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The WORD Meeting Tapes in MP3 Format
Meetings with Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

From the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987--which marked the end of the Mayan Calendar system of counting for the preceding Age of Egypt--through March 2006, the World was blessed with a tremendous infusion of Wisdom from the Higher Realms through the “secretary”, Doris Ekker, whose name has become synonymous with dharma, Divine life purpose.

In addition to near-daily scribings for Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and other energies of the Etheric realms, small meetings of interested terrestrials were held in the town of Tehachapi, California wherein all participants were free to ask anything they wished of Commander Hatonn--and some of the answers WILL surprise you!  The cassette tapes of these meetings have been converted to MP3 file format so the WORD may go forth to the four corners of the World.

Raw Automated Transcripts

With recent advances in technology it has become possible to automatically produce transcripts of the various audio files. It will be a long time before human-edited transcripts can be made available but for now, at least, the Raw Automated Transcripts allow for general searches of the contents of this site’s MP3 files.

DISCLAIMER: Raw Automated Transcripts (RATs) are not accurate and anything of interest in such a transcript should be verified by listening to the original audio file.


Besides the meeting tapes there are a number of other very useful and interesting audio tapes available to assist your personal growth and development:

Commander Hatonn Describes The Age of Kali
Phone Home, ET Clearing Tapes Set
What’s Going On Inside?
Doris Ekker’s Body Image Development Program
The Fairy Grandmother Tape

Commander Hatonn Describes the Age of Kali

At the end of 10,000 years of darkness, evil has flourished as man has turned away from our Creator Source.

Listen to Commander Hatonn
As He Describes THE AGE OF KALI

To play the file while continuing to browse the site, right-click and select “Open link in new window”.  To save the file to your local hard drive to play back later, right-click and select “Save target as”.

Phone Home, ET

To facilitate “CONTACT” with our celestial brothers, the Hosts of God, we invite you to listen to the following specially prepared Clearing Tapes.  There is a progression and we suggest you spend a week or so studying “Hypnosis”, then a week or so working with “Self-Hypnosis” before moving on to focus on the “Violet Entity” tape:

Phone Home, ET Clearing Tape (Hypnosis)
Phone Home, ET Clearing Tape (Self-Hypnosis)
Phone Home, ET Clearing Tape (Violet Entity)

An excerpt from Phoenix Journal #34, PHONE HOME, E.T. explains about these tapes and provides an idea of what one might expect when using them:


    I will tell you from the beginning of “practice” that you will be helped immeasurably by the relaxation tapes. If you desire to utilize your own methods, I would remind you, it is fine but obviously they have not worked very well thus far. Let me example the problems people are having and see if you fit in any of the slots.

    QUESTION: Although your instructions seem OK to get into the stillness, I have great difficulty in doing so at will. Does this mean to hold the Mind steady and quiet without thinking? If so, it is a very difficult thing to do. Just once have I reached the point of stillness and it was beautiful. I was not conscious of anything but being merged in that quiet rest. How I wish I could attain that state at will.

    RESPONSE: The more you can attain that state, the easier it will be to repeat it. Your question indicates that you make far too great an effort to accomplish that result. This means that you are concentrating upon having it happen instead of allowing it to happen. Work with that “training” tape until you can get relaxed without working at it.

    Do not look for the “symptoms” of it. Do not expect it or try to make it happen. Just say to yourself, “I want to be alone with God,” and the majesty of that thought and your desire for aloneness with God will drive all things else from your Mind.

    The effort you indicate you are making gives us the impression that you are making your brain very active in trying to make your Mind become still. Forget your brain. Forget your body. Take the attitude that nothing in the world interests you, nothing whatsoever--including meditation. Think of beautiful music to stop your thinking about your electric bill, or your visitor who is coming, or any problem that weighs heavily in your attention. Meditation comes from the desire of the Soul. Do not let the brain interfere with your inspiring communion from Soul to Soul. USE THAT TAPE OVER AND OVER AND THEN MOVE TO THE “CLEARING” TAPE AS YOU COMMAND TO MOVE INTO THE LIGHT AND THEN IT WILL BEGIN TO HAPPEN. AS YOU ATTAIN THE STATE ONCE--AND CONTINUE TO UTILIZE THE TAPED DIRECTIONS FOR THOUGHT GUIDE--IT CAN HAPPEN EVERY TIME--MORE AND MORE QUICKLY ACCORDING TO YOUR DIRECTIONS. BUT, KNOW THAT YOU WILL ALSO WISH TO UTILIZE THE CLEARING TAPE AS A QUIET TIME TO RELEASE SPECIFIC PROBLEMS TO THE HIGHER MIND FOR SOLUTION AND INSTRUCTIONS.

    It is wonderful if it happens even once to you, for that means that it must happen again, and more frequently, as you open your heart to it.

    You might as well expect to play a symphony after one music lesson as to expect to be able to decentrate to that ecstatic state of inspiration at once. YOU MUST REALIZE THAT YOUR UNFOLDING TO THE POINT AT WHICH YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN A LONG ONE—ALLOW, DO NOT “PUSH”. Know that you are ready to experience the Light now; otherwise you would not keenly desire to do so.

    Our Light and our inspiration, however, cannot reinspire you immediately for you have to come into some kind of trust and balance with our presence and become familiar and allow confirmation that that which is brought is TRUTH.

    If you have been TAUGHT THAT ANY FORM OF HYPNOSIS IS EVIL, I urge you to listen to the tape which will repeat the discussion regarding hypnosis, its use and credibility. You move into and out of trance a hundred times a day as will be demonstrated. What negative response could possibly come from guiding those lapses into daydreams? I suggest you listen through the tapes COMPLETELY prior to experiencing them and see for your self that there is nothing save relaxation. There is no subliminal anything on them.

    You must always take instructions, or readings, first through your senses by recording them on your brain before they are finally absorbed by your Soul to become knowledge, just as you have to take food into your stomach first before it is absorbed into the blood stream to become nourishment. The great drawback to the unfoldment of inner vision is that what is recorded on most people‘s brains never passes beyond them to reach the Soul.

    Very many even expect to attain full Cosmic Consciousness immediately by applying our instructions. That is as utterly impossible as it is undesirable for one who is not ready for it. You must use “reason” in your attempts.

What’s Going On Inside?

Through a process of self-hypnosis, this audio tape takes you right inside your own body, allowing your own mind to scan every aspect of your internal organs, tissues and functioning systems.  If anything is wrong, your powerful subconscious mind can begin setting things straight.  Side A will help identify problems through a special scanning process and Side B will assist with healing instructions.

What’s Going On Inside - Side A
What’s Going On Inside - Side B

Doris Ekker’s Body Image Development Program

For good health and a positive self-image with regard to your body, feel free to download Doris Ekker’s Body Image Development Program, a special set of “Dimensional Life” self-hypnosis tapes.  (This is a LARGE download of approximately 172 megabytes, so please allow sufficient time for your download to complete.)

The Fairy Grandmother Tape

To help the children settle in at night (or for any grown-up wanting your very own “imaginary” space ship ride) try putting on and listening through

The Fairy Grandmother Tape



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