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Jonur Blasphemy

“Jonur” Blasphemy Update
Truth Stands As the Lie Erodes Away


September 1, 2010 Forum posting:

 "jonur" FIRED; EJ Ekker admits 4 years of "jonur" bullshipping

Everyone with an interest in this Mission should turn to page 2 of the March 14, 2007 issue headlined "SATAN Grabs for Global Alliance", the first issue of the legitimate CONTACT News Review published subsequent to the rift with Mr. Ekker OVER THE BLASPHEMOUS "JONUR" MATERIAL. Here is an important excerpt for you to consider NOW:

    The sequence of events leading up to the current situation is laid out below:

    1. EJ Ekker demanded that I publish the truly blasphemous writings from “Jonur”, which are purported to be messages transmitted on behalf of Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, GCH and ATON, the One Light and Highest Energy in our Universe.

    2. I categorically refused to participate in any such dissemination of blasphemy.

    3. For my “insubordination”, it was made clear by Mr. Ekker that I would be put out on the street, cut off from any access to Global Alliance funds, and that every effort would be made to prevent my participation in anything involving “The Mission”.

So here we are, 3 1/2 years later (half of that old 7-year cycle) and what do we find Mr. Ekker saying today?

In a recent (today, September 1, 2010) letter to select "ground crew" (cult followers of his) EJ Ekker wrote:

    “I believe ‘it’ (the withdrawal of telecommunication) occurred more than 4 years ago when He released Doris from the frightful load she bore for so many years.”

REALLY? And oh, wow. Whatever will the wolf do without a sheepskin to cover him now?

September 3, 2010 Forum posting:

EJ Ekker: "Every word ... through Jonur has been from Lucifer and not from GCH"

In the letter to his followers EJ Ekker wrote:

    "For emphasis: I believe that every word we have received through Jonur has been from Lucifer and not from GCH."

If that is what Mr. Ekker now beLIEves -- then why, oh why would he leave the "jonur" material posted on his copycat website to dilute the truth put forth through Doris!!!???

Surely, that fecal material should be completely purged -- or, at the very least, should there not be the strongest possible public advisory (a special issue of the newspaper -- or at the very least a WEB PAGE) admonishing people to use their DISCERNMENT and avoid stepping in the crap WHICH MR. EKKER SO ADAMANTLY PROMOTED AND DEFENDED [to the extent of unlawfully terminating his co-Director for refusing to run the material]?

DEAR LENDERS: YOUR INACTION IS AT THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. IF YOU DON'T COMPREHEND BY NOW THAT THIS MAN IS SIMPLY BILKING YOU ON ENTIRELY FALSE PREMISES -- THEN MAY IT CONTINUE AS AN OBJECT LESSON! Your DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY is simply to demand payment on your notes, all duly signed by Mr. Ekker. Can you not, at the very least, lodge a complaint with the authorities for goodness' sakes!?

So be it. 

In His Own Words

In EJ Ekker’s own words, excerpted from a Memo sent out to his followers in 2010, after more than four years of promoting the writings of “jonur” as authentic:



    To: Ground Crew

    Fr. EJ Ekker           7/23/10

    Re: Tehachapi Gathering

    I am reluctant to have to admit that our Adversary has made us look foolish.  It appears (to me) that the Prince of Deceit has managed to slip a few transmissions past our friend Jonur by presenting some ideas that we are all desperate to hear and that led us to believe that by some miracle we could begin filming the first movie, SIPAPU ODYSSEY, in mid-August and so we all got excited, some even to the extent of making reservations.

    …  I believe “it” (the withdrawal of telecommunication) occurred more than 4 years ago when He released Doris from the frightful load she bore for so many years.  For emphasis: I believe that every word we have received through Jonur has been from Lucifer and not from GCH.

    …  EJ

The Original Denouncement of the “Jonur” Writings
February 26, 2007

[The text below is EXACTLY as it has been presented on this website from the moment the falsity of the “Jonur” material was identified, resulting in EJ Ekker using this rift as an excuse to unlawfully terminate his co-Director in all Mission-related corporations.  With the passage of time, the TRUTH STANDS while the lie is eroded away.]

The following writing focuses on the demonstrably false presentations of an unidentified writer who goes by the label of “Jonur”.  “Jonur” (probably Joseph Clyburn) has reportedly been paid some $50 per article he submitted to EJ Ekker for publication in the bogus version of CONTACT presented on the illegally copied website named something like PhoenixSourceMaterials.

If you go to that site, use the View--Source command in your browser and you will see in the source code that the site was directly copied.  Here is the hidden code from the copycat site:

“<!-- Mirrored from by HTTrack Website Copier/3.x [XR&CO'2007], Tue, 13 Nov 2007 13:53:03 GMT -->”

We suppose imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery but it is shocking to see EJ Ekker shaking down his cult followers for thousands of dollars to cover the cost of such copying, especially since the HTTrack software used was and is FREE!

Pretending to write for Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, the single most telling proof he does not is the fact that “Jonur’s” GCH has made no comment whatsoever with regard to the events surrounding the “split” which occurred in March 2007.  It is hoped that a look at the FACTS will cause those misled by EJ Ekker and this “Jonur” to come back to the Source and Truth!

February 26, 2007


1. a. A contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity.
    b. The act of claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of God.
2.  An irreverent or impious act, attitude, or utterance in regard to something considered inviolable or sacrosanct.


One of the apparent paradoxes of this working environment is that we must not be judgmental and yet, we have a responsibility to wisely discern that which is against the Laws of God and Creation.  Wisdom only comes through experience and experience is the process of making mis-takes.  So, “Here we go again”, “Take 22——roll ’em!”

“I am Aton of the One Lighted Source—He who allows Himself to be called ‘God’.”  This declaration found in the first paragraph of the first writing presented by “Jonur” certainly should cause any discerning reader to turn up the wick because only ONE energy making that claim COULD BE.  All the rest—and we have witnessed a few before this, haven’t we—are BLASPHEMERS, those who claim for self the attributes and rights of God.

How do you like the odds in a game of Satanic Roulette wherein chambers without number hold bullets and only ONE chamber does not—and the only allowable bet is OF YOUR SOUL?  Yes, this is “that” serious.

“Well,” comes the question, “what does it hurt to just put the information out there and let people decide for themselves?”

Answer: We are judged and our placement relative to God is determined in great measure by the extent to which we have pulled others from their path back to God—which is the definition of EVIL, after all.  I KNOW better than to present the Jonur writings “as if” they “might be” from/of Aton/Hatonn.  THESE JONUR WRITINGS ARE NOT VALID AND I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE BLASPHEMY EXCEPT TO OPPOSE AND DISCREDIT THE ERRONEOUS MATERIAL.

This is “my” discernment; I am acting in accordance with “my” conscience; and it doesn’t matter to “me” how many people “vote” otherwise.  I am not a wind-chime!  It is fine if you disagree with me; you will have LOTS of company if you do, I can almost guarantee it.

Let’s go back to that selected “opening barrage” and I ask you:  Is Aton “OF” the One Lighted Source or is Aton simply THE LIGHTED SOURCE?  Is this picking nits?  NOT where soul energy is concerned and your soul energy ought to be concerned by such a statement.  “He who allows Himself to be called ‘God’”???  There are quite a few energies who allow themselves to be called GOD, aren’t there?  What does that declaration mean to YOU?  YOU must make your OWN discernment, fellow traveler, and no choice IS a choice—but allow “me” to remind you: TOLERATION OF EVIL IS NO VIRTUE.


We have been provided with everything we need to get on with this transition into Goodness and it is not surprising that these issues were addressed by several writings from 7 years ago:

2/14/00:  By the way, ANY “OTHER” RECEIVER who claims Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn as his master teacher—LIES.  I did not here say “Hatonn” but I think you get my meaning.  The ONLY ONE place from which that name COULD FLOW was from our work through this receiver.  THE ONLY SOURCE.  If you think you receive from that “named” entity, be very, very careful—for you gained that information directly from something we projected.  WOW—really!  GOD ALSO ALWAYS OFFERS A CLUE!

2/22/00:  Now, realize, staff and friends, that we have no objection to anything the staff feels is interesting to run in the paper according to their own choices.  Just do not involve us in your presentation, please.  We will be moving further and further away from “invisible” references for we are not interested in prophecy—but rather—THE WAY IT IS.  We ARE the prophecy and the bringing forth of the prophecies so we don’t need prophets all over the place—for you will note that most are FALSE.

3/4/00:  Truth is not finding the one “lesser lie” but in establishing TRUTH.  And if there is one lie known—is not all else suspect?

Commander Hatonn “told” us whole bunches of very strange things and at the time such information was presented there wasn’t always any way to know if it was valid.  But—there was nothing ever provably FALSE and in time, almost all of the amazing, “incredible” (at the time) bits of information have been proven TRUE.  Perhaps this INERRANCY on the part of Commander Hatonn has conditioned people to automatically believe ANYTHING WITH HIS NAME ON IT.  That might prove to be very CONVENIENT for an evil-worker and you’d better believe your soul is worth every bit of effort on the part of the Adversary to pull you down.


Princess Diana’s Murder

According to “Jonur”: “The driver and Dodi were killed instantly by the laser pulsed (flash) weapon fired from the missing ‘white fiat sports car’.”  “The MI-6 agent in the white sports car had the Laser Flash Gun…” and “Dodi was sitting behind the driver in line of sight of the weapon which killed them both.”

According to Commander Hatonn (from a writing dated September 1, 1997): “Calls were made and the assassins were already IN THE TUNNEL when the party reached that location.  They were on the walkway ahead of the vehicle and shot both the driver and Dodi with laser weapons.”

Discernments: These are two very DIFFERENT and IRRECONCILABLE accounts of the same event.  Were the assassins already IN THE TUNNEL on a walkway or were they pursuing and overtaking the Mercedes in a white Fiat sports car?  Was there one weapon fired by one individual from a white Fiat sports car or were there two weapons fired by two assassins from a walkway?  Did one laser weapon kill two people instantly or did two laser weapons shoot the driver and Dodi separately (not necessarily killing them instantly)?

If “Dodi was sitting behind the driver in line of sight of the weapon which killed them both”—HOW could that shot have been fired from a car pursuing—behind or beside—them?  Oh, you say: The pursuing car (a little Fiat which was reported to have left some white paint on the side of the Mercedes) overtook the powerful Mercedes which was traveling several times the speed limit and maneuvered directly in front of it into perfect position for a double kill-shot.  Let me ask you something: Is that how YOU would plan it, when it’s so much easier to simply fire from an innocuous and stable position on the ground?  Doesn’t it make more sense that the little Fiat’s function was to ensure the Mercedes was traveling very FAST at the critical moment?

It doesn’t work “both ways”.  WHO IS LYING: Commander Hatonn or “Jonur”?  WHY THE CONFUSION?  Why NOW?

Curiously, “Jonur” makes no mention of Mohammed Al Fayed’s connection to Adnan Khashoggi and his connection to Iran-Contra.  More importantly, “Jonur” fails to mention Princess Diana’s involvement with GLOBAL ALLIANCE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION.  In fact, throughout all of the Jonur writings there is NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION OF GLOBAL ALLIANCE OR GAIA.  Hmmm…???

Aliens Among Us

According to “Jonur”: “Any other kind [other than the cloned “little grays”]—most especially those who look like you—are killed outright.”

According to Commander Hatonn (numerous references): There are many aliens walking among us in physical form.

Discernments: This might be reconcilable IF those who would do the outright killing have no way of seeking and destroying those who walk among us.  Did Commander Hatonn ever tell us that?  What do YOU think?

The Mark of the Beast

According to “Jonur”: “The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is your Social Security Number.”

According to Commander Hatonn (numerous references): The “Mark of the Beast” on the forehead/hand refers to that which we THINK and that which we DO.

Discernments: I believe Commander Hatonn on more than one occasion stated explicitly that this “Mark of the Beast” business has nothing to do with the Social Security Number, although thus far I have failed to come up with a specific reference.  On the other hand, I know that this Mark refers to our thoughts and deeds, for it is in those aspects that the Beast lays claim to SOULS and TRAPS them in this environment.  By logical extension of the statement made by “Jonur”, anyone without a Social Security Number does not have the “Mark of the Beast”.  What do YOU think? 

Entry into the Photon Belt

According to “Jonur”: “So far it has been 19 YEARS AND 113 DAYS.  This is why we count the years like this.  [NB: YEAR 19, DAY 113 was on the header of this writing as it arrived from “Jonur”.]  You entered the fringes of this photon field in 1962…” and yet we need to prepare for entry into it “at any moment”.

When we enter into it, “It will be a total time of terror, chaos and death to those who are not prepared and MOST ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!”

“Stay inside and cover all windows and go to the darkest room in the house/dwelling.  This is most important!  You will need to be there for at least seven days and nights.”

“Get some propane to heat the room and to warm food.”

According to Commander Hatonn: From July 28, 1992: “Many of you in my crew are sorely aggravated that you had no ‘Photon entry’ (didn’t you? and, how do you know that you didn’t?—I say that you certainly DID).  I found ones complaining that ‘... I told ones all about what to expect and now, I have egg all over my face!  I am really ....ed!’  Do you NOT READ?  I have told you every way I know how—the ‘Great Barrier is not yet even expected!’” 

Discernments: The surface issue (timing) “could be” reconciled, IF Jonur’s “Photon ‘Band’” is the same thing as Commander Hatonn’s ‘Great Barrier’.  Are they the same thing and if so, why call it something different “this time around”?

Did Commander Hatonn EVER say that we entered the Photon Belt on August 16, 1987?  Is that the reason He gave for beginning the New Cosmic Time at that juncture?  Not to my recollection.

There are some other issues here: Is it safe to heat and cook indoors with propane?  Is that something Commander Hatonn would advise you to do?

How many of you noticed the unexplained changeover from Year 20 to Year 19?  The first writing from “Jonur” dated October 31, 2006—YEAR 19, DAY 76 was published for all to see and no one noticed that we somehow GAINED A YEAR!  Pop those corks in celebration because instead of Year 20, it is now only Year 19!!!  Well, not really: According to EJ, all of the original “Jonur” writings in pencil on yellow paper are dated Year 19—but to his credit EJ corrected the dating to read Year 20 for any writings that would subsequently be published.  (Shame on the rest of us for not noticing!)  Commander Hatonn called 1987, Year 1; thus, the current dating “should be” Year 20—as indicated in all of my own (and EJ’s) updates this year.


According to Jonur: It’s still coming and “Armageddon requires a nuclear war and massive, massive casualties.” Also: “You are all but out of time for the hour draws near for that which the world has anticipated.  ‘Wars and rumors of wars’ you are nineteen years into the period of time you label: Armageddon.”

According to Commander Hatonn: March 4, 2000: “… even former President Reagan and his attorney general, Edwin Meese, were praying for Armageddon to come during the Reagan era.  [H: Some might even observe that it DID COME DURING REAGAN'S ERA but nobody noticed and there certainly was no nice fat-cat ‘rapture’.]”  ALSO: “Our purpose is to re-write those prophecies.”

Discernments: Have we had it already or are we going to get it?  How can we be “nineteen years ino the period of time you label: Armageddon” AND “it DID COME DURING REAGAN’S ERA”?  There is no doubt in “my” mind that “it DID COME”, so setting aside the foregoing CONTRADICTION, the question might be better expressed as: Is it coming AGAIN?  Alright, this is a bit of a trick question because, as Commander Hatonn would surely tell us: IT’S ENTIRELY UP TO YOU AND THAT WHICH YOU (assuming you have creative potential) WISH TO CREATE.  WHY DOESN’T “JONUR” TELL YOU THAT?

Project Blue Beam and Muslims

According to “Jonur”: “The Khazar ‘General’ Donald Rumsfeld is in Iraq right now to see to it that preparations continue as planned when the ‘light show’ begins.  It is arranged that he remain in power as he has always been—when the Global Plan 2000 take-over is spring on the world stage.  The skies over Iraq and the rest of the Middle East are going to be suddenly filled with manifested (made visible) craft.  Your evil cartel has something called the ‘Blackbird Project’ (not to be confused with the CIA spy plane) and ‘Project Blue Beam’ to use on the troops of all sides in the war.

“This set-up will expose mankind to an experience never before experienced for THIS current civilization.  It is calculated to begin the Biblical hoax that will cause you ones to think God is raising His hand against you.  It is especially targeted to Muslim world in that they are more of a ‘believer’ than are you ones of Western culture.  However, the Christ believers will not be overlooked.  The projected images and experience will come right out of your ‘Sunday School’ lessons of fire and brimstone.

According to Commander Hatonn: 2/22/00:  “The very reason the ‘Man’s Plans’ won’t work is that in the greater realization of mankind as a whole, the IMAGE of God has no recognized expression.  For instance, a picture of ‘Jesus’ in the sky as pictured FOR YOU by some artist, is FALSE and the Muslims, for great instance, do not recognize the entity at all.  So the show is wasted on them—and THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN IN ‘REAL TIME’ SHOW AND TELL.  A ‘Christian’ image was projected and there was NO RECOGNITION by those ‘of God’.  So be prepared for the unexpected in every circumstance.  The idiots of games and ‘gotcha’ failed to realize that it is AGAINST Muslim ‘religion’ and doctrine, AND TRUTH, to have an image of God—for there are no IDOLS ‘allowed’ in the very basic doctrine itself.

Discernments: Is Project Blue Beam “especially targeted to Muslim world in that they are more of a ‘believer’ than are you ones of Western culture”?  Or is it PROVEN to be less effective against the Muslims “for there are no IDOLS ‘allowed’ in the very basic doctrine itself”?  I believe the excerpts are substantial enough for YOU to decide.

The Club of Rome

According to “Jonur”: “The Club of Rome is made up of twelve to thirteen families—just three-hundred living human beings—and they control your world.”

According to Commander Hatonn: There are dozens and dozens of references to the Club of Rome throughout Commander Hatonn’s writings but NOWHERE does He state that it is comprised of “twelve to thirteen families—just three-hundred living human beings”.

Discernments: The “Jonur” statement is FALSE but could be set straight if it were changed to reference the Committee of 300.  The Club of Rome has just 72 active members, according to their own website:  Further, those members are not all of the same twelve to thirteen core families.

United Nations Control of the USA

According to “Jonur”: “The United Nations signed a treaty—the most powerful documents in the world—with the United States of America to depopulate your nation ANY WAY THEY CAN.  You can go look this up.  And yet, your U.S. Constitution can nullify any mere treaty.  That is why every attempt is made to have a Constitutional Convention, so they can get in there and make such a mess of it that it has to be tossed out, AND THEN YOU WILL BE LOST.  THAT HOLY DOCUMENT IS ALL THAT ‘LEGALLY’ STANDS IN THE WAY OF THOSE WHO ARE SET AND POISED TO DO YOU IN.”

He also references the “United Nations Organizational Development Charter”.  And then there is this little gem of advice: “keep that U.S. constitution with you in that courtroom.”

According to Commander Hatonn: I could find no reference to a treaty which includes any provision to depopulate the United States.  There is also no reference to “United Nations Organizational Development Charter”.  Commander Hatonn never referenced the Constitution as a ‘HOLY’ document.  Finally, he pointed out that ‘LEGALLY’—they’ve GOTCHA ALREADY.  The SOLUTION to the problem of treaties, according to Commander Hatonn, is something called Rebus Sic Stantibus.  From Journal #22: Pleiades Connection Vol. 1 (and this is IMPORTANT enough that I will cite it at length):

RECOURSES?  Yes, fortunately there are—I wonder if you will take action?  There is a principle in international law by which treaties can be nullified: Rebus Sic Stantibus.  If you fail to stand against these intrusions to your sovereignty, your independence, your right to keep and bear arms, then you, as individuals, as a state, and as a nation, are ruined!


Along with the other information, take this to your State Representative.  It is probable that he is not versed in INTERNATIONAL LAW and will not know how to proceed to nullify these disastrous treaties which are the reason why your guns, etc., are being taken away from you, as well as giving of your armed forces into a communist United Nations under a permanent arrangement.

Tell him/her that there is ample reason to void the disarmament law, and the INF treaty which has already been signed.  You can stop the additional and worse treaties which the state department and the president have already worked out for you, by knowing how to proceed.

Your Representative will find the PREMIER PRINCIPLE of International Law in Black’s Law Dictionary.  The page number, definition and documentation are reproduced below.  IT IS THE HIGHEST REASON IN RANK FOR VOIDING A TREATY.  THE PRINCIPLE IS CALLED:



Black’s Law Dictionary: REBUS SIC STANTIBUS:  On Page 1432 it gives the definition as follows: At this point of affairs; in these circumstances.  A name given to tacit conditions.  Said to attach to all treaties, that they should cease to be obligatory, so soon as the state of facts and conditions upon which they were founded has substantially changed.

Documentation: Taylor International Law, Section 394; I Oppenheim International Law, Section 550; Gotius, Chapter XVI, Section XXV.

What your Representative needs to know is that there is more to the treaties than what meets the eye....more than the states and citizens are aware.  The people have been lied to about the “peace” program.  They were not told that it meant giving away their armed forces and their own personal firearms.  The true nature of the treaties was denied them.  They were not told that the National Security and the security of the 50 states would be endangered.  They were not told that they were being restructured for world government under a communist set of operating documents.  Now that they know the truth the situation has changed!  This knowledge is grounds for nullification of the treaties.  It is the Duty of the States to see that the Constitution is enforced as well as the Bill of Rights.  It takes ONLY ONE STATE TO FORCE THE SUPREME COURT TO RULE ON THE ISSUE.  IF THE RULING COMES DOWN UNFAVORABLE, THE ONLY RECOURSE IS TO REPEAL.  TO REPEAL TAKES THIRTY-EIGHT (38) STATES TO OVERRIDE THE SUPREME COURT.  IF THE ATTEMPT IS NOT MADE, YOUR GOVERNMENT IS IRRETRIEVABLY GONE!  WHEN THE SECOND AMENDMENT GOES, ALL OF THE AMENDMENTS WILL GO BECAUSE IT IS THE KEYSTONE AMENDMENT.  THIS INCLUDES THE RIGHT TO OWN LAND AND TO VOTE FOR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES.  ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES WILL FIND THEMSELVES IN CONFLICT WITH THE MILITARY GOVERNMENT THAT WILL SUPERSEDE THEM!  THE USE OF DUAL-SPEAK, (ALSO CALLED DUAL-USE) SOPHISTRY AND LEGER DEMAIN STRATEGIES WERE APPLIED TO FOOL THE PEOPLE INTO INACTION.  THE PEOPLE ARE THE ULTIMATE POWER.  THE EVIL BEING DONE IS WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.  YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT WAS WRITTEN IN PERPETUITY AND WHAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS DOING IS AGAINST THE LAW.  THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER WAS SLAPPED ONTO YOUR COUNTRY AS A “TREATY”, ALSO!  SINCE IT IS CAUSING ALL THE DAMAGE, IT SHOULD BE GOTTEN RID OF, ALSO, BY REBUS SIC STANTIBUS!!!

Discernments: This really isn’t a fair comparison but come on, people:  “Jonur” offers up completely FALSE information on its very face—a non-existent document (“United Nations Organizational Development Charter”) and some noise against a Constitutional Convention, which is NOT on the burner now because they don’t NEED it.  And then there is that advice to “keep that U.S. constitution with you in that courtroom.”  THE CONSTITUTION MEANS NOTHING TO GEORGE W. BUSH AND IT MEANS NOTHING IN THE COURTS WHICH ARE NOT FUNCTIONING UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Commander Hatonn SHOWS THE WAY and provides SPECIFIC, VITALLY IMPORTANT information to enable recovery of the Constitutional Republic.

USA Ruled by England?

According to “Jonur”: “You are not ruled by England…”

According to Commander Hatonn: The United States has always been controlled by England.

Discernments: WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Nevada Corporations:

According to “Jonur”: “Nevada’s privacy law states that no one is to know the owner of the corporation—complete anonymity UNDER THE LAW!”

According to Commander Hatonn: Everything Commander Hatonn taught us with regard to Nevada corporations is posted on the website of Budget Corporate Renewals and having built that website myself, I can assure you He never said anything so insipid.

Discernments: “Jonur” has presented FALSE information: THERE IS NO ‘PRIVACY LAW’ IN NEVADA and there certainly is not ‘complete anonymity UNDER THE LAW!”


Alright, so maybe the exact method of the murder of Princess Diana is not so important and “picking nits”.  But we’ve covered off some other pretty IMPORTANT issues here: Aliens Among Us; The Mark of the Beast; Entry into the Photon Belt; Armageddon; Project Blue Beam and Muslims; The Club of Rome; United Nations Control of the USA; USA Ruled by England; and yes, even Nevada corporations; among other topics covered within these general headers.

“If there is one lie known—is not all else suspect?”


On March 17, 2000 (yes, about 7 years ago), Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn wrote: “I ask my ‘messengers’ to present to those who choose to partake—PERIOD …”

I have presented “my” Truth in an effort to bring mankind into the Time of Realization, the Time of the People, the Golden Age.  If you, the readers of CONTACT, the best schooled chelas of Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, discern that I am in error, so be it and selah.  If you know not me, you know not the Father who sent me.  All the same, I do suggest that you keep your propane heaters OUTSIDE.


Ronald Kirzinger (“of” Hatonn)


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