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/Ground Crew


The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents: [Tangled Webs] -- [Crucifixion of the Phoenix -- [etc.].

1. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) II. Dharma, Computer person. III. Phoenix Journals.

ISBN 1-56935-002-7

First Edition Printed by

PHOENIX SOURCE PUBLISHERS, Inc. P.O. Box 27353 Las Vegas, Nevada 89126

March 1993

Printed in the United States of America

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I dedicate this volume to Nora Boyles: My friend, my colleague and the backbone of researched truth that you might have confirmation for your discernment. I ask our Editors if we might now assemble our first "dictionary" from Nora and get it to press. The volumes will be more suitable for use in smaller "doses"--remember, we seek understanding--not overload of the senses.

How many volumes will this require? As many as it takes! Thank you, Nora, for a superb contribution to the "knowing" and "learning" of your brethren.



THU., MARCH 4, 1993 11:21 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 200


I have pondered as to the necessity of placing this material into book format but I am requested to do so by ones who do not take the paper and have no other way to get the information contained therein.

I am calling the volume THE BEST OF TIMES--THE WORST OF TIMES because you cannot have one without the other also being present in perception and recognition. All things just "are" and it is how you perceive given actions, assaults, friendship, betrayals, loyalty, and thus and so, that determines the product of the resulting MAN. "Bars do not a prison make" is an old adage worthy of note. Your mind and your actions determine the MAN and the prison or freedom.

You are each TRAPPED in a physical expression--and shall remain so until you GROW through LEARNING AND, FINALLY, KNOWING, into your perfection as a higher expression of God.

As you are walking through a perceived experience in manifest form of physical compression your perceptions are myriad, confusing and hard to keep focused. The harder you effort in the consciousness to SEE beyond the more assault you have on your physical senses. It is simply the way it IS. If you were in the kindergarten grade of schooling--you would learn your alphabet and numbers--but only most simply. As you go into advanced university calculus--you will have had to learn those early numbers or there will be no basis upon which to consider "calculus".

If, however, you plan to utilize "calculus" as a major tool of your career and REFUSE to learn numbers--you shall not succeed! So too, is the learning grades of God's school. If you REFUSE to learn--you shall fail.

There are lessons which SHALL BE LEARNED if you are to rejoin that wondrous Source of All Creation and you cannot slip-by, skip grades or assume another can learn it FOR you. You are stuck on graduation day either having made the grade or not having done so. It is no necessary mark of either "failure" or "terrible"--it simply IS the way it IS.

There are many ways to slow your journey and mostly you ones choose the distractions of physical acquirements of "stuff", wealth, etc. Then, too, you turn your own growth into the hands of ones who will orchestrate your path FOR you. But, you LOSE in that game for it can, at best, be but a most temporary state of existence. It is, however, ONLY your singular choice. If you move yourself from the path of Lighted growth, that is one thing--if, however, you cause another to be pulled from the path of Lighted growth through subterfuge and influence beyond the ability of the one to resist--this is EVIL. (Evil: The purposeful pulling of one from his path to God of Source--even by distraction.) This brings a double whammy to the one doing the distracting by untoward means of influence locked within the physical expression. This is the hardest of all to avoid as the pit is camouflaged most gloriously with trinkets and physical pleasures that you are "trained" to desire. Do you see, it is not "good" or "bad" for that which is "good" for the one may well be very, very "bad" for another. You must consider what is the goal and see if a given action or thing is "right" or "wrong" for your purposes.

Many think they are moving directly toward their goal only to find out that they had not the slightest idea what IS their goal in fact. You will most often claim that your goal is oneness with God--when actually, your goal is interaction with another human! You can find "both" in an arrangement--but always, you must look into your own intent as well as consider the REAL intent of the other in influence.

You will most often err when you consider "twin flames" and "soul mates" and other nonsense. You have ONLY ONE "twin flame" and ONLY ONE "soul mate"--GOD! To fall for the old line of capture as, "I am your soul mate intended for together journey in the past, in the now and in the future," is B.S. in its highest presentation. If, further, you turn away from that ONE TRUE SOUL MATE/TWIN FLAME IN FAVOR OF ANOTHER HUMAN EXPRESSION--YOU STOP COLD ON YOUR PATH TO THAT SOURCE OF TOTAL EXPRESSION--GOD. IT IS WORTHY OF THINKING-ON.

So, who am I to speak as if I hold the key to all wisdom and knowing? Well, I've passed my "wisdom" doctorate studies and my higher "knowing" post-graduate classes. I have teaching credentials for these subjects--but, you do not have to attend my classes unless you wish. I can show you the way to the Universal Cosmic Realms AND to God for I am a "Wayshower" come for that purpose as a cohan (professor)--but the choice of receiving that which I offer is ONLY yours, chelas (students).

It is a time of growing and expressing in that growth and, finally, growing BEYOND into the reality of being. This is an experience of learning and accepting the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful and utilizing all to gain perfection of expression in rising above judging but ever in discernment of all things--and judgement of all actions of physical expression. You cannot know the "contract" of another nor even if "that other" is a full and knowing working soul-being of God Creator, so your only method of recognition is to hold your own path solidly in the direction of the path unto THAT GOD for the snares are many and the traps deadly.

May you be given to walk in love and beauty--whatever the path shall spring upon you. Put your hand in the hand of the MAN and you shall not fall. Remember--you cannot see the heart of the lotus while the blossom is but a bud--not the rose, nor the lily--why think ye that you can see the "whole" from but a tiny shrouded "part"? God offers enough for your perceptions to see HIM in all things around you and, yet, can you not allow the petals to open in perfection that the wonders of that perfection can be yours and not something upon which only to gaze--apart from--and always longing to hold? If God seems to be pulling away from you--it is because you stop whilst He moves on that you might learn to "keep-up". He will never move faster than your capacity to travel, nor will he ever give loads beyond that which you can bear. If you stumble He will bear you up or send his legions to carry you. He will, further, ALWAYS send his messengers to show the way and the teachers to allow for your lessons. So be it is the perfection of CREATOR.



THU., FEB. 11, 1993 9:58 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 179



I must take time first this morning to council with ones here. The system has beaten all attempts at justice in the courts. Yesterday the RTC was given full ownership and right of possession of Ekker's property--IN FULL! This, in turn with what America West/George Green has done openly and with full intent to destroy work accomplished here--is very difficult to overcome emotionally this morning. Just remember that God's delays are not HIS denials. Also, lemon pie requires more attention than sucking a lemon. Perhaps this will sort the "men from the boys" in God's army.

It is very hard, however, for Dharma and E.J. to sort priorities of action. As of the 16th they are either out in the street or perhaps the RTC will bargain for rent temporarily rather than have the house trashed as you move into Spring--until they can be moved out. This, however, requires money and a place in which to move. So, this morning holds great problems to be solved and almost no "time" in which to solve them.

The fires under way from Green's actions must also be attended and we will take that matter up first.

I will tell you readers, however, a bit of background so that you Institute participants have comfort instead of stark terror: THE INSTITUTE IS SOUND AND SOLID. WHEN WE SAW TROUBLE COMING LONG AGO, EXPENDITURES WERE MADE FROM EKKERS' FUNDS AND ON SOLID PROJECTS AGAINST THIS VERY DAY.

Ones having funded the purchase (at auction) of the home again loaned money against the home (overloaned, in fact). This was utilized as Institute funding against the assumption that the house and property would be gained at the least. Well, not to be--BUT, these people are willing to wait and even offer a bit more sustaining help against the suit now able to be opened widely against the conspiracy and fraud which first instigated this whole encounter. The RTC has the property but they CANNOT contain the fraud which came prior to their entry into the matter. There are some very nervous lawyers, auction companies and embezzlers this day! But this, too, will take massive amounts of time, energy and funds to follow through. Stay the course and it will be fine--the interim will simply have to take its course for the moment as we deal with the assault of Green.


I have several things this morning which need to be attended early on. One is to either send this writing or, E.J., send a note, to Col. Gritz. Whatever "Bo" may think of ME, what George is telling is a lie against "Bo" and places him in a position of looking very bad, again, among ones who supported him loyally and financially through his candidacy.

George is telling everyone he contacts (as a first-off play for credibility) that "Bo and I are together in all this and Bo won't have anything to do with that bunch in Tehachapi and denounces them." THAT IS NOT TRUE! WHAT GRITZ MAY THINK OF ME OR THE SOURCE OF INFORMATION COMING FROM HERE IS NOT IN POINT--HE CERTAINLY DOES NOT DISCOUNT THE WORK AND LOVE SHOWN HIM FROM ANYONE HERE OR ACROSS THIS NATION. THIS INFORMATION IS POURING IN FROM FLORIDA, COLORADO AND ONES RIGHT WITHIN OUR WORKING CIRCLE. This kind of attachment to a man of such character and offering the illusion of attached brotherhood, acceptance and understanding is ludicrous. If Bo cannot accept the Truth from ME from this place of REASON AND LOGIC, I certainly do not believe he would hop on a lying Hatonn or even a "proper" Kroton ego trip. If Col. Gritz wishes to take exception to this statement, then he shall have to make his own. That foolishness has nothing to do with this nation and reclamation of your Constitution and national freedom and honor.

What is really painful--is that I continually ask that the "E.T. connection" be left ALONE--when the time is proper the teacher will make appearance. In the meanwhile--the SORTING WILL BE DONE, SWIFTLY AND THOROUGHLY.


Let it be known that the Green coalition is demanding their funds be returned IN GOLD, yet. Firstly, in only one instance is business even remotely served with an individual and not a corporation in running order and good standing. Secondly, I believe under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES in a business world, in any nation in the world--including the U.S. specifically--if you go to a bank and demand a loan made in Federal Reserve notes to be returned in pure gold coinage or bullion in exchange--with interest, no brokerage, etc.--I think you would be hard-pressed to collect.

Never, never, was there any profession on the part of ANYONE herein to state that this is a gold, or precious metal, buying, selling business. NEVER! I have even asked ones to not even apply for information if they were under such impression. Gold is purchased with the funds AS COLLATERAL against which working funds can be borrowed. Further, there is full recognition that you can KNOW there is enough gold in place to satisfy the banks (lenders). [The banks naturally insist on this.] However, the value of gold is calculated every day and full coverage is kept in place to cover those notes. All ones putting any funds to work fully understood what the purpose of using those funds would be--to keep the operations running, the publishing, printing, farming, security projects, proposals finalized, etc. Eventually the Institute will be a massive institute for research and education. Already we are at the point of beginning the most important project of all--Gaiandriana and Aquagaia. (Used in conjunction there doesn't really need be anything else as supplement--when the final pieces are put into place.) Now, we

dare not even move forward with a salary to keep the researcher going. We are caused to temporarily close down everything utilizing Institute funds to a dead halt until we can sort this thing. With this kind of phone-calling and assault by a member of the Board and Vice President of this Institute--can you not see the damage?


Yes, indeed, there is other funding under way--but interim ability to move forward is too dangerous if these ones push the mother entity into shut-down--even for a day because the funds are attended constantly--but the salaries (meagre at best) come from that resource. The volunteers have given about all they can and now they find that one resource, the JOURNALS, are being tied up. Part of the stability of the Institute early on was to be from 50% gross profits from the books. Tehachapi Distributing (until George caused closure of the entity) PROVED that abundance COULD be made from the JOURNALS.

So, the only recourse is to effort to gain back the property (books). Dharma and E.J. have NEVER taken a cent for any of the writing--in the LIBERATOR or the JOURNALS. All has been poured back into, with added funds, to keep them going and workers available. The profits were, and will, remain the property of the Institute. This is true of THE WORD, GAIANDRIANA, etc., even to the chlorella sales--all profits, tiny as they may be, have gone right into the Institute against all funds used for any projects. This is so that if any "project" has lesser profit potential--no individual will lose anything.

The notes always reflect interest but more importantly, substantial gain as gold begins and enters its "rise" time. This is going to happen! Even your deadest deadbeat analysts tell you so.

I would guess, however, that most important to any participants or ones torn right now--KNOW that the Institute as a CORPORATION is in excellent standing and its Board of Directors in full action. We do not PLAY GAMES--we are not a hoola hoop gaggle groupie of some kind. Business is done with integrity and absolutely to the letter of the requirements. Perhaps this is THE SURPRISE to the perpetrators.

Now ones are calling back having been assaulted by Mr. Green again for "spoiling my surprise" by checking out the first calls made. What is going on? I leave that to your discernment and judgment.

Now, as to gold. We are told by these ones working with Mr. Green that "he" told them to require this payment in gold. Strange?!? The ones in point were referred to "gold" being sent back and forth to one now in Colorado--some time back. THAT WAS BECAUSE THAT PERSON HAD BROUGHT GOLD AND ASKED MANAGEMENT OF SAME.

There is another party who has a lot of gold in point. This must be attended immediately. One, G.B., and a recipient of these phone calls from Green--has a lot of gold in reality. It was accepted by George Green and is still in the possession of George Green. It was a problem for the Institute to handle gold because the gold "in the Institute's management" is purchased directly as collateral from an assay/vault metals dealer. A "bucket of gold" is a real problem in this type of transaction and the banks don't want much to do with it, if anything--and always greatly discounts the value or will not accept it at all.

G.B. is now at great unrest for she handed over the gold boxes to George; George stored them at his residence--many ones were privy to the exchange and when the move to Carson City was made, Greens took the gold with them--as several who as-sisted in the move handled it onto the moving carriers. The Institute, however, noted the inventory and location of same. G.B. now wants her property back. Yes, I think that a wise request. I would assume that all she needs do is send a copy of her receipt and request to George and ask that it be sent directly to her with full notification of same, checked and signed off, to the Institute.


George is also telling his phone call recipients that "there is no case at US&P" and that there is no injunction, and thus and so--and then sends letters to "prove it" from prior to hearings--thus placing the attorneys in the matter at great jeopardy. There IS INDEED an injunction against NINE volumes. At this point, George is also telling ones that "I know a member of the Board of US&P and " OH? How interesting! So, the full assault is still being placed squarely on Ekkers who have complied with the court order from the start. Now Green is furious because Tehachapi Distri., who had full rights to the books and clearly so, sent the inventory first to America West where the books were refused delivery and then on to the Federal Court with full supervision by the court and attorneys.

E.J., THIS accusation against Dharma per that original order from US&P regarding "contempt of court" charges MUST BE STOPPED RIGHT NOW! This has gone on long enough and, as George makes more and more contacts, it can only be countered by a legal rebuttal to the charges. Get this done immediately with copies to all parties involved. I would guess that Mr. Tips, having done some work for Mr. Green would not qualify--but in the form of a rebuttal, may. Check it with him and if not, get a disinterested party--even if in "pro per" to serve that document of rebuttal--at the least, by certified mail to all parties.

You may well have to counter-charge the US&P for having placed such tight surveillance on so many people and actually "terrorizing" people and then bringing the charge against Tehachapi Distributing in the first place. We had hoped Mr. Green would respond to this, in a timely manner, and resolve the matter as well as release the books purchased by the LIBERATOR. The demand for immediate contact and cease and desist request has obviously not been honored as calls are still being made and his coalition is still at confused work. I would hope that the US&P may well have blundered so badly as to consider removal of court action regarding the volumes now banned by Federal Court edict, be that as it may. When all this goes public it is not going to look so good to the students of that falsely labeled "university". And further, I PROMISE THAT IT WILL BE VERY, VERY PUBLIC. GOD DOES NOT "HIDE THINGS"--HE PRINTS IT RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN FOR ALL THE EYES OF THE WORLD TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR! If your intent is self-aggrandizement and greed--so shall that be seen--IF YOU COME TO DWELL WITHIN MY MIS-SION ACTIVITIES AND PLACES.


Am I a "hard" Commander? You had best believe it! Self-serving ego has no place in this mission. We bear the honor of God as our "crest" and so shall it be that integrity and honor shall be present. If ones do not like that or would "vote" it out--so be it for they may go their way in peace.

I note that this Ad Hoc coalition wrote a separate letter to E.J. and Dharma stating that they had "collectively decided God does not be here any longer and neither does the Space team". How nice to have entered the arena of being "voted in" or "voted out". Not the least of the guideline by which this "vote" was cast was based on one member bringing a "divining rod" to a meeting to see if I was real. Later, when I noted same, he laughed and said, "I didn't think you saw that!" For this beloved brother, I can tell you what I told him--"I would have been disappointed if you hadn't checked!" But, to use beloved and blessed persons for such USE is unthinkable and, in my simple opinion, despicable.

However, I do have another observation as I am told "how awful" to cause elderly people (the ones in point above) to be faced with some sort of conspiracy situation. "How terrible of you." I DO NOTHING--but legally and corporately--those ones who are acting in collusion with Green and Green is telling the world that they are--will be caught in the trap of that action--I CAN ONLY DO THAT WHICH I CAN AND WARN THEM OF SAME AND THAT IT IS ALREADY OUT OF CONTROL AND OUT OF OUR HANDS--WE CAN'T HAVE THE PRIVILEGE WHICH THEY APPARENTLY FEEL DUE THEM--OF VOTING IT IN OR OUT--IT IS!


Now, these ones (Dharma and E.J.) are belittled by these ones in point as being ungodly for God is loving and giving, forgiving and thus and so.

So, why not just respond to their demand for gold by simply stating that the accusations are "right on"--"this funny 'energy form' told them to give it all away so in loving showering of God's wealth upon the masses--they threw it all away, gave it away, bought toys and "stuff", wasted, and vandalized everything they touched. BUT, “WE KNEW IT WOULD BE OK--BECAUSE ALL IS LOVE AND GIVING AND WE KNOW THAT NO ONE WILL MIND US SQUANDERING THEIR FUNDS BY OUR OWN IRRESPONSIBILITY.” BY THE WAY--WHAT OF FUNDS PAID FROM THAT INSTITUTE TO ONE L.F. AS PAYMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS AND SERVICES? SHOULD THAT COME FROM HIS OWN INVESTMENT AGAINST WHICH HE NOW DEMANDS GOLD IN FULL--OR FROM ANOTHER'S--SAY NORA'S?? HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT, NORA??

The greatest (second actually, after America West) funding has gone to the Constitutional Law Center. And what have you got to show? Well, this week Gene Dixon is back in Washington, D.C. meeting with Judge Bork, Walsh (Special Prosecutor) on the Iran/Bushgate, and military hierarchy regarding the Consti-tutionality of the "Gays in the Military" issue. This has become THE RESPECTED voice for Constitutional Law--and we have pulled it off with a major portion of the help from a beloved sister in Florida and the gifts of a few of you other ones. One of the "benefactors" to the CLC is one of the ones now demanding his BACK--in GOLD--with interest! Ah, indeed, participants--YOU ARE COVERED ENTIRELY--BUT OH MY--THE SORTING IS INTERESTING AND BECOMES VERY CLEARLY DEFINED.

I also find it amusing that one of the "coalition" who can't understand my tactics and treatment of ones he has had come to visit and "caused to feel 'mistreated' and unwelcome--has come back within the week asking to participate in planning and structuring resources for Gaiandriana. Does this sound as if God throws his willing workers out on their ear? By the way, for you inquiring minds: What do you think this unnamed "stuff" Bixby (THE HULK) is taking in his fight for life and is "working miracles" might be?? HO HUMMMNI! Newsperson commented that it must "be a new and powerful drug under research". By any name, a rose is a rose! Could you only imagine how good that person would feel if he could have ALL of that which GOD has to offer you of his lambs?


I was sent a cartoon which summed it up pretty well. A man was shouting up to heaven--"Why don't you send us a cure for AIDS, Cancer, Heart attacks--and thus and so?" Response from heaven: "I did and you aborted it!"

So be it, Dharma, take this off. I will effort to mention a few things for the phone line a bit later and at least catch up with a few topical messages. We have to simply go on, writer, for you have not the luxury of spending time licking thine wounds. If a move is imminent--then we need to be a bit ahead in the writing against the possible inability for same. I'm sorry, chela, we have a commitment and we shall simply have to see to it. This event in ongoing misery is but an example of that which has come upon YOU ALL! IT WILL NOT GET BETTER NOR WILL THE COURTS--UNLESS YOU MAKE IT BETTER. BECOMING INFORMED IS FIRST--THEN ACTION CAN BE GIVEN PROPERLY.


If there be "Earth" backup for any information regarding that which goes into Nora's Research Corner--and is seemingly in lack of "full disclosure" then I suggest it be presented properly--via the same route. The LIBERATOR is not intended to be a "seer's" paper but a voice of historical value and unfolding Truth AND a voice for, by and of the people. I cannot even begin to properly thank Nora for her research. This "Research Corner" has given more valid information by its self alone, to the public, than 12 years of public school has given any student. If "full disclosure" of any deeply SECRET society is lacking--all the better for ones to give information if it be validly available. Nora is not in the "higher listening devices" business--she digs out information where and when she finds it. Can another do better? NO. In one or another special areas of information, perhaps insiders or happenstance tid-bits flow--but one bit of subject material does not a Nora's Corner make. If anyone has information to share--share it--why should I take such preposterous assumptions upon myself as to disallow that very sharing responsibility?? Even if I visit personally with a "person"--no other person will know of that so to assume that I would tattle or disallow on such a basis is wrong assumption.

We will help all we can in service and capability--we do not turn over our work to them for restructuring or command performances. This is not to object to input in any way whatsoever--only a statement of fact. We welcome input in any way from insult to compliment--but we have a good team and work well underway--not a hap-hazard operation awaiting a helmsman. We have a very good helmsman and assumption of fall into disgrace if YOU don't rearrange something or other--is not practical in the least--and an incorrect assumption at best.


I also have further notation to make to ones who send poetry and writings which we thank you so much for sharing. We do not choose one above another for honor and if we use your work please know that we thank you greatly and if we then use an-other's, this does not mean lack of quality of your own sharing--only effort to disallow what has happened in the past wherein ones come and demand "all" be utilized--even if it be not valid or insulting to our readers.

To some of you whose work we actually even wished to bind and offer to readers in volumes--I believe you can see that those intentions are, now at the least, set on the "hold" shelf until our current problems are passed. Please feel free--if you are waiting for publication simply because you stumbled by our way--go forth with your offers and you will certainly be that much further ahead. When we recover stability we can always utilize your volumes in offering them to the public. This is especially offered to one, Ken Coons, for George Green has met with him and asked to illustrate and publish his work. Most of you readers recognize this friend. I think it an excellent idea to proceed. A publisher is just that--a publisher of books for public consumption by choice. America West has been a very valid and worthy publishing house and to bring worthy subjects forth for the public is indeed an honorable work. This is necessary in conversation for we asked no one to WAIT upon us in this place--we, who are not even publishers. Until this very time America West was our publisher and in any event--we are certainly not at the moment in ANY publishing business. At best, we will be able to offer JOURNALS well printed and the LIBERATOR. As we again can grow we will also offer distribution of some other volumes by authors whom I respect in their work. This is an expensive outlay for such inventory so we must be patient as this "setback" is cleared.

What I am announcing is that the full team is now required to face restrictions and, in some instances, full close-down as funds will be frozen until full inventory can be evaluated. You must all realize that projects must be stopped until damages are as-sessed. I cannot speak FOR E.J. and the ones who have handled this massive task for you people--but the tedious and time-consuming task for less than no reward save the service to my people at my request, is not the top of his "happy" agenda. He says he is willing to proceed if there are ones who wish his services but, chelas, there is not anyone else who has this expertise and the routing connections to do this job--perhaps that is what has infuriated Mr. Green to the boiling point.


I honor E.J. this day because as he has had to watch his life's work and all he could borrow--go into the RTC pockets--he still serves the Institute and gives it stability and security. If you want to recognize integrity--KNOW that at any time these two could have simply taken money from the Institute and BOUGHT THE HOUSE IN POINT--having earned the sums ten times over. What they have done, however, is borrow against that very house and, instead of holding the sums--put it into the Institute and used it for our work. I remind you--sometimes you have to lose it all to win--and you have to be willing to GIVE IT ALL--to gain the return. God's delays are not God's denials! We will simply keep on keeping on and watch as opportunity for action knocks upon the minds!


As life offers up its discipline--look unto that which is thine gift. Let me share, Dharma, just a simple thought from "old" Clint:


While my throne be tree studded ground.

No greater king than I.

O'er my head star studded ground,

No other than the sky.

It seems I hear the distance,

Going out to play.

And smell sweet nature's essence,

Of mouldy leaf and clay.

While here I be, yet not alone,

For the breeze be my musician.

To a melody that insects drone,

While bullfrogs play politician.

So brave the tree that stands its ground,

As proud as any soldier.

Yet one newsy limb keeps bowing down,

Like she's reading o'er my shoulder.

I beg of you with sadness,

Your heart in such a jam.

Come fill your heart with gladness,

There's plenty where I am.

As butterfly keeps drifting by,

All dressed in black and yellow.

Son of a gun she winked her eye,

Like she's flirtin' with her fellow.

And leafy fern, what's on your mind,

Attracting my attention.

Well OK honey I'll write a line,

And surely give you mention.

If I'm still here when night begins,

Until the coming of the dawn.

Thank God, I'm in love again,

With yonder little fawn.

With wandering eye I've studied this,

And made a thorough search.

I cannot find one thing amiss,

For even here, there's church.

I will, I will, I swear I will.

I'll share this if you'll, but try.

You need not bring one dollar bill,

There's nothing here to buy.

And need you now to even guess.

For surely you can see.

This whole world is so greatly blessed,

As happiness and contentment, encircle you and me.

Clint C. Cullen

General Delivery

Tehachapi, California 93561

Even if you don't want his little volumes--please, if you appreciate his thoughts, tell him so. Those words of love from you ones have sustained this crew in this place and it is those things from the heart--shared--which provide "The Throne" in this wondrous Kingdom. The beautiful cards sent here are now being collected and will be "framed" in groups for they are works of art and represent the love which flows and yet, cannot seem to be held as the card is bundled in a basket. Each expression and each photograph thereon bears the thoughts and perceptions, dreams and art-form of the maker and the giver--each is treasured, each note and gift cherished. It ultimately will be these things of REAL VALUE which shall bind our people and our nation--unto God in truth, in love and in understanding of that which IS.


Old Dad to stand-by.



FRI., FEB. 12, 1993 3:06 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 180



When we have opportunity to share those things which might well impact the very events of history if only they are attended, we must do so. I realize, Dharma, that you would rather get "on with your work" but, friend, what IS your work--is THIS not your work?

There are two important documents in front of you and YOU have no way to evaluate importance or urgency. You can question the input of "another", you can query me and yet, is it not suitable that you simply share as brought to you--for your "opinion" is not asked--only that a message be shared and forwarded. Is this not exactly what "tips" are--to any paper of quality? You must not allow anything being said around you to impact our own communications. The two things in point are at the least, interesting and at the most, incredibly important. Only the intended receivers can evaluate the considerations offered. Both have great impact as regards Col. James Gritz.

On Feb. 1 a call for the editor came to the LIBERATOR office. It was only attention-getting because of WHO it was calling. We do not have "groups" here and we effort to never deny hearing to anyone--especially as rebuttal to anything we may have printed. This person is John Bangerter. Now this will not mean much to readers--until I tell you that this person, Bangerter, is from a place called Washington, Utah. Still no light-bulbs? How about when I tell you he was in Idaho at the Randy Weaver ordeal and is a "skinhead"? Well, a step further--he was THE skinhead that Bo Gritz saluted with his infamous front-page salute!

He simply wanted to correct a statement we had copied from another article which said the skinheads were sent in and were being setup as "tools" for trouble. He didn't seem to argue the point except that he wanted us to know that it wasn't the "FBI" behind it. I guess we will have to leave you with not knowing who if not....etc.

At any rate, he was asked to write a letter because he had a lot of things to say and he said he would be happy to do so and did, in fact, even leave his phone number.

He wanted to express to readers that the "instructions" for Randy Weaver's trial are, "keep a low-key profile," that Randy wasn't a Supremist or Racist but more correctly "a racist to some degree".

He also said that he was in the hotel with Bo while Bo was in Idaho but did not elaborate on that. He wanted to share some other information regarding Bo and Randy but our office manager asked him not to do so for the phones are tapped and the incoming calls suddenly had increased greatly. His inference was that there were some critical things "coming down" and there was a "feeling" from our person--on this end of the line--that there might well be implications in this statement impacting Col. Gritz.

I have nothing to add to this and we still have not received the letter so will leave it at that.

This would not be even mentioned except for several other things happening and other information flowing in regarding the "George Green" matter and what he is telling the people he is calling about his attachment and close relationship with Col. Gritz. The fact is that Bangerter thought the "editor" was George Green as he had been told so.


We have had several calls from anonymous callers who are also "receivers" and the calls are warnings as to George's and Desire & safety. We are told that somehow George's "plans" had been disrupted as regards the "Tehachapi" area but that George was somehow being set up by his (he thinks) friends--possibly with the IRS. I also have no comment as to that information but it introduces the next and, so far, accurate information receiver. Even George has met with this person in order to try to publish her work. This person our readers will recognize as DEJ and she most often writes on the challenging deciphering quatrains of Nostradamus. I am simply asking that her information be printed as is, without my input and then send, please, a fax copy to Col. Gritz and to America West.

We have not heard from this person for a while due to lack of ability to get our work studied with all the strange weather mess left to ones in that area--to clean up after the storm itself passed. So, we will start at the second paragraph and, Dharma, simply print it as is:


PLEASE, Sir (Commander), warn James Gritz that he must be very, very careful with this Spike group. I should have written you months ago I know, when I "saw" it happening, but to read of James setting himself up for them to move in just as they will, needs this to be printed, (I leave that up to you, Sir.) They are planning on making James Gritz into a cross between Jim Jones and a Mormon Maniac (their words), complete with weapons, illegal firepower and then they will squash him and his beneath their bootheels. THIS INCLUDES THE "FRIENDS" CLOSE TO HIM WHO WILL AND ARE IN ON IT. There are two of them, Colonel Gritz, both males. As soon as he reads this, or is made aware of it, he will know exactly who they are. And yes, Colonel, your sudden suspicions are very, very well grounded in reality.

George, Desiree, you both are next on the agenda for what they believe will be a "Domino Effect". Please, just carefully consider what you are about to do and know, that it is the most grave mistake which you will both regret. And regret for the rest of your lives.

[H: Is it that bad really? Yes it is, friends, if things don't swing around very quickly now it is headed for "darkville". Also, please remember that when messages are given and the vision of reality has to be received--it is not an easy nor funny thing to witness before the fact. I thank DJ for sharing with me and trusting me enough to follow through for a "receiver" doesn't always know where to go and what to do with such information coming out of the blue and demanding hearing, especially when addresses and contacts are difficult, much less, hard to believe. I am a bit humbled to have her believe that either Green or Gritz will actually hear either of us.]

And, Moses, Rosah, just for the record: NO ONE DESERVES TO LIVE IN DARKNESS. Do you dare to believe that the Father loves Hannibal, Manson, Hitler any less or more than any of the rest of us? STICK THAT IN YOUR HAT BANDS AND THINK ON IT! ....For HE does; this my friends, is what is called unconditional love. When you plant apple seeds you get apple trees, peach pits, peach trees and when God Plants seeds, HE gets godlings. Another toughie to wrestle with I know. (Me, chosen Heavenly Bouncer? 'Hey, I have viewed Heaven and live in Hell...so...I can only try, Sir.)

Post Script: No it does not have to be that way, but so very tragically for us, it IS going to be that way.

Signed: DJ


* * *

I have a bit of a response to DJ: We each do that which we can to the best of the abilities allowed us and, then, there is no more for each shall hear and act upon information as he sees fit. I do have a message to you and to these readers--I am still holding the last few quatrains sent to this location, some months past, and I know you await their printing. I could see that readers were not ready, precious, and I still must carefully consider if they are yet ready to hold truth through this horrendous period of "sorting" and "choice making". It is the time when man shall meld with God and Hosts OR place himself in separation--at this time of choosing--most likely FOREVER. Thank you for your communique and KNOW that you have done that which was necessary and, I understand, against all your wishes for it is most often the "messenger" who is stomped in the process of bearing truth.

DJ, since you are tuned in, I want you to read the following with your background in medicine uppermost. I also ask that you are sent some Gaiandriana and Aquagaia. YOU need it, princess. The past experiences didn't do your longevity expectations much good and you have a son to rear and attend. Get on it, stay on it and let's hear some good news! Stay in touch, please, for it is a hard time and you need the "watch-over"--no man is an "island" on that planet. You ones of our team have it most despicably hard--but we are here to attend you--but YOU have to follow through for it won't "just fall all over you like a good case of instant transfer".

Next we'll just share a couple of articles sent from the News in Stuart, Fla.: 12/27/92 or 1/2/93 (dateline lost).


New York Times News Service:

The American Association of Blood Banks and the Department of Defense have lifted the ban on blood donations by military personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War.

Civilian and military blood banks were advised this week to allow the 500,000 members of the armed forces affected by the ban to donate blood beginning Friday.

The ban was imposed Nov. 12, 1991, as a precaution against the transmission of the disease leishmaniasis.

The disease is caused by a parasite common to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other areas of the Middle East and can be transmitted through the blood.

In the 13-1/2 months that the ban was in effect, however, the American Association of Blood Banks did not find any cases of the disease.

Leishmaniasis, most commonly transmitted through the bite of a sand fly, usually causes only skin lesions. Of the 17 military personnel who returned from the war with the disease, 11 had internal symptoms as well.

These unusual cases caused concern about the very rare but possible risk of the transmission of the disease through blood transfusion.

The blood banks' association said that a personal-health questionnaire that potential donors are routinely required to fill out pin-pointed symptoms and risk factors of leishmaniasis.

A donor who appears to be at risk of getting the disease will be referred for medical evaluation and will be indefinitely barred from donating blood.

* * *

So, now let's try January 29, 1993--same paper, Stuart, Florida:


KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP)--A health official Thursday denied a U.N. report that a fly-borne parasite has killed tens of thousands of people in the past two years.

Sadeq Mahjoub, director of preventive medicine at the Ministry of Health, told the official Sudan News Agency that health officials throughout the country knew nothing about an epidemic. But---

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that 40,000 people have been killed by the parasite and up to 400,000 are at risk in southern Sudan.

The agency described the outbreak of the infection, borne by sand flies, as "ONE OF THE LARGEST EPIDEMICS OF THE DEADLY DISEASE IN RECORDED HISTORY."


Anybody feel a tad sick yet?? What ever do you think the World Health Organization is up to? Sound like a rerun of AIDS? How about just a "little" bit of Anthrax? And you think you only have 17 persons returned from that Gulf War with this "little" malfunction? Come, come, silly TV viewers, THIS DOES NOT GO AWAY! IT IS FATAL AFTER A VERY DEBILITATING WASTING AWAY AND TOTAL FINAL FAILURE OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM TO FUNCTION.

I think the correlation between this and the information DJ shared with us some time back regarding "Plague" (Bubonic, etc.) will offer a bit of confirmation to any doubters. You are going to find that this will also end up being some "elusive" form of "something similar to HIV" and yap, yap, yap. How are you going to practice "safe breathing", chelas? How are you going to evade the "blood suckers" when they are ALL infection bearers? How are you going to survive these onslaughts one after another? (And who is covering for the deliberate infection of your soldiers with this cute little story?--for Sudan says they don't know anything about this terrible epidemic????) Who is blaming who--again? Well, the good old WHO is right there again, eh what? I suggest you get something into your system which might help that Immune System or you aren't going to survive--your survival is NOT in the Elite PLAN.

Dharma, take this off the machine. It is important that these messages be sent, then, I release you to other tasks. For any who may not yet know, the Ekkers' home and property were yesterday turned over by the court for possession by the Resolution Trust Corporation. Now the RTC is efforting to ban them from all litigation with any parties involved PRIOR to RTC intervention. THIS HAPPENS TO BE AGAINST THE CHARTER OF THE RTC AND MAKES THEM LIABLE AS THE CHARTER STATES THAT THE RTC IN ALL INSTANCES OF "POSSIBLE" ILLEGALITIES OR SUSPICION OF FRAUD IN ANY TRANSACTION MUST INVESTIGATE AND REPORT SUSPECTED PARTIES TO SUCH ACTIONS. To try to cause the Ekkers to dismiss and disallow any litigation against the criminals involved in this episode would seem quite appropriately WRONG. The Ekkers certainly do wish George Green was right in his latest stories that there is no litigation ongoing in this matter. Maybe he knew the results? And, NO, the battle is only just joined--quitting is not among our words or actions. Thank you for bearing with us, readers, through this time of full-blast attack from inside as well as from without. God is pretty substantial, however, and I only want to leave you with a reminder of same.


Hatonn. to move to stand-by.



SAT., FEB. 13, 1993 8:52 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 181



I have been asked to comment on Gaiandriana vs. chondriana. Perhaps let us reprint the "note" taken from a phone call to Claudia regarding "confusion" on the products in point:

M.L. called. He came up on Saturday 2/6/93 and arrived after our meeting, around 4:00. Jack was here and talked to him about "Life Crystals" & "Gaiandriana". He was confused so on Monday he called Dr. Merki. I think he thought Dr. Merki was connected to the new product. Dr. Merki assured him "Chondriana" couldn't be marketed in the U.S.A. M. was more confused and called wanting me to ask Commander to straighten out the confusion.

I told him he obviously hadn't been reading his LIBERATOR as it was related in several places and all the clues were presented to clear up his confusion. I told him if he still wanted to ask a question, to submit it in writing. He then asked for Jack's phone number where from he can order the product.

* * *

I appreciate the opportunity to clear up some very important points. Dr. Merki presents the "Life Crystal" which, he says, is devoid of chondriana in any event. I won't comment on that for I have no interest in that product. Whatever Dr. Merki offers is worthy of note, obviously, or we would not have offered it for your use. It is also noted that we offered it at reduced cost--below, even, what Dr. Merki sells his own product for of late. His product offers an excellent "base" for the growth of little chondriana. In fact, if added to the solution of both Gaiandriana AND Aquagaia, you can enhance the food supply, thus multiplying the little friends. HOWEVER, we do not deal in any-thing called chondriana. If we refer to same, it is because there is a genetic organism known as chondriana which is the most similar entity as recognized in your research community. What we have is "gaiandriana" which is similar but not the same as chondriana and "aquagaia" which is "mitochondria". The base formulae for both is NOT the same as is Dr. Merkl's in the first place and you are not getting the full story from Merki, in the second.

Injectable chondriana cannot be marketed in the U.S. If obtained, it has to be brought in from outside the U.S.

Now, let us get on with the REAL problem. George Green has a massive blight campaign going on, as you know, and we will again speak of that in a minute. However, what he is telling all inquirers is that Gaiandriana and Aquagaia are nothing but WATER. Now, chelas, God may be a bit foolish at times as deals with human counterparts--BUT, not that foolish! Come now. The hard part for Mr. Green is that his plan for capture of all assets and property of the JOURNALS to the PHOENIX INSTITUTE has fallen into total disarray which is precipitating into total bedlam in his circle as the misrepresentations come into focus.

I specifically REQUIRED that the parties involved in the development of the product NOT even speak of this developing research or we would simply not bring the product to availability. It was already obvious that Mr. Green, through America West, had great and wondrously wealth-making schemes afoot--ALL UTILIZING OUR HARD-EARNED ASSETS AND PROPERTY. We have done NOTHING but show appreciation for the contributions of both George and Desiree but he continues to shoot himself in both feet. I cannot control what he does for it is not of my business. However, to send his "probes" into our business which is totally non entwined with his "operations" is not acceptable.

Our full wish is that ones who draw away and go about their own endeavors, fare well. But there is gross misrepresentation going on and the parties guilty of that misrepresentation will be the ones caught in their own traps. I do not make the "Universal Laws", I simply abide by them.

I suggest that you ones not be fooled in either direction regarding the products which are offered from this location. This is NOT Dr. Merkl's product nor is it some kind of new "Willard Water". Those products have their use, I suppose, and even with the introduction of Gaiandriana, still have valid placement--I don't have interest in either. I believe, however, that you can now see why I hold the formulas in privacy with only the researchers having the technical data (which they DO HAVE--you can check with Dr. Young on same).

I am happy to clear confusion but when ones are tampering around here and there and checking with the opposition as perceived by Mr. Green--I suggest YOU look at the situation. If you want information about Gaiandriana--WOULD YOU NOT COME TO THE SOURCE--AND NOT TO THE MAKER OF SOME TOTALLY DIFFERENT PRODUCT???? CONSIDER ACTIONS AND JUDGE. CONSIDER THE "MAN" AND "DISCERN".

I respect Dr. Merkl greatly. He has developed some polymers which could clean up your entire atmosphere from pollutants from exhaust material--be it automobiles or factory smokestacks. Because I recognize and respect greatly Dr. Merkl, I suggested his product in the interim until Gaiandriana could be given to you because it was allowed in the U.S. and could build a base for perfection of cellular structuring. His product is now $100 per bottle and--even if it were in its perfect form--that limits the people who can utilize it. It continues to grow in cost even as demand would usually bring down the pricing structure. This is not suitable behavior for this is a product of "off shore" intelligence. No man can simply "give it away" because of the costs involved in production and handling. However, it could certainly be more available than at costs of ones who take too much in return. Again, regardless of how I would like to word an action--in your language, the only word available is "greed". This is WHY we did not offer the gaiandriana to come forth through Dr. Merkl. We even offered to build him a facility for perfection of the product--right here. He declined for he wanted it all. I do not, however, have any disagreement with Dr. Merkl in any way whatsoever. I doubt Dr. Merkl would even claim to recognize me. So be it--I like it that way for in the ending the reality of presence is so much more qualifying and validating after popular public denial. Ponder it.


I would first share a note from one who is working on developing this "product" and finds our latest input has resulted in "fantastic" (his term) response. His exact comment regarding the culture medium we are now offering: "It's fantastic. This little creature can make, if in the culture, and balance the XXX per & Folic acid to its balanced use " "I call this "powerful stuff". The Vitamin C is what we call a, Kicker, or catalyst to increase the potency of it...etc." Indeed, readers, this is NOT water--but is as harmless and natural as water--which is the most important "gift" of all. I have given this researcher the formulae and, for now, it is held only in "mind" for protection of "him" and the assaults against the Gaiandriana. Dr. Young is working on his portion of the project and it works out that only the specifically educated technicians and professors in the academic community can understand the mechanisms--but the DNA researchers are in a state of SHOCK at the information and, so far, everything I have brought forth is valid and verified by your own researchers. Remember, GOD is simplicity and works in very mysterious ways HIS wonders to perform--and offer unto you!

Will all these "improvements" and "changes" render your product obsolete? No, we will simply tell you how to make your own changes so that none is lost to "repurchase" necessity--just give our people time to catch up and get lab results, etc. Already, I have suggested that the "Crystal Life" added to the Gaiandriana or the Aquagaia can supply "food" for the growing entities and as much as triple the values. Add a bit to a small amount of either (both but separately stored), let set open for 48 hours and continue on with your intake schedule whatever it might be. We are not dealing with precise drugs and chemicals--this is the same as any natural substance which might well be used in a nutrition plan. The body will utilize what it wants and needs and discard the rest. Would an extra carrot hurt you? Stop thinking in terms you are trained to use--this is as natural and simple as anything on your planet and "killed off". It is the time of returning this for your use to enhance the ability of the body to accept the increased photon rays you are picking up. Stop trying to turn it into some kind of "miracle"--YOU ARE THE MIRACLE--GOD PROVIDES THE TOOLS FOR YOUR USE.


The computer hook-up "Bulletin Board" was closed at my request. It had been infiltrated by surveillance hackers and information of damaging content placed in the data system, etc. We do not play in those games; we have no wish to advise ones to break rules in any manner whatsoever--even to the income tax situation.

I long ago urged ones to NOT fall for the "sovereignizing" movement for it would set you apart. You feel that playing within the circles of what "is" somehow marks you by the beast. THE BEAST HAS MARKED YOU ALREADY--IT IS YOUR SOUL YOU HAD BEST ATTEND—NOT IRS AND TATOOS. Ones who had thought it wise to follow those strategies for State and Individual Sovereignty are now ready to reap the wrath of the beast. THE ONES WHO HAVE FOUGHT THE SYSTEM TO THE EXTENT OF REMOVING YOURSELVES FROM THE "FEDERAL" ROSTERS HAVE DONE EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU HAD PLANNED. THE GOVERNMENT HAS NOW RENUMBERED INTO A SEPARATE CATEGORY ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE MOVED OUT AND AWAY FROM THE "ORDERED" REGIMEN. YOU ARE FIRST TARGETS FOR THEIR ASSAULTS AND WHEN THE NUMBERING IS IN PLACE THEY WILL BEGIN TO CONTACT ALL OF YOU GOOD CITIZENS. RIGHT? OF COURSE NOT! THE CHOICE WHICH YOU SEEM TO THINK WILL WORK FOR YOU--CAN'T--BECAUSE OF THE CORRUPTED SYSTEM IN POWER. Your only hope for change is to restructure from the bottom up THROUGH the adversary while you rebuild properly. "Well, shouldn't we be able to do these things, Constitutionally?" YES INDEED--but the guys in control have the big guns and you do not.

What do I suggest? It's hard to say after the horse is from the barn. Ones in my circle immediately upon asking--got off the kick and took low-profile reentry to the necessary parts of the system which allows you to function without attention. You MUST take a stand--but you do not make yourselves targets to be wiped out by printing "targets" to the "kill zone" on your forehead or over your heart.

"Well," you shout, "isn't this America?" Oh my yes--but it is no longer YOUR AMERICA! Remember it and you may live to fight for freedom another day! Remember also--God doesn't need any more dead martyrs or heroes--HE NEEDS LIVE BROTHERS WILLING TO LIVE FOR TRUTH--NOT SIMPLY DIE FOR IT.


Aren't taxes wrong? Not all of them--some are quite legal and reasonable in fact. Those that are repressive are WRONG--not illegal. They may even be "unlawful" under the Constitution but are quite legal by the laws of the land. So what do you do?



Mr. Green has all the JOURNALS in impound from our own author. He says he has been given back the PLEIADES CONNECTION volumes, from Court impound, and now has them. THIS IS A LIE, TO YOU ONES WHO HAVE CALLED STATING HE IS SAYING THIS. Our own attorney has been somehow suckered into writing documents to the University of Science and Philosophy attorney, Timothy Buchanan, efforting to get the volumes released to America West. This was most unfortunate for George Green demands secrecy on such actions and then betrays the very one from whom he demanded the security before the ink is dry on the demand. THE BOOKS IN POINT BELONG TO RICK MARTIN AND TEHACHAPI DISTRIBUTING--NOT TO EVEN MENTION THAT THE CONTEMPT OF COURT CHARGES ARE STILL VALIDLY OPERATIONAL--AND THAT INVOLVES DHARMA. BOTH PARTIES NOW HAVE FULL EVIDENCE PROVING MR. GREEN HAS SOLD THOSE VOLUMES IN POINT AND GEORGE IS GETTING HIMSELF INTO DEEPER AND DEEPER MUCK. If any Federal Judge would release those controversial books without full notification to all parties involved--then all attorneys and the court would be in violation of all Law--not just Constitutional.

I cannot have influence over what you are being told--I shall, however, continue to tell it as it "is" and if that is not the same as Mr. Green then I suggest YOU pay attention very closely. Our full intent is to continue to offer BOTH sides in documentation. This DOES impact you readers and I feel we have no choice otherwise for the calls are pouring in from every point in America and overseas. I find it remarkable that George would invest in the postage and phone calls to reach all of you readers who are no longer connected to him in any way--for we will run all correspondence as offered--on the front page if he wishes, of the LIBERATOR.


The attempt to have ones withdraw their funds from the Institute is to get the ones withdrawing funds to join with him, Mr. Green, in a project for dome-type developments in Nevada--with an architect originally paid by the Phoenix Institute, to develop feasible plans for beautiful and desirable domed buildings and dwellings. Something, somehow, does not seem quite ethical about this slick maneuver. He promises the participants a big piece of the "action". I find the whole activity most interesting and it now seems beyond any easy and amicable solution. America West intends to retain all the JOURNALS and distribute with full assets returning ONLY to America West. Well, that is not new for there has never been so much as a "royalty" which was turned over fully, to the Phoenix Institute, at any rate. It is, however, potentially damaging to the Institute--for that agreement is documented by both Dharma and E.J. Dharma and E.J. take no payments for any of the work--any return for their work is signed over directly to the Institute against any notes for workers, project proposals, etc. In other words, not for personal gain but to offset any debts owing. Be that as it may, it is reminiscent of Dr. Coleman's book which is now being offered by America West from copies retained in a quarrel with Dr. Coleman. I have no comment about that as Dr. Coleman (Pavlonski) is an interesting resource and confiscated much computer equipment from the Institute. He says Mr. Green "gave" it to him--so be it. It was not Mr. Green's to give but since Mr. Green said he would handle it, it appears a possibility after all.

Do we want litigation? No. We simply want access to our work, a shut-down of the phone calls, etc., and those ones to go their way in peace or whatever they are seeking. We have work to do and wonders to share and we plan to get right on with doing and sharing. For Dharma: "If the world be against you, who can be for you?" GOD! And He is quite sufficient unto the needs. Besides, if all be against you save the ones of Truth--what more could you possibly ask? Besides, you MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! The flack is always heavy in the target zone.


Another major cause of inquiries comes from George's presentation that "Druthea" (Sananda) and "Rosah" (Moses) refuse to longer share in the LIBERATOR. Oh? Come, come--I believe volumes were written before Druthea stroked one sign on a page. I believe the placement of Druthea is sufficient to itself as explanation--further, I think Sananda is quite capable of getting His messages unto the people. THIS WAS NOT A VERY WISE STATEMENT OR THREAT!

If there is concern on the part of you Readers that there won't be sufficient spiritual presentment--I'm sure the "teachers" can come up with something. George is also telling ones in his phone calls that he is going to start up a valid PAPER and subscribers can simply transfer their subscriptions. So be it.

I suspect, however, that the LIBERATOR may just get a bit MORE interesting as the sorting of ones, away, settles itself. I believe that it is quite probable that Little Crow will share regularly with wisdom from the Ancient Brothers. Everything has its proper "season" if you but "wait upon the Lord" by whatever label you place upon it.


Nothing, NO THING has changed in this place except to get better, stronger and more to offer unto our brothers. "Gain" is not of primary interest to any in this crew--that will come in return for service without demand for reward. But it WILL come for it is the promise of God if we do our work in honor and with total integrity. This is the time of your own discernment and own choices--we coerce no one and no thing. You are welcome aboard or blessed with our best wishes to go your way. I KNOW, however, that the going away into the human-driven confusion will NOT BRING "PEACE" NOR LONG BRING COMFORT OR FULFILLMENT. I and my brothers are not here to make you do anything--we are sent to prepare a place and offer to show you the "way". No more and, most certainly in our mission, no less. I cannot give you a gift, nor can anyone, unless you take it. Further, Truth will always "out" and it will stand all tests of all time perceived. The moment may be in confusion and the Truth obscure--but IT WILL be known. So, go with those who would tell you falseness while promising great and wondrous gain--and the Truth will bury you in its wave of obvious KNOWING. He who would plant the seeds of lies upon the winds--shall reap the crop of the whirlwinds. I plant seeds of Truth and God--I attend the fields and the thistles remove themselves or they are cast away to allow the growth of the grain, and I expect and accept none other than the crop I planted. Ponder it. It does not mean that the "weeding" is either easy or without disappointment and pain--but each and all is given opportunity to change of its hybrid nature to conform to the crop planted--we can do no more. Neither do "we" do of the casting out of an alien plant--those ones will ultimately eliminate or relocate themselves within their more suitable "kind". They will always effort, however, to take a field full of seedlings with them to feed upon. Be wary of your choices for the time is shortening quickly. And moreover, unless God shortens the time upon this place in the happenings--all would be destroyed--so, our work is laid forth before us--let us get about it.

Thank you, scribe. I said I would attend your placement and your insight--I did not say I would do it FOR you! The way shall be shown--YOU ONES will do the human expression. Just a reminder to you who would await the falling miracle--YOU ARE THE MIRACLE!

Hatonn in total cherishment of you, my brothers and family--the way is radiant--do not be misled by the shadow-makers holding artificial flames for your vision-making. Hold to Truth and the Light of that TRUTH and the way shall be given into your thinking and your ability to accomplish the goal. Salu.



MON., FEB. 15, 1993 8:47 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 183



No matter how we search, there seems to be no way to top the Headline News whose lead article this morning was "Man stops French Train System". It seems the man went to the toilet, dropped his wallet and in trying to retrieve it got his hand stuck, necessitating shutting down the rail system, removing the fixture, etc. Now, chelas, how important could be the subject of the Opium Trade in the Golden Triangle--which got third billing. (Second billing was Alan Dershowitz/Mike Tyson.)

There was no mention whatsoever of at least 8 earthquakes here and there and some 4 volcano eruptions of notable size. Yes indeed, I, too, do get very weary of the game in play.


You ones are given tools with which to work and the first moment you get dissatisfied or someone leads you down the primrose path--you blow your own shelters right out of existence.

I am asking E.J. and Cort to have a series of local meetings to explain how your corporations WORK. The series can be taped and we will send them out as regular meeting tapes--or--you can pick them up separately. I will sit in and probably Host the sessions. I am appalled at how poorly you understand your own weaponry for privacy and sheltering.

Ones are demanding their funds back from the Institute--which is a supremely well-run corporation--for YOUR protection. It was originally set that all ones even considering utilizing the Institute for shelter and sharing, have a corporation for personal protection. Now we sit with individuals (some who own corporations) demanding funds returned. Chelas, individual names do not, and never shall, appear on any listing in the Institute. If, of course, you did not have a corporation (which, by the way, I had asked NOT OCCUR) then, yes, your name will appear. However, if you individually placed funds in the INSTITUTE but selected specific use, say the Constitutional Law Center, funds were transferred into that (those) entities and have been utilized with coverage through the Institute.

If you have a pick with any business entity here on a personal, financial basis--the Corporations here CAN ONLY recognize the Corporate entity. There will not be any revelation of any entity by ones here. If you wish to blow your own assets and public information--then YOU do it--not here! Indeed there are ones who thought they had good "Trusts" and therefore needed no incorporation and the Institute honored that set-up--only to find that the "Trusts" were mishandled and actually noted that in some instances the "Trustee" had literally "given" funds away, squandered them or otherwise left the participants open for total loss of funds. If you do business in such "unbusiness" fashion, it is no fault of ones here. I have stated this before and I remind you--WE WILL NEVER DIVULGE OWNERSHIP OF CORPORATIONS (FOR WE DO NOT IN MOST INSTANCES KNOW OWNERS). FURTHER, FOR YOUR PRIVACY AND CONVENIENCE, DHARMA AND E.J. HAVE WILLINGLY SIGNED AS OFFICERS TO INSURE YOUR PRIVACY. THIS HAS BEEN TO SERVE YOU AT NO COST. THIS WILL NOW BE REARRANGED FOR WE HAVE FOUR PERSONS JOINTLY DEMANDING E.J. AND "DORIS" RETURN THEIR "GOLD" INSTANTLY (LAST WEDNESDAY). THESE ONES ARE NO LONGER WILLING TO SHELTER YOUR PRIVACY LONGER. I WILL NOT AL-LOW IT. WE WILL, IF WE CAN, LOCATE OTHERS TO FILL THAT VACANCY FOR OFFICER LISTINGS. THEY WILL CONTINUE UNTIL SUCH FILL-IN CAN BE LOCATED OR OTHER ARRANGEMENTS MADE, BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


It is now required, in addition, that a Board member of each corporation be listed (in new regulations in Nevada). How you handle that matter can be shared by Cort. Because of this unfortunate (or most fortunate) recent assault by what we thought to be our own people, we must attend changes. This, however, has its good merits. We will now rearrange the incorporation program to open to any and all ones who wish to utilize Mr. Christie's mother Corporation for Nevada incorporation. We have efforted to keep that very limited because Mr. Christie has been swamped as is. NO, I did NOT say that Mr. Christie owns such a corporation--but he does offer his services THROUGH a separate corporation from any other specific entity here. He offers many services for a myriad of corporate entities from mail service to phone lines to total corporate record keeping. And, NO, I did not say bookkeeping of your business--I SAID "CORPORATE RECORDS". If YOU will not bother to learn how to manage your own selves--how can you expect others to DO IT FOR YOU? Much less the ones who are totally swamped in volunteer and minimum cost service. The costs have been kept to such a minimum for you who have sought information and service as to not even allow Mr. Christie to garner enough income for self-sustaining position and every day it gets heavier and heavier.

All ones were quite graciously willing to serve in any way possible in the past--until Mr. Green's attack on our whole programming structure for projects and inter-relationships here. No one is willing to longer put up with the assaults while losing everything they have in the process, including unclouded reputations and integrity assaults.

Business here will continue to be run with TOTAL integrity and that means maintaining all privacy of participants--WITHOUT EXCEPTION! If WE cannot maintain integrity to you then we deserve no better than any other lousy business in the world. Our intent is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER to even CONSIDER helping any one of you "evade" taxes or other secret, hidden, violations of the laws of the land. It is legal and written into even the IRS rules to insure all possible avoidance of paying un-owed taxes. IF YOU THINK WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU WAYS TO EVADE ANYTHING--FORGET IT, FOR NO ONE HERE WILL ASSIST YOU IN ANY WAY TO DO THAT. WE CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO GAIN SHELTERING TO THE EXTENT OF SERVICES WHICH ALLOW YOU HONORABLE AND LEGAL METHODS OF COVERAGE--OUR INTENT IS NOT IN ANY WAY TO HIDE YOU FROM YOUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES. WE ARE NOT EVEN IN THE SUGGESTION BUSINESS OF HELPING YOU AVOID TRAFFIC TICKETS. WE DO, HOWEVER, WRITE ON THESE SUBJECTS AS OTHERS HAVE FOUND METHODS OF HOLDING TO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, COMMON LAW, ETC., FOR SAME.

We will continue, to the best of our ability, to offer information on these various things others do and offer for coverage--we do not, however, in most instances even suggest you separate yourselves as targets for your very own "enemy within".


All of you who have followed the "sovereignty" method of disclaiming the Federal Government and setting selves aside as "State or Individual sovereign citizens" are in trouble. You have been picked up on the computer systems and, just as I told you it would be--you are now issued new numbers for identification and you are on the targeted list for harassment at best, incarceration as a possible choice.

There are ways within the system to gain some coverage and sheltering, to make targets of selves is NOT one of our suggestions. Yes, indeed, there are many approaches, even to traffic tickets, which serve you very, very well--as Jack McLamb can point out to you--but to target selves on the adversary's system is indeed dangerous. So be it--to each his own.

I am asked, "Well, Mr. Smart Guy, how do we undo what is already done, if you're so smart!" You just said it, brother, how can you expect me to undo that which you did in spite of my warnings? Oh, you didn't know and you did it blindly? Do you also expect me to supply you with a new leg if a doctor talked you into amputation?

I do, however, suggest you begin to effort at undoing the damage by reapplying for SOME of the nasty system's system and possibly even promise never to breathe or think again. Then take actions to shelter within the system which removes attention from YOU. It is not my business either way, friends. I can offer you insight and tell you how it is and there are even ones here who will help you WITHIN THE LAWS OF THE LAND--but we are not your freedom enforcers. It reminds me a bit of the "Hippy movement" where it was deemed to dress "differently" and "show the establishment". All you did was get identified by your "uniforms and actions" and set up for wipeout--never to be free from the black-list.



Daily we are asked to promote this group or that group. WE HAVE NO GROUP, WHY WOULD WE SUGGEST YOU JOIN "ANOTHER"? Most recently we are asked to sponsor and tout a group being formed to "support Weaver" by demonstrations about the nation. NO! We will offer listings of times and places IF SOMEONE OUT THERE WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND OFFER LEGITIMATE PHONE NUMBERS, ADDRESSES AND CONTACTS. We will NOT even offer to forward mail in such cases.

If you write, for instance to Weaver personally, we would either give you address information should you call and IF we have permission to do so and "have it"--or in some instances will even offer to forward such contacts--BUT WE ARE NOT A GROUP, PATRIOT OR OTHERWISE, AND WE WILL NOT SUGGEST OTHERWISE. The LIBERATOR is a paper as well as separate corporate entity from all other businesses herein and so shall it remain. We offer voice to, for and of the "people" as any good news publication SHOULD do. We will offer BOTH sides of issues and presentations about persons to the best of our ability. Even in our own position as recipient of assault from what we believed to be our own co-workers, we will offer BOTH sides of the issue--with documentation--not psychic readings. STOP playing your silly "gotcha" games, Readers, YOU have problems. There are ways to modify your problems--NO WAY to make them vanish magically. If you think other-wise, please spare these people here the burden of bearing your load along with theirs. I promise you--theirs is already about as backbreaking and heartbreaking as it can get short of the full-blown firing squad. They already have the actual snipers, SWAT Teams, etc. They will not be asked to stand in your stead ' fore the tribunals of injustice. They shall continue to offer what help is available but no thank you, you who have often denounced and actually offered harm deliberately do not fit in the "turn the other cheek" category of actions here at. We have projects and jobs to do and THIS is not one of them.


NO! In fact IF I were to tell you ALL that is going on and has gone on in secret agreements, losing of documents on purpose and the tricks going on even within immediate family situations--it would blow you away--wouldn't it, Mr. Green? How about actions within the "family or relationship" alliances or disloyal participants right here in the demands of local ones this day? How about the "taking" of certain documents and losing them while theft is assumed? How about misleading as to "advice" of actions from ones who know even less than you have bothered to learn? NO, MY PEOPLE DO NOT NEED YOUR KINDS OF FURTHER LESSON-GIVING. WHAT YOU DO BEFORE GOD IS YOUR BUSINESS AND YOU SHALL ANSWER FOR SELVES AND ACTIONS OF SELVES. Mine is not to even give tattle-tale stories and revelations or blackmail--UNLESS you use lies to deceive and destroy that which is built by loyal, totally devoted workers who have served willingly with little if any reward. In instances of such impact--I SHALL TELL TRUTH AND THEN ALLOW YOU TO DEFEND SELVES--OPENLY AND CATEGORICALLY TO THE PUBLIC--GOD IS NOT SECRET PACTS AND RITUALS. GOD IS OPEN, LOYAL AND TOTALLY DEFENSIVE OF HIS PEOPLE.

Example: How is it that a billing was sent to Mr. Martin at Tehachapi Distributing for some $87,000 in the Fall and yet Mr. Green now says he left some $180,000 of books with the same entity? Is not something wrong with mathematical addition--especially since it is fully established that the books were "banned" from Mr. Green in ALL ways and were GIVEN to Mr. Martin? Strange? Also, is it not "strange" that the persistence of the billing and the demand for payment as well as refusal to pay that which was due and owing to Tehachapi Distributing was not- only perpetuated but actually publicly stated in spite of contempt of court? Oh, I see, could it be that arrangements through legal channels and coalition with the very ones bringing the original charges, Mr. Binder of the University of Science and Philosophy, worked out a SECRET deal for the release of the books in court-holding TO AMERICA WEST? Could it be that Mr. Green is actually telling ones that he has already recovered those books from the court? Ah so! This leaves the writer (Dharma) in full contempt status while the "friends" and "partners??" set her up further--or agree to drop the charges in exchange for this "new" "coalition"? Come now, Readers, if Hatonn went with Mr. and Mrs. Green to Carson City--I suggest this nasty old Hatonn left hereat is a dastardly troublemaker. Lies? I suggest that you look further before assuming this nasty old "seer" tells lies.


The ones sent to withdraw their funds from security and safety (and to gain the most money) were told to get their funds in gold for FULL VALUE, plus interest, etc., etc.--"bring it to Mr. Green, join with him in a building project wherein they would be given participation in return" and the world will spin happily ever after. How nice, since the Institute paid (from those funds) for the Architect originally drawing up those sweet domes and buildings. Now, I suggest the battle stop lest I really get annoyed and tell it ALL To you who personally throw stones and tout abuse and "I only put the money in because YOU told us the banks were in trouble"--pay attention. The BANKS ARE IN TROUBLE and NOTHING IS CHANGED EXCEPT FURTHER DETERIORATION OF YOUR SYSTEM INTO PROBABLY TOTAL COLLAPSE AT ANY MINUTE. Some of you have played deliberate "games" with even your own mates to "have your fear-filled and 'mine' ways". I find it painful, the expression without compassion or excuse--but YOUR BUSINESS. Stop picking at the ones who have done all they can to help you--and accept the responsibility for your actions which have left you in this confrontation. Again--blackmail? NO--TRUTH!

I find it interesting, further, that Mr. Green is "going to FIX Mr. Ekker's wagon!" What has Mr. Ekker done?? Mr. Ekker didn't even know what Mr. Green was doing, much less cause the Greens or America West grief or damage. And, further, if I be false as Mr. Green announces--how be it he is upset with ME? Dharma has supplied them with over 60 books of which now she has no access--is this somehow her assault upon them? Do the ones caught in their own traps protest too loudly perhaps? So be it.

You ones who fear loss or "game playing" with any of your assets--KNOW that all is solidly secure within an impeccable corporate system--working superbly exactly as it is supposed to work. We appreciate the assault for it gives us opportunity to have heavy and hard testing of that which we have structured. I always respect and appreciate my enemies for they are the best teachers and trainers in the universe.


W.M., we appreciate your position and, although I realize you have called and are content with this end, we want you to allow us to share with Readers what has been told you by Mr. Green.

Mr. Green called this "distributor" in Canada and W.M. is only one of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of personal phone calls from Green to you people.

He told Mr. M. that America West has recovered the PHOENIX JOURNALS. PLEIADES from the Federal Court and "you can begin to order them ANY time." IF THIS IS SO THERE WILL BE A SUIT AGAINST HIM, US&P, LAWYERS AND COURT LIKE NONE PRIOR TO THIS. The lawyer for US&P denies any such release although our own attorney, Mr. Tips, says there was a request for release offered because he had written it for Mr. Green.

In the aftermath of a barrage of phone calls from "readers" Mr. Martin called Mr. Buchanan in Fresno, US&P's representing attorney. Mr. Buchanan said that no way had he arranged for or signed such a release which would have been legally mandatory. So, this indicates that Mr. Green has made SOME KIND OF ARRANGEMENT DIRECTLY WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY.

Mr. Green did, however, after this breaking information, directly call Mr. Buchanan so many times on Friday that Mr. Buchanan had to call Mr. Tips and require Mr. Green cease and desist with the calls. The continuing claim to have the books in possession, however, continues to be made by Mr. Green THROUGH THIS VERY DAY!

Mr. Green further is telling all recipients of his calls, as reported my Mr. M., that Hatonn is speaking through several other entities, including himself, and the "Hatonn in Tehachapi" IS FALSE AND TELLS LIES. He is telling everyone that he will be publicly starting a paper wherein he can prove his statements through the publishing from all these "channels"--that he (Green) is in even "more DIRECT contact". Good luck!


The last and most interesting assault against my people and service is that he is telling all ones to "not take that stuff 'they' are offering". Come now, Mr. Green--what could YOU possibly know about such a thing?? Yes indeed, we have certainly gone out of our way TO NOT ALLOW YOU TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I believe the reason for that "reasoning" is pretty obvious.

By the way, to you who go ahead and utilize the product in point--if you add seven drops of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water it will purify it for biologic contaminates--add a tablespoon or less of Gaiandriana and a few drops of Aquagaia, a blop of PURE aloe vera and let set 48 hours. For larger containers add equivalents and for big and long-term storage--use increased blopping of aloe for longer term cell "fuel". All residue of the biologic-foreigners will be used as fuel leaving little "pac-men" to continue to protect the "stored" (or used), water. This is also very, very good in the case of possible radiation pollution--for the friendly little creatures THRIVE in hyper X-ray environments. I didn't say they could not be destroyed by radiation at certain levels for the product is not yet finished, intentionally. With "friends" like Mr. Green--we need enemies? What will the water "taste" like? Good spring water! If you have even a primitive filter system--you will have virtually "clean" water. If water is treated with "ozone" for purification, you will have even better results--especially if you allow it to set a few hours prior to adding the above "stuff". Dangerous?? Is boiling water and cooling it dangerous to you??

So, what is Mr. Green doing? Simply showing his colors--no more and sorrowfully, no less. God did not promise you good friends no disappointments nor, in fact, no pitfalls--or for further fact, no ability to regain status after a "fall". God will accept all petitions for regainment of status with HIM--but He is going to require, in all instances, restitution to all intentionally damaged parties and full acknowledgement through the source damaged. No, in a case like this, simply saying to God, "Wow, I'm sorry, Sir" will not cut the mustard for THERE IS a pathway of undoing that which has been done to some level and extent. Remember, to simply say, "I am sorry" without meaning, say, in murder, does not release responsibility for the act nor the full restitution of loss.


So, how long will we waste time and space on this matter? As much as necessary and not one second or sentence more. We have projects and work to be attended and this nor any other assault shall stop our appointed tasks and mission. We offer no threat nor assault against another and we shall not long deteriorate the value of our work by nit-picking. BUT, we shall rebut that which is false at every opportunity for you READERS must, first of all, come to know that you can trust this resource. What else you do and what you wish to believe is not my business nor that of anyone hereat. We can have compassion for those who pursue this false trail--but it is only cause to require that we take appropriate actions--it is not our business to attend their own perceptions or direction. In other words "what you or they think of me or mine--IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!"


Thank you for your service, chela. We shall return to our regular subject materials on the morrow, hopefully. We shall also continue with "negotiations" for some means to delay cause of moving for you at least until we get Dalene moved and some sense of direction. Though you walk through the valley of shadows--I walk beside you and shall carry you if needs be. Salu.




TUE., FEB. 16, 1993 9:41 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 184



The souls of our brothers cry out for clarity. You have felt the stings of slings and arrows and would cling to that which brings you more "comfort" in consciousness of perceptions physical and seemingly "more REAL". No, scribe, the "reality" must be confronted in that which is beyond the physical and the physical expression molded to conform to that reason and reality. Perceptions are THE individual's reflection of capability to make judgement on an expression of physical things and on "ideas" of higher realization. The TRUTH of REALITY is the perception as placed upon all things as guided by the Absolute Laws of Creation and Nature and the guidelines as given forth for your journey in balance which in turn moves you into the reality of "higher" expression--not "lower".

What is right or wrong in a given expression may perhaps have no meaning in terminology--but in the higher expression these two terms have great meaning. For instance, a man may well say, "In my perception it is right to do this thing which society and the 'commandments' deny me." Does this make the action right in deed? Is the action "wrong" in deed? Both perhaps. It may be actually "right" within the "if it feels good, do it" group but if it be against the Laws of God (not the rules made by MAN proclaiming them to be, according to his own perceptions and wishes) a deed is "wrong". If an action brings negative impact, pain and hurt upon another deliberately through involvement--it is most often "wrong". You must always remember: GOD IS NOT FORCE. Anything which utilizes physical force is not of God--it is birthed of MAN physical. If a silent and invisible bondage is held upon the spirit of man then it is placed there by the adversarial energy "still" utilizing "force" as a weapon. The point of the journey, precious ones, is to learn the difference, move within the balanced and harmonious circuitry of Universal righteousness. What may be deemed "right" in physical societal expression (voted-in by democratic vote vs. rightness or wrongness) may well destroy your very entry into the higher dimensions of experience. Either way, it is left to the individual to express and experience his physical role. He can either gain truth in expression or continue his searching for that truth--the choice is always left to the individual.

"Right": Meeting a standard of conduct. You must see that by its definition it can mean many things so the point is to define "the standard of conduct". The "right" move in a witch's society may well be to "correctly" dismember a child. But is this "right" even in a loose societal structure where abortion and killing of the elderly is "legal"? Is it, more importantly, correct behavior according to the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION? Therefore it must always be considered what the definition might be for this adjective to apply. Witchcraft itself, black or white, by definition is NOT OF GOD OF INFINITE LIFE. The rituals are based on pulling in of energy forms and all of the practices are set for the expression of "physical" action. What may be quite acceptable in an Earth physical expression is NOT often acceptable by God All-Source as HIS partner in expression.

Therefore, I, Esu, The Son, accept as "right" only those things which fit the expression as dictated by God and Creation, infinite expression and true "life" and expressing my experiences always with oneness with THAT One of all Creation/Creator in my nearest expression of perfection. If one adjusts his physical expression to accommodate allowance and sanction on all things because of "infinite LOVE", he lies to self. He is simply not taking a stand against that which is, in truth, evil; "Evil" being that intent or action deliberately perpetrated which pulls a being from his goodly path to Oneness with God Creator. By the same token, however, I "allow" the "unknowing" status of "man" to error (sin) without coercion or force to otherwise "act". Does this mean a lessening of infinite "love"? It has nothing to do with love as such. It is as a child is growing, he will stumble and often fall--is this right or wrong? If he refuses to get up and try again, is it "wrong" or is it "right"? It simply IS. If, however, a fire is raging and about to catch his clothing afire--it seems only "right" to get up and get out of the way. God often lifts you out of the path of, say, the fire--but if you fully understand the consequences of your actions, He will let you bumble right back into the flames. It is all dependent upon your INTENT. "INFINITE LOVE" is that total and unbending, unlimited giving, through grace, enough compassion and expression to lead or draw another into Truth--not simply "ALLOWING" all expressions of unlimited actions to be OK and not only accept these expressions but join within the expression in both spiritual and physical thought and action.


It is quite interesting to me that ones selectively listen to MAN to tell him what are his guidelines for moving into higher expression and perfection. You KNOW within what are those guidelines and to ARGUE with a group of "other" persons seems ridiculous and silly in wasted effort. God has given you His guidelines for passage--and He lets you argue with Him all the way to your drop-off in the "pits". You can argue with the ticket seller and taker at the airplane entrance--but guess who is going to decide your entrance on-board, you who argue for a lower rate "or I won't buy your ticket"--or the one with the ticket and who follows the rules of the airline? Are you going to force your way aboard with a gun, a knife, bribery by anything of force, sexual advances in exchange, etc.? Not at the gate, brother--that is called hijacking and it gets you into trouble on ground level--and certainly is not going to carry weight with the Hosts of God at that "glory door". You shall be allowed entrance ONLY BY THE TICKET OF RIGHT INTENT ACCORDING TO OUR LAWS--NOT VOTED-IN "I'M OK-- YOU'RE OK NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING." Perhaps YOU may be OK--often times your ACTIONS will not merit you a second glance from the Angels of Heaven to get you aboard their craft.


You must come into understanding of the Law we reveal to you. "Sin" (a very bad descriptive term indeed) can only be committed in a finite consciousness or in the finiteness of time and space. The moment "sin" is conceived, the conceiver of the "sin" is no longer a part of eternity. He will place upon his own head a price for the error in free-will choices.

When Michael cast out the fallen ones from Heaven, he was ratifying the law of their own being which they set in motion by the spirit of pride: "I will become God. I will not worship a living Christ being but 'I' will be worshiped!" This was their vow. Instantaneously, they lost the protection of the circle of the One. Thus, in casting them out, Archangel Michael and his legions were the instantaneous representatives of Cosmic Law. Each time you deliberately act in "sin" (deliberate error), you lose the protection of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

When you do act in human "sin", when an idea becomes so impelling that you fulfill it and commit some "sin", remember that you are creating bonds of limitation that will eventually turn upon self in forms of disease, death, and other perceived "negative" instances. The LAW is JUST. May the just man always use the Law in perfection and with wisdom, to their advantage, which advantage ought to be the liberation of the Light of the heart which will insure you great gain in all octaves.


As we move forward in our works, take care of your intent. Let us quell the subtle vibration of ambition which you do not fully recognize and, therefore, I admonish you to pay attention. Clear of your "space" and then look at what you do--in Light. Ambition in itself is a hideous ego monster, tricking you all the way to trust the human consciousness instead of getting God first and, in getting Him, to find a cornucopia of treasure and wisdom, abundance, light and divine love ever flowing.

You must know that all desires of the human that you may have in this world of expression and manifestation can be surrendered. When they are surrendered, the divine desiring of God comes into your life and within your being and every expression of that "oneness". Since the God dwells within self, who benefits?

To move, with us, along our path there are things which must be overcome in your personalities of desire. If you would retain, for instance, the desire to control others (a very prevalent desire in the human), the desire to have those things that are not ordained and on and on, but you desire to give up only those things that make you sick and uncomfortable, you will be walking upon a tightrope of the human consciousness, trying to take the best of it and to leave the worst and yet not really willing to forsake the totality of it or the whole of it. It is a most precarious position within which to find yourself and I can only admonish, for YOU have free will.

Every experience in life can be transmuted and transcended to become a divine experience--through physical, through actual, through down-to-earth, through a part of what that truly golden-age consciousness can be. It is not wrong to desire happiness, to desire your own fulfillment or education or God success. Truly, no thing will God withhold from you when you use legitimate means of arriving at your goal--more fully expressed when your Goals are within HIS own expression.


Fear binds. Fear is what binds you to the alternative path and method. Thus, I say, drop those fears! Let God demonstrate to you how happy you can be in the fullness of His love--how you can have ALL these things in the fullness--how you can have these things in the highest sense, glorify His name, pass the human consciousness through the transmuting flame, and still retain an individuality which is happy, joyous, hard-working, ever-learning, striving and a joy to be with because you will be the one who unlocks the mysteries for others. The mystery of happiness itself written all over your countenance can be divined by those who meet you by watching how you live. In your living expression DO YOU SET THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF GOD? OR, DO YOU HIDE THIS OR THAT BECAUSE YOUR OWN EXPRESSION IS LESS THAN PROJECTION OF THE PERFECT LAWS OF GOD?

It would seem that it is past time to cease toying with the idea of "unreality". Cease from the idea that you have ever been enslaved. The slaves of death must live in a consciousness of death! Let us remove the octave of the consciousness of death. Let us remove that plane. Let us cease the pains of flesh that tell you that you are in an act of death reality. If it ceases to be, this plane, will YOU cease to be? This is most important, little ones, for if you DO NOT CEASE TO BE--WHERE WILL YOU BE?


Let us look a moment at the "astral plane" from whence comes so many of your sought-after "voices" offering their services as your guides.

There is NOTHING permanent, nothing reliable, in this plane. All is illusion, endless exploration of matter scenes that are changing like a kaleidoscope, entertaining for an "infinity" that is an imitation of the "real" Infinity. The labyrinth of the human consciousness--may dwell in it. As for me, and in my life, I long ago canceled it out and suffered no loss--only wondrous gain; for I long before consumed and replaced the astral debris with the victory of the Christ Circle of consciousness.

The "Hosts" serve as the in-between transition guides which will bring you through the physical and into the physical/spirit expression--so that you move on into the Christ consciousness and on through the higher expressions of Spirit.

God does not cancel out the astral plane because a part of each of you is still there--records of the past, a sense of life expectancies and insurance policies and actualities and possibilities and, "When I die, this will happen." You see, beloved ones, people actually consider themselves evolving toward death, moving ever closer to the final experience which they dread with their whole life being. Well, were we to cancel out that plane (astral) FOR them, so much of them would cease to be, there would be nothing left that could be transmuted and that could rise and could take dominion over it.

Thus, the only place where the consciousness of death and the astral plane can be canceled out is in the point of the will of the student in your given expression of physical. Only YOU can decide: "It is no more! I shall weep no more about any human experience!"--that is, in the sense of self-pity or condemnation, for the tear that is shed with joy and compassion is not the weeping of the entity who weeps.

When you decide it is done, and you decide with the full power of your "I AM" Presence that you are willing to wrestle with old momentum and not allow that beast to rise from the dead at any time, when you will plunge the sword of the WORD, and the spoken WORD, into it, when you will wrestle with every temptation to breathe upon it the breath of LIFE again and take it up again--I tell you, beloved ones, so many angels will come to reinforce the determination of the sons and daughters of God to be free.


Cosmic reinforcements are waiting. You must not be discouraged and say, "This is the way I am and God will have to take me the way I am". Well, beloved ones, no louder voice did pride ever have, looming and glaring at the soul that has been silenced by the heavy tread of the boot of those who are the self-proclaimed independent ones, not realizing they have been singed by Lucifer himself". For he is the one who said, "I am who I am! I am more important than the Son of God, and God will have to ordain that his sons worship me, else I will rebel--God will have to take me as I am!"

One of the problems in this day is that there is not much farther "down" that anyone can be cast, than to walk the physical octave. Therefore, though you think the angel of God's adversary has not bound you and removed you from God's glory by your defiance, it has in fact, already happened--so look very, very carefully.


You struggle with the "what I think" and "what he/she thinks" and miss the point. You seek your actual "help" from another who is most often even more confused as to "truth", the meaning of "love", "unconditional love", "allowing" and "accepting" than are you. Can you not accept of your chain of being? You are a part of the eternal chain of GOD. The higher helps the lower. As you accept help in humility, you can extend help. If you do not receive from the one above, you cannot give to the one below you whose progress is utterly stopped because you yourself have stopped. Once again "pride". Some do not like to think they are dependent upon others. Learn to be receivers of grace and the grace of a student for whom you have perhaps even had disdain. For the prayers of that one whom you think to be beneath you may be the salvation Truth of your soul.

Let God take care of the human and do not create a false hierarchy in your mind, a panoply of all persons you know--some you have judged to be on the lowest in your system. Then, you will seek the company of those whom you "think" to be the "important people" who can somehow add to your stature. This is failing tests, and it leads to a great debacle as the house comes tumbling down which you have built through establishing contact, associations, being a part of an illusory society, et cetera. Think carefully wherein you fit.

One day the world must always turn against the living Christ. I do not think that any among you would consciously turn down the light of your Christ consciousness to be accepted by men or women, yet some of you do this un-consciously to avoid the challenge or the hurt or the public criticism.

Beloved ones, you can only go so far with this little game as you fit yourself in and out of society's cliques. Sooner or later they will make demands upon you, and you will realize that you just compromised your soul and your relationship to be popular or acceptable to some Earth human energy.

Think about it. The tests are lost because of an absence of forethought, of looking objectively at a situation as though you were on the ceiling looking down upon yourself. How do you REALLY wish to figure in the configuration? Are you living that example you wish to express to all the world or, are you perhaps living a sham which is actually the "easy way out" to cling to the middle of the road while calling all acceptance of all things--unconditional love or worse--"acceptable" perceptions. Will the one you FAIL TO TEACH thank you on the day their tickets are not ratified because YOU failed to share the passage rules and listened to their whined perceptions of "It's all OK!"? Will that spouse, that lover, that "friend"--thank you? I doubt it, brother.

Take care, blessed ones, that you do not have to consume the entire apple tree at one sitting: eat perhaps an apple or two per day. Take each problem and solve it; this is a crash course in passing tests. All the answers are made available unto you. Ask and you shall be given. Seek and you shall find. If you turn aside that which pleases you not or pleases not "another"-- you may well have already set off the trap upon your feet.


I ask that you, Dharma, present again that which was given by our Father on September 30, 1989. You have come years since then and wherein it speaks of Mt. St. Helens, think upon other volcanos and the devastation of same and the now erupting cones all over your globe. Think upon the storms of Florida and across your nations of the globe--but I desire that you have this expression and reminder for you continue to move into the turmoil more and more abundantly and with more speed. You must think upon these things as the time of change is upon you.

QUOTE: (Sept. 30, 1989--Saturday)



I shall write the final segment (of this volume). How many will be still and listen? I AM ATON and I see My beloved peoples in pain and confusion. I watch you of My children unprepared and without careful thought unto tomorrow. Tomorrow is upon you. Today, in America, I watch the confusion in your South Carolina as you attempt to set your lives in order after the recent hurricane. What have you learned? Very little! Your "leaders" say you must have billions of dollars to rebuild for long term, when you have not even heat, food and water--and who will tend those who cannot rebuild? Further, what will happen when the next hurricane comes ashore? Do you believe that the ONE is all there will be? I speak just to the children of the United States on this day--what will you do when the 10 to 12 point earthquake hits your Pacific Coast? It will do so and you know it is coming. Are you prepared? It will make the rubble in South Carolina look like piddling child's games. And what of the time when all shall be falling at once? Who will then tend when the volcanos erupt? Your native brothers tell you Truth; the signs are always brought forth for you and then you turn and do such foolish things.

Let us just consider your state called Washington for a minute. Your elder brothers of the Ancients told you that the "Little Sister" would weep and speak unto you ones. And then, the "Grandfather" mountain would speak! Mt. St. Helens spoke--your little sister spoke loudly and some heard but most plugged their ears. The grandfather rumbles and that, dear ones, is Mt. Rainier. How many have been lured unto its very regions by the evil teachers who bring destruction and evil shrouded in partial Truth? How many will perish in their ignorance and blame the God in heaven for your foolishness? You were given "reason" and you heed it not.

I have told you how it will be, many times through many ones, and you heed not. So be it for the lands will be swept clean and ultimately only those who turn unto ME and heed the warnings and take preparation shall survive for there is only the ONE WORD GREATER THAN MINE, THAT IS THE FINAL WORD OF THE CREATION FOR ALL THINGS CREATED ARE ONE WITHIN THIS WONDROUS WHOLE. Man was sent forth as caretaker for that wondrous Creation and man has destroyed in his human form and consciousness. The soul of man shall return or move on to suitable placement but the physical creation shall reap first the winds for you have sowed the winds upon your wondrous Mother.

What is it that you await? The horses to literally move from the clouds? John's vision in his Book of Revelation as projected from the heavens by the Master Teacher to come alive with candlesticks and horsemen? It was said that man would become drunken with evil, greed, lust and heinous acts. The brother shall betray his own brother unto death, it is said, and children shall rise up against their parents.

Just as birthing contractions become harder and more closely following one upon another, shall it be with the things that shall come. As these signs become all present, and the frequency intensifies, then you shall know the time of birthing is upon the Earth.

The time has come when you will not follow sound doctrines. Instead, to suit your own desires, you gather around you a great number of teachers who say what your itching ears want to hear. You turn your ears from Truth and turn aside to false myths. You sit and chant, or shout, your "belief" and then you go blindly forth blaming God for tending you poorly when you change naught--"only believe HE died for your sins and you are SAVED"--perhaps your soul, it will do nothing for your physical body unless YOU GET PREPARED TO SAVE YOURSELVES. YOU GO ABOUT WITHOUT REASON IN YOUR THINKING MINDS WHICH WAS YOUR ONLY GREAT AND GRAND GIFT TO SET YOU ASIDE FROM OTHER OF CREATURES. YOU CAN PROVIDE FOR YOURSELVES AND YOUR BROTHER CREATURES. YOU HAD BETTER BEGIN TO BE VERY SELECTIVE AS TO WHICH "SPACE" BROTHERS YOU ATTEND. FURTHER, MAN'S DOCTRINES WILL NOT GET YOUR TICKET HOME--YOU WILL TURN UNTO MY LAWS AND THOSE OF THE CREATION OR YOU SHALL NOT BE RETURNED INTO MY KINGDOM!

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Is it not so? You have political chaos throughout your world, nations are being torn asunder by civil wars and revolutions. The nations of the world are mostly ruled by evil leaders who incite strife among their own people and inflict it across the borders unto another. When one governmental power is overthrown it is replaced by nothing better.

And you will hear of wars and rumors of war! You have wars all over your lands and within the seas. To refuse to call it "war" does not make of it less the war. You will have nations completely removed from your maps--it is happening daily; look for yourselves. The wars will erupt and become more and more intense and finally the one fanatic will begin that which will pull you all down if you are unprepared.

You have wars proceeding presently with weapons of which you as a people cannot see nor comprehend and you are failing more heinously than you would were it mere bullets or atomic blast--(if you had your shelter systems of which you, in beloved America, do not have). Neither do you hear and change.

There shall come the financial collapse of your world. You will then be placed under the total control of the evil ones who have carefully planned it to be exactly this way. You are in the downfall this very moment. You will have chaos, depression and collapse in your systems.

You have famines already and they will worsen for man clears his lands incorrectly for the growing; the governments pay growers not to grow; you function on greed for money and do not share your foodstuffs to fill your larders for your shelter systems and you do not even notice. Ones go hungry and malnutritioned in your own dooryards and you will not accept responsibility for your brothers.

You are acquiring a population of addicts. You are bearing children who are addicted into the hell you have created. You live in immorality and seek naught but pleasure of the flesh. You sell your own souls and your very children for a puff of drug. Your own governments claim to help you on the surface while they reap the rewards of the underworld. You claim "freedom"? You have no freedom for you have surrendered it to the evil.

You shall have plagues. Oh yes, you already have it! It will kill millions for you have set it up and you continue to nurture it. Facts are kept from you and you go blindly as sheep to the slaughter. Your enemy within the "anti-Christ" and "anti-God" societies have better control of the disease than do you. Oh, God will ultimately take care of you? No, I shall not; not until you turn from your evil and back into the light of the path of Truth and abide again by My Laws and the Laws of the Creation. You have been told what to do and stop doing to bring it under control and you do neither and then blame Me for your circumstance--why do you not blame the guilty? Why do you not accept your own responsibility for allowing in the evil intent and nurturing it in your lustful ways?

You shall have Earth changes. You have Earth changes. You have atmospheric pollution and man pollution which is killing your lakes, your rivers, your lands and your seas. You will have ever-increasing "accidents" as your equipment and ma-chinery grows old and in disrepair and more and more people who run these things fall into greed and addiction. Already, you have unworthy products flooding your marketplace. How long until your nuclear plants erupt?

You shall have floods in unmerciful measure and droughts in unmerciful measure. You will have sustained winds of greater than a hurricane, a hundred and fifty miles an hour, and you will have your power lines blown down and you will be in dire circumstances.

You will have earthquakes of great magnitude and widespread which will crumble the land beneath and disrupt your financial base, your life resources of heat (gas) and power (electricity) for indefinite duration. Millions will perish. You will have volcanic eruptions which will take entire islands and build others. You will need your shelter system to move to safety from that which will rain from the heavens in lava and ash. You have further contaminated the substance in the fissures of the Earth by nuclear testing and it shall spew forth and shower the lands with radioactive downpour. Your nuclear waste dumps shall open up and spew the ultimate poison upon the lands. Americans feel safe? The entire world now runs on nuclear power in great measure--what does France do with her nuclear waste? Better check it out, My children.

There shall be strange events in your skies. Yes there will be such. You had better hear Me well! I send your cosmic brothers to help you and you turn them away, incinerate those who come in peace, shoot your weapons upon them and call them evil and of the devil. They are My sons come to teach and bring home those who will come. Why do you perceive that which the devil tells you rather than listen to Truth? I send My ones to help you and you believe the "man" who says they are of the evil. So be it for Truth will come forth and it shall be too late for most of you. We are now bringing forth the WORD in TRUTH to the masses--will you hear and see? Let him who has ears, hear; and those with eyes, see. The hour glass is empty awaiting the turning!

My Celestial Sons are being presented unto you that you might know them and seek help. The Teachers of the Seven Rays of Life have just been sharing with you in this document (THE RAINBOW MASTERS). How many of you will toss the book aside because your local "preacher" tells you to do so, while I, GOD, come forth to give you Truth? Further, the Angelic realms stand by and the Archangels of your sectors stand ready to receive you and help you with the turn-around of your species. I care not about your "churches and their doctrines"--I care as to whether or not you turn unto ME and the CREATION whose Laws you are in the constant defiant breaking. Through your disobedience unto the Laws you have overpopulated your world until it is spiraling into devastation. Your Mother Source is attaining Her Higher Transition and you are in it--right now.

Nothing of Creation is ever "lost" for in the destruction in one place, another is nourished, even the bodies of the dead will be recycled into the source from which it was born. The volcanos will build new lands and bring fertile ash unto other portions which are barren. Unfortunately, man is the most dispensable commodity upon the planet. The planet would be in balance and continue through the eons in balance if it were not for MAN. Man can create or destroy and you have chosen to destroy. Therefore, that which goes out always returns--the spiral of life goes on unendingly.

It is your choice whereby you continue to experience in your spirit form FOR THE SPIRAL OF LIFE MOVES EVER ONWARD!

I urge you to call upon the Masters of Life Truth for they stand ready to respond and are most diligently acting presently and without rest that you shall be able to survive. They petition constantly in your behalf for mercy. It no longer is a matter of mercy, it is now a matter of "justness"--what you ones have sowed and nurtured so shall you reap in kind. It is never too late to return to Truth and petition for your being but YOU shall do it, for no one--not even the greatest of the Masters--can do it for you. YOU MUST DO IT FOR YOURSELF! I AWAIT YOUR CALL!




* * *

In taking leave, I ask that each of you stop and spend a moment in meditation. Are your actions regarding your "things", your "directions" and your "purpose" being acted out with GOD as your goal or more "things", selfish acts, physical indulgence, selfish direction under the guise of .excuses otherwise? You must get through a time of change--is your contribution to making that change or gleaning more from the hands and actions of the deceivers who tell not truth--even in the smaller instances? Do you hurt the "cause of gain in brotherhood through the projects for 'life' in the perception that another is leading you beyond in the wholeness of the Lighted Presence"--or merely glean under the lies of that deceitful sham, more gain from "him" and/or self--after placing your promises of services unto the Master--not the touted human. If you cannot see that which is happening in many of the instances--you shall never find dis-cernment of quality for transition in the manner claimed by your lips pushing wind through the strings. Confusion is one thing--refusal to see and hear Truth is quite another. Ignorance is one thing, acceptable--refusal to hold that Truth and instead, turn away into the desires of another's pulling and pushing, is quite another and it will give you restlessness and no peace within. Even the act of sex, erroneously called "unconditional love", will cease to have joy but will smack of debasement, coercion and lie. If decisions be hard and excuses continue to have to be made over and over again--for actions and thoughts and expressions to "make it somehow right", there is much which SHOULD be considered.

For the one who has written to me the following I have much compassion and yes, pity--for his is blinded by that which enslaves all men--the human expression.

To refrain from taking the statement out of context, I shall print enough of the letter to dispel such notion of using the words incorrectly. I will say before we quote that this letter was written FOR the person in point and everything about same. indicates the Truth of this statement. Perhaps it reflects some of the feelings of the person in point--but it is done once again--FOR THIS PERSON BY ANOTHER PERSON WHO HAS MUCH TO GAIN FROM WHAT THIS ENTITY CHOOSES TO DO WITH HIS POSSESSIONS AND PLACEMENT. BEWARE, UNWITTING PEOPLE--YOU ARE MOST "BITTEN" WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR HAND IN THE MOUTH OF THE VIPER. BETTER CHECK WHERE YOUR HAND RESTS!


My first real denial to self was over a year ago when Commander Hatonn said, "God gets angry." [anger: strong feeling of displeasure] Then at a following meeting, it was said (while hitting the table), "God does not just get angry, but God gets furious." [furious: fierce or angry.] I really questioned this statement but kept my mouth shut. Perhaps I was in fear to speak out or even question this higher Command at that time but I did some serious research on those two words and, Nora, I would love to read what your expert research would say. [Nora, please, so would all the readers!] Anyway, there was a following statement made much later that is still shocking my soul. Yet, to this day, no one except myself has openly questioned Hatonn's words when he said on tape, "I created you and I can uncreate you." [Why would this shock you? "Hatonn" is literally "(H)ATON(N)" by pronunciation, literation and full identity. I, that which you call Christed, am in His service. He projects as that through which you can find your own service and identity in this journey. I may be captain of this ship--HE IS CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL!] This statement planted the seed that has brought forth these words: "I am the bright and morning star and the revealing Angel of light." I share this only that you ones might go within for sincere guidance, always using the foundation of love. I have great reason to believe that the Light is the enslaver that keeps man in prison on the forever wheel of life here on Earth. [emphasis mine]. In the ancient school of wisdom, we were taught to go through the visible light to the infinite unknown; at the time, it meant little or nothing. I have since gotten follow up confirmation from other sources that is great food for thought. [Son, I think your food for thought needs a bit more selective nurturing and chewing for this is something which is quite undigestible in its present form of perception. Beyond?--"visible Light" into the infinite unknown? The "infinite unknown" is NOT. It is KNOWN--it is only you who have not grown who do not KNOW. Beyond the "visible Light" moves that which is ALL LIGHT--tangible and perfect. To deny Light and blame same for your downfall and falling short is but to cement the shackles forever onto your Spirit who IS of that SAME INFINITE LIGHT!] I feel each of us that was guided to this valley listened to the voice within.

I, personally, had stopped listening for a while in favor of Hatonn, Aton which I now recognize as one with Jehovah. [OH??] "I am a jealous God and there shall be no other Gods before me." [You would be baffled at an "angry" God but not a "jealous" God?] My soul remembers this god of anger and vengeance whom I once served faithfully. Am I now the enemy because I come into remembering? [Who but you say you are an enemy in any context whatsoever?] Or because I wish to take my family's gold back into our possession? [Ah so--and now we come to the point of the whole elusive problem. Well, son--perhaps you placed into my service some of that which you consider your family's resources--YOU PLACED NO GOLD INTO ANY ONE'S POSSESSION SO HOW CAN IT BE RETURNED? Further, were you somehow dim of wit when you offered? There were fully explained uses for the funds represented by a "paper draft" and you agreed to those uses and even helped to spend the resources of those agreements--how now do you set yourself apart while only "just now getting the light from one George Green and your 'advisers'"?] Or because I now speak possible truth and desire to share?

[This next is about as far from fact as you can get, Son.] Good old Moses and the Divine Plan didn't quite make the promised land. Perhaps, he too has found the Father within to be the unconditional love of the Christ Consciousness. Perhaps, he has, also, awakened to the truth of Hatonn, Aton, Jehovah? [Moses?? You know not of this which your pretender speaks. "Perhaps" "good old Moses" drew away from the Lighted Truth of God and didn't quite make the passage requirements! When you begin again to speak from your own thoughts, son, it shall be far more graciously received by all your brethren than through the hands and guidance of another who gains from your distraction and bafflement. Do you REALLY think that George Green will better utilize your MONEY for GOD?? Besides you had an obligation, you accepted an obligation and "gold" played no part in the whole scenario except as "collateral" to cover investment notes. To demand full repayment (which is not present at any rate) in GOLD which is now even less in value than when utilized as collateral--smacks of greed and at best, coercion and threat with intent that others lose that you might gain. If this is your definition of that "unconditional love" of which you continually toss in everyone's face--you are in grave error and there are none who believe you! So be it.]

My conclusions and decision to withdraw from all of you whom I love dearly has not been easy. As a matter of fact, it has been the hardest decision I have ever made. Not that worldly possessions mean a thing: [Of course not!!.....]

…….. I only desire to go my way in peace leaving my love and blessings with each of you I have touched in this valley.


* * *

Leaving your love and blessings with each of those left in this "valley"?? You cut with the sword of Damocles and then suffer the ones to believe you leave them with love? blessings?--while you bring pain, take that which you offered and then reclaim in more than that which you shared? Is this your "unconditional love"? Or, is it that you desire only "unconditional love" with no objection FROM all you touch? This is NOT "LOVE" at any definition, which you thrust upon ones. I suggest if you go away to follow your star which is not of Light--that you have more than unconditional love from the ones from whom you take leave--you bear their pity and compassion for that which lies ahead of you. So be it for within each is his own decision.

To my friends and beloved brothers I can only leave this thought: If you pull away from the path and know not the way, you are destined to fall short--there will be found no "peace" and if you confuse "love" with that which MAN uses for definition--you shall likewise be misled. May the grace and mercy of Creator Source be given into understanding. Remember--"confusion" is NOT THE PROJECTION OF GOD! Confusion comes directly from the adversary's sorcerers and nymphs with their playthings.

This writing has been long. I am pleased to again share with you, scribe. I cherish you brethren as I cherish my own LIFE within GOD My SOURCE. Please, handle the gift of knowledge of Life eternal most preciously lest you be drawn away by the infidels of physical expression through their own foolish and ignorant perceptions. There is only ONE Truth, but myriads of ways to find it--and equally as many diversions away from it. So be it.

Esu, the brother.



SAT., FEB. 20, 1993 9:50 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 188




Enemies come, Dharma, in the least expectable ways. Through the "seeking" Truth process ones go forth on journeys into searching and end up with a multitude of truth, sort-of-truth, misinformation and disinformation--it is the way of it. The point in the "finding" is to have experienced, expressed and "found" that which is valid and stands in confirmation of its validity.


Yes, I knew that the betrayal would come immediately following the meeting in which we expressed the truth of what is happening here. Do you not think the Christ knew of his own betrayal and betrayer? Because of THAT BETRAYAL we must now make public the sordid affair. Does it make the betrayer "evil"--no, only ignorant of that which he/she does. The price being "gold" however, makes it in the same category as "30 pieces of silver"--changed only by the passage and "inflation" values of the moment vs. the old.

Further, I feel it unconscionable on the part of one attached to L.F. that he not only is being pulled asunder but this "attachment" is calling ones in her realm of hopeful influence. The expression is going to be one of denial but ones from Tucson are making it quite clear that this is not only going on but that "they" will NOT become involved in the destruction of the Institute or the Word. If L.F. wishes to confirm this for self I suggest he start by asking about S. St.Claire! Further, I suggest he study very carefully the constant phone calls from George and Desiree.

George was informed he was "caught" in the gold theft and was immediately on the phone efforting to cover his actions with D.O.--sender of the gold in point. You who THINK YOU ACT IN "SECRET"--DO NOT! Your own alliance with the ones who claim new prophecy have sucked you into their own subterfuge and intent to harm all ones of the "Light", all participants in this little Institute, all ones here who work so diligently for Truth and ones you say you leave with unconditional Love in your heart. It shall NOT HAPPEN. All ones here in Truth are protected under very critical structure of business corporate rules, impeccable records and total integrity. You, L.F., ask for hearing with me personally and turn immediately and betray trust placed in your discretion for the protection of other ones, with potential loss, by your actions. Oh, you say, but I didn't realize that--well, check with your "soulmate", brother. All ones are given chance to cast the die in their own "tooling" and it must be assumed that you have attended your own.

I must accept that your "demand" is specifically to do damage to others who have served in wondrous intent--THEY SHALL NOT BE DAMAGED. As quickly as George Green returns the "gold" (literally) and accounts for all other such transactions--you will immediately be paid in the "gold" you demand. You will note that Mr. Green has not responded to any DEMAND placed upon him for return of HIS NOTES or hostaged books. You ask that these ones here at the Institute honor your notes which you claim by your own voice to have been made because of Mr. Green. Mr. Green was a valid member of the Board of the Institute and did intend to hold, for personal gain, hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold coin--from the Institute. I suggest you turn in your demand to him--immediately! Mr. Green will not take more from the people with participation in this Institute. Mr. Green has told you ones within his conspiracy to demand payment in full, with interest and full value of input--IN GOLD. I suggest you go to where the gold is stored--in Mr. Green's control and possession.

I would have a bit of input as a "friend", L.: If you take your "gold" and simply invest it as advised by "advisers" into gold seeking and mining--you are destined to lose it and your proverbial "shirt". I remind you--the adversary INTENDS TO HAVE IT ALL!

It is obvious by now, good friends, that Mr. Green was setting up the Ekkers and the Institute to cover his own taking of the actual gold. This was to allow you ones duped to believe that the gold was placed in the possession of the Institute and to tell ones that the Institute has no funds but does have gold. The only gold held has been secreted away by Greens. All Institute gold is purchased and held as collateral by banks--not in the possession of said Institute or Ekkers.

Because of the constancy of the phone calls to ones here, and especially to L.F., as well as to ones in the now evident attempt to cover the illicit subterfuge, it becomes evident that Mrs. Green is also involved through knowledge of the circumstances, if not fully informed.

I have no input to those things which men do--I do have responsibility to STOP those actions from falling on the shoulders of innocent "victims" who do no more than serve to the best of ability.

My suggestion to you who have made your demands at the spurring on and instructions of Mr. Green, is to take your demands DIRECTLY TO MR. GREEN FOR REPAYMENT--IN FULL, FOR HE HAS GLEANED ENOUGH IN GOLD ALONE TO REPAY YOU ALL--IN FULL MEASURE--WITH ALL INTEREST AND VALUE. Demand of him the immediate restitution of your outstanding sums—in like manner of his advice to you against the ones damaged by him personally. HE IS THE ONE WITH THE GOLD YOU DEMAND.

The remainder of the Board of Directors of the Institute (seven members) is handling the matter as concerns the Institute in corporate fiduciary responsibility and no exception will be made for ones feeling themselves to be somehow "outside" the rules and regulations of that corporate structure according to the laws of the land. There is no "spiritual" aspect involved so please cease and desist with your spiritualism and claims for "failure to understand" and THREATS of some type of legal action. The legal actions you have now precipitated and necessitated are falling directly where they belong--against the very ones who sought to pull down the Institute. Deception works its own just rewards.


We must ask all readers who have sent so much as five dollars to the Constitutional Law Center--either directly to the address: 564 La Sierra Dr #187, Sacramento, CA, or through America West Publishers and/or Distributors, AND/OR have made any donations or "deals" directly with America West or Greens with intent for use by the Institute, JOURNALS or "The Word" in any way whatsoever--if not acknowledged by the Institute or CLC--NOTIFY THE LIBERATOR OR THE INSTITUTE IM-MEDIATELY. We have no other way to reach the ones of you who may have been duped and the funds misdirected. (The current correct address for the CLC is the same mail office as above except the suite number is 176.)

Many sums have been, we now find, diverted from the Constitutional Law Center into a separate entity THROUGH THE DIRECT ACTIONS OF ONE GARY ANDERSON. Mr. Anderson was formerly with the Common Law Service Center and now is with his own operation, but still housed in the building in which the Constitutional Law Center was formerly housed. The Constitutional Law Center moved from any association, including building housing, many months ago. Thousands of dollars are now proven to have been diverted.

I believe you as readers can now see WHY we have offered "notes" against sums given, even as gifts and donations--unless specified for individual persons as gifts (and sometimes even then). This is for your protection of KNOWING that your funds are being utilized properly for that which you have given same.


Yes, of course it will, but since there is only Truth to be offered here--it can only strengthen TRUTH and INTEGRITY. Those who have intent to save your nation, move with the higher cause and actually desire TRUTH OF THINGS GREATER THAN THE OBVIOUS, CAN ONLY HAVE CONFIRMATION AND REALIZE THE FOUNDATION OF THAT WHICH IS OFFERED HERE. Ones who jump on the bandwagon of the human physical LIE will go their way in confusion. I remind all ones--TRUTH CAN STAND THE SCRUTINY OF TOTAL PUBLIC LIGHT. WHEN THERE IS NAUGHT TO HIDE--THE "TRIAL" MUST BECOME PUBLIC FOR THE JUDGMENT OF ACTIONS AND THE DISCERNMENT OF THE "STORY" BEARERS. WHO ARE THE MESSENGERS OF TRUTH? WHO PROVE TO BE THE "TOOLS" OF THE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION??


Now, as to Green's claim that I, Hatonn, left to be with him and Desireé--I have this to say: IF THAT ACTION BE WHAT YOU EXPECT OF A HOST OF GOD--SO BE IT. I DENY AND DENOUNCE ANY ENTITY CALLING HIMSELF "HATONN" SPEAKING THROUGH EITHER OF THOSE PERSONS. What is going on is not only not Godly but is totally criminal action and against the laws of the land. I cannot help what is coming down for each has his own choices to make and his own journey to make. This could have been resolved by honest actions and restitution properly, with hearing and settlement. This has not been allowed; there is no intent to restore value to that which has been robbed (YOU) AND ONLY MORE AND MORE LEGAL ACTION AND PRESSURE AGAINST THE ENTITY ATTACKED. It is now removed by law from the hands of persons involved. It is, however, hoped that the ones at fault will simply make good all personal gleanings back to its proper placement so that all can go on without further collision.


To you many writers who wish me to print the portions of writings by "Moses" which seem to have come into popular distraction I would like to remind you: The writings we placed in the LIBERATOR were placed on a public Bulletin Board and forwarded to the LIBERATOR. We have no wish to bring any comment on the entity or the receiver. We asked permission to print some of the work as we would find space and that was granted. Now it seems ones are upset that we do not turn the paper over to Green's "Hatonn" and "Moses". Mr. Green tells his contacts that Druthea and Sananda will no longer write for the LIBERATOR and neither will The Christ Jesus or Moses. What nonsense. Do you think the CHRIST so limited?

Truth is valid from wherever it comes and so is untruth. The discernment and judgment must come from the readers. However, the LIBERATOR is NOT set forth for such quarrels. All we did was run (in full and without more than typographical corrections) those writings most suitable for sharing by the readers as deemed so by the Editors in the space allowed. Remember, there is massive expense and limitation as to size of papers and we are averaging 35 to 40 pages per edition. "Moses" was a "guest" and when DEMAND to run ALL writings without selection or editing came, we had to honor that demand--so we cannot run the writings from that resource. I am sorry--it is not our choosing.

Now, as to the demand that we run the documents elected for not running--I will not do that unless the demand is far more pressing than at present. "Moses" referred to you as gluttonous pigs, lazy and blind pigs and thus and so. YOU ARE NOT PIGS; YOU ARE SIMPLY UNINFORMED. He and his speakers may call you anything they wish--but not in our paper!! We are not here to call you names as "pigs"; ours is to give you support and, hopefully, allow you to realize what is taking place so that you might change of it positively in the light of freedom. You are NOT gluttonous PIGS--you are the most beloved and wondrous of all of God's infinite creations. Do you go to dinner at the invitation of a friend and demand that he serve you all you want of exactly what you desire, including poison in the teacup? We do nothing to stop that writer or the speaker. We simply are following the very demands of those in point. I have no further interest or intent to waste more time and space to the subject in point. If they wish to make a paper for you readers (Mr. Green says he is starting one and will be running Moses' work and such), then I certainly would not stop the public dis-play of the information for you who wish it. I would note, however, that Mr. Green intends to cause you to think he is receiving from ME--so watch out! We weary of the silly and foolish games. A being, no matter who he might be--reaps EXACTLY that which he sows! This is the Universal LAW, not my "wishing", for I would "wish" to have NO deceivers and no enemies. GOD IS JUST. I do not judge.

If the LIBERATOR is caused to close tomorrow it will not fall to the pressures of those who would have us present that which is not Truth. If you ones want just more disinformation and misinformation--especially about UFO's and ALIENS--I suggest you hurry right over and sign up. If a man will take gold for his own use in the betrayal of a brother, when intended for the work of God--the Truth is not in him. What price do YOU place upon your own soul?


This is so important that I cannot allow a writing to pass without note. The situation in L.A. is so volatile that you can no longer ignore it.

THE PLANS ARE: To get the Guard trained for riot. This is now taking place with stockpiles of ammunition. NOW, the Federal Marshal's teams are in place in Los Angeles and under intense training.

There are over 10,000 troops (U.N.) outside Barstow in readiness to move in and set-up in the L.A. fringes as immediate deployment capability within minutes into L.A. with full armored gear and heavy fire capability.

There is set up a plan and all necessary razor-wire in place to turn the Rose Bowl in Pasadena into an incarceration camp immediately. If you precious sleeples think things aren't dangerous--LOOK AGAIN!


Forget it. There is nothing "natural or normal" about what is happening around you. Now, in addition, in California the idiots are digging in the massive faults which may or may not exist--to set charges, under the guise of "research". This takes in all the area around the "Lander's" quake area, Big Bear, etc.


What do you think may be going on in West Virginia with the blast, laser shows and explosive blasting? What about all the visible flying objects? Wake up, children, or this may well be your LAST DREAM.


OK, today comes your confirmation about the "sand flies" and bloodsucking disease set-up and placed into infection of Sudan and other areas. There is a "big" play about it on CNN, the "Puppet-Master's" network of training and brainwashing information and hypnosis staging. Get ready--because this is intended to be every bit as big and nasty as AIDS. This is as fatal as full blown AIDS and--unless you get your immune systems into strong health and get your systems into higher frequency resonance--these bastard man-made destroyers will annihilate you.


To you who wish to deny the possibilities of robotics, replicas and DNA duplicates--harken up to the side-news. You will note a 5000 year old male body has been dug up and is in pretty good condition--cadaver speaking. But, that is not the fun part of the story--THEY FULLY INTEND TO TAKE ITS DNA AND GENETIC STRUCTURE, INSERT INTO A FEMALE OVUM AND REPRODUCE CLONES. THIS IS ON YOUR NEWS, CHELAS, SO DON'T JUST FAINT AND MOAN "IMPOSSIBLE". They admit, however, that they don't know how to accurately retain the brain data of the "original". They further admit that they don't NEED a female surrogate mother--but it would be more "appropriate". Ho-humm.


Since the RTC is a prime grief and misery dealer in my own circle of immediate personnel, I think you ones who missed this should have opportunity to share bits and pieces of good information. Keep in mind that the RTC has spent over four times the amount of money on this one little "old folks" confiscation (which they finally won and are doing) as the value of the property (minimum). Note that they have a reputation so bad that they will be replaced by a new agency soon--however, don't ex-pect great change but, rather, more and better take-over capabilities--under the same management but covered by bankruptcy shelter.

There is not just a little bit of pain in the George Green situation by the Ekkers'. While Mr. Green has been calling about the country to everyone he knows and telling them there is no litigation on the Ekkers' property--that they have just used this for monetary gain--Mr. Green has confiscated enough gold to pay for their property ten times over! There seems to be just a little something wrong in this matter. No indeed, if this be of "their" "Hatonn" instructions--I do not like that one very much!!! But then, perhaps there is misunderstanding as to my position and identity. I am not a cute little, or big, space alien. I am come with the Hosts of God and do not play in the "terrorize the people of Earth" game. To some that makes me a miserable failure but to freedom-seeking, God-respecting persons I do just fine.



Washington--The head of the agency that disposes of failed savings and loan institutions will resign in two months, he told employees Thursday.

In a letter, Albert V. Casey, president of the Resolution Trust Corp., wrote agency employees:

"I wanted you to be the first to know that I have informed Treasury Secretary (Lloyd) Bentsen of my desire to return to the private sector at the beginning of April 1993."

Casey, 72, has been the chief executive of the RTC since October 1991.

He was appointed by the Bush Administration to reorganize the agency which was suffering under a convoluted management structure that included two boards. The agency takes over failed S&Ls and dismantles them, either by closing them or selling off the assets.

A former postmaster general and former chairman of American Airlines, Casey let it be known privately that he would stay on at the agency if the Clinton Administration asked. [H: Oh surely, and now you have an idea how soon the change might come--he resigns in order to be available for a new position--in, say, a couple of months?]

However, Bentsen, who is chairman of the board that oversees the RTC, pointedly told reporters last week that he had not yet decided whether to retain Casey. [H: By the way, surely you realize that Bentsen, through secret corporations, etc., has gleaned billions of dollars worth of property--a whole lot in good old Texas--through the RTC at only pennies (or nothing) on the dollar.]

Last Friday, Bentsen wrote Casey a stiffly worded letter demanding the RTC try to recover excessive fees from Price Waterhouse & Co. which charged the agency 67 cents a page for photocopying more than 10 MILLION loan documents.

The agency announced late Thursday it had renegotiated the contract and would save an estimated $4 million. The contract had been expected to cost $25 million to $30 million.

It said that elaborate security procedures established by the Justice Department were in part responsible for the high copying fees of documents at HomeFed Federal Savings Bank in San Diego, the largest S&L to fail last year. [H: And the holder of the investment paper on the Ekker property through Santa Barbara Savings and Loan as well as Salomon Brothers. I suppose the lawyers must be correct--the Ekkers have bankrupted the entire of the nation over arguments over their home. Well, the dirty little citizen old folks were shown a thing or two about playing around with the Justice system--they have been soundly beaten and to keep from being scuttled by the firing squad--the RTC wants to shelter all criminal activities prior to their entry into the matter!--as part of a negotiation for allowance to stay in the house for a couple of months until moving is more convenient. In other words--until such time as moving of property is accomplished without seizure of same. Yep, this is your good old U.S.A. in fine fettle.]

Almost from the start of his tenure, Casey has been saying the savings and loan bailout is nearly finished. In his most recent public appearance last week, he said the agency, which has spent $88 billion, could complete the cleanup for another $25 billion.

By the end of this year, the RTC could go out of existence, turning over any unsold S&L real estate and securities to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., he said. [H: OOPS!!]

However, Rep. Bruce Vento, D-Minn., one of the leading congressional critics of the RTC, has proposed extending the agency's life and making it responsible for real estate acquired from failed banks, in addition to failed S&Ls, and for properties repossessed by the Department of Housing and Urban development. [H: Critic?? Could this be a more massive "henhouse" foxy deal?]

In his letter, Casey defended the agency's performance, telling employees: "While it may be currently fashionable for critics to speak unfavorably of the RTC, it is my firm conviction that history will judge otherwise. I have no doubt that clarity of hindsight will show that you tackled an extraordinary challenge in difficult times, and carried out your mission with admirable resolve and competence." [H: I don't believe even Gaiandriana can keep you from barfing at this putrid presentation!]


Remember this good patriot friend during these immediate days. He offers his grateful appreciation to all of you who have stayed in contact and supported him with love and sharing. Now he petitions you to be particularly prayerful as he faces his destiny at the hands of the injustice system. If any of you wish to visit him, etc., please call (503:482-0265) for information as Maynard has none.

Trial is set for 22--26 of February. The petition is for all who can to get to court (so please put this on the hot-line) the more possibility of release and fair hearing. However, it is mandatory that all who go be respectful of the court, show gracious restraint and be non-disruptive of proceedings. Remember, we wish to get the man released and not shut away for the remainder of his life.

Please, on the phone line, give information: where, how, etc. People forget easily and quickly. Let us support our brothers in trouble. We can do so without massive "movements" or alliances with any "groups". Power comes from individual stance for TRUTH--with petition for assistance by the God of Source.

If YOU cannot attend personally, send your petition via wire, fax--any way you can. And, call and ask surrogate attendance by someone in the area who CAN attend as a silent voice of the people. A restrained, respectful and basically "silent" mass of staunch people—speaks louder than all the placards and mouthers ones can gather. If there are planted disrupters present--hold your course but d o not be sucked into the disrupters' actions. Demonstrations of near riot levels are expected--DO NOT PLAY INTO THE EXPECTATIONS EVEN TO HASSLE WITH THE PLANTED HARASSERS. IT IS TIME TO STAND TALL AS THE SILENT BUT POWERFUL GUARDIANS WHICH YOU ARE! THANK YOU.

In addition, please do not represent yourselves as being from this "GROUP". There is no group here--patriot or otherwise--THERE ARE SIMPLY "PEOPLE" HERE, INDIVIDUALS, WHO ARE IN EFFORT AS PATRIOTS AND CITIZENS SEEKING JUSTICE AND FREEDOM AND SAVING OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THIS NATION UNDER GOD. IF YOU SEEK "'GROUPS" TO JOIN, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. We will! offer all the help and assistance we can as individuals and as a voice as the people ask. We have no intent whatsoever otherwise.

**I ask, please, that the Editor's staff ask Will Loy for permission to run, in full, his presentation as shared with us, in the LIBERATOR. ** I recognize this person as being very accurate in his gifted visions and in deciphered representation of those visions. There is much coming down EXACTLY as he has "seen" and as I have presented. You need your confirmations, readers, that God sends His warnings--if you but recognize them and know that they come in all manners of ways and through unexpected messengers.

May the peace of God rest upon you as you pass this journey.

I salute you, Hatann to clear.