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On this website you will find all 115 of the published Phoenix Journals.  We do not accept as valid the so-called “Unpublished Journals” found on other, non-official websites.  That does not mean you should not find and read them for yourself because the responsibility for discernment is always your own.

We are pleased to also present a book by Tom Astley, Sacred Science Is Teaching, Truth, which provides confirmation of some of the information received via Doris Ekker.

There is great significance in the fact that Commander Hatonn chose to jump ahead to Phoenix Journals #222 to #225, the Birthing the Phoenix series, and Phoenix Journals #227 to #230, the Rise of Antichrist volumes.  The last of the published Phoenix Journals is what has tipped the scales, so you might want to study them well, especially in light of the fact others have attempted to obfuscate and dilute their significance by presenting the so-called “Unpublished Journals”, which were never endorsed by Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn.

In March 1999, lacking sufficient funds to publish any more Phoenix Journals in the form of the little white books, Commander Hatonn instructed that the masthead should be changed to CONTACT — The Phoenix Journal; i.e., the newspaper became the Journal, or ongoing record of the Phoenix Project.  In March 2005, the masthead changed one more time to become CONTACT — Phoenix Journal Review, suggesting that enough information had been put forth and it had become time for reviewing all of the information provided.

In the Downloads section of this site the Phoenix Journals are available for mass downloading in your choice of formats: Non-searchable, Image-Based scans of the original print editions; Searchable, Manual OCR renditions (involving proofreading efforts to correct the OCR versions to match the originals); conversions to popular e-book formats (both ePub and Mobi); and translatable, HTML versions.

Use the scroll arrows to manually browse the Phoenix Journals.  Hovering over the image will pop-up a summary of contents for the particular Phoenix Journal.  Click on the image to open the selected Phoenix Journal in its Manual OCR (PDF) format.  Use the buttons at the top of the page to access image-based (PDF), Epub, Mobi or translatable (HTML) formats of the Journals.

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