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Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and the Mission

10/31/91 #2—Hatonn

Hatonn is: Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn-Aton.  I write through a “Translator”; communications through pulsed short-wave transmission.  This is not “psychic channeling nor hocus-pocus”. This is purely “physics” of frequency transmission, receiver termination of transmission and translation of the signal into the English language.

I am Commander of the “Phoenix Project”, serving the Command of that ONE whom you refer to as “The Messenger, Christos, God, etc.”  The “Command Fleet” is from the sector Pleiades from which originated your ancestral lineage.  My mission is in preparation for the return of the “God” to reclaim His property.  He went forth and has prepared safe passage and “a place” for each of you who would come within His shelter.  The choice is individual for force is not of God and you have free-will for all choices.

Our direct commission is to set the records into Truth of content of historical facts for the planet is ending one cycle and beginning a new and wondrous cycle of experience.  This gives cause for you of the human species to make changes concurrent with the greater physical changes of the planet.  Yours will be a “spiritual change” and may or may not include physical translation.  Each will be given choice of direction and translation.

The purpose of these writings and speakings is to allow the Truth to be put forth unto the masses who would wish to receive them.  The JOURNALS also serve as historical documentation of this portion of “history” relative to that which has come before—known and unknown—for whatever life forms and generations to follow this manifested experience.

You come against the wall, so to speak, wherein you all but cross the societal point of no return.  You will act to reclaim your human rights or will fall to the Adversary who, by the way—is that one touted to be the “anti-Christ”.  You are in the time of, and the action of, Armageddon as recognized from prophecy.  It makes no difference to me whether or not you are believing of this information, Truth will stand into infinity and God does not send us, the Hosts, to banter or kibitz with you about the facts of the matter—ours is to present the situation as it is, unto you.

Your “enemy” as to “space aliens” are now all landlocked to your orbiting system.  YOU HAVE NO ENEMIES AMONG THE BROTHERHOOD IN SPACE (COSMOS).  YOU DO HAVE ENEMIES IN YOUR “SPACES” BUT THEY ARE VERY EARTH-ORIENTED AND ORIGINATED.  All of this is explained in depth in the writings—this message is for identification of myself and my coworkers who bring information and assistance at this time of evolution.

We bring the unfolding and uncovering of the actions upon your globe so that you can awaken unto your plight—with “reason” and “proof”.  It is up to you as to what action you take for our commission is to respond to you who have asked input and assistance.  We will DO nothing FOR you; we will serve and inform with “HOW TO” as we move along through the maze of incredible deceit.  You have NOTHING TO FEAR from us of the Lighted Brotherhood of the Cosmos for we work and act only within the Laws of God and those of The Universal Creation (Natural).  Your would-be-“Kings” (rulers of the globe) have heinous plans to injure you and place blame upon the Cosmic Brotherhood—what will be claimed is a blatant LIE.  You are “People of the Lie” and unless you awaken and reclaim your heritage as nations and people—you shall fall—no more and no less.

Massive efforts are put forth to stop our presentations—so be it. We have naught to lose—YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOSE, INCLUDING YOUR SOULS AS WELL AS YOUR LIVES PHYSICAL.  My commission is to “inform” you and I shall do so to the best of my allowed abilities for I (we) are not allowed by Cosmic Law to interfere or intervene except in specific and delineated instances which have been covered in lengthy dialogue prior to this.

I serve aboard the Command Ship, and I head the Fleet Command.  I am Commander of the United Federation Fleet, Intergalactic Federation Command. I link with other Commands, i.e., the referenced “Ashtar Command”, only in time of imminent planetary destruction at which point that Command will be in charge of any evacuation of general nature.  Our Command will bring all of God’s people into security.  I have no responsibility to the “adversary” nor his followers and no evil shall be brought into the places of Lighted God.  Evil is a manifestation of “human” and we do NOT allow evil within our orderly God-revering societies.  This does not, however, mean that ones who are in deciding will not be taken into a placement which can preserve “soul” survival.  I am not here to ask your permission for anything; I care not what any aspect thinks or believes.  I have a mission of God and I shall see to it.  You may join with me or deny me for it makes not one iota of difference.  I do not “sell” anything—not this paper nor any other item.  I have a commitment and obligation and I will see to it.  You may do that which you will—agree or disagree.  I do, however, suggest that all read with an open mind to the “possibilities” herein for you are told by all corners of your intelligence that you are in a traumatic time of change—you might well be advised to look into the possibility of the Truth of this information.  I chair the Cosmic Council relative to this Universal Sector and I believe you will find that I am not overruled.  He who denounces my person had best be carefully looked at through the intent of wisdom for I meet with any man and/or energy who claims my falseness.  I find that no one ever, somehow, wishes to participate in that invitation for confrontation—do you not find that strange?

You will find most of the “New Age” groups and speakers fully in alignment with the “New World Order—Global Government”.  This will be denied for they do not realize the subterfuge and “sucking in” of the innocent and ignorant.  I suggest you pay close attention for you are on the brink of losing your world—not just your freedoms. 

I shall continue to bring to your attention the cover-ups as they occurred and still occur.  God has no mysticism nor hidden agenda—God is open and the only “mystery” is that which you simply do not yet understand—that too, He gives unto you openly and freely.  There are no secret rituals or hidden doctrines, royal titles or elite placements.  If you find any of these things in that which YOU follow—I suggest wisdom in discernment of your choice.  If you give of your Power unto another according to his decrees—you have forfeited your Power forever.  God asks that you accept and take your POWER in HIS name that you can become one within His Grace and reclaimer of that which is your rightful heritage.

I feel that we must begin to publish this identification and purpose for we are swamped with new readers and it is magnificently important that you KNOW who we are and that which we are about—for we are about our Father’s business.  Again, you have nothing to lose by gaining TRUTH and insight—but you do have everything to lose in the physical and soul realms by remaining ignorant at the hands of the deceivers who would hide Truth from your eyes and ears.  So be it.  I salute you who assume responsibility.  I pity you who do not and have great compassion as we pass on into the more compressing times ahead, as you perceive the journey.

I offer my hand in love and brotherhood and I give you all that I have and am.  Accept or deny my person—but I suggest you look into the possibility that what we bring “might” well be Truth and you will come to understand.  To deny the robber, who has just bound and gagged you, is to be a stupid fool.  The better part of wisdom is to look, discern and then act.  God never limits your investigation into all facets of the Truth—does your “minister”?  Does your controlling hierarchy?  I suggest you ponder this well.

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