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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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To all of you who would again be free and are willing to KNOW YOUR ENEMY.



TUE., OCT. 5, 1993 9:42 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 050

TUE., OCTOBER 5. 1993



As we write this "Introduction" today, October 5, 1993, you are witnessing one more step in the TRAPPING of a planet. In Russia, the confusion is more than any of you can decipher--the politicians have as many speeches of non-explanation as there are politicians--all awaiting the Master's prepared statements-- i.e., Kissinger, et al. I believe you will find he spoke this morning. I suggest you take what he said--turn it to the opposite in meaning and you will be quite close to deciphering the puzzle.

Since this JOURNAL volume is behind in timing of the current daily writings--I have to ask you ones to leap ahead and read the writing of yesterday, October 4, 1993 to get some insight to the ongoing expressions of non-intent of Russia to put aside nuclear war WITH AMERICA! I did not say "U.S." because Canada will get the slop-over as well as SELECTED parts of Mexico, etc. Selected parts? Yes, because the North American continent is already infiltrated with communists set to "take-over". However, since some of the bastardized corporations are on the "other" side of prosperity and peace in the U.S. of "goodness"-- there will be massive protection of installations moved out for protection purposes. It is only you, the "average American", I believe they call you--who do not know this. The sham actions are everywhere to keep you distracted.

Let us take the Trade Center, New York, bombing trial. Readers--they have one or two ON TRIAL for the bombing--WHO WERE NOT EVEN IN THE COUNTRY AT THE TIME OF THE BOMBING!!! It is as with "Flight 103"--YOU ARE AFTER THE WRONG CRIMINALS--TRY STARTING WITH YOUR OWN CIA AND WORK FROM THERE. As the control takeover moves on into tighter and tighter nooses--there is nothing too heinous to perpetrate upon you unsuspecting masses--to accomplish Plan 2000.

Please don't ask my people to "catch you up" and explain "what does this mean?" to you--they have been at nose to grind-stone for years now while YOU continued to sleep. They have made available the Truth for all of you to witness--they have no time in the thick of action to move through any newcomer's kindergarten lessons OR THROUGH THE OBJECTIONS AND ARGUMENTS OF ONES WHO WERE WRONG IN THEIR ACTIONS AGAINST US! WHILE YOU QUIBBLE OVER "WORDS" AND "MEANINGS AS TO ONE OR ANOTHER" YOUR PROVERBIAL ROME INCINERATES!


I would have this statement resound through the ears and minds of ones who charge "copy work", mistaken meanings and personal affronts because you "disagree". I need name no ones-- you know who you are. In your discounting and denouncing-- you MISS THE ENTIRE POINT OF MY PRESENCE AND OUR WORK. We are not "novel" writers--we are journalists bringing you "news", albeit as old as the ages of MAN.

I would say something right here regarding the Ekkers' problems with ones who assault them. Let it be KNOWN that if the Ekkers had greedy intent--they would have claimed the gold which G.G. SAID HIMSELF, was theirs. They would simply show that he did not pay them for it to make it his, among other lies he has pronounced. They would simply claim it and allow those assault troops TO BURY THE INSTITUTE AND ALL ONES WITHIN ITS OPERATION. THROUGH MANDATORY RECEIVERSHIP--THEY WOULD BE CLEARED OF ALL MISMANAGEMENT, ALL ACCUSATIONS--BUT EVERYONE WITHIN THE PARTICIPATION WOULD LOSE MASSIVELY FOR IT WOULD CAUSE THE GOLD COLLATERAL TO BE SOLD AND EVERYONE INVOLVED WOULD LOSE--EXCEPT THEM! THEY, THROUGH LAW, WOULD BE UNABLE TO PROTECT ANYTHING. SO, WHY STRUGGLE? BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. It is honor and integrity, truth and trustworthiness. If they "quit" there would be no CONTACT, no JOURNALS, no farm, no products, no Gaiandriana, no Spelt production--NOTHING from this place--except ashes of deliberate breakdown due to the greed of early participants who moved into the enemy's camp to serve in destructive ways. It would have been far easier for the "Ekkers" to simply have taken bankruptcy, written checks to cover expenses and tuck away "retirement" funds and walk away leaving the unsuspecting to bear the consequences and losses. Remember THIS when you ponder who might be for you and who might be against you! Who stays with YOU to face the dragon and who runs with the assets for self??

This same thing holds true for those who assault the larger issues outside the individual "personal". Who holds information FROM your observation? Why? What argument do they use to "fool'' you?? How do they manipulate other self-proclaimed do-gooders to do their bidding? Look at it for it is what has brought your world to this day of blight. Now, look higher to your national level and the players involved in the massive misinformation, disinformation and total brainwashing through technology--and on into the international integration--LOOK AND SEE WHO AND WHAT IS REALLY WORKING AGAINST YOU! You have no privilege of silence--you must find out truth and stop the assaulters. They are stopped by the pen--not the sword. If you take no action of even a card or letter to protect your own interests--then you deserve to lose the resources paid for, dearly, by others. You cannot leave it to "Ekkers" to defend alone against the dragons breathing fire and destruction. If you object not to the assaults on honor and integrity--expect no further struggle from my teams who are tattered and dragged through the gutter every day of their work.



Let us look at ones such as Eustace Mullins as example of integrity. Do you not think it would have been easier for going on 80 years--to move into some line of endeavor which would pay dividends of more than assault by every Elite organization in the planet than to continue in the integrity of giving forth researched TRUTH AND INFORMATION OF YOUR DOWNFALL'? Such gifted writers could make a "bundle" of unlimited wealth with their knowledge and insight--but they choose to stand against the cheats and liars and plead for your awakening. They lose everything of physical value and usually their families, friends and certainly business advantage. If you cannot discern the DIFFERENCE in persons assaulted from those assaulting-- HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO MAKE A TRANSITION INTO GOD'S KINGDOM OF KNOWING AND TRUTH AND LAWS?

I watch and continue to burden my people whilst they struggle every minute just to survive "one more assault" and I too want to take this cup of bitterness from their lips for their integrity has brought them only more assaults and batterings and accusations through lies, silly arguments and blind do-gooders. But I cannot--for we come with a mission and purpose and to abdicate that responsibility brings not rest and peace--but hopelessness and unfinished tasks which destroy the mental peace. "I" cannot take this cup of bitterness from your lips, world. You have cultivated the tree of bitterness from which to sip--and I CANNOT TAKE IT FROM YOU--FOR IT IS "YOURS"! IT IS YOURS!

If you but read to accuse and denounce--then obviously, you MISS the message of great import--for you seek the wrong information. Shall a planet of people perish in ignorance because someone in Sedona, Arizona or Bozeman, Montana wants to bring us down because of greedy egotistical self-interests? Well, those are the choices my people face EVERY DAY--does Dharma write what I ask her to write or does she bow to one who taunts and lies and deceives? It is not a new story--we compete with NO ONE for ANYTHING! DO YOU WISH TO BUILD YOUR FOUNDATION ON THE ROCK AND TRUTH--OR ON THE LYING SHIFTING SANDS OF A BARREN DESERT FLOCK OF NOMADS OF TRUTH? THEY USE YOU AND TRUTH AS YOU WOULD USE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH FOR YOUR OWN ADVANTAGE. Is this bad--to use your toothbrush? No, but it only helps "your own teeth"--not Truth or your soul--and certainly NOT THE TEETH OF ANYONE ELSE!

It is through gradual deceit and lies that you have become a planet of people of THE LIE. You have allowed the cancer to grow and gradually work within your joints until you can no longer stand against the beast attacking--you no longer RECOGNIZE the beast--UNTIL TOO LATE! YOU ARE IN THE TRAP, THE TRAP SPRUNG, AND THIS IS HOW AMERICA BECOMES AMERICA--WHILE YOU ARE NOT LOOKING! Even "THAT" is a facade--for you long since have forgotten or failed to realize WHO HAS BROUGHT THE IRON TRAP UPON YOU.

This very day the speakers relate the happenings of the day in Russia (Moscow) to the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. It, therefore, would behoove you to study our material quite carefully for it is important to KNOW who were the Bolsheviks and WHO BROUGHT THIS ANTI-GOD STATE OF EXPRESSION TO YOUR GLOBE! IF YOU KNOW NOT YOUR ENEMY YOU ARE DESTINED TO FALL TO HIM.



THU., SEP. 9, 1993 12:05 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 024



You, Dharma! I know that you do not want any part of what is taking place this week--but you ARE my voice and we WILL write--all products and other physical things can be handled by others--or WAIT! Do we have clear understanding now? We of the Command are making ourselves a massive nuisance in the New Mexico/Arizona skies and you will be flooded with inquiries and military surveillance. I do not want you to be in panic but you must understand the importance of these encounters going on RIGHT NOW AS WE WRITE.

The military chain of command is efforting to COVER the activities from all directions and the cover-ups will increase. Agreements with our Command and over some of our people are being broken and it is unacceptable on all counts. Ones who didn't believe we were more than a figment of imaginings and some goofy woman's fantasies are going to find out differently--right now.


How did a Special Forces Austrian-born individual get on MY team? You would be very surprised at WHO is on my direct team. Moreover, in most instances it is only recently or "now" that the player himself/herself even knows they are on MY TEAM.

Would I do this for, say, Bo Gritz? No--not until he thoroughly UNDERSTANDS that I am NOT A CROCODILE REPTILE! We are not going to interfere in anything of your business--but by the same token--agreements made with my Command WILL BE HONORED OR THERE SHALL BE CONSEQUENCES. You will be hearing about those consequences.

Craft from my fleet are in your viewing now, day and night. Weather balloons just won't cut it, big boys. Neither will cone-shaped photon craft from White Sands "cut the mustard". You HAVE SPACE COMMAND in your skies and we will cover this nation if necessary to make a point.

In the efforts to cover a 200 mile trek in which the craft was viewed by thousands yesterday in New Mexico--we have PUT A CRAFT DOWN AND THAT WILL BRING INTO FOCUS THE REALITY OF THE MISSION FOR ONES WILL STREAM INTO THE AREA OF THE CRAFT AND THE MILITARY CRAFT YOU CRASHED TO COVER THE TRUTH!

The "object" in your view this day in the area of the Navajo Reservation of New Mexico TODAY--ain't goin' anywhere, is it? And brothers, we are HIGH so we are BIG! You have your high altitude trackers out here and we have some of your own craft in "tractor tow". Tit for tat--you let MY PEOPLE GO--and I will release yours!

It would be nice now, Dharma, if you get this to the ones to put onto the PHONELINE and scatter Faxes everywhere anyone is interested. I suggest that Rick transcribe other incoming inquiries and information for immediate distribution. The "stuff" is in the fan--and I need to write this on THIS COMPUTER because of the major monitoring by your ground-side intelligence forces. This is NOT a game or a test. I suggest you be magnificently aware that THIS IS NOT A TEST--THIS IS THE REAL THING, GOOD BUDDIES. I EXPECT GUNTHER RUSSBACHER TO BE RELEASED POSTHASTE!

God bless all you wonderful brothers and sisters of the Lighted Hosts--for the "miracles" are about to be observed and they are NOT "miracles". I MEAN BUSINESS! I am not HERE for the fun of being in your chaotic energy fields and the bastardizing destruction of a magnificent Creation of God as you ones have perpetrated. Agreements are to be kept and contracts honored for when YOU break the contract--you have taken on a most awesome enemy! I suggest you let the "Captain" go and you may be around to enjoy your games another day! If you choose not to do so--then MAKE MY DAY!

When ones come within my protection--they SHALL be protected and you of the hounds of Hell will keep your distance.

Dharma, do not allow these outside thrusts of personal nature to get to you, child. The whining excuse-makers are doing exactly THAT--whining and casting blame on you for their own KNOWING disastrous actions. These are TRIVIAL distractions and we will not bow to such antics from the greed-mongers. If this sets badly upon the digestive systems and ones say, "God's people wouldn't act this or that way"--forget it for NO ONE KNOWS WHAT GOD OR GOD'S PEOPLE WOULD OR WOULD NOT DO! GOD DOES EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS TO DO AND THAT GIVES US A MAGNIFICENT LATITUDE TO DO LIKEWISE. YOU ARE PEOPLE "OF THE LIE" AND THE RULES ARE BEING SOLD TO YOU TO CAPTURE THE VERY ESSENCE OF YOURSELF--YOUR SOUL REALITY. IF YOU ARE SO BLIND AND CARELESS AS TO NOT COME TO SEE AS MUCH--THEN GO AHEAD AND LIVE IN SHOCKED DISBELIEF AS TRUTH DUMPS ALL OVER YOU! SO BE IT. HATONN OUT.



THU., SEP. 9, 1993 1:42 P.M. YEAR 7 , DAY 024


Since we are going to be getting some inconceivable factual research material regarding the "Khazarian Zionists" within the next short while--which has been banned from printing thus far, we need to keep you in conscious acknowledgement of this facet of the players arriving at current activities.

This next, therefore, will be from The Iron Curtain Over America, by John Beaty, as we continue to integrate players, teams, groups and One World Puppetmasters. So, in leaving the set of the "300" information for this writing, let us see if we can share the spotlight a bit more broadly and not lose our readers.

I will have many interruptions, Dharma, so be prepared to either change programs instantly or be prepared for me to take leave as we are in your sky this day and a big political-Justice System-crew confrontation is UNDER WAY demanding my attention. I believe that I have time in here to write a bit on our ongoing work and if I need to take leave just continue in the reproduction printing until you are comfortable. Further, do not allow the changing tone impulses to penetrate--keep that shield intact because you are also under attack through the computer system as the monitors tap in to more circuits. It is fine--exactly what I want--so be aware but counter them, chela. If they become too alarming, I will ask you to simply go to your room and we will put you into sleep where "I" can disrupt the pulses.

Chapter III, p.14 of the book in point.


The triumphant Khazars, aided by other "converts" to Communism, strengthened their grasp on prostrate Russia by a succession of "purges" in which many millions of Russians lost their lives, either by immediate murder or in the slow terror of slave labor camps. These purges do not concern us here except as a sample of what Soviet rule would bring to America, namely, the slaying of 15,000,000 persons on a list already prepared by name and category (statement to the author by a former-high ranking international Communist who has deserted "Stalinism"). The lecturer, Matt Cveltic, a former F.B.I. undercover agent, gives more recently a much higher figure; he states that almost all men and women over thirty, having been found too old for "re-education", would be slaughtered. For details, write to Borger News-Herald, Borger, Texas, asking reprint of We Owe a Debt (April 16, 1952) by J. C. Phillips.

Even as they subjected the Russian people to a rule of terror the new rulers of Russia promptly and effectively penetrated the countries of Western Europe and also Canada and (as was already shown) the United States. For their fateful choice of our country as a goal of their major though not yet completely and finally successful endeavor, there were several reasons.

In the first place, with its mutually advantageous capital-labor relations, its enormous productivity, and its high standard of living, the United States of America was an existing visible refutation of the black Soviet lie that their Communist dictatorship did more than our Republic for the workingman. The idea that the "capitalistic" democracies (Britain and America) were formidable obstacles to the spread of Communism and had to be destroyed was expressed many times by Soviet leaders and notably by Stalin in his great address (Moscow, March 10, 1939) to the 18th Congress of the Communist Party. This elaborate official statement of Soviet policy was made before the outbreak of World War II, and nearly three years before our involvement, and was trumpeted rather than hidden under a bushel. It can therefore be safely predicated that our State Department, with its numerous staffs, offices, bureaus, and divisions, was promptly aware of the contents of this speech and of the Soviet goal of overthrowing our "capitalist democracy".

The second reason for large scale Communist exploitation of the United States was our traditional lack of any laws prohibiting or regulating immigration into the United States and our negligence or politics in enforcing immigration laws when they had been passed. "The illegal entry of aliens into the United States is one of the most serious and difficult problems confronting the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Since the end of World War II, the problem of illegal entry has increased tremendously. There is ample evidence that there is an alarmingly large number of aliens in the United States in an illegal status. Under the alien registration act of 1940 some 5,000,000 aliens were registered" (The Immigration and Naturalization Systems of the United States, pp. 629, 630).

The third principal reason for the Communist exploitation of the United States was the absence of any effective policy regarding resident foreigners even when their activities are directed toward the overthrow of the government. Thus in 1950 several hundreds of thousands of foreigners, among the millions illegally in this country, were arrested and released for want of adequate provisions for deporting them.

As shown in Chapter II, above, persons of Khazar background or traditions had entered the United States in large numbers in the waves of immigration between 1880 and the outbreak of World War I in 1914. The Soviet seizure of Russia took place in 1917, however, and the hey-day for Communist-inclined immigrants from Eastern Europe was the five-year period between the end of World War I (1919) and the passage of the 1924 law restricting immigration. Recorded immigrants to this country in that brief span of time amounted to approximately three million and large numbers of the newcomers were from Eastern Europe.

Most significantly, with Communism in power in Russia, many of the new immigrants were not only ideologically hostile to the Western Christian civilization of which America was the finest development, but were actual agents of the new Rulers of Russia. Conspicuous among these was Sidney Hillman, who had turned from his "Rabbinical education" (Who Was Who in America, Vol. II, p. 254) to political activities of international scope. Twenty-two years before Franklin Roosevelt gave orders to "clear everything with Sidney", similar orders were given American Communists by Lenin himself, Hillman being at the time President of the Russian-American Industrial Corporation at 103 E. Fourteenth St., New York.

Surely a relatively small number of Khazar immigrants from Russia came as actual Soviet agents; not all of them came as confirmed Marxists; and some of them have doubtless conformed to the traditional American mores. The contrary is neither stated nor implied as a general proposition. The fact remains, however, that the newer immigrants, to an even greater degree than their predecessors of the same stock, were determined to resist absorption into Western Christian civilization and were determined also to further their aims by political alignment and pressure.

In the first three decades of the twentieth century, few of the several million non-Christian immigrants from Eastern Europe were attracted to the Republican Party, which was a majority party with no need to bargain for recruits. The Democratic Party, on the contrary, was in bad need of additional voters. It had elected Woodrow Wilson by a huge electoral majority in 1912 when the Republican Party was split between the followers of William Howard Taft and those of Theodore Roosevelt, but the Democratic popular vote was 1,413,708 less than the combined Taft and Roosevelt votes. In fact, between 1892 (Cleveland election over Harrison) and 1932 (F.D. Roosevelt's election over Hoover), the Democratic candidate had polled more presidential popular votes than the Republican candidate (9,129,606 to 8,538,221) only once, when Woodrow Wilson was elected (1916) to a second term on the slogan, "He kept us out of war." In all the other elections, Republican majorities were substantial. Applying arithmetic to the popular vote of the seven presidential elections from 1904 to 1928 inclusive, it is seen that on the average, the Democrats, except under extraordinary circumstances, could not in the first three decades of the twentieth century count on as much as 45% of the votes.

In addition to its need for more votes, the Democratic Party had another characteristic which appealed to the politically-minded Eastern European newcomers and drew to its ranks all but a handful of those who did not join a leftist splinter party. Unlike the Republican Party, which still had a fairly homogeneous membership, the Democratic Party was a collection of several groups. The Democratic Party was not a political party at all; it was a marriage of convenience among assorted bedfellows, each of whom hated most of the others.

In the early part of the twentieth century the two largest components of the Democratic Party were .the rural Protestant Southerners and the urban Catholic Northerners, who stood as a matter of course for the cardinal principles of Western Christian civilization, but otherwise had little in common politically except an opposition, chiefly because of vanished issues, to the Republican Party. The third group, which had been increasing rapidly after 1880, consisted of Eastern Europeans and other "liberals", best exemplified perhaps by the distinguished Harvard Jew, of Prague stock, Louis Dembitz Brandeis, whom President Woodrow Wilson, for reasons not yet full known by the people, named to the United States Supreme Court. This man, at once so able, and in his legal and other attitudes so far to the left for the America of 1916, deserves attention as a symbol of the future for the Democratic Party, and through that party, for America.

According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, there was an "historical battle" in the Senate in regard to "Brandeis' 'radicalism'," and "his alleged 'lack of judicial temperament'." These alleged qualities provoked opposition to the nomination by seven former presidents of the American Bar Association, including ex-Secretary of State Elihu Root and ex-President William Howard Taft. [H: Go back and read that portion again! Bar Association???]

Despite the opposition, the nomination was confirmed by the Senate in a close vote on June 5, 1916. This was one of the most significant days in American history, for we had, for the first time since the first decade of the nineteenth century, an official of the highest status whose heart's interest was in something besides the United States--an official, moreover, who interpreted the Law not as the outgrowth of precedent, but according to certain results desired by the interpreter.

The entire article on Justice Brandeis in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. pp. 495499) should be read in full, if possible. Here are a few significant quotations:

During the World War, Brandeis occupied himself with a close study of the political phases of Jewish affairs in every country. Since that time his active interest in Jewish affairs has been centered in Zionism. In 1919, he visited Palestine for political and organizational reasons ... he has financed various social and economic efforts in Palestine.

As a justice, Mr. Brandeis:

Never worried about such academic perplexities as the compatibility of Americanism with a minority culture or a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Breaking away from the accepted legal catechisms, he thoroughly and exhaustively probed the economics of each and every problem presented. The truth of his conviction that our individualistic philosophy could not longer furnish an adequate basis for dealing with the problems of modern economic life, is now generally recognized ... he envisages a co-operative order. Brandeis feels that the Constitution must be given liberal construction.

This may be taken as the beginning of the tendency of our courts to assume by judicial decisions the function of legislative bodies.

There is testimony, also, to the influence of Brandeis over Wilson as a factor in America's entry into World War I and its consequent prolongation with terrible blood losses to all participants, especially among boys and young men of British, French, and German stock. Although Britain had promised self-rule to the Palestine Arabs in several official statements by Sir Henry MacMahon, the High Commissioner for Egypt, by Field Marshal Lord Allenby, Commander in Chief of British Military forces in the area, and by others, President Wilson was readily won over to a scheme concocted later in another compartment of the British government. This scheme, Zionism, attracted the favor of the Prime Minister, Mr. David Lloyd George, who, like Wilson, had with prominent Jews certain close relations, one of which is suggested in the Encyclopaedia Britannica article (Vol. XIX, p.4) on the first Marquess of Reading (previously Sir Rufus Daniel Isaacs). Thus, according to S. Landman, in his paper Secret History of the Balfour Declaration, after an "understanding had been arrived at between Sir Mark Sykes and Weizmann and Sokolow, it was resolved to send a secret message to Justice Brandeis that the British Cabinet would help the Jews to gain Palestine in return for active Jewish sympathy and support in U.S.A. for the allied cause so as to bring about a radical pro-ally tendency in the United States." An article, "The Origin of the Balfour Declaration" (The Jewish Chronicle, February 7, 1936), is more specific. According to this source, certain "representatives of the British and French Governments" had been convinced that "the best and perhaps the only way to induce the American President to come into the war was to secure the co-operation of Zionist Jewry by promising them Palestine". In so doing "the Allies would enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful force of Zionist Jewry in America and elsewhere." Since President Wilson at that time "attached the greatest possible importance to the advice of Mr. Justice Brandeis", the Zionists worked through him and helped to bring America in.

[H: Readers, you are going to be very remiss if you simply read these subjects as they fall without considering other happenings which impact on you to this day. Check out WHO was president and HOW came to be the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM! If you do not pay attention you will be left with fragments so disconnected that you can't see the whole picture even though we have given all the pieces to the puzzle. Confusing? Of course--it is intended to confuse to the point of your inability to conceive the actions and players.]

The strange power of Brandeis over President Wilson is indicated several times in the book, Challenging Years, The Autobiography of Stephen Wise (G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1949). Rabbi Wise, for instance, spoke of Wilson's "leaning heavily, as I well know he chose to do, on Brandeis," and records a surprising remark by the supposedly independent-minded World War I President. To Rabbi Wise, who spoke of Zionism and the plans for convening "the first session of the American Jewish Congress", Wilson said: "Whenever the time comes, and you and Justice Brandeis feel that the time is ripe for me to speak and act, I shall be ready."

The authenticity of these statements, which are well documented in the sources from which they are quoted, cannot be doubted. Full evaluation of President Wilson will have to wait until the secret archives of World War I are opened to the public. Meanwhile, however, the management of the war in such a way as to bleed Europe to death casts persistent reflections upon the judgment if not the motives of President Wilson and Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain. Their bloody victory and their failure in peace stand in strong contrast to Theodore Roosevelt's dramatic success in ending, rather than joining, the great conflict (1904-1905) between Russia and Japan.

After the eight-year rule of President Wilson, the Democratic Party was retired from office in the election of 1920. For the next twelve years (March 4, 1921-March 4, 1933), the three diverse groups in the party--Southern Protestants, Northern Catholics, and Brandeis-type "liberals", were held loosely together by leaders who helped each other toward the day of victory and the resultant power and patronage. Tactfully accustomed to ask no questions of each other, these leaders, still mostly Southern Protestants and Northern Catholics, did not ask any questions of the Party's rapidly increasing contingent of Eastern Europeans.

Thus the astute twentieth century immigrants of Eastern European origin continued to join the Democratic party, in which everybody was accustomed to strange bedfellows, and in which a largely non-Christian third force was already well intrenched. Parenthetically, the best description of the National Democratic party as it existed from the time of Franklin Roosevelt's first term and on into the early 1950's is probably that of Senator Byrd of Virginia. Speaking at Selma, Alabama, on November 1, 1951, he described the party as a "heterogeneous crowd of Trumanites" and added that the group, "if it could be called a party, is one of questionable ancestry, irresponsible direction and predatory purposes."

Woodrow Wilson, who was definitely the candidate of a minority party, was elected in the first instance by a serious split in the Republican party. By constant reenforcement from abroad, however, the "third force" of Eastern Europeans and associates of similar ideology was instrumental in raising the Democratic party from a minority to a majority status. Some daring leaders of the alien or alien-minded wing conceived the idea of being paid in a special way for their contributions to victory.

Their price, carefully concealed from the American people, including of course many lesser figures among the Eastern Europeans, was the control of the foreign policy of the United States.

At a glance, the achievement of such an objective might seem impossible. In fact, however, it was easy, because it happens under our practice that the entire electoral vote of a State goes to the candidate whose electors poll a majority of the popular votes of the State. With the population of older stock somewhat evenly divided between the Republican and Democratic parties, a well-organized minority can throw enough votes to determine the recipient of the electoral vote of a state. The States having the largest numbers of Jews are New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, California, and Michigan. These, of course, are the "doubtful" states with a large electoral vote.

Thus when the ship of patronage came in with the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932, the Democrats of the old tradition, whether Southern Protestants or Northern Catholics, wanted dams, bridges, government buildings, and other government-financed projects in their districts; wanted contracts for themselves and their friends; and wanted also a quota of safe-tenure positions, such as federal judgeships. Neither group of old-time Democrats had many leaders who specialized in languages or in the complex subject matter of "foreign affairs", and neither group objected to the seemingly modest interest of certain of the party's Eastern European recruits for jobs of sub-cabinet rank in Washington.

The first spectacular triumph of the non-Christian Eastern European Democrats was Roosevelt's recognition, less than nine months after his inauguration, of the Soviet government of Russia. A lengthy factual article, Moscow's RED LETTER DAY in American History, by William La Varre in the American Legion Magazine (August, 1951), gives many details on our strange diplomatic move which was arranged by "Litvinov, of deceitful smiles" and by "Henry Morgenthau and Dean Acheson, both proteges of Felix Frankfurter". Incidentally, Litvinov's birth-name was Wallach and he also used the name Finkelstein. Three of the four persons thus named by Mr. La Varre as influential in this deal were of the same non-Christian stock or association--and the fourth was Dean Acheson, "who served as law clerk of Justice Louis D. Brandeis" before becoming famous as a "Frankfurter boy". The principal "Frankfurter boy" is the subject of a most important article in the American Mercury magazine, April, 1952, 11 East 36th Street, New York 16, N.Y.). [H: This is an old magazine so these places may or may not still be valid addresses but the information will perhaps help you find the correct "copy" in libraries, etc.] The author, Felix Wittner, says in part:

Acheson's record of disservice to the cause of freedom began at least nineteen years ago when he became one of Stalin's paid American lawyers. Acheson was on Stalin's payroll even before the Soviet Union was recognized by the United States. [H: Stop! Go read that again, please.]

Mr. La Varre's article should be read in full, among other things, for its analysis of F.D. Roosevelt's betrayal of Latin America to penetration by Communism. Bearing on the basic question of the recognition of the Soviet, here are significant quotations:

The very special agent from Moscow, Commissar of all the Red Square's nefarious international machinations, chief of the Kremlin's schemes for communizing the American hemisphere, sat victoriously at the White House desk at midnight, smiling at the President of the United States.

For Fifteen deceitful years the corrupt Kremlin had tried to obtain a Communist base, protected by diplomatic immunities, within the United States; four Presidents-- Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover--had refused to countenance Moscow's pagan ideology or its carriers. But here, at last, was a President the Communists could deal with.

Many patriotic, well-informed Americans, in the old Department of State, in the American Legion, and in the American Federation of Labor, had begged Franklin Roosevelt not to use his new leadership of the United States for the aggrandizement of an evil, dangerous and pagan guest--but to send him back to Moscow, red with the blood of the Commissar's own countrymen, without a handshake.

But Franklin Roosevelt, piqued with the power of his new office, stimulated by the clique of Marxian and Fabian socialists posing as intellectuals and liberals--and by radicals in labor unions, universities, and his own sycophant bureaucracy--had signed his name to the Kremlin's franchise. Without the approval of Congress, he made an actual treaty with the Soviets, giving them the right to establish a communist embassy and consulates in the United States, with full diplomatic hospitalities and immunities to Stalin's agents, the bloody Bolsheviks...

November 16, 1933--at midnight! That is a date in American history our children will long have tragic cause to remember. That was the day Soviet Foreign Commissar Maxim Litvinov, plunderer of Estonia and the Kremlin's first agent for socializing England, sat down with Franklin Roosevelt, after Dean Acheson and Henry Morgenthau had done the spadework of propaganda. and made the deal that has led the American people. and our once vast resources, into a social and economic calamity to the very brink,' now, of national and international disaster....

One of the greatest concentrations of factual information, wise analyses, police records and military intelligence ever to pile up spontaneously on one subject in Washington, all documenting the liabilities of dealing with the Kremlin, had no effect on Franklin Roosevelt. He had appointed Henry Morgenthau and Dean Acheson, both protege's of Felix Frankfurter, to "study" trade opportunities between the U.S.S.R. and the United States, and he praised their report of the benefits to come to all U.S. citizens from Soviet "friendship".

The record shows that Cordell Hull, upon the receipt of this authentic document disclosing the Soviet's continuing duplicity, sent a note of protest to Moscow, but President Roosevelt could not be persuaded to withdraw his diplomatic recognition. He began, instead, the "reorganization" of the State Department in Washington and the dispatching--to far, isolated posts--of its anti-communist career officers.

The Roosevelt-Stalin Deal, of November, 1933, has been so costly to us, as a nation and as a hemisphere, that the full appraisal of our losses and liabilities will not be known for several generations. The Kremlin's gains within the United States and Communism's cost to us is only now, in 1951--after eighteen years of suffering a Soviet embassy in our Capital. and its agents to roam the States--coming to public consciousness. [H: Still think there is no longer a Soviet Union to bother you cute little Americans, chelas? That was OVER 40 YEARS AGO!]

It has truly been a costly era of mysterious friendship for an appeasement of the devil, of un-American compromises with deceit and pagan ideologies. Some of its protagonists are now dead, their graves monuments to our present predicament, but others, again mysteriously, have been allowed to step into their strategic places.

Under the sort of government described by Mr. La Varre in his Legion article, large numbers of recently arrived and recently naturalized "citizens" and their ideological associates were infiltrated by appointment, or by civil service, into the State Department, the presidential coterie, and other sensitive spots in the government. Among those who feathered their Washington nests in this period were not only leftist East Europeans, but actual Communist converts or "sell-outs" to the Communist party among native Americans. The solicitude of President F.D. Roosevelt for America's Communists was constant, as was shown in his steady opposition to proposed curbs upon them. Ex-Congressman Martin Dies, former Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities, bears witness in lectures (one of them heard by the author, 1950) that he was several times summoned to the White House by President Roosevelt and told--with suggestions of great favors to come--that he must stop annoying Communists. To the unyielding Dies, Roosevelt's climactic argument was, "We need those votes!" A speech (May 17, 1951) on a similar theme by Mr. Dies has been published by the American Heritage Protective Committee. [H: No, this is not THE Heritage Foundation--the one in point was at 601 Bedell Building., San Antonio, Texas.] Another speech by Mr. Dies, White House Protects Communists in Government, was inserted (Sept. 22, 1950) in the Congressional Record by Congressman Harold H. Velde of Illinois.

The government was infiltrated with "risks" from the above described groups of Eastern Europeans and with contaminated native Americans, but those were not all. After the beginning of World War II, so-called "refugees" immediately upon arrival in this country were by executive order introduced into sensitive government positions without the formality of having them wait for citizenship, and without any investigation of their reasons for leaving Europe. The way for this infiltration was paved by an executive order providing specifically that employment could not be denied on the grounds of race, creed, or national origin.

Since no form of investigation could be made by the United States in the distant and hostile areas from which these refugees came, and since their number contained persons sympathetic to the Soviet Union, this executive order was a potential and in many instances a realized death-blow to security.

Almost as if for a double-check against security, the control of security measures in the new atom projects was not entrusted to the expert F.B.I., but to the atomic officials themselves. In view of their relative inexperience in such matters and in view of the amazing executive order so favorable to alien employees, the atomic officials were probably less to blame for the theft of atomic secrets than the "left-of-center" administrations which appointed them. Among those admitted to a proper spot for learning atomic secrets was the celebrated alien, the British subject--but not British-born--Klaus Fuchs. Other atomic spies, all aliens or of alien associations, were already named.

Next to the atomic energy employees, the United Public Workers of America offered perhaps the best opportunity for the theft of secrets vital to the U.S. defense. This union included a generous number of people of Eastern European stock or connections, among them Leonard Goldsmith and Robert Weinstein, organizers of Panama Canal workers, and both of them said to have definite Communist affiliations. This union--whose chief bloc of members was in Washington--was later expelled (March 1, 1950) by the C.I.O. on charges of being Communist-dominated. However, if the U.S. Government has shown any signs of being as particular about its employees as the C.L O. is about its members, the fact has escaped the attention of this author.

As the years passed, the infiltration of Eastern Europeans into the government had swelled to a torrent. Many of these persons, of course, were not Communists and were not sympathetic with Communist aims. As repeated elsewhere in this book, the contrary is neither stated nor implied. The author's purpose is simply to show that persons of Eastern European stock, or of an ideology not influential in the days of the founding and formative period of our country, have in recent years risen to many of the most strategic spots in the Roosevelt-Truman Democratic Party and thereby to positions of great and often decisive power in shaping the policy of the United States. The subject was broached by W.M. Kiplinger in a book, Washington Is Like That. According to a Reader's Digest condensation entitled The Facts About Jews in Washington, Jews were by 1942 conspicuously "numerous" in government agencies and departments concerned with money, labor, and justice. The situation stemmed from the fact that "non-Jewish officials within government, acting under the direction of the President", were "trying to get various agencies to employ more Jews...."

The influence of persons of Eastern European origin, or of related origin or ideology, reached its peak (thus far) with Mr. Milton Katz at the helm of U.S. policy in Europe (to mid-1951); with Mrs. Anna Rosenberg in charge of the manpower of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Corps; with Mr. Manly Fleischman as Administrator of the Defense Production Administration; and with Mr. Nathan P. Feinsinger (New York Times, August 30, 1951) as Chairman of the Wage Stabilization Board. Likewise, in October, 1948, when President Truman appointed a "committee on religious and moral welfare and character guidance in the armed forces", he named as Chairman Frank L. Weil, of New York, a lawyer and President of the National Jewish Welfare Board.

It is interesting to note the prominence of persons of Khazar or similar background or association in the Socialist minority government of the United Kingdom, and in French politics, beginning with Leon Blum. Among them are the Rt. Hon. Emanuel Shinwell and Minister Jules Moch--archfoe of Marshal Petain--who have recently held defense portfolios in the British and French cabinets respectively. Just as in America the non-Christian characteristically joins the Democratic Party, so in Britain he joins the leftist Labor party. Thus the British House of Commons, sitting in the summer of 1951, had 21 Jews among its Labor members and none among its Conservative members. Whatever his racial antecedents, Mr. Clement Attlee, long leader of the British "Labor" Party and Socialist Prime Minister (1945-1951) has for many years received international notoriety as a Communist sympathizer. For instance, he visited and praised the "English company" in the international Communist force in the Spanish Civil War.

A few personas of Eastern European origin or background-- or associated with persons of such background--in positions high or strategic, or both, have already been named by the author, and others, when their prominence demands it, will be named in the pages which follow, the author hereby assures the reader-- again--that no reflection of any kind is intended and that he has no reason for believing that any of these people are other than true to their convictions. [H: Still having trouble believing that your U.S. Congress and all advisors, etc., are Khazarian Zionist in intent and basically Communistic in actions? The Congress of the U.S. is CONTROLLED, readers--good, bad or otherwise. Further, it is not even impacted by the "Christian" stance of birth of your nation under God and Christ values. This is WHY you have decadence beyond description and morals which have gone "south". "America" defined as "the Kingdom of Heaven" as written yesterday--is in a sorry state of degradation!]

First on any list of Americans of Eastern European origin should be the Vienna-born Felix Frankfurter, [H: Keep remembering that just because this SOUNDS current--it was written in 1951 and a lot of years, manipulations and placements of HIGH LEVEL have constantly taken place.] who in the middle twentieth century appears to have replaced "the stock of the Puritans" as the shining light and symbol of Harvard University. After leaving his professorship in the Harvard Law School, Dr. Frankfurter became a Supreme Court Justice and President Franklin Roosevelt's top-flight adviser on legal and other matters. In the formation of our national policies his influence is almost universally rated as supreme. "I suppose that Felix Frankfurter... has more influence in Washington than any other American," wrote Rev. John P. Sheerin, Editor of The Catholic World, and the Chicago Tribune, owned by the Presbyterian Colonel Robert R. McCormick, has voiced a similar opinion. In fact, Mr. Justice Frankfurter is frequently referred to by those who know their way around Washington as the "President" of the United States. In a recent "gag", the question, "Do you want to see a new picture of the President of the United States?" is followed up by showing a likeness of Frankfurther. [H: Sort of like the Billaries?]

Mr. Justice Frankfurter is influential not only in counsel but in furthering the appointment of favored individuals to strategic positions. The so-called "Frankfurter's boys" include Mr. Acheson, with whom the justice takes daily walks, weather permitting; Alger Hiss; Lee Pressman; David Niles, long a senior assistant to president Truman; Benjamin V. Cohen, long Counselor of the Department of State; David Lilienthal, long Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission; John J. McCloy, Joe Rauh, Nathan Margold; Donald Hiss, brother to Alger, and "now a member of the Acheson law firm"; Milton Katz; and former Secretary of War Robert Patterons, "a hundred percent Frankfurter employee". (All names and quotes in this paragraph are from Drew Pearson's syndicated column, February 1, 1950).

A powerful government figure, the Russian-born Isador Lubin, was frequently summoned by President F.D. Roosevelt for the interpreting of statistics ("send for Lube"); and was subsequently a United States representative to the UN. Leo Pasvolsky, Russian-born, was long a power in the Department of State, being, among other things, "executive director, Committee on Postwar Programs, 1944", and "in charge of international organization and security affairs", 1945-1946. Among others very close to Roosevelt II were Samuel Rosenman, who is "special counsel" and said to write many of the President's speeches; Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury and sponsor of the vicious Morgenthau Plan; and Herbert Lehman, Director General (1943 to 1946) of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA), most of whose funds--principally derived from the U.S.--were diverted to countries which were soon to become Soviet satellites as a result of the Yalta and Potsdam surrenders.

Strategic positions currently or recently held by persons of Eastern European origin, or ideological association with such people, include a number of Assistant Secretaryships to members of the Cabinet, among them incumbents in such sensitive spots as Defense, Justice (Customs and Solicitor General's Office) and Labor; the governorships of vital outposts such as Alaska (three miles from Russia) and the Virgin Islands (near the Panama Canal); appointments in the Executive Office of the President of the United States; positions in organizations devoted to international trade and assistance; membership on the Atomic Energy Commission; and membership, which may best be described as wholesale, in the U.S. delegation to the United Nations.

The number of persons of Eastern European origin or connection in appointive positions of strategic significance in our national government is strikingly high in proportion to the total number of such persons in America. On the contrary, in elective positions, the proportion of such persons is strikingly below their numerical proportion to the total population. The question arises: Does the high ratio of appointed persons of Eastern European origin or contacts in United States strategic positions reflect the will of the U.S. people? If not, what controlling WILL does it reflect?

* * *

Yes, it is lengthy--but people, your entire survival revolves around knowing what has happened to your government who now represents the CONTROL of your citizenry through the New States Constitution and the United Nations One World Order. What you do about your "survival" is about the only thing left for your deciding--the barn door is now locked, the stock got away and the barn is burning. What can you ACTUALLY do? Get right with GOD and BE PREPARED!




SUN., SEP. 12, 1993 10:42 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 027

SUN., SEPTEMBER 12, 1993


There is a BIG difference in your "need to know" something and your "WANTING to know"!

There is much going on today which is absorbing your attention--or SHOULD be without being locked into what "I" am doing. What "I" am doing fits in the category of your "curiosity" while "Rome Burns"!

Indeed a LOT of things are going on in New Mexico--not the least of which is a big cover-up and game-playing with your trinkets. More IMPORTANT TO YOU, however, is the Shuttle launch in the face of that which is going on in your heavens. Get ready for some massive impacting repercussions for human actions.

You must understand that you have several facets (groups) within your own governmental structure and enforcement teams. The "farce" of agreements with Israel and Palestine is exactly what it appears to be--between orchestrated, programmed individuals. It is a bigger show-and-tell, even, than the foolishness that the Soviet Union pulled on you-the-sheeple-weeples.

I, however, am not going to divulge any information which might well jeopardize the well-being of any ONE of my people on Terra-Shan (Earth). It should be called, henceforth--TERROR-SHAN.

Indeed I STILL have your craft in tow and crews are getting pretty nervous. However, aboard our ships they will not miss their junk-piles and play-pens so very much.


You readers had best take stock of that which they are doing NOW. How is it that only a week ago "they" INTRODUCED a new toy at White Sands and ALREADY you have show-and-tell gatherings to witness it--along with promises to take it "even higher" each testing!?! I could also ask you to note that for manipulation and maneuvering there was definitely fuel based propulsion systems emitting flame and thrust. It is, however, the ONLY thing you have around which could remotely look like the big upside-down cone in your sky in the area. YOU HAVE GOT REAL BIG TROUBLES!

Who is it and what is it? You shall find out much sooner than you probably REALLY want to know.


You have troops gathering in the area of Arizona/New Mexico border areas--serious troops; federal, National Guard AND United Nations--headed, actually, by United Nations order-givers.

You have several "down" things crashed or set-down in the area upon which "they" are converging and I want to see what the press and releases say about it. I don't want to spoil surprises.

I do, however, repeat: LET MY PEOPLE GO! THE GAMES ARE GETTING LESS AND LESS ACCEPTABLE TO OUR FLEET. Yes indeed, there are some neat Russian craft outside your atmosphere ALSO--and they are not in a good mood over that which the UN Elite Puppetmasters plan to tinker.

Wouldn't you THINK it a bit dangerous to have such key officials all gathered in the Rose Garden in Washington on the morrow--IF THEY WERE THE "REAL" THING? COME ON, READERS, WASHINGTON D.C. WOULD BE FAR EASIER TO TAKE-OUT THAN WOULD NEW YORK! YOU ARE BEING SET UP FOR ACTIVITIES OF INSURMOUNTABLE CONSEQUENCES.

Will anything serious happen? NOT IF I CAN HELP IT! However, there are a whole bunch of irritated "hornets" buzzing about and the blind-lamb doers are programmed to react to such manipulation.


Once again the Puppetmasters (all inclusive any more) are threatening to blow the San Andreas--again threatening. This is an old and continual threat. I can, however, GUARANTEE some interesting things coming down with the new toys they are playing with out here. You won't find "Discovery" any further out than Australia, however, so don't worry about the team on board--if there REALLY IS a team on board. You have been told and shown so many lies that you cannot know, can you? The whole Shuttle program has been a massive and expensive FARCE!


Because it has always been the central nerve center of such operations. It is where duplicates and telescopes and little gray aliens are first manufactured. The more sophisticated training and programming places and regular duplication centers are scattered about--but White Sands is the nerve center for these types of programs, in the United States. The little show-and-tell ice-cream cone (upside down) did not, you notice, flip out of Edwards or Northrop. They had to produce it wherein they could hope to cover tracks of deadly consequences. Get ready for the biggest plague to hit your world. I suggest you keep up your Gaiandriana and balanced survival needs.


How many of YOU are even aware of the World Religions meeting in Chicago around the end of August? I thought not for you were really busy with Labor Day picnics and complaining about no jobs and worse. However, one of the most important meetings was taking place which will suck the world religions (by majority VOTE) into the United Nations-dominated world order and this will set the foundation for the accepted "religions" to be based on "new age" "everything" is acceptable and should be expressed openly and without moral consequences--EXCEPT FROM GOD, OF COURSE. THIS WAS A "REAL" DIALOGUE WITH THE DEVIL, MY FRIENDS, AND THE CONSEQUENCES WILL BE MOST DISAGREEABLE AS YOUR CHURCHES AND LEADERS PUSH EVER MORE IN THE DIRECTION OF A HOLY-GODLESS REALITY OF EXPRESSION. IF YOU OBJECT TO SUCH VOTED-IN IMMORALITY YOU SHALL BE PUT OUT OF THE CHURCHES, IN TIME, AND EXTERMINATED, IF YOU CONTINUE TO FOIST "CHRIST" AND "GOD-CHRIST" UPON YOUR BROTHERS. OH, IT WON'T "APPEAR" THAT WAY BECAUSE THE "NAMES" OF GOD AND CHRIST SHALL BE CENTERED ON EVERY BANNER--TO DECEIVE YOU! GOD "ALLOWS" YOU TO BREAK HIS LAWS--HE CERTAINLY DOES NOT REWARD YOU GRACIOUSLY FOR DOING SO!


Before we turn to more on the Committee of 300 and the New World Order/Iron Curtain over America, I want to remind you to NEVER ease up on presenting (yea, demanding) that Ross Perot get these pieces of information. It matters not whether he "believes" in Space Cadets--it is OBVIOUS that WE ARE HERE! THE POINT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH "US"; IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DEMANDING THAT HE ATTEND WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN YOUR WORLD--AND IT BEGINS WITH YOUR NATION.

Pay attention when the news writers slip and give you a bit of viewing of what he might be doing; i.e., yesterday he came out and made a statement against removing the trade embargo with Vietnam. He said that if the embargo is removed and agreement is reached--THE POW'S REMAINING WOULD BE KILLED. There is a hunger strike going on by some in favor of the POWs and against the trade agreement--YOU MUST KEEP UP WITH THESE 'THINGS AND SUPPORT THIS MAN AS HE EFFORTS TO BE HEARD. IF HE CAN COME INTO REALIZATION OF HOW THINGS "REALLY" ARE, 'THERE IS YET A PRAYER OF AMERICA RISING AGAIN--I SEE NO OTHER LEADER WHO CAN EVEN BEGIN TO "TOUCH IT". I have little optimism that he can do much at this late time of insight--but who else do you have??

Could he be a facade also?--to keep you distracted in false hopes while Rome burns? Yes, but to sit and be slain is not the "American" way, my beloved friends. Remember the meaning of the word: "America"--The Kingdom of Heaven! For how long can it be worthy? Perhaps it already is NOT--but things WILL BE COMING DOWN RIGHT HERE!


You are watching some of the more serious "signs" of the prophecies coming to pass! It was said that in the end there would be shoutings of "peace, peace!" and there would be no peace to be found. There is none to be found, chelas.

AND, for you who can remember a lot of the things which we have told you in the reminding--that the ones who would "bring peace to the Middle East between the Israelis and Palestinians-- WOULD BE A MAJOR ANTI-CHRIST FIGURE IN 'THE WORLD TOTAL DESTRUCTION! Look very, very carefully at that which is taking place--right in your own national "rose garden". So be it. Ignore the signs and you are doomed!

What of the things happening in the "Heavens" and what it all means? I suggest you find an ancient brother who has been given the visions of these times--and ask HIM. Right on schedule--right on location! The Phoenix is GOING TO RISE AGAIN, friends--will you be on the flight or still voting-in deliberate death through your "right" to sex-deviation and other interesting degradations? These are your privileges--they are NOT, however, YOUR "RIGHTS"! YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO DAMAGE ANOTHER BY YOUR OWN WANTON ACTIONS! HOW ANY MAN WOULD MISUSE HIS ONE GIFT OF IDENTIFICATION AND RECREATION OF SPECIES BY DUMPING INTO THE WASTE-HOLE OF HUMAN-EXCRETION IS BEYOND MY IMAGININGS--EXCEPT THAT MAN ONLY THINKS THIS LEVEL OF ESTEEM OF SELF. It is NOT love, my friends--for that is an insult to the meaning of the term in truth--love is protection, giving and rejoicing--not damaging, bringing pain and loathing of the act itself offered in beauty for re-creation with that which is natural in nature for such re-creation. You now murder the offspring of natural creation activities as if a mass prophylaxis. What does this mean? It means that you are now programmed to destroy your own species--and limit world population exactly as planned to do so--through your own stupidity.


Me? Angry? No! Why should I be angry over your stupid antics? I come to get our people in the sorting. You can continue to argue about the matters of physical allowing all you wish--for that is where you shall remain--in the PHYSICAL consequences! Anger plays no part in the overall at all--it is exactly as it was and is expected from Satanic-led humanity. You might well be irritated at a 3-weeks old babe for dirtying his diapers--but to be "angry" would certainly be stupid. You are a just a bunch of babes with dirty diapers--and fortunately, changing those diapers is NOT my PROBLEM--THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!


I would reprint a paragraph from a document sent to me. The point of the paper is not important--the final statement is very important:

"My observation is that the most dangerous people to active patriots are friends' and 'neighbors' who have been brainwashed into sheep and who will turn you in out of spite or fear over some trivial statement or action on your part. The next thing you know, the storm troopers are at YOUR door on a tip that you have an 'illegal' gun or have 'hate' literature. As Jesus said on the occasion of his betrayal, 'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.' MAY GOD HELP AMERICA!!"

* * *

Let us move on today, scribe, and present a bit more of the "300" material. Leave the so-called "patriots" to themselves and their harangues of ego B.S. If you can't see beyond the flash-bulb then you certainly CANNOT SEE THE "LIGHT"!

In the Conspirators' Hierarchy; the Committee of 300, we had been speaking of the organizations, etc., controlled by that Committee. We had made it to STANFORD RESEARCH CENTER in the document. We urge that you get this book from Dr. Coleman--it is an excellent reference volume for just about everything we will mention in the New World Order regarding this Elite Committee. The bastards of destruction through control are far nearer your front door-step than you could ever have imagined.


Our own Dr. Young is an excellent reference regarding the Stanford Research Center. God bless him for choosing to assist us instead of the Elite World Order. Every day I am humbly grateful for his participation along with the others here at this paper--that Truth has an outlet of such high and enduring quality worthy of our word and work. Thank you.


Stanford Research Center (SRC) was founded in 1946 by the Tavistock Institute For Human Relations. Stanford was created to help Robert O. Anderson and his ARCO oil company, who had secured for the Committee of 300 the oil rights on the North Slope of Alaska. Basically, the job was too large for Anderson's Aspen Institute to handle, so a new center had to be founded and funded. That new center was Stanford Research Center. Alaska sold its rights on a downpayment of $900 million, a relatively small amount for the Committee of 300. The governor of Alaska was steered to SRI for help and advice. This was no accident but the result of judicious planning and a process of long-range conditioning.

Following the governor's call for help, three SRI scientists set up shop in Alaska where they met with the Alaskan Secretary of State and the State Planning Office. Francis Greehan, who headed the SRI team, assured the Governor that his problem of how to handle the rich oil find would be safe in the hands of SRI. Naturally Greehan did not mention the Committee of 300 or the Club of Rome. In less than a month Greehan assembled a team of economists, petroleum scientists and new-science scientists numbering in the hundreds. The report SRI gave to the Governor ran to eighty-eight pages.

The proposal was adopted virtually without change by the Alaska legislature in 1970. Greehan had indeed done a remarkable job for the Committee of 300. From this beginning SRI developed into an institution employing 4000 people with an annual budget of $160 million plus. Its President, Charles A. Anderson, has seen much of this growth during his tenure, as has Professor Willis Harman, director of the SRI Center for the Study of Social Policies, employing hundreds of new-science scientists, many of the top staffers having been transferred from Tavistock's London base. One of those was RCA board chairman and former British Intelligence agent, David Sarnoff, who was closely involved with Harman and his team for twenty-five years. Sarnoff was something of a "watchdog" for the mother institute in Sussex.

Stanford claims to make no moral judgments on projects it accepts, working for Israel and the Arabs, South Africa and Libya but, as one could imagine, by adopting this attitude it ensures an "inside edge" with foreign governments that the CIA has found most useful. In Jim Ridgeway's book, The Closed Corporation, SRI spokesman Gibson brags about SRI's non-discriminatory stance. Although not on the Federal Contract Re-search Center lists, SRI is today the largest military think tank, dwarfing Hudson and Rand. Among SRI's speciality departments are chemical and biological warfare experimental centers.

One of Stanford's more dangerous activities is counter-insurgency operations aimed at civilian populations--just the sort of "1984" things government is already using against its own people. The U.S. government pays SRI millions of dollars each year for this kind of highly controversial "research". Following student protests against chemical warfare experiments conducted at Stanford, SRI "sold" itself to a private group for just $25 million. Of course nothing really changed, SRI was still a Tavistock project and the Committee of 300 still owned it, but the gullible appeared to be satisfied by this meaningless cosmetic change.

In 1958 a startling new development arose. Advanced Research Products Agency (ARPA), a contracting agency for the Defense Department, approached SRI with a top secret proposal. John Foster at the Pentagon told SRI that what was needed was a program to insure the United States against "technological surprise". Foster wanted to perfect a condition where the environment became a weapon; special bombs to trigger volcanoes and/or earthquakes, behavioral research on potential enemies and minerals and metals with potential for new weapons. The project was accepted by SRI and code-named "SHAKY".

The massive electronic brain in SHAKY was capable of carrying out many commands, its computers having been constructed by IBM for SRI. Twenty-eight scientists worked on what is called "Human Augmentation". The IBM computer even has the capability to solve problems by analogy and recognizes and identifies scientists who work with it. The "special applications" of this tool can be better imagined than described. Brzezinski knew what he was talking about when he wrote The Technotronic Era.

Stanford Research Institute works closely with scores of civilian consulting firms, trying to apply military technology to domestic situations. This has not always been a success but as techniques improve, the prospects for massive all-pervading surveillance, as described by Brzezinski, daily becomes more real. IT ALREADY EXISTS AND IS IN USE, EVEN THOUGH SLIGHT MALFUNCTIONS FROM TIME TO TIME HAVE TO BE IRONED OUT. One such civilian consulting firm was Schriever McKee Associates of McLean, Virginia, run by retired General Bernard A. Schriever, a former chief of the Air Force Systems Command, who developed the Titan, Thor, Atlas and Minuteman rockets.

Schriever put together a consortium of Lockheed, Emerson Electric, Northrop, Control Data, Raytheon and TRW under the name of URBAN SYSTEMS ASSOCIATES, INC. The purpose of the consortium? To solve social and psychological "urban problems" by means of military techniques using advanced electronic systems. It is interesting to note that TRW became the largest credit information collecting company in the credit-reporting business as a result and an outcome of its work with Urban Systems Associates, Inc.

This should tell us a great deal about just how far this nation is already under TOTAL SURVEILLANCE, which is the first requirement of the Committee of 300. No dictatorship, especially not one on a global scale, can function without total control over each and every individual. SRI was well on its way to becoming a key Committee of 300 research organization.

By the 1980s, 60% of SRI's contracts were devoted to "futurism" with both military and civilian applications. Its major clients were the U.S. Department of Defense-Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering, Office of Aerospace Research which dealt with "Applications of the Behavioral Sciences to Research Management", Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Health. On behalf of the Department of Health, SRI ran a program called "Patterns in ESDEA Title I Reading Achievements Tests". Other clients were the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Of significance was the paper developed for NSF, entitled. Assessment of Future and International Problems.

Stanford Research, under the tutelage of Tavistock Institute in London, put together a far reaching and chilling system it called "Business Intelligence Program". In excess of 600 companies in the U.S. and abroad became subscribers. The program covered research in Japanese Foreign Business Relations, Consumer Marketing in a period of Change, The Mounting Challenge of International Terrorism, Sensory Evaluation in Consumer Products, Electronic Funds Transfer System, OptoElectric Sensing, Exploratory Planning Methods, the U.S. Defense Industry and Capital Availability. Among the TOP Committee of 300 companies who became clients of this program were Bechtel Corporation (George Shultz was on its board), Hewlett Packard, TRW, Bank of America, Shell Company, RCA, Blyth, [H: Humnn--wasn't "Blyth" the name of Clinton's lineage? Better go look it up for it is directly attached to Rockefeller!] Eastman Dillon, Saga Foods Corporation, McDonnell Douglas, Crown Zellerbach, Wells Fargo Bank and Kaiser Industries.

But one of the most sinister of all SRI programs with the possibilities of doing tremendous damage in altering the direction in which the United States will go, socially, morally and religiously, was Stanford's Charles F. Kettering Foundation's Changing Images of Man under Stanford official reference "Contract Number URH (489)-2150 Policy Research Report Number 4/4/74", prepared by SRI Center for the Study of Social Policy, Director Willis Harman. This is probably one of the most far-reaching investigations into how man might be changed that has ever been conducted.

The report, covering 319 pages, was written by 14 new-science scientists under the supervision of Tavistock and 23 top controllers including B.F. Skinner, Margaret Mead, Ervin Lazio and Sir Geoffrey Vickers, a high-level British Intelligence officer in MI6. It will be recalled that his son-in-law, Sir Peter Vickers Hall, was a founding member of the so-called conservative "Heritage Foundation". Much of the 3000 pages of "recommendations" given to the Reagan administration in January 1981 were based upon material taken from Willis Harman's Changing Images of Man.

I was privileged to receive a copy of The Changing Images of Man from my intelligence colleagues five days after it was accepted by the United States Government. What I read shocked me, as I realized I was looking at a blueprint for a future America, unlike anything I had ever seen before. The nation was to be programmed to change and become so accustomed to such planned changes that it would hardly be noticeable when profound changes would occur. We have gone down-hill so fast since The Aquarian Conspiracy (the book title of Willis Harman's technical paper) was written, that today, divorce draws no stigma, suicide is at an all time high and raises few eyebrows, social deviations from the norm and sexual aberrations, once unmentionable in decent circles, are now commonplace and excite no special protest.

As a nation we have not noticed how Changing Images of Mankind has radically altered our American way of life forever. Somehow we were overcome by the "Watergate Syndrome". For a while we were shocked and dismayed to learn that Nixon was nothing but a cheap crook who hobnobbed with Earl Warren's Mafia friends at the beautiful home they built for him adjoining the Nixon estate. When too many "future shocks" and news headlines demanded our attention, we lost our way, or rather, the huge number of choices with which we were and still are daily confronted, confused us to such a degree that we were no longer able to make the necessary choices.

Worse yet, having been subjected to a barrage of crimes in high places, plus the trauma of the Vietnam War, our nation seemed no longer to want truths. Such reaction is carefully explained in Willis Harman's technical paper, in short, the American nation was reacting exactly as profiled. Worse yet, in not wishing to accept truth, we took matters a step further: We look to government to shield us from the truth.


* * *

We need to close this segment, Dharma, so that it is suitable size for inserting into the various places awaiting it. Thank you.



SUN., SEP. 12, 1993 1:19 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 027

SUN., SEPTEMBER 12, 1993



The corrupt stench of the Reagan-Bush Administrations we wanted covered with six feet of earth. The crimes committed under the title of Iran/Contra affair (or "scandals"), we didn't want uncovered. We let our President lie to us regarding his whereabouts in the period October 20-23rd, 1980. Yet these crimes far exceed in quantity and scope anything Nixon did while he was in office. Do we as a nation recognize it as going downhill with our brakes off?

No, we do not. When those whose business it is to bring the truth to the American people that a private, well-organized little government inside the White House was busy committing one crime after another, crimes which attacked the very soul of this nation and the republican institutions upon which it rested, we were told not to bother the public with such things. "We really don't want to know about all this speculation," became a standard response. [H: Yes indeed, and all the while during this time you are having one "October" Surprise after another with the muck getting thicker, deeper and more encompassing. Here is where ones like Russbacher got trapped in between the mud and the cement and a coffin was raised to keep him under wraps when the stuff began to hit the blade system of the circulation fans. Remember that, in the case of the October Surprise with Bush et al.--it was just, within the past weeks, stated that there would be no further investigation for there was nothing to base any investigation upon--"NOTHING TOOK PLACE"--they reported. EXACTLY like they reported that there are no living POW's or MIA's in Southeast Asia--especially in Vietnam so let's "go for it with a trade agreement--the docks are already shifted from the Philippines, Brown is paid off along with several others--and what is stopping the sell-out?" WHAT FOOLS ABIDE WITH THEE!]

When the highest elected official of the land blatantly put U.N. law above the Constitution of the United States--an impeachable offense, the majority accepted it as "normal". When the highest elected official of the land went to war without a Congressional declaration of war, the fact was censored out by the news media and, again, we accepted it rather than face the truth. [H: And wore "YELLOW" ribbons yet--the color of cowardice!]

When the Gulf War, which our President plotted and planned, began, not only were we happy with the censorship of the most blatant kind, we even took it to our hearts, believing that it was "good for the war effort". Our President lied, April Glaspie lied, the State Department lied. They said the war was justified because President Hussein had been warned to leave Kuwait alone. When Glaspie's cables to the State Department were finally made public, one United States senator after another went charging to defend Glaspie, the harlot. It mattered not that they came from both the Democrats and the Republicans. We, the people, let them get away with their vile lies.

In this public attitude of the American people, the wildest dreams of Willis Harmon and his teams of scientists became a reality. The Tavistock Institute was elated at its success in destroying the self respect and self esteem of this once great nation. We are told that we won the Gulf War. What is not yet perceived by the vast majority of Americans is that, in "winning" the war, it cost the self respect and honor of our nation. That lies rotting in the desert sands of Kuwait and Iraq, alongside the corpses of the Iraqi soldiers we butchered in the agreed retreat from Kuwait and Basra--we could not keep our word that we would abide by the Geneva Conventions and not attack them. "What do you want," our controllers asked us, "victory or self respect? You can't have both." [H: So actually--YOU HAD NEITHER! YOU DID NOT WIN ANYTHING EXCEPT A BLACK IMAGE--AND LOST EVERY SHRED OF CREDIBILITY REMAINING TO A FALTERING NATION. YOU HAVE NOW SADDLED YOUR RETURNING TROOPS WITH DISEASE AND PHYSICAL AILMENTS THAT WILL BURY MOST OF THEM. AND, YOU AT HOME DID IT WITH HOOPLA AND RIBBON DRAPING--TOO BAD YOU DIDN'T CHOOSE THE RIGHT SYMBOLS--BLACK COFFINS!]

One hundred years ago, this could not have happened, but now it has happened and excites no comment. We have succumbed to the long range penetration warfare waged against this nation by Tavistock. Like the German nation, defeated by the Prudential Bombing Survey, enough of us have succumbed to make this nation the kind that totalitarian regimes of the past would have only envisaged in their dreams. "Here," they would say, "is a nation, one of the largest in the world, that doesn't want the truth. All of our propaganda agencies can be dispensed with. We don't have to struggle to keep the truth from this nation, they have willingly rejected it of their own volition. This nation is a pushover."

Our once proud Republic of the United States of America became no more than a series of criminal front organizations, which history shows is always the start of totalitarianism. This is the stage of permanent alteration we are at in America as 1991 drew to a close. We live in a throw-away society, programmed not to last. We do not even flinch at the 4 million homeless nor the 30 million jobless, nor the 15 million babies murdered thus far. They are "throw-aways" of the Age of Aquarius, a conspiracy so damnable that, when first confronted with it, the majority will disavow its existence, rationalizing these events as "times have changed".

This is how the Tavistock Institute and Willis Harman programmed us to react. Dismantling of our ideals goes on without protest. The spiritual and intellectual drive of our people has been destroyed! On May 27th, 1991, President Bush made a very profound statement, the thrust of which appears to have been totally misused by most political commentators:

"The moral dimension of American policy requires us to chart a moral course through a world of lesser evils. That is the real world, not black and white. Very few moral absolutes."

What else could we expect from a president who is most probably the most evil man ever to occupy the White House?

Consider this in the light of his order to the military to bury alive 12,000 Iraqi soldiers. Consider this in the light of his on-going war of genocide against the Iraqi people. President Bush was delighted to characterize President Saddam Hussein as the "Hitler of our times". He never bothered to offer a single scrap of proof. It was not needed. Because President Bush made the statement, we accepted it without question. Consider this in the bright light of truth, that he did all of these things in the name of the American people while secretly taking his orders from the Committee of 300. [H: By the way--I think it would be a good thing to run the writing on Schwarzkoph. He is one of the more heinous players in your nation followed only in stature by Powell who has sold out his own people and silently resigns.]

But, more than anything else, consider this: President Bush and his controllers feel so secure that they no longer deem it necessary to hide their evil control of the American people, or to lie about it. This is self-evident in the statement that he, as our leader, will make all manner of compromises with truth, honesty and decency if his controllers (and ours) deem it necessary. On May 27th, 1991, the President of the United States abandoned each and every principle embodied in our Constitution and boldly proclaimed that he was no longer bound by it. This is a great victory for the Tavistock Institute and the Prudential Bombing Survey, whose target changed from German worker housing in 1945 to the soul of the American people in a war that began in 1946 and runs through to today.

Increased pressure on this nation for change was applied by Stanford Research Institute in the early 1960s. SRI's offensive gathered power and momentum. Switch on your television set and you will see Stanford's victory in front of your very eyes: Talk shows featuring heavy sexual details, special video channels where perversion, rock and roll and drugs reign supreme. Where once John Wayne ruled, we now have a made-over apology for a man (or is he?) called Michael Jackson, a parody of a human being who is held up as a hero, as he gyrates, shuffles, mumbles and screams his way across television screens in millions of American homes.

A woman who has been through a series of marriages gets national coverage. One filthy, half-washed drug-ridden decadent rock band after another has hours of air time devoted to its inane sounds and mad gyrations, clothes fashions and language aberrations. Soap operas showing as near as "dammit" is to swearing pornographic scenes, draw no comment. Whereas in early 1960 this would never have been tolerated, today it is accepted as normal. We have been subjected and we have succumbed to what Tavistock Institute calls "future shocks" whose future is NOW and we are so numbed by one cultural shock after another that to protest seems like a futile gesture and, therefore, logically we think, it does no good to protest.

In 1986 the Committee of 300 ordered the pressure turned up. The U.S. was not going down fast enough. The United States began the process of "recognizing" the butchers of Cambodia, the criminal Pol Pot regime, self confessors to the murder of 2 million Cambodian citizens. In 1991, the wheel turned the full circle. The United States went to war against a friendly nation that had been programmed to trust the Washington traitors. We accused President Hussein of the small nation of Iraq of all manner of evil, NONE OF WHICH WAS EVEN REMOTELY TRUE. We killed and maimed its children, we left them to starve and to die of all manner of diseases.

In the same breath we sent the Bush emissaries of the Committee of 300 to Cambodia to RECOGNIZE THE EVIL MASS MURDERERS OF 2 MILLION CAMBODIANS, who were sacrificed by the Committee of 300's depopulation of cities experiment, which the big cities of the United States will experience in the not too distant future. Now, President Bush and his Committee of 300-ridden administration say, in effect, "Look people, what do you want from me? I told you that I will compromise where I see fit, even when that means sleeping with the Pol Pot murderers. SO WHAT--KISS MY HIPS."

[H: Worse yet, the successor to that tin throne, Billiary Clintonfellerberg is worse--BY FAR--because he is such a puppet that he doesn't even know which way to literally wag his tail and simply amuses you with tying up an airport and getting his hair "dressed" for $200 a whack whilst you bow and scrape and go over to the welfare office and "pull yours out"!


The level of pressure for change will reach a peak in 1993 and we shall witness scenes such as we would never have thought possible. Punch drunk America will react, but ever so slightly. Not even the latest threat to our freedom, the personal computer card, disturbs us. Willis Harmon's Changing Images of Man would have been too technical for most so the service of Marilyn Ferguson was obtained to make it more easily under-stood. The Age of Aquarius heralded nude stage shows and a song which made the top of the charts: "The Dawning of the Age of the Aquarius" swept the globe.

The personal computer card which, when fully distributed, will deprive us of our familiar environment and, as we shall see, environment means a lot more than the usually accepted meaning of the word. The United States has gone through a period of intense trauma such as has never been visited upon any other nation in the history of the world, and the worst is yet to come.

Everything is going according to what Tavistock ordered and what the social scientists at Stanford mapped out. Times do not change; they are made to change. All changes are preplanned and come as the result of careful action. We have been changed, gradually at first, but now the pace of change is picking up. The United States is being transformed from One Nation under God to a polyglot of nations under several gods. The U.S. is no longer One nation under God. The framers of the Constitution have lost the battle. [H: Or finally won it as the case may well be!]

Our forebears spoke a common language and believed in a common religion--Christianity, and held common ideals. There were no aliens in our midst; that came later in a deliberately planned attempt to break up the United States into a series of fragmented nationalities, cultures and beliefs. If you doubt this, go down to the East Side of New York, or the West Side of Los Angeles, on any given Saturday and look around you. The United States has become several nations. struggling to coexist under a common system of government. When the floodgates of immigration were opened wide by Franklin D. Roosevelt, a cousin of the head of the Committee of 300, the cultural shock caused great confusion and dislocation and made "One Nation" an unworkable concept. The Club of Rome and NATO have exacerbated the situation. "Love thy neighbor" is an ideal that will not work unless your neighbor "is as yourself".

[H: I do not wish to interrupt here except to say that this is most idealistic in concept--it is not, however, the true and complete way it came about. There was trouble at the time of the writing of the Constitution; so to allow it to go forth that somehow the Founding Fathers were goodie-two shoes is frivolously preposterous. Most of the leaders of the nation of America (U.S.) were of the Freemasonic order and indeed did some very good work from time to time--but I suggest you ask the Native American "Indians" if they were so all-fired wonderful. YOU NEVER MOVED OUT FROM UNDER THE CROWN OF ENGLAND AND THEREFROM IS THE COMMITTEE OF 300 BIRTHED AND OPERATIVE IN ALL ITS EVIL SATANIC ORDER. I give honor to this writer, however, for he has studied well the workings and is, in fact, not an "original" American. The concept is understandable but not quite accurate. The facts are, however, that you don't have anything else upon which to longer base a government and working society--once you silently moved out from under the facade of God's word and rules for human goodness, the writ was on the wall for all to see--without morality of the kind brought forth through Godly laws and actions, a nation or a people--CANNOT ENDURE. When GOD is separated out FROM a nation and government--it will fall--it is only a matter of WHEN! I do not intend to interrupt the author's projections at each disagreement--but this one seemed so important as to not allow my silence.]

To the framers of our Constitution, the truths they laid out for future generations were "self-evident"--to themselves. Being unsure that future generations would also find the truths to which they bound this nation self-evident, THEY SET ABOUT SPELLING THEM OUT. IT SEEMS THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF A TIME THAT MIGHT COME WHEN THE TRUTHS THEY ESPOUSED WOULD NO LONGER BE SELF-EVIDENT. The Tavistock institute for Human Relations has made sure that what the framers feared might come to pass has indeed come to pass. That time has arrived with Bush and his "no absolutes" and his New World Order under the Committee of 300.

This is part of the concept of social changes forced upon Americans which Harman and the Club of Rome said would make for severe trauma and a great building up of pressure. The social upheavals that have taken place since the advent of Tavistock, the Club of Rome and NATO will continue in the U.S. for as long as the limit of absorption is ignored. Nations are made up of individuals and, like individuals, there is a limit to their ability to absorb changes, no matter how robust they may be.

This psychological truth was well proven by the Strategic Bombing Survey which called for saturation bombing of German worker housing. As mentioned earlier, the project was the work of the Prudential Insurance Company and no one doubts today that Germany suffered its defeat because of this operation. Many of the scientists who worked on that project are working on saturation bombing of America, or else they have passed on, leaving their skilled techniques in the hands of others who followed behind them.

The legacy they left behind them can be found in the fact that we have not so much lost our way as a nation, but that we have been steered in a direction opposite to that which the framers of the Declaration guided us for over 200 years. We have, in short, lost contact with our historical genes, our faith, which inspired countless generations of Americans to move forward as a nation, benefiting from the patrimony left to us by the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. That we are lost is clear to all who seek the truth, as unpleasant as it may be.

With President Bush and his "no absolute morals" guiding us, we blunder ahead as lost nations and individuals tend to do. We are collaborating with the Committee of 300 for our own downfall and our own enslavement. Some sense it--and feel a strong sense of unease. The various conspiracy theories they are familiar with do not seem to cover it all. This is because they know nothing of the Conspirators' Hierarchy, the Committee of 300.

[H: I hear your inquiries as to "Just who IS this Coleman who at one moment is identified as someone else and not, certainly, on your team," and then other things indicate that he is a substantial CITIZEN of the U.S. and an untiring PATRIOT OF SAME. He is still running around giving lectures, my friends, so he can't be much of a THREAT to that which he denounces--so indeed, where might he fit? Confused? No! He sees truth written there and speaks it for the most part--but he is still, in every sense of the word, a TOOL of the very ones he thinks he tattles on. He helps the masters sort the audience and provides proof that the bindings are now on you and tightening. He does EXACTLY THAT WHICH HE IS PROGRAMMED TO DO. He COULD be different but he won't be. The workers for Tavistock and MI6 are the BEST AT WHAT THEY ARE SET-UP TO DO--and even any "reader" could find one John Coleman--on any day--so what have we here? Contradictions? To say the very least. But, is what he offers correct in most instances? YES INDEED AND IT WILL BEHOOVE YOU TO CONSIDER IT. THE ACTUAL DEED IS ALL BUT FINISHED IN THE "TAKING" OF A NATION AND A PEOPLE--AND YOU MUST CONSIDER WHAT TO DO AND WHERE TO GO FROM HERE. I WOULD CERTAINLY, IF I WERE YOU--KEEP MY SURVIVAL ATTITUDE IN GEAR AND POLISHED--AND SEE HOW BEST TO SURVIVE THIS ONCOMING BRINGING DOWN OF THE PRISON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA--FOR IT IS ENCOMPASSING THE GLOBE AS WE WRITE! Get square with God, not the Masonic code of secret rituals--and you will be in protection--do not, and you have made your choice. So be it.]

These souls who feel a deep sense of unease and that something is radically wrong, yet cannot put their collective fingers on the problem, walk in darkness. They look to a future they see slipping away from them. The American dream has become a mirage. They place their faith in religion but take no steps to help that faith along by ACTION. Americans will never experience a retracing of steps such as the Europeans experienced when at the height of the Dark Ages. By determined ACTION, they awoke in themselves a spirit of renewal which resulted in the glorious Renaissance.

The enemy that has directed them to this point decided to make a strong move against the United States in 1980, so that a Renaissance of America would be impossible. Who is the enemy? The enemy is no faceless "they". The enemy is clearly definable as the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, NATO and ALL OF ITS AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS [AND GROUPS], the think-tanks and research institutions controlled by Tavistock. There is no need to use "they" or "the enemy" except as shorthand. WE KNOW WHO "THEY", THE ENEMY, IS. The Committee of 300 with its Eastern Liberal Establishment "aristocracy", its banks, insurance companies, giant corporations, foundations, communications networks, presided over by a HIERARCHY OF CONSPIRATORS--THIS IS THE ENEMY.

This is the power that brought to life the reign of terror in Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution, World Wars I and H, Korea, Vietnam, the fall of Rhodesia, South Africa, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. This is the secret upper-level govertunent that brought into existence the controlled disintegration of the U.S. economy and deindustrialized what was once the greatest industrial power, for good, that the world had ever known.

America today can be compared with a soldier who falls asleep in the thick of battle. We Americans have fallen asleep, given way to apathy caused by being confronted with a multiplicity of choices which has confused us. These are the changes that alter our environment, break down our resistance to change, so that we become dazed, apathetic and eventually fall asleep in the thick of battle.

There is a technical term for this condition. It is called "long range penetration strain". The art of subjecting a very large group of people to continued long range penetration strain was developed by scientists working out of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and their U.S. subsidiaries, Stanford Research Institute and Rand Corporation, and at least another 150 research institutions here in the U.S.

Dr. Kurt Lewin, the scientist who developed this fiendish warfare, has caused the average American patriot to fret over various conspiracy theories, leaving him or her with a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity, isolated and perhaps even afraid, as he searches, but fails to understand the decay and rot caused by The Changing Images of Mankind, unable to identify or combat the social, moral, economic and political changes he deems undesirable and does not want, yet which increase in intensity on every hand.


* * *

When we next write on this subject we will discuss this Kurt Lewin for it is not a "household" name. Probably it was Coleman who brought the most noise forth about this man and, still, it is not seen by most as factual--but then, ones didn't see the hidden dangers of Cecil Rhodes either!

Is there a way to come into Truth from the myriads of false writings? Indeed!! It becomes more and more easy to come into knowing Truth--for Truth abides by the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION--AND THE ADVERSARY TAKES THE OPPOSITE ROAD. CAN YOU EVER HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE? In the words of Little Crow:

"It always comes back to the faith of the individual. You have to have faith in what you believe--whether it is the dogma of something that nobody else believes in, if you have the faith in it, that's what is required for it to work for you. It always comes down to the individual taking responsibility for their life."

EVERY TIME! It is "responsibility" upon which pivots the possibilities of reclamation. If you continue to cast off your responsibilities upon the shoulders of another or demand that others make your decisions and you coast along for the ride--the ride will end you in the swamp-pit! Responsibility of self--IN TRUTH, is where the secret of the ages of growing MANKIND lies. When YOU are willing to take total responsibility for SELF and others do likewise--then, and only then, can you see the perfection of a radiant world in balance and harmony with all else that IS.




WED., SEP. 22, 1993 9:04 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 037

WED., SEPTEMBER 22, 1993


No, precious, the world did not fall into total chaos from the gold market to Russia's downfall--on this day "just" because it is your birthday! However, one excuse is as good as another. We DO, however, thank you and Jack for your ongoing service and, in advance, for the load ready to descend upon you with the new regimes and products.

I do not yet give you the "beverage" instructions because we are making changes and additions which would obsolete your work in labels, etc. We are integrating separate Gaiandriana programmed to the electrolyte and glucose in the mix and it takes a week to develop the outcome. This must be done even if we are not ready by October first. "No wine shall be sold before its time" and neither will unweaned Gaiandriana.

We are incubating within a tent of electric blankets so it can be temperature controlled AND patterned beyond the electrical current to begin to nullify the thrust of electrical pulses through your atmosphere. This is not an "instant" process.

Readers, this is simply our response as to why we did not take time prior to writing this morning, regarding inquiries on the above matter, as time runs short for the ones who must do the massive amount of work in packaging the toys and things "I" present. I know, "...it's easy for you..." is the typical response--but I assure you it has been one of the worst nightmares imagined for Dharma, who has had to develop step by step the entire program and testing. Thank you for your patience.

All of you who have personal questions for attention beyond the immediate overload--please also be patient--Dharma is human and is being "blamed" for everything, in court as well, that I do or say. I do not practice medicine, law or politics--I tell you what is going on.

Gaiandriana may OR MAY NOT help ongoing problems with eyes, ears, etc. Gaiandriana is able to attack and restructure ongoing damaged cells--i.e., overt damage from surgery, injuries and other such matters will not be reversed in almost all cases under any circumstances. "ir , as is reported, hair begins to grow in--it is because the follicles are not damaged, only non-functioning. By this I wish to remind you that what is "changed" is changed. Scar tissue will perhaps become less notable but it will still be where it "was" in most instances--under almost any circumstances. If ears are damaged then ears will remain impaired as to hearing. It all depends on WHAT IS WRONG--and I do not diagnose or heal--that is your affair and responsibility. I simply show you how to confront your problem. You cannot expect to go from 65 years to 20 but your body doesn't need to KNOW that--you could if you wanted to do so--but you could do that ANYWAY "if' you wanted to do


Anyone experiencing in this area, especially newly arrived, will have massive "noise" in the head on an ongoing basis without letup. You will learn to override it, confound it or live with it-- or, live elsewhere. There is something all who have hearing loss, however, might try before investing in aids of any type--go get your ears thoroughly inspected and/or get wax softeners and go through a course of remedy. As healing takes place in the body, the damaged cells are cast off in the external orifices, i.e., any opening, including sweat glands and ear canals, nose canal, sinuses, etc. Check to see if you have an earplug. If, indeed, there is damage already present, it doesn't take much to close the resonance capability. "More" Gaiandriana at onstart helps speed processing along--but is most effectively active in the presence of disease organism presence. In other words, some report that with a heavy intake (2 to 6 ounces) when a "cold" or "flu" symptoms are present and recognized--will seem to stop it cold. That, too, however, takes a while depending on the affront and assault upon the body before you recognize the problem as present.

YOU are the miracle--not ANYTHING you take or use. However, without restructuring and enhancing your immune system and healing from "within" you cannot overtly HEAL self unless you are miracle already in realization of mind control over bodily functions--at which point--you would already be in control of your bodily functions!

Dharma doesn't know anything about your conditions and I cannot take time from the massive and ongoing tasks to respond through this routing of her keyboard--to your individual inquiries.

Also, I am now bombarded with piles of demands and requests that I respond to individual "sightings" and "why" and "if' and "who", etc. No, I shall not respond to this and get my scribe into prison. She has already been arrested last week for "criminal trespass" on the vacant lot next door to a house which is not even longer hers (as was E.J.) and had to appear in court on Monday morning for arraignment. It is too much to have her face all of that personal assault AND answer your curiosity questions. WE are everywhere and your government is efforting to further confuse you by your own trinkets and toys-- even some brothers who are not from our Command, out here, are also making themselves present to remind your controllers that WE ARE HERE!

With the situation in Russia this day--you had better well believe that BOTH factions of the would-be dictators have extremely advanced things flying everywhere and going on in the world itself. And THIS is the necessary focus for the day--not your eyes, ears, nose or throat--as related to my scribe for my response.


Please allow us the privilege of dropping this subject all together. The paper is under severe attack for EVERYTHING they print on the matter and my scribe is under a heavy barrage constantly because I respond and the COURTS DO NOT RECOGNIZE ANY OTHER THAN "HER" AS AUTHOR OR WRITER OR ANYTHING ELSE. Perhaps there can be a concluded settlement (Green made his in secret last June and lined up the Institute and/or Ekkers to pay the bill). This came as a "slip" from his own attorney! As to the other points we have brought forth as reporting that which is reported to here as a recognized newspaper--we stand in constant threat of further litigation and contempt charges.

The demand has been that the books written here NEVER again be available--yea, burned. Fine! We have no desire nor need for said books. If you wish to get the information as presented by Dr. Russell to the extent of its viability--get it from the University. We shall, no matter how heinous it may seem to you readers--agree to the burning of the volumes. So be it. I will ask no more of my people. It remains up to you Amerinka" as to how you wish your lives to flow--it is not the responsibility of Dharma to be sacrificed on the altars of "changed" flowerbeds from pentagram star to six points (which by the way, in this day--MEANS THE SAME THING!).

Dr. Binder says there is no ritual taking place "...from the water tower". We knew not there IS a water tower--that was never mentioned in regards to a "tower" as reported. Further, Dr. Binder says "...no ones jump....from that tower"--Oh? We did not ever infer as much, sir. We reported exactly what was seen by eyewitness--we know nothing of "water" towers--. A "slip" perhaps? Further, I doubt, very seriously, if Brookings Institute would openly claim support of the University in point! The whole point of the Tavistock Institute is mind-control and LIES. Fine, if the information offered be wrong we accept that--as we have to accept all information from the controlled media as well. So be it. I will not longer jeopardize my people for truth of this matter one way or another. We are not in competition with anyone on anything. We have one purpose--to report what is given, discuss your evolvement and possibilities in spirituality and--hopefully--awaken a sleeping, stupefied (intentionally), citizenry of your globe. We have reported NOTHING which has not been documented or eye-witnessed! ON this we stand! If the system debunks this in opposition--why should we longer struggle with it? As far as I am concerned--and Dharma--we shall never mention the name again after this moment--and certainly after some settlement is reached. The point is--a monetary settlement is out of the question for there are no funds, no receiving of anything by these ones from the books or the paper--so, a judgment is a judgment! George has told them that the Ekkers have access to millions of dollars--NO THEY DO NOT! THEY HAVE NOTHING! Well, that is not REALLY so--THEY HAVE ME AND THEY HAVE GOD--AND THEY HAVE TRUTH--SO I GUESS IN RETROSPECT--HAVING YOU AS BELOVED FRIENDS--THEY HAVE EVERYTHING!

You might find it interesting to note that an ARREST was made of Dharma and E.J. in the middle of a meeting of MINE--by two sheriffs. Does anyone find it strange that a criminal-charge arrest is made of a 62 year old grandmother "...for driving in a vehicle on the adjacent VACANT lot...." when the same sheriffs refused to take part in a $350,000 gold theft? Well, that is not going to hold either, according to the ACLU and the CLC! We shall see!

Now, readers, if you THINK you are free and all this is hogwash--go check with Gunther Russbacher, Ray Renick and HUNDREDS of your fellow citizens rotting in prison this day on just such charges!

Look to Russia this day to see it unfolding in this new "test" run to see how "dead" are the people.


One of the most powerful nations in the world is moving into total One World Order Dictatorship TODAY and what do the people say? "I'm not into politics, I just want to eat!" said one interviewed. Another said, "....they already took all our money and collapsed the currency, we can't get food--what difference does it make?" And where do YOU get even this response? RIGHT--FROM THE MEDIA, CONTROLLED AND CAREFUL ABOUT EACH PRESENTATION! But, your country, and all the standing members of the Security Council of the UN are "backing Yeltsin" (the illegal, unlawful monarch-dictator!). How long do you think it will take to push in United Nations troops to "bring order" in Russia??

And what of the "other side" of the Russian coin? Well, you better be relieved that the shuttle never made it into outer orbit and you had better attend the fault lines of your nation. Before the quake in Northern California/Southern Oregon--THERE WERE WITNESSED SEVERAL "LIGHT" EXPLOSIONS AND NOISE EXPLOSIONS--JUST IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO THE QUAKE ITSELF--IN A PLACE THAT DOES NOT HAVE EARTHQUAKES!

If YOU think there is no connection between that quake and Russia's problems--GO LOOK AGAIN. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS CLOSING IN ON YOU--TODAY. Note, even, this new "Health Plan" and the touting of the "card" you will each carry--the beast has missed nothing!


I do not intend to "fight" anyone, much more do I not intend to cause my writers to "fight" anything. I and my teams will be recognized in the proper sequence and--until then--those who deny are welcome to do so. Settlement seems the better part of intelligence--for THEY ALWAYS WILL WIN, NOW. THE BOOKS ARE OF NO VALUE EXCEPT TO READERS--THEY ARE WORSE THAN NO VALUE TO DHARMA AND E.J.--LET THE OPPOSITION HAVE THEM--THEY DO NOT WISH TO USE THEM--ONLY BURN THEM SO THAT NONE MAY EVER BE SOLD ANYWHERE, EVER AGAIN--AND "THAT" COMES FROM THEIR ATTORNEY AS INSTRUCTIONS. I say, "SO BE IT"!

If it bothers YOU that this is happening--go. do that which you will but since most who write and give eye-witness reports and push for "they can't do this" or "that" also refuse to allow names or locations to be used--I suggest that NOTHING will be actually DONE. YOU will take responsibility for your existence--or, you shall cease to exist or do so according to your new PuppetMaster regulations and allowances. If YOU do not take a stand with God--God will not likely take a stand with you--that is the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. "If you deny me before my Father--then I, too, shall deny you," said the Lord.


The loving support and "reports" have kept this crew going. This most certainly seems like a part of the "worst of times" for them and when one or another believes they have reached the "end of the rope"--one of you will offer appreciation and need to know--and they go on a few steps further. It is the unity of you who share your loving cards, letters and appreciation that fuels this cell. God blesses you for that which you offer--for unto you becomes the Kingdom of Heaven and who knows, since "America" means "The Kingdom of Heaven", perhaps it can come to pass--even in these days upon your place. God abandons NOT his people! You must simply discern "who" you actually serve, "what" you actually "believe" and do so in WISDOM OF LOGICAL REASON!


Look carefully at this atrocity. A man PROVEN INNOCENT IN THE VERY PLACE WHO ACCUSED HIM--now comes home to face an even more painful confrontation of accusations and shunning, legal turmoil at the highest level and living Hell. It is said that in the ending "...man will turn against the innocent, the brother, the sister, THE MOTHER, THE FATHER! MAN WILL BE BLIND IN HIS MIND!" Is it not "come to pass"?


The day of atonement and the FIRST RITUAL OF THE JEWISH TALMUDIST HOLY DAYS has come and with fervent prayer and attitude the Kol Nidre has been reaffirmed across your globe--with even more fervor than ever before. And what is this "Vow" always "first" in the holiday rituals? It says, and means, THAT IN THE TAKING OF "THIS" VOW--ALL VOWS MADE IN THE COMING YEAR TO THE TAKING OF THE NEXT ANNUAL VOW--ARE NULL AND VOID! I think it is right here that an insert of our discussions on this subject MUST BE ENTERED AS REMINDER. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JUDEAN--THIS HAS TO DO WITH KHAZARIAN ZIONISTS WHO FOLLOW THE MAN-WRITTEN DOCTRINES OF THE TALMUD. "Jews" of all sects may well recite the verse--but as with the Freemason stronghold in Washington D.C., it means a great deal more to the lawyers, doctors and politicians of your world. This means that a lawyer is BOUND UNDER OATH--TO LIE--AND EVEN THEN--THE OATH MEANS NOTHING!


Editor's note: The following writing about the Khazarian Zionists' favorite oath was suggested to be re-run by Commander Hatonn. This outlay of a most fascinating "religious" subject has. been extracted from pages 44-54 of JOURNAL #25 called, THE BITTER COMMUNION; ALTARS OF HEMLOCK.

We pick up the stool in the middle of Commander Hatonn's quoting of a lengthy Special Delivery letter to one Dr. David Goldstein LL.D. , in Boston, from one Benjamin H. Freedman, of Park Avenue in New York City, October 10, 1954. As Commander Hatonn said at the time of introducing this letter, "If you ones cannot come into understanding that it is the Khazar Zionists who have you by the throat then the rest of the explanation can have no impact or meaning of value. YOU MUST GET THE PLAYERS STRAIGHT!"

The Kol Nidre vow--that no promises need to be kept--plays a central philosophical role in the way these satanic New World Order Elite play their game. Again, forewarned is forearmed!

2/17/91 #4 HATONN


In Volume VIII of the Jewish Encyclopedia on page 539 found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and libraries of all leading cities, will be found the official translation into English of the prayer known as the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer. It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues. It is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the altar. After the recital of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of so-called or self-styled "Jews" and are celebrated as such throughout the world. The official translation into English of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer follows:



The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the "Kol Nidre (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:

(Book) "And he who desires that NONE OF HIS VOWS MADE DURING THE YEAR SHALL BE VALID, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, EVERY VOW WHICH I MAY MAKE IN THE FUTURE SHALL BE NULL (1). (HIS VOWS ARE THEN INVALID,) PROVIDING THAT HE REMEMBERS THIS AT THE TIME OF THE VOW." (emphasis in original and supplied, Ed.)

(footnotes) "(1) This may have provided a support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre (a formula for dispensation of vows) prior to the Evening Service of the Day of Atonement (Ran). . .Though the beginning of the year (New Year) is mentioned here, the Day of Atonement was probably chosen on account of its great solemnity. But Kol Nidre as part of the ritual IS LATER THAN THE TALMUD, and, as seen from the following statement of R. Huna b. Hinene, THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC. (emphasis supplied and in original text, Ed.)

The greatest study of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer was made by the eminent psycho-analyst Professor Theodor Reik, the celebrated pupil of the famous Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective. This important study is contained in Professor Reik's "The Ritual, Psyco-Analytical Studies". In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:


Before explaining to you how the present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer was introduced into the Day of Atonement synagogue ceremonies, my dear Dr. Goldstein, I would like to quote a passage to you from. the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms the fact that the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer has no spiritual value as might be believed because it is recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement as the prologue of the religious ceremonies which follow it. The secular significance of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer is indicated forcefully by the analysis in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. In Volume VI, on page 441, it states:

"The Kol Nidre HAS NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL IDEA OF THE DAY OF ATONEMENT. . .it attained to extraordinary solemnity and popularity by reason of the fact that it was THE FIRST PRAYER RECITED ON THIS HOLIEST OF DAYS."

My dear Dr. Goldstein, prepare for the shock of your life. Compelled by what you have now read here about the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer you must be shocked to learn that many Christian churches actually "pealed their bells" on the Day of Atonement in celebration of that holy day for so-called or self-styled "Jews". How stupid can the Christian clergy get? From what I have learned after a cursory inquiry I am unable to say whether it was a case of stupidity or cupidity. With what you already know, together with what you will additionally know before you finish this letter, you will be able to judge for yourself whether it was stupidity or cupidity. There is not one single fact in this entire letter which every graduate of a theological seminary did not have the opportunity to learn.

The following news item was featured in the New York World Telegram on October 7th only a few days ago. Under a prominent headline "JEWISH HOLIDAYS TO END AT SUN-DOWN" the New York World Telegram gave great prominence to the following story:

"Synagogues and temples throughout the city were crowded yesterday as the 24 hour fast began. Dr. Norman Salit, head of the Synagogue Council of America, representing the three major Jewish bodies, had called on other faiths TO JOIN THE FAST. . .Cutting across religious lines, MANY PROTESTANT CHURCHES IN THE CITY PEALED THEIR BELLS LAST NIGHT TO SOUND THE KOL NIDRE, TRADMONAL MELODY USED AT THE START OF YOM KIPPUR. THE GESTURE OF GOOD-WILL WAS RECOMMENDED BY THE MANHATTAN OFFICE OF THE PROTESTANT COUNCIL." (emphasis supplied)

That just about "tops" anything I have ever had come to my attention revealing the ignorance and indifference of the Christian clergy to the hazards today facing the Christian faith. From my personal contacts with the Manhattan Office of the Protestant Council in the recent past I hold out very little hope for any constructive contribution they can make to the common defense of the Christian faith against its dedicated enemies. In each instance they buckled under the "pressure" exerted upon them by the "contacts" for so-called or self-styled "Jews". If it was not so tragic it would be comic. It was a joke indeed but the joke was on the Christian clergy. Ye Gods! "Many" Christian churches "pealed their bells", as the Protestant Council reports the event, "TO SOUND THE KOL NIDRE, TRADITIONAL MELODY USED AT THE START OF YOM KIPPUR". Just where does betrayal of a trust and breach of faith begin?

The present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer dates from the 11th century. A political reversal in eastern Europe compelled the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe to adopt the present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer. That story involves the history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe. Before relating here as briefly as possible the history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" of eastern Europe I would like to quote here another short passage from the Jewish Encyclopedia in Volume VII, on page 540, states:



We will herein stop quoting and for that matter, stop the writing at this point for this sitting. Thank you for the long hours of service, Dharma. I ask you to be particularly attuned to my call for you are in danger and hence is why we had to disengage your prior computer. We will simply have to work our way through the next few days of bringing forth this information for as you might well note THE EVIL BROTHERHOOD DOES NOT WANT IT BROUGHT FORTH! When human realizes how he has been duped he shall rise up and stop this madness. Ah, and may it be "in time".

Hatonn to stand-by. I shall keep the shielding in place but I must ask that you remain within my commands lest you be damaged. The Truth is going to come forth now and it has confirmation and credentials of proof just as you were told at onset by "The Command" "that you would be given credentials and credibility from that which is the Silver Clouds and would be forthcoming from Earth-place." And so it shall be put to print that Man may see how sadly he has been made the dupe.

Good evening. God grants his protection of his servants. Salu.





You will agree, my dear Dr. Goldstein, that Meir ben Samuel knew what he was doing. The wording of that altered version of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer makes the recital of the prayer a release during the coming year from any obligation to respect any oath, vow or pledge made during the coming year. Like any one-year license obtained from the Federal, State or Municipal governments, the altered version of the "Kol Nidre" prayer is also a "license" for one year only. "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer extends immunity in advance for one year from all obligations to observe the terms of oaths, vows and pledges made in the year following the date of the Day of Atonement when the prayer was recited. Each year however it becomes necessary to renew this "license" which automatically revokes in advance any oath, vow or pledge made during the next twelve months, by again appearing in a synagogue on the next Day of Atonement and reciting the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer again. Do you approve of this?

The passage in the Talmud referring to "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer certifies to several serious situations. It certifies that "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer was added as a prologue to the Day of Atonement religious services long after the completion of the Talmud between 500 A.D.-1000 A.D. by the statement, "as part of the ritual is later than the Talmud". It con-firms that Meir ben Samuel who authored the present altered version of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer lived in the 11th century. Furthermore, the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe believed it served their purpose better to keep secret from their Christian conquerors their attitude on oaths, vows and pledges, "the law of revocation in advance was not made public."

Without a complete and accurate knowledge of the origin and history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe, my dear Dr. Goldstein, it is quite impossible for yourself or for anybody to intelligently understand the harmful influence the Talmud has exerted for ten centuries, and the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer for seven centuries upon the course of world history. These two little known factors are the hub and the spokes of the "big wheel" rolling merrily along the road to complete world domination in the not distant future, without arousing suspicion, and wearing the innocent disguise of an alleged religious belief as their only defense mechanism. This insidious intrigue creates a most effective camouflage for the conspirators. The virility of their plot presents a problem in the defense of the po-litical, economic, social and cultural ideologies developed under a Christian civilization.


You will probably also be as astonished as the 150,000,000 Christians years ago when I electrified the nation with the first publication by me of the facts disclosed by my many years of research into the origin and the history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe. My many years of intensive research established beyond any question of any doubt, contrary to the generally accepted belief held by Christians, that the SO-CALLED OR SELF-STYLED "JEWS" IN EASTERN EUROPE AT ANY TIME IN THEIR HISTORY IN EASTERN EUROPE WERE NEVER THE LEGENDARY "LOST TEN TRIBES" OF BIBLE LORE. THAT HISTORIC FACT IS INCONTROVERTIBLE.

(Hatonn: Please note that the above said "lost ten tribes". This is why in referring to the Khazars (imitation Jews) we do refer to them as the Thirteenth_simply, furthermore, as designation and identification to separate them from the accepted myths. Remember, as we unfold this information, we are limited to that which is in your capability of receiving in understanding and the only means we have in printed or spoken material is through use of your own concepts and terminology. This is the mastery of the deceiver to change meanings of terms and give you "readings" in secret authority and you know not the difference. YOU MUST LEARN THE DIFFERENCE, BROTHERS FOR YOU HAVE ALLOWED YOURSELVES TO BE VICTIMS UNTO YOUR VERY DOOM.)

Relentless research established as equally true that the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe at no time in their history could be correctly regarded as the direct lineal de-scendants of the legendary "lost ten tribes" of Bible lore. The so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe in modern history cannot legitimately point to a single ancient ancestor who ever set even a foot on the soil of Palestine in the era of Bible history. Research also revealed that the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe were never "Semites", are not "Semites" now, nor can they ever be regarded as "Semites" at any future time by any stretch of the imagination. Exhaustive research also irrevocably rejects as a fantastic fabrication the generally accepted belief by Christians that the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe are the legendary "Chosen People" so very vocally publicized by the Christian clergy from their pulpits.

Maybe you can explain to me, my dear Dr. Goldstein, the reason why and just how the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom was so well concealed from the world for so many centuries? What secret mysterious power has been able for countless generations to keep the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom out of history text-books and out of class-room courses in history throughout the world? The origin and history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom are certainly incontestible historic facts. These incontestible historic facts also establish beyond any question of doubt the origin and history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe. The relationship to the origin and early history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe was one of history's best kept secrets until wide publicity was given in recent years on the subject. Do you not think, my dear Dr. Goldstein, that it is time the whole subject was dragged out of its hiding place?

In the year 1948 in the Pentagon in Washington I addressed a large assembly of the highest ranking officers of the United States Army principally in the G2 branch of Military Intelligence on the highly explosive geopolitical situation in eastern Europe and the Middle East. Then as now that area of the world was a potential threat to the peace of the world and to the security of this nation. I explained to them fully the origin of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom. I felt then as I feel now that without a clear and comprehensive knowledge of that subject it is not possible to understand or to evaluate properly what has been taking place in the world since 1917, the year of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. It is the "key" to that problem.

Upon the conclusion of my talk a very alert Lieutenant Colonel present at the meeting informed me that he was the head of the history department of one of the largest and highest scholastic rated institutions of higher education in the United States. He had taught history there for 16 years. He had recently been called back to Washington for further military service. To my astonishment he informed me that he had never in all his career as a history teacher or otherwise heard the word "Khazar" before he heard me mention it there. That must give you some idea, my dear Dr. Goldstein, of how successful that mysterious secret power was with their plot to "black out" the origin and the history of the Khazars and Khazar Kingdom in order to conceal from the world and particularly Christians the true origin and history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe.

The Russian conquest in the 10th-13th centuries of the little-known-to-history Khazars apparently ended the existence for all time of the little-known-to-history 800,000 square mile sovereign kingdom of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in Eastern Europe, known then as the Khazar Kingdom. Historians and theologians now agree that this political development was the reason for the "IMPORTANT CHANGE IN THE WORDING OF THE 'KOL NIDRE' by Meir ben Samuel in the 11th century, and for the policy adopted by the so-called or self-styled "Jews" that "THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC". Will you be patient with me while I review here as briefly as I can the history of that political emergence and disappearance of a nation from the pages of history?

(Hatonn: For you readers of the Journals, please do not skip over this particular segment simply because we have covered it prior to this in a couple or three of the Journals. You are so misinformed that you need to hear it again and again until it comes into your consciousness as reality. These pieces of information being brought forth now are the most important documentations ever brought unto your planet and this is only the beginning of the outlay of "how it REALLY is!" So please get the pieces in mental place so that you will be prepared for the facts yet to come forth.)

Prior to the 10th century the Khazar Kingdom had already been reduced by Russian conquests to an area of about 800,000 square miles. (See copy of map at end of document.) As you will observe on this map reproduced from the Jewish Encyclopedia the territory of the Khazar Kingdom in the 10th century was still by far the largest of any nation in Europe. The population of the Khazar Kingdom was made up for the most part of Khazars with the addition of the remnants of the populations of the 25 peaceful agricultural nations which had inhabited this approximate 1,000,000 square miles before their conquest by the invading Khazars. In the 1st century B.C. the Khazars had invaded eastern Europe from their homeland in Asia. The Khazars invaded eastern Europe via the land route between the north end of the Caspian Sea and the south end of the Ural Mountains. (see map)

The Khazars were not "Semites". They were an Asiatic Mongoloid nation. They are classified by modern anthropologists as Turco-Finn racially. From time immemorial the home-land of the Khazars was in the heart of Asia. They were a very warlike nation. The Khazars were driven out of Asia finally by the nations in Asia with whom they were continually at war. The Khazars invaded eastern Europe to escape further defeats in Asia. The very warlike Khazars did not find it difficult to sub-due and conquer the 25 peaceful agricultural nations occupying approximately 1,000,000 square miles in eastern Europe. In a comparatively short period the Khazars established the largest and most powerful kingdom in Europe, and probably the wealthiest also.

The Khazars were a pagan nation when they invaded eastern Europe. Their religious worship was a mixture of phallic worship and other forms of idolatrous worship practiced in Asia by pagan nations. This form of worship continued until the 7th century. The vile forms of sexual excesses indulged in by the Khazars as their form of religious worship produced a degree of moral degeneracy the Khazar's king could not endure. In the 7th century King Bulan, ruler at that time of the Khazar Kingdom, decided to abolish the practice of phallic worship and other forms of idolatrous worship and make one of the three monotheistic religions, about which he knew very little, the new state religion. After a historic session with representatives of the three monotheistic religions King Bulan decided against Christianity and Islam and selected as the future state religion of the Khazar Kingdom the religious worship then known as "Talmudism", and now known and practiced as "Judaism". This event is well documented in history.

King Bulan and his 4000 feudal nobles were promptly converted by rabbis imported from Babylonia for the event. Phallic worship and other forms of idolatry were thereafter forbidden. The Khazar kings invited large numbers of rabbis to come and open synagogues and schools to instruct the population in the new form of religious worship. It was now the state religion. The converted Khazars were the first population of so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe. So-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe after the conversion of the Khazars are the descendants of the Khazars converted to "Talmudism", or as it is now known "Judaism", by the 7th century mass conversion of the Khazar population.

After the conversion of King Bulan none but a so-called or self-styled "Jew" could occupy the Khazar throne. The Khazar Kingdom became a virtual theocracy. The religious leaders were the civil administrators also. The religious leaders imposed the teachings of the Talmud upon the population as their guide to living. The ideologies of the Talmud became the axis of political, cultural, economic and social attitudes and activities throughout the Khazar kingdom. The Talmud provided civil and religious law.

It might be very interesting for you, my dear Dr. Goldstein, if you have the patience, to allow me to quote for you here from Volume IV, pages 1 to 5, of the Jewish Encyclopedia. The Jewish Encyclopedia refers to the Khazars as "Chazars". The two spellings are optional according to the best authorities. The two are pronounced alike. Either Khazar or "Chazar" is pronounced like the first syllable of "costume" with the word "Czar" added onto it. It is correctly pronounced "cos(tume)Czar. The Jewish Encyclopedia has five pages on the Khazars but I will skip through them:

"CHAZARS: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with THE VERY BEGINNINGS OF THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS OF RUSSIA. . . driven on by the nomadic tribes of the steppes and by THEIR OWN DESIRE FOR PLUNDER AND REVENGE. . . In the second half of the sixth century the Chazars moved westward. . .The kingdom of the Chazars was firmly established in MOST OF SOUTH RUSSIA LONG BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE RUSSIAN MONARCHY BY THE VARANGIANS (855). . .At this time the kingdom of the Chazars moved westward. . .The kingdom of the Chazars stood at the height of its power AND WAS CONSTANTLY AT WAR. . .At the end of the eighth century. . .the chagan (king) of the Chazars and his grandees, TOGETHER WITH A LARGE NUMBER OF HIS HEATHEN PEOPLE. EMBRACED THE JEWISH RELIGION. . .The Jewish population in the entire domain of the Chazars, in the period between the seventh and tenth centuries, MUST HAVE BEEN CONSIDERABLE. . .about the NINTH CENTURY, IT APPEARS AS IF ALL THE CHAZARS WERE JEWS AND THAT THEY HAD BEEN CONVERTED TO JUDAISM ONLY A SHORT TIME BEFORE. . .It was one of the successors of Bulan named Obadiah, who regenerated the kingdom and STRENGTHENED THE JEWISH RELIGION. He invited Jewish scholars to settle in his dominions, and founded SYNAGOGUES AND SCHOOLS. The people were instructed in the Bible, Mishnah, and the TALMUD and in the 'divine service of the hazzanim'. . In their writings the CHAZARS USED THE HEBREW LETTERS. . .THE CHAZAR LANGUAGES PREDOMINATED. . .Obadiah was succeeded by his son Hezekiah; the latter by his son Manasseh; Manasseh by Hanukkah, a brother of Obadiah; Hanukkah by his son Isaac; Isaac by his son Moses (or Manasseh II); the latter by his son Nisi; and Nisi by his son Aaron II. King Joseph himself was a son of Aaron, AND ASCENDED THE THRONE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW OF THE CHAZARS RELATING TO SUCCESSION. . .The king had twenty-five wives, all of royal blood, and sixty concubines, all famous beauties. Each one slept in a separate tent and was watched by a enuch. . .THIS SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN THE BEGINNING OF THE DOWNFALL OF THE CHAZAR KINGDOM. . .The Russian Varangians established themselves at Kiev. . .until the final conquest of the Chazars by the Russians. . .After a hard fight the Russians conquered the Chazars. . .Four years later the Russians conquered all the Chazarian territory east of the Azov. . .Many members of the Chazarian royal family emigrated to Spain. . .Some went to Hungary, BUT THE GREAT MASS OF THE PEOPLE REMAINED IN THEIR NATIVE COUNTRY."

The greatest historian on the origin and the history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe was Professor H. Graetz, himself a so-called or self-styled "Jew". Professor H. Graetz points out in his famous "History of the Jews" that when so-called or self-styled "Jews" in other countries hear a rumor about so-called or self-styled "Jews" in the Khazar Kingdom they believe these converted Khazars to be the "lost ten tribes". These rumors were no doubt responsible for the legend which grew up that Palestine was the "homeland" of the converted Khazars. On page 141 in his "History of the Jews" Professor H. Graetz states:

The Chazars professed a coarse religion, which was combined with sensuality and lewdness. . .After Obadia came a long series of Jewish Chagans (kings), for ACCORDING TO A FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF THE STATE ONLY JEWISH RULERS WERE PERMITTED TO ASCEND THE THRONE. .For some time THE JEWS OF OTHER COUNTRIES HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONVERSION OF THIS POWERFUL KINGDOM TO JUDAISM, and when at last a vague rumor to this effect reached them, THEY WERE OF THE OPINION THAT CHAZARIA WAS PEOPLED BY THE REMNANT OF THE FORMER TEN TRIBES."

When the Khazars in the 1st century B.C. invaded eastern Europe their mother-tongue was an Asiatic language, referred to in the Jewish Encyclopedia as the "Khazar languages". They were primative Asiatic dialects without any alphabet or any written form. When King Bulan was converted in the 7th century he decreed that the Hebrew characters he saw in the Talmud and other Hebrew documents was thereupon to become the alphabet for the Khazar language. The Hebrew characters were adapted to the phonetics of the spoken Khazar language in order to provide a means for providing a written record of their speech. The adoption of the Hebrew characters had no racial, political or religious implication.

The western European uncivilized nations. which had no alphabet for their spoken language adopted the alphabet of the Latin language under comparable circumstances. With the invasion of western Europe by the Romans the civilization and the culture of the Romans was introduced into these uncivilized areas. Thus the Latin alphabet was adopted for the language of the French, Spanish, English, Swedish and many other western European languages. These languages were completely foreign to each other yet they all used the same alphabet. The Romans brought their alphabet with their culture to these uncivilized nations exactly like the rabbis brought the Hebrew alphabet from Babylonia to the Khazars when they introduced writing to them in the form of the Talmud's alphabet.

Since the conquest of the Khazars by the Russians and the disappearance of the Khazar Kingdom the language of the Khazars is known as Yiddish. For about six centuries the so-called or self-styled "Jews" of eastern Europe have referred to themselves while still resident in their native eastern European countries as "Yiddish" by nationality. They identified themselves as "Yiddish" rather than as Russian, Polish, Galician, Lithuanian, Rumanian, Hungarian or by the nation of which they were citizens. They also referred to the common language they all spoke as "Yiddish" also. There are today in New York City as you know, my dear Dr. Goldstein, many "Yiddish" newspapers, "Yiddish" theatres, and many other cultural organization of so-called or self-styled "Jews" from eastern Europe which are identified publicly by the word "Yiddish" in their title.


Dharma, allow us a rest please. We will take up with the "Yiddish" language when we return so please mark the JOURNAL.



The original mess in Russia was supported by the Banksters of the New World Order Planners. The Bolsheviks were in charge and the Zionists are STILL IN EFFORT TO TAKE THE REINS--AND ARE DOING SO. Communism was BIRTHED by the Zionist "Israelis". All leaders in the Communist government who structured same--were JEWS! Do "I" somehow "hate the Jews?" No, one of my closest friends is "Jewish". It is YOU who do not understand!

Who does the media get to SPEAK ON THE SUBJECT OF COMMUNISM AND YOU AND RUSSIA? Right, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Kissinger, et al. These are not native citizens of America--they are imported Russian Zionists WITH NAME CHANGES! THEY ARE, FURTHER,. THE ONES WHO RUN YOUR NATION, U.S.A.ians.


Come now, sleepyheads--you are worse than in a "cold war" THIS DAY! The very ones coming down on you have access to the nuclear devices in the old "Soviet" arcade--and the other half are at odds already, with the new order. What do you think your chances might be?--check any trains lately?--other than the ones "falling" off bridges--"accidentally", I'm sure??

I have gotten back a response or two concerning the "towers" for "nuclear" communications needs. I get, "That is just not so," and "Why would one object to use of land in such an im-portant matter?" to, "Hatonn, you are now totally bonkers--give us a rest!" Ok, I shall--Dharma, just run the article arriving yesterday from Utah. Thank you--case rests!

Quoting: Daily Spectrum, St. George Utah. Sept., 1993.


From the Associated Press, Kanab, Utah -- Despite the protests of Kane County residents, the Air Force will build a 300-foot communications tower east of Kanab, Utah next spring.

County officials were notified of the decision last week.

County Commissioner Glen Martin and other residents have voiced concern about the tower's effect on the community's economy and health.

"The federal government has nearly 5 million acres in this county--WHY DO THEY PICK FIVE MILES OF PRIVATE LAND AND TAKE IT OUT OF OUR TAX BASE?," Martin asked.

Most complaints centered on perceived health threats from the tower. Dirk Van Kijk, a former electromagnetic specialist now living in Kanab, told the commission in June that the tower emits an electromagnetic field that threatens "anything with a brain and nervous system".

He says electromagnetic fields increase the risks of cancer, central nervous system damage and psychological trauma.

But the Air Force dismisses such claims, comparing the tower to a low-wattage radio station transmitter.

"That's not to say if you climbed the tower and hugged the antenna for a few hours it wouldn't hurt you," said Air Force spokesman Roy Heitman. "But under normal circum-stances, if you stay outside of the fence and not climb on it, nothing will happen to you."

The Air Force spent more than two years studying the health effects of the Ground Wave Emergency Network, with the National Academy of Sciences signing off on the project's safety. [H: Hum-n-n, is that not one of the "groups" spoken of by Dr. Coleman in the branches of the Committee of 300?]


Fifty-four of the towers have been built. In addition, the Air Force is nearing a decision on a site north of Elberta, Utah in Utah County. [H: See what I mean--how can you get only 83- 150 miles apart and cover the whole U.S. when two are going up--by public announcement--right there in Utah]

During the time the Air Force studied electromagnetic radiation from the towers, Kane County residents thought the multi-million-dollar GWEN project had died. [H: Note the other article we ran last week--so did THEY.] But late last spring the Air Force notified county officials that it was close to reaching a final decision (regarding placements).

Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, recently joined opponents nation-wide to GWEN, saying it was a relic of the Cold War that can't be justified by its $32 million price tag. But the money was appropriated three years ago and two-thirds of the towers are in place, making chances of stopping it in Utah nil, Bennett said.

Activists are still hopeful of killing GWEN. Steve Erickson, a spokesman for local military watchdog group Downwinders said legislation has been filed in the House and Senate to terminate the GWEN program.


* * *

OK, go back and read the information as listed above: "...54 of the towers have been built." Do you REALLY believe that you will shut it down when already they have built more than half of the intended towers? It doesn't matter what they do not tell you--what they do "tell" you is sufficient to reason with "logic". Wisdom says the towers will be built and the pulses will be set against you--you had best consider your possibilities and protection and do less "activising"!

The team here is willing to do what they can do to serve you and your needs--they are NOT WILLING TO BE CLOSED DOWN OR SHOT OR INCARCERATED BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE AND HEAR AND "THEN", WANT ALL THE ANSWERS HANDED TO YOU AFTER THE FACT. GOD IS A HARD TASKMASTER, MY FRIENDS, AND IF YOUR PREACHERS AND MAN-DOCTRINED RELIGIONS HAVE TOLD YOU OTHERWISE--YOU ARE BETTER OFF TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE FACTS! As a myth example: Noah built his arc as my people are bringing the Word and the way it "is". Their job is to make that "arc" work and be ready for the next move--not to dally with arguments over your ideas of religion or politics. You may believe ANYTHING you wish, dance any way you wish and sing any way you wish--or NOT, ours is to notify OUR PEOPLE of the facts and let them heed the warnings and preparations--nothing more. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE TUNE--TURN OFF THE RADIO--IT IS THE TIME OF CALLING GOD'S PEOPLE--AND "THEY" WILL HEAR AND SEE! WE HAVE NO RELIGION--WE SERVE LIGHTED GOD CREATOR/CREATION--NO MORE AND NO LESS. YOU SERVE WHOMEVER YOU DESIRE--MY PEOPLE WILL NOT BE SACRIFICED FOR YOUR "DRUTHERS"! If we never write another JOURNAL or lesson--Dharma will have done her job as will my people here. They, too, need to prepare and have worked so diligently on YOURS that they have ignored their own problems only to find themselves "homeless", propertyless, poverty-stricken and un-prepared for even the most glaring natural disaster for the most part. The "bread" has been cast upon the waters and if ones wish not to partake, so be it. My people will not attend YOUR lack of wisdom in actions. We will continue as we can but even that seems to be shortening in time as abilities become limited. They have efforted to support and help to the limits of abilities with actions and cash, patriots in trouble, networks for Faxes, etc., AND THERE ARE NO FUNDS HERE! THE MASSES ARE SPEAKING AND THE MESSAGE IS QUITE CLEAR-- "WE ARE NOT GOING TO HELP YOU HELP US!" MOST WHO COULD DO SO--HAVE GIVEN ALL THEY HAVE TO THE EXTENT OF ACTUALLY LOSING THAT WHICH THEY "DID" HAVE. This is ALL part of the PLAN 2000, my friends, and "I" nor mine can do anything about it.

Oh, we get lots of "advice" such as "...stop all that religious crap and the personal stuff no one cares about and you will at least be able to match Spotlight because you have a better paper..." Goodness, thanks a lot. The ONLY thrust we have is to awaken the people to their SPIRITUAL Truth with GOD. Also, the one "authority" said to, along with hundreds of other readers, "...get rid of that Hatonn and get with what is needed." Sorry, the paper is for the communications of ME and ours, with you who are also a part of our team. Anyone else is free to read, sass, accuse or abuse--but alas, you do not get the golden eggs into production by slaying the goose who lays them. If YOU know so confounded much about fixing your nation and becoming the authority of everything, including when I should make entry and be "visible"--WHY IS YOUR NATION IN SUCH TURMOIL AND MESS? IF YOU KNEW AND DID NOT ACT--WHY THINK YOU THAT. WE WOULD FEEL YOUR "EXPERT" ADVICE IS VERY VALID OR THAT YOUR LEADERSHIP SHOULD BE FOLLOWED? DOES THIS MEAN ONE LESS SUBSCRIPTION? IF THAT IS ALL YOU WANT--TO CONTROL THE PAPER AND CONTENTS--THEN IT IS YOUR LOSS, NOT OURS.

If, also, as you state, you wish to protect George Green then I suggest you do it elsewhere--WHERE HE HAS PERHAPS NOT SO DELIBERATELY STOLEN FROM, DEVASTATED AND DAMAGED THE PARTICIPANTS. If YOU are not interested, the least you can do as a "new" reader is allow those who are and inquire--to keep up--it is not their problem, nor mine--to inform you--especially by not responding to the readers who DO INQUIRE--CONSTANTLY!

I, nor none of "mine", are here to SAVE any thing. My mission is to bring you the information which most impacts you and allow you to see and hear. IF any wishes salvation--go for it--save yourself--YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO SO. IF part of your "saving self" plan is to go somewhere more secure toward God and through my help--you will come to meet MY REQUIREMENTS! IT WILL NOT BE THROUGH YOUR DEMANDS THAT YOU WILL MAKE IT ABOARD MY CRAFT! GOD SETS NO CONDITIONS ON HIS ABIDING LOVE FOR EACH OF YOU--HE PUTS REQUIREMENTS ON EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF YOUR BEING! IF YOU FORGET THAT FOR ONE MINUTE--YOU ARE IN DIRE TROUBLE!

These are points to ponder most carefully for your "time" is running very short as the times of tribulation sweep across the lands of physical environment. May WISDOM be your watchword, your shield and your buckler. Salu.



WED., SEP. 22, 1993 12:22 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 037

WED., SEPTEMBER 22, 1993


(Editor's Note: This is an unexpected bonus. It is a letter written [by Cmdr. Haton in answer to a letter] to a most loyal and giving person under attack by the IRS. It is so helpful that we have edited out the personal references so that we can share it with you.)

In response to your letter of petition I shall answer you in terms most likely unexpected.

You are responding to a situation in which you have so little control--in a predictable and intentionally precipitated (by the adversary) manner. This is not to make "light" of the situation but, rather, to bring understanding and insight into the situation.

If I could do so, I would take your burden, brother, and allow you to go on without harassment or threat--I can't. The onset of the problems were prior to the time I had input of any measurable participation and I cannot take the cup from your hands.

All things offered in the volume JOURNAL mentioned are valid approaches as offered by studied and knowledgeable Constitutional students. Will the response to the IRS (Government) work? How so? If you win, it certainly WILL NOT have worked FOR THEM--and that is what is in point in every encounter of this type. This is blatant force against Constitutional RIGHT. If there is little for them to gain from you--then it "should" at least give continuance to further "time". You CAN demand a jury trial--but the courts do not recognize the "shoulds" of the law any longer except when that is in their own best interests. These are the very things proving that which we have written and spoken--and I have no authority over it. That does not mean that YOU DO NOT--nor that in asking for guidance of higher Source, you will not be given insight into that which will serve you BEST. But, my friend, DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHICH IS "BEST"?

Often we of God's messengers are torn in the evidence placed before us and the requests for service. A man will ask, "In God's best plan let HIS will be done that I may serve for the best CAUSE the CREATOR." Then, he proceeds to want to be taken out of his turmoil and the solution be to his liking or that of his spouse or other inputters. Certainly there will be no "trial" with jury--until it is required! As for the help you are receiving in a Constitutional manner--you have good input and resource, Your attachments show very professional and genuine inquiry into your charges, etc., so if it is not a purely railroaded situation, you should be given hearing at the very least.

"Can" they come and take your things? Yes--for that which they do is "legal" even if totally and completely unlawful! You ones are INTO THE TRIBULATION and THE NEW WORLD ORDER--and what is Constitutional or RIGHT has nothing to do with any circumstance. Remember--the Elite PLAN TO HAVE EVERYTHING!

If the IRS has determined to simply make an "example" of your case--it will make its case in its own favor! You must emotionally prepare for such circumstance. Now, easy for me to say? No--but honest in observation. You can only do that which you can do--NO MORE! Therefore, let us look at what you have that IS OF VALUE--beyond any "thing" you perceive as of value.

You have really only BEGUN your journey into service of and unto LIFE! Do you have to "hide" from this wondrous course to keep peace and survive and run your business as if you are a magnate? Or, do you realize that to do your work to its best advantage--you will come to the point of appearances of NOTHING and LOSS?

If you are losing ANYWAY, is it not better to confront the other "problems" of your expression and daily living and understand that there is always GOOD and positive outcome of that which seems darkest and dankest?

I cannot make this case "go away" as if it were not ever there-- but, perhaps I can put it into perspective for your ponderance so that devastation emotionally is not among your responses.

If they are already in the act of taking your property--be that which it may--they will not pull away easily for they will have conjured some scheme to allow them to win--even if it be with the ATF forces. If, indeed, it would come to that--and it well may--what gain you by either losing rest and sleep and being unable to attend your purpose for mankind and God--AND/OR standing with arms to try and stop them from casting you out? Either way--you lose! So let us check into "winning".

Let us consider the very most and worst possibility in the usual thinking man's head: they take everything but your small personal possessions. What have they taken? THINGS! In your instance it has become "things" which are already a burden to you in your own life-stream and no longer giving you peace and joy--just harassment and constant discomfort.

All men should be able to pursue happiness, success and home, shelter, food and joy. But you are in a time wherein that will be taken from you--in that instance you must decide and choose HOW you will allow this to manipulate you. I did not say "your wife" or "your family"--I said YOU for YOU are the only one you have actual control or right of action.

Why I choose to take the worst scenario of "total loss" is so that you begin to think "positively" and not be overwhelmed by ANY court outcome. It is hard for your property to be confiscated--Dharma and E.J. watched the government take everything they had and sell it right with them in the dwelling. YOU CAN SURVIVE THAT EMOTIONAL PAIN IF YOU TURN TO THAT WHICH IS POSITIVE IN WHAT "IS".

You are at disadvantage for the one closest to you is not WITH you. That, too, however, is not of our doing--and possibly not of yours either--the point is that you respond more to that one than to God's own soft whisper of comfort. This does not mean you should be hardened to fact or feelings OR desire to give away whatever you have--the point is to be able to continue in the line of fire--without getting blown away.

Again, the worst case--they TAKE everything: your home, your "everything". What do you do? Well, you start "clean" and "broke" and you STAY THAT WAY TO YOUR DYING DAY! INTENTIONALLY! IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO TAKE--THEY CANNOT TAKE IT.

Does this mean that you can shelter that which WAS BEFORE? Probably not to great, great extent--but yes, even some of that-- once you and they sit to negotiate. If you refuse to negotiate-- they will take it with the gun--if you do not win on legal merit-- then you had best negotiate--OR LET THEM WIN IN TOTAL.

This SEEMS horrendous and at first it is something you cannot imagine--but that only postpones the facing of the problem in its real proportion. I repeat, you will either win on the merit of the LAW or in spite of the LAW "they" CAN AND PROBABLY WILL TAKE IT ALL!

In the total "losing" is often the beginning of the true "winning" for you can structure your "future" under shelters which will, again, cover you only as long as "they" leave you alone. The adversary gives no quarter, my friend.

If the worst comes about--it DOES give you freedom to make some careful and planned decisions about what happens to you from that point. For instance, there will, at some point as we can obtain funding--be a plant for our ongoing "products" right here, over there and "around" yonder. This would give you a chance for consideration of your own location.

YOU are no failure because your service is answered by the IRS in such manner as is happening to you. Errors in the past may be what gives this consequence--but it certainly does not represent some kind of "failure"--quite the contrary--"If you are taking flack--you are on target."

Can "YOU" take the flack? YES! You are destined for great service---if YOU CHOOSE IT. The enemy will always tear you asunder if you allow it to happen. You are not at an ENDING of some kind--YOU ARE AT A BEGINNING! It does not make the journey any easier except to realize "direction" and that YOU CANNOT BE ALONE! IF YOUR PURPOSE BE GOD'S--HE DOESN'T STRAY EVEN A BREATH AWAY! I REMIND YOU--YOU CAN BE DESERTED BY EVERY OTHER IN THE WORLD--AND GOD IS THERE AS THE FOUNDATION OF THE UNIVERSE!

Remember on the morrow, that you are not actually facing your firing squad--but a bunch of thieves and robbers over which you have little control--nor do they even know it of themselves. You will prevail more quickly if you do not give them a great guilt trip for their heinous ways--stand with the law, ask them for understanding within that law, treat them as ones with gracious intent (give the dog a good name and he is more likely to effort to respond likewise) and do not PUSH patriotism and "you can't do this 1" Appeal to honor, respect and petition for kind hearing for you have only done that which you BELIEVED TO BE RIGHT AND YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CHARGES NOR EVEN "WHY" THERE ARE CHARGES. THEY WILL RESPOND TO YOU MORE GENTLY IF YOU APPROACH THEM GENTLY. That way they have to prove their own bad esteem to themselves and no man wishes to think little of himself. I liken it to entering an intersection wherein a car without right-of-way is bearing down on you and you TAKE the right-of-way duly yours--you might well have the right-of way--dead right about the issue--DEAD right in the ending also.

I also suggest you tell "them" that you have prayed diligently in the name of Holy God that this be resolved fairly. I said "The name of Holy God" (not a bunch of religious chanting) and you trust that "they" will honor truth and justice. If nothing else, this calls God to your side and the presence is as big as the gloom upon your world--give a reason for the ones in confrontation to do "something nice" tomorrow. Appeal to the "goodness" within--for if you have a robot confronting you--it matters not, beloved brother, and we must face those consequences. Souled man will respond to the gentle presence of goodness--he must, for the adversary is demanded to be put aside in the presence of God called upon. Do not so much as respond to any question without pulling in your shield of LIGHT and the presence and input of guides of Light and God! AND LISTEN--LISTEN TO THE VOICE WITHIN IN GUIDING YOUR RESPONSES AND INQUIRIES.

I tell you now, you shall prevail--even if it not be of such appearance, son. These are the ways of these days come upon the world--and none can change them at the whim of "druthers"--it shall be through the unified commitment WITH GOD. Nothing happens to an individual which is not truly sanctioned by that same individual. Take the responsibility and you shall not be left in confusion. You will never "understand" the actions of evil come upon your world--but you can "best" them.

In loving care and brotherhood, I shall be there with you--do not forget to ask me in. Thank you.

Salu and Adonai




THU., SEP. 23, 1993 11:08 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 038

THU., SEPTEMBER 23, 1993


Let us divert from the day's "urgents" and consider one of the "products" which we will bring in (hopefully) October: GAIALYTE. What is it? Can we just use MO-GU tea? Why is it more expensive than any simple fruit juice? Who conjured such a boggle of "stuff'?

In order:

GaiaLyte is brought forth from that which was called Kargasok Tea. This was what was grown in the ultra-high lands in a LOT of ultra-violet (and higher) rays of solar origin. This IS the basic component of MU-GU tea as we have used the tea by that name. There are so many "names" that we specify simply for definition. The FACT IS, it is NOT the same for we are now growing the resource from an entirely different growing medium. The GaiaLyte will be a fully integrated electrolytic liquid. The "drink" which will be brought as a "concentrate" (3 to 1 minimum--as much to one as you like maximum) contains EVERYTHING supplemental to Gaiandriana--INCLUDING A GROWING-PROGRAMMING BASE OF GAIANDRIANA AND BASIC DRIANAS. It will also contain enough Carbragaia to equal a full schedule of what is being used in Mexico-(shark-fin cartilage). If you are using MO-GU--keep on--it can only enhance your full-rounded intake--but it WILL NOT be the same. However, the "new" drink will supply all you need without it. Do as you wish for this is NOT A MEDICAL PROGRAM OF ANY KIND. We are not physicians as in Medical Doctor; we are not anything--except hopefully, sharers of in-formation.

The GaiaLyte will have a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, Ginkgo , Echinacea, Chlorella, Oxygenators, Aloe Vera--everything necessary to "program" the cells in the tea membrane AND the Gaiandriana included. No, this does not replace the Gaiandriana used otherwise. This is a PERFECT medium to enhance the ability of the Gaiandriana you already take to en-hance itself--reinforcement fuel, if you will. There is a lot more included but this is sufficient to give you an idea.

We are efforting to keep the "quantity" base to a quart for shipping purposes and economy. You can dilute the concentrate with water AND/or anything you like. I ask that you ADD two things to the reconstituted drink: apple juice (unfiltered prefered) (at least a fourth cup per fourth cup of concentrate) AND Cranberry juice (at least a fourth cup per forth cup of concentrate). [This would increase each serving by a minimum of 1/2 cup.] The apple juice is directly needed to flush out the gall bladder and the cranberry juice flushes out the bladder (urine). You may use as much as you like of either OR both and I would hope you would do so on a continuing basis because of the value of these two products and their focus of use.

I believe you will find it a very tasty beverage but I ask that no matter how "good", just keep to the "program" amounts or you may find yourself a bit "woozy" immediately after intake. This is due more to the Aloe Vera present than the tea itself--but as you know, even the MO-GU tea can make you quite lightheaded. There is no alcohol in the beverage although you may very well think so as the body rushes to uptake the fuel supply. This is not a medical-chemical concoction so you could take the entire bottle without damage or hazard--but you might well not feel so great for a bit afterward and it is totally UNNECESSARY for any expected positive response.

Readers, please consider this statement carefully: This is not like taking an antibiotic with flu or sore-throat. This is a well-body systemic enhancement. It sometimes, as with other persons' elixir--takes weeks or months to feel any difference. ONCE balanced, however, you will note that at onset of infection, cold, etc., if you take around six ounces of Gaiandriana and double up on the GaiaLyte--you will probably note positive response in about an hour. Remember-- you are activating the enhanced immune system and it takes a while to accomplish this task. If you expect instant perfection, disappearance of scar-tissue, long fingernails to paint in pretty pictures, return your hair color to what it was at 15-yrs., you are barking up the wrong Gaia-tree. Most of you have worked 30, 40, 50--60-80 years to mess up yourself to the extent you have--give GOD a chance to work WITH you for a couple of weeks at least.

We have one precious friend from right in our immediate circle in the hospital RIGHT now as we speak. She was not feeling well a few weeks ago and I asked to have her run through the "program". She is in the hospital and a massive amount of "stuff" was drawn from one of her lungs. .The interesting part is that the substance being removed is causing the hospital staff grief--because they don't find what anyone would expect. They realize that something was going on in the lung in point--probably massive infection or tumors but the removed substance is confusing for it doesn't seem to fit anything "ongoing"--even testing for "mystery disease". So, what is it? Well, I might suspect that it is the result of a breaking down of mutant cells from tumors, blood clots from some type of injury or isolated infection in the lungs. We have noted, as has Merkl, that when tumors or infectious clumps break down--they reduce the tumors to "mush" and then have to be either surgically removed sometimes or go through a long period of self-removal in the "waste" systems.

Will this mean "she" is totally healed and awaiting the OK to come home? No--it DOES, however, mean that she is alive and would probably otherwise be quite dead with this much build-up of fluid--one lung was all but useless for air intake. Ongoing illness and "cure"? Come now--I am not in the medical business--nor even the "diagnosis" business. You would have to ask HER. Further, she may well undergo all sorts of things while hospitalized, such as X-rays, antibiotics, etc. These are accepted treatments in a medical setting so "who knows?"--we just pray that she will rally her own resources and heal. Beloved ones, it is ALL anyone can do--doctors do not "cure" nor "heal"--THE PATIENT DOES--all things done by a physician are tools to aid the body to do its own healing.

I conjured the boggle of "stuff" and Dharma has worked day and night as if in a laboratory and, now, we have it with everything it now needs. As we move along we will also enhance its own frequency level which will transfer to the body of anyone taking it--just as with Gaiandriana--only in a much different manner of utilization. Remember, you are now in the time of having to brace yourselves against the pulses and electromagnetic fields being structured against you--such as those "towers" we have been writing about being placed all over your globe. This will also enhance the ability to utilize the higher ultra-violet, and above, rays without simply converting them to cancer and skin atrophy. This does not mean to stop protecting your-selves to the best of your ability for there is so much left to thrust upon you that you must utilize all care and possible protection at every occasion.

Your immune T-cells are very, very prevalent in the skin, friends. Further, if you can--use PABA-based lotions for skin protection (sunscreen) because it is marvelous for the immune cells within the skin as fuel to keep them working. It is not just a "sun-blocker", the point is that it also enhances the dermal immune cells.


This is an expensive concentrate to produce as anyone using Aloe Vera and other of the ingredients would note right off. We tried to bring the cost lower but until we can find better resources, we are stuck with that which IS. What you have is a far, far better and more comprehensive product than Crystal Life ever began to be--just as is--even if it did not have living Gaiandriana in it. That product was, I believe, costing in the neighborhood of 80 dollars a bottle (quart). You will now have a gallon for less than an eighth the cost. Frankly, it COULD be used exactly like Crystal Life--in drops--but it is not so effective used that way--especially as you are efforting to BRING YOUR SYSTEM into balance and enhancement. Besides, I BELIEVE (Merkl does not) that you must have vitamin particulate present from which to program production by the cells--after they have lost their full-spectrum capabilities. We will walk, together, through the maze as best we can to reach full balance and capability. We are not yet to SURVIVAL mode--we are simply efforting to get prepared and realize what we can do for selves in an ongoing, non-competitive manner with the big-boys, and have whole-body enhancement along with offering the mind that which it needs to "sharpen up".


Because it is reactive with the juices and water. It will literally "change color" and it will not be appetizing even if taste is unchanged. It also will separate into component parts and MUST BE AGITATED (SHAKE IT). IT HAS LIVING CELLS HOWEVER, AND UNREFRIGERATED WILL EFFERVESCE (form gas). When your bottle arrives, I suggest you chill it FIRST--then remove top, replace top and shake well [then refrigerate)--or you may have GaiaLyte all over your ceiling and cupboards! It will react just as a shaken can of pop or champagne.

On this note, I would say, that the concentrate mixed with any flavored "pop" of any kind--is very, very tasty and delights the children--as well as with any punch mix or juice mixture.

You will have calories which must be considered in diabetic situations. I further suggest that you give a teaspoon, at least, of AQUAGAIA, along with the drink--to any diabetic because AquaGaia is "mitochondria" which is a basic manipulator of blood sugars and balancer of glucose-insulin producing glands. As for calories, they come from the necessary sugars used as medium base. The sugars are radically "changed" but still must be considered just as you would have to consider wine, sugar, pop or anything. Reconstituted, with WATER, you will have calorie equivalent of reconstituted Tang, fruit juice, punch, or any other beverage (such as regular pop). So, dilute with sugar free beverages and consider the fruit juice addition and you will be fine. THIS IN NO WAY EVEN BEGINS TO SUGGEST YOU CHANGE YOUR MEDICAL REGIME FOR DIABETES--ANY SUDDEN CHANGE TO A REGULATED "PATIENT" WOULD BE VERY NEGATIVE AT UPSTART. "IF" changes and refunction become apparent--the doctor will note it--DO NOT TREAT THIS LIKE A MEDICINE--IT IS NOT! If it is more suitable, say, with children, to give the juices separately (or even leave them off entirely) just go with what is comfortable for you. I REPEAT: THIS IS SIMPLY AN ENHANCEMENT TYPE OF PROGRAM--NOT A MEDICINAL REGIME NOR ARE THERE ANY CLAIMS OTHERWISE.


It is up to you. Obviously if you start off ILL, you will not feel like exercising. Any "body" is better off in having some exercise--but this has NOTHING to do with exercise--we leave that to the "fitness" proponents. This is likened to equating medicine with running or exercise with vitamins--they DO different things. THIS IS NOT AN EXERCISE ADJUNCT OF ANY KIND with one exception: THE ADDED OXYGENATION QUALITIES WILL ENHANCE STAMINA INCREDIBLY!

Thank you for your inquiries and we ask your patience. Our workers are volunteers and there is only a handful to do this massive load of preparations. Even our provider of the Gaiandriana and AquaGaia is sucked into IRS court these days in another "state"--so we will have to adjust as we can.

The "youngsters" are doing an IMPOSSIBLE task of structuring some kind of order in distribution, etc. I CAN promise you one thing--ALL will be well tended and timely--for that is what our volunteers are dedicated to provide in order to share with the rest of you, our team. We need YOU and, here, we understand WHY and no amount of work is spared in order to fill my necessary requests--I bless this team, for they are the very life-resource which will see our own troops through this "gathering" period. They serve with every adversarial arrow shot at them in addition--I simply, myself, do not know how to thank them for I give them one "impossible" task following another, superhuman tasks in "time" alone, jobs for which they have little or no background and ask them to both make it possible and learn it if you don't know it. What saves "the day" here almost EVERY day? A sense of humor and realization that if I ask them to do a thing--IT CAN BE DONE! AND IT IS!


You are going to end up in a terrible bind for "food". Food is the controlling factor in all wars--and in peace if the controller wants to manipulate YOU.

Hybridizing of seeds is the first most horrendous thing which has come to pass--for the seeds from a crop are worthless except for the eating. They will not reproduce.

This is why we are working on Spelt (and a specific type of Spelt--there are only four kinds) for it was the first food grain brought to your planet. ALL except the "common spelta" is "toxic". This means that it measures its environment and grows accordingly. This is a "thinking" grain. The "toxins" show up in varying degrees and once toxicity is established at a plus 2 or plus 3 (meaning contaminates such as pesticides and chemicals, etc.) it will not reproduce itself well, it will not make good breads, and so on. Genetically, the "common" variety (of which there is not very much around anymore) will continue to maintain itself in a "non-toxic" state or WILL NOT GROW. Spelta is radioactivity resistant and utilizes the higher wave light frequencies to advantage--not to store radiation for the unsuspecting "eater".


Now, this is fine for "grain" but what about proteins? It is interesting to note that the proteins in the Spelt are not as useful as might be thought. It is for other things that Spelt is valuable-- not protein. There are several proteins in the grain but we consider that some of the proteins which "become" present in the "toxic" grain are what causes it to be labeled "toxic" in the first place. So, you will need chlorella (algae), possibly yeast, and of course, you knew I would eventually get there--lentils (red preferably) and SOYBEAN curd, sprouts, tofu, milk and thus and so. So, I annoy the planters (who are not farmers but are becoming so) with, "Now, get some non-hybrid quality from the same "Common Spelt" resource--and lay out some fields as soon as we can have enough funds to lease them as purchasing is out of the question this season. The Spelt needs to go in the ground very, very soon to attend its winterizing.

THIS is why it is so hard to not have the resources which George Green has taken from this Institute. The Institute was established for the specific purpose of making available the resources for these projects. It reminds me of the thieves taking from the church donation boxes for the poor. How can ones steal from God's people when all they are doing is providing a foundation upon which a remnant can survive in wholeness and the masses can recover if they so-choose. Well, I always, like you, ask--and of course we all know the answer. We were never promised an easy go of it...!


In keeping with the two subjects above, please note that Don McAlvany has offered, in his most recent publication just brought to my attention, input on the subject of food and health.

You may well get a "card" that is your "everything" in the "system" (like your 'dog-tags') but you are NOT going to get good health care--the "system" is geared and orchestrated to get money for the profession and poor-care for you, at best.

The topic overall of this McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is: Greater Self-Sufficiency For Troubled Times: Getting Out of Harm's Way. I realize that every work is valuable but you will have to get the publication for all of it. I am through placing my scribe in focus for sharing information. I will utilize only a small portion of this because it is so insightful as to the problem--but unfortunately, there is little answer for you who would survive as remnant in the long-term (I mean REALLY long-term).



It is quite difficult to become totally food self-sufficient if you live in the city, or for that matter if you live in a small town. But you can prepare for unexpected emergencies, such as riots, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, tornados, floods (such as the recent ones in the Midwest), etc., which can interrupt food supplies for weeks or even months. This writer has long believed, and believes more strongly than ever today, that every family in America should have at least one year's supply of dehydrated or freeze dried food reserves for each member of their family.

This does not make you food self-sufficient on a long-term basis, but can carry you through an acute emergency, which could also include the loss of a job or business, with no income coming in. This writer has stored dehydrated food since 1970 (it should be rotated about every 5-7 years, but it has a shelf life of about 15 years). During the 1970s on two occasions when business income was down sharply, this writer and his family dipped into this food for several months at a time. It is excellent unemployment or low income insurance.

During Hurricane Andrew (which devastated south Florida), during the recent floods in the Midwest, and during the Los Angeles riots in 1991, many people could not get to the grocery stores, or the stores were closed, or their shelves empty, or in Los Angeles many were burned to the ground. This was true for convenience stores and fast food restaurants as well.

Many people did not have enough groceries on the shelf to last two days or even through a weekend. Some depended upon food handouts from FEMA and other relief agencies. In Los Angeles, some people sat behind locked doors with riots in the streets and with no weapons and no food--guarding their families with baseball bats. Americans are NOT well prepared--most think that a disaster or tough times cannot hit them--but recent events show that it can.

[H: For you ones who complain about all talk and no "do" on Earthquakes--watch it NOW! Note that on the TV as the cable networks try to restructure from the new regulations--a lot of "stuff" is coming on which you would find interesting--like Making of a Continent--about California--and her earthquakes!

The "BIG ONE" is now almost half a century OVERDUE and the cities along the coast are massive--MASSIVE. By all accounts the devastation will be beyond imagining! ARE YOU READY FOR WHATEVER COMES--TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY??

What do ones like Dharma and E.J. do about preparing? Well, they have had about all they have gathered--TAKEN. What is left is in court litigation and under constant attack. They have NOTHING and very little within the team has been "put away"--EXCEPT each one is responsible for attending own needs and each of the "outside" team is pretty well stored for short-term needs. We are efforting to set forth some "growing" fields to attend many and pray that we have the "time". Caroll Eagle sends organic bottled foodstuffs each month which IS put aside in storage against whatever comes and we are GRATEFUL. We will also have to insist that some of the Spelt be reserved and stored against these coming events. Otherwise, we do that which YOU must do--THE BEST YOU CAN AND SELECT THAT WHICH WILL SUSTAIN YOU IF YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE! You may THINK you can't live on green algae tablets and water purified with hydrogen peroxide--BUT YOU CAN! ADD A FEW OF THESE OTHER THINGS WE SPEAK ABOUT--AND YOU WILL DO NICELY--IN-DEFINITELY!

I am not in the advertising business and I don't know how Mc Alvany stacks up in comparison to other outlets for storage items but he does offer same through International Collectors Associates (ICA), which offers "dehydrated or freeze dried food as well as military issue MIRE's to its clients, as well as to MIA readers. Call ICA at 1-800-525-9556 for further information or assistance." There are many such out-lets--and perhaps Rick could list a few for you somewhere in this paper if he has them conveniently available.] (See end of this chapter.)


Twenty to thirty years ago, America had several years of food surpluses or reserves (i.e., two to four years at any given time) set aside for times of emergency, famine, drought, or war; much as our strategic metals stockpile used to be set aside for times of national emergency. Over the past decade or so, these food surpluses have been sold off or given as aid to other countries--especially to Russia.

Today, our food reserves in America are down to 30 to 40 DAYS, while certain people in the intelligence community believe that the KGB and Red Army in Russia have tucked away almost five years of food surpluses, certainly not for the Russian people but for a "rainy day" or the next war--to feed the KGB and the Russian Army.

Another phenomenon has been the bankruptcy or closure of over two-thirds of America's family farms over the past few decades--due to financial difficulties, low farm commodity prices, or government regulations such as the Draconian environmental laws. Most of this farm land has been taken out of production forever with much of it being incorporated into U.S. government lands. So with a burgeoning population (i.e., 265 million not counting tens of millions of illegals), America is now experiencing a sharp decline in food surpluses.

[McAlvany note: It should also be understood that over 95% of America's food production today is controlled by five multi-national food giants which comprise an "unofficial" multinational food cartel which controls U.S. (and global) food production, supplies, deliveries, and prices. This "big five" group works closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is closely tied to the New World Order and the Liberal Eastern Establishment, which control America's financial system, media, educational system and much of the government. The power to control food supplies win be the ultimate in people and population control in the emerging New World Order!]

For greater long-term food self-sufficiency, most families should take up gardening and/or learn how to grow vegetables hydroponically in a greenhouse. A 50x50 foot garden could grow most of the vegetables a family of four would need for a year, and could be grown even in the backyard of most city homes (not very privately, however).

Hans Schneider wrote about how the German people had to innovate to procure food during the Soviet occupation: "The food situation would have been a catastrophe to super-market shoppers. There was practically no food to be bought in those days. We found our supplies by picking berries and mushrooms in the mountains. We had a small garden where we had various fruits such as currants, gooseberries and cherries, as well as. strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and many other products. We used nettles as spinach which, by the way, is very healthful and very tasty if prepared properly. We used dandelion leaves and other wild edible greens for our salads.

"We had one goat and three chickens which supplied us with milk, meat and eggs. It was important to have only economical animals as there were no resources for fancy livestock and no time available to invest in that type of undertaking. Such easy-to-care-for animals provided people not only with food but also with leather, which they could prepare with just a few added items.

"All of the foods I mentioned were fresh products, and from those we could conserve for the wintertime. Many of the mush-rooms we sliced into thin pieces and hung on a string in a warm room or in the sunshine to dry. They were later added to meat dishes and made into delicious soups. We also were able to dry some fruits and vegetables, such as pears and apples, in a similar way. Many other vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, etc. , would keep through the winter imbedded in some soil or sand in specially constructed bins in our cellar.

"We were able to secure wheat by gathering the heads from the fields after the grain had been harvested. We rubbed them on an old-fashioned washboard placed in a container, so the kernels would be separated and collected. Then on a windy day we winnowed the wheat by slowing pouring it into another container placed about two feet below. These wheat kernels were ground for bread, cereal, etc. Even a simple coffee grinder will do."

When considering gardening or farming, it should be understood that most seeds today are hybrids--meaning that they have been crossed so much that they are not fertile (they can only give life one time--there is no second generation--and therefore new seeds must be bought each year). Large multinational agriculture companies control most of the hybrid seed production and therefore all future food production in America.

On the other hand, non-hybrid germinating seeds will continue to reproduce for generations (eliminating the need to buy new seeds) and can be stored for up to 10 years. If one gets serious about long-term food self-sufficiency, a large supply of non-hybrid seeds should be purchased and stored.


There are three problems with the medical system in America today. The FIRST is that traditional allopathic medicine doesn't have answers for most people with degenerative diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, Parkinsons disease, Alzheimer's, etc.--it cannot cure them. (It is now estimated that one out of three Americans in their lifetime will come down with cancer.) Nor does traditional medicine have cures for the host of new deadly viruses (including AIDS) which are coming on stream with a vengeance.

The SECOND and even greater problem is Hillary Clinton's and the Liberal Eastern Establishment's efforts to socialize the entire U.S. medical system as per Eastern Europe or Sweden.

The THIRD problem is that the government (via the FDA) seems to be in an unholy alliance with the American Medical Association and the large drug companies, in attempting to stamp out all forms of alternative medicine and is jailing doctors and practitioners of such medicine or seizing their clinics, equipment, records, and supplements--ostensibly to "protect the public". That's like protecting the public via the "drug war", or "privacy", or new "child abuse", or "terrorism", or "gun control" laws. It is called "controlling the people under the guise of protecting them." (Or is it called "population control"--a phenomenon we see currently with abortion and next euthanasia, and which we saw in Nazi Germany.)

[H: Right here I would like to have you ponder something! We speak of "Nazi Germany" as if it were all the people all of the time doing awful things. Guess what, Amerika, there were no more guilty Germans involved in the World Wars who abused anyone than there are Amerikans who abuse others. It is the same ratio and the SAME lineage who masterminded the entire horror film and it was NOT "ORIGINAL" GERMAN ANYTHINGS! Because less than 3% of your population is into war, immorality and other ghastly things--does that mean that ALL AMERICANS ARE TERRIBLE? NO--BUT YOU HAD BEST GO LOOK AT WHO, WHAT, HOW AND WHY--NOT TO MENTION WHERE AND WHEN--EVIL OVERRIDES EVERY FIBER OF YOUR NATION AND BEING]

There are a number of alternative medicine treatments, therapies, or modalities which have evolved, some over centuries and others in recent years, which have been very promising as far as controlling or eliminating certain degenerative diseases, as well as viruses. (The best kept little secret of our day is that many patients diagnosed as terminally ill are being cured of their diseases at alternative medicine clinics both in and out of the U.S.)

[H: Perhaps I should interject right here as the subject has come about above. You would be very wise as you find that which helps heal self--be quietly and silently shared with whomever you love and adore and believes as do you. Our intent is NOT to SAVE the world--why must your intent be to save anything--with our gifts? If a man will not even read our material--much less believe you or us--why would you effort to force him "aboard" and possibly take that which would have better served another on the team--IF--quantities were not distributed in places of the beast? There will be plenty for all who "believe upon God and MY laws". If a person denounces your trust, thrust and your resources--why would you spend that which is precious and beyond price on such attackers? Let Gaiandriana, as example, show itself in its own right--not through the touting to those who ridicule and reject. Leave them to wallow in their own nests of their own making--it is the way of God to allow without force, the righteousness of man. Man will heal himself and take action out of his mire--only when he is ready to do so for first of all in all instances--the ONE MUST DESIRE CHANGE IF CHANGE IS TO BE WROUGHT!]

These techniques' or therapies would include chelation therapy (which eliminates the need for much of the very expensive and unnecessary by-pass surgery), oxygen therapy (either ozone or hydrogen peroxide), enzyme and nutritional therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and bio-magnetic (bio-electric) therapies as well as a number of detoxification techniques designed to clean the poisons and toxins out of the body and strengthen the body's auto-immune system. A number of these fall into the category of "preventative medicine"--a concept which the traditional medical establishment by-and-large shuns. (Where is the profit in diseases or illnesses which are prevented?)

The government is systematically stamping out and closing down alternate (or preventative) medicine clinics, supplement and vitamin manufacturers, health food stores, herbalists and herbal supply houses, and either jailing or putting out of business many of these practitioners or manufacturers via a host of Nazi-style FDA rules and regulations, as they try to force everyone into their highly computerized, socialized medicine system.

As this process continues and accelerates, it will become necessary for people who believe in, and utilize preventative or alternate medical techniques, to either know like minded practitioners who will treat patients on a very low profile (i.e., almost underground) basis; to seek alternate medical treatments for diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc., outside of the U.S. (for those who can afford to travel to off-shore clinics) [H: Yes, there will be clinics already established south of your border wherein Gaiandriana therapies are utilized.] or to learn preventative medicine techniques which cannot be stamped out by "Big Brother".

Knowledge of detoxification techniques, proper diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, oxygen (i.e., hydrogen peroxide or ozone) therapy, enzyme therapy, vegetable juice fasting, and bowel management will be essential and perhaps life saving for you or members of your family.

If one cannot rely on the coming socialized medicine system, and if most facets of the practicing alternate medicine community have been shut down, then you will be forced to utilize natural, preventative medical techniques to, become medically self-sufficient--but first one must set aside any preconceived biases or prejudices against alternate medicine, and go on a crash course to become knowledgeable about the same.

Hundreds of natural (non-chemical) remedies and techniques practiced by our forefathers, by the Indians (once the most self-sufficient people in America), the Chinese, and others have been forgotten in our modern, affluent, sophisticated 20th century America. But in difficult times, when the entire system has gone into gridlock, or has ceased to function, as in Germany in the '30s and '40s or in Russia from 1917 forward, knowledge and expertise in these natural approaches may save your life.


* * *

I believe we can leave this now as I think you may well have "gotten the point". I am not here to tout anything and I do find that almost ALL of the other so-called "management" techniques are obsolete as presented but certainly, nonetheless, valid even if a bit "primitive" as we move along into understanding. However, that is for another lesson on another day. We are much as the prophets of old--unaccepted in our 'own homes. That, too, is fine with me, friends--I will bring home my family wherein and whereof I find them waiting and I would hope they have attended themselves so that they can make the passage in wholeness. I have no other intent whatsoever--certainly not to SAVE my own enemy!

Before we close this writing which has grown so lengthy that I must apologize--I must speak of confirmations of what I told you about netting tents, mosquito-borne viruses and, right now in California--the incredible numbers of yellow-jacket hornets. They are EVERYWHERE like a wave of nightmare experiences. USE THOSE TENTS WHEN OUTSIDE--THEY MAKE YOUR STAY OUTDOORS COMFORTABLE AND PROTECT YOU! To reinforce this please allow us to share an article sent to us yesterday from the Modesto Bee (California) 9/12/93:


By Alvie Lindsay, Bee staff writer.

Don't panic, but be careful.

That is the message from health and mosquito abatement officials in Stanislaus and Merced Counties where the number of mosquito-borne encephalitis cases in monitored chickens has risen to eight.

Although humans also can contract the potentially FATAL disease through mosquito bites, there are not yet any confirmed human cases locally.

"The virus is here and it's spreading," said John Schulte, a foreman for the East Side Mosquito Abatement District in Modesto. It's a deep concern, because people can get it. It's a devastating disease." [H: "They" are the same ones who told you AIDS was not a worry or concern.]

While concerned, health and mosquito abatement officials say there's no reason to panic just remind people to protect themselves....

....When the first case of encephalitis was discovered last month, local county health departments sent out advisory letters to area doctors [H: Oh well, surely then there is nothing to concern about!]

* * *

This goes on but I believe this is sufficient. How can you "protect yourselves"? They don't say!


NO--and I wonder how many of you know that it doesn't have anything to do with train wrecks, Russia's new order or Billary's socialized medicine?

Remember those "tests" in Nevada? Well, foolish and trusting friends--testing of the nuclear variety has NEVER SO MUCH AS SLOWED UP--IT IS JUST NOT NECESSARILY THE U.S. DOING THE TESTING (clever how the Elite cover conveniently through terminology--the Russians and British test right in Nevada with your facilities, sleeping beauties.) Well, here is a good one to share with you from the same reader:


LAS VEGAS--(9/9/93, Modesto Bee): While the country continues to observe (???) a moratorium on nuclear tests, officials are preparing a massive conventional explosion at the Nevada Test Site later this month. SOME 2.9 MILLION POUNDS OF CHEMICAL EXPLOSIVES will be set off shortly after midnight Sept. 22 deep inside a cavern.

Scientists hope monitoring of the blast will help them distinguish between normal explosions from mining or road construction and secret nuclear weapons tests.

* * *

And, how is YOUR week so far?


Journalist aside and out....



Editor's note: Commander Hatonn asked that a list of resources for emergency supplies be provided. We hope you find this list helpful and please let the dealers know how you found out about them. Oh yes, and thanks also to the resourceful wizardry of Rick Martin who whipped this list together for you from his amazing array of contacts and data!

Emergency Essentials, Inc.

352 N. State St., #B

Orem, UT 84057


Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

13309 Rosecrans Ave., Suite P

Santa Fe Springs, CA



Preparedness Resources

3999 South Main, #S-2

Salt Lake City, UT 84107

801-268-3913 X125

Perma Pak

3999 S. Main, #S-3

Salt Lake City, UT 84107

800-594-8974 X120

Gourmet Reserves

P. O. Box 926-P

Nevada City, CA 95959


Survival Supply Company

P. O. Box 1745P

Shingee Springs, CA 95682


Magic Mill

3686 South 2455 East

Salt Lake City, UT 84109


Alpine Foods

P. O. Box 926

Nevada City, CA 95959


Country Harvest

325 West 600 North

Heber City, UT 84032



Future Foods

P. O. Box 1922

Orem, UT 84059-1922


Life Sprouts

P. O. Box 150

Paradise, UT 84328

801-245-3891, 800-241-151



FRI., SEP. 24, 1993 11:58 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 039

FRI., SEPTEMBER 24, 1993


Dharma, the greatest gift we can offer our friends--is to continue with the outlay of the overall players in the PLAN and keep reminding readers of the PLAN itself. We can stop and offer confirmations and comment on the daily input of actions that never are seen on media or press--but that can be done by other staff as well. Too many things are happening all at once to be able to comment on each and all. I thank all of you for your continuous flow in confirmations and we shall attempt to get as much as possible out to the readers. YOU ARE IN THE NOOSE and dangling--choking, and it is planned to continue against you until you struggle no more and actually assist in the massive takeover of your very beings.

Our task is to continue the outlay of information as to the players in this massive game and its historical data importance. We cannot, nor have we any right, to attend any specific personage or nation--except "our own". Further, there is no desire or "right" on our part to push or force even our own brothers and sisters--we represent a remnant in Truth and therefore it is our service commitment to attend our business. MAN will move in his own chosen directions and it is our responsibility to attend that which is within our purposeful mission of achievement.

There are so many subjects yet to be covered in our writings that I can no longer place the shackles on our "hands" by continuing to have personal and daily literature and news counsel, to any great extent. Ones come within the assumed shield of our Command and begin to forget that THEY are not ALL. We will continue our efforts to assist where we can but when ones focus only on "selves" and how things affect only them--we are at great disadvantage. The first thing that must be KNOWN is that the Institute nor, most especially, the Ekkers--have nothing! Our enemy has seen to that and, therefore, help of material manner is all but non-existent herefrom.

Ones who assume they can have great impact on what goes on outside their own physical presence must come to see that what they "think" they have accomplished--has not happened. For instance, we are still just as bombarded from our very worldly enemies as ever--nothing has happened to lessen that circumstance and the "assumption" of authority may well be just that, "assumption" without basis. On the other hand--no-one KNOWS what goes on in a massive measure of great importance. So, my suggestion is to honor privacy, focus and allow us to also do our work as we can do it. There are myriads of activities needing attending at the same time in the whole of the globe--so "I" must ask patience and understanding from my own teams. YOU are not forgotten but it is impossible for my people to continue to work under the pressures imposed by expectation for "self" service. Also--until some of the more encapsulated ones realize they do not KNOW nearly as much as they "think" they do and, further, stop causing more adverse reaction by inappropriate actions, then we have to withdraw from any assistance AT ALL. We are not some individual's guru or serving nerds. WE ARE ALREADY IN A MAJOR "STANDOFF" WITH THE POWERS WHO WOULD CONTROL YOUR PLANET AND INDIVIDUAL DEMANDS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DISTRACT.

It is far past time that ones "out there" understand the total lack of funding even to keep the paper in press and cease and desist from asking coverage and/or that which is impossible along these lines from our people and/or the Institute. Both are under total surveillance as to actions and I shall not longer stand by and watch the enemy openly deceive and play with my people. If YOU want to help--get the funds back which were stolen and get some of the lawsuits settled so our people can get on with their work.

Doris and E.J. Ekker are totally bankrupt and have NO PROPERTY OR ASSETS. What is required to make this UNDERSTOOD? What George Green is telling everyone is only backed up by the continual seeking to extract funds from the dry turnip. Stop it. My people are "human" workers who would give you the very clothes from their bodies--but they have none left to give. They volunteer their services as do many others--for the inner joy and Truth that the service brings. They have nothing, and will never have anything for the "having" is stacked with judgments beyond the counting. They abide in this dwelling through the efforts of caretaking--the boxes still packed for immediate moving. There is nothing of ownership, even in the furnishings, as it works out now. They will assist as is possible in areas where they have some knowledge and are happy to offer that service but the ADVERSARY IS WRONG IN WHAT THEY HAVE TOLD EVERYONE FROM BO GRITZ TO THE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY--THE EKKER'S HAVE NOTHING! Moreover, almost ALL of the ones who have come to this place for this same purpose--HAVE NOTHING nor shall they ever be able to have anything. Ones who chose to call themselves friends and brothers--are naught but greedy adversaries who now show their own colors of cowardice and deceit. So be it. We will begin to close down our outlying efforts--projects will be funded as can be handled and otherwise, we will allow our people to exist as others--in some semblance of peace and rest. One after another of the court rulings are absolutely and totally AGAINST our participants and are so blatantly "fixed" as to be entertaining. YOU ARE IN IT--AMERICA--AND FOR MY PEOPLE IT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN FROM ANY PATRIOT OR CITIZEN CAUGHT EXPERIENCING IN THESE TIMES OF TRIBULATION.

I, nor any of the Hosts, nor the Master Captain Himself, claim to be anything, push anything or anyone--and certainly we do not call ourselves Jesus Savior, or any other religious label. WE ARE WHAT WE ARE--and MAN will do his own discerning and choosing. I am going to begin to allow my people right of passage also for their choices are already made. WE ARE NOT HERE AS DOOMSDAY SAVIORS OF YOUR EVIL EMPIRES--THAT IS FOR YOU ONES TO TINKER WITH AS YOU WILL. I, further, expect E.J. to abide by my wishes and carry forth as is, where appropriate--but back off with the making everything "right", somehow, for everyone who comes along and demands. I hope we can have under-standing?

You are going to continue to have problems at this dwelling until you listen to me and stop focusing all attention on the company that visits. No matter what IS, it is what APPEARS to be that brings the pain and misery. You said that there would be other arrangements in other places and that has NOT taken place. Why do you allow that which will bring problems to continue on and on? The church will ask you to remove yourselves if this continues to be a neighborhood focus. Furthermore, you will NEVER have any semblance of normal living as long as the focus is magnified as it is. I ALSO KEEP MY PROMISES! HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO "WIN" SOME OF THE THINGS VALIDLY POSSIBLE IF YOU CONTINUE TO ABUSE THE VERY PROPERTY ITSELF BY BRINGING FOCUS? YOU TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT WHICH IS NOT YOURS TO TAKE !!

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Let us get on with our major commission--THE WORD.. There are so many interruptions and other distractions that we are not doing our work but rather, everyone else's! Each must remember his role and self-reliance for none can rely on you further for it is not yours to solve all problems and most especially of commercial reference, for in so-doing you are assumed to have that which you do not. If I seem harsh, it is because you ones are eager to serve but choices now cause you to overstep the threshold wherein you cannot continue as is. It is time to somehow PROVE to the adversary that there is indeed, no group here and moreover, very little resource of central "doing" here. The adversary came, murdered, mutilated and ran away--WHILE LEAVING HIS SPIES AND WORKERS TO CONTINUE HIS SURVEILLANCE AND DEEDS. So be it--GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000!

Blessed be him who can see the LIGHT in all things.

I ask that we turn to Iron Curtain Over America for the next segment of input. It is dealing with "war" and it bears information which must be integrated within the "whole" with the "300". I give full credit to the work and honor to the authors of these volumes in point. Please, editor, continue to present the resources and their place of distribution. (Iron Curtain is an old book and we have failed to find a source. The source for "300" is World Intelligence Review, 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706.) I am tired of silly games over "truth".

Nora has done some most interesting work and investigation of matters which effect us greatly--one being: THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTE and a name or two that seems to fit into several branches and working organizations which deny any relationship one with the other. I have no intention of speaking further on the issue for my scribe has "paid" dearly and quite enough for my bringing you Truth. The court has ruled "that she is me" and I, Hatonn, must consider that as a promise to imprison her if I continue to outlay' some truths. If you wish the Truth of the universal order and workings--then you shall have to do your homework. Just realize, please, that answers have not yet been given forth because of these very assaults upon our people. So be it.

QUOTING Iron Curtain Over America:


In a speech before the Dallas, Texas, Alumni Club of Columbia University on Armistice Day, 1950, General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that as Supreme Commander in Europe he made a habit of asking American soldiers why they were fighting the Germans and 90% of the boys said they had no idea. Very significantly, General Eisenhower did not offer members of his Alumni Group any precise answer to his own question. The high point of his speech was a statement of his hope that Columbia might become the fountain-head for widely disseminated simple and accurate information which will prevent our country from ever again "stumbling into war" at "the whim of the man who happens to be president" (notes taken by the author (John Beaty), who attended the Alumni Club meeting, and checked immediately with another Columbian who was also present).

The American soldier is not the only one who wondered and is still wondering about the purposes of World War II. Winston Churchill has called it "The Unnecessary War". In view of our legacy of deaths, debt, and danger, Churchill's term may be considered an understatement.

Before a discussion of any war, whether necessary or unnecessary, a definition of the term war is desirable. For the purposes of this book, war may be defined, simply and without elaboration, as the ultimate and violent action taken by a nation to implement its foreign policy. The results, even of a successful war, are so horrible to contemplate that a government concerned for the welfare of its people will enter the combat phase of its diplomacy only as a last resort. Every government makes strategic decisions, and no such decision is so fruitful of bitter sequels as a policy of drift or a policy of placating a faction--which has money or votes or both--and it is on just such a hybrid policy of drift and catering that our foreign policy has been built.

A commonly made and thoroughly sound observation about our foreign policy beginning with 1919 is that it creates vacuums--for a hostile power to fill. The collapsed Germany of 1932 created a power vacuum in the heart of Europe, but Britain and France made no move to fill it, perhaps because each of them was more watchful of the other than fearful of fallen Germany. The United States was far-off; its people of native stock, disillusioned by the bursting of Woodrow Wilson's dream bubbles, were disposed to revert to their old policy of avoiding foreign entanglements; and its numerous new Eastern European citizens, hostile to Germany, were watchfully awaiting a second and final collapse of the feeble republic born of the peace treaty of 1919. The new Soviet dictatorship, finding Marxism unworkable and slowly making it over into its later phases of Leninism and Stalinism, was as yet too precariously established for a westward venture across Poland.

As a result, Germany moved along stumblingly with more than a dozen political parties and a resultant near-paralysis of government under the Socialist President Friedrich Ebert to 1925 and then, with conditions improving slightly, under the popular old Prussian Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, who was President from 1925 to 1933.

Meanwhile two of Germany's numerous political parties emerged into definite power--the Communists, many of whose leaders were of Khazar stock, and the National Socialist German Workers Party, which was popularly called Nazi from the first two syllables of the German word for "National". Faced with harsh alternatives (testimony of many Germans to the author in Germany), die Germans chose the native party and Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor.

The date was January 30, 1933, five weeks before Franklin Roosevelt's first inauguration as President of the United States; but it was only after the aged President von Hindenburg's death (on August 2) that Hitler was made both President and Chancellor (August 19). Differences between the rulers of the United States and Germany developed quickly. Hitler issued a series of tirades against Communism, which he considered a world menace, whereas Roosevelt injected life into the sinking body of world Communism by giving full diplomatic recognition to Soviet Russia on November 16, 1933, a day destined to be known as "American-Soviet Friendship Day" by official proclamation of the State of New York.

Sharing the world spotlight with his anti-Communist words and acts, was Hitler's domestic policy, which in its early stages may be epitomized as "Germany for the Germans", of whom in 1933 there were some 62,000,000. Hitler's opponents, more especially those of non-German stock (510,000 in 1933 according to the World Almanac, 1939), were unwilling to lose by compromise any of their position of financial and other power acquired in large degree during the economic collapse of 1923, and appealed for help to persons of prominence in the city of New York and elsewhere. Their appeal was not in vain.

In late July, 1933, an International Jewish Boycott Conference (New York Times, August 7, 1933) was held in Amsterdam to devise means of bringing Germany to terms. Samuel Untermeyer of New York presided over the Boycott Conference and was elected President of the World Jewish Economic Federation. Returning to America, Mr. Untermeyer described the planned Jewish move against Germany as a "holy war...a war that must be waged unremittingly" (speech over WABC, as printed in New York Times, August 7, 1933). The immediately feasible tactic of the "economic boycott" was described by Mr. Untermeyer as "nothing new", for "President Roosevelt, whose wise statesmanship and vision are the wonder of the civilized world, is invoking it in furtherance of his noble conception of the relations between capital and labor." Mr. Untermeyer gave his hearers and readers specific instructions:

It is not sufficient that you buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shop-keeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronizes German ships and shipping.

Before the Boycott Conference adjourned at Amsterdam, arrangement was made to extend the boycott to "include France, Holland, Belgium, Britain, Poland and Czechoslovakia and other lands as far flung as Finland and Egypt" (New York Times, August 1, 1933). In connection with the boycott, the steady anti-German campaign, which had never died down in America after World War I, became suddenly violent. Germany was denounced in several influential New York papers and by radio.

The public became dazed by the propaganda, and the U.S. Government soon placed on German imports the so-called "general" tariff rates as against the "most favored" status for all other nations. This slowed down but did not stop the German manufacture of export goods, and the U.S. took a further step, described as follows in the New York Times (June 5, 1936): "Already Germany is paying general tariff rates because she has been removed by Secretary of State Cordell Hull from the most favored nation list.... Now she will be required to pay additional duties....it was decided that they would range from about 22 to 56 per cent." There were protests. According to the New York Times (July 12, 1936): "...importers and others interested in trade with Germany insisted yesterday that commerce between the two countries will dwindle to the vanishing point within the next six months." The prediction was correct.

An effort of certain anti-German international financial interests was also made to "call" sufficient German treasury notes to "break" Germany. The German government replied successfully to this maneuver by giving a substantial bonus above the current exchange rate for foreigners who would come to Germany, exchange their currency for marks, and spend the marks in Germany. Great preparations were made for welcoming strangers to such gatherings as the "World Conference on Recreation and Leisure Time" (Hamburg, August, 1936), one of whose programmes, a historic pageant on the Auszen-Al-ster, was attended by the author (who was visiting northern European museums and coastal areas in the interest of his historical novel, Swords in the Dawn). Special trains brought in school children from as far away as northern Norway. Whether from sincerity or from a desire to create a good impression, visitors were shown every courtesy. As a result of the German effort and the money bonus afforded by the favorable exchange, retired people, pensioners, and tourists spent enough funds in the Reich to keep the mark stable.

But this German financial victory in 1936, though it prevented an immediate currency collapse, did not solve the problem of 62,000,000 people (69,000,000 by 1939) in an area approximately the size of Texas being effectively denied export trade.

Through Secretary of State Cordell Hull and other officials President Roosevelt sponsored Mr. Untermeyer's economic war against Germany, but he still adhered, in his public utterances, to a policy of non-intervention in the internal affairs of foreign nations. In two speeches in the summer of 1937 he voiced "our national determination to keep free from foreign wars and foreign entanglements".

Some sinister underground deal must have been consummated within two months, however, for in a speech in Chicago on October 5 [1937] the President made an about-face, which was probably the most complete in the whole history of American foreign policy. Here are two excerpts from the famous "Quarantine" speech:

. . . let no one imagine that America will escape, that America may expect mercy, that this Western Hemisphere will not be attacked! . . .

When an epidemic of physical disease starts to spread, the community approves and joins in a quarantine of the patients in order to protect the health of the community against the spread of the disease.

This pronouncement, so inflammatory, so provocative of war, caused unprecedented consternation in the United States. Most outspoken in opposition to the "quarantine" policy was the Chicago Tribune. Violently enthusiastic was the New Masses, and Mr. Earl Browder promised the administration the "100 percent unconditional support of the Communist party" proved Roosevelt adopted a hands-off policy toward Communism. Incidentally, this Democratic-Communist collaboration was openly or covertly to be a factor in subsequent United States foreign and domestic policy to and beyond the middle of the twentieth century."I welcome the support of Earl Browder or any one else who will help keep President Roosevelt in office," said Harry S. Truman, candidate for Vice President, on October 17, 1944.

Far more numerous than denouncers or endorsers of the "quarantine" speech of 1937 were those who called for clarification. This, however, was not vouchsafed--nor was it, apart from possible details of method and time, really necessary. It was perfectly obvious that the President referred to Japan and Germany. With the latter country we had. already declared that "no quarter" economic war recommended by the President of the World Jewish Economic Federation, and now in unquestionably hostile terms our President declared a political war. In his diary, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal recorded that he was told by Joseph P. Kennedy, our Ambassador to Britain, that Prime Minister Chamberlain "stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war".

Censorship, governmental and other, was tight in America by 1937. It had blocked out the reasons for Mr. Roosevelt's public change of policy between summer and autumn, and it blocked out the fact that the President's threatening attitude caused Germany to make, and make a second time, an appeal for peace. These appeals did not become known to the American public for more than ten years. Here is the story, summarized from an article by Bertram D. Hulen in the New York Times of December 17, 1948:

In 1937 and again in 1938 the German government made "a sincere effort to improve relations with the United States, only to be rebuffed". The U.S. Government's alleged reason was "a fear of domestic political reactions in this country unfavorable to the Administration". Germany was told that The American public would not tolerate a conference. Some officials favored exploring the German offer "after the congressional elections in the fall" (1938). The sequel, of course, is that the Roosevelt administration blocked Germany's further efforts for peace by withdrawing our ambassador from Berlin and thus peremptorily preventing future negotiations. Germany then had to recall her Ambassador "who was personally friendly toward Americans" and, according to the New York Times, "was known in diplomatic circles here at the time to be working for international understanding in a spirit of good will." Here, to repeat for emphasis, is the crux of the matter: The whole story of Germany's appeal for negotiations and our curt refusal and severance of diplomatic relations was not published in 1937 or 1938, when Germany made her appeals, but was withheld from the public until ferreted out by the House Committee on Un-American Activities after World War II and by that committee released to the press more than ten years after the facts were so criminally suppressed. Parenthetically, it is because of services such as this on behalf of truth that the Committee on Un-American Activities has been so frequently maligned. In fact, in our country since the 1930s there seems little question that the best criterion for separating true Americans from others is a recorded attitude toward the famous Martin Dies Committee.

Economically strangled by an international boycott headed up in New York, and outlawed politically even to the extent of being denied a conference, the Germans in the late 1930s faced the alternatives of mass unemployment from loss of world trade or working in government-sponsored projects. They accepted the latter. The workers who lost their jobs in export businesses were at once employed in Hitler's armament industries which were already more than ample for the size and resources of the country, and soon became colossal.

Thus by desperate measures, advertised to the world in the phrase "guns instead of butter", Hitler prepared to cope with what he considered to be the British-French-American-Soviet "encirclement". Stung by what he considered President Roosevelt's insulting language and maddened by the contemptuous rejection of his diplomatic approaches to the United States, he made a deal (August, 1939) against Poland with the Soviet Union, a power he had taught the German people to fear and hate! With the inevitability of a Sophoclean tragedy, this betrayal of his own conscience brought him to ruin--and Germany with him. Such is the danger which lurks for a people when they confide their destiny to the whims of a dictator!

The war which resulted from Franklin D. Roosevelt's policy is well remembered, especially by those American families whose sons lie beneath white crosses--at home or afar. Its pre-shooting phase, with all the weavings back and forth, is analyzed in Professor Beard's volume, already referred to.

This much, however, is evident. With some secret facts now revealed and with the foul picture now nearing completion, we can no longer wonder at a clean trustful young soldier or an honorable general being unable to give a satisfactory reason for our part in promoting and participating in World War II.

As the "unnecessary war" progressed, we adopted an increasingly horrible policy. Our government's fawning embrace of the Communist dictator of Russia, and his brutal philosophy which we called "democratic", was the most "unnecessary" act of our whole national history, and could have been motivated only by the most reprehensible political considerations--such, for instance, as holding the 100 per cent Communist support at a price proposed by Mr. Browder. Among those who learned the truth and remained silent, with terrible consequences to himself and his country, was James V. Forrestal. In an article, "The Forrestal Diaries", Life reveals (October 15, 1951) that in 1944 Forrestal wrote thus to a friend about the "liberals" around him:

I find that whenever any American suggests that we act in accordance with the needs of our own security he is apt to be called a (profane adjective deleted) fascist or imperialist, while if Uncle Joe suggests that he needs the Baltic Provinces, half of Poland, all of Bessarabia and access to the Mediterranean, all hands agree that he is a fine, frank, candid and generally delightful fellow who is very easy to deal with because he is so explicit in what he wants. [H:Still think Forrestal just "jumped" to his death in that mental institution?]

Among those who saw our madness, and spoke out, were Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio and Winston Churchill.

Senator Taft's radio address of June 29, 1941, a few days after Hitler invaded Russia, included the following passage:

How can anyone swallow the idea that Russia is battling for democratic principles? Yet the President on Monday announced that the United States would give all possible aid to Russia, the character and quantity of the aid to await only a disclosure of Russian needs. [H: Does anyone see a similarity this day, Sept. 24, 1993????] To spread the four freedoms throughout the world we will ship airplanes and tanks and guns to Communist Russia. But no country was more responsible for the present war and Germany's aggression than Russia itself. Except for the Russian pact with Germany there would have been no invasion of Poland. Then Russia proved to be as much of an aggressor as Germany. In the name of democracy we are to make a Communist alliance with the most ruthless dictator in the world.... [H: Still sounds VERY FAMILIAR does it not? Not just in speaking--but in total actions!]

But the victory of Communism in the world would be far more dangerous to the United States than the victory of Fascism. There has never been the slightest danger that the people of this country would ever embrace Bundism or Nazism. . . But Communism masquerades, often successfully, under the guise of democracy (Human Events, March 28, 1951).

The Prime Minister of Britain, the Right Honorable Winston Churchill, was alarmed at President Roosevelt's silly infatuation for Stalin and the accompanying mania for serving the interests of world Communism. "It would be a measureless disaster if Russian barbarism overlaid the culture and independence of the ancient states of Europe," he wrote on Oct. 21, 1942, to the British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden. Churchill also wanted an invasion of the Balkans, which Roosevelt and Marshall opposed, apparently to please Stalin. [H: Chelas, as you read this, do not be distracted from the FACT--all of these players were IN THE SAME GAME AND THESE WERE THE CHARADES AND VEILED PLANS BEING PLACED INTO ACTION. NEVER FORGET--THE PLANNERS ARE ALL IN THE SAME GAME!] This is no place and the author assumes no competence for analyzing the strategy of individual campaigns; but according to Helen Lombard's While They Fought, General Marshall stated to a Congressional Committee that the "purpose" of the Italian campaign was to draw "German forces away from the Russian front", and according to the same source General Mark Clark when questioned "about American political aims" found himself "obliged to state that his country was seeking nothing except ground in which to bury her dead". Such being true, one may wonder why--except for the furtherance of Stalin's aims--the forces devoted to strategically unimportant Italy, the winning of which left the Alps between our armies and Germany, were not landed, for instance, in the Salonika area for the historic Vardar Valley invasion route which leads without major obstacles to the heart of Europe and would have helped Stalin defeat Hitler without giving the Red dictator all of Christian Eastern Europe as a recompense.

It is widely realized now that Churchill had to put up with much indignity and had to agree to many strategically unsound policies to prevent the clique around Roosevelt from prompting him to injure even more decisively Britain's world position vis-a-vis with the Soviet Union. Sufficient documentation is afforded by General Elliott Roosevelt's frank and useful book, As He Saw It. Determined apparently to present the truth irrespective of its bearing on reputations, the general quotes his father's anti-British attitude as expressed at Casablanca: "I will work with all my might and main to see to it that the United States is not wheedled into the position of accepting any plan....that will aid or abet the British Empire in its imperial ambitions." This was the day before Roosevelt's "Unconditional Surrender" proclamation (Saturday, January 23, 1943). The next day Roosevelt again broached the subject to his son, telling him the British "must never get the idea that we're in it just to help them hang on to the archaic, medieval Empire ideas."

This attitude toward Britain, along with a probably pathological delight in making Churchill squirm, explains the superficial reason for Roosevelt's siding with the Stalinites on the choice of a strategically insignificant area for the Mediterranean front. As implied above, the deeper reason, beyond question, was that in his frail and fading condition he was a parrot for the ideas which the clique about him whispered into his ears, with the same type of flattery that Mr. Untermeyer had used so successfully in initiating the Jewish boycott. No reason more valid can be found for the feeble President's interest in weakening the British Empire while strengthening the Soviet Empire--either in the gross or in such specific instances as the Roosevelt-Eisenhower policy in Germany. This policy, initiated by Roosevelt and implemented by Eisenhower, was well summarized in a speech, "It is Just Common Sense to Ask Why We Arrived in Our Present Position", by Congressman B. Carroll Reece of Tennessee in the House of Representatives on March 19, 1951 (Congressional Record, pp. A1564 to A1568):

... We could have easily gotten to Berlin first. But our troops were first halted at the Elbe. They were then with-drawn from that river in a wide circle--far enough westward to make Stalin a present of the great Zeiss optical and precision instrument works at Jena, the most important V-1 and V-2 rocket laboratory and production plant in Nordhausen, and the vital underground jet plant in Kahla. Everywhere we surrendered to the Soviets intact thousands of German planes, including great masses of jet fighters ready for assembly, as well as research centers, rocket developments, scientific personnel, and other military treasures.

When it was all over, a large part of the formidable Russian militarism of today was clearly marked "Made in America" or "donated by America from Germany". But where Roosevelt left off President Truman resumed.

At Potsdam, Truman maintaining intact Roosevelt's iron curtain of secret diplomacy, played fast and loose with American honor and security. He agreed to an enlargement of the boundaries of a Poland already delivered by Roosevelt and Churchill to Russian control through addition of areas that had for centuries been occupied by Germans or people of German origin. Some 14,000,000 persons were brutally expelled from their homes with the confiscation of virtually all their property. Only 10,000,000 finally reached the American, French, and British zones of Germany. Four million mysteriously disappeared, though the finger points toward Russian atrocities. Thus Truman approved one of the greatest mass deportations in history, which for sheer cruelty is a dark page in the annals of history. [H: I suggest that here it is also appropriate to share AGAIN the death camps of Eisenhower and the "mystery" will not be so intriguing any longer! (See following chapter 10.)]

At Potsdam, Truman also sanctioned Russian acquisition of Eastern Germany, the food bin of that nation before the war. It then became impossible for the remaining German economy in British, French, and American hands to feed its people. Germany, like Japan, also went on our bounty rolls.

Like Roosevelt, Truman did not neglect to build up Russian military strength when his opportunity came at Potsdam. He provided her with more factories, machines, and military equipment though at the time he attended Potsdam. Truman knew that through lend-lease we had already dangerously expanded Russia's military might and that, in addition, we had given the Soviets some 15,000 planes--many of them our latest type--and 7,000 tanks.

But at Postsdam, Truman gave to Russia the entire zone embracing the Elbe and Oder Rivers, excepting Hamburg, which lies within the British zone. Naval experts had known from the early days of World War II that it was along these rivers and their tributaries that the Germans had set up their submarine production line. The menace which the Nazi underwater fleet constituted during World War II is still remembered by residents along the Atlantic coast who saw oil tankers, merchant ships, and even a troop transport sunk within sight of our shores. Convoy loses during the early years of the war were tremendous. And special defensive methods had to be devised by our Navy to get our supplies across the Atlantic.

But in spite of this, the President agreed at Potsdam to deliver to Russia the parts (of Germany containing) plants sufficient for her to fabricate hundreds of submarines. In addition to this, he agreed to give to Russia 10 of the latest snorkel-type long-range German submarines for experimental purposes.


* * *

We are going to leave this for your pondering. I trust you are getting a new vision regarding what actually transpired vs. what you have been led to believe. You were "had" so long ago that it is painful in the retelling. You are on the brink of total enslavement, America and World--and no one seems to recognize it except the adversaries of decency and freedom who ARE the PLANNERS OF THE PLAN.

We will consider why old buddie Churchill consented to the initiation of such dastardly things when we have another opportunity. Thank you.



Editor's note: In chapter 8, in a writing about the Khazarian Zionists' stranglehold on United States foreign policy and other sordid manipulations during World War II, Commander Hatonn asked that we re-run some sickening information about General Dwight Eisenhower--THE TRUTH rather than the media-spun blarney that has found its way into all the history books.

For instance, the whole idea of World War II "death camps" can never be truly appreciated without understanding Eisenhower's central role in creating some real doozies. This information is extracted from pages 139-159 of JOURNAL #40 called, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE; THE HOLOCAUST. Vol II.

11/14/91 #1 HATONN


No "Today's Watch" because we have a press deadline. I am getting a backwash of the most heinous threats regarding the so-called "Holocaust" of which I am laying forth facts. I trust the "readers" here will place the following documentation in proper sequence so that in the JOURNAL the writings regarding "false counting" will not be interrupted. Thank you.

To hurry through this document I am going to give appreciation to Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, AUS Ret. My subject in point is a review of a publication OTHER LOSSES, by James Bacque. Most of the information in this writing comes from The Canadian Intelligence Service, Bag 78, High River, Alberta, Canada, who carries the book in point for about $28.00.

Although it is one of the most controversial books of this decade, it had to be published out of the United States. We wrote of this material a couple of years ago but I find new readers are not going back to pick up old JOURNALS because of the heavy reading load of the paper.

The following is only a review with some dates which have been verified as accurate and totally confirmed as truth. If you desire more input, then I can only ask you to get the backup in the JOURNALS and-or the book OTHER LOSSES and then follow-up on the references given where you will find some three pages of Bibliography for sources.

This deals with the Death camps of "Eisenhower" and crew. You might believe there is no connection between Eisenhower and the Jewish Khazarian Zionists; however, I hasten to remind you Eisenhower himself stated, when he chose to run for Presided. and moved within the Republican Party that "...although I am a confirmed Zionist...!" I fail to see how you can give your allegiance any more clearly. So be it.


Within the documentation of facts you are going to find some most heinous and painful truths unfolding about your blessed nation founded under God with a Constitution which guarantees you protection of your Constitutional freedom and rights. While you slept and were misled, things were taking place in the secret councils and at international levels of intrigue which have now brought your nation to the brink of total fall. In view of that which has gone on before your eyes in the recent Gulf non-war, undeclared, you will find it perhaps easier to realize that crimes have gone on through all the wars of this century, in fact, all wars throughout all time. We are going to deal here, however, with some final truths about World War II.

In bringing this material to the open light of day you are going to have to also realize that the Soviet Union has been tied to the U.S. in all of the massive "cover-ups". You will have to note that the Soviet relations of recent months, which has caused its leaders to admit to the murder of millions of their own people, allowed a few rays of truth to filter down and penetrate the Iron Curtain which has been erected over World War II, and which has kept vital facts from your people.

Do not be fooled by the so-called "...moving of Lenin's body" and other show-acts of changing the "leopard's spots". The Soviet Zionists in conjunction with the other Zionists now spread within the fiber of your nations have changed not one iota their intent to have a Global Government under their total and unrelenting control.

Let us look at only a few incidents released to you-the-people. I haven't the time this day to investigate every detail of why this information was allowed to come forth but that alone is worth a full JOURNAL. Mostly it is to cause you to know that the power is massive and "you will be next if you do not follow OUR new rules!" The detention camps are already operable right in the U.S.A. to detain you who do not like the things which are coming down upon you. I haven't said this is "easy to believe"--I simply give you facts.

This information, and if possible Bacque's book, should be seen by EVERY veteran who fought in World War II. In fact all veterans for the lies told to the public about every encounter ARE LIES. You who fought in these horror stories KNOW THE TRUTH and it is giving you nightmares and terrors and destroying your very present existence by the hiding it within. If you would save your nation and freedom under your wondrous Constitution you must stand against the "ENEMY WITHIN" WHICH YOU RAISED YOUR HAND TO THE SQUARE AND SWORE TO DEFEND. The enemy has moved within and has gained control of your nation starting at the very Government Administration and Congress. Unless you KNOW truth you cannot know that which is WRONG.

This writing revolves around the Supreme Commander of the Allies in Europe, Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, who was known during his days at West Point as that "terrible Swedish Jew". Surprised???

During the days before World War II, "Ike", as he was most affectionately called, was noted as quite a "ladies man, and the best damned bridge player on the Post". When anyone would mention Ike as a troop commander, it was met with hilarious, profane skepticism. Then too, you must understand that these opinions are projected by the attitudes of ones such as Gen. George Patton, who looked on Eisenhower as a "whimp", not worthy of his rank and certainly not qualified to LEAD in such high capacity. Of course, he DID NOT LEAD he was only the "front" for those who directed the war to suit the gains of the Elite.

As many of you can still remember, Ike was promoted to Supreme Commander in Europe. From Lieutenant Colonel, in early 1941, Eisenhower was promoted to full Colonel in March 1941, to Brigadier General (temporary) in Sept. In Feb. 1942, after he became a favorite of Gen. George Marshall during the Louisiana Maneuvers, he was appointed Assistant Chief of the War Plans Division. About this time, Ike became acquainted with the daughter of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and she introduced her boy friend to "pappa". Evidently F.D.R. recognized in this young officer, a man who would agree with any of his plans and who would do anything to gain promotion. This began a rapid spiral of promotions which by-passed many officers who outranked him and who were much more qualified for the posts he occupied. He became Chief of Operations Division, War Department General Staff (March, 1942), Sicily, (May 1943), Italy (September, 1943) and finally to his ultimate designation by President F.D.R. as Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force for the invasion of Europe. Now, if you don't like my information GO LOOK IT UP. TRUTH ONLY MEANS WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE IT IS QUITE SIMPLE, BROTHERS.


Where do you think you got the fine idea of bombing homes, women and children in Iraq? You realize you missed all of the military installations, don't you? Come now, precision surgical bombing and everything was left standing and useable? What did your planes do on those raids they showed you on CNN? You were bombing and shooting some of your own soldiers who were going to "spill the beans" when they got home, and civilian targets in Iraq!

This came from some FINE military calculations regarding Germany. Churchill asked his staff to calculate "how many homes and civilian targets destroyed would be required to take Germany? He was told "65 %". From that moment ALL attacks were leveled against ONLY civilian targets. Dresden was totally wiped away EXCEPT for military installations. (Dresden is only ONE example.) When it was announced that 65% of the civilian targets had been demolished the war ended. But not for the Germans who would fall into these terrorist's hands.


It was Eisenhower's advice to F.D.R. and Churchill (the FIRST worst war criminal of all time), which caused the war to drag on for two extra years, resulting in millions of deaths on both sides, and hundreds of billions of dollars of profit for Eisenhower's racial Zionist brethren, the International bankers, who financed BOTH SIDES--AS USUAL.

If you are shocked, then I suggest you go back and read the story of Pearl Harbor wherein Roosevelt was in on the planning of the destruction at Pearl Harbor!

In early 1943, General Patton and the British Commander, Gen. Montgomery, presented a plan to Churchill and F.D.R. which called for the invasion of Europe through the "soft underbelly of Europe". This would have liberated all the eastern European countries from "Communist" control and would have ended the war in 1943.

But Eisenhower's hatred of the Germans, which was openly shown many times during those terrible days of the war, demanded that as many Germans as possible be made to suffer for their part in the war.

It might be well to state here, that as early as 1902, International "Zionism" had a plan for the destruction of what was recognized as "Christianity" in Europe.

This called for the destruction, first of Czarist Russia (note I did NOT say "Khazarian Zionist Russia") which took place in 1917 with the same people financing the war, and then for the destruction of Germany. A war chest of some $2-billion (and in those days THAT WAS A LOT OF MONEY!) WAS SET ASIDE FOR THIS PURPOSE, LONG BEFORE A MAN NAMED ADOLF HITLER EVEN CAME ON THE SCENE. When Churchill and F.D.R. listened to the advice of Stalin, instead of their two best military leaders, it gave Stalin two years to establish control over all of Eastern Europe, which is now known as the Warsaw Pact Nations.

You can see the further treason in Eisenhower's actions, when in 1945, as Patton's armored forces swept into Germany, they were held back from entering Berlin, and were even ordered to withdraw to the Western borders of Germany, until Soviet troops could enter Germany.

Any military commander "worth their salt", knows that Patton could have ended the war on the Eastern border of Germany and that country would have never been divided. Patton by this time was beginning to realize that a conspiracy existed among the top war leaders, which were keeping him from the victory his troops so deserved. It was a traumatic lesson which was to be later repeated with General Douglas MacArthur in Korea, when he was not allowed to attack enemy positions north of the Yalu River. Again, I urge you to research this for yourselves, the documentation is available and easily acquired. I suggest you do not go to the memoirs of Eisenhower, however, for your truth.


The One Worlder groups in Washington, D.C., and London had much different plans and aided Stalin in his rape of Eastern Europe and Germany. As a matter of FACT, when we finish the other document regarding the Death Camps (so-called) of Hitler--you are going to find another blow to your senses; as you have to realize that the camps which have ever been in question as possible extermination camps were in territories which came under control of the Communists.

It was at that time the "terrible Swedish Jew" Eisenhower, whose open hatred of everything German, caused him to promote "Operation Keelhaul" at the end of the war, where thousands of anti-Communist fighters, who had surrendered to American forces, were forced, at bayonet point, back to the tender mercies of the Communists. Thousands of them were mur-dered outright, or disappeared into the Gulags of Russia.

Surely you remember that I have also told you that you have many missing men from Korea--IN SOVIET PRISONS--TO-DAY (ALIVE)!

Eisenhower returned to the States, made a hero by the controlled prostitute press of America, and his popularity from the populace he had betrayed was such that he became the 34th President of the United States in 1953.

I wish to also note that I have proof in information regarding your current "controlled media and press" which I will again share with you at another writing.

Eisenhower was quoted at the war's end as saying: "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived through it can, only as one who has seen it's brutality, it's futility, it's stupidity." But he did not hate it as much as he hated Germans, and he took a terrible Talmudic Zionist's revenge on over a million SURRENDERED German soldiers and civilians when the war ended. Praised by the media and the "kept" historians, this man was directly responsible for one of the most reprehensible acts in the history of so-called civilized man and warfare. One which should put him in the same class with Atilla the Hun and other total barbarians.

The peace which was inflicted on a completely defeated Germany in 1945, was called the Morgenthau Plan. It was promoted by Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, a Zionist, who later stated that most of the ideas for this plan had come directly from Eisenhower.


Now, after tremendous research spanning over two decades, the truth about this Zionist Commander of America's forces, who became the 34th President of the United States, is known and documented and you don't have to "just believe" some non-visible space cadet with a big mouth.

In 1945, during the post-World War II period, American foreign policy was largely in the hands of a small group of very powerful Zionists based in Washington, D.C. This secret, invisible government, which has controlled America for over fifty years, was headed then by Sen. Herbert Lehman, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter and Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau. They drew up the "blueprint" for a plan, which the enthusiastic Eisenhower carried out in Europe, which was the most monstrous policy of hate and vengeance known in the annals of civilized history.

This policy is still in operation today, fifty years later, where media pundits, twisting, exaggerating, and even manufacturing historical claims, have hounded, harassed, and had arrested 70 and 80-year old European war veterans for alleged "war crimes", which were supposed to have taken place over fifty years ago.

The following facts should be known by every American veteran and serviceman who served in World War II, especially. You are entitled to KNOW how you were lied to and inveigled into a war for the benefits of the Internationalists. Every American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War Post in this country, should have this article read to its members and groups caused to RESEARCH the facts, for you see, the same treason was carried out in Korea and then later in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Central and South America, the Gulf "Storm" and on and on. But it is you, the veterans of America, who have the first RIGHT TO KNOW the truth about the traitors who were responsible for the murder of your buddies, and the crippling of hundreds of thousands more, and who are even now laying the groundwork to get your sons and daughters involved in WORLD WAR III (NUCLEAR WAR 1).

The National Archives in Washington, D.C. contains an official document called the "Weekly Prisoner of War and Disarmed Enemy Forces Report" for the week ending Sept. 8, 1945. It shows that 1,056,482 German prisoners were then being held by the U.S. Army in the European theater, of whom 692,895 were still classified as POW's (Prisoners of War) and the other 363,587 as DEF's (Disarmed Enemy Forces).

This latter designation was illegal under international law and completely contrary to the Geneva Convention, to which both the United States and Germany were signatories. A German soldier designated DEF had no right to any food, shelter, or water--in fact, to anything. Quite often he did not receive even the basic necessities of life and died within days.

In the first week of September 1945, 13,051 of the 363,587 Germans died and were listed cryptically as "other losses". This was the equivalent of a death rate of 3.6% per week. At such a rate, all the remaining 350,536 DEF's would have been dead within 28 weeks before the end of the approaching winter.

The civilian death rate immediately outside the American camps in Germany was about 2% per year, or nearly 100 times lower, despite the greater proportion of older people. Since adequate supplies were readily available to the American troops at all times, this killing was totally deliberate.

As for the 692,895 German soldiers still falsely listed as POW's, the last of them had actually been transferred from POW to DEF status a month earlier on August 4, by order of General Eisenhower. Their death rate quickly quadrupled within weeks, from .2% to .8% per week. Assuming the latter rate for the week ending September 8, about 5,543 of the so-called POW's listed in the report as being alive and in American hands had died that week all would have died within just over two years. (The reason this death rate was lower than 3.6% weekly for the longer-term DEF's was simply that the barbaric treatment of the DEF's was cumulative, and that some of the American troops refused to go along with this barbaric treatment.)

Many of you veterans will recall the winter of 1945, when you were on occupation duty in Japan. A similar order came from your local U.S. military commander who was known for his hatred of all Japanese. It did not come from MacArthur's head-quarters in Tokyo. You were not allowed to give food of any kind to Japanese civilians, although many of them were on the verge of starvation. One officer remembers that he was commanding a detachment of 28 men, which were guarding a Japanese Quartermaster dump at the little town of Niski'ya'hama, about eighty miles south of Osaka. Food in this storehouse was literally spoiling, yet you were not allowed to share it with the Japanese people. For Christmas rations that year, the detachment received eight sheep carcasses and 28 turkeys, with no refrigeration for storage. Rather than see this food go to waste, the commander shared it with the starving population, and when word leaked out, he came very close to being court-martialed. It was only the intervention of a high ranking officer from MacArthur's Headquarters which saved him. I hold this man's name secure because he is STILL under constant attack.

The same thing happened over and over again in Germany, and American officers and servicemen were court-martialed, on Eisenhower's orders, for sharing their rations with the starving Germans. If you were a young man, with several small children at home, you know how these enemy children played on the minds of decent Americans who knew what their government was doing was wrong. Enemy children have never been enemies, to big-hearted Americans BROTHERS, CRY OUT FOR GOD'S SAKE AND YOUR OWN THIS IS HEINOUS AND YOU HAVE ALL BEEN MADE TO BEAR THIS HORROR ON YOUR CONSCIENCE AND MIND TO THE POINT OF MADNESS.

But Eisenhower, with his unbounded hatred for the Germans, through his order of August 4th, made it impossible for there to be such a thing as a bona fide German POW in American hands on European soil.

Instead, there were vast concentrations of men (including some women and children) starving to death in open, muddy, disease-ridden fields.

In November 1945, Eisenhower returned to Washington. A month later, a slight relaxation went into effect. Men of conscience, such as General George Patton, had no qualms about killing German soldiers in combat, but he drew a line at the deliberate policy of murder which was advocated by Eisenhower. This, of course, was the reason he met such an untimely and strange death. The truth is now coming out of old records and that "war crimes" were by no means a German monopoly, and that the "good war", as the Zionist media and historians called it in the United States, was as evil as any conflict in world history.


Careful calculations force the following conclusions:

Eisenhower had deplored the German's useless defense of the Reich in the last months of the war because of the waste of life. At least ten times as many Germans (undoubtedly 800,000, almost certainly 900,000, and quite possibly a million) died in the French and American camps as were killed in all the combat on the Western front in northwest Europe from America's entry into the war in December 1941, through April 1945.

Bacque was ably assisted in his research by Col. Ernest F. Fisher, a senior historian for the U.S. Army, as well as by other highly placed members of the American military. One of them, Col. Philip S. Lauben, Chief of the German Affairs branch of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force), stated that in late 1945, "the Vosges (northeast France) was just ONE BIG DEATH CAMP FOR GERMANS."

Now, these men started out their research searching for information on a different matter entirely only to come across entries listed simply as "OTHER LOSSES" and the conclusions are what results from following massive investigation and research into buried documents.

In spite of everything which has been written about Eisenhower which makes him out to be a hero, there seems little question that Dwight Eisenhower meets all the qualifications of a certified war criminal, even if Bacque's figures are off by a bit. (If Germany had been the winner, there is little doubt he would have been tried and found guilty of the most heinous crimes against mankind.)

Many of you veterans will get very upset with this appraisal of a man you looked on as a "bona fide" American hero. So be it. But the proof for these accusations can be found in what happened to those Germans who were fortunate enough to surrender to the British and the Canadians--some two million of them. The evidence shows that "almost all continued in fair health and many were quickly released and sent home or transferred to the French, to help in the post-war work of reconstruction. "Bacque found verification and specifically commends General Patton for behavior towards his POWs in a civilized manner. His Third Army freed vast numbers of German captives during May 1945, to the dismay, no doubt, of the Zionists who controlled Washington.

Both General Omar Bradley and J.C.H. Lee, Communications Zone (ComZ) Europe, ordered the release of prisoners within a week of the war's end. This SHAEF order was countermanded by Eisenhower on May 15, 1945.

While German soldiers from the British and Canadian zones were quickly regaining their strength and were helping rebuild Europe, Germans taken by the Americans were dying by the hundreds of thousands--emaciated figures in diarrhea-smeared clothing, huddling pitifully in water holes with perhaps a scrap of cardboard over their heads and rotten potato for supper. At times many of them were reduced to drinking urine and eating grass--if there was any.

Did all this happen because of one supremely unprincipled and influential man named Eisenhower? Or was Ike, in turn, influenced by a small circle around him or by his superiors in Washington? Historians will be probing this question for decades to come--HOWEVER, I THINK YOU WILL NOTE AS WITH OLIVER NORTH--THE MEN "ABOVE" HAD TO KNOW!


1944: Eisenhower told the British ambassador to Washington that the 3,500 officers of the German General staff should be "exterminated". He also favored the liquidation of perhaps 100,000 prominent Germans. Soon after, he wrote to his wife, Mamie: "God, I hate Germans! Why? Because the German is a beast!" Eisenhower said he was ashamed to bear a German name.

August 1944: The North American wheat surplus was greater than at any time in history, nearly one billion bushels. The U.S. corn surplus and potato crop also reached a new high.

March 10, 1945: A message sent from Eisenhower to the Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) of Britain and the U.S. recommended the creation of an entirely new class of prisoners, Disarmed Enemy Forces or DEF's. At a press conference in Paris, this same day, Ike said: "If the Germans were reasoning like normal human beings, they would realize the whole history of the United States and Great Britain is to be generous towards a defeated enemy. We observe all the laws of the Geneva Convention."

March 19, 1945: Eisenhower's special assistant, General Everett Hughes, visited the American supply depots at Naples and Marseille. In both places, he writes, there are "more stocks than we can ever use. They stretch as far as the eye can see."

Spring 1945: The International Red Cross had over 100,000 tons of food stockpiled in Switzerland. At one point, it sent two trainloads into the American Zone of Germany, but the food was sent back. The Morgenthau Plan for a "Carthaginian Peace" in Germany, to use the words of Military Governor Lucius Clay, is implemented through the directive JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) 1067, which specifies to Eisenhower the policy he must adopt towards every institution in Germany. The directive is largely the work of three of Henry Morgenthau's underlings in the Treasury Department Harry Dexter White, Frank Coe, and Harry Glasser. White and Glasser were both Zionists and all three were Communist "fellow travelers".

April 11, 1945: On the eve of his death, FDR told Morgenthau in Warm Springs, GA: "Henry, I am with you 100%." When Truman took over, he continued Morgenthau's "Carthaginian Policy" towards conquered Germany.

April 17, 1945: The Americans opened their enormous Rheinberg Camp, six miles in circumference, with no food or shelter whatsoever. As in the other big "Rhine meadow" camps, opened in mid-April, there were initially no latrines and no water. In some camps, the men were so crowded they could not lie down. Meanwhile, at Camp Kripp, near Remagen, the half-American Charles von Luttichau determined "that his German comrades are receiving about 5% as much food as their captors." Complaining to the camp commander, he was told: "Forget the Geneva Convention. You don't have any rights."

Late April 1945: Heinz Janssen, a survivor of the Rheinberg camp, described conditions as they were at the time. "Amputees slithered like amphibians through the mud, soaking and freezing. Naked to the skies day after day and night after night, they lay desperate in the sand of Rheinberg or sleep exhaustedly into eternity in their collapsing holes."

April 26, 1945: The Combined Chiefs of Staff sent a message to Eisenhower, urging him not to take any more prisoners after VE Day. He ignored it. The CCS approved of Ike's proposed DEF status, but only for certain types of German prisoners. The British refused to go against the Geneva Convention. The CCS orders the illegal DEF status to be kept strictly secret. By this date, Eisenhower's Quartermaster General of ASHAEF, Gen. Robert Littlejohn, has already twice reduced the rations to German prisoners, on orders. A message to Gen. George C. Marshall, signed by Ike, mandated: "No shelter" for German prisoners, despite an unusually cold and wet March and April.

May 4, 1945: The first German POW's were transferred to DEF status. Mail to and from all German prisoners was banned for more than a year.

May 8, 1945: Germany surrendered unconditionally. The U.S. State Department wasted no time dismissing Switzerland as the official Protecting Power for German prisoners, contravening the Geneva Convention. State also informed the International Red Cross that, with no Protecting Power to report to, there is no point in sending delegates to the camps. From this day forward, prisoners held by the U.S. Army had no access to any impartial observer. The British and Canadians also removed the Swiss protectors, but continued treating their POW's decently.

May, 1945: The American Red Cross reported that more than 98% of Americans captured by the Germans will be coming home safely, thanks in part to the food parcels sent to them during the war, which were promptly delivered by the Germans.

May 15, 1945: Eisenhower and Churchill talked about further reducing the rations for the German POW's. Churchill was informed that the POW's have been getting 2,000 calories per day (compared to 4,000 for American troops) and that 2,150 was regarded as an absolute minimum required for sedentary adults living under shelter. Eisenhower failed to tell Churchill that the U.S. Army was not even feeding many DEF's, and that they were feeding others, much less than 2,000 calories per day.

Mid-May 1945: The Bingen camp, near Bad Dreuznach in the Rhineland, was now holding between 200,000 and 400,000 German POW's, with no shelter, food, water, or medicine. The death rate for prisoners in these U.S. camps was now about 30% per year, according to a U.S. medical survey.

June 2, 1945: The European Theater Provost Marshal issued two reports. One, the last in a series of daily reports, logged 2,870,400 POW's on hand. The other, the first report in a weekly series, dated the same day, logged only 1,836,000. At one point in mid-June, the prisoner strength on the ration list is given as 1,421,559, despite the evidence of Gen. J.C.H. Lee and others that there were about 4 million. This bizarre bookkeeping persisted throughout 1945 in all branches of the occupying army. The apparent purpose was to obscure the death toll by means of an indecipherable mass of conflicting statistics. (One of Bacque's greatest "coups" has been to decipher them.)

Mid-June, 1945: British "Tommies" took over the huge Rheinberg Camp from the Americans, saving many thousands of German lives. The final act of the "Yanks" before the British took charge, was to bulldoze one section flat while the men were still living in their holes in the ground. Now, I ask you, who do you now think might have thought up burying 12,000 Iraqis in their trenches while ordered "to take no prisoners"? Meanwhile, a team of doctors from the U.S. Army Medical Corps completed a survey of some of the smaller Rhineland camps, holding some 80,000 POW's (not DEF's). They found a death rate 80 times higher than anything they have known in their professional careers.

July, 1945: Eisenhower becomes military governor of the U.S. Zone in Germany. He continued to turn back all relief teams from Switzerland, the U.S. and elsewhere.

July 10, 1945: A French Army unit under Gen. Rousseau, took over the Dietersheim camp (near Mainz) from the Americans. He found 32,000 men and women of all ages in a moribund (dying) state. Another French officer. Capt. Julien, was taking command 17 days later, and found a vast mire "peopled with living skeletons, male and female, huddling under scraps of wet cardboard". Horrified, Julien wrote: "This is just like the photographs of Buchenwald and Dachau." [H: Now you will find that the pictures are the ones most often shown during your "Holocaust Weeks" as representing pictures of the German camps--nope, they were dying at the hands of you lovely, caring Zionist Americans!!!]

July 20, 1945: Gen. Littlejohn received a memo stating, "These men, German POWs, are authorized a maximum of 1,150 calories for the non-workers and 1,850 for workers". (Remember, it takes 2,000 calories to keep a sedentary adult alive.)

July 26, 1945: The International Red Cross proposed restoring mail service to German POWs. Fearing that the reality of the death camps might come to light, the U.S. War Department rejected the idea.

August 4, 1945: Eisenhower ordered that all remaining German POWs be stripped of their rights, thus reducing them to DEF status.

August 27, 1945: In a long memorandum, Gen. Littlejohn informed Eisenhower that 1,550,000 Germans who supposedly were getting U.S. ARMY RATIONS, WERE RECEIVING NOTHING. Ike turned a deaf ear to his report and the death rate continued to climb.

August 30, 1945: Max Huber, head of the International Red Cross, wrote a stinging letter to the U.S. State Department about American interference in efforts to save starving Germans. Some months later, an evasive response, signed "Eisenhower", arrive in Washington, falsely claiming that giving Red Cross food to enemy personnel was forbidden. Thousands of train cars loaded with decaying food were sent back to Geneva and to sources in Paris and Brussels. Huber apologized for tying up the French rail system because of the food which was being returned by the Americans.

By this time, more than 2-million German men had been discharged into American custody, including thousands of priests, ministers, doctors, and professors. Not one single camp commander or guard was questioned by the Allied press corps and the controlled media of the U.S. concerning conditions in these hell holes.

It might be well to stop right here and ask this question: "Is anyone who reads this horrifying account so naive as to believe that the American people would have put up with these barbaric actions by its chief military man if they had known about it much less, turn around and make him hero President? Do you think that the politicians who were in the forefront of those who kept these facts from Americans would have lasted very long in office, if the truth had been known? Do you think that millions of Americans would show such concern for the so-called Holocaust of the Jews if they knew that it was Jewish hatred for their fellow kinsmen and were killing over a million Germans who were helplessly incarcerated? I sincerely doubt it! That's why these facts have been kept from the American people for half a century. Now these Elite believe themselves to be so POWERFUL and in CONTROL that they can override anything YOU-THE-PEOPLE can offer in resistance. We shall see!

Late Summer, 1945: Jean-Pierre Pradervand, head of the International Red Cross delegations in France, told Henry W. Dunning, an American Red Cross official, that conditions in the French camps are worse, in many instances, than anything seen in the former Nazi camps. Pradervand showed Dunning pictures of the living skeletons. Dunning explained all this to the American Red Cross in Washington, which informed key government officials. Nevertheless, the cover-up continued. Pradervand also informed Charles De Gaulle that one-third of the prisoners handed over to France by the Americans will die soon without a radical change in treatment. De Gaulle showed no interest and the prisoners continued to die.

September 27, 1945: Pradervand's pictures of German living skeletons were shown to Eisenhower in his office--with witnesses present.

September 30, 1945-October 1: The French newspaper, Le Monde, ran a story which began: "As one speaks today of Dachau, in ten years people throughout the world will speak about camps such as Saint Paul d'Egiaux." Well, not so wrong after all since so many of the pictures you are shown are actually OF THOSE CAMPS AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS SO YOU HAVE PROVIDED YOUR ENEMY WITH THE VERY PICTURES TO CONTINUE THE FARCE OF THE HOLOCAUST. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN THE HUMAN IS REDUCED TO SKELETONS--THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE!

OCTOBER 11, 13, 14, 15, 20: The New York Times ran a coverup report of the death camps by star newsman Drew Middleton. Interviewed by Bacque in 1988, Middleton admitted that he never actually visited any of the 50 U.S. camps located within 40 miles of his Frankfurt desk, but was only 'driven by', as he was being debriefed by the military. (Will this not remind Col. Gritz of the so-called news coverage he had in confrontation with the very ones in Southeast Asia who COULD STOP THE DRUG TRADE?) We all end up in the same company--even old Hatonn got usurped by that very newsman from a radio network. America, you are getting to the point of no return. I suggest you give careful thought to this matter.

December 1945: Eisenhower returned to the States and the U.S. Army allowed the first relief shipment to enter the American sector.

1947-1950's: Nearly all the surviving records of the Rhineland death camps were destroyed. The West German government concluded that 1.7-million German soldiers were alive at the war's end, and who were known to have been in fair health, and disappeared. The Western Allies pinned virtually all the blame on the Soviets.

1950: The first German edition of ALLIIERTE KRIEGSVERBRECHEN is published. Never translated into English, the book gives eye-witness descriptions of the conditions which prevailed in the American camps.

1960's-1972: The West German Foreign Office, under Will Brandt subsidized books denying the atrocities in American POW camps and the high death rate. How nice to have bought-off friends on your side, in high places.

1980: The International Committee of the Red Cross refuses to open its archives to James Bacque and other investigators into Allied atrocities. To this day, the ICRC has remained silent on the subject, despite the visits of Pradervand and other Red Cross delegates to many of the camps.

September 1989: James Bacque's book on the American death camps, OTHER LOSSES, published by Stoddard, a Canadian Publishing House (but they are not allowed to even have a dissenting opinion about questions regarding the Holocaust), was released, after being refused by more than 30 American publishers. Saturday Night, one of Canada's most respected magazines, simultaneously published a summary of this book as its lead story and within days Canada was buzzing about Gen. Eisenhower's war crimes. Why is it that you have heard almost nothing of this in the United States in spite of initial (2 days) of press mention?

As American citizens, many of you who served in the American Armed Forces during World War II, and a great many of you who are of German heritage, should demand of your leaders in Washington, D.C. that the truth about this War be made known.

I know that it tumbles in on top of myriads of other subjects being pressed by you people_so, barrage them with these topics also and DEMAND ACCOUNTING. I further know that it is terrifying to think of the consequences of your coming public. I had a pile of witness reports flow when we first wrote of these matters--all asking for confidentiality--but urging us to continue with the blessed work. Well, my scribe and speakers are about weary of bearing this big target on their chests for ALL the rest of the masses. How long can they continue to carry that burden while you precious citizens are allowed secrecy? Oh, I shall never divulge a name or location without absolute permission but if you who have SEEN and KNOW do not come forward, how will you change anything? THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF YOU WHO KNOW AND SAW AND EXPERIENCED THESE ATROCITIES IN EACH AND EVERY SO-CALLED WAR. YOU MUST NOT STOP WEEPING AT THE SHRINES OF YOUR FALLEN BUDDIES BUT YOU MUST MAKE THEIR PASSAGE WORTH SOMETHING! THE WAR IS AT HOME THIS TIME, YOU MARINES, AIR FORCE, ARMY AND NAVY! THE FRONT IS RIGHT IN YOUR DOOR-YARD AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THE WAR, FOR YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST ALMOST ALL OF THE "BATTLES".

With accurate information of what really happened, instead of Zionist propaganda, just possibly you might be able to avert that World War III, which is now being planned by these same One Worlders.

I remind you again, the next time you are shown pictures of so-called atrocities World War II purporting to be Jewish victims of "racial extermination", those are actually pictures of German civilians who had died under American war criminals.

This segment needs to be closed because it grows too long but don't go away, Readers, for we are going to finish our subject of the deceit and in that we will also consider Korea and Viet Nam and who and what those wars were all about.

May you rest in peace then get up off your assets and go to work!

Hatonn to stand-by.




FRI., SEP. 24, 1993 3:33 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 039

FRI., SEPTEMBER 24, 1993

By John Beaty

Continuation of The Unnecessary War:

Why did Churchill consent to the initiation of such a program? Why did he allow Roosevelt to give an ideologically hostile power a foothold as far West as the Elbe River, which flows into the North Sea?

Since Churchill was characteristically no weak-kneed yes-man (witness his "blood and tears" speech which rallied his people in one of their darkest hours), Roosevelt and his clique must have confronted him with terrible alternatives to secure his consent to the unnatural U.S. decisions in the last months of the war. [H: Not if he, too, was in the planning of how to later take the WORLD!] Wrote George Sokolsky in his syndicated column of March 22, 1951, "The pressure on him (Churchill) from Roosevelt, who was appeasing Stalin, must have been enormous. But why was Roosevelt so anxious to appease Stalin?" And also at Potsdam, why was Truman so ready to adopt the same vicious policy which, as a former field grade officer of the army, he must have known to be wrong?

A study of our Presidential "policies" from 1933, and especially from 1937, on down to Potsdam, leads to a horrible answer.

To one who knows something of the facts of the world and knows also the main details of the American surrender of security and principles at Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam, and other conferences, three ghastly purposes come into clear focus:

(1) As early as 1937, our government determined upon war against Germany for no formulated purpose beyond pleasing the dominant Eastern European element and allied elements in the National Democratic party, and holding "those votes", as Roosevelt II put it.

The President's determination to get into war to gratify his vanity of having a third term of office is touched on by Jesse H. Jones, former Secretary of Commerce and head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation [H: This is the SAME organization relabeled Resolution Trust Corporation!] in his book, Fifty Billion Dollars (The Macmillan Company, New York, 1951). In this comprehensive and carefully documented volume, which is obligatory background reading on U.S. Politics in the years 1932-1945, Mr. Jones throws much light on Roosevelt, the "Total Politician". On Roosevelt's desire for getting into World War II, these are Mr. Jones's words: "Regardless of his oft repeated statement 'I hate war' he was eager to get into the fighting since that would insure a third term." The most notorious instance of the President's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character was his unblushing promise, as he prepared for intervention, that there would be no war. The third-term candidate's "again and again and again" speech (Boston, October 30, 1940) is invariably quoted, but even more inclusive was his broadcast statement of October 26 that no person in a responsible position in his government had "ever suggested in any shape, manner, or form the remotest possibility of sending the boys of American mothers to fight on the battlefields of Europe." We are thus confronted by a dilemma. Was Roosevelt the scheming ruiner of his country or was he a helpless puppet pulled by strings from hands which wielded him beyond any power of his to resist?

A continuing lack of any policy beyond the corralling of minority votes blighted the entire world effort of our devoted and self-sacrificing soldiers, and frustrated the hopes of those of our lower echelon policy-makers who were trying to salvage something useful to civilization from our costly world-wide war. Our diplomatic personnel, military attaches, and other representatives abroad were confused by what they took to be rudderless drifting. In one foreign country diametrically opposed statements were issued simultaneously by heads of different U.S. missions. In Washington, the Office of War Information issued under the same date line completely conflicting instructions to two sets of its representatives in another Asiatic country. A United States military attaché with the high rank of brigadier general made an impassioned plea (in the author's hearing) for a statement of our purposes in the war; but, asking the bread of positive strategic policy, he got the stone of continued confusion. Some of the confusion was due to the fact that officials from the three principal kinds of Democrats were actuated by and gave voice to different purposes; most of it, however, resulted from the actual lack of any genuine policy except to commit our troops and write off casualties .with the smoke of the President's rhetoric. Yes, we were fighting a war, not to protect our type of civilization or to repel an actual or threatened invasion, but for Communist and anti-German votes. Thus when our ailing President went to Yalta, he is said to have carried no American demands, to have presented no positive plans to counter the proposals of Stalin. In his feebleness, with Alger Hiss nearby, he yielded with scarcely a qualm to the strong and determined Communist leader. For fuller details see the carefully documented article, "America Betrayed at Yalta", by Hon. Lawrence H. Smith, U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (National Republic, July, 1951).

(2) The powerful Eastern European element dominant in the inner circles of the Democratic Party regarded with complete equanimity, perhaps even with enthusiasm, the killing of as many as possible of the world-ruling and Khazar-hated race of "Aryans"; that is, native stock Americans of English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Latin, and Slavic descent. [H: This is VERY IMPORTANT--especially when we move into the "ancient" Sumarian records and tales of "Dar", etc.] This non-Aryan power bloc therefore endorsed "Unconditional Surrender" and produced the Morgenthau Plan, both of which were certain to stiffen and prolong the German resistance at the cost of many more American lives, much more desolation in Germany, and many more German lives--also "Aryan". The plans of the prolongers of the war were sustained by those high Democratic politicians who saw nothing wrong in the spilling of blood in the interest of votes. Unfortunately, President Roosevelt became obsessed with the idea of killing Germans rather than defeating Hitler, and reportedly set himself against any support of anti-Hitler elements in Germany. Perhaps taking his cue from his Commander-in-Chief--a term Roosevelt loved--General Mark Clark told American soldiers of the Fifth Army that German "assaults" were "welcome" since "it gives you additional opportunity to kill your hated enemy in large numbers." The general drove the point home. "It is open season on the Anzio bridge-head," he continued, "and there is no limit to the number of Germans you can kill."

Such a sentiment for men about to make the supreme sacrifice of their lives has--in the author's opinion--an unnatural ring to ears attuned to the teachings of Christianity. Such a stress on "killing" or "kill" rather than on a "cause" or on "victory" is definitely at variance with the traditions of Western Christian civilization. It is also costly in the life blood of America, for "killing' is a two-edged sword. An enemy who would surrender in the face of certain defeat will fight on to the end when truculently promised a "killing"--and more Americans will die with him.

The underlying philosophy of "killing" was incidentally hostile to the second largest racial strain in America. Germans have from the beginning been second only to the English and Scotch in the make-up our population. "In 1775 the Germans constituted about 10 per cent of the white population of the colonies." The total of Dutch, Irish, French "and all others" was slightly less than the Germans, the great bulk of the population being, of course, the English-speaking people from England, Scotland, and Wales. In the first three quarters of the nineteenth century "German immigration outdistanced all other immigration" and as of 1950 "the Germans have contributed over 25 per cent of the present white population of the United States. The English element--including Scots, North Irish, and Welsh--alone exceeds them with about 33 per cent of the present white population. The Irish come third with about 15 per cent."

Thus in his desire for shedding German blood, apart from military objectives, Roosevelt set himself not against an enemy government but against the race which next to the English gave America most of its life-blood. The general merely copied his "Commander-In-Chief". Another tragic factor in any announced stress on "killing" was, of course, that the Germans whom we were to "kill" rather than merely "defeat" had exactly as much to do with Hitler's policies as our soldiers in Korea have to do with Acheson's policies.

Why did the thirty-four million Americans of German blood make no loud protest? The answer is this: in physical appearance, in culture, and in religion, Protestant or Catholic, they were so identical with the majority that their amalgamation had been almost immediate. In 1945 there was a great strain of German blood in America, but there was no significant vote-delivering body of political "German-Americans".

Meanwhile, the ships which took American soldiers to kill Germans and meet their own death in Europe brought home "refugees" in numbers running in many estimates well into seven figures. According to Assistant Secretary of State Breckenridge Long, the number of officially admitted aliens fleeing "Hitler's persecution" had reached 580,000 as early as November, 1943. Those refugees above quotas were admitted on "visitors visas". These facts were released by Congressman Sol Bloom, Democrat of New York, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on December 10. On December 11, Congressman Emanuel Celler, Democrat of New York, complained that Mr. Long was, in all the State Department, the man "least sympathetic to refugees", and added indignantly that the United States ships had returned from overseas ports "void of passengers". Incidentally, in 1944 Mr. Long ceased to be Assistant Secretary of State.

The influx of refugees continued. So great was the number of these people that even with the closing of thousands of American homes by war casualties, the housing shortage after the war was phenomenal. For the lack of homes available to veterans, some writers blamed capital, some blamed labor, and some found other causes; but none, to the knowledge of the author, counted the homes which had been preempted by "refugees", while our soldiers were fighting beyond the seas. By 1951 the situation showed no amelioration, for on August 20 Senator Pat McCarran, chairman of a Senate sub-committee on internal security, said that "possibly 5,000,000 aliens had poured into the country illegally, creating a situation 'potentially more dangerous' than an armed invasion." This statement should be pondered thoughtfully by every true American.

[H: Indeed, for here you go again from every direction. Why do I share these things? Because if you learn not from that which came before, you are destined to be "had again". It is not an accident, friends, that you are "done unto" over and over and over again as you drowse your way through this experience called "life". The adversary never has to so much as change the "play"--you ones simply march into the slaughter houses without so much as a whimper. I find it indeed interesting. I find the author's next statements most insightful.]

And there are more aliens to come. On September 7, 1951, a "five-year program for shifting 1,750,000 of Europe's 'surplus' population to new homes and opportunities in the Americas and Australia was disclosed" by David A. Morse, head of the International Labor office in the UNITED NATIONS. Needless to say, few of those 1,750,000 persons are likely to be accepted elsewhere than in the United States. Congressman Jacob K. Javits of New York's Twenty-first District, known to some as the Fourth Reich from the number of its "refugees" from Germany, also wishes still more immigrants.

(3) Our alien-dominated government fought the war for the annihilation of Germany, the historic bulwark of Christian Europe. The final phase of this strategically unsound purpose sprouted with the cocky phrase "Unconditional Surrender", already mentioned. It was "thrown out at a press conference by President Roosevelt at Casablanca on January 24, 1943.... President Roosevelt went into the press conference in which he 'ad-libbed' the historic phrase." According to General Elliott Roosevelt, the President repeated the phrase, "thoughtfully sucking a tooth", and added that "Uncle Joe might have made it up himself."

Our foul purpose of liquidating Germany flowered with the implementation of the Morgenthau Plan, an implementation which allowed "widespread looting and violence" by "displaced persons" and brought Germans to the verge of starvation, according to Prof. Harold Zink, who served as American Editor of the Handbook for Military Government in Germany in 1944 and was subsequently Consultant on U.S. Reorganization of German Government, U.S. Troop Control Council for Germany, 1944- 1945 (Who's Who in America, Vol. 25, 1948-1949, p. 2783). In his book, American Military Government in Germany, Prof. Zink writes as follows:

The Germans were forced to furnish food for the displaced persons at the rate of 2,000 calories per day when they themselves could have only 900-1100 calories.... The amount available for German use hardly equalled the food supplied by the Nazis at such notorious concentration camps as Dachau....most of the urban German population suffered severely from lack of food.

The hunger at Dachau was war-time inhumanity by people who were themselves desperately hungry because their food stocks and transportation systems had been largely destroyed by American air bombardment; but the quotation from Prof. Zink refers to peace-time inhumanity, motivated by vengeance partly in its conception and even more so in its implementation.

Why did inhumanity in Germany go on? Because "a little dove", according to President Roosevelt, "flew in the President's window and roused him against a "too 'easy' treatment of the Germans", the "little dove" being "actually Secretary Morgenthau's personal representative in the ETO"! Further testimony to the President's desire for an inhuman treatment of "German people" is found in former Secretary of State James F. Byrnes's book, Speaking Frankly. the President stated to his Secretary of State that the Germans for a long time should have only soup for breakfast, soup for lunch and soup for dinner."

The fruits of the Morgenthau Plan were not all harvested at once. The persistence of our mania for destroying the historic heart of Germany was shown vividly in 1947. With Prussia already being digested in the maw of the Soviet, the Allied Control Council in Berlin (March 1) added a gratuitous insult to an already fatal injury when it "formally abolished" Prussia, the old homeland of the Knights of the Teutonic Order. This could have had no other motive than offending Germans unnecessarily for the applause of certain elements in New York. It was also a shock to all Christians, Catholic or Protestant, who have in their hearts the elementary instincts of Christ-like mercy (St. Matthew, V.7), or know in spite of censorship the great facts of the history of Europe.

Our policy of terrifying the Germans spiritually, and ruining them economically, is understandable only to one who holds his eye in focus upon the nature of the High Command of the National Democratic Party. Vengeance and votes were the sire and dam of the foul monster of American cruelty to the Germans. In the accomplishment of our base purpose there was also a strange pagan self-immolation, for we would not let the West Germans all the way die and spent approximately a billion dollars a year to provide for our captives the subsistence they begged to be allowed to earn for themselves! Our wanton dismantling of German industrial plants in favor of the Soviet as late as 1950 and our hanging of Germans as late as 1951, more than six years after the German surrender, had no other apparent motive than the alienation of the German people. Moreover, as the years pass, there has been no abandonment of our policy of keeping in Germany a number of representatives who, whatever their personal virtues, are personae non gratae to the Germans. Our many-faceted policy of deliberately alienating a potentially friendly people violates a cardinal principle of diplomacy and strategy and weakens us immensely to the advantage of Soviet Communism. [H: Again, readers--remember this was being written EARLY IN THE 50s!]

The facts and conclusions thus far outlined fully establish the validity of Churchill's phrase "The Unnecessary War". The war was unnecessary in its origin, unnecessarily cruel in its prolongation, indefensible in the double-crossing of our ally Britain, criminal in our surrender of our own strategic security in the world, and all of this the more monstrous because it was accomplished in foul obeisance before the altar of anti-Christian power in America.

The facts and conclusions outlined in this chapter raise the inevitable question: "How were such things possible?" The answer is the subject of the next chapter.


* * *

Perhaps, editors, it is time to re-run the "why" we are using this book and who and what was against "even" those who spoke out in favor of the information--the Jewish leagues and organizations claiming the book to be anti-Semitic! (See end of chapter) It would appear that everything involving Christian and goodness is somehow anti-Semitic even to the study of mathematics and addition--i.e., a simple question: "How did you arrive at the number of deaths in the 'death camps'?"

Yes, readers, soon I am going to back off my scribe because our purpose will have been fulfilled--THE TRUTH OF HOW IT WAS, IS AND WITHOUT MASSIVE CHANGES IN MANKIND--WILL BE!! Choices are yours, we have served our mission with nearly a hundred volumes (more if all were put to print). You who still ask "why"--go do your homework. My people have gained nothing from this experience in a worldly manner except "HELL". I will continue to serve and share with those who would wish to walk with us--I make no motion whatsoever to SAVE anything or demand your attention and action to stem this blight upon your planet. I and "mine" have no intentions or desire to divert you from all the "fun" you pretend to be having upon the orb in destruction. GOD DOES NOT TURN AWAY FROM MAN--MAN TURNS AWAY FROM GOD! EVERY TIME!

Think upon these things for the time is short and we are weary of the pressures thrust against us for the telling of the facts, only to be battered, bloodied and assaulted over and over again for the favor. Denounce the Hosts of God all ye wish--for the proof of the pudding is "still" in the eating! Good day.


7/31/93 #1 HATONN





Henry Edward Schultz
205 E. 42nd St.
New York 17, N.Y.

October 4, 1955

Lieutenant-General George E. Stratemeyer

P.O. Box 424

Winter Park, Florida

Dear General Stratemeyer:

It is never a pleasant duty to impose distressing problems upon public personalities such as yourself, and for some time it had been our hope that this letter to you might become unnecessary.

Just a year ago, the publishers of Iron Curtain Over America began distributing, as part of a sales campaign, copies of what purported to be a letter from you to John 0. Beaty, the author, endorsing this volume and recommending it to Americans in general.

At that time we withheld writing you because we felt that inevitably the facts about Mr. Beaty and his book would be brought to your attention and that you would then take appropriate action. A year has gone by and we now find that "the General Stratemeyer Letter Written to Col. Beaty" is the subject of a flyer being distributed by Gerald L.K. Smith's Christian Nationalist Crusade. Enclosed is a photostatic copy of that leaflet, which you will note acknowledges unashamedly that Iron Curtain Over America" is anti-Jewish.

This leaflet is being distributed in large quantities and thus links your name widely and publicly with the anti-Semitism of Gerald Smith and John Beaty. We take it for granted that you are familiar with Smith's long and notorious record as an anti-Jewish hatemonger. Perhaps you are not as aware of Mr. Beaty's record.

Professor Beaty is no newcomer to the field of anti-Jewish propaganda. As long ago as 1948 he was delivering anti-Semitic lectures in the Southwest. Until December 1951 his ac-tivities were confined to desultory speaking engagements whose effects appear to be irritating only in a local sense. Then he made his debut as a national anti-Semitic propagandist with the publication of Iron Curtain Over America.

We do not propose to burden you at this point with our detailed analysis of the book; [H: They rarely do!] suffice it to say that it is a compilation of anti-Jewish lies and distortions which have caused it to become a kind of primer for lunatic fringe groups throughout the nation.

Lest you feel that ours is a partisan Jewish view of this book, we would point out that Iron Curtain Over America has been denounced by the Methodist publication ZIONS Herald. Others who have condemned it are Father J.J. Mulloy of the Jesuit High School of Dallas; Dr. Orval Watts in the publication Faith and Freedom; and William Henry Chamberlain in the Chicago Tribune. (Photostatic copies of these condemnations are enclosed.)

Finally, you should know that, as a result of his activities, Professor Beaty was censured in May, 1954 by the Board of Trustees of Southern Methodist University. [H: Now we are getting there! Do you see how much POWER these bastards of truth, have?]

In view of the foregoing, it is our feeling that you may want to consider the advisability of some public action which can assure the American people, who hold you in such high regard, that you repudiate religious hatred, as we know you do, and the use of your name by Professor Beaty and Gerald L.K. Smith.

We would appreciate your response which we hope will relieve the concern that has been expressed to us by the many people who have seen General Smith's newest leaflet.

Sincerely yours,

Henry Edward Schultz


* * *

I don't know about you readers, but Dharma is not going to rest until somebody gets that book to her. ANYBODY HATED BY THE ADL AND UNDER ATTACK IS HER FRIEND!

Perhaps a few more readings from the PROTOCOLS might fit here:


16. The monarches of the Christian world, swollen with ambition and vanity, surround themselves with luxury and with numerous armies. We shall furnish them with all the money their folly demands, and so shall keep them in leash.

18. For ages past the sons of Israel, despised and persecuted, have been working to open up a path to power. They are hitting the mark. They control the economic life of the accursed Christians; their influence preponderates over politics and over manners.

19. At the wished for hour, fixed in advance, we shall let loose the Revolution, which by ruining all classes of Christianity will definitely enslave the Christian to US.

Thus will be accomplished the promise of God made to his people.


What is hard to remember here is the connection to the subject of Communism. You must hold uppermost in mind: Lenin was a Jew and so was every other member of the council in the structuring hierarchy of the Communist takeover of Russia!

* * *


George E. Stratemeyer
Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret.)
P.O. Box 424
Winter Park, Florida

12 October, 1955

Mr. Henry E. Schultz

National Chairman

Anti-Defamation League

of B'nai B'rith

205 East 42nd StreetNew

York 17, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Schultz:

Your letter of 4 October, 1955 with enclosures received and I want you and your organization to know that I forcefully resent what you have said or implied.

First, I want to make it clear that I am not, nor have I ever been, anti-Jewish. I have many Jewish friends throughout this country, who are loyal honest Americans.

As for your use of the meaningless expression "anti-Semitic" it makes no sense. According to the dictionary, the word Semitic pertains to the decendants of Shem which includes Assyrians, Hebrews, Phoenicians, Arabs, Abyssinians, etc. It also pertains to the Semitic languages collectively. Therefore, how any one person or group of persons could be anti-Semitic is beyond my understanding.

Who are you and your orgnization to tell me what I should read and what I should recommend other loyal American citizens to read? And, by the way, just what is the purpose of your organization?

Not until I read John Beaty's book The Iron Curtain Over America did I learn what was going on back in the United States of America while I was overseas fighting for my country.

I think every loyal citizen of our country whether he be Protestant, Jew, Catholic or Mohammedan should read The Iron Curtain Over America. I do not consider that book anti-Jewish in any sense of the word. In fact, I consider it a defense of all loyal American Jews and every Jew that loves these United States of ours should read it.

What connection exists between Mr. John Beaty and Mr. Gerald K. Smith I have no knowledge as I do not know either gentlemen. I did authorize Mr. Beaty to use my letter to him and that is no one's business but my own.

Then the United States of America reaches the point where a citizen cannot read what he desires to read and to recommend such reading to others then we will have reached the status that exists in Soviet Russia. But, THANK GOD, we are still free men in America. As I interpret your letter your organization would have the people read only what you think should be read and recommended to others. This I resent as a free American citizen.

I do not understand what you mean by your statement, "We do not propose to burden you at this point, etc." Is this a veiled threat to my free expression and thoughts? If so, this I also resent.

Your letter is the most outrageous communication I have ever received in my life and I intend to give it the widest possible publicity, including my many Jewish friends.


George E. Stratemeyer


May the "Force" be with you! Salu



SAT., SEP. 25, 1993 12:29 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 040

SAT., SEPTEMBER 25, 1993


"I" HAVE PROBLEMS! I have consistently told Dharma that her job is to write or translate and "others" would do whatever else was necessary. I also promised that when the "untended" stack of papers, etc., got higher than her head (5' 6 1/2") I would surely give her a little break vacation. Everyone comes and asks of her, and me, what to do in everything from location to service to how to bake bread and what and how to take vitamins. It has happened--the room in which she must somehow function is now without ability to hold more--even on the floor-- and find anything. This does not include legal papers which reside everywhere else in the office area. What would YOU do? If you were in her chair--what would YOU do? Every writing I do she is blamed, attacked, her things confiscated and I do actually humbly ask--WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Your answer to yourself is very, very important to yourself.

E.J.'s time is even more absorbed to the point of being able to give support here. He has a job, too, and it is to first read and edit MY work--that is getting done "perhaps" by midnight EVERY NIGHT for you see, we write or speak EVERY DAY and sometimes many times within a day. "I" have a problem, readers--I have NO LIMITS--they do!

So you might say, "Well, just let those other things go!" or "Let someone else do those things, etc., etc., etc." How? There are not funds to PAY for help and even if there were helpers out our ears--EVERYTHING that is done by anyone in this location regarding anything relative to our work or Command--comes back to rest on Doris' and E.J.'s shoulders, Mr. Green having convinced everyone in the legal circles that Doris is both Dharma and Hatonn. Does she get the credit for the multitudes of wondrous things accomplished? No, she is just blamed for copy work, greedy money theft and thus and so. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

I see, I "hear" the response of "I would just keep going?" Oh, and how many of you who would have better grammar, editing, sorting and silence the communication among our "network" of lax sorts--AND, don't even give names or addresses, continue under these massive adversities? How many of YOU would LOSE EVERYTHING you have or had to the very ones who stole everything from you--and continue to be blasted? I have to think of those things--for obviously FEW would continue at all and HAVE NOT DONE SO. I have had receivers and they simply grow to denounce this receiver for her "false" work. Of course they do not "read such garbage" and now denounce Hatonn also for having been a false truth-bringer! Can you see how bleak your future might look from my aspect? Can you see how hopeless it must appear from Dharma's?

The most recent really bad attack on our presentations was a thrust to take out all the "religious crap", "...all the personal crap because nobody is interested or gives a damn", get "on the patriot bandwagon where you can do some good!" and five pages of such HELP.

I am going to repeat again: Our mission is to contact OUR PEOPLE. Our mission is also to bring the word of TRUTH as to your circumstance and Why, probably, most all of the humanity on your place will likely NOT MAKE IT ACROSS THAT GREAT DIVIDE--ONCE AGAIN!

We struggle and struggle to free innocent people from the clutches of the enemy and what happens? Ones such as John Demjanjuk is freed as innocent by the very ones who crucified him--AND HE HAS TO COME TO HIS OWN COUNTRY AND BE SO PICKETED AND THREATENED THAT HE CANNOT GO TO HIS OWN HOME OF DECADES! And, you do this on the celebration of your enemy on his holy days new year. The Khazarian Zionists are celebrating the taking of your world--THIS DAY--and you who celebrate with them are as blind as church bats.


Some friends took some four or five vitamin tablets to John S., incarcerated in an institution with his estranged wife holding all keys to his visitors, release, etc. Now it appears there is uprising and injunction against "that group down there" and RIGHT BACK INTO DHARMA'S LAP!! This is a brother and I asked that we love this man and tend him until a release and care is arranged properly. What is bad about this? Well, Patricia took him (without our knowledge) some Gaiandriana and announced as much last week at a meeting of which she did not attend more than the last few minutes. THAT INFORMATION WAS RESTING WITH THE ESTRANGED WIFE, GEORGE GREEN AND THE "REST" HOME BEFORE THE ORIGINAL TAPES WERE EVEN COPIED HOW DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEL? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THIS INCARCERATION WITH NO RECOURSE FOR FREEDOM--TO BE YOU??

At this moment E.J. is out helping someone with housing and "business" matters. Is that necessary? Yes, because this is a "family" member--our own child's FAMILY member and she needs some assistance. What is so nitty about this, then?

Dharma is ALONE in a house under total attack ALL THE TIME, AROUND THE CLOCK--a thing I have asked NEVER TO ALLOW!! Well, can't I take care of her? Not from the SWAT teams, readers, and from the ones whose JOB IT IS to get her when there is no witness!! So, bad brownie points for E.J.? No, for I don't see another way either at the moment--and Dharma is desperate for just a moment's privacy--even as we work.

What I am asking, Readers, is please be tolerant of the "no responses" when they don't turn around in the mail. If something appears to be "missing"--call or ask--please don't assume you are being ignored or dismissed. Somewhere in this pile of entropy is a letter regarding a motion picture possibility from some of the things in an early JOURNAL. It is valid and goes to Wally Gentleman--but is buried in this pile of "stuff". We will find it and forward it--but please--you who send things--KNOW THAT THEY ARE ATTENDED AND APPRECIATED BEYOND OUR CAPABILITY TO RESPOND OR UTILIZE AT THE MOMENT OF ARRIVAL.

This comes to attention as at this very time I guided her to a stack of papers--and there was a letter and a gift from one in Canada--the letter from early August--the gift dated May 12. Embarrassment floods the being for we all long for "touch" and to ignore the loving support of ones distant is not acceptable. One from back East sent a box of some 15-20 handmade garments, jackets even made from handspun cloth and she has had no time to write this beautiful person who invested HOURS and HOURS of time with her hands and heart to offer this treasure. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

All I ask is that you who write and share--understand. You who write, share and are yet only starting to read the material--thank you, thank you--but please do not tell us how to REDO. If YOU had done your work it would not be falling to us to do anything. Therefore, we must realize that we have to do it OUR WAY--THIS TIME! If you study it ALL and find it lacking--then please complain again--WITH SOLUTIONS WHICH INCLUDE YOURSELF, YOUR PEOPLE AND LEAVE US TO ATTEND OUR OWN--ESPECIALLY IN THE AREA OF MONEY! GOD IS NOT GOING TO SHOWER ANYONE WITH GOLD--NOT YOU, NOT THESE--S0 WHY DO ONES HAVE SUCH GRAND IDEAS FOR "US" TO DO?? SEND US THE FUNDING YOU DEMAND AND NEED--AND "WE" MIGHT DO BETTER ALSO!

Therefore, I take this moment in "time" to remind my writer that it is "fine", chela. For you see, the feeling is one of failure and inability to perform "enough". No, man must be responsible for self--ALL WE CAN DO IS OFFER--NO MORE!

There are far more important matters to attend and so shall it be--let us move on. I just remind you and again ask: WHAT WOULD YOU DO???


I have commented on this since it first came forth on the news and was "discounted as a hoax" on the "news". It is not a hoax and only with FULL DISCLOSURE AND EXPECTATION will it be a hoax instead of total bloodshed.

This is the beginning of the use of gangs to bring down the UN on your backs and take your weapons. A notice came across the monitors of all networked computers two days ago and hit all the news yesterday--only to be discounted as a "hoax". With flooding in Missouri, etc., I doubt you in Illinois or Missouri would note such ongoings in distant Los Angeles--but it isn't just Los Angeles, my friends--this IS THE NEXT PHASE OF PLAN 2000 MOVING INTO ACTION.

This specific document comes from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General, Los Angeles Field Office, P.O. Box 241 (can't be sure as numbers are blurred) 516, Los Angeles, 900(3?)4, originating at the "Office of the Chief Examination Division--Jacksonville" and sent to every sub-office for expediting dispersment:

On Thursday, September 23, 1993, the VA/ORD Los Angeles Field Office received a bulletin from another federal law enforcement agency via California law enforcement authorities in Sacramento, CA, relative to the following:

This weekend, Sept. 24, 25, and 26, 1993, members of the "Bloods" and "Crips" street gangs will be conducting their initiation weekend. [H: This is built-in to coincide with Jewish Holiday.]

The initiation consists of gang members' plan to drive around in the evening with their headlights off, and when innocent occupants of another vehicle flash their lights as a courtesy, the gang member being initiated must shoot and kill all occupants of the "Good Samaritan" vehicle in order to obtain membership into the gang.


The copy in hand came directly from the "Field Office" above.

Hoax? How can this be a HOAX? If nothing else, it is planned terrorism--probably against the kids in the "hoodz". Game? This a game? Not any more--this is far too serious in intent to ever be considered a hoax or game--IT DAMAGES AND HURTS TOO MANY PEOPLE, DOES IT NOT? DOES THIS NOT JUST ADD TERROR TO THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF ALL CITIZENS? DOES THIS NOT OFFER A BETTER "REASON" TO REMOVE YOUR DEFENSE WEAPONS? DON'T YOU SEE--THAT WAY--ONLY THE ORGANIZED CRIMINALS WILL HAVE WEAPONS??!!

I am simply "reporting" this again, it has been on the "hotline" for two days! It is totally discounted on the media. I suggest you go elsewhere in this paper and READ ABOUT WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA!! WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Dharma and E.J. simply RODE on the adjacent lot EASEMENT (PUBLIC) AND WERE SERVED ARREST PAPERS FOR SAME. WHAT WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO DO FOR GOD?? Is this "personal garbage" as our friendly correspondent states? THIS IS OUR PAPER TO MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH YOU OF OUR TEAM AND IT IS PERSONAL--AS PERSONAL AS YOU WILL EVER GET ANYTIME ANYWHERE ON YOUR PLANET. IT IS ALSO AS SPIRITUAL AS YOU ARE GOING TO FIND ANYWHERE ANYTIME ON YOUR GLOBE--IT IS YOUR SOUL EXPRESSION AT STAKE AND, BY GOLLY, THAT SEEMS PRETTY PERSONAL TO ME. I do not want a single individual of my people slain because of foolish actions and misdirected thoughts of somehow taking up arms and marching against the nuclear warheads! In Georgia, Russia--this day--you can see what that merits. The "big-boys" (NWO/Russia) have supplied the democratic citizens' enemies with heat-seeking missiles, advanced tank destroyers, etc. And what have the "little people?" A few hidden guns which are now being "asked" to rally into the cities with such tinker-toys to "defend your nation"--AGAINST NUCLEAR SMALL--SMART--WEAPONS!

IF YOU think it can be done with weapons and marches and a few handfuls of secret automatic arms--go with the touters of such nonsense. You will not save your Constitution--or your assets--YOU WILL GET KILLED DEAD! BUT LEAVE MY PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR HARANGUE AND STUPID REACTIONS--YOU BECOME LOOSE CANNONS ON A DECK OF DEATH! BLOODSHED? INDEED? YOURS. AND THAT OF THOSE YOU LOVE AND CLAIM TO PROTECT!


I have a few "clippings" sent by one of my most beloved friends in Florida--just tidbits captured for sharing from the local paper in Palm Beach. Let me just run down some of them for your attention:


Associated Press, Sept. 10, 1993: WASHINGTON--Gradually, and with little fanfare, bank claims against the Agriculture Department for defaults on loans to Russia under a food export program have exceeded $1 BILLION.

Before August ends, the department will have repaid at least that much to domestic and foreign banks that made the government-backed loans. Russia began defaulting late in November on the debt owed by it and the rest of the former Soviet Union, forcing a cutoff in sales of grain. [H: There is not much left to sell anyway--and a bad year in the grain-belt, citizens!]

The curtailed shipments to what was once a major customer have put a major dent in exports. The Agriculture Department says Russia and other countries in the former Soviet Union will cut their total imports of corn and other coarse grains nearly in half this trade year, which ends in October, to 8.8 million tons. [H: Let me just comment on this on the chance you misunderstand what this means. First you guaranteed the Russians your precious grain and guaranteed billions of dollars to PURCHASE THE GRAIN; now they have lots and lots of your survival grain, they got the money (or, the banks got the money), the banks also got the interest payments FROM YOU TAXPAYERS, and now the loans are in default so you taxpayers in good old Amerika will pay at least FOUR TIMES for the same stupid non-sales. Who wins? The BANKSTER NEW WORLD ORDER!!]

Also, there have been no shipments yet of wheat, corn or soybean meal under a foods-aid package announced in April by President Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin at the Vancouver summit. The Agriculture Department says details are being worked out to move the commodities overseas this fall. [H: Anyone in a panic yet? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO EAT, AMERIKA?]

That aid is intended to help U.S. exporters keep a share of the Russian import market until a long-term solution can be found. But the aid stops at the end of this year. [H: The ones gleaning the market? The very big growers who have run the farmers off their lands--UNDER THE COMMITTEE OF 300--MOSTLY THROUGH THE FINE MANAGEMENT OF ONES SUCH AS MARINE-MIDLAND, ETC.]

The grain export lobby would like to see the administration relax its credit restrictions for Russia, a difficult decision for the administration to make. [H: B.S.! The decision is already MADE, sleepyheads--the point is to have you helpless, hungry and lost!] The same program used to give Russia commercial credit cost the government more than $1.3 BILLION in payments to banks that lent money to Iraq before the Gulf War.

Of the $1 BILLION in default, Russia and the United States will hold talks, next month at the earliest, to work out a repayment schedule.


Reuters, New York--Former President Bush's sons and some of his administration's aides are actively seeking contracts in Kuwait, cashing in on the U.S. involvement in the 1991 Gulf War, The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday.


It said that retired Army Lt. Gen. Thomas Kelly was also involved but that Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who led the forces that ousted Iraqi troops, has specifically refused to take part in such deals. [H: Oh BARFF!]

....the relatives and former aides joined Bush on a trip to Kuwait in April, three months after he left office....they were there to try to win lucrative contracts from the Kuwaiti government. Baker did acknowledge that he had stayed behind to do work on behalf of Enron Corp, a Houston-based energy company.... Kelly, also working for Enron, is quoted as saying that his work was unrelated to his role in the military.... Sununu was quoted as saying that he was a consultant for Westinghouse Electric Corp. but said he did little in connection with possible contracts in Kuwait....



All of these articles are from September 10.

The Los Angeles Times, Washington--Overcoming 18 months of partisan deadlock, the House Tuesday narrowly approved the expenditure of $18.3 BILLION to safeguard depositors and complete the cleanup of the savings and loan industry. [H: Well, they certainly did clean up the portion used by Ekkers--and, what a relief to realize that the Ekkers were not responsible for ALL the problems as has been presented in court!]

The 214-208 vote authorized the Resolution Trust Corp. [H: Remember yesterday's writing--the RTC WAS the old "Reconstruction Finance Corporation" which was just as dastardly and totally run by the Elite Banksters.] to resume acquiring, selling and closing failed thrifts--a task that was begun on April 1, 1992, by a previous act of Congress. Under the terms of the House bill, the RTC's role would end on March 31, 1995.

The bill would authorize another $8 BILLION under certain conditions to help the industry offset future losses through 1998 if a private insurance fund alone was insufficient to protect depositors. [H: Barff again!]

Although the bill was sent to a Senate-House conference to reconcile differences with a Senate version, backers of the measure said congressional approval of the final measure was expected.

The floor manager for the bill, Rep. Stephen L. Neal, DN.C., said the much-criticized Resolution Trust Corp. has protected 22 million depositors against losses in 657 failed savings and loans so far. An additional 170 thrifts are likely to be liquidated.

"RTC legislation never has been popular [H: Well, like hundreds of thousands of others--the RTC confiscated the Ekkers' home AND SOLD IT TO PARTIES IN ANOTHER STATE--WHILE LITIGATION WAS STILL UNDER WAY! Doesn't anything seem a bit out of place and non-correct? What endearing qualities do these ones have--by their own statements??: THEY HAVE MADE A LOT OF CASH IN-VESTORS VERY WEALTHY, HEALTHY AND HAPPY--FOR PIDDLING CENTS ON THE DOLLAR--YOUR DOLLAR!] but it appears this legislation will be the last needed to resolve the savings and loan debacle of the 1980s," Neal told the House.

Opponents contended the RTC already had enough money on hand or could raise funds through borrowing or by selling off assets of the closed S&Ls.

Neal countered that Congress must release the $18.3 BILLION that was previously approved but never spent because of the 1992 deadline that effectively shut down RTC takeovers of financially weak thrifts.

If it withheld the funds, Neal added, the government would be breaking its promise to protect bank and savings deposits, potentially triggering a banking crisis worse than the one that occurred during the Depression.



For the first time this influenza season, Medicare will pay for shots for people age 65 and older.

And the American Lung Association is urging all older Americans to get inoculated, because this year's flu season will be particularly bad. [H: Really? How would THEY know?? Catching on to this game of "gotcha", readers?] Scientists are expecting the A-Beijing virus to be dominant, and A-strain viruses can be deadly.

Older people and those with chronic diseases--diabetes and lung, kidney and cardiovascular disease--are much more likely to suffer complications or death from the flu.

Experts advise getting the shot in October, before flu season really kicks in.


Did anyone notice the little fiasco in the flu shot advertising program yesterday? Gary Collins was given a flu shot on a television program (live). The doctor then turned and gave Sarah Purcell a flu shot--WITH THE SAME NEEDLE! Oops-- but not to worry--this was a "fluke" and wouldn't happen again and besides, "He tested clear for AIDS and is awaiting results from Hepatitis, etc."

Dharma was feeling slighted because they have had no insurance and NO HEALTH ATTENTION SINCE 1984 when the surgeons had to repeat abdominal surgery which added up to almost a hundred thousand dollars. No insurance or care since! No dental care at all since the early 1970s! Obviously citizen interests are NOT WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT?? I BELIEVE SHE SHOULD BE BREATHING EASIER THAT SHE HAS NOT HAD ANY MEDICAL CARE!


DON'T WASTE ANY MORE ON SPACE FAILURES: Sept. 7, 1993, Palm Beach Post, Florida: Who are the "fat cats" at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration? Are they not held responsible for their mistakes?

The Mars observer fiasco. $1 billion down the drain.

The four failures to lift off the ground in the past few months. How much money was spent on each one? No one seems to criticize these failures or ask how much each one cost.

We are talking about health care, and people homeless and starving here. The kind of money NASA spent on the above-mentioned failures would help alleviate the miseries of the world. Joseph Straining, Greenacres.

Still having a good day? How many of these things do you find by carefully considering the inside and back pages of your own little ordinary NEWS-papers?



Do you not find it interesting that just when you think no-one is noticing, floods are washing out the Mid-West and you have A RUNNING RIVER OF FRESH WATER POURING OUT OF THE MOUTH OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER TEN MILES WIDE AND RUNNING ALL THE WAY DOWN AND AROUND 'THE FLORIDA COAST AND MILES INTO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. This means, in addition to other things, that salt-water fishing resources are GONE in those areas. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? But what else happens? The Making of a Continent series is BACK ON TV AND 'THERE IS A RE-RUNNING RERUN, RERUN OF California's Earthquake zones. This is an OLD rerun--at least ten years ago--and if you can watch it, rest easy in California (anywhere)--you are DEAD and don't know it. It projects, from simple natural slippage--TOTAL CATASTROPHE--NOW ANOTHER DECADE OVERDUE! Do YOU notice ones scampering to fill bottles of water and get "shaky" prepared? Nope--who cares? The Bloods and Crips are on the prowl--who notices anything like little earthquakes? So be it--NOT ONE AREA OF THIS WORLD IS GOING TO. BE SPARED! NOT ONE! Are YOU safe? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

You ones barrage me with "What do I do", "I don't have funds but can I come to your area?" and "Tell us when and what to do!" WE DON'T HAVE "FUNDS" EITHER! WHY DO YOU THINK HERE IS SAFER THAN "THERE"? IS THERE SOME MAGIC THAT PROTECTS THESE PEOPLE? IS THERE SOME MAGIC THAT PUTS GRAIN IN THEIR LARDER? NO--THERE IS JUST ABOUT "EVERYTHING" THAT DEPLETES AND CONFISCATES THEIR LARDERS. YOU ASK AND ASK--"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR US?" So, I am asking YOU: "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THESE PROBLEMS?" So be it! I hope you can roll with the punches because they are going to be really exciting and whoppers! I?? I AM GOING TO WAIT, NOW, AND SEE WHAT YOU DO! Salu.

"Ask not what God can do for you--ask what you can do for God," and perhaps you'll have a clue!



SAT., SEP. 25, 1993 3:07 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 040

SAT., SEPTEMBER 25, 1993


Oops! Dharma is quivering in her bare foots. Why would I, on top of every other problem she has today, suck her into writing about Jake Possell and Nikola Tesla? Because it is time to bring them in because of their incredible potential (now running out) for masterful service and enterprise.

Jake Possell is a personal acquaintance of both E.J. and Doris--so we are chuckling at the thoughts scrambling around within. He is a close friend and working partner of a close and precious friend, Ret. Admiral (U.S.N.) Larry Julihn. This man makes pumps--wondrously efficient and effective pumps. He reverses the procedure for the pumps and makes equally wondrous turbines!

We are weary of playing in the greedy games of who's got the shekels, the gold and the SECRETS? There are SOME pleading to give their contributions to MAN! Leave US be "nothing" but let us not disallow these giving brothers to benefit for and from these great gifts of recognition of "how it can be done"!

I am going to quote FROM A BOOK ON "THE BLADELESS TESLA TURBINE as developed by C.R. "Jake" Possell, BOUNDARY-LAYER BREAKTHROUGH, Vol. II: The Tesla Technology Series. I am going to share with you the presentation by Possell to the 1986 Tesla Symposium. I EXPECT my people to get busy as quickly as feasible--getting these things "on-line" and available when funding is forthcoming to see to it that these older researchers are brought into safety, securely set up with facilities for production. Thank you.


Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Tesla Society and our Guests. I am a mechanical engineer by trade. I have a private company that has been involved for the last twenty years in the development of a different type of technology. This technology came from the consummate genius Nikola Tesla. Tesla, the man that he was, made a number of excursions into other areas other than electrical engineering. Unfortunately, Tesla being twenty five to thirty years ahead of his time, metallurgy was not what it is today.

The ideas that Tesla purported at that time languished and were literally buried under the table for twenty to thirty years. About twenty years ago I stumbled across some of Tesla's work. Like a lot of people I had never heard of Nikola Tesla. Of course, everyone in this society is well aware of his capabilities. This excursion that he did was into an area of turbines and pumps. It is best alluded to in a new technology that we are all a little more familiar with--aerodynamics.


[H: Surely YOU are all aware of the "boundary layer"? Well, aren't you? How do you expect to S-A-V-E the world if you don't even know about the boundary layer? Further, IF we are not allowed to write on such subjects because somebody else wrote on the matter--HOW will YOU EVER KNOW? I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND! So, back to kindergarten.]

When an airplane flies through the air, at very high speed, there is a thin layer of air that sticks to the wing, the fuselage and all parts of the airplane. This layer of air goes the same speed as the airplane. There is then a sheer action or sheer plane between that boundary layer and the surrounding quiescent air around the aircraft. At that sheer plane is where the drag is formed that holds the aircraft back. Aerodynamicists tell us that if we could wave a magic wand over an aircraft and eliminate or minimize boundary layer drag the aircraft could fly 40% faster or further with the same amount of horse power. In aerodynamics, boundary layer drag is a totally unwanted precept.

Tesla was able to turn that precept around 180 degrees. Tesla perceived that boundary layer drag could be used to do something useful. Generally speaking, when we can take an unwanted precept like this and turn it around, we can make a very significant change or advance in a technology. This is exactly what happened in boundary layer drag technology. What we have done, basically, or what Tesla purported to do, is to make a turbine out of a series of flat discs. These disks are stamped out of metal. Stamping, you have to remember, is the cheapest form of metal fabrication that there is. If the automobile people had their way, the entire car would be constructed out of metal stampings. Stamping is the least expensive way to make parts. We stamp these flat disks out of flat metal and stack them up. As you can see, the rotor is constructed of thin disks of flat metal. There are appropriate spacers between the rotor disks. The rotor is then mounted on a shaft.


This device is perfectly reversible. If power is put into the shaft and rotates the disk, we have a pump. If a fluid is brought in at very high velocity, it will create a boundary layer on either side of these disks, we have a turbine. The fluid proceeds, in an inward helix, until it comes out at the center holes which are the exhaust in the turbine. If we do just the opposite again and put power into the shaft, and rotate it, then these inlets become the inlets for the pump. The fluid then goes in an up outward helix path, until it comes off of the periphery of the outside of the disk, at a very high velocity. If we look at Bernoulli's equation, total pressure is equal to velocity squared plus P sub s or static pressure (P TOTAL = v2 + P62). We can see from that simple equation that if we convert velocity squared it has to go into P sub s or static pressure. When the fluid comes off the periphery of the pump, at very high velocity, all of the total pressure of the energy in the fluid consists of velocity. That has some interesting precepts, that I will explain in a moment, in pump technology.

That high velocity then is taken outside the case of the pump into a device that is called a diffuser. The purpose of a diffuser is expressed through surfaces that gradually expand. The fluid is slowed down, velocity decreases and static pressure increases. That is the function of a pump, to increase the static pressure of a liquid. The unique thing about this particular piece of apparatus is that there are no lifting surfaces as there are in conventional pumps. If we look at the centrifugal pump, the vane pump, the piston pump, they all have a lifting surface that moves the fluid along. Therein lies the basic difficulty of using that type of equipment.

This is where the Tesla approach or the boundary layer approach exhibits all of its advantages. The boundary layer on each side of each of these disks pulls the liquid by the boundary layer drag and accelerates it. Then centrifugal force moves it to the outside of the device. The liquid is then taken out on the periphery. In a turbine we do it just the opposite. We bring a fluid in that has high temperature, high pressure and we put it through a series of nozzles. The purpose of a nozzle is just the opposite of a diffuser. Here we are going to take pressure and temperature and change it into high velocity. We bring the fluid in tangential to the outside of the turbine. We bring it in at very high velocity. It forms a boundary layer on either side of the disk of the turbine. The pressure ratio is pushing it toward the center of the turbine. It forms a helical path down into the center of the device, and exits in the center, after it has transmitted all of its energy to the disks through the boundary layer drag.

Analysis tells us this type of energy process of transfer has the potential of being much more efficient than by pushing something, as you do in a conventional bladed turbine through impulse or reaction. Of course, because there are no lifting surfaces, there is no way for the fluid or the material going through the turbine to impinge on anything. These are the limiting factors in a conventional pump.

There is a phenomena that occurs in a conventional pump called cavitations. Cavitation occurs where you have a liquid that has bubbles of gas in the liquid. These bubbles can be from outside gas that is mixed into the liquid or they can actually be formed by the liquid boiling inside the device as it passes through. There are many liquids that have very high vapor pressure and they boil at very low temperatures. When we reduce the static pressure on a liquid it boils at a lower temperature than it normally would. If we take water for instance and carry it up on top of Mt. Whitney or Pikes Peak we will find that water does not boil at 212° F; it boils at some lower temperature. So if we happen to be putting water through a conventional pump, at say, 165° F, because of the lowering of the static pressure on the suction side of the pump the water will begin to boil inside the pump. These bubbles of vapor of that particular liquid will be formed, inside, and will have to pass through the pump. What happens is that a lifting surface comes along and hits the bubble and collapses the bubble. This causes the opposite of an explosion--an implosion. At the same time that this implosion is occurring, the liquid rushes in the hole where the bubble was. This inrush digs away at the lifting surface of the pump. If we operate a pump under extreme cavitating conditions for any length of time, the rotor of that pump will look like lace-work curtains. In fact, I've seen pumps where there was a shaft and a little nubbin left on the end of the shaft and the rest of the rotor had completely disappeared due to cavitation. That's pretty serious trouble for a pump.

In addition to that, there are other phenomenon that happen downstream of the pump that could be even as bad or worse than the cavitation effects on the rotor of the pump. These are large, huge pressure fluctuations that occur downstream of the pump because of the cavitation that is occurring within the pump. These large pressure fluctuations can split a line in half. It can tear a heat exchanger apart. It can do all kinds of serious damage in a petrochemical plant or a chemical plant where cavitation is occurring in a pump. If we are trying to pump a liquid, not water, say something like isopentane that boils at a very low temperature, it is almost impossible to pump that material without having some cavitation occur within the pump.

The Tesla turbine or boundary layer pump has no lifting surfaces. [H: READ IT AGAIN!] So, by the very definition of cavitation it cannot occur in this pump. That means that we can pump liquids and gases TOGETHER. In fact, as it turns out, we can pump THREE PHASE FLOW. THREE PHASE FLOW CONSISTS OF A LIQUID, A GAS, AND A SOLID. [H: Even Spelt and potatoes.]

Why can we pump solids when other pump companies are very wary of solids? Again, it is this impingement, the lifting surface comes around and hits the solids, say a grain of sand. It impinges on that lifting surface and it abrades or digs away at that lifting surface. So if we were pumping three phase flow with a conventional pump, we could actually have both cavitation and impingement of solids occurring at the same time. If that happens, of course, that pump is not long for this world. It will be destroyed in a very short period of time. And it's all dependent upon how fast this occurs.

If we increase the speed of the pump, this phenomenon will all occur under faster conditions and the pump will be destroyed in a much quicker manner. If we slow it down, the effects will take longer over a longer period of time to act on the pump. That is another bad thing for conventional pumps. In order to get reasonable life out of a conventional pump, we have to slow the pump down. This prevents the process I'm talking about from occurring at too rapid a rate and causing the pump to be damaged in too short a period. Out in the real world, where people are using pumps every day, you would be surprised how many people are using pumps under this condition. They say, well, there is no other way to pump fluid or what we are trying to pump. Water is a pure Newtonian fluid and at 60° F it meets the standard conditions. Unfortunately, none of my customers pump clean, cold, pure water. They want to pump something nasty like sulfuric acid, ground glass in water or dirty oil that's loaded with sand and other chemicals that can attack metals. The problems out in the real world of pumping compounds, unfortunately, with the present type of pumps that are used in this world--are the lifting surface devices.

We have a unique problem. We have a small company. We're literally like a child in front of the candy store. We have so many things to do and so many things to accomplish we can't do it all. We have to pick the most important things that we see out there where this technology can do the most good for industry. We have done a whole variety of things. I'll be as brief as possible and tell you some of the things we have done. [H: Any of you readers EVER heard of Jake Possell or the "Possell Pump"? I thought not! It would remind you a bit of TeslaPossell as Germain-Russell? How could such a massively important item as this "pump-turbine" just be OVERLOOKED? So be it--Doris and E.J. watched all phases work at the hands of Jake Possell over ten years ago--in person. Doris and Larry even worked in telephone revelation on a pulseless heart pump. This was later, sort-of, semi-developed. I think the words I "seek", Dharma, are "half-assed". How come nothing of this importance ever makes it more than "just off" the work-bench? This little sucker can pump potato peels (that nothing else will pump) and BE THOROUGHLY STERILIZED. You ones have HAD what is necessary to FIX things--you just sleep on and on and on until the Elite bury the gifts.]

We can pump three phase flow. We can also pump any two of those phases together without damaging the boundary layer equipment. In other words we can pump a gas and a solid. That is very unique to pumping. I think we are the only company in the world that can say we can pump a solid and a gas without any damage to the rotor. The boundary layer protects the rotor and the inside of the pump. The solids that go through the pump actually never touch the surfaces of the inside of the pump. In other words, they go in between the boundary layer from one disk and in between the boundary layer of the next disk adjacent to it.

Being an engineer as I am, I have told a lot of people about these facts, of course, but there is always a gnawing little word in the back of your heads that says you know that to be true, but what if it really doesn't happen that way? So to satisfy ourselves, during one of our tests, we were pumping sea water off a beach with a very large pump, we were planning a long duration pumping time, so our shop superintendent took a grease pencil, and he put a little mark on the outside of the rotor of one of our pumps before we put it together, then we assembled the pump. We pumped this sea water which is nasty stuff because it has so much salt in it. It also has lots of sand, it has sea shells, sea weed and all kinds of other things in it. All these things pass through the pump. Two weeks later after having run this pump twenty four hours a day we took the pump apart. Eureka, right on the side of the rotor was the little mark from the grease pencil. We could take our thumb and wipe that grease pencil mark off. The boundary layer protection does work. It is a real part of this type of pumping.


Before we started on this particular technology I had worked for a number of companies that were in the gas turbine business. When I first stumbled over the works of Tesla I saw this as a cost breakthrough in the field of gas turbines. I said to myself, aha, with today's metallurgy, with the techniques of today's improved bearings and seals and all the rest, I believe we could do what Tesla set out to do so many years ago. Of course, we went to the military--naturally.

The military has classically been looking for what we call an expendable engine. That is an engine that lasts for a very short period of time. Normally, if we look at conventional technology, say a General Electric, a Westinghouse, a Toshiba or a Rolls Royce gas turbine, we're looking at a piece of equipment that is so capital intensive or so expensive to manufacture that if you bought one of those devices and brought it back to your plant and said to your accountant: How are we going to amortize this piece of equipment? He would say: We better amortize it over the next ten years because that is the only reasonable way to spread this tremendous capital cost over a number of years. Bear in mind now that what the military is looking for is an engine that doesn't last for ten years but lasts for ten minutes. So it's a little more difficult to amortize the cost of that device over ten minutes than it is over ten years.

I brought a little device with me that I hope you can see from where you are sitting. We built this for the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. I can't tell you what it's for because that is still classified but I can tell you what it does and you can draw your own conclusion. This device is called an expendable gas turbine electrical generating plant. It consists of a two stage compressor. It takes air and compresses it and mixes a fuel with it. In this case, it's propane. That propane/oxygen mixture then goes into a burner can, which is a tiny piece of jewelry on this little device and it burns in there. The burner can holds the flame front so that the flame will not blow out. That hot gas then comes down to a little tiny bladeless turbine, which is only ONE INCH IN DIAMETER.

This device is launched at thirty thousand feet altitude. It comes up to speed in a fraction of a second, in millionths of a second. This is done by a charge of gun powder. On the end of this little device, there, this little silver thing that's on this end of the turbine, is a two pole alternator or generator, as we know, and it generates electricity. Its all on the same shaft with the turbine.

At thirty thousand feet altitude it comes up to speed and it produces one hundred watts of electrical energy. It takes the place of a battery which is quite large--a foot square. Of course a battery does not produce much electricity when it's at -65° F which we have up at that altitude. We have to put around the outside of that battery, some means of heating it. That means that we have to put more energy in to make the battery work. Here all we have is this TINY little device that makes 100 watts of electrical power.

Ten minutes later, after it is launched, it is back at sea level and it is producing about 180 watts of electrical energy. Then it is destroyed. Its total life is only ten minutes. That does not mean that this device can't run more than ten minutes. It means that in its mission, for what it was designed to do, it has a ten minute life. That was a very interesting engineering exercise for our company. Unfortunately, after that occurred the Korean War was over. Our company determined that it is very difficult for a small, undercapitalized company to interface with the military. We decided to put those on the back burner, which we did.

That was kind of hard for us to do, as you can appreciate, because we were so enthralled about building larger ones and what we could do with the boundary layer concept as far as generating electricity. We had to put that on the back burner. That is more amenable to a small company that's undercapitalized. The military does not understand that you have to make payroll on Friday afternoon. They say we'll pay you next week or next month or something like that. It's not too important to them but to the people that are running the company it is a matter of life and death.

We decided to put turbines on the back burner and go into the development of boundary layer pumps. That turned out to be a good decision for our company because a pump is about one tenth the complexity of a gas turbine. With developing these pumps that could do all of these unique things, our company has prospered over the years. We are now in a position where we feel we can go back into the turbine field and possibly interface with some larger companies and the military and so forth and do the things that we should have done twenty years ago in the turbine field. [H: This was in 1986--HOW MUCH HAVE YOU HEARD, LATELY, ABOUT POSSELL PUMPS--OR TURBINES????]

* * *

Dharma, we will leave this topic to also be "continued" for it has been a long Saturday and now, evening. These things have to come forth--in the doing and not just the sharing--and who, if not us?? We'll take up when we again write on this subject, with the Problems Inherent with Gas Turbines.

Blessed be him who hears and sees--and acts. We do not need to invent the "wheel" AGAIN--and God will see to the needs of His flock. Salu.



SUN., SEP. 26, 1993 10:37 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 041

SUN., SEPTEMBER 26, 1993

C.R. "Jake" Possell

Presentation: 1986 Tesla Symposium


Now there are many types of turbines. There are water turbines, there are steam turbines and there are gas turbines. We're looking at the whole wide field of turbines. As I showed you this turbine was built during the Korean War which is what? Thirty-eight years ago--something of that nature. Over the years, we have been able to produce a number of patents on this technology. The first patent that we took out cites Tesla as prior art. Of course, we always tell everybody that this whole idea of boundary layer drag was first purported by Nikola Tesla, the genius who invented alternating current.

There are some very interesting and exciting things that are occurring in this field. It's kind of refreshing to me to come to a meeting like this and hear a doctor who can get so excited about dividing the speed of light into a factor. I can get just as excited about boundary layer turbines and what they can do for the world up ahead. I would like to give you a little insight into what we're working on and what we feel can happen. In a steam turbine there are series of blades that look like a twisted airplane wing. They are attached to a big rotor in the center of the turbine. The steam comes in and impinges on the wing or the blade of the turbine and it pushes it. That's called impulse. The back side of the turbine is curved like a wing. The fluid goes around there and forms what is called reaction which drags the blade around. As I told you, in the boundary layer turbine we have no lifting surfaces, we have merely a system of flat disks.

In a turbine the crux of the whole problem, that people are looking at, is the effect of temperature and stress on that blade. You can appreciate that as we raise pressure and temperature the cycle efficiencies of steam cycles, gas cycles and so forth, all become more efficient. Everyone is striving, monumentally, to increase turbine inlet temperature and pressures. This will increase the efficiencies and we can get more electricity out of a ton of coal or a gallon of oil, whatever it might be, that fossil fuel that we're using to make the electricity.

People sometimes have a mistaken idea of a particular technology. For instance, back a few years ago in California we had a whole bunch of people that were reinventing James Watt's steam engine. They were reinventing the steam turbine. Un-fortunately, they were not smart enough to go to the public library and pick up a book up there and read about what the efficiencies of such devices are. A steam turbine and a steam piston engine, and so forth, unfortunately, are very neat arrangements of mechanisms but they are inherently very inefficient. The most complicated steam locomotive that was ever built, triple expanding, double compounded device, was only 14% thermally efficient. Unfortunately the diesel engine is a good deal more efficient than that, it's about 36% to 38% efficient. That's why we don't see any more steam engines running out on the railroad track. We have a much better way of making motive power with a diesel engine at a much higher thermal efficiency.

There are some rules of thumb that I go by as an engineer. If I tell you some of these rules of thumb you will be able to understand what I'm talking about much better. In a gas turbine, let's take, for instance, the limiting temperature today, if we burn fossil fuel, at stoichiometric combination, which is the optimum mixture of fuel and air, we can generate temperatures well over 3,000°F on those blades in that turbine. If we did the blades would stretch and hit the outside case. It would be an incipient failure of that device. What we do is take tremendous quantities of cold air from the outside and we mix it with that hot gas and cool it down to some temperature that we dare put into that device.

You don't have to be an aero dynamicist or a thermodynamacist to know that's not good. If you raise something to a temperature you have a certain amount of energy in it. If you put cold air in with it you're reducing the energy content by quite a substantial amount. Today the limit of such gas turbines is about 2,000° F. The most advanced military engine in the world, that I know of, runs at 2,050° F. Westinghouse, General Electric, Toshiba, Rolls Royce--everybody that is working in the gas turbine field--is putting most of their effort into some way of being able to increase this temperature that goes into the turbine. Every year they raise it eleven degrees or fourteen degrees or whatever it happens to be. That's through a combination of metallurgy, unique mechanical design and maybe some new materials. We're able to raise it eleven degrees. Then they publish a big report about as thick as a big telephone book. It says, look what we've done this year; we've raised the temperature eleven degrees.

There is a rule of thumb that is most interesting here, that I'd like to interject, if we can raise turbine inlet temperature 350° F we double the horse power output of that engine. In other words, if we had a General Electric [jet] engine standing there, and we could wave a magic wand over it, and raise the [inlet] temperature 350° F it would have 80,000 pounds of thrust instead of 40,000 pounds. I'm not the only one that knows that. Everybody else in the jet engine business is well aware of it, let me tell you. They are up against a stone wall, literally, to raising turbine inlet temperature.

Along comes the boundary layer turbine. We can see that there are not blades here. At the root of the blade, we have a phenomenon, a stress phenomenon, called combined bending. That is the worst stress level. That will drive a stress engineer right up the wall. Combined bending is the worst kind of stress that you can put on any device.

To accentuate that, in a conventional turbine, the back end of the blade goes out to a sharp edge. That's Charpy effect or the notch effect. That is where the bending effect is greatest at that sharp edge. That is where the blade fails. It starts to crack at that point. If we put too high of a temperature on, it's goodbye blade. It flies off and that's the end of the turbine.

If you are ever getting on an airplane, you might look at the engine pod. There is a red line that is painted around the outside of the engine pod. The purpose of that red line is to tell the mechanics, who are working around that engine or aircraft, not to stand in line with that red line. That is where the blades are going to come out if they ever choose to fatigue and come off. They will come out of that engine like a rifle bullet. They will go into the next county. Let me tell you something, every engine mechanic watches that red line. If you watch, they will step very quickly when they get to the red line. They don't want to be in line with that area of possible danger.

In the boundary layer turbine we have no blades. We have no combined bending. It's gone. There is no such thing in this turbine. All we have is two forces. One of them is centrifugal force. This is due to the weight of the flat disk itself as it spins. There is a centrifugal force developed within the disk. That tends to move that disk, break it and make it move out. Centrifugal force is a very small percentage of what a combined bending stress level would be in a conventional blade. The other stress is a small force due to the torque that is generated in the shaft for transmission out to the disk.

I would like to tell you about a little thing that we did for our own amusement and to prove to ourselves the tremendous advantage of bladeless turbines. We physically set the turbine up as a compressor or a pump and attached it to a variable frequency motor which allowed us to control the speed. After we finished our test, we decided to find out, ourselves, what would happen if we overdrove this disk up to some point where the stress level, the centrifugal force and the sheer forces would tear that disk apart.

The mass of a flat disk is a small percentage of the mass of a blade in a conventional turbine. That's why that conventional blade goes into the next county. Its turning at a very high velocity and has a relatively high mass. It will continue to travel in the same direction it's flung out at. In the Tesla turbine the mass of the disk is much lower than that of a blade.

We drove the Tesla Turbine to increasing speeds, five thousand revolutions per minute at a time. Somewhere up around 85,000 rpm one of these disks reached its point of no return and it broke. We had all been standing around cringing, waiting for a big explosion. We were saying, raise it another five thousand. We were kind of worried about whether it was going to blow the whole laboratory up or what was going to happen. All of a sudden one of the instrument men who had earphones on said, "Sir, there has been a little blip in the rpm. I believe something has happened to the turbine." We didn't hear any noise. Nothing that we could detect had occurred. We decided to slow the turbine down and take a look at it. We let it coast down and it took quite some time for it to coast back to zero rpm.

To our great surprise and astonishment, when we opened the case of the turbine, the disk on the outside of the turbine, which is slightly thicker than the other disks, had exploded and disappeared. We thought that it would be somewhere just downstream. Maybe inside of our flow meter or in our control valves, something of that nature. We started to unscrew the pipe. We looked for these elusive particles. We didn't know what to expect. Finally we went all the way over to the wall and took the last piece of pipe up and shook it. There were no particles in it. We said: "Now where could those particles have gone? Aha, they're out in the parking lot."

Sure enough, we went outside (we were in the second floor of a large concrete building) down in the parking lot and with a pair of tweezers we picked up these little pieces of the disk. They were about one quarter inch square. They had managed to go through the turbine, through the control valves, through the flow meters and all the instruments, out the pipe and into the parking lot without us even knowing it. We think we proved our point beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this turbine has little danger from exploding parts if you over-drive it. I'll explain why that is important in a minute.

The other thing is that a turbine has to be coupled to something. If we're going to put a turbine into, say, a vehicle. Let's look at that for a minute because that is an exciting part of what we're talking about. A turbine has maximum torque at zero rpm. Now just think about that for a minute. What does that mean as far as acceleration is concerned? When we let the clutch out in our automobile, we have to rev the motor up to about two thousand rpm before we let the clutch out. If we don't the motor dies and we have to start it again. At zero rpm a conventional internal combustion engine has zero torque. Not so good for acceleration. We have to speed that engine up before we let the clutch out so that we have some torque available to accelerate the vehicle. The turbine is exactly the opposite. It has maximum torque at zero rpm. When we let the clutch out we better be ready. Our head is going to get snapped back and we're going to take off and probably spin the wheels.

Back in 1967 there was a gas turbine that was put into an Indianapolis racing car by a gentleman that we all know who is on T.V. That bladed type turbine had so much torque, they told the driver, "Be careful, don't push on the throttle too hard or you'll twist the half shafts off in the back of the race car." He could pull out along side another car and pass him at will, with the turbine. You might well say, "Why don't we have turbines in Indy cars today and in other types of vehicles?" There are two reasons. One is that USAC, the governing body of that racing sanction, outlawed gas turbines. All the other owners said, "We can't afford to put a gas turbine in our race car and this thing can blow our doors off. We don't want gas turbines in racing cars." Collectively USAC outlawed the gas turbine as a power plant in race cars. Not because it wasn't good or better or anything else, it's because it was too good.

Today our ultimate objective is to get boundary layer gas turbines back into vehicles. Maybe first in an Indianapolis race car, then into a truck and then possibly come up with one that will go into a car. Why is that so exciting? Let me explain to you. We touched a little bit on that rule of thumb about 350° F. Why is that so important? I told you that we have a lower stress level on the flat disks. I told you about our unique experience. Why is that so important?


It means that we can raise turbine inlet temperature above that temperature our competition can put on ordinary bladed turbines. I can tell you this, today we have run gas turbines with a turbine inlet temperature of 2,200° F--this is 150°+ F higher than any other turbine has been run. About ten years ago an English company came up with a new material. Normally, metal, as we heat it, gets weaker and weaker and weaker. Up in the temperatures we're talking about, from 2,000° F on up, temperature really affects metal very adversely, metal gets very weak. At 2,500°+ F the best high temperature metal that we know of has a tensile strength of about 3,000 psi, which is like wilted lettuce. That is not too good from which to make turbine parts. We are continually looking for new materials.

This English company came up with a new material which I call aerospace ceramic. It's a very high purity ceramic made out of silicon nitride. Silicon is the seventh most prevalent element on the face of the earth. Beaches are largely all silicon. Silicon is not only a very interesting material, it is also very plentiful and therefore very inexpensive. What happens with this silicon nitride to our utter astonishment, don't ask me why this happens because I don't know, for some reason silicon nitride gets stronger instead of weaker as the temperature is increased. Silicon nitride gets stronger as it's heated. We said, "All right, let's take it on up and see what happens to it." Let's take it to that magical temperature 2,500° F. The strength of silicon nitride at 2,500° F is 80,000 psi instead of 3,000 psi. We could see the tremendous advantage. Why don't we make the internal parts of a jet engine out of hot pressed silicone nitride? People are endeavoring to do that. You can well appreciate the fact that material is a very high purity material. It has to be put in a mold. It has to put under tremendous pressure. At the same time it has to be heated to temperature in the range of 3,000° F. The equipment needed to make hot pressed silicon nitride is not cheap. Its a new process called HIP-Hot Isostatic Pressing.

There are a number of companies doing this. You probably have seen an advertisement in a magazine that says HIP. What in the world is that? Now you know. HIP is taking materials like hot pressed silicone nitride and putting them under tremendous pressure and temperature and, after a long period of sintering, it will develop these unusual properties that are so advantageous in a gas turbine. I call that turbine the Ultra High Temperature Gas Turbine. Fortunately, the strength of hot pressed silicone nitride goes up to somewhere close to 2,700° F before it takes a nose dive as the other materials do at a much lower temperature. What I can tell you is that we can make these flat disks with relatively low-cost simple tooling. We can make these disks out of hot pressed silicon nitride. We feel that in one swell jump we can go from 2,200° F to 2,700° F.

Lo and behold, we're going to have an engine that has three times the horse power of a conventional engine that we know today. Let me tell you, that's going to make one hell of an impact upon industry. It will first be, of course, very attractive to the military because of the tremendous additional power that we can achieve with this type of engine. Ultimately, because we can go to these high temperatures, we also enjoy an increase in thermal efficiency of the device. We read a lot about the air-lines carping about the fact that their profits are going out the window due to the high cost of fuel to run an aircraft. So if you can come in with any kind of a means, device, material, what-ever--to lower the cost of fuel per passenger mile, they will grab you with a hook and pull you in. That is a tremendous possibility in the ultra high temperature turbine.

[H: Will they actually hook you and pull you in? No indeedy--that is BAD for BIG BUSINESS and they will NOT! THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO COMPETITION--ONLY THEFT AND SECRECY REGARDING ANY OF THESE TYPES OF EFFICIENT PRODUCTS. SO, WHY DO I WRITE ABOUT THEM? BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A DAY AND AN OPPORTUNITY FOR "RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT" AND TO SOME SMALL EXTENT USE FOR A "FEW". THE MAJOR INDUSTRIES WILL BE LOST TO THE FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS AND THE BANKSTERS WILL CONTINUE A STRANGLEHOLD ON ANY PRODUCTS OFFERED TO ANYONE. THEN, TOO, THE LOANS FOR RESEARCH WILL BE GOBBLED UP AS WELL AND WILL BE SET TO "BURY" THE DEVELOPER—IN THE END THE "CARTEL" WILL CONFISCATE THE BUSINESS AND THE PRODUCT. SO, YOU HAVE LITTLE INCENTIVE TO GO ON TILE OPEN MARKET IN A BIG WAY. REMEMBER, SOMETIMES LESS IS FAR MORE THAN "MORE". These products are already IN USE within the secret arsenals and facilities--DO NOT THINK OTHERWISE. However, there is real reason to believe you can develop some of these things on a small scale and continue to have a few luxuries for selves during a very bad period of transition. Everything offered is simply beyond your acceptance and on a "tinkering" scale will not cause undue attention nor alarm to the "big boys"--any more than a "Wind Charger", in wind country, represents for a home electric alternative on a small scale.

For a lot of things such as this, the more "free trade" there is the more you will flourish on a small scale--because you do NOT wish to "compete". The POINT is to NOT compete. If you cannot see the merit in such judgment then please keep a large physical distance from our teams.]


I'd like to tell you about a very interesting project that I'm working on. It's not classified. Although you may think it might be. It has been revealed to the world. It can no longer ever have a blackout put on it by the military. It is a new type of aircraft. It is what we call a true VTOL. That's a vertical take off and landing aircraft, ala the Flying Saucer. Why can we build this vertical Flying Saucer at this date when we couldn't do it before? The reason is power to weight ratio or thrust of an engine that's available to do this. This new ultra high temperature Tesla bladeless turbine is going to make this possible. We have already built a prototype of this engine. We have run it at 2,200° F, as I told you. We have plans of, in the very near future, running the engine at 2,700° F. When we do, we will achieve this power to weight ratio that is phenomenal in that industry. It will make possible aircraft of a whole new dimension.


The aircraft is similar to an aircraft you might have heard about, the Harrier built by the British. The Harrier was built by a company called Hawker Siddley. It was built thirty eight years AGO (now 45 years ago--nearly half a century!). Everybody thinks the Harrier is a brand new aircraft. It is not. It's an old airplane, but it is a unique aircraft even today. The military and others are just becoming aware of the Harrier's potential and what it can do. The Harrier has a conventional, bladed type engine called the Pegasus. The Pegasus, when it was first put into the prototype Harrier, had so little thrust, that in order to get the aircraft to take off from the ground, the fuel tanks had to be emptied. They had to remove all the wrenches and everything that wasn't bolted down in order to get it to lift off. It did fly under those conditions. It is a STOL--slow take off and landing. It has to move forward in order to generate a small amount of lift to help the poor Pegasus engine lift this aircraft off the deck. Today this is done on the bow of an aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier goes fifteen knots and generates its own wind. This is the fifteen knots the Harrier needs to take off from the deck of the aircraft carrier.

This new aircraft is not going to have to fly forward at all. You'll be able to park this in your garage and back it out in the alley and take off without an airfield. Just think what that is going to mean. We can eliminate all the vulnerability of an air-field. In other words, all an enemy has to do is come in and put a couple of bombs right in the middle of our runway and it's goodbye airport until somebody can get out there and fill those holes up to be ready to take off again. This new aircraft can be parked under some trees. It can be pulled out and take off. It can do everything a helicopter can do. Why is that so important? All of our military strategy is predicated on the helicopter, ala the Vietnam war. We lost some 27,000 helicopters in the Vietnam war. That was from some guy standing with a rifle on his hip, plink. Put one rifle bullet through that rotor, that's spinning up there, and down comes that helicopter. This new aircraft is not vulnerable to that single shot.

In fact, with two of the ultra high temperature turbines in this aircraft, it will rise off the ground, fly to any altitude vertically, then all of that thrust can be put to the rear of the aircraft with some variable nozzles that are part of the support system of that aircraft. That aircraft can fly through the air at Mach 2.5. Gentlemen, that is faster than the F-16 and the F-18! Not only do we have a device that outmodes the helicopter, it can also fly faster than our conventional military aircraft that we have today.

That gives you some idea of what the Tesla turbine is going to do to aviation. Naturally the military is very interested in this. Of course, there are other people who are very interested in it. I was at a meeting the other day where the president of Federal Express looked at this. He said: "Boy, would I like those to deliver packages." We were goading the military. We said you guys better get going on this. If you don't, later on when there is another war that starts, you'll have to go and take the Federal Express aircraft and paint over the signs and put the military signs on the Federal Express aircraft.

If any of you are interested I have some photographs of that aircraft. There are five of those aircraft in existence today. They have been built over the last two years. By the end of this year they will be in the air. [H: Oops!! They also fit the design reported over and over again as "silent" flying UFO's.] Believe me, when the first one rises up over the hangars in Long Beach there is going to be another H.G. Wells episode. Everybody's going to call in and say, "Hey, I just saw a flying saucer and it was right here in Long Beach!" It's not a flying saucer, ladies and gentlemen, it is the new Phalanx VTOL aircraft that is being produced there [H: And several other places scattered around, especially New Mexico and Nevada--and out around Edwards (AFB) area]. Don't become worried that there are some aliens from outer space approaching your area. [H: I'm sorry, friends, I guess you know, now, one of the reasons I switched subjects in mid-stream on you. The answers are all "about" you and I have neither the time nor the interest in giving you science and aeronautics lessons--please understand, however --this is where my expertise lies and my interests--NOT IN YOUR POLITICS AND WARS!!]

The other thing I want to say, one more word, about the use of these turbines in vehicles. It is literally possible with the high temperature turbine--and you'll have to take my word for it at this point because I can't show you anything (I wasn't able to bring anything with me)--it will be possible very shortly to have a gas turbine that is so small that you can put it in the glove compartment of an automobile. It will produce enough horse power to make that car perform like none that you've ever been in before. It will out accelerate. It will be quiet. It will do a number of things that present day internal combustion engines cannot. It can burn ANY KIND OF A FUEL. You can put oil just as it comes out of the ground into the engine. You can put powdered coal into it. You can burn saw dust in it, if you choose. You can use any fuel. You can put Shenaleeze Black Label into it if you like. It will run on that fuel--however it is a terrible waste of Shenaleeze Black Label.

With that in mind, I thank you for being such a good audience.

* * *

I believe you might be able to see, readers, WHY I am going to stop allowing these legal hasslers the time and energy drained from my scribe and receiver, and turn to those things such as THIS, which can see a remnant through in these days upon you. I do not "play to the world"--I have a very limited mission and task to perform and, yet, there will be many of you scattered around "out there" whose mission is awaiting also--Jake Possell is a prominent one in point, if he wishes.

There is always a grand back-up routine with my contacts. The first is to back up and proclaim me "evil", "non-existent" and somehow "anti-Christ". I TRAVEL WITH THE CHRIST YOU AWAIT--HOW CAN YOU BE MORE CHRISTIAN THAN TO LEAD THE HOSTS OF THAT VERY ONE YOU AWAIT? IT IS TIME TO GET INFORMED AND STOP THE "DEVIL DANCE" ROUTINE. IF NOT YOU, WHO??

May wisdom guide your steps. Please do not barrage me with your inventions and tinkerings in this matter. Thousands are working on Tesla's apparatus. My people here cannot handle all the input. If you wish to send things--please understand that it will be delayed in response. There are NO perfect machines available--YET ON YOUR PLACE. However, there is already the perfected work done and in use--but YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN INTO THE HAVING FOR YOUR USE BY THE PUPPETMASTERS. Discretion is the better part of intelligence and if you feel compelled to "blow your horns"--LEAVE ME OUT OF THE LOOP, PLEASE. I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING AND I CAN SEE FURTHER DOWN THAT DUSTY, BLOODY ROAD. I HAVE NO INTENT OF ARGUMENT OR EVEN GOOD DEBATE--THE TIME IS TOO SHORT FOR YOU ONES TO BE FURTHER DISTRACTED BY THE NONSENSE OF THE ADVERSARY INTO EVERY FACET AND DETAIL OF DISRUPTION.



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