in the struggle, THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT. Indeed, they are all part and parcel of the "same" but you can watch old Gorbachev in the "Communist" whirlwind of present uprising and Kissinger Associates' actions and get a good picture of events.

Do you really think the "criminals" are going to let their actions come before the laundry committee for cleansing if they can prevent it--even if it causes massive Third World Wars? You are in the countdown to finalizing depopulation and Plan 2000.


I am urged by a new reader to be preparing the people for a massive defeat of Gritz and get on with telling the readers what to do after the defeat. I don't know how this person expects me to do that more than I have--is it possible that this one should read the JOURNALS and more of the paper? Or, is it possible that magic will appear from the cracks and crevices, gutter or passageways and Perot will win and all will live happily ever afterward?? No, already a swarm of responses come back to us stating that it certainly appears that " Perot is simply a stooge for Bush!--just look, sir, at what he is doing!" Chelas, what do you EXPECT? There is NO MAGIC in your fantasy land reality. The Plan is to bring the Ultimate New World Order--One World Government by Force--into full operation by year 2000. This must have action above and beyond the most nightmarish thoughts of ordinary man to accomplish--for you are out of "time". To depopulate a planet to 550 million bodies by year 2000 means over six BILLION will be exterminated in the seven years!(!!!!)




Bad news today: it is all but impossible to purchase silver coins, etc. This is a very bad sign. If you have a source I suggest you use it but remember there are limits to amounts you can purchase of any metal or "cash" without being reported to the Feds. Anyone purchasing more than $10,000 from any dealer (ever) must be reported and those "reports" are computerized for a full purchase per person reading. This is, after all, all computerized via the nice theft job of the software from INSLAW! This is a part of THE program for keeping the largest most widespread tabs on individuals in the world today.


For you who would continue to deny the messengers of Christ-God, who was first, last and always will be--I suggest you harken back to a great messenger who spoke with great wisdom in EVERY LANGUAGE: "HE WHO DENIES ME SO SHALL I DENY HIM BEFORE MY FATHER!" THINK UPON IT!


As you face the days of confusion seemingly without letup of enemy forces (anything which pushes or pulls you from balance) assaulting and battering, remember that you are growing--always growing. As you face this circumstance, that insult--remember something most factual about "Criticism" and those who criticize--they must have nothing better to do or they would be doing it and not attending YOU and Criticism never built a house, wrote a play, composed a song, painted a picture, improved family life, reared a child, wrote a book, saved a brother or any other thing of worthy nature. Criticism tears down ONLY--suggestions build, criticism destroys.

It is tough right now in your experience. Life gives you the test very often before you have full chance of studying the lesson--the message is to keep on keeping on, allowing insight to flow, being open for new expression of all types so that discernment learns guidelines and KNOW THAT GOD'S HEART AND WISDOM SEES WHAT IS MOST OFTEN INVISIBLE TO THE HUMAN EYE. Praise is so soothing to the senses but consider this, it never teaches you anything NEW--it only focuses on that which is past. Does this mean you must seek out criticism instead of praise?--yes, if you must seek out either. Criticism allows you to look at yourself--if you are willing--while praise sometimes lulls you into ego trips which trap you into stalling out on your growth.

However, you must learn to always teach through "praise" for the heart blossoms in the light of praise and withers in the presence of criticism. Allow for growth, not withering.


We have a message awaiting time and space appropriate for sharing which came out of a "pre"-environmental meeting of the hierarchy planners of the New World Order over a year ago. This in preparation for the big "Earth" meeting of a few months past in Brazil. The purpose was to evaluate status of the New World Order and balance against the plan laid forth by Cecil Rhodes (British/South Africa) long, long ago. The document has been "leaked" out of Representative Richard A. Gephardt's office. Remember, he is the "Majority" Leader, is on the Budget Committee and Committee for Select Intelligence and at the time was a major player in evaluation of the status of the New World Order Plan.

It is pretty awful to behold, chelas. It lays it right out there in front of your eyes--"...depopulation is not running on schedule and nations will be put on mandatory compliance with reduction numbers. This means that foods, medicines and aid will not be allowed to flow and that which does will be intercepted. The population of the globe is to be no more than 550 million people by, or shortly thereafter, year 2000." I believe in the U.S. the reduction is by 100 million (less) people by year 2000. It is planned to pull more of you out than that because you still get influx of foreign immigrants. Except for selected and "useful" newcomers, the lower "class" (as defined by the Elite) will be wiped out.

Disease is being introduced into the water supplies and by other methods such as vaccinations and inoculations, and thus and so.

Do I criticize their plan? Goodness no--it is almost perfection and is working very, very well. The mainliners all know what it is and even those dandy evangelists who are born-again have set their stores in other countries to insure safety as well as prepar-ing places of security--it is just YOU who are going to pay--(THEY THINK!) Most who "THINK" they have the key and the ticket--DO NOT! So, they will continue to tear down TRUTH while they build. Therefore, what could be good about this apparent mess? GOD! GOD WILL BE SHOWN FOR WHAT HE IS! Their lies and very plan of annihilation gives us the conduit for bringing Truth unto Christ-God's people. If this were not happening, you would not listen--you would consider all to be "out there somewhere" and all would move and march to this evil drummer. "They" did not even "buy" your souls--they stole your very heritage and ability to cope, defend or KNOW.

Moreover: it is wondrous that you have ones in the circles WHO DARE TO BRING THESE DOCUMENTS TO LIGHT FROM THE HIDDEN FILES. What do we gain to sit and criticize? We can take that which is now given unto us and confront the evil-doers, present the Truth unto the people and DO SOMETHING. I totally respect my enemies--you should stop the whining about them and do likewise. While you sit and criticize you are incapable of thinking of action to counter that which you can perceive simply by the act of the criticizing. If you are critically "incorrect" it behooves you to shut your mouth and open your mind and allow a little praise to the ones you hit so hard.


A statement has been reported to us as coming from "Bo" Gritz. When confronted by a questioner on this past week-end in Washington (state) regarding Command, space guides, etc., he quoted his "Bible" and said: "If a prophet be true, praise and honor him; if he be false, stone him."

Immediately, ones went forth assuming Commander Gritz had suggested "Hatonn be stoned." Why don't we try "honor" instead? If I have sorrow over a beloved brother such as "Bo", it is that there was so little time to balance false teachings against the Truth as it IS and will become evident in the near future. He is caused to travel in circles who smother him with their open, call of patriotism and honor; only to be making hay in their own right before the darkness hits. He is quoted as saying there is misinformation in the Phoenix writings. Indeed he perceives exactly correctly IF one reads NOT CAREFULLY. If one scans and leaves out the "would it not be interesting IF..." or leaves out the "NOT" (even in the above sentence) does it not change the meaning? This is the method I have to reach unto the ones awaiting instructions, confirmations and status. If you don't read the information at all, as for instance, Col. Gritz has not time to do--what would you discern if you were in his shoes? Would you not listen to those ones who travel with you and CLAIM to know all about the Phoenix material? Dear ones, we are so "right-on" that the very groups around are copying our very names--the economic evangelical group of rip-off artists with their instructive newsletters, etc., are even recognized now as the "Phoenix" Conspiracy OR "Club of Phoenix" (they work out of Phoenix, Arizona.) and we just wrote about that yesterday. This IS the way of the Adversary (CLUE NUMBER ONE). He takes that which is "right" and "holy" and utilizes the term to deceive by placing a different definition to the language--BUT DOESN'T TELL YOU SAME.

One of the most deadly "projects" in the Vietnam era was the "Phoenix" project. Even the symbol of the Phoenix (bird) is now being touted in the seminars going around as a "symbol of Satan". Sorry! No matter how the names are changed to suit the evil-mongers--it changes nothing. We are come, we are represented by the Phoenix, it has always been known that it would be this way--and so it IS.

The speeches against this "Shadow Government" and "Conspiracies of Treason" are well done and it is assumed that the outcry from the information will distract you from seeing the "Conspiracy of Zionism" and the planned destruction of "Christ-God" believers and followers of goodness. LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY! They claim to believe totally on the word of "Jesus" and then soil his very image with their human physical limitations of your "Godness". The entire thrust is toward a physical experience--either physical rapture, blood symbols for "salvation" and/or "do these 'things' and it will be fine!" They do not tell you that you must live the "Christ" Laws--in Spiritual intent to actually accomplish these transformations--they vote in or out laws to suit the human expression--but GOD is Spiritual expression--THE TWO ARE NOT THE SAME!



It is and was, since the beginning, also KNOWN that God sends His messengers and guides to show you the way in these times of transition from evil into LIGHT. I am sent for this purpose. It is also known, since the beginning, that before the ending God would send the Word of Truth--that all who would see and hear could make choices regarding his own Divinity--be reminded of the laws in Truth and the WORD would be made available for the taking so that MAN could make his Spiritual choices. Ah, and so it IS. It is simply the time of choosing, chelas, that which brings you into Glory in the presence of your higher being or keeps you locked in the human perceptions which are NEVER ENOUGH, always fraught with would-be rulers and deceivers and an environment of deceit and lies.

WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT for the enemy does not rest in his effort to hide us, deny us, assault us and get rid of us. HE CANNOT! THE TIME OF TRUTH IS AT HAND--FOR ALL PEOPLE AND ALL NATIONS, CREEDS AND COLORS. The beast will devour itself--BUT, it will devour you first if you serve that beast for he cannot get you off the planet and into security of any other placement--on or off the globe. WE CAN! BUT WE SHALL NOT BRING OUR ENEMIES! THINK UPON THIS! SALU!



TUE., OCTOBER 6, 1992 11:08 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 51



* * *

The following is going to be very hard to take, but it presents FACTS which must be faced.

This is more important in intake than our planned subject of the actions of one Henry Kissinger. This IS part of the actions of Henry Kissinger but not quite as visible at the moment as are his actions in Serbia, with the POWs in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and/or Iraqi intrigue. Therefore, we will simply give you, as received, the information in point regarding the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in preparations for the Global meeting in 1992.

I am not going to explain these points to you for they speak for themselves and it is your responsibility to research points as they require questioning. Information is available and we simply have not the time to take each item for each individual who takes exception. What you WANT to believe is not what is FACT. I am not here to argue or sell anything--my purpose is to get facts and truth and share them, as I can, with you. I am the alarm on the clock--NOT THE CLOCK!

As you read the following please keep uppermost in mind: Mr. Gore is THE "environmentalist" candidate and was a "biggie" at the Rio summit in 1992. A lot of publicity, mostly negative, was given to Gore at the time. Then remember, Clinton is a groomed child of the Bilderbergers selected to be the Presidential "puller-offer" of these New World Order orders. But, Mr. Kissinger said, at the Bilderberger meeting this year: "We know Bush will play ball and we know that Clinton will when necessary."



CORRESPONDENCE REPORT TO: Phone number: 314:6319959. (This is the phone number of Congressman Gephardt).


Secretariat for World Order

September 20, 1991



  1. The time is pressing. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968, Limits to Growth was written in 1971, Global 2000 was written in 1979, but insufficient progress has been made in population reduction.

  2. Given global instabilities, including those in the former Soviet bloc, the need for firm control of world technology, weaponry, and natural resources is now absolutely mandatory. The immediate reduction of world population, according to the mid-1970's recommendations of the Draper Fund, must be immediately effected.

  3. The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization, abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers presently existing. This must be DONE BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.

  4. The issue is falsely debated between a political and a cultural approach to population and resources, when in fact, faced with stubborn obstruction and day-to-day political expediency which make most of the leaders of the most populous poor countries unreliable, the issue is compulsory cooperation.

  5. Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations, most of whose leaders are irresolute, conditioned by localist "cultures", and lacking appropriate notions of the New World Order. Debate means delay and forfeiture of our goals and purpose.

  6. The United Nations' action against Iraq proves conclusively that resolute action on our part can sway other leaders to go along with the necessary program. The Iraq action proves that the aura of power can be projected and sustained and that the wave of history is sweeping forward.


There is a twofold opposition which must be eliminated by quick action. There are rumblings among some of the "South" regions, notably Brazil and Malaysia, to thwart the aims of the UNCED Earth Charter and to thwart the international gathering in Brazil in June 1992.

There is also the unfortunate vacillation of our own ranks, an argument that the UNCED leaders have made the agenda "too political" and that the way must first be prepared on a less abrasive cultural basis.

We present only the most recent evidence:

* Gilberto Meilo Mourao, the Brazilian writer, warned in the August 4, Folha de Sao Paulo that at Munich in 1938, "It won't be easy to row against the current of that type of ecological epidemic, unleashed against our country, which threatens the structure of our cultural, spiritual, and political values, and against our very national sovereignty....Messrs. Chamberlain and Daladier, heads of the governments of England and France, calmly offered the Brazilian Amazon to the Fuehrer." Hitler reportedly observed that since the Amazon was in South America, the United States would cite the Monroe Doctrine and reject a German occupation of Brazilian territory.

* The prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, announced on Aug. 16 that his country may boycott the Earth Summit and stated that if the conference is used to suppress the Third World, it would be better for these nations to hold their own meeting. Speaking to newsmen in Petaling, Java, Mahathir claimed that environmentalists have launched a global assault on Malaysia, while it is the developed nations, not Malaysia, who are polluting the environment.

* Malaysia's Science, Technology, and Environment minister, Law Hieng Ding, announced Aug. 20, according to the New Straits Times of Aug. 23, that Malaysia is preparing a document entitled "Greening the World," urging developed countries to use wealth and technology to turn the deserts green.

* Ahmed Djoglaf, Algeria's delegate to the Aug. 15 meeting of the U.N. Conference for Environment and Development, said Aug. 23 in Geneva, according to the U.N. Inter Press Service, that "We have the old pattern of the North imposing the system and the South having to accept. Non-governmental organizations are saying that the North has hijacked the agenda, and they are right.... They are prepared to let people die but not forests."

* The Malaysian Sunday Times editorial of Aug. 16 said, "Environmentalists make so much of their noble mission in protecting the environment which sustains all of us.... They do not credit Malaysians with much intelligence with a similar concern for the health of the land and themselves. Shades of precious fin de siecle romanticism; visions of the noble savage stalking big game in arboreal groves, in grunting communion with the voices of the land. The same kind of romantic claptrap that got natives all over the world sold down the river into slavery, decimated by smallpox and clap, driven from their land into alcoholism and hopeless helplessness. ....Malaysia has had its fill of cultural and intellectual domination...."

* The Brazilian Jornal de Commercio on Aug. 19 reported that Brazilian Foreign Minister Francisco Rezek said that it was "hypocritical to campaign to preserve flora and fauna.... If the human race becomes extinct, there won't be any sense in preserving an exuberant flora and fauna on this planet."

* Brazil's chief of staff of the Amazon military command, Gen. Thaumaturgo Sotero Vaz, stated in an interview in the Aug. 28 Folha de Sao Paulo, that the nation's armed forces will not permit Eco-92 resolutions restricting Brazil's sovereignty over the Amazon or creating "Indian nations" within the region. The general did not rule out the possibility that Brazil could be subjected to "something similar to what happened in the Persian Gulf", and declared that persons like Francois Mitterrand and Ted Kennedy would not be permitted to order reductions in or elimination of Brazil's armed forces. Sotero Vaz said, "If those idiots try to come in here, we're going to give it to them and treat them like guerrillas...." The governor of the Amazon, Gilberto Mestrinho, stated Sept. 8, "The general's position is the product of looking at reality."

* The president of the Industrial Federation of the Brazilian state of Para in the Amazon region, Fernando Flexa Ribiero, was quoted by the press Sept. 14 as stating that environmentalists want to make the Amazon "a sterile preservation". He said Eco-92 could "promote colonialist practices".

* The Brazilian Daily Tribuna de Impresa quoted Joann Grossi, a spokesperson for the U.S. Agency for International Development, as saying that sterilization is the family planning "method preferred by President George Bush to increase the effectiveness of birth control in the Third World." [H: Now, don't act shocked, chelas, we have been writing about these things and these very people for the past three years!]

* The Italian Catholic weekly Il Sabato published a Sept. 14 article by Prof. Franco Cardini stating: "It must be said with utmost clarity that the plans of the International Monetary Fund for the (former) U.S.S.R. and the eastern countries are infamous... The European Community is in the position to supply not only suggestions, but also capital and technological structures, but all this obstructs the plans of the New World Order, which is strictly hooked to the United States, the country that remains (have we forgotten?) the most indebted country in the world, and is facing a crisis of production exemplified by the crashes of the stock market and the big banks. It is this new frontier that re-emerging liberalists would like to propose to the former Soviet Union...." The Article has been much discussed in Poland, as the first frontal criticism of the International Monetary Fund and the free-market model from this quarter.

* India's delegate at the Geneva UNCED negotiations told the Earth Charter organizers, with the support of negotiators from China, the Philippines, Chile, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Malaysia, that "we are not here as supplicants, and we have not come here for aid," but "compensatory financial flows" to underdeveloped nations are required, according to the Sept. 13 Indian press. The delegate, Chandrashekar Dasqupta, also strongly opposed plans to bring environmental matters under the U.N. Security Council, and insisted that "development" be put center stage instead of bracketed next to the environment. He told newsmen that both India and China will have to be satisfied on these questions before they attend the Rio summit, declaring that without the assent of India and China, no charter will be worth the paper it is written on.

* At the Non-Aligned foreign ministers' meeting in Ghana, India's external affairs Representative, Madhaysinh Solanki, called Sept. 11 for a comprehensive and integrated strategy on debt and a development consensus for this decade. The African group at the conference sponsored an urgent call for an international conference on debt.

* The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) issued its annual report Sept. 16, declaring, according to BBC, that the liberal free market is not an appropriate model for the developing nations. Finance should serve industry, not the other way around, the government has a key role to play in certain sectors of the economy. Directed credit for special projects is sometimes necessary. Developing nations should look to Germany and Japan rather than the U.S. and Britain as examples. The report deplores the tendency to introduce an "Anglo-Saxon" banking system into developing countries.


* An official of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said Sept. 10 that the Geneva UNCED results were "absolutely a serious setback. There will be no convention on forests by June 1992 for Brazil. Nobody wants to say it publicly, but the forests convention is finished. The situation has reached a deadlock. This is the first casualty for the UNCED process. Increasingly, UNCED is being broken down into blocs, with the developing sector in one bloc. We hear the statements of Mahathir, and these can be serious. We hope it is just a tactic to precipitate new negotiations, but it has the potential to set the ball rolling and cause other countries besides Malaysia to withdraw. It is a very difficult situation."

* A senior advisor on ecological affairs to Britain's Prince Philip said Sept. 15 that Eco-92 organizer Maurice Strong had "over-politicized" the issue of environmentalism and had raised "ridiculously messianic expectations" for the Earth Summit. "Strong is mis-focusing attention away from a clear and present danger confronting the entire ecology movement; the general shift in paradigm toward favoring economic growth, in the former communist nations.... We should be avoiding too much overt politicking. We should concentrate on change-of-awareness models, and attack the underlying ethical-moral considerations that motivate people. Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, that is our biggest challenge. We will have a major problem if they try to achieve the level of economic growth of the advanced Western nations. This is potentially one of our biggest challenges, and Prince Philip is getting more and more involved in dealing with it.

"Strong is somebody who spent too much time at his wife's New Age center; it obviously touched his mind. It all reminds me of the so-called Millerites of the 19th century, who predicted that the world would come to an end at some point in 1844, so they all went into the mountains to prepare. The world didn't come to an end, and the Millerites became the Jehovah's Witnesses. That is what I see happening with the Earth Summit. Just listen to Strong talk about 'the most significant event in human history ever', and 'the last chance to save the planet' . What would be more ridiculous, and guaranteed to create a mess? We see the backlash already, in the reactions of various Third World countries."


In the face of mounting opposition from Third World elements, certain forces in the Eastern European and Russian regions, and by the Vatican, and certain weak-kneed response within the ecology effort, what really is the purpose of traipsing around America to convince a handful of farmers, unionists, local officials, churchmen, and university environmentalists of the necessity of the Earth Charter? If one truly wished to convert the American public, would it not be necessary to say fully, openly and explicitly what must be done? And that it must be done now?

Do you really imagine that parading some Third Worlders before "hearings" conducted by local celebrities, the Third world will simply quiet down, or that the American press coverage of these events will overwhelm this opposition?

Will you take action now that President Bush has the political momentum or wait until you must convince America to fight a hundred Vietnams simultaneously? This is the time to save the Anglo-Saxon race and its most glorious production, the Anglo-Saxon system of banking, insurance and trade.

We are the living sponsors of the great Cecil Rhodes' will of 1877, in which Rhodes devoted his fortune to: 'the extension of British rule throughout the world... the colonization by British subjects of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago. the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire...."

We stand with Lord Milner's Credo. We too, are "British Race patriots" and our patriotism is "the speech, the tradition, the principles, the aspirations of the British Race". Do you fear to take this stand, at the very last moment when this purpose can be realized? Do you not see that failure now, is to be pulled down by the billions of Lilliputians of lesser race who care little or nothing for the Anglo-Saxon system?


A. The Security Council of the U.N., led by the Anglo-Saxon Major Nation powers, will decree that henceforth, the Security Council will inform all nations that its sufferance on population has ended, that all nations have quotas for RE-DUCTION on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, OR BY MILITARY FORCE, WHEN REQUIRED. [H: Anyone nervous yet?]

B. The Security Council of the U.N. will inform all nations that outmoded notions of national sovereignty will be discarded and that the Security Council has complete legal, military, and economic jurisdiction in any region in the world and that this will be enforced by the Major Nations of the Security Council.

C. The Security Council of the U.N. will take possession of all natural resources, including the watersheds and great forests, to be used and preserved for the good of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

D. The Security Council of the U.N. will explain that not all races and peoples are equal, nor should they be. Those races proven superior by superior achievements ought to rule the lesser races, caring for them on sufferance that they cooperate with the Security Council. Decision making, including banking, trade, currency rates, and economic development plans, will be made in stewardship by the Major Nations.

E. All of the above constitute the New World Order, in which Order, all nations, regions and races will cooperate with the decisions of the Major Nations of the Security Council.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that action delayed could well be fatal. All could be lost if mere opposition by minor races is tolerated and the unfortunate vacillations of our closest comrades is cause for our hesitations. Open declaration of intent followed by decisive force is the final solution. This must be done before any shock hits our financial markets, tarnishing our credibility and perhaps diminishing our force.

* * *

Note appended to the document: "NOTE: These pages of Racist, Nazi, World Order, pronouncements were distributed at the 9122/91 UNCED meetings, presented by the United Nations. Maurice Strong spoke at the meeting.

When Communism and Capitalism collapse, World National Socialism will rise up to replace them. "NAZI" stood for "Nazional" in the word National-Socialism.




DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Zei Steever, US UNCED Coordination Center.

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, Jack W. Blanchard, Environmental Scientist, Office of Environmental Analysis

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, Annie Petsork, Specialist in International Environmental Law, Policy and Legislation. The Environmental and Natural Resources Division.

AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Vincent Cusumano, Chief, Economic Policy and Planning Division. Office of Agriculture, Bureau for Science and Technology.

UNA-USA, Washington Office, Kathryn G. Sessions, Policy Analyst.

IOWA PEACE INSTITUTE, John McDonald, President.

IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY, Dennis Keeney, Professor of

Agronomy and Director, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

DAIRY FARMER, Atlantic, Denise O'Brien.



DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Zei Steever, US UNCED Coordination Center.

DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, Jack W. Blanchard, Environmental Scientist, Office of Environmental Analysis.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE , Annie Petsork, Specialist in International Environmental Law, Policy and Legislation.

The Environmental and Natural Resources Division.

AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, Vincent Cusumano, Chief, Economic Policy and Planning Division. Office of Agriculture, Bureau for Science and Technology.

GRINNELL COLLEGE, David G. Campbell, Henry R. Luce, Professor in Nations and the Global Environment.

IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES, Larry L. Bean, Administrator, Energy and Geological Resources Division.

OSAGE MUNICIPAL UTILITIES, Weston D. Birchal, General Manager.



Beth Freeman, Economic Coordinator, Des Moines, Iowa


Shelley Sheehy, Waterloo Office

U.S. CITIZENS NETWORK FOR UNCED, San Francisco Catherine Porter, Executive Director.

**Copies of testimony will be filed with the above and other U.S. agencies that have responsibility for determining the U.S. position at UNCED; appropriate agencies in the United Nations system and the U.S. Citizens Network for UNCED.**


* * *

I believe that the best thing I can do for you right now is to leave you digesting the foregoing. I don't know how much longer you are going to deny truth--but, you are out of time according to time-keepers of the Ultimate New World Order! I can only suggest you go back and read this several times, get rid of your denial, closed minds, yellow ribbons and rock-throwing-and look around you. If you can't see it happening before your eyes--you are indeed blind OR dead. Remember, the United States has a quota to meet also, of over a hundred million people to be weeded out permanently. Do you actually think there will be allowed a cure for AIDS and other well programmed and orchestrated methods of accomplishing the above? Not only are you going to be depopulated but the evidence of having done so will be used as an example for other nations of "higher" technology. The "inferior" nations will simply have slaughter sessions--such as is happening in Yugoslavia, South Africa, Somalia, etc. The plan is to get a whole big "lump" taken out with earth shifts planned for "soon", and other "natural appearing" disasters and contamination. GOD HELP US ALL IN THE DAYS TO COME. BLESSINGS UPON YOU WHO SEE AND HEAR FOR WITHIN THE LIGHT OF GOD IS THE ONLY PASSAGE OUT OF THE "PLAN".

Hatonn to stand aside.



WED., OCTOBER 7, 1992 9:08 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 52



I suggest you HEAR every word Ross Perot is going to show you. He will give you the "state of your mess" more succinctly and clearly than anyone else in the top three. DO NOT get bogged down in the politics of this unseen battle--just garner the facts and "be prepared" on election day because you are still in for some big surprises! Lesser of evils will probably be the way to go this time.


Don't get mired in this program either. There are some things about the Gritz "movement" which are NOT too great. There is still a great hang-up on the part of some of the ones very close to him which are incorrect perceptions and will merit you more disinformation--and this time, it will be regarding your "spiritual" balance. You need this man and his public recognition far more for "later" than for this period of evolved chaos. Let the river flow! Ones clinging to the "old time religion" and who fail to recognize the TRUTH in spiritual connections as to "how it really is" are going to also "miss the boat".

Constitutionally, the approach of Gritz COULD work--but at this time it would never be "allowed" to work in Washington D.C. and that is where the stage is now structured.

It becomes more and more apparent as the days pass that the worst thing for your nation would be a Clinton/Gore win for that is what the Elite plan to have happen--even to the "fixing" of the election results.


I have to insert here that there is a lot more information regarding Randy Weaver than is known by one, Bo Gritz. I am not going to jeopardize the already BAD projections for Weaver by revealing anything herein--but when you get a statement that there is misinformation in the LIBERATOR regarding what this man KNOWS--I suggest you WAIT to hang us because what is not openly known even by "insiders" is more intriguing than most of you can handle and continue to read this paper. I, after all, (check your notes) did NOT say that Randy Weaver had served IN Cambodia or Laos or Vietnam or, or, with Gritz. I said, "could it be"? and "wouldn't it be interesting if?" I also referred to "a team". BUT, I DID state that Paul Harvey was tangled to his eyes and was personally involved with the whole affair WITH GRITZ. Not "with" as in "agreeing" only WITH as in "knowledge of" and "accompanying", etc. He certainly was NOT "with" Gritz in divulging truth of the Golden Triangle intrigue.

I believe you will find that Weaver knows far more damaging "stuff" to the government hoods regarding the U.S. than any Golden Triangle mess half a world away. Everyone must stop thinking in just your own little tiny world of experience when you consider these matters of clandestine Special Forces activities.


We have a hot tip right from "Horse's mouth" from sources who have experienced IN, and know all about, underground cities and activities. This person worked within these installations and would be "out of touch" without warning, simply "disappearing" for months at a time.

There ARE "space aliens" in some of those installations--seen by this person. There is confirmation that Tehachapi is exactly what I have told you it is. And, a full confirmation comes regarding Edwards Air Force Base installations as well as the in-terconnecting facilities.

It is reported, also, that there is a tremendously large "city" in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Galveston, as well as a very large underwater city in the area of the Kwajalein Islands, west of Hawaii and this is also home to a very large ballistic missile base.

The relationship to the Rockefeller-Falklands-Georgia Island operations is stated as being impossible to miss.

Is all this TRUE? Well, if you want confirmations you are going to have to take all the pieces offered and see how the puzzle pieces fit. You have to realize that we are "set-up" constantly in order to later make a statement that "we trapped old Hatonn". I hope I am a better "sly old fox" than that, chelas. Even a "setup" is going to be "mostly" correct, i.e., flypaper has to have "some" sticky on it or it won't catch anything! This is just a thought and, certainly, I am not denouncing this one who shares information. I simply want you to know that I do not trap easily and it is time for your own confirmations regarding these things. Check out the lists we have given you and recognize the other locations given you--and you will have pretty good insight.

I say this because just yesterday we received the most obvious letter of "gotcha" that I have seen but so crudely done as to think it came from an "intelligence" source. This was regarding the "PLEIADES CONNECTION" series and so carefully worded as to have missed NOTHING in the accusations and yet with obvious presentation that the writer had not even seen part of the JOURNALS in point nor read any of them in full. It is embarrassing to see how crudely ones make fools of selves at the hands of the master traitors.

YOU are "stuck" with the world as it is, friends, and therefore you are going to have to get those eyes open and SEE--really see--what is going on around you--then, act accordingly.


The real cause of the crisis of confidence in the British currency came, not because of simple currency change timing and a "falling out of bed" but more like a "falling out". Will you find it interesting to know that the day before the pound sterling crashed into the basement, Ukraine's foreign minister arrived in London for talks (and bank withdrawals) with his British counterparts. Kiev's emissary reminded them of his country's claim that the Bank of England has on its books a LARGE Ukrainian deposit--AND KIEV WANTED TO MAKE A LIKEWISE LARGE WITHDRAWAL. With calculations of "interest" but not including service charges (for handling of a large amount of gold) the account is WORTH 16-TRILLION pounds. That is worth some $41-trillion Canadian (this comes through one of Canada's banks). This little sum measures out to about $770,000 for every Ukrainian man, woman and child. AND WHO WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH? The deposit was made in 1724 and it is certainly obvious that Britain never in their wildest dreams thought it would be remembered much less withdrawn.

And what of the Bank of England? Oh, they say they are still "looking" but can't seem to find authorization of this account, although there is record of "A" gold deposit at the time indicated.

So, chelas, let us move on today to an interesting focus on our old buddy, Henry Kissinger and a few of his antics. As with the wonders of the "Soap Opera" we must update constantly or the players get lost. Thank you.



WED., OCTOBER 7, 1992 10:15 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 52


What with the International Monetary Fund now focusing on the good old U.S.A. after destroying, according to plans, the developing nations, the planned riots in Germany, the now terrible plague of Typhus to add to the misery in Sarajevo, it seems almost redundant to talk on the subject of one Henry Kissinger. On the other hand, when you realize that it is Henry "Kissinger Associates" that "advise" and set-up the situations in all those scenarios, it seems there is NO WAY to speak of him quite often enough!

By the way, for you who rush out to buy Richard Secord's book to find all the dirt piled under the carpet--you won't find much more than dingy carpeting. You have to read between the lines so hard that most will miss the connections. However, it must make you see and understand how fully the actions are "within the law" as perpetrated by the ones involved. The "fine line" between truth and lie is well studied by the involved participants and the "law" is studied most carefully and anything not "legal" is made legal because it's "nice to be the King!" There IS more to Gen. Secord, however, than meets the eye so it is wise to read and wait. You have to remember, for instance, that if "one" production of "Bush" says "...and I was not in Paris"--literally the mouth speaks "truth". This is where "doubles" and "replicas" do their handiest fill-in roles--it also allows easy fooling of all sensitive apparatus to measure lie against truth. It is only you-the-people who get trapped by such devices.

But, on with Kissinger and "October Revelations" as presented here and there.

Since "surgical" depopulation efforts were shown in Iraq I suppose we have to start there and then we will move on to POWs and the miserable show and tell at subcommittee hearings.


Did Saddam actually get "suckered" or is there more to the story? Well, if you deal with what led up to the "Gulf" incident and measure that which was "said" by your government and the U.N. about Kuwait (poor Kuwait--has anyone paid attention to the last few days' free elections in Kuwait?) one has to realize that still "more than meets the eye" goes on and on and on - - - .

Guess what! Henry Kissinger and his associates are shown and proven to have had a direct hand in the suckering of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein or, at the least, his seeming cooperation in the whole plan. Saddam is not too nice a human person in justice and LIGHT so it remains to be seen how "suckered" he actually WAS.

First, Kissinger et al. arranged the flow of money to allow the build up of Iraq's war machine and then maneuvered him into moving into Kuwait right on cue.

I remind you--some of the world's foremost foreign governments regard Kissinger Associates as being THE U.S. "shadow government" and which served as the lead "policy counsel" to every one of the participants in the Iraq conflict.

It is KNOWN that one Alan Stoga, a vice president of Kissinger Associates, was in Iraq on many occasions for private meetings with the top leaders for months (up to a couple of years) prior to the Kuwait precipitating crisis.

I do hope you have time to get to more accurate "surgical hearings" regarding the events than you had success with your "surgical bombing" in the fray as are being suggested in the U.S. I would remind you, however, that the bombings had THE intended effect--measured depopulation by force as we spoke of on the yesterday. The message is far more easily seen by ones "in charge" of the "PLAN" than by you who still think the world is basically "good".

What are listed as the two things Bush Republicans seem to fear most by questioning?

1. Was last year's devastating Gulf War the outcome of a secret scheme to "set up and entice" Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein into choosing a military solution to his dispute with Kuwait, as new evidence being presented in a federal court now suggests? Even if this question is directed--the answer will not be sufficient for it allows the side-stepping of the liars as to the REAL CAUSE, and;

2. Did Henry Kissinger and his swarm of weapons bearers play the key role in this whole "play"? If so, as findings indicate, why do they still have such dominant influence over U.S. foreign policy? Do you think you will get a simple answer to THAT one?


The stir to somehow confront these "untouchable" issues has been powered by discoveries by your beloved Rep. Henry Gonzalez, chairman of the House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, who decided to pursue the money trail behind the war against Iraq, no matter where it would lead.

One of the cash conduits traced by Gonzalez led, crookedly, to the Atlanta branch office of Italy's huge government owned bank, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, known generally as BNL-not to even mention the branch of this same bank tucked away in Chicago. Some $5 billion (known) in loans went to Iraq during the late 1980s from just the Atlanta office of BNL. Of course, the effort has been to set-up a "lone gunman" in the form of Christopher Drogoul, the BNL branch manager who signed off on most of the transactions. Now, it is too difficult for even the congress to cover up the probability that "others might have been involved". Shades of Ollie North?

Drogoul did plead guilty to having approved vast cash transactions and said he did so without obtaining the permission of BNL's head office in Italy--undoubtedly affixed firmly to a Kissinger Associates branch office! He probably will get to change his plea in light of lack of carry-through on his promised "protection" which didn't protect but actually "set-up" his conviction.

Drogoul took a fall for others and could not possibly have engineered such a complex and widespread operation all by himself any more than could one Oliver North in his scenario. You will note, however, that in the end--it worked out swimmingly well for little "Ollie" while a man like Randy Weaver rots in prison without even being allowed "bail" for a quarter-inch too short shotgun charge. Oh yes, I do forget--he now is charged with assault on a Federal Agent and some kind of "conspiracy" with Kevin Harris to bring damage to another.

You have to remember something else about the BNL-Drogoul case--it "officially" got closed after "bagging" Drogoul.

However, when the ensnared executive, Drogoul, was in federal court in Atlanta Sept. 14 for his "routine" sentencing, there was a nice new defense attorney at his side: Bobby Lee Cook, 65, one of America's top trial lawyers, who had "somehow" become "interested" in the affair. Where are these "interested" attorneys for Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris? Where, after all, did Mr. Spence go? The attorneys now listed as being Weaver's are NOT any of the ones named in any of the news releases--by Paul Harvey or Gritz, if you can trust any of the current information from Randy Weaver himself. Behind the scenes? Who knows but Randy--the case comes to trial very, very shortly--perhaps the shortest time before a major trial of any in the recent United States judicial history!



Far from having been the sole swindler behind the BNL scandal, Drogoul had been nicely set up, the victim of a scheme orchestrated at the highest levels of the U.S. government. His case was manipulated by very high-ups in order to hide the wrong-doing and blunders of Washington bureaucrats and Wall Street financiers.

During Drogoul's sentencing hearing, his second-in-command, Franz Von Wedel, who had never before been heard from, said it was an utter lie that Drogoul acted alone in a rogue operation. Von Wedel said Dorgoul acted ON THE ADVICE OF THE BANK'S CONSULTANTS, KISSINGER ASSOCIATES, whose suggestions Drogoul also discussed on a special line with the bank's chairman in Rome, with whom he spoke daily. This has cast a whole new light on the case, with the judge dismissing the government case as having been aimed at proving a rogue operation only.

In reality the money trail of the huge "cover and deception" operation known as "Iraqgate" leads (again) right to the White House, Washington and Wall Street. But it, as usual, goes right to the rat-hole hidden linchpin between the two above; Kissinger Associates, the high-priced New York based consulting and dealmaking firm those nice foreign leaders regard as YOUR "shadow government".


Right from the mouth of a congressional "investigator" comes the following paraphrased statement: Take a look at the principal players in this setup. There is BNL, one of the world's leading banks, owned by the Italian government; there are some huge U.S. corporations, such as the Bechtel Co., the largest worldwide construction and logistics conglomerate. There are other financial interests, such as LBS Bank, an arm of the Serbian Communists, set up in the United States by Lawrence Eagleburger, now the acting secretary of state (a Kissinger associate, remember) and Brent Scowcroft, the top Presidential adviser and then, there is the White House, and finally--there is Saddam Hussein, Iraq's leader.

It would be certainly obvious that these disparate power centers all followed the guidance of the SAME adviser on their collision course, would it not?

Saddam Hussein granted only a single audience to U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie during the two years she spent in Baghdad--and that was immediately before the outbreak of the war itself. Now this comes from Michael Saba who is a corporate consultant who visited Iraq frequently during the same period of time in question. He preferred to deal with Kissinger and his envoys--but it may end up being his "fatal mistake".

We shall see--for as the players in the One World Government-Ultimate World Order take off the gloves and go at it in this election farce, some interesting things may very well evolve into the light. It means, however, that to keep the lid on--some very devastating things must come down on you SHORTLY to allow for absolute control of you-the-citizens.


Hopefully, you witnessed the outright foolish appearing denials of this "mouth" of Kissinger--at work. As profoundly good a liar as is this "poor excuse" for a human man, he simply couldn't pull it off and good old Larry King (Live?) couldn't smooth it over except to you poor people who missed the show in action at the hearings.

So, despite the outraged denials by this former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in testimony before Congress, it is obviously clear he and Richard Nixon BOTH knew American servicemen were deliberately being left behind during the pullout from Southeast Asia. They both lied and continued to lie about it to all of you while continuing with business as usual with your enemy who incarcerated those beloved ones betrayed.

So what is being presented here? The same factual evidence as is coming through (now) elsewhere. Evidence is traced which proves abandonment of some minimum 350 American prisoners of war--left behind in Laos at the conclusion of U.S. combat participation in the Vietnam War in 1973--leads directly to the President's oval office and Kissinger's twinkle-toes.

It has now been uncovered in several recordings, made in the Oval Office between March 21 and April 1, 1973, documenting that the 350 victims were knowingly abandoned to the Communists as American combat troops were being withdrawn from Southeast Asia.

Moreover, it has been learned that Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sent a top-secret directive to his field commanders in Southeast Asia to halt the withdrawal of U.S. troops, as agreed upon under the Paris Peace Accords signed by U.S. and North Vietnamese negotiators, on January 27, 1973.


Moorer was aware the Communists were not upholding their end of the agreement to release all American POWs.

However, three days later, under orders from the White House, Moorer rescinded his order, and the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops continued.

Nixon then decided to override Moorer which is fully detailed and outlaid to the Senate Select Committee, in the secret White House tapes.

It was Nixon's penchant for tape recording the conversations that took place in the Oval Office, ironically, that led to the ultimate downfall of his administration in the Watergate scandal.

Select Committee investigators have found that on March 21, U.S. Ambassador McMurtrie Godley, the American proconsul in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, called on the chief emissary of the Communist Pathet Lao forces to immediately turn over THE 350 American POWs. His demand was ignored by the Communists.

Then, three days later, on March 24, Ambassador Godley again contacted the Pathet Lao emissary and demanded the release of all Americans, but again he was ignored.

You have to remember, chelas, THIS only accounts for some 350 men in Laos. There were another 425, at least, left in Hanoi as evacuation took place leaving no room nor time for their safe evacuation.


On March 28, the day before the last U.S. troops were withdrawn, the subject of the POWs was discussed at the White House by President Nixon, Dr. Henry Kissinger, the President's national security adviser, and deputy Secretary of Defense William Clements, at which time it was decided to close the book on the captive Americans.

A high-ranking Nixon administration official said of the event that it make him "..feel a little sick. It was astonishing. Only the president could have gotten Tom Moorer to do that (reverse his decision to halt the withdrawal of U.S. troops until the POWs were returned)."

It was then determined within the Oval Office, as it turns out, that if the POWs were determined to be alive it would be necessary to halt the withdrawal of American troops, which would lead to renewed war; and, the United States also would be bur-dened with the task of trying to compel North Vietnam to get its Laotian allies to release them.

The Nixon administration had little means of pressuring Hanoi beyond a threat to start the war again, at the time in point. The White House seemed well aware this would never receive the support of Congress.


Kissinger, in a September 22 appearance before the Senate Select Committee, heatedly rejected assertions the Nixon Administration knowingly "jettisoned" POWs in Laos, Vietnam or anywhere else. Kissinger did say reports of live prisoners had crossed his desk, but that these could not be confirmed. Kissinger went on to blame an "evil" Communist government in Hanoi and a Congress that refused to assist in obtaining the release of remaining U.S. servicemen held prisoner.

Kissinger's testimony represented an admission he had lied nearly 20 years ago when he and other U.S. officials publicly asserted no Americans were still being held hostage in Southeast Asia.

Kissinger then attempted to shift the guilt by accusing former Defense Secretaries Melvin Laird and James Schlesinger of spreading misinformation when they told Congress on September 21 American POWs probably had not been returned by the Communists. Kissinger claimed the two men did not raise the POW issue in 1973, so they could not have any basis for their latest assertions.


On April 6, 1973 Godley had wired Washington: "We have to assume that all the American POWs left in Laos are dead."

He clearly knew better and is believed to have been acting upon direct orders from the President.

Shortly thereafter, Clements told his deputy, Dr. Roger Shields: "All American POWs are dead."

Shields, who also knew better and has since been interviewed by the Senate Select Committee, was appalled.

"We can't say that," he protested to Clements.

"You didn't hear me," Clements said, according to Shield's deposition, "I said they're all dead."

Then-Deputy Secretary of Defense Lawrence Eagleburger (now acting Secretary of State) had only days prior to this exchange advised his boss, Secretary of Defense Elliott Richardson, that the 350 men were still unaccounted for in Laos, and even went so far as to urge the Communists be bombed to drive home the point that the United States wanted the men back.

In turn, Richardson advised Kissinger of the remaining POWs.

Thus, the cover-up of the fate of American POWs left behind during the war has continued for nearly two decades, with the successive administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush perpetuating the hideous crime of knowingly leaving American servicemen behind to suffer and die in enemy hands.

Now that the cover-up has been exposed for all America to see (if you looked), the last remaining act will be to account for those who may still be alive. What odds do you give of this happening, in actuality?

Well, let me remind you of some very devastingly painful points in your political structure THIS DAY.


Bush is NOT IN CONTROL OF YOUR GOVERNMENT! Remember, the key code sheets and "hot-boxes" (football) were taken from Bush. Kissinger, through Eagleburger, Scowcroft and others, is basically running your government RIGHT NOW. Bush knows that he is "out" and "Clinton is the chosen one" to fit the needs of these "Associates" and it is hard times in the old home town tonight! There is so much with which to blackmail the Bushes that there is little fear of Bush "telling". We, of the Command, even offered the poor sucker a way off this place and out of the mess and he (one of him) refused. If he can't pull something off with Perot--it is "all she wrote", brothers.

Most of what Bush himself actually "hands-on" did, is carefully orchestrated as to be "legal" according to the "laws set up to protect the guilty"--so it's a hard bind in which your nation finds itself this day.

By the way--yesterday was the day of KOL NIDRE (Vow of all vows) which means that in the "Zionists/Jewish" tradition on the first day of Holy Days of Passover, a vow is made negating all vows taken in the upcoming year. It's a real handy device for insured lying and protection from being caught cheating and lying. If you vowed to break all subsequent vows through the year and update that every year--my, my, how handy and all comes within the "rights" and "rites" of RELIGION--you know, THAT religion that was made law by PUBLIC LAW 102-14. Have a nice day!

Hatonn to clear. Salu. I suggest you go take your Crystal Life drops, your Hydrogen peroxide drops (very sparingly), eat your algae and TRY to survive long enough to find the Truth so you can change this nightmare! May the "Force be with you"! Good day. Over and out!



THU., OCTOBER 8, 1992 8:36 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 53



Can you not see it? The Feds are getting ready to railroad Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris--AND BO GRITZ! You have a situation where a trial of people and unallowed bail release is going to take place in mere weeks when it usually takes years to bring this type of case to hearing--AND, you find the trial set at the ending of October with only a week to elections--wherein Bo Gritz is a witness and a candidate. Still think you aren't manipulated??

You won't find CNN talking about either!


Can you not see THIS one? The CIA has lied and presented false documents to both the Congress AND the court in Atlanta. Gates (Director CIA) has promised a "look into it". CNN, on both news channels this day with such a "breaking" story, simply shows one, Drogoul, being granted a "rehearing" while all this breaks in the courtroom--BUT NOT VERY MUCH IN THE MEDIA, AT LEAST NOT ON CNN. WHY?? It is so bad this day that the story covers the fact that this is a "major Italian bank", it indicates that the problem is "somewhere" in the U.S. and it states that billions of dollars were funnelled into Iraq and that Drogoul "may not turn out to be the only involved figure".


Interesting point is that CNN is in Atlanta. Ted Turner got "loads" of funding for his "media networks", comes to all state dinners at the White House with little "Jane" and sits with Gorbachev and Kissinger. NEWS BLACKOUT? Oh, I think if you can stir up some interest in "tracking" you are going to find a rat's nest to end them all! It's up to YOU!

CNN has an ongoing blackout on any mention of Bo Gritz--EVEN HIS NAME.


Also, was it a "slip" perchance? This very morning during the reporting of the news in "old" Yugoslavia, where the fighting has been between Serbians and Moslems--what slip of the lip and printed sheet caused the announcer, without note or embarrassment or----to say "....Syrian forces..." throughout two presentations of the "Headline News".


Remember our outline of the final days before THE war AS LAND MASSES ARE CHANGED and other things such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and winds of 150 miles per hour, would sweep the lands? We also said that the ships would sink in the oceans and the ships would fall from the sky.

It is happening daily--tit for tat (not even hidden in "response"). A cargo plane is dumped on people there and one is dumped on people here. Open up your eyes, chelas, or you will miss the clues. A little old jet liner drops its engines one day and another drops its engines the next!

A bank indiscretion is caught in political corruption one day and Gorbachev is cast out of his "Foundation" center the next! "Foundation??"--"Think-tank Foundation" it's called and YOU help support it through donations gathered by Gorbachev in the U.S.--ah, but WHO really owns that "Think-tank"? That's right: Kissinger Associates!

Since you have the same players in BCCI as in BNL AND LBS banks--you know, massive turnover of money directed by Kissinger, Scowcroft, Eagleburger and various and sundry governments (your own AND all your supposed enemies) what do you think is going to happen when you get to BANKAMERICA? CITIBANK? You already know the Rockefeller-Rothschild (Committee of 300) ownership of CHASE and the FEDERAL RESERVE. But, you say, what about the Japanese? What about them--their market is about to collapse and one after another the leaders are falling to scandals--every day. THE JAPANESE ELITE ARE MEMBERS OF THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION WHICH IS OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY "THE COMMITTEE OF 300--CLUB OF ROME".


This period of time in America may well be the most seriously critical time for you in history as "seeming" enemies vie for the power "role". It is easy to see that things are "controlled" but how can that control be maintained? DISASTER AND FORCE!

I hope you ones will go back and read the planned scenario for getting Bush "pardoned" and the inclusion of Perot into the picture, etc. I can't rerun everything but you are seeing "A" plan in the working. Don't be too concerned over who is doing what to whom--remember: the goals are THE SAME: NEW WORLD ORDER-ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, DEPOPULATION OF THE GLOBE TO NOT MORE THAN 550 MILLION PEOPLE (PER GEORGE BUSH) AND TOTAL SUBMISSION OF ALL REMAINING PEOPLE.


More valid confirmations have come in that indeed, there are the underground cities and bases as we have presented--only there are apparently MORE than we presented. Well, nobody is "perfect" short of GOD.


Remember the big to-do about the sheep going blind in southern Patagonia--from THAT ultraviolet light slipping through the ozone hole? This was an Al Gore "victory" speech on environmental disasters and included in his infamous book on the environment??? OOPS! NOT SO! AND WORSE, EVEN "GREENPEACE" HAD TO MAKE A STATEMENT REGARDING SAME.

In the investigation into the story of this wild claim of blindness resulting from exposure in several places where the "...ozone layer has holes", it has been found that the "sheep" and "some" people were infected with "PINKEYE" (a viral infection which is airborne). Most of the story made it to a production in San Francisco (channel KGO-TV, I am told). In going to Argentina with Greenpeace the man who broke the story correction was present so this is "first party", not Hatonnese or hearsay. The alleged sheep blinded by the ozone hole is a farce and fully planned in advance. In fact the parties involved were efforting to "prove the story correct", so eyeballs were brought back for analysis at a university medical center. The verdict is that "the sheep suffered from conjunctivitis, or pink eye, a highly infectious inflammation of the membrane covering the inside of eyelids and front of the eyeball."


I have so many requests to present the information from New Zealand--not the least of which come FROM New Zealand, that I will plan to do so within the next few issues of the LIBERATOR. First, however, I must give you an outlay of how the orders have come down through Farmers Home Administration to "clear more farmers off the land". This is being done through FmHA debt settlement programs. This has become a nightmare in practice--a ship of no return if you have any connections with the FmHA and are more than 30 days late in making payments to that lending agency.

The best disclosure comes from ACRES, USA but relatively few of you would ever see this article so we find it imperative to offer it to you. You who think this organization (FmHA) only lends against farms, etc., think again. It is into "building", projects, etc. Anything that possibly relates to the "land", Agriculture, businesses related to agriculture, housing, etc. It has been an absolute gold-mine for some industries and from those industries have flowed marvelous benefits--BUT, it is designed to take out the farmers and clear them off their own lands. So, you have one more plan identical to the RTC to get control into the hands of the Elite Banksters and inside money-changers, ALL OF THE PROPERTY OF THE CITIZENRY.

Thank you.



THU., OCTOBER 8, 1992 10:15 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 53



Why? Because "big daddy" plans to own ALL property, starve you-the-people and render you totally helpless and enslaved. Face it now or perish later--it is up to YOU.

QUOTING: ACRES, U.S.A. as presented by William S. Williams, October, 1992.

An invitation to set sail aboard the cruise liner NO HOPE again has been advertised. It leaves the dock within 60 days of the date of the receipt of the itinerary. You can come aboard by selling, signing and apply for debt relief via the purchase of a ticket to oblivion. This is done by jumping on board the Farmers Home Administration's ship of no return and accepting its invitation to provide FmHA borrowers several options for those who are more than 30 days late in making payments to that lending agency.

What actually is happening is another attempt to bring on board those who were not ticketed on the first disastrous voyage when the ship hit rocky bottom in unchartered waters. Four years ago Congress concluded that only the rich and famous were to benefit from the various FmHA debt settlement programs set up via the 1987 Farm Act. A chronology of that event is available in Night Came to the Farms of the Great Plains, which now must be considered a survival manual, not legal deck furniture that becomes expendable as the water rises. The ship has been dry-docked, repaired and is now ready to set sail again. In general, a delinquent borrower under the new schemes is privileged to adjust his debt so that he:

  1. Can continue farming, enabling FmHA a "better recovery" scenario, or

  2. The farmer can deed his farm to FmHA with a leaseback and option to buy back his own land.

Nothing is really new. The dry-dock patching was cemented with old chewing gum. In either of these situations the "confessions" made by the delinquent farmer will pitch him overboard into a lifeboat without a paddle or create a whirlpool into which goes his family farm.

The confessions extrapolated by way of the various forms made part of the debt settlement programs amount to nothing more than an extension of granting authority by the farmer to all of his privacy rights as well as to the ownership of his land and most of his personal property to unforgiving strangers under the pretext of debt forgiveness.

[H: Where some of you may slip away from us here is that you will ask "...and how is this different from doing business with a bank?" Ah so, it isn't, only more tenacious because the government FmHA, FHA, etc., simply borrows from the bank and both the agency AND the bank then have to make usury (interest) gain on the money "loaned". It is a total "catch 22" but unnoticed because the rules are more lenient for the loans than from a "bank" and limitations of "amounts" are far, far more flexible when you move into associated industrial situations (which, by the way, are feasible funding sources for projects which are going to be necessary and desperately needed.)]

More important, and, in a shocking acknowledgement of the real intent behind the program, "Whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any Department or Agency of the United States should falsify, conceal or covers up pertinent information shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five years." What gives here? Bankers, at most, simply deny a shaky refinance deal...but, fine and imprisonment?

In the rush to gain write-downs of debt, the farmer gives up by contract not only his freedoms, but all the privileges granted to him by not only the U.S. Constitution but also his right of foreclosure granted him pursuant to his various loan agreements which, in turn, are protected by state statute. The farmer, then, also forgives his lawyers, his financial advisors, the courts as well as the FmHA for all of their wrongs, liabilities and misdeeds. Failing all of this, our government can now reposition the hapless producer so he can go to jail. Some already have.

This is pretty serious stuff. How can a criminal interpretation be made by our own benefactors, the FmHA and various United States agencies or departments, which come to do good but, instead, do very well? The various settlement programs for delinquent farm borrowers consist of an Application for FmHA Services (Form FmHA 410-1) which contains requirements for the borrower to reveal cash income, cash expenses, operating expenses, family living expenses, crop production expenses, livestock production expenses, capital disclosures, refinance costs, loan fees and other cash-flow projections. FmHA 410-1 also makes the borrower confess to any involvement with planting, growing, producing, harvesting or storing of a controlled substance, i.e. drugs. Truly, all FmHA borrowers are invited aboard a romantic sunset sail.

The financial statement--as of the date of his "application"--amounts to nothing more than a guessing game in which any mistake can be interpreted at the option of the FmHA as a falsification, concealment or a cover-up of a material fact, a fictitious or fraudulent satement or simply a misrepresentation leading to the $10,000 fine or five years in the crowbar hotel. What a voyage the farmer can take by being a mere volunteer.

You then might ask, "How can I be refinanced or get any kind of debt relief without making some kind of a confession?" The answer is best contained in another question: "Why make confessions when the chance of error is disproportionately exorbitant to the benefits hopefully gained?" Furthermore, you may want to ask, "Why give strangers my property with a willing and written approval without consideration let alone due process of law? Why, furthermore, self impose unilaterally a criminal possiblity leading to substantial fines and imprisonment beyond my control?" Even private bankers are not so crass!

The Farm and Home Plan (FmHA 431-2) is also enclosed in the application package for the luckless producer who again seeks relief. The borrower must make still another confession of the same kind of repeat information. Why again? Must such a rearrangement of the factual data be set forth for the benefit of the FmHA, or is it pure harassment just to trip up the borrower? Crops, feed on hand, livestock to be sold, growing crops, acreage estimates, costs per acres, supplies, prepaid expenses, all must be reiterated. Woe unto the borrower if he does not regurgitate the data on Form FmHA 431-2 identical to that exposed by him on said Form 410-1. To confirm, whether or not the borrower, indeed, is disclosing the truth, and nothing but the truth, in writing and certified, the borrower confesses to a debt repayment plan which, in turn, is verified by a Request for Statement of Debts and Collateral (Form FmHA 440-32) to which his creditors without consideration must respond. And, if all that is not enough to create grounds for mistakes, errors or inappropriate confessions, the borrower must then file an Application for Settlement of Indebtedness (FmHA 1956-1) which goes through the same exercise in futility. FmHA 1956-1, of course, is set up in a different format but still seeks to know the borrower's private affairs, his living expenses, indebtedness to government and other financial disclosures, this time all combined into still another form of balance sheet. We now have cross forms which set forth current farm assets, intermediate and long term farm liabilities. Again, the borrower must sign a statement he did not lie, cheat, steal, transfer or pillage his own property, yet, alone falsify any of the paperwork. If the borrower should get a write-off from the FmHA, the borrower by virtue of his own honesty permits the FmHA to report any written-off indebtedness as income to the IRS, bankduptcy provisions notwithstanding.

You would think the graciousness and gratuity of the "promise" of any writedown would be just that. But, there is none. Nothing. When it comes to making farmers confess, the government knows no bounds. Not only does the Settlement of In-debtedness set the borrower up for an IRS audit but it ends up rewriting old loan obligations (without the release of indebtedness incurred by them). Yet, more commitments, more promissory notes and more paper to make more repayments in accordance to new installment schedules are guaranteed by this form to be generated by the government's industrious and greedy lawyers. The mysterious and dangerous part of this commitment for such a nebulous promise is the inability of the producer to examine before hand any of the sale and leaseback papers, promissory notes and lien obligations to be mushroomed forthwith. If noncompliance to any of the terms and conditions of FmHA 1956-1 by the applicant should occur at any time a rollover of his property to FmHA is committed and all without guarantees on the part of FmHA to give the borrower a writedown.

You may think, "Enough is enough!" But, alas, no! Along comes a Financial and Production Farm Analysis Summary (Form FmHA 1960-12) which requires reiteration of the prior confessions only this time by loan types. Worst of all, up pops a revelation of "other" borrowers who may have been involved in various farm loans of yours. The problem is none of the statements which are made by these creditors are certified. The payments made to them, the income received and other factors any one of which can be used to incriminate the borrower who, indeed, has certified the veracities of the numbers.

Form FmHA 1960-12 finally sets forth a confessional recapping a five year production and yield analysis which data already exists in a local county extension office. You better beware your analysis matches the "correct and authorized" one at the county office. Otherwise allegations of a cover-up will certainly be lodged against you. At best, your "application" can be then denied. When that happens, which is always the case (except for the rich and famous) the borrower has set sail, volunteered a plea bargain via a pointless confession to gain nothing but walk the plank for a dunking of his lifetime, and a keelhauling to boot.

The Notice of the Availability of Loan Service and Debt Settlement Programs for Delinquent Farm Borrowers proved to be just that. As noted above the Notice did operate to make a confessor out of each borrower, but, surprisingly, did not contract away the ownership of the farm. The old FmHA programs did just that at the application stages. The new FmHA program reserves any takeovers until and after FmHA causes another anticipated default. The FmHA reluctantly leaves that little gem of discouragement for you when it might approve your request for debt relief. The escape clause for the Feds is still an optional feature for FmHA. The confessionals by the farmer to this point permit the Feds to determine whether or not you have sufficient equity or net worth making it worthwhile for them to steal, pillage or confiscate your land without the obstacle of foreclosure action.

In other words, the "application" has amounted to nothing more than establishing a certifiable and documented confessional to determine whether or not you are worth saving for future plucking or if you have enough assets now to make it worthwhile for them to salt you away. Only via your confessions under certified contractual arrangements can such a determination be firmly established. Time limitations are therefore imposed upon all the delinquent borrowers to assure a speeding up of the deep-six procedure.


As set forth in the "purposes" behind the primary and preservation loan service and debt settlement programs, a presumption is raised that you do not, as a borrower, own your farm. No producer who holds a deed to his land should be led to believe he is not the owner of his land even though there may exist various liens or encumbrances clouding his title. The farmer, the rancher, the fruit grower is still the owner. Neither the FmHA, FCA and/or any other lender owns the land. Those entities cannot acquire such title until you sign it away via a bonafide deed. Yet, when you apply for the aforesaid servicing you are led to believe the FmHA is your blessed benefactor and you, without being given one penny of consideration, must forego your statutory rights to foreclosure by completing the "application" and be willing to submit a deed to the FmHA to gain debt servicing benefits when the loan is consummated.

[H: Please don't get bogged down in the "above" for it too is erroneous in concept. IF YOU CAN HAVE YOUR PROPERTY "TAKEN" BY TAX LIABILITIES AND/OR ANY OTHER METHOD "OUTSIDE" YOUR CONTROL--YOU DO NOT "OWN" ANYTHING. Further, you will find the same TYPE of limitations and requirements on ANY "loans" offered by the government--free or low-interest, etc. It is purely and simply a basic set-up also followed by the Resolution Trust Corporation to confiscate commercial and housing properties FOR THE BANKS AND BANKSTERS!]

Just what have you really accomplished by going through the various stages of this confessional:

1. The Application (FmHA Form 410-1) is not set up as an application for any services, even though it is captioned as one. As stated above the form is arranged to make you show what property you own, what your sex is, your nationality, and dis-close if you have a criminal background. The form is rife with warnings to you when and if you should lie, steal or cheat and provides for your voluntary participation in the government's monitoring of your actions. This is a right the Feds never had over you before you entered into this contract. Nowhere in the application is there a solicitation for any assistance whatsoever. [H: Further, it is set up and structured so that the government can lie, cheat, steal and misrepresent until hell freezes and there is not so much as notary seal required on their part!]

2. Further, you release to strangers pursuant to "Statement Required by the Privacy Act (Form FmHA 410-9)" your Social Security Account or Federal Identification Number and other personal matters obtainable by any law enforcement agencies, employers, businesses, landlords, creditors, their credit reporting agencies and any other party or entity the FmHA decides you may be worthy of inspection. These interested parties can be, of course, your business competitors, or even the general public as a whole.

3. Further, your Farm and Home Plan (FmHA 431-2) commits the borrower to discuss with the FmHA any important changes that may become necessary and again reemphasizes that it is a federal crime to make a false statement. Your imagination can run wild thinking about the potentialities of FmHA employee collusions or otherwise to gain access to your property rights and privacy information. (Have you ever had a verbal dispute with your County Supervisor?) Yet, to this point, no proposed borrower has even applied for any relief for assistance (as he may believe he has) but, has only confessed his net worth, the way and with whom he lives and, otherwise, gives outright strangers access to everything he should hold dear.

4. Further, the Request for Statement of Debts and Collateral (Form FmHA 440-32) amounts to a release by the borrower to the FmHA the extent of any debts outstanding to any creditor, payment history and the amount of security encumbering the borrower's real and/or personal property. A certification as to its privileges to invade a borrower's rights is printed on FmHA 440-32 but is worthless because there is no provision for any government agent to sign it. You indeed make a commitment, under oath. Why cannot you hold the government to the same criteria?

5. Further, the Request for Verification of Employment (Form FmHA 1910-5) goes deeper into the borrower's privacy than a simple request for verification implies. If the borrower does not permit his salary and other past or present data be disclosed to a nameless and faceless FmHA a basis for loan settlement rejection can be established.

6. Finally, and not until an actual Application for Settlement of Indebtedness (Form FmHA 1956-1) is offered has the borrower made any overture for assistance. The borrower then commits to pay FmHA a specified sum of money as his consideration for consideration of settlement, but the FmHA commits to nothing. The "application" is unilateral and moot. It is nothing more than a confessional to undercut the privacy of the borrower. It simply sets up the groundwork to evade the borrower's rights to foreclosure. It stages the foundation to deprive the borrower of his ownership rights in his own real and personal aproperty. It identifies that property. The proposed borrower comprises everything, the FmHA comprises nothing.

In the remote chance a delinquent borrower wins approval of any debt settlement (however, only the rich and famous get such debt relief) the new promissory notes, deeds, assignments and bills of sale securing the ownership positions of the FmHA will surely separate the borrower from his property. The new paperwork will leave the debtor in a worse financial position than if he simply went through the statutory rights granted to him via the foreclosure laws. The borrower also retains his rights to sue lawyers, the FmHA and the others who sold him out during the previous years of "assistance", by not seeking this debt settlement scheme.


Foreclosure was devised by our various legislatures to protect the vested equity of borrowers from theft by lenders. Foreclosure statutes were mandated to assure the borrower retains certain rights alluding to that equity and other interests to estop or-ganized assaults and willing surrenders by unknowing borrowers, without due process of law. Assets of such borrowers must not be rearranged to be picked off like ripe plums in the summer's sunshine!

Borrowers, beware! Do not mediate, sell, sign or abandon your property and your personal rights. You state: "What now? I want to believe FmHA and my government allow me good and real privileges to reorganize my affairs to enable me to begin to adjust my debt."

The solutions proposed by FmHA are not that. They simply amount to confessions by you setting up your property for confiscation by people who did not earn it, till it, repair it or simply maintain it. Your preparation of these "application" papers give the FmHA an open sesame to all of your property, including your appreciation interests and hard-earned equity.

Your course of action is to recognize the problem for what it is--the manipulation by nonowners of your ability to freely and openly market your production without trade restrictions benefiting nonowners and obstructing your access via unfair price structuring of your own production. Worst of all, your indebtedness was magnified by your inability to control your lender's ability to interfere with your cash-flow via its strength to control your interest rates, your repayment schedules and its right to call in your demand notes for little or no reason. This permits a lender a license to collapse your operations when the regulated price of your commodities unfairly cannot meet your production costs, including interest payments.

Such "confiscatory-pricing" privileges put any borrower at a severe disadvantage. The programs of the various Farm Acts promulgated by FmHA do not even attempt to address the inequities of the situations foisted upon the borrowers.

The ship No Hope does continue to ply various ports of call to take aboard all who purchase fares on counsel of lawyers, accountants and other hand-holding advisors (PrairieFire, various farm unity coalitions and ecumenical ministries), all of which are undisciplined. The FmHA sunset cruise does sail through unchartered and troubled waters. You need not buy passage to save the family farm via such waybills as presented in the settlement programs enumerated above.

Until FmHA quits acting as a collection agent for banks via the devious schemes proposed above, which are nothing more than "sting" operations, the mass emptying of our countrysides will continue. Huge grants of land will also disappear from our tax rolls, further deepening the cash flow crunch for counties, state and federal coffers. Only when the FmHA starts to really assist its borrowers by promoting programs which can permit them to approach meeting their costs of production by way of a fair and protected parity pricing structure can the true and honest function of the various farm acts be realized.


* * *

I get the feeling that you possibly may have misunderstood my statement as to the ability of "businesses" to gain goodly funding, especially for start-up, if related to farm or home products. As you noted in the article above--there are so many FORMS and BRANCHES of this operation that sorting is all but impossible for the novice. The above is written by an insightful Business Management Counselor, in Boise, Idaho . P.O. Box 3455. Zip: 83703-0455. Telephone 208:343-2763 (For you who may wish to thank him or blast him for we get used to either.)

Next we have a simultaneously run article from Acres U.S.A. regarding the subject just covered.


Four years ago, Acres U.S.A. told farmers not to complete the forms FmHA sent to borrowers of record shortly after the election and before Christmas. [H: Shades of rerun?]

There were about 300 farm publications in the U.S. at the time. These ranged from large monthly magazines to quarterly news sheets. Almost all echoed FmHA's advice in favor of the farmer completing the forms--if they touched the subject at all. Many of the quarterly news sheets could not take a stand because their next publication date was too far away. Only one farm publication came out against completing the forms. This was Acres U.S.A. Here the editor analyzed the forms and concluded that the government was asking the farmer to sign away all of his legal and constitutional rights in and out of court in favor of FmHA. A quit claim deed was cleverly hidden in the packet, and this document conveyed title to the farmer's property. Many farmers failed to see the legal significance of this document until it was too late. The Acres U.S.A. editor recommended that the farmers not fill out the forms and instead take their chances in and out of court.

This brought FmHA and the groups it had suckered into supporting the agency up fighting from their chairs. Acres U.S.A. and its editor were both denounced, many of these denouncements being orchestrated by FmHA and by private groups that should have known better. Farmers' Legal Action Group of St. Paul, Minnesota lashed out at Charles Walters with a news release circulated to the farm press, radio and TV stations, and metro dailies. It told how "nationally recognized lawyers", meaning Jim Massey and Dale Reesman, had denounced as "false" and "misleading" the advice offered to financially distressed farmers by Acres U.S.A. Massey urged farmers to ig-nore Walters and bring legal action against him based on having followed the journal's advice to their detriment. On the other hand, Family Farmers Foreclosure Legal Assistance Program (FFFLAP) ran a survey of foreclosed farmers. In cases involving lending institutions, large corporations, or the government, fully 98% of the individuals lost. At least 97% of those who engaged legal talent, opined that they had been betrayed by their lawyer and handled unfairly and illegally by the courts.

Some religious leaders were appalled that Acres U.S.A. would challenge the government. Some name-calling resulted. Nevertheless, Congressional Research Service revealed that FmHA had packages with the names of some 83,000 farmers on them. The agency had no intention of rewriting more than 16,000 borrowers. This meant that 67,000 farmers were to be administratively foreclosed and put out of business and off of their property. This may be the largest and saddest foreclosure ever in the history of the world. And only one farm paper and one editor foresaw and warned against this danger. [H: Chelas, why must the ones who serve the greatest be the ones to be put down, insulted, abused and efforted at destruction? Could it be because the "anti-Christ" is at work in all of these massive coverings? It is time to stop joining the ranks of "rock-slingers" and get on with reading the fine print of your execution papers.]

As soon as FmHA made its announcement, various private groups joined the yammering on where farmers could get the forms filled out. The forms were complicated beyond any reason. Over 70 documents were involved. They appear to have been designed to obfuscate the scheme that the government was hatching.

Almost on signal, various boiler rooms opened to help farmers "comply". Many charged as much as $2,500 to fill out the complicated forms. Farmers who were skinned by these shysters were already impoverished due to the collapse of the farm economy. Now they were fleeced out of what little they had in order to "comply" with the government's request.

Some of these boiler operations even staged public signing events, which the press covered like fleas on a dog. Farmers who signed and returned the forms were made out to look like they had twice the mentality of Albert Einstein. In actuality they signed away their farm operations, which could now be foreclosed administratively.

The 1992 foreclosure scenario features a modified agenda because the enclosure is supported by the likes of Senator Paul David Wellstone of Minnesota, who should know better. Farm producers are again buried in misinformation and will certainly--by willing transfer--give up their life investments.

Half of the notice proposal is made up of details explaining loan servicing intentions, application procedures and what forms are included in the package. The rest of the package consists of the forms which require the farmer to divulge what he has earned, will earn and what he presently owns. The disclosures are required so as to enable the FmHA (and others who will profit by the proposed transfers) to know exactly the assets of the farmer. None of the forms this time create the transfers. Such transfers are presumably reserved for the "lucky" farmers who do get their refinancing packages approved. At that time the hapless victim gets his debt "adjusted" so he can continue to farm and "the FmHA will receive a better recovery on the money" or that "victim" who may lose his land to FmHA gets his farmland and/or his home "back" "through an option to buy". The farmer only gets a choice of the weight of the millstone being tied to his ankle.

[H: Or the size of the noose around his neck! The reason I take the time and space to run this is because once again you are at the same identical set of circumstances as four years ago--right to the "timing" and elections. Moreover, there has been an assault against farmers with everything from flooding, drought, contamination and, of course, fruit flies and white flies and on and on and on--which will require help if the "farm is to be saved".



* * *

May you be given into the seeing and may you accept the hand offered in order to help sustain you in goodness and freedom--may GOD walk this road with you.

Hatonn to clear--Salu.



FRI., OCTOBER 9, 1992 9:42 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 54



In the area of Long Beach (Wilmington, Los Angeles, California) at about 8:45 P.M. last evening came an explosion in a Texaco oil refinery that was felt intensely for some ten miles and notable for over 20 miles distant. THIS is not the important part of the story, however, for we don't even need go into what caused the blast or what this incident indicates. It is that which would only be heard on the airwaves ONCE, which is important.


A couple of hours after the blast a "safety engineer" who "floats" and has a high position in Texaco "finally" got through on the phone lines to a local channel covering the explosion. He gave his name (I won't because he has enough problems today I would guess) and he said this was "...an accident ready to happen". There had been several small explosions in the complex which "blew" and, at least, personnel were on alert and it could only be hoped that the warnings had paid off. The man said he and his safety crew had hounded Texaco to do something and invest the money to secure the installation. They had refused to do so on the basis that "it was expected that there would be a massive earthquake or some kind of major disaster in the area BY DECEMBER, PROBABLY BY MID OCTOBER and therefore repairs and shoring-up NOW would simply be negated within weeks."

The man was questioned graciously and then had to be released so that the "station" could go to live copter scenes. He was asked if he would speak again--and agreed; he did not, however, have a repeat opportunity. When queried by other callers they were told that "time limitations" prevented any follow-up of individual callers.

I suggest you think about this VERY CAREFULLY for projections have come from several sources (not me) that the 12th would be SABO (San Andreas Big One).

You will also note that the price of oil on the market, went UP due to the "explosion". This is as if one fire in one part of one refinery would effect the entire world fuel supply! Pay attention and perhaps you will make it through.


In all the hoopla nonsense about the Clinton/Moscow trip and Bush's lips moving again--did you HEAR WHAT HE SAID? (Clinton was a college youngster taking a mid-season break vacation. I have no comment about the trip for that is not what is in point here.) Bush went on about "supporting" the enemy by visiting and somehow taking part in anti-war demonstrations, "...our enemy. ...and when I think about those prisoners of WAR (ours) sitting in a prison camp--I am appalled and cannot accept this man as Commander-in-Chief of the United States military command!" "OUR PRISONERS OF WAR"?? WHAT PRISONERS OF WAR, MR. PRESIDENT?? YOU JUST MOVED YOUR LIPS AGAIN AND I THINK PERCHANCE TRUTH ERUPTED! EVIL WILL ALWAYS "WEAR A CLUE" AND TRUTH "WILL ALWAYS OUT" FOR THE "SLIP IS ALWAYS JUST BEYOND THE LIPS"!


By the way, at about the same time last evening--the whole of California gave a "shudder" from one end to the other. It was not noted on the news but is worthy of your attention.


Not a good week? It isn't for a lot of people from here to Rome. The Italians do not like being blamed for the indiscretions of the Mafia and the U.S. Administration. The Italians are, right now, starting an in-depth investigation of the BNL scandal. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you because the Italian nation is far worse off than is the crime-ridden U.S. but it has stirred the pot and it looks like Henry (Gonzalez) will find other fodder for his fire. It is now noted on "both shores" that the culprits are predominantly from Kissinger Associates.

This comes on pretty good information: Dr. Givanearlo Voltri. Dr. Voltri is an Italian court auditor who is in the United States specifically to look into the BNL scandal. I would guess that if he finds anything too amiss, the Mafia with its reputation of daring deeds, will not allow too much to hit the public in its untampered form. So be it.


The Constitutional Law Center is entering the case of Weaver/Harris ("The Idaho Incident"). Contacts with legal counsel have been made and action plans are getting under way. There will need to be a lot of public support and do be sure and continue contact with Weaver and Harris. I am sure this will be welcome information for them--unfortunately they don't get much information from inside.

The attorneys for the two are ecstatic over the entry of the CLC because "....there is no such thing as 'common law' or Constitutional consideration given in Idaho--anywhere--and under no circumstances can WE change it but maybe you can open a few eyes and ears." They are very grateful for the help because it is obvious that this was and is a total "railroad job" from start on the mountain to the courtroom. All is being done to get Gritz tied up in this mess and keep him occupied while the final elections "fixes" are put to bed. You will have to make an even louder outcry than in Idaho if you wish to see a change.

Also, The Constitutional Law Center is being asked to see what they can do to get Gritz into the "presidential debates" starting in San Diego. What odds do YOU give?



FRI., OCTOBER 9, 1992 11:12 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 54



The "New World Order" is not a new idea nor is action just now coming to the surface. There are patriots in every nation who would uncover corruption and treason and who are left unsung and, more often, simply buried by "the system" about which they spoke out.

To do justice to that which we are about to commit to your attention, I must speak first and foremost about the one who has shared this information. There has been a years-long struggle to get ANYONE to listen and pay attention. Just as do all patriots--he began by efforting to make the "ones in charge" hear. However, just as in America or any other corrupted system, the response is negative, unattentive at the least--and incarceration of the "author" and/or death to the one bringing truth.

The information stems from one whose life depended upon his signing a statement that he would write no more and speak no more against the "system". We published that prior to this in the LIBERATOR.


This patriot of New Zealand has had enough but his very soul cries out to be heard lest his life have passed without merit. Since all the banking systems in the world finally come down to the ONE, it is most worthy, indeed, to share the betrayal and downfall of a nation through the hands and deceit of this "enemy" to ALL.

I have presented much information from this person, E.J. Hart, whom I refer to as Brother Edward. He doesn't know what he thinks about me but I honor him and therefore await decisions and choices.

I realize you will think that we "start off on a Kissinger expose" and end up with New Zealand Bank fraud. The two are all connected. LOOK at what appeared in the International Herald Tribune (in New Zealand), August 21, 1985:


LONDON--Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, the state-controlled institution that is Italy's biggest bank, has appointed Henry A. Kissinger to its international advisory board.

Formed in 1984, the board advises the bank on economic and social conditions in countries where it operates.

Mr. Kissinger, a former U.S. secretary of state, is chairman of the board of Kissinger Associates Inc., which gives political advice to governments.

So now I ask you to also remember information I shared with you--from New Zealand. This next article bears repeating because it lays foundation of involvement. New Zealand Times, Sunday, Nov. 18, 1984.



A special Anzus "think-tank" involving former world leaders Malcolm Fraser, Dr. Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski is being set up. [H: and WAS.]

The project, still in the formative stage, will be directed by Mr. Ray Cline, former director of intelligence in the US State Department and later deputy-director of foreign intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency.

New Zealanders and Australians have already been canvassed for support for the think-tank's work.

The project will be controlled by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. an independent unit which is attached to the Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

The Centre has played a significant role in helping President Reagan formulate his foreign policy stance.

Mr. Cline is a senior associate at the centre. Dr. Kissinger, secretary of state and foreign affairs adviser to President Nixon, and Mr. Brzezinski, assistant to the president on national security between 1977 and 1981, are senior advisers at the centre. Another is Admiral Thomas Moorer, former chief of US naval operations and chairman of the joint chiefs committee.

Mr. Fraser, former prime minister of Australia, is a senior fellow at the centre.

Mr. Kissinger carried out a study of the Central American situation for President Reagan.

Mr. Cline told the New Zealand Times from the United States that Mr. Fraser had helped the centre on specific projects and he hoped he would be involved with this one. Dr. Kissinger would be to a lesser extent.

Mr. Cline expects the study to begin in the New Year. It will examine whether the Anzus treaty is and will continue to have a useful stabilizing influence in the region.

It will also examine great power relations in the West Pacific and its global context.

Mr. Cline said naturally the centre's viewpoint would be how the United States strategic and economic interests were served.

The same question would be asked from New Zealand and Australia.

Mr. Cline has been in touch with "some friends" in New Zealand but no formal participation has yet been established. The centre has sent Massey University lecturer Dalton West a letter.

Mr. West, originally from North America, is a frequent commentator on defense issues. It is understood he hopes to spend next year at Georgetown.

Australians involved in the project include Dr. Tom Miller from the Australian National University in Canberra and Professor Henry Albinski, who was in Wellington a week ago.

Mr. Cline said the study was not far enough along to speak clearly about trilateral linkages. "There aren't that many people in this field so I think all those (people) will be involved in one way or another."

A Dr. Alvel, from the centre, who was recently in Australia on a speaking tour, will be involved. Mr. Cline said she was a writer on Pacific naval affairs.

He told the NZ Times he was very worried about the "roughness" of the relationship between the United States and New Zealand. "We always had very close relations. There seems to be a good bit of public controversy at this point over Anzus and our general strategic relationship.

"I'm not interested in the specifics of naval problems and all that, but I am keenly interested in what I call geo-strategic or geo-political aspects of the South Pacific.

"New Zealand has a very important role to play here, particularly in relationship with some of the smaller island states, so I think I should come out to New Zealand early on in this project to talk with people and simply find out what the thinking is there."

Mr. Cline wrote a 1981 book titled THE CIA UNDER REAGAN, BUSH AND CASEY. One of its main thrusts is the concept that free nations ought to maintain a kind of informal "constabulary" of the sea.

Mr. Cline told the NZ Times that New Zealand should be concerned about the protection of our sea lanes in peace times. Navies should be able to work together for POLITICAL as well as defensive reasons.

"I stress the peacetime aspect. That's why I was a little bit disturbed when I heard there was some unhappiness over our port calls and that kind of thing. Not that they are intrinsically critical, but the atmosphere and the concept is important."

Mr. Cline's CIA duties included advising the State Department and the White House on the intelligence-sharing arrangements that link the Anzus partners.

"I am convinced that those are valuable arrangements. Though it is difficult to describe them in much detail I think some of the suspicions about the arrangements in the press and academic circles are pretty misguided.

"One of my hopes, in view of my background, is to set some of those concerns to rest by giving a little more information about these things.

"It is difficult to say much, but at least I am familiar with how these were arranged in a spirit of close cooperation and mutual benefit." ....[H: And so on it went but this pretty well covers it enough for now.]

Does it strike you as strange that a man who was a Russian Jew, trained in Israel, a member of the KGB became, along with a brother, Brzezinski, THE FOREIGN AFFAIRS RUNNERS OF THE WORLD--NOT TO EVEN MENTION THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? There is a book I suggest you all get and the only reprint that I know about is from Criminal Politics magazine. It is called HENRY KISSINGER--SOVIET AGENT. It is by Frank Cappel. $10.00 per copy--2 copies for $15.00. I also herein suggest that a couple of copies should be obtained for "here", it will allow Dharma a bit more easy rest to see that she is NOT the only one revealing the dastardly deeds of Kissinger. I would say, however, that it is the hatred of Kissinger toward one, Hatonn, which makes her way the more dangerous--but interesting.

You can send a check payable to Criminal Politics magazine TO: P.O.Box 37432, Cincinnati, OH 45222. Credit cards: 1800-543-0486.

The entire Global Plan 2000 has been allowed to be orchestrated and brought into economic and political fruition by these evil beings. You not only allowed it to happen, you have given these people the highest places of honor in your nations and on your planet. Perhaps you do, after all, deserve just about anything that comes upon you.

I realize it will be inconvenient and difficult to run the paper utilizing the accompanying material. You have only "copies" from which to work--the New Zealand government police force confiscated all originals. It matters not, for even if the copy is bad--I ask that the information from hand-printed cover sheet to ending be reproduced "as is". It is for the purpose of "documentation". It is most important for the security of ones involved, not the least of which are in-between persons such as Dharma and you, staff, that it be reproduced as is and no effort made to "improve" copy. Thank you. A world is at stake, not just a nation called The United States of America. A WORLD IS ABOUT TO PERISH! SALU.

Hatonn to clear.



SUN., OCTOBER 11, 1992 9:31 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 56





Ah, but finally some are waking up and not simply abusing and accusing without first "looking" at possibilities.

A "space commander" with silver ships and physical attributes? NO--a messenger sent of GOD (Christ-God) unto HIS people in preparation for HIS OWN COMING to reclaim His people.

This being, having served upon your place to measure your growth and divine stability, came and went many times--always promising to all nations, all peoples, to "come again". Always, in all times, first were sent forth the "messengers" and then would come the teacher in the midst of messengers and " angels" --REMEMBER?


If a being or thing comes from anywhere OFF "terra" it (they) are EXTRA-terrestrial! If the Christed being is "off" your place--He, by definition, MUST BE EXTRATERRESTRIAL! Are you with me so far?


Why do you think the Christed Master would personify in that land called, now, the Holy Lands? Did he happen to prefer the ones in Judea to the ones in Northern Russia? NO, he knew it would be from these lands that would present the ANTICHRIST. MAN WOULD BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO ACCEPT GOODNESS INSTEAD OF EVIL. THE LANDS HAD FALLEN--AGAIN--INTO INCREDIBLE EVIL THROUGH THE KHAZARIAN RACES, WHICH HAD INFILTRATED INTO THE ROMANS AND GREEKS AND WERE INTENT ON ANNIHILATING ANYTHING OF GODLINESS REPRESENTING GOODNESS. These adversaries were intent on having total physical rule, power and property of the planet from first step onto the planet. The realm of evil is in the HUMAN PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION--evil itself being created and produced by human! Evil exists not in the higher realms of KNOWING and understanding--it is a purely physically limited experience.

The time is at hand now, as from all prophecies, for the cycle of change. In those days of the "Teacher", and before, the enemy "adversarial" presentation was called Pharisee(s). That group which today calls itself "Semite(s)" is in fact, the Pharisee(s).


When you speak out against a perceived insult to your moral senses, i.e., homosexual marches for rights to practice their sexual abuses in public, and/or against abortion, WHAT HAVE YOU? You have ones coming forth and shouting that you are bigots and Anti-Semites and all manner of insulting accusations. These mean nothing for the words have no actual "meaning"— they are conjured to be insulting. Why? Because the accusations are coming from organized Pharisees!

How often do you turn about and retort: "Ah, but you are an ANTI-CHRIST," to your taunters? No, you slunk away asking forgiveness for speaking out in behalf of goodness! YOU expect God/Christ to come and pick you up simply because you believe there was some man 2000 years ago who came and died FOR YOU. NO, that will not "cut the mustard", little foolish children, for "If it be of the flesh it is not of MY KINGDOM which is NOT OF THIS WORLD." You have been reduced as a mass of humanity to awaiting the wondrous whisking out of problem land and la-la dreams into wonderment and perfection of another experience WITH THIS CHRISTED BEING! You even hold joyous visions of even being in the experience of some physically worldly pleasure when the lift-off comes so that you have to leave nothing behind--including your worldly desires, lusts and warped thinking.

The evangelists weep and wail and reach unto the heavens and proclaim the wonderment of "salvation" and the "blood" of the lamb and "rapture", etc. No, no, no--it shall not be as you are told. Oh, you are going to "believe" on the TEACHINGS OF THIS BEING OR YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE and the fastest "ascending rapture" that I see is through atomic nuclear blasting you into molecular and particulate form which will "float" on the "clouds". The message said that the Master would MEET you and come forth as from the Heavens in and on the clouds! HE ALSO SAID, "IF YE BE OF ME"!

YOU ones have grown lesser in stature with God. You have allowed MAN to "VOTE-IN" behaviors to suit the desires of "these modern times". Fine--it just will not get you off the place! To go into God's realms of glory you will go as a child in innocence and in intent of perfection with Creator's rules and regulations for behavior. Moreover, it is the intent within the soul which will do the presentation of credentials--not the lips of some human form which has forgotten what its task was and is.


Do you think yourself to be a "Jew"? Look again and carefully study history and lineage. YOU CANNOT BE A "JEW" UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! "JEW" IS A TERM CREATED IN THE 18TH CENTURY (A.D.) TO DISTRACT ALL "WATCHERS". The ones who are self-styled so-called "Jews" of this day are actually almost never Judeans or Judaists. The group today are practicing Talmudists coming from the Khazarian races who hated the "Judaists" with a passion unsurpassed. They hate the Christ (even in concept) and have and always will, seek total global control for they are the enemy of Christ God. They are all races, all creeds (in actuality, as voted-in) and colors. Their full intent is to produce a "master race" of supreme physical beauty and annihilation is intended for all others. They politically call themselves Zionists in order to allow you to think they are again establishing God's temple in Zion (Jerusalem). No, they are blood sacrifice practicing groups who are anti-Christ/God in all ways!


America was a blessed place upon which could be made a final stand for freedom--birthed through its foundation upon God's inclusion into the experience of her people. That is no longer practiced; you have no freedom and you have FALLEN. YOU HAVE VOTED-IN ALL THINGS PHYSICAL AND OUT, ALL THINGS GODLY. There remain Christ-followers everywhere about your globe--but now, you must find them for you will either change that which has come upon you or the nations will perish along with over 6 billion physical beings. WILL YOU BE AMONG THEM? OR, WILL YOU COME HOME WITH US--THE MESSENGERS?


"But, friend," you might ask, "how did America become enslaved?" Through the "Jewish" banking system, brainwashing through the media and education, subversion of culture and religion by the enemies of freedom and Christianity. "Christianity" itself was destroyed in its full and true meaning and practice AS IT WAS ESTABLISHED! THIS WOULD BE THE BIGGEST JOKE OF ALL ON YOU THE UNSUSPECT-ING! True to their pattern of enslavement, One-Worlders (Ultimate World Order) have now established among "former" (forget this as being "real") Communist slaves and the lying media and publications, these false ideas of freedom and progress. The crude and vulgar, violent and insulting American "entertainment" and "full life" are being spread among the liberated peoples and they are all now falling for the "bait". The plague that destroyed American culture and undermined morality has been imported into Europe under the label of "democracy". If anything should make you hang your head in total shame is this very fact of deliberately spreading this total evil through the lie that it is "democracy" and "human rights under God-ness". It is human rights, ok--elite physical power and rights over all other deemed "lesser" peoples. The perfect ex-ample is, today, Kuwait. A monarch with 80 wives was restored to a magnificent throne with no effort toward democratic or human equality rights for anyone. You take the bait, consume the LIE and then REFUSE TO ADMIT ANY ERROR IN ACTIONS.

So you will find that the years (generally speaking at the end of the 1980s) will go into history as the glorious time when the Communist oppression over 120 million Eastern and Southern Europeans started weakening and the enslaved peoples, for the first time in 50 years, entered a democracy of sorts. You can now look back from this almost 1993 and see how well that has worked and the lie of it all. Everything in every one of those nations has worsened and the enemy is the same--by whatever new label it is called.

History will say (if there is "history") that 1990 was the year of the "death" of Communism. No, it was only the beginning of the very END of ALL freedom of the masses. It was the ending decade in which all freedom would be stamped out and billions of human species would be murdered. This murderer would come in the form of "freedom", "peace" and "protection"; it would come with BLUE helmets bearing great guns and phasers--it would come to imprison under the guise of "protection" and incarcerate under the guise of "housing". It would come and starve and slay through disease all the while pretending to treat, feed and "look how hard we try"--and you march to their drumbeat and lay down before their presence. They spit upon God and your national flag, they destroy (already have) your Constitution and your sovereignty and replace it with Charters and destruction of all economy and crops and hold you bound and helpless. AMERICA WAS NOT BIRTHED AS A "DEMOCRACY"--IT WAS BIRTHED AS A REPUBLIC!

Do you dislike my subject? You had better look closely within at WHY YOU DISLIKE IT! WHY? WHY? WHY? Could it be that you KNOW MY WORDS TO BE TRUTH and it overwhelms you? So be it--for you shall have to hear it whether you be calling yourself "Jew" or "Christian". These people call themselves "Jews" and "Zionists"--why is it NOT ALRIGHT FOR ANOTHER TO CALL THEM THE SAME? IF YOU CALL A MAN BY THE LABEL HE CHOOSES--ARE YOU INSULTING HIM? So, it becomes time to call him that which "he" has chosen for himself--Jewish Zionists. "Jew" has no meaning and "Zionist" is a POLITICAL PARTY!


Let us look at these "Jews" in terms suitable. Let us look at the "Jews" vs. the United States as the best example for this is "where it's at and coming down" (in your own slang language).

It isn't possible here to re-cover all the details of the destructive and treacherous role of the Jews in the United States. For these "Jews" (Zionists)--with almost no exceptions except in cases of "ignorance" of facts--Israel (or the "Jewish community") comes FIRST, and the United States at least a poor second. Let us look at a few things the "Jews" have accomplished over these years of taking of a nation:

The Jews stole the secrets of the atom bomb from the United States and delivered them to the Soviet Union, thus increasing the power of the Communists to later, in alliance (for the Jews also started "Communism"), enslave the world.

The Zionist-Jewish cabal, acting through the United Nations and the Jewish President, prevented General MacArthur from bombing Manchuria and the Chinese staging areas beyond the Yalu River, and the Red Chinese troops poured into Korea with the resultant deaths of thousands of American troops. You didn't remember that one, did you?

In the Vietnam War the Democrats, as the allies of the anti-American Jewish planners, allowed the disruption of the morale among the American troops, which led to defeat; these Global rulers needed a demoralized American giant to dictate the eventual surrender of American freedom to a global authority lurking BEHIND the United Nations. They also saw to it that the support of the anti-Communist troops was cut.

In Cuba and Nicaragua the Communist regimes were established with DIRECT, and secret, American help (by this same "group") through the "Jewish" anti-Christ media--TV, motion pictures, press and radio. Oh, indeed, the battle is the anti-Christ against the Christians, old friends, and that is why it is so "convenient" to be a "Christian" who practices "Judeo-Christian"-invented rules and regulations--so you won't even "appear" to be Christian in reality.

To make the transition work there has to be severance of all attachment to spiritual TRUTH so that you turn unto MAN for your salvation, food, lodging and thus and so. The point is to lock you away FROM YOUR STRENGTH AND INFINITE POWER and into the enslavement of the human control through EVIL.

By making America into a Zionist partisan, and because of misguided support of two or three million Israelis in the Mid-East, almost a billion Moslems were made enemies of the United States--and you haven't even begun to feel the sting of that yet.

With the economy of your nation and, actually, the world in the control of the "Jewish" bankers, trillions of dollars of American national debt and the resultant inflation have seriously reduced the earning power to zilch, and the standard of living of a majority of Americans into the pits, and they are leading the United States toward a final economic collapse--coming up very, very SOON now.


The ruling "Jewish" bankers were the principal sponsors of WW I and WW II--that is THE unanimous verdict of historians. Their main goal was, as revealed already in the "French" Revolution: to bring down the traditional European governments and replace them by "democracies" or, preferably, Communism. Any form of government is acceptable to them if it lends itself to the promotion of their global empire. After destroying the French monarchy they continued sponsoring three major revolutions in Europe. Where the monarchies were amenable to "Jewish" controls, as in the Scandinavian countries, and the culture was already secularized (Judaized), as in Holland and Britain, they left the local Kings as the figure-heads. The "Jews" could debauch the life and moral values in those countries under the cover of "representative democracy". The three sturdy monarchies in Europe--German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian--were destroyed through WW I.

After almost two years of the bloody warfare that had already cost millions of lives, the combatant countries in WW I were exhausted and ready to sign the armistice treaty by which all armies would retreat behind their pre-war frontiers and the carnage would stop. The Judeo-Masons, being dominant in the Allied governments, did not want the bloodshed to discontinue as that might have meant the frustration of their goals of destroying the chief Christian kingdoms. They therefore intensified their efforts to bring America into the war and thus improve the prospects of an Allied victory. Finally a very flimsy reason was found in the German torpedoing of an unarmed ship "Lusitania". (And that was not what it appeared to be either!) The British Secret Service had made it known that the ship was carrying war material and the Germans took the bait and sunk it. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were thrown into battles against the Germans and the blood-letting continued for almost two years longer. The principal gain of American intervention was that the stage was set for another war to complete the victory of the "Jewish" bankers over the European peoples.


We will turn away from the above point a bit and consider this statement: "America under these 'Pharisees' ." Well, the Pharisees are the "Lords" of America. Somehow you Americans and most Europeans will be surprised that the Pharisees are still around. Most believe (because you are supposed to) that the Pharisees became extinct with the destruction of Jerusalem in something like 70 A.D. The Jewish authorities, like Louis Finkelstein who was the leading rabbi of the previous generation in the United States, tells you that the Pharisees simply transmuted themselves into MODERN RABBIS where the lessons of Talmudism and One World Order can be better taught and instilled. Even this, however, is a bit misleading and not quite exact in meaning. Some of the so-called rabbis have been the promoters of Zionism in its fullest flowering, Communism and anti-Christian Jewish Freemasonry, B'nai B'rith. These modern Pharisees are the sponsors of recurrent atheism, nihilism, revolutionism and all kinds of anti-Christian schemes in the Western culture, especially in the last 200 years. Ah, indeed they offer sweet and empty smiles and extend the hand as if in friendship but they are THE bitter enemies of Christ and Christianity as would be taught by a Christed being of any label. You see, even "Islam" is a "religion" based mostly on "Christ" teachings. This is WHY the Arab world, Moslems, etc., are such DEADLY ENEMIES OF ISRAEL. By any definition--the Israeli so-called "Jews" of Zionism ARE THE DEADLY ANTICHRIST! THESE ONES HAVE INFILTRATED INTO EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF YOUR WORLD--I.E., KISSINGER, ETC. Even "Bush", who is not so-called "Jewish" but IS A SKULL AND BONES INITIATE FROM THE SAME CLUB OF ROME, MASONIC JEWISH KHAZARIAN TRIBE OF TYRANT CRIMINALS AND BANKSTERS.

These ones are THE crafty sponsors and secret promoters and popularizers of the destructive doctrines of rationalism, liberalism, anti-clericalism, secularism, occultism, sects, anti-Christian laws, and the most pernicious scheme to rule the world through the possession of gold and control of the mechanisms of finances, economy, revolution, media, education and culture. Remember that even in your tampered Bible: JESUS SAID: "...these sons of the devil..." (John 8:44), are far from dead, friends. They are very much alive and preparing the demise of Christianity along with enslavement of the peoples of the planet.

I sometimes wonder at ones who claim piety and Christianity--such, say, as the Lutherans. Do you goodly Lutherans remember that your own founder, Martin Luther (and you blacks who follow both this great teacher and Martin Luther King, Jr.) SAID? "....I have permitted this booklet (The Jews and Their Lies) to go forth that I might be FOUND AMONG THOSE WHO HAVE RESISTED SUCH POISONOUS UNDERTAKINGS of the Jews and have warned Christians to be on their guard against them." Martin Luther


Yes, here I do "go again". Why do you suppose an Anti-Christian like John Coleman hated with a passion one Eustace Mullins? Because Eustace wrote truth and he researched it and could "prove" it. To do his work, Coleman (aka Pavlonski-- "Russian Jew" trained in Israel) had to pretend to be an ally of Christianity. This is WHY Coleman chose to utilize, for his quoting, the old "Geneva" Bible--so few would even know what he was talking about and would assume misunderstandings to simply be through translation. All I ever had to do to turn Coleman into a babbling insane man was to mention, and/or suggest, that he utilized Mullins' information. About everything he got of truth came directly from Eustace Mullins.

Mullins is a profoundly informed patriot and, if you get yourself a set of Mullins' books, you have all you need in information to see the whole of it. This man has been all but destroyed by un-American exploiters and his work suppressed to the best of hu-man ability. At this time there is no publisher which will reprint and publish Mullins' work! Forget it, chelas, for there CERTAINLY IS ONE. As long as any in our circle can keep enough funds to print and a press upon which to copy--so shall the word go forth. Dangerous? Of course, and how is your day going? Would you stand before God in judgment saying you did all you could--or as a coward saying, "I betrayed you, Father"?


If you don't know who this is, you aren't going to learn from me either, just yet. But you had best be finding out because you need what this daring man is willing to share with you.

Let me give for your ponderings what he has said about Mullins, as a for instance:

……In my understanding of the evil forces which have been directing the affairs of the Western World and their global exploitation of humanity, I have benefited greatly by the studies of Eustace Mullins. Some of his insights and tremendous fund of information on "Jewish" bankers and their "Christian" stooges, which he had gathered in the course of 40 years of research, I have quoted in my previous writings and particularly in the upcoming book AMERICANS UNDER THE OCCUPATION OF ALIENS.

While I was wasting much valuable energy and time chasing the vagaries of the "science" of modern Judeo-psychology, he was uncovering the dirty work of the international bankers in corrupting the U.S. body politic and enslaving the American people. I want to register my appreciation of this American patriot who was all but suppressed and destroyed by un-American exploiters.

In one of his later works, THE CURSE OF CANAAN [H: I've urged you and urged you to get this book and STUDY IT! Hard to get? Try America West! Does Dharma study this work? NO--because I want her clear and open to MY input--"I" am the author of these JOURNALS and it is what I know that needs to be in your attention--NOT WHAT DHARMA KNOWS! FURTHER, I am giving you this portion by Jurjevich right here because I want to write about the patriot, Gordon Wendell Kahl, to whom we referred as we wrote about Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris in the Idaho incident. I believe his description is one of the better outlays of the incident and I appreciate the information to share with you.], Mullins--matured in his understanding of the evils of the world through suffering and reflection--conveys the profound insight into the source of the evil powers that have been mangling humanity for more than 3,000 years. They have carried their exploitive schemes through intrigues, collusions with rulers, wars and revolutions, always with the view to extend their power and subject humanity to oppression and political delusions. Mullins tore the veil of secrecy and exposed the nest of vipers--the enemies of humanity, the atheistic materialists. They had operated under various disguises, depending on the period of history: Phoenician merchants, Venetian or Florentine bankers, Dutch-Jewish financiers of Cromwell's Revolution, British-Jewish financiers of the "French" Revolution, American-Jewish financiers of the "Russian" Revolution, and as Rothschilds and Rockefellers and other enemies of humanity, freedom, peace and prosperity.

I want to draw your attention here to an important aspect of Mullins' experience. While he was using the methods of modern, historical and social science research, he was able to reach some conclusions, yet failed to attain a truly comprehensive insight into the evils he was investigating. He had reached the conclusion that Satan had temporarily become the ruler of humanity and he had named some of the most notorious collaborators with the Evil One. Yet a further step was necessary to get to the bottom of the problem. "After forty years of patient study of the crises which face humanity," Mullins writes in the Preface to THE CURSE OF CANAAN,

"I arrived at a very simple conclusion--all conspiracies are Satanic! In retrospect, this conclusion should surprise no one. I admit that it came as something of a surprise to me. I had never anticipated that my decades of work would lead to such an all-encompassing and unchallengeable solution. This answer had eluded me through the years, not because I was on the wrong track, but because I had not yet consulted the ultimate source of knowledge--the Bible. [H: Now please, don't go crazy here. Where else can you better find the information you need both for and against Christ/God than in the "instruction book"? I am not speaking of Mr. Mullins' opinions--I am speaking as a "Journalist" who has access to all sides of the information. Let us just move on and stop your "hang-ups" on tid-bits and let's see what unravels here.] To trace the machinations of the materialistic conspiracy, I had deliberately limited myself to materialist sources--reference material on banking, politics, economics, and the biographies of those who were most deeply involved in these affairs."

Mullins' insights thus provide a telling introduction to the main, more often implicit than explicitly stated, thesis of this book. Christians (in the widest meaning of that religious-cultural group) have to revolt against the existing atheist domination of the American scene because the established order represents physical and metaphysical evil.

With the Bible an unknown Book to our secularized rulers and people, and with its light obscured by the screens of modern "knowledge", we are bound to falter, mistaking evil for good and remaining subjected to demonic schemes. "Humanity," writes Mullins,

"...has existed under a considerable disadvantage, unable to recognize or understand evil before being injured by it. Indeed, the great movement of modern history has been to disguise the presence of evil on the earth, to make light of it, to convince humanity that evil is be "tolerated", "treated with greater understanding", or negotiated with, but under no circumstances should it ever be forcibly opposed. This is the principal point of what has come to be known as today's liberalism, more popularly known as secular humanism. The popular, and apparently sensible, appeal of humanism is that humanity would always place human interests first. The problem is that this very hu-manism can be traced in an unbroken line all the way back to the Biblical "Curse of Canaan". Humanism is the logical result of the demonology of history." [H: And herein lies the full intent of the University of Science and Philosophy and Lao Russell (I did not say Walter Russell). It is proclaimed that Walter became, with Lao, a "humanist". This is not so; you cannot be a "humanist" and reflect the intent and projection of GOD!]

The Christian revolt, I repeat, has to be radical and thorough. Its aim is to overthrow the atheistic materialists, under whatever glittering disguises (power, riches, fame, political recognition) they may operate, and reestablish the Kingship of Christ over all areas and values: education, culture, media, politics, economy and wherever the spiritual and moral health of human beings is concerned.

* * *

Just allow us to leave this writing here, scribe. It is good to not overburden the reader at any one sitting as breaks give refreshment and allows some pondering to the data system. We will take up Gordon Kahl at our next sitting. Thank you.

Hatonn to salute you and take leave.



MON., OCTOBER 12, 1992 8:57 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 57



Within the past 24 hours a Delta rocket with satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral and simultaneously came the announcement that the "Communications Grid" for extraterrestrial search is going to be activated to coincide with Columbus' discovery of America and other hogwash.

They are simply getting ready with equipment, and YOU ready to accept, that which will be coming down in the next few weeks. The "authorities" state that it is expected that full communications from extraterrestrials will "...come in on a very narrow 'artificial' frequency!" What in the world is an "artificial" frequency? That is exactly like saying you are "just a little bit pregnant". You are either pregnant or you are not! You either have a "frequency" or you do not! Artificial? Well, whatever the traffic will allow!

We are heard loud and clear in as many languages as there are people using a language. YOU are the dupes and my, how they do laugh at you--to the point they don't even bother to give you good stories--they deliberately feed you total B.S. to see how much they can get away with and play their games and tricks on you. These get sillier and more "far-out" because you will take ANYTHING they dish out without a whimper or a notice.


What, also, is the foolishness over Christopher Columbus discovering America.? He didn't, in the first place; in the second place, it was not in the area of the U.S. and thirdly, he is now given credit by the Native Americans as having murdered "thousands of Indians". Well they aren't "Indians", they are "Humans" and represent the native population of the Americas and fourthly, as usual, Columbus didn't kill ANYBODY. Why in the world take exception to that which is a stupid "celebration" reached for by the elusive world thieves while ignoring anything that could change the nation into a worthwhile "free" state? You innocent lambs play into the hands and plans for distraction and subversion at every opportunity! These actions will cost you dearly during the next few years--IF there ARE a "next few years".


You do realize don't you, that the great pyramids are in full sight of Cairo? This quake was also described as "...the worst quake to ever hit the area". (??) Moreover, it was not a big quake unless they change the numbers.


This is the most important thing to watch--not the debates but the response to the debates.

Immediately after last evening's debate Clinton had a walk-away according to the networks. However, today on CNN you will note that Perot was given a great deal of top billing and it was "rather decided" that maybe Perot "won". Note the next obser-vation as presented by the announcers: "...it appeared that Perot backed Bush more than he did Clinton in his "off the cuff responses", even though it was obvious he was "efforting to keep off either side". Oh? Could it be that the top bananas know the danger of the Clinton camp with the backing of the WORLD MANIPULATORS who would fall into line on the top row front of a Clinton "win"? This is going to turn into a very interesting turn of events--so keep posted and by all means go back and read the description of early-on plans for just such an "emergency"!


Amusing or heinous? The organizers of the "debates" fully expect lawsuits over not even giving mention to other candidates of other parties or independents--but "...we can tie it up in court until after the fact of election--so go ahead and sue!" The cost of the TV time is being paid by the brewers, Anheuser Busch, a Khazarian One Worlder brewery. They won't even talk to the Law Center about it, stating that "...they don't have anything to do with speakers--WE JUST PAY THE BILLS!"

If this is not a "free public debate", then does this not represent massive political "contributions" to "special interest politics"? Was this not billed as a forum for "informing the public"? Well, this is NOT what youze gets. You got orchestrated political action committee "sell-out-buy-out". There were a lot of things about the debates that you were not told perhaps? Ponder it.


You are watching depopulation in action in many nations around the globe now. Typhus which seems to be "unresponsive to any drug" is sweeping across nation after nation, as is Hepatitis B.

NOW, LET'S LOOK AT THE U.S. NAVY STATED GOAL: THE AIDS VIRUS IS TO INFECT 75% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION BY 1995! Why the Navy? Because U.S. Naval Intelligence is THE crown jewel of the One World Order. The facts are that the Naval Intelligence group is THE way that your Ft. Knox gold was shipped out of the United States and into the Banksters' banks and vaults and as payment to dear little Israel! Its time you open your eyes and ears, put down the stones and get off your assets!

Inoculation for Hepatitis will soon become mandatory and THAT is how the introduction of AIDS into the American population started in the first place--through laced vaccine.

Another thing that you ARE NOT TOLD, is that HIV I, one form of "AIDS" has been airborne in Southeast Asia for a great number of years!

Will you continue to fiddle while the world burns? We shall see.



MON., OCTOBER 12, 1992 9:46 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 57



Yes, indeed, I AM the catcher of complaints. I find it interesting to note what kind of complaints I get. A major one is that "...you don't give us what we want to read about, can't you stop writing about____ and write more about_____ ?" and, "...you have to start us more information about what you say because I don't have time to read everything and so I don't know what you are talking about some of the time."

Chelas, this is NOT "vote-out" or "vote-in" favorite subjects. This is NOT a case of "democratic" voting on my presentations. I will give you what you request to the best of my human counterparts' ability to serve you--BUT NO, I WILL NOT COMPROMISE ALL FOR THE ONE "IF" THE ONE CAN HAVE ACCESS TO THE INFORMATION IF HE/SHE WILL DO THE HOMEWORK!

"Each" reader cannot see the whole of the reading public and, if I share letters, we are then condemned for doing that also. We have to simply keep going and perchance somewhere down the line we will hit upon your "favorite" subject material. I am not even efforting to give you what "you want" nor am I choosing subjects for specific groups who, for instance, want to tinker with "black energy boxes". I have a big subject on "black boxes" which I am working toward at this very moment--and you are not going to like what I write about it. YOU want them to HEAL. The adversary is using them to torture and mentally program the population. The more severe testing procedures are being used in prison or training camp situations along with groups of "demonstrators".

I HAVE ONE THING TO OFFER YOU AS SHIELDING AGAINST THIS TECHNOLOGY--GOD! God Light frequency is the ONLY shield you can get to interrupt those pulsed frequency bombardments. I can't tell how to technologically gain that attribute but ones such as Randy Weaver have it and one reason he must be taken OUT is that "...he knows too much and he couldn't be reprogrammed." This makes him more dangerous than any spy or evangelical speaker on any circuit. The evangelists are telling you EXACTLY what the World Order Elite want you to hear and believe--a MAN OF GOD TELLS IT LIKE IT "IS" AND IT ISN'T WITH FLOWERS AND WHISK-AWAY RAPTURES. YOU WHO CANNOT BE BRAINWASHED FOR REPROGRAMMING ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS ENTITIES ALIVE FOR THE ADVERSARY AND THE "ULTIMATE WORLD PLAN" .

Therefore, you are going to have to be patient with me while I outlay information as I see that it can be taken within in some sort of understanding. KNOW that we effort to serve ALL and EACH but we have human limitations for our crew and they are to the breaking point of fatigue and overstress.

I am infinitely grateful to you who continue to write and support (and to you who pick and hit) for both are necessary in order that we give balance and impact in its most acceptable form.

To you who share for the "phone line"--blessings! It is through this kind of information, either rumor or fact--that the brother can discern and catch the clues. The lies will sort of themselves in this forum and so will Truth--for the open mind "trained" to REALLY hear and see will KNOW. (Ed. note: Call 805-8220202 for daily updates from Hatonn)

Now, Dharma, find the write-up on the Kahl patriot affair for it is a demonstration of this very subject in point. Patriots who do not do service primarily for God first and other things next, are not in protection. You will note last evening that there was such a careful lack of attention to GOD OF LIGHT as to stun the senses in that "debate". You will not succeed until one comes forth in the "name of God" with intent in total direction to God and while you function and "believe" the garbage you are trained to eat, it looks grim. However, interesting to note: GOD DOES WIN!

QUOTING: Christian Revolt Long Overdue, by Ray Jurjevich, Ph.D.


…… Yorie von Kahl, a Federal prisoner who was almost killed by deluded marshalls because he bravely stood by his father, Gordon Wendell Kahl, describes his father's intellectual and spiritual journey in a private letter to me (Ray Jurjevich). Gordon Kahl was an extremely brave American soldier in WW II. He was wounded twice and much decorated. He came out of the war to be shocked at FDR's sellout of the United States, seeing the Communists as the only beneficiaries of the war for which America footed most of the bill and invested thousands of lives in a non-victory for their own country. For two years Gordon Kahl studied the patterns of betrayal of America. He saw Communists as the most visible internationalist operators. He recognized the Jews as the chief promoters of the traitorous schemes. He recognized the United Nations, and the League of Nations before it, as the instruments of the internationalist penetration into the American sphere and preparation for enslavement. The layers of conspiracy were peeling off like the skins of an onion. But it was only about 1968 that he recognized international and "Jewish" Masonry at the center of the anti-American schemes.

Being a brave and consistent man, he refused to pay taxes because they were sneaked upon American people by alien plotters and were a violation of the American Constitution. The government operatives (judges, IRS, federal marshals) were mobilized against him and he was finally crushed. He was destroyed not because he was dangerous to the American state (he was a patriot and dutiful citizen) but because he knew the most dangerous secret--that Americans are ruled by their enemies, the Judeo-Masons and "Jewish" bankers. He had to be silenced before the secret became known to a sizeable number of Americans and people had to be scared away from "dangerous ideas". That is also why his son, Yorie, who had not fired a shot at the marshals, and barely survived their shooting him in cold blood, was given two consecutive life sentences in the Judeo-American system of "justice".

[H: How many of you noticed the prime point in last evening's "presidential" debates? It had to do with economics: ALL candidates spoke of income taxes (that means IRS) WHICH ARE NOT LAWFUL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, AND ALL THREE agreed that the Federal Reserve "should be kept separate" and touted what a good job Greenspan has done running it. Here you have ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE THREE PEOPLE PLEDGING TO RUN YOUR NATION--ALL WILL SIMPLY BRING YOU MORE WITHIN THE HORRENDOUS NET OF DOMINATION. I was indeed inspired to further service by the realization that "our readers" watched those "debates" with different vision than all other viewers and, although you may feel "frustrated", chelas, enjoy your insight for you are truly growing and in that "knowing" Truth, you can become free as a person and then as a nation.]


I chose the term "liquidated" deliberately. That is a Bolshevik/Communist expression for murdering the opponents or alleged enemies and traitors of the Marxist Party in power by the use of state terrorism. The quasi-legal murder of Gordon Kahl by the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Gov't) police is in no essential aspect different from murders of opponents in any Communist-enslaved country. The purpose is certainly the same: to stop the spread of "dangerous ideas" by not only killing the informed person, but, even more importantly, to scare other citizens from moving in the "dangerous" direction and inducing the mass of ordinary citizens to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil about the Communist, anti-human regime, and even less about its "Jewish" sponsors.

While other citizens invested their energies and time in trying to get rich or even barely survive economically, Gordon studied avidly the machinations of the Jews in usurping governmental powers and running the United States for their own benefit. He received no Ph.D., or M.D. or D.Sc., but if once this country is liberated from the ZOG, Gordon Kahl should be awarded posthumously an honorary doctorate in patriotic science.

Four months before February 13, 1983--the date of the ambush by the Federal Marshal of the peaceable citizen Gordon Kahl at Medina, North Dakota--Len Martin, a teacher and patriot, got acquainted with him and interviewed him about the secret and dangerous insights he had reached. The statements quoted below are those of Gordon Kahl. It had taken him years of reading, reflection and putting the pieces together into a meaningful and shocking whole.

Twelve million Americans were mobilized in WW II, but only a very small number of them reached the conclusion that they had been "used" by some power beyond and above the legitimate U.S. government. Later Gordon formulated the conclusion that at the center of that power were the Jewish International Bankers and their front, the Freemasons. A movement was afoot to take over the United States. From 1930 to 1950-Gordon's research indicated--five million Jews had settled in his country.

His observations, he writes, "....started while I was on duty in Italy in 1943-1944, although the significance of the incident wasn't realized until later.

"We noticed that Jews were getting on ships after supplies had been unloaded. There were a couple of Jewish fellows in our outfit. We asked them where these people were going and found they were ALL going to the United States. As the ships were unloaded, they would reload the ships with every Jew they could get aboard.

"We just thought these Jews were escaping from Germany. We had believed all the propaganda about how Hitler was executing them, so we didn't think anything about it.

"I didn't know what a Jew really was until I was in the army. One of the first things I learned about Jews was that you could hardly get them to fight. They were in the quartermasters, supply, medics and things like that--anything not dangerous. That's where most of them were hiding out until the war was over.

The Jews, Gordon realized, seemed to be groomed for a Communist Zionist takeover of America. The newcomers from Europe were changing their names. "During the summer of 1945, just before the war ended, I was a flight instructor in South Carolina. My gunnery officer, who had subscribed to the Washington Post, would bring it out to the base every day and show us pages and pages of names of Jewish immigrants who were getting INSTANT naturalization and many of them were changing their names at the same time. They were changing from their Jewish names to common names like Smith, Miller and many used Scandinavian names like Olson, Johnson, etc. The Post printed both the old name and the new name--like Ginsberg became Olson, etc." [H: But what a beautiful way to simply "phase out" those entities so that when it came to identifying persons who made it through the so-called holocaust--the truth could be totally buried for those original "named" persons would no longer exist.]

"The Jews didn't have to wait 5 years like everybody else before becoming eligible for citizenship. They got it immediately. This alone is a pretty good indication that the Jews are 'running the show' in our country.

[H: STOP (10:54 a.m.)! What you just experienced was a complete change in frequency pulses. The system grid was just engaged and anything can happen. Go now and check all latch-downs and remove anything from teetering situation to the floor. When all the grid is again activated and interconnected with the satellite system (which may now have to wait for the next proper location of the orbiting receivers), there will be reactions--hopefully of small magnitude but most likely of great reaction. At this point all I can do is document. Check your things, Dharma, alert the personnel to re-check latchdowns on computers, etc., and let's go on with our work--this will go on for days. Go tie down the apples or you will be having a neighborhood "apple hunt". Every one of our readers has been warned again and again about the possibilities of action today--we can do no more, so check things and let us resume work, please.]

Why would they otherwise be encouraged to take Gentile names, which is the first step toward assimilation, when the leading Jews wanted them to retain their Jewish identity? The secret headquarters of the planned ascendancy evidently had some scheme in mind. The United States was the only major power that had to be subdued before the One-World government could be established. The influx of the Jews was arranged with some hidden scheme in mind.


Another extremely important fact discovered by Gordon and unknown to most Americans is that the U.S.S.R. was established by the "Jewish" bankers:

It is becoming more common knowledge among the American people that the Jewish International Bankers were behind the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.

By the time 1917 rolled around, Jewish financiers were already entrenched in America's financial affairs to the point that they even owned America's central bank, the Federal Reserve.

One of these financiers, Jacob Schiff, a Jewish European banker then living in America, kicked in 20 million dollars to help finance the revolution in Russia. Twenty million dollars was a tremendous amount of money in those days. This 20 million, along with other Jewish financing, enabled a Jewish revolutionary named Trotsky and a group of trained revolutionaries from New York's Jewish lower east side to be smuggled into Russia to engineer the Jewish takeover of Russia and to install Communism.

A third geo-political set of factors concerned Germany. Her people had to be crushed before the Communist/bankers domination could be established in Europe.

Once Russia was in the hands of these International Bankers, the only power that stood in the way of conquering Europe was Germany.

Since control of the money in Germany had long been in the hands of the Jewish banking family, the Rothschilds, it was easy to flood the country with unbacked paper money and weaken the German economy. By 1923, the German Mark was so worth-less it took a wheel-barrow full of Marks to buy a loaf of bread. The current inflation in the United States is caused by the same bunch of international bankers and can cause a collapse in the United States just as they did in Germany in 1923. The stage is set; they are just waiting until the time is ideal.

Anyway, the collapse of the economy in Germany set the stage for a "savior"--someone who would lead the German people out of their predicament. Smooth talking Hitler emerged as that savior.

Backed by American Jewish bankers and, I guess, a few European ones, Hitler began building up the German war machine. [H: Don't fritter your time by arguing this point--I want you to note how you can't even get "Bo" Gritz' name mentioned in public and tell me how an unknown kooky nerd could gain control of a whole nation and a military machine in just brief months unless he had a lot of help and got a whole bunch of financing--he was a paper-hanger, remember?] By 1939, the war machine was ready, so Hitler started the war in Europe.

With the war in Europe in progress, it was easy for the Jewish-controlled newspapers and radio in the United States to create a war scare. Soon the draft was started and factories began manufacturing war equipment and supplies. Keep in mind one thing--wars are the Jew's harvest! [H: This, according to their own decrees.]

The most dangerous realization was the fact that the FBI and the CIA, contrary to public "knowledge", are, like Communism and "democracy", tools of the Jewish bankers to advance their goal of One-World Government. A number of patriots had written in the same vein. Gordon had met a converted Jew who left the CIA because his conscience bothered him:

He had found out what the CIA really was--that the CIA always worked both sides of a conflict. One bunch of the CIA agents would be helping the left wing and one bunch would be helping the right wing. He said it works out that the left wing gets just a little more help than the right wing and the right wing always loses out.

Remember China, Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Angola, Yugoslavia? The pattern is unmistakable. It was a British OSS chieftain Stephenson, for instance, who "discovered" Tito among Yugoslav mine workers in Canada, got him trained in the USSR and finally, with British help, established him as the bloody dictator of Yugoslavia. The right wing leader, General Mihailovich, abandoned by London and Washington, lost to Tito. [H: Anyone see a major similarity in "happening to find" a man to head the current area of Yugoslavia--from the Elite business community in of all places, California, U.S.A.? There surely isn't any gain on "peace" in Yugoslavia this day!]

Another insight of U.S. patriots and students regarding the anti-Christian conspiracy concerns the Rockefellers as the principal pro-Communist conspirators and supporters of secularism and Masonic ideology.

"Many informed people," says Kahl, "claim the CIA is Rockefeller-controlled. This is very possible because the Rockefellers are really Roggenfelds from Germany. When they came to America, they changed their name to Rockefeller. There was a book written listing the top 500 Jewish families in the United States. It was written by Jews for Jews, and only 500 copies of the book were printed. These 500 copies went to just the 500 elite Jewish families in the United States and the Rockefellers were among this elite group."

Gordon suspected, for good reasons, that all secret services, particularly in the Western World, are coordinated by the Jewish secret police, the Mossad. Now that is a very dangerous thought. It's almost eerie that Gordon spoke several months before his death as if he anticipated it:

"In our country, the FBI and U.S. Marshals will 'shut up' anyone who gets too outspoken in telling the truth about the causes of our nation's problems. The FBI and U.S. Marshals can kill or lock up, for any old reason, anyone who tries to expose the truth and the courts will back them up. Red Beckman calls the U.S. Attorneys and Federal Judges the 'greatest cover-up gang' in history."


The most astounding revelation about the anti-Christ conspiracy is that Freemasonry is the chief sponsor of Communism and that both are fronts for the Jewish conquest of the world. The Catholic Church, for a while after the year 1800, used to call Masonry "Judeo-Masonry" because for all practical purposes Masonry is second-class Jewry.

The good-sounding civic and social ideals of Freemasonry and Communism (liberty, equality and justice) are only bait for dumb Christians. The two fronts are the chief means of recruiting Christians to do the destructive Jewish job. Christians are so profoundly duped that they perform services antagonistic to their own Christianity, misguided by the false goals.

"It has gotten to the point," Gordon observes, "...where so-called Christians are trying to out-do the Jews. They are doing just like the Jews do, only they are trying to do it better. They are willing to sell their souls for money. Most of these money and power-hungry non-Jews, who have achieved success in the business and political world, are Masons--MASONS.

"When I got to tying this Communism thing to Jewry, I found that Communism was nothing more than a smoke-screen that the Jews operated behind. That's when I really woke up to what is going on in the world. Later, when I stumbled onto the fact that Masonry was set up as a front organization for Jewry--well, it was almost too unbelievable to grasp at first. I had to dig deeper to find out more about it to satisfy my curiosity. What I found was not very pleasant.

"This Masonic bit is so secretive that few outside the Masonic higher circle are aware of the true character of the evils of Masonry. Even lower degree Masons are not aware of the part Masonry has played in the manipulation of world events.

"To make matters worse, there are masses of non-Jews, the goyim (human cattle) who willingly sell their souls and sell out their friends to get with this subversive crowd."

Some of the Jews confided to Kahl that there is a center of Jewish power that coordinates the anti-Christian campaign on the globe, with subordinate regional centers responsible for action on particular continents. Readers may have difficulty ac-cepting this information because they have been conditioned by the media and by education to reject such ideas of central planning and the initiating bodies as too fantastic to believe. Yet, when one surveys the growth of Jewish controls over the Christian states through revolutions and ideological corruption over the last two hundred years, one cannot imagine that such events could have happened of themselves. Only chaos can occur without sponsorship and as the result of irrational forces. Any social structures that have to be built over decades or centuries are the result of some planning agencies, public or secret.


* * *

We can finish the writing on Kahl when we again sit for I don't wish the individual writings to be longer than this, without break, for there is too much physical stress to go without change in these long sessions. Thank you.

I am extremely occupied, however, this day so please notify me when we can again write. Thank you.

Hatonn to stand-by.



TUES., OCTOBER 13, 1992 11:37 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 58



No earthquakes on the 12th? (???) Really? The worst earthquake ever known to the area of Egypt--near the pyramids and in the general area of Cairo with great devastation to, especially, the peasant class of people--and you think there were no earthquakes on the 12th? YOU are only a PART of this world, little ones. That earthquake in Egypt was one of the most important "signs" ever to come upon your planet.

As important as is the San Andreas Fault in California--it is not important to anyone in Cairo, Egypt.

In addition, to you watchers: The earth never stopped shaking the entirety of yesterday and is still quivering like jello in the desert areas. The changes in pulse frequencies now bombarding from the new "grid hookup" which was activated yesterday for "E.T. search" have caused heart arrhythmias and other seeming medical problems. There is an urgent "push" to cause some ones to be moved from these areas who are connected to the "administration" and/or Elite planners. You ones must watch closely and you will get guidance as to your own timing and actions. It is going to be much like a roller-coaster ride here on in.


Ones prefer to not believe much that I give because it contradicts almost ALL that human gives forth (until after the fact and too late). I told you AIDS is the last great plague. Whatever comes after will be directly connected to this man-created virus if it be biological microscopic life-form. Other disease packages will not measure up to this one except as the VIRUS IS INTEGRATED WITHIN THE DNA STRUCTURE OF OTHER PATHOGENS. By the way--the first man-made virus was created as a man-made life form in Israel--and perfecting of the DNA replication and alteration, along with introduced mutations, has never ceased.

The reason I speak of it today is because your U.S. ex-Surgeon General, Koop, reported yesterday--TO THE PUBLIC--that there is no cure for AIDS, no precautions are SAFE, it is a virus which mutates individually with EVERY separate DNA cell blueprint. Once in the cell the cell is altered and BY YEAR 2000 HE EXPECTS MORE THAN 100 MILLION TO BE WRITTEN OFF. That, dear ones, is PEOPLE. I might add, however, that that is THE number by which the United States is supposed to decrease its population numbers by year 2000.


Terrifying force? What might that be? Will it be "aliens"? Will it be police? Well, here is one to attend: Word has come this morning and follow-up contacts have been made to get some kind of verification as to authenticity. The news does not appear to be very good on this next subject.

George called this morning to report a call from New Orleans wherein ones on the unloading dock at the harbor there dropped a shipping crate which broke open. In the few minutes involved it was discovered there were numerous "guillotines". Now this would be unnerving in itself but before the line was cleared another called from San Francisco wanting to know about the guillotines being off loaded in San Francisco in great numbers. Not to be outdone, came a report of numerous guillotines being brought into Las Vegas.

The person from Las Vegas was really undone because this one remembered something about beheading (or something similar) in PUBLIC LAW 102-14. I am not going to do this research for you but it does sound exactly like the Khazarian Mossad activities which took place in the French Revolution, does it not?

Is this whole thing a farce? Does it matter? If the information comes forth as separated reports from such widely diverse places--is it not either a "scare tactic" which is obviously "orchestrated and planted" or there is some fire wherefrom comes the smoke? Are these going to be used against the political despots--or against the patriots? I can only suggest that all get "squared away with God". I, further, mean Christ-God of Creator/Creation. The Luciferian god is NOT going to give you Salvation or lift-off. You had best be clearing up insight right quickly.

I know that you are only interested in that which is happening TO YOU. But, what is going to happen to YOU is already happening in other nations about your globe so you cannot wear blinders any longer. The "piper" is at the door to be paid--he has gotten rid of all the Christ restrictions on your life-style and played his tune so that you did not have to confront right or wrong--you could simply follow the physical desires, lusts, greed and other "wrong" perceptions. You sold him your soul for the freedom of self to believe the lies--now he is at your door to take possession and receive his payment for services. Do you really think that the evil kingpin is going to let you get away with bowing and scraping and "believing" that some man "died for you, instead of you and absolved YOU of all responsibility for actions--2000 years ago?" Do you hear the peals of laughter yet ringing in your ears? He is here to collect his "slaves" and take possession of all property and possessions.

How many of you turned away God who came to your door asking you to hear? Now you WILL hear the adversary for he didn't even have to knock and you let him in, supped him, slept with him, fornicated with him and did all manners of things which you KNEW were unclean and unGodly. You are simply confronting the reaper who comes to harvest his crops--you and your soul are his crops. How many will be used as "examples" from the followers of, say, the evangelists who led the march to the sea with you lemmings in gleeful tow?


It may give you on the West Coast a little more confirmation as to what might be planned in that "those military bases being deactivated"--ARE ready for occupancy and/or abandonment.

On ALL other bases there are now underway drills for quake actions and survival with major drills scheduled for the first week in December. This information comes by "notice", not gossip.


The San Onofre (nuclear energy) generating plant at San Clemente, south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego, is being shut down. The reason given is that it is old and that makes it "possibly" dangerous. Brothers, it is either already contaminating the area and/or what is expected is too dangerous to allow chance-taking when it goes with the first throes of "the big one" in Southern California. What this SHOULD tell you, if nothing more--is that "someone" knows a whole heck of a lot more than you are told.

What about predictions and prophecies? I don't have much comment about them for all scientific data shows substantial foundation for predictions in these days of startling happenings.

Someone in a publication called Earth Changes, I recall some time back--told you there was an expectation of a MAJOR earthquake within 75 miles of San Diego on or before the 14th of October (now). I believe he called it a "window" or something similar. Then between the 18th and 23rd comes a major prophecy from one who is "usually" correct that there will be a "big one" in California measuring at least 8 points. Well, the quakes have never stopped in California since the Landers quake. I will say that the former gentleman hit the exact date accurately of the Landers quake earlier this summer.

What does all this mean? It means you are in a time of massive earth changes around your entire globe and they are not simple acts of God and Nature. Even if they would all be of natural cause--it would be worthy of full attention.


The way the Elite ALWAYS heal the wounds of depression and hard times--IS THROUGH WAR! I suggest you REALLY listen to what the politicians are telling you--because, between the lines of their "other" written speeches, lies the hidden truth.

If they tell you that you are at peace--KNOW THAT YOU ARE AT WAR, etc.

To hear people cheer as Mr. Bush says there is no longer Communism in Europe, that there is "peace" in Europe and that Communism and the Soviet Union are dead--is almost more than I can bear. If you find peace, freedom, security and economic growth ANYWHERE in that part of the world, I would like you to point it out to me. I wonder about the Sarajevo-Bosnia winter coming up. I wonder how those people will fare under Kissinger Associates "advice" and orchestration of "doings" and under the "guidance" of a puppet "president" from California.

Does Mr. Kissinger annoy me? Indeed he does but not for the reasons you might at first believe. He is but a tinker-toy spoiled brat who is a total tool of the Adversary. This is a childish tantrum-throwing child but as with any "machine" out of control--he is dangerous. The people with whom he works are even more dangerous. You who are Mormons (by the way--THAT label cannot even be used by the church in point in parts of Japan and the Orient because it is their label for "devil" or "satan" [[Interesting?]]) must come to face that ones whom you have held in high esteem as Godly workers for Christ, etc., have betrayed you from the beginning. Ones like Brent Scowcroft and others from the Utah governmental positions have been at the top level, activators and operators in the Banking--One World Order scandals.

The hierarchy of the church itself based their rituals and secret passages upon the Khazarian Masonic order and the God of Light was effectively excluded from the church and religion.

Do not get out of sorts with this information--it is likewise true of every known HUMAN doctrined religious cult (church group). The point is: IF YOU CAN CONTROL THE RELIGIONS AND SPIRITUAL BELIEFS OF ANY GROUP--YOU CAN HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OF THAT GROUP. WHEREIN IS THE BEST PLACE TO DO YOUR WORK? OF COURSE--IN THE ENEMY'S VERY CAMP WITH HIS HELP.

So what? You can sit and snivel and wallow in self-pity, deny, throw stones at me--or you can open your eyes, find out for yourself so you don't have to "guess" and take it from there. I certainly should be no threat to anyone dead or alive--I bring the WORD, force NOTHING and do not even butt into your business. So, when a man tells you he is doing something FOR YOU, or TO YOU and it is through force--IT IS NOT OF CHRIST-GOD.

You must face the fact that almost all you are told is not the way it really is--even the Rockefellers (that staid old group of "American" millionaires) were not "Rockefellers". They were "Roggenfelds" of Germany. They changed their name when they came to America. They are life-long members of ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government, the term used by knowledgeable patriots).

The enemy is powerful--I respect everything about my enemy and so should you. I also know my enemy backwards and forwards--as so should YOU. I offer you insight for it is my mission to do so--I do not and did not "conjure up" tales to trick you. I can only pray that you will awaken in time to clear thine path and set thine sails unto Light for the hour-glass is empty save for the dust. It shall be turned for the further experience--where will YOU be?

We will pause here so that the computer can be changed and this be handed off before starting on the subject material under discussion. Thank you.



TUES., OCTOBER 13, 1992 1:39 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 58



Dear ones, in all of our hours of sharing my very being is filled to overflowing with that which confronts you as you come up from the darkness into seeing. Indeed you must question all things--for Truth can always stand open surveillance. Truth never suggests that you do not research or search out all sides in forming decisions. Always, however, you must ask God Creator in wisdom and inner guidance to witness all things that you may truly see that which IS and not simply that which another foists off upon you.

And, moreover, ALL need help--that is why Universal God has sent guides for your personal assistance that they, as well as you, might grow in wisdom. It is why HE has sent us, the Hosts (not just space jockeys in shiny suits and slick craft). You can have as much fun with that "idea" as does Spielberg--and, by the way, NO, there are not these idiotic "beings" running around the cosmos--NOT AS YOU PERCEIVE IT TO BE--THESE ARE THOUGHT FORMS MANIFEST! We the Hosts are but the messengers from the realms more advanced in technology, balanced in spiritual knowing and come according to the promise of God--that in this day the messengers would come in preparation for the changes which would come upon the planet and show man that he has not need to perish and, indeed, shall not perish in spirit.

I do not play around in the halls of UFO seminars, etc. I have no interest in the silly games and foolish lies about what is afoot. I repeat--the ENEMY IS AMONG YOU! EARTHBOUND--for all practical discussion. I am actually the enemy of no one, not even the dupes in the game of "adversary". But, if you are one of the dupes, you may well consider me--at some point--your enemy. If you walk the path of voted-in evil then you are locked into the human experience and you are simply not of my path. The adversary may well "take" without permission--GOD AND GOD'S HOSTS NEVER EVEN "TOUCH" WITHOUT PERMISSION GIVEN AT THE LEVEL OF INNER "INTENT".

There is a nice "old saying" on your place which I find interesting--it reads: "Everyone from time to time needs a little boost. If you see a turtle on a fence post, remember he had some help getting there!"


We were priorly speaking about Gordon Kahl and why he was targeted for destruction. He knew too much and uncovered the plans and lies. He recognized the brainwashers of the Americans and thus, the world. But mostly--he attacked two other seemingly different segments (actually all the same), the sponsors of Communism--the Judeo-Masonry foundation.

The Man-on-the-street has no more idea that these things go on and were planned for, yea, generations. You ones simply experience that which you have within your narrow confines of experience--a family or relationships, a job (hopefully) and feast on entertainment and "news" as fed to you by a, now revealed, controlled press and media. How could you know? The entire thrust of the game has been to keep you from knowing!

Let. us just go back to a continuation of the writing of Jurjevich in his discussion on Gordon Kahl. You know what happened to the man from what we gave you in the writings regarding Weaver and Gritz--BUT, HOW MANY OF YOU KNEW REALLY "WHY"? Even the patriots recognize Kahl as a martyr, murdered for something or other to do with taxes and failure to pay "...or something"! What we have here is WHY he was targeted.



Gordon uses an example of changing American attitudes toward Jews as an illustration of social engineering by Jewish agencies. They have created a false image of the Jews as persecuted people to forestall the negative reactions against the exploitation and domination by the Jews. (See The F.O.J. Syndrome in America (publications) for further explanation of the brainwashing of Americans. [H: There are also at least two JOURNALS on the subject--both in the Soviet Union and in America.] Those books were written by a psychologist liberated from the FOJs and it is to the credit of Gordon's native intelligence to have discerned the brainwashing process several years before those two volumes were published.)

"To keep down criticism of any Jewish misconduct," Gordon explains, "the Jews have carried on an effective psychological program. Cleverly, they have played up the 'poor persecuted Jew' image and through this have been able to keep the goyim from rising up against them. Anyone who dares to speak out against any crimes committed by Jews is accused of 'antisemitism'--of picking on the 'poor, persecuted Jews' just because they are Jews. It would be funny how so many Christians and other non-Jews have fallen for this line if it were not so dangerous.

"If the goyim would just stop and think: It is a rare case where a Jew does not have a good job and lives in comfort--much higher than the average non-Jew. Few Jews stoop to getting their hands dirty doing manual labor--they let the goyim do the dirty jobs. [H: This of course, again, applies to the unsuspected "Zionist Elite so-called, self-styled 'Jews" and has nothing to do with those thinking themselves to be of a race of "Judaists". Herein we are speaking of those who do not even resemble "Jews" for the most part--the merchants, bankers, lawyers, judges, doctors and other components of society WHO CONTROL THE MASSES--THE "JEWS" (ZIONISTS) HAVE ALSO INFILTRATED THE RELIGIOUS DOCTRINED CHURCHES AND REPLACED "CHRIST" WITH RITUAL AND FALSE TEACHINGS.]

"The Jews control the news-media, nearly every major business operation, the amusement industry and the national financial institutions--so how can they justly cry "poor, persecuted Jews" when it is they, the Jews, who are doing the persecuting? The only way they get away with it is because they control the news-media and are able to keep the goyim in the dark about the truth."

Gordon knew of another old trick of scoundrels and diplomats--to induce dissension and bad feelings among the opponents and let the fights of enraged fools protect the Jews in their predatory schemes. This is one source of Jewish power over Americans.

"They keep the Christians and other non-Jews fighting amongst each other; even Christians against Christians, Moslems against Moslems, etc. It is pretty disheartening to see this happening, especially since it is destroying America."

As a seasoned opponent of the Jewish usurpation of power in the United States, Kahl understood the ineffectiveness of any campaign against Communism as an enemy of America unless one reveals also the secret sponsors of Communism and attacks Judeo-Masonry as the source of Communist power and intrigues. He illustrates this observation with the defeat of Senator Joe McCarthy in his attempt to expose Communism.

"The story behind Senator Joe McCarthy's investigation of Communists in government is interesting because every Communist Joe was after was a Mason. But, he didn't understand that the Jews were his real enemy--that the Jews were behind and control the Masonic Lodges.

"Joe was trying to work with the Jews to expose Masonry. He even had Jews working right on his staff. He was still under the impression that Jews were God's chosen people.

"I'm satisfied the Jews did away with McCarthy for trying to expose the part Masonry had to do with Communism. Certainly, if he would have succeeded in exposing the part the Masonic leaders play in the spread of Communism, it is likely that the fact that Communism is a Jewish front would have also become general knowledge. The Masonic tie to Jewish Communism would then have been too hard to keep from the American people and the whole Jew/Mason/Communism conspiracy would have been exposed and defeated."

The bases of Jewish political power are the subservient goyim.


"The Jewish power structure," observes Gordon, "would be too obvious to the non-Jews if Jews were to fill every position in government. This is where the Masons come in. Together, the Jew/Mason powers have become entrenched and so strong that a person can't even get on the ballot if not a Mason. Of course, a Jew always has an open door in politics. "

As in the Communist countries, where the Party keeps people at poverty level and exhausts them through the fight to survive so that they have no time to think nor energy to fight the oppressors, so in the United States, the rush after material goods and "standard" of living disables Americans from fighting the aliens who ride on their backs:

"The reason the Jew/Mason tie has become so powerful is because they work at it. While other Americans are busy slaving to make a living, the Jew/Mason elite are busy building their political network. To ensure that they win at election time, they use the tactic of getting one of their group running on both the Democratic and Republican side. So, it doesn't make any difference which one wins, the same dirty work goes on.

"During an election, their candidates talk a good line, But, after winning the election, they follow orders.

Roosevelt (F.D.) campaigned on a real good platform and then, after being elected, he changed completely."

[H: I don't want to ruin your dreamy day--but this is Truth, chelas. This is not bigotry against "people who think themselves to be Jewish as in "Judaists"--this is simple fact about the non-Judaist Zionists who call themselves "Jews" and thus steal a whole heritage from the very ones they impersonated to get to this level of control of the nations. Bush certainly doesn't "appear" to be Jewish and neither does Clinton--but they are controlled by the very organizations which call themselves "Zionists", etc.]

The management of the goyim by creating political and social crises did not escape the sharp mind of Gordon: "More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the Zionist Jews have been behind the problems in our count'''. So, the Zionists have to keep stiffing up a crisis to divert attention from them. They make the plans; all we see are the effects."

Much before many patriotic observers of the Judeo-American scene, Gordon realized the immense social cost of our subservience to the Zionists: "Fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) A DAY, of American taxpayer's money, is currently going to Israel to keep it from going bankrupt and to build up its war machine." [H: It is more now and getting worse and worse! You now have to support all of the rest of THEIR world nations also!]

Having become very knowledgeable about the Zionist machinations, Gordon had an in-depth understanding about why ZOG was persecuting him:

"My research and exposure of the part the Jewish and Masonic hierarchy has played and is playing in the destruction of America was a big part of why I ended up in prison in 1977. I had also been giving quite a few talks from 1972 through 1976 about the Posse Comitatus and the illegal income tax. I was Texas State Coordinator at the time and the Jew/Mason crowd were concerned about this because we were getting pretty strong down there.

"When they took me to court for not filing income tax reports, they didn't make any bones about the prosecution. They didn't even deny that; they said they had to do it. BUT REMEMBER THIS: the tax rebellion is so big that it could blow the whole thing wide open at any time. I read that the government figures of people not paying taxes in 1975, for instance, was 38 million; of this 18 million didn't even file. So, why did they pick on me? There had to be another reason for selecting me for prosecution. The "failure to file" charge was the only way they could take me to court, but my other activities were the real reason--with exposing the Jewish/Masonic/Communist tie probably being the main one. "

Len Martin concludes:

"In trying to eliminate Gordon Kahl at Medina, were 'they' trying to cover up the truth?"

After studying the facts surrounding Medina, an investigative reporter turned to me and said, "Now I know why they tried to get Gordon Kahl and IT WASN'T BECAUSE OF TAXES...."

"So that his children and grandchildren might live in freedom, Gordon was willing to die--and die he did: attacked by the very "agents" of Satan whom he was trying to expose."



Come on, chelas, it is more cleverly hidden than having a big sign over the lodge hall door which says, "Satan within, enter if you want to have some fun."

You must realize that in order to understand the danger Masonry presents to world freedom, it MUST BE REALIZED THAT ALL (CONSPIRATORIAL) MASONS ARE ILLUMINATI.

From the pool of the lowest three degrees, the leaders pick those who would "advance" deeper into the trap. Gordon's insight is that only those who have some skeleton in the closet which could be used to force them into corrupt actions, are selected for higher degrees. If no such incriminatory act has been documented, opportunities are created by the unscrupulous Masonic leaders to seduce the dudes into compromising acts and the documentary evidence is stored for future use in blackmailing.



Let us now leave this writing for you are needed elsewhere as, too, am I. Thank you, scribe, for standing strong as we outlay this information which can only bring terror into the bosom--but peace and security rest in the hands of God of Light and there, too, rest ye. Salu.

Hatonn to clear.



WED., OCTOBER 14, 1992 9:45 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 59



I certainly do suggest that you not accept what the "foxes" are telling you about the chickens dead in the hen-house. The "rumor" regarding the local water (in any given community in the "garden areas" of your nation the waters are contaminated) still being dangerous. Worse, as the pathogens are efforted to be killed, the chemical contamination rises. You must remember, chelas, that in many areas there is a seven year drought which causes all reservoirs to be low and the minerals concentrated. In areas where there has been flooding, there is a worse problem for the contamination levels are extremely high from the flooding itself.

I know that you can't really DO anything about it as a political issue other than get proof and, as this community has done, bring a class action suit. But, even here, the symptoms were outright without ability to hide and still the suit is not over con-taminated water--but rather, the people in charge kept the fact secret instead of warning the people in time to take personal action.

If you get a good filter system you "may" be getting good water--however, even with the filtered water--remember--the holding tank CAN get contaminated and breed little "buggers"--it does however, clean most particulate out of the resulting water. That can be cleansed by 7 drops of 35% food grade, hydrogen peroxide. This is more effective in, say, 10 drops per gallon. However, at 7 drops per gallon, the taste remains good. Even with a whole bunch of drops the taste beats the chlorine and other additives of the system clean-up. You can also add a few drops of "bleach" but this is really untasty and further adds to the "poison" additives.

How can you check on your own? Probably you can't afford to do so--because no one is going to tell you the truth of findings. Then, if you go to a water purification business they are apt to overdo the results in order to sell you an expensive system for purification. My suggestion is simply to add a drop of hydrogen peroxide (food grade) to your glass of water or beverage-use water--to be sure.


***DO NOT USE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AS PURCHASED IN THE MARKETS FOR ANTISEPTIC USES (TOPICAL) FOR INTERNAL USE. THAT IS A 3% SOLUTION AND HAS STABILIZERS WHICH ARE TOXIC IF TAKEN INTERNALLY. USE "FOOD GRADE", FOR INTERNAL USE AND WATCH CAREFULLY THAT YOU USE IT PROPERLY! WOULD A "LITTLE" HURT YOU? PROBABLY NOT, BUT WE ARE NOT PRACTIC-ING MEDICINE AND PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. IF YOU WISH TO USE THE PRODUCT AT ALL--USE IT ABSOLUTELY CORRECTLY! I am not in the additive business, vitamin business, life crystal business, algae business or any other business save bringing you help where I know it to be worthy and in bringing you Truth. All else which might be offered by the people here for your assistance, is strictly THAT--for your help--without advocating ANYTHING. If I come along and tell you, for instance, that "star-dust" will cure everything including head colds and do not tell you how to get star-dust then I am but a foolish nerd showing my own ignorance. You are so limited by the laws which are inspired to keep you sick and not allow preventive care that it is all but impossible to help you at all. For instance, health food stores and holistic practice offices have been raided and totally stripped of all such things as hydrogen peroxide, folic acid and other helpful items. We have no intention of getting our people involved in any such thing or actions. Our people are simply willing to aid you where it is legal and helpful and at no profit beyond costs of shipping and handling.

We are blessed with wondrous people who offer all they have to serve brother at this time of tightening controls and resultant hardships. They will continue to do so as long as it remains legal and product can be obtained. Beyond that, we can offer no more. It is planned to set up greenhouses for the growing of Chlorella as soon as funding is available--but until then, a high quality supply has been located with prices under competitive. It is a time of working together, chelas, and you need good health and food substance if you are to stay functional.



You are going to have to "hear" this message in all locations so you must analyze your own position and location and act appropriately. If you have "stored" water and it has been opened (or even if not) to be safe--get that food grade hydrogen peroxide and add seven drops per gallon when you need to use it--just keep a small bottle handy by the water supply.

If you have studied all the JOURNALS you will know what likely "disaster" is probable in your given area. For instance, below dams you can expect dam rupture as the most likely. In "storm" paths you can now expect tornados. In hurricane areas look for increasingly stronger and stronger winds and damages--WITH TIDAL WAVES. IF you are blessed enough to be warned to evacuate--DO SO! However, expect more and more unexpected abrupt happenings--without warnings. The point is to "hit" you--not "save" you! You must act accordingly.

My personal perception is that San Diego area will be relatively OK as it would (the area) most likely split off and drift westerly/northerly. Salt Lake is "iffy" but probably would have warning if breakup involves massive "sea" type flooding and locals can evacuate to Alta, etc. It would be a good idea to warn family and tell them to not "wait around" IF but to get some emergency supplies and be ready, for it is supposed to shake like hell in that area also. The Mormons are to their eyes in the Conspiracy (the church) so expect damage if it comes down to Cosmosphere activity--little damage if it is left in the hands of the conspirators because it will be projected as a "Zion" show-and-tell. It is a "time" when anything can go any way!

Dharma, take this off please and then let us go on with our work. Thank you.



WED., OCTOBER 14, 1992 10:48 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 59



A question asked many times daily is: "What is Bolshevism and what does Judaism have to do with it--and, where does Christianity come into the picture?"

I have written on the subject since onset of writing with this scribe. I have told you of involvements of Rockefellers, Kissinger, etc., in reference to Bolshevism right along, and yet, most readers can't "quite" get it sorted. Let me remark, however, that the intent of your adversary is to keep things so confused that from one day to the next you can't tell just who is who. Just remember--THE ADVERSARY'S PLAN IS FOR TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION AND THAT INCLUDES ALL PLAYERS. THERE MAY BE SOME POLITICAL "IN"-FIGHTING BUT THE GOALS ARE IDENTICAL SO DON'T BE FOOLED BY ACTIONS BY ANY ONE OF THE ELITE FROM ONE DAY TO THE NEXT!

The following comes directly from a document presented in 1933 and it is very good in concept. I believe it will give you more insight than other information I have seen. The article was presented by A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., etc., in October and November, 1933 and was written in reply to a challenge. The information was collated from authoritative sources, both Jew and Gentile, to demonstrate the relationship between Judaism and Bolshevism, and the alliance between International Finance and its protegees, Bolshevism and Zionism.

Once again it is mandatory that you clarify these things in your thinking minds or you cannot sort the problems and isolate "your enemy" enough to have appropriate insight and bring about change.

I think, since we are writing an informative journal, that once again, it is better to simply journalize the original document and ones who wish can research more in-depth.


Oct. 21st, 28th, and Nov. 4th, 1933

A Challenge and a Reply

(By A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., etc.)

At a meeting held at St. Joseph's Hall, Hanwell, in July last, to protest against the Bolshevik persecution of Christianity, the speakers, inter alia, enlightened their audience as to the part played by certain sections of Jewry in the establishment by terrorist methods of the Bolshevist system of Government which is avowedly "Anti-God", and, in its efforts to destroy the present social system of the world, is determined to stamp out Christianity.

Mr. L. J. Hydleman, in letters written to the Editor of the Catholic Herald, has taken exception to the statements made, by myself in particular at the meeting. To him, and perhaps to many others who are unaware of the facts, Bolshevism and Judaism would appear to be "contradictions in terms"; the association of Capitalistic Jewry with anti-capitalist Bolshevism would seem to be absurd; and the use of Bolshevism, Zionism and International Finance (The Money Power) by a small and powerful section of World Jewry as a means of gaining World Domination are to be classed as "somewhat wild conclusions".


Bolshevism IS A JEWISH CONCEPTION based on the teaching of Karl Marx and other revolutionary Socialists. It is characterized by destruction and chaos, and imposes its will and maintains its power by terrorism and murder.

Bolshevism is, above all, Anti-Christian and Anti-Social, for, until the existing order has been destroyed, the so-called "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" in a universal brotherhood of nations cannot be imposed upon the world.

There are many who would keep the public in ignorance of the part played by Jews, whether Socialists, Communists, Zionists or Financiers, in the events which have led to the destruction of Tzardom; to the enslavement of the Russian people by terrorism, and to the imposition of the (Jewish-controlled) Bolshevik Regime; to the post-war "red" revolutions in Europe and Asia; to the economic and industrial war on Capitalistic States conducted under "The Five Year Plan"; to the unchecked persecution of Christians by Bolshevists in Russia, Spain, Mexico, and elsewhere; and to the rapid spread of Bolshevik activities throughout the world, in particular in Palestine, the Middle East, India and China.

Within the limits of a short article, it is only possible to give a fraction of the overwhelming amount of evidence (from authoritative sources, both Gentile and Jew) in support of these facts. The following instances, however, should serve to convince your readers that Bolshevism and Zionism are but means to an end--weapons in the fight by a Jewish World Power for supremacy in politics, economics and religion--that is, the fight for Jewish Nationalism, posing as Internationalism, against Gentile Nationalism.


The British Government published a White Paper (Russia No. 1, April, 1919) in which was contained a report from M. Oudendyk, the Netherlands Minister at St. Petersburg, who was watching British interests during the Bolshevik Revolution. M. Oudendyk states:

"I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the War which is still raging and, unless as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread, in one form or another, over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews, who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things."

This report, dated Sept. 6th, 1918, was forwarded by Sir M. Findlay from Christiana to Mr. (later "Lord") Balfour. Incidentally, the above passage was deleted from a subsequent abridged edition of the said "White Paper". [H: This is also a prime mode of operation--to delete that which is not "wanted" in the history books.]

The following facts demonstrate the part played by Jewry in the furtherance of Bolshevist activities:

1. The hostility of both Capitalistic and Socialistic Jews to the Tzarist Regime is a matter of history.

According to their own claims (The Maccabean, New York, 1905) the Jews were the most active revolutionaries in the Tzar's Empire. The Jewish Banker, the late Jacob Schiff, of the powerful banking group, Kuhn Loeb and Co., aided Russian revolutionaries. According to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, 1925, Jacob Schiff financed Japan against Russia in the war of 1904 to 1905.

2. Jews engineered the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

From statements made by Sokolow, the Zionist leader, in his book, The History Of Zionism, and by other Jews, it is apparent that Organized Zionism played an important part in Bolshevik activities in Russia.

The success of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was made possible by the financial support and influence of International (Jew) Financiers. (Vide: The Sisson Report published by the American Committee of Public Information, 1919. The Times, February 9, 1918).

3. Statesmen representing the Allies, in 1919, endeavoured to secure the recognition and representation of the Bolshevik Government at the Peace Conference at Versailles.

Wickham Steed, Editor of The Times, at the period of which he wrote in his book Through Thirty Years, stated, regarding this move:

"The prime movers were Jacob Schiff, Warburg, and other International Financiers who wished, above all, to bolster up the Jewish Bolshevists in order to secure a field for German and Jewish exploitation of Russia."

4. International Finance (which is Jew-dominated) found abundant credits for the Five Year Plan.

Krassin served as one of the post-war links between Jewish and other finance and the Bolsheviks.

The intrigues by which financial credits apparently made to Germany reached Russia have been denounced in the U.S.A. Congress and elsewhere. The statements have not been refuted by the German-American-Jew Bankers thus implicated.

5. That there is some alliance between the Bolshevik leaders, the avowed enemies of Capitalism, and the World's Super-Capitalists must be inferred from the fact that Felix Warburg, in 1927, was given a "Royal" welcome to Russia, in spite of his association with the Federal Reserve Bank of America, and with the Banking Group of Kuhn Loeb and Co.!


The Soviet movement was a Jewish, and not a Russian, conception. It was forced on Russia from without, when, in 1917, German and German-American-Jew interests sent Lenin and his associates into Russia, furnished with the wherewithal to bring about the defection of the Russian armies, and the overthrow of the Kerensky Provisional Government, which was "pro Allies". Thus:

1. The Movement has never been controlled by Russians. For,

(a) Of the 224 revolutionaries who in 1917 were despatched to Russia with Lenin to foment the Bolshevik Revolution, 170 were Jews!

(b) According to The Times of 29th March, 1919, "..of the 20 or 30 commissaries, or leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75 per cent are Jews... among the minor officials the number is legion."

(c) According to official information from Russia, in 1920, out of 545 members of the Bolshevist Administration, 447 were Jews!

2. The "benefits" of office under the Bolshevik regime have been reaped by Jews:

The number of official appointments that have been bestowed upon Jews during the Soviet Regime is entirely out of proportion to their percentage in the State.

The population of Soviet Russia is officially given (1933) as 158,400,000, the Jewish section, according to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, being about 7,800,000. Yet according to The Jewish Chronicle of 6th January, 1933: "Over one-third of the Jews in Russia have become officials."

[H: This should begin to make it more clearly understood as to why the reports of persecution of the Jews during and after WW-II in the "Russian" run camps was more treacherous than in other locations. The Russians didn't like the take-over of their nation by aliens.]

3. "Anti-semitism" in Russia is now classed as counterrevolutionary and is punishable by death. [H: And that, brothers, was in 1933 and before so where do you think those "hate crime" edicts began? Once again "stop truth" by disallowing questioning or actions which contradict the "orthodox" minority projections even if they are LIES and total fabrications.]

4. It is significant that the Red Five-Pointed Star, which in former time was the symbol of ZIONISM and JEWRY, is now the symbol of the Russian proletariat.


Bolshevism was enforced in Russia by means of confiscation, terrorism and murder on a scale of unprecedented magnitude. According to Bolshevist figures and other estimates, in the revolution some 20,000,000 lost their lives, either by violence or from starvation and disease. Of these people some 1,766,118 persons had been executed before February, 1922. [H: Go back and read that AGAIN!]

The "Terror" has become a permanent institution by which the Bolshevik (Jewish) Government maintains its tyrannical power over the enslaved millions of Russia and pursues its war on religion. [H: See, it worked so well "in reverse" that the world is now held hostage by fabricated stories and numbers of persecuted in WW-II. It also distracts any "regular" people from looking back beyond the end of their noses--especially if a law is made to insure you CAN'T look back and bring forth FACTS.]

These statements may come as a shock to many readers, both Christian and Orthodox Jew, who may have condemned the activities and actions of the Bolshevists without realizing where the true responsibility lay. They will be further disturbed to read from The Jewish Chronicle of April 4, 1919:

"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism." [H: Chelas, this is right out of the "Horse's mouth" regarding self.]

And from the Jewish World of March 15, 1923:

"Fundamentally, Judaism is Anti-Christian", an expression of opinion which is by no means new to the Jewish World, for, in its issue of February 9, 1883, there appeared the following:

"The great ideal of Judaism is...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations--a greater Judaism in fact--all the separate races and religions shall disappear."

Bernard Lazare (a Jew) in his book, L'antisemitisme, asserts (translation), p. 350:

"The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaizes, he destroys Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world, or morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins; he works at his age-old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ."

The wholesale persecution, torture and murder of Christians by Bolsheviks, in Russia and elsewhere, would therefore appear to be the logical and practical application of the above "ideals" as foretold by Milhelm Marr in 1879 and by Dostoievsky in 1880.

Many Jews deplore the participation of members of their race, even though they may be professed Atheists, in the unbridled acts of destruction, cruelty and devilry which characterize Bolshevist tyranny.

In an attempt to explain away the fact that Jews play or played leading parts in the perpetration of the hideous crimes of the Bolshevik Terror, Alfred Nossig, one of the spiritual leaders of Judaism, states:

"Socialism and the Mosaic code are not at all in opposition...all Jewish groups...have a vital interest in the victory of Socialism; they must exact it not only on principle, not only because of its identity with the Mosaic doctrine, but also on tactical grounds... The Jewish Socialist is reproached with playing a leading part...in the Communist terrorist party... This is only explained by two reasons; the complete estrangement of the Jewish terrorists from the spirit of the Mosaic doctrine and the strong mixture of Tartar and Cossack blood. That....has inculcated in them savage and cruel principles." (Vicomte Poncins, The Secret Forces Behind Revolution. PP. 158-160).

(The reader may not be aware that the Eastern European Jew, known as the "Ashkenazim" or "German Jew" is of Jewish-Mongolian-Turkish [KHAZARIAN] extraction. The Western European Jew, known as the Sephardim, or Portuguese Jew, is regarded as purely Jewish in origin.)


The European War, and its aftermath, dealt staggering blows to Western (Christian) Civilization. By contrast, however, International Jewry has emerged therefrom with enhanced financial and political power in all parts of the world.

Through the use of the Money Power, International Jew Finance is now able to direct the internal and external policies of the Governments of the impoverished States of Europe and also of America.

By this power, it has forced Gentile Governments to further the political aspirations of Zionism, and to refrain from protecting the interests of their own nationals from the activities of Bolshevists who are undermining the economic, social, moral and religious systems of all States.

International Finance is not altruistic; it ever seeks its own material advancement and power. Europe is exhausted as a profitable investment. But Russia, Siberia, the Far East, India, the Middle East are awaiting exploitation, and would offer colossal gains to those who could superimpose upon them the mass-production methods of modern machinery.

Bolshevism has opened the way to a Jewish Industrialization of Russia and Siberia; it may deliver India and the Far East into the hands of International (Jew) finance; its part is to foster World Revolution and the destruction of religion so that the present social systems may be swept away--as in Russia.

International Finance, after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, which Zionists had aided, realized that it stood greatly to gain by supporting the Zionist Movement, by forcing the Balfour Declaration on a financially harassed British Government, and thereby consolidating World Jewry into a powerful political factor for use in their own interests in world affairs.

The Zionists themselves later, in 1928, realized that their Movement had been exploited by International Finance, and, in 1929, did not hesitate to say so. For, at the dictates of powerful Jew Financiers, the Zionist organization, as the official liaison between World Jewry and the Mandatory Power for Palestine, was superseded by the Jewish Agency, a body containing powerful non-Zionist elements. [H: Go back and read this paragraph. This is the beginning of the coalition of the International Finance Elite and the Zionists--1928. Don't forget, for a second, that this all was written in this particular article BEFORE WW-II.]

International Finance, by its support of Zionism, has obtained the power to exploit the vast resources of oil, chemicals and other substances in the lands to which Palestine is the outlet. By the same means, it has dumped into Palestine, the most sacred country in the world, thousands of Bolshevik Jews who would destroy all religions and who, from this strategic centre, are engaged in propaganda, designed to draw Palestine, Egypt, the Middle East, India and the Far East, into the gigantic movement begun in Russia, and to destroy British Imperialism. (Vide Eberlin.)

The part played by INTERNATIONAL FINANCE in furthering Bolshevism is a source of bewilderment to those who do not understand that the MONEY POWER, ZIONISM and BOLSHEVISM are but weapons in the hands of INTERNA-TIONAL JEWRY. On the face of it, astute Jew Financiers, with their knowledge of mankind, would not be so stupid or so insane as to pour vast amounts of capital into the world-wide activities of Bolshevism unless they were certain, in their own mind, that their own interests and power were secure, whatever happened to the rest of humanity.

The alliance between Jewish Finance and Revolutionary Movements was no mystery to D'Israeli (Lord Beaconsfield), for, just after the European Revolutionary upheaval of 1848, he wrote:

"The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of man and the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments, and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co-operate with Atheists; the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure." Life Of Lord George Bentinck, p.497 (1852).

Similar statements have been made by many other writers of eminence and crudition.

History shows that the Jew has always been, by nature, a revolutionary and that, since the dispersion of his race in the second century, he has either initiated or assisted revolutionary movements in religion, politics and finance, which weakened the power of the States wherein he dwelt. On the other hand, a few far-seeing members of the race have always been at hand to reap financial and political advantage coincident with such upheavals.

In the present case, however, World Jewry may have let loose a force of destruction which International Finance may find itself powerless to control--in fact, another Frankenstein monster.


Dr. Oscar Levy (a Jew) in 1920, in a letter which has been printed as a preface to a book, The World Significance Of The Russian Revolution, by G. Pitt Rivers, attributes the fact that:

"Jewish elements provide the driving force for both Communism and Capitalism for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of the world...to the intense idealism of the Jew."

However, as he points out, all Jews are not Financiers, Zionists or Bolshevists.

Dr. Levy considers that the Jews have most grievously erred: "We who have promised to lead you to a new heaven, we have finally succeeded in landing you into a new hell... I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness, I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness... But its authors themselves are unconscious in this as in all they are doing."

[H: TRUE, if you within that grouping do not wake up and stop this madness of your own "claimed" brethren, you are first doomed for they will give no quarter to those of you from whom they have stolen the most.]

It may be true that the fanatics who have committed the many, and only too well-authenticated acts of destruction and devilry are not fully aware of all that they are doing. For, Bolshevism is but one of the several weapons employed by a small and very powerful group of men who lust for World Domination, to whose prototypes Christ pronounced the following indictment:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (St. John, Chap. 8, verse 44) [H: This is specifically for you who denounce me and claim that what I give you cannot be of the "Bible" of Christ. You had better get busy with your homework because I am Head of the "army" of Hosts (angels) who come as messengers with that CHRIST-GOD and the time of choosing is at hand!] and whose existence in these days has been referred to by Jews of such eminence in politics and finance as Benjamin D'Israeli and Walter Rathenau. This small group of men (Jews) has long exercised a hidden dictatorship over the affairs of Europe, America, and, to some extent, in Asia, by means of the enslavement of National Governments, to what Herzl, the first leader of the Zionist Organization, called "our terrible power of the purse". This method of control could not be applied to Tsarist Russia, therefore the end was achieved by means of Bolshevism, a method which is also being used to bring the East into subjection to them.

The machinations of this group of men have been crowned with so great a measure of success that members of their race have had the effrontery, in their recent representation of Tritannia, to attach the Seal of Solomon to her Shield and the Ju-daistic symbol of the Serpent around her Trident. And the descendants of those who rejected Christ have not only joined hands with "Anti-Christ", but also with those who would expel God from His Universe and set up in His place Gold and the Machine as symbols of their gross materialism.

Unless the power of this section of Jewry is checked by human or super-human means, the peoples of the world,. whether Gentile or Jew, are doomed to slavery of body and soul.


* * *

Dharma, just leave this right here! Citizens, you had best read and reread this document! This was written, researched and has been done so again and again since its original presentation. There has NEVER been so much as a breath of rebuttal--because TRUTH IS TRUTH IS TRUTH!


Hatonn to clear.



THU., OCTOBER 15, 1992 8:35 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 60



You think nothing is happening as projected? Perhaps you have a very narrow perspective?

You THINK Russia is having joint service WITH you of the U.S. in the Persian Gulf? Chelas, THAT Russian vessel is a missile/anti-missile SHIP. Joint action, they tell you, and all is just to get the "two" nations' servicemen accustomed to and comfortable with working as "friends" rather than "enemies"? NO--the Russians are there in the Persian Gulf alright but it is NOT to pleasantly stand by NATO and "watch" the embargo against Iraq.

Can't you see that it comes simultaneously with the release of the "so-called" transcripts on the KAL-007 airline disaster? Both the U.S. AND Korea KNOW that the transcript is not correct--but Russia has the "box" and you don't! Quite a lot of things are going on behind the charade this day.

In the circumstance of the ship adventure in the Persian Gulf, pay attention to the Russian Admiral when questioned about Russia's "friendship" with Iraq. He immediately says that "it is political and I have nothing to say". I personally do not believe that Mr. Bush is going to be so free and easy with launching missiles at Iraq as long as that anti-missile Russian ship is adjacent to your own missile launchers!


Hoopla over such as past indiscretions while a student at Oxford? Who cares--the man, Clinton, is totally groomed by the Elite Committees and Bush is fighting for his life--literally. It remains to be seen if his back-up plans can succeed. So far quite a few of us are giving away all the secrets in advance and it gets harder and harder to carry through with disruptions--in open view.

You ones of my team had best consider the early morning blast against the shield to be a warning--that was us shoring the shielding as we are again at "stand-off'.

I believe you can see that Mr. Gorbachev is defying all rules in failure to testify regarding the Communist Party. Mr. Gorbachev is a member of the Elite Khazarian One Worlders--Mr. Yeltsin plans to "do it" another way and it remains to be seen what happens.


The power plant which "accidented" in Lithuania and is now shut down yesterday--is exactly like the one at Chernobyl. The "little leak" is far worse than told and, being like the other plant, can go into the ground. It is near the "sea" and when the reaction hits the water it is going to be a real mess. The location of Lithuania makes it a deadly proposition for many, many people.


Lithuania is directly east of Sweden and south of Finland, southwest of Leningrad and north of Warsaw, Poland. The main clue is that it is adjacent to an area known as "White Russia". Note also that there is "news" of actions in and around "Archangel" (town) which is right on the "White" Sea. I am not going to tell you more about the geography of these places for I want you to go look it up and "see". The missile ship from Russia came from the area of Archangel, White Sea, off the Arctic Ocean--TO the Persian Gulf! Does anyone think that at all "strange"? Well, you had best be starting to think of it as strange!


While you were thinking nothing was going on, I can assure you that many things have transpired which mean major impact on the world. What do YOU think about the helicopter "accident" that killed Brazilian, Ulysses Guimaraes? Nothing? Who is he? Well, he was considered the "dean" of Brazil's legislature but guess what--he was one of the major leaders in September's successful campaign TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT COLLOR. That makes him a most offensive enemy of the Elite "Mob".


It should be noted that the "AIDS Hotline" that just got all the publicity turns out to be worse than the IRS "help" line. Consistently misleading, oversimplified or patently wrong responses were given, it is now reported. The check-up survey was directed by a physician who works specifically in AIDS related medicine--the group found that "Hot line volunteers gave conflicting, often totally incorrect recommendations." And how is your day going?


Remember all those indiscretions of Clinton as related to the Warren Stephens banking backing that we wrote about months ago? Look now! "No matter who comes out on Top on Election Day, Jackson Stephens should be a winner."

"The billionaire investment banker is part of President Bush's Team 100, a group of $100,000 GOP contributors who can count on special White House access. His son and business partner, Warren Stephens, carries his own impressive Republican credentials, once having played host to a fund-raiser at which Mr. Bush mingled with Arkansas GOP leaders.

"But the Stephens empire also bankrolls Bill Clinton. Jack Stephens is the leading stockholder in a bank that GAVE MR. CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN A $3.5 MILLION LINE OF CREDIT, HELPING HIM OVERCOME A CASH CRUNCH AND REKINDLE HIS CANDIDACY "

The above, and more, directly from the Wall Street Journal, Monday, Oct. 12, 1992.

Do you REALLY think a "Bo" Gritz could get attention with two things against him--a total "ordered" blackout of even mention of his name, and how can he get anything near that kind of backing from you-the-people after having been stripped of your jobs, reserves and any manner of supporting such a campaign?

You will turn unto GOD of HOSTS and LIGHTED SOURCE, or, you will not change a thing except to further deteriorate. So be it. Salu.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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96. HEAVE-HO (PHASE TWO) ISBN 1-56935-048-5

97. HEAVE 'EM OUT (PHASE THREE, PART 1) ISBN 1-56935-049-3





102. SACRED WISDOM ISBN 1-56935-055-8


104. FIRST STEPS ISBN 1-56935-057-4


107. RING AROUND THE ROSIE ISBN 1-56935-060-4


222. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 1 ISBN 1-56935-179-1

223. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 2 ISBN 1-56935-180-5

224. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 3 ISBN 1-56935-181-3

225. BIRTHING THE PHOENIX Vol. 4 ISBN 1-56935-182-1

227. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 1 ISBN 1-56935-184-8

228. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 2 ISBN 1-56935-185-6

229. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 3 ISBN 1-56935-186-4

230. RISE OF ANTICHRIST Vol. 4 ISBN 1-56935-187-2