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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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THE BIG LIE, by the Informer





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GOODNESS IN THE SHADOW (Marisa, May, 1993)




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I wish to acknowledge the unresting persistence of one Kenneth Vardon who has struggled and yet maintained a great service for the rest of you in gathering instant and necessary information. There are others but today I wish to honor this one singularly for his service. He doesn't fret or stew over E.T.s or "what ifs"--if there is news and possibility of assistance--HE ACTS!

None of you should concern yourselves with "UFOs" and "little E.T.s"--WE ARE GOD'S RIGHT ARM!--THE HOSTS SENT FORTH, COME FORTH, AND READY TO SERVE. Wayshowers is our name and guidance is our game. We shall WIN--but it is going to take an awful lot of Relative Connections to get it done. Thank you, Ken, and the ones who share un-stinting with this news networking.



FRI., JULY 23, 1993 11:58 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 341

FRI., JULY 23, 1993


Just as there are multiple kinds of fish to fry and so too do many things go into soup which must then be boiled--we find ourselves with a cauldron overflowing with soup and so many fish frying at once that we shall have to consider calling this book Stir Fried Stew. However, in keeping with a bit more professional approach and to allow for sequenced "volumes" we shall call it RELATIVE CONNECTIONS.

We will be touching on so many varied topics that I cannot here comment on them all--we are going to run from "past" offerings to your missing 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the (u)nited states in America.

IF you can PROVE that there was a "different" 13th Amendment to your Constitution AND cause the deceivers to confront it--you can clean your legislative houses and your Judicial Benches of the lawyers who have brought your nation to downfall.

Will you do it? Well, since the legislative bodies and the lawyer-filled "benches" of all courts and throughout your government are FILLED with barristers--it seems a rather magnificent task--but, yes, do-able!

I place this in the INTRODUCTION because I sort of left off with reference to it yesterday and it is MOST important as you cause ones to look, again, at what WAS AND WAS BURIED.

The Thirteenth Amendment was simply REMOVED from the Constitution after ratification. We have written on this at length before and someone is searching for that information. If found in time, I ask that it be added to THIS Journal for continuity.

I have a follow-up from Illinois and accompanying proof from Kansas right in my scribe's hands at present. It IS a way in which you could regain control of your Judicial AND Leg-islative system--IF YOU ACT QUICKLY BEFORE THE CONSTITUTION IS BANNED.

Let us just offer a message to Ken Vardon of APFN from Jason Hall, Citizen of the Republic of Illinois:

Kenneth L. Vardon,

Regarding your release of July 20th "Pirates of State Court System" I have come across another 13th Amendment of our Constitution of the United States of America. This amendment was passed at the Second session of the eleventh Congress and ratified in sixteen States. This Amendment had been suppressed and following the civil war was replaced by the 13th Amendment we know today.

It is my understanding that this other thirteenth Amendment has been authenticated by the Supreme Court and will soon be brought out publicly. [H: Don't be foolish in your blind hopes--remember, all the Supreme Court Judges ARE LAWYERS:]


If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

Therefore, anyone who accepts this title of nobility (membership in the "Bar") from a foreign power (The Bar Association) will lose citizenship. That would include all members of the Senate, all but 23 members of the House of Representatives, the President, and most Judges.

I understand the military and constitutional Judges and the True members of Congress are working right now to bring this Nation back under the Constitution. I pray this is all true.

Constitutionally yours,

Jason Hall

Citizen of the Republic of Illinois

Attached: Copy of the 13th Amendment from the laws of the State of Kansas 1855.

* * *

GOOD LUCK! I shall not ask Dharma to go though the tedium of offering the Kansas document here--suffice it to know that it exists.

Now we are going to turn to a subject which is tedious at best to handle in this paper. All of you readers are aware of the confrontation of myself and the University of Science and Philosophy. I don't want to discuss that subject too much here for it is so sensitive and continues to give threat of contempt charges and imprisonment by a Federal Court Judge for my scribe through complaints of US&P--who must have avid readers of these papers--oh, if only we had such attentive masses of readers.

I simply want to share something with you-the-people about one Dr. Walter Russell, whom I respect and honor in highest esteem.

As we have written on Dr. Russell we are so pleased to find that researchers have fruitfully gone forth and gathered a harvest of information--some is right out of newspapers. The one I wish to share, because of its contents, IS FROM WALTER RUSSELL HIMSELF in the New York Times, August 12, 1930:



To the Editor of the New York Times:

Since publication in THE TIMES of my statement that modern science is without a foundation and needs a major surgical operation to put it in line for a logical cosmogenetic synthesis, I have been bombarded by telephone and by letters questioning this statement and others made in my book "The Russell Genero-Radiative Concept," recently published.

May I tell those people who think I have a superficial, metaphysical concept which I am trying to inject into practical science for its reformation that I am as thoroughly prepared to carry out my program with dynamic answers, not metaphysical ones, as Copernicus was when he upset an equally obstinate world of thoroughly satisfied Ptolemyites! Also I am as thoroughly aware of the difficulties of uprooting established ideas as he was.

I am also thoroughly conversant not only with every experiment that has given science its present unstable state, but also with the wrongful deductions which have resulted from those experiments.


I am as familiar with the experiments and observations of Newton and Kepler as I am of those of Faraday, Cavendish, Rutherford, Bohr or Millikan, and I also am as familiar with the things which these great men did not see in their own experiments as those which they did see, and even then misinterpreted.

An observation of an effect of Nature is equal to an experiment and a proper deduction from either is [H: Two lines missing from press clipping.] ...then become inventors and work out wonders which Nature never thought of. I can cite hundreds of such inventions born of supposedly observed facts of experiment.


Mathematics are useless if the premises they start with are wrong. La Place, the greatest mathematician of his day, "proved" many things which have since been disproved. He even went so far as to prove that the outer edges of his rings moved faster than their inner surfaces, and his contemporaries accepted that impossibility as Niels Bohr's "jumping electron" was accepted by his contemporaries.

Nature hasn't one separate series of laws for big mass and another series for small mass. She has one law for both, but science unhesitatingly invents a series of laws for little mass that outdoes the reliance of the Arthurian sages upon a credulous public.

The moons of Jupiter and the planets of the sun pursue their courses around their primaries in an orderly periodic fashion, in strict obedience to the two forces which command and control them from two foci.

It would be the most astounding claim imaginable to state that this earth could suddenly jump to the orbit of Mars without consuming one-millionth of a second of time, yet that invention is the utterly fantastic and completely unfounded belief of modern science regarding the planets of the atom.

I could write volumes based upon modern electrical experimental data to prove that such a happening is not in Nature's scheme.

Science attributes this deduction to [H: Another two lines missing from the clipping--copy machine cut off the bottom.] ....ments as those which they did see, and even then misinterpreted.

An observation of an effect of Nature is equal to an experiment and a proper deduction from either is more important than either.

Newton, for example, would have solved the other half of the gravitational problem if he had found out how that apple and the tree upon which it grew got up in the air before the apple fell.

I challenge the world of science to correctly and completely answer that question. Let your readers qualify for the right to subject me to their criticism as an impractical visionary by first giving a dynamic answer to this by no means simple question.

Therefore I say to all my critics who wonder why I do not go into the laboratory and "perform experiments" that I do perform experiments in physical laboratories and make profound observations in Nature's vast laboratory that have fitted me to make new and logical deductions from old experiments which have no inconsistencies and no exceptions.


To illustrate: Suppose a man experimented with the moon running behind the trees as he ran, then set down his conclusions from the "facts", as he saw them, such as the correspondence of acceleration and deceleration to his speed, we could easily point out the error of such a deduction because we are familiar with the illusions of perspective.

Science has never considered the fact that in this universe of motion all effects of motion are illusions. Illusions are not limited to perspective but to every electrical, chemical and astronomical relation.

Nature is the supreme deceiver, the champion "poker bluffer", who, with a simple hand, makes you think she has much.

Nature is simple. She has but one force (which she divides into many), and seven patterns (which she complexes by repeating them in such marvelous systems of wave periodicities that it needs imagination, rather than eyesight, to coordinate them). [H: Again, a couple of lines missing from the clipping.] ....modern electrical experimental data to prove that such a happening is not in Nature's scheme.

Science attributes this deduction to a "brilliant young Dane, Niels Bohr", who working under Rutherford, proved it by experiment, backed by Rydburg's constant, Coulomb's law, mathematics and the evidence of the spectroscope.

Of what use is Bohr's mathematical equation regarding the hydrogen spectrum, for example, if the four admittedly assumed premises upon which it is based are not in accord with Nature's plan of motion?


Of what value also is the spectroscopic evidence if the presumption that band-spectra are caused by molecules and line spectra by atoms is found to be a wrong one? In respect to this I am prepared to offer consistent reasons why band and line spectra have another and more logical cause.

I can cite wrong premise after wrong premise which has caused science to form wrong basic conclusions, such as that there are separate negative and positive charges instead of doubly charged masses, also that positive and negative "charges" attract each other when the evidence in its favor is the simplest of Nature's illusions and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against such a law. Take only one for example: How does science explain the fact that in all decomposing compounds like charges seek like charges and repel all others? If this law were true the universe which we know could not hold itself together, for all similar substances and atoms of substances would be explosive, and a pound of any one substance would be impossible.


New York, Aug. 12, 1930

* * *

Now I ask you readers: Does this above seem like a man who would hide his work from the public and not allow others to utilize his "truth"? He quarreled constantly with the scientific approach as recognized--he knew Tesla and all the better thinkers of the day--would he actually object to a little grandmother using his offerings to tell you-the-people that you are on THE WRONG TRACK SCIENTIFICALLY? Further, while you are sleeping and the truth is hidden by whatever cause--the ENEMY HAS TAKEN THE INFORMATION AND, FROM IT, BROUGHT GREAT WEAPONS THAT CAN DESTROY YOU.

Does it not seem clear now that you have some history of US&P and its connections with the Brookings Institute and the Committee of 300 Elitists? You do not know what lies were told to "them" by Coleman and Green, et al. But do you not think it time the lawyer circle without end be put aside, contact made in a valuable way for ALL YOU PEOPLE so that we can get on with some valid WORK. I think Timothy Binder is a blessed and chosen man for this work--BUT NOT WHERE HE IS OR THE WAY THIS IS BEING GONE-ABOUT! WE HAVE NO REAL DIFFERENCES, ONLY LEGAL GARBAGE WHICH CAUSES THE CHASM TO CONSTANTLY BE BROADENED. If, further, George Green misrepresented and did his work poorly in our behalf at writing of these documents--is this OUR PROBLEM? How is it that he now represents "them" even in the lawsuit against himself--while causing all charges, etc., to be lumped off on the innocent heads of Ekkers? Is there not something terribly wrong with this? Does it not, also, KEEP THE INFORMATION BURIED??(??) I can further GUARANTEE that Dr. Binder CANNOT answer the questions put to ME about Dr. Russell's work, intent, or even diagrams!

Can Dharma? Good grief NO! She is simply weary unto sickness of the whole thing for she had never HEARD of one Walter Russell. But I would promise you that she alone can now know more than one Dr. Timothy Binder for she often has the remarkable advantage of Dr. Russell's "presence".

Since the inquiries continue to pour in about this previously almost unknown entity--I think I shall just ask that we type up the clipping copies that were sent to us regarding Dr. Russell. Some will not be gracious because of the remarkable circumstance of Lao's entering into Walter's life as she did, from an Elite background in connections in England and the breaking up of a 55 year marriage for Russells. It was quite a scandal at least, unfortunate at best. Dharma simply wishes she had NEVER HEARD OF HIM and would like NEVER TO HEAR OF HIM AGAIN!

This wish fulfillment is highly UNLIKELY, scribe--highly unlikely!

We shall continue to bring you bits and pieces of many things simultaneously and perhaps you can sort the pieces and put them together from the upcoming series of JOURNALS. We simply CANNOT take time to handle only one subject at a time--for you are "out of time".

Blessing be upon you ones who will open your eyes and ears and find truth.

I AM Hatonn, Journalist

July 23, 1993



MON., JULY 12, 1993 8:34 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 330

MON., JULY 12, 1993


WHAT do you really KNOW? From "where" came your information? WHY do you believe "it" to be so? HOW do you KNOW? WHO IS YOUR SOURCE?

You watch and listen to your video boxes and what do you KNOW when you turn it, finally, OFF? You go forth, possibly, on a Sunday or Saturday and sit passively listening to a "preacher" TELLING you WHAT HE BELIEVES. You sit and are TOLD that that which is in a book called Bible, or Talmud or Koran or Torah--is truth. (They all tell it differently.) Does the listening make it so? You may well even listen to me--but who am I? What am I? From where do I come so elusively and tout "truth"? Frightening? I hope so, for in caution you become discerning and can then judge that which is presented and the actions of those who present--and therein you will find TRUTH.

Moreover, do you STAY with something long enough if it seems to be truth--to KNOW? Do you take unto YOURSELF everything AVAILABLE by and through a given source--UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR SELF THAT IT BE TRUTH? Or, do you LISTEN TO ANOTHER'S OPINION about this or that and let THEM control your own beliefs?



What difference does it make WHO I might be? Do I bring Truth? How do you know? Why would I bother if I have my infinite ticket? And, further, what difference could it possibly make? NONE--TO YOU! It matters not if I am a worm on the sunny rock or a voice from the tree leaf--IF I BRING TRUTH--IT IS THAT TRUTH THAT YOU MUST INGEST.

A prophet? Is this being a prophet? In the "highest sense of the meaning", yes. I am NOT a fortune teller. A prophet is one who overall brings the concept and expected probabilities back into your consciousness--nothing more. Moreover, a prophet will never give you specifics for, "Even the son shall not know the moment of His return." He will be right 100% of the time--but you may well not be around when the prophecy began or ends! (In the form you now project.) He will bring these truths, not for his own gain--but with a driving need to WARN you and offer Truth to you. A fortune teller will, on the other hand, sit and tell you wondrously comprehensive things and data--and specifics so that YOU must fulfill the projections in your span of expression. You will discount or you will accept but, within, you KNOW that you are walking a very, very thin line in the truth game.

The truth offerings will come, always in truth and in giving to fellow-man, with, "Share it any way you can use it." Why? Because TRUTH is open, shared, and only WORTHY IF SHARED. The very birthright of MAN is to have TRUTH. He who HIDES Truth ALWAYS HAS SOMETHING OF HIS OWN TO HIDE.

God did not say to Hatonn, "Get down there and radio in and force every last one of the people on Earth to pay attention." He did not say, "Cram it down their throats and twist their arm until they succumb." My job is to help present the Truth of the journey AND lay forth for your attention that which IS GOING ON THAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW. Then, armed with facts and probabilities--you can act in responsive wisdom or ANYWAY you choose--I will have fulfilled MY TASK. Next, my mission is to point out what you very well may have FORGOTTEN and remind you that remembering is now the name of the game at hand. I don't need a "church" or anything else--save a method of presenting to you in a form which you can experience--communications of some sort. Since I don't need to type words I must have someone who can "translate" (NOT INTERPRET) MY LANGUAGE. Since you have forgotten your Universal language you have to have spoken word or written script of some kind. Is this so difficult to understand?

Indeed there are many who claim to speak or translate or whatever, for higher energies. Well, some of those energies are LOWER--not higher. Some "speak" from the nearest govern-mental "base" and YOU don't know the difference. If "they" tell you the truth then you have it made, don't you? But can you depend on them to not want to get whatever they came to get from you?

Does Truth have to wend its way down through the silver bells of ancient temple bells? Of course not--TRUTH IS ALL AROUND YOU--THERE ARE NO LIES AROUND YOU. Only MAN produces lies so you must beware the "speaker" or movie projector. But, COULD "I" be evil and fool you? Yes. Now, however, AGAIN, what is evil? Evil is that which de-liberately pulls you from the path--unto higher goodness and God. Which do "I" do--pull you toward God in goodness and wholeness--or push you into the physical things of the "senses"? I would think that if you care enough to study that which I have offered--YOU WILL KNOW! There won't be confusion or doubts--you WILL KNOW! How do "I" know that you will KNOW? Because you will care enough to follow-up with confirmation of "fact" in proper evaluation of the contents of the information, purpose of the information and "whether I seem to be evil or goodly." If I then consistently am GOODLY, then I may well seem like a safe "bet" to stick with for a while until you can RESEARCH, STUDY, PRAY AND ANALYZE my offerings as to your own connections. If you cast me and my word aside--DO I EFFORT TO FORCE YOU BY HIDDEN TACTICS TO SOMEHOW COME WITHIN MY CELL AND BIND YOU WITH SHACKLES? NOPE, SORRY, I BLESS YOU AND ASK YOU TO GO YOUR WAY--OR STAY AS YOU WILL, AND DO WHATEVER YOU WILL--PREFERABLY LEAVE MY SCRIBE ALONE. I WILL ANSWER WHAT I CAN "PERSONALLY" WITHIN THE TIME FRAME OF MY HUMAN HELPERS--BUT YOU, SPECIFICALLY--ARE NOT MY CONCERN--YOU ARE YOUR CONCERN. I bring the Truth upon which you can balance your foundation of input--YOU must use the foundation or build your own. Mine does seem to infinitely stand while I note that almost all others fold quickly or, even at great time spread, fall. WHEN YOU FIND A FOUNDATION OF SEEMING TRUTH WHICH STANDS ALL ASSAULT AND THE AGES OF TIME--IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME AS "MINE". I am but a messenger; you can call me a prophet but it means nothing--for I am like the alarm clock which REMEMBERS the time you need to awaken to get on with your experience (usually, unfortunately, within someone else's prophecies or fortune-telling tales).

Don't misunderstand that which I or Little Crow say, chelas. Now that there is a small book out by Little Crow I have ones who get to the writings on "truth" and come back at me with--"You say there is only one Truth," but Little Crow says: "Check it out. We all have our own truth, so that means God has multiple truths, does He not? Does IT not? DOES SHE NOT?"

Readers, THERE IS ONLY ONE--anything. And yet, look around you--except for the PROJECTIONS OF MAN--everything, everywhere, any time, any place--is TRUTH! And, further, even man is not a LIE, he only presents the lie. Even in his projection, further, lays also truth if nothing more than the truthful validity of a given spoken "term". For this reason--must you discern, accept, study and come to recognize THE TRUTH WHICH FITS YOUR PATH OF INTENT! "All truths are individual and all truths are equal in their priority." This does not mean, however, that all truths are equal in their IMPORTANCE! Further, Crow will tell you: "We are all sacred and in that sacredness we have an obligation and responsibility to all things to which we are connected." This does NOT mean you have some "right" to butt into an-other's business and cram your "truth" down his throat!

Some even say that they "want to go to hell!" They haven't the remotest idea of what is hell--but they work toward that end incessantly--who are YOU or ME--to force (if we even could) them into a different place? All I have "right" to do is assume my responsibility and obligation and "offer" help and information which may make them reconsider things which possibly have eluded their attention.

Crow has said something else which you must understand if you are to claim passage on this good old Red Road: "You are the messengers of time. You are the prophets of the time. You carry forth the word through your own behavior. If you are into the world of materialism and that is your message, then that is the world you portray..." You WILL portray the world you represent and desire--no matter how hard you effort to hide it. You ARE exactly WHAT YOU ARE!

If you wish to change from that which you ARE--then take responsibility and become that which you desire--STOP blaming your lack of change on anything or anyone ELSE! If you are so foolish as to base your existence on another's OPINIONS WITHOUT QUESTION--THEN CHANGE IS NOT THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE--YOU LIE! When you desire something enough to change--you will DO IT. It is absolutely THAT simple.

So, why do I burden you with all the lies, deceits and hidden agendas which only cause you indigestion, chaos, headaches and such? Because THAT is my responsibility--to choose that which fits most closely to the Truth as I KNOW it to be and select that which will give you ammunition to make changes if you desire change--no more and no less. I would hope to spark an interest as we touch on the myriads of topics--and perchance ONE will spark your interest enough to at least go TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG! I want you to investigate, test and research. If you find "errors"--SHARE THEM SO THAT OTHERS CAN HAVE TRUTH AS YOU FIND IT TO BE--IF INDEED IT IS TRUTH.

I do not mean by this that if, as for instance as I present things from "The Informer" in a minute, he misses the time of a meeting by a day or by fifteen minutes--his "truth" is now wrong. TRUTH is a concept and you who continue to nit-pick over fifteen minutes--are destined to be locked to the clock for the rest of your lives. The only time that is important is in justification of "time"--when "time" IS the topic at point.

I have here a document which I believe to be well done and "generally" accurate enough to share, as is, with you. It is a compilation of subjects with some rather fresh perspectives which YOU WILL NOT LIKE FOR THE MOST PART. Sorry about that--TRUTH IS RARELY WHAT YOU LIKE TO HEAR. The perspective will help BALANCE your perceptions and perchance you will go DIG OUT SOME ANSWERS IF QUESTIONS BE RISEN--YOU, not me--YOU! "I" do NOT have THE problems facing YOU! Actually, on a personal level--neither does my scribe--so why bother her from her work when it is YOUR responsibility--not hers? Is everybody with me so far? Is ANYBODY with me so far? Do you see, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE!

In the following writing I won't put a name to the authorship BECAUSE THE WRITER CALLS HIMSELF/HERSELF "THE INFORMER"--for privacy. I did not even say "secrecy"--I said "privacy". This person is presenting for sharing what he has uncovered and judged, as well as discerned, to be valid. He "offers" it--he does NOT--shove it into any orifice. I thank the one who sent this to my attention and I thank the writer:

by the Informer

Some parts of this Article are redundant, with other articles that appeared in the American Bulletin, but so were the ABC's, redundant, till you learned them. In this article the abundant use of highlight is necessary to bring across the points needed to understand the BIG LIE.

You have been lied to from the beginning, as were the people at the time the United States was created, by the "founding Fathers", hereafter called Fathers. The truth I am about to tell you is passed off as a lie by the people in power and you too will consider it a lie because it is so foreign to what you have been taught. There are a lot in Congress and the majority of the functional illiterates who work for "The State" who truly believe the BIG LIE is the truth. So much so that you could tell them the real truth, as I am about to lay on you in this article, and they wouldn't believe it, even as the bullet enters their brain from the firing squad as they are being executed for treason and sedition. The concept you have been led to believe as the "truth" will now be exposed as the biggest lie in the history of this country. Your school teachers have been told the lie, their school teachers have been told this lie and on ad infinitum back to the beginning. Is it any wonder then, why you believe the lie and do not question it and accept it as a "truth", when in fact it is a lie? I will not bore you with all the documentation to prove the "truth" you have been taught is a lie, but I do have it, as do a few others. I want no one to network this for any amount of money by charging for this Article. They are to give it for free. You may copy to your heart's delight and pass it all over the country. Only recoup copy cost, which runs from .02 to .10 cents per page depending where you are. Nobody should pay more than $3.30, which includes the 16 pages of Interpol material because that is what I have to pay for copies where I live. Postage is about $1.05 to mail the material. [H: The author herein thanks John Nelson for much of the material, which will not be included here.]

To begin, I quote two people, they are Lysander Spooner and Albert J. Nock, to give you a feel for the basis. First Lysander Spooner, in his book, NO TREASON: The Constitution of No Authority. Library of Congress Catalog No. 73-2173, he states: "The Constitution not only binds nobody now, but it never did bind anybody. It never bound anybody, because it was never agreed to by anybody in such a manner as to make it, on general principle of law and reason, binding upon him. In practice, the Constitution has been an utter fraud from the beginning." [H: Could this be so? Of course it COULD be so--this man has stated as much and is prepared to "prove" his perception. The point is not what Spooner believes but what is real, right, wrong and possible! That much is YOUR JOB--we can only present the information to you.]


People, who exercise a privilege of voting, become citizens/members and vote by ballot that none of us see, so this is what Spooner had to say about that.

"A secret ballot makes for a secret government; and a secret government is a secret band of robbers and murderers. But a secret government is little less than a government of assassins. Under it, a man knows not who his tyrants are, until they have struck, and perhaps not then. He may guess, beforehand, as to some of his immediate neighbors. But he really knows nothing. The man to whom he would most naturally fly for protection, may prove an enemy, when the time of trial comes.

"This is the kind of government we have; and it is the only one we are likely to have, until men are ready to say: WE will consent to no constitution, except to such a one as we are neither ashamed nor afraid to sign; and we will authorize no government to do anything in our name which we are not willing to be personally responsible for.... Not knowing who the particular individuals are, who call themselves 'the government', the taxpayer does not know whom he pays his taxes to. All he knows is that a man comes to him representing himself to be the agent of 'the government'--that is, the agent for the secret band of robbers and murderers, who have taken to themselves the title of 'the government', and have determined to kill everybody who refuses to give them whatever money they demand (Informer's comment: you are put in jail or they take your property today). To save his life, he gives up his money to this agent. But as this agent does not make his principals individually known to the taxpayer, the latter, after he has given up his money, knows no more who are 'the government'--that is, who were the robbers--than he did before."


The Constitution was only witnessed by the Fathers and, as Lysander stated, was never signed by the Fathers in a capacity to make it binding upon them or anyone else. Prove it for yourself by looking at the end of the Constitution wherein they state, "In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names." In essence they only witness the compact between the States and the ambiguous entity known as "The United States", for only 39 out of the 74 had signed it as witnesses.

The Constitution did not create a "government" of social order, it only created a "political corporation" to deal with the "merchant State, as all the states of America, the Nation, were "merchant-States." The Fathers were shrewd businessmen and had much more education and wealth than did the masses. But remember, the masses were much more educated than we are today. Why, they could run rings around any of us today, me included. So the "Fathers" created the monster, "the State", that we have today.

Now we move to, Our Enemy, The State, by Albert J. Nock. ISBN 0-930073-04-5; In talking about the formation of corporate United States, the State, by the Constitution he stated this: "There was complete unanimity also regarding the nature of the new and independent political institution which the Declaration contemplated as within "the right of the people" to set up. There was a great and memorable dissension about its form, but none about its nature. It should be in essence the mere continuance of the merchant-State already existing. There was no idea of setting up government, the purely social institution which should have no other object than, as the Declaration put it, to secure the natural rights of the individual; or as Paine put it, which should contemplate nothing beyond the maintenance of freedom and security--the institution which should make no positive interventions of any kind upon the individual, but should confine itself exclusively to such negative interventions as the maintenance of freedom and security might indicate. The idea was to perpetuate an institution of another character entirely, the State, the organization of the political means; and this was accordingly done. The State, then, whether primitive, feudal, or merchant, is the organization of political means. Emphasis his, underline mine.

Patrick Henry, an Anti-Federalist, stated, when he couldn't stop the 55 People (Fathers) from adopting a new State (religion): "The distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers, and New Englanders are no more. I am not a Virginian, but an American." Echoing James Wilson's 1787 words in the Virginia Debates at Petersburg 1788-89 Conven-tion. "(Patrick) Henry looked upon 'that paper' (constitution) as 'the most fatal plan that could possibly be conceived to enslave a free people." From Son of Thunder by Henry Mayer, p. xv. also confirmed by Lysander Spooner, a noted lawyer of his time. As you can see, Patrick didn't want to be associated with "the State" of Virginia any more. You will see why when I get to the definition of "citizen".

Everybody believes we are under the Constitution and this is what the political State wants you to believe. To keep things straight you can't mix the terms "State" and "government". There is no such thing as "the State", which is the "political organization", passing itself off as "the government", the social institution. We, the people, (not to be confused with the phrase "We, the People" in the Preamble), are the dejure "government", while the State, with its citizens, is the defacto government. The State wants you to believe you are a citizen of the State or the United States. Both are political institutions and need more "residents" (slaves) to satisfy their needs. Remember, the Declaration of Independence took all of the people out of any British government domain and for that matter the indi-vidual States of America, who were nothing but "merchant States" at that time, see Nock. Now the United States, which is nothing but Congress, a specific class called People, as stated in the Preamble, separated from the general class people, created the illusion that the States of America needed more protection and got each of the political merchant establishments, the States, to agree to join a compact that the Fathers said was to make the union "a more perfect union". So the States joined a compact, not the people, just like you would join the union of electrical workers but your family members wouldn't.

I hope I haven't lost you at this point because in using the parallel between the Electrical Union and the Union of States, I will show you how you have been made a slave in your own country to satisfy the foreign power brokers that run this country. You also have to remember that this started at the time the U.S. Constitution was formed which, by the way, has no power over you unless you state, "I demand my Constitutional Rights," and therefore you fall into the compact trap by association. Hint--now you fit the definition of "person" in the tax law because you are part of the "association" which is one of the words describing "person".


The States became the political sub-divisions of the Congress who are the Union leaders. In the capacity of "political subdivisions" they are not sovereign, see Texas v White 74 US 7 Wall, Lawyers Ed. You, as a natural individual, cannot join the Union of States BUT, you can be a member by association. Enter the term "citizen". I explained this term in my book "Which One Are You", but people still do not comprehend because of the lie they have been fed all their lives as being the "truth", that being, they are the citizens of the State. Here it is again with the highlighted words that lock you up to them. Remember, and don't forget it, the definitions are what the definer (Congress) wants them to mean, not what you think or believe it to mean.

[H: I suggest you do not stop right here and go blasting your way around in the courts and resigning everything and blowing smoke out every crevice in your huffing and puffing and "blowing the State down". THEY HAVE THE GUNS! THAT MAKES WHAT THEY DO "LEGAL", so cool off, look at the facts and then, only then, can you as a "people" formulate action. Remember, that almost ALL of the Founding Fathers at that Constitution table--were Freemasons and BUSINESS MEN, i.e., good old boys with commercial intent and hidden agendas--from the beginning. They are the same ones who removed all "rights" from blacks and "Indians" and on it goes. If you don't, however, have the slightest idea as to what was the Constitution in the first place--how can you fix it if it is broken? All you really had back then was a "corporation" for the "State" newly set up. Can you now just simply withdraw? Yes, but the "FORCE" OF THE "STATE won't let you go!]

CITIZEN: One who, under the Constitution and laws of the United States, or of a particular state, is a member of the political community, owing allegiance and being entitled to the enjoyment of full civil rights.

Citizens are members of a political community who, in their associated capacity, have established or submitted themselves to the dominion of a government for the promotion of their general welfare and the protection of their individual as well as their collective rights. Blk's 5th Pg. 222. cite omitted.

This cannot be any plainer. You, as an associated member of a political State that joined the Union, are now entitled to vote for the Union President, Clinton in this time period, thereby giving up your power of self-government as declared by the Declaration of Independence. You now deny your unalienable rights (notice the definition above does not include any unalienable natural law rights given to us by God) for the civil rights the State grants you by their statutes and are bound by and under the quasi-contract (constitution) you are "resident" in, by implied consent. Isn't colorable law neat for them? It has to be implied because neither you nor anybody in any capacity as a defacto government official ever signed the various constitutions in this country. Therefore, can it ever be called a contract? NO! If you believe you are under the Constitutions and are part of that organization by having a representative in Congress or State legislature, then you must be and I won't go against your wishes. Look up the definition of "under". I thought that if you were the person, not to be confused with compact "person", in sovereign character, that you are not bound by the quasi-contract or subject to the tax statutes dictated by that contract's bylaws. Of course you understand the definition of quasi. When I refer to the Constitution, be it State or United States, as a "contract", I mean it to be quasi. Being you submitted yourself, voluntarily, by joyfully doing your duty as a citizen, by registering to vote, to be under the dominion of your union leaders, representatives, you cannot escape anything your straw boss/shop union foreman (representative) does for or against you. He only represents PUBLIC POLICY! You must pay the tax, any tax, and follow all laws they deem is necessary to keep the political corporate institution from collapsing. It's right in the compact; when you agreed by signing the voters registration, at Article 1, Section 2 Clause 3, or by not voting while claiming "citizenship" by any other control by any agency they create, whether it be in their political sub-division or the corporate headquarters located in Washington, D.C.

Voting was never a "right", it was always a privilege. Now do you know why Henry didn't want to be known as a Virginian but only as an American? And, he didn't say American citizen! As I said, I have everything to back me up, but to keep this short I have to leave out the documentation.

* * *

Let us leave this for a few minutes of break. I do not want you ones to take this as if it comes from Hatonn out of the Cosmos somewhere. You will be remembering the things I tell you and "don't target yourself" is a major warning. I have not changed one iota--we covered all this in one of the first JOURNALS as to truth of circumstance--BUT YOU MUST FUNCTION IN THE WORLD THAT IS and getting yourself incarcerated foolishly or "taken-out" as a troublemaker--makes you some kind of stupid "martyr", self-styled and not very bright in thought and deed. If ever there was a time and need for WISDOM IN THOUGHT AND ACTION--IT IS NOW!



MON., JULY 12, 1993 11:58 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 330

MON., JULY 12, 1993

"There is no way a man can make a wise decision unless he be informed--except when the decision is TO BECOME MORE INFORMED." Me.

Let us continue with the document from "The Informer":


This leads us to the courts that uphold their scam because you declare you are their subject while espousing their lie, which you believe is the "truth". The constitution is an option quasi-contract, look it up in the law of contracts, which allows the political organization, look up "organization" in the definitions of the Uniform Commercial Code, to shift to the United Nations Charter, by treaty. You, as an associated union member have no say, remember public policy is for the good of the masses and not the individual, and are dragged over to reside in this new contract. Hey, I didn't do it, you did it to yourself by be-lieving the BIG LIE told to you as being the "truth". It ain't nuttin' like you thought, is it? The defacto government cannot write a law for the people in the States as they are forbidden by their Constitution but they can do it by treaty. Case in point is that by 1996, all cars in this country cannot have Freon (R-12) in their air conditioning, they must use R-34. It is based on the problem with the Ozone and its destruction by R-12. That destruction is contrived and put upon the Americans by the controlled news media so that further control can be maintained. So how did the Congress do it? By treaty! This was aired in the last week of April 1993, on national news TV. This is only one of many laws used on us by treaty. Larry Becraft did a good article on this as it went back to 1915 concerning duck hunting and protection of interstate waterfowl when the U.S. and Canada signed the treaty. With the courts being private political institutions, adjudicating, for the most part, private law, it is fatal when you declare yourself a United States or Union State citizen. If you declare yourself a citizen of the Republic State of the Union, because you want a "Republican" form of government, here is what you openly declared to the private court: That you are subject to the political corporate sub-division (State) of the political corporate organization called the United States. I received a letter from a man in Minnesota who used my advice and asked questions of the Sec. of the State of Minnesota. The Office of the Secretary stated this: "The state of Minnesota is not a corporation, it is a state. The county of Hubbard is not a corporation, it is a county. These are political subdivisions, while corporations are business entities." Note that they made state and county in small case. Had they capitalized them it would be corporate and could not say they were not a corporation. Either the person writing it was extremely ignorant or knew exactly what they were doing because all the headings on the corporate letterhead in reference to Minnesota contained the capitalized word State. Don't you capitalize the term State when writing, so why didn't they? [H: Be very, very careful how you do these things, chelas, for I catch two impossibilities right here, myself, regarding definitions, terms and grammar. "Office of the stated..." The "office" could not "state" anything. And, "they" thus and so. "They" couldn't have stated anything either unless the sentence was written by more than ONE party. I do not intend to belabor the point for the concept may be totally correct--but when you nit-pick details--the meaning of a statement can be so altered as to NEVER have "like" defining. Be very cautious as to how you utilize ANYTHING because you may be WELL INFORMED but I believe this example shows very well the fact that MOST, IF NOT NEARLY ALL, MISUNDERSTAND OR HAVEN'T EVEN THE MOST FOGGY IDEA OF THAT WHICH YOU MEAN. Moreover, IF you make it to court (Admiralty as is now prevalent) you will be tossed out on your ear and IF you continue to harass the Judge he will aptly toss you in jail for contempt. What is "legal" is probably NOT what is "right" OR lawful--but if "he" has the GUN--it is legal. If, however, YOU have the gun--you are dead! The Ideal is wondrous to consider--it is not necessarily the best avenue to travel.] So they were talking about only one of the states of the State, see the Texas courts conclusion [H: See, again right here: is the way this is written literal or not properly attended?: Texas courts conclusion, or Texas' courts conclusion, or Texas court's conclusion OR Texas courts' conclusion. I only mean to make nit-picking detailed attention to this because most often the "slips" are exactly THAT--simple ignorant "slips". You CAN base court action and decision on these errors--but haven't you had enough blithering error judgments AND/OR errors in judgement? You choose.] to see what I mean, of course the court capitalized both terms. Joe lunchbucket [H: Hold up here, is that REALLY Joe (L)unchbucket as written or Joe (L)unchbucket? I may appear totally insulting to this author--I AM NOT! It is simply that you cannot have IT both ways! If your errors are "OK" then the "their" errors are also subject to being "OK"--do you see? IT IS THE "CONCEPT" THAT IS NOT "OK" OR NOT "OK"!] would rather believe the BIG LIE than the truth [H: Again--YOU can only ASSUME or calculate or guess WHAT Joe (L)(1)unchbucket may or may not WANT to believe.] because by this time it is causing him a headache. So let's see why their lie rules over the truth. Case in point being Texas v. White, wherein the court stated very clearly: "From the date of admission, until 1861, the State was represented in the Congress of the United States by her senators and representatives, and her relations as a member of the Union remained unimpaired." [H: Ah, but TEXAS under any circumstances is not a good example--TEXAS is the only State state that has a treaty which must be signed ANNUALLY to be a member of this union Union. Are you confused? Of course--that was my full intent. You cannot make informed conclusions with only bits of information--I don't care WHERE they come from. I make plenty of errors, my secretary gets so frustrated she threatens to "quit" daily--so ALL are subject to err ("sin"--against something or another) but I do not base my conclusions on such flimsy foundations of "argument" for this is "argument" and not debate at all. I can postulate that the sky is green and only APPEARS blue and, as a matter of fact--"I" will have spoken truth--for it is all in the refraction of LIGHT as perceived by the individual EYE. I don't want to do this but neither can I caution you readers enough--pay attention.]

Please note that people cannot join the Union, only States can and the State has representatives, not the people. If the people want to be recognized as part of that State they join by voting and then call themselves citizens of the State of Texas, who gave up their God given rights to join a corporate State. Remember, people are not citizens (union associates), until subjecting themselves to a sovereign (union leaders), thereby giving up certain rights. Gee, why don't you now go back to 26 USC 77-1 (a) (1) and look for the term association that describes "person". Why did you think that term didn't apply to you? The BIG LIE rules again. Then by compact (constitutions) you are granted certain rights by the by-laws (statutes). Your remedy is only in the bylaws, NOT in the Natural Law rights you gave up by entering the compact. Isn't any man free to make contract? Why it even says so in the Constitution, doesn't it, by stating government shall not obligate a contract. Continuing on the court states:

The court's conclusion is this. "Our conclusion therefore is, that Texas continued to be a State, and a State of the Union, notwithstanding the transactions to which we have referred. The obligations of allegiance to the State, and of the obedience to her laws, subject to the Constitution of the United States, are binding upon all citizens, whether faithful or unfaithful to them."

Isn't that interesting, she was a State AND a State of the Union. Just a little while back didn't I say Minnesota was defining one of the states of the State? You readers had better understand the english language [H: And so must the author--you wouldn't get an A in "language" if you left (E)nglish as (e)nglish as you have in this document. Or, did your secretary note or miss this? Are YOU as author responsible--OR is there hidden meaning in the lack of capitalization?] and how they subvert the definitions to suit their means. For if you don't, you never will grasp the meaning of the sentence. [H: But you see, even by paying very, very close attention to every letter of every word--I still don't understand the intent or the meaning. Since Texas joined the union Union through annual renewal of TREATY--how can you determine how a person fits or does not fit--for the state State does not fit into any of the above categories except THROUGH misperception of everything about the circumstance--and total ignorance of the ones handling the "books".]

* * *

I am going to leave this presentation because it is bogging down into "opinion" based on "errors" from the original writer, to the author of this dissertation to my own probable misrepresentations to make a point.


It is far better to understand "what went wrong", "what IS wrong" and how did it happen--than all this reconstruction. Not that it should not be done--it simply will make so little impact and difference as to set you behind in your "do it right" task. It simply is not the way it "should" be, perhaps for--for goodness sakes, the Supreme Court is not supposed to make law--only interpret the law--BUT THEY MAKE LAW AND IT CAN IMPRISON YOU THROUGH FORCE-BEARERS. DO YOU have the time, money, space and "pull" to get what "should be" (in your opinion) changed? You MAY WELL BE RIGHT--but I simply want to know if YOU have what is required to get it changed?

Here is where I have to inquire of you--just who is this INFORMER? Is his information true or false? Oh? How do you know? Are you going to "take action" based on his information? Why?, and what are you going to do? It reminds me just a bit of the story of the two cars that collided in the middle of the intersection. The car to the right had the right-of-way and the driver was killed. The car at the left did not have the right-of-way--but lived to walk away and drive another day. Actually, both arrived at the same instant (which is the reason the car at the right had the right-of-way). Now, the driver to the "right" COULD have stopped and there would have been no collision--but having the "right-of-way" plowed right on into the fray. So, he was right--DEAD right! How many of YOU are going to be DEAD RIGHT?

You may have every right to that automatic sub-machine gun--but I'll tell you, when the ATF comes to get it (and you)--you will be DEAD right if you argue.

Now, I "feel" your response to all this writing drifting back to me as, "Why did you waste all this time on this story just to point out the errors of the author?" What makes you conclude such a thing? Did I say the author is WRONG? Is he RIGHT? Do you have enough information to base a conclusion? What are you going to do about it? IT IS NOT THE AUTHOR'S OPINIONS OR INTERPRETATIONS THAT ARE IMPORTANT (AND HE HAS ABOUT 8 MORE PAGES THAN GIVEN)--WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will you set this aside and never think of it again or will you not sleep until you acquire the remaining pages and lose yourself in weeks of research? WHY? Will endless research into this and/or the author bring you closer into the realization of Truth in/through God? Will this approach bring your nation whole within God's charter? What are YOU REALLY trying to get accomplished? ARE YOU APT TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU DEEM CORRECT--THROUGH PERSONAL BATTLE IN THE NATION'S CORRUPT COURT SYSTEM OR FIGHTING THE MILITARY FORCES OF THE UNITED NATIONS TO BE WHAT YOU THINK OR EVEN "KNOW" TO BE YOUR "RIGHT"? ARE WE NOW BACK RIGHT WHERE WE STARTED?

Does this "Informer" have a history of excellence and perfection in concept and interpretation? How do you know? Let me share a truth with you, readers.

If you want to convince someone of something the best way to do it is to get it in PRINT and published. Then, the next important thing is to get an "expert" to state the "thing". Speak with authority and throw a bunch of credentials around and you have a sure bet. Put it on television as a documentary (not just a commentary) and thus and so. Is the "Informer's" opinion actually as good as yours if you go read, say, Mr. Spooner's book? Who is this Mr. Spooner? Who told you? Chelas, you are going to have to DISCERN for self, form opinion for self, hopefully with wise research into what is available and DIG beneath the "obvious". If the "Informer" is so SURE of his own pronouncements--why does he not sign his label? Oh, "Hatonn said he didn't, for 'privacy'." What does Hatonn know about this Informer? Hatonn knows a whole lot about one, John Nelson, but almost NOTHING about the Informer OR Spooner. I KNOW GOD and I KNOW GOD'S LAWS (CONSTITUTION) AND IT IS AGAINST THOSE LAWS THAT I RELATE AND COMPARE EVERY OTHER EXPRESSION. I DO NOT FIGHT OTHER LAWS--I SIMPLY LIVE GOD'S LAWS AND EFFORT TO ABIDE BY THOSE RULES LAID FORTH IN ANY EXPRESSION IN WHICH I EXPERIENCE. YOU MUST COME TO KNOW--YOU CAN DO BOTH!

There is no magic, chelas. There is no fairy god-mother with gossamer wings to make "your" way the "right" way. And, how do you KNOW "your way" is the right way? You can only deal with that WHICH IS--to the very best of your ability within the laws of God--minute by minute, step by step. In so-doing you will be shown the WAY! You must really study to see IF a thing is broken, then, if it be broken, what is required to fix it? In the fixing if you use the incorrect approach--how long will the "fix" last or have you insured worse "breaking" of the thing? At best or worst (interpretation, again) has a Bandaid worked or only postponed the REAL problem's confrontation? Now, let us suppose that you cannot survive without this "thing". Do you not try to make it useable someway WHILE you work at the REAL PROBLEMS and build something with which it can be repaired?

Let us go further and assume you need a "figity gibit" to REALLY fix the "thing". Ah, you go to the figity-gibit place and the man in charge laughs at you and says, nope, I have one but you can't have it. What can you do? You can bargain with the man, bribe the man, threaten the man, etc. So, you choose to pay the man a fair price and pull out your gun and prepare to "take" the f.g. Oops, HE has an automatic Carthegenian floozy-whopper ten times the size of your little .22 hand-pistol. WHO STILL HAS CONTROL OF THE FIGITY-GIBIT? You STILL don't know because YOU don't know what is an automatic Carthegenian floozy-whopper! What you don't know CAN KILL YOU! Can you not further see that if worse comes to worse and you hold your own but he holds the f.g.--he can smash it and YOU STILL DON'T HAVE THE PART YOU NEED!?

Mr. Spooner AND the INFORMER can be "right", "correct" and totally "accurate"--WILL THEIR APPROACH WORK?? Will it work enough to pull a whole nation and then, world, into realignment--in time to save the economy, the figity gibit, freedom, the judicial system, et al.? In other words, are THESE WORDS of the Informer the key to the Kingdom? Do you want my opinion? Will MY opinion give YOU a figity-gibit? I thought NOT. But, if you go within and ask help and guidance--HE may well give you some alternatives and the figity gibit be damned!

Just in our own instance, 78 JOURNALS plus thousands of pages of other writings and thousands of hours of tapes TELL YOU THAT GOD WILL GIVE YOU INSIGHT AND POSSIBILITIES--BUT YOU HAVE TO USE IT--JUST SITTING ON THE SHELF WILL NOT FIX ANYTHING.

Some people will say "take action even if it is wrong"! What nonsense--it seems to me that that is what your civilization has been blindly doing since you got on that stage. Why not see what IS, study it in wisdom then take action in a way that might be "right"? Surely you don't have anything to lose either way? Oh? Except everything you are and everything you have! There actually ARE some instances where wise inaction can save your assets. If you are going to make a lemon cake, for instance, don't you first consider the cake and THEN consider how to make it "lemon" flavored? I know of no way to make lemon cake out of a bushel of tomatoes or a peck of spinach. So why do you ones continually try to make "righteousness" from "evil"? Create right--and evil is dead! So, what IS the problem? I thought you would never ask?

YOU MUST LEARN WHAT IS AND THEN LEARN TO CREATE, NOT CONTINUE TO DESTROY--USING THAT WHICH IS ALREADY CREATED IN ERROR! Just look carefully at all you have which has not, does not and will not--ever work.

This means that you must constantly be in remembering and in finding cause so that you can consider effect--and it will need be for every limiting problem in the cracking and breaking foundation of everything around and within you. Let us just take your national debt as a for instance. It isn't a spiritual subject but how much do you know and UNDERSTAND just about your national debt? How about your own personal debt? Unless you can see what has gotten you to "here" how can you expect to move on into a "new" system? You may very well re-invent the same or worse, system.

Let me share an excellent brief:

By: Nick Repac

(He even gives a phone number, he is so open to sharing.)

Let me give you something to consider. Tomorrow you go down to your local bank and borrow $10,000. As most of us already know there is actually no money in the bank (except for a few miscellaneous savings accounts and CDs) so to complete your transaction, the bank 'creates' (Of course, they do this by law. There is nothing illegal in this transaction. Just immoral.) $10,000 and credits it to your checking account. You execute a note for $10,000 at 10% interest (keeps the math simple) due in one year and present it to the bank in exchange for your 'deposit'. In one year, to the day, prompt as always, you return to the bank and pay them the $10,000 back. This completes the bookkeeping on the original creation of $10,000. It was created from nothing one year ago, and it is destroyed by your return of the funds.

Hold it, King's-X, time-out, take a break. I can see the smirks from here. That comes from talking about this for so many years and watching people's reaction when I tell them "the money disappears". Money can't just appear and disappear! I mean, get real! But it CAN just appear and disappear when you use a debt based monetary system. That is, a system where you pass debt back and forth as money. That's what we use. Money based on debt. If we don't have debt we don't have money.

Since the money did not exist until you borrowed it and put it into play in the economy, it can hardly exist after the destruction of the original note, or means of creation. This is the ex-planation of the real problem with our system. We do not have a permanent MONEY SYSTEM. That means that the amount of 'money' (debt) in existence at any given time is solely at the whim of private bankers whose motto is "the end justifies the means" and "might makes right".

This also means that EVERY dollar in existence collects interest for every moment it exists. There is no 'free' money, except for a very small amount of U.S. Notes, or Government issued money, dating from the Civil War. To explain this a little better, remember that a debt-based monetary system is actually just a bookkeeping system for debt. In other words, there is actually no money. We just pass debt back and forth as if it were money. Since the "actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks" (from a November 1, 1982, letter from the Department of the Treasury), nothing can exist except debt! The answer, of course, is that you can not! ...always involves the extension of credit...., credit equals debt. Therefore, the only 'money' available to operate our economy is the amount of debt available each year. Remember, 99% of all 'debt money' used in this Nation does not exist except as ink on some bank's computer print-out, and exists solely at the whim of the banker. You must never stop borrowing or have your 'credit' shut off or you have a recession, or in the extreme case, a depression. And since this type of monetary system is actually nothing but a bookkeeping system for debt, all entries must balance. When you borrow 'money', a bookkeeping entry is made to create the funds. When you pay the 'money' back, a corresponding entry is made to destroy the funds. It can't work any other way.

But wait! Now the $10,000 has a 'tail'. A tail called interest. The $1,000 that you owe to the bank for the use of their bookkeeping entry. Actually, after you understand how the system works, what you owe to the bank for borrowing 'nothing'. Where did the interest come from? The bank didn't 'create' it. They only 'created' the original $10,000. So who created it? Did you? And I'm not talking about your labor. Have you authority to 'create' money? NO? Then where did the $1,000 come from? We realize that it was never 'created', so the only place it could come from is the same place all other 'money' comes from: "someone else's debt".

NO ONE HAS EVER 'CREATED' ANYTHING TO PAY THE INTEREST! Let me put this another way. Suppose that $10,000 you borrowed was the only money in existence. Real money, not debt. Gold, and no other gold exists except that $10,000. And you borrow it under the condition that you repay $11,000 in gold in one year and if you agree to do this you have agreed to do the impossible. Does it not make sense, then, that every time we borrow 'created' money we agree to do the impossible?

Let's go back to our bookkeeping system for debt. The $10,000 you borrowed was 'created' by a bookkeeping entry and when you paid it back it was 'extinguished' by a corre-sponding bookkeeping entry. In order to 'extinguish' the interest out of the bookkeeping system for debt, there has to be two corresponding entries. Since the first bookkeeping entry, the 'creation' of the interest, does not exist, the interest can never be extinguished but must stay within the system and accumulate as permanent debt collecting more and more compound interest. Sounds just like a banker's dream, doesn't it?

Let me explain this very clearly, almost 95% of the 16+ trillions of dollars of debt of this Nation has been caused by the compound interest we pay on all of the debt carried by both the public and private sectors of our Nation through the 'creation' of money by our banks. This accumulation of debt has occurred since 1940 and shows the power of compound interest. This interest (debt due to the banks for the use of their bookkeeping entries) to the banks is primarily paid by the massive deficits our Government runs and pumps into the system. This interest can never be paid! It can only accumulate as permanent debt within the system and becomes a permanent mortgage on the people of the Nation through taxation for the benefit of the International Bankers.

This is an exact prescription for economic slavery and can only result in higher and higher taxes. There is no other result possible. The man who devised this system was named Rothschild and he and his descendants have used this system, coupled with bribery and corruption of government officials and of the European Royalty, to obtain a chokehold on the economic fortunes of the world through ever increasing amounts of unpayable debts (interest). As time went on they brought other families and lesser individuals who were willing to do their bidding into their plan as accomplices. Would it surprise you to know that everything you see happening in America today (our problems) was predicted by Rothschild in the manuscript he wrote in 1773? This plan to enslave the world through economic slavery has been carried out over a long period of time. Naturally, I'm supposed to assume that this has occurred by chance because it surely could not be a "conspiracy"!?!

The ultimate result of this system is the destruction of the middle class, exactly as we see it happening in America today, leaving a thin slice of extremely rich at the very top. Everyone else, except those working for the very rich, are left to pay a crushing burden of taxes for the direct benefit of those same Elite Rich. This will eventually leave almost nothing for the average citizen to subsist on. At that point you will not have to wonder who the homeless are or what it feels like to go to bed hungry because you will know ! The American people now pay between 60 and 65% of their incomes in taxes. How close are we to the end, then, when they repossess all of the real property we owe so much 'money' on just as they took our gold and silver? All for our 'excesses' in borrowing 'NOTHING'!

And, of course, our inattention and our unwillingness to face reality. We insist in judging others by our own moral absolutes when these men and their minions have no morals. They have nothing except an insatiable appetite for more money and power, and THEY OWN YOUR FEDERAL RESERVE! Are you willing to join their 'beneficent' dictatorship, their "New World Order"?

If not--then stand up and BE COUNTED!

Nick Repac


In the next writing I will ask Dharma to effort to locate Dr. Peter Beter's information on "A new gold standard" as given in lecture form on 8/25/81. You must understand that there are other clever manipulators involved as well as are the Rothschilds, etc. Remember the "Rockefellers"? How many of you remember those Bolsheviks we did so much writing about lo, so many months ago? It's time to drag them out, dust them off and look again at how you got into this dastardly trap! We don't even have to go back to formation of the Federal Reserve--we can hop in anywhere. If you want to know about the Federal Reserve, get our book on same--or, get Eustace Mullins' book, THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE. We don't have it here so I can't ask Dharma to go look up the information--it is easy to find, however, for it is probably the most plagiarized book in existence today.

Most of you regular readers, however, already know enough to make sense out of "just jumping in" and allowing others to do their homework and "catch up".

When our "troops" get control of those prior JOURNALS, we consider them so damaged as to be relatively "worthless" as collateral so I believe the volumes will be released at no more than half the original price of $10. So, if you are raring to get at them--WAIT A LITTLE WHILE UNTIL WE CAN PRY THEM LOOSE. I suspect the only actual "value" can now be calculated at the rate of "pounds" of scrap-paper. This was the value Mr. Green placed on "getting the word out" it seems.

Enough for today. Thank you.



WED., JULY 14, 1993 9:56 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 332

WED., JULY 14, 1993


I finally have what we need to look at this topic with great insight and positive change (hopefully). What I am going to say and suggest is going to impact some of you greatly and will in some cases bring peace and comfort--to others, denial and more cover-up of personal "guilt".

Good parents WANT to give their children THE BEST available with which to flourish in a goodly world with positive self-esteem, moral rightness and intelligence. But, by "home schooling" is that actually WHAT YOU ARE ACCOMPLISHING?


YOU who decide to offer this opportunity to the children by pulling them out of a school environment are taking a great responsibility and task. AND WHAT ARE YOUR RESULTS? Are your children REALLY happy? Are YOU doing this for your children OR DO YOU DO IT FOR YOURSELF(S)? Hard questions? Indeed! Is this ACTUALLY a need YOU AS ADULTS have to do something or other which APPEARS to be "goodly"? Think carefully about what you do AND WHY DO YOU DO IT?

The first response is: THE SYSTEM IS TERRIBLE! Yes, so what else is excellent in projection? Now, do you CHANGE a system by severing FROM it? Do you HELP the overall problem by simply withdrawing the children and isolating them and yourselves from the problem? Does this REALLY and ACTUALLY give the children a fully balanced experience in living?

You cannot CHANGE THE SYSTEM FOR ALL if YOU do not work within and on the system needing change.


Is the experience fulfilling, REALLY, to the parents as well as to the children? I have to tell you, chelas, that TOO MUCH TOGETHERNESS BREEDS DISCONTENT AND REBEL-LION. You live in a social world--and the interchange within that world MUST be expressed. What do you ACTUALLY fear from the school system? Will your absence from the school system actually solve your problems OR help solve the overall problems of the "system" in order that all experience be better foundationed?


Where there is availability of schools in the public arena, I find a total conflict of interests. When the parents are also grown to the extent that they do not utilize a "church" group for social interaction--there is isolation and a very faulty and lacking of "rounded out activities". You cannot simply "grow up" and have comfort in the social circles in which there MUST later be function.

Can you teach the ABC's better? What makes YOU think so? And, is there SOME REASON that if the system DOES NOT TEACH THE ABC's PROPERLY THAT YOU CAN'T FILL IN THE GAPS? The only problem with the school system is the lack of demand and participation of parents within the system!! Every time!! Parents send their children off to school to get rid of them! And there it STOPS! Do you ones not actually think that if children spent their time IN school, then come home and have full loving and peaceful discipline and attention from PARENT(S) THAT THE CHILD WOULD NOT BENEFIT?

In addition, in these families wherein religion is not a focus for interaction--the child MUST have release AND SO MUST THE PARENTS. You do not live in a society, longer, wherein grandparents are present to bear a part of the load. I do not even speak of "physical load"--I speak of "emotional" load. Then, as the lessons become more tedious and overreach the capabilities of the mother--where do you turn for those very NECESSARY basics? Can a child longer survive on JUST THE BASICS? Not in this society!

You say, "Well, that's what's wrong--I want them OUT of this society." How are you going to accomplish that, my friends? Would it not be better to go forth and get very INVOLVED with the parent/teacher opportunities, allow the children their social interactions in after-school activities wherein games and friendships are made and PARTICIPATE WITH THEM? Moreover, you as a parent will be better able to handle the time allocated to the children's home studies AND BE A CENTRAL LOVING FOCUS TO THEIR FRIENDS.



If you have a small-town setting you can do wonders and make great impact on the system by your cooperation and so, too, can the teachers--doing the best they can--grow and share appropriately. There are GOOD teachers who are simply beaten down by the massive surge of the downfall of society as a whole--but the drive is not lost, only hopelessly confronted. With a few GOOD parents in participation--miracles can be created in the schools. I NEVER ADVOCATE WITHDRAWAL FROM A SITUATION IN TROUBLE--I ADVOCATE WORKING WITHIN IT AND CLEANING IT UP. I repeat, the child is better off, emotionally the one carrying the load as a parent, is better off, and ultimately there is POSSIBILITY of bringing sanity back into the system.


If you TEACH your children moral rightness AND YOU USE DISCIPLINE AND JOINT ATTENTION TIME TO STUDIES--YOU CAN HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH ENVIRONMENTS. Most of your society has not the privilege of home schooling. They do--but it is not priority and, therefore, since there ARE schools set up for teaching children--that IS what IS! To live without electricity just because the electric company is filled with Elite New Wodders is foolish--SO IS PUTTING YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN IN CIRCUMSTANCES OF NO BALANCE--LIKEWISE FOOLISH.

There are some instances where it works to perfection and great fulfillment is achieved. It is ONLY in those instances that I would ever suggest lack of school participation. You do not have to have ONE or the OTHER. You as a parent can make such an impact on the system that it would make your head swim--AND THE CHILDREN GET THE MUCH NEEDED EXPERIENCE OF INTERACTION WITH THEIR PEERS. In the participation of the parents, the child actually gets to hold the honor of the teacher AND the appreciation of the other children because there can be "field trips", etc., that now go by the way because of lack of parental supervision availability.

You must HEAR what I am saying here: If you are beating yourself to pieces doing these things which are for your OWN need in some manner or another--you are NOT helping your children--you are hurting them. Further, if the strain is notable to yourself you are placing such strain on the marriage relationship that YOU WILL GROW APART before the job is accomplished. THE CHILDREN MUST LEARN TO FUNCTION IN THIS WORLD THAT IS as we gradually change it back into worthy working order.

USE that which is available to lessen your own burdens and give you time for turning within self for balance. Are you actually a better parent by some measure just because you chain yourself to the offspring like second skin? NO--you damage self and you damage THEM. A child must be given two things: roots and wings. They must always have sound roots and a place in which to place them--then you must give them that which allows them to function and FLY in the environment in which they must express.

I note that if the parent is HONEST--there is little peace and total joy in such a heavy-duty task. I find restlessness, lack of peace, too much togetherness and a total loss of the parent most involved--emotionally. How can this even be remotely considered worthy?


You who have taken on this heavy task must sit with your significant "other" partner and CAREFULLY consider why you do this and is it actually the way to go. Then you must sit with the children and REALLY LISTEN to them--they are already so unbalanced that they won't even know what to say to you. A spoiled child is not a happy child--nor does it make him a worthy leader. Discipline with LOVE and then SUPPORT of the proper kind in loving GIVING is what balances a child into adulthood. Supporting his causes and participation in the social or school setting is even MORE important.


I must remind you constantly that you ONLY NOW begin to have information into what is going on and who the players are. For instance, you trusting readers are going to find out before this is over that, for instance, the University of Science and Philosophy is a DIRECT unit of the Brookings Institute--one of the most involved British Intelligence operations with focus on such things as MK-Ultra brain-washing programs of the Intelligence community which exists. Does this mean that Dr. Timothy Binder KNOWS? I doubt it because Dr. Binder lives in both Montana and Colorado. He will be receiving his directives the same as does any other participant. He WILL BE a participant. You will see, however, why John Coleman is entangled in it as is George Green. The US&P is a DIRECT construction of the VERY Intelligence unit claimed by John Coleman. They have a lot of "British" on the Board of Directors as well as a "token Jew" by the name of Cohen. Interesting isn't it?


So, what would "I" do if your children were my children? I would get them into school as quickly as the grade level can be sorted and then make a mark in the SYSTEM! There are certain amounts of responsibility acceptance that a child MUST have and he can get it by the routine and discipline of structured school days. What will you have lost? If it doesn't work--you can again remove the child. YOU MUST LEARN TO DISCIPLINE AND DIRECT THE CHILD--NOT THE OPPOSITE. CHILDREN CAN EMOTIONALLY SABOTAGE YOU FASTER THAN ANY LIVING CREATURE AND DESTROY A MARRIAGE FASTER THAN ANY THIRD PARTY AFFAIR. THEY JUST "TEST" AND MOST OFTEN ADULTS "FLUNK". REMEMBER: MOTHERS ARE PEOPLE TOO!

I ask you ones to give prayerful thought to these observations and suggestions and consider possibilities. You must remain flexible as you search for a "better way". You can ONLY LEARN through the trial and error and/or success. Don't WAIT until you are "used up" and relationships are strained which are usually interpreted as a loss of LOVE. If that happens--no amount of ABCs and 123s can be valued against that particular PRICE.

You have children of both sexes involved. Where are these children who are isolated going to find mates and sharing partners, jobs and balanced experiences? You must send your children ARMED WELL into this world--and that does not mean with weapons of war. If a child does not "fit" in at school--stop assuming it is the fault of the system, the teacher or, or, or--GO FIND OUT! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? YOU HAVE MYRIADS OF THINGS TO GAIN!

A HOME should be a harbor of security and love--how can it be a harbor if the ship never leaves the shore? That is ALL it is--just a place to dock.


So, what is Hatonn really saying? Well, I don't tell ones WHAT TO DO--but if it were me--I would put all the children in school if it is relatively safe physically--and almost all schools are "relatively" safe. THERE IS NO SAFE PLACE! NOT YOUR HOME AND NOT YOUR SOCIETY. TO MAKE IT SAFE--YOU PARENTS MUST MAKE IT SAFE.

In our own local area I look at ones who have tried, worked, etc., and I do not see total peace and perfection. I look mostly at mothers because they are the one that gets "stuck" (indeed--stuck) with the extra load. I can name four or five right here who have tried, are trying, etc. Is there PEACE in your hearts? Do you ever question that what you CAN'T offer is serious in its lacking? Are your children able to integrate into social situations easily? Do they have a selection of persons from which to make lasting relationships? These are IMPORTANT--PERHAPS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ABC's. Emotional balance is "living"--learning lessons is "training". Is spelling words properly, enough? Do the children have opportunity to play baseball and grow in interrelationships with TEAMS and social functions? Social should not be the ONLY focus--but it is certainly necessary.

I would simply hope that these words rest gently upon your hearts for there is no easy way and no "sure" way. Give them solid roots, develop their wings--and then, parents--let them fly for these children are only ON LOAN to you--they belong to God and they have a purpose which they, just as you--must find and develop. Perchance it is in a classroom? So be it.

If you believe the "Master" is/was ever serene--forget it. When one is MASTER there is NO SUCH SITUATION. Each "MASTER" became a master the same way as you MUST. "Time for self" and "Time with mates" is very, very often FAR MORE IMPORTANT than is time with the child. You see, EACH of you has a talent or multiples of talents--you must also use those talents or you will never find peace in your journey. FEW have the fulfilling talent of home teaching--do you see? BUT, this is one of the major reasons so many of you come into the more time consuming service LATER or when there are not the responsibilities of constant child care. You cannot serve TWO MASTERS and when there are children--they MUST come FIRST--but not consume ALL lest the other Master never be served--and that MASTER is self, ultimately! You serve and love WITH someone(s)--you cannot be that someone in the physical dimension--EVER! May you come gently into your understanding.




FRI., JULY 16, 1993 10:00 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 334

FRI., JULY 16, 1993



I need to make a statement about publication of the paper because we need to forewarn you that we PROBABLY will not issue a paper the last week in July. This is for several reasons from funds, postage, weary team, the first break since onset for several of our staff (like four-five years) and thus and so. We have ongoing legal needs, court hearings, depositions, and you name it, our people are bogged in it.

We are torn because it gives a hiatus of information flow on ones like Russbacher, Rennick, etc., etc., but our people are in serious need of a respite and recovery so that there will be funds for the following week. We must do "something" and this appears to be the best approach. Perhaps we will need to make it a two-weeks break but we are working to not have to do that if possible.

It is true that "He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of Christ WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF THE WORLD"--but it surely is NOT easy.

Dharma and I will NOT STOP WRITING just as we do now--so you will be very "behind" and can expect big papers again at upstart. I guess this is a vacation for SOME--but not around here. Perhaps, however, you readers will have a chance to catch up a bit on some other really necessary reading--even the old papers.

Hopefully we won't need to repeat this often but we do what we must do and ask your patience and prayers. We have come to make an impact, now, and we must hold the line lest we be pulled down. We will do the best we can. Thank you.


The pressures are getting so heavy here that I must speak, again, of rather personal things. There are assassination rumors out about Russbachers and also, unbeknownst to Dharma until this writing--against her and E.J. Assassination? Could they possibly mean "murder"? I think that would be a most "unwise" attempt but the nit-wits have tried it often before and things are getting pretty hot (or WET) as the case may be and the public is getting pretty suspicious.


George has abruptly "flown the coop". He has not yet dived off to Costa Rica but he has secretly moved his body to Montana. How stupid a move--does he actually think we do not KNOW before he even finalizes his jaunts?

Already, now, word has come back IMMEDIATELY as to Bozeman and Missoula. The facts are "Missoula" is the target and I am told there will be a couple or so interesting persons waiting to greet him in his "new operations". You must understand that WE are the least of George Green's and Gary Anderson's problems. They have sheriffs in two states looking for them and find only disconnected phones and an absent "boss" at the America West office. George now has charges ranging from theft to mail fraud out against him. A group of Special Forces "boys" are also forming a greeting committee here and there to remind these people of their responsibility to truth in America and American business ventures.

By the way--George has offered a settlement (since his business will close anyway): The Institute gets the worthless books and HE GETS THE GOLD! My, my, that gold does cause him trouble. I think, if I were George, that I would be VERY cautious about my "frontsides" for the ones I see coming to visit DON'T SHOOT IN THE BACK.


Mr. Perry is an accomplice of Green's in the attack and attempted receivership of the Institute. He is the one who put all the disinformation of personal nature and corporations in the international media through the A.P. He has so far avoided "service" of legal papers. It is time now to get that job done, lawyers, for he is on the attack against Mrs. Perry's estate AGAIN and is serving legal documents against her. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

What you do about Leon is up to you. Leon may not have realized the full extent of his intentions or what he has caused to happen--but ones AROUND him know exactly what they have done and SO DOES HIS LAWYER. I shall, however, be a bit upset myself if you cause the Institute to bring any focus to self in efforts to treat him DIFFERENTLY than any other participant. Everyone is going to get everything out and the Institute is more substantial and stable daily. Do that which you feel suitable--but be cautious for the corporations involved in the complaint letters STILL need to have activation of action. Just realize that "I" can "see" farther than you! Perhaps it is time to tell Mr. Abbott where to shove his legal demands. "They" have garnered no right to pleasant nor, in fact, return AT ALL! They stopped the ability of the Institute to function through their assault with Green and to give them priority favor is unacceptable as well.


I suggest that John Coleman pay very close ATTENTION also. Connections and original "intelligence" activities which dumped us off into this river of US&P problems are about to flood-out culprits to the same extent of Iowa and THAT river swamping.

This will be easy to track and understand, perchance, if you have Coleman's book CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY which my people paid for, did the work on and published for him--claimed by George Green. At the time, even, ones asked why were we doing this when the handwriting was on the wall about these two grafters, shakers and movers? I told them then and I repeat now--GOD NEVER DOES ANYTHING CARELESSLY. The information you now need is held within the work and having DONE THE WORK and at the time, even having direct permission to use the information EXACTLY AS OFFERED, I now feel free to share some of the tracings. [Editor's note: We are told it may be available from OMNI Christian Book club, P.O. Box 900566, Palmdale, CA 93590; $16.95 + $2.50 postage & handling for one book, 10% discount for larger quantities. I don't know about sales tax.] If you don't have the book, just hold on and let us check out resources other than America West for it appears they are "out of business" anyway, if running out in the middle of the night (both of these men have done this) is a clue to ethics. I would dearly ENJOY a law-suit from EITHER one so they show their hands, locations and activities.

I am going to need to word this writing in such a way that the court won't construe it as ill-begotten or slanderous information in order to protect my secretary. I shall simply report what is fact and now confirmed without reference to persons involved--for you will probably find that most "persons" involved, say, as is Dr. Binder of US&P, MORE UNINFORMED of what I shall tell you, than are YOU.

Is all this information PROVEN? Yes, but there is much clever manipulation and disguise involved. It is that Dr. Binder is efforting to gather up funding and resources to further Dr. Russell's work--REALLY! He lives "sort-of" between Montana and Colorado--not in Virginia at Swannanoa Palace. I have no comment at all about this arrangement--he is the President of the "University" and we shall drop that right there, please. The following, however, will be that which will spark interest in several of you readers--but again, I must be objective and "journalistic" in my information here.

I would, however, suggest that Nora hold up on plans to visit Virginia at this time. THIS information is going to be very NEW to Nora and I do not want her going innocently into something in behalf of a biography on Russell, which may well be more interesting than anticipated.


Well, we have told you for a long time and have been confronted in a Federal Court for so-doing. But, you must now know that you have PROOF of the involvement of the Committee of 300 Hierarchy. Perhaps it is simply "used" and ones "don't know"? Well, ones KNEW ENOUGH TO GO DIRECTLY "THERE" TO GET AT US. NOW JUST 'WHO' WOULD KNOW SO MUCH? Coleman? Green? Well, Coleman (Pavlonski) was mad-as-hell at Green at the time it broke on us. Now, Green admits he still has working relationships with Coleman and is mailing out lots of advertising for the books of US&P--so??

Now, for starters: KNOW, readers, that it is reported from VERY HIGH-LEVEL INTELLIGENCE (VERY HIGH-LEVEL AND NOT ETHERIC) that US&P is backed by, basically funded by and RUN by--THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTE! But, it is worse than this as far as I am concerned--however, we start where we can logically make sense of this story.


So, what difference would that make? Well, the Brookings Institute is THE TOP LISTED functionary (there are bunches--and outstanding is RAND) institution of the Tavistock Institute in the United States engaged in brainwashing at all levels, including government, the military, business, religious organizations and education.

Before we go on, let it be remembered that John Coleman claimed to be an agent of MI-6, etc., of British Intelligence. WILL YOU FIND IT "INTERESTING" TO KNOW THAT US&P IS RUN BY MI-6 AND MI-5 OF BRITISH INTELLIGENCE.

Will it further be interesting to note that the Board of Directors is primarily "British" with one token "Jew" by the name of Cohen? There is direct information that Prince Charles also sits on that Board. He, at the least, visits for "special occasions" similar to that which Bush visited in Australia. Gets sticky from here, readers.

Let's go back and check out the Brookings Institute just briefly. And, further, I am simply going to quote John Coleman (Pavlonski) to keep my scribe out of trouble.


The Brookings Institution: Dedicates its work to what it calls a "national agenda". Wrote President Hoover's program, President Roosevelt's "New Deal", the Kennedy Administration's "New Frontiers" program (deviation from it cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson's "Great Society". Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so on behalf of the Committee of 300.



I will remind you that Haig was upset and very focused along with Rockefellers, etc., at the time of the Falkland Islands fiasco. I cannot remind you often enough that everything is hooked to everything else and you are going to have to go back and read the whole bunch of JOURNALS if you want to connect all this "stuff".

We will have to take "Haig" out of context but he plays a strong role right here as regards the Brookings Institute so bear with us, please.

"...But before his military promotion took him out of Washington, let it be known that Alexander Haig, in conjunction with Kissinger, all but destroyed the office of the President of the United States and its government. The chaos left by Kissinger and Haig in the wake of Watergate has never been chronicled to the best of my knowledge (Coleman). On the insistence of the RIIA, Haig virtually took over management of the Government of the United States after the April 1973 coup d'etat. Bringing 100 Round Table agents chosen FROM THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTE OF POLICY STUDIES AND THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, Haig filled the top 100 posts in Washington with men who, like himself, were beholden to a foreign power."


The next question from new readers, is "Who or what is Tavistock?" Well, it is connected directly to the Committee of 300 THAT RULES THE WORLD. MI-6 is the main resource of the Committee of 300 when it comes to "Intelligence". Over hundreds of years, MI-6 has established a record which no other intelligence agency can even come near to duplicating. MI-6 agents have gathered information from the four corners of the Earth and have carried out secret operations that would astound even the most knowledgeable if ever they were to be made public, which is why it rates as the Master service of the Committee of 300.

Officially, MI-6 does not exist, its budget comes out of the Queen's purse and "private funds", and is reported to be in a range of $350-$500 million per annum, but no one knows for sure what the exact amount is. In its present form MI-6 dates back to 1911, when it was under the leadership of Sir Mansfield Cumming, a captain in the Royal Navy, who was always identified by the letter"C", from which "M" of James Bond fame is taken.

The Tavistock Institute at Sussex University and London sites is owned and controlled by the Royal Institute for International Affairs whose "hofjuden" in America is HENRY KISSINGER.

Oh, by the way--the work of Walter Russell of which the University is after developing, is any form of FREE ENERGY--I doubt that they are too interested in the "cause of God and LIGHT" except as it applies to the One World Order.

I think it now becomes self-evident WHY Mr. Green would want to get on "their GOOD side"--secretly. It further explains why he would not need to "make a deal" himself particularly as the entire suit would be dumped on "Grandmother" here and perhaps we would all just go away!?! I think that if I were George Green I might well consider "a settlement", too. My people "cannot" settle for there is nothing to "pay-off" to the ones bringing suit. Even Dharma and E.J. CAN settle but for what? There is no resource from which to pay the legal fees at best. They can be forced to accept a "judgement" but they can-not pay it, so what have we here? And, why, if GG claimed to have had so MUCH, kept legal papers FROM EKKERS, etc., would he not be the target--UNLESS THERE IS LOTS BE-NEATH THE SURFACE? DOES HE KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING? It has gone so far now that it is out of our hands--and he certainly hasn't shown any indication of "change" or rectification.

We don't have any pick with the University of Science and Philosophy. We could not even be considered in the same running as far as competition--with them IF THE FACTS COULD EVER BE HEARD. We honor one, DR. WALTER RUSSELL for his gifts. We ONLY want to honor Dr. Russell for we are NOT EVEN INTERESTED WHATSOEVER IN HIS PRO-JECTIONS OF FREE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT. He realized it comes from LIGHT but he did not develop methodology. The University, further, from indications above--has a more definite thrust into BRAIN-CONTROL STUDIES WITH MI-6. This, further, indicates why the focus was so pointed toward Mary Eddy and Christian Scientists (mutually exclusive terms). If you have "religion" you CAN NOT have "science". This is not an INSULT; it is simply a fact of "definition".

I have no interest in doing battle with these ones at ANY LEVEL. I am not interested in competition, their work or their business. We are about as "OPPOSITE" IN DIRECTION OF INTENT AS ANY TWO ENTITIES ON YOUR EARTH COULD BE! I believe it will become more clearly defined as to "why" as we move on here.


The next is going to be fully in the presentation of second-hand. This touches so closely on "incredible" activities as to cause me to be very guarded. It is TRUE and that is my only personal comment.

There were recently some people who went to the Swannanoa Palace on "tour". There is a $6.00 fee charged for ones who wish to tour the palace, which is now getting in serious disrepair.

The grounds which were once magnificent with gardens and statues are now getting very run-down. One reason these people wanted to visit was to again see the statue of "Sananda" (The Teacher) in the garden, done by Dr. Russell. Here is what was found. The people left the organized tour and wandered out onto the grounds unnoticed at first. The buildings in the back area were in a terrible state of repair--very neglected and untended while showing great need for resources.

They went to the statue to find a shocking sight. The statue had (on a prior visit some years ago) been landscaped with beautiful shrubs and flowers but basically "stood alone". IT IS NOW CENTERED IN FLOWER BEDS WHICH FORM A SATANIC PENTAGRAM.

Moving on around to the back and distant side of the estate itself, was a tower with a "jumping type" of platform on it. Beneath that was a freshly filled-in pit of some kind. This area is obviously given now to rituals of some sort and "neighbors" report all sorts of weird things going on back there--but decline to talk about it.

There was indication that somehow, recent visitors of Royalty or tourists of some kind had come for a "RETREAT" for an "overnighter". Hmm-n-n, at the same time Prince Charles vis-ited in the U.S. and WAS SEEN AT SWANNANOA.

Dr. Russell's early works (long, long prior to his meeting with Lao and this group from Great Britain) were given to the public--and, the originals were gifted to Princeton University. I have no further comment about this. If we somehow damaged Dr. Russell in our offering honor for his work, we apologize. Never was our intent to do other than enlighten people to the truth of their own projection--not form any kind of competitive circumstance. I repeat, we still have NO QUARREL with anyone from US&P OR over the work. We HONOR DR. RUSSELL.

Do you think the people attending Koresh's Waco location--knew they were involved with MI-6, The Committee of 300, ATF, MK-ULTRA brainwashing intensive and such? Of course NOT. But confound it--Coleman and Green DID!


Are you readers "shocked" by all this? Well, if you aren't--then you must be dreaming. Dharma is "blown away" by these revelations, as is E.J. and the other team HERE.

Ekkers came to this place to basically retire and live out their days with family and friends. It NEVER had occurred to Dharma to write more than a recipe. It all began just as innocently--to be scooped up by Green and then we really went to work! Who knows what and when do they know it? Chelas, things EVOLVE and ones pick up their responsibilities and so it goes.

Further, there should be no reason that one John Coleman (or whoever he is) would have reason to attack the Ekkers or anyone here--he RECEIVED greatly and generously from these people and FROM ME PERSONALLY! YES, THAT IS "ME", HATONN. He can go forth and pretend that he knew Green was "Hatonn"--NO, THAT IS A LIE--HE KNEW EX-ACTLY WHO I AM AND WAS! THAT was not a lie, John--but you, too, chose the way of human weakness and lost your protection. Those are choices EACH makes as you pass "through". Then, comes the error in judgement--which appears at first as something which will annoy and "getcha"! This moves on into the morass and entanglement of great involve-ment. Who in their wildest imaginings would believe that an effort to "cause a bit of trouble" to a perceived enemy would uncover the Tavistock Institute in full operations through the Brookings Institute and British Intelligence and brainwashing programs of the highest level?

It is John who is in serious trouble now and I shall share with you readers from his work so that we can give him some credit and, hopefully, offer him some protection in the physical.

I have been brought a copy of LIGHT WAVES from US&P--just of interest. If you have access (for I declare we dare not reprint anything from the flyer) to this--READ DR. BINDER'S "PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE "Choices & Focus On the Good".


There never was, nor is, ANY intent to slander or damage or plagiarize anything from anyone--only HONOR a gifted MAN with a GIFT to MANKIND. If we did it badly, then perchance there might be "positive" goodness gained from the experience for ALL.

Let us just leave this particular subject now and give some honor and accolades to Dr. Coleman. We have his papers, etc., for our people did the editing, readying for press and all the work involved with raw manuscript. I wish to take nothing from Dr. Coleman; in fact, our people received information from Japan from ones wishing to translate his book and print several thousand. We gladly forwarded that information to his Postal box number and we hope that he received the inquiries for that would be quite a nice income project for him and his family. It was to have gone through Green but it seemed more appropriate since George is "missing" to send it DIRECTLY to resource.

Let us just begin and each week in the paper perhaps we can offer you chapters or excerpts from "300". Today, we will offer his Foreword.


Foreword: IN MY CAREER as a professional intelligence officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in the field in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top secret classified documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States' governments.

I was thoroughly familiar with all of the well known secret societies such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RITA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, the Zionists, Freemasonry, Bolshevism, Rosicrucianism and all of the spin-offs of these secret societies. As an intelligence officer, and even before that as a young student in the course of my studies at the British Museum in London, I had cut my eye teeth on all of them, plus a good number of others with whom I imagined Americans were familiar.

But when I came to the United States in 1969, I found that names like the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Club of Rome, the German Marshall Fund, the Cini Foundation, the Round Table, the Fabianists, the Venetian Black Nobility, the Mont Pelerin Society, Hellfire Clubs, and many others were either totally unknown here, or else their true functions were at best but poorly understood, if at all.

In 1969-1970 I set about remedying the situation in a series of monographs and cassette tapes. Much to my surprise I soon found plenty of people willing to quote these names as if they had known of them all of their writing careers, but who were not in the least bit knowledgeable about the subjects, yet quite unwilling to state the source of their lately acquired information. I consoled myself with the thought that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I pursued my investigations, pressing on in the face of severe risks, attacks on myself and my wife, financial losses, continual harassment, threats and calumny, all part of a carefully-crafted and orchestrated program to discredit me, run by government agents and informers, embedded in the so-called Christian right wing, the "Identity Movement" and rightwing "patriotic" groups. These agents operated, and still operate, under cover of strong and fearless outspoken opposition to Judaism--their main enemy, they would have us believe. Their agent-informers are led and controlled by a group of homosexuals who are well-liked and well-respected by political and religious conservatives all across the United States.

Their program of calumny, lies and hatred, disinformation about my work, even lately attributing it to other writers, continues unabated but it has not had the desired effect. I shall carry on with my task until I have finally ripped off the mask of the entire secret upper-level parallel government that runs Britain and the U.S. This book is a part of that ongoing effort.

Dr. John Coleman, November 1991

I have no intent to take from the book all the lists and such--this is up to you if you want the information and don't want to rummage back through old JOURNALS--but Dr. Coleman gave an excellent overview of who is what in this Conspiracy. Yes, indeed, others have also spelled it out for you--and even done a far better job in bringing players of local interest into your attention. Dr. Peter Beter was outstanding in revealing the workings and what was going on on specific fronts, from political to weather manipulations. That is a good subject to look at because, for decades now, there have been weather manipulations EXACTLY LIKE WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW--WORLDWIDE BUT SPECIFICALLY IN THE AREA OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER, U.S.A.

So, AGAIN, readers, we will have three or four "stories" going at once and we'll just do the best we can to flesh them out for you.



FRI., JULY 16, 1993 2:00 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 334

FRI., JULY 16, 1993


This is the kind of abuse I have to take from my team-mates. Every other writing I seem to say something to the effect that I will write on a given subject when next we sit to write--and that is the last you hear or see of it. I know, it must seem like "Donahue" on his interview shows when he says, "I promise I'll let you speak when we get back from commercial break". There are so many wondrously interesting subjects and so little space to cover it all--please bear with my good intentions and I'll try to bear with yours. Good JOURNALISM demands follow-up and backup but my secretary cops-out and claims to be "only human"--at least from wrist to fingers! So be it.

What I had "last" promised was a (Dr. Peter) Beter story which would point out how orchestrated the situation is with banks, opposing parties, gold standard, etc. The writings also allow for some observations of "players" which will help you to begin to decipher who is what in this game. If you do not have background, I can only suggest that you "catch up" because we will offer a LOT "again" but with the over 30,000 pages of work in these past 48 months--there is no way to offer it timely. THEN, we can look at weather manipulation as presented years ago by this same resource.

The following will come directly from a transcript of Dr. Peter David Beter's Audio Letter #67, recorded on AUGUST 25, 1981. (To get Dr. Beter's material I believe the best route is through Wisconsin Report and Virginia Meaves P.O. Box 271, Elm Grove, WI 53122.

E.J. had offered, earlier, to assist in publishing Beter's works but the response was that "there are plans" which did not include this place. I don't know where it now lays but I do know that Wisconsin Report still runs segments of his tapes (transcribed) in the paper and does make something available to the public through the Education Service Council.

I, Hatonn, personally worked with Dr. Beter and can verify that his information was top-level. Even though a particular incident will be outdated--the facts remain and the plan and play only change in arenas and players. The overall PLAN never changes other than very slightly to be flexible and further confuse the audience (YOU).

Dr. Beter said: "If the Corporate Socialists are successful, America will be torn by internal convulsions far worse than the Civil War; but if they do not succeed, the Bolsheviks believe no one can stop their own plans for domination of America and eventually the world." YOU MUST LOOK MOST CAREFULLY AT WHERE YOU ARE--NOW!

I ask that this simply be copied as is. I will be prepared to comment but I believe the information will pretty well speak for itself and you will be able to make connections.



August 25, 1981 [H: Do not overlook this--over a decade AGO.]

TOPIC #1: The entity President Reagan is fond of saying in speeches, quote:"I was a Democrat longer than I have been a Republican." Likewise, his past heroes of the White House Oval Office are more often Democrats than Republicans. And the hero we hear about the most often of all from our actor president is Franklin D. Roosevelt. From the beginning, the so-called Reagan Administration has been modeled along lines pioneered by FDR in the 1930s. Like FDR, the present administration tried to hit the ground running with big changes in federal policies. Now, as then, the Executive Branch of the Government is claiming a public mandate to flatten Congressional opposition like a steam roller; and even though they look different today, the real issues now are once again the same as they were in the 1930s. Those issues are: The crumbling economy, approaching war, and the political future of the United States.

On the domestic level, 1981 is trembling with the hollow echoes of 1933, and yet there is also one major difference today. In 1933 there was just one major power behind the throne, so to speak, dominating the United States Government. Today, in 1981, there are two powerful factions who are challenging each other for governmental control. An enormous power struggle is going on behind closed doors which has afflicted the United States Government with schizophrenia. Policy-making has turned into a series of skirmishes between these two power groups. As a result, the Government zigs and zags, this way and that. Top officials, such as the Secretaries of State and Defense, are always in a public tug of war. It all reflects the great power struggle behind closed doors.

[H: Please keep in mind as we go along that as we copy this presentation--things have continued to evolve into this New World Order where the administration cabinet members and "secretaries" serve the new master, the U.N. and One World Order MORE OPENLY AND VISIBLY--IT WAS ALREADY, HOWEVER, TAKING MASSIVE SHAPE FOR BIRTHING.]

On one side are the Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel. Back in the days of FDR five decades ago this was mainly an oil cartel. From there it grew and diversified into a world-wide Corporate Socialist empire made up of multinational corporations.

On the other side of the current power struggle in America are the State Socialists, the Bolsheviks. Like the Rockefeller Cartel, the Bolsheviks have "collectivism" as their ultimate goal--that is, both groups want to concentrate all wealth and power in a few hands--namely, their own. But the Bolsheviks want to do it in a different way.

The Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel want their own giant corporations to be the real masters of society. By contrast, the Bolshevik Socialists want the Government to be all-powerful. Through the Government, the Bolsheviks want to control the means of production directly through nationalized industries.

For decades, from 1917 until very recently, these two collectivist forces had their own separate power bases. Rockefeller Corporate Socialism held sway in America, while the State Socialist Bolsheviks controlled the Soviet Union. The two sides came in contact only on an international basis, and under those conditions they operated as secret allies. But over the past five years everything has changed. In 1976 the Bolsheviks were finally pried loose from control of the Kremlin by a determined band of native Russians. Their achievement was the result of six decades of tireless struggle, but it came as a shock both to the Bolsheviks in Russia and to the Rockefeller force here. The Kremlin's new masters want no part of the international intrigues formerly carried out in tandem with the United States. They also want no part of the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks are being run out of Russia, so they are trying to use the United States as their new power base. This situation has brought the Bolsheviks into direct competition with the Rockefeller Cartel for power over the United States--and the world!

In late 1977 I reported that a quiet new Bolshevik revolution was getting under way here in America with the help of the Rockefeller Cartel. It was a desperate attempt by these two groups, formerly international allies, to join forces on the domestic level. At that time both the Rockefellers and the overthrown Bolsheviks from Russia were preoccupied with staving off Russia's new rulers. It was a classic case of that old famous principle: "The Enemy of my enemy is my friend."

What the Rockefeller Cartel has learned instead is that sometimes my enemy's enemy is also my enemy. In early 1979 the Bolsheviks here launched an all-out drive to seize total control away from the Rockefellers. They did not quite succeed, as I detailed in the past, but the Rockefeller Cartel was grievously wounded. For more than two years now the behavior of the United States has reflected one basic fact--that is, no one is clearly, decisively in charge. Instead, the struggle continues.

In February 1979 I reported in AUDIO LETTER NO. 43 that, quote:

"Soon the inevitable internal conflict here in the United States will be getting under way. On one side there are the Corporate Socialists of the now headless Rockefeller Cartel. On the other, there are the Bolshevik State Socialists." [H: I won't go into it here--but we have also offered what we mean by "Headless" Rockefeller Cartel. It gets into such clandestine circumstances that I have to ask you to refer BACK to prior writings. It is most important to know--but too lengthy for HERE. The "Rockefeller you see and know" is NOT the Rockefeller you think him to be!]

My friends, it is this very internal conflict which is now showing itself daily in the behavior of the so-called Reagan Administration.

I can now reveal that the Rockefeller Cartel, which was almost out for the count two years ago, has made a surprising come-back in strength. As of now, the Bolsheviks here continue to dominate America's foreign policy through their effective control of our Military forces. But in the economic and political arenas, it is the Rockefeller Cartel that now seems to have the edge. My friends, they intend to use that edge in some stunning stratagems intended to rebuild their own power. The power struggle here is starting to turn into a race against time. The Rockefeller group lacks the power to simply finish off the Bolsheviks, and the reverse is also true, so each faction is gearing up to make the maximum use of its own areas of strength. In this Topic and in Topic #2, I will describe an economic and political One-Two punch being prepared by the Rockefeller interests. If these things can be done fast enough, the Corporate Socialists believe they can blast the Bolsheviks here right out of the water; but as I will describe in Topic #3, the Bolsheviks here have no intention of giving the Cartel that much time. Before they can be stopped, the Bolsheviks intend to reach their own goal--NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

[H: If we can work it in, we will continue to run these things in series when there is space available. Although we have well covered these instances and subjects--I believe it all makes far more sense to all of you readers now--than in the past--for you can see how it has evolved. NUCLEAR WAR ONE HAS ONLY BEEN THWARTED TO DATE--IT IS NOT OFF!]


The economic surprise which I am about to make public will come as a shock to most Americans, and yet it has already been foreshadowed by plans which I have previously reported on two occasions:

First, there was the plan for a gold revaluation publicity stunt, which I reported last November 1980. America's alleged gold reserves are listed on Treasury and Federal Reserve balance sheets at the old official price of $42.22 per ounce. As you and I know, they do not in fact have a great deal of the gold which is listed. Those balance sheets are fraudulent, but the plan which I reported last November was for our non-existent gold reserves to be revalued at current market prices. On paper, that would make our gold supplies look ten times bigger in dollar terms at current prices. The whole idea of the plan was to reinforce the false perception that America has a huge gold hoard. A few weeks later the gold revaluation gimmick started to surface. For the first time in many years a major article about the Fort Knox Bullion Depository was published. Through syndication it was published all across the United States as well as in many other countries. The article referred throughout only to the market price of gold. The old official price was totally ignored.

The next element in the plan for an economic shock is the one which I first reported last April. That item had to do not with gold but with our currency itself. I am referring to the plan to do away with the $100 bill.

When I first reported on the plan to eliminate the $100 bill, I received heavy mail about it. People were stunned, but I can report to you that the plan is still on track; in fact, since I first made the plan public, at least one bill has been introduced in Congress to do as I described. [H: Note--it still comes up constantly and now you have the markings, stripings, etc. There is very, very little variation in the original PLAN, friends.]

That is what has been done with the "Federal Gold Commission." Congress decreed last year that it be set up in time to produce its report by October 7th of this year; but after the new Administration took office last January, the Treasury Department kept putting off creation of the Gold Commission.

It did not come into being until June 22, and the first meeting of the Federal Gold Commission was not held until just last month on July 16. It was held behind closed doors with no public observers, no witnesses to testify, and with no Minutes kept. As with all federal commissions that matter, the Federal Gold Commission is a "closed shop". It consists of four (4) Congressmen, three (3) Senators, three (3) members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, two (2) White House advisers, and four (4) nominally public members. The Chairman is none other than the Treasury Secretary himself; and to shepherd the group in the desired direction, the Executive Director for the study is another insider, Dr. Anna Schwartz.

The small contingent of four so-called "public" members of the Gold Commission were hand-picked for their known views about gold. Anyone who might have made real waves was carefully excluded from consideration. My friend Mr. Edward Durell is a prominent example of this. Mr. Durell offered to serve on the Federal Gold Commission entirely at his own expense. He would have brought with him massive documentation and more than a decade of intensive activity in the realm of our gold reserve. He would have brought true expertise about gold to the Federal Gold Commission. His appointment to the Commission was highly recommended to the alleged Reagan Administration by business leaders and even a few Congressmen, but he was firmly rejected because he knows too much!

Now that the hand-picked Federal Gold Commission is safely in being, it's supposed to make up quickly for lost time. Congress may be asked to extend the deadline to January 1, 1982, but even that would leave little time for making any serious study of America's monetary future. Fortunately for the Gold Commission members, its conclusions have already been preordained. Even Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the Commission, is to be used with or without his knowledge to achieve these ends. [H: OUCH!]

Whenever the Federal Gold Commission issues its report, its recommendations are to set the stage for dramatic action by the President. Sometime in early 1982 two things will be done at the same time. One will be to abolish the old official price of gold, $42.22 per ounce, and let the gold price "float". The other part of the announcement will be that Congress will be asked to restore gold backing for the dollar. It would be a 20% gold backing, as currently planned, based on the market price of gold. In effect, the dollar and gold will "float" together in international markets; but for domestic purposes, it will be claimed that this is a new gold standard which will restore stability to the dollar. For the first time since 1968 there will be a governor or a brake on the supply of dollars. [H: Oops--so what WENT WRONG? I thought you might see that higher stakes took precedent and the battle still is being waged! Does not "higher politics" and "economics" take on more meaning when you can see WHAT actually has and is taking place? WHY didn't this get done? I think you have to look again at the old Bolsheviks and other blackmail fronts. You certainly do not have brakes on the supply of dollars--YOU PRINT MORE THAN YOU EVER DID--BACKED BY NOTHING AS THE DEBT TO THE WORLD BANKERS GOES THROUGH THE COSMOS!]

My friends, this will be only a pseudo gold standard, not a real one. You and I will not be able to walk into a bank and change a dollar bill for gold. [H: You can say that again!] Likewise, the international gold window which President Nixon closed 10 years ago this month will not be reopened. The effects of the Reagan pseudo gold standard will only be temporary at best, lasting only a year or two, and even that assumes that there is no war in the meantime and yet it will be a master stroke. For a while it will alter the perception of the dollar. It will appear to be a powerful attack on inflation here in America. That perception will be reinforced by the elimination of the $100 bill on a separate occasion. Even though it will not be a true gold standard, its effect through the market place will be dramatic. [H: Now, readers, when you see what and who brought this idea into ruin, you will be really getting good at deciphering the lies. No, I am not going to TELL YOU--add it up--who stood to gain the MOST by thwarting such a plan?]

In relation to the currencies of Europe and Japan, it will seem to make the dollar much more valuable to be bought and held, but don't be fooled! For a while it will seem that the hey-day of the so-called almighty dollar has returned once again. My friends, this will be an illusion because the enormous damage done by inflation over the past 10 years will not be undone. It will only be arrested temporarily.

For the average working man and woman it may provide at most a temporary breather, no more than that. But for the Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel who are engineering it, the pseudo gold standard will be a bonanza. Huge United States multinational corporations have issued hundreds of millions of dollars of debt instruments in Europe in recent years. They did this when the dollar was weak, with the debt payable in Swiss francs, West German marks, and other currencies which were then strong. But now, as these debts come due, the dollar is being made strong again. This maneuver will allow those debts to be repaid in Europe or elsewhere in currencies which are artificially cheap. In this and other ways it all translates into enormous profits for the Rockefeller multinational corporations. At the same time, the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve Corporation has been creating record high interest rates in this country. This is creating vast opportunities here for the Corporate Socialists in two ways:

First, Federal Reserve policies are creating a depressionary effect on American industry and business. Basic industries like steel, automobiles, and housing are being forced to lay off workers; bankruptcies are spreading; real estate, including farm land, is lost by owners no longer able to pay their debts; and businesses large and small are becoming vulnerable to take over. It's a time ripe for mergers as the giants swallow up their smaller rivals--merge or die.

Besides creating this vulnerability to take-over, Federal Reserve policies are also pouring in the money to big member banks to take advantage of the situation. So-called "hot money" from other countries is flowing into the United States in order to take advantage of the high interest rates here. That money in turn is recycled through the big banks to finance mergers and take-overs by the favored few giants. All of this will be reinforced by the so-called gold standard now being hatched by the Corporate Socialists.

At the same time, the Bolshevik influence within the Federal Reserve and other critical financial areas has been reduced in recent months. The Rockefeller Cartel is calling most of the shots at the present time in the economic realm. This is reflected in recent subtle shifts by the Federal Reserve Corporation with regard to struggling banks. The Bolsheviks here want to bring down the giant banks which have long been a major source of Rockefeller power. But now the Federal Reserve Corporation is positioning itself to bail out any big banks endangered by defaults on giant loans to foreign nations. And a few days ago the "Fed" also announced that it will provide relatively low-interest loans to Savings & Loans that are in trouble. [H: Check it out for hindsight is always so much better than looking ahead!]

The economic landscape is changing constantly, thanks to the in-fighting between the State Socialist Bolsheviks and the Corporate Socialist Rockefeller Cartel. There will continue to be surprises which neither I nor anyone else can predict, but as of now it is still the Rockefeller Cartel that is primarily getting its way on the economic front in America. Even governmental policies are favoring the Cartel as far as economics is concerned.

Through the economic route, the Corporate Socialists are working fast to gather power away from the Government and into their own hands domestically. They are working feverishly to make a reality of many parts of the secret new Constitution for America which I first made public in 1975. Under their secret new Constitution, all industry would be controlled by the so-called authorities made up of the giants of industry. Governmental regulation would be done away with, just as the alleged Reagan Administration is trying to do right now. [H: Go read it again--don't let the word "government" fool you, chelas. And brothers, have you come a long way down the trail to the fruition of PLAN 2000!]

My friends, many of the maneuvers now being attempted by the Rockefeller Cartel are derived from plans conceived long ago, but they are being executed today in an environment which was not foreseen. Today, the Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel are in a battle to the death against the Bolsheviks here. The Rockefeller group are trying to gather economic power to gigantic proportions here very quickly. If they do succeed in their drive for unchallenged economic power here in America, that will be the first big punch against the Bolsheviks by the Cartel. It will lead directly into their second blow at the Bolsheviks, which will be in the political arena.

Economic power translates into political clout; and if the Rockefeller group have their way, their political blow-to-come against the Bolsheviks here will be decisive. It is a Sunday punch designed to completely smash Bolshevik power here. If the Corporate Socialists are successful, America will be torn by internal convulsions far worse than the Civil War; but if they do not succeed, the Bolsheviks believe no one can stop their own plans for domination of America, and eventually the world.


* * *

This is some kind of horse race is it not? Worse, no matter how you think you have it "figured" the liars and cheats mess up the clear view of the path. Just let me remind you CITIZENS CALLED WE-THE-PEOPLE: YOU ARE NOT IN THE PLANNING FOR WINNING EITHER WAY. May God bless you and allow you to SEE!

Dharma, take this off the computer and then we will share the last receiving from the "Prophet" in Utah. It is worthy of very careful note! I don't have much comment on the material--but I surely would take a careful look if I were you!




FRI., JULY 16, 1993 3:59 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 334

FRI., JULY 16, 1993




Parowan, Utah 84761 (June 27, 1993):

Was Jonah a false prophet when he went to Nineveh, a long 500 mile walk from the seashore at Joppa? We read: "The word of the Lord came unto Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, "Arise and go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me." GOD speaking to Jonah 1:1-2.

Recall that Jonah didn't want to go, so he got on a ship headed the other way. [H: Sound familiar??] God caused a great storm and the seamen blamed Jonah and threw him over-board, into the sea. A great fish (whale) swallowed him and for three days and three nights he was in the belly of the whale. [H: Now, we know that this can't be true--BUT BY GOLLY, SOMETHING THAT LOOKED ALMIGHTY LIKE A ROUND WHALE OF SOME KIND--DID! THEN, AS USUAL:] Jonah really prayed to God and said: "I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord. AND the Lord spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land." Jonah 2:9-10. [H: Pretty good so far.]

"AND the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying, "Arise, go unto Nineveh that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee." Jonah 3:1-2. So! Jonah walked the 500 miles to Nineveh in what is upper Iraq today, where the Kurds live. The city was on the banks of the Tigris River that flows downstream to Baghdad, where Saddam Hussein goes for a swim, then it flows on to the Persian Gulf. "And Jonah began to enter into the city a day's journey, (a BIG city) and he cried, and said, yet forty (40) days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown." Jonah 3:4.

So finally Jonah did what "the word of the Lord" told him to do. So what does this "word of the Lord" business mean?

St. John 1:1, 14 tells us: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God AND the Word was made flesh, AND dwelt among us, (Christ) and we beheld his glory, the glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." So "Jesus" is the Word of God.

People in Nineveh heard Jonah, some doubted, but many believed. Jonah said: "Who can tell if God will turn and repent, AND turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not? AND God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; AND GOD REPENTED (changed his mind) of the evil, that HE SAID that he would do unto them; and he did it not." Jonah 3:9-10.

Later Nineveh WAS destroyed, but not at the end of forty days as Jonah prophesied. But Jonah did what "the word of the Lord" told him to do. But when God changed his mind (repented) it really upset Jonah because he looked like a fool. [H: Still with me, faithful team?] "BUT it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he was very angry." Jonah 4:1.

In a nutshell: Jonah DID as the word of the Lord commanded him and so was NOT a false prophet. The Apostle Paul understood about poor Jonah, he said: "Charity never faileth: But whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; For we know in part, AND WE prophesy in part. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part." 1 Corinthians 13:8,9,12.

If you have never had a "vision" from God then you do not know or understand what He means. Once I had a vision of the Russian leader Uri Andropov dying, the Russians walking out of the arms talks, AND missiles hitting in the U.S.A. I told newspapers and later that fall the Russians DID walk out on the arms talks, but no missiles hit us and three months later they said Andropov was dead. My words were published before the people to see. So when NO missiles hit, people said I was a false prophet. I rehearse this story to show you that we as men don't always understand reasons why God commands for us to do things like He does.

A decade ago in the spring and summer of 1983, the word of the Lord came to me and told me to go to the Mormon Church conference on October 2, 1983, and tell them that they were apostate, AND had turned from all the commandments of God in the scriptures. Even their own scriptures in the Book of Mormon and their own Doctrine and Covenants. I stood on their Temple Square and said: "Woe, Woe, yet forty days and this city shall be destroyed." I counted forty days until November 11, 1983, and expected a nuclear bomb to hit Salt Lake City, and 1,000 other cities in the U.S.A. When it did NOT happen as I had seen, I was glad, because millions of people did not die. [H: Ah, but my friends, he was "right on" and you have NO IDEA HOW YOU SQUEAKED BY BY THE VERY BREATH OF A PRAYER--AND ANOTHER WHO WAS WILLING TO "SPILL THE BEANS" ON THE NUCLEAR WAR PLANNED AND READY TO OPEN FIRE! The really big thrust for Nuclear War I was planned and messed up on September (17th I believe) 1981. There has been one plan following another as need to replace the tactics come about. The setting is right again, now, as the Red Chinese swarm into American waters and other signs of the same program being repeated in readiness!]

The Provo Herald newspaper on November 17, 1983, page 4, said this about me: "But according to Freeborn (me), WHEN there is "snow" on the ground IN Salt Lake City, WHEN the Russians have walked out forever on the arms talks, the catastrophe WILL occur AS the nation sleeps (at night). He says he has been given no specific date. He claims the wheels have already been set in motion AND that Andropov is already dead." I knew that I had done what the word of the Lord had told me to do, so I was OK. On December 8, 1983, (three weeks after I had announced it) the Russians DID walk out on the arms talks. BUT they came back fifteen months later in March of 1985 so it was not forever. Then on February 10, 1984, after he had been missing for three months out of the media, the newspapers announced Andropov's death. You don't just have to take my word for it, go to the encyclopedia and check out the dates yourself. From November 1983 until May of 1984, I had no idea WHY God repented or changed His mind. Then one morning in May, I was visited by some people from beyond the veil of death. They came from the presence of God and explained to me WHY the surprise attack had not come when I said.

They said that they would continue to visit me from time to time, whenever God had a work for me to do. Anyone who has read my revelations over the years can see that is so. I recommend you get the packet of survival information and check it out for yourself. Now up to date: June 27, 1993: This morning the word of the Lord came to me and said that HE had given his people, AND the heathen, tithe of ten years to repent, AND to prepare. He said to me, "As ye have seen in this winter season, I will begin to fulfill the words of mine holy prophets throughout history." (HIS-STORY)

I was told that when He spoke the words, that my prophecies would come to pass also. He said, be careful, you have already said too many things too plainly. I was told to tell the people to repent, and change what they now believe. I was told to prepare the people for the desolation of A-BOMB-A-NATION spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. He said few would understand the parable that I had published because they had no real endowment. He told me many things and HE said: "Everyone that is of the truth heareth my voice." Then he left, and I knew I had read his last words before. I searched and found them in John 18:37. SO! WHEN there is snow on the ground in Salt Lake City, and all the festive lights of the holiday season are bright, I guess He will bring to pass the signs I have given, and speak the words for World War III to begin. I don't know, yet, the exact day he will do that so I guess you will say I'm a false prophet. But I have lots of company. There are dozens of other nice men who pretend, make believe, play, act the part, play the role of prophets, AND they "are false prophets."

At least I do have "visions" of the future and tell them. Like I said, they are "nice men" like false eyelashes are nice, or false boobs are nice--they just are not real, they are only for show. We used to call them "falsies". They are "pretend prophets". He said to me this morning that because of the love of the world and they feared the loss of their church's membership few would repent. He said the heart of the people is hardened because of iniquity and they love pets more than children, because of wickedness. He said the fire was to burn the wicked off the earth. I pleaded for the sake of the innocent and the kids. He said: Yes, there would be many widows and orphans. That when the forest burns all the dead wood makes the fire hotter and some green trees die also.

So, like Jonah when the "word of the Lord" came a second time, here I am again, ten years later, "crying" to the people to repent (change) AND prepare for what will happen in the winter. Now it's summer and this is the July flyer, so you can't say you were not warned. Surely God will do nothing But He Revealeth HIS secret unto HIS servants, the prophets. Like Amos 3:7 says.

Like Jonah said when he was in the "whale's" belly: "I will pay that that I have vowed." Jonah 2:9.

The real problem is that "WHEN the missiles begin to come in the winter that people are really going to pay a price. Not just what they can afford every month, but almost everything. They will lose family members, home, job, lifestyle, friends, toys, maybe their lives also. Because they have not been obedient to all the scriptures and commandments of God, they will die short of the final goal. Our God is a JUST and righteous God, and he will not admit people into his kingdom who have been backsliders, not willing to pay the price of a seat. Nothing's free. You're not going to sit with people who gave their reputations, their all, even their lives, many of them for the gospel. Just what have YOU paid? Unless you put God first, you lose everything now AND for eternity! That's a L-o-n-g time!

Now comes the test. You don't really know me and who I am. And let me say here and now that I am not Jesus Christ, the savior of the world. But, I am "HIS servant". I have seen him and felt his touch. More times than I can tell you here and now. And I will assume because you're reading this that you do believe the Bible and what it says in John 14:21-23 and, that you are not a hypocrite. If you are a hypocrite then throw this flyer away quick.

The Test: Jeremiah 17:5 tells us: "Thus saith the Lord, cursed be the man that trusteth IN MAN, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord."

So you don't have to believe me from the crazy kook beating on a trash can in city park.

The only way to know if I'm telling you the truth and warning you of things to come is to ASK GOD YOURSELF. Expect to get an answer from him. Yes or no. "If" your life is so messed up that you can't hear the holy spirit in that "still small voice" then you need to repent. Get off by yourself somewhere for a few hours and talk to the man yourself. God is a man. Not some blob of gunk. Jesus said He was "the son of man". He is our Father in heaven. The Father of Jesus, trust no man in the flesh, not even me or men who are church leaders. If you do, you break a commandment of God. If you can't hear HIM--you really have trouble coming. The only way the United States could be saved from a nuclear war that will kill 100 million people is for the U.S.A. to truly repent.

Jeremiah 18:8 says: "If that nation against whom I have pronounced, TURN FROM THEIR EVIL, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them."

But, this nation will not repent in time, and you know it too. So what is a real prophet? He is one who tells the future. God wrote: "In the beginning was the word." History is HIS-STORY of the world. So now we shall see what his words were to HIS prophets, not just a bunch of very nice men. Who, by the way, are trying. They are just too proud--and don't have it.

About 538 years BEFORE Jesus Chist, God had a prophet the Bible calls EZRA, and the apocrypha calls him ESDRAS. When the Bible was being put together in 1611 by King James, priests and scholars didn't understand some books and they called them apocryphal or "hidden". Some of the Bibles had them and some did not. Now I'm going to show you "only a few" scriptures from 2 Esdras Chapters 12 to 16. Remember this is only a few because I'm short of space. He saw 2500 years ago what I have seen in the last 18 years.

We begin 2 Esdras 12:36 "Thou only has been meet to know this secret of the Highest. Therefore write all these things that thou has 'seen' in a book, and hide them: AND KEEP THESE SECRETS." And it came to pass after seven days, I dreamed a dream by night (I can tell you that God has fantastic, super-natural videos, 3-4 dimensional, where I have been right in the picture of action, with all the noise, smells, feel of the heat, sounds and sensations of events happening. Sometimes I get up at 2, 3, 4 a.m., turn on the light and write the things I have seen.) "And, lo there arose a wind from the sea, that it moved all the waves thereof. And I beheld, and, lo, that man waxed strong with the thousands of heaven: And when He turned his countenance to look, all the things trembled that were seen under him. And whensoever the voice went out of his mouth, all they burned that heard his voice! But only I saw that he sent out of his mouth as it had been A BLAST OF FIRE, and out of his lips a flaming breath, and out of his tongue he cast out sparks and tempests."

(You realize that Jesus Christ is not a fire-breathing dragon like cartoons show. But he speaks the word and gives orders and it is done as he says.) And they were all mixed together: The (11 million degree) blast of fire (nuclear fireballs), the flaming breath (600 miles per hour HOT WINDS and the great tempest; for about 25 square miles of each hit: and fell (out of the sky) with violence upon the multitude which was prepared to fight (Saddam Hussein?) and burned them up everyone (surprise attack). So that upon a sudden of an innumerable multitude (millions in the U.S.A.) nothing was to be perceived, but only dust and smell of smoke: when I saw this I was afraid."

From the front page of the Central Utah Journal on October 12, 1983: "When a farmer dressed in coveralls steps forward and says he has been commanded by God to warn the people of a nuclear holocaust coming in 40 days, next month, 'I hope you are a false prophet.'" I said to his face: "It would be fantastic if I were a phony." He said, "Then a lot of people wouldn't have to die."

Leland Freeborn began seeing "visions" while in a coma (for three weeks) following a plane crash he narrowly survived in 1976. He has seen ugly women cutting off the arms of children (to eat). He says he has seen the heat of bombs peeling flesh from skeletons even before the bodies fall to the ground." That front page story didn't even tell all, and why like Esdras, "I was afraid." "Afterward (after war) saw I the same man (Jesus) come down from the mountain, and call unto him another peaceable multitude. And there came MUCH people (survivors) unto him, whereof SOME were glad, some were sorry (they didn't listen and prepare)...then was I sick through great fear, and I awakened, and said, "Show me now the interpretation of this dream."

For as I conceive in mine understanding Woe unto them that shall be left in those days. AND 'MUCH MORE WOE UNTO THEM THAT ARE NOT (NOT) LEFT BEHIND.' (Their life is over.)

Now understand I the things that are laid up in the latter days, which shall happen unto them, and to those that are left behind. Yet it is easier for him (you) that is in danger to come into (knowledge) of these things, (and prepare) THAN TO PASS AWAY as a cloud (mushroom cloud) out of the world, and not to see the things that happen in the Last Days. KNOW THIS therefore, that they which BE LEFT (alive) behind ARE "MORE" BLESSED THAN they that be dead. (I can tell you for sure that millions and millions will feel the fires of hell.)

Behold, the days come WHEN the most High will BEGIN to deliver them that are upon the earth. (I will tell you now that this war goes on for years, so repent now or die and leave the MORE blessed here.) And "HE" shall come to the astonishment of them that dwell on the earth. (Surprise, He is here.)

"Behold, Lord, I will go as thou hast commanded me AND REMOVE THE PEOPLE (I know how he feels) which are present: But they that shall be born afterward WHO shall admonish them? But if I have found grace before thee, send the Holy Ghost into me, and I shall write all that hath been done in the world since the beginning, WHICH WERE WRITTEN IN THY LAW, that men may find thy path (straight and narrow) AND that they which will live IN THE LATTER DAYS MAY LIVE (and keep all thy commandments).

"For all the unfaithful shall die IN their unfaithfulness. Behold, saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the world; the sword, famine, death, and destruction. For wickedness hath exceedingly polluted the whole earth.

"Behold MY people is led as a flock to the slaughter. Woe unto the world and them that dwell herein. For the sword and their destruction draweth nigh.

"Woe to them that sin, and keep not my commandments! saith the Lord. For now are the plagues come upon the whole Earth and ye shall remain in them: for God shall NOT deliver you, because you have sinned against HIM. Thy children shall die of hunger, and thou shalt fall through the sword, cities shall be broken down, and all thine shall perish with the sword in the field. A fire is sent among you, and who may quench it? Plagues are sent unto you, and what is he that may drive them away? The mighty Lord sendeth the plagues, and who is he that can drive them away? A fire shall go forth from his wrath, and who is he that may quench it? Like as an arrow which is shot of a mighty archer (missiles come like arrows) returned not backward: even so the plagues that shall be sent upon earth shall not return again. Woe is me! Woe is me!"

If you don't want to hear me, OK. I understand. Most people don't want to hear from God either. That is why he doesn't talk very loud, but in the "still small voice". I'm loud. Every-body can hear and see me. That is why he sends so few of us to the world. Most people really don't want to hear a prophet FROM GOD. They want to continue with their own ideas and goals and not do what God or his prophet says.

In the near future I'm going to give you a great example of men versus God. You'll enjoy it. It's true.

Would you rather I did not tell you of my visions and warn you how to prepare and save those you love? I could be a phony, pretend, false prophet and say nothing!


* * *

What I REALLY want you to heed is the "reasoning" behind this message just presented. YOU do not KNOW! You see wild men go forth breaking the laws of the land and God and proclaiming to be "prophets". Therein lies your guidelines. Check to see the priorities of these men who 'CLAIM! When you have ones who go forth, gain nothing, live within the LAW OF GOD, and continue in the face of ridicule and harassment--YOU HAD BETTER TAKE A SECOND LOOK AND LISTEN, MY FRIENDS. It is not fun nor easy to do what many do every day of their lives--not even recognizing their gift of prophecy in the warnings and offerings of truth.

There is no claim to fame--no honor for the service except the usual kick in the shins and spit in the face. They SERVE GOD to the best of their abilities and ACCEPT that which comes in response.


Salu, Au da pa da cum (May you pass through the portals into understanding). By the way, those are "portals" of LIGHT!



SAT., JULY 17, 1993 9:17 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 335

SAT., JULY 17, 1993



Remember that nice Air Force Base in Florida which was destined for dismantling? Then, it was "saved" but the hurricane totally destroyed it? Then, it was going to be closed forever in the military cut-backs and so on---! Well, how do you explain that with the massive damages and need to be completely rebuilt--Homestead WILL BE SAVED AND KEPT IN OPERA-TION? This should confirm all the things you have heard about the Bush triangles, the Cuban connection AND the U.S. drug-running in and out of Homestead! Moreover, it SHOULD tell you WHO is still in solid control of a LOT OF THINGS!


I am pretty sick, as you must be, of hearing about all the wonderful things and changes that will be wrought by one David Gergen who replaced George Stephanopoulos in the White House. Boy, you have a penchant for moving from the frying pan directly into the fire while you think it will be a cooler maneuver. Let me assure you that Bush and hoods, Kissinger et al. and the Soviets know what is going on--YOU SURELY DON'T IF YOU DON'T READ A LOT OF JOURNALS AND CONTACTS.

Keeping in mind all the writings of the past and ESPECIALLY about the Bohemian Club, Bohemian Grove and the SLO Connections, we offer the following about that nice dude, David Gergen.

The following is going to be a reprint of an article offered by the AP and printed in the Washington Times (The SAME Moony/Elite owned newspaper in Washington, D.C. who also saw fit to make a feature article of Dharma and E.J. and "Corporations" as offered by Luke Perry). Is no one ever going to stop Mr. Perry? I would think you would be a bit sick of a "nothing" person who offers to do nothing save take from his dead Father. It just seems right that you ones take really GOOD looks at who is running your nation and see if some of the activities of these naughty overgrown children are what you really had in mind.

David Gergen is 51, Born May 9, 1942, in Durham, N.C. Family: Wife, Anne, and two children, Christopher 22, and Katherine, 19. Education: Bachelor's degree, Yale University (Skull and Bones??), 1963. Law degree, Harvard U., 1967.

Career Highlights: Staff assistant, Nixon Adm. 1971-72. Special assistant to the president, chief of the White House writing and research team, 1973-74. Special counsel to President Ford and director of White House communications, 1975-77. Research fellow, American Enterprise Institute, and managing editor of its Public Opinion magazine, 1977-81. Assistant to President Reagan and White House staff director, 1981. Assistant to the president for communications, 1981-83. Resident fellow Kennedy School of Government, 1983-85. Editor, U.S. News and World Report (Elite news magazine) since 1986, most recently editor at large.

Gergen is a "Commentator", MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour and frequenter of other television news-based programming. Member, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION.


Washington Times, 6/11/93, Frank J. Murray: Presidential counselor David Gergen resigned yesterday from the all-male Bohemian Club, three days after saying he would not run around naked at its annual Bohemian Grove encampment and insisting he would not quit.

White House spokeswoman Dee Dee Myers announced the resignation along with Mr. Gergen's departure from 17 other interest groups, charities and public boards ranging from the Trilateral Commission to the Very Special Arts Foundation. [Note he remains on the Council on Foreign Relations.]

"In keeping with White House tradition, Mr. Gergen is going to resign from a variety of nonprofit boards, public policy and social organizations, commissions and study groups," Miss Myers said, insisting that questions about the all-male membership of the only social club on the list had no bearing.

She said Mr. Gergen discussed the matter with White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum but never mentioned it to President Clinton. She said custom dictated the resignations, not Clinton Administration policy.

"We have no formal policy, but I think that we take actions consistent with the president's commitment to an inclusive and diverse administration, one that reflects America," Miss Myers said.

She could not explain why Mr. Gergen--who worked in three prior administrations and would be familiar with the customs she cited--had said on Monday: "I have no intentions to resign."

"It's not a policy, but it is a tradition that they resign from a lot of boards and commissions and other organizations in order to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the future, and I think Mr. Gergen has acted consistent with that tradition," Miss Myers said.

Mr. Gergen's resignation opens a spot for someone--on a waiting list of 3,000 names--who has waited about 13 years for membership, a club official in San Francisco said yesterday. Mr. Gergen gained full membership recently.

The club official would not confirm the resignation since club policy allows mention of a member's name only after his death. Among names on that list are Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Jack London, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Bing Crosby, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Earl Warren and Potter Stewart.

The official, who asked that his name not be used, said the club has 2,300 members who pay dues of up to $10,000 a year. Club literature stresses that members are of all faiths, races and ancestries, and all male.

"It's a male club, an all-out guys' club," the official said, noting that female guests are welcomed at both the city club in San Francisco and the 2,700 acre redwood Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County, except during the annual two-week encampment.

Although the obvious motive for membership might seem contact with the powerful, networking is grounds for exclusion and the club motto is "Weaving spiders, come not here." [H: Remember the Kol Nidre--don't believe a word of this B.S.]

Former Presidents Nixon and Reagan attended that encampment together last year. Activities in what are called "The High Jinks" and "The Low Jinks" are legendary and perhaps apocryphal but involve occasional nudity and a tradition of public outdoor urination. [H: Now that IS very reflective of the quality of that which you REALLY want of your most important public figures?]

A 1989 article on the subject in The Washington Times reported: "Mock pagan rituals with cheering and chanting in a forest with (and without) ritualistic clothes is what men do at Bohemian Grove, the Exclusive, expensive men-only club for the rich and famous in California."

The other affiliations resigned by Mr. Gergen yesterday include the University of Maryland board of visitors, THE ASPEN INSTITUTE, [H: Now here, they say he DID resign from CFR--so, you have your proof that the rest is also a lie--ones in Clinton's circles HAVE TO BE MEMBERS OF CFR!], the American Assembly, Duke University School of Public Policy, INTERNATIONAL MEDIA FUND, U.S.CHINA RELATIONS, The U.S. Endowment for Democracy, the Smithsonian Council, the Washington Campus, the Commission on Strengthening of America, the Nunn-Domenici Commission and the Johnson Foundation Committee on Higher Education. [H: And we could write a whole book on EACH one of these organizations and how they fit in the Elite loop.]

* * *

I can tell you now, readers, that the "little rituals" that the children perform in that Grove would turn your hair totally white overnight--what is left of it. God help you.

Public Law 94-564

I am not going to take Dharma's time researching this atrocious travesty of sovereignty this morning. We have written about this subject prior to this so if someone will "search" the files (I believe it will be prior to indexing capability) we will give you a full write-up of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act. Or, someone just get us a copy of the Public Law 94-564 and we will reprint it for you. This Act is one of the most deadly "secret" agreements ever perpetrated off onto any nation or people.



July 13, 1993

From: Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom

On Thursday, July 8, I received a message from a friend in Florida who advised me that Ken Vardon had been contacted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF [also ATF]). I then contacted Ken Vardon with American Patriot Fax Network (APFN) and he explained that the BATF had questioned him both about APFN, and its role in Patriots communicating, and myself. It seemed that they were only concerned with where I was. Ken gave me the name and number of one of the agents and I assured Ken that I would be in contact with him.

On Friday I was unable to reach Special Agent Richard Smith of the BATF. It seems that shortly after noon he was gone for the day. I tried again on Monday, July 12 and spoke to agent Smith. Smith apologized for the way he was speaking. He explained that he had a mouth full of novocaine (I guess BATF agents are human, too) and was having difficulty speaking. He then explained that there had been an investigation into allegations that I had "illegal firearms". I assured him that I did not. He advised me that the investigation was over and there was no concern on their part. We said good-bye and I made a few checks. I can find no other person besides Ken Vardon who had been contacted by the BATF, and am at a loss to understand why any answers Ken could give them would result in the closing of the investigation. Further, I am still wondering what initiated the investigation in the first place.

Today, Tuesday, I contacted Smith again. His tooth is better, however he is unable to answer any more questions than he was able to answer yesterday. The questions posed were: Who made the allegation that I had illegal firearms? Who was contacted regarding this matter? What caused the investigation to be terminated? It seems that all of these questions fall in the forbidden zone.

He did answer my final question, which was, "What must I do to see my file?" He gave me the number of the BATF Disclosure Branch, (202) 927-8480, and explained that they handle all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act requests, and that I would get reports but that all sources would be blacked out. So much for the right to confront your accuser (Article VI, Bill of Rights).

So, as I sit here writing this post a few thoughts come to mind: Will the BATF find out where I am? Will they assume that I have illegal firearms? Are the people I am staying with at risk? Am I at risk? Will they even have a warrant if they come? Why is a foreign agent (See Public Law 94-564, Bretton Woods Agreements Act, 1976) investigating an American? Can you really feel secure today in the United States?

So, if any of you have been contacted by the BATF regarding either Ken Vardon or Gary Hunt, PLEASE contact Ken at (702) 369-9841. And, if the BATF is reading this, please ignore the phone number at the top of this post! (707) 5394099 Thank you.

* * *

I had hoped to offer you Dr. Beter's information on man-made earthquakes but in the searching for the documents we cannot find it today. I had also promised to give you what Dr. Beter had said in May 1978 about weather, etc. I believe Dharma now has that particular segment. I would note that a singular filing system for the past five years (one big heap) was enough to lose items temporarily--even for me. However, now that things are better organized so that the "singular" file is only 8 feet deep from new material--we can't find anything--even me. This is not such a big problem except when I wish to do a more in-depth review of something (as now). Our intent is to move with the current information now as in the paper--but background is absolutely NECESSARY in some instances to remind you that "control" from at least three sectors has been underway and also technology such as to destroy the world for some decades now. YOU need the confirmation of realizing that in-formation has been out for your finding for a very long time.

It is too bad that we have simply not had personnel or funds to index the papers and only for the past year or so have we been able to index the JOURNALS. When you begin from minus "0" with EVERYTHING, however, you do the best you can and so we have. We will offer what we have and hope that someone can find the other material for another writing. Thank you for your patience for I know it is fine with you but it is really necessary that you understand how LONG capability of earthquake triggering, bombing of faults, etc., has actually been a perfected technology. This writing will touch on it and then someday soon perhaps Soltec can elaborate on Atmospheric conditions which allow such manipulations and creation of storms, holding storms (as you have now underway in the areas along the Mississippi and tributaries), Cosmosphere management of storms, etc. For this type of presentation, however, Soltec utilizes Dharma, not Kali, and I have not been able to squeeze the time within Dharma's hours.

The reason for this necessity is that over the years Soltec has just about written you a text-book on Geophysics of primer qualifications and those were done through Dharma. When he finishes it needs to have the accompanying writings from Kali integrated and presented to you. Meanwhile, we keep on doing that which time allows us to offer.


Audio Tape #34, Topic 2--5/26/78

Topic #2: In the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1918, centralized control of food production and distribution, food rationing, purges and other factors led to the horrendous Russian famine of 1919 to 1921. The vicious new masters of Russia, the Bolsheviks, who are now being expelled from Russia, used hunger as a deliberate tool for political control. The awesome and tragic effects of hunger on people were described as a lesson to all by the late P.A. Sorokin, the great Russian sociologist who fled Bolshevik Russia and founded the Department of Sociology at Harvard University. To all who are wise enough to care about the lessons of the Russian experience in this area, I strongly recommend Sorokin's book titled "HUNGER AS A FACTOR IN HUMAN AFFAIRS". (Was (1978) available from the University of Florida Press, 15 Northwest Street, Gainesville, Fla., zip 32603.)

In my very first tape, Audio Book No. 1, I mentioned the planned role of shortages and even starvation in America as factors in the coming depression in war. Many things have gone awry in our Secret Rulers' time tables since then, but the prospects for hunger in America have, if anything, increased. In recent tapes I have mentioned the weather modification role which can be played by Russian Cosmospheres. Their charged Particle Beam Weapons when fired in a de-focused mode produce not only air blasts like those that were first heard along our East Coast last December but also electrical charges in the upper atmosphere that alter our weather patterns. [H: Within the past week these light blasts were seen all over the areas of the Virginias, Washington D.C., indeed, all through the Eastern States. This is all connected to the man-made storms which are causing the flooding and crop losses in the Eastern and Midwestern States. The storms can easily be controlled and SO CAN THE DROUGHTS which are destroying the South-Eastern States and so on.]

Now, for the very first time, I can confirm that weather control by OUR OWN SECRET RULERS IS ALSO FAR ADVANCED AS IT PERTAINS TO THE UNITED STATES. On December 12, 1977, an article was planted in a Canadian newspaper which has been circulated very widely throughout the United States. It claimed that an electronic weather barrier had been set up by the Russians to change our weather. The alleged Russian barrier was described as running all the way from Alaska to Chile, and it was blamed for the unusually severe winter that was in progress. Here, my friends, is a perfect example of dis-information--it was designed to mislead the public and many, many people have been taken in by it. There is a weather modification Grid System along our shores but it's not as described in the article, and it's NOT Russian. It's controlled by our own Secret Rulers. This Grid System consists of three (3) tremendous underwater cables laid along the Continental Shelf of our East, West, and Gulf Coasts. The West Coast cable runs from Cape Cook on northwest Vancouver Island down the West Coast past Baja, California, to a point opposite Tuxpan, Mexico. The East Coast cable runs from the tip of a peninsula at the northeast end of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, southward to a point near Jacksonville, Florida. The Gulf cable runs from a point northwest of Tampa near Buena Vista, Florida, westward to a point 77 miles due east of Corpus Christi, Texas. Each cable is powered by an underground nuclear power plant. These three underground nuclear power plants are located at Cape Cook, at the peninsula I described in Nova Scotia, and near Buena Vista, Florida.

You may have read articles speculating that very powerful radio waves might be used to alter the weather, but that's not how the Coastal Grid System works. Instead, each grid cable can be made either positive or negative relative to the earth. The nuclear power plant that feeds it acts like a giant battery with one terminal connected to the cable, the other grounded. These three Coastal Grids combined set up electrical fields that span the continental United States, excluding Alaska, with parts of Mexico and Canada affected as well. Electric charges in the upper atmosphere move in response to these fields, producing jet stream shifts which in turn alter our weather. The process absorbs enormous amounts of power, which is provided by the three underground nuclear power plants that feed the Grids.

In the bitter winter just passed, killer storms were created by weather control that was only partly due to Soviet Cosmospheres--for the most part they were caused by the Coastal Grids, which I am able to reveal today for the very first time. At the present time the West Coast Grid is negatively charged, while the East Coast Grid is positive. But I am informed that beginning just six days ago on May 20 an experiment got underway involving frequent changes in polarity of the Gulf Grid. Yesterday, for example, the polarity was changed from negative to positive, at 4:20 P.M., and then reversed from positive to negative again barely 7 hours later at 11:30 P.M. In light of all this, ponder the words of Merlin Williams, Director of the Federal Government's Weather Modification Office in an interview published just yesterday, May 25, in the New York Times. A sense of urgency about improved storm warning was conveyed as he pointed to communities on the Southern Florida coast as being particularly vulnerable. He said it is likely that "The kind of storms that killed only a few people in the past, will kill thousands. The time is ripe for such a killer storm, and I am afraid it could very well come this summer or fall."

These Grids, my friends, are being used by our Secret Rulers to manipulate our weather for their own purposes. Last winter's tremendous storms 'just happened' to coincide with efforts of a Gas Lobby to de-regulate Natural Gas prices; and now, strange weather conditions have seriously delayed the planting of spring crops in our breadbasket areas, and have caused crops to be washed away in others. What is going on now is weather warfare, involving not only weather modification weapons of the Soviet Union but also of our own Secret Rulers. The era of weather strategy has dawned with America as the battleground. These secret Coastal Grids tend to produce regional and nationwide weather modification effects, while the Russian Cosmo-spheres produce more concentrated, localized effects. But now, with even more Cosmospheres overhead than the 216 I reported to you last month, a battle royal is shaping up for control of America's weather . I cannot say who will win, but what I can say for sure is that strange weather will be widespread this summer and perhaps even more so next winter--and the losers will be you and me, the American people.

This disruption of our food supply by weather modification has already begun, reflected in skyrocketing vegetable prices at your local supermarket; but a much more dramatic disruption in those food supplies that come from our West Coast could occur at any moment. I am referring to the effects of man-made earthquake and tidal wave disaster I first warned about a year ago in Audio letter No. 24. In that tape I gave the locations of seven (7) Russian fission-fusion-fission Superbombs that had been planted in deep undersea trenches around the Philippines. As I explained then, the Philippines sit like a keystone in a long arc of geological faults that ring the Pacific--the so-called Ring of Fire. A major earthquake erupting in the Philippines could work its way around the Pacific rim and ultimately devastate America's West Coast--and that's exactly what is planned!

Since I made that tape, I have also reported the planting of lower-yield undersea weapons around the Pacific and elsewhere by the Soviet Union. Many of these have been detonated, and during the past year strong earthquakes have been very frequent along the Pacific Rim--everywhere except the Philippines. What the Soviet Union has been doing, my friends, is to release tensions in the earth's crust everywhere EXCEPT around the Philippines, where the stresses are building to TREMENDOUS LEVELS. [H: What do you think it is like NOW?] When the time is ripe, according to Russian stress-monitoring instruments in that area, the bombs around the Philippines will be set off. Soviet scientist anticipate that earthquakes and tidal waves of unprecedented proportions will be triggered as a result and that, as one result, AMERICA'S WEST COAST WILL BE LAID WASTE.

A few days ago a volcano in the Philippines began erupting, indicating that the stresses in that area are building up; and in the past few days the Russians have triggered strong earthquakes in the 6.5 Richter range in quick succession near Taiwan, Japan, and the Aleutians. [H: Anyone getting sick yet? Note the immediate similarities!!!] My friends, the first major disaster in the secret geophysical war now underway lies just around the corner.



MON., JULY 19, 1993 1:15 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 337

MON., JULY 19, 1993


I can understand the need for "denial" on the part of you citizens. How can you possibly turn your attention to decades-old material when your country's midsection is flowing down the Mississippi River with no relief in sight--only higher and deeper water. Meanwhile the geologists are pushing about "get prepared for the big one" any minute on the West Coast. THIS is exactly what is intended, you-the-people, and they do it EVERY TIME! They make sure you are so confused and so frantic that you simply "turn-off". Do you realize that THIS is a major tool of a hypnotist? Overload the senses, then shock you and whoops! Gone! You don't know WHERE to turn your actions and attentions, so you simply "turn off".

How many unemployed do you think there will be after the flooding is over? How much money will there be to REBUILD? How many farms will be ruined for several years to come and how many farmers can wait that long? It is simply another way to get control over you-the-people and swallow up property IN TOTAL.

You have POWs who are incarcerated right here in the good old U.S.A. You also have patriots tucked away in incredibly bad circumstances all over your own nation--so why bother about those old veterans in Vietnam? Well, if you DON'T "BOTHER ABOUT THOSE"--forget there ever being anyone to bother about YOU, no matter how bad it gets.

If you do nothing while an FBI Chief is fired "because he knows too much" and you sit silent--then you deserve whatever comes against you. If you did not awaken in time--so be it. My mission, however, is to remind you of the myriads of things here and there so that you can not say, "I didn't know."

I now get notes from you beloved readers who ALSO believe Dharma should be given a rest because the load is too heavy. But if she "rests"--you don't get informed. Her problem is not "our" work--it is the myriads of details and assaults and inquiries, etc., that are pulling her down--NOT OUR WORK. If I give her time to read and catch up a bit or go and attend her needs--it is not 30 seconds until the barrage of questions and demands for input, legal "traps" and other "outside" pressures which descend upon her. Dharma has not had time to read a single book or a full paper which she has, herself, written--the only one she has ever read is SIPAPU ODYSSEY and that is a pen-name of Dorushka Maerd and doesn't rotate around me. I repeat, "If Dharma takes a couple of weeks off--YOU GET NO NEW INFORMATION FROM ME--during those two weeks."

I do not use another scribe for THIS purpose--I do, however, speak to anyone who will hear me about these other myriads of situations and needs.

There is a local situation here with one who is in care at a facility. Much has happened since his being absent and ones feel terribly responsible and want to do the very best things as his "things" are sorted and tossed, or his food and emergency supplies lie baking in the sun under dark covers--deteriorating to the point of being all but valueless except for filling the bellies. However, you have done that which you can do--if J.S. is not strong enough or clear enough to attend a social services hearing--he is not well enough to attend a court judicial hearing to get back his own authority for self. Sad? No, it is repulsive and hideous. The wife, who is a near invalid herself except that she has certainly done well without him to attend her hand and foot, is IN CONTROL along with her son. Are they truly acting against him or for him? It is hard to tell, isn't it. It is the OTHER actions, like never visiting him--which tells the truth of it--not the management of assets in total. However, the law was such that they managed to get control of his very being and you cannot do anything until they relinquish that stance OR HE IS WELL ENOUGH TO GO TO A JUDGE FOR HEARING--ON A DAILY BASIS--NOT JUST ONE DAY OUT OF 15.


These things may well be lost but IF and WHEN John is stable and capable of attending himself--these things can be "redone" if damage is not built up against him through foolish actions now. The rest of you who are friends will simply have to realize that, unreasonable as it is, there is little you can do UNTIL HE GETS BETTER! You did what you could and I humbly appreciate it for he petitions to me constantly and cannot understand why he does not get relief from these realms. He must function on the Earth in that environment and no amount of "wishing" will change that--recovery and change alone will change the circum-stances.

I would further remind you that every thwarted effort only builds the case more solidly in John's favor in order that he can recover things more valuable to him than some stored wheat, as important as those things shall become. John was not going to live at all if he longer remained locked in that vacuum of circumstance. He needs to heal and recover from some very actual assaults against him--subtle but intentional. We do not abandon him but we support him back into some balance and better health. He took a real blow to the head when he fell--and THAT will recover itself but there will still be confusion and memory loss.

Make sure, you who were confronted by the neighbor and the sheriff--that you have those details WRITTEN (WITH NAMES, TIMES AND DATES) along with identification of the sheriff in participation. This simply covers your presence--along with filing that letter of authority from John. You are on the side of the fence now where it can well be considered "abandonment" of the poor soul in that facility while his property is taken or destroyed. Records explicitly kept is your ammunition now. If John does not recover then the situation is moot--over--for a Judge will never rule in favor of any of YOU above Eleanor in this circumstance. He has to be well enough to defend himself--that's the way THIS law situation is going to go, good or bad, right or wrong. What Judge would believe that a wife of all these years who having been tended hand and foot by that husband would turn on him just to "get" everything? So be it. Friends, when you have done all you can--then you must turn to another approach after looking at all facets of possibilities. RECORDS will ultimately be your best weapon AFTER recovery and therein lays the reason for the attempts. You should get even more stacked up in John's favor for, good grief, they have even taken his transportation means and all his worldly goods of value which would sustain him--they will even be set up to intercept his pensions, etc. This is heinous and should be documented against the day of his release. Al and Ed are excellent choices to look into these things for you need to know the working trail at any rate. Honor yourselves for the efforts and do not be discouraged--for you are doing exactly the RIGHT things. Thank you.

The world is not easy, chelas. It has NEVER been easy--only different--from your doorstep to the farthest reaches. As in the above case (and again we can thank the stresses placed on these two dear people by Mr. George Green) for the situation in hand--but that is life and living. We must attend these things as they arise--in wisdom of actions--but we must not move into tunnel vision syndrome. You must do what needs to be done, wait, restructure, take action, wait and so on. In the meantime--you also have to keep up with things happening NOW and those things which led you into this morass. EVERY LAST SINGLE ENTITY WHO HAS BETRAYED YOU IS RESPONSIBLE AND YOU CAN'T SIMPLY TURN AWAY FROM THE BASTARDLY ACTIONS BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEE CONNECTIONS OR THE IMPORTANCE OF A THING ONCE DONE. THERE ARE, FOR INSTANCE, HUNDREDS OF POWs SITTING YET, WAITING TO DIE--HOSTAGES TO THESE EVIL CREATURES WHO ARE TAKING RULE OF YOUR WORLD.

I want to share with you the Ron Brown saga because it is so typical of that which has happened over-all. I said the man had taken a bribe of some $700,000 from the Vietnamese (personally). It is hard to believe? This man is a top-level person in Clinton's administration and "they wouldn't do this to our own!"??? Indeed "they" will and have, readers, and I am not going to quibble over the subject--I am just going to ask Dharma to type the articles from the July 5 and July 19, 1993 SPOTLIGHT. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT I THINK OF SPOTLIGHT OR THEY OF US--THEY OFFER ABOUT THE ONLY OTHER INSIGHT, IF YOU SELECT CAREFULLY, THE INFORMATION--THEY HAVE ENEMIES ALSO AND WILL WRITE ABOUT THEM AT EVERY EXCUSE--USE IT FOR YOUR INFORMATION BANKS, READERS--IT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN HAVE ENOUGH TO BE INFORMED. You regular readers are very capable now of good judgements and discernments. You must take ALL you can garner and in that way you can become informed.


Did I get information about the "bribe" first from SPOTLIGHT? NO--I told you about it before it was apparent--while the crime was in progress--unfortunately ones who could have done something--didn't for whatever reasons they might have had. The POWs are a very SORE spot with quite a few "patriots" who could do something about it. We honor Mike Blair for these exclusive articles run in Spotlight.


VIETNAMESE-AMERICAN'S ALLEGATIONS INVESTIGATED. Did a prominent Washington lobbyist and political insider cut a lucrative deal with the Vietnamese communists to profit from lifting the U.S. trade embargo?

A Vietnamese-American businessman has charged that Ron Brown, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, lobbyist and now commerce secretary, entered into a deal with the government of Vietnam, promising to lobby for lifting sanctions against that communist country.

The charges concern millions of dollars in payoffs by the Vietnamese government in return for getting the White House to lift the current U.S. trade embargo against the Hanoi regime.

Sources close to the case say it is being investigated by a team of FBI agents from south Florida and the agency's headquarters in Washington, and that it could erupt into a scandal of major proportions.

Involved in the case, according to the Vietnamese businessman, who was initially himself a participant in the scheme, are Commerce Secretary Ron Brown; Nguyen Van Hao, a former deputy prime minister of the former Republic of South Vietnam; Vietnam Communist Party Chief Du Muoi and Prime Minister of Vietnam Vo Van Kiet.

Florida businessman Ly Tranh Binh alleges he served as executive vice president of a front organization, the Vietnam Development Corp., set up by Hao for Hanoi to make arrangements with the administration to lift the current trade embargo against Vietnam and to further economic links between the two countries.

Ultimately, according to Binh's allegations, Hao, who served as chairman of the board of the corporation, based at 67 Wall Street in New York City, would establish direct links between Brown and Kiet.

Binh, in an extensive interview and in a sworn affidavit provided the newspaper, alleged that, in return for $700,000 placed in a special account by the Vietnamese government arising from his efforts, Brown would urge the Clinton administration to lift the trade embargo against Vietnam and to establish diplomatic relations with Hanoi.

Binh wants the opportunity to relate his story before appropriate congressional committees. [Fat chance!]

Binh told the Spotlight he met Hao at a gathering at the former deputy prime minister's home at 1362 NW 97 Terrace in Coral Springs, Florida, in July of last year, after being intro-duced to him by his (Binh's) sister, who was an acquaintance of Hao's wife.

Subsequently, Hao asked Binh to join him in establishing the Vietnam Development Corp., the details of which they frequently planned together, working at the breakfast table at Hao's Coral Springs home.

On November 13, 1992 a Federal Express package was sent to Brown by Hao, which included about 40 pages describing the Vietnam Development Corp. and outlining Hao's and Binh's biographies and credentials.

According to Binh, during the weekend of November 21-22, 1992 Brown chartered a jet from where he was vacationing in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, to Florida, where he met with Hao at a restaurant in the Fort Lauderdale area. There it was agreed Brown would have exclusive lobbying rights for the Vietnamese government and Hao would be the exclusive agent through which the contacts between Brown and the Vietnamese government would be conducted.

As Binh described the arrangement, which was explained to him by Hao the following Monday, it "was a one-on-one conduit and no one else."


Binh relates that Hao explained to him that Brown had offered an "agenda" of what he would line up as soon as Kiet gave him his "lobbying contract." Binh's notes of the agenda, as described by Hao, include the following five points:

1. Oil and gas;

2. Telecommunications;

3. Housing and real estate;

4. Banking; and

5. Tourism, including restaurant and hotel development.

When asked if he knew what Brown had in mind under the category "oil and gas", Binh said, "the Rockefeller group." Under "telecommunications", AT&T and John Scully (a major supporter of Clinton) of Apple Computers were mentioned.

Hao, according to Binh, instructed him to "start recruiting people so we can go fly to California to meet John Scully WITH Ron Brown."

No specific firms were mentioned that Binh could recall regarding "housing and real estate".

Hao, according to Binh, told him the companies that were mentioned would be interested in doing business with Vietnam.

Under "banking," Binh said $50 million was scheduled to come from a Swiss bank account maintained by fallen Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier, which was to be arranged by Brown, who had once served as a lobbyist for the Duvalier regime.

This would enable them, Binh said, "to open a private bank immediately in Vietnam to do financing and, you know, all the new deals that are going to start once the embargo is lifted."

Under tourism, Binh was told Brown had indicated Hyatt Hotels would be interested.

Binh told the SPOTLIGHT that Hao told him to "be ready, because he (Hao) wants me to move to Washington, D.C., right away . . . to move into one of the offices of the law firm, which is either connected or affiliated with Brown; and my function is to, as executive vice president . . . be the one who will coordinate, manage and pool these contacts by Brown in order to help them smooth out and also to facilitate the process of going to Vietnam."

Binh said his job there would in effect be to coordinate the business contacts "because I would be the Vietnamese guy who could speak English well."

Also concerning tourism, Binh said, there was a plan by Kiet "to build a huge gambling casino near Hanoi."

On November 28, 1992 Hao, Binh and two associates of Hao, Nguyen Huu Tan and Le Xay, left the United States for Vietnam, arriving in Ho Chi Minh City two days later, where they stayed at Hao's home, which was well maintained by servants in his absence, according to Binh.

They then went north to Hanoi one week after their arrival, where they stayed in the Vietnamese government guest house at 2 Le Thach Street, and they met with Kiet from 9 am to 1 pm the following day. Binh arrived back in the United States on December 22, he said.


Hao visited Brown at his residence on either December 26 or 27, 1992 according to Binh, at which time Brown's "fee" was discussed, including $700,000 to be placed in an "offshore account" . . . plus oil concession and share of all business." Brown, in turn, would deliver to Vietnam the lifting of the trade embargo and most favored nation (MFN) status for Vietnam, Binh alleges.

"Later," Binh said, "I went to a few commerce meetings here in Fort Lauderdale . . . and the FBI asked me to do that . . . They gave me information to go to some of the seminars...

"In the seminars some of the people from the commerce, ah, related to the U.S. Commerce Department, were . . . sort of winking to each other and were saying, well, Vietnam may receive MFN status. And that is not a coincidence."

Upon his return from Vietnam, Binh said he started to become deeply concerned about the involvement with Brown, who had by then emerged as then-President-elect Clinton's choice for secretary of commerce.

Binh said he then confronted Hao at the former deputy premier's home, indicating he questioned the "moral and ethical" side of the arrangement.

Hao tried to reassure him, stating, "Don't worry, just trust him (Brown). Just be patient with him. He still wants me (Hao) to be the head man of the group. He still wants me to manage all the business Brown is going to deliver to Vietnam.

"In fact, he specifically said there will be 150 U.S. companies to follow him . . . our group, rather . . . to Vietnam the next trip and that I should prepare to bring in people who could build high-rise office buildings so we could lease to these 150 companies."

This was after then-President George Bush had agreed to allow U.S. companies to set up offices in Vietnam in preparation for doing business there in the future, after the trade embargo had been lifted.

Hao, according to Binh, had boasted to him about making political donations to the Bush re-election campaign.

On January 1 of this year, Binh related, Hao told him he had received a Federal Express letter from Brown to give to Kiet, apparently finalizing their agreement.

At 10 that evening, Binh said, he was called by Hao and told to stop by his house right away and to bring his largest suitcase with him.

Hao was planning to return to Vietnam the following day to deliver the letter to Kiet and to further finalize plans.

He wanted the large suitcase because he had purchased a badminton set at Walmart to present as a gift to the chairman of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Huan. The set was too big to fit into his own suitcase.


The chairman of the city, according to Binh, "has the authority to grant a $100 million contract."

Kiet held the post prior to becoming prime minister, and Ba Huan had served as his secretary and moved up to the chairman's post as Kiet moved up to the top slot in Vietnam.

After Hao had left, Binh's misgivings about the burgeoning deal continued to trouble him, he said. He left Florida for Lafayette, Louisiana, where he had once attended college briefly before moving on to Tulane University in New Orleans, from which he graduated with a degree in economics.

While there, he consulted two longtime and trusted friends and discussed with them the deal with Brown and his apprehension about it. Binh said they agreed with him it was ques-tionable, at best.

(The Spotlight contacted one of the two men, a retired senior vice president of a major U.S. oil company, who confirmed Binh had discussed the Brown deal with him during early January.)

After Hao returned from Vietnam he said, according to Binh, "The $700,000 for Brown, hundreds of thousands of excess fund(s) are forthcoming from the Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet of Vietnam to cover our group's expenses and that I will be compensated with equity shares and money."


Binh said Hao had shown him confirmation from LeQuang Uyen that the money had been transferred to Brown's account while they were having one of their meetings at Hao's breakfast table.

But following Hao's return from Vietnam tension between the two men continued to mount; on a number of occasions Hao threatened to bring to bear Brown's influence against him, Binh told the Spotlight. At one point, Hao even threatened to have the Vietnamese government send agents to "take care of me," said Binh.

Binh soon told his story to local police officials in both Florida and the Washington, D.C. area, who have independently investigated his story to the extent of their ability and vouch for the Vietnamese-American's honesty.

Binh related that he contacted the FBI office in North Miami Beach, Florida, and Supervisory Special Agent Steven H. Gurley and Special Agent Michael W. Lowe initiated an investigation. Special Agent Dale A. Pruna, a bureau specialist on matters relating to Vietnam who speaks fluent Vietnamese, was called in from FBI headquarters in Washington. [H: OOPS! And where was Sessions?]

During the course of the investigation, Binh said, they provided him with their business cards, writing in their direct telephone numbers, residence numbers and "beeper" numbers. Binh has provided the Spotlight with copies of all of the agents' cards given to him.

In addition, Binh, whom they code named "Radar", was given a special beeper to keep in touch with them. It has since been taken back, said Binh, who believes the agency has been pressured to back off.


Although Binh's revelations have been published in a number of small Vietnamese-language papers in the United States, including the May issue of Van Thang, published in Alexandria, Virginia, he has been unable to get any national news outlets to carry the story until now.

Officially, the FBI will neither confirm nor deny it is conducting an investigation.

Inquiries made to the Department of Commerce have been ignored or reporters are told to put their questions in writing.

CNN sent a news crew to interview Binh about his allegations, but has aired nothing yet. Binh also said he has approached many other major news organizations, none of which have reported on his story.

Vietnam Development Corp. has apparently closed down its Wall Street office in New York. Binh believes that Hao has returned to Vietnam.

* * * * * * *

Yes, readers I DO realize that the dates come prior to Clinton's taking full operations. But YOU must understand that this makes the fact that Ron Brown was brought INSIDE AFTER these dealings even worse--by far.

By the way--there is always the blackmailing process of the blackmailers who blackmail the ones who first blackmailed them. I don't perceive any difference usually--except in the process YOU HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO FIND OUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OR COMING DOWN.

Would "I", Hatonn, bring out anything to twist screws and urge ones to not play with the goose that has golden eggs? INDEED I WOULD! Some of these same SCOUNDRELS effort to make big impacts on MY BUSINESS ALSO AND IT RILES MY FEATHERS.

It is one thing to tinker around over the "gold" but when lives of those who gave ALL for your nation are bought and sold like hardware--I take exception--THESE WERE THE DEALS THAT SEALED THE DOOM OF THE POW/MIAs. EVEN YOUR AMERICAN PROPERTY AT, FOR INSTANCE, SUBIC BAY, [Naval Base] ETC., PHILIPPINES WERE MOVED TO VIETNAM IN THE FORM OF [floating] SHIP DOCKS AND OTHER MAJOR PORTING EQUIPMENT.

I do have this further notice to all who would receive this--IT IS NOT NICE TO TRY TO FOOL "MOTHER NATURE" and it certainly is not nice to double-deal against GOD! I would ponder these messages quite carefully if you have opportunity. You are getting into the Haiti situation and Baby Doc and it is going to slop over onto some other big-time THINGS. We have walked this same road before and it is not always wise to repeat and repeat and repeat the sell-outs. To whom it may concern, I suggest you get informed!

We shall offer the next one in another sitting for this is break-time. Thank you.



TUE., JULY 20, 1993 9:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 338

TUE., JULY 20, 1993


Your world TODAY is a journalist/commentator's dream. There is "old" to confirm the "new" and things happening in EVERY country of your world. Even the cartoons have to be "sick" because there are relatively few really "funny" things afoot. Right on schedule--just as planned!

Sick? Well, yes, here is one for thought fodder: William Sessions is fired for allowing his wife to ride with him on government aircraft--when the destination was the same as his. Janet Reno ordered the burning deaths of over 90 people in Waco, threw into prison a "religious" leader and will export him back to the dungeons of Egypt where already dozens of the man's so-called "followers" have been executed without due process. And, it was Reno that required Clinton FIRE SESSIONS!


An interesting thing happened yesterday while the Shuttle was grounded--an Atlas rocket (General Dynamics, I believe) WAS LAUNCHED FROM THE LAUNCH FACILITIES. IT HAS A MOST INTERESTING PAY-LOAD AND MISSION. WATCH OUT!! We simply interrupt the Reno "saga" to give you this bulletin--it is far more "connected" than on the surface--as usual.

So, readers, it would seem appropriate that all the information we have given you regarding possible indiscretions of Ms. Reno be forwarded to Sessions--in mass replication. Along with a cover letter demanding that he and Perot conference in detail. I remind you that Evil cannot bear the light of day on its actions and it is up to YOU to make sure those actions are brought into that light. So be it.

As we write about Ron Brown, it would behoove us to look at others in the player's deck. What about Derek Schearer (The Institute for Policy Studies)? This hooks up the connections of Clinton to the Marxists.

The following is a well-done commentary by Charles Williams, 305-96th St., Kenosha, WI 53143 and is presented in Wisconsin Report, P.O. Box 45, Brookfield, WI 53008-0045.


Derek Shearer, President Clinton's closest friend, is now his primary advisor for economics and foreign policy. Shearer is a key mover and shaker within the Marxist think tank of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), an institute that even the FBI has accused of being funded by the KGB. Hillary Clinton is also a longtime supporter of IPS, along with Les Aspin and Anthony Lake.

Derek Shearer is a former student body president at Yale and a Rhodes Scholar and holds a professorship of Public Policy at College in Los Angeles. Shearer is also a former economic advisor to Jesse Jackson, Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda. (!!) He is described by another Clinton advisor, Robert Altman, as one of Clinton's "oldest and closest friends". Shearer is somewhat unique among Clinton staffers in his dedication and zeal toward a Socialist America. Redistribution of wealth and elimination of private property are foremost on his agenda. He expresses disgruntlement with the autonomy of American corporations, advocating "dismantling or at least restricting the power of these corporations". He confesses: "The economic reform program we describe will inevitably be labeled Socialistic." Knowing that Americans would not accept the "S" word--Socialism--Shearer remarked:" Socialism has a bad name in America and no amount of wishful thinking on the part of the Left is going to change that. The words 'economic democracy' are an adequate and effective replacement." Bill Clinton and the media are obligingly utilizing the term "economic democracy" as well as "co-operative capitalism", "managed care", "total quality management", in addition to other semantical terms to conceal their restructuring for the Socialist America. Orwell called it news-speak. Both Bill Clinton and Derek Shearer endorse the philosophy of the Italian Marxist/Socialist Antonio Gramsci. Shearer claims that his idea of economic democracy is based on the teachings of Gramsci, one of the foremost Marxist theorists of this century. Shearer has stated that Gramsci's views can be actualized through Bill Clinton.

Comrades Gramsci, Clinton and Shearer have a plan to control and restrict all private enterprise, empower central planners to regulate prices and taxes, and to control or even confiscate private property and personal assets. Note that in 1992 a new law was passed in the State of Oklahoma requiring every household in the State to report all property to the state agencies--from farm tractors to table forks. Every citizen of Oklahoma is fully expected to contribute his or her fair share to the State tax coffer. Those who do not comply voluntarily will be taxed at a flat rate of 20%! Add that to federal withholdings, FICA, medicare tax, a suggested value-added tax and a national sales tax and pretty soon we're talking serious money!!

The Institute for Policy Studies has bragged that Shearer's plan for "economic democracy" is "Euro-Communistic in nature". IPS shares much of its philosophy with Gramsci, who stated, "Power is best attained in developed industrialized countries (America), through a gradual process of radicalization of the cultural institutions--a process that would in turn transform the values and morals of the Society." A current example of this is the behavioral-attitudinal politically correct non-academic restructuring of education called outcome-based education. Gramsci believed that as the morals of society were eroded, the political and economic foundations would collapse, allowing those on the Left to rush in and reconstruct society along the lines of the new world order. Gramsci stated: "It is important to infiltrate autonomous institutions--schools, media, churches, and public interest groups so as to radically transform the culture which determines the environment in which political and economic policy are played out." Bill Clinton's Governor's School in Arkansas is a classic example of this philosophy in application.

Shearer claims that Marxism helps to "humanize" individuals. In 1975, he helped the IPS form a spin-off group called the "Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies". The purpose of this group was to become a vehicle to enable Shearer to start implementing some of his socialistic programs. One of the IPS brochures that advertised this "Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies" said it was an effort to "strengthen the pragmatic work of the Left--to enlarge the base committed to policies for a restructured America." Remember, when Bill Clinton was elected President, he said: "America, you've demanded a change..." I wonder what he has in mind?

The "Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies" was headquartered at the IPS street address and the IPS was heavily involved in promoting Shearer's Marxist oriented economic democracy plan. Conference member Shearer helped write the campaign platform for Tom Hayden, former husband of "Hanoi" Jane Fonda, in his bid for a California Congressional seat. That platform was filled with such panacea as advocacy of state banks, municipal owned utilities, national health services, and direct worker control of industry. This is Communism in its purest form!

Another Clinton friend and supporter of economic democracy is Jeremy Rifkin. Rifkin is an avowed new ager and associate of the IPS as well as a former field representative of the "New American Movement"--a descendant of the Maoist branch of the "New Left". According to the November/December 1971 issue of the group's underground paper, Rifkin was assigned the mission to sanitize its literature and tone down the socialist rhetoric so that it would not be offensive to the average citizen. An interesting anecdote should prove almost prophetic. Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, the 1971 edition, defines "Left" as: "Those professing views usually characterized by desire to reform (restructure) or overthrow the established order of the Founding Fathers" which was a Constitutional Republic, based upon the laws and precepts of Almighty God--Creator of the Universe. We have now moved left into a democracy--a view the Founding Fathers knew was a transitional form of government as it moved to embrace totalitarianism. Remember the Virginia Slims cigarette slogan: "You've come a long way, baby"? How much farther will we go before we wake up? Only YOU can answer that!

Ed. Note: Charles Williams, Kenosha, WI, is a well known speaker and was a speaker at the June 5th Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Legislative & Research Committee, Inc. [H: We also thank Mr. Williams for his superb observations. You will note that as always with the Khazarian Elite Socialists--they simply rename a thing, misdefine it until it becomes accepted and there you have the game won. May you become informed so that you are not the FOOL!]

* * *


Spotlight, July 19, 1993. Secret Viet Deal Cloaked. Moves toward normalization of relations with Vietnam and the lifting of the U.S. trade embargo are proceeding on schedule, while an alleged scandal centering on Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's involvement in a deal with the Vietnamese remains under wraps. Mike Blair.

Further details of an alleged deal made by Commerce Secretary Ron Brown with the communist leaders of Vietnam to get the 1975 U.S. trade embargo suspended in return for millions of dollars in payoffs by the Hanoi government continue to surface.

And meanwhile, Brown's boss, President Bill Clinton, seems to be making certain the alleged arrangement with Vietnam proceeds on schedule.

On July 2, Clinton announced the U.S. government would suspend its efforts to halt a deal made by France and Japan to satisfy $140 million in long-overdue debts to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which will pave the way for lending more millions to the hard-line Marxist state by the IMF and the World Bank, largely financed by U.S. taxpayers.

In Spotlight, exclusively appearing in the July 5 and July 13 issues, details of the alleged deal forged by Brown and Vietnamese leaders, including Communist Party chief Du Muoi and Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet, were revealed by Vietnamese-American businessman Ly Tranh Binh.

Binh had been an insider in the dealings between Brown and the Vietnamese leaders as the vice chairman of the Vietnam Development Corporation.

The Vietnam Development Corporation was set up late last year by its chairman, Nguyen Van Hao, a former deputy prime minister of the former South Vietnamese republic who went on to become a key player in the transformation of South Vietnam as part of a reunified Vietnam, led by a brutal communist regime in Hanoi.

According to Binh, Hao brokered a deal between Brown and Vietnam's top leaders, which included ending U.S. opposition to IMF loans, the lifting of the U.S. trade embargo, normalization of relations with the communist state and ultimately the granting of most favored nation (MFN) trading status.

In return for Brown's services, according to Binh, a bribe of $700,000 was placed in the Singapore branch of a French bank, plus a guarantee of a share of profits to be derived by Vietnam from deals made with U.S. oil companies and other firms, which would follow the lifting of the trade embargo.

Binh told the Spotlight in his latest interview an additional $300,000 [H: So, brings it right up to a MILLION DOLLAR PERSONAL PAY-OFF.] was being provided by Hanoi to pay for the Vietnam Development Corporation's operations in the United States, to facilitate the introduction to Vietnam of U.S. businesses allegedly lined up by Brown.

The alleged deal between Brown and the Vietnamese, as outlined in the previous Spotlight exclusive, appears to be right on schedule because the U.S. media, with the exception of the Spotlight, does not choose to expose Clinton Administration corruption.


In order to coincide with a meeting of the IMF governing board on July 12 that would consider the French-Japanese deal to pave the way for new loans for Vietnam, Clinton needed to suspend U.S. opposition to the IMF loans before that meeting, which was accomplished with his July 2 announcement.

If the timetable continues on track, Clinton will next announce the suspension of the U.S trade embargo when it comes up for annual renewal in mid-September.

Then full diplomatic relations with Vietnam and the granting of MFN trade status will follow, Binh said.

Clinton on July 1 went through the charade of meeting with representatives of seven leading U.S. veterans organizations and two POW-MIA family groups at the White House to "consult" with them about the impending deadline to make a decision about the IMF loans.

Representatives of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Veterans, American Ex-POWs and the Retired Officers Association attended, along with the National Alliance of Families for the Return of America's Missing Servicemen and the National League of Families of Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia.


Representing the administration at the meeting were Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Assistant Secretary of State Winston Lord, Assistant Defense Secretary William Pendley, National Security Adviser Anthony Lake, Deputy National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, National Security Council Staff Director Nancy Soderberg and White House Communications Director David Gergen.

Only the VFW indicated at the meeting that it favored the IMF loans for Vietnam, a position which has deeply angered thousands of American veterans. [H: Let me remind you of something back prior to the national elections--the VFW groups in local places were ordered by head honchos to NOT ALLOW ANY PARTICIPATION OR GATHERING OF MEMBERS IF COL. BO GRITZ WAS TO SPEAK--ANYWHERE! So, who might be heading up that Veteran's organization do you suppose?] The American Legion led the others in opposing any trade concessions to Vietnam until the POW-MIA issue is fully resolved by the Communists.

Dolores Alfond, who heads the National Alliance of Families, left Clinton "red faced and uncomfortable" when she presented her opinions at the meeting.

"Mr. President," she said, "if you grant IMF funding, then you will, in the view of my membership and the National Alliance of Families, be putting a bullet in the brain of each of the U.S. POWs Vietnam holds. I mean that in a very literal sense, because the Vietnamese will be well on their way to every advantage diplomatic recognition bestows, and keeping the prisoners would be a liability, while releasing them would only ensure the IMF funding was denied. [H: For you disbelievers of the possibility of POW/MIAs being in that area of Southeast Asia--I want you to know that RUSSBACHER was very personally aware of at least 17 of them! The facts are, further, that Gritz knows they are THERE. But, Col. Gritz' mission originally was NOT to bring out prisoners! (!!) Although this was a fact, I think it is time to Col. Gritz' petition to the investigating Sub-Committee on POWs [See CONTACT Vol. 2, #5 or ALL MY CHILDREN, JOURNAL #64] because I am going to go on and write about the business aspect of this TRADE AGREEMENT and you can see how prisoners are a manipulated commodity and the political swags DO NOT WANT THEM ALIVE AND HOME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!]


"Therefore, killing the POWs will solve the Vietnamese's problem," she said, looking directly at the president, "and it will solve the U.S. government's political problem the POWs pose . .. However, I and my membership will view that action as a total betrayal of your promise to the families."

On several occasions, and in numerous letters to family members and POW-MIA activists, Clinton pledged before and after taking office that he would not make any move to aid Vietnam until the issue was resolved.

"It is our hope," the alliance director told Clinton, "that you keep your promise and your 'real commitments', as you said, to the families...

"However, unless I hear something otherwise today, and if you grant IMF funds, then I am going to tell the press your commitments mean nothing, and that you have totally betrayed the families.

"Furthermore, Mr. President, I can assure you that when you betray a promise which family members believe may have cost the lives of their loved ones, then you can be sure those people will be very vocal about it to the press, and will very likely do everything in their power to see you are not elected again." [H: Please do not miss this portion that says "...grant IMF funds...." WHAT WOULD CLINTON BE DOING, GRANTING INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND FUNDS TO ANYONE ANYHOW? Sleepy people (taxpayers)--you are in deep yogurt!]

Referring to a confrontation Clinton's predecessor, George Bush, had while attending a meeting of families in Washington last year, in which he told a group of frustrated mothers and wives of the missing, shouting for him to tell the truth, to "shut up and sit down," she concluded by stating: "It is just that the family members' patience with broken promises is at an all-time low, and if you give Vietnam the IMF funds, what happened to Bush when he spoke at our convention last year could very well start happening to you."

Nevertheless, the following day, right on schedule, Clinton announced he was ending U.S. opposition to IMF loans for Hanoi.

He claimed that allowing the IMF loans offered the "best hope of providing America's POW-MIA families the answers and peace of mind they deserve." [H: I suppose that peace of mind comes from not having to longer wonder about them--but fully realize they have been murdered and are at rest.]

* * *

Perhaps this 'nother article will show you the ends and outs of Free Trade very similar to Mexico's agreement. It indicates a full removal of business from your own nation to the non-paid poverty stricken Vietnamese as virtual slave-laborers as will the Mexican scenario go. Your jobs are GONE, AMERICA!



The rush by U.S. corporations to cash in on business opportunities in Vietnam is already beginning, despite the fact that the U.S. trade embargo with that communist nation is still in force.

A deal was recently struck by a Singapore partner of a giant Boston-based real estate conglomerate to build a nearly $1-billion port in Vietnam. It's an example of the business opportunities giant U.S. corporations expect to be generated by lifting the U.S. trade embargo from Vietnam and making International Monetary Fund loans available to Hanoi.

Colliers International, one of the world's largest real estate concerns with 129 offices in North and Central America, Europe and the so-called Pacific Rim nations, generates more than $300 million in revenues annually. It has assisted in brokering a $905 million deal to develop a deep-sea port at Vung Tau, about 80 miles southeast of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon before the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975).

Colliers International, through a partner firm, Colliers Jar-dines of Singapore, has put together a massive plan which will allow heavy transport ships to dock at Vung Tau, a recreational area for U.S. troops during the Vietnam War.

According to C. Stewart Forbes, chief executive officer of Colliers International, the project will take four years to complete and is currently the largest investment scheme under way in Vietnam.

"I think this represents the best elements of brokerage, matching a need--in this case a country--with the money and the capability," Forbes told the Boston Herald. "This kind of in-frastructure is sorely needed in Vietnam."

[H: Is anyone getting a bit testy about the movement of all the "dock works" from the Philippines to Vietnam, yet? Remember--everything is connected to EVERYTHING!]

According to Forbes, work at Vung Tau will be done primarily by Japanese engineering and construction firms.

Although direct U.S. investment in Vietnam is illegal until the Clinton Administration lifts the trade embargo against the communist state, Forbes said the Colliers deal is legal because it was done THROUGH a foreign partner, Colliers Jardines.

It is said that the Singapore branch of the French Banque Indosuez is involved in the financial end of the giant port project. [H: French Banque INDO(SUEZ)???]

According to Vietnamese-American businessman Ly Tranh Binh, the Vietnamese government has allegedly deposited $700,000 [H: OOPS! There it is again!] in a Singapore branch of the French bank as partial payment for U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's alleged efforts to get the Clinton Administration to drop the U.S. trade embargo, which will likely take place in September.

A large number of U.S. industrial giants, including Kodak, Boeing and Du Pont, have already opened offices in Vietnam in anticipation of the lifting of the embargo.


"I visited Vietnam in December," Forbes said. "Upon my return we announced the opening of an office in Ho Chi Minh City by Colliers Jardines."

He explains further: "Colliers Jardines, a joint venture between Colliers International Australia and Jardine Matheson, a Bermuda-based company with its principal holdings in Hong Kong, has secured a license to conduct real estate-related services in Vietnam."

Regarding the issue of American POWs and MIAs, Forbes said: "While greatly respecting the commitment of the men and women who served in Vietnam, particularly the sacrifice of those who did not return, we are preparing for the embargo to be lifted and wish to encourage that process."


Kerry was a strong advocate of rapprochement with Vietnam long before he was named to the select committee. [H: How many of you remember Kerry running around at high altitudes over Vietnam "viewing" possible prisoner facilities? How many of you remember him pronouncing "none are left alive!"?! Surely this is JUST a coincidence?]

A decorated Vietnam vet [BARF!!], Kerry quit the Navy during the war to become an anti-war activist, serving as a leader of the radical Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Kerry, according to his Senate financial disclosure forms, is a beneficiary of three "blind" trusts, which were created in 1965. Members of the Forbes family are trustees of ALL THREE.

Stewart Forbes states that he has "never discussed this matter (the Colliers interest in Vietnam) with Sen. Kerry nor anyone on his staff!" [H: So be it--a billionaire politician wouldn't lie to you, would he?]



TUE., JULY 20, 1993 1:05 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 338

TUE., JULY 20, 1993


In this world of "ordinary people" there are many "extraordinary people" described in either direction of goodness or whatever. Mostly, however, ones try to HIDE and, yet, can't do such a good job of it once they have practiced to deceive--at the expense and pain of another!

George Green thinks he has "lost himself" so that the ones looking for him in the form of "legal" officers--haven't found him. He is (was) in Bozeman, Montana--headed for "business" either there or in Missoula, Montana. The interesting thing is how fast he got OUT of Carson City, Nevada. Oh, he hasn't stopped his assault--he is just doing it from up there in order to keep the thing going. I would guess he HAS TO to keep his attorney from hanging him for misrepresentation for the LIES make it very, very hard to have your own reputation intact if you have been set up whereby your very representation makes YOU discredited also.

George was on national radio as late as last Saturday night--and was heard all over the South-East, specifically in Florida. He still speaks on "economy" but has slacked off a bit on his connection with Hatonn and the Command. Indeed, I am sure he and Coleman can make a good team on what's wrong and to whom to send your gold.

More interesting, however, is the latest little bit of insight. In Missoula, Montana, on the 24th (immediately ahead and is also a MAJOR Utah/Mormon celebration day) it seems there is an advertised big-public-bash for what is being called a "Patriot Roasting". This will be a big rally with cook-out, etc. Guess who the MAIN speaker is? Ah--er--no, not George Green--he will be a "minor" speaker. Missing JOHN COLEMAN is to be the big-cheese speaker. Gosh, I wonder if any of our friends would like to retrieve the computers, printers, FAX machines, etc., etc., from this nice patriotic non-American citizen--who is wanted for deportation? The Institute would surely be in GOOD shape if the stolen property from Gary Anderson, George Green and John Coleman could be retrieved!! Well, perhaps they can sell a lot of US&P books with the MI-6 British Intelligence connections. Do you want to place any bets as to which identification he uses, John Coleman or Josef Pavlonski?? Still feel secure in your beddies at night? Does Coleman give you the truth? Indeed, among the balderdash of "Christian" garble. I just find it interesting that a non-citizen in disfavor with your own government would have such an interesting calling. Must be Mr. Clinton isn't after HIM. Well, Coleman bashes homosexuals--so maybe the Billary "team" will take note.

As to what is happening in the military and among the gays, etc., it is quite sad. If a person has homosexual longings and desires, does it make it suitable for public display of activities which, if by heterosexuals or "self-sexuals", would be banned from all public display? That is the point here--not acceptance of sexual "preference".

I wonder, however, if morally it is any worse than the figurative castration of a man by a strong political wife? Readers--this has nothing to do with men and women--this is a wave of destruction sweeping over the world!

I may seem now to be changing the subject--nope, no such luck, readers. We are going to offer you some more information from Dr. Coleman's writings. Regardless of circumstances, this is one of the best "compiled" documents of recent writers. The book itself, as has information from the past been used, has lent itself to the "whole" but originates with others--i.e., Eustace Mullins, etc. But, what is a writer of TRUTH to do? If truth exists--it cannot be put aside just because someone else WROTE IT. Further, to get a full picture of the different fragments--you need the information compiled to see connections. There is ROOM for every one and I strongly urge you to get the original books and study them carefully for fact vs. opinion. Fact will not vary--opinions become the catch-22 and you should be informed enough by now to realize the differences.

Let us consider Dr. Coleman's segment called:


Certainly a fair number of us are aware that the people running our [H: Oops! Whose?] government are not the people who are really in control of political and economic matters, domestic and foreign. This has led many to seek the truth in the alternative press, those newsletter writers who, like me, have sought but not always found what it is that is making the United States terminally ill. "Seek and ye shall find" has not always been the case with this group. What we did find was that the people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where their country is headed, firm in the belief that it will always be there for them. This is the way the largest population group has been manipulated to react, and their attitude plays right into the hands of the secret government.

We frequently hear about "they" doing this, that or the other. "They" seem literally to be able to get away with murder. "They" increase taxes, send our sons and daughters to die in wars that do not benefit our country. "They" seem above our reach, out of sight, frustratingly nebulous when it comes to taking action against "them." No one seems able to clearly identify who "they" are. It is a situation that has pertained for decades. During the course of this book, we shall identify the mysterious "they" and then, after that, it is up to the people to remedy their situation.

On 30th April, 1981, I wrote a monograph disclosing the existence of the Club of Rome, identifying it as a Committee of 300 subversive body. This was the first mention of both of these organizations in the United States. I warned readers not to be fooled by the feeling that the article was far-fetched and I drew a parallel between my article and the warning issued by the Bavarian government when the secret plans of the Illuminati fell into its hands. We shall return to the Club of Rome and the role of the Committee of 300 in U.S. affairs later herein.

[H: There has been a lot of objections on the part of prior writers as to this information and a classification of "A Committee of 300" and Coleman's claim to "first". Well, I have no objection to his claim--but the Club of Rome has been around for a very, very long time and MANY have presented this identical information--most notably Eustace Muffins. However, there is new input and from varying aspects which must be given credit in presentation. I repeat, the MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN GET--THE BETTER INFORMED WILL BE YOUR MASSES--STOP THE PICKING AND FIGHTING OVER WHO IS FIRST, LAST AND SMARTEST--AND GET ON WITH YOUR JOB OF CHANGING THINGS BEFORE YOU DIE AT THE HANDS OF THESE ELITE WORLD CONTROLLERS.]

Many of the predictions made in that 1981 article have since come to pass, such as the unknown Felipe Gonzalez becoming prime minister of Spain, and Mitterand being returned to power in France; the downfall of Giscard D' Estang and Helmut Schmidt, the return to power of Swedish nobleman and Committee of 300 member Olaf Palme, the nullifying of Reagan's presidency and the destruction of our steel, auto and housing industries in terms of the post-industrial zero-growth orders handed down by the Committee of 300.

[H: Perhaps I should pause here and respond to inquiries about "where" did Coleman get his information and how could he call it "insider"? He got most of it from LaRouche's group and the Executive Intelligence Review. His wife is also important here in this instance. She is from Denmark and is still a citizen of that country. She has close relatives within the government there--and lots of information flowed through that conduit. All spent time in South Africa and, in fact, there is history in actual public presentation that they had some involvement in diamond smuggling into the U.S. This story was to be carried in a major newsletter--but was squelched from someone in England before publication date. I suggest that these people have enough problems without my adding to them so allow us to just say that the "information" has been good from whatever resource. IF it came directly from the EIR or from Mullins--or from distant aliens--it is STILL--valid and good. When we get to "opinions" of the author on various items I take some exception but, again, it is "opinion" and he has his right to his own. We had many personal discussions and Coleman, in public and in person, said that he did not object to "any correction I (Hatonn) had to offer to him". This, of course, was while he was still working here and before G.G. got all entangled with private contracts with him, gifting of computers, etc., to him and the persons turned into gold-rushers instead of simply "truth-bringers".]

The importance of Palme [H: We have also written about Palme for he was assassinated and the intrigue around this man was without limits so, indeed, you will HAVE HEARD OF EVERYONE MENTIONED HEREIN! I OFFER THESE WRITINGS FOR YOUR CONFIRMATION FROM FLATLAND EARTH.] lies in the use made of him by the Club of Rome to deliver technology to the Soviet Union on the forbidden list of the U.S. Customs, and Palme's world-wide communications network employed to train the spotlight on the phony Iran hostage crisis, while he shuttled back and forth between Washington and Teheran in an effort to undermine the sovereign integrity of the U.S. and place the phony crisis in the realm of the Committee of 300 institution, viz, the World Court at The Hague, Holland.

In what is in fact an open conspiracy against God and man, which includes enslaving the majority of humans left on this Earth after wars, plagues and mass-murder have done with them, is not well hidden. In the intelligence community, it is taught that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. As an example of the foregoing, when Germany wanted to hide its prize new Messerschmidt fighter plane in 1938, the aircraft was put on display at the Paris Air Show. While secret agents and spies were collecting information from hollow tree trunks and from behind loose bricks in a wall, the information they sought was staring them right in the face. [H: This is the same technique used by Dr. Coleman--hide in plain sight but never allow anyone to know addresses, etc. Either the man is a shrewd character OR the government doesn't want him too terribly bad--I can't imagine that the whole of the Intelligence community can't find him when we (not just "me") know his very speaking schedules and he "must" work on a continual basis with George Green (who also "hides" himself behind locked gates and no addresses, etc.). You don't think it just coincidence that they show up at the same time with the same problems in your old "everybody is always going there" Montana, do you?]

The upper-level parallel secret government does not operate from dank basements and secret underground chambers. It places itself in full view in the White House, Congress and in Number 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. It is akin to those weird and supposedly terrifying "monster" films, where the monster appears with distorted features, long hair and even longer teeth, growling and slavering all over the place. This is a distraction, the REAL MONSTERS wear business suits and drive to work on Capitol Hill in limousines.

These men are IN OPEN VIEW. These men are the servants of the One World Government-New World Order. Like the rapist who stops to offer his victim a friendly ride, he does not LOOK like the monster he is. If he did, his intended victim would run off screaming in fright. The same applies to government at all levels. President Bush does not LOOK like a dutiful servant of the upper-level parallel government, but make no mistake about it, he is as much a MONSTER as are those horrors found in horror-movies.

Stop for a moment and consider how President Bush ordered the brutal slaying of 150,000 Iraqi troops, in a convoy of military vehicles carrying white flags, on their way back to Iraq under Geneva Convention rules of agreed disengagement and withdrawal. Imagine the horror of the Iraqi troops when, in spite of waving their white flags, they were mowed down by American aircraft. In another part of the front, 12,000 Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in trenches they occupied. Is that not MONSTROUS in the truest sense of the word? From where did President Bush get HIS orders to act in this MONSTROUS fashion? He got them from the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RHA) who received its mandate from the Committee of 300, also known as the "Olympians." [H: Yes indeedy, this is the SAME RHA who runs the Tavistock Institute who runs the Brookings Institute who runs the University of Science and Philosophy--by enforcement and orders of the British Crown group of British Intelligence called MI-6 from which Coleman also claims to evolve.]

We shall see, even the "Olympians" do not hide their faces. Often times they put on a show which could be likened to the Paris Air Show, even as conspiracy buffs spend their time in fruitless searching in the wrong places in the wrong direction. Note how the Queen, Elizabeth II, performs the ceremonial opening of the British Parliament? There, in full view is the head of the Committee of 300. Have you ever witnessed the swearing-in ceremony of a United States President? There in full view is another member of the Committee of 300. The problem is only one of perception.

Who are the conspirators who serve the mighty all-powerful Committee of 300? The better-informed of our citizens are aware that there is a conspiracy and that the conspiracy goes under various names such as the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Round Table, the Milner Group. To them the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Trilaterals represent most of what they do not like in regard to domestic and foreign policy. Some even know that the Round Table has a big input into United States affairs through the British Ambassador in Washington. The problem is that real hard information on the treasonous activities of members of the invisible government is very hard to come by.

[H: So again and again we are asked as to why we are allowed to write this material and "live". In the upstart it didn't work well at all--because they got to Dharma and lit-erally killed her with cardiac arrest several times (we will also write about ELF zapping in a minute). Now, it is easier to let us go with only the miserable problems of such as the legal altercations, etc., through and by their "agents". I remind you of what I have told you before--they think they have it all DONE--finished--and you will never know what hit you. They are now in the stage where they believe YOU will NOT BELIEVE THE TRUTH--for after all, there they are--right in front of your noses claiming to be your humanitarian supporters of freedom. Further, this only intensifies the fact that they ARE basically IN CONTROL and if you know that you will either, 1. Act wisely within the system some-way or, 2. You will take up arms at which time they can simply kill you in cold blood rather than wait for their developed plagues, wars and pestilence to getcha!]

I quote the profound statement made by the prophet Hosea, which is found in the Christian Bible: "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Some may already have heard my exposé of the foreign aid scandal, in which work I named several conspiratorial organizations, whose number is legion. Their final objective is the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution and the merging of this country, chosen by God as HIS country, with a godless One World Order Government which will return the world to conditions far worse than existed in the Dark Ages.

Let us talk about actual case histories, the attempt to communize and deindustrialize Italy. The Committee of 300 long ago decreed that there shall be a smaller--much smaller--and better world, that is, their idea of what constitutes a better world. The myriads of useless eaters consuming scarce natural resources were to be culled. Industrial progress supports population growth. Therefore the command to multiply and subdue the Earth found in Genesis had to be subverted.

This called for an attack upon Christianity; the slow but sure disintegration of industrial nation states; the destruction of hundreds of millions of people, referred to by the Committee of 300 as "surplus population", and the removal of any leader who dared to stand in the way of the Committee's global planning to reach the foregoing objectives.

Two of the Committee's earliest targets were Italy and Pakistan. The late Aldo Moro, Prime Minister of Italy, was one leader who opposed "zero growth"; and population reductions planned for his country, thereby incurring the wrath of the Club of Rome commissioned by the "Olympians" to carry out its policies in this regard. In a Rome courtroom on November 10th, 1982, a close friend of Moro's testified that the former prime minister was threatened by an agent of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA)--who is also a Committee of 300 member--while he was still the U.S. Secretary of State. The meteoric rise of the man the witness named as KISSINGER will be dealt with later.

It will be recalled that Prime Minister Moro was kidnapped by the Red Brigades in 1978 and subsequently brutally shot to death. It was at the trial of members of the Red Brigades that several of them testified to the fact that they knew of high-level U.S. involvement in the plot to kill Moro. When threatening Moro, Kissinger was obviously not carrying out U.S. foreign policy, but rather acting according to instructions received from the Club of Rome, the foreign-policy arm of the Committee of 300.

The witness who delivered the bombshell in open court was a close associate of Moro's, Gorrado Guerzoni. His explosive testimony was broadcast over Italian television and radio on November 10th, 1982, and printed in several Italian newspapers--yet this vital information was suppressed in the U.S. Those famous bastions of freedom with a compelling right to know, the Washington Post and the New York Times, did not think it important to even print a single line of Guerzoni's testimony.

Nor was the news carried by any of the wire services or television stations. The fact that Italy's Aldo Moro had been a leading politician for decades, and who was kidnapped in broad daylight in the spring of 1978, all of his bodyguards butchered in cold blood, was not deemed newsworthy, even though Kissinger stood accused as an accomplice to these crimes? Or was the silence BECAUSE of Kissinger's involvement?

In my 1982 expose of this heinous crime, I demonstrated that Aldo Moro, a loyal member of the Christian Democrat Party, was murdered by assassins controlled by P2 Masonry with the object of bringing Italy into line with Club of Rome orders to deindustrialize the country and considerably reduce its population. Moro's plans to stabilize Italy through full employment and industrial and political peace would have strengthened Catholic opposition to Communism and made the destabilization of the Middle East--a prime goal--that much harder.

From the foregoing it becomes clear just how far ahead the conspirators plan. They do not think in terms of a Five Year Plan. One need to go back to Weishaupt's statements about the early Catholic Church to understand what was involved in the murder of Aldo Moro. Moro's death removed the roadblocks to the plans to destabilize Italy and, as we now know, enabled conspiracy plans for the Middle East to be carried out in the Gulf War 14 years later.

Italy was chosen as a test-target by the Committee of 300. Italy is important to the conspirators' plans because it is the closest European country to the Middle East linked to Middle East economics and politics. It is also the home of the Catholic Church, which Weishaupt ordered destroyed, and home for some of Europe's most powerful top oligarchical families of the ancient Black Nobility. Should Italy have been weakened by Moro's death, it would have had repercussions in the Middle East which would have weakened U.S. influence in the region. Italy is important for another reason; it is a gateway for drugs entering Europe from Iran and Lebanon, and we shall return to that subject in due course.

To be continued.

* * *

There is too much information which is necessary to bring to your attention and "update" old information to allow for continuing on a single subject to exhaustion.

The next is urgent because you ones must know that not only are you under attack--but have been under attack and only visibly by that which shows up as a plague of one sort or another. The real "debilitation" of large numbers is thanks to the old Russian woodpeckers among your own woodpecker flocks.

Dharma, this will be lengthy enough that I think we had better break the writing at this point and pick up again right here at next sitting. I think we'll have time to write about the "woodpecker" system today if we get right at it. Thank you.



TUE., JULY 20, 1993 3:30 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 338

TUE., JULY 20, 1993

In the interest of expediting this so Dharma can turn to other tasks, I want to thank Mr. Hookanson and acknowledge that the following comes from a very worthy newsletter (always filled with very tiny print to save space and always extremely valuable), Youth Action News P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia 22313, July 1993.

Now, since I am picking up in the middle of a subject I ask that you bear with any references which seem obscure. We will share other portions of this paper but it is the E.L.F. waves which MUST remain always UPPERMOST in your consciousness. It is no longer just the Russians who have this capability of debilitating a nation with these ELF waves as your own country does this to you citizens all the time--but we are here to present this already offered information with enough background to give you ability to understand the subject. You have to know that last January your nation hooked up a national "grid" which is now totally operational. They said the towers, scanners, etc., were to interpret and effort to pick up extraterrestrial life and communications. B.S. It is a massive radio control method.



"The Russian Government is CONTINUING TO BOMBARD THE U.S. EMBASSY IN MOSCOW WITH MICROWAVE RADIATION, according to U.S. officials." The pulsed "emanations originate from a residential building across the street that is believed to be staffed by Russian security officials. ... The radiation was first detected in the 1960's."(11/15/92 Washington Times).

The deadly effects of the Soviet electromagnetic radiation of the American Embassy were described in the famous 1985 book, The Body Electric, by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden (published by Morrow):

"The Moscow signal," is, "a composite of several frequencies, apparently aiming for a synergistic effect from various wavelengths, and it was beamed directly against the U.S. am-bassador's office." U.S. researchers calculated that the Moscow signal has power up to 4,000 microwatts.

"The Moscow bombardment has been highly effective. In 1976, The Globe reported that Ambassador Walter Stoessel "developed a rare blood disease similar to leukemia and was suffering headaches and was suffering bleeding from the eyes. (Stoessel died after the publication of Becker-Selden book.) Two of his irradiated predecessors, Ambassador Charles Bohlen and Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson, died of cancers."

"In 1976, the State Department gave its Moscow employees a 20-percent hardship allowance for serving in an 'unhealthful post' . …..In 1977, the State Department announced the results of some medical tests given to embassy personnel: "About a third of the Moscow staff had elevated white blood cell counts, as high as 40% above normal--levels common to incipient leukemia." [H: Too bad they haven't had Gaiandriana!!!] The staff also suffered genetic damage, with "lots of chromosome breaks".

The continuing Russian electromagnetic attack upon our Moscow embassy is absolute proof that the current Russian government is hostile to the United States. [H: This statement bears absolute attention!]


Becker & Selden also discussed the Russian Woodpecker transmissions against the United States. The Woodpecker signals are transmitted at frequencies "between 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz. It is pulse modulated at a rate of several times a second," in the Extreme Low Frequency (ELF) range. The Woodpecker utilizes over-the-horizon radar systems that were based upon Nikola Tesla's famous magnifying transmitter. Becker & Selden stated: "The signal is maintained at enormous expense from a current total of seven stations--the seven most powerful radio transmitters in the world." Many more transmitters were added later.

"Within a year or two after the Woodpecker began, there were persistent complaints of unaccountable symptoms from people in several cities in the United States and Canada, primarily Eugene, Oregon. The sensations--pressure and pain in the head, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of coordination, and numbness, accompanied by a high-pitched ringing in the ears--were characteristic of radio-frequency or microwave irradiation. Most engineers who studied the signal concluded that it was a manifestation of the Woodpecker."

The leading U.S. expert on biological effects of electromagnetic frequencies, W. Ross Adey, M.D. (of the V.A. Hospital at Loma Linda, CA) conducted research that "suggests that the best way to get ELF signal into an animal is to make it a pulse modulation of a high-frequency radio signal. That is exactly what the Woodpecker is. Within its frequency range, it could be beamed to any part of the world, and it would be picked up and reradiated by the power supply grid at its destination."

Raymond Damadian, a radiologist at Brooklyn's Downstate Medical Center patented the first nuclear magnetic resonance scanner. He believes the Woodpecker signal "is designed to induce nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in human tissues. NMR could greatly magnify the metabolic interference of electropollution or electromagnetic radiation weapons. Maria Reichmanis calculated the pulse frequency that would be required to do this with a radio signal in the Woodpecker's range, and she came up with a bank centered on the same old alpha rhythm of 10 hertz. And in fact, the signal's pulse is generally about that rate." Becker and Selden stated: "The available evidence then suggests that the Russian Woodpecker is a multipurpose radiation that combines a submarine link with an experimental attack on the American people."

"It may be intended to increase cancer rates, interfere with decision making ability, and/or sow confusion and irritation," (which helps explain the dramatic rise in violence in America since Woodpecker transmissions began).

By utilizing a series of transmitters at widely separated geographic locations throughout the U.S.S.R., the Soviets were able to construct an electromagnetic grid over the United States.

The 8/12/85 Washington Post reported on a mysterious humming and buzzing sound that was heard and felt by Sausalito, Calif, houseboat owners: "The eerie humming clicked on in the early evening and it went off in the morning." The newspaper reported that the hum had been tormenting people in that area for years. Some houseboat owners describe the noise as similar to the buzzing of an electric razor, only ten times louder."

The Body Electric reported: "In the early 1960s, researcher Allen Frey found that when microwaves of 300 to 3,000 megahertz were pulsed at specific rates (as are the Russian Woodpecker transmitters), humans (even deaf people) could 'hear' them. The beam caused a booming, hissing, clicking, or BUZZING, depending on the exact frequency or pulse rate and the sound seems to come from just behind the head."

"The phenomenon apparently results from pressure waves set up inside brain tissue, some of which activate the sound receptors of the inner ear, via bone conduction, while others directly stimulate nerve cells in the auditory pathways." [H: It becomes less difficult to understand a system of communication such as we have to Dharma, doesn't it? Ours is very high frequency and is extremely "uplifting" as compared to these ELF attacks which are CONSTANT. However, I wish to remind you that this article seems to link this to ONLY the Russians--brothers, you are surrounded completely by these capabilities and the direction of the masses is as simple as the right tone at the right frequency and you might as well have audible word instruction. Only thing is--this is far, far worse for the people being manipulated haven't the slightest notion of what they are doing or WHY they do it. Pay particular attention to the next and notice the AREA INVOLVED--THIS IS SERIOUS AS IT INVOLVES THE "MYSTERY BACTERVIRUS" OF RECENT DAYS.


Beginning in 1991, people around Taos, New Mexico began suffering from a mysterious hum. The experience is very similar to the zapping of Eugene, Oregon and Sausalito, California. The 5/3/92 Newsweek Magazine stated: They call it 'the Hum' or 'the Sound'--a low, grumbling noise on the threshold of audibility. It's driving scores of people slowly but surely nuts." Others suffered sleep problems and "crippling headaches and chest pains".

An engineer discovered that the Taos hum operated at ELF frequencies "between 17 and 70 cycles per second (hertz)--comparable to the frequency of distant thunder. It is audible only to the most sensitive ear. Another mysterious wave has since been detected, pulsing between 125 and 300 hertz. ... Hundreds of people have heard the hum in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and in Southern Colorado--all along the Rio Grande Rift." Residents of Moodus, Connecticut are also experiencing a similar hum. [H: Note the current news about buzzing in the ears along with tones and ringing in the ears? There is a "big" thing going on in the news as the medical facilitators blather on and on about this discomfort and can only offer that playing a radio louder than the sound or biofeedback in which you can train yourself to not hear it, and etc., etc., etc.! The medicine they will give you "to clear this up" may well make you totally deaf but it will not help the buzzing!]

Another Woodpecker-induced hum has been hitting Huey-town, Alabama. The 4/14/92 New York Times reported: "For the last four months, a loud hum that comes and goes erratically has bedeviled parts of Hueytown, Alabama, keeping people awake and setting teeth on the edge and dogs to howling. It is called the 'Hueytown Hum', a low pitched, steady sound emanating from the surrounding rolling hills." [H: I would like to share that in this area and especially at Dr. Young's (specifically) and Ekkers (sometimes and often in more recent days) the automatic garage doors operate without any triggering device. That in itself is unnerving but as of yesterday Dharma could isolate the very tone which triggers the door openers. It even awakened her from a sound sleep this very last night. So, if your garage doors open without triggering your automatic device--there isn't anything wrong with your doors, chelas!]

"The Hum has turned bucolic subdivisions into zones of stress for up to three days at a time before fading away, only to return an hour or week later." Some victims report that the Hueytown hum rises and falls in pitch. Other people say it sounds "like the hum of a fluorescent light tube. Dogs refuse to eat when the hum is going."

The 3/1/93 Time magazine described one type of Russian mind control technology: "Former KGB General George Kotov has told American visitors about Russian research into "Acoustic Psycho-Correction". The process involves transmitting commands into the subconscious through static or white-noise bands." [H: The attack on Ekkers premises are so bad that I ask that no one stay overnight as visitors for longer than two nights and only then when WE know in advance and can intercept and scramble the pulses. Dharma and E.J. automatically are set to scramble the pulses and it is only when new frequencies are sneaked in that we have serious problems. Strange as it may seem, readers, Gaiandriana charging of your cell frequency is about all that will buffer this other than mental frequency changes brought about through your own mental processes.]

In 1989, Full Disclosure, published the article, "Remote Mind Control Technology", describing the findings of Dr. W. Ross Adey, who has conducted experiments with radar modulated at electroencephalogram (EEG) frequencies (such as 1 to 30 hertz--ELF). His research shows that if the electroencephalogram has informational significance, one can induce behavioral changes, if one imposes environmental fields that look like EEG."

Adey "has correlated a wide variety of behavioral states with EEG, including emotional states, increments of decision making and conditioning, correct versus incorrect performances, etc."

One can impose an electromagnetic field that looks like EEG "by using a carrier frequency that penetrates the brain, and amplitude modulating it at EEG frequencies. Microwaves penetrate to the central brain structures." Adey "has shown that it is possible to apply low biologic frequencies (ELF) by using a radio frequency carrier modulated at specific brain frequencies. [H: Care to make a comment about all the video machines, computer monitors and now, VIRTUAL REALITY? This is all nothing more THAN DIRECT PROGRAMMING!] If the biological modulation on the carrier fre-quency is close to the frequencies in the natural EEG of the subject, it will reinforce or increase the number of manifestations of imposed rhythms, and modulate behavior."

Full Disclosure described how electromagnetic political mind control weapons work: "A 'bad feeling' (biologically uncomfortable or threatening) would simply be associated through the use of sound, with the idea of an enemy or opponent. "It is an easy psychological trick to induce negative attribution: Feeling, followed close in time with information input, will color a thought, and become a conditioned emotional response (CER) if repeated, and is a physiological fact (so-called 'synaptic facilitation'). An excitatory autonomic reaction requires a cognitive appraisal or 'labelling' of the inducing cause. Both the autonomic reaction and the labelling can be transmitted from a distance using electromagnetic fields, like radio frequencies or microwaves, and 'SOUND'."

"Specific frequencies at low intensities can predictably influence sensory processes. Feeling: pleasantness-unpleasantness, strain-relaxation & excitement-quiescence, can be created with the fields. Pulsed microwaves," (such as Russian Woodpeckers transmit) "have a high correlation with producing physiological & behavioral effects."



The 11/14/92 Washington Times reported that the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina announced the signing of a new agreement between the Russian government of Boris Yeltsin and Communist Cuba, which included "their permanence in Cuba of the ex-Soviet radio-electronic center."

This was a reference to a military signals intelligence-gathering facility at Lourdes, some 60 miles south of Havana. "The 28-square mile facility (completed in 1974) was considered the most important electronic spy post operated by the former Soviet military. With large antenna arrays and some 2,000 military technicians, the complex can intercept vast quantities of electronic data relayed by satellites from the Southern United States, according to Pentagon and State Department reports."

The giant Cuban electromagnetic facility also contains a mammoth ELF transmitter that works together with the network of Russian Woodpecker transmitters. The combined intersecting beams, from the Russian and Cuban magnifying transmitters, continue to maintain the devastating ELF scalar interference grid over the U.S.A. Thus, the U.S. taxpayer money sent as foreign aid to Russia, is going to subsidize continued hostile actions against America.

* * *

I am only going to speak very briefly about this subject as relates to people. I specifically want you to KNOW that in the state of being with use of mind-altering drugs or alcohol--the mind is TOTALLY OPEN TO THESE FREQUENCIES WITHOUT ANY WAY TO COUNTER THEM AT ALL. Also, these pulses can now be pinpointed to cause reactions within specific beings which are perfectly attuned. Moreover--the largest numbers of the "masses" who are simply "functioning" and especially in the groups of activist demonstrations--the whole lot can be absolutely and totally controlled! Robotic beings can be manipulated exactly because the attunement is specifically set to do exactly THAT. When you find ones who act in totally unreasonable fashion seemingly without reason or intelligence--check it out--you very likely are dealing with a robotic person who is acting directly by higher authority via a beam wave. It is exactly like a remotely controlled model plane or car. The functioning mind becomes just like a computer giving instructions to a robot. These beings are without "soul" and the population of Earth is approximately 2/3rds these kinds of beings! Hold it in your hearts. Salu.



WED., JULY 21, 1993 9:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 339

WED., JULY 21, 1993


I must AGAIN stress the intent and the basic thrust of CONTACT. There is and will always be a lot of original writing and ALWAYS, comment. In the world today, however, there is no need for soothsayers, psychics and blind "faith" in "possible" truth. I have the capacity to sort and review and offer what I find to be valid or useful in offering lessons in discernment and judgment. I specifically do not wish you to think of this paper as anything other than "free" press and a resource for TRUTH as well as connections with higher insight. WHY? Because we do not have any intention of being lumped in with ANY new age publications, religious publications or groups, political press, economic press and/or anything other than that which we are--a superb publication of NEWS, inside discussions, offerings of that which would not otherwise reach your eyes--with commentary and honor to the original publication and authors. Our intent is to pull from that which is available and review portions so that you will know WHERE to go and WHAT TO GET in order to become informed. I ask, in fact, that in order to lessen misunderstandings, that we place on the frontispiece that this is a "REVIEW"--perhaps "News Review" or "Journal Review" or whatever fits. I am not the Editor of this material and I do not format the paper--I only contribute. Granted, most of the material comes from my decisions and choices for THAT is my forte--selecting that which I KNOW TO BE VALID AND APPROPRIATE TO NEEDS out of millions of writings which may or may not be appropriate and relative to your "situation" in "this old world as she turns".

Because of this thrust, actually our only thrust, we find that writers are eager to share. Those who are not are always found to have such skeletons or "adverse intent" or total misunder-standing of our purpose as to object in full misperception of our work.


The assumption is that "I" do not have correct perceptions of "copyright" laws. Oh? I DO have full perception--but alas, you do not and misuse the full intent of such laws. My only distraction in use of anyone's so-called material written in truth as valid non-fiction IS TO ADVERTISE FOR YOU!

"Style" is copyrightable--TRUTH IS NOT! "Opinion" is copyrightable--Science is not. The Supreme Court of your land ruled, further, that non-fiction material in which CONCLUSION DIFFERS SUBSTANTIALLY from original utilized documents is not copyrightable. Interestingly enough, you can utilize ALL of another person's work IF YOU DO NOT USE THAT PERSON'S NAME EVEN AS REFERENCE "IF" IT IS NON-FICTION.

Now, you would ask why we might be in some sort of trouble with such as US&P? Because our enemies went to them and without any information in truth regarding our work and/or intent--MISCONCEPTIONS WERE POURED AS GASOLINE UPON THE FLAMES. At the first court hearing--OUR attorney had never even laid eyes on the work in dispute and, yet, therein was the stage set with the COURT. He had NO KNOWLEDGE that there were EVER more than the nine volumes written which were in dispute (not the 65 as published at the time) and NO WAY TO INTRODUCE SUCH EVIDENCE INTO THE RECORD. The whole thing became sidetracked onto the ridiculous and insipid focus on silly E.T.'s and mystical apparitions which entertained the courtroom visitors and gave the Judge in sitting the WRONG CONCEPT OF EVERYTHING. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A HEARING TO COUNTER ANYTHING! Now, we speak of "trial" but the Federal System is now out of funds for "juries" and therefore no "jury" trials can be set prior to next year or---I believe there is tentative setting for this in October but if no jury can be had--it will not even be done then.

In "criminal" possibility of the things with the George Green saga--Horton (G's lawyer) has asked for a FIVE WEEK trial--to hear a five minute case. This pushes the possible "hearing" date into 1994 or so. IS THERE POSSIBLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM? Could Mr. Horton be now working on contingency in lieu of any possible recovery of investment with G.G.? It looks suspicious for it is over the "gold", of course. The sending the gold back to the original owner, Dave Overton, is flatly denied by the opposition under ALL pleadings. By the way, storing that gold in the court is costing an arm and leg every week! (Costing the Institute!) Now--the worthless books in dispute are a real bother and expense to Mr. Green who is "out of the publishing business" he says and wants to close his warehouse--so he wants the court to assign the books for STORAGE to the Institute. Fat chance, George!! Those books will be sold at public auction and I think you know the value of dated journal-type publications on the open market--scrap perhaps?--"if" you can find a foolish scrap-paper dealer. Several of the books sit at the printers or were never printed until someone pays the bill--well, I think it will not be the Institute! But we will demand the manuscripts BACK and INTACT! Just what did Mr. Green use the $150,000 plus for? It was for publishing (printing) the JOURNALS. We KNOW that the last batch borrowed went to publish John Coleman's book for which that, too, never has shown any return for the service.

Mr. Green produced statements which indicated a minimum of $3.00 per book and bases value on that today. No, the printer always charged only $1.50. THAT comes from the printer himself! It is the LIES which are in point--WHY WOULD ONE LIE ABOUT SUCH THINGS WHEN THERE WERE NEVER QUESTIONS ASKED? WE FIND THAT WE CAN GET THEM PRINTED FOR EVEN LESS THAN THAT PRINTER. We never projected anything other than offering integrated resources for our purpose is not to cause silly focus on E.T.s, UFOs or any other such stupid nonsense. WE COME AS HOSTS OF GOD AND OUR VERY PRESENCE AND THE PROBLEMS THRUST AT US INDICATES THE TRUTH OF THAT PURPOSE.

Are there UFOs? Of course--indeed! Both kinds! The kind you refer to as UFOs and meaning "alien craft" AND certainly, flying objects you can't identify! Are there aliens in your midst abducting hapless victims and breeding, bloodsucking, implanting with babies and such? NO! Not any "ALIEN" (AS IN OFF-PLANET ALIENS). This is part of the stupid games of the would-be human kings. YOU ARE LAND-LOCKED, TRAPPED AND AT THE MERCY OF THE ONE WORLD WOULD-BE RULERS--BOTH FACTIONS VYING FOR TOTAL POWER.

I and my command, along with other messengers and teachers are both on your place and "off-planet". As is always presented in times of cycle evolvement--the "messengers" are sent to bring you the WORD. I am most certainly NOT IN COMPETITION WITH HUMANS IN ANY FORM, SHAPE OR INTENT. If "people" hide Truth and disallow sharing--so be it for ours is not to tamper or compete--the LOSS is MAN'S--not mine OR my team's. Whatever becomes the rule of the COURT is that which binds our labor. We do not go against the ruling laws of any LAND.

As in the case of US&P I can only offer that which I can--and that is to appeal to YOU to get the information FROM THEM IF YOU CAN DO SO. I only recommend the SECRETS OF LIGHT and ATOMIC SUICIDE--by Dr. Walter Russell. Why? Because I do not find the philosophical aspects of the group to be valid any more than I endorse ANY CHURCH GROUP OR CULT FUNDAMENTAL PLATFORM. Further, in the instances of this work in point--it IS the Truth of the perception of God and Universe and LIGHT! If we have offended in any way, we apologize but it seems hard to be so in honor of a person's work and have it interpreted as contemptuous. If the case has been misrepresented, I cannot help it for we have been allowed NO INPUT nor has inquiry been made TO US.

It is likewise difficult to see the merit of the charges (which were upheld) that we unfairly COMPETE! We have no seminars, no school, no nothing--JUST a weekly paper of limited subscriptions and dated JOURNALS presented by controversial writers, at best. How can this possibly "compete" unfairly with a "University" who claims over 50,000 students and roots back into the last century? Dharma has been at writing for me just approaching 4 years--no roots, no group and obviously--no sales! WHY DO THE OFFENDED ONES NOT GO TO THE GUILTY CULPRITS? (???) who set this thing up in this dastardly manner?? Strange! I certainly cannot blame ones such as Dr. Binder for HOW COULD HE KNOW HE WAS BEING DECEIVED? AND, how can "truth" presentation be CONTEMPTUOUS in its printing publicly? Is this not still a state of "free expression" and "free press"? How can we be "unfair competition" when they also say that the "paper in point is not even worthy of carrying sufficient RETRACTIONS?"

Is the JUDGE in point lacking? No--only in information. He worked with EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS GIVEN WITH WHICH TO WORK. Interestingly enough, our attorney that botched this case to non-recovery ability--is now suing Ekkers for some $6,000 fees. This is in addition to the sum already paid, into the thousands of dollars--without him even LOOKING AT THE BOOKS IN POINT! What is your recourse? Good attorneys? Indeed--anyone have any suggestions? We have counseled with Gerry Spence's firm and they are delightfully and refreshingly bound by integrity. They can see that they are a small firm and yet go forth and make personal referrals directly. We have an exceptional representative now, in Nevada, through them. I think you can see that the case involving the Weaver/Harris Idaho follow-up will absorb great quantities of Spence's time. There is, however, opportunity to have him as full "attorney of record" for "trial" purposes--so don't be despondent. Neither have we lost the input from the Constitutional Law Center--only the Sacramento branch and a close-down of activities until the CLC theft-ring can be fully isolated and concluded, AND until the Institute can fully function again with available funding resources. Mr. Dixon is on these cases in ongoing movement--FULL TIME/OVERTIME. Mr. Dixon can be thanked personally for input to the Austrian Ambassador and Amnesty International on behalf of Gunther Russbacher! It carried weight and focused attention--and, at least for the present--Gunther is out of the KITCHEN.

Mr. Green slammed Mr. Dixon with the insulting label of "disbarred attorney", etc. It SEEMS TO ME THAT THAT IS THE MOST POSITIVE THING YOU CAN SAY, THESE DAYS, ABOUT ANY ATTORNEY! Mr. Anderson, through Mr. Green, also threatens BLACKMAIL against Mr. Dixon because of their own criminal actions--it is a very hard time for Mr. Dixon--everyone support him and his work for it is dastardly to have to confront these bastards every day just to stay alive. It is, however, indicative of what America has become! So be it.



The best way to see the relatively SAME scenario today as years and decades past--is to share what was offered from insightful persons with "inside" information--back then. Peter David Beter is the only commentator who produced consistently "right-on" material. He had friends within the Rockefeller Cartel and he was given insight from this same "author" and I sincerely and humbly honor Dr. Peter Beter and the Wisconsin Report for making continued access to his work, available.

On 4/28/78 in Audio Tape #33 (Topic 3) Dr. Beter spoke of The Twilight of the United States Republic and it is obvious that only the names are changed in almost 15 years since:

Topic #3--What I am trying to do in my tapes, my friends, is to help enable you to interpret the present in the light of the future. Once you understand where events are heading, and why, you will no longer be mystified and caught by surprise by the turbulent events of today. But no one can grasp anything about what the future holds unless he has learned the lessons of the past. Looking at the Republic of the United States today, some of the most vivid lessons we should have learned from the past came out of the collapse of the French Third Republic in 1940. The collapse of France in the face of Hitler's military machine in 1940 was shocking, but it was inevitable. The seeds of defeat had already been sown in France during the preceding years when France refused to recognize the reality of the threat and take action to protect herself. Like America today, France was eaten up from within by spies; yet like America today, France felt safe behind its Maginot Line, and for public consumption there were continuous assurances that French military forces were adequate to maintain French security. The ability of France to defend herself turned out to be pure fiction. When the moment of truth arrived, the fine images and self-deception collapsed, and with them the French Third Republic.

Today, (1978) the United States is nearing the moment of truth, following a period of decay, self-deception and image-making that parallels that of France from 1933 to 1940. Alexander Werth has written a book about that period titled "The Twilight of France" published in New York by Fertig in 1966. In the introduction D.W. Brogan wrote the following words, and I quote: "That France was beaten in 1940 was not surprising, only a miracle could have prevented that; but not only had the world come to expect miracles of France, the world was dazzled by the victory of 1918." And I quote again: "The French defeat was not surprising, what was surprising was the failure to preserve the fruits of victory--those minimum guarantees of French security."

Like France in 1940, the United States today is basking in the afterglow of victory long since dead; and like France in 1940, we have failed to preserve minimum guarantees for our own security. In fact, America has slipped even farther than France because under the guise of Arms Limitation we have shut down air defense systems, military bases and navy installations, and otherwise abandoned the defense of our own homeland. Historians are unable to find any precedent in history for such suicidal action by a great power. The twilight of the United States is now guaranteed in that it is humanly impossible for the United States either to turn aside or to win a war with the Soviet Union. Only a miracle could do that, but we as a nation do not deserve a miracle. Instead of the faith in God that built the United States, most Americans now put their faith in the United States itself as if it were a godlike being that could never go wrong and never be defeated. [H: It has now even gone beyond that and God is removed from ALL public recognition while recognition of all things against God are acceptable and made appropriate by your own laws of the land!]

In the midst of the Moscow meetings this month between Vance and Gromyko, a Soviet spokesman reiterated for the last time in clear terms that this was America's last chance to sign a SALT II treaty; and despite the seeming improvement in the tone of the talks and regardless of the seeming Soviet willingness to keep talking about SALT II, this was America's last chance to surrender by that route. The Russians know that the controlled Carter administration is stalling for time, they know about Operation Desk Top and the other ad hoc efforts to find some military threat of significance to aim at the Soviet Union, and they know about the Rockefeller moves to try to turn China into a credible deterrent--but it is all too little and too late. The Kremlin has no intention of allowing these desperate maneuverings to bear fruit, but plans to cut them short with war on Soviet terms and at a time chosen by the Soviet Union. Since the end of the Moscow talks on April 22, 1978, the Kremlin has committed itself to a step-by-step clearing of the decks for war. There is no right timetable but there are definite steps planned. The intention is to complete as many as possible before launching war against the United States so that it will be possible to concentrate fully on America's conquest when the time comes. Even so, the Soviet Union stands ready for war at any moment. [H: Do you really think it has CHANGED? NO--you have moved right into the TRAP and we shall speak of that a bit later after this writing.]

Very important to the Kremlin is a propaganda campaign which has already started to get the Russian people ready for war. The Soviet Union is going out of its way to seem reasonable and constructive about arms control in particular while the United States is being painted as uncooperative and threatening. Another top priority has to do with Soviet invasion preparations in Canada and Mexico which I described last month. After the initial surprise nuclear attack, the Soviet Union wants to be ready to mobilize its troops, tanks, artillery, and weapons caches quickly for invasion across our northern and southern borders. There is also the major matter of Red China over which a tug of war has erupted between the Soviet Union and the United States. This is so important that two days ago Brezhnev No. 2 (replica/duplicate) sent a Deputy Foreign Minister to Peking for talks about the border dispute. In the days ahead China will be increasingly the focus of attention by both sides, but the sleeping giant should have been left alone, because the pressures and inducements now being showered on China by the Rockefeller interests are tending to make China more revisionist and therefore more similar to Russia in political thinking. So, unwittingly, our Secret Masters are helping to bring Russia and China closer together, not farther apart.

As war approaches, the United States will be plagued increasingly by sabotage and by acts of geophysical warfare--such as floods, storms, and artificial earthquakes, especially in California. But the biggest surprise in store for America in the coming war are the Cosmospheres now hovering over our heads. Unlike the United States in recent years, the Soviet Union has NEVER FORGOTTEN that quantity can be just as important as quality in a weapons system; and in preparation for the coming conflict, the number of Cosmospheres deployed worldwide and especially over the United States began mushrooming early this month. Based on my intelligence information as of April 26, two days ago, there are two hundred sixteen--repeat, 216--Soviet Cosmospheres armed with Particle Beam weapons now hovering over locations throughout the United States. There are nine (9) over Washington, D.C. area alone, three (3) each over New York City, Roanoke, Va., and Phoenix, Arizona. Also there are Cosmospheres located over military installations, dams, state capital cities and other major cities. Presently they are most concentrated in the northeast area of the United States, but there are twelve (12) each over California and Texas, and nine (9) over Kansas. [H: Good grief, HOW MANY DO YOU THINK THERE ARE NOW--15 YEARS LATER?] The Carter administration knows all too well how close we are to war, that is why we are hearing more and more about a possible national emergency, gas rationing, etc. Congress knows too but they, like the Executive branch, refuse to tell you the truth.

As citizens of the United States, we are now just like the trusting passengers of Korean Air Lines Flight 902--we are just going along for the ride, trusting our pilots in Washington; and even when we see dramatic and disturbing signs that something is terribly wrong, we as a people refuse to accept the responsibility left to us by the Founders of our Republic. Instead of picking up the Constitutional tools that were left to us to prevent disaster, we react like the passengers on the Korean plane who wondered why the sun was suddenly behind them instead ahead of them. We think it must be all right, surely they must know what they are doing; but, my friends, our Republic is now in the hands of men who don't know what they are doing. They know all about lies, intrigue and trickery, but they know nothing about honest leadership nor do they care about it. And so the twilight of the Republic of the United States of America is deepening before our very eyes. We have turned away from the light of Freedom that comes only from God, and we are flying into the darkness of war.

* * *

God blesses the daring speakers who came before us--they paid dearly--some, as Beter, with his life, that you might be given into seeing.

You think the Soviet Union is defunct? You had better LOOK AGAIN--NOTHING IS CHANGED, REALLY, ONLY WORSENED! It is time to read WHAT the handwriting says--not just keep repeating that the "Handwriting is on the wall!"




WED., JULY 21, 1993 2:34 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 339

WED., JULY 21, 1993


In the prior writing it is obvious that "I" feel there is still a tremendous threat from the Soviets. I certainly do--not a threat but a full-out probability of total take-over of America. What's more important is that so does the government of the United States of America! You get a lot of lies but the face-off going on now is so deep that even the facade is beginning to crack as the proverbial Humpty Dumpty egg.

You keep thinking "Russia" is somehow DIFFERENT! You seem to think that the Soviets are NO MORE! WRONG! You are told lies about everything from the hard times in Russia to the old ploy of the Russians are not a threat anymore and you can spend up your weapons budgets on everything else--(??) Really? Aviation & Space Technology magazine reports a continuing surge in Russian space operations. You had been told that Russia had abandoned its military spy operations but WRONG! During the first three months of 1993 Russia launched at least a dozen NEW, unmanned military spacecraft, not to be confused in any manner whatsoever, with Cosmo-spheres. There were an additional half dozen or more so-called "civilian" missions. YOU don't even know what your own country is doing so how could possibly keep up with others' launches when they are hidden from you and you are NEVER told the truth about the shuttle, the missions or the correct payloads and experiments, much less the purposes. The upsurge in Russian launches and space activity began in late 1992 without any note in the U.S. press which was notable--except lies about no more cold war and assured peace and cut-backs in your own military bases and military capability.

You nice people were told by every form of controlled media that the Russian military had collapsed! Nope--strong and growing! You can compare, possibly, a total of 18 KNOWN Russian missions as compared to only eight of your own during the same period. The new Russia retains an unsurpassed and potent military space capability. They also, as spoken of yesterday with beam technology--have planetary "surface" control also in every category.

Even your Washington Times of Nov. (15), 1992 reported that your own U.S. "counterspies" insist that Russian spy "operations against the United States have shown no decline!" The funny thing about this statement is that your own intelligence agencies are so intertwined that it would be all but impossible to tell--the U.S. is totally infiltrated with Russians. I remind you of that which I have told you for years: There are more Russian KGB agents in the CIA than there are Americans. There has been no "collapse" of anything except your "brains". Russian spy operations are more intensely at work now than they have ever been and the fact is this is true for every part of the globe. There was a very superficial name change for the units involved but only a upsurge of activity. Russian spying is a bigger threat now than it HAS EVER BEEN.

"But the KGB was dismantled," you say? NO, it was not! It changed its name and NOTHING else. The new spy agency is now called the SVR, for the equivalent in Russian of Sluzhba Bneshny Razvedki Rossiy (excuse lack of Russian letters), or FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE OF RUSSIA! It was formed early in 1991, after the KGB was officially disbanded in the wake of the August, 1991 false and phony coup.

Your own U.S. counterintelligence officials are worried and come right out and say that "We're very concerned about the number of SVR intelligence officers. The number is way beyond what we consider to be acceptable, given the kinds of relations the Russians want." Also, "Other foreign spying is done by the GRU, Russia's military intelligence agency. You have a real "hardliner" as director of this GRU, Gen. Fedor Ladygin. The GRU military intelligence service remains extremely aggressive."

By the way--you know that nice Mr. Yeltsin? Well, the hardliners are in control of the Russian military--NOT Mr. Yeltsin so things are not as rosy as your politicians would have you think. Yeltsin's approval is not worth the paper it is written on as far as nuclear matters are concerned. Russia has some 25,000 to 30,000 nuclear weapons and it is the "General Staff" who has the technical ability to launch nuclear-tipped missiles without any approval from Yeltsin. As of last Fall the Russians were already blatantly ignoring arms control agreements. Why have there been ongoing pretense of agreements and ongoing negotiations? TO GET WHAT THEY COULD OUT OF THE UNITED STATES! Moreover, it has worked superbly--they GET and you GIVE. They get given to and you get interest bearing loans if you get yourself caught in a disaster! The Soviets said they "would not have to fire a shot" and "we can hang the Americans and 'they' will give us the rope with which to do it"!!

Good grief, readers, look at the control agreements. In the "joint understanding" guiding the uncompleted START II strategic arms control treaty, Moscow agreed to eliminate all 308 of the dreaded 10-warhead SS-18s on the dubious--and unacceptable--proposition of stripping them down to a SINGLE warhead. No one who attended the latest conference in Moscow is not convinced the Russians have simply "laid low" in order to reap blackmail/hostage goods and services.


The "Reds" are still in total charge. In the villages wherever you might go--the same "bosses" (Communist) are still in control that were always in control with absolutely NO CHANGES. Also, most of the current corps of former Soviet Generals supported the coup but are STILL IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY WITHIN THE ARMED FORCES of what is NOW called the Commonwealth of Independent States. It is all total B.S. and, yet, your politicians have thrust this incredible lie off on you-the-people, dismantle your military and bases and there you have it. PLANNED DECEPTION.

You have read what we have offered on your own underground facilities and the incredible technology developed and stored there. Well, there are at least 27 KNOWN "closed" cities around Russia now involved in strategic weapons production. The secret installations are described in your own Washington Times as taken from the Russian paper. Many of these cities are located deep underground, encased in granite.

To make sure that no Western arms treaty inspections could gain access, Boris Yeltsin signed legislation CLOSING 16 REGIONS and cities throughout the country, involved with production of radioactive materials and mass destruction weapons. Of the 755,000 employees in those closed regions, between 1,500 and 2,000 are scientists, the remainder is comprised of technicians and workers. DOES THIS REALLY SOUND LIKE PEACEFUL ACTIVITIES? Further, if THIS MUCH information is given out--what do you think they REALLY have and who is in cahoots with who?

On Dec. 12, 1991, the U.S. Congress appropriated $400 million to dismantle, store, and destroy the Soviet weapons of mass destruction. Can you just see the laughter now? They have dismantled NOTHING--but use the aid offered and given to increase and expand the secrecy of strategic weapons design and production facilities. Another strange but seriously crucial fact--is that they DON'T NEED MORE NUCLEAR WEAPONS--THEY HAVE PARTICLE BEAMS. The only thing that saves your (and the Russians and the world's) bacon is that a faction out of the Ukraine, etc., are not on the side of these build-up mongers. They also have nuclear weapons and have the higher capability in the space command.


On June 1, 1993, Radio Moscow reported: "The Russian security service continues working without a clear cut regulation of its activities. It defines its own goals and priority tasks." (Henhouse foxes?) This is the conclusion drawn by the international conference in Moscow, whose theme outlook was "KGB--Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow."

The 5/31/93 Washington Times reported: "There is increasing evidence, say competent Russian Western Russian analysts and Russian democrats, that the security police remain powerful and are becoming even more so today, despite dismantlement." Ah, here we again have the Washington Times! How is it that the Washington Times can print what the controlled media doesn't seem to notice? Because it is owned by ones who claim to be that which they are not. It is superficially owned by "Moon" who is what? Korean. He WAS a seemingly religious zealot who gathered thousands of followers under the guise of "Jesus Christ". No--this man is a shrewd, trained political operator. You will be given EXACTLY what you are wanted to know--and strength of your adversary is one thing they do not want YOU-THE-PEOPLE TO MISS. This is nothing other than change the name and nothing else. While you think the police force was dissolved--no, it simply geared up under a different label and is increasing in strength and power.

"Ninety to 95 percent of middle-ranking KGB officers remain in the same positions as before the August, 1991 "coup" attempt. Even the leader of the August, 1991 coup, KGB General Vladimir Kryuchkov, stated in an interview with the TASS news agency that the new state security organizations formed in Russia, following the "breakup" of the old USSR, are far more powerful than was the old KGB. That is pretty darned powerful, readers.

Now, you integrate this powerful force with the Mossad of Israel and ties to the British Intelligence "mother" agency and hook it in with the CIA, etc., and you come out with well-trained killers such as the BATF operatives paid by the IMF and ordered about by the U.N. as at WACO, TEXAS!

How many of you remember that one of the "dealing" points that was supposed to get your sympathy and cooperation was that "aid" would be monitored and distributed by the KGB by whatever name. Now guess what: Over 75 percent of the employees of the new Russian Stock and Commodities Exchange Center ARE FORMER KGB OFFICIALS. How handy! You thought these bad guys were gone? No, Yeltsin's government has fired only about 400 KGB officers (from the old USSR regime) and there are still some 135,000 of the most unsavory ones still employed. Oh indeed a lot of them stopped the old "comrade" trick, but guess what--the new bunch of the security ministry are back to calling each other "Chekisti"--a name that harkens back to the Bolshevik secret police, the Cheka, a KGB forerunner.

Indeed, readers, I would most certainly check my emergency supplies and shelter systems. It is a real good time, if you have ignored me to date--to get our JOURNALS on "survival" or get Dr. Robinson's Fighting Chance OR BOTH! By the way, YOUR GOVERNMENT STILL PUBLISHES A VOLUME CALLED HOW TO SURVIVE NUCLEAR WAR with annualized updates. Does that really sound as if you are OUT OF THE WAR BUSINESS?

But you might ask, "What about the help the Russians were going to give us with our POW/MIAs--and the Korean Air Liner disaster, etc., etc.,...??" Hummnnn--a funny thing happened on the way to the "forum"- - -.


It was all BLACKMAIL AT ANY RATE. BUT, Russian President Boris Yeltsin told the U.S. Congress that he would help locate U.S. prisoners of war held captive by the old Soviet Government. Yes, he did say that and flaunted documents, and so on. You readers have to remember that a LOT of prisoners from the Korean war were REMOVED TO RUSSIAN PRISONS! SOME ARE STILL ALIVE--BUT I DOUBT "VERY WELL", although hostage value and blackmail value is always considered. Well, certainly nothing has come from that little speech. The Dec. 30, 1991 Washington Times reported: "Russia is sabotaging efforts by a team of U.S. investigators probing the fate of American POWs who reportedly had been held in the Soviet Union and the inquiry may be halted. Russian spy agencies have played 'a spoiling role' in the entire U.S. effort, says a Dec. 10, 1992 communication from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow." This is the same Embassy that is under full assault by microwave beams. Guess who is involved? Indeed, the successor to that nasty old KGB. The "line" is begrudgingly offered "....that there are NO admissions of indirect involvement with Korean War POW/MIAs and official denials of ANY involvement with Vietnam POWs." Doesn't sound like anything other than big investments with the business deals of those two countries in point--Korea and Vietnam. Of course it goes even further--you had better pay attention at just WHO is given credit for supplying money to rebuild the Subic Bay base in the Philip-pines--that's right, the Russians.

A few months after the above, a more open Russian cover-up of U.S. POWs was uncovered. Harvard-based researcher, Stephen J. Morris was studying files in the Russian archives when he discovered a revealing document that proves Vietnam lied to the United States about the number of war prisoners it held. IMMEDIATELY UPON NEWS OF THIS DOCUMENT BECAME PUBLIC IN THE U.S., MORRIS WAS CUT OFF FROM THE ARCHIVES.

Interestingly enough, the Russians dismissed the archivist who allowed Morris to read the file and informed Morris that he no longer would have access to the Moscow files. This was made public in the Washington POST--so it must be valid.

Thus, at the very time that Clinton was pushing billions of dollars in new U.S. foreign aid to Moscow, the Russian government is nicely help wreck (along with your own government) all efforts to find American prisoners of war. Now just who do you think STILL controls who?


In view of what we now know about the U.S. involvement with the WHO, etc., in biological destruction, this may seem tame but nonetheless this is a well researched document (deliberately released) but as intelligence and counterintelligence along with defectors and defections are concerned, it is pretty insightful so we will thank the defector AND the Washington Post along with Newsweek magazine and others for this information:

The Washington Post reported in August, 1992, that the U.S. and Britain are worried that the Russian government may not have fulfilled a promise to shut down the Soviet Union's exten-sive program for making germ weapons: "Underlying U.S. concerns is the suspicion that the highly secret former Soviet program is not fully under President Yeltsin's control, and that elements of it have been hidden by Russian military officials who want to keep parts of the program intact.

A high-level Soviet defector claimed that Moscow engaged in systematic deception on biological warfare issues throughout the 1980s.

"The defector revealed that, for the first time, Moscow had not just one, but two biological warfare programs. Besides the obviously military-run program that had provoked longstanding U.S. concern, the government was also conducting secret germ weapons research in the civilian Bioreparat facilities." The charge was denied by former Soviet President Gorbachev. But Russian President Yeltsin admitted to U.S. President Bush in February, 1992 that "The Soviet military had violated an international treaty, negotiated in 1972, barring development, production or stockpiling of toxin and biological agents and any weaponry to deliver them."

"A confidential report, prepared in spring, 1992 at Yeltsin's direction by a retired Russian general, Anatoly Kuntsevich, revealed that the military had illicitly developed aerial bombs and rocket warheads capable of carrying deadly anthrax, tularemia and Q fever biological warfare agents. Yeltsin responded to Kuntsevich's report by issuing a decree in April, 1992 ordering such work halted and its funding halted."

The Soviet defector's information "provoked anxiety about the size of the biowar program and how far the Soviets had gotten in producing weapons carrying DEADLY VIRAL STRAINS THAT ARE RESISTANT TO VACCINES."

The 2/1/93 Newsweek magazine reported that the Soviet Union's biowar program involved "a vast operation employing 25,000 people at 18 or more Research and Development facilities, six production plants and a major storage complex in Siberia. The goal was to take known pathogens and alter their genetic structures to make them resistant to western drugs." The Soviet defector, Vladimir Pasechnik, was a microbiologist who had firsthand knowledge of the enormous biowar program aimed against the West.

Pasechnik maintains that a Soviet program to develop a genetically engineered, dry form of SUPERPLAGUE, resistant to antibiotics, dates from 1984 and was a top priority. The work continues. Another little project is massive production of MYCOTOXIN. This is the dreaded warfare agent which causes total immunosuppression--dysfunction of the nervous system, coma and death.

So how is your day so far?

Another cute little project they have perfected is a brand new mobile missile known as "Fatboy". It is similar to, but stockier than, that dreaded SS-25, and is in full production in a place called Votkinsk. This is very bad news for the Russians will not stop short of at least a thousand of these little dynamite toys.


They aren't? In spite of promising neutrality--the Russians (Soviets) quietly supply Serbian forces with fuel, military hardware and parts. Most of the material is sent easily by rail through Ukraine and Romania. Even uniforms are provided. Wow, and while no one watches a most dreaded thing is happening. The Russians are building a naval base in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea. WHY? Defunct and broken nation--forget it readers and put on your waist waders and save your newspapers for fallout protection. And by the way--keep up your in-take of Gaiandriana because the frequencies are going to pick up very, very shortly and you won't be able to handle them.


You don't seem to have many ways to turn do you? The Khazarian Banksters on the one hand, the Bolsheviks and Soviets on the other--and yet all intertwined in effort to buy and sell a world--YOURS!

Worse insult--the Soviets call this a "PHOENIX" revitalization of the Red Empire.

There is a most revealing article by a Soviet "expert" named Dimitri Simes. This was carried in the Washington Post in October (16) 1991--before the collapse! He reported: "A remark-ably candid KGB domestic analysis, made available to me, predicted in part that 'the collapse of the system (that outlived itself) cleared the path for establishing a strong authoritarian regime in our country in a moderate national-DEMOCRAT wrapping.' Such a regime, said that KGB document: 'will be able to more effectively (and with greater flexibility) REBUILD THE UNION and to give new impulse to the nation's development.'" This report was published BEFORE the December, 1991 "collapse" of the old USSR. The long-term KGB plan to work with politicians like Yeltsin was thus revealed.

The so-called "market economy" in Russia, was actually planned by the Communist Party. [H: Gosh, even we told you this over and over again while "good-hearted" patriots tried to kill us.] The 2/13/92 New York Times reported: "A month BEFORE the failed August, 1991 coup attempt, Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev signed a document authorizing the Communist Party to put its money into small enterprises, joint stock companies, private banks and other capitalist ventures, according to testimony at a Russian Parliament hearing."

"The document, disclosed by the Russian Deputy Prosecutor, Yevgny K. Lisov, confirmed a trend as Communist Party functionaries scurried to shelter themselves and their money from a conversion to a market economy." The Communist Party funds amounted to $50 BILLION, 60 TONS OF GOLD, 150 TONS of silver, and 8 TONS of platinum.

The purpose of this Communist Party plunge into capitalism was to continue the power of the Party elite, AFTER THE STAGED "COLLAPSE OF COMMUNISM". The 4/15/93 Washington Times reported: "Children of the nomenklatura (the Communist Elite) have their own businesses. They have their own credit cards. The Gorbachev-era Communists opened the system in the interests of the Party Elite and NOT IN THE INTEREST OF THE WHOLE POPULATION, because they saw it as a way to make a lot of money for themselves." Only 2 to 3 percent of the population is benefiting from the new Communist-created, alleged 'market system' . The rest of the Russian population is too poor to participate.

It is this tiny two to three percent nomenklatura-Mafia Elite, that is benefiting from U.S. foreign aid. Do you really think that Russia will NOT be admitted to the G-7 GROUP OF INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUNDERS?


This is the name of a very excellent book from 1992, by Lev Timofeyev (publisher: Kopf), which documents how the Russian Mafia has strong ties to both hard-line Communists as well as their political opponents in the democratic movement.

Timofeyev obtained a Communist Party Central Committee document, dated August 23, 1990--a full year prior to the "coup". The document provides evidence that the Communist Party was preparing to go underground. In line with V.I. Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP) tactics of taking two steps forward and one step backward, the Communist leadership realized that they could not modernize the nation without a humongous amount of Western capital. The Party leaders also knew that Western governments and businessmen would be reluctant to pour such vast new amounts of money into a heavily indebted Bolshevik system. Timofeyev stated:

"The term 'wild privatization' has gained currency in Russia to describe the spontaneous effort of yesterday's apparatchiks to seize as much for themselves as possible and turn it into private property. Prikhvatizatsia is NOT primarily a matter of financial maneuvers by individual Party bureaucrats. The fact is that long before the collapse of ABOVE GROUND Communist Party structures in August, 1991, apparatchiks were carefully planning political action to preserve the maximum of power in SECRET Party structures." The Central Committee document states:

"...The following measures should be taken immediately in order to secure conditions for the launching of commercial and foreign economic activity by the party: Preparation of proposals to create some new 'interim' economic structures (foundations, association, etc.) with minimal 'visible' ties to the Central Committee, which could become focal points of the 'invisible party economy'.

"Immediate preparations of plans for using anonymous organizations to MASK direct links to the Party when launching commercial and foreign economic Party activity; in particular, consideration of the possibility of merging with already functioning joint ventures, INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIUMS, etc., through capital investment.

"Consideration of ways and means of establishing a bank controlled by the Central Committee with the right to conduct hard-currency operations, the investment of the party's hard-currency reserves in international firms controlled by friends of the Party abroad.

"Creation of a consulting firm...without direct links to the Central Committee apparatus, for the practical organization of economic cooperation and PROVISION OF BROKERAGE SERVICES FOR FOREIGN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY OF VARIOUS Party Organizations and the commercial firms of Communist Parties abroad." [H: I ask that you readers harken back to what I told you when we first presented this material and then you saw it come to pass--one of the FIRST major business organizations established in Moscow and Gorbachev was made PRESIDENT after his step-down--WAS KISSINGER ASSOCIATES. How big and powerful a "brokerage" operation do you need?]

Timofeyev commented: "The old Party apparatus has deeply concealed its underground structure." Criminal prosecutors who started an investigation in October, 1991, "found more than a hundred commercial Communist Party enterprises in Moscow and about six hundred all told throughout Russia. Among the direction of these shadowy Party firms are people who have substantial influence in the CURRENT legitimate government.

"President Yeltsin is surrounded by yesterday's nomenklatura apparatchiks, just as President Gorbachev was before him. They are the same provincial Communist Party committee secretaries, making the same efforts to influence the President. In each of the new states of the former USSR, the power structures are genetically connected to the structures of the past, to the Communists."

In his 1984 book, New Lies for Old, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn correctly predicted the end of the Berlin Wall and revolutionary changes inside the Soviet empire. Having studied the long-range KGB plans, he wrote:

"To be credible and effective, a deception should accord, as far as possible, with the hopes and expectations of those it is intended to deceive. Since the Communist strategists were aware, especially through knowledge of the Bilderberger Papers that the West ardently desired the disintegration of the Communist bloc, they could anticipate that the projection, to the outside world, of a fictitious disintegration of the bloc would be advantageous--provided always that it was accompanied, in parallel, by an actual (but partially concealed) implementation of the long-range policy of STRENGTHENING THE BLOC."

Golitsyn's predictions were correct as to what has happened: KGB-planned changes "will make possible the introduction of controlled political opposition, which will provide the basically totalitarian regimes with a convincing impression of fundamental change and a semblance of democracy." So, the fact as stated prior to this that some 75 percent of the people who are now involved in the Moscow Stock & Commodities Exchange are from the KGB is a vivid demonstration of the accuracy of Golitsyn's long-range forecasts.

* * *

I would like to close this segment now. I realize for your editors this will be difficult to read--but I have deviated too often and scrambled up all the documentation so I ask that we simply leave it as it is.

I would like to offer appreciation and honor, again, to C.B. Baker of Youth Action News.

Please contact Mr. Baker at P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia 22313.

Also, he offers the document called The New Russian Threat & E.L.F. Zapping at special quantity prices. Please run the listed information in this paper. This is one of the MOST IM-PORTANT PIECES OF INFORMATION YOU COULD ACQUIRE AND OFFER TO YOUR FRIENDS. THERE WON'T BE ANY DISCUSSION OF E.T.s OR RELIGION--JUST THE HARD NUCLEAR FACTS, MAAM!

Don't be turned off by those who refuse to see or hear--NOBODY WANTS TO SEE OR HEAR THIS STUFF! Golly, precious friends, you are near the possible demise of your planet!




THU., JULY 22, 1993 8:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 340

THU., JULY 22, 1993


Ah, it is the heart that sings when pen is placed against the scroll. When you hear your words in lyric form it is the soul speaking--presenting that which has great meaning. There are many ones who write limericks, sonnets and rhymes, and they all express a "mind" speaking--even if the subject be just another incident in "another day".

We are blessed in this place for many ones write to us and share with "poetry" that which is often beyond expression of "mere" words. Each that shares brings beauty, love and TRUTH into our lives and lifts our spirits as on a fresh breeze--reporting that which is often unspoken for "lack of words". We could fill our papers and books with nothing else and yet still tell the story--but who would read? Ones often miss the very essence of life in that which they refuse to share. Poetry is "private", even if it be a verse in a card and when ones are given to sharing, oh, how I wish we could capture it all, share it all and leave these things of "experiencing" in dark ignorance to the living dead. Note that even Dante's "poetry" speaks from out of the depths of longing for soul--longing to rejoice in the lighted places of the Lion that peace could come within.

Poetry speaks of those things which "happen" and ones can express without embarrassment unto self for the "feelings" which can be claimed as "simply words". No--and beyond all--is the poem of a child as he mispronounces his words and spells them only as they sound for if it be his own--he is reaching out in expression of thought and emotion--which, of course, goes beyond the physical and into the totality of "energy" which is emotion.

If you are drawn to write and share, it is our joy to receive and we shall share with ALL as there is space for wisdom written as remembered greatness or observations of simply thought--it touches that part of "another" which longs to SHARE and knows not how for the limitations of physical is so great as to batter down the creative thought within.

I have some "thoughts" from a most beloved friend who privately shares with me--not wishing to "impose" on weary shoulders or busy eyes--and we treasure the gift. This first one speaks of "Goodness" and a longing to bring some goodness into the reality from out of the shadows to express in joy and love.

(Marisa, May, 1993)

My soul, like a dove, awaits the new morn

When peace and prosperities' truth will be born;

When mankind will know about living's true worth;

When love and elation will greet Knowing's birth;

When values once given to money and things,

Will sail away, on dark, leaden wings.

A new sort of day will greet mankind then,

With genius of thought and freedom of pen.

No longer will goodness be treated as rust,

Being scraped and removed and thrown into the dust.

Like the fern, goodness grows often best--in the shadow,

Alongside the path, unto Him few will follow.

First one, then another, casts down unseen spore,

'Til green ferns line the path, up to God's Golden Door.

Follow dove, follow--the fern's shadowed trail,

The lonely road narrows, but never will fail.

Though darkness seems looming to hinder the flight,

Hold steady in Truth, toward that unfailing Light.

Each beating of heart and of wing strong and sure,

Causes distance to fall like worn petals--wind stirred.

Soon the Godly shall go unrewarded no more

See, the Master awaits. He's flung open the door!

(Marisa--May, 1993)

The Great Mind imagined, from stillness' clime,

Then wondrous Creations were born.

Living and breathing, moving and growing

Were creatures of myriad form,

Sustained by a sphere of magnificent grace--

A beauteous bosom of green.

The mountains and valleys, the deserts and plains,

And oceans of blue set the scene.

A great golden Light crossed the heavens by day,

Bringing motion to all living things.

A silvery Light waxed and waned through the nights,

Signs and wonders were forged in her rings,

Man and woman came down bearing soul gifts from God.

Precious time passed away as they grew.

Many times on the wheel of Life would they turn,

Each time learning a lesson or two.

Civilizations were borne into might,

Led by the good and the just.

Then man succumbed to the powers of greed,

And brought their works crumbling to dust.

How many times has man lived through the same--

In a story that ever repeats?

Why does man keep falling, as helpless, dumb prey

For the tempters; the liars; the cheats?

They promised great riches and freedom from toil,

Luxuries, leisure and bliss.

Man willingly follows the lure to his doom,

Hardly noticing things are amiss.

Though some try to shake him and wake him to Truth

He only responds with a scorn.

Not wanting to see or to hear it at all--

Believing the lie--He's 'reborn'.

Until one day shackled in bond servitude,

Man raises his dream-weary head.

Beholding his MASTER in horror of Truth--

In the dark pits of hell where HE led.


The note appended to this last one expresses the frustrations of you all who have come to KNOW truth of God's journey and purpose and cannot seem to reach "through" to another. Marisa says that this was born from her own personal frustrations in fruitlessly trying to help others see, and the sadness she feels for them if they continue in their chosen ignorance.

Ah, blessed child, can you not see--that you cannot "make" another see--you can only SHARE. When you KNOW WITHIN and REALIZE it is frustration--then and only then--shall your own soul accept its peace so constantly offered by God unto YOU! "The entire journey begins and ENDS--WITH ME (YOU)!" Remember?

Marisa, and each of you--if you just "light one little candle"--what a bright world this will be! Thank you--for in your own understanding--comes MY fulfillment of service and task. The soul must always search for that perfection which it recognizes through "peace". KNOW too, students, that "peace" is wrapped in MANY packages for even as frustrations swirl about your being--the ONE direction of movement unto God IS peace! The frustrations are but the "signs" of the journey relative to the physical experience. The fact that you REACH OUT for that peace--IS the very recognition that you are "making" it so.

You must never change those steps unto God--for the frustrations of the physical experience ARE THE TESTINGS of "intent". All things physical can be changed, altered and restored if you but give wise action in that which frustrates--changing that which can be changed and in wisdom, releasing that which you cannot seem to change.


* * *

Continued excerpts from: CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OE 300, by John Coleman. To end the problem of trying to find Coleman to get the book in point I will volunteer our people to accept and forward requests for the book on to resource if you prefer. I am happy to note to these who believe they are my enemy--ARE NOT! I KNOW my enemy and all others are simply "tools" and can be acquired for God's service if they but wish to alter their direction of travel.

Wouldn't our people like to recover some of the expenses of this book reaching the public? Not in this manner. I would prefer that somewhere along the line here, Josef realizes the truth of wherein is his strength and comes again into utilizing the "loaned" equipment for the purpose offered--to further Truth. FIRST MUST COME THE "GIVING" IN TRUTH--AND THEN, ONLY THEN, CAN BE CLAIMED THE REWARDS OF SERVICE. SO BE IT.

To conserve time and space I shall not do a great writing or "catch-up" for new readers. I will only suggest that if you wish it "all", you'll have to go back to earlier copy of this paper. We have the practice of taking up exactly where we leave off when continuing a document and YOU have to catch up for our regular readers ask not to waste the space available. Thank you.


(Excerpt 2): ….. Various groups had combined under the name of socialism to bring about the downfall of several Italian governments since the Club of Rome was established in 1968. Among these are the Black Nobility of Venice and Genoa, P2 Masonry and the Red Brigades, all working for the same goals. Police investigators in Rome working on the Red Brigades-Aldo Moro case came across the names of several very prominent Italian families working closely with this terrorist group. The police also discovered evidence that in at least a dozen cases, these powerful and prominent families had allowed their homes and/or property to be used as safe houses for Red Brigades cells.

America's "nobility" were doing their share to destroy the Republic of Italy, a notable contribution having come from Richard Gardner even while in his official capacity as President Carter's Ambassador to Rome. At that time Gardner was operating under the direct control of Bettino Craxi, an important member of the Club of Rome and a key man in NATO. Craxi was the leading edge of the conspirators' attempts to destroy the Italian Republic. As we shall see, Craxi was almost successful in ruining Italy, and as the conspirators hierarchy's leading player, was able to get divorce and abortion pushed through the Italian Parliament, resulting in the most far-reaching and destructive religious and social changes ever to strike at the Catholic Church and, consequently, the morals of the Italian nation.

After President Ronald Reagan was elected, an important meeting was held in Washington D.C. in December 1980 under the auspices of the Club of Rome and the Socialist International. Both these organizations are directly responsible to the Committee of 300. The main agenda was to formulate ways and means of how to neutralize the Reagan presidency. A group plan was adopted and, as we look back, it is perfectly clear that the plan the conspirators agreed to follow has been very successful.

In order to get an idea of how vast and how all-pervasive is this conspiracy, it would be appropriate at this point to name the goals set by the Committee of 300 for the pending conquest and control of the world. There are at least 40 known "branch offices" of the Committee of 300, and we shall be listing them all, together with a description of their functions. Once this is studied it becomes easy to understand how one central conspiratorial body is able to operate so successfully and why it is that no power on earth can withstand their onslaught against the very foundations of a civilized, progressive world, based on freedom of the individual, especially as it is declared in the United States Constitution.

Thanks to the sworn testimony of Guerzoni, Italy and Europe--but not the U.S.--learned that Kissinger was behind the death of Aldo Moro. This tragic affair demonstrates the ability of the Committee of 300 to impose its will upon any government without exception. Secure in his position as a member of the most powerful secret society in the world, and I am not talking about Freemasonry, Kissinger not only terrified Moro, but carried through on his threats to "eliminate" Moro if he did not give up his plan to bring economic and industrial progress to Italy.

In June and July of 1982, the wife of Aldo Moro testified in open court that her husband's murder came about as a result of serious threats against his life, made by what she called "a high-ranking United States political figure." Mrs. Eleanora Moro repeated the precise phrase reportedly used by Kissinger in the sworn testimony of Guerzoni: "Either you stop your political line or you will pay dearly for it." Recalled by the judges, Guerzoni was asked if he could identify the person Mrs. Moro was talking about. Guerzoni replied that it was indeed Henry Kissinger as he had previously intimated.

Guerzoni went on to explain to the court that Kissinger had made his threats in Moro's hotel room during the Italian leader's official visit to the U.S. Moro--then Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Italy, a NATO member-country--was a man of high rank, one who would never have been subjected to Mafia-like pressures and threats. Moro was accompanied on his American visit by the President of Italy in his official capacity. Kissinger was then, and still is, an important agent in the service of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a member of the Club of Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations.

[H: The term CFR, Trilaterals, etc., will be coming up again and again and again in every subject we handle--you need to be informed. I ask that a copy of "THE CFR/TRILATERAL/NEW WORLD ORDER CONNECTION" be given centerfold spread in the CONTACT, please. [This document is to big to reproduce in this JOURNAL, please see CONTACT Vol. 2 #5, 7/27/93 or source below.] For this document we honor Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate, Cy Minett, P.O. Box 33339, Kerrville, TX 78029. Copies can be obtained directly from that resource. Look carefully at the lineup of U.S. high-ranking persons (who actually control your nation through government and business). I hope it will be shocking enough to you readers to contact "FREE" if for nothing else than to thank them for such a fine job of sharing this information--necessary information.]

Kissinger's role in destabilizing the United States by means of three wars, the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam, is well known, as is his role in the Gulf War, in which the U.S. Army acted as mercenaries for the Committee of 300 in bringing Kuwait back under its control and at the same time making an example out of Iraq so that other small nations would not be tempted to work out their own destiny.

Kissinger also threatened the late Ali Bhutto, President of the sovereign nation of Pakistan. Bhutto's "crime" was that he favored nuclear weapons for his country. As a Moslem state, Pakistan felt threatened by continued Israeli aggression in the Middle East. Bhutto was judicially murdered in 1979 by the Council on Foreign Relations representative in the country, General Zia ul Haq.

In his planned ascent to power, ul Haq encouraged a frenzied mob to set fire to the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad in an apparent attempt to show the CFR that he was his own man and to secure more foreign aid and, it was later learned, to murder Richard Helms. Several years later, ul Haq paid with his life for intervening in the war raging in Afghanistan. His C-130 Hercules aircraft was hit by an ELF (electrical low frequency) shot shortly after it took off, causing the aircraft to loop into the ground.

The Club of Rome, acting on Committee of 300 orders to eliminate General ul Haq, had no compunction in sacrificing the lives of a number of U.S. servicemen on board the flight, including a U.S. Army Defense Intelligence Agency group headed by Brigadier General Herbert Wassom. General ul Haq had been warned by the Turkish Secret Service not to travel by plane, as he was targeted for a mid-air bombing. With this in mind, ul Haq took the United States team with him as "an insurance policy," as he commented to his inner circle advisors.

In my 1989 work "Terror in the Skies", I gave the following account of what happened: "Shortly before ul Haq's C-130 took off from a Pakistan military base, a suspicious looking truck was seen close to the hangar that had housed the C-130. The control tower warned base security, but by the time action was taken, the C-130 was already airborne and the truck had gone. A few minutes later the plane began looping-the-loop until it hit the ground and exploded in a ball of fire. There is no explanation for such behavior by the C-130, an aircraft with a marvelously reliable record, and a joint Pakistani-United States board of enquiry found no pilot error or mechanical or structural failure. Looping-the-loop is a recognized trade-mark of an aircraft hit by ELF fire. [H: Emphasis mine and I shall be often adding emphasis.]

That the Soviet Union has been able to develop high-peak radio frequency devices is known to the West through the work of Soviet scientists who work in the Kurchatov Atomic Energy Institute's Intensive Relativistic Electron Beam Division. Two of its specialists were Y.A. Vinograov and A.A. Rukhadze. Both scientists worked in the Lededev Physics Institute, which specializes in electronic and X-ray lasers.

After receiving this information, I searched for confirmation from other sources and found that in England the International Journal of Electronics had published some material which appeared to confirm the information given to me about the method chosen to shoot down General ul Haq's C-130. In addition, this information was confirmed by two of my intelligence sources. I received some useful information from a Soviet scientific paper on the subjects, published in England under the title "Soviet Radio Electronics and Communications Systems". There was no doubt in my mind that General ul Haq had been murdered. The truck seen near the C-130 hanger undoubtedly carried a mobile ELF device of the type the Soviet Armed Forces are known to possess.

According to written testimony by Bhutto, smuggled out of the country while he was in prison, Kissinger severely threatened him: "I will make a horrible example if you continue with your nation-building policies." Bhutto had fallen afoul of Kissinger and the Club of Rome by calling for a nuclear energy program to bring Pakistan into a modern industrialized state which, in the eyes of the Committee of 300, was a direct contravention of its orders delivered by Kissinger to the Pakistani government. What Kissinger was doing when he threatened Bhutto was not official U.S. policy, but the policy of the modern-day Illuminati.

One needs to have a clear understanding of just why it is that nuclear power is so hated all over the world, and why the fake "environmentalist" movement, established and financially supported by the Club of Rome, was called upon to wage war on nuclear energy. With nuclear energy generating electricity in cheap and abundant supplies, Third World countries would gradually become independent of U.S. foreign aid and begin to assert their sovereignty. Nuclear generated electricity is THE key to bringing Third World countries out of their backward state, a state which the Committee of 300 has ordered to remain in position.

Less foreign aid means less control of a country's natural resources by the IMF. It was this idea of developing nations taking charge of their destiny that was an anathema to the Club of Rome and its ruling Committee of 300. We have seen opposition to nuclear power in the United States successfully used to block industrial development in conformity with the Club's "Post-Industrial Zero-Growth" plans.

Dependence upon U.S. foreign aid actually keeps foreign countries in servitude to the Council on Foreign Relations. The people of the recipient countries receive very little of the money as it usually ends up in the pockets of government leaders who allow the natural raw material assets of the country to be savagely stripped by the IMF. Mugabe of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, is a good example of how raw material assets, in this case high grade chrome ore, is controlled through foreign aid. LONRHO, the giant conglomerate run by Angus Ogilvie, an important member of the Committee of 300, on behalf of his cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, now has total control of this valuable resource while the people of the country sink ever deeper into poverty and misery, notwithstanding a hand-out of in excess of $300 million from the United States.

LONRHO now has a monopoly of Rhodesian chrome and charges any price it likes, whereas, under the Smith government, this was not allowed. A reasonable price level was maintained for twenty-five years prior to the Mugabe regime taking power. While there were problems during the 14-year rule of Ian Smith, since his departure unemployment has quadrupled and Zimbabwe is in a state of chaos and de facto bankruptcy. Mugabe received enough foreign aid from the U.S. (in the region of $300 million per annum) to enable him to build three hotels on the French Cote d'Azur, Cap Ferat and Monte Carlo, while his citizens grapple with disease, unemployment and malnutrition, not to mention an iron-fisted dictatorship that allows no complaints. Contrast this with the Smith government which never asked for nor received one red cent in aid from the United States. Thus it is clear that foreign aid is a powerful means of exercising control of countries such as Zimbabwe and indeed all African countries.

It also keeps U.S. citizens in a state of involuntary servitude and therefore less able to mount meaningful opposition to government. David Rockefeller knew what he was doing when his foreign aid bill became law in 1946. It has, since then, become one of the most hated laws on the statute books following public exposure of what it is--a racket run by government and paid for by we, the people.

How can the conspirators maintain their grip upon the world, and more especially, their chokehold over the U.S. and Britain? One of the most asked questions is, "How can any single entity know at all times what is going on and how is control exercised?" This book will attempt to answer these and other questions. The only way we can come to grips with the reality of the conspirator's success is by mentioning and discussing the secret societies, front organizations, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, international businesses, the petroleum industry and the hundreds of thousands of entities and foundations whose leading lights make up the membership of the Committee of 300--the ULTIMATE controlling body that runs the world and has done so for at least a hundred years.

Since there already are scores of books on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilaterals, we shall go directly to the Club of Rome and the German Marshall Fund. When I introduced these organizations to the United States, few, if any, had heard of them. My first work, "The Club of Rome," published in 1983 attracted almost no attention. Many uninitiated people thought the Club of Rome was something to do with the Catholic Church and that the German Marshall Fund referred to the Marshal Plan.

This is precisely why the Committee chose these names, to confuse and to deflect attention away from what was happening. Not that the U.S. government didn't know, but as it was part of the conspiracy, it helped to keep the lid on information rather than let the truth be known. A few years after I published my work, a few writers saw in it a wealth of hitherto untapped information and began writing and talking about it as though they had always had full knowledge of it.

It came as a revelation to them that the Club of Rome and its financiers under the title of the German Marshall Fund were two highly-organized conspiratorial bodies operating under cover of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that the majority of Club of Rome executives were drawn from NATO.

The Club of Rome formulated all of what NATO claimed as its policies and, through the activities of Committee of 300 member Lord Carrington, was able to split NATO into two factions, a political (left wing) power group and its former military alliance.

The Club of Rome is still one of the most important foreign policy arms of the Committee of 300--the other being the Bilderbergers. It was put together in 1968 from hard-core members of the original Morgenthau group on the basis of a telephone call made by the late Aurellio Peccei for a new and urgent drive to speed up the plans of the One World Government--now called the New World Order, although I prefer the former name. It is certainly a better job-description than the New World Order, which is somewhat confusing as there have been several "New World Orders" before, but no One World Government.

* * *

When we pick up this subject again, Dharma, we will please begin at the paragraph "Peccei's call was - - -."

I have some urgent information to share but this writing is too long. Please draw up another clean screen and we will fill in. I believe that we are also to the end (almost) of a JOURNAL and therefore will need to attend that as well. Thank you.




THU., JULY 22, 1993 12:56 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 340

THU., JULY 22, 1993


My, my, you call out for signs and miracles. In disbelief you petition for one more "show"--one more "viewing" from flickering star-craft lights to loss of a headache. Well I think the following will indicate a SIGN to some ones of high level treason. There are several (at least nine [9]) people who should be very, very interested and concerned about the following information which drifted into our hands this morning. As I understand the message--by the time this reaches the printer--there will be only 7 left to worry!

What is this? Well, it is a note received regarding the demise of one Vincent Foster. That nice lawyer friend of the Billaries in Washington--you know, those who "lead" your nation by the ring through the nose and the harness in the hands of Reno and other ones who murder at random! I think I would be most distressed and concerned as the profferers of torment, torture and bedlam murder--note that THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE. Who are they, this other side? I certainly would not want to be the one to give that information so we take what is sent, share it and hope the correct receivers get the right messages. We are in the business of journalism and printing what is brought to us or sent in truth--not in sorting out "who-dun-its".

Since there will be an obvious question as you read as to "why" "two" shots, in case it misses your sleuthing--I would guess it is to send a loud clear message about "suicide". A suicide victim does not get "two" shots when the first one kills him dead! I doubt, however, that YOU THE PEOPLE will ever hear about the second shot in this "suicide".


Re: Vincent Foster

At 4:52, July 20, 1993--at the first exit to Fort Darcy, VA, a grey Ford Econoline van stopped a 1992 Chrysler Sedan. The driver and lone passenger of the Sedan was removed from his vehicle at gunpoint. There was no fuss, as the driver assumed his plight to be a "carjacking" and possibly armed robbery.

The occupant of the Chrysler, Mr. Vincent Foster, deputy Legal Counsel and close friend to B. Clinton [H: I believe this person was a former partner in Hillary's prior law firm, as well.] was taken to the rear of the car parking area. Three men, all wearing "Federal Black", told Mr. Foster to kneel on the ground--facing a park bench. At this point, Mr. Foster's head was pushed forward, a gun pushed against the base of the skull, and within seconds TWO .38 cal. rounds were fired into the skull. Foster's head was thrown forward as he died.

The men then placed the body upon the bench in a half sitting-half reclining position. The upper torso was bent to the right-reflecting an angle of 15% [H: (perhaps "degrees")? I never like to correct or change anything not quite understood because the meaning may be exact but not to my scribe.]. The Fairfax P.D. was called with the location of the body. The men of the van left the area and returned to D.C. proper where they boarded planes for diverse destinations.

The strike was coordinated and executed by TASK FORCE 151!! It was carried out in retribution for the Wilcher, Parsons, "Piggy" [H: This one may really be a long way off proper identification due to overstrikes on the message.] AND SESSIONS affair. At this time, a force of 32 men, holding a target list with 9 more names is preparing to assemble in a major East Coast City. (By the time you print this, at least two more sanctions will have been carried out.) END.

There is no return identification on this document except 07-22-1993, 11:06. BURN THE MESSAGE, DHARMA.


We have another short "sharing" from R. Hookanson which originated with Xavier da Costa. Thank you.

We received it on or about the 19th day of July, 1993. We do not have evidence of when it was written but this will be sufficient for some kind of "dating" purposes.


We live in a rationalist age. We want material proof of everything. Belief in miracles is relegated to superstition. Yet miracles have happened and there are plenty of eye-witness re-ports of them.

In the New Testament, there is a report of Christ curing the ten lepers almost instantaneously. And it is reported "the blind see, the lame walk." Miracles are happening, caused by the intervention of God, nature's laws are over-ridden, suspended and (seemingly) impossible results occur. After Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, Thomas, one of the Apostles, denied the Resurrection. One day, when the Apostles were assembled in a locked room, Christ suddenly appeared in their midst. How did HE get there? He confronted Thomas and had Thomas put his finger in his wounds. Quote from the Gospel, "Now you see and believe, but blessed are those who do not see, yet believe."

Then there is the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. The crowd who listened to Christ numbered 5,000 men (not counting the women and children present). After listening a long time, they were hungry, but there was no food. Then a boy was found who had 5 barley loaves and 3 fishes. Quote from the Bible: "These 5 barley loaves and 3 fishes fed more than 5000 people and then 12 baskets of left-overs were gathered." That certainly was a miracle. There is no rational material explanation. It was an Act of God, superseding natural law--a miracle. Note: The people wanted to make Christ their "King". That has been a lesson for politicians ever since: Give the people a handout and they will vote for you.

Now about the Holocaust--the killing of 6 million Jews by the minions of Hitler. (Obviously Hitler himself could not do that and there is no record in the tons and tons of German official papers of any such order from Hitler. Certainly he, himself, could simply not kill 6 million anything.) I do believe that 6 million were killed. Why? By order of the Canadian Parliament! As you know, the Canadian parliament has decreed that anyone WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE THE HOLOCAUST STORY, IS GUILTY OF AN OFFENSE--A VERY SERIOUS OFFENSE.

Now, from a rational, materialistic viewpoint, the Holocaust story is nonsense. It never could have happened as told. It is well-known that there were never more than 3 1/2 million Jews under the control of the German armies at any time, even at the height of the Nazi Empire. There was an estimated 6 million Jews (possibly) in ALL OF EUROPE: England, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, etc. (Russia has nearly 3 million Jews.)

Therefore, logically with no more than 3 1/2 million Jews under German control, how could the Nazis KILL 6 MILLION OF THEM AND STILL HAVE 4 MILLION SURVIVORS? [H: Indeed, this IS the story as presented and it does not offer any explanation for the hundreds of thousands of those who died who were NOT Jews!] Anyone with common sense and can add--and a materialistic outlook--would deny the Holo-caust story as presented.


Simply, because it was a MIRACLE, an act of God. If God can take 5 barley loaves and 3 fishes and feed 5000 people and have 12 baskets full of left-overs, he could also take 3 1/2 million Jews, kill 6 million of them and have 4 million survivors. NO, it does not make good sense in arithmetic but as a MIRACLE it could happen. And WHY do I believe this miracle? Because the Canadian Parliament messenger said so and made it a lawful "Act"!

The Canadian Parliament has decreed that anyone who DENIES the Holocaust can be put in JAIL. Now, if the Holocaust never happened and the story was a lie, why should the denier be put in jail for telling the truth (that it never happened)? So, the Holocaust surely MUST have happened. I realize that I know but little in comparison to all the knowledge in the world. I admit I am ignorant. I realize, that the Canadian parliament knows more than I do (though that may not say much for the Canadian Parliament).

* * *

I concur with this person's appraisal of the situation. Why? Because the SAME LAW has been brought forth in New Zealand, Australia, England, Germany, etc., etc. ,....now even trying to make it a final legislative law right in the U.S.A.!

This rationale reminds me of a "legislative" story and "let's make laws": In New York State some years ago the learned legislative body was faced with an interesting proposal to "ease" education and "calculations". It was literally suggested that "pi" (16th letter in the Greek alphabet) be "simply ROUNDED-OFF to remove fractions". Pi, of course, is that which is used as a symbol to designate the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The ratio itself (3.14159...). Now just what, you engineers and mathematicians as well as scientists of all ilk, do you think that would do to EVERYTHING on the globe before, during and after such idiocy? Ah indeed, politics are almost as interesting as those politicians who practice the art of politics.

Next, for another confirmation update on our current subject of Ron Brown-POW/MIAs.

This comes via "Friends Faxing Friends", yesterday. It only arrived to my attention this morning. The message is to the Talk Show Hosts of America and is from: POW/MIA PRAYER PLEDGE CAMPAIGN, 4207 Mystic Sunrise, San Antonio, TX. 78244, FAX/VOICE (210) 661-8062.


July 21, 1993

To the Talk Show Hosts of America:

In a piece in the July 5 SPOTLIGHT, a national weekly newspaper out of Washington, DC, investigative journalist MIKE BLAIR exposed the fact that COMMERCE SECRETARY RON BROWN has been the target of the lengthy FBI investigation into possible illegal activities in business dealings he is said to have had with a representative of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Although many of the main stream media have "nosed around" since publication of this story, none have been courageous or patriotic enough to present it to the citizens of the United States.

Blair meticulously investigated and researched the allegations against Brown. He spent several hours interviewing the Vietnamese-American businessman, LY TRANH BINH, who broke the story. Binh provided the SPOTLIGHT with a detailed sworn affidavit which attests to the facts of the case. Blair also interviewed individuals who corroborated Binh's account.

Binh presented his story to 35 high ranking senators and congressmen and only one wrote back to him. His life has been threatened and he feels compelled to reveal the case to the American people, not only because he believes their knowledge will help keep him alive, but because he wants to be a good American citizen.

DATELINE NBC, 20/20, and CNN are just three of the dozen or so news sources that have investigated this story and are sitting on it. What POWER is preventing them from making it public?

Former FBI DIRECTOR WILLIAM SESSIONS was said to be personally in charge of the investigation of Secretary Brown. He said yesterday that politics caused his firing as head of the FBI. Is this what he is referring to?

If Brown did what Mike Blair's piece alleges he did, the secretary is in violation of several laws. He worked as an unregistered lobbyist for a country we have a total economic embargo against and no diplomatic relations with. He was paid $700,000 by Vietnam, a blatant violation of Foreign Assets Control Regulations. And, if the allegations are true, he is guilty of several malfeasances of office.

The main stream media won't reveal this shocking story to the American people. Are you brave enough to? [H: Sure AM! By the way, readers, surely you don't think that it was "just" firing Sessions which is in point in the lead story, do you? The act is in total intent to murder Mr. Sessions in front of the cameras and everyone watching--I said it was a most irrational thing to do and I believe it is proving itself to have been quite unwise!]

If the story Mike Blair wrote in the July 5 SPOTLIGHT is true, it makes Representative Dan Rostenkowski's House Post Office Scandal seem like getting caught in his Mom's cookie jar. This is a major news story that has been effectively squelched by the Clinton Administration.

I have sent faxes to Attorney General Reno, Director Bill Sessions, Senator Phil Gramm, and all the Republican Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. None of these people even responded to my inquiries on this matter.

There is a cover-up of monumental proportions being perpetrated on the American people. In the past, talk show hosts have taken on the perpetrators of wrongs who work within the beltway. Won't you do it once again?

Mike Blair can be reached at (315) 376-3615. He wants to get the story out. I promise you that if you have him as a guest on your show, the listeners will not be disappointed. It may be the show of the year.

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Brailey

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



1. SIPAPU ODYSSEY ISBN 1-56935-045-0




5. FROM HERE TO ARMAGEDDON 1-56935-043-4




9. SATAN'S DRUMMERS ISBN 1-56935-054-X

10. PRIVACY IN A FISHBOWL ISBN 1-56935-042-6

11. CRY OF THE PHOENIX ISBN 1-56935-036-1





16. YOU CAN SLAY THE DRAGON ISBN 0-922356-21-1

17. THE NAKED PHOENIX ISBN 0-922356-22-X

18. BLOOD AND ASHES ISBN 0-922356-25-4