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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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THE IRON HEEL By Jack London







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INSERTS Pictures Of Some Khazar Zionists From

Past And Present Times (Pages 141-155)


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To you blessed ones who are WILLING to see and hear, for you run short of time to come into your TRUTH and the making of your choices. May you remember the PLAN 2000 set against you for it has taken expression and power over the globe upon which you live and shall perish.



SAT., OCTOBER 9, 1993 10:16 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 054

SAT., OCTOBER 9, 1993


Editor’s note: ZOG stands for Zionist Occupational Government. Zionist: Someone who will sacrifice any person, anything, or any nation for the greater good of Israel. Occupational: Possession by force, rather than by voluntary agreement. Government: Control of a population.


In moving through this material referenced as a relationship between Communists, Zionists, and World Controllers, it is imperative that you be offered repeated tales of history and insight again and again to that which is confronting you.

Some of you will deny and denounce us for offering TRUTH--for YOU do not yet understand your terrible plight--you have been blinded and the intent is that you shall not see until too late to act. That is YOUR choice, readers. You can turn away, deny, denounce, cast stones, maim and kill in your denial--and it will not change one iota of the truth of it.

You who think you are some kind of “Christian” are NOT. You, worse, who think yourselves to be Judean Jews under the rights of passage of God--ARE NOT! YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE! I cannot force you to SEE, much less understand that which you see--but the insight will blast upon you as will the nuclear war coming down sooner than you can imagine.

It has been said, “KNOW THINE ENEMY!” Most of you DENY you have an enemy while you wine and dine in your collapsed society. You are actually now dying of the plagues brought by man upon you--to depopulate and enslave your world--and you haven’t the foggiest notion WHO is your destroyer. Even Dharma, who has written thousands upon thousands of documents for me--finds it so elusive that only the overall concept can be viewed in KNOWING. THAT is the way of the adversary--THE KING OF CONFUSION AND DECEIT--THE TRICKSTER OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. THIS TRICKSTER HAS TAKEN YOUR WISDOM, YOUR INSIGHT AND YOUR VERY LIVES--BOTH IN PHYSICAL POSSESSION AND SOUL--THROUGH YOUR IGNORANCE COME UPON YOU.

Will there be many Godly people making a journey HOME? Not if you don’t awaken and take stock of the truth of your imprisonment--for you will actually turn away from that which was sent forth to attend you. And you will say, “God, why did You forsake me? Why did You not rapture me up into safety and joy with Yourself? And HE will reply: “I sent my messengers and My Flight Instructors, My gift of health, My instructions to prepare--and you denied them entrance, acceptance and refused to change from your false beliefs under the tutelage of those who would be poor stewards of My properties. You efforted to make of ALL LIFE that which is limited to the physical, BOUNDED, and blink-of-eye expression of perception. YOU TURNED AWAY FROM ME--I DID NOT TURN FROM THEE--BUT THERE SHALL BE NO EVIL BROUGHT INTO MY KINGDOM OF HIGHER EXPRESSION--FOR THOSE ARE THE LESSONS OF LIFE PHYSICAL--TO BE LEARNED AND EXPERIENCED. YOU WOULD DENY THE WORTHINESS OF MY GIFTS FOR HEALTH AND REFINEMENT OF YOUR PHYSICAL INTEGRATING WITHIN THE ENERGY OF YOUR EXPRESSION--YOU WOULD CALL IT SWAMP-WATER AND ACCUSE MY PEOPLE OF DEALING SOME SORT OF FRAUD OR SICKNESS UPON YOU. NAY--MY PEOPLE NEED ALSO THEIR LESSONS--THAT THEY MAY SEE BEYOND INTO THE TRUTH OF GLORY--FOR IT IS EXACTLY AS IT WAS TOLD THAT IT WOULD BE. YE WHO ARE WITHIN MY HAND ARE IN THE PROTECTION OF THAT HAND AND HE WHO CONTINUES TO SMITE THEE SHALL IN TURN BE SMITTEN AS WITH A MIGHTY SWORD. IN MY JUDGMENT SHALL BE THE WRATH OF TRUTH UPON EVIL--AND YOU WHO CONTINUE IN YOUR EVILNESS--SHALL FEEL THAT WRATH AS NOTHING EVER EXPERIENCED IN YOUR IMAGININGS. MERCY SHALL BE ABSENT ON THAT DAY OF CONFRONTATION! SO BE IT FOR I HAVE SPOKEN AND AS I HAVE SPOKEN--SO SHALL IT BE. I AM.”

I believe that I would heed this Word for it comes not channeled through the entertainer’s microphone or Pleiadian chatterings. Play all the games you wish, friends--but if you do not come to play the game by the Rules of God--EXPECT TO LOSE THIS PHYSICAL GAME!

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn,





MON., SEP. 27, 1993 10:29 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 042

MON., SEPTEMBER 27, 1993

There is enough current pertinent news today and through this passing week to fill several newspapers. However, I have asked Mr. Martin to glean that which he feels most applicable to your ongoing insight and “connections” so that we can later refresh your memories from prior writings, AND allow us to get on with deep-seated material that MUST be placed in your attention lest you, by planned deception, not be given reference.


My interest nor the important issues for you as individuals this day, are not in UFOs, space encounters, etc. It is in the hidden and secret undergoings of bombardment against you-the-people in a most profound way proving your connections with, and manipulations by, the Committee of 300 and their branch operations. Denials about connections from ones scattered about your own nation are of NO IMPORTANCE--the facts are that even through the most careful of “groups” there is infiltration, manipulation and total control done nicely and supportively--but nonetheless as deliberate and deceitful as ANYWHERE. Yes, there ARE paid informers right here--paid by our adversaries. Oh, it might not be a “salary” but I promise you--there are those ones present--and always have been. It is most interesting here, however, for there are no “groups”, no gatherings as such, no unified combined efforts of some clandestine types--only individuals efforting to “make it” like every other citizen “out there”. These DO eat away at the very fiber of the emotional being (as intended) of the writers, etc. However, so be it. God promised you NO THORNLESS ROSES IN A GARDEN OF EDEN.

What IS in this place, is yet to be revealed in importance and it is not some elusive communications system. The very story of life has been already revealed from here in ancient language and time. For the most part, to function in a world of non-political bombardment and comfort of physical being--THIS IS NOT A PLEASANT PLACE IN MOST INSTANCES. If anyone thinks they come to this place to find freedom and resources--forget it for it is under the most intense bombardment of any place I witness. Don’t I shield “my” people? Yes--but first you have to know if you are one of “my” people! This, however, is true for EVERYWHERE. My intention is to lessen and lessen and lessen the confrontations against my scribe and E.J. Why? Because they have served and need no more of this bombardment to do their work--which is to reach you out there in the same manner as those “here”. I am removing any REASON for the adversary to do them in.

Some of you who have “received” any assistance from the Institute--including George Green--will be receiving statements of your account as this Institute is pushed into full accounting. This is NOT the Ekkers--this is being done in total privacy and through the Board of Directors. This means that ones, for example, Col. Gritz, who did receive help and funding from the Institute (at the request of George Green) and who gave a promise of repayment, will be billed for that service. This is to bring all records totally current and accountable. The Institute has been superbly managed separate and apart from anything any couple of people could skive off. If there are objections from anyone, say Col. Gritz, I suggest you take it up with Mr. Green. He still controls much gold sent for his attention by individuals taking his advice for money handling sans Institute protection.

We are weary of the lawsuits and ongoing into perpetuity the drain. Legal matters of criminal actions, I am told, will now be pursued with all pressure to resolve. It is farcical, this continuing lawyer harangue. The sheriff’s departments in two states say there are CRIMINAL actions but they are bound by silly legal maneuvers preventing their attention. The hope has always been that the perpetrator would understand the massive causes against him and release the property without cause for further problems. This has not been forthcoming. He wishes to battle “Ekkers” who have nothing to do with the problems at hand--therefore, it will be taken into the capable actions of mandate under the law. This has NO CONNECTION to anything the Ekkers may have upon or by them in a personal manner. If George Green and Desireé considered themselves sophisticated publishers and distributors of non-fiction works--they lied in their presentation of same. For a small publisher of only a handful of books to allow such shenanigans, much less instigate such actions as have been thrust on connected presenters, is proof of ineffective management at the very least--fraudulent action at the obvious. So be it, it is not my problem to “judge”--only actions which present ongoing legal greed. If ones say this is a Constitutional issue as is presented by one “Constitutional attorney”, he lies for this is the epitome of total disregard for Constitutional law!

The Ekkers themselves will become less and less a central focus--they have paid dearly enough. This does NOT mean that the ones in charge of these various Institutions and businesses are less involved--they are MORE INVOLVED. This does, however, take away the distractions and put the PROBLEMS on MAINLINE FOCUS.

Will Dharma and I slow up in the writings? Will E.J. withdraw his support and volunteered assistance to that which has been established in goodly manner? NO, it means that we get on with our work and if things continue to go as with the CONTACT--it will be through other capable hands. We will go about our work of information from resources as in digested materials. I will even be asking ones to take over the daily logs of updates and “Today’s Watch”. Six years of this living Hell is ENOUGH! These myriads of “things” have NOT been Ekkers’ problem--they have lost EVERYTHING from this service to God and are only badgered and belittled by that which was not even established by themselves. We will simply “go back” to our work in point and let go of the rest. I will continue to offer you updates on things going on as to “product”, etc. That, however, is “information” which we would offer anyway.

Those who continue to dwell and integrate within our very fibers--shall most likely find themselves without information to offer the opposition--OR IT WILL BE FALSE INFORMATION AND WILL SURELY DO IN THE ADVERSARY--THIS, INDEED, WILL NOT MAKE YOU A WELCOME PAID INFORMER.

Our Space Command is now making all sorts of contacts all over your globe and this will become more and more visible and often. That phase is under way--but you have such sophisticated craft and weapons that you will be misled at best. WHAT YOU SEE GOING ON IN YOUR WORLD THROUGH THE FICTITIOUS PRESS AND MEDIA--IS NOT! “That” and “spiritual TRUTH” is what will be our focus--not George Green’s bilious turncoat tactics. If you do not believe me to be “real” then you believe that which you will--the proof will be in the “eating of the pudding!” If you do not believe in “my” presence or that I do this writing in authorship--then an argument is unworthy of the scribe’s time at any circumstance. Ekkers have no pick with anyone, most especially ones such as University of Science and Philosophy for their respect of Walter Russell would not allow them to wish harm to the University in point--nor the ones efforting to bring better insight unto the masses.

There is no argument from Ekkers over the banned books--they need them not--it was Mr. Green who went to even unethical measures with the joint attorney to GET THOSE VOLUMES FOR HIMSELF. So be it--Ekkers have never and shall never receive ANYTHING from those volumes--they do not belong to them in anywise whatsoever. If, now, however, it is decided that those volumes will be burned by US&P--so be it! YOU have come a long way, Amerika--for at least five of the volumes have no grounds for discussion under ANY circumstances. There has NEVER been so much as a ruling on any court issue other than “contempt” dumped on Dharma and E.J.--no resolution of disputed cause--so burn the volumes. If they be lies and usurpations of Truth--so be it, they deserve the burning. I would say, however, GOD’S TROOPS DO NOT BURN INFORMATION, RIGHT OR WRONG--SO TAKE CARE AS TO YOUR JUDGMENT OF SUCH ACTIONS. THAT IS THE RESOLUTION PRESENTED TO US AT ONSET OF CONTENTIONS AND--SHOULD IT COME AGAIN--WE WILL INSIST ON THAT VERY COURSE OF ACTION. ACTIONS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES--MEN ONLY MAKE CHOICES! BRING DOWN ALL THE JUDGMENTS WISHED UPON OUR ONES’ HEADS--IT CHANGES NOTHING OF THE TRUTH FOR THE EKKERS HAVE NOTHING TO TAKE, NOTHING TO LOSE AND THE ONES WHO HAVE LIED AGAINST THEM MAY VERY WELL FIND THE TABLES REVERSED.


I advise everyone in this area of California, parts of the Western U.S. and in any windy, desert region--take note. Valley fever is a FUNGAL infection from ancient spore infection. The major culprit is Coccidioides immitis. We have one of our beloved friends down with it--seriously attacked and incapacitated. She has been allotted, by doctors, less than three weeks to survive. This is as grossly evil as the disease itself. She is misdiagnosed, it appears, though there is (was) some cancer action going on also. She has managed to harbor, through her long lifetime, about 27 to 28 species of fungus. These mostly just rest and, like a yeast infection or herpes, pop up in times of stress and debilitation.

Kern County, California is the “hot-bed” of this problem as the massive development of infected beds have taken place and winds have kicked up the organisms--they NEVER perish. They are immediately attacked by the Drianas, however, and a good immune system can kick the invasion. I SUGGEST THAT ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE WHO HAVE FLU SYMPTOMS WHICH DO NOT JUST GO AWAY, ETC., BE CHECKED FOR THIS MALADY--EVEN IF YOU ARE IN DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN. These things are, as well, being deliberately dumped on you unsuspecting “useless eaters”. You have to face it, citizens of the globe, the thrust is to depopulate and get rid of “useless eaters”--Read “1984” and follow on with PROTOCOLS AND PLAN 2000 AND Brzezinski’s books on Technotronics. Everything coming down is right on the planned schedule. Even the shifting of military power on your own American scale, by Les Aspin, is old in the plan, foisted by such as the Brookings Institute, etc. Even Aspin’s “Plan C” is decided upon and modified according to the input and demands of such institutions. If you don’t see it, so be it. We have ones denying participation with such institutions--also, so be it. Ignorance is still acceptable under God’s laws--but hardly “of the land”.

The Brookings Institute writing a military downgrade program? An institution of any kind writing a national agenda? Well, let’s see what about the Brookings Institute since we are on those subjects these days:

From Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, by John Coleman. (And dozens of other sources of information):


Dedicates its work to what it calls a “national agenda”. Wrote President Hoover’s program, President Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, the Kennedy Administration’s “New Frontiers” program (deviation from it cost John F. Kennedy his life), and President Johnson’s “Great Society”. Brookings has been telling the United States Government how to conduct its affairs for the past 70 years and is still doing so on behalf of the Committee of 300.

(Page 241): .... There are literally THOUSANDS of highly important companies, government institutions and organizations that make use of RAND’s services, and to list them all would be an impossible task. Among RAND’s “specialties” is a study group that predicts the timing and direction of a THERMONUCLEAR WAR, plus working out the many scenarios based upon its findings.... BRAINWASHING REMAINS THE PRIMARY FUNCTION OF RAND....


(Page 213): .... But before his military promotion took him out of Washington, let it be known that Alexander Haig, in conjunction with Kissinger, all but destroyed the office of the President of the United States and its government. The chaos left by Kissinger and Haig in the wake of Watergate has never been chronicled to the best of my knowledge. On the insistence of the Government of the United States after the April 1973 coup d’tat. Bringing 100 Round Table agents chosen from the Brookings Institute, Institute of Policy Studies and the Council on Foreign Relations, Haig filled the top one hundred posts in Washington with men who, like himself, were beholden to a foreign power. In the ensuing debacle, the Nixon Administration was torn asunder, and the United States along with it….

Now, it seems to me that it is quite reasonable that John Coleman, who started the entire thing with George Green and US&P, WOULD LIKELY KNOW PRETTY WELL WHO FUNCTIONS UNDER THE BRANCHES OF THESE INSTITUTES. AFTER ALL, HE CLAIMS TO BE A DIRECT AGENT OF MI6, BRITISH INTELLIGENCE--THROUGH THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE WITH ALL ITS MYRIAD CONTROLLED BRANCHES! I have no further comment on that specific matter but I do have very IMPORTANT information about what the Brookings Institute is now up to its ears in doing, with Ted Kennedy and the “Military” Defense Department with Les Aspin!!!

From: Government EXECUTIVE, “Aspin’s Option”, March, 1993:


Secretary Les Aspin was a proponent of cutting the military beyond the Base Force plan when he was in Congress. Now that he bears direct responsibility for sending Americans into battle, will he sing a different tune? A paper the new Defense Secretary wrote while in Congress provides a roadmap to cuts the Clinton Administration is likely to inflict on the U.S. military. By James Kitfield.

In the deadly serious game of analyzing what Winston Churchill once called the “terrible ifs”, there are few more accomplished players than Secretary of Defense Les Aspin. In the days when Aspin first played, as a Pentagon analyst under Robert McNamara, the hypotheticals focused on Vietnam. Now, they run like this:

What if a newly resurgent Iran leads a coalition of radical states in a play for the world’s oil supply?

What if the United States, while countering that move with a Desert Storm-sized deployment to the Middle East, must suddenly react to an invasion of South Korea by North Korea? [H: Don’t miss TODAY’S news: “The Russians now admit that HUNDREDS of POWs were taken to Russia from the Korean War. It is not known how many may yet be alive. Vietnam is upset by the lack of admission of this as it continues to struggle against the issue of POWs/MIAs.” Wow, I guess you just can’t tell who is who?? from G.G.’s “friends” and co-workers to the Russian government via the U.S. “We-the-People” upstanding Constitutionalists. Do you actually wonder WHY my people are weary of taking the brunt of truth?]

What if, in the midst of those two contingencies, the Defense Department needs to mount a counter-terrorism strike on the scale of Operation Just Cause in Panama?

Answers to the “terrible ifs” can reveal a lot about a person’s world view. They would indicate how someone like Aspin rates the threat posed to U.S. interests by various countries, and how he would structure military forces to counter them. That’s why one of Washington’s underground best-sellers nowadays is a paper outlining the unceremoniously dubbed “Option C”.

Aspin is the author of the paper which he released in February 1992 while serving as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. It was his response to the so-called Base Force plan proposed in 1990 by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Colin Powell and then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. The Base Force represented the minimum military structure Powell and Cheney thought necessary to defend against contingencies they envisioned. But Aspin proposed four significantly smaller force structures, labeling them Options A, B, C and D.

Aspin went on to promote “Option C”, intended to provide enough forces to conduct TWO simultaneous operations on the order of a Desert Storm, as well as a Panama-sized contingency. Over a five-year period, Aspin projected that Option C would cost $48 billion less than the Bush plan. Defense purchasing power would decline by 20 percent by 1997, a steeper drop than the 14 percent Powell and Cheney proposed. Active-duty military manpower would drop to 1.6 million, as compared to the 1.4 million-troop force Powell and Cheney outlined.

Interest in Aspin’s white paper grew when the broad military posture sketched by candidate Bill Clinton began to look a bit like Option C. Clinton proposed to spend $60 billion less than Bush over the next five years. Last month, as Secretary of Defense, Aspin directed the services to identify $10.8 billion in cuts from the fiscal 1994 defense budget the Bush Administration had proposed. He has reportedly talked of achieving such savings in a framework like Option C--which, he clearly said during confirmation hearings in January, he has not abandoned.

All of the services would come down under the Option C plan that we had proposed, which of course now is subject to review by the incoming administration,” Aspin testified. The purpose of the white paper, Aspin said, was to use known quantities--such as the amounts of military force needed to conduct Desert Storm and the Panama operation--as “building blocks” for an effective defense structure. This could help to rationalize a future military base force, he added.

If President Clinton defers to Aspin’s judgment, as seems likely, then Option C could prove an early blueprint for a dramatically scaled-down military force structure. On top of the 25 percent cut Powell proposes to make in military forces by 1997, Option C would cut an additional three active Army divisions; five active and three reserve Air Force wings; 110 Navy ships; a third of a Marine Corps division; and 217,000 active-duty personnel.

The services can be expected to strenuously resist such deep cuts. In unusually blunt congressional testimony last spring, for instance, each of the service chiefs now working for Aspin categorically rejected Option C in strident terms. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Merrill McPeak seemed to sum up the chief’s reaction when he said the plan would leave them with only enough forces to conduct two “Desert Drizzles”. It was the work, he added, of the “dog-ate-my-homework school of force planning”.


Aspin is saying, let’s keep planning for two major and perhaps a smaller contingency even though historically that’s very unlikely,” says Kaufman (Brookings Institute). “And that’s a big force driver. So I think Aspin is taking a very conservative approach to assume all these things at the same time, especially given the many other demands on our resources.”

Yet some observers are predicting that Aspin will find the view far different from the other side of the Potomac, and thus will back away from Option C once inside the Pentagon. But while admitting that the white paper was intended at least in part as a “spear to poke a recalcitrant Pentagon”, a senior Aspin staff member nevertheless warns against dismissing the world....

* * *

This article goes on at great length but MY point is made by the fact that the Brookings Institution is running throughout the paper with a demand of more cuts, more base closings and more destruction of your only DEFENSE, America. Perhaps you had best look up as to just WHO is one William Kaufman!! (See next page.) I ask that an insertion of the chart The Road to 1997 be inserted here because I want you to see who wants to strip your nation of sovereign power to protect yourselves in favor of full United Nations force. I weary of myself and my writers being called LIARS by ones who have interests to gain from our dismissal from ability to communicate with you-the-people.

It is our obligation to “hang in there” with God’s people--not just hang in there for the benefit of being whipping boys for your Elite and their troops.

If you want proof of our presence I suggest you go out to a dark spot on any clear night and take a look upward and out of the darkness of your planting and SEE! Since when do “stars” blink red, white, gold, green and blue?? Since when do satellites move rapidly forward and then as suddenly take a 90 or 180 degree, or even a 360 degree turn about?? Come off it--even you who denounce us in the name of Jesus--WOULD JESUS THE GOD NOT SEND MESSENGERS TO PREPARE HIS WAY? IF YOU CLAIM GODLINESS IN THE NAME OF “CHRIST” YOU HAD BETTER BEGIN TO SHARPEN UP, MY FRIENDS. IF YOU READ TEN THINGS WRITTEN BY US YOU WILL FIND WE ARE WITH THAT CHRIST!

Enough, Dharma. Thank you for your attention, readers, and you, scribe, for your service. Salu.



WED., SEP. 29, 1993 9:45 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 044

WED., SEPTEMBER 29, 1993


We need to take time from our information files to write a bit on “products” I have requested be made available to you, our friends and co-workers.

We have NOT lightly come up with some form of marketing “recipes”. There is full intent with EACH and EVERY separate circumstance.


We have now arranged with a local church group to offer us some packaging help in exchange for donations to their church. This will allow us some flexibility at upstart that we could not possibly handle before with only a few pair of hands.

I” chose the bread recipe “with” some white wheat bread flour. I did this for several reasons--the most important being that it makes a far “lighter” loaf suitable for further additions of fruit, sprouted spelt, etc. AND it is suitable for sandwiches which is IMPORTANT for children, especially. You can have a hundred loaves of bread on the counter top and if the child will NOT EAT IT--it is worthless.

Now, however, in response to the myriads of letters touting good “whole” spelt bread--we will ALSO OFFER YOU “whole” grain packaged mix. It will produce a “heavier” bread and a bit “smaller” loaf even though the weight will be almost the same. It will be a simple choice of style of bread product. The spelt content will be within half a cup of the same.

What is the big deal? Packaging, labor, instructions and management. Two products become twice the burden, especially at upstart. However, it appears we can now gear up (if we can get moved into a facility for packaging (manufacturing) and out of Dharma, Kathy, Karen and Diane’(s) kitchens. A “batch” for instance, of GaiaLyte “drink” concentrate is 3000 quarts. That IS 3000 bottles with over 30 ingredients each. Please understand our willingness to ADD as we can--the wondrous things anticipated for the offering. We can do away with the slaughter of sharks and other animals for cartilage for the newest “craze”--WE HAVE CARBRAGAIA for adding, now, to EVERYTHING--not only better, it will be plentiful and programmed for exactly what is desired.

What we offer will also have the added supplements of ALL things planning to be removed from health food stores in December. I will write on that warning in a minute just as update.


I asked Dharma to sprout spelt kernels in a bath with 1 teaspoon of Gaiandriana in the pre-soak water. After sprouting she both used the kernels as they were AND also toasted a bit. Both were excellent when added at 1/2 cup per batch with the beginning of the bread cycle. The bread was heavier and, here, I do recommend the “mix” with wheat flour if you like a “lighter” bread. You have, however, quadrupled your value. I will ask that “kernels” also be offered in small quantities--25 pounds is a bit much for a half cup of sprouting seeds.

If you are patient with us, we can move right along and get these things flowing before the “world falls in”. And, it IS!


Look at what is happening in Moscow and the government parliament. THEY DO NOT have snowstorms even in Moscow in September!!!!! They certainly do today and last night--while the intent was to FREEZE OUT the opponents of the Dictatorship take-over. Don’t miss these little things, readers, or you will miss the most important clues to timing and takeover.

Yes, indeed, we need “time”--we must get more spelt into the ground NOW for it must “winter” in the ground. We need to get our greenhouses up for the growing of chlorella and aloe vera--neither can stand the temperatures headed for all parts of your nation--even Texas where aloe is a prime crop. We simply will do that which we can--for it has been so difficult to simply survive in any semblance of freedom. We got shut down because of the attack on the Institute, except for the bare essentials of crops, irrigation, etc. The Institute remains sound but borrowing against the collateral had to be stopped until “receivership” danger is fully past. We have had two incredible entities who have funded an irrigation system and other things which have allowed us to not lose an entire crop--although harvest was less than 10% of expectations. If we cannot get in greenhouses, we are going to be in serious shortage. We will also need massive facilities to grow our Gaiandriana “crop”. It is a LIVING crop and must be attended much as a baby in a nursery incubator. We have to conceive, go through pregnancy and on into maturity of each cell. God would never leave you WITHOUT--but in your placement and atmosphere--nothing is instant--especially gratification of that which must be nurtured.

We know that most of you do not and will not have capability of growing your own products and couldn’t even if I gave instructions--WHICH I HAVE ATTENDED CONSTANTLY HERE. Dharma simply does EXACTLY that which I instruct her to do and she is worse, by far, than any of you with her “why?”(s). She is sick and tired of the wondrous things of TOTAL LIFE--but so be it for somebody must do these things and if not “you”--who?

By the way, in considering the possible differences in THIS flour from spelt and these “mixes”--I note the following: THIS IS THE ONLY SOURCE FOR GAIANDRIANA ENHANCED FLOUR ON YOUR GLOBE!! NOTHING GOES OUT OF HERE TO YOU--THAT IS NOT HEAVILY STRUCTURED WITH DRIANAS AWAITING YOUR PERSONAL PROGRAMMING FOR INDIVIDUAL BODY HEALTH. NOBODY is allergic to gaiandriana--it is the very most basic foundation of life itself! God does not do a half-baked job of anything, chelas! Healing is UP TO YOU. We can offer tapes to focus the subconscious mind on healing and on other problem areas, i.e., stress, habit breaking, etc.--but you will do the actual work, my friends. If using these wonderfully tasty and whole products and spending a bit of time within your own mind is TOO MUCH--then so be it--that too, is YOUR CHOICE!


ATTENTION: This “act” is to go into effect this coming December. This law requires removal of most nutritional supplements from the shelves of health food stores and will make such nutrients as Selenium, Chromium, Bioflavanoids, Fish Oil, Primrose Oil, High Potency Vitamin C, E or B-complex ILLEGAL. Not only herbs, vitamins and minerals, but Amino acids, CQ-10 (antioxidant) and oxygenators, some of the “grass” juices and mineral orotates are also on the “take-out” list.

I suggest you support to full extent U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Congressman (W.) Bill Richardson (D-NM) who are fighting this passage implementation. The “FDA” testified, “Americans are so dumb they don’t know what’s good for them.” If this fits your feet then wear the shoes THEY offer you in the form of chemicals and poison while depriving you of all substances which heal and balance. It’s up to YOU.


THIS IS A WARNING: THE FOLLOWING IS A SHAM. Patriots think they do you service when actually the disservice is beyond my comprehension. The FOLLOWING is a LIE and fabrication--act accordingly, please.


(No letterhead imprinting)

Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury


APRIL 4, 1985.

[H: This has made its way around the horn many times and is popping up again. Stop “fantasying”, America, you are in deep trouble without relying on these very visible lies.]

On March 5, 1985, a charge of tax evasion was filed in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, Indiana by U.S. Attorney George Duncan. The charges were dismissed! The defense attorney, Lowell Becraft of Huntsville, Alabama presented irrefutable evidence that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never properly ratified. This amendment which established the “income tax”, was signed into law despite serious defects. In reality only two States ratified the amendment and ratification requires 36 states to be valid. The effect of this is such that every tax paid into the Treasury since 1913, is due and refundable to every citizen and business.

The official position of the service is, as it has always been to aid and assist the citizens of the United States. We will not publish or advertise this finding as a total immediate refund would cause a serious drain on the resources of the Treasury. For those citizens who become aware of this finding and apply for a total refund, expedite their refund documents as quickly and as quietly as possible. [H: How QUIETLY do you believe the IRS will arrive on your doorstep???] A simple 1040X form will suffice until a new form is designed and printed. Advise each of your managers that they are not to discuss this situation with anyone. There will be no written communications and you are to destroy this memorandum.

The Secretary of the Treasury assures me that there will be no reduction in the workforce as this refunding activity will take a minimum of 5 years to complete. [H: SO?? HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE RECEIVED FULL REFUNDS AND GOTTEN OFF THE IRS LISTINGS?] Further directions will be forwarded as the need arises.

Roscoe L. Egger, Jr.

Commissioner of Internal Revenue


* * *

It is from evaluation of the massive numbers of you citizens who respond diligently to these stupid “balloons” tossed at you that causes the FDA to consider you “TOO DUMB TO KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!” If you don’t stop this insane grasping at something for nothing--as set forth to trap you and “list” you--then it is hopeless to expect clearance and privacy.


As you watch the “takeover” (again) of the Russian empire it is necessary to serialize more information. I can’t have the privilege or luxury of offering one topic at a time, readers, for the material is too massive in importance and in quantity.

Adding to the other two major topics, Iron Curtain over America and Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, we will add BEHIND COMMUNISM. This will come from a totally unmarked source but compiled by Frank L. Britton. I have NO INFORMATION to offer for obtaining the document as the ADL, etc., has stopped all allowance of new publication. This will be about the Chazars (Khazars, Zionists, Jews-vs.-Judeans, etc.). This subject seems to inflame the Jewish elements as no other topic. But it is “history” and it is “truth”. If you wish to ignore it--so be it. It IS, however, my JOB to offer the history as it WAS AND IS--and not as the “revisionists” have turned it out to be from wishful thinking and fantasy to deceive you. Remember the “approach in opposites” is what you will more likely find to be truth. If the “enemy” of freedom and the anti-Christ claim a thing to be so and it “can’t be” scientifically or mathematically proven--it is the “opposite” which you must attend.

This unmarked booklet doesn’t even give a source but many, many references--mostly from the Jewish Encyclopedia. Remember, I am not writing AGAINST anything--only the advent of Communism! Other facts will fall as they may, readers, and if you consider yourself a “Jew” you had best read even more carefully than the friend beside you--for YOU are the FIRST TARGET!

I would first offer the frontispiece by Mr. Britton for there will be little further reference to him at any rate. He only compiled a historical research and is not a preacher, politician or professor hoping to sway you with propaganda--just facts as found abundantly scattered about if YOU ARE WILLING TO SEE AND/OR HEAR THEM.


To understand the total problem of Communism it is necessary that we trace the course of the movement from its beginning down to the present. We must understand who its originators were, and what they were, and we must gain some idea as to the forces which influenced and shaped their philosophy.

Unfortunately, any deep-down discussion of Communism and Marxism involves the Jewish question. We cannot honestly discuss the subject without revealing--and commenting on--the fact that the founders of the Russian Communism were Jewish. Neither can we ignore the fact that all but a few of the top leadership of the American Communist party--including the recently convicted spies--are of the same race. These are facts of history over which we have no control. But we are faced with the very serious problem of how to reveal these facts without being labeled--and treated--as “anti-Semites.” [H: You will find reference to “Semites” in this material which is not quite correct in its application, but serves a “purpose” of identification as to groupings, for your better understanding.]

The main reason why so little is known concerning the true nature of Communism stems from this problem. Historical writers have been understandably reluctant to hold forth on the subject for fear of marking themselves as “race haters” and “bigots”. For this reason the entire subject has been placed beyond the pale of discussion. One simply does not use the word “Jew” and “Communism” together. The result is, of course, CENSORSHIP.

In this work we have decided to breach the wall of silence at whatever the cost, and to treat the subject as fairly and as honestly as we know how. No attempt is made to single out individuals because they happened to be born to a certain race; neither have we exempted anyone from criticism for that reason. It was decided that since Communism and Judaism are so irretrievably bound one to the other, a history of the Jewish people would contribute substantially to an understanding of the present Communist menace.

End of Quoting.

* * *

Every time we bring such work to your attention, we are assaulted by every Jewish group around and even the Fundamentalist Christians because they listen to their preachers instead of to THE TRUTH. Is this REASON enough to not offer it for your information? NO! Our mission is to bring you the WORD OF TRUTH--hardly anything more. We are here to inform OUR PEOPLE and so shall it be. Everyone in the “audience” has the right and privilege to believe anything they wish. We shall be content to wave goodbye to you who wish to remain aboard sinking ship Earth.


Since “COMMUNION” is making it to your little screens these days--I am barraged with inquiries. Good grief, readers, can’t you see what happened? This man is a fantasy “far-out” writer of renown. This is EXACTLY what a planned deception is all about--get someone so completely confused and brainwashed and questioning that you have no way to relate to the FACTS. I repeat--there are no little gray abductions, mutilations, etc.--BY ANY SPACE ALIENS FROM ANY OTHER PLANET! THESE BEINGS ARE ISOLATED TO YOUR OWN PLANET ATMOSPHERE AND COSMIC SYSTEM--CLOSE TO YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. GOD HAS NOT SENT OR ALLOWED ANY OF THIS FANTASY-GARBAGE TO BE THRUST UPON YOU--THESE ARE MAN-MADE ILLUSIONS AND FACTOIDS--IT IS UP TO YOU TO GET INFORMED AND NOT DISTRACTED. GET YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH LIGHTED GOD IN ORDER AND YOU WILL HAVE NO TROUBLE WITH “INTRUDERS”. IMAGINATION may well seem a bit “dull” to you but you have enough of “TRUTH” going on to entertain and captivate you--why waste time on the illusions of others when TRUTH lies at your doorstep? YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE--TRUTH CAN BE YOURS--BUT YOU WILL ACCEPT IT OR NOT AS YOU WILL.

Let us move on into the documents in point:



We cannot undertake even this brief history of the modern Jew without taking note of a phenomenon which has confounded gentile societies for twenty centuries. This is the ability of the Jewish people to collectively retain their identity despite centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. To any student of Judaism, or to the Jews themselves, this phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that Judaism is neither mainly a religion, nor mainly a racial matter, nor yet is it simply a matter of nationality. Rather it is all three; it is a kind of trinity. Judaism is best described as a nationality built on the twin pillars of race and religion.

All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely, the persecution myth. Since first appearing in history we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism; without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding.

Jews do not always agree among themselves, and it is only in the presence of their enemies--real or imagined--that Jewish thinking crystallizes into unanimity. In this respect they differ not at all from other peoples: Adolph Hitler solidified German opinion around the idea that Germany was wronged at Versailles, that the German people were abused and victimized by the Allies, and that only by holding together could they prevail against the overwhelming might of their enemies....

For twenty-five centuries that Jewish mind has been conditioned by the same appeal. Through all Jewish thinking and all Jewish history the refrain of persecution has sounded with shrill insistence. Thus we find every accident of fortune being chronicled, enhanced, and passed on to succeeding generations as another example of gentile cruelty to the chosen race. And almost inevitably we find opposition to Jewish aspirations and ambitions being translated into these same terms of persecution, and all Jewish shortcomings being excused on the same basis.

Now it is a fact that the Jewish people have suffered numerous hardships in the course of their history, but this is true of other peoples too. The chief difference is that the Jews have kept score--they have made a tradition of persecution. A casual slaughter of Christians is remembered by no one in 50 years, but a disability visited upon a few Jews is preserved forever in Jewish histories. And they tell their woes not only to themselves, but to a sympathetic world as well.


We find the first Jews filtering into Europe some time before the Christian era, particularly in the region of Greece. The ancient Greeks spoke of these Asiatic invaders with considerable bitterness. Very quickly they spread throughout the Roman Empire and into Europe proper. The Jewish merchant, artisan, and slave trader appear on the Roman scene with increasing frequency after the second century A.D. and there can be no doubt that their position in the Roman world was one of growing importance even as the Empire drifted to destruction. Under Justinian, says the Jewish Encyclopedia (Funk & Wagnall’s Jewish Encyclopedia, page 460, vol. 10). “They enjoyed full religious liberty, in return for which they assumed all a citizen’s duty toward the state; minor offices were also open to them. Only the synagogues were exempt from the duty of quartering soldiers. The trade in slaves constituted the main source of livelihood for the Roman Jews, and decrees against this traffic were issued in 335, 336, 384, etc.”

Seneca, in his writings, bitterly assailed the Romans of his day for aping the Jews, and some historians (notably Gibbon in his monumental Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) have ascribed the downfall of Rome to their corrupting influence. Nero’s wife, Poppaea, was a converted Jewess.

As Rome reeled into decline and final collapse, and as the Dark Ages descended over Western civilization, we find the Jew taking a strangle-hold over what remained of European commerce. Says Encyclopedia Britannica (page 57, vol. 13--1947): “...there was an inevitable tendency for him to specialize in commerce, for which his acumen and ubiquity gave him special qualifications. In the Dark Ages the commerce of western Europe was largely in his hands, in particular the slave trade, and in Carolingian cartularies Jew and merchant are used as almost interchangeable terms.” This hold over European commerce finally became so utterly complete that few gentiles engaged in trade at all; it had become almost entirely a Jewish monopoly. In Poland and Hungary, the coins bore Jewish inscriptions...

Throughout the Medieval period, which lasted from 500 A.D. to 1300 A.D., the Jew merchant was dominant all over Europe (except Scandinavia, where he was never permitted to enter) and this dominance included control over the eastern trade routes to the Levant. There was to be no relief from this situation until the Jews were evicted from Europe in the century directly preceding the Renaissance. (Note: Encyclopedia Britannica is used as a reference source because of its ready availability to the average reader. It is not an “anti-Semitic” publication. In fact, the Encyclopedia Britannica Corporation was purchased by the Julius Rosenwald interests in 1920 and since then all material pertaining to the Jewish question has been re-written to conform to the Jewish outlook! The Funk and Wagnall Jewish Encyclopedia is uniformly referred to throughout this work as the Jewish Encyclopedia. Consisting of 12 volumes, it is available in all major libraries. It should not be confused with the 10 volume Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, 1939. Both, however, are authoritative Jewish publications, compiled by and for Jews.)

In 1215 the Catholic Church, at the Fourth Lateran Council, broke the back of European Jewry with a set of restrictions designed to curb their commercial monopoly. These decrees restricted Jews to residence in their own communities, prohibited absolutely their hiring of Christian employees and prohibited them from engaging in many types of commercial activity.


The Fourth Lateran Council restricted Jewish commercial advantage but it did not end the Jewish problem. Beginning in the latter part of the 13th century, one European country after another expelled its Jewish population as the only final solution to the problem. First to take the step was England which banned them in 1290. Fifteen years later, in 1306, the French followed suit. In steady succession the various States of Europe emulated this example with Spain being one of the last to enforce the ban in 1492. The situation in Spain is worth noting says Encyclopedia Britannica (page 57, vol 13-1947): “...The 14th century was the golden age of their history in Spain. In 1391 the preaching of a priest of Seville, Fernando Martenez, led to the first general massacre of the Jews who were envied for their prosperity and hated because they were the king’s tax collectors.” Ferdinand and Isabella, after uniting Spain and driving out the Moors, turned their attention to the Jewish problem, with the result that they were evicted completely in 1492. In 1498 Portugal evicted its Jewish population also.


A great deal has been said about the “persecution” of the Jews in Europe and elsewhere, and they have pretty well convinced the world (or at least Americans) that these hardships were inflicted on an innocent people. But these rich Spanish Jews we see being evicted in 1492 were not a down-trodden fold. They were the wealthy, the privileged, the exploiters: they were the well-fed merchants and the gouging tax collectors.

So it was in Portugal; in that country we find that the deportation of the Jew... “deprived Portugal of its middle class and its most scientific traders and financiers.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, page 279, vol. 18-1947.) Undeniably this class of traders and financiers was put to hardship by this banishment, but it does not follow that they were victims of discrimination in the accepted sense, nor were they underprivileged in any way. Rather we see a wealthy merchant group being ousted from its seat of vested privilege by a thoroughly outraged, and a thoroughly exploited Christian society.

The situation in England was similar. The Jews had come to England in the wake of the Norman conquest and had quickly gained a position of wealth and prosperity. Says Valentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia of this period (Valentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia [see Aaron of Lincoln], Shapiro Valentine Co., London--1938): “Their numbers and prosperity increased, Aaron of Lincoln being the wealthiest man in England in his time....his financial transactions covering the whole country and concerning many of the leading nobles and churchmen. On his death his property passed to the crown and a special branch of the exchequer had to be created to deal with it.”


England, ironically enough, was the last country to be invaded by the Jews and the first to evict them. After the Fourth Lateran Council the Jews had become increasingly difficult to deal with and there were a number of anti-Jewish riots. Perplexed by the problem posed by this alien minority which seemed well on its way to corralling the kingdom’s wealth, and failing in an attempt to force its assimilation, Edward I confiscated all Jewish wealth and evicted them permanently in 1290. Not until 1655 was a Jew legally permitted to re-enter England. Britain thus established the precedent for the later eviction which soon followed on the continent.


In France too the Jews were dominant in trade and finance and had been since before Charlemagne’s time. Under Philip the Fair (1285-1314) one of the last and certainly one of the greatest of the Capetian line, France had become the greatest power in Europe. It was Philip’s need for money which led him to seize Jewish wealth and drive them from the country. He had already before 1306 taken desperate measures to raise money, which was in short supply, by forbidding the export of gold and silver from France. The same need for money brought him into conflict with the Templars, whose wealth he also seized. But it was the Jews who controlled the greatest supply of floating wealth. In 1306 Philip solved his financial problem--and France’s Jewish problem--by expropriating their wealth and evicting them. Thus ended the centuries-long commercial dominance of the Jew in France. Later a few were permitted to return and these were in turn ejected in 1394.


* * *

You have come to the SAME predicament in your modern world--the BANKSTERS (World Bank, Federal Reserve--ALL) are owned and you pay for, Jewish Zionists Khazarian assets. This is why until you dump the costs of interests (debt), etc., right back into the laps of the ones who set it up--and, get back control of your own wealth in your nations--you haven’t a prayer in hell of overcoming the world enslavement unto the powers of money, greed and Satanic “anti-Christ(ness) behaviors and practices”. There is MONEY in immorality and crime and thus, shall those things be foisted off on societies and civilizations--by whatever name you choose to call the activities. WHEN YOUR ENTIRE SYSTEM IS CONTROLLED AND RUN BY THIS ELEMENT, AS IT NOW IS, YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE SAVE TO ABRUPTLY STOP ITS SPREAD THROUGH RECLAMATION--OR FORFEIT YOUR EXPERIENCE IN FREEDOM AND GODLINESS. THERE IS NO ABILITY TO LIVE LONG IN “BOTH” FOR ONE IS DIABOLICALLY OPPOSED TO THE ASSUMPTIONS OF THE OTHER. YOU CAN HAVE MONEY AND THRIVE IN GODLINESS ALSO--BUT FEW DO SO!

We will pick up with Return to the East (page 6) when we again take up this subject. Thank you.



WED., SEP. 29, 1993 3:15 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 044

WED., SEPTEMBER 29, 1993


I am called to task--today and often--about my choice of terms for this and that. In the earlier writing I referred to the “revisionists” in a totally opposite manner than is the accepted term used by the Jews. Yes indeed! To ME a “revisionist” is one who alters HISTORY to suit a need or desire in the FIRST PLACE. The “revisionists” as referred to by the New World Order and Zionist Talmudic Jews is one who takes exception to the “orthodox” foisted-off-lie of the would-be put-upon. The Jews are noted for their ability to “REVISE” everything until it simply is no longer history in any manner. In truthbringing regarding historical fact--we do not revise nor reinterpret--we bring truth from the already REVISED myths and conjured fantasies. The original will be that which we bring--the “revised” is that which the select groups have “wished” you to believe.

This subject is so important that I believe it better to move right on with a bit more from Behind Communism.



Space does not permit a detailed discussion of the other evictions which followed, and which resulted in the banishment of the Jews from virtually every country in Western Europe in the succeeding centuries, but here in chronological order is a list of the evictions: [H: You will also find much of this history in Nora’s book wherein you will have even more in-depth research into some of these topics. She will have more volumes to follow also wherein she can flesh out, a bit more, these subjects for your own confirmation and resource of historical fact.]

ENGLAND: Jews expelled in 1290 by Edward I. Not permitted to re-enter till 1655.

FRANCE: Expelled in 1306 by Philip the Fair. A few were permitted to return, but were again evicted in 1394. Jewish settlements remained in Bordeaux, Avignon, Marseilles, (from where they were evicted in 1682) and in the northern province of Alsace.

SAXONY: Expelled in 1349.

HUNGARY: By 1092 the Jews were in control of Hungary’s tax collections. In 1360 they were expelled but later returned. In 1582 they were again expelled from the Christian part of Hungary.

BELGIUM: Expelled in 1370. A few settled there again in 1450, but no large numbers came till 1700.

SLOVAKIA: Ousted from Prague in 1380. Many settled there again after 1562. In 1744 Marie Theresa expelled them again.

AUSTRIA: Expelled in 1420 by Albrecht V.

NETHERLANDS: Expelled from Utrecht in 1444.

SPAIN: Expelled in 1492.

LITHUANIA: Expelled in 1495 by Grand Duke Alexander. They later returned.

PORTUGAL: Expelled in 1498.

PRUSSIA: Expelled in 1510.

ITALY: Expelled from Kingdom of Naples and Sardinia in 1540.

BAVARIA: Banned permanently in 1551.

Jews were not permitted to enter Sweden until 1782. None were permitted to enter Denmark before the 17th century and they were not allowed in Norway after 1814. Today only a handful reside in all Scandinavia.


By 1500 all of Western Europe except northern Italy, parts of Germany, and the Papal possessions around Avignon, had been rid of the Jewish invasion. For a while, at least, Europe was free of the Jews; not until 1650 did they return in any numbers. Says Encyclopedia Britannica: “The great mass of the Jewish people were thus to be found once more in the East, in the Polish and Turkish empires. The few communities suffered to remain in western Europe were meanwhile subjected at last to all the restrictions which earlier ages had usually allowed to remain as an ideal; so that in a sense, the Jewish dark ages may be said to begin with the Renaissance.” (Page 57-58, vol. 13--1947)



The period marked by the evictions--1300 to 1650--also marks the period of the Renaissance which broke over Europe as the Jews departed. Starting at first in the trading cities of northern Italy in about 1300, there began a great rebirth of culture and learning which at first was based almost entirely on the writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Very quickly this renascent culture spread over Europe and when the age had ended, in about 1650, Europe was, by comparison with her former status, enlightened and civilized. Quite obviously all this could not have taken place had it not been for a great upsurge of commercial activity which occurred simultaneously with, and as an adjunct of, the Renaissance. Not until the nations of Europe had wrested commercial control from the ghetto did this rebirth of western civilization occur.


Wherever Jews have settled, since the beginning of the Diaspora, they have proceeded to create their own communal organizations. Various factors of an internal character--religious, cultural, social, and economic--as well as external factors, have contributed to this factor” (Page 201, The Jewish People, Past and Present, by the Central Yiddish Culture Organization (CYCO), New York).

It is virtually impossible to comprehend the character of Judaism without some knowledge of the nature of the Medieval Jewish community (Kahal; Ghetto). Probably one of the commonest fallacies extant today concerns the true origin of the ghetto. Most history books defer to Jewish sensibilities by giving the Jewish version, namely that the Jewish people were for centuries forced to reside in a special quarter of the city as a result of the bigotry and intolerance of the Christian majority. THIS IS NOT TRUE, and no scholar of Judaism believes it to be. (Valentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia describes the origin of the ghetto as follows: “At any rate the word became general for a Jew’s quarter. Already in antiquity the Jews voluntarily occupied special quarters. In the Middle Ages, Jew’s streets or Jewries were to be found from the end of the 11th century, but the motive of their concentration was no longer religious or social: trade caused them to settle near the market, or danger made them seek the protection of the reigning prince, the protector also wishing to have them together for the easier collection of taxes. It was not until the 13th century that the Jew’s quarter was turned into a compulsory Ghetto. The concentration of Jews in Ghettos, although unintended, had its good results. It preserved the communal feeling and the traditional Jewish culture.”

As a point of fact these ghetto-communities existed only because the Jews wanted them to exist--they represented a desire on the part of Jewry to remain aloof and exclusive of Christian Society. Says Valentine’s Jewish Encyclopedia: “There were as a rule officially recognized authorities in the Jewish communities in Europe during the Middle Ages to regulate their own affairs and to treat as a body with the civil government. Even with no other incentive but that of living up to the requirements of Judaism the Jews of a locality were compelled to organize themselves into a community (Kahal; Kehilla), in order to regulate ritual, educational and charitable institution. Courts of law were also a necessity, since Jewish litigants were expected to obey the civil code of the TALMUD.” (Page 589, Shapiro Valentine Co., London, 1938.

The ghetto was not merely a place of residence; it was in the fullest sense a community within a community. Here the Jews maintained their culture, their religion, and their tradition of solidarity. Here they nursed their age-long hatred for Christian civilization. Says Encyclopedia Britannica (page 59, vol. 13--1947: “All these activities necessitated a great deal of legislation and in this the autonomous Jewish community was granted the widest latitude. Ordinances were enacted by Jews governing every phase of life: business, synagogue attendance, social morals, policing, prescriptions for dress, and a detailed regimentation of amusements... The characteristic common to the medieval Jewish community were: self imposed discipline, the considering of all religious, philanthropic, educational, and self defense problems as common concerns, and a strong sense of solidarity fortified by a uniform way of life.”

For ten centuries preceding the great evictions, in virtually every Christian nation of Europe (and in Mohammedan Spain, Africa, and Asia Minor) these Jews settled into these parasitic ghetto-communities and here they nurtured and maintained a culture which was quite a thing apart from the culture of the European. When finally they were driven from Western Europe in the centuries preceding the Renaissance, we find them settling and establishing ghetto-communities in Poland and Russia which have lasted down to the present day. The Medieval ghetto did not disappear with the ending of the Dark Ages--it was transferred, unimpaired, to Eastern Europe, where the majority of the world’s Jews settled.

The institution of the ghetto has enabled two basically different cultures and peoples to remain side by side--one Asiatic and Judaic, the other European and Christian--without becoming integrated. It is primarily for this reason that the Jew has remained an alien in spite of centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. And that is why the Spanish Jew remained a Jew first and a Spaniard second, and why the Polish Jew, the Russian Jew, and the German Jew, have given their first allegiance to Judah and rendered a sort of second-hand loyalty to the country of their abode.


The modern Jew with his Yiddish culture and rapacious financial traditions should not be confused with the biblical Hebrews, who were mainly a pastoral people. The international Jew of modern times is indeed the bastardized product of a bastardized past. He does not truly worship the Bible, but the Talmud; he does not speak Hebrew, but Yiddish; he is not descended from Israel, but from the scum of the eastern Mediterranean. This is vividly illustrated by H.G. Wells in his great Outline of History (Page 493-494, third edition, by H.G. Wells.)

The Jewish idea was and is a curious combination of theological breadth and an intense racial patriotism. The Jews looked for a special savior, a Messiah, who was to redeem mankind by the agreeable process of restoring the fabulous glories of David and Solomon, and bringing the whole world at last under the benevolent but firm Jewish heel. As the political power of the Semitic peoples declined as Carthage followed Tyre into the darkness and Spain became a Roman province, this dream grew and spread. There can be little doubt that the scattered Phoenicians in Spain and Africa and throughout the Mediterranean, speaking as they did a language closely akin to Hebrew and being deprived of their authentic political rights became proselytes to Judaism. For phases of vigorous proselytism alternated with phases of exclusive jealousy in Jewish history. On one occasion the Idumeans, being conquered, were all forcibly made Jews. (Josephus) There were Arab tribes who were Jews in South Russia in the ninth century. Judaism is indeed the reconstructed political ideal of many shattered peoples--mainly Semitic. It is to the Phoenician contingent and to Aramean accessions in Babylon that the financial and commercial tradition of the Jews is to be ascribed. But as a result of these coalescences and assimilations, almost everywhere in the towns throughout the Roman Empire, and far beyond it in the east, Jewish communities traded and flourished, and were kept in touch through the Bible, and through a religious and educational organization. The main part of Jewry never was in Judea and had never come out of Judea.”

The “Turkish” people whom Wells mentions were the “Chazars” (Chazar = Khazar), who built an empire in south Russia in the 9th century A.D. This Chazar empire was infiltrated by large numbers of Byzantine Jews. By process of intermarriage and conversion these Chazars became identified as Jews, and in all Jewish histories and encyclopedias the words “Chazar” and “Jew” are used interchangeably. In the tenth century a succession of invasions destroyed the Chazar empire and large numbers of these Chazar-Jews settled in the area of what is now Poland. Others found their way to western Europe and Spain, where they mingled with the already bastardized conglomeration of European Jewry. [H: Remember in the Protocols, one of the instructions is to intermingle and intermarry!! As the Jewish elements takes control of commercial ventures--it is most desirable for a gold-hungry gentile to latch onto this wealth--without discerning any other probable outcome of the relationship. KNOW that all of this is exactly according to the instructions of the PROTOCOLS!.]


These Jews we find settling in Poland in the early 14th century came there at the invitation of Casimir I, who seems to have been under strong Jewish influence. As early as the 10th century the Jews (chiefly of Khazar origin) were influential in Poland, and by the 12th century they were well enough entrenched to monopolize the coinage of Poland’s money. [H: Remember the Protocols: “Get control of the money (gold) and you can control the nation and the people.] Says the Jewish Encyclopedia (page 56, vol. 10): “Coins unearthed in 1872 in the Great Polish village of Glenbok show conclusively that in the reigns of Mieczyslauw III (1173-1209), Casimir, and Leshek (1194-1205), the Jews were, as stated above, in charge of the coinage of Great and Little Poland.” It is interesting to note that these coins bore Jewish as well as Polish inscriptions.

The history of Poland for the next 3 centuries revolves around the struggle for supremacy between the native Polish people and the Jews. During the greater part of that time Poland was more or less dominated by the Jews--a situation most beneficial to all, according to Jewish history books. But when, as occasionally happened, there was a lapse in Jewish fortunes, these same histories are replete with accounts of gentile cruelty and bestiality to the chosen race. And because these laments have been repeated often enough and loudly enough, there is a widely held belief that Poland has been a land of oppression of Jewry.

It has been the unhappy fate of Poland to be saddled for the greater part of its history with a large proportion of the world’s Jewish population. This, more than anything else, accounts of the tragic disunity which has kept Poland from taking its place among the great nations of the earth.

In 1793 (third partition) Poland was divided between Prussia, and Russia and thus ceased to exist as a nation. Russia thus fell heir to a full fledged Jewish problem.


The third partition of Poland was an event of paramount significance in Russian history because as a by-product of the partition she acquired the world’s largest Jewish population. From this moment on Russia’s history became hopelessly intertwined with the Jewish problem, and eventually, as we shall relate, the Jews brought about the downfall of Imperial Russia.

No one can possibly understand the nature of present day Communism, nor of Zionism, without some knowledge of the situation existing in Russia in the century preceding the October revolution of 1917. We have already noted the presence of Khazar Jews in Poland in the 10th century, and these same Khazar Jews are to be found in Russia from that time on. But whereas Poland had invited the evicted Jews of western Europe to settle in vast numbers within its boundaries in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, the Imperial Russian government had permitted no such immigrations, and had in fact sealed its borders to them. As would be expected, therefore, the Imperial government was something less than enthusiastic over this sudden acquisition of Poland’s teeming masses of Jews.


From the very beginning the Tsarist government imposed a set of restrictions designed to protect Russia’s economy and culture from the inroads of the Jew. It was decreed (in 1772) that Jews could settle in Greater Russia, but only in certain areas. Within this “Pale of Settlement” Jews were more or less free to conduct their affairs as they pleased. But travel or residence beyond the Pale was rigidly restricted, so that in 1897 (date of Russia’s 1st census) 93% of Russia’s Jewish population lived within its boundaries, and only 6% of the total resided in other parts of the Empire. To prevent smuggling, no Jew was permitted to reside within 50 versts of the border.

From the standpoint of Jewish history, the Pale of Settlement ranks as one of the most significant factors of modern times. Here within a single and contiguous area the greater part of Jewry had gathered, and was to remain, for something like 125 years. For the first time Jewry was subjected to a common environment and a common ground of experience. Out of this common experience and environment there evolved the Yiddish speaking Jew of the 20th century. Here too were born the great movements of Zionism and Communism.


We have already remarked upon the habit of Jewry from ancient times of establishing and maintaining their own tribal community (kahal) within the framework of Christian society. We have noted also that as the Jew was driven from Western Europe, he brought with him to Poland this ancient custom. The Kahal was an established institution in Poland, and as the Jews settled within the Pale they set up these autonomous communities here too.

At first the Imperial government recognized the autonomous Kahal organization, permitting them to raise taxes and set up courts of law, where only Jewish litigants were concerned. In addition to the individual communities, there were district Kahal organizations which at first were permitted to assess local Jewish communities with taxes. In 1786 these privileges were drastically curtailed and Jews were thereafter obliged to appear before ordinary courts of law and the Kahal organization was restricted to matters of a religious and social nature.

Although Jewish propagandists have complained long and loudly of being oppressed by the Imperial government, it is a fact that up until 1881 they prospered beyond all expectation. Jewry settled on the Russian economy like a swarm of locusts in a field of new corn. Very quickly they achieved a monopoly over Russia’s liquor, tobacco, and retail industries. Later they dominated the professions as well. Under the reign of Alexander I many of the restrictions against residence beyond the Pale of Settlement were relaxed, especially for the artisan and professional classes. A determined effort was made to establish Jews in agriculture and the government encouraged at every opportunity the assimilation of Jews into Russian national life.

The Pale of Settlement extended from the Crimea to the Baltic Sea, encompassing an area half as great as western Europe. By 1917, seven million Jews resided there, comprising perhaps half the world’s total Jewish population. It was within the Pale of Settlement that the twin philosophies of Communism and Zionism flourished. Both movements grew out of Jewish hatred of Christian civilization (persecutor of the “chosen race”), and both movements have spread wherever Jews have emigrated. The Pale of Settlement has been the reservoir from which the world-wide forces of Communism have flowed.



Alexander’s successor, Nicholas I, was less inclined to favor Jewry, and in fact viewed their inroads into the Russian economy with alarm. He was much hated by the Jews. Prior to his reign, Alexander I had allowed any male Jew the privilege of escaping compulsory military duty by paying a special draft-exemption tax. In 1827 Nicholas abolished the custom, with the result that Jews were for the first time taken into the Imperial armies.

In 1844 Nicholas I further antagonized Jewry by abolishing the institution of the Kahal, and in that same year he prohibited by law the traditional Jewish garb, specifying that all Jews should, except on ceremonial occasions, dress in conformity with Russian standards. These measures, and many others like them, were aimed at facilitating the assimilation of Jewry into Russian life. The Tsarist government was much concerned by the Jew’s failure to become Russianized, and viewed with extreme hostility the ancient Jewish custom of maintaining a separate culture, language, mode of dress, etc.--all of which contributed to keep the Jew an alien in the land of his residence. It is to this determination to “Russianize” and “civilize” the Jew that we can ascribe the unusual efforts made by the Imperial government to provide free education to its Jews. In 1804 all schools were thrown open to Jews and attendance for Jewish children and made compulsory. Compulsory education was not only a novelty in Russia, but in any country in the early 19th century. In Russia education was generally reserved for a privileged few, and even as late as 1914 only 55% of her gentile population had been inside a school. The net result of the Imperial government’s assimilation program was that Russian Jewry became the best educated segment in Russia. This eventually worked to the destruction of the Tsarist government.

The reign of Alexander II marked the apex of Jewish fortunes in Tsarist Russia. By 1880 they were becoming dominant in the professions, in many trades and industries, and were beginning to filter into government in increasing numbers. As early as 1861 Alexander II had permitted Jewish university graduates to settle and hold governmental positions in greater Russia, and by 1879 apothecaries, nurses, midwives, dentists, distillers, and skilled craftsmen were permitted to work and reside throughout the empire.

Nevertheless Russia’s Jews were increasingly rebellious over the remaining restraints which still bound the greater part of Russian Jewry to the Pale of Settlement, and which, to some extent at least, restricted their commercial activities. Herein lay the dilemma; the Imperial government could retain certain of the restrictions against the Jews, and by doing so incur their undying hostility, or it could remove all restraints and thus pave the way for Jewish domination over every phase of Russian life. Certainly Alexander viewed this problem with increasing concern as time went on. Actually it was a problem capable of being solved.

Alexander II lost a considerable amount of his enthusiasm for liberal causes after an attempt was made to assassinate him in 1866. He dismissed his “liberal” advisors and from that time on displayed an inclination toward conservatism. This is not to say he became anti-Jewish, but he did show more firmness in dealing with them. In 1879 there was another attempt on his life, and another in the following year when his winter palace was blown up. In 1881 a plot hatched in the home of the Jewess, Hesia Helfman, was successful. Alexander II was blown up and so ended an era.


The reaction to the assassination of Alexander II was instantaneous and far reaching. There was a widespread belief, in and out of the government, that if the Jews were dissatisfied with the rule of Alexander II--whom the crypto-Jew, D’Israeli, had described as “the most benevolent prince that ever ruled Russia”--then they would be satisfied with nothing less than outright domination of Russia.

Up to 1881 Russian policy had consistently been directed in an attempt to “Russianize” the Jew, preparatory to accepting him into full citizenship. In line with this policy, free and compulsory education for Jews had been introduced, repeated attempts had been made to encourage them to settle on farms, and special efforts had been made to encourage them to engage in the crafts. Now Russian policy was reversed. Hereafter it became the policy of the Imperial government to prevent the further exploitation of the Russian people by the Jews. Thus began the death struggle between Tsar and Jew.

All through 1881 there was widespread anti-Jewish rioting all over the empire. Large numbers of Jews who had been permitted to settle beyond the Pale of Settlement were evicted. In May of 1882 the May Laws (Provisional Rules of May 3, 1882) were imposed, thus implementing the new governmental policy.

The May Laws shook the empire to its foundations. The following passage is taken from Encyclopedia Britannica (Page 76, vol. 2--1947): “The Russian May Laws were the most conspicuous legislative monument achieved by modern anti-Semitism... Their immediate results was a ruinous commercial depression which was felt all over the empire and which profoundly affected the national credit. The Russian minister was at his wits ends for money. Negotiations for a large loan were entered upon with the house of Rothschild and a preliminary contract was signed, when....the finance minister was informed that unless the persecutions of the Jews were stopped the great banking house would be compelled to withdraw from the operation. In this way anti-Semitism, which had already so profoundly influenced the domestic policies of Europe, set its mark on the international relations of the powers, for it was the urgent need of the Russian treasury quite as much as the termination of Prince Bismark’s secret treaty of mutual neutrality which brought about the Franco-Russian alliance.”

Thus, within a period of 92 years (from the 3rd partition to 1882) the Jews, although constituting only 4.2% of the population, had been able to entrench themselves so well in the Russian economy that the nation was almost bankrupted in the attempt to dislodge them. And as we have seen, the nation’s international credit was also affected.

After 1881 events served increasingly to sharpen the enmity of Jewry toward Tsarism. The May Laws had not only restricted Jewish economic activity, but had attempted--unsuccessfully, as we shall see--to preserve Russia’s cultural integrity. Hereafter Jews were permitted to attend state-supported schools and universities, but only in ratio to their population. This was not unreasonable since Russia’s schools were flooded with Jewish students while large numbers of her gentile population were illiterate, but to the Jews this represented another bitter “persecution”, and all the world was acquainted with the enormity of this new crime against Jewry.

On May 23rd a delegation of Jews headed by Baron Gunzberg called on the new Tsar (Alexander III) to protest the May Laws and the alleged discrimination against Jewry. As a result of the investigation which followed, Tsar Alexander issued an edict the following Sept. 3rd, a part of which is given here (Russia and Turkey in the 19th Century by E.W. Latimer, page 332, A.C. McClury & Co., 1895.):

For some time the government has given its attention to the Jews and to their relations to the rest of the inhabitants of the empire, with a view of ascertaining the sad condition of the Christian inhabitants brought about by the conduct of the Jews in business matters...

During the last twenty years the Jews have gradually possessed themselves of not only every trade and business in all its branches, but also of a great part of the land by buying or farming it. With few exceptions, they have as a body devoted their attention, not to enriching or benefiting the country, but to defrauding by their wiles its inhabitants, and particularly its poor inhabitants. This conduct of theirs has called forth protests on the part of the people, as manifested in acts of violence and robbery. The government, while on the one hand doing its best to put down the disturbances, and to deliver the Jews from oppression and slaughter, have also, on the other hand, thought it a matter of urgency and justice to adopt stringent measures in order to put an end to the oppression practiced by the Jews on the inhabitants, and to free the country from their malpractices, which were, as is known, the cause of the agitations.”

It was in this atmosphere that the twin movements of Marxism and Zionism began to take hold and dominate the mass of Russian Jewry. Ironically, both Zionism and Marxism were first promulgated by westernized German Jews. Zionism, whose chief advocate was Theodore Herzl, took root in Russia in the 1880s in competition with Marxism, whose high priest was Karl Marx, grandson of a rabbi. Eventually every Russian Jew came to identify himself with either one or the other of these movements.


* * *

Dharma is far too weary to go on today, but I have been building up to the connections, TODAY, of your own President to these elements of Communism and Zionism.

I told you that Clinton was to have begun spying in his college experience. He is linked directly and has been since the early 1980s. He was solidly linked with the CIA and an airstrip in western Arkansas was a part of a money laundering-drugs for money scam that continues TODAY through Clinton’s appointments. Don’t think that sweet old-time friends just commit suicide in beautiful Washington parks, readers. Get with this program--you are about to lose your planet, not to mention your nation.

I have had ones from the high level of Special Forces within the CIA state that they do not believe Clinton was an “actual” participant in the CIA. Well, HE WAS, IS AND IT IS A FACT TO BE FACED FOR HE ALSO IS CONNECTED TO BRITISH INTELLIGENCE THROUGH THE KGB!

I am not going to go fully into this subject because the one who is producing the information to the public--is a bit rusty from incarceration and exhuberant in his desire to make points of the conspiracy in progress. By being so easily recognized, it is awkward to take exception with some of the offered material which is not truth but would be presented TO HIM AS TRUTH. NO, THIS IS NOT RUSSBACHER, although Gunther did also say he “doubted that Clinton was actually in the CIA.” I have no comment as to his “connections” as “connections” are RARELY as presented through the Special Intelligence participants. It is a part of the game, readers--a part of the training program in point. Part of the intent is to pull ME into making some erroneous statements and then blasting me--no, I’m not playing that game either. I only offer what is printed and offered elsewhere and there is a big article on the front page by the Spotlight staff in the SPOTLIGHT. We will be offering a lot of original information from Stew Webb so do stay tuned but let us not jump off into blind information traps, please.

Thank you,

Good evening.



FRI., OCT. 1, 1993 2:26 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 046

FRI., OCTOBER 1, 1993


I am asked to AGAIN comment on the antics of George Green. I have no wish to say anything more on the subject at all but I do understand the local problem since the mailings of the “package” of documents to various Board Members of the Institute. The main thing to remember is that the money and coins in point in both the Court and Institute is YOURS. If YOU wish to give George Green YOUR money and THAT OF YOUR FAMILIES--it is up to you. I suggest, however, that participants outside your local Board will NOT WISH TO GIVE AWAY THEIRS TO PLACATE ONE GEORGE GREEN WHO HAS DAMAGED THEM QUITE SUFFICIENTLY, IT WOULD SEEM TO ME.

You ask, also, about other documents regarding “turning in the Ekkers” to various places and what about it? Well, Ed DeMar of Sedona and George Green and associates turned in the Ekkers to the “Welfare Department”, Food Stamp Division, etc. AND the FDA for shutdown of Gaiandriana. After intensive investigations into every facet of these people’s lives, privacy and every account available--THEY PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS! So, what does THAT make the JudasGoats??

Now, as to the pathetic letter from Dee Smith--I have hardly any comment to make. This was the most confused and openly pain-filled person encountered here. Privacy will be maintained for Dee but the letter has caused gasps of disbelief at the writing and “shame on you, Dee”. There is always more to an “estranged” situation than, surely, THIS writer offers to you who would “hang” the Ekkers--for YOU knew the situation and circumstance and HOW MUCH INCREDIBLE HELP SHE RECEIVED FROM THE EKKERS.

The rest of her letter speaks for itself. As an employee she was both unpredictable, broke privacy of ANYONE who incorporated through this route (INCLUDING GEORGE GREEN WITH AT LEAST 2-3 CORPORATIONS) and, obviously, by her own reports, went through everything at the Ekker’s home. Apparently the worst thing she found WRONG was that E.J. found money to pay her for services rendered--which she DESPERATELY NEEDED. This is exactly what the Institute was set up FOR--help, projects (such as the incorporation corporation, etc.). What, if anything, Green expects to gain from this pathetic writing of Dee Smith is unthinkable in my opinion. I do have something to say about the compressed earth equipment and product NOW touted and sold as with a joint venture between Smiths and Greens.

Bob Smith sought out the equipment person WHILE WORKING WITH EKKERS; moreover, he was present when a machine was brought to Tehachapi. TOO BAD HE DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION TO SEE THAT WITHOUT FULL AND ADEQUATE TREATMENT (VERY EXPENSIVE AT PRESENT AND SURPASSES REGULAR BUILDING PRODUCTS) THE BRICKS TAKE ON MOISTURE AND BREAK DOWN AND ACTUALLY DISSOLVE IN RAIN. This is hardly a worthy type of building material to foist off on an unsuspecting public as is being offered at present by those people. If they have found treatment suitable and easily applied--fine. To me, Hatonn, the entire thing stinks of foul manipulation. Dee “claimed” to have written for Commander Korton while here and after she left here--IS THIS VALID, DEE, OR NOT? If I had to give personal response to Dee as a person--I, too, would probably say “shame on you, Dee”, you know this letter in behalf of George Green to “Get the Ekkers” only causes your disloyalty and total lack of honor to your employer or self to show through in blazing response to your writing. It would not seem unusual for an employer to wish an employee out of his “store” if the employee is rummaging through and using out of context documents to hurt him. “THIS” by your own statement--not tattlers. This indicates that your loyalty and integrity is of little value when you join the adversary’s game! I am sure that others in this location will respond to that letter and these other instances--it would seem that Ekkers have come through once again with openly flying colors as to both integrity and management. You will note that the first thing in George’s letter--right up front--is that HE KEEPS THE GOLD FREE AND CLEAR! So be it but I wouldn’t settle this, Board, without clearing with participants in the Institute and your own participation. If George thinks we fear “trial”--I would suggest you tell him to “think again”.

Subject two, however, the settlement he produces here. Remember, originally, a very long time ago before any other “arrangements” were made secretly and/or CONTEMPT charges were brought against Ekkers, etc., that settlement was somewhat agreeable--BUT GEORGE GOT ANGRY AT MR. DIXON (WHO HE STILL CLAIMS TO HAVE UNDER HIS THUMB) AND CANCELLED ANY FURTHER DISCUSSION ABOUT IT. What is important NOW is WHAT AGREEMENT DID HE WORK OUT IN SECRET WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY THAT SOLD YOU DOWN THE DRAIN? Let ME give you a bit of insight. He has agreed to LET YOU OR EKKERS PAY WHATEVER THE US&P DEMANDS. HIS ONLY AGREEMENT WITH THEM IS THAT HE WILL PICK UP SOME OF WHAT THEY CAN’T FORCE EKKERS AND/OR ANOTHER RESOURCE, TO PAY. It is hard to know what Green wants in this latest pile of garbage. Is it the gold he wants while the Institute forfeits the coins to pay off all that George has run up on every front?? There are several things in point and the demands vague indeed for the Institute.

If you are asking how this affects Dharma, however, that is another question. It is painful as are all of the attacks and time-wasters from our work. Her response to Dee? “I believe I now know how the Master felt when Judas kissed him in the garden--the ultimate betrayal.” As a hypnotherapist, Dharma knows everything there is to know about the deepest level of pain in Dee’s heart--and she would no more reveal that to anyone than sever her own arm. For Dee to betray her friendship and trust is about as low as one can get in lack of self-esteem and outsider manipulation. And E.J.? He doesn’t even bother to comment! Right where ALL OF US are going to be--RIGHT NOW! THIS is all, if the readership wants the letters in point to read, the editor shall run them--with the “turn-in” letters from DeMar. It would appear to me the enemy just simply continues to confirm exactly what he is and what he is trying to do--he certainly helps our cause immeasurably.


And then to say he is going ahead and doing EVERYTHING he can to continue to spread the WORD is a bit boggling, is it not? Now receiving from the Pleiadians in Switzerland?? Come now, George, you may “this time” get into Barbara’s territory. You hurt Billy Meier badly. You should give back his pictures and clear the channels with him for he is not well and the poor man has no way to function in the clutches in which he finds himself. If you, as you state, are passing out information, some true and some not--it is not acceptable, I would suggest. God did not turn from YOU--YOU turned a full circle away from God and so be it. First you told the world that I, Hatonn, had “moved with you to Nevada” and that was a blatant LIE--now you denounce me altogether--you cannot HAVE IT EVERY WAY! If you cannot see what is WRONG--then indeed you ARE IN PATHETIC STATE. THEN when ones defend themselves against that which YOU BROUGHT FORTH TO PULL THEM DOWN--YOU WHINE AND LIE TO DISTRACT AN AUDIENCE--WHAT AUDIENCE?? THESE ARE “MY” FRIENDS YOU OFFEND--IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EKKERS! IN SO DOING, YOU OFFEND ME, IN SERVICE ONLY UNTO HOLY GOD CREATOR. You have chosen to work with and serve the adversary--I suggest you do whatever you will--but I think much more tampering with and annoying of our friends will merit you little save the floodlight turned upon your worldly greedy deeds.

Let this be.

* * *

I believe that we will not comment on India’s earthquakes, etc., but move right on with information about players in this massive game of world domination. It is ALL so thoroughly connected that commenting on one quake will not do more than delay disclosure of the PLAN.

Let us take up with BEHIND COMMUNISM with:



As an outgrowth of this political fermentation, [in Russia] there appeared at the beginning of the century one of the most remarkable terroristic organizations ever recorded in the annals of history. This was the Jewish dominated Social Revolutionary Party, which between 1901 and 1906 was responsible for the assassination of no less than six first ranking leaders of the Imperial government, including Minister of Education Bogolepov (1901); Minister of Interior Sipyagin (1902); Governor of Ufa Bogdanovich (1903); Premier Viachelav von Plehve (1904); Grand Duke Sergei, uncle of the Tsar (1905); and General Dubrassov, who had suppressed the Moscow insurrection (1906).

Chief architect of these terroristic activities was the Jew, Gershuni, who headed the “terror section” of the Social Revolutionary Party. In charge of the “fighting section” was Yevno Azev, son of a Jewish tailor, and one of the principal founders of the party.

Azev later plotted, but was unable to carry out, the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II. He was executed in 1909 and Gershuni was sentenced to life imprisonment. This marked the end of the terroristic activities of the party but the effect of these political murders was far reaching. Never again was the royal family or its ministers free from the fear of assassination. Soon another prime minister would be shot down--this time in the very presence of the Tsar. This was the backdrop for the Revolution of 1905.


The revolution of 1905, like that of 1917, occurred in an atmosphere of war. On Jan. 2nd, 1905, the Japanese captured Fort Arthur and thereby won the decisive victory of the war. Later in January there occurred a tragic incident which was the immediate cause of the 1905 revolution, and which was to affect the attitude of Russia’s industrial population toward the Tsar for all time. This was the “Bloody Sunday” affair.

The Imperial government, in its attempts to gain the favor of the industrial population, and in its search for a way to combat Jewish revolutionary activity, had adopted the tactic of encouraging the formation of legal trade unions, to which professional agitators were denied membership. These trade unions received official recognition and were protected by law.


One of the most outstanding trade union leaders--and certainly the most unusual--was Father Gapon, a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church. On the day Port Arthur fell a number of clashes occurred in Petersburg’s giant Putilov Works between members of Father Gapon’s labor organization and company officials. A few days later the Putilov workers went on strike.

Father Gapon resolved to take the matter directly to the Tsar. On the following Sunday thousands of Petersburg’s workmen and their families turned out to participate in the appeal to the “little father”. The procession was entirely orderly and peaceful and the petitioners carried patriotic banners expressing loyalty to the crown. At the palace gate the procession was met by a flaming volley of rifle fire. Hundreds of workmen and members of their families were slaughtered. This was “Bloody Sunday”, certainly one of the blackest days in Tsarist history.

Was Tsar Nicholas II responsible for Bloody Sunday, as Marxist propagandists have claimed? He couldn’t have been because he WAS OUT OF THE CITY AT THE TIME. Father Gapon had marched on an empty palace. But the harm had been done.


Bloody Sunday marked the beginning of the 1905 revolution. For the first time the Jewish-Marxists were joined by large numbers of the working class. Bloody Sunday delivered Russia’s industrial population into the hands of the Jew-dominated revolutionary movement.

A strike broke out in Lodz in late January, and by June 22nd this developed into an armed insurrection in which 2000 were killed. The Tsar acted at once to recover the situation. In early February, he ordered an investigation (by the Shidlovsky Commission) into the causes of unrest among the Petersburg workers and later in the year (August) he announced provisions for establishing a legislature, which later came to be the Duma. Not only that, but he offered amnesty to political offenders, under which, incidentally, Lenin returned to Russia. But these attempts failed.

On October 20th the Jewish Menshevik-led All-Russian Railway union went on strike. On the 21st a general strike was called in Petersburg, and on the 25th there were general strikes in Moscow, Smolensk, Kursk, and other cities.



On October 26th the revolutionary Petersburg Soviet was founded. This Petersburg Soviet assumed the functions of a national government. It issued decrees, proclaimed an eight hour day, freedom of the press, and otherwise exercised the prerogatives of a government. [H: Pay attention to the happenings in Russia TODAY--and note that you are almost to the anniversary date of “fateful” October and the allotted time segment to be where the World Order is at this time. October is a big month for these people! I suggest you pay close attention all the time.]

From the very beginning the Soviet was dominated by the Menshevik faction of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party, although the Social Revolutionary Party was also represented. Its first president was the Menshevik, Zborovski, who was succeeded by Georgii Nosar. He in turn was succeeded by Lev Trotzky, who chiefly as a result of the prestige gained in 1905, became one of the guiding spirits of the October revolution in 1917.

Trotzky became president of the Petersburg Soviet on Dec. 9th, and a week later some 300 members of the Soviet, including Trotzky, were arrested. The revolution was almost, but not quite, over.


On Dec. 20th the Jew, Parvus, assumed control of the new executive committee of the Soviet and organized a general strike in Petersburg which involved 90,000 workers. The next day 150,000 workers went on strike in Moscow, and there were insurrections in Chita, Kansk, and Rostov. But within a week the government had gained the upper hand and by the 30th of December the revolution was over.

AFTER 1905

As an outcome of the 1905 revolution, Tsar Nicholas II set about remedying the shortcomings of his regime in a most commendable manner. At his decree, Russia was given representative government and a constitution. An elective legislative--the Duma--was established, and free elections were held. By these measures and others which followed, Russia seemed well on the way to becoming a constitutional monarchy patterned after the western European model, and as a point of fact it was only the outbreak of World War I which prevented this from becoming a reality.

As would be expected, the Jewish revolutionary parties bitterly opposed these reforms, looking on them as merely a device by which the forces of revolution could be dissipated. Actually these measures did succeed in pacifying the Russian masses, and the years between 1905 and 1914 were ones of comparative quiet and progress. No man deserves more credit for this state of affairs than Premier Peter Arkadyevich Stolypin, who, in the year following the 1905 revolt, emerged as the most impressive figure in Imperial Russia.

From 1906 to 1911 it is no exaggeration to say that he dominated Russian politics. It was he who gave Russia the famed “Stolypin Constitution”, which among other things undertook to guarantee the civil rights of the peasantry, which constituted 85% of Russia’s population. His land reforms, for which he is most famous, not only gave the peasant the right to own land but actually financed the purchase with government loans. Stolypin was determined to give the peasant a stake in capitalism, believing that “the natural counterweight of the communal principal is individual ownership.”

Were the Stolypin land reforms effective? Bertram Wolfe, who is on all points anti-Tsarist and pro-revolutionary, has this to say (Three Who Made a Revolution, page 360, by Bertram Wolfe, Dial Press, New York, 1948.): “Between 1907 and 1914, under the Stolypin land reform laws, 2,000,000 peasant families seceded from the village mir and became individual proprietors. All through the war the movement continued, so that by Jan. 1, 1916, 6,200,000 peasant families, out of approximately 16,000,000 eligible, had made application for separation. Lenin saw the matter as a race with time between Stolypin’s reforms and the next upheaval. Should an upheaval be postponed for a couple of decades, the new land measures would so transform the countryside that it would no longer be a revolutionary force. How near Lenin came to losing the race is proved by the fact that in 1917, when he called on the peasants to “take the land”, they already owned more than three-fourths of it.”

Russian Jewry wanted revolution, not reform. As early as 1906 an attempt had been made to assassinate Premier Stolypin when his country house was destroyed by a bomb. Finally, in Sept. of 1911 the best premier Russia ever had was shot down in cold blood while attending a gala affair at the Kiev Theater. The assassin was a Jewish lawyer named Mordecai Bogrov. Thus it was that Russia had since 1902 lost two premiers to Jewish assassins.

Many of Stolypin’s reforms were carried out after his death. In 1912 an industrial insurance law was inaugurated which gave all industrial workmen sickness and accident compensation to the extent of two-thirds and three-fourths of their regular pay. For the first time the newspapers of the revolutionary parties were given legal status. Public schools were expanded and the election laws were revised. In 1913 a general amnesty for all political prisoners was given. Not even the severest critic of Tsarism can deny that these measures represented a sincere attempt on the part of the Imperial government to bring about reform. Why, in spite of all this, was the Tsar overthrown?

[H: This is a good question and also a good time to interject some attention notes to what is going on today in Russia. There is NO WAY that there is love between the government in power (Yeltsin) and the Israeli Zionist Jews. I don’t comment on the man, Yeltsin--I just suggest you GO BACK A FEW YEARS TO HIS FIRST BIG VISIT TO THE U.S. AND REMEMBER THE SNUBBING AND OFFICIAL GUFF YOU IN AMERICA GAVE THIS MAN. YOU CALLED HIM A DRUNK AND THE ZIONISTS DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD TO SOUR ANY RELATIONSHIP YOU MIGHT GAIN WITH HIM. SINCE THEN? HE HAS GAINED THE UPPER HAND AGAINST YOU, USING THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, ETC., TO HIS OWN ADVANTAGE. Is this perhaps some KIND OF BLACKMAIL or actual camaraderie? Russia has managed to get most of your reserves of commodities--certainly grain--and you DO NOT HAVE THE UPPER HAND IN ANY TECHNICAL SENSE AT ALL. Is that Yeltsin government on YOUR side or YOUR side? That depends on which side of the adversarial coin YOU ARE ON. WHO, EXACTLY, DO YOU SERVE--FREEDOM OR THE NEW WORLD ORDER? WHO DOES YELTSIN SERVE? I SUGGEST THAT WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT ANSWER--YOU WILL HAVE QUITE AN INTERESTING BIT OF INSIGHT--DEPENDING ON HOW YOU FORESEE YOURSELVES IN THE WORLD ORDER!

A great hoopla is made about Clinton and the British and on and on through the bilious nations of the world being “on Yeltsin’s side”! DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK YELTSIN APPEARS TO SO MUCH AS ‘GIVE A DAMN’? COME ON, SLEEPYHEADS, YOU ARE LIKE A BUNCH OF WIMPY BACK-SIDE KISSERS AND THEY HOWL IN GLEE AT YOU IN RUSSIA.]


One of the chief factors contributing to the destruction of the Imperial government was the onset of World War I. Before the war the Imperial military establishment had contained perhaps 1,500,000 professional troops, well trained and loyal to the corps.... “..but by 1917 the regular army was gone. Its losses for the first ten months of the war were reckoned as 3,800,000, or, to take the reckoning of the Quartermaster-General, Danilov, 300,000 a month and the officers, who went into action standing, while commanding their men to crawl, were falling at twice the rate of the men.” (Russia, page 41, by Bernard Peres, New American Library, New York, revised 1969.) Altogether 18 million men were called to the colors, most of whom were conscripted from the peasantry. Although courageous in battle they proved politically unreliable and were easily incited by agitators.

Large numbers of the industrial population were also drafted into the armies and their places were taken by peasants, fresh out of the country. As a result, Russia’s principal cities came to be populated by a working class which was peasant in origin and habit of thinking, but which lacked the conservatism and stability which seems to go with tenure of the land. This new proletariat was in reality an uprooted and landless peasantry, poorly adjusted to city life and easily stirred up by propagandists.

Now--it should be remembered that the Russian revolution was carried out by a handful of revolutionaries operating mainly in the larger cities. While something like 85% of Russia’s gentile population was rural, these country people took virtually no part in the revolt. Conversely, only 2.4% of the Jewish population was actually situated on the farms; the great majority of the Jews were congregated in the cities. Says the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (page 285, vol. 9, New York, 1939): “...it must be noted that the Jews lived almost exclusively in the cities and towns; in Russia’s urban population the Jews constituted 11%. Two additional factors were taken into consideration. On the one hand, the rural population took practically no part in political activities, and on the other, there was virtually no illiteracy among the Russian Jews.” As a matter of fact, the Jews represented a substantial portion of Russia’s educated class. Not only that, but the overwhelming majority of Russia’s professional class were Jews. So completely was the Jewish domination of the professions that only one out of eight of Russia’s professional people were gentile. In other words, the Jews, who constituted 4.2% of Russia’s pre-war population, comprised something like 87% of its professional class.


Also significant was the fact that the theater of war was situated in those areas most heavily populated by Jews. By 1914, it should be remembered, Russia’s Jewish population was nearing the seven million mark. (the exact figure given in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia is 6,946,000). A substantial number of these resided in Russian Poland, which was a war zone. The majority of these Jews, out of hatred for the Tsarist regime, were inclined to favor a German victory. As a result, the IMPERIAL high command was compelled to remove all Jews from the war area in the early part of 1915. In May of 1915, for example, the supreme command expelled all Jewish residents from the provinces of Courland and Grodno. Altogether, nearly a half million Jews were forced to leave their homes in the military zone. These expellees were at first required to remain within the Pale of Settlement, but in August of 1915 they were permitted to settle in all cities in the empire. Thus it was that as the war progressed a flood of Tsar-hating Jews began infiltrating the cities beyond the Pale.


The revolution occurred in March of 1917, in St. Petersburg, capital city of the Romanovs. From beginning to end the revolt involved an amazingly small number of people, when we consider that the fate of 150 million Russians was at stake. The revolt came, as we have tried to indicate, because of Jewish unrest, because of Jewry’s dissatisfaction and, above all, because of Jewry’s determination to destroy Tsarism. By the Spring of 1917 Russia’s unstable urban population had been thoroughly poisoned by this dissatisfaction. A food shortage in Petersburg fanned this dissatisfaction into the flame of revolution.

St. Petersburg in the third year of World War I was Russia’s chief armaments production center and by reason of this possessed the largest industrial population of any city in Russia. It also had the largest Jewish population of any city outside the Pale of Settlement. By March, 1917, a breakdown in the Russian transportation system resulted in a severe food shortage in the city. At the same time, many of the city’s factories began shutting down due to material shortages. Both of these factors were extremely important in the days immediately ahead.

The desperate food shortage affected virtually every family in the city. Furthermore, the enforced idleness of the working population--due to factory shutdowns--threw vast numbers of workmen onto the streets. Given here is a day by day account of the events which resulted in the overthrow of the Tsar and the establishment of the Provisional Government:

March 5th: It was evident by this time--even to foreign visitors--that trouble was brewing. Bread lines were growing day by day, and factory workmen began to appear on the streets in large numbers. During the day the police began mounting machine guns in strategic places throughout the city.

March 6th: The government brought a large number of Cossack troops into the city in anticipation of trouble. Revolution was now freely predicted, and many of the shops in expectation of this began boarding up windows. The few remaining factories were closed by strikes and the police mounted more machine guns. The Tsar, who was visiting the troops at the front, still had not returned to the city. The Duma remained in session.

March 8th: Crowds of women began a series of street demonstrations in protest over the bread shortage. Agitators, many of whom were veterans of the 1905 Revolution, began to take charge and organize diversionary demonstrations. Here and there the crowds sang the “Marseillaise”--regarded in Russia as a revolutionary song. A number of red flags appeared. At the corner of Nevsky Prospekt and the Catherine Canal mounted police, aided by Cossack cavalry, dispersed the crowds. There were no casualties. Significantly, however, the crowds had raised the red flag of revolution without being fired on.

March 9th: The Nevsky from Catherine Canal to Nicholai Station was jammed from early morning with crowds, which were larger and bolder than on the preceding day. Streetcars were no longer running. The Cossack cavalry, under orders to keep the Nevsky clear of demonstrators, repeatedly charged the mobs, and a few people were trampled. But it was observed that the cavalrymen used only the flats of their sabres, and at no time used fire arms. This encouraged the mob, which held the Cossacks in dread. Meanwhile, agitators were constantly at work.

March 10th: During the afternoon huge crowds collected around Nicholai Station. An American photographer, Donald Thompson, has described in vivid fashion the scene there (Donald Thompson in Russia, page 54, by Donald Thompson, Century Co., New York, 1918):

About two o’clock a man richly dressed in furs came up to the square in a sleigh and ordered his driver to go through the crowd, which by this time was in a very ugly mood, although it seemed to be inclined to make way for him. He was impatient and probably cold and started an argument. All Russians must have their argument. Well, he misjudged this crowd, and also misjudged the condition in Petrograd. I was within 150 feet of this scene. He was dragged out of his sleigh and beaten. He took refuge in a stalled street car where he was followed by the workingmen. One of them took a small iron bar and beat his head to a pulp. This seemed to give the mob a taste for blood. Immediately I was pushed along in front of the crowd which surged down the Nevsky and began smashing windows and creating general disorder. Many of the men carried red flags on sticks. The shops along the Nevsky, or most of them, are protected by heavy iron shutters. Those that were not had their windows smashed. I noticed about this time that ambulances were coming and going on the side streets. There were usually three or four people lying in each one.”

The disorder now became general. The mobs turned their fury on the police, who barricaded themselves for a desperate last stand in the police stations. There they were slaughtered almost to the last man, and the prisons were emptied of their entire populations, including desperate criminals of every category.

March 11th: Widespread rioting continued on the 11th. Added to the terror of revolution were the depredations of the recently liberated criminal population. During the day the Duma sent the following urgent message to the Tsar, now entrained for Petersburg: “The situation is serious. There is anarchy in the capital. The government is paralyzed. The situation as regards transportation, food supplies, and fuel has reached a state of complete disorganization. Police dissatisfaction is growing. Disorderly shooting is taking place in the streets. Different sections of the troops are shooting at each other. It is necessary immediately to intrust a person who has the confidence of the country with the creation of a new government.”

The Tsar’s reaction was tragically out of keeping with the reality of the situation. It is doubtful that he even had an inkling of what was really transpiring. His reaction was to command the dissolution of the Duma. The overwhelming majority of the Duma’s membership--loyal to the Tsar--obeyed his command, with the result that the last vestige of governmental authority ceased to exist in the capital.

March 12th: The president of the dissolved Duma sent this last despairing message to the Tsar: “The situation is becoming worse. Immediate means must be taken, for tomorrow it will be too late. The last hour has struck and the fate of the fatherland and the dynasty is being decided.” Tsar Nicholas II may never have received the message; in any event he did not reply. And indeed, the hour was late....

At 1:00 A.M. on the morning of the 12th one of the regiments (the Volynski) revolted, killing its officers. By 11 A.M. six regiments had revolted. AT 11:30 A.M. the garrison of the Peter and Paul fortress surrendered and joined the revolution. The only section of the city which now remained under governmental control was the War Office, the Admiralty Building, and St. Isaacs Cathedral. The revolution was now an accomplished fact. Four days later, on the 16th, the Tsar, whose train never reached Petersburg, abdicated. The closing words of his written abdication announcement were: “May God have mercy on Russia.” And before a year had passed, these words had been echoed many, many times.

The 12th of March marked the formation of two governing bodies which were to jointly rule Russia for the next 8 months. The first of these was the Provisional Committee of the Duma, consisting of 12 members headed by Prince Lvov. This group served as the Provisional Government until overthrown in October by the Bolsheviks. At all times, however, it governed by the sufferance of the Petersburg Soviet, which was the second body organized on the 12th.

This Petersburg Soviet was in reality dominated by the Menshevik and Bolshevik factions of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, of whom the Mensheviks were by far the most powerful. A second party, the Social Revolutionary Party, was a minority party.

Eventually, as we shall see, the Bolshevik faction gained control over the Petersburg Soviets and, having done so, at once precipitated the October Revolution and established the regime which remained in power. To better understand these events, it is necessary that we trace the history of these Mensheviks and Bolsheviks and their Russian Social Democratic Labor party.


* * *

It is very important, readers, that you pay close attention as this unfolds for the players in the major “game of the world” are being shown to you through this dark glass placed between your eyes and truth. The “LIE” has become the mark of “normal” procedure as you can see even in our small and personal confrontations.

It is interesting that even in the game with Mr. Green, HE HIMSELF uses the LIE to somehow cause YOU to consider the LIE AS THE TRUTH or at the least to so confuse that you can only simply shake your head in the “wondering”. He sends a letter copy to “back up his cause” from DeMar to the “Welfare Department” efforting to bring “food stamp fraud” charges against the Ekkers AND USES AS CAUSE THE CHECKS GEORGE “SAID” HE HAD PAID THE EKKERS FOR THE GOLD IN POINT. This becomes the lie about the lie which was NOTHING EVER other than a LIE. Do you not see, however, how the confusion causes ones to fail to get a point? THERE WERE NO CHECKS, THERE WAS NEVER EVEN KNOWLEDGE ON THE PART OF EKKERS REGARDING GOLD IN GREEN’S POSSESSION--AND NOW THE LIE UPON LIE IS USED TO HOPEFULLY SUCKER ONES INTO SOMEHOW PERCEIVING “TRUTH” FROM THOSE LIES. IT IS TYPICAL ROBOTIC PROGRAMMING/BRAINWASHING PROCEDURE.


Let us bring this to a rest for it is IMPORTANT that you ones glean the meat from these current lessons--upon your knowing, rests your world.

Salu, and Good Evening.



SAT., OCT. 2, 1993 3:30 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 047

SAT, OCTOBER 2, 1993


I had wished to go on with our lessons in another direction but Dharma cried, “Halt, don’t you dare do this to us!” Like you, I suppose, every time she THINKS she has the Bolsheviks figured out and some of the players in line-up---whoof, up in smoke. Since it is SUPPOSED to confuse you and send your senses reeling like a spinning top, I am not sure I can help you--it is the “greater” understanding through the “concept” of illusion that is intended. For instance, to call a form of government which is totally totalitarian and fascist socialism--“Communism” is a good example of the subterfuge. To call Lucifer, the evil leader into darkness, the bright “and morning star”, “Prince of Light” and other “LIGHTED AND GODLY GOOD LABELS” is typical of your adversary. When you can recognize the anti-Christed god from the players in the physical game--you will recognize the LIES and, after all, is that not that to which we aspire in our growth path? YOU MUST RECOGNIZE A “THING” FOR WHAT IT IS--BY ITS ACTIONS AND CHARACTERISTIC ENERGY FORMS AND NOT ATTEND LABELS OR CUTE NAMES. Remember--a rose is a rose is a rose--calling it a lilac will not make it so!

I guess, however, that since curiosity is the better part of teaching and desire must be present to “learn”--let us catch this one while it is hot and perhaps our understanding can be then more easily extended to our current “players”.


Dharma, I believe one of the best outlays on the subject is right from the same source we have been utilizing, Behind Communism. Let us continue and see how it unfolds and if, indeed, enough historical data is present. “Bolshevik” and “Bolshevism” is the SAME THING as that foisted off on any civilization in any era efforting to take control. Therefore the “game” will be called by many names but in Russia it was obviously called Bolshevism. Since you have such a confrontation (right now unseen) with these players we shall focus on Russia.

Taking up in Behind Communism:

We must for the moment turn our attention to a group of revolutionary exiles who are important to this story because they and their disciples eventually became the rulers of Communist Russia. Head of this group, and the man who is generally recognized as Lenin’s teacher, was George Plekhanov, a gentile.

Plekhanov had fled Russia in the 1880s and settled in Switzerland. There, with the aid of Vera Zasulich, Leo Deutch, and P. Axelrod--all Jews--he had formed the Marxist “Group of Emancipation of Labor”, and until 1901 was recognized as the leader of the group.

Although Plekhanov was himself a gentile, those around him were, with a few exceptions, Jewish. One of the exceptions was Lenin, who first became a disciple of Plekanov, and later a competitor.


Lenin (REAL NAME: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) was born on the banks of the Volga in the provincial city of Simbirsk, in 1870. He was born to a station of comparative privilege, being the son of a government official whose title of “Actual State Counsellor” carried with it the privilege of hereditary nobility. Lenin’s father did not himself inherit the title, but acquired it as a reward for service as a school supervisor.

By every rule “Lenin” should have become a respected member of Russian society. He was of middle class background, was university educated, and was admitted to the practice of law. That he did not do so can be ascribed in part to the fate of his older brother, Alexander, who in 1887 was executed for participating in an attempt on the life of Tsar Alexander III. This is said to have influenced Lenin to take up the career of a professional revolutionary.

In any event the year of 1895 finds young Lenin--then 25--meeting in Switzerland with the leaders of the “Group for the Emancipation of Labor”. Shortly thereafter he returned to Russia in the company of young Julius Martov (Tsederbaum), a Jew who had already become prominent as an agitator in the Pale of Settlement, and who was one day to become the leader of the Menshevik faction. Their purpose was to raise funds for revolutionary activity.

In Petersburg they became involved in a series of strikes which swept the city in 1895, and in the autumn of the same year Lenin, Martov, and a number of others were convicted and sent to prison for revolutionary activity.

In February of 1897 Lenin completed his prison term and began his period of exile in Siberia. He was permitted to travel to Siberia at his own expense and he took with him his Jewish wife Krupsakaya and her Yiddish speaking mother.

It should be explained that, contrary to popular belief, political exiles--unless convicted of a criminal act--were not imprisoned in Siberia; rather they were paroled there. In exile the government provided a pension, sufficient usually to maintain an existence. To supplement this the exile sometimes sought local employment (Trotzky worked as a bookkeeper) or they got funds from friends and family. Lenin received a government allowance of 7 rubles 40 kopeks monthly, “enough to pay for room, board and laundry”. (Lenin (abridgement) by Donald P. Geddes), page 26, by David Shub, New American Library, 1950 (Mentor Books).

While in Siberia, exile Lenin, Martov, and an accomplice, Patresov, formulated the idea of an “All Russian Newspaper” which would serve to combine the thought and energies of the entire revolutionary movement. The Marxists in 1900, as at all times in the future, were divided and subdivided into a great many factions. Lenin’s idea was to weld these various factions into a single organization.

An interesting note: In Switzerland Axelrod eked out an existence by peddling yogurt, and Plekhanov is said to have addressed letters for an income. BUT THE FOUNDERS AND LEADERS OF COMMUNISM WERE NOT PROLETARIANS. ALMOST WITHOUT EXCEPTION THEY WERE HIGHLY EDUCATED JEWISH INTELLECTUALS, FEW OF WHOM HAD EVER PERFORMED A USEFUL DAY’S LABOR!


In February of 1900 Lenin was released from exile and applied for, and got, permission to go to Switzerland. In Geneva he joined the “Group for the Emancipation of Labor” and in December the Group began the publication Iskra (The Spark). The establishment of Iskra marked the beginning of Russian Marxism as an organized movement, and the beginning of Lenin’s role as a party leader.

The editorial board consisted of the “oldsters”, Plekhanov, Zasulich, Axelrod, and their disciples, Lenin, Potresov, and Martov. Lenin’s Jewish wife, Krupsakaya, was the board’s secretary. Later, in 1902, young Trotzky (Bronstein) joined the editorial board, but without voting privileges. Four of the above--Martov, Axelrod, Zasulich, and Trotzky--were Jews, while Plekhanov, Lenin, and Petresov were gentile. The editorial board thus contained four Jews and three gentiles, but since Trotzky was without vote, and since Plekhanov had retained two votes, the voting strength was exactly reversed, with the Jews having 3 votes to the gentile’s four.

It is interesting to note the editorial contributions of the first 45 editions of Iskra. The largest number of articles was written by Martov, who contributed 39. Next was Lenin, who wrote 32 articles, followed by Plekhanov with 24, Petresov with 8, Zasulich with 6, and Axelrod with 4. In addition, articles were written by Parvus, Trotzky, and Rosa Luxemberg, all of whom were Jewish. It is worth recording that the only other revolutionary paper in existence at this time was Rabochee Delo (Workers Cause), organ of the “Economist” faction, of whom the Jew, Theodore Dan was the editor.

Iskra was actually printed in Munich, Germany. For a time the editorial board met in London, but in 1903 it was moved back to Geneva. From there copies of Iskra were smuggled into Russia by ship and courier. In this way Iskra built up an underground organization of professional revolutionaries, first known as “Iskrists”, and later as Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.


In 1903 a Unification Congress convened in Brussels, Belgium. Its purpose was to unite the various Marxist groups into the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party, which technically had been formed in 1898, but which had failed to bring unity.

Altogether, 60 voting delegates attended, four of whom were, or had been, workers. The rest were mostly Jewish intellectuals. Represented were the groups which had formed the party in 1898: The Jewish Bund, the Georgian Social Democrats, Rosa Luxemberg’s Polish Social Democrats, and the Group for Emancipation of Labor, now identified as “Iskrists”. The Maximalist’s newspaper, Rabochee Delo was also represented by 3 delegates. These groups, their leaders, and their disciples, made the revolution of 1917. Here, Communism as we know it, was born.

In early August the Belgium Police deported a number of delegates and the Unification Congress moved en-masse to England, where it convened from August 11th to the 23rd. One very important outcome of the congress was the ideological split which divided the Iskrists into two camps: The Bolsheviks (majority faction), headed by Lenin, and the Mensheviks (minority faction), headed by Martov.

The final act of the congress was to elect Lenin, Plekhanov, and Martov to the editorial board of Iskra. This new board of three never actually functioned, due to the hostility between Martov and Lenin. After issue No. 53 Lenin resigned leaving it in the hands of Martov, Plekhanov, Axelrod, Zasulich and Petresov, the latter three being admitted to the board following Lenin’s resignation.

Although Lenin’s faction clung to the Bolshevik label, they did not at any time command a real majority in the party. Lenin had temporarily been able to dominate the Unification Congress when the Jewish Bund’s delegation had walked out in a huff over party policy. Because Lenin had been temporarily able to martial a majority of the remaining delegates to his support, his faction had been identified as the Bolshevik, or majority, faction, and always thereafter Lenin and his followers were known as Bolsheviks. It is important to note that this Bolshevik-Menshevik split was among the Iskrists only. The two other major factions of the party--Rosa Luxemberg’s Polish Social Democrats and the Jewish Bund--were neither Bolshevik nor Menshevik, although both factions usually teamed up with the Mensheviks on party policy. (In 1917, however, BOTH THE POLISH PARTY AND THE (JEWISH) BUND MERGED INTO THE BOLSHEVIK FACTION.)


The 1905 revolution came unexpectedly. Jewish agitators, seizing upon the discontent engendered by Russia’s defeat by the Japanese, and capitalizing on the “Bloody Sunday” incident--which we have already described--fanned the flames of insurrection into being what was to be a dress rehearsal of the 1917 revolution.

The revolt, coming so quickly on the heels of the Bloody Sunday incident, caught the party leadership by surprise. Lenin was in Geneva and he did not return to Petersburg until October--shortly before the Petersburg Soviet was organized. Martov, the Menshevik leader, returned at the same time. Rosa Luxemberg arrived in December, by which time the insurrection had ended. Axelrod got only as far as Finland, and Plekhanov never returned at all. The 1905 revolution was principally led by second-string leaders, virtually all of whom were identified with the Mensheviks.

Trotzky alone of the top leadership had sensed the significance of “Bloody Sunday”, and at the first word of revolution he and a Jewish compatriot, Parvus, had struck out for Petersburg.

Using the pseudonym Yanovsky, he very quickly became a leading member of the Soviet and by the end of October was generally recognized as the most influential member of the Executive Committee. In addition, he edited (with Parvus) the Menshevik organ, Nachato. Later, under the pseudonym “Peter Petrovich”, he edited the Russian Gazeta. On Dec. 9, as we have previously related, he was elected president of the Petersburg Soviet and, following his arrest, Parvus assumed leadership of the revolt.

Although Lenin had been in St. Petersburg throughout the life of the Petersburg Soviet, neither he nor any member of his faction played a prominent part in its activities. When the 300 members of the Soviet were finally arrested, not a single prominent Bolshevik was among them. The revolution of 1905 was strictly a Menshevik affair.


In 1907 (May 13-June 1) a fifth Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor party was held, this time in London. This was by all accounts the most impressive one of all, and it was the last one held before the 1917 revolution. Represented at the Congress were:

The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin--91 delegates.

The Mensheviks, led by Martov and Dan--89 delegates.

The polish Social Democrats, led by Rosa Luxemberg--44 delegates.

The Jewish Bund, led by Rafael Abramovitch and M.I. Lieber--55 delegates.

The Lettish Social Democrats, led by “Comrade Herman” (Danishevisky).

Altogether there were 312 delegates to the Congress, of whom 116 were, or had been, workers. Dominating the Congress were the great names of the party: there were the founders of the movement, Plekhanov, Axelrod, Deutch, and Zasulich--who after 1907 played roles of diminishing importance in party affairs--and their disciples, Lenin, Martov, Dan (Gurvich), and Trotzky. There were Abramovitch and Lieber (Goldman) of the Bund, and Rosa Luxemberg, the latter one day being destined to lead a revolution of her own in Germany. Present also were Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Stalin, none of whom were important in 1907, but who are listed here because one day they would be the three most powerful men in Russia. Significantly all of those named WERE JEWISH, excepting Lenin (who married into the Jewish circle), Plekhanov, and STALIN.

Perhaps one of the most important matters taken up by the London Congress was the bitterly controversial question of “expropriations”. It should be explained that Lenin’s Bolshevik faction had to an increasing degree resorted to outlawry to replenish its finances. Robbery, kidnapping, and theft became regular party activities. And on one occasion a loyal Bolshevik married a rich widow to secure funds for the party treasury. These activities were referred to in party circles as “expropriations”. The most famous expropriation was the Tiflis bank robbery, engineered by young Josepf Stalin shortly after the London Congress.

The Mensheviks bitterly criticized these tactics, while Lenin stoutly defended them as a necessary means of raising capital. The “expropriation” question broke out again and again as a point of contention between the two factions. Actually a great deal of Lenin’s strength came from this source. With money thus raised he was able to pay the traveling expenses of delegates to these various congresses, and this gave him a voting power which was probably out of proportion to his following. Lenin’s opposition on the expropriation question came not only from Martov’s Menshevik faction, but also from the Jewish Bund and Rosa Luxemberg’s Polish Social Democrats. The Jewish Bund and Rosa Luxemberg’s faction usually sided with the Mensheviks in these intra-party squabbles, and it was not until 1917, when they were actually incorporated into the Bolshevik faction, that Lenin was able to actually control the entire party.

The Tiflis Bank robbery has now become a part of the legend which surrounds Stalin, and it is perhaps worth while to give it some attention. Although the robbery was engineered by Stalin, then a minor party worker, the actual hold-up was carried out by an Armenian by the name of Petroyan, who is known in Russian history as “Kamo”. Kamo’s method was crude but effective: he tossed a dynamite bomb at a bank stage which was transporting 250,000 rubles in currency. In the resulting explosion some 30 people were killed and Kamo escaped with the loot, which consisted mainly of 500 ruble notes.

The Bolsheviks encountered considerable difficulty in converting these 500 ruble notes into usable form. It was decided that agents in various countries would simultaneously cash as many as possible in a single day. The operation was not a complete success. The Jewess, Olga Ravich, who was one day to marry Zinoviev, was apprehended by police authorities, as was one Meyer Wallach, whose real name was Finklestein, and who is better known as Maxim Litinov. Litinov later became Commissar of Foreign Affairs (1930-39).


In the autumn of 1908 the Bolsheviks began publishing the Proletariie, with Lenin, Dubrovinsky, Zinoviev, and Kamenev (the latter two Jewish) as editors. In the same year the Menshevik organ, Golos Sotsial-Demokrata began publication, edited by Plekhanov, Axelrod, Martov, Dan, and Martynov (Pikel), all of whom were Jewish with the exception of Plekhanov. In Oct. of 1908 the Vienna Pravda was launched, with Trotzky as editor.


In 1909 the Lenin-Zinoviev-Kamenev “troika” was formed. It was to endure until Lenin’s death in 1924. Zinoviev and Kamenev were Lenin’s inseparable companions. Later, when the Bolsheviks were in power, Trotzky would become co-equal with Lenin, and even something of a competitor, but Kamenev and Zinoviev were never Lenin’s equals nor his competitors--they were his right and left hand. They would argue with him, and fight with him, and oppose him in party councils, but the “troika” was broken only when Lenin died.


In January of 1910 the 19 top leaders of the Party met in what historians refer to as the January Plenum of the Central Committee. Its purpose was, as always, to promote party unity. One outcome was that Lenin was compelled to burn the remainder of the 500 ruble notes from the Tiflis expropriation, which he had been unable to cash anyway. Another outcome of the January Plenum was the recognition of the newspaper, Sotsial Demokrata, as the general party newspaper. Its editors were the Bolsheviks, Lenin and Zinoviev, and the Mensheviks, Martov and Dan. Lenin was the only gentile. Trotzky’s semi-independent Vienna Pravda was declared to be an official party organ, and Kamenev was appointed to help edit it. Who could have foretold in the year 1910 that within seven short years this YIDDISH CREW WOULD BE THE LORDS AND MASTERS OF ALL RUSSIA?

[H: And how could you as little Amerikans know, even 10 years ago, that that same Yiddish crew would be lords and masters of all America??]


The 1917 revolution, like that of 1905, caught the top leaders of the party unprepared. Lenin and Martov were in Switzerland, and Trotzky was eking out an existence in New York’s East Side.

Shortly after the March revolution the German government did a peculiar thing. It arranged to ship Lenin, Martov, Radek, and 32 members of the party across Germany to Russia. The German strategy seemed to be based on the assumption--which later proved correct--that the Communists would work to sabotage the Russian war effort, now being prosecuted by the Provisional Government. Perhaps the Lenin group had some such agreement with the Germans; no one knows. But one thing is certain: 48 hours after the Bolsheviks came to power, Trotzky began negotiations for an armistice. But that story comes later.

On April 3rd, just 23 days after the provisional government had been formed, Lenin and his party arrived in Petersburg. Within 7 months he and his faction would be the supreme dictators of all Russia.


* * *

Yes, I understand--the handwriting on the wall is taking more of an “English” language understanding, isn’t it?

How do you THINK ones such as Russian-Jew Kissinger and Brzezinski (a false name you can neither spell nor pronounce correctly) came to control your government?? Nothing in politics is an accident said Mr. Roosevelt, your betrayer President. Does Yeltsin act like “one of the group”--look again!


I think I WILL, after all, comment on a couple of your current “today” items. Why is the U.S. sending $2 million and all the other nations of the world only sending $1 million to India? Well, old friends, what you see is NOT what happened. You are involved to your eyeballs in that quake--as are others--but YOU are going to pay dearly for such indiscretions as YOU just pulled off. It has a lot to do with “bases” and “cosmospheres” and particle beams and toys of mammoth destruction. You think the Russians are distracted?? The Russians are waiting to wipe you away!


What about those nasty old officers who allowed the Tailhook happening? Don’t you see what is happening, you dough-dough minds? This is being used as a gimmick to get rid of your remaining worthy leaders--AND YOU CAN’T SEE IT.


It must come as a total relief to find that Waco fits right along with the POWs, October Surprise, et al,--no one in a capacity higher than a bat-boy is RESPONSIBLE for anything that went wrong there in that massacre. Officially it is now a “closed incident” while they get on with prosecuting those poor souls who got out of the place. If you can’t even read ENGLISH, you dear citizens--you remain in such serious condition as to hop in a survival shelter--IF YOU HAD ONE--BUT YOU WILL NOTICE THE BOLSHEVIKS HAVE NOT ALLOWED YOU TO HAVE THEM!

May your sleep be filled with peace, for from it you may well never awaken!




SUN., OCT. 3, 1993 10:22 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 048

SUN., OCTOBER 3, 1993


There is so much pertinent information and ongoings that I am finally awash in too much for two hands to sort and handle. I am asking that pertinent confirmations, information and other items flowing through the CONTACT be evaluated as to possibility for running without much input from this chair. Doris has not so much as seen the last edition of the paper so is at a loss as to what was printed and “where we are” with correspondence. Thank you, Rick, for managing so beautifully and you of the Editorial staff for handling these emergency situations. I fear this will become “the habit” instead of the exception but please understand the massive importance of world events AS THEY RELATE TO YOU--IN INVISIBLE POSSIBILITIES BUT VERY INCREDIBLE CONSEQUENCES. YOU HAD BEST BE DIGGING OUT YOUR SURVIVAL INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE WEAPONS ARE BEING CONSIDERED IN AND “FROM” RUSSIA WITH LOVE, RIGHT NOW AS WE WRITE.

If this little blip in Russian history continues to get out of hand--there WILL be more. It is not going like it was “planned” and YOU may very well end up with deadly enemies you didn’t anticipate.

The Russians have worked for decades to get the Bolsheviks out of Russia only to see them switch into and about the Western Powers--SPECIFICALLY IN AND OVERTAKING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT--and “they” want to blow you away, U.S.A.!



I am in receipt of a document compiled by a reader (first hand research). I shall share the portion of a letter received and then we will share the information sent as it is absolutely pertinent to the very place we stopped writing yesterday--on Russia.

“……I happened to be browsing through my huge note file the other day and came across a summary I had made of The Iron Heel, by Jack London, published in 1908. I have been fascinated by the series you are publishing from “Dr. John Coleman”, and thought you might like to see that the knowledge of the conspiracy goes back much further than his articles indicate.

London was a socialist at the time and closely associated with my great mentor, Dr. John H. Dequer, (pronounced Decker) with whom I lived and worked for six years. Dr. Dequer traveled the world with London and told me many fascinating stories of his (London’s) exploits. Dequer too was a socialist (an atheist) until he “got religion” and became a Christian, in spite of his lifelong researches in metaphysics.

Dr. Dequer asked me to get a copy of London’s book when I was working with him, but although I scoured the book stores in Chicago at the time I couldn’t come up with one, as it had, like in Italy, been suppressed in America. [H: Like some other books I know.] Many years later I ran across a copy in a library and made the notes enclosed. The doctor told me that London had used him (Dequer) as a model for the hero of his book.

Dequer was trained by two Jewish rabbis in the Egyptian Tarot to serve the conspiracy as its secret communicator, using the symbolism of not only the Tarot but also the “funnies”, Dick Tracy and Little Orphan Annie. He used the notariquon and gematria kabalistic code systems to convey secret messages to the members of the “Committee of 300” at that time on their intended moves. (He tried to teach me the technique but it was too far out for me to comprehend.) Dr. Dequer was able to make many prophecies of coming events that materialized on time. But when he decided to reveal the conspiracy, he signed his death warrant. Too long a story to go into here.

So you can see why I am fascinated with Coleman’s story. It corroborates so much that I learned directly from Dequer....

This is sufficient for our needs here. I am extremely grateful for this input and I shall shield this writer from attention until it is permissioned to mention name and/or location. Readers, this is “big time” dangerous and, yet, it is but TRUTH offered as observed by actual observers. The times are “angry” at best and our intent is never to do other than present Truth that you can make choices and form opinions and “intent” with educated knowledge of that which you experience. “MY” enemy is at a much higher level of expression than any bunch of raw and rash hoodlums trotting about on your topographical lumps slinging nuclear bombs about. My mission as assigned is to give you information for insight--what you do with that “insight” is yours to ponder and decide--it is not my “business” nor do I interfere. So be it.

By the way, Sir (letter writer), the visible evidence you and thousands of others witnessed was NOT my craft--but it WAS (IS) one of my “holding shuttles”. Indeed, I do still have standoff and retain craft and personnel--but as witnessed regarding your Elite and the POWs--YOU are expendable commodities. I would hasten, however, to suggest that you read elsewhere in this paper about new suppositions regarding “October Surprise” and perhaps you can see that things are coming to a rapid “boil”--I continue to suggest that steps are taken to let our people go, whoever they are and wherever they are for it will only get nastier. The Elite power brokers are intent on ONE THING--world domination and YOUR enslavement or depopulation.


Note the spokesman network NEW accusation against Koresh in Waco--that “...he was planning to attack (with all those weapons claimed to be in his possession) the people of Waco!” AS LONG AS YOU ARE ACCEPTING THIS GARBAGE AS THE MAIN COURSE FOR DINNER--YOU ARE GOING TO CHOKE, AMERICA/WORLD.

Now, please, back to Jack London and Russia:

by Jack London

Copyright 1980 by Lawrence Hill & Co., Publishers, Inc.

Westport, Connecticut 06880

Reprinted by permission of the Estate of Irving Shepherd.

INTRODUCTION, p. i: The Iron Heel appeared in 1908. By 1947 Philip Foner was calling it “probably the most amazingly prophetic work of the twentieth century.” To us, looking backward from the closing decades of the century, this claim does not seem extravagant. For with every passing year, The Iron Heel now seems more timely, more vital.

When Jack London wrote this novel in 1906, the Russian Revolution of 1905 was being crushed by the Czar’s army, secret police, and terrorist gangs. Few people anticipated that out of this terrible defeat would emerge the triumphant Russian revolution of 1917. From our vantage point in time, we can see that these were the formative revolution and counter-revolution, an age of fierce protracted combat to determine the future of the human race. This is the apocalyptic battle imagined in The Iron Heel, which foresees the struggle between the impoverished masses who do most of the world’s work and the privileged minorities who live off the profits raging without resolution for three hundred years.

Some of London’s prophecies came true very quickly. In July, 1908, just five months after the publication of The Iron Heel, a national secret police agency--then known as the Bureau of Investigation--was first established in the United States. Less than twelve years later,