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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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To all of you who would control your destiny. For if you do not--you shall be CONTROLLED! The Plan as laid is for YOUR doom. "America", the word, means: "Kingdom of Heaven" (literal translation). How far have you come? Ah so! Good luck!



FRI., SEP. 17, 1993 3:10 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 032

FRI., SEPTEMBER 17, 1993


As it seems the edges of universal burdens close in upon your shoulders--stand back from that which IS and allow perspective to overcome the confusion.

As was promised, the organized chaos--the planned upheavals--keep the minds flitting and searching for respite only to find a myriad of other distractions and now, personal impact on lifestyles, morals, jobs--all facets of life impacted with alien input and degradation. You are NOT different, as readers, than those of the "team" here--each thinking that perhaps another has a better grasp on "reality" and understanding. All think Dharma "has it"--after all, "...she has Hatonn!" Think again--is the child of the teacher in a classroom treated better or more firmly than the other children? Does the child of the teacher have more answers simply because his father is the teacher? Has the child not yet a bit farther to travel in the midst of peers to accomplish and learn--than the others so that there is no partiality? Is it not so that I have said that Dharma would be given "LESS INSIGHT" and "understanding" and "pre-viewing" for protection and her own lessons? I am not come here for individual solutions to the myriads of confusing problems--you are on my team because the answers and actions are laid before you IF YOU BUT SEEK THEM OUT!

You who would inquire as to my intent, etc., must remember that prior to a response reaching your eyes or ears--the adversary teams already have taken the information off this computer. I CAN confirm that much is going on of clandestine nature in the areas of New Mexico, Arizona, etc. and that "stories" coming back from "viewers" are accurate in most instances--but it is far too critical and serious of nature to have little group discussions on details and plans. Am "I" around? Yes indeed--I and the fleet are "everywhere" and yes, there are many events taking place--both by your own people, your Earth enemies and a lot of activities involving our own Command. No, I will not tell you "which" is "which".

I shall, however, take some information as it flows and give you ideas as to WHAT should and MUST be getting your attention-DIVIDED--with all other things so that you are not overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of happenings.


The atrocities taking place in the death of your "justice" system as presented here are pathetic. There are lies upon lies, charges dropped and re-opened, deliberate and illegal handling of everything from medications to bail to outright incarceration without cause!

But it is not just Gunther. It is now that if the man just picks up the phone and calls this number--he is immediately summoned by wardens and guards and gotten off the phone. Bail is set at illegal and massive amounts to prevent "escape" from their clutches. There was even a "call" on gold to make sure all funds here would be depleted in order to prevent help. Fine--good buddies! My people don't have anything and you make your own assets hang out there a mile by your antics. To bring pressure against the Ekkers in matters of which they have no part, no ownership, no participation or involvement--is to show yourselves for the fools you are.

It would appear to be time to bring attention to the hoods in the RTC scandals and that regarding this property once the Ekkers'. The new charges of criminal complaints as served in the midst of the meeting this week are stupidly naive--the Ekkers' don't own anything on or about the property in point except some birds. ALL property has been taken with the property and they simply "house-sit". The people involved in Arizona are about "fed-up". They have tried to purchase the property in point from Mrs. Silversmith-Stillman and settle her problems. However, some idiots seem to think that bringing pressure onto the Ekkers does something in her behalf. How? The Church of Christ would simply purchase the property and all would live happily ever after--but not at extortion prices.

I also believe it interesting that charges by the Institute (not Ekkers) against G. Green for stealing gold are admittedly valid-- but not proceeding with prosecution until "civil" matters can be cleared. That is obstructing justice, hiding and abetting criminal actions and felony grand-theft--and yet prosecution is afoot by the same parties--against Ekkers for "trespass" on the next-door lot. I repeat: EKKERS HAVE NO PROPERTY--AT THIS LOCATION OR ELSEWHERE! THEY CAN AFFORD NO ATTORNEY IN THIS MATTER SO HAVE TO RESORT-- AGAIN--TO SELF-REPRESENTATION, WHICH, IT SEEMS, IS "NOT ALLOWED". YOU HAVE COME A LONG, LONG WAY AMERICA--STRAIGHT INTO THE GARBAGE HEAP!

It seems Mrs. Silversmith-Stillman is a Jewish business woman who is attached to "enemies" and political persons locally who have said they would "get" the Ekkers and get them out of town. So, they have blundered--the Ekkers don't own any of the property in point. They are also accused by the local ex-Municipal Judge of being Anti-Semitic and this is NOW trumpeted, strangely enough, by this property-owner (claimed) in point who had known all along of the use of the property as the Ekkers always had "right of first refusal" at sale of said property adjacent to that which was their own. The Ekkers, did in fact, have legal documents drawn and filed with the court for "easement" rights and use of the property adjacent, pending solution to the new claims--in behalf of the Church which owns the property once theirs. Those people have been "beyond" gracious in letting the Ekkers be "caretakers" until such time as the home is needed. Blessed ones--when the REAL GOD is being attended and not lip-service--the taker-downers are in full force and effort. It is what your world has become and YOU account for nothing but fodder for the New World Order mills. One day it will be that you are simply "Soylent Green".

I think Mr. Dixon had best consider alternative actions such as bringing in the Church in point and probably right back up the string to the RTC and the criminal actions of the S&L and auctioneer. This is harassment in its obvious form and the "source" of the problem should be demanded proclaimed.

Another thing which is strange in my humble opinion is a demand to appear and defend selves IN COURT with no time for response, legal action or rebuttal. I suggest this case be carried to the limits of the law and within the absolute LETTER OF THE LAW!

Mr. Green continues to play these rotten, stinking games and I again warn him and now suggest caution to those who represent the University of Science and Philosophy who are sending out information provided by Mr. Green--that you are getting in the defamation business yourselves! Now, sirs, we know you are of the Brookings Institute for MIND-CONTROL and run by British Intelligence MI6. That is fine with us--but we find your latest incredulous mailings to be DIRECTLY from George Green and as Journalists in dated news item periodicals and news papers, not only offensive but totally limited as to right of speech and press. You had better KNOW that the PAPER in point is certified and accepted (by the tax-service of Nevada) AS A VALID NEWSPAPER. Further, the stupid information you are dispersing as to "infringements" as gathered by one "Webber" is totally absurd as the very names and information are gathered FROM THE CREDITS GIVEN IN THE PAPER AND JOURNALS!

Further, I believe that since Mr. Green's departure EVERY AUTHOR WILL FIND HIS WORK, IF' MENTIONED, IS ADVERTISED WITH INFORMATION AS TO HOW TO GET THE WORK--DIRECTLY FROM SAID AUTHOR! This includes ones who work WITH Green--i.e., Coleman, etc. We do not exclude truth or value of "work" because a man either disagrees with me or gets a bad case of greedies. How is it that somehow Ekkers, again, get all the credit of running everything when the whole thing in problem WAS RUN DIRECTLY BY GEORGE GREEN?

You who go forth proclaiming patriotism and freedom and serve the black forces--are interesting indeed. There is a full movement afoot to bring back justice and some form of Constitutional law--hopefully--however, you are being "HAD" by thieves and idiots from Oregon to Australia and around to Sussex, England. There is even "one" who touts himself as a "lawyer" in knowing of all the "ways" to handle everything from a traffic ticket to closing courts--B.S.--go for "that idiotic fraud and you will be 'creamed'". There is a lot of good going on but there is also a LOT of confusion and ego-trippers who simply add to the certain downfall of your society in their "good intentions". USE YOUR HEADS!

Who does the paper support? Everyone and anyone who has a story in truth to the limitations of time and space and timely importance.

Ones who ask for our help and then go forth and make absurd clowns of themselves before the bench--thanks to this "authority" input--are going to find themselves without assistance at all if they cannot get control of their own actions. They may act the fool all they wish--we will not participate in their self-centered games--even if they, in concept, be correct in knowledge. Act the insane party and you shall be so-treated-with psychiatric evaluations to prove you are insane--count on it. Then, do not sit back and blame GOD for your own foolish actions and antics. What happens is they don't feel a need to lower self to the insight of God in anything--only tout the "name of" and then act like mentally deficient accusers in their own self-claimed know-it-all attitudes. There are more of these around clouding issues than you might realize--actually hurting their own cause and then when they "blow it", blame God for failure. WHEN GOD ACTS--HE DOES NOT "BLOW" IT. I do not go about forcing anyone to do anything--however, neither do I care for even the remotest suggestion that I give advice of such behavior in any instance. Now, I am going to change the subject because it is time you ones REALIZE--YOU ARE INTO THE TIMES PROPHESIED! Keep pretending it will "go away" and the only thing which will go away is you and yours.


I have written on this subject and the "towers" for many times and many months. This is a series (network) of large towers for communications and warning "...WHEN THERE IS A NUCLEAR ATTACK". This is what the government says so don't go with the old "no more cold war" garbage. These towers are being placed all over the map--anywhere it is deemed appropriate--in spite of "land-owners" or anything else of citizen input. The following is a written article sent to us (from California) dealing with a California resident and such "land-owner" when confronted by the engineers putting up these massive structures. I hope it will seep into your realization that this is ONE MORE evidence of your controlled state of being. This deals with a resident citizen by the name of Ken Rose. He does not know of this writing but certainly needs some help--except that citizens, there IS NO HELP--THE DYE IS CAST--THE DEED'S DONE. THERE IS NO "PREVENTION" OF THESE THINGS--THAT PART IS OVER.


....Last week Surprise Valley resident Ken Rose received a letter from the United States Department of Defense. Rose was informed the Department of the Army is going to buy some of his land; they are choosing the location, and they will determine the price.

An irate Rose told the U.S. Army representative that he did not want to sell the property and was told in response, "FINE, WE WILL CONDEMN THE LAND AND CLAIM IT UNDER THE 'RIGHT OF EMINENT DOMAIN'."

"This is the United States of America; I didn't think the government was supposed to threaten its citizens, and confiscate their land," said Rose. "The BLM owns property all around me, why can't they use government land? They are carving out a section of my field, making the rest of the land useless to me".

The Army's said intent is to build a 290 foot tower on 11.5 acres of land just east of Cedarville. The tower will be part of the Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN).

Concerned Modoc County Supervisor Ron McIntyre was able to contact Captain Roy Gardener, officer in charge of the GWEN project. McIntyre was told by the Massachusetts based officer that the tower is one of twenty-nine sites in the U.S. [H: And if you believe that number you are really dead ducks] that will be used to aid in communications AFTER A NUCLEAR ATTACK. It is part of the National Command Network. The tower will be built on the Ken Rose property by May, 1994. The tower will be supported by a large series of guy wires, have a 24 hour flashing beacon, a perimeter fence and a couple of equipment sheds. In addition the tower complex will contain a generator and a backup generator. The unmanned tower will activate 12 seconds every hour. The project is said to be environmentally benign, and will put out about 3,000 watts.

Mr. Rose has signed no papers deeding his land to the government.

About five years ago the government contacted Rose along with several other valley ranchers, concerning appropriation of their lands. At that time Rose agreed to sell the government a far corner of his land bordering BLM lands. They agreed on a price and the location. Four years ago the project was said to be abandoned because the tower would be obsolete before it was completed.

In late June of this year, Rose received a letter from the U.S. Army requesting permission for right of entry for survey and exploration. Rose signed the document thinking the Army would be surveying the agreed upon site.

The first week in September, Rose received another letter from the Department of the Army notifying him of the location of the parcel they were acquiring. It is located 400 feet south of his northern boundary line. This leaves a 400 foot by 700 foot strip of land between the tower and the BLM land. The agreed upon price was lowered to twenty cents on the dollar.

"What can I do with this narrow strip of land? I can't use a pivot to irrigate with a chunk cut out of the middle. I can't sell it as a building site, who wants to live next to a 290 foot tower, blinking all night, emitting who knows what? I am a developer by profession. How can I develop this land? If this were truly a matter of national security, I would gladly give them the land," said Rose.

Joe Colt, Modoc County Supervisor expressed incredulity at the government's actions, "There are thousands of acres of government land around here that could be used instead of picking on a private landowner. Certainly moving the tower 400 feet to the north and locating it on public land would make sense. In fact, they could locate the tower on the government land on Sugar Hill, where the existing tower is being abandoned. We need to stand up for our local citizens when the government tries to push them around. The government has lawyers on their payrolls, and unlimited funds; a private citizen can't afford to fight them".

None of the people living adjacent to the project have been notified that anything is happening.

"My daughter has cancer. Electromagnetic fields have been implicated in juvenile cancer cases. Whether this is true or not, I can't afford to take the chance", said a worried neighbor.

Another landowner adjacent to the project asked, "Aren't they supposed to notify us in case we want to protest or something? Will they at least put lights on it in December so it will be a giant Christmas tree? They could put it in Long Valley, no one would notice it there. I question the need of this tower, the cold war has stopped since the initial funding. They have plenty of communication satellites that are more efficient and are all ready in place. It seems to be a waste of taxpayers' money, unless it's going to be a gigantic Democratic phallic symbol".

According to Modoc County Planner Scott Kessler, the government has assured him the site has passed the National Environmental Agency requirements, and the finding of "No Significance" requirements.

Kessler said he hasn't reviewed any of the Army's documents. He feels they need a conditional use permit and that has not been applied for.

The government also has the power to pre-empt all rules that apply to the normal citizen.

"This action on the part of the military does nothing to benefit the Valley. There are no jobs created, no new taxes generated, in fact they will be taking more land off the tax rolls. Property values in the area will drop. There are no positive returns for this valley or its residents", adds Rose. "My lawyer told me, 'If the government wants your wife, kiss her goodbye'. I know it's practically hopeless to fight the government, but I want the rest of the valley to know what's happening. They could be next".

Randy Humble, manager of the Cedarville Airport expressed concern, "Those little low flying jets that race down the east side of the valley are lost. They think they're in Long Valley, and it will only be a matter of time before one of them hits the tower or its guy wires. Also it's much too close to our airport's traffic pattern".

When an Army representative was questioned on why they couldn't use BLM land, he replied, "It's not worth the hassle".

Ken Rose has plans for developing his properties. The Army's project will not do any of these things. Calling your governmental representatives to complain may help. There is a listing of names on page two of this paper. [H: We do not have that listing, however, it appears that this article was in the Modoc County Record, Cedarville, California--by, Jean Bilsdeaux, with a work number: 916: 279-6125.]

"I guess the only thing I can say is, we are not happy with their attitude towards their procurement of our property".


* * *

Why would I run something like this above, in the Introduction of a JOURNAL? Because it is TYPICAL of what has come to be in your world. If you cannot see it coming--God help you!


I think you need another reminder of how cut and dried are the responses of government and your representatives to EVERYTHING--all neatly planned and lies already printed for your consumption.

The following is a typical response to a well thought out and extremely well written letter to one, Wally Herger, of the 2nd District, California, 2433 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington D.C. Congress of the United States, 20515-0502. Now, while reading this, you must remember the MILLIONS of now unemployed workers in your nation or you will lose the comedy aspect of this response.


Mr. Stan Brandenburg

306 N Main St.

Alturas, California 96101

Dear Stan:

Thank you for letting me know of your concern with regard to the North American Free Trade Agreement. I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to address this issue.

I believe Congress must be prepared to walk away from any trade agreement which would adversely impact American workers and our economy. Moreover, I believe that any trade agreement we eventually accept with Mexico, or any other nation, must be beneficial to northern California and the overall economy.

It is anticipated that the northern California economy will benefit significantly from increased exports of U.S. products to Mexico under NAFTA. Currently, Mexican tariffs on U.S. exports average 2 1/2 times higher than U.S. tariffs on imports of products from Mexico. NAFTA would phase out these tariffs which currently benefit Mexico, thus "leveling the playing field" for American workers. NAFTA is expected to benefit the wood products and agriculture industries in the North State. Organizations such as the California Chamber of Commerce, California Farm Bureau and the California Cattlemen's Association are strongly supportive of NAFTA because of the potential to increase exports and spur economic growth in northern California.

You may be interested to know that U.S. exports to Mexico have created approximately 400,000 jobs for American workers in the last five years. NAFTA is expected to create 325,000 new jobs in the U.S., and it is important to note that export-related jobs pay an average of 17% more than other manufacturing jobs.

I certainly do not want to see the sovereignty of the U.S. government weakened by any trade agreement. [H: Perhaps here is the most significant statement of the whole day: "....the sovereignty OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT…….(???)!] At the same time, I believe that we need to pursue agreements which will be mutually beneficial to both the American people and our trading partners, and that this can be done without sacrificing our autonomy. In 1990, U.S. exports accounted for 88 percent of the increase in the Gross National Product, the primary measurement of the U.S. economy. Also, past trade agreements have proven to be beneficial to our economy. For example, we have seen agricultural exports to Canada increase by 130% since the implementation of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement in 1988.

In any event, I will not support any trade pact unless I am convinced that the agreement, on the whole, is better for U.S. workers and our northern California economy. However, as I understand the current draft of the treaty, and given the above statistics, I believe that NAFTA would indeed be beneficial to Northern California. For that reason, it is my current intention to support such a treaty when it comes before me for consideration.

Again, I appreciate your taking the time to express your views, and sincerely hope you will continue to contact me regarding federal issues of importance to you.


Wally Herger

Member of Congress


* * *

Still think the wee small voice of WE-THE-PEOPLE is heard throughout your halls of justice and legislation?




FRI., AUG. 20, 1993 4:07 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 004

FRI., AUGUST 20, 1993


How bad will it get before it begins to turn about? Much worse--for you are in the upstart of the actual physical things planned to come upon you. Most of the nation has already gone to sleep and forgotten the bad dream of Ruby Creek, Idaho and Waco, Texas. Too much comes and goes and attention is scattered as to the winds. That, chelas, IS THE PLAN! What is afoot is a set-up of more terror, more war, more evil, more immorality, more control, more lies, more hostility and more force--now come against you from teams you know not, you can fathom not and had no idea you were inviting within your very beings. And how do you stop this insanity of a world gone mad as the Elite effort to take control and OWN YOUR WORLD? Well, war cannot be driven out by war, for the use of evil breeds more evil, hostility more hostility, and the use of force more force. So, where can you go and what can you do? I don't know about your going and doing--but before you go or do--you have to KNOW!


If YOU allow the Waco incident to go unchallenged--you may as well be DEAD right now. That one incident of deliberate holocaust was directed in many directions to represent many things. Not the least of which--is to show you-the-people, that anything "Christian" in projection--WILL BE DESTROYED-- HORRIBLY!

There is a rather short video tape that is available--and perhaps the staff will give you the information regarding getting it for viewing. YOU WILL BE SICKENED UNTO WEEPING. [Editor's note: the tape is available from American Justice Federation, 3850 South Emerson Avenue, Suite E, Indianapolis, IN 46203; phone: 317-780-5204; fax: 317-780-5209; title: "Waco, The Big Lie"].

NOTHING IS AS YOU WERE TOLD, OR EVEN SHOWN. Right there on film is PROOF of what happened at Waco on that fateful incineration day.

Early in the morning the ATF troops were SEEN AND FILMED sealing off the exits to the underground bunkers where dozens of children and residents were seeking shelter. The bunkers were deliberately incinerated and the smoke was visible right from the tanks doing the burning. Then all the other dirty work with the tanks was filmed--from blocking all the exits to the actual starting of the fires. There were FLAMES coming out from gas jets on the ARMS of the tanks crashing the building. There are pictures of teams milling about in hoods and ATF gear literally doing the shooting and grenading their own team members--actually shooting the troops who died. Strange thing--the three who died in one room—deliberately--were former members of the Security guard for CANDIDATE Clinton.

Indeed, the media covers truth--but the masses are already against the government and its atrocities. Already there are well over 85% of the people actually against the government and its antics. You wouldn't know that, however, would you? How could you? You are only told what you are wanted to hear and see. The government, however, will continue right on without the support of the majority of the people--YOU SIMPLY DO NOT MATTER! You who refuse to look upon reality will be doomed to experience it. If, however, you see a pit in front of you--you don't have to jump into it! I tell you now, what the prophets are saying to you if you will but harken: "IF YOU DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM THE FACE OF GOD, YOU WILL BE SAVED". Continue in the foolish denial and you shall surely experience the throes of Hell.


Regardless of that which is wished to believe--America is a special, chosen nation. As has been told to you again and again by the prophets in their visions, it has a special destiny--this is why the Hosts serve in physical exchange in this nation for this very work. It lessens not the other places of the planet--it is simply that this is THE chosen place for destiny to fulfill its cycle. Of course there are OTHER--ALL plays its own significant part but, my dear ones--when a people depart from such destiny, horrible retribution is brought upon themselves. No, God doesn't jump in and hit you. But the focus is as if it would be so. Man will do this terrible thing unto you for you have turned away from the very God whose predictions came that you would fall prey to the curses of MAN as he devours all to have all that is physical. The Satanic PLAN 2000 is unfolding exactly according to the Protocol for same. You, however, who become informed--have THE weapon beyond all weapons of mankind--YOU HAVE GOD AND HE WINS!

I can only say, however, that if you allow things like the Waco murders of babies, rampant abortions (murder of babies) and other "trendy" murders to go unchecked--you SHALL NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TIME WITH OTHER THAN HORROR AND MISERY. You CAN prepare for selves but you will need do so within their system--lest they slay you.

Dharma was weeping as the work and toil for preparations within her dwelling were wiped away with one signature of a Judge's pen in a judicial system gone insane. The ongoing legal harangue with just George Green has been debilitating and all the rest of that which was prepared, basically LOST. The projects had to stop while all focus centered on possible wrong-doing. The Institute stands stronger than ever but the cost has been terrible in lost time--a whole year lost in the growing fields. Beloved friends gave an irrigation system made available for the Spelta fields. This is the GRAIN OF LIFE as far back as you can dream. Now it is harvest day--and with the drought and inability to water in time for full growth--the harvest is small. It will, however, allow for seed for the next planting. I would not wish the return "rewards" which these antagonists and adversaries will receive for their greedy, dastardly deeds. And furthermore, I weary of the mush-mouthed demanders of their "special treatment" who continue to write, call and spiel about the airwaves their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This, my friends, IS THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL--TO CLAIM "LOVE" WHILE YOU DAMAGE ANOTHER FOR YOUR OWN GAIN.

What of G.G.? Who is it that cares?? He continues to call--even to ones here who were totally mistreated by him while he was here--seeking information, etc. This is fine, just mark who you ARE who receives and exchanges in THIS MANNER--for when the piper marches off--your position shall possibly not be too great either. He also calls ones with his lies--the last to a precious lady, telling her that the Ekkers through the Institute still spend about $75 to $80 thousand A MONTH. The amount varies according to his listener. How absurd--he is the one who has it in hold-pattern for RECEIVERSHIP--except the Judge threw his case OUT OF COURT! He has lied to the court and to everyone else until he cannot be accepted as a witness in his own behalf--that is serious, readers. He doesn't pay his attorney, so Horton apparently is working on contingency--so he pursues everything and every extension of time--to hold onto some strings on the "gold". This is as miserable a showing as I have witnessed. He keeps entering motion and suit upon suit and Leon says, "Ekkers bring it upon themselves by their court suits"? Ekkers have brought no original suits--but every new challenge from the opposition has to be faced and met. If Horton is your idea (as advertised) of a "Constitutional attorney"--then I believe you can see WHY YOU ARE IN SUCH SERIOUS TROUBLE!!

At any rate, I tell my scribe, "forget it"--there is now nothing to come and confiscate from you. The police were here just today from more "complaints". They have become quite protective of these people--just shake their heads and go away. One of them is actually involved in bringing charges for theft against Green. He is also on the highest ranking SWAT team and has trained in Russia (Moscow). I think the association is one of positive encounter and the opposition may find less and less full police attention to their miserable ploys.

I would also suggest that some of you local persons who turned into the adversary group to bear tales and cause pain and misery--you are finding yourselves, one after another, in some pretty uncomfortable circumstances from health problems to near breakdowns. You cannot spread so much venom and not have the poison move within. It is a simple universal truth. Even the rattlesnake cannot endure the Asp's bite.

Let us change the focus please, back to general topics of interest to EVERYONE. The above SHOULD be, because even though you may not know the players and THINK it can only be personal and not of your concern--ALL is your concern--for only the NAMES are changed and it matters not, for instance, whether or not the massacre was done at Waco or East Springfield. It matters not whether the injustice system strikes my scribe or you, the reader--IT IS THE SAME! EVERYTHING is personal to YOU. Let us, however, look into a small piece of that "judicial" network. Let us move to look at what possibly might shed light instead of more lies on the murder (suicide?) of one Vincent Foster, Jr.

We have told you what happened and I could tell you WHY--but it will unfold--truth will eventually "out". Do you remember me telling you about BIG campaign backing for Clinton by a family named Stephens and the Worthen group? It was interesting but not worthy of repeating here. They were not even Democrats--they just paid off, bribed, served crime and anyone "big" equally. It is more than in this instance but basically they are just part of the whole BIG nest of criminals. So, again, thanks to Spotlight I can protect my own rear by simply sharing Mike Blair's investigative talents.

We have an interruption and it is very late. Perhaps we can take up here tomorrow.



TUE., AUG. 24, 1993 10:12 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 8

TUE., AUGUST 24, 1993


Don't, please, take time to perfect this message--it needs to go NOW!

Our friend, Gunther Russbacher is ordered to testify THIS MORNING (probably under way or over as we place this on the networks), to a Missouri State Grand Jury.

This testimony is, of course, coincidental with the final decision as to whether or not to parole the man. My suggestion would be, to him, to not fight them and that way we can all live to fight another day. EVERYTHING in politics is FIXED and a lot of very high-level necks are riding on testimony--and especially IF backed by documentation and PROOF. Gunther has BOTH. However, he is not stupid enough to play into their hands before they offer something. "They" "think" "THEY" have the upper hand but that is only over a man's physical incarceration. Gunther must realize that this is nothing more than a "game" they have set up and HE does not have to be the sole bearer of this load.

YOU do not know this man's contract, or, for that matter, whether or not he is even on the side of hope and goodliness. His freedom, however, serves this nation well.

There will be untold pressures brought to bear which are far more difficult to handle than bamboo shoots under the fingernails--WHY? Because the adversary NEVER plays fair nor with justice. There are threats (more) to Gunther's family for he served this nation and the high-level nit-wits at the very highest levels of intelligence--Naval Intelligence.

You ALL want to know what is under way--when the most dangerous thing you can know is "what is going on". I would NEVER betray to satisfy YOUR curiosity.

You are going to find that the "hearings" (Grand Jury) will cover a LOT of very important Missouri top-ranking people and the domino effect will get a lot of high-level Washington criminals--some you will not even relate to anything going on.

For instance, how many of you are aware that the person under "stamps" misuse hoopla--was one of the passengers who went to the PARIS "area" for "Surprise in October"? There is NO way that you-the-people can get this information unless you stay tuned to something like this paper and network--you surely aren't going to get THIS anywhere else--however, the system's network, the CONTACT and this phone-line are monitored constantly. JUST THE "KNOWING" CAUSES THE "CONTROL SYSTEM" TO CAREFULLY CONSIDER CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS--BECAUSE "YOU" ARE THE IMPORTANT ONES TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION--YOU-THE-PEOPLE! The games will continue and the pressures will continue but YOU must consider the best approach and I suggest that you bury that Missouri government, from the governor UP and DOWN WITH MESSAGES, to listen carefully to this man AND LET HIM GO! HOWEVER, YOU MUST ACT RIGHT NOW--BEFORE A RULING COMES IN, for Gunther is to learn his second parole hearing outcome THIS WEEK--coincidence??


Now, as we turn from that subject briefly--the most kind and gentle thing that you, who are George Green's friends, can do this day--is to warn him that by continuing to buck the elements telling him to cease and desist with his activities against these people, the Ekkers and the CONTACT, is going to cost him DEARLY. He hears ME not--just continues to thrash about with the incredible lies and ridiculous "cause". The facts are that the CONTACT, The Institute, The Ekkers and YOU-THE-PEOPLE have the way to reach the people and these masters at intelligence "on both sides of the issue" have grown to DEPEND on the credibility of EVERY STATEMENT COMING FROM THIS KEYBOARD AND SPEAKER. GOD isn't particularly interested in one George Green and the foolish antics of him, Horton, Perry, Anderson, etc., etc., BUT THE NAVY SEALS, THE NAVAL INTELLIGENCE, THE CIA, THE PATRIOTS, THE TRUTH NETWORKS ARE--MOST INTERESTED INDEED TO HAVE THIS PRESSURE RELIEVED AND THE TERRIBLE DECEITFUL ASSAULT STOPPED. There are also totally criminal elements involved here--ALSO after him--and I can only WARN you, George and Desiree,--THE ENEMY HAS MARKED YOU! YOU have made your choices AGAINST the Truth and Light--regardless of how it may seem to you--and very HUMAN beings are "after" you. THEY have warned you at least TWICE now, and the next time gets more uncomfortable and every time afterward gets even more DANGEROUS.

You seem to think you are playing in a game of Tiddle-de-Winks and arguing over bits of gold and ego. NO--you are interfering with the most high-level inner-workings of the most powerful "sides" in the world order today!



Am "I" going to protect my people? YES INDEED! And, further, to do so--I warn you ones against me, to back off and cease your foolish actions for YOU are the FOOLS caught in a very "BIG" game.

You think you can now pass out University of Science and Philosophy information and tout their greatness? Go right ahead--because they are a functioning branch of The British Crown's Intelligence forces, MI6. Do THEY know it? The ones at the TOP certainly DO!

George, I suggest you consider what Horton is doing in your behalf and consider what is likely to happen out of all this incredible Intelligence Service involvement and reconsider YOUR STANCE!

You use the architect originally paid by the Institute; you again team up with ones who had such problems while abiding "HERE" that they are totally confused as to relationships and direction--and now serve in the compressed block business with materials which will melt with the first rainfall. I'm sorry, but I do not CONDONE this action in any way whatsoever.

By the way--you say, George, to some, that you sat and watched Ekker "counting the loot" of that gold from Overton, and "having a ball over it"!



I, however, do remind you that I, myself ("Hatonn") am a most awesome opponent. I believe that in spite of your turncoat tail-about, that you KNOW THAT VERY, VERY WELL!

In closing, please KNOW about the "jury" hearings, pay attention to ALL information as it comes forth and PRAY HARD FOR YOUR BROTHERS LEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR RECLAMATION ARE LOST AS THEY ARE LOST.




Editor's note: Quite often, over the last several years of writings, Commander Hatonn has referred to the central role that active "mind control" plays in the elite controllers' ongoing New World Order plan. For example, go back just two weeks ago where we reprinted again, in the CONTACT, on pages 64-80, THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION--the basic longstanding blueprint for Satanic takeover and control--and note how this disgusting information overflows with mind control innuendo.

Such mind control takes the form of everything from blunt and obvious psychosurgery--like a lobotomy--at the one extreme, to the skillful use of subtle forms of brainwashing such as occurs just about every second of radio and television broadcasting. After all, the soap operas tell us how to behave (gag) and the ever prolific commercials tell us--no, SCREAM at us--about what it is we really can't be without for another day longer (perish the thought).

Also, in the April 6, 1993 CONTACT, on pages 5 - 17, we presented information under the headline "Microwave Harassment And Mind-Control Experimentation" which went into great detail about dastardly directed-energy weapons, for example employing microwaves, and their scary utilization for mind control and incapacitations, both mental and physical. In other words, the bottom line is: WE ARE THERE!

Well, it has been our intention to flesh out this topic of "mind control" for some time, though you may have noticed the size of recent CONTACT issues has sort of kept us from desiring to add even more pages to the size of the "logs" arriving on your doorsteps. But now it is time to get on with this subject. The best general and introductory investigation into modern mind control shenanigans has been done by Harry Martin's Napa Sentinel--the same source that you readers may remember gave us the incredible report on the INSLAW software scandal, computer software that our government stole from the inventor and uses to keep track of its sordid drug business, among other obscene enterprises.

We begin our presentation of this superb Napa Sentinel material below. While reading along here, the alert, long-time reader of CONTACT and, before that, THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, will no doubt be making numerous connections to other issues and people since undercurrents of CIA involvements and key names connected to other scandals, appear here too. Naturally. It especially adds strength to the "cast of recurring criminal characters" to read this information from the Napa Sentinel's investigations in conjunction with the assemblage we've put together of Ray Renick's "connections" on pages 22 - 47. Geez, that gang of crooks are a busy lot. But remember, OUR best defense begins with the KNOWING of what they are up to. So read on!


August 13, 1991

By Harry V. Martin and David Caul

Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991

There was just a small news announcement on the radio in early July after a short heat wave -- three inmates of Vacaville [California] Medical Facility had died in non-air conditioned cells. Two of those prisoners, the announcement said, may have died as a result of medical treatment. No media inquiries were made, no major news stories developed because of these deaths.

But what was the medical treatment that may have caused their deaths? The Medical Facility indicates they were mind control or behavior modification treatments. A deeper probe into the death of these two inmates unravels a mind-boggling tale of horror that has been part of California penal history for a long time -- and one that caused national outcries two decades ago.

Mind control experiments have been part of California for decades and permeate mental institutions and prisons. But, it is not just in the penal society that mind control measures have been used. Minority children were subjected to experimentation at abandoned Nike Missile Sites, veterans who fought for American freedom were also subjected to the programs. Funding and experimentations of mind control have been part of the U.S. Health, Education and Welfare Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Central Intelligence Agency through the Phoenix Program, the Stanford Research Institute, the Agency for International Development, the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, and the National Science Foundation.

California has been in the forefront of mind control experimentation. Government experiments also were conducted in the Haight-Ashbury District in San Francisco at the height of the Hippy reign. In 1974, Senator Sam Ervin -- of Watergate fame -- headed a U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights studying the subject of "Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification". Though little publicity was given to this committee's investigation, Senator Ervin issued a strong condemnation of the federal role in mind control. That condemnation, however, did not halt mind control experiments -- they just received more circuitous funding.

Many of the case histories concerning individuals of whom the mind control experiments were used, show a strange concept in the minds of those seeking guinea pigs. Those subject to the mind control experiments would be given indefinite sentences; their freedom was dependent upon how well the experiment went. One individual, for example, was arrested for joyriding, given a two-year sentence and held for mind control experiments. He was held for 18 years.

Here are just a few experiments used in the mind control program:

* A naked inmate is strapped down on a board. His wrists and ankles are cuffed to the board and his head is rigidly held in place by a strap around his neck and a helmet on his head. He is left in a darkened cell, unable to remove his body wastes. When a meal is delivered, one wrist is unlocked so he could feel around in the dark for his food and attempt to pour liquid down his throat without being able to lift his head.

* Another experiment creates a muscle relaxant. Within 30 to 40 seconds paralysis begins to invade the small muscles of the fingers, toes, and eyes and then the inter-costal muscles and diaphragm. The heart slows down to about 60 beats per minute. This condition, together with respiratory arrests, sets in for as long as two to five minutes before the drug begins to wear off. The individual remains fully conscious and is gasping for breath. It is "likened to dying, it is almost like drowning" the experiment states.

* Another drug induces vomiting and was administered to prisoners who didn't get up on time or caught swearing or lying, or even not greeting their guards formally. The treatment brings about uncontrolled vomiting that lasts from 15 minutes to an hour, accompanied by a temporary cardio-vascular effect involving changes in the blood pressure.

* Another deals with creating body rigidness, aching restlessness, blurred vision, severe muscular pain, trembling and fogged cognition.

The Department of Health, Education and Welfare and the U.S. Army have admitted mind control experiments. Many deaths have occurred.

In tracing the steps of government mind control experiments, the trail leads to legal and illegal usages, usage for covert intelligence operations, and experiments on innocent people who were unaware that they were being used.


EDITOR'S NOTE: The Sentinel commenced a series on mind control in early August and suspended it until September be-cause of the extensive research required after additional information was received

In July, two inmates died at the Vacaville Medical Facility. According to prison officials at the time, the two may have died as a result of medical treatment -- that treatment was the use of mind control or behavior modification drugs. A deeper study into the deaths of the two inmates has unraveled a mind-boggling tale of horror that has been part of California penal history for a long time -- and one that caused national outcries years ago.

In the August article, the Sentinel presented a graphic portrait of some of the mind control experiments that have been allowed to continue in the United States. In November, 1974, a U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights investigated federally-funded behavior modification programs, with emphasis on federal involvement in, and the possible threat to individual constitutional rights of, behavior modification, especially involving inmates in prisons and mental institutions.

The Senate committee was appalled after reviewing documents from the following sources:

* Neuro-Research Foundation's study entitled The Medical Epidemiology of Criminals.

* The Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence from UCLA.

* The closed adolescent treatment center.

A national uproar was created by various articles in 1974, which prompted the Senate investigation. But after all these years, the news that two inmates at Vacaville may have died from these same experiments indicates that though a nation was shocked in 1974, little was done to correct the experimentations in 1977, a Senate subcommittee on Health and Scientific Re-search, chaired by Senator Ted Kennedy, focused on the CIA's testing of LSD on unwitting citizens. Only a mere handful of people within the CIA knew about the scope and details of the program.

To understand the full scope of the problem, it is important to study its origins. The Kennedy subcommittee learned about the CIA Operation MK-ULTRA through the testimony of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. The purpose of the program, according to his testimony, was to "investigate whether and how it was possible to 'modify an individual's behavior by covert means". Claiming the protection of the National Security Act, Dr. Gottlieb was unwilling to tell the Senate subcommittee what had been learned or gained by these experiments.

He did state, however, that the program was initially engendered by a concern that the Soviets and other enemies of the United States would get ahead of the U.S. in this field. Through the Freedom of Information Act, researchers are now able to obtain documents detailing the MK-ULTRA program and other CIA behavior modification projects in a special reading room located on the bottom floor of the Hyatt Regency in Rosslyn, VA.

The most daring phase of the MK-ULTRA program involved slipping unwitting American citizens LSD in real life situations. The idea for the series of experiments originated in November, 1941, under William Donovan, founder and director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) -- the forerunner of the CIA during World War Two. At that time the intelligence agency invested $5000 for the "truth drug" program. Experiments with scopolamine and morphine proved both unfruitful and very dangerous. The program tested scores of other drugs, including mescaline, barbiturates, benzedrine, cannabis indica, to name a few.

The U.S. was highly concerned over the heavy losses of freighters and other ships in the North Atlantic -- all victims of German U-boats. Information about German U-boat strategy was desperately needed and it was believed that the information could be obtained through drug-influenced interrogations of German naval POWs - in violation of the Geneva Accords.

Tetrahydrocannabinol acetate -- a colorless, odorless marijuana extract -- was used to lace a cigarette or food substance without detection. Initially, the experiments were done on volunteer U.S. Army and OSS personnel, and testing was also disguised as a remedy for shell shock. The volunteers became known as "Donovan's Dreamers". The experiments were so hush-hush, that only a few top officials knew about them. President Franklin Roosevelt was aware of the experiments. The "truth drug" achieved mixed success.

The experiments were halted when a memo was written: "The drug defies all but the most expert and search analysis, and for all practical purposes can be considered beyond analysis". The OSS did not, however, halt the program. In 1943 field tests of the extract were being conducted, despite the order to halt them. The most celebrated test was conducted by Captain George Hunter White, an OSS agent and ex-law enforcement official, on August Del Grazio, aka Augie Dalls, aka Dell, aka Little Augie -- a New York gangster. Cigarettes laced with the acetate were offered to Augie without his knowledge of the content. Augie, who had served time in prison for assault and murder, had been one of the world's most notorious drug dealers and smugglers. He operated an opium alkaloid factory in Turkey and he was a leader in the Italian underworld on the Lower East Side of New York. Under the influence of the drug, Augie revealed volumes of information about the underworld operation, including the names of high ranking officials who took bribes from the mob. These experiments led to the encouragement of Donovan. A new memo was issued: "Cigarette experiments indicated that we had a mechanism which offered promise in relaxing prisoners to be interrogated".

When the OSS was disbanded after the war, Captain White continued to administer behavior-modifying drugs. In 1947, the CIA replaced the OSS. White's service record indicates that he worked with the OSS, and by 1954 he was a high ranking Federal Narcotics Bureau officer who had been loaned to the CIA on a part-time basis.

White rented an apartment in Greenwich Village equipped with one-way mirrors, surveillance gadgets and disguised himself as a seaman. White drugged his acquaintances with LSD and brought them back to his apartment. In 1955, the operation shifted to San Francisco. In San Francisco, "safehouses" were established under the code name Operation Midnight Climax. Midnight Climax hired prostitute addicts who lured men from bars back to the safehouses after their drinks had been spiked with LSD. White filmed the events in the safehouses. The purpose of these "national security brothels" was to enable the CIA to experiment with the act of lovemaking for extracting information from men. The safehouse experiments continued until 1963, until CIA Inspector General John Earman criticized Richard Helms, the director of the CIA and father of the MK-ULTRA Project. Earman charged the new director John Mc-Cone had not been fully briefed on the MK-ULTRA project when he took office and that "the concepts involved in manipulating human behavior are found by many people within and outside the Agency to be distasteful and unethical". He stated that "the rights and interests of U.S. citizens are placed in jeopardy". The Inspector General stated that "LSD had been tested on individuals at all social levels, high and low, native American and foreign".

Earman's criticisms were rebuffed by Helms, who warned, "Positive operation capacity to use drugs is diminishing owing to a lack of realistic testing. Tests were necessary to keep up with the Soviets". But in 1964, Helms had testified before the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of President John Kennedy, that "Soviet research has consistently lagged five years behind Western research".

Upon leaving government service in 1966, Captain White wrote a startling letter to his superior. In the letter to Dr. Gottlieb, Captain White reminisced about his work in the safehouses with LSD. His comments were frightening. "I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun", White wrote. "Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest"?

(NEXT: How the drug experiments helped bring about the rebirth of the Mafia and the French Connection).



Though the CIA continued to maintain drug experiments in the streets of America after the program was officially cancelled, the United States reaped tremendous value from it. With George Hunter White's connection to underworld figure Little Augie, connections were made with Mafia king-pin Lucky Luciano, who was in Dannemore Prison.

Luciano wanted freedom, the Mafia wanted drugs, and the United States wanted Sicily. The date was 1943. Augie was the go-between between Luciano and the United States War Department.

Luciano was transferred to a less harsh prison and began to be visited by representatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence and by underworld figures, such as Meyer Lansky. A strange alliance was formed between the U.S. Intelligence agencies and the Mafia, who controlled the West Side docks in New York. Luciano regained active leadership in organized crime in America.

The U.S. Intelligence community utilized Luciano's underworld connections in Italy. In July of 1943, Allied forces launched their invasion of Sicily -- the beginning push into occupied Europe. General George Patton's Seventh Army advanced through hundreds of miles of territory that was fraught with difficulty -- booby trapped roads, snipers, confusing mountain topography, all within close range of 60,000 hostile Italian troops. All this was accomplished in four days -- a military "miracle" even for Patton.

Senator Estes Kefauver's Senate Subcommittee on Organized Crime asked, in 1951, how all this was possible. The answer was that the Mafia had helped to protect roads from Italian snipers, served as guides through treacherous mountain terrain, and provided needed intelligence to Patton's army. The part of Sicily which Patton's forces traversed had at one time been completely controlled by the Sicilian Mafia, until Benito Mussolini smashed it through the use of police repression.

Just prior to the invasion, it was hardly even able to continue shaking down farmers and shepherds for protection money. But the invasion changed all this, and the Mafia went on to play a very prominent and well-documented role in the American military occupation of Italy.

The expedience of war opened the doors to American drug traffic and Mafia domination. This was the beginning of the Mafia-U.S. Intelligence alliance -- an alliance that lasts to this day and helped to support the covert operations of the CIA, such as the Iran-Contra operations. In these covert operations, the CIA would obtain drugs from South America and Southeast Asia, sell them to the Mafia and use the money for the covert purchase of military equipment. These operations accelerated when Congress cut off military funding for the Contras.

One of the Allies' top occupation priorities was to liberate as many of their own soldiers from garrison duties as possible so that they could participate in the military offensive. In order to accomplish this, Don Calogero's Mafia were pressed into service, and in July of 1943, the Civil Affairs Control Office of the U.S. Army appointed him mayor of Villalba and other Mafia officials as mayors of other towns in Sicily.

As the Northern Italian offensive continued, Allied intelligence became very concerned over the extent to which the Italian Communists' resistance to Mussolini had driven Italian politics to the left. Community Party membership had doubled between 1943 and 1944, huge leftist strikes had shut down factories and the Italian underground fighting Mussolini had risen to almost 150,000 men. By mid-1944, the situation came to a head and the U.S. Army terminated arms drops to the Italian Resistance, and started appointing Mafia officials to occupation administration posts. Mafia groups broke up leftists' rallies and reactivated black market operations throughout southern Italy.

Lucky Luciano was released from prison in 1946 and deported to Italy, where he rebuilt the heroin trade. The court's decision to release him was made possible by the testimony of intelligence agents at this hearing, and a letter written by a naval officer reciting what Luciano had done for the Navy. Luciano was supposed to have served from 30 to 50 years in prison. Over 100 Mafia members were similarly deported within a couple of years.

Luciano set up a syndicate which transported morphine base from the Middle East to Europe, refined it into heroin, and then shipped it into the United States via Cuba. During the 1950s, Marseilles, in Southern France, became a major city for the heroin labs and the Corsican syndicate began to actively cooperate with the Mafia in the heroin trade. Those became popularly known as the French Connection.

In 1948, Captain White visited Luciano and his narcotics associate Nick Gentile in Europe. Gentile was a former American gangster who had worked for the Allied Military Government in Sicily. By this time, the CIA was already subsidizing Corsican and Italian gangsters to oust Communist unions from the Port of Marseilles. American strategic planners saw Italy and southern France as extremely important for their naval bases as a counterbalance to the growing naval forces of the Soviet Union. CIO-AFL organizer Irving Brown testified that, by the time the CIA subsidies were terminated in 1953, U.S. support was no longer needed because the profit from the heroin traffic was sufficient to sustain operations.

When Luciano was originally jailed, the U.S. felt it had eliminated the world's most effective underworld leader and the activities of the Mafia were seriously damaged. Mussolini had been waging a war since 1924 to rid the world of the Sicilian Mafia. Thousands of Mafia members were convicted of crimes and forced to leave the cities and hide out in the mountains.

Mussolini's reign of terror had virtually eradicated the international drug syndicates. Combined with the shipping surveillance during the war years, heroin trafficking had become almost nil. Drug use in the United States, before Luciano's release from prison, was on the verge of being entirely wiped out.


The U.S. Government has conducted three types of mind-control experiments:

* Real-life experiences, such as those used on Little Augie and the LSD experiments in the safehouses of San Francisco and Greenwich Village.

* Experiments on prisoners, such as in the California Medical Facility at Vacaville.

* Experiments conducted in both mental hospitals and the Veterans Administration hospitals.

Such experimentation requires money -- and the United States Government has funnelled funds for drug experiments through different agencies -- both overtly and covertly.

One of the funding agencies to contribute to the experimentation is the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), a unit of the U.S. Justice Department and one of President Richard Nixon's favorite pet agencies. The Nixon Administration was, at one time, putting together a program for detaining youngsters who showed a tendency toward violence in "concentration" camps. According to the Washington Post, the plan was authored by Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker. Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Robert Finch was told by John Erlichman, Chief of Staff for the Nixon White House, to implement the program. He proposed the screening of children of six years of age for tendencies toward criminality. Those who failed these tests were to be destined to be sent to the camps. The program was never implemented.

LEAA came into existence in 1968 with a huge budget to assist various U.S. law enforcement agencies. Its effectiveness, however, was not considered too great. After spending $6 billion, the F.B.I. reports general crime rose 31 percent and violent crime rose 50 percent. But little accountability was required of LEAA on how it spent its funds.

LEAA's role in the behavior modification research began at a meeting held in 1970 in Colorado Springs. Attending that meeting were Richard Nixon, Attorney General John Mitchell, John Erlichman, H.R. Haldeman and other White House staffers. They met with Dr. Bertram Brown, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, and forged a close collaboration between LEAA and the Institute. LEAA was a product of the Justice Department and the Institute was a product of HEW.

LEAA funded 350 projects involving medical procedures, behavior modification and drugs for delinquency control. Money from the Criminal Justice System was being used to fund mental health projects and vice versa. Eventually, the leadership responsibility and control of the Institute began to deteriorate and their scientists began to answer to LEAA alone.

The National Institute of Mental Health went on to become one of the greatest supporters of behavior modification research. Throughout the 1960s, court calendars became blighted with lawsuits on the part of "human guinea pigs" who had been experimented upon in prisons and mental institutions. It was these lawsuits which triggered the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights investigation, headed by Senator Sam Ervin. The subcommittee's harrowing report was virtually ignored by the news media.

Thirteen behavior modification programs were conducted by the Department of Defense. The Department of Labor had also conducted several experiments, as well as the National Science Foundation. The Veterans Administration was also deeply involved in behavior modification and mind control. Each of these agencies, including LEAA, and the Institute, were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research cover for the MK-ULTRA program.

Eventually, LEAA was using much of its budget to fund experiments, including aversive techniques and psychosurgery, which involved -- in some cases -- irreversible brain surgery on normal brain tissue for the purpose of changing or controlling behavior and-or emotions.

Senator Ervin questioned the head of LEAA concerning ethical standards of the behavior modification projects which LEAA had been funding. Ervin was extremely dubious about the idea of the government spending money on this kind of project without strict guidelines and reasonable research supervision in order to protect the human subjects. After Senator Ervin's denunciation of the funding polices, LEAA announced that it would no longer fund medical research into behavior modification and psychosurgery. Despite the pledge by LEAA's director, Donald. E. Santarelli, LEAA ended up funding 537 research projects dealing with behavior modification. There is strong evidence to indicate psychosurgery was still being used in prisons in the 1980s. Immediately after the funding announcement by LEAA, there were 50 psychosurgical operations at Atmore State Prison in Alabama. The inmates became virtual zombies. The operations, according to Dr. Swan of Fisk University, were done on black prisoners who were considered politically active.

The Veterans Administration openly admitted that psychosurgery was a standard procedure for treatment and not used just in experiments. The VA Hospitals in Durham, Long Beach, New York, Syracuse and Minneapolis were known to employ these techniques on a regular basis. VA clients could typically be subject to these behavior alteration procedures against their will. The Ervin subcommittee concluded that the rights of VA clients had been violated.

LEAA also subsidized the research and development of gadgets and techniques useful to behavior modification. Much of the technology, whose perfection LEAA funded, had originally been developed and made operational for use in the Vietnam War. Companies like Bangor Punta Corporation and Walter Kidde and Co., through its subsidiary Globe Security System, adapted these devices to domestic use in the U.S. ITT was another company that domesticated the warfare technology for potential use on U.S. citizens. Rand Corporation executive Paul Baran warned that the influx back to the United States of the Vietnam War surveillance gadgets alone -- not to mention the behavior modification hardware -- could bring about "the most effective, oppressive police state ever created".


One of the fascinating aspects of the scandals that plague the U.S. Government is the fact that so often the same names appear from scandal to scandal. From the origins of Ronald Reagan's political career, as Governor of California, Dr. Earl Brian and Edward Meese played key advisory roles.

Dr. Brian's name has been linked to the "October Surprise" and is a central figure in the government's theft of PROMIS software from INSLAW. Brian's role touches from the Cabazon Indian scandals to United Press International. He is one of those low-profile key figures.

And, alas, his name appears again in the nation's behavior modification and mind control experiments. Dr. Brian was Reagan's Secretary of Health when Reagan was Governor. Dr. Brian was an advocate of state subsidies for a research center for the study of violent behavior. The center was to begin operations by mid-1975, and its research was intended to shed light on why people murder or rape, or hijack aircraft. The center was to be operated by the University of California at Los Angeles, and its primary purpose, according to Dr. Brian, was to unify scattered studies on anti-social violence and possibly even touch on socially tolerated violence, such as football or war. Dr. Brian sought $1.3 million for the center.

It certainly was possible that prison inmates might be used as volunteer subjects at the center to discover the unknowns which triggered their violent behavior.

Dr. Brian's quest for the center came at the same time Governor Reagan concluded his plans to phase the state of California out of the mental hospital business by 1982. Reagan's plan is echoed by Governor Pete Wilson today -- to place the responsibility of rehabilitating young offenders squarely on the shoulders of local communities.

But as the proposal became known more publicly, a swell of controversy surrounded it. It ended in a fiasco. The inspiration for the violence center came from three doctors in 1967, five years before Dr. Brian and Governor Reagan unveiled their plans. Amidst urban rioting and civil protest, Doctors Sweet, Mark and Ervin of Harvard put forward the thesis that individuals who engage in civil disobedience possess defective or damaged brain cells. If this conclusion were applied to the American Revolution or the Women's Rights Movement, a good portion of American society would be labeled as having brain damage.

In a letter to the Journal of The American Medical Association, they stated: "That poverty, unemployment, slum housing, and inadequate education underlie the nation's urban riots is well known, but the obviousness of these causes may have blinded us to the more subtle role of other possible factors, including brain dysfunction in the rioters who engaged in arson, sniping and physical assault.

"There is evidence from several sources that brain dysfunction related to a focal lesion plays a significant role in the violent and assaultive behavior of thoroughly studied patients. Individuals with electroencephalographic abnormalities in the temporal region have been found to have a much greater frequency of behavioral abnormalities (such as poor impulse control, assaultiveness, and psychosis) than is present in people with a normal brain wave pattern".

Soon after the publication in the Journal, Dr. Ervin and Dr. Mark published their book Violence and the Brain, which included the claim that there were as many as 10 million individuals in the United States "who suffer from obvious brain disease". They argued that the data of their book provided a strong reason for starting a program of mass screening of Americans.

"Our greatest danger no longer comes from famine or communicable disease. Our greatest danger lies in ourselves and in our fellow humans...we need to develop an 'early warning test' of limbic brain function to detect those humans who have a low threshold for impulsive violence....Violence is a public health problem, and the major thrust of any program dealing with violence must be toward its prevention", they wrote.

The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration funded the doctors $108,000 and the National Institute of Mental Health kicked in another $500,000, under pressure from Congress. They believed that psychosurgery would inevitably be performed in connection with the program, and that, since it irreversibly impaired people's emotional and intellectual capacities, it could be used as an instrument of repression and social control.

The doctors wanted screening centers established throughout the nation. In California, the publicity associated with the doctors' report aided in the development of The Center For The Study And Reduction Of Violence. Both the state and LEAA provided the funding. The Center was to serve as a model for future facilities to be set up throughout the United States.

The Director of the Neuropsychiatric Institute and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA, Dr. Louis Jolyon West was selected to run the Center. Dr. West is alleged to have been a contract agent for the CIA, who, as part of a network of doctors and scientists, gathered intelligence on hallucinogenic drugs, including LSD, for the super-secret MK-ULTRA program. Like Captain White (see part three of this Series), West conducted LSD experiments for the CIA on unwitting citizens in the safehouses of San Francisco. He achieved notoriety for his injection of a massive dose of LSD into an elephant at the Oklahoma Zoo -- the elephant died when West tried to revive it by administering a combination of drugs.

Dr. West was further known as the psychiatrist who was called upon to examine Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald's assassin. It was on the basis of West's diagnosis that Ruby was compelled to be treated for mental disorders and put on happy pills. The West examination was ordered after Ruby began to say that he was part of a right-wing conspiracy to kill President John Kennedy. Two years after the commencement of treatment for mental disorder, Ruby died of cancer in prison.

After January 11, 1973, when Governor Reagan announced plans for the Violence Center, West wrote a letter to the then Director of Health for California, J. M. Stubblebine.

"Dear Stub:

"I am in possession of confidential information that the Army is prepared to turn over Nike missile bases to state and local agencies for non-military purposes. They may look with special favor on health-related applications.

"Such a Nike missile base is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, within a half-hour's drive of the Neuropsychiatric Institute. It is accessible, but relatively remote. The site is securely fenced, and includes various buildings and improvements, making it suitable for prompt occupancy.

"If this site were made available to the Neuropsychiatric Institute as a research facility, perhaps initially as an adjunct to the new Center For The Prevention Of Violence, we could put it to very good use. Comparative studies could be carried out there, in an isolated but convenient location, of experimental or model programs for the alteration of undesirable behavior.

"Such programs might include control of drug or alcohol abuse, modification of chronic anti-social or impulsive aggressiveness, etc. The site could also accommodate conferences or retreats for instruction of selected groups of mental-health-related professionals and of others (e.g., law enforcement personnel, parole officers, special educators) for whom both demonstration and participation would be effective modes of instruction.

"My understanding is that a direct request by the Governor, or other appropriate officers of the State, to the Secretary of Defense (or, of course, the President), could be most likely to produce prompt results".

Some of the planned areas of study for the Center included:

* Studies of violent individuals;

* Experiments on prisoners from Vacaville and Atascadero, and hyperkinetic children;

* Experiments with violence-producing and violence-inhibiting drugs;

* Hormonal aspects of passivity and aggressiveness in boys;

* Studies to discover and compare norms of violence among various ethnic groups;

* Studies of pre-delinquent children.

It would also encourage law enforcement to keep computer files on predelinquent children, which would make possible the treatment of children before they became delinquents.

The purpose of the Violence Center was not just research. The staff was to include sociologists, lawyers, police officers, clergymen and probation officers. With the backing of Governor Reagan and Dr. Brian, West had secured guarantees of prisoner volunteers from several California correctional institutions, including Vacaville. Vacaville and Atascadero were chosen as the primary sources for the human guinea pigs. These institutions had established a reputation, by that time, of committing some of the worst atrocities in West Coast history. Some of the experimentations differed little from what the Nazis did in the death camps.


Editor's note: In the 4/7/93 #3 writing for the Introduction to JOURNAL #66 called ULTIMATE PSYCHOPOLITICS, MASS MIND CONTROL & THE GLOBAL CONTROL SYSTEM Commander Hatonn asked the question, HOW DID YOU GET TO HERE? and then said, "You got to here through the most massive and comprehensive of human replication, psychopolitical interactions, microwave harassment and mind control. It goes far beyond the old idea of 'brain washing' for these things are now used against you IN MASS"!

Today, quoting from the "Purpose" section of a document called THE TOP SECRET PROJECT MONARCH, I read, "The U.S. Department of Defense's original plan to research the mind control phenomena was to determine psychological and chemical formulas for providing the U.S. with the 'perfect' espionage agent. This quickly evolved into planning the 'production' of the perfect soldier, government worker, slave.

"However, German SS officer-occultist Hider's research & development scientists sent this search for the 'Manchurian Candidate' off in another direction -- PSYCHOLOGICAL GENETIC ENGINEERING.

"It was determined that 'absolute' mind control could be realized through specific tortures of the intended transgenerational victim -- from the moment of birth.

"Armed with this deadly research AND a collection of 'dedicated psychiatrists' from Germany, Italy and the U.S., a new but ancient form of mind control was reborn through Project Monarch.

"Modern science had simply unraveled the occult cryptic so-called 'magikal' secrets of mind control -- to spawn a new generation of 'superior beings' -- who could NEVER ASK WHAT THEIR COUNTRY COULD DO FOR THEM, BUT OIVLY WHAT THEY COULD DO FOR THEIR COUNTRY". In other words -- welcome to our future as docile SLAVES of the satanic elite's New World Order plan.

The only antidote for this creeping cancer is TRUTH because, as Commander Hatonn said further on in that 4/7/93 #3 writing, "The ONLY way to conquer a man is to capture his mind. Control a man's mind and you control his body and all his actions".

Something to THINK about as you dive into this week's CONTACT, since we finish an excellent Napa Sentinel investigative report on mind control.

-- Dr. Edwin M. Young



Editor's note: On page 2 of last week's CONTACT we began our presentation of this excellent investigative series from the Napa Sentinel with the first five installments, with the initial installment dated August 13, 1991. We here continue and finish out the series with the remaining eight segments.

While the levels of perverted manipulation uncovered and described herein certainly speak disgustingly loud and clear for themselves, keep always in mind that this is only the "tip of the iceberg" of mind control activity that actually extends quite far into technologically advanced realms under the elite satanic controllers' able direction.

I would particularly call your attention to the 11th installment of this series, which describes techniques that confirm what Commander Hatonn has so often said about some people "receiving" from the nearest military base! Also note in the final, 13th, installment the mention of "Project Paperclip" which brought so many Nazi scientists into the U.S. Diligent readers will have just read all about this project, again, in last week's CONTACT in the large block of reprinting of Ray Renick's material.


Dr. Earl Brian, Governor Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Health, was adamant about his support for mind control centers in California. He felt the behavior modification plan of the Violence Control Centers was important in the prevention of crime.

The Violence Control Center was actually the brainchild of William Herrmann as part of a pacification plan for California. A counter-insurgency expert for Systems Development Corporation and an advisor to Governor Reagan, Herrmann worked with the Stand Research Institute, the RAND Corporation, and the Hoover Center on Violence. Herrmann was also a CIA agent who is now serving an eight-year prison sentence for his role in a CIA counterfeiting operation. He was also directly linked with the Iran-Contra affair according to government records and Herrmann's own testimony.

In 1970, Herrmann worked with Colston Westbrook as his CIA control officer when Westbrook formed and implemented the Black Cultural Association at the Vacaville Medical Facility -- a facility which in July experienced the death of three inmates who were forcibly subjected to behavior modification drugs. While the Black Cultural Association was ostensibly an education program designed to instill Black pride identity in prisons, the Association was really a cover for an experimental behavior modification pilot project designed to test the feasibility of programming unstable prisoners to become more manageable.

Westbrook worked for the CIA in Vietnam as a psychological warfare expert, and as an advisor to the Korean equivalent of the CIA and the Lon Nol regime in Cambodia. Between 1966 and 1969, he was an advisor to the Vietnamese Police Special Branch under the cover of working as an employee of Pacific Architects and Engineers.

His "firm" contracted the building of the interrogation-torture centers in every province of South Vietnam as part of the CIA's Phoenix Program. The program was centered around behavior modification experiments to learn how to extract information from prisoners of war -- a direct violation of the Geneva Accords.

Westbrook's most prominent client at Vacaville was Donald DeFreeze, who between 1967 and 1969, had worked for the Los Angeles Police Department's Disorder Intelligence unit and later became the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). Many authorities now believe that the Black Cultural Association at Vacaville was the seeding of the SLA. Westbrook even designed the SLA logo -- the cobra with seven heads -- and gave DeFreeze his African name of Cinque. The SLA was responsible for the assassination of Marcus Foster, Superintendent of Schools in Oakland, California, and the kidnapping of Patty Hearst.

As a counterinsurgency consultant for Systems Development Corporation, a security firm, Herrmann told the Los Angeles Times that a good computer intelligence system "would separate out the activist bent on destroying the system" and then develop a master plan "to win the hearts and minds of the people". The San Francisco-based Bay Guardian, recently identified Herrmann as an international arms dealer working with Iran in 1980 -- and possibly involved in the October Surprise. Herrmann is in an English prison for counterfeiting. He allegedly met with Iranian officials to ascertain whether the Iranians would trade arms for hostages held in Lebanon.

The London Sunday Telegraph confirmed Herrmann's CIA connections, tracing them from 1976 to 1986. He also worked for the FBI. This information was revealed in his London trial.

In the 1970s, Dr. Brian and Herrmann worked together under Governor Reagan on the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, and then, a decade later, again worked under Reagan. Both men have been identified as working for Reagan with the Iranians.

The Violence Center, however, died an agonizing death. Despite the Ervin Senate Committee investigation and chastation of mind control, the experiments continued. But when the Watergate scandal broke in the early 1970s, Washington felt it was too politically risky to continue to push for mind control centers.

Top doctors began to withdraw from the proposal because they felt that there were not enough safeguards. Even the Law Enforcement Assistance Agency, which funded the program, backed out, stating, the proposal showed "little evidence of established research ability of the kind of level necessary for a study of this scope".

Eventually it became known that control of the Violence Center was not going to rest with the University of California, but instead with the Department of Corrections and other law enforcement officials. This information was released publicly by the Committee Opposed to Psychiatric Abuse of Prisoners. The disclosure of the letter resulted in the main backers of the program bowing out and the eventual demise of the center.

Dr. Brian's final public statement on the matter was that the decision to cut off funding represented "a callous disregard for public safety". Though the Center was not built, the mind control experiments continue to this day.


Central Intelligence Agency held two major interests in use of LSD to alter normal behavior patterns. The first interest centered around obtaining information from prisoners of war and enemy agents -- in contravention of the Geneva Accords. The second was to deter the effectiveness of drugs used against the enemy on the battlefield.

The MK-ULTRA program was originally run by a small number of people within the CIA known as the Technical Services Staff (TSS). Another CIA department, the Office of Security, also began its own testing program. Friction arose and then infighting broke out when the Office of Security commenced to spy on TSS people after it was learned that LSD was being tested on unwitting Americans.

Not only did the two branches disagree over the issue of testing the drug on the unwitting, they also disagreed over the issue of how the drug was actually to be used by the CIA. The office of Security envisioned the drug as an interrogation weapon. But the TSS group thought the drug could be used to help destabilize another country -- it could be slipped into the food or beverage of a public official in order to make him behave foolishly or oddly in public. One CIA document reveals that LSD could be administered right before an official was to make a public speech.

Realizing that gaining information about the drug in real-life situations was crucial to exploiting the drug to its fullest, TSS started conducting experiments on its own people. There was an extensive amount of self-experimentation. The Office of Security felt the TSS group was playing with fire, especially when it was learned that TSS was prepared to spike an annual office Christmas party punch with LSD -- the Christmas party of the CIA. LSD could produce serious insanity for periods of 8 to 18 hours and possibly longer.

One of the "victims" of the punch was agent Frank Olson. Having never had drugs before, LSD took its toll on Olson. He reported that every automobile that came by was a terrible monster with fantastic eyes, out to get him personally. Each time a car passed he would huddle down against a parapet, terribly frightened. Olson began to behave erratically. The CIA made preparation to treat Olson at Chestnut Lodge, but before they could, Olson checked into a New York hotel and threw himself out from his tenth story room. The CIA was ordered to cease all drug testing.

Mind control drugs and experiments were torturous to the victims. One of three inmates who died in Vacaville Prison in July was scheduled to appear in court in an attempt to stop forced administration of a drug -- the very drug that may have played a role in his death.

Joseph Cannata believed he was making progress and did not need forced dosages of the drug Haldol. The Solano County Coroner's Office said that Cannata and two other inmates died of hyperthermia -- extremely elevated body temperature. Their bodies all had at least 108-degree temperatures when they died. The psychotropic drugs they were being forced to take will elevate body temperature.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, working at McGill University in Montreal, used a variety of experimental techniques, including keeping subjects unconscious for months at a time, administering huge electroshocks and continual doses of LSD.

Massive lawsuits developed as a result of this testing, and many of the subjects who suffered trauma had never agreed to participate in the experiments. Such CIA experiments infringed upon the much-honored Nuremberg Code concerning medical ethics. Dr. Cameron was one of the members of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

LSD research was also conducted at the Addiction Research Center of the U.S. Public Health Service in Lexington, Kentucky. This institution was one of several used by the CIA. The National Institute of Mental Health and the U.S. Navy funded this operation. Vast supplies of LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs were required to keep the experiments going. Dr. Harris Isbell ran the program. He was a member of the Food and Drug Administration's Advisory Committee on the Abuse of Depressant and Stimulant Drugs. Almost all of the inmates were black. In many cases, LSD dosage was increased daily for 75 days.

Some 1500 U.S. soldiers were also victims of drug experimentation. Some claimed they had agreed to become guinea pigs only through pressure from their superior officers. Many claimed they suffered from severe depression and other psychological stress.

One such soldier was Master Sergeant Jim Stanley. LSD was put in Stanley's drinking water and he freaked out. Stanley's hallucinations continued even after he returned to his regular duties. His service record suffered, his marriage went on the rocks and he ended up beating his wife and children. It wasn't until 17 years later that Stanley was informed by the military that he had been an LSD experiment. He sued the government, but the Supreme Court ruled no soldier could sue the Army for the LSD experiments. Justice William Brennen disagreed with the Court decision. He wrote, "Experimentation with unknowing human subjects is morally and legally unacceptable".

Private James Thornwell was given LSD in a military test in 1961. For the next 23 years he lived in a mental fog, eventually drowning in a Vallejo swimming pool in 1984. Congress had set up a $625,000 trust fund for him. Large scale LSD tests on American soldiers were conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, Fort Benning, Georgia, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, and in Europe and the Pacific. The Army conducted a series of LSD tests at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The purpose of the tests were to ascertain how well soldiers could perform their tasks on the battle-field while under the influence of LSD. At Fort McClellan, Alabama, 200 officers in the Chemical Corps were given LSD in order to familiarize them with the drug's effects. At Edgewood Arsenal, soldiers were given LSD and then confined to sensory deprivation chambers and later exposed to harsh interrogation sessions by intelligence people. In these sessions, it was discovered that soldiers would cooperate if promised they would be allowed to get off the LSD.

In Operation Derby Hat, foreign nationals accused of drug trafficking were given LSD by the Special Purpose Team, with one subject begging to be killed in order to end his ordeal. Such experiments were also conducted in Saigon on Viet Cong POWs.

One of the most potent drugs in the U.S. arsenal is called BZ or quinuclidinyl benzilate. It is a long-lasting drug and brings on a litany of psychotic experiences and almost completely isolates any person from his environment. The main effects of BZ last up to 80 hours compared to 8 hours for LSD. Negative after-effects may persist for up to six weeks.

The BZ experiments were conducted on soldiers at Edge-wood Arsenal for 16 years. Many of the "victims" claim that the drug permanently affected their lives in a negative way. It so disorientated one paratrooper that he was found taking a shower in his uniform and smoking a cigar. BZ was eventually put in hand grenades and a 750 pound cluster bomb. Other configurations were made for mortars, artillery and missiles. The bomb was tested in Vietnam and CIA documents indicate it was prepared for use by the U.S. in the event of large-scale civilian uprisings.

In Vacaville, psychosurgery has long been a policy. In one set of cases, experimental psychosurgery was conducted on three inmates -- a black, a Chicano and a white person. This involved the procedure of pushing electrodes deep into the brain in order to determine the position of defective brain cells, and then shooting enough voltage into the suspected area to kill the defective cells. One prisoner, who appeared to be improving after surgery, was released on parole, but ended up back in prison. The second inmate became violent and there is no information on the third inmate.

Vacaville also administered a "terror drug"—Anectine--as a way of "suppressing hazardous behavior". In small doses, Anectine serves as a muscle relaxant; in huge doses, it produces prolonged seizure of the respiratory system and a sensation "worse than dying". The drug goes to work within 30 to 40 seconds by paralyzing the small muscles of the fingers, toes, and eyes, and then moves into the intercostal muscles and the diaphragm. The heart rate subsides to 60 beats per minute, respiratory arrest sets in and the patient remains completely conscious throughout the ordeal, which lasts two to five minutes. The experiments were also used at Atascadero.

Several mind altering drugs were originally developed for non-psychoactive purposes. Some of these drugs are Phenothiazine and Thorzine. The side effects of these drugs can be a living hell. The impact includes the feeling of drowsiness, disorientation, shakiness, dry mouth, blurred vision and an inability to concentrate. Drugs like Prolixin are describe by users as "sheer torture" and "becoming a zombie".

The Veterans Administration Hospital has been shown by the General Accounting Office to apply heavy dosages of psychotherapeutic drugs. One patient was taking eight different drugs -- three antipsychotic, two antianxiety, one antidepressant, one sedative and one anti-Parkinson. Three of these drugs were being given in dosages equal to the maximum recommended. Another patient was taking seven different drugs. One report tells of a patient who refused to take the drug. "I told them I don't want the drug to start with -- they grabbed me and strapped me down and gave me a forced intramuscular shot of Prolixin. They gave me Artane to counteract the Prolixin and they gave me Sinequan, which is a kind of tranquilizer to make me calm down, which over-calmed me; so rather than letting up on the medication, they then gave me Ritalin to pep me up".

Prolixin lasts for two weeks. One patient describes how the drug does not calm or sedate nerves, but instead attacks from so deep inside you, you cannot locate the source of the pain. "The drugs turn your nerves in upon yourself. Against your will, your resistance, your resolve, your nerves are directed at your own tissues, your own muscles, reflexes, etc". The patient continues, "The pain grinds into your fiber; your vision is so blurred you cannot read. You ache with restlessness, so that you feel you have to walk, to pace. And then as soon as you start pacing, the opposite occurs to you -- you must sit and rest. Back and forth, up and down, you go in pain you cannot locate. In such wretched anxiety you are overwhelmed because you cannot get relief even in breathing".

October 15,1991

"We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

"The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain". These were the remarks of Dr. Jose Delgado as they appeared in the February 24, 1974 edition of the Congressional Record, No. 26., Vol. 118.

Despite Dr. Delgado's outlandish statements before Congress, his work was financed by grants from the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Aero-Medical Research Labora-tory, and the Public Health Foundation of Boston.

Dr. Delgado was a pioneer of the technology of Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB). The New York Times ran an article on May 17, 1965 entitled "Matador With a Radio Stops Wild Bull". The story details Dr. Delgado's experiments at Yale University School of Medicine and work in the field at Cordova, Spain. The New York Times stated:

"Afternoon sunlight poured over the high wooden barriers into the ring, as the brave bull bore down on the unarmed matador, a scientist who had never faced a fighting bull. But the charging animal's horn never reached the man behind the heavy red cape. Moments before that could happen, Dr. Delgado pressed a button on a small radio transmitter in his hand and the bull braked to a halt. Then he pressed another button on the transmitter, and the bull obediently turned to the right and trotted away. The bull was obeying commands in his brain that were being called forth by electrical stimulation by the radio signals to certain regions in which fine wires had been painlessly planted the day before".

According to Dr. Delgado, experiments of this type have also been performed on humans. While giving a lecture on the Brain in 1965, Dr. Delgado said, "Science has developed a new methodology for the study and control of cerebral function in animals and humans".

The late L.L. Vasiliev, Professor of Physiology at the University of Leningrad, wrote in a paper about hypnotism: "As a control of the subject's condition, when she was outside the laboratory in another set of experiments, a radio set was used. The results obtained indicate that the method of using radio signals substantially enhances the experimental possibilities". The professor continued to write, "I.F. Tomaschevsky (a Russian physiologist) carried out the first experiments with this subject at a distance of one or two rooms, and under conditions that the participant would not know or suspect that she would be experimented with. In other cases, the sender was not in the same house, and someone else observed the subject's behavior. Subsequent experiments at considerable distances were successful. One such experiment was carried out in a park at a distance. Mental suggestions to go to sleep were complied with within a minute".

The Russian experiments in the control of a person's mind through hypnosis and radio waves were conducted in the 1930s -- some 30 years before Dr. Delgado's bull experiment. Dr. Vasiliev definitely demonstrated that radio transmission can produce stimulation of the brain. It is not a complex process. In fact, it need not be implanted within the skull or be productive of stimulation of the brain, itself. All that is needed to accomplish the radio control of the brain is a twitching muscle. The subject becomes hypnotized and a muscle stimulant is activated -- in this case by radio transmission.

Lincoln Lawrence wrote a book entitled Were We Controlled? Lawrence wrote, "If the subject is placed under hypnosis and mentally programmed to maintain a determination eventually to perform one specific act, perhaps to shoot someone, it is suggested thereafter, each time a particular muscle twitches in a certain manner, which is then demonstrated by using the transmitter, he will increase this determination even more strongly. As the hypnotic spell is renewed again and again, he makes it his life's purpose to carry out this act until it is finally achieved. Thus are the two complementary aspects of Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) joined to reinforce each other, and perpetuate the control, until such time as the controlled behavior is called for. This is done by a second session with the hypnotist giving final instructions. These might be reinforced with radio stimulation in more frequent cycles. They could even carry over the moments after the act to reassure calm behavior during the escape period, or to assure that one conspirator would not indicate that he was aware of the co-conspirator's role, or that he was even acquainted with him".

RHIC constitutes the joining of two well known tools, the radio part and the hypnotism part. People have found it difficult to accept that an individual can be hypnotized to perform an act which is against his moral principles. Some experiments have been conducted by the U.S. Army which show that this popular perception is untrue.

The Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University, Dr. Estabrooks, has stated, "I can hypnotize a man without his knowledge or consent into committing treason against the United States". Estabrooks was one of the nation's most authoritative sources in the hypnotic field. The psychologist told officials in Washington that a mere 200 well trained hypnotists could develop an army of mind-controlled sixth columnists in wartime United States. He laid out a scenario of an enemy doctor placing thousands of patients under hypnotic mind control, and eventually programming key military officers to follow his assignment. Through such maneuvers, he said, the entire U.S. Army could be taken over. Large numbers of saboteurs could also be created using hypnotism through the work of a doctor practicing in a neighborhood of foreign-born nationals with close cultural ties with an enemy power.

Dr. Estabrooks actually conducted experiments on U.S. soldiers to prove his point. Soldiers of low rank and little formal education were placed under hypnotism and their memories tested. Surprisingly, hypnotists were able to control the subjects' ability to retain complicated verbal information. J.G. Watkins followed in Estabrooks' steps and induced soldiers of lower rank to commit acts which conflicted not only with their moral code, but also the military code which they had come to accept through their basic training. One of the experiments involved placing a normal, stable army private in a deep trance. Watkins was trying to see if he could get the private to attack a superior officer -- a cardinal sin in the military. While the private was in a deep trance, Watkins told him that the officer sitting across from him was an enemy soldier who was going to attempt to kill him. In the private's mind, it was a kill-or-be-killed situation. The private immediately jumped up and grabbed the officer by the throat. The experiment was repeated several times, and in one case the man who was hypnotized and the man who was attacked were very close friends. The results were always the same. In one experiment, the hypnotized subject pulled out a knife and nearly stabbed another person.

Watkins concluded that people could be induced to commit acts contrary to their morality if their reality was distorted by the hypnotism. Similar experiments were conducted by Watkins using WACs exploring the possibility of making military personnel divulge military secrets. A related experiment had to be discontinued because a researcher, who had been one of the subjects, was exposing numerous top-secret projects to his hypnotist, who did not have the proper security clearance for such information. The information was divulged before an audience of 200 military personnel.


Tuesday, October 22, 1991

In man's quest to control the behavior of humans, there was a great breakthrough established by Pavlov, who devised a way to make dogs salivate on cue. He perfected his conditioning response technique by cutting holes in the cheeks of dogs and measured the amount they salivated in response to different stimuli. Pavlov verified that "quality, rate and frequency of the salivation changed depending upon the quality, rate and frequency of the stimuli".

Though Pavlov's work falls far short of human mind control, it did lay the groundwork for future studies in mind and behavior control of humans. John B. Watson conducted experiments in the United States on an 11-month-old infant. After allowing the infant to establish a rapport with a white rat, Watson began to beat on the floor with an iron bar every time the infant came in contact with the rat. After a time, the infant made the association between the appearance of the rat and the frightening sound, and began to cry every time the rat came into view. Eventually, the infant developed a fear of any type of small animal. Watson was the founder of the Behaviorist School of Psychology.

"Give me the baby, and I'll make it climb and use its hands in constructing buildings or stone or wood. I'll make it a thief, a gunman or a dope fiend. The possibilities of shaping in any direction are almost endless. Even gross differences in anatomical structure limits are far less than you may think. Make him a deaf mute, and I will build you a Helen Keller. Men are built, not born", Watson proclaimed. His psychology did not recognize inner feelings and thoughts as legitimate objects of scientific study - he was only interested in overt behavior.

Though Watson's work was the beginning of man's attempts to control human actions, the real work was done by B.F. Skinner, the high priest of the Behaviorists movement. The key to Skinner's work was the concept of operant conditioning, which relied on the notion of reinforcement -- all behavior which is learned is rooted in either a positive or negative response to that action. There are two corollaries of operant conditioning: Aversion Therapy and Desensitization.

Aversion Therapy uses unpleasant reinforcement to a response which is undesirable. This can take the form of electric shock, exposing the subject to fear-producing situations, and the infliction of pain in general. It has been used as a way of "curing" homosexuality, alcoholism and stuttering. Desensitization involves forcing the subject to view disturbing images over and over again until they no longer produce any anxiety, then moving on to more extreme images, and repeating the process over again until no anxiety is produced. Eventually, the subject becomes immune to even the most extreme images. This technique is typically used to treat people's phobias. Thus, the violence shown on TV could be said to have the unsystematic and unintended effect of desensitization.

Skinnerian Behaviorism has been accused of attempting to deprive man of his free will, his dignity and his autonomy. It is said to be intolerant of uncertainty in human behavior, and refuses to recognize the private, the ineffable, and the unpredictable. It sees the individual merely as a medical, chemical and mechanistic entity which has no comprehension of its real interests.

Skinner believed that people are going to be manipulated. “I just want them to be manipulated effectively”, he said. He measured his process by the absence of resistence and counter-control on the part of the person he was manipulating. He thought that his techniques coud be perfected to the point that the subject woud not even suspect that he was being manipulated.

Dr. James V. McConnel, head of the Department of Mental Health Research at the University of Michigan, said, “The day has come when we can combine sensory deprivation with the use of drugs, hypnosis, and the astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control over an individual's behavior. We want to reshape our society drastically".

A U.S. Navy psychologist claims that the Office of Naval Intelligence had taken convicted murderers from military prisons, used behavior modification techniques on them, and then relocated them to American embassies throughout the world. Just prior to that time, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee had censured the CIA for its global political assassination plots, including plots against Fidel Castro. The Navy psychologist was Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples, Italy. The information was divulged at an Oslo NATO conference of 120 psychologists from the eleven-nation alliance.

According to Dr. Narut, the U.S. Navy was an excellent place for a researcher to find "captive personnel" whom they could use as guinea pigs in experiments. The Navy provided all the funding necessary, according to Narut.

Dr. Narut, in a question-and-answer session with reporters from many nations, revealed how the Navy was secretly programming large numbers of assassins. He said that the men he had worked with for the Navy were being prepared for commando-type operations, as well as covert operations in U.S. embassies worldwide. He described the men who went through his program as "hit men and assassins" who could kill on command.

Careful screening of the subjects was accomplished by Navy psychologists through the military records, and those who actually received assignments where their training could be utilized, were drawn mainly from submarine crews, the paratroops, and many were convicted murderers serving military prison sentences. Several men who had been awarded medals for bravery were drafted into the program.

The assassins were conditioned through "audio-visual desensitization". The process involved the showing of films of people being injured or killed in a variety of ways, starting with very mild depictions, leading up to the more extreme forms of mayhem. Eventually, the subjects would be able to detach their feelings even when viewing the most horrible of films. The conditioning was most successful when applied to "passive-aggressive" types, and most of these ended up being able to kill without any regrets. The prime indicator of violent tendencies was the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Dr. Narut knew of two Navy programming centers, the neuropsychiatric laboratory in San Diego and the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Italy, where he worked.

During the audio-visual desensitization programming, restraints were used to force the subject to view the films. A device was used on the subjects eyelids to prevent him from blinking. Typically, the preliminary film was on an African youth being ritualistically circumcised with a dull knife and without any anesthetic. The second film showed a sawmill scene in which a man accidentally cut off his fingers.

In addition to the desensitization films, the potential assassins underwent programming to create prejudicial attitude in the men, to think of their future enemies, especially the leaders of these countries, as sub-human. Films and lectures were presented demeaning the culture and habits of the people of the countries where it had been decided they would be sent.

After his NATO lecture, Dr. Narut disappeared. He could not be located. Within a week or so after the lecture, the Pentagon issued an emphatic denial that the U.S. Navy had "engaged in psychological training or other types of training of personnel as assassins". They disavowed the programming centers in San Diego and Naples and stated they were unable to locate Narut, but did provide confirmation that he was a staff member of the U.S. Regional Medical Center in Naples.

Dr. Alfred Zitani, an American delegate to the Oslo conference, did verify Narut's remarks and they were published in the Sunday Times.

Sometime later, Dr. Narut surfaced again in London and recanted his remarks, stating that he was "talking in theoretical and not practical terms". Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Naval headquarters in London issued a statement indicating that Dr. Narut's remarks at the NATO conference should be discounted because he had "personal problems". Dr. Narut never made any further public statements about the program.

During the NATO conference in Oslo, Dr. Narut had remarked that the reason he was divulging the information was because he believed that the information was coming out any-way. The doctor was referring to the disclosures by a Congressional Subcommittee which were then appearing in the press concerning various CIA assassination plots. However, what Dr. Narut had failed to realize at the time, was that the Navy's assassination plots were not destined to be revealed to the public at that time.



November 5, 1991

There were three scientists who pioneered the work of using an electromagnetic field to control human behavior. Their work began 25 years ago. These three were Dr. Jose Delgado, psychology professor at Yale University; Dr. W. Ross Adey, a physiologist at the Brain Research Institute at UCLA; and Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Canadian.

Dr. Penfield's experiments consisted of the implantation of electrodes deep into the cortexes of epilepsy patients who were to undergo surgery; he was able to drastically improve the memories of these patients through electrical stimulation. Dr. Adey implanted transmitters in the brains of cats and chimpanzees that could send signals to a receiver regarding the electrical activity of the brains; additional radio signals were sent back into the brains of the animals which modified their behavior at the direction of the doctor. Dr. Delgado was able to stop and turn a charging bull through the use of an implanted radio receiver.

Other experiments using platinum, gold and stainless steel electrode implants enabled researchers to induce total madness in cats, put monkeys into a stupor, or to set human beings jerking their arms up and down. Much of Delgado's work was financed by the CIA through phony funding conduits masking themselves as charitable organizations.

Following the successes of Delgado's work, the CIA set up their own research program in the field of electromagnetic behavior modification under the code name Sleeping Beauty. With the guidance of Dr. Ivor Browning, a laboratory was set up in New Mexico, specializing in working with the hypothalamus or "sweet spot" of the brain. Here it was found that stimulating this area could produce intense euphoria.

Dr. Browning was able to wire a radio receiver-amplifier into the "sweet spot" of a donkey which picked up a five-microamp signal, such that he could create intense happiness in the animal. Using the jolts of happiness as an "electronic carrot", Browning was able to send the donkey up a 2000 foot New Mexico mountain and back to its point of origin. When the donkey was proceeding up the path toward its destination, it was rewarded; when it deviated, the signal stopped. "You've never seen a donkey so eager to keep on course in your whole life", Dr. Browning exclaimed.

The CIA utilized the "electronic carrot" technique for getting trained pigeons to fly miniature microphone-transmitters to the ledge of a KGB safehouse where the devices monitored conversations for months. There was a move within the CIA to conduct further experiments on humans, foreigners and prisoners, but officially the White House vetoed the idea as being unethical.

In May 1989, it was learned by the CIA that the KGB was subjecting people undergoing interrogation to electromagnetic fields, which produced a panic reaction, thereby bringing them closer to breaking down under questioning. The subjects were not told that they were being placed under the influence of these beams. A few years earlier, Dr. Ross Adey released photographs and a fact sheet concerning what he called the Russian Lida machine. This consisted of a small transmitter emitting 10-hertz waves which makes the subject susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. The device utilized the outmoded vacuum-tube design. American POWs in Korea have indicated that similar devices had been used for interrogation purposes in POW camps.

The general, long term goal of the CIA was to find out whether or not mind control could be achieved through the use of a precise, external, electromagnetic beam. The electrical activity of the brain operates within the range of 100 hertz frequency. This spectrum is called ELF or Extremely Low Frequency range. ELF waves carry very little ionizing radiation and very low heat, and therefore do not manifest gross, observable physical effects on living organisms. Published Soviet experiments with ELFs reveal that there was a marked increase in psychiatric and central nervous system disorders and symptoms of stress for sailors working close to ELF generators.

In the mid-1970s, American interest in combining EMR techniques with hypnosis was very prominent. Plans were on file to develop these techniques through experiments on human volunteers. The spoken word of the hypnotist could be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain without employing any technical devices for receiving or transacting the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.

In California, it was discovered by Dr. Adey that animal brain waves could be altered directly by ELF fields. It was found that monkey brains would fall in phase with ELF waves. These waves could easily pass through the skull, which normally protected the central nervous system from outside influence.

In San Leandro, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, director of Technic Research Laboratory, has been doing ELF-brain research with human subjects for some time. One of the frequencies produces nausea for more than an hour. Another frequency ---she calls it the marijuana frequency --- gets people laughing. "Give me the money and three months", she says, "and I'll be able to affect the behavior of eighty percent of the people in this town without their knowing it".

In the past, the Soviet Union has invested large sums of time and money investigating microwaves. In 1952, while the Cold War was showing no signs of thawing, there was a secret meeting at the Sandia Corporation in New Mexico between U.S. and Soviet scientists involving the exchange of information regarding the biological hazards and safety levels of EMR. The Soviets possessed the greater preponderance of information, and the American scientists were unwilling to take it seriously. In subsequent meetings, the Soviet scientists continued to stress the seriousness of the risks, while American scientists downplayed their importance.

Shortly after the last Sandia meeting, the Soviets began directing a microwave beam at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, using Embassy workers as guinea pigs for low-level EMR experiments. Washington, D.C. was oddly quiescent, regarding the Moscow Embassy bombardment. Discovered in 1962, the Moscow signal was investigated by the CIA, which hired a consultant, Milton Zaret, and code-named the research Project Pandora. According to Zaret, the Moscow signal was composed of several frequencies, and was focussed precisely upon the Ambassador's office. The intensity of the bombardment was not made public, but when the State Department finally admitted the existence of the signal, it announced that it was fairly low.

There was consensus among Soviet EMR researchers that a beam such as the Moscow signal was destined to produce blurred vision and loss of mental concentration. The Boston Globe reported that the American ambassador had not only developed a leukemia-like blood disease, but also suffered from bleeding eyes and chronic headaches. Under the CIA's Project Pandora, monkeys were brought into the Embassy and exposed to the Moscow signal; they were found to have developed blood composition anomalies and unusual chromosome counts. Embassy personnel were found to have a 40 percent higher than average white blood cell count. While Operation Pandora's data gathering proceeded, Embassy personnel continued working in the facility and were not informed of the bombardment until 10 years later. Embassy employees were eventually granted a 20-percent hardship allowance for their service in an unhealthful post. Throughout the period of bombardment, the CIA used the opportunity to gather data on psychological and biological effects of the beam on American personnel.

The U.S. government began to examine the effects of the Moscow signal. The job was turned over to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA is now developing electromagnetic weaponry. The man in charge of the DARPA program, Dr. Jack Verona, is so important and so secretive that he doesn't even return President George Bush's telephone calls.

Friday, November 8, 1991

The American public was never informed that the military had planned to develop electromagnetic weapons until 1982 --- when the revelation appeared in a technical Air Force magazine.

The magazine article stated, ".... specifically generated radio-frequency radiation (RFR) fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military trends". The article indicated that it would be very easy to use electromagnetic fields to disrupt the human brain because the brain, itself, was an electrically mediated organ. It further indicated that a rapidly scanning RFR system would have a stunning or killing capability over a large area. The system was developable.

Navy Captain Dr. Paul E. Taylor read a paper at the Air University Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Dr. Taylor was responsible for the Navy's Radiation Laboratory and had been studying radiation effects on humans. In his paper, Dr. Taylor stated, "The ability of individuals to function (as soldiers) could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective". The system was so sophisticated that it employed microwaves and millimeter waves and was transportable by a large truck.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, east of San Francisco, is working on the development of a "brain bomb". A bomb could be dropped in the middle of a battle-field which would produce microwaves, incapacitating the minds of soldiers within a circumscribed area.

Applications of microwave technology in espionage were available for over 25 years. In a meeting in Berkeley of the American Association for the Advancement of Science as early as 1965, Professor J. Anthony Deutsch of New York University, provided an important segment of research in the field of memory control. In layman terms, Professor Deutsch indicated that the mind is a transmitter and if too much information is received --- like too many vehicles on a crowded freeway --- the brain ceases to transmit. The Professor indicated that an excess of acetylcholine in the brain can interfere with the memory process and control. He indicated excess amounts of acetylcholine can be artificially produced, through both the administration of drugs or through the use of radio waves. The process is called Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). The memory transmission can be stopped for as long as the radio signal continues.

As a result, the awareness of the person skips over those minutes during which he is subjected to the radio signal. Memory is distorted, and time-orientation is destroyed.

According to Lincoln Lawrence, author of Were We Controlled?, EDOM is now operational. "There is already in use a small EDOM generator-transmitter which can be concealed on the body of the person. Contact with this person, a casual handshake or even just a touch, transmits a tiny electronic charge plus an ultra-sonic signal tone which for a short period will disturb the time-orientation of the person affected --- it can be a potent weapon for hopelessly confusing evidence in the investigation of a crime".

Thirty years ago, Allen Frey discovered that microwaves of 300 to 3000 megahertz could be "heard" by people. even if they were deaf, if pulsed at a certain rate. Appearing to be originating just in back of the head, the sound boomed, clicked, hissed or buzzed, depending upon the frequency. Later research has shown that the perception of the waves takes place just in front of the ears. The microwaves cause pressure waves in the brain tissue, and this phenomenon vibrates the sound receptors in the inner ear through the bone structure.

Some microwaves are capable of directly stimulating the nerve cells of the auditory pathways. This has been confirmed with experiments with rats, in which the sound registers 120 decibels, which is equal to the volume of a nearby jet during takeoff.

Aside from having the capability of causing pain and preventing auditory communication, a more subtle effect was demonstrated at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp. Dr. Sharp, himself, was the subject of an experiment in which pulsed microwave audiograms, or the microwave analog of the sound vibrations of spoken words, were delivered to his brain in such a way that he was able to understand the words that were spoken. Military and undercover uses of such a device might include driving a subject crazy with inner voices in order to discredit him, or conveying undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.

But the technology has been carried even a step further. It has been demonstrated by Dr. Ross Adey that microwaves can be used to directly bring about changes in the electrical patterns of different parts of the brain. His experiments showed that he could achieve the same mind control over animals as Dr. Delgado did without preconditioning. He made animals act and look like electronic toys.



Tuesday, November 19, 1991

At the conclusion of World War Two, American investigators learned that Nazi doctors at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany had been conducting mind control experiments on inmates. They experimented with hypnosis and with the drug mescaline.

Mescaline is a quasi-synthetic extract of the peyote cactus, and is very similar to LSD in the hallucinations which it produces. Though they did not achieve the degree of success they had desired, the SS interrogators in conjunction with the Dachau doctors were able to extract the most intimate secrets from the prisoners when the inmates were given very high doses of mescaline.

There were fatal mind control experiments conducted at Auschwitz. The experiments there were described by one informant as "brainwashing with chemicals". The informant said the Gestapo wasn't satisfied with extracting information by torture. "So the next question was, why don't we do it like the Russians, who have been able to get confessions of guilt at their show trials"? They tried various barbiturates and morphine derivatives. After prisoners were fed a coffee-like substance, two of them died in the night and others died later.

The Dachau mescaline experiments were written up in a lengthy report issued by the U.S. Naval Technical Mission, whose job it was at the conclusion of the war to scour all of Europe for every shred of industrial and scientific material that had been produced by the Third Reich. It was as a result of this report that the U.S. Navy became interested in mescaline as an interrogation tool. The Navy initiated project Chatter in 1947, the same year the Central Intelligence Agency was formed. The Chatter format included developing methods for acquiring information from people against their will, but without inflicting harm or pain.

At the conclusion of the war, the OSS was designated as the investigative unit for the International Military Tribunal, which was to become known as the Nuremberg Trials. The purpose of Nuremberg was to try the principal Nazi leaders. Some Nazis were on trial for their experiments --- and the U.S. was using its own "truth drugs" on these principal Nazi prisoners --- namely Goering, Ribbentrop, Speer and eight others. The Justice in charge of the tribunal had given the OSS permission to use the drugs.

The Dachau doctors who performed the mescaline experiments also were involved in aviation medicine. The aviation experiments at Dachau fascinated Heinrich Himmler. Himmler followed the progress of the tests, studied their findings and often suggested improvements. The Germans had a keen interest in several medical problems in the field of flying --- they were interested in preventing pilots from slowly becoming unconscious as a result of breathing the thin air of the high altitudes and there was interest in enhancing night vision.

The main research in this area was at the Institute of Aviation in Munich, which had excellent laboratories. The experiments in relationship to the Institute were conducted at Dachau. Inmates had been immersed in tubs of ice water with instruments placed in their orifices in order to monitor their painful deaths.

Dr. Hubertus Strughold, who ran the German Aviation Medicine team, confirmed that he had heard humans were used for the Dachau experiments. Hidden in a cave in Hallein were files recording the Dachau experiments.

On May 15, 1941, Dr. Sigmund Rascher wrote a letter to Himmler requesting permission to use the Dachau inmates for experiments on the physiology of high altitudes. Rascher lamented the fact that no such experiments have been done using human subjects. "The experiments are very dangerous and we cannot attract volunteers," he told Himmler. His request was approved.

Dachau was filled with Communists and Social Democrats, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, clergymen, homosexuals, and people critical of the Nazi government. Upon entering Dachau, prisoners lost all legal status, their hair was shaved off, all their possessions confiscated, they were poorly fed, and they were used as slaves for both the corporations and the government. The SS guards were brutal and sadistic. The idea to test subjects at Dachau was really the brainchild of Erich Hippke, chief surgeon of the Luftwaffe.

Between March and August of 1942 extensive experiments were conducted at Dachau regarding the limits of human endurance at high altitudes. These experiments were conducted for the benefit of the German Air Force. The experiments took place in a low-pressure chamber in which altitudes of up to 68,000 feet could be simulated. The subjects were placed in the chamber and the altitude was raised --- many inmates died as a result. The survivors often suffered serious injury. One witness at the Nuremberg trials, Anton Pacholegg, who was sent to Dachau in 1942, gave an eyewitness account of the typical pressure test:

"The Luftwaffe delivered a cabinet constructed of wood and metal. It was possible in the cabinet to either decrease or increase the air pressure. You could observe through a little window the reaction of the subject inside the chamber. The purpose of these experiments was to test human energy and the subject's capacity ... to take large amounts of pure oxygen, and then to test his reaction to a gradual decrease in oxygen. I have personally seen through the observation window of the chamber when a prisoner inside would stand a vacuum until his lungs ruptured. Some experiments gave men such pressure in their heads that they would go mad and pull out their hair in an attempt to maim themselves in their madness. They would beat the walls with their hands and head and scream in an effort to relieve pressure in their eardrums. These cases of extreme vacuums generally ended in the death of the subjects". The former prisoner also testified, "An extreme experiment was so certain to result in death that in many instances the chamber was used for routine execution purposes rather than an experiment". A minimum of 200 prisoners were known to have died in these experiments.

The doctors directly involved with the research held very high positions: Karl Brandt was Hitler's personal doctor; Oskar Schroeder was the Chief of the Medical Services of the Luft-waffe; Karl Gebhardt was Chief Surgeon on the Staff of the Reich Physician SS and Police and German Red Cross President; Joachim Mrugowsky was Chief of the Hygienic Institute of the Waffen SS; Helmut Poppendick was a Senior Colonel in the SS and Chief of the Personal Staff of the Reich Physicians SS and Police; Siegfried Ruff was Director of the Department of Aviation Medicine.

The first human guinea pig was a 37-year-old Jew in good health. Himmler invited 40 top Luftwaffe officers to view a movie of an inmate dying in the pressure chamber. After the pressure chamber tests, the cold treatment experiments began. The experiments consisted of immersing inmates in freezing water while their vital signs were monitored. The goal was to discover the cause of death. Heart failure was the answer. An inmate described the procedures:

"The basins were filled with water and ice was added until the water measured 37.4 F and the experimental subjects were either dressed in a flying suit or were placed in the water naked. The temperature was measured rectally and through the stomach. The lowering of the body temperature to 32 degrees was terrible for experimental subjects. At 32 degrees the subject lost consciousness. They were frozen to 25 degrees. The worst experiment was performed on two Russian officer POWs. They were placed in the basin naked. Hour after hour passed, and while usually after a short time --- 60 minutes --- freezing had set in, these two Russians were still conscious after two hours. After the third hour one Russian told the other, "Comrade, tell that officer to shoot us". The other replied. "Don't expect any mercy from this Fascist dog". Then they shook hands and said goodbye. The experiment lasted at least five hours until death occurred.

"Dry freezing experiments were also carried out at Dachau. One subject was put outdoors on a stretcher at night when it was extremely cold. While covered with a linen sheet, a bucket of cold water was poured over him every hour. He was kept outdoors under sub-freezing conditions. In subsequent experiments, subjects were simply left outside naked in a court under freezing conditions for hours. Himmler gave permission to move the experiments to Auschwitz, because it was more private and because the subjects of the experiment would howl all night as they froze. The physical pain of freezing was terrible. The subjects died by inches, heartbeat became totally irregular, breathing difficulties and lung edema resulted, hands and feet became frozen white".

As the Germans began to lose the war, the aviation doctors began to keep their names from appearing in Himmler's files for fear of future recriminations.


By Harry V. Martin
and David Caul


Friday, November 22, 1991
Napa Sentinel, 1991

The Nazi doctors who experimented on the inmates of prison camps during World War Two were tried for murder at the Nuremberg Tribunal. The accused were educated, trained physicians --- they did not kill in anger or in malice, they were creating a science of death.

Ironically, in 1933, the Nazis passed a law for the protection of animals. The law cited the prevention of cruelty and indifference to animals as one of the highest moral values of a people --- animal experimentation was unthinkable, but human experimentations were acceptable. The victims of the crimes of these doctors numbered into the thousands.

In 1953, while the Central Intelligence Agency was still conducting mind control and behavior modification on unwitting humans in this country, the United States signed the Nuremberg Code --- a code born out of the ashes of war and human suffering. The document was a solemn promise never to tolerate such human atrocities again. The Code maintains three fundamental principles:

* The subjects of any experimentation must be volunteers who thoroughly understand the purpose and the dangers of the experiments. They must be free to give consent and the consent must be without pressure and they must be free to quit the experiments at any time.

* The experiments must be likely to yield knowledge which is valuable to everyone. The knowledge must be such that it could not be gained in any other way.

* The experiments must be conducted by only the most competent doctors, and they must exercise extreme care.

The Nazi aviation experiments met none of these conditions. Most inmates at Dachau knew that the experiments in the pressure chamber were fatal. From the very beginning, control of the experiments was largely in the hands of the SS, which was later judged to be a criminal organization by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

Despite our lessons from Nuremberg and the death camps, the CIA, U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army Chemical Corps targeted specific groups of people for experimentation who were not able to resist --- prisoners, mental patients, foreigners, ethnic minorities, sex deviants, the terminally ill, children and U.S. military personnel and prisoners of war. They violated the Nuremberg Code for conducting and subsidizing experiments on unwitting citizens. The CIA began its mind control projects in 1953, the very year that the U.S. signed the Nuremberg Code and pledged with the international community of nations to respect basic human rights and to prohibit experimentation on captive populations without full and free consent.

Dr. Cameron, a CIA operative, was one of the worst offenders against the Code, yet he was a member of the Nuremberg Tribunal --- with full knowledge of its testimony. In 1973, a three-judge court in Michigan ruled, "...experimental psychosurgery, which is irreversible and intrusive, often leads to the blunting of emotions, the deadening of memory, the reduction of effect, and limits the ability to generate new ideas. Its potential for injury to the creativity of the individual is great and can infringe on the right of the individual to be free from interference with his mental process.

"The state's interest in performing psychosurgery and the legal ability of the involuntarily detained mental patient to give consent, must bow to the First Amendment, which protects the generation and free flow of ideas from unwarranted interference with one's mental processes". Citing the Nuremberg Code, the court found that "the very nature of the subject's incarceration diminishes the capacity to consent to psychosurgery". In 1973, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted regulations which would require informed written consent from voluntary patients before electroshock treatment could be performed.

Senator Sam Ervin's Committee lashed out bitterly at the mind control and behavior modification experiments and ordered them discontinued --- they were not. But the New England Journal Of Medicine states that the consent provisions are "no more than an elaborate ritual". They called it "a device that when the subject is uneducated and uncomprehending, confers no more than a semblance of propriety on human experimentation".

The Nuremberg Tribunal brought to light that some of the most respected figures in the medical profession were involved in the vast crime network of the SS. Only 23 persons were charged with criminal activity in this area, despite the fact that hundreds of medical personnel were involved. The defendants were charged with crimes against humanity. They were found guilty of planning and executing experiments on humans without their consent, in a cruel and brutal manner which involved severe torture, deliberate murder and with the full knowledge of the gravity of their deeds. Only seven of the defendants were sentenced to death and hanged --- others received life sentences. Five who were involved in the experiments were not tried. Ernest Grawitz committed suicide, Carl Clauberg was tried in the Soviet Union, Josef Mengele escaped to South America and was later captured by Israeli agents, Horst Schumann disappeared and Siegmund Rascher was executed by Himmler.

There were 200 German medical doctors conducting these medical experiments. Most of these doctors were friends of the United States before the war, and despite their inhuman experiments, the U.S. attempted to rebuild a relationship with them after the war. The knowledge the Germans had accumulated at the expense of human life and suffering, was considered a "booty of war" by the Americans and the Russians. The Americans tracked down Dr. Strughold, the aviation doctor who was in charge of the Dachau experiments. With full knowledge that the experiments were conducted on captive humans, the U.S. recruited the doctors to work for them. General Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his personal approval to exploit the work and research of the Nazis in the death camps.

Within weeks of Eisenhower's order, many of these notorious doctors were working for the U.S. Army at Heidelberg. Army teams scoured Europe for scientific experimental apparatus such as pressure chambers, compressors, G-force machines, giant centrifuges, and electron microscopes. These doctors were wined and dined by the U.S. Army while most of Germany's post-war citizens virtually starved.

The German doctors were brought to the U.S. and went to work for Project Paperclip. All these doctors had been insulated against war crime charges. The Nuremberg prosecutors were shocked that U.S. authorities were using the German doctors despite their criminal past.

Under the leadership of Strughold, 34 scientists accepted contracts from Project Paperclip, and were moved to Randolph Air Force Base at San Antonio, Texas. The authorization to hire these Nazi scientists came directly from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The top military brass stated that they wished to exploit these rare minds. Project Paperclip, ironically, would use Nazi doctors to develop methods of interrogating German prisoners of war.

As hostilities began to build, after the War, between the Americans and the Russians, the U.S. imported as many as 1000 former Nazi scientists.

In 1969, Americans landed on the Moon, and two groups of scientist in the control center shared the credit --- the rocket team from Peenemunde, Germany, under the leadership of Werner von Braun --- these men had perfected the V-2s which were built in the Nordhausen caves where 20,000 slave laborers from prison camp Dora had been worked to death. The second group were the space doctors, lead by 71-year-old Dr. Hubertus Strughold, whose work was pioneered in Experimental Block No. 5 of the Dachau concentration camp with the torture and death of hundreds of inmates. The torture chamber that was used to slowly kill the prisoners of the Nazis were the test beds for the apparatus that protected Neil Armstrong from harm, from lack of oxygen, and pressure, when he walked on the moon.

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He will be speaking on many radio stations but we will reserve the prime encounter for Sam Russell, our most beloved team-mate from Salt Lake City. In fact, if Sam were to be able to again travel to this location--he just might find that we can produce the players--in person. Perhaps other things might well begin to go a little better in our "corner" from now on. Just remember, readers, we started a long way back in the lineup. YOU ARE GETTING CONFIRMATION OF OUR PRESENCE SO PLEASE DON'T MISS IT.

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Our people need another job like the proverbial hole-in-the-head but we see no other way to make this available to you. We can consider packaging in smaller than the usual amount of 25 (min) pounds of the flour. As we grow and harvest from our own fields we can grind it and offer it for less but, with Mr. Green's antics this year, we lost most of the harvest quantity. We are indebted beyond measure to the Millers, who made an irrigation system available albeit almost too late to salvage the fields. Don't worry about keeping "track", people--GOD KEEPS GOOD RECORDS!

In addition to the above, the PLAN is to offer a good bread-making machine at below cost of even the discount markets--direct from a manufacturer. It looks like perhaps the best turbo machine may come in at well under $200 (it sells for $300). This is NOT set yet--I am only mentioning it for you who diligently effort to follow necessary instructions.

I have had Dharma into the Gaiandriana preparation but also standardizing a recipe which can be utilized in any machine or, at the least, TWO varieties (the round and the square leaders on the market). It is difficult for whole-grain Spelt is harder to deal with than is whole-grain wheat. The loaves will be "heavier" but after dozens of loaves of bread she has developed one that appears to package into individual machine-ready ingredients for a large loaf of just around, or just under, two pounds. To get better "rising" we are of necessity adding a bit of bread flour from wheat so all should keep that in mind when ordering the prepackaged ingredients. We have not been able to establish costs for the product because we haven't reached a stabilized recipe.

By the way, the ones who have served you so well up to now, Kathy, Diane, Jack and on and on, are willing to run the extra load of accounting and ferreting out the machines and will offer them on a "time" payoff arrangement if possible and it appears to be possible. Of course, you will be able to utilize the ingredients by hand as well so don't get up-tight about it. Also, you can get Spelt flour and make cookies, muffins, biscuits or any flour product. This other is simply for convenience and FOR MY PURPOSES--FOR I PREFER YOU HAVE BREAD WHICH YOU CAN SLICE AND THEN TOAST. In the toasting comes a release of the substances which make the grain so incredibly good in the first place--AND THEN, BUTTER IT. I said BUTTER, not margarine. There is a substance in BUTTER which allows utilization of the important substances and allows the body full utilization--no other oil has it.

As we get closer to being able to offer the full-range regime and do the labor (for we have to "nursery" the drianas and other mandatory life-forms and it takes TIME for full growing cycles) we have no facilities and even though there are willing hands to help, we remain limited by ability to get "quantity" and the preparation of thousands of packages by hand is an overwhelming prospect for these already overextended people. Your patience will be appreciated and we know that you will be gracious and understanding as always. We are hopefully looking forward to early or mid October to begin.

Do NOT concern that the product you have will be outdated--it won't--it will be the same as utilized for "maintenance". I believe, especially for you CONTACT subscribers, there is a special offer which is being set up in some manner. It will henceforth PAY ones to subscribe because there will be ongoing discounts, to ones who do so, on everything which is accepted by the CONTACT to back publicly--the JOURNALS also.

We will keep you informed as we move along here.


I will be writing a major paper on hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen, aloe vera (and some aloe products) supplements and Spelt so that you KNOW what we are talking about and WHY! I will also speak of the PALMA CHRISTI (the hand of Christ) uses of "Castor" oil (ugh!). Therefore, I ask that if anyone of you readers have a little booklet written by Edgar Cayce--would you be kind enough to share it with us, entitled, PALMA CHRISTI?


I am so indebted to you who respond to such a request for such as The Iron Curtain over America, Between Two Ages, and others which are hard to find volumes. It saves us so much time to have "hard-copy" so that I do not have to cause Dharma to simply take dictation. It is very hard to sit and type and get names correctly spelled, etc., without hard-copy with which she can refer to for such information. We can do it--but why would we deprive other authors of attention to their own great contribution works? The CONTACT is OUR paper--YOURS and mine--for the sharing of information. Do we edit? Yes, but not as you think--for IF a subject is correctly presented--we present it. We do NOT play in the NEW AGE game or the RELIGIOUS game. IF A SUBJECT IS VALID IS THE MATTER IN POINT. Just know that there is limitation to space available and the costs prohibitive (as well as human endurance) for publishing everything or even a minute portion of that which arrives here. We must always cover the pertinent FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS!


I am not even going to bother to have Dharma look these over for she is buried in work--but there are a few things YOU must note, please.


THIS is the storm originally planned for the Gulf Coast of Texas, etc. This is the value of public information for once a "plan" is made public--attention has to be given to the intelligence of going through with such dastardly activities. You can SEE that this storm is totally, 100% CONTROLLED by her actions and hit-miss terror tactics. This is a very good example of how easy it is, indeed, to cause a storm and then maneuver it, manipulate it and give it life.


It is NOT missing--it took some most interesting PICTURES and had to be stopped from projecting such damaging information. NASA took care of it. You will be noting that in passing and "cover-up" they will change the subject to the telescope or other matters to cause you confusion as to just what you may have heard. There is no big telescope out there of any value at all as you perceive it to be. The major one which was developed is NOT the one they are tinkering around with or leading you to believe they will somehow FIX.

There is so much "stuff" and ongoing base activity on Mars that they couldn't longer hide it so "poor the magic disappearance of a gadget.


What about birds and California? The Swallows which come regularly on a given day to Capistrano--all departed on a given day--TWO MONTHS EARLY FROM CAPISTRANO THIS SUMMER.

Why? Because you have a massive beam testing system nearby Capistrano and the barrage of electronic impulses and direct manipulation of migratory birds, sea life, etc., is under way in a MAJOR way. You had better be getting VERY, VERY NERVOUS, WEST COAST CITIZENS.


The GANGS are being organized now to bring about massive encounters which will, in turn, bring in full operation of United Nations troops. This is very serious and already under way. Then, the gangs will be utilized to attend to you nice citizens and YOU WILL give them your weapons.


I weary of the continual bombardment of questions about one Bo Gritz and this training program. What do I think? I think it has become a travesty of honor if not deception. Col. Gritz refers to ME as a Crocodile-reptile. I have no proper term which you would understand, to classify what is happening there. I do not even attempt to offer you information as to whether or not to waste your funds attending such nonsense (an elderly lady in two hours is supposed to be able to defend herself against a knife wielding professional killer--practiced by wooden sticks of some sort, as I am told). Do what you will--but be prepared to pay double for any items you acquire from the offerings of products from the group in point. You will note that Bo also will respond to questions about me as: "I no longer speak with that Crocodile reptile". How quaint--do you note that he does NOT refute my presence--only continues toward violence in actions, gun uses and negating ME with words such as that? I consider it CONFIRMATION for you ones--he knows exactly WHO I am--and chooses the other passage--so be it for he will encounter me and mine at the "gate". I have TIME--he has little! I am pleased he doesn't tell you that I come from the local air-base. Many ones from the Bible tales he quotes--wrestled with the Devil--I don't waste time wrestling with anyone! There is only ONE "Lighted" GOD and ALL and EACH will confront that ONE on HIS terms when things of the physical passage will look pretty foolish and grim when measured against the book of life rules and regulations. Indeed, I HAVE "TIME"!--ALL THE TIME IN THE UNIVERSE! This man in point was CHOSEN for magnificent awesome leadership--he is subjecting himself to that which is banal and unworthy of such a role. I have no further interest in him until he confronts Truth about his journey and direction. He refuses to take time to read or prove Truth and that is most certainly his privilege--but the Command of the Messengers is in MY Command and THOSE choices ARE NOT HIS NOR THAT OF ANY OTHER MAN!

Do I somehow "cast him out"? Of course not--I consider him my son and compatriot--with mixed-up information guided by pure EGO physical manifestation. He is simply learning his lessons the same as all of you must do and if you are foolish enough to miss the Truth this go-around--perhaps there shall be other "chances" if you miss this boat. However, if you move on to destruction of the planet through dispersion--it will be a very long time indeed before you are reassembled in order to continue school. It is sad, but a good lesson--when you preach on the basis of words in a book (written by MAN and proclaimed to be the WORD OF GOD) and act in manners against the teachings of the very one you claim to exalt--you have a problem--it matters not WHO IT MAY BE!


You ones struggle with "right" and "wrong", when you KNOW both. You fight and strain against the bindings coming down but you have no idea of what you are against or even fully attend that which you are ABOUT. AMERICA HAS A SOUL, CHELAS, A SOUL WHICH SHE HAS NOW LOST! You can even reclaim your Constitution but you CANNOT RECLAIM YOUR SOUL--look around you. Only now can you, as an individual, claim your own and if enough would so do--you might well bring back a goodly SOUL into your nation--but NOT AS YOU ARE! Don't act like you do not understand me or my words FOR YOU CERTAINLY DO!

Denouncing "ME" does not make me unreal or false--it makes the speaker a fool! To assume God would leave his people unattended when even that book so cited promises, in fact, is indeed moronic and in-credible to the speaker. I do not claim to be this "Christ Jesus" and I am NOT on your place--so how can I be "FALSE"? False what? False WHO? Do I speak in Godly manner as to truth of circumstances and necessary journey in Godly direction? Do I suggest you take up guns and murder as defense for selves? Do I offer politics and physical greed of "stuff"? NO--I am exactly who I claim myself to be--sent as a messenger, as Host, in preparation for the coming upon your place of GOD to attend his property. Your own books say it-- what seems so strange about our presence? You better start listening and reading the FACTS and stop the running off of the lips and tongue instead.

The people WORTHY OF RUNNING AMERICA AS IT HAS BECOME--ARE IN POWER AND RUNNING IT! You basically have a soulless nation and only the Elite of Satan are "worthy". So, why inquire of ME as to Mr. Gritz? He continues to practice the secret orders of the Freemasons and work within the realms of the physical advantage-takers of a world gone mad. Is he "different" from any other "man"? No, the fact that he is NOT is what distresses you ones who sought and fought for his leadership--to find that he is fallible "man" is what rends your heart. He has every right, as do you each, to play with the Luciferians if he so chooses--and he so chooses-- so be it. Many come, my friends, FEW make it. So, does he have a mission? Oh my, yes--the only problem is, on whose side? It will unfold in its proper sequence--for the privacy of individual is in point--no man knows the contract of another--nor SHOULD YOU. He will do that which he will do--and you nor I shall sit in judgment! When a man is not sure of God--he is tossed on the waves of the tempest and latches onto the first plank that comes by which he finds comforting and suitable--usually Satan sends that neat plank and while you dally about, strutting on that flimsy board--the life raft floats on by--it is the story of the ages.

By the way, Americans, when you go about your investigations--how can you be sure you KNOW what is real and what is fabrication? Does anyone remember when I spoke of the family of "Romanoff' of Russia? Did I not tell you that there was a great connection with those of Russia than you might envision since the Bolshevik Revolution and the take-over by Communism? Well, one of the days when time is available--we shall begin to clear the decks and give credit to one Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff who was (is) heir to the All-Russian Imperial Throne. Does it not seem strange that the attention continually turns back to the murders of this family, etc? Why? Because this is what the Elite Scoundrels always do when truth is being made public--they go about denial through all sorts of contortions and pronouncements of stupid fluff. Just as with the Kennedy assassination, one comes forward with the "REAL" truth, publishes it, and forevermore--goes to sleep. No indeed, Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff lived ON and ON AND HAS BEEN A REAL BURR UNDER THE TAIL OF THE ELITE KHAZARIAN ZIONIST THIEVES OF RUSSIA!

Am I again about to get bafflingly controversial and about to unfold the truth as it happened in even the Bolshevik murders?? Yes, Dharma is faint of heart--I am not. It was all sponsored and aided and abetted by the Elite Banksters called Rothschild and Rockefeller, et al., so it is important for you to know HOW LONG you have been actively supporting the murderers of your planet. This is just one more tiny focus--but there are still some of those "Romanoffs" around and quite alive. I would greatly beware of the "DOUBLE EAGLE" for that which you believe to be dead and buried is NOT! Is this good or bad? It depends on WHO YOU ARE and WHAT you consider "right". This is the same as asking as to whether or not the "space cadet aliens" from "out-there somewhere" are enemies or friends. If you serve the physical Satan groups of Anti-Christ--you have problems for WE are your enemy. If you serve GOD then we are most certainly far more than friends.

By the way, you can thank Mr. Reagan for your final denial of association in a magnificent way, with brothers from "space".

We met with heads of states--and even sat with Mr. Reagan while a TREATY AND CONTRACT was drawn AND SIGNED! There would be a working relationship with brothers from "out there" and during this time of confusion "water" would be exchanged for technology and assistance TO YOUR NATION SPECIFICALLY (the U.S.A.). An agreement was signed and then when it was finished the Commander in charge was taken into custody forcibly and was incarcerated in the midst of great laughter and "bury the dude". Now, please, realize that Reagan was a duped puppet simply dancing to a tune from the music box of another's choice--so don't be too hard on him. He had his puppet-masters at hand at the time.

The need was not really FOR water but could be used as a basis for exchange

--not nice fresh water--but old dirty sea water for reclamation. The agreement was clearly voided and was never intended to be honored by your governments.

As the Commander was taken away he turned to the gathered Elite and said: "You are finished! I will see to your destruction! You are through--it is but a matter of time!" There was more laughter and knee slapping as the other "space" aliens escaped from the room and did get away very nicely. The one in chains VANISHED by the next day--without a trace! Ah-hummnn!

It was at that time that Mr. Reagan came on the airwaves in a big boo-boo. He petitioned, on television, the Russians to join forces that you might have protection from outer-space aliens. It was allowed airing--ONCE! However, that was enough--for millions of you HEARD it and saw him!

So--are these my "friends"? Not at all! THEY have trouble "in River City" and it gets thicker and deeper.


You are so close to a "coup" in your nation. Your President does not have the atomic-code box. He is nothing. That cute little deadly "codebox" called "the football" resides since taking from Bush--in the Pentagon. Your lives rest in the hands of NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. Surprise? Why? I've told you before. Oh, I see--but you didn't know about me and couldn't bring yourself to FACE TRUTH? Well, won't we have fun sorting it all out?


I am asked if these prophecies as received by the prior Pope are valid--as found in his personal diary. YES--except that it could not be seen at the time as to whether or not the peace might come sooner than expected. It looks like he will have incorrect projections (this week) as to the time of wondrous peace and war. It looks, surely, like the war-mongers will gain the day. His other prophecies HAVE COME ABOUT! I will ask that someone run those off as presented, to be included for your interest. [See next chapter.]

May you walk in LIGHT that ye shall know what to do on that fateful day of reckoning. The time is at hand to order your lives for it is indeed short in the counting down to year and "PLAN" 2000.




WED., SEP. 1, 1993 10:12 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 016



Originally printed in INSIGHT. "A Pope's Predictions to the Year 2000".

This is going to distress most of you readers simply because YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY HEARD MOST OF IT IN THE SAME TYPE OF PREDICTIONS AS WELL WITNESSING THE HAPPENINGS COMING FORTH. We will simply offer it as is for it more recently comes via a radio personality. Since we have offered many things from this periodical resource before, don't hasten to put this aside as "old hat" information for we note that man needs repetition of such things in order to "order" his journey. I do wish I could present to you as happy an "ending" as does this prior Pope but then, again, glory and peace is in the eye of the beholder and he found his!


The Editor's note: The following is from the diary of Pope John the 23rd who reigned from 1958 to 1963. [H: A lot of you will well remember this man and the strange circumstances which ended his reign--keep that in full conscious relationship with today and today's Pope.] This copy that appears in total was distributed by certain groups in several Catholic Churches in metro-Manila.

The world will suffer through a painful period of violent war, deadly famine and destructive natural disasters over the next eight years. That nightmare will be followed by a lengthy stretch of love and harmony, a beautiful and serene Heaven on Earth.

These startling predictions come from the sensational lost diary of Pope John the 23rd, the beloved Pontiff who died June 3, 1963. The dusty weather-bound diary containing handwritten predictions was found by a Vatican cleaning woman who was sorting through boxes stacked in a little-used storage room. The entries clearly spell out the assassination of John F. Kennedy, America's plunge into the Vietnam war, unrest in the Middle East and the fall of Communism--years before they took place. Later entries call for even more troubled times.

Pope John had periodic visits from both Jesus and the Virgin Mary, says a reverend who has poured over these wondrous tales. The sessions in the Pope's chambers resulted in fantastic glimpses into the future of mankind.

The Pope was saddened to learn that conditions will get much worse before they take a sudden sensational turn in the year 2000 that will return the world to its pristine beauty that was here for Adam and Eve.

Pope John writes of Heavenly Visitors, arriving by June of 1995 in flaming chariots of steel. These special visitors will arrive at the height of despair and help man heal his wounds and work together to right all the horrible wrongs.

Father D 'Angelo, now 73-years old, has agreed to release some of the diary entries made between February of 1959 and April of 1963. The scrawled messages reveal a frightened and excited Pontiff who decided to keep his meetings with the Christ and the Madonna a secret. The first appearance of Christ took place on February 12, 1959. Pope John notes, "Dear God I have been blessed like no man before me. The Savior has granted me a special audience here in my chambers. He tells me that I have been chosen to hear the Truth no matter how awful it may be. It scares me a bit to be so entrusted but I am honored all the same. Jesus tells me the Virgin Mary will come soon to deliver the first news of what will be".


April 7, 1959: She is more beautiful than I had ever imagined. The Madonna is a JOY to behold. I just wish her message was a positive one. She says in four years time the world will lose a great leader and a powerful nation will find itself involved in a conflict it cannot win. The fighting will take its toll on the battlefield and from within as the population despises the loss of its young men. The Holy Mother sheds tears as she describes the heartbreaking vision.

August 17, 1959: The Madonna's second visit is much like the first. She speaks sadly of unrest in her homeland, a change in the balance of power and much blood being spilled in the sand. She said several "madmen" will send their people into battles in the name of God but the Creator has nothing to do with these senseless struggles among BROTHERS.

January 30, 1960: Christ comes to me again. I yearn to tell my fellow Christians of these miraculous appearances but I am advised to keep quiet until the time is right. I cannot help but think I could perhaps head-off some of the trouble which looms for us all. But Christ tells me that misery must take place for the Master Plan to succeed.

June 13, 1960: The Virgin Mary says the world will get a false sense of hope thirty years from now when the chains of repression are shattered throughout Eastern Europe. The joy, however, will be short-lived. As the freed people fight among themselves on how to run their countries. Thousands of poor and innocent children will perish due to the foolishness of their fathers.

March 6, 1961: Just when I thought my Heavenly visits were over, the Madonna comes to me again. She seems tired of the heartaches she must share with me. My heart aches to see "Him hurting so". The news again is foreboding. The early 1990s will be a period of deadly natural disasters. She says "paradise" will be struck by powerful winds and waves, while killer floods and violent earthquakes will shatter man's dwellings. By the middle of the decade regional skirmishes will develop into full-fledged conflicts. As the casualties mount, world-wide famine will strike. The devastation will be like none seen before--especially throughout Africa where millions will perish.

September 23, 1961: She has returned with yet more bad news. It is becoming truly difficult for this humble servant to hear such overwhelming hardships. The Madonna tells me terrifying diseases will be unleashed on the already weakened population of the world by late 1984. Wars will begin to wind down because the fighting nations will be greatly weakened from within. This is the beginning of the change. Hallelujah!

May 19, 1962: From the Heavens will appear "the Saviors". THEY will arrive on June 5, 1995 and begin their task of assisting in the clean-up and repair of the environment and the crippled countries. Many will fear these odd-looking beings but they come in peace and will, with God's guidance, transform Earth from a charred, spinning lot to a lush oasis in space. The survivors will flourish in a world without war disease or hatred. My heart is finally at peace with this knowledge that there is hope for humanity.

July 2, 1962: The Madonna tells me that this will be her final visit. It is a joyous one for she shares tremendous news. As the year 1998 arrives our Heavenly friends will have shared much of their advanced knowledge. Mankind will at last wipe out most of its diseases and our life-span will increase to the length of those listed in the Bible. The visitors will also share the remarkable power of resurrection and throngs of wrongly dead will rise again. Finally, a wondrous miracle will take place in the sky above New York City, December 25, 2000 when millions will witness the sensational appearance of a Messiah who will announce the new beginning of a second "paradise" here on Earth.

Pope John 23rd, died a year later--before he had a chance to release his predictions. Experts say the diary is 100% authentic. They urge people to prepare themselves for even leaner times before the beginning of the next century.


* * *

I realize that this was not sent again to me in error or lack of desire for comment even though the one sending it is my own beloved son-brother.

What is missing from that which I have prepared you for? If you have missed the telling--go look again for from the beginning of our presence in this place--wording through these hands, we have told you this.

You will have to understand that there are misinterpretations as one speaks of renewal. KNOW that there is a place PREPARED for you of God's people. God-willing, there shall also be a planet which can recover in her beauty and life-flow. WE are the messengers of which it is spoken--is it so hard to hold in your hearts? Can you not see the work of God at every turn--as well as that of the Evil CHALLENGERS to God and Truth?

Do "I" have joy in my task? Beyond your imaginings!! Do "I" have pain in my breast-place at that which I witness and that which is brought against our people? Indeed--but that too shall pass away as the glory unfolds.

Why is it so hard to believe and understand? Because ye blessed lambs are but "people of the LIE"! and not able to see and hear Truth as it is about you for you are blinded and deafened by the lies of presentation and trained by the electronic and human brainwashing of an insane plan for your destruction and enslavement.

I am a bit interested in the "odd-looking" description but then, again, YOU look a bit odd to us in your heavy cloaks of flesh and dreary bones. I was asked about the subject of "abnormal" in a recent meeting--my response: "Everyone on Earth seems quite abnormal to me".

There is so much left out of these short predictions. The Pope was a Godly man efforting to rise above the corruption come upon "his" church--or at the least, the realization of same. You see, a "man" can only hide so long from Truth before it runs him over. When "realization" hits and the confrontation of ability to "change" a thing happens--it is over for that one for his enemies will not allow him to longer live to tell and the heart within cannot bear the burden in continuing. It is "murder" either way you define the death of body which ensues.

Will these things come to pass? Most surely! Not only will they come to pass--look again at the dates of entries--but many have already become present.

Will there be chariots of steel? No! Our chariots are not made of "steel" as you recognize--but it's close enough!

Your world which bore its own SOUL has already departed and awaits her children. That which lives and breathes and awaits the cleansing to continue her journey has lost her conscious soul in all that seems to be reality. She writhes in her pains of recovery for she has already passed through her birthing pangs. The collective prevalence of "thought" coming from your planet into the Lighted Realms of expression is indeed dark unto the void. But I remind you of the Lion, the battle is not yet but barely joined--GOD WINS!

Will we bring forth that which can be used by the "children"? Oh yes, what think ye that Dharma has been doing whilst her fingers were silent? Indeed we bring that which you need--but whether or not you use it is your own choice. Will it be allowed distribution? Come, come, chelas--what think ye? Of course not! It becomes a fact--it is up to you and choices of your soul. How long will you allow the Beast to roam and destroy? Dharma no longer even asks for a vacation or a holiday--she pleads for a single hour away from this KNOWING. There is no way "away" once you KNOW for there is no "UN"knowing.

She, like you, must look beyond and unto the GOAL for in so-doing with intent of Godly purpose--YOU SHALL PREVAIL FOR YOU CAN CREATE--YOUR ENEMY CAN ONLY MANIPULATE AND DESTROY THAT WHICH IS PHYSICALLY ALREADY CREATED. In the ever present drive toward the goal--the pathway is but a passage to be "crossed" and the things which abound to pull you down will but strengthen you. The body and mind grows weary--the SOUL DOES NOT! And, dear ones, IF I need to carry you in your fatigue and distress--so shall it be! Turn FROM GOD and the journey will be more and more distressed in the absence of God. Your "voted-in" rules in the "name" of God will be as the destructive misfire of the bomb still in your hands.

Go ahead and laugh at the taking of "Christ" from X-mass. It is not the birth date of the Master Teacher at ANY calculation. Moreover, you can spell it any way you wish--it changes not one iota of the Truth of it. You can call me John, Paul, Mary, Dick or Ezekiel and it will make not one breath of difference as to WHO I AM!





THU., SEP. 2, 1993 9:29 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 017



I find myself pondering what is bothering people so much and the special person at point to such extent as to continue to deny my presence. Can you not leave Col. Gritz to his own discomfort? A man in ignorance with refusal to learn is by far your worst enemy. Ones either deliberately speak and act in wrong perceptions OR they are ignorant of the facts. Your good Col. Gritz fits BOTH categories. Long since has the Golden Rule by which he claims to live and the Christ lessons he proclaims to be "born again" into, been left to the wayside in this instance.

Perhaps I can set to rest your quandaries and petitions as it does seem to bother you greatly that he would call me "names" of Satan's troops: Judas Goat, chameleon (except that he said:"The only thing serpent about you [Hatonn] is your chameleon---". That was a gross "slip of the pen" for his intent was otherwise while his words were CORRECT in that I am NOTHING of the serpent, dragon or reptilian world--physical or spiritual.), and now, Crocodile Reptile. Oh? Even GOODLY BRAIN-WASHERS OF TRAINED SPECIAL FORCES KNOW THAT WHEN YOU CALL NAMES TO ANOTHER--YOU ARE EXPRESSING YOUR OWN STATUS AS IF IN A MIRROR! Does this mean that this MAN is my enemy?--NO MAN IS MY ENEMY! He is my misguided child/brother who needs a great many more lessons!

I am exactly who I present myself to be and his opinion from ego speculation is not going to change that circumstance--only cause him great embarrassment somewhere along the line of action in this time of upheaval. Just as with George Green--he will lose the respect of those who would have followed him to the White House if he continues on this current path and may get a lot of you good patriots killed in the process. He cannot see far enough out "there" to be able to see the other end of the path as can I.

If you who agonize over this quandary in any way will simply back away and LOOK, then, and only then, will you see the answer. Some who claim to KNOW GOD and SERVE GOD--DO NOT KNOW GOD AT ALL AND, WORSE, CLING TO THE SECRET SOCIETIES AND VIOLENCE OF THE PHYSICAL ENTRAPMENT AS IF UNDER AN INSTRUMENT-LANDING HOOD. Can YOU not look unto the whole of it and USE THAT WHICH IS GOODLY AND TRUTH FROM BOTH?

Col. James "Bo" Gritz, like others, HAS A MISSION AND A CONTRACT--AND NO OTHER KNOWS THAT MISSION AND CONTRACT. He is beloved by me and his childish names will not touch an iota of the truth of the presence.

He was amused that I came up instantly in anger when he referred to me as a "Judas Goat". I DID!! To me, that is calling "God"--"Satan"--which, of course, he continues to do. However, it changes nothing but is about as bad and painful a thing to say to me as to call him a treasonist and a "knowing" "religious" liar--which, I'm sure, would mar his image of himself. But, how many of the treasonists realize that they commit TREASON--and especially, against GOD? I have no battle with one Bo Gritz! If he chooses to live in the dark places of experience--continually searching for peace within and truth in realization--it is his choice and I bless him for his journey will get more restless and more "searching" as he moves on. You must understand that I see beyond and within the soul--longing to have peace and a bit of quiet respite within a soul which is knowing of Truth but a consciousness fatigued with the senseless journey in a blighted world. The deeper the caring within a man, the more tormented is the man. Will it show? Not in the way you in an audience would recognize from a confident, ego-driven (but totally controlled) speaker on a platform. He would have given his life in that dirtiest of dirty roles as leader of your nation--but--look and see--the one who is in that position is NOT THE LEADER OF YOUR NATION.

Peter denied the Christ several times--did it make the person LESS a Christed being? It only caused Peter to have to serve more diligently in his soul expression of since experience. Thomas "doubted"--did that make him "bad"? No, and neither did it change the fact of the experience of the Christ, either! I did not swear on Lucifer or on the blood of a brother into secrecy as did Mr. Gritz at the bar of the Freemason order--to stand to the square! That is not a patriotic "term" he uses--it is a Masonic oath--didn't anybody notice? Does he know that which he does? Well, he is a brilliant man and you shall have to draw your own conclusions--God usually runs second fiddle to the ego stance of a "brilliant" man steeped in the ways of clandestine physical expression. A man can be discerned in character by judgment of the actions presented. It is YOURS to discern for it is no business of mine.

However, if you think that I shall absolve myself of responsibility of offering you Truth and guidance when asked of me--you are incorrect. When I see that a thing or person is fitted for a task, even if it be short in service, I shall express it to you who ASK. Just because Mr. Gritz may NOT ask--millions of YOU DO! I suggest you ALL go back and read the second writing of 9-1/93 No.2 regarding Pope John's predictions. WE ARE NOT GOING TO BOMB IN ON YOU LIKE A SHOWER OF SNOW FLAKES IN A COUPLE OF YEARS--TRANSITION AND MESSENGERS ARE SENT IN A "KNOWING" CIVILIZATION, LONG PRIOR TO THE PHYSICAL INTEGRATION. If YOU, or Mr. Gritz, must choose so carefully his decisions regarding that "Bible" and pound it on his podium so often--I would suggest he study IT ALL for what he expresses is only a tiny bit of partial truth. In calling me, a Host Commander Messenger, sent forth to prepare a place for our God and bring the messages of Truth unto HIS people a serpent is, in fact, the same as calling the Bible a pack of lies in total and the serpent KING.

Do I denounce the "snake"? Of course not for it, too, is a wondrous CREATION of God. I do, however, denounce the symbol for it is the meaning of the Anti-God/Christ way of expression. You ones seem to have two special meanings to an oath. I do not accept an "oath" of any kind for if a Man is unworthy by his word then all the oaths of all time are equally invalid. So, if you make an oath in a social order ceremony/ritual as to even murder your brother if he divulge the secrets--then you have made an oath--regardless of whether or not you think it is simply "fun and games". Does it then come that somehow your oath unto a nation or a flag to protect it from enemies within and without--has MORE meaning? God only sees the intent of the soul but the expression of the lips indicates the SAME!

If a man is TRAINED to kill or be an "assassin", which is still "MURDER" of another

--does this make the act "right"? No-- and when it is self-excused on the basis of "need to"--it still DOES NOT MAKE IT "RIGHT"! under any circumstances. When a man KNOWS this is a wrong approach and continues to train and press for such action--it still remains WRONG. It is, however, between that ONE and GOD. It is none of my business except as it affects that which is in my command in service to Creator.

My people have been slain (by your earthly terms) and SO HAS BO GRITZ! I also suggest you reread the portion from yesterday wherein it is stated that WE COMING FORTH will teach and KNOW the ability of resurrection! I suggest YOU ALL give careful thought to this little "trick".

Now, if you don't mind, I would like to drop the subject for I fully intend to give no more of today to Mr. Gritz--he is acting as a child in a money-making game, some of which is worthy--a lot which is not. It is your own choice to go and experience and you will gain greatly if you attend everything carefully--in many ways. Will it save your life? I doubt it! However, if you do not get yourselves prepared for negative experiences you surely cannot survive these things which will be thrust upon you. And I remind you--if a man call me Judas Goat and Serpent--likewise shall I refer to him as the same for it surely would take one to perceive another--right or wrong! If he does not like the idle chatter then I suggest that what is sauce for the goose is likewise sauce for the gander! In the ending you shall perceive truth through the actions--you may JUDGE mine to the limits of your universe--but, you might well also look at his! I did not say look and hear the "opinions" of someone else--GO LOOK FOR YOURSELF AT THE FACTS, NOT THE GOSSIP!

Dharma asks me, "Why?" as we write and look into Lost Civilizations and Buried Continents and People--"are there so many things with symbols of serpents and dragons and seemingly wondrously decorated artifacts"? SIMPLE: THE SERPENT PEOPLE AND CIVILIZATIONS ALWAYS PERISH!! ALWAYS!!! GOD always prevails and the evil is buried in some manner or another and HIS people are taken into security and beauty so that the legacy of that which will come again--shall find the desolation and buried symbols and be able to learn truth of the destruction--but, alas, the lesson is simply repeated over and over again. Evolvement is a wondrous thing which also includes "letting go" and "releasing"--as the butterfly emerging from a cocoon--it cannot wait for all butterflies to emerge from their own sleeping hollow--it must go forth unto whatever lies ahead for it while allowing the others to be birthed and grow as they will. You can learn from that tiny and beautiful winged creature but you cannot open the other cocoons to free that which is inside lest you kill it and neither can you hold the birthed creature from its journey lest you kill IT. YOU cannot live for another!

I am most grateful for the following letter received this morning. It is from a man in Nevada and it regards "the wisdom" of his son of 12 years. It only "seems" there are no young with wisdom left in your society--but perhaps you had best look again at the Master Teacher and what HE was doing at the age of 12 years.


August 25, 1993

Dear ……:

Greetings once again. I would like to share with you something my 12 year old son, J-L said to me during a discussion we were having regarding TRUTH.

"Dad, it's really simple. GOD, or TRUTH, has a WORD. You must be able to recognize and understand the WORD of TRUTH so you can become one with it. The adversary or Anti-God also has a word. You must be able to recognize and understand the WORD of anti-TRUTH when you encounter it so that it can find no place to take root in you. The world also has a word. But the word of the world is not meant to be understood, only observed, because the word of the world is insane".

I asked my son to clarify the part about the word of the world. He said, "Look at how people act from minute to minute, from day to day. Look at how man treats his fellow man; look how he treats the Earth. It's crazy; it's chaos. If you try to understand it you'll go crazy. Just observe and don't judge. Don't seek to worship God or Christ, seek to become God or Christ in a totally humble way. That's the best any of us can do. God will provide us everything we need to succeed if we seek him with right intent".

I am grateful to and appreciate everyone there in the "groundcrew". I have no words that are adequate to express this. May I paraphrase Kahlil Gibran from his Words of the Master, A Second Treasury, pg 92:

"Thank you Doris, E.J., Doctor Young, and everyone else involved in bringing forth the WORD of TRUTH, for deep in my heart, though I did not understand it, I hungered and thirsted for TRUTH that would transcend any to be found on the earth. I yearned for the soul's freedom that would teach me to rejoice with my neighbor at the light of the sun and the wonder of living. For it is this cherished freedom that brings man close to the Unseen, which we can approach without fear or shame".

In Light,


* * *

Thank you for sharing this with us for it is ONLY this reward that causes our feet to move one more step and sit to the keyboard one more time--remember "through the eyes of a child" and "as a child" shall ye come into wisdom that you might KNOW. Does this mean the child will be a "saint"? Perish the thought--children come to experience and reflect that which is offered unto them--be ever mindful of that example and honor yourself when the reflection IS of wisdom for it is YOUR reflection!

Let us now turn to other worthy work:


Look carefully at that which is happening to this unfortunate being. Have you ever in all your experience seen worse justice and manipulation of a man's life? Now, as it comes to "having" to let the man come home--your own Attorney General says she will try in every way to get him deported!!


Dharma, please scribe, let us offer another segment from the "300" book by Coleman. I do not know which segment this represents but I think the editors can ferret it out for us. It is so important that you continue to get these major players in proper order and impact--even if names be changed in the present ongoing play for it is the structure and concept which endures.


We shall simply take up where we left off without comment on prior printings--you shall have to do your homework and go back and get sequence for we have no space available for continual refreshment.


When I (Coleman) wrote these things in 1981, the conspirators' global plans were already in an advanced state of preparedness....

....The polarizing of South America and the U.S. was a special assignment given to Kissinger by the Committee of 300. The Malvinas War (also known as the Falklands War) and the subsequent overthrow of the Argentine government, followed by economic chaos and political upheavals, were planned by Kissinger Associates acting in concert with Lord Carrington, a top-ranking member of the Committee of 300.

One of the principal Committee of 300 assets in the U.S., the Aspen Institute of Colorado, also helped plan events in Argentina, even as it did in the case of the fall of the Shah of Iran. Latin America is important to the United States, not only because we have so many mutual defense treaties with countries there, but also because it has the potential of providing a huge market for American exports of technology, heavy industrial equipment, which would have galvanized many of our faltering companies and provided thousands of new jobs. This was to be prevented at all costs, even if it meant 30 years of war.

Instead of seeing this huge potential in a positive light, the Committee of 300 saw it as a dangerous threat to its post-industrial zero-growth U.S. plans and immediately acted to make an example of Argentina as a warning to other Latin American nations to forget any ideas they may have had to promote nationalism, independence and sovereign integrity. This is the reason why so many Latin American countries turned to drugs as their sole means of support, which may very well have been the intention of the conspirators in the first place.

Americans in general look down on Mexico, which is precisely the attitude with which the Committee wants the people of the United States to regard Mexico. What we need to do is change our thinking about Mexico and South America in general. Mexico represents a potentially huge market for all types of U.S. goods which could mean thousands of jobs for Americans and Mexicans alike. Transferring our industries "south of the border" and paying the maquiladores slave wages is not in the interest of either country. It benefits nobody but the "Olympians".

Mexico received most of its nuclear power technology from Argentina, but the Malvinas War put an end to that. The Club of Rome decreed back in 1986 that it would stop exports of nuclear technology to developing countries. With nuclear power stations generating abundant cheap electricity, Mexico would have become the "Germany of Latin America". Such a state of affairs would have been a disaster for the conspirators who have, by 1991, stopped all exports of nuclear technology except that destined for Israel.

What the Committee of 300 has in mind for Mexico is a feudal peasantry, a condition that allows for easy management and looting of Mexican oil. A stable and prosperous Mexico can only be a plus for the United States. This is what the conspirators wish to prevent, so they have engaged in decades of innuendo, slander and direct economic war on Mexico. Before former President Lopez Portillo took office and nationalized the banks, Mexico was losing $200 million a day to capital flight, organized and orchestrated by the Committee of 300's representatives in banks and brokerage houses on Wall Street.

If only we in the United States had statesmen and not politicians running the country, we could act together and set back the One World Government-New World Order plans to return Mexico to a state of helplessness. If we were able to defeat the Club of Rome's plans for Mexico, it would come as a shock to the Committee of 300, a shock from which they would take a long time to recover. The inheritors of the Illuminati pose as great a threat to the United States as they do to Mexico. By seeking common ground with Mexican patriotic movements, we in the United States could forge a formidable force to be reckoned with. But such action requires leadership, and we are more lacking in leadership than in any other area of endeavor.

The Committee of 300 through its many affiliated organizations was able to nullify the Reagan presidency. Here is what Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation had to say on the subject: "The Right thought it had won in 1980 but in fact it had lost". What Butler was referring to was the situation in which the Right found itself when it realized that every single position of importance in the Reagan Administration was filled by Fabianist appointees recommended by the Heritage Foundation. Butler went on to say that Heritage would use rightwing ideas to impose leftwing radical principles upon the United States, the same radical ideas which Sir Peter Vickers Hall, top Fabianist in the U.S. and the number one man at Heritage, had been openly discussing during the election year.

Sir Peter Vickers Hall remained an active Fabianist even though he was running a conservative "think tank". As a member of the British oligarchical Vickers armament manufacturing family, he had position and power. The Vickers family supplied both sides in the First World War and again during Hitler's rise to power. Vickers' official cover was the University of California's Urban and Regional Development Institute. He was a longtime confidant of British labour leader and Committee of 300 member Anthony Wedgewood Benn.

Both Vickers and Benn are integrated with the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, the premiere brainwashing institution in the world. Vickers uses his Tavistock training to very good effect when speech-making. Consider the following example:

"There are two Americas. One is the nineteenth century heavy-industry based society. The other is the growing post-industrial society, in some cases built on the shards of the old America. It is the crisis between these two worlds which will produce the economic and social catastrophe of the next decade. The two worlds are in fundamental opposition, they cannot coexist. In the end the post industrial world must crush and obliterate the other one". Remember, this speech was made in 1981 and we can see from the state of our economy and our industries just how accurate was Sir Peter's prediction. When concerned people ask me how long the 1991 recession will last, I refer them to Sir Peter's statements and add my own opinion that it will not end until 1995/1996, and even then what emerges will not be the America we knew in the 1960's and 1970's. That America has already been destroyed.

I reported Sir Peter's speech in my newsletter soon after it was delivered. How prophetic it was, but then it was easy to predict a future already written for America by the Committee of 300 and its executive Club of Rome. What was Sir Peter saying in a euphemistic manner? Translated into ordinary everyday English, he was saying that the old American way of life, our true and trusted republican form of government based upon our Constitution, was going to be crushed by the New World Order. America as we knew it was going to have to go, or be crushed to pieces.

As I said, Committee of 300 members often make themselves highly visible. Sir Peter was no exception. To make it clearly understood where he was coming from, Sir Peter rounded off his speech by declaring:

"I am perfectly happy working with the Heritage Foundation and groups like that. True Fabians look to the New Right to push through some of their more radical ideas. For more than a decade the British population has been subject to a constant propaganda barrage of how it was on the industrial skids. All of this is true, but the net effect of the propaganda was to demoralize the population. (Exactly as intended by the new-science scientists at Tavistock).

"This will happen in the United States as the economy worsens. This (demoralizing process) is necessary to make people accept difficult choices. If there is no planning for the future or if constituencies block progress there will be social chaos on a scale which is currently hard to imagine. The outlook for urban America is bleak. There is a possibility of doing something with the inner cities, but basically the cities will shrink and the manufacturing base will decline. This will produce social convulsions".

Was Sir Peter a psychic, a magician of great report or merely a charlatan fortune teller with a great deal of luck? The answer is "none of these". All Sir Peter was doing was reading off the blueprint of the Committee of 300-Club of Rome for slow death of the United States as a former industrial giant. Looking back over the ten years of Sir Peter's predictions, can anybody doubt that the Committee of 300's plans for the demise of an industrialized United States has become a fait accompli?

Haven't Sir Peter's predictions proved to be remarkably accurate? Indeed they have, almost down to the last word. It is worth noting that Sir Peter Vickers (Sir Peter Vickers-Hall's father-in-law) worked on the Stanford Research paper, Changing Images of Man, from which much of the 3000 pages of material advice sent to the Reagan Administration was taken. Moreover, as senior MI6 British intelligence officer, Sir Peter Vickers was in a position to give Heritage a great deal of advance information.

As a member of the Committee of 300 and NATO, Sir Peter Vickers was around when NATO directed the Club of Rome to develop a social program which would utterly change the direction in which America wanted to go. The Club of Rome, under Tavistock direction, ordered Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to develop such a program, not only for America, but for every nation in the Atlantic Alliance and the OECD nations.

It was Sir Peter's protege, Stuart Butler, who gave President Reagan 3000 pages of "recommendations", which no doubt contained some opinions expressed by Anthony Wedgewood Benn, a member of parliament and a ranking member of the Committee of 300. Benn told members of the Socialist International who met in Washington on December 8, 1980: "You can thrive under Volcker's credit collapse if you profile Reagan to intensify the credit collapse".

That Butler's advice was taken and applied to the Reagan Administration can be seen in the collapse of the Savings and Loan and banking industries which accelerated under Reagan economic policies. While Benn called it "profiling", he really meant that Reagan should be brainwashed. It is worth noting that Von Hayek--who is a founder member of Heritage--used his student, Milton Friedman, to preside over the Club of Rome's plans to deindustralize America using the Reagan presidency to accelerate the collapse of first the steel industry, and then the auto and housing industries, for example.

In this regard a French Black Nobility member, Etienne D'Avignon, as a member of the Committee of 300, was assigned the task of collapsing the steel industry in this country. It is doubtful that any of the hundreds of thousands of steel workers and shipyard workers who have been without jobs for the past decade have ever heard of D'Avignon. I fully reported the D'Avignon Plan in April 1981 World Economic Review. Attending that fateful December 10th Club of Rome meeting in Washington D.C. was a mystery man from Iran who turned out to be Bani Sadr, the Ayatollah Khomeini's special envoy.

One speech in particular at the December 10th, 1980 conclave caught my attention, mainly because it came from Francois Mitterand, a man the French establishment had discarded and thought to be washed up. But my intelligence source had previously told me that Mitterand was in the process of being picked up, dusted off and returned to power, so what he said carried a good deal of weight for me:

"Industrial capitalist development is the opposite of freedom. We must put an end to it. The economic systems of the 20th and 21st century will use machines to crush man, first in the domain of nuclear energy which is already producing formidable results". Mitterand's return to the Elysee Palace was a great triumph for socialism. It proved that the Committee of 300 was powerful enough to predict happenings and then make them happen, by force, or by whatever means it took to make its point that it could crush any and all opposition even if, as in the case of Mitterand, he had been totally rejected a few short days before by a discerning political power group in Paris.


* * *

Thank you. Let us close this as it has become a bit too lengthy for one sitting. I ask that all who will and can, get a copy of this book so that you will have it in its entirety. It can be gotten through Dr. John Coleman personally--and please tell him who referred you. Truth is the most valuable asset of all tools in your reclamation for it allows you to know and recognize your enemy.




FRI., SEP. 3, 1993 10:17 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 018



Don't miss what they are doing with the BNL situation. They are blaming ONE man for the whole of the mess which involves the TOP-LEVEL people in your government and administration. Then, like the other "hearings", it is announced that there is no blame or reason to further investigate the situations and all is dropped and all the evil bastards live happily ever-after!

Things are moving so quickly that you miss a major happening every time you blink your eyes--so you must stay right onto things--the CONTACT IS NOT BIG ENOUGH to cover it all in remindings to watch OR to get updates printed for you. However, you do need to know "players" in this game or you are in for no ability to sort things.

(The Queen's PERSONAL Forces)

How many of you realize that British Intelligence (specifically MI6) fomented this Bosnian-Croatian conflict? Note also that as the Russian faction of the World Order supplied the Serbs, etc., it is obvious that hand-in-hand march the demons of death of a planet.

Not only do they remain "friends" with Serbia, they prevented the advancement of German interests and are selling enormous amounts of weapons to the warring parties. This information comes directly from the afflicted area. From Croatian "counter-intelligence" and "double agents" comes full information on how British agents provoked the confrontation between Croatians and Bosnians in order to protect the aggression in the Balkans being waged by Greater Serbia.

The whole provocation was staged under the cover of UN forces and exposes Britain's Lord David Owens as political controller of the operation.

Now get this next positively in mind: The people of former Yugoslavia, who have been treated as guinea pigs in a BRITISH TAVISTOCK experiment, are now pointing at the puppetmasters.


The facts are about one, Norry Phillips, a British mercenary, former member of the British Navy who had come to Croatia two years before to train Croatian soldiers. Upon the arrival of UNPROFOR in Croatia, Phillips joined the HVO (Croat Council of Defense, the party militia of Croatian President Tudjman) and when the clashes between Croats and Muslims started in Mostar, Norry shifted to the Muslim side. Nothing strange, except that it had been Norry who tried everything to persuade the HVO commanders to attack the Muslims. "Let us deal with the Bosnia army in two days and the world will accept that". People in HVO found it strange that he was suggesting this while selling weapons to the Muslims.

Phillips had strong connections in weapons supply and import of mercenaries. He would send the new mercenaries to central Bosnia with the task to train chosen members of the Croatian HVO and Bosnian army to be merciless commandos (remember that is what "Tavistock" is ABOUT--mind-control) to be launched against the Serbs. The British were usually leaders of those groups that, by the way, never started a single action against the Serbs. Instead, those commandos, Croats and Muslims, turned against each other, both sides under British command.

The Massacre in the Muslim village of Ahmici, near Vitez, was carried out by one of these groups commanded by a British citizen. The desecration of the Croatian monastery Guca Gora and the massacre.... was executed by a group of Mujahedins, commanded by a mercenary named "Rose"--a British subject. Immediately after the massacre, the British UN forces would enter those villages along with British journalists who would send out horrible pictures of war and suffering, stressing that what was going on between the Croats and Muslims was not sporadic clashes but a real war.

Pictures of mutual massacres and burned villages created, within the Croatians and the Muslims, a mutual feeling of hate to the point that they became greater enemies to each other than to the real aggressor. Among the international public this created the impression that there was not a war of aggression in Bosnia, but a civil war. In a recent interview to BBC, Lord Owen explained: "The Americans thought at the beginning that the problem in Bosnia was a simple one: One party is the aggressor, the others are the victims. We knew from the beginning that the problem was a more complex one since it was not an aggression, but a civil war".

"The territory of former Yugoslavia, that is the Balkans, is strategically interesting as the shortest land-route to the East. That is why that area is cut by spheres of influence of the world and the European powers...when it was impossible for those powers to realize their interests through political means, their secret services were activated, and through the manipulation of certain political and military groups, would prepare events that would change history. It is known today that the demonstration that led to the fall of the Yugoslav government on March 27, 1941, was directed by British Intelligence ...during the whole war there were British Intelligence officers with Tito [Yugoslav leader].

"British officers and mercenaries are also active in the war against Croatia and especially now in the war in Bosnia. Some of these people are part of British Intelligence abroad, Military Intelligence Six, for short MI6 (Yes indeed, the outfit that runs the University of Science and Philosophy in Virginia). Today serious analysts put MI6 at the very top of the intelligence services. Some estimate it to be equal to the American CIA (Oh, gads--they basically ARE the CIA along with the KGB and Mossad.), and some say that in certain departments it is even superior.... During the whole course of World War II, MI6 had its men at the very top of the Wehrmacht [German war machine] and among the top Russian officers....

"In the European department of MI6 there is a Balkan subdepartment, which used to be important to Britain because of the control of the route towards Suez. Today that subdepartment's aim is to stop the influence of Germany in the Balkans". These quotes come from Dan Damon of Sky News who got on the inside of the operation.

I suggest you no longer believe ANYTHING you are told on the news and look between the lies for truth of some measure. It is there if you know what is really going on.

I do feel it important that today we continue right on with Dr. Coleman's writings in "300" because he was a member (he said) of MI6 and he certainly, with George Green, managed to drop a bomb on us via US&P and the hidden conspiratorial relationships involved against us.

Taking up right where we left off yesterday:


(Continued from 9/2/93)

(aka: Irwin Suall)

Another group representative at the December 1980 Washington meetings with "observer status" was John Graham, also known as "Irwin Suall", head of the fact-finding committee of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL is an outright British Intelligence operation run by all three branches of British Intelligence, that is, MI6 and the JIO. Suall's extensive bag of dirty tricks was garnered from the sewers of the East End of London. Suall is still a member of the super-secret SIS, an elite James Bond type of operation. Let nobody underestimate the power of the ADL, nor its long reach. [H: You MUST note that the ADL-B'nai B'rith is the "Jewish Intelligence Organization" branch of British Intelligence.]

Suall works closely with Hall and other Fabianists. He was singled out as useful to British Intelligence while at Ruskin Labour College at Oxford University [H: Where Clinton spent time as a Rhodes scholar!!] in England, the same Communist education center that gave us Milner, Rhodes, Burgess, McLean and Kim Philby. Oxford and Cambridge Universities have long been the province of the sons and daughters of the elite, those whose parents belong to the "upper crust" of British high society. While at Oxford, Suall joined the Young People's Socialist League, and was recruited by British intelligence shortly thereafter.

Suall was posted to the United States where he came under the protection and sponsorship of one of the most insidious leftists in the country, Walter Lippmann. Lippmann founded and ran the League for Industrial Democracy, and Students for a Democratic Society, both leftist spoiler operations to set industrial workers at variance with what it called "the Capitalist class" and management. Both of Lippmann's projects were an integral part of the Committee of 300 apparat that stretched right across America, of which Lippman was a most important member.

Suall has strong connections with the Justice Department and can secure FBI profiles of any person he targets. The Justice Department has orders to give Suall everything he wants when he wants it. Most of Suall's activities center around "keeping an eye on rightwing groups and individuals". The ADL has an open door to the State Department and makes good use of State's impressive intelligence agency.

The State Department has a layer of agents in the right wing, posing as "fearless anti-Semitic fighters". There are four leaders in this group of informers, three of whom are discreet Jewish homosexuals. This spy group has been in operation for the past two decades. They publish virulently anti-Jewish "newspapers" and sell a wide variety of anti-Semitic books. One of the principal operators works out of Louisiana. A member of this group is a writer who is dearly beloved in Christian rightwing circles. The group and the individuals who go to make it up are under the protection of the ADL. Suall was deeply involved in ABSCAM and is often called upon by law enforcement agencies to assist them in investigations and sting operations.

Suall was assigned to "dog Reagan", in terms of the course laid out for the newly-elected President by the Heritage Foundation, and to figuratively fire a few warning shots if Reagan looked like deviating or taking off his blinders at any time. Suall helped to get rid of any troublesome rightwing advisor not beholden to Heritage for his or her job with the Reagan administration. Such a person was Ray Donovan, Reagan's Secretary of Labor, who was eventually removed from his post thanks to the Dirty Tricks department of the ADL. James Baker III, one of those on the list of 3000 recommendations made by the Heritage Foundation, was the go-between who carried Suall's messages of hate about Donovan to the President.

Another important conspirator was Philip Agee, the so-called CIA "defector". Although not a member of the Committee, he was nevertheless its case officer for Mexico, and run by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations. For the record, NOTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE U.S. HAPPENS WITHOUT THE SANCTION OF THE RIIA! It is a continuing and ongoing agreement first OPENLY entered into (there were many such secret agreements before that) by Churchill and Roosevelt in 1938, under the terms of which U.S. intelligence services are obliged to share intelligence secrets with British Intelligence.

This is the basis of the so-called "special relationship" between the two countries about which Churchill and Lord Halifax boasted and which "special relationship" was responsible for the U.S. fighting the Gulf War against Iraq for and on behalf of British interests, more especially British Petroleum, one of the most important companies in the Committee of 300 in which Queen Elizabeth's immediate family has a big stake.

No intelligence activity has taken place since 1938 except through this special joint command structure. Philip Agee joined the CIA after graduating from Notre Dame where he was inducted into its Jesuit Freemason ring. Agee first came to my attention in 1968 as the intelligence officer behind the riots at the University of Mexico. One of the most important things about the Mexican student riots was that they occurred at the same time as student rioting in New York, Bonn, Prague and West Berlin.

With the coordination expertise and its special intelligence network of which INTERPOL is an integral part, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight for the Committee to set in motion carefully timed global actions, whether they be student rioting or deposing leaders of supposedly sovereign nations. It is all in a day's work for the "Olympians". From Mexico Agee moved on to align himself with Puerto Rican terrorist groups. During this time he became a trusted confidant of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

It should not be imagined that while Agee was carrying out these operations, he was doing so as a "rogue" agent. On the contrary, he was working for the CIA all during these assignments. Trouble came when Castro's DGI (Cuban intelligence service) was able to "turn" him. Agee continued to work in his capacity as a member of the CIA until his double role was uncovered. This involved the biggest Soviet listening post in the West located at Lourdes, Cuba. Staffed by 3000 Soviet specialists in signals-monitoring and deciphering. Lourdes has the capability of monitoring thousands of electronic signals simultaneously. Many a private phone conversation between a member of Congress and his mistress was picked up at Lourdes and used to telling effect.

Although we are told today in 1991 that "Communism is dead," the United States has done nothing to close down the vast spy operation which sits on our doorstep. Incidentally, Lourdes has the capability of picking up even the weakest "tempest" signal, which is the type given off by a fax machine or an electric typewriter which, when deciphered, will give the contents of whatever is being typed or faxed. Lourdes remains a dagger in the heart of the United States. There is absolutely no reason for its continued existence. If the U.S. and the USSR are truly at peace with each other, why the continued need for so massive a spy operation? The simple truth is that, rather than retrenching personnel as we are led to believe, the KGB has taken on additional recruits during 1990 and 1991.

Bernard Levin is probably not a name that is well-known in the United States. Unlike decadent "pop stars" or Hollywood's latest miserable "discovery", academics seldom if ever come before the public eye. Of the hundreds of academics in the United States working under the Control of the Club of Rome, Levin is worthy of special mention if for no reason other than his role in undermining Iran, the Philippines, South Africa, Nicaragua and South Korea. The demise of the Shah of Iran was run to a plan devised by Bernard Levin and Richard Falk, and supervised by Robert Anderson's Aspen Institute.

Levin was the author of a work entitled Time Perspective and Morale which is a Club of Rome publication concerning how to break down the morale of nations and individual leaders. Here is an extract of the document:

"One of the main techniques for breaking morale through a strategy of terror consists in exactly this tactic: keep the person hazy as to where he stands and just what he may expect. In addition, if frequent vacillations between severe disciplinary measures and promise of good treatment together with the spreading of contradictory news make the structure of the situation unclear, then the individual may cease to know whether a particular plan would lead toward or away from his goal. Under these conditions, even those individuals who have definite goals and are ready to take risks are paralyzed by the severe inner conflict in regard to what to do." [H: READ IT AGAIN!]

This Club of Rome blueprint applies to COUNTRIES as well as to individuals, particularly the government leaders of those countries. We in the U.S. need not think that "Oh well, this is America, and those kinds of things just do not happen here". Let me assure you that they ARE happening in the U.S., and perhaps more so than in any other country.

The Levin-Club of Rome plan is designed to demoralize us all so that in the end we feel we should follow whatever it is that is planned for us. We WILL follow Club of Rome orders like sheep. Any seemingly strong leader who SUDDENLY APPEARS to "rescue" the nation must be regarded with the utmost suspicion. Remember that Khomeini was groomed for years by British Intelligence, especially during his time in Paris, before he suddenly appeared as the savior of Iran. BORIS YELTSIN IS FROM THE SAME MI6-SIS STABLE!

The Club of Rome feels confident that it has carried out its Committee of 300 mandate to "soften up" the United States. After 45 years of waging war on the people of this nation, who will doubt that it has indeed accomplished its task? Look around and see how we have been demoralized. Drugs, pornography, rock and roll "music", free sex, the family unit all but totally undermined, lesbianism, homosexuality and finally the ghastly murder of millions of innocent babies by their own mothers. Has there ever been a crime so vile as mass abortion?

With the U.S. spiritually, morally bankrupted, with our industrial base destroyed throwing 30 million people out of work, with our big cities ghastly cesspools of every imaginable crime, with a murder rate almost three times higher than any other country, with 4 million homeless, with corruption in government reaching endemic proportions, who will gainsay that the United States is ready to collapse from within, into the waiting arms of the New Dark Age One World Government?

The Club of Rome has succeeded in splitting the Christian churches; it has succeeded in building up an army of charismatics, fundamentalists and evangelicals who will fight for the Zionist State of Israel. During the Gulf War of genocide I received scores of letters asking me how I could oppose "a just Christian war against Iraq". How could I doubt that Christian fundamentalist support for the Committee of 300's war against Iraq was not Biblical--after all didn't Billy Graham pray with President Bush just before the shooting started? Doesn't the Bible speak of "wars and rumors of wars"?

These letters give an insight into just how well the Tavistock Institute has done its work. The Christian fundamentalists will be a formidable force behind the state of Israel, exactly as planned. How sad that these fine people do not realize that they have been GROSSLY MISUSED by the Club of Rome and that their opinions and beliefs are NOT THEIR OWN, but those created for them by the hundreds of Committee of 300 "think tanks" that dot the American landscape. In other words, like any other segment of the United States population, the Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals have been thoroughly brain-washed.

We as a nation are ready to accept the demise of the United States of America and the American way of life, once the envy of the entire world. Do not think this has happened on its own-- the old "times are changing" syndrome. Time does not change anything, PEOPLE do. It is a mistake to think of the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome as European institutions. The Club of Rome exercises great influence and power in the United States, and has its own chapter based in Washington D.C.

Senator Claiborne Pell is its leader, and one of its members is Frank M. Potter, a one-time staff director of the House Sub-committee on Energy. It is not difficult to see how the Club of Rome has maintained its grip on U.S. energy policies and where "environmentalist" opposition to nuclear energy is coming from. Perhaps the Club's greatest success story is its hold over Congress in regard to nuclear energy which has had the effect of preventing the U.S. from entering the 21st century as a strong industrial nation. The effect of the anti-nuclear policy of the Club of Rome can be measured in terms of silent blast furnaces, derelict railroad yards, rusting steel mills, shipyards long since closed down and a valuable trained work force scattered across the United States, which may never again be assembled.

Other Club of Rome members in the U.S. are Walter A. Hahn of the Congressional Research Service, Ann Cheatham and Douglas Ross, both senior economists. Ross's task, in his own words, was to "translate Club of Rome perspectives into legislation to help the country get away from the illusion of plenty". Ann Cheatham was the director of an organization called "Congressional Clearing House For The Future".

Her task was to profile members of Congress who would be susceptible to astrology and New Age mumbo-jumbo. At one stage she had in excess of 100 Congressmen in her classes. Daily session were held in which a variety of astrological "forecasts" were made based on her "occult perceptions". Besides Congressmen, other prominent people who attended her sessions were Michael Walsh, Thornton Bradshaw--A LEADING MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300--and David Sternlight, a senior vice-president of Allstate Insurance Company.

Some of the more important members of the Committee of 300 are also members of NATO, a fact which we ought to remember. These Committee of 300 members often hold several offices. Among the NATO-Club of Rome membership are found Harland Cleveland, a former ambassador to NATO, Joseph Slater, a director of the Aspen Institute, Donald Lesh, a former staffer in the U.S. National Security Agency, George McGhee and Claiborne Pell, to name a few examples. [H: Further, why don't you go check out the University of Science and Philosophy and note the connections!]

It is important that we remember these names, make a list of them if you wish, so as to recall who they are and what they stand for when their names come up in television programs and news services. Following intelligence modus vivendi, leaders of the Committee often appear on television, usually in the most innocent of guises. We ought to be aware that nothing they do is innocent.


* * *

I believe it would be noteworthy to "highlight" important names as they appear. Dharma doesn't have time nor thought transference to do so--nor does E.J. in the first scanning for typos, etc. But I believe it worthy of someone's time to help isolate these names and HANG THEM HIGH IN THE OPEN SCRUTINY OF THE PUBLIC EYE.

Dharma, we must close this as I need you elsewhere today. Thank you for your service and you readers, for your interest.



SAT., SEP. 4, 1993 6:59 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 019



Dr. John Coleman [Ref. for obtaining book, World Intelligence Review, 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706]

I cannot give enough credit to John Coleman for this inclusive piece of research (mostly from hard experience) for he has done the best work of any around in gathering from various sources this compilation of players and in the New World Order and connections to the British-Israeli interactions--New World Order Elite Bankster collusion. Other "original" firsters are of course also honored--such as Eustace Mullins (always, for his work was that which gave unto these others the information to validate their own work in historical player defining). (Please also give information here on Eustace Mullins books. Ezra Pound Institute of Civilization, P.O. Box 1105, Staunton, VA 24401) It is not enough to simply know the "today" players--you must ultimately know who got you to here! We will just go along as time allows.

Please, readers, understand that this is NOT Dharma's only task--writing for me or my compatriots--I have her actually putting together the life substance resource of Gaiandriana that you might have that which WE know to be necessary and correct for all purposes of good health. Someone has to do the actual measuring and testing and she is NOT a chemist or scientist any more than she is an author. She must also perfect the required product of SPELTA (Triticum spelta) and not Triticum aestivum or (T.sativum) which is the grain of what you call WHEAT. This is done so that YOU will be able to utilize the product in some measure of success since the grain seems to be highly "hidden" (because it is a most wondrous product sent to you from God). It is the most delicate of flavor, surpassing wheat in its flavor and unmatched in its health-positive perfection.

She is working to perfect right proportions for what I demand as well as a product that you can utilize in your bread machines, by hand (in your oven), or in other cooking. "We" are "there" with the bread loaves--it is just the final product testing daily and the problems of packaging which confronts her now and, here, she has help so it should move right along. We have a typical "team" in working here--she takes credit for the "good" baking and causes "me" to look bad with the "hockey pucks"! Ah, a ghost gets no respect! Worse yet--there have been lots more "hockey pucks" than soft, fine loaves of manna. She plans to offer you some other recipes as the flour becomes more available. It is very expensive to purchase--WHEN YOU CAN GET IT--and must be utilized as "whole" grain product to be suitable.

Our own crop of Spelt was very low-yield this season because of constraints on the project funds tied up by George Green and his cohorts--your brothers who claimed Godly intent and actually served quite effectively--the "other". It is fine, we will continue in spite of such challenge. Our ability to supply may be a bit limited at first but we intend to have pre-packaged "loaf" capability by October. Please know that as we have offered in the past--as prices and quantity are available you WILL get price cuts--as you are about to witness with Gaiandriana and the other "Living" life products. We are NOT in competition with any-one--but we will offer what we have (and we KNOW to be perfection) at that pricing which allows many to HAVE. Dharma laughed and suggested we accept "food stamps" which, in the long-run, may be well worthy of consideration in view of the fact that it seems nearly ALL of God's people have been reduced to poverty or assistance for one reason or another. I suggest it be looked into by GaiaSpelt.

I feel that today, however, is more important to continue with the information on your nasty One World Order-Government players. If you don't do something about these political things--survival is all you will have left and we need a lot more Spelt before that happens!

Let's move right along now with the subject of "300":


The Committee of 300 has planted its agents in the muscle and sinew of the United States, in its government, in Congress, and in its advisory posts around the President as ambassadors and as Secretaries of State. [H: Warren Christopher is a PRIME EXAMPLE!] From time to time the Club of Rome holds gatherings and conferences which, although they appear under innocuous titles, break up into action committees, each of which is assigned a specific task and a specific target date by which time their assignments must be completed. If it does nothing else, the Committee of 300 is working to a very specific time-table.

The first Club of Rome conference in the United States was called by the Committee of 300 in 1969 under the title: The Association of the Club of Rome. The next meeting was held in 1970 under the title Riverdale Center of Religious Research and was directed by Thomas Burney. Then followed the Woodlands Conference held in Houston, Texas, starting in 1971. Thereafter, regular conferences have been held in Woodlands every year.

Also in 1971, at a later date, the Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation held its energy strategy meeting for the Club of Rome: The recurring theme: LIMIT THE GROWTH OF THE U.S.A. Then to crown it all, the First Global Conference on the Future was held in July of 1980, attended by 4000 social engineers and members of think tanks, all of whom were members of or affiliated with various institutions operating under Club of Rome umbrella organizations.

The First Global Conference on the Future had the blessing of the White House Commission on the 1980s and OFFICIALLY recommended the policies of the Club of Rome "as a guide to future U.S. policies" and even went so far as to say that the United States economy is moving out of the industrial phase. This echoed the theme of Sir Peter Vickers Hall and Zbigniew Brzezinski and provides further proof of the control exercised by the Committee of 300 over U.S. affairs, both domestic and foreign.

As I said in 1981, we are set up, politically, socially and economically so that we remain locked into the Club of Rome's plans. Everything is RIGGED against us. If we are to survive, then we must break the stranglehold the Committee of 300 has on our government. In every election since Calvin Coolidge ran for the White House, the Committee of 300 has been able to plant its agents in key positions in government so that it matters not who gets the White House post. For example, every one of the candidates who ran for the Presidency, from the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt, were selected, some like to call it "hand-picked", by the Council on Foreign Relations acting on the instructions of the RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs).

Especially in the 1980 election, every candidate for the highest office in the United States was run by the CFR. Therefore, it was of no consequence to the conspirators who won the presidential race. Through such Trojan Horses as the Heritage Foundation and the CFR, ALL key policy making positions in the new administrations were filled by the Council on Foreign Relations nominees, and before that, since the 1960s, by NATO-Club of Rome yes-men, thereby ensuring that key policy decisions bore the indelible stamp of the Club of Rome and the CFR, acting as the executive arms of the Committee of 300.

Both the 1984 and 1988 elections followed this long-established pattern. Secretary of State George Shultz was the perfect choice of the Committee of 300 for the office of Secretary of State. Shultz was always a creature of Henry Kissinger, the ruling order-giver for the CFR. Moreover, his position with Bechtel, a key Committee of 300 company of global dimensions, gave him access to countries that might otherwise have been suspicious of his Kissinger connection. The Carter Administration accelerated the process of key pro-conspiracy personnel in key positions. Before Carter was elected, his key campaign strategist, Hamilton Jordan, said that if Cyrus Vance or Brzezinski received appointments in the Carter cabinet, he, Jordan, would resign. They did. Jordan did not resign.

Carter's choice of Paul Volcker (in fact he was told to appoint Volcker by David Rockefeller) started the collapse of the U.S. economy according to the plan laid down by the Club of Rome. We are up against powerful forces who are dedicated to the goal of a One World Government. We have been engaged in a devastatingly crippling war for the past 45 years, only it is not perceived as such. We are brainwashed, methodically and systematically, without ever being aware of it. The Tavistock Institute provided the system for this to take place, and then set in motion.

The only way we can fight back is by exposing the conspirators and their multiplicity of front organizations. We need men with experience who can formulate strategy to defend our priceless heritage which, once lost, will never again reappear. We need to learn the methods the conspirators use--learn them and adopt counter-measures. Only a crash program will stop the rot which is consuming our nation.

Some may have difficulty in accepting the idea of global conspiracy because so many writers have made financial gain from it. Others doubt that activity on a global scale can be successfully advanced. They see the huge bureaucracy of our government and then say, "Well, how are we supposed to believe that private people can do more than the government does"? This overlooks the fact that government is part of the conspiracy. Hard evidence is what they want and hard evidence is difficult to come by.

Others say, "So what? What do I care about a conspiracy, I don't even bother to vote". That is exactly the way the general population of America was profiled to react. Our people have become discouraged and confused, the results of 45 years of warfare conducted against us. How this is done is explained in Bernard Lewin's book, but how many people would bother to read an academic's non-fiction book? We are reacting exactly as we were profiled to act. Demoralized and confused people will be far more ready to welcome the sudden appearance of a great man who promises to solve every problem and guarantee a well-ordered society in which people are fully employed and domestic strife is minimal. Their dictator, for that is who it will be, will be welcomed with open arms.

Knowing WHO the enemy is is a vital necessity. No one can fight and win against an unidentified enemy. This book could be used as a military field manual. Study its content and memorize all names. I have mentioned profiling techniques quite frequently in this chapter. A full explanation of "profiling" is contained in the next chapter. One of the most profound pieces of information to come out of the science of profiling is the relative ease in which this can be accomplished in individuals, party groups, political entities and so on right on down the line. Once we wake up as to how easy this is to do, the conspiracy will no longer be more than we can comprehend. The assassination of President Kennedy and the attempt on the life of President Reagan become easy to understand.


[H: Please pay close attention to this next segment because it becomes more a working part of your lives than do the people you will forget.]

Profiling is a technique developed in 1922 on command of the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA). Major John Rawlings Reese, a British Army technician, was instructed to set up the largest brainwashing facility in the world at TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RELATIONS as a part of Sussex University. This became the core of Britain's Psychological Warfare Bureau. When I first introduced the names of Reese and Tavistock into the United States in 1970, very little interest was shown. But over the years, as I revealed more and more about Tavistock and its vital role in the conspiracy, it has become popular to imitate my earlier research.

Britain's Psychological Warfare Bureau made extensive use of the work done by Reese on his 80,000 British Army guinea pigs, captive soldiers who underwent many forms of testing. It was Tavistock-designed methods that got the United States into the Second World War and which, under the guidance of Dr. Kurt Lewin, established the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA. Lewin became the director of the Strategic Bombing Survey, which was a plan for the Royal Air Force to concentrate on bombing German worker housing while leaving military targets, such as munition plants, alone. The munition plants on both sides belonged to the international bankers who had no wish to see their assets destroyed.

Later, after the war was over, NATO ordered Sussex University to establish a very special brainwashing center which became part of Britain's Psychological Warfare Bureau; only now, its research was directed toward civilian rather than military applications. We shall return to that super secret unit which was called Science Policy Research Institute (SPRI) under our chapters on drugs.

The idea behind saturation bombing of civilian worker housing was to break the morale of the German worker. It was not designed to affect the war effort against the German military machine. Lewin and his team of actuaries reached a target figure, that if 65% of German worker housing was destroyed by nightly RAF bombing, the morale of the civilian population would collapse. The actual document was prepared by the Prudential Assurance Company.

The RAF, under the command of "Bomber" Harris, carried out Lewin's plans, culminating in the terror firestorm bombing of Dresden, in which over 125,000, mainly old men, women and children, were killed. The truth of "Bomber" Harris's horror raids on German civilians was a well kept secret until long after the end of WW-II.

Tavistock provided most of the detailed programs that led to the establishing of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the number one intelligence service in the United States, one which dwarfs the CIA in size and scope. Contracts worth billions of dollars were given to Tavistock by the United States Government and Tavistock's strategic planners provide most of what the Pentagon uses for our defense establishment, even today. Here again is illustrated the grip the Committee of 300 has on the United States, and the majority of our institutions. Tavistock runs over 30 research institutions IN THE UNITED STATES, all of which we will name in our charts at the end of the book.

These Tavistock-U.S. institutions have in many cases grown into gargantuan monsters, penetrating every aspect of our government agencies and taking command of all policy making. One of Tavistock's chief wreckers of our way of life was Dr. Alexander King, a founder member of NATO and a favorite with the Committee of 300, as well as an outstanding member of the Club of Rome. Dr. King was assigned by the Club of Rome to destroy America's education [system] by taking control of the National Teachers Association and working in close conjunction with certain law makers and judges. If it was not generally known how all-pervading is the influence of the Committee of 300, this book should dispel every vestige of that doubt.

The trial run for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)--a Club of Rome creation--came in a test run against the nuclear power station at Three Mile Island, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Termed "an accident" by the hysterical media, this was not an accident but a deliberately designed crisis test for FEMA. An additional benefit was the fear and hysteria created by the news media which had people fleeing the area when in fact they were never in any danger.

It was considered a success by FEMA and it scored a lot of points for the anti-nuclear forces. TMI became the rallying point for the anti-nuclear forces and for the so-called "environmentalists", a highly financed and controlled group run out of ASPEN INSTITUTE on behalf of the Club of Rome. Coverage was provided free of charge by William Paley of CBS Television, a former British intelligence agent.

FEMA is a natural successor to the Strategic Bombing Survey of WW-II. Dr. Kurt Lewin, theoretician for what the Tavistock conspirators called crisis management, was deeply involved in the study. There is an unbroken chain between Lewin and Tavistock that stretches back for thirty-seven years. Lewin incorporated the Strategic Bombing Survey into FEMA, with only a few adjustments proving necessary, one of the changes being the target, WHICH WAS NO LONGER GERMANY BUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Forty-five years after the end of WW-II it is still Tavistock that has its hands on the trigger, and the weapon is pointed at the United States.

The late Margaret Mead conducted an intensive study of the German and Japanese population, under the aegis of Tavistock, and how they reacted to stress caused by aerial bombardment. Irving Janus was an associate professor on the project which was supervised by Dr. John Rawlings Reese, promoted to Brigadier-General in the British Army. The test results were given to FEMA. The Irving Janus report was of great value in formulating FEMA policies. Janus used it in a book which he later wrote entitled AIR WAR AND STRESS. The ideas in his book were followed TO THE LETTER BY FEMA DURING THE THREE MILE ISLAND "CRISIS". Janus had a really simple idea: Simulate a succession of crises and manipulate the population following the Lewin terror tactics and they will do exactly as required. [H: Does anyone note a current (today) operation going on in Somalia? It is the self-same idea of terror in the air and boggled entries with death and strewn debris which is the worst kind of terror. This indicates that "you" may well be NEXT and always causes untold confusion in the middle of the nights.]

In carrying out this exercise, Lewin discovered something new, that social control on a wide scale can be achieved by using the news media to bring home the horrors of a nuclear war via the television media. It was discovered that women's magazines were very effective in dramatizing the terrors of a nuclear war. A trial run conducted by Janus had Betty Bumpers, wife of Senator Dale Bumpers of Arkansas [??!!], "writing" for McCalls magazine on that subject.

The article appeared in McCalls January 1983 issue. Actually, Mrs. Bumpers did not write the article; it was created for her by a group of writers at Tavistock whose speciality such subject matters are. It was a collection of untruths, non-facts, innuendoes and conjectures based entirely upon false premises. The Bumpers article was typical of the kind of psychological manipulation at which Tavistock is so very good. Not one of the ladies who read McCalls could have failed to be impressed by the terror-horror story of what a nuclear war looks like.

The Committee of 300 has a major bureaucracy at its disposal made up of hundreds of think tanks and front organizations that run the whole gamut of private business and government leaders. I will mention as many as I can fit in, starting with the German Marshall Fund. Its members, and remember they are also members of NATO and the Club of Rome, consist of David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank; Gabriel Hague of the prestigious Manufacturers Hanover Trust and Finance Corporation; Milton Katz of the Ford Foundation; Willy Brandt, leader of Socialist Internation, KGB agent and member of the Committee of 300; Irving Bluestone, chairman of the United Auto Workers Executive Board; Russell Train, U.S. president of the Club of Rome and Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund; Elizabeth Midgely, CBS programs producer; B.R. Gifford, director of the Russell Sage Foundation; Guido Goldman of the Aspen Institute; the late Averill Harriman, Committee of 300 extraordinary member; Thomas L. Hughes of the Carnegie Endowment Fund; Dennis Meadows and Jay Forrestor of MIT "world dynamics".

The Committee of 300, although in existence for over 150 years, did not take on its present form until around 1897. It was always given to issuing orders through other fronts, such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs. When it was decided that a super-body would control European affairs, the RIIA founded the Tavistock Institute, which in turn created NATO. For five years NATO was financed by the German Marshall Fund. Perhaps the most important member of the Bilderbergers, a foreign policy body of the Committee, was Joseph Rettinger, said to have been its founder and organizer, whose annual meetings have delighted conspiracy hunters for several decades.

Rettinger was a well-trained Jesuit priest and a 33rd Degree Freemason. Mrs. Katherine Meyer Graham, who is suspected of having murdered her husband in order to get control of the Washington Post, was another ranking member of the Club of Rome, as was Paul G. Hoffman of the New York Life Insurance Company, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States and a leading Rank company, with ties directly to Queen Elizabeth of England's immediate family. John J. McCloy, the man who attempted to wipe post-World War II Germany off the map and last but not least, James A. Perkins of the Carnegie Corporation, were also founding members of the Bilderbergers and the Club of Rome.

What a star-studded cast! Yet, strangely enough, few if any outside of genuine intelligence agencies had ever heard of this organization until recent times. The power exercised by these important personages and the corporations, television stations, newspapers, insurance companies and banks they represent matches the power and prestige of at least two European countries, and still this is only the tip of The Committee of 300's enormous cross-gridding and interfaced interests.

Not mentioned in the foregoing line-up is Richard Gardner who, although an early member of the Committee of 300, was sent to Rome on a special assignment. Gardner married into one of the oldest Black Nobility families of Venice, thus providing the Venetian aristocracy a direct line to the White House. The late Averill Harriman was another of the Committee's direct links with the Kremlin and the White House, a position which Kissinger inherited after the death of Harriman.

The Club of Rome is indeed a formidable agency of the Committee of 300. Although ostensibly working on American affairs, the group overlaps other Committee of 300 agencies and its United States members are often found working with "problems" in Japan and Germany. Some of the front organizations operated by the above committee include the following, although not limited to them: - - - -


* * *

I do not wish to belabor any ONE organization in example here OTHER than to remind you who know of the hassle going on with the University of Science and Philosophy and my own scribe--that the US&P is funded by the Brookings Institute (a top-level Tavistock branch) and run by MI6 British Intelligence. Now why do you suppose "big" them wants to cause "little old us" trouble?? Do you think it be for the wondrous work of beloved Walter Russell in science of Light waves and universal goodness? It is fine--how else would you get firsthand participation just by reading our work? I wonder if those who opened this can of worms in Pandora's Box had any idea the magnitude of that which they were doing? I wonder too, if George Green REALLY knew WHY he "switched" sides on the fence? Good luck all you nice people who struggle AGAINST US--for our ONLY THRUST is to show our people the way home, offer the truth of the strength of these "controllers" and tell you about Gaiandriana and Spelt and how to get your Spiritual Life in some semblance of order--IN TIME! We do not fight anyone and are certainly in NO WAY SUBVERSIVE--the deeds are done and it is none of our doing. So be it.

I need you elsewhere now, Dharma. Thank you.



SUN., SEP. 5, 1993 8:44 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 020



Nothing happened in New York yesterday? How do YOU know? At least it was not blown away--or at the least, it didn't make the news! WOULD YOU BOMB NEW YORK IF A THIRD OF THE WORLD IS WATCHING???

Firstly: "I" DID NOT make such a prediction as that New York would be blasted off the map with a nuclear series of bombs!!! That prediction (prophesy) was made by ones in a "follower" group which I do not so much as recognize in the entity form.

I offer that which is circulating in news--especially from the "underground"--because it is the ONLY way to curb actions of atrocities should the ideas be placed to coincide with "religious" happenings. If plans are thwarted for such incidents--all the better--is it not? I DO weary of you readers MISREADING things we print--because I DO NOT MAKE SPECIFIC PROPHESY IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER--EXCEPT THAT YOU BETTER GET RIGHT WITH GOD OR YOUR TAIL-FEATHERS ARE GOING TO GET SINGED!

Your attention is being shifted in every direction on the globe. This is to confuse and destroy any ability to focus, in mass, on any one thing.


I do suggest that you consider very, very seriously the fact that Arafat is doing some very incredible about-face actions. Does anyone remember when Arafat was lost for a while in a downed plane in which others were killed but he was only slightly injured?

I think it time you look at the possibilities extremely closely! The Israelis are dealing, now, with their own! No, I am NOT "kidding you". You are witnessing the "selling-out" of Palestine to the false-faced Israelis. So be it.


I don't want to quarrel over what or WHO spearheaded the drive to get sanctions removed and POWs killed. I will offer you a writing which validates that which I told you before the election was taking place. At the time I urged Gritz to take action more substantially than was under way and that I knew the POWs would be sacrificed in the deals going on--this, of course, was before Gritz stopped talking to this "crocodile reptile"!

QUOTING (Spotlight):

Mike Blair: CLINTON HAD "BACK CHANNEL" TO HANOI. Bill Clinton's people were talking deals with the Vietnam Reds before the new Democratic administration officially took over in Washington.

Documents have been obtained indicating that late last year, designated national security representatives of then-President-elect Bill Clinton were conducting secret "back channel" business with agents of the highest levels of the Communist government of Vietnam.

The links involved efforts to get the U.S. government to drop the trade embargo, in place against Hanoi since the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Vietnam in 1975.

These contacts were taking place while, according to Vietnamese businessman Ly Tranh Binh, Commerce Secretary-designate Ron Brown was consummating a lucrative deal with Vietnamese Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and other top Vietnamese officials to end U.S. objections that were holding up International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans sought by Hanoi, as well as to end the trade embargo.

In return, Brown was allegedly to receive $700,000 from Vietnam and a share of any profits derived by Vietnam from U.S. businesses which would result from ending the trade restrictions.


Clinton did in fact end U.S. efforts to block the IMF loans on July 2.

(Editor's note: While continuing to quote from the Spotlight article, Hatonn is obviously paraphrasing in the following:)

Mike Blair in the Spotlight was the first to break the news nationally of the reputed Brown deal with Hanoi's leadership and the fact that it was under investigation by the FBI. This has since been repeated by broadcast and wire service reports appearing across the country in the wake of affirmation of the stories regarding same.

Now, there are other copies of documents from the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, Internal Security Section (which Spotlight claims to have), revealing attempts made by Prime Minister Kiet to arrange, through an attorney, a meeting with either outgoing President George Bush or President-elect Clinton to discuss dropping the trade restrictions. Well, I guess it would be obvious of intentions since port facilities--from Subic Bay [U.S. Navy Base], Philippines--had already been taken to Vietnam to allow for trade, etc. That was U.S. property, readers. It is difficult to believe that there was NOT SOME ACTION IN THE WINGS!

The attorney, Irwin Jay Robinson, was connected with the prestigious New York City law firm of Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Drim & Ballon.

The overture was flatly turned down by Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to Bush, on grounds that "this administration is not prepared to go that far at this time". Do not allow this statement to "throw" you into a false perception--Bush was already in the throes of "throwing" the election and Brent Scowcroft was one of the major Kissinger people orchestrating HOW this should all come about and come down.

It is noteworthy that the "sellout-buyout" was first broached to the Bush administration PRIOR to Robinson and his law firm registering on December 14 under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for the purpose of representing the Vietnamese government.

The firm's most famous partner, Louis Nizer, was a longtime lawyer for the late Armand Hammer, chairman of the board of Occidental Petroleum, who, with the fall of the Soviet Union, was revealed as SERVING AS AN AGENT OF THE SOVIET STATE GOING BACK TO THE DAYS OF VLADIMIR LENIN.

Hammer was a longtime friend, associate and business partner of ALBERT GORE SR., father of Vice President Al Gore. Still believe things are not "fixed" in advance?


As an introduction to the fact he was representing the highest levels of the Vietnamese government, Robinson was provided a letter dated December 10, by Vietnamese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Le Mai.

Since the letter, a copy of which accompanies this story, proposed the meeting be between Kiet and Clinton, the approach made to the outgoing Bush administration is indicative of the desire of the Vietnamese to speed up the process of dropping the trade restrictions and shows how seriously they are affecting the communist country.

"This morning," Le Mai wrote Robinson in the letter, "we discussed at the highest level of the Vietnamese government regarding the possibility of you arranging for a meeting between President-elect Bill Clinton and Vietnamese Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet.

"The Vietnamese highly value the friendship of the U.S. side and confirms that Prime Minister Kiet stands ready to meet with President-elect Bill Clinton at any time and place recommended", the message continued.

"Upon receiving the acceptance signal from the U.S. government, a Vietnamese minister will be dispatched to the United States to prepare the groundwork for the upcoming high-level meeting.

"We hereby authorize you to proceed to arrange for the meeting".


According to a letter from Robinson to Scowcroft, dated December 12, it is revealed that Bush's national security adviser was approached by Arthur Krim, another member of the law firm, who urged Scowcroft to see Robinson to discuss a Bush-Kiet meeting.

The above is not in quotations because I wanted to insert my own "two cents". Copies of the letters in point and the "meat" of the article are in Spotlight, Sept. 6, 1993 pp:3.


Well, I was telling him, for one reason. After the "Kerry" show and do-not-tell I went even further and said that the POWs would be obliterated and that there was evidence that could stop the atrocity if the public knew. All this was taking place long prior to December, chelas; you have to lay massive groundwork before pulling off such a coup. So be it--he who continues to focus on abductions, blood sucking and reptilian presence-- MISSES GOD COMPLETELY IN THE MEANWHILE! IF YOU WORK WITH THE ENEMY 'THROUGH IGNORANCE OR DELIBERATELY--IT WORKS OUT THE SAME, DOES IT NOT? ALL THE SIGNS WERE THERE PLUS I WAS TELLING THIS ALL THE WHILE AND YOU REGULAR READERS WILL WELL REMEMBER IT! "But look how hard I tried...." will simply not cut it, Sir. A trip to the mountain top for Weaver is NOT a trip to the MOUNTAIN TOP with God for your NATION and the betrayed ones of your brothers in military brain-control.

I think we should move right back to the "Committee of 300". It is so important that the players be identified along with some of the groups which are totally visible as being a part of the New World Elite Controllers.

I trust all of you are paying close attention and will note that we are rerunning information from E. HART (Brother Edward) who first shared a report with us FROM NEW ZEALAND. It is called I.C.L.C. INTELLIGENCE REPORT and was reproduced and published in New Zealand in 1984 by the CULDIAN REVIVAL TRUST, P.O. Box 288, Thames, New Zealand. John Coleman was FURIOUS that I published this report at the same time his book was being brought out (also by US!). You will find that much of Coleman's book "300" is taken directly from this report. I feel this is only validation of the man's work in gathering good evidence--he took it that we were somehow "scooping" him and prepared a false warning from "insider security members" suggesting that we were deliberately "sabotaging" sales of his book. That would hardly even be worthy of comment since OUR PEOPLE were rewriting, editing and then published the COMMITEE OF 300 for the man--at full cost, payments of various kinds, supplying computers and equipment and other things of value to him and we were also denounced for stating that much of his information came via LaRouche's organization and Eustace Mullins. Why would this distress an author?? Truth is truth and this can ONLY give verification of validity of such writing. The book is still the best compiled document on the subject--is that not enough? A good historian HAS TO USE THAT WHICH IS HISTORICALLY PRESENT IF HE IS TO HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY AT ALL!

More piles of information were gleaned on the subject by a paper entitled: Christian Science Monitor Remains Silent as Alien Philosophy Imperils America. "They" were NOT referring to "little space aliens"!. I would also have you NOTE that it was claimed by Lao Russell and the University of Science and Philosophy that Walter Russell was a humanist and felt that Mary Baker Eddy (founder of Christian Science) was the ONLY correct presenter of Spiritual values. We shall not get into that today, however, for a "Contempt" charge and Federal imprisonment await my scribe if we slip in our presentations of such information which "could be" in any way considered defamatory. I would note, however, that our paper is NO LONGER CONSIDERED SO UNPROFESSIONAL as the University wishes to insist for monitoring content--the CONTACT is legally (by the IRS) considered a regular newspaper. Therefore, if we print anything of "truth" it must be considered Journalism. Our problem is that we had incredibly BAD LEGAL REPRESENTATION--WORSE THAN NOTHING AT ALL--IT GOT US INTO THE MESS FROM WHICH EXTRACTION SEEMS ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE.


During the time that the "assumed" surveillance was going on (in December last) of the Ekkers, et al.--with VERY DANGEROUS attempts to terrify or damage same, along with other workers in this vicinity the following was noted: "A member of the SWAT team was 'golfing' with a plumber in the neighborhood who mentioned something about the 'Ekkers'. The member of the SWAT team WARNED HIM TO “STAY AWAY FROM THE EKKER'S PLACE--BECAUSE IT IS A DANGEROUS PLACE WITH THINGS GOING ON RIGHT NOW”! This has come back--FIRST HAND (MOUTH). At the time of the "surveillance" and happenings, it was determined THROUGH THE POLICE DEPARTMENT that the surveillance people were working FOR a "Virginia" group and the "car used is not stolen". This is ALL the information they would allow issued. Does it not now make more sense that the University of Science and Philosophy, at a level of Dr. Binder, might not even know the significance? I would guess HE doesn't even realize that the US&P is funded by the Brookings Institute and run by British Intelligence! Why would he--especially in a court argument with George Green stimulated by John Coleman. Note, however, that George now works directly with them and also continues his association with Coleman--so YOU add up the numbers. If this is defamation somehow or "unfair competition", then, readers, there is no such thing as "journalism" left in your nation--which should scare the living daylights out of you!

TO CONTINUE: Conspirators' Hierarchy, Committee of 300:


Officials: Michael Novak, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Eugene Rostow, IRWIN SUALL, Lane Kirkland, Albert Schenker.

Purpose: to disrupt and disturb normal labor relations between workers and employees by brainwashing labor unions to make impossible demands with special attention to steel, automobile and housing industries.


Officials: Leo Churn and Carl Gershman.

Purpose: To spread socialist disinformation among American blue collar workers, spread dissension and dissatisfaction. Now that these objectives have been largely realized, Gershman has been drafted by Lawrence Eagleburger to CEDC, a newly created body to stop a united Germany from expanding its trade into the Danube Basin.


Officials: Ben Wattenburg, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Elmo Zumwalt and Midge Dector.

Purpose: To provide a connecting link between the educated socialist class and minority groups with the intent of setting up a solid block of voters who can be counted on to vote for leftwing candidates at election time. It was really a Fabianist operation from start to finish.


Officials: Robert Strausz Hupe.

Purpose: To undermine and eventually end NASA space program.


Officials: Bayard Rustin, Lane Kirkland, Jay Lovestone, Carl Gershman, Howard Samuel, Sidney Hook.

Purpose: To spread radical socialism, especially among minority groups, and forge links between similar organizations in socialist countries. Lovestone was for decades the leading advisor to U.S. presidents on Soviet affairs and a strong direct link with Moscow.


Officials: Harland Cleveland, Willis Hannan.

Purpose: Change the way America thinks.


Officials: Barry Commoner.

Purpose: To bring "common cause" legal suits against various government agencies, especially in the defense industries.


Officials: Naom Chomsky and David McReynolds.

Purpose: To organize resistance to the Vietnam War among leftwing groups, students and the Hollywood "in crowd".


Officials: Frank Zeider, Arthur Redier and David McReynolds.

Purpose: A clearing house for leftwing socialist ideas and activities in the U.S. and Europe.


Officials: IRWIN SUALL, also known as John Graham.

Purpose: A labor oriented front for the Socialist International and a hot-bed of organized labor unrest polarizing workers and management.


Officials: Murray Findley, IRWIN SUALL and Jacob Scheinkman.

Purpose: Much the same as the Machinists Union, to socialize and polarize workers in the garment trade.


Officials: Bayard Rustin.

Purpose: To provide a means of coordinating organizations with common purpose, an example of which would be the spread of socialist ideas among college students and workers.


Officials: Gar Apelrovitz.

Purpose: To expand on the work being done at the Institute for Policy Studies. Founded in February 1969 by international socialist, Gar Apelrovitz, former assistant to Senator Gaylord Nelson. Apelrovitz wrote the controversial book Atomic Diplomacy for the Club of Rome which work was financed by the German Marshall Fund. It concentrates on research and action projects, with a stated goal of fundamentally changing American society, i.e., to create a Fabianist United States in preparation of the coming One World Government.


Officials: Dr. Aurellio Peccei.

Purpose: NATO think-tank on global economic issues.


Officials: Founder Robert Hutchins of the Committee of 300, Harry Ashmore, Frank Kelly and a large group of "Fellows".

Purpose: To spread ideas that will bring on social reforms of the liberal kind with democracy as an ideology. One of its activities is to draft a new constitution for the U.S. which will be strongly monarchiacal and socialistic as found in Denmark.

The Center is an "olympian" stronghold. Located in Santa Barbara, it is housed in what is affectionately called the "Parthenon". [H: Pay attention, because you are getting into the physical territory of the Ray Renick material on San Luis Obispo connections--these places are very closely linked and in proximity in location.] Former Representative John Rarick called it "an outfit loaded with Communists". By 1973 work on a new United States Constitution was in its thirty-fifth draft which proposes an amendment guaranteeing "environmental rights", the thrust of which is to reduce the industrial base of the U.S. to a mere whisper of what it was in 1969. In other works, this institution is carrying out Club of Rome zero-growth post-industrial policies laid down by the Committee of 300.

Some of its other aims are control of economic cycles, welfare, regulation of business and national public works, control of pollution. Speaking on behalf of the Committee of 300, Ashmore says the function of the CSDI is to find ways and means of making our political system work more effectively. "We must change education and we must consider a new U.S. Constitution and a Constitution for the world", Ashmore says.

Further goals enunciated by Ashmore are as follows: [H: PAY ATTENTION!]


1. Membership in the U.N. must be made universal.

2. The U.N. must be strengthened.

3. South East Asia must be neutralized. (For neutralized, read "Communized").

4. Cold War must be ended.

5. Racial discrimination must be abolished.

6. Developing nations must be assisted. (Meaning assisted to destruct).

7. No military solutions to problems. (Pity they didn't tell George Bush that before the Gulf War).

8. National solutions are not adequate.

9. Coexistence is necessary.


Officials: Dr. Kurt Lewin and staff of 15 new-science scientists.

Purpose: To create a climate where the Committee of 300 can take unlimited power over the U.S.


Officials: Dr. Kurt Lewin and staff of 20 new-science scientists.

Purpose: To devise a whole new set of social programs to steer America away from industry.


Officials: Leland Bradford, Kenneth Dam, Ronald Lippert.

Purpose: A "Future Shocks" research institution at Sussex University in England and part of the Tavistock network.


Officials: Sheldon Arenberg and a staff of hundreds, too numerous to mention here:

Purpose: To coordinate all elements of the intelligence communities of the U.S.A. and Britain. It analyzes what "players" have to be assigned the role of a national entity; for example, Spain would come under a supine watered-down Catholic Church, the U.N. under the Secretary General and so forth. It developed the system of "S RAY 2" where think tank personnel, military installations and law enforcement centers are all linked to the Pentagon through a nation-wide network of teletypes and computers: To apply surveillance techniques on a nation-wide scale. Arenberg says his ideas are non-military, but his techniques are mainly those he learned from the military. He was responsible for the New York State Identification and Intelligence System, a typical George Orwell "1984" project, which is completely illegal under our Constitution. The NYSIIS system is in the process of being adopted nationwide. It is what Brzezinski referred to as the ability to almost instaneously retrieve data about any person.

NYSIIS shares data with all law enforcement and government agencies in the state. [H: Watch out--shades of the lNSLAW 'THEFT' OF THIS SOFTWARE!] It provides storage and rapid retrieval of individual records, criminal and social. It is a TYPICAL Committee of 300 project. There is a crying need for a full investigation to be conducted into just what it is that Systems Development Corporation is doing, but that is beyond the scope of this book. One thing is sure, SDC is not there to preserve freedom and liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. How convenient that it should be located in Santa Barbara in easy reach of Robert Hutchins' "Parthenon". Some publications put out by these Club of Rome institutions are as follows:















These are by no means all of the publications issued under the auspices of the Club of Rome. There are many hundreds more, in fact each of the foundations puts out its own publication and the Club of Rome, a partial listing is all we can include here. Some of the more important foundations and think tanks are in the following list, which includes Army think tanks.

The American public would be astounded if it only knew how deeply the Army is involved in "new war tactics" research with Committee of 300 "think tanks". Americans are not aware that in 1946 the Club of Rome was ordered by the Committee of 300 to further the progress of think tanks which it said offered a new means of spreading the Committee's philosophy. The impact of these think tanks upon our military, just since 1959 when they suddenly proliferated, is truly astounding. There is no doubt that they will play an even greater role in the daily affairs of this nation as we come to the close of the 20th century.


Mont Pelerin is an economic foundation devoted to issuing misleading economic theories and influencing economists in the Western world to follow models it lays out from time to time. Its leading practitioners are Von Hayek and Milton Friedman.


Founded originally to fight Communism, the institution has slowly but surely turned toward Socialism. It has an annual budget of $2 million, funded by companies under the umbrella of the Committee of 300. It now concentrates on "peaceful changes" with emphasis on arms control and domestic U.S. problems. It is frequently used by the news media as a "conservative" organization whose views they seek when a conservative viewpoint is needed. The Hoover Institution is far from that, and following the 1953 take-over of the Institution by a group allied to the Club of Rome, it has become a One World-New World Order outlet for "desirable" policies.


Founded by brewery magnate Joseph Coors to act as a conservative think tank, Heritage was soon taken over by Fabianists Sir Peter Vickers Hall, Stuart Butler, Steven Ayzler, Robert Moss and Frederich Von Hayek under the direction of the Club of Rome. This institute played a major role in carrying out British labour leader Anthony Wedgewood Benn's order to "Thatcherize Reagan". Heritage is certainly not a conservative operation although at times it may look and sound like one.


This is an Army research establishment dealing in "psychotechnology". Most of its personnel are Tavistock-trained. Psychotechnology covers GI motivation, morale and music used by the enemy. In fact a lot of what George Orwell wrote about in his book 1984 appears to be remarkably similar to what is taught at HUMRRO. In 1969, the Committee of 300 took over this important institution and turned it into a private non-profit organization run under the auspices of the Club of Rome. It is the largest behavioral research group in the U.S.

One of the specialties is the study of small groups under stress and HUMRRO teaches the Army that a soldier is merely an extension of his equipment and has brought great influence to bear on the "man/weapon" system and its "human quality control", so widely accepted by the United States Army. HUMRRO has had a very pronounced effect on how the Army conducts itself. Its mind-bending techniques are straight out of Tavistock. HUMRRO's applied psychology courses are supposed to teach Army brass how to make the human weapon work. A good example of this is the manner in which soldiers in the war against Iraq were willing to disobey their field manual standing orders and bury 12,000 Iraqi soldiers alive.

This type of brainwashing is terribly dangerous because, today, it is applied to the Army, the Army applies it to brutally destroy thousands of "enemy" soldiers, and TOMORROW THE ARMY COULD BE TOLD THE CIVILIAN POPULATION GROUPS OPPOSED TO GOVERNMENT POLICIES ARE "THE ENEMY". We are already a mindless brainwashed flock of sheep, yet it seems that HUMRRO is a valuable adjunct to Tavistock and many of the lessons taught at HUMRRO were applied in the Gulf War, which makes it a little easier to understand how it came to be that American soldiers behaved as ruthless and heartless killers, a far cry from the concept of the traditional American fighting man.


* * *

The next segment in this writing is RESEARCH ANALYSIS CORPORATION. This is too lengthy to take up here at this sitting. We will pick up "there" next time.

You ask about the Brookings Institute and why it is not listed thus far if it is SO important? Because it is a major operating Institute in the very take-over of the United States Government by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Council on Foreign Relations. We will get to it a bit further down the road.

Janice and Jenny: I wish to thank you for doing such a fine job working on this book in point. It was badly done in rough segments and writings and YOU OF THIS STAFF (particularly these two) worked it into the fine piece of literature which resulted. It did not receive adequate thanks at the time and neither have you seen a thing for your efforts in behalf of Coleman and Green. I wish to humbly thank you and ALL the others who not only worked this book into shape but did it at my constant urging for speed, speed at all costs to literary or grammar correctness. I believe that you can now see the importance of the information. Sometimes the sequence of events has more impact "after the fact" than can be absorbed at the time of the work. I salute you editors who worked night and day on this project--only to be later attacked and efforted to be "shut-down". I do believe, however, that the "reasons" are a bit more clarified than at the time. It is truly sad that which man will do unto himself! Salu.



TUE., SEP. 7, 1993 9:57 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 022



I am often asked why do I not comment on "gold prices" and actions of the market on Friday instead of the first working day of each week. Because the manipulations are planned and happen on weekends. YOU are the only ones not doing the most activities on the weekends.

Gold is down abruptly this morning and may go lower--THE TIME TO BUY! What happened to make it fall? Look at the world situation and challenge your library of knowledge--where there may SEEM to be no connection.


There is a great show-and-tell of the "Marcos" burial in the Philippines--but what is really going on? Well, let us just say that, to get that fact accomplished, Mrs. Marcos paid off the Philippine national debt, for all practical purposes, along with other political extortion.

There is (was) a mammoth store of gold which was bargained for in the Philippines (actually now, mostly out of the islands) wherein the British Crown extorted great compensation in return for allowing the remainder stores to be utilized by the rightful owners. Much of that gold was bargained for through the Central Banks in London at around $373/oz. As the "shifting" takes place great amounts of gold are changing hands and hitting the market. This is exceptionally GOOD news to many of you and as the "cover-up" over the weekend price setting (again) it is hoped that most of you won't notice--that you are nearing the end of the mass manipulation to the heavy owners of reserves. You are going to have fluctuations continually as the big boys pull down the economies everywhere and try to latch onto all wealth--at least through "control" of it.


Will they destroy "us"? Nope! They may superficially "try" but they will NOT. In fact, if they don't stop messing around in our rather isolated business--annoyance may turn into rather active annoyance response. We have no plans to war with anyone--much less the New World Order that you-the-people seem to support in every way except your voices. You claim to want freedom and nation--while you DO everything imaginable to see to it that the New World Order and Government survives and lives miserably ever after! We simply demand that respect be given to our crews and our own mission of peaceful assurance of journey to God's people. That does not, I'm sorry to report, have much to do with the self-proclaimed or self-styled "Christians" awaiting a rapture or salvation by the blood of an innocent man. This is "The Phoenix Project" which WILL NOT be confused with your government's theft of the label. We are of the Hosts of God and we ARE that which rise from the flames and ashes of the destruction thrust upon your planet by yourselves. We demand that our people be left to make this passage for it is the agreement at higher levels of exchange. We act always within the Laws of God--and always within the rules and regulations set by man--so, we suggest that our adversary back off.


I also suggest that the ones in Missouri get busy with whatever is required to accomplish the release of Gunther Russbacher--or consequences are going to be most unpleasant. Let my people go! If they be my people, they are no threat to you ones who would be Kings and suffer the hell of your actions as already perpetrated. They have a mission FAR BEYOND your piddling handguns and tattle-telling. They ARE part of that which offers Truth but not in defiance of your threats and actions--and, THEY KEEP THEIR PROMISES! LET HIM GO!! NOW!!!

Would Gunther be a part of a massive uprising of military or police force, as in "coup"? NO--he fully realizes that what we need to have accomplished is accomplished by the WORD and the PEN. It is no longer even feasible to cross the adversary in an individual manner with a weapon other than these two things and, yes indeed, readers, there will come a day when this WORD shall be silenced. How quickly depends on YOU. In the meanwhile, we work diligently to provide some jobs, industries and information on what you will need to survive in relative wholeness until such time as the Phoenix lands, or takes-off, as the case may be. We haven't much time and we have no intention of doing ANYTHING that even goes in the face of your regulatory offices. In exchange, however, for our peaceful presence we demand that our agreements be met--not forsaken in direct confrontation as did your Government with Sir Reagan and brood of lying hypocrites. Continue to thwart our "business" within the Laws of God and the laws of the Land and our annoyance may be noted quite quickly. I suggest that you of the hierarchy of this New World Order--get that understood (again) RIGHT NOW!

You readers who think selves to be able to somehow SAVE the planet and the civilization--look again for you go about it the way of the beast--in every category. You do, however, have to live among the masses and fall heir to that which "they" do so the choices still remain with YOU.

What do I say to ones like Gunther Russbacher about their future? Be silent if that is what is demanded under penalty of death of physical to your family, friends or self. We don't need any more martyrs nor great speakers about the naughty children at destructive play, lies and deceits--just do not succumb to their games which will further trap you into their own working game if it be in violence. Retire! We find retirement most interesting and basket weaving quite sufficient to our waning days. What is needed now is not clandestine or subversive to anyone--it is purely a job of knowledge, abilities to reach proper involved persons with respect and lay forth agreements, contracts for business and such. "Silence is golden"!


What would I say to Ray Renick? The same! The pen will speak truth--why would you jeopardize your standing by "fighting" the forces of the bastard cheats and liars and perpe-trators of evil? You can make a wee small voice in the wilderness and it shall be heard--but if the voice is silenced by the adversary--nothing happens for the absence is not even noted in the bulletins after a flash of the moment. You are being bulldozed by a machine that has no compunctions to goodness nor will allow facts to cloud their actions--you are in the final throes of the restructuring of a Satanic planet. YOU ARE NOW LIVING IN THE OUTSKIRTS OF HELL! WHEN THE TIME IS PROPER IN SEQUENCE--GOD SHALL COLLECT HIS PEOPLE! I HOPE THAT YOU SHALL BE AMONG US.


Dharma, get this off this machine for I have gotten my message to the adversary--perhaps, however, it should be gotten to the ones involved in some of the instances.

As to the "gold" circumstance--wisdom of action is again your call to attend.

As to the other--regarding our brother? Can you not leave anything to God, Hosts and WISDOM of actions? Some of you are too weary and frustrated to act in correctness--and it is exactly what is being contrived to get you to blow your own intent--out of the water. Do NOT stir more than reasonable and certainly NO MORE with the ones who can immediately and directly torment the man further and incite to riot in that prison!! Settle down and allow God to call some of the "plays", beloved friends--remember the "road to hell is paved with good intentions!" So be it.



TUE., SEP. 7, 1993 10:58 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 022



There are several things going on which Cmdr. Soltec can do far better than I at pointing out to you readers. However, there is a flurry of quakes around Southern California which must be noted--from the 3.8 at Big Bear near L.A. to one at Boron (WHICH HAS NOT EVEN BEEN NOTED EXCEPT IN ONE LOCAL BROADCAST OR TWO). It is obvious the one at "Boron", California (and quite near this location) IS NOT INTENDED FOR SHARING WITH THE PUBLIC! AND, what of the one in the South Pacific which is MAKING SUCH NEWS ALL THE WAY TO HONG KONG!? Be alert readers, there is big stuff afoot--from Arafat's "peace" tour on behalf of Israel to the planet in a state of convulsions.

I am going to hang right in here with the reminders about the Committee of 300 because things are being set-up again to deceive you incredibly. A plot to kidnap Kissinger and Nixon? Why would anyone think either are important enough to use as hostage material? Is it true? Does it matter? ONLY to the extent that it is a 'story' of some kind which the adversary feels is feasible enough and ridiculous enough to further pull down unwitting players. Kissinger is probably one of the most important men in the groupings of programmed workers for the Committee of 300--the "brains" if you will. I wouldn't pay two cents for him but then you people like your enemies to have advantage so I guess you will bail him out and at the least kill all the innocent non-participants which will be named in the name of getting "guilty" parties. There is such "evil", pure and unadulterated, as to sicken the soul.

Dharma, let us move into "300" without more babbling and as we free up time a bit, I wish to speak of our other information on Spelt, Gaiandriana, etc.


Why does Gaia as in New Gaia Products, The Word, and thus and so get "advertising" in CONTACT when the CONTACT does not have advertising? Because the products are MINE and the entities involved KEEP THE PAPER IN BUSINESS THROUGH ALMOST TOTAL SUPPORT! EVERYTHING DONE AROUND HERE GOES "IN THE HOLE" TO GET THIS PAPER OUT TO YOU OF THE PUBLIC. THEREFORE, I SHALL ALWAYS SUPPORT THESE HARD WORKING PEOPLE IN THIS MOST DIFFICULT TASK OF PROVIDING THAT WHICH I BRING AS BLESSING TO YOU AND BURDEN TO THEM. I AM HUMBLY GRATEFUL AND DHARMA AND I HAVE ALMOST GOT THE PRODUCTS IN A FORM WHICH CAN BE SHIPPED--RIGHT DOWN TO SPELT BREAD PRODUCT FOR BREAD MACHINES SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE "ALL" THAT WE SUGGEST --IN SOME FORM. WE EFFORT TO NEVER SUGGEST THAT WHICH IS ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO FIND OR ACQUIRE. USE IS STRICTLY UP TO YOU--WE DO WHAT WE CAN. We do not practice medicine, law or even "nutrition"--good or otherwise. I WILL tell you why a suggested item is beneficial but use is absolutely up to you as individuals and so, too, will be the results attained--which some are claiming to be most remarkable. We will effort to begin on these discussions soon; I believe the hope is to begin offering these restructured plans and accompanying products sometime after the first of October because of the burden of quantity, research and development and other problems of life in general. Life is always that which "happens" while you are making other plans!! I will ask the "crew" involved to give you an idea of what will be offered, from packages of flour, bread machines and "optimum program packages"--and it would help them if you responded with a "check-off" of some kind to indicate participation so that they have some notion as to quantities for which to arrange. In "quantity" lots, bottles, machines, (everything) is far more economical although shipping costs remain greatly exaggerated. They do have a planned program for payment with handling charge for paperwork but no interest on the extended payment plans--i.e., a bread machine with allowance for payment over several months rather than initially, etc. Bread packets are being "perfected" as to use with individual machines you may already have in your appliance store such as Hitachi (square loaves) and Dak or Welbilt (round loaves) which work in almost opposing manner--you will have to use specific instructions for YOUR machine--but the ingredients will be stable and general--even for hand preparation.

At this time the only feasible way to get enough Spelt to you is through a plan such as this one--unless you like LARGE quantities to get bugs and/or know the specialty grain growers. At this time Spelt is scarce and is an absolutely necessary part of my suggested plan for either survival or use in conjunction with Gaiandriana whole life resource.

We are dealing with "living" product here and that requires incubation time from conception through pregnancy and into maturity of cellular development--along with continuing food re-source for the cells while getting product TO you. We are geared up to do what we can but it is a massive job without plant facilities--although, a plant is one of the first facilities which will be acquired with funding. The funds at this time go, and will continue to go, to keeping the paper alive and assist with fax lines and to keep our people alive and sheltered. So be it for I shall not belabor the point. Prices will not be accurate--only ESTIMATES in very rough form but this will give the crew a couple of weeks to gear up and make plans. Thank you. We are not "big business", we are simply here to serve you as best we can.


by John Coleman (by John Coleman (Information: World Intelligence Review, 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706)

[H: We were in the middle of the listing of "some" of the front organizations of this Committee of 300 (Club of Rome)--actually, more like the Tavistock arms--or the working groups of the Committee. We will take up with:]


This is HUMRRO's (Human Resources Research Office) sister "1984" organization situated in McLean, Virginia. Established in 1948, it was taken over by the Committee of 300 in 1961 when it became part of the Johns Hopkins block. It has worked on over 600 projects, including integrating Negroes into the Army, the tactical use of nuclear weapons, psychological warfare programs and mass population control.

Obviously there are many more major think tanks, and we shall come to most of them in this book. One of the most important areas of cooperation between what think tanks turn out and what becomes government and public policy are the "pollsters". It is the job of the polling companies to mold and shape public opinion in the way that suits the conspirators. Polls are constantly being taken by CBS-NBC-ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post... Most of these efforts are coordinated at the National Opinion Research Center where, as much as it will amaze most of us, a psychological profile was developed for the entire nation.

Findings are fed into the computers of Gallup Poll and Yankelovich, Skelley and White for comparative evaluation. Much of what we read in our newspapers or see on television has first been cleared by the polling companies. WHAT WE SEE IS WHAT THE POLLSTERS THINK WE SHOULD SEE. This is called "public opinion making". The whole idea behind this bit of social conditioning is to find out how responsive the public is to POLICY DIRECTIVES handed down by the Committee of 300. We are called "targeted population groups" and what is measured by the pollsters is how much resistance is gen-erated to what appears in the "Nightly News". Later, we shall learn exactly how this deceptive practice got started and who is responsible for it.

It is all part of the elaborate opinion-making process created at Tavistock. Today our people believe they are well-informed but what they do not realize is that the opinions they believe are their own were in fact created in the research institutions and think tanks of America and that none of us are free to form our own opinions because of the information we are provided with by the media and the pollsters.

Polling was brought to a fine art just before the United States entered the Second World War. Americans, unbeknown to themselves, were conditioned to look upon Germany and Japan as dangerous enemies who had to be stopped. In a sense, this was true, and that makes conditioned thinking all the more dangerous, because based on the INFORMATION fed to them, the enemy did indeed appear to be Germany and Japan. Just recently we saw how well Tavistock's conditioning process works when Americans were conditioned to perceive Iraq as a threat and Saddam Hussein as a personal enemy of the United States.

Such a conditioning process is technically described as "the message reaching the sense organs of persons to be influenced". One of the most respected of all pollsters is Committee of 300 member Daniel Yankelovich, of the company, Yankelovich, Skelley and White. Yankelovich is proud to tell his students that polling is a tool to change public opinion, although this is not original, Yankelovich having drawn his inspiration from David Naisbett's book Trend Report which was commissioned by the Club of Rome.

In his book Naisbett describes all of the techniques used by public opinion makers to bring about the public opinion desired by the Committee of 300. Public opinion making is the jewel in the crown of the OLYMPIANS for, with their thousands of new-science social scientists at their beck and call and with the news media firmly in their hands, NEW public opinions on almost any subject can be created and disseminated around the world in a matter of two weeks.

This is precisely what happened when their servant George Bush was ordered to make war on Iraq. Within two weeks, not only the U.S. but almost the entire world public opinion was turned against Iraq and its President Saddam Hussein. These media change artists and news manipulators report directly to the Club of Rome which in turn reports to the Committee of 300 at whose head sits the Queen of England ruling over a vast network of closely-linked corporations who never pay taxes and are answerable to no one, who fund their research institutions through foundations whose joint activities have almost total control over our daily lives.

Together with their interlocking companies, insurance business, banks, finance corporations, oil companies, newspapers, magazines, radio and television, this vast apparatus sits astride the United States and the world. There is not a politician in Washington D.C. who is not, somehow, beholden to it. The Left rails against it, calling it "imperialism" which indeed it is, but the Left is run by the same people, the very same ones who control the Right, so that the Left is no more free than we are!

Scientists engaged in the process of conditioning are called "social engineers" or "new-science social scientists" and they play an integral part in what we see, hear and read. The "old school" social engineers were Kurt K. Lewin, Professor Hadley Cantil, Margaret Mead, Professor Derwin Cartwright and Professor Lipsitt who, together with John Rawlings Reese, made up the backbone of new-science scientists at Tavistock Institute.

During the Second World War, there were over 100 researchers at work under the direction of Kurt Lewin, copying slavishly the methods adopted by Reinhard Heydrich of the S.S. The OSS was based on Heydrich's methodology and, as we know, the OSS was the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. The point of all this is that the governments of Britain and the United States already have the machinery in place to bring us into line in a New World Order with only a slight modicum of resistance materializing, and this machinery has been in place since 1946. Each passing year has added new refinements.

It is this Committee of 300 which has established control networks and mechanisms far more binding than anything ever seen in this world. Chains and ropes are not needed to restrain us. Our fear of what is to come does that job far more efficiently than any physical means of restraint. We have been brainwashed to give up our Constitutional right to bear arms; to give up our Constitution itself; to allow the United Nations to exercise control over our foreign policies; to permit the President to break United States law with impunity and to invade a foreign country and kidnap its head-of-state. In short, we have been brainwashed to the extent where we, as a nation, will accept each and every lawless act carried out by our government almost without question.

I for one know that we will soon have to fight to reclaim our country from the Committee, or lose it forever. BUT when it comes right down to it, how many will actually take up arms? In 1776 only 3% of the populace took up arms against King George III. This time around, 3% will be woefully inadequate. We should not allow ourselves to be led down dead-end roads for that is what our mind controllers have planned for us by confronting us with such a complexity of issues that we simply succumb to long range penetration and make no decisions at all on many vital issues.

We shall be looking at the names of those who make up the Committee of 300 but, before we do that, we should examine the massive interfacing of all important institutions, companies and banks under the Committee's control. We must mark them well because these are the people who are deciding who shall live and who shall be eliminated as "useless eaters"; where we will worship God; what we must wear and even what we shall eat. According to Brzezinski, we shall be under endless surveillance around the clock for 365 days a year ad infinitum.

That we have been betrayed from within is being accepted by more and more people each year, and that is good, because it is through knowledge, a word translated from the word BELIEF, that we shall be able to defeat the enemies of all mankind. While we were being distracted by the bogeymen in the Kremlin, the Trojan Horse was moved into position in Washington D.C. The greatest danger free people face today is not from Moscow but from Washington D.C. We need first to conquer the DOMESTIC ENEMY, and after that we will be strong enough to mount an offensive to remove Communism from the Earth, together with all of its attendant "isms".

The Carter Administration accelerated the collapse of our economy and our military strength, the latter begun by Club of Rome and Lucis Trust member Robert Strange McNamara. In spite of his promises, Reagan continued to undermine our industrial base, starting where Carter left off. While we need to keep our defenses strong, we cannot do that from a weak industrial base for, without a well-run military-industrial complex, we cannot have a viable defense system. The Committee of 300 recognizes this and planned from 1953 its zero-growth post-industrial policies now in full flower.

Thanks to Club of Rome our technology potential has dropped below that of Japan and Germany, nations we are supposed to have defeated in the Second World War. How has this come about? Because of men like Dr. Alexander King and our blindfolded state of mind, we have failed to recognize the destruction of our educational institutions and systems of teaching. As a result of our blindness, we are no longer training engineers and scientists in sufficient numbers to keep us among the industrialized nations of the world. Thanks to Dr. King, a man very few people in America know about, education in the U.S. is at its lowest level since 1786. Statistics produced by the Institute for Higher Learning show that the reading and writing capabilities of high school children in the United States are LOWER than they were among high school children in 1786.

What we face today is not only the loss of our freedom and the very fabric of our nation, but far worse, the possibility of the loss of our souls. The steady chipping away at the foundation upon which this republic rests has left an empty void, which satanists and cultists are rushing to fill with their synthetic souled material. This truth is difficult to accept and appreciate because there was nothing SUDDEN about these events. If a sudden shock were to hit us, a cultural and religious shock, we would be shaken out of our apathy.

But gradualism--which is what Fabianism is, does nothing to raise the alarm. Because the vast majority of Americans can see no MOTIVATION for the things I have described, they cannot accept it, and so the conspiracy is scorned and often mocked. By creating chaos through presenting hundreds of daily choices our people have to make, we have come down to a position where, unless motivation can be clearly shown, all information is rejected.

This is both the weak and the strong link in the conspiratorial chain. Most thrust aside anything that has no motive, so the conspirators feel safe behind the ridicule poured upon those who point to the coming crisis in our nation and our individual lives. However, if we can get enough people to see the truth, the motivation block gets weaker until it will eventually be forced aside as more and more people become enlightened and the notion that "this cannot happen in America" is dispensed with.

The Committee of 300 is counting on our maladaptive responses to govern our reaction to created events, and it will not be disappointed as long as we as a nation continue in the present way we respond. We must turn responses to created crises into ADAPTIVE responses by identifying the conspirators and exposing their plans for us so that these things become public knowledge. The Club of Rome has already made THE TRANSITION TO BARBARISM. Instead of waiting to be "raptured", we must stop the Committee of 300 before it can accomplish its goal of making us prisoners of the "New Dark Age" planned for us. It is not up to God; IT IS UP TO US. We have to take the necessary action.

All information that I provide in this book comes from years of research backed up by impeccable intelligence sources. Nothing is exaggerated. It is factual and precise so do not fall into the trap set by the enemy that this material is "disinformation". For the past two decades I have provided information which has proved to be highly accurate and which has explained a lot of puzzling events. My hope is that through this book, a better, clearer and wider understanding of the conspiratorial forces ranged against this nation will come about. That hope is being realized as more and more young people are beginning to ask questions and seek information about what is REALLY going on.

It is difficult for people to comprehend that these conspirators are real and that they have the power I and many others have attributed to them. Many have written to ask how it is that our government does nothing about the terrible threat to civilization? The problem is that our government is PART of the problem, part of the conspiracy, and nowhere and at no time has this become more clearly evident than during the Bush Presidency. Of course President Bush knows precisely what the Committee of 300 is doing to us. HE WORKS FOR THEM. Others have written to say, "We thought we were fighting the government". Of course we are, but behind government stands a force so powerful and all-encompassing that intelligence agencies are even afraid to mention the name "Olympians".

Proof of the Committee of 300 is found in the vast number of powerful institutions owned and controlled by it. Listed here are some of the more important ones, all of which come under the MOTHER OF ALL THINK TANKS AND RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS, THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RELATIONS WITH ITS FAR-FLUNG NETWORK OF HUNDREDS OF "BRANCHES".


* * *

We need a break to attend some other pressing matters so allow us to close this segment, please. Thank you. May God light your mind as you study these materials and these data. You are blessed in that you are curious enough to read this information and give thought to your circumstance. May you always use wisdom in your balancing of information. Salu



TUE., SEP. 7, 1993 2:57 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 022



Strange things are happening, my friends, and I am just about to the end of my "being pleasant" line. What is coming down here--you supposedly "goodly patriots"--you ones such as Honegger (Barbara) and others--would shock even you good readers. Some ones in the information business DO NOT WANT THIS MAN FREE! WHY??


I ask that everyone take stock of what is going on and "who" and "why" it may be that "decisions" are reinterpreted. You have reached a new LOW in judicial injustice IF INDEED the NAPA letter be truth--which I figure into the loop to be so at this very writing.

The letter:

From: The Napa Sentinel, Harry V. Martin

To: American Patriot Network

Date: Sept. 7, 1993


Though Judge Brown vacated Gunther's sentence, that does not guarantee freedom. [H: So far--right on track for it doesn't! However, it was predecided that in THIS instance it meant EXACTLY "THAT"!] According to direct interviews with Judge Brown, the vacating order allows the Prosecuting Attorney THIRTY DAYS in which to determine whether or not to try the case again. The ruling, though broaching the Statutes of Limitation, does not vacate the sentence on those grounds, as much as the fact that Gunther had inadequate counsel.

Gunther and I were on the Tom Valentine [radio show] last night. Both Tom and I explained the circumstances to Gunther. We have a copy of the Judge's order. Tom can verify this. He can reach him at 612:222-0796. (Ed: Exact quote.)

And if the Prosecutors office decides to try Gunther again, they can hold him pending the new trial. [H: Unfortunately, so far all this is correct.]

Gunther's basic problem does not stem from him being the pilot in the October Surprise--which he was not--but from skimming $15 million off the top of a CIA-proprietary company. [H: Wow--and now you have it! Hook, line and s(t)inker!! How so this news? And, further, WHERE DID IT POSSIBLY COME FROM? THAT WAS NEVER THE CHARGE AGAINST RUSSBACHER IN ANY INSTANCE!! This has NOTHING to do with justice or truth--the man is in a State (Missouri) prison on charges very DIFFERENT than anything with the CIA, so just HOW does this come into the picture at any reasonable logic whatsoever--UNLESS--the enemy is in his dooryard with pressure tactics to shut down justice and law at the HIGHEST LEVELS OF POWER. NOW JUST WHO IN THE CIA DO YOU THINK MIGHT BE BEHIND THIS CUTE LITTLE NEW TRICK TO DECEIVE YOU-THE-PEOPLE!? "But," you might ask, "is there anything to such a story"? Probably--for within the nasty black units and black funding--there is NOTHING except fraud and rip-off--but those are NOT the charges for which Russbacher is brought to task under any public information AT ALL! This has to be something thrown into the wheel spokes NOW! And the letter goes on:] Many of these securities are now being negotiated and it is doubtful Gunther will be released or out of trouble until the money is returned. It was money laundered in the Iran-Contra scandal.

[H: Oh? And now we are to suppose that these two, North and Russbacher, are to blame for the Iran-Contra affair? Could it be that there are SIGNED stock certificates wherein Gunther IS THE PROPRIETARY OWNER OF SEVERAL VERY LARGE CORPORATIONS (SILENT AND HIDDEN FROM YOU THE PUBLIC) WHICH HE SERVICED AS A MEMBER OF THE CIA ASSOCIATED FORCES? LET US CONSIDER THIS FOR A MINUTE AND WHAT HAPPENED WITH "SOME" OF THE LEGITIMATE DOCUMENTS. ONE, JIM VASSILOS, WAS EFFORTING TO HELP GUNTHER--LEGALLY--SOME WAY. HOWEVER, WHAT HE DID WAS TO BRING, IN HIS BRIEFCASE, TO THE PRISON DOCUMENTS (STOCK CERTIFICATES) WITH ORIGINAL SIGNATURES OF GUNTHER RUSSBACHER. THE PRISON OFFICIALS WERE WAITING FOR HIM AND CONFISCATED THEM AND STILL HOLD THEM. Did Jim know about this in advance? Who knows--it is not relevant now, after the fact--except that something surely STINKS in the fishing industry. Nonetheless, the Prison system has the documents and obviously now is blackmailing all parties involved. Gunther served his (your) country well under the same circumstances any top intelligence player has served--to the limits of all reasonable Laws of God and/or Man. Does that make him "guilty" of something or another? I can tell you this much--if the ones throwing these cogs in the spokes were brought to light in their own actions--guess who else would flunk "goodness" and "honor"?

Is it possible Gunther "just wants out" and is a bit misleading in hopes of swinging this through publicity? Well, he is quite capable of such actions--but this time--the truth is spelled out in the letter sent from NAPA--saying his trouble is over these CIA things. If there is ONE MASSIVE INTENTIONAL LIE--THEN MY DEARS, THE FISH ARE VERY OLD AND DESERVE TO STINK! By the way, the letter suggests that Gunther had already skimmed "$15 million off the top of a CIA-proprietary company". Now who in the world can keep track of the CIA proprietary companies since they are all beyond top secret!!?? Then comes the kicker--he has to "return the money"! In prison?? From prison?? Where is he just going to go retrieve the "lost" or "misplaced" skimmed money? If this be truth--why is Ollie North out? Why is every Iran-Contra thug out except Gunther?? Indeed, the fish are VERY smelly today!

Now the next is quite curiously interesting:]

Our newspaper was the "creator" of Gunther, detailing his accounts. [H: Now what mean ye? You were the "what"?--"creator" of Gunther? What does this mean--is there more stinking fish frying in the hotseats? Is Gunther REALLY Gunther Russbacher of Austria/U.S.A. or is he a figment of NAPA SENTINEL?] He is a cutout for the October Surprise, working for military intelligence. [H: Again, Harry, what mean ye by this "cutout" business--did YOU "create" this "cutout" and JUST WHO SAID SUCH A THING?] The REAL pilot was an Air Force Colonel that Gunther is protecting. He only raised the October Surprise premise as a way of keeping alive when the CIA was after him for the missing money.

[H: So, are we suggesting that no-way, no-how, Gunther (having been sheep-dipped over 30 some-odd times) could be a sheep in wolf's clothes?? What difference does it make WHO flew Bush and buddies to Paris? The whole thing is a structured disgrace to the dignity of and an affront to the public citizenry of this once fine country--now in the dregs of such disgusting injustice. Did Bo Gritz have reasonable charges in "passport" violations--because of passports supplied to him by his own "company"? Come on, readers, there is NEVER truth to be shared when the power-brokers are efforting to squelch the truth of their own heinous crimes.

Further, why would Rayelan have to literally beg from caring friends just to stay alive if Gunther has stashed $15 million dollars? I, for one, hope to the Heavens that he has and gets it! It might even be that you-the-people whose very national soul has been sold by these bastard treasonists, could get some value BACK out of that which was stolen first from YOU.]

It is important to keep the Russbacher story in proper perspective. We have been in contact with him from the beginning, and broke his story. We have also taken a lot of heat from the Village Voice and Barbara Honegger for standing by Gunther all this time.

Harry V. Martin


* * *

Well, Harry, this is pretty typical of a "woman scorned" reaction. Honegger wrote a book on which Rayelan "Russbacher" helped research and originally was basically co-author. The FACTS, HOWEVER, ARE NOT CORRECT! Does this mean that EVERYTHING Gunther has told you is correct? No--it means that credibility was lost in/on October Surprise as further facts and truth have been uncovered. It is not pleasant, however, for an author to have to face the fact that he/she gave wrong information. We too wrote on the story--and Brenneke was a big player as were several others--this does not make either story absolutely correct and whoever might have "broken" the story does NOT MAKE IT FACT! I had ones denounce ME because they had received from Sananda for over 40 years--and somehow became the absolute authority on all things higher and Godly! You ones, perhaps, have been misled, even to fairy tales--but the distraction is nonetheless just THAT--distraction from truth, justice and the Constitutional crimes being perpetrated against this citizen. I do not discount your courage nor your claim to daring journalism--I respect your guts for efforting to bring truth--beyond that of almost any other journalist. Please, just don't be misled by this garbage.

If there are OTHER circumstances regarding Gunther's sentence and protocols of actual and "rightful" law--then let it be spoken here! But for you as a journalist, prodded by those who plant such distractions, it is unthinkably shortsighted in this instance. Gunther was NEVER sentenced for CIA indiscretions--and THAT IS WHAT IS IN POINT HERE!--GUNTHER RUSSBACHER'S SENTENCE WHICH HAS BEEN VACATED BY ONE JUDGE BROWN!

Just what might be the intent here? To do as with Demjanjuk in Israel--just go find something on which to base non-release? You ones have really come a long way into the gut-ter of justice, my friends. If you can't hold a man on the sentence charged--then hold him until you make up some charge! Indeed, I also feel very sorry for this Judge in point--for he is more "HAD" than you can imagine as average "citizens" in a corrupt and orchestrated system.

As I am writing here, I am brought a copy of a letter which seems to respond to the above message for the FAX hot-line--from Rayelan:

September 7, 1993

Re: The Napa Sentinel Release to the American Patriot Network of 9-7-93 RE: Gunther Russbacher.

Now that Gunther Russbacher is going to be released it appears that very strong forces are trying to destroy his credibility and his influence in the Patriot Community. It is a very sad note that Harry Martin either knowingly or with consent is being used by these forces to try to bring Gunther down.

The facts contained in Harry Martin's fax are incorrect. As for the information just out by Tom Valentine regarding the vacating of the sentence, Tom is also in error. Gunther spoke with Judge Michael Brown and we will shortly follow up on that conversation.


As for Harry's assertion that the SR71 was piloted by an Air Force Colonel, please be advised that when Gunther was training to fly the SR71 at Beale AFB in Marysville, CA, his alias was an Air Force pilot and was "Colonel Robert Bielor". Isn't it a coincidence that Gunther flew an SR71 as an Air Force Colonel and Harry Martin says the October Surprise pilot was an AF Colonel?

A massive discrediting campaign can only be expected. I am just sorry that the first blow in this campaign had to be struck by our friend, Harry Martin.

Rayelan Russbacher

* * *

I am sorely tested myself as these days of atrocity continue. Citizens, if you cannot see that which is happening about you--you cannot survive for there is no freedom and there but for the Grace of God--GO YOU! How so? Because every one of you who have served the government beast has broken the Laws of God AND MAN. You do what you do--and yet, when you can no longer depend on the truth of justice in the courts of law--you are THROUGH! AND, THUSLY, AS I PERCEIVE IT--YOU ARE THROUGH!! GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU ALL!

I will again, however, warn the adversary--that what you are about to do is going to merit you consequences of great retribution. Man cannot play God to the circumstances of another to hide or appease his own ego structuring. Who has sold out to the "devil" this time, readers? Gunther Russbacher or those who have MUCH TO HIDE AND WOULD MURDER RATHER THAN BE SEEN FOR THE LIARS AND THIEVES WHICH THEY ARE--SOME ARE EVEN MURDERERS! SO BE IT.


Do I discount Harry Martin? No, I honor Harry Martin--for that which he has already given to you as blind lambs unable to get truth from media and press. I do ask that he consider carefully what is taking place HERE AND NOW. Thank you.



WED., SEP. 8, 1993 10:25 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 023



Since this is the topic of the day around here, I shall address it right at the top of our list of "things to do immediately".

I hereby go on record as making a PROMISE to the ones who are churning this miscarriage of all justice and LAW in this matter of holding a man after a judge vacates a sentence--on the basis of OTHER CHARGES TOTALLY UNRELATED TO THAT WHICH CAUSED SENTENCING IN ERROR IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This message is to the crew who monitor this computer and my-self and to those who check with the hot-line and are causing this disgraceful conduct against "your own working brother"-- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!


Yes indeed, the same ones have betrayed me and mine--and perhaps there would have been better ways of handling them prior to this moment of "truth" but God always chooses the nonviolent and gentle lessons before leaving the perpetrators to the destiny of their own consequences within the retribution of MAN's choices of actions.


Why would "I" be involved? Because THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF THE NEW AGE ORDER AND NEW WORLD ORDER METHODS OF INJUSTICE BY FORCE AND FRAUD AGAINST YOUR CONSTITUTION AND RIGHTS UNDER SUCH LAW. Until this kind of miscarriage of justice is made right--there is NO HOPE OF BRINGING YOUR COUNTRY INTO FREEDOM AND RIGHT. THIS is the entire purpose of my mission to your rather dubiously gifted planet. Further, one who makes a commitment to God in truth of intent for that service, SHALL BE PROTECTED BY GOD'S HOSTS SENT FOR THE PURPOSE!

I suggest that you who have perpetrated this injustice--get it cleared up right away or names, places and documented FACT will be the next order of the day! I salute you for your wisdom in action regarding this matter. At this point it is through greedy, personal garbage that this goes on as it is going--but you are going to incite to arms the waiting giant, my friends--and I don't mean "space" command. I CAN promise you one thing--Gunther Russbacher (by any name he might have been using) has MET ME and very well KNOWS me--and does NOT call me a "crocodile reptile". It would behoove several of you "brothers" to consider your attitudes and make proper adjustments lest one or two of you bring the government itself down on the whole of you. I suggest you little "busy-bodies" get busy undoing that which you have done--like NOW! And you who would incite that prison to riot--shall surely reap such rewards of return penalties as to be most disconcerting for it will NOT BE COVERED NOR HIDDEN!

Are these "threats" from some unseen Bee-bopper? Indeed not--I am stating facts of cause and effect--send and return. You who have broken your oaths to brothers--are not trusted by ANYONE and shall reap that reward in time and action--for if you are guilty once--you are suspect always! May insight be the word of "truth" for this day--followed by "right" action. Thank you.



WED., SEP. 8, 1993 11:01 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 023



I have been distracted for several days and have neglected to give you very important information regarding your reserves and protection of what you call Trusts. I have said there is a "place" for use of these instruments for your shelter of assets but I must now catch you up to attention. You are about to be "had" by Mr. Clinton's manipulations and I have promised to alert you when these things come to pass. For what it is worth--the INTENT is to tax all TRUST funds through the roof and confiscate major percentages of assets beyond a minimum--I believe, somewhere around $7,000+ (I do not recall the amount at 15%) and raising to 35% on the next increments and so on. I don't have interest in looking it up for you--JUST KNOW THAT CONFIRMATION IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR CONSIDERATION OF WHAT I TOLD YOU REGARDING SHELTERS OF SAME--AND HOW ONES WOULD SET YOU UP FOR THEIR OWN GAIN IN THE USE OF SAME, CALLING THEM "BLIND TRUSTS, BUSINESS TRUSTS", ETC. MOREOVER, THE ACTIONS WILL BE RETROACTIVE TO JANUARY 1, 1993!!!

You still want shelters for funds--we can help you with loans, etc., against gold collateral wherein your funds can "work" and we can help you with Nevada corporations wherein you can find protections unfound anywhere else around--in this interim time. When the enemy has all his own protections in place--those corporations will also be attacked and become retroactive. It appears, however, it will NOT be in year 1993--so I suggest you take into consideration these points in making your decisions about how to possibly conserve some of your assets for your own survival needs as you pass into a barren economy and government.


Whether or not there is possibility of dissolution of a trust and shifting into some other "thing" or mode of handling your affairs is not for me to comment upon--I am not a legal counsel--nor even an advisor as to your management. I would guess that it is by far too late if you set up Trusts for protection prior to the beginning of January 1, 1993. You may wish to look into possibilities of change if you arranged same AFTER the first of the year for future protection for if you were not in a Trust as of the first day of the year it would seem possible to rearrange status--check it out for yourselves--I stay in enough hot-water for just mentioning these possibilities to you. I can assure you that once that new rule is set in cement--it will be valid and you will be "captured" in the web without ability to extract yourself.

* * *


Have any of you realized that there is a "definition" for the word "america"? Did your "teacher" in school tell you as much? Why? Do you suppose it might be intentional--considering the other New World Order expectations and the pressures of the adversary as relative to the Khazarian Zionism movement? You may--when you hear what IS the defined meaning of the word "America".

America: THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Far fetched? No. Misused? Perhaps--but then, "I" didn't name your nation. Would it not be considerate if you were to be informed as to the true meaning of the very name of your beloved homeland? Has the "Establishment" been hiding something from you relating to your true identity? So be it.

Corporate public schools (government controlled) teach you that your Continent was named after Amerigo Vespucci. However, these corporate government schools neglect to teach your children the meaning of Amerigo Vespucci's name. Professor Miskovsky (Oberlin College) brought out some interesting facts about the word "America". The Latin masculine singular for the word "Amerigo" is "Americus" and the feminine singular is "America". The old Gothic form for the word "America" is "Amel Ric". "Amel" means "heaven" and "ric" means "kingdom". "Amel Ric" is found in the German language as "Emmerich" or "Himmelreich". Thus "Amel Ric", "Emmerich " , "Himmel reich " , "Amelukah", "Amerucah: , and "America" became words for "THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN"! The word "kingdom" means government or governmental jurisdiction. The government of Heaven (from outer space) is to be fully implemented on Earth as we are told in the "Lord's Prayer".

Strong's Concordance gives the word "Meluwkah" for "kingdom", "Amelukah" and "Meluwkah" are related. A professor by the name of Odlum indicates that the letters "I" and "r" are sometimes interchangeable. The Hebrew "meluwkah" became "Merukah" and "Amelukah" became "Amerucah", the latter being the Latin form of the word "America".

Who is America that she should be blessed above every other nation in the world? Briefly, The (u)nited States for America along with the other Anglo-Saxon Celtic and kindred peoples in the world, "Christian" nations, today are prophetically carrying out exactly what Israel is supposed to do in the last days. One author says, "We are the descendants of the Ten Tribed Northern Kingdom of Israel which included people of the Southern Two Tribes. We migrated North and West beyond the Caucasus Mountains into Asia and on to the Americas. Information about this migration over time is plentiful and well documented …".

So, now you can be aware that the story of America DOES NOT begin with Columbus, but far back into the history of one called Abraham for those who love to research facts. Abraham "looked for a City (system) which had Foundations, whose Builder and Maker is GOD". (Heb. 11:10) References for the above information can also be found in several sources, one of which comes from The Voice of Liberty, c/o 692 Sunnybrook Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30033, 2nd printing 1979.

And guess what--in deciphering Revelation 12:14, think about the following: "And to the woman [the true seed remnant of Israel] were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness [North America] into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent".


Well, in view of this ongoing saggy (saga?) we perhaps should also offer the definition of "serpent" and for this I shall ask copy of the document portion received regarding the subject.

For the identification and definition of our use of the word "Serpent" we will quote Scriptural passages attributed to the sayings of Jesus, The Christ, but first we need to put you on the trail of the "Pharisees" and the "Sadducees" to whom Jesus frequently speaks directly in the flesh. And Jesus speaks about their generation (serious study will reveal their mixed racial lineage, hence the attention to their "generation"). The mixed "mongrel" [H: This is not a term as applied to "dogs" as so many are quick to jump on. It is a legitimate term used for "mixed breed" or "hybrid".] generation (race) of people who today call themselves Jews [but are not], from their own publications, clearly lay claim and trace their identity to being the physical flesh and blood descendants of the Scriptural Pharisees and the Sadducees. One such account is published by the Jew historian Louis Finkelstine in his two volume History of the Jews. In this work, he explains that the Pharisees and Sadducees were (are) Jews. Finkelstine also speaks of Jews making slaves of Christians. In another work by Louis Finkelstine, The Pharisees, 2nd Ed., Vol. I, The Jewish Publication Society-1940, pp. ss-xxi., we have this quote: "The apogee of Pharisaism is the Talmud of Babylonia... Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name...the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives un-altered".

We quote from Charles A. Weisman's Book 'Who is Esau-Edom?: "During the Middle Ages Jews were found guilty of ritual murder of Christians in England and Norwich in 1146; and in northern Italy at Trent in 1475. The Jewish Encyclopedia lists 121 Ritual Murder cases from 1146 to 1900, which were actually tried in the courts. Many of the listings show convictions and the mode in which guilty Jews were executed. This is referenced to The Jewish Encyclopedia. Vol. III (1903) pp. 266-67.

We continue from 'Who is Esau-Edom?: "Abortion has become an overt means of child sacrifice which Jews have instituted under their de facto law. A more covert means of child sacrifice has been by their infamous 'ritual murders, which Jews have been accused through the ages .' In this practice 'the blood of the sacrificed gentile (child) is mixed with flour to make the unleavened bread eaten at Passover'". The Illustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilization, Ed. Martin Gilbert, MacMillan Pub. Co., 1990, p. 125.

From the EPILOGUE section chapter 9 subtitle Character Roles & Identity from the book Who is Esau-Edom: we quote the entire brief chapter:

"The Bible is a script which has several different themes. This material has dealt with one of its main themes--that being the conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, lawful and lawlessness, the ways of God and the ways of man. While this theme is fundamental and can be seen by most in the world, it has not been clear who the characters are involved in the conflict.

"There is one thing that is unmistakably evident regarding the Bible and that is it is about a particular race of people--the direct descendants of Adam later called Israel. They are the main characters in God's Script. Esau-Edom is a secondary character in this Script.

"Only when we know and identify the white European people as the Israel people, and the Jews as the Edomites, do things in the world make complete sense. When the roles of Jacob and Esau are identified, we see that everything is happening exactly as written in the Script (Scripture).

"The problem the world has been plagued with is a case of mistaken identity and unknown identity regarding the roles God has assigned to Esau and Jacob. Esau does not like the role he has been assigned (or shall we say the role that he has earned). He thus has been trying to rewrite the Script and alter in the minds of Christians their identity and the identity of the Jews in the Script. Thus it is believed that Esau (the Jew) is Jacob (God's chosen people), and Jacob (the white race) is just a 'gentile'.

"No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and un-usual people. That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. No other people fit the characteristics and follow the role of Esau-Edom so completely as do the Jewish people. The Jews follow the role that their ancestors the Edomites had followed. The jew, however, is not just the descendant of Esau-Edom, but also of the other individuals and tribes that have intermarried with Esau. This would include the Hittites. the Canaanites, the descendants of Japheth through Gomer, Togarmah, Magog, and Ashkenaz, and the descendants of Ham through Canaan, Cush, and Nimrod, as well as the Israelites and Judahites that mixed with them [contrary to God's Law].

"Thus, in a sense, the Jews do have a heritage in the Bible, and yet they do not. As mongrels or hybrids, the Jews do have some biological roots extending back to Abraham and the patriarchs. But as mongrels, they can never possess the birthright or claim true heritage of the original or pure Adamic race. For it is written:

"'A mongrel shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD'. (Deuteronomy 23:2) [H: come now--I did NOT write this, I am reprinting it and it has much meaning which is hidden in the context and quick to be misperceived in meaning. You may well consider, however, WHY the later "Jews" or Khazarian lineage Zionists are not on the "Christ" bandwagon for they were from the beginning the antithesis of "Christ".]

"'Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude'. (Nehemiah 13:3)

"Mixed Adamites, those possessing both Adamic and non-Adamic blood, can no more be a part or heir of the Adamic race than one who is entirely of another race. The law will not allow the Jews to inherit the birthright or the kingdom regardless of the fact that they have Adamic blood in them. These same mongrels and 'mixed multitude' tried to tell Christ that Abraham was their father, but Christ said:

"'I know that you are Abraham's seed; but you seek to kill me because my word has no place in you.... I speak that which I have seen with my Father.... If you were Abraham's children, you would do the works of Abraham. You do the deeds of your father'. (John 8:37-41)

"Christ made the implication that these 'Jews' had another father aside from Abraham, and their response was, 'We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God". But Christ [H: Are we assuming that "Christ" (a state of being) here used is meaning somehow the NAME of someone? A "man's" name is not a state of being so we would need to define just WHO is this "Christ"--the assumption, of course, is the one YOU refer to as "Jesus" (Esu Emmanuel?) (Jesus was not a proper label for the one in point in any event for PAUL named "JESUS" long after Emmanuel was gone from his presence). Be careful in your interpretations, readers, or you may well be caught in something beyond that which you "think" you are reading. We have a rare tendency to INTERPRET WHAT THE "CHRIST" MEANT--AND THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW WHAT WAS ACTUALLY MEANT IF YOU WERE NOT IN THE SPEAKING OF THE WORDS YOURSELF. Therefore, this whole writing loses its credibility at this point when an author decides to interpret "what was meant" by this or that saying and fails to say: "...in my opinion". Since, then, this has turned into an opinion without being stated as such I MUST REMIND YOU THAT THIS IS A QUOTED CHAPTER FROM A BOOK AS STATED BY THIS AUTHOR IN CURRENT WRITING.] said, "If God were your Father, you would love me" (v.42). Can you think of anyone that hates Christ more than these people known as "Jews" today?

"The Jews cannot represent the Adamic line, they can only claim to be of those lines from Adam that were either rejected by God or who had violated the law through interracial marriages. Esau-Edom falls under both of these classes. The Edomites were a mongrelized and rejected people throughout the entire Bible. [H: I won't go on--I wanted you to see how badly a thing can be interpreted in the "name of God". There is no way that THIS author has any right to place judgment in the name of "anyone" on "anybody". If in fact the "Fathers and Mothers" of these "mongrels" were so dastardly and bastardized the generations--do you ACTUALLY BELIEVE GOD WOULD CONDEMN THE OFFSPRING WHO WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ERRORS OF THEIR PARENTS? COULD THIS MEAN--"THE SINS OF THE FATHERS ARE RESTED UPON THE HEADS OF THE SONS"? Then, along comes "MAN" with his silver tongue and preferential opinions protecting his own stance and projects such judgment upon those other than himself? Does this mean that his assumptions are incorrect? No--it means that this person has placed his opinions into JUDGMENT of another and he has NO WAY to KNOW the truth of his projections--or possibly that they be total and unfounded LIE.

I do want to go a bit further into his next segment, however, to point up the absurdity of such assumptions and wherein credibility is LOST in every instance:]


"It should by now be seen why talk of an 'International Jewish Conspiracy' makes no sense to the general public. They don't see or understand anything of the kind because they do not know the identity of the characters in the Script (Scripture) of God--the Bible--or their roles in that Script. Why would the Jews, which the entire church world holds up as the apple of God's eye, want to harm or destroy white Christians"....?

[H: What makes this author think that "they" do? The "conspiracy" which is destroying the world is not that of JUST JEWS. From this very kind of writing comes the wrong assumption against a "group" of people who bear, actually, a false identity label at best. The term "Jew" was conjured up by the Khazarians in the late 1700's to fill a need for themselves. They ALSO CALLED THEMSELVES THE "SERPENT PEOPLE". This has NOTHING to do with the tribes of israel or Israel. If you don't know what you are talking about how can you think to bring unity, peace and loving harmony into this weary world? There is no "Jewish Conspiracy"--THERE IS A WORLD CONSPIRACY FOR NEW WORLD-ONE WORLD ORDER AND GOVERNMENT UNDER THE RULE OF THE SELECTED FEW HONCHOS OF THE SATANIC ORDERS OF PHYSICAL EXPRESSION--TO BLAME THE JEWS IS LIKE HAVING A WHITE MAN MURDER SOMEONE AND LUMPING THE ENTIRE WHITE RACE INTO THAT ACCUSATION AND GENERALIZATION. THE "JEWS" WHO KNOW NOT THEIR OWN USURPATION--ARE THE WORST CASE OF EXPECTED DOWNFALL AND EXTINCTION BY THOSE VERY LIARS OF THEIR OWN IDENTIFICATION. What mean ye: "white" race? I look upon those who claim to be Jewish (Judean) in lineage--and they look white to me! Michael Jackson, who claims to be "black" looks white to me!. GOD IS LIGHT--NOT "WHITE". Reflection of a man's skin color--does not make him "white" or "colored"--if he be of GOD OF LIGHT--HE BE "WHITE"! "WHITE" IS THE DEFINITION OF "ALL" COLOR! IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THE BOAT--LITERALLY!]

Let us, however, face the facts that the symbol of "serpent" has been represented as the symbol of the adversary anti-God for as long as there has been expression in the places of physical experience. It is insulting to the well-created "snakes" and "lizards" or other reptilians, however. Just as the Phoenix eagle is the symbol of God so is the "serpent" the symbol of God's adversary.

I want you astrologers to consider for a moment the symbols of the Scorpio star signs of Oct.-Nov. What mean those symbols? It means, in your terms, that one birthed in that "sign" can be outstandingly above and beyond that which is the EAGLE and that which is the GRAY LIZARD! (The symbol of the highest cause or the lowest!) It is not the "star" alignment which you must study--it is the meaning of the very symbols of expression PLACED ON THESE THINGS.

Does this mean that somehow to be birthed within the sign of these representations makes you "different" or "greater/lower"? Of course not--but it does give you something from which you might consider your possibilities for achievement. Would you, if you be a Scorpio sign of birthday rather serve the Eagle or the snake? One is the symbol of God and the other has been turned into the symbol of the anti-God. Do you wish to rise from the fire--or be caught in the pits of the embers and flames? Man misrepresents and misdefines almost EVERYTHING--always to suit his OWN ARGUMENT INTO HIS FAVOR OF PROVING HIS OWN OPINIONS.

Does this merit "good" or "bad"? I don't even know how you arrive at such "choices". If you be of the Eagle, you will follow the LAWS of the Great Spirit of which that Eagle is representative--or you will grope around in the physical entrapment of the swamp from which you cannot extricate yourself and instead of rising above and into the security of getting “off” the burning fire (representative) you are caught clinging to the idea of your serpentdom--in the mess. If you be a souled being--GOD IS IN BOTH PLACES! BUT--THE CHOICE OF EXPRESSION IS LEFT TO YOU!

May you come into recognition of the TRUTH for within Truth lie the secrets and unfolding mysteries of LIFE--infinite!

Thank you for sharing these moments of thought with me for ultimately all things, save these, shall be of little value to your journey--ONLY YOUR DESTINATION! Ponder it please.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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